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2013-11-09 | 🔗
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this episode of the joy of inexperienced podcast was one of the objectives that we made why we were filming the sigh five showed joe rogan questions everything so what we did when we did show if you ve never seen or heard of it we had a podcast on the show a lot of people that it was a fake podcast but actually real podcast and thanks to the generosity of the cipher channel we are now able to release it as a podcast so thank you to term and wayne from sigh and to michael and frank from arthur smith that produce the show thanks also to who was the director the show we had a great time doing it and appreciate very much appreciate you guys letting me this like that like the way we did it i think it was i was really fun to do it this way we did exactly like a regular podcast just me can and in this episode we
and over what's called bio hacking or wood what i call dogs with knives sticking things under their skin fascinating subject and i think you'll enjoy the shit out of it this episode is brought to you by legal zoom legal zoom is one of the sponsors that we have where we have actually many people that are connected to the show of used at on it was related through legal zoom brian made his company and through legal zoom its way you do things on mine where you can get legal papers filed and do things without actually having to go to an attorney and sit down and pay for an office visit and pigs but in amounts money to an attorney and also you have to get your shit and drive on our jazz you can use legal zoom naked you could be naked nobody's going to stop you
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independent attorney if you need additional guidance so check out legal zoom dot com and see how they can help you today use the old rogan in their referral box in now without any further ado the podcast that way did on bio hacking with duncan trestle and me the job will gain experience after what one you still does not like an interesting sort of us now black like she's got around this crazy go down like a flock of gimme a guy he i take it yes my mom did my dad was
the violent cop and she married a hippie like when you about with him my stepfather at long hair until i was like fifteen years or illegal ponytail whose tolerably hippy these stoner architect yeah well he went back you'll want to date hunters thompson brazilian hundreds of thousands shootin shit yeah still it is these disease still traveled around like art larvae just seeing the world yeah you will now he just now in areas like local and our bam a body like goes dear still any like i do i told you the fistfight thing right now my visit the weirdest thing my i was getting awry this is a quick story i'm getting a ride back from college with friend sean storytellers my friend sean is driving back to which it was driving to arm will be aware is doubtless on the way back i'm writing with it with this guy he's like i'll do it
i ask i want to ask you this is europe adds named julian and unlike yad joy and trust like your dad assaulted my dad in a bar my dad might have freed up my friends dad front in college where did this happen this was wait did the assault happened ye i think before me and in college together but if you look at the probability getting a ride back from college with the guy was more my mobile the probability of your dad having beat his dad up it's so slim it so swam that like my what did i that's my that we both go to this liberal arts college of five hundred students in the one other guy from mobile alabama his father urban assaulted by my father in a bar does smart miniscule odds it's pretty funny to that it would be your dad too cause you're like the opposite like
could never imagined you just solving some of you know something i really mad at you billy i will fuck you man i just get out of there lay at the idea of you solve these seven is beyond comprehension the idea of your dad beings can the whole truth bullet clarion savage beaten a fuck area friends day getting arrested teachers arrested in the parking lot two cops took him down and he cut my dad came off from high school once with a black eye him in is his coworker they were doing business together in the business started going badly gonna fuckin fistfight came home and remember looking at them i was like sixteen or seventeen or so my time in a black i was like what the fuck man are you done with
are you still do get it out of forty whatever the hell he'll old he was but the words of classic it's a classic it's a classic man it's we're a classic man thought like yours like like thinking hemingway that's what just part of being a man is like you would get in at some inevitable fistfight and in those days it seems like you don't get enough this fight in there law suits in legal staff it just like the other guy exam skidding his ass kicked you're the victor and that's it or you get your asking you forget about it that seems the old wade is now if you get a fair fight you in in a serious legal trouble eagle instant lawsuit but it whether these just be like when you see elk smashing into each other in a wilderness that used to be a man you just run into a guy just start pie can each other that it
bill is whether day value the girl days before writing shit down people had a few mistakes started writing shit down there were like oh yeah yeah blame it on hammurabi loan hammurabi spot that gentleman is his name is sure rid share shared sheridan lucas and therefrom greenhouse wetware and greenhouse we're first while greatest name for accompanying ever what does that mean so it comes from the name grinders sets we'll get rich so that's what we're we're grinders grinders a kind of like what happens when you mix open source hackers and body modification with a dash of france humanism and wet where's eyes this you know your body so were literally grinding our biology
what is this all these interesting little names that you grinders we're grinders we're france humanists where is a lot of self finally going on there well it's not exactly that were self defining we're just guys who we really like technology and we all grew up with like you talk about when up with hemingway in classic men and we are about fighting we grew up we were we were protected and show and grew up with star wars and grew up with these is about robots i could think and people that couldn't live in longer and how to augment themselves and cyborgs and well cyborgs were really cool we thought we're really cool and i you know i was in my area twenties when we hit the year two thousand first thing that happened new year's eve two thousand and
sure i got over the shock of nothing hitting the wall nothing falling out of the sky it turned to my brother and went where is my fucking job back in that kind of summed it up i felt that way my bodies felt that way i didn't realize but there were a lot of people not that way and world broke and we didn't know much about science and somewhere along the line like i guess two thousand six there was a kid in arizona who realise that he could start emulating his nerves with magnets with magnetic implants he he went to a body mob guy gun implant on in his fingers it start going from him to a guy in europe and then like two thousand eight there is lady queen norton who wrote for wired and rope there are other places and she did it she he said it was a bad idea don't do it on other people started doing it
so about let's with back up for his work splain what you're talking about you're talking about bio hacking talking about doing something dear by that enhances it in integrating incorporating technology in your body and the first guy was the guy in phoenix that did the on a rather was it arizona was a phoenix arisen yeah yeah yeah they didn't magnets in yes as we know that some further linear for enlargement and what would benefit is there of having magnets in your fingers like what would it not accomplish frahm sides may it easier to put your hand refrigerator easier i think you live gnawing vienna annoying moment you're always getting stuck to thing doesn't it doesn't exactly work like that these are really tiny magnet so agnes in your fingers yeah yeah godlike got one around there weren't around their wow so so yeah
granted magnets in your fingers yeah why'd you do that i was drunk no hiding i found out about this has really interested in everything we ve been talking about i ran into a childhood friend of mine who got it done last year and when he showed me what he was doing with it i had to do what was he doing with us it gives you the ability when you implant a magnet in if necessary of your hand when you around and in fields field that magnet vibrates and so you can feel that now there is property of our brains called you plasticity when you provide stimulus over a course of time lake about six months your brain starts adapting to it it starts building something new and i was always fascinated even ass a child of the idea of having an extra sense
not necessarily like he s p but just an extra sent or be able to hear a sound that no one's ever heard before a sea of color no one ever seen before although stories from dont do drug pamphlets i like i can see the music i couldn't taste sound it sounded amazing to me so when i heard about this extra sense i jumped out this chance to we're pretend my body but what extra since the extra sense of using these magnus detect and electrical feel or to vibrate during electrical feels that we say yeah what how do you define electrical field its power station it's an electromagnetic fields so and i am the electrons rules in a straight line you have a magnetic field that's coming out kind of in the circle around it
radiates around it if you have a coil a coil of far wire and electrons going through a coil they'll be kind of like a donut shape magnetic field around it so those sort of fields they have property of are volume property of frequency they vibrator certain certain frequency and their loud or soft like your transformer works will transform the out building that high and salute me so if you were near that with your fingers having the magnets in what would happen to i can feel the sometimes when people would ask me at the begin way was like to feel the stuff i would describe it like an effort effervescing feeling like bubbles it felt like and it was really interesting to fellow bubbles yeah how does not work well the weirdest explanation for somebody description outside bubbles don't even know you mean i felt like is yeah candle
like my palms are sealed pop rocks rather see foam i think is what do you mean no i'm froth like dogs frost repression that has the implant uses completely different language yeah been really fascinating to run into other people with implants and talk about the stuff because we are describing the same phenomena and it's like you ask me to describe a color that you ve never seen before how my going scribes squat squat was blue no it squat is a purple it's like tasting an orange also its orange no is re negative repercussions the heavens magnets install new binding well the first time that someone actually said something that makes sense as far as a negative thing i saw a speech by queen norton where she's hey don't do this this is a bad idea hers shattered what chattered her magnetic implant shattered
shattered okay so when a magnet receives either alive heat or a very strong force it loses its magnetic pole but more importantly these sir made of rare earth elements minds like a cobalt alloy those things are really healthy to take inside your body if it shatters so this parallel encoded some people you silicone crazier people use high will she it's so essentially its poison near you're dealing with the toxic when it's not covered we're not gonna wanna burstin in her she ass we can i'll do the doktor and the doktor like well here's the thing we could go through all the trouble pointed out but so tiny and its a little that's really not gone bother you and so they left it in and over the
of time that magnet pulled itself back together she never got the sense back but it pulled it back together armor crippled reach if you guys are interested moon runs out of a fad she break it what she's slap a cop cars something out amnesia she didn't say furious masturbation i have no idea furious possessed eyes rolled back one schuman screening look like a tiger climbed a barbed wire fence could be causing very well maybe if i guess but that usually doesn't happen with with the magnets besides i don't have a vagina so i wouldn't know how did you know what would happen when a woman's in the middle of a furious masturbation shadows on the thick fuckin
half a pound of math just soil and you never know are you out again how can we imagine had shattered that's just a good guess is anything you like the her orgasm was so strong it admitted a magnetic very ill matched up horny is fuck may be on top of an old truck middle i'm just coming over the scenario how do you did these are under these are under your fingers that's a lot larger but if you guys malaria magnet yeah there you go so i need something for your car that's that's no need to prove that we are just in a cleaner way of expressing this question are there any gentlemen perhaps have these magnets put in their nether regions i have no idea i don't know i think so it's been spoke about it's been spoken and spoken as it is wise and orders had been written on our website somewhere it's been spoken about
in your closing it that's your free society the better usually right up to your face usually or move your chair yet when it comes to stuff like that people talk about it rain don't do it out of the sand him ass the thing about put magnus my car just at least i think it about their cock so they done that's what it is ending then your forest i mean a microscope magazines cock why we spend our time about michael loutish software will my tricked us put magazines cocky knows how to reach a guy's ok it's you can't just talk about sex that's too easy now he s talk about what are you guys like you guys like put magnets your body so he starts talking about mountains card but people are like absolute as eight it's this is i figured it out of my kojak but people ready
with body modification the they derive stuff pierce i've seen allegedly seen some stuff online of horrible ideas you now that someone follow through with honourable guys splits is kind of a guy you usually one guy that's like say a big foots only one thing is a lot of big you're saying more than one guys filet only asked why we do that africa do you do that supposed to feel phenomenal doesn't it follow are when you have a dog that's been sliced and thrown out here is at its kind of like shooting like a shotgun daniels's rise why christ i think you guys think you caught you dick and then you just tell her what its awesome you no one you're an idiot is this like when they told me like whereby have put yourself in the face contest and i had to start for exactly exactly be produced you guys are are in a way what you're doing it you are turning yourself into a lab rat with
intention of gaining a kind low level superpower like a really really low on the scale of superpowers the ability to feel em ass fields is out of their called yeah i do feel that that's really woe power but it still you have more for me i can't do that you're still ahead of the majority of your species but there's a risk that's your risking your life so that you can feel what it's like to be a refrigerator magna anything that you put your body risk getting sepsis room there's a risk subsidies so yeah there is a risk of zagreb sepsis those sounds accept deck the main means of some sort of infraction yeah and the valley act here infections of any sort so had a body whose asserting whose told hey don't do this bad idea were good for you
the dawn but don't put anything else in your body because any implant can guarantee can go bad i got my nose pierced in venice beach when i was fifteen and you should have seen that man he well up oh my god you're just so nasty my mind it my nose got swollen i pushed remember pushing against in front of the mere and just like the amount of pious like where you get proud of the amount of past coming out you know that to kill people staff like the ones of eating your whole nose off oh yeah man i got lucky you now you should never get your nose peers that's ridiculous thing but there's no superpower and that you just look down what he said and with them so this is a tangible extra sense though this year
civilians it attacked a magnetic field i mean you really can do something the doktor i can't with your body because of these additions its its profound it's something i didn't understand when i got it on what started out like few when bubbles now lake i'll go to home depot and i'll be stuff because it's oh my god so fine to feel stuff you're a nice for centuries beyond mainly magnetic star free came home deeper study oh my gosh incendiary he'll know about over there was s hands down by the launch the magnetic field hey what's your favorite this means you probably have like people our favorite flavors machine you liked to put your finger on it i've had situations lake
well really strong magnets in when it first was around it we strong magnet i felt a feeling in the pit of my stomach like dread and and it made me want to pull away run away from your worries clinked no it wasn't a logical thing you must ever get an m wasn't logic my well you know the funny thing but that is working out waters securities are there has been a lot of debate among the people who have had these things on how how close we can get to an mri there are some people who talk about its beak dangerous because it can you can move around censuses sub dermal it's not anchored in any way other sub dermal body months are it could move your magnet albeit one way or another someone's got attested by its there are people who have claimed the rude now
of people install these there are people who have claimed that they ve had i am arise dawn and felt a magnet dance around and that's it well but our eyes a super power for magnet there are talking about one tiny ones are like one point five one point five teslas but people go into those things with sweat sweatshirts with us zippers on only do yeah onto a guy who operate one in research facility and use why unlike funny you i mention this because ok but that's not stay original procedures we are supposed to you supposed to get down to a robe i just had won a couple days ago you take your clothes off you don't you don't go you sure they weren't just fucking with you
are you sure you re about mri get maggots instilled in your hand it's crazy you know go and they were december's i'm gonna fuckin doktor these people going to its research facility it's not that i was joking what you said someone's died from an mri what is that whilst trying to say is if you have mental in the room and they turned the mri a child died recently accidentally because they had an oxygen tank in the room they weren't aware they had it in their so turn on the mri the the fuckin oxygen tank comes flying into the machine a giant super powerful magnet right and it killed them by turning to share our views are dead amidst insane amount of pressure dealing with message to someone's dumb enough to have metal in the room so i really find it hard to believe that any doctor would allow someone to go through an mri with a zipper on that's preposterous that's just know they do so i got a question who you're talking to crazy people line up and magazine addicts and where endures
into mri is gonna get you to hang out with higher quality global humans higher quality human foot but there is there is magnetic shielding cause you people that have pacemakers or their implants are they put like something over you yeah stop that would suit or something over here her that's inch they re not doing that with your fingers you just let entangle figure in there i really don't know something i really should be careful but i think i think i think it's it's something that should be tested i think if we leaving even if you not not advocating that someone with this in their finger go in and tested but you know even if you can replicate the consistency of human and put like a human flesh re mandate in and then expose it to something like one point five tessa just to see what happens now you have this week which you ready done with the magnets what is what's the matter
level thing obviously everything progresses so what it would have seen of considering doing now so we're doing well a lot of people are building devices that interact with a magnet so you can think of it as because it interacts with electricity and magnetism it's kind of like a really low level input you can put anything so if you ve got an extra device that's measuring say the amount of co2 in the room you could hope that up through a coil around your finger round your your magnet finger and have that information trance until like policies or how much it vibrates or whatever so your literally using an external sensor too to give you data any data any data you want and have it transfer that to the magnet and after after some training it becomes intuitive
some people have done it with mainly sonar and thermal like like a thermal laser now i know the people have talked about the ultimate they'll do the ultimate future of incorporating technology in the human body is the ability to take the mind and download it status somewhere into an artificial creation but somewhere longline this programme to be some steps right and you as a kind of taken like one of these steps like by putting magnets in your body when do you think you're going to see someone who puts cellphone about it is our common is it going
a neural interface that allows you to get online with wifi well we're somewhere towards that that's something else were working on so our city o his dream the thing that brought us all together with wasn't magnets that was that was ancillary he was love right well of course it was love because we all kind of new each other we all have this love of the future and we all kind of were told to sit back and went motorola take care of it and none of us wanted to deal with that but he wanted to build something that need he believed that we have the ability to do this stuff our we don't have to wait for some big company to do it we can do a cheap we can do it ourselves design ourselves and since we know p who can install magnets under a skin why not implant well
was to have something so basically what it does is it it's a rose compass that electrically stimulates is probably here on your calf and it's always pointing north so that you always have an intuitive sense of where north is now if you ve got if you ve got the chip talking to some external thing you could hook it up to a map system like maps and be like you take me home and then you have an intuitive sense of we're home is always what's adds wait a minute what's hold on weight back there you have a compass installed in your body and the bottom hauser run just runs on the matter his and it's in the compass it's all mechanical is an electronics and why it can be powered wirelessly sets its god like a wireless coil is its power yeah how lan external yeah ok antique unlike hovered over that's that's what the the dream is and what is the
that of communication to the mind that explains word nor north is or how to get so it's in the same way that you using a really simple system in terms of the magnet you're not using any magic it she's vibrating for this it's just applying a very very small amount of electricity enough that you can there's there's a sensation said like blaring and it's not shocking you but there is a sensation is this completely theoretic the idea of being able to find a way homer is really we we have parts of it parts of it built actually when we came together and we had that idea we said play this thing has way too many future so what we're going to do is we're going to build we're going to build an implant that's it kind of a halfway step to their set we build the ground towards it and that's actually
it's actually this thing here and so what this thing does is it actually it's a quantified self health measures and this is is just gonna take data you can check this out this takes medical data and send it to your phone so if you can imagine having maybe six months worth of of your medical data and it's your data it's not anyone else's data your data and you can do whatever with it and so we wanted a kind of made do a halfway projects that we get familiar with implant technology and then move towards really cool ship the idea i understand the idea of a compass i understand you you could pass where it somehow what i don't stand is how to compasses communicating with your mind so it in the in the same way that the nerve
system is is communicating with your mind it's not it's you sending it wirelessly to your brain right there there he's in your body that communicating to your nervous system that ngos to your mind your literally you literally making a new many organ that or another part of your body that interfaces with your nervous system through electricity and then you're just saying it's like a vibration or something it's like a low level pulsar something yeah it's a low level of whole it's a guy i understand that i understand that you would get a sensation but i don't understand how could be directional i don't see it i can well well it's it's it's arose compass right so what is arose compass mean it's so it's got lock yeah it's got north south east west and then like northwest oh that's call arose company yeah ok so it's compass year and yet it's it's a compass soccer and so let's the same facing nor saw the stimuli
can we go in this way right but if i if i turn it's gonna start somewhere stimulate its direction or iraq that wherever the north as it gives a signal yearning where the arrow gaza so narrow not just doesn't just act as a beacon it somehow another like sends a charge off in the direction you and then it becomes intuitive once you start determining what that signal means becomes new thing sort of like sound like you hear sound over here you know you're coming in at the origin yet so that's crazy it's intuitive in the sense that like i would be working with with some of the guys in the lab and you know they ve got two or three implants and they would say leave the soaring iron on and they go to reach to grab something and just them feeling this the intensity of the soldering arnwood make them pull back right and so it's not like like oh shit that that might kill me let me pull back it's more like its moral
every time we reach or we are something screams at your or something like pokes you it's like people are allergic to cats you're around you know like you that's the kind of superpower the prisoners allergic to cats look in your house and you have cats right you have cats dickens hence the cat could they start meeting in class of your dirty neo clean yeah generally people have cats cows russell creature ferdy fellow you walk in your house and you get that first of laughter the cat letterbox mixing o bananas so nice to have a box of shit yeah nice dirty boxes shit and have a filthy which animal want peering out at you from the way to smother failure sleep and set the breath right out are you going to strike has that's hustle ending the i think this people like you me love existing today because the idea that there are human beings
very moment and i picture you in a basement in basements with straw razors shaking cutting themselves open and just pudding ships inside of their mouths dollars a novelist on man vanity labourers twig now glowing eyes are both right you're both kind arise c mon i'll go to adopt what doktor do you go to what doktor you guys go after evil doktor evil the in i imagine that went before you guys put the magnets in your snorting actually cotton are light years definitely on painkillers right do i in turn i gotta done with no payments and oh my gosh it was a rush
add that much to do to stay there was a reasonably in the photo says i gotta without painkillers oh my gosh what a rush i i don't it was it was it was something else the amount you got it's it's trauma its trauma your bodies going through trauma in your body release is all that endorphins all at once you you yet definitely you don't remember the fact that you just got going ashore i dont where i known advocate people doing this to close i would advocate in the opening themselves up at all that going to stop any body lay right now there's already seven hundred teens with eggs acta knives putting their dad's wristwatch bandanna in mouth but if your wise very slight seriously doubt kills it never ends well someone already tried it and they're kind of fucked up because of its
who tried were so one of the people that pioneered this this this lady out in scotland collapse antonym she did this talk hall cybernetic for the masses where she advocating implants and she did it herself she she sterilised what does she she used eyes vodka she's vodka in hot glue to quote the magnets she odd in her speech she told everyone hey i don't care how hard core you think you are getting border yet and as you know pass and that that to me that to me also used a vegetable pure yeah to me that to me is not is not diego i cybernetic stats irresponsible
it's a nice very tell me your name and leave it how would you please i that i've seen that speech web then and i'm here tonight i emailed or directly after this debate because i want to get around my pie gas but she first body now she was a sheikh issues androgynous you carefully tell but she looks like she fell out of a fillip k dec a like she is you really fascinating being like it's a really curious being and she's kind of nonchalant about what she's doing and they reminds me of you guys a little bit because you guys seem to be brushing off the fact that what you're doing can make it that in twenty years you are just basically a trembling ray machines somebody could put a cocktail in your hand x it up because have some kind of severe neurological damage from the weird chemicals in your magnets going in your brains you could be true you're right you're right totally right we probably would be dealing with something worse then
parkinson's like state cannot get up on the might sorry see you're right there are risks when left gave that's she gave up with the intent that p go there would see her process and go oh my god could do so much better you could do so much safer and when for talking about what grinding about why it's called grinding that's part of part of the spirit of being of ground is being open about your processes because you hoping that someone will look at your processes and go oh yeah i see what you did i see how you made a better i can make it even better and even more so why grinder isa it originates from a comic book called doktor sleepless and there is great doors
no they're not draw its awesome i want to be a great yeah that's where you guys dork in so there is there not a dork so bad thing i mean you're telling these are pioneer door to how dare you dark i guess i m a dork is are you read walking dead comic books your dark man that's in you tell me i have to meet and do you gotta freedom he sees a dork that is wrong with it man's i'm albeit a dork don't be scared me a dork we'll find a moment or two i'd rather be a dork with magnets under my fingers and if we don t like the door with a less to be a door but the fact that you guys closer grinders out of a comic book that's clear york yeah yeah but it's not bad t embrace me in a dark and die think the term dork is a dork
turn nods on awesome term and that's what we were we're out they're looking for bigfoot we were two dogs here george you think by the way i haven't time our lives with fellow they weren't nairobi and enjoy either no disrespect intended no disrespect its lino you nothing himself that seriously namely near your whole group african sure yeah a part of a part of what we do is is used we're still using the scientific method we're not just like sure we're doing is we are putting our method out there for it to be criticised so that it safe in our community rights and were it's not you know cut yourself open was will pillars and it's not it's not have it's not have the method be held up by the fda for fifty years it's about knowing what the risk are as an individual
in deciding whether to take it or not but that piece of plastic silicon whenever it is what it what is it exactly made out of it you showed me early the chip oh that's that's what i mean how regular circuit board there's all sorts of bad shit in there yeah when it was made out of dino fiberglass metal plastic where would you put that inside silicone silicone shape thereby proving cross like a sheaf condoms on condoms everything more like a something are take cnc you make a cnc mold reverse so this is a non populated board cause oliver regular prototypes are being tested on who on on four function ability yellow now announcing it keating it crushing it those who create once we're confident that we have like something that can handle the stresses that we think
someone who would have something in it for a year which is our goal like yet it inside someone for a year and take it out on them we're testing by approving by roofing is doing a pressure injected look at milan oh wow that's the cells her do you guys haven't you that's not inside you honest what would a woman know though is like what part of the body would you install this thing talking about the foreign and why the because it would be called down at your arm and see ellie ds not on scandia as part of a u guys oranges pioneer he's trying to read fine humanity you just want to have shining lights under your skin little one sure some dork pussy we
that one or two ninety different types of this isn't about advent of your euro superpower in grinder community if you walk round with a glowing implant on your arm yeah yeah do you guys in your community somebody who you know will put anything under their skin like somebody walks around jangling with metal pieces and lights is there our first it he's got them most implants i don't think we ve reached theory at once the most incredible the most extreme implants your whereof maybe each year probably can routes for an hour or so he's got he's got to magnon implants in his finger and he actually has he has a coil a huge coil that he uses to are to be able to like here radio stations and
search of craziness their basically implanted earphones wait a minute what he heard his magnets us for years in his ear is easier magnets yet so he has his fingers in his ears so she said yeah he's got shot like two innocent is agony and ears man they scary yeah yeah tell you when they do to operate on your ears easy tents magnetism is it so what's the coil the is like any coil it still leading these magnets makes of magna vibrate so he hooked up this oil to are alone amplifier and i ample fires sending sound through it like your standard speaker right he's an sound through a speaker coil makes magnet jumped back where it makes a magnet for sequoia back in yeah you make sound so he's using this sudden electromagnetic waves to our them it's in his ears his men it stands round and they give him sound so
he was able to use a bluetooth connection to his phone to hear his phone through his invisible renounce that's insane ghetto yeah it itself really crazy and dangerous but i think i think there's were also trying to establish a precedent that we want like we no matter what organization pops up with theirs maybe cyborgs in the future and i i think wrong arts think that that's what we're doing that that's what we're moving towards and i think that we want to move to a future where people are openly experimenting with themselves instead of to go to one source you know like company acts to get their implants and i think there is there is a sort of liberation that you have by either of making your own implant or knowing knowing
but it was made of who coded it what the code is an all sorts stuff so in our community we share all of the information there is there is no weird outside control because everyone knows how was built if you dont like how it was you can change our guy worthiest cyborg if you wear glasses his then already incorporation of technology into the human body must i try to wait like the words i weren't because moment that people start saying cyborg everyone's like yours cyborg cyborgs or does not mean a key some someone made with a machine these things of sitting in your face and that's that's how you see better and without the right wouldn't see so i gave it is thought a cyborg it means that its part of you now you can't take it off like its than was originally n you yeah you will notice furs adapting hearing implants those first steps hearing aids but you know what else is crazy and dangerous learning to build an airplane
think of the wright brothers way line when they were telling people are going to try to make a device that makes fly like birds frightened terrified are you out of your mind you're gonna fall you're just going to follow the your death and true there is an implicit risk whenever you're trying to create some new invention and if you wait for the fda if we sit around and wait for apple or for microsoft to get this tat passed it is going to be filled years a hundred years because we need you guys to turn it a few of you are going have to turn into the toxic avenger you are it's true man unita because they they believe themselves guinea pigs for the sake of our species is why are you asking the delicacy enjoying will worse than a fifty year weight in the woods what's bad about it like what's bad about a noble what's bad about it is a fact that there are people who can afford what an implant would cost
and like with cell phones i saw cell phones be a tool of people who had tons of money and i saw that with every other technology and when you're talking about modifying your body in the ways i we're talking about it it seems like it has so much potential to be a useful tool for people to make something that's only available to people with large amounts of capital scenes lake well then i got one raising wow cresswells already addressed this in a quite accurately when he talks about technology being applied in the cell phone world he's i get initially it was just a privileged few because now like seventy percent of the population the planet s cell phones in good jungles of africa you find people have cell phones people are cellphones everywhere you look which it starts off like it's really expensive but if it proves to be effective
it becomes accessible to almost everyone which which is true but a but if you look at if you look at ways of technology in the evolution of technology the people they get it first get to dictate how the technologies used and they get to dictate the political answer right so my my so forget how you look at the users don't get dictate the political landscape whom who who is as the one i saw if only we were users here but a sun cellphone producers you're talking more people by an italian our people can afford to use them now they are saying that they are saying that when you a cell phone is invented when verizon build this found they get into an agreement with the usa in theirs code inside yourself on the makes us that's tracking you imagine imagine that technology applied to to some kind of implant imagine if they came up with some neural prosthetic where now the neural prosthetic that you it attached year hippocampus that allows you to record your memories
the government invents that nazism secret code in it they can shut your brain ok with us i knew what they were talking around they were talking about privileged people who we are talking about this priority propriety even yeah owning ownership sir like with cell phones you have chips there are really good at decoding i really really good at it and a really tiny and you know there also and a cheap but they're not then for everyone to you so when you have something like the raspberry pie come along they have to beg what's amounting reply handheld computer thirty five bucks does everything regular i am crazy like the doll i think i can read it and always pops up with raspberry itches super cheap operating system rise a super cheap computer it's a super cheap computer it is about the size of a credit card it does everything that computers should do
oh you can get on the net you can use it to your credit card its credit card palm sized its palm sized as a screen as well i know you need screen keyboard wherever interface an icy science i saw you the ideal the boxes of credit cards eyes and name how to make deals with non disclosure agreements and make all sorts of here's to attain the technology for their cellphone parts that they're using in there that's not open we won so you know in the same way we believe that people will create better when they get the key to the candy store and they can actually experiment with all the parts that are being used in being developed as much as possible we want to encourage that plane
in playing that's interesting letter but buddha what i was concerned with more was not the year the people that are gonna profit or not profit from creating these things i was talking about people getting access to the technology itself and it seems like that's inevitable it seems like if its effective for rich people who will eventually trickled down to the rest of population amount of what is and is really worthwhile but i think that when you ve got particular group of people always getting first access and always determine how it's used and by the time the technologies democratize to a point where it do you know first advantage it doesn't matter then there's something else because they're sitting on the capital from the last thing that came along and seemed out perpetual cycle of while we're making it first a we always get to dictate the terms of which this this thing the legal and technical terms by wishing this
thing where this type of thing but isn't that what ingenuity is all about is now why people spend so much money on companies to try to develop products i knew that like sort of their milk the motivation the motivation to capture the marketplace and to be able to sell this incredible things they ve created i think then it should be locked down no i'm saying it shouldn't be locked i'm saying you locked down as in once something has created a basically it's available to everyone it shouldn't be available just this one person that created it yeah i think so and i think i think that's that's the most ethical way to do it in in this case because you when you talk about augmenting humans you talking about giving them additional information about the world this is our most powerful tool river
so we need you when you're talking about super charging this you're giving individuals in it a great advantage over others and you with any other technology you know there's abuses eve you look at nuclear technology right the soviet union and and the united states got to dictate foreign policy for how many years because they had that and other countries did and i i purse think that that's the scale of power we're talking about when you're saying like neural implants and and all of these really powerful devices i think that the first people that get it get to dictate how everyone else plays so year essentially what you're saying is that these new technologies can be so powerful that once people get control of them they'll literally be able to enslave great groups of people who don't have them they'll have power over them they'll have advantage over the over them and they'll decide or could decide
to use that advantage to control the monopoly as the use of these technologies monopolize the use of these human improvements is technological human improvements and they'll toward him all themselves yeah me not in any way does anybody ever gonna with anything technologies anybody or did technology ever for themselves it seems only if you can sell it people sell will it never never last long but what i'm talking about the ram the social ramifications right of of people trying to hold onto that whatever could for example everyone every army today uses gun but we are still reeling from the cultural effects of one group of people having guns and another group of people not having right we're still reeling from from countries haiti other end an ethnic tension and whatever so it's not it's not so much about the technology to about this is what happens when you when you try to lock it down eventually it's going to spread but your causing
damage by trying to lock it down right that seems a rib let's it's funny are it's an interesting argument man gets into a social engineering or socialism point of view where gotta go well how do you decide to distribute technology than they are causing isa is it like like ada fruit aid of fruit spark fun there open source and they still make money while the shore is certainly is mean that if any place embraces open source as the internet and technology and in our course linux in uniform there's always been whole open source community on but to dictate that that's mandatory that's where things get sketching you know what i want i want i'm not saying that i don't want a future where corporations don't sell this i want people to have options actually i want totally understand what you say but it goes against every way we manage innovation and we
generations people get copyrights trademarks and you create something that becomes you and then you own that and then you can sell it or license it out other people what you're essentially saying is that when it comes to a human's benefit now no longer do you have the option now you're going to distribute it freely but to everybody and i i said he like you you're the regulating in a way that has never been regulated before and does the socialist idea and its ensuring it's interesting its main as an interesting debatable by what year what you're talking about is a sort of a mandatory type of a thing but i dont want to i don't wanna say hey google you have to make this this implant opensource what i'm saying is i want a future where you can either get corporation acts or you can go to the source community be what is now inevitable mean that's what you haven't cellphones even by an android phony go by an apple phone or you can buy some no name foaming mean events if something is worth something people sell to the
point where you can have leaders in the marketplace but once it has a bunch the public has access those leaders are based on the market itself there based on what people by what they like what they enjoy he cameron belies if someone when is everyone selling a similar product than one person's better that's one hundred and sixty and that's that's sort of where we're at because of the fact that we don't just say when something comes along like hey everybody has access to this fuck patents fuck trademarks you know that that's lit lee against the way innovation has spawned human beings to this point in the first but it but there's other moat theirs i think there's other motivations and capital i think they re not sure motivation in this kind of technology he is so much bigger than money why you're talking about is achieving the ability with technology to reduce emotions or to create psychic states that is an amazing thing and that's an amazingly powerful thing so so calling people
but you know why i'd rather bad an orgasm helmet than a cell phone but look it's not either or ones on either all i'm saying is cellphones india socialized and this technology should neither will i don't think they're saying it should or shouldn't be socialism just stay there there but they are trying to make an open source version of this i don't get it at a motorola sooner do that for you i don't think they're gonna have you that knows what they're doing what i'm saying is if you make you shouldn't be entitled to distribute it everybody if you want to you don't you shouldn't be you shouldn't be forest i die i want i want a future of options and and and in terms of the technology coming out i want the open source and the closed source to come out at the same time because any any lead between the closed source and the open source again it starts to produce produce problems so i want a future where people have options as to what
going to get and i think that we have already seen problems with with technologies being pigeonholed so that you know we can't have we cannot have a small phone but we know the fucker you that's going on with smartphones right and so there's what would you would you do well there's a lot problems smartphones really gonna get to the bottom of the real problem as they all based on conflict minerals the real problems funds is that you follow every smartphone down to its source and he got it get in africa with a stick knocking rocks out of the dirt and that's real and that they can't fix that yet they really can they don't know what to do yet so they they need these conflict minerals and then not available and run very many spots of the world and the places where they get in the cheapest that's where they get em and that's why you have civil war in the congo and that's why you have with people fighting over these resources so real problem besides the innovation a real problem the morality of actually only a cell phone has everyone who owns a cell phones peace shit you really get down to the core of it
it's just that no way around it i think with this this is an unbelievably fastening subjects and i think its inevitable that we have this sort of discussion in the sorry and i think what we really need is the ideal capitalism or competition merge with morality and ethics inhumanity and insincere what we usually have is he who gets it over the mountain ticks everybody in the face of trying to get up and sort of like point people with them and humanity benefiting and and sharing something like that an open source manner because you think it's the right thing to do mandating it i think it almost should be a part of success itself successes a sort of generates altruism it generates happy as a general generosity it should like once you have some and you care about others he should give you should help you should boost him up and
don't have that attitude this country unfortunately we have this ultra competitive attitude which has spawned so much innovation because of it but a law the way it's also made a bunch of fuckin asshole in our bunch a heartless assholes just caught up in the hunt don't don't you guys think did that eventually going to be impossible to keep anything private and that its that incite absolutely even tv the so were entering into a future where there is really not gonna be such a thing as secrets were entering into a future where everything will eventually be weak in some way everything well what are you one better i don't think money is going to be real anymore i think we're get to a point where there's not an abuse ones and zeros you're not gonna cut it far as you have this and he doesn't have that an ivory we believe that we're gonna get some weird place where just by nature of the that the just the progression of dodgy itself the dissolving of boundaries the access to information
ones and zeros are all you have when it comes to money money just information it's gonna get a point where the idea the parent on that we operate under we think it's important i keep my stuff you keep your stuff i pay for this you pay for that it doesn't exist anywhere else nature we ve decided that this is normal we're gonna get took time where you you're not gonna be able to lock down anymore can i be able to hold on the money is going to mean anything we're gonna have to decide what the fuck do with all the different shaped houses have to decide who gets the food it's not any real anymore it's gonna it's gonna merge into some next level shit are you sure of humanity i hope so but then i hope people get lasers fuck because that will be one of the reasons why people have done so well which has its also arguable whether our doing so well is a good thing but of the reasons is that we needed to succeed in to survive i don't i think what do you think we got a clothes well how do you think we didn't get killed off like neanderthal how do you think we didn't become food for the prey or weak and slow with this because
we innovated we push force and we got the fuck away from other things at a dangerous we locked up cities we invented guns we did a lot of shit in order to make innovation possible because if you go to places on the earth like the amazon or africa there's no fucking innovation ok you're when a piece of skin over your dick and you look of sunny and that's what you do every day get up in the morning early and go look for some weeks if you dont you die might might my favorite my favorite example is the when we started growing crops right before most of our most of humans time was spent looking for food right you have time to mom what is that is your fuckin either hunting something or running away from something that was just about your entire life when you are now growing food you now now have a wide space in your day we are not doing it
even entire seasons where you ve got food stored up so what do you do you start asking questions you start making art start writing things down because you ve got time now i think that when i think technology should be about liberating people too do what they want is i am sorry to cut you off that what you're saying this to me is one of the great a naive ideas of trans humanism which is the notion that if you remove from you when beings nets the need for something their words is the ultimate goal trans humanism i think is to take shrink down the moment between what you can thank you want and the moment of having it to nothing so the eu contain easily have something whether its by neurologically stimulating your brain and away that's exactly identical to reality so you can experience any feeling day that you want or whether its using matter simulators to build something that you ve contemplated and all
humanity has been based on overcoming the obstacle between those two things but in we're coming the obstacle you gain wisdom when you're learning how to i play piano you don't just get to learn how to play piano you get to learn that discipline of years and years of working to play piano etc we can download and somewhat mind how to play p if we remove that discipline then one shows eyeing i you end up with slag i think that i think no matter how hard adult tries it can never learn calculus there's just an upper limit you just now matter it can study for ever and it just it won't happen and so i think that there are things that we just as humans we just now how hard we try there's an upward and so when you begin the same downloading information there things you'll get easy but there are others set no one's ever discovered that you now have to discover new ways
to play that have never been even you know thought about ever so i think that when you when you augment when you make yourself more intelligent more capable now now you don't did you hard work to do what humans can but you still have to do hard work to do what if i wanted to explain it in layman's terms this is technological version of more money more problems zack you don't major problems far more complex like people thought you no one wants you beings have supermarkets ease go with a credit card you need to bring around bag of gold then no one's gonna be depressed turns out before me depressed there sat looking for meaning then not hunting and gathering their food or missing all those those those but rewards are built into the human genome they dont ganem anymore so where they do they take prozac drive fast and they watch stupid movies yet with it
can i put an old money more rob let me put it in non layman's burning land terms if you take the tibetan book of the dead one of the borders are one of the health and the tibetan book of the dead is called the hell of hungary ghosts and what this house is is the beings living in this weird place have this infinite appetite in anything like think of to eat a medium appears in front of them so they the combination of always being hungry mixed in with being able to instantaneously create any food that they want and that it's a hell state were all there doing is feed in eating to try to quench this endless human appetite now obviously we're really far away that's probably come and i mean if you wanted to think of something someone invent that's without doubt in the real possibility we already have boner pills for old do tat to day i hail the honor that's bad they jumped on a couple of girls we already have that you telling me that you are going to have something where you just keep your hunger going you you know
it satisfies me hungrier time what's your favorite thing to do isn't it a mind to one of the great you're angry always and you can be a professional eater all day some we design fast moving about what the old under their lips people would do on their lives but it's in the fingers now events there would definitely do that i think that that that's a if that something negative about the human condition i will if you if we have that technology at some point then we would also have the technology to change it and that's another discussion whether we should get if they had done in treadmill what i'm not even sure that it's a negative i'm just it's almost like a pattern i mean i think whatever it took to get humans this point in history it took to get us to what we are now is incredible process i mean from whatever we were from multi celled organisms onto this thing with laptops that price
this is insane and the idea that that process just changes because we add a chip when we now we it's not going to be there's gonna be like a growing phase and in its gonna become something new just like it became this year this is unrecognizable to some crazy and a tall fifty thousand years ago and it's what we will be fifty thousand years from now probably unrest as with us and whether it happens slowly or quickly what does but in our lifetime and the idea of of the internet is crept up us so damn quick that we all accept that as a fact whereas if you broad any other time in history its most insane piece of sorcery and magic the world has ever known just twenty years ago it would have been insane laconic hungering conjuring a dragon the ideally
to have a little by little glass box in your potter answer your questions for maize and you could send messages including video from people to people all around the world it's insane everything about its insurmountable and it's just a part of our excepted everyday life slowly happened slowly are quickly whether it be you know slowly we think of it slowly in the course of human history to massive burst of innovation but in our lifetime spend ten twenty years and then boom it's all here but the idea that you're going to stop at that in our for that we should even resist the next level as it seems pretty so i just can't resist you can't stop it is in its interesting sit around and go what the hell's it gonna be yeah that's what it's we again in we don't know but now i don't i don't think that primitive man could have put a purse on the moon if they are still worrying about catching that
now you're absolutely right yeah and whatever whatever aspirations we will have in ten thousand years we will get to that if if we don't do certain things here and i think that a part of a part of humanity that i think we should keep is our need to accept or and understand and i think that if we're still worrying about you know getting cancer at sixty we're not gonna get their run i think its inevitable that we still keep exploring are really don't that's why we're here it's it's a whole part of the whole thing is no get around that now you ve got a video two shows well we ve got something sweet chewed up with him when winter our body or see tee o god his magnets installed he he got him video would you ok yeah low enough we see that southern oh jesus sit yet is term this is too much
what's with the sound yet we all know what that sound hold on i oppose the plaza wise it sound like that would cast soundtrack is on that that's stupid kill the sound you just play that because it obviously does something going on behind it we boop it might even be a movie wow on this the guy doing surgery some asshole deferment humpty it's a wonder out such a down mars is ok i get it for you he someone who does does tattoo work specializes in doing bob dermal stuff why will you i really tattoos never trusted two hours was shitty taxes is a thing laser tattoo removal son look into never trust this is urging was shady tat is now face surgeons but tat is no face boy have void you gonna go under and ten nine ok so this is cutting and he's
inserting this magnet into this dude figure tat this is a very very very tiny magnet will how would you describe it looks like a b be that's been split into like sixes right that's how smart works about two millimetres why did follow others bigger than i thought maybe maybe a little less into millimeter exaggerates really tiny maybe it's just a perspective of this this video but that looks like we're under a millimeter what's the charge for this procedure three first graham absolutely hundred percent remarks you up stick shit you friend until the matter again will you get that stuff down from by you be pretty reasonably be bargain price anywhere between seventy five and one fifty just like most sub dermal months what is when you talk about the future guy sit around and you you bring up what's on the horizon what's like the big theoretic on the horizon is daubeny thing to do with like the kind of technique
to that we see in google glass the unicorn rated in light may be a normal sort of a thing so there was a there's a paper put out a few months ago about connecting to mines of rodents and so there was one rodin if i'm not mistaken in virginia and there was another road and somewhere in brazil and they put this chip into the into the brains of these two mice and put them through an obstacle course and with the us roughly sixty to seventy percent cross overrate the other mouse actually learned the obstacle course of other mass it was connected to do nothing has been done without chips them do rupert shall direct wrote a book about it's called though the more fact field and more for residents and he wrote a book about
dogs knowing when their owners are coming home and people being able to tell when people look at the back of their heads and fascinating sort of a theory but he he showed that are off it's been verified one hundred percent but i know he wrote that he's showed that if you each a rat in one place amazed that rats somewhere else another part of the world will learn that similar maize or that same maize quicker statistically quicker right i have also shown the chimpanzees once they started venting things to do with tools chimp chimpanzees we have demonstrated like gum i am in a rang a tank in africa learned had a spear fish by watching people do it there's a picture of this thing duenna it's our mother fucker the craziest thing ever what other reigned started doing it to the once more they start learning thanks it's almost like it's in the ether its rays yet this is a ring attain separated geographically is not like they could observe each other one another ratings but the the
i definitely separated yeah yeah that's what's odd about you know what i think and i don't think it's their learning they learn and then it travel somehow through space i think the evolution sort of groves through us do you know what i mean it's our it's it's something that's grow through humanity is the are these new innovation so it's not though wonderingly figured it out and send out a signal does though this was just a new is that was coming through this form of that's very possible but the right i initially have confused stories pretty pretty badly but the the mice learned in several parts of the world several parts of they weren't connected whether its thousand miles or a hundred miles whatever it was but the rang tang we watching people rang tank started imitating people say they did directly image human beings but have you really stop and think about when human beings used to be essentially very someone orangutans it was probably only
couple of million years ago that seems like a long time to us but in the span of the universe don't shit so the idea that a chap could eventually if they moving along and slowly innovating and changing and finding mushrooms learning how to make fires of rocks they had events it becomes some kind of a human things mean we didn't used to be people that's a fact mean much established it's not like all the sudden we pay does in this form figuring out always shit we gotta get away from leopards we became this like slowly unsteadily it's just the time aim for us is so bizarre to wrap our heads around with an eighty plus years i've span to try to understand what a ten million year period of development as we can we can get head into that we know we don't know what that means ten million years from that with this stuff when it gets weird exponential technology thing that's going on right now we're gonna be unravelled
isabel a hundred years from now sure yeah that's what i feel like lucas is getting out creating an act war in a pathway between two minds tween many minds that we can control using suppose we already understand i don't no intuition the way i know the way electrons going travel i know the way electrons going travel i don't i dont get intuition that way so if we can create chips where i can have something in the back my head and i go like this and lucas's like stop scratching your arm because i feel it yeah like ice yeah like dancing and essential brushing your blood about that you sit on your house also lucas stop you're all day you try to keep it together
you get hacked without technology i might get hacking seems inevitable just like you get those someone hacked where today and i am i got a thousand bullshit a thousand fake tweets about die an exercise oh wow i look so good for some exist our like those parts like bought got through unjust infected too think the benefit of having a bunch of people develop their own technologies ransacked together well know if you're developing your own technologies for your own implants there is some sort of there's some sort the level of of security like some people use max cause max don't get viruses the way pcs do because people who want viruses or talk in pcs cause there's more pieces were i think that is a bully king oasis in the desert anything from getting has now absent when they were first what we ve learned about the essay and spying it's already shown that does you can't you can't stop the vertical
algorithms in place already tribunal your emails because of because of bottle bottleneck technology because it because we can invent our own internet there is we can only use that internet and that internet go through certain fish also because these fuckin corporations have given in to their overlords and given up the information in that and it s really work i die and i dont want to live i dont want to live in a future where i've got artificial organs and all of the information from that's being pumped out to some who the fuck knows i don't i don't feel comfortable with that i want i want that information to belong to me at once so that i can do it with how would i you know i don't want any advertisements because my life doing whatever or i don't want people to be able to shut off my lit my liver cause i'm not being a good citizen can you imagine etc these are not moving there be no snowden yeah well these brain what melted out of his nose by now they just turn him up and i'm sorry that's how to take a leak don't go
hogan atwater crushes me every putting legs where where do you think the end game is when it comes to this pile hacking stuff what's what's what's the end game like where do you hope that at all wines up do you have like now i hope by the time i am ex years old i can fly mean is there is there something like that i i seen and game as some we larger than people screwing with their body it's it's it's a whole bunch different technologies are happening all at once and the fact that we don't have enough resources on this planet to support the population growth and the amount of people that we do have and those sorts of things add together i feel like when you look at it a company like space acts what space access doing an end the fact that all these technologies are leading towards a longer lives
i was doing soil in the food substitute die those goods mediators in york really i asked myself yeah isn't it a drag it also when my trunk and i think all that adds together and i think that you know when we have so many people and we're living a longer time and we have the ability to print anything we can conceive them maybe it's time for us start moving out to space maybe it's time that we can handle twenty years over to somewhere where will be doing heavy destruction work in zero g so that other people come there and live in me smarter and move forward from their maybe it's time to start space colonization in space opposition that's what we're goin we're gonna be cyborgs thou inwardly for them be it like downloads consciousness into a robot and send the robot in space isolating last afraid that's the that the smartest way to do it is to be a cyber if you're going into space so happens every
everything in space is is trying to kill biological diversity i can't you apes and attain can won't cut it was a long time and i think being able to withstand all of the crazy space weather space conditions year the conditions are in saying i mean that the temperature is instantly death if you step outside must ever pressured suit if you get hit by any sort of solar flare asteroid you're done whitworth were too fragile even for this planet that's why we ve got like this stuff on i think more cycle jackets yeah but the idea of of colonizing space as that i don't think it's it's it's too dangerous do you foresee a future where we really do downloader consciousness into some sort of an artificial human being i i don't know i don't know enough about the technology to say anything definite i think that it's a cool
idea but i've never seen anything compelling compelling yes i can't i can't really says it's a month another idea like little you little lucas runnin around made out of rubber and you you're consciousness is in this thing it's out that touch and things move and stuff around yet and also that they need duplicated lucas like if you download a lucas than your lucas and up and up on pirate bay people goods we downloading you and then sending you pictures of their luke is that they have put in some kind of habit re open that low dumpling be another thou be another lucas so because once you start generating independent memories i think start having different emotions there i thought about things you're going to be really weird unless they all interface somehow or another together would issue this year which which domain as possible right i mean if you're dealing with like
the idea of sending someone a video or talking to some of your face time or skype in real time of your phone seems like the dumbest the craziest thing ever like that could mean but wasn't even star trek they never figured that out of starch act but it's real the idea that you your three clones over the are could be experience life simultaneously and that you could multitask the mind may evolve to concentrate on one person out of these to sleep by these two out you know you're doing two different things the same time unaware tuning into either one whatever you choose sort of like touching your leg with you tat what you're writing something your right hand it's the problem and you're gonna have swarms of individuals there's gonna be a rogue in swarms lacking is gone like you know guinness cons responsible for something like five percent of the population is dna because they just now when a party in spain the twelve hundreds and the whole world's never recovered you know
imagine you doing that artificially well when you stuff that's a powerful all of a sudden it becomes really important who has control of that technology in the private how to enforce that yet the race its rightful that's what it's called but about a perfect opportunity desired about its kafka's that's what he wants to create right army did you know that you want to create an army well not an army army but a whole group of people he does live forever did you pay attention to the global future twenty forty five conference yeah i know what the twenty forty five guys do what do you think about that i like that that their working towards it solid project because it's kind of rare and the twenty minutes community there's just a lot of sites i talk really
way too much is way too much that's five of us discontent in the treasury ministerial debating on how to handle the correctly is gonna fuck he's doing was robots i like i like the fact that they have a goal that their working towards i just i feared that there'll be a particular group of people that all they'll get it and then focus for eternity that's your big fear your big fears someone else getting hold of the goods first in not on you the super chip i fear about the type of people that all that i'll get it first because the the world didn't farewell when a particular people set of people got the gun first that was good for a lot
the human species good for us the that's how you here do that's how you sit on the internet with a plastic microphone affront to you sucked out of the earth i would voted from oil i would rather i would rather not have to move forward with that sort of contention and fighting and just p i don't i don't it is inevitable i mean with enlightenment i mean we have what whether now have achieved enlightenment we certainly haven't but at the highest levels of humanity i think people i'll be more aware and tuned in today then the time in history and it's probably way safer today than in tommy industry even though this allowed crazy shit goes down and regular basis if you compare it everyday life that if someone living in siberia in the twelve hundreds in the mongols came storm in and we live a lot better yeah it's a pretty pretty goddamn good eye and i think that a big part of that is technology and the access to information the access to information is freer than ever before technology more powerful than ever before hand
people are safer and people more moral i really do believe that and i think the idea of people being moral is more accepted as not just something that has to be enforced in order to keep the peace but there's something what that's beneficial and something that you should for its admirable i think that that men might not have existed on such a mass scale in the past even in the past twenty or thirty years i think we're dealing with like pretty unprecedented times and it sounds like really super rude in an optimist but i feel like one of those the bible of this technology there were experiencing is that were experiencing a sort of many enlightenment a burst of enlightenment because of this information if that is the case i think that this kind of technology that sort of dissolves morbid country i don't think it's going to lead to a construction of the people the utilised
i think it's going to lead to a freedom of the species itself i really do believe that i think that if i look at the the trend even though everybody wants to think the skies following the trend is an indicate that the skies falling for some people in some spots in the apocalypse is right now if you live in the congo of urine liberia the apocalypse is today that's mad max right that going on right now so but trend for us here it's obviously not in that direction seems like there's always to be a worst case scenario on this planet but that worst case scenarios far better today than its ever been in history and the bad case scenario was completely non existent even in science fiction novels going in that way just up and yet wait until one of these one of these people and a swarm of nanoparticles flying other basement devouring toddlers i mean the thing is like i like the tumblers
the worries and fund where do you think you're going to get a vertical put no i think that when you're talking about this kind of stuff you're you're talk about acceleration i think you're talking about a technological acceleration and wherever there's acceleration there's any creased chance of hurting yourself if you're on a bored going a few miles per hour you're fine if you're honest we're going downhill you can wipe out or manatee is on this technological skateboard that's exponentially accelerating and in that way the role of the individual becomes more and more and more intense and which means that with this kind of stuff when the individual has access to the kind of technology that they have today they can do a ton of day look what happened with those freaks all they needed was a pressure cooker and some ball bearings and lay permanently booty they killed so many people and traumatize so many others in the same way five you for now what have
with when people have access to this kind of stuff it is this is it we are setting ourselves up but about very unique in individual circumstances paris into the seven billion people experiencing thanks completely differently all around the world the problem as the you're dealing with seven billion people that have access to the internet or at least a good percentage of them here and have their stories being told so hearing about instances all over the world simultaneously all at once we are not designed for that designed to taken information from our local communities were designed to take information from all these abandoned dude about a mile away on for the coming here to fuck our women that's normal that but we're supposed to deal with their finances must deal with a story about a guy in switzerland fucked is pig to death right now you know not must deal with a guy in detroit scatter a fake bigfoot in korea out by these
these are all you know this is this is just you're dealing with so many human beings and impossible number of seven billion and you're getting information for a vast number of those people so euro can i get these rigs euro is gonna get but still the trend the overall trends better is way better than his efforts and i agree with you there i'd i my hope would be that we become more ethical before we get the power to cause damage so we even though were more ethical now any ethical mishap at this point would be a lot more disastrous it's not so bad when the most powerful weapon you have the sword but that's not true because gang is until seventy million people or even worse in a sword and allow people on other issues with them but they did it with horses seventy million people lifetime with horse ability without the scenario is you have three print
and let s imagine three printers in two hundred years were now you can like molecular assemble stuff in somewhere along those two hundred years someone disk anti matter right so what and that there is a way someone could create anti matter that when it met matter would dissolve the universe let's just say there's an imaginary technology they could open i don't know it's out again what's gonna happen you people gonna die and then it can force everyone to learn how to be really nice to everyone because everyone can create a fucking anti matter bomb computer that's what i'm right here that's right that's what i hope that's what i mean they say oh well armed population is a polite population in the way to take it to the completeness level on a bicycle cash black holes are throughout our planet they were created by assholes we're gonna have to hop over on our way to seven eleven some of the black hole where there thank you thing in infringe humanism that people don't talk enough about i think is making people more ethical i think there's only talk of making
for more capable intelligent as and there's no talk of making people nicer for the sake of just live in a more sane world because we're not now but what happens if infrastructure goes away and only become hungry again and we ve got lots of weapons around right what happens here and it would it would take a longer period to build back up in this state rather than if we were nicer and had forethought instead of having hunger automatically take over and be like well fuck that guy he s food you know we i think that we should start having a discussion about making people more ethical and and be able to empathize with even other species because who knows who knows what we will run into the future and that might be important will that's interesting they wrote that because that was something that dmitri it's gone actually touched on in the conversation that i had with him when he was talking about that being important part of this whole movement
the movement wasn't just about achieving some new technological statements about ever lady elevating humanity as a whole overall and i thought those really interesting that he is taken into consideration that's what the reasons why in this global future twenty five twenty forty five that's what i was right a future twenty forty five conference it he had he brought in a lot of religious and spiritual leaders to sort to ask some questions of these different face to try to get an understanding what their philosophies were how they would incorporate this sort of new impending technology trans humanism idea had it were to come to fruition pretty fast nay starve mean he didn't just tat get from the technological standpoints cough really delve he deauville to the psychological and spiritual aspects of as well which i thought was a unique and admirable and probably pretty important if this thing moves further we're going to have some very real ethical questions you develop
immortal cyber beings with skin made out a spiderweb silk that bullet proof is already common the trench yeah normative already there for you to do the right yet trends humanist mormon lots why what did you say that's no it s the real thing he's like saying days for jesus yet there's a small area serious humanist mormonism yeah nice guy subset of the community the promise if you mormon you fucking mona be anything just better who rings doorbell first sight this sit down document ailing mormon we believe a fourteen year old named joseph smith in eighteen twenty found golden tablets contained the loss work of jesus and only he can read it because he had a magic rock no wonder whether afraid a gay marriage family there are some good talking to being a mormon they can talk and allowing them to get it at random i stand dammit madeleine biomaterial you the
you're a part of a movement right now whether you call renders a trance humanism or whatever you are part of a movement where you focusing on a very specific thing if focusing on cooperating technology into the body to improve the body and is lungs focusing on that as always the whole community focusing on that whether or not now it's magnets in the fingers everybody's poohpooh an insane what's the big deal is gonna i'm a time where it's a lot more than that whether it some new invention of something that has absolutely no rejection in the human body you can add all kinds of things whether that its new technology comes along that radically enhances perception whether its visual or hearing or thinking cognitive from the ability to reach other minds on gibraltar the chip saw gonna happen ran like text message someone it doesn't have a phone ok but if they have
only context and pretty easy and once we all have something like that in our head and it's like your phone will work with your friends fault oh am gee i'm looking at you right now and i'm writing is done here there's gonna be those moments where we we hit some next level thing that we didn't see common just like we did see the internet comment we didn't see cell phones common no one saw that should come and again even star trek they had a fuckin walking arguments put out say that flivver it's a stupid they didn't see ipad students in elections and you guys are right on the crest of the wave right across the technological soon army getting stuck into the singularity as we're all getting too towards that waterfall you guys are and the canoes at the very frank how far would you be willing to take it up we came up with some real steve austin six billion dollar man arms and legs they just at a saw your shit off and put on some new ones would you be down
if you knew if they're like a whole bunch of it was like fake tits or everybody was doing it if it got to that i don't know everyone was doing it we'd all do yeah came up to like a woman in the eighteen hunters came up to a pilgrim or something and said listen i like alike will you look like but i'm thinkin zone bags of water surgically implanted under your breast with you no guilt our attention morality bags derivatives bagged classic but they would think you're fucking crazy are we gonna think i mean is that us looking at the future about like it's gonna be standard that you still have your arms and legs oh my god girl it is there that there will be the end of rape everybody's just fuckin super oh by the way the new retro thing that i have to fight off everybody yeah i think so richard becomes an expression of yourself kind of of the way that body modification is ready yeah no idea why would i replace perfectly good arms and legs when i could have extra
or maybe something something i agreed in sea greedy mother finer sober body lay about i have of reading by the way that arm squirms would be great if maybe that's what she was all about me and that is the future that future as tomorrow last chauvinism and thought of that maybe that's what that was all about some crazy transfer emanates from the past maybe they figure out a long time ago and they just bear wrote down they were so high a down like you passages in a bag of our gaeta hold on six december two thousand do you like the u s and body you as magnets under his hands if you add replace his arms are the robot arms and other hers yeah of course you do at nice in even if no one else would if you couldn't enjoy like foot massages anymore would your post your legs if there were just numb there were none but awesome like jumping over buildings running sixty miles an hour but you there are none you know you
feel good massage are you saying that power only nine joint grandma you feel nothing i don't i don't think it has to be a trade off i might have if you keep your cargan balls but the bottom of your sagoth numb noise billiard balls somewhat uneasy about the legs on down figures fog super powerful pistons linear nuclear power judge jury you're i can jump over trees them on laws are not about the god of imposing a number of all the way to know what you think you would be willing to go through an operational it removes realized me what have they get operations like a long time ago just something like a fake tit would you'd probably if someone tried to do that to you die just from the fact that not a sterilize you you didn't haven't if we put you wonder sure it was is being thing today but
damn it was a serious sir saying today girls go back to work in a couple of days right the idea on why keep goin back faked heads of trying to find a non sexist way of approaching this as far as male enhancement they can't find it the standard as they craziness of male share of a female breast enhancements when the weirdest things human beings do but to try to if we get to some point where amputation legs like nothing yet and replacing with artificial one but a superpower think that the difference between a breast implant in fake land ray is that already my knees are given out already my my legs are going to wear out stop right there are members who had treated three kids rather it was tense had three kids everything whereas out man momentum flesh right wouldn't way benefits as well as establishing today it again stumbled nuts what we do wear out you're totally right there's not indifferent between those two but we wear out yeah we eventually your choice
might be shitty legs were better extend maybe the sixth the under sack and how can we have some new technology that even though the underside of artificial it has sensors and sends it i would just like everybody here to stop pretending that if they had cooper powerful robot lags you wouldn't get your legs amputated ways i see but i wouldn't be worried about the fact that their non that's a weird languid and now we want someone to do not jumping over three people already working on on prosthetic set that you know that the interface share that view you ve already an end were working towards more sensitive prosthetics that you can neil more rights and you can pretty soon i'm hoping that you can even dialogue so that if you're gonna do something dangerous or painful you can die the pain down whatever it becomes optional and that point it why would you keep these these aren't modular you can't switch whom they dont rotate with yeah why
would you why because they feel good when you wholesome hands but you can you can always put off a layer of of soft stuff one august pretend you're alive and jump off a bridge i mean it's at what point time do we end this ok get your whole buys gonna be this fake row body and you do to take what is the memories of your life and your consciousness and download them into some computer chip and the eu rots and this dream you goes wandering around to your batteries run out yes thinking you're really live in our farm with the whartons meanwhile you're a stupid thing with a battery don't even notice what's going on when you learn meanwhile years some euro like holding hands on the beach in getting messages while all of us are going through the universe jumping over i'm just and devils advocate but there always are those people that want to hold everything back no what like those those assholes that we're listening to
science has yet to explain how a seed becomes a beautiful flower and thus well yes actually it has dummy you know we're listeners these some of these religious people talking of that conference for just like that that the ideas were so stupid and antiquated can we on two the mysteries that have already been solved right but in what we're talking about before those mysteries that have been solved when we do understand the mechanism behind a seed become flower make it even more fascinating because even though we understand the process now it's still while it's cool before it used to be like that hours beautiful what i street i am so glad god brothers to my life now we're like is missing of all the seed oxygen and then minutes from the soil and then it converts it into energy and that its photosynthesis grows and then the flowers bloom this isn't like the whole process behind it is like it
so mind boggling any enriching and as a human being that's one of the things that like really jazz this up learn new shit we just our new shed its part of light the what like when you tell someone so that's cool like we were talking earlier today about this this discovery these scientists in germany and in germany in america they have discovered this new type of animal they used to be like an ancestor of a human being that's from forty one thousand years ago i thought it might be in the anatolic thought it might be a homo sapiens and it turned out to be some new thing that they didn't even know existed it's called call it a dennis soul van based on what i found it ran when we were taught and about it before we were all live like this a desert of learning something new and discovering something new that just
as it is in that that's one of the things that brought me to turn to me some the the desire to see the milky way in learning that we didn't live we couldn't live long enough to explore the galaxy was just to me as a kid was just that really is devastating bodes well you know you're a sober geek is like a hell i grow watching like star wars and and you're watching doctor who and then finding out that were too fragile and we don't live long enough to see anything it's like we can and will what we do as we say what's over that hill whatsoever that mountain let's go rhino it's dangerous but there's nothing else to do let's do it and the fact that we we can't cross space because we too much radiation orders you'll develop wrong whatever that to me that was to have devastating and unacceptable i think that that's just what other option is there but him for their survival seeing unacceptable do you
the there's a gentleman the universally connecticut ass the foremost scientist it working on time travel roy mallet i believe is re mallon africa i forget his name but he's a professor and he's did his work on time travel because his father died when he was a young man and he wanted to go back and to save his father so this guy's like a goddamn after a comic book is they re our turn spiderman book and he's been work i'm time travel to go back in time and saves father call dead that its though those things like where you like i can imagine that i'm living in a world where i won't get the fly in a battle steagall act the and fight the silence is ridiculous i think that's what it's a beautiful about trans humanism is that it has the impulse within it is this impulse they got people to go on the ships to sail towards a con the vague kind of heard about it the right way
king everything with no food probably gonna die maybe the earth just dance i think there's some beautiful about what you guys are doing even though i do see it as a kind of self destructive act i think you put magnets on your fingers you you aren't thinking ahead you thinking about what you're gonna be like in thirty years you know you don't know you just as they do to use have a nose ring for three days and i didn't know is respected and almost killed you self destructive bears impose them to give me the nose ring was not the same empires that drove explores through the sea was just being dumb and high in venice beach there's no glory to award you guys are doing is glorious it's really cool it just a kind of look it's you have to start somewhere you know you gotta see gotta start somewhere starting with magnets in your fingers but other way vampires listening to this the the scientist was ronald mallet ronald l mallet am a l l e t t from the peach he's a phd at the university connecticut we would you
i too me dmitri it's got the man who founded the global future twenty forty five conference and if so what would you ask him you first please ask him i i would ask him what would you say no amendment nos knew not where question would you would you have anything specific that you would want to talk to him about i would actually ask him what his what his vision of the future is if it if it all pans out perfectly in his view what would it look like you guys i'm very interested in what his utopias i loved at last she loved to meet him what about you would ask him i'd like to meet him i'd like to know what he thinks about where we're going as as a whole as a group of people who are experimenting with ourselves and in doing this stuff and
i would ask him for the resources that we don't have when you talk about how put a magnet inside yourself you can't think about the long term or it's not that we have in is that the people we talk too were professionals in these fields they can't risk telling us the answers because they have professional certification boards that would say hey you're behaving unethically you're telling someone to do thing harmful to themselves and they don't know the risk taking we're yanking your license and so we don't get answers to questions that we need and i think i like it scarf could probably put us in touch with a lot of people would have a lottery answers were things i could reach help us out awesome dudes thank you very much really fun conversation really interesting stuff fantastic subject and thanks
which do and thanks for sharing your information as well as our avenue guise of a great attitude about all this technology to and even i play devils advocate about it i really think that ultimately that would be the best way now fall access the problem is now people a week vetches crying house where where plays content goodnight
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