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JRE MMA Show #69 with Yves Edwards

2019-07-02 | 🔗
Joe is joined by UFC Lightweight veteran and current PFL commentator, Yves Edwards.
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You can get one hundred dollars towards select mattresses by visiting casper dot com, slash and using the code Rogan at checkout terms and conditions apply. Folks I guess today is a former professional mixed martial arts fighter at the very highest level, absolutely one of the best in the world when he was competing, he's a great guy. He is a cop imitator now for the p, F L, which is a new mma promotion, fairly new. That is now on ESPN, plus an ESPN two as well and he's friend and I love him the death, please welcome Eve. Edwards The Joe Rogan experience trying my day Joe Rogan podcast by night all day. Ladies and gentlemen, hello, sir, see brother. What's going on everything and nothing everything,
nothing. You tell me your this is a crazy time for you, you're you're vagabond, you travel around my gypsy. I, like the term no man, no bad good and bad about MRS Outcome point I check with my yeah Baghdad nomads like a gypsy with money. No, but gypsies of is a the rogatory term you didn't use to be, I think it might be now they can say it like king of the Gypsies, Tyson Fury, he's allowed to say it he's allowed to see it might be one of those things we gotta worry like that Lot of people do those words are expanding. There's more. Those words than before can. Family in trouble right now, kimages call themselves in it. I don't know man, I don't know, that's a good one that used to be a normal one. You know, if you know it's really crazy. If you look at when kids had were born with down syndrome, the the original terms Mongoloid Idiot, that used to be like they would put that on birth certificates.
Like or like when you say the original term, any of those, will still alive like is that still on somebody who lives birth certificate? That's a good question: do people with down syndrome live less? They don't live as long. I think that's the case. The idea, I don't see a lot of older people, this like up the I just can't wait till we could read minds so this all this nonsense just go out the window. I think once we could read minds and then you just see intent and there's no like words like 'cause right now. It's just word Is that convey intent? Some of those words are forbidden, but some of those words have MIKE bitch. Perfect example, like you could say, that's a bad like this. Bitch is crazy. Like this bitch is fine. You know you could say this. Bitch is hot. This bitch is that bitch is so cool, or you could say. Oh my god, this girl's a bitch You know yeah the connotations completely, so many of them is so many different ones. Where is man where
is a hard thing every one time, Mickey Joe Mickey Joshila, Mickey Gall Joe Schilling- and I were talking- about words and options in like, like your shirt, is green right, but if I would be in your can't this. Well, I see your shirt and what I see it as as read, but I right I know it is green yeah. I need to know for sure the colors of the same thing. No, we don't. We have no way of knowing right right I've not and knowing what like. Some people are into weird shit like yellow cars. Right that's not weird, that's weird, all the colors to paint a car like why the fuck do you want yellow car take a nice car. Like you see like a yellow corvette like what the fuck are you doing in that corvette, I swear you were going to say something different. I swear it's like people listening to people in the weird shit. I thought you were going to say like scatter. Something is definitely the yellow cars. That's not so bad yeah, but I mean I don't know what they're saying
me yellow cars like it's unfortunate, you know like. Why would you do that college? It? it us on sale because of the shitty color. I think that class should cost lest yeah for sure yeah, unless you just give trying to make a point like your car, is like a bumblebee or something and now like you, have black, stripes and yellow and see how, cool yeah, a bug on a mustang. I think those going to cause it really should be yellow Mustang. Like if you're going to paint it like with some flames on it, you don't like Mustang, I'm not a big muscle, car guy. I do like sports cars, I'm not crazy about muscle cars. Somebody needs a doctor nature into the world of I bet you just haven't seen the right ones. You know, I think I think that comes from where I grew up because like you need a lot of open road that we don't have that in the bomb like, especially I'm from I'm not a big fan of of like choppers, I'm not, I don't those seem silly to me
can't turn yeah? I like crotch rockets and dirt bikes dishes, as we crazy handle and you're holding. If you don't know what for people just listen and yeah, they have the handle bars that are above your head, hey you're, driving around like this, and you can. If you have to turn quick you're far. Okay, I can get away with some Lynn and once it goes bad like you you're not going to recover yeah, I I would think they would have like a secondary handle. Just just have to I'd like this. To get tired, have some shit right over the gas that folds yeah. We can do that. We could patent that make that probably make millions of dollars. Some people are crowd, rocket seemed safer because there more maneuverable yeah, but you can handle those mother fuckers, like those things, move good, yeah, special as we design for if you control it a high speed, I saw this video of a motocross. I don't know what you call crotch rockets are racing, but these guys are racing students student that he was losing it.
And he got thrown off. I saw that, but he was on his knees, sideways. Yes, he hung on their on and it looks like you're still giving it the gas yeah. I don't know, I don't know what the rules are like cutting the track right but like. If, if that He wasn't disqualified. That was an ninja move. How do you get back on now? You have to slow down. You have to write you gotta, do the ninja move. You gotta hit the break, real hearts or use lab and then use your body shoots at their land. Back on the bike, hit the break and pop your hips up at the same time bring something with fast and furious, I'm scared of bugs I don't know how to ride. You don't make a right a bicycle, but I can't ride a motorcycle. I can't write it. I've never written crotch rocket I've only written scooters, make an electric. Now you won't even there's no gears. It's just like a Tesla.
I don't like. I don't know the whole thing about riding the bike is being able to control it. Isn't it well, you can still control the speed, but you're not going to be able to shift gears. You don't have to do the shit with your left foot, where you're going with the clutch and up and down all that jazz have to learn how to do that. You have to do that with one of those things is bring you yeah, yeah fucking, ridiculously fast too. I feel like I be like the guy on you know. David, the motorcycle video in the in Europe, making cars like electric cars have noise. You have to have noise like a regular car, so people hear you dumb, yeah. Well yeah. I mean you're, not riding on the sidewalk. Well yeah I mean, I guess, is if people crossing streets and Shit maybe also I don't know what the rules in Europe offer and motorcycles, but Do you hear guys when they're riding on in between lanes? You know what I mean
can hear them all the time. There's a lot of times where you don't have to look in la that's such when I grew up in Boston and you couldn't. Do that? That's not legal everybody. To stay in the lane really yeah in Texas, it's legal so it splitting lanes how often it's legal versus illegal. Well, there's a lot of states, don't even you don't have to wear helmets. Yeah Texas, one of them, I don't know change, that's know, Louisiana is one when I was in the last time was in Miami. I was watching. Dudes fly by me on the highway would know how well oh, no, though I mean do you, do you want a helmet on you hit something in ninety miles an hour I don't know mean yes and no! It's like, I think. Sometimes people make it. You know yeah, but like what? What about you get all that pain was Jamie. California remains the only state to allow lane splitting
wow, so I guess is no longer. I think you could just do it whenever you want it's on the motorcyclist to be risk. Your take your own risk so count in California is legal, but in all The place is just you just kind of do it. Probably I mean yeah where it says me immediately crossing the state line. Nobody crosses organ about it. Here too, I don't know. Maybe it's partially legal. There somethin certain cities, areas, yeah freeway, maybe only or something like traffic laws. It's weird traffic laws being different, like so different and in every state when I was in Texas a couple days ago and I'm driving and I'm getting over, because the cops pull somebody over on the highway and passengers she's like. Why are you getting over like you? Don't have to do it, but in Texas you're supposed to if you, if you can get over you're supposed to get off and give them that lane birth. Otherwise, you slow down to like ten miles below the speed
whatever but like in Dc Maryland, where she's from it's like. You don't have to do that like, but it's like, if I'm from, if I'm from Maryland, I'm in texas- and I do that and then another cop's behind me, I'm getting a ticket If you don't know the law, it's not the still, not their fault right right. It's your fault! Did you see the Hong Kong protests that are going on? No, this crazy protest going on Hong Hong Kong, but what's amazing is there was an ambulance and the ambulance was trying. I mean this giant crowds in the street. I mean fucking, thousands of one million people. They part like the sea for this. For this ambulance, crazy. I give that shit was happening in America. Good luck! You can blow that horn. All you want. What is this Jamie going to?
as I said, is it yeah? Why is why is it say north point not like chinese characters on the street? Now you sure this is the one Hong Kong, Hong Kong, pro This is Bach load make for amber. I saw an overhead shot of it. It was more impressive because it was this giant sea of people and they all just made, ok and everybody got right. The fuck out of the way for ambulances, it's like when a predatory fish swimming through, like a so here it is this. Is what I saw yeah. So these people just Good luck! Trying that shit in America I mean these people are so polite. Two to three million or so yeah. What is it? Do you know what their protest in? I can't this so much outrage worldwide. I can't keep track man yeah this stuff going on everywhere. You see that there's this stuff in Sudan right now everywhere. You know, every part of the world is up in arms. Go
there's a there's, a bunch of shit going on there going off ever there's a new, more recent, it's exhausting yeah! Why can't people just not be assholes right? It's impossible! That's what we need this mind. Reading software along with that is like, then you just in the mind of assholes, maybe maybe, but maybe People can let you know. Ok, man. Do you don't have to think like that? Your problem is the way you thinking 'cause it's ninety percent of the problem peoples the way they think and then they act on the way they think I don't know about ninety percent of them, really not a mathematician. Just threw that number out there, it's a locked up. Yes, I showed you is sort of on the way to what you're talking about how your friends can play a video game together, using only your mind, okay, this is what you were talking about after the show telepath that communication yeah. This is this is the future one hundred percent. There is going to be a time where we share some sort of I
it's going to be some sort of a universal language, they're going to create a language. It's based like on images. Or or things that are culturally. You gets cross boundaries. People from other countries going to be able to understand that you will be able to understand it. Has like Google translate in it. Yes, I really think that I, There's going to be a language I mean like it to see someone's tweet I read tweets from people that I'm time from different countries, it's kind of cool that you could like read some russian see some russian shit and then just say: translate the tweet and you get a chance try to figure out what this guy saying. Yeah I've seen add a couple of times and then, especially with some of my teammates friends, brazilian guys, and they will have it in Portuguese, but they will also translate. Have it in English. I love brazilian guys do that. But then, when you translate it it like,
moves words that are already in the english translation. It makes it like screwed up. It makes it like the grammars all messed up. It's really weird. I don't know why it even touches the English. If you bring it that language yeah. That's the problem with languages right like the way they. Say things is different, so translate something in English. You have to take some sort of editorial license. You'd have to move things around. What you're trying to say is this: you can't just translate it yeah yeah, especially because of like where we place like prepositions and like there's some like there's some language where they don't have the word off like don't they don't they don't say, turn off the light it's like when they said when they speak in English, they say, kill the light. You know. Well, that's the way I mean you could still get it but yeah if they don't have a off word like. I would imagine that Asians Lang asian language be the hardest right because they have characters. They don't even have letters. You know, yeah the alphabet, so much so much bigger and their character
can mean so many different things. This little piece of a character combined with this changes, everything the change, is each one individually like it's like this. One is water and this one is fire and you put them together a chocolate when you were fighting what was the you how many different times you travel overseas to seven Was there any? What was the weirdest place where it is most different? Was Japan yeah, but I wouldn't say it was weird just different. Just different yeah, very different is like being in the future. Some yeah right and Tokyo, yeah I don't know, there's a lot of fun the different things they do that the way this thing about being over there was that that pachinko game like what's pachinko, gets like these people. They play. They it's like a gambling game and they have these buckets of like ball bearings, and I put him in the game.
And I don't. I don't even know what the rules are, but you see like older and middle aged japanese people. They just sit there for hours just playing, and you win and it's like, like winning a slice like slot machine kind of right. So when you win, thank you get a bunch of these these balls back. I swear to you if you like, I don't know if Jamie pulled up like something, but it's I think it's p. Eighty Janko So. Here's a guy who's, Dan's biggest gaming obsession, explained Pachenko. They like putting ball bearings in there and they just go they're all wearing that, so many people wearing masks. That's the other weird thing about agent right there, a lot of people like to wear those masks. So so that's the game that thing that there. This is weird how's it work. Did you play it? No, I mean I don't know, I don't know what you're trying to do like everything's in Japanese, that that's the currency for the game. This ball bearings I really don't understand, can't believe just finding out about this and you will see.
See you see somebody sitting there and they will have buckets like like this big, like square rectangular buckets, and I have like two or three stacks of 'em next to them and they just reach down drop them in the machine and they I don't know what they're doing. I don't know. Standard at all. I want to play it. It looks stupid. I don't want to in ball bearings. What am I going to put in my car yeah, what the fuck look that is so strange, a bucket this guy's just taking fists of ball bearings and throwing them into this machine and the bouncing around like a like. A pinball machine turned up on its side. Yeah I, I don't. I don't understand it at all. I don't know like: what's the value on those ball, bearings did I I don't look every time I go to Vegas every time I go to a casino I freak out. I just I just for see those people I feel like to waste in their life playing the
Is God Damn slot machines, yeah yeah. That's the first time I went to the first time I fought in Vegas, I played a slot machine is the only time. The first time I gambled like in the Bahamas, when I was growing up also bahamians couldn't even gamble in the Bahamas, but then I came here and I was in Vegas and I was like I want to play slots, but I was like against family, so I played the nickel slots for awhile. I want twenty dollars a little slots over him shaking my winnings in peoples faces. Like You got to go to like Circus circus or some place to play. The nickel slots. Go to that place. I yeah that's a window into history. I go to circus. Every time I go to Vegas with my kids because my youngest daughter likes going there. She likes playing all those stupid, carnival games. She thinks it's hilarious, she's nine, you know She likes shooting water at the thing and the balloon pops and all that stuff. We always go there, but it's always, and then they do like a circus show, will have like a clown
trapeze artists, but it's like no disrespect, but it's kind of second rate. You know like to trap these guys got a yeah. Well, I mean we're messing with he's a little. Around the middle. This is best days of flipping around to the air over he's got yeah yeah, the big got the long arms yeah yeah. I don't know it's especially when you compare when you say second rate, especially when you compare to like blue Man group or, what's going on at Like Mandalay, on GM or something yeah yeah, yeah yeah, but I mean a you're, you're still on the strip, you're not on Fremont Fremont is like Fremont is like, like second rate Vegas yeah yeah, it's very different, very weird I am I remember and, like I know, money probably flak for this, but I gotta tell you this story. I was there one time and I'm telling my friends
like I'm like this is weird 'cause. I've never really been to Fremont until this time in Vegas and was like man. Why don't we on this trip? This is just so weird being out here, but it was there for some fights. I was like everything is just a little different. I mean, like everything is really like. Everything is really different. I mean look like even the women like look at that girl she's, like she's so like, but she isn't great body right. It's like so fine, she turned around. She thanked her face is just like ruined. You know like it's, not my fault, I mean she was an attractive to me. It's me, I'm sure she's attracted to someone and find you have a it's hard to say that these days used to say someone's ugly, you still say dudes ugly. Nobody gives you a hard time say a dudes fat or dudes ugly, everybody's. Like fine. No problem fat all the time. No, no one is a problem. The fat and ugly for a guy is fine, but if you say a girls, fat not your body, shaming, if you say, she's ugly, you're, fucking, sexist piece of shit, you're objectifying, her yeah, I It's it's really hard. I mean like there was
there's this lady who's, a singer on her name, is lysle right, big lady, bigger lady plus wise woman right and she not woman that was on the BT awards. She's fuckin talentis woo write an like here's. The thing yeah, she's she's, a plus size woman. Some people think that's overweight, but I'm like she's, not obese, so it's I mean she she's like gross grotesquely obese. I guess that's. How are you right not closely you'll be she could lose a few pounds she could, if you wanted to, if you like, there is a there there like, there's, there's. Definitely some there's the plenty of guys in the world who that suits, you know are some guys my size of that suits their some guys who were like lying? back or alignment size of that suits, but, like then, there are there like nobody. Nobody complains about the petite woman, but like what about like the big linebacker guy who's into petite women. Like what you know that do the mountain from game accounts his girlfriend or his wife, or what
She is she's like three feet tall and he's a fucking giant, yeah yeah, like you see that sometimes I think the guy that played Chewbacca original to, I think his wife was was a tiny woman like not like a midget or anything, but I'm in trouble now yeah there's a that's the mountain wow, this is that guy. Actually, you know what she might be normal size, yeah he's a big goal: fucking big, which she's got heels on there at a gala, but he's so FUCK big like that. Right there that looks like me with my nine year old yeah it does. It does that's height, wise that guy is so God damn biggest ridiculous. If you cut off his body where her head is, he would still probably be twice her size twice or wait: oh yeah for sure yeah, the big fella, yeah he's always entering those strongman competitions. Are these the most ridiculous thing to watch? You know whatever
like board flipping through the channels, and I catch some dude, throwing up beer barrel over over, like didn't pull your owner over the top of it like a high jump pole, so ridiculous yeah, I mean, but those type of type of competitions. You talk about like like that, there's that and then you have that for the athletic or thing people like American Ninja Warrior yeah. Oh, that's, that's fucking, interesting. Those ninja warrior warrior shows are crazy, those guys. You know that is some serious fucking athleticism to will do that, yeah that that that's a whole new sport now gyms based around that people like like training for it, people training for the trials. Yeah. Imagine this! Probably you I wonder I would like to know who's the best at that weight class wise. I bet it's guys that, like one hundred and sixty under yeah, because you 'cause, you could carry yourself easy because we did a on fear factor. One
where you had to. They were suspect. They were off a bridge and they had to hold just hold themselves like on a chin up bar over and the girls all beat the guys, wait, they're just hanging just hanging, not just hanging just hanging just holding on just holding on the girls all beat the guys. Three. All three guys fell now is, like part of me, was like these guys, just digits, but party was like well, the thing is the guys, they're, pretty big dude they're all around two hundred plus pounds and that's a lot of weight in your hands and the girls are like one. Twenty one and ten one hundred and five, it's not as much weight there is. There is a genetic thing between men and women where there's some things that, like we ought we we see these in sports when I there's some sports that are just much more fun to watch from Manta plaintiffs in sports yeah phone when playing there, some sports or both right right, but on.
There is something I forget. The test exactly, but it's something about leaning over and picking up a chair, there's a certain PA. Through the and men can't do it, but women can heart you can. But it's like a folding chair like very, very light cheer I don't know I leaning over and picking up yeah, like you're leaning. I think you press your head onto the wall, but Archer back in a certain way, and you just have to use like your lats, basically you pick up the chair and men can't. Do it really yeah how weird that it's like a sinner gravity tests. I remembered so you leave your butt. Oh you know my dog. Tried to show me this the other day trying to get me to touch my toes with keep my back flat against the wall of the back of my life. Against the wall and go down touch your toes. You just fall forward. That's that's see! I had it all backwards, like he put your butt against. Well, not your head! I'm not used to stick in my butt up against stuff Let me see that Lucy tricks guys can't do stand
three feet away from Wall bend over put your head against the wall. Now try to stand up all lived in chair know: you had it okay as a couple different. This is so yeah company around the center of gravity, though on yeah, that's the one I'm gonna try I feel like. I could do that. That's that's that's what I said yeah I mean I don't think I'm being cocky and say I could do that, but if you guys like really good core strength. I don't think it has nothing to do with that, yeah, just all about senator gravity, because I think I think not most guys, but, like you take a bunch of fit guys, they have a good strong core. They can't do and they can't do it you, the girl, average woman. Congratulations on your victory! Ladies. You got us on one yeah,
I don't. I don't want to think that's what it was sensitive subjects where I'm like. I don't want to say anything: smart, ass or anything any kind of weight. 'cause I get myself in trouble so much trouble to get into today. So many different things people get mad and upset about. They did a test with the way that men and women do a one legged Skwat, and I guess the way that each of us would go down is completely different. You when you break it all the way down to that move. So the mechanics is that because of the Hipc muscle structure, everything yeah it probably is that both women, the it's so different, the way the shape of their hips. The mechanic like women kicking. That's that's one like for every Valentina Shevchenko that can knock someone out with one kick. You would think that a woman right take one hundred and forty pound woman who is Carrie one hundred and forty pounds with her legs. All the time going up flights of stairs running, doing all the different plyometrics and ship. You would think that bitch could be able to kick a fucking hole through you see, there's a
use. The word bitch, that's! Ok, that it's out of respect not does not derogatory, but no like. If you see a girl kick a bag like there's a giant difference from one, forty girl kicking about one hundred and forty guy big difference and now now, is it mostly technique or is it no by? I think it's biomechanics. I think it's technique. I think it's just muscles this just built different, there's just different muscles, like the hips are like this right. Well, it's hip, specially Foreman has wide hips right or their hips go out wide and their legs kind of go in a little bit or is it God? I wonder if that's responsible for The what they call that the male spread when dude sit on a sit on a subway, the man spread yeah the man spread and people get real mad because they want to sit next yeah. Your legs are all splayed out being rude, but if dude has no one next to him, that's how they sit with their legs. I don't think women
sit like that. I don't think I don't think it goes that way. I don't like sitting like that. That's like, as I sit and I've sat in coach most of my life. You know and like that's, it's, it's uncomfortable like when you have to sit like that for an extended amount of time. Yeah, yes, really uncomfortable with your legs pinned together, yeah yeah weird yeah, and then there are some ties, but after a while you just you just feel uncomfortable inside your pants and you got him, we had to move stuff around you can't even open your legs to do that, but with women I think that's a normal way to sit. I think their body, naturally with their hips, in a shape that there are the legs kind of goat ordes, each other. They kind of point towards the knees it's more normal for them to sit with their legs together. I think so makes sense. It makes sense. I just I wonder if it has to do with anything that the equipment down there,
yeah. I probably would not want to be a hoe right. Sit like this with your legs, spread of a dude says, like that's a confident man, but girls sitting there with the legs, but like look at this bitch, there's another use. The word, which is a scientific article explaining man spreading. This is a spinal neurosurgeons explanation. Thank you, spinal neurosurgeon, John C overall width of the pelvis is relatively greater in females and the angle of the femoral neck is more acute. These factors could play a role in May, eking, a position of sitting with the knees close together, less comfortable for men exactly so all you man spreading people is shaming men for city. In a natural way. How dare you he should be ashamed of yourself yeah. I'm offended yeah I can't wait to women of all the powers, so we can start shitting on them
So here this is a subtle subtle thing about that. They kind of do right. It's like who's the world champion of your house yeah, but that's just happy wife, happy life, that's how you have to run that shit anytime otherwise, just I've never seen another situation. Works you know where you have like some some woman who just afraid she can't talk, and you know you don't want that either. No, that's it's not healthy! It's not healthy! It's not like how do you enjoy that? I don't know you have to be a sick, fuck yeah, yeah! I don't have my my house is zero designed by me, there's no decorations of mine. Does I have one mounted elk head? That's it Elk over shot with a bow and arrow. I have mounted that's it everything else. Fucking I don't care. It looks good. The first time I can't hear you gave me some alchemy. I made spaghetti out of it. It was the best spaghetti. I made super good for your body, man, you could eat that.
All the time if you lived around here and hook you up all the time yeah I used to when I get back I'm just gonna start hitting you up asking you for help me how long you in town for I leave in the morning. Do you have a place to cook tonight yeah. I got some food for you, okay, okay, I got some elk sausage. It's out of this fucking war oh good, yeah, I'm completely down and the first time I was. I was a little hesitant because I was like well. This didn't come from this store. So you know what I mean, but then I took it home. I I made it up and I was just like: oh man it, the flavor is so different, like the flavors different, the texture is different. I don't know I wanted more it's alive, I mean in of like when you eating it just feels like it's got energy. It's got power yeah like a like a taste like. I had a good life him and like to the. If you're reading, some some like a pig that lives in a pen off sad, it's just
sadness eating an elk, especially if didn't know you were there like that Elk. No, no idea. You were there until that arrow his rib cage and then it's dead in seconds. That thing lived a noble life you know and that's the best way it's never going to die. If you're an out, you don't want to get caught in a valley with some walls that shit's rough that's a rough way to go. I was talking to you Buddy Jeff, earlier about that on. Thank you had a choice right, you can. You can, of course, hypothetically you had a choice in a you're gonna get mauled by a bear, a gorilla or died. Buy a wolf or tiger. What do you choose when I take the gorilla all day? 'cause, I think it's just going to beat your ass. I don't think it's going to kill you because I don't think I think he wants to eat you, but, like the premise of the question is going to die: yeah, the tiger 'cause that are going to get your neck and kill you quick. That's that's my choice, I think so.
The video of the tiger chasing the dudes on a motorbike in India. It's horrific Fucking dudes is a driving on this road in this wildlife preserve, and this tiger comes full clip chasing them. The jungle and just bails off of the last second that can't catch up it. Should it's fucking, horrific they're so fast like? What do you do right? I'm getting you like. You know when you can do what you have a gun, you're, so weak, it's not much! You can do, but then, when you think of about that there, like you, think about Africa. You think about anything about these places where lions and tigers exist and people have existed since the beginning of time. At some point, someone had to win that right, just just numbers, population numbers. Here's a video check, this shit out, you're. I don't need to see her out. So these guys are all. In this thing, Oh he just tried. He tried now the re
once a significant is because in India TIGERS, eat people. All the fucking time they eat them all? The time like there's tigers at target human beings? There's places in India called the sunder bands and this under bands, is it's near this river that they Think that one of the reasons why the tigers so so irritable that they're drinking this river, water and the river water has a high degree of salt in it high level salt. And so there irritated all the time yeah they just in the agony and their particular vicious, and over the last two hundred years tigers have killed more than three hundred thousand human beings in this one part of India. Why do you still live there? I'm giving war. You know I'm giving them I'm given that place. The tigers I see that I see that video and I imagine being that guy on that bike and like I, you What a bike seat is like right now, can be on a bike seat with like what I'm shitting myself yeah
if you have any share in your body, is going to come out like that. There's no way you win that, No way you win that today, no, you don't win. The only way and by being more cycle and getting away fact they got a video of it, though, How did he? I hope you had a grow pro and he's on his face like this like riding, hey, listen, they get. They get got all the time, time, especially in India. India, I think, is the worst place in the world for Tiger in human interactions. I don't get that like are there tigers in India, bigger, What is it called yeah. I know it doesn't matter the size like they're, even like three hundred or five hundred or something like that. I think the biggest tigers are in Siberia. Think that's the case. Usually with mammals. What have opens is like the same. Species when they're in a hotter climate tend to be smaller, depends on the animal. Obviously, then
They are in the the colder climates, it's something that has something You have preserving body temperature, like deer, for instance white whitetail deer from Texas, it's much smaller than a white tailed deer from Sasquatch go on yeah, it's the same species, but way up north. They just it's just colder and they go they'll grow like three hundred up there. Where is like a big white town, Texas, like half that size, yeah yeah, the that's people to a certain place with people yeah the mountain guy from game of thrones that motherfucker? Yes, they had a controversial moment. Wth e end of last year into this year, they had a tiger that was known for killing thirteen people or more, and so they had a shoot to kill ah target on it. No, I guess they, someone got it and people are mad. People were mad. It killed thirteen people and people mad that someone killed that people are just fucking week. They just
the software, if you got the wrong tiger, fuck him FUCK Mall, whatever anyone that you get a chance to kill. That's close enough to kill! You tell him that I think I I chi CHI. I can't get that that video of the tiger chasing that I buy God of my ex like like. That's another thing: those things there so coordinated that thing at full speed can take a swipe at that back tire blew and then you're screwed, like what do you do? 'cause like? What's your first reaction going to be like get up and try and get back on the bike? This is nothing you can do, there's nothing. You can do this now. Where you get the bike going in time, the tiger be. On you so fast me. They can run part one hundred forty miles an hour. This yes yeah and it's probably four hundred pounds, five hundred pounds four hundred pounds of something an animal is four hundred something pounds and runs at twice the speed of Usain Bolt
How is that fair? I mean that's. Why there's not a million dear you know the reason why other than a million deer in that same spot yeah because of those tires they they need him. You know I was in la Nije, which is won the smaller islands and why Huntin Axis Deer The axis deer were given to King Comea, Maya of Hawaii, like in the 1800s. And when we were over there. You know you bow, hunt these things and I'm telling you. I've never seen a deer move this fast. The reason why there so fast as they evolved to get away from tigers so when they see you there, but they make these noise like great and then they fuck scatter pound there so fast, like it's hilarious, to watch like wow they're, so fast, You say that, like my brain just start doing the math and I'm like
of course, the ones that got caught by the TIGERS, the slower ones yeah. So like the fastest ones, one's mating yeah like yeah. I can only imagine it's it's kind of like Olympic Sprinter, female Olympic sprinter marries ah and one running back and they have a kid woo yeah look genetic surreal mean, it's one of the reasons why America's is becoming softer and softer's. What would you getting you getting people that sit at a desk all day with fucking herniated discs in a fat belly drinking coffee and eating donuts, and they marry someone who just like them and they barely get their shit together and they have a kid to watch his video games all day and eat cookies and and he's gross and then he marries in another girl who's like that. Next thing, you know you go through this four. I've six generations you get to your piss poor, Jane I own. I I just recently went home to the Bahamas and I would I I'm starting to miss it more and more and more the
because, as I get older, I remember I I'm I'm long for the things that I did as a little kid. I learned of the places that that I was at a little kid and so my family from this little place call Pharmacy Exuma, that's three quarters of a mile by seven eight. I think that told you that before and it's tiny- and I was there this time- just seeing justice just waking up every morning and and just looking out the window and just blue ocean all thing- I just I want to go back there. The people that people the people that live there, like you, get a boat at like fourteen fifteen years old, because there's really nothing that you could do an island other than interact with the family and fish right. Everything everything everything that you need staple lies you have to go somewhere else to get her has to be brought in so like I have a cousin who he's like he's older than he's like my grandmother's generation, but he's my cousin he's like four, is older than me, but like this guy, he free dives and he will go down and he will hang out on the water for like two or three minutes with this with a spear,
he doesn't. He doesn't like to school. He doesn't like to take take a tank with him. One time we're we're we're fishing off the back of bill, he's off the front and he's like he and then on top of that he's and he's in the water and he read He comes out of what he reaches up. He says a Julian bring the boat over here shock a shock so there's to it, but and then he goes back down No, I mean there's a shock in the water near I'm, probably a reef shark and he's got his spear and he just like just get closer, but I'm still fishing like that. That's the life, so you just want to be able to get out of shit goes sideways, yeah, I'm assuming, but I'm like scared. Would you I think that it would be safer to be in the water or on top of the water. If there was a shark like, if you had goggles, you could see the mother Fucker be in the water rather than on top. And not knowing where he's coming from, I would think so I would
So, but then you like, not only is it three hundred and sixty, but it's like universal. The view is universal right right, but if you're on top of the water- and you can see at least is like you got your back to the wall and you can't come from the top. That's true! So that's true, but I don't know but at the same time, you're in the water, with an animal whose who that's his natural habitat you can't. You can't even turn around nearly as fast as he can. He can's probably swim around you and come up from the back before you could even turn around yeah, probably yeah swim, pretty fucking fast yeah. I like ninjas in the water to just clean the clean up crew. Just like that, bigger, I so a girlfriend, and I were there and I was on the turtles right So I try to grab a turtle and literally the turtle is this big is no bigger than this, and I'm about to pick it up. I'm trying to this being like explain to people. So I'm sorry
probably like trust sixteen inches yeah trash can lid no bigger than a trash. Can lid and I am trying to pick it up, this before I can get it out of the water. Those is this big fins, arms that they have. He just he. Hold me down into the water like this is little thing. He probably weighs four fifty right and it's just so powerful in the water like. If I would hang on to that turtle, I would be moving faster than I would move with fins on like. How is that I want to talk about wait, but I'm a lot bigger than that you getting sensitive. I I that fight wait any eating. Well, you look good man, don't worry about it. You think removed the Bahamas? You think he'd live there someday um I like. Ultimately, I'm definitely live back there in my lifetime. You know I am I mean if I want to. I want to die there whoa I mean I don't necessarily want to die anytime soon.
When you do, you want to live the end of your life. There, the relaxed life island life, hey man, I Every time I go to Hawaii my brain starts spinning. Can I live here. I just moved here. I don't. I don't need much. You know you had? Did you watch the Steve Jobs movie? No, I haven't either just recently was on television in the opening scene was some guy in, like I don't know the 70s or 60s talking about computers. My computers are huge when computers were like this big things take up an entire room. He like yeah one day like you can, be anywhere in the world and you can work, you could be on a remote island and you could be doing your work and you will get emails you're talking about e mails like in the sixties. You know he's talking about the internet in the sixties or something it's on the beginning of the jobs movie, one with Ashton Kutcher. No, I wasn't asked which one there's another one fast, Michael Fassbender.
Two, they came, I think, is the fast and I don't know what Michael has been a looks like. I know that name means Michael Fassbender he's a who's in a bill. I think it's like Loki in the Avengers. Welcome to both of them in a sense, yeah yeah. I think I make sense. I think that's him, but yeah that that movie on they were talking about that then, and I'm like and then two thousand and one was when jobs came out with the yeah. It's him. Oh, no! No! No! It is easy Loki value to his mom, but I think somebody up but he's from Prometheus. Okay as the robot in the Prometheus, an alien series, who's, the yeah that guy's excellent yeah, so he played out of stuff. I, well Steve Jobs, an asshole in the Steve Jobs moving yeah I mean I only saw like the first five minutes on it. I wanna watch this, but in the middle he does look yeah. He is in the movie, but the claim is that you have to be an asshole to be like a genius
I don't know if I buy that I see there a lot of people who Get a lot of shit done eventually run into people that don't get shit done the way they want. And so the only way they figure out how to get shit done with those people is to dominate them to to yell at them, and you know like the apple, It was that you had to work insane hours too. That's a weird thing: man, if you go work for a company got a good job. It is a good job. What what's so good about it, that you get money where's your life if you don't have a life you, work in seventeen hours a day. Oh okay, that sucks that's a shit, job, even if you make a lot of money like a guy who makes less money, but it can take the weekend off and go fishing and hang out with his kids in jail. That's a better life preaches job reach. It's a better life, I'm listening, Hallelujah that Bahamas life is the way to go. I'm telling you got me thinking
when I, when I, when I was at home, is it was just nice like a fight is a fight. Is life is kinda like that right, not not all the time and not everyone, but you get to do what you love to do at Then you get to do what you wanted if you can handle the highs and the lows with fighters, it's handling the highs with the ego and the lows with the emotions and just the letting everybody down in the depression. That both of those things. That's like those are the extremes that at the highs of of winning big fights and and having getting being admired for something that really truly becomes a part of you just just being yourself yeah that that feels good, but you do put a lot of weight on yourself and and when you lose like, I am alive man on there. There is been some things on the internet like when I lost
harmonic right. I was like. Oh, he threw that fighting and I was like, like that, that breaks my heart hurt when someone says you threw for you yeah. You just can't read that shit, but I know what you mean yeah. You can't read this people that they have crazy theories about nonsense. Does you know that's crazy, that the idea that you threw a fight or the you would get together with hot or making a bet against yourself for some things to rank that. So I I just heard I heard um at some point: go over the past year or so I heard an argument that like well, if a guy doesn't make weight and the other guy gets so much of his purse, like and he's going to get his win and show money right. If he's guaranteed when a show money anyway, then why? Wouldn't he just throw the fight and get a bonus percentage of the winners, win money and that's
more on tomorrow, will not only that the thank you. That's not just a moron. It's someone who doesn't understand the psychology of a winner. The about a winner is a little last thing. A winner wants to do is lose on purpose right. And you have the opportunity. The big thing is winning have the opportunity to win it's right in front of you and you only get a chance to do. This three times a year for, times a year. Five of your cowboy right like right like how many times he crazy he's crazy, but he fights like five times a year right if he could he probably fight every week, but the the idea that you're gonna throw that. The best feeling that you could ever achieve crazy, just to understand, but that's just the problem with the internet is reading comments to any morons with ideas I used to love the underground man. It was great back in the day I was like him. I like I have the old what
I think I've double owes you know yeah like being in the from the back, then you know yeah or maybe even in ninety, like the that some point, they just gave you the number I was on in the 90s same here yeah. So like I don't know, if my thing it says ninety nine or zero. I still sign in every once in awhile, just to check it in just to check in so much toxic conversation but that's just the internet in general, there's still a lot of good discussions on the underground I think last time was I was about a month ago I went and checked it was like, like there was some. Especially there was some good Jiu Jitsu talk. There was some good technique, talk about like leg locks and You know whether or not there's going to be a transit and from leg locks, because everybody's the leg, lock game sort of overtook Jitsu, whether or not it was going to switch to choking or when someone's like whether it's going to do the new trend, because leg lock defense is so good now and I'm like, I appreciate the
I appreciate when people like devoted practitioners and the really discussing technique and but when it's like this guys, a pussy and you fuck it. So bucks, and you know Rhonda rose a fucking bitch and it there's so much that I mean internet it's hard to filter through that of my own good conversations, sometimes yeah like in your life, you would avoid people like that, like the plague like if there was a guy in your life that wanted your phone number and all he does is complain about things and have stupid theories, but get this guy the fuck away from me all right, yeah, you can avoid them online yeah. I know online, that's the thing that you know being anonymous on the internet. That's power for some people, man sure when that's crazy. Well, it's also. You gotta realize that the people that are executing that power, the people that one and need that power. They're. All either young or their losers
Those are the two that either young and they don't get it. You know there are fourteen someone. Let's model, I just want to say mean shit. 'cause, it's fun, like you, rock there's a window he was looking to throw this rock yeah. That's what people do is normal I'd to hang out with young kids, and I don't want to hang out with losers but see that's the problem. I think there's some and with that too, that on I mean well, we know there's something with that. Where that being anonymous, you that's a protection. Like you see, sometimes that bleeds into their real life. I mean I saw this video, this kid he's like he's just like making fun of this old man. He was being rude to this woman he's making fun of this older man, man, so the master to making fun front of him too. He's like me me me me and the kids kid punching him in the arm arm, guys like he just turned away his punches, looking at him and this not like a little kid he's. He's he's a little kid. You shouldn't is not a kid that you, smack because if he started talking smack to you invite him because of that, but then this kid starts punching him and he's like he's like he tells the kid to stop and kid
keeps going and grabbing my throat. He pushes him right and the kid falls down. He starts right you assaulted, sold to me like, like would reality. Do you live in man like your parents have failed. Like I'm sorry, you know life filled they live in a blurry reality much online, not enough real world yeah, like none of you're asking that's the thing fighting solves everything. Man solves a lot of thing everything I hate those people that say fight fight. What is that gonna solve like everything? I'm telling you like? My thing is like if you start, if I don't like going back and forth, you know what I mean like we're not going to go back and forth. You say something disrespectful, I'm going to say something disrespectful, I'm going up the any and then, if you want to keep going like man, we can just stop talking right now and go well. I know I'm I'm I'm an old man now but like I like that solves everything
like there's no reason to be talking. Also having a history of that in your life gives you a much better perspective of the consequences of talking shit, if you don't have any history, times. You've seen guys talk, shit and you know they can't fight like this is crazy. This is like, someone challenging someone to a race, they've, never driven a car, they don't even know how to shift gears. You don't know a God. Damn thing what you watch, a Jackie Chan, movie, thinking somebody up, fuck, there's a lot of people are doing so many people that believe that like and then just guys who watch fights like they believe that they could beat. There are legit people that believe they could be people that are inside the octagon inside a professional cage inside the pfl or rise or somewhere in there. Just like. I could be that guy no. You can't really believe that, just by being be poly, Molenaar G did you see no he'll fuck you up. That was a sad fight man
I watched it again. I didn't watch I didn't I I don't know I can't. I can't bring myself to watch the Bare Knuckle Box. I tell you. To change my opinion. I was thinking for a long time that MMA done correctly have bare knuckles, because like why you got bare shins and bare knees and bare elbows, but you have your knuckles padded up that didn't make any sense, but now I see that cut, like Chris Lieben. His face was just opened up. Man I was like that is just I don't want to see. People take unnecessarily cuts that way, because then, that scar tissue, who opens up and then shortens their career stops. Fights I mean like I that's why I don't want to watch, and I I'm not a big fan of cuts. Remember on Marvin Eastman Veto a bill for I don't I don't I don't like. I don't, like you know, yeah horrific. I went I I want to show you something. Okay, that's like you. When you do see when you see those gory videos that really throw you know. Okay,
I'm going to show you something and it's horrible right, but oh crap, what is it video, it's a video of of I don't even not explain I don't want. I don't want to tell you what it is until you see it because it is so traffic. Is it a fight. Video is not a fight video, it's just something gory you want to Caesar yeah hi show me: I keep on forgetting how to get through my phone sometimes, but I found it okay, let's see so you watching that right. Okay, I don't know if those two things go together: Christ, Jesus Christ, oh Jesus Christ, yeah whoa. I don't that that part one equals part. Two, I don't know if that was just edited, but still
looks like it took him right in the mug. That seems like what it would do. A full log hit you in the face, like that. I don't know. If you guys whole head is broken, he's missing upper jaw, yeah Yikes, like I don't I don't look now well how about cyborg, Michael Venom, page him with that knee. Who that's one that makes you you make fucking your whole body tightens up. Right. How do you? How do you get somebody skull? I was you know much force you have to hit somebody with like that, crazy think of all the fight to sing. We've never seen that I've never seen that think about this when something even everybody been hit on the head on something fell on your head in its edge of something and that pain I can't imagine what that pain is. Like that's that's bone. I don't want to see it you know I'm not saying open up just like still there like that, screen brightened up and well how yeah
because more house Andre did to season. Also, that's crazy to one punch broke like eight bones in his face: yeah thanks! It's nice is not for the light. It is not from your heart. I get a lot of people lot like I'm, not I'm not a safe hater, but I'm not a sage lover. You know what I mean but like I don't wish that on anybody. I don't wish that on anybody either, and I don't I don't like that match up. I didn't like that match up at all. I was like what are they doing? That is a that's a world champion. Striker Cosmo is a bad man, he's a bad man, he lights, people on fire, yeah, you know and and him at a hundred and eighty five pounds with no week cutting and that's one of things he said about the fight. How good he felt like we didn't have to cut. Any weight you see how thick fucking full, he looked. It wasn't depleted in dehydrated and everything like that, and that is just
That's ages bring it back to the beginning, but look at this in a language you can lookout thick. He is too like, if you seen cosmos fights but or I remember when he fought John Wayne Parr in Lion Fight, I mean but John Wayne. Far is a multiple time world champion in a skillful guy and he foods to avoid like the big power shots like this and didn't get hurt, but it's also Cosmo having a chance to punch you with MM a glove I want to with the majority of his career fought my tie boom I mean that is a crazy punch. Everything's behind that, it's in it's like this. Kid is just not ready for this yeah he's just not ready for this as much as you, is experiencing karate, and you know he had some good mm a fights against some. You know good fighters. This is not a good fighter. That's an elite world class striker and you know, you're fighting him with little gloves on in a ring. An your mixed, martial arts game is primarily a striking
yeah yeah, you have a big disadvantage, huge enormous disadvantage. I like what one is doing, though I really do I like what they're doing. I thought that's interesting too, that they may not fight in a ring well. I don't know how many events one dozen a ring versus does in a cage, but the dynamics shift radically when you get caught you get cornered. Like that's one of the cool things about the Bellator Tor. It's it's circular, there's no corner and Yeah, but that you know, when you see a boxing ring like that yeah, that's especially again with caramel. Thank yes, that's where he spent most of his term thanks all of his time. It's a different environment and cutting that office, so much easier and for a guy who's. Who knows I? Do that he is she. It's almost like, say you set up, I'm not saying they said like you are set up. Yes, is a bad signal, but he didn't have I mean I guess he didn't have to take the fight. I don't know I I should say I don't know how they do their match making. I don't know if it's like, like the OC kind of forces fights on people right. They let you know
like you, take this fight or you know we're probably not going to call you yeah it's up to you, but if you want to ruin the fc you take fights when you get him. But like when you see fighters in boxing they get. If really good manager. The manager knows who the guy you're going to fight is and says. Okay, this guy is good, but you indeed am- and this is what I like about this style he's going to he's I challenge you in a couple areas, but overall you're a better fighter than than than him it will give do a challenge and we're trying to build your record up to get you a title shot, and you know maybe you'd be nine and no ten and eleven and twelve and then you know you get to a certain level and they go okay, we're ready to fight for a title then, it would be this big promotion, Yves Edwards, you know, seventeen and, oh, you know sixteen knockouts and shows your highlight reel like this is something that big management. This is the reason why it exists in boxing. It's actually smart, because it's a part of the development of a fighter
for every John Jones. Thank you step in the octagon at twenty one years old and start fucking. People up there's so many young fighters that could be world champions, but then they run into elite competition early in the career and get fucked up, and then the dream kind of drifts away from them, yeah it fair gets put in put in them early yeah, that's yeah, that's a problem and unnecessarily in my, in my opinion, yeah. I agree and that's the thing about God is getting into the UFC really early in their career. Like that, virtually every fighter on the planet, that's where they want to be, but that's the most recognized belt. That's that's the belt that everybody considers the highest rank belt right. So that's why everybody wants to get when getting there with two or three fights under your right under your belt um, it's exciting, but
you know, you're your the wolf that now yeah, it's not smart. Everybody wants to say there UFC Fighter, but it really isn't smart. The smart way to do is to fight on the regional circuit training. A really good gym and develop yourself get to appoint Agah yeah yeah yeah, I mean there's look at Marlin? Marise did you know? Wouldn't he was before Pfl when it was the world series of fighting. She was fucking everybody up over there and we were watching him going. How would this guy fair against world class competition, and then you get him into the UFC Okay, this guy's the real deal right. There he's the real deal, but it took all the his years in smaller shows and to build up that sort of skill set and that confidence and experience is a lot of a lot of good guys that came through there like gauging sure perfect example.
Yeah, and it's it's also a good place when you get when when guys got, but one I'm not talking about now, of course, because it's no longer the world Series, but when guys got you know they got to the UFC and they did their experience show that they weren't ready for it. You know having these smaller promotions that that's a good thing, because some of those guys their spirit doesn't necessarily break. They just know they're not ready for that yeah yeah, going back down and working their way back up, but then again it's hard. It's sometimes hard to to earn that second shot? What I mean yeah you can go back and, and then the I guess it all depends also on the relationship you had with with with the power. Be brought once you once you're out. You know If you you went out on a bad note, kinda doesn't really matter yeah. There's some bridge burners out there yeah guys that get crazy and then do an interview. Interviews are so toxic right getting crazy and you say something that really could fuck up your entire career and you might not even really mean it or
If you do mean it, you might mean it only for an hour you know, and then after you say like. Why did I say that uh really, I should look at it from their perspective. Trying to run a business, don't be in your feeling. Yeah don't be in your feelings. Well, like you know, one of the more interesting thing things about the Pfl. This season was Vinny Magalhaes, like Vinny Magalhaes has become who I thought he would be earlier in his career because he's such a fenom with grappling, I mean he's, he's the legitimate world champion. I mean I remember watching him through a flying, armbar, unpaid apa know who's. Am double time. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu World champion himself and Vinny just locks him up and jumps into a flying. Armbar, might that is crazy and finished him off that is insane like that's how good Vinny is, and he was catching people and- and I thought he was on his way and sean- what is his last name: Sean O'Connell, O'Connell yeah. I want to say O'Malley, but I know that sounds and Sean O'Connell. I was very impressed man
amazed that he was able to beat him man. He put. He put a really good game plan. Together he had Jeremy who, in this corner to uh, I have been having that knowledge, yeah Bank, behind you, you know what I mean but like Vinnie, I think his fight's lasted like not even around to get to get to the finals. That's four fights! He hasn't spent five minutes in the cage. Yet, you know, and then Sean takes him to the end. But then this season vintages fought a couple of weeks ago and um man, the I guess it's kind of like the strategy to be Vinnie, of course, is to keep the fight standing. Um not get taken now not be on bottom. Don't even let him pull guard, but he took he took. He took a pounding in that first round. He needs he needs a win. He needs like. He needs to show that that Vinnie level Ju Jitsu next fight to get into the playoffs this year. Did he win this fight? He lost, he lost stopped in the second, I believe, but who Emiliano Saudi? Oh, he lit him up man. Well, he just just picked him. Apart stayed on the outside
think Vinny did get land one takedown, but Saudi defended got back to his feet. Any link you just worked. Their body had just really good boxing yeah. Then you might be the just that guy, that's just elite level, Jiu Jitsu guy that never quite realizes his full potential in MM eh. You know- and it's also like the amount of time you got think he was back in the ultimate fighter, Ryan Bay, We're stopped him in the finals. That's along time ago, like the third force. Fourth of fish either something like that. So was that two thousand and seven or something like that twelve years ago. That's a long career in Selah. Time but, like he still looks, he still has his his striking has gotten better. I mean he's going to be able to go toe to toe with the elite level strikers in his weight class, but on his wrestling is where where, but I think that's what he really needs to focus now, if you still want to do, I
how much long he wants to do this, because I want to see now, I think finish. Three thousand and thirty, three three thousand four hundred and thirty five is closed. But but his striking is, you have to respect it. You have to respect, is standing and if he could transition to taking a shot off of that and just chain wrestle like that, will be so much better because on top of course, he's going to be a monster. But if he's pulling guard there's a few guys going to catch but most most of the better guys you you don't have a problem. There we sent to the birthday today, three five, any any yeah he's so one of the few go I mean he didn't get like two Camorra's in a row, two Kenmore on the same night did it really one, fight on the same night that shits crazy. I'm not a fan of that. Why 'cause, I think, The problem is safe, two guys fight right and one guy knocks the other guy out real, quick and then
goes into the next round, but the other guy who is going to fight he he heights and he has a rough three row war, and then he goes goes into the next fight. One is super fresh and the other guys bodies beat to shit just doesn't. It makes sense like one guys, legs are all fucked up, he's been leg kicked, it might have got dinged, you might be like dizzy and then he's going to go and fight. An hour later, it just seems ridiculous to me. Well what about like? Does that? So that's different for you if it's wrestling or if it's a submission grappling to yes, because there's no striking yeah because no strike the thing about the that is you can always. If you're going in banged up right off, you get
but we saw that last year in the playoffs. I forget: what are they? I believe it was um mama. You know Islam ah Madoff right. He won his fight, but he I don't remember what the injury was, but he pulled out. You know and the guy he beat who was not banged up. Really I mean the fight was a tough fight. I mean claimed he wasn't. He was going in at one hundred percent, except for the condition meaning yeah. But the thing is like there's a difference in being injured. Like you tear your a c l and you know it and like I can't fight, I can't go on and just being beat the shit. That's that's! That is the difference, but I mean, what's the difference between you, you can only fight five rounds right and no commission's gonna. Let you fight five rounds more than five rounds tonight. So in the playoffs for the Pfl, we have two rounds in the quarterfinals in the semi finals. Three rounds right. It's kind of tricky because should the fight end up in a draw than the fighter won the first
I want to fight wow, that's yeah. I think it should be the second yeah. Some people think should be the second building as you first, why is the fire that won the first round? I don't know I mean that sincerely, it's yeah might wanna. Like of the the teacher comes and pulls you off a dude you're. On top, you punch him in the face, but that guy was hitting you with a jab for the first two men and it doesn't matter. Everybody knows you want to fight ST fire yeah if you're on top- and you punched him in the face when they when they break it up you one yeah. He knows it, everyone knows it. I agree. So I I do like I do like the second round being weighed, weighed more heavily, I think also having the second round more heavily, where the first round is you're, going to press the action and the guy is not really going to run 'cause. If I mean, if you do run, you can't be assured that if, unless you dominated the first round completely, you can be assured
that you're going to win that. I get the strategy, though, where they want people to fight exciting fights. They don't want anybody to hold their. Energy hold back until the second round. I get that that makes sense. Yeah, but at the same time, from one guy press of the action in the first everybody I mean you gotta go yeah, that's true! but it's it's see, that's the that the only problem with that is, if, if commissions, allow three rounds, you know yeah. I mean what's next there's, there's not a single, weird how sometimes these people, who don't do it and they they say they're, concerned for your safety. We already agreed to do this, like I, I know this. The word thing that could happen today is a fight yeah, you worried about someone's safety yeah. It's funny it's I don't know man. I just think that
twice a night when you talk to neurologists in particular, they they think it's very dangerous yeah, because I think it repeated concussions like one of the things about football, they're really concerned with It guys that get head injuries, early the game. They they sit on the bench for the quarter and then jump back in they're, worried about that they're worried about concussions. In one day. I I get that. I also think like where football is concerned. I again I love football ice. I still like to watch the sport and I have nothing else that you want. As long as the fight and the players have, the information you making a choice right right. This is it's freedom. Now, today yeah they have. You know Bo Jackson said he wouldn't let his kids play yeah well, which is really into yeah. He didn't know said no one knew back. Then Nobody I mean it's like well, yeah
They thought you were in a helmet, you're gonna, be fun, see, that's the thing about. That's where I think the difference between fighting and and the NFL and football happens is because like if, if I gave you a basketball and I stood here- and I said, throw that in my head as hard as you can as hard as you want right as hard as you can right, I don't think you're gonna go. You know smash me in the head with the basketball right, but if I put on a helmet you you got me more willing to throw it harder right, but it's like that. Doesn't that that really doesn't change. Anything is now Now that you, this perceived on defense protection, there's just the battery, but I'm still getting a concussive force of the full that bass. Well, my head right, you know when you take football, you you're not taking just a punch, travel and like twenty thirty miles, an hour from like two feet away: hidden somebody. Yes, it's repeated but like people on taking really more than sixty punches in a and a and a and a fight, but
sometimes they do, but football is like you're slamming into each other and we're talking about two hundred fifty pound at full speed fifteen. Twenty miles an hour? Oh boom, you know and then they're both running at each other. That's yeah like a head on. Asian. So that's that's insane! That's that's so different! But on like I don't I don't I don't say, don't don't play the sport just make sure the information is out there like that the people make their voice one. If there's ever going to be anything, they can do to figure out how to protect the brain. I mean there's gotta be a way that they can figure out how to maybe not brain sloshing around inside there. They then they have a way, give us the information
let you decide where you want to put your brain yeah, I'm not. You know yeah, but like what I like the thing about the Pfl, because when you get when you get to the playoffs that those those two fights one night mom, I fun tournament I know and like you know, we knew about boxes being punching. I knew that but, like I don't know there, there's there's a thing: there's a thing about competing is a passion about competing and having that twenty one opportunity, that's a lot of fun like a lot of these young guys, love young fighters, they didn't get the chance to find tournaments requires. One was kinda ended recently. You know on the pride twenty as well awesome and then, of course back then it was a lot of times. You have see had the tournament originally. So that's a lot of fun. Well, I, with the p, F l season. What I like about it is is there is a bunch of different story lines that happens. You know you, you you're fighting to gain points to get into the playoffs, so the for the
two regular season fights and the first regular season fight you on. You know where you can see everybody statement zero, but then you come in the second course. Everybody wants to win their fight. Everybody wants to win as soon as possible to get the maximum amount of points. But then, when you come into the seconds fight, and everybody's, like okay you're. Looking at the numbers, I need this. I need the your concern and then you watching throughout the night to figure out who's who's got to do what plane that to people that don't understand what we're talking about, because there's you guys have a score system. We have going system, so the professional fighters league, when you have to win you, have that we have a seating for the playoffs, so the top eight fighters in in them in the mail we classes, the women are only eight, so the top four fighters get into the playoffs right
and you get in by point standings. So you get a draw, that's one point for each fighter: you get a win, that's three points, but you get a win by stoppage in the third round. That's four points swing by stoppage in the second five wins by stoppage in the first six. So you try to accrue points so accumulate points so that when we get to the playoffs your. Seated in the top eight, and I'm talking about the man just remember that the women are are for in the playoffs. But when it you get seated for the top eight and then you fight a quarter final and semi final fight on the same night and the winner is from those nights when, as in the semi finals, go to the championships and that's on New year's Eve and that's for a million dollars, you get three fights for a million dollars right arm.
That's pretty fucking good! That's really good right! So I I wish this tournament was around. When I was just like I'm like yeah, I want to do that. You know sure I want to win a one million dollars so how many fighters got a one million, and six six fighters got a one million dollars last year, so um there. It is, champions one million dollars each yeah and this year will be sixty six millionaires again, The the way that the season plays out, like I said you fight the first round of the regular season when you come in we're going into the second round of the regular season now so on. On the eighth on July, eight, I'm sorry July, 11Th,
Thursday night we're gonna be in Atlantic City. We have the women and we have the women one hundred and fifty five pounders, and then we have the men welterweights, and so this is a fight that I'm really excited about right. Maggie bandwagon, mad carom off he won last season, but then Chris Curtis came into the Pfl and he won his first fight Magnum and won his first fight got six points. Chris Curtis gets four points, got third round stoppage and he called out magma Karimov call out the champion from last year, so he wants to go into this next fight, finding a champion, I'm like. Why would you do that? Because if you lose that you know make it in the playoffs. You lose your opportunity million dollars, but like that, that bravado of being a fighter and wanting you know you want it, you want to knock the best guy off right. You always want the best guy, but to call him out in a fashion where it threatens you, but he has to perform right. He has for now so like that fight really interest me, because magmatic Karimov is really good. He can do everything
he's? One of those guys who doesn't look like you know his body type, he doesn't look like the kind of guy will smash you, but he will Could you see Ray Cooper last year, like group of the second group of the that's crazy is that Jake Shields fought his dad and and him and find him twice. That was what was kind of fucked up. I watched both those fights I was like damn they making Jake shields fight this dude again make him do it? I know they didn't make him do it, but he fucked Jake up and then he fucked him up again a couple months later yeah. How many months later wasn't like three or four more months? Yeah eating, that's rough but okay, a bad ko like that from the same guy, and then you fight it be I mean he didn't have any answers for that. Dude like to fight a guy like Ray hey, who is, I believe, State champion hawaiian wrestler right and who does he have some fucking heavy hand he's like the MIKE Tyson of Light welterweight and for Walter is fairly short he's like five seven and he just throws fucking bricks. Well,
so does John Howard, though John Howard's got some fucking bombs in his hands. I like that fight two very interesting fight. That's a very good fight now with that fight because Ray hits hard, John, how it does have some bombs in his hand. I think Ray has more power, though you know feel like how it's going to have to stick him move. Use those leg kicks in right on down you can't you can't you can't go out there trying to take great about our legal John's, been around a long time to John John, this out a long career yeah. You know man holds John now. I think John is probably like thirty three. Now these at least five he was in the UFC a long time ago. My thirty six, six yeah, yeah yeah and he's been in some crazy wars. You know he's been some wars he's black. He like he's, you just got a black belt mount and
That's the only guy who beat Ray Cooper last season. You know my mad carom off beat in my submission um. I think that's! That's the best. The best option for a lot of guys facing him because he has so much power. Now all these are on NBC sports. Is that what they're doing ESPN two ESPN to not two being alone? Okay? Well, that's! That's right! That's that's! new to this year. That's nudes this year, that's very that's very exciting, ESPN plus, which also is the c put it on ESPN as well. That's great! That's so good man that ESPN! is stepping into MMA like this. I love it. It's huge because I thought this last year when the UFC signed with ESPN. I was like, like that's a great thing, because a lot of times you have seen. When fight fans watch the UFC. They only only think of the UFC as mixed martial. They think it mixed martial arts as the UFC. You know, people ask you train UFC. But like
and being the worldwide leader in sports. I've seen like highlights on ESPN from rising from you know, from Japan from one here at all these different from some small promotions, and it's like that helps the sport grow. That helps. People recognize that this is just there's not only one avenue for the sport in these, these guys do have to cut their t somewhere and also there are some of the organizations where we can get some quality fights and really good fighters and and money and money, Yeah I like I like they're, being a lot more options for guys with the money's concerned. I'm very happy about that. I mean that's what how the Lord Sage over to one of sea and also Eddie Alvarez and mighty mouse. You know yeah, but it's a different world when there's no way cutting You know I am just such a giant fan of that know what weight cutting deal the way they're doing it over at one of c, it's okay! So what exactly are they doing you, you hydration tests and how how far out before the fight I don't know, I don't know how they are. Explained to me. Is they
Essentia Lee say if you were the one hundred and seventy pound champion, they bump you up to like one hundred and eighty five, they like look you're going to fight one hundred and eighty five. Now there's no weight cutting going to test you we're going to test your weight, we're going to test your hydration we're going to we're going to know what your real weight is. So this your real weight. Your real weight is one hundred and eighty five pounds you drop in fifteen pounds of water to get to one hundred and seventy, but we both know that when you get into that octagon you're going to be one hundred and eighty five pounds. So let's just cut the shit have you never drop down. One hundred and seventy and just say one hundred and eighty five pound fighter, which is what they are, and stand next to guys, like tomorrow's boost, how you one seventy it doesn't make any sense or well who's the craziest version yeah. Well is so big he's so pick his fucking neck starts at the top of his and his his shoulders. They meet meet the traps in the middle. You know it's like. Do you just don't tell you she's, just as mammoth of and the idea that that guy is one hundred and eighty five pounds is bananas
Tim t bow those those kinds of guys and these guys are still muscular identify. I don't know how Gleason did it all those years Glazen was walking around well over one hundred and ninety and getting down to one and fifty not even man like I'd, see T bow in the gym. Like. What do you wear right now? Is that all my friend one one, ninety one, ninety five get on the scale. No, No, no he's not doing that. You know easy, like two hundred and five to ten real. Two. If you have two hundred and ten, you would get down to one hundred and fifty five. So big. How do you do it? sheer force of Will yeah. So I've seen him I'd, wait cuts just like laid out. I agree we fought on a couple of cars together also, you know and he's just like laid out and he has to be carried out of the room. You know, of course you have to walk with scale on your own, but that's so insane that you let a guy do that and then they fight a day later yeah the next day. Bye.
But you wouldn't you, wouldn't let somebody recover from the flu like say I feel What are the temperatures down you them? Let them fight the next right. They probably healthier yeah. Much of I don't know it's, It's the dumbest thing in all combat sports in terms of yeah. I could be avoided so You think the one there's! No I'm, because I haven't been in the position. I don't know how you work the system with the one FC system. I would like to talk to Cha Cha Tree Chatree is the one who set it all up. I it's his organization and he, I think, he's the leader in terms of the safety and it also fairness, because I think that would weight cutting is, I mean, look everybody's doing it. So it's not like everybody is ethically compromised, but I think it's cheating, I think it's legal cheek. That's why I think it is if you're pretending you way one hundred and twenty five pounds like mighty mouse does
play one twenty five ways like one hundred and forty one, forty something You know that's what he really ways and the thing is when he's heading over in one else. Those are the guys he's actually fighting he's fighting guys his size, so the guys that really a great job of cutting weight, they do have a significant advance once they get into that octagon, but I don't think that's a fair advantage. There's some guys to do it really well too, yeah really! Well, some guys are excellent at it. Some got you well he's. Actually, village missed a couple of times some of those guys they just the advantage is so spectacular. How does James VIC may want it? That's a good point. He's a tall, fella, yeah yeah, there's a lot of those guys, help all pool fucking, Gorilla house. He get done what fifty five he so thick yeah these broad man, I remember when Dustin was making one hundred and forty five
AZ. He looks like he's having a hard time making fifty five now, but look man the difference between him at forty five and fifty five is pretty significant, so with Dustin. Thank I I'm. I'm gonna buys because he's one short friends roars, but on you see how MAX Max dominate a lot of guys, a four nine and then the all the the the you know you talk about MAX's like now. He's now he's the greatest now he's the greatest at one, forty five. He may he may be the go. He may be greater than Joe say, although I think that's an argument. People can make might beat him twice right, although he beat him later in his career right Joe's is not fifty years old. He was in his early thirties yeah and he was still he was still in the one guy who still dominating everybody else, yeah right, everybody else, the way MAX beat those guys beat Ortega, be
twice and then Dustin's having these tough fights. He's he's he's fighting the same guys he's fighting gauges fighting at on these, these winning them Alaniz convincingly winning them, but when he fights MAX like MAX the fight is Dustin Fight is the same fight that he had with gauge is the same as far as competitiveness. Right MAX is still in there Dustin wins these, but, like I just like this is where my bias kicks, and I'm like give that man, some credit man, like I am me, I know everybody loved us. I mean not everybody, but people loved us and they appreciate the way he fights appreciated style. But I'm, like man, he's he's taken out like champions taking out champions gate. She was a champion of the world to be the champion. Yeah I got ad champion. You know MAX champion is like all these guys being Sergio pad. I mean Andrea at the palace. You know
just champion after he also rises to the occasion he fought better against MAX and any other Friday over for his career. That's the thing about him, though, like he just he's he's like he's like cream, you know he's easy rises, that that's that's! That's why this wise nicknames a diamond. You know what do you think happens when he fights could be Yeah this, this is the one. That's the fight, fight like that's I mean could be was the guy could be was definitely the guy, and I was talking to him about it. I so I started a new podcast. I called some fan something I am a fan with Eve, Edwards yeah. I know I. Just just released today. It's not on my youtube. Just start.
Today yeah well just released the first episode, oh all right, um and Dustin's. My first guess so I was out there with him last week we're just hanging out. We talked about some of that, but, like what I think happens, this is a tough fight. This it's the toughest fight everybody's going.
To get right um. I I absolutely understand and agree that could be. You should be going in as the favorite right um I want. Of course I want Dustin to win this fight. The every round starts on the feet. Dustin's got to make smart moves every single time, because when could be takes him down, it's it's almost virtually impossible to get back to your feet. Right and that's where could be was gonna want this fight to happen. Dustin's gonna have his opportunities, but like is he going to be able to stop that wrestling consistently enough to make this fight happen? Where it's best for him and that's the hardest thing he's got a good training camp he's got really good people there with him. He's got MIKE Brown there. You know I want to get.
With him Gregor Gillespie. I want greater less be to get with Dustin and just get on top of him for the next two months. Just feel that high level wrestling yeah, smashing pressure just that pressure pressure pressure and get comfortable working out of it working under there protecting yourself doing that. What do you interested. If I mean he might fight him down the road, though it's possible yeah right, but like Tyrone Robbie training at a long time ago. This is true yeah I mean that's how you get better yeah like it's. It's it's one of those things where it's like you you got to sometimes you gotta trade with a potential rival. Well, you know not an enemy brown, but like I shop in iron, yep and all, and sometimes you get it. You have to go with some that's a possible match up in the future. It just. Lastly, if you're going to fight a guy who has that same style and did I think you nailed it too, because Greg or Glaspie is probably when you get
past could be the scariest wrestler in the division? Yeah, I mean he's a guy that gets on top of people and just smashes a man he's relentless with his with his wrestling. Also he's a guy who is not going to get tired, he's going to put that pressure and he's going to come forward, and once he gets ahold of you. If you don't use perfect technique, escape and get that distance back, he's just going to chain wrestler chain wrestle, there's, there's no there's no stopping and tell your down until he scores is too there's. The takedown is still happening. Yeah he's got fucking, relentless strength and conditioning sessions. To that he puts on his instagram, you watch and you go why this guy doesn't get tired fuck that guy? don't get tired because he's he's obsessed, I come, he runs. He runs like five minute miles. Does he really like he'll one like six of them like he like you? You run like you, Eight miles and you'll keep the ball the six minutes, so he'll run six miles and one slash two an hour yeah he
No, Well, that's crazy! That's like high level marathon pace right people people don't know some of the things about about these guys like we were training with these guys. I was just like alright man, I'm too old, to be doing that again, like I can I just can't keep up with that, you don't mean, and that was one of them and Gregor we were on this Nike running app together and NAM like I had to delete him off my because I can't like discuss like how much I eat that you know that's a lariat thanks for real. You go fishing with I want to go fishing with that. Do not want to take love to sing in the Bahamas. That's a good bye, yeah yeah, a line fishing, not not like a lot with the rock week. We fish a lot online fishing, okay, just with your hands, yeah yeah, and that's why, when you feel the fish on the line when you just fighting and pull I I love that it's funny.
There there's some fishy, like I'm not pulling up in group of like that. You know why. Why do you prefer line fishing with your hands? Just 'cause, it's the old school way, just just because it's the way, I grew up. Like when we when we came like my cousin, I told you about who's. Free dives like spearfish, so I remember why I was a little kid and he was out with his daddy was spearfishing and he missed the fish and smack maternal. Oh so you're going to see it No. No. He said his spear headed turtle turtle took took for this Oh, no, so they, like you, know, yeah. I mean it's potentially some turtle out there in the ocean right now to spear stuck it in this is like thirty years ago. Those things they do live forever. I wonder if it survived the calcified over the spear point. I know been spearfishing, but it looks like a hell of a lot of fun. I have Spear fished like inside
I play with a land land and, of course it's with the rubber? the so that one school, but on course they have the guns. I would like to use a spear gun, but I'm like I'm, I don't know you can you can can have earned that right. I feel I am. I am I I got a guy Lego, free, diving with curly and do some of that was so long as you think you could hold your breath underwater. So we just have this thing as a kid where I was where we'd seriously, we try to blow the pool, and I can I can swim an olympic level. Well, I have swimming olympic length pool staying on right, but how long will it take that now? I probably took me like four thousand and forty five seconds. Also your swimming yeah, you asserting yeah, but but like I'm, telling you he goes down and he's under the water for easily three minutes. You know who's supposed to be insane.
Does Eagan Eagan. Anyway. I heard about that. Already works, six minutes, seven minutes It's like. I don't know. Maybe you from sucking up a joke. I, I think just practice practice. Think you do. Practice. Free diamond hawaiians. They do that crazy work There was a member one of the countdown shows and Bj was supposed to be fighting George, St Pierre. They had him doing his the initial in the water where he would dive underwater pick up a rock and move it and drop it and swim to the surface and drive dive down. Again and pick up the rock big ass rock and move it, and that was part of his strength conditioning. So thank um. The I was D. I was good in my cardio. There were times on aghast but um like when punches that coming at you in a lot of people blinking a lot of people do that so that, like that was my thing, I keep my eyes open a long time and so that's my that whole steer camping and that kind of comes from that. I just keep my eyes open, not blinking, those guys who who do those underwater things? How do how do you
think that relates to like I understand you can hold your breath longer. But how do you think that relates to cardio, because you're, not your muscles, not working except to hold the rock well? The idea is that in the rock thing like moving and carrying the rock while you're underwater- I don't know man, I don't know enough about it, but I know- layer and Hamilton on recently. You know he's a big time server and one of things that he's doing now. He is this whole program where they're doing weights in the water, so they're doing like heavy dumbbells, and they will bring him to the bottom of the water and you have to take the dumbbell swim with it to the top catch, a breath, the air and then you go back down again and there's also doing some weather taken like a you know, what is seventy lb dumbbell you hold at your chest and your swimming through the water. While you trying to carry this dumbbell- and you know the exact extremely difficult to do, the thing is: how much is that
global to fight it. That's what I don't know 'cause. I remember when I was like real heavily into Jujitsu at one point in time. I didn't do it any striking for like like a whole year. I didn't even hit pads and then, but I was in really good Jiu Jitsu shape. I was rolling a lot and then I went to hit paddles like goddammit? Why my gas now so quick? This is crazy. It's a different shape right now, it's a different shape. I don't. I always I'm always concerned about that. A curious about that anyway, because because of all those different ask- specks of it um. You know there are there times when when you, when you're grabbing onto something holding on something in your hand, and then you get back to your feet and all that lactic acid in arms in your arms are slow but, like you still feel your conditioning feels good, but you just feel heavy, but on there's there's times also when you're you're grappling and then you get back to your feet and then it's like your arms, don't feel tired, but it's like he feels it's a day. I don't know. I don't is because you're holding your breath-
and maybe that's what going on the waters for I don't know, you know the people that the train Bj for in the prime of his career, was Marv Marinovich to remember, yeah. I remember that name they they have these ridiculous, plyometric drills they had him doing and there are Tude and Nick on is one of their proteges and he still sort of has the same philosophy. Their attitude Is that already know how to fight like you're already is. Beautiful fighter when you get to the UFC, if you have eight weeks to get ready for a fight or twelve weeks, get ready for a fight. The most important thing is your gas tank and that you should concentrate on these fucking preposterous, plyometric, drills and strength and conditioning and just get your body, so you have the biggest fucking gas tank possible and then all your skills, you just drill like that, should have any any fact like cardio wise, like if you're do, as drills. As far as like striking grappling comma,
drills or whatever you doing like that Those things should almost be secondary to strength and conditioning yes, their attitude. I kind of agree with that. I mean there is a point where yeah you can always improve technique wise. But are you going to do that in a eight week camp right right now, like you do that you do that in your down time? Right now, you do that when you're not in camp Camp, comes it's all about being ready to fight for as long as you need to as hard as you can, and I think their attitude also is that this way you're doing way less boring way less opportunity to get hurt and MOE mostly it's these crazy plyo, drills box jumps and all this crazy show. Shit. Medicine ball stuff. All this all this stuff, we just explode, explode, exposed well explode. Everything is just go, go go go, go go so that your body is just used to that so that, when you get into a fight your body has this insane gas tank they might I mean there's something to it, because those were the Bj's best days. The Sean Sherk Fight, the
Eagle Sanchez Fight that was Prob time, Bj Penn when he was the mother fucker of of fuckers. That way What was up I mean he was. He was training with the Marina bitches. Did you see that video of him beating of the bank series he's obviously obviously having a real tough time I didn't I just saw the video I don't know how it had. I don't know what yeah uses inside control flip flops on as I am, but I'm here's. My thing I did, I don't know this. That led to what I only saw that he's on top. With guy and I'm like I'm like This is in Hawaii like who picks a fight Bj Penn in Hawaii or who even like steps to Bj pit? In a way I mean, I understand it. If there was, I don't know the situation. If it's like dj, you gotta, leave and he's not listening. You try to get Bjs friends to go there you and get him out here, but, like you, don't you don't go to to do with Bj Penn right seems stupid, it's see choice. I don't get it hey did MAX Holloway. Is he the one who started the bottle cap challenge? Do we know that for a fact
I use the first one I saw I'm so tired of seeing people kick bottle caps. So I was going to say there's something different about his. Is that the cap state on the bottle? Everyone else is just kicking the cap off. I checked the dealership, spinning coincidental, I know, but might be to the bottle of Titos. I think that I used, but, like that's a little more impressive than some other people, just knock it off. Finally slightly. It's not that big of a listen, there's, a reason why so many people are doing it. It's not that hard. It's just not that hard to throw wheel. Kick like this! He just like get someone to hold it. Get someone hold it tight in the wheel. Kick it was like this and you of the bottle cap barely on so the bottle cap is like this and just make sure we throw we'll kick like that, but you don't knock it off. Everyone else knocked it off. He kept it on. Well, I think people using water bottle caps, which have a shallow set of grew,
whereas, like the bottle that he used has a deeper group would be more impressive if they showed the whole bottle and that there's not someone holding it and you like you only. I think so crazed visit anything yes to me. I've never even thought once about doing it. So I know how to throw a wheel. Kick I'm not gonna. Do it It seems silly to Maine with Jason stadiums. Do it and when John Mayer did it, the fucking shark was jumped but that's the MAX challenge was it that assassin, I think MAX called him out on it. He did it yeah. He called out John Mayer why it's like. Why does Justin Bieber want to fight Tom Cruise there's so many questions I would watch it. I would watch it. I think Tom Cruise will lock him. But all those crazy voodoo. So got from Scientology and and aliens belief in himself man, the fights last weekend,
right, I just I so I didn't want to watch him. I was on. I was in Texas and, and I call this ice cream and and they were in Austin, I was like they never have it and they had at one time. I wives, I drove from Houston Austin and get some ice cream really yeah, you drove from Houston to Austin. That's like three hours yeah, you drove three hours for ice cream. I did, oh, my god you're embracing the fact that it was worth it. You know making jokes about your weight way, get ready for people to see you in the later stage. James Toney, Korea, remember yeah. I don't want to be James Toney. I want to still be able to take off my shirt, but man I had to go. Get it but wow, but I did watch the fight and I watched the main card. Francis is just fucking, terrifying right fucking terrifying like when, when Jds missed, Can't you can't make mistakes against him because you take one and that could be it well,
felt like Jds was doing pretty good in the, beginning with the leg, kicks that's what you need to do with Francis you to keep moving and kick those legs. Be interesting to see if well I mean obviously Alistair was the most elite. Striker is for the most decorated striker in the whole division and one of the more decorate strikers ever and Francis still New TIM, his why, yes, it does hit you man, crazy. You sohom, I can't say his last name champion, Doll's, nickname. Spot on the undercard. I think he was cameroonian. Also, I didn't see the under car. The only thing I saw was the Francis fight this guy. Looks like if you take Tyron Woodley an made him bigger? What's his name dollar LU, Lu Gambuh? I can't
I don't know his last name. I can't pronounce it, but is he a new acquiring think this is debut and he looks I I honestly. I would like to see him in many feel. At some point. They both look they're both like It would be like watching like to gi. Joe figures, you know like just like getting and going down. You know that heavy weight that fights in one FC the call in the Panther he just did the bottle cap challenge to we did like a hook, kick in a wheel, kick with a different length, and now he he's this dude who, who is another one of those preposterous looking fellows they just unbelievably jacked and a heavy weight would be okay here. It is, let's see the the stuff the highlight of the oh, my God is fast yeah. I see what you're saying
And he's just so big powerful, but we light way whatever way. Oh, that's! Well, that's interesting! this fucking weight class need some new blood. That's for sure I mean yep, that's a wrap, quick, damn. I'm like I'm, like you, I'm like man, you want to make a one million dollars. How many contracts I mean these contracts, how many fights that they put him under um you just for the year So to get to the five fights and if you win, do you have to stay in the? fell, does not have you do not have. I don't actually. When it comes that, I don't know the details on champions, but I know that the semi finalist have returned, so I haven't read everyone's contract or anyone's contract really, but thinking that the semi finals returned, I don't know if there's a right to first refusal in the contract for the season, but that's a good question:
I need to know that. Do you, like the whole point scoring format thing? Do you think this a good added element? I like it it I like it because and not necessarily because it changes how people people fight fighting in this organization. I believe you can you a little more loose, I mean you show up and you know you have to win. You try to win and you try to win. You don't just try to get the w there. There is there's a lot of fight, sometimes when it's like you're on the bubble and it's like you're fighting, very cautious. You know I feel like with this rule set you get to just be yourself out there, you you every you always want to win so you're always going to fight to win, but you don't necessarily change your style to to play again play the rules. Just can you just go to fight the way you fight? Don't thing that concerns me is that it's a little complicated
the intention to all the for the fans, yeah the points and all that jazz. So I understand why you would say that, but if you're watching the broadcast, thank you know you got me Sean Randy behind the desk and we we try to keep people updated with the points and and how that works in and it's it's really not that hard, who Sean Sha, local, so he's doing. Commentary he's doing commentary was a radio guy right yeah. He was a radio guy for on our serious sports, radio guy. I think it's, this crazy yeah good for him, yeah amazing I was a millionaire, divert he's a millionaire and he's diversified his portfolio and he retired he retired from fighting and now he's The blue dress, amazing and I think he's pretty good play by play. Guy, especially, as as a former fighter, not a lot of play by play, guys a form of fighters yeah, that's right, it's usually call and he he fought well in the UFC two he's a tough guy yeah I mean and and weird. I always make fun of him. I was tell him like you. Fight, like
Simpson, with your fight iq is higher. They like Homer Simpson. He takes take so many shots, but he just like stands in front of you and just trades punches but like like he he had to use his brain to be Vinny. You know what I mean is. If any takes you down, I guess on top he's getting going to grind and himself too, mission yeah, but with Sean he was he was you know he backed away from from the all of his other fights all season were the Homer Simpson fight. You know, like hit sometimes, but he just came back and bombed on you and and knocked everybody out. He lost every first round that he fought um one of them. He lost entire fight, but every other fight that he fought. He lost the first round and then came back in and just just bombed on guys, even with Vinnie. He lost the first round. You know, but but as far as the points go with, that you have us community
how the points work he had it. I remember being in your position before the season started. Thinking on the points things it's going to be, where it is going to throw people off, but legit. You see that play out one times like I'll see well. That makes sense. You know you start watching guys like so this next round of fights coming up on the 11th and on the 25th in August Eighth, we have the different weight. Two weight classes per show right and um. So we start with the women's lightweights and the welterweights. Then we have the featherweights and the men's lightweights, and then we have the light have using the heavies so on those dates, but when and um when you think about the points right, you understand that, like these guys are on the bubble, you're watching it like like the NFL playoffs, when, when you know the last two weeks of the playoffs like this guy needs to beat this guy, this guy has to finish before this time. You know if he can get this win in the fucking around in less than two and one slash two minutes then he's in the playoffs. But if it goes past two and one slash two he's out, you know
but like we're, we're communicating that to each fight, especially in the this second round of the regular season. But you what you watching that, because guys know that also, so some some of that it's weird, because in a fight you're, not thinking about anything else, but the guy but you go in there with that mentality. That's already on the board. You don't have this opinion that you don't have to to about it consciously. But it's in your your subconscious at some point you play to that. But even if you get out of that, if you get beyond that, then you still do pride thing, and this is a format that didn't exist with the pfl or with the world's world series fighting rather no there's a new format, a new, that's why they changed the name. They change the name. They change the name just before they introduce this format, but I believe the name is changed going into this format. I think they had one event as the professional fighters league without this seasonal format,
be might be too old school. You might be school, but if you say that you got to try it you your fight yeah like that, I promise you as a fight fan you're going to appreciate. Ok, tell me look hard to watch. What's what's a good upcoming card? The next card is a real one, because because the pause the women. You got Kayla Harrison Judo two time, which is a b she's right, she's, a bitch she's, a bitch But she she needs to get a finish to guarantee yourself playoff spot, because she fought her last flight. She fought her tough as a pony who took it to decision she. She won the fight convincingly, but she couldn't get herself a stoppage who know. Sarah Kaufman is on their government sitting at the top of the women's rankings, with with the finish on there, some some some really good women out there, too they're used to kick boxes. They fight each other. Last time Bobby Joe DL and Jenna Fabian they're, both built like European, kick boxes that tall lanky long women and there are legit good, kick boxer. They went until they went toe to toe with each other,
they're fighting it in this week and are fighting each other, but they're fighting the Jetta Fabian needs a w to get to the playoffs, so those fights a good and then, of course, we have the welterweight we're talking about Magnum and Mega man came up and and and Chris curtis- I don't know if you know Chris Curtis, he said he was on. He was on John Hughes. I think his Lfa champion ARF a champion- and he was on his on contenders contenders- want us fighting contenders. I don't know why he didn't get a contract, but he's really really good he's one of those guys he's been training with with um Henderson and those guys for a long time now he's in Vegas with with extreme couture there and then the John Howard, Ray Cooper Fight, that's like as a fight fan you. I know you those that doesn't excellent it. So when is that that is on July 11th, okay, next Thursday and experience, an plus beautiful yeah, I'm around I'm going watch that I'm legit when we sit down for the broadcast, I'm texting you
You got it like. If you don't respond, if you don't respond and put you on blast on television, this. Guy doesn't like on ESPN plus we're on ESPN plus in Joe Rogan is nowhere to be found. I can't have that happen I'll, be paying attention. So, that's a adult. So all the fights are gonna be on ESPN plus Ali. Sometimes when the ESPN two fights, you can't get a money as PAM plus once you have it set up, okay, so what I'll allow? the times, so we bounced between ESPN plus in two. I don't know the format for the fight. I can't remember which section of the card is on ESPN two and then plus. Oh there. It is so when I'm plus, at five hundred and thirty to eight hundred and thirty EAST Coast time and then on two from eight hundred and thirty. I'm sorry, that's a great thing about ESPN and including with the UFC. Is that so many sports fans just have ESPN on automatic. Absolutely like I was a a pool hall on Saturday night. I did a show in Baltimore and then we want the pool hall. We got there right,
in Junior was entering into the octagon was perfect. It was perfect timing and I was like don't blink, this fucking, probably going to make it out of the first round yeah that was that was telling my grandmother, but that point right now, I'm not done that bullshit in your shoes on Francis wants another shot at the title, and you know it's it's I mean I don't know why they wouldn't give him another shot. Style in my opinion. It's like what you got now is steep, a versus d c, that that irons out who's the champ right and thank God they made that fight instead of the bra closer for right I mean, I think, the Brock Lesnar Fight would have been fun and I want of DC. I wanted to get paid. I think he sends Lesnar into another dimension. That's what I think happens in that fight and I think he gets a big payday and that's all right, but the reality is the real fight. Steve Basti pays the most successful UFC Heavyweight champion of all time, the only guy to ever defend the title. For and the only guy to survive the fucking hurricane. That is Francis and goddam
the only guy he figured it out He figured it out just weather the storm. You know just roll with punches. Kick the legs jab, move user wrestling wrestle me he had to stop. He had avoid the punches at first and he's got. You know that wasn't sixteen two I was thinking the fight with steep pay with Francis. How much did that? Take because, even though he won that fight when DC I him out with one punch like wow, that's crazy! You don't see steep getting getting knocked out like that. I wonder. Still suffering from the in Ghana, which is only like a few months before that I don't know if he was still suffering from that versus um, perfect punch to that's that's the thing on Dc C talked about it. He talked about. He saw this being an option in this fight, this being an opportunity to get this to land. This shot this and NAM. He did it. You know that that's the thing, if
chances, anybody, probably anybody with any power. Of course, Frances Lands, shots, night lights out also, but He didn't see it when he didn't. He didn't have the skill set to provide that opportunity right. You know, I think that that might be more. This such a perfect punch too. You know he. He this rid of the arm on the left side, then boom the right hand comes over. You got that kind of thing that makes me appreciate, like fight I q of a guy like no I mean because like again and got no bigger, puncher like but like he just doesn't have the skill set. That D C has and seeing that like. Remember him talking about that in the post, fight yeah, like that with something they saw and two to know that that's there and find that opportunity to make that opportunity happen. You know that some that's high level stuff man high stuff. That's what the best guys do. I heard that DC looks fantastic in camp already looks so good.
But I'm really interesting to see what a motivated hungry you know out for revenge, Steve Bacon do and all I can He knows to take that away. Hey me up on is the c d de he kind of got into it. He he kicks plane exactly. What they saw and how they for you to use that against him. So, like Steve, a is also, like you said: he's the most decorated heavy weight champion he's the most successful. That's success didn't come from. Like not only his skill set, but also his mentality has to go back into the gym break that down take that out of his game. You know make that not a not a thing, and also now. He knows that it's the titles, everything you lose that tight, people, don't even talk about yeah. They stop talking about him yeah. You know I felt obliged I felt like I had an obligation to talk about steep I'm like no one's talk, about how you not talking about the most successful heavyweight champion of all time, yeah, the guy who
I understand him having to have one fight before yet and we match or he could, he could have legitimately just got the rematch. Because of that I have his resume as yeah. You know I don't know I I I don't like that part of fighting where you're only as good as your last yeah? No, I don't like it either. I don't know. I just feel like I get the business aspect of it. I get that, but I feel like fighter like that, you got to give him a rematch. You have two deserves it he's. Champion of like a legit champion, the guy says you it's a rematch set it up. So quick question a that's concern when you say that right arm would LI like it. Of course thank you Hajji S, p. You have Matt Hughes, they had long title runs also, but on the fight with tomorrow, tomorrow so dominant. That yeah like what is really need to do to get a rematch. That's an interesting question is
it's different thing right yeah. I guess it's a different thing, but is it really I mean? Is it really? Is it really different to dominate a guide them to hit him with one punch? Man kinda is, but it's also, you're dealing with a guy who was like a long time champion who dominated the division, a guy who you know just blew Darren Tills, title shot, hope oops up into smithereens. You know that was that was the big one right the until one, because that one was confusing to me, I'm like how how is he the betting favorite? I don't understand, I get it, he beat cowboy and I get it. He dropped wonder boy but This is Tyron Woodley's, a guy who's battle tested man he's been in there with everybody that I felt. That was the one of the weird for believing the hype. Things in terms of like the bookmakers and it worked out well for fans fans that that new yeah yeah, but yes, stop tomorrow was so dominant, and then you got
Colby Covington. Who still has the you know claim to the interim. They took it away from them, but he's fighting Robbie yeah. That's that's! So that's a fight as a fight, I'm interested in because, like we used to train together? You know there was when, when, when Robbie was getting ready for Johnny Hendrix, remember coming and wrestler yeah and he's a self. You know it was years ago and Kobe has grown a lot since then, but I mean those guys spent a lot of time on the map together a couple years ago, you know how those training sessions go. I can't tell you that Can you don't even work for the organization anymore yeah, but but one of them is acquaintances, another, a good friend link twice if Robbie fucked him up. I'd like you know what like about it, Robbie looked physically fantastic in his lab. And I I know he lost to Ben. It was a crazy can't
commercial situation. I don't know man, I went over it with herb dean. We watch the fight again when her was in here. I kind of believe him. I kind of the way his arm just dropped like that and like that seems like was out. I believe that her felt was out. I don't think Robbie was out. I think he was out for a second think, so yeah I think, now out for a second and I think when herb came over then Ben, let the until that again in slow motion, but, like you, don't come back from a chilled, will you do if you was letting the choke up while you're fighting so if herbs come over and he thinks robbies out and he starts to let up and then the blood rushed to the brain and then herb stops the fight he let's it go and then he's up like nothing happened. Depends on how long you been out if you're out for only a second it depends depends on how make the choke is. Is the blood kind getting in there and then not getting in there. I believe it alone. 'cause now we're getting any conjecture.
Yes, yeah good point to point now: yeah I was disappoint thing, but also, if you just put him to sleep that would have been definitive but it just it was so confusing. We thought it was out that he was now we're like what and then with the most people, thought they had to run it back. Most people yeah, I thought so too yeah, I'm surprised they're, not, but I that I'm down for him and Mazda at yes. I like that fight. Yes, I, like find a lot because MA's adult can wrestle All can wrestle and he's super crafty and he's mean as fuck he's a mean man. You know I'm not going to lie. Man will tell you of all the people I've trained with ice
overall, when you put the entirety of the of mixed martial arts is together, model might be the best really like he like. His boxing is some of the best in the sport of mixed martial arts. He is not a kick boxer, but he's confident and comfortable with all the kicks wrestling. His whistling is way beyond a guy. Who never wrestled, like you know, is like he's like division, one level, you know at the very least, and then his Ju Jitsu people sleep on his jujitsu mat. Mas Vidal is legit on the ground um. The first day I went into American talked and we had fought each other before, and I figured this guy's horrible on the ground we just go but like I was like I was surprised, and this was twelve years ago. Ten, you know yeah and he's he's he's day
Day out he's a worker like he's constantly working on his craft is costly, working to get better um Ben Askar and you know he's got the ground he's. You know, he's got the wrestling um, but but MA's with all defense of wrestling is asking me to be able to. You know: maul him like he'd just done and he's got a close. That distance he's got a close at this I mean in the on the feet miles at all, as a giant advantage just giant is that it will work, yeah great hands, ask. Has this his crazy way of getting ahold of people even Robbie, even after Robbie was blasting his brains into another dimension. He still got up and was grabbing Robbie
she has this ability to grab people and hold on to people like if she watches the Douglas Lima Fight or the course qualify in in the Bella Tory like Jesus Christ, like he, he bragged dolls people, it's weird a whole yeah he's hard to get away from very high yeah from I remember when I first met men. He on I watch. He went to this twenty used to do twenty minutes and in college just to get more pins, so you have like the pain record, so he got the pin record for for Missouri for the University of Missouri used, but he would also with other high level wrestlers. He would just like. Let people take him now let people in on his legs so that he can get into these scrambles that funk stuff, that he does yeah
hey as Dean Thomas one time he's wrestling on that same trip, he's resting with dean. You just stopped everything. Do you not a sprawl like like like Dean and didn't even know what a sprawling because he's wrestling a soldier and you just touch? He was touching us and we've fallen over and I mean no his wrestling. Is that good? Well, that makes it even more impressive, with Jordan Burroughs him. When Jordan Burroughs in him had that wrestling match like there's levels, and he said it afterwards. He put it on his graph there's levels to this, and there is because These ran random over right through him power down, isn't isn't crazy crazy. Just when you think about that a guy who's, elite of the elite in wrestling is so much better than the elite of the elite in wrestling and Emma Miami yeah. This is so much better, but would he have still been able to do that? The same way of Ben was on Lee Wrestling. That's a big question
it's hard to say because Jordans so good he's so dominant. It's hard to say he talking about what two time olympic Champion it is unbelievably explosive to any work. You ever seen his workouts all plio, drills, explosive, drills and he's all about closing that distance with just for ferocious energy boom. That's crosses! That thing is not even there, God, damn you teleport! I was hoping he was gonna, get an M get in MMA, but it doesn't seem like he wants to go. No, I I
honestly, when he was still in school, so one of my buddies Lynn holding he was reaching out. This is how I met tyrant. He was reaching out to the division, one wrestlers for me to help me with my wrestling after Joe Stevenson fight because I was like I can't wrestle right and um Jordan Burroughs was one of the guys he reached out to and he was just not interested in Emma May. At that point I was like I'm going to the Olympics. Um I'm gonna wrestle. He had no interest. I don't know where that stands now, because the sport is bigger, there's more money in it yeah, but it's still having so much success wrestling right and who knows how much time, if any he's put into striking, yeah, but like that I q of his as far as wrestling that athleticism you know, he's a hard worker, oh yeah. It will apply if he dedicates himself to it, but if he hasn't at all he so far behind the eight ball be jumps in now, with zero, striking now, how long would it take before he gets to a comfortable level of striking where he can hang in there? You know like tomorrow tomorrow he first
out of fighting was really just a restless, but then really son, the tyrant fight when he even will stop tyrant on the feet he's his striking is legit. Now his fight with Maria Mariah's yeah, Sergio Jim. That was where I started to recognize. His striking is improving yeah and you could see it if you watch his fights from then you can see each time a vast improvement in a striking, but what I like about that is his Wrestling didn't really fade. Interesting still stayed shot yeah and that's where I like, I'm like how do you do that, because there's only so much I was in a day. Well, it's also crazy with him. Is he can't run his knees are so fucked up? I didn't know that he talked it he doesn't even care to talk. He doesn't mind talking about it. He's like Joe. My knees were so fucked up. I would have to walk on the grass, because I couldn't walk on the concrete because it hurt too much. How do you fight at that level? I give you care run, I don't understand. Well, he just does like air Dyne bike.
But what I mean, how do you even? How do they even work inside the octagon? If you can't run on tough, just tough, unbelievable mental toughness mean, I think he he gets in there just forces by to do whatever he wanted to do. The drafters feels any pain when he was twenty fighting is in pain, all time yeah, you never you never see it when you have a broken foot in that fight yeah, but that's the kind of mindset. That some people have the champion mindset with all that stuff means nothing any yet hernias they had hernia surgery. After the fight I mean what the yeah, that's that's some different. Some different shit, Mandarin Brosa those levels there's levels to the mental game. To this, like some guys, can just push through everything and some guy
will find a reason why they have to get out yeah. You know yeah, there's, there's that being in that moment and like now now means everything. No, there is no tomorrow yup, you know it's like I like to I. I I try to keep that mentality, also in some of the things that I try to do now, because I guess like this kid from the Bahamas, you know there's no reason that somebody in Japan, you know my name but because of mixed martial arts because of my dedication to this way, because I wanted to be something in that that happened. So it's like come. You just have to have that mentality of if I wanna SH boat out and if I'm in the Bahamas, I'm on a boat in my boat sinks and I'm out in the in the middle I'm twenty miles from land like if I don't get the land, it's not because I failed. I mean it's not because I quit, because I failed right now so like that that mentality, that's a tie. Looking guys like that guy's
You have no quit and I feel like your ideas like favors, like that yeah the MIKE Brown fart, like perfect example, broke both his hands and was still throwing elbows kicks. Trying to take him down. Doing anything could two broken hands. How many Ferguson Tony Ferguson Ano an animal he's a scary sky, one hundred and fifty five. My in my word, I agree in my world get tired. He did the cow. If I freaked me out he what cal blood look like Tony had bricks in his gloves: yeah his face, all busted up twenty didn't look good! You have a scratch on him and Tony wasn't even tired, so he posted a meme. I feel like a couple days ago, a show like his last seven of gas are all up like they. They all fell off a train yeah its crew crazy man, he has insane power man it it's like it's a weird
think is Tony does stuff to people and does he doesn't get tired? He doesn't get the like. He he's legit, crazy, yes, but he does it. Thank you. I don't know if he feels pain. That kind of crazy? You know I mean like he will do things in there that I remember when we fly, I'm south he's orthodox right. He throws it inside kick and I'm turning my leg over to check it and like it was never at my knee. He was throwing that at my shin, like if you're throwing that calf kick with that open stance, you're doing it at the gym right. You know I mean so like I checked it and I was. Like I was about to check, and then we bank Shin Dish in like the middle of the Shin to the middle of Ishan on, and I remember thinking myself why the fuck would you do that now we're both heard, like I seriously hated that feeling, but he did like
There was no reaction on his face. There was nothing he was just like still launches on to the next thing and I feel like I'm glad I thought him men 'cause, like look at him now, he's literally like Thank you know, yeah, like that twenty verses last seven opponents, Jesus Christ, all bloody masses, even like is the what the things he posts. You get an insight to how crazy is mind is. Did you see his post, his press conference? After after after Anthony Pettis, no yeah, he was taught Yeah he's going to be a doctor. He said I think he said something like he said what he say. He said he said, you know what they call me 'cause he's. Yeah GQ guy he's talking about Anthony's like GQ guy. But you know they call me. They call me the GQ killer. You know what that is so awesome.
I would like to see what his condition work out is because Eddie goes with him up to big bear. You know in the he trains in and he says, never seen anything like it said everybody else in camp can't keep up with them. Who works out. He goes We've anybody have this kind of dedication and gas tanks. He works out a legitimate six hours a day. He says, he's running hills, they do these hill sprints and he said he apps everybody. He goes all the way to the top before they do goes down and then beats them on the way up. Doesn't get tired yeah. I don't understand what is someone doing when they're their cardio is so much better than everybody else's 'cause. The cowboy fight I'm telling you man, I watched him from the moment. They they stop the fight after the second round, I'm watching him and he goes back corner cowboys face is a mess he's. Just beating the shit out of cowboy. He goes back to his corner. His stomach is
Even yeah he's not breathing heavy. I'm not gonna lie to you, as I don't want to see this fight because I, like both those guys but as a fight fan. I want to see this fight and that's him and dusted him and doesn't wanna, be in saying because, like that, those two guys who don't know how to quit well, if Dustin Beats could be that's the fight, yeah and if Dustin doesn't be, could be Tony and Habib's the fight, yeah, they'll fight, eventually, I'm sure yeah. I mean that is a crazy ass fine, but the thing is like Tony's pace is so disturbing. It's so disturbing because I watch him fight guys and how do you keep up but that, but nobody keeps up with it, but you got a cracked him. You got to catch MIKE, Anthony caught him, but he broke his hand but Pettis out of her, and he can Lando had him hurt Lando Vannata, I remember yeah yeah yeah, like knows to survive, though yeah exactly and also it's weird, because he doesn't survive like most people. Do
he doesn't tie you up and try to get it. Try to recollect itself like he's just still fights, and he He instead, like scramble, you hurt him, he puts it on you he's like okay, I need a break meaning I'm coming after you now, you're gonna. Stop me from killing you so a break I can just always stunned his pace in his cardio. It's may I really like I want to know. Is this scientifically and like? Are they monitoring his heart rate, or is this just psychotic? I guess it's scientific or is a psychotic. I think it's, the latter. I think it might be. I thank I do like Tony Ferguson. If, if this is scary movie, twenty four, the same would be that guy he's all cuckoo, he's yeah he's the Boogie man they need, they need, they need. They need to make a movie out like somebody needs to do some kind of thank don't know mashup of of his fights that make him seem like the Jason, the guy that just never goes away and soon
you turn around he's ready to kill you. Well, you just think about Luke Thomas posted, some tweet where the last time Tony Ferguson, one like who was champion and what was going on the world's like two thousand and thirteen is the last time he lost and he lost to Michael Johnson. You can also beat Dustin yeah yeah. It was Dustin's last loss as well that much more recent, though you have much more recent. I was that was here in L, a was it before yeah um, but that fight also, where Dustin's concerned not like you. We propped up Tony. So I got to get dozens and props because, like that's the thing about about mixed martial arts. First of all, there's not a lot of guys. Who who have some success, is success and then they get stopped. Then success is success in the get stop and success is success. Then they get stopped on then sends that like, but every time he got stopped every time he lost he. He made adjustments, made improvements and got better sure, and that was that was the last one and then the had the debacle with Eddie with the disqualification in and the
on him going into that? Was you know when he heard somebody he doesn't necessarily not finish? He gets too aggressive. You know you know he goes crazy, um that fight then he gets and yes Katie. Where is like, if you hurt him and you go crazy, you're putting yourself at risk, so I was the perfect fight to demonstrate that he, You learned the lesson that he did. You know you know so, like I don't know where I don't know really what the knock on him is now. I remember this is something that on I didn't want to say this to him, because he doesn't watch a lot of his opponents and there there there press stuff but remember a long time ago, D C had tadka Bebe on the Fox desk and he's talking he's asking about opponents he's like what do you think of this guy? What do you think of this guy and he said just give me one word answers and he said Dustin Pour a. He goes easy fight, whoa and dumb. I I'm like
Yeah, I don't. I don't want to see this fight now. I want everything is that after the hallway fight, though that was an eye opener for a lot of folks yeah but Holloway fought dust in the way a Holloway would the way Dustin would look the best he stood in front of him Holloway doesn't have the same knockout power that Dustin has Dustin has like real legit one punch power MAX beats you up, he just beats. On you beat your ass and takes you takes you out, but also, I don't think MAX, has the same kind of power at one hundred and fifty five. Just at one hundred and forty five is just so much bigger than everybody, and one hundred and fifty five he's there. So guys and Dustin's a big fifty five or yeah, I Dustin is a big fifth five, I I don't. I can't say I agree about the power on Lee because does the dust has been knocked out, but he does have a chin. You know he take a shot. No, but I mean I'm not saying he does.
I know you know you know this has never knocked anybody out with one shot. He beats guys up and takes him apart. You know you're right, you're, right, Dustin's, capable of flat lining you yeah. He could flatline people with one shot yeah. You don't really see that that much with MAX he just he shot. Super sharp super high fight iq and just makes you fight wars with them, but he was fighting a war with the guy had a higher caliber weapons. That's what it seemed like in that fight and Dustin just fought real smart grape boxing and capitalize on these openings and really strong Matin a what a max in a way that we haven't seen before and good footwork to a few area. Member MAX was MAX was used. Thing is full work early in that fight, but everywhere he went Dustin. Was there too? You know, and it's there are sometimes it's not allowing maybe not even a conscious decision where it's like well, doesn't matter
I go he's going to be there anyway. So then this is what we're doing right and I'm not just going to keep running around now so he might, he might have made MAX decide to stay in front of him like he did towards this team was the second and third. Fourth, the difference is that with could be, obviously is the grappling that script could be bread and butter is so terrifyingly good when he clenches you it's like you see these guys that you have this look on their face like what is this. This is a new. Experience this is a different kind of grappling any immobilizes people yeah like he gets you in positions that, like you literally you can't go left. You can go right. You know he's got that wrist, wrap on the MAC site and one slash two guard on the front side. So you can't turn turn to your right, but you also can't turn to you. It's like and he's she straps you down. Man like that.
Like how do you like? That's what I hope Dustin works on right now, like just sealing off not allowing could be to get those under hooks on the ground, not allow it could be to get around his body just just get back to his feet. If he gets taken down and I mean you. We saw some of the we know that could be. It is not the greatest striker you know. Um we saw um I like went toe. Do some do some damage on the feet and I think, the third or fourth round he definitely show code. Where could be if he has any vulnerability, it's going to be in the striking, but he didn't really hurt him, never heard him once
one person, the dams, Michael Michael Johnson, doing them once yeah, but he recovered from that quickly and beat the out of Michael analysts in the ground. I also think Dustin is more of a predator went like he's he's like I think I like Clint, is, is good on his feet. He's he's boxing solid. He hits hard, but I think just Dustin's boxing, I q. I can be hurt you especially now. I think if he hurts you, he smarter about being able to finish with the power that he carries. He he's more selective with his weapon some interesting, so I think that that's definitely a big option. If he, if he can show that he can herd could be standing, then he had a. He is a very
shot of stopping him there. But what does that mean to stop could be like you know what I mean like not? Is it possible? I think, but you know what I think you have to because like how do you beat that wrestling over twenty five minutes right? How do you keep them from taking you down over and over and over again just getting back ups, not good enough yeah, because gonna keep taking you down, that's a real good point. 'cause he's been able to do that to every single person he's fought inside the octagon and we need when Conor stopped a little bit of it early on I mean it's just. It was a matter of time. Yeah, that's that's the that's the whole greater thing. Man I want yeah like I'll Greg, is watching this and he's like man. I should do that. I should do that because he Eve's Eve's column is Eve in um. I mean eyes dusted, rather in Florida yeah he just he just so. I was in Texas. Last week I went up to I drove down to um the war of the worlds, to Lafayette Yonville, to um, to talk to him to to record that pod gas. We
train some made me his I'm like I'm like too I'm like an hour away, he's like alright you're running practice, I'm like I'm fat, I don't know what to do. I haven't trained like weeks, but he came in we did that and then and then he was he was leaving for Florida Friday. So it's been there for about a week now, almost a week now and the fight is what's the date of the fight. The fight is September. Seventh Abu Dhabi Tomtom you're not going to know so If, if you do, if you do fight companion, I love to come in for that. If I could have you in because dust because Justin my boy, man, I want to find out, if I'm even mean into home. I might be on the road you're going to be an a c very soon huh. I was just there. Ok, that's what just there this past weekend: okay, oh yeah, no I'm home
if, if, if I'm still home as of right now, I'm home, but we have a fight companion here in fella, it'll be fun, I'm down to be there, especially if I don't go to, and I would love to be there for that, but that's out without it. Interesting to do. You know him so well you to get your insight on that he's. The only he's the only guy rapping thug jitsu right now that's right. I love I love when, like he's like I'm telling boosted make buying, we know that they do to fight. As like he came upon the TIM Crater, whose that's right, you know, yeah crazy, Tem, crazy, TIM member TIM from the John Jock Machado days. Like way back in the day, I saw first saw crazy TIM. I never got to train with them, but he came down in, like nineteen, the he also Marano. Ninety eight ishe. He started when to start treating me as collision, and we went to some fights in Boston, I'm sitting next to the commission and to find this guy and he won his work on stand with me and they're trading in the
I takes him down and when the guy takes him down, I look at the commission and I grabbed like all this stuff and I'm like well, that's the end of that. I start putting put everything in the bucket in, like I don't know before I even he got my head up like TIM tapped him and the commissioner was like, you, call that one didn't you this some shit that you just know right, especially at a certain level of fights, there's some shit that you just know that's one of the more interesting things about the high level fights high level fighters. Is you don't know anymore? No, so, now everybody everybody knows the same thing unless you have that checkmate card like Francis, like no disrespect to Junior, but I did not think that that fight was going to get out. First round I had a feeling it was going to go that way and that's what it said on my friends. I said
If I had about bet my money can happen. It's crazy sport, but if I had my about my money bet the house on the the fella yeah, because he just does to people yeah, I don't think like I and with that government those those only takes one guys, they're they're scary, like and junior style necessarily style to to avoid encounter that right now I mean yeah like that, and that for me, like the Jeremy, Stephens Fight was like that Jeremy Stephens, those one but he's that got that one punch kind of thing and you just have to you have to make sure that they miss and just pick your shots, and he was fortunate that, like I had it. I caught him running into something too. I'm not. I do have one punch power, but I don't pack power like Dustin this. You know I'm. I would say my powers more. If, if we're talking,
the decision today, yet more about precision more closer to like MAX is in the sense of like I will. I will. I would pick you apart, but like all the not because they came from like volume or catching you slip in Hell, catching you coming in or something like that now and but like I don't know, who's at heavyweight who fights like nobody. You have to get a Reco Verhoeven, get someone who's like a world class striker, who Rico amendment mma, fights and he's? You know, still the glory heavyweight champion and he's also a big giant dude, but then again meant he's been fighting with those big gloves. And you know he's been stopped before. Could he handle it? I mean if he stands in front of Francis, could he handle it? Don't I don't think any human handles here that you gotta get it I like a that just knows how to get the fuck out of there. I think I think Francis could knock out an elephant
He probably good, I'm serious at least the baby elephant yeah little elephant, that's fucked up, though it even thinking about that was yeah. I don't think is anybody he can't knock out, which is really interesting. If he decided to go to boxing he's one, those guys where you go. If he really decided to go to boxing who it's harder him a bona a hit all right hit, so God damn hard. It's hard tell because he's he has fought the cream of the crop in boxing and he's knocked out. Thirty nine dudes he's four. He and what is he like? forty and one forty Well how's, the forty you know the Tyson fight was a draw. Pollo, forty, oh and one in thirty nine knockouts Stiverne was the only one, the first fight where it went. The distance and
the new Commercy fight yeah, the first time they fought want to believe. That's the case is that who did? Who is it? Who did you have a decision with Dylan's work, pedia that song he hits harder than anybody. I've ever seen in the heavyweight division in this modern era. Outside of Tyson, I feel like. I should call him CTE like for real remember they did that study on the NFL bodies and they did like one hundred and eleven bodies on one hundred and ten of them at CT. Yeah. Thirty, nine! about forty yeah he's giving people some real problems. Theory is Stiverne was the only one that went to distance. Everybody else gets nuked his guys. They just go flying. You know like the fact that Tyson Fury got up after that, like Jesus Christ, yeah that that was that was crazy. Yeah I was like Gypsy kicks crazy, crazy
but if you have do look, you had like extra chicken bone as and shorts because you see like if you like, I don't know for me. I watch and I notice those things like we watch that thing with sage and and and and because of all right arm when sage turn down and then after Cosmo him, like his body like didn't, give up like they could shut off on him, but he was trying to get up like he was getting up to fight back. Because, if you're, if you're not getting in the you covering up he's trying to get up the same thing, where were Tyson, fury goes down the referees in his face and he's mountain you see his head, you see his head go gets up, just like you would like like it was over. I thought it was over. I did too I was watching it at home. I was celebrating I was like I want to make some money. I was watching in home and my thought was God damn. He knocked him out in the 12th round how the fuck did that guy carry that power like that of the twelve written it Rick Tyson's back up, and then he wins the rest around
even crazy. The bombs on them? He he his was a heart transplant. Tyson comes back dings him any see he catches on yeah, you did you love them for yeah and MIKE. This is on believe what a fight that that that was probably the best heavyweight boxing fight as I mean I can look at this Tyson fury says put it this way. He hits four times harder than Vitali Klitschko. He hits five times than Vladimir Klitschko? He had six times harder than Anthony Joshua and he hits eight times harder than Tyson Fury. Well, who said that? Oh Okay, he's a sparring partner form. Oh, I thought that was Tyson. Fury group yeah! Well, that's probably accurate it says, is deontay wilder stronger, punches in a prime George Foreman to thing about Deante is he now everyone out is not any decisions except one. There's. Nobody like that, you even go back to Tyson Tyson, any thought I mean
fought a a lot of dudes that went decision decision he beat beat their is, but they went to decision. I honestly, I wouldn't mind on Tyson getting into his camp just even just kind of mentoring him a bit like MIKE Tyson um, feel like somebody like that would really help a guy like that. I mean it's not like. He needs a lot of help right, but like somebody like MIKE Tyson being being being around just having him to like call on talk to you, sometimes Tyson doesn't really want. Nothing to do with boxing anymore, though it seems- and maybe maybe not even in the gym- maybe just somebody to talk too once in awhile, just for maybe some strategy, maybe even about strategy. Sometimes you know 'cause I feel I don't know that I forget exactly what it was, but there was a moment when I was watching Deontay wilder and then there's something I think when MIKE was in here. Something he's was talking about that I was just like had those two should get acted this interesting
I was. I was a long time ago when I was living in Texas. I got a phone call at like two hundred am and might wanna my buddies. Somebody Lin Oeding, and I was like I don't. I don't want to answer that man I'm trying to sleeping in bed and my wife, I'm sleeping on these calls and then the next morning I listen my voicemail. And he's like. If, if, if you get this call me back, I'm at like you to the club- and he said somebody wants to talk to you, and he has a far is like Eve had worth, If it was, I was so pissed God it was like man. I missed a phone call from MIKE Tyson. He ran a name in a club or something I was like MIKE Tyson knows my name dude. I met him at the UFC and it's like you know that
we got, we've got well, you mean he was in the weed back then, but it was like that's what he a guy goes out like you, man, you're funny like. Thank you so glad you like me. He and you have a man here- was so surreal, because when I was a kid he was the fucking man I mean he was. You would go to you pay to see his fights just to watch him fuck somebody up, it wasn't a fight. It was an execution. You would watch him execute guys. He was the man. He was mad You changed heavyweight boxing people don't realize that heavyweight boxing in the early 80s was dead. Nobody cared because Larry Holmes after he beat Muhammad Ali. Everybody was sad. It was we sad thing like those. The changing of the guard. Larry Holmes beat the shit out of Mohammed Ali and Larry Holmes, never got his due. He never is, do he was so good man, Larry was so good. He had one of the best jobs of all time. He was. Oh good, but people
still upset at him because you fucked up Mohammed Ali, he came, he was the champ after the greatest. You know Mohammed Ali wasn't just the greatest. In terms of like the greatest fighter. He was a cultural icon. He meant something to people, it was something I mean everyone knew the guy was out for three years because he protest the Vietnam WAR, everybody fucking hated the Vietnam WAR, especially people who went to Vietnam, hey the Vietnam WAR, and they you know they got it man and he just he meant, a lot. He meant a lot. So when Larry Holmes came around, it's like men, Larry just never got his due, never got his due. Era of boxing. I remember going back watching tape and doing that. That's one thing I appreciate about Tyson. You know yeah he he was a student. Yes, thank God. He knew Jim Jacobs who have that crazy library that he could get all that Jacobs was
the guy who curated like he has every old time fight. All of he would watch sugar. Have Robinson, a Jack Dempsey and he's watching like Willie pep and does not only watching like the heavyweights yeah he wants to oh yeah, Harry Grabby watch all those guys all old school in weird Obscur fighters. You know- and I said people, don't remember anymore, yeah that that that air of boxing was very different sandy saddler. You know all those guys who watch all those guys yeah that era boxing before him was terribles like yet Champs like Pink Lynn, Tom, Tony Tubbs, Tony Tubbs, one. No one cared about the heavyweight division and came. He came along and started. Blasting people like finally I remember I was I was like seven or eight years old. I met travel, barbecues down the Bahamas for lying and that's that's. What Tyson took his belt. Yeah got his first about twenty years old, yeah that crazy, two thousand and twenty now you're the heavyweight champion, and then that was the thing talking to about
What was that like? And it's just there's no way manage. No one manage that. I feel his career and his life would have been very different if custard and I would- and I think so too yeah- I think so too. It's a it's a tragic story, but it's also like there's so many lessons in that story. So, all of us. It's like there's a lot to learn. You know what happened when it got all the way to Buster Douglas when it was like he thought felt like you can't lose and he was in this rare state like his life, like he's he's, had so many ups and downs and yeah, as as they have you each a and like to be somebody that the heavy weight champion awhile somebody to so many eyes on them. You know the rob given that holds his life, you know where there I forget who was Oprah when they were being interviewed and on the. Well, they were on the show, and he just he just kind of I feel like
and that interview was like those tigers that people walk with that they drug? Yes, you know what I mean yeah, perfect, perfect, we describe it, then they probably medicated him yeah because he did. He did not let the the just didn't seem like the MIKE Tyson who I was a fan of right like I do dislike him in that moment. I just like what's wrong with me. Well, who the fuck mean it to be her idea? If I was his friend but why why? Why are you going to talk to Barbara Streisand yeah? That's Barbara Walters, whoever it was get the fuck outta here at same thing: Barbra Streisand, Barbara Walters, to some old lady talking, the old lady Champ, the the World Champ out the here. With that talk? No! No! No! No! No! This is nonsense. I'm going to bring your wife would. What are you doing
would benefit. Is there yeah is deaf as well? I can't say definitely, but my my assumption is Rob and Gary emasculated him yeah. She emasculated him in front of the world, and you know I think afterwards. He realized what happened. He was furious yeah, but it's like that life, is unmanageable? Is the life that he lived back then was unmanageable? He was fucking, king of the world, he was in his twenties. He was buck. Wild just going crazy flat lining people everywhere. He went people throw rose petals at his feet and screaming cheering fans. Young. Imagine a poor adopted black kid with no love in your life. That was thirteen until yeah until you're thirteen and then you come into all of this money because you're the best fighter in the world like there's what could he possibly be afraid of them to nothing
right, yeah, pet tigers, Bro wrestle with them. I mean that was the crazy thing to him talking about when he found out that he could get a tiger. What I could get a tiger But he's so humble. Now. It's so interesting in one of the more interesting things he said that he doesn't train because he doesn't want to end it doesn't wanna fire. His ego up. You know, sir. I don't like that part of me. I don't want that part of me to come out again. I don't I don't want it wasn't a video of him like I. I understand he is in training. What was in the video I think last year, just before he came in here and spoke to you where he's hitting heavy bag. I think it was a little bit longer than that, but yeah he was doing it for something. If you still can crack, that still is powers. And lastly, I see that he's doing a movie and there's a scene in a bar, there they're doing something and he just shows them a combination. You just punches in the air, warm up, lightning fast, jab hook,
uppercut right hand like yikes, it's all still there and fifty years old still fuck go, and that was that was like he was the heavyweight champion of my childhood to Mohammed Ali came, you know, but big and Larry Holmes doesn't get the credit like for whatever reason it's like in the first round when when Tyson fought. Larry Holmes made me think, like damn what would have been give Larry was in his fucking prime 'cause, when they fought Larry is was like thirty six or something like that somewhere around there. It was all Over for him, and MIKE was MIKE Mean MIKE black shoes, no socks there. It is right here. If and then the we've yeah I mean he just can't. I mean that was like built into his system. You know Papa FUCK
Movement, deli user. It was such an interesting guy to because he was only like five he's, probably five. Ten thousand five hundred eleven, I think, is like five to have something like that, but to be a heavy way in just so low and bobbing and weaving and moving in and everybody was like Jesus. You see him coming out like his hands right in your chest. These rip in your body and an uppercut that right hook to the body and that uppercut behind it that he used on everybody? Is it on Frank Bruno using on everybody boom right up the middle weights out of him with Frances Frances, really Francis, it's harder, yeah he's it's harder. I think so. I think I think MIKE Tyson was a way better boxer, but I think MIKE Tyson can hit like Francis does just Francis just has to clip you. He just like he did, a junior, he just grazed them, obviously they're different gloves. Obviously I just think Francis is such a way, bigger man.
You know MIKE in his prime, was like two hundred and nine to fifteen round around. Then I remember on punch on punch out beat I never beat him. Well, you know Deonte when he fought Tyson Fury, only fury, only weighed two hundred and nine at city Wade Hayes How tall is he just like he's like six six at yeah? I know it's crazy, but I still I wouldn't want I to see Deontay Wilder punched that that thing the AFC has, although I have one of those out here, does what is it called again? The punch o meter, the punch o meter. That's how I found that thing. I was looking for someone talking about his punch. Power somewhere. If there is any gauge of it well thing is, I would never let him punch it if I was his trainer. But what if you break your hand, you know what, if you fuck yourself up, trying to just hit something as hard as you can? I mean he's. The goose that lays the billion dollar egg Deonte if he keeps going like where he's at right now he had
be calm. The mother man, you know actually, with that last fight with Dominic Brazil. He sent him into orbit after the Tyson fury fight. You realize that Ok, this is the fuckin man right. You want to see can fight Andy Ruiz? You want to see him fight Tyson fury again. You want to see him fight. Joshuah, Joshuah comes back, he's worth so much money now, I'd like don't be punching things, so I guess on that. It's the fox thing where they test punching. I think it's fox. It tested punching power and they actually do have ah wilder on this, and I guess Andy Ruiz recently just broke it. Bri yeah but see that game. Those are silly yeah. Let me see what and Ruiz can give us tickets he's got a mouthful of food, and what's he got damn something plus, and I think Wilders is at nine hundred and twenty seven okay, but I'm telling you that don't mean shit. It's
no matter how you punch it. Just slams up in the meal is Snickers is try to get a development deal sponsorship with snickers, that's hilarious. Love and you're always he's coming here. We got him. We got him for the end of the month. I'm I'm very excited man Darf. I was crazy, Anthony Joshua like come see that punching power record that ain't real you gotta hit that and like I have out there, but you really can tell even that you got it perfectly to kind of yeah this week, so you have a different thing. I have the one that princess Oh, the UFC Performance Institute has where Francis broke the record for the hardest punch, yeah yeah. How many lightweights have you hit? That? None! Don't imports are hit it behind. Besides France this is Joe Schilling and you yeah brand count. Fucking around dairy I got a lot of nothing about this three o'clock. Let's rap
So one more time, Pfl is next: the 11th Thursday, the eleven Thursday, the 11th ESPN and ESPN, plus so ESPN plus, if you don't have it get it, it's awesome. App of you, like fights, got fucking everything, all sorts of old will Canelo triple g fights all sorts of UFC fights a great app it's great app. Ends on ESPN, two for the main card and the plus and and thug just subject to MMA. What is your twitter handle the master subject to master? That's right, and what is your Is it the same for Instagram to Instagram, Twitter, yeah Evans me everyday. Any new, podcast houses out pfam them out right? There you on Youtube right now. Thank you. Thank you, gentlemen. He, ladies and gentlemen, goodbye thank new friends for tuning into the show, and thank you to our sponsors. Thank you to Casper.
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