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JRE MMA Show #8 with Jimmy Smith

2018-01-02 | 🔗
Joe Rogan sits down with Jimmy Smith to discuss recent and upcoming fights.
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like Brian and I were really interested interested in it. He doesn't he's not paying attention to it at all but this one is one hundred percent mma, mostly because my is Jimmy Smith. Jimmy Smith is a guy who did What I do for the UFC he did for Bellator as of until as of recently, because Bellator fucked up you up Bellator they got rid of them and now he's headed to under close locations that we cannot discuss on this podcast, because legal things have not been signed by the people that are legal, but he's awesome, he's great guy very knowledgeable, MMA commentator and a good human being so give it up for my friend, Mister Jimmy Smith. The Joe Rogan experience podcast by night. I still wanna say before this podcast starts you fuckedup belt, or you sucked up
He up I've been telling everybody that Jimmy Smith the best out there forever and you let him go. That's that's that's a huge error on their parts Talk about anything. It is what it might be like some future news. We can talk about that. We can the past is the past is up for discussion of the passes up for discussion. I would thrilled is somehow another. They were able to work it out where Jimmy Smith is of the USA. We shall see. That would be what I would like to see. We shall see how that goes. I would like to see that we will that they've, that's big yeah man. It was only said just a little background, so I've been asked me, I haven't made any real public statements other than not Bellator, Haters, wanna, say yeah no belt or never rebuilt or her respect. Yeah I enjoy watching it like the fighters. Yeah and I've always told everybody that you were the best out there. Thank you so much you amazing job. I really appreciate that. Um normal yeah, it's not a it's, not a builder the minute. They were great to work with. They were great about the the whole break up thing. Some would say it yeah, so
what happened was I was I had a. I had a a deal with it with an option year and and two thousand eighteen as matching your. And when I was in Verona new. Two New Verona show, My boss sent me down and said we're not going to renew two thousand and eighteen we wanted. We wanted different deal. When they come to you and say we want a different deal where they want to downgrade it's, never Never you're going comes in says I want to talk it's. Never. I don't give enough blow jobs never never what they they never say that it's always going to be a better girlfriend, exact yeah, it's it's always back. It's always best right yeah. That was it when they were like you. We want to change the deal around. I was like okay, they did make a like an honest effort to keep they, they really tried, but they just I didn't make an offer. That was worth me coming back and that was pretty much it. So it's kinda amicable, incredibly amicable, amicable ask them to me that in the world,
of mixed martial arts, professional, mixed martial arts. There haven't been that many people that have done what you and I will do. This is a small handful of people. You, don't you the weird news about our job, really and I mean this from the bottom of my heart. Every I think they got a guy Everybody thinks they can do that they would they really go we'll just he'll be able to I've seen I don't know how many of them that they want to be. You know, even Walker movies are running an excited yet, and it's a it's a job it's it's it's really. I mean it's one of those things where everybody thinks, they can throw someone into it and I've seen I don't know how many try in it's it's if you really have to work at it or have a knack for it? It's it's not the kind of thing that you know it's almost like co, I mean how many times you heard I've heard of great great you two guys with just, not a great he's, naturally really good he's, not good at teaching him because to him it just
and then you try, it doesn't work. You know it's one thing for a great fighter: isn't a great coach right, so great yeah, great fighters, initially great broadcaster, which doesn't work that way, yes guys are just naturally good at it, though, like yeah. For me, a is naturally Fonda. Like one rose, Numb Eunice knocked out, you want your j check. He starts yelling like. That's just your personality, like you, do have that in your you can't fake yelling out grows, and there rose rows. Eunice Kos. Are you can't fake enthusiasm right and that's, I think the real enthusiasm pages to really care about the sport. There are two things that well three things that we have to do. Is I one is to educate people people just most I think it's weird 'cause, most Americans didn't grow up wrestling. They didn't grow up doing more tightly in group doing jujitsu. So a lot of our sport is at least partially re introducing into it. My mom doesn't know the difference in in the barn, Leglock Chino boxing. She grew up watching boxing or background in that. So you know
to explain why number twos at communicating communicate yet and happy to be here. How great this thing is. You should want to be here too. That's number two and number three is the story. Every fight has a story an even if we don't tell the story, we at least give them The option of the story was Buster Douglas, always fighter and we didn't know it did you have one great night was MIKE Tyson unprepared that might was MIKE Tyson, not as good as we thought it was. We were literally talking about that in last. Podcast gonna, yes Douglas is mom died, yeah before the fight, and he was just motive Did like he never been motivated before got himself in really good shape and had a mission right, I saw my crazy death was month yeah, but but it's our job right and it makes it more exciting to see him. What are we seeing here always saying wow, I just had an off night is muster just have in a great night, was buster always great. We didn't know it, there are a million ways to see the story and mostly play by play. Doesn't, but we do it every now and then, but hey you know this is this could be a new thing, could be an old thing and it's our job to tell that story little bit well
It comes to results that we think happened and why they happen in certain fights in corrections that were made, which is on the technical side of things a things on the ground to which is huge and you're. One of the I mean how many guys doing it, but you're legit brazilian Jujitsu black belt. I think I think that's important yeah. I think have to understand transitions. He got are, in danger. You gotta understand when someone is doing the right thing and then the percentages of them getting sub drop substantial with each move- gotta be there, so you seeing every step of the way going. This is going to be on this anytime. Now here comes the What would I do? How how do I anticipate this going down and being explain to people they follow along and when you do it, and I follow along. It makes it more enjoyable to me and that's so mean We talked about. I don't know you know we talked about this, but I called Dana. Right about you like how many years ago, four when I try to get Jimmy Smith Hardware, the UFC, like four years ago for years ago, yeah
I was like dude. You want better people, you want more people. I go higher that fucking God yeah. I got that guy. He knows what he's doing man who knows what he's doing he's excited. He loves the sport I was telling him you're a great guy and we talk he's genuine. I go he's a real fan and he's fucking really good at him and get him really love it. I I mean I love the sport. I love it. One hundred percent the timing didn't work out then, and then now I'm Well, you got to call some fucking badass fights, though man, you know Bellator Welterweight division, in particular, God damn stacked right now. You know it's funny. There are certain fires and I was thinking about it as a loss of cyber fight. Last Saturday there are so certain fighters you meet, and it's it's stunning, certain athletes, when you Lebron James. You goat cheese screen like I've, seen him on tv. When you see my wife, you go holy, shoot that guy's big, cyber one of those Douglas Lima those if you ever met him. When you meet that guy, you go God. A one hundred and seventy pounds. She is massive. What do you think
box around at two hundred and ten. To tell me: that's we told you Illinois is as it when, when King MO fought rampage all was two hundred and eighteen he stepped on eighteen to 18th. Hi to the fire, a good you know. Doug scene was on a walk up to my go. You've wanted to eighteen He goes yeah he's like well, I want to eat too much. I like I shouldn't, but I have he has walked around, at what King MOE walked around at his step on skill risen, cut to make you twenty, I mean, because the weight classes to twenty without rampage. He walks chemo sites like they are the same size that is so insane. He makes ones of the key. He has the worst cut in terms of sounds over. He deals with it well, but he is one of the biggest cuts of now he's really good with Bellator tore wasn't under on any iv and restrictions. I think it's by state. As a promotional under don't think. I think it's by state 'cause. I think the certain states in hardcore
testing got instituted by you Sada when David Ski came along and I think that's when they stopped. I vis, I think states still allow them yeah. As far as I know, it's still state the address, and so what? What that people don't know what we're talking about. What that means is. This is up for debate, 'cause silver claimed that they had been tests done. So what he was telling me, and I believe him that showed that the Kerr correct way of rehydrating orally. Actually lead to better results. Over twenty four hour period, I've heard that yeah the ivy saying was good for short term recovery from severe dehydration, but to actually go in like a week cutting weight to go back. I don't know I didn't read the the studies, but I do know about inherent dangers of severe weight, cuts, kidney failure. You know the some couple.
Died over last year of professional arrest. Every every few years wrestler dies down. A young amateur, more tie fighter died in Australia, right yeah yeah, the the the issue for that that people have trouble understanding the first off I've been to the IV point I've. Coaches say it's just for their head: feel better once they like, they think need the Ivyann. It's like a plus I've had coaches tell me it's pretty much a placebo. You can't do it that much more now. Once again I have the studies, but I've had coaches told me that that's my choir needs it for used to be What we assume you had to have like a guy's guys going to cut a lot of weight, guy ready with me, how many bags you take. That was the thing that everybody was brought immediately, how many bags two things that that people don't really know when people ask me 'cause I've been in this since about two thousand and ninety nine is when I first started, two thousand and ninety nine you're from the future in the future, walking two thousand and ninety nine two thousand and two two thousand common anyway guys didn't like they do now. When you look at old, UFC's annual get a size of these guys, I teach once you guys who was right now,
legit. Five Frank Shamrock is like my son. Yeah free shamrock was very small for the incredible person we thought when he fought when Tito Ortiz and frank. Shamrock thought it was one of the very first displays of defense and and cardio and how critical it was in victory that he just He was lighter. He was only like one hundred and ninety when they fought, and he was, able to poorly clothed in one hundred and ninety eight one anybody and fully quit taking stuff out of his pockets. Looking like you can fully clothed so guys cut more than that in the early part support I mean they just cut a lot more and when people ask me? Well, what do you do about weight cutting? How do we change it? One of the things about in general- and this goes to with other aspects of sport you're, asking people who already take a huge. Risk. Fighting is huge risk period to not taken, huge risk, just the mentality of, if have to do this to I'm going to do it? It's
you're, saying all they need. They can't take that risk. Well, there are already have the personality of I don't care. What I have to do I'm getting that fight, I'm making making it. So it's it's a it's you know what rule can you make it it's hard to do? You're talking about a group of people, Well are used to taking a huge, dangerous physical risk to even get in there, so adding on the way cut it they're going to take that gamble, every I agree with you. If they can. One fc, though, is instituting some interesting new rule. Changes and one FC is doing hydration tests and they're in high schools. Not for wrestling then ended up. They should they should and who can who I'm trying to member who told me that this weekend, but they're essentially saying they're going to be able to ban weight, cutting they're just going to be able to Is it to the no one can be able to cut weight you just if you, if you pass the hydration test, you're, not gonna bill cut way, so you have to pass this hydration tested every form at every turn you can't just get on.
Scale and you weigh one hundred and seventy pounds. Oh congratulations know know, know you one hundred and seventy pounds, but you're in danger like body with your hydration level point: are they? Are they testing they're doing it because you don't hard falling apart chords. They step up. Not you not. You know. Half the car falls apart yeah. I wonder what they did they win with this. So that's my question: will they have to do it early and blow all the weight classes up? Yeah yeah! That's weird. You have this conversation if everybody on at least or if you don't even shift them one, you find out like what what wait are you really? You know I mean, It could be like a Luke, Rockhold, dude who's, a giant one hundred and eighty five or mean Luke easily looks like he could be a heavyweight. Walking around easy he's like two twenty, two hundred and thirty or something like that, and then he gets to be mad at me. Right now, two two yeah I might be exaggerating, but at the very least when he gets down, and from down to one hundred and eighty five is probably coming from two hundred plus pounds and a big tall. Two hundred and five,
but then there's other guys that just don't cut that much at all what gets me is there's no hard and fast body type like I said, Doug Simmer is huge. He makes it every time talked about how he does it the he he's told me little things he used to not do it well and he looked like death and the last few Whites he's looked much better. He just he tended to blow up like two hundred and ten to fifteen and he's american top team right yeah. Not coconut, creek, double it's Atlanta somewhere oh really somewhere down south, where he might go there tomorrow, something but he's not the main. Main facility. Also there are they all like integrated the Gracie Baja yeah, that kind of thing and the same team. So he goes on to get work, but it's it's and then I've got you know, flannels never make and he looks like he's, got something loose he's not the most shredded biggest one hundred and seventy, and he always has trouble with it. So it's weird certain guys like there's, no way that I
it always does and certain guys look like they should make it pretty easily, and just don't it's strange, so there's no easy rules. What I'm saying what area code is huge wanted huge and he makes it he's a wrestler's whole life, he makes it everytime he's a giant yeah, like how much of it is discipline how It was a really good game plan and really good nutritionist like sideboard or excuse me number command off, made weight easily this time. Yeah and you know so obviously had a hard time trying to one hundred and forty, but at one hundred and forty five she's been successful, cutting the weight yeah, but for normal matter off, he said some real fuckin' problems, making fifty five this time. No problems with bull amazing one of things you know once again going back to storytelling, for us is when doesn't make it they don't make weight. Is it manage the heavier guy or is advantage the guy who, if you don't make Maybe something happened. The last couple weeks at camp that maybe the he kept you from losing the weight or is it is the bigger guy yeah better, come in big or do the guy
it was a little more discipline at the end. He has an advantage in the fight. You don't know well. The problem with an armored medoff obviously was the last fight before this previous spectacular fight with Barboza. He did make the way because he had to go to the hospital. So that's a different animal. That's like you pushed it. So far. Are they were they wanted to make sure you stayed alive, so they had to bring it to a hospital They obviously realize there's some changes that need to be made. They made those changes and fuckin' hell on Friday Saturday night rather unbelievable. That was it it's really weird. Sometimes when you in any sport, I don't care what it is. When you see somebody, you know Jordan in his prime you just you just can't cover the guy. It's almost like he's the only one on the court yeah remember now, like he was the only one in the cage it was like. Everything was inevitable. It isn't available. Yeah yeah, I was never on the readings were inevitable. You know if you hit him, congratulations now, you're on your house, you getting punched in the face. Over and over again, you can't get up getting mauled break. A me
immediately and against an excellent fighter, and I forget Barboza is amazing, amazing, and he made him look like the look on his face when he got up when barbels was like day. You were better than me. I you know it was almost like a yeah like a shroud winning the matter was just when you see somebody that much better, it's back to the well, I was super impressed with Barboza being able to make it to the final bell. I mean That was amazing. Just being to do that. That shows you what a dominant performance it was by a guy like Kobe, but you realize like what what a world class Barboza is that he did keeps throwing wheel kicks in the third round and even landed one of 'em, but just didn't have Johnny you but man. He was still trying to win after a horrendous mauling for eight plus you know what I really look at fighters when I really really focus on them, especially the face in between rounds. I look for that breaking moment of yeah.
I am of Belfort Randy could tour is sitting on the ground just like yeah sit on stairs sat on the ground like beating on my ex guys beat it's when, look at them. Routine around and you see that like what am I doing in here That's when you know you know, men from the boys mentally speaking, and you know, in in Belcher, Patricia Pipp. We fought when he Daniel Straus he's getting beat up for like four rounds and every known he look like Lemmy Adam. There was Is anyone in the right order in the fourth round, with a really good show he just never quit, and I always look for that breaking moment. Man, that's when that's when you That's what really separates the guys who are mentally one, I'm center on those on those one I think Barboza got beat, but I don't think you got broken. No, I don't think so. If you think about the amount of time to that he was actually getting his asked. When I said eight, I think I might set Browns minutes. I think it was like eight,
minutes of pro top time in beating in that fight plus and then there's all the backward movement- trying to get away, throwing those inside leg kicks and doing everything you can everything you can to create space, but for eight minutes he gave up we just or whatever it was. Fifteen minutes could just getting the fuc beaten out of him. He kept when he wasn't capable of doing it, but he never broke Teddy ATLAS said fighters make an agreement I'll stop trying to win. If you'll stop trying hurt me well yeah and he never or did that he never went. Let's just go away just like leave me alone and all back up and you can beat me he never did that he kept throwing the whole time, which is incredible. Just knowing how many tenants were there on the scorecard like well, the thing is for sure I won. I won it tended every round, he was least on hold. It was the old scoring to the Nevada, has invite and adopt the new rules. So in that People don't know. The new rules make it easier to make distinctions between a ten nine around round eight round ten seven around which I agree. They have another that no one's, not so
school. Ten. Eight, yes and I will continue- is there's some ridiculous scorecards that seem to indicate, some of us that even though the new rules are better in the states have an adopted them to judges have decided to adopt them, and some sort of a weird non layered way, 'cause, it just definitely seemed. There was a much larger disparity in the numbers in the scorecards, but number min off just just mauled him more Damn I mean mauled him in a way that you go. Oh god you're, not even there he's just on such another level that you the odds of you, beating him drop so substantially after the first minute and a half after you get it's either looking bosses face. There's like two minutes plus into the first round and he's trying to get up here looking at faces like fuc. How am I going to deal with this yeah? like this is so next level. You know, what's really it's almost to me like a throwback kind of fighter in a sense of
back in the day guys it that didn't have a real, solid wrestling agency background when they felt that pressure, the kind of one. Oh, my god, yeah they didn't have any experience with it. They would like Holy Kraska truck rolling over you. You almost had that look on his face, like oh, like I never felt anything like this. In for someone training about level german high level guys dream with all kinds of outstanding wrestlers, introduce you guys to have that. Look like This is some crazy pressure, that's insane because no one has secret techniques anymore. It's not it's not divided Skillwise. When you have great guys in every camp and the fact that you see on someone's I and I- and I say this to fight as are the you- don't want a first time experience something to be in the cage yeah. You will experience this in training and then you can deal with in the cage Barbosa had a look at his. I like. I have never felt anything like this in my life and that's incredible, considering modern techniques. Well, it seems to me that everything right now? Is is next, in comparison to a year and a half two years ago, like DOS Anjos beat
Robbie Lawler recently and just up fucking the forts to force performance. Like this is as good as ever looked, if not shark. An amazing at one hundred and seventy. But more importantly, like the the output, now of shots that he landed the amount of shots that he fired. The endurance that he's showing everybody is on this complete different performance level. Right now, what I loved about that performance? is one thing that generally doesn't change weight classes when you move up is power, meaning Robbie Lawler. Remember one hundred and seventy was not going to be at one hundred and eighty five he was like, so so. The shot that knocks me out at seventy one needs to strike force. Twenty five isn't going to cow jacket is not going to knockout. Babalu is not going to knockout these big one hundred and eighty five hours so a lot of our punches have trouble. Changing weight classes because the power shot just doesn't go with them dos Anjos looked like he knew. Do that and when I got a volume guys, one hundred and seventy I'm not going to knock anybody out with one shot at fifty like I did at fifty five I have to throw
or at seventy I have to be more accurate at seven. I have to slice them up with those little ones. So I, like all the adjustments he made for the new weight class. He didn't try to fight like he did at fifty five I got it from organs. These guys. I can't go one punch for one punch with Robbie Lawler huge one hundred and seventy. So I like the way his style modified with the weight class change I agree and I also think the use of leg kicks is critical. You gotta slow Robbie down when it was a big heavy. And he immediately started chopping. It is crazy to me also that that low calf kick is becoming such a giant factor in MMA. That cake is is dominant now everybody's, using it not mailman off till after he knocked him out and couldn't knocks him out and was like limping over corner going. I you know one I'm done that was greatest comeback from behind knockouts ever he's he's eating all those leg kicks Melvin, is coming out of my poems both see it because it's it's awesome, elves, just owning that leg yeah I got a little aggressive as as middlemen off does and got clipped man go.
Clip with the haymaker at all. Merrymakers hail, Mary Man and one on the way down to when he was when he was out and then boom another big ocean Shonda that yeah teach you sit there and put lance with a shot, yeah yeah Robbie the brutal brutal knockout artist, I want to see a rematch between him and Nick Diaz. I think everybody wants how's that awesome. Is it possible that place it's weird there certain matches that you wonder how to the the the run. Vandalism right, vandal tour to never. Never have I mean there's certain ones. You can please that's Certainly we still could that could happen I mean we still sell like crazy. I mean I wonder if Nick is. If you want to come back, we only want to come back for a title fight, I'm wonder of his like kind of money. Fight guy, where he's like yeah, obviously he's got some money and obviously a he's, not beaten down anybody's door to fight now he's not you know, he's doing whatever the you want to do. But if you get him back for a big money, fight, wonderful, don't
maybe like a title fight, that's increasing! What's happening these days I mean guys, are like I'm not getting paid esp yeah. It came back for a huge money fight and that's it. You know it's funny. Dana White said something crazy. Like yeah, I'm just going to pack it money head back. Canada check three suitcases cases, all of it mean he did big money fight stuff. Title and then retired? Yes, I mean look as far as legacy, if you wanted to end it right there, that's a pretty nice cherry yeah, that's a nice one! nice cherry wood, finish yeah, that's pretty awesome. Come back up chuck the chips. Even say now. I'm good now do you think? Do you think he comes back for any other fighter? Michael Bisping was the perfect guy from to come back and fight. I think these perfect guy from it comes back for Connor yeah, that's the fight, but I don't think they want to do that. I don't think stylistically. It's I think it's certainly happen was certainly sell, but how GSP fight say, he's a giant compared to Connor
It has a wrestling heavy style. I don't think it's a great. I don't think it would the hard for Connor to look good in that fight is the way I said it would be hard for you. If you would be hard for confidence. He caught him coming in which no one's been able to really do against GSP. They would have to do some sort of catch weight yeah, because the body compass It would be so much different work if they really did one hundred and seventy, and you know there was an issue that he had with Nate, but Nate is a legit one hundred and fifty five or he so you could have some folk and attributes like that. Nate is a bit. Long guy yeah. He does get heavy in between for but the reality is he fought s made made wait. One hundred and fifty five on numerous occasions easily yeah ultimate fighter at one hundred and fifty five that's his weight, and that was another one of those when he came up from four thousand five hundred and fifty. I think he was still in that one shot mode, and if you watch that fight again Connor him goes shut. It yeah he's still here, because I'm fifty five and not did you have a great chin he's a big. Fifty five are is well hide. He's, especially for the first one. Seventy he's hydrated yeah now
he hasn't cut at all, he can take a shot and that one shot bill. He had a forty five ocean. It's not here anymore, yeah. He was a little bit more prepared than needed. Nate fought at least twice at seventy in the see before, can you find Rory Rory and who else was unless we fight 70i but here again at seven, if he fought right now we're being tweeted at someone's so we filter losers, urged overdraw. Yet yeah yeah I'm totally looking for. I don't remember what it was, but he had, I want to say done stun gun Kim some It might have been that studies looking it up right now for us young Jamie's on the case is that is it was this say well she put it up. So I can take a look at it. We see it, but it wiki.
Just go to the wiki. Mma record, no showed all the stuff that we are two eggs. I'm what we've got here, Bro, Mcdonald's dunk it was that Alex owes right. So we tried it for a little bit after he beat Marcus Davis he's having a hard and taking away, and then he came back to fifty five and beat Takanori Gomi beat Donald Cerroni beat Jim Miller yeah, there are only fight was that was, I think, his maybe his final fight. Well, he extremely party, he mentally onie, with the trash talking he got. He got into his head and it became very emotional form with Donald, be friends with the guy. He fights yeah. Well that ideas that can happen. Yeah yeah, he He just he's a nice guy, Donald just likes to fight he's a really nice guy, though, to loop, it back discussion about about weakening, there's a reason
guys do. India's is great, for the fiber is a so so seventy nine at a you know a a fantastic Bj Penn for the the the to me, the More she never having to begin with when you're not going to use and thought I confided seventy. He was one five and one hundred and seventy which you know once the knocked out. Yeah I mean yeah, and this is when he went to hunt seven pounds yeah it was the only the only fighter he ever beat at one. Seventy was Matt Hughes right in in the OC. So what that did? Is the and even when he five from on the rock ribbed on crazy but yeah to receive he fought to hold you go to. But once he had that idea that he could beat these guys at one hundred and seventy I'm just saw it Diaz did to him. I mean he just wasn't right. Rory ate him alive, it's just a great fifty five or isn't always a great set. Robbie Lawler seven is not a great one of the fire? He also Lori Mark ones of me to actually hard to watch yeah. It, which you know and then was exhort accentuated back, would be J made his return at forty five and then you go
okay! Well, this makes more sense. Yeah, like you were at fifty five Diego Sanchez, the fifty a monster, for whatever reason he just you out? Never quite that that level was only attained a few times. You know, he he's one of those guys where, where talking to Josh Thompson recently going backstage in New York, and you know he's trained with Frank, shamrock and and uh. Bj Penn and said they were sent out with an exercise ball on the already been training for awhile and this and we're trying to stand on sex as ball and we're trying to a phone, a and and in walks in like an hour late for practice, and jump on. It We've been trying for like an hour to stand on this thing, you know, I've heard a million stories of of that beating you know come in late to practice, smoking or man leaving well yeah. You know I I never truly, I don't know, but, but you have that
since he's one of those who got mad. If I had, if you had, you know, Bj Penn's ability which is off the, incredible with the longevity and work ethic of like a Matt Hughes. I mean he might still champions unbelievable with really unbelievable. Like you said it was in sports and fits in. He lay USC for awhile, because he like, like the the that room, fifty five division. You know these fits arts man that you fought Machida have you seen it was over so far and sent over to a fire stick. Pretty curling machine was like two hundred and ten or some crap. I don't know he thought Duane Ludwig over there yeah yeah, I'm trying took him out in rumble in the rock fights. Were great while ago me fight is awesome. I love that fight was agree. Idea is like fuck. It I'll make my own promotion. Yeah yeah, I mean that's And Hawaii used to be a really fertile ground. For me, I used to be men on diveable yeah man. Super brawl. Romo super fights were fuckin' great back in the day.
He tore John Hasbro yeah Peter John houses over there, John Llobregat am me yeah, that's right, yeah yeah, they have met a bunch of fights over there may him and that you can anyway, member that young anyway got may have a crazy can more about him. Just keep rolling rolling out of it when tapped, spanking within him them in the Frank church Megan Robbie, Lawler back then remember in Hawaii holy Shaler Lawler. That's really beat him, Miller, shut down. That's right. Sumayah Miller was a bad monster, fuckery monster he's doing his or her first trading partners. I started with TI punishment in like two thousand nine hundred and ninety thousand, and mayhem was there and you know, wrong with that. Guy was crazy. Super skillful, unbelievably skillful talking crazy and great, flexible enemy now yeah, I mean I think his finest performances can Sakuraba. That's what I think he was one of the just technical.
Yeah clean and just went through him just chop chop, Bang Bang Smash show I think he was one of those guys looking back on it, there are certain guys who I'm thinking Josh Barnett a bit I think, show in a little bit who have these he didn't settle down and promotion right in his prime and really unique is using our lives bouncing around a little bit just for net spend his prime kind of bouncing around a lot. By the time he made his UFC run. He wasn't it was late. This memory flat GSP took long break off, came back and wasn't the same guy. You know and you wonder sometimes I think maybe it's prime Vitor Chalen- might be the best, fifty five or in the world in prime, but he was in Shooto, you move around lunch and it just was off the: U S radar, and that was you Cavalcanti two right, jeez, I'm not dead. That was a big issue with him. I am back in the day people saying he was the best one in fifty five pounder a lot like a lot of guys to train with by the time you go to the states. It was you know, just a little bit for the past yeah this
in a few of those cases right like Josh Thomson who were talking about at one point times the best light weight in the world or one of them, and then add some of his best fights with Gilbert, who is also the same time in the same bracket and they fought and strike force while they were peeking. You know thank famous watch those they are awesome guys, but what people learn man who may be new to the sport. Eco system, you can use to be different. You can make good money, find right on sports and why there wasn't a lot of incentive right to move. And guys moved around much easier. It was You know I'll fight here a couple times in here a couple times they weren't as restricted with talent as it is now it's in about five. Don't move over and you'll see faster more to the done with the contract. Guys moved around a lot in in so some like Josh Barnett could move around a little bit more and make more money would settling down somewhere, but it kept him off. The roof we have a lot of France or how 'bout Eve Edwards Eve. Edwards is probably the best one hundred and fifty five pounds in the world in the UFC got rid of the division
even with so remember that it's hard to explain that to people that they once cut the fifty five division at the time he had just now just that head kick off the highlight reel had one of my favorite of all time. Man and they got reaches up under right after that, not that right in that era and once again. By the time he came back, he fought in pride, beat Mashima yeah the machine over lost; Joachim Hansen, time he came back. It was. He was just. She lays at the end yeah man, He Bodog got knocked out yeah right here, Oregon Hospital. Getting back this bone. Boner through at the same time blood, yeah. That was when he was at the top of the food chain. Great guy love, you better stay with him a couple times when I first started super skillful super nice guy Emma, I'm So those guys were you know, news that they had to go somewhere that
a place for them and then strike force became the spot where you had the were Josh Thompson wars. You had Tim Kennedy had some great fights over there. Guido, that's where he got his start. When you beat Josh be cold, cold came from there, that's right! That's! When clay beat, it beat Josh huge, huge upset, yeah man, there was some good fights, strike force and they really where I like the tournament format as fun. You know, division was awesome. At a time when you have c, division was at a low point, the heavyweight division we got low. Thought strike bushel grain it's just hard for people to accept talent, levels of folks that in the big shows. It's like it took Marlon arise to come over and you know the way he looked in his last fight, You know when you see. When you see like Justin Gaji, come over in world series of fighting and see the brawl he had with Michael Johnson yeah the crazy fight with Eddie Alvarez realize I owe this guy's been.
This all along yeah, you know and then, when Mariah's knocks out aljamain sterling with that, that was try to kick embodied in the name of it, but I mean Kael's on flat ones and you, as I This guy is fucking. For real. This is just beat Hennon Baral right, just be Temporale more rice starch ism with a high kick whoa this guy was in the world series of fighting people didn't really look at. That is like he's top shelf When Eddie came from elsewhere, yep seems rodeos in you could argue. You could argue that Eddie was in his fifth the prime bills was a bit younger a little sharper. He comes over the years. He does the same thing. Knock you out once about and suddenly he's on everybody's radar as well. He was Donald first yeah he did he did Donald expose the weaknesses to like it is yeah the fights when you think about what he went through when you cowboy Cerrone, melendes was next form- though San was like Jesus Christ, as murderers, yep and the
San Jose KO is just crazy. Always is always going to have savage. He looks fun. Can do to watch and he gets dropped in like almost every fight. He said it was just like a thing like once they get dropped boom and he gets up and keeps and it's almost like you did, wake him up. Well he's just so ferocious God he's a great guy he's so far which is that it's almost inevitable that is going to get tagged yeah because he's just so like throwing it all to the wind. Let's see, let's find out Often it didn't get through it better than you can. So I just kept like everybody's going to get cracked why the gagi fight was so engaging like you knew. This is what this was going to be an it was one of the rare fights that one hundred percent lived up to the hype yeah. It was exactly what we thought was going to be. It was madness. From the beginning to the end and when you look at how many so many listed, how many champs from different organizations he's beaten in his career, he's being a mall yeah he's being you know 'cause. He was one of those guys once again going back to what we're talking about where
He moved around a lot in his prime on down to one from Japan to build homes off a lot of fans raiders. He was like a like that. The you know, the the. People that really follow him, a new Eddie Alvarez, but your casual fan didn't until he made his UFC trends. Is he the only guy that ever won the title in both organizations belt or no see yeah yes, yeah right, yeah! No one else! Yeah I mean that's pretty God dam oppressive. I think the other guy was a chance, is Lima or Rory depending on who wins a fight that the winter that fight is right. There right there yeah with everybody, I mean and the night Rory beat tire in a very dominant decision completely yeah, I mean and he's lost two guys who also Lawler and of course, Lawler got knocked out by tyrants. He can't do mma, math doesn't work, but tyrants, Champ and Rory beat like that, there's no, Ms Tavern, that he's there yeah yeah. I think sounds better now I really do definitely one hundred percent- and you know maybe will be if they fought again, but it's just statistically interesting,
He says the things when I talk and we came over Bellator we do fighter fighter meetings for interviews where I sit him down and talk to him about the upcoming fights everything an I don't pay attention to what they say as much as how they say it, and I have to say, were Mcdonald when he came in, I went this guy wants to be champion. He's not he's not come over here going to get paid, and that's what I mean he really has. Fire in him to be champion? He is one hundred percent devoted to it and that puts him in rare and Lima. If you haven't seen that guy five minute he hits you we don't know where you are. He is funny, put everything behind every punch and he can start to anybody in the The question is: can you handle the takedowns? Takedown defense has been suspect in the past see if you can handle the takedown over yeah, because that's exactly what Aurora used on Paul Daley and he just went right through Paul Daley. Acting for national president, he cracked and it
immediately has statement boom, takedowns mission yeah. You could see that he wanted to lead daily. No, this is a fight. I'm gonna, I'm gonna be a danger on the feet, standing and guess what all look I'm on the ground, I'm not afraid of money. For you, and now you get strangled yeah as long as he's not afraid, I'm standing up, then there's no hesitancy in engaging, and he wasn't for me he's the one who drew I mean he's one land first, he's top of the food chain. My opinion, I think I think he's right up there with anybody at one hundred and seventy pounds in the world and I'd like to see him back in the UFC for selfish reasons. Of course you know and I want to see what the fuck is going to happen. Now I mean the whole division is just a topsy turvy right now, I know once five and one hundred and seventy it's all craziness is so there's so much happening right now, with our d ok, just dominating Robbie Lawler like that and people clamoring for a title fight for him and now call tire had to get shoulder surgery, so tire had a labrum, apparently try to rehab habit and eventually want can't surgery so he's out for several months
we you can't do shit, tough thing when, whenever you Delta or the OC or wherever, whenever you have that backlog We have a champion, can defend a tile, someone that he's out for a little bit the honest I mean they eat each other. You know if there's no way to get out, you can go through your prime waiting for that guy to come back from surgically years, whatever it is in a division. That's that stacked and these guys are killers. You got whole prime trying to climb up that mountain again? It is tough! That's a dictionary boxing and mma right. Cousin boxing, your man with me to keep that number one contender position on a percent yeah they they would. They would wait on that one. Let's wait on this one for you fight You find some joke I was born in the month club yeah boxing yeah guys take warm up, fights tune up, fights yeah. And in those would also be like highlight fights, because you know you tee off.
Some guy that was below him, and everybody gets super excited about this guy, the titans about to fight yeah or whatever it was yeah. That's when S artist. If I don't toss departed today, actually million a chat a little bit, he does the boxes for show time he's there yeah and if your score, that guy used to be editor for Ring magazine for like thirty years, you can't stop him about boxing at last slide. I've added some obscure stuff. He a everything were talking once about who we division of I'm going out and he looked he goes. It usually isn't. He said, the usually isn't the most Activision and Box, and we remember the errors when it was because that really stands out as, but generally it's not that good. Usually forty seven is the hockey, division with great fighters in he's the reason Tyson stands out. So much is you talk about all those nobody invite in the 80s, with their usually what their whole decades, where you are not good, what happens with Tony Tubbs a champ yeah yeah, there's a lot of guys. Tony Tucker member him sure. There's a lot of nice
text. Larry Holmes gives a just a mass amount of guys yeah Trevor Berbick. I guys, are kinda lost to history. At this point, yeah, that's the Tyson be member. There was a chance. Fell, fell down three times from one punch, I remember well meant mills Lane was referee, used twenty right. Yes, sorry about youngest youngest, Jim Middleton when Kauffman Sect- but it's almost like, I feel like I have a you- don't eat pistachios you get one little, not the not the shell, but that little outside layer of the pistachio almost feeling a little piece that in the back of my throat could be never know, never know we just that thanks have have another commentator across from you know, I'm trying to make you cough project more. You know you trying to think slowly battle, Bro yeah right now we're good brother good route, one. I want to know what the is going to happen.
Yeah. That's I mean you and everybody else a place where he's the most terrifying lightweight contender in the world, and you have Tony Ferguson, whose mother Fucker, who is the interim championship. Champion, and then you have Connor who who knows what's going to happen with him? I UFC is going to give him a little while I'm going to Sometimes you know hey let the holidays pass through the funk happens and then have to make some moves but they want to do a Russia fight, yeah I want to do a rush fight. I know a guy. I know I got a little cells and it it's a rush. Baby yeah Tony Ferguson smb, but never got off in Russia. What could be visit on twitter about this callers I skin by skin your pets and only wearing one. So yeah come on. That's that's quite a mighty God, true
You truly get on your bucking knees and beg me. Otherwise I don't give a bollocks my key is out this year and that's Didi bread now, but I think below. That is so he tweeted the bear thing, and then it was. I skin your pets and I wear him once oh yeah, that was pretty funny. I was comparatively witty slaughter your pets and wear them as coats and only wear them once, and I only wear them once, but there's a lot. It's good trash talk. I seen called Bobby Fischer against the world follow chest. There there's a document blob fish are called Bobby Fischer answer, whether not you're in a chest. You should really really watch it. I'm in the Bobby Fischer yeah. Ok, it's called Bobby Fischer against the world, and God yeah he was. And anyway Interview, one of his his Friends is long friends, long life, friends, name Dr Anthony Sadie Ann. There
Ask conversation before Bobby cut him off. He said Bobby. If you don't play chess eventually they'll come a time where no one will ask you to play chess, that's the situation You know you can keep doing this and tweets, but the reason your frames, the reason people you have, that what you have running is because you fight in the. Comes a time when, like I said, the division with the press, the sports division, every it'll move past you now com have enough money, doesn't care about that, but that that's all was a risk. You are who you know: you're an old school. You know sugar, Ray Robinson tried to be a a dancer. Entertainer got old and they went yeah, we want to see you fight and that's all you're gonna get paid for now. Yeah. He may not have enough money. He doesn't care about that, certainly possible, but there's no sport, there's no division that won't move past. You eventually, and that would be a shame. And he thinks he is on money, but
He spend like Floyd Mayweather. I mean he's going off. If you go off like that. After what are you run out of money yeah maybe twenty years from now, but you know to see him till twenty years, yeah your window to make money yeah this big impression sports, you holding in this. I don't know if that's uh, I don't love that sustainable, I don't know if he's going to have money to live the rest of his life, but he certainly doesn't if he just spends like crazy, I mean We might just go through a phase and then he I decide to cherry pick specific fights to make tremendous amounts of money, and then there was some talk about a Pacquiao fight in boxing. Who knows what he's going to do, but his only sustainable avenues me, meaning once again in boxing say he fights Manny, PAC yeah. Let's say he lose say he loses that fight tired of spending. Seventy bucks on a pay per view to watch and take
great grandfather shot. He tony Ferguson, any unification fight in tales, Tony Ferguson, then then fight Manny Pacquiao all day long, exactly it's! It's that sustains him. You don't get mad He tony it's just that, for instance, a possibility for argument's sake, yeah, it's I'm I'm taking the devil's advocate position. Tony Tony got mad at me. Wearing the hat is chaining. You TED plant, your bro. Well, we weren't, I don't know how to say it, but poker that for for them It's gift gift, aware that and listen just because he's got I love Tony, but I also love could be. Could a bad mother to not to deny that is ridiculous. That messed with. So all right, I got asked them to come to our. What's: what's the what's, the the master files ever been you for what man I don't know we'll have stories, not many of them, usually how much better with their I get along with just about everybody too, and if there was a gram pages format once I remember those of saying that he need throw more leg kicks or something like that, but it is because
turn to be successful and when he does he's, I just think that guys get a little to knock out heavy? Sometimes I like to see people be more technical and mix it up an addiction man to get away from the power that rampage had and how he's always going to have that power. My thought was like what I would like to see is a person is a fan. I'd like to see him mix it up more yeah, you know become more technical he's always going to have that ridiculous. Chin he's always I have that unbelievable power. Those things are not going away. First, ever grapple with rampages rampage Jackson, that's very first guy ever grappled with really you a legit studio, I grappled with him. So we're doing something for some television show some inside. That's right that inside the UFC thing that I used to do like way back in the day that was like when spike first had the UFC, we did some stuff and he was getting ready to fight Chuck
and we did some stuff together. He like a lot of people, didn't know who he was. He came and we drove around LA in his monster truck. He had some crazy monster truck was like Jack three feet up in the air. She wanted you to know. He was no point course It's one of the marketing plan for them. I was with rampage. Ran to one of the Wu Tang clan. Section of LA on Hollywood Boulevard hook boot, news coming out of a check, cashing place. Yeah, which guy was. We were having a good fucking time, though that was for anybody knew rampage was I I understood him 'cause. He was going by the select once again like ninety nine, two thousand and nine finish at UCLA, where it first got my You just was at UCLA, and then I graduated and punishment. I get on the mat and probably telling you I was going to start at the time five arm bars in the Do Monday, Footlocks yeah yeah his arm sick, specially far side, and so we got on them at an
I can't with- and I said, My name is Jimmy. He goes I'm rampage and I thought misunderstood him. I was like I I can't you know I was like is Randall or something I just misunderstood him and all I know is: I knew armor in at the time and he was big as I'm going to log in and I went fairly straight sun again again again, I'm gonna and then got an and he lifted me up to the ceiling with one I'm just around in my ask. Just went right on and five well comes running over mad, like I'm not supposed to do that and start screaming at him, and he walks off ramp. Internist Amigos debacle right as right, yeah we're fine man wrestlers, you know big slam before now. That I met Quentin Man back then looks like in the cage, like a second fights, for I was there right after his first fight of course, like literally we just get started like living in his car stuff and now he's come very for each one of those guys I'm really glad Marvin Eastman like one of his first. This is, I believe,
first. His first fight, king of the cage platform, was Marvin. If I think he thought once in Tennessee or something but man, started beating guys up. He started long history. The sport has now and you think about it. It's interesting 'cause, it's all just sort of accumulated like the different styles and the different abilities. Do you wonder how tough especially California, in the early two, local scene was a mother. Oh yeah, because you see like enemy. Big. It was not, but was pop. It was cool it like was popular. It was fun and there were. Many big shows so guys. Had a fight on the local level for a while to get another fight to get there, and also, once again the Contras were So in between it's going to have that many guys. To go down to king leakage and make some money. So you could see some really talented guys acting
you can really do is weird that other champion shows Soboba Casino Man swear. I thought first time I felt like for my friends up there. There was a bunch of casinos would have it all had to be native american reservations. It had their own rules yeah. It's illegal, bathroom scale like little going to bat scale in the lobby of a hotel in TED. Look gonna go yeah, you're good, you know whatever know whatever test was like. Can you find you know Can you stand on one foot? It was later that was it strange. It's wild. Do you remember when the king of the cage it got rainy and they decide to let everybody flight, awhile, Bro, wet n wild it's crazy that words following that card is Jeremy. We did. He really, I believe so from Tng team next generation yeah. I yeah Sultan Chris, Prince Kim and back then solid dudes man, yeah, there's a Jeremy Williams Right was the one the wind surf on, who want up, get locked up I me the original one who took his own life and looks online right.
Story was a really interesting. I super talented too. I found a grappling match against Jerry at no limits. Remember Normans yeah, yeah hold more calling me so anyway, so I got a call from the guy who ran no limits- and he called me say- have a grappling tournament coming up. Would you like to fight 'cause? You know I was doing graph in terms of time. I said yeah sure no problem man and because you have a super fighting, is Jeremy Williams because I seen seen- and you know he was yeah locally in california- was known and we got in this ring or whatever, and we fought an item in told and he tapped and end. I went back into the locker room. He's bawling like balling balling, balling, balling Blick. Devastated, and I remember thinking at the time. That's that's like it was in grappling training, dot com, and it happens like this teams around in like a funeral or something, and went up to and I was like man. I've always been a huge fan, which is true. I mean on the local,
at that time he was like here he was. He was a level above most guys and I told him huge fan and it's an honor for two minutes. Thank you. He heard me, but I don't think, at that time? Some things going on, like he just seems so emotion, so devastating it was gone his lifetime and when I went to Japan for Fight Quest, I read that it had taken home life and that was tough man. I was tough Wolf yeah. It's not all sunshine removes an enemy. Well, it certainly isn't. Well, it isn't in any combat sport right. It's like what up in it's hard to tell it. What is what's happening. Is it? What leads you, to it in the first place. Is you have this burning desire to get back people and your emotions are in turmoil obviously everybody's different yeah. It's one of the things about Rory. That's so unique, like people have this idea of him and then he did my podcast and one of things. People said like he's: fucking normal, like he's like uh the guy he just when he's fighting he's really serious. Have we talked every I thought he was like this. Complete
total silence, psycho yeah, these two, the podcast, he's joking around down. He self deprecating he's super honest about like what so many trains too much noise. He breaks down. We can't do it anymore and I always he's like scheduled training differently. A he's not like I, some Superman. I can't be stopped, I'm never tired. I could keep pushing. There was none of that. Yet, doesn't shell like what I do. He said These are a totally normal guy in your life when it is funny, is engaging self deprecating. Yeah. You know. I talked him the t to fight as a you know. He comes up to us, we're you know we were gonna fight after thirty five to the we're calling this fight, how you doing goes well it's a shot beyond that. I'm praying I'm done crying in the bathroom, just bawling, and no no, but he's a funny. Dude he's a really funny when he choked out Shogun. He said something effective. He goes. He goes if you think
I'm going to sit here and listen to a middle aged comedian. Tell me what to do. I just choked out a world champion, something that you just wait for it you, just whatever like when I interviewed him and by the way for eagles fan holders for you interviews are, if not the hardest part of our job. The x factors in reviews. Everybody asked me in this is kind of like a behind the scenes. Thing really don't know. Whether not we do an interview? Is a production called one percent? We don't decide, I don't decide personally whether or not somebody gets interviewed housing bellator we have commercials, so they have a commercial material. We gotta get to him. If fights in quickly. We get interviews if they don't we don't doesn't matter who the fighter isn't what they're doing. But it's not my call there geeked up on adrenaline there all over the place. Producers. In my ear going. You know you have one or two question: how many, how many have time for that can go off crazy. Like you just don't know it's the most x factor, part of our job, because it's off the format you
hold the MIKE and they kid say whatever they have no idea what they're saying what they're doing trying to keep in one place. You know people don't realize that people go. You guys, always touching the fighter if they start. Moving all the cameras move guys an it ruins the shot, we're trying to keep them in one place when I put my hand on a guy what I'm trying to do or gal whatever I'm, keep them in one place, for the two cameras get a shot of them kind of sensitive yeah if you've worked to really work, but when they have a drain on they'll start turning around or the current address, the crowd and the start. Turning around you trying to keep the once what I wonder when the weirdest, which I've ever gotten was I will catch me on camera, pointing at the ground. And what I'm saying is. Stand right here, come to me and stand so that, the camera shot? Is you know I'm not right so every now and then you'll catch me doing that. What I'm doing is stand right here. 'cause actually get mad, because I would go to the fighter and would like ruin the shot, so he wants them to come to them. So it's Center is weirdo two Amigos because
It is so racist the way you point to your shoes with itself, but I swear to God. He said like you. Point your shoes when it's a black fighter and The last car had heavy black troll. It was cool. I was guttural lying. Lastly, kid from fortune it was hell but like how did demeaning. You point your shoes when in school you explain to you how to shot works is hilarious where people get mad, because why didn't fight again? If you don't like it really a timing thing. You can do it, you can't breathe. That's all you can't can't read it and that's about it. I don't engage with anybody. I don't have better shift to do, but you can't get upset at people that don't understand the format it's crazy, you're upset you, like legitimately, upset that's what I was doing yeah. They really get. They really really lose it over, but it's a small percentage. You know, there's a million people watching and you get one chitty tweet. You really gotta think about the numbers. Yeah yeah. Well, the thing to me, too, is like when I left bells. When it came out whatever the 26th the response like
kind of blew me away. I mean I was hearing from people saying you know that they knew who I was just you know. Everybody was just It was a huge deal. I couldn't believe it. I didn't expect all the support I got, and I really appreciate anybody listening. I really I appreciate it when something like that happens. So first I heard from him was when I left bell. For the first time when Jordan was looking on being and I laughed and you wrote me: man keep your head up. It's going to be great and I was like I don't know you know. You don't know, you're kind of cut off. You have no idea, but the support you get when you really need it really amazing, well fan of the sport and you enjoy watching it. You wanna commentator who appreciates it and also he's talking about, and is it is it entertaining like? You take good paths. You know when you describe thing, so like you criticize referees they make. She calls you do the right thing. You know you speak up for the people that are watching. That's you know that's it's so hard. You have to do it yeah, even if you love the referee, even if you let the ruble at things like well, and
I love this in big John. If you're listening, I would love to hear an explanation. This is one of the funniest moments ever had. Commentating was It was Marlon Sandro versus Frodo Hospital. I have at one hundred and forty five. Belt or an Iphone. Who got a cup shop got a shot boom kick to the nuts and Hey John. What's up goes he was MIKE, so I can hear it. He goes that was shot. I'm only giving you two minutes. And I went I'm on air going. I don't think he can do that. It's either five minutes or You can get him. He asked you fighting, there's. No, he went up to go that wasn't bad at all. Give me two minutes and I went so. I won't have to explain that to an audience and go As far as I know, he can't do that it's either five or it's nothing. What he doesn't want that, you eat you. I I'm trying to explain to the audience what he might be thinking like. I have it didn't look bad to but here's what he's thinking and then and a lot of things you're defending the referee. Now I'm trying to think about
could possibly make him do that you have to write that line yeah I go. I had this is what he's thinking I do Disagree about that, but well you guys I bring in rabbit are the good thing about the FCC. Bringing mark, Ratner and Mark Ratner goes over the actual law. Or the rules rather, and how it's set up the one. It's interesting. We did a show in Detroit, I believe it was in Detroit Michigan the they make use of the replay, but when they use the replay the fight is over. So They make use of their instant replay, but if they do have to go to the instant replay they fight is over. For what for context. Is it or anything but would that even be useful? If you have to invite? Well, it's some sort of injury, or If someone claims that a shot was in an illegal area to declare no contest we could really work could really work. The only way they can go to once they go to a replay. So, if the
He makes his call, and then they request some sort of a going to the answering for the fight is over. There's no fighting after the answer replace played, you know it's it's it's so funny when, when when people ask me about. You know why there's so many controversies in MMA in sorry, com sports is the only major sport boxing and mma, where the kind of subjective the score is kind of subjective when the fight is over is kind of subjective, there's just so much room for interpretation in every facet of our sport. You know what one of I own a referee stopped fight his judgment as to whether or not what Intel going to find yourself. As is the case what we know the scoring ten thousand eight hundred and ten nine that's completely made criteria, but in the end effective, clean effective grappling is subjective, you know, and so, and also the Well, when I was in Israel, a guy took uh Jeremiah Labiano took a groin shot and shot but every two point two different interactions, lot of referees. Don't do that you have to have
two of the same infraction the rest of the away. He he's allowed to do, that so so much the sport is subjective. That's why there are so many arguments about this sport. Is you know so many check to help and that's why it's so important have really good referees. It's hard to find them. They don't get any praise and they only get the get hate when they yeah you know that's about praise the do the job. Well, it's a I mean what you said: the the the most locked solid is the rules, that's the most locks up, but this group scoring's very subjective and we're talking about the could be fight. The, even though they were using the old system. I mean the scorecards were crazy. Could be was way ahead of him. I don't see if you can find it Jamie but to be was way way out in, that's something I do not miss doing is scoring scoring. I don't think it's smart. I know these to make you do that over, now it almost at all, I mean I'll meant
Comscore fight as fight as I'm going yeah with, but the thing what's so funny is peoples reactions to it's. Not that I mind doing it is that people you know Steve Farhood and, like I said I just finished talking to news. Does it for Triforce he's like oh yeah. It's You can't make a scorecard that everyone agrees with. Now. Most people agree that seems we're on a ten point must system in ten or less than we have thirty twenty five, three thousand and twenty five and three thousand and twenty four before a three round fight. So clearly, this is. These are extraordinary scores. So this is the twenty four. Is ten eight in every round ten, every round, let's say the other two were ten eight in the last two rounds, yeah. That would be my guess. I think it's right, though I twenty four right. One hundred percent was a mauling. What I used for before the rule, change was complete dominance inside it, and there has to be moments where I go, this should be there has in there were a couple of those moments in every round within the cabin.
We talked about that. I had Dominick Cruz night after this after the fourth round Second round, rather we said. Do you think that you know this? is a good argument for stoppage right here that the corner could be really within their best judgment. To say, hey 'cause the people I was with I mean this, and what do you tell your guy at this point, I say, show me something if you don't show me something. First minute This fight tiles going in you got you gotta, tell your guy look you're gay handled here we gotta start thinking about your health. If I don't see something in the first minute, I'm calling this month Could you imagine if ads landed a flying knee three minutes into the third round? I'm and if it did turn that fight around I mean it would be the greatest combat what she was capable of doing he's a guy who could who could maybe throw that kind of thing it just don't seem like it was going to work on, could be he just. He was mauling them to an extent where he was draining his energy to the point where at some get up any was try and to be mobile, but you could see the wobble in a step. He just wasn't steady. He wasn't able to
cork and he was just under assault- also there's a difference between a guy who knock you out in a guy who naturally, heavy handed. Everything you throw as hard bye. Also is a knockout guy, but it's essentially his accuracy, he's very, very precise with when he throws. He's not heavy handed enough to like club, you, with a shot, knock you out, he's not you know, it's always kicks, they know what kind of guy you have in a sense. I hit it once again: potential people in belt, or that was just heavy handed. He can hit anything. It's going to hurt you so if you're, a guy, is that kind of guy. Maybe he wins it last thirty seconds the last round, but if you're a kicking guy who needs accuracy and timing in a guys coming forward like cubby was coming forward, What year you don't have a ton of options. Do I mean what kind of guy you have yeah. You are in a lot of ways. Well, in a lot of ways it was a giant test for could be because we
I see what he looked like against one of the most elite strikers in the division, but also him off yeah. There also is a big test for Barboza. It's like you're going to have, your hands here a lot and that's never been a strong strong suits, but his is kicking, though he knew how get them before the whole time yeah they fade Coca better step forward. The entire time, knowing that Crowe COP needs outside games. For four years I set the footwork traps and it's so difficult to move back constantly. It's so much more casting to constantly moving back and you know Barbosa was just getting chased comma match. If that fight was in you know, we have two cages. We have a smaller cage used for the ultimate fighter and the bigger cage, the use for I kind of like the idea that smaller cage for everything I kind of thing that you can move around a certain amount that big ask age like: let's get some more seats in this. I mean and some real little ones they used to have some of those local shows real little ones like small and
room. Whenever I train it was always never more than like two steps backward. You have the cage, you just start hitting fence good morning Senate Committee here limits a lot of your striking on hundred percent. It is a have you ever thought about like alternative venues like what would be good alternative venue for maybe talk about on the podcast with the fight companions all the time? What I I think like a football field or basketball court, I think like something. Well, you we fight in the center, and you have plenty of room. We never go outside of it and you do get out there like Lionheart and ship like that, like in underground basement. Now you know it's like it's going to pull. Remember they find a pool mutherfucking! Well, if you want to, we show in France in the same arenas where they have basketball games right, we've got all these kids running around in this area. But then, when the fight takes place,
also. We gonna put up a cage. How about you just like keep that same size area the guy stands Center and in those warning track or people or wait on the outside edges. Tell me go back in, but there's never a time. We can press someone up against the cage, try to get a takedown, it's doesn't exist, there's no cage like so you don't have that extra thing That's in there. That's a factor because that is the cage is a factor one hundred percent. It's not a factor in your backward movement. It's a factor in your ability to get back up. It's also factor in some people's ability to hold you in place and to defend against emissions right. The cage can't roll in the certain writings Well that wasn't there would change a lot of what a wrestler can do inside the octagon for sure it would either be awesome or absolutely terrible There's not a lot of middle ground yeah after I think, Remember when Frank Shamrock tried to do something like that, he had a thing called shoot: Fox. Remember that, It was like a shallow bowl and you fight in the middle of Yama. Did that
Do you need anything? Norris is World Combat League and they have kickboxing in that kind of thing. Ok, like a little Raymond Daniels Fun. We did, I think Wonderboy might have as well as peace, yeah, crazy Daniels is pocket monster who John White, Barbara Dude. Johnson, the in the sport, forty forty one still smashing people did unbelievable. Yeah, yeah, yeah Beltre kick one thing that I really enjoyed, that they did, that they really focus. On world class kickboxing. You know I mean guys, like Joe Schilling, Ray Daniels. They have like some of the best people from the Kickboxing world, the came over we're competing for them and they're making a big deal out of it. And put on exciting baby. He really kickboxing it yeah. To work for K1 yeah there's this thing: man we started back in the day. I think I got tickets for him.
The Bellagio like way back in, they. When Peter, it's fought. Stefan Leko now old school, lumberjack man, yeah man, brutal yeah! It sounds awesome! I'm a big fan of kickboxing. I like the fact that Bella engage with both of those things, Kevin Ross stand belong nose, but I just wish they would have like a completely separate things like making a big like a call to Bella tore too and people get confused in general tore this kick part like Bella tore Kick boxing yeah. What is it I was in a piggy back off. Let me make sure to exist, so we shoot them together right. So please change the ring to a change of it lowers from the ceiling. It's actually really cool if you ever seen before yeah. So what happens The start out when they start with the ring of the ring set up and all they have to do- is change the the and they change they take out the ropes and then the ring. I mean the cage comes from the ceiling, they have a suspended up the lights and it comes
and they play two thousand and one and they latch it in and then MA starts. Do that's pretty cool, so important hope you find it well! You know interesting, to or whether intention intentionally or not, they nailed the correct shape, for platform which are rings hits on, because the Bernard Hopkins Fight, when he fought Joe but Junior, and he got knocked out and he went flying through the rose and fell and hit. His head is like how was this not protect? How do they not have, that figure it out. Well, the wait, figured it out would be to have more space on the outside of the ring. The idea that you could just fall right through the ring there's nothing there to catch you all you would need is an extra four or five feet. That's what we have perfect! It's perfect you guys today I figured it out there stop doing that, not that many more baby. I know I'll get you some eventually they fuckd up, We can. I have no idea, I really have no idea I've heard it. I mean I have a couple theme but I don't know I'm now when it goes.
The paramount network. Yes, when does that happen now? Is it two thousand and eighteen look at those galaxies from ceiling they use around one hundred. Yeah. We use around kids. So it's right. I like round two no need to have sharp edges, but the octagon it's like what is a thing now? It's a thing yeah rounds. Pretty dope, though not bad man works, pretty well um, I'm sorry say who might might replacement. I don't know no. No, no I'm not, but did they ever talked about changing their name? No, they did years years ago, with the options I don't know, I think I think at one point they were about using the network name to be like spike in the May, but I don't know how far that winter and how many they had why not like HBO Boxing, like HBO Boxing showdown kind of like, I think, that's the way to go yeah FC? Well now it's not work. Well
Mount network MMA which doesn't roll off the tongue. Exactly spike. Mma sounds good. Yeah yeah! They were considering that well yeah, the eighteen I think they change over yeah. The first first belt or shown on the 20th today's afternoon, Spike tv MA yeah, why Paramount network Paramount come up? You had spiked for a long time. The HBO Boxing champion, though right you know when they do right. Well, that's true! Yes, true yeah! That actually is a very good point like there should be some sort of a a sanctioning body. Yeah I mean We tried that. Remember wama remember: when I made or one MMA championship was there was affliction they tried to kind of make a belt that was yeah, but it was called Wama yeah that you realize how that would sound, grandma grandma. So what happened? Was they tried to make a belt that was independent of any particular promotion, meaning the wampa belt would move when that fighter went somewhere else, yeah
the way anime works. That would never fly. People like well. Why not I mean it. Does that boxing. Why not? There's? No good answer Well. The answer is that the brands are much more protective. What is this is Donald Trump Don. I am a well that is hi. Larry. Was there He was there for two Silvia versus Phaidor yeah. That was the first Amabel right. Yep, do not whole mention a wanted. Beating somebody. I forget it. Who's got that well about now. Who's got that so we have to find out now, like maybe to bring them back. So, whatever came. A million echoes when belt anyway, I do not know yeah. It's things that you wonder. Like a fighters union like earth, maybe beings, I don't to work A sanctioning body outside of your seat seems external meant, is so strong and the fact of the? U of c being the dominant organization. It's like q tips. You know it's like that name. I,
cotton swab yeah, oh, but there's a q tips like the NFL I have a facial tissue. What wine x come on Bich, what right. So one of my pet peeves that I will explain right now that falls in line right with that. I hate with a passion I hate explaining to people what I do for living. Really I fucking hate it. When I was a builder, why because you were built or not because what happened was like I'm in a cap with the I x and they go and they hey, I So when you come in, we from Miami, we done work. What kind of work do you do I'ma come? mixed, martial arts fights, and you just Blank stare. They have no idea what you're talking about and then you go. You know when they put people in occasion, and then go you'll your feet. Now now it's it's! I gotta Wayne that enemies, sport, inbuilt I've had this conversation fifty times it's.
Do you have once again. If I say I need a cotton swab or to clean my ears with it you I need you to okay, I got it it's not so much that Donald John Trump's coming up with the Xfl he's re, bringing it re reach the Xfl he used to have the Xfl. Now it's coming back with Xfl again Trump was Vincent Van. I'm kidding Pennsylvania just joking around it was didn't. John Donald Trump have something to do with the Xfl. He did right, but now band concert: Mannix, FL, FL, returned dream, gets closer as WWE E head, Vince Mcmahon, and files to sell shares yeah this for me now, I'm a fan of the character do Fundo unbelievable jacked, as at seventy two seven he's on all them steroids: seventy years old In fact, one of the camera guys in is a guy named Bubba Dean who worked for name a great name. He worked for Vince
like twenty years, whose Vince's guy this guy stories you guys He got all his teeth knocked out by stone, cold, Steve Austin, while doing a shoot. Vince did no the camera. Oh yes, it's crazy stories are doing stuff on guys, teeth, knocked out and all this stuff and all these crazy vin stories. It's nuts Vinces seasonal, Vince blues out. He like jump into the ring and slammed his muscle on the edge of the ring accidentally and just literally separated his quad muscle from the bone and just that in his assen kept going unbelievable, I mean just that alone. Man selling it like yeah I mean he couldn't even walk dude and he's selling the whole thing Hotmail behind the scenes about w and what goes into it. It's really incredible got jacked Jesus Christ. He's so jacked, that's the most jack.
Seven year old of all time. Ever seen, who's that fake Mark Coleman Bynum does it do to get some juice goes straight to Mexico, that dude he's gotta, wear the process like face and everything crosses the border of anything at that age. It's like anti aging, it's legal, anti, aging technology. So, let's be honest he's on more than that. Oh yes, I'm quite a bit not normal stuff he's going deep pocket like Stallone. You know if you're going to do so go long at seven. It's like. Why do you know why not? I was tell everybody stolen my canary in a coal mine. Yeah, why? Why is watching to see how much into our fine I'm just going to tell your bro? How do you feel get right right
well, one of the things that I'd like snap bro about rising and you know, is that people should do whatever they want. They don't give it. When you say I don't give a fuck, they don't get. I think HORIZON Gabby weighted toward can't believe she's. Twenty six pounds overweight. It was two thousand seven hundred and twenty six please Japan, please cheese. If I could beg of you anything, don't let Gabby Garcia beat up anymore grandmas. She literally think it's funny. They woman of all time beats up grandma. You know, I'm sure this is something. I've talked about a lot of old school fans support now that prides gone pride, turn printer download pride pride I had some matches that made you go what the fuck is going yeah. They love that she love forgiveness for the japanese audience, but they would have got weight classes were suggestions you update in test anybody. They would throw anything. You know experience level meant absolutely nothing and there remember. Does your Matsui of course sure that guy
she loved watching that guy get beat up. He thought everybody loved watching. Does your math, we get his fucking face beaten and they loved him, but he didn't like him. There. Something in the cut. The love that shared I'll tell people can look. You know probably had did have some great fights, also had some fights that were morresi ridiculous, unbelievable mismatches the week that mean, but appreciation for a fighter struggle was, if not yeah, if not more important than the fight fighter being victorious. It's like the fighter being just being valiant face of overwhelming odds was it's more enjoyable to them. I, like Bush, Ito more 'cause. They just didn't pull Bush Ito they featured the lighter guys- and I don't remember, in Bush's own any any fights on all my god. This is, I think, you're right now that I remember she to a bit more. It was great. They were all great that was when,
Quadro so, and was a Quadro send classes were the commentators. It was in the moral, moral Quadro, some more box, those of why I like to the only had one or two. That's it that one guy who is a He was like some sort of a radio sports guy. The his name dog, or something like that. God, he only did it once. There was one guy for pride yeah, one guy who was the play by play guy with boss rutin once he's fun, it's like kind of silly guy, but little out of his element, good out of his element. Didn't didn't necessarily so earlier, like it's very difficult to find someone who's a play by play guy who also a martial artist and also looking really really invested in the sport. Where is a guy like you will color guy those guys? It's there's more chance that you're going to have uh
nickel understanding of the sport and also be able to be entertaining about it yeah or as they just have to be entertaining about it and the script, they don't necessarily so it's super hard to find a guy who's knowledgeable as you but there is also a play by play guy. I always say that again said Brian Stann should do it 'cause. I stand by plate and he could do either war, but it would be different because Brian Stann has, in my opinion he has the voice, the personality and the delivery that, like the strength in his like the way he your sense and in an entertaining but powerful way like he could be a really good believe a ball play by play. Guy who's also super legit martial artist, so you be like the only guy. That's doing it that way. Well, the problem, the problem with having a a play by play guy who June as well. They start doing both of 'em sitting there. That's a problem with guys like a freak fan or thinks they know a lot of us. Were they start.
When they start doing color as they're doing, but I think that's actually as long as it's As long as everybody is aware, like no one, not one person talks too much and everybody kind of lets everybody go get in you know and, and you exploit once what I like to do when we have DC or when we have Dominick Cruz or whoever sits next to me, sometimes I like to ask them questions: yeah. I want to. I want to go. I want to give him a position like do what like to do here like how do you approach this, like? What's your thought process here or for Dc Disease and Dominic was amazing to this weekend about breaking down clinch work and what someone's doing wrong or why this is stagnant position for them, and you know like. I think if you had a guy who is a play by play guy just as long as he knows. As long as everybody is cool with everybody like everybody's flow, you know I think, but that is one things that came in really well with me and Goldie, because we were For so long. We were friend
we knew how to slide things in. We knew we knew when to talk and when you know, and sometimes we talked over each other like some was happening, and you know, but that's okay, too yeah. You know I'm going to four for last year year and I did a few different guys. What the fuck? yeah? We can do that right, cool. I worked with a few different guys back in the day, but one of the guys that people for got. Who's amazing was Bruce Beck, respect. Yeah. Words with in a pack. I worked with him, boxing. You really good advice for what you were talking about. It's difficult, post, fight interviews. You know you just gave me advice and you know, and having things to say in planning things out, and you know how to you know word things you know I didn't know that Matt Mitrione, when they hired him to delta, kick kickboxing we're in Turin, ITALY and Matt, I think it was a back actually at that time he hadn't for out. Yet so
June, is there by himself has done color commentary before and all boxing fight is showing up I've already done in the main. I wasn't a kick time. I take Matt, ok, cool I'll, walk you through this, so I stayed and helped him interview all the kickboxing fighters and the scenarios like nice Have you ever done this before and I said the only device that game was don't? anything. My mom knows. If mom is watching boxing and somebody's punching the face and turn with that. Guy just got punched in the face. My mom would be yeah. I know that I can see that my mom knows when someone getting punched in the face, my mom doesn't know how the footwork set that right hand up. That's your job is not that guys got punch on look at it. It's not it's not fuckin' radio. They can see it. Ok, so your job as the expertise to the things that eighty, Lehman. Is someone not experiencing support, doesn't quite know like footwork in combination stuff, like that, and I said, stick to that I go just stick to filling in the gaps that your expertise will help fill in, don't
failed. You know, you'll see everything in the world n. When everybody talks, everybody loses. That's how you have to think about. I he knows when to talk, and I don't want to talk to each other everybody loses yeah. We talk over to the same town. We both sound crap so just know, when you get a feel for window layout and want to go in, but my number, advice was don't say anything that someone on the street could look at the tv and figured out it very good. Wild can yell at the tv, Why are you here? We don't need an expert. Anybody could say that what you fill in who made him feel way better. So they look just failing this stuff than your average person would know. That's uh good game plan, that's very wise. Very personal yeah use its power for good yeah yeah. That's what I was talking. Don't say what my momma you get caught up in those right as you want to call every they can see that now the hard part is the grappling. People are
totally lost. You have to call a lot with a feeling, a lot more that because you also sometimes going to react to certain punches. That hit landed to just got to know when to when not to that of yeah feeling for that yeah. It's a weird thing that you're thinking of of it. At least I am when I'm doing it also is like it's a product like you're contributing to a product. You like you're, adding to it with sound and with description and with the entertainment value of the we distribute your words good broadcaster. He could not tuning in for us we can make it better. We certainly can we certainly can't so definitely going to get out of our own way exotic bucket up one hundred percent. We can also detract from a broadcast you gotta, be careful about detracting is the word yeah I mean, I know I think probably both guilty of that at some point at any moment is not you're free balling. You know you're doing a live thing and you have to mean when you're participating things happening and they're happening, or something is different.
I thought was going to happen and you're trying to put the words to it correctly and in the moment, live on tv. It doesn't, workout, how it works out like myself up so bad. When I make mistake man, I'm mad me too, fuckin' until the next show yeah, but it looks like nobody knows that. I'm the one that's mad at myself, but that's why you're really good God, man, I get mad! That's why you I mean anybody who is really good at anything. You get that way because fucking up on it just seems horrible images really messes, really messes with your head of that. I've just come to accept that weird. Feeling you know and use it and go all right whatever. That feeling is why flood that word or forgot that guy's name or whatever it is, and I am completed the two people, whatever it is get over it keep Movin just do your best and that feeling, because the fact that it
had to blow it off. I can't just be like who gives a, and I don't have that in the night yeah I do so that's why I try hard and that's why it with every broadcast. When I get through it and it's good, am I okay? We did you I still get that I still get the Juiceman. I still every time it's funny, I'm known for disappear. After show, I'm known for that for, like the shows, done everybody goes well today. I don't drink, so I'm out of that loop completely. But what about your heroin use? You know that's a whole thing, I'm going to bring it on a plane come on tonight anyway, so so anyway, I'm known for disappearing after show. Because show just takes a lot out of me, like everybody else at the bar doing whatever I go to my room and I just don't you don't focus darling after shows or that the problem is that a lot of times it's you know when I'm out in in in
Vacaville or something or I'm out in like moving Kansas and your add a smoky casino. There's one place to eat and have a fight just let out in like. Oh, my god, it's like real this is enough to make a lot of times and my two hungry to sleep or my too tired to eat, which one of those Am I almost always just use my sleep. If I almost always you sleep they almost always you sleep well, yeah. I just disappear. I just go to my home screen, shot 'cause, it's hard! It's just takes a lot of money. I bring stuff with me anyway. I always bring pro bars I bring canned oysters. I bring different things that I could eat that I know are healthy I'll bring like bunch of cans of canned oysters, because it's like they're so olive oil, super healthy, Bang, healthy bang, cans, few cancels out go to sleep your family time. What's up, what is your family? Oh gosh mostly italian little bit irish Greek mom's Greek, oh rest, german, Irish, all of those big olive oil is the ship that is one of the best fucking things your body could take in olive oil is fantastic and what a pain in the dick it is to.
Think think about all the stuff they had to go through like when you see- and I had olive tree in my yard and the olives fall down these nasty little fuckbook files like this is an olive and they're. Like oh yeah, there's a whole process. It doesn't involve using like what yeah like I thought it. Olive came from three like in all of the you just pick it like one of those green ones, narrow. I go to San Joaquin Valley. There, the whole thing set up them and nine years old now well, all of stuff yeah, but My makes olive oil in his yard, He's got a shit ton of olive trees in his yard and he set this whole thing up with the hopes eventually making his own olive oil from is from his own yard. Ok, good luck to you concerning the story takes much easier to buy in the store's, not be part of the grown up. Mom cooks, a lot. It's phenomenal for you, man, my mom had had cooked for the belt route before
more houses jeep she could for like the whole crew, twenty five people, God damn my mom to let you cater all. She loves that while she loves it anyway, so literally what you know I I I had my my my I left the old. Literally one of the people went your mom, your mom will still good for us right like we want mom in the divorce, and I was like ok, cool mom is ok with that. Mom loves about her and they love my mother. So it was Funny Cher Mall over for dinner in the snow, really really upset about my mom. I hope Bellator makes and I say that with all due since two percent we're both not Bellator Talk about this yeah. It's like I was as as a for, like maybe they're in competition with us, see the corporate entity by my. In my opinion, it's not. It was never that they were in competition with me. My thoughts are that they're valuable that it's important and that more competition, you have the better and then I also felt like having a guy like you out there who is doing
commentaries kicking makes me better. I know that you're really good at it. I would listen to you very sharp the people and I'm sure you're the same way that they're, uncomfortable or client. Doing commentary it? It's it's makes for an awkward experience watching it yeah, but we listen to a lot. I mean I really was with that here, because our job sure you know you really listen with that here and and- and you know, you probably overly critical- we are yeah listen to, but to appears in end yeah. I do the same thing: I'm a bad commentary can really hands come in. If you get good at it. Like a producer can hear things we go. I don't even hear that your son is a little off it. Just bugs yeah, it's just clunky. You know especially someone who's called and seen as many fights as you have your idea. What's clunky, like your data, chunking you're. Doing this is very different. Very much more I level than the average person. It's just not a lot. People doing it, which can you even yeah now wouldn't when about to start now I was doing, and one before who was the first affliction too
both before most Jason Chambers, the first ballot order first year. He was the belt order when it was on ESPN Deportes, and it was just a web series in English as well. Did. You see on the website in which it was Anneke, indecent, humor holy, that's crazy, Jason and I have lived re. Weirdly parallel lives yeah, you guys both of that show. We also the travel. We fought each other. He was my last professional fight he was a God belt before I was there it's great yeah yeah really strange yeah he was. You were on what show Amazon, human, human, human, human fight, yeah so funny When I first got the call about vicwest, so go back, little bit further. I thought Jason in my last pro fight an member Jimmy Walsh. Just so you very well, you streaming yeah used to be my personal trainer. Yeah he's taught me about kettle bells that, raising that crazy he's wanted. John John's black belt, I mean yeah yeah great grapple. I don't have loosened twice anyways
so I was going to fight Jason at his promotion called Pangia and he told all about this show he was going on. Here is a man. If you beat this guy man he's going to be great for you, and I was like he described show me travel around and you do different, martial arts and sciences. It's a great idea, and then I'd be Jason with a reverse heel hook, and you know how dangerous those are in Jason really held out and it it tore pretty good and any a couple days later, I get a call from I forget who, and they said- and they said yeah they're doing the show and they will be no good. Could New York it's okay, I called the producer and she described the show and she described the exact same show, and I went In fact, I heard him and they're looking for replacement I felt so there's an unwritten rule in MMA that you can beat somebody up in whatever you don't take food out of somebody. Elses mouth, you don't want to hurt somebody they can't fight for a year. It sucks you don't know what I mean
now when it's over it's over, you don't want to like injured but where they can't make a living that was also back in the day when I deal hooks were like sort of shunned in Jujitsu a little bit. This is MMA fight. I know, but I mean there's a statement there here. So it's yeah that's what I use in. I thought I injured him I'm looking for replacement. I just like. Oh, my god, it's like one of those deep impact Armageddon thing, yeah, exactly one hundred percent and so I found that I realized there on different shows and it was so funny. 'cause people have said since then was chosen because it be chastened, they'd, know Lester, something which makes sense, but they had no idea. The producers of the show. Once I got the gig were talking to this not show on history channel, I mean yeah. I thought that guy and they look I mean they went what Dilly I found him like a month ago, they literally I'm serious, had no fucking clue. They had no idea, it's just so weird. They both came out exactly the same time like you think about few months before me been one of those shows, since there hasn't been one before it's like it's like
in a weird shenanigans were going on that I was the real eye, inclusive things I don't. I don't know where it came from. I have no idea, but I don't blame you. I mean it, wasn't that I didn't go here. I could take this idea, but it's just weird to me that those shows become interesting and popular and then they stop being it's like someone tries it out and they go. This is in the two companies willing to invest in two different channels are showing it the this is a way back. One in One summary was the abyss deep space, nine leviathan were all these like underwater horror movies that came out the same summer yeah, and then you haven't seen it. So I don't know why it's like we're, seeing with the asteroid, movies, deep, deep impact and Armageddon Armageddon Bolton came out exactly the same time. So that was weird. It was really strange, can Hollywood's bizarre like that. It is find out like yeah. I almost don't want to know Oh, I don't know want to know what kind of weird shenanigans we're all three you fuc heads are coming up with underwater polymer. What's going on, I have no idea like they find.
Now that someone is doing it, so they get ahead on. They try to release it first and there were two battle of sexes. Movies will Ferrell play, Bobby Riggs in a battle sexes. Tennis movie then they stand there. I was doing the other one yeah and they found out Steve Carell was doing one and they can do it. That that match happened in like nineteen in the seventies, there was no Jean King Billie Jean King. Why high school, raising strangely calm for the gene yeah anyway, but but. Forty years later they make a movie and two studios. I do at the same time it's something we can both with comedians yeah. This is really weird, Briggs was that that guy like character, Steve Carell, so God dam good. He just knocked out some park. He was great playing that fucking creepy Dupont. Guy too dear Johnny Department, yeah Fox, got remember when Dave Schultz got killed. What would a huge deal? That was that it was just he was so creepy playing him in the movie. It's like you bought it.
He emailed her guy wrestling with these guys department in them and and then just like letting him do it weird weird, weird, weird, documentary about it. It shows all the real footage and everything I've seen such I've seen some of the real footage, but I don't think I saw the documentary there's one three thousand and thirty to one and there's one on Netflix and I've seen from one is like more focus on Mark Schultz. The other one is the other story in an it's once again, it's fucking creepy really out there yeah, Researchers are no outlet to make money back then billionaire says I'll put you up and make this in the jump on it. Isn't it kind of stunning that wrestling never had a real actual profess not like there's anything wrong with pro wrestling, but progressing obviously is a show. There's never been like you think about like how many people, wrestling. How many wrestling fans are are how many people wrestle in high school and college like and how many like to watch in the Olympics. It was always a big deal like why didn't they ever figure out a way to make some sort of professional venue out of it
remember they did for real pro wrestling right now they tried that, and you know, it's funny, I had used to teach me teacher in what I did before. I was fine the longest. I ever taught was glad work for long beach in high school school district and did a bunch of stuff for them. So sometimes I would tease to do this testing stuff every time, it was seventh grade math If there is a hell his way to help me in years, math algebra only. I only told that what happened with my mom's, a teacher and the girl, the lady two rooms down from she got sick He had some kind of breakdown, Ann mom went. Can you please come in and teach for a year, and I went ok cool these are on earth that are flying. So I end up teaching. So would you have to have a degree and scream certification, and I had both of those so you already, non teaching or just had it is possible side. Yeah I had a possible psyche. Was it was always what I was doing kind of always finding, but anyway,
attitude. You tell me one time he said If there's a sign at the zoo says please oh tangerines at the elephants. It may not make any sense to you all. It means is one time somebody threw a tangerine and elephants, something really bad happened, and I thought of that a lot when, when When you think about you know once there was a time when it was real- and it was too boring, so they started scripting the endings to it, and so it in pro wrestling. You know it was work, catch wrestling matches and the last three hours and it like the old fights this lasted too long. You know guys couldn't catch each other, and so they started scripting. Any real pro wrestling was an effort to make it work and if it made money. It's still be around. You know, so it sucks, and I wish Russell was even had more of an outlet that MA resin itself, has gotten bigger in terms of I went to my high school to watch to meeting back. When I was there, we had like
varsity C team like a Jv T, their varsity jv, fresh off and women's team wow Women's team team at full oh wow. You know whatever I'm fourteen weight classes right now and get anywhere near that when I was in school like the just stop it now, MS made it huge like wrestling now I mean people really following yet to be a real geek to follow college wrestling, well, when you say you got allow them again, Matt off Smash, it's an barboza using essentially just wrestling and vicious ground and pound. You realize like okay, like that it is so fucking important to have it is the cornerstone or it's a rather the foundation of MMA yeah. If I got like, and I think that fight really highlighted it crushed really showed like they dominant super dominant wrestler with the dominant striker. If the dominant so. We can get ahold of dominant striker the last. This checkers close like that's one of them It was most impressive about Marco. Was it when Merck, started fighting for pride, his takedown defense.
Got really good, really quick yeah. You know, I mean I thought some fucking tough, guys, figured out a way to keep the fight standing a lot. What I like to him. So much when you watch him is now is a southpaw. He was so with the range of his footwork that he He never lost his distance while throwing he was always really good at picking you apart from long range, so you're shooting outside. You shoot from way. Far back. He could see it coming his foot work set up his takedown defense, so well yeah. It was amazing yeah. He also was very powerful, so his explosion was a big part of his fight style when as a kickboxer so on, like maybe Peter error, it's or Nesto Husd, who had more of like methodical technical style, striking CRO cop with those one big shots all the time and that really works well in MMA, and he was well to use that explosion that Fuckin' left high kick in the one of the body that he hit. He pairing with remember that shot collapsed him
see, he's wearing body just wrapped around crow cops leg like whoa, just realize the amount of power in that kitchen herrings, taking a right on the worst. Now the thing to me, when you watch what I tell people, I said when you Chuck close three fights is Randy. The third one it's Randy Randy is just just shocked by that power. You have felt it before in the kind of you know: bull in a China shop Greco South to get inside. It's not there he's just thinking about that power shot the whole time in that would have power. Striker does against the wrestler. He gives you that kind of barrier of to take me down you gotta get through here, and here is fucking dangerous. I think can be, he knew is one ranges dangerous again sets. So if I keep, or, like you put pressure on him, take away spinning range he's not going now with his hands and that's why he was pushed forward so incredibly hard, as he didn't worry about that second wall, you really didn't concern him
yeah and Chuck would make you fight him because Chuck It was a very good wrestler himself to thing that made chuck so unique is that Chuck was a striker. So how come in training camp all call karate all that stuff in and a lot of in a traditional and sprawls out very good boxing skills in serious power in his hands and kicks yeah, but he also knew how to wrestle so good luck, taking him down so now, you're forced to stand up with his long, powerful striker, who has an I lunch in and just had. This psychotic desire to move forward and land bombs. He also it slow down little yeah. He was that's where humans places still up there in San Luis Obispo. He something interesting because he was one of the very first wrestlers that was feared, striker yeah. So, had the wrestling skills, great takedown defense, very good, at getting back up off the ground when him when he got down on the ground, but also destroyer on his feet, yeah. So
it's a guy down that when you're going to need to test could beep, you don't need a guy who can keep the fight standing? Who contest could be won the feet, some guy who's going to be able to stuff some of those takedowns. Those guys don't around often well now with him. When you see what he did RDA, he and although San Jose, which is great I mean I do not no there's a timeline of those sandals dominance right in there. Wrong! Seven yeah! yes, is a strong seventy, but this was a different time. Yeah and training, and I think to San Jose made some giant. Leave when you started doing strength, conditioning with Nick Curson started, doing uh just had way more output inside the cage, an but though the crazy thing was that does sound Joe's is one of the best rappers in division. Can you see what he was able to do with Neil Magny leg? Kicks no Maggie gets into the ground. Smosh ISM, you know, I mean his fucking ground game is really jet so to see him get rag doll by Habib you, like
how's he doing that to our dna. You know I'm not I fifty five yeah yeah he's something special, so it's like who is left at fifty five especially now that dos Anjos has has moved on successfully to one hundred and seventy who the fuck is left. It's going to be able to keep the fight standing. You know, that's the I don't think there many answers. I really don't know either man I you got to put to put together the the Ferguson fight pretty quickly. Not I mean that's in my taxes, a big fight. That's that's! That's the fight this is going to be, for the title is it going to be? Ferguson and Conor of get stripped and Ferguson and could be fight for the undisputed title because they will just. Ferguson, the undisputed champion, if Connor gets stripped, which I don't think is a bad thing. Now. Look Conner still, fucking Connor Connor comes back a year from now which he still coming doesn't matter he's still fighting, probably for the title right away, everybody's going to want it everybody's going to want
paper, money that comes with it, hop on board, but Tony versus could be but and trystane very interesting we were going to have to get his respect. I don't have. I don't know reason backup Tony knows how to fight off his back very good, very dangerous off his back, not just get dangerous off his back in terms of submissions, but very good defensively off his back. He got we could compose your very good wrestlers chokes are fucking nasty man catches chokes from weird angles. You know is good at sweeping you he's he's he's legit, champ, that's right. I mean that's anything else. Is fans me calling yeah it's just. What do you do, though like what you do and how do you do it? Do you strip Conner? That's always the question 'cause. If Khan is like full kit, I want to fight Tony in Dublin, decides to if he decides to come back and fight Tony and then the winner fights could be even Russia. The world explodes don't be
show me the biggest fantastic. The winner fights could be been Russia for the Read title never called in Russia now, but could be going to ride a bear out to the cage gangster man put up. It's literally cancer is really it's a map that place. Is it find how many times you thing for for Delta now when I was with them one they're under wraps right now, so it's right, Saint Peters, Berg and then did you enjoy it on the old man had a great time, yeah how's the food over there foods good. I don't like the way he said. No, this is good. So it's not it's not it's not like you're, not known for it. So I gotta tell stories were on this one, the ship in the Niva River and owned by one of the guys who runs in one, and um, yeah, so we're on the ship and then even river, and it's got a restaurant on it and we're sitting there in shock. We like well Braska broadcast. It's very persnickety about his food, his participants think about a lot of stuff. And we're sitting there with our boss or anything and the guy who
runs this ship of this big heavy in Saint Petersburg is in Philly within one serves us this borscht, which is like you know up students to basically and he goes Ma'Am really proud of our boards. The big deal here and we hope you enjoy it It's a point of honor for us and he walks away and Wheeler Look. The ball bullet goes, I'm not in the sound like it. Nr pascoes you both it. Like a seven year old and he's like no I'm not eat All these are. There are many no way and now I eat so fast white people, white people- I eat so fast that I already did I like poor, so I just used eight it. I set my thing: I'm a guy who was all His Porsche turns around is heading back to us. In my amigos. It's the shots, Boo Dan. I grabbed it and I drank an entire bowl of that she and threw it down for the guy came back and he saw his old. Thank you. So much so good drink shots to Sean, just refusing to touch it. Persnickety
Nice word. She like. I use that as selective amounts, but it's a this way like nobody can get mad yeah. It wasn't like he was like yeah he's fine persnickety Hickey. Yeah you're, not saying there a complaining bitch. No, don't see that I didn't think you would would not know you're ugly. I understand no, I don't even like yeah. I think it gives me. I know, there's been some talk about doing a UFC in Russia and I think a lot of it is probably based on the idea that could be at twenty five. Is most likely somewhere along the line going to fight, for the title mean, if everything, can you go well as long as there's no injuries or something specially now that he can make the weight like you made the way pretty easy yeah? It did not bad, not at all would be huge fight fuckin' having of russian talent that you know oh yeah, oh just from Pakistan alone, you can fill the whole roster. Versus the world.
Really, could you almost cut when a fighter in Bellator Shahbulat Shamhalaev end up getting shot like five times in Dagestan? She's lived, he lived. Leaky. When, after some gangster with a gun or something in a club, thanks then to top four or so soft over here over here Sean Wheelock need to go camping over there for a little while do like the the wrestlers in Chechnya are amazing city brothers greatest ever well. Man the Grinch and it's like either be a standout wrestler or did I don't know pick up a gun in you know be a gangster they. You know dudes amazing, yeah, it's interesting to see a guy from that really hard part of the world coming over his just dominating in MMA, you know, looks with If you know that a lot of his technique lot of is being trained by, father, a lot of it is iron. Sharpens iron he's at AK he's wrestling
big giant guys that are really skillful all the times of amazing roster over there, but a lot of it is this fucking mental toughness that he must have picked up. Some of that from being in daghestan disaster. True, when the russian fires arrive, expert I've dealt with, you couldn't hold, and call it which of them and they're, still kind of looking like they want to. There's something good. You know. I know that hey how's it going, then they kind of like break character. Ok, how you doing yeah, there's always swore you gotta get through almost every time, one of those great fighters on that course. Golf guy that guy's a fucking. Monster guys, a beast that was one of the most impressive Lima fights too. He put that guy to sleep. I was like well yeah that, let's put it, but it was set it up? He was killed in a shootout at leg and I think course golf went like We have tried not to get this get outta here. You know it's not work in the morning coffee, in my opinion, in a lot of ways when the first guys to validate Bellator one hundred and seventy pound division from the performance you put against Henderson like he shot
person down at the door model tied off on him and let him know like this is I'm a real welterweight that then Numa made I'm look like. Maybe it's not maybe that's a real well, he's a lot, bigger and bigger way, bigger and then it's one thing that was a that was there's a big disparity, and what people within the organization of people out of the organization talks a lot? Henderson was going to come in and clean house and have two belts and there's one jinx, the I have seen more than any other if you're listening fighters. This is to you. Don't talk about two belts for you have one belt that injects. Have you never do it? In my wrong? Brandon Vera was trained in there, I'm going to be in two belt champion. He didn't win one boat This isn't about winning two billion and one belt yeah. You know talk about two belts before you've won one belt easy eugenics? Don't ever do that I've never seen a big I've. Seen it a couple of times and when he left never worked out when he
The of see was miss. You know one of the best guys in the division. Down three and this one, seventy pound weight class, which is not right form with a big. I like course, golf you know it would have been more prominent. It was against Lima. Did you see like their way yeah, I wake different. You know this. What we think about a fagass trouble making fifty five Well he's! Seventy right! No, not not! There's There's a huge difference between a big fifty five are in a natural seventy they're, not in the same class and course cough look like a giant compared well. The difference is Lima's, just not going to fucking make fifty five. It's just not it's not in his dna. If you could make the wait yeah make the make the way yeah yeah it's a boy. It's one of the most unfortunate parts of this. Or like the tough cut, isn't tough, then you shouldn't be there almost
like if you could make it easilly unit stuff. As long as it doesn't drain you 'cause, everybody is different too right in their response to dehydration, but Andy Foster would have done in California by instituting a bunch of new weight classes. I really hope that people follow suit, I really do. I really hope is one every ten pounds. I just think giving people more options is going. There's fighters that are just on the cost boards just dangerous. You know, and then maybe, if they fought, if like to San Jose, goes up to seventy that's, but that's up fifty five to seven thousand and fifteen pound jump. That's a lot of weight man fifty percent more than if it was just ten- and I think ten- is the move. Feel like ten, every ten you're, not watering it down too much you making it reasonable, just bang sing down to five thousand five. Fifty five sixty five seven thousand five hundred and eighty five, probably ninety five thousand two hundred and five, twenty five heavyweight, so we were a discussion with this. Once again, boxing and stocking stuffer and I said when they initially initially weren't- that many weight class in boxing end up adding a bunch of am, I said when they initially added those were they seen as secondary weight classes and he went yeah yeah yeah
years until one hundred and fifty five- got any respect. It was considered people who couldn't hang at welterweight, where he's going to be how about cruiserweight. Crews would never got respectable. We feel never gets respond, Holyfield fought Dwight I'm in car, we those first time anybody give a fuck about cruiserweight, yep and who else was cruiserweight like who the funk out? was there White Muhammad Qawi cruiser site was signed. My Pascal was, who else, Michael Moore, did he stop accruing from late anyway. I think he did he did he didn't stop there, it's been one of those weird way classes like why not fuqing. Prior street fighter v fought it forty grand just other than the Alexis Arguello fight there weren't many stars at forty. You gotta go forty seven to get paid. There's a reason. Never talked about all Floyd can know anybody out flies like a fuckin'. Fiber is really a lightweight. If you've ever met and he's not a big did he had
forty seven to get the big money fights. That's why you know Roberto and one from thirty five to forty seven, because he just couldn't make money. Thirty five, as you try to make the weight class, but they also they realize, like you, got to chase the cat go with the money at a certain amount of times my parents Crawford moving up yeah yeah, that's the problem. Is it's very hard in MMA or any kind of sport? Forty sevens con your limit. Forty forty seven, I had some great fighters it's hard to build interest below forty seven hundred forty five in MMA. Had the same problem. So what happens? People coming up, so if you added a bunch of weight classes, guys who wanted it? One hundred and sixty for a while would be seen as all the guys can make it fit for exam, so it would take awhile, maybe a star in that division before would become maybe a legit division. That would probably be a lack of a few years when you go all the one hundred and eighty pound champ is just the guy who couldn't do it so it's almost like there's just too many fighters now and too many events, it's almost like you could
I have enough UFC event, you would literally have to have UFC fights every week yeah like maybe that would the future model where they have fights every week on television, and then they have pay per views like rarely like every four weeks or so like it would take a lot to fill up or six weeks, four or five extra vision. I'd be tough, yeah, it's hard to fill up the ones you have depending on how you look at it. I would be, but I mean man, I don't know I mean I never get tired of watching fights if they had fights on every week. I wouldn't be complaining. It's just one. Or whether or not it's sustainable, now wondering whether or not so that's the hard part, that's always been the hard part So I went to see something that is not enough. It's he's on tomorrow, right Jeff Davis. He from you formally of you yes, now working for the OC took me to the UFC Performance Institute this week, Holy Fuckin' shitman that place is insane I don't know how much money they spend on that, but it's just like this is like science lab for training fighters mean every
thing you could imagine they have in this China's bill heard every fight on the roster can go there anytime, they want and they have they have they feed them. They take care of them in the cafe. They make them healthy food. They have all these different things monitor your body, opposition your hydration levels, all these different modalities for healing and recovery, everything you fucking name it they have it. Super impressive, super impressive, of all these video systems that around the octagon constantly with their monitoring sparring from like a bunch of different angles. They can get 3d video of it. They can rotate it when they watch you spar from angle. Your coaches could point out little weird things that you might be doing that you're, not aware of but pointed out the These have the angle to get every single angle. It's amazing. They have a thing there that the like these punch registers. You know yeah, but the video game except much more scientific yeah. So true, you I was told, is the number one pound for pound puncher. President gone, by weight class, know by weight class by weight class by weight class like
Who is the number one for pound? Just engaging? That's what I was told Dan. Now, that's impressive, I wonder how many people punch that, though I don't know- I don't know. I don't know this this is what I was told by for scripting. Well, he certainly much is hard as fuck. There's no doubt about it. After probably knows about it. Now, I'm gonna just in general. Anybody period blew it out of the water by some insane amount of thousands of power the square inch. They said he he's like Drago shy hits he destroys bro he's. They said he's like getting hit by an escort like a Ford escort that it's like yeah, I thought of a totally different escort for a second, there it is, they get a video of it of him hitting I think that's a dunk in French. So do this thing, and they had this this limit before our our this before that? I actually think think was set by Tyrone Spong, no surprise there. Now he said interesting character.
Francis Ngannou. You want to talk about a guy that is the right out of an author's pen, really you're going to have a guy, who you know like Robert E Howard, when he used to write the Conan books like he used to work in. Sand mine used to Diggs and when he was a young man like him much fucking hard work, it is digging into sand everyday in carrying it away and just getting stronger and stronger. It's literally like when Conan structure the week in mill yeah and then he was homeless five years ago. Moves to Paris wants it, My boxing, someone sees him in a gym and goes hey you, could be in MA he's like ok, so you guys in MMA goes to the UFC in two years is fighting for the title and he's a big favorite over the champion. Who is if the champion wins breaks. The longest running, title fight, streak, winning title fights in
division, which is only two to create store, it's amazing, tastic story, five years ago homeless. That's that's nuts! yeah, it's like you know, Henry Armstrong was working on it: Railroad John newspaper article about a guy winning a fight and said fuck. This railroad shed and waiting boxing k, one of all time yeah. When Jack Johnson first became the heavyweight champion. I mean everybody kind of knew in a Jack Johnson, like oh, my god, these guys Fox yeah, it's it's all downhill from here, yeah yeah him Steve Bass, very, very into I'm just I want to see if Steve figure out a way to avoid the big shots. Close the distance get a hold of them and if he can take him to the ground, here's my advice for anybody calling that fight you with. I would look at everything, but Our in terms of those have been a full or who's moving ahead with the more was no more defense, because Man- that's going to be, I think, to the store is one of getting hit because they're, both taking both knocking. I
Do they both sir and could not the fuck out, but the it does it in a weird way, He doesn't like superhuman way where you like. We see the angle of his punches, like he's, trying to your soul and your body, the hours are left hook. Uppercut combination punch that that shovel hook was just the most terrifying things I've ever seen. Anybody get hit with in all my years of college sports, look up as a Spencer yeah. I had those photos so crazy. It's almost like, like a really bad action movie where the guy who's, like the guy, was rising through the ranks just blasting everybody in the orbit. You go to sleep, even talks like those people, it's crazy yeah. Every now and then you get a story like that. It seems like Chatham like Justin Wren. That did his story. Just ridiculous. Yeah now he's amazing. You know the thing that about inganno. Ghana was the way he trash talks is hilarious. Like Steve, he said he's not terminated by any man and a France those don't lies, deeper, don't lie
he's so so calm with it, and it's so fucking terrifying. He was doing a press conference ouster. It was like Thursday before Saturday's fight there facing off women where their suits and Francisco Saturday night, to go to sleep Saturday night. You sleep that Tris darkened that tries talking bothers me, he's so confident about it too, and he was right, like Rory's like they will take well, and I will take your health yeah yeah the mic like who I want to hurt him so bad that he goes to the hospital never wants to fight me again Danny is not yeah, that's
stop, it should either. You know. Sometimes people talk shit and you know they're just trying to put up a bluff. Yeah like there's some even great fighters have said some shit trying believed at the time like when dj, was saying to George Saint Pierre George: we're going to fight to the death and I'm serious George I'm going to try to kill you, member that yeah. I remember it well at that didn't work out. They did not work out that way at all yeah. We got that way. He might believe that what he was saying it, the man when you're in that dark dark moment being as french canadian dropping knuckles here for man yeah that was another one. We like there's a big issue, seeing a fifty five or real seventy two yeah, he put it on and then night he was so strong and George was in his prime back then, and he also was a really good guy and he was very motivated by Bj's. Talking shit to him really system off because he's a nice guy yeah, I mean the best way to fight
hello George like be respectful, is going to kick your asking to kick your asses anyway. Yeah. It's not like you give him extra, aspen motivation. I think he had a little extra aspen motivation for Bisping, though I really do miss being talked so much to him that when he got his back he's going to stay put it on men, yeah it on him. Put it I'm standing up too just starting to wear down to just one thought: man, maybe that ice, because you know Bisping his whole thing is he's not a particularly hard punches wrestling, isn't great. It's he wears you the fuck down. Well, also one hundred and eighty five or no, It's just. He wears you suck down he's, also particularly effective off of his back with no was. I was impressed with cut George up, but those elbows off his back. That made it a real thanks George, having a hard time seeing that blood was everywhere. You know what a good fight kind of like the story of George just retired, so it doesn't bother me yeah. I like it. I like it, he bucked it Yeah, everybody doubted them came back one one by finished like yeah. Take it easy now, I'm out
Now, I'm seriously out really this time yeah or back in a year and one hundred and fifty five What occurs Rockhold occur: Rakel yeah! I like that a lot alike that fight lot. That's a dane! for both guys, first as a the blue belt, he came by and he was getting ready for. Pan am. This is back when he was like when he beat Hosier I world broke his arm still one my dad. That was insane yeah that was no saint, would not town wouldn't sat and wrote it out. They change the rules of that. You know really yeah, because John Kerry really stuck his preferred people who don't nobody bout hold your broke Jack arrays arm in the the division in the world's two thousand five, two thousand thousand and four runner Mitte snapped it snapped it good, but John gets not like, so he breaks it, be steps overhead and gets out chocolate He stands up and hold your looks at the refereeing goes. I broke his arm and jack at eight.
His broken arm, stuffs it in his belt and wins match, is already ahead. He just kind of like yeah stalled out for like two minutes and one the fucking match against the greatest of all time with a broken arm. So I train at that point. He was like in this mode, unbelievable, it's being in a washing machine, is only going to describe it because once he grabs you, it's like you're useful. Things like ahead, and you see your feet flying the ceilings, crazy, now there? It is man yeah this man? I remember he just snapped the an arm pulls it out and it is look at his left arm. It is just just jacked done man, and he went out of bounds right and then it gets banana holder at some point, I think that tells the referee judges aren't broken. That's it and Jack array stuff is broken arm in his belt, which is
He did a seminar at our place and at the end he thought everybody in the room like sixty people, there wow and he thought everybody taped. Everybody out yeah in his prime in particular, to who was unbelievably good and in MMA, probably one of our best just two guys ever did he really beat holder beat for doom? While I ask, is you see, be everybody be today's one, my favorite I saw him live in Abu Dhabi to in like two thousand and three yep this too he lost to swallow that year, but he made the files he beat high and then he be Ricardo Almeida, and then he lost two sol. Oh, I remember that high and Gracie right that was amazing. He was on. The line was amazing too. It's all over Hansol is another guy that people forget about Olympic ohmygod. Him and his brother John G, that that that smash Kohls come from that's kind of. Like my I'm crossing the line. You know my instructors venom he deal, there's always tell me those GST
the people metaphors. These agencies, like he was in finish, is over, for you don't like, Mount you Jimmy. Open, the control, school names or you fucking, dumb and Carla Boreal take a bath. Spa hajime! You finish that that was another guy that owns sleep on is a Boreel from from from what I have heard, any! Obviously, this is even before my time competitively. He was the guy in the nineties. Like people who were around in that area like who was the guy that like for Karla Boyle, was the he took worlds the first year. It happened, it's interesting these guys are still around still coaching Emma Mae fighters know still in the mix of the sport have to be. You know when you look at data opinion errors Karl Liborio, both from the same team, both girls.
You guys need to draw some guys lottery, Merlot, Bustamonte Hospet! Oh, that you think those first greasy team. They had a real MMA team, so those guys spread out and created, so many teams beat or a huge victor yeah. So What happens now with Jimmy Smith, Jimmy Smith, sits back until Jimmy Smith can make some sort of it's meant. Yes, that is with Jimmy Smith. Jimmy Smith got some pieces in motion, though I have p lies in motion. Maybe not maybe was an ocean. You folks could be may be I'm working a Jamba juice next week, but it's locked up, Bellator telling you fuckedup straight from Jerome, is Mount made. A mistake, well you'll know more often, my brother, I know dude anytime here in EL, a guy that took me twenty minutes to start a fight and talk about anytime. My friend, I wish you could say more things folks, but you're going to figure it out. You will Jimmy Smith MMA on Twitter, an on Instagram and I hope
work together. My friend always a pleasure. My brother. Thank you very much very much and I will be back tomorrow with the Golden Snitch Jeff, Novitzky and and more by thanks everybody for tuning podcast thank you, Jimmy Smith, I sure hope he won is up in a good place. I wonder where that would be wish. I could tell you Jimmy's great guy, though it's always good to sit down with him, and I really do hope I get it. To work with them in the future. Thank you to our sponsor, thanks to on it, go to an it use. The code word Rogan and you will save ten percent off any and all supplements to tomorrow will be back with Jeff Novitzky, formally of Usada now the golden Snitch for the UFC, going to find out the fucks going on with all these these cases of issues. Is a few things going to bring up here:
great guy and very, very knowledgeable, and also he gave me an amazing tour of the UFC Performance Institute this past weekend in Vegas and man. It was incredible so looking forward to talk to him about so we'll see you guys tomorrow. Thanks for everything appreciate ya, bye, bye,
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