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MMA Show #3 with Brendan Schaub

2017-11-29 | 🔗
Joe Rogan sits down with Brendan Schaub to discuss UFC218.
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the joe rogan experience join my day joe rogan podcast by night all day dear ha pretty child what's up download text now i'm reposting near post man people who talk about that bro that social media account bro i'm trying man hey brother i'm good man this is a big weekend ufc huge weekend that justin gaji and eddie alvarez fight first team all violence yeah that's like that's the one i'm thinking about maybe even the title fight yes there's a few more than the title fight that high it's exciting to me though is it yes i know it's not that much to you i like it it's not i don't like it i like it but i love francis and over yeah i love gucci
i agree you know alvarez is underdog shot as an underdog wow as much as i love gauging i should root for more i do root for members were from you know from den reserved my old team stuff like that i've trained a ton i'm back in the day i just get a certain level that standing bang leonard garcia type of style at the upper echelons can get you in trouble and if any out chris wants to play that game he's going to lose but here's the skills that the my decision petsmart i'm not play that meathead game see this is where i disagree i don't think that justin gauge he really plays a meathead game i think he plays a will game i think he skillful but when when there's an opportunity to get someone to do a battle of wills he's more confident in his will and i think at the upper echelon you can't play that game just think about the other guys at fifty five
tony ferguson khabib barboza yeah but i want to see that no don't get me wrong no no he's a fan favorite for sure i love gate she absolutely love him i think at a certain level you can't play that shit down so you know throwing those bones or you can name a guy who's done successfully so we can begin santino's so it's only him and he hasn't faced the top guys yet so we're going to see what he's capable of doing the weather now is capable of switching it up if he has to but being able to survive eighteen professional fist fights in world first of all seventeen of those are in world series of fighting is true well other organizations first round the count little you can see compared to the ufc no the michael johnson fight was the first big that one counted and he got tagged in that fight get tag get lit up a little bit you got tagged in michael johnson eventually succumbed to the violence
'cause he played his game yeah yeah well and we were talking so much shit to each other before that fight it was so yeah she just drag into a war what gate you i don't think a lot of people realizes he's an all american wrestler from north northern colorado like that dude can wrestle and he's athletic to be just a he's a scam goodman you supposed to start an animal he refused to go backwards that's sole thing it's an ego thing he doesn't want to take a step back which can get you trouble i think that only a certain levels again get in trouble to meet him this got him so far he's a fan favorite but i think at the upper echelon it's going to be tough but we're going to see how he adjusts say visit yeah with the nets in barboza book by the way they did barboza and habib that you asked they do hold jesus asked refresh is that the vega
the december 30th the whole cards yet holly cyborg on their cars nasty so nasty car but that barboza fight is so fascinating to me because barboza is so god damn fast he's so fast he fucks people up with that stand up please stand up is so crisp there one barboza fought anthony patterson you mike woo yes you realize like wow that's some next level striking but you know he's two to cracked and with a jab member and cowboy choke them out yeah he's lost some kind of key fights he hasn't really had you know if data beep shows up though looking like that how to keep his weight down that's that's really same thing like i hope what day
cormier said is true daniel cormier said that he's got a nutritionist and he's got him on point and he's in the one 70s now which is way lighter than he's ever been before you know this many weeks out of a fight i swear to god if termasuk ruins up fight i'm gonna blast i'm gonna freak the fuck do what you really have to be concerned with and take this the green assault because clearly i'm not a doctor but i would imagine that if had not one but two instances where your body shuts down from cutting weight too he had it with michael johnson fight and then out again in the fight with tony ferguson we had to pull out but it but it was similar to what happened in the michael johnson weight cut even worse they did but even worse this last one when he came to have heavy he's trying to rain too much water mean this is simple as that think out bad it was if you're from russia from russia hero thought with one leg and he got
nobody to check in with the doctor they run into the hospital yeah i mean he was in the liberal shut down there he was his kidneys so yeah it's not good whatever it is i thought it was his liver to maybe maybe it was his kidneys but i dread liver i think i'd read it from like a teammate talking about it so might not have been like that usually has to do with weight cutting is the kid right and that's what fails p all right when they have like real issues ok sooo semana meal meat that is this weekend see this is a fight that people aren't fuck talking about enough who on december 30th of december third meal meek it can't make it right because of visa first of all a meal makes first team all body how the snitch needs to snoop around air norway now is it shred is all straight viking though it's got viking dna men just like dungeon hunter yeah no he's just so natural freak this but brazil zussman that's right so he's a scary guy terra vine no one wants to fight him noble
and no one is talking about him there until does darren till dusk till funny anybody anybody so exciting to have him around i know she is a new one i feel i feel like this card though has been kind of under the radar little bit little bit yeah a little bit they said when they went brawl yeah i don't know frances and over him fight this saturday this weekend i totally forgot did you see frances break the world record for the hardest punch i have skeptic popeyes on that i knew you would i'm just saying how many guys have punched that thing have you punched it they said thousands of punched it installed that come that's with the lc sideshows twit tweeter actually accomplish it doesn't look it up they do it all over the world did you question the ok good we were like how many people have done and then we found out that tyrone spong came in second and then has more
okay how to cook up kicked out like has hit a hard kick right yeah but i'd like to see if mark hunt had that bit to the left hook right right when his eyes need to see some of that stuff like what other heavy weights hit it because courts this is huge but he might be the hardest hitting heavyweight alive that's possible too i would like to get car went on that thing carbones prime leaving health street ste yeah image room call out car one prisoner roads no one's talking crazy of course yeah yeah this is name out there yeah he is just before the bell tower had returned a minute you know matt fighting roy yeah and then they go you know shocked kerr when asked co could be a alternate on there so he gets hurt and then yes mad about it and he's like i mean they need to test that that freaking guy there's no ways clean and just one about this whole business like anyone who i fight has to be clean i doubt carwin is so now car wins called out matt now careful with
best for mattie ooh yeah because even if it is clean what good luck those bones get some just caveman bone structure lot of anger bill the french spring that rendered i need to see who one other have you it's hit that thing before i celebrate right now yeah man how many pluck and great guys have backs given out on in their prime baxa big women canes it has some issue big one chains a big one those two guys alone so the rumor was kane fighting it you see two hundred and twenty boston against canaan steepe yeah that's not happening not happening not happening how do you know tell us close sources is not working will be ready not happening steve tbf fight the winner if it depending if you the goodwin of francis over him so what is this what's the issue that's holding him back i'm not sure
i just know you won't be ready with some sort of recovery issue some injury thing something just not ready saying no bullshit wow do they have a fight for january 20th not yet that's really soon be at jenny twenty years now seem soon pretty soon yeah definitely soon up where two months especially with a title fight you want someone that's less than two that's yeah and i'm hoping for a big announcement 'cause i'm at the wilbur the night before so what else is on that card already wow it's really really light well there there getting around to abino boston this danas hometown so he's not going to disappoint glaydson tibau back in the house after person heart what is he going to look like now like that what are things going to because he's the freakiest of the freaks at one hundred and fifty five pounds dude he was jack in those days are over giant do he would
come into the octagon oh my god on fight night anyhow fuck are you one hundred and fifty five in the world how though fuck are you not a middle weight he's a middle weight i'm not exaggerating he looks like a fucking middle weight he looked like paul harris when the horse was a middle weight he look like glass and t i looks when he's away yeah so jacked and skillful hell yeah you know my monster no he's a monster is a fucking animal so he's got everything gone but i i was disappointed steeping kane wasn't going to go down 'cause i think if steve baybeats kane university pays the best heavyweight of all time these came healthy cain game that's see the thing is what we really need is time machine we need to fucking take primetime cain and stick and pride with prime time fade let's find out and you gotta do it in pride too 'cause look with no no commissions i don't know what the fuck they were doing over there but i know the result if i'm just
get the result as a person who's an analyst i got look get prime time fade or's number one prime time fayed or th someone bombs on nogaro when he's pinned against the fucking ring apron over that little gear is in the corner and fey doors on top of i'm just dropping those casting punches those crazy russian punches to come like this why am to school that's why it's it's difficult when the when the who's the best of all time it's like alright well we going off pre snitch or we go in snitch era yeah we go go and snatch era you got steepe yet but even if you don't know how the golden snitch is is jeff novitzky and again that's not a bad it's not a bad time he's coming on the podcast working that out right now and i'm a fan i like that he's doing when i say going snitch i'm just playing around before used to be who had the best cheater who had the best chemists who had the best doc actors at the best doctor who is the best guy that can make you test positive or test clean rather after the way in that's all you had to do except for look it over him he's a guy
you will find this weekend where off the done some stuff some gear in his life and he's tested hattons paid the price and the gold statue comes in and his team goes i dude you can't just rely on power you'll start using a technique which you have so let's focus on it he's doing damn well pretty damn well get that one loss before it's that last ep was smoking dudes yeah he's lost a steep it wasn't that bad because it's deep in a lot of trouble definitely did actually thought you know in the post fight they don't expect yeah i think i could be also they talked about it at that in a little thing but those guys were stunned as a close fight though very close friend he goes on you know beets for doom last fight and he's francis where you know that's not obviously france to fight for is the favorite but nude over he's the best striker most decorated striker of all time the heavyweight division over in can win that fight you know i broke down in my podcasts how many times over has been stopped on the last podcast last and they parking team it's crazy nineteen i don't
i think it's like thirteen in mma or somewhere between eleven and thirteen man an additional three or four in kickboxing a lot a stoppage losses it's a lot but thing she's been fighting more than anyone two yeah but if you look at the last few years there is a nigga corbin amount of losses by stoppage for over yeah yeah it's like it's quite a few what's a number of things right it's it's the winter in the ring then also not being able to do gear see ben well travis browne the big foot silver one that all those happen don't don't don't let it go back the those all those happen inside of a cup apple years man it's one year but also in one year from february of twenty thirteen timbre of twenty fourteen that's not much time
he's been brutally knocked out three times in that time well at least two of them are really brutal the ben rothwell fight was like he got cracked with a big shot and dropped and then they stopped i think it's a good time could happen to anybody that could happen anybody but the bigfoot fight that wasn't a regular ko that was god damn ruthless drives run pretty bad too that front kick to the grill bigfoot fight was so interesting though because it was so obviously post snitch yeah it was he didn't figure it out yet who breeam when he beat brock lesnar that was the uber heem scarce man rental car and we're not fight when you look across the oct on two sixty five maybe ten percent body fat jack to the tips check please and best kick boxer to ever fight now that how about jesus what it does now we can do night with any figures it out though you have that many figures out in judo santos fight yeah i've been you know now hope the ford back
uber reem upon his ubering before they gone snitch good luck back in that dude up did you are paying the price now i'm awful turn his back in ronan let's river on and it works sometimes they just get the fuck out of there by any means necessary see you i wonder if you would over you know that was one of the things that mitrione brought up about joe silva he did joe silva told him that he got a small ring or that it was going to be a large ring when you thought uh roy big country and it wasn't was a small think so he was he said that he was upset about that i've had that happen before two though but again i'm not defendant joe silva have worked the tongue with joe silva obviously all over the years it doesn't really work like that it really doesn't work and make demands on the cajun and ask for this mess with that it is what it is and you might prefer something like yeah maybe but josie was dealing with so many different dynamics the cage goes hey what's the cates oh my god it's a twenty four foot by cool yeah gets bigger cage want to fight or not man you know like there's so much going on i don't think he
purposely lied to matt was like it's a big cage take the fight but i wonder like what fights would be like if the cage is much smaller die less technique your you get a bunch of gates he fights which is in a nothing right but if you're a technical guy like mitrione with has who's crazy athletic with footwork or a bosa or conor mcgregor you don't want that small cage limits your resources in your abilities you get smothered and it it's all your angles short everything off the off the exchange like if you're too close to a cage anything optics ninja cut in short you're going to run into the cage so now you can't go back that way right 'cause you won't get out of the way the shot and you can't go back that way so you have like limited amount of movements that you can make it the wrestlers paradise yeah well it's also a brawler's paradise right so those two things if the fight was done in a smaller outdoor and could be would never lose i think yeah for sure
but i think also one thing that would favor is like real high level more tie guys because they're insure yeah there was clinch and and and and going after each other you know i think that that style like the multi style is not like a wonderboy style with their slide now the way everything there standing right in front of you and check and things in attacking clinch i don't think it would be better for the sport maybe not better for the sport but would be interesting to see how it favor certain styles and i think that it would favor a good wrestler with we'll get more time i think we have a hell yeah be a real good environment for them you do you think if let's a francis were to just start over in which listen over to watch his p's and q's are fifty minutes to use this technique run when you have to even even if people don't like it win by decision great man but if he doesn't want to these accusing it starts by francis you think francis deserves a shot right away if's france
is starch ism frances is the hottest commodity in the heavyweight division so he deserves a shot yeah i think overeem is ranked no number one canes number one no ok so he's number one is which is crazy for him to take this fight and for number two so no one knows like that's really that's really nuts 'cause that fight like that those two had boy that was it is close a fight as you can get an most people thought that they're doing one i think for doom did no one got robbed anyone got robbed but it is a shame fight for doom heard him in over him never really heard for doom not not the same at least i'm sure hit him hard i when the
i thought for doing the fight to i thought that one brown were he rocked him and heard him that should have been those the most significant moment the fight sure so how do you not make frances go through for doom to get the steepest that's interesting to very good question because that's a tougher match up for frank yes then over in it's very do as a mother well i don't know what's going on with steep why don't they have a challenger for steep it like wise the city would divisions a bunch of dinosaurs right but is that what it is i mean because i had heard that there was some contract negotiation going on there's there's a route yeah i've i've heard that i don't know what happens been sucking on a pencil nine we put it here i don't suck on it and i will suck out and put on my lip i will suck on a talk now man just the tim and suck on it though yeah it on the outside of my house the base ready go for february yes yeah so they just don't have a car they don't have a an opponent for maybe we'll try to do for january for boss and their their third hoping that you know notice in this over in thing worked out yeah 'cause
in a room it's too soon yeri much with steve bay for over him is a very interesting fight is a very interesting for me and sell that specialty beats francis who grown so high and mighty on if you were to get by him how can you deny it yeah it's true frances is just i'm not i'm bored you know i'm terrified have seen if i live uh no no i have not should be only seville easy easy is have you seen over in flight live have you seen me fucking mark hunt endo brock lesnar fight was probably the scariest one because it was like this guys greatest heavyweight of all time but he smashed brock lesnar like that i'm like oh my god what if you could do that kane what you watching a superhero whereas i can fuck i don't have the resources get on the same shit but now that he's off the shit and he flat line mark hunt that's scary to me i know right what do they had no testing though none zero like he able to make like the the testing requirement
is minimal as they were back then he he pulled it off he tested clean jaded manager there was god no fucking definitely had a psycho off yeah would he look like that cycling cycling all he looks like that but think about this francis is as natural as fucking coconut water that mother fucker is all natural now imagine if he could take something then what are we every afternoon we got a real problem he shred city hits harder than anyone now eating frickin plan taine there's over him in the uber him days bomba frances is no pump bring up frances that fine mocha skin prime rubrene versus prime tank abbott who takes it i get the fuck outta forums are whole areas area sally tear you're so silly yeah he look the same but he doesn't look bad like if he was just a heavyweight fighter and he was built the ways built now you would say is a powerful guy
and if you see him in his last five pull up the last fight with him versus mark hunt me definitely doesn't look a small guy a still somewhere around the two fifty something range if only saw usually job literally everyone's bodies look different yeah everybody's it built different and dark silver was a big one that people kept bringing up like he's like this dime piece and then it just changed look you look at alister there like he's just got more body fat more stomach fat less muscle is a little bit of a god like he is almost that dad bod that works out on the weekend i wouldn't say that you said that not me dad bot though you know i'm saying like an active dad yeah i mean he's just what's interesting is that he's such a fighter that gear there are no gear i mean he comes to fucking fight he comes to kill you 'cause he is the best technique in the way that that fucking k oh oh my god flatland mark hunt you bastard you know markup flew to vegas to get all this stuff checked off the brain scan all that and what did they say about it i'm not sure but he at lee
made the effort to fly from australia to there so we can clear this up to get back in the cage 'cause again i think for free that's it and let's see there's an you know if you just goes out then starches over him in ten seconds like right well we gotta figure out what he's worth let's give him steepe but if he doesn't and you could give mark hunt that's great fight denver dum 'cause you gotta walk through some fire 'cause look at the fire steep a walkthrough to be the heavyweights a good point and you know he really is only beaten arlovski it just wear looking at the magnitude these performances against guys that were in in his league you know it's like you just see the magnitude of his impact like he's he's a guy that you go who who the fuck is going to stop but they're all favorable matchups you not saying it's like your favorite baseball player is only hitting off the pitcher who we know it can hit home run off of when you and i who actually so some junk and he's not as good you know where if he hit that guy i think he is what he is worth well prime time came when he showed us what was up you know a prime time
kane versus and we can get him down holding down betamon time kaine you know you know i i also think steep right now you might you know he's he's in this prime might be at the end of his primary he knows the reason as prime yeah things out the the base at the end of his prime at all i think pays right in there he's in the he's right there where he could get frances and he's frances wrestle that's not wanna see but again from sources they say that he's a nightmare to take down i believe it me look so god i'm strong and the way he hits any hits your window of oh getting so little and your mistakes are so costly anytime you steak with him you just got calm don so hard like no you know but when he had a guy like cane or steep over they go i know you got power on put my chest in your african chess for twenty five minutes put my head straight in your chest good luck fire in off man
we need to fire off a takedown yeah at least keep you busy yeah i can't just fire off and tell you what the ridiculous combinations on you with constant barrage stopped the strikes aaron you over and over again amber fizz elbows punches part his punches i never get tired right this is similar to me as the jds similar similar word you know decent for work i don't think he's athletic as jds but good footwork power puncher but when you get a guy like steve here can you don't play that game on the outside with use wanna get dirty you in some trouble man well it's gonna be interesting to see if he's in some trouble because in if he could stuff to take down if he can keep those guys standing up with them then you're going to see some nightmares because he's gay and better all the time the thing about francis he doesn't even really been fighting that long he doesn't have this long crazy record not at all in the us he was like you might be something special let's come to vegas and you just work out in this
support said orla we inject this bane supplementing or whatever the fuck it is you know you only use protein powder he's worried about testing hot wow he takes nothing good perfect we need to see what the fucks possible i agree what kind of genetics are there out there i agree he's like you know we talk and yesterday about bo jackson kalin and i were going about bo jackson but there's certain app leads that in their prime they just like we're just a notch above everything else like just out of the womb is on just a different analyst start the same starting martial walker another good example would freak what's that now see my problem we can't put from smith discussion yet not yet not even close no not not uniting close there yes some work to do none of this is that it is far is greatness and accomplishments freakish but as far as like physical free i don't know yeah i don't know either but francis here's the shit out of me when you watch him hit people hits
boo museum go jesus he's just so big and so powerful and so undeniable comes moving in for the kill is undeniable is very scary guy but you're totally right tested we've seen many many guys like him go bust over him is he's a test but over his a guy wear for fifteen minutes if frances lands that fricking bar mom of his you know over his probably going out 'cause his chin's not the same he's been in so many up and down wars you know and he's this is a naturally bigger man mean you gotta their ouster fatah two hundred and five before we fought chuck at two hundred and five you're really skinny frances is a big motherfucker he's big i mean he's a natural two hundred and sixty five pound man thick dude yeah that's uh dangerous guy because if in the beginning of the especially he pushed pressure and he moves forward and puts pressure and he's like really
plosive in fast something gets in there something gets in there here here's the x factor's over in the clinch and there's no one better and have a division street we haven't seen france in the clinch with a world class guy like over and just get over and we've we forget because the demolition man's been around so long he gets in that click elbows knees best knees in the division yeah yeah i mean yeah that's what yeah you know those other was horrifying yeah was killed a guy who's another kickboxer to share i think the kickball so that he fought over and k1 when they decided to make it so you could only hold one hand behind the head alice get two hands behind your head that was ninety nine kia demolition man just drop those knees on your chand the photos file the card to me francis over just where they go their career paths of linda i saw a gauge the operas one is but they're both right up to the either one
looked look this three giant fights in this card the although holloway fight is a giant fight for me i want that fight i want to see it i like to fight just if we're going off all those word then he did have issues with his legs that's why wasn't kicking before i don't buy it i really don't buy don't buy anything if that wasn't that's true i don't but could because in his previous sites and fights after that he hasn't been using all of his tools well i think there's a strategy for that though the frankie edgar fight i'm really believe that he didn't use his kicks because i think he felt like frankie was training for those kicks and he was trying to take him down off the ledge dicks everyone kicks though and we know all that but he got damn good at he did it right he just pleased to me he's become very fundamental in just boxing plant his feet he's gotten away from what got him to the dance maybe maybe
the more we can go he was hurt if we if we're basing on those two fights an if you have to believe him and i'm just going to believe him just for the sake of believing him if he says his leg was hurt it makes sense it also makes sense how he's getting tired quick you get tired pretty quick and that fight did which if he had a leg injury would make sense wouldn't be able to push hard in camp and he he was winning those early rounds is that there was a huge speed advantage for all done early in those rounds and then max hollywood took over yeah max holloway measures you you know it doesn't burn himself out early he's got tremendous endurance you measures you and then he starts put it on you put it on what max is really good at his distance control real any good at movement and distance control and just not being there as well citing seeking long and the kill doesn't end the cut doesn't kill him for one hundred and forty five he's very tall very physically strong and mack truck hits like a truck just got that thing for your storage champion warrior spirit you're going to have to kill him to get him out of there man i need just
fast any guy 'cause he's like hawaiian to the bone you know and you go to hawaii man and he has the next shot at being like the new bjp bj penn me bj penn's a legend and he's a legend from the early days and he's a legend when he went up to heavyweight fought lyoto machida mean bj was a fucking monster in my favorite people a monster so it's going to be awhile now before max gets into those lofty grounds but he's on his way he's on his way and what's instant both bj in max or to the nicest guys in the world super night they both have that in common they both from hawaii both monsters know max could especially one hundred and forty five in the continent going back there for max he could he could be a bj penn time now i wonder if he challenges connor if conor comes back who knows what it connor due to just get in a brawl in a bar is a real so
you know in dana white scram he goes listen it's a if it was that big could there be more video of it dan goes i i i'm dana's basie saying i'm skeptical hip was that happened people that i know in dublin and that blowing me up or saying it's real colors a bit of trouble 'cause he is afk then from one area of iron and that's in this mafia and that got beat up these guys can't find out the guys who beat up his friend or in this bar it's kind of comes in their beats the hell out of that guy well that guys asos with this you know pretty intense mafia family over there so now there's a hit out on connors what they're saying watts yes for nine what now much that's true how much of it is speculation i'm not sure how please shit because on my podcasts i i was like you know i don't know it sounds like a bunch of hoopla p was one b associate and i have so many people have gone bro here's the back of the guy is that he's messing with and they've done some gnarly shit like those uh boxing promoter promotion
that they just came in dressed as like mass men and shot up the whole thing like that he's dealing with gnarly dudes i guess in dublin especially connor being who he is you can have these associations with this underground world stuff like that we try to say about dublin bro it's all a place i've ever been a man that is terrible that's a terrible scene i i don't know what to believe i don't know the ends and outs of it i don't know in dana against this thing is scrum it's always faster windows scrums 'cause just say stuff like that but then they go you know what's next can you gotta fight for me a list sent man gets one hundred million dollars in the bank fighting socks i don't know if he's ever get punched in the face again he's one hundred million dollars so legit point totally legit point but one hundred million dollars can go a lot faster than you think if you like the ball because he the thing you don't really get one hundred million dollars you get one hundred million dollars but then you taxes you got to pay your trainer fee
you got to pay whatever you pay your manager we're seeing is seventy you now seven thousand yep nope so it makes one hundred america in america if you make a hundred i mean like realistically i think it's everything over two hundred fifty thousand hours a year is taxed you know what thirty five percent five eight percent or something like that and then you got to think got managers and trainers in agents an when you make here's a question that i should know the answer too but i do not when you make money if you're from ireland you make money in america do you have to pay taxes in america 'cause i know you have to do that if you make money in canada to make money in canada do gigs in canada you have to pay taxes interrupt actors in dublin and england and australia wanted and then you also have to pay those taxes when you get home you have to pay your own tax correct
yeah so i don't know if you get double taxed but there's ways around it so let's say let's say make sexy let's get to six going to forty being cool let's be cool so various forty million but that's just based off of the fight now think about indoor speaking go through forty million dollars in three years fleet whose amania fucking moron now if you have the same type of guy that is conor mcgregor i don't know about that because were based off his instagram which is a persona of him right so so you see the royals royce is these which is a lot of the stuff you men levels rose royce's people give to a bright they donated a member is welcome this because he's standing on one of them yeah yeah they like bright for yours today you're sitting on a rolex but a rose royce yeah if the site i think ill i don't know if he's that stupid with his money that's interesting well that's the case not really completely bawling outta control and all those bentley photos and
i think that is all just for show and it's part of the persona and part of the act that makes sense well that's the just want to live like a to live he's mike tyson studies private jet stupid and he's like analog that can be borrowed yeah could be trying to say in private jets too but you gotta hundred million dollars do whatever the fuck you want sore i'm saying is if you want it to last for the rest of your days well if you just invest it right you're straight see the other thing is that the amount of possibility for him to make money is so so staggering right now that i don't see see that this is going to be the end of his career do not agree with anybody that thinks he's not going to fight again i think you're crazy i think he's going to get bored word and he's going to want to challenge i think is going to realize there's a tremendous amount of money out there to be made i'm not crazy dana white screwed 'cause i think he's going to fight again dana said he done things in fighting fighting sucks those are my words i actually think is going to fight again
i think he's more than just about money nothing is more about his legacy and what what is for you know this kind of for mark in the sport is i think he knows yes to fend that one hundred and fifty five pound title but then also knows many pack i'll call them out and go make a quick but there are five thousand and sixty min and fight pacquiao so there's a lot of opportunities there i also know for a fact he's a shit load of opportunities in hollywood as well non stop damn so for he's going to be fine either way as long as it doesn't get shot by a dublin gangsters should be fine yeah the other thing is is just not fighting whittaker gs the rumor mill from what i hear is he you might want to see if you can cut to fifty cut to seventy see if you can to get to seventy two a super fight with conor there see that's what i had said
the controversies yes p would be like the biggest financial boom if i was w m a i da like let's make this happen so they want to do that's that in a in a dream situation that's what also it would want to have happen in gsp's taking time off now but i know he's going to see if you can cut the seventy to possibly make that happen they should be able to do it because you get he is the thicker than a three musketeers right now he was fix city and that is being fight he was pretty jacked so a lot of we must be doing a lot of strength and conditioning yeah fucking he's a muscular dude he's getting older too so the way it comes on now but i wonder what he's doing because weight lifting routine you just have to get super strict also i bet i bet he could but specially at seventy if you know he realizes the possibilities on super fight like conor because have you seen the numbers on his fight with biz may know if think came in about eight hundred and sixty five that's not bad not great though
it's not as good as he could do what it's not as good as the paper view block chester stars no but it's not we're hoping for four years the thing is in you and i were talking about this is that we both agreed like there's a lot of fans that are fans down the dental have a fucking clue who he is expect at least didn't before fight now they came home and rhonda yeah post ron compost connor i think the broader gigantic group in and then connor brought another even more gigantic group in especially the kids today that are like one thousand eight hundred and nineteen twenty twenty one theorem no fucking idea no clue you have to be hardcore to know gsp is correct but now they know now they know is the middle weight champ holy shit he came back people will talk and it will build it up and then the next one will be bigger i think even if you thought whitaker i don't cedar breaks a million i think you're probably in the ballpark
i think i think it would be close to a million i think it doesn't around eight hundred and fifty to nine hundred again it it might be a little better maybe it's in australia for paper view i think he had to have a partner dance like connor to break a million the if i would be a million of conor far my mom let me get straight up yeah yeah i know of color jamie five two million two million let's see now yeah he does after that for me with this so much you know just type moon sees next movie is going to can be biggest ufc of all time yeah just for that boy but it's not a lot of like giant matchups right now that are looming that make me excited more than that one does connor this is gsp is like whoa that's like a like i want to sit down think about that
for a while but let's see i have taught them thought about it and it's it's not a secure a great fight for connor said seventy is not we're connor belong to this ashley with the greatest welterweight of all time we can grapple his balls long gravel is balls off we get you to the ground he's gonna you up not a great lock you up he's so much stronger george is so big now when i put my arm around when i was doing the interviews with the wayans holes like what in the fuck this is like wait in rehydrated all day and then i get to it like six hundred o'clock which is what they're doing now which is kind of interesting but i was like wow he's like two hundred plus he's a big yeah he's way bigger than it used to be like everybody thought that bisping was going to have this big advantage over him size wise but when you see george it was a very long style keeps his great legs wide the bounces around a lot in and out and so he publishes a lot with his like is distance and his ability to close the distance it's only though
the size and reach advantage that bisping had just in playing at all that being said though bisbee not bisping gsp has no business being a middle way that's not land for him robert whittaker such dangerous fight for him at one eighty five it but it's really the only fight in granting he's the champ that's the size isn't that big of a deal the problem is he's in his prime he's young hits like a mack truck he's good at everything's good at everything and he fires fucking bombs at your it's like he's trying to striking just to the opening is there it is very interesting with whitaker because he's the smaller guy at eighty five in in the land of the dinosaurs right now land of the giants with brock cold you got ul jock array all these monsters weidman to big boy you have all those answers then you have a guy like gsp who's your in terms champion
calvin the people or time out we're kelvin's undersized guy to work with just please on the interim champ and he's a legit champion whitaker's the interim champ that's true which such bullshit it's kind of crazy right yeah so so you have two champions right but i'm like such bullshit is it though yeah it's bullshit said about it takes four years off you jump the queue you fire a guy that's perfect match up well you and you win walk through flock in web logs delay but in his defense he couldn't fight then he's injured i know i'm just saying right the the if they could not have made the wood covers bisping fight any earlier because what occurs knee was up many true he had a pretty serious so there was no fight to be made other than this in the middle weight division in less you want yeah well just fought for the title and lossed fight bisping for the real title we lost for the interim title that doesn't necessarily make sense heaven forbid we should wait well i think heaven for let's rush did you enjoy the gsp fight yeah i did
so what i'm not here what's the what's the up objecting dial there's no object i'm just saying as far as to me a real the real champion eighty five would be whitaker but i don't interest i don't give just be that title i do because he knocked out bisping rot knocked out rock cold it's really simple rockhold was absolutely the world champion really knocked amount correct and then he beat dan henderson which is which is an argument there's a little bit are we like it is guys who have dinners fans but let's be real is perceived the number one guy in the world at that time to fight for the only time it was exciting to give biz being what he wanted which is a shot at redemption yeah but he great right he won the fight although dan thought e one you know i could see dan definitely heard
my god f about business chair incredible and what dan said after the fight i wish they judge fights on how the other guy looks after the hilarious that's there's 'cause he didn't have a scratch in autumn business should go down as the top three middleweights of all time just based off doing this with one fucking i guess one i'm an what june is insane yeah he's got oil in his right eye right to keep his resume yeah man he's on the best of all time to me remit redness or scary managers should or should not stop start i'm just saying if you look at what will record has done to become champion at some little more impressive to well it's a little more impressive because he beat you all romero any be yeah well romero in a fucking tough fight and he beat him after yellow or marrow hyper extended his leg and blew his knee out first round and before that he starts jock array starched start start easily so it's like you know he's walked through the fire this same thing with franciscan oh you know like you gotta walk
to the firemen to me either i agree so but that's not the world we live in but yeah but you got to make the bisping fight if i was the the ufc ultimate f i g s b says you want to come back if i bisping distances i wanna get that big payday to i go let's make this me too i'm with you i'm with you so how do i make the fight to make the fight to and but instead you have these small you know the of the smaller guy being the champ right now and for calvin he doesn't match you look great with anyone freaking see through one but it does match up great with the champ so you have to decide what you want to do with them 'cause kelvin can be world champion at seventy not eighty five in less he fights hold on hold on you don't think that even could be gsp just he's not finally fucking but he's the champ but it doesn't matter esp though is incomplete matthews we should that conversation 'cause gsp is going to fight it boy names are no but gsp is the one hundred and eighty five john champ data is competing at one hundred and eighty five but that's what it is what do you hear
oh the order the order calvin down at nine i think you should be a little higher you just knocked out the former champ michael bisping who's number two that doesn't make any sense i don't care of bisping was coming off of a tough fight with gsp it's me definitely probably hamper his performance he should be at seven there's no way calvin should be at nine and bisping is it too that doesn't make any sense if they didn't update it on hold up but you're saying kelvin should be at two that's crazy no no no that's not what i'm saying now what i'm saying is there's no way that bisping should be to have calvin just knocked him out and calvin nine that doesn't make sense what's the point evan ranking kelvin should be nine but he should choose function be too he should be passed bisping who it's tough when somebody award just knocked him out it doesn't matter the ranking is where are you at right now if a guy beats you in basketball tournament right isn't it doesn't even move forward could be tuna wrestling tournament doesn't move forward yeah we don't look someone's past and say this is who you are forever we look at your present for formance the last performance that michael bisping hat was it
calvin gastelum kelvin beat him decisive very be clear and doma eating way he moves ahead was that this wreck typing doesn't matter you don't care about he's ranked higher we all we can go on is the contest itself does the self was there we obviously won by calvin in a spectacular way but bing he drops that right jab in that straight left hand ascii amazing performance make elements of monster he's ahead of bisping fact but he says differently that's fine that's fine you can create that you can put him ahead of bisping however you can't put it two middle weight in the world no i wouldn't because i think weidman's in the mix yoel romero yes jock raise the bad luke rockhold is a monster of that division try to put money on somebody luke rockhold give me the chamber that division he could be you very well could be or david branch on took him out remember that day branch purdom who luke rockhold
now coming out of her and her not that bad i think he had emerged i think he had her but rockhold showed would've fucking animal he is an came through it but what happens if someone like you well romero catches him like that what happened if someone like robert whittaker catches him like that with my thing is rockhold is a beast but anything can happen in that division when these guys are that good even david brat what i'm saying is not if it was a very good fighter and had lost like five years world series again again but gave until he got tired if rockhold a very tough experience he came in he came out like rockhold dominator remember rockel had a long ass layoff he's doing the modeling thing if he wanted this sort of match we want to sort of money and then that long ass left then you fight this middle way champion light heavyweight champion world series that it's his biggest fight of all time he brings it ords rockhold rockford weather
the storm that just took over when the storm took him down smashed up smash smash them pencil gracie black and my point is that the absolutely a dead he definitely broke a warm down till he was like it was exhausted by space after for how long now fourteen months off which you know now he's up one of the most underrated guys especially at getting you down and holding you to look at it is legal to much you to look at is it a white man what he did to david branch those guys are all very good of the ground and he smashes and go back to strike force days is his dockray fights that tim can you know he's not the best of the best movies definitely been a savages entire career because he'll outside you start to realize bisping did not come out and you know what man you're in a division where you're talking about a ton of psychos like you got robert whittaker yoel romero chris weidman you got gsp side to stay in the division but you don't think it will never be the champ but you got it krista champ
you got you got these killers and then luke rockhold might be the best out of all of 'em yes but he might not be we really don't know i mean excited about that i'm excited about them i'm excited about you look at him paper yeah rockhold might be the best of the bunch but god damn it's hard to root against whittaker it's hard to bet against i know i'm done then it gets wet it especially after he stuffed all over fucking takedowns from yellow romero with one knee i'm on that whitacre train just like among the darren till train yeah eighty five hundred and seventy and fifty five in the ufc is so god damn good right and so compared it's the best it's ever been light heavyweight the it's it's ever been heavyweight landed the dinosaurs but fifty five seven thousand and eighty five damn it neal and make tomorrow gooseman fight we should find out that fights actually been cancelled it hasn't been cancelled he's trying to get his visa hasn't fucking donald trump let him in no matter what you gotta do is that jesus christ is a vikemon me chris young people
and that i'm a big fan to that seventy could look at seventy yeah good luck at seven camara whose mind is terrifying and no one's even talking about it because there's so many killers in that here we go a meal me he explained status of two hundred and nineteen fight with camaro gooseman visa issues so he just hoping they could sort it out but that must be tough going through training camp either attend anything or take six months or anything between that's all the oc office just told me to have patience the questions on about if i'm going to get it or not it's just when i get it and if i get it in time i hope we can you know that's a i mean i feel like no scission on some fucking power that's what i'm saying can we wanna make some calls take someone with my boy meat into the god damn states and related but also what is this we have tried to get this car when retired oh wow things like their nose no interesting fights and i'm not getting younger let me explain let me just lay my gloves down right here on i did on reddit wow hour ago wait why is he done though
thank you to each and everyone of you it's odd to be healthy and unable to compete yet able to compete when so unhealthy i guess we end i don't know what that mean i think you made a mistake with never know i guess we end with never knowing what could have been somber be the best bait to disc the emotion thank you all for the love the insults the great times sink back into the mode of being a redditor and my quest to become a mod here is there any sort of making little joke there i am also on the hunt for a large fedora i'm like at eight and half and hats model for my ass shane seriously thank you all from the bottom my heart for being for being amazing and for making this sport amazing i thought he was retired and that is coming back out to five did belt or just tell now or something yeah i think you just put his name and he just called out mitrione he gently like two day
so just said he wanted to fight as the ultimate here's what's weird it says it's odd to be healthy and unable to compete yet able to repeat one so unhealthy mean it's odd that he healthy now and he can't get a fight today that means the commissioner maybe someone told me kept fight or maybe belters like now we're good son well i would never say couldn't fight in terms of like the punishment is taken i mean is the junior dossantos fight was tough to watch those that a phone that was a tough one to watch he's had some tough fights but i mean a lot of if you're going to let oberon how could you not let shane carwin fight in less it's like the spinal surgery stuff yeah i'm not sure what's going on that but but also he to fight and rising i would imagine that they would take care bye anybody you know that they had an issue with him where he was getting divorced and he had some personal issues apparently they were saying and he had to pull out of their tournament member end up but they were very upset there yes i did already back down yeah and they said they said some
things about him you know not having warrior spirit or some crazy shit like that sure relax reisen should happen yeah i mean not only that you only have so many fuckin heavyweights you're also rise and switch relax and have shane carwin back but have shane carwin over there a lot uncle kreiser but up god bless sh sh sh it's just full on max yeah see what happens let the party rolled mix it up especially mean chains in his forties right hold a shame hell yeah says in his 40s yeah let it roll control rising is the spot i mean look should have a steroid league we should have a league where some people are not daniel cormier says faces volkan ozdemir at ufc two hundred and twenty in boston six minutes now wow breaking news folks breaking news very but there's a there's a guys get the quickest rise to the top ever this my face for that fight you don't care
i'm lukewarm on it with those new york dc i love dc and i wish you was a bigger star and he should be a bigger star but he's going to be phenomenal as a commentator and i think he flies through ozdemir do you really yes think osm is dangerous for anybody man anybody good luck do more dc when he gets in the clinch it's true it's true did you see the monster light heavyweight of all time not jon jones strong words who's better nobody he was a heavily after she went pee twice in rumble twice twin is heavyweight champion grand prix and then think about that in the grand prix yeah when we did the josh barnett just brandon had a broken hand but through him up in there and we did for dan henderson how by the way dc how dare you treat our legend like that how dare you take an old weather danison spike him on his head you sonofabitch mean he rag
i love dc men i like that fight for dc ozdemir fan i think would be hilarious if he's champ to seven hundred twitter followers but i think tc is going to mop the floor of them interesting unless it's a barn order that's different story i'm just interested in seeing what happens if if he gets hit 'cause ozdemir is very fast and it's very hard and has a shocking reaction was singled him horrible for sure rumble rumble rocked him rocked the box with an overhand right in the first fight in the head kicked in the second shelf sat him down yes he popped up now i'll be dc's monster no doubt i'm just interested because i think owes the mayor really does have special power you you see him hit people you like jesus and according to everybody that watched him and rumble trailer he was the guy to train with rumble all the time is one the few guys want to spar in what they say about it so they went to war really i had one watch that watch that i would watch it
would have said that's one reason why ozdemir so good so the rules like training with him he was like everybody scared around how did you disk error i did they not just knock each other out every day i think they're smart they hit each uh just hard enough to like let each other know hitting each other and look do you want a valuable sparring partner i mean picture toys yeah look it's benefiting the both of them obviously here's one for you how 'bout rumble once come back at heavyweight rumble steepe for the curve football here's the thing you can't we do that because you just fought as a light heavyweight and then quit and said i don't want to do this anymore when it comes back in fights at a heavy ways back bro is like fighting says the rest should wait a minute but he said the like button but i'm back i mean what happened was like at retirement life being fun is it it's not it's boring right and i just enter your mind can he knows you could be champion to like he really does have championship skills
you know i mean he's got now he does for sure the island question he has enough power to knock out any human being if if dc and john jones are out yeah he's he's the guy if d see got hit with that uppercut that glow over got hit with he goes night night too so which i was just nice every those guys are too smart for that they don't fight that style well they didn't global is too easy to hit for him but i think he realizes anybody in the war i mean he literally me let us have a hundred percent chance to beat anybody in the world but then i have you please no no no not a hundred percent chance do not know anybody in the world but i'm saying he might have like a sixty percent chance in any fight with anybody he could connect with a bomb but your fucking lights out he's that powerful so that alone is had means like if he fought john jones sixty percent of the time he might be able to catch john jones it might be he caught jon jones or anybody he hits so fucking hard but he definitely throws
against dc in the second fight he did not look like a guy who is there to do or die did he hit the pad that they keep jacking off to that he hit the i would like to see that i'd like to see that it gets harder then god oh god is a lot bigger than him yeah but anthony johnson is filled out more he's more explosive special you you put anthony johnson on that healthy diet is the two hundred and forty anthony johnson is going to hit like a mack truck very interesting semen heavy rances rumble johnson black on black power capper nick chubb for that bitch get it would be rumble is going to have dick ulous i'll fight in heavyweight just toss oh my god he's ready to go no no no no
i shouldn't do that likes to choke people who let's people now please right now he's a heavyweight you don't have right i'm right around that porzel russian has no idea i fight black men in just fucking star qed that would be interesting is it interesting to see what happened i want to see map giving that guy give him somebody who's you know completely encourages mounts i can get choked guys going to come after him guys going to come out yes and powerful yeah these same hairline is bryan callen five thousand two hundred and eleven he's been through the fucking boring or is it you think he gives a fuck about how hard rumble hits not take that fight like i take for it to the
yeah that would be and finally might be my head for heavyweight men who fuck knows what he gets double down stumble down we see him inside mount we're going to rear naked choke from the side yeah control that my fucking i get all your neck rumbles in trouble if you mount on him and he is a monster a monster from the bottom i'm sure he'd show that dude out from his back yeah mounted he gave it to crazy crazy yeah he's a he's a squeezer there's certain this is just can squeeze your neck and i went rumble in the first round might be the most dangerous man in the world yeah one maybe look mean i don't know how much you weight he was cut to make two hundred and five if he's really walking around two hundred and thirty two thirty five and that doesn't have to cut anything he might be better at heavy so i'm saying skim on that punch meter scott francis just give him a good fight over doom
do for do or duma kill your dreams man dosa motherfucker produce some other bug is begin strike best on the world on the ground and huge don't give a fuck but the on sleds because never been taught that the dank anything yeah get some issues for doing comes on for you and that you should do is just on another planet two how about how about about when what fight was that that backed out oh the black piece registered blues clues huge derrick lewis fan we're talking about derek blue social media i used at the best might be the best fucking his provider bicycle aereas hilarious how larious shut up to derrick lewis shout out the black beetle it's up some hilarious shit i want to fight soon but remember derek you suppose fight we're doomed in the like hours for the flight that guy can't do it so this film in random homeboy yeah and he was just having to be there waltheria walt harris just to help business locked in for doing jim got sod particular just
fuckin so beautiful transition when he took his back and then took the arm off the bands like he's teaching his students in venice about the army so fucking easy i show you how it was so easy for there's a payday then it's that russian goes five rounds yeah that's why he won't be ready to fight steepe in boston i want if you would would you guys five rounds i don't know see mary tabora caught him a few times but it never got rocked to rose outclassed yeah he's just not that level you never get hurt and you know over dumoine one if he didn't get injured boss in his january me who knows talked him in a couple of weeks how you feeling bro special for a title shot yeah i feel deprived down who knows he wants to pay for that and wait for this monster
france is that we're not sure about yeah it all depends on how much damage he took in that fight he did get leg kicked a few times over teams down though man yeah you know he is but did he get hurt like is there anything fucked up in his wrist as l oh ok you know little shit happened fight the nobody knows about training camps and during a fight as well right so what else is going on this weekend there's those fights this holloway edgar which is very interesting there is gage t versus eddie alvarez that's a that's the one that i'm most excited so who to pettis so hodo patents that's the one i wanted to talk about that's another one n paul felder and charles oliveira for the fs1 prelims that's and uh you're very interesting one 'cause oliveira just got done he was fighting in forty by two drain in forty five and just choked out will brooks remember that yes will brooks having a tough and we have seen you have see i thought you can do really well too with fighting scott am is calling again he's had a tough go over in the oc yeah look man this is
the highest level of the game for sure when a lot of it's weird 'cause brooks having tough time you'll see a lot of ufc guys have enough time in bellator different divisions different points do is probably the longest over there and bellator seventy right now especially with roy mcdonald there i think is the strongest gets i think you got golema you got rory macdonald you you got like availabilities larkin you got michael venom page you got paul daley who just knocked out lorenz larkin you got a gang of fucking assassins pause the most limited because of his ground game yes you know i want i like rory gets you down like he showed how to beat paul you know that but if you stand with paul he's had a chance idea he's got a chance against anyone in the world are doing daily verse marco venom page they are good each other hate each other katie they are going to do that yeah that's crazy five great fight
no roy mcdonald wants to be an alternate and have you eight yeah he's out moderating turned out of him others you know michiana sounds money if this has a huge a huge hit more technical along one answer point doesn't matter how much is the way royce may maybe one nine thousand and ninety five it may be a lot of fucking krispy kreme yeah it's just a idea so gangster yeah he is but there's some guerrillas in that day vision will think if they let shane in the female shameless jail sonnen who's going to sanction that fight yeah that is fine rampage he starts rampage that seems kind of crazy to doesn't that makes more sense at least rampage spot at light heavyweight and chester similar that's true but you know i don't know why they made matt in rahway on the same the for the for the first round i would i would put him on top sites around we've seen there see output on opposite sides well i think they wanted that fight to happened they want that rematch to happen
think maitri owned right like if i was five thousand the fate or camp whose fate or fighting first fragment that's a danger for right hell yet the dangerous fight dangerous fights on that's dangerous fight then he king mo ryan bader especially under niche like testing well that that whole that whole tournament yeah it's non snitch like oh hold up son well okay get quinton rampage jackson chelson that's at the form so that's the that's the california commission district is fucked but the mohegan sun arena mitrione roy nelson suspect and then all state arena what city is that in allstate but if i was a vast fade or i'd only want to do it in the middle of the indian reservation but only as far from the outskirts
possible we fight inclusive casino we're going move the arena to the virtual center put up juiced up from for seduced up fade or that's a dream match where is that allstate arena chicago chicago they gotta the athletic commission might be fucked they got to get those doctors that they brought in it is moving out of all out of all the goddam fights how does mitchell and roy the two guys who've never tested hot end up in mohegan sunday because they knew they didn't have to worry about them testing yeah i know but you put faith or and frank and he again but what they i don't want him to be able to go fucking hard but they don't have fun do you think scott you know i love you do you think men out that includes a casino juice to the gills old gay pride day old days and how is bobbi latching on that tournament i get check on little boring someone they we just pant bobby come on but just come on no
many things you clean but nobody he's never filled tom never mama dude what do you think of my clean boy you know yank i would watch bobby favorite bobby roy nelson be sick we decided to do i know he i know i know he's got great genetics and no he works hard he sealed is among skills mother not strappy lashed out was a grappling beast but the best wrestling promotion but that is the body of a man who's been to the mexican pharmacy how dare you or had someone go for him how dare you or bought it from a dude who went that he got it yeah i mean that's just just steroids he's never my just from prometheus those
from prometheus that's ridiculous bodies that brought the dna to earth to make new people those giant did pull up one of them dudes for prometheus and put it right by side him by the way i love that movie right beside him prometheus jack dude or he looks like the new teenage meet ninja turtles but jacked in that image he like literally had the body of one of those prometheus guys like right there with turn off by the ocean bang make that large yeah he was identical hardware he looks bigger these are better than that guy he's thicker freeze more jacks let's go come on sinan jesus christ look at the size of it will come on he's bigger he's bigger i would bobby lashley steamrolls that dude from prominent those guys for jets huge doble steam roll like nine people difference if he's the same size that guy one more bobby lashley fuck dog it's a real human but all the other body less she calls pick he's always been jack i believe it mean he's definitely got for
nominal genetics but the are there ain't nothing going on but the rent you now that your fucking mind you're out of your fucking mind yeah i don't know man talk to jimmy smith about where they have him fight yeah now i know where they have him fight yeah i just give you guys a break i'm giving the guy break i think he's awesome but i think there's a reality to pride that made it exciting and made it fun correct you know an where i would like to see one of those things today whether it's rise in or check the size that dude i mean a and phenomenal genetics maybe really is taken gamma labs but in the lab but it's part of maine i want to go back to the old arsenio hall days things in may you go well i mean if we look at the size of 'em up there with the elbow straps about the thirty two diesel the left i don't care go large in that picture
more gel timber bob sapp oh my god pops up in his prime bob sapp it was not even a human being he was a science project of full on science project he's made bob sound versus nogaro look at the size of an ashley go to bob's map versus nogara there's a time where the beginning of fight nogara is standing there ready to fight bob sapp is stand there and bob sapp's gloves look like miniature gloves because his body is this wide and he's like cartoon moves in custom my only thing with bobby lashley is i've seen guys nfl who aren't hot that look like him oh yeah it's possible it's totally possible bobby lashes also forty right wrestling the just let it happen for the first round like watch it comes out look it up fuckin size the spiderman no girl's neck he was so big he was at one
point time i think he was three hundred plus pounds is four hundred oh i don't know what that was and it was three one hundred plus pounds with apps like three hundred and fifty or three hundred and seventy five with all my god they don't teach out in any gym in the world that's so bad for your neck do that no girl was retire 'cause of that really yeah is the worst injuries ever sustained so what happened to his neck debolt disk yet have surgery like that so that's one of the things that really fucked nogar up it's amazing that he still fought in one and one amazing god no caravan would like fucking savage when the gates we almost got taken out because of a fucking head spike i was not willing to fight him fade was no thanks a curator throw those crazy kicks from when on your back then you could kick to the face looking i forgot to get reversed remember that think of that monster on top have you she's not that much of a badass no gears goes you know that off fight frickin
maps app even though he's juiced to the gills like this bob sat on top form has his back him rocking them smashing them smash city crazy after struggle city for big dogs right there he told about this you forget about this fight you forget how big of am oh my god look at that that's a grizzly bear jesus christ but if you him when you hit the bully in the face they go away look at this i almost had him in a triangle got slammed yeah so the triangle slam ricardo are honah rampage jackson triangle slam should be shown to every kid who wants to hold onto a triangle ever you need to watch this 'cause this is real to bonds update some of the best ever brutal leg locks and everything look at this i forgot he went to leg lock they fought some of the best ever not this was a nutty fight again this is a fight the fade or wouldn't take but fade out
like non non non russia i understand what he's thinking yeah even even when they when they want know your to the rematch like dude with spike in life i can't with my neck man it's too much it was in my life my career look out he has in his battered how entertaining is amazing like well it some using but now knowing i love with this when he did with the granby roll woop woop on your back son when erect such big one when he won i remember watching that we were going crazy look at me and eddie were fucking screaming at this button armbar beautiful let me know when he straightens it out and bob taps it's like no fucking way but this is not just jujitsu this is like that type type type type tab is not just huge it so with nogara it's just toughness and
here it on the topic is ever do is his warrior heart that allowed him to get through getting spiked on his head like that and battered and not just three hundred and fifty juggernaut on top you dropping bombs on legend still get rushmore mount rushmore mount rushmore fuck man what a crazy time those pride days where what yeah you know voice be with an armbar how this voice fucking crazy oh my god voice gracie fataki bono with pants on he felt like with g and so i can write e did got ocu bottling red arm bar this sidewalk opponent jesus christ bono said your key though who not to do is this is a bob sapp though that have started to lose his physique like this is his career where he had been fighting
you know like you'd only like the levels of juice that he was on during those days of glory when he fought nogueira those are just sustainable no he also hated fighting i have a friend that actually almost fighter with him and he used to train with bob and said towards the end of his career he wouldn't barely train let's do it for the payday he just walk in there yeah taff whenever you got hurt in yeah you see you smart about it when you knew you could make money he would go places that want to see people beat bob sapp and see he would go and he would not take my it would be eating dinner in tokyo he was like on the wheaties box and stuff you know like all sorts of merchandise it buys you should stay nineties and stuff but you know what happened you know the whole story no something happened with k one where he had a contract that he was supposed to go out and fight but we had given him the contract that he said i'm not signing i mean i'm not fighting without a fucking can't i need my money legit point and wound up leaving there is some sort of a contract dispute and why
leaving before the main event and you know they're like oh what the user really you're done damn i didn't know that yeah yeah and i just you know there are not and all i know is a story that i've read and the story that i draw it was that you know he was upset they hadn't given the contract yet and they wanted to just fight and deal with it later come on bro listen a vein get you to do something it specially right before like a god damn it alright boom yeah well when i talked people that are japanese about the way they would do business over there says really interesting he's like one of the things but like when the ufc was talking to pride it was really interesting because they would have these like meetings and they would talk about selling it you know but they really didn't want to sell it they just wanted to say that you wanted to buy it like ok good seal just needless stopped but then it also pumped up pride like
but in the you have seats are talking about vandal it was gonna fight chock there bring together but these japanese business one what they were playing like super high level sophistication of three dimensional chess very tight move and then here's the tightest of type move i'm not happy that the this but they essentially sold the ufc fifty million dollars worth and nothing they got a they gotta fucking video library of fights and they got pride to be out of business that's what they got for sixty whatever million dollars they paid because a lot of the contracts were no good that's why i fade or was never in the ufc in the mark huh thing they were willing to pay mark hunt out there we want to give you your money he's in now fuck that i want to fight you the ufc team want mark to fight yeah yeah i remember when mark first got the ufc it wasn't pretty days now he that's made by a crystal sure sure yep hit some rough days as a rough days yeah he also i it in the hands of somebody i can this first sean the cortical
yes sean mccorkle sean mccorkle katameya camorra from the back his first right in the first fight in the upstate submitted cemented a huge upset and then he had the comic oracles a funny fucking guy ridiculous shit online or is he still alive right now never heard from however there's a funny guy he was funny at the time jimin matt used train together i think they have to show but yeah marks google for a little bit there and then hit the walk off home run knockout of cristo sure yeah that's horrible fight in denver dan rafael rothwell because they both got so tired because now yeah yeah and i was asking joseph would do let me find my home town is it will never do heavy weights and ever again because of that meanwhile they have can fight for doom or they have next to the chain fight for doom in mexico city which is to the feet higher that idea the ridiculous so going on this car is at it so we just wrapped up yeah please hearing yeah you can get it covered we kind of got the card cover to the pool
well there charles oliveira fight felder is a fucking beast man you know felt is another guy who i'm in i'm in i'm mrs see i'm not hating on you i'm not saying they can't do amish just see you know lcdcdc's dc's been able do it dominic who's also got injured but here's what's fridays out the fight now but guy seward work in his analyst in fighters at a certain level are you going to be able to continue at the highest level and compete he's not done animal analysis enough for i think it's going to hurt him i think in fact it's enough so it probably takes his mind off the training a little bit let some relax and let some analyze fights i don't think it's that big of a deal and when he did do that commentary was really good at it that's i think he's really good really good i was really good at it so he has a future in it for sure once he decides to retire paul could be an amazing commentator i still think he's i think its potentials in commentating against the high potentially counting that he does been the world champion the ufc i'm not want to sign him off yet i'm not sign a off he's a phenomenal fighter he's a phenomenal
one of his world champion but his final fight how crazy would he be worse is gauge that's a fun fight that's a fun fight he's an animal fulfill their versus gauge would be maybe like a perfect style match up never mad when cooper fights now i'm i'm excited about this fight because all of their is very technical technical's feet all of this i think he's super technical and he sneaky on the ground but he just can't get over that you had so much promise he just coming over that hump you can't beat alex silva where there's so much promise and we thought they were going to do this and just hasn't aligned form this no pedis fights a very important fight two very important when you look at pseudo when he came off of that fight with hayes he looked it's amazing sensation but also what screwed not screwed it was a good experience but when he fought tamisha johnson had no seven fight mixed martial arts fights he should not been in there demetris junk is just not ready now what we see is a little more well rounded he's a phenomenal
power puncher officer ridiculous wrestler for pettis it's a tough one for him to take on here very tough and he's a young kid you know pettis is only twenty four i think is very young he's very young to ease fees out of his brother's shadow now yeah for sure is us by the shadow well with a few wins his brother still former world champion both and strike force and in the u of c brother just lost again though it is against lost a bunch in sir you know he's fighting in a way higher level up until this fight at least this fight is this is like world class level ferpa yes this is like the most difficult fight i think faces career it's a little too much too soon i think propose in that david more dude he's fighting against your car close gamer fight he was wanted fotland overnight as boo he's nasty is a monster he's a fucking savage savage kickboxer man oh here fucking go cons out of the fight his rent i'm not sure you got hurt that's a bummer that is a bummer
about holly i'm sure will be for the whole time and it's interesting i'll tell you what nobody has more compose or composure nobody has more composure in instagram videos most composure sees like when she says profile sidebar expense saying that i haven't been tested she's a politician and actually have been tested nine times yeah she's been tested he tapped so some of us training are about here training worrying thank you thank you have a good thank you ready to head kick a bench such in direct contrast to her back flips is appalled and head kicks it sure is like a policy is a very smart mary's comments moved in and she's like a real all american girl like you look at holly home and she had freckles and shit she's pretty silly in all american head kicker
eat cybersyn tough if it's tough if she beats cyber to me number one of all time what are we doing listen miesha tate strangled her and she was still punching in the air while she was going unconscious that sell savage holly i know and that's a great match up we should take did get her in me she got her in the fifth round a fight she was losing losing took her back and put her to sleep we should tape and yeah ten but she's retired yep she wanted anyone holly cyborg is that holly cyborg yeah i wonder what kind of numbers that does 'cause that's your headliner on there right now 'cause you know tom cruise is off it's going to show you the power of top flight women's mma fights and then there's the you know there's this
i board aspect they people tune and she's like a cultural icon sort of a thing like people tune in to see uncle that cyber check she's scared yeah doesn't look at either and still it may not physically scared and scary but the way she destroys violence very violent and very technical last night wasn't that violent but she wonders show most she was fighting a crazy i mean zombies on us and tanya have injure islam iman she's she's he didn't give a she was thrown item mom like collision dad mom bought in also would not go away like that she said that if you were watching like a you two were a lot i wouldn't be on you to be a poet for you to book a live leak outside of a bar in kentucky course see some chick gets up puts a cigarette down and rolls up the sleeve flannel shirt where you're sure the very sure you're aware and just throws haymaker
is on some chicken she's gotta buy the game well and she's fucking drop in moitie elbows on her but she's doing she be like the kimbo slice of soccer mom's in the backyard brawl she's a tough tough woman tough is malamo i enjoyed that fight because of her i agree she made the fair she made the fan she she fucking had some whistling shot swinging by cyborgs chin generally dollar for it look it she took it she took it and she was going for it that's off took a fight that a lot of people didn't want nobody wants that fun yeah i mean look at fucking germane to randomly said now so i'm good you can keep your title not fighting her she's done storage port yeah but she test cleaned out i don't care about not not recently enough now you gotta get a tester in like ten years yes sir every day for ten years that little johnny said is this yeah i love that so i would fight them i do too but i wanted to see what numbers that us t germane to random he's a very tactical striker that's why i thought her versus cyber could be interesting i mean jim
germaine de randamie fought a man that's how crazy scary cyborg is paying for a man and ko'd him this video of if you watch it she's like i'll fight a man fight cyborg i just i'm all around the country when you give up the belt we see not it she just she's too much well i'm i'm a i'm a fan for talent she's a very talented fighter but she should've been champ in the first place i agree hawley peter and i think she been penalized for short gifts for at least one of those after the bell shot one hundred percent is she landed two after the bell shots one of them was devastating like she really rocked holly beat her yeah i think holly beater i think you got take into consideration how what scoring system they were using back then 'cause i do not i think they were using the new mma schools also in new york we need a new york wednesday early daily sedans ago i think the
refereeing i mean i think the refereeing could have been better because i do think she should have been penalized for those shots after the bell an when holly headkick ter that was one of the most significant moments in the fight the other most significant moment fighters and holly dropped with a straight left hand so those are two giant moments in the fight in there both on holly side and then there was the two shots after the bell witch you could conceivably penalize her for at least one you have to do for one that's why i thought holding on the flight yeah i would i would agree with you i would agree with you because other than that harley did most damage in the fight for sure but during demanding jermaine durand me was controlling the action in the beginning of the fight until holy land that question mark kick a full committee whining the question mark kick is beautiful cac just a beautiful cac you know if you're good at if you get that over the top like rock colds beautiful that he's really good at no one does better donald but yeah what kind of beautiful any kind of made that his thing yes yeah for head kick ko's
question mark cakes there's been some other ones in the past i'm trying remember you see that with that video i think justin wren posted but espn blasted that the wheel kick that landon knocked that dude out the heel landed right on the doot chin it's so gnarly oh the one with the dude ducks down anthros and up we'll kick the guys throwing a headkick there's a what kind of white cognac i throw them and they do ducks down like almost like a cartwheel kick and throws like a wheel kick up and that he'll goes cold perfect shot my god like the way you through it you know what the video is making where yes well it's almost like that but it's like is like he just knew where the dude chin was going to be and duct himself so you know you and your body but it's just very rare that you see someone landed at that angle specially with the heel yeah that must hurt isli this boom crazy
it's hard to know whether or not that was like perfectly placed orgy just crazy lucky timing i think you'd like watch this so you see him here is going to give it up see but that's not he did it so it's not a normal path is really amazing almost like he almost adapted to it straight up once yeah he knew i don't know if you had was gonna faint i mean really you have to see him fight more to see how good he is with his kicks but that shit is perfect that shit with let's see that won't ask more time because it's crazy look at that look at the title amateur mma fighter starches opponency right here like a thai kwando guy would see the shifting of the hips and then the shoulder moves toward the left and so see that yeah i can see that right there you see that right there that is absolutely he's about to spend see the right leg moves the right leg slides back showing your cards that yeah yeah yeah so that you don't see it wonder boys not going to see that now he's showing us he's flashing his aces yeah but he's all
so doing it in timing with this left high kick which is so brilliant so the left nick is coming he sees the left kick and he's yeah check this out bro i ain't there too thick to head to mrs this and then it goes on you know what i think you did on purpose or one hundred percent percent boo i mean he improvising the moment for you did it exactly to some purpose like side common but either way it's just a perfect shot two two dots curry chicken land this cmu dog to head kick skillful she's amazing i had cake and landed a perfect like crazy ninety degree angle we'll to the mug amateur fight yeah that's crazy it's crazy how he saw the left high kick to like boom fuck made espn as an amish fighting on espn i know right now you gotta gotta make up yeah you don't care that you carry that with you everybody's looking for the head kick the next one you can't be grow compound in such a thing now yeah
married to a thing really early on right codes real problem is real probably like you're known as like if gauge he just decides tomorrow to fight like woodley just move around a lot and get the fuck outta dies but there's a middle right people would go so crazy like would have gauges got a title shot against tyron woodley and they both like mirrored each other they both like like like fuck is going to wait wait wait wait wait would explode wait wait wait wait wait wait have you seen how hard your boy kobe commenting is being going in the paint on instagram woodley oh my god have you seen this recently with the sandals he did up friday sale for the sandals mocking woodley you have to see it i don't care how is martin with louis sandals just see it like they're not real sandals you just like a mixture you you're sick you're sandel this friday and it's the the standards of woodley saying one thing while the whole fight medias but soon enough
living life won't fight colby there it is ariel gsp is duck me he just wants money fights area and i ducked in kobe or anyone at one hundred and seventy i want to fight nate because it's a money fight let's seem like you saying the same thing yeah yeah i get it i get it yeah you just keeps killing lots of money fight i because the money fight yeah i get it money fight yeah question you offer him a big fight i'm almost positive make sure i'm right on this before i get destroyed on the underground but i think dan goes we never offered woodley the ds fight browser he's just trying to get it pretty sure looked a real diaz fight as the other d's that's the real yes money back timely response to claim nate diaz fight was never offered delusion
call dana constantly demotes me as a fighter wo charge to watch the gym 'cause is the claim nate diaz fight was never offered to him delusional dana yeah but did dana say it demotes me as a fighter when the job is when the job is to note his fighters especially champions woodley said why what i get in camp why would nate give a fifteen million dollars purse request if there was no fight it's obvious they haven't found there blockbuster headliner yet this was a reality and they know it the inability to in financial terms with nate killed it but there's danger going one of our attorneys here started playing matchmaker which is weird he but he has a good repor with the diaz brothers and he basically said what if you could fight woodley me and sean were like how does he deserve to fight woodley there's no effing list of guys that are waiting to fight time woodley and there is fuck all there is there's a fucking money just guys there you go yeah ok so the attorney went out of his way
attorney attorney fucked up who's this attorney kind of slap dick attorney tries playing these games that's what i would do because you have a bunch of fake attorney quitter twitter accounts on an attorney with ufc and i'm interested to know would you be interested in this flat screen i know you say retired but how retired are you get back at me dude can ask it on the podcast fuck yes dude to me his career is a sad story it is a guy that never was yeah well they for whatever reason they could work it out with him to get in your city yeah they had their disagreements and also his fighting style but for him never to compete the mining towns gordan man if you're a fan of fighting that style is important because band screenshots mother fuckers down and he shuts good guys like lima in bellator mma
lima down like course cough shut him the fuck shut him down those are world class class graveyard aoki shot his ass it's such a bummer he never got in the oc and you know what i gotta be honest i think if that same gsp showed up that fought bisping josephite asking asking pizza it's a sad story that story i agree he's my i had one wish to get a guy ufc has never been in the ufc he'd be the guy me too the door it's like you were to get in even bellator richard zone just k odom you know i get it but not stage at this stage i would say without doubt it was aspirin i would you my golden ticket if i had one with dana to get askren and yeah i would too he called dana like a fat bald lloyd monkey and what should
it's funny but does that mean but how many things has dana said about guys you know i'm saying like this style thing to the word that is styles boring i uh understand that they are in the business of fighting but i mean i kind of am but i'm kind of not the business of i'm a fan of fighting and i'm just a fan of fighting like i like to watch fights i will want to see what the fuck really works the best and when a guy can do but ben askren's been able to do time and time again in his career to world class fighters take them down's mother then beat the shit out of him that's entertaining it's not just entertaining it's important for the art form i agree to
to that style that no you gotta know that a guy can do that to a guy like lima or got like course correct but also been asking can he speaks well yes you can hype the fight on social media he speaks very well this is also fully olympian he's also an olympian how about this floyd mayweather does not win fights 'cause this is exciting we may be able to conor fight you seem lose 'cause he's a good trash talker we should start our own promotion we really should wish would in a football field goddammit down unit on that i don't do football field freak party fighting production that crazy is the is the matchmaker and it definitely be the match for you will first have to listen to forty five minutes seven on on the league on this latter latest flub false flags come on man if we had a sitcom though the seriously i think about how crazy different we all are if we had a sitcom where there was
all these characters you would want to have the crazy conspiracy guy young also one of the best you jitsu instructors in the war iraq like a weird our dates of will validate so which which is wizard you guy who's like all all about operation mockingbird successful so yeah take what he says pretty serious it's also bat crazy batshit crazy and tell you i'm crazy you know what i want so you can all you have i know it's crazy i'm crazy allstate is looking into it then you get cal and he's out of his fucking mind it's a weird weird group of this is the best management all man we went to the fighting him in awhile i know we need to do a good one i'm not with a big john mass screen we did one with the big giant screen right just you me and eddie the what uh what fights are coming up that we might get one every week until the new years show me what we got here young dreamer we have there's one right
did that that's what cub swanson in and ortega bryant tc city t city sega triangle city he that mother fucker i love his guard man he has one of the best guard that's the one that's the most right and san jose and lawler oh boy december 16th mother fucker i'm in buffalo i'm in buffalo in vegas shit why are you in vegas i'm not now i'm in vegas two weeks after hey i'm sorry we're all out of town but what's up with that december the december ninth one ones that saturday december ninth i'm working comedy having like long beach or some long beach yeah
while you're gone beach terrace theater clear long beach guess who's going to be in boston at the wilbur theater on january 19th the day before ufc two two hundred and twenty i heard it's pregnancy that's my brother is you impostor right now i'm going to be there together yes i'm excited i'm excited to man it's going be fun weekend tickets just went on sale a place to man i'm so that's fine you're very funny last night things were telling me telling telling things working at it too yeah i was wrapped up so i got to pay see you guys by everybody see you thank you everybody thanks for tuning into the show terra and thanks to uh sponsors thanks to on it go to onnit use the code word rogan you will save ten percent off any and all supplements thank you to live to go to l y f t dot com forward slash rogan today and you can get a five hundred dollar new driver bonus that's live dot com
forward slash rogan and we did it we made it to the end okay that it will be back next week and we got to sit next week is going to be a lot of fun we have induced trump is going to be here on monday the fourth i just found out sturgills in town i might try to squeeze sturgell in sometime next week too sturgill simpson halle grammy winner fridays tuesday rather is stanhope wednesday is chris stapleton yeah then thursday sean baker all right we're excited pumped were emotion we have momentum we will keep moving forward
think everybody appreciates you bye
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