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JRE MMA Show #70 with Aljamain Sterling

2019-07-12 | 🔗
Joe is joined by UFC Bantamweight fighter Aljamain Sterling.
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little luffy a little rest area. Does that happened that much here on the top of your head. Is there any benefit of that? I think we get elbowed him like that. I think it helps out a ton like if someone, if you have someone in their guard and they're, trying to elbow the top of your head, I would imagine yeah little on it. So I think it protects you. I kind of grew out the beard for that the same reason, but it doesn't get his burly as I kind of wanted to, but it works, I think in boxing they used to make people shave their beard yeah. That's probably why impact I you know that kid desi green. I used to live with him he's in the UFC. Also an whenever I put that guy because he has these big dreads and he would always get out of him, because the dreads were like it gave his head who made his head appear like it was bigger, so you rap around it and you squeeze the Cushenan, it just compresses, and then he just had just slides out of it completely unknown. So it's like a cheat code. Slippery slippery dreadlocks
I would also imagine that having a bald head, if you get sweaty- would make it a little grease here like if you have stubble like on the top of your head, that would provide like a little bit of friction, yeah, it makes sense. I I I follow you of all your not I haven't had a bald head, those items so for me to do now. I like how you're sure even has a gold chain on it. I will going to be the big boy chain today, but I just don't. I don't know No! The only carry that out when you fight, I usually do I try to keep it not like too ridiculous. All that I'm not trying to be like only in character like make it for, like a like a special occasion, type of thing there's, even though I would consider a special occasion, but try to make it more like a me thing, but there's something extra special, but a t shirt with gold chain on it might be more special than actual gold chain itself. It works it's so it's kind of silly yeah man watch that thing way the real one, I'm not very heavy.
It like ten pounds. Now I wish it was ten thousand ten pounds of gold, but not as much as a like an Easter, Easter, Easter Bunny Sardis thing is massive right, so that low the early hollow tubes yeah. We think so heavy you think I get a lot of should I to me stop grabbing my chain on my go. Yes, this is supposed to be a mystery. You know today the human mind you're not supposed to know what this feels like. That really light. Given I smell like twenty five thousand dollars on the VS cold road change, but not remember rampage used to wear the motorcycle chain links yeah real heavy links run his neck. I was I actually go. There was two routes. I was going to go the old school. With my chain like the way my dad used to wear and how we used to wear when we were kids or is Jackson and be like the knew generation
Rampage Jackson, even I was like slamming people, but I would have to life somehow where it is yeah rampage still fighting crazy, crazy. You know still competitive, after all these years I mean rampage was a fuckin' pioneer man yeah, I remember his fight would chuck Liddell his fights, then Lee Silver, even the one he lost in our pride when he went to the ropes today, you know him back and got redemption I was. I got, is going to feel so good because that's like bad highlight he came back and got a highlight of his own, so I think you lost a vandal it twice and yeah. He got stopped twice in pride and then flat line vandal lay in the UFC yep. I also think man, so it's speculation, but I also think the vandalism he fought in the u of C was one of the drug tested. Yep. Thirty percent different Mandalay yeah. I think there's a lot of that for a lot of people to a lot. Only don't like saying yeah. I don't like saying, because you know what it is I feel like. I see these people
and then it's like. I know you might have heard me say this. So it's like that little awkward tension and I don't like that man. I know yeah yeah you're a good guy gets weird, but it is a thing that if you look at it historically, if you look at the sport in terms of like like when people look at Barry Bonds and when they look at those x or they look at was his name. The dude mark yeah. The salsa. Everyone knows those. Reduce heads, that's just a part, the thing, so you go with their amazing baseball players. Incredible athletes also on the sauce. Yeah fact does that away from a dog. That's my os, that's hard to say right because everybody was on it. Yeah, do you know there's a great documentary, that's out right now by Billy, Corben he's the same guy who did He did cocaine. Cowboys wanted to he's. Got a new one out about a rod? Okay, what is it going to check that out? Screwball screwball, it's hilarious, but is about the four
the players that was about how of debt How old a Arroyo doctor some money who will turn? into this horrible revelation where they found out how much how old these baseball players were getting their choose from that guy They owed somebody some money, this guy and that guy didn't get ok, so he went public with everything, so it was like a small amount and they had a bunch of kids like these little kids play the doctor, an play: a rod so like in the the the reenactments, the re enactments all done by children. That system Oh dude! We gotta check that out. It's a larious, it's a funny movie. This is fun yeah they It's really fun, that's a rod as a child. It's fucking really funny man, a man. What's it called you say, screwball screwball, yeah, well, Billy Corben is a genius.
He's, a really really great director, and he, like, I said he directed to my favorite cocaine, documentaries of all time, cocaine cowboys one Ok have you seen? No, no, no, ok, don't even look at screwball, yet I haven't seen narcos, who get so I'm like I'm catch up. So much somewhat. Content on this is hard default with stranger things: I've gotta I just started black mirror, I'm on season three and I just started like opening my eyes and like and technologies like could be used in such fuckedup ways is crazy. Unabombers right, the Unabomber was correct. Yeah that show Fox me up more than any show, because it's so close to possible. Yes, especially episode one season, one with the pig, oh yeah, that would be the one that got me most was crocodile that one where there's the car accident and they hide the body and then the lady ones up doing all these different things to cover up a crime now
read people's memories, you can get people's memories. You can watch them play rewatch. I'd say that when I saw yeah with the house, freaky yeah with that and when the lady did terrible things, yeah yeah Oh, my god, season away. Oh ok! Well I don't tell you you're, going going to ship I don't even really it's that good. There is one now with the with the memory: yes, the guy in the world right out with the girls, cheating, yeah yeah, yes up, yeah, that's up how come in man. That's all coming, I mean talk Think about this onstage, like how good is your memory? You know 'cause. My memory is not that good like. If I how to remember things that happened yesterday. If I had to draw every I saw yesterday. It's not that good. Now, even if you say your memory is good. It's your recollection of actual things. You don't have a video memory, but if you had a video memory, wouldn't like that, that would be the first thing that we surrender if they could put a chip inside the house main listen. Wouldn't it be amazing. If you could pull,
every technique and and see it exactly as it should be done. You could see it play out from your head. You can see all of your memories, all of them exactly so you have no way of the. If your girlfriend says you told me, you don't know, I didn't say that this is what I said I play for you right now, that's going to that's how they're going to get us yeah, but scary and they showed it the guy. David freeze frame the the guys memories with his wife, yes and then it was like that's my that's my picture in the back Chrome and it shows like. Oh, it was only like a one week thing that is like only like. Oh one, more thing that turned into like yesterday, that's fuckedup was fuckedup good, though yeah I don't think I want that. That would be. I want it.
As it is v Tada. No, I don't know what I'm dealing with we're going to. I don't think it's. I don't think we have a choice, nothing in common. I think it's inevitable little rebel, you gonna great rebellious I'll, be the leader. Imagine like a they just figure out what I mean when you think about people that have c t e and brain damage and car accidents, football fighting in all these different things. What if they said? Listen this week, we fix all that fix all that. With this chip just it. Rewires the whole brain you're, fine, and it provides you with that video memory. So you can have your entire and my Never worry about CTE. You can just swing for the fences like right, like listen MAX Holloway. Did you stand the middle of the swing? No worries just bang yeah, but then, if you did that What about like, Parkinson's or anything like that? Would that still be a thing or if that wasn't it
I think that would be all for it, but also, oddly enough, I think that part of what makes mma so exciting is that there is crazy consequences the reasons why, when you see like Vidal, knocks out Ben Askren with flying knee part of why I was so exciting. Like oh he's hurt bad. It's not that he's going to be fine! Nothing is no damage from this whatsoever. There's no that's real damage like he went out cold instantly and then he got punched in the face twice. It's part of what it's terrible, but it's part of what makes a sport so exciting is that you realize these guys are so brave to face these potential consequences. It makes it it makes. It is like an added element of danger that makes Exciting is very true, but it's man. I feel so bad for him when that, when I saw that 'cause it kind of brought back memories for myself, I was like. Oh, I know exactly what that moment feels like. I don't remember it, but I know
at that moment feels like we fought more eyes. Do you remember what happened up to that yeah? I just don't remember it landing. I saw I saw over like right right before it lands, and it was like you know in those movies where it goes. It was at this very moment. You realize he thought up, that's exactly what that was from there an outline white man and I, I come to. Like I mean I woke up come to. Like actually remember like should. I was in a fist, fight and ilost like really bad, like really quick. When I got to hospital, an eye glass when you realized it yeah, I heard Ben say the same thing I was like. Oh, this is not just me. I guess it's just a really bad knockout him shooting forward and Masvidal jumping into him like a car crash man and models running full There's forty yard dash running full clip and perfect placement, the name, if you don't get it cleaner, knockout now and just the way he did it like. He show-
the video of him practicing it and saying he had like three different scenarios of how that situation could have went, that's like masterful thinking and tactical, like there's not a lot of people who are that cerebral when it comes to the game- and I think the way he broke that down, it was just super impressive and he kind of load him to sleep like his hands behind his back, I loved every second of that 'cause. You weren't sure what was about to happen. I was on the edge of my seat. That was my main event fight. It comes out six, the size of like just drift off to the right and room forty yard dash and flying knee It was just as much a main event for me too, because it's so important for the welterweight division. Yeah like John Jones versus Thiago Santos. It was an interesting fight and it turned out to be a great fight, but it was Tristen fight, because you like okay, how is John Jones going to beat this guy, and is this guy going to be wild enough to catch John Jones? But when you look at a paper, John was a prohibitive, favorite yeah. When looked at Askren versus Masvidal like man, I don't know yeah
when I looked at Holly and Amanda, I'm like how he's a great champion and she's a great fighter but Amanda, so God damn good. It's almost like she doesn't have anybody else left to fight. It's not like holy, had made. This incredible k, As for her being the one to challenge Amanda next, it was just that a man is kind of cleaned out that bantamweight division yeah, she thought one person she beat Megan Anderson and I felt like she struggled with that fight. The only way she I felt like she done really well when she was able to get Megan down to the ground, but when she was in a clinic, she ate a lot of knees. This is Holly, and then she tried to do the same thing. The previous fight with cyborg, and she ate a lot of knees in the clinch trying to slow cyborg down it just didn't workout in her favor. So when that match it was announced, I was like he's going to either stay on her bike, the entire time and just try to point fight, or it's just not going to end up good an showing off. That's what happened. Yeah. I thought she was going to probably try to stay under bike as well. Throw kicks from the outside, but I guess Amanda hit plan for it. That's why she caught her with her leg up. You know. If you see
She landed that round. Kick she caught her with her leg. Up like she was like, like pressing with that side kick in and yeah that roundhouse kick right across the top and highly the girl, she's such a good yeah. Almost too nice. But then you feel bad for yeah. But I know what you mean is she did she? She didn't the great case, like you, said for the title fight but there was really no one else for her to this. Nobody. Well once she beat up work, we're Cal Pennington the way she did and then once She goes up and destroy sideboard. So who else? Is there we were tell painting is like as tough as they come yeah and she she was battering her the which way she put away Rhonda. The way she put play Misha, she just smashes people. It's I think it's her show I and then everybody else, I think you're one hundred percent right, I think that's an interesting fight She might decide. I don't know if she can make one hundred and twenty five but a she
I don't know, that's a big girl yeah, but if she decides or serve Janko decides to step up one more time to one thirty five and tries to become Champ Champ in Peter I mean they had a really close fight special that second fight yeah. If I was very very close, I did who even really score for, but Valentina made a case at the end that she thought that she had one, but it was a very good fight. This point is Szewczenko. Obviously, when you see her knockout Jessica, who used to be a top bantamweight contender so she's, one of the rare girls that, like a man and like cyber can flatline women with one shot, the scary man those with those ladies hit hard yeah and her kicking technique is just exemplary. You know I'm, Cortina, so good on her feet. Her kicking is so nasty which is one of the cleanest, spinning back kicks in the sport? You don't even see it comment, yeah the way she
I like the way she hops up and down. The counter reminds me of like a little Cooper in Mario Brothers, 'cause she's like hopping, and she move inside step in childhood that boom boom. Spinning back kick out of nowhere. Yeah it's like she's, a weird combination of Muay Thai and Karate yeah she's got to martial art techniques, but, like rock solid more try to is the dancing, I think yeah, I think the dancing will you know? That's! Pacheco's secret. That's one of the secrets amazing boxing technique, his dad made him dance like traditional. I think ukrainian dancing make make sure that's right. I don't want to fuck that up. It's like some kind of traditional rushing dancing for like four years yeah Now I heard that he's made him stop boxing for a bit, so they can focus on yeah dancing. That's what he did for four years: that's a crazy! makes sense. I guess the footwork and everything's is going to do that, though, if they said Algemeen, listen,
holding holding. Now, I'm thirty at the end of this thirty four is your prime. This is what we're going to do next, four years, you just gotta dance like what the hunt for the title right now title that close, that close specially after Henry Cejudo just beat Marla more eyes like holy doors. So, where are we? Where are we yeah? This is uh? We gotta double champ situation here, right, guys, crazy, crazy. So that divisions wide open, I love how much gaining weight, division has heated up, it's been such a crazy. The for myself and just being a part of this and being able to see like the even generations of different fighters coming in and out, you know I was talking about it like Daniel Gilbert Melendez and seeing like when he was on the top and now he's kind of like his fight, Yes, I will turn around and it's kind of like you could kind of see like the passing of the guard, or maybe
maybe he's just not a 'cause. I know he pop. Is there some type of PD? Also, so maybe that was something to do with it, or maybe thirty five, I think, or thirty six yeah in Arnold Allen's, twenty five in fuckin' nasty, so young bull, yeah and he's being trained by for as a hobby. Who I mean, I don't think, there's anybody better yeah in terms of trainers, I think there's like just as good or in the neighborhood of good, but he's the fucking man as far as I'm concerned- and this is this a lot of it's just a lot of hot prospects just coming out, and I need to get the query saying: hey games even with the Rhino Revere last two fights in a row now, but he still is is the company, was beating pedion until he got dropped, it yup grounds two. He won round three, even having his nose busted up and everything else. Yon though man he is a season striker, yeah really interesting to see him with a guy like Jimmy who relies on his power and his toughness, and you know his bulldog tenacity. See him get lit up in those two rounds? This
Jan just set traps and look for openings and then when he finally found him, he just called him back some yeah. And it's a really exciting division right now, really exciting. That might be my next fight, though him for the Bell. I would I would think that would be the next fight and I'm I kind of like that match up hit. You tried to punk me: You see pi center last week. It was kind of it was funny. At the same time I was like dude. I I'm not really understanding in on my left side, I got I'm getting worked on. I got Unicus KIA, whatever name is she's on my left side and she's getting worked on and I didn't know they were teammates. So He comes in he's at the mirror, he's doing like the thumb things like slashing his throat. I start busting laughing, and I show him the bell and I start slashing my throat I'm like yeah. You know I'm going: strap whatever so he Then it comes in with this camera crew, an they start to go a little bit back and forth, but I can't understand it doesn't really speak English right, so I guess he says something and she translated out of nowhere. So much I'm getting ganged up on right now and then she's like he says, why are you afraid to fight him in Moscow and I was like whoa
I just come from, but I look back at him, like no one's ever told him, no ones afraid to fight him. And then, after I thought about us, I wait motherfucka who's ranked high you don't call the shots. I call the shots, sounds like you're, not being away you're, not showing Shelby. You fight. Where are you going to fight or wherever data says we're going to fight so don't sit here? Try to like act like I'm everyone's afraid to fight your life when I don't want, go to Moscow to fight- that's one hopefully admit, even Russia. He He lives in, I think, he's from Siberia from what I know. But I know he, trains Tiger Moitie. Ok, that's right, trains in Thailand and he lives or he's from the coldest most dangerous part of the world great. I'm not looking to go there and fight their guy, and I mean Do I will. Is there a moscou card scheduled there was talking. And I think November upcoming yeah, yeah, wow Well, it would be a cool experience, but it's not a not ideal thing
for me in terms of financial situation getting out there paying the taxes, I might do it just I just rather be home, Not you know somewhere yeah. I don't give a don't give him fuk in bathroom. I would have him in the eye center if he was acting, you know if he deserved it but It is what it is. I'm like, dude known as a freedom fighter. I I don't understand the fighters, try to intimidate fighters and make it look like if we find a cage right. You know it's like dude, but it does work. The thing is like with people's heads is real yeah This is true. That is true like the best example Jose, always one of the greatest fighters of all time. Yeah. I really I believe that he was out of his composure when he fought Conor and that's one of the reasons why charged after Connor and Connor cracked him with that left. It's like Connor was in his head that he was working in the backroom when he was like yeah. Yeah, that's unreal unreal unreal. I mean he planned it out. He knew it was coming. It's like masvidal practicing that flying any against aspirin. It's really similar yeah. It's like you, know tendency.
And you also know emotions and he just wanted to get at Connor, so bad. He kind of knew he was coming. So you like give him some famous hot brown, throw some sidekicks hopping around knows he's coming back and as he's coming catches him perfect, isn't coming in. But again similar because they're both coming at each other yeah charging in and get caught crazy car crash. But I don't think I don't know if he really thinks he's going to intimidate me. I don't know if that's what he thinks or my thought is trying it it's a time honored proven tactic- inside someone's head, they get angry and one or two things happens: either they fuck you up. More now. They're really personal. You know like like Masvidal yeah or it bothers. I mean they lose. Some people lose genuinely lose their composure if they don't like a fighter, yeah stop by say that cowboy, an ats that was an insane fighting and that I think that's the last time he probably ever. Let himself get mad.
It's about as a learning experience. You know he realized that, like that talking with his head- and you know, but the some guys do better when they should talk yeah. I think I perform better when there's more in the limelight. One page was talking. Show it to me. I didn't really understand it was like dude. All I did was ask whatever happened with the results of your drug test and that turn into a funk. Him he's a bit if he said that and what happened. What did he have any pop or something in twenty fifteen when he was four in Nova Scotia was it Was it down around her? It was that year it was like three or four guys from Black House a made all pop for something, and I can all the names I know Kevin Casey was one of 'em. Page was one of them and then was like two more more other Silver might have been one of them as one more guy did. You ever see since trainer, no, not jack dude he's, not just Jack he's jacked and he's like sixty eight he. He he's he's he's oldest pyramids and built
shed house, this dude is fucking stacked. I mean full six pack giant tax arms. I guess you all is pull up a picture of have. Doing a selfie. I mean look at that guy, comma come on son. That dude is Jack. Mccloud do his absolute. It'll. Look like a ninja turtle. Yeah like you'd roundhouse, kick him there and he was like. I don't know where he'd laugh for you haha yeah, that's like a dude in three hundred. It comes down your head with the axe. Do that serious yeah, so that was interesting strainer. That dude is most likely aware of some mexican supplements, probably I would say so I would say so. Let me come on man cash full yeah, a good trainer to So he was the strength conditioning guy for Anderson for a lot of the black House, guys giving him a lot of strength.
Give him a lot of strength of extreme lot of strength to speaking here Mark Coleman and KEN Shamrock on a fight and some new band knuckle boxing promotion and see that announcement. Just today, my lord. You know I was like oh no save this sink. Eddie Bravo sent it to me and I just looked at it, took a deep sigh like. Oh, I don't like seeing stuff that. It makes me sad it makes me wonder if I'm going to be like that when I get older and I'm like, I hope to god- not help when I walk away just fucking walk away, I hope so too, but then again we're in a situation where they need money and something comes up like this and willing to do it. Why do I give a funk like why? Why is it a thing: where are you I'm cool with young guys doing it if they need money, but I'm not cool with guys that are fifty doing it? If they need money like what is it I see your point, I'm saying, but it's like seeing the guy in their physical state- and you like do you should know
not be doing this right. So it's like you, watching, I don't know, almost Aladdin as hard as I know, we have an analogy for this right now, but I know exactly what you're saying though, it's like. You hope that they find a better life and they hit the finish line. They like thank you very much the Hall of Fame and then they move on yeah. That's it. You hope I'm Hope That's why I do get the funk out. Some people can do it, you know, My favorite example off combat sports is marvelous Marvin, Hagler, Marvin Hagler, Any losses, sugar, Ray Leonard in a very disputed decision, said: that's it. I'm done just walked away. Never came back. A rematch with sugar, Ray Leonard, would have been Banana see what it made so much money? He was a middle weight champion. This is one fight is like I'm done, I'm going to be a movie star in ITALY. To ITALY and is never a lot again talks perfect. Now, when you hear him talk is no brain damage, or if he does, you can't tell by the way he's talking. He sounds fine. It's
I mean a lot of the stuff they say like sets in like later on in life, so my name is Anne. Is like late sixty s, I hope to be him yeah. I hope to be that guy, you know yeah. I tried to you know: try to do a good. Job of Bob and we even move my head is slipping off the center line. We specialize kicks to you, keep guys on the outside. You have a weird style, meant it's a close one yeah. This is that's what it is too. Did you start out from uh. I mean, I know you have a wrestling base too yeah would just write. What did you start out with? Was your first. Martial art, I didn't have any we we, you know the karate kung fu like Vhs games, I shake you not. I have a family of this. I think there's twenty of us now, I'm dead, hi dad just had a newborn son, you not he's fifty seven, the guys out of his bird wow, but I did tell you because I haven't met him. Yet that's one and all the boys grew up. We had these core body tape, Vhs tapes, and we would imitate
dark days and will be like where the drunken master or where the White Tiger White Lion have to do their fight styles, and what ok, so we're still flexible and malleable like don't break as easily, so we just, being the out of each other, but we do like spinning back cakes, jumping off the couches and shit like that, and I think that might have is that, because that was like we did that for years, but that was the most common we did, we didn't do any like wrestling know nothing traditional at all before never got into martial arts? I should do that same thing. I said, throw kicks with my friends. I don't know what I was doing, but it's fine but yeah. You like Bruce Lee Movie and start throwing kicks, or some chuck, Norris Film or something like that yeah. You learn how to do stuff by watching that you could also develop some terrible habits, but you don't Will you developed any bad habits like if I had to guess? I would say you have a traditional martial arts background in what the way you throw kicks, like you, throw kicks like a guy who started phone kicks when you were really young yeah, but there right.
Which rom right? Which ones would you say like Holy Shittu Roundhouse kicks your front, kicks you have great front kicks man, you're, really good at keeping guys off of you. You have good movement, you know, like you gotta style, that's a unique style like so when and guys have to fight you, though this guy he's going to be kicking, from the outside. He moves a lot. He bobs and weaves. It's hard to hit. You got a lot going on with your style is very tiring I was going to ask you that We called on your last fight like the third round. He would kind of slowing down a little bit I'm like, Imagine all the energy this guys using because you're always bobbing and weaving and move and kicking and moving and kicking and moving and Munoz is just you know, Bob and Tordue, and just throwing traditional type ship bobbing his head too. If you looked at like Nrg output like how much more energy you must have put out in that fight, then he did just in terms of the amount of kicks you throwing them out of jumping back and forth and leaping in leaping
yeah. It's all like why? Oh metrics, it's a ton and the good thing is credit, like the training that we do. You know we get to I get to the right when I got that Guy Merab Dvalishvili who's up. In psycho that God does not get tired. We call the machine for a reason he would finish far with me and I'm like Adam around championship work, I'm done to get on on the bike or hit the pads whatever it is band work just to get the extra extra cardio he'll be in there and grab twenty three, sometimes four more bodies to spar with it. I'm like this guy, this doesn't stop he's out of his fucking. This is no exaggeration. This guy is out of his fucking bird, but is the reason why my cardio, like you, want to get your cardio top notch, get yourself a camera, but it's just one of those you yeah he's a good dude he's a good dude, sometimes too much good deal like where am I can carry? I could carry my own wallet, you know it's like you get some point like that. Like do it, thank you, but I appreciate it, but you know, but uhm yeah It's a very tiring style, but we do a lot of work and I do most.
The condition and just from having a background in physical education and assuming Cortland. So do your own yeah? I've been doing it since I was writing my something my own program 'cause. They told us how to like work on like isometric squeezes and different type of explosive muscle, indoors, work, outs and stuff like static holes like holding on the on the pull up bar to going out to punch is so I I put together a pretty decent program. It's been working. I can't complain. So when you do it, how do you design it uses design it for the entire camp? Like do you set it out everyday like where you want to be, and do you adjust it depending on how you feel and injuries like. How do you get a schedule that exactly like that, so in when I'm further out from camp or not in camp at all I'll, do more lifting and I'll lift heavy an? I don't really do like benching no more, and I think they should select stupid for fight. Is it doesn't make a whole lot of sense? I'm not gonna bench press somebody off my back in right. You know, I don't know whatever, but I do
right now, just to training camp and just the the the programs. When I get close to the fight- and I don't mind to like sharing this because I think guys they make it more- complicated and what it should be like. I sometimes I see all this crazy shit, I'm like I just don't understand the whole necessity behind you that, but I know I'm no physical strength, conditioning doctorate or anything like that. From what I've seen that works. For me, I just try to mimic everything that I feel in a fight and into a workout and I figure out which ways I could do that, whether it's bands push up box wall. I do wall, sits, get ups with two plates, so sitting down on my butt, and I do like uh stand up and to warn, I push up, shows a lot of leg works. A lot of core work and two plates with two plates is fuckedup Sometimes I like I come there and I can do it by myself. In the morning I go to Lome by myself. Nine, a m- and I'm like. Why am I putting myself through this like I could? be so much easier and more simple like just to do the other stuff like the plyometrics stuff and which is a little.
Not as much impact on the body, but this is what I enjoy. I think this was what translates to the fight 'cause. This is what I feel and I feel when I do this I is a drastic difference from one sparring session to the next. But to your question like I adjust it, I'll do it for my legs are on fire and I feel like they really beat up from sparring I'll do more upper body and then, if my fill my upper body, beat about switch it off to the lower body and if I feel like I'm fresh, like I had a good week, I'd maybe a didn't. Come on a Saturday and I'm coming fresh on Monday, I'll hit it hard and do full body everything and I'll give myself five rounds of pushing it, but separated into rounds simulate the fiber around so I do every single minute, but I'll do about forty, forty and depending on how far I am from from the fight, if I'm like, sort of training. I don't kill myself. I want to ease my way into it, so I'll start like anywhere from like three thousand and thirty five I can still like fifty seconds in that second window or that other thirty second window, is my time to recover and get to the next station and I'll just wrap whatever I'm doing burning
now, do the met ball between my legs. I'll? Do the form role in my arms and our squeeze? It I'll simulate the real quick and I do it for two minute intervals and I'm just squeezing the pits out of it and obviously you can't do it, but you do it to failure and you But I you switching go to the other side and you switch your legs. You figure for it uses are the legs, so you give yourself different type of stimulation to your body, to kind of account for everything that you may possibly in for the fight, and you never know like something this fight. I did a lot of rap but I also did a lot of punching because I thought to myself: they might be a chance I might be able. Possibility that do not get paid to to the ground, and I I was happy I didn't force to take down because that would have fatigue me even more as if it comes it comes, but we did. I did a lot of help but just burning out the arms getting that muscle indoors kind of using that Floyd Mayweather structure of structural. Just getting to the heavy bag. Count like high point count in a five minute round and I'll do that for a couple rounds, and we did a couple times
we can. I I think you implement that with the the lateral for work that we do in a cage and just stay on your bike and having people like like stock. You in like she just not going crazy but is controlling. I don't punches like hooks or they throwing. One two and you gotta like bounce, I decide and get out the way so there's a lot of like at least I think it's practical for what you're going to actually see when you get in a fight and I think sure enough. A lot of things we did pretty much happened in a fight. Just think we chose long squeezes is a great idea. I wasn't saying 'cause, that's something that comes up. Often in a fight where you maybe got a gun, an arm triangle, or something like that, and it's that close to whether you get it or he escapes it's like how much how long can you keep it down? You know when you're caught something it's like you're, almost kind of tapping the guy. Let's go, we don't need to sell it a little bit longer long squeezes like my friend Scott Epstein Einstein. He teaches at a tenth planet Westell a
he's always been a big fan of slow, slow workouts like he'll. Do chinups like this. Like super slow, I think that's what they call it super slow and he'll. Do ten apps like he's doing a chin, it might take him two minutes to do a fuckin' chin up yeah, where the entire time, so when you grapple with someone, so you try to squeeze in a poem in Seattle that long term squeezing durrance like quicksand. That makes sense yeah if everything is fast and exploding, but then you get a rear naked and you have to click, continue the compressor, a guillotine we could change. The squeeze is to is different is such a different. Such a different feel is kind of not kind of reminds me. It is exactly like my brain carry fight, although I did do Work goes on the day of that fight before the fight even I told me in the back rooms I I'll Joe save some for the fight as a no man, I'm good, I'm just going crazy as like in my head. I'm I did all the work, but I just want to be so prepared. 'cause I knew was biggest fight of my life. I knew if I beat him and finished him. I was probably getting shows for known to coming off three finishes, and I knew if I finished him.
More likely going get any line me up to because the the week I went to Fox and I was supposed to talk about. The dominant crew play vs, Urijah, Faber Fight, which I went, but the fight didn't go that way, so it kind of had like a bitter sweet taste to it. So do you think about anything to do with extra rounds you put in all the extra work to talk about. One hundred, I think if I had just done my one morning, shake out one thousand five hundred and twenty minutes is what I do now just get the move it to my system so that my body can get like just feel like it's more live again like it does do in training camp. I think I think that fight easily done first, eat or even a second cuz. He survived the first, but I think the second round. I think I get them out of it, but it's just experience you know, learning and becoming more mature about the game and trusting your training. Do you think that has anything? to do with you training yourself. Do you think that if you had a legit strength and conditioning coach who's monitoring your heart rate, you monitoring your heart rate, normal stuff? No, I just started doing stuff. With the p center, and I try to try so like I, Vernon Davis he's forty five afoot foot to beat and he's a
This is just talking to antic e one hundred and thirty five now, which is insane to me. So I don't know how you makes it. That's what I said so I'm like dude. If I'm going to have to find these giant guys, I need to figure something out and like they. They explain how he was able to cut the weight like he was running like ten miles or something today a day which was insane to me. I know you're saying like some of it was like walking, but it's all about your high. Raise your resting heart way where you burn the most fat and cal or whatever you want to call it he's so big. When I was standing next to him, I couldn't believe he makes one hundred and thirty five is insane. I was actually pretty upset. I was like fuck this guy go I gotta, wake Larry is right there and did he say that he will? I think I asked him what he weighed in the cage. I think he said somewhere at one hundred and sixty yeah. I don't get that big. What did he say? Is bananas man he's so gigantic and he's not here.
One or something like that: yeah crazy, only class. I want to find the guy that sixty one you gotta, I gotta. I gotta unfair advantage right now. You take gas back out to forty five there's a device that I've been using called a whoop and it measures your heart rate, variability and measures, your heart rate and measure your sleep cycle, you wear it while you're sleeping and if they think they say that that's one of the things that really determines whether or not you could push hard is modern. Are in a daily basis, so that you see what it's like when you wake up, so save you. Wake up and you're resting heart rates like forty beats per minute, or something like that. If one day it's fifty, you need to chill that Davis may be active recovery. Maybe just do some light drills, nothing crazy, but you can't push it that day because you already ten, so you might be getting sick or you might be you might be worn out and you need to give yourself enough recovery. I've gotten sick, a lot in my last three training camps, which is something I've never experienced or dealt with before.
Tonsillitis twice. I'm like you did this unreal. I've never had to do anything like that before in my life. That has to do with that man is that if you just had this monitor your heart rate and make sure that when you wake up in the morning, it's not too high yeah, sometimes you just say: look you're a professional fighter me you're, the you're, tough, there's just no. You have to assume assume that maybe sometimes you're too tough for your own good 'cause fighters are so fucking. Tough they're not complain about shit like time to go to work Not even I don't feel like going to work. I'm going to work. That's my mindset I even even to Tony Tony. He does does something the condition with Caitlin to Kagan, and some of the other is Okazaki and the other guys at the gym, and I always his brain like whenever I have questions, because I say I'm not. This is not my field, my ex I just been using the same program, just change it up and I still work out from other people I'll ask them questions and ask him so for some things I could tweak with within my training session, but of late I've been I've been doing,
better with taking more days off like two days back to back this one time I even took three days off, and I was like so like you get in your own head, like do you're, taking off way too much time and some is Ray has a way of like breaking eyeballs eagles I don't know it's like this is a big fight. I don't know how Julie going to take another day off, I'm like a God, don't do it? Don't don't do that because then I feel I know this is playing, but sometimes I feel like it's. No he's playing or not, I think, you're being serious, he's so old school. He really is him and Matt Serra Ray Longo mats are in the corner of the most entertaining corner of all time. Do their best. There Larry did this guys money, they should have reality. Show just them in the given fighters instruction is amazing, I'm hoping I'm hoping they could get some that'll be sick if they ever got a reality. Show you something with like the team. I think that'll be fun. We gotta bunch of characters. Oh I'm sure yeah I mean every fight camp does right, mean yeah, be an interesting person to want to do that for a living,
yeah, they are good. Sometimes I would just listen to the atlas like listening to the feedback, so I can hear them screaming in the corner and you can just hear Matt going off Thank you. Yeah. This June show never there in the corner together, always say a guy in the blue. Go go to go to Sarah long ago. Go go go and we want to hear them do that last one was great, the is being guys they post a like a little clip of them corner when Matt comes in a break comes is like yeah, those are the I I got home and yeah they to say something like get yourself a corner like like Madden Matter, a best that was the they're amazing people they're just they're, just great guys to be there's so many great corn. Now it's really interesting to see this sport evolve and that's why, when you get a bad corner, it stands out like a sore thumb. When someone gets bad advice, they don't get good single device, or they don't get honest advice in the corner. It's like wow and all the other fighters get a chance to see.
Yes. Your advertisement, right like when you're like Feroce hobbies are hobbies, are probably my all time: favorites, this is really a beast. When you hear him in the corner between rounds in many ways, it's an advertisement to go train at his gym. If you're a top fighter, could you hear him talk, he's so technical and his description? he so where of what should happen and when it should happen that he just knows what to do and when to do, and it's like that's excellent advice. Yeah Jamie show you my cough you're rapper, you know you MIKE Scott Beyond. Is that out loud. I didn't think it was that I heard it too. I did hear what are you doing? Man was that made out of paper chips, wrappers made out of potato chips, yeah, it's like a corner is in many ways the advertisement for the gym. You see when you hear you're winning you're winning you're, definitely win and just go out now. Boxing like it's, not winning like we're in
like that is not good advice is not, and you have. My thing is that you got to give some type of instructional feedback, something to correct or something to do better or encourage them to keep doing the same things that they're doing or something something where there's instructions not like get up. You really you think I need to get up. I think I know I need to get up but like how the hell do I get up with the weirdest shit was Diego Sanchez, I is in his last fight. I don't know who trained with he left Jackson, Winkle Winkle John. I don't know if he had training partners. I don't know what he did. I need the one guy in be like Tyson got in there. Like no fucking way, I'm just giving a weird advice. Diego was getting Michael Castle, was just flowing on him, yes flowing every time Diego was able to capitalize on a position like a a slip aboard and window. Opportunity to get on top, he just sucked it up and then get this guy right
concrete, is scrambling to and he's right back in a dominant position. Once again, I was like yeah. This is not going to Well, I don't even to finish but do the Way you saw like Diego Sanchez Manhandle, Mickey Gall and then the way you see Michael Kieza, manhandled, Diego Sanchez, he levels levels, size, incise Chiesa. It is You want to talk about cut too much weight. It is incredible that that dude ever made one hundred and fifty five pounds is so large. That is a big man. So big and I'm like I'm interviewing with like a piece of wood. That's some grappling constrictor strength. You know yeah. He's a big dude man. I saw him before the fight in the PS and also like to add. That's all I'm saying I don't know, I really do not know how the fuck you ever made one hundred and fifty five in for even go yeah go down there yeah. He just got such a big frame. You I think he would excel at seventy. I think
two, but what's interesting is like he's done way better at seventy, then Kevin Lee has and Kevin Lee beat him at fifty five yeah. So it's crazy. How, like you got to go up and web, I also got to do it the right way. Yeah. I think he did the way when he's at one seven, he super healthy, yeah, strong, dude man, this whole families fit and like hello. This way, the way he was flown with Diego he just he didn't like tighten up. He was in total control you would take chance is, he would roll into crucifix positions. He would lose it get a hold of him again and again. Yeah I'm down was like. It was like a black ball rolling with a blue belt. That's what it was like. I was like wow. This is crazy to one hour: okay, about is it a watch. Steph remain it is really levels the game, and it's also Sai size. Takeaways one hundred and sixty nine, like the day before the fight wasn't didn't, have to cut any weight at all, whereas cancer, probably in the one hundred and ninety
huge fight. I wonder what makes you want to go down to fifty five, then investigate not is not slow down to fifty five. What is is Jamie. This is Voodoo Co. This is this is corner no one else. This dude, No experience is an mma coach by the way. So this is a just tell him to be like Tyson, like water right now just slip slip, bro well touch, but. But Diego such a strange guy man. He might believe that this dude has masked magic powers 'cause he was talking about, but I think a big part. Diego success is his belief system right. Diego just believes things dude this guys, amazing. What technique show me. The people out so good. Imagine this guy and go listen, Fuct, Longo and Sarah? That's where I need to be. That would be. That would actually be a good
skit, like yeah, I'm going out to train like just had the whole thing leading up to it and then let him know like I just walking around you know, but I think that's what Anderson Silva did when he brought him Steven Segal complete joke more buying well. Well, it's still gold was selling it you know it's like that did, I taught Anderson all over again Bro front every, but he knows that one day one white belt class of men that I can't I can't believe people bought it for so long. It's almost like the run around here is to areas like this old karate chess, the head son, may these dudes standing there while he practices all this ship. There's George,
George that they all had to do it with a straight face here, seems like the ultimate troll anderssons practicing. It is acting so good. Oh, my god! This is like a you know what this is like. This is like, like a circus clown given Dave Chappelle Comedy technique. Some dude is is like a okay. You gotta get a nose. Contract is like okay, It's really what it's like. It's like Dave, Chappelle, getting comedy technique from a clown, the remind me of the Napoleon dynamite. When he's like. Would you want to get kicked by me in these pants break the risks walk away, yeah, but the thing Is this a gall was a legit Akito specialist I give it was just. I Keto like that's what people, let's just be the guy seemed kind of silly. You forget He had a real legit history it with a key. He was the first american table ever
to the dojo in Japan. Yes, fluent, Japanese and he's Jim it Aikido Master like one hundred percent absolute legitimate, an master. The thing is, I keep, it's just, not something that translates perfectly to to mma what is a cigar best Akito with russian National Akita team yeah bro, I'm not bullshiting that his aikido is one hundred percent legitimate, but you see I would have. I would like. Almost discredit everything just based on that one parody thing: yeah I should share over joke yeah, but I mean breaking wrist walk away, but this is all nonsense is going to give you their arm like that, but if they did, he funk you up better than this, because this is sigall as an older man who is overweight, go to Steve it's when he was really young. This black and white footage of him teaching at a dojo in Japan. There it is, he is one hundred percent legit,
a key does not the best martial art for self defense is just not, but it has its applications and in its application he's a master at it. Much like jujitsu as its applications, but it's not great for kickboxing right yeah. Thai kwando has its applications, but it doesn't work if you kick the legs and punched the face. But if you learn how to do it, those techniques can apply. If you know all the other stuff. Well, if you know all the other stuff. This mother, has some real shit. It's just whether or not you would have he's so good at all the other stuff that you could utilize? This obviously he's showing in this technique is showing knife, defense and stuff like that. But this is all one hundred percent legit technique he's good man. I mean not good, not good he's outstanding. His aikido is outstanding. The real question is how effective
I kido yeah, hey, I'm still like I can get past the the jokes of the front Kagan is how to get past that for what's already know this and it's hard to get past someone who doesn't have a an objective understanding of how people view them yeah, like I just me and George C P, h r C pier wanted to learn how to throw a turning sidekick for me, you're an animal at that. By the way I felt embarrassed teaching them now, because I'm a just a comedian yeah a commentator, but I was like I know: sounds crazy, but I really know how to do it and then, when I did but he was like holy shit. I was like yeah. This is what I used to do so, but but me showing them that I mean I'm under no illusion that I could kick George ears. Asking would find me up every day of the week, but I was like I have this one thing that I can show you that I bet you can't do the way I could do it and I can show you how to do it but I'm not like. You know like what's cigars like this uh,
kick man stickman you can teach someone it but having them having the confidence confidence to execute that to choose to do that, like you situation, guys coming forth. You choose to spin. You got to be so rock solid with your understanding that technique you're not going to get that without years and years and years and years and years of drilling, it's going to be a death sentence in a live, combat, fistfight, yeah, so even like. When I throw sometimes I'm like man, I do a lot of shitman like I do, like the tornado kicks in ship now an I do like. I did one time the page on this fight when he came at me and I step back, and I did like a hopping sing backing like the one year I'll hit a Giga Mussawi, oh yeah. I did that, but him like right on the belt.
Exactly where I wanted to hit to land in the picture. My foot slides down, looks like him in the balls, but it was like right above, like the beltline. I say I mean if I just got a little bit more to decide and with the heal I would've probably dropped you practice that, like in front of the bag yeah, but then I will have someone holding the shield and how to show for like twenty minutes, yeah yeah. I just have a look control like MIKE York. I want to have a stationary target, but also somewhat moving, so it's more so it's not just going to stand in front of like hey, just spinning back. Kick me to the ribs. I learned how to deal with swinging a bag. I would swing a bag in the bag was coming close to me. I would jump up there and spin and I'm going to do it. That way. The only fight that I have from Taekwondo at all was the winning by knockout, with a jump spinning back really only one. That's on Youtube, The only thing is, like nineteen Jimmy, probably find it, but that technique, if you do it right, if you do it right, it's fucking devastating. But you open yourself up whenever you turn and used,
specially. So I'm doing it are going nowhere. You can't punch to the face. It's it's less risky. You can take to the legs. You can get away with it more. You can't punch in the face, but you could kick till they kick to the face which is ridiculous. Would he got what happened But it's like the same thing like coming forward. I caught him as he's coming forward, but that tech, speak in MMA mean if you got like Valentina does it better than anybody she does it. You don't even see it coming. Valentina Shevchenko yeah just throws for that guy. If you hit somebody with that, it's like getting hit by a car and that's where I was telling George was like: if you do it right, your weight is going towards it. The problem with the way most people do it, they're, hitting it and bouncing off of it. You know,
like going all the way through it you're not following through there going bang like that, they're hitting it going back, I'm saying: go boom go through it, your weight should be going through it and it seems awkward, but once you develop the technique and do it properly is not awkward. It's the best way to do it. It's so much weight going forward. That's another problem. I have- and I was talking about this, early today with us, some guys like I normally try to I re, watch all my fights and then take like a notebook or my phone and jot down notes and things I can do better or things that I think I fucked up or I want to clean up that kind of stuff and one of things I'm noticing I mean I've noticed for awhile, but now I think that's could be like the next evolution of my game, sitting down on my punches, an my strikes more so that it has more of my body weight behind it. 'cause I'm a lot in transition and it's cool. It's fair he's hard to him super loose of that way, but again
we were talking about man is a lot of the work rate is just high. You gotta be constantly moving, but it is fun to watch. Do you think you're going to stick with? Do now you're starting conditioning yourself, or do you think you will move to like a professional like strength and conditioning group as you move into five rounders too yeah right. Well, I trained for five. I was when I was doing this too, but I mean obviously the level of competition was in the same round. That was on the regional circuit. Before I came up- and I mean it has two sets of training while sparring with five different bodies. Five individual rounds? You know, and I and I did pretty good is my card, but I was also a young bull back in now, but I still think I'm a young bull, but it's a different two thousand one hundred and twenty two compared to twenty nine, even though I think I'm right now, my primary I think also you're, aware of like all the you're doing to your body all the time where you twenty one, you barely aware of it and just go nuts. Yeah, your brain isn't even fully formed just on kicks and punches and going crazy yeah, but I mean
Maybe I mean like to reach a guy at the gym. He's pretty he's pretty good. It's just. I feel bad taking up his time. 'cause I helps us so much a volunteer. So much of his time I feel bad 'cause. It's not like I'm he doesn't. He doesn't ask for money. So it's like. I feel bad. If I'm not paying you for your service, I don't like it doesn't answer not so not from the foot not from the fight is you know it has some money he likes. You seem like the local guys do well and looks help. Now. That's amazing yeah he's professor. I forget the school he's a professor at, but really really smart dude. I know he it goes down to the peace center from time to time. To like I think share some knowledge and learn some stuff from those guys as well, so maybe Maybe I'll go there right. It would be nice if I was able to train pi center. You have that staff on hand like, oh god, and those guys. That's such a thing. About doing a camp there I mean, if you did, what do you think Longo and Sarah would be interested in doing that? They can write it really can't they can. They got family, they got the kids to get their gyms yeah. I always tell my yellow really move to like somewhere warmer like a Florida,
then no no state tax bring the whole team bring the whole thing. We get a bigger house, they don't want to do this little max those long island, dudes man that got roots, that's that's what it is. He's got everything here is know they both do their so use that community to it's, like that's their family, their friends everybody's there all the guys to come to the jam. It's like yeah, I get it. I get it, but man. If your of a professional seems like every little age that you can get can mean a little bit of something in that Performance Institute, is a real edge yeah that place is amazing. Well, I look at it like I got my striking from Ray. I got my mind. Two for format and all the other guys Jason around those guys and the hands of Jim one of go to hands in the city. And then I had the wrestling with my own background and then um. I teach classes at the gym and then I go down to harsh sometimes, and I bought some of those guys. Some of the I mean did not like the Penn state
but there still solid rustlers or they give me pretty. Damn good work compared to a lot of the wrestling looks like in a may now right right, so I'm gonna sell work there. I think the main part is my nutrition, and I I really don't sleep. I have of my sleep, I'm so up. I had a real, I mean I'm going to Cbd, helps me to most, but everything else, Most of my camera did I just pass it like out, but then I'm like I'm like fuckit up the next day. You know that sounds like counterproductive, totally got it yet. Have you heard of that chill pad now this is something I haven't tried. The mark Sisson is whose he's the guy from the road that book the primal blue, blue primal blueprint and he's like a nutrition expert and he's a former endurance athlete, but he's a giant believer of this thing. Where you put it, I got a mattress pad. Anet chills your body to uh temperature. You could set it for whatever time makes you most comfortable. But apparently he said it is a game changer in terms of your ability to sleep through the night,
like I woke up in the middle of the night last night, must have been having a crazy dream. I was sweating like a pig and I woke up and I'm drenched with sweat, unlike fought, why am I so sweaty like with the fox wrong with my brain, but with yes, apparently when you keep you at a chilled temperature, you just lose. He said he sleeps hardwood yeah. I got that bad. It is, and it's coming at a chill pass. I don't have it yet, but it's will be here by the time we get back into another show in a review, for you works amazing, So you order like one full bed, though it's not just the padlock literally there's a tube that got like an air conditioner tube goes into the mattress. Well, it is connected to an app and they can regulate your body like a sleep number. Was it called this one is called like eight sleep, I believe, it is the same thing same thing, so this is the actual mattress itself. So how much is that thing? Not it's? I looked at the prices. I was surprised. It was not as expensive as I would think it would be, especially compared to like I heard this past issue,
one of those like sleep number funny that last episode oh my. It starts at two thousand bucks. I guess which I probably goes up depending on size, women, with you for free. I do have a promotional offer. I believe it Jamie working in the promotional game. I, like I, don't have a code or anything to give any ' I don't have a bed, so I have a bed. I have a pull out. Couch wax so I have a very unique way of thinking. But you're a top bantamweight contender in the Fucking UFC Fuct. How do you So if you sleeping on a pull out bed yeah, Aljamain, that's regions. You need to be able to sleep. No wonder we have a problem sleeping well, I've I feel, like. I still always had the problem. I don't think I might have sleep apnea. My son go forever Becky she's she's. Had me she's, recording this, like all my god, I was like yeah they just
to deal with that deal with it about your you, have it do the big Next get it? I have it yeah. I have a a thing on a put a mouth piece and I got from this guy does your call will be in it pushes my tongue down, none of the mouth pieces like sits on your bottom, and it's got like a ton like someone look like touching your tongue. Pushing down on it and it keeps my tongue from sliding back you throw in covering over my air hole. Ok, so how how much of this site I mean I got. I just got one from a dentist that I'm working with and he has the one that hold your bottom jaw. Four, like these bands, 'cause it helping you, it's been helping, but it's just like jaws just really tight in the morning. Something like this not good! Then you gotta wait for like half an hour it's a kind of reset in just back, but man be able to sleep. I feel like I could be so much more fishing with my day, because I always had that mid day crash, which I'm not sure if that's normal, but I wake up. I have the most energy because, like I'm sticking a bunch of power naps, I wake up
many times in middle of the night with this, accompanied that I know that sells 'em that you could just buy and it's like a boil and bite mouthpiece time of thing and it has a bar that keeps your tongue from sliding back. That's what you know. This is a different one. Is this one different a couple of different versions here, and I don't know which one you want to be so these are different, though these are different. There's one that pull it up. Real, quick as this one goes around your tongue looks like. Start looking at. It looks really weird yeah! It's like a octopus. Not octopus was those things jellyfish, that's weird! I don't think it works like that. Like you bite down on that now, there's one that's different hold on a second I'll, find it here I'll go into my own this one The one I got is more the to my teeth and in the bottom jaw just gets pulled forward. So, but I just relax my job my tongue is on like for for, like is not covering my my airway it's a really cool, just playing with guys who are like football players and power, lifters and wrestlers he developed here. It is Jamie, it's a hold on a second
called the Z Y P, a out the so much I've heard that I've heard the Z Y P, p yeah, Z Y p B. A h is a two Peter. One. P want to be to be Z, Y P, B, S, So that's it. So you see that thing there that has that Van, that band sort of lays on your tongue and it keeps your tongue from sliding back and then you breathe. The top and bottom just like an over under mouthpiece. Vision this right now, but just keeping your tongue from sliding back. That's that's how it helps you. Now, there's a band at the bottom, the band, the back yeah. That's what it is into a dentist and hi Tommy like yeah, we could get you a mouthpiece for like five grand I get the fire here and do some guy in the city and my friend, my friends, who can maybe with him again. It's going to do right by do right by you told me five pounds. I do get the fuck out of here five gram for a mouthpiece. That's so great, and then he made me to mouth guards and they were both
but anyway he was like. Oh, he made the mouth guards. I want to bash Easley, not bashes guy, but will shout out to the mouthpiece guy. He made mine, guys, awesome, yeah, he's gotta Instagram page maker. We do shark I booked it. He makes it I I his voice. He definitely has sleep. Apnea is a side to him. The guys that your interaction with Shaq snoring sounds like that should be a reality. Show hello, all asleep in the road you for Shaq to sleep, and then you got to go in the room and falls to like think about how long would it take you for if it was like a game show I give shack, is out Coke is the way you gotta lay next to him. It's like a timer ready, go policy because they don't.
Alright, I'm not coming and he's eight hundred pounds and he's seventeen thousand feet tall is laying next year. It's just not happening it's not happening, maybe a whole larious, like fear, factor type, show, try and fall asleep next to Shaq could end up in a hotel room next to him and that game on accident accidentally yeah sure make those walls shake and get a chandeliers clinging breeze out, yeah yeah giants dudes like him. He must have a crazy snore. Andre. The giant oh yeah now means Yao Ming, that stuff takes away so much from your recovery because this snoring you're not getting the proper oxygen in. You know this doctor Koroki and then I go to he put
this thing in your mouth and he has you breathe in and out it actually literally measures the output of your breath like how much comes in comes out, and he devised this thing to hold your tongue in place to open up your airway, almost like arresting v, two max kind of thing yeah, similarly yeah and some guys wind up getting up. I know a couple guys have got operation when they open up your throat hold better and they remove your consoles and they remove your ad noise and it opens up the area really yeah, they literally get their fucking neck operated on. They cut some of the meat out so that you have more more air, I wonder how does that work in terms of being an athlete like with that you definitely will be able to choke for a long time me up for a long time, I'm getting you a guillotine after you've. Had your tonsils and add noise and all that it would be months months. Afterward we'd be able to really train hard. I would imagine yeah, maybe I'll, heal up
to do that. Maybe I will go that route, but if it works, but the thing is like: doesn't your tonsils? Don't they play a part in your immune system? I don't know I mean that there. Why take it out of the not like an appendix right through there? For a reason, it's not like a a leftover vestige of a different time. The people get it removed too. Yes, what Jamie hello! This bias is sub par. The bosnian system location at the bar back. The throat stop germs from enter the body through the mouth or nose. Yes, and they contain blood like a lot of of lot of white blood cells need those yeah so maybe just get a mouthpiece yeah. Well I got this guy. This guy Andrew he's he's making these new dental mouthpieces. It's like. It's called dental impact, so I supposed to help you for like MMA fighters, I have like a little extra cushion for you. You know that you ever had given
the the double mouth mouthpiece and have like a little slit, you're supposed to be expected to breathe through that, but once you'll be a draw these falls out, so this one is supposed to have like a little bit of a layer like a gel when you bite into it, and it helps like almost a poll joe for so that give Do you like a little bit more room for impact, so you could bite down and I think it's going to be bad, for like combat, I haven't tried it yet he supposed to send me once I could try it out like and give some feedback and see how it all works. When a company called shock doctor
You still around um. I know they do like cups and she'll like that. I think there was like a shock doctor mouthpiece that had the same the same idea behind it, but I was super sceptical there. It is yeah shock doctor, but I think there's real science to that. Look at that fucking thing. What is that shit looks like lip guard, the mandible man fees for football players, use that shield lip guard? Oh, so you don't get your mouth your lips busted, but there's a what's that air flow one screwed up a little bit there, the white one. What does that say MAX airflow football Mouth Guard that looks stupid. It's let's air through the middle, like the whole yeah, but that's fine with football. That's not fine! For a five minute round. It looks small and I mean like it doesn't the whole yet to go all the way. The part you bite on
right right right. It's not far enough back yeah dig into it like what are you biting on just the top part, with your first few teeth, but I think they used to have these kind of things and they were making some claims, maybe not shock doctor, but maybe another company, I think, was another company that was making a claim that would allow you to take shots better, reduce concussion I think it has something to do with that that those two like no, I was on top of the the joy the minimal bone, like, I guess, look like clips the nerve and that's was just the lights off in the in the brain what is that one that says Fang double Braces scroll back up for brace like people have braces? now that we have this, I was wondering 'cause, my daughter had braces and she's going to Jujitsu she get choked in her mouth would get all caught up in a bunch of holes in it, not something that big one oh you're, not a lot of Russell without, if you have braces in wrestling in high school you're not allowed to compete. Unless you have a mouthpiece, it's like a new rule. Should they should they should be allowed to compete with mouthpieces. Anyway, you want to suck up your lip yeah. Even now, when I Russell and I bite down when I'm shooting- sometimes I get my jaw like smashing my like it.
Something like yeah. She wanted that way. Yeah! It's not good! Now, where Matthew's always always wear a cup too, and I work up 'cause. I got me in the dick my dick was bleeding, are now yeah again my friend Scott Empty Einstein, same dude. He owes past my garden. It's just an accident slammed his knee into my deck flat, my dick out right on the it's just sometimes it happens where it's like you zigzag pop, and when I took my jock off at the end of roll and there was blood in my jockstrap, I'm like oh No was it were you guys drilling? We go a lot because you don't really live yeah we're going live. This was an accident. It was just an accident. Is this that happens, but it was me if I had it Now I wear one of those dime in MMA cups, you ever with those of the compression shorts. You so he's my thing with those guys- and I was gonna say something earlier, but I didn't want to. I just don't think one cup fits all. I
can't see. How is your dicks too big? I understand I understand algebra, my crotch is the time comes big for my crotch men as they make it does. Is it like chase? Is our city councils and I tried it. I was like do maybe on where to Raleigh tries it upside down to be making a difference. I they told me, you know how to do is one size fits all like this. Just doesn't make any sense. Weedman I'm gonna go Francis in Ghana and Henry Cejudo, one, the same cup get in the fuck outta here well, Maine you saying, that's not even possible yeah they've, already they've come up to like the fight advantage. I've actually seen him in Chicago in Chicago again like handing out like samples and stuff he How do you like to come? I'm like I don't want to be a dick. I don't like being a mean guy, but you ask, This question I feel, like I gotta tell you truthfully. I may just didn't like it was like. I was wrong with it told me one size doesn't fit all. I guess that's what I told him was like it just doesn't face too big. It's too big down there. You want some
NICE, can't musical kick in little egg squeeze your legs together and now man, that's just going to be crushing my cycle over the place. I get it well. For me, it fits perfect, but I get it but it's small got different size, junk area and if you have fat or thighs to write like it more like dudes with, like you know, giant like Sean Jordan, guys at giant thick ass legs like how you going to get you know, yeah it's going to rub against it, but the compression shorts would help with that. 'cause. That's the whole idea is that, instead of like the way everybody used to where it was just like a jockstrap right, you have a cup in the jockstrap and it kind of floating around. Like I'm going to talk about, don't tell him. I got kicked in the balls once in my cup slammed into my nut, and I was convinced I was convinced my balls were useless after that 'cause mishits wo up like two times the size it should have been and it was all purple and I was like I broke my balls: did you have to get it drained or did just like I've done this? I was eighteen, I didn't do it, god
God. I think a jerk off to make sure it worked. What is still work to MIKE we're good hello. This is that's what I did after ours are broke, my dick I with that not a beat off to just make sure it works we're good we're good. There is funny and they were like. Well, she can embryos in my toilet bowl baseball to host front. It just came out. This came out, but two epis blood for a couple days. That's the worst passing blood well. I knew it was all dis, Dick blood. I was just like the moment. I feel like any sort of infection or feels it's or it didn't hurt so like I'm, not I'm going to be nervous, I'm going to treat it like my nose, I'm going to want me last fall off either, but if my nose is bloody, I don't freak out. So I didn't want to freak out if my dick was bloody and let me just treat it like it's a normal thing, just don't
freak out and it was fine. Thank you nor the line in the room. He will be the focus of blood, I'm freaking, the yeah. I was a little freaking out. It wasn't like. I was not nervous at all, but I what I was trying to rationalize all saying: okay, this is no different than my nose. If my noticed is bleeding right now and I ran to the hospital freaking. The out I'd be Abich right right This is your nose with bloody alot You gotta need that for some things you definitely do. I definitely wasn't I mean I wasn't ignoring. It was like the moment it It's like if my nose is infected. I probably walk it off, but my dick is infected. I'm going straight to the er, a man, dangerous man, infections are fucking dangerous. They scared sharing their anywhere infections, are terrible football coach. Today I guess he publicly stated he would cut his dick off for a super bowl win, don't set it up yet
I'm going to have the female Super bowl league when the female NFL comes along, you could join up could be a champ. And so nowadays you can just do that. You just decide. I'm a woman and I'm a champion. Someone make that argument that they said Dennis Rodman should be considered like first transgender NBA player player. He still has Dick but like you want to, and I do thanks girl, he doesn't even pretend to be aggressive, just crazy or crushed. I guess I don't know it's more of a cross dresser, but even that's like more for show. He does it for fun. You know still beg to be doing that. How crazy is that he just looks like N Korea he's friends with dictate They fly him over. There he's playing basketball with that dude partying with them and even giving him advice. Unlike how to get along with Trump and everybody should get along yeah yeah. I guess yes, I mean if it's working they're not going to bomb us in schitt, so he was my favorite dude him and Eric Roberts for my favorite dude on celebrity rehab 'cause. Neither
I had a real problem like Eric Roberts Wood smoke weed, so he stop smoking weed is. You see him every morning he's fucking reading a newspaper drinking coffee to no problem in the world. Fucking dead, Robbins on the treadmill he's running miles and she's a professional athlete man. So he's not drinking he's, not partying anymore. He likes to party was gonna live forever. If he doesn't party and Eric Robert weed. What's the big deal, so both guys on that show, like I don't see the problem. Heather, okay, really I could get it broadens doing miles on the treadmill. Everybody else is going through seizures, detox and their freaking the fuck out and ride his dick sweat and who get it in yeah. He's fine, that's funny! That's funny man! How crazy that Kim Jong Moon Dude loves
I that's a weird relationship that work. There's a lot of guys who are there is like hardy, not crazy. The guy loves basketball man crazy. Why would his lip to Rodman yeah, doing a bunch of stuff putting boy carbs in their stuff now. But it looks like something happened like it got bit by like uh you know. I think this is swollen. Well, he's always had big lips and then, on top of that, he's got a hole in it. Look at that fucking hold the ring. That's pushing down on his lip, that's crazy, like when he was in his prime years in the NBA. It didn't look his lips to look like that. They look like burnt our look like if it looks infected. I think that Barb makes it look crazy. There are, yeah crazy, crazy err. I think it's like that so look at Trump with his lips and it's like a fuckin' which lip would you for the rest of your life. Your trees have like weird
downturned lips. Gigantic infected lips are little tiny, taint a lips yeah No, that's a hard call so hard call if you have to take who's. Look for the rest of your life Kim Jong Moon, going with Rodman 'cause he's a professional athletes, great body you know, well it's weird when dictators get really in athletics right like that chechnyan guys, since a lot of mma fighters out, I heard you to, yeah. Well, I was telling us the story that guys like nuts, I heard I'm sure he's nuts like he likes, he said I don't know if this like ok, to talk about or not play powerful, powerful man yeah, but he said he's langers, powerful man. He told he told y mean to like fight the other guy, and it was like dead, serious about it. I don't know if they like how I think figure out a way to like get out of it or something in in in March. One was a white one of those guys. I think it was either one of his guys over doom fight either very doing one of his guys. I think,
this way. He said something crazy like that was like. Don't bro didn't pay him to do it, uh huh, I think so, but it was like one of those look like just super powerful is kind of like when he gets what he wants. You know holy. I do you, that's why some get the So I got into the dragon right. He was out to an island. Do you fight fight and he sits there and this giant throne. That's crazy! Ask to be able to fight yeah yeah. I guess if you're, that rich in that powerful, you can kind of get away with this happened before we had to do that and they made an agreement. Alright, let's fucking fight this go after write. This stuff, like that, makes me nervous to go to places like that. I'm like I just came here to enjoy the culture not to do all this extra curricular schitt. Imagine if you go to Moscow, you knockout poultry, on I'm running the cat and then then Putin wants you to come over come come. Come come over to castle.
Yeah. I don't know that happen is going go in there and Pedro Munoz there in shorts what the fuck is going on. Every MAC, Michael Barker, Buck, yeah, it's crazy! Oh I was saying the bed, though man, I gotta, pull out couch yeah, why you have a block away to hear from the pull out couch the yeah, so I Maybe my house, I got my real estate license back in March. I finally My I did like one flip for Arizona didn't go so well, Okay gain experience, a clean look use as like the cost of doing business. So I learned a lot. Man learned a lot about like developing in the Lancaster region. Now I know we just we took course, together the same year, how to flip houses is actually a boy. So we're going on right now and I got hit me up Nick Lamagna. He wants me to want me to come down, probably tomorrow in Irvine, but those guys they kill it. Man they doing like crazy, commercial stuff they doing stuff and just residential Hawaii iaquinta
doing well. Yeah, that's awesome for him. I got my license. I haven't sold a single house yet since March that was training for a fight. You know. So it's going to be hard. Ok! Well, I don't know how to use the fucking number less yet so that's probably so ask me to show you something like send you houses like listings. I should be able to like, comprise like some data of like things feature criteria and then send it to you on like an automatic email. But I gotta learn how to do that. So I can just sit in there, but to get back by saying, like I bought the house after the Cody Stamen fight before the Cody statement fight. So much in break some like trying to close that house is about the deal, is about to fall through the day of clothes. I get the fuck out of here you're, going to close this deal, one way or the other. Even if I gotta shell out extra money out shell out the extra money, so I get the house next My mortgage is three grand, so three grand plus uh my utilities, I'm looking at about three thousand five hundred and thirty six hundred now, when you like the salary that I make from fighting and everything in New York taxes and all that
it's not very lucrative. Yes, sustainable there's. No, could you tell us some fighting like three four times a year like guaranteed? If I'm not He is some trouble. I don't have health insurance right now did I. This is like crazy, crazy, so crazy, you're fighting in a cage without health insurance get hit by cars. Just talking about your car today, if you get injured in a fight, though you're compensated right, I'm compensated, but if it's like an illness is I'm not compensated for nothing like that? So it's a little different. So that's why ok, I gotta, I gotta make sure I like, I don't get sick. I gotta make sure I'm doing the right things. Look both ways before crossing ST like little things like that, but uh What the house- or I I miss it clothes, so I'm trying to figure out ways to sustain is 'cause, then my mom's, in a situation where she's like facing eviction at the time she's going through we're divorced now is going to be October, is going to be five years an my dazzle is it could be a pain in the to to deal with in terms of what use
his rational humanly side of thinking he just doesn't get it and I've been trying to like somehow be like the the bridge between the two 'cause. You know, there's been a lot of fun activities like domestic abuse, and she like that. So I grew up with a lot of that man, an my dad not to get off subject, but that shitfuck me up in terms like my confidence like as a kid I mean he would stupid and All these names, for whatever reason and I felt like even till a dating in middle school and high school was tough for me because yeah I was a good looking, but the same time it's like I did not hold a conversation. 'cause, I was never taught. I was never taught by my dad how to do certain things and that made like very self conscious in like approaching females and stuff like that like if they don't approach me with my friends and start the conversation forget about it. If I seen it checked out like I had a crush on forget about my talk to my this day, went to the same high school. Never talk!
We never spoke, and I thought she was one of the sexiest prettiest, most beautiful females out there in the whole high school in I just ever talked I just always see. I was smiling black yeah. I wanna talk to you, but I can't just can't do it. I just can't do it, but now we're done. Whatever but yeah man. So I had to learn how to do a lot of stuff on my own but yeah I'm trying to bridge the between the two of them and it's just been stuff, so she's facing eviction, I gotta figure something out now, and I but long story short? I don't want to like go too crazy today, sales, but short, I won the fight with statement, so that was hugely. If I didn't want to fight, I would've been fucked in terms of, like trying to help my mom 'cause. I wasn't trying to take my money, my hard earned money and I wanted something like a rent. Like it Just- doesn't make any sense. 'cause she doesn't have a green papers, so she wasn't working my dad pay for everything he was like. He was Sugar, daddy know he fucking, you know he did pharmacy stuff pharmacy had a street pharmacy ways, and so he made his money the way he made his money. You know- and she never had
work, I mean she's an interesting way of putting it street pharmacy. Yet I don't know like what's like. Ok, to say before this people knocking at the door. So your son just confessed to like years and years and years of no no band AIDS, refocusing bonds, but my mom would help him. I just felt obligated as a as her one of our oldest kids. I know she's got two kids older than me on her side alone. She has ten kids just with my mom, not my dad, like, like just her alone, and when my dad she has eight I'm the oldest of the eight hundred with my dad and then did two other kids are from another two different guys. So it's just our family trees. Like fuqing wacky, it's just all over the place like my family, has even met my girlfriend's family, it's just like it I don't know how the wedding is going to go if we decide to get married like do. I have yeah. Do I invite like who do I invite? Who do I not invite to make sure there's no like this hello bro, just like we did it last minute. Guys then off to Mexico would have a party, though this way
doesn't everyone yeah. So then you have a party afterwards and then everybody go sideways. We had a great wedding, yeah yeah yeah, you just go you just you and her, and maybe like a couple. Other people just go to fuck in the Bahamas or, see that's what I want to do, but you see what she wants to do. She has a huge family too, so she wants a everybody there she's got family California and Texas back in Salvadoran, like hills my special day it is, it is that probably going to be paying the entire bill for it. Yeah isn't that special day is so nuts you spend so much money but shouldn't we now That's been this money and just go on vacation. That's it that's the way I live my life and also more than that like have a lot of weddings or like a fucking car. That cost like a brand new car was a kid tuition should be Charles Tuition, that you're spending a wedding. You know what are we doing with all this? society, man, I think you see everyone. I got the way they dressed it up and they to our brains to and if you can like,
stuck in your ways and that's what you want you want it I get it. I want to be appended. Everyone must be the princess moment. I get it. I get it yeah. Exactly very important to me. Yeah. I can imagine her listening to this right now. Sorry, just joking, I'm sorry I like I married too, like I should shut the fuc up yeah wanna be happy. The set the expression, happy, wife, happy life yeah, whatever what I gotta do. I was like I don't have a got. Damn thing on the walls of my house. I don't put nothing up. It's all my wife, This place is so crazy oh no, this place is free. This is my fucking house, look like in the Elk skulls and american flags. Mitzi shore Hentai Buddhas, Richard Pryor, that goes bust, a gun, that's what my function, houses! You like this podcast studio, but if you go over how's it going we're in the wrong place to live here. This is money a woman or a gay guy- here,
I hear you man, that's how my house is my my girlfriend hasn't she doesn't. She hasn't moved in yet so she hasn't been able to like put her own special touching her mattress and get the fuck over yeah yeah pretty much. I need to fucking bed, I'm like baby new best that we were going to take yours. How bad is actually pretty comfortable? What about please make a deal with this company that gave Jamie that. But what's that company again call it sleep hook, a brother up, late, sleepless and reach out to me aljamain make something is this something that really does work like that I mean I need to try. The chill pat is one the Marxists and recommends he said. It's incredible. He said it's a game. Changer cools your body down. You sleep way, better yeah, all of the help out in the, but in my in my feel better. What did the other thing that help you apnea? Is? You can get to a position where you're not a pillow, where your your mouse is that, like falling forward, yeah like if you, if you can, instead of sleeping on your back, which is your tongue, is going to fall back to sleep where your mouth is kind turns forward? Because if I forget my mouth piece
I go on the road, that's what I do yeah and it's it's fine. So I was a make sure the my head is pointing down. It's like an awkward angle. I wake up my next killing me. I got a bad neck like for like voting disc and herniated disc in my neck, just from wrestling and jujitsu, so everybody does yeah and yes fuckedup to ever use. One of those harness is what you hang from your neck. A little bit I'll turn compression? I think you stole my one note that sleep mask thing. Yeah I'd like that to breed are you noticing, looks ridiculous. I tried that my everyone's laughing yeah. I can't sleep. I can go to bed with by so it all. But if you breathe out your nose because it does, your nose were good yeah. I think so. I it might. I don't know, can you go? Do you do does class ever in just breathe out of the nose only in a I think, one yoga class and I was in college
There was a long time ago, but if you can these neck things, if you can, you can find them on Amazon. That is a neck, harness socks, Spencer, straps to a door at the top of the door to come, and I have a like a little click click click. You pull, it pulls you neck. Can you give us relax accident, just stretches your neck out. What school I mean, I might, I know decompression harness yeah. I probably get one of those they'll help you we're going to relax your neck. When you do like the incline bed, hang up, so I don't even know what rushes to Henry's ox yeah. I have one of those too yeah. That's amazing. I mean like lower back yeah thing right there. That's what I have said things that I gotta do that in a space in my safe space yeah, but it was looking at me yeah. It's definitely that, but you pull on it. Click click, click, click, click and it relaxes your neck. What's the clicking is that the
it's like the lover. A little notch is each notch like pulls it a certain amount, yeah click click and you pull it more click, click and then, when you want to just sit up and you release all the tension, I just had a terrible thought, my head with that jerking off now is that, like people die from that's how David Carradine from Kung FU, he died, strangle himself, always beating off a ledge. I heard he might get killed by the mob, the herd yeah he he died of the call auto erotic asphyxiation. Do you ever the band and as an not an access in excess in excess yeah? I was thinking of this. The car and sex in access that lead singer same thing. He died from autoerotic asphyxiation. There's do to try to choke them, selves where they beat off the hang that some next level shit. This next level should which is a preacher they caught this preacher wearing a wet suit. He had a deal
so I was asked and he was choking himself and he blacked out, while he's beating off and died right, Donovan yeah, something like that might have been there, might have set him up to who knows he might have been banging some kids. That's all yeah. No I've never heard of that. That's that's! some different way arrive at your destination. This is different kind of as it was. It was because estimate or yeah messes bought sadomasochistic right. That's sadomasochism, bonding sm. Whatever the bucket is bondage yeah level, then I I can now this is they do offer. They say that something about being being choked that accentuates the orgasm, so Bella mean come on. Save, save ridiculous. Give you that look! You know, you know, go laughs, so stop robot cows and rabbit running.
That will give you a full report on the ticket pack. This is Alabama, Minister, who died in June of accidental mechanical x, fix it was found hog tied wearing two complete wet suits, including a face mask diving, gloves and Slippers Rubberized Underwear Anna Head mask. According to the autopsy report, fifty one year old, pastor of Mount come with the same Montgomery. His death was not caused by foul play. Is that is not play how how do you play and can I read your rule book? it seems foul yeah, yeah dildo up his right did he says bumped his bum condom? for Dill, hey you, don't wanna get pregnant condom covered dildo up his ass while he was beaten up mean That's from like trying to like hold back all your sin. Sending that you don't have any sin: 'cause you're, a pastor and it just bubbles. Out with the surface, you would've had to special order that too it's legal to sell those in Alabama
serve. What really Alabama stop those are just didn't, have a dill doe in Alabama. I just heard two I think Mississippi is the only state you're allowed to drink while you're driving as long as you don't crossover, the eight that is, God dam hilarious. I have beer in your front seat, wow, Mississippi right, Mississippi also has the fucking confederate flag in it's a state flag, yeah part of the state flag. It's like Yikes wild laws out there. The wild Wild West, the Wawa itself. I don't think I've ever been to Mississippi. I have it, I don't know if I've ever been added I've been to New Orleans. I still want to their new Orleans is wild. I hear nothing but good things, great people, man, I can't wait. Nice friendly people and the food is outstanding. I got this idea that I've been trying to do for like years now, and I
haven't been able to make this happen because of financial situation. The whole thing like with my mom, and she like that like trying to get the house for and what not, but I want to hit like every do like across watch it or and hit every state in every capital and doctor the entire fucking thing like a one two month like escapade or something it was maybe after next fight I would like to, but then I'm also like I would at some point like to maybe have kids or something but then like. If I have a kid- and I can't leave her while she's preg in in you just comes along like, but then she works she's in school like them. Does everything just nothing ever works out? Unless I just go and then you make it work out, I feel bad. If I would just leave for that long. You gotta win the title down like you, I'm out cutting it that big scratch I'm out, which is what would you do if you want a title, Would you Vacaton just say enough, but do you have an idea of when you want to stop fighting? I see was it's very interesting idea? Internet, it's always been
guys at the gym. Two is always been three thousand two hundred and thirty two, so we're close and close. Well, Not I'm going to feel the same way, I'm thirty two being I'm not to be thirty, I'm realizing how close that is. If I were, you know real why is my dream and I got the real estate I got a college degree in physical education, I'm trying out for the Fdny I'm still unsure. How that's going to out is just the flexibility of the schedule and actually being able to have health care benefits for myself and my family, whoever that is you don't talk to Steve pay? no, but I have five five friends back home. I know I actually. I think I have one time he told me he love it any violent, too right, yeah. Everyone knows. Where do. I think I was talking to him about that briefly, Chicago to the mustache mafia, yeah yeah yeah give me one of those things yeah, and even though he was fighting on the cards, I see a pop up and I'm like holy in any yeah. He had a crazy crazy. Then you guys yeah, wild wild fight, man any wounds, a tank.
Is one of the more unusual fighters. When you watch him move like he's, those guys. We could see him in a silhouette. You go all that's in the wind, yeah, yeah, yeah shorts and everything crazy, crazy, like weird style, to try to sort out like he's he's so unusual. One is movement first WEC champion right. Yes, yes way back in the day that still show that's back when it was in northern California right yeah. Where was that the little cage yeah it was like well, phuck was the original original WEC was, like I wanna, say, load But well, I don't think it was low dye, but it was like more lemoore ca or something like that. It was weird spots yeah I never look at the locations like now. I start to pay attention to things like that. Now, like more like, where I fall, where the fight is going to be held, and things like that, because I I always end up going to the events from time to time. There is a lot more yeah. He twenty was so anyone was
the more califia and then there's this with these to have out there. That's when Reed was run, it yeah, Reed, Harris yeah. I love that. Dude is good too he's a great dude yeah. He I mean those those pioneers of the game: man, those guys who, like butt, Brotzman, used to run king of the cage, and these people have these little small organizations where everything started yeah properly. When we used to do it in California uhm when they started doing mma shows in California. They had to do a month. Native american reservations you couldn't have it anywhere. It wasn't sanctioned in New York yet then so like when we would go to Speaking of the Cajun Eddie Bravo used to work for key in the cage and I would go with him out to these events. We would have to go in the middle of nowhere man, this weirdass casinos, that's the only place where you could go to see the fights. Yeah. I I for a reservation couple times in New York 'cause we could apply in New York yeah. I still can't fight in New York I got some medical thing, they're, not sure if I
born with it or not, but I don't even know about it until I got my my Uc debut in Vegas see one hundred and seventy and yeah get It's got the cascade and I had like two spots in my brain, so they just kept monitoring and I had to go see a neurologist and all that in is want to make sure. I was going to bleeding out. I was going like he's dying, the octagon randomly and does they were looking out for me, but I've been able to fight everywhere, suffer New York and I'm just hoping that these guys do right, So fight one time before my career is or sudden all said and done in my home state. I think that would be something that I've dreamed of for like a very long time. You know I never knew this would happen until my debut Nick just do a wrench into everything. Do the the neurologist say it's: okay, yeah, I'm clarify! It's is just a word. In this in the New York bodies. Sanction rule whatever I'm like. So what do you? I have to do to change it. I think they said just a doctor has to go
rewrite it or something like that, I'm like, but why is this taking so long? It's been years now I've been like just every time I see Kim Kim. Who is the doctor going to go change the rule or something? So I can fight in New York and uh? Nothing. You know, I don't know, then I'm guessing not moving the needle for me so that sucks, I guess in New York. They probably don't want to take any chances, it's so recent that they even got it proved right, yeah, so this couple years right how many years three now two thousand in sixteen two thousand and sixteen I was there for the bill when they signed it now, yeah. That was a fun time. Those fuckin' Madison Square Garden cards are bun and yeah. They always put button. Man this cards on msg yeah. I was there live for the Conor Mcgregor Eddie Alvarez just to Wayne's world electrify. It was like YO man kills. Someone meant that building yeah, you think about
all the amazing boxing fights that happened in that building, and that is the most famous arena and all of combat sports Madison Fuckin' square garden? I remember the first time I walked in there for the UFC. I got chills as like. I can't believe we're here. Here I get chills, I'm I'm getting to suppose right now, just thinking about it, like you, walk in that place, it has a special feeling, yeah and I just hope to God. I can get to fill one day at least one do it come on. The New York not mine. So right, you're dealing with a bit of a thumb. Injury right you have this cast that you have on your arm. Right now is this is to isolate your ligament yeah So, if I I don't know at what point where one of the point is I through, I guess I landed with down because the UFC gloves they don't protect the town, no padding on the phone. I don't know if I let like it or don't like it, but whatever had been fighting like that with you, as for so long now. At this point, I don't really even notice it just the first time I really really banged up my hand, but it's like the.
The ligament on the radio and the owner side that hold the thumb to keep it from like turning out like come on this side. They compared it and he saw how Lacsa was on this- I was like dude. Does this that's just normal, that's my thumb, so they think my thumb being Do that's on the other side, maybe it's just my anatomy through again, but yeah. It's like this kind of Freaking Hammond locks. Only yeah but doesn't hurt at all, like fifteen degrees, more movement, but I'm double jointed. My thumbs. So I don't know if that's what it is yet that looks like it hurts so bad. I got tap right here. You see Greg Jones and Anti rumble Johnson had a grappling match. I saw, but I think it's a good catch. Some action tried Google GO to Craig Jones Instagram. He wrapped them up quick, a death, Rumble took him down, Craig Jones got a hole leg and was it's gorgeous? It's a beautiful transition. If you're a fan of leg locks scary,
MIKE Jones, who is rumble. Johnson is obviously a gigantic man he's in like he's like two hundred and sixty now, and Craig Jones is probably about two hundred and ten, but when they're old, but there's a video of it on Craig's Instagram if you find it yeah, that's right! Wind up, that's probably a chart where there was no. I if it could just visit the life was a set missing a it's. It's it's it's a repost. Okay, make it like a little larger jail, Sonnen, submission underground. This seems like just the advertisement for it though, or yeah you're right now it is it. Is it just the advertised I sent it to him? I sent him Congratulations on a us a day! Well, maybe maybe maybe that's not on his. Maybe it's not only find out real quick, because we could we could imagine for about invite someone that big in the big guys. I almost funk you up and then other guys, just like I'm gonna break your fucking angles. It's like damn, that's a yeah
and he goes out there and he actually does it. You know now it says here I'll, send it to you, Jim, also yeah. You know sergeant two hundred and twenty two reporter I sent it to you, um you get on the Instagram, it's actually from Greg Jones Bjj from his instagram yeah. I don't know. Well it wasn't showing me. Here. It is so watch this so rumbles on top and crag elevates with that right, passing passes on boom, blox a whole gets to heal hooked app, but he even fight handles nothing. Now did not. He didn't even rapolder he'll yeah we're still in transition. He had the legs lake laced up. He had inside control, see this watch. He gets it flips rolls it he's, got the leg and rambles like I get it
that out of like well now I know I walked in here. And I'm walking out, that's the. More amazing thing about leg locks is smaller cool can get away with things from the bottom that it's very difficult. Get away with 'cause you're, using both of your legs to control a person's leg. It's like you, have so much strength in the leg, locks and so much control with those two legs around one leg I mean you're, obviously from the hens, oh team, which is that is the where it all started with John Donne, her with Dean Lister said so the Donna her and on her refined. System and Eddie Cummings and and all these fucking animals that are coming out of there now there's so many leglocks specialists out of that part of the that part of the world like down one gem that Enzo Gracie Gym is responsible for a jog. Take evolution in in locking yeah those is a phenomenal to work with whenever I could get down there to get some training. It's always fun. It's always a battle that Nikki.
Okay, super young, still and Ryan Gary tone and every tone and leglock machine yeah, Damien Jason Route, Nick Nick Nick Ronin. Those guys are those guys are will Saturday's scary. Japanese apart, but you know they say why would you ignore fifty percent of the human body well. Why would you want him or fifty percent of the human body he such a week? got to talk to you he's turning. His answer gave you Donna since March. He is, he makes me feel like I was. I was in a quest on so it's enough, and what do you do from here like? What do you don't making me nervous? It was a nother role. He was making fun your tenth planet. Black belts just tell me what to do
Don't mock me I'm here I want to know. I want to learn each child. This is a judge, Freezone Debit, but he's so smart in his analysis of positions instead of just roll then getting better and drilling and comparing he's just like a systematic analysis of various position, What you need to do what you need to master where you going from here, and I I I I know from what I understand from everybody- any comes a big part of that as well. Lets him out yeah. It comes to master, he's a master to so good it like locks. So I would I watched. I compete multiple multiple times online. It's just like what is transitions are so smooth. It's like it's a it's amazing yeah. Yes, I'm competed the at any Bravo's invitational, two, it e b. I
sure I was there for him. Take that that rule set is an interesting rules and I think that's the best rule set for like if you get a stalemate at the end of you know those initial time period, then from there you have a chance to you, go out it for certain amount times to someone gets tapped and you start out in different positions start either for with back control. Well, we we call spider web yeah. You like have your on site control your legs across the face. You have the arm trapped inside, but you don't have an arms are fully extended and you like ready, go yeah, we start from there and then they calculate how long it takes to skate verses. Whether or not somebody tapped so if you tap somebody, they have a chance to tap, you may have a chance to get back to the same position, but if you tap them quicker than they tap you, then you win yeah right. It's not it's great. The only position of that. I just really didn't like that. Much was the back control position. Could you see a lot of the times the guys will escape and let the end up in Mount and then that would be considered escape, but it's
I really an escape if you're interested in a fist fight. Do you really want to be there in that position mounted unit? shape. Shifting get fuckd up. It's good point like right: you should have to escape escape yeah. You should have to get out of Mount. The dish doesn't say is like when I think about it. The cost of like are you? Are we training guys to stop now right? Is that what happens so? I'm I'm I'm not a hundred percent sure on this GEO Martinez, GEO, who's, a beast he's one of Eddie's black belt, actually caught Cummings in an armbar he's. One of the few guys Is it ever seen Tap Eddie yeah and this was from spider web, but you notice when he goes to spiderweb. He controls that right. Leg, they're, very notice that it's very, very important that for that region. What's also you just, you could keep control of one or the body. So there's no movement side to side right he's not moving around towards the head. He stuck in that spot. So whether or not he extends or doesn't extend,
You know whether it catches arm there. I mean you could still defend it's possible, but it cuts out a lot of the pathways. He creates a lot of control, yeah, there's no rocking yeah exactly like even here even here, he still got that leg. You still got that leg and you're, always in a bad spot, with a guy like Chio, whose uh he's an arm, but while he suggested master, but will wait. Is this forty five? I think it's forty five, I believe, and GEO like his brother Richie, they started out as a break dancers. Singers are strong as the breezy physical dexterity. They do all kinds of ninety with their bodies. Nice got the near side like yeah, I'm going back to four yeah, and this is a bad fight to showcase any comics. You want to get caught, but he got caught here because they started out from the night away yeah. You know you do he's not starting out from from a neutral
position the starting out from a disadvantage? And this is one of the rare times he's so he's got the arm that spider web and now he's got like a figure for what he had. A thing for is like a little loose now, but he had was gets really lose. Color arm crush he's too, so he was gone for the biceps, okay and then really is on snaps your forearm socks, tremendous tremendous pressure on the forum, it's awful, so she can go big, guys, yeah, but it could be a bicep slicer as well that Those positions were terribles just across. King of the limb, like that's terrible feeling, but eventually catches him here arm, is so shot after getting out of that. You don't want it so compressed. You know it's it's a horrible feeling to. Like forearms and your leg in the leg. The back of the calf is crushing it and
the other leg is squeezing down like a triangle. It's awful! It's awful jujitsu is amazing man. It really love amazing, martial art. I would probably forever do it. I'm like in my late forties fifties, yeah songs on like still able body in all that you know. If you find good training partners, you can do it yeah, lousy the thing about the Human body is like you, that so many explosions in you. You know so many times you can push a guy off you so many times should I forward so many times you could just thrust up from the bottom, but if you do things with the right technique, like John Jackman Shadow, he's at least fifty John Jack still rolls and you don't have any injuries still roll. Please you never see John Jock just like he never got comes at anything. He could pick and choose tile. Guy can goon and stuff I've gleaned out of things. Yeah. Sometimes you gotta. Do you doing this? Fucking ride just explode someone there their dealer, maybe in a little bit you going out of it. Never
Everything is smooth and techniques all defensive. Perfect yeah yeah. It's flow. This is not like that. Yeah. That was what's interesting about watching Michael TS and Diego Sanchez, like he full load, it just flowed. There was no like he didn't have to do anything crazy. He was in control like from the moment he clinched them got a hold of he's just moving car, still the training? You know chaining control, submission attempts, control submission attempts whose is beautiful, yeah yeah, I I gotta rewatch the fight I was at a wedding when I was watching those fight. So so I was like partially when my dancing shoes couldn't be like disrespectful, so we got the fights up and were like hovering over the table or something to which shift. I told Eve Edwards we would watch that ship while it's on the background turn the tv on to put it on ESPN twenty. If it's on ESPN two,
or is it on? Eventually it goes to ESPN plus, let's see if it's on ESPN two right now. He said ok word to your mother and other mutherfuckers jitsu. I told him we would watch it. I love that, damn it, I'm glad he's it is way into transitioning into cometary too, is excellent. Yeah really good, and will you so it's such a technical fighter. The other he's a really good it transitioning into what's happening with the television by the way disk. I forgot. We have never finished my bed story, yeah. Well, not even the bed like so let's go back real, quick and just to finish it 'cause, I, I can ask you like whatever happened with, did your mom and what I know yeah yeah, so so at the after the the call I I need to. I need to win that fight, otherwise I would have been in a really bad spot because of all the renovations I did to to my house in my house smell like cigarettes. It was like it was really up, but I got it
short sale in a really nice neighborhood, an Massapequa and I'm in the hood. The hood of Massapequa now is not the hood. It's really! It's really nice. It's really nice! Over there we have a lawn home yeah. So that's nice, you get a short sale like some other ones. Fahlian Phuc up, yeah, sneak in and take a nice house in a nice neighborhood spectral little bit. They were there. They were kind of happy to get rid of it. To be honest, I think they were struggling with the payments or whatnot, so it was cool but in my neighborhood. I don't have real like neighbors, I have side yard, so I'm not in anyone's way but to make ends meet Airbnb, my house, so I sleep in a basement, so So I had to pull out cash. I want to make it all packed up. I mean, like you, know, like the little cricket guys jumping around all over the place. I don't like a ton of shape for him to hide and start like making little cricket babies. So So I just gotta pull up right. This is not easy to clean, gotta rug, whatever
in your house are so fucking annoying. If you can't find them worse, they are I will find you and I will kill you, but I don't kill crickets when you do that, I'm most I grab when I throw him outside. I don't know why I grab what you have prejudice against certain bugs. If I find a spider, it's dead dead, you're dead. But if I find a cricket in like a little fellow come on, let me get you. They don't bite her. They bite your hands cricket cricket. Ask me: Bro, I'm just trying to get you outside and try not to kill you. Yes, I get the little traps sticky traps and I feel so bad because they just wither away and I'm like such a funk that way to go. But I'm like you came into my hood into my territory. This is my land. That's right! You know so snakes in my yard, dead. All of them have snakes, yep rattlesnakes dead, dead some people say you shouldn't kill it shut the fudge up. I have kids
project yard out here man yeah out here in California for sure rattlesnakes are everywhere. I went to look at a house and- I stopped a rattlesnake to death in the in the front yard of the house of this house, we were looking at poisoning. Look yes, it was a fucking rattlesnake sitting there in the front yard, and I just I just saw it. I said: ok, I'm just going to just go this is what I would do. If I lived here, I'm a stop. This mother, I wouldn't, I knew I was in a position that they're not that fast, okay, that they're fast when they strike. If, if a row I'll snake is flattened out and he can't see you it doesn't. You comma now stop that mother. I just crushed him dead dumped, 'em that ask as I would not foot with that things like. Oh, I didn't I wouldn't I wouldn't. If it was like pulling back, it's like
I saw where it was an like. These people live in this house that they were silent and I was like they don't want this fucking thing here. No one wants a rattlesnake. There. Fuqing yard shifts last I would be scared, shitless man, like I'm, going to sound corny exterminator. Well, I developed a real anger for them when they bit my dogs. I've had three times I've had to take. My dogs to the veterinarian, with their face all swollen up like a water balloon growing on the side of their head 'cause. They got bit rattlesnakes or fuckedup too, because what their venom does it digest your tissue, it's one of the something about their venom is how it helps them like eat rabbits and things that they kill, because the the venom? Not only does it kill you, but it kind of breaks down your tissue yeah. So when, but when people get bitten by it's real bad man, they have to get these horrible skin graphs and they get necrosis where all the tissue around where the bite was all dies off like sometimes you can see the bone
It's kinda, small yeah, not for the weak. That's why stop for those of you guys ago. Fuc you sell me or you yeah. I see I'm not big into little wilderness. Prizing Lee come up from Jamaica, so you know we have like that. The Caribbean bring upbringing like raising a traditional America, home like the lifestyle, so we have a different like rules and everything an we never really There's like that's the type of stuff. In my jamaican like that, what's going on Jim well one, I can't figure out why the direct tv is not coming to the tv but to it doesn't even start about twenty five minutes. So, okay, there's a five thirty all right, we'll we'll check it out. Five minutes, twenty five minutes,
Is it to start on ESPN plus in twenty five dollars is what I was looking for, ESPN plus it's not on there. It says ESPN, two at five hundred and thirty at one thousand two hundred o'clock in the afternoon. Right must be the previews though, or the prelims. Maybe there's prelims other things, but it's not here. We go well I'd like that. The Pfl is doing what they're doing will go, just go up to the machine and see if you could remote control is being plus work on that tv. I have to get through. My laptop will be at ESPN, plus five hundred and thirty no ESPN 2's at five dresses that probably had been with him and we're trying to explain it, so it should be on ESPN, plus right now on there and then esp. In two weeks, five hundred and thirty- but I can't even get I don't know why Directv is not working too well figure. It out will figure it out even word shot out. I like the fact that doing that, though, the Pfl is giving away all that money love it. I love it six or eight people each year. I think, was six. He said. One million dollars. If you win the season,
amazing, more money. I think, there's more money that I've made in thirty. UFC about now go you know what it is I would need before I would ever do that. I would want to win the belt and I think that's a very attainable and realistic thing for me to to to be able to realize that dream before I would ever hum ship because it's almost like what mighty mouse did. He was like ok with leaving because he was a UFC Champ super dominant. He didn't really lose that say unify in my eyes. I don't think he lost that fight. I think it worse. At best it was a draw on. I don't think there was any real clear cut loser, but I didn't think so you don't want, I didn't think mighty Mouse us, but for him to go to another organization and if he does win the belt is like. Arguably, like you really can't deny the guy guys one of the goats, if not the you know. So that's the way I kind of look at it. An Ipad
retired anyway, 'cause thirty two is close. I think this close now, you can't deny him anyway. I mean no matter what happens from here on out. My mouse, in my opinion, technically, is the best ever best ever technically the thing about him versus John Jones in my eyes that John is face stiffer competition yeah, I think John just felt. Dangerous guys and also John, is completely under Did you notice that one LOS to Matt Hamill, which is a disqualification in a fight where he was totally dominant, in where I think it was uh? add call anyway yeah. I thought that was fucking him up How dare you can choose shut up and I was like what is my memory completely shocked: fuch na da da look at it like this. So now that mighty mouse is removed and his new life at the flyweight division, everything is super competitive now right, so it goes to So maybe it speaks volume on just how good my team.
Just really is compared to everybody else. Maybe that's why the division just look like that, and people like. Oh you just little guys, not like fighting the big guys. I get that, but it's like the same thing with John Jones, but now there's like closer competition now Jon Jones going to decisions a lot more as opposed to finish in the older vet. Means who the pioneers, who were the Logan. Who is the rampage jacksons? The who else says he murdered now you I mean he was in a champ, but I'll beat you up for, like those guys, even though Vita almost snapped that arm in half as crazy fucking insane jumped out of my funk. Oh wow! Well that showed you what an animal John is it didn't happen just let his arm get fucking jacked and then wound up taping Victor the next round. Yeah John, is he's not just talented. His mind is just unstoppable. He just got incredible his ability to overcome adversity's ability to get out of bad situations, ability to press
we saw that in the gust of Sinn Fein he wasn't in shape for that fight at all yeah. They said he was barely trained. Well I've party with John, not like the call party that he does that he has done. Let me say he has done, I'm not sure party, I'm not sure if he still parties like that, but when he was partying I would seem Barnett the co or he'll come out to Cortland College because it goes right down the road. This is like when he was kind of going back and forth between Jackson is and our gym on what else upstate a bomb squad right. For he like a fishy Levin and he was just coming home and going back to Jackson coming home, going back to Jackson's, and it would be like a couple weeks before his fight. This guy will be outdated shots in he. We like asking me if I want to drink, I'm like yeah dude, I'm fighting like for like four weeks. I can't I can't do that. I have to have a hard time cutting wait for him. I was like dude, you don't like you. Don't it's not hard to cut way if you get fuckd up like this I mean I didn't ask him that, because, like I told you
I got a fight coming out. I'm like, but I know you got to fight, but clearly that's not fucking matter. Can your Jon Jones you just going out there to look anyway, you when I was on cocaine, cocaine, so things to say to someone meet you and I did cocaine yeah I says laughing that says a lot the man does. He sees a animal. You know I was like is it John Jones DC and then everybody else you know he's that good man, but I'll tell you, man that Thiago Santos is a mother fucker, he kicked the shit out of Johns legs. Put him in danger and you know I think John would have made it way easier fight if you decided to take him to the ground, but he never did yeah see. I talked about that final Podcast this morning I I don't want everybody what your podcast is where they get it. The weekly scraps you can get in on Itunes. Spotify Google play Tunein an my website, alchemist,
Allebach young, so what you say, but I was seeing where I broke. That fight down, I was like john- was always the guy, the aggressor, pushing for walking him down, cutting him against common core, cutting him off and pushing him back to his cage, Santiago looked like he was just kind of waiting and waiting to pounce like he was looking for John to take one slash, two step where he could time it. While he was off balance try to rush me Blitzen with those big bungalows. He was doing as I rampage Jackson, calls them so I didn't feel like he can acted or anything significant. Besides the leg kick early in the first round, where it kick his legs like this fight is going to be interesting. 'cause he's attacking legs early, but then he would stop I'm talking to legs more, but I feel like some of it wasn't really like it didn't seem like it was really affecting John the way like watching it live. I thought Who is landing a lot more and then, when I re watched it I was like I don't know. I have to really like I'm looking at it, I put in slow mo and I'm watching. If I'm like well that punch to connect that punched, it connect
then he did the one heck that John got his head up at the very last second and was able to block it. The one Dana White posted like a picture on Instagram, who saying how coffee was fighting on a torn the pcl, and I think and M c l and Meniscus he's a needs gone. Yet I don't what was at the first or second, was this first round first round around me to say, but did I threw a kicking? We notices knee buckled. Yeah, okay- and I was first room- was the first one, so I was fractured yeah for fresh intent. I thought oh well. That was one thing too, when he buckled and he threw a ticket with someone that mother Fucker he's crazy, like yeah, that's that's hard core yeah, that's the big one! That's the big show
so not the smaller one, the fibula yet other cc's of blood I saw him draining, should I God there pulling out a quart of milk out of his fucking name, who look at and they've already got a bunch in that little bucket yeah Doctor Sanders did that right, holy shit man in the UFC things he did that operation yeah sure, oh, my god, yeah that knee is mango, so he had a immediately go into surgery. After that his knee was mangled and pop bastard. What is half got yeah? I just felt like John It was still controlling dictating like the like the ones like you look like those moments was like, oh, but he didn't really hit him. Well, he definitely kick the shit out of his legs. John had carried out in a wheelchair and he landed some shots to the head with punches, but John moved with them. Yeah
controlling he rolled with them? He kept his hands up each got caught, but he moved back. He said he went back and he's the best ever controlling distance. He does. The finger finger, range, pokey, pokey right now, but which left food but he's so good. That is really the same height position. I'm like no one's going to get, as long as fucking go go gadget. Specter arms. You know yeah, but it's dangerous when the eyes get in yeah because they have that happened to a bus. What is he wants? He's he's claimed you know how they have. Ronda Rousey collecting arms on the shelf, like they did. Those pitches John's got like eyeballs a whole light. Anyway. Division is in strange state right now, because it's like you got
John Jones, and then, who else you know you got Johnnie Walker who were who looked fantastic when he knocked out Meacher, Sir Corn off, but then he fell down and fall to just over shoulder still up man this. They showed him doing. Rehab like so recently on his instagram page and I'm whoa. This was like six months later. If that's all, he can lift like that's like stay. Mobilizer muscles and stuff. That's around the shoulder that shoulder might be you did. You show that I did my shoulder my labrum, I've had all a bunch of stem cell shot in my shoulder that healed it up, but I had some pretty significant shoulder injuries. Yeah you did You did a labrum surgery, rotator cuff no surgery, I put out a full length, rotator cuff tear and they used Exosomes, and it was gone The next MRI handed the tear was gone yeah just it goes because it just seals up. They did exosomes with platelet rich plasma in the mix it together and shoot in the engine.
And I went through the rehab, and then I got another MRI Mri like six months later, eight months later, whatever it was when it started feeling good, they said. Well, let's take a look at it and they were like Holy shed like Doctor Rodney Mcgee, from Vegas. Who wfc stuff goes? Do you know how crazy that is, is like your tears? Gone doesn't exist anymore. That's I gotta see that it's like fun next level sh it. Why don't they offer that to us when we have fuckedup injuries and like my neck, my back like I'm going to Hell. If you well, I mean if they really think that you need it and they I don't know if they, I know that you have this injury like maybe you have to ask for it I, but I feel like if you were one of your top guys, you would want us to be back healthy thought it best, as we can possibly be so is not prohibitively expensive for the UFC either. If you are to doctor Davidson or talk to, I mean I'll connect you with Dr Mcgee
no, they were that without my nose with Mcgee yeah he's got the good he's a doctor riding begin. Vegas is always at the cutting edge. He's that guys like every time I talk to him. He there's a some new thing. That's going on! There's new stuff, now called Wharton's jelly that is even more powerful than any of the the previous time. So once I have that shot in my shoulder too and that's all the states, all the states yeah because I often stay It's now is way more potent than it was just five years ago. Ok, 'cause! I'm way more. You had a guest on an they were talking about going to doctor Neil Reardon Yanama, Panama. They there another level down, in my semi mom down there yeah my mom as in a pretty bad knee and send it down and it it helped it but she's going to go down again: it's it's heavy man. They can. They do IV stem cells to they. Do it gang shut down there? So let me ask you, so what exactly does it help it? Does it help with like regenerate soft tissue so like with that,
like attending a ligament tendons, ligaments muscle, injuries things along those lines. They can regenerate ligaments regenerate tissue tears. You know like a stuff where you ordinarily, would have to get things so not like here's. A perfect example, my friend John his wife had a labrum tear social tear in the labrum over hip, and the doctor saying like most likely we're going to have to fix this. It's going to be a big deal. It's going to be like months off your feet, like you have to can't put any weight on it, for I think, like six to eight weeks or something like that. Well, she got Exosome shot in there and then, when they went in for the second MRI, there's nothing, no injury, two guards freaky freaky, so she, I had a little bit of a deformity in the bone over him. That was causing irritation against the labrum. They say and down that part of the hip that was kind of bothering her her. They like cut away the part of the bone it's intruding on the labrum, so that it clears the path so of not that
invasive surgery and in six weeks later she's good to go. I mean she's real. Having and everything it should still like. They still had to cut her open a little bit, but the big one was the labrum tear and all that was fixed. So I had a bicep tendon repair. Now my buy rolled up. I don't know you seem at Sarah's arm is like rolled up, never got his. He never got it. He just took the fight or whatever, and I was I'm doing the same thing as I thought I lost it. Bryan Caraway! That was like the most devastating time, my life, that was like a one off the fucking rails, but let's go off the rails. That's another story! I was just binge drinking? I was just out partying nonstop, I my girlfriend. I went through a pretty bad break up at the point two and it was like It was two fights in a row we got into fights, it was I'd, be Johnny Eduardo. We got into a fight at the hotel and he got bad like really bad to the point, like my brothers
in it like she got. She has a nice. She has a a good right hook. This is a look back at my school yeah get fit, Sigafoos Gohan Zach, but isn't that unfair is super unfair 'cause? She knows that you can't do it back yeah, but she knows how I kind of I kind of she knows how I grew up and it's good thing. My one of my were there Troy he fights all these pro. I just EAST is s and I'm sorry he's actually pretty good rapper, but I think that's more of is called in fighting in my personal opinion is more dedicated, just so I would just say that so he saw it, but he said I remember I would tell him stuff like nothing, sometimes girls crazy, but I think that's all females whatever, but he's do if I never see. If I wasn't in the room to see that I would never have believed you that she would ever do anything like that. I'm like now you don't Fuckle I'm looking crazy, my foolish it, but it was uh one girl swing at me ever yeah. I couldn't believe it as she was swinging at meals I could, but
right. So I don't believe this is happening. He was real telegraph. Zero train. You we actually I just talked on. I was anyone believe this I had to a kinder and just get a hold of MIKE. What are you doing? Yeah? Is it kiss kiss I covered up, so I didn't want to fight anyone arguing like I'm just came with the biggest winner finished Johnny had water was like it was a boring fight, but I got to finish it when I did the light that decapitating hang man thing and I start doing the Milly Rock with put on any black. So I was on cloud nine you know like celebrating and the way the fight she kind of like she got more. Drunk than me at my own at the party I wasn't I was like you, but I'm not in the mood to be holding your hair tonight in the toilet 'cause. My is my night. I gave you your happy for me, but let me be more happy. Then you let me let me let me be the one really really enjoying this moment. And I just want to be slow down like you drink a little water and that turns
spiral out of control. You don't think I know how to trade it when it got crazy, they got crazy, but in a long story short she right hook right hook, left one as I as I think I can still the from from to this day, to he put that hashtag autos post every day is the is the gray this day it's great video. To especially since he flatlines ever been yeah this day. But then then then hi caraway, another big fire and we're still like shaky and I'll get into arguments a lot. I think we were kind of like like six years in at this point, no like five years in so we're still figuring things you know young figure things out and I'm still enjoying the fruits of my labor, like I'm, on top of the world right now, I'm ranked fourth in the world, but to have the biggest fight against Bryan Caraway potential. I love on the line online and you know I deal
don't stop. You know. I was like talking to the people. I was I'm very flirtatious guy, but I don't I try not to cross the line. You don't and sometimes sometimes something whatever sometimes custom designed by a but accident is not like intentional thing. You know I love or whatever and but then after that by lost. My first law saying I cried in the fucking bath, my after party I'd, raise all my boy. These are families where there might some of my sponsors and it was it will these are hard moment. You know 'cause it wouldn't I mean it wasn't devastating loss, but it was split decision laws. I never thought it would happen like that and splashing out to that mother fucker. I was like don't I talk so much and try to feel that fight up I? get all this work and then came up short because I just I just shot myself in the foot, whatever an the next day, went to pull. Because it was early and she likes to sleep in she when she gets up. We need to work she's on the case. You should sleep, she sleeps a me. I'm like I'm up eight nine o'clock, I'm I'm I'm out!
having a drinking about a pool feet up and under umbrella cuz. I try not to tan. I already got enough of that and she comes where you at then. I think I'd go back to the room and it turns into another fucking fight and at that point I kind of like you know what I don't give a fun talking. Anybody any girl. I see, I think, that's hard, I'm going to talk to him and I get thought I get caught. I don't really give a shit anymore and I did get caught an We, it was a rocky, very rocky time in like I said I was just drinking nonstop in I was just I was kind of the up man up man, mind that I never did like hardcore drugs. Anything I you smoke, but This is hard psychologically to handle like a big loss like that. Is that what it is he just throws you off. You know what You know I've lost a lot of my life. You know. I would think that I battle back from a lot of adverse just done with the stuff, with my dad and my parents that I'm going through my dad going through a few divorces and the domestic abuse and
being the first one to go to college and Finish college. Come time a make it like. I have a lot of things to be proud of and a lot of things that set me back I was able to overcome those obstacles and then to have that happen, and I I thought this was my call. It doesn't get a Floyd Mayweather, Beth and the name and well you know so times when you come from a background where you have a lot of losses and a lot of bad things have happened. But then all the sudden, great things are happening you moving forward. You got progress, set, backs or sometimes even more devastating, because you are thinking about going back to the way things used to be or the way. Maybe your parents love the way other people you know lived in when you see that life. You know like fuck this. I can't believe I lossed yeah, because do it anticipated that you were just going to keep moving forward going to keep. So when it does happen, sometimes it's more devastating. Someone who doesn't have high aspirations and isn't on a roll. You know sometimes
you're on a roll like a real role and you lose it's like the worst thing that can happen. Yeah 'cause, you think, fuck. I thought everything had changed. I thought I had really just reshaped my future yeah right, and I thought I thought I was on the cusp of really yeah my family's life. This is before things really got crazy with like the divorce and my dad, my dad That came out of jail, two thousand and fourteen in October, and from there just been Storm like Demco on the so each other and getting orders orders of protection. I had my others even like writing, like you know Jamal the guy, on juicy see a s smokes a or the guy who made up that fake thing like he got Jesse Smollett yeah with the with the hanging thing and said, like people jumped in and what so that guy they would put like his like draw him on my on my door, like on a picture and posted on my door whenever I would leave for fights or leave their training. I'll come home mean
others will bumping heads and it was like my dad and like his side of my not my mom's kids, like the other side, like the other half was like them again, like me, because I was I was in such a way. It was. Are we working with you they'll me in the house, and I was like dude? I don't. Say how you guys see one person like really really trying to do something to push for like to be success. Something that you guys just want to tear it down? I mean I relate so much better now, so we make sure I say that, but back then was was so to man? I was dealing with data point. Eventually I just get the fuck out of the house, but My girlfriend was there. She was there for from all that chaos and shit, so when she was like being the negative Nancy, and I felt like you know. This is just so so much burden going on in my life and now you're you're, adding to by stressing me the out us like to I just I just rather just be alone. You know and not just be a bachelor batches and like. I think this is the way life was Those players again, I guess this is what happened like. I thought she showed her true colors, but I knew deep down
he just cared about me and she just wanted me to do the right thing and she didn't know how to handle a boyfriend being in the spotlight. You know, I'm pretty sure. You probably had your fair share of like battles coming up like it's, it's it's challenging and for the for the mail, the person, not even the mail guy female. Whoever is in the spotlight being able to handle that and do the right thing, and in situations can be very, very tough. Sometimes you know- and I think a person in your position too well you're so close to a shot at the title. There's so many things that could go wrong that could fuck you up or go right and could elevate you and it's a delicate balancing personal life, economics, your health, training trainers, training partners Everything has to kind of be in place if you're eventually going to make that next step and and gain the title it's like, there's that weird and there's a lot of stress involved with something like that
well, you are managing all these things, and so any problem that you might have in your relationship goes sour. That fucks everything up 'cause then old system is all wacky if the Cyst a smooth, like you, girl get along good. You need training, or just get along good. Everything is good, we're all positive move. The right direction. You have less ripples in the water, we're good, we're good, we're good and then that good or bad can have a significant impact on your future right now yeah. I agree one hundred percent, it's uh It's just been a really crazy roller coaster, like a no like even can go on a binge. That's when I the injury I remember trying to spots like you know what I look at my life was like too I've just been party since my loss, it was. It was May 29th or 27th. Seventh, weekend on a Sunday and ever since then. I think I probably drank like almost every single fucking day for how many months
all the way to July. When I had when I had this surgery and no one He knows me. I was like. I was in a bad way like Mentale and to be able to pull myself back together was it was tough man and uh. I'm just happy, I was able to do it, but then I remember I came back. I was like you know what let's get, let's get it together. I think I think was. Maybe our somebody else had a fight coming up, and that was like kind of like catalyst for me to have the new found motivation to get back, and then I come back, and I try to spar- and I put my ipod, my bicep tendon 'cause, I'm just I'm just on this bingeing drink. I'm just going nuts in your body is probably dehydrated, and I thought along check hook, which I always do. I know if you see an fights when when I step back- and I was kind of with the opposite hand- and I I had hey guys on my way when I try
Is she going backwards and that's all I did connected flush and then from there was a another step back and I was like how many months to take for that to read three. I didn't. I didn't feel comfortable taking vital, probably like the third month and then I was like wireless and fight for the rest of the twenty sixteen. So I didn't fight again until I focus on sound January. What do you do during that When you have a giant gap like that, we not making any money. I went back to teaching for a little bit. I was coaching the wrestling team and as coach at the high school program at Baldwin, high doing that and it was cool, but you know you're not making any real money so to speak, because it's like a real full time job. So I had to figure. I had a things out real quick and that's why I always thank myself for not being like these guys who makes their money just go on these spending spree. This blow. The money like people see me like traveling up every fight which I do enjoy, but I'm smart about it. I
We try to do it on like the UFC's dime. I try to be be a cat fight for every single event. I enjoy these things. It's not it's not a burden for me to go out a signed picture just to get a free flight to go to liver and just extend my trip and having painful you'll see there. Just let you do that. If you want to go, you ask if they have room to pay for it, and I went to. When doing that, that's bad! I guess so. I take advantage of these things. You know how long do you go for it depends. I was in London for seven days, but I went. The whole trip was two weeks, so I start the London's at my grandma said that there some of my cousins and uncles, so I went out visited exam hung out with Russia, face we went to Liverpool watch the fight Wonderboy versus Darren to prison fight, the fight, and then the last days I saw Kavanaugh. I actually have a video on my phone. I don't know it might not be on or maybe on my laptop, but I have a video of him and I grappling drunk in the lobby of the hotel in Liverpool after the fight.
I told most coming out to What island is like my internet to him and I we became like pretty clever season that went to Ireland to train. I train got to work. I could James Gallaher for a little bit and get some work in an and toward the island a little bit, so that was fun. But then I went to Poland, so I've done a lot of these trips and even Corning Okasa twenty four in Singapore, I extended my trip and I went to Bali right after 'cause. I have some long island friends and I stayed out there for a week That's an amazing place. That's a place I want to go to flight is bolly likes. I almost went there last summer. We decide to go to Thailand instead of you searching for now it's a it's a shared. It's a great place to surf on nice. Get sharks! No! No start! Yesterday! No, don't do this to me Jamie two thousand and thirty feet. Long five thousand pounds wow what yeah we talking about
because Israel sure that this is really the biggest shark ever right. It's got to be what it what it. When is this good song? Someone said to me as hard as I asked member watch on my phone. You just like set it popped right. My head, what's the biggest shark ever just like the Shack of Human beings photoshoppers for exaggerating those numbers, but that's what it says: here's the tweet! What is this from Twitter, Twitter, Twitter, Martha's vineyard shows, does exist much how big this fucking thing okay, dear God, noon to and then there's the Taylor here. Martha's vineyard is not settled. It was yeah, oh my god, it's so big, all my God well- oh my god. Oh my god, that is so big, Do not just fuck with people that say it's hard perspective wise. I like those numbers, could be slightly yeah, listen that twenty five to thirty feet, five thousand pounds. How do you know who saying this who's posting this
this group Gregory Long. What is to do, I don't know I'll, look up and see what do you do what is this? What is his actual credentials? He doesn't seem to be a sharp guy, but it says Wednesday, wisdom House are wisdom Greg. We talking about Greg dropped to his great great. You drop. It Greg junk at work, that might have just been fifteen feet. It might be uh great. The way it's giant. Might been really twenty five. Why that that monitor right, they have a chip in it's called like deep, blue or big.
Lou or some something like that: yeah that's the biggest when they know of correct yeah, but I thought that was significantly smaller, like twenty feet. Yeah. This is on us. A bunch of websites ran the story, but what are user Gregory Long posted a video, but have there's no perspective, though it's it's does not both. He can look at me and say: oh, this is a fifteen foot boat. Look. It is ten feet longer than the boat yeah among Greg, stop being drunk at work, either way, sharks, sharks, man, but but I think you would enjoy it because it sure love it. This training there too, I Anthony Leone, Dani, Donnie, Donnie Class and his brother, and really only different long island, but he's been moving hopping around in different places and they set up a gym and then they started it in Thailand. I guess they had like a little fallen out and he told me like they tried like they threaten to kill him or like threatens
hell. No, you can't leave like in a way where it's like, threatening, like you, you're, not leaving this place, but they left. They got out of there. I guess in Bali. They have like a law where, outside as far as can't buy property. Unless there's like an Indonesian like a leasing it to you or like joint partners, or something like that huh. Something interesting like that which I thought was pretty cool 'cause they have some. You can live in a very nice place, two bedroom very nice place with the pool with the garage get a scooter for like two thousand dollars: ' for the year, which is like what insane insane year for like yes for you, I ask the guide on how much he paid and I don't want to quantum, but I want to see you either pay two thousand five hundred for the year or for two years, something like that was like YO bro. I could come here right now. Like a pocket. Kate's black parents, everybody-
see you later? So I think it's really attractive these young guys that go to Thailand into the camps out there we're not just young guys, Valentina Shevchenko, didn't she do a lot of our training. Downtime went to take in which I was, I think she did yeah. It was either that or protect Phuket top team. I forget which one, but it meant a k MIKE Swick Thailand. Now too, there's so many play. Is down. There were guys going and you see you see like a great result. To let Khalil Rowntree he went down there and came back a assassin that was a fun up, so you guys had we he's talking to his training, yeah yeah yeah. I was great yeah, but is it These destination destinations are popping up, but that's what they have over there in Bali volume in May, but it's been, they got the food like right, on site. So you don't you don't need any you go there. There's is the showers there's the food shop and so healthy stuff too, which is pretty sick. What's going on, jamming people think that it most likely is a basking shark, which is an average size of eleven thousand. So I think it's a basking shark.
Because, because of the size of it, but it didn't look. What do I do when my phone charges? I was going to argue that they don't know she's, because I wanted to be a great white that were most things are a lot of great white sightings in that area over that weekend. So so, who knows? Yeah yeah man, sharks, sharks? So basking sharks get that big giant giant mouth but they're not dangerous. They got a weird face, they suck in krill and stuff like that, the inside, besides all bones, no yeah, it looks like a tube, so that kind of looks like the same thing, but could be the one that looks no, it didn't, but that might be a White House mouth while it's open right. Maybe if the mouth is closed, hey Greg! Do you know what the fuck you're saying? Let me see that looks different. The main man- yes, it kills would be undone stick. Take a look nursing. That's a damn great! Why man, I don't know fuck. All these that's a great wife,
great white shark, that I sorry for calling you drunk Greg that imagine being in a kayak I'm surprised they don't with do men like you- see a ship, you just don't just start merging into it and like I'm, going to fucking knock this open control, snack little snacky poo, I don't know I saw the episode like the little snippet that Dana White in a match. Sarah Jones put out as I get off a cat here we go into the water with sharks. I could never perfect, never believe Dean did it, he seems like he's black he's supposed to be smarter than this demon. Sarah Jones, in there too, everybody jump
in there did you talk to Matt about it. No, I just sold a snippet as I've been out here, so it looks like there was like blood in the water too, like they threw pieces of meat in the water like many, there might be a day that what yeah, see there's pieces of meat in the water in there, my god, kind of like one two or three fuck everything about that luck, everything about that could never. I could never do that. Shit this is a dumb way to die for Dana White. Looking for a fight Sarah die. Oh, it's fucking. This Youtube show it sucked up. I don't know why it's looking for a fight yeah. Why would they with that. Let me know they yelling screaming their data is laughing at heart. Attack right, isn't it funny Dana White's worth like a half a billion dollars and he still gets his kicks doing silly shit like this yeah. I mean that show the fun show because Dana
not doing that for money, not by any stretch of the imagination, he's doing that to have a good time yeah I mean I love I love that aspect of what he does like data is a fucking intimate wildman. I really just to hang out with him. I would I love him. Maybe if I went to bed I get hang out privileges or something the next time. I'm hanging out with you with him I'll invite you yeah, I love Dana he's crazy he's he's the dude. I would say this when I do the the announcing at the Wayans when Dana on stage I would say without him, none of this would be possible 'cause. It wouldn't yeah we will meet. You needed a wild man to take control of this fucking crazy sport, 'cause most people would want tone it down or change things about it or yeah mean he's the only reason why did commentary evers 'cause? He asked me to do it. I never wanted to do commentary that wasn't my idea. That's Dana White's idea tell you fucking way.
Killed. It got lucky that I got a chance in the early days when no one was watching to learn to do and get better at it. Yes, I was not good in the beginning. It's like it takes awhile to figure out how to do it. Yeah, but you don't you don't fear factor before that. I was doing fear factor and when I was doing fear factor, I that's when the Zuffa had just purchased the UFC so I came to watch when Tito Ortiz five letter may or may sanko- and I will I went to some of the earlier fights like when Matt he who's fault in the audience everything like, and nice to have conversations about fights and I would say hey, you know, you should check out these guys and this guy in Japan. You check out this russian dude and we were just talking about fights and I was just. I would always be asking questions, and what do you guys got coming up next and I thought it was exciting because the sport,
trying to take off and they were risking all this money like I was there hanging out with them as a friend when the paper view cut short 'cause. They had a window of time for paper view when Tito Ortiz Flop, Vladimir Maggie Shankel right after September. Eleven So it was his big patriotic thing and everybody felt terrible like this is right. After nine hundred and eleven Tito comes out with the american flag and it was just deal and then the pay per view. The time stopped in the middle of the fight and they just the screen went black and everybody wanted their money back, They lost a shit ton of money and I was hanging out with them. As you know, just a friend when all this was happening and then somewhere around. I think it was UFC. Thirty, seven and one slash two Dana talked me into doing commentary because they were doing It was in promotion with Fox sports and the best Damn sports show. Remember that show best. Damn sports show period. They were helping promote
and so all that stuff happened together and then they talked me and Dana talked me into doing commentary, and I did it ever since yeah so When did you actually meet him like met him in my two? house the right when they bought it like two thousand and one. What happened was they the U S c, then the star put on these events in vegas- and you know any bravo- and I we had always said with this sport needs- is some crazy billionaire who loves the sport, who just dumps a bunch of money in it to make it to make it big because when I first started doing comedy was ninety seven. It was when it was pre Zuffa. It was the old days when Bob Meyerowitz owned it and Bob hired me and Campbell Mclaren, and I was just doing the post fight interviews, an interview guys. You know after the fight was over and then I quit. I did it for like maybe two years, but it was just too much work. It was actually costing me
money. It wasn't, there's not a lot of money in interviewing fighters. You know so, and it wasn't money in the sport back then, and I just did it because I loved it, but it got to a point where, like, if I took a weekend off to do that, verses do comedy. Would cost me like a few thousand dollars, as I can't do this anymore, and so I so I quit and then, when I got fear factor, I wound up going to One of their Vegas events, because the UFC just bought this and they were given out free tickets to celebrities, and so call Dean and I met yeah and then we just started talking bout fights and he talked me into doing it. It's crazy! It's crazy! I never never in Wildest dreams thought it would ever be a sports commentator yeah yeah, no, no desire to do but whatsoever, and I remember early. On someone. I remember who it was was telling Dana like hey, he's, gotta, stop talking about weed and Dane is exact words. Were I don't give a what he talks about as long talks about the fights yeah I mean. No one else
say that, like as a ceo or a president of a giant billion dollar organization, know, would say that yeah that it takes a man. Is these different man given up on the tv? I have it on my computer on on about the start here he got out here. Well, it's because it was a alright Cooper, there we go, he beat up his cousin know Ray Cooper's about to fight John Howard. He beat his cousin up, he beat his cousin and he thought his cousin his last one ready. Yeah the other line shields he up Jake Shields twice in a row. That's one of the weird things about that innovation. Are you doing this through your computer? Is that are you doing it? Oh clever boy, he thought he thought his cozen call those dudes are there go there, it goes bam. Is it still going through my computer? So no one really talked about that. Why is that thing
Religion, because a I'm trying to switch them but box on he's a you know, their their thing is weird the way they do. It is weird the way the Pfl doesn't yet do you have to fight the play? All kinds yes to get into that to get into the playoffs. This should be while, as because John Howard can crack, he has like a he crackles. They both crack and John. As far a lot of level dude sitting on the bottom line, that guy got his arm ripped off in a crash over the weekend. Well, it fell player. I heard about the yeah. What happens up just got started across there goes his contract right with the less they could rebuild them like Steve Austin, Well, he the billion arm as a defensive tackle, said offense of guys. Now they can't well. You can't have one aren't willing to explain with, though for like two fingers Jay and I yeah fireworks acts in a couple years ago. Why should you care about the
he's a jpa cantik to contract, but he's still the lambo done now. Yeah yeah yeah he's done now the blessing us off now like as of this season. I think God, damn my boxing coach in Boston, has finger bitten off a street fight and replace it with his second toe, not the big toe with the second one, and they they had it curled permanently. So we could throw right hooks. I was like what the fuck is. These big. I focus on his face right now that they're going to show up on the screen to like striking speed and how much they move around the ring Ray Cooper. Moving, quick boom, big kick taken down. Re Cooper is also state champion wrestler from Hawaii yeah. I heard that was asked off. Images founded where they put his cousin. I guess they had like a he was mad is cousin accepted to be
twenty min, knowing that he was in the twenty first. Well, probably not the best idea, yeah that didn't hit, so God damn hard. He it's hard when you fight your cousin. Well I for my cousin, when I was seven, we got in a fight, we can converse Godzilla. I was a. I was King Kong. Man My cousins, my brother, used to beat my fucking as we used to be each others. Asses though they would jump me, they would jump me reeling yeah. We jump each other, though we how many tough guys came from a family with their brothers beat their ass. Probably a lot. All a lot of the numbers going to be through the roof yeah. I think about it right, like a tough guys with brothers. First of all, may Matthews and his brother mark woah, beautiful takedown. Oh him, with a nice left hook there that was a clean left hook in the transition the Millers Dan, and Jim Miller
the other millers Cold Miller and Micah Miller. How many can animals have brothers and they fight with their brother yeah yeah. It's like a lot oh I don't recoup Atlanta, Big John Howard, with a big, my god, so that was pretty cool yeah he's out for John, how long low John Howard Holy Holy Shit We were just saying that man, John Howard, can fuckin' crack, damn damn no leash. It he's got a huge nuts and ice. Not that's! Let's! Let's end this podcast on a positive note, shout out, John Howard, congratulations, fellow Bostonian and and shout out to funkmaster tell people
They can get you on Instagram and twitter and all that jazz find me on Instagram. Mr Underscore UFC, and on the tweeter tweeter tweet front, Mass score UFC Annum. Oh yeah, you could, go to my website, as my son Nicholas Right got my podcast or Itunes on Itunes it. What's it called again the weekly scratch 'cause this fights every weekend. There is pretty not pretty much now yeah yeah for sure will. Thank you, brother appreciate your mega. Man coming into these fights are really enjoyed it. We're going to watch fights now by anybody, see you John Howard. Thank you friend. For children to the show and thank you too cushy. Cbd, cushy, cushiest is lab, tested, Cbd, there's no pesticides! No MIKE! mobile impurities, no solvents no heavy metals, all natural, an award winning
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