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JRE MMA Show #67 with Kevin Lee

2019-06-06 | 🔗
Joe is joined by UFC Welterweight fighter Kevin Lee.
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The job will gain experience because they all be happy here off. Guard you using thanks even for donating before the fire habit? I can already had in my mind and like ok, it's been a year since we last Qana did this. It was right after Barboza Fight and I was like. Ok, I'm I'm, I'm a guy unify and then I'm Adidas the result was exactly what out when I want it. You know I mean Amy hesitant about doing it. But, as I said, this is the story in Ireland Indices. As I say, Connor Light was upset it myself a few days eventually just gonna got over and, unlike you know, I said I was gonna. Do it before I'm not, but been also no loser in loser well legacy
ed. I love you whether you win or lose em. Just you know it's. It's a giant part game, the half. The aim is: losing its summit, as to when someone has to lose if you watch a fight someone's loosen, etc- and I figured It's all about how you approach it, how you taken into the next fighting really when you look at it I mean sucks, it really does and I hate it like it is certain that boy miss out on. I go over our replaced five million times in my head and acts, hate loser, and I hate that feeling. But it's just. The reality in his light, is just real life in it just realized. Nothing you can do is nothing. You do want it's over. The only thing you can do is learning grow exactly and you're the guy you fought as a start, methought fought, half elder Sancho sees a fuckin legitimate world champion fighter when I was approach with the fighting in kind of start.
The diamond into it. Unruly look at em like I always like a really big, challenging one was deftly one. You know he had already had a lot of fights their wit five rounds here. For me, he's fought pretty much every body you know, Kumar Ozma was last fight. Co becoming many a fork baby. I've already fought like a lotta tot top guys and four five rounds. So under what type a challenge was it's just. I hope myself it high esteem says I get I'm just ready to do it. I mean you, I did that the fight is self was, was good but either WHAM alarm from it in and in grow from an n. I so that a whole lot long road ahead of me. So you do have a long road ahead of you, but in OZ we're talking about that long road could sneak up on your real, quick and before you know it in all your thirty seven years, all trying to figure out. If you still want to fight the thats, that's how it happens to guys I've seen it happen to guys. Yes, I feel I give you
protest smart in remaining, he still get done, which is what I'm trying to do right I can already knew that I needed to make some changes and in inducing things different, even before this and before the last one to a boy in I just like okay just get through this. And then I'll do it. Now we get this one then I'll do it, but you know that's kind of a big wake up call to just like our. It is time to get outsider to comfort zone and in any kind of do some different and in China do were already know. I gotta do what did you think was going to happen in the fire and what was surprising, I didn't think they who would be able to keep the that the pace for sure. But what surprised me was how Smarty wasn't in how he beat me technically more than anything is enough. When I was going, he wasn't doing in all any any Conor. He controlled the pace battered and I thought he was going to be not thought once I say
their pace that he was gonna, be right there with me, but then, as he got goin, I started to realize. Oh he's, not really expend a much energy he's gonna. Just let me burn out my energy and in in then he took his moment when it when I made the the last mistaken really when it boils down to it, lost one position at the inner where I went for take down it in you, no nine times out of ten when I go and plug back, the guy hits his knees, but he's a just stayed on his feet. I stepped out and when I hit Monday's, citing lost our position and in a guest, guy like that so dangerous a black belt in his eye is, is so good on new ones. Slip up was gonna, be all Anita, not think he knew that too, and he was just kind of waiting buying time and hoping that a slip up it seemed like you expended a lot of energy early on that seemed like by the got the submission you are fairly tired. Here I mean
polish always used to tell me this issue is always there's tired and can and tired, and can you know it's a fight, its you're gonna be tired, Reimer, but I'd still do think. I have my legs on an eight million in instil. Could it's just? I could have played it better. Technically, I could ahead head you no more time when I wasn't just going. Goin is like you said, especially in the first row. If I would had a little bit better experience, your or something I don't know I figured out, but I could a little smarter like he did. I do you have person nets giving you strategy or you sort of making your strategy up on the fly. That's one of the things that that's on an amazing that Denham Robber follows: was that guy for me here until he passed in and then I cannot just picked up the ball in our understand fighting. But yet it's mostly me during this strategy.
Right now that that's where I'm in the limo of of trying to find somebody who already has that experience and has already been there and done it to tell me a little bit of strategy, I think it so critical man. I really do we have this conversation over the phone about it. I think that a young fighter with a lot of potential like yourself to live as a reason why fighters have trainers is a reason why fighters have head coaches ray it's, not because they want to give up all their money because it helps in you. You can delegate those that that thought process. To a master someone who's, a master of martial arts who understands positions or understand strategy. Seen guys, tar, guys good, seeing you in the chair I'm seeing you grind understands your skill set understands how you are when you come in perfect understands how you when you come and tired, he knows that that is just giant having someone who understands you psychologically as well, and also having someone that you respect and that you want impress all those things are huge. Yet it's it's a big one, especially like you said, being
but to talk to you too, and in being able to understand you, I think that's what rob did really well, yes in any kind of so good, he cannot like real me in a little bit like the type I'm just gonna go go go and I cannot think high I myself it then maybe even I am but duchess high so that I have company s but he was the type to kind of real me in any use. Even tell me like a you, don't gotta get hit so much. You know out I'll stand in front of a guy, and as I expect when I was young, there is a little even worse and you know cuz, that's just how I be feeling, but you know he was The tighter to real me, more than anything is not like. He would tell me one specific techniques or- or it was even about his style or anything like that is just the way that he was able to to kind of get through to me and kind of make me understand what it is that I'm trying to do.
An EU measures such as a good relationship to he was such a good guy. Man is such a good dude. I mean just just losing him. I mean it was devastating for the whole mix, martial arts world, but losing him for you had to be a real dusted, a giant change in your career, yet which fight what did he die before? I die right out there that twenty five, which is a whole another piece of it, and I know he had a whole lot of things going on early in his life, especially now with his family, and we went to his is memorial in people were, cannot explaining and you know what it's like grown up in a he grew up a job. A witness says like explaining what it's like to grow up like that, and you know to try.
Get away from that having a family disown you how light decking. I understand. I understand the importance of family, so I can get that. But then, even unlike man, you know they will tell us II. We were more so keeping him alive longer dead than anything so like men of how one a fight with Tony a slight equity should it would still be here. I mean those type alike. Did I do it to myself almost, but I already know I'm already at the point where I kind of got over it a little bit, and I kind of understand that I'm not going to be able to replace him by any means, but I am going to have to get that person who can still speak to me,
in that same light in o the only way that I'm a major right is to win a title in in, do it for him. You know he keep on a sought it for me and he was content to one gimme that confidence to say because he is already coach. Multiple. You have seats Anthea, so when he told me that that you could see me a chance that really like ours, I o k, like I didn't really like act, I kind of daddy a little bit, but really know it until like he gave me that kind of confidence on soda. It that's going make it right is to gather when a title in us as if There were no matter what I'm gonna. Do I'm not stop and ideas. Are you one hundred percent committed one? Seventy now yeah, I think so. I think it's things I think is right. You agree about one ninety now here just about I'm I'm about why eighty five one, six, which is normally what I would be about, get ready for fifty five pounds. I too I, when I stepped into the cage I was lighter,
going to decide to know was for some of my my fifty five bout fights really yeah. I walked in about why anyone own, unlike for the twenty five, was one eighty four so you know that toys fight was a mass because of the staff right like years that you guys have a decision. We had to make whether you not you gonna, pull out of the five key I mean I try my best to keep it from everybody saw in our kind of seceded I mean really only want something over it at the winds right, yeah put make up ahead to the girl. She she did it for me, but you know that really just made the the the way cut my body much worse, I mean I don't really look at their fighting it inside it. Tony's
dog and I'm gonna, give that too. I'm not gonna. I learned a lot about myself from from their fight, even in and invites after I've had a lot of work has gone into himself on a really really put too much a first round. No man before you got tired. He had mounted was a big first round for you hear that yeah, but I was wanting to fight where I, if I were to listen to rob and their fight. I would urge you to check, in in it everything will look different. You know I would already fought Mcgregor by now and then the whole sport would it look different nothing, but I didn't until I what did he tell you that didn't listen to it? Try to tell me calm down like when you see the light log out, but our fight hours when even like onto our twill, although twelve from the morning I woke up until
You know the until the fight ended in a drain pomp and ned, I mean I, I never felt like TAT said president. I don't really want to highlight that either I was when I stepped into the arena at night. You know we get there about two hours before the fight actually has gone on. I was ratified and when I was warm up, I was ready to fight our fight and people in a bag. Had there was no one. There is no warmer us who outline know how much did that staff fuck with you. I thought
gate. They put me into a state of fire flight because you know you were compromised four days before. You know not even just step that in all the day of the Fight Ryanair state for four days before, where it made the way could so horrible, like because my body just trying to hold onto everything in China. You know when I woke up this morning. I was about one sixty two. I woke up at five a M Windsor at nine, a m at the. We want fifty five so that seven pounds to to cut and witches
Ok, Minos is not too bad about nine pals the day before. I'm a little dehydrate, I'm a little. You know I'm a little already worn, but as away cut was gone, you know we got till about eight o clock and I had only cut a pound and a half so still one sixty one and a half something at eight o clock. Winds are at nine o clock to the point where we gotta do something. So they start to put me in the bathtub just because we do most of our cuts in the bath. You know when you, when you're in high humidity you you're gonna, cut more waterway or even a sweat more in waters. Obviously Hunter per se humidity is so they start throwing bull and hot water because we can get them. Hot enough to make me wet Moors Christ. So we just take a kettles of of hot water and just porn and army in you. Not doctors are in an hour's twin twelve people in and out of the hotel room to make sure I'm ok sure that I can cut the weight and ours
This is such a like an adrenalin, the fuckin like on ten. Unlike kid, scream and at every body of literally out in the tub, outcry and light. But me I was like there's no way, I'm not making his way and six Power in about an hour, maybe two hours cause I've, waited about nine, o clock or so Army lab about nine, thirty, ten or so on. Six thousand, Ours is a brutal, but I think that just kept me as such such a ten on my journal level. I never really understood how to bring it back down on you, knowing it probably trying to talk to me and try to tell me like hey calm down, like you know, take a few deep breaths I breather whatever on when I, when listening to it some now. When did you know you had staff the Sunday, the Sunday of the five year cheese, and if so, you had a whole week thing about Roma
yeah, I mean I think about it like that, as is known as the two Yad, with his notice unnoticed, like a low just bought in any got like really big enough, but a spider had bit me or something on a not for Sunday. I just gotta in, I didn't think about one training today, so I was not there. When I went in our on Monday, Dewey was actually the one Dewey Cooper Man might strike and coach he's the one on a notice in he was like a used. Is that all right- and you know and then rob? But when took a look at it. He was at all yet at their staff for sure and in all its color. What do you do when that happens? If you can't, have you not decided not to get a biologist, yeah yeah? So what do you do? a raft of the raft Eden putting top of honor was. There was a scratch that got infected or cut us here, idea what I just when I woke up on Sunday sticking out of much has till about about right here.
And I thought of the spider bite or something I had never really had stuff like that before a new guys who ahead it, especially through college wrestler, those rooms or to self dirty filmy it that are seen other people with it, but look like that in automated you normally look like oh, you know, you have opened own or something and then that'll get yellowish pussy in raw disgusted, but this was underneath my skin. So was not like open moon or anything wrong. When I talked to doctors, they said it was just under the layer muscle I guess her or something it's gonna stick out from it on at the time. I don't really know with I met like he's, It was to have not only in a light. I still feel good like I could still move around like we hit pass a day. I've still felt good in art and, as I am sure enough, the fighting little anything on there's, no, so for six days he just trained, and indeed everything with that staff
It was kind of like the last thing on my mind, even though I was there to fight without one eyed when I signed a contract, I've shown up to the fight like having put out of a fight, yet when I say medusa mom gone, I'm going to do I, regardless of if my leg was halfway, fallen off site Shasta got another in. I still got five more tolls on other legs, a right, but looking back on Now you happy they made the decision that man was a smart, but what you have done it again tomorrow, he added I knowed up, not I mean first World title VI in I'll teach you anything to prevent staff to use. I defend so pretty. Finally, yeah situation.
Here we are with us, Gaza be fed out. Thank God you did the air. They D been great, celebrate child guy yeah. Yet I Sancho they also sonar just take way more preventive. When engineers yeah yeah, I haven't had any thing flare up on me, said certain probiotics here in their here near a good way to prevent that is well. It also helps prevent room were actually I try my best to Edith. My many natural foods in especially a lotta yogurt in any Keefer, is one of a coup. So you not try they are top of its agenda. Elisa not no flare up has been happening since in our shower able to make sure like I'm on top of our major outbreak. Myself a shower, I don't want that again it's mostly the the oh yeah, the fighting oh my way or whatever, but it was about three or four weeks after their fight where I was just random, was wrecked: doesna worshiped everyone when it when I got on those anyway,
x, I just fuckin, kills people see down, kills people is terrible people, it ignore staff, I'm one screaming like this amended. You could die this. It seems like you, just got an infection, but that should get systemic getting your bloodstream and you could fuckin die one of my friend Brian counts, friends, wife, died and he went over the house and she was like you know. Some people get crazy with holistic stuff She's gonna, try natural healing and he's like get or do a fuckin doktor he's ichor gums were bleeding cheese, added, gotten systemic achievement of dying cheese man from stuff twice and not the first time I had. I wanna go and antibiotics first of all that antibiotics kick the fact that Luke Rock hold one the fuckin title against Chris Wildman, while he was on antibiotic, shows you what a stud doc. I yes, because that shit kick your ass. He had yet staff when he fought why
man. I'm not tat. He was wrecked, I'm no other bodies, monsieur le Baron Dunham once for like a sore throat or or somethin earlier couple years ago in ages wrecked my best, though I knew I gonna tell files, I I rather have the staff in here. About Ex husband have asked have before their data buys. I know it, they gonna do to me. So I was thinking that when you fought and afterwards talking about, I think he probably made the right move to not do antibiotics, but I don't know about a doctor, but I was thinking that that its is weakens you so much in. I was just you, you live and learn from these things. I think in know. This is just part of the journey and before I would have liked the where I wanted everything to be paid, figure EV I wanted everything that cannot be the way I saw it in a especially not queerly every by once we fly when you read me,
when it is just in. I didn't touch citizens just Maisie, but then, when you take a look back at that- and you don't see like how many ammo your fight boy had wronged. You know he's got his dad, who fought he's got his uncles and his whole family been fire, so he's learnt from all their mistakes and all. Losses: everything to wear Saigon, the first for my family to even ever think about this. So you go bump your head, I here and there, and it is comparison- is a thief of joy in us. You can't you can't do that. You gotta just think about being the best. It is our very are due to be inspired by people by Paquette, comparing yourself to their path. Everybody's got different path. Hormones get different, genetics write, something which is better at certain Some people are some people struggle with certain aspects of the sport when it's everyone's got their own individual challenging. That's one of the things. That's so interesting about its watching people adapt and grow and so you're in that state. Right now, right, you're, still young. You still top content
There is still on the best fighters and division use, half can't figure out what you gonna do in high and to do so would have Woody finger right now. So I'm leaving stray from here, we gotTa Phoenix for about a week and work with John Chow crouch grayer graduate that guy, yet he is great, I standing even see it like. The way has come just I've never work what I'm before, but we have a mutual Conor respect for a couple of guys before an inner so he's Denzil, Wanna masters he's gonna guys. I want to pick his bearing in mind. I want to go to a copper, different places. Just see how they are you not come from? There, too were to Colorado and work which are women maximum on and then go right to the Montreal and work without. What's up that's what I like Retail The other eye amazing grandma's gas, on as I go to each play some kind of see what I like when I dont like about each one, you know in how they see how
We think is there, you know the life and in what were train and partners and in all these other things, his stuff just as important to sell absolute. I think also a shock to the system is important, like moving going to a new camp owing to a new environment, because you want you want to shine, and also you realize, like men, everything on the line here, like you Eve, literally uprooted your life, move to some new place, and it makes you be more dedicated. It makes you you can't just fuck off here. This is this: is the real world, your real world class fighter and you're a year on your path to attempt to become a world champion, and this is the best way to do it. I think, is so critical for fighters to make decisions made changes and make moves when they know that they they have amiss.
A piece of the puzzle in other the met their their missing, a master coach or their missing in a great wrestling coach, our great striking, whatever that, whatever the fuck, it is a great environment with world class fighters whatever it is, every talked Jackson's of you talk to those guys. Have it but in our Noah brain it gives him down there and they want to work with him for his excellent law. Entire! Am I no, I don't. I don't know where this is this. This low trip is gonna, take up six weeks at a time, and then I figure when I get back to Vegas, encounter regroup and be able to make some decisions from narrow on what's gonna happen. I haven't done something like this until I, since I move to Vegas in the first place, where I just can't. Packed up my car and just start drive and West genomes was sleeping on,
a glaring you out before that I was still in Detroit. Also right from Detroit to Vegas yea. I was still a college girl. You know that was like the time where I'm like, I don't know which way my life is gonna go. You know I had got done what the fight with AL I went to my debut and after a fuss I gotta make some changes. I just didn't know what and that was just a scary a time as now you even though, now like each Iceland, I'm a car in Austria and I eat whatever. I can get you some nice go to restaurants and NATO, but is still Cotta feels the same. You know still the same Scary in on knowledge is on all necessarily know what it's gonna look like, but I never let us stop me. This would about american top team. You thought about at all have I mean I know a lot of guys. It moved down of Florida. The foreigners is to nice.
Soon eyes, though, is the light. Is to really crazy breaks down there, but they do not speak what people say the same thing about biggest tuna in whenever at most a Vegas, I think Dana headed the interview or something maybe like a month after moved there, and you say how hard it is for a fighter to make it from Vegas and even at the time I was like, really nothing to me, like I'm, really tries Dave, gives you an me. I got a giant even bigger, bigger picture. In my head are really let the shit get to me too much so, no more than a third of think, I'm Amr to be on a beach carter I see some guys do it, seeing guys move down there and just get caught up in there lifestyle of certain Bacchus. Just it seems to me that Vegas, if you stay Wavin Strip, you'll be all right yeah, but
I mean the whole strip, etc. Is like a little harder, its everything it's all of my army and this the attitude down there. Everybody just parties, man, it's everybody else to add, as is a big it flew at you, know it well. Harris from the wood is a potent production inside with a fighters life. Is that what it is In any event, anatomy unified would undoubtedly have a fighter. Just tell me about it. Just went down there and it was there about moving there until August bat, like four days there like a fox adding here, I can't live here. This is crazy. He's fever crazy said you need a passport about. That's all, I'm saying is like a different words: a different country, their up. It's a party country down there have only been wants to to Miami gonna, causing a litter and I went out with the intention of a party of which, as I have
mean obviously good on a commercial loose man lives there. You can be a champion out their Robbie lollards from there. You can be a champion, it's one of the best chance in the world, but is in terms of distractions. It does the hard part fur place like that a mission that mind you not I mean they got a lotta great fighter stone earn a lot it after, like the train in, atmosphere and you know the train of partners and everything would be great, but on a mission that that their great mining in you know my brown I have met MIKE of young men in their leant guy, billion respect, but we haven't really like shallow conversation with him, have a conversation with him to me. If you want to really decide, What clicks with you better, our I'm, a big fan, might brown and obviously
The boy was fantastic, Jujitsu, Cochin enow and I'm just a whole fan of the whole organization. You know when the way they put it together. You know I mean it could be a there may be. Some that might look at in. I made may be towards the end of the summer summit that can already got this trip certain plant, so I'm Saigon, but to put a trigger on in an emergency, were to take me beautiful. I am very glad you're doing that the EU making changes in and trying to see. You know we're where the right spot is for you, yeah mean immediately after the fight is like when it would. Doesn't go your way or the way you that you, u necessarily sea it is is discouraging, is all he. Oh, you know you like forgot or know. If I'm doing the right thing, I don't know if I'm I'm senior right, you know before the fire in the locker room in this does not happen very often badges. I felt like I was seen certain things in an unknown.
Sincerely, I'm not a religious guy like that or anything, and our really light believe in on this really know what, but when, when certain things started to forming like when you're on your way to work, and you just let you hidden every green light, and I, like you know somebody comes up to you. They gonna say something. You know what they say and even though the time for the perfect answer it This kind of, like that type of of of a feeling that I was having. So I defer like everything a common together right and my confidence was like boosts enough. So much before Goin ain't, I think the warm was perfect. The way cut was Polina. You really wasn't away. Cuddies is everything was perfectly Is it a fight? So then, when it didn't go my way as like it was discouraged, in a little bit in army like fuck, I didn't know what I'd NASA he's, doin rather or or now on the right path you know, but which leads you to think. The Unita coach Year Annie some ice martyrdom
a man of everybody smarter than you. That's not you like. They could see you in a way that you can see. Your friends are always smarter than you, hey man, you stop doing really far cannot like really good, I mean it. I ask: how do I know? That's his life man, that's life for me, so important how people around you that understand! You know you if you don't have an end, then also someone that you really trust and appreciate as coach, so gigantic MA am yeah, think it, and especially for fighting, could find this such a a personal thing to me. You know it's not like. I never really work with any the Gaza You cp I'd like they ve got everything there and they ve got. You know in even the coaches are great and all, but it's like I need that I need to be.
But I trust you with my life. Let us really what it is like. No one's died aside, Octagon yet, but not onward. Knock away, I stable Hermes, or should we allow crazy fights, so when I didn't get ready to do it, go into it with that expectation, if you're the one you don't care, how many people have it right right? I don't know you know you're the one hundred percent for you Francis, so I need to be able to trust every I needed trust you with my life. Almost yell you know it's it's hard to find that, though, the reason why I recommended for us a Hobbes first voice, one smart cards of every tartan, ferocity, fuck, ingeniously, legitimate genius- knows everything about a Mamma. I mean there's, not a stone unturned and he coach GS, P and I feel, like your style- and she has peacetime- are very similar in that you both are very
good wrestlers in you, both very good at mixing up the wrestling in the striking. But you don't see anything you don't know. What's coming and you're both you, don't both don't have any weaknesses. You have an awesome submission game GSP as an awesome submission game. You have great wrestling great striking, it's very similar, and I think that his experience in coaching one of the greatest of all time and George Saint Pierre with, would lend which, slide ride into coaching. Someone like you are really believe that yeah think for raw as am getting closer to it. You know no more when out when I get there, but that's the last up. Yes, opponent, us the best stop a kind of the longest, The two yadda had already thought that if I was a young man- and I was thinking about finding- I think I moved Montraville death. I think he's got a special mind. Do No, and I say this not to take away from any the brilliant coaches and another you be a world champion with Duke Rufus, whose also brilliant die in an amazing coach mean it is no bad stop for you, but dishes
then about you and for us a happy that I just feel like when I met of innocent I so we had dinner together soon. As I said and I saw him he tell me everything. I do wrong in a tiny fight like right out. The gay as like bingo rhino might arise at me. He's but he's cheese, genius, sharp he's smart, so yeah I mean, but then again, women at work will witness to an inn in women is. It really experienced. Do you know he's he's called so many people facing so many different styles and done in himself a lot too. So now I love about women when just engaging flat lines. People Whitman acts like nothing even happened. Yeah is a key note. Was gonna happen. It is crazy, like everybody, job in a chair and women like, I think it's because you see so many he may, as had been on the other side of it wherein you know it's your guy get knocked out through so sure you know it's like he says to people going in there somewhere, gonna lose so young ease,
and around the game long enough to where he understands the other side of it. To us you know, you're gonna go crazy and, as you know, is it that guy's got a family that guy's got people to take care of he's got area. Other motivation that you got two yeah yeah really. I think there is also the culture shock movement Montserrat be good for it. Maybe I spent some time it's called as Fox lonely. Joy worries, my god. In Montreal January. It's like ie, eight outside you get that fog commonality amount. That's why I'm going to do now in June, but like for you, man, I think, is good I feel that call my it might be son today. You know that rustlers and everything always for the mere wesson in from that code, and you know why he developed character, yeah I'd. I think it is some today
a hundred, as does the soft ass people who can get anybody suddenly easy. There is no easy by all my friends from Boston. They come out a calf wanting, a people are fucking soft out here, you're off the shovel snarled, the wave of freezing the death, in our view, carbon down in Boston. You ten miles from your house, you might freeze to death. That's real! That's really better keep a blanket in that we'll talk and sleeping bag on a candle, and I think it give you'd like different, different morals. Indifferent lie ass. It different character to union about you, you, you value things a little bit differently, so in coal choices same way, as I seven months out the year, you spend a net I'm indoors in anyone's like your family and everything was ass with some fuckin schmo from down Street a young one nearby common each other to when it gives you hot and cold everybody's interests together utterly
literally we alleys fucking call weighing on how to also like a vulnerable Indeed, in nature, they just forces, except your place in the universe like you are, you are vulnerable, you're, very vulnerable and California. Your wife can kick out of focus We urge sleep on alone, fingers if you have to worry about nothin, you know you you before January could sleep and along with a good jack and on a California gorgeous till you can just getting your card. Drive down to the beach in their exact. She live in ITALY. You easy to meet these paradise too easy, but then he saw two people. They spend their whole life here. Nato shorter, way so Mama, I'm afraid Brazil me how bad ass people from Brazil and that's fucking paradise do, but in rough rough paradise is load different down a resilient. I think our crime yeah I get embers. Yes, a lotta respect bade day. You know some of em they really there
about a nothin in literally out and not the end to build that respect around eight. They community has done, and I gave it to me. I do as well, and you know you gotta- give it up to them for creating brazilian jujitsu minute they centrally revolutionized. Due to the remainder of the day. Raise family is the most important family in the history of martial arts and what they did with Brazil and brazilian Jiu Jitsu and how brazilian Jiu Jitsu evolved in that country. You know just they took to it like a duck to water man. I wonder what it is about: Brazil that that that was like the one place to the state. You know, I think if day, if that count, Meda had gone anywhere else. If he had landed in and talk to some other dude somewhere, I think they got lucky They found Alien, Gracie and Carlos Gracie, and they found some dude who just of warriors, and they taught those guys and those guys were mean Elio grace he just really human. Carlos just thought it through
and then were willing to test it in real competition against people much larger than them. The fact that earlier a small man. He wasn't a lot. Framed man is reason why brazilian jujitsu became so effective because illegal had to fight off of his back. How to tire out bigger guys. First, they have developed the concept of cooking. Your opponent wasn't in japanese jujitsu it wasn't in Judo Juno's is a beautiful, elegant, martial arts with fantastic technique and powerful moves but blessing. Brazilian jujitsu brazilian judges, who is largely a part of this one, dynamic, incredible family. If you look at that family, all the Fuckin Champions voice hoary and hit then you know me come on oil, hundreds of violated, crazy and now chrome. I mean Jesus Christ. What a fuckin family, man, hens, oh yeah, yeah
I mean just just crazy after Gracie Tuna, you, you saw grace you like. Oh no killers just straight killers, I mean the game is change a little bit and, although you Karlsson, Gracie too, the game shows a low business there, but it has been because it am, I sure, needs it evolved in that area and sprang out and of course you know obviously does more to I from Thailand, Dutch Kickboxing, a mare can wrestling with so many different factors. Russian rashly so many different factors that come into what we now call makes martial arts today. But may I keeps keep thinking that if it wasn't for that one family who the fuck knows because the part of what made the ultimate fighter so spectacular are the ultimate fighting championship. Rather it's in the first two ones, was voice Gracie being this guy who's? Not this physically terrifying got like give. It was marked common market
We must give us a chance to sixty five. What muscles are its neck, straight up to the top of his head. His neck would just like come off of his shoulder. He was an old if he wandered. I gather that makes when hoists one everybody was like shit. I gotta learn Jujitsu cooked I choked. Do that. What his legs you like! Remember, people at home, we're going! What does Is this? That's what makes fighting so great. You never know. What's gonna. What's gonna happen, in embryo fought in a room I may even in box. Until you know, you see some some crazy shit like that Joshua just yeah, but you know you, but I think an enemy, it's it's it's even more just cause are so many different, options and I have a upon of from a good source that Anthony Joshua dropped in sparring the week of the fight while and he got hurt real bad the week of the fund
and tat. He was very tentative coming into that fight in very vulnerable users, since you could panacea on, see it on a little bit the first round when you, when you walk out, you know you can kind of Z his who is looking in it's a little glazier, it's a little out of it in I figured that it was just common over to America for the first time and in o, being in in New York and it's a lotta, that's a lot of pressure and a lot of You know, especially you talk about the Anti wilder like knocking the dude into intelligent century like the week before. This is how you did you see the video that I personally instagram from their duty does ants animation and not? Oh, my God is to amazing once poor Perceval pull up the Dante Wilder one because he has the fuckin glove from the offenders and he hits is today
the guy greater rigour, our railway area is a credible yeah, he's crazy that guy's animated on these graphics are amazing, but he did one Dante, and then he didn't even more hilarious, one for Andy Ruiz, yeah, alma, ATA, cedar anywhere, a dissident. Why would the otter I saw you at their yours always put up pull up the Ruiz one. Then? Yes, I see what he when he drops Joshua watch this. It's a Larry S, bad, the guy, so good gifts of volume. To can we do that or was it the the soundtrack to be really in trouble. For that no, I'm not I'm display the video was. This is so is see even the way when you look into Joshua after family the faculty, this his body, his body still there, but his spirit he's got a roller, british, general or bag to go through the
airport. His spirit is Gub. Tweedie birds float around his head. Why are these Joshua still on the ground? Is spirit, gets into a plane and flies away again Gaza, so amazing how we did at the next day, the day after the fight that was out, people are getting crazy, like on looking into it, makes you jealousy this I wish I had a headache, Conor creative process. Think it through let alone like go through with a sigh now. He re crazy. That guy's a master though his is is the ability to do is Dante while they want Oh yeah that's crazy and there would be anti moves away with the eyes glowed. He has the craziest power. I've ever seen a heavyweight division yea so that we're so weird his pain. You know when he fought Thyssen Fury way too. Oh nine toiled tuna while crazy MA
yeah, I was trying to be light either. Just that's just what he wondered. Why, and I do not think is one of those guys like funnier Chin, like certain guys have a weird Kano. You know these kind of game Billy anyway, but he can take the patch of color yeah. Those he's got the power and everything to, but is more powers. He's fine, video chat and earn he's, got Chen finding Intelligibilia myself and the fact that he dropped ties in fury like that in the twelfth round of a fight where he was gonna, get now boxer than drop in and wants, the way he hit him in that twelve rounds, like God, damn it knocked him out in the twelve round. I look at that, and I'd like to not get discouraged No, I mean like does some serious belief in in the type of power that you none. Twelve rules, you landed the shot and you can still kind of mustard up and in the twelve it is as a fighter. I caught a look down down like a lot of of
I gotta give it all off toward us. He's got crazy endurance to this. The other thing he must have a phenomenal work. Ethic, because he's never tired any carries that power deep into the twelfth the latter times of guys that hit real hard like that. After you get past six seven rounds. They start to fade, especially the heavyweight division, but Don T move, His fast hits just as hard and twelve does. He doesn't the first, it might be something to keep it keeping his weight to like that legacies, only to utter nigh pounds whose heaven this fight for the dominant Brazil fight, apparently whose it was quite a bit heavier how much of anything, but he was too you're something nobody way that as a lotta, we see what it with what the Anti wilder weight in four Dominic Brazil? I think I think that I was gonna shocked that it was somewhere in the two dirty, which is like a normal heavyweight twenty to twenty three, it's ok! I still still no but away by Thyssen was to eighteen member when using the time titles and even to two twenty. Yes on me, I I think I saw it. It's deftly Sutton
that Albania, it that's just what their natural waiters. You know I'd rights as I'm getting a little bit more deeper into the game it it might be. And ass, one think I'm a stay at one. Seventy either from now to give you show up healthier and its is just if you got that experience. If you already been fighting a lot of heavyweights like I has it's not like a two other city firepower duties, a sharp I'm. I me or two forty or well also because no wrestling yea, that it's it's a big factor in it. Yeah thing is a giant factor yeah, but then again look it came. The last case when came was at its prime. He was about to forty nine. You know when he fought Brok lesson. Brok lesson was quite a bit bigger than them, but it didn't matter maintained for a lot of guys are bigger than them. Yes, the restlessness is probably the biggest reason. I think of us cut way in May. For sure I mean that's that's where that's where you can feel the most weight to you no one hour and has gone against the SOD Joseph. It's like. I didn't
a silly Phil. He was any stronger to me or any stronger to any fifty five pondered that I fought before, but when in winter a kind of would have impressed or whatever- and I can kind of feel the the the the waited at you know all my back and in just carry on, and it makes you expand more energy to lean on endings like want it's. I find one fifteen pounds rest on a exactly which, when the fight was over, he thus forcing said amused like yeah new common up. Two to one we need to be a first fight. They use gonna, get tired of telling me that before you could they do. We know good he's got so if a nominal cardio, though, and also he was coming off the loose. My fine use mine out, worked him yeah, so he's probably like extra geared up and it was minds big. Me too, and I, and so he had already felt that the Chinese is fought for the title that one seventy he's got a lot of fighter was. Seventy already, so is already felt that that Weight
so gone through Nick Carson's strengthen conditioning routines. You know he was on an office to work when Nackerson, but Nicaragua, Marv Marina, which disciple and just for they do a lot of crazy box Jumpsome. Biometrics ever seen. A man is to ramp Non Oda speed of sport on Instagram. I know he did a lot of work with errant pico before pico went to College EDA. He was doing work with he's done a lot of work with a lot of providers did, I think, work which a shilling he's work with a lot of guys, but wild strengthen conditioning shit, a lot apply owes a lot of box jumps in the latter, crazy shit where you, you know that that calf raise bar and aid they they'll do that. But with your feet, kick it up and down, and up and down like Missy would see what you got there. Jamie. This is just some of the shit that he s, people do this doesn't Josiah, so he was was, if he was training with him for this fight. But it's a lot of this type. And it's a lot of explosive playa
Patrick Shit, and his idea is that when you're in a fight see this thing like they're doing a lot of stuff with that thing and they'll do it laying on their back with their feet as well. But it's all this just explosive bouncing stuff
and I mean his philosophy. It has never have those guys. Life waits like traditional lifting wait. It's all like pliers box jumps exploding, jumping over hurdles that caution intense and ten stuff, but is thus a step to God. Be Japan into the best shape of his life would be Japan fought shant shirk would be. Japan fought Diego Sanchez when he was at the top of the food chain and be J was work with more innovation and investment on it's crazy, cardio worker, which was like the missing link in Be Jays arsenal because before be Jesus, incredibly talented guy, but then he just didn't have the same kind of work, ethic and cardio, and he just gave himself more innovation is like. I do tell me what to do, and mostly what they were doing was strengthened conditioning, and they were same basically be. J already knows how to fight, and the real key was to get his gas tankers fuck
thick and fat as possible. Just given this giant ass gas tank and give him this capacity to work, that's just unprecedented to him and then everything else here. He knows how to do so to everything else. Just do it light, but dont compromise on the strength of conditioning workers, because that's the most important aspect of the sport and is a very very controversial discussion, will what's most important ya. Think you need ballots with it all. You know so to buy use the cavity methods for this one came down, seem a couple times, and in Orange County suffered heavier than do the Fucking Asia, man and animals for his work out are brutal.
He is I d as our are more. He takes you to exhaustion, and then we do stuff like that, like the explosive stuff in in the different types of movements- and you know it kind of making sure that your legs are still on any too, but he puts on a bike and in that bag work out. This is like a thirty minute. Three minutes, I keep it a hard hard pace or on like a very, very high level in you know, he's got you strapped up with all these monitors and everything to two Conor make sure that you actually hit near rare law and then work I'll starts. So it's about like a three hour. Work out in his reign in its brutal is light three hours. Yes, yes, Sir, it's a Do you see some things going to work on my back malay, you go to like a dark sharply in it. I went to a couple of them: get ready for their fight. Wages are faced with an pico reader yeah, that's his garage. Do
as where we do the work on number, it's a brutal, He took a lot of shit out to teach tested positive for appeal. Why should I I can see why teach the Kosovo, as I see it like you know each is all in IRAN at but in autumn, put that all SAM is like now I can t I mean, teaches a grown man he's doing he's gonna. Do we don't even know if he yeah yeah it in and speak on what I'm in everything he had. No idea. This is blindsided, which is seen oconnor. I think the words so fortunate for him to because Everybody was really paying attention to how how scientifically here was a designing and engineering. These work out Zia and people are really excited. I did so has now been back step for him as well. Yet, here
the smartest mar dude. You know, I think, he's a math teacher overhead and test data from identity up. I mean genes of a dual use and talk to him and he's gonna. Tell you exactly why he's running you through these, these certain things? So in a week we picked up on his philosophies, goin in tourism, and you know, even though I was tired during the fight. It's it's a fight. You gonna be tired. I still have my legs underneath me in Instil LE could go. You know, I'm so I don't know how to get. There was more tactically did anything if I'm goin back on it, but you know using is more in the way he approached the pacing away, approached like as far as like the strategy of how to face Dose Andrews yeah. What did you think was gonna happen when you wanted to fight I was gonna break off, just gonna run into light, like that. You know, I think the fight before that with or without hated them
if I went I hated away, I showed up for it in I left way too much reserved in the worst fill it for me, like I'm, really hate lose it. I really do, but I don't really get hung up on the results and much. I hate now perform it and that your potential. So if you feel like you performed EU potential and someone does better, they know your kid as a lesson yeah. I can learn from them and grow from it, but when it's a fight in it I get. With it when loser or whatever- and I still got a letter
bidding me and I still like a you know- you walked back to the doktor and I still ready to fight, and I still feel that at me hate that fill them with me. So I wanted to make sure that tape, git dishonor, arise from this one. United in and I haven't really had a fight in the: u have see yet that is hit Kano where I wanted to be in all I've. Given people watch me grow up in the sport affiliate, but a really see like a good fight out at me. Some that's Kano. What I was looking for, when I was after is just to Sancho so smart about it in in in world champions, but ya mean he's been around the block man whose money in he's in a precarious situation himself right, because you get dominated by the champ in his last fight and What do you do from there? I mean he beat you about. Where is he is now people clamouring for him to fight for the title again? The good thing is at least seventy, as so many good advice to be like.
For me, as so many legal ask, any Mama's would already used in writing. Fight. You owe me, you got morrow, you got Pettus endears is back and you know so many good fights. I mean it. There's no be a grey five form up on pretty sure I mean yeah like to know on pressure as well: Mewks Goddamn, both divisions between fifty five and seven year stack. You are pushing for a sixty five. I think it's good idea. I still I m kind of blatant too. They just want to listen here. Nobody, I think I see why change seventy two. Seventy five to sixty five! Fifty five, forty five! Thirty five, it's makes sense. Ten pounds makes sense, but these arbitrary. What I think that should be a ninety five to about that at that, when I can see a little bit just because of how shallow to a five was gettin, but now you got so many great fighters to a five, even
and you start to see that body type that that's coming through. You know the Johnny Walker, nor did the kid. I just thought that the less last weekend and knocked out manual daddy's Hannah our own malino. Just knocked out Jimmy Mattawa, but he's gonna get that surrender frame to. As John Johnson in you know, you start to see more of those Gus. So how does this name? The manual retired, just show it to me I'll Spilett, Alexander Rockets, breakage very racketeer, wreckage thing. It's rockets, yeah yeah, he's a fucking piece, man that step in less high kick with beautiful, brutal burn them. Another in so many guys that they might be able to build a ninety five pound allies. Animal point, but think is sixty five right right here now and it'd, be you know down the best yet beyond. I think that too many guys at fifty five and seventy, and I think that and then also like look at them
its flower division than women's or the women's, with women's firewood division. Now, of course, with Shift Franco's gonna fight Jessica this weekend. But if you go back to the way hence the strawberry division, straw with divergent when your honor was champion irresistible there's no one here, who's gonna fighter stop acting to start talks on a small. He had just gone dry, she just just better, be rose, you know you ve got you know. Even so many viruses like this world class division. He got better to when they added one twenty five years, and I mean it got it got even more because now you see and like the people who wouldn't get shot before they get and shouting when oak light. Yet I some serious
Helen and there are no and I felt like a fifty five. You got so many guises underneath top twenty five that could because shine through you know if you just give under the space it it. It also allows for four guys to like MAX Holloway two to go up at fifty five and be able to compete at his I feel it that's more of his natural weight to you knows you need not be cowed unharmed, resume away. He lost the dust, employ a lot of people say you know he just as now the same power at fifty five that he had a forty five. I just don't think he had the experience. Yet unless they have defined yea, that was his first fight at fifty five. So you know it doesn't We had a lot of them where, even if they had both forty forty five before dozens already been near, so he it was, isn't gonna, be shocked, in any kind of guy just give credit to dust and how fuckin villages that too I gotta be forgotten.
Does this roared the way he was roller whip plunges as Bargia barely slip and as our once he's moved up to fifty five and he was tortured himself to get to forty five he's a great example of a success story of a guy stop cutting as much weight, but he's big. Now he's having a hard time get fifty five ease grown into the wake? Let the match will do the same in old, MAX a big though they. So I think if you, if you let him, compete against guys at her more his eyes, benchley the next Sunday they for. I think it will look a little bit different in what do you think could be burst. Dustin looks like sets of their set. Now. That's the next fight novel dummy I don't know, I really don't know legged say Rodya before the MAX way out for sure, but like a baby snub Lama, the water you gonna, take a balanced got me to be but an ice. Eighty was in trying to take him down. The way could be will to difference it's a different fighter yeah, but but the way does it.
Footwork was looking and that's what makes you think about it because you know could be kind of a one track. What want one tray minors? I'll come right out. You you know is not due to their, but with dust it not even necessarily can kin out Russell is just its way easier to play defence arm wrestling then than office, and if you got great footwork like that too, to keep your back off the fits my the long night for the beef who know those sites are good. Fides right dozens got that serious power. It's got a dozen can hurt you Charles AG yup. It also does not play a big factor in it. You know too low harder to get in on a lot at o shots, the real key is: can he stopped to take down and can defend himself on the ground? because with so many guys could be gets hold of them, and then they develop that thousand yards stare with our the fog is happening. You know it's like wind
special, I'm sure your member early in your career, when you would go with a guy's, is way bigger than your way stronger than you use go. Oh, I can do share the idea, I can't do share thing under certain survive, and here I still try and put my servant of situated, not fear you roll with raw rejoice dollar solved like arise unlucky just too I'm just count now it is our role with many many lies and alike. I'm just try my best not to be submitted. At the point where now we ve only got submit me one or two, TAT speed before it was like TAT, because I guess it many times he wanted to work in our like. Ok, if I slowly pig get at then I was so shocked he didn't when they pay avail thing. How so shocked? I thought you know for sure yeah here striking is come so far. You know is one of the interesting gave yet is to gain the game. What do you do? It's a fucking, crazy sport really is the craziest bore? That's ever
existed. You never know, even as an athlete like you, you can do everything to to prepare writing. You feel like all the chips and like every things, in a corner and like I may I guess it's like life, a slight you think everything is just right, but sometimes it is not. Tat should have looking to pick it up yeah try it again like. Maybe we just have to accept that this is what you've chosen to know, and this is part of what comes with it is his chaos, things gotta be crazy, you gotta be a lower like out of your fucking mind, Sir Reserve, but area the other people in other professions and in what they do and, unlike he's a low cry
it'll make a lot of his mind the duty dire. So maybe I just wish to be me. You know you asked at least have the freedom to not be stuck in a fork in office. You have of exciting life is crazy, chaotic as it is leases exciting I'll, take exciting every day off over boring in it. Lets me beat me in on me like that at walking out for a fighter, it just even just gettin ready for the light the week of unusual doin, mania and stuff like that, and in just it lets me like really express myself. Say it in a way that I never really got to as acute or or anything before that. I would. I give me like a little bit of peace, and it gives me like. I really give a fuck about nobody ulcer or what they doing or what they got going on and it and it lets me like just be me and just flow it and it just and just have fun before. I would never really let
so do that you can always be guarded, and now we can always be like like on age and interest. Not just be myself in fighting has let me- and let me let it out in all in not because it so crazy, because it's a wild exchange is what you doing so dynamic though you could just be the full you yet, and I think everybody is is different to you know everybody fights different, so so it's not one is better than the other in o is not light is like you just got be? If you be yourself, then you gonna do better, unama, meaning even even in the media spotlight that an hour or, however, you wanna approaches site. If you be yourself, I kind of figured it out now. You see me and just enjoy it right in its than his butter yeah, as opposed to light in a when you, tardy data microphone, funnier like when you you know you you stuck in and
officer, Ridder, error or, however, is are you stuck Doin somethin that you feel like you should do or people want you to do then you start like living like that. Almost in a kind of have felt myself get there before I started fightin as they try to live up to other people's expectations. Were you know us find this just like you, so that your own destiny and waterways innocent the best thing about it is that of fuck. The wind for the laws of money is fun, dusk. I work how you do a vote. Fine, but it is its. Give me a lot of else to my life. You know, sir, do you watch many fights outside of all the other areas outside of eminent
the only ones like Jujitsu word more tire. I watch I'll introduce you when it when it's really good God. I was gonna, try and come out here a day before in Tracy Worlds in all day independence, but yeah I try yeah it some it's interesting when you see how good people are at those individual discipline, as you know that sir, it's one of them more interesting aspects about, am amazed that you really can be the best in the world that everything and you're gonna have If such a complex framework, you certainly can certainly can, but you write, died, a lot of a lotteries. Other sports must update. They ve had so many years, just to figure out what works and what dont worry that they really refine the process
you know how to me. Like you see somebody's high level. Boxers is like a head. You know, you told us in my life, Loi Easy is, is dead fight and his is uncle fight before too, where he's like refine the of the process. So much now it's damn near Perth in army. We haven't gotten up point yet. Never me! No! No! No! You are not going well, not even got an awful ever get there, because it seems like it's, because it's a combination of so many different disciplines, its just do it doesn't seem like you're ever going to see the guy, who is world class tie and world class Jujitsu and world class wrestling all in one fighter just doesn't seem like that's really possible. I think you can get it in a cup of my generation stoning, so it may be like for my generation. Somebody like because this is it like. I look
the kids now that are coming up and they don't have the same light preconceptions that that even ahead coming up in it, you know like where we, if you boxing you box in this way- and in you know this is the right thing to do. This is the wrong thing. You're doing us or or you taken you taken so many things in you not really you gonna stuck on it. You know I mean, and I feel like each generation is getting a little bit better lobe of butter. I look it's like some of the things the kids dynamic fuck like I was. The only wish I could beat at free, just gonna have that that creative process to do it. You know it's gonna happen eventually yeah with little tis or starting off what little amateur fire ten years old and share. So then I think about his kid. You know what's gonna look like and then ok. What's he gonna look like where'd. You we'll get somebody who is who is just perfect able, whatever they do, that
point, because it really is a big factor that Floyd had his dad, who is a world class vital functions, re Leonard as his uncle Roger was the black Mama Roger May, where there was the fuckin man back in the eighties and denounce. To see those two guys, training him that his gigantic grown? been that environment always been around boxing and they could tell him what to do What not to do, even when you get to that certain level in all his site. It's you don't know what you don't know until it's too late, but you know he had people that he really respect it like it is I mean you, your uncle in you any of your parts? They can be the first people that you respect it you gotta listen to, so I think it played a huge factor that people are really look at. I think so too has also seeing them mistakes that other fighters have made many growing up in the jam. You seen guys that spar too hard seeing gotta get hit Marge or seeing Gaza take the wrong fides thing: Gaza, don't fight smart defensively. You know one of the things that people forget
that Floyd went through a big transition of his own. If you go back to the early part of his career and you watch when he was pretty boy Floyd, he was a much more aggressive fighter and he would put himself in danger much more and then what became money may, whether, as later and later in life, he just got so much more brilliant defensively and then he became the guy that you see shutting out canal or ever is stopping all these guys. It's just shutting everything down. He just became this defensive wizard to the point. We see world as far as I sugar receive mosey who did tag him, but Now I didn't really: what's he once you recover data really know what to do with Lloyd voyages. Had the answers to his style, he had figured amount and EVA Seal people could add, go by Jim met from time to time he notes and in a sea like a lot of people, that debt are common up in boxer who just wanna ride out the gate.
Be whipped. Floyd is now here I mean me beyond the ropes and and be able to slip punches in Vienna in, but they forget like the time when the beat the fuck out of here. Tomorrow, gaudy, for I know it too, you know it was no defence to it. He just came out with both hands if we get all the light amateur feisty before that. That is one and laws, and you know each had a different style of fighting, so it's it takes time to get it at that that lower you, I'm here, certainly Toro God. If I was brutal, brood his ease moss. I get a lot of respect adieu in and I mean not a lot of people do, but raising the man's just be an him when he talks a lot of shit, but you got a separate that from what he does get when you watch him fight. The guy is defensively spectacular ear. He knows it,
you want to connect five was acknowledged by at least three times and when you watch him stand, if Canelo Canals throws a left he's over here goes right. He's over here part take that job with Yoda, oh, not back and channels likeness with it. He had a strong ponchas. He could see the look in his face. I goddamn coming here with Macedonia. This is a man two boxer and learn a lesson here. The good thing is you learn that lesson the right way and now look at Canosa Marser do any mustard pensively didn't you know yes in some areas, defence now and even me like I'll, look at him- oh my god, damn values against Danny J, observe just a little while ago, like his hair. Momentous just a point that was a great fight is Danny. Jacobs is I'll, fuckin kill and year out of it if a Jacobs, but I had to give it took another like he really took Woody learnt from annoyed and in yeah you know Sometimes you need that is even like ice,
mere Georgia are caught a similar. I try to pick a fight with the mayor like ATLAS of no, I like I wanted to fight it. Of course it does. When it was like a windows or draw upon learning. From this my voice- are no use, and if I am a show up Ahmed give a merry thing I got, but I knew just for the future, unlike that, would fight like that is just going to propel. You is just going to get better and I think he's going to want to fight and Khabib. Probably I think so I'll, probably that's what I think God, if dust in Poor yea, if it could be beats dust employer, could babies, gonna lobby for a fight with orgy I think- and I think if I get a leg cheat beats George, I think he's gonna retire. That's what I think I think could be Boeing has a few more fights left in them.
I'm thinking, I don't think you necessarily want to fight for a long time. I think you're right he's undefeated, he smashes everybody. You know, and I think he'll go down as one of the greatest that ever did it. If you bees, every beads, Georgie's jogging I've been origin. There I mean, if you get even get Georgian, that mean who the fuck knows, how that if that could ever player, yeah I mean I want that day one, but what will we'll see how to hold them, but also for the Euro, see it wouldn't be for a title, which is a problem apparently with when there, when they have problem that excel in paper views. One of the big problems is, and this is why, like embryos why they have interim tiles. The reason Have interim titles. Is people see that title and they fuck, and they then click that paper view when they might not that's real? It makes it's a big factor in any place into the Yo Yo yo myself as a fighter, yeah and so George would have to come back. I mean I would have liked to see more. For that
according to my safety, we just say Adelina said on road user, though this is, did that doesn't mean that much because Dana's also said that women would never find new. The Danish, that on record they won't be one sixty five. Why he's working there? We hero hero, like that thinking here of though You know I don't get it why they wouldn't have borne wait, classes, I don't get it. You can make the could be than George fighting in any be not the every time the evidence and endured was I too, you know even to say I mean you're cool Marfa, but George even more so I try to pick a fight. Would obey light enough for real and he called me a wii top for, like over an hour late, blades, obviously listen, listen. I cannot you right now, a good gymnastic. I can't do that exit less then I can only do it. If I talk to
recently of Avogadro obviously goes away. I forget it, but he told me he was at least a grey fighter, but one which I am a better fighter day him in this I feel that there is a risk of a war in order me undertake. I just like taking a big risk more than anything Georgia's, where you hope you are ten years from now Georgia's third six years old. Europe right is thirty. Six, thirty, seven he's it isn't that range thirty, six, thirty, seven years old, you now easy did at all, yet at all. His now is in a position where he's just trying to get them. They provides. Eight oh yeah, see how much time do not in any event, when he was explained to me like as my act, I really can't hatred for this your eyes, you kept it like a straight, as always like you know, it's just too much risen is like But what? I am sorry it like. I get Rob make your body than a guy called either a year
I still think he got it to use like tonight. I get with he's a brilliant. Their only when you this sea and talk to him and that's the way he breaks down, lived ways. Thinking about life is thinking about a very smart, very smart. Why, when he won the time as I can't I'm good, take it take that title I beat Michael Bisping and I'm going to just right off in a sunset here, for a little bit and in a holding pattern waved the next big went to come around the next big channel I feel it I mean there's so much more to life to needs by us so being like him in for me, like I'm done it's only one part of me, you know I mean is mass part. I think personally, I feel like, but in others. This is still so much more than that. I want to do in accomplishing has done the biggest problem with fighters, though, is that fighting is so crazy and so wild and spectacular in the highs and lows finding work
However, it is when you say this, so much more lie. Finding that so much more life is so difficult for so many fighters, and I think it's keeping a break. To ask said. That might be the in order, and I ain't no we're close it at pointed to start thinking about it, but too late. But it's hard to know when you're at that point re right until it's too late. Fossil fighters are like the reason why you think you could beat everybody in the world is the same things going to get you fucked when you think that you could still go again, and I don't mean that's what got Chuck Liddell in trouble when he fought Tito Ortiz most of us, they were watching the outside like please don't find him. Please don't fight anybody when Chuck's talking about find a Jon Jones like Oakwood Lord, please don't do that he's, like you know, I think I can get back in there with John Jones like like Chuck, is why he became chocolate down in the first place. Cuz he's got that unstoppable belief in himself, but there needs to be balance,
there needs to be balanced that you can do anything. You believe in daddy's horse. Shit anyway tells you that you have already heard that horse shit. Is there some people that will fuck you? I you gotta be smart and smart, but I do think you can still do things. The mute on necessarily even know did you can do you know like Alexander. Like me, I never thought there. I will truly be like a professional fighter and be able to live and support my family off. This So am I in twenty years from now? How did I look? I had no idea, what am I look like. I have no idea what else I could possibly do. You could do anything that I absolutely believe. That is just whether or not you dedicate yourself to it. The same way dedicate yourself defined right, right, I think anybody that can be a professional fighter at the highest level. That is in
credible, juggling act of mind and body and discipline and technique and knowledge and understanding, the past and is recognising traps and and and into no one when the strike no one to back off, no one to push known when the coast, it says That's a mad fuckin race mean what you do and when you fighting is the most chaos. Like thing in all of sport and if you could succeeded that at the highest level I really believe you can do anything. I really believe that, and I think it takes a lot of takes a lot more brainpower. Dependent than people cannot give a credible manner, and I think that's a big reason why you see guys on the decline to you know, and I think it's That's not a lot of people. Look at you know you gotta see if you like, all those guys just out of his athletic primaries. Out of you know exotic shaper or whatever, but really we look at me like they don't be that much more worn physical
you know, maybe certain guys go to lie certain injuries and get surgeries stuff. It is just not as strong as it was when you were twenty five. I get that, but I feel like fighting in particular its it's so much more thinking power and you gotta be quaking in. Maybe it's like the damage to their taken too. Into the actual brain like they are process and information. How does the same way? Not only is it physical Buddhist like it only takes one slip up at the top level for gotta catch you. So you know a few of you if your brain just that their sin app say working perfectly It is. I s, lights out on its inertia, looks as I always just out of shape. You just get noticed on that, but it might be sunlight noise. You take him brain damage in her. Yes, yes and I think to something that happens, the fighters when they lose that belief that they can be the bad motherfucker in the world, and that does happen
some fighters. They get a few losses. They settlement that journeyman position and you know that's suit. What Simpson just said when he retired he said I don't wanna, be a journeyman A journeyman position is a weird position, because you know you, you want to give shape to win, to beat this guy, but you kind and know the you'll never be the man. The legs if your guy who's in that two and five pound division and you just keep losing and the new she John Jones, yet who's the greatest of all time. Just and everybody up- and you know you can't beat him so you train, and even when you hit in the bag and run and all of you know John Jones fucked you up twice, and you know you can't beat him. You know you can't beat him that keeps a lot of guys from having the same enthusiasm and passion that they had when they were. Twenty two They could take on the world and the picture themselves on the cover of fighters only magazine the grace of all time Ill Emory has his ideas of who they can be borne down
he has been shattered and now you're, just a really good fighter. Some fighters just lose their enthuse. As for the game and then there's Diego Sanchez. It doesn't seem to give up fuck about any of that. Just there to erect people. You know that he's going backwards and put his clock words, but but I think it's because he focuses on himself european aid Diego's out my first you're sure maybe he's into his mind. Maybe you just saw like focus on himself in you know, even if you can't you know, if you John and you like man, I never gonna catch up. That love I'm just gonna beat a rather than yet. I can really like you say they start to really light. Discourage you a lot. But then, if you just say, ok, I'm better today than I was yesterday and in my jobs like a little is not a straight as it could be. So let me just work on that. Just pick the next thing and just keep suddenly gone at that. I feel I that's what real
champions doing. I don't necessarily look at you know that the other person and Diego he don't even if he had got the bell, is still in his hair light. That's may be high. Think it o you had to talk to him. He seemed like a is he do you need to be grazing out? Do you dare to be great, is all different kinds of crazy right now I mean when, when I saw Diego mall Mickey Gall outside Damn look at the sky yeah, it is I've lost no, no enthusiasm euro. Zero loss and enthusiasm after all, these years of fighting get to realise that guy one, the ultimate fight sees in the wine in two thousand and five? I've. We are now here. I was a knight, Gray floored two years not great, how have you been a high school? You diseases?
two thousand and five is crazy, crazy. He be Kenny Florian in the final Kenny's long since retired, using all the people, the long since retired a gives it you get. You hope along with me. I know when, as a body else has done it, so it can be done. Just you know into his all here and just light is constantly getting better and that's really what the game is about anyway, when he so to the octagon screaming. Yes, yes, ass, yet I would love it. You so fuckin crazy in the best way. There is as way he's got his money still one of my favorite guys to watch the for sure visual. I mean there there's a couple guys like that that it cannot keep that that same longevity. So now you, you got a look at the past and how to learn from other people's mistakes and in a sea. Ok, why? How was this guy thinkin, like that?
Were you when you look, you got this any like he really didn't wanna be a journeyman. At already lasted a two guys home the title. So you you look at any like Magna Carta, comparing yourself too, to allow me too much. You know like air you forum in the result, one what you want it, but psych. Ok, us just to gain as to get, I think is also he lives in Switzerland or Sweden. Sorry, Romania, it's fucking beautiful up there. You rightly said you probably hides idiot. I have no life, they say you, like my wife, my dear this year about the go back out in front of my whole country, a fight another so like color. The last time you for the first time we find from his whole country was when you get knocked up our rumble Roma Do I look back a guys? They left the sport and I was like I get it he's been fighting for a long time. He was restless.
Before that he didn't want do any. I get it back, but this item now about it now man, but the selfish pardon me want to see rumble, get it together and fight for a title there again we not just fine. When you find DC, but you gotta do it a heavyweight, now sober you re about to find it brought him one fucked up or Laskin Heavyweight when you before the p, I felt was the p affair. When it was that what was called the where's your answers guiding air did he's murderous striker, murderous headway. Division is actually very good. Division for rumble really think about it with his speed and power personnel he had so fuckin hearted done matter, someone's a heavyweight light. Anyway, you done matter here the way he clips people like us there's a lot of good fight. I will watch me
Heavy Frances would be all my good, the boss, a type of guys. I, like France, is another one night he can just fine. You chin in its like I've, moved around what unworkable tabs and you know you moved around This disallow ship, the Abbe his easy job to those people who are our light little kid, sometimes Yeah he's he's like a gentle giant, and I mean most guys that you cannot see like the? U Uganda, you, gonna realize I owe you know you bs Teddy Bear here now you signed up, they say I could beat you're right. You see it at every side of a, but we will target among the elderly in the world that if he decided to go and a pro boxing instead of Emma May, when you first heard out, he could be a world champion, runs absolutely and say just movement around what he he's got like these,
we're ways of light displayed. The punch just comes it as such odd angle, but it's like clean, as I like Ok, I see what you doin in automatic see what it is. I mean us, Please? Why move around what a guy is a triumph, see what figured out alone there? But there are certain things you just can't teeter person and he's gonna got that you know he's got that that killer and he, seeking missile? You can't teach that no matter how much you want a hip whatever light. Sometimes you it's in there. You know he's a fascinating store too, because after we lost a steep hey, you know, I think he was absolutely convinced he was gonna Knox. T pay out by the world champion, photos, unbeatable, steep ages, shattered his confidence and any other crazy fight with their where users, like super tentative, didn't even
pull the trigger. Just like an innate admitted said. I carried the fear of my last fight into the cage with me and then he came out. Unstarched Curtis blades and then he came out and Starch Kane after that, like ok, he's back yet think it took him, took him sometimes took out to get it back yet Yet it took to understand what what what is it what's Goin on your way into learn from it too. You know I hate him so strong wielding in any any like gonna cut it out a different culture too, you know come from African in Paris in earthly, so we talk to a memory. Super smart do sober smart. But he's car like me a little bit where it can be hard to get through that get outta here. Anyway. I mean made it in our low stubborn, sometimes, and I think he is too low bit. So it can be hard for lessons to really sink in Russia, but I feel I should now like ie,
he's one of those guys where you can see it. It's like coming together, for is he to his camp in France, no no he's been over Vegas. Did we of his camp- Sierra didn't last Curtis blades yeah. If I am not sure where he's doin this next campaign, that is doing a lot of the performance to rent yeah he's again good wrestling, because that's the really the thing that was exposed in the steep comes over due to extreme, and you know you he'll wrestle with us a lot you know is the promise just heavyweights. You know it's not a allotted to the the bigger dude and is he's intimidating too so and when I say back and I'll be watching a movie, I was certain Gaza. You can tell light they bc that back I'll play or I'll blow? Your claim to me when these on the other side of the k outside the case you scared out Russell would have recovered does. Is I really don't
really give way he's a so big is, as high rose like I'll try to get it. You know I do my day job stronger, a homo Well, it's a heavyweight division is very interesting right now, because I think a lot of people are sleeping on steeper and I know D say: DC clock them and not the amount that first fight, but I think steeply is going to want to come back to the second fight with a vengeance. And I mean he- was the most successful heavyweight champion of all time and he loses the fight loses title can't get anyone pay attention him all my time brought closer dese he's gonna fight is progress. It doesn't even fight he's doing fucking. Be doubly. What is this shit He was. I am the most successful of all time and of the only gonna defended four times, I lose one fight to a fantastic fighter and I can't get a fuckin rematch Leah. What is this about? and then finally there's no one left in a division. Who else is you got? Is gratified M there that I mean that played a perfect for, and I am so glad to see you too light stays, wanted a cool
those in a circle in a whirl abroad, and it's like what more do you have to do here I mean they said TAT. I get sick of of of just away things Are they gonna blame it on a you see, I don't blame it on on. Anything is just sometimes issues the way things are just the way. People are aware light they they want to, the light you at the food. I want to see that controversy and they want. They want to see the negativity ATO s eye mass is, as I do, that the debate is Ebay can get olive trees I'll fire fighter, like legitimately, saving lives on a daily basis, while like train into death in the world champion at it is. I may have Ado light. I can get no love our stated chairs raw, but you know that I am happy to see if these are always worked out? The way, despite the work out in on me, I cast, but I just felt like the marketing of him could have been so much better. That was my feel an audience like. How do you miss out on this hero me
made a little guy super exciting, I think, is just american culture. Maybe because you see like one of cedar necessarily be the same way in online and there stood doing great. I mean time will tell how great they really do, but that but their way of of market and a guy and promote women. Everything is just so much different insight. Does that work in America is the problem. Is people only want to see what they want to see that even about me in all eight people see me, Canada, Hickey S at the president, for them, then that's all they really know about me. So that's all! I really don't think. That's me early morning. They date they even re wrong it to that type of situation in a just think. That's how you is Did you ever talked kiss after years? If I were two years ago, he alcohol. He always pay still has a joke. No, I think it's just met away the whole situation, exacerbated choke. I mean it's almost like He knew he would have been better off if you went to sleep here, but he may have
is that yeah mean I mad that that the fighting down the way you know young rascal around, but God he's more mass oh, that I hear it's worth it was it was so locked in yellow, stop right there like. Let him go out, let him tat. Or go out at me here, but but but think is it it's it's defend yourself You aren't you don't see that, but choke you don't stop a joke. If the guys wait. You don't stop a chunk ness drew a show me there. There's been a couple situations where were you know that O Connor happen in the guy will stop definitive seven in the referenda will will stop it and the rest do tell you know like delight. If you stop defending yourself, then you know what I would ask that you do. I mean yeah. They couldn't because let me talk about enabling easier, but for us as competitors we gonna know you're, not think he just as more upset that its Those were year that it goes way and then not only about the way, but People are wrong. Is today in internet kind of situation, like I'm cool, do they meet army?
in a sailor debt, but I'm always know give respect to everybody you know: that's just away our economy until you gotta diminish that respect for me, then then you know I'm gonna. Give it to you. I was talking to lower its army and are now cannot in all up there, I'm having fun it's my first big Proof press conference like fun at it, but the minute that he got up in in ran across the towards me. Like there's this dividing line almost like a soldier step over to you in my space now its aims? I can't let you I'm a hit you like that. Just aware, in all you also you're in a defensive position like you have to hear them almost a year you want someone cook comes out you in the right daily, others, the fight, the hard time making that weighs a big fella yeah. They all back? All I'm infamy is like I've always just wanted a fair fight. So you know we can win.
You know it's. It's even with mere dos Santos have a sand in that way and at once sixty five and just kind of shoddy hand. He gonna do it, but am I I just want a fair fight out at a deal. You knows what every one way and we want to shake hands to fight it want to weigh one sixty five, five just to show that this way classes a viable way class. I try to wonder yea. He said whatever you know it's, it's even whip me. I d Sancho service, and in that way, and at one sixty five and just kind of shoddy hand. He d want to do it, but on the actual, fair fight out at a deal. You knows what Have you any way if we want to shock hands to fight it? What two way and at once, if I've just to show that this way classes viable way class, I try to wonder He said I don't make agreements with my opponents and I was like This is our problem. In the first place, this way no union or not, they have either Airbus light against each other. Like come our breath, we fight in any way.
About the idea of a union I mean, I think it's getting its inevitable it. I'm so yeah think eventually it it it's gonna happen. How did it happen Think it's once a you will see. The USA is gonna change a little bit, I feel like It also just the same way that I'm kind of at the way that Facebook has been doing stuff in all these other companies, like these large private companies, but they are there. So big and its it's like do you see? It is a sports organisations, and I mean, but its is so big now to wear like it's. Emma stem nearer sport as a guest, its damn near public in all sign at once that kind of changes and people like what they open up the books and, like people really start to pay attention to it, then maybe somebody wonder how to think that it would take some sort of crazy lawsuit. I would imagine, but I think the fighters are individuals in the then that they, they think of themselves and
in order to sign in the contract and I'm really give for, but once somebody who's, smarter, gotta, take a look at it. Union. You know, I'm gonna sit out until you guys meet the demands of the union and they are that's great Kobe covered concerns. You gonna, take your place now some sort of crazy lawsuit. I would imagine, but I think the fighters are individuals and then that they think of themselves and that if if you say I want to join the other, that some sign of you say hey join. The Union sit out until you guys meet the demands of the union and they are that's great we govern concerns you gonna, take your place now he's gonna fight for the title, and then you like what the fuck and then you call Dana, hey man. I change my mind fuck that union. How much you guys again! That's how it goes that I mean yeah yeah yeah, but it's kind of a shame. Our part almost is like it's. The same way is, is I say, less media one. Sixty five is like we already we have a lot of leverage broadly who, as you know,
wait there's only so many things so that we could even do I understand those on just those like fuck we can avoid anyway. I want to cut that are sure firepower. You did not do it either already have already point. It was seventy of already taken a lost year like I'm, not gonna, give you two media vantages here, but but do you have seen that the you feel like they treat you? Well, you argue obviously you're in there good graces year. Honestly, I had no real, like complete, About it, you know is its. I know what I'm I'm sign it alive
you know me. I know what I'm sounded a foreigner in anytime. I do, and I say I'm gonna do some I'm always gone. They shall hold up my in and I'm gonna do and its afforded me so much too to wear my life is so much different than I thought it would be like. I truly thought debt that everything which has looked different enough provided a better life for my family light mud, Mama, my dad and my brothers light while my room one brother lease, but you know it it's just for me so much that any light negatives on it. I can't really is just like grievances. Almost near not understand our story said: have you ever been ouch by other organizations before getting into Yossi, then I mean maybe a little bit here and there, but in like, when you see guys like Sage Northcote, go over to one of sea and Eddy our allies and mighty mouse Johnson I mean this: is it's all go for sport in general?
I think, even the USA, sees the light. Competition is always good, he anxious is just build and even more in bigger and better, and it's really the support that we look after so, if I am am ups been in, I'll try, but you civil law mama, but you know if another organisation was ever no no. It, though, never knowing very well, so I really blows up in nice that I mean not their names, god damn it out or Mean Canada Bowling Ball met, bowling ball on your neck kind. I mean I don't know first for me, I am getting at you. Is where said in hunting. Resent you don't want it to be too many organizations either you don't mean rise, then W B C W Ba with boxy fight is I guess, that's why we're that's gonna want about border that in our kind of a problem now I may would Douglas Lee
the Douglas Lemurs world class fighter, but you know Rory Mcdonald's, world class fighter. These guys are worlds I've been caliber, roaring Mcdonald could absolutely be a world champion. The of c b b tyrant would later mean. Think I want be a part of key. In it altogether too economy on another be selfish, would be like all one's gonna pay me way more money, so I'm a go out there and do that, like I'm, a huge fan of the sport in general to someone is he to sport, do good and in having us all under one roof deftly does here. It's also being a: u have see champion just fuckin means more way more issues.
Why more weight in Madrid you, finally guys about or Champnell, congratulations do guys you have seen champion like oh share, that's a different and in it I would even want to keep their integrity about it. You know has just for myself. You know I mean to you know just just a no date that that's what you did you say and do it. I know what you did, I think, is a wake up call those guys are going over and fighting in these other organizations are realising now banned. There are world class fighters, you don't know about over in one at sea in particular, is like Timothy knots. You can the guy that knocked out every hour, as now Motherfuckers world class work less by damn we were brought up anywhere you're out of tree every body with the same. You know the different world. Yes, it's different, but is still like. Does not You are so different world. Now I'm saying that, like you go, these other organisations is not a cakewalk yeah.
They're just as hard and just as dangerous as Yossi fighters. You know once each file? You saw the sage result that Cosmo Alexandra guy. Then it follows that guy's, a beast man here and I am all for taking a big risk. I really am in trying to take the biggest hardest fight. Did you can't put some I like As I said, some I should probably got his age year was like hey. Listen like this. Do it's legit world champion kickboxing in I just what Nicky housekeeper in? Oh, that's a huge level of of experience that you talk about come from fighting so my legs, I gotta words in
psych. That's all I huge job. You know it s, the Grand Canyon without Scooter Ear, yes, is just sometimes the biggest risk, a necessarily light the smartest either yeah you can luxuriate get hurt and sport like is it's a sport, but is real life to let you you can legit get hurt. You can lose your life, some ass, you I agree and also particularly sages. Nano bresler yeah now so he's gonna stand stand up. Others do before our gloves on and had never found ring before not or at least I don't think I don't know, but when you watch her fight, you see the way he was moving is like he didn't expect that puts the come. You didn't expect him to be able to cut him off line When you look at a ring, I mean it's, it's it's it's a hundred and eighty degrees right there. I ve only have one made a move, never moved out in yet
That's a really good point. Actually, I've name and consider that a who, whether his you know his coaches, should have been like this in light, we need to work our way Darien manner or I think they might ahead of false misconception of gone over to one in one treat number your good they're gonna, give you a good fight so united on a build you, I think one is signing guys to be like we got some legit tell it over. Here we saw you, you can make your money, but you let our net muddy the army aside. They threw him right at the top champions either like they threw him to a world class fighter that date, but they ve got world class town and they really do and so does Bello torn out in I feel like Douglas Lemme is as good as any hundred seventy partner in the world we just knocked down, but Michael Venom, page at least Holy shit,
gave Armand. Sassy is absolutely one of the best hundred eighty five powers in the world. I mean he's as world class as they get in. So much tell it like it. You do need to keep it all underwater, umbrella. I think you know I'd say that if we ended up at once, there is is. It is better for us, there's two. You know like our competitors, I want to compete against the best of the best one, like a bunch of you know like whereas box, and where you know you can't make to fight happened, because this promoter doesn't work with this promoters. You got two three four years of and in the whole time a guy like Joshua's gonna sit back and like man I don't know, I will get the fight guy, so I really don't know how good I am or or something where stage like that. She's got to compete in the later chips out and wherever they fall is waiting for. You only get to be able to do that
everything's under one roof. Yeah, I'm really enthusiastic and hopeful about this ESPN deal to cause. I think that's can expose a lot more people to the sport. Because so many people that are just casual sports fans, it always have the the tv on yes pm me. That is America's network for sports. In a good two like working comfort, his last fight you getting ready to do to build up and everything it just sing in the way that they do certain things. There's like there's enough on it. You know, there's no, like there's no lag, there's no delays! There's no! You know it's just every basis on on nominal game, like the real professional that itself, beautiful ya, think I love her, and yet these have we. But I've been very impressed with their promotion, to the way that promote things would have put things together even the way they handle social media. It's a notch up and you can tell like that day there
Jews have so much experience in sport and mean there forever right mean there. The leaders forever beautiful, I think in a social media, gonna, probably be the last low low labour that cause that it with our support is living in died on it almost yeah and that's gonna be like admission away from where they are really forgot. It like that no more just causes. I don't think it's right. I mean, I think, eventually is gonna change in it's gonna get to be weighed better and then once I happens, light than the sport of really like shooting many mean what. Why would a boat with? Don't you he's right about it. I just don't like you know I haven't been getting lately just because for me it was like I started
notice and that it was changed. My outlook on things like it was like. I was almost doing stuff for the purpose of put an enormous social media, or I wasn't like enjoy my life as much. I was more so worried about like how is gonna look or you know what it was. How I can use this- and I was always constantly lie scheme in employment and is just anything it was healthy Anna and then I started to see the effect that it was Heaven or other people too in in or just people around me and in general, like I was not as it was terrible for my little brother in, and I think it's terrible for kids in general in each has made it to where everything was. So you only got to see load glimpses of things you gotta make people think perfect, pitcher, in a perfect, of course, in Addis. So that's just what you see
and you only got to see that the that the Shine and Clinton Unglamorous done so when it when a young kid is looking at that site and is thus he thousands of likes on it too. You know and that's what everybody likes sell it. It just almost make you feel like man ass, would I should be an army and in when you not that, then I can give you such a day. Just out. Look on yourself to where you do some stupid to beat it to where I feel like he's. Gonna change is gonna, be different. How so what he thinks you're a couple weeks ago saw that they were talking about in all taken away the likes you are going to see it. People jump off buildings, brow with love that, though our get back on our behalf really room full of life. They said they were thinking about taken away the number of followers to so you couldn't see how many followers of the people- I don't see. Why not? I don't see why you need to see it as you are in a guess. Furthermore, did note how ridiculous it is when the one like sometimes
see someone like with with kills me as while looking like the search area and there's some girl doing so. Lots and thong legitimacy. I may lie fallow. She has eighty million. Why, but, but I think, is what good does that? Do you know my happy because it so crazy, we're, even even you know, is issued in fighting and stuff, but you know I look on it like certain people have like millions of followers innocent. What does that necessarily translate to to anything tangible in I mean anything, real insight, I am certainly not only within the. I don't know. If anybody's done, any studies and right really looked at that to see per hour nationally Does it really think it matters? I think the only thing it does is light plan to you all where you like, you know it so many lies. Are you you post me like manner? I get this many like says that if it does it doesn't matter, you know, I guess, for the dollar
We also see a modern is further algorithms. You know me. I would like to see what other people like run, so that makes its, but we don't necessarily have to see that were in army if, if like we re rod is dawn, is video, love and I'm gonna look at him whether they got a hunter lie. Exerting a hundred thousand in I'm going to follow him. Whether he's got Amelia followers or a hundred farmers. You not to me. I think that's probably the way it should be more cadet seems more like life. Yeah I get we San, but in this in age everybody wants to do want to know all this is the number one show on like Netflix is an interesting thing because you never know what the fuck Netflix ratings are. You have no idea if you watch like say Ozark or something like that. No one has any idea the Netflix Netflix knows they'll tell you shit like that. Commies bachelor Netflix, they go. We love it. Thank you, but here's the it'll, stop me from
it does street only evading it makes a little butter may like so at least goes because now you got all load Dana too. That you gotta get into our really following the crowd there much may beat us what the way I'm thinkin about it, but you know you don't stop me for watching it. I wonder to actually do the one if they do do that, if engagement will go down, I'm sure Netflix. When you look, Netflix his motto, I'm pretty sure they algorithm is, is showing like. Ok, this is getting this. Many lifeless put this on the front page. So more people going to click on it. That makes sense. I mean you, don't necessarily have to see how many people watch it right, the Netflix. Does it also for negotiation purposes short like say when I do specially, I know my last special got more views than my first special, but how many you got there? I share their say. We were very happy were very happy to tell me how many people are watching. We can tell you that lie tell me they laugh and very happy now, you're very happy with this. To me tell me
it may be well if it makes you feel better, you see is doing that now, it is fear, like you, don't know how many paper views that getting well managed less the promise not many damaged the first one they did was less than a hundred thousand. That's not good when you consider that you know that was a giant fight. Now MAX Holloway dust employ a big ass, fuck and five hundred thousand, not even a hundred thousand, buys it, but that it takes away from our are value as fighters. You know because data, what I'm saying you don't truly get to see it. That's also because a streaming because this transition to yes PM plus I'll, take a while before everybody realise a hundred percent as the only way gonna get the paper view only and watch the fights gotta get app. That's it. Great app I don't take a lot of the time I have it on. I have apple tv. It homes are watching on the seamless. Allow me to put that to get up, but just a month,
The one wherever they got a design is the same way to like. I watched the Joshua Ruiz fight. I watch that undesigned, that's fucking excellence, the same thing yet I mean in the numbers from from stuff like that is like Why me, I think you vetches gonna change to women, really gonna see the true numbers it's gonna have to, because I wonder because when you, when you see like Canelo Alvarez, make twenty five million are where we did in his last fight. Ending you here he's only got you know a hundred thousand subscribers. I signed up for design But then you look at at eight hundred thousand subscribers and his own. That's what I heard tat. He said he true festival. Google, how many subscribers does deserve have de Aisy, and I was calling days in
forever. No Norman! It's designed might well. You need a fuckin, oh Anne e within you, look I'm alone. It would Jamie Purple of number. But then, when you, when you look at light on the same night, our fought cowboy, which is away but a fight to make his fine, the great fight, but in out s paean. How many numbered in you know they know, say the numbers of brass subscribers, but it's gotta be cut comparable right, but I was a free fight. He didn't to see. The thing is about the Eu S PM, plus a yet free fights, and then the paper views so the cowboy verses ally quantify was a great fight, but it was free. So if you got that up, he just wants to fight, but I think this own assembled in the bottom- you just pay per month. Yes, yes, but the! U s c for paper view is not so well
get a paper view fight. You have to pay so that weird right, like maybe I'll, make it a little more money making ten bucks a month. It give everybody everything that would have a thousand. What did w w e did? I was a huge success. The I figured I took a while rooms, Rocky favourably result. Four million four million subscribes to disown. That makes sense is actually they had from their vice. President, North America said that my boy to Asia and allows away. I will try to subscribe North Amerika subscribers. I dont does a man rights internet doesn't matter, but a four million peoples. I believe you right This guy's fulla shit now and I think it s all right. I think I'll tell you right, but eliminate your ability to negotiate right, because you don't know you like with Directv, okay, Directv, says or seven hundred thousand paper view buys they hit everybody's happy. Get a piece of that, like all boy, we get this much money coming in like we're. How are they doing
he is now for paper. You ain't guns, army negotiations to date. After your fight it do they give you a window of time before you, they contact, do and hit you up with. Another fight has at work. No, I mean I wanted to get back in there and Argus, but you know what subjects I'm now reading that they, they were publicly saying that one point more than one point: two million people watched worldwide Canelo last fight So that is the way way less. That's not that many, because it's free right once you have designed that's free, which is interesting the USA has a different model. The only I mean is Canelo gets twenty five may and then you know our cowboy get about a hundred peace. So as light You know where the value and is gonna and then is nigh Canelo. I think, like three fights
and you know on one march the deck I got like a hundred grand even though his name me. Well, women are the first out Canelo Gallagher. Six hundred million dollar deal I'm insane right I didn't they. Just scientists infuriated some symbolic that with the Caspian, he get us a sum crazy. Similar deal as well and Anthony Joshua was designed to another crazy deal. It's all weird right now right. Everyone is trying to figure out what the future is. No banking on streaming, which I think is the correct bet ya mean it's it's changes. Everything is in place. Everything I think he's gonna gonna change is just is taken up a little bit of time before it all. We surprised, right cowboy and I, like winter. We surprised I was now no, not really the way of surprising that law You know me out. I thought the only way, cowboy
are the only way I was gonna win is, if he would knock them out. Early is just a kicks, would have been too much in any was. I think that first left switch kick, that he threw a kind of caught out on top of aid low bit at the death of now necessarily Speranza taboo. Has gay visual spin on his Ghana later, which brings up this weekend Tony Ferguson, how boys I hope we shall fight who I'm so excited about our fight, see Goin to Tony no real it s. First, I didn't. I thought that cowboys just just two too honest point cobblers time.
Maybe a little bit better, so in all eternity does get hit so that some to look at, but I think, Tony's, just unorthodox movements and in the way those punches in Moses head at the same time as Stalin punches cowboy like the kind of leave his head up there in maybe get hit a body or some so tones relentless here. Let me that motherfucker never gets tired and keep a summary while you're here Yes, it's a three round because, as the third fight below the mate men event, so the main event is a Hutu Marla, more eyes, which is another nominal fight. Yeah yeah ma got a lot of power. Who he's got everything? That's a big one, thirty five or to that did Jack. That's a big, that's! That's like a big scorn up the on you know he
such a chant, though you been up at the top of multiple sports for so long that so much experience. He he's don't know how to handle it right, but a good fight is it's better than the people are given credit for for sure he just wants we champion. Now the authority to Champ chance. He wants a number three, while those three Champ champs. I'm sorry because Can we call me some now landed and management as he can. We call to some doubts, for you will be glad you like it because too many of our lives, like a guy kid I'll, agriculture DC, we came to himself. I got excited, but then, when you defend the bill in all full of her two or three times are you are you champion? Did I mean this one? The title tight enough it should be kept in. But when you win to divisions, you are champ chant. We stop fucking around heavenly
hey get Takeaway Amanda, Nunez, Champ Champ, she decides never find a again. She is Champ chat period you're right it straight up murderer you are, I were I wish because of different. Is mad Connor and read aloud with James. You know rumbles, not fighting, but now just as in danger, is right. If you want to keep your knees like Craig Jones is no goddamn joke. Craig Jones is a heel hook and mother. Fucker hears it. Yeah Craig Jones is at the top of the food chain in the submission grappling world, but he's as big as rumble, but the aim is drug testing by that means in addressing rumble. So I don't know they have to weigh in. I don't land their car, like David risk Goliath, maps out, oh yeah, wait rose,
three hundred fifty pounds. I wonder what rumbles going away, because Craig Jones has been grappling, I want, I want to say he's probably around two hundred and fifteen to twenty law. Guys not not incredibly ripped, but this grappling world is very strange because there's no real drug testing to speak of and everybody, kind who knows that everybody can adduced up. You know they ve Brazil, challenges from Australia, but give me some of those who see. I don't know, I don't think it comes very much into play hanging in grappling. You know so much technique and leverage that comes into play. It helps you trot the train by our jargon. My house decision visa wronger special with no g, probably don't you know in in Novi wagging works is key to its silicates physical to physical thing, get two guys. One goes on Jews, one guy doesn't the guy was Andrews, has some sort of an advantage if there all tat?
equally similar, but that's a tough fight for rumble in that Craig. Is you To being on the bottom and his used to fighting with with in I'd. Control of the legs like I don't know what kind of rumble. What can a leg la game rumble has? What is Dennis Harmon such factors as oh yeah, and he was crazy thing- is Dennis home and went for a fuckin he'll hook care and Craig Jones is like Nokia and without a good idea to talk is like a good idea. I feel, like that's gonna, be the next low evolution net. You cinema may, like long leg, lock the zone of really like started to incorporated a little bit into into my gain yeah. It's it's a fish against wrestlers like out below worry if I was in rebels corner for that cause, wrestler low, more susceptible to to leg locks Mattoon, so I thought I'd. That's gonna be like the next slow
level that you see. I was as this one you have to understand the system and I don't I'm not a leg. Locker art, I see the transitions, but if I was on the mat with them, I wouldn't be a step ahead. I wouldn't be able to like no where they're going and I would have to react, as is happening, which is a giant disadvantage, and I don't know what rumbled knows. I know it was a great wrestler in the bud. Rumbles big thing was never so many people's. Yet how can people up standing up yummy? I think the best way is just to try it. Disengage from I'm. Just not let him your legs and just ass, easier said than done. I look around, I would crush, did the thing with those guys is when you rolling with someone who is that high level with submissions you are react, and they know how you're gonna react in their anticipating your reaction, and they have a counter to your reaction and you're, always one step behind. You can explode. Unexploded spoke and events
you get a little tired and whoop and Hickson is talk about that is like that, can keep the rhythm has always say they can keep the rhythm like this is because it just keep going. They keep it packing and you just can explode and explode and shore, but half reticule orbit afterwhile after while that shit, where's out and the next thing you know you're wrapped up in some time yet think they see more guys. Like you, you know, I mean they seem more guys that are just trying to turn this year, lotta recipes and our guys just try those same kind of events in whom, where you not sing in that many guys at, are good at? Let looks like a raw, especially to the point where now that their start to understand it way more technically then you know like Paul Horace style of foot, just try and lying squeezed the shit off what Glomeris had some good take me. But as I am plaques is like Eddie Cummings Oceania Anatomy, Mahars had dinner, I mean that style of annoying, and you know sometimes you just see like they just grab your foot and just right twisted the way and ex post.
Go when you look at a guy, like God, Donna here style in he's, breaking down like a man sites, as he's like you know, there's early gonna, be no way that you gotta get out of those different level, in all you see now that Gary tone in now and in the year Gary tone is fighting over in one. He just submitted the shit. Somebody with an inside here Has he fought against yeah just for real recently symbolic a week ago aware Gary Times he's gonna be a world champion? I really believe that the asking, as is its first like Two maybe wise undefeated is foreign. Oh now, and it's just a ways winning to his ease, Vulcan people up and he super dedicated need just real smart and he's got will with a guy like her in his corner, Donna HORIZON other guy and he's also by the way you know he's locked up. It's a rap for us, a hobby they're all like in Cahoots together. They train together, but diners got especial brain. He really does his has a special understanding of submissions
South Africa. Should definitions on down the york you'd think I visit the hens here type do ass, it out. Six hours would have like. Yes, he seems like he's got that in a systematic way of of I guess I doubt you gotta like that, because it takes a guess work out in our home. Maybe it takes the what? If he does this Oh, he got an answer for these, as this he's got an answer here. Do you know that's why I feel like I'm kind of islamic and asserted at my game yeah. I think that would be a great addition. Anyways gayness train down there and understand what that guy stolen or mean there's a there's, quite a few different systems. Now and then you gotTa Craig Jones, whose common like us it from Australia he's got he's a very similar system to resist ever get different approaches to it, but what Donna her did not hens, o Gracie team, did as they just kind of like proof of concept, Let me now I like
you're missing out on a giant chunk of this. Thank and of a giant chunk of this thing is all the variables that come into play when Gaza, China refugees needs apart in a kind of goes back to even like. Oh those individual sports are so ahead of us of ours right. You know like what we're talking about earlier when you seeing world class Ujiji fighters or world class, my typewriter, they're just better. At that thing, you guys who do everything? Yes, oh I mean a couple years ago, you saw more like today to going to back. Attacks in Our bars were like really big in it, and now you, then they gotta, we would like? The leg, lock error and I feel, like we kind of stuff on the back attack. Conor barn eventually will move over to to be an example of leg locks. Now you see in a lot of due to guys gonna get away from leg, locking started under defence is starting to catch up on, Europe is putting it to go to world stood to see it, but you know I always like to stay one step ahead of it in
where is going on in what's on the other side of it interesting that world they were weighing the fighters before they got to the map that's how you wait and yet you how to make weight with your key on at the sight. Of the map and they drink some water and then go roll, so they're trying to discourage any in our way, cutting that works. If you like it Here I railway away. You talk about light those punch at each other, sometimes still gonna, cut way in that's too big of arrest, her tat, terrible yeah, you danger yeah, very, very dangerous. Your video dangerous, your brain is you know in this was even- and I did that that I had a head was I I wonder why no body creates some type of fluid field Hague Year of some sort. In order me like,
we think about your brain, like your brain, surrounded by that blood at fluid, and that's really what was protected in a more so than even like you that the thickness of your skull or anything so when you put in it, I get why they, the box in amateur boxing, is starting to take away the Hague year, because a saint is making a more dangerous. It's really only help in the guy who's punch in you. You know punch somebody with a heavier you can. Gulf, like full blast, was also their head, snaps more because his weight on the net exists at its effectually making it worse. You know where, if you had something that was fluid, feel kind of recreating the the inside of your hit, then would absorb and shake the water in our, like, oh Mamma, said Rosa those water bags. You know when you hit those like you can feel like it's a low. It absorbs the the impact a bit different. I just wonder. I me out of it not a good idea like maybe if you paucity of water,
forgive blow it s idea, but I think you're, right that makes sense if they could design it correctly and figure out awaited, dispersed in impact matter. It's a good idea, TAT S, yeah. I mean. I don't know that. She just do some serious test in or not on a wine on party to Cleveland Clinic Overrun in Vegas state. Did they ve got this study gone on for couple years where they take you in India Day, they run it. Way: MRI scanners in they do all these different type of tests on you on a lot on the computer, like Tessier reactions, skills testing, a ballots tested. All did you know different party obray. It's been a couple years now, I think, have been part of him for four years ago in twice a year to to get it done, but that just seems like it's gonna take soul.
Long, were you really notice anything and when you do that today tell you your results based on how you are six months ago, yet they give me they had actually just act for the MRI Scanner because they tell you and it just like. If not, you fought like, like your results, are digs because, as Canada same tests that you taken over and over and over again, so they just kind of matching up to how you did last time in all. If you scored a ninety eight on the last, when you score ninety internet ones like ok to school in a year, you, U fine, but to me I asked them for the actual I scares out or not, or even MRI light there, but in oak as I want to see light, though even them it's gotta be deepened, and that is that it be deeper into plus two and in all this shit like so, have you some more to like they should just do a study where they take
a ballistic here in Haiti in budget terms. We have anything to worry about me right right, left, Frances punching a year, but, like I want to know, you dig in other fields like want to know that you want to give you your brain tissue is like and that you can do stuff, where you put some Nova, put a figure on it, see if it makes a works, put it like set water Higgins. You think we're gonna get to a point where they have a study that they can like a test like that they could do in a fighter and they'll say: hey man, you can't find any more for issues. I don't have a right now, which is why they let chuckle Adele Fight Tee and what is right, I think it's just like them, our electorate. Are you know like a couple years ago? You know you wouldn't be able to get the same type of images and now, when you see like some of this stuff that there really come out with medically, I think that's gonna advanced so much more to where you
really be able to see like the individual neurons and in inside any go see like ok, you're, breaking up these deep, these parts of your brain, it we couldn't see before you knowing Russie when an x ray you can see it with a what am I I love those they can't see until the autopsy right right, so hopefully, as as technology improves and as we get better or on that front light, then we can just start to take summit at the debt technology in and use it for what we do in Europe yeah, we'll heavenly, it's been a blast. Let's do it again, several months ahead. Let me know what a year wet year, Wet year a year a year, will uniform regular appreciate their cabinets Ladies and gentlemen,
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