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JRE MMA Show #88 with Frankie Edgar

2020-01-28 | 🔗
Joe sits down with former UFC Lightweight Champion Frankie Edgar.
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Furthermore, I got a shot America's. He got me listen to you know years ago and has been told me to come on this package for forever. So, on palm glad to finally get down Social, Chris and always Listenin hikers, so you got your own punter, now I do mean Roger Matthews from New Jersey shore. Faye me was the Ex husband of jet k, wow, so the champion a tramp tramp in it. It's a Larry's, that's Larry's! So well, what's happened. A man you ve just got off of what's happened a man you just got off of the young chance on junk fight, and what's next we up to. Thirty, five yeah, you know how much you walk around. I'm probably fifty six right now, while also for forty five. Marla, he's gonna, be bigger than a mile, is a a little bit bigger than me. I think so, if you wash my little heavier he's a little bit more of an eater, and I am I can't I have a hard time believing you make thirty five. Sometimes
he's so Jack S. Such a small waste now Mummy sought his legs and shoulders, but his waste is kind of Malta. Maybe that's how he carries it. So have you done a cut like that? Before I haven't been but I mean my last fight it out. I was gone down. The forty Volga down only forty four point: five and mentally ain half over we're gonna be for debate thirty six and it was such an easy cut. For this last time, so it's you're you're an interesting situation because, like you want the title at fifty five and using cut any weight at all and a lot of people like Will Faulkner Frankie EDGAR, the Duke Zoo. Thing about you. Fifty five as you are so durable those one of the craziest things about some of your fight like the gray Maynard Fight, fuck and aim at who read those fights Eve Levine both of em now, the first one, the herd, echoing things which ass rose and all well, shot out a bolt of those guys because trigger hungry referee who's, gonna itchy trigger finger. They would stop those fides now think. Nowadays,
Stop it yeah yeah. Then I feel I feel it a little more on means, of course, of snow. Sometimes let it go on it all along now, and it depends you never know it all changes it. Such a weird thing: rights like the referees trying to help the fighter trying to make sure that the fighters and take unnecessary damage, but you know more than once you see fight stopped. We like a like. I wasn't done right, he was he was getting through a bad patch and that's part of what a fight is about like trying to figure out how to survive for sure I always want to benefit the doubt I you know I don't wanna get unnecessary punishment, of course, but I'd rather get benefited never been turned off even with Ortega and chains on John Fight. I got right both those even though I got rock the mother fights these fights icon and with more coherent on my complaint about stoppages or anything like that. I cannot see why they stopped it, but in the gray, fighting the Benson Henderson Fight, where I got up click on remember any those fights in our number three four rounds of those fight
this is, it was so whilst it getting hit yet you like, I hit and kept getting. Maybe maybe that's when I remember take a fight. I got rock pretty good, our member in my hands. I I just your time left, let's get through, let's get through, it obviously did make it to the end, and you know what I did I renew bird being coherent. Even this last onward, with a train zombie remember the rock saying you know you got to do something down there. I got to do something down there and I'll clean up trying to do my best. My body made for us to react knew I needed to be, but you know I never been turned off That's a good thing or not work together either. It's like some people say if you get turned off its better because then you, your! U dont, absorbers much punishment, or I heard that argument. But then, if you do get turned off, your body is turned off easier. Time. That's that's pretty true. Yeah merely issuing like as a gay cracked. It can't can't continuing a cracked in Iraq a little easier, I'm hoping
That's not the case. For me, it's not it's more of the actual knock out itself again, a bear. A ban knock out his crazed that you have had a bunch of fights. We dont remember most of the file that that's the thing that a lot of fighters don't necessarily talk about, but it's a reality of hard fights. The my my second gray were even was that the the referee? I remember it. I think the fourth round mark my coach market like you know, tell me we will move around in my head. I want more round will have the three and four you, remember it all, and also I when I dropped me, I I brought my really bad. I agree to Spain and our in the fourth round come into my ankles, her memory, what happened? I've? No I You out, mangle anyone got come back and I was the dusk Hannah. Sometimes we get rocky depressed for some reason. I know not even the gym,
What are your wrongly, I get a little bit of depression gone on for some reason, but what does it feel? I please depressions like like my miserable you know you down yourself. I was emotional crying after the great fight in the in the locker room. I think they they care about. Daring, there's video millisecond right when you stopped him not to sacrifice, but that the De Sac orders that was a signify not notified the third phase dominant verifies stock of what you want. The fuckin fights it you had with gray were so quick, easy there were soak, he was so big big hey man, so big for fifty five you were guiding cut any waited all nothing. I was a little you eat breakfast on windy. While that's crazy, we would did you ever think back then about Robin down, or are you just like fuckin on the champ? Well, that's why I was the only chance. Why should I go down on winning unbeaten these guys? Even the best identifies there are super close. You know I could we knew the way an arm, but I just felt you know
I'll go down? Now I lost too in a row here with we know what more can gain from Let me go down the forty five. That's that's when I point out that effort for the earth, the fourth I've come about when you think about it, I give you a chance to do it all over again. The other engineer your career over again. We do exactly the same way to fight a fifty. Five will definitely would against Pga. Right yeah I mean I can t go back angels rise. It all worked out for me in I got world title. A problem. You know I'm back continue to have a pretty good career, there's always things you wish? It could do differently in our previous. I can't be that guy In this way, I wish it it s wishes that things went away, they went while they went pretty fuckin good, am, I complain and be Japan fight. I remember the first one in Abu Dhabi. I was there for that. One of the holy Shit that was stolen
big victory, and yet I want those big yet of the second world by even better just cause. I know more demanded ITALY, one yo and I felt like to bid you have my back in that second fight, and I thought your region at your back back then you're in trouble, and nothing reverse them. So I kind of showed a of all my walmart complete skills and I all the guys that I've ever seen fighter never seen anybody who controls be what the legs the way the way does he's got the craziest text, his legs. He does, I heard when he was younger. He could stand up and put his leg over his head standing up. Jesus Christ. That's true! like just lifted up and made a ladder. Interest lies not in the European Union Grab, but it always that's true, seem jump out a pool to that's pretty wild yeah now he's incredible athlete in his his physical talents we're unusual but
he worked on it like this thing. Lotta people realize it just some great videos, a bee j stretching and he would stretch with bands. So he has all this crazy, like you'd, gravest footlight parents, Chaz get bans and the shit himself, so it was just an actual hillocky. It was also like you'd realised when we realise that his legs were like other arms. Like you get cause he when you're in his guard, he would just those legs would come up against pinch, you down and and his mount it would cross his legs. Dude in his back miles incredible there. He was one of a kind of thinking on the ground, and this is a fighter. I mean I looked up to him coming up. He was the man licking black and blue. Off his opposition to mean is actually and we were its did the USA Gemma ten year anniversary now up in Congo, then there is a bigger, was aerosols I obviously be good. Do we get along really well, this is he Stacy Don fighting I was gonna, do
I think he wants to fight It wasn't a fight, but prettiest crazy, Braun Hawaiian are also like I'll look at people who get managing fighter for fighting. I know it is not surprising, isn't funny Look at it right. I give a singer whether a fighter? Fighting a Basque wasn't pick up, get exactly give me and if there is gonna weird when you stop and think about it, amazing and that's the nature down in Hawaii. I think a lot of people get so they get down there. They you down tough motherfuckers in Hawaii AIR for sure. You know that fight, though, was so sad watch that do clipped him with a laugh. Token dropped him bounces of the kind of like father. He did he say hit me. He said ass. He led her head. I hit em any came back.
A guy. You went lash out and went down, and then I don't know if the videos continuous or web later is a video of him, haven't a guy smash them so goddamn air and the only carrying over no gap industry faces guys go home open the trunk come right back. Meat should draw some underhand need. No up, that's a big one. You know they haven't nobody mine in Long Island, Kevin James. Actually, the comedian yeah his his body will be their working together as US bouncers and whose work with its guidelines guy got a fight with a patron punching. I knocked amounting. I fell back his head off. The ground died while to want to do
jail time laughing that happens. Artist, tourism, wrestler, TAT, same thing, gun or fight, peep, guy up sailing on his head and end up in jail. Oh my god, he imagined ressler, Duet, Romero, elegance flexing you on the street of well enough fuck. That's it's over forever! Absolutely I'll, flattened atop your head, no hear reason and another freak man. Oh he's a frequent freak had all the freaks yelling Brok lesson. Whose likes got some freaky Viking genes like for sure yeah. You don't make any sense. You see ever see, photos him when he's in high school. I do a freak in high school. While there are we he receives a senior another freshmen and now we're rustling nationals together. Remember just looking at the next time I too have had a fuck. Is this guy even real? This looks like an actual vigour, the eye he was. He was the biggest physical freak, a thing of a regime, but then you got in Ghana, who I think has is more of a physical free
yeah yeah, you know ain't gonna go to an amateur, because I'm a hundred percent positive in God was on the match that guy's all natural yeah, just salt mines without ever their fans and he's got a photo and his instrument today him chop and would everything he does terrifies she's your fuckin, powerful man that guy over all the guys ever seen a heavyweight division. He for sure the most powerful debt opportunity linen piles of rooms in the cab data. Just like his head, full. It's like the back of his head, touched his bag like there is here legal disease, breaker rocks, guess what in a stake in the ground that motherfucker has how he has like the most ridiculous punching power. Ass. Do oh yeah, well he's a natural to seventy plus and apparently he's been left in so he's even above to sixty five, a nice guy
the causeway cutaway ass, well, so I Naxa wrote roses strike. Is fat ass? That's really! Good fight, see a k, one guy I dont know where he did is kickboxing career, pull up, Jersey, no rose and strike treadstone you gotta, really man come on, you fucking spelled correctly but rose and strike the thing. That's scared me about him. When he's fine ouster was like he was walking right through Alister shots which is a courageous analysis. No joke and take people out are penalised do when he was on the sauce and he fought Brok that
when he was overcome here goes on. I thought in a bunch of different organizations danger zone yeah. Does it also swam what where's he from or others through right would see? It says: surname. Surinam, sir, is now we're Iser tyrants bomb gay, a terrorist watchmaker, yeah yeah spawn, was supposed to fight you, sick, in a heavyweight fight when you sick, moved up to heavy weight and boxing talents bond is all saw boxing ass, he, oh yes or no box. India did you see his less now knows who he was. Was the fight in a big baby Miller was forced to fight Charleston? That's right, Joshua
Josh Fringe unease. Tessier idea, yeah yeah, tyrant, tested positive to Diana Ass thinking, a maimed heroin tested positive before he was forced to fight you sick, but he says it's bullshit and any. I think he was actually cleared of it, but it is too late. Entry set up this other fire or sick he's a dangerous guy. I think, does allow people are gonna, void, tyrants bond yeah. He is odd. He hit hard enough which he is he's you know his last- did gypsies last kickboxing fight. He brutally legs like air against Turkish Thyssen. Right Gus got turkish eyesight out Jesus working. His name is in your seen. Our yet you made me forget his name. What happened on sock go, go, go, go outside the crisis is early.
Are we not one? Saki he's had a tough transitioned enemy, but he still about Mother Father and in fighting and kickboxing man he was on. I've ever goes. Edward watch Saki the nastiest left hand. He would throw like Leffler leveller, left hook in aggressive to the body left up to the head of the body of bang. Bang Bang like facets, fought for and for a heavy weight Dicky S, hands bead yeah! I mean, I think, all these athletes, whose get better and better as a goes, I value for sure Conakry yeah we iser Athletic, is how do we stopped back and think about your first fights and you see when you first got started what what stands out as being like real different about seeing the other guys coming up today, the Erasmus more complete and there are more athletic. I think back
when I first started, we would just guys I want to favour tough guys in Russia is always welcome. Were you knock Peter who lives, but now these kids are polished right away. You don't seem like twenty year old kid, crazy skill, tat their mouths to Madeira for five years ready, you see that kid Edmund Shabazz in yes, yes, fuckin and credit is like, I think, he's twenty one now right and he is just a fuckin murderer, it's crazy. It's it's amazing that eighteen years Somebody's kiss me, when you think you're gonna, do this anymore now. You know I always have three three rules is as long as I'm a join it, and I want to do it as long as I'm competitive on one of those flights to guys. I think I should build a beat, and that is why my body holds up, saw how old enough thirty eight. So far, the lighter wait, divisions, that's older its order here
ere. I me I feel good my body she was gonna mills always little injuries mariner, but I enjoy it still fun. You know my less couple I think I do. I want to know outward. Holloway. Obviously, Thirtyam Friga run varies by his big dude. It's tough, to cover close that region some ice from his legs. I can really moving his fellow. He was part of part of the Coquetry enough and then you took that fight with cranes on being obviously didn't go as I expected. But now I got to bounce back from this one when you think about your preparation, like between when you first started to now, like, as you get older anything. You do differently. I dont spar as much. I think I would three days a week, always five rounds of viral fight sit round. Sometimes now I gotta do today's week there was little push push and pull for Mark market wants us, always borne away a really he's big and small
and I can't em to afflict the best way to get Schaefer fighters is by fighting in IRAN, and we have good spar partners not trying to kill each other right. You know, but our team, when I feel started. It was me in a couple guys that really weren't you see now it's no supported hammer. You know, I saw that Mark Henry Camp is insane. I mean he's special guide, as so many like top flight, guys come to him from all around the world. Legs a beat rubies how you from Dagestan, Jersey, He had had they all they all do they all they'll do this. They say there commonly or fly to Moscow. They stay in Moscow workable days and they go to Brooklyn stay a broken for couple days and they come down. So they say a common the next day to three days later sake. That's around him. Why? Why are they gonna broken for add on others, a big dog estate community up there? I guess they get son of they take Shop and are so humble. I never knew Dagestan was a place, taught her to convene the I mean a baby, about it, but I didn't it. Didn't it didn't feature my
is like a prominent martial arts by yeah. Well, I knew suttee of the rest of these in Chechnya over there and he was my watch him high school eyes gone. The sky was unbelievable. Unthinking get one many world championships like ten heaps and ten straight world championships with world championships with and he's a Chechen fighter in knots at area this pass world championship. Oh censure, Chechnya in Dagestan, which is like the size of Georgia, the state one, the world's that just people from that area would have won the world. Shame shipment Ruslan. While I just can't famine that what they do is hard People who share basketball game they play Yossi Harris's your home TAT Harris Production shot out. Will you will demand? Was the man? I love that guy he's cubicle do is greater in he gets embedded. He does. He goes to Dagestan. He hangs out with them. He eats with them. He plays that crazy Basque
with their and he's like a piece of some. I press has led to his huge guy easy. He could a bit like a real but me bad knee injury when right college, but it's hilarious Watson and play that basketball game with a grab hold of each other, dragged the mat submitted under the ice thing, I found the bad did. I hope at least that terrible before it's like rugby slash back Slash Emma may thus by Molly waiting to get scores and buckets now. Here, though, like it seems like day might have invented it right. It does. I asked of me ass to me: do you think, like I mean I wonder if its promise in Dagestan, origin that camp in that sense kind. The same thing: we, u live! Three steps you pass incapacity born no driveling and in order to put to rest of plants, are all tat when you shall learn everything, so we can always stood up. We never did it with bass. While hoops guess this will differ. We will said that
Russia's place are all tat when you shall learn everything, so we can always stood up. We never did it with best while hoops guess this will different. We will said that that's how they warm up. They just get out there and night for one hour, though, put this crazy basketball, and then they train that's where we see what the handball gator boys caught economic sense? It thou be a good way to warm up right because its additive. You run around a large fine, fine cylinders, doing the same old routine, but it's interesting that even him, even kobay with that crazy camp and all those monsters that he trains with makes his weight on a train. America that that is some always wonder, even the guy's, a cumbersome like these guys are also good. What are they trade with each other at home, but I think they liked the fact that there are clear
do when they get here. They have no distractions and in the collective come here for the coaching yeah sure I think it's just a different look. A different perspective is probably beneficial, but despite the fact that you know so, many elite fighters from all over the world still want to do camps, either at eighty tea or with you guys or a or others just somebody different places. They travel to have you ever gone somewhere for camp or its law. Your self down. Now I've always did or my camps in Jersey early in my career, though, before any mortal had marking before our train Ricardo and hence our nose guys I am, I will not take. I actually would Thomson testing Thompson. Justice is the man by love that do you usually yola. Now I was oh mom, little bed, yet he opened his house. I say to this House rollover: he was eyes a super good dude. He was kind of a better. At a time when I came in Siam out a little bit of a couple,
but weak staring out at a k, and now I want to be home, and I want to be a strange early yeah. Well you with your family, and I would like now I get it, but I think there is probably a benefit for a fight like a lot of great boxers used to go the cat skills right and they would do their train right there and then, like a lot of guys today, they got a big bear. Trouble G goes up there and a lot of the fighters have their camps up their Della Jolla always did his camps up a big bear. This, like some about a camp, that's very attractive to somewhat thinking of always lockdown rag, you, like it your television, I I need any more family around me and my friends around me. I feel in Jersey, and I can't I feel like I built a built it up. Five people come come to me now in that. Not only may obviously for Mark Ricard apply more so for those guys, but I shall damn that it could be done here and eyes. While you know we have that the atmosphere that we do. I think that is true in you
Daphne word when the more successful pioneers of Emma may come another year. Yes, You know it's called. It does see all these young guys common train with us and we have a pretty good team outpost. Eddie avez there he's seen a been he's a pioneer while sir, have one file after my contract. Now you know what I've been in view of Zyobor it'll be thirteen years for sure you know if actually only have one file after my contract now But I've been in Eu Assembly it'll, be thirteen years of India see common in February. We see many miles when over there. My mouse- you know- I mean money too more especially this point exactly exactly, but I mean honestly if I was being straight up by word or one finished. My career of I dont want to finish in Yossi I felt like I got a see. Five, no in pretty much grew up here. That's crazy! So it be nice to finish it here. But you know everything. Make sense. While you know you're still near the top of the hebrew enemy you just formats Holloway. How long goes in July
not long ago and of course you are obviously to fight crime zombie I mean I shall I didn't get a chance to get Goin garment, a good shot. Mother fucker He does it hard. You know, and I was really down on myself. Those tat fills a tough one. I was really down So for why nobody takes losses well known, competitive, nor the parity and not I deftly took it pretty Ben and Christmas here in my head, like I took to fund a short notice, but in my and I never once took a flight and didn't think I was gonna win. How many hum many weaknesses taken up to it? To sum up, I was in shape our train and you know not like I was trying to fight, but our train in pretty good, and I urge but I believe myself, a dozen good air put this dude away and come home drew a Christmas, but it turned out to be the opposite in our little depend
single. On Christmas time we try to be nicer, your family and then you know lovelier family, but you know which way of mad electrical fucking, teak, ailed yeah. That's did the emotional side of fighting like their motion side of losses like when you see guises weeping in their locker room like member though the heart is one for me, was, although after Macgregor knocked him out and uses, in his locker room, just weeping like God damn that dude as a tough one till you know, that's that's in a stale, again, infamy united, Reverend Owen counterpart. Worse guy, is easy teller. About it wasn't a want to cover in two way goes: it was such a picture. Good punch, slides backbone drops out left, and I was in the crowd now is was told those again the winner that fight in the when they went down my dad, I just knew there was a general rule yeah. I just felt the icon: I don't. I thought I was gonna win back than we do
know much about corner. I feel like at that point. You know so I out. There was a windows, and yet every matter to him and then when, when work, when Conor did that in the talk about going to go up to fifty five. Might there goes my chance yeah that the Aldo fight was crazy, because I think that was the first on the anybody ever really disrespected. Aldo vs Aldo was the fuckin man for so long and we need to bring the crazy thing about, although is he? Only thirty two years, we're talking about that with the Marlon fight right ways you know, is he really Hannah I ve been fallen since the doubly easy, and I really would like twenty then we're gonna have to now to me whose double seat. Been a law in time. It I'll beat me go back and think about when he knocked out cups wants, and that find me now a long time ago, a double knee high too. He was so fuck it athletic
explosive lately. I know what, when did you start? All my I don't know man I want out to ask, and I wonder if, like he's, got injuries or so like that, for the first time he drew a leg and then I took him down on it and the second one, and then he started s last time interrelated importer right. It's crazy because you watches early career. Like watched the urea favour fight. It is one of the most horrific displays of destroying someone's leg. You ve ever seen it fight near itself fast, as that, no loading just now. That's the thing, no loading he would just just wit those hips and I well. You know he was Hocker player. A really good Sakharov, Yossi Videos, employee, I see my job. Little he's like a pro he could have. Prevent eyes are area and I think soccer players? First of all, their legs are so conditions because the dune, although their basically sprint
all the time. The running on legal examples, a game I and their goin left and right left and right there was side asylum. They apparently of the highest instances of ACL blow out the air makes sense, but because of those legs you know, although just here like a whip, those legs would just crack ass. I told him all alone in a final, my organization lay cakes, but neither really got him off. I wonder I wonder why, although stop throwing Leucoryx really wonder like one in his has got it. We do not accept. That is something I am Andrea. Maybe a hip injury could be a lot of those kickboxing guys as they get older. Their hip start fallen apart. What's it seems to be a big issue with some guys, like John Wayne PAR needs, a hip replacement right? He just has last five. He won in a boxing match ass on act, which is great. A huge range of demanding such gotta follow good energy good deposited do, and so this is a family. He just like these.
Raise doubters, you not like thirty five hours of unease, she's, a beast man. I think she's like fourteen now she's crazy, scary, he's he's something special, but the poor guy has been fighting over the last year or two with a really fucked up hip, like me, is falling apart man. They, like you, got to have a hip replacement. The whole inside is torn apart, I now look forward to the future man. I'm just you know what I'm looking forward to the future with regenerative oil and Leah. Will you I'm sorry! I wish I had some stem cells, my shoulder. Yet we talked about you, you don't given enough time now. The thing about the stem cells is it really takes like four or five months before it actually exists and start heel and things and a lot of guys like yourself, mean Don't you don't gather any done yet waiting for shouting at the problem but the one of my shoulder did: how line up a bed early onset arthritis, they did the Wharton Jelly,
I got then like six weeks later. I don't know I want another round. I feel like I've worked like that. Yeah another round will definitely help me what I think really pay Hamas the place for you right here. There's supersize my neck jacked up to a little with one of the game of their best, whereas up to now I gotta, I guess stenosis slowly or your discs are shrinking. My dear said the horse with a nerve run through this guy sewing acts Thyssen's, actually kind like but before Holloway, more morsel after but they're all my neck and asking the tangled now my on weakness in my little bit and that epidural building work pledged to dare peat and it got better, but it still bug me a little bit there's a place. They think they have an office in, they have one here in Santa Monica, and this applies in Germany. It's called lifespan, medicine and they do this put procedure called rejected. Keen right,
Rosanna Keen is what every year Kobe Bryant rest in peace and he went to Germany to get it back in his day and so did Peyton Manning went out there. I much other athletes and Diana Dan actually went out doing U S now they do in? U s now, I've outer bunch times I have done in my neck or a bulging dis. There was doing the same thing. My hands are growing numb and a fixed it. I also had a recent my lower back for those getting sciatica same shit, except it it's it's. Basically more potent version of platelet rich plasma. They heat the blood. They add something to it and just a radical anti inflammatory and it's you know it's good cause. It's also it's your own blood They take your own blood out spin. It do this procedure to it and then it tastes like twelve hours. I thank ten or twelve hours for the it become this. They. It looks like this yellows, IRAN and then this yellow serum they inject into all EU discs and tell you I am. I
Dean Del Rio down their dean, had a real fucked up neck from a car accident. Some lady, he rides motorcycle some lady fuckin clipped. How many went flying fuck this neck up to the point where we have a comedian, we're hang around a common store and he gets nervous of anybody. Comes near him, like he's worried sums can actually bumping into JAG, because he was so much pain. He was a real stiff, and so I sent him to their lifespan medicine place. Indeed, he was fixed up like within a week. Till he was back yeah. I would love to speak a pig cushion people get me everywhere, while they can do crazy shit now, but it's a lot of money if you travel always different spotlights, but it's there is real benefit in this. My hope is that it's like cell phones, men when fuckin cell phones were giant. Cost a billion dollars so expensive, and now you can get a cheap followed. I saw footfall near their best by over fifty bucks, so Inga Father, fifty bucks, that's amazing.
S. Only stem cells goes around. That's what I'm open and I'm hoping that they see the promise like health care providers like if you have insurance insurance does want to cover. That a knob doesn't make sense. They want to hire a surgery, but a surgery is thirty grand. I was wondering what's the politics behind that there. They I'm sure, there's some gas somewhat forgotten me. I'm on a very always goes hospital US deal with the insurance comprise in everybody's working together and now make money, but they dont want to cover the I think so. Cuz they're treating stem cells like it's a drug and so they're there, their they're, treating it like what you're doing is you're taking a drugs Drugs have to go through dancing, evaluations, the FDA ass, but if they do that, it's gonna literally cost hundreds of millions of dollars. FDA. Didn't you say she be these no good they're. So crazy those people are awful if they said that
Anybody who said cds, no good, you're off the air ass. You are so good for you that actually commenting is empty. Ruth, I couldn't do it here. Why think? It's the same thing they think of c b d as an untested drug, regardless of how many people have positive effects from positive benefits from it. The way they look at it is like this stuff is in competition, probably with like non, or anti inflammatory, like Ibuprofen Proof, Indiana Jones Bright, but see media so much better than all those things here, I might mean its natural to do you do it. You take your idea. I take it, listen to me, I'm I need it more consistent with in a I'm just like her. You know my way. Fargo gets Dunstan. How do you feel, like a fool, good, I'm an eye we celebrate ago. Some like such baggage on its now there's a problem with really mentally tough guys. Could mentally tough guy, don't even think about what things feel like that.
Fuck it I'm gonna, go Likud Kane. I can literally destroyed his body because you so mentally tough higher, because he's such a fuckin savage that he'd, like he's, had everything blow out on hated his knees. His shoulders is, is an egg everything's fucked up. I, when I was once a k this before he was in the sea, and I went out there and I see him sport with, I think Paul, but tell some other like yours, you guys and they were just grow, teen honest and he was just please do away in their regard wrought in all my who is this kid guys and be good notion, for he came to the? U have see there was so much hype around him. Everybody was like this motherfucker doesn't get tired, I can lodge a heavyweight. You don't see that not like him. His cardio was insane amendment five big Ben Roswell. He would put it on guys and they would have that hundred yards stare, whether like what the fuck,
What is happening to me? How is this guy not tired? He didn't make sense. It was like a lightweight but two hundred forty pounds of forty pounds and create Russell engaged to Everything is now toxins second to none for Ino, then just surprised you with his body right You didn't depravity guides lotta burritos. I am due to this day. I think in his problem. I think he was I mean dislike. The argument is human fate or those the two arguments and then steep pay for his accomplishments right. I would have loved since deep reverses, Kane Wednesday boat wouldn't give came in his prime, yet out of great out been amazing, but you know it's, this that that model of the heavy weight list, the came, Velasquez Model, I don't know if anybody else could do that. I don't know. I think his his cardio was almost like supernatural at the inner people. Ask, as you say, I've
good cardio in I could push always and night. You know what what is it from my Tagus all mental morning there may be some people borne away? They even summertime. And when I ruslan the summer. I wasn't Wigan Ruslan, sees the shape it's gonna, be the guys in better shape and justice. Does your minds, mind you, I think, most of its my was like. Do you get tired and Lakes tired. I just keep going together when it gets tired. You see some guys that you know are real. We really good and they just scare the attired till they're scared the push them sooner Russell. Ah you come sooner. May you know some guys were the just scare. The guitar too, don't push it to heart. That's real right, now. Yeah, there's a mine game going on. We don't want to drain the battery rain. It don't wanna like it seemed like Marlon against, although there was a little bit that, like yeah yeah he's off the gas right, especially after this readily recital five thousand thousand. From oil, and now it was gone great effort.
Round, unlike man, it great to paces like our moral makes it in. I wasn't too crazy and as Oda on, and I just seen the lookin in wireless face. Unlike act in the Security council, looked at me and I, like you, know, Intranet pop Mont Blanc, Duke Let's go by the sea to his first round. Looked like Marlene was going established himself as the best powerful power fire in the world. He gave him it's so good. He was his kickboxing was off the charge that fuckin left legs which kicked that he has to the head is like a whip, crazy that what he does it so light and effortless here swings it up. There did there is one more It's a game in the camp. My legs Hartford for good couple months from the essence terrify his, which takes a fast, should have our soon malaria. It only makes sense to high moves. Equity. Asia is a freak. It's like he Superman.
Two, four, that's why you is like a rubber band. You know I mean let's snaps goes faster super tightly in what way like so just like, that is not very flexible. Really a meek ECB will kick endured stuff because I think this is. He was dead. Don't kid writers bodies may for that, but as far as being a flexible guy, it's flexible, I mean a flexible either, but I'm a kick him again had interesting. I would rather go be real flexible what about Marlon Marlins, but pied load and more flexible Studies will have very flexibly. That's crazy, ass. He threw the switch to the head like that. I think thereby he's from doing forever. There like made the do that allow and their debt will kicks like crazy. As far as I touch on their toes in a video tioga together hand, you hear model. However, neither yoga I try to do it once a week when I'm not, can't when I'm in camp and as much as I can away from something else where I tried it once a week, hot yoga, hot yeah do love
love and everyone has never done it. They need to forget exactly. I yogi under my broken hearted shit hard as share no no boss and I've been in some euro classes and if my boy was in there I might have walked out on legality as emu. I got the place I go to they. Don't let you leave the really glad leave dismayed commitment when you ask and take it to sit down and try and rest it off. You know try to take a couple poses. I try to get your hurried back down, but its hottest hot I've done some you over me and my wife, my your class one, she made her and it was so hot and though the Ladys like high gas fuelled the unlike pilots these Renee Say says too. I think it's one of the most underrated difficult exercises because you think of it as like housewives,
or moms right bunch, gals budget, girls and yoga pants, ammo lonely due to their. Sometimes they do sometimes more there's more guys in my place now start to see their sentences actually happened. Half its can interesting. I mean it's. It's either use gratefully, and so my eye to eye when I sound on fighting of showed something I do more often or for me too, as I got ninety minute meditation session to yes, are you thinking about as those posts I'm thinking about, is concentrating on keeping to maintain a steady breath and then hold in the positions as long as possible. The lightest it's like You know this doctor or yogi is given you deposit nations. I mean some low walkie, but that's always like a good, a good message. Yeah, sometimes solvent, go, go crazy! Someone tried give you life lessons earlier, well, I'm then also like this is your lower. Intestines is getting no passed on what we mean over its massaging you descending
No S, staffing, stretching stop! about. I swallowed a maniac, and there is great suffering of where my God, you can lose amazing amount to wait in there. But I just think like for maintaining strength in near joints and strengthen. Is it always fails to me- and maybe it's just my head, but like it's hell being all the connections led shoulders and hips and knees, and, like all the other stuff that doesn't nessus, get the same kind of work out when you just do in regular start right, wait, training, kettlebells or kickboxing whatever you your work, it out like holding your leg in one certain position and like lean for in this mentality, saddle static, hold like it, tightens all your connections up and it also increases range motion- and it does opens you up in- I feel so much better when I go on the I would like to do to do more often reality I just star. I want
miss in pairs all our stuff. That's the thing right! It's like for a mixed Marshall artist, theirs so many skills to concentrate on there's. So much of Europe boxer what're you gonna. Do you gotta run any other box? That's right now, when Euro mixed martial arts God damn you certainly are not everything and you know one overdue one under do another. You know. How do you know what to do? You know I came up, would have a former learn. The work and what you want you I got you just my schedule was I do one they Friday a spar either. While you sweetie they Thursday Saturday I'll Russell, Wednesday and Friday and then strain condition and between all that tourists tis here, and that makes me tired, but what what? What is it frankly consisting schedule. I do that Monday and Wednesdays Monday in one s and when you do it do it before
Am I may training I usually do grappling or rustling before and then did out after real yeah? Why do you do that at least away with cannon worked out for me? So do you do the same day I mean I mean the same time of day like noon like you do you're not he's doing morning. Our duty is to arouse learning and then at the afternoon or should I say if you is our chance to cover all the It's like it's like ten into so quick suggest they d get enough to eat and drive Georgia is a computer state, so I drive everywhere man. I noticed daily thing any none of the place I trainer of Erin Thomson, my doubts, opera amours on the move, how what do just go out fuckin traffic, it does, but it's like, if not technical, predictable traffic remain. You know if you miss the rush hour, you're good here, you never know what within and to speed up and coming home from economy club at two o clock in the morning a hypocrite above or traffic. That's crazy,
Many of us, I was actually standing, realize I stayed right across three from the communist or which way will you earned Mandarin manner remand or air Mondo reminders? Mondrian, Monrovia, guess? Why can ice says that when someone says wrong, sometimes your head? Is it right? John. Yet that is right across the street. I realized I woke up the next day and we all share a shooting. Went there last night yeah it's time you wanna go there for I'm not there to. Let know So when you are in Tom's River, like what is a typical day for you, when you when you leave your house like on a Monday morning by what? What time do you get going? Whatever d you get up, like eight o clock, I guess early guy I get up at eight I'll eat something I'm at the house by eight hundred and thirty, eight hundred and forty five get the ricardos for the ten, a dot m practice. Nine hundred and thirty practice. Extra two hours drive back home, which is like about four.
Five to an hour and when you practice with the game now, no gay, never not know a long time. The cargo, to believe or not told us not their real easily Visa, the gay will always be. There is a year we go back to the gay when you're done he's a great now to not applicable from me, I'm so glad he said that man that is, I don't know how will die, was a giant problem with, like so many brazilians so connected to the key that they would be offended if you did Yang with again get really mad at you. That's what I felt when I first went my heart, maybe stuff. Now you know we did a little bit, you no matter what it is it is good, for you is good, it is laser. Diva, I think, is good for people in self, where I use a lotta wrestling and I've. Let us ISM for my judges who cause it can take that away mess you, you know, pay attention to technique. Yeah it makes you concentrate on defence, gives you can't just muscle out of things right and with a lot of fighters. You know especially
real explosive guys they get used to strengthen and new. When someone got collars and an grip on new sleeves you can't animals domestically think about what you're doing yeah yeah pressure. You have good position yet have yet to be patient. To expose yourself cause you're impatient just want to get out of a spy yeah. That is that that's the positive aspect of the gate, the negative aspects of the gives one guys go. From the gate and remain in looking for those handles and the handles area, but Eddie always told us just do the key, but dont use collars, dont use cars and police- oh my dear aim was really just no again in a basket I've. I honestly pie when I did a gay of malt fighting, as much as some was used to it in Desperado times how grab the game yeah, but I have just for us, but for the most point I think it's you're better off tissues and overlooks and under hooks and gabled ribs and is working yours, you're you're same positions.
You do know ye so that then you doing the same game, always air, but I too am glad Ricardo said that, because they have such an accomplished brazilian judges artist. I can who's got this gigantic school and who was accomplished fighter himself and now, as a judge right to have him say that, like yes, yes, for a long time, people got so connected to this idea that you need to do the key nor to be good will in May, which has no gay slippery yet mean you know even my gun, you know just makes everything Morse Enounce. Is there so much more frictions? Much do so. Many things you can do in the EU cannot do and Emma may higher or in a no good contrast adds is really just not alcohol. So that's good. We don't want em, I figure when I'm old put the Guiana much to so many things you can do in the EU cannot do in Emma may harm or in a no good contrast to thrill is not applicable law. So.
That's good. We don't want em, I figure when I'm old put the Guiana what's eating, demean disguise much judges who closer in their sixties Yes, that's right! That's great! In nice and slow it's it's. Some are deaf. We don't a future. So you go. There. You do that class and like how far you drive and a lot of these different yachts anytime, you in your car couple hours a day. Certainly not liable fucking car yeah, yeah yeah idea, pine belts, much ships egg? It's Dr Mesa, rammers or silverado. How you got a deal we drive dotted deal a job for the demo, then turn everything, but I also got a gotta collects. Ptsd. Do I know you're in the closet. I love citys of those things are being it's fun. I allow states to tune Einstein relay. It can move in walesa, fast car, that's gonna, telling guy in Jersey, Korea as part of its value, so the so half opened. If you ever,
what about living somewhere where everything is so connected at times. You'd, never move yeah, I mean it will now. Nicotine is impractical and he has a huge facility and bricks limits will do a lot of our sporran, a horizontal twenty minutes away, so that all that sir he's been he's been there for an hour a couple years and now he's thirty thousand Square Foot Jim A really to four cages. Pointer mats base rang absences phenomenal facility. What's it called nicotine's much more shots can ok cool! That's awesome man! It's amazing that these gems are there so good. Now it's like it was so hard in the beginning to find one facility that had this kind of play right Even the country is only a couple gems where there was an ok or Jackson's or when I first started. I graduated knowledge and was may gradually college. I have reminded ultra Vires first seasonal to fire was on, I think, was they had the finale in may wash my teammates. Ah, my dear I'm, I'm giving us a trial,
in our cars Jack was was on the on the season. He Russell for Adam borrow some clarity on the same conference, so I see him I got may looks, don't pretty well not give the shot. So I found a place a tree. In our car Pellegrino actually had Jim in in near my town? I call him up. I note the rustling he looked like I'm actually moving. The Florida is likely income training for couple days forgone guys. I came there and a new guy taken Jim over and slots Randal stand in its Jim was no bigger in this room. Here While you know- and you she'll, these young kids have the story damask facility on my duty as a fucking spoiled nan yeah, it's a different world. Now I mean it's does only does know the sport like Emma may, where, if you go back to the nineties and then you look at it today, its unrecognised it is it's the ages. Martial arts is change leg. You say it all time. You know how quickly you see our Emma may change more Lars forever. Lou
never look at it. The same way again martial arts of evolved more over the last twenty years. They have over the last twenty thousand years and its use is anything It has done that, go back and watch you have seen one and then go what go. Watch you see to forty six ethnic. What the fuck like everyone is so evolve now, and even you know across way, classes assist it's just such an inch listing thing that we figured out how to do it right. I mean Should I want to, I started two dozen five to now change the whole bunch yeah, I know for sure, yeah mean two thousand five was when the ultimate fire was on, ran to how crazy Diego sent as is still at an allowance. Amazing he's the last the Mohican really is always the last one. On a yes, oh for sure, yeah I mean staff and bonnet long gone right, forest gryffons, gone his work for the you have seen now and FUCK India
go. Censure stood still screamin, yes, cartwheels he's especial do he's crazy he's a wild motherfucker man is, he is, is outlawed. He was kind of strange on the so called area, but just like these efforts a different different personality. He's weird but he's also got a mind like a fuckin bank for years. Hence I mean his his wills unbreakable. That guy does not quite he's lost before he's been stopped before, but you and get him to click amendment four B, James CAP, common. TAT S, head, split, open, a heretic out crazing skies, not yeah, not mean in all this fights means he's an animal medea. Any such entertaining guy mean you think about some of his feisty for even at one. Seventy against guys, like Jake Alan Burger, Martin marked in camp men, had his face hanging off meet a giant cuts
over the and the third round, Diego's chasing them. The earnest chastened cat dam is tough. His wheel, powers the normal donkeys insane it's insane and is still out there, it allowed their and its its impressive. I mean these guys set in a bar high yeah, real high yeah. It's interesting idea. Go. I've always thought was like a guy who could have benefited from a one point, sixty five pound class. I feel like the. U have see I've been saying this for evermore broken record, but I think they should reorganized away classes and put way classes every country towns. This too many big gaps like the eighty five to a five I'll, get that's crazy and us is that so big I mean if they have a title like they have plenty of fighters.
Right and there's plenty of digits should move some of these white classes. Around think disk drive in those areas still hemming Cassa YO hunting decides by sixty five pound. Probably look somewhat more Kazaa, two key s: how the fuck did you makes a man I I seen em, you know after Meda. My do. You are always a seventy founder yeah. Always I've just was reeling impressive. How he was able to control, Hotmail dos Anjos. I get to see that the fight I was actually flying down here but I see no highlights make, I think, took him down five or six times. Man he's a fucking. He his arms are so long. They were in positions where a lot of guys would have the kind of like hold on, but he reach all wait around clapped his hands together our what an advantage that is. Actually god when I try to be, as I feel Six, two yeah, that's all
cover my head and my toes and he's only do you know it's only have him he's got the weirdest style man, because his style is you know he does like scissor take downs, but it's got like a lotta wheeled Kenya. Three sixty round house consul right. It is confirmed surreal conflict but also willing regulation. We win slander of society, s and I think it's it's a former kung fu, oh yeah, food, yeah, yeah, he's he's one of the more unusual guys and in the sports near me is he's gotta, quite demeanor to wireless IRAN Lincoln he died. He does I come to you since you walked in as everyone will. Everybody says too that you haven't seen what he can do again. The jam you see what he could do and like outside remark about dominance is like do. It is like back before the people had really neat maiden name for himself and is like that fuckin guy surreal Super Tonia.
I was really impressed with Calvin cater thou in their last year. You know that third round who seem like a beacon law, some steam, yeah well start a common on along, comes dig into the body allotted got great. Ask as it is by me, my Bwana best years his right hand, to the right hand in knocked out lamas with the two men, carbon he's on another level. What is striking will particular with his hands. I key: does a lot training with Bosnia. There too, the blessing I rang and only getting better until these bees just beginning to get into the top a tier of guys. You know I mean he beats shame Burgos without beautiful knock out. And the Ricardo lamas knock. I was suspect, tat so long ass. It fought for the title lamas with the top guy and then does a beat fight wins. A beat is like right there at the very top of the heap at one, forty five and
knows what the fuck would happen. If that was a five round, the cabin was put it on him. It was at that point in, what's a beat, took him down, the thirty basically just hung on in the end to sound. The west does not dare cabins dangerous. He's Danes, and getting better and his point. What a fuckin division, man, you're division, found you're leaving innovation, believing that the revised no fuckin sweeter mirror enough. Tailors there too, where you'll be a bigger guy. Yeah me, I still don't think I'll be the biggest guy either at thirty five, but our deftly be. You know much more comparable to wrestle. What was interesting, because even when you're fighting at fifty five, a lot of people are saying that you should be thirty five key by maybe right. I give you ways. Fifty five a lot of guys. It way fifty five compete authority by their ship, which is oh, my god,.
Lock arduous law car was our oh yeah and he sat down here and he suddenly made twenty five afloat. Georgiana. That's why I set about twenty by our New York. I t J D stay here after all that it is only too well he his was real bad all the way up and to the way in t J. The way he looked, you know he looked like like he was starving to death Look. I did MRS cheeks were sacked Dan face was with such really bad decision now, even cause. He added. You know a direct appeal to try to train. It was just terrible. You know thirty five, he was the fucking champ and like a really good fighter, thirty five, and to take that stuff. You know, you know Cody Code, Cody, Garber aunt was accusing overtaken and even before
I am thus Joe. He said he didn't code is actually are traded with us now. To, though, is the air ass? A good move for yeah, that's a very good move for him and me I've been working together, he was out he's out for a week. He went back, he starts, you know, stolen alphabet Mozart. You know he was talking about. That mark was like, given him some real good pointers on some of the things that does exposes himself right, how to make sure is more protected and sure, is more more elusive, more difficult to read, write to do some different kind of things, but I ain't even let us for a little bit now. You went back to our families going back and finish Campbell ourselves get sick hands those yes over the decades. I got you know a true no see moral. As you know, these guys were caught. His hands are so fast man he's fast ass, far ass, he could there is he can become bag? Man hidden come back. He just you know. We had that fight with tv, A lost lost the rematch and then lost again to Pedro Munoz sail a goddamn
keys, is so game, but all three fight. He was He had those guys rocked, dig in r and D Pedro, Munoz Guy a chin. Meda steel must steel, an inner, and he knows it too. He's like he's like I'll stand in front eight about. It. Now has a belief in himself and while the nastiest deities in a game guys got fuckin sick clamp, he gets a hold. Your neck will mean trouble yeah hit some, it's a fuckin that division and division here about a drop down into that's just the scariest division here and now here ever you can go anywhere nowadays, the others. No picnics is no there's no easy uneasy for Ladys, there's no there's no easy way. It's a division. Do they just exist? We weigh clashes again deeper and deeper and assisted the progression of this poor. In our means, you know you when I first started it wasn't out, you know, maybe the top five.
Top ten, I got tat tinier. Nelson, some good some dogs. No, what do you think you're doing your guitar? I don't know, I don't know why I have involved with UFC Gym. I have one in North Brunswick New Jersey want to Riverdale. You know how to partner up with a couple guys I'll death, on this point. How does that work deserves to contact you and say: hey Frankie One be involved, one, these gems. I think we sought. The amount they sought me out type thing: that process took took a wild. That's where we're I now I started Dyke enquired about the of seizure back in twenty fourteen twenty fifteenth and they must be populars fucked around their ilo, want a train of you have said you would think. I think some people just they think when they think you ll see him, but I want to confine anybody what if I'm like, that, you see James, a family atmosphere, man, you know how
go. Take a fight, classing, go train or take a more solid class. Now when they have these, you have see gems. Do they have like sparring classes, jujitsu classes, they have everything everything so There are five, it's like a for it. Now, it's more I'd say more elegant. Only fitness only fit is fucked a fight, bs exactly stood a child elephant, fitness unified Europe and do train at those places Sometime time here you know what a mobile but usually go out there and teach a class or seminar stuff like that. We train with mark where troth want his basement, real orally or like nicotine's, but but you'd, mostly his basement start on this basis, how boxes is by. He listened. He also Peter aid is pretty well may get tells with piece of business. Amazing data there's no bullshit, it's some best. Meetings early and obviously a big statement is Geller either in his. This is very good- where's. That
what is New Jersey, Pianos pizza, pianos, pellets, He said, and so his base, when he has decked out, like a gym, yeah it is. It started he's got a whole work out here, you're full of four basement for precise. How some, then, he put mats on day and much much like of our policies, are up their foes cool, Bob, I started with marking literally into dollar five. Unless we start in the basement now did you have any striking experience before that None seaside bore walk about it. So well. What was it like going from just being straight wrestling to learn how to I can Russell together. It was. It was learning process you know earlier. My career is able to take every way down in those early fights, but I had some pretty good fights in before you have CFO the videos, tart some dvd? He was this
Ukraine's? I find out how he for W C. He beat him I, so he was decent of they will take him down. I Fgm Miller Action less right for you of now. No, we had a crazy fight so I had good upon right away, but the strike- and you know it as someone I really light, as always in the box and grown up, fine I've been jerseys. From the herd or by any means, but resolute fight. Rum from enough see several go see. Silent, provides a scale Adra yeah. Do you hear me? de as target about it's up to Miller's a fuckin beast is a beastly, I'm so glad he's healthy. Now, because that guy struggle the air so long line, does my wife has it actually does you feel in doing since two thousand seven? everybody gets it in these crazy. How many people have added?
say that the result we did this this we looked at this map on line of all the areas in the EAST coast, were lying diseases prevalent and have what percentage of the ticks have it? It's bananas, I e it's my wife's neuron acquitted too. As you know, she's had to go to a bunch of you know treatments and what not, and is it still with her right now? It is it's not as much but she's got like a bunch of issues like autoimmune stuff. I think you know and she's she's, don't she's. Does the ivy treatments, the sunlight therapy say where they take the blood out through you ve than put it back. India, ash it's not a lot at last. I was sure she started feel butter with Jim. I think he changed his diet. I think that was a big one is really starting clean MO. If he's pretty clean, she's she's cannibalistic is tight person yeah on the line, as these things fuckin terrifying because for a
long time they were diagnosing it incorrectly. People did know whether it was when I was eyes and people coming with all sorts of eggs and pains and if they didn't have a big balls I mark on them or the tick bit them. Doktor really had no idea what was going on in some doctors. Do a lot of experience where the right I gotta, when I was young easier, but I've seen the Tec. So I got medicine right away and in now fine, but they say if you don't see to take and then used on the habit if you don't get on medicine right away, then you're fucked as any form by ever her
They like the sun. Even their lines is easy to others to other diseases, get attached to it. Yes, well, there's a thing called more jealous of ever heard of more Jones or Jones is a disease that a lot of people think it's like a psychological disease. They think that luckier imagining things because they would imagine the like fibers, were growing other scabs and its scratch themselves like crazy right, but I had some good in so we did. A television show called Joergen questions every day and we we had some one. The conversations ahead was with a doctor who has long disease and that's when things get interesting, because he was aware of it, not just as a person who has the disease, but also as a doctor and said. One thing that all these people that have more jealous have in common is they all have long disease and he thinks that line diseases, not just one thing that it's a host of other things that are attached where I live disease like non identified pathogens and that some of them have some sort of neurotoxic a fact that choice
changes the way you see things, so he was seeing things like the warrant using worms crawling around, as I did nor have they weren't, there's a realise like ok. This is probably what more Jones is that these people are thinking that things are growing in their skin, but there's nothing there, but it's really because the line disease and all the other toxins in pathogens and rang with it, are fucking with your neurology fucking. With your brain m o, I said brain found his final, biggest thing that their Bolivar and she went to a period where she was always tired and it's crazy. As my view, and never guess, I could see sobriety. Jeez worked out every day and out twice as through pushes throw it, but I stepped least some she s too costly treat. You know. People had chronic fatigue. Yeah. They would also aware that position The thing that everybody always had an excuse that excuse Elsa thing see: that's that's you. This is
mentally tough guy. I feel I feel go it's gotta, that's it! You know. I mean my wife, it's This is too expensive to Holly's, damned rail, yeah or Marcus Davis. All as you have seen money, he spent treating his wife for land as la la wonder, but he's a prison garden. Israeli somewhere, I think, is still doing that. You know he's good boys would telegraphed yet grottoes keep me posted on him, but he wound up, like his wife, got real bad. I think he spent more than what a million dollars is treating her. Not that much I mean journalist who s not telling me, but it's fucking bad, my friend Stephen. L, a he and his son got it, and did the doctors didn't recognize as doctors, he was like a thing might be one disease, doctors didn't think so, and his son started getting bells pausing, so fat half his face and the sun was little thing. Is there for
I have his face, was no and the ants haven't. I hadn't my wife actually should have a positive one time. She had a solution, she said and then came. Homes are both policy. Cheese aroused yeah, a fucking creepy disease It has no one seems to know what to do with it, and you know they had a vaccine for a little while, but the problem of the vaccine was people were in. This is including my managers dad took the vaccine and got line disease from the vaccine. I keep hearing actually the original flew shot like of her yogi at the blue satin. They get the flu whenever people get sick. Whenever the flu epidemic talk to people that are vaccine people Melick now you probably were already getting
flew and flew shot that you got was the wrong one for whatever who was in the air. I also heard too they give you the strain from last year and then there's the new strangeness yourselves Ivan, really helping you, while I think there's multiple strains each year and I think they're basically just head yes that right. I guess I don't take food shots now hell now, but I I think they do work. If you get, key yeah right. Why am I not enough? I mean, I believe in vaccines for sure, but I dont think that it always works in it and in the flu shot case, I'm not sure because, like sometimes sometimes they just get it wrong there. Wrong strange right now. What do we know what we know? It's, it's a shots forget touchy gigantic morons? Russia, but it was worth with the lives, these by motives, there's a conspiracy theory that the government put us in a wild. While there was a conspiracy theory that there was actually looked at
of Jamie, because there is actually something about this. They were talking about recently, where there were looking and there is There- are investigating the idea that law I'm disease was a biological warfare weapon that accidently got released, but this is through like legitimate channels, their investigate ass. It wasn't like some fuckin tint, while HAT Job Dave Lease on these coasts manner where they want to release. I think he got out. I think the ideas that somehow or another this disease had accidentally escape their labs or while there are in the middle of treating penal, is a ticket. Only waiting at lunch? I believe so it's detects. I think it's dear tax. I think it's places that ever high population of deer also high population, these texts and then when people get it it's us you know most of em, don't realize they have until it's too late.
Yeah, so you don't realize you have it and then you miss the early rounds of antibiotics which can knock it out, and then you get this chronic state. Jim Miller and your wifi us and my my buddy Even now that had it he was fucked up. I mean bad for at least six months when I saw him he looked like he had lost and he's a slim guy, but he looked at his lot. He had lost twenty or thirty pounds, and it would just said it has been dealing with the the Lung disease in Geneva Tell them. I mean not kill them, but just did just really diminish. Dita Maya, that's fucking! It's a weird disease man, because you, you can't find any body who doesn't know anybody who has it arise caress. Everybody knows brother cousin, our wife, someone has its created, my love run in the woods and trails Lincoln Summertime. It's like man just so nervous. You get
x or my kids. Oh, my kids go and buy think it takes twenty four hours for it said, and so once you once you do come back. We have a tick you just have to reject again ass. We do every time I go on the was take checks. How do you get him off? You, though, like it's? What if it's like in the middle you backing by Self Yang issues like louse back scratches on here? This was lime disease created as a by a weapon as a solid, yet website its yes house of well how the house works, it's not on legit, but others are legit helstone forces very legitimate disorder, read the article it sort of unproven, but there are some people. I believe that thing that this is a thing. It just would be very hard to do is look at us takes as weapons issue made headlines back in July. Two thousand nineteen, thanks to the? U S house of Representatives, Chris Smith, our New Jersey Republican in to introduce legislation, legislation directing Department of Defense to review claims that the Pentagon research Tick base,
weapons in the mid twentyth century. The amendment passed, Smith said he was inspired by a number of books in article suggesting that significant research had been done, the? U S, government facilities, including Fort Detrick Mare, and and Plum Island, New York to turn ticks and other insects into bio weapons. Imagine those cuts create a fucking disease and now to everyone in the house as it, because it's mostly out there. That's what's factor is it is and lot lime isn't Lima place in Connecticut, asked what is our they named line disease? May I think that's what the member that the view heard of the rocky mountain tick is now coming to the West Coast version of whilst taxes a figure loan start tech that unless different announced our committee, not like meters and yes, alpha gal alpha lactose, it does something I think. That's the word,
it makes you allergic to urge it to me. So you you literally go Russia Life and you can eat me if you like chicken fish shoot me was the first cases of it were there and then to semi five. Now the goddamn government there created by web, I'm not surprised. Now. I'd like to the Soviet Union domino. Do no television shown Hussein; they they had all sorts of bio weapons that there were developing, there's gotta, be a giant pits fill with anthrax. Whose other ticks and other countries airlines these and other countries is a good question. That's very good that would that would, like sourdough, explained lowering conspiracy that I'm grown of irish conspiracies about it. What's the conspiracy theories of level for Bio weapon facility opened and will Hon, not too long ago, because the suggestions are online on them. I'm not saying at the suggestions, our line, something might have leaked just like this
and saw the with SAM Tripoli already Bravo networks from from sour Eddie. I think SAM's retreated some stuffs course, of course. Yes, I've seen other stuff online wow I mean I think, whatever news that there is always some conspiracy theory goes well, that's true, even if it's like lock work, I saw conspiracy theories that Conor through the fight or cowboy through the fight with car people face. When I had my cousins, I can't believe cowboy do that, I'm I do what crack do, what you're crazy yeah yeah? I was seven Stephen J Smith and I am and made a video I mean come on, listen, Stephen Psmith! I guess I shall respond right, you're very entertaining guy. Like you a lot, and I appreciate the proxy gaming, their video, but IRAN, the cowboy got cowboy get fucked up with those shoulders in the clench. He had Connor's arms tied up in their entire spaces. Conor dips
low and slams this bone of his shoulder into the nose and he's at the beginning of the round. Connor's a fuckin super explosive guy soup. Explosive all muzzle just pulled tied the beginning of the five and just Bang Bang. He got off good shots and Cowboy was confused and fluster flustered aren't they get those shots may be robbed him and if appropriate, now that could rocky. I guess I've got blood borne out of his nose, so is not breathe and out of his nose now and then all the studies like fuck, my nose is already fucked up and he has a punch me right. You know it was. It was unusual, like I could see of some one has a peripheral understanding of the sport. You see that have you come on man, or even guys, like might Bisbee like MIKE Bisbee things like fuckin, shoulder, strikes, come on children's rights, but dad said MIKE busying is, without a doubt, one of the toughest human beings as ever walked the face the peace.
If, if you lost an ear, but I got another side to this one- I don't give a fuck, you fuck a giant chunk of his we are against the best fighters. Nowhere, including when the title with one idea, Michael this being is a fucking died. Waal Savage. So, if he's like a soldier strikes that said, the soldier strike, didn't and fight to shoulder, strikes definite, got him off on the wrong foot, then cowboy through a kick to Connor's arms and then Conner. Can't counter with a head? Kick rock countenance about random goosey his legs go and then Connor hit him with pistons, Not only our people can say it was a work. He broke his fucking orbital, both here and there, but Stephen Smith said that he felt like cowboy quit. You did not quit mashed, because sessional quit every in their nose broke and rocked and a broken orbital
say adequate. It's also you who you're talking about you're talking about a guy was the most. Fines in the EU have see the most finishes in the USA. The most head, kick knockouts in Europe, see the most. The most bonuses and Yossi cowboy is a fact King Ledge and he is a tough as tough as they come he's lost before every human can lose, especially you fighting guys like guarantees and who I Mars, but I'll and in these fuck and animals that he's fighting he's fighting the cream of the crowd or Connor and Conor broke literally broke his face. He broke his nose and rope is orbital, so so Stephen, a Smith bonded and then Connor responded, seen gotta told him to abolish. This is right. He is right, I mean give give counter the credit. A little bit, I think, depend Miss Stevens Psmith, whose very entertaining guy in his very knowledgeable about other sports, does not, as we'll house and also there style of dismissing athletes and putting people daylight?
Can I make us? Is an aim that I made an aim and its funding not listen to him. He's a fun gotta! Listen! He talks great shit, you know, but I wonder I'm sure Basle players are confident fans. It's not worth saying when he's criticized the Basle Blazer or for what play as you know, the old I'm sure, I'm sure I mean I don't know too much about that Jimmy your sports fan right. Do they criticise and to me he's respected for sure, but that's it to the show use on is like every day you wake up and give us take, and they got to talk about it for an hour and a lot of, take. It's like the controversy is like good gather shock and talk about in a radio show for three hours. You did after that's like yeah locks all day long and you know any interchanging. That's what people like to hear like to see here, somewhat passionate, hear hear him and telling teddy
at last year and argue after the Konrad Gregor Floyd may, with a fight the disease areas like condiment Gregor made the best chef in the world, be a pocket fast food firstly, how they, like back for the tourism, yellow and arguing very yeah, I guess Ninja, that's it that's his position or am I just think that Disport demand more appreciation, more respect and it demands and a higher level of reverence to the athletes who literally pullet, put their lives and align its efforts Do you have to say that I quitted the script? Describe what happened now? You could just talk about what com? Nor did. I was so special. He looked the guy fines, tricky ways. To do things and, though, shoulder strikes like we ve seen I do shoulder shrugs before, but we never. Anybody do it successfully, but you gotta think about the you see is a lot of what happens in the USA. Is someone at all these fights? Finally? Does something and then other people start doing
I remember when no one was thrown front kicks the face. No one, year in and year out, Anderson Knox, our veto for whose Ike the leader of the elite strikers, knocked him out the front. Take the face you like one and then you see then we're trying to nobody. Did it I dont know member anybody ever even in kickboxing people very rarely through a front care to the face. Just wasn't you know with deep right of Falada, but the two even teams to the face was Molly arrange. Thank you. All you would like pushing his face. Right argued new, very rarely. Unless someone caught at perfect saga get knocked out with a snap front, kick with the ball. The foot now mostly another cutaway comes off too it's a fucking, devastating technique. When done correctly I mean just in Baku. Gotta tail with it outside of the EU, have seen its devastating the ultimate cheated that jumping frantic tyrannical raw Orient nice Randy Couture with a fuckin fronting the face, that's a legit technique, but then see everybody doing that. Like low calf, kicks right,
first I ever saw deal, was Benson, dense and really Benson Henderson really gun into those low caviar me those a rough men, but now everybody throws out Alex you. I think I have Many years went by before people were not throwing low Catholics. I guarantee you now when people get tied up clench and some as holding someone with double overlooks or whatever. I remember how Connor had a hold of art tat we had a cover, underwrite or neurons are over India when some and tied up in the Clinton you can strike you gonna see going on over says this is a bone man fuck and bone right there, if anything to some too distracting too little moved so mouth. But this where your shoulder, the top of your shoulder, that's fucking heart! Now you know it's not the ideal thing to strike with the when there's nothing else. There. There's somethin there it's, I could see how Stephen Psmith would not think that that was effective. I could see, but for me it was clearly effective. There were hard shots
there's a lot of power behind. It is a lot of explosion, cornered dipping his level coming up. Slamming into it. It was correct kind of crazy, but even if you take the that away the healthcare and wants to finish, I mean you know, what's going on here, he's like what he got beat down. He got beat down smashed a guy who rises the occasion. The cowboys had problems in the past with he's really big fights and he looked nervousness How can you talk about it openly and there was a video that they play, which annulled the bishop laid before the fight cause. He had a here that so they are playing a video of him describing how nervous he gets before fight and now he's rose up round us and also about how is kind of facon it. Ten, unlike is fine, but he's no inside a friggin, the fuck out. They played that before. He fought like why doing about even more that's rose thing out I'll, say fuck. He does not here hear. That's why I'm in a locker room, lock Rome
the TVS animals like Turner via down here anyway talking about modify partnership down. For you view I mean I'm cod that when I see a guy in the locker, Roman and I'm talk, and I try to pump up now, I want to feel good show up. Well when you come out man that Biggie Song Biggie, that's there's something about some fighter and songs does like the connection to those guys it every time. I hear that song, I think about and I started to doubt and I went to fall short of the first hour and out to it- and I was like, the mole shady Friday baby. This is the biggest probably my He is in every not my all time he's like top three is not all time, but he's right up there, yeah that'd be moving like eye to eye seventh grade. I got that ready to die cassette tape and
Listen to this day, I listen. It's like I couldn't, let's no more, when I was on news, radio allows doing sitcom member. I listen to that. Fuckin hypnotizer like damsel around a God. Damn that's a his flow with so entertaining you tell a story, but anybody man whose special dude his special do did that the few between him and to backtrack the bottles. Got Maria Gray, I locked man, God how how good they have been as they got older biggielow. Polly said down, the sea decently arabic staves, come up after his death with day you had to our really enough. They have much much material is not crazy. The park put so much shit down here Yeah man, he was used, like an activist telling us on his his everything, was a kind of politically charged in our day, while he was unbelievably prolific like he wrote so much he deep like after use-
dead. They release like five. Yes was credible, new stuff that, whereas all this shit from a member than they really on Kyoto, around cube of recorded as a moment he had the hologram was yet shall air so aggressively right. How so creepy also, what is the future gonna be like when, as he Janice Joplin up their Alec legitimately they're gonna be able to do that in the future as well
I'm going to be able to write new Janice job on songs and have her singing in a hologram, and you won't. You will tell us how really her they just put. I listen to the radio yesterday Chester Bennington from Lincoln Park, his first Spaniards amusing eighteen day had recordings of him that they just put new music to release the music. A while back gray days are no greater sunlight. That item listen to myself. What hurts not bad! That's up go home. He was Amr Moussa. Power on these guys takes dislike. Alot artist seem like their conflicted in some ways. Swan. There is whether so good, a good Chester, would sing of like he was wailing screaming. You know there's something about his his, though that the anchor in the anger and energy in the emotions and in a voice tat, was why he was so good, and you know sometimes I look like a park. He just listen cause the jam and then started in some of the words like men. Skies
Vienna sure, while he was gone through some shit for sure yeah adjust it so hard believe when someone like Chris CORE now or some of my can take their own like they were good, they were good friends right, believe so one of em didn't he comes over on his birthday or sunlight out. I think some sadly, but again, two guys with us since in voice is me sound garden cat tat. He was good enough, my damn, but it's like it's almost like those guys at have that insane and women to that have an insane emotion in their voice. I d just sold are so torn and dry flicked it yeah, that's mean poured out, you could see here dinner in her voice. Their hearts pour out as it is. The air yeah yeah some its bomber as a bummer, but the two back that they don't do that anymore right. That fucking,
around the Tupac, Holograms Billig Marlon Harlem. Here I see little by little. The way more jack to bug is to part with doing fucking crossfire then do it at forty five for the last five years, boys in hiding again after we, there's a lot of guys that there it is like look out Jacqueline, as this is clearly for looks now. With leave realized tat. There was a good video. There was clever hidden the bag like, oh, my god, Damn was Khalifa, was Khalifa got good technique. I does waiters type typhoid, you guys doing a lot of my time, but he's got crazy. Apps man to his fuckin jack is no fat on any smokes we'd all day My guy now all day is Willie
New Jersey now has it where medical there. You have to have a real problem right now. Let's have headaches. Kiev had anxiety, Agatha event as we clever he trains harder than ass cool. It's always go, and these guys do do to stop brings later sport yeah snoop trains to the others, this and videos, a snoop train and inspiring online its awesome, I love it. I love it. I mean it's just great for you too, even if you don't ever plan on fighting it. To me, I mean I'd rather had pears and kick a bang run in a fucking treadmill man of yours. So much more day, these people people realise that they would do like a lot more to do you run at all. I do run I like to run I'd, but run for my camps, or anything of them relate to work out the joy running. Well, you know for your insurance in now and when you, when you would train de how much of you,
you do any cardio specific work out was most your cardio done through fight training. I mean I did my friend condition stuff would be little cardio. Basing own dislike. Sarka training staff are actually started, work on a new strength, condition guy young kid may twenty four, but super passionate, really answer into how'd. You find something like that. You know I just stuff actually Todd Frazier, whose action where my pockets withdraw released absolute today these for the tramp tramp tramp. He he's a precipice but from my town and same where he was doing his off season training and not know this guy sky. Does our behaviour are pure reflexive performance every year. Some recent performance recovery is that he does like. You certain things. I just reset you're nervous I guess I got bang on your back banks on your babbling you're back and then do a test and later you're you're beautiful yeah, it's our PR reflect applies, are real
it has its own words amount of rural guy, not a hooker, and now the urban. I have one rate chopped it that it my inner thighs Algarve and dollar four times and then he'll do some more tests. Hope make me go ahead of the liquor, sit up position and will try to push me down flat before I did the test. Pretty much can stop night. The task you must put his body on me and I can hold them up, rule of metal, but I wish I feel good I'll come in the autumn. The training and obligations in our fellows those shoddy- and he put you to these tasks and some heart like sometimes he goes up and down your ear. You're sternum on your ribs and like its both make, you feel uncomfortable and exposed to relax and makes me I guess we go on and the ideas that it jumps reflexes, yeah, I mean again dummy but a reality that I know for sure that, like deep tissue work does a lot right.
Did tissue massaged way explained to us. I couldn't do it to myself what one of em we're gonna goes in a heads up, Maya. I t down on my left, Mama inside and outside of my thigh, and it hurts to pour on like, unlike Elmore, arriving in pain and I'm trying to relax I'm doing, but you can't do it yourself, like he says you can't tickle yourself, because you know the pressure you're giving yourself but ask Turkey so someone outside this year, but isn't take limb like do you don't have control like like. I can do the same pressure that somewhat tickle me, but but you did, but you know the pressure you're giving yourself. That's was explained to me. Ok, so I don't know what you're right. So you do the pressure given tee and I think there's something you nervous system, leaving ticklish from giving its from like evolving to get away from bugs, He sees you feel some money make sense spiders on your some yet yeah, I'm here at the everyday ass to go back to that's enough for us to or why do you home?
breath when you're, when you're nervous early like be breed relay wholly about biogas, like you're in the middle, the wars in some fucking hot near We will make any noise, maybe or maybe just your bodies panicking to some of the pressure You know so much adrenaline, so much freaking out your body, By the way I do about tenses up, that's a thing about fighting right or guys when their swinging in a big, like big exchanges, think they got within breathe and the guitar right like you know, I'm not the others. Coaches are like ok, guys breathe. I don't wanna coastal me to breathe in the corner now like them, and how to read and write. What did that drive? You crazy, when you hear corners it dont, give good advice, should get up man no shit go out there and kick his ass. I was lucky to have you guys. I pay attention to detail more Ricardo, Mass Geyser Tom, not a technical,
technical do not given. Yet you know. Sometimes you do. You need to make sometimes some diverting mark awesome flag for the mollified where he was in the corners like you're, other raised you, but above all, on some. Otherwise you talk about mom. It's because you know I didn't need technique. Key needed. Some motivation at that point was Marlon too big. Did you lose too much weight to get down to thirty five and was depleted, or was it a pseudo just steam roll them? I just think the moment You know, I think, moral and hit him with some good shots and he enemy some good shot him take the right hand and I think the fact that pseudo just talking have come forward. I think, demoralized mall in a little bit like. Why am I I salute not- was not going to be take much more the legs. Yeah no way. I thought I I for sure- and I found my despite not known the distance here. I thought Marlon was gonna, keep travel. Nonetheless, but more than that suit of clothes, the distance and once you, let's hullo close distance and get her, arms are hitting what knees and also about Jesus Christ.
So you don't even like I mean Marlon in tackling two or more endued moral knows how to deal with violence, and he just wasn't even react until it is a kind of venom hidden within these, I felt like almost like I've felt like he was just depleted its it seemed like you didn't: have the energy to fight the kind of fight? That's a hoot always want to fund, especially so who dollar thirty five right so who do at twenty five is draining himself luria, but pseudo at thirty five was much. Healthier and fuckin guys. This tough shit man has a winners minds away. Funds alone is winners Meyer, you know, and his dvd It makes a pretty ridiculous subaru
we'll see. Ben Lily. I mean, I guess that's you know I was gonna stick now. I guess they do, because it keeps him out there. It's business, its work as a sport is part of that right. It's like part, there's put its part promotion, but it's also performance its guys, like Connor, the perfect blend, the keys just just be him himself, but Connor's like its entertaining its fodder. Some these guys manages reform Stan it's rough, but look my call becoming Tent Coolby Covington tough Shit talked is, to a goddamn title shot. He really did Emmy Andy s eyes. Ass already is also very good, very good. You can not, because you have tongue was willing, took they wanted to cut him before he thought I do not yet have the last word on his contract is going over? There are five day Mean Maya and he just talk mad shit, Can't among them is like yeah. That was work. That's what did it mean us
what did and then that character just took off you go and look at the early versions, their character he had nice suits. I get a light, a real crisp, suit like corner, where within later he's got these Jason businesslike. It's part of the fun of it. These weren't bullshit he's it's an implant or a character man he saw configured. What about Conor he's kind of Meda Little one, eighty to flip on his personal still funny story. You know mountains tat place not being simply he's trying to clean is image of a low, but using with cowboy think that maybe the Kaliko, can easily get along written and whatnot reminds us that he's been deal with so much. We know would the Khalifa Nina hidden, the old guy, Saturday's, darling, their yeah. He's like you got a their proper twelve he's gonna line a little that yes right, I mean you think property
Our visit an enormous amount of money for him and he's he's making shit tonnes money. I was in Vegas, I fuckin. Those billboards were everywhere on cars and shit. Now, please, sports and adult or case too was a year of government yeah. I wonder, but I also think I dont think you felt like you need psychological warfare with with cowboy of feel like he thought from the beginning that he had a giant advantage over cowboy. You know like if you go back to the old Prof press conference, are tough back in shit to each other's. Like a step of all right, I can break in half. I think he just felt like this fight argues is being nice guy. This guy boys could be. I think he felt like here to fuck with an affiliate. He felt tat. He had a get, could be
ocean all the same. We got all the emotional but that shit in work that motherfuckers he's a vault. You look in his eyes to see nothing, but do yeah he's it's just those people out there that the call in this whether from me that the step that words would be considered the step well, Mongolia Step right is not close their eyes. Is it not the hard part? the world know that. Did you see when you one when the Then there were video. The streets zones not idea and everybody lights on their cars, Haagen their horns, fuckin screamin out, do you have to shoot machine guns. I hear he's he's a fuckin terror. And I am so interested in this fight. Come up with him and Tony Ferguson. I am so interested in that fight ethic, crazy fight. That fight is everything to me that fight idle No, how Dana? Why is doing these press conferences talking about match up Conner?
and could be like hey, hey. We about our hands are worthy man, because the bogeyman right now, big bear fuckin doing kicks onto ease and chicken wing chunk Debian Brock's as a build its own Jim S, Build Zone Jim. He does Eddie. Bravo, you talk to him about it as he does. It absolutely absurd, Jujitsu right he talks and throat anymore. We'll talk you through a rather he goes up there. He'll he'll get a house up there. Greenhouse or has a place in which what which would as but then he builds everything he builds the racks for the bags. He builds the fucking him. The rooms he does everything himself. He is a unique human being is here, and you want to talk about cardio. That guy is the freak of all free. Because he never even seems a little too are not at all, and keep common forward keeps coming forward, never seems even a little tired and every one he fights looks like they got. They got mauled by a leopard areas.
This is our fight against shit that he does Hey stands stuff in the break dancing, but is always doing this kind of shit like weird kind of exercising this to stand, and only honest, let us blow discs coyly analysis. Targets denounces is she does, but that's every Kind of training will know what to tell him. To do either. Now, He doesn't like guys you gonna camp with him, so so ok today, with our help like he just decides what we're gonna different carried different dude and Eddy told me that his cardio is fucking ridiculous, like they'll be doing these Hillsboro, and he'll. Do these hills? Parents with his other trade partners and he's lapping them, He runs all the way up and all the way down and then all the impasse is them as they're still up the first time he's a freak it s, interesting fight itself,
in great fight. That's why I don't understand why Dana is not like considering the fact that Tony Ferguson, when that fight? Why is he is he's implying that colleagues already ready got this one they're talking about? Lee versus Connor because look that's the money. Changing from what I hear could be more wont, load fight him. He said if I had four hundred He said there have been a failure. I think his dad said that is dead said. You know that you'll find carnival. Zuma might economy, fine Floyd, but I don't know if you can get a hundred million dollars in the Yossi. Do you think that flight definite Conor could be, It will be big, a is Dana saying from its biggest could be He bore Conor Floyd. That was a pretty big fighter. Floyd brings a different thing to the table. Right Floyd brings all the hard core by
I fancy and the fact that a whole arise again and he's the best box or well time I mean if you stop and think about the amount of time that guy's been hit over a period of fifty fights. It's insane his defence of skills and his ability to size up an opponent figure out what the guys doing then start to break them down systematically better she's. The best is the best he's like there's been guys that of incredible and they're they're like up in his level in all time, great fighters, but in terms of not getting hit outing anybody's been as good as Floyd now agree, so tat Connor go in their fight him, a guy has never had a professional boxing match, but it's fucking up everybody I remain always people think he has a chance and is always hide behind it. I was craziness and the fact that it was a sort of cross over five years. Had a lot of time ever Ria LAW basically only close on iran- and I was there, goes to the James tony- even train them for that
I was on a kind of life will be J. I guess I'm a real, that's right! That's right, yeah seems rainy. Ankle picked him up like silver or you are that fuck and animal and argue Randy GO to war. His prime fool right or eight now looked after any big. I've come up. What a great guy is. He is still us, run until now days, supersonic so calm when he got into the cage, is so crazy, like imo. Here like this, when the first guys ever like he's, gettin ready to fight they re announced We look so remains links and gives a big smile. My guy I'll, relax and shit. You say hi to people, he loved it love competing lobbying in their men and didn't even start fighting to lose a third yeah he's just wrestling, I was, I believe it s resale rights along too yeah, maybe maybe it's some kind of crazy when you think about his career to you, no light everywhere, Champ Heavyweight Champ.
Came back and in one beat docility that was crazy, drop Sylvia without right hand what the fuck! I was worried about him in that fight. I was like you think about like guys, like Chuck they'll knocking him out. What is TIM? Sylvia casually do he's a norm ass. You know until Sylvia back when there was no testing. Has himself if our Rico Rodrigo people forget TIM. Sylvia was not like this doughy guy back then you know like when it when you thought you, member that, finally, Font Rico yeah, that's scary, TIM Sylvia. He had a back like a fuckin, brick wall. He was she urged and he had cut weight to make to sixty five. I'm every ETA come back the scale of missed it, the first time that was back in the old days or Rigour Miguel. I've Ruslan might do?
the scenario ice Kosovo's, like ninety eight. Ninety nine are managed on a team was said. Her brother for new have see. I'm like this one. You know you'll see, wasn't as popular might get out here, a broader formulas. And was regard rigour that brother and I ran into one daily. I used today my sister back in a day or a little bit rigorously this is a bad modify. Area is one of the first real high level jujitsu guys and has little round jerseys around here you know: what's he doing these days is coaching much more Patterson Bonanza backbone display share our notion wrestling match. Yes or no yeah Rico's a beast man, and you know that I fought a giant chunk of his career with blown out Asia. I really have no Asia, he does agree. Have his niece rehab. His legs are built up as mosses. Strong, the out daily. I think they say. You're hamstring is like a big part of ITALY. Give you strengthen your hamstring, but most people can't do it. Like most people want,
ACL blown out like they they can't they can compete. Rico Rico could ask why, Supposedly Dose Andrews has blown out ACL really. Does he supposed the fire? That's what heard a need to talk to you find out that fact. My knees always been always been good there are many problems now I mean I've, had Elsie out terrorism, she'll tears, but surgery or anything romanesque surgery nothin. Now, while that's rare everybody's needs, are damn it was mostly arresting. Never were new paths, and my life is really one of that's. Why no no Campi but, like you know, Bisbee just get his knee compose relays. Thou scary, as a guy,
There is only forty, don't they last ten years I will try to stem cells first. I think. Maybe I don't know has a point that I don't know I mean they wanted to do. That's my mom. They want to get my mom near place him, but I sent her daughter, Panama and she's. Fine idea delude crazy. It took eight months. Really worried that wasn't working because, like I talk to her, you know afterwards- and I talked to her up to like six months. She wasn't feeling anything different and then she started feel better and then lie. Eight months later, the pain went away was gone as their name and then a centre back again and in the second round, she's doing. But here's what weird when I saw her love for Christmas. She look younger, really house like great neck. Do they just inject the stem cells in the near. Did they put him in Bosnia and they also did I ve and they do it for three days, so you just get bored down fill you up and then you walk
I wonder if that helps Lindsays a bit were, they say, has noted a brain barrier. Some, I I don't know the blood brain very near. Well, I mean it's: did they inject these stem cells intervene asleep, so you have sought to doktor reared near his problem. Build? Explain it, but may think anything that boost your immune system and an helps your overall body in the idea of doing it. Intravenous Lee is that your body knows where to you at your body, knows areas that are troubled swear they embody body. Has some strange in eight talents to no one knows we need now knows where the injuries are at how's, that working in those what's wrong with your brain has at work and Islam like with it yeah. What is it doing? Tracks guess at its attraction
the tax authorities of a death. I'm really excited about the future. That shit, because a thank you know I talked to Doktor Jeff Davidson from the ASEAN. He just got back from you. No doctor he's awesome eyes. Great he's gonna got me into stem cells in the first place. Is the want of my shoulder me to deduce Doc Ronnie Magee or denial I dont housing did derided gave way back I had stems from the first finds himself was in my groin yeah, but it's warm muscles are my sports earlier. I'd seem surgery. Osman, add our damn same. We a guy to scare doctrine
We re actually invented the surgery if you called a sports hernia matter. It's not a sports on its core muscle injury, but what is it has worked? I think they cut. My ten is my dies and also my adds column or completely often than resorting to gather what it was It was painful before one week super painful, maybe to a super painful, but out lily. Six weeks later us kicking a heavy real air is amazing, Edith leading physical therapy. The day you get out the next day, I'm a physical therapy. The non was bare. Like I had this. I pay how's the old. If I too, like to two years, it would come and God get flamed up. I could even call down error I couldn't get up, it was pretty bad the one time went to get Vonnegut checked out and get the MRI. I wanted a doctor by myself.
Drove to the city and came home? I didn't even things like a mad port. My car walked at a damn doctor and was liking I'll cover blocks in the city. Took me forever to walk and reciting. Stop any ask. I come home, I put my car and I call my wife, like you gotta help me get a car I can get in the car. I get a car walkin. I literally passed out. Walls was walking when she caught me had to crawl into my house her on the mile shit. I was like damp desert in those divesting I defy the best surge ever had Asia that it was the bad sought so painful, so payments pikes I but did eat this. I passed out on the road, but I was Rough Y, hear about a guy like you pass now on my boycott How to fund that everywhere? In my life tat, my life, that's the first time so they detached attendance ligaments. The attendance must return. Must be ten energetic, they cut the once yearly caught up by and then I guess it like. You have a connection
points. I buy a leg from what was wrong, though it was terrible. It was I play like if Poland itself We call on the other side of the in tears everywhere and so when they do that they censured again and then has its better six weeks later they did the next day I go there and I start doing like the foot foot exercises they put the bans on. Do all that stuff. I guess they just do strengthens up while that, but it's crazy six weeks later with there s not a lot of healing yes, these later on, he told you you begin six weeks later here. So how quickly? After that, could you have fought Chang Jonathan Chang that may I forgot surge in January for their May, the first I'm a swan came in here. He had a bag on his waste that was drain or he had a heart attack like Ba. He had both sides. I had one side of the house at what the fuck is that like it, he took him a long time to recover
do my aren't might downstairs as was all Jack Alpha rules are so fucking. You bet really are my well huge digital pictures. Of course, good right So when are you bothering to look like that again hockey player Sidney? Crosby number, I told you he recently got the surgery and a Odell Beckham, a popular NFL receiver just got this last week. RO a doctor in Philadelphia, so that actor Myers. Yet I should I went. Does everybody imagine one dude specializing? He wanted the guy's, not even like a surgeon. I think his car crazy work he's not a guy he's. A good is not surgeon for like orthopedic orthopedic doktor. He created this surge Rita but must be a sort of flooding pulled vision that sunrise said again athletic
Pooh ball gear disappear. Allergies in Austria. Has it Pooh Bout? Why do you say why don't we invented names invented? never arrived rifle ball, boggy toolbar. What does it mean? What is poor bogeymen right, disruption also knows growing to support yes, hernia or, but he told me that if not a sports are persistent growing pain during exercise when there's no evidence of clinically detectable hernia athletic Pooh Ball it's not true Harney, but is considered an over use, injury which the external oblique muscles and surrounding tendons and or traverse abdominal or in turn, Oblique muscles are worn down or partially torn, so this is promulgate. Conserve, retrieving consists of rest medications or physical therapy of conservative treatment. Fail. Surgical treated may be suggested as an alternative to procedure made performed using a la Paro, Scott Bake or open.
Anterior approach, polypropylene or polyester mess is suggested. Mesh is suggested to correct. Identified abnormality. However, there's no data from, my studies to confirm effectiveness of the surgery. Well, why rare stone? I have right, mother, EDGAR Wikipedia whoever that is you're getting nothing half of which way Some doctors figure something out here is counted too. I mean Vert, Lena bunch athletes, but there's a bunch of famous aptly said I wanted. I got It's crazy did no. That was a persistent injury and then always guy abbot. I never heard that before yeah I didn't know what was until happen again. That's probably one of those things are being too tough for your own good right, like destroyed and just kept Pleasantville. I almost have before I got that I gotta epidural and there was crazy, literally dig go through private by Michael jobs that way now g This meeting was like
six inches long I'm in the Doktor S office, I got my jogs practically out any plan. This thing in my window, and also puts the medicine Emily put the medicine in that's when it flared up on screen in fact, dig it out. Take it out, he's a hanger valley a couple months and then came back so epidural just cut numbs right yeah does I've had several my back heavier? I back surgeon was eighteen. Actually you did what kind to stick to me. Also little bit let's get a little bit of all this year, cut it out, but pretty good. It does work good, but there's ways around That was, our measure is Tina. Plashing has eighteen year old. I know I should get a lot of people that I had it in my neck and they were talking about me doing but Virginia Keen cured it
they were talking about doing it like I want to one doktor news, like you, probably gonna have to get the district that was eight years ago, but you're gonna go out was there was a twin now, maybe yeah yeah it east, it least, let's say at least five years ago six years ago. It is of no pain when that now you know nothing though the iron neck, I thought in love that someone scene, I see people using my gun around hearing was right. Dude, it's the shit, it's the shit! You put that thing. It is the single best thing I've ever used for developing neck muscles and for Jujitsu and wrestling it's fantastic too because is attached to a bunch of cord right. So the bunch accords the fifty pound cord and you put it halo want and then you pumping up like a Reebok pumping out. Hump Adamowicz gets tight your head and then you can. True the amount of resistance when you turn right cause us, it's actually got resistance. We turn so you pull back so your neck is holding this. Fifty pound court backed this way, and then you doing this
now he's I say someone out what I seen someone had that attached to, like you, know a gym equipment. Yeah their shattered by yeah. Well, the ideas, it's like your your neck is constantly resisting this. When do the trust that down pull your neck out or try to postulated triangles and like when you ever work out your neck in that way, and most people when they work out their negative put on them harnesses on which, as you know, does something, but a lot of doctors to tell you that that's not a normal action for your neck to be lifting. We swift and you can do some damage tiered at an off the right or wrong, but I know the iron neck. You don't have to doing that shit you, so you it's basically, just the muscles in your neck and you're, not making your neck hold weight at a weird angle. Mark this. Where is at home and justice straight your neck is always straight and it's turning it just the muscles are getting ash size and
everything it stronger. I know Cory's into it oriented he laughed at our own values, I was just wondering if it's good, if you don T, know if your neck is bad well, according to them, they ve had people that we were had neck injuries. They rehabilitated it with that strengthens all the areas. I say if this is just me talking, but if you have an area where you been injury and it keeps getting hurt if you strength and all that area around that it's not gonna be as mobile rights, you can have more control and its problem gonna protected more just manage nations, but I'm a big fan of that product. I love once, and that was a football player that figure that made a real yeah where's, the gentleman's named defray the guy who came in he gave a bunch of demonstrations and shit, but it's a great for football players as well and date in his idea was that it was also going to help prolong people's careers.
Prevent more concussions gives you not your neck. It you're not gonna, get your heads, Nablus, easy! You gonna be able to witness in much more impact. You know it's. They fought it's so interesting that all these p, for that are involved in athletic equipment. They figure. These things out like were woody. How do we strengthen a core better? How do we turn neck and we do this? How do we do Clearly, these people smarter than me out there. Will you can't be? U care be on top of everything. My job says. I M a galley MIKE Jolly that inside you so that the first voice swallowed a way. Mica explained the whole thing it's. It is a very impressive piece of equipment allow air I mean I tell you the reverse too. I got a guy s, great things, this shit, I wanna get about squire you.
Adults graver bells go. I don't have one, but we blew saw that were there, they wanted. They offered it to us. The west side barbell come down. Put it in here will that we get this because a lot of lower in your body with a load, your back. Yes without fucking, your backup yeah guys do were shadow boxing and share with them. Yes, you know, I really would release all really increase your ability to punch and to push office stuff. Use the it's like a wheel. I've got these action shrivel force now upon it. It makes it shit a wheel, it's like a wheel and wraps around, so you could do lives in the more the quicker you go up. The faster pulls you down. I think they had that too. Then they have It was I'd. Barville he's got all kinds of crazy shit down there, that Guy Louis Simmons he's genius psychopath? Why some stuff? He not he's not in having him go. Show me all the staff and like got. We did a pike ass with them.
A number of Estonia has frequently eyes plays yeah yeah sitten across from him at his desk. He told me that get a shoulder replaced and then the day go back the gym? They made a max out bench press. What fuck man They told me to do it, but let's talk and start a barrier authorities decision. They never get us a thank you can't right now, but mean everything's on data. Tell us this. Was it rob? Kearny was telling us this. He had his bicep replaced by September because by September blew out, and so he had his arm in a sling, and he way last like a week and get tired of unjust straighten his arm out popped it off. So he could lift against white hair, so both of his biceps others me and then I may, as that of my stupid, fuck, a paper bag
That's cool machine, yeah, vertical, there's, Louis yeah he's got a mean everything. What is that thing different other? What is that thing? Do more frightful bob learning a reassurance that gets a belt squat? I think Oh no, it's a good thing you hit. I think you have tat without on ok, so you put the belts water and then he hit that thing right, yeah! Well, those guys man that was, I barbell bunch of fuckin animals down. There is like the translate the world's strongest people right now. Not yet there was. There was a bunch of freaks like that to those in their work. Now, while we were there super strong human beings yeah again, I'm happy this people out there that are smart. Who could figure things out like Louis humans invent. That reverse hyper because they told him that he needed to get his disused bright eyes like oh, do I really will hire Tomer homer
figured out like the best way to decompress, lower back and strengthen that area its them seems gray. Sometimes I forgot wait till my back hurts to use it as my duty to two. I try to do it twice a week. I try to get in your twice. We can just to a few sets gonna make. It a more consistent because a strengthened your lower back in a real weird way, that's hard to reach any other where it is, and I like how it that gives an attraction to gas, though like yeah, it gives you traction, but it gives you like wouldn't or the call active traction right. So it's like d compressing act of decomposition. Yet awesome I love it. I love those teeter thing: to hang by your ankles, like your betters inverted until I got the inverted table, his great. We hang my ankles bring another one. Was the other one called the decks the decks? That's my favorite! We hang by your waste, just just from your wages. I thought I feel like when you hang by your ankles, it's great, but it's like the weight is going
from your ankles in your knees here by the time we get to your banging, how much compression its application of the n, but I think the decks really targets lore back amazing. I said if you let them, We lay down and they tat sat on and poles apart. You haven't done that one does the decks, the decks decompression, why a fuckin love that thinks you grab all those handles and then you let go and then you're use drop down and it's all the weight is like decompress back and then could do like that yegg do back extended more guy. I think that's what they call the egg. Do those onto you tell me you deaf to get to work on if you wanted to, but for me I use that after and on working hours to just a few like farm real consistent with that with that and the the inversion deck in reverse hyper. I came back out near yoga. I gotTA ice Toto therapists, get stretch silently once twice a week, and I do I
de facto, these therapy area as right. Now, when you might, we see like this different schools of thought when it comes to strengthen conditioning and the more radical stern school of thought was the marbre and of which sort of a school of thought, which you see Nick curse on does with whose doing with half a dozen doesn't allow guys were you concentrate almost entirely on strike the conditioning the ideas like you are not a fight. I do not a fight in the real thing they fucks with guys when their fighting is their conditioning and so they're. Putting these guys through these radical play a metric both of exercises and then just push in that comes first. That is more important than anything and that's when be was at its best. If you go back to like be Jamie, Lloyd Shirk be J when he fought Diego Sanchez, he was train with Marv yeah,
I think, on the opposite side of that conditions, up conditions never been issue for me. Maybe that's. Why have this take? I feel like. I want to feel good born dazles and most important days on the need to feel good? So I feel like sometimes you spend debate. Yourself, a friend edition you come to spar the next day in. I can have a day yeah. I could see both ways that let me ragged see both. I mean that I think there are by some guys that maybe that aren't art are frayed again self tired at you, gonna make em get there You're not gonna put themselves that much wonder spawn their share the attired, but you could push him. Is how, when you're not where to begin, Ports are wary about when anything less would think about. Where the condition you really push yourself up, hopefully get her as well a lot of trade conditions. We would have been a smaller put cool videos up and write. Some put the chains on and it is for the tyres will, keep it simple, gonna,
I heard someone say you want to leave aside the condition work, our feeling better, not worse, yeah yeah! That's that's like the poverty tat, Celine idea. You know that you you you'd know ever failure and those can things you just structure and a strengthened things right, yeah! It's it's interesting, because the sport is so new fairly new that there's all these different schools of thought about the right way to do it and you really dont know, and so why you're going to your camp, you gotta go by hope this guy's right there. You know why there's Duffy are right way in the wrong way, but that's all your way in my way, and they can both be right right, yeah, but I mean some guys like long, slow running sessions, some guys like hell, sprints, some guys, like mostly biometrics in organised, two bought a drills and rise like tat for strengthen conditioning and then this gas, like next year's, decides to try and ensure that this new
I am well it's like a much more detail about my last any listening. I was great and lump never non shape so, but he was just I'll just go, and we just just work out this guy on everything land outweigh ed way. I would have done so. What kind of stuff is you have done, different types of mortality. I guess you know he kind of switches rob I do the snorting to a lot of its breeding stock for your mobs and what not? I can remember the name of it is along with our pr stuff. I'm talking about. The AIDS lot of his breathing. Or and after and hold breath holes of indo alone. That stuff, and also like long commissioner, along conditioning for to warm up an end, pull down to breathing exercise as a very underrated like if you look like what Hickson grace used to be able to do the kind fire breathing air
If you can literally strengthen your lungs, there is, as do the nicety yoga with his name's yoga ray and though it was in his full name, whose leads era band. Forget the band term right now, God, damn it anyway, we always com yogurt, but he had amazing card and yet amazing cardio specifically because of his breathing exercises, I didn't do cardio he's is, did doing yoga and jujitsu, but as he can never get tired because he would do all these like radical breeding exercises. So his lungs were like a strong muscle lesson: that's what days skyways work diaphragm. So what are the can access as we do this different? Like him? I did he's really pay attention. I bought opposition. The stuff we cause, I'm back is bad. I try to stay away from dead. Listening now Siberia describe, and I will do all that stuff really air because of making surely a better time
Let us technique in O. Keeley says: if you want to see your adds New Hampshire, we feel your adds new Hampshire eggs and all you work out your back Polly Safe, so easily. Who is touching me, make sure our mission is a firearm issues firing on so www, abso tiring. Our hope like them do not abandon, or some will put like a town and with my back and like I'm trying to pull it out, may show you keep. It pressed, pressed on the floor We can pull it out. That's protecting your back, so he's just like really cautious and knows a lot about exercise his yeah yeah, and so you got him use a couple days. We, today's weaker doing, Eli crowd, therapy or ice bats I know I've done crowd therapy a couple times so somewhere super close to me. I think I want to do it. You gotta be do it almost at least three times a week once a week, not enough really the benefits of
It's it's fuckin, fucking awesome tell you that I love doing it out, just anybody that if you can get into one of those things, do it do it whenever you Candia above fairly ice really good to eyes bent by ten years ago and my dick hurtful have our have that younger? That's hilarious! What about sauna Yeah, I did a sort of love this on one of my ass. My wife has like a little Tp Sonorously, a red light. One you can go in your heads takes out there He lay down if thou bad. It's my hot enough. I feel, like I've gotta, be motion today to the red Light one as opposed to the heat one to me. I think sulphur free really get the benefits. I think so too I mean I don't know about infrared sonic than a really not but Laird Hamilton was saying that he had some skin issues that he got from infrared, but he doesn't wacky shit. Man like that guy puts an air sought by inside of a sauna and then put of inmates on and
Did you hardly any sprinting environment? Jesus? It's not as a Greek is a real, I think we have the russian russian buying economy, but I am now in Jersey. They have liked. His two hundred agree saw niner, raising two hundred degrees feels like ITALY's. And then they let you index yeah? I did at one time- and I was so my russian body, so they were talking over me and everything like I would give them the treatment and you go in the cold right after they do because that's what they do rather jump in the water hole water. There called out idea: did I d like day two more value of who should be in your sees, not sell. Dana get this guy to more n. He Warwick loss is a thirty five hour. These tough man is that it was the vessel F guy,
very good, only as one loss any revenges loss, but he didn't train with us for a long time were world series of funny is what professional fighting the area failure. Rory is now huh yeah Mcdonald, when over that yeah, that's interest is actually get it come on here with Eve Edwards talk about. It that should be fine days, he was about alright. It was about or lost his title or is he's. We lost a fight to guard we saucy and. And lost to night, but he had done a slimmer, Biederman Rematch losses title their beat lemme. He had some good fight over there. You know, but I think he just got a big offer from the p avail they're looking for a big name that given away a lot of fuckin money on how they could do that
or write a million dollars for people. When I give you we hadn't ornamented, like seven people, one last stand in how they do a lot of money. Scam heart bind, it isn't: eddies investor Kevin, hardens, yeah, pretty sure Kevin aren't invests in everything. A guy's he's such a genius in terms like hey is it. He is. I don't know how he sleeps and know what, where it will you sleep dough either? I my hard work is an illusion. No man you but you're like here into so many things you know now. I feel I damn time for shit. I do a lot of stuff, but it's not hard like this is not hard. Is fun like stand up, not hard Harvey suck its Harvey bombing. The target was evidently regulation or no some preparation, but its not working in a falcons and mine near wall. It's not it's not that it's our real
hard work as far as hard as in like laboring, but still time consuming it's time consuming, but it's fun did. The hard part is like the discipline. Things like, forcing yourself to right, that's hard, forcing himself to go the gym. That's that's! The discipline in most things in life is hard once you they're doing it. It's mostly fun near people kind of exaggerate the difficulty of a lot of things I just you know your Europe in the Bow Hunt in your head. Like them, I want to get up I'll. Have any hobbies find Jamila he'll, take data Kory, Kory categories. Lord ass well go to her dark eyes. Constantly hunting Sarkozy gets up works out because the hunters back x. Out again when he came here. He brought his bow we showed around more. We have that machine. Does that Techno hunt. Did I
yeah. Well, that's wasn't wrap this up to thirty. Listen thanks. Thanks come down and you know how to find you on Instagram and Twitter Frankie you're everything champ on a tramp and check it out. I guess, and when do you think you'll be back again and the ideas I think, early, Sir Late Spring early summer, ochre aren't a five hour brother ledge, they also Frankie regulation German, but I thank you friend, for to innovation- and thank you to our sponsors, thank you to legal, zoom, gotta legal. Dotcom today and enter the promo code Rogan in the box at check out for a special savings? That's legal zoom dot com use a promo code, Rogan Legal Zoom, where life meets legal, thank you also to policy genius. So if your science,
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