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JRE MMA Show #93 with Alexander Volkanovski

2020-03-11 | 🔗
Joe sits down with UFC Featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski.
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and enjoy my guest. Today is one of the bad motherfuckers on earth. He is the! U S see. We champion of the world and his name- is Alexander Vulcan, ASCII Logan, experience to preserve poyser a good sucker up about closer yeah. This from your face is good to see whether what's happening for much might not, for monsters has settled in that year, the chance year, zero feel real or Yeats is settled in our main. Look at its, we did had explained look on on the top a person in Austria somehow, my daddy on the regular block that revenue me ten years ago, but at the same time we see you go in the media obligations and everything needs to be done. So it's you know what is different? You gonna get recognized to be more straight, but was it like an Australian? Now the people get excited to see
yeah, yeah, Australia, nervously as well informed, so that, in the supports a big This is where I am likely luck. You know every time I thought literally out there in our city stops, and I just thought it was a city I wouldn't go there. Again. Woollen gone woollen gong they're gone, where do we all have the guts to South Sidney? Ok close! So you gotta sitting when you when you're crazy, yeah yeah have no really aren't gonna. Do too much party in and that, except for a couple of days ago and move in Vegas Vegas got me got me good. Did he get? after his? U one got me before and after
there is only normal rule struggle straight that every good. Well, we'll get you some water. We got watering idea of electric lights, we got some can bring in some of those liquid. I bees bridges, bring the whole box within their ok and a cry. These great retarded good drill, you're right, it's it! He hydrates you twice as fast as river water, actually taste, good salt intellectual. I talk. Shit, because they, Sir Coffee chairman, copy of Hamilton, Super food, coffee related to these law? I'm addicted the coffee, but I'm addicted these four. Our I reject the rat reported in battle is all boy. You- and I were going to do that. I guess so. You know I mean there's becoming the chaplain and is becoming the champ. The way you did, the others you be the can. Answers greatest featherweight of all time in his prime, you know, yeah, that's a big deal. My four executive units issued in a huge for me. Obviously, Albania,
The dog is well enough. Been in my last ray fortune in love, sort of proven. The data is wrong it on again and then obviously again debating locker did as well to unite outfoxing in striking and stuff like that, again is a great shape enough about respecting but America. They run and do it like that. You know someone very very proud of you should do. You should be proud of your whole run man, and you haven't been the UFC that long. It was I mean how many years you been in there now. Let's do I think it's torn, it all to a three ok a philosopher year, but if he feels like well the Chad Mendous, why doesn't it was our really penitentiary? That's where you there's one quick. Does he wore possibly shit? Will before that? I wasn't even ranked raw and that's why I wanted that fallen on often goes right. Tenth, maybe sort said, that's why I wanted that fought. A new. I if I took him on that'll, get me straight to the fifth rank
and then that's why I wanted to call out in a elbow after that goes on new. That are put me in a position where it could mean a flock of sheep for then ranks as always said. What is on honoured city kickboxing. You need to tell the man the oil that is a lesson I think a lot of people Darwinism actually based in one I'm gonna get right here, but I go they for my camp right I'll, go there a lot in management and want to New Zealand, or do you guys have one in our? you're, not gonna, get New Zealand say if our farmers of Light bet two hours don't have ass yet, but I made you decide to make that Europe will outline the guys for a long time in a Eugene Easy, even end, bedridden bread, Widows- actually, when I was in Thailand, and told him what I d been trying it out there and he was struck striking coach for, while cells working within a fair bit and you know that's when they bring Eugene and Israel and that's what started looking to get to know them and stuff like that in just ever since then, with
we voice, you know, sort of long and now we're just gonna, whereupon it upon its. I mean Jello as my head coach, but we go there in a cynical, oxen and tremble. The boys are ever camp. Who will go there? You know, go there in a couple times each camps, dialogue to three weeks, get back to the family and train and then go back there again for the last couple of weeks, and then I had to them of what usually and working train when you're home. I try to freestyle funds so that, locally, wherein they were first. My first day every Jim was at that Jim says Stu. I am today, that's awesome. What made you need to make a shift, though, does need a higher level of competition to train with warrior. That's always gonna be a big part. In our view, it's not massive right. Where I am you know me, we're got some some people, but it is just in a wood was standing at a time and that now, but that competitive sort of training policies is a big deal, and much has always just always been from labour. We are training with so many different levels of Vienna stalls
everything you know them red coats, raincoats, not worried about you, go into another camp and training as a great coat exactly I say in it works. You know, look at no surprise, comfort on cause of saint, so many different body tops so many styles of myself in that position. Every time look in on a may. Look every every fuckin, by dawn as many different What is this I can hear just so you know: there's no surprises. Comfort on xenophobia. Wasn't a fine! no way. So what? When did you start training? What you're just start? I started. I've been told us about their nodding he is nine years, so are actually started Emma my training as just a kid to keep it follows but Blake so also in others those two hundred and forty pounds so that something better you're, obviously when we, when you went on foreign- and you say two hundred forty and analysed
Now get your language. You guys have that australian language gangs different voting for exactly that. It's up to forty four cents, stills ridiculous motorway hundred percent in how they fought for six on a good day, minor Gimme, a good stretcher. Do some yoga sessions, Mama fight five six, but in automated chest, Elsa in all up again, I wanted to stay fit in between yeah in between a like sort of the season season. So that's why I went and started and just loved it ever since that was about again nine years ago. So and how would you know we ve grown guy? They say besides you Christ. You thirty ones that head. So you were you earlier, only twenties No martial arts turning around before there wrestled Sarasota before even done Rugby League arrested for about probably ye if members, as you know on sales, are done for Betty- and you know I done pretty good
It was something that also actually pretty good at that, and I want to play football. My mates and I've got over with the toilets wrestling and stuff like that. So I was just something that airline display food myself, I gave it up and I was actually pretty good at it. So we wonder when the national locking up oversees wrestlings, not as big in Australia as it is over here, but It was the one look strange him ship twice and stuff like that bananas gave it up and scientists and so that's crazy, so you won the australian National twice. Yes! Well, yet so a year that have maybe you know I've been training for a year. You don't do it for you Honestly, I remember we used to have a gained. Not recall is at a pc was placed boys club. It's just a local club. Usually, though, have a game knights and they had wrestling there, and I just went they one time in Vienna. The China was just luckily should come in and do triangles as do all right, so I just started, and then I was actually pretty good again, almost always
A guy are literally, you know, come at the the mother's womb, libation Mademoiselle de Albania's deed, Albania's big. Oh, you know decidedly look this outlook for since our to ourselves, as always verse and guys to our society and economy tells older much older as well and how to do well. So that's why little people we have photos mad. You know when I gave that up, because I was doing so good and then the sign was about to lay down the pipe and paper photos mad, giving that up as well, because most pretty good at as well. So what made you decide to make a switch to Emma may professionally? Just Lasher football, Rugby League, I've, we're gonna, be one that come in. I got player them. So a score of forty made a dry sacred. Imagine that guy run of forty metres. Yes, I was just you know just give a good year initially in a couple of flights as well that you so I was training it Mme and having couple of flight swallows planes. Rugby league
a real, yes said that arose during the season. So during the season around fights the s the game- and you know if I may apply so that pretty full on and the workers will concrete and reason yeah Jesus Christ, s pretty pretty full on. So a lot more happen on you know, and I guess I get some my fitness today as well. You don't mean of just always been a bit of a gamer monodist, as some have always done, but maybe from back in there as is well well. I would imagine that just the sheer tonight, in cardio that you would get from rugby. Rugby is a tough fucking sport. I mean that's what I think American should play, I really do I look at american football. My came out of it what's up with the shoulder pads Not honestly, I think it's safer. I think rugby safer to get safe. It's obviously a very rough com that's board Lotto amidst kind of a cop, it's kind of eighteen combat sport almost, but you were at least not on
the illusion that you're protected, like american football players, have been for so long with the helmets and pads and that's what's causing a lot of the brain. Gave them hard helmets and yet we may say Lyman into each other. You know it's a de, I guess I can see what you signed there as well, but you know then again, and you look the Euro zone in that at no no home as well. But I get sign. I actually think her. You know I think you're out of the gate and only it will. I think they live considered this, but people are so accustomed to football helmets for while pads, so the ideas just make better helmets and better pads, but according to the guys, really studied traumatic, brain injury. This I'm really gonna help because it's the impact of the head, the brain swashing around inside your skull that are just so that the amount of mass that you have, these guys colliding into each other s almost unavoidable
the cycle that actually, when you talk him boxing and that as well in the lonely mood you now to see whether the smaller gloves right, but in the boxes that they have more patting, but it's just so many more structure the head the day in day out and they reckoned that's actually can do actually worst year. I imagine is and then also there's nothing else. You can you re not allowed to clench media outlets, they separate shoe unawares and Emma. If you get rocked, he could at least protect yourself, and if it goes to the ground, you could hang on. You could try to submit someone. You try to wrestle with them. There's not a lot of options and boxing. In addition, it. So what so you you did wound rugby and you had a couple of fights while your plane robe well as it was just a one on one aspect of it like what made you decide to focus in time we may always love martial arts you're always love it, and I love the fact that you know you you're in there by yourself. You know I've always been a hydrolock work is so you can play the best game of your life in USA, rugby leg in stool,
is where you could do everything lot in May, a thousand meters, whatever someone else Fox will yet again united out. I want to put it at Yale exactly the sort of even even it could be. Vice versa. Could play bag hamburger win, but I love in the fact that our I'm such a hardware and you know moist one thousand Jimmy, I'm so dedicated sport that so far losing that cage. That's on me, you're not remain an and another another factor in. If I'm half arsenic, you know in the Jim, you gonna see that come for time and again not blame myself. So you know that's I've always loved that an again up just always love Marshall, adding a boxing you have say even before I even started in a training, Mme our luck and listen to music and out,
in his picture myself, when in the wheel taught a letter, you really are yea, I'm always allow your train. I wasn't even trying- and you know I've always loved- actually started watching a back when I think, because we we had a boxer, unique it that the chips and you can watch whatever channel you want in the paper view positions that have been so tight that he was on, and I remember watching chocolate their analysis, Tito Ortiz, and can shamrock. There was the first time the first flight, so the first time ever started watching, like you have seen, and that's what I just absolutist that eleven at some voiced in a watch, the mother in a pitcher myself been in there, and then it was an internal don. Well, Australians are tough as Falk. It's like tough fuckin place, there's something their men. You don't I mean, there's a lot of domain, sure there's some pussies over there to add their men. You don't owe me like this. Like one of the ways of people look at Australia, it's like it makes sense. Yet great combat sport. Athletes will come out of
try the executor such risen, colony, which I will now I mean this really what you start right. You know, especially you know what you're saying you know these may banner Look unlock this inside China. Since a young age, archaeology, see you gonna, let the toppled the bragged that you're not getting the faults and what sort of stuff, but when I was younger that that would happen. I saw boys they known to fight and being able to flat topped the thing, a voice to the assorted, defend myself, never been one started, but those times rather finish it. But you know it's just always something that I guess I've had in me. So oh, I mean Australia. He dies of John Wayne PAR Jeff Vantage Eve. If yes, ransom, great combat sports athletes Caruana, that's, You have say so big in in a strategy. So I've always had, as your sign, very talented guys you never got. A lot of very good athletes have either but thou always in your rugby legs, and I feel
or whatever it is now. You have sees minimize gettin so big that your Wigan these athletes partner in training, mammalian yearning to see. Clearly the more we can get a lot Blamore champions from out for marriage? Not I'm sure have you ever train, which only in part I haven't made him amendments you have saved and if it s a little over a meeting to be honest, is actually gonna get a hip replacement. His himself, I fucked up from all zero kickboxing in his last fight, he retired in his last fight, which is a boxing match GM mundane, so that was a blow out of it in a Monday can actually boxing. The world again gonna find these is achieved a lot german parts of violent savage noise. Straight up savage? I mean that guy's mean he's been fighting more dies, since he was a teenager year spent a long time in Thailand. I think of what I am. Actually this was a long time ago were my cousin was a kick boxer and I went and watched him like this is a very young, awhile and him impression
for my part, that was Anita, actually hit him up. Anita heat up my cousin risen was a joke. Parliament of intellectual member watching and connect and John. When and if you'd like, here? What do I owe you appreciate the sweet for so yet again, like a vote, who has been a fan of into luck, but that when I got a little bit out of you know that, but you again like it's there, have always been fascinated about or combat spoke, so you decide to make the leap. Was it rugby season was over and you, like, you know what I'm done without while I was born again my last year, I had a couple of flights and how many fights it you have to do to flights, and that was enough, I think, sir, you I'm pretty competitive top a guy and the fact that in I wasn't at the highest level and rugby league. Yet you NOS twenty two and you know what that that age, you usually you know you're not in enough, not in our role as that that the ice it can on then our robotic twenty to you pretty much Yankee Mean LUX orders:
your mother. That's how I was an arm again on competitive cells are caught and I'm gonna make up. Even those of us pretty good. You made a lot of websites and stuff like that, but I was just not enough. I want to take this on our economic growth. Hawaiian and again, look outwards, you must have been a well thought out. My recent I've been told people up before even started that you have seen champion one time and they both again, we even get No I'm sure a lot of people say that, but I say not only to have said yeah executive. It's actually guy there. Do, though it's it's pretty, it's pretty cool it pretty amazing, because maybe even having conversations we block friends and watching you have say again, it wasn't even train it, and I am saying a word ascended, cocky too. To be honest, the way it will come about. Look I gotta. Do it? Can I can do how many fights, if you hurt all twenty one, twenty and twenty one, twenty one and twenty one
When you want to link, when did you have you? First, loss that was my third fight or fall flat. Also right have decided to go pro rata decided to make that your life and I was actually cause. I had two amateur floats on the web of when I started but the amateur vital. When you rugby side for amateur, as and when Prossa I didn't have that that was against at the time your Corey Nelson is named. Lucy had, of course, no son now, but he was in it. He was a path Annabelle won over seals that well to write this wasn't. You knows very early, my career and I should not have took their following a tournament and he had inversely. The favourite straight up and again as in a division of published, would never Beynon, but I
I took a modern you're, not gonna her mind that Vienna things and go over that was, you know we always talk about that. Really things really ask you know it's. They went on a better for me after that, because there are realised that he was too strong. So I thought I thought I have to go in a down or have to start grappling as well says were actually started grappling after that my coach was like art. You go control. Bit too much analysis due to Jitsu for the next free for months or whatever. It is just right. So how did you do to come and you know what you say again: oh that's, gonna start a daughter, Swoboda amended doormat, jujitsu com and calls on the podium end up in the Gulf cells on the first part him there on the second and third not all of them out of the days of the Gaza on so familiar, now? They are full of fear the weight, and I really do look at these, even though they still terrorism, because I'm still short my division, but look at them and they look in on the use of forty plays big front row was right, props and informing middle white, nor these different divisions in a look at these. You know featherweight on this report.
They can better. What I'm used to that does make sense, though I mean you fighting at one. Seventy is. Seventy is crazy minutes. Twenty five pounds heavier than what you're fighting at now and those at pro and again flattened the top guy Savona Anton Sophia before that, and he was a USC fathers or in a worldwide. So what did you do to draw the way Dunham. Would you walk around now Walker and on behaviour after Africa's oversee birds, a hand Stifler that better we brought his hand the maximum? Yes, I did Deerbrook, then the next flatten which round not to remember feeling and frowned and below that hurt a thinker from watching back the type. I wonder what's back and see where we notice that unnoticed in the fifth round, that's where I think it happened. Can you not see me you obviously, on the offence of early, my left hand and stubborn. That obviously becomes at me as well. In the heat of the moment of fraud in I, so that, but are you think goes into early in the day for him, I think so. You were
walking around that now, yeah that seventy eight kilograms that's over one. Seventy so were what's at one, seventy somethin, I guess I'd better That's area no use em, usually around. Maybe a couple kilos lesson that usually, but so it comes off a whole lot of unwanted. Sixty five wish is that by the egg took holidays, and when we should celebrate, one time in your whole life. You get to be champ for the first time, the exactly right exactly what is your time, but and I didn't have the broken hand. You know what I want to try them on the topic champion in Bonn. Proof on the professional sir I'll do what I can also do not as many things according to strict conditions, boon them. Legs began we'll just throw in a shitload left talks and job. So you have a good. Their left took an jabba come next. Fights are now go to work, a lot on that and will have great now when you decided to diet down you
you are even heavier than you are now. What did you do to get your way down from two fourteen who manage one way we can make featherwit its oversee dieting, he's just absolute Kay Even now lie hidden when I tried so hard if you're, not darting, brilliant, the white won't come off so That's how but United adding early again, you know I study much not another, but I know now you know I haven't dietician than that. No, I never do that. So I just literally eight next to nothing like and are trying to look at all. This plan, but Blake You know I was in a fire in training and in concrete and- and you know when at one ask and close the flights laden next to nothing, and at Yale Lucky just when I say not sick lot. Yea Humdrum sent UNICEF infections all the time and all that look it's it's your crucial attire, who decides to it all and were now? Is absolute game changes, so I just did per annum. Lost my white that way, so I used to be a little bit in a bigger, obviously from eating lunch as well in our EU illusory.
So you lose any problems and strengthen everything that obviously loses health day exactly right, so it probably makes me air makes one forty while the bid easy now, but I don't have it as muscle, as I did but again it, wasn't healthy and put me in the again I'd miss out far from bad stuff infections and our say, and in old, oh you're, gonna, Jesus, she's, crying Ursus gives shit out there, the US that's terrifying, battleship it. How did it get you and therefore, what sets out what we The hospital for there was all year was in the hospital for said, but then they just had a nurse. I come to you ass if morning and not give you everything, and so is a pretty flower, and then obviously is no doubt that when I got more got say, a lot is after the result of what we were out, we'll cellulite us is a form of staff year. Yep so got in my leg, so it was also. I don't answer those crazy luck. We do is talk about how you know anime asap, roller coaster ride unanimous, seventy highs and lows, and that's a perfect example.
However, to Brazil and then pay in one of the greatest for the rights of all time and then, get put in hospital and also flock awake. You know it. S now was that was in Chile. Cells on my home, when I just absolutely rocked me now struggling, has really strong. There really was, in LA forty plus degree, temperatures and and Celsius. Yes, yes, yes, creator and, translate that we are just one why the fuck? Don't we just thrust The world is on the cellular system there really, I guess I'll, try to get denials like even wherein the closer in a dress and up for it is forty celsius. What is that in what I guess I must say one or for sunsets. I wonder why one wanted, because never make a canadian friends say almost forty degrees out like what the fuck does that mean, has called a share, but it really allow myself
kilos keep between kilos and Celsius? I have no idea what I'm target at loggerheads on China, Cuba That is obviously a light blamore. I now I say one forty five and I let my one forty five champion a rise on the two following what I'm talking about that, but again mosaics anyone gets that. I think would just make their idea. Therefore, it's funny you know, I always go on your soul. Maybe there's always like these things. They just wrong we lack certain things are gonna. Whenever I posted IRAN, which, on salmon cylinder and, like I just thought like painter like that like enables into each other but there was one that
The same is I got all that he was tortured forums like they just sort of China quietly and their local and just keeps growing and growing and growing. So you say to forty: I can't stinguished between two forty into fourteen that access yet to fourteen fanatics and though the Australians straight up who acts us trillion in New Zealand, there's about vertical accents, some some access, just ridiculous Skype, but you guys go acts regime I get New Zealand adult place to be too man. I want to go visit there, just a beauty of it. All men, green men, up thy love that tub suffer more about the landscape, and all at top stuff, but I'm never actually in. Everytime, I mean than New Zealand Almond in Oakland in the city they just trying to actually get to go, see the place I did for the last event with the boys are falling in Oakland Zodiac your partner, if I get themselves, if I was you, those unreal want to fight those good could fought for short
and also exhausting the way I was at a weighting. The was before so near. The novel all that was five hours nor sought to drive five as members in a straight line that look at the. U have seizing the morning, so I took it block three in the morning three thirty in the morning, an ant and rivalled. Why data? What's the flotsam? While I was there for the winning over to say a bit more? You now go and fish luckily Stifler level, shroud fishing in New Zealand, yes on wednesdays the best the world yea and some beautiful spots up they so go good drivers so the good drive and where it is in New Zealand, when it's really good is during mice season. My city. Yes, let it for this, so something happens where there's more seeds in when there's more see, there's more mice and when there's more mice the mice get into the water. And when the mice get into the war, the trout eat the mice, and so they can, these enormous trout that have just dozens of mice in their bellies gas, Might may you know that all these sort of luck
we share a man and a lot of so much worse as good does, but in all of this is actually the first shot out J, Scott Zoos, listen to the jail got outdoors podcast we're talking tutor hunting and fishing podcast where they were talking about you're talking to a guy who's, a guide in New Zealand. I'll, ok, we're talking about you know a Gwen when's the best time to go over there. Did you ever enormous brown trout over New Zealand? Never done trafficking of download efficient. Never! Never done luck! There! Freshwater fish as fun, they do fly fishing just a little more skilful. Ok, I knew that one would want. Given that, given the afforded fish, I lost my how efficient when then we will try to king is a matter. I would again like when you think Salmon year, like that you got to relate in la pull up now and I'll. Take it
yeah yeah yeah. I was useless at that, not one on the political watertight. Oh I just couldn't do what I can get a ride know what it was, but a fork of fish, but maybe little near small fish that are more with, but the big fish Anita Network and that, while its skill like anything else and fishing, is it's, the guys are really good out of their consistently good out. It's not it's not an accident. I do a lot more speaking to you. Yes, that looks fund there. That's a again, as you know, are under borders. Just, however, will be on a main soda, its unreal release, and not all of it. So I go with a mighty fiscal species. Men and in any event, need, I very does that say, takes me too pretty crazy places like in the middle of ocean just with his boy. You know, luckier, we used to call it. He just as you know a chain and the sucker in a floating boy. We call them and they just animal, go they fish off then, like I follow
dolphin fission stuff like that? You literally just see a China goes down to introduce, disappears pretty scary when you you're not even yet there sometimes you're on your way in USA shock on the way over there and then you gotta champion, and you love Clara, yeah out front that we're hunters they got in this sphere fishing. They say it's basically like hunting. Hunting underwater you know you're there and bent also the element of holding a brassiere exactly so there's an athletic element to it in the Fuckin predators, underwater, though their way scarier predators on land cause. You can get way was not here. I am thinking. Do not. Our world analysis is a at some Rosa I get to watch him like a man might Jack London. Louisiana dreams were sorry, to go down there more taken notice before forever, like five minutes will be down, they look sometimes when its murky, who go down here, just disappear, and thus that get nervous. Honourable now feel about myself. You know domain, and then you just you here,
should see you here that made like oh yeah go and then you just come up unlock, whereas announcing come up one hundred metres away and stuff like that body, United, It's our role as a really is something that I think you should see how I haven't done anything you didn't hear my friend Burgess got back without Valentine Thomas on the package before she does it. Basically, professional, ok, she's she's, always spear fishing in her whole in Syria, pauper interim. Her instagram is all like her Beer for she was a lawyer was trying to be a lawyer in Montreal occasions. I what the fuck am I doing on this so now against or families wishes. She says there is I can do no less cool but yeah her. This is how they get all of her Instagram Zol dedicated to her catching wild fish o far out and she's. How she Spirit did
start the Fuckin Spirit, when did you get that God Damn does include that of sorting our moral and that's a Marlon Rollin there now had. Even how does that leave them? We heard you don't mean what is it pull their fault? trade and then just lock you. How are you big, unto the boat or sunlight, eminence serious line on that thing? How do I get closer? I caught one Marlon once it was a small Marlon and it was like seventy pounds and it was so hard. Poland was gonna fuck. Stores with my my oldest daughter, and she was ass issues, twelve or the time or thirteen, and she was vegetarian. She loves animals and Michael it's cool catch. Fish. It'd be great. You know, you'll, you catch efficiently, eat it, and could she had like start eating a little bit of me. Yet I take her. We catch amount five minutes into the trip they put on board
beat it to death. The club or in front of a big rang like ours. I have a dog right now, beatenest thing with clubs who see the look poor phases or who have worked on back to it, didn't die quick either it kept making no flop around every now and then it would like come back to life little bit flop rounds you get back to now vegetarians. Let me shoot me: it was a bit romantic. The echoed emitted likely there, but I love fishermen, which is one of my favorite things to do it, but I get into the Adobe hunting and instead myself say I've watched their made it out. What's yeah yeah autopsy, let's go hunting Australia here yesterday, as a group want China to my friend, Adam Greenery, yet yet submitted his gun after they came from Australia or our well: ok, asiatic, water, Buffalo and dangerous
mother, Fucker Associated Vague far out, never never never done not that tub in the vain run up there. He'll take you don't go head offers: don't do it and drag me out, there's another, but also those in exactly as those in crocodiles. They drank water, that they filtered out. It's still, tasted like Buffalo piss. Yes, the buffaloes business water, how you do just filter it fuck, you reflection is finally radioset Alex. I wanna you now get to that. A kangaroo hat, was also there came, there was I have a guy tease, her hat so rightly where, despite some say so now, I should come from look they get along that's all right and if I were it, didn't live in North America, Ostro World live yeah yeah, I love it. There go there. Very much. Does the fuckin flights to our?
like that. So I always looks so I was so we were out can actually get year. They even had a crocodile adults- it's not like that, but I wanted actually get. You were a knife custom made when we lacking, I was gonna get like. Maybe Crocodile Skinner budged time Thank you next. I next. I thank you very much for that that always working programme oh, she always is actually was a video luger. This may mark You mean tree is probably in Australia there, the Everglades, I don't know what I mean I could now. Those are crocodiles brow. That's not alligators! If you like, that their snouts there their long and thin crocodiles, have a long thin ass. Now, whereas alligators have like a blunt snout could be wrong, but I don't think I am island.
Yeah, those crocodiles in the fact where you could be gone past little little Pando, not even just a little pet puddle and you'll be a big crooks lane in it and stuff like that. This is so ridiculous that so ridiculous area, my dear I go for about so many at so many minutes insane that doesn't even make sense I don't know where that is. Maybe that's Africa, but if it's Australia, fuck you, I M grateful and has already got. I think I could do that to be a big knew, the snake. When I was younger, I used to be a pretty well I did all they look I'll do anything. You know, I'm not one gimme honour, snowboard or try back slip off a cliff cliff dumping in all I'll do at all levels are silly, but now that we can afford to get injured or having kids have you, kids that are really really does offer you off to some of that sort of stuff. So now we wait to scale up. There will own only you shouldn't we need. You know
you're very important. So your position now where you are the? U S champion? What is next? Is it a rematch with MAX following locally right now? I don't really have anything Latinos here think they'll when for clearances and stuff like that, but a hand clear now. Yes, yes, are there many months ago was a fight now comes and also December fifteenth, sir you're, here few months, so it's a. I just had lock my first like a wrestling sessions and an grappling session they held up. Well, so are you not told I'm on my dog that- and you know, he's executor there more than happy folder. The June of seed is approved cod in June and yet so that something that give a pin in there. I got a couple of workers there, so I got a couple of screws enable an bit of ligament damages worried, I felt before the final or during the fight. But you know again I'm back into training and then take me long ago. Fit not try to do again on professional, try to keep China but Nothin's locked in nothing of the kind. We have any really had that conversation yet, but all you know
six point, two million a perfect and even a MAC, Spain, the re match in all that's what they know what keeps bringing up, but we haven't had a conversation. I think I have for the division and four may I think that the previous though the biggest It's about five yeah! You got a a big, bring there's nothing else that makes sense, rising as you know, an airline Ortega is gonna fight. Koreans omby and what the fuck happened. We can we MAC J Park. I just missed that, so I owe anew that that could have happened because- when, when a year ago, on be done. The coming. If you look where were they had the translator? We will that sort happen. Owes luck watching. It saw on you What have any and said that said that he was gonna slapping Marquis actually said this. He was going on a slap you when I say or something like that. I was the same because J Part was translating for four Koreans zombie. And supposedly he said things that you know you sold it. It will tighten, will take it and lock it so he said he was going to, but did he
Things were door, he trembled nice blessings as well or people signed by think in a heap insurance. I fully, and then he just sort of had his opinion as well, but maybe so thank you, J Path model just said that he was dark and darkened zombie. When you got injured, you know them into flood and other happen, so think he said that himself as in I don't know, Also. Why those I wasn't whales, backstage Weaver with easy. You know! So: go out there, and then you know what the boys in the mule hell up and do that thing and then I went back and then it just happened. So it was Joe Momma Crouch end up telling me he's not going fine. Just then he didn't really know who was but and then I got all by workable people need our muckle. All men are battles that that J Park already knows it can do that. Nan! Can't smart he's a tiny little guy you, you can't smart.
Even if you want to I mean we want to point out, I'm gettin his face, make nervous that's fine eggs at your goddamn professional killer, the eggs, and I mean Brown or take as a killer Tempi smack in some guys or wrapper. Yes it all. I will. If you wanted to get that fought again. I think it worth causes almost had not fighting carry anyway. Wasn't he wasn't it scheduled? I dont know if that was on another because it was scheduled and then it didn't happen or take is gone through. A series of pre, significant injuries keep happening to hurt her him and is a bit as well- and I don't know if that's happened- sought another them all of that. That is what I heard. That's right. You're right it was zalm. Calvin cater Jeremy Stevens ends a beat in Ortega. Take a that. I heard, but. After chance on junk, knocked out Frankie EDGAR, who knows maybe they would make that fight now, but I'm gonna reward people for smack and people.
Maybe we shouldn't make a fight just because he smack J Park inherent. So that's again up when you talk about the division. In luck it what's next familiar. All's follows injured, thought this, so many people that are probably one far away from a talking shop, Lady Norman. You got your u or the bit in our trains zombie in a year I think any ramrod each other up and win you. I think that the cleanup one off Indian automatically, so people can always say you know MAX deserves our immediate rematch and things. I know- and I understand that, but I may not think they could have a eunuch a case they to actually but no one didn't. Events are right now I'm not gonna wait. Around expression is also caught up in our yeah. I think I've been talking to MAX. I don't even know again. We have any
that comes at logic? Do nothing lamartine, doo, doo theirs, and do nothing and monotonous heavenly. It's a hot division. Rina division is hot in Calvin Cater, whose and other guys on the up. That's dangerous guy, the sit so much talented division, yet so amazing division really one. Forty five is one of the. If you look at stack divisions. One most active visions and sport near thing, sir, the official so logical and not a killer name, and now they all got there. They are some may say, Well, I was so impressed with the fight you fought against MAX because for to fight your style for five rounds. You have to be in tremendous shape because you have such an explosive style. Your style is so movement leg leg kick heavy, and then power shots me you're, throwing so any power punches gesture, sheer output, and you not touching people your smashing intermediary.
It's a very, very difficult style to maintain for five rounds, yea bodies, but yet again, I've always been a hard worker and we train heart. We, we definitely Romania away. We we all putting in that way, and I fear that we call her work. I would do the spot wicked Spada. I was named after some someone be a spot, so it's just literally far gone ban and it's just the hottest whatever you flying. If it's a free randy, you do the free rounds as far as you do flagrant lack the hottest five minute rounds that you can think of and locked edge, Puya Universe. Everyone locked atmosphere, absolutely crazy. In luck, if you just say the work at you block well in other that it occurred at that explains why fit in autumn is it's crazy, really is so we loud yards in Vienna. We have starlike like that. Lucky said you know you could put a working, but again it as you say, unlocking oversee there not just touch and love is a lotta big shots, but in always groundbreaking
with them some other times. I am, you know they will be couple touch and then couple could send and ruin I'll try mix it up really well, and I think that worked really well. We ve met of cigarettes will date, but I gotta do. They might be re message I give too much right. I was what was the way you could give away. This was a game plan comments that fight and was anything unusual for you I'd when, when you actually want fighting MAX. Was there anything once you actually in the octagon? What was aiming unusual, not lack of everything, pretty much went to how we thought it was gonna. Go so that if he might adjustments during their far we'd both for adjusting so many people would have would have seen a by even when it comes to just away. Like you know, I'll, go in the new trying counter and then you would be luck pretended cannot pull back. Can't you known. We will shoulder just having a little battles but always likes we're gonna, be big part, not just to hurt his leg but justice,
really back his rhythm and are you know it and make him in what we say, loves a job, and I states pretty heavy on that front. Legs, yes, and whether that's gonna make him a just in his stance and and just put him in a position that is not the and he's been finding forever in these starlets being so effective for him, so our unity made in vain a couple ages back in history, is not so heavy on that front legs. It just shows how rhythm of romanian that's. What a lot of people are. It's funny, alot of people gonna go, is gonna. Make adjustments, he's gonna check the kid Some of the bigger members it is, you know, he's a volume Fatah. These thoughts adjusting so much enormous, that's more about all that than is a again has been so successful self, so I'll, autonomic, Spect and the same thing. I'm expecting a goddamn do nothing but again, you'll mixer Deborah can give too much more rapid you saw some adjustments where switch to South Park. Yours anticipate does well yea. We anticipated that, yes, a thousand again like you need us smacked leg them many times it I'm sure. But again, oh Jesus,
even now. You need us which needs a lot, so were ready for that. But am I and actually do the whole round in Ensample. Am I think, those authors, when or later in the second the isa switched, but in the He was locks apple, forlorn, ass, well, ass. Both my biggest rounds, wake up lots of any try to come back to Orthodox, but in this again, I'm so so good a plan what's in front of me, so he did make adjustments and I just that again and it just again. I think that goes back to China. We have so many different bodies and installs and in autumn in that no surprises comforter. I tell a look at you. You mean you guys are crazy, crazy team stop and think about it. You know Dan Hooker, Israel at Estonia and you just alone, and I'm sure you guys got a bunch of killers. Come an outbreak, MA am telling you this some guys and you go and you train, and these guys that do it as a hobby, adjust train, there's a hobby, a hobby and been you have I'm sure it's a blow out. Look at us always guys like that, and you know I d this
was a guy like. Why aren't you compete so, like your role domino, I like elite black belt, Always these guys are just really love it, but they don't feel like doing it for a living name. It's it's a blow up. Look again, the train with a lot of people in our go there and I'll. Have you got it hasn't even had amateur, flattened, Gimme problems, Neil or what scorn on Haiti a lot? But it's cool yeah. That's what makes a great Jim Maya demean. It's not just the main stars. It's all the supporting talent that you have in the gym, as well Well, that's again! You loans in even in our Jim. You know we're gonna a couple of guys even anxious. I thought we were treated the same economy when, when a spot on, if they dont let spotter work at a guarantee
Even when you asked me to keep books on or at our Jim Luck in other champions was still be. They support under the other guys alone. This body unanimously runs at just one big family sort of feel and lock again, where were obviously first I'll find you, but we ve been welcomed as a part of the family in that it there. I think that's a big big part of Vienna, what weathers successful as well. Just that sort of ten km Roger, you know, remains for shorter remain. Would you see it when one of you guys fights near everyone's their support to a big factor near there? Definitely again in a minute I'll, just think it obviously work well with a good things and think, therefore, I see to keep both for now. It at the moment, and I would kick in the window. What did you think about our Sonya verses, Yo Romero yet Turkey, one the anonymous. Obviously a lot of people are gonna her and not an end. Others, he wasn't the master and it wasn't so many exchanges and stuff I guess you gotta look at why that happened, and I think,
yeah, we know of slaves just stand there waiting for four years. The com in every time. You know easy did commit to something here. Just come out regularly was down a white too you come in and I'm just gonna throw bombs overseas. You know that so short a time. Trying to get him to react, and you know in a white fur, no exploded things had just didn't happen. Ass, I was just a tricky, and I saw a lot of people say whatever, but indian every need. I really know what it feels like to you to actually in there and somebody Romero. He can take care of lot that Indonesia yeah, I didn't like decreases a moment. It is not much else Amazon. You could have done in your well. Like I mean, I guess, he's he's sullen. That is in doing that. Anyone find em man to man, but that's not true, because he didn't come forward. Looking is selling as if he was chasing easy and Israel. Do anything, but that's not what happened like he was trying to get him to engage and he didn't want to gauge. He was literally standing there at the beginning of a fight standing still
what kind of crazy nor those of solid minute or somethin all standing still and then he would switch stances Ludovic true, true the standstill too. To couple little, but he's lulling you to sleep, and you saw that when he he did land a couple good left hands. Yet when is he did try to connect when he did try to get closed. Bought into it a little bit and Europe through that fucking left hand crazy. How fast that guy is their main so again lawyer when you just you can sense that a sooner do commit to innocent is just gonna come guns lies the obviously in an errand Obviously, this capital more opportunities if he started trying to do stuff, is never the fact that he done nothing to lose. Just read it exploded, it makes things a house the amount of mainly generally one, how smart, if you're, trying to fund its modest well in any should fight smart, and I thinking China's mark. I think he did it mean do this is what fighting is all about. Some fights like,
John Whaley and Johnny on J Check is super super exciting, but that styles, those dials matched up, may not. Every fight is super exciting robber Whittaker fought your well in a very exciting way, but I mean that's a bad way to fight what that Guy Yo Elsa Talkin paste. If it is hidden email, even locker, originating from the leg kicks now that would have been heard, and I remember about preparedness Chicken me solid rock is sound. You didn't let in France, stuff and hidden just a brick was what Rocco said. He said every time you hit him in her him for the masses. He's a free man, and nowhere is forty two like why, in fact, man crazy, never really crazy. I really felt like that was. How is he how to find him I really didn't think tat. He could find him any other way. I'm gonna have expected that uses lengthy uses, reach uses, attribute, standing outside use the he's a higher level. Kickboxing use that,
Try to law remain too. You know attacking encounter those those attacks, but it's one of those things. What site, if you seem like when tyrant, Woodley far wonder boy kind of same thing people are saying all those are boring fights. Well, that's how you have to fight that, exactly that's how you find them and you will wait on him remember in item eleven. We see all this guy, then it should be in a will exciting, but you lose everything it's about yet ever gets value, and I see you gotta have that sort of specific champion. You got it, you gotta find the five it's gonna get you. And you have so many holes. They can get punished in your card right. Those those punch holes are valuable and you let yourself get cracked when you didn't have to there's no need for that: always fight smart, it's dangerous enough not to fight smart, hidden, knock it hit in its that's. How I believe us
You know that he was is just styles styles. The way styles match up like here's another example: Paolo Costa, Paolo Costa, him that stylistic lease gonna be fucking crazy, because that guy that I fought Romero. The way were mere wandered someone of Lamb and he still fucked him up in fuck em up. I should say that he still one man, even whether or not one was close, the scores, Some people saw the other way, but he had Romero with everything, but the kitchen sink. This of there's a picture that I put on my instagram of him head, kicking Romero. I mean it's a figure of only cost us a knockout artists knees. He shinning him right of how the head and doesn't even budget goes. Diver moving the well Romania has a huge scar down the back of his neck and I think he's his neck is fused
I think that's part of one of the reasons why a kind of moves funny. Ok, let's do this latest photo. Oh poor guy and even of studies went into that as well as deuces darkened into it catching it right in the face, and no one ever as a big dude kicking you? to his his neck. Also, there's a big scar. It's really big! I've never seen next surgery scorns that large and its he said. He almost died. You know he said he had some sort of serious neck injury and mean when you, silver meddling in the Olympics in the cuban national team, the Fuckin wrestling practices, those guys was having the wrestling actual matches. That he's had, I'm sure the wear and tear the bodies unbelievable into the bargain is one block. Wrestlings will be one of the hardest sports. It's why the heart,
and by firelock in at the nervous you don't aim a mega dollar wrestling and yes to seeing them scramble up his nothin, locker scramble and just say the scrambles. They have to train for yeah. Imagine that the training you gonna do to be able to just do a two minute scramble or something like that. It's just minutes. It's crazy and the test of wills in there that they like the realm should be an uncomfortable and a lot of ways exactly right. They enjoy it like being really fucked up and uncomfortable. Let's that's a big part of out, and I wish you gotta be comfortable when things get uncomfortable were that better, but that some that are more about in our I put myself in uncovering positions in the gene in danger. You know what rashly I'll see you gonna have structure, How are you trying to wait, but upon myself there then how do you dare to that? Had you and how do you sort of go from there. So that's what again, with that spotter work, that's what you meant to do. You gonna go to breaking point. Rather we put you there and I'll be in that position,
are you going to show a wife from it or you just going to get up and just do whatever you can be the best cuz. You literally can't move its. How do you adapt to that? That's what I say should be raining in such an uncomfortable position. So you know forget, say that you know you always going to be able to at least put yourself at least get you to that, whatever you need to do to win a great team and a great coach comes in handy. That's where I really comes into play, because a fighter, if you know especially some fighters, they want to be the hammer Alla time that I want to be the nail. The idea that they want to be dominating in practice did not want to feel like You know they're getting smothered swarmed and want to fuck with their confidence, but you have to trust in that process. You have to end theres many many fighters who don't they aren't they train with guys are not as good as them, and everything goes great until it doesn't go great and not used to that position executive up. So I think of of always than that of oil.
Even from the first day of doing him and me in on a minimum on the type of person when you always do that, when you always like put yourself in uncomfortable position, and you know you always got to figure out- why exactly are so fun person, heavyweights cuz, all that's! On top of God's trying with heavy weights and you'll, be losing butt. Can you sit there and accept that all along and find a way to get up new, costly donut over the ten years? You you train, and you know that's where a lot of people are in a hurry, hurry so fit and what sort of stuff? I think it's just for so many years of put myself an uncomfortable position then, when at when training does get tough, I'm still gonna go. I'm so gonna push myself. You know remembering shy away from it and I'll make me you know who I am today yeah. I mean I just think that such a value such a value in being able to deal with uncomfortable positions and that's mean, there's a lot of really talented, really really good guys. Who don't do that? But I think if the shit gets ugly, your used
why you say it. You said a lot of flights, were people obviously get uncomfortable and, and they just go downhill from here you see people mentally break, yet it site such a crazy sport man Do you have a young mental coach adult actually done other mental culture? I think it is something that I could definitely investing and look into Gaza? Again, this is, as I say, you know some of mental illness in a really is physically and mentally draining, so it sir, but I think, come I'm really couldn't empty situations of the cloud on a but always can be better. I don't get luck nervous before flights, the argument over when my teammates fighting and all that will get nervous about when on fighting our may I really am unjust. I'm swayed I'm having Lapham Elizabeth coaches and the boys in their way we have left me without work with you have seen block when my max for their luck. You realize you about a foot forward, taught him who, like an old man. This is how I am
tool in the positions. The actual funny story on a really anybody else, hello. There. Somebody actually mention of this being so I end up doing had a chat with him in all had pink aid funds so that local had to wear Maquinna done locker interview with him and so while I was there waiting to walk out, he needed to get a toilet in between our breakin between the flights and he stopped any luck all forget awkward. Does he think it on rolling disguise motorways better, in a war gap and I'm lucky, you are you're good, gonna toilet and he starts going in. There still try to stay out of my way. I'm lucky I can give us some does have Lula and he just had laughed back in a member and put on his coat cause. He was talking about how you know like justice, that also able to be so chew in about a walk out from my Tata Photon so I am not as well. I just adapter every situation I feel like I'm pretty good in these situations are done. I've unable, but I think I should still investment- is probably a good idea.
Have one just take it to another love, exactly run and secular. I think you can cause ever feel like. I can do rather maybe a summit things up with an area, and I think that I could help a lot. So allow look into that look into an elegant will you are like that can ensure I looked into it All of that is the purpose of outward you, one where you locked on your first couple funds. Now once I also think it again. Look I'm lucky when I was a fine, always trunk. He must have level always don't matter with I'm gone in the end of use or whatever It is in a safe armor about a forum on just relax: relax, don't let it luck internally to take over the nerves. Or whatever it is or Angola what it you know. Some people get hopped up. I don't wanna get her I wanna be levelheaded. I've gotta game plan to stick to sub, always done that, and because The boys done that in my thoughts in situations. I really am luck. Level work when I went to flights are sometimes
those hard for me to realize. I want to build Todd because I'm so used to keep myself so composed that it was locked in. Happen. I wonder, will taught also uses a video of May backstage and I'm not looking Obama far advocates in autumn a lover, oh god, I even say something like that: I'm not gone you'll. If can t Copyright law is right. It exactly like your arm, Jesse this to walk around his luck near nothing happened. Last, probably a good way to be. It is that it does help me. My thoughts are really does not taken. Stick your game plan when you hear so composed level headed in they so believe it it works. It works for me again. I wish I could be more excited by being achieved. Maybe it's not a bad thing. I mean, maybe it's great, to keep this mindset throughout your entire
Where did you see when you retire younger holy fuck? What can I do like locked? The vaguest of this order was as a court that what the hell did. I do the last couple days of different, so you say you huh do you are- is wild game? Is at a party you diet, party area of sleep all alike, to eat at a level that top stuff novel done it from a young age of Madame LA so Easter and even go lucky hunting enough? A goat and pigs and stuff like that in, in a move. Get the spectre of war war over their with our hands in the air, was full of holes hanging in the air, so yeah man, I'm here to be honest. When I'm in camp, I don't, I can't get out there and stubborn but I am all for all other allowed us all. I watch a lot you and always say a review, your game he made. Some of them are love that another topside, my favorite food unloved, which favour mate Elk. Yeah he's never never gotta tasting them,
around I'll. Give you some! If you were in town Gimme some she took it will sometimes I want a flawed in America, this a lot of places that we have these talks about noise in flight. Can you know it's hilarious last week? If you get it, if you're in a man can you get it at a restaurant comes from New Zealand or really here and then not as the girl, could I try it on the arm and, like you, cats, EL wild game in America. You can so yeah. It's that's one of the reasons why in almost went extinct elk dear, these animals almost when extinct at the turn of the century, the twentieth century, because they did what's called market hunting when there was no reply, creators back down. They shot everything in this served to people and they didn't think about conservation are also. They got white tailed dear. Down to like really low number alcor downward do not mean the extirpated it from many many states where it used to be again
animal and many many states it's not and not their anymore. Far out. I think it's something crazy, like it's! It's only in ten to twenty percent of its native range, where it used to be fairer, but it's their very healthy populations in those states now Colorado's, very healthy montana. Why arming I'd Utah's, where I go over a year it so it's delicious meet, though, that someone I'll order that boys is an odd I win in is a fort there and I wanted to go and explore lockers and knows a lot of big big hunting.
They saw as the one I lay scupper drawn. C4 could say any luck in a deal. Ilka, whatever was budding it achieves. I those got grizzlies Ya'Ll grizzlies stained the castles in the air there's yet I hope got bears I've friends at hunt, not only they get real nervous when they shoot something always have wolves to wolves in grizzlies. I gave it a few shoot and why only does as well, if you shoot analogous soldiers Montana, but if you should now can any those states that have grizzlies very dangerous because usually takes a couple trips to pack it out also like, if you shoot an out and out cause, you know, probably eight nine hundred pounds by air and you're not going to carry it all. I was like you and your friend, if you pack it out, unless you have some four wheel, drive vehicle that can get back to it or you have horses, love them, so they they use. Horses hunters use horses to pack out meat, because I have a whole train of horses like five or six horses enough to take the pack and I'll put all the meat distributed evenly on the horse.
And get out there one trip, because if not you gotta go back to the late sent role in your hope that motherfuckers and smelling they smell, they claim everybody minor killed and how can they came back the carcass it was buried. Ratification and have an atom greenery that how to my aben didn, They say that on his, I think he saved it on Israel pays you shot and Elk. I want say is buried. Yes, grisly came buried it this way. What I did a whole area decides, there's well for them did holy shit. Ok, slight, ass, crumbling up a piece of paper is covered this Fuckin Elkhart here it is where was yet say, gimme some volume on this also moose others, Alaska, set Blount yeah
refreshes? So we can here, although the words is a good idea to get back there now let a terrible idea very the home fire at home is very recent, might have issued myself now late like us see. The other problem is that grass putting the grass aggress like I feet how you can even see the mother fucker of its common. That's was scary. That thing to be thirty yards away, just watching them walk up on the ship, british position, so he got most of them There were the bare taken some of it, but they had a dig it up and far at my desk here ah so scare in Malaysia, the crocodiles, Alicia solar Notice, Austin
way from the moon or certain exactly well that that's the problem is it. Is it decided that moose was his? You know, and they were all over that yeah they're all over a big fuckin animal meals on another videos to two areas and was a son I'm trying to get it out of their men all aboard mingle? Would you take that ideologies? Go you want that meat let me move on to heal cut up might have got over today I get to sit, have already cut out. All I've been having bags. Those were what I was saying out, like big kind it up and they were carrying now. Ok, you're one step at a time, so a right yet so say. If you and I shot a moose and we were out there, you don't. We both put like a hundred pounds on her back. We like out
Everything of the organised Europe's mill made would be already packed up and yes I'll calf without totally hot it. But I d put in these game bags and then they let it sit there sensitive IRAN made it yeah. Exactly so when they went back Alban buried scarcely tonight's debate, oversee rigour, Lollo snakes and That's a lot of people are gonna, fucking style, you go there, We like you literally. There are a lot of snakes, spotters and stuff like that, but now the other, even that might not at all talk to you about that. The species and issues the maize, luckier, stable and he's just a united. Everything everything he does. He get I've seen luck you sound. Like a swing jumped off and then lies there was a octopus in the water. Just goes, I jump saint dogs. In some good luck, just turning the hire you catch, it goes in. Bonn pulses big Octopus here.
Just situations lie that man of Cinema even avatars awoken, you see a lizard jump in the war? He just taught in luck, his head, an arm goes in Bonn pulls out these big. Just just crazy things connected to the wildlife burdens. Now Vassili snakes, analyzer seventies, catching the snakes and octopus. Well, fuck you up to man, they have their weak. They scare me now I M a year where they, even just on them, sticking tee. I feel like posters, smart, Shit may mark of since a mad videos of them. The only live a couple of years, I think I think I ought his life hell on Jamie Shapes and it's like MAX two years, maybe version but a year. Maybe I was it's, what we look I'd like to have a good time that that's why they don't take over the world, because the link to your own babies but their fuckin smarter shit. Managing on how to open up jars and share the art of. What's the videos online, they obviously no, they saw us of the potential for the luckily I could fit for that is what is in the big octopus
and the press. As long as the big can go for holding gopher yeah and you watch him. Do they want look crazy three to five, it's as trade, Octopus, giant Octopus. Three to five, there's men die of old age, small scale delicious this sire, I used to feel bad about, eat them, but then I found out the only with five years MIKE. What am I a year on year, life now some say I was alone in the inner. Obviously not the wilder initially with things are pretty crazy. Morgeson, as you know, like the hunting stories, always some crazy stories were. You have crazy place too, because so much of your wildlife is invasive so much your wildlife has been introduced because the people that put your ancestors there they decided they were trying to turn that place into some wild hunting habitats brought over stags and red deer, in all these animals that thrive over there they're all invasive species they may we got made the day there David
We need less aware levies on that. Coastline there and look for the mountains in there just dear everywhere. They just walk in people's yards and stuff, like that. Of saying the photos of them on the beaches and stuff like that. Just stay away where people have you need me day exactly like my friend at a mean he's all he eats is wild game and he? U can hunt so many different places over there, the official and they treat them like like a red deer, there's like a rodent or a past are able. So many of us would remain the days, especially where they re just the thousands of millions of yesterday. Everywhere. You go there and just to any open paddock in the afternoon, and maybe you you see lockers New Zealand the same, whereas the aliens D brought in all those animals and yet left him there now, there's no predators. Luckily, there's no predators, but they did fuck up in Australian, bring some predators about over cats and wild cats. In Australia, big problem? The killer. Travesty
the ground, nesting, birds and all sorts of different wildlife, and it's one of the weird things about both hunting in Australia is that they hold up cats like something they killed. So to take a house cat very early on the house can smile look. I got em what the fuck the same way. Peep would here with a coyote hunters hills, many qualities is again over here, because I activities kill fuck and cats and dogs and the killer chickens and that they have killed all my fuckin chickens. Pro rata wants chickens are killed, nine of them at one time I got a bunch, they killed him slowly and then they got them all at once. We had a fire out here and fire burnt down my chicken coops out of put them in a small chicken, coop, okay and the car is tore open the chicken coop and killed my nine remaining chickens one night said blood empress, others everywhere, other monsters, the clever there.
Really interesting out. Ok you're part of me admires on because the really there really smart little fuckers, really smart and their sneaky, like they ll, build trick a dog to chase after him and then a couple other coyotes we waiting they'll jumped the dog and kill it oh really far out. There is what is this year Australia's deadly serious about two millions of cats e all fuckin cat Regarding the gaff Pharaoh feline to drive in the country's native species to extinction. Now a mass calling is under way to preserve. What's left of the wild someone who didn't understand wildlife, introduce cats there to deal with other small animals because I think they had brought, they brought something else over there. That was causing problems. I think rabbits thing, that's what it was brought rabbits over there. The rabbits are fucking. Everything up like we do. Rabbits radiologist was you can't even more again. My luck is you just gotta kill seventeen. Eighty
they're trying. They literally would like all wild to be extinct. Do you do save a fair bit of matter? Yeah wealth cats? In America kill billions with a b billions of birds and mammals every year every year they kill bill in the birds and mammals? So that's while on a lot of the farmers and that they are obviously can't even my again. My luck is you just gotta kill seventeen eighty birds and what sort of stuff and is not a big fan of embassy there. It is again like this bloody crazy. They get somethin big House cat, few. You the whole among these enormous, doesn't granular, but not the good and I've seen summer was that were black, so they look like a pay for
some level of those papers on us, the cantons of twenty eight powerhouse. It has the number fluctuates from between two to six million, depending on the weather, Mount of TAT in Australia, wholly dropping poison, sausage, out of the air to kill, kill a gag that's going to fuck everything else out. Cuz of things you need to poison. Sausage What in the Hell man why they ever figure she wolves I'll give you money the walls or fuck it up. So much wildlife and myself yet should like some of the Kurds and all that not even to stay in the bears and let's stop hunting. Some scares stuff can get real because you're out there you're putting yourself the item I give you shoot. Cats, though, give you money, really they have out with wars in some places to shoot, wolves I'll, give you money, the walls fuck it up so much wildlife and myself yet should like the Kurds, and all that not even just the inn and bears no at source, the hunting. Some scares stuff
you can get real because you're out there you're putting yourself in the food chain and the real causes of us with a lot of poisonous things. Little things that'll get ever data over there every year to things like everything's, big data, just a gap, Australia's is crazy to because most people live on the outside. The alien sides is madness. At that level, their bit differently as well. I was lucky, but when you get western all that- and you know just a bread- a bit different sort- Let me go out there and even just driving on the roads, and you will see that like a wave of someone. You know those these out just block. I just lift a finger up as in that that say hello there, so they just bread. Summers differ. They thousands of people in the Bush, India that he has
We always these. Are there that guy the west? He sat there spooky folks the live out. Those weird place we do know attack what the other you just said to the number of birds that they can act up. At least in America, says it's estimated one point three to four billion birds: year yeah, they add mammals, tat, number, exclusive, reptiles. Another thing, six point, three to twenty two point: three billion mammals are killed every year by it had. So many such way more than people have been alive ever more than all the people. Ever every year these influx far less their cute. You little party patently park there, a boating other little murderers. It's amazing stats, crazy, say ass. There are strong enough said, just by the way to achieving more
because that's wow and additional mammals cats kill. In addition, an estimate three and seventy seven million birds and six hundred forty nine million reptiles every year in Australia. That's fucking nuts, far out. I know some asshole brought him over there not long ago. They brought him over and eighteen hundreds of heard a couple, a different cases where that they bring people in his own says some internal just went backwards for you, you can't just bring things places you can just did was actually predators acquaintance, so they got introduce for can't man. I know you monotheism, but that they bring a main and now they're. Just a complete locked pass like that, Locked up. Does any snake fuckers their big. They bring me for probably for some other stupid real car. Maybe Comederit nasty tells US beetles and figure fields, data
so any beetles we won't do now and now their luck, a method problem other main sir. Either these dipshit their brought Australia from her. Why, with the intention of controlling the king, beat on a surety feels in North Queensland Kane beetles live on high upper stocks. The cane plant Kane toads, can't jump up there far so they barely impact. These fuckin idiots didn't know Jack. Nineteen thirty five. They couldn't Wikipedia shit, Some areas like you justify your job toads, remembering toads. Every time before past can Well, look at a seismic prick locally one, the middle, click on I want the middle did that the middle shit realise as a person. Look at that look at those fuck me Jesus, price for my daughter of, though the all out, though, what morphine La Queensland and then they just now then another ollinger yourself why
and they just expand just gonna, take overs acknowledging this is this. Is that sir knew about luck? I easy, as probably, could goodbye now alive. They probably have covered the probable. I don't even know what they used to kill the cane toads bringin birds. What else we talked about the four pass campaign? That's like anxious, not ancient by like it's a historical event happened Della like the death of thirty five million people in China. Now yet they had a sparrow problem or swallows. Whichever small bird said there. Is there an annoyance of day allowed people to kill them, airline, bang pots and pans? You get rid of them that work to get rid of them, but then all of the bugs than eight all the rice fields. That led to a famine that lead to twenty five or thirty five main people dying- oh gee Adulator, so it would have been better over the birds when it's like a whole. It's a historical event that people need to keep in mind when these things happen that there's a very soon
of ecosystem was at nine thirty, five as well, and that time the idea, nobody learned it's about an old man. I don't know how to get rid of those frogs that they have an idea. Oughta dialogue may not an automatic judgment. The hearing- that's that's awful protein David, its bloody, a finger member states videos online. There was luck, just the floors absolutely covered of in certain sports up in Queens land locked up, covered luck actually using the Simpsons one was, it seems, an episode What are you
a quorum says was fulfilled the matter some area, some income- they beat him they liked. The club sticks be like that for past thing was a couple years layers. Nineteen fifty eight nineteen sixty two interesting. So we can learn from thirty five. Well, maybe those toads tastes, good. They ve been studied and toads frogs legs, a delicious. They poisonous no problem here. That's if not then maybe not maybe not came towards poisonous find out here. That's you're a frog legs? Yes, I have well cooked world the good way to have their data. There now is actually what was. It was actually a mixture of our four chicken and fish. The ones I had here is our is there?
Where do you reckon, but they always say everything poisonous I've got no one's died from that local, yet sick. They have boiled toad eggs, boy, toad eggs, trees, so their vanity of some sort of poison says the other came to this poison glands, that their whole life cycle and someone who killed depends on where you live. Animals make it kills it's bad for animals. Banker, dogs will that's great their means, an item that means these fuckers their run around making sure that predators don't eat. M Novotel. Colleagues, when I try the animal to bring over here to kill beetles you fucking asshole, he should find that guy from ninety to reviving kick his ass. You're back, I'm like what we think in man. Let a dumb move back over a pause is in tow that no one can eat. Was there was a full bugs, literally above this crazy here and the its poisonous, which not venomous poisonous, which means if they eat it, they die. So these predators,
brought over a bunch of fuckin jackals or something to go eat the frogs or the toads. They want of dying Kane toads already have venom secrete. Poison, glands known as paranoid glands. Or swellings on each shoulder were poisons released if there are threatened when they are threatened. If ingested, the venom can cause rapid heartbeat, Excessive salvation convulsions and paralysis, and can result in death from any native animals. Great city, kids, like a kill him with predators, God it's well, maybe get the cats to eat the cane dotes. Maybe The move I swear locker. I could be wrong to immerse leaders the most humane way to kill Kane toads, put em in the freezer alive, humane The most humane mild think I'm emigrating told like the back in the day. Lucky you had to kill him if you sign up or something on our large, if there was a time of it
The most popular method was used to kill millions of poisonous pets until it was banned twenty years ago, because animal ethics committees considered an inhumane. Are you fox its other Fuckin animal rights, people they ruin everything What about our rights, poison, toads, everywhere, assholes, how do you get rid of them? What does it say, remove toad temptations and make your home a cow toad freeze on either side. You decide, hey we're Kane TOAD freezing here cover or bring at food in at night as it attracts Kane, toads, remove standing water of great. I can do that with what about ponds. What about puddles remove rubbish? Another degrees debris so came to It cannot shelter under it during the day. Keep your outside
it's off were not needed. Keep toads out by creating a barrier far out far out. Indeed not another offensive, they can't jumped. I hire people, arguable John, give him a lot, make it valuable, kill him. I'm Tellin ya think it was for me. I think the honourable member, if you save another figure, you had to address both go, there are, and I could be wrong. Maybe I just heard that from someone- and we want to be with a good archery practice of yellow our arrows didn't cause is not big target getting to shoot at fucking crazy assholes bring over fuckin poisons toads estimated over two hundred million. So you have so great is that so many toads two hundred million toads Jesus Australia on another one crazy. So what do you eat
Camp was back, won't go to actually dietician onboard now say. Does a few. A few of us, you know, does easy and that as well and to get me up like like people, now you forget that, but now I just say just give me a sort of game plan to go with us or not tabling a diet. Believe me, I'm your plane, and you know I just stay overseer, got options and stuff like that. It is a game. Changer man. It really is opposite from what I used to eat to now. But I'm token, even just a couple of couple of all together like you're, not Amanda, also do my own thing and another fight with dog, literally just ate chicken and knots, and this was not long ago. I was in your nose, just like chicken, and that's it just a played myself so much. I dug in IRAN in the pretty lot, but I mean it was now. It was not good for the body, that's for sure. So when will you start save you ever a its it's eight weeks out when we start the dieting process to try to lose weight. And when, when are you just eating just for health, Yale alarm
I'm always drawn. Oh, you ran a trifle the last few months or years I'm trying to in a reasonably good in a during the week and then the wig Gonzalez, auto just do whatever, and I still do that all the way through to my photo about two weeks in my life- and I treat me like as people with side locking up my last time. I actually do, but you know it's just again out when I'm in Cardiff, nobody just now. Obviously sunny the song, but sometimes of swimming the same as the get closer to four I'm trying to that little bit, hard arrow or maybe I'm having Nevertheless, sugar however, it is in all the source on cutting other really realise business, fond little things. I'm doin in and the whitest just falls off and we're how much you cut the week of the fire in the wake of the what I'm usually that seven kilograms out the unnecessary a lot of a whole lot of war and it must not off that's about fifteen sixteen pounds a year. I think so yeah some about there and in a lot of it, went up come off during the week. So again, a lot of water. So I blow it up. My look at a piece of bread now put on five kilos over here.
The airwaves. All actually Meda programme must have a job end up weighing in at one hundred and forty five saturday at one hundred and forty five usually last few times, and I was getting up to one hundred and sixty or one hundred and sixty five. So something that common border was mind up, kinda, seventy six kilograms wow. So I put her luck. Twenty do bounds or so Yes, so why not so has I feel, though you do one used that white? Oh ok, pretty much reduced, my white I'm comfortable, in autumn what I mean so even to adapt from a flight about a flight cagey euro. Maybe seventy four that I'm pretty close to it. It's real science, close net is one hundred percent and again to eat what I what I ate a unified waken. I look at the food now far way can be a lot more can all muscle Maybe I'm just like why we're lucky I am before I when I used to do that lucky. I fought waken. Do my story,
on this year, literally Sherlock, six pieces of the nuts as a little piece of chicken. Where now I got like mad looking meals and a United Oversee decorate changed how to change it. I'll! Just tell you again, I just know long before I go. I did not. I just knew I had to touch sightings in carbs and I'll do that. You know you know Daisy out and then again I'll deflate a lot of water, but I would like to drink distilled water and stuff but you know again: you stood stored, similar sort of stuff, but everything's more calculated now and in our one you know they they they do all the measurements and in a calculator everything in this again the science toward scraping than the last. The now I'm usually couple kilos heavier when I go to sweat looked at from the night before, but it comes off Asian, a few good, so for energy and it's easy to come off so like what's a typical meal for breakfast, you flat wake now like during Are you getting boats? Usually, when I get closer, I love my mouse inelegant hated up and because it always fills me up a few locked in
I should be eating more, but I don't even need a filling out that much so I can. I say this because we trying so hard, but that's the best I mean by the difference in always, had next to nothing to now, I'm not even being able to eat some of the stuff that they want me to come. Lock me an attorney that much more can be cool. We need to remain and ran round. That's amazing because we do locking in freefall sessions a day and in some of em like an old. We tell him what work out some you never go scale unwanted how they are worked out sessions here with some data? Real? Yes I'll do you know usually three on average, but again like it. Is control doesn't mean I'm I'm actually gone the bull Savoy recession you to be structured to a but I'll, do strengthen conditioning a couple days a week and then old or usually went back home in Australia. It's that you know the free sessions every and sometimes a distinctly conditioning. So when we go to you know, New Zealand, it usually in the morning we'll do couple sessions and then we'll get a session at not as well. So it's her, but again must
but these episodes I smoke. But these sort the training sessions forlorn mother Salem, we burn, unlocking we from twelve hundred calories to a more have fallen on with, it said to burn them sort of calories. Why you that fit? You know it s a lot of, working so we're doing that and then they lock in a they gotta. Fadus luckily says that we can have the energy to try Loch Ness, what a man of some males among men on the single currency to think that, but it is crazy it to be able to do that and in unlocks the happy voted eating and then going too far waken stuff. It's a game. Changer really yeah, that's where the value of having someone is an actual nutritionist really comes into play when they tell you know, this is the cow. Is that you need- and this is this- is going to give you all the electric lights and the protein carbohydrates? Does everything you're good when you like, he sure this is like a right, but that's always others, Ruby, locker, Waller, mating, I'm lucky enough to be there's a funny thing. If you starvin yourself with the chicken and then dots like you're, not gonna, lose
what we are going to be as easy, because your body is gonna, try to hold on to food and you're, not gonna, have any energy while Dolly done that you get on that flight wake, but a minute in early earlier materials to stay, and nowhere near enough a member a member sort of one of my own what's a mule plain that she She wasn't even training and also in other meal that she was meant to be haven't. Looking at the mill males, She was not even trying in the number in obvious here. If you kill us work, a lot of say, yeah training into one or that's what I'm trying to stick to this tie that she's method lose weight. I remained so it's yeah! That's what out. You know, that's what sort of adieu my diet and that's when the staffing, actions, always common. So when you say you workin out three to four times a day like how do you break up your sessions to some one that is one dictating what you're gonna be doing for the dainty of similar plans out. You work out of last week's a pretty much the same, but obviously you can have you you'd, like that's the thing I'll get a job markets.
Known as Didn T say: he knows when I'm not on, and he knows when I sums happened so those before the next one There was ass in all. I don't want to miss transition. Janata made some gonna go there, but they could see us I'm down and that's when they who can happen and that's when you can get sick and oldest stop stuff, so they pulled me out now must I did what I wanna be rather than let me try and that not and have luck at the day off and men honestly that the next day, the accessions after that I was on fire and aroused in other main and perfect. You know those again at the time of block all you now Donaldson Trail. I don't feel like it in order for luck, I'm I'm not Can hot enough. You know me, sir. I sort of how I was thinking, but then the next day it is, Maybe work somewhat had done the tomb accession resident session and absolutely killed in our men and not just the announcement last week of training, and I just finished it perfectly sort of Rawdon Pagan oversee. That's why you structure to peak in our way
get, and that was Vienna was perfect as with the nutrition, as it shows you the value of having a real professional that and in particular, I'm on a really knows you a nose again slack off yeah, you know you're a guy who's gonna go balls out yet so if you're tired, like that sums, and so many coaches or somebody fighters rather dont, have a coach like that, and so they will over train and come into a fight beaten down, and it's it's unfortunate really is. To many the one percent, as in any you signed with the mental cultures and all that look, I just think to so many places that you could really really in our work with it, and I think that all that will help union that one now. How much of your camp has dedicated strengthened additional? How much to include additional sessions I'll do and away from it through the to Andorra yea, it is very weak and what kind of stuff you do again. I started with
They made her performance, so they come on board excise. They get a lot of those name. Payment by men say, met yet performers, so they do a lot of athletes, and I do not Rugby League teams and all that sort of stuff Ilsa, that was a game changer for make ourselves, have a lot of problems with my back before us that this was before tremendous. So those even Thomson mockery, Rosa thinking on one. After what you give this up like a real after their organs for all around Europe I just have a bulging disc, feel like I'll get a hold of sciatica down to leg and at the time I just thought it was so much. I was in the walls and is mentally getting me and you know just a logic, does lower ones to which one was but allow once I've got a couple of the. But even went to a specialist and now tell me that you know to give it up with rules just something that in a heap has to say like you to cover himself. All those guys are always so negative year always say that they told me to give it up and Again, like was already mentally gettin me, and then I had these
guys come board and delicate as the format and eighty percent of people literally have bulging dish, and our onto liberally goes on to your foot, United States. Let me live drags on all that sort of stuff from the side occur. Or you can control you bows. It's almost thought if you are going to start shooting you several times to start black leather remodel. Maybe do the surgery or something like that, so this is sort of or again that we're trying to get in my head and really a sort of just. Let me a sort of smashes mentally ill. And so they start again we think line again. I'm pretty go to this topic stuff. So am I now wars. I got me on a mad programme. They built a strength programme specifically for my body. You never will reduce fighting unless it is absolute game. Changer might turn out problems. Now, when I oyster Hills, Tom's rules, luck anyway from fourteen weeks to not trying to me before I fought like ok, let's hear or consume Kennedy Outdoor next to nothing, between the flattened and literally haven't six weeks. Are you trying to recover Bartram just just outside?
he's right pain. Yes, I'm back we'll go and then I'll deadlock two weeks off, try to get back into it, but it will happen again and also in this reform, wait straightening in Toto on fighting and then gonna do came Billygoat six weeks. He himself ready. Do you do any use? decompression raising now will not not that would just two let's just again hit mobility. In order again. So and a lot of mobility before I do sessions and stuff like that that that really does help we ve what what I'm doing here. Why you to try this this thing about that areas. Teeter decks! It's this thing you climb into its real simple. You put your legs behind. It also like a leg, curl and then you'd leaned forward and as lean all the weight is just decompress is on your back, in particular your lower back, it's fantastic for it. It feels
Good! You don't have to every word. I do two things from my back that are really big. One is a thing called. The reverse hyper he's one of those who is at last with a ran thing that, but now I know that's another one that hip glue, ok and strengthening the the reverse hypothesis machine that was created by Louis Simmons from West Side barbell, it's like a flat bench. You climb your upper body up on the bench than you hook your legs into this and you live your legs up and then you let him drop down as a drops down decompress as you lifted up it strengthens comes. This guy Louis images are guy, he's a power lifting legend and he had a back injuring there. They are trying to do surgery on any was I will what's a from their like it's from compression he's like Y gotta figure decompress it. So you ve figured out this machine. They created active.
Compression. I have won out here. I swear by. I love it there. It is our their chosen works. Look! So when you lift up, don't stared, I do death. Will you lift up? It goes up and then, when it lives down it, it actually pulls the back and decompress. Isn't it feels great the video that right there, you can see it. She was a video, you could see. That's lily he's a fucking character is really while guy, but so she has gone down there. That thing pulls your back down. So what I'll do end up? It strengthens the back muscles and a real unique way. So what I'll do it I'll do that and then after I do that then I'll decompress with the decks. That's the decks, that's the thing or their cecy climb, that thing and then see how she's got her hands on those handles go with that, and it just all makes your lower back hurt I'm going to give it to you we're gonna climb and they're gonna go. I need this hat. There remain a love it
one it onto I'd I'd swear by Africans whereby this thing really act. Looking I ever met because your own body weight is like pulling your spine apart. Indeed, digressing I just relax is everything is very nice, but that's it we're here again assistance, nay, they stop say you need laboriously. The knowledge is getting there with everything. You know the knowledge is out there, so we can show that they have. You do a lot of it was a strengthening, saw, was a big problem. A mile uncles, Gettin told Light lucky call up when I get my back in our though be more old school top of stuff just lucky coin. I don't do enough in our literally do nothing for like a weakened in trying to back turned an audience again, our luck literally few. Me to stand up in our luck. Hold my breath and lock stand up in autumn, and also you download was an hour that just sort of month mental saga of the sort of where I was and with it and there was a unanimous so they had to change- have to change all that. That's a relaxing.
Me look litter of trip. They said if you in a few drops, look there's one thing: you said to me the first name, because you drop a pencil pick the fuckin pencil up don't let him game plan here. You gotta pick up the pencil unlucky galleries, Sean again. My luck just relax. Cannot remain and the tree even though this the the first few sessions started off from a strength programme? Lockers. Otherwise, luck really operates than my back and look at thinking. I'm keeping straighten you think. I'm doing the right thing were, so they had to try changed much more posture and everything wallows don't work at two sockets thought in. I don't think so play like even when I used to do dead, leaves our luck transpires abroad as occurred, because I thought my back would go my backward gave it all about them. Dead leaves and economic technical bad and just look things are. So that's what I mean by having a strength. Graham and only sort of stuff, now lux. If I do get a flare up
you know within and even the next I am back into back in a train on. You normally would befall about two weeks off literally two weeks off. We now look back a triangle of their their luck, constant move and, like you need to keep moving that that are nothing more than a mob. My brain would literally make lock up. De my he bowed to the side. It was bad luck. I really was odd, get a flap novel or in my brain, just toy go back. There position of me and I will you go my go out and I won't be able to walk a few days in, and it is clear that was capable of analysis and we were on top of it. Now it's a game changer now have came. Sogdiana fulfil became so that that happen before tremendous. So that's when I end up saying them in- and I had my first up the twelve we came for further for the timid, amazing, NEA S, amazing. So what kind of The average one of them is a dead lesson. Stir fallen, a lot of truth is owed much more glued Morocco. It wasn't even firing.
Can you suggest dossier? We are born just not just that. Just the fact that our use my back muscles and call to do everything. I wasn't ever activate mug lutes to do stuff, because You know I was just using the wrong muscles to thinking. You know I was going the right way. It now lock. Your that's a big part of my my Mobility before I do want to do my mobility and I get the glutes firing and stuff like that and every time I do that I feel good. So a lot of the strength program is to building a gluten and stir fry office. He still doing you call exercise now at a stage where we can do so rebuild everything in our end, even Seven people another door again, you could go there and they can just work on everything and I allus. Let's go nuts, but in others, specific sort of training, knowing that I gotta go and do more decisions at the regime and all that, so they all take it all into play, and are you know that everything just will structured? In fact, what we and of training wakes her so much more structured than it used to be? And you say that you know northerly performances, buddy my body in being able to China as a game. Changer, that's amazing! Brow
really really really, fortunately found those guys a hundred percent. It was. It was huge and let you any yoga stretch angering lucky stretches and all I look I don't worry I'll be honest surrender. Enough of us should be stated, especially when I'm not while I'm back home. I do that Ramon sessions on doing with them. So I'm doing that. I meant to be doing that everyday, but you know I like it. I like it. Sometimes I should be doing a lot more Sometimes I don't feel like it today, but I'm gonna aeroplane come to come to America and all our common, unjust, stiff is aboard but as soon as I do, these mobility sort of exercises and stretches and and look at the blueskin on one hundred sent must try to show me someone who doesn't have a back issued the trains, martial arts, sorry somebody s reign enough. Secondly, you get out of that problem is a little bit stiffness. Yet that's just always comes What is it you see? I sometimes like maimed and, though block on best childhood memory, not
so back him here, love those kids man, my middle daughter, she's, eleven cheek she self fuck and flexible her spine. She could stand and then Ben back words and put her hands behind her on the ground and then kick your legs up in the air and go over like why in the are you made at a little kids man Amy there may not a rubber and yet not so well, I d love that actually aiming hundreds eleven with my daughter once icily observed product cops and flag for this, but I remember I was you know. Sometimes it is I also want I'm sort of fell, now's, Lakota firearm and she and a black having like a little disappear like Sweden, elbow- and I did now in auschwitz- is corner Force- was conquers belief. The park and stuff like that. Not just just the thing, I literally this happened. She just fell on. I just luck, sort of totter.
Well, I just warriors credible arm and right and lacking. I would just again look at Hopper lucky break or from, but I wish you hadn't been young and lived. There be more flexible, but luckily harbour extended it to her arm, but she was all right a couple days listen to that already thought about. My daughter, Zalm. Imagine telling people historian atomizer it's crazy, but there's something things you say the kids do, while they just built to fall down the arrow it's done how to them when they do say so: what about running a do? A lot of running much running are sometimes the weight loss and all that, but in I get Obviously, when you try and get your you know, you're you're, hot Riah, discern a man and don't you what is it that the insurance? You know the max you none of their to Mexico. You donor, like when you run in a consistent manner, You can now right at a certain yes and a rather on the top. Has our rather be drilling at the gym? Ok,
right there and I'll be drill, and not just do as of now and to use a chest monitor here. We do here we do here. We do that with lot about assistance. So again we just tryin structure with, and we all about the science and stuff yeah. I mean it's, it's so imports but so many people dont do it. They just go by feel, but when the, if you really have great coaches, especially great scientific base, strengthen condition, coaches. There really understand the science behind getting your body into a great endurance. Spot, Even even do luck, we get our HIV. So every morning to safer tells us if we can train or usually say yet you're good guy or some Dakar pull up in arise, so you it tells you how you body sort of ya out our know how work strap and we're one of these things. Our creator abilities traps. Big big shows you of your fuckin brecht. There's sometimes You feel, like maybe I'm just being a pussy and then act and look on my phone ago, Norman you, your virgin, do not yet recovered thing that I'll show you where you static,
Radio we're in your normal resting heart rate is where it is now. Josie you ve trained to heart and then sometimes are looking billet age. They little babies it should say that there is so you prefer drilling too. Things like running Madonna Physical running will have pronounced in Thailand and stuff like that of savings. Make run riot executor, but about us I don't do as much now so again Dona forced the full session they freefall sessions a day. I do, sir. I personally am just a believer of agility and can be a lot more flat, specific Gmos that are right there, sir, I shall outline I welcome you and obviously it's working for you and yet Sometimes that's a big part of it, too, is like having a thing that you believe in and meaning that thing that gives you confidence in its obvious that you have great enduring as well, so it is physically working for yell. Exactly so you'll. Do three different sessions at least a day and you're breaking the mob like a strengthened condition.
Maybe boxing work out, kickboxing Jujitsu, maybe in Emma may work out how to you. How does it structured gale? most most mornings. Would you like look at him a nicer work out, so you put em all about it all together. In a moment I like to separate, eat each discipline, but We still do that as well will do like wrestler Sundays. A couple days awakened in the to every morning, will do as well. On the wall, accessions and you know it's just. I would do everything, and then you got certain sessions that Latvia to MAX wrestling and things like that, such just an easy mapped out by approaches were ass. Yet so you know like what the week is: gonna be lot yea prepare much prettier, the same every every week. That's the difference between now and the old days bound the old days, gas just work out too they dropped. No one knew what the fuck What he was doing right now? No really! No one knew what about sparring in and what does your philosophy inspiring hard? The sparring like manner especially jail up, we're we're all about you, no more taken
respond oversee. We have last Saturday's where we span that's a little bit more full on, but you know you know you don't get paid in the Jim and and brought your gambols away every every time you spar in omen, We had you learn as well. I believe that you are keeping a little bit more chew. You can work on things, yes, while trying to move or different types of stalls, as are all even if at times on this normal level. That's where I can learn so much as words when I I'm try things right this minute. If you, and so on that, in a better than you will just as good, and you can't make any thanks. So you, your planet, safe, luckily, island every day, you know to it, but again wait wait! What about in a keeping it pretty chill, and I, especially during the week we spot, probably like in any way from free full sessions, maybe even awake, but a lot of times. It's very, very, very true in a very technical Technical spar and again that's what you learn and that's when you think a workable Spain Workin for me,
and then there s idolizes, we're gonna be harder, but not to her son. It's never fallen Bernard, never, never philomel, that's another, be brilliant, the people learn today is back in the day, but he's just raw meat is so Doyle like the best stores come out of Brazil. The cure Tiber stories from Should the box. Ok yeah does gases, knock each other out and training in just keep training wake up, get back in there. He is pushing back in there and you can just imagine you know it's not too for the Breyer report. For the brain I mean: does it ahead in Vegas trips, not good for the brain things, things well listen other appreciate, come down here, man and talking to us and nothing, but the best of luck to you in the future and are really enjoy watching you fight. Thank you. I was delighted to see the remarks she knew and MAX mean to fuck an awesome guys at a great writers or to it later, you tell us how it happens in a state. You know we can. We have some soon.
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