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JRE MMA Show #82 with Israel Adesanya

2019-11-11 | 🔗
Joe sits down with UFC Middleweight Champion, Israel “The Last Stylebender” Adesanya.
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He is the UFC Middle Weight champion of the world. Please welcome back Israel Adesanya, Sonya style, Bender the Joe Rogan X. Join my day, Joe Rogan podcast by night all day The champ is here last time last time you were here, you would interim nor the undisputed. Now you got it all of the double interim champ got it. Why? Why say you saying that double interim global into room- I don't know, 'cause. When I went yeah, he was not aware that you're, the champ 'cause when I was
you know even my last fall, I feel like it's my first title defense to be honest, 'cause. I was waiting for something to change. I was waiting for that feeling that I had in Atlanta, where never came, and within three days I was like I felt like I just defended the belt 'cause. Technically I was a champ as well. I was a champion he feared beat me here to get one of those rubies you put on this, so I'm looking for my ruby as well get a ruby yeah, like I said, the you don't get you nice to get a new belt, yeah it'll get you got anymore. So what they do is they do you send this off this an actually, I want my one dollars and all This isn't yours, but yours already. I sent you take this plaque off this plaque on the slide and then you send it off. Then they put a ruby and send it back to you. Then you could be in the plaque yeah, so you collect like the infinity stones or whatever I got the soul stone yeah dude, used to not like this belt. Now I, like it better is grown yeah, like maybe two days after ever complain about it and I looked at it and I, when I first saw it things that the p I and I was like you know what I thought. Would it yeah for awhile
I was like all the old ones better. Now, I'm like, I don't think so anymore. I, like this analogy. This talja yeah gets you every time this ones cleaner, more legible, the old one. It was cool and not still lights. I could buy one on the website, hopefully, yeah, but it was a light yeah, but you just for like nostalgic purposes and right. As you know, I've been a fan. I should ago one of those I came at the end of it Colby still walking around with one. Then don't get attached to these things meant only to our flex with them for a little bit. You know 'cause I've, even my last, that let him my coach. He was kind of worried. I was going to. Nigeria is going to all these shows. I gotta like show it off flex it, but he's my coach. So it you jeans, like men, don't think you're the champ yet, but I'm like yeah of them, but then there was a point where we moved gyms and I just kind of alright put in this box with everything else and then he kind of posted about it 'cause he saw like ok. The switch happened like his game time
now. The same thing. I'm doing my tool right now victory to walk around all this, but then it will be at the fights last week, I'm a formal because it you you know after the by your eyes What's up people talking about me, writer, writer uh, so I'm like man, I gotta get back to the gym. So when I get back, I don't even look at this thing. That's in using so you're aware that you could get too into the moment. You can get too wrapped up in the fact that you won the title and maybe slack off little or maybe take you too seriously, not 'cause. I mean a lot of people. This is their goal. They're like I want to become the UFC champion. They get it done and then what happens after the next fight they lose it or they lose sight track of what really matters. So some guys, like Kobe, for example, he's walking around with a belt when Huisman Whoops disaster, if those men with his Aston, what's going to happen, you're going to walk around with that bill, how you going to feel well, I did the Kobe thing is interesting and I don't know how much Kobe wants
talking about this, but I'm going to spell it as much as I can that's an act man, it's a strong activity put on when they were ready to cut him. They already cut you talk to that guy life is very respectful as being around him just being in cities and nicest guy he's a nice guy he's playing a pro wrestling heel, a he's: got the whole world arrows up cells? Yes and here's the thing, though this is where it's interesting people because he seems like a goof he's. Worse is stupid. Fucking, cheap, blue suit. He wears that mag add to that smile he's got the old belt. You know it's not a legit belt right, but he did win the interim title and they took it from him for no reason. That make any sense. So this is about him were people somehow. Another think like maybe he's illegitimate. Maybe is not real. Many Fox Robbie Lawler you can you go. Oh Jesus. This guy doesn't get tired. He could strike
his wrestling is on. Point is fuqing. Cardio is off the chart, he's tough as nails. I wasn't sure when he put Robbie against the fence. He was right there slipping and ripping oh yeah, some things. You know everyone has holes in their game. I have holes in my game, but he was really impressive. The way he was there in his face. Yes, Robbie Lawler he's not an elite striker in his sense of like he's a guy who will slip and then blast. Unconscious one shot he's a volume guy he's thrown sixty percent fifty sixty percent. Just on you, on you on you, the dsl. Never let you rest! Never let you rest and Robbie in that fight and brownies off a king all time great welterweight champion. I mean he was a lid top of the food chain mother and he was looking for those openings that were never there. He was always looking for Colby to slow down because we never slow down. He was waiting. He was wearing my just waiting. We have- and he was just like by this time by looking to explode, yeah, okay, yeah here it is here it is, and is
do that. Do that it against, did it against as well you as well, you see it was gonna burp is x when he was like. I don't I'll put a clip of this is like a simple one. Shifting real simple subtle thing just moved to step one to that's it. I can see it when he would like bounce bounce. All right, I'm ready to go. You shift you describe the pattern, okay, reset reset, but to attack you know even wonder boy did it to Luke a past weekend in whenever he was bouncing he's either going to bounce bounce and Wonderboy shifts. So he was doing it with the offense bounce bounce bounce attack yeah. So he was just it's all about rhythm yeah. Well, you have something that Wonderboy has it a few other people having in that you're a specialist in that being a special? and obviously you have a full game. He does know where you get to where you are without a full name, but you are. You are an elite striker, thank you and with that, that's a tough to China Vantage because on the feet, you are a step ahead of everybody
every fight start standing on the feet. You see it with Whitaker, because Whitaker's a great striker he's a tough guy, but he had holes in game that maybe he didn't even know he had, but you could see what it was I got in his head and everyone like when I can see this kind of stuff man before the press before the fight the press conference when he was talking and acting on, bothered and stuff like that, and I was like what he's acting out of character people. He put this meme up right, people thought I was affected by the mean, but all the all that showed me was like you've, never talk, shit or poke fun at anyone. You fight him and somehow suddenly you're poking fun at me. That's showing your first car show, in your first hand, and a lot of things you did throughout the like back back tracking and whatnot. I was like you're showing me your hand, you're acting out of character. Even my coach said the same thing and I said just do what got you to the dance? Don't try and talk share with a guy who knows how to talk. You know he knows how to talk show with his friends and shit like that, but not with me their internet kid different. Make ninja games me other me majesty, but like '
yeah so and then, when he when he came to the cage, you know so you saw me when I walked up. I stomp the yard stomp the yard. Now I entered the cage and when he came in I could I could feel that he was like this fucking car. You know beating his chest Then he took about a minute and a bit before. Look me in the eyes, and I was I was looking and the whole time and he would like a cat. You corner even the chicken get wanna chickens corner it like a rooster. It's dangerous edit when you corner any kinda, be still at the attack you at any point. So I could see him pacing back and forth like a caged animal, the whole time I he was a hunt, he was the hunted and I was I was. I was a hunter, so I was watching him and I could feel it like, because you know really about this and he's trying to hype himself blessed morning go and I could just smell then, when I went in my stance I said woo woo like this is something I was doing doing inspiring like during my training camp. So I was just
I mean this this member by muscle memory in my head, and I was just having fun- is a point. I looked at my kind of smiled like yeah. I got this and I just knew from that point man hours on it in the first round. I thought I lost the first round without the knocked down just like I let him have it, but then I watch the back. I do less strikes I landed more, he threw more strikes and then the less all I was doing was just me and you can talk about this light. Let the first round the first half of the fight. Let's see what he does just get all his attacks draw. Making shows and making draw Jahsh draw draw the tax out of him, and I did that and after I watched it again all that yeah without the mark that I still had the round. It was a brilliant performance and, and the the knocked down at the end of the first round is a sense in the end, the fight yeah. He was up news. There was a bad knock down. You could see when he went back to his corner. There's a moment where you see his eyes are just not quite there like, after the even before the second round he stood up and when Kelvin rock me after I go rock my first time being
in the UFC in the second round I'll be for the signals are alright. Let's go let's step it up. He was looking at the screen. Robert was looking at the screen like well hit me don't hit me, and I was like hey: hey, that's in the test. That's done focus on me right now, anyway. Alright, then, let's go yeah yeah when it was over when they stop the fight, raise your hand what's up feeling like no one here to undisputed champ, it felt just my title defense honestly Atlanta Atlanta was the one where they put my hand up, and I felt like yes why or why it Lana why that supply. So hard yeah, I think, is of the way the fight went, the back and forth and then me that that fifth round like I I found out who I was after that I that I fifth from I've. I've found that the deaths I'm willing to go so when they put my hand up,
and you know you beat up and all that kind of stuff just and also I never had a bill before so I've never had it wrapped around my waist as I visualize it so once that happened boom I felt like yes, and also I was I was like, Please judges, don't screw me over the phone over on this man, and I knew I had it, but you know you never know exactly doing it. Look at the Darren till Gaston Flight so when they put my hand up how's that yes, but then this to put my hand up all right? What's the end thing is, my my brain wants to move forward because I did in kickboxing 'cause I was undefeated so long. So it was always I all right cool. What's next, I watched the fight, maybe once a study I what's next, but now I have to like chill relax. Look at the Tate. Look at what you've done and then soak it in smell the roses for a little bit and then move on yeah 'cause. Once I had my first LOS I took winning for granted because it was just a habit. I was always winning always winning all his winnings now I have to like when you when we do something amazing, like I did in Atlanta, like I did in Melbourne
she'll smell the roses and then move forward when you entered the fifth round against Kelvin, you said: I'm you died was I looked at him and I remember I call a CASA diablo. He was looking at me and he just had this like looking just swinging his hands and I said you're not going to beat me I'm prepared to die. And I meant that man I swear to God in my life. I meant that I'm living in goose bumps think see the engine to respond like I meant that because I look and I signed, I signed my death one right. That was, I look if this is how I died. This is how I die, but you see me I was trying to get him. I was trying to kill him. I knew because for me, if I'm ready to die, I'm ready to kill, you have to be willing to give something up, as we
So in the fifth row, when I was doing those shots when I was having a drop in with four times or something crazy like the one, the last one I went from having him, I wished I didn't like follow and I roll over on them because I probably could have got him. I would like to second left, but I was trying to get him out of there then and it's sad to say, but I was ready if he had taken it to me and he if he had done that to me and I didn't wake up, so be it well. That was evident in the way you fought, because you didn't you didn't, you know was a close fight, but it looks like your head on the judges, but you didn't take. I mean any break at all. You know you just you threw yourself into the fire and the being cautious you know, I I told that to Dana. You know Dan, and I were talking about that fight and he was he was talking about a high ideas for whatever they try to get in a fight. Australian, hello. I love you, but I don't. I don't do it. It will be tried a lie right now. I've canceled a lot of my trips because also you know my knee, but also just formal being away from the gym. Like you,
feel it after awhile to check level like after the fight cuz. I see the target on your back. People smiling your face, oh yeah and then yeah. I don't know: what's up, I'm not stupid. I've seen a lot of people in this game rise and fall, one hundred percent all the time. So I want to get back to doing what I do best Tanon. I have these conversations. Sometimes we get hyped up and talk on the phone and we were talking about that fight and I said, do you know he said, you literally said it, and I have it on my highlight I made by myself and then I had it in the captions and I was like you know: you're not going to be there, I'm ready to die and prepare to I think that's a movie type ship is movie types it especially when you went under certain date. Dana just went holy shit. I said to watch it just watch it again he's saying about that yeah, it wasn't a clip that was a hell of a fight. Mendoza hello, invite
yeah. I don't want to have much much like those, but you have to get that 'cause after that fight, even like probably about two minutes after I was like I can go another two rounds. I felt it I was like this is like the third wind, Welsh it and I'm not just saying this is I guess you up. I'm saying like I was like. I can go another two rounds and you can see it like. I felt freshman I've. Never! This is my house, my second fifth, five round fight when I thought this time last year against them, or July last year, Brad Tavares Fifth round. I was just having fun I didn't even like I won't say I took my foot off the pedal, but I was having fun with it and this fight. Like I said fifth round, I was, and I said that for the Romero Fight and what's his name. What, if I said, look look how he looked in the fifth round. He's got gas, but get me wrong. He can be cracks, it will remember Romero and him they don't have the same kind of spice as I do in a when I'm in the trenches when it's time to go, I can go because I do it in the gym. Every day you wanted Romero Phoenix,
hi is this Robert shards of glass onto his man on the little guy. You know I mean he's coming off three out of four LOS. Three in a row, so I'm like yeah but those could have been his yeah. I know, but it also the people, the people, the casual. They think this is the guy. Well, first, what I think Bronson was a guy in a gas line, was a guy down there with it because the guy, so that things the guy to beat me some like all right. This is my charity work for the year if well, he's an interesting fight for anybody. The whole process because he's a freak athlete. I mean that that if you look at freaking dictionary you Yoel Romero, flying through the air hitting Quick Chris Weidman with me, but yeah he's just a freak. First. I saw him he the same thing to the black guy, bald black guy flying knee boom and just kind of starts them just ran at him. But is, is live. This is what rises me what rises occasion. This is one challenges me because a guy like that, like you say, he's a beast.
Same thing, robbery he's a beast. There's levels to this in. If you can make that look easy, it just makes you look that, like your status, legendary, goat, all that ship, that you can't yeah, so you want to live with. This just looks good, I'm saying, but it's all about the challenges taking out rubber wood the second round in his home country. You know doing that to your Romero, maybe not in Cuba. I don't know what the situation is like there, but in Vegas in a big arena, T mobile arena that would be fucking dope yeah, but the I said you know he's got to get a win first day. Thing is they don't know how to sell it like to the people and I'm like fuck it. Let's do it anyway and I and even his manager at the fights Whatever reason, why is welcome as a Israel we signed the country knows I, like? I don't know who it was and say: hey we signed the contract just tell Dana. I was like okay
it might look like story broke week signed the cut with the that Dana's said. There's yeah when I was trying to say in as the hype and then like right, someone might have the same is of the view. Of him in the gym, say Israel. Why you back in now? Why you ain't backing up? You know just tell them other fucking day, I'm You know you, don't you know you can. Let me only one, but I was there like. I want to do the fight. I said look, this is a guy right. Is the yeah he's going to take me down and beat the out of me? Okay? No, it's been able to do that yet. So, let's see if this guy can do, let's see if I can take him down. Well, yeah, the thing is to you have to get him now. Yeah, because he's for one now I think four thousand and forty one years old, and then they will be tomorrow. That's what they're going to say! Oh you beat up, you know he still thrills. I keep telling people when he wrote it didn't have that narrative. No, they didn't say hate Whitaker. I think the second time he will drop them in he heard about. And if you look at those
ten eight rules. You know the the new new rules he won yeah. I do look at you, you judge, but is that a system yeah? I thought the one period I just thought he won yeah I mean and where to talking animal man, he hung in there with that guy blast him on the chin, but he heard him bad yeah several times, but the Polo Costa fight, my God, my god, yeah, it's your boy, my favorite friend living la Vida, Costa. Let's go. I felt like that that fight was legit either one could have got that time. I think I agreed with it when cost a one time said: ok, I could see that, but if they gave it to Romero, I would be like why can see to think of the one. That's why I get closer, like I say, just stole it just Yeah. I think that's the way to look at it just dropped when he drop them in the first round that really solidified it an Romero is trying his best to come back, but just a step. You
in my eyes anyway, I don't like you said: if may roll the dice, sometimes what the thing is shocking, but Romero's how well he takes a shot in there's a picture of Costa kicking him in the yeah that I put on Instagram, where it looks like his soul is leaving his body like his eyes, are rolling back in his head that Shannon wrapping around his head is whole headers, just things that rhyme clynch all those tracks right, just hold his head and placeholders Brandon Place like the stem. Just doesn't move well, you know he had a pretty. Severe neck injury. If you look at the back of his neck, he's got a giant scar up his neck or his discs. Fused. Look at that picture! why do you suck dude set discord his face into the fucking black hole of another universe. Yeah I mean that is full, impact hip on the gas at that's it's all in Is it on him as well? But this is a lot cleaner. Nicer got. Damn I mean he's taken giant shots. I think Bronson him with a high head because well yeah around the neck. Nothing that think his neck is like one solid
here to school right. They didn't in Cuba that his neck, when they did that operation anyway, he's all fused up and he won't cut it stiff Does it always have seen around easy way, especially when he's not cutting weight? I he's tight sheath heavy for a used to what he's I'd like to move for for yeah, you can move it real, flexible, I've seen very flexible in doing the splits using that as someone clip that Cuban Olympic Program is no joke, I mean when he described it. He came on with Joey Diaz and you I saw bits of it. Yeah bits of it was amazing. 'cause Joey was translating from Cuba to English and they were talking about the program like they just train them, an they put them in this situation. Where, if you win you get more food, then you get a better place to stay but you know who you get two meals a day. If you lose, you get three meals a day if you went, and these guys are competing against the best in the world, and it's just every day is battle.
Battle. You know he's like everybody on wants to kill me and you become a machine I guess it's like you know when you see the dude first of all, when you sitting across from me, like ok with you, I know you're heavier than one hundred and eighty five, but it's feasable people do you like ground it like right now, I guess two or three yeah I I get feasible Let's look at America in America. You gotta realize man the food, God like. I. I forget every time you go to order small because you order Natural is like large. They come in a plat yeah yeah? We like everything, the metabolism for me, the lucky yeah. We like everything big over here, everything outrageous. Yes, hello, this outrageous country, we have a Blowtorch, we were saying even drinks. They name bigger, drink, so yeah like
rise, like I think, it's part of the culture as well. Why you order? You said double d: like no comes in a double on my own double double and then literally have to ask for more coke, more fans or whatever yeah the ice helps them in. Do you like? I live in there like there was a time from. I think it was on going into the new years of two thousand, when I was driving down from Auckland to Wellington, New E and I'll, just going through by myself in my old car, chewy, rapping, singing and just having fun, and I was just at the landscape, and that was the moment. I decided that this is what I'm going to say. This is the country I'm going to live in 'cause. I always had this idea that I'm going to Canada or America eventually, but also because my job is over there. My teams, over the- U gins over there, my family of mud made friends have gone up. That's my that's my other country. No, so I love it over there. I love the vibe as well as you haven't been there and then we go. I thought Chad Mendes went through and got a big red yeah you go out there. You can catch something man like that's like a thirteen point I counted before
oh, you can get soshite. You have giant stag. So I I just imagine like that with something that's eight hundred pounds behind it yeah. One thousand another one that I have on the front was over one thousand pounds yeah. When you walk in its huge I've. Seen some next to cars were on Youtube. You can just get some perspective yeah. If you in any of that see, I told you the story this made. It was the place Costco acts are going to go to Utah Utah, going going to go to Alex Walking fight. So I asked her: where can I go? Get a chilly bin and I went to. Costco. While they were cleaning out the Airbnb and also had some german food? I ordered as well from Texas. So when I got back racks everything- and I was like fuck you text me how to cook it in everything and my coach using 'cause, I really wanted she's a hunter avid Hunter like after fights first place. He goes in the bush because you want to get away from all this, so I was like I gotta share this with him and then yeah they racks, then I'm sure they kept it. They threw it in the Bin, I'm sure they kept it, but I hope they enjoyed it. Yeah
but I gotta try some milk one day. Definitely I will anytime anytime you around. Here we want to set up a kitchen in here in the studio, This is like a new fantasy factory by actually you walk around. I'm like man. I need one of these. You do one day yeah. I have a Jim and right next to Jim, a fun house, yeah yeah, it's good to have everything we could do it all in one place. Yeah. It's me I I was so many times. Yes, I did everything right. Yeah it helps. I can come in here. Two hours before show get a full workout. In shower everything even sauna, but you know get it all done in one spot. If you get a kitchen. Definitely I could've made me
which is jam and we got a little baby kitchen, but we got it. We got to set up a grill in here. What I was getting on to about New Zealand. Is the beauty like this something I think that, like when people think about places and places to live, you know, I think all it's convenient is easy commute. This is you know it's a nice apartment or it's a nice house whatever. It is, but there's something about natural beauty and it doesn't really get much beautiful, more beautiful, the New Zealand and the south file and as well like the North Island school is some spots there's a lot of places like for me. I travel all around the world, but whenever, like I fly in- and I see the sky tower and you can see that grant like the landscape of the place is beautiful and I feel like, like Marshall, when he sees the hills and he's about to go for a hike. I was like yes, almost home almost home, but like it's such a beautiful place, queens, Queens, Queens, queens, sound the sound file in the snow there I haven't been I've seen everyone posting about it, but
I'm going to go this snow in New Zealand, funk yeah model repair who that's where I've been snowing snowboarding years ago, wow S island. I've been two years ago when I was younger like twelve, but definitely as an adult. I gotta go it's different when you go with your parents, when you go in as adults, so I gotta go out there. Man, it's fucking, beautiful. It's a crazy place when it comes to wildlife, because they got it all from Europe yeah they did in, like I'm surprised and often isn't. Call why Hickey Island at some probably about a twenty minute ferry ride from the city and is Wallaby's on there I've, no idea, and apparently there are invasive species. 'cause, the guy bought them from Australia, but then, luckily they kept on the island now, but I've heard rumors now they've kind of found their way 'cause. You know some crazy folks. I'm gonna keep this man on their way to like voter or the redwoods and all that kind of ship. It's also crazy fuc that wants a pet. I know, Florida's got a giant problem with that.
With the was the anaconda is on on this vehicle, and why was the guide tossing a catches them all the time iguanas one as well, there's a lot of them in there killing them. Now they don't like yeah they're calling them. They give you money if you kill it, going really because they're digging under houses They dig tunnels that has a base the I didn't really dig up there trees. I thought so too some new everything they have so many pythons there. They said, there's no more rabbits, there's no more March hares raccoons in every John all right sounds like Andre. Now the Gators yeah yeah, I see- I see them in the burst out, make sure the leg sticking out like that even found Nile crocodiles in in the Everglades really has great fall semester problem now crocodile yeah. They have a kill on sight, warning frozen it like that, and it was a Texas. They have more tigers.
Or lions those my netflix special is more tigers in Connecticut somewhere. Then all of the wild of the world crazy, yeah, Okay, so crazy much time out there, I've been there when I first went there was when I think when I first met you Ufc192 Dc Gus, yeah I was there. It was a good time. I didn't really. I just ate, as I did, that is, eat barley out, yeah Barbie down was cutting away. This is when he was a featherweight. He was here, that guy ever made featherweight. He like, I asked him how you feeling is, I feel great, I'm like yeah, you feel great. I was hooked. Afterwards, he's like lightweight, and you see my lightweight now much luck, but I'm telling you he's the one
say. I want yeah. Well I've seen some things. May I please itself guy I've had him on my back for four minutes or five minutes around spying and he's hard to get off and he's good. Like You know some people in the gym. They shine as some people under the bright lights they shine. So we can do both and I'm telling you yeah he's he's the one life I don't know yet there's some things. He hasn't shown on his game that I'm what I'm I'm sure that, like so I was in the room when DC and John Annick were doing. Like the you know, the fight Arum. What do you call it interview? So I did my own first and then they did Dan Dan was telling me like John axed about the champ. You know so that it it it. You know, how would you be could be, and he said he just saw. This go. I lean in late one and then he had to kind of just you know say some bullshit whatever, but it like 'cause, even like going to help me help him train for the Jones fight the second one, and I turned it down because they had Rockhold in the cam,
and I wasn't in the UFC at the time, but I knew I don't want to give them anything right, I don't want to give them anything. I don't want them to say all you came to our camp like I did with blacks aliens in in this all. You know BC holes in his game right around right, which is all bullshit but yeah. I just I just don't, I don't want anything. I want nothing. I don't give him nothing because I always knew this was coming so, as I get planet plot your way, but you and I talked on Insta. I am here. Doesn't fourteen now yeah and we're times like when all right yeah way? I said you my time, then you are yeah I'll, be working men I'll be working. Well, I pay attention okay intention due to shine. Thank you, sir. Outside you know, I I know guys were common yeah. I know guys are coming up, but I knew you had been thinking about him and I I've been a fan of you as a kick box yeah, not be working about it. Well, I'm always fascinated by elite specialists that make their way in MMA, because I'm always like a house is going to translate. Is it that I think that it seems harder? It seems harder for a lot of grapplers who don't have a background striking
I mean I think grappling can be the most important thing in MMA, because if you can't stop a guy from taking it down, you're going to lose, but you have to everything on your feet, an when you see a guy who doesn't have good striking fight, a guy who is elite. Striking like a good example. This past weekend was Kevin. Lee versus Gregor Gillespie, Gregory, Laspesa, Fuckin', fantastic wrestler, elite, wrestler and Kevin Lee is a better striker and you see that every fight, stone, Kevin Lee has a wrestling background. So it's it's no picnic taking that guy down. But you see one of guys. A better striker is more weapons and then Gregor gets high, kicked it's a different kind of field and also one thing: uh, a Eugene and Andre. My arresting coach that alluded to his people forget the takedown. The wrestling starts way before the clinch starts way before you get taken down away before you engage it's all about positioning foot positioning about distance control, so once you have that
and you understand the principles of that you're wrestling becomes easy like I might have. I don't know if it's the highest takedown defense percentage in the overseas military action, good, it's I it's high, but and the only time was in my second fight when the guy in the third round I didn't break the grip suck my leg in immediately. After 'cause, I'd normally remote, Andre, just kind of told me what to do like. Ok ever since that in training, no one ever gets that on me, or rarely rarely gets that on me. So I, I'm always improving men, like I said even right now for more, I feel, like fear of missing out, because see everyone training at the gym, fear of missing out that acronym yeah the same thing, I know the kids say, but I never bothered looking at ways that fear of missing out so like on. My I see like on the group chat, what the team is doing and I see them working. One thousand am score shots at the table. Score where they at a feeling it yeah, I'm just like yeah, whatever sent it should be like just young guys coming up. You know, I see it and I'm not.
Stupid man, I know that the targets on my back- it's easy to get this, but it's hard to keep it so yeah. I want to make sure I want to do a demetris. Did I want to do a silver? Did? You know? I want to be one of those guys who just racks it up, get all the infinity stones, all the gems and now what happens if they overrun the outside of the built a gem? You mean you don't have healthcare, they used to go when Beltre every time I know also putting these ones all the Jews on these with a guy like so pasty, as a load about a little bit quicker one of them, my I'm not for I can buy some of the you know: yeah yeah. It's would you think about the Bmf Belton Yeah! It's a touchy! Subject. I like the idea you don't have to get involved. He didn't have to get involved to like
trying to solidify this, but what it was was they needed a title for the msg card, Colby and most men and what yes, it happened, but This mission take versus Holly Home was the co main event as a title fight with D as Mcgregor one right, so you don that fight itself would be. Fine without the belt, without grew rock with all that kind of stuff, but it happened and what's going to happen now. Is he going to defend it, because even the ego in me is like? the door is it but, like I mean, there's no point, because it is either going to defend the bill at a gun and I don't know yeah, I feel like monster dollars. Championship Cal, I'm I put some focus been, is on this now in and do like a cold. Is the free stuff yeah right yeah? I I ii, No, I I see we sand button. I feel like monster dollars, world Champ, okay, a hundred percent hundred percent I've been a fan, that, guy since way back everyone
just finding out now these guys in the Austritt Jesus, I'm like well, I'm going to hipster Nunu before he was cool man yeah. I want to be that guy, but I like his resurrection. I like the fact that he re branded himself 'cause. You have to do that. I see the movies, I see actors. Do it, entertainment you rebrand yourself knew package, so we said with him. He said he went away. He did this really holiday show so I washed it, but he said he went away. It had time to himself smart man yeah. Well, what happened was he was on this reality show and Dan Lambert said it was terrible, terrible experiences. Self all day no phone. He had to go into the village to get food. There's no fucking food, like Rhode Island, I forget, and somewhere in South America, that experience was several months and it was a disaster and he didn't like it at all, and then it forced him to think about where he's at where it could be an one of the things he was saying is like all these split decisions, and he was thinking like why you know why did it go that way
instead of the other way like. Why did I lose that fight instead of win it because there's a lot of them that are really close and he was thinking. Maybe I could just done a little bit more in one that fight, and then he said, why am I thinking like a fucking peasant does why? Don't I just not that mother Fucker then and then so that shift in his mentality changed also on the mark Styles Aronie marks Darren Tail Marks, Ben Askren Pizza, the Out innate Dheas, like he's different personality now he's what he could have been. He is potential realized, like he's a rebirth he's at one hundred percent. He is at one hundred percent right like it was doing. Then you get in the cage with that. Guy is everything about Box Camilla gas so make raise. I am working cone as men going he's got a long. I mean his thought is like hey man, I I can do more than Conor Mcgregor did and I'm not gonna fade yeah yeah. You know you can, and I think that was the but again it's different. We watch it live. When I wasn't alive. I saw a D. Back and he was in the third round and I'll swing into towards the
They are maybe one that by what's the back and I'm like, he had all three yeah, and Diaz was like. I said he was coming back, but if I want to school cause yeah, I think he already had it in a couple of those rounds. You can make an argument for ten eight yeah. He beat the fuck out of DS. Surrounding him in the GUT India's tactical move, venom just drop down Mmhm. It is not down. Save I clean my god because yeah he probably got hurt today, Audi yeah, I heard one of them on asked. You know right right. Body check is slip, DS, try to block it on and it just went right, and the thing I hate as well. As far as when you kick the elbow, you have tried that my foot doing that, or else yeah my food. I cracked it doing that as well. I put the elbow so hard in the top of your foot is so softap takes a real skill like dental health as well, where they can sneak it underneath there is a different angles using taught me how to do it so yeah. I love it. I love it one was a hit him to bars with as well before us with them. Yeah you, you have to learn how to sweep just.
Right underneath- you know you got your account- will not stilled now. Yeah. Are we five or you know like? I saw him last year before on the press conference leading up to the bronze and fight Mina said: look, which would do it man, I know one they will clash. This is because of the styles yeah. I styles make fights yeah, you know and he's got a style that I like very, basic, but when I say basic I don't mean that would do respect. Would decision back right, I say: he's got strong basics. The style is a self poor. Is a nice straight left nice body kick. Kerr is a lefty knows how to change it up in the clinch as well. When he gets close, I like we did with the gas limb yeah. He played the distance game. Well, you know I landed in the third row. I kinda left in the fight, but gasoline was doing. Some will get you what what have a thorough and nine in the third round. I knew I knew as like a rafter five medium was if I would like to that's what he did, that's how we go so
close and we knew already, but it was hard to call it in the fight 'cause. It was too focused on other things, but I think automatically through muscle memory. I was able to take that distance away from him in the fight and from the third The first, I think, for the first round in some of the second run he was able to like used as a little off the Everyone knows it. Now, it's a little after they hit jab me jab me put it in my face. It's like a little to do. So you're calculating his movement yeah, I'm not doing it this way, I'm that internal muscle memory memory, what your memory of since Bari and knowing what you can do verses. Knowing what you see him doing and just like it's like a dance so that comes this way are hard to explain to people it honest that you look at a guy, and you like this to me the guy's gonna that guy up and people go. What are you talking about much? It doesn't mean that guy's going to like when Anderson Silva First for Chrisley, even the I The odds were like real close, and I pulled a friend of mine said, I said, bet the house.
At the House on Anderson. He goes he serious. I will bet the house. I go bet the house. I got this guys, an assassin. This is a different thing. You've seen a different thing, I'm telling This is a this is one of the rare the sky has to fall for him to lose. No one knew that's the thing. No one knew who he was until that happens. I watch all those cage warriors, when he was standing in front of Jorge Rivera. Let him punch him in the face. He just rolling this woman was really bad reviews. Well, people don't understand this, like they said AFLAC in cash, is I like so experts as well have casual brains. 'cause there, like you know, Israel has no knockout power 'cause. He hit Henderson Silver in the face clean you. Don't understand this Aniston's playing the game with me and him a playing game. So when I I him clean, I'm not trying to him, where he is, I'm trying to hit him where he's gonna be, but then he knows
as well, so he to dissipate that and then pause. The distance is right, so it just makes him there's a time. I kicked him in the face and I slowed it down on my instagram just went and just like my toes literally, you see my toes ugly as far as like it just Nick the top lip, and I went black felt it is so much nicotine. Game, but I literally, I was trying to hit him where he's going to be, but then he paused and then the punch would just choose. Does so it look cool. Yeah look like because I didn't hit him clean right like he just quit playing this game and people don't understand. People have never fought, I don't understand that game you're playing it was beautiful man. I love, fine. Because of the fight who would boring. Although I thought I was iconic men that was, I wish she had left after that fight meant 'cause. I wanted to be the one that people don't like yeah, that was a great fight yeah, but it's just people that don't have an appreciation for movement. And like what it takes. It takes with ownership iMa. Now most people don't know it everything exactly yeah I mean there's a lot of people out there that are experts,
don't push it about what they're talking about the thing about Anderson and you is God, I would love to see that fight. When Anderson was ten years younger and you are at where you're at right now I'll tell you how it goes how's it go same way. I went, you know what he's never had someone do to him. What he's done to people 'cause, what I was doing to him, making him jump making him do. Whenever he did this, that's awful gezi, that's all! I know you may be phases I live Is it a few times with them? You know it means is an interesting There was a limousine company, New York, S, r, writing bad checks, and so the those checks became for gays. He checks. So with Allen. Yeah yeah. It was
the limousine company, called for gays, the limits. So this is not a real word now. Well is it? Is it at anytime anywhere action? Aussie just became an expression for gazing yeah, so this company star writing bad checks. So anytime that sums fake. It's for gays yeah list new everyday, like alma yeah, but like yeah, so whatever I'd like faint him more make him jump american react. You know like I got. You had like right: tracking, HANS, Kung FU, fifty two blocks
What it was there's. No, he didn't, he saw, went through his career, fighting, really good fighters, great fighters, but never in a league kickboxer yeah. Never in a league world class, kick boxer like a world championship. Caliber filings, not I'm not a kickboxer, but definitely some like it's a good fighters, but the guys all the guys he beat of the error they couldn't last in this era. It's a different time now the game was changed again, keep evolving and that it like, I said as no disrespect, but it's just it's it's. If you had me and my prime right now in my my even my prime kind of in it, how will you know twenty sort of the thirty? I try the user. I rise like why like wise, but yet it's just pretty much the game of inches a game of fake the game of gotcha right, and I do that better than him yeah. I feel that and do this is the guy above loved
view known for, can gag hinges about him. The whole gorilla he's wrong words yeah play passport, but up like I know, use little really like I've. I've fanboy over the guy as ochre enough studied him. I knew what he was going to do before you do it like when he tripped me, I was getting up and my head was a Ok here comes the flying knee and then what I did like literally I press eject. As I get forgot a dodge straight away. I honestly, I wasn't. He just hope. The case like at one point, even him in the tummy, don't know what did I hit on me and he touched me in the coming and I was like he was. Let me try. I was like No, I didn't catch that way, even when I'm one point it put his hands down and not like poop that game in this right. I would stop doing that. I threw my head of other stop doing that. There's, no one on this fucking planet. If you put your hair finishing up that I'll. Tell you, stop doing that, but no hands down chin up keep doing that, but
have reason. I said: stop and I don't know why I said that. That's what that's the question I have to answer like after I retire and see the people like. Did you hold back? I was in the first round and if I had dead in him trying to. I was trying to win but yeah I still have for the guy, and I respect the guy, you might not feel the same, but he some he's a guy that was there any seats. All me like again like he would be to. Let me know what to do. He told me like, I said the only focus and that's why even right now, like I said formal, I'm like you know which is cool. This victory tour. You know rating the shit around it's nice, but I want to work yeah yeah, that's the attitude that makes champion. One percent man was a weird being across the cage from him know,
and him like only one more moment. There's one moment it was in the third round and he went to the he's like come on. Put his back against the fence is what he had Bisping a front. Kick him in the face like come on, come on, he's, ok and then, like I said that, and I won't point out just stood there. So I'm going to wait two and it would be like seven seconds but there's a split second in their down just like holy ship. I'm fighting Anderson Silva. No. This is my time, a victim of a nice right here that he came to the Senate. The cage and we kept the going but like it right, yeah. This right here is going to live forever. God dammit pictures look at picture. I'm done fighting with what I'm going to do in this game, my god! It's for moments like this foot, the bill. It's iconic moments that you know like Ali over Sonny Liston. He said their pictures went home framed signed. By
I'm an alley. Wow yeah, like the outside of the system, was sometime in the fall yeah. The frames are so beautiful man, and I this is Rock Lee, even something like this up, the some synchronicity that happened. So this is from the enemy the first find out. What's in this, can google this put up James? What is Rock Lee versus Gaara Gara. This is episode, forty six of Naruto and all the first fight. I ever watch that got me into the series and What is this anime series? Naruto I've only seen it online. It takes too long. It's a seven hundred and twenty episode, fuckings yeah, seven hundred episodes this pit right here. He takes the weights off, you, take the weight off all you can watch the highlights and then literally did some heavy ass weights, but he fucks of Gaara, but I did the Stan's were clean. Only does I did the stand that you normally does in the winds and Anderson stood there like Gaara, but he probably doesn't even know what that is what he just stood there like this and shit like that
I need you to fight it's just like when life imitates art without even trying going to mean yeah. I I edited it. I got some guys. You know shot to cook craft and Blackmun effects, the edited it for we need to make it look the same as this, but literally yeah should like this jazz me up man, I'm geeking out right now nerds, John Jones. So the call you nerd yeah unknown, move my feelings. There is not negative, and of course a lot take out there like I'm, not just skills, bow hunting skills. All that there's nothing wrong with being a nerd man. I mean nerds run the world fuck you Dylan, yeah there is a world I could only kids men like don't Pekin high school men, especially the nerds, are I told him. I've spoken at some schools now and I just tell him. I look and New Zealand's got the highest. You suicide rate in the world and it's 'cause a lot of these kids literally yeah. They thankfully, did think this is going to be forever like whatever they're feeling that depression being bullied me focus,
different now because of all the yeah like Scott. You know in an aggression one and also should media people attacking you, and I just saw the might look as it's going to be fine. This is a forever at the end of the day. They will pick now like when I go back: The way I grew up in rural when I see some of the kids need to fork with me, I'm like oh wow, I'm scared of you right really. Even when I close my eyes not because I I was I I had a league growth spurt, I can see them. I visualize them at least I still see them is bigger than me, but when I go back there like short and don't be and go like five different kids, so three different baby, mamas and working at the same job for the last twelve years and I'm just like menu in the first fifteen rugby team, you with a man. I thought you was a man, but now I'm the man, but I never feel any kind of well. I don't feel only two of them ever apologized, but I don't feel like 'cause, I'm petty. I got chips and dips on my shoulder, I'm that guy but I don't feel that type of way where I have to like shouldn't understand. Kids are cruel. Kids are dumb,
see at this day and age, I see it like. They don't even know what they're doing rather do it, they just walked in hm, so moans exam know what's happening. I I Nort told myself, don't think which yeah advice. I give you a message. No one tells him that thing That's right. I don't know. What's is no not November bull show their nonsense. What such a good with my lost on the first day stakes three times, I've got it now buzzing man's actually on the tantric. Should let it go. Let it go inside their body nonsense. Then it's ages like if you haven't just after a while when you just look at it. It's like yeah I know I'm feeling bad about drinking it. Now. It's alright yeah. What is that? No Nut November get outta here that we did with state confused yeah you're going to make a lot that choice is yes, yeah. How many times have guys made bad choices? I was trying to explain this to a woman.
Saying that men are assholes and they to be someone, so just so they can girl and then after they girl did you see who they really are. I can this and they don't even know who the they are. I don't wanna guys telling you they're in love with you there, They mean that in that moment, and then they come and then the like. What what did I do? I got to get out of here yeah they did not it's not that they're being deceptive to you, they are being deceived as well yeah. I had a whole bit about it that when You have about all right, the a bit you you are like in the backseat of a very long and another do driving the bus like where the is he going like relentless yeah. You know, what's on your life place, your windshield fifty feet away from you, that's what it's all right from the If come you you go out.
Girls. You will not! You are coming yeah, not not in a November it with who won this thing by the way the so broke over. I didn't have a championship this year with all we did. This for friends yeah, we just had a thing. We had to do ten classes and read five hundred pages of any books. Okay, we just decided that school See that's something you can get behind last year was too crazy. We doing cardio seven hours a day, which is that between Tommy and normal machine yeah 'cause, he was doing some crazy shit that runs away. Yeah trying to lose weight, but I told him if he gets down to A5, you can have the soul rock we're about to say the, but what's the right now sees about two hundred all you have to do is lose the weight hit. The bell mean outside he's, having fun So we're about two hundred and thirty five go to those guys who fight in a two hundred pound division that way, two hundred and thirty five on Tuesday and they fight on Saturday, and they weigh in on Friday at two hundred and five. You can do it, you can do it, but you know it's going to hurt, but it's going to be yeah.
Discipline issue. Some. These companies dealing as well is already using the bird America Bertie boy tore yeah, yeah sheen signs of getting need to get a gig out there. I definitely let my man Tony Angelo, said: if you want to through. You can suss it out. Ok, yeah he's looking forward to it, but he said like get in contact with him. I was like I don't know what I'm going to do. A plug it up now do a gig and then take a few days hunting bro. You would love it man, even if you take your kids and just like there's a large out there. It's really expensive, but I'm sure for you, they'll cut you out that ok yeah easy as it's nice. And they'll. Take you to one of these branches. Where you know you can get you either, like my advice, go with Eugene, I don't even come by GOAT Eugene. He knows like some shyt, and he knows skills as well, or you can go to these ranches with a have a for you where you can get one of those like a big red yeah I'm I shot, one dead was a big red and I remember like for downwind with tracked. It took ages and he surprised how the guy, who owns
grand old man, but he was kick in. I ask like, we usually fit, but he's just like a mountain goat, just tracking tracking device to hiking, it's not do it every day and then I get there and takes about. Maybe ten minutes and there are there in the herd feasting and then we like, flanked it properly or not, is a downward or upward away from it. That's the one we want them to smell it. You want to be done, when Sally was coming to you yeah, so they can smell it. Yeah yeah and then a member like hit bottom right there here with a rifle yeah right, yeah yeah. I don't know how to use a bow yet yet then yeah, the camera right, yeah yeah Cameron, said he wanted him yeah. He said well wait in time in time anytime. I want to fight. First only get this done, that oh man, but then she dropped right. There Darren Dead, and then I will there and me, and my boy brought my tattooist. He a me how to like section it up and then there's a slinky in there slinky in there like that on the baby. So you take that out. Take that out like a baby that the infant that's in there,
yeah female yeah, so she dropped their right, we're literally yeah right. Then they called this link because of the way it moves, I'm assuming so yeah, so sorry Disposal does the pig is going to eat it's going to go back to the earth, all that kind of stuff. Now the first day it was my big red and the next day we're going we're on the fucking. Would you call that and then I don't know where we see two fellows a smaller ones and there up on the ridge and then my coach, Doug Doug Vine is a K1 champion as well from Vegas right now, and then I shot it and I didn't get this one, this clean, so they like. We have to track all the way up. Tour like you know all this kind of shift, not him on stinging needle yeah annoying and then get up to it and see it. Trying to like nothing is going to hate me for this, but then I was like oh shit, ok and then finish it off. You have to do the right thing, so I get the rifle right down there, I'm looking at it and then let me do a scope and dogs. Like is up after about thirty
alright sounds like yeah hold up just have to 'cause you're, not scared. I am like now, but then I realized the sheets for king two feet in front of me. I'm using the scope, oh yeah yeah, and that was it. She was done, and then yeah, it's so weird to close your off a closer look like a brain. A lot more makers. I was just used to using the scope, so I'm like a lot of funky using the scope of the things right there in front of you, so I just hit it boom point blank dead. I had to do the same thing in the first deer shot, stop suffering but then one thing I really enjoyed was afterwards. When you have the section alright, here in this, is the thing that, if you can't my personal philosophy is, if you can't hunt, if you can't kill what you eat, don't eat mean, don't touch it 'cause, you don't understand where it comes from. And eventually one day come like you what you have now you have your own operation. I won't have on operation. I want to have my own bike: Lamb, all property. Well, just like Bang, Bang, Bang yeah the stock, it up right, eggs again that he is
yeah and it's different man is a lot different, especially when you have to section it yourself. This fellow, at section myself, the big one I gave to my butcher friend, to make like garlic, sausages and salami, or that kind of stuff is beautiful, and then yeah RA taught me how to section the you know what you usually your hands, wet. You put it through the skin and acts like a knife, and it's it's different, the soft tissue. It's actually a good technique and yeah. It was fun, but it's been about two years now, since I've been back in the Bush 'cause, you know what is Trisha. No so much stronger, yes, good for athletes. For someone like yourself, my god, that that fallow deer and stag that nutrition is as good as it gets here, wild animals now- and I think even more thing was before the Brunson fight, because long story, but like after my debut all all go back to the
but like pretty much the Brunson fight before it was when I realized how you eat effects, how you think and how you feel your mental health, no sure, 'cause beforehand, before the fight before cycling way. I was eating like shit, like literally just 'cause. You know, like oh, wait, easy, so I'm just eating everything whatnot and throughout that camp I was getting like. I hurt myself as well. Remember I I mentioned at the press conference and then I have to take a whole week of training. This is like five weeks out and had to make the call like folk were going to pull from this fight. So we don't leave it too late, so they can find a replacement or take a whole week off come back Monday and see how we feel and then doing that a write, a proper. You know I was a little bit like the present it like that 'cause. Otherwise, even already that week transition everything, just 'cause the way I was eating in the way I looked after my body and then when I got back to camp boom, and I realized through that camp and also reading Charlamagne's book as well. The shook ones yeah it kind of help you listen
yeah, I listen to it too say that Rita. Well, that's a good one to listen to too because is read by hand. Yeah he's such a funny, interesting, Oria and the way read the yeah, because I listen to really it it's as well. Yeah he's honest yeah he's on. I mean like for a guy like him to talk about being up with anxiety, is like people like what you hear. The guy talks about crazy shittenou people understand men like even my boy chance he's with me right now. You know like for me. I like to 'cause I'm on this journey now like today. Those I came up with me. I bring them on the street like on. I want to do by brought my brother with makes like in this by him. I went to Niger. I brought a be with me. You know, because he- and I german, I told him after this trip like be careful because you're gonna need a holiday blues. You know like when come back from a holiday. You feel to everyone all these Instagram Post post. Take me back, you know within bikini shots and whatnot. I told him I wouldn't get back home you're going to feel it and I know 'cause I've experienced as well after my UFC debut I literally my after party was three hours of,
hi nice to meet. You highlight I one what I literally really to go hide somewhere, and some guy found me pro you're right. What are you doing? I'm I'm going I'm just chillin just taking five minutes alone all year. I understand a in next to me, I'm just like fuck. Alone means you are not exactly here, mother Fucker and then after I go home like you know, got a bonus, got a nice check from the UFC and then got depressed and under cycle to feeling yeah like I'm home alone, with my own thoughts, and I was like what the fuck bomb I didn't get that You understand this well, even just 'cause of everything that was happening. I thought I seen a therapist straight away. Just 'cause, I felt like no one teaches you how to be famous book about this and I've seen a lot of people athlete
movies, singers, rappers rise and fall, and I'm not going to be one of those people could for huge house. But then I went to a therapist from October from February to October, just kind of like learn some tools to help me with this and then so after my first fighter happened. My second fight happened, my third fight, Brad, Tavares, fight main event, Fuckin', all the stimulus like coffee, you drink coffee, and then you get all the stimulus, your hype and you come off it crash yeah. I quickly I equated to the same thing and then those tools that I got from my therapist really helped me just kind of like navigate back. So New York was the first one I got back to my house and as I write boom, I know how to attack this. I know what's going
but then I was anticipating 'cause beforehand. I did not anticipate the the hype, that's going to happen, the wave after the fight like after this fight already know. What's happened like I knew, was going to be like more than everything I've done in the UFC already, so I braced for it not prepared myself, and I had the right people in the right tools to help me ease back into my regular routine. So I went back home and I'll just easy. What was the feeling of depression 'cause? Obviously you had this spectacular result, you one and then, but what was it? What was the feeling like? What was bothering you? If I think about it, my debut when I go back home sit down um, it was just like I don't know an. I hate trust me. I love for king the perks folk fame. I don't like being famous by love the perks, login perks but like when you get back home and I'm with that's. Why I like hanging out my dogs on my
because they don't say anything I can just be. I can just exist with them. I'd have to entertain them. I have to talk right now, country to popular believe. I'm always extroverted, I'm a cause baby. I'm a crab line cancer LEO Crap line, okay, so yeah yeah. I can go both ways, you know it's alright! I guess me job but you know but like yeah, so I can, when I'm home by myself, I'm just very reserved. I like to get my own thoughts. I like to be alone base. I had to do in Panama every word and the field. Was just not it's almost unheard of imposter syndrome. I'm not sure. If I'm saying, if I'm using a right- but I don't know- I don't- I don't want to say that's what I had but like you almost feel like you, don't
alone. Yes, I can do a lot on deserve this every. I think everybody has a yeah. So what so? I had to go through that for my first fight, my second by my third fight, and I said it wasn't until the Brunson FI. I just decided it own it because in New York, yeah is a clip on Youtube of this guy he's walking around Times square normal, just chilling. Nor pays attention to him, and then he goes to earn. He goes by comes back in my time in and he's hired like security camera crew, he dresses the part he's walking around trying square. He just the regular do like you should call the greater in man everyone's time to like who's this Let's go back and take a photo. Yeah cool, take a photo here, cool and then, like the camera. Guy goes up to random people and goes like, so how do you know if his name is Brian? How do you know Brian? How do you in there like spider, man, you know yeah, I think it's pretty good, you know and then, but they got another guy, you know. So what do you think about his last album blah? I mean I didn't hear the whole thing, but I heard a single on the radio and people just like.
The do the teeth the, but with a focus this guy, They don't even know. You was right. I experienced that Dejavu fucking crazy in times Square in New York, Madison Square, I experienced in time Square, like literally shooting from our brand engage shooting some shots for them, so is embedded crew around me micro around me and I'm not even trying at one point I kind of just because I'm always nursing everything around me and I see people like some recognize what was and then also people like. I can hear the MIKE who's in in the same person come a man, big fan. You can grab a pick. I was like. I take a pic annex person like a the hike I get a picture in just take a picture and they don't know who the out right. This is the somebody likes you exactly because he's famous yeah and they just want to get that shine so, like that kind of home, was you and lets you know you can get caught up in all that man talk about hype a lot and I'm like it own it new
because when I decided like I'm not going to feel like, I don't belong just own it. This is my life now. Well, I think what you're doing is you're taking the mentality of a high level striker in your plying it to fame, because don't get caught traps Eunice. You want to see all the pitfalls like if you're, if you're Chan's up you drop your hand. If you, you have a tendency that someone can exploit, you got to go home, make sure mixes up, make it showing different moves. You you you you can't rap, so I don't want to get caught, never yeah, that's that is also what happens with fame can get caught in your own traps. You set your own traps. Yeah anomic ball mistakes. I won't crash into a pregnant lady Bob make my own mistakes, sorry, I'm taking all the shots, come get it well when you and him started going after it and John John start going after an instagram, also like Let it be known, he started it. He started it. Why did he start? It don't know it was, I think, some of the freshmen I'm the
by that he wishes. He was he's a fan. Trust me he's a fan, he's he's my biggest fan and I think he sees himself. You know like man. I could have been that cool in a fighting fuckall this up and he sees me like the new freshmen getting shine. Getting all the hype he's still the champ, the still undefeated normally normally really on this fight, as he is out for them and how much it was bullshit on minimal talking now she's at him. To be sure that is trying to talk to him He was just trying to you know I don't mean Matt Hamill's probably broke, You know I'm saying he hasn't fought in forever. You know I mean it yeah. I just want to know he's on the feet. He's. A guy live thing now. First, Washington fight because I was a fan. It was UFC ninety four Penn vs GSP Gsp, two and a four: Steph yeah and just hit him with some stuff hello, that's been in, elbow them without a double overhook, lateral drop, shed, roof looks this guy, you know, and
comparisons, always gonna, be there like with him in all. This is silver with wrestling. No, when I came on the scene, officers Jones are better striking, like I said it up from the gecko outgrow those comparisons. I was like oh they're, going to forget about this. So now they're, not comparing us they're saying: oh, let's watch them fight. I like the file. I said this is July um after the I think it was the Emmy awards, as in my hotel room and allegedly I might have been stoned, but I looked at allegedly. I was smoking stone. Now is looking across and legacy rated stadium being built now is like, for whatever reason, just decided. That's where it's going to happen. It's such a fucking, crazy fight, the way it's going to happen it's just boom. Letting go to have you with a dragon back down I'll, drag him back down, and I said like twenty twenty one is the time because I don't want to disrespect the game. I'm not going to hold up to do vision. The division be held up long enough by Robert Falcon being sick and being injured in
you know, remember not making when all the I'm like. Let me do what silver did, which was on of the code and actually be a champion and defend the belt. So I'm gonna do that. I've done a again from a double interim champs. I'm going to do it again the academy on the weekend and he's a fucking, beautiful, dude man such a he's very what's up brother, how a killer exactly dark horse. He's the darkness of everyone thinks Romero. Is everything costs there's the one? Not he is the God. Like I'm stalking him, I've been watching the man he's another guy, that's made shift over the last year and a half or so Gerads made it. He's just become more more sears, more more dangerous and you want to know when he took out ever since so many his leg up. Billions he's like yeah. He is an Autozone mission is on a mission I'll see him in almost slipping they'll. Never catch me slipping unless I slip in a rip. 'em he's got fantastic genetics to in their eyes attack.
See also when he was fighting this guy. Have you and you will have a wait yeah, you walk them down with his hands down. He's one read it. Yeah crews mammoth back all the way from heavy weight to one. Eighty, five, that's phenomenal. I think everyone else I should have done it. To be honest, what do you think about that kid? Edmond Shahbazi, I saw a fight, I didn't know who you was til, I think it was TIM. I'm saying his last name right, right, yeah, so long, name on TIM, told me a lot of that. I rewatch the fight the so all this is a life I can remember to he's twenty one, any hidden price of ours that they had kicked and I kind of got my attention like well. Who is this kid? You started with that right hand, and you know that's what I mean like he's at one. Eighty, five east twenty one yeah he's on the come up. He just beat I play with Brad for five rounds. He starts him in one round. You know I'm not taking that likely yeah. I look at that kid.
Eventually when it when he comes up. You know, I'm sure I'll see him at some point, but that's what I mean I need to get to work. Don't get me wrong. I understand I'm working yeah, I understand, but, like I wanna you know, you know this from off the whole yeah. Well, since he's off on a train. That is the thing pressure. That is the thing, the pressure of being a champion. You know I'll, never forget when Bj Penn choked out Matt Hughes to win the title hundred seventy and I was interviewing Matt in the in the octagon. He was real honest about it. Was I'm gonna be honest with you. This is a relief. He was. The pressure on the pressure of all these guys coming after me for so long he was I'm glad it's off my shoulder not used to and that's why I said that about Robert. I said on record. Like I said, he's not used to this pressure is an acquired taste. It's an acquired taste, not everyone likes. It's like caviar.
A GU c o. Yes, some. You know, like Argo Esque, exactly people don't stand in for me before the USC, the as a high. You know I jump in the UFC. Do my work hi pipe pipe all the way through yeah, and I said I've been chopping, this pressure for breakfast lunch and dinner. Easy to meet the guys been awake. The whole time I've been running through the parking division. The time I've been claimed you know like staking my claim, is a fucking champ and he's not used to this pressure and you'll come back fight. You want to come up in the biggest show against me. I wouldn't even if I was a coach sixteen months too long to put a guy against me and I said, he's not going to be used to, and he said all you know, I don't care. You know this is a full as well as good as he thinks he is hello. All right watch this well the thing about the: U of C, is you don't get to know fights now they don't exist. That's why I said a minute: I'm gonna come here ready because I know they're going to
put me in the deep end. You know the guy. So that's why I'm using had the plan like we gotta, be ready for everyone yeah out. To be honest, I'm glad It happened the way it happened, I'm glad id rush and people like who would google to Google the strip you have he's history. I don't wanna doesn't because if I, if not Like I'm glad all the this happened to me, when I was twenty three or twenty four 'cause, I would've fuckedup, don't weigh worship, you know I'm happy that I matured I had my metamorphosis when I was twenty eight and that's when the shift happen. For me, that's when I became helped a lot as well like being away from my comfort zone. Being in the mainland and skews me no matter by like China and help me get ready for this because being a big black man in the mainland, they don't really see people like us all the time. Finding my for stadium show in China for the forty thousand people be more than China all that stuff. I did use this reps all that okay, this is a.
Apparently for this. This is all prepare me for the big time. So when this time comes, I gotta be ready and I gotta roll out. Do you have a very wise way of looking at the future and I think that's what led you to getting therapy when you started feeling a little weird after first fight. I that's a very intelligent to to seek help to try to fit Okay, there's got to be a good way to handle this, and I need tools. Digging around as well able when I mention nothing up put it off. I put my arm on my instagram story. After my a win against Robert with a guy, I went to a therapist that the session was supposed to last, maybe an hour and a half. We finishing thirty minutes 'cause. I saw her two weeks beforehand, the week of the fight, and then I saw after the fight and literally was like Oh, I think we got what we needed I'll see. If I need you again, but then people would like all so brave. You know come out and you know people
so illness in all my God Hash tag and I'm like I'm, not a is it not. Everyone is mentally ill, but everyone has to look. After the mental health yeah. If you don't, then you will get sick just like a physical health. If you don't look up, if I start eating ship drinking all day, I'll get Klay sick. So if you don't look after your mental health, then you're going to get mentally ill on them. They gonna put your straight jacket, yeah and all that you know yeah, you don't want that. So for me, I just have to look after myself. I don't want to end up like two thousand and seven britney. You know oh yeah, they all crazy with them brother. We had shaved, though I think she looked alright, but that's all. I would have that thing where you're dealing with a young person and then when you said about that you're, not the youngest ever champ, I don't think it's good. I don't think it's good to have that kind of unqualified success at an unqualified you don't deserve it, but unprecedented at a young age like MIKE Tyson like MIKE Tyson openly.
That man I mean now you either of you hung out with MIKE also posted this week, but he's busy so another time well hello to it did was to the hot box together: yeah yeah, yeah, he's a nice guy and he's he's soul, philosophical about his past yeah. In the way he sees is very scary, but yeah. It's yeah. I don't even like to think about what he doesn't like to even think but he doesn't like to workout, because he doesn't want to bring that ego back. You see him with Frances Engano Wendy's rip out still got it, listen man, but he apparently he's going to train Francis yeah. He said yeah that would be interesting gypsy kings going to do. Mma may love to see it. If you can actually like once you
the first leg, kick isn't yeah. Have I done not a better that ball get it before you get in the cage? I'll say that ever see, Shannon the Canon breaks talk about when he ought when we fought the k one. I listen to that. Oh my god, like I was like what is it with these parts? Now we just take this: a MAC about Tom Erickson, big cat with big Motherfucker natural, two hundred and ninety pound dude natural he's. Gigantic Ericksen was she we haven't got a general cultural Berg like beautiful, like bill mother. He kicks 'cause, he's samorn as well. I think yeah for some more he kicks and men. You don't want. That's fine. If you have to hold v two MAX kickboxing form, he can break arms. And I'm sure he be a boxer. He only just learned how to kick and now I'll be watch he's turning his hip over he's, also a former Kettering Champ as well currently and bring check, but like literally he yeah,
bones and remote also owns them. Also, and you don't you don't want that. I was a Beverly hills. You just two way back in the day in the nineties and I watch Pedro. His kicked the back to Just it is what I found Hey Joe his it was a failed attack picture. His legs are both of my legs glued together, so big hassle, him that even now, even now, still thick, but he was, in my opinion, the best heavy weight in in the history of mma the best heavyweight like that, while he would throw a leg Six and my is everybody hard on all yeah hi nice to live as hit yeah swing back hello. Yeah, stop stop yeah! Well, I stop. I do mine. There's many types of leg kicks we don't It is many, after of jobs, is levels to this, and he had this one where he'd like swivel is hip, like he almost just like a barbie like take his leg and yeah. It's like a low brazilian kick. Yes, I think so yeah but low Feitosa did he did the question mark
than anybody. Who's that remind lobby photos are fighting K. One okay heat, the O. L got go to Robin Blacks, twitter page from the day he posted a glottal for glob a and everybody knew the question mark kick right. You go up the middle and then you go around this way to head kick, but glob will go up and down this crazy way like his hips swiveled. He had it. He had the. Dexterity of that down in in This is crazy way that very few because, like you, would have your hands up in a good position. He would come over your hands and drop down on your face at an angle. I've done that before inspiring just like this is years ago. I did Satan, who you Robbins page. He retweeted it earlier today he retweeted his own ship, which is hilarious as I with people at you, your own common, I'm like age. You gotta at me, doesn't mean anything but just walking pet peeves. One hundred percent, given up
I don't read a God dam thing that comes my way you just spit into the wind. Yeah come out once in awhile. I, if fight week is when I have time the bezel was New York New. I get early in this guy was really bugging me for, because you see like in the notification when used you scroll up on my list. I guess I was I I got time today. Boom I when I had a man- and I was some fans, some fan and he was like it was a you know. A is what I like when it is d as us I going back and forth with them and I scream recorded the the the interaction and then eventually after the fight, I think, maybe about two weeks after a roasted imposed change. Instagram name and then she got reported as law or personal for quit, like Dana! Sometimes, if I have, if I got time today, I got time to buy John Jones same thing. One day I just went at him 'cause. He was just going back and forth onto it all back who's going to form just kind of ignored him. I was living my life and like sometimes two weeks ago, I was just like you know what hold my beer. Well he's not coming he's not coming after you unless you're a threat yeah exactly
there's something else. Watch the video play the video feitosa there. It goes now watch this left. Kick oh and they just I've seen that machine I've seen before they want to automate knockout highlights but watch the motion of the kick when Robin breaks it down sweat. This look at this watch. The final part watch this shit right here, ' come on. Son come on who the fuck does that glob a is the master of the question mark it to the point where they call it, the brazilian kick man I mean, but he almost Did it different than a question mark it 'cause? Essentially he was making it look like he was throwing a body Roundhouse kick. He wasn't like the real question mark is like a front. Yeah, you turn into a round kick, but Globby was thrown it like he was thrown into the body and then last. Secondly, this shit right here is my favorite part. I mean this is like a web background. Location, yeah, Kilkishen, look at this and then went over the garden tool over the garden just like better than any.
Got it better than anybody and and that that for again yeah the end finish off scan all they had. You mean he had a weird way of moving his hips that you go man, I don't know how many people can fucking move their hips like that Kira never yeah, never a that was a It is sometimes someone to just develops a way of doing a cake. There's like different than everybody else. Yeah we haven't even now light using. I so make fun of me is like you're getting old, and my wife is like it takes me about a week for my hips to warm up. Before the Kickstarter like happened, the waiter only should I'm like focus. He goes back and forth with me on that, but I'm getting into I've been doing yoga for awhile, I kind of slacked off a little bit. This camp bought off season, I'm going to get back into it, just 'cause, I'm thirty! Now, only. I don't really feel all the lesser thing like it supposed to magically suddenly sneeze and blow your back out and all this should forward. Ok
it started wearing only the I've notices. The hang overs take a whole day. Nine! That's the only thing, because I was like what iv yeah our Vegas yeah. I have to ask for us because you know you saw that you can no, no, no, I think what I vis a drink. Well, yeah! our water, a liquid iv, this port for the water, okay, rehydrate you much quicker- is like a brand yeah. It's a sponsor the pockets, okay, someone who, because of it, what is it like? It high treat you two to three times faster than water alone. It's like drinking three bottles of water, yeah, yeah please and thank you yeah, it's very smart, scientific concoction. I will take that to help you yeah, I mean, there's a lot of little tricks you can do to get rid of the hang overs glutathione is another one. Glutathione is it's the name yeah it's! I don't know what the exact term, what kind of molecule it is specifically, but it's included, means it up, but is glutathione exactly glutathione, but what it does is it helps your body breaks alcohol, an accelerated rate and a lot of times. People take it while they're drinking or
you're hungover yeses drink some more, yeah, I hangover is alcohol, but I don't drink that crazy though I'm not like alcoholic or nothing will doctor Carl Hart explained that yeah. He said that's where I wanna hang over actually is. Is your body's withdrawals from alcohol? That's why people say you know: what's that expression, something the dog that bit? You was what etcetera right there. The dog, yes by the hair of the dog that bit you yes like, so when you're hungover, you haven't? Actually, like a bloody Mary, Bloody Marys before it's like the hair of the dog, that bit hair of the dog, not bite the hair of the dog, but the hair of the dog that bit you. So you don't want the whole dog just want a little bit. So I get over that hump hangover and that's what blooded areas yeah bloody Marys or like just a little drink in the morning. This is a little bit with tomato juice and salt somewhere to pretend that you're fucking healthier get salary, but most of the brunch. I don't know how dudes, in Vegas and training at
Last time I was there holy so there in a July for eight days, the first three days, I did my testing at the p. I house training, no, no drinking enough in like that and then the Emmy was happened, the next five nights. Fach me I was just want. I just wanted to leave but you can't help it cuz you just you're in there and then the system want to come to this yeah. We got a v. I p yeah dance dance. Now, that's where Jorge said. He saw me at that sure that it wasn't it was outside. There was little women around me. It was literally just people the next move. Well, it looks that way and you can add a little flavor. You know of what I said, but I don't say all I said was like I know. You know your boy, but I want to see him these are bad. More folk are, and I said I want to fight all the bad more focus of this of this error yeah he's one of them, so anything that you respected that respect to that. But I didn't say nothing about you legacy in life. I don't fight him. I want to
I've called them out and when he put that on the video that you know why you hiding on my I'm, not hiding on fight you, I want that follow. You have any like. That's the fight right now and I don't see anybody other I mean a real back rematch. What would occur is hard to sell right now starts them. Yes, he's got to come back and do something the that is the fight. I think so. I think you'll Romero is a five thousand dollars. Cost is got an injury and he just had his bicep prepared, allegedly don't believe it. Thank you faked a surgery sixty No, but I just don't believe anything after a Christmas like of to see believe knowing that documentary my painting, men out there with the d as brothers, because there are still there and its does Brock yeah it does. I met him many great to do that. I like how you take those pictures of dead over, so I did one as well. I put the band that to analyze last you but yeah, I don't know like he can heal up or whatever but
your available yeah. I said it. I've said it I'll say it again: I'm not ducking no one! I docking nobody give me the fight yeah. I don't understand the idea that he's lost all those fights, so you can't have that's. Why they're? Not you talk Dana Dana, these Dana, listen to me that you can make that fight. Everybody wants to see it. One hundred percent of hardcore fans want to see it. All you have to do is show a yellow heart. I will do a countdown for I don't do those anymore. I will do it for that file. I swear to God. I look forward to the challenge. Man. That's the point that fight. I want to see it. If you want to see him 'cause he's gotta find him he's a unique traps. I want to find his name I hung out with what's his name, his brain Misha, Misha, Cirkunov haha, I'm telling you my peruvian necktie is tight. Now. Oh, but I knew what it was. I thought I had it before 'cause I used to get it like, maybe thirty percent of the time yeah. My man showed me some shit and he also showed me: could you see the gasoline fight? Do you know where that came from proving next time no schooling, D'Souza oh yeah, yeah D'Souza invented it. I think he invented it because if he did invent
nailed. It began to prove beast This is one of the law's beasts. Like I used to love watching I gotta fight. Fucking prove you motherfucker with a big thick beard fought like a savage tough is schitt tuffet schitt Tony D'Souza people forgot they sleep on there's so many great fighter, for the holidays they get slapped on, but Tony to Susan is the one sort of like you know like the the VON Flue choke as data on flu, but I think yeah every name that the I want to rename the I want. I want to rename the proving once I do what I always fees been doing, because even like all I've gone think he invented the peruvian necktie. I think D'Souza invented it, but is credited as the modified guillotines. Yeah yeah, I think he invented it. What it is is for people don't know what we're talking about is kind of like a sideways go team. We throw the I go over the head in the back is no school mental. It hurts like. I was doing it like this with this group and then Homeboy Metius showed me how to get in on the moon and then the whole
from here get Marcello to style, Marcella yeah yeah the legs over there's tony Tony Loser out old school yeah. He figured it out and he figured out- and it's all about that leg over the head man. Once you get that leg over the head to collect surprised, you wait some more heavyweight. So when you put that on the back of someone's head and you go straight away, it's a nice one bunch of people who got it- The dollar's got it before a few other guys have got it yeah so see. The dollar was on dorm, and I saw that one when these, like and and and the gas from find the last by twenty seconds. I had a front headlock on him and I thought about going for dos choke, but I need my. Yell at me, so I did a loud yell at you soon, his money, rap or even on on on this, because I I had the guillotine night to try
I go, but it was slippery and also already winning the striking. I don't end up like frank me only for Nokia. Well, that was an interesting thing. When you did go to your back, you were thrown up triangles as a this is dangerous off his back. This isn't is enough in this is a defensive guard, but I was like he's attacking, but I kinda knew me even though I had seen it. I know who you are, but you're not going to be it doesn't have anything off your back. Like you know, going to have a whole like that. You can figure that out and I'm still like, I'm still learning, then I'm still a white, but it took me five years to get my blue belt and undergo Give me my blue belt, like hello. I've done with golf ounce, no yeah, I'm train their book he's come over in he, we are affiliated with us and they have a program. They don't just give it out but like they have to like fit them, and they have a really good relationship with my coach, Adam Johnson budget to coach and analyst and also use impairment. So when he saw the rolling a stuff, but that thing is like our Oh that's great blue bell, so yeah and I bought Phuc yeah. I was just surprised, that's even get.
About that their body. Mind as I forgot. That's a nice life, a life you get from t and on average, in in a while, it's what yeah and I was able you for the train with them gone awry and then, when I was in New York before can this thing let me yeah. I can check to knees. Yeah? I understand I don't want to run the football that no not wrong with him. Just like swap skills. Now fog rolling the maybe later on, but like yeah like I just won the sauce, goes because you know he it. They know some sure by some about grappling, then we don't know well Donna her as early as July, nineteen eighty, we guys well and he's some you talk to that guy. You look in his eyes is a darkness and that guy soul, I saw in the podcast when he's talking to you. Yes, he's intensified. Thanks for saying that he's like the real live professor x dude he's spooky smart, too spooky smart. I was going to stop from skills with I'm going to Ryan and what's his name. However, I also like branched off he's got his own gym now, but he's another master. Those guys are
whole. It's really interesting. What happened out of that hole? Jim that Jim? Really, that was the center of the revolution. The started this whole leg, lock, revolution, angiogenesis, delisted, say: why would you ignore fifty percent of the human body boom and then Her was Lester, that's a switch. Why would you have to say you know is it was? It was because dealers to his tab and people would like locks and he'll hooks back when you get booed. You know I remember, I saw Dean Lister compete now, but Dobby in in Sao Paulo Brazil and two thousand and three, you know those we were yeah. Yes, there is any Bravo fought. Who is the great chance right? You said I flew over the city and not crazy. Do I have been so, in all my life. It yeah with them was, it was great. He was at the last fight any font color again Holy s right hand, man, I'm in that, in that of the spoiler thing, did more than tap. He had a man what's cool
called the? What is it called another ten planet names so much, but yes had his legs like this, and I could see his groin about to tear for his knee was far. I forget some nuclear, I forget: the Vaporizer Vaporizer news in there somewhere dude. He was ripping oilers knee apart and as a person, who's had three knee surgeries. I was watching it sounds like please just tap just tap it ain't worth it. He wasn't attached to pride, but he wouldn't tap it with anything. Remember when he fought Sakuraba Sakuraba had deep Camorra way behind his back up like this, where it looks like his joints were, ripping apart, didn't happen that the fight they stop the fight after well. They didn't have to let him get it shipped up.
Maybe like some Shinya meet near. Did that to know Gary Albright napped is on. This is like yeah. There's that moment where it's just like forget. It was, though, looking as arm like this I mean it is I'm like this like? Is it yeah? I mean his arms, never the same again and that's when you get that upper arm snapped, like God, dam that guy that I got a guy he's. He fights like a zombie he's original zombie. Here it is don't go! This is Eddie is tearing his fucking knee apart. I mean, if you don't, if you've never experienced with this, feels like I've only experienced it a couple of times it's a terrible feeling, man, it's a terrible feel it's hard to explain. What's going on here, but oh wow, his knee that yeah, it's sideways, an being mangled bow and he's just looking at. He said it kept popping annoyed.
Just dealing with the paint like right there. That still might be that his name is Terrance mental Fortitude man. Oh man, dead, whole family savages, I mean there's. Never going to family. That's revolutionized, martial arts. The way the Gracie family did Euler was the most successful of all the Gracies and came to competition multiple time world champion course. He is look at his father name at Eddie. Bravo, Mangling his knee and he won't happen, he's, talented, just tap. Man he's like it's fine, it's normal he's like dude, you leg just pop five times he's like it's normal, but he's tap it again and he's got him wrapped. Nasty and this is some Shih Teddy invented. This is crazy about all of this I mean, while are due to his credit, just rather his need torn apart. Then
when's the last time the Indian came out already probably couple hours ago, but you gotta head back over here, love him. I love that kind of fight companion. We were just talking on the phone the other day and I was driving to this area with cell phones about to cut out, and he was telling me some crazy conspiracy and I was like blah blah blah. I love you, I gotta go. I love you too man, I'm sorry to hear off This is so crazy. All my god, he loves conspiracies. He loves is like it's like his family number, one two jitsu number two things for his ears: write new one, maybe his friends, three and then conspiracies hope everybody can do it. Everybody else. I don't know too deep about it, but even fucking a chip- Tell you dog, Marshall. Look man that guy bill
Clinton flew with that guy. Twenty six confirmed times. Twenty six might be twenty eight, but twenty six confirmed I read that my Brian flew with my with my mother. Twenty six houses guy fly with Bill Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton flew with a pedophile twenty six times over the period of some island right years, Fuc Island called for Kyle and that's what everyone else called it or how to defend against suicide. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, I'm loving these bees in it and he snapped that guys, fucking neck. Is that Eddie number one they snap that guys fucking back? They said his neck was fractured. He said the If you do hanging yourself, how do you are you hang yourself in jail eventually did even Michael Shermer who's like a professional skeptic he's the editor of Skeptic magazine, okay, says: probably conspiracy, even him yeah. He said what the cameras are down. The cameras were,
work happened later shut at that time they killed uh. Do they kill that dude? No one's talking about it? no, it was what I mean. There's that leak or that ABC reporter was saying that ABC squash. The story years ago. There was just so I just released Hillary, Seven! No and he can access a joke around with their yeah, but she laughed about it yeah, although I thought it was one of those on what he called the thing, the deep fakes, what what was real? Well, here's! What's crazy! She knew that guy yeah. She knew that guy and that guy was most likely murdered in jail and she was laughing about it. Yeah like because Trevor Noah said how did you kill Jeffrey Epstein There is a ha ha ha ha, but but that's like have you knew someone like in your husband was flying around with that guy, and this is like Someone? You know you got to know pretty well, if you hung out with him a cocktail parties like you know, like maybe you've known him for years.
And then that guy gets murdered and then somebody asks you. How did you murder him and you start laughing, but you gotta be weird, you got it. A cruel, heartless person to think that's funny. That's weird joke about it, and here she did the same thing with one Kentucky Daffy stuff that was even like. That was different, though, because it wasn't a joke. And then yeah. She said we came, we saw he died haha, but also one that wasn't her friend supposed it wasn't a friend right. This was someone who she knew and Trevor Noah listen, the way the daily show works for sure they told her daughter beforehand. Your house, like they couldn't sprung, that on no way no way don't spring Shitan, Hillary God. Dam Clinton, which is out of the question, show let us a should be mad at him like a ha ha ha ha she's got to know you respect her, yes got it. I mean there's no way: she's coming on that show unless she knows everything's is going to be ok so when they brought that up and she started laughing, she knew that she was coming guarantee. You guarantee, you guarantee you
they're, not free balling on that show so come out later on, I'm sure they come out later on. So people know too much man yeah way too much. It probably one of those decades later things we find out. You know that some some guy on his death bed says he killed up steam because Clinton pay tomorrow. You know who the knows who knows who that guy? Who knows what they're going to I mean, like I hate that that guy was a professional blackmail You know, I don't know who you work for. I have no idea. It is more like for the tip of the iceberg, the whole load of things. We have no idea, there's a price on that kind of stuff gets into politics as well, with like sex trafficking, a what no it's like right. What I think would be you can get a guy like that. Like a lot of these guys. This is my thoughts. A lot of these guys are freaks and then there in the public eye, so they have to maintain proper, because we know Bill Clinton during the nineties in particular, there's no internet for
was fuckking like just fucking up a storm man, and you know- and you know, there's a two alleged rapes. Alleged jazz alleged sexual favorite. I mean I don't know I wasn't there, but there's women that are accusing him of sexual assault and rape, so you got the Monica Lewinsky things. You know he's afraid his dick start by twenty year olds and a flight for relations with sexual relations. With that woman you would then they bust him he's like well as to what I thought. So Asians were, but the you got to think there's a lot of those dudes out there, yep that that's what they get into politics in the first place, your honor sixty. So they got the politics in the eighties in the seventies they got on the PA optics as they wanted to fuck. They wanted to be the king. They wanted to be the guy with all the power they wanted to be the alpha, and so then, all of a sudden the rules change because the internet, Then we gotta figure out Jesus. I can't do anything anymore. What the fuck
do I have to so what they do. Is they find a guy who's going to take him to an island where there's no rules, hey, I'm Jeffrey Epstein's got this place. He brings in these girls from Czechoslovakia and they suck your dick the head, explodes. Let's do something down Dad dad dad dad to you on the call in the the boat ahead. Is the island with Clinton yeah, well, I gotta island pretty get that island. No one knows how you buy an island. You don't fuckin' intelligence agencies. Give you money to give you an ion. They set it up, someone from some agency, whether it's Mossad or CIA, or whoever the fuck it was. They had a concerted effort most likely to try to bring these creepers bring him over there at temptingly, pushing them, and he knows how to do. I think they probably do as well as like having shipped over them. So that way they can have like they can get him to do things for them exactly decisions
bills that need to be passed and you know, but I think we should like example, the marijuana reform, I'm like look I agree now, like you know, everyone smokes every boy You know not everyone, but, like everyone is doing it, so they going to legalize it. Can't they just have like a group chat or something and we're like. Ok, all oppose Sene, all four, it's a why? Why does it have to take so long? concern? Is pharmaceutical companies have a massive concern about loss of income? That's big one, understand, even in New Zealand right now, it's taking so long to get pushed, and I think there at the tail end of it. They can't hold back anymore. It's going to fucking burst into bus. That's what it This is going to work. It's those people have to set up their own business.
This is and whatnot so that way when it comes through bone, their first in line to cash in the most egregious example of that is what happened in his home state of Ohio. Ohio shut, tell my story, but they did well. I've actually been since we brought that up the last couple of days. I've been reading. That was like some misinformation and that's not exactly how it even it looks. So I don't know again like are not there. So I don't know that, but the the bill was making it so that only a few that company one that didn't pass a few years ago in the one that passed welcome. Right. Oh no! No! I know that, but the one that was proposed, the most egregious example. They proposed a bill to legalize marijuana, but no one could grow it. Only a couple companies can grow and they would make all the profits. Why exactly so? We can grow close, just a horse it and by the way. This is forever, like they would like for life that really life yeah. Their idea was they were gonna monopolize the market so that everybody was like you. You know it's. It will wait well like when I went to muscle formalism as
Denver where I would call it must've farmed or something with a team like dillashaw elevate, yeah like right next door, this big hanger and I'm not a scientist, but the smell in the air for the growing skunks crowd, literally, all just like they grow weed. One hundred percent, like literally, could smell out like yeah. And is now minty man yeah, I love the smell. It's a beautiful smile, Warrenton waiting as well is like as a kid 'cause of what I was told and what I was perpetrated whenever I had smell either bear 'cause I didn't drink till I was like so I found bourbon, I don't like being long story, but then I didn't drink or did anything else good boy. You know still up good boy, but once I smell or berating reminded me of homeless people, because of what I was taught as a kid, but this as a now, I'm like where the party at yeah
want to relax and think different. Shelbra weed is a great one man, because it makes people more like more comfortable with each other makes people friendly It is sort of how to smoke around certain people right. I don't from that's just for me personally, because I, if I don't feel comfortable like if you know you can get into a situation, I'm just like Why is that? Guy on this phone 'cause, sometimes you see people like this is the worst one man now these days, people just like this, and then they just see their phone just right, and you know they're filming you, yeah and my wiser latex in this way you gotta text this way so comma. Where then, I'm sure you get it all taken at the time, I would love to do deep. Bong hits around Donald Trump. Will you don't have to smoke just hang out in the room and see what's up just for you could probably take him now about these kids in cages, but even just talking to him by his flock would be weird like bro. Would you why don't you just quit
moment just get eyes, one of those guys he likes the game. He likes the game, I'm sure he's my favorite comedian of the chairman. I follow him on Twitter, just 'cause. He says like it's fucking hilarious, but you can't not respect it. He says some funny sure sure one of the funniest things ever said when you put when he's thinking about buying Greenland and put a picture of Trump tower things. I promise not to do this truck out in the middle of green. I was laughing my asss office. Buddy Donald Trump is reportedly discussed, making the apprentice Whitehouse Holyshit rating Imagine the interns, the White House into a set for a reality, show holy that dude Mark Burnett, that's Mark Burnett, he's buddies with him I knew from the appraisal. I was the first two seasons when I was a kid yeah you're fired yeah. I remember that, but that's isn't. This is moved yeah. I've heard I've heard how things out of them. You say you are, going to do that, but you didn't do it well. They are
But to me when I was hosting fear factor, the second time around was like two thousand and eleven, but I talked with my family, but I didn't want to live in New York for three months and all that nastiness was like I'm not interested, I'm not interested. You know. I don't want to pull my kids out I haven't gotten any born and raised here. Yeah it just didn't see. Like a smart thing to do. It just seems: like something I'm going to be annoyed with that. They want to be angry at anybody, I'm just not that guy I can well now, I'm months and months of your time. For me, it's like I wanted to get fighting After my flight, I kind of like 'cause, we marvel Stadium, I kind of said something about Marvel like, I'll see you guys in whatever. Whatever I said, but after fighting I right now, I guess said the coming from so I'm gonna make shot at one end up like some others in this game. With you get that you know, distracted, yeah, look at you know Hollywood in the shot. So I ISM offers coming to my table right now and I'm just like yeah. No, those cautionary tales are there
but there are so readily available for you to consume. Look at Rhonda, Rowsey, Rhonda Rowsey is the best example. She. Or the way they all came common, and she said yes to everything. She was doing everything man. She was doing movies, to do an interview, she's, writing, books, who's doing an you know. One thing you gotta give it to Conor Mcgregor Conor Mcgregor said no to all that shit. He was on top. He said no to all that I've learned from her from him, yeah John Silva everyone, like I've, seen the highs and the lows of this game and, like I said I'll, make my own mistakes, but guess what I'll bounce right back, I always will but I better to make the mistakes you make. Just the you're approaching things you will. I know me, ask Eugene Easy she's me everyday, like that's. Why sometimes I'm like like this murder- come your biggest fan or you inspire me with this, and I'm like. I appreciate that you can take inspiration.
In the story that that you've seen through tv through media for kid you know go hard. I'm sure it's a weird still seen your face when people's stomachs, it's very strange to light is a guy. I I wasn't delish out to delay his on my face on the spy. I met him in the club in Auckland and yeah. I've boom out him plus one to my last fight. Just because I was like wow good for you, Well, I gotta have to tattoo his face on my thigh. Now I don't know like. If I get a style, bender tattoo, you have free tickets, you put it out there. How many people, you think would do that is crazy. More focus will do it just for the law. Right now, just for the free tickets to Israel Adesanya this last album incorporated. I do not agree with the sentiment of Joe Rogan. The last speech. We would have to do it at your own risk. How about this? We have to prove that you got a tattoo of style better before this book. Before I fall off.
Yeah, so this is like you can't do is only zero designs on is only two guys are the the gal name, that's what is on now. You only know about two. I see three is one check from some with America. The brazilian girl out remember her name. She's got stopping on arm, so she look she's, alright I can't remember all of a sudden. I was he so if you were fucking a girl a tattoo on the dance moves. It was as it enters with that's russian roulette where on over, if a check has like, maybe your face on her back or something at some guy's hidden from the back and right, the book is that's what the third eye looking ahead, the girl with your name on it, though, if you, if you met up with the fan, who had your name tattooed or your face tattooed on her who that's where that's rescue at least four, but make sure people around for that one yeah, you know everybody, allegedly, I don't watch no bill called so I have my hand. We take a picture. You dislike yeah do the Keanu Reeves,
air float floating hand, yeah catch hands No, they coming me may I know cuz I've already foreseen everything. That's going to happening. You know this kind of coincides have to make sure you know like Addis's says: stay focused, you know, don't know eyes crossed my tease, the make sure they'll catch me slippin. Were you looking at it the right way, because you realize that right now, you're at the this is like a funnel. Writing your at the opening of the funnel question is going to go the options because you were you know you're. Crowned as the champion and as you defend the title and start Merkin mother and become bigger and bigger bigger and then the UFC puts you in more and more promos, you Payperview Selma. More and more, you become an error, National STAR. Then it gets crazy. Then you can't go anywhere and people are screaming when they see you walking out restaurant, even after my press conference in Melbourne before the fight after the press conference, the one that the guy with the megaphone was fucking fucking with me on after that that night, what would
yeah. Just some, I'm sure someone planted could even ask Robert. After all, did you pay that guy he's like dogs? You should have 'cause, he had a megaphone and the whole time he just kept on it up me and one that I going back and forth with the, but I liked it because guess what If he wasn't, there ought to be a boring press conferences. Robinson is not going to say: Shyt Read backtracked already, but after that press conference I live, in the alleyway spoked up then I walked around Melbourne with my air. Pods in nice walked around the city. Now one point I just sat at the tram stop 'cause it didn't so I can just sit there and people just going back and forth, and I could just sit there and look normal and just like silk. I think I know eventually, I won't be able to do shit like this after my debut in in Perth did the same thing after breakfast. The next stages walked around. Just join the view. Android is being meek's. I must say I'm going to blow up, but I know I'm going to blow up so annoying yeah you're, going to blow up ISIS yeah, you got just gotta understand what it is, and it's going to get to using.
You said earlier about fame- is very, very smart that he said. No one really tells you how to prepare for that how to deal with it. When you were young, I got a slow drip. I got, some famous slow drip yeah. I got a tolerance for it because I became a. I was on television in nineteen. Ninety four. Nobody knew who the fuck I was. I was one of eight people on a not so successful sitcom. It was a great sitcom but was not so successful. And then I had a couple little television gigs on stand up comedy shows, but nothing big, and so I would I could like sell weekend at a club, but I had to do morning, radio, I wasn't famous, but I was little bit known and then fear factor came along. That was a big jump. Those are the one that up yeah. That was a big jump. That was a big jump because I was on a giant hit. Television show that was I Kanye '
was on for six years a hundred forty eight episodes. It was old the only time that was a big job, but then there was the cut the podcast, which came after all that in the parking This was like a slow run is like. Slow, your famous before the podcast yeah, I was famous, but then the podcast changed everything. So how did you deal with it from the big jump from you know, just a comedian or comedian to fear factor guy? How do you like I used to. I just got used to it, and I'm also like you in the sense that I don't. I don't want to get caught up doing stupid. I don't want to think about things the wrong way: yeah yeah yeah! What's going on she's, so you girls in the window good at. If I'm and this is what you're saying five. But do you have something yeah there working in New York, literally they're working yeah
although the Chamberlain Whisper Heart publicist being a going to be about a more. What do you know the way yeah five minutes for fame is is a trick that works on other people, but should work on you when you got to know who you are in the process. That's the thing if it works on. You you're fucked, because it's like, if you're a magician, you really think you pulled a rabbit out of the hat. Looked now man, you live in the world of nonsense, The one thing that helps is martial. Arts is to help song goes, you get strangled all the time there were men on this is over use, and I've said it before, like I don't like. What's home books up an inspection, New Zealand is a culture of like even like
they don't like me, because it so he's not he's not humble like a true kiwi is not you know, like the all blacks, you know humble and what they mean, and I've asked people this. What does humble mean- and someone said- oh, you know you just don't brag like they just mean. Downplaying your success. Yes, you know. So if anyone like me rocks up and just I'm owning it online for getting it yeah champ on the map. In your hand, they say or not, he's not home But I tell you what humble is when I have Dan Hooker on my fucking neck? Hang man This is when I have Steven WAR, be cracking me up mobile is when I have Carlos kicking me in the body and making my We go that's true humility for me like trying to act you're dumb, my shine just to make someone else feel comfortable. That's not humble, and I see that as a problem with that like crabs in the bucket thing
tomorrow was about to win the title. A a reporter ax me, like you know all it is a part of the whole hope that our Qamar loses. So you can be the first, my german channels I what what right, where it says it's in the press corps for the x files, like. I don't think like that debt that adversity not but that doesn't yeah. He was hoping I would say something like that. He was trying to get see them. Advance on already like I don't do any visit them. If they talk to me, I just next up, you don't have. Block someone. I've blocked him with that in your records. That is how they check they take a cheap, shot, an honest and like that's you man now you that guy that takes those cheap shot. Yeah never was gonna. Remember that yeah yeah, I think you're just trying to get make some noise make a little pop but you're creating bad energy and also no reasons why you're trying to get something. For now you nothing in longevity yeah, because in the future, I'm not going to talk to you now. What is it about Nigerian that
Why are nigerian so clever? All these internet scams like when you hear about internet scams its Nigerians right Nigerians come to America there. The most successful groups of immigrants in uh, all the countries hundred plus whatever countries Nigeria is murder it when they come to America, there's something about. There's a work ethic but there's also a cleverness to Nigerians. I've said it before on the runt of my people, brain wise body, wise 'cause, when I went back recently, honestly man may you see people who are just bricklaying and they had jacked they're ripped, some of them ended up, maybe have the best nutrition. No but day. There's something about the genetics of our people is a warrior race in that, as I don't say that lightly. I'm just being honest, it's different, you know, and I think the culture, because I was in algebra in school when I was like seven and then
once and only want to first move to New Zealand form one I had to do for more than three different countries, so I started form one. I don't know how well you guys have here one Sally First grade. I don't know how it is, but pretty much. I was ten years old and I moved to gonna fall it's ok PETE it again. Then I will move to New Zealand and had to repeat it again. 'cause they said he's too young. You can't be doing that, but thing is. I was in the spot. I was the bottom three in my class, so I wasn't smart of the smartest of the bunch in Nigeria Nigeria? So when I came to New Zealand form one member, my first thing in school they had a test like early workout or something on one of the first weeks of school. We have to do times table and I knew the song in my head. So I just like finish, miss and all the kids like, oh and I'm just like the fuck and then like they all thought. I was funking Cervantes genius and then like this by asking me questions like you know: do you brush your teeth
Yes, I do do do like back home. Do you ride on lions now at home? Without my mom, these fucking kids are dumb, but only white kids are stupid. Like I didn't know, I didn't understand. I just felt like you know. Do regular shift like I, but they didn't understand me so yeah different man on and I'm stunned by, you seen it I'm telling you man, especially right now, I'll. What I want to do in Nigeria. I really want to. Do stem like take the football soccer ball out of their hands and show them some gloves me. We have some great boxes. We have this thing called Dambi. Which is Nigeria. Rest like I, like the senegalese type wrestling results from beasts, but I'm being here? They wrap a rope around the eight one hand just one hand, and they just pull with the other hand in the Russell and they throw strikes both of the lesson some JU, some black magic. You know that kind of stuff by this, Let me I got my own as well three and you are, literally, I can't wait till. I show them like 'cause. When I went back, I was trying to just chill
lowkey sneak into the country by dad said it can't happen there watching you. Everyone knows who you are from the airport all day is oh, my god. I a is showing what's up showing love crooked police officers, some of them I was so sure I loved and, like I didn't realize I bail they stay up to four- am to watch me, a comma fight, wow this thing up and it I've always said I wanted to be the guy like what Pacquiao was to the Philippines yeah. You know the weight when he fights the whole country shuts down crime drop everything yeah I wanted to be like I feel like after the it's now it's going to keep blowing up and I'm going to go back next year, I'm going to go back next year and I'm going to. I hope I hope, to see the possibilities. Cuz, I'm telling you man, the countries that eat you. I mean it was Brazil at first in the early stages of anime in Japan, that America, like it always goes back and forth and then know the Oceania people right now we're doing some work on telling you once not just my general mister Africans once they start stepping in is going to be like one hundred and fifty cent
in the club in the kill the whole game for a while my father's day? I'm telling you like they going to run the game for a long time for a long time and I'm happy to be a that's kind of like paving the way. It's crazy, though what was it like going back there being the champ going back there, it was beautiful, like just seem people is different when you're in Vegas and I go to a big on my right- was different. You see like a kid just in shock that you're even standing there, like just in shock that you're in his presence, and for me I don't myself as a Starman, I'm Israel, I, at the end of the day, when they're looking at you and just like. No and this kid a member lays on my instagram. He was taking a bag and I just show that I tweak them. I just told him this to turn on the foot, stand on the toes and turn the hip literally within a minute. He improved. This kick like that, and I got my instagram some of a man I was really impressed and they'll was just a little snippet of the of the the the creativity
people look at that way. Oh man, that's going to make this is my old primary school man like going back here. I was looking at ice to hide, therefore hide and seek, and everything seems so small 'cause when you're a kid everything. So big this is MIA, yet I think our lucky Beach just with the people man. I was immersed in the culture seen all those kids in their uniforms on grabbing at your belt. That says, honestly man, it was like a reminded me of goosebumps again what is this gym here? This is just uh, uh I went there to go watch and then the guide that the trainer was, like sure you're, not training, I'm like what do you mean is like you are training all okay, I had my fucking nice Jordans on. I just had like work, you may, I think he was trying to flex. He was trying to show me like you, wanna work, you right. He put us to work and that's your holiday as well as open state videos and people watch this yeah owners ago is Amil going go in EMG acts
It says Israel, the last style bender out of Sonia inside Youtube, EMG Youtube engaged media group, that's beautiful man, but there's what we do in the document? You're right now cause and didn't like Jesse, follow me around since two thousand fifteen- and I want to like this- is that I want to say this is the end of the first documentary with the beginning of next. When I won show what I can do in Nigeria, what I can do in Africa 'cause, even though Kamaru went to Marco for almost well almost By the way there were some killers you see how they played go back. Jamie, go back, see how that place. Go back forward is like a maze, go for it. You see how that's like amazing, yeah the first day we went I went there just trying to like show love to the hood say. What's up in all this area, boys like I'll go with you to do here. What are you doing here? I'm like I'm just you I run, you must kind of you you set to LOS you sell them, you gotta make sure they are right, as I don't worry, will look after you guys, but then, within the first five minutes men I build up. My friend who came with me is like we gotta go
Taziki's, very smart, either arenas wrong. So will I and I had a guy with a k with me- a security guard in the guy's, a the they become a flex and- and I was like no fuck- you guys been so the next day. It's that ass me of me. I short list all my chains on the fucking vest and I got like more security with me. Amore, ACE and went deep, wouldn't have to go deep to get that sky shot and Jeff hates me for it 'cause. He Falcon panic the whole time and I went deep and there's all these. This man, like literally I'm talking like you, see, scars on them like marks cuz, that's the body's. The body counts of shit like that, and this one dude look like Kimbo Slice and he's like the the head honcho, and he was arguing with this guy because they were saying like no I'm giving them the Torah. What they give us is my money, I'll sell it to you and he's like. No, I'm let you know, I'm a big dog, you report to me and they're kind of have an argument about it and it was a real heated and if they wanted to focus up right there and say fuck, you guys, That's a fucking maze. They know that she, like the back of their hand right. I have no idea where folk and walking through exactly and you're walking on.
Banks in the water. So the water is working dirty like disgusting, but that's like one of the slums in Nigeria, but then you see the before the shot that was Victoria Island. So that's like the contrast of my German. You have dirt poor and you have well off like lamborghinis like people living nicely. Those are all the way up on this side and people yeah what a smart as far as and that's the email should sold now what does lie down? I had a I'm not your uncle. Don't check your emails yeah, I'm nigerian, Prince door You get your money, just wait. It's just the fees, the fees gotta like the way the bank account set up all that kind of stuff yeah. It's amazing that they figured it out to the point where that is synonymous with
It's like you saw in syrian scams, yeah you hear about and that's the thing like with Gammy, but a lot of them is 'cause of the opportunity there so smart, but the opportunity isn't there, so they can't go to school. They can't do that. So they will give us the guy who sold a fuckin' airport that didn't exist. To Japan, really member that one nigerian dude sold a fuckin' airport when there isn't a real airport where winning yeah. I mean people do that with like buildings or airbnbs, but that's a fucking airport airport, ok, probably sold in airport fox, japanese That's the main! That's the thing! Yeah! We talked about it like a couple of weeks ago. Yeah, it's bonkers, like they spent a fun so that was like in the 80s or something the really yeah. They gotta make a move but that probably should hear it goes. Two hundred and forty two million falkoff solar, fake airport for two hundred and forty two million. How do you do that? Do you understand now black I'm saying this is like this is not the best representative people
what this shows you, how smart well for this one out if you're stuck and you got nowhere out and you live in that maze, that's the way out exactly you gotta do what you gotta do. I would also be by when I was in Dubai on, if I should say this story, also bucket listening were on the boat for someone's birthday party and I'm seeing all these kids like one thousand seven hundred and sixteen eighteen with like iced out Rolex, is you know, I'm on a yacht party for some guys birthday and they just out there flexing I'm just lying. What do you do so? I invested in Bitcoin early that I did a Yahoo boy Yahoo boys but I I knew already but thing is this: so smart, you know how to work. They know how to like and they all over the world. I guess I will like a virus with Niger in everywhere, wherever you look in the world we're everywhere and we have our claim, but I can't wait till this documentary.
Like I really want to like, show people over there like what we can do. I want to show first of all, the story like it's not going to be. Like you know, Mcgregor Documentary was dope, but it was more cater to the MMA fans. Anyone can watch it, but I want this to be more like the soccer mom can watch it or someone from the burbs. Someone from Alaska can watch, it still relate, so I want it different, different different levels as well. I'm looking forward to really putting that out. Are you thinking about opening gyms over there Nigeria yeah yeah venture. I wanna kid out some of the gems, like the one I went to the stadium
stadium was that I want to help them out with some stuff this later on. When I go through an normally, I do things like this like when I went there. I did some stuff, but I don't do it for like it's really weird when you on this platform, and I see people trying to do it for the likes me. I cringe because I can't do that. But when you have a platform like this and you can bring attention to certain causes and certain people, then I don't mind using my platform for sure like that. So I really want to bring some attention to my people because I feel like they deserve it, but also they can earn it. They can earn an. I know they can man. I can't wait to show the I'm. The first man or tomorrow is the first time. The second see guys like Sodiq. First time I watched fight, live, If I like, yes, Adelaide, I was watching his cage site and he was hitting this guy with body shots. You could hear the like the pounding now just like wow in his last fight. He showed some like. What do you call it on some fortitude as well? Could you go ahead? You got cracked and then he, cracked, the guy, dropped them. I'm telling you man there's a few more coming. I can't that would be fantastic.
You open up a gym there. Instead of being a proving ground trainer Jim, I really want to open the chain of gyms. Even maybe don't have the UFC Gyms, but you know they can get involved yeah. They can get a cut. Well You'll, see, I'm sure it be excited about doing that. Now you know you can see what's happening. Yeah would be a great thing for them to just Qfc. I don't know if it's going to be Nigeria, but actually Africa, either Nigeria more across South Africa, but even like him, places to watch over there that they have it set up until the present. You know what thing is the red tape you got across. Sure they can get through those. I had that in. Do you see how that in China as well? Right now? One of the shows I can't remember which one this is one of the early ones that were threatening to cut the power after a certain time. So you know they had to settle some people to keep up, keep the light on a shekel exactly and that's easy for them. You know the Esee they come with. A c may have a couple bucks. A couple. Little bit now: listen man you got with the cow to hear why, thanks for coming over and being out there, they didn't hours, coffee lines, two hundred and thirty menfolk off yeah.
Is in this room. This is the time zone. It is like the idea of hyperbolic time Chamber either I'm happy with. What's how manually so wonderful of man's my pleasure and my brother, it's it's great to see that you're doing everything the right way, man, it's it's It's an honor to honor you in here and it's it's. It's special for me. Watch someone go through especially deviated. Obviously, you have no idea of my old bosses to get mad at me because she'd be like get that outta here, 'cause I've had one headphone in and I'll just be like and then I'll do it. On the side, you can't see so for me to have like you, Brian Redban, you know. Thank you. It was a back then as well. The way back in the day, a polite, like it was just cool just to be here and do this shit like Fucc, it's all manifestation its currency going man, that's how the world works you showing everybody. Do, though, exactly alright, let's check weather respect you. I'm Jamie by everybody back. Thank you. Everyone, for tuning into the show, and thank twenty two, our sponsors,
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