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JRE MMA Show #79 with Vinnie Shoreman & Liam Harrison

2019-09-18 | 🔗
Joe is joined by mind coach and fight commentator Vinny Shoreman & 8 time kickboxing and Muay Thai world champion, including holding the W.M.C. belt, Liam Harrison.
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give you money so that you could treat yourself to something nice, honey for free at Joinhoney, DOT, com, Slash Rogan, that's, join honey, dot, com, Slash Rogan I guess today are returning once again my good for Vinny Shoremen, who is an outstanding Moy tie and kick boxing commentator and Liam Harrison? Who is a multiple time world champion? And we had a great time. So please give it up for these gentlemen and enjoy the podcast the Joe Rogan experience trying my day, Joe Rogan podcast by night all day. Here we go Liam and Vinny my savage friends from Mother England.
Good to see you again, man what's happening has been all sorts of things are going on, show all sorts of things boy over here as well. Fifty today happy birthday today over forty nine and a half, looking good. Looking failing I fail. I pulled a muscle in my leg bowling last night: oh no bad news when your world kickboxing I've, been to pull a muscle bowing to see that Eiji said a little bit of a self emeritus moment ago, for your lose a man worst neck injuries I ever got was in the shower. I mean I just turn my shampoo, like that. What we're gonna knocked over Rory Macdonald Bruce Lee was much it's my antics
yeah, it's a bummer man Bowling Bowling, Matt yeah. I think it is well affiliate fault after myself in here, but I can't lose the game and I carried on. We still won the game will imagine if, like you, had a workout and you train, it was like ok we're going to do some bowling. You look how this isn't even an effort. I won't mind yesterday morning it's my round spiral buckeye from install of clinching running fine, no problem solving, Maybe it was like some residual stiffness, don't know what we driving around a lot within the seven scheduled and it takes about seven I'm still going. Although I've been sat in the car, lots of my hips have been stiff, so I think it was to do that to be a next right here. Yeah man, that's legit! That's a big deal like when I come out of here like when I just get up after sitting in the chair for five hours. I might everything feels weird my way. Koepsell stretch I wake up have been fucking be hot spots are about. I don't know what are you doing night? Ninety minutes, what he's been up to, I don't know even sleep
What's that have been asleep, so I was sleep no every time I wake up, I'm like fuck it out in the morning, so it on what goes on part me feed me hips, whatever yeah, but you're. Fifty with him. I don't get it yeah you're supposed to be doing. This probably got about three hundred fights on your that's true to the craziest fucking record ever is probably Lomachenko right because didn't you have one loss in the amateurs free. Three hundred and ninety eight wins. Nothing crazy, Larry hundred ninety seven thousand three hundred and ninety seven wins one LOS she reversed and then one loss in the pros yeah he's obviously not taking too much damage because the style, but even making way at three hundred while with times for internet eight times mechanism, and so that takes it. Yeah yeah yeah be on a diet for that long and just being that strict for that long, it's press, the the what's he's moving up is not cutting is not weight class. This is third weight class right. We had on the ball and moving down as well. What is it he's
going up and down yeah, that's that about bar said what is so, but his last fight against the Englishman. What is this in Connelly Luke, humble camp. I was there, it was a great fight that kids go. Really good account of yourself. Most people in England wrote him off before even for ninety five and I'm a check I'll be right at the second time he went down as well it enough to get my coat because it it already put a really good becoming bill by that point. Yeah. It's a get buckled finish. The might finish strong. That was impressive. Now he's and unquestionably their kids warrior. I wasn't s with his use of distance, I mean he gave Lomachenko some problems until Lomachenko figure out the timing and how to get inside of them and said it is b as big for a as well on the on the nose up box. It was a good as gold medal himself, so he it was impressive. I was there and then Lomachenko turning salt. It looks like he looks at me. Did you feel like
yeah it is but yeah, let you know, I'm like hello, bendy wasn't looking at you about! It will direction in my world evolves and you can't say that. Does it help you at all the thing to do yes. What do you get out of that got five? It was a four hour. It was a four hour car ride. Was in the a m a that morning, because I injured myself to go to the any any accident emergency? Okay, that's amazing shit, so we so there that and but all the way, that also account not? Could you get England injured, doing weights doing some white shit, which is growing here, so it's like hopping about and then this the nurse at the gym at four? I was going to train that morning. She said better go to any e sword. So what was wrong with just touching go I just strain my growing here. That's it wasn't fun. Wasn't fun, isn't fun, it's all, but you're better. Now, yes,
so it could have been that big, a deal it's just, but in my world over two weeks ago, I'm not black belt in Jiu Jitsu and I'm not eight time world champion, I'm a natural coward, so any little old, yes, rightly adults, one thing about socialized medicine that you guys have free healthcare- you don't have to worry it is go, show up, yeah, okay. What last time the when you running, you told me to do a bit of red HOT Yogi said: yes, I did it yeah your site recently ago, Instead of doing it. I just started doing a bit of a mayor. Fuck me that is like the hardest shit ever done in my life, and you said last I will have a joint in God. Do it's amazing out of few black blossom, veer plus nine, and I just melted into the bed? I couldn't do that and then go do that nor yeah you could once you get in there it that you actually it's crazy. It seems like you can't, but I love to get high and do it because it's like, I feel everything I know I'm an Intune. I get like one hundred percent transmission from all muscle fibers, Well, the figures is rather like the beginners I'll go at the back, so I went in the back and there's like some little old government for me for fucking.
Who this case alright, humiliate myself and spending around doing all perfect and how much of the violence I don't know, fifteen fights I've. I should not go balance after that. Shaking on one leg is likely it'll stop don't stop and I don't stop until he stops. May it's about forty five and it was just like checking all over this fucking hard man. It's secondary those old ladies make. You feel road. Ripper said it's one of those things where people look at it like it's some relaxing thing: it's one of the most under estimated activities, you can do in terms of like the amount of stress and strain. That's required. It's fucking hard, no, I've, never sweat like in my life, either, even when I've been in a sauna to lose weight for a fight and stuff. I've, never sweat like that. I went must've gone for about five. Are there easily yeah yeah. I bring a sixty four gallon gallon. Sixty it's. What is it leaders know that doesn't mean any sense. Would it be OZ, ounces,
Sixty four ounces of water, yeah look up hydro flask, I bring a big one and I just filled with ice and water, and I just fucking drink the thing. The entire time- and I make sure I drink a shit load of water on the way over there too, you just pouring more, but they did us, Only recently a Harvard study there's one they're, doing right now, where they're trying to see if the same effects from hot yoga you get from the sauna like if it's very similar because sauna does you know it's like forty percent decrease across all causes of mortality, hard taxed, folks, with people that regular do the song. I think they consider it four days a week. They have like incredible results like health, wise 'cause of the reduction of information 'cause when you're in that he it just really reduces inflammation cross your whole body. They think that's going on when you're doing yoga, because your body heats up so much 'cause, even though it's only one hundred and four degrees in there when you're fucking sweating in one hundred and four degrees of holding those poses and shaking like your body, temperature is got to be through the roof one hundred percent, the only thing that's
me, on that day, my friend came as well and he's a big guys like six foot five. So I knew it every time I was truly looked across I'm evil. Folks look for that big giant people. You don't realize how badly out of balance your body is, if you're a weightlifter until you do yoga, like especially those dudes with little toothpick leg, is a big meatball body. You know those guys yeah, that's a fucked up body, yoga just fall for you got no chance yeah! It's like like a car with a giant engine and skinny back tires? You just slide all over these. It's it's just, but I think for leads it's one of the very best things to keep your entire body balanced, to keep it in tune I was speaking to someone who said how long do wanna fight, for I said I want at least another three four years on self, yet I said I still feel good in it. He said if I am getting injured mall, so I said seriously annoyed we've been told to do is to do to do it said you will get an a for five years. I might be a little bit just so much and I walked out the room on
dead, but felt amazing about ten minutes after yeah. I know it's great for you and it's also for for, like your in your your your ability to have a full range your motion. Mobility, flexibility, everything their head kicks. You know you want that flexibility wanted to be looser, so you can let those babies fly sidekick, trailer! special animal. The leg kick tell yeah I will, but every now and then you never know prize a few people living on the. How is your knee? I know you had a knee surgery. Well, yeah, these all good. Now that was in a dead end, Thailand in December now do You get surgery in Thailand. No! No! I did the injury in December and my legs started looking all time and I had a fight Johnson at some crazy. I actually no way so I did the injury in December just before training for fighting end of January.
Like lock in so I don't really know what war so far I'll get the fire out of the way. Then I'll go see my specialist getting in my right see: what's what did the fight got through the fight when the fight didn't from the left leg ones so far? So right now we're about to the gym for one kick and then my meniscus tall. It got stuck in the knee joint, so my leg blocked. I totally bent. So I can't walk about that exactly. Oh, my god. It was crazy, fucking cool honestly, the one of the worst things I've ever fell, rolling on the floor, like I've been shot went toe the hospital, and I thought because it was all about- and I'm just saying it's my job might frustrate me a little bit. Went it all spill Oh, no, we'll! Let you see, we let you go from M R. I will give you a ring. You have an appointment to go on on flight four days for that even rang for foot. Listen when private went private, time. I an mri which tell me where it war and had the surgery we just got a letter to on my right from the hospital, so they were gonna leave. Leave me for fucking, however long something watching my leg. Turning or toothpick all muscle, wasting away and everything, that's
the downside of socialized medison right, big lines, Canada, it's rough, I had French get away over a year to get a knee surgery. Yes, yell over a year with a bad knee just hobbling around one. You know that's a bad right? That's good! That's bad! I feel I feel ashamed now that I went with my pulled growing in you and should leg didn't you show a bit by a shark fight with that? I had the surgery on this at our door, probably after twelve weeks, you'll be back to full strength, your bits that fight training again how to fight after ten weeks. Well, so I did like a full month. Just re are getting back to where it war and then a train flight. Six these are fighting for more championship. I had that exact same injury. It's called a bucket handle tear yeah. Yes, yes yeah god, damn it's want to happen. I've never felt like it or horrendous.
One now when they removed a chunk, is your knee okay now? Did it feel unstable at all, or does it feel sore? We took a it gets a bit salty stand up in a ball. Now, I'm guessing there's! No, then I'm sure there's something in there. Well, that's what is now the real thing out with the way I know it helps. Man is, if you get some stem cell shot in there. Yeah. Make your way down to Panama. I know you told me that before you message me, I said get down there, I'm going to look at it just having real problems with my left knee 'cause, that's the one that I had the meniscus tear in anytime. I had to do anything rigorous, it would start swelling, it would hurt, and then I got one stem cell shot like five years ago, Never bother really, never bother me since yeah, well that one session deep is a Bpc one hundred and fifty seven as well canoe, that's very tight yeah. I don't think that's for see the difference, the meniscus and ligaments. Is that that's more of something that they think is
good for tendons and right right, yeah, but that's there's some real promising results of it. Let people read about. Let me just tell me about it: I'm, like one of my friends from home, use only tendonitis in the cities. That is amazing. Yeah doctor. My Gordon is using that in his protocols he's that guy, that does a lot of work with traumatic brain injuries and different. You know people like pretty significant injuries and he's found, there's great papers that are being published right now on BBC one thousand five hundred and seventy eight go straight growing Mansa peptide shoot into the growing area so in the upper left. Limit internal rotation on the left leg anyway come from kicking so, limited limited internal rotate. How come from what from kicking from kicking from left kidney tour
and what is so, I'm told it doing cross the a call a toll. I've got a physio Darren Hanna and Irish Guy TOP guy is been working on it will. This was like five percent. This was like five percent, it's time for them, so it was like five percent is so this one's a hundred this one's five yeah? This was absolute fox and light five percent of the. So what's the what's, the actual injury am, I actually don't know if I've got tight, hip cultural andai toll. I ruptured my flex on that was. The first is but I didn't realize that one leg shorter than the other, so I've got one unlike shorter than the air, like a pirate. How much difference about that? Much! Can you put like that much in your shoe? yes! I've got one like I said. Basically, I'm disabled once you get your leg pulled on but a few people when I didn't know what it was because he's like
Is it the phone or is it because of the capsule DR? Why I'm asking these questions? I have got a fucking clue. I just go and see him and he twisted about cause it's loads of paintball. It's progressively got better So how is fighting in one fc and joy? Stick, man isn't absolutely I love it, I'm just I'm got it that it didn't come around earlier and now I'm at thirty three now so I've got like three or four years left. One hundred percent want to finish my career with those guys and in a good room with them. I I need a little event here. It's a means. The looked all makes it seriously have a fall all over the world and stuff, and not the the production and everything that is absolutely unbelievable. Like your chuck trees, it's a top guys. Well, how do they make the rule? Sets because some fights or with kick boxing gloves so invite with MMA gloves yeah, I'm not too sure. To be honest, I think when they send,
the contract over. You can say, oh well, I don't want to fight in MMA. Will you find in the cake box in there? So I think it is demonic, determine the management team that gets saying it. Like my manager, Richard he's always said non our standard phantom and will break your arms your shot in your ear and out now fuck that I don't want to. You up for it. I'm already shit anyway. Now for fight wise, I'm coming towards end said I want to do it remember when I was well first round Bankova Jabba for fucking ever felt Amazon and any at main, and I went. So I want to love you like in home alone, and how much do I get smashed with iron on his face? That's why I felt like how much difference is it with the little girl is weird because, obviously the spongy so that, like waffles, you read a little bit. That was like a sharp planets like a bare knuckle, basically because those one gloves as well the tiny there's not much, not much pardon in whatsoever.
But boxing gloves, feel more spongy. No, we get it that when you get with a boxing glove it like, if you get it on the chin, it wobbles like you're all that, because it's such a big surface every to him, but with those little clothing, a white woman. One point all I got caught like fall time: someone I just from a supply freefall right on that everyone's in, like Kobe, so that's how dangerous the op! I made a stupid mistake in that fight, in my tire, with a long gloves. I'll do long guard a lot because it works with the bigger gloves on so I can protect myself. I did it once in the US by got caught with over and write write, my balance went at Stephanie gone. A count came back up and then I'll chase in the fight after that, and then even though around three hundred I absolutely but at him according bad nearly stopped him electric. There are only three round fight I'd lost one round, ten, eight, so first grammar even seconding tonight for a nap. About him, but were too late by then so one mistake in them gloves, and it is that's interesting that it makes you reassess your defense. Defense is depend like you see a way
the guys, like potter, like Bater, always fought like this yes hands like those your mouths, you got the first thing I did as well like when a train into it was bottom of them just to get used to it. Put my foot can on this show like a glove award, and it done and some kick me in the locals, looking at law. Oh my god! This is going to be fucking torture, trying to get used to not put your hands flat and more red movement and stuff. Like that, but I did I absolutely really loved it. I really enjoyed at coed to fire him What did you think when they had that bare knuckle boxing event: Pali Mala Naji but Artem Levin, so that's a lot of our so yeah, yeah yeah? Sorry, that's that's one of the more interesting cases 'cause you got guy in polling, Molenaar G, who is a legitimate world champion and world class boxer. You know a few years past their prime. It hasn't really been fighting But then you see him fighting I like art of low ball who's used to fighting with them. I'm a glows is not much of a difference. Fighting bare knuckle and blow off actually yeah eating him in a decision which nobody, fucking soccer, made all these policies.
I'll anyway, myself to go into that against a guy, that's naturally bigger as well, but you still thought suffered enough yeah, a known enough. You know like a guy like Roy Jones Junie, none outboxing him. You know I'm give some just like a world class boxer would imagine, even if he's a few metrics just to get it going to fuck you up, you just he's just going to make the adjustments on how we trained for it. Cagnotte no idea, you know I mean, did he talks with bare knuckle rookies in second round as well. Yeah stress Lanny broke it, but because a few weeks ago, when he because he's a pond, this guy save a on the box and and yeah he's on still in them, plus or whatever it was, and so it must yeah bond. He left on that as well as in the I think, yeah that's about right on the individual right and really any way that he was always left and anyway, it wasn't. Young was in a lot of yeah. There wasn't a lot of like combinations exchange, but that's the case with most of those bare knuckle fights ago, a totally different thing: yeah, it's getting big in England that now,
as well like there be care, be thing that I've been big shores, filling out big arenas. I think I've got mine in London or two and stuff now one of my friends fall on it recently and he's like getting really big name for itself. Well, full of like the law of the lease rules, violence yeah, the the lease rules possible. They like it, you know like left way or you know any anything along those lines. You know the head with. Let's play many, take it to another level, right yeah, because Chris yeah, when the guys come over to England, that some someone else and not with an example in pubs and also David, to do probably yeah yeah he's coming on the podcast soon I was a big owner of no old gloves with MMA? I was like well, if you don't have gloves on your shins, your knees, your elbows, why the do you have money in articles here? I changed my mind that affect a single
cut that knot bustled with the two with things I got caught fall time, someone I and man's off to the fight and because we have like a bit of a warning, just I'd swing in all of the place in around free. Try, K, O M, won't really picky muscles properly like I should be in about but problems this one of a metal plate with this one. The day off the flu but to England went to Temple the goes under trying to the pods and can even make a fist, probably for about a week and a half two weeks to swelling going to get a feel. Like all made me dressed like tendencies of round it would knock on squeeze a face. Probably were awful. What that my own stupid fault follow when I was testing the fire want picking my shots properly. I will just swing around in top of his head and trying to kill him and it was fucking yeah. You know to ask for conquer. I lived in one hour in there doing it just there is excel in one mistake: Lee it kind of change the fight, and I mean which is I've learned that now as well, so well, we've seen that with you know, MMA fight, is it really topflight kickboxers like Gokan Saki, when Gokan Saki Fall, Will Roundtree and Khalil just
and one left hand and dropped him. It's like it's a different ways that little gloves and represent mean you saw it Gokan, Saki man. He is one of the lead of the elite and kickboxing's in MMA. Is going to beat him it's going to be on the ground, yeah yeah yeah. I don't expect anyone. Anybody can get caught with this little clubs like I said well, the black one got lot which yeah the stupid I trained the all time as well, not to do that and million stink yeah exactly to give us what feels comfortable, though it cost me. That's one of the craziest things about fighting right is you, you train for years and years and years, and then you have this style and you try to adjustments during the fight, but as soon as things get crazy go back to where you go right back here. That's why I He felt like it's it's it's almost, not almost. It's definitely worse to learn is wrong and then re learn am than to not learn anything at all. I'm going to start with a blank slate like if you could teach someone and there were twenty five and they had no martial arts experience whatsoever versus
teach someone and they have five years of some bullshit five years is some bullshit is going to be in their head, like muscle memory, and you go out of it. That's why we get a lot of people come with Jim as well done karate for years and then you're trying to teach amount of kick like that. I way and it just can't do it over and over and over, because they've been taught that there for so long. It's just so difficult to get him out of that old of it. You know you guys were effective, even when the karate way like that, like the cuts amount of power they could generate like CRO cop was a great example. He kicked karate style, but the fucking power that I could generate yeah, but I'd kick yeah Congress. Will my body kicks? You may remember that there's a picture when he kicked Heath Herring. It is till this day, one of the more
Most to this day. I think this guy owns that expression when he took his glasses. I wasn't even the room and I got scared, but there's a there's, a shot of CRO cop with his Shin halfway in the heat. Brings body. Look at this picture. This picture. Two, that's a big old leg to be still ripping through is oh, my god, who who, who that body should only let go who's that Jesus Christ. I don't know who that is, but that's horrific if I had cake as well, that is lending money that yeah, who who I don't think the it's the one with Heath Herring, the one with Heath Herring is ah, if see there, that's the upper left hand corner. That's it That's all! That's full of shit! Now, yeah. Look at that! Look at that one! Oh, my God go full screen on that. Look at the fucking penetration. That is,
for if and that's all liver, so maybe that is all live around back and everything, oh, my god that guy could check great, so much force with that left kick is insane by that one right. There made fuckin a most the most horrific body shot. I've ever seen in all of mma yeah. It's not even for its full shin as well full share for perfect just it's like text, but again karate style, yeah yeah initially, when you've got it down out to fight like that as well. You can mix and match with style gifted is evil as well. The knockdown karate! Isn't it kilkishen? I don't know if he had a geocaching background. I know he had a traditional martial art background when he got into kickboxing but see he wasn't example of a guy who made that transition well into MMA, because he was so explosive where there other guys like like. If you had to go Peter Aerts, who wasn't as explode,
serve. It wasn't like he was more of a technician and methodical Ernesto Ernesto Hoost. They probably wouldn't have had the same sort of success in as Marco dead, yeah def, like remember when our Nesto fought Bob Sapp, Oh yeah, no, not wondering that stop by then couldn't keep him off with Mirko Fucking Merchtem so, if we're going to do that in a male wrestler, trying grab hold of him and don't morning Johnny yeah yeah, exactly you need to have that Merkel had that explosiveness that those guys didn't have it's interesting? How like so many variables change. What a fight is no gloves versus gloves changes. What a fight is changes your ability to defend yourself and then You know whether or not there's takedowns or grappling like that's one thing about Kickboxing versus Muay Thai it's like people, say well like kickboxing, because it's more action 'cause? You can't clench my cabinet going to fucking
straight knees to the body and from the clinch in trying to escape from the clinch is an art in itself, and it depends as the main now that the dot when the the generic just don't stop, don't stop a lot yeah and it's common and in the next who's. Now that don't styles changed, especially the Moroccans, it, the guy, this training about hiring now Sitel Buddy, the different styles together. How so am these small, like some from these up the middle, the really quick yeah they are now just let them blow the can be used in the office from no hope you in the body on the local right, Naomi and Middle EAST. It's just a different angles: it's not the it's hot with with mall, saw a van more of a collective, It's a stuffy and this gentleman who's training, Barter Hari, who is he trained before uh? Yes, blade he's a fantastic fire? Is just EAST sign for Bella Tony's from infusion trained Melvin for his last fight. Melvin, look good!
lost his look good. As last year yeah I mean a lot of people, thought Melvin was done yeah I really like and he's a good guy, as well as from a lot money to him. Not enough money was it a good coach is logical, some good fights, but he's he's kids, you don't get to say, because I, because I'm right in a fusion public fault, they have like an infusion talent, so see all the new kids coming. Yes, I now fucking lethal. The Moroccans we've seen really very sometimes not be able to really Tyson. You see him, you like him. Why old group of people, those Dutchman, dangerous. You know, while you know it's like Badr Hari does does his whole deal. Yeah I know is this: is why you'll be fighting a cool guy looks Rico's. Fighting re area read remains to read it's a tough fight for him, because yeah and Rico is so active for our problem is that out as well? How long you been out too Jeffrey is he's been out since yeah, but Barilko was calling bullshit
Rico said he just wanted out of the fight when Rico was on the podcast is like you look at him. He goes. He looks at one elbow and chances. My yeah, what's that you said he wanted out, he said he wanted out. He was getting fucked up and he said he knew that I was tuning him up. You know, and I don't know I mean that's also rico- trying to fuck with him yeah getting his hat person but yeah. It's like I would have loved to see Bader. I have a few fights and get real sharp had like one right now. We have one. He fought head Z, right, yeah in a full head city, I guess yeah. We also define the Diff one of the person. Thank you for the. Do me a favor full of butter hot. He fought long. He didn't find anybody else just head. He just you get in Gloria before that was a lost file in nonsense. Is that is structured? Kedzie go. We hasn't fought since before you fall
because that's a dozen fights that's glory, glory glory, but blow up is with a smile on a couple of his Wikipedia record is Wikipedia record. He's definitely had at least one fights in a long long. It was yeah. Well, I think you said someone, I don't know. I think the fight had see again defy hasn't done. That makes sense. So, let's see but the first time before and I was coming so he kicked him in the face any on the floor. That was a long right yeah it was you got okay, so you did fight had that studies as well long yeah so So that was a no contest against head Z. The last fight says decision in Animas Why does it say no contest? Is that someone test positive? When did kick him off law? show time like this. There's decision unanimous, but this result. No contest what the fuck is that in blue as well, that I've never said yeah. Can you click on that was it say.
Right. Yes, all fighters, let go go you test in butter, Hari just look at his instagram. That's enough! You should just give him a suspension based on his instagram, like listen, bro he's jacked go to for his instagram he's about as shredded as like a professional fighter. Is everything ridiculous shape, and so the with this Rico fire going to test him wonder now shredded sh were added yeah. I mean he's obviously an incredible physical condition, but the thing to look at that fucking picture. Come on son he's on all the Mexico, and supplements he should be wearing a sombrero in there. Looking good butter. I'm really excited
That's when the sound test them. I think it's in December is December. 12Th, please don't test them. Just stop glory! Stop! Let it go. Let it go but it but say it is a good coach some really good coaches in HOLLAND, a c Asama EL, but I'll guy week really good coach is mine and he just the it's just different pub style. You know old style of rounds and had left to the body leg kick letter. I don't like kicking a high kick in like a kite kit with these, these guys a railing so intricate these guys not alive and pro boxes been taught a few kicks and knees the food, I'm not good with the runtastic at if you're amazing. Do you think that that is the way to go or but look at the success that a lot of the Thai guys have had in glory? We have the office. You know I'm gonna say trying fun yeah of the gentleman named yeah. I think it's because a lot of the time when they do it when they die
the class, they all train the same. I think they lead off the lead hand a lot, and I think it's very difficult with the S pole, heavy kick it. I you can app off. So if you think it's a s park issues honestly, I think self that self parts style is completely different game altogether. For sure, but what about when it's southpaw southpaw, when I think what the ties of good is a lot of the doctor fight is the fight in rhythms, so it's like, but the bouncing with the feet in and hung in an hour and then they explode in the Emanation fighters like Sitthichai and super bowl of guys out there so good at breaking your rhythm and timing, a little off balance and stuff. It keeps putting them out there with them. Then they're scoring with their shots, stepping off so flat out yeah. This order even seem like a little t to front leg. Not just stop. I'm certainly for a minute will kick him out score on the move and you want to reset itself which had to the doctor used to really 'cause when they're fighting over Dutch Moroccans is standing in front of each other. You go. I go you go. I go on these listen to complete war.
Sort of like that. Well, that eyes are doing, I just break in their rhythm and they were able to score. The trouble is as well, though, there's a flip side circus, the lot. I start very slowly. You can't do that. You 'cause he's Moroccans fight like if Nick something off and oversight all week as well to get like two thousand three hundred fights sparring is just fucking ridiculous. This is crazy just not fuck out of each other. What they did. Just you fight in sixteen ounce gloves twice a week, that's This seems like they're limiting their future. They are a lot of them. They don't get past like two thousand six hundred and twenty seven and lot doesn't really just from impact just impact in here. Just for it is the scene that was so many fighters in is a difference all of them. I think they have a a mooring grains, but should Americans ever mooring grains? All of them refused to lose anything even nothing. He's proud massive pride thing like the problem is like they love fighting right, well, you're, fucking yourself over and you're going to limit your ability to fight for a long periods of time
Yeah I mean I'm not today. I've done that with the older I've got. I've changed my trade in what we used to spar out quite a lot but company. We don't do that. Got myself, maybe once a week head guards on just hard box inspiring, but I don't do any hard kicks Byron at all anymore release. It now come. I just wanna save my cell phone to my selfies. You worried about your knees, yeah a little bit and even your picking up Knox. Now the order I've got is added check off. I don't think I need to do any arc expiring. Now I can place bar and I still get my eyes working as long as I've done. Some good box inspiring Hard box inspiring with guards on with James. France was one of our top fighters, and these are really big box or if I can hold my own with their mind, I'm ready to fight. What is the difference in the amount of damage you take with hard kicks, barring versus hard boxing sparring. The thing is the when you start going hard inspiring, especially with compare. We are my gym, because lots of top level fight with Diaz start going on and tidy! Guess they get around six seven! You miss a kick kick in ALB.
You kick a name, do stupid shit. Then you can you vote you fault and then Bang needs of class needs and stuff like that, when I was young We check them injuries, often mouse power again tomorrow, but the older I've got. I don't want to even put myself in a position where I need to do that. I don't feel like I need to anymore. Anyway. I've worked out that place bar in like now. I've got fifty percent spiring, just as good. I still get you guys working it still doing all the same things are not getting out. Well, the eyes really have that yeah. They did so in such a wise thing that they learned you know when you see guys like Sanchi when he sparring it's like he's just slapping when I go outside I dream of him the same gym and that's all it as soon as I call me know, Shin pads to place bar ' your fucking humiliate me, but I learned so much in about three minutes of him and so play to learn down, in addition to think it through that as well. The Cubans, when the box, that in a punch for carve each other either well. That's so Ju Jitsu mean the Henner header Gracie. His whole thing was always keep a playful and tell
people you want to learn. Jiu jitsu want to get really good, be playful, don't be fucking step flow. You get caught you get caught. It's play your plan to get out of it. If you're playing basketball on someone scores in you, it's not the end of the world. Exactly know about ball goes in the start crying, but but if you get caught in an arm bar, it's like your life is over. It's not you got caught, you know! If you don't, if you don't think the guy who's, your sparring with KEN catch, you you're sparring with the wrong people, one hundred percent of your fucking tapping everybody either your Hickson Gracie and you just solve good you're better than everybody else or sparring with people that are not challenging you. It's really that simple yeah. Definitely an the fingers well like weapons. Like on a Friday, our gym, like the whole gym. Let me changing partners and stuff. So if I come across someone who's a bit a bit less experience and stuff when they're going out and the not too sure about what they're doing and you end up getting up. So that's why I took myself out of that. They really do it anymore. You know that's a wise thing: man!
it's wise and I really wish more young fighters would appreciate that early in their career, because I think so many of 'em are compromised by the time they get to the big leagues. You know by the time they get Del Toro and main with the UFC, or you know even kickboxing guys by the time they get to big fights, they've already been dinged up to We can take a shot at four hundred percent. I've seen that large recently as well, like fighters, will at two thousand seven hundred and twenty eight should be just starting the prime now for the next five years and they're already punch his folks. Thank you said an interesting things. Are you sick Alexander do so boring and I'm always watching thought fights. Even if it's in russian and return to reading it site was the one about existing? Is boring, align boring to sit that what you fights all the time it's just one day, but I am he's a video of the SEC and he was saying about now. People are moving the feet. You said you watch the american styles in the brace they're all like doing this and that which Philly sat shell and stuff like that, the not moving the fee anymore. What if I was really interested
because, if you look at the full weight, he's baffled lucky socially area in the lobby, platinum on them in Lima. The twenty way fall. Tony value pop a great performance against him, but he just put him in a position at the end of it. He was thanks again. Many people realized what it actually don't. Neighbors, really it put in that new away in a way in a way and when they go in they know we can go out and bond yeah would have been amazing if we got a chance to see Floyd versus Loma. No, it was in his prime yeah that would have been fucking credible to see which style superior, because Floyd would move towards you like this. You would just get right up on you and they'll, be I live near the back of it yeah I would we like. I think you think it is one that we use, so he was talking to someone while he was Mayweather floor. If I Floyd and money may, with its like two diff, yes by Israel, yes, money, Mayweather, yeah, get the full pretty boy. Floyd was that running was mornings feet. Shop owners,
yeah more aggressively worse. We were fighting with him right and when he fought Philip and do anything would like six right and like why did it got installed got it was that there was a horrific on air yeah. I mean what you're not only going as well, when one's time and forgetful canal to the right place. Yeah, he was executed, yeah. Well, it no desire. I mean no business being in the rock him I'll. Just show you how good Floyd? Really yes, yes, yes, you know, I mean the people to speak. Does the fact that he's won decisions by playing it safe people that just don't get it excited about him and recognize him with the all time greats the best yeah I really heavily so high like it. We can ever obsoletely school to me just say they start the change can now start. I did you look at the way to now. If I do Daniel Jacobs Fire and so much head movement and somewhat so elusive, now yeah, he learned yeah. You know what you think about canal, going up a fine, Colo and kind of crazy. You know you
you know so big? You know, I don't think I'm rubbish it for fights I am rubbish at predicting for weekends? That means he's not terribly terribly is rubbish. Now, I'm really bad at predicting fights where we have a boxing group on Whatsapp. The boxing team gets called and I always get it wrong. You guys use whatsapp that is such a fucking reddish thing in America has. Will no one knows what the that and I'm that I think. I think that the key for a couple of his job, I think they did the thing is everyone thinks that is easy to hit to the body, but Andre Ward was amazing. It and so open, underneath that Johnny is so good at that age. Just account game of amongst normal people,
He was tested in his last fight with her to answer the art is in round and you were gone in round eight yeah. This is well to remember in town a brownie. I mean it look bad. It looks like he was a couple punch the way, Debbie and stop yeah said, but belly about twenty more seconds might have gone. I think it's safe to get him at the right time. Yeah. I think that's about Kovalev still and it with this job is bad and I would put him again because he be Alvarez after that: hey what they've got lost while rise and fall off as a guinea look great again shot young? I thank God these massive as well yeah, it's a kind of Japanese. No, I don't even have enough experience yeah, that's really. What do you know? They seem fights eighteen, knockouts yeah, just what fall of everyone never made it, not the wall and never been at world level, and they put in a good accounting self light polite
can be dangerous as fuck after that fight he's going to learn. One hundred percent that experience and understand like why was conditioning is probably a little off, maybe needs to lose a little bit of muscle mass maybe needs to put in more running, but God damn he's good. He's scary, powerful kid. Really Polly level. You know, meaning even crusher said it afterwards, like this guy's a future champion. I'm sure and I felt sorry for his coat because his coach is not. You know a lot of people if they find him on savory in many ways, because he is what he says and still cause. He said a few things about. He said the skill levels button under a wards which is non since no white, he said yard skill level and he said that it was like well there's there's, but I can say between them. What am I do think it's a little bit on fire, the Eagles eagles so much. But then again, if you say so, people can hand and want to give you a box a truly, but I think, yachts, yeah. Definitely if you the champion. It's a hard division, oh yeah, might serve, will see. Other guy called is another Russian in there fighting in the universe,
If I say it's all russian data, written division of Means right, Andre Ward on, and we were talking about a look look at their divisions, Russian, it's crazy in- and you said, is going up to having a heavyweight weight. Find tyrants yeah find very interesting, very interesting that, but for it's gonna be a bit too smart. I you stick but spoil be afraid, looking for a family, so he he's dangerous. Yeah, yeah yeah bond, guys on a left hook, Especiales laughing as I left on the table, be afraid to to go in reverse so yeah. Well, he wanna. He won his last fight by split decision, though in a certain arm, all right yeah. So I don't know who we fall. Thank you for again yeah only a couple of weeks ago, yeah yeah, because it's a set. I think it was based on because I message you're gonna say enough of it: tyrants, pong and then, and then he I think he had another fight to serve. Keep sharp yeah. But I think I like Tyrone remember years ago
showtimes arms, saying the is a day man and I want to fight to this day the day yeah. I fight him, no problem that so and so that I don't in the torch, really have got much respect for boxes, because every day like the kick boxes and the boxes, fight. And yes, I love it a lot. So you had a fight on the kibbutz is always been really yeah. The fight boxing rules on on the cape on the books as well and the box. That's not likely saying about before the kick books is that now, but pro boxes have been showing some kicks and basically they could fight that start at south pole. Unorthodox just is not something that big just took stuff about. I'm sorry, I gotta make a text that I forgot about. Don't keep anyway about me buddy, I'm thinking that with tyrant. Spa, what's interesting is that you know he had this really big rear. As a kick boxer, he was one of the best that he has that fight with Gokhan stockings
Maps is the worst thing. I've of a that still gives me nightmares. I've seen that in person twice hi anderson- and there was another gentleman that also Corey Hill- was a Cory help. The thing was corio um, it's just a rough fucking, break man, that's a that's a terrible injury, because then you're always going to be thinking. They were going to throw it one hundred percent, and then they also say that when you have those metal plates, alot like Paige Vanzant is dealing with that, like the area where the metal meets the bone. Sometimes it compromises that bone, and so it snaps like where it's like she's had like. I think three different surgeries on her forearm. She broke her form, thrown throwing a spinning back fist and hit somebody in the
or had full can help. That's where that's where Paul Felder broke his two three through it, and you know you land like this, like with your forearm. Instead of your your festina, you know and just your arm snaps. I think you want to solve us Michael Sava. I go. They find one default, less Sula and eager he's like call any lifted him up and swept him, and I put it on down in these elbow dislocate. And it took like twisted over way were horrendous physical Kenny, great fire, but if he gets back home in Cyprus now recuperating, that's a shame. That's well! 'cause, the kids. Twenty years old he's a massive star in Thailand, they were going to give him a stadium title shot. He just making a name for himself on one it smashed his first fight, so I think they were in line for one title shot as well, which is big. Money are going to be twenty years old and then that up in
so is it the elbow. Joint, though, is it just the joint, I'm not sure all the normal to him for awhile yeah? I spoke to him all american hearing them re up. No, just like doing some went really light exercise he's trying to get, but we look like in the same thing on a on a it looked like at. The elbow is on it's like twisty drowned her rent dude. I was in Utah recently I was in park city and my family, and I were driving down the street. We saw this lady fall down on her bike shoes on the other side street and she was crossing and something happened she slipped and she fell and he was just yelling for help, and so we looped around park the car I get out in her fucking elbow was like it was like the Went like this in the elbow went like that and I'm like stop yeah and they let you try to take care of that. Yeah can't do share in there like take. Let's take your backpack off with another, the touch area. Don't don't touch a back back, I'm MIKE Graham Han, I'm, going to help you up we're not going to move your arm. Your arm is broken. I never had a broken bone. She was like freaking out she's. Fifty
never broken bone ever broken boom. Like you know the lucky thing for her: the cops were there, but it's like seeing your bone of a person. That's has clearly snow and seen the elbow just kind of hanging was makes you realize how fragile we are, but when, when I used to play football with that sucker, I seen a cool all time, not like five thousand and fifty challenge is where you do. Anything or some of that they need that you download button. You do look at your fucking hell, yeah, it's bad man. It's just were so fragile, but then you think about look what we enjoy. We enjoy space words that are designed to break your fragile body like that fucking thing with Mirko Ann Heath Herring. What who ever engage in an activity with that possible where someone can do that to your rib cage and when a metric shit like that, but we find the way it's a fucking persevere and forget for weights. Fucking really
we want to watch again yeah. That is weird right, like the enjoyment of watching something that we were not put back God, damn it so enjoyable it is. It is the most fun enjoyable when you're in you're actually doing it. I had the most fun in some fights I've lost as well, even when I've lost and I've been getting out well, I've had some of the most forty North fights they've been some of the the best fights that I'll take away with me, but the second time I thought sunshine. We absolutely battered each other that fire caught in really of an elbow and hip. The body shop around free and remember thinking, oh my god. I didn't think he could punch that hard, and I was just that took about four more on around. If I want a second year and then running to do it again and I elbowed even in court. Women fall for Chanel. This is a man now remember at the time thinking this is fucking amazing looking at him and he will bleed in. I can't breathe. I remember thinking fucking Yes, that's why people love you, because you have that sort of lust for combat. You know it's like that.
You either have that or you do not. You know some people are they? look for a way out and some people look for a way in you know I mean that that really is the difference between people who win lose there draw love real epic scrap yeah, nothing that was not the end of it, area. Now, when I was younger few times, I'd gone back for and try and point score and not get stuff. Now, I'm just saying it's out, I mean it in and you know I mean not that hard money, the groundwork and if the banner ticket to come watch me fail, you're going to fucking fight, win, lose or draw. I will go out on my shield and I'll give them what they want to see. That's how I look at it now and even my last couple of fights when he said don't fight like that no I'm gonna, so it and then go from all these things, and it comes in trying to the Kick boxing club right near my house. Full con is jump is great with the any junk and he's down at yeah. I thought we had it going to slip and he's doing all this and it looks great pots in a
disco lights down. You know it's interesting. I wonder how many fighters careers could be extended if they took a different approach to the way they were. Operated between fights 'cause, I think so. Many fighters they'll have a fight. They were Cooper a little bit and then they have another fight and they recuperate a little bit and there's a lot of benefit to that in terms of your timing and then your relaxation inside the ring, because you're so used to competing it's like you get that, but then your body, I feel it's compromise after awhile, you see like they're, throwing punches different There's not a lot of fluidity to it. You wonder like if they did a lot of physical, rehab or preparation terms of like weight, lifting stretching in yoga and maybe even pilates and chin ups and push ups and just strengthen their body more, and you know it's like everyone, is concentrating on fighting techniques. It's fighting techniques sparring getting
in condition making the weight but physical training as not only realizes now towards back into my career and stuff as well. That's why all ties a lot of memory, tired by time to two thousand five hundred and twenty six about two three hundred fights the bodies are just ruined yeah and none of them are when I lived there, not known digit for condition in Smt that wasn't even a thing there. Now all the gyms, especially the main screen gems, are bringing an SC coach in all of them are doing a lot more strategy and stuff like that and they're all getting smart about it now and you'll see that's what I thought and I will get it in the fur- isn't there are lasting longer will get Sanchi, especially for right now. Thirty, nine four and he's the best I mean he's still currently five twice a week twice a month or month and we still destroy everyone. I know he was like any smiling like
sit on his instagram page. I fight tonight like dynamite and then you know afterwards big smile. You know I won the question. What is the water and it is for Us- is a paper I go to made in ITALY, Lhasa, yeah. We got from Color Brown is an axe. A k, K easy, but it was up to SAM will multi champion himself and we, we played, says a paper stone at the after party up your account when sunshine full, and now Warren Bay in the well. Thank you so the one my I'm gonna say to me: it wouldn't be a rock yeah yeah. I don't think I can about the company, I'm not sure that night so into if the pie, if you lose, you gotta, take a shut your beer allowed, but in our beer that fucking wine, so they're drinking pints of wine. Which is why didn't they have beer. Where were you in ITALY? They don't have beer, nothing would run out,
looking after you finish that got like all the time. But all drunk come out, and then all we have left with wine so that plane boxing is, if there too right. Yes, I mean You know obviously a Georgia Rosie and there was a mean he's, probably the most popular yeah I ever from ITALY, yeah yeah. Definitely yeah: yes, they still do a big free. Fine for million dollars next month from one championship is really a we're in the the one seven Kilo Toleman fine. What do you think about that fight where he lost in the reverse? The decision? What do you think about it was split with this lame thinks he Georgia lost. I think you want me well because of the punch and make because of this they the scoring why you're not allowed to claims that long. I think it's very in fad that thought. If you live, As you loose not say, I don't think you should have a river well, I watch the the thing where they're saying the clinch to law. I didn't see it down there. Well, it seems like a normal fighting, I mean yeah. I still figure landed, mall punchy, but nevertheless some to conjecture, but I honestly think we should have a
it depends on you, sorry for the tie, yeah and then fart again in Georgia want to pretty clearly actually will not clear. Yet what do you think was the adjustment? Let kicks yeah. He did it. The first thing he started like the first ten seconds it smashed his leg of up free, solid, kicks like straight away and obviously like your legs like starting to go a little bit rest. Your games going out windows. Well, it's interesting. We geology order because he was really jumping in with his right hook, so you obviously obviously wanted. It is obviously wound about it, but you have never seen an aggressive policy might not be so now he's monoclinic. Listening, I think you probably realize that there was a lot of that too, is fight on reverse too yeah I mean he, you know he put it to bed with the second fight, but when you're Georgia Petrossian, you know you really kind of have This mean the one knockout that lost in glory to resty rest. He just hit so fucking hard man, But-
I was very shocking yeah. You know it took a while for him to rebound from that right. He didn't see David lightly and was saying about the long God. If you want you got caught with an uppercut with his eyes arms out long time. I know that his arm was fractured in that as well. It wasn't his hand was fractured going into that. Far away from you always preparations on his anti ten. We should see all scars all over it when you see it used to be so bad, but once they put the bolts in there and the fucking plates, doesn't it just strengthen up? still kept going. I thought that I was yours, I'm fine! I've got a plate there, it's absolutely mind stronger than this one. When I brought this one before I brought this probably three or four times twice were in Thailand Dingo Hospital did you think just what the do of it? Let's fucking letter here, like an idiot so now I've got this big like claws, so was broken and you never even went to a task. I stand and left it yeah. So this one to block it, and I went straight to hospital play in stronger than ever. This one is just all that you see a big lump on Instagram fucked.
Still hurts when you punch people all time to all time. So imagine it's probably jagged in there right, so big ganglion on it and stuff like that, so I'll, try and take lots of Cbd tumor x to flat, not fitting for information install far. Does it help a little bit, but it's just one of the things that we do not tap anything. Do you You know you're all parts for him. It doesn't reply to everything the screaming. It's very exciting, very exciting, to watch, but I will always wonder about your joints. What Jesus Christ shoulders like things like it's like so much torque! You know you eat it. That's, but that's the thing about strengthening auditioning that I wonder like how Many guys are over using their body by just continuing to throw you at full power, kicks at full power bunch of the pads at the bag. You know and sparring
is like. Maybe you could extend your career and next to and and maybe a body would work more efficiently if you have a go of really good string to condition coach who actually understands combat sports and the rigors well the one I use Inlaid Steve come on now, he recently well because he's trained and off I, as he took himself off on them as from a condition in women are so, like he's learned a lot more about that. Now, I've got another one as well done mate and have any uses, it may be more of a movement and agility coach doing stuff with him as being fucking. Amazing n, like showed as hips everything life's a real art to it. Yeah that sounds at dot. I try to be done twice a week, sometimes for two hours in the session and delight you must it rings now, because we have account really account going all day. Much like but he's a fixture help. Was this on the right? It's a very, very slow process. So it's going to take awhile, but he up that I'm, I don't think I'll have a b x way because the con seem to get into the head out to run because of
I've learned to walk in such a different way, because you have one leg: shorter, 'cause. It only shot- maybe probably not better off too something that's like low impact. Have you seen that zero runner thing that I have out there interesting? It's weird like you gotta the gate of it, but once you learn the gate of it, it's like it mimics running, but there's no impact at all right. It's really it's really because most people, when they get on it, their legs just start swinging and you're like this is stupid that I'm like, like I had. Show. My wife was like: don't don't swing like lift your legs up like bounce like you're running, and then one If you do, that, you're, ok and then you get a swing of the late gliding yeah and you could run, but it's actually harder than just running. So it's like to do it's like the I got one eh yeah yeah, it's it's interesting. I've used it a few terms and I'm you know it's it's kind of a fortress you don't you don't look convinced
I do, but I use everything you know like. I have a gang of shit out there right. I have a rower. I have that echo bike from rogue. I have the versaclimber and then the the self powering trail trail, the treadmill thing from air runner. It's air runner double mage, sprint on it, not well yeah, but you're powering it that's the best for run. And for real running, because it's actually thirteen percent, something like that harder than actual running because you're propelling the treadmill as you're running. So when you do that and then you go to regular run like you have more pep in your step. You're used to running at a dissident mechanical disadvantage because of that thing, but it's actually therapeutic it actually, and it's also got a bounce to it. So it's not a lot of pounding. You know it gives you're running on this thing and you're actually pushing it with your feet as your almost like pulling and as you're running just try it
so that's another thing. I've stopped doing as well adopt one outside anymore. Now, really just for just save me knees and stuff. At the wall running on the treadmill in, like fifteen minute high intensity work and obviously, when you fight you not like running like fakeness, lower pairs like well, when you go for a long, jog branches, what they always said to do in Thailand get up go run ten care for slow route park on the concrete you fight in bursts or it's more Spot specific, really to be to be working out that my interval stuff there's a lot of fight. They ruin their knees and they can't run anymore and they have to figure out what to do like tomorrow. Gooseman, the UFC Welterweight champion he's got some of the most incredible cardio of anybody and he can't run this knees are destroyed. Oh my god, he said These are so up that he has to walk on grass like when he's ready, and he walks on grass rather than concrete. His knees are hurting Mount my cousin in the house, and he will let one of the most insane fi is like to have a confirming the nickel Mossy Rep for not being a warmonger ace net financial loss to walk Aiden trunk. Second inches refused to run when I'm running, I don't like it,
I'm not doing it and some of the fights he had were absolutely insane and he never born. Never seen blue no, never, never, never! Never gassed, never told really possible, get in amazing shape without running, but running helps yeah? I believe so. I believe yeah. That looks like it to be honest, like used to love it. They used to love, it was fun, perfect examples, Colby, Covington, Kobe Covington is he's, got insane Kardia mean that Robbie Lawler fight his fucking cardio is in insane and he things with my friend campaigns, who was an ultra marathon runner and they run Mount pigs uh in Oregon that like when you if you run with a person who's like a real runner like someone who does like my cam does two hundred and forty mile races. They the last three days, yeah yeah, you leap for like fourteen minutes. In three days, I'm not just yeah believe yeah, the woman who run who wanted Courtney Dough Walter. She slept one time she slept for a minute. One may, Bentley Walker up. She said she felt amazing after that one
and it's Lillie. Now. What's that, I just got savaged that lady. That lady is the mental strength of someone like that. Like 'cause, she can't she's, not tough. It's not like a tough girl likes shop. Kick your ass, like she's, all smiley and happy, but the strength like when, when, when the and rubber hits the road like. Are you going to yeah that lady and quitting yes shit. You ain't getting her to quit. She want to raise when she was blind, she was having some sort of bleed in her retinas and she couldn't stay fucking pussy, all of a sudden. So do I. I went to the hospital two five miles in one run: Courtney Dauwalter, an ultra addict. That's her just when I going to, of course she did Savage Man, this. Lady is a savage she beat. She won that, one hundred and forty mile race, and she beat the Seca. Place person by ten hours? Wool? Ten Do you know that ten
have a fucking animal dude. She just doesn't she just she can push through things that other you can push through kind of fucking human being that to be able to, even when you're that far affront to still push and push. Yes, she could take it in eight hours and still won by two hours, exactly which is mad. Yes, is this mad? That's a special person that yeah yeah and again like this. She, needs, fucking candy and drinks, beer and nachos and shit like, I is not like it's not like is Drago from Rocky they've, gotta, strapped up their machines and nope, just tough, going up to the cardi and stuff or like the MMA guys. I think a lot of theirs from like wrestling and grappling and stuff are out there categories like really fucking somewhere else and did a bit of Brian I'll. The other day he the day huge Tempat for an hour. Nonstop did nonstop not gain tired, crazy yeah and with We did that nearly two hours amount of work and it was so one side by the end of it. There there fit fit guys well,
I also think he's really ramped up since the Mass house. Yes, I yes that he fainted in that Fayed most started badly. It was saying he said: life is not fine for a look couple, monthly, still doing all the work now and now yeah. Well, you know that's what happens with Brian the championship. Caliber fighter mean never on a title, but he was beating. World Champions like Frankie EDGAR, like really elite guys- and you know he This ran into the best guy in the fucking business at one hundred and forty five. I think it is well. I would tell him what he did his body and not fight. I think you fractured both his sons okay, my modeling ligaments when it is may- and it was a crazy fight alone- is a musical case applies it when it best fights. I've seen that well to me, Brian Ortega's got great stand up for sure, but his best skill for sure is his ground game and before yeah and for him to not emphasize that as his strategy in the fight to me just seems, I feel like it's short sighted, because I think you,
tap anybody in the world at one hundred and forty five pounds. I really didn't fucking massive. I can't believe it is big fella big for that huge compared to human compared to me with similar weights. I couldn't believe it is coming down on Monday. It's going to do some hypnosis and layer is going to work for the nice. Well, this fucking triangles, I mean that's his nickname t city throws triangles up like a fucking world. Beater and it's crazy when you real nice guy month, sharp sharp technique, men, but you know again guys fall in love with their hands. You know they fall in love with the abyss, a punch people. I just think that Jiu Jitsu MA. I mean one one of things about MMA in general. Is that there's so many different ways to win and when you do
win by knock out a few times each can kind of get into that and you kinda look to do that. All the time of the crowds of expect that man, anyone if okay, let's get a single and then made is like you said the so many ways the whim of the so many ways the lives today. You see these guys stand that lie in someone up all of a sudden, just not safe up there, yeah now somehow dangerous. My it had to Gaston Bolanos. You know got caught with a guillotine. His last fight yeah we're a a seminar CSA on the coaches clinic on Saturday. Although this Saturday and I love gas is not no boys for yeah, all my God, giving a good coach yeah he's actually a classical right. I say every time you see anyone. One of these days from his team is get a call on us damn it's a radical turn. Fires yeah rarely girl fires as well. There's oil are in a Stephanie Frausto and that's
another gym that really emphasizes strength and conditioning, and they have a whole Crossfit gym like attached to it. Yeah I'll still be done, like I said earlier that even the ties are doing it now 'cause. They don't want to start getting left behind anymore and has to be done like what kind of shit do you yeah little bit younger. You still absolutely smashing. I do a lot more like flexibility and mobility stuff no like the exercise, buns and stuff like that, instead of just smashing my body with heavy weights and stuff, I still do like the the odd set of high intensity, explosive lifts, another apples and been dead, lift and stuff like that. But I do a lot more on the buns, and I like and work outside out really how many times you do say the listening a week twice twice and is that when you're in camp for fight as well or just normally no I'll, but I fight for it, NG fight Cumple do twice when I'm not put it once a month, yeah
just to conserve your job yeah, it's a key to lose my mind of adultery, and if I I right, they all teach book out sit around. We know even gonna injuries, mailed it that's my one of my worst traits. I cannot do nothing yeah, but the It's also one of the best trade yeah yeah troops. Why you're so exciting? Because you have this drive to succeed, it is Interesting thing about strength. Conditioning to me is that there's no clear blueprint it snow there's no like work for you yeah. It's not there's no established protocol like you have to do this, and then you do the Just do that and then two days a week, you do this, it's not everybody, does it differently and then you've got like. The knick curse on school of thought, like the Marvel renovate school of thought, which was those guys just concentrated almost entirely on strength and conditioning, and their thought was that strengthening. Is everything you already know how to fight. So, when you're in camp, you should just be doing box, jumps and rope skips and all these fucking explosive things with balls and medicine balls and shit, and then
ideas like get your engine, So you have the most incredible gas tank, the most powerful engine. You already know how to fight and then skip skill. Work is secondary, while you're in camp and then, when you're at a camp, then you work on all your skills. Then you hit the pads and all these different things. You do less of the strength. Thing, but you maintain a base. But then, when you go into camp, the camp like when Bj Penn was at its best He was trained with Marv Marinovich like when you thought Diego. Sanchez when he fought Sean Sherk. That was the best bj we ever saw and he was insane shape. Insane shape is because they brutal I mean they just made him go through these absolutely insane strength and conditioning workout. So they gave him this this cardio. Base in this conditioning base that was just through the roof, not different.
Where are my finger? That would be I'll, be there closer to fight gets I'm one of my men weapons I want to know is working to my eyes are so if I have not sparred enough closer device- and I can tell that as well. If I get the closer the facts get when I'm saying, if I'm getting caught with stuff that should be seen, I can tell so I'll Spira it of lost. That's my only only worry a bit well. That was the thing with Anthony Yard when he fought Kovalev he didn't spar at all. So they say that that's. Why They say the the line now that, because I heard the a while sparring, but that's so they say so because I don't know I couldn't I couldn't do. If I come in no spying, no e, I think when you, when you watch when you fought cover live, he was that concerned here that move his feet.
It was just a couple of inches out a couple of small. This job is clearly call those the best fighter he's ever fought. Yeah. It's just takes a while to understand like as a fighter that that you know you know, there's levels to the game, but when used to just put not because the face and put people to sleep in his thing, I'm gonna put this guy to sleep too and when it doesn't workout you like. Ok, I did that I had my first twenty eight pro fights unbeaten in my five hundred and twenty nine thousand and forty touch Ampion Caldwell and I dropped him in round two and four fucking easy. This open fucked me up like worse, and I have our pacing blood and all sorts he absolutely, but at me for free rounds, and I like
there's no difference well. Woody Woody just took me into clinch, and I are only eighteen and you're like mid twenties. In the first time, I've ever fought a tie. Jumping took me in the clean she could move on elbow you get from me on floor. You fucking, need me around back and my kidneys are pissing blood and stuff. After that's one of her after that now right, I need to go to Thailand and fight a fight trainer later and do it later. If I'm gonna have a beer second point- you can kick it may any bad. Do that good at to get on that level. Was it like going to Thailand, I loved it like this two years over there for us to do, is I go for six month common from go back for about six months, comma, so stay in Thailand for six months, yeah yeah also I used to do and he remains in the humble, so ridiculous stories like crazy, crazy. She used to stop an all time them and one time went back. I've been this is a bit long, winded this from base a funny one of Bin that but free days and to promote, came in gym and my coach Jay. When all you want to go fight pro book in Cambodia. I don't know for
problems, I'm not doing that. Pro boxing in Cambodia said no goodness. I don't want to go to come earlier, but now he's got money now, I'm not doing it cream back the next day. All these camera. I said what you doing, I'm not fighting I need your pitch. Took you gotta, go fight and Jane knew that I was gonna to say. No, he said, listen double them. When you're gonna get the Thai boxing you wanna go. Do it? Why not forget all right? So this is the fighting about ten days. I've never fought any anything over the multi factor in ten days, I'll start doing a bit of work with the boxing coach in the gym. But this is like ties for you. Jay said you're not fit trained. Thai boxing his ardor you'll be fit when you fight, so it made me, kick the pods, neither party to all my clinch in everything like that. That's what made me Dio after that don't know me tie walked, and then I got to worry about in coach. Is that you need to be fit. So that's what the men we d'oh beers before the fight went right. When we find the Cambodia J, he went. I can't come so. What do you mean? You don't want to make it look like the flowing you in from England for
then then news and stuff. They got off to go one of the West and as a demo, none of these light it heat level like condom and run a lot. What want to do so? I took my friend with me and we got there. We got often little propeller plane from Bangkok to plan on pen and the first thing that went m I a for they think of from Fucking England on a propeller plane. Snow is going to buy this. I said a GSA Wanna fight in as well said. Oh, you don't have to lose weight, can fight sixty seven kilos at the time I'll find one hundred and thirty five. So you could get one enough to lose where to the guys. Ruby should don't worry God
the plan and all the news people with their hair, with the news, cameras on all sorts of companies, fucking rubbish for news news, people they're, looking looking pictures and everything got in the back of the pickup thing, open the paper big spread of him on the paper I got to the way in went to like what you doing when I'm sixty seven least defines that sixty nine one hundred and fifty four, not one hundred and forty seven. This is fucking bullshit. The whole thing is absolutely ridiculous. First round I got absolutely, but it was fucking massively. Well me around to opinion ropes and put my head down enough for a fucking left door came straight on Chin. He went down starfish I'm running around the ring jumping on the rocks celebrating. I must have been jumping around for about two thousand and twenty five seconds. I got off the rope on the counter only on free, so the rest going free, four waiting for him to get up, and it picked him off the floor.
Besides the serious I've got all them on video as well. I'll put it on is an online, no I'll I'll. Put it online I'll. Send you a serious a run by calling a pay indian troops are dropped him again. The ref picked him up because he not a bleeding, took him to his corner. Wiped his nose, give him a drink restart the round and the Bell the Bell Room, but calculator is only one slash. Six round, fire dropped him again in round four and again around six hundred, so they'll know where they could rob me at all. I dropped in like four times in six rounds, but still they still make it close. Probably I try to get it all out to get fucking lynched here, but yeah. It's like really sure about that up in all time and are living in Thailand just like mad store with that promote coming to want to fight tomorrow. Nor next thing I'm fat and we unwrapped the folks going on a but like about way possible, the greatest always in my eyes. Well like it out. I would change any of it of these comments, aware of where I am today, the whole culture of fighting over there, the fact that they get those kids to fight. You know the
take from their parents, you in there like five six years old and they spend most of their time in the gym, and then they have their first fights when they're little tiny, kids and then by the time, they're. Fifty sixteen years old. They might have one hundred fights. Well, I remember I thought fight called sing DM and it was my one hundred fight, which is a big thing for a westerner and said to him before the fight. I just wonder if I do a lot for a western what you think of that it went that one fifty This it they don't give a it would come on. The line of that is the thing down the legend and he just stop and think about how crazy that is like how many, what what are you doing thirty, five and twenty five times a year every week yeah, I think so I'll kills everything down. That will no problem. What is that Tiger balm and liniment? And what is that women? What is it doing to someone? That's we told me of a light when a man ingredients as aspirin, also Maliah Astraeus
create something wrong, but I never knew that if I don't know if it's true or not, that's for someone told me, I think, there's an issue with people using that shit, though in the clinch, because they used in the body, and then they clinch with you and they get it in your face. People put on the gloves and stuff way, gasoline to the department of Gasoline scooping and the ruby on the gloves, and I've heard that before it's awful, so fucked up that someone would do that. Did you complain about it yeah I was gonna go and I can't fucking see and Richard up my court. You have to tell them to go over the corner and wipe his gloves down, and then they did it at the end of every round and style of real, no white gloves to make sure. But one hundred percent puts him on his gloves one hundred percent. I got about fifty five by that time and never ever before you know, I mean dirty people, that's so dirty the people cheat like that that that makes me so sick, like that, goes against every thing that fighting is supposed to be about it supposed to be about your you, your best
there it your best. You touch gloves, as often as I was told, when Judge Judge, a promotion to petrossian fault. Not a sample promote is all about C only losses wrist in pro and none of them and- and I at that Giorgio told me that he was poisoned. Yeah, Dave, Mccurdy because aerobic side, but on the on the fighting, a measuring and then he said he fell all dizzy and and stuff like that happens, a lot in Tyler whenever there's a fight with a side bet so like the gyms, so they'd, remapping, protrusions, camp and book hours come at like twenty grunts I'd better. Something like that. So whenever does big big bets, happens regularly with Roxanne and stuff like yeah, what kind of poison they use. I don't know it's stuff that we can make it or rarely Paulina, but sometimes it is that you stomaching smallest view and you fucking shitting everywhere and stuff like that, but I've seen sometimes where the most of it over doorstep in the fight ended it. We can't take a hospital been in a roundabout way and stuff, so the fight just try to get advantage to win the bet with the fight and even ended up happening.
Could have fucked him absorb us yeah. It's like fighting in Thailand like a jam Claude Van Damme Movie, there's also fuckery afoot stick isn't on the island island I only go to Costa. Mainly adults is super pro. When I go over there and it's not a lack of a nice not was not was as well, I love the gambling culture, though I love the fact that there you see all the guys in the background like passing money around and it's like yeah, but when I used to live there 'cause, I will find you for money. What I used to do with ever got shot money. I'd bet on myself, and I got told off at this guy- would last a previously before I was so close to knocking him out was one hundred percent certain I was going to be in order to knock him out. So I bet my entire wage
about all the money I had everyone in the gym put loads of money on my twin as well, and I've eaten the left. Looking around freeze legs. When I run into finish him, it bounced off the Robin need me and it didn't drop me roll, but just Tommy Power just went and I'll try to finish him. I want to sit down and around three in my car when we fucking doing what you finish him and I went out for my power gone. Trump for which is the money around then are chasing the fight in round five, normally whi Israel for the money around in Moitie entire land, light round three and four of the big rounds round one and two others, even in this light, basically scored as if it's a marathon not a sprint. So, even if you win round one and two, if you lose around three hundred or four you've lost the fight, really interesting So like all about love. Yes, the most all my money, everything about it, I get a purse, mail me, Middle Monet, that's fight again, free days. For money days rate- is that a j to put me on playing in the dirt poor care and you're an easier fight, but I was still really banged up because they were tough fight. I just thought free days just to get some morning when
have to fight three days after you fought to train at all in between those fine go now. If I were injured or smoking about to go, do it, you know, I mean, because I need money or even I'll, go on all remain in the movie in order to route a few times of things. Yes, also, I had to do look a lap down the islands in that pocket, where I went to fight the fire type strong in Bangkok, so I I've done that for an optimal but still the difference, stream fighters fighters, training, training and in fighters at the time in Bangkok, they're all that make a of to self on the elite level, stadiums, any channel seven on oi. These are the elite of the lead. These are the guys were going to get scout in Ghana stuff like one championship, we're going to win titles and get money and become massive names in Pookie. It's just that there probably is fine for a bit of extra money, just to understand, cut off the wages on my end up weeks that you get a lot of them was gone over job and then it might fight at the end of week or Therapod man be a trainer in the gym, the war
train the bother doing all over then just already parts all there- and I think you know what could get an extra ten thousand but we're probably about two hundred dollars into tonight of a fight for what you want to book some alone. So let's go. Do the the detective few shots and will probably fall down so in in Bangkok? We the elite fighting the elite. You know you're, not gonna get any of that. You know people are there just to like make a name for yourself, especially in those stadiums. That's ah crazy place in the world. Bangkok, like give the thing. With this one place, with his one style of fighting, became the most popular, and it's used gambling just like if you think rest the world there's no place where you go, where people wrestle for money where gambling on wrestling right, there's no place, you know what people throwing money in the air for Western is illegal in Thailand. Only figured a lot better on his fighting really is illegal. You can only bet on finally back in fighting in the stadiums
wow. I didn't know that the closest casino is on the border in Cambodia, so if I don't want to come in because they know that they go to the bottom of that Oh, that makes more sense crazy, ex wife, but it's just they fucking figured. So, now that other people didn't figure out, I mean what you think about one part of the world. It's an island. They figured out about how to kick the legs better than anybody. It's really crazy figure out how to work the clinching knee to the body better than anybody to dump people and help them as well yeah, we dropped them, sweep them more better than anybody. That's the thing when you find the ties with you, the Clinton will not fly out to go live with, because you cannot, you cannot cling to. One of them was been doing it since the five six years old, even not that the tall fin look no lean times. You've got lot light. Wiry strength is to let some of the strongest people we look at him in Miller, ST and finger fuck, you know more than I sleep or jury. Would the nicest people around here as well the really nice natured people they seem so, but you get him in that ring you fucked.
Hi, since I able to keep up this high level of skill and performance at forty years old. How do you think, I think, he's I think he's so? Wetness is better than everybody else's. I think he's got a sense of awareness that I think special elite people have, you know, is distance in Georgia, Petrossian all Floyd the out they just seems off this ingrained sof congruence with the self. You know he also is very agile in terms of his footwork yeah yeah, you don't you don't take no damage like so now. We that's why you fighting twice a month. Still he's not getting you. Don't really trade much evil coming Jim to a couple around the pods just to make sure the sharp must meet for a few rounds place or a few runs place power. We know Shin pads on right, I'll, do do not mean just to make sure that I didn't try. Now he doesn't change, know no, not anymore. Really,
oh, no, when he was in stadiums a champion, it would trend like no one had ever seen that mean, but like now, obviously, at the gym, where are we training varies so when I'm in Thailand still I'm training alongside him, so I'll see what it does and that's what's even more impressive about it will come in two three rounds on pads or two three rounds place bar notion, pods, nothing! Strenuous, no sc it'll only run a little bit before the fact to lose weight as well, not great sense of humor as well, and he's quite humorous and quite playful. So how was he able to get away with such little work? Becausw? Even I think, a lot of time like he's fighting. Now, he's not find ties and money find Weston is, and I think a lot of time, but if these guys to anti sunshine right at the moment either but stopped before even get in that article time, Dr Deming's, even when the prime pulley on him a source Mon Legend, was saying his awareness in the full look. As of so good, he can I move of kick you Scully, very Lhasa, clinches than a
I need to clinch as a people can grab in them. So that was only because what they used to do is make time sunshine away in a five pounds lighter than them just so it be even for the buy in uh. That makes you like to write down a one for Jenny's apartment, the one hundred and thirty five, just so, maybe even on the baking, because we put in Beaufort same where and Sanchis Press no one's gonna bet, because you know if I'm gonna win, so they dehydrate him to bring him down just so I could be so the gamblers black right He might be doing by around interesting about about Sanchis Wells that, like his style, so so light on his feet, you know he doesn't kick full blast. Even when he's hitting the pads like, hey, hey, it's like he slap, the pads he's not dig in in you know, like some guys day. Gandhi's got the internal rotation as well a locket, so sticking just with his leg over ninety, so you can fill it can. Thank you like kicking and walking around, and he is a special time. Question mark kicks off the charts and he also he does stuff like
he'll and head kicks at a really close distance by stepping off to the side. Remember in time it was like a crazy heterosexual, yeah, I'm the against the ropes and he steps off to the side and lands a leg. Also I trained up and down just the the ability to land a high kick in that tight. It's crazy, a c South pole for work as well. I used the woman a stunning phone in the next to Don, so many shifted, often any status, not when that kicks in Okemos does he He is he influencing younger tie fighters to fight more light on their feet and to have more movement, because you know the tie fighter, it's so common, to see guys like standing right in front of each other and exchanging techniques he's not doing any of that. You can do it like him. To be honest, it was a special kind of fight. I've never seen anyone with the same style. Isn't Ireland a lot of the gyms in Thailand a clenched? I'm so w Mark Linkedin than anything else in even for the ones who are similar to his style. They still know any room to be on it. It's one of those things that was well where you, if, if you see
someone like sunshine, you try and mimic it a lot of coaches. Put you off it. You know like the stuff that Llama ten coders, you say to a coach in old school boxing culture or want to start juggling, and I want to start standing on one leg or what start doing the short test, all the numbers on. They always seem to you like going shit like you do in that you know. I mean that I think it's sometimes people are stifled from learning because of the way that their mindset is, you know, yeah. I think that coaches always want you to fight the They know how to teach you how to fight it's a rare talent, tobacco stick and see what you can do and move around it yeah. You know that one, interesting things to me in coaches, is Duane, Ludwig, 'cause, Duane, Ludwig T, which is so different than he ever fought he realized like at the end of his career. Like you know, what the best way to fight is the best way to fight is like give your opponents, so many different looks and over low of their brain with possibility, switching stances to all these
a friend and he put it all down into a system. But if you go back to watch the way, Dwayne fought Dwayne fought like re we'll standard, dutch kickboxing style that was style for decade. Any it remained occur yeah. He did well Kaladin in this career, when Decker's ankles will completely shot- and you know still still looked awesome. Well, I won't want to teach I want to fight like hell. I fight really I'm gonna work with you to what that refund ages and see what's going to work best for that style, because everyone's got a different style yeah. I can implement pots of my style on to the has, but when I
I try and change it like down. Some gyms in England have all got like one generic style. If you see a fighter, you know that from that Jim Mmm, like bad company, where we trained like we've all got all our top level fighters are all different. We got someone with the boxes and was the clincher. Someone was a kicker. Someone was an idea. You know I mean it's like Dell, this style just talk later yeah, that's what makes a good coaches well being ableto, bring the out of a fight and bits off your style till there's, but men like let them flourish with their own stuff, but you would also think like how many people can teach you how to fight like Sanchez yeah, I mean how many people even can move like that moment. Does weird shit. You know, like he's, got that Sliding push. Kick that's like a sidekick that he does a lot too he's like he like throws it,
open legs out boy attend along with thinking, though, that he was his name, some rock come sing, some rock come Singleton allusive sort of loose tile and he moved his head in his olympic Gold Medalist one. I think it was one thousand nine hundred and ninety six. I think, but you hear that elusive style that had movement and stuff like that and then some other player run, who is known as the best I ever ever think super loose informasi per loose if moved ahead and stuff like that, so yeah, I think yeah. I just think it's like you say those things, but you know it comes at the end, all the strictly out in silence. Looking for like that. Do you think that the guy send the guys Sanchis fighting now are just like a little lower level guys? So the idea is, like everybody knows, he's a
legend, so you could pay him to fight someone pretty much there there paying for sunshine's name. That means we're not like pain to see a fight where it can be was going to win. This was going to be normal button. Everyone knows what's going to happen, is Andy Stripes you've done everything, not many people will ever do and that's where it now, it's like over westerners and stuff, to make a name for their self now Stein are, I might be, there will be sunshine, but unless some it mean mostly just try and do a cartwheel kick down, then if they get a cartwheel, kick off its array of one now. Do you think that like has a on an offer to fight in something like one, because one is not going to let him fight, they might have done well guys that the let the level of these competing at right they would want him to fight yeah hi the only people wanted got signed elite level. There's no noise easy ways, our out all the ties
to moral elite, all the west and as of the best best western, as it might go off a book to be fat, you can fight twice a home for the file of what will they still get paid good money every time, if I saw the figure it matters to him? To be honest, I don't know all that already and for all them best guys and be a mall even with the way this advantage of me and pulled down, and so I don't think it is it really has to worry about so he's just right now, just sort of getting paid and having fun again, yeah one. How much longer he could do it. The weather will police, fighting and if and if he keeps himself in shape than is that people lose it lose when they get home with him. Don't know you know, I mean yeah, we can make it right, yeah busy doing something else for how long I think you just got off to our cabin broke on the Dior. Looking on his instagram he's been taken off some mail today, also that drove in a bus from the. EAST coast to the w polish. I think he's done about two thousand and twenty five seven
so far, all of well, my God, allies, oversee any ridiculous. When I one of about a hundred people and stuff, that means, while he's ending by money, that from all the stuff, they don't need to be twenty self in the elite level against young hungry right, let's size when one hominid be sunshine, it's a is only stripes on this yeah he's done it the hard way. I think that would be honest You know he certainly has how good is his English when I first the first time I fought him ten years ago. I can speak a word but obvious like in the gym is that now in Thailand can lots of westerners coming there Just because I know easier so and he's doing more seminars. We've learned a lot more now. You can have a contract with the kind of life with him. That's cool yeah, that is cool, proper cool guy, and he spends a lot of time Spencers well sponsors, while friend from Sunday yeah at ya. Car companies are nice kid and converse a lot that follow him on Instagram. Do you think that
like what one is doing, is kind of like the future of the sport, because they're introducing elite level Moy tie fighters to that a gigantic asian audience. One hundred percent, especially the way they've, got the show close out was well, we've got top level MMA level kickbox in top level, tie the summit for everyone, and it's still going out to these massive numbers. Yes! I am. I do. I even have so grappling competition, yeah, yeah yeah. I knew that the driver of in I love that they do that just do whatever the they want. You know they I mean they've got to you, know really interesting talent. Yeah been saying as well, your true that they are have got some tv deals and american stuff coming open and so they're gonna try and bring it over the side as well, and there could be like some rival to USC in you're awfully well. I certainly saw it was I don't remember what network it was, but one of the more recent events was on television like I'll slip into the cable channels and said one Fc Hills like White and it
the recent event. It was like right after the event happened, then they were airing it. Let you go then she's getting out there now 'cause I've already got azure locked down, so they can get into America and in Europe. The given chances of a paper life in the Philippines and not love yeah, and then a five minute fans coming through and stuff. Like this, it doesn't know them guys a code as well. You never see it over. Then we wanted to give him a platform. That's it. Yeah some. It's cool. I mean they're they're, taking some of the top top talent from glory as well. A lot of those guys are going to get that some and some from eliasson I'll shoot. It was within fusion a lie but fall he's just gone on to one of them. One knocks outside an item a set to do that today, one of these dutch Moroccan any trains with Seydel by doing the same cultures, but us training with this. Well, so how do you get kickboxing to be big in America? Why can't they figure that out.
It doesn't make any goddamn sense. I think in my I think, because M M A, I think, you're scared, I think, because of the college wrestling I think its stock as well. You know the Box in America's always a great boxes, and I was a boxing fights, but I think it may be These are the college wrestling in it because it's more of what you used to. How is wrestling with you mean. Well, he wrestled on these wrestling is popular. You know in a mean in colleges and stuff like that, so I think that kind of talked about all maybe it's a new sport and they've grabbed on sweat, and it's that kind of got it as there is 'cause. I'm amazed really UFC is like But what, if we go over there with me and make sure, and then, if you start there waiting for me to come on board in between, like you see some fucking crazy Thai fight with two people going out in for rounds, clothes are going to proper war that might help if they did something like that. Did not mean, then you got like the average Joes, never seen it before thinking. Well. What would that and I've never seen that before I, like
So maybe someone like that, like some make sure, is with what one do that's why this summer for everyone on the well, might I and kick box doesn't took off in England? Even so it doesn't know it's got. It's got a lot better over the years, but the platform that it should mean yuck. Oh you mean your fight with her. Seeing benue he's just crazy. You know what I mean. Oh, I want to see one championship fights. You know what all what always glued to that soon is that it's on was strapped with our phones and watching it. Really it's a bummer in America. You know Dana White, had a really interesting point. You said we got ruined in the nine teen 80s, with PK a karate like the set PK karate and you know there was some guys are really exciting, like Rick Rufus, but a lot was bullshit. It was like boring kicks above the waist yeah and they weren't that good the they would just throw a couple of kicks shitty boxing Steve. Kick quick.
You know that Bill Superfoot Wallace Wallace, but there was some cost super super K, quick. Every weapon in England. Now we got, we got some airtime on tv and I don't know, or we chose device that shows she fights to put on so obviously, no one would be interested in watching him if you're going to like get a spot. You need to put out there like He recorded shores of the best fights and put them on just to get some interest, and then members people just start taking a bit more noise, but we had a like a few like spots on sky sports and put shit fights on that bomber. How much great talent whenever I watch glory, when I stop and think I'm like. How is this not enormous? like there's so many boxing fights that are kind of boring, and then you watch this and like Jesus Christ is so much more exciting soccer on Doc. I got mad round it and even up to
fight in Cambodia, where I had it for six days. So after that not only one slash six round fight. That's why I thought I want that with boring. I didn't like her head it and two got a date for six days Never doing this again because you're taking more shots to the head, yeah even he's includes and stuff is all light and fog lights did did, did not do it. For me, at all, and I appreciate boxing. I do love watching installed, but It's also the reality is, any elite boxer decided to fight in the league more tie fighter. Okay, what I realize they don't they're getting up. You have a couple seconds to close the distance MIKE Tyson style and put that dude away was gaelic plus you can delay glasses. I mean I would like to see. I would would love to see a guy like MIKE Tyson in his prime if they, if there was a guy like Rico or something level kickboxer who could potentially fuck on up on the way in because when Rico's got good kicks in.
Please listen to me guy as well. Is it before can no chance out of thing MIKE Tyson because closed distance, though you never know? What did you see? What the MIKE Tyson and John Jones was messing about like play sparring and he could see the right on the ball monies to get right into it, that John yeah, okay, it will right. They can also that's a fifty year old, MIKE Tyson yeah, true yeah yeah when he was young like when remember the Marvis Frazier fight yeah. That was like a reading them, and then he was flung execution here just stepped in and just I was what was thinking like what, if someone's, going to leak kickboxer, would you be able to hold that guy off, like that? One like the
the MIKE Tyson in his prime, when you storm is way towards the title, true enough to clinch yeah, Klay HAM Time, open elbow and knee not yeah, let's go he's, not quick, yeah Austin, trying grub and that's coming up, but some guys did manage to make it to the final bell with them like there's some guys that managed to survive. Yes, okay, yeah Tasha Smith, a few guys? There was a few guys on Christmas, wobbled him as well. That was a right under the nose just wobble dips. His Alexis Smith is a powerful. Do. Eddie was yeah. Yeah beat front brewing on the news that first person to knock out front Bruno from Brazil will come in every way, then yeah Frank I had the most preposterous body ever yeah right like the bills. He was the original Anthony John yeah yeah yeah. No, but I will not be putting themselves yeah, but Josh was clearly a better fighter. Young who's, definitely more talented. But what did you think
about that Andy Ruiz right? I can't believe it. To be honest, I had seen Ruiz fight Parker and you want that really Titan fire. Also. I didn't even watch it because I thought it was going to be a and then when then, whenever boxing group that we talked about earlier Seymour and I'm not fucking l know where, but I'm not sure what did actually someone want right there. He just didn't look comfortable from being. The first bell at all, even his ring marketing look comfortable, Jocelyn Room, the room. The rumor was that he got cable in training. He I had the other night at that saying that it also had Where is neck? If you see us, I mean it's not making excuses, you would get in there, you get b and that's it, but he's never said it, but when you can see that the corner, Albany snack, it's weird 'cause Robb Mccrackens, trying to talk and he's just tell us what yeah same with it. So with that. Well, you know props to undo real easy, you know and the release of the maze, but if he had entailed in training. If that was the case, then it kind of makes parents yet, but even before that they dropped him, do people around the room.
It really is in round three run to a free and we usually levels are good finishes off too, and it got book with just enough anyway, it went in the hole style of it was weird, though, at the way he was boxing was weird. It was like just it didn't mean, I'm not going to say any excuses for anyone, you know to mean, but it just didn't. Look the same mother. The remarks will say all right yeah when it, which is true to me about Ruiz's. How fluid is combinations of sounds like what you know how tough, the and watching him train is definitely can help ease it actually from can rely, give Why don't we look at it? Fucking danger his efficiency with his punches, like everything is so fluid and he throws high volume strap Papa Papa Papa, firebombing power as well, where is Joshuah on the outside he's a one two big shot guy. It's like Ruiz is, you know, he's a dangerous combination of two styles, because if Louise gets in tight, he's land, you land,
get a landing, is gonna land like a middleweight, you know it. Witt thing was when it when it was saying a pitch with the belts given away so old. I have rarely we had to work as a give these a picture. What is as a press conference on while London may be- and they would often not was- was New York? Wasn't a night giveaways, these belts. So how like Josh was yeah, and I didn't get that for the fun yeah 'cause Llama. When there was a picture of Luke Campbell holding the Wcb that WBC belt, I'm a graduate. What do fucking doing? That's mine yeah. But you already in his mind, was like that's fucking mind strike that whenever we doing that for different exactly you will do that, wanted it either way, but look look, look like he was having fun with them. Lomachenko there being friendly with each other before the fight? Yeah looks a great guy. You know he did a great job but got massively
for him yeah. He heard him with some body shots, so he really didn't know what hit with a long left hook, but Lama Jenko just adjusted, adjusted, and that was it he was looking inside Lomachenko. I was watching it with my friend, then we'll say you can see him looking inside. The job was a gap in Come Gamble, Campbell's hands here, and you could see him just dipping all the time you know looking for that guy and then get that and then Stanley Through, like what you know is what team trains will see. What CNN, was throwing up body shot if your body shot and then he Lupin left, and it was so fast. It's interesting also. He dropped him with the jab and that's the same punch that Kovalev drop yard with he stopped into this chapter with it, which is not crazy. I think it was more exhausted by like wine or memory out those for anything. So did the damage did the Dallas, what ward used to do the damage without without ward, had one arm?
It's really crazy. I couldn't believe us. We were talking on the podcast, leave it saying his shoulders, basically half hanging on his. You know about him. Eight I just I. I watched the file. What's the most, it's called eleven and and Walt to both the fights, but but I watch all of most of what's to about fifteen times now his whole Galen are as in love, much uncle a fucking fight, my yeah Galen our Class absolute class act is very good yeah the thing about Lomachenko. This that's so interesting to me is that his father made him take four years off of boxing gas to concentrate on dance crane and offers for work like. Why is it like? We, the kind of insight that his father house to thing. Now, though, when I'm watching him, I don't know where to look. I don't ever watch his feet or what we do not talk. Evil is really interesting to watch specially for, like a purist who was looking for. Yes,
So at least I don't know where to look when I'm watching you and you had well of interviews, you can't interview is that we won't won't know he said I will after his career is finished. Are listenable talk? If it's you know like tell me. Well I mean he obviously has a winning formula. I mean the guys. The the the in the shortest amount of time ever has won world titles in three different weight classes means results for themselves. Ridiculous and you know there's I mean the argument of who's best pound for pound is always an interesting argument. It's in my guys. It's him. There's Terence Crawford, there's couple of the guys that are in the running. But those are the two big ones yeah. Would you agree yeah what to say but Crawford a lot of Franco six apply now with that, because it because he unified division and he's gonna on. So it's a lighter in terms of talent, wise yeah. I think I think Crawford's a great I am a narrow spans is just
yeah. That's gonna be the one ring Johnson's credible, spent right, fine, Paul and Paul, and next week, yeah yeah yeah, now hard to find, could also fall, will come to yeah yeah yeah buffing spends body shots of my local calls because he gets close pull a yeah when he fought Mikey Garcia. Garcia was just a little too small, yeah hello, the small really just really wasn't in wasn't that weight class and see Earl Spence is such a earls. Such a powerful guy in big at that weight class middle later, like this huge Bangor man hit so hard. He spices, Southport body, shots. It's difficult math for special. That long. If he's got good such a good heavy job that you can get that left body shot in so sweet is just such a good fire him yeah he's got skill too. I mean he's very skillful on top of having that great power and size and he's got so many good attributes. The thing about Crawford, though, is his ability to switch stances.
Yeah, it's well star. If I offer docs and then just switch s point to stick to stick to softball, it's almost like figuring you out as orthodox just trying to like get. You know like give you a different thing to get accustomed to that also at dawn and that he's better as a cna for hours from me, the stands out of is good, just as good and just you know, chances only semi, in spectacular was the last guy who is really able to do that switch stances, as well as an actual, wasn't really effective in alpha docs. It wasn't as affective. That's what they say that the loss of fight with Sugar Ray Leonard, because it went off a docs to prove a point in the first six rounds, but I think landed on his head in by then. I didn't think you lost that phone. I thought yeah, I thought. Had we won that fight Amish Amish other island fumble yeah? Are you go to his instagram at change? Mine they're, awful red lips? So I just just watch him and just the way that he slept on the shots, but only for a glow in the way just glided about it's just so beautiful
he was incredible. The was a video he posted recently of him when he stopped. For me with a senior like man forget how good sugar Ray was. It was incredible yeah I basement but my god his Instagram is hilarious. He does the most ridiculous. Workouts, like you know, he's older. But it's like you, know we're working hard like I've seen him I can load up bag not long ago as well, and you still faster than me yeah. It does like LA. Workouts, like the rest of the press, one yeah, it's like he's, always he's he's. Obviously an older guy. You know you could tell but still act So what should the other day? What's Meldrick Taylor and shove? As you know, the first one yeah LAS Buddy: do they fight twice yeah the full twice and it was a well to weigh in was the second one that brutality mean brown days it already lost to outside. In that first fight changed his life man. It was such a beating now any in the fact that he, He made it to that final round. He's one
of the worst examples ever of a guy being punch drunk. If you listen to MAGIC Taylor talk it's so sad, I mean you understand. A word he's saying: eight eight and at the funny thing was landed, sat how to obey and how to be each of us. He said if he listens and not get involved in a fight and keeps on the outside to keep doing what you can do it when the fight. Clearly, because he's from Philly apparently like to fight you like to scrap, and then it was just, it was tragic. A stories to launch it 'cause, I was a was a was my idol at one time. Well, Richard Steele was criticized heavily for stopping that fight with like two seconds to go, but he was correct and the guy was done. Is is well. Do they came on the ropes? This is the story is Mildred was gay and that the cow off of Rich's stay on? If you look melted, looks series rights on an apparently Lou David was on the ropes out in his name, and it looks I am and then
Richard still win, but I mean one point: sue lay or you know. Well, it was one in his case. Does it does a referee have a knob ligation to recognize that this fighter can survive and if he does survive, he's probably gonna win indecision does he have an obligation or if he looks- and he says the guys done- the guys down we got five seconds to go or two seconds I mean it's, but for people watching that wanted Melgar to win the like fuck, but for people wanted Chavez to win, look when he dropped him. I mean it look like was done. Yeah you know, and then hum that fine and he was never the same no never again, and then we fought Terry Norris. That was horrific. I got smashed info well Terry's, another one like severely compromised. Now, like you hear Terry Talk, now it's really hard to listen to him. He was trying by Abel Sanchez, wasn't a serious yeah, Molinares and Terry nice.
That a brother called all in didn't I yes, Arlo Orlin was a heavy heart, beat Let Ray Leonard, and I didn't like that. That's a nice speech at all and uh fuck tomorrow, yeah baby I ate the sugar had no business. Being in there with them, but you know Terry took his knocks man, I mean the the really big one. Well, he had quite a few fights where he was hurt. You know real bad but June. In Jackson, one shot, one, Gatt would join Jackson, Chantelle and our crazy power meeting on about a love can down the block. If Julie, Johnson, one will Golovkin hits hard, but it's a volume tank Julian Jackson would thump you time in the face and your whole body stiffen up you got it seemed like when he knocks out, then it's Milton you think it's a way left or banging is he's following the girls at the same time like Thio, Bang, yeah gonna break you with job. First gallery does allow their own and break you down so early to put one shot, deal come, find him. They'll come true,
gluttony as well as every year. I come as this is the orders under percent say to brand over a friend from double dose, which I have Brian could cause a big shark I'll take to the big and one of the windows out your Brian impression, the deepest it can go and and looking out the window. We never ever let his restaurant where he goes to eat, but not down there so and no weird that you're doing them a lead guy, don't much in the vein of you find when you gonna do get a selfie. Well, I would just go him shadow. I died. We stock, you said to me, you said three minute details and Andre waters coming on this and if he was going on the same time, so he's at full can tell us To pick you up, 'cause you'll fare. You want pizza, Andre Ward. You would faint yet would respond trail Andries such a nice car last time. Well, he's also one of the only guys ever to walk away at the top under feet. Did accounts medalist in the Olympics. Two way
classes. Calls like I could get same. Yeah because argued to the because it doesn't get is do not whatever always does not know it does not extend on. Why do you think doesn't get his due. I have no idea to be honest because he'd be all big names. It fair enough. If you everybody fuel that might be a little bit past the sell by so long and yeah, I mean he had a massive wins. You be whoever will put in front of him. I don't know I did I didn't trust talk? Even today I mean when he beat Jeff Lacy I mean Jeff. Lacy was a, Tyson of the Middle EAST yeah at the time. Eight a debt because I used to Miami to club iced it with the same clothes Robin rates rather read a w b c super middleweight title, and then he boxed, just like you don't smash. The thing is in seven rounds and he's a said afterwards, Cals, Ogilby and and then when he was a man, it was just like. I thought, fucking all cows, like he's gonna, get smushed smashed table. He was he was beat everybody. Has it
an interesting situation because he's never discussed when you talk about greatest of all time. Yet he retired expiration, VOLT well oh yeah courses for six and, of course, worldwide he's not in the conversation. I don't understand why thanks a lot. Steve is what you're supposed to do. He retired undefeated. Think predominantly though it be boxed in England. I think you only have two fights in the not but he was on. Television was scared of flying. Apparently you know that's what you should say: Mayo decided that he's scared of flying, but apparently had a lot of sports psychology as well used to work with him. Joe comes like really before so now had nothing to do with the flying. You know put back in the days of a small size superbly, one of the first guys to do that. Yeah, possibly yeah. I know what size and did some hypnosis. He told about spoke about as well, so yeah he did some hypnosis when he was a little kid. Yes is really. Where of it? Isn't it strange how old he the
way. You would say that you don't exist just the task. The task exists you step into that man and you break his body down and look like man. We teach that A thirteen year old folkie, that's never experienced any love in this hole, that's program and that that's a different thing. Don't look over that. It's a different thing worked good? Did you see you're saying you're shaking your head, like you, don't like it as a hypnotherapist is quite I some people can't fight. I'm not gonna lie. Some people do comes to me and say I want to do this and I know you know. I know that it's it's not gonna. I don't. I don't work with everyone, because I just think well, you know maybe should do something else. You know what kind of new can't you know what you're right? What is the difference, though? I mean we all know when people can or can't think it's not just with fighting. I think it's with kind of everything. I agree difficult. Thank you. So I think it's a thing where it's so glamorous to see someone like
him. He see Liam Harrison, he seems smash party scene, but the actual physicality of the pain off the nerves of all the shit you have to go through. I think that as men we want to be like your fucking, all blah blah blah, but when you actually got to go through that, there's a difference in these this yo you'll go people won't go his mind on it, for you, the pain and stuff like that, and I think it's very difficult for people to actually comprehend men, especially when they think that being a mom is defined by the US. What my opinion is, you know is that it wanted to be the you know, the the soldier, a what I mention on what's also the people of physical limitations like them. Well, that's one of the reasons why mount analogy so interesting to me because he's clearly got a physical limitation is body is not the most stout body he doesn't have the best frame. He doesn't have you know it's not. It doesn't have the best genetics. He just doesn't know he never about now. No, I mean even he doesn't look like an athlete now. You know he just he.
Is smart as fuck and figured it out. You know, whereas, like yard Jesus Christ, you look at him at the way any like, like that, are fine. It looks like an asking anomaly. No kanaloa looks like an athlete with Anthony Bill. Didn't didn't county building, look like an awfully, and but he was asking skill level wasn't insane so The other was the some guys. Edges are physically impressive, looking much of as it was never physically nonresident. Looking the break you down sooner, just a set up all he was such a beautiful fighter were large because his style, this relentless fucking, move forward style rip the body and he never give you any air. You don't have any air. I never did. Parts I didn't even know how to hit the speed back many pots. They had to meet this about once it was hilarious. He was going the speed bag like this is like to to to to to get it taken laughing. I kinda like this is like
no one has on a swivel mode, nothing Sparta the bags fun at the box and never the pots. They only did because when he went to Emanuel Steward not was for the re. Much against that he looser Frankie Economy, Randall yeah. I see the surgeon, Rundle yeah, I don't I what stock I'm really small way by what's not stoned, and I was watching us and why I don't know, but we know what you watch a stone with me. Mate was speaking at night was still one life was what and there's shove as he's on arms while and we fight, because it before incident and also business and then when he got dropped. Well, I did know a signal because showbiz got dropped. The rye and all the Mexicans jump up a goal. Rounds of the basement he's got a job and It went dead, a folk and then and the rest is history. Hello, Randall had that timing. Man has a right hand. Yet really knew how to time it yeah, it was yeah and he just his number, and it was also the per fix storm of Chevez at the end of his rope in along career like
had a lot of wars in that style was so how many fights did you have as well think about eighty seven on being there, but they didn't beat Pernell Whitaker server. When I was our ticket that time another draw. No, it was, it was horseshit yeah that was horse shit, but now Whitaker was a special town yeah. He was special talk about awareness, oh my god, defensively was just genius. Well, that whole nineteen, a the four olympic team like Holy shit, I mean think about how good that team was Vander. Holyfield now with a Kerr Meldrick Taylor Mark Brie, Lens yeah, I real big yeah, I mean and what it, what a talented group of people that came out of that Olympiad in trying to realize they were all on the same team yeah. They say that say that was an easy, a room from because the Cubans and go to the Olympics idea. Well, I mean even even sold the debate in the world championships anyway, but if you watch Taylor Meldrick Taylor got in the world Champs is it gets dropped. Another scrap in that,
so they would they would they would send them anyway. Yemen dog in in the yeah they'll get what he was, so slick. You know that guy was a slick as they come in. He was hit by a four can car? Not us! So that's so sad, oh god. I added like a drink ourselves. So with a hammer and when he is not, I don't know, but I did tell the agency did like a drink by a was it. I just I remember, watching Harrell brace. Yeah. I need to sleep. I decide got round and slapped him on the art of war. Fought you do. The proper menu can fight properly and he's giving so gifted yeah, there's only a few guys guys were capable of humiliating you like he was him and Roy Roy was Roy Jones. When is Primus Cable for exactly and it's about that time of the leveling, the Kelly want to training. Well, I still think against any pathogens. It's the only round copy box history with the opponent didn't score, a single punch which is insane and because he was fighting a world champion.
Leave us some aggressive? What I was gonna death row in as well god damn. He was good on any leftover call, my own focal a stepped aside, left a book on just finish them busy, Vinnie Pazienza of Rock caught Nigel bands fighting again. I know Sarah older he's, eighty thousand years old, one hundred and fifty thousand things, fifty five thousand five hundred and fifty four yeah. How do we were going to fight I've heard it's sucky, Hobeika, really John Wayne Parr. I got him and because how old I don't know, calling the Georgia all everything really Jones not to mountain city will be chaos back in the day, yeah and and don't know another thing you fall buxom as well. Joe comes on see Is there any foot see if this footage of Nigel Bend training recently like? I want to know what his body looks like fifty five men using shape, though, but I mean well, you remember that fight with Gerald Mcleod way back in the day back when used to have the dreads.
And that was that was like the defining fight where people realize, like, oh god, a guy who's, the elite of the elite like J Mclaren were terrified of him as well rain dash, and that's why I got into hypnosis fruit for boxing and sport is because Nigel Benn, after default Jello Mcclellan, he said I'd like to thank Paul Mccanna for hypnotising me making me believe in myself, really yeah? Why I went to an evening in Argentina said I got into the job that career that you do now through you. So your influence Well, he certainly needed in that fight, yeah, yeah belief. In himself. As a letter, I thought I got stopped in round woman who fell out real. What is known to complain, noted complained. Yeah could have easily been set up. The clones of martyr he was among murder, Is this day one back posted this on Instagram. Let's see, oh shit, take it off,
He looks fucking great folks, a call. He called gravy like shit man, but the only thing is kind of like how can we hold a shot that age do not mean? Well, he looks fucking great. In like when you watch him throw punches, seems Ricky Hatton on parts. Look at this speed man. Fifty five that's crazy and it could punch out as well so it's still kinda bit snapping them shots which looks like a need you to piss into this cup serve with buying into it. Though I don't want you coming from someone was on Trt buying. That's amazing man. That really is another video of him. Let me see here so they're working on some combinations here, but It don't look bad at all. If someone told you that guy was thirty yeah someone told you I was thirty, would be buying it. I mean that's crazy, that is, able to maintain that speed and he's got a son called Connor Bennett boxes as well. As always it well away, is unbeaten
Fifty five is old. Oh man, that's fucking old is to be fighting and over mountains like that yeah. The only thing that I would think is well one thing going forms that he did not fight for a long ass time only looks like without shirt onto that. That's only gay, but it's not just at purely as a person and analyzing, but even back in when he did used to fight all these fights were crazy walls. Do you? Do you have a long time off, or do you ever recover from ice right? And how much do you recover. When you get hit, it will come right back I mean he last fall, I want to save fifteen years ago. How long is it been? The last time before it was against Steve. Lens is lost. He lost twenty two.
Years ago, twenty years ago you fucking because he's been in it was got into heavily into the church and the system by him and his wife, his name's name's, Caroline. You live in Australia, the excuse to be rabbit party animals in the bucket there in his book, and it says it he done a fight and then he'd go out on a Friday night and he won't come back. On Monday. I used to do d, J and stuff like that, so you were popping pills and doing all sorts out all weekend and he won't stop and still until the more random said right got fighting ten weeks? You need to smoke twenty cigarettes today. Then it's stopping and go back into camp retreat where, but it sounds like that. I've met him and be picturing his hands like that. Big he's must save his hands a huge that certainly helps what I'm seeing there that so shocking his his speed that have fifty five e, look at that kind of speed and eats what he wants. He says for you want it, don't leave anything is not in a good diet. Is it just says what I want to feel like, but it rains all the
Fine runs like ten miles a day and I'm interested just. I just have got me going now, I'm alone confused when he says he eats what everyone is not following. A good diet like. I would imagine that if you're going to be like Bernard Hopkins, Layton is cool. Here like he was an anomaly, but you trip. Due to his display here. We now live the live. Yes, loan, anyone else in the side. I wonder I mean, if Nigel's not doing that, how the fuck is he able to I mean he might be doing it now. But what yeah say he looked well and but if he's trying for a fight come yet, he might do it now bowl when a woman is seen in be whether you fishing ships carry him up over. You know when he says why wants Donny it's time for your bank Logon meeting Box in but one of the best fights I had a city about forever, because I loved him as well hated some and back to the great finally was a great fight.
No, it's just so weird to see a guy come back at fifty five, so confusing to some somewhat fall, but of course autumn fucking bored and obviously you could still crack. You know, like my I think I can do this yeah. I probably If I got to the stage- and I hit the putt for you know, I think I'm coming back. Like you know, people you can see the wheels spinning already aye aye, who is the like, the oldest ever guy, who came back in my tie, my fucking cousin and also he's out about, ten come bucks but he's like for you need coming back again, but I don't know, but there already, but it retired about five times. How does he look for my ipod? Will prob
see me on Instagram with me. Someone was always holding the parts of me and stuff, so he's still in good shape, because always training with me on time, but he's literally retired every time he's fucking insane. Honestly, I love to send you. One of these fights may have never seen it like. I was in Japan with many four against Torrado five knocked down in a minute same owner was like, I don't trust him again and and that and that, and then it got back into the Colony EAST Bay set aside the alright. Let me folks broke, went jumps all the fine. I said not full cal kicking jeez. They went out and an electron, though five, not down in a minute and a half. So I'm to drop the kid twice running a finishing the government down three times itself: a lot simpler, all right: okay, the Tpp body shots. We went on this count left talking at work, sweet any anyway, see when fucking words, although again and again and again- and he just got- went to the world
many tests. Yes, you see these, so this debate DC fight, steep images. First, yes, and you call me yeah the body shop. When was the last time, you saw that many beautiful left hooks landed to the body and anatomy is honored of elite on hurdle out and the way he was landed. It was so cleaner, just but so short too. You know snow like wind up and craziest, just just digging into the body. Around father's will around running slightly already tired as well, I was crying over that one. It was hard watch d c, get beat up, but it seems a good guy he's a he's. A great guy he's a beautiful person, but for me there was also part of me that was very happy for Steve, because steep Steepe was denied, like they weren't even talking. Not him fighting again for the title. He was the fucking most successful, UFC Heavyweight Champion ever four time defended it or you know, four victories in title: fights won the fight
against uh for we're doomed Kayode him in Brazil won the title. Then then the title three times we want four World championship bouts. Nobody ever done that before in the heavyweight division, because it's such a crazy division so, to get knocked out and then he goes and loses and then no one's talking about a rematch like. How will you not talking about a remote? They were talking about him. Fighting Brock Lesnar is like like I know, there's a lot of money and Brock Lesnar fighting but kept the fucking right to the title. When this guy defended the title three But I know what else had done. He was the man and then he he proved that that was the case. He comes back and beats DC in the rematch, like so good for him to get that shot, and in the capitalize on it and he's a heavyweight of all time. One of my one of my into lines just sung for USA Chai males at not chime mills is his name. China very Chai,
chai is everything we know, you're fucking, quiet, big cloud away, but just sort of what you talk through it, though you don't even smoke you mean try Perry, yes, yeah shop early, each okay, you check boxes from the glory just on it at all. One in yeah. That's right is a dangerous man. Is you know what he's such a sweet sweet? Human being they set up a over so yeah. Many hours is Greg. I yeah I was so happy when he want I was so happy because We did some work and I said Soon- Watch Rikki, Tikki Tavi, which is a story about Mongoose fight, two snakes and it's a matter for some really cool matter for anyone so whatcha on Youtube. This is one thousand nine hundred and seventy five cartoon at the story by Roger Kipling lots of metaphors are so no going down certain areas because the stakes were like gonna kill this monk. It's a long story. People want to watch. It is good on it,
told him about that, and then did some work with them and stuff like that, and it is such a nice. Guy he's a great guy tonight and you know him going over to one of c was a gigantic deal. You know former UFC champion in his prime heads over to when I see after a win streak in the UFC, but that Timothy now you can. Guy is no fucking joke gathered. They don't fuck around the guys, just straight up, murdered he's a murderer, as I was super impressed with him about how. Guys like that, are out there that the general public, maybe is not aware of, but Their elite world cause a lot there's a lot on that one roster as well. When I look at nothing fucking hell, that's scary to see about going over there because you're going over there like if you're a guy from the UFC, if you say literally, if you're a to Mcgregor or someone like that in your world champion you known out the land. Everybody knows you guess what they might have somebody over there going to fucking murder yeah.
There's so many of a badass Russians yep. He said that as well, but he said all he's got is one slash three world guys got nothing loser. You said you said, but yeah, but you've got first world experience, so you got first world experience he hasn't and when he, when he won't when he wasn't. I was a super, propose a one million thailand where ago training- and I went yes, it was about half eleven at night on all the light which switch lights come on. You know what people are fighters, I'm not looking out the doors. I was like all right, but I was so happy you want because he's such a good guy he's a great guy and that style that he has like holy shit. I have ever been more of blood and guts fighter here you know and the fact that he was Lotus, persevere against adjusting gauging yeah and that crazy WAR holy yeah that kid is Hall Larry is to watch their Eiichi in all of the best ways to solve your calling yeah yeah that kids violent
is eager to find Mcgregor. Then it with the records. Please please gods of fight, please let that these not falling for December Mcgregor. Could you put some order in Dublin fighting for December? so you know in a box I it you're going to box from over irish kid that got beef with yeah. You might get knocked the fuck out. No, that would ruin everything. I think I think a fight versus gate. She would be the fight to make right, there's two big fights to make in the lightweight division. It's just engaged versus Conor Mcgregor, which is huge and then it's normal medoff versus Tony Ferguson. That's the fucking! That's number one! If I had to give all my blessings my blessings to the gods, I for yeah he's not talking about an hour number going off in twenty first and please, you know I I not radio vest in a you know. Am I right so you know things these days and stuff, but
even I use not educated in any way shape or form was up in Quickbooks, Thai boxing and stuff and watch that could be, and I'm just a car out but fucking allow is when he got back to the corner Petisco, but I like to listen to what he's saying to him and he said I can't keep him off, but I can't get him off me. You mean Tony Ferguson, you know could be is against Pettis. Now he didn't fight. Pettis now be flight recently know Tony Ferguson fought, Pettis and then could be before Justin, Porter Sadi. I apologize you lots of issues, and often is it will now the email could be plus fights, it call went out to the county said con game, me yeah he's just he's just like so far, because an animal living is what effects and fight those last weapon. Now, because, surely are not many left in in doing what he does show Ollie, he only wants to modify that they go then, and the I think the plan is Tony Ferguson and endorsing Pierre. That's big big, big, big, big, big
come on there, you go, I mean that's the biggest money of all time. We would, if I send Pierre actually cool things you can get to five thousand five hundred and five five Charlotte Redstone, that they don't like a mock where could've got himself right now, and I saw that before you looked in decent shape Georges smart as he's so intelligent yeah, I remember being on the air talking about how he's a man first initial, J, Ali's life and all the yeah I mean if he thinks he can do it, you can do it and he wouldn't even be considering if you didn't and you know, he's also training with Kevin Lee now October, lease up their training at one. Fifty five and you know he's decide to go back down to once again. Why he's a nice guy he's a great guy? Can you work with them a little bit, but he was. He was bouncing around to find out what it was for settling the most yeah. So I kept in concert save concerts with him just to keep not ready to do anything, but just keep an eye on him. You are, I also go in
You know, you know just encouragement. Rail is great the future with him, but I think if you know, if anything trip I'm up at all. It's like he has this belief that he's the best, and that belief doesn't get shaken by losses, but it also doesn't seem like he makes the proper adjustments. That's why I commended. Does a frost, a hobby, I'm like listen man, if there's ever a guy who could put still think he could be a world champion. I really do, but I think for us, a hobby is the guy: really hone his skills properly, because who did he bring to the World Title George, St Pierre, who does Kevin Lee fight, like George Saint Pierre of this one, He fights like he's like unpredictable, whether the attacks gonna be striking a wrestling mixes it up beautifully does that better than George Saint Pierre? Nobody he's the best ever at it. Kevin lead
Does that style his last fight, some very Rick based in his last fight combat, but they just put your lights on yeah. We did in two days. It really well this spring, how a bunch he had issues going to the fight. He had a real problem with his with his bow ribs like he was in the bathroom about to shoot light. A cane into his rib cage or- and he was going to have his doctor my face time and uh- we just decided like the problem, was if he fucked up the injection, he could attempt a punk. Who is long for can if you punctures along he was like fucking. What am I doing here? You know, so he decided not to do it, but he in the bathroom had his fucking. He talked about it. How does doctor on facetime? He was like light like lidocaine, his ribs, so he's size to do that and also the reality? Is he had one eye yeah right right, the line he can't see anything and George knew it so George step to that side and that's where he caught him with that left work in Blindsight, yeah and actually literally blonde yeah. I mean look best. Bisping is as tough as a fuck
in human being is ever been. He is a warrior by the time he got to that fight God, damn that guy been through the grass, you know trip through the wringer another one that is as wide a call put out working in a fast okay, Lex yeah, and it got there to mental toughness. Yeah he's a mentally tough as any human, several seven because of any twenty four silver as well in that neighborhood, in the need to jump in and out yeah well, because that will follow up with them. Then, when is the next round hit the ego yeah I mean look, good silver walked away like it was a ko, you know, and it really was a kind of a cheap shot because his mouth pieces out- and he was saying, hey, look to put my foot come out because I was separated and then so was like check this out concrete catches, a you know to come back like you for money. Still we win the fight as well yeah it will it will it with them as well. My been flying knees in MMA is like one lands. You know
you're, seeing guys Landum now like the Masvidal fight with Ben Askren, is the best example of all time, like God, damn in more tight that is so rare. It's hard to learn the cleaning weights. I as well am I've. I've. I've tried myself quite a few long tons and I'll be fine. Is out to lend to Cleveland to the face. You see light that the dots will anyone about Elia they've got it down, because what they do is they unloaded the hums, make you call the tight right and driving Trevor Midley Guard they've got it down to an art then, but like for actual flying, jumping one like right across the ring. It is out to lunch, which organ landed one book out loud and it yeah. I did you tiful, yes, yeah, there's just so in in MMA. It's like you, never know. If a is going to shoot and with wrestlers that design
or to go and dive on your legs and pulled me get caught with that, flying not miles with a woman. Scandalous invests he's the elemental. What's your reaction on thing as well in that case, but you know when you realize that he planned for that, and then he actually set up by moving to his right to force banned to definitely lead with the left leg forward. I mean he really went to that side and then came Adam, so bends instinct couldn't avoid it. That's his thing is to get ahold of you and like here it's right on him and then bang that he comes right up the middle cast out, one God, damn it. God and all this shit talking that went on before that fight. That was it just a devastating LOS yeah sometime he's coming back really quickly against Damian Maia that's an interesting fight, because Damian Maia is a fuckin strangler that applied KO as well really want like
stop it without really want to help bad ko right. So they have him fight. Just four months later, it's like brave yeah and maybe not mean what, if Demi MIDAS the standard bank with them I mean, if anybody looked in your mind, can take you out with his hands. No doubt about and if anybody is capable of stuffing take downs or reverse position as a grappler, Damien Misa, spectacular, grappler it's going to be able to pick one or two that's right shoulder when it November the second Madison Square Garden. Is that on the card I don't know, but as of so we still on it must be done because all India's I don't think Damien Maia Ben Askren's on that card. I feel like it's on the December card should be anything Silver S, the young women to kill, tell verses. That's a potential fire over to find hotels going up. That's it! Well, you five
ok! Well, it was at my last fight and I set up to meet. You are fucking humongous. What you been doing magic come growing is still young in there. So I still like filling out into it. Yeah he's getting thicker yeah we spent you know. I've got a lot of love for till because I got loves us many said nine months. I would eat He had an part on the people oh, so, is that the main event is the main event of the fight card: okay, interesting, Singapore, okay, yeah and they deal boom, Selden. Then you start for an hour and a half of in pictures talk with all the kids, and it was wicked when it was brilliant with the people want island. No, he got knocked out by Masvidal that was shocking the way shot MAS at did it again he's so is a fight. I q is so high. He so clever at figure not a finalization right. Women in the US and and that's gonna- take fight if he's it's Diaz. Then there can
he now thing next, except for that I got today. It has to be, but I'm just very disturbed this whole Colby Covington situation, So I guess you know he just feel like they're, giving him a shitty deal and then they're trying to set up someone else to fight to spawn next and he's very upset. First of all, he's got a real reef a real grievance, because they title way the one the from title, and they took it away because he wasn't willing to fight immediately afterwards and he's like look. I need time. I've bought five round the fucking war. Then he comes back and looks incredible against Robbie Lawler. So I will surely now he's going to get the next title fight and they offered it to him, but they offered it to him. As a challenger with like challenger monies like hey, I'm the fucking interim chair I have one loss in the AFC. It was a lot early on in my career. I fought, injured and lost like this. Is this? Is I've proven myself? It is also puts people fucking, I hate that guy right, but that's by design I mean he's, puts
puts asses in seats and he puts eyeballs on the screen. Yeah we'll see lose all seeing when it's just one of the other. Yes one all the other, isn't it? gotta watch evil like Floyd like Floyd. Exactly I mean with Floyd. Did that so smart is talk, shit, show you his money and everybody's, like you can't even hit him twenty four slash. Seven would convince you that someone really shit might be twenty four slash, seven teased in this, and that is deleted of other things. This is a once in the one that you hear well, there's. Also these there was moments, like my Donna one clipped him at the end of that one round yeah and we all know a little bit like. Maybe maybe my comment mostly what we'll do a little reality as well, but then, when my Donna Farm in the rematch could even close enough that we mostly what we'll do in round two without fights go to school for us to find out it's taken just a just. It gets you out of any just that just a lie. Yeah third round. Just went out, they look up to yeah. My done is apparently coming back again yeah, not
he was going to. I think you still need to get done in any stops again all ready to fight, and then he stops again when the some of them- I don't know, but I I read the is, is trying to stop a fight and then he he stops him his daughter. He might Donna was it? Was it wasn't training with a mostly cold roll, the Don't go yeah Robert Garcia Oxnard, yes, yeah yeah? He was training with him. It was trading in L at LAS Vegas, from which I would close an ox makes it look like a drop. So the way yeah hello, Mayweather money way underneath as soon close to fill it with guns and see God, unless you are a living, the dream, but anyway it lost loads, but I read so Well, they did stop the come back with well that kind of lifestyle. When you only have like one chunk of money and it's just sitting there you're chewing through that share everyday by and roll taxes and Cuba.
Next thing. You, like hey, bro, you gotta, got about one hundred grand shit. Shit get me sweat, yeah yeah I mean he's not too old, though my Donis product, three thousand five hundred and thirty six right. Now you got Instagram. No, my Donna from March- it's not recent, Oh really picture that's his last instagram post yeah. That's why that's remember I remember looking at. I right after that, to come up with Start Lawrence Bones Adams, trying to recently American so that's it huh go to! Let me see, what's going on before that, search a long ass time. We let me see that that's what I want to see before that. I wanna hit, see him hit. In there. Though. That's that's hi Donna looking so much better than he looked. I mean uh year ago he was fast ridiculous, like Bert Kreischer, fat,
looks good. I don't know why the the Comox been around. Who knows man who knows? It's hard! It's you mean when you're out for so long to decide, you're a warrior again and you're. You know back to being a gas athlete again, like the commitment is so significant, so that go before that. Can I do not. I want that right there leave the fat face. Yeah we'll have face he's so fat, that's a fat face. He sounded off when you've I'd like to a free week off after a tough fight yeah in the first couple weeks, but gangs of buck into yeah e include been in the gym everyday again back in a routine or being learned through that picture, Jamie that your cursor is on right now. Look at that! That's what he's doing yeah pimpin smoking cigars drinking a yeah, but I mean how my due to making those Floyd fights him much. A million maybe twenty people demanded that the second one death is a Monday, the second one, but you know when they may be brought it down,
not with class one yeah. That was good. That was a good for how many people went to Kentucky guys, soul, it's so interesting 'cause. He had so much potential but for whatever reason he's just like stepped on his deck, sometimes you gotta think look at him. There was there is, and it's fast they drop down here. I only got pretty slam you got close to, but What is he doing now? Does it doesn't say that stacks of cash stakes having a good fucking. But yeah. That was great when he, when he be broader enough Aaron Brown around back women, fucking dinner, and if they knocked him down as well, yeah So that's why I said it often think late on as well. Well, Broner should have been a superstar only showed, but his whole, like
flashy lifestyles uses the choices they made as well. Those made as well to do Jack like finding street in the middle of LAS Vegas Strip. Ins of thinking I was gonna, see and understand much too soon as well. Thank you get that much money you still at the church, MH also of mindset the. There's no really around. So you know the so There's no one around and I really don't look, no one. They don't get looks after all, the don't listen to who's looking after them give them. You know it's a shame. If a group, some pasta, is a shame, you know I mean he's a and it's slow free. In a very quick fate. Well, I think that was a style that fits on the show and the yeah learn folder that shell style was Kalbe, Imani designated after that as well. How crazy, after the pack, If I was trying to say that Iraq have ridiculous and was gonna saying he was using it, you've got it in the box. Yeah he's got when I was under the homeowners terrible call What do you think that was? I don't know exactly that. Won't close in my in my opinion, maybe some
poison them. Babe lsd dream enjoy Vinny. What is like when you with so many different people and there's so many different psychological issues that fighters deal with. What do you think is? Like one of the primary causes, one of the primary the things that the psychological missteps that fighters make that you maybe could help them correct things from the past. I think I think it's sounds a lot goes on in the allies before they may be. If Confiance yeah yeah, how so I'm, which is a little for you, can have any relationship with anxiety and less on constricted it from the past, so I like to go deeper than just um. Just the surface like to go back and talk about the childhood and stuff like that, hey seems to work, but I think it is
hi, JO, Jo Ace it so interested in because everyone's different in all these, you know on the same day and they all the same fingerprints and everybody's different state to wet with so to say one thing to be very difficult: I'm it is just about keeping them where they are completely one with the cells of the understand the cells. I mean and not go down certain avenues of getting carried away. Several example id tell me that we won't before one of the spice in Mexico City. I think it was. It was like you just pray in all. He was not nervous. It was praying that you just I want to go to sleep because his mind was so over octave and I'm you know in a space based things like a lot. I'm not snow white, committed, Cody, no love, Cody, Gabrowny and all that all so different, but also tell it in a brilliant at what they do is also different. Eight six stocks just to nail it down to one thing: the difference,
but many times it's memories of failure or yeah reminder because in the unconscious, this is my belief that people might argue with it. But I I think that you have to have a certain something else in the past to get yourself a reference, it's like, I believe that is something from the past thought about now protected into the future. You know sorry they jacked into the future is, is your ultimate Lee who you want to find Xena projected to future, as in you'll gonna? Believe you gonna lose all you're gonna do this! So what we've done now? We should just leave it on. So what, with with both been Devin, is I've got a new thing called a showman solution? Why people can go it's not safe website where they can go videos and is like for the cloud of Kuala videos of difference with the: U R, L, the showman solution, dot, com, com, yeah, it's not out yet so be released when this comes out. Let me know so send people there, but yes, please, the
here behind it is you can't do it in one session right. You need a bunch of it's like mental training. That's what pisses me off about five Is they get constantly two weeks before me, a new developer, blah blah blah. You know in our on the fight day work with Molly Mccann or two fights recently she went on, but it was. I had to stop Starbucks from the kids and the thing you get play Simon, say blah blah blah. I have worked with Molly anyway. What people hire me hire me before you lose, so you can. You can, you know, get the best start, your training, the stuff, but I think that's the nature of the job. I think it makes you question yourself when you lose so but that can be great yeah, it's great for May,
but I know I mean even for them yeah. It can be great to lose yeah because it can give you a wake up, call yeah and so many fighters have done their best work after they've lost and made it just yes, try. The mouse is a great example trip. When mighty mouse look well, he be Ian Mccall but honestly that is a grill questionable decision in was beating the fuck out of me and had his back he's pounding in the head I mean it was definitely his worst performance. Or one of his worst performances and then from then on mighty mouse and Matt Hume had a conversation like hey, you can't just fucking half ass. This anymore, you gotta, be all in yeah and he became all in and then became the best mean if we look great as well at times, yeah he's amazing, he's amazing, but he got tested in that. First fight by a guy that no one in America New again that they're all over that whole way in them guys. Well, there is like waiting right. Like all these people. Look you think about how
talent arises right when you get to be an Anderson Silva when you step into the UFC and fight Rich Franklin he's the champion of to be able to know Anderson Silva was unless you, followed him outside the US and you go holy fucking shit. Is this guy good? This could be great if you saw his cage wars. Fights like. Oh, my god like he was incredible. If you saw is fine and pride like Jesus Christ, tried five mean he was amazing, mean Anderson before you got to the UFC. I was letting everybody know bet the house on this guy, because this, he's on a completely different level, but there's a million of those kinds of there's so many those guys out there in these other countries that no one seen they don't get any press, but they've, been lighting people up in these amateur competitions and in small on the small circuit and and but waiting for their chance, just Timothy not to you can be able to know we were yeah. You should see that guy, like Jesus Christ, I like that guy against a lot of people. He's fucking good interest, very dangerous. It doesn't play guy
yeah, you know, and that's also the thing about the no wait cuts at one FC. That makes things very interesting there. That was looking out for the first time I did ever. Did it my first fight for one fought way: I'm a weight class. I got called in eight days noise and I took a fight like one hundred and fifty four question and if I, what do you weigh right now, right now, I've been enjoying America, so I'm probably about one sixty, but when I'm training, even not in fire, walking around I'm walking around about fifty five thousand one hundred and fifty six so and you will fought one hundred and fifty four. What kind of hydration test two they give. You guys don't make sure that you're not cutting weight so on floor. If we fight on the side there on the first day on the Wednesday got weighing on the scales, your father could see what wait you're right. It has no meaning on it on anything, but on the first day of your foot with first wait, Jackie off the weigh in on where hydrated. Because the piss test you and like go away and bang on way, and I dreaded few FE lever, then you're gonna have to do it again on the day of the fight. So, basically, you have two waiting for
Sometimes, if you don't do it correctly, then you do it again. On the Friday we in hydrated on where and then on a site that you can put on your way back on our way, we're going to win fight Do they test your body to make sure that you're not cutting any water? No others make sure that just checking place to basically put like little finger, check out. I'd rate is so if you're wondering, if you're under two hundred and fifty you got anything over two hundred and fifty that's a fail, interesting, so they'll know that you're dehydrated that so your weight is not representative of your actual wave, your health yeah yeah, basically yeah. So by makes making you do it several times. They're saying like this, we know what you are yeah. I am not going to like go away in an opponent, twenty five five pounds, all right be a giant the next day. You know I mean so it's going to give up in the same size, yeah and thus the highest you'll, see to that. Why doesn't everybody do because it's the grossest thing in fighting, is the weight cut because it
it's guys through horrendous internal damage, kidney damage, the way, the anime guys too, as well as I come not me now. I, when I'm walking on, I will only be a little bit seven eight pounds line last John: they they losing twenty pounds like in a week, yeah hi guest of us crazy both grappling it's such a giant advantage exactly gonna on someone and so big such a huge advantage, if you can actually regain your strength and because of the real experts, like George Lockhart, guys, really good at getting eyes, rehydrated and weighing you in sucking all that water out of your body and then put it back to science correctly. It really is, and if you understood, that science, but it's just, so to me it's the most heartbreaking part of mma, so watch those guys like face softly convicted valley, stand on scaling so flag and lifted on this scale. They've been like that before in fights, and I thought to myself fuck it. I'm never want to do never again and ravaged dia, and let them be a bit a little bit bigger than men bought an old. If I finish my career, we want to see. I never have to worry about that. Again. That's great
I just think- that's the smartest way to go. I really wish everybody would do that. I mean, I think it's legal cheating. Yes, you have a life changing. I guess. If we have like save, you got lots to Miller's lost five pounds was lost twenty pounds in the next day. The point Faye Pounce, on which it's crazy to Vinnie. Are you seeing a rise in people that take this mental training seriously and take things like mindset, training, seriously, yeah, yeah and and then different sports as well yeah, because of thank you for having us on it because it does go as low a lot of attention. Doesn't it thank you for a lot my pleasure, thank you and thank you for hypnotizing me. I know I know it's real. You know what types of what West most nerve racking it with RB I've, as I don't in my life. Why? Well, the margin, if I'm a size, you didn't work at a set for two hours, go almost shit! Well, I like treated with respect and I treated it with full attention and I didn't go into it. Skeptically are going to do it with an open mind.
It's real. It's like it's. I tried to explain the state of mind you achieve when you're hypnotize, it's very hard describe, you know without experiencing it, because it's different than any other state of mind that I've ever had. But you are awake. That's the other thing that people out there think oh you're. In another way, you're in dreamland he's going to your pants off. You know it's not a power over either and I'm carrying on continuing to learn more, I'm learning Quantum Linguistics and Time Space Mountain enerji. We call him a car use, an amazing guy with Linguistics, a train with Bob Burns. I went down Scott Lynn, when you save linguistics, you mean by using special yeah when we did the words in combination and listening to our peoples. Language patterns are a lot of hypnotherapist. Now on my instagram and stuff, there are like sleep, hey look at me and blah blah blah and you're out, and I don't like that. I can do that, but it is more subtle ways of doing it
and then I have been working with different people pop bands as well. Okay. But what do you mean when you saying Linguistics? You mean like people using ice, negative Lang yeah. I did not stop and language that to try and get them out of the model of the world, so insight to trying to move them free that model of the well that run the standard of what they think. That problem is exit when you think about a problem, and then you want to go a problem in a few linguistically
and guide them when they go box ways. Not the sign when you keep saying linguistic, will, give me an example of why the words so you like, using like inside a problem outside of your control when you're above the instead of feeling like he's on top of you anymore and is it, is a a so I'm not completely all fight with it yet because I'm still learning get advance linguistic for them and it just. You can see the changes in people that they sought to question all consider and I think a lot of hypnotherapist don't listen. I listen intently and things that make sense. I mean you do when your all your work, you have to listen to people and to get what the comet weather coming from and then asking questions. We start questioning the beliefs of what the problem is. It changes interesting.
What did you experience when you first started doing it? Well, I did it after I'd lost the fight which we want about earlier and if I were a bit skeptical, but I knew when he did it and we're good at his job, but I've always fought like well, I'm not strong. In my own mind, I don't ever need anything lateness, but then, when I arrive in the region, much with a guy who just beat me and not only beat me smash their fucking pieces. Your first time that ever happened and do you get brought to England will fight any one of biggest stadiums in England in front of everyone. So far, why not go use fitting and trying my mind as strong as my body's gonna be can't ever be over prepared, so if I'll just trying to a buff and what was the differently what was the adjustment, so I trained as hard as I always do. I train the same for, but I went to the Vinny and we did we talked about in the last one. It will be instilled some code words into my head, like one of them was warrior and my coach, and if you are saying that in the corner and video commentator at the time and remember him saying in round two. I heard him out outside the ring
gnarly Morrisons, a warrior- and I remember enough that just like triggering I didn't stop me in the first fact it's much more like the pieces. He hurt me every time it made in the second find it again. One two like I was in a bit of a a trance state really because my concentration level's, which is like through the roof and everything just worked perfectly for the dot fight it waves of who we had to to explain how it works book. It did clearly did somewhat recently as well, because he's a felt like it was evident deputies in these. Whatever way he was thinking, so we did some wet recently and even set the other day. That he's he's read is gangs best performances now, because he can you, can forget it and in a limbo mindset, is so important to anything. This difficult, like you, you go into it with like a wishy, washy minds and you're not going to have your alternate, performs at the best performers Dawkins in him. Yeah. You know that's
all about swimming yeah he's going to not say your body can scream needs. His instagram is sold talk from the Lord a fertilizer. I do all the work for people because you realize that, like he's saying these gems of wisdom, but he's actually doing it yeah, you know he's doing it It's not just some there's a lot of these motivational speaker, guys out there. They can go fuck themselves, 'cause, all! they are doing- is like giving you motivational speaking but they're not doing it ease up there doing a rd in front of the camera is fucking class. That yeah I mean he's telling you stories about like mental toughness while he's running, there's something undyne. I am really affected him about that, it's better to media to sit on a station. I will do this this and this- and this all happened in these- that doing. For me, as his evidence. Yeah people need evidence in his book is excellent man already unlocked audiobooks good as well fuck the audio books even better than the book, because you get to hear him talk, talking about each individual chapter like
These unreal stories in between the chapters like the book is great. The audio book is better member him home, you know the photo. You just gotta find me a fountain. Everything is higher t one thousand, but it's just important to know that there are people like that out there that are going to take it to the top level of human physical potential. You know, and that's he's doing, and that's there's a lot of those guys out there, like my friend campaigns, like the Courtney Doll, Walter, there's people that. Do shit that, like you, have this idea. Like physical limitations, everybody does the lead ways. Don't they mean Roger Bannister, that it didn't? He wrote the four minute mile and then everyone else started it with half. But what I like about this show and like about you is you, give people understandings of things that you wouldn't really look into, like David Sinclair, Matthew, Walker,
You know these people that give us information, and not some valuable money too, was into everybody else. Not to me, too man, I'm very fortunate that I have this platform of these guys are willing to come and tell us about these things, because it's just you we learned so much that just was not available to us. When we were kids didn't exist. There was no booze, no outlet like that. We have now a podcast Ayla, most all them nine week, which we will be so many people find full Syria for what you day a lot of my Olson Thank you, I'm thankful to them. I'm thankful to you guys to I enjoyed this conversation as well. We did alright. Thank you. Jenn anything to say anything plugs anything for Stoop LUCA Watchers group that have been how to summon are of minor day Zach on Zach Fold, Menand Chase Chase and look at working with them. At the moment there are guys in
mind, set Jenny, said yeah the minds and bodies and say: what's the you are all going to be in one second, that they just have a watches group. Now your yourself Mina policy eyes that the showman solution and when Zac be available. That's going to available when this shows finished right at the end. Yes, my web sites up and running now, if you want to learn in the movie, ties online course of a three hundred and twenty videos on there. Liam Harrison training, dot com, beautiful, gentleman on time to match is thank, everyone for tuning into the show, and thank you to our sponsors. Thank you, too, honey You could save some money with honey, it's free to use installs in you, computer, in just two clicks and I'll save you tons of loot and you could treat to something nice with that money. Instead of just giving it to someone, you get things for better, better deals, it's easier, that's so easy and you should use it. There's no reason not to it's free.
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