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MMA Show #4 with Justin Wren

2017-12-06 | 🔗
Joe Rogan sits down with Justin Wren to discuss recent fights in UFC and Bellator. Donate to Fight For The Forgotten - http://fightfortheforgotten.org/donate
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having guy is just so so generous with his time and his love, and you just I can't tell you, I appreciate the sky. And he's also one of Bell tourist top heavyweight prospects and the salt of the earth, so please give it up for my friend just in rent will gain experience. My Justin ran, ladies and gentlemen, come on how low fella, the silky, hair and a beautiful beard. Thank you so much ram my pleasure member of the House thanks man. Things are good Things are really let me last night, gonna go the calmly store for the first time and see another. Legends and just being a legendary atmosphere. I mean this is seriously an incredible time as the fund it's right. There I mean in you address. Rowan so's is really Betsy Brennan and Brian Cowen first, and then you
incisors hilarious. Did you get to go? The upstairs rooms well argued. The two were now when I was, I was in the belly room is upstairs Brandon and Brian we're in the main rose. I was in the original room which those in Birmingham yeah. So I need you to go to the top. Denial show the top. It's bizarre little places three comedy clubs in one place it was. It was asking yards fucking great, walking around single history seen our own get aunt and then being it would be close to the comedians too, as is pretty awesome, I mean being held at medium, so high and just you're in arms distance from himself really unique if hasn't gun. I suggest going because is awesome ye. I think Chapelle is filmed his Netflix special, his next one. He did there in developing the ballet Roma. I watched him work, one of them out. I don't think this film and then, but I'm not sure I was out soon right. Does it think that Dick weirdly announced that it comes out this month? I think well are delicate.
And there I think so that might be the case, because it's so small there's, probably not a lot a camera angles and no idea he found a lot of shows. So maybe just wants it just get one of em perfect and then throw other, but he had a lotta like really topical material. Real real current material was was smaller than the room that you are. We I mean we're not even half the size, I'll yeah see that's incredible December. Thirty. First, that's crazy video here, but equally amity is what its nice is funny man he's was funny and unseen em in that tiny little room like there was Many people in the room allow yeah dig get more and there sometimes, but don't tell the fire department fuckin shouldn't fire Department man's crazy out. Here I mean I seen that pursuing this room seriously looks like Armageddon
The torrent is bar stool sports. For anyone who wants to go there into rampage, they somebody put up a video of last night driving up the four or five cash, its craziest thing you ever say its entire mountain: what's crazy is its Bel air, I mean it's like really Richie Area, super expensive houses and that fires rage towards them. It's right near the guy Eddie Centre, and what apparently with their calling this a dry hurricane. So I don't live in California and I'm not home owner yet, but does homeowner insurance cover all that or do you have to have extra like fire and that's a very good question. I don't know the answer. He was in Hurricane Katrina and because he had hurricane and Europe, but they don't have a wind insurance and so why insurance come waits for men or flooding insurance or something like that. It was what ever you didn't. Have you get one and not the other then, whatever you didn't have that's with insurance company would claim. Will you can have this and that's what
should have had sailed our losing tons of money, they're home homes. My family old roof off their house? Are the monsters Yanza that's on one early, Coquet homeowner insurance, but do you have fire insurance and they are they gonna covered that you know sir, if that's Bel air, million homes or fleet? Have the right answer: Well, I'm sure some people have fire insurance. I know it's a thing just like hurricane and flood insurance is also a thing, but do have fire hurrying to congestion, well yeah right. This is fire Kane, such as the hurricane? What's up their calling dry hurricane mean is dry. Wind there's no water, but did its hurricane Gale force, wins Gale force, that's right, Hurricane force, ones, tat not like you know, in my own country, no, I mean when we just ripping last night and they know that. There's those fires out there may that's crazy yeah. It's insane man, I, where I live out, evacuate twice oh, my gosh here twice in the early two thousands were the fire
So close, it was within a mile of a house and in our when it it's in the windows it can take over like can just run. They said that the fires that they were having in northern California or going through an entire football field, every six seconds that that's mine, five, a man just imagine watching that watch and fires just cut through a football field hundred yards every six seconds it s almost like those clouds on the storms of youngsters, watching those go, buy a lot If diagnosed northern California fires to they just got stuck, there's no way to get out and they apparently like down whole now by area is, have you been up there? No damn before the fires are no. What it looks like right now, but it causes beautiful, so they do other wine making and are we sleep when Turkey hunting up their Mean Brian Cowen, Stephen Ella took up there and we were up there and we
is so gorgeous, but it's like SAM I rural, but then a big tourist vacation, destination to so people come there for those wine tasting thanks everything, apparently a giant chunk of that part of the state just got lit up and we need when you go, Turkey, hunting or using a bow are using this union shot guns issues for the mediator, show Saudi after they go for their. There has that's not so his their body or goes everywhere it well, then you have to pull out all the lead, and I wish you d like when people shoot smaller birds like pheasants things along those lines, you do shoot entire body, but with Turkey Basically sitting still, and you call a manual make this law, they get this sound thing in your hand or you have one in your mouth and you know, and you make little turkey calls and turkeys come in and just blast them in the head. Or you shoot him in the body with a bow.
I know all my friend John Dudley allows guys they hunt with bows and they issue Turkey Hobo, but its tricky because too he's a goddamn dinosaur and if you don't hit the rights bothered to fly away with an arrow sticking out of them literally some kills a deer I guess you're right through a turkey in it argues that shocked about air, like you have to catch them. And their vitals. Their vitals are literally shooting arrow at a softball from forty yards romance in this new spaces awesome I mean this is incredible new studio and saying that you're targets are up there. Yet what forty eight forty forty seven yard seventy endorse. But when you come, Man will have full Jim you work out, and they'll get us dude after you watch the you see and he saw Francis and gone out. Did you see if you can make to a five? That's a lot of people like. I could make argument to five
till it was well. I've always been against it, but now think about just getting by man he's he is a monsters terrify monster to see how far he sent the offering sad gas just backwards and have one photo. That's like an iconic expertly. The the most cycle at least my mind or heavyweight fighting it fighting photo that there is. I mean what I think so too not back that way, and I mean just such a and it was a powerful punch with the timing of that shot- was just in time Annabelle, you see how and where he had knocked back me ask airy scared I put down one of my instagram feed to that picture seems like the coming of the new. You know what I mean, like obviously, is gonna beat Steep Bay Miocic. But if you want to look at a picture like in history, when you come back go, this is the moment were, in Ghana arrived and people realise our holy shit, I disguise for real he didn't do it any guy? He did that
how's, your mother fucking over K, one kickboxing World champion yeah. So fourth world champion, just a stud like elite, Our number one heavyweight contender. Now will you you and burn, or talking about it last week on the show here, yes and if he starches them and if he can, if it improves often it's like man, he just at the best way possible. Anyway, he did it. It's like the whole world's noticing, like I saw it on CNN. I saw it on all these different websites and they're. Just everyone raving like he could be the next big thing, and I think that's gonna put him on the map. Now that but he knows and they This highlights real of his knockouts now, so that the advertiser fight between him and steep, I think it's gonna, be gigantic. Things have a huge I've been able to talked with its coach and there's a potential. Is gonna go out and help them in this in camps up over. That's. Why
since my schedules kind of crazy, but hopefully I can get up there for weak sneak up there. Now, I'm I'm happy for you d, better, get a big fight for now and if he wins against, in Ghana I mean that is just gigantic. There will be absolutely phenomenal Thursday I can do it. He pay for sure. While he's a chap champ for reason now, he's got a lot of work to do then so big gotta, whether that storm it put em up against. Whereabout pummel I mean just really heavy item and attire amount, Deanna, deep water spit upon his back. We gotta member of room did get him up against cage, is already lunged atom clinched, with em got em up against gauge, but couldn't do a goddamn thing with em little differences. Steep. I haven't that that that only can rustling background from their low. This is crazy. He's opening up is that adding favoured over the heavyweight champion. Steep Amy logic mean this is an amazing. I mean I get I understand, but that is
pretty incredible that he's the betting favorite has just look at us common that do in the May. Math oversight but I ve become an opponent with it, comin over Eamon how they both perform against him. Yeah well over him did catch debate. In an atom stunned, knocked on his ass and instead they came back and one, but it he's gonna be obviously super aware of how dangerous it is to connect with Angano he's gonna. Obviously try to stay on the outside and when he closed the distance, close distance get that clench came up against a cage and figure out somewhere. You get that guy down or where his legs out or do something we don't know. What happens when in Ghana goes on in the third fourth and fifth round right if anybody can even physically taken there. I do love her deeply. Has that killer instinct both against over him after getting hurt? Even Four do after this lay injury, the uneducated Santosuosso, yeah, you're right it does not this fight, yeah he's a little Sondra had kicked his leg, pretty harden giant
swelling on his leg, then come back in just knock em out is he dead, was beautiful, yeah This is even if he doesn't get put out her even still, he can still turn on the killer instinct and put more. So the ass will be exciting like watching this fight aimed for this is one of the big anyway its recently that I'm just so stoked yeah that's the big one. I think it's probably the biggest Hemingway fight ever when he sat about what I'm gonna do is you know I mean there's, obviously been some giant fights like Brok less when he fought canvas. Ask as Brok Lazuli fought over. Those are huge rights, but I think that in Ghana something special and if, if steed it could figure out how to turn him down at a shot him down and beat him in it will really cement his position as the man on Batman Planet and, if not, we got a new king minutes. So say I was even thing when you're saying those last fights this one, I'm as excited, whereas whenever Brok fought Ching Carbon, the ass helping me and bring about
open change, changing for that fight. Now I might be, I week or so. Helpin steeper get ready this one just being around that seeing the preparations which are going to do even just been a trading partner for that legendary fight would be the you. Are you gonna shave, lightning, bolts in your head to emulate in Ghana I am at least gonna die black lightning bolts and my hair is neither a verse Manila guerrilla version of you train this debate before haven't known. Just talk to this country has been so. If I may the great idea- and I think it is too Sir he's in Cleveland. I'm sure he's got some incredible team around him you're in Oklahoma City, now, random, surrounded with with Lovato yeah, that's awesome and Kalen it up their gash, always undefeated. Seven, no strangling people cash and not can be allowed to just crazy. He started boxing, or at least kickboxing before he ever started, Jujitsu real. So, as a kid is, is father in him and if you know what they're the fur, ever american fathers,
Brazil Jujitsu Black belt and men, but they have this background of just Everything that's also since, like you know, early nineties just go in and Cross Dream he's from that old school like it goes like it's Gracie, solitude, barrow, shaggy and then you know he's in that group of those today style of Jitsu Jujitsu, just smash style, those guys just tremendous pressure, basics and when I say basics. I mean like the hard polished, try. I'd in true techniques in areas like is not like a lot of fancy crazy new school stop, but it's just laser sharp and jests matching our and the pressure. Such a big vanderdyke is always talking about the pressure passing over melting into India on being a wet hot, blanket on top of unjust, taken their airway making them give up in honest.
Have trained with guys like carbon and mere and couture, and over Raymond I've train with some of the biggest heavyweights around and he is the the person and, if I don't want, Five is the biggest only five or I've ever seen again. You imagine I don't know how we may say cut, but he does it. So I incredible waste, the healthiest ever met, most disciplined athlete did most disciplined person I've ever been around rail in my entire life, obsessed with discipline and training. The performance mindset, competitive mindset, the guys, the the have ever been around, but he is the the person to ever make me completely cluster phobic underneath I've never been claustrophobia underneath anyone- and he just takes my not a word. Nobody takes my breath away, but I mean just the EU makes you want to quit him. He and he so in he's always about put yourself in a worse position possible and becoming uncomfortable or being comfortable being honoured
making yourself too, where no matter where you get put like you're gonna find out of here always just one step away from a Finnish, you finishing now, even if they're about the Finnish, you you're you're, just your stuff, you small statues, inches away from getting out of their reversing it taken there. You putting them on their back amounting in finishing a man he's here credible he's only I that I've ever seen we'll go through like ten minute rounds or site, eight minute rounds back to back new stream, for the ABC sees why I mean he's just an animal ten tonnes. It was ten tonnes. I'll, just blown away that he could do that and we are having to rotate fresh guys on item and by the end of it. He attired, but there's only time. I've ever seen, I'm tired, but actually tired, and so he's just and absolute and was a lifestyle for him. Honestly, so incredibly inspiring, and I- like just being around him and me doing a lot of this things that that's what
Make me the Balladur Edward Champ, but, like just us the each other. It's really cool dynamic, but if I can be has disappoint us. He is I'll, be the most disciplined. Have you fighter? There is so it's, it's it's pretty amazing being around him in his mindset and how he tried was the world seeking out the the top instructors. In every discipline and means going down to Brazil to evil us out evolves attack a velocity tie. That used to be a kind of like intrudes box ass before box, and he goes incur Deborah YAP Curitiba and goes so up those good vibes at the like largest Therefore, in the world are one of them and then just in training kept disease Portuguese. He does it a lot of people, stay calm as brazilian, but his family, spanish and he grew up in Oakland City so inevitably speaks for it. Why should you Eddie learn? I think through judges
lots of being around people always trying to put himself in those situations than he would go to I think, as a sixteen year old kid and he would go Brazil, sometimes by himself and stay for later there too, as you think you might have done it for a foot for four months at one time. Why so he's a really really special individually, the guy that I've I've never seen take take a break for take off a mean. He competed. He fought three times embellished where this year, three no in between that are a super fight with buchecha. Yet another group We, the eighties, sees you just going from every two months he was competing every two months, are you staying healthy? The whole time to which blew my mind because he takes is, we have a place called the Ark that we train out the athlete recovery Centre, and it's got hot and cold plunges and infrared sign, as in the crowd therapy. In the just all sources of those normative boots and their pities their inner strength, tradition, coaches, therefore, all in one shop and so right after on training is recovering where he gets thoroughly in his
stretching out- and so the whole warming up, truly and cooling down and taking care of your body and putting the right fuel in it eating whole foods at all, seems like just not button garbage in your body, man he's gonna, be the better middleweight champion, probably pretty soon. I think they are that maybe lined up in the next two or three fights I'm excited, I'm excited to see him compete against look really upper echelon, guys the guys, like me, saucy along those lines, the guy just fight Chris Honey. That was an entirely. Finally, there was the first high level wrestler these competed against. You want everything around the four six fighting everybody and so it can be exciting. If it is on watching this hasn't, he watched Raphia Lovato Junior compete, whether its and grappling with Emma may like go following because he's he's gonna, do it. And be a champ yeah. You savage for sure. What does he way before? He makes a cut twenty five. So I don't know
specific number. I think it's round to ten to fifteen to twenty something. So I know I'd whenever he's in king up he's trying to walk around less than two hundred when he can't Isabella got six to raise war. Six force for this kind of, like some, the longest reach the unknown we cannot want only five that raising, and, if I may say so, for his in De Gram, and you could see a picture and with a shirt off Homeboy is fuckin. She had read in him he's these he's gotta be in the neighbourhood of like eight or nine percent body fat, you. This is Jack shredded, just as a heavyweight. I've always use envied anyone that was under fifteen or whatever. So here there is come on Son just shrouded and looked down and ever every every guys are fought. I mean if you see other way and photos like they're all looking up at him with literally there
I'm sure, and when you went through a pretty significant injury a few years back right in here, like a pact tears, I think it was the. Is there a peck tendon, Something tat was the tending in there. That connects like the shoulder the pack and completely toward and had have reconstructive. Audrey and man the guys so discipline, I'm I'm. He went through like anyone. All of US athletes would being bombed out a bit, but you hear this machine that was in a move in his arm up and down, and you know just sitting there within the It is a planner of visualizing like he'd takes advantage. Even the time is not on the mat he's. Rupturing is life around it to his writing down as goals in his dreams. In this its planned the next three months plan. This week's play in this days plan, I'm just riding every single thing out. So that way we can make sure that he's doing everything can even he's not training he's is trade
Israel is mine, is dreaming everything for that, so that he can he can perform at the best. I think that's why, He compete at such a high level, and them am speaking about him like this in, but it's all true, it's all on as much strength give the guy props the key. He earned that from at least- and I think you should from premature anyone it competes with, because man I mean is measured. Butscha even was so competitive easily one that match I'm he could the eighty cc's easily contracts is a big fella to Vienna like two to forty, five or just hike here just and world class yeah, I mean one. The ABC season for now big lovato fan, I think, is awesome. I M excited, as I always love, when the really the highest level guys in any discipline entered to Emma. May you now and when you see a guy like him with sister, just ginger, jujitsu, phenol and now is like ok. Now, I'm going to try to take over emanate or a guy like go con Saki
enters into the you have seen. Ok, let's see what happens when you get a real high level guy in any discipline who enters and to have a man. It's always interesting because their such specialists, Cosmo Stemmer may fighters, you know, praying wrestling pretty good at Jujitsu, pretty good at kickboxing, but not elite like world class world. Champ chip level at any different disciplines. So when you a guy who is like Rockville Lovato. He is world class, a jujitsu like world championship level, and then enters into emanates. What you're gonna do and he grabbed the like- you do in my world us it's who fail, isn't seem over doom yeah yeah, absolutely and something special about Rafael, get and then but anyways he's he can coach. So, incredibly? Well too, and that's not always the case with the lot of athletes. I've been coach by a lot of incredible wrestlers Kenny Monday Can you across they were incredible: coaches, kill, Sanderson. I've been coach imam biting gable in some other guys so legends and
coaching is also just so thorough, and so exact and its it. Like you see the guy at the top right now who's whose performing at the best and he is able to teach it at such a high level that that's ways stop some other rambling world champions and stuff like that. Now focuses on whom he just perfect timing. The human. Got a train together for a full year now and taken two thousand eighteen. Both of us want to be in a hunt down those belt. Did you Move down to Oklahoma City, specifically military within there's a furious, but yeah. That was there was one of the big ones I was going to, regardless because waterfalls based out there and fight for forgotten his underneath water for and so we're we're partners with them. And they ve taken overall them in a staff and where an officially an initiative, Underwater Well, it's nice yeah minutes! It's it's incredible! So so so so that they're they're making things just
flourish written serve over two thousand people with clean. Why this year, that so incredible NEA and we're doing a benefit tonight at the communist or yeah yeah, it's gonna be increasing embalmed. One of many. I think we're gonna start doing these all the time. There are just thinking We do shows there all the time and most time we just do shows and Michael. Why shouldn't we just do shows a couple. Old times a month or so just donate all the money, so that's we're gonna. Do man blown away by so stout? I just found out right before we are in the pot gas that there's generous donor out of a home city and he's gonna match. Whatever comes in today. The website, whether that's at the restore. Now ten thousand dollars the first ten thousand dollars we matched and so that first ten thousand be doubled. Alternative twenty thousand, so just so stout. So whatever comes into the doors meant it can be doubled. Does beautiful man yeah? Well, you know like a first time, we did
is we got Bitcoin from people may donated Bitcoin, and I have the bitcoin on my phone and I have to get it off the phone, but that It coin is now worth like fifty thousand dollars. So what I did was I took it Bitcoin, I took the cash version of and I don't need to Waterford than a MAC, matched it and now we're up to do so. That additional monies yours to examine. Only it's yours. So it's like what is an additional forty five thousand dollars there. Yes, we gotta get it wrong. Found, but I had go to war for man. I can't this isn't funny. I can't this kind of snow man to man yeah. It's the thing is now in there for a while, because you keep it in. There were four while might be worth even Morty bail. Now we might go away, go all the way when we were on our way, Ike speculation in the next six to twelve months is at least twenty thousand. If not fifty thousand. Well, that's right!
way. I speculation, I'm not lying all this. What I'll do I'll leave it up to you guys will get the Bitcoin off the phone and then I'll essentially leave it up to you guys when you want to pull the trigger and take the money out of it, ok That seems to be the right, because I call it the first that advice advisers to tax. You know what I'm gonna get Andrea's anti novelists he's gonna, be on the park ass, Sylvia and he's the guy who set up all this bitcoin stuff form in the first place, the Bitcoin all came in ass donation, so just so that everybody knows I could some people used me of not donating that money too. Explain to them. Now I took the bitcoin I just whatever the money value of it was then. I guess I've got a sure so but remember that, but the what's left still is not mine. It's it's. You know just me. As I gave em you to have it, but it's not mine. It's yours, so it? Is all donation? That's us
thought as science project? Am I glad to see what happens with it? I don't want to take it out. If you ve been zero, I didn't want to turn it into money. I didn't want to come. Shoot out, and so let me just give you as whatever money it is, and I hold onto that now see what happens with it. But now it's worth fifty grandpa, Sir, who, more than that six sixty five while Jesus keeps going up its click on a crazy spike right now. What elsewhere. Thirteen thousand hours heavily shyness well. I ve also pointed it's crazy and I will also put out my bitcoin address once I get it off the phone for you guys. If you want to donate money and again all that money is none of it goes to me, it's all going to go to water, for it's all going to go to fight for the forgotten, which is the shirt that I'm wearing in that I the benefit- is Justin's podcast. Before I store all the money is going to fight for the forgotten. You can donate to fighter what is the sea fight for the forgotten and org found donate true, calling
haven't paid attention. The Congo and before wells, give you a brief rundown. Just was on the ultimate fighter fought the sea for a while and then found True calling going the Congo and Building wells for the pygmies, and it's just an amazing story. You could watch some of the pod cast. You can watch some of the short That's on you and I know, there's a documentary on you. That's coming out soon as well. Yeah things could be the summer of two thousand eighteen, and so thank you. So much reason do and sit down interview and not much wiser. My pleasure at a whole lot of value to the filming give it a louder voice or wider reach, because my first Promises things, and this was even so managed to think of- sport of this community and personally you because men, The first came on wooden drilled anywhere else. In fact, I just had Andy bow it ass. I had held him and his own half your boy that held as he passed away and erect me change
and it, but I knew we were going to do something with water. I just knew it, but my first time in the podcast of zero wells drilled, I was just going to go there and live for a year, and hopefully we are going to build an incredible team team is now when strong, full time, twelve Part time been able to. Drill. Seventy water wells merits amaze. Seventy communities have been transformed if that Bitcoin us. The grand I began forty to sixty five. He said five, I am, I am not a math was Pfeiffer but but it's for you hundred dollars transforms community. It helps our teams go out there and survey the line. We have a survey team. Now they get to go out. Scouted out beforehand tell our teams what tools to bring out what obstacles to expect. So that's a few hundred dollars for five hundred algae survey the drill, the wells around twenty seven hundred dollars and then to help the community and really teach and train them. So we educate them. Locals, with the knowledge on how to drill the wells, we equip them with the tools to be able to do. It
I can read so of our well jewellers. Everyone will, I think, everyone can a lot of a month of even graduated from the university of with community development Series. I mean the people who live in them. A Junta pygmies the mobutu pygmies, none of them there's if I've met to people. I think two, maybe three. That can actually read in their the chiefs I'm one of them national credibly guide. She Falander MRS grandson Jimmy and using the chief one day. I that's like my favorite little guy over there and Jim. In school now and lungs. That, but it's it's one of the first time ever, the Mobutu things have ever been in school at sustainably to where they can even pay their school fees and they can have food there. What, Because it can by the food and so but traditionally we'll have a written language, they don't have a calendar, so they don't know their age, and so there really really traditional hunter gather society that just incredible you love on their hunting. You know with the boughs there their deadly I've seen
the little boy, probably eight nineteen years old, climb up the canopy, the reinforces, probably it's well over a hundred feet. Sparely hundred fifty two in her feet. And see me. I show me up there eight nineteen years old to the top, and with it now with a bone, is like hung around his neck and so he goes up there and then he's typing in apparent so her or other kind of brief parents, the anything then environmental, us one that they do. I spoke to my mind, but if the running in their hunting f an antelope and a bee flies they're in the chase that beat the hive because they they with honey terms like gold. I mean it's, its: they love honey, having something sweet so their lives to climb up into the trees. They set a fire at the bottom of the tree. Let the smoke go up and then they can I'm up there and they just reach- and these are african, Beazley our killer bees there, reaching into the honey I've and just pull.
It out and dropping it down in a basket were just or down just get leaves Jack just John ass hard. Sometimes two people go up there and the like one, one guys purposes just to have like a twig and leaves at that he's hitting the the bees off of big guy reaching in terms of protecting their when those guys come back into the village and they- this just treasure bought of of of honey. The whole village celebrates there. He rose and You notice, they literally did risk their lives for their wise with kids, that they could have some honey and they say that they savour it in its its pretty incredible another thing they do as if their hunt and if I The turtle will actually make it looks almost like the kids here have like Ninja Turtleback backs guilty of vine around the feet of the turtle, and then they put it on their back and then they go back to hunting and if they, an animal if the likes of internal first? No, you just keep it alive and its on their back and if they get a kill
of an antelope or wild hog, or something like that. They should let the turtle go. And then every day they only take what they need. So they respect the forest in its resources so much So they only keep what they need. When I'm fuckin, too cultural ride. For that what're. You recognize Jesus, what the fuck is fond of pig but but but they don't they have food and dinner later for their kids, and so they bring it back and they'll just cut it open, on the fire and an annual hurdle of ye have eaten turtle. There was like it's not the best it's it's it's really gave me and
We really chewy the kind that I had- and I don't know it part ahead, but I've I've hadn't, even monkey There- that this was before. I was there to enable a break out everything cheese, but I didn't know that he get it from eating Monkey and South EAST Asia. The heat Monkey Alla time guiding Monkey several times now, Brayley, probably five, six seven times why? What is it tastes like eyes? It's gonna, sound goofy by its super tender, is from the best meet I've had the one they gave me a single party like that around the we're boner. Whatever is afraid you out data primate it didn't at first. I thought it was kind of crazy and then after I tasted it, it was really a good. And after that I mean it's, it's it's good, my foot, Steve Rinaldo went to where was in South America that he went to, I cannot remember, but he was down their hunting with this tribe and they prefer monkey over everything coming. It's that good
that's why it's good ITALY, good, not just saying that I mean it's, it's really good and they celebrate whenever wherever monkey size. They bring back with a big one or the little guy they are really celebrate that similar they caught the sweetmeat, So as you say that, The monkey still doesn't say, worries that Bolivia, Bolivia, that's it yeah! That's I think there is even a Youtube video. Sometimes people can go check out on my? U to channel of me, try monkey for the first time. I thought there teasing me, and so at the end I now it's. This is chicken. It's gotta be chicken and the like, its monkey and after they walk male side. Her to wear the monkey like carcass was still there and everything and dang is. This is real like it's really really really good, and I said it tastes like chicken yeah. That's figures: Rinaldo set it tasted like a smoke, turkey leg. Yes, I do go get they cooked it over, like the Miller concisely, use over
a fire just so it's. It's asked me we're about two to three thousand more land. Now here we are marking. I was eleven and ass. I am God beyond or of those I get hot smug answer. Billig, I think, can go and weaken our he's. A vegetarian coming back here in all my life, like shouted Tierra thing, because eight, a monkey, really I mean she she was, she was actually a white. I think she's still thinks I just have one five or six on our lips ass man. She does now because of this, but manage it. Such an adventure living out there and so be beheld empower the locals. To do it for themselves is just so key like that's, that's all
The message from Preachin is just the opportunities greater than charity. That's why I asked you if they could read if is like today, could you give them instruction manual, sort of how to maintain and had the upkeep farewells or how to build a new honour so with the pygmies they are involved in helping us get our equipment out there, and sometimes our hikes or from the nearest cool, put road which none of us will tolerate at all. And the same drive some of the giants, the drive to the beginning of the rain forest where from airport, is for no six hours the same, Zack DR has taken too. Before hours or forty eight hours quitted eagerly. Forty cars in front of us one time, because it is stuck in the mud, to get around it so, but once we get to the reinforced it can take an hour to hour three hours to hike each way and so around trip with one well. Joint equipment is allied to the whole village helps us, I mean with theirs, most widely proverb that basis. As you think, you are,
We go fast go alone, but if you want to go far, go together and so uneasy beauty, because they they mean? Let us do all the work alone. They know that their we're gonna come come in and help them with something that so precious that's life. Saving life giving to him so they re I'll, send a hundred people to come help us with our equipment and so what what used to take us days to take in You know takes us just that one trip and so help us get it in there they build a hot. So basically they built a home just like what they live in hospital give us our food lower there. If they must be so happy that you showed up, imagine some big white dude from America. Out of nowhere to say, okay, I'm going to guys make way there yes, sure, yeah! Nobody come down here, made a well the fuck out of here. While you made seventy wells now, they must be like how is this possible
Well. What I love is the the heroes of this are thirty two well jewellers. We even have no yet the share on your pod gas last time that potter soap, which was inspired even by the spot, cast him listening to this working at night. The night shift and having a dream start a pot yourself which is in whole foods, and they the brands and target is superfluous. I swore and awesome yet their help in us by land there in the Congo. And we're stuck starting up a soap production facility. So we have an essential oils press and we're hiring the locals again. All essential oils, youth lip this and other caught a will and palm oil and different raw materials, because the only thing they have available to us right now: car washing soap. That's illiterate, from China or from India, which is packed with chemic I use it. Let me wrong, I mean it from it, I have no soap at all. Josh yourself with dirt right inside we can do that. People are now if you just take dirt
if you're, somewhere in there's, no no soap just take dirt and just literally use water and mud and is wash yourself with the dirt and ignorance. It all off you just trying to scrub off the bullshit and dirt his pride better for you, antibiotics, hopes for sure, and so we're about two to three thousand acres: more of lands. We have three thousand acts ass, a man and it's about to be five to six thousand acres win. If we reach out and reach out the people cause. I know a lot of people do like to go to places like that teach english If there was a way or will it be, the language Tito be most beneficial for them down there. So language rises really tough, because Well, you may speak. There is over two hundred spoken languages in Congo around a and so there's five national languages. The government schools and hospitals in french is colonise by Belgium and its that's, not story, but then these also speak Swahili in the east
speaking gala in the West speak and the Congo in there's one more than a missing when needed. To them? How do you do when you talk to them was so a very, very broken Swahili, very, very broken slowly, but so highly they speak. There is its mixed with a little bit of French. And also the local language. So you you ve, got a truly. If they're ran over the last six years, I've been there for about maybe a year in seven eight and nine months boots on the ground here, one time and then mandate, but but there's this hang about Swahili. As I was born in Tanzania. It got sick in Kenya, I'd in Uganda, and they took it to the Congo to bury it because they can't community. With anyone in Uganda I mean I'm not truly commute Kate while upon across It's. What lay off each in English is teaching them. How to read like. I just think that
You could somehow another teach them some language where they could read and write things down and the like. You could just keep the keep this thing going, put them whether there what what I think is really cause now we ve got this video upon, You too, it's chiefly amazed transformation and so chiefly a made in his village, it was just an incredible transmission. They had never owned land of their own, but chiefly oh may remembered his grand, Other used actually take him to hunt on that land that they now own. And so I know it's theirs and his grandsons going to be able to say in a diss with my grandfather's land. Just like he's able to say no, I we used to hunt with my grandfather here so from the land that they have. They have land, water and food there. They have about five hundred acres, I believe, and so then they have their own water, and now they have, on so many banana trees there, they used to get paid one to bananas a day for labour from sun up to Sunday
a banana or to a day now they have hundreds and hundreds of banana trees. I mean problem, the five six hundred billion, trees and that one village from that terrible you sell it. When they sell it, they can buy their own clothes for the first time. They cannot now pay school fees. So the They can actually go to the local school and learn. To read and write slow, but of hike form but think go learn and read and write, and so it's the first time that I mean it could even create an open unity, for the Mobutu pygmies to have rubber intention at their version of Congress, in the Congo for the first time ever, there's over to entertain is represented there. The only one not represented is the mobutu pygmies and so to get them educated. The excuse used to be from the government. Was there not it they're, not really people their part, man per animal, that was the government saying that I think in the early two, thousands currently nine. These early two thousands are saying there are half me enough: animal that they'll never have representation, but now it started
shift, where we even have a governor, the governor of the largest state in Congo, sponsoring everything we do oh endorsing it saying: hey you're, free range of the tree region, and we want you to drill here and I want you to drill there and so he's actually come on. Our side said what, with the work you guys are doing, is really great because its through the locals its locally lad, and so too, that opportunity once some the mobutu to are educated, have high school education. Maybe we can get on to a local unit, Firstly, there right next door, in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya than they can go back and they she set representing themselves because now we say, if their educated than we camped, none of them are educated. So I would draw the process longer, but other you know, the next generation will be, and that's what since Are you also to get back into a mega and that in are urge you to sign up belcour and since then you got three fights through fight and one all three, and now you're one of the top Bela Hemingway contenders Conakry.
Because when we first talked you why haven't fought in a long time and numerous five. Two months yeah you weren't training. You are just kind of like gone back and forth to the Congo, and then you know what how to be a crazy thing to just get back into it. After all that time out, it was a single heard and physically least short, given pictures of back in that car shape in between first and second fight back and malaria again, and that was my third time to have that he's got malaria three times for here and so that time I I got malaria is there, because I was so bad. I broke out and shingles, which you know being thirty just now turn thirty of them twenty eight, twenty nine. Tough, shingles, a like you're, too young for this and my body. Just that story, young for shingles. You have heard of people getting shingles, writers, I guess normally that might be like Manhatto Herpes somewhere, but I they did the culture whatever and shingles.
It must older generation thing, I think, and no kin and no shingles think I say it starts like forty and beyond Is it a compromise, demeans issues out. It is the idea idea, and so it's actually chicken pox coming back, your body. So if you haven't had chicken pox you cash shingles, and so like it lays dormant your body and then once you get into older age or your immune system is compromised, then shingles can buy. Oh, that is the most fucked up thing. The human body that it harbours these bacteria they sit there waiting. Just hang, it time to up your life waiting. So then I had a man. Did I had that then I had shingles, and then I came back and for a month or two months of the doctors. How to figure was wrong with me, because I was clear malaria, but the CDC to test Army for malaria again, but they found out. I had been gay fever soon every night I was going to sleep. I was waken up and that was probably did you Tom. You ate a monkey. I did
I did and then they wanted you like sideways Verona. Doug do the quarantine thing on me, but it had been over three months since I had since the boy had broken out ended. Been three months is at an avenue. A ball above is like you're, gonna, kill sobs like a year ago, member every friggin out that one lady, whose a nurse who wouldn't quarantine like forgive him. Go outside like now, she's gonna kill us all. You selfish bitch, so so, ball was actually discovered in Congo. Others, a river called me, a bowler river outcry in so that's that's. Where was discovered and ass, she came back. He broke out since the big, crazy wanna broke out and I think was like less than a hundred people might have been like ten, or less, and so they really were able to contain it, which is impressive to be to do in Congo, because it's not organised is as anywhere else bs all men, but on the image journey back. It was. It was really really tough. I mean the muscle memory, it just was not there I had lost,
the wrestling I grew up with and Cardio, obviously wasn't there after five years off, but the sickness Other things my body was healed, the muscles and joints and ligaments that I think I felt better than ever there. It was just the. Mary was coming back and cardio. Really tough and add a shed some weight, the muscles get healthy. The muscles in the aid, the cartilage, the joint, something that they probably benefited from all that time off for analysing. So can someone you guys get by the time you thirty, in how many Emma may fighters are just have like really huge injuries by the time, the thirty thirty one years old, pretty comment: you have to start, I thought start fighting at nineteen years old, professionally, Mme and so on, and I was always the young guy in the heavyweight division in so now just turning thirty. I feel you got a lot of miles left on me. Five years off and so lightly parents to right yeah. I honestly think
people who are so you didn't you took off and that's probably impossible for me: It was a whole other kind of training. I mean can, I was talking about rough and being comfortable being uncomfortable. I mean I've. Slept in the mud. I woke up in the mightily slap on the dirt woke up in the mud kissed. The ring came so hard and sleep and under twinkly thoughts on the dirt. You don't know no mattress and If you know anything and so may have that to battle through the sicknesses too, to see what they suffer from and how they dig deep. On a daily basis to the others and survival mode, and see the battles they fight and then to have in a thirty two My heroes there, that of drilled. Seventy wells that whenever a bridge collapse, is because a truck illegally logging and they overloaded there their weight and they just collapse this nineteen thirty's bridge and then I think I'll, what's gonna be impossible and they see the truck they start walking.
Through the water with all our Well chile equipment and work find another way we're gonna get. Taxi motorcycles to write in air thing we needed this big truck to carry on, and so going to take a lot longer. It's going to be a lot harder, but we're going to get it done or going to win this fight. So you feel like that, was a training sword for here I mean I'm not gonna, see this, but right only compared to this, but it's almost like it was it life experience and ten. Some of our Navy, Guys Navy sealed how they do the special forces training. I think this was my version of my kind of special training for me as a fighter large and my heart, deepen the well of who I am, and so I think I just have more of a motivation to go in there and when they lose. Your submission game has really come up a lot now. Disarms rescuing my submission game is on point pick your bluebell now under Lovato Rice.
And- and I wanted to do it- the right- I only knew the way that every other student does it and so it was, it was really cool to get that. I didn't know that that would mean so much to me, but it, but I really do crazy idea. It's not funny, and it's not it's. How that a war that that promotion there is a milestone in my martial arts journey. That's why so good for kids, Marshall, so good for kids, because it gives us the tangible representation of their hard work like you get to give them a belt may tie on that belt. Now this giant smile my face. You know when my kids, like his head, martial arts and when they get a new, there is a giant smile interface are so happy in a chump around they look at how they want to wear at home, and that was me squeeze it yeah me too, madam, and when I got my bluebell, those courts shit, I'm not a white pulteney more. Yes, you feel it
I made it over the hump, the what they say. If you can make it a purple belt you maybe two black bout had stood the bluebell dislike you just working hard. If you work hard you get there, hey You know you're, not you're, not Edward belt anymore. But if you get the purple, Bela, hey man just keep going and you can be a backbone you're in love. Autos school of procedures has up blacked out. Is a white belt inadequate Yeahs such a great one of her that before yeah alike at man, it's an interesting time now for Jujitsu and Emma may had really. Because you're, seeing like some guys like this weekend, in or tease or two a rather Brian Ortega, is fighting cub, Swanton and Brian, or a team- I'm trying to remember his name, nickname T city- so trying a city he's got one as regards in May and Ortega is fuckin nasty off of his back I mean he's just
These are good vigils them to sleep with his baby blue eyes and then today's Islam long flowing locks, just like you? Yes, Brian is, in my opinion, probably the best guy in the division of his back. I don't think there's any better. They could fuck with him at one. Forty five especially now that Charles Oliver is moved up to fifty five, I think he's the best at forty five has focused. Mission game is so lightning lightning fast and just Titus can be but come. Nonsense Blackburn procedures he too and covers a nasty strike or two at super unorthodox like real weird but Brian, is a fucking great. Like or two in prices is on mother fucking defeated twelve keeping with one no contest so an interesting fight yeah is it's! It's like you know it's real cross
First fight in a lot of ways cos cob is at the top of the heap in the one hundred and forty five pound division is lost to some of the big guy, like MAX Holloway lost Frankie EDGAR Buddy still really risk. Acted and thought of as one of the top guys in division and Ortega. Being this young prodigy at twelve now has its turning now to fight one of the most crafty veterans in the division, sounds like a somewhere opportunity. That knowledge is that these issues have you know to be that young lion YA to come up in the air. A guy and really announced himself is as one the top containers or take can submit anywhere in the world. I really believe that in heap he'll box with you to the thing or take it is like he'll make. It seem like there is no intention whatsoever of the goal of the ground and then sometimes you boxes, guys up and then when they want to take him to the ground in a light, the stand up. That's when their fox will he's got an interesting strategy in that regard, because in the last fight I was thinking,
whilst this kind of interesting we're in the third round, he still is not tried to submit this guy, like that's his game and then boom they go to. The good and instantly catch them of the guillotine. But the reason they went to the ground is opponent took him down because you didn't like the stand up the smart yeah, so his strategy stand up, keeps coming up higher and higher and higher, but comes to comes to Jujitsu he's one of the very best in sport he's really good. How far away is he from here where you trains, we close season black House blackouts in Compton, or that area. So it's over it's exactly Compton its content, adjacent so there's that go to go to the two nineteen card. Oh you know what goes fuck in the fox card. That's a big one! That is. Yeah. That was right there. Oh man, robbing law have failed, LOS Angelos Goodwin lightly million lives, which meant that is fuckin
inter resting, he's been doing so great man. Job like Robert, I toe, I mean dos Santos. What he done in going up from one hundred and forty five. One hundred and fifty five to one hundred and seventy it was like He was the chair, but he lost Eddie Avez. Well, let's see it doesn't once heavily looks way. Better means steamrollered people the way fucked up Neil Maggie Language ground took over the ground smashed him in a b Turks affidavit stand up fight which is like wow, so often means World CUP, Striker Yacht Neil Meals, a buddy of mine, he is an absolute monster and have seen their fight in rough ale. Dishonest looks incredible. Sweden, yeah he's that's its view. Interesting cuz. I think he's supposed to be at one hundred and seventy all along. It's not like he's a big one hundred and fifty five ore. That's made it up to one hundred and seventy, but it's kind of small one hundred and seventy know he looks one. Seventy and, of course,
is fighting one of the best one seventies ever in the former champ Robbie Lawlor, so that that should be a perfect fight for fox cause. You know just for fun, it's gonna be a chaotic fight for this and I ve been a goddamn, boring, Robbie Lawlor fight ever He doesn't know how to have borne fight. Very, very, very true. Will you think of the law mistake? I lie. Ok, but was obviously training for four Aldo and so why you know he gets his change of guard now is fighting Josh Emmett, whose a tough customer and Emma, lot of you will anomalies twelve and one. It's good fight, very good fight, imitates. The other goes it yeah yeah. I'm excited about that, but I am also excited the ponds. Adobe might Perry fight. I almost want this fight to just happen. Dare until can fight might Perry who
almost like rooting for MIKE Perry. Just so I can get out of it and they can make that Darren till MIKE Perry fight cuz if they do decide to make that cuz. I know that to make my Perry verses. Why your boy, Dana even announced it, and Why was I hey? Hey, hey sort of our down? I've got one I knew you see as far the title twice and then beat Jorge Mazda Bright and then you're you're happy fight this guy like right away like this crazy and by the way, my thumbs, her head, like The reason is thumbs like yet his thumbs where we talk about after the final fucked up the tenants and his thumbs. Whereas interview items like something happened in my hand, I thought I broke it. I'm not sure so he's got he's got a lotta rest here to go through. So daring looking for an opponent we're talking about dare until versus Camara Goose mine, which is very exciting as well, because Camara, whose man whose slated gotta you have seen to nineteen
mine is slated to fight against meek mill. I have known him since we are sitting here is one. We grew up. Rustling email me other a meal meek because Europe needs mills around, provided what the FUCK child, when Emil me, who is that that the crazy Viking mother fucker in high school people called whose main? U S, man, reason, but ISIS its belt yeah he's a terrifying guy. He is one was terrifying guys in sport. What I love scene is, I think, in high school our senior year, I think he graduated or sorry He finishes senior year forth in the state of Texas, so number four. When and wrestling and then he went on to you and cared Nebraska Carney and boy never fought make mail me a meal.
It is a scary. Guy was really looking forward to this fight, and then there was some talk of the fight night taking place because a meal couldn't get his visa set it out sorted out, but then he got it sorted out and come out loose mom was saying: hey. I've already moved on and then so lately a meal, Meeks, Instagram and is twitter, has Khan, Camorra, loose monetary gain and say in these dark in all kinds of crazy shit. So I do not know of official, I'm hoping that this official, because Someone needs to challenge goose man I think use mine is one of the most dangerous and scary guys in the division and is not being talked about. So one of the top ten that concern that spot. I think I've lay so too there's so many tough guys in that division that he sort of the kind of in overlooked. In my opinion, and to me when I watch and find my Jesus Christ guides a handful for everybody. I think who smoke could pull their car back up please, and they use mine is just here not all the tools he's prime he's fucking
super dangerous everywhere. Super dangerous standing up smashes people on the ground, really fuckin straw for the division top game out of control. You know we don't know what happens when you get to put on his back. We don't know what happens if he gets tagged. If we fight the world class tracker that great end up, but would it make me brings the table a meal Meek did it again with a meal need brings to the table is now de power and a real warrior spirit mean and Allah yeah. He came into the USA after Caille victory over whose more powers that are there, I'm era watch. That knows, I get this guy in the USA print, please yeah he's a flock and animal, and the thing is ever bodies running away from tomorrow, loose Maud, except a meal meek and maybe meat meal. Now TAT S Covington Empty right now A cloud was once a that: yeah yeah, I'm courtiers every document, but also
Bobby would be wise because we'll be made so much noise after beating Damien, Maya and trace running it. If I would turn Woodley China like is trying to promote self, and the worst way to promote yourself is to fight morrows. Why? for its part of meal meat- is like get me in their bitch. Let's do it, so I sincerely hope that this fight actually takes place, because I think I think it's a fucking wicked wicked fight. And I want to see if a meal has any answers for the problem. That tomorrow brings the octagon No one has so far and he's got one loss and record. I do not know of those in the USA or outside the UFC, but in the last few I too have seen him since he won. The ultimate fighter has just been unstoppable, but again not getting. The credit that he deserves. Yes, all all, was fights inside the octagon seem to be of victories. He's one of the most naturally athletic guys that ever know that's what it meant by grown up rest.
With him, sir rustling in high school and finished forth in the state, but the one onto the internal division to, and just one too, I think to national titles, or maybe three and is a study with a big fight. Me on this card is not just a tunnel five between cyborg and highly home, but yeah that one could be never met verses. Edson Barboza come on Son number, two and number three in the lightweight division, which is the most stack division. I think it's like lightweight and well to ITALY. The two most stack divisions, but it's hard. If it's hard to pick which one is most stack but Jesus Christ. I like this fight light. Despite a lot, apparently no monumental has a new according to Daniel Cornea. He told me I recommend off, has a new conditioning guy and a new or new odd dietician guy nutrition Guy doubtless deserve no tyranny. Soon. Back off the tiramisu he's
item you now on a very strict diet plan and is far lighter than has ever been, and we're headed into this fight is fighters in what two weeks then In today s reliques away three weeks were so very exciting: very interesting, I'm fuckin pumped for fight, because Barboza is one of the best strikers in division for sure and could be cant do anything wrong on the feet cause, as in the light him up. For sure mean this is the best strikers, sure the best striker that could be was fought if Michael Johnson, is a good striker, Michael Johnson, caught him and tat de Manhattan Rock, there is the first time we saw any adversity whatsoever, or any real real struggle for copied. Buddy went on to dominate that finally took him to the round is: beat the shit out of him and he's twenty which is unprecedented in twenty four
for an hour and just been steamroller. Everybody says only like thirty rate: twenty nine thirty I do not know his age byways he's had fees. I feel it is not even as prime yet Where I was a say here, twenty nine yeah, yeah he's like he's like right at the door of his or her nose had a bunch of injuries, but if you, if you can get healthy stay, healthy man scarcely does yeah for are both its all about just keep the fight, standing and pose a has wicked leg. Kicks is the only guy in the sea that stop two guys with leg kicks. He stopped a half hour there with leg kicks and MIKE Lulu, both those guys you stop like eggs. However, remember that I don't know but his hands his leg. Cakes are amongst the fastest I've ever seen in any division. His switch kick fast switch giggle, overseen fucking redeem Sweaty when he lighted up like love that left leg
like it's like keys, he's getting there with half the time that most world class fires get there without kick does that was issued at spinning elk he'll cake is ridiculous. Fastened most people just normal, had kick yea spinning shit out of control. He just a ridiculous striker, but it's all about no him to getting him to the ground. The going to be all stuff stuff to take down was the strategy they have. This guy on the feet was going to have open up and possible. Up that take down or they can have him cautious and just wrong. Judges and just constantly wary about to take down defence, because now get off is he has been unchallenged when it comes to the grappling he so God damn strong, it's great almond. It even Like those on doses of black belt, Jujitsu usually puts this motion people. You know I'm never going to push this much on him. He gets guys to break who have you seen in their face like fucker cant, do anything against the sky. He grew up doing it bears
for real legitimate, my wife nimbly: that's why to pull it up and show and she's a quarter? What are they doing? A baby, Wyoming baby fight a bare because, like six, seventy years old and others by them in our Jimmy Rivera versus John LINEAR. That's a fucking, great fight to that's. When the right hand corner you, that's a good fight, that's a real Five Jimmy Rivera has looked insanely good at Hoddan, thirty five, especially that victory over your. I favour our super impressed with that. I like wow, skies for real newsreel before but there was supposed to be fighting Dominic crews, but dominant crews broke his arm and training, and so now fighting John Lineker who's, this scary fucking guy at one hundred and thirty five yeah. I like this a lot for Jimmy, because You can just hear every every interviewee does EAST is hungry hungry for the chance to be world Champ
its exciting seals. Why haven't I two and there's interesting teach a delta just shut John Monaker down I mean completely shut down his office in almost like having beautiful, beautiful beautiful mean it was a perfectly example of how you play the matador like like a technical matador me now is one of his finest performances, because Lennox is fucking. Tariffs like everybody's, in a war with vinegar, you know, like my colleague, everybody fights, vinegar wines are being these goddamn waterfront. So you guys they get in their way them and they get hit by him, and you see on their face, like Jesus Christ, he's one of the few guys it actually earned that nickname the hands of stone Frances Rivera like so many guys he's fought heat cracks them and to see the look in her eyes like oh Christ, so he beat Odin
Can he be Marlon Vera, which is very good write. The Tj Dillashaw loss, I think, was the most telling because teacher Dillon I figured out a way how to solve puzzle. When John Dodson, couldn't which is really interesting. John Dodson lost to Lineker when dots with thought to be one of the best guys in the division at one hundred and thirty five. He lost him, but a split decision in a fucked up MIKE Donald and fight before that- and just here some special man. He really is he's he's Hank of a guy, but I really honestly believe that Jimmy Rivera is world class, and I think this is a good opportunity for him to fight gangsta a big scary, of a guy in John Whitaker and and show his his is, is talent and his ability, I think, is a Will text on really interesting see really interested to see how this works out because reversed
not like an elusive t, J Delta, TAT Guy, he's an attacker So how is he going to? You know what is going to do with vinegar and see how to chop the legs he's going to attack from below, like you did with Uriah, theorize leg up real early in that fight to the portal it really limited your eyes, mobility! That's that's interesting, Finally, the final lot Carl's conduct returned gets magnet. Don't die, that's interesting. You cross had been out for quite a long time. I want to say two years clearly this thing. That's final. One last fight was I want to say it was about. Two years ago, litany below Susie I and say that he was talking about retirement earth? He was retiring. Yes, the ok August, two thousand sixteen! So not quite that Longum! and then, before that he lost the Robbie Lawlor Fight, which was a crazy fuck. Around war and he lost a split decision.
BT, Argo and last attire. Tyrant self, I mean those the victory of geography I'm an economy that elbow garroters row of his last opponents man here a tyrant with losses by injury. It says Kate Kayo Tito, but the reality is tyrant. Him with a brutal leg. Kick in his eyes. Need blue ass would switch speed, You know me apparently had heard it before, but the power or the tyrant worthy has this fuckin lay cakes, co, rice tyrant? Would they had some fine words about co. We cover too. He was now talk about Cobby like campaigning hard get. The fine talk about kinds. Crazy, shit the tire in the sand like this it first of all everything you saying about our training sessions, is one hundred percent bullshit and he's like it when I that doing the octagon. If he ever does get that shadows, I'm going to fuck him up, he was call me coming to this: never gonna fight again after phases me that's why he was. We were taught.
King before the way, and we were all stand around the octagon before the winds. This past. You have seen Detroit and he was He was like shaking his head is like. I am going to fuck that dude up he's like he does not understand he's not on my level he's talking all kinds of shit he's. You know right, checks. That is no way his fucking town can cash. When I get him in their ominous mash him and he goes take my time on him. I would try to hurt him. He does what said the meanest craziness. I have never tried hit anyone with all my power or in the octagon economic weight. Why how is it possible? He said people flying across the watches fight with J Iran, you give thought you could easily hearted, and that are you sure, because that's that doesn't seem normal doesn't seem right. Talk about his like your soldiers, can ask you what you think of being there, where the the Gaiety Alvarez phrases that was grey ash is amazing. There was too fight that night that made there was. There were humbling,
was one of that fight was humbling like the Fuckin guts and glory watch, those guys go at it? But yes, my Darrow's and Cowboy Ali Vera might have been even crazier. I think that was the case it is for the night I believe that one performance thank the baby Jesus, because if it didn't there was criminal, man against foot, it was the craziest fight every one get rocks in the other would get rock. Do you think the fight was over and the other one comeback Iraq, the other one? and finally, as you want and a third round images of fuckin chaotic war who was such a good fight, just such a good two bonuses five. The night awards. That's nice, see that's all, about the of say when, when people really perform and lay it on online like tat, but did Oh, did hollow, although in Holloway win any sort of a and of did
but they said there has been a remember some sort of a bonus. How do you not you I pay the night what we doing here? What is it what's up, services that those two got finite and say think of anything else, ok what's this says that fight the fight of the night and gaiety gaiety and Cowboy Oliver Nancy, Madeira farther night MAX always performance was nothing short of masterful, nothing short of master the way we handle? Although the way he can t yelled at me after the first round he gets with the round that he runs is gone back to any looks amigos. The man is tired, the man tired he's a mother fucker MAX Holloway is a real in warrior, I mean to the core that guy relishes it. He loves it when he was like, like chicken, neck. It all do get his hands down. He's talking shit tuna stock. In on you
see it and all those face like he was drowning. You see the waves were common and he knew he wasn't gonna be able dog paddle for too long. I guess I choose This crisis coming and keep up with this guy at the thing about max how it is so interesting is he's in a lot of ways, he has a sort of Nicosia Approach or he's not hitting you with all his might and he's not throwing these makers. Unless he's got you hurt two he's got. You heard once he's got you hurt, then. Is this fuckin weapon bombs your way? But until then, he just constantly on you, just costly, pepper and causing kit knee punch, move forward, move for. And you just dealing with him and trying to breathe. You don't get any breath and he does keeps that pressure on you and he knew All those fading writer and I'll tell you all know the first. I thought I was gonna start picking it up like almost all of old. With
like Ex. He should like you're like a glacier of he should have gone. His strategy should have been almost entirely leg, kick centred and he was trying to catch up many cotton with a couple of good punches, but all of its punches are sprints. Right, who doesn't knocked you out with spreads like yours, has so many others in the gas tank you find the guy that can do it for a marathon, and he can and maxims we can. He is so well conditioned and so aware of his ability and not stretching himself so when they got to the third. He you started sluggish now with, although at the very beginning and authorities I know skies tardy goes, I'm gonna make em sprint with me, and you could see like, as the beginning of the third round played out though with swing in wild Adam, and I was watching us out like this- is not conservative he's not conserving energy at all. What he's doing
he's, trying to take MAX Holloway out with one shot and he's blowing out his entire. Why do in us and then he saw Holloway this common out common on common, arduous back, pay back pop pop and all those trying to move his head is he's head movement, but he'd arrogance. Break hats and credible pace. The holy, clad, incredible, ignores Gideon base. You know, get a rest, you don't get. It has, does no lay in back with Holloway MAX hallway, on you. Aren't you on you what he said about fighting, although in Rio too, because that's what you do They go to the other person's village and they take the crown Who tried to they. Do that's what he did he's about motherfucker, I think, is the best one forty five or ever made he might. I agree with it yeah because of the record, which I see cs point, but the way he fights the the d gone IQ, that he shows his is fine
I q is ability to find a weakness and to see it is predatory behaviour inside the octagon, I think, is the best. Really do. I just think It's so impressive to me that he's not like although in his prime, was spectacular and amazingly impressive, like his flying me first round knocked out of cuts, wants and knock out of had Mendez. You know I mean he's he's, though the riot Faber fight we brutalized arise. Leg I mean he's uncut, Chablis, one the of all time, but in my opinion kill wise MAX hallway has now surpassed him. I think he's the best. What are you exude or hooty after the ability or heavyweight I'm fuckin very curious about that. First of all, I thought it was really interesting. They decided to go with Mitre own verses, Roy Nelson right. I thought that was interesting because first vote, Mitre own. Just knocked out fade or right, wouldn't you like? I want to see that again. Take it. Doesn't
fate or want to see them again, mitya on fighting Frank near. I do know. What kind of testing the water is employing, but I hope its wild West style testing. I hope they pay in a cop hold it up to light and, if not swim in it, they go you're good, lad. Around I'm kind of campaign right now to be the ultimate so love, love love to be the ultimate turn. What is your ranking in the ballot or heavyweight division right now? They have one, I'm not sure that they really have an official one. So, but I'm you know, I think if, if I'm not in there for this as the alternate, I think that will be one of the first title defences I'll be hoping for and I also active fight, hopefully I'll pick it up to two to three fight a year. And King MO isn't a heavyweight tournament worth Ryan Vader. That's. Why have you a check in that's what happened? its chair versus rampage January in its them Roy Nelson and Matt material in February, and then they have
fate or versus Frank Mere in April, so they're gonna take a break. In March I don't like about the locks everybody programming ass time like I would like If that was on like two shows or maybe even one crazy card, you know of all the fights on one car, I think mere, has to wait two April so was contract. I think it's the testing that he hadn t of sea and then tasks in Baltimore down the exciting is suspended until April, and then we can fight, and so, but that that fight, I think, a probable not a fan of ten years ago, but but now too are gonna, be really excited to C mere versus fate or to Kenneth Legend. And then I don't why the Bayer One and king my ones all the way back in May but I came mouse- has impressiveness skin injuries is how to deal with. Ok, maybe,
or just fought recently. So maybe you need some time to yeah but yeah, maybe that's the injuries with no and by men, a mixed it's I'm just training and ready to jump in, I'm I'm actually getting a goat I'm not Kilimanjaro. Maybe I job I'm. I am I'm deciding on it this next week to see if I can cement alternate position or not to meet it, big one is wrong. Mcdonnell Douglas lemme. That's the big, that's the main, that's the big one has to be big. That's the one lama you're because I feel like when it comes to the well to wait, division, Latour has two guys in lemme and in the sea to limiting the icing stands out. Alina thing is Ben Askern ask- and there was a long time ago- no doubt about it, but and ask oranges had his way with lemme, and had his way. With course. Garv has with all these guys that to me and bends come on the pod cas next month. We aren't scheduled awesome before or after
forget which won the event out here. The tor event, but I feel like that is but he's retired. That is my biggest regret that he didn't get in Emma that heating get into the city. My biggest regret. I wish it could work out. Whatever was fuck. I wanted to see what would happen if you want to see what happens with entire inwardly. You want to see what happens with him and World CUP Wrestlers are also knock out artists who want to see what happens with him in the elite of the elite at one seventeen Octagon and for whatever reason, and I'm sure he'll tell us and I'm sure, be very, very outspoken. I wonder if it's The whole style thing at me like a hundred dollars, lions mark orphans loved, but then Thomas, I I won't uses name, but I know a fighter that fight in we're way classes in the sea- and you don't know Norton winds and only to losses and gets cut. And so it's almost like you know, you gotta, believe that Jerusalem
oh yeah, I mean great guy awesome tramp agreed fighter Yes, I'm fine fights. Why did you cut? I was after just He had a early lost any of sea, and then he went on a tear him and he had another Lawson. They cut him one loss. That seems crazy, so I think he hardly eight eight nine or ten winds and only to losses. There then, is after one loss and he gone so I believe because of the the stylus time, but his yeah man that styles legitimate though the problem is, you can't decide, that you need things to be exciting. You need things your your speech, it is things being effective. The whole ideas like here you go, you got a guy Frances in Ghana, who can anybody's head into another dimension right. Well, what happens if Francis in Ghana, smothered by some rule on gardener type cap, Derosa yeah, some giant dude grabs a whole damn drags, and
the ground and fuckin hammer fists for three five round you don't you want to see that I want to say that I want to know that this kind of guy can be can be immobilized right that he can be neutralized and we ve seen Ben Askern. Do that to really look course, and lemme too far straight up assassins right. We seen him, do that so wanted to see him try to fight like some of the elite of the elite, because I think that style is critical. The the wrestling style is a hardest style to deal with. If you can't compete with the wrestler, that's why I've always said if you had like a pyramid of all eager in martial arts like what would be the most important, I think, wrestling, because the ability to dictate where the is worried. Let anything go soon as a t off on something wooed doubles on them and then they're on their ass. So I think that the fight takes place is fuckin critical and if you could take the guy down TAT, the when the ability to take a guy down is giant you're onto.
Baboon, you're, smothering him he's gonna carry weight, is exhausting beaten him up boys down there, it's just it's a giant factor Obviously, every fight start standing up and but when a good striker is fine, good ressler their fuckin. Always worried to let anything go right as soon as they tee off. On something blue, the doubles on them and then they're on their ass. So I think that a guy who has been proven to be one of the most difficult wrestlers to deal with to not have him fight in the octagon is a tragedy in real bomber man, it is and I wonder how many wrestlers out there looking at in Ghana. I wonder what would happen you take that guy yeah, I know that I mean the EU may be in the same way class I mean that's, that's my my wife was asking: who would you be more terrified to fight before the fight? You know it I must you're a sixty two. We get down to a happy. It's gonna, be here
The abolition of rain in him we're we're facing all she's, like which one would you prefer to fight like, I think, they're gonna. I think France really Lhasa witnesses before he pickets and Allison Orbit, but I bet You take him down referenda and then and then it's your game, hopefully apparently Allister's so and in everything else, and he does have some take down defence and He does have some submissions just seen him be more well rounded, and so, but it was before Friday before. Obviously you talk Before that now said now no his my thought before the fight. When I talked to Shop Charbonneau talking too funny somebody things going happen, I think I think he's I think ouster does make it out the first round
We went over all the times. Asters been stop. That's a big factor was a big factor as no more than ten times yes more than ten times and Emma may. I think it was what was it like twelve times, thirteen times member may and in three or four times in Cape boxing as well? What's had analogies any truth to it's almost like a peanut butter jars, the first time you open it got to get out of the towel and put over and try to really hard to open that lid and then, after that, it's a little easier and it's until eventually you do it enough and you can just spend it off, just flick it. You know yeah well he's in the flick at stage. But it doesn't matter that punch what knocked him when he was twenty other enacting. You're gonna be step unctuous in Tour Roy Nelson either those guys and the way he threw it. It was like leg like from. The side and then, whipping that arm with the whole body behind it just full torque. I mean it had everything it had
The bower I was a little sceptical of the world- is profit from this new Brendan, but talk about the punching power. You know who else is more and has croaker? kicked it and everything else, and then all of a sudden, once you see our punch like briefs, is sealed the dude. I have yielded to shirk homeboys hand and suchlike. Holding hands were a fuckin cinder block citoyen boom, see how you like comes. From the sky in the arm whip. Sadly, this way, oh, my goodness and he's an as he's punching he's move in position to punch a second time than he hammer. For some boys out thinking as yet in there yeah. He is certainly I mean the referee got as quick as he could, but he said we could not hit him he's down. It was our called for. Yes, I knocked our budget, the elbows than they like seven, eight extra elbows at the end before the rest stepped in and this past week India
tomorrow parliament will get good ridge tracks. Elbows, like it was a man prices to stop that pull up the card. Tell figure was off Yes, Felder beat the shit out of him yeah. That was in writing. Fi, because what it, what played out is exactly what I thought was like. Oliveira is really dangerous with his grappling has gradually this phenomenon is submitted, I think he's tied with toys crazy for submitting the most guys in the sea which is about us waste Gracie crazy. All these years later, there's yesterday throughout the record, awesome pretty goddamn significant but He smashing, and without one shot and as such great elbows, he tapped. That's right, that's what happened and saw the tap
felt, just smash and my father's enormous fifty five Felder walks around somewhere in the one hour and eighty five pound range and enjoy it's down to fifty five yea tap, but the referee didn't see it to three and you know I can't we're at a mob five Yanks Eggs yet until it harder than that here, you gotta let dont emitted. That's a humble tab, like you got it, like. Ok, we're done here. You can tat blood anyone realises that can't be reluctant, can ever reluctant tap. It's gotta be like put guys when type in our home you ve seen finds. I urge guys They tat, but they didn't you wanna thing. She still says she didn't tap here, but she deftly dead. She probably realise tapped shoes in dreamland and she got hit so hard drive. Droplet dies of tapped
said they didn't tap member Marilla, Mr Monti and Matlin. When this was they restarted. The flight Matlin got caught unarmed bar, clearly tapped and Big John Mccarthy. Separated them was declared Mr Monti, the winner lineaments I didn't tap or moving around was I wasn't into ok, and then Mr Monti guitars Ike, why the fuck are you serious and then they make go back out again and then he catches of inequality in the next round. You I mean I, I started in two thousand five or six fighting and I remember a lotta rustlers talking about ressler tricks, as if someone, if you go for the double agony, start getting it take down. You know tat period, as was. That's why I don't know hold on the losing side again. Let me once again play right there yeah delicacies, tapping. But this is not
it seems that you wanna TAT, but he didn't. Let me see it again. Less convinced now watches again. Here it is he's, got the arm, turned him over to tap. That's fucking! and they said didn't. I know a lot of us as we talk about if you don T try to see where the refugees in the world tat on the other side of our children. That area until Thou APOLLO failure, Derbyshire that's right and then they fly. Again. The second terms who thoughtless goes filial didn't make weight and now he catches when the guillotine Is there a year olds, Cross and Gracie style son imposed Monti was wizard back then People forgot how good he was at the top his gay man. He was one of the fact that a tab right there. He was one of the fuckin best such a good.
He gets a guy really boxing to but Paul. Fiehler went crazy. Embryos who is Connally, the second time they fought. He missed weight so sudden should rightly by all accounts, really be the he should abandon w e c one her native five pound champion, but ever. He never guy The title does feel make the weight, and then they had some real weird fight. Where like failure was saint. Just do me my friend come to the ground with means. I can't do that. Sorry, it's whose talk it don't. You know Maryland Paul had like a kind of a bit of breakdown. Gotta MIKE Tyson Tattoo, on his face and acting arrears appeared. How does he want against him? He wanted monster the one point time tat. He was submitting everybody who was so good any submitted a bunch people released wanted to be when pride, I believe,
yeah he was another guy. He was across in greater guys, well or beliefs. World class Jujitsu guy who's, disabled people, mash down like the principal Polaris, What do you think about what would rise and is doing now? You know rise and is trying to kind of bring back the pride days. I miss them this means a lot, so I support it I hope they do it well doing a lot freak shows too. That was in rising Gabby, Garcia versus some made. The old lady the great a couple, Delighted, oyster literally fought grandma joking around like she was a grandmother Emma with a bad name member. How do you want a razor now like once it started, is like that they put her up to that We have. Why would they put her up? No clue, maybe that's, ok, funny, wonderful Gabby, I'm sure they can't yeah.
It's almost like I'd, rather not see that far up in the report are now Gabby. Garcia is probably two hundred twenty five pounds and jacked and you would be my train burner? Yes, like the agenda since three to sixty two should be measuring apparent yeah crazy should be I think, she's Tawny, o Chapelle, is she's a gorilla, so big, so fine a female competitor to compete with her good luck. Well. Whatever they are always talking about, the Rousey could beat is unheard of vision and different stuff, like that, you know, must think they have to have no other options to wear Gabby enough to fight a guy somebody. I now really go one eighty five years, something right, but A girl s eyes were oh, my. Had so insane and this is, however, is the little girl and take boxing is the kickboxing fi? Oh, my god, she's hasn't Emily. What those gloves maybe other smaller
nor fighter and economic losses that they take too much. It would be they do with like boxing of Dante. I think this is a kickboxing fight. I think that's why they stop the fight. After that, take the prime cause they got back up to their feet is it ignores. If I may fighter, though, do an ogre, she's gettin battered hit by tree trunks, so crazy when she fight grandma. That was I sad for the woman had to be had to go out there. Says in Brazil, verses may Gumi Taboo Sheeta Japan and brutal knock out illegal soccer kick account to want? Watch scared is a Jesus Christ, illegal soccer. Kick that's good night a hundred pounds bigger than someone. Please don't soccer, kick them when they're down illegally. That just seems like a logical, adding insult to injury. So what else is coming up next? That you're you're excited by Zalm, Paul daily, fighting some.
I mean some fighting Michael then page there they want I know that some taxes go and after that gonna be out after that, but I don't think it's finalized is Michael page to divide, as you want out of my eye, think he's a little more on the fence about it. I think daily is like campaigning for at least the last. I heard I love shit talking when the british accident, when my visible headings anything with the British, especially from daily I like it when you look at this muscular animal, he such a fucking, psycho and then, and what a fuckin left hand that guy's got ass when he stopped Lorens Larkin those Iwo, that's that's for real they'll be doubled. Exciting pollyanna happens, yeah venom paid that following me over the side, one Asia, Jesus Christ, a nursing nationwide down my life. I think it's the right thing to do so fully YAP ages, and I don't think he's I don't know. Maybe it's
other details. They need to work out to make it happen, but it seems like dailies. That's been campaigning for lack of an page hasn't gets because after Roy Mcdonald be Daily Daily, was immediately saying he wondered if I page wasn't like sand like. I didn't really wonderful worry fuck. This fight he's like a meat legal and after that When do you want a rematch with Rory? He was just Michael venom page in him have some serious bad blood, exciting, really exciting, and I don't know area after boxing debut win whose how yeah that's right. He had a boxing match whose Paul Daily that's funny. Who'd have Work is ok this programme was brilliant lines. Now everyone s cabin. It's amazing that the timing, the timing that German Stevens yelled out given page with amazing is boxing match its you're here and all this should now about Connor Public, possibly fight Polly Mall.
In fact, here right now, a boxing match in a cage. There was, though, the latest like a boy Imagine the octagon listen to I'll, be M, Debbie, Emmi crew, the people who own the you have seen now there were I think they're willing to put on whatever fights gonna bring in the most shackles. That's gotta do now, and but now they had a star. I think Galileo, one or two more It's going gonna be looking at MIKE Tyson That's what I think I think in Ghana is gonna, be like you didn't you gonna work. Fine just see how long these motherfuckers can survive against guy. That's what I think I think TAT could be there. Big, break out STAR Connor. Who knows, if he's ever going to fight again, May we really dont? Now we haven't heard Conor saying you know this is my plan, this issue thinking about fighting, so I want to fight he's been talking shit MAX Holloway he's been talk and shit, Tony Ferguson, but he's not said like set it up. So did you know,
Francis was really talking about whenever he was talking about the the slaves. Yes happen, the eyes that so not yet we played out on the pod gas. We showed love that stuff. That's going on Libya, that open slave auctions and people filmed it and put it on Youtube in two thousand and seventeen I know multiple people from Uganda, Rwanda in Congo that were there were Lou. Into some of these countries like there and they would go there, thinking that they were going to have a job opportunity and that they would be working at this They say that place or whatever, and you will you start here and work your way up in, but automatically you're in making more than you ve ever made in a year every week, and so they go there thing king that they're gonna be able to have a new, jobs in back a bunch of money to their family than us, and they get there. They take all there I away from and where they can't travel they can't escape. If they do, they don't speak the language and then thermometer someone's house in their literally their slave and they were-
lured there now also in your slave How long you, therefore don't keep on there forever. But in the summer, families are able to some he's p. That are able to make contact with their families they have to fund raise in. Up with thousands and thousands of dollars and talking like an african family that might make a dollar two dollar twenty five per day, is now having to come up with three four five thousand ten thousand dollars to turn and violent back to try to buy them back out of it. So Do you not as more slavery today than any other time ever in history, as the lowest statistic is twenty seven million, but I think it's over thirty million to stop it, think about it. Most people in America. If you get, you talked about slavery, they, like oh yeah, that ended in eighteen, sixty five. No, no not! We did not end. There's more today than ever until we saw the Libya did you.
Your video, where you see the one guy saying he's a good, he can lift heavy things. A good digger like why they were selling like foreigner box, six hundred bucks so lil Boosie pygmies actually. So this is what the documentary is really covering a cover a little bit of it in the book, but we've actually seen one thousand five hundred people and that's what at the comedy store tonight will play the short trailer for it, and it's going to talk about the slavery, that's in there Four hundred to six thousand mobutu things in the Congo and basically all of them are enslaved. Currently, right now and so we ve actually seen peaceful negotiations of fifteen hundred people, transition out of life of slavery and into a life of freedom and we're hoping that we can replicate that and so How are you to do? It is real to work with local stay in national government on documents and then also able to buy back the land from this, Master, so they benefit financially by having
maybe more money than they ve ever made from their slaves, and then there it we get water for both, side, so the slave masters. It's so different content for slavery. There's a lot of places like be our different countries that really rich and they have a bunch of slaves, but this context. It's a family owns a family, In most cases, some someone, many families, but there I have attended the funeral of the slave master. Kids, the sleigh master. The sleigh masters kids are dying of dirty water. Could they have zero access to it, and so, whenever you can bring in cause they're making it dollar twenty five a day on the film there's gonna, be a beautiful part on the document. I don't want ruin that. So Fucker, but its man there's a slave master, crying on camera with us crying because of how much of a benefit. It's been the peace that from not having the slaves he inherited from his father, who inherited them from his grandfather, because it became a burden where there
making a dollar dollar twenty five a day, their spinning on average, the average person congressmen hundreds Eighty five dollars a year on treatment. Hence waterborne disease, so on medicine, all sectors being half of their salary on waterborne disease they're losing their kids because of it, and now there is Making dollar dollar twenty five day, trying to take your their own family. How are they supposed to take care of their slave family, and so they can give unjust, just the scraps. And so whenever we get to come and then say hey, this land is rightfully the mobutu pygmies at the first citizens of of Congo. There through the first people here there, the native Congolese, they don't you think they deserve some landed, so we can occur. Division work together with them, it's all inclusive to where they get share their concerns and questions in and they get to be part of that and say we want this here and so then also wants that happens. We do the land purchases at all levels. And then, and then we bring in water for both sides to where they both have
in water access to that which changes everything, whenever the slave masters wife is, on average doing three point: seven. Five miles to go, collect water. She can't do other things. Imagine you're, u own slaves and have to walk three miles. Get water water and what or you your slave master and if you are fortunate enough that you that your wife doesn't have to go collect water all day. One of your kids can't go to school because they have to go collect water obey and so in windows those Jerry Cancer full. Forty four are sorry twins, Leaders. Twenty leaders is forty four pounds in full. In a lot of time to do too, because if you're gonna, if not and carried on your head, and if you want- the most of your time that three point, seven five mile walk you wanna go at to Eric hands on that walk in an ill balance you out almost kettlebells, and so you get to forty four pound, almost elbows with Jerry cans of water, that's move and that so hard carry. You walk that back on
pounds you base. There was hope here eighty pounds and so the real person big process, some of whom are or girls at, are teenagers and stuff. Imagine trying again, Americans danger to carry eighty eight pounds in It hurts me going literally I go on those are our team normally. Does the water walk in every new village that we go to? so probably seventy waterworks watch I do or to that we didn't do, but the first there team. We did when I was there and a man it's too to under Damned put yourself literally in their shoes and go on. Long walk in the sore neck from carrying it on your head or to have just your shoulders Dian, because you're walking back with eight pounds, you not doing I mean think about whenever we're doing those kettlebells locks and how my feet are we going by go miles that way?
on one of those outdoorsman vests. You know those things aren't outdoors and pack it as a weight plate in the back when those posts for wait plates slide. Forty five pound play tonight, the height the mountains, with it just forty five pounds. The sum I to interpose. Why would forty five pounds? Beulah? It's a fucking lot! Man! It's a lot so to think that these women I carrying double that and their walking. The jungle violent men in the It's not funny, but I mean they. They cracked up because they're so used to two carrying this walk but I'm going down this. The steep hill, unattainable foot trail in its muddy because it had been raining. So I'm I'm having this thing on my head. I follow my back and Water GIS soaks me all the water that we wouldn't collected for me, half of it ended up on me and on the ground. You go back and more water. Now Now because we were, we were currently trying to drill the new well we're getting pretty close to it and so on,
just slipping falling while you're doing at losing your balance. I sprained my knee one time: one of the water walks cuz that you're carrying all this way to step in a hole and then I'll send you sprain your ankle, sprain your knee different stuff, like that. Listen just and ran you're doing the Lord's work. You do an amazing staff man and I'm so happy that we can help, and I am happy that we can help to night. If you think about come of the show you shit out of luck, sold out is sold out along fuckin time ago, so tonight will be. Tom Sir Girl Tony hinge. Clive Whitney, Cummings, Owens Smith, Tom Papa. Is that everybody in me there's? That's it that's the show. Tonight, nine thirty at the comedy store and all the proceeds will be donated to fight for the forgotten. We were whenever you whatever, he said. Thank you appreciate, Manning's proof Thank you. Every body and thank you to me. Andy's gotta meet
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