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JRE MMA Show #62 with Brendan Schaub

2019-04-15 | 🔗
Joe is joined by Brendan Schaub to discuss the fights from UFC 236.
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The job will gain experience job done by those about to much fuller for you. Its summer. Covenant confident move together, type pants, from an ankles just riding high enough. The gucci issue identical he Denham Brown get it what's. It worked with a view to pull it off your method for regulation. Our savvy fairly. The girls like these girls also like that the fact that a good point widget points, if it's true so true suitable, despite my God, how about these rights? How about I almost didn't see them? Can I take you turn the progress the European
Nothing was a nightmare. Man yeah they had some hiccups, they'll be an understatement. Yeah then that that has happened before Digital. Tough. They didn't stop two. I know this was you were the SBA? That's where out? just shocked, and maybe like a super fan to figure it out being oh, how I had to figure it out. It didn't work on a platform so and it's a hit where he can ordered off the app she had to close the app ordered from Adam stop and shut down. Something go to your tv is a nightmare, but that don't work for me and then as a guy and then I will slow We must in the first five may, I figure stuff out, and I tweeted out some problems and two thousand and six savages sent me links to legal streams, legal or ITALY link illegal, but of course you didn't watch those illegal stream
didn't joe- and I'm glad you point out- I did not, but if I were going to would it be awesome, it was also said, lady. It was hd and has zero problems. I was going to be glad you didn't because naked tracked you that face recognition, software package. They could deafening track me. It's a huge problem. Well, it was deadly huge problem for the first event, I don't know, I don't know how many people downloaded it and did it, but I bet they probably didn't see. The number coming was a big fight. Those two fights for huge me. First for something happened. I think within the last year or so for MAX Holloway we're like one That's always face goes up on the screen, People will go nuts, they know he throws down yeah as he was, or take a fine arising that or take. If I made him a superstar, a really did Aldo ones deftly, help there sure they're back to back, although ass weapons and then all the or take over the thing that was different. Those Ortega had a big following or take a was. The young beautiful
lion lion with fantastic jujitsu. Handsome guy cool, smooth talker looks like a champion fuck and everybody up so He had a lot of fans come in there and they went to war. They went to war and MAX came out on top, and I think MAX, out of those pm because they were so cool with each other during before, and after people of the two max is that he loses better than anyone on the Fuckin planet will lose. Does or winds. He just goes here. Mom, I'm just gonna, get better. He don't lose, a lot doesn't mean you lost a corner. He lost confidence is very areas ever you know, but years old, but I also think MAX. Is it because we have always said I think both of us have been agreement where if a guy is cutting a ton away in kill himself, the next way class. I have always said that leather, was, I dare tell whether you know Chris. Wide men, Luke Rock called John Jones like do gulp away class dominate, and then this is kind of the first time we ve seen a guy words like
not that easy. Tal went up, but you could the power wasn't there like, he might have he and he did he landed more then? Some poor born Dustin landed it for you could see that it fuck dust in his big too these big marries might have already five these two very forty five and really struggled there, but it fifty five he's found a spot and you look at me almost looks like a welter way me he's bit you sector and would decide. That's a shitload away any Maxwell in that fight. Just looked like the data, it looks like the same now. Just pilot fuckin meanwhile, and you got- give credit to point too, because if you look at the two them like after the fight, there is a big difference in the amount of damage the poor land, a big difference whose idiom with big shot. And it wasn't just big shots- was shots period. He was hitting em with really clean. Well time shots with great head movement, great movement, that knee to everything that split open, is everything he did everything great. I mean he really
that was a communist party for dust employer in a lot of ways for the common fan will yet all the people that knew him the gauge you fight news from the Eddie Alvarez fight. They knew that man, he be These two really good guys but MAX Holloway, might be one of the best power power fighters in the world, and I think, is I think that always the grace one, forty five or more time. Yes, I think he's a damn good, fifty five per, but but fifty five could be tougher max. While this is a great example of what we ve always said, about the differences between the size of people, is at its first of all mean all credit to dust employer because he put on a phenomenal performance. He got here. He got tested in that fight. He came through whom seamen talked about in the post for interview that he get hurt in the third round. He came through interest. Super impressive think about is writing China's every palace world Champion Gaiety World champion arrests, world champion MAX
the world she had a pet. It's one, though, was none an injury. I feel a pedestal injured. They stopped fight, break his hand. That would happen. I feel like the Paris one was an injury. He had the issue, she's with Eddie Alvarez Right, which is a no contest yeah. I think, but there was one fight: where does employer and not yet I think it. I think that was it. There was a pedestal. As broke his hand de Gryphus off the fight member. That Tony Ferguson was attentive. Cornerstone advertising you're right you're right, but I think great round, maybe an injury. I was a rib member thousand without it That's right dust, indomitable him and heard his wrist right, but still look it portrays wines media will that's a weird went to rights because they were was at rib injury from it. Korea body Sharia. What was at from or is it from the take down like what was it? Something happened. I don't remember That's right, but that wording or like a t care look at portrays his list. Man, the guy's, whose
and whose last do it so impressive portrays the guy sinking with when Michael Bisbee one eye route for those guys those guys have been around for ever and they fight the best the best they might lose one or two here, but they ve been around for so long, just hope, there's a title, a dinner, their career just hope in it. Sometimes it's going to happen, though it does happen. I just I'm just so happy, Such a good guy to does employ great guy he's a great guy he's. Smart is ambitious, sealed onstage find it works hard, didn't how lairs that's in those two guys together. That was hilarious. Call in the report with the same high school about Theo was yelling instructions. I seen him. Why do you think I'm a roast the shit out of a did. You zillion take us down what what is happening right now. Why does it yeah shouting in euro? Luckily, the gipsy provides me with headphone. I was hoping you'd Jonah turn round like do. What are you doing? I love Theo. He's the birds, the such a character, unique,
He was so happy. He was so happy mean him. Bad will lie sped because I'll see him and you thought that How did you say about me great fight? I thought MAX at fifty five. If everything was in care with them, I thought MAX. I pray you done by knows can be good fight. I'll just button focused deal is boys, who doesn't read from the same area so just a friendly bad. I've never bet against us employer. Look at these fools, who areas, that's amazing, about how few The EU has never been a fiber. Forty takes me halfway through goes dude. I can't believe If you did this shit, I got maybe a little respect around king the staying right. They will fucking respect bro yeah. He was looking at it as a complete outsider and no idea more intense than you seen for the best fighters on planet earth tat, you see the very very bad shootouts man, the Kelvin gas, to lump style bend. The fight was issued.
Their style, a flight from me, I've ever it's one of the best fights Volta has to be asked to be, and when you see style done to get right, In the first robbed you, like, oh Lee, shit, I think best thing that happened to me: it's a good thing. I think it's a good. For career wise and gone for good thing. You face lil adversity, we see that he's not gonna get hit and crumble and you got what you got us special dude and stamina and I'll get us Kelvin, Goddammit How fast enough he so fuckin, tough and even After all that, I mean style better with tee and often human, their fifth round and Calvin finding a way to survive on ways of great incredible stubbornness face. Looked like use. Allergic to shellfish. We see with its halfway
Fourthly, how mishandling our man who's in a war Kelvin hidden when some bombs, man bah? I bet I think it's all so I think tat we saw. We saw a sign it. Hit, cannot down some get taken down. We saw it happens when he's off his back with pretty fucking do at least seven to try and locked. Who knows what the fuck would happen if that was early in the fine re were dry. So I think that that fight for stopping checked all the boxes, but also what about this is Kelvin Stock doesn't go down. No, if anything like I'd watch a guy fight whenever, whenever and, let's be honest, he's really a well two way: cracked, his Cooper Small every year until can make a hundred and seventy pounds so can count this one thing, as I just think dish more way classes or don't you think it's I don't think he's a hack, your boy, Dana may, as well as to sixty five. You could tax and no one you know and listen to me. I want to really I do a rather just stay out here and talk about.
Yeah. I want to be involved, lab live pushed it. I've said, I think, there's we wake us ever get out of here. We could like dangled care like you? Would you fight campaign every time a one, sixty five or fights just think that kid he's price to wonder, promised to undo it some swallows things were like to think they like it. The way it is. Broke, don't fix it yet, but it doesn't make sense confusion. Do all these interim belts wanted to sixty five. I think it also built on balance. You think, did you would think dense watered down. There are too many way classes the people just be jumping back and forth wake us with which they would be come up. Chaos, which I love, but you would also have people that find away class where they could be at their best verses, you'd have to walk up or the drop too much weight compromise yourself, but he's happy medium for a lot of guys that are not there not hitting have uranium right now. What were you when I did their best performance, whereas the thing about so if Cuba should be one, seventy a stab enters a small eighty five. Yes, he waited at one. Eighty, three up, he weighed under the item.
We will look at how big some of these guys are all my Brandon Davis to Turkey that fighting their define. It was one sixty two there was branded Davis right was, it was that what some of those eighty five like you look it jock array, get your Romero Joe Merrill's. Gigantic did looks exactly like I mean it's gonna happen, You bet your email, stop it you'll remember Jack. Do there is a big textile binnacle primate once semi user, then fuck and eighty five and eighty Pfizer a big wake. Yeah! That's! Why have you seen the talk and makes no sense? Steinbrenner, John Jones, that's crazy! What are we doing? Who who the fuck picking up on just as they talk and shit? What would he just the last card, just just as the able in back up sixty pounds, yeah where's branded Davis rent for thirty five is really talented. It's crazy!
when I stand next and this guy waiting. Thirty five has look at em. He lived all of hundred sixty five pounds holdings. You look so bees five ten. He looked so big for that one. Thirty five hour week last week. This is crazy, believe MAX at forty five Suuk in huge. Let the you have see performance to came the green, like to do that. While so they must know what they were doing since David site with costs was a first in the bandwidth division said he needed to make serious act. Feisty get. There said he cut out drinking alcohol and ran twenty miles per day to terrorism in order to make the way by the time you step in the article thirty six year, balloon backed, and we see this dues he's really big man. He was this huge for the thing is that the the he was also he was not just like tall studies showing he's thick a UK It's weird how you can lose that much weight, but why not fight of forty five? Why kill yourself like white joining outside eighty five? He finds a b is last fight. He has a beat me.
Damage our path. It's a big ottoman that crazy. Far from the battle labour that agglomerated lackey, which so nasty from filthy back Mount, fails nasty. There's two hoof announced craze. That's crazy! Move right, lazy, let's eat when I think of one eighty, five or think of Luke ruffled. He she nutmeg gap. Big ass his huge, but then Whitakers not like Feverish Artic, I think, looks down with eighty five to five is not to say that it is now two years a fight lined up already, but I mean, is he gonna stay there as it is doing it for one five percent Stana propaganda? but they look at Whittaker. Eighty five Few is stark he's not like you he's like the perfect size, Whittaker cause. He said can knock out anybody, but he's got Some cardio shales into his strong means, not a straw Is your Romero be strong enough to hold them off? No one is who no one is. Does if you gotta get that that cuban gene pool to get that is
and I'm saying like this, Sir certain Jean pulls the Fuckin Mountain for game thrones. This gene pulls out there. And with it now than waste thrown steroids in that plug. All you do or say is unable to. Of course he did. Of course you do yeah how ajar he's again. Oh shit yeah, and I would like to ask about the guy who currently taken. Is this an hourly? Won't talk about this again, of course, I am asking questions like I asked the shaggy man contest. But think about what do you who's gonna win? Who gives up how about style bend over Whittaker. The all oceanic fight we really get a flight. Australia to that. Are you thinking about do their duty to do on this planet and get me Let us daily to there's. Not it no do tell me they're alive, though now for a year here, you're crazy love Australia, but now react
was, I guess, you'd get Australia like I'm on my way, say no more than that to deeds yeah, but that fight to I want to see that fight in the flesh life. You're gonna do it. I think I might. I want to see the other. Down. I want to highlight what occurs a fucking animal man Jody momentum, as an aim that guy had to be in to an almost five, with a hernia and our ruptured eruption. Rectum right, Mozilla, ruptured, bread, the mother sister, Hernia, Rainbows Y know, and I think he had two major injuries. Nine, I knows intestines weapons, Yeah breathy was another one down. His reckoned was worked out there, so is that you didn't have a tear that Quota Jim. If I m really young analogous tear in his ass, why don't we think about the valet houses rain from sparring just think about getting taken down? Why try throw kick you land fucked up on your hip, never rip man. You asshole live much Saint, Patrick you kitchen
oh yeah, so easily sure sure people whose I have also and MRS spinning Bacchic low and adjust catches your tat affair, just the heel hits your taint rupture, take away from the bone Push it happens. I wonder what out I don't know what the odds we'd be out assume. Would There is a slight favoured in that fight. I would say so yeah say based on what the hell them did well basis, would tell them did based off whitakers too. With your while he's been only got ahold, YO aloft, although I have said that I did think that you are one the second for interesting. I saw you think by going to lose scoring your while harem, rocked and hurt by the new scoring failure should win worth more attention been a tonight you having? He had an almost our hero, staggered We didn't see him do that you're well, but but he did around and survey it. He survived. You want more round it
I also draw if you watching a fight. If a fight is a fight, if it were we know and understand it's a sport, but it's a sport of fighting few watching a fight and one guy is really, king, a guy up and the other guy? Never does that who do you think one that far do you think you're right, you can't, but do you think I did just moves around. It touches them with the German announcing this. What Whittaker did but judges as what, if forgot, Moving around four four rounds, he's touch you the job and lake Can you shut new fight in the street, but then in the fifth round you knocked him down four times you beat the fuck out of him and you he's running away from you his nose. Bloody you and the fire. With your hand, raised without a mark a new phase of the guy's face pizza baby. I think of my boys, like down for the first twenty boys moving right right right. It's courts, good questions because, like what How much is that work as a sport? No yeah about what is because, as sport
yeah he's a judge. It actually to have you gonna judge it on a scorecard. You have to be it aspect of the question. Is how much is it worth for a guide? really take it to a guy and almost stop M Seattle. I think there should be more draws. I don't have a problem. Rabbit promo drunk when that five years drama coming century. Do it let's get a clue, clear winner. I think when a person gets really rocked like that, it's worth more than a point. I think it's worth more than two points. I think it's worth a lot, We like ten seven. I think it's a big deal. Can you fuck? You fuck you? in real life. Work is a rough went. All now gives real right, they're kind of fact right. I did the idea that you it. Go through around you, don't know who won right around, where it's like a lot of feeling out lot of touching. You know that in the end. You know ok, perfect example. First round, Anderson, silver or style bend. Ok, you can give it to stop and for sure but it was. It was around where they were feeling each other out. Anyway, there was not one big mom.
Worst. Oh my God style benders taken over this fight is almost done. So that's ten, nine, but yet another fight where Guy beat the shit out of a guy and doesn't drop em, and they have exchanges with the guy gets rocked in her. That is that ten, I know it's weird would have you had to make some drops of barely survives hammer for some tentative bell is a ten nine in the old system. It is, but what the new system is a tiny bit of its. Even if his tenants I think it's important eight. Yes, you went out there, but the only thing is your flock. They do a ten six or seven right than you do it can be taught. You gotta get energy argument against what I'm saying. Here's the arguments against it. Frankie I give us his Grey Maynard, especially the first one right, Gray Maynard drops as a badly leave her in the first Round Frankie men, is to survive and come back and women of rounds and when the fires exceptional, but it is so
what's gonna live. If you gave him like five points for that around here. What I like with around tree and air ganders, to how the fuck did where people scorn surrounds ten? Not yet that's ridiculous fuck you do as a perfect examine. What do you do as a proud that ten nine do that was a competitive fight? How good Roundtree Look How do you set up on the price of any life's anyone's someone's book it a trip to the cap? we came to everyone's right now. I was under the furrows they're, making fuckin plain trips to Paquette, but merely thing is with advice about: what's the grappling like out there, Hey man, I don't know man but get somebody to help him get somebody that mother fucker. Throws somebody nastiest inside leg, kicks and so fast, and he was too The ties that I wish to do with my arms up I showed you could tell you told style, but he was a lie. Leg to his timing is speed was off the charts he fucked his leg, Hoboken disposed to the picture today about it, but
first of all how fuckin tough is air, his coaches? What are you doing? This is not a title fight greatest there's. Nothing really on the line here is just not his day. Could not even game plan for finance gonna quit this wouldn't asking the questions so let us have the key, so tough, and tied alumni monster did you John Annex said we say he said he was a. He loves when you fight because then Bruce Buffer ass. You say your boy, I'll really is here only a boy and that Ireland is he's. My father, like he's a bad mother, Fucker Cosette Guy, does not have a long history of mixed martial arts allowing women lacking raised. Then a lot of em, but look LEO's athletic. It's fucked. Man, you know he's vitiello twenty pounds, yeah was huge had ever Mary Clarence Guy israeli outbreak trail them months, damages a blouse impress me knocked out, go Kentucky and then
I know he lost Johnny Walker. Who is just a beast? I don't know what to make of Dante Walker. Who is care, I'm on the train, but I'm on my way back into a modern way to on Poland. Among our act like Johnny he's a bad motherfucker. Did he some special he's I'm not hope. I didn't hurt his fuckin shoulder when he fell. Did that worm thing? I hope I hope I didn't really hurt himself, because we really hurt himself and they can't fix that. That would be a damn shame if the way he got injured is falling down playing around after. In a spectacular victor, I thought he came out. Cities, fine though his man she's fine, would say that I would say that to tell her what you find, more fixed. This will figure does look like if he's a freak dude. He has crazy power courageously power and he hot collegial, with an elbow with what ails up when those elbows we hands up high the highest in the clench, but it was beautiful. Flatland was put the way. Did it out, like the technical anybody gets flatland without fuck our body.
Anybody that guy is hard and how about that's. The psychic NEO nazis likelier went to Thailand Ass noise spoonful, and now it's all in he's. Like he's moving, there is gonna move as family. There is gonna, do cancer, so intense, it's so intense. When you have results like that, like I love it, I love it story. Like tat. I love a story like that. Telegrapher comes round my time, that's cool time. I ran elephants and shit check this out capitals. I'm fine! I'm worried about Paquette top team and lovers by southern a K. A MIKE's weeks place. They might have wrestling I'm not came out a came as internal market, but make swift was incorrectly wrestling while he, but he knows, was deal always with wrestlers I write mean he knew how to wrestle swear, could do everything the. As you know in this way the gay was. I should have motherfuckers out where he's out. Ok, he's got his place, announces that we're clear that I do not know I think that straight kicking out, ambling he's doing Reinhardt style,
who can it's getting old lady was go to his saving, got a clue, Roundtree Juniors Instagram page, because he posted thanks after the fight there's a lot of people doing it. Yeah well allowed people are going to Thailand. I think of something two men learning in the motherland with those dude, you know, watch those guys work out and train just in that environment is good for the sole nobody would be like he's a nice guy, Joe, the nicest that's coils mean him, and this is crew. You don't need to work out like a Emma may warehouse and sell shirts. When these two hundred pounds was. I do not want to fight. That's crazy, see a farm there's a thank you! go to the back to the young. Are that's it rather sorry go back to that one. There. It says Teddy Bear Peachy. Indeed, boxing see that Linda click on that. That's the dude. I'm think this does the gym, or that's one is round him he's training whether might there
That's the gender someone outweigh its ya Wanna, then that it is in shape. I want to see this in you. I can rally junior kicking use probe better often that shaving wicked yea reshaping itself not as do now. We his pads guy that help them on his pants he's, don't work manner. Tackling the like some fuckin time rule is that it is somewhat western diet. Son is I've pass on the patent I get me, the dowager like that noise, something I think is good for the saw, my being so being over. They mean something about Galileo man. This isn't. A team is doing this just to make us think he'd edge side of it shut up like a here do something about being in a place where some was invented. That must give you some extra juice. Everyone digits, in Brazil, now mashup
They send me they hate why people spoke allocates they hated and executive issuing. If I know Gara do entirely it's yours, they fight know. There is an urgent need to guide. You came from Jitsu, so you to fight know. There was a thing like right like if you follow Jitsu guy in memory that early days, if a judicial guy fodder judge should I be a real issue: Yahoo Judges, a community of twenty five But he also remember they understand he don't fight other brazilians. That's where we fight like tells Ladys and Maya yours, like the words lights ever ass. That's rise, train, weird, that the Taos latest vice, like almost like you just tell em survive because on Brazilian, that's crazy, like one fuck each other, Now I think its second. Do you think it's a nationalistic thing? You think they made like take care, reach, other beer or different uses the Taos latest,
good you wanting chances random things, our point risings too much a respectively guy thinks I say there was a result, although with feet or Balfour and also is like a cool story. Flicked the face yeah. But but the thing with some Damien Maya, was they had like a real problem? There some sort of like real animosity between them, because member Damien Maya ask yet none of that was retort, Europe, where he was I wanna Damien Meyer indeed. I doubt this is disrespectful Brianna, this way, there's some gone. There were national waste by another, preserves its soft, and then he blew himself out. Going after day, my and then coasted for the last three rounds. Member. He s nose at a wig deals in their eyes met was in Dubai and Chris Vibrant fought on the same code and be Japan. That's when Frank Viagra be J pass right. That's new one, the title,
I heard there I heard copies next fight might be into buying September. Bo. Do copied is Packer Beth Custody, verses, Dustin Woof, that is, that is going to be wild. That's gonna, be while that's yeah! That's it! I have argued eyes met in king rack, does you can crack he can crack. I mean he's is an interesting cat. It's like how good, as you gonna, be able to fend off that grappling. How can anyone funded it's gonna be hard? No one can gonna be hard. I'll. Tell you what the fight is. I had, among my shows, just engaging, and he does I do. I'd love to fight could be sick. What you can do to me take you down Yet I can rescue my ass off and I scramble that we get as an scramble use nets? I specialize in his awhile MA. Am you know, One thing I believe, as I believe well, I believe you would want to fight. I don't mean wild like is not counting leading, but I mean wild and that he takes risks correct. He calculates
ability to perform in those rest, but he forces action One reason why he forces actually it's the deadly technical but he's risk taker he's not and back like if we just talked about Anderson Silver versus House later, that was eight, and that was not a risk taking Firebug that mother. Hocker. Never ask vice like that. Never just to gauge you know, I say you're here, your soul says he fights that way because he doesn't have the car use out the way I fight. The cardio to go fight, like my style, isn't conservative. I have to get it in visas will with copied that those are issues. Man, you Africa. All four or five donors. We could be he's big too, I don't know, can be struggled for fifty five. He struggled could be scary until he got like his nutrition on track. Member here that some issues he's a fucking phenomenal grapple out of a who's, gonna beat he's so good. His grappling slogan, we tied up Connor's legs in the first round of cries and this
early on think maybe Tony Ferguson Tommy Ferguson as a real good chance of making an interesting because of his own wrestling and its scramble ability toys a wild screened for this twenty first engaging the above available. Everyone else. Matched up ass, pure chaos, but I bet Tony is pissed and want to show the title which you know he was on his way to that when his knee ripped apart at fucking problem Jesse tonight, so crazy, tripping on wires a freak incident. About a guy who deserves a title, shot yes, and a guy who people of kind of like forgotten in the mix of all these killers. To so many fifty five, the powers that are just straight up killers masters. You know, I mean it's. What out what I want I'll do vision? You look at fifty five, sir, have any eighty five. It's there's never been a better time, be Yossi Fence, Inez murders, fucking, ral, really
If you look Eric, oh my god, my God look up the match a stab in the back somebody vice I'll get one. Does it up areas free for, if you ever think of style better with Israel, Romero the scariest scary fight? stylists verify everybody scary for everybody still, forty years, all Jesus Christ, every bit of atonement, every balanced monster, it's so explosive and the fuckin wrestling his wrestling as on its from another plan, an atm explosive. Yes striking, yeah he'll fuck you up a spinning, backface you always gotta worry about him exploding nightmare because you're gonna worry about him exploding. If you try to catch a break, if you like You know you're standing on the outside you both breeding and you vineyard, maybe this time on my catch a break and then all also he fly needs you in the France and you didn't come and whether your Whittaker style been whoever wins that fight in Australia. You got your remain yeah he's number one I'm like it was, but how much longer can he do once
the time: go you're, you're special, but let's go dear. When is it you know, but Whittaker also might might the thing with whitakers he gets earthly injured after every fighting has f surgery. Once that gonna catch up with well now, benders healthy is worth the trouble to shellfish will help when you that good and you, That hard, I mean to train as hard as he must train to be as good as Robert Whittaker is the human body like the king. The last, as is the great example right guys and behaviour that explosive like those guy right, but he has unbelievable work ethic caress, that's part of what it is. Man correct. It's just that the ability to push through pain Billy to just keep working and working and working and war and cried and attack, and that way when you're in those fight like a guideline, Kane would put it on people the point where they couldn't believe it was real. They want to see that makes sense. A cosy coming after me still occurs, tired what the fuck is going on here.
Frida? Who can do that and dish decides whether nice can do is John John John John? Can do this not suffering from those going in and endorse what stoutly do your grinder? Let me show you how to grant oh, your stuff get your strike an shadow when he has so in good. Why style, Bender and John Jones? Why they target, which are that you know it started a yeah John. Did they originate start It did start with John. He came on interviewing. Goes your star banners. Looking good he's. Fine. Eighty I've only amount of time, for I think we cross pass, which is silly and then, style bender. I think teams. He asked he's a diary beat one go any another one in asking started, but if you're otherwise, in engaging in this way. Concentrate John because their job well, it's great for John, because he wants a letter, buddy, no hey, I'm the best model,
on the planet, but we now hear that he wants letter, but I I can when there's a car, that's about someone at me he's active now right, John Jones got momentum now think about where he's out right now is in studies right long asked fuckin career as champion as the best are correct. He's gonna run right now. That's what I think. I think they took it away from him for all those months when tested positive, that long suspension although time off or money that he should have made all the legacy that it could have laid down- and I think I think he's fucking chasing it not all about it all about it. However, talking to eighty two hundred and three pounders kind of silly boy, if you say that an interview, I don't think that's despite on either in ways that is it one day, may will gabardine style bender, you know teams he asked and about fighting like this guy's big disguise big to both blacklist fight. They have not yet you know, that's what they think right southern then it gets picked up, but then also, I think, John Jones, is the hot.
You know senior in high school and stop and the new freshmen who saw it? And it's like mean girls like fuck? That did it's also wonder how much of this is like they all agree is good, for both its entertainment was looking continents anytime, Fighting blasphemy out will not just blast. I'm out mean conjugal. What about like the way he he's able to turn these shit talking back and forth into publicity for fights they are, There is real shit. Talking is psychological warfare but are also hypes people love to know. I, like the Kobay fight, all the crew business that led the obviously that backfired. When could people try to forget attack and after an hour It was an agenda that crowd out how the double punishment ahead, not craziness. There has ever been big tubes, never been bigger, Connor's, Neverbend, bigger and yeah mean any suffice in it
I need a fight needs. If I am not guys know this, I ride counters not arrived, compete, not now mentors nuts, but with Connor, my god. Hopefully, some youth lined up gamble. What I'm trying to say is like that shit talking gives you relevant. It was yet it's worth something towards them. The result of a great lifestyle. Bender and John Jones did decide to fight one day it Dutch, it's worth something to Baltimore agree agree is a big gap between eighty five into a five though Man John, to a giant to five. John John- could beat up any. Have you in the world with these could be that by six of a man a night so to Dick fighter? One eighty three year is weird yeah: it's uh, Obviously he wouldn't be won a three. If stop and it was gonna. Do it. I'm sure you'd want to put some some weight on edge. Anxious at such a nightmare, but is worth what makes Dobbin especially causes guys same as match our fight, any what yeah sure? That's that's what it's all about. I also like in this is not a knock on Santos or other level. Accomplishment to five is really nothing very excited about. Just not you look at the
divisions Santos can be fun. Fight is India. Plus seven hundred plus eight hundred underdog? So you know, but I liked at Johns active. Watching John. You beat everyone's ass yeah. It's it saw one. Those things now. Will you gotta find in tenders for John Right, because ones, really standing rock hold would be cool to a five, so habits the play Dominic raise just be. Who did he beat to define volcanoes demand? No He did it. I don't think you beat him down. I'm a race, fair balance, vetoes man. I thought he lost the less well off we're decision, yeah, that's what One is Look Vulcan, two very good fighters, no doubt about it, but you so again. You call me neither whether my rayford jobs not ready for John I'm, DR the same realm right so book you're, looking at Dominic we're like decades really talented super produce got massive potential and I still think does value it also start. He just gonna get better from this Johnny Walker right, but that I might have blown shoulder,
let's say: doesn't, though, if he doesn't he, I think, you're right away from John Jay might be for fades. Here's the thing he might not for people into another dimension. On the way to John Jones, Guy Sutton special deadlines, yeah, you got an active for guys out. You can sell this. That you do, he does I mean he's, is put away to top level, guys pre spectacularly end on me. Look at the way he fights to his loose weird and then both the champs on you and it's so special power do fuckin crazy power light. I think, with joy, and his team smartly gone now. We know heavyweights their work in a clean out to a fine Nate. Nobody Venus, weekly, clean out, sword considered the greatest of all time. Don't gotta have you get paid? Well, you know the to the want of this fight. They thought of p a good fight with Diego, and I think one of that one of the things it's a good fight when the reasons why it's good five geography shut anyone's lights out, he knows he can shut anyone's light up that mother Fucker throws for them.
Bali journeys to fight it suddenly. Now, if I may fiber EVA struggled like eighty five lackeys, big he's big big, a big dude that fucking Our that that I have heard in the manner will fight, and he just swings man. He swings wild now. John is now going to fight him. The way man will find a dutch John is can keep The outside those kids designing convention- clenching rests on take em down Johns ground. A pound is horrific. Is top games off the charter emissions, a great submissions, everything shroud looking at her elbows are from hell from the top gets on to argue the best you're getting elbow to oblivion in their common Why do the other of the other of the other, but the in the wild exchange where he asked me careful is that that Jago, due to IVO Santos, will swing with everything Johns throw it all in there. Just I mean
engage in that you hang on. Daphne I mean that's. What makes him so special those guys ago. That's where your one places domain watch this young he just cancel about. I dont think. Did he would willingly have weighed into a firefight, but I cannot have but it could have that. I sell fights, it could happen. Siege would Johns I do. If I had a gas is try to further cement. Is legacies gonna fight the best way he can he's got great coaches? They know what the fuck they're doing he's gonna go in. There is gonna, kick that dude. If you decide to clench with them, he's gonna have a giant, advanced and wrestling, but he's gotta be careful on the way in man that dual swings will try to kill you. Each swings in a different way. Swings like this ain't, making it to the fifth round. There's no fifth round. His name is looking to get here. That guy just every shot he's trying to take the lights out now outline deftly and watch it he's a wild mother, Fucker man. I think this is an interesting fight. John John should be the strong favorite should be a giant favorite, but it doesn't mean started
interesting because this dude style cuz he's so fucking wild, but she's going to be how he perform. How does he perform when you, when that Octagon door shut and you look over you see- is Jon Jones and title fight the tunnel fight black, but I think one the reasons why John talk and shoot the star better is whether prose we're talking about makers. We pray went want to talk about him for Santos on this show. It was an happening. It keep some relevant it's you know he is private. Biggest name in the sport now outside Connor, the guy who's, the most active him and could be part of the biggest names in talkingshit to stop in an accident, our better to write to now he's associate with the greatest well timed, and he wants to be the grace all time, but when he just it and it's gonna get there, I can fuckin way when he goes. Many for heavyweight hemorrhage, Francis Gonna, do what are we gonna? Do? member States Bay, Kane, well,
Probably lesson a deal doesn't get done. The talk is steep Bay versus DC because the Brok Lester Deal is not done now in that whole process has been asked? No, it's not real. Why study to be back? You didn't know those real, I'm sorry decision. Thrones I'll, give you more spoil dude. I dared not just as I did on dog about people getting out. There are dryads Dvr being dragged into real. They think that you know he's debate to rock might not fight, they don't know, may break has to decide. This is somebody deafening wants to do a brok quit fucking, gymnast blue balls and get the fuck in their get the fuck out now he's got make the commitment- and I know he's been training, he's been train, training is train. With some high level wrestlers homey hands. I brought him see why what's up,
the light hearted staff you gotta be careful Brok, memory tag, radical torrent, robbed him and hammer physical into oblivion. Forty. Eight years old, but I hear you they showed me it's what they never have. Some mere. Yes, terrifying, doubtless remember him. Right hate, each other and each fact Frank up workers frock on what that need bar and hidden. He he tapped the reverie and stop it didn't awaits us. Deeply music, not black Brok, lesser next, in LA who, when did this happen? Pre conference may like, but he split the duchess, the headline he We don't know what brought him, but if the doesn't happen it steeper out, not just let them they got their gotcha got. You know better job museum credit worked significantly like Bay La Honours, the goddess the I love steep apes, TBD Ceramic yeah yeah. I need some size. I am I
Gary Sand and our get out the Brok Lester appeal. I would rather see steep a steep at you know like your purists, and I, like you, is not making my press Hilton other merits of me, Sir atta respect cause. I know he deserves that. He won t defended the title more than any human being is ever held it he's than but one day in the heavyweight division, so you have to rate him the greatest heavyweight of all time. If you look about accomplishment he's the greatest, you have see heavyweight of autonomy, honeys now investments in terms of accomplishments. Just because he's done it four times. Ok, you know, Deasey beat him. Obviously DC is supposed meaning if you, if you had a rank him, you know like right now. One through ten think I'd Ladys losing like Frank theses, number one, because he's that, ebony knocked about to say is number to be silly, but to say like to all time. Greatest most accomplished. Heavyweight boy. Data city is ok, the all time most accomplished greatest heavy weight is deep. Hey you got it.
Working out while Kane. Never offended as many times as deep. As did the question is: did Kane beat the better guys? Did he Junior dos Santos and Junior was young. He before had been through those wars with came right because by the time steep I got em junior bans, Moors and Junior has a really good late. It's amazing, but you can never discount the that damage. I'm not saying that he's not as good now, I think he's still phenomenal now banned, actually Vaska fight knock, That debate is tough, is shit man knocking that motherfucker out and the way he did. It looks good man, dude, Isn, T J D S, Francis of European Code. This paper view, I think, that's fucking disease. Can, I think so, still lacking around and dumb. He fought Derek Louis right. Yeah! Stop their clothes. Stop their closer
Junior dos Santos still is an amazing fighter that some schleicher, so I'm gonna watch it somewhat steeper beat it, but you know: what's the big knock anybody out there that too it's hard to say, you're the promise was steepy, The problem is theses fought what twice, since their fight see we're just been children's toys, but one is Rematch guy guy I get it, but but it's really he thing when your former, which champion and you're gonna, take a fight when you rightfully deserve a rematch, and what, if you get hurt way taken this right. What are you you know? You have this fight, you get hurt and then you NI surgery in and year out for another year in DC, lose in DC retires? Who wants to fight him again and the way to fight it, then is to hold out hold out the sultan. Oh, no, I see tat you see, wants to fight DC again. That's the way. It seems Now, in hindsight, because lesser that happened, challenges like a heavyweight but he's the third choice. Annulled sly flock waiting for that
that was very anxious. Herded John said that too steep bay, that's John, we had aroused. I don't think it's weird of which a line thing, the same thing: we do with style, bender he's a fucking with everybody he's gettin his name out. There he's learning from Conner. See, I think, there's more to it. Well, I think you ll see was fishing, went, hey you down the fights, deviant, art, yeah, fuck ups deeper, and what steeply don't fight joining yeah fuck up John, I think there's more to it. You think so, what makes you so I don't know no reason at all. Maybe they do Have some preliminary discussions as to whether or not the two would engage in fisticuffs? Maybe they did that's a great right. Let's gratefully since they deserved a hundred percent. He deserves big fights man, but the guy doesn't deserve to be free. No not at all but again, rats isn't gonna fight was one of the most impressive heavyweight title defence agree because Francis was on fire. He was so danger today. France is ranked ahead of honour,
just be disrespectful, but for analysis does world stays gotta be the number one to tender. Now, what's be Deef CBS number one here come after you have to be. You never know what right have too we have to be France, Dave Francis yeah see Baby Frances. It's that simple steeply, be junior. It's as simple. I mean come on Anti Francis DOS Santos I got dude the agreeably. That's even happening way gets dicey done a heavyweight after six kids die, see, look ban, Francis really fifteen have written a whirl Francis would take down defence Francis with an understanding what it's like to fight fire rounds, and France is a little bit more experience and
Get him dos Santos. Fuckin luck, steeply, Booker Jujitsu match I saw, did it to do the MAGIC Bologna outrage to match and he can't fight for the title of digital matches. Backfire, your dress, the raft and in those big do you want to fuck you up so essentially is gonna, get right, Lystra fight to win one ten in Cleveland, whose ink and please don't say, the leg law guy, please don't say, corner or cyborg, cyborg, original export or Gore Ryan Gordon! I can't really do that right now for gay tone, it doesn't scare Gordon ranges Torres needs or no info on his opponent. Ok guys that used by bona fides likes did your boy I've been asking is fighting the bill. The fuck not might adopt slight Mars would open tourism? That's what your has earls is not crazy.
You're crazy. That's like makes six. I think you know if you ve been asking, can really hang with Jordan Borough still dude. I got it only ever who rolls with them I've never never even clinch with them. But everybody whose done everything with him out the closest I kinda clinches like that hug We knew how to do it over a little bed just feel alone, but they say that it's like he's got forearms this dude, it's ridiculous, I fourteen times you tell me you didn't I'm so, do this ridiculous it doesn't make Somali Wops world champions. We all know gets right. Does people that's how good his rustling is? I mean if you see that fight we Robbie law, fucking bombs- that guy Turks factor under still figured out a way to get a hold of robbing Lawler's neck. There's still further
a way to get him either headline once and robbing knew he wanted to clench with them. He couldn't keep a mighty. I was sweating in that by you and I am so much as a gal. Please don't start and round it still super controversial ending to me What you had her body say well heard said that at first Raw heard, Dean is the shit. Nice guy couldn't be nicer Drake, but I'd love is perspective, so laid back into his ear. Oh, so healthy. Twenty talks about things like even see need its very rare. Yes- and I take away your throat nothing but he's just like children and he's like very self deprecating chilled out about it, but he had a very good point. He's like that's, not just a minute, listen of the neck like in terms of like cutting off the carotid artery. This is manipulation spine? Second, a bit of a net crank, and you think about that? He was talking about like you look, how got a hold of the head and how is he goes? The real,
What I'm concerned with, as if someone's going unconscious pro from some nerve shit, all while from a net crank like apparently he had seen a guy who had got net crank like that and then after sk, I couldn't walk, he could move, it came back, but or moments, but for a moment he couldn't move these issues. I dont think about unlikely that exact. Whereas why he's hurting he's the gold standard he's the gold standard speak John Mccarthy in him a big John doesn't do anymore so to her blood, Serbian Rona, and just that when you think about, ask when says what he says is that it's you, that's nasty, Dude Alex Terrible, that's nasty with the way he's holding onto the head like that and and Craig in your neck. I, like that in a very bad position. I, like that you see when our we're good yeah. I dig that I get it. I want to see it again. I would disagree. I think there are. I agree with her stoppage. And I see that the arm went limp, but then the thumb came up.
Then, as soon as he let go, Robbie jumped up Ozma had me convinced that Robbie was never out, but curb had me convinced that it was dangerous for him to allow to continue, wants to arm dropped in that weird, where thirty side with her, you have to side with her in that situation Experts have sat with her cause he's right because there, is a special circumstance sea ice. Dad in terms of an evening, we consider this when I was talking to respond that I looked at it and firms of it's just a joke, and how do you know it's a net crap may do so still I'd love to see it again. I'd like see if they both win, because ask him. Laws would darling that doesn't get you Dick Arnold, Askern Mazda. Well, then it less asking ones that would justify Duenna massive Woodley, and lawless little ones at then they funny it's even bigger would live verses. Lava, though that's a tall order,
no afterwards for both revolt fights for both fight to call you the way yeah I'm really interested to see how Woodley bounced back, but he spent San all the right thing as publicly. I love Woodley two and one of them. A lovely said. He said I didn't realize the value of the title until it was gone and now to give you a understands it. May I just You really understands it now that it's it's not there anymore, it's not the champ anymore and to get beaten in its out like a fight likes it all. You could make a right match, with Kelvin and style bender in six months, true UK's back and forth, You can make that Rematch Kelvin knocked down. Tell Rio that wasn't gonna fight now been sending invite use. Monica was Moloch spectacular.
Former champions, tired woodland, Robbie lower to meet, and you have two main event: yeah there's will offer oh yeah, that's booked, yes, but yeah yeah, that's worth delivered, Minneapolis right, yeah, I'm not gonna, be there for that. One fight! That's it! It's a finite yeah June. Twenty ninth target centre at the fight? Imagine that that's a fight night, two former world champions and broke Robbie lower fares. Quickly and that last file girl shredded said here. This crazy strength, conditioning programme, super motivated, you know, dude, we haven't talked about this on air. We talk. Labelling can restore her, which bore teach Adela shots about our boys. Nascar courtesy is abolished yeah. I did what you think. Well, I mean oases just straight up admit in areas that have to do then you're gonna get fucked up than people get really come here I mean he's been
nah spout it and dumb. Oh, I do have to correct something. He someone wrote an article that said that Cody garb Brandt found out the t J tested positive for his fight too, and call you went crazy. I think I got duped by click baby, We all got duped. Everyone thought that net actually got us with a click baby article, eighty everyone, but I should have been more responsible, so my apologies to t J. So they have, I don't think a been another one that detested among those positive but they're looking into it now here's the thing we have This is something that I know EPA is not always tested for correct and she Dana. What is her cause? You sought as expensive as fuck your whole on you guys. Aren't he had. He didn't know. Yes, you haven't test for April. The time we pay this much money for you, nuts, a sharp guys at three in the morning and tell them you not testing every time we pay this much he is. I had no idea yeah well time, Mackenzie,
our thanks boys thanks voice, actually see evidence Miller conversion. Take it from me, come back, be cool about makes. You know everybody's back looking thing There can juicy now, but this I see, I guess what they're gonna do is they're gonna go back and see if they start the samples for when he did beat coding and test those free, Pia will. This is what you and I were talking about. We were at the store when, like how far do we go back? Dude, I'm telling you So you don't want to go down that road, Hasta La Ukraine, some let's, what's real Y Y, you gonna do that you're crazy! Do you can, you can do your ruin, the foundations of the USA. This intellectual exercise are really wanna testimony, but following argue and I'd say testimony, I line that would find out. What's up, we ve always wondered who have we
never wondered if there are going to test fourteen million stuff embargo Yossi test? That does the fight that catapulted the action. Does you see this, but that, but then again all the football players test, all the biggest animal tests, everyone's feelings, or do we want screwball? Did you screwball now? Have it holy shit? Is it good, Billy, Billy Carbon dogma do know what they did? though they had little kids play arise and that its whole lerna story. The stores nuts causes in the people were actually there narrating, it they're they're telling the story, and they got these little kids playing a rod and play a little. It's fucking great marriages story. It's a great story. I feel back T J man, you know what man, when everybody makes an agreement to not cheat.
And they're their testing. You all the time to try to make sure that you're not cheating. Don't you think that the environment's different now than it was before you saw it was instinct was initiated that don't think that's a good thing. Words. Your mouth no ties. Fraser question has, I am on follows, is I know you're writing. It is better overall for the purity of the sport. I think it's better, but I still some guys and a away to cheat you because peace P days in sports is no different than than a referee or judge or gloves, they go hand in hand. People have always done p days or enhancements went in every aspect, whether its Football, basketball, music, surfing sags, it's just what humans do specimen. Just so high that this little thing can help you achieve. Maybe get you a victory, but you know
and then also what with with Tj Dillashaw staying granted. We know EPL is illegal, but this is this one's a little different be tested positive for like steroids or whatever. So I could trade rights, because if you and I engage in a fight- and we have eight weeks- a train- You go to Mount Everest or where the fuck, you want to get your red blood cells higher and then fight me back a sea level blind stay here and jack those red cells, you know the difference is that if you operate at sea level and you are taking a p o you will be able to work. Much higher murder and get more rounds in and you will recover much better if you are up at altitude. The promise livin in training really at high to you can't put out as much out but the knight of the fight we're gonna the same. No, why depot? How more labour I will close now you get. You have a stroke from that stuff
dementia alone. I depends on how much you taking where there was one things divinity was telling me about. Were young cyclists thick there were just having strokes, we're boy. I think I ll answer shine movies on your show, but you'd wake up. No nine had have to write a bike atlas thick. That was my friend salami. Do I know Swami no explain, ok, you're not say like they get, We rely grazer you'd have to tell me the name of the night. Yet I brought Lance did discuss. How guys think then do I gotta do spend we ve talked about it. Maybe Lancet glanced up on having to get up and running you, when I turn ashes, funny I get up in the milliner, ran about not just getting but anyway, obviously, look that with the Lance Armstrong thing I feel like every one was doing
and you dont everyone eat everything. You think you think teacher is the only one. No, I think other people taking EPA in their hoping they don't get caught. That's what I think I think it's still cheating cracked and I think I don't think everybody is doing that there's a lot of guys who are doing honourably. I agree those are doing honourably. You know. I think you, get it in your mind, but I dont this. It just is what take from acts Holloway way. It is what it is right is what it is. What it is its cheating right, he would t J would admit that. I'm sure he did him and he did that's what it is. But I believe now have a point. I don't know if I do either but its, but it's you guys trying to I was going to say the guy trying to provide for a family, but so, as everybody else, Coty Garber, so escorted government so says it's a Hutu. So as everybody everybody thought, but I
we'd like to sit down with T J, AI breach item since he's been suspended, I want to sit down with him, so why would you? Why did you do it like? What led you to this? Because His card has been great since he was a child with his writhes rustling background queen along the way, was it six years ago, six five to go. Did you think you need to do this in order to beat these guys? Let's, we can look at one thing that we know that he's been doing. He has a rigorous fishing program the training that drink addition programme. Please don't you have an issue that I understand your issue, but that shit is off the charts crazed difficult to do while
stuff and Madison. Bollworm comply metrics, not of stuff, and today looks like a fuckin beast. When he's doing Abbe seem Brown or take as worker, with with his with MIKE yeah. They do crazy shit, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah. I mean I'm not justified it, but I'm saying is that, in order to do that kind of work like to put out that kind of pace, your buys gonna have to have some time to recover and between work out of you take appeal that time of recovery is diminished. Quite a bit acquaintance of its key say allow guys to put it more work, so it doesn't just give you more cardio. It allows you to recovery and asked her. She could train harder, and you know as well as anybody that sometimes different Jean Victory in defeat is just having a little more in your gas tag. Just having
especially at a little longer camp contribution being injured. The last couple of weeks we lost and cardio. You know those awful fields of you had the opposite of those awful feelings of not, instead of being compromised being his hands dirty, I can help you exactly, can hope. Your head, you gotta, come into your fuckin champion today. I that song on, comes into to away given away now Now he comes in. Here comes a red hot chile. Peppers! Don't tempting tempting to deal think dainty always forget guys what the only guy who's walk up. Music. I always remember two to one was, of course, Matthews, because it cannot come out to country that fuckin saw who see other Randy. Sure came out the stranglehold? How interesting, not Ellison Silver DM acts? Oh that's right! it was now a scary. Mickey girls get the best one. Now would you think
Mickey justified. Like I come on, man was gonna good. One was wondering whether song it's called one boy. I was lying and burning we're home. I wondered why. What is the secret of your powers down its author, who came out to the game stocks on now zone? Give out came a thrones again, sir. You know shit speculated still. Some special you see delay their fucking. Do with a shared off. You do an air violent game rounds fully committed. Can, I think, he's also itself merely but he's, as do you think I've seen that he's already think two years good enough. It's good question. I think it is too use without but here's the question: what are they gonna do it would if they decide, would have Coty demands that they test his ample for eco? That's a good question in a context that out with this might already happened, we don't know you'll know before me, so let's say that they go back and test.
To fight just Cody that it be done. So it's a bolt, despatch free people. I don't think a well, but let's say they did that's the brother. That's the three strike rule year out for life man. Can they go back that foreign doing it. I mean this has been stressed. This would be the best argument for getting rid of over Levinsky says Delacroix was testify. On both parties. Coding earlier shadows, audits, get come back, never came back negative! Ok, so so is good, so he's good for that, but they could go back to. You know book I haven't got because if he didn't do coded garb, ratified commanded well but also be training at the training lab was the first Cody Garbrandt fight when it was our Denver was? Yet he was switch in time and the moved here permanently, because the training lab, but also for which was the first. I was at the courtyard ban, fight pretty sure the first pillar
first one, but also at one twenty five. It makes sense to do. Appeal can cut in that way when twenty five grand more air, no energy trying train yeah correct. So that does More sad does may set his heart for at one time yeah. Maybe that was the only way like to twenty two, that's awful awful still before this first fight, with our view of seed to seventeen of medicines greater. Ok, so let s start with the air. So that's when I start when he would do it makes sense because he's trying to get down to ungodly, wait till he looked so bad when it was walking. That day, shredded city the day but known I was more than them scale. Tourist unlocking shredded like an Ethiopian. It was more like on? How is starving? Yes, we're like his face not so sucked in. I was worried about this. This just doesn't look good
so sir. He looks like an ultra marathon runner like one of those crazy dude whose doing one every weekend. I need to get like that What is the one on the bottom, five. Are you so much bigger? That's crazy. The difference in the amount of mostly carries on his body, eight muscle, what a nightmare. What a bad decision not one twenty five miles and also to do it where he wasn't draining himself that much cause he got down to like one thirty, five, naturally caught in the last ten to that training lab. And they have to do is say face I get it they by Tee Jake Oh, my show me start than other interview say in how they did blood work every day and testing you'd tell me the one you answered fucking. P, o no one had any idea, you're doing yourself and this the other alarming thing appeals not a gateway drug. It's not like marijuana the drugs, not gateway, p d, that some black belt level shit. Is it
get talk. You boy lay it's about you just don't start with e p, o that some level shipment is they met you blood thickened, run task right, you won't worst outwards manner, yeah gas, little search windstorm. What's a beta wicked traps, common and scientists is down a like you ll some serious shit man, sir, that's a very not maybe so, came to him was a dude better current one. Twenty five appeals the way to go, and I know how to do this. Let's go down this road. Who do things can be the first first dude come along with Jean Editing be all city planner, very red. There is a cuban experiment, just fucking, crazy science project, kids, who never gets old.
Introducing a twitter every looks exactly the same as what is happening here yeah. He doesn't aids like a normal person Prodi. Some Chinese do, but what you have one day there going to deal with that one day is gonna, be a person who shows up who is ridiculously jacked that never gets tired and fast is far less foot and everyone's fucked If they figured out a way I mean: how much can they manipulate cardio when you, when you have big muscles, that's we're gonna find out. You're gonna find out is a point where you can't the physical structural, homely, more muscle, and you you can't get a more oxygen through it. The only get get to a diminishing point of it. Earns. You know what he can do. Then China be the first one
for sure for shipment Russia, Jack Chinese? Did Russia doesn't mean it being an air? They think they might have already done something like that with Carolyn Degeneracy Corallina. His parents know that the crazy conspiracy theory was always the corral and who was one of the most feared wrestlers, if not the most feared wrestler ever? Who just would take three hundred pound men and hoist him through the air? They move like a panther and is a big giant got half his parents are small scale typhoid where and how do they called an experiment? There's a picture of him in thing was sports illustrated, while sports magazines we get as I can on his mom and dad they like his children bro, he said, shall be friends. Might these that might like? I don't think shacks parents are big dude holy That's him with fate or oh, my dude, I'm out again go to that black and white photo of him. Looking ferocious does look at. Picture of him right there with the shirt right, there click on that one cooking
home, listen earliest giant is, and we can change in bar row. He's got more than that. Dude here more than that he's got more than that. However, He's not he's fucking huge man. Look at doubt it picture within. That's him right. Look at that brow. He would pick dude up and they were go for a mother fucking ride guys would try to flat out and lay their whole body on the ground in hopes that he couldn't picked him up. He would clinch his hands underneath the belly hoist them up in the air. Like a fucking pillow case, and smash them on the ground. He's the guy or American beat yes, the big facto lust I've lost his toes in the winter yeah we're along garden gas. Yes, yeah you have your money nor never habit. I would but grew longer beat him in the twilight of his career does not take anything away from Rula, but only beat him by a point. Could he me, Carolyn separate his hands, as assumes a controversial new rule. It was like a Universal new. Changing in point system
Billina column that correctly get roommate sure call not a cow rule on got gardener that Russian that's fucking do he was so scaring duties. She was so scary and he had one. I think he had a fixed fight in Japan. It lives a work. You know like they do. Those and Presto yeah it'll. Take you attach in and Fuckin Floyd is fixed. What, if he's real a hundred percent your watch again, we can. What do you was fixed? You watch it yeah I seen simples. No, it was a guy who's, legitimate hundred fifty five pound man who fighting and you shouldn't have- I cried and roll around on the ground due to fight it one twenty six, it does make any sense ever had a professional boxy mad. How crazy, who is fighting against the girl, box and listen to what you say so small entangled in fixed intentions, they're fucking poster boy- and I get here's Floyd Mayo I don't think they thought I was gonna knock em out. Really
tensions, a beast man, I mean easier. We must point out that I have but rate of the boxing Einstein at that, but they were really thinking he could hit him. This was the thought. Was attention is really a striking genius? never seen him so common Macgregor overnight, but it's different detention is faster. Smaller, I mean he moves like a lightning bolt and in Japan. The fact that this kid's, only eighteen or nineteen years old, crave and been fuckin people up, including knocking out world boy, tie champions, so they threw him to the wolves real early on jealous watched us and tell me tell me why I think this is I see a dude whose so much smaller than Floyd look a little. He is way smaller the way we smaller Floyd is not Even we oil mess around he's not remotely nervous this guineas I mean I remembered- has employed last thing. Yes, our hearings do this economy by the scope. Of course. We cannot get out of here.
Mountains. Wasn't me the next big day too, he's a great kick boxer, but he's not kickboxing he's boxing you're not going to our box Floyd may, whether when you never had a professional boxing match, we settled think he has he's had a lotta kickboxing though kit, boss, he's fucking amazing, but he's also amazing, is guys at a hundred twenty six pounds. Ethel eighteen to look ass. Molly is compared to Floyd. Floyd's tiny employees are easily flow boxes punches and he's not feel any danger, so it's just tides to put it on this. Kid he's walk at him down his walk and endow looking for an opening this stuff. Rats Lloyd. Why would he waits bow me crack some? Why Would you relax him? That's it stop rack. You don't think back it up bag of what is the use of tobacco abattoirs again dude. He cracked him watch this right. There here goes very rough, mere gets in this corner with the left it to the temple. You don't see that level to the Temple watchword Pink right. There,
Do he fucking cracked, a dude whose a legit thirty pounds higher than ever on the Temple and dropped to how is watch raw? You just watched it to doubt its did. It is a single line that is a forlorn left work for some others. Stumbling there as well, but he hit him the stumble after he got right, that's a tough one knows. I thought I'd see that it's not up at all the kid gets up. He got wobbled they give Standing eight count looks nervousness fuck, looks over exotic and mash greater fuckin, crazy. I've got enough, Floyd moves in, and the kids even try to fire back he's just now good enough. Man Floyd stated right. Front of em with it's fuckin hands up. The kids got no chance here. Much smaller, no expense, it's against. The guy is good, as Floyd employs, walk and doubtless had. This is real man. This is really it's trying to hurt him. He just can't do it he's fighting the best ever and then
Car design was, let was real. Adam was not all of its real first one. Do you, as you should now? We ve all seen guys get hit, which shit that didn't look like much and they go down. We ve all seen it you what we ve all seen guys get. On the chin and they fall down laid out. Floyd. Look at this time. Travis Looter, verses, Marvin Eastman. You remember that so that was fixed though it ass vague. No one gets with a points out that no no sometimes come into it? compromised. Look. This is a hundred percent legit. Why to write in the fuckin head falls down dude. This is a hundred percent, a legit fight? This kid got fucked up by the best of all time. Their minds are hundred and twenty six tiny. None of this made any sense in the first place, but yeah sense, but you gotta, wait. That's real fight, daily pray, legitimate gives real, that's a real goddamn first, one that first one's questionable the next to we're gonna bust questionable same for thou, not it for my first one. It is a question of it to me. If you watch the whole thing play out in slow motion what
happens? Is you see a left took? I was a landmark, produces stumble and fly, It moves in and their legs tangle up a little bit and then Floyd had some on the right hand is on his way down for it. Fuck that do Did you see that had a pack our signed with them, or that was by brutal, took it out. Taking a right that I was watching the video the molecular equation of plant protein before, where mouthpiece vacuum lavishes in fighting Japan, This was a this wasn't sanctioned fight to export aid. They all mouthpiece daily, oh yeah and no union a mouthpiece sent today. Let those Carlos member that does aspect that dude who or the young. What was a guy's name that war wrestling mask when he fought Crow cop? That's why, best roquat tales of all time, as seen from a movie doeskin rose I what was I'm trying members name but anyway, crow cop hits? This dude with the perfect left high,
action to the door. The guy goes down. He got shot, and blood starts leaking under fuck was he thing? Does Carl's, that's it? So Why? But when he lands is kicked in the end, is so crazy. Seen in the movie like, like a quintet Tina movie, some dude, whose progress or who decides to, fight, one of the best cake boxers of all time to enter into Mme Poem now watch. This when they focusing on Homeboy he's down. Take a blight of whom you see this. It doesnt ended when he was during peak when it ended the due to sit in that you see blood trickling out from underneath the mask. He shunned them to have a crook up at retire with Heaven. If someone is was, is Nackerson are hit retire. The what it was
he had a healthcare which is having a small heart attack. I think they re Jamie, some health cancer stroke stroke. Anything with Red Whittaker jobs can bring it up, but you guys were going too fast. He had an abscess on is not at all torn wrecked about here in the same area Nan because he was taken antibiotics for that. He got chicken pox tat, which once they had that asshole team. Is that you're not fighting I wanted to Jesus Christ such I'm, so he had assistance rectum if he had the hernia and then an abscess with an hour and erect them. It's like a muscle tear like a pass, but probably from some sort of an injury right now they can get a flawed, indifferent things. A couple really have. You ever had hemorrhoid their awful asking off wise preparation, nature,
So well it doesnt work. Now, if you are a serious one and don't give a man, a man, you let your girl one. Nine data like I did like dead thieves are suddenly went. Let's not do that and flared up the size of this. They get grouse. My gun are bleeds every time you shit still up that can't be Al Qaeda, be bad. I mean gave you haven't Jamie once, but I just a fiction are, if you like, shows pictures of just like love. Now it is yes, lots of them not envy the laborious, taxable tweet about game throats spoiler feel differently. Let's talk about it s day, offline Dershowitz happens to have learned, love geometers. Here I was pretty dope last night, how mean Cagoux any spoilers, but how girls goddamn special effects. The girl for contractions man. There was a lot to get this absurd. There was just there to like yeah Tiverton Gather, sought, slow pace of yours to it, that the act at the shop
they need like a whitewash, is fighting now there also need, let's be honest, you can't do this holiday, more episodes. You're lying to us. I go into the fuckers. Only five That was my six total anyway wrong, but everywhere longer to that. Like the last year, eighty men and I think this first ones this the shortest human right I rented its. I thought I was eight, isn't crazy that shows the most popular show in the world and they're gonna. Stop it. I wonder what they just like our good, like the whole thing you always want, and what you're in no business. Is that the most popular show in the world, but it's good to go out. Like as an ally, but I mean it, you know how hard it is to get the most popular with fiction. Show One of the greatest fiction show, if not the greatest, ever and you're there in the peak of how many people are watching I can we watch last night. Do you think seventeen point? Seven six? I do it Do you know how crazy seventeen point? Seven million people are someone age. Be. Oh, that's crazy! You know that
like those fox if it was just think less Roseanne was like forty million arts, Ruby off the charts Everybody has regular channels, but everybody does not HBO specially today with Netflix of how many people would watch it if it was on you too, oh my god, but would you watch on your tv on Youtube yeah? What should all the time I'm on my tv. I knew you'd, you have an app you! U use of apple tv! No! I on my I've dish they're going to channel through seventy two, and it's you too, They can watch all my shows threesome two on directive, as you do by dish on dish. Maybe three semi ones ethics. It's amazing that there's only one right like this video, but, like you tube in terms of like how much content is online, their main competitor that not allow people talk about
was a porn hub rio that our people that I've had to move and they put their content on their, whether or not there doing like, there's tits out or whatever Newman largest uncensored. Unlike there are people actually making money on their also its with add up again yet, but cried know it I don't know. I don't know how many users a high poor, a ton guys on their cell breathing down about, but websites is when is vs porn, gonna really start taken off when those headsets don't become so for nowhere. You can't shake off the back to all core, just relax. You know You will be able to relax at brain tracking thing now would be an interesting. You beat enough, find out. What's happening more Jane, just take a relic ammo attacks were not Jamie pray. Do we know how many kids
users really becoming uses, as you too, have compared everyone's timing. Secondly, we have to have an account to go. Watch now You have to sign law again or nothing really crazy businessmen around. They figured out some wild thing. Let people just stream shit and the thing about it is that there is no one else like at like where river. Next, once you up there's, never even close our Saviour S too late. I've never just go back to the fights. I've swear swam, I've, I've never done illegal stream ever exhausting us take away from the fighters, don't fuck them over and when I can't figure it out- and I thought I might have to do that- I got right too thousand dirhams of links and understand my cove this. How people watch the fights now later, no problem like I was in a coffee shop for I came here and the guys were fight fan and listen my shows and they go may which take the fight. I d get how'd you guys.
It is for young guys LEO come on we're, not penalty box. You just illegal female tons of people, do that. But I think that is good for the fighters. Let's go get for their popular correct or that's all they care about can enhance. You can pay him a finite number, no matter what yeah. It is probably also good for the support that way too, because more people see it more people see how awesome it is the more people that saw that last fight, the more people going to recognise how, at the very best level, how fuckin exciting this because it gives out yes being plus and when you have to buy the paper view you're, limiting how many people can see that by parties pay walls grass where these illegal strings, at least for the fighter sake, if only to see these great match given yeah, I knew, I know you're saying you know like by our legal torn almost because I don't want you see, is shut down. I loved you see, love the fucking. You see I do I want. I don't want to do bad of these
was the great, but when I see what I had to go through as a diner fan, like my dad, was gone out, no unadorned come on man signal to much someone. How many people did that, I'm sure quite a few by that's you know it. It is what is, does nothing to cite MAX away again, there's nothing. You can do strain. They're going to excess is over yeah stream. You gonna get us nothing. They can do really gonna make it easy for people to just get it, make it easier and why They make it easier want everybody set up. I think the numbers are go up. I think most people don't wanna, go through the hassle have gone through a stream putting on their television while she would just want to be able to tune it cry, and if you can get that yes, paean plus on everything, that's the other problem right. If you have like directly b or- and that's the only way your tv set up. Your tv is not set up for the internet correct. So then, when you do, you know what, if your internet saw strong enough to stream it, even with all that but then yeah, if you know that's, not a drop of thought, he added that for everything. But but that's for a fight
fear, eighteen and thirty six. A dollar and say you just your struggling get by eighty dollars a lot of money to take it off for the whole year, though the whole year vs, pm, plus and the fight so hold up yeah. It's not eighty dollars for all the paper of snow now, now, four years pm, plus a membership for a year crack. But if I see the paper views right there, yup bucks yeah, but which are much what a year cost of european plus sixty sixty bucks so for seventy nine dollars you get the fight and a year of yes PM plus not paper is not areas. In this tendency at all. The sites are the fight nights, every fight that you know that has have one if you get to ESPN fights as well the Caspian plus fights? Oh yes, yes, but the penalties are, of course they would do.
Why? Wouldn't it yeah? So if there's ten paper use and their aid alors be another that eighty bucks is just for the one deal just for them, what they can do it again and that might have other You might get two by two. Four was a lot of you who know what they can do a lot of content on their now too, because they put the paper views up there. They ve they put a bunch of paper views up there. I could older fights like fight Patsy five passed on has been plus yeah in gambling, the old, vital yegg. What's more fight, it you'll see five basis over then I don't know well with it is other stuff on the five pass. It's not. That you can't get on European plus right may make sure I'm right about that. Bravo, I'm just after the age of five passes log richer, but they have Laurie to his that you guys, I guess, is make sure. That's true, though, that fight that European plus has older paper Most important financial pressure does really,
pretty sure that in the lead up to one of these fights what're you can click on a bee, can't go back like say what you have to one eighty three. He cap, I don't think so now. I think they might only That would become a cannibal rising Viper Cyprus stay there, maybe like daily, have the stuff that was aired. Three espionage like from now on. They have all that stuff. I've been building their library from this point must have been a pain in the ass, but no fight pass. Like what was it is time that could be could be, but Conor. You can watch this, does that only certain unwise gathers only certain one, ninety seven on here also and then off. Ok, was not all of them as history and with theirs. I'm so rare Besides ass, we go through your fight ass. You can see everything see every pride fight- and I see five past for me- is like I like throwing up some shit that I've never watched before. Like some more tie a glare,
Just some. Do I've never seen, finally, forgetful of donors in that, I do now. I work out for whatever reason out the well yes Pierre. Now, though, bit like an historian to those throw up like classic fight, that's all we brown or taken. On nine and eighty years do isn't like I'll watch, those well Morgan out, but again with all the sea as pan, and by this and thirty nine, only nine I've never been a dark web guy. I clicked on Us- and I do this- is a problem because it's so good so good. I talked to the young like fans, how do I get my would pay eighty dollars like, I can't tell you Zeiss, always think you'd be fucking over the fire. You do understand the Tec knowledge behind it. Do you know how they would stop at how to stop a stream. I have no clue from from our I've watched they ve, never if they can fight them, but you can't stop him remember when they were soon people. My buddy get soon really yeah he put on his Jim, but a paper on his journey
You may be able to play a pale. No, no just had an offer free. He paid that whatever the who rabbit amount, I don't know they or their contract IP address This is a gym lost this much money because you in there the capacity of the so much it is it to do that, so he bade useless whatever six nine. At the time when hold up you dont from a public Jim fits three hundred use, whatever fitting grey oh so he made the paper view. Is he paid for it? I got a land of dreams and on a big, they don't fuck around man. This is also for. U S only sell for people that are outside United States that, yes pm plus thing? Doesn't it's not for them to bypass They cannot. They also get it on the regular, never accept yet BP, as you and I don't have a letter like being in fans were making fun me with you, Americans, and I do so in England. They could watch it for free,
out of it here. They'll ever zeal derive a paper view thing in England. The way we have it here they do, but it's cheap like when Joshua fights like ninety. Ninety nine, a relay ha. Why will always offers liquids? Glass is how it is daily. We're wound up for their yeah man if someone's fighting it's a crazy fight and you gotta pay seventy bucks for me. But not for me with a pack of a hundred bucks tat would cost those anywhere you ve, never gotten cheaper for money remember my whole life. It's always been or toys been expects. Eighty bucks, maybe yeah It seems there is always yeah. It's always Fifty nine I hundred and sixty nine and ninety never like cheap, no, not cheap wilding encounter wild. I panicked don't I can't figure it out Lenny for my favorite fighters. I panicked dude, listen, I love working for the sea, but I used to fuckin love watch and I still love wash in a good paper view
paper view comfort of my own whole, nothing better to sit down taken back that National play out, listen if I do watch it on the dark web on. I did right. If I did, I did biased been assured to give back tarsi. That's good. Some money. I want to stop Seven sets I've seen it de I am in him a city to start selling his own church. I think you can wonder if you can you can't, I don't think so. They have to sell a deal, did ass to be through Reebok doubt happy insane. If that's the truth, I'm sure it is. Do you think like do you think fighters are they? They must have some sort of a garment and apparel deal because they all have like style bender tee shirts, like everybody, has a? U buy petition you'll our marrow, but you I'm, I bet you can still cell Yorkshire, using so seems at an unknown fighter, would be prevented from doing that would be a little strange
well to stop trying to doubt would be fucked, but if your style benefiting cholera has his is Macgregor August shit It is on line of clothing. Ever that's like that's not, I love it. I see no sign of politically or that's David August. That's he's late! He makes suits, makes the suits lower for years. Your April, so can he is. Finally can I have your own sure slang it. I don't think you can tat. I don't know, I'm not a businessman, not sure, but I would think they have an apparel deal that they would have Reebok, I know that I know you that John Jago Romero Shirt, which are almost worth in Africa. Where I've been hilarious was she did dope shirt, charms, Reebok, three basher. You see that now been rebuffed Europe now fuckin dope, it looks like the matrix he's all different colored she was sick fight was sick man. He showed who the fuck he is now five round. He showed me the fucking great fight. There was a great fight when their fifth round
fight? He went out there like em. They had hole for, I can choose to his body led to did both water or to style. Bender eventually got to doubt lad the fifth and final round whew an inner. That's what he said when I interviewed him that he just fella He was ready to throw it all out. You're talkin himself with the fifth running since up. Might this Saint something to that? That's it needs! Are we go out there and be a champion you don't think about if they Frances begins world champions? Devils Billy's number do get three afghan champ boom boom there, while when, if Danube, homemade sized retire and Francis keeps getting better, we France soybean doing, makes martial arts for what five years format.
Is he so powerful? Man is just what I told you I don't so I dont waded out. Let DC do a thing and you just go: do you think he's use gaps in our whatever gets me tolerant attitude? Does not fight DC lead? I'm gonna do a thing. Then you go. What that needs is a best friend. Was a super heavyweight. Ressler cracked agitated needs to stop best friend whose eyebrow I'm not gonna hurt you search. You proud that guy's, like Fifty's, By adopting a guy like you should watch a wrestling match with them because it was so preposterous. The wayward hoist guys up near see Google Corallina slams. To this, notably where I've heard of a wooden when I saw it, I recognise I had a picture him on my Amsterdam so that looked like you to have it in my favorites, my phone, I put up every now.
I just remind me of what a pussy- I am that's the last in a light on him within ground, the guy and all the fuckin, the teeth in the muscles he's such a it's crazy, like our american eat him real, I'm gonna beat exactly this, though this was how it hoist goes up near the inability to please don't, Sir, that's embarrassing. What's this, what the fuck he hit you he just using the ground. I says, but look how devastating is to you boom his job I ve new with all his fuckin. Wait all that momentum and power and he's knocking the fuck out man holy FUCK, powerful, reeboks, richer, elegant Reebok back in the day was sponsoring corral, did he's so ridiculously a little boys rustling. That's all you're has who foxy Gonna find another seven.
For three guy deny must see that the real hot shoes look at fucking monster man. How tall was Carolyn things like six, nine or something like that, but just any He was the undefeated for like ever for yearly. Six three, it says says only six three, that seems weird. Doesn't when he was undefeated for ever a man. He was a man when he was fighting. I think it was three hundred plus pounds was say there three to eighty five okra, fifty one. Now, God damn like, I was a girl on what he does now. I think he works with wrestlers Holly. I mean, I think you know that whole russian programme- they they pray. But we have a bright, very prestigious position. It was he undefeated for ever to rule on being yeah, but again the way he beat em. If you please, Google, that, because I think
long. Garter beat him in this does count, but by getting into separate his hand ESA can that up? There is a data to a video review, even of something that happened, and then we're alone was awarded. The point I made curl and be extra aggressive in rural and technically ready forints chassis said that was really hard for me to get his hands around the frogs yeah. That's right. Ruins of big fella Thick Maryland on five May Yes, last and people. The job was again hit with a bottle of dumps. Then he lost his still pretty anyone. I'm a hiking got lost in Colorado. Must his toes in? No, I think he was a reverence. No border on board think is now be normal billing. There was no, mobility and broke down, and he got frostbite ass toes last at least one time, and I think he kept fighting men think he fought either I think he fought in Japan. I let him where shooters other trade they look.
But you are wrestling choose. What's he do now? I don't know he was on the biggest loser, all that number than he had eaten lot after use retired from fighting, but he was so big country FED son decides that mother Fucker TAT was when he was on the biggest losers. It was our. So that sounds ahead, but look at him and pride go to go to rule on gardener and pride. When you see him in shape as a and Emma farther, you realize what a dangerous guy he was he was an enormous man. Everyone should rethink their lucky stars that Russia, too arrogant decide, look at him right The image of a far left far left that picture dude that was wholly fight their heads guinea, that sad that goddamn it that's the Judo guy fuck. Dammit. I can't believe I can remember his name, but I was away they want they too. Olympic, incidentally, say that is done. I think both Olympic Gold Medalist right just go.
Go to rule on gardeners. Emma may Wikipedia go Yoshida, O Yoshida, that's right! Exactly She started out where he was. Gold, Medalist Judo and was fighting with the key the accusation that fight rye, they're, saying they're, both medalist, I forgot about Yoshida. Another great fighter those fighting during the pride days. But here's appoint rule on guard. Was saw much bigger than him. Dude pulsar gonna go back up and see that photo of the two of them centre right there Jamie the one yeah that picture that sayin you get it Just and an understanding of the difference in size didn't have that many fights, though dude he was so big. He was. National do the job to accuse, beating him with a job like yours,
it was getting stunned by this giant, heavyweight job and dark shadows, relying gardener you, I think I don't know if he really. If that was his first loved. I do not think you really love wrestling. He cities burnt out addressing to the eye Marcin that lay with the enemy. It's tough men. After all, the years of rustling spoke at the international level. How may those guys do think at the in them? The top echelon of amateur wrestling if they just society know what fuck this go right. Am I right now right now may those guys would be a giant nightmare for everybody, although the above all by our anger about Jordan Boroughs, are you kidding me getting means athleticism, dude and will end world class experience and work ethic and ever knowledge in our mental fortitude, it takes to become Jordan. Boroughs detain you my setting reason aspirin him are gonna go out at while asking is. Middle of embarking on a new report is asking what we do
except on, though insane I suppose I dont is it a little rest that well to the point where disastrous stand, a chance, worrying it lit up on the internet for this, but does even stand a chance. I fear that our easy, not think you dont Seidel. Thank you take it. If he did it, I don't think you would take it. If you did neither issue smart, I mean I want to say I'm very curious. I think so hard to grant good odds for it. If there's odds, why would imagine Jordan Boroughs gotta be the favourite because you see how big it was yet because Grin has been fighting Emma made for so many years now with one and then before that, with Bela toward the balanced or want to such a weird situation, because he was clearly dominant and clear the champion and they just let him go in and really excited about him and most of all, because if this anybody that's gonna, be or to give him a really hard time by being sneaky and
creative and an using slick. Honor, punches and having good wrestling, take down defence and good, could defence and any wrestles with a lot of big guys, big, powerful, guys, he's a slit customer. That's a real interesting! because he has such a giant advantage on the feed, especially coming off of the year, the dare until fight can be able to knock out. Dare until like that, that's a giant statement been. Dare tell a little shit. Expert striker me he's a lightning fast. Now, gal, puncher, knockout, kicker, nasty, more Ty skills and. To see miles without crack him like that and drop him. So it's like this
this is there's never been a better time. What Charbonneau we're saying like like fights has never been, but no one ever has never been a better group of champions in contenders either take everyone's at the top of the chain. So, but we pull up right there trying to find if there is on the fighter with what's goin on security of a vent currently send another. Is that there also fire fighting but their wing in its seventy four kilograms, which has one sixty three put on upside? Is it It's one sixty three hour, so so how to lose some weight. He could do that easy though I'm sure they too much more about it. Really it's at one hundred and sixty three, apparently, the Jordan Burroughs Ben Askren match Brendan Schaub back from peeing, college boy, that's the best will in the world. We have to pay for a long time and it is a fact
That is very interesting, very interesting. I'm looking for that. Have what working you Zone pizza pay. A paper view thing right on line as Oda: it doesn't If we pay for that wrestling dont want the dark side, don't don't go now, I'm not going to or have we painted, I did you get sued might if they would have yeah. This is allegedly who was allegedly items. Have the army has been plus cardholder? an I control. You should be able they were legally stream, no insatiate. Why? If your card older, oh now, causes and give for the paper view, I tried my money. Did that's a bold move on the seas. Part to go with you spend plus for all their paper is a bold move. Em that's like went up
got rid of the C D. Try what terrible shock anymore cds, I'm sure the figure it out yeah yeah do dear. He has been employed. Oh look, sighted Congrats, while I may am independent contractor this with a further say too. I am, I am an independent contractor. But to watch you have to have a span just four five little. I love you, so I grew up with the US beyond those adding it's good for the sport. I think what the issue is the thing up our great, but the future is. Streaming the reactors in something on the internet hundred percent its as long as every one. Zero. Now there's a lot of people out there, they get fucked because they had, they might have a nice tv, but it's not set up for the internet and they couldn't set it up in time So if you take a little bit of an adjustment period, you know, and eventually it on some people don't want to go. I have to go on fuckin by something that internet ready like a tv, that's internet, ready,
like to watch it on your tv. If you gotta tv at home, you see that satellite, you dont know how to fuckin Celebrate TV, for the area is not paint on those people, the brake on the people of figure, the shit out and writer. But what I'm saying is it's going be a bit of a learning curve for a lot of people, for they absolutely no. This is how to do. Yes, that's why it's a bold move, but you have to do. Whether to now er six years, you? How do you don't want to do in six years, and everybody already have done it. I support or move you gonna be there and six years so six, years down the line, everybody knows papers, you two Danone, as pm, plus that's really gonna, say they're gonna, say dude paper view tonight on yes pm passages that already that society has been plus a bit. You in six is just yes Pierre. There won't be any plus about everything's digital interest here, which is its goods. Good move twenty, because the only reason to have regular tv for a lot of people's lives, sports, regular people, a lot of people like looking
get a whole fuckin year of whatever tv show you wanna watch on Itunes, or you can watch That flows. Are you too has spoil s ripe and remember how much used a cost to to get like cable, but so much Kelly's to cost me how much Directv used across how much it costs? While I block, I do have a despotic for, like less eight years than their cable, no more south to pay for an outbreak. Hundreds some dollars Martha, not think of that in terms of what next Scars was netflix at ten bucks, nine bush or someone didn't they just raised like fifteen, and then you need connection and then that's it. That's it Ebay, tube apple, yeah Amazon, because on our age be oh, but I have HBO now, and I am sure I am is even more interesting, because if you have Amazon Prime for shopping, get Amazon, Prime for free, like the tv you watch, the tv shows. So
yet the watch, MRS Maes, all you get to what giver watch the gas for top gear window sky. They went over to the cottage the grand tour yeah. They went fired on another two guys want fuck it we're going with them. Yes, type movable Jemmy Clarkson got drunk punch some dude, so they far My guess, is different social whenever, wherever Gaza, the Basle areas, the best funny due care, do Show that and so are apparently like they just ended. That show, and he was crying. I cry like the term. He tiered out over Means term yeah, audio dont think gum they. They committed to do like accomplices in their pain of so much money, I'm sure we'll get a good move away so that Baisers dues burned money due to fuck. You wants yes, so much money. Although his girl have have now she's third on the list, the richest chocolate is a tiny piece with another who's gonna game too, for life stuff. So there's no link
everyone is playing the game pretty soon. It's gonna be over to imagine Future how to do a shoot, a sitcom right now to imagine if a guy got divorced from a woman who's like a duchess or some shit, and I made out in the deal as good as Jeff Bezos his wife to make out. Secondly, she should like a big family than she have. Women They get billion yeah son, they shed issue. They divorced me, like top ten richest in the world, yeah the he gave her like twenty five percent of the stock or some crazy shit. He get yeah they did start together like his room. Yes, listen man, yes, she deserves it, but it's hilarious. How much money like damp she banked on it correctly. She's hanging out, dude when it was like twenty forgone. This fucking psycho heavy seas are unaware of everything. Have you seen that we ask that PS diagnosis amazing that's! I want that. Send me seminar pressure, Nigeria picture Gimme a break and send that my phone, I need to see that they, like great onawandah money put, that is Maya
reflects the american flag with that great of serious anything, any site shaped his hand, your animals, and I was born and just look at how banner on the wall with just a little bit? Frazier banner mechanism. There do and have you seen, his new girl. Yes, Zappala sure that catch you bout, forty billion dollars but you'll be happy felicity's enjoying also when you have eighty billion. What's forty, who gives a fuck? How much can you spent and by the less than you think? he's, gimmick, he's here's a problem that dude he might be making so much money they think about it. Like When did Amazon even start was fifteen years I wasn't gonna go was now. RO, what's gonna, be like fifteen years from now ways on Fuckin, Jean doping, and they got him. Backdated to twenty four year old basis? Is China looks thicker his ears, the shoulder caps cannot and she's going
Eighty five years old, runnin shit, look and thirty. How much money do you need a hundred billion billion dollars like how much money that's my point like if, if he stays healthy and is enthusiastic and still has, this drive to succeed. How much is emu worth how, when used stark in that kind of momentum? That's why companies like that's, why you get people like Elizabeth Warren, but don't know too much about politics, but one of things that I do know about tourism. She wants to shut down or break up some of these big companies. Air of big companies use for now, but that would be an example like empty too much power, so much power so much how she programme to break them up. It's interesting. Like you see with what is one. When you see capitalism play outright, see someone, they start a business
kick ass. They want to make a lot of money and then they do and then the Kyoto, and then they get to this point where they can make more money more easily more often and they just keep going keep, and then they get to this point where, if you hit the right river at the perfect time, but the most ambitious, person ever at the helm, and you got this fucking boat run in running down this river just pass, and ever that's where you got Amazon which face us, is the perfect guy. At the perfect time, with the perfect adjusting to the role of Scrooge duck he's a cheese making right he's like you. I want to make progress up, giving a rocket ship corrected hit. So why does the here? Why didn't look where these workspace? Let us do that. You have nothing to do like what challenges. Does he have felt that one click is the shit if you need something, it's the show Amazon, its amaze shit, download anything anything just to school for can find a bang bow,
You have to think about anymore that to me that means a lot to me. That means a narrative. I ain't save time and hassled. Thank you. I'll have to leave my EL. Thank you. She's actually live third richest hazard riches. Someone they made a deal last month are this month actually to cover thirty five billion, that's good for her and she keeps a four percent snake bow. I thought it was more than that for cheese ball. It she's born for single, just four percent stake in Amazon, my saying and whereas it go and Morocco which can be ten years from now. What can be fifteen years from now chooses, and she's got thirty. Five billion choose os She was thirty five day. I bet she went in our very eyes she so used to thirty five billion dollars in ok I mean right? You need thirty five, but also did I think of basis how to
Here, agreement with his new hot girl, where they liked not having second to the divorce, is final some shit like that, I'm sure, is like some weird thing: do just last night's story to stand with majestically do what are you forest and married or sunlight divorce. Till I get yourself my employer she's getting divorced here. If you want to live like a movie, you gonna write a script like him. Script. Deeds already live in, like he's in a movie Let's hear you re there and then, when you get married, make everybody dress up like a priest or some shit What do I get my dress up like getting on a server their fellows? Do whatever you want God would he do border control? Would you do what you do? Well, how do you do whatever the fuck? You, you don't ever fuck, you want Do you suppose, due to the fact you wanted to disown one Jeff Baisers? I know about my points. You just stop Conner
yeah. You got the foot on the gas I give you the rock you need in nineteen movies and his daughter wanting to raise judiciary. Lesser did ninety movies. Does your twenty to twenty two movies? just wanted to get bigger, Manasseh Hubley three thousand pounds like how many days a gorilla man that did so jacked right now he's so huge too, when you meet him in real life- oh, my goodness so Janni so jacked he's so inspirational to man. You know but if you know how she was out is being busy like how often z home today so inspiration. Oh that's true yeah, it's I bet it. Amy's Y know my schedule after arguments. My life is a silver. Back to his under misuse of these dolls, always workers hacked we're gases it up. I love this
fucking guy man, I love the fire live until I can go to his instrument a time and is always super positive in his over super debate, it and motivational end, is always get after it. I love it is always get after it, but I wonder whether it is in him that you have to do this. Many movies, one whose young man Young fell upon hard times. He never forgot, and that's that's, who is now to any any also knows that inspires people without work. Ethic part of what who he is is not just the things that he accomplishes, but how we make p feel like that? Guy he's an inspirational person. I think the same thing you did say about Kevin Heart in a lot of ways: don't they for selfish reasons too, though, did you check those boxes on us? he's a bad guy, but there is also this. This ego ever has any gun that he has to fill all do the same. It's from the taxi muslim red carpet. When he talks about it, talks about kick and ass. He talks about how everything's going great. You know he talks about the that whole out get after it. But
aspect of shore, but there's a given answers selfish for shit for sure you have to be have to me for anybody who does anything really good like that, like you, gotta be doing some of it for yourself, but he's also what is getting out of it? it is his what he gets out of it, but what he gives out of it. It's not just entertaining with that guy. What's interesting is he's he's also Oh super motivational ran like if leads example. Jackass always really positive. I was now would before social media. When you had an action star, you just had the guy the went to see in the movie any saw like you know, so vast alone was terminated. Ere they would do interview. Can relate to become an interesting, but wasn't this kind of thing? The rock is the rock and is also the rock on social media, and he makes very good use of social media envisages tonics right through the fuckin camera and you could tell he knows what he wants to say.
But he speak it from the harsh right so he's interacting people in the west and even better than this, which the rocks might be the best, but on other side. This will Psmith he's fantastic threatened, hold up. Ok, so the movie doing all right, but it's the new shit. I many folks on this and its. I mean ridiculous. How good he is alive. Watch, Youtube as well member needed that fuckin dance on the roof of the bridge, climbed up pretty Adele fall down. Psmith Deauville, daylight dancing. Killing arts get associated to the nice phenomenal out his arm, but he's what one of the most inspirational gather or talk to cover. Yeah. I, like this method, is show positive superpower but a genuine generally amount, not a bullshit positive, not a fool. It showed us unless parliament motivational show business ass if healthy outlook, he does so many things I got. I got tired to slip,
turning to him talk about how much energy who saw him when I was businesses whose guinea exhausted outside how'd you do. How do you have the time? It's incredible, I mean you Mustn T any said the only sleeps tonight, but I mean he must be just from the moment he gets up just fuckin foot on the guy ass. I wish I was one of those guys I wish as well. That's you only need for hours and just do functional high level. If I get aid on fact, man do you, I don't think, but I mean do you really wish you were there I don't like always hit the gas all day long Luella knobs in I could get I would just Monday for our society day. I and then for my son, gets about five. I'm up at three cry. You my work out there. You can do on my right, from a shows and I'm often run yeah. I need a man right like it. If I do us, let's So, if I do a set tomorrow at the comedy store, are you home at midnight? No matter what I'm up at five? Five hundred and thirty with my son when I go to work at the beasts of the day,
when their certain guys this need for hours you. Thus we were freaks you're, not that guy now my need five to feel. Ok sixty you're good six I can work out nor more to do anything. Seven makes me feel happy. Seven is nice and we can unsettling I'm sums, I'm a seven day dear seven's, good seven's asylum number, if you can get that you probably most your basis covered, but damn. If you get eight or nine, that's when the real, if you can really sleep for eight or nine like engineer it's on my promise, I drink too much water at night. I get it He has also annoying so stupid and, like I had a z veo last night was watching came with thrones going to share knowledge is now to be do. I
you have a problem of proud. I have to it's. So will I have to have beverage? Yes, I went in and let me just add, live up to the age when we able sit back and slurp does easier and then at five o clock in the morning cut to sip are no whiskey earthy at night with the wife you watching game with no I'll check a little wine with dinner, but I don't drink whisky at home. Very often whiskey. What I'm looking to get fucked up or beef, weighty stand up, you'll have a shot, here's a promise of outcome and our colleague in three years I'll stand and blaming, because when we learn that said, I think they have you gonna shadow ischemic and drink for shipment. I'm telling you help through the nerves of like I had this gives me forever. Let me try, it did the shot on the basis of an add on how long was diverted earthly. Let's go every time. I do scare me now. I have a shot of whisky well Mason,
make sure you don't do that. Make sure why not brows? What does he do We can now talk with one shot gum I was gonna get whistle one day, yet you could do it yet. I feel good zones that we're got the next morning. Hydrate one shot is not that bad everybody it's the best thing in the world, but it sounds eleven now, but it's a good amount to give you like a little just a little. Kit juice. Lucy do sit tight, it's a fucking man, fun whiskeys, for you know, that's why I've been around so long that Flow trace shit that we drank when we're going to fire ass shit, mad stuffs from than seventeen hundreds fucking. I, that is, that fuckin company. We start in the seventeen hundreds ridiculous that is I've seen about or some from my house I like that with so much like. I don't need them. My life yet longer start drinking. Come now. I'm gonna go,
My colleague man, it's good during fight, compare, That's why I'm going to save it. For that I don't keep like whiskey at home. I don't find myself interests out of leaving it to the life. I wanna get like it tipsy. I be my boys, the ground like it. I like it at a bar. I like it. I like it at a comic club. I like it here a lover during five parents ferret, but it be like if I had, like man cave or guys came over. We play poker, we drink some whisk refund, but again you're with boy here promptly at home by myself, yeah might get drunk. It say something in appropriate. Get cancelled among house gets a different kind of drunk to look whisky. Drugs like Jesus Christ. Like you you, you know, you get belligerent, add on it that tough, you start havin fun! You stood plan headway and juniors songs, Reallowance outlined a share yeah
dude there's some fuckin go into the deep country meeting where we just tell me about country music, that some giant country rap us here What is the US on cod, old town, road, old town, Rodya alternatives on the biggest songs out? It's at them its number one on the regular church in the country to charge re put it together. Low noise axes are everyone's little Ex little knows what that Lil NAS, but so he was on the country charge. They took him off like this, isn't countryman, but any linked up with Miley Cyrus dad what what's his name, Belarus, pillory! Cyrus? How dare you yes? I am. I think what also had to do it. This is he used at whether he did it and I don't know, but he used the video game. Read that redemption and some of the cool graphics and then made rap song country RAP song. It's got caught country trap is what their comment that the different thing, but he's got. It's gotta get catchy and its based around this kind of stuff, a guard. It got hot caught, they caught the.
A country like the dj on other stations where, like just ripping off the Youtube and playing it too, that's why I made it on the billboard and silver day. Like that's note, this isn't a country song taken off then, because that almost six stress, in effect it got bigger. Sir day. They who who took it off billboard, did why they think at all, because it doesn't and their description was that it doesn't mean qualifications for country meet contrary to Billy, race, Irish, jumped on board, and then there's video Billy, race, Irishman and Indonesia duty. I know it's so interesting when you look at the footage of how cool that fucking game just a game. This is a huge game right red redemption too, but what a great idea Wrap overwhelmingly redemption, that's a gene, I do not think that game we played in here Jimmy no moment again. He has built a shudder military gimme by less those quick as no one of them.
Without them. We do startled eyes. Tampa walked in Jeff in our battle unto death competent play now use watching us on what the fuck are you doing to redo top officer Fatima he's just want everything to be old school who still want to go there to the paper vent. And get a newspaper and bake his own bread. I take that. What is its Manson like that It may be so, but now it Billy everyone in a really, while I'm not feeling the real video two ways to dance tat well now, but he love that become a star, because this is getting played, all the festivals. All the last I believe the crowd of loving in? Why didn't he opened a bit we shall have authority, but it's more like it's. This happened where you could sneak amendments very re, Cyrus, let bake irregular whistle when I go to contemplate it, I'm sure, but, like I saw their little, that the Euro kid was sing, a song like even Tunnel Nolan, Do you not believe Cyrus's? Now you know is big. It don't bring. My my
in a way it is dotted way bigger. He was really huge for a brief moment in time of year. He was now like what she is. She changed her phenomenon, she she's like sound his flock and she was on that crazy Disney hit. Forever. Hannah Montana Montana forever, which made no sense I put away, I know he knows. His reputation has had a strange so ridiculous, like that various glorious locks, Yos brother, yeah so powerful everybody's? Do an aching break your heart back than twenty three million? I bet that must have Fuckin free time. Man TAT Day ass? He was back then, with a brief moment in time. Don't worry it's weird around three famous like them. Could get away with things in my out a nightmare. Yeah, that's true, Remember the bill. Hicks bit buildings have joke about Belarus, hers recesses whose terrible you saw me. He was saying that this my last show I'm not doing it
and up anymore, because I got a tv show he goes. Thank you. As a German, I mean I worked hard forever and now I do a new television show it's called. Let's hunt and kill Billy re silent chase him dead. I forget what he but he said like grab him by his fagging ponytail. She said she to our excellent in it was ruthless, it was ruthless gets. Bailey re only had that one hit right here. They have these values here, maybe shit one or two other songs that were kind of popular, but that song was gigantic. I it's inching that his daughter so big she so tat. Man is a song. Malibu did she say, Ok, so good can tell BB like it though they get me
you look like you marry you when you were in those shoes and I don't give a fuck, did racking ball for Miley, Cyrus Acoustic, diseased, Alison and where the issue is the best thing she ever did to me like whenever it wont load. The most impact for was the first time a rushing. To really thing was that some Joe Lean Oh my version, we monsters damn back and pop, you watch American Elinor. What do I look like? A girl You know what do you mean? We are talking about millions of Irish Malibu River, all that we're brought out music here now watch American. I lose a tremulous lighted, they did at the Grammy this year. But How can I get together yeah? They can often do you watch American. You fucking, I later when you have a tireless on Sunday night see other time for Sunday night, my love bro, you be right, John Day, nine he's playing quake with us. Carro. How have low
in part, at least to real illusory people, seeing your balls deepening game of thrones, a dragon thrill. I love. It is well through I'm just saying lease american oil or people pursuing, I get so sweet and they can sing a whole new. I don't hate on the show, I'm happy. It exists I just saw so many hours and days on topsail by Harry. You know, but at night, when children not me, I too Childer fiction. That's my favorite shit. It's like what like game thrones type shit or, like MRS Maes, or any show that I'm Ozark any stranger things and show their million to that's, how I could show us how to follow Gus streamline for years,
to where I am with you when I soup, like our super in a game of thrones, like I watched all the old seasons leading up to this year, not stop to that's just it's like a fun little escape wages locked into that and to me As you know, Paul Mooney said to me once long time ago. He goes if you really want to write egos, go, get entertain first and I say to elect: how would you would you do go wherever you go see some music? He goes go to the movies who goes go, be entertained, you're, entertained and then you're gonna wanna write, thou air there. Those great advice that I never heard anybody say before, but it He'd sense, so go get it and illegal fire you up and in his take pay, tat fire and then just are creating spires your heads, it's a great piece of advice for free
people, because I know there's been many times. We are seeing someone like murder at the store. Where couldn't wait to get omen right. It's conveys to you know. I just wanted a run home and passed out that fuckin laptop and come on when we are near when we got that brain alot of salmon Do you listen to music when you drive sometimes depends on, if I'm on my way to the gig, if I'm on my way to the gig, almost always try to listen to last night's set or whatever new shitt that I'm working on go over it just to go over but to examine it. Saved is any way that I want to stop and rewind, maybe slow it down beat it up or do a different? If I don't take those extra like save, I do four sets a week, but I listened to three sets a week that seven sets and so forth sets. I think, that's that's a deference like a rap thing, but its uncomfortable, like you, don't wanna, do it it's a no fine, but I think it counts almost as much as doing set is not asthma,
it is doing to set what happens if you get that spontaneity and you get the floor when you get the instinct of feeling when a hit consulate in the cars and mental rope. It's a mental. But it's also like a third party examiner like it's almost like you could watch from the outside, you watch. It is somewhat more easily can party is you'd watch it as someone watching you and you go ha like yours, this clunky waste an aside this view. Could you do that say it like yourself in say like yourself, but then listen like you would listen. TAT S a phantom dirty get yeah, listen as a person is also you know you do it. You practice it. So you know where the weather, but sometimes you get caught up in doing something a certain way.
It's hard to break out of the pattern of doing that bit. Try to find a better way. He has again you comfortable ITALY. I gotta get into this bit. How do I get into it? The you'll stumble into this one way, and then you keep do it that way when really the right way to do it is the kind of breakdown revealed that you know the fine parts are breakdown and have done that a few times and broken bets. Where they never worked, and sometimes it just didn't bounced back, you know you frickin dies house man, yet you did it. You me fucking, you did that you gettin ready for you you're for twenty showier yeah her, that the biggest got you ve ever done now. Air countersign was beggar. Your Canada, that's Scotia bank arena Flock in Tehran. You're gonna is, is that where that's? What you see is right there that it's, the Scotia bank arena now they used to be their cancer, and how many was that joint? That's thirteen thousand were Yonah stage. I can hard stage now now,
Now some like a regular stage is land ego, circa? Yes, dear you're sort, I find it awkward awkward, discriminatory Sancho at but confine onwards the excited, I think Jody is doing for TWAIN Milwaukee past kink in another dude So have these joy so lobbies around he's one of the most. You know what I'm doing right now right to hear you say it on you, don't say them. Oh yeah! I do now. I don't think you say. No, I think he's announced it's amazing, yeah yeah. I can't say that can't be you know, circle he's them. One of the most important figures in the stand up world today, in my opinion, has won the day,
was free, guys like in terms like, if you feel like it, if there was a style of say the style jujitsu right, where one guy, just always catch triangles on people, soup, regressive and always catch in times like ours is always kitten and it so change is the perception of how often someone can catch someone triangle? Joyce fuck him loose. He changes your perception of what's loose like he. He moves the needle yeah. That's right! That's rare! I think billboard does that to moves the needle tonight with with bill, and I mean cause I'm round Brian in Brien's. Always I cannot yet be careful. You say this stuff, switching the culture side right now, you're we care for this. I am again, maybe five sorry like almost reserved and then berwin up with a laugh academic
oh shit. You can do that yeah he's on far right now he just filmed just film some special did. He really I'm gonna come out there. I should say a while ago: The right has this up, as it allows all knew well, nor from suppose beside us give some way. I don't know I don't know that's been announced on will shut so much better. Either way murderer. Murder and light is all about no lots of time. One little folks an area yeah he's he's uniquely free, like he was elected by comics in the back, like everywhere else watch. Unlike what does
exact hilarious points to their so bold, but that's what he's elbow? That's how he started. Yeah he's exists, sticking with his gun. That's what he that two years we're. So I think I see a lot of guys now get away from that of radio, offending people and am Burg if companies are shut, the fuck up what people are taken comedy, much more of a statement then like. If you wrote a movie or some fucked up things happen, I give you are out of, probably come into if they let people take calming the prodigal after that. Next, though it which would it's kind of falls in line with what what could be next, but if you decide that someone saying something actually mean that shouldn't be able to say that, even though its funding to make people laugh the guy's clearly joking, which is that has been especially you- try to use it in print ear. It slippery slope it's one another Greece tail, because then wire wise quintet Tino allowed to write a movie where bunch people get killed.
The wise you allowed to write a movie that might incite violence wisely, allowed to write a movie where people use racial slurs and shoe people over nothing by. You're allowed read, write that movie all quintet Do you know it so he's responsible for this whole movie fuck that we get a boycott him in that that nonsense is an episode of Fuckin, South Pacific understanding on this world. I think I think it's swaying back the other, where it could sway back the other way, but you gotta realise we could take a little break in and have come back heart again. Maybe or another guy or the guys like Lucy care who sell out everywhere and in great comedy I could he can't he could sell up like and stable centre right now. Multiple times in a row was crazy. She doesn't want, does want to sustain comic clubs, just work him. He could easily come back like Tiger Woods easily right now. He says so fucked up do because they ask me. Why did it goes I like to jerk off and I want to be alone.
I said you're govern. I don't like to be alone like, and then you know these great man, I mean yes, he did creepy ship so we did disant creepy share and every rule of a body that molest Galen. I don't think we know exactly what happened either now, but I do know is he could sell out staples, giving most guy in fact go awry. Man, don't think that any really get accommodate yeah. That's the thing that we always have to think about. Whenever we talk about anything, is that were dunes and so on to ever talked about someone jerking off in front of you. Just imagine a woman jerk enough rudderless. Now you can't because it's not same concealed it, though. The only reason why a girl jerk off in front of you and it's hilarious, Squshy care, rape, you
see a guy is jerking off front of you. Most guys are bigger and stronger than most women. Obviously there some variables there, but most guys are bigger and stronger and men make all the rape. Women are out there, rape and it's all right, it's all men! So if a guy has Dick out and he's jerking off scarce, that's why it's scary! It's now is to creepy tat if a girl, if you go over girls house and for whatever, is yours and wants to want to sit down and talk and talk and fuck. Such figures, Ralph Fucking, glow, yeah, you laugh, you would laugh and you would come back to hear. We will talk about design. I can't get out a divine right. We be crying laughin, but it wouldn't be like you are in danger, but if a guy is with safe, you have a daughter and your daughter ways hundred and ten pounds differently and she's with a guy and a guy wants it just in front of her yeah and he asked to do it and she said
You ask as she scared dense like would what will actually happen and see. He hasn't really. Said anything other than the stories are true, and you know this young from a gothic thought. Could you have two daughters yeah about see ya? Think like that, what you have to think I doubt as a human being right yeah, but I'm saying to you is by the first thing thing. Of course you have to do it, but I don't think that's Woody TED, I think from I can't say too much because I don't know, but I think he did some regrettable things and I think he would admit that don't think he did what a lot of people are claiming. He did in terms of that's what I've heard, how often he did it or who we did her, what the circumstances were, but it was either way, there's no defending when it was bad knots. There's not diversity and other things is a terrible thing to do. But what's the punishment for that, you know how much a punch did he not paid
You lost all. Is jobs lost all tv deals eighty five million dollars a year of work and people still or say no, but he still he's fine of her. That argument that he's fine like what these are also. These are also things it. He did like more than a decade ago What when do you offer someone compassion like when do you? When do let some explain themselves when do you? When is it enough? Is enough, or should he have to do something like what would people like someone to do why think there has my guess- is only a year and then he's back and kill in it, because so good at comedy, because I could Tiger was right, people hate it while there was there, but there was also the material that got leaked when he came back. If you were upset, the job the parkland joke India not asked it waits shit falls in line with how he's always done. Jokes, though,
there is only a whether he did the sooner. He says the fucked up thing to say it's part of what makes him really funny and he does that a real life too. It's not it's a style of comedy man mean it's. Just like a Quentin Tarantino has a style of making movies his style of companies to say fucked up thanks, so that compounded the fact people are upset it under a year ago. Now he said he was gonna. Take some time off it. Some I don T know. I think it's really important to know that I dont know what happened in in you know. He knows, and they know and its It's never good when someone's upset the jerked, often for animal like deadness now get out. There were good for everyone, but also him losing thirty five million dollars in being out a year. I think people said that such a quick turnaround likeable
we need to do is at a quick turnaround. Man, I mean not as a comic book for to the to the normal person like a year that ain't shit do but as a comic, not to build your lives. Flits. Imagine that he's gonna live another fifty years or a year a year out of fifty six two percent so lot to lots and lots of money yeah, but not now now Compare this to teach ideal shot two years two years of he's thirty one one, thirty five or not a lot of fights left now two years is almost a death sentence. To my being, is that fair,
Good question I mean the real question is: would he have even been able to pursue that weight class like with what you were saying in terms yeah like having the advantage of the EPA wonder if he would have been able to pursue training but at the same time an hindsight what a terrible idea? Well, you know, I don't know what the top process was. Boats definitely deftly not good, and it doesn't take way from how talent and skilful he is as fighter and that's the only time he did. It is kind of understandable, given wonders I've. That's only time, but I think Obviously all bullshit aside, I think you are right as far as don't test anybody else. Don't don't go back and test everybody unless you want to spend a lot of money that one of the things that are sound that like to test everyone for EPO would cause an additional two and a half million
year something ridiculous. I thought I might have to stop doing that divide that money amongst the fighters, who often you caregiver. Furthermore, what style been Kelvin, DIN and Mexico in does employed. They should be set for quite some time, but here's the thing if we look over the history and really early testing pool would become a geiger who dares to fight again Nate Diaz. I get shit onto that who they make life. Changing money right, not find a lot. Do they No one here, here's a question because if you give em silently downright let's say you know, if you have certain fighters One million dollars like you want me to do what now and they don't fight So, if your Dana, like listen, will give totter look at new ideas when they get this boat load of money, take him to fight this palace, the sports to heart and we'll. Do it that's interesting? I now so to keep to keep em hungry.
We gotta tameness here with us. It sells fucked us all of us. Is the right thing to do the same if your data from this standpoint like? Do you really think that waiting there really think that we are not in this case, you don't think it's a side effect of making boatloads of money, but I think they try to make boatloads. Monica doesn't happen very. It only happens with around arousing or economic, Gregor, some gigantic huge star, again ideas. They do have to be a gigantic site here, but that's that's rare to so few of those guys that so few those the idea that you would try to pay people less, because you want to keep them hungry B because if they become giant superstars and they're not hungry than they stop fighting, do not pay more so individual, you saying pretend you're not they're, not giant superstars evil and they are no giant restart still get paper. They. They also have crazy demands. They do they want to do who they want to fight. They want to do it when they want to do it.
Now. There's all sorts of jockeying Goin on back and forth mean I don't know what happened with Nate decent dust in point, but they were supposed to fight let us fight than does he get injured, but so neat was scheduled for a fight and he's never pulled out of a fight that has been scheduled for as far as I can now he's gonna fight that fight and then went to happen. That made other offers use again. Get right bullets. Imagine that doesn't polio did not pull out of that fight. What if he did fight, nay Diaz? What of NATO's beat him? The name ideas could very well have fun. MAX Holloway made Saturday night does ape, maybe if you paid him, it might maybe I'm sure he labour market side made. That should happen. You know- and you know what I bet it would have been. That was it that was the face to face off that, would have been a very entertaining fight to God? I'm a guy acts and eight yes, but I'm a cardiac insane vote
striking? There would be an incredible fight, man fuck. That would be a great, very faint Toby. A great fight, yeah Maxineff, would have been insane, but MAX was gonna fight dust employ inane. Oh, he could be looked I'll, be a big fight. Dust import if he doesn't fight could be it, for whatever reason they decide to go, we need over could be they're, not gonna. To do to be next September. Well, maybe could be it's the winner or the winner, rather fights Nate. That could be possible to really still weren't tony various anymore, Tony Ferguson, God dammit gauge still mean gaiety. Deep in the max. That's not gonna Blonde Bowser, He saw a designer foreigner he's right there. How can you deny that we want a fucking division? Man, amazing, what a fuckin division
easy. How about that duty, and no one can see that knocked out Alvarez. I now nasty yukin. What a crazy name too about adding ass, though in the wind yeah sewing procedures gratified Yeah. I know I shouldn't have to his mind, Cosmo Alexandria, that is to fight dude cosmos, no punk tattoos, a nasty, my typewriter God, please, John Wayne PAR, is really really good. He's billikin, Adonis too that's going to, best bod contest twin those. Do all body yeah, that's first him. First impulse now dangerous fight for em Sage Northcote, while standing for can't take it to the ground. Me stage is a very good striker in his very fast but Cardinal Tarzan, world class, some special he some special nasty nasty more time on monster, yeah, big guy, too. You know he's jacked thick.
Say. Just such a nice can could be. Nicer, cannot be nicer somewhat. You assume was fake. Did you it's? We surprised that the us you let him go Now I must presiding Yossi does not. Surprise, therefore need anyone. I thought they were grooming M me to put a lot of market mine him there. I got fuck it we're gonna european work. It was so. What do you think the futures gonna be like to think there's gonna, be that this is gonna, be how it is for our most sports they're gonna be watch on absenting deliver. Have that, like the NFL, a hundred percent stages of the future to Edison just yeah yeah, but get the last two years on Thursday night games have been on August last year, was unable prime there they were on twitter onto which, for a little while there on twitter last year, so they're they're, doing all sorts of stuff. The NBA has talked about moving towards being maybe untwist. I've even talked about short in our seas and our do indifference
did it not a big conference about that deals? Z made the smart move, you have just Martin, they're still small, because they get not way ahead. That's what it is I feel like once everyone's tv's hooked up to the internet cuz right now. It's not everyone know. You know it's a lot of people, but it's not everybody's going to be everybody for sure. Dude! I get a roll to get to my kiddos p m. I know my brand and mother fucking charm and I ve learned from an elevated whether that was fun, pay we're doing a show together. We shall achieve soda. Sold out both judge. How I'm in Arizona, though next week ready. So you had sustained applied dog Phoenix, there's our beautiful there's stand applies that hamper dot com. Defecated can't evaluating our brother tonight she's ivory. Thank you to everyone and Thank you to our sponsors. Thank you to the catch up down. The cash out for free Appstore or the Google play market or your cash car today and when you
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