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JRE MMA Show #71 with Rico Verhoeven

2019-07-25 | 🔗
Joe is joined by Glory Kickboxing Heavyweight Champion Rico Verhoeven.
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slash Rogan go get some, I'm telling you truly good for you and again doesn't like shit and it's my guest today is one of the bad as motherfuckers on the planet. He is the glue Laurie World Heavyweight, Kickboxing champion, he's an Italian. Interesting. Young man and I really had a good time talking to please welcome the great and powerful Mr Rico. Verona will gain experience. Rightly till you drink water was alive. Oh it s, my friend good. Good thanks, we broke my pleasure, a big fan of benefits for long term. I M very excited about this bottle high rematch, so that what we were just talking about, they're gonna, be in December to Sir he's gonna huge is, I think it's gonna be biggest fighting kickboxing history. I think
already I mean you're just saying that the tickets go on pre sailed today, I think. Yet, today or tomorrow yeah whereas it gonna be held. Yeah, it's gonna be in HOLLAND rats. It's called the hell no Let me say that I believe around twenty five. Thirty thousand while show this crazy. How big kickboxing as in HOLLAND, is apparent opposed to America yeah. It's hollowed Europe between it's a lot bigger entities here, so we I do. I do for the life of me understand why it has. Taken off and America I dont get it will. I think it does this step. Going to Emma may then to kickboxing so much closer, for example, from high school It's so much more logical when you do wrestling rather limited boxing. Well, legit but emanated because it so close to each other, and when you go to kick box it's totally different right. Finally,
There are so many people in America when they watch em a May. They want guys stand up, no mechanism, but still, I think, like every country is like very picture. They want their own guys right to be very good at something so of but like when Anderson Silver was at the top of the heap in in Emma. May everybody wanted to see and fight it didn't matter that it was from Brazil in America. There's still want to see emphasised They want to see high level stuff agenda everyone here. Such a fan of knockouts and and striking and high level striking- I just don't understand my tie to you. My tied- doesn't sell at all. You mean, there's no big! My tie. Events like they had a a pro my tie league event here and it was like Nicky, hold skin fought on, and Bull Kyle and a few other big name, guys fought on it, but it's like you know nobody in the crowd, the vessel
also like my eyes also with the clinching and they hold to rhyme. It's it's like. I think it's livid boy, like with what we do, glory now You can hold like this for three few commercial. You can hold like this for three three seconds, an Indian, that's what and then continue see that's what people want to see. I get that, but I neither the clench. You know like it. I like the knees, but though I was allowed. Tunisia, that nasty nasty, so cuts or nasty So what do you think about, like the amateur Molitor guys have elbow pads? Yet it does that. I think this is probably in others prevent for people. Don't understand we're talking about I can about it's weird that like it, we see, you can t you see with Bare knuckle box. That like it, we see, you can t you see with bare knuckle boxing, there's a lot of the honour of oxen matches now and you see this guy's faces getting is Devlin and for ripped apart crazy
the of your career and so in amateur, more time to have these elbow pads. They wear endowed. Bill can knock eyes out just as easily lay a national get. The cuts certainly cut can knock eyes out just as easily, where national get the cuts exactly cuts in observing this. Does it that's a good thing, but I'm just not a big fan of of the elbow or the other work, but I love to see it, but I'm only to get. I was I was I was. I think I was training with the black sea areas like years ago. I think it was any with a black like years ago. I think it was even before our became champion, and I was and was doing- and somebody just He said on access visit pop through our with right on the nose. Is open it Just a little bit asked what the hell are you doing. I'm little bit. Sorry, yeah. Does it actually makes her so well, a few extra loki suffered
never! May I mean it's a staple technique. Now it's probably hard to not do it now. You ve got a couple Emma fights for no one wants one yet the amount, the guy a couple. Emma fights are annoying one wants one. Yet the amount of the guy thousands crazy to ground like let's, let's give it a try when we re we're gonna, try everything, but when I saw it, I was like damn if he makes his way to Emma, because the heavyweight division, particularly in the USA, is extremely shallow, extremely shallow. I mean you have some talent, but there's like four or five really good fighters in own psych. Theirs. Call me a steep, hey, Frances and gone. Oh there's a few other guys, but it's you with a cup hello wins, urine the mix for a heavyweight title shot of yours what about doing that? I thought about it alone is still young Rodya thirty zero, which is
praise, because you ve had a lot of fights above sixty seventy fights. Yeah, that's crazy! You know in it some its end, but the thing is as european like fighting and glory like this. It's it that's what the learner stand. It is enormous overseas It's hard for people to in America, though, what kickboxing but you gotta see those events I watch all them was the events on television fucking, crazy pack loud and always for the first fight you had with butter holy Shit, Zat crowd hot it. That was a why, crowded even like jumped to the absolute everything everything went crazy, so Well, it ended in a fucked up way butter set, as are
was her. What was the did? Did he get an MRI only site out? No, not from the organisation of something so yeah? He did some bandages something over his arm in the Navy, because that's what he posted on his grand. But I don't know I don't know for me it was you know there was like, and I climax that, yes, there wasn't the way I wanted to end their fight Robert. I think, the rest. For for him. This was the perfect weight and the five, because this is the way you you could get a remit as if you would have lost. No point in doing a remit: she would get knocked up north. In June we match so Well, I think I'm really close fight and then you eventually one yeah, you know, but from. For my feeling ever scare, but we go, walked into the japs. The first round and everything that's true, but I was pressuring
I was pressuring him the whole time and I was trying to feel like where is my distance Reich and hid and where, where I get hit, so are, of course, debt Why are you get tat? Gets you gonna, like sometimes so much money was already during treatment opened up so when he hid it it open up against us like it is what it is I'm not really bothered by it. So I was pressure impression and I was like ok now I got now. I got it so after a first round and If that we jumped into the second I was fit, I was ready for. I was ready for this fight and that's what I like to do. I would like to drag people into the deep. You are very fit for a heavyweight. You have crazy cardio! That's one thing I have always admired about you're fighting styles. You put in same pressure on guys for a heavyweight cause heavyweights bigger guys, fight at a slower pace and less volume. But you you push up
ace in when the fight gets a third fourth and fifth rounds. You fuck pilot on their because have been training with light guys for, like my whole career to when I started the Jim, I started it with the Supra Sportscenter Dennis career. He had Albert Kraus, he was the first gay one MAX champion and he had of your lemme like multiple, middleweight Champion World champion, so I was working with those guys like every day and ages kept on pressuring me, but above all I was getting my has worked like almost every day by leg, a way like seventy five kilos so as like I can keep hitting him the give hitting those guys hard or just go with less power, and pressure them like they try to pressure me and, of course, in beginning, is like still you get
but at a certain moment you get like hey. This is going better and run, now endeavour. Yeah, don't try to hit them hard, but just trying to keep the work of a break out. She got. Is that something that happens in a fight as well, where you have to balance out how hard you swing verses like not going full blast, but going technical or knowing that you can start on loading. The third fourth and fifth round she's turned C4 aid, but it's for me. It's like I'm playing a game For me, this is, we always say: fighting is a thinking, man's game because fighting everybody can fight when they have to everybody can fight when there's a matter. What person doing you put him in a corner and his life or death. Every body can fight, but it's it's so much more than did so much more than just fighting. So that's how I try to tap into the ring with that mentality like people
don't understand that have never completed the merging of the resources. This is a big factor right, like indeed decide hit the gas any like guys and Emma may see it with garlic. Nick is like Nicky, as is famous for not hitting guys he just stays, I'm just stays on you a lot of volume and then you get tired and then many starts unloading Bigshot so and it does what I like to do. The biggest compliment I could get from an opponent- and I had a letter from I like my last six, oh boy, get like three or four times this we go now. I understand why you are the champion. I fought everybody, but this I've never felt before and you're on a different level and that's the biggest compliment I could get because I'm into in the ring for five rounds with this guy, and they they got every opportunity
to do everything they ve trained for with me for five rounds, so I didn't knocked him out. We just fought for five rounds, but they just did not know what to do and that's for me to biggest compliment. I can get They are to be technical and just play your game exactly ere. I really loved your rematch with Jamal Benson Deak. Yet I was one of my favorite fights and I believe that it was a great like ITALY that was like the fool: rock: version of a fight deputy I'd love to see you get tat than a beginning, and I knew overwhelmed and then, when you put him away as our holy Shit, what a fight, what a fight that was, that guy's, a big mother fucker too busy guy and like a lost again suddenly back in two days, when I was like just a little little kid unsatisfied, this fight brought something with it as once again
the champion now, but I beat him back six seven years. I am a totally different finer than I was back then says: let's go ready for you so This was the best thing I need spit in my face during a press conference. So I got some extra motivation for death. Where are you laid out perfectly to where, even when he hit you and hurt you early in the file, you stay calm, get emotional, you use good defence, and then once you got him into the deep water, you stopped him, the fourth and fifth fifth round here
once you got him in a deep water than piled on and then put him away, but then again is the same thing for me. If I ask, how did you do that you gonna tagline as it, but then again like us, it it's a thinking, man's game, ragged, hit from my point of view, I made a mistake: I switched to South Bull but instead of switching stepping outside of his front legs I was right in front of his of his leg and he was just going to let a left right and walked straight into that. That's what that's! What happened is not that, from our point of view that he timed debt so it happened, and from that moment I can do two things I can think. Ok, I can jump into the fight in trying to get point or whatever that moment back or
just think about my like: ok, fucking? U last this round, take it and let's go fresh into the second, that's what I did. I just think about ok last scrambled out for more, go and I got back into the corner. Amateurs pay you back to Europe, a great he's high. Now yeah. When he tried to unload on you, he emptied out a lot of gas tank when it hurt So that is a game right to try and whether you are when you can finish when you exactly just stay focused day relax. And of course you leave me with some with some good shots, but now he's a big, powerful guy yeah is always a dangerous finer than that guy's, Hugh Jabber. Does he like six nine? Sixteen year, someone like that yeah yeah yeah, it's huge in two hundred. Seventy bows that's. That's really modify a motherfucker, so
again now it's one one common man. You beat me like seven EU We want an elaborate yea were how many guys Ziad since then I really want to term unless you're my so he'll tell yeah, so maybe they're fine gonna come but, like I said now, I'm in like last year, the thirty first of December contract was finished with glory. So we ve been in negotiations ever since. So from that moment on us at a mile ass contract. You guys told me the butterfly it was going to happen and it didn't happen. So that's what I want. First Gimme the bought a fight and, from a moment on we're gonna discuss. Yes, Peter? So we don't know the sport better hurry is one of the biggest names in sport like forever he's he's a guy who he is opt out to our overriding. He always fight K. One thought everybody, financial, Ba arts he's a fucking while man too in all, but
He hasn't far in high level competition for a long time. In any thought you, yes, so the thing was everybody was. I was beating everybody I was champion. I was beating out my views. It weakens good, easy champion black. He hasn't fought body like a if he was all on national television today. If he wants to fight, let's go the human there was a bunch little trouble ass. He had a lot of yeah, he broke someone's lag club alot, alas, it says you shit is a video of him. Slap in some guy's face it in a hotel. Much like ice lab in various important work by the counter. Modern comes HIV. I do everyone here take their case. What does Europe is so so yet a budget problems, but then,
eventually defied happen because as the fight that people want to see now, but for me it was just like another fight then the fight it and the fight ended their way. Yet I was too bad But now we can do it again? You saw the fight was quite while ago. How long goes out to them? Sixteen yeah, that's it Why did he so long for the remit of data was? I just of going on between, unlike last year, he far out as the girl good. Keep myself believe is now doing, Mme in better and in his heart. You gotta for radio fund as uniform, Bugger disqualified saw. That's right, Stop them years around here so and but after death. I so crazy entity that at your wild dude, yes and then after that fight, they both got that caught with using what oh steroids. So so they d
both got suspended, I believe, has he hasn't, wasn't suspend our now, but he gets it and until December this year. So that's why? How did the fight go? The last, when you fought last year, Do you want with it wasn't easy, but he wants was it lost? I mean a decision or was it the decision? You yourself, him. Tat was the first fight since your fight with him and two thousand sixteen that it yeah he's been in is he said, and so on are all, but and now is not training. Mike's Germany Moors well! Well, you know training with the other, most name, another guy, but always training boy, looks good, honest around for sure, but its very fat
lot, people a lot of people of goodness, where we know that it is the very lively. Thirdly, different. I'm sure he looks the same, but it's it's what's interesting is when you're in high level competition like he was of course in you know the days when he fought Astor before ouster made the transition formed Emma may when he before he came to strike force and all that stuff That's that's a long time ago. You know it's probably hard to get back in a minute and straight in the top level, competition like heads, ie or especially fighting you champion, that's a big leap, bright yeah! So but that's the thing now We both have so he fought. Last year March, I fought last year September so because I'm was negotiated still am in negotiations with glory for new contract. So it is both been awhile for us, but I've been before that. I was like an muttered
one idea crazy. I love you you definitely much more momentum and adjust, there's a thing about fighting to when guys take a long time off, it's almost like the they lose their feel for it. They lose do you not? Obviously they know how to kick. They know how to punch. They know what to do there in shape, but there's a feed that they have for the ring for exactly excited so that this is where people don't, as in the case you step in a ring it s. What that's! What you do is what you are born to do. That's true, but you need dead, the attention you need them, five of walking towards the ring stepping into ruin all those people looking at you at that moment, debts certain type of feeling that you get to be comfortable with yeah and that that's exactly what it is. You have had a few comfortable and only way you can be got to stay comfortable, is being active me ass, being actors This is so critical for a fighter and when a guy
year off for two years, offer three minutes. I proof the more the time is that more it becomes problematic and older. You get that ass households bought or now thirty five, I think so. Where does glory drug test? due to that's, that's how they got caught with him. All was an athlete a commission on me was a Gloria. Was it nice not glory? It's an local, yogi, Dutch, politically and so they're gonna drug test for this fight, yeah sure so I tested like every every time, is like water testing that the same standards a world India. Do Young so they like wake you up like seven back in the morning, they Rico. Oh, no! No, no! No! That's not the dusty. Would they just test at the events I wouldn't even rather have yeah, wake up a random contest, wonder whether that is due to the desk like really strict when you were when you dare yeah, that's that little bit easier to pass their debts
now, that's a lot easier to pass. I should have no clue. I don't know what to do or what ways there are two because on it, I don't want to stay, because I don't want to think about it, but wherever you know, I do jump in there and just do what I can to do. But that's why I told glory now and again after this whole issue, because a lot of people were caught late last year and they didn't expect that as like hey, we gotta keep doing this, because this is the way we make the sport clean. Yes, and I think that's what we deserve, because Yet we are. We are a good sport. We are our athletes, but I want to be safe in the ring and what do you mean with safe you're going into a fight understand, but somebody that uses what
ever, get maybe just punch a little bit harder in the beginning of the fight or whatever I'm never more enduring exactly you with some points. They wouldn't be able to hit you with the non some share. Exactly so that's what I mean with telling Gloria. I wanna be safe when I'm in the ring for sure I mean if, if we on persons on one person's. Not that's! You know it's it's a giant advantage. Anybody Does this not assist line to themselves the sober? And yet you know I just go in there and I'm not even think about it, but it is the fight to make in kickboxing too, and if there is a fight, and I could tell people hey you gotta watch you. You really want to know what kickboxing all about wash this fight this or that is the fight, because body such a wise man he's such a knockout artists in you, obviously one the most successful heavyweights ever you know, Your? U kickboxing record and glory images to highlight reels amazing that so many great fights over there,
doing so good a really enjoy myself and that's what I said. I want to bring kickboxing to a new level Langen, especially when you go now in HOLLAND, like normally in Holloway, like soccer or wherever cycling or ice skating. That's were parents were bring their kids do in due to Cuba. Kay Boxing, and now I can't keep, but this is called when redoubt age. I think, like two three years ago, but one made a change, I think because of the body or fight there was so we were getting at. Work is getting more air time and after the butterfly and everything that happened around him, and it was surrounding him like what we did. Things you said would have an outside the club and days in the year. He was like the net nor asshole
right now, and I would like the National Goodbye ever so, and there was like the perfect clash and then, of course, you're a beat him servers like oh these rights? Are that that's that's? How everything limit exploded? but but again, for you, that's unsatisfying. The way it happened now that he gets his arm injured, yeah in whatever way reason or wherever he thinks happen, but like you cause you're suspicious about suspicious about it. So because looking at one armed and looking at the other arm and adjust its a vague thing for me, but it's let, but that's what I have with this whole thing that he tries to create is like When he's getting announced that everything like butter hurry, one hundred ten something fights, ninety knockouts, but I'm obsessed with what I'm doing,
when I went to fight and whenever an appalling than fighting I'm looking for everything, I want to know everything about you and everything. These days, you can find on the internet, So when I look in on the internet, for example, look at Wikipedia looking all of the fight from back in a daze k, one days and even before that you maybe get to sixty seventy fight. Some where the other fights does that mean like when you were younger in the youth period, you did like forty something Did you not everybody up? I don't know why brain has been there for years even before that, and he doesn't about it so that strange, because everything is documented on on everything you can find on the internet, so soothing is records inflated. I think so
Scots crazy about you. Gotta get Stefan Lego that the weary work experience, but does what is it a guy he's got that he's got amazing records butter, I think, is not as crazy as day. Make it to be which is crazy, because the reality is pretty crazy. I mean do you, don't you hype it up any more than it really is bright. Nobody has been there for years, looking Monday, one hundred something fight to so many knockouts, but when I look at it, I can't find it because but maybe there, maybe that married from years ago, whatever I don't know, but that's all that Can you suspicious of suspicion, because when I look at Wikipedia look when it was around, guard from when it was around. Sixteen till now, sixty seven fights! It's fine! When you look at an early days till you saw scanning yet give money faster, hamlet, oh yeah, and then now is to fuckin jacked, but
put so much time into strength, strengthen conditioning workouts. You could see, like he's, always doing some crazy strength, routine so. Do you do a lot of strengthened conditioning like what? What are you? What are you work out like a supposed to like how much skill work to do and how much strength and conditioning were think is pretty even balance out. I think a train strange like three times a week, but Even my strength of gene is so balanced out with doing thanks and in the same muscle group also do conditioning so first, I do low reps and then do a lotta wraps, because these muscles are for me aren't supposed to be big. They need to be strong and again me. They need to be making the same since fifty times with the same strength from ten times really hard, no fifty times on the same strength, level. So that's how we approach that and then
We got skill training like two three times a week like bad work. I got explosive training. So I tried to always look also at different sports soccer MAC Football and at its I skating and they all have a certain type of ex blows who needs that they train in a certain way. So I tried to pick everything from everywhere. And work with that, so we created a training that we just use for explosives for being explosive. So it has nothing to do with insurance business. Maybe like forty five minutes ages, few sex- you go go, go you come back because, logically, for a big guy, your slow when something is big and heavy, it's slow! That's where we try to do try to be as fast
It is possible for a bigeye tuna plough, metric types, tat, explosive types, tat no way, letter yeah, like that, ok yeah, so When you do this costs that, when you are saying that you lived low apps and then high wraps here. So you do like heavyweights first, yet just to try to max out or get the muscles very tired and then really where amount with with wraps yet so we do, but we never go max max so right rather than that like over Maxwell. We, so you don't go too far, earlier with heavy heavyweight, what kind of stuff I do like Dumbass kettlebells a lot of allotted numbers, yeah motors, much loose weight as possible, like a few with the Bible, but is much with the with the numbers, because that's when you gotta keep imbalance and work and, of course, stuffily them. So what about sparring huh? How often spar weak normally luck twice or three times a week, and we
you do. What are you doing hearts by now, you're from HOLLAND, Fuckin, Hollanders, spar, hard man? do a lot of its priorities and more technical like how do you? How do out it depends, depends, whose whose in because now in preparation I'm going to fly guys in and then it's going to be pretty tough, too boring. Cuz, that's what you yeah, what you got that! Would you get the guys for what, yeah and I'm always thinking about hate. We do hearts boring, but we don't want to enjoy each other right. There's no point four! me a knocking guys out during sparring because I don't have any spy partners anymore right. So I do heartburn kick him hard on the legs. Gingham higher on the body and of course, people get knock, knock down, not knocked out, but right now, but you don't go for
ass the head, not that's a HOLLAND thing right, I mean his allotted Delara guys. Do it yet spotlight tat, we go where we go pretty tough. We got rid of tat, it did ahead black eyes blowing, but I'm always like ninety percent. More look in it like a when I'm making a move, and I can make a headache I always try to. When I see you I'm going to make it try to keep it back just a little bit so I'll see ya but just being controlled. I think it's very important, so I turned with all the guys, although everyone guys from Gloria trained with with and of course you do harsh boring, but we do not add from my point of view. I don't wanna injured them. Right yeah mean only makes sense, mean that's one of the most valuable things rise to have high level training partners
and if you guys think you gonna put I'm asleep. All time does not really matter since bar for Emma Jane with Benny Attic Buoy he's like the number two number three in glory and I find him twice but We train to get a real now at my Jim, and I try to make him better say you try this. Try that because I'm better you're better exactly like no. No. I don't want to train with competition, because then They know what I'm gonna do. That's true, You also know what they're doing so. It just depends on how you approach thinks every negative thing has applied positive thing added as well, so that I really always amyloid. Looking at the positive things. And always try to surround myself with people, people there are positive and yet debts, divide that I'm I'm going with, because that's what works? Well, that's also the mark of a confident fighter you know you're the best. So if you help him he's gonna help you become even better than you are currently
yeah, but you gotta, be you gotta, be comfortable with that because you also see a lot of guys that I know I'm not going to do that. I'm not going to do this and not going to help the guy I'm going to tell him whatever we does not be good for me, but in the end everybody gets better. Can help me get better as well. So always position myself as a sponge. Try to get this much info in wherever I am so I'm now really going into acting. I want I want to act so not given was on. Your show was whirled Heaven heart, yes, you're train with them. Yes, it was a lot of fun. The first kick he ever through it through with you who is crazy, gray guy is such a good guy, but so so much positivity and as such a great five and such a great mentor, and I was
sitting there. We were talking like us and how it just position. Assizes point. I will try to get as much information in their as possible and yet now I've been out. I'm here now in lay for about a month now been training with My work and also the same thing and Anthony hardened and as any hard on this year's. Did it's amazing because we in allay you wanna do Dutch Kickboxing, that's let us say, yeah hard ox awesome that yeas amazing so was evident whenever they use a tablet. Work is done, dynamics yet dynamics and having some of them may, which is in Santa Monica and just said if the opening up another one that he's gonna run in whatever he's here. Just he was the one who is to fight knew of C S, love wash no five, because he was probably one of the best leg kicker ever in the heavy, Division images flock eyes legs up answers, so technical
yes, it was so much fun. So last saturday we we started sparring a little bit down. Look for labour spying said he said then do so anything for ten years, but I want to do. I just want to help you ass. It is good, but it I just want to move around. You know I don't want to kick nobody's ass. It just one runs out as we did. We had a lot of. And so you still see has that feeling has that dutch kickboxing touch sides it's amazing, Now, there's not a lot of like real high level. Dutch kickboxing, the getting California specially out here it is. We're gonna go to budgets. Heavyweights is difficult. Heavyweights. Borrowing is in high good. Let live weight sparring so. Can we just keep keep going around, and that's that's why I love being here. So I said what I'm here for vacation, but when I'm here I got to work as well so so that is in December. Gotta run gonna be one December. Twenty first, ok, so read for Christmas. We Christmas
yeah. So that's what I said: yeah, maybe we'll do it ingenuous, fuck. I wish we had a deal. I wish it was in America. I would love to see. That's why we're gonna go where is he? I love this invention? I don't want to go down on love. Ireland, where you go easy you were to come to. Parliament is a lot of fun, I'm sure you're its bit, but if it wasn't my Chicago or some shit, I fly out. That's a fuckin, that's along that's a lot of line. Time eleven hours, eleven thousand apply stay for global dazed and I'll have a weak despair. I wish you a very worthy audio trying to act to that yet trial duty. I get an agent meaning what people stuff exactly so with with paradigm smile, my american management
now you taken, you use, obviously speak fluid English there, but you taken lessons to get better at the UN. Can act in the area. So that's your next goal exactly so. I'm still active athletes, but I'm still looking at like hey. What can I do next because I can't I don't want to do this for like ten more years. When do you want retired ever thought in your head? I don't know it were all right now you in your prime here. So it depends on what comes of my my route so I still looking at so long in negotiations with glory. How is glory of doing as an organisation they doing. Well, we had a new cause. I know they were. They were struggling little bit in America behind to death, but I do they still events here in Amerika. Yet let yes but less lesson in the beginning, because Europe is it so much more successful. So dare we fill up like arenas here we can get like.
Five, but I went to the last man standing and allay were now Joe shilling. Was there the old shit was our crazy, whose awesome about tell people like you want to see real high level striking. You see high level striking it I'm a may, but with a maid there's all the other variables just take sounds and small of the whole deal like to really see high level kickboxing yell glories where it exists. So that's for me now where our red is like I'm so a negotiation with glory for new contract, and if we in what way or the other we can get, of its own? Maybe I'm gonna do something else or I don't know, I'm I'm looking at the sport like a totally different way on one thing: the sport can truly be elevated in in.
Certain ways out different ways, because how crazy would be to do mixed fights it's fun to go from one guy go to the airport. How could it be that the other guy would go to the other sport as well, so someone from Emma may coming to take boxing and the other way round yet The other way around see I mean I could see like Francis in Ghana. I think Would you really well and incorrect biased exists such a fucking, ridiculous, powerful striker? He would do really well, but think. There's a lot of other well mean obviously ouster ouster really dedicated himself to it. He's chasing the goal of being Yossi heavily champion. I mean who I mean doing other organization is one and one has day there do kickboxing as well. Now they d kickboxing my tie, and they do my tie with little Gluck scuttle raise those pretty cool about you, know her,
That's crazy I don't mind, were doing the smugglers bookkeeper. Smugglers is pretty using. How granted dashed. No, wait a black anything any more rise, stand up and fight against put the gloves out in this debate. Could I because, as always the same with the terms of light for people, don't understand when you have been gloves on there's more, you can protect yourself exactly he can shallop better and deeper Possibly you know me, I'm Liam Harrison. He fought in one with little gloves and my tiny was I've wholly face. Sent me a message like fuckin. Brutal way is lacking. He's Turkey a believer hardened as much different, sedative, clean chagrin wherever so yeah, that's dead, that's pretty insane! would like, as a kind of why one because I know they do have some matches where they were big. Last year's too,
Politically I pushed a limited while they have so many different kinds of matches over there even have grappling matches extreme straight. Grappling loaded We have you been one at all now about their gigantic. Yeah in Asia, fucking huge man there now, but love punch, friends have gone over there to coach and even to fine a couple people from the sea me should take cheese. Some just some executive position over there are now rich Franklin does as well, and we should be the midway champion there. So they They they have a bigger audience worldwide and the cedars their use in Asia just gigantic. Getting bigger and bigger and they are really high level fighters to really interesting, but another. Don't allow Tipp boxing as well, so who now who knows more than bad right, more competition, the barrier exactly exactly because that's what brings the whole sport up? Yes,
tonight so yeah, that's from that's perfect! That's cool because, like US additives, I d like to do different stuff, and now, like I said I don't wanna, do not want to fight for another ten years. So, let's see what would you what's going? happened and I'm gonna make a movie. Either way so I'm gonna start filming a movie of next year, so that's despot What's the movie is gonna, be, like totally from blank. We started it. So it's been is written. Now I get the first drafted script and AIDS. It's crazy he's only what you do. Yes, I'm like like a black ops, gonna guy, but. Something happens, you're an operation? I stop, because I think that this will have as crazy told them not to do this and it still this happened. So I'm gonna stop and
they bring you back. They I get back as case a matter as the executive, so young people, of course of course, but the deserting as I don't wanna be fighter, because people already know me from hiding where I want to do something else. I want to really show my my acting seals so there's gonna, be there's gonna, be so much fun and that's what I get my excitement from, because I loved the noose Newgate Maxilla six years old. Like forever, so I want to do something else as well, so that This is gonna, be a lot of one and a half, transition, though not a lot People have been successful, grandma tours part of the most successful. Yet now he's he's got real career as an actor and he acts of punch movies man. These offices expendable walls and but he's always working, but a lotta. In the end, when you look at the history, a lot athletes,
yeah sure not a lot were like really good, but what can we get like on its watchmaker even show of a dam and Shore Cosette or it's possible and I like the challenge, is there ever a worry of being like one foot in one foot out with your fighting her legs acting starts to take. But you still fighting Is there a worry about not being a hundred percent all Indo, not because then the thing We said I also discussed this with my trainer. Cuz he's really cautious with that is like hey when we focus on making a movie, that's what we're going to phone going to focus on and if you're going to have a fight, we're going to fully focus on that so no side, things or grandma. Let's do this, and then we go back
a focus on that. That's what does fighters in exactly I mean you ve seen it like that that have withdrawn arouse each time and with other fighters where they just get to spread thin. It spread too thin and they have to implement projects can simultaneously still day day. People still say that about me now, at this moment, like Rico's, I focused, he doesn't say: hey train every day, I'm focused in what I'm doing a focused and get back then, but I just like the acting for. I just want to gain my knowledge and get better at it, so you got a train it. This same. Escaped boxing now takes its gas. They focused do de overdoing. Jujitsu did some beyond it. Yeah. I like it, I like it, it's a lot of fun, but now the last two years been so busy with with key boxing in everything that happens on decided no time.
So you don't have any real designs of eventually transferring to Mme it'll like asset for me, when I look at it because people have asked me this lot like weaker, would you aren't you caught me? I could be, could be possible, but like from, if I look at it honestly, it's not my basic ambition to go there. My ambition, my next ambition, because when I look at it like, if you jump into something different, you you have the will and want to be the best wrath, and I don't necessarily have the will to be the best an enemy. But if you get a crazy offer, does Williams
some comes along. The real shackles you can, you can give us the south. Are you know, look, ok, ok, keep a girl just loaded, more or less go. I got these are motivated now, so that the that's exactly what you're out of your data, decide to do them. How much time do you think you would legitimately need for like a Your high level opponent to world you take out a year, take out Agus ants and know what to do of train this for like two three years, so I know, but my body just needs to work on it, have ever fight in between maybe not a fight, and then I'm gonna be able to do that high level fight now. Do you do any other kind of cardio do wrong, nor of course, do hate it But how do you yeah? But it's also for big guy. It's more
repaying the as yet equity we re about to fifty somewhere honour to sixty two sixty. So that's. Why runnin! That's a lot of weight as a lot of weight, unusual leave pressure, and so, but in the end am I to hide it. Does it works for me because It's also for me, a mental training because he did so much to him in a job on a third mail or go outside and measures, one guy keep going gotta get going, because when you get new, have that feeling like ninety percent of the people would stop but you're, not deaf person, you gotta, keep going and that's what data motivates me just to do things different. Then everybody asked us being comfortable being uncovered exile. The grind the grandest acting desert, the moment where, when it starts, when you get there feeling shit is gonna hurt your body.
Does hurting debts when, like a lot, people give up and that's where we escape is we can t you it's interesting to because a lot of fighters they'll do all sorts of high intensity training and integral training in all these different plough match some Corleone, indifferent things, but men of a motel you that one of the more important things is just long range running, because when you do this long distance royal you're on five six seven miles when you do that, you David this cardio base glory eating is keep working and you recover faster indecision, meanness, wanna things if you go back and look at all time fighters, you know back Mama Lee should re Robinson else, gets everybody wrath,
Rocky Marciano everybody. Rather there wasn't an option, but it wasn't like you don't have to round. We could do much other things like now fighters wrong. That's what we do now, but it just as ours feel like running is not is not the base. If your is the most important, but it's like really important factor of the total package right. So we just you're yet did the oxygen you have like for keeping the same pace for a longer a longer time. Then, of course, the explosive MR we use during a fight is important, but also just your basic lung capacity should be sure big as well would have a heavy bag work. Now we do it, but not that much nothing back once a week, some more pad work, more technical gangs, not like us some of it's really interesting how different camps different fighters different
Dinner's prefer different preparation methods and some swear by intervals and the heavy heavy bags and swear doing rounds and a heavy back. Some some don't think it's that critical, the opting for everybody's different but like for me throughout all those years I've been trying different stuff and I think now created the right combination of different training, polishing everything, and I think I found the right way to get fit because it only to get. I need to get that. I always am. I looking to get better, but you get better by putting in the work, but always looking at. How can I change my training up? Where would be an add on what are in what I already have run so now? I think I created the right combination and still am looking to add stuff.
But I think I created the right way to get fit for a fight cuz. I've shown that, throughout all those years, I've shown that I'm fitter than all the rest- and that's that's a part, but still I think the biggest difference is that everybody is strong and everybody's fit and everybody can fight, but the biggest difference is mentally. What happens to you mentally when you get to the fourth and fifth round thing: that's the most important thing: how strong are you mentally to continue fighting.
A lot of people when you feel like always for the people, do do not understand what this. What is fighting game is what happens to you when you're in the ring or in an octagon, so you can always compared with driving a car. You driving a car and the last forty fifty miles to guess light comes up. You gotta get gas, that's the same thing that happens to your body when you get tired assigned whatever happens in your mind, your head, hey, you're, tired when you're tired, you need to rest and we as athletes. We do not listen to debt light that goes off in your car and even in my car I don't listen, always go. A few thousand was undecided arose with. Will our gas I'm sorry but
psychological. Do do that because you think if you can, like a body that each fuck you car, don't be a policy they do. They really think that that is what it is. You know the same game. You're play play that game. It's it's so stupid, but for me it works because I I always push my guide to limit this due to myself as well. You know that's what I have a great team, people around before, because even when everything is hurting, entire and almost get over drained. My people have to pull me backs Rico, just no point in training now, because you gonna get over training. You gonna fuck, Brian says that fine balance rightly hard to figure out. I don't have to balance where I don't have a try to have it at every time,
preparation, I think I got it now. I got it. I know that We need other people around you that objective that could tell you like it: we're going to get a step back, because for me in my mind, I don't know what it is. But when I, when I'm not working standing, still are going down, that's what happens in my mind so wrong. I gotta keep. I gotta get grinding right without also because of your style because of the fact that you do such a tremendous pace the year your cause. Fill it. You have to have you for on a gas right, that's interesting, so you been with the same coach for a long time here like since I was like seventy hours, that's great solar. They know you there we recommend that the Euro is gonna, so critical ended the whole team. So my our culture, case of asylum, same team, the entire crew, like.
Again the beginning of may we work and working life for three four years and then I come in Monday morning. Power training, Emma Jane walks up look at me. What now without the union is we get? What do you mean? Where have you been eating? Their certainly not. I went to the Mcdonald was problem. Look at your blown head man. So bad luck, game affect all the warring you're, the flu you tell from one Mcdonald's meal, really that's how close. We that's out like he sees me like multiple times a week, so. He saw me like, like four data he's a nose. You just needs all knows everything. You monitor your heart rate or inside tat. Yes, every morning I am I get my blood pressure.
Doubling that did my temperature do. Do it with a computer. Do have programmed IRAN love now to write it down right enough said it did to the doktor of you. So if your heart rate is a little bit too high in the morning, do just to like an active recovery days, acts yeah we now jacket more through the temperature now, through the heart rate, really temperature interesting. So my temperature is up I gotta watch, I tell you, might be fighting off a cold or something like that, something that finance cold or used your body, still recovering from the last for a job last trainings. So from that we can. So we can do this now. For a few years, and that's exactly what, when I feel like hey my my temperature goes up and it goes there just doesn't feel good.
And every time when we are in the end, we always look back at an analyze, stuff and amateurs hey Jack. There is this training was or shit. So you take do use this like a You make a log during training parent to like you Camp Look at the numbers in Russia that everything lines up. Yet I have to be right. It s point time you want to really Get everything dialed anytime, you have to be scientific about again because it is there so much more than just, fighting and good training is like good nutrition and yes, and that is just everything has to be balanced. I was gonna. Ask you about that. You have a dietician or someone cooks where you yeah so in camp. So as a thing like two years ago, I started with that doing horse me
is not the same thing over there like a big horse meet guy, nothing. It was a good excuse. The figure in the next two makes dividing? Doesn't everybody will ever does like ours? We works his horse so low as of now no glue, no God business like in my diary Sunday, just what do you a lot in the multiple meals day, yeah yeah measure. So but that's that's a phone. How much do you eat it's? It's crazy, but I burn allowed as well. So right, I have to em For me, the fun thing with that is that the fund, and a strange thing when I tell people said when I get closer to the full I'm eating myself slim. So
the more of eating the slimmer, I'm getting training very hard in your body. Just in a burning process ram when food is gone, is gonna, start burning, fats. I get slimmer the closer we get to the fight as it, but when you see what it is like, how do you do that? But it's just all is to link training so, my dear, so what what kind of foods do they prepare for it, they did, they have like those prepay prepared packets and you just He d up or something like that like how does it work yeah Miller Meal Prep company does yet no such like deprived Cook, Vulcan Private chief. That there does. That runs in me just make sure. Every day I get and they checked the MAC rose and make sure that the same the right amount of protein, the right amount of carbohydrate. Yes, it is not likely really like it. Everything is but on a scale or something like that. We don't do that because yeah certain things I just want a little bit. To live. I'm still limit hung results
you need to lose weight or now so, but still in my mind, always a certain type of fight weight than alike to fight on what is that way like one on its eighteen and a half when an eighteen, five kilos? What is that, I think, is around two to two? Eighty, five to fifty eight a thing: what's two point, two pounds, two point: two kilos or two point: two pounds per kilo when a team to sixty two six, not design right right now. So, ok, then, I'm lying that I'm now alone, but heavier guys come arm and a leg I went in and few tat. Sir. Not so it's gotta be read too, to sixty five,
Do you try to stay pretty healthy in terms of diet, though you when you not in camp yeah yeah, so for me through is unequivocal. How do you do it for meat fighting is a lifestyle is not is not like when I go when I wake up. Oh this morning I go to the gym. Think about fight folks, folks, focus glad to Jim and my focus of I wake up with it. I go to bed with it. I went to bed, I'm dreaming about it. This is twenty four seven every day, I'm thinkin about every meal. Every thing you do is just think about what's come in. Why you champ yeah. I think so I heard the but for me, is like such a crazy. Thing that goes on in my mind, because a train twice a day and in an item at home thing like you know what I'm affronted television Moldovan about, surely islanders stretching there's gonna sit about just stretch. Ah this
lab work, just not annoyed at the lovely. Like I'm upset the work. You have to be absurd to mean you're in the most wonderful day yours combat sports in the world, and Europe. World champion. So it's coming the pressure and edges thinking my opponent, probably knows resting or whenever you care, but I need to do some mixer were so constantly. That's that that's wanting through my mind, you think I'm doing he's not doing not detect vitamins and supplements out. Would it will cost of detail loud applause. It's really like like all natural stuff, and I go to the to the doktor. So he takes my blood and then from thereon. He always looks at out. How does it look? It is very good be any some long IRA whenever yeah so here he feels it up whenever
whenever its needed and during the period I'm training. I just take the normal than almost of magnesium iron whenever drought, vitamin c stuff like that. To keep everything on the right level and then, once a month ago, to him or the closer we get to define, maybe go, I said twice a month and you just jacket. Like always good are now you got a lot of my blood cell, so you you're getting close to being. You mustn't attire gentlemen hanging over trade to look at that. Maybe it's a more protein own stuff like that. So that's how tried what else you do for recovery do do any crile therapies year things on those lines, so I ve been studying that like one half year, though something and it works, I like it do you? Do it do ice baths? Cutty? Will you do know? Do the trial, the machines, also
night frozen, yet that so I d like to different in HOLLAND. Now it's wreck really starting to do due to be hype so now get like a different. Places you gone and one that is from the neck down or the one gets your whole body and yes, oh first started with the with the one with the with the neck and now the whole A better one, yeah there's a place out here, crowd therapy, it's the fuckin shit out of it at one point: forty, Greece, blows your own nerve to remain, as you had more than a third of Rio, get it there like a mental training, come on you guys. So that's why I started with and then but deal. I think the only one we have now he's an Amsterdam like the whole body and like have said
two hours whenever soil from the no gowns good enough, yeah me so now I get one I get one mile jib, so just second jumping in an easy chair so urged start with that and then from their I'm gonna, see ya. Gonna see see how it works, but about sauna yeah. I use it, but not too often so good man, I know what's good for recovery, United Alike, it forward The first two minutes, afterwards alike is like again my measuring dreaming. I know, but I'm like after nice like enjoying this. He says it's so nice. Because you play the game with you here: just enjoy your you're you're. Your party will probably get out now
come on. It's like really emit. Others went just dripping off like it's like. It was fun. I myself up because I was trying to crank it up, had Laird Hamilton on the podcast, he's a surfer, bigtime surfer and his wife, Gabrielle Aris was told me that he cranks is up to two hundred twenty degrees. So why I desire for a little bit. I got up to ten to eighteen, but it was either he was born in my love. Somebody s cook. I really do feel shit. Get out I be self fuck entire does. I think this is good for a drop down now do normal now. Do it like one eighty, which is normal hundred eight degrees, Fahrenheit Celsius ethic like like eighty eighty, five years but that's normal. That's a normal hats on a good enough Twentyman, cement em out
is very often the man, the heart of its very good for you, those heat shock proteins, and they did this study, it showed a forty percent decrease in mortality for all causes. Heart attack, stroke cancer, forty percent decrease her people use the sauna for four times we for more there in was at Sweden. Jamie do remember: Doktor Rhonda Yeah, that's what he was talking about. A notice planet yet phenomena, forty because of heat shock, proteins It's your body reduces information throughout your whole body. A gas does crowd therapy anything. Will you dealing with extreme cold or extreme. He, your body develops either. He chalk proteins, are cold, chalk proteins. So also so there was this. This displays where, where I went, I went for the cry only say we also got something else cause care member, so you just get like put in.
Cocoon or something you just go to sleep? I always video in water, so you like floating it did so the water is like you're, yet what is a floating? It's got floating cars like haven't, looked different, forgets. Call you mean, like a cry like a float tank Europe, what is going on here? It looks like a coup notes target they just close it and they put in their way deprivation tank here for an hour. One right here, really awesome. I will for now, I want you guys are not for its huge, the one I have here. It's huge. What use is more the abbot doesn't just one and one that anyone come in there It's like you, seven feet long and nine feet high. It's amazing, Allison, this is when you finally get to the point where you know how to
were relaxed mentally relax. It's the same is one. I was like for five hours of Sunday, yes yeah you relax. It's also. Your body absorbed magnesium. Yet because its Epsom salt so although the salt, that's in the one thousand pounds of salt water or that absence The magnesium gets through your skin and your bloodstream. So it's really good layer. It's also taken magwitch as good or better take than taking a magnesium supplement really good, their muscles to a governing its loose lax and it feels a yearning stretches out and yeah. What about also try dead, then a lot of us even beyond what about massage to get massage like Daily Daily S own I move visit. There was the comes in after the house. Just gives us give. The blood flowing lens does make sure
you ever think that just for recovery, but also as it just forty injuries keep checking what's. This was that man what's hurting, and luckily, new, pretty good, not too many injuries. You haven't a good one, a good massage therapies, yet it deal with injuries is just jargon: yeah yeah it so important, They can. They can print, prevent things fix things things are starting to go south. They can stop it in its tracks and make me loose in everything up and for some time you get an injury right. Everything around it tightens up in them training. It gives even more fucked up, but if someone can loosen up then has time to relax and aerial. Yours just get him more tents and you're gonna rip something long. What every so yet it so important a thing. That's one of the key factors in being a pro athlete is Depew. We have around you, yeah did the team that helps you balance everything out and they say
week. I'll get your firefox yeah, I'm Rico defied, I'm Rico the champion because all of those people who are the team yeah that around me so still in yet doing in individual sport? But you have a great team around. You do be that person that you in the ring and at the highest level. I think you have to have that you have to have all the ducks in line right. You have to have everything in line. If you want to be at the very top of the heap yeah, you have to wait. Psychology, do you have a mental trainer or anybody ends. Sports psychologists lets the defunct I started off with the guy was telling you about of of your Emma he's also keep box will champion indifferent, different way, divisions. Was trading with him and he took me with his training, took me to a training. I was working with him in his prime and without
him knowing he was teaching me so much about mental training, because you our trading with him and he was never given up and the moment I just showed something like. He gave even extra even more gas or when you are slow, and yet we are with you, Washing base even more and debt, when I was seeing in his fights studying him, and from that. I learned so much and I was pregnant still somewhat so thankful for debts are still my my mental coach without so easy. My corner and every day when he says something I just think about don't wanna disappoint is man who knows what how important this is- and I think last year, something I was really little bit sceptical about talking to people like
like a psychologist, something nothing now talk about. Personal stuff? You know what a pretty deep, with some Did you know? No, is, I don't know the main in my mind, just doesn't add up. You know As I feel good, but till, I get it the situation that I had to or yeah I just I just how do I went there and it S. Felt pretty good. So from their moment, I just kept on union just talk about talk about stuff. In all its did you like and like no other know what how many things happened, where everything that happens in your life and he's got a process to all that stuff. But though she just so many things happen in your life that you just can't process and you put a more usable and their fuckin with you in the back. Your has actually Zack. Then, when you
have the time and take the time to talk about this stuff you just it just feels a lot better feels like that, like a bag of bricks on your on your back and you just fall off good, so I think of it the same. What you're talking about physical therapy, the like of you? little injuries, nagging injury and get it massage down everything loosens up, I think, with the same way. If you not taking a good account What's going on in your mind, you can develop by glow mental injuries exactly, but for me be a lot of people have maybe not nowadays but like from back, and these people, like me, you started to us are causing you crazy, You re right right that the yeah! That's what this, how people in HOLLAND like yeah, it while for here for a long time here for fighters, it was the same thing: most fighters didn't need us, a that's not for winners,
Winners know how to win. You don't be a pussy got their fuckin fire, but that's nonsense. I guess there's no policies and professional fight, in our, but there is edge you can get an edge. You can get an advantage you get that advantage from getting massage aircraft therapy or from a sports psychologist disadvantages to be had yet so, but I think that's what my when I got from my dad is just being tough, being tough and being hiring yourself in whatever situation urine just be tough on yourself. Because that's what he was. He was tough on itself and so does when I got from him. But now I just wait to tweak everything up and just get mentally imbalance. And especially when he passed away like almost two years ago. Just yet was tough was done, especially when
the relationship we have wasn't like with like on and off on an hour, and when I was on it was like a lot of discussion in Egypt just hurts and then things happening. Your life is try to process everything and give it a certain spot, but it's hard sometimes- and you just need somebody outside of your comfort zone- to talk about that Brown and yet that there really that really worked and help. For me, some very thankful for that- and you know I think I was our proceedings- is everything in life happens for a reason, wherever positive or negative?
and sometimes you you know what happens and wide happen. Sometimes you probably know it after like a few years, and maybe you never know it, but a mile my opinion, everything in life, positive or negative happens for a reason, and just yeah? It's all. You were whether you does it or doesn't. If you decide that it does that it happens for a reason and you can find benefit in good or bad things than it does happen recent will make that distinction that it's going to be for your benefit leak. It can help you in the long run that's a difference between a person who takes. Things that happen adversity and life and decides that the world is against them more catch a break. The world's fuck me over those people- wind, becoming losers versus someone who says you know what we're gonna be fine is gonna. Make me better. Make me stronger is going we understand, even though more vulnerable right now does
make me understand myself. Better can ultimately make me better at everything. I do
If you decide that, then they do, then things do happen for reason exactly and thence, and that's one of the reasons I love washing. Your point part cares because that's what you bring in, especially where I think for people, maybe sometimes struggle with certain things or like adjusts, explaining the situation. We think like what the fuck did. I do to life that constantly haven't being just backfires on me. It's always think, like you are responsible for the choices that you make in your life. Nobody else you also responsible for how you accept or how you focus on your life, exact, how you think about things and how you how you process it your response before yeah so and those those are things like are so important to me and that that and that's what I mean with a try, surround myself with people dead boy
My flame and just look at my phone go to it like who dare texts? Did I call back? You know those people need to boost my flame. There need to be important in now. One way or the other dont doesn't mean that they have to do to be important in business or work or can be in every in love or in family or whatever. It need to be important in some kind of way. I just need to have they will need a round me because I have seen so many negative things from my family side did slacker, doesn't work drains drains. You and I believe, like it's like karma. If you you're negative, you will attract more negative things. Positive or positive. Things will come your way, one hundred percent, I believe as well, do you have
visualization plan. When you go into a fight like say like this ring. With bought heart, you gonna sit down in visualize certain scenarios due to train you're, you're thought process. To go over scenarios or to have a game plan and your mind away, execute the fight the way you'd like to imagine it of course, of course, think every fight it does
and this is something we set aside like to meditate set aside time. To do that. I just do that all the tunnel, just this happens, is doing it all. The time in the car were just yeah just have a view on the threat meal. Whatever it is, it just happens when you you think about what's gonna, what's going to happen in the coming months, is no that's ok. This is gonna, be next level gay, but how are we going to approach despite what is going to happen? What might happen? He does this cable. This could happen, and that could happen in my mind before going into the fight fire,
lady like a thousand times, maybe even more because you're thinking about this, this person in this fight. For so long and for like three or four months- that's that's a long time, so that happens em what and where we always feel like. What's fun. The people too, to realise is that my coffin and level during a period of three four months into a fight goes like a down up and down. How is that past you oughta fucking, best award, you do worse, MAC and buried in in in training
in camp and how does does ass now? But that is what happens. I think that happens to everybody to just accept the process. It is except the browser, but its such it, such a fucking, fresh training process that when you're, when you hear TAT, get back up there again, but you know that is part of the process, because I've been doing this for my whole life. I know it's part of the process, but still it frustrating so and its work. For example, mental coach and psychologists can help you with to cope with that at that moment. So did you don't stay here? Do climb back up again, but it's it's in there. You say we went but where it as they come from can come from anywhere. You know from your body being tired, like hey, why can I call you
this training or wised is training getting to me or jewish boy. Why did I did get hit five times with the right hand and then block or react whatever, so it can come from anywhere and then the monotony of training is while writer well Now this fight, that's gonna, be happening December December, twenty first. How can people get it can is again, be available on, is it on? You see five pass yet gonna, be you see, bypass and believe it's uneasily, as well as candidate city ass. I am to do I think so, but I'm not one hundred percent sure I'll find out and will make sure we tell everybody when one has taken place so well will make sure we get a bunch people watch. Our core
very God. This is gonna, be Kate, boxing history, so it is really is, like you said, probably the biggest fighting kickboxing history its end and, of course, in like back in these, we had so much so many great fighting the K. One turn a man. It was there was amazing, but this is just, though the one, the biggest one on and fight from this time from this time. Yet, in this era, yeah is ever that everybody wants sea, while I hope a million fuckin people watch it or more, and I hope it really does open up the door for bigger and bigger fights, because I think that its the glories amazing you guys have so many incredibly talented fighters so many high level fights I've fucking. Of it man, I'm just such a huge fan. I dont understand why it's not bigger in may Europe here, but debts yeah for us the same thing, so it is hoped
during the years, and I will just keep building it up, building it up and hope like, for example, with with Anthony No more opening up more jobs, more great american gig boxers magnifies, would stand up and appeared bout, they'll be amazing. Who knows this might be it man? There's one might be the one, the changes the tide exactly lucky brother and thank vanities ones are really appreciate. You appreciate you time. Let everybody no you're Instagram Twitter. What does that mean? to them and to it is all the same: just wreak over Haven in Japan. Sid Ahmed offer people, so I just know how to spell virtue of half an hour. I c o Rico V are H, o YE, the end right, beautiful does by everybody thanks guys. Please
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