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MMA Show #64 with Khalil Rountree Jr.

2019-04-26 | 🔗
Joe is joined by UFC Light Heavyweight fighter Khalil Rountree Jr.
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He'll round tree Junior will gain experience what they should do the same to you. Perhaps I was so impressed with your performance from that past. You have that I had to headstart two thousand I've seen guys make like you, are always a very dangerous striker from obviously from the GO con Saki fight every year, but I cannot see that but to see how fluid you were against a beast. Like Eric Anders me, arrogant, scary cat he's he's calling for blood right. You are. So fast man was crazy to watch the is saying. Thank you. What will if you give yourself a percentage leap that you ve gone up over the last year. What do you think it would be compared to like who you were before that?
not that I believe I'm kinda like that performance for me was like, I feel good about it, but that was only four months. So, unlike no there's so much more for me again like back so the leap not not too much. Because another stole a lot more to go a lot more. So you ve decided so for people to understand what we about. You went to Thailand spent four months down in Thailand and EAST, Do you put fight like a tie box? Those crazy, like Martell Erotic, Who works in the production truck as guy picks out that its replace he'd? I talk back and forth. Sometimes, while the fights going on and more market with his heavy boss. It acts and like to classic case classic Kai stance to sell light on that front inside, like it was so far. Roche's as fund a watchman. So it's just.
Usually wherever I go, I've always been good. I just like kind of absorbing the culture. I'm a guy like I can go into a room full of people and I can just can't pick up what the energies I cannot Another reason why I wanted to go to type. So just waited they train in the discipline. The power but the relaxation like everything I was learning just like then there which more and more time. So I will just even the days that I didn't train. I just sit around and just watch these guys because more times, more Then just punching kicking elbows minute balance. You know remain there stairs repetition. Many kicks. Are you throwing again other guys at the stadiums air like their kick kick layer? so I was able to learn a lot more than there is still a lot to go. It's beautiful see someone on that pursuit- and I think it some it's much like Roger may whether set about boxing like most viewed on.
Shit about boxing lay said as like. If anybody is can say that he's gonna say that because they are levels in layers hinders has passed, to go down, and interesting when you see someone like come with a very like a very specific style like you're like your adoption of that more time. Our self it so effective has a striking style through the interesting when you think of all the different ways to attack with striking that one way became very particularly successful. You know it before even started training. In an area as a whole, my first mix Marshall, my first martial arts classroom tat class. I knew that I wanted to train more tired, learn we tie and so since I've started, I always thought like I wanna go there. You know just maybe it's cool, but might has always been my thing. But I never really learned it like the actual,
you know like from the rule of law, of where it comes from always just kind of like passed down like brazilian style. Might I write you know like shoot box type stuff, so that's completely different from stadium more time, and most people don't know shit about stay here. Boy tat like unless you gotta, unless you got a banker, let's characterize it for me, You say that that core team of style just way more aggressive, different, different way, they utilise techniques yet not light on the front legs. So sometimes you more, show gun would be light on this front legal about one thing that they were doing a lot. That's pretty similar sick. They add it should the box or go out if you just go into the other guy stops pretty much, but from the shooter box I was like very combo, based like punches and cakes like one to thy, get the memorizes
raise accomplice Cordero. Is he Laity either one of the guys that, just like past it down alone, Diego Lemme, think guys like that they have this system and its very like combination based memory, slipping punch, kick all the stuff, but the ties are just like itches straight kick. You know, like punch view, you fall down on that from foot elbow me it just it's broken down completely differently known it just a whole. Hold different style yeah it is like so that they shoot the box. Stuff has punches, kicks knees, elbows combination, same tools, that you're going to use them or tie, but Moyes has got a whole different game plan. You know clenching like I've, never trained as much clenching in America as I haven't island in just four months, and I've been fighting or training now for like nine years.
So just in four months have gotten more clinched time and time that I have. You know my whole career, because it's a whole different game. You gotta mastered the clinch into in more die after for effective, like real true tat? Are you getting a lot of wrestling over their yeah, so it's one thing to I heard I heard shop talking about a tiger has amazingly like it's amazing, Jim. Forty to sixty guys on the mat from everywhere Chechnya, while you know in everywhere in everywhere, met those guys. They come there, maybe for week, maybe two weeks, maybe for a month but you're getting constant good training. Grappling everything emanate boxing cross we'd have everything you need is in one place: it's it's a blue, my mind. Being honestly, that's fascinating and your d, a the culture that you are working with before I still working with them and title
Are you just can? I know you talked about actually moving to Thailand The plan is to move their like as soon as possible, real yeah. So I was, I hit me up like ya. Wanna go. You show I want to talk a little bit, but, I wanted the plan to move to tell em like with the next couple weeks for at least a year, and I want to go there just because I can just train that the lifestyles completely different. I can walk The gym happen, a motorbike itches, it's so simple, but tat answer the question about my coaches. I always have my brother and my corner. He just got back more support. We started this girl. I had conditioning, coach, slash friend, lashed mental type of like support, Lorenzo Papua, and then my head coaches have switched pride two or three times in the last couple fights add Kenny Johnson from Black House John would, from syndicate now have George had been from Tiger Malta.
And so this change that you decided to make, did come after the Johnny Walker fight yeah, so the Johnny walk. If I like that camp was taught me like, was doing so much to try to improve in my wrestling and grappling because that was always like a behold him again, so I spent so much time wrestling over a black household Kevin Casey in the scattered, far Blake troop their huge and these guys are grey grapple or so in cases of power. Yet he'll put you into the ground and felt like cement block on these cells. Old school Hickson judges exactly a pressure man. So I just grinding myself into the mad everyday for that camp. Expecting ok, I'm comfortable in the feed of close to the ground and ready- and am I I think I This completely lost sight of, like my striking my diner fight his size, everything I just kind of frozen manage, like you, didn't, know,
What to do how to get there? So that's all part of the education writing mean. This is what this this career of fighting that you were you on this path is what it's all about ya and fighting for me is like baked self awareness. Do you know, I think it's always in port know when a guy has set back to see how he responds some people get discouraged. Some people get in courage. Some people just decide like they're, going to be much more committed and that's what you did you just making that move to do your camp in Thailand and seeing how paid up main Erica this is a very tough customer and you centrally shot him out, it was very, very impressive man that was- That was the plan, though, because I knew he was TAT his time before. I start with them before that. Everything in like he's live watch all despite the guy's harder the way we're making the case for the five being stopped, we're making a case we d c, we say and like the weakest of this fight, I was saying, as I give you a fucking his legs up like this
during the fight. I wasn't I'm sure you weren't there guy so damn tough, he kept common man, I mean he. He never stop trying to win that fight. Now, there's no acquainted- and now I mean even in the Santos by remember images we ever do or die. Many Swedes seems like I haven't been attired since, like my wedding night is always got good good tweets after the fire not handed a lovely John Annex two he loves when he finds. Can then Bruce both for us to say you boy boy, What is a word is: keep a suits me he's got a new suit arteries desert loud mother fucker. Do the insides of always has a different decoration had come over eight different places where we're out Bruce Buffer ease he's got stuff I just imagine and have a level on his house. Just Oh yeah, you know me the other or trimmers. Otherwise, it is all suits that the warm before I mean I've
see donates of him? I don't items. Charity might be one of the auction on for charity or something you give yeah he's he's a fun dude he's the best ring announcer of all time to meet when that guy starts Wayland get so popped up, sir. He is fog, it gets so intense. I give you wash boxing through their much more smooth whose buffer man digs in I remember CM. First yellow, like a teacher diligently was it gives it goes. A really does gives you goosebumps yeah, you just feel is energy right. You don't like I'm their weight, ready for public, I'm kind of nervous and then Bruce comes over like Luke Corey talk about due to blew is ACL out from job
While he was reading homelike, so dense it gets raise your day is: Fucked is needed from just gettin crazy, Joe really quick. When we got a guy, so remember I told you to turn your airdrop during the show, so I didn't want to come here empty handed, so I haven't slept, and probably twenty four hour. More than twenty four hours but last night I was drawing No, you like our size. I let me draw these illustrations for you, so I just want to send them to ok. Turning airdrop on its own and soon as it comes through or send em, but array just like me, I just wanna. If you wanna, keep em use him for life. Wallpapers earth, personal whenever you made this yeah, I did all these men do this. I look ridiculous
hey. I did a little like but in serum later com, it's very acute we're looks like they can they get older than me. When I was your eyes, doesn't want you to view in the German. You had like crazy, precisely show either the the act. One is low. I know it's time. You know I was gone crazy during the stupid chat. Fitness challenge, as happened with my friends, we're working out six hours cardio a day trying to each other and so stupid, nothing has taken. That's a good one as it count me when we copy them so when you decide to move. You take it anybody with you, you go solo administered I've gone solar. I would like to get here brother to come visit. I like him the come out really as many as Malta yea and unjust, cheap sky, simple living. My and my mom, I don't think she's ever left the country, so I think
miracle ferreted out there, but at the moment unjust, really like this place, his grey from my career and downright my training? So I just want to get there s hat can't get back, work saw how you account for jet lag. Do you do you just star, like do you give yourself enough time to adjust to the time difference You know the whole time I was there. I would my sleep schedules I never adjusted so was going to ban. Maybe too, thirty. Eight am every morning then like get up run at five, and then you know just tired, later get hired later, yeah you're right schedules all off and then, when I came back, it took me a week or two to adjust so. I was disappointed how stupid my body was now head dummy, go to bed now and tell you just go to bed now. Like my I didn't know, my body had such a rigid schedule when you jack that thing sidewise and on the other side of the planet, your body just really does not
Fuck is gone seriously and in four may be stuck in that plane for so long like Youtube, fundamental seeds to when you do that. If save you have a fight in Vegas from Thailand vaguest, you shop two weeks early, YO a different world. This my first time flying back to the states. After being an island, and I flew, we curly no food weeks. Only one week I stayed in Vegas and invite weak state in Atlanta and look. I think that was perfect timing, others good, so I could get a little difference in time. We know whether to men so hot, like we turn outside and human and hot, so between every round it feels like you, don't like the third round of a fight, no one in the championship rounds. I've never been there, but I imagine that it feel very shitty and That's how feels every round in Thailand, just like your covered in sweat, mean hot thick yeah, that was pilot. My
faith rounders on my guy, we do rallied dead by this point, shouted to the editor for making me not look ass, tired ass, I was so Bobo we're looking at folks, for the people are just listen bunch of videos of you training straight the additional piling up against the wall, so you get everything down there nets Joseph Hanley right there he was on the on the ultimate fighter. I've forgotten! call them. We unitas his black. Are there any help me out allotment? Theirs, you run into so many different people and he's like air like blackmail when he'd have grappling Lonnie positions, you wanna work will go over. It will create a system whenever so he was really big help when this information for this by a bunch of free spirits live There are so many many but everybody's on there with a goal they want to get in shape. They wanna get healthier, now spiritual path, what
maybe there's something romantic about the Ex Pat LIVE in Thailand. Haven't a good time romantic about that. So it's interesting political year mean that whole culture, man I mean the tie and my tie culture. What a phenomenon! If you look at combat sport, and then this one that it so tied into these stadiums had so tied in the gambling and letting it new kids get indoctrinate into it at a very young rio. So For young there hires guys at the Jim that I was at the little kids they'd come right after school
and they all my tie, training and their training just like the other guys, and then they go right back to haunt like homey dinner, but that's just their lifestyle, so they did. It starts as a kid. It's like go to school my tie closely and then, as an adult, like my tie for your family, might I feed your family. These guys live at the German, chooses they live at the Jim and they go home. Maybe two days after a fight just to take care of this, maize and then come right back to the German you're ready for the next. I now, of course, at Tiger my tie, you know you ve guys. Everybody knows diff various people in different organizations. You have see Bela tore what have you one f c, but what about those guys are fighting in those little small tie, gems in stadiums like how much access to they have to grappling. I have today ever they are, they feel satisfied. Just do more. Tyres are at all like a movement in Thailand and especially a tiger allotted
those guys are coming over to the immense and learning jujitsu and wrestling wanted. Guys, I was learning to clench from he was gone and he's got pride, three hundred fights three hundred wait, I fights and he started training in the main taking him and they fight so that they're out there definitely opening their minded and and and happening in there and there's access and Bangkok two different cause. That's very like stew, idiom based you knowing high level my tie and do not to focus on made our couple imagines, but if you want to do that, you want to get the best of both worlds. It's in its simple cat, a tiger so and is there any Mme at all in Bangkok, ah how to couple places, but nothing would like at like proof Are there any high level fighters, but they do have. They do have maybe three or four m imagines. There was just stop an inner guys who practice you know a little bit of everything,
I'm always really interested in countries that figure something out better than anybody else comes the leg, kicking Nobody figured it out any better. Monetize significant argues that serious and their shared man like that, I think, there's that's done for their new feel the front of their legs anymore, gesine kick anything and getting kicks checked. There is guys at Joe the fight one night at the stadium go five rounds and then sleep and maybe the next day go fight like another smaller than a smaller is whereas some time, even in the same night and like men are like your shines out her your elbows nothing in these guys they're, just like their bulletproof, their use to this man, it's crazy while and there First time in my life I go into locker room and the red and blue corner is both in the same room prize biggest studio they're all getting their hands rap together, getting massaged out together. Everything no.
Weird energy, in the room like you know, you have sea like they separate us. We have to kind of be separate whatever purposes but like in Thailand, they're just like hanging out same room. You know talking whatever, and then they just go fight right after it's so weird like that, the peace it is so weird me the first time I that nose like maybe I can start lightning up a little bit. That's only a fight, that's kind of something I tell myself for this one. I had a like, really fall back rely on my training because really besides nervous to start to try the new stuff that I learned they never through many like kicks in any of my fights. I've ever really did It stands everything that I did was pretty much brand new, and I was really nervousness what if it doesn't work, you know like so many different so made of her feelings and for this, and I the only thing I can tell myself is like rely on new training and
the other things actually got a yellow hypnotize too. Before too, who dared to my friend Dominique he has. He has a site and Madame through one of the one or the other, you have sufficed. Is a joy Marcus. Madam I met him, threw him and he's like. Oh yeah, I do like hypnotism all seven, like ok, cool I've done it before I did in California. And so I think three weeks, two or three weeks prior to the fight. We had a few sessions a week where, just like help me to really get that visualization, clear cuz. We had so many thoughts. All the time right and everything just like thoughts are constantly coming in and to stay focused and to really like, like get the outcome that we, you know, set our intention to there are still so many distraction. So when you go into his office in or where we do it in, you guys talk about it. Dues,
a goal before you start the session? We do this thing called Timeline therapy, so it's like I'm just gonna sit in there with my eyes closed and we cannot just do. This will pick a subject whether it's like you no pain, fear you know, nervousness something pick a subject of feeling whatever is going on and its com, just like a visual timeline of like the star or come from what city that whatever and we behind us talk about that for a while, and I just gotta dig to this place of where the nervousness coming from our way. You know where the fears coming from or whatever I kind of just I find a place on my time line and I dig from it whether in the future the past, wherever and then we get things clear and then and then after that he kind of helps me guides me into this like hypnotism, which is really just like a really deep relaxation. If I-
wanted to open. My eyes are tonight I feel like I could, but I wanted to relax. I wanted this to help. You know I wanted my vision to be clear, so I deem it s just like surrender to the process and I'd say. It's, not something where I woke up- and I was like I am. My life has changed, but I can definitely remember the thoughts tat I had so that I can stay more like In the light of what I wanted and in my in my hypnotism, actually visualized, not winning the fight. Because, I didn't want to strive to hard to win like something that I've been kind of studying. It's like the outcome is not really like, The winning or losing I don't wanna based too much on that. I just want to put on like a great performance, so I visualized after one thing hand like she's having my hands in the air, see my boy. Their smile, my coach, a smile and then slapping hands with the crowd.
On the way out, and then I would also like, and I want to see my win bonus. Am I show money, and these are the things I wanted to see. These are the outcomes that I wanted not so much as I want to win the fight, but the things that I like how I wanted it to happen here and having that vision, clear. It helped me and so like everything that I've visualize before that it happened as I could hands raised slap hands with everybody on the crowded way out, sign both my checks, and that was like that was the end of it for me until the next session. Until I want to get clear on something else, you know, so you didn't anything like that before any mental coaching and before they guns occupied. I did something very very similar with with another guy first time, you ve ever done it first, I'm doing it
Tis whom yeah definitely in the imo from a thighs he's here and he's really good to any of us like take some notes. You kind of just have a conversation in the beginning, and everything comes from your unconscious. Mind it's not somebody telling you something I just dumped out whatever my own conscious mind was telling me he wishes, help me to like relax, be at peace and just listen to, like my own conscious mind just on unfold. All of these, kind of like hidden answers that we all have. You know, that's it now, when you get hidden ties and you're thinking about a specific fight. Do you think about specific things? You're trying to accomplish things that
you think you'll do to him that you'll have an advantage or strategy or like how do you will those we're thoughts outward happening before my hypnotism, but then all of those thoughts were coming from the anxiety coming from the nervousness. You know what I'm saying. So it's like, let's go back on the timeline to why you're feeling nervously, like all these things, are happening. They're, gonna! U you you're, anticipating all these things happening and it's making you feel nervous. So, let's go back to the nervousness and revisit that why you know my so constant mile unconscious mind just like spoon things out and then after the process of that mix with the hypnotism I'm not even thinking about all hit this arm drag or whatever. I just I'm thinking about. Having my conscious
clear in my mind, clear and everything so that I can get the expectation that are the vision that I created. So have you tried different versions of that or different styles of of hypnosis? No, nothing! I mean I've done a lot of just like closed. I, like emotional intelligence, type of like exercises you know like where I'm just like my eyes are closing. I have someone helping me visualize internally, you know just weathered dreams or emotional pain or whatever it may be. An people just like guided meditation almost here, but the actual name like hypnotism. I've only had done by two people, as when you watching fighters. If you're, I think
leaders or one of the most complex puzzles for psychologists. Does I think it's a super rare state like that the rare state that someone gets to where they can be completely com, see everything in the heat of a dangerous encounter with another train fighter, and when you watching these things play out on tv mean you often time see, How much anxiety plays a factor or doesn't play a fact or how much someone having the I don't give a fuck attitude for real can play. It can be a benefit and it can fuck you up sometimes too, and this these complex psychological puzzles or play out and see fight struggle and then regroup have a bad fight and come back better. All that stuff is like that. It's it's really like a giant microscope on the human character. You know, like a guy like you who comes back the Johnny Walker Fight, looks sensational against arrogant?
this man was like those while those things you like I like what I'm saying his guy. He figured some shit out man, We have looked as though is that was incredible, was really fund a watchman guy really loves my tie. It was fun to watch thanks. That was an that's that's kind The goal to going forward is that I want to continue to like put on stuff like that, continue to learn more die and then because, if I can arrange Bart ripening, like all men, the sky for sure catapult me back on the map, so now I'm ready to just go back and You know how many guys use mental coaches. Now, if you had a guess, a good handful good hands, handful. I think Galoshe think Vinnie short of vitamin. And here he has a lot of fighters. Hazel tat, it was a trip, is very strange So this is real, so weird feeling rather longer as if it was studio, so it had to be at least a year and a half, maybe two years ago, okay, yeah, it's pretty weird, but he's a
rate? Mental coach sue, though he knows like what's creeping around you subconscious is awaiting a pop up and play tricks on you. You should normally enough rounds, resolute, icy, UK guy. Ok, I gotta get linked up with yeah, I'm all that I don't care anybody and I get whatever you got any storm in Moscow is good. Do document you guys. I think it's probably one of them least trained aspects of fighting is the mental aspect of it in know, re I saw how good guys are just by watching them train. He see them. Spar, you see them do out of town he's got this gets on goods guys got great fugitives. Guy got great kickboxing. You ever hear about the people that I like they're they're sayings right, like men, bad guys. Amazing in the chamber when he showed up to silence he just doesn't put on like I've been that guy multiple times in gaol, out of it has to do with mentally yeah. That's all
like an unaddressed giant chunk of the puzzle. A third of the puzzle agree was a pie. A third is key together. Just like you know, when it's Ready to go, and now it's all happening, don't freak out then you'd ever like here comes That thing about. You never know everybody situation right so the day before the we have away, and then data comes back and like he gives us our speeches So everyone there, you don't know what life position therein. You know so like hey, there's a potentially get a bonus cell, All those guys are affected emotionally. Somehow you're gonna need some guys. Maybe they don't get some guys. Maybe they do, but then, like we walk out and then there's a crowd. Fifteen thousand people sold out look around. We got Joe rugged saving it. We got make made say we got data. Why we everybody sitting around and then like burst, human too so we're thinking like this Kelly a test. You know it's like. We got all the we got the whole board
right here, very ready to take my test. You know, like depends on like there's. So much that goes into it like mentally gotta, be prepared for a lot of things or some guys block it out, but it just like. Like anything else, yeah. I did know about half way in the first round. Some special shit was happening now on this fight. Yes, after so after the first round, I was very happy. I sat down my coach. We're like ok, this is good. This is good! You do this outbreak. Listen, I don't want to know what's good. What should I expect? The next round, like I was ready to go, I told us straight to Georgia- might do not occur what I need to do next wish I prepare for any psych prepared. A bit more pressure is probably to try to shoot for take them in this round. As I a ok cool, so that I was just looking for that and using my tools to Canada to just prepare for that, but definitely midway through the second round us and
I know you still got a lot of power all this stuff, but I think that that, like I should be able to stop by sometime and take away a little bit of, image like coming. I mean he had to be an agony and he never stop common me, you didn't winced at all like even the cage when I was just like when he was on the back, and I was trying to kick his leg, you just his face his facial expression. Never change is it's fuckin savage, where it's crazy, he's about Bam, respect that for sure sure, even for like before the fire, her more and after yellow sure, yeah. Now, maybe even more so man, not everybody can do that, not everybody to date that and to do it. What he did it with a hundred percent with a character intact, never shirked, never shadow from kept moving forward as a dangerous person, and he still getting better guys just getting better. When you do. How much do you think the hypnosis help too
A really good amendment man did you did you feel it in what way I just I felt more clear. I feel like a lot of times. I can be just car like an anxious guy. I just I feel, like I feel, just energy, the Catholic, I don't know I go to a room in a mental so having having the focus on having my intention set on. What I wanted to happen was seventy percent like I'd I'd, o seventy percent of like they hypnotism all it's up to. You, help me to keep my thoughts on track. Some dinner, fall back onto every single time? If I felt like I was getting distracted or getting nervous or whatever? I would remember. You know the things that we went over in the hypnotism and so everytime you just kind of like that, hit that reset button or just a delete button on on thought that I just didn't want to have our thoughts. It would make me feel anything other than
happy and ready to go now. How often do practices to practices outside of hypnosis? As there are some things you concentrate honour, meditate on yeah, so I do best to just as of like the weird thing about me, fighting is something that is just kind of happened by accident, but its cause me to search for so much peace like inner peace, because of everything that I go through emotionally being a fighter so from this I know shop told you about it, but going from this Katy was just like super overweight. My whole life never fit in with anybody. I was always just like this introverted gothic. Weird kid that nobody, you know nobody ever talk to never even wanted to fight of always been non confrontational. But
somewhere in the journey of becoming a fighter. I was like. Ah, this is cool, but I need to find more peace, because this is like its bringing up way too much just just wait much. My of my anger, calling you know from everything that I held onto so ah practice, meditation, lotta meditation. I read a lot of different us. Daddy different religions whatever wherever and that all just to find peace, How does a confrontational guy wonder A cage fighter, stop and think about. What are you know? It's that's a very strange still trying to read my mind around it, but I think that internally, there's just a lot of there's a lot of. Expression. For me, it is a big expression as an expression of just my my danger, my ferocious
the is the part of myself that I've always held back. You know it's like. I have to hold back I'm a big guy. No like I I get angry, I'm afraid I can break some you know it's like it's crazy, so fighting for me like when I train after training super peaceful right after I fight filling up oh and I feel like this guy's trying to hurt me all these things, I guess it's it's just a place where we both agree, like hey I'll, give you my strength, verses, your strength or whatever, whatever powers at shrank as well, we meet in the middle, and so it helps me balancement. It does because when I'm not fighting, I'm I'm so relax, it's crazy. It makes sense, and I think that something that could aid a lot of men- I think just ITALY's training just spent, I think, there's something particularly soothing about hitting a heavy bag. There's something particular when you're done man, you feel so good when you're done hitting paths we done sparring, he feel so just peaceful
yeah, I got it all out anything left. Neither the learned. Man carry love extra bullshit estuary extra for no real The other, let it out let out of Gaza, build it up in the jib right. There super huge areas like high, let it out again swing those arms when you see less that now has to it seems like but yeah it just. It would be nice if I everything this. Teach kids how to fight at a very early age, ethical. I think it's the opposite would have the opposite effect. I think people fight less. I think, if you talk kids, how to fight they would just train and spar, and they would d get at all. Have their system there and they provide a lot less, it's an it's gonna be like in our nature right, like NEA everybody when these guidelines curiosity like when it what it's like causes they have too is the wrestling team. You can join the wrestling team and they they will teach you
very important part of fighting, but that, like dinner, teach you how to fight but friendliness. Look now at least it's kind of a loophole, Adele Boxing and high school, but I'll teach wrestle they're, pretty crazy man, gray wrestlings get Rougher- is lacking. Also high school kids are savages. Are I remember, being a high school kid in high school wrestling rooms awful his rich? I kill you other they were gonna hardest to run with plates over there knowledge of football teams, lifting waitin run in practice. The occasion slave Everybody seen them with vision, quest right so that we never saw receded. Dude Matthew, Mo Dean and Matthew Boat Dean places, bad ass, ressler and he's goin up against. Dude is as other bad ass wrestler and he comes to visit a guy while the guy's training and this dude got a log on his back and ease. Walkin upstate next and there
as you said, you make the way because Matthew Moody's, character, cutaway yours, I hope so use hopes or to teach walk up the stairs I get. Where did this come out? a long time ago. My back on Madonna was young. As the rest is always walk in stadium stairs Karen a Fuckin log on Eddie you're, great movie, man every rest, that I knew what I was in high school. Everyone worship this movie. Will you do that should come out? It's probably like eighty five, that's not the cover, for it is eighty five bam. I mailed it son is that the cover for yes, we'll get a little. You have anything to do with it s. Our identity would not click that on Netflix thinking area around here you aggressor, booby, at all, she was hot sun too. Fun times, but yeah. That was like the quintessential wrestling movie because he just was dedicate and then it was his friend who lied about being native american
that what that is under vessels going just wanted to be different stand out, but this is a fun movie. My so fund move again into them. Hola movies, but wrestling that's all these glamorous were probably tough sport for high school kids get into. Definitely, as I stayed away from it, I tried for tougher volleyball in high school, actually made the team of my grades were terrible. So I never got to play. But, as I have said, do and I tried out made it- I may go just kind of joke. I think the coaches or just messing with me, my friends too. When did you get involved in martial arts when I was twenty, so two thousand and ten so really quick right after high school, I started I started traveling, so I used to play in a band I used to play with mini bands and guitar play guitar play drums at play keyboard a little bit everything every Christmas. My mom would just
just give me an instrument, and I block myself in my room and teach myself how to play much. As always, how like music was my first in one first le, so I taught yourself yeah, I just put on like headphones and I would just match the sounds. Keep restarting the sounds over and over again keyboard song. I'd play it like just on the city player in Vienna as it evolve, and for some reason I can just I can match tune with whatever instrument it. Maybe you ve always been you do that since kid, while here so no formal training, nothing, that's crazy. I've tried to take I've tried to take guitar lessons before didn't work for me and my mom was just wasting her money like I was learning, but it was kind of like school. For me, like I had a teacher, you tell me: okay, there's score This corners, I gotta just let me
I got a feeling you know like I can hear it. I can. I can feel it I'll get it, and so I stopped going for how many people do it like that? I'm not sure I know there's a lot of people. I can just kind of play by ear but solved like I just love instruments are pick anything up and just start planning and up teach myself. I play drums base. Guitar keyboard applied the stand at basin in middle school. I've got like a little home production like bees, studio homo itself, so after high school I start to work and ah. That's when, like I started getting my heaviest, we read and fast food every single day, three times a day, never drink water, so the only smoke, unlike the pack and a half cigarette today and just on the road travelling and then by nineteen. I got up to three hundred and five pounds
nineteen years old I remember one night laying down to go to bed and I just felt my heart pumping ridiculously and I was just like no way this is like. I think I'm going to die and I got woke up in a panic. And weird thing is I got up and went outside for maybe like ten minutes. I smoked another cigarette and I was just like this- is the problem like I'm coughing up stuff. My heart is gonna, give out, and I'm only nineteen years old you know self around that same week is when I discovered anime with my brother just like watching autumn. If I don T be, and so I went on my last tour and I told the Gaza hey, I'm gonna go training a maid and we're going to be a fighter like you think. You know now just like
I don't know what I'm gonna be, but I'm gonna go training get healthy and their local kirkwall will see you in a couple months. You know he'd like no one really believed that I was gonna go and actually train it via told me. I was mimics big, quiet, non, confrontational guy, so yeah. I went and took my first class my tie and March first, two thousand ten took my first, my tie class and then, after, like a month of doing what I I started to see progression, I started to see like my face, slimming down walls, so give me motivation to keep going, and then I am remember going to Emma may event amateur and I saw a really big heavyweight guys go about it, So I got to know what to do and I want to give it a shot, and so my coaches, I gave you-
a hundred pounds I'll I'll, find you a fight as a hundred pounds. He's gotta find you fight if you lose hundred pounds, so I just kept training within eleven months, Lhasa hundred pounds and then took my first fight and then want them like every fight has been until now, because, like now, I have like more of a drive in a passion for, but all the way up until then, everything can happen by coincidence are just like. I didn't really want to fight, but I had a lot of people like all you're, so good like keep doing it, and I was the first time in my life. I've ever had people supporting me to like really do something that was big I was a new guy and I was in shape and I can girls are noticing me now. My all the my whole life change within a year of of training in the night like from going to this guy Nobody even paid attention to two so I go hey how's, it goin, you know,
oh you're, so in shape and urges I owe this is we're still weird. It's only been nine years, eight years everything, still very new to me. I've only my first day stepping on the mat was like nine years ago, doesn't amazing story. It's crazy! That's eagerly! yet success story. You know that you look at it it ring told you have, sir. What is that, sir? turn it. What is that it's just like stock Iphone, you! U ventured into the options, went out in their sir, so yeah, that's like that's, gonna everything started and then with three fight, three or four fights, and then I tried offer the ultimate fighter so I'd like three or four flights in
near being approved, and then the ultimate fighter trials came out and I like tried offer than may allow unethical shit. So most of my career has been in the you see. While is that like, when you hear fighters. Optically boxers here, like a really well managed boxer, will get fights the test em, but with a guy that you could be many learn A different thing from each different fighter as well the latter and weigh more of him or undefeated when they finally, a shot at either a title or talk. Contender but an Emma, may you could be fighting the top level guys within a couple years of joining. Could honestly, be a couple years prior to that, if you particularly talented where you picked up martial arts in Ghana, perfect example per France'S- and God knows incredible example- is he's really only done in a way for fun
five years, any still right now, the scariest guy. In that case, when he's throwing bombs away, it's like Youtube, just let go, knocked out ovaries that was and tat. There was an unheard of knock out, yet I sparred with him in like in preparation, I move and I actually was gonna hit with that same punch where we went in France and I went three rounds in the jail and then I remember forest was there in an and John the head coach, a syndicate and there they ok, you s tone it down, because we were going out and new ideas for a guy to go hard. But how often know how like to guard year, every now and yeah, I you do mostly technical yeah so like entirely right. Now, it's like everyday technical Monday morning or one or two day, sporting bodies,
is by am amazed, sparring, emanates barrier and then the other days are just like technical grabbing grappling in technical, shrinking and then you know wrestling and then he'll spoonful right now when they break it up, you have someone who makes your schedule for you like for the week do have all your training routines. What what you're scared it will set up, or morning evening You have also dance, so they had like so France's like that. Has a schedule of all the classes, but I had him in a coach George would help me out like a if you're, getting ready for a fight, shouted disease in these and I'll help you and also curriculum yeah. Exactly so. That actually helped in the cool thing about it is like everything was in lines.
Like whatever I worked with him personally in the morning, we'll still be going over in practice and even in the night practice. So getting the same. Things like you know multiple times a day, instead of just one time and then you'll get it again later and when your your training over there, you said you like him fifty to sixty per nationals I've seen so many guys on the mat and I'd say on very very low day twenty, like so many people, So many people guideline girls me and how much you spending striking versus grappling
These specialise in one thing or the other one. I can train grappling all day and never get bored and like even if I'm tired, I can still do it, but then, like grappling, I do a lot of the times because I like it, but it's mandatory and ends in it's my job. So I like. Ok, I'm gonna go to grasp and class, but it seems like it's an even balance, but I love to go to striking more cause issues like that's my favorite. They bear so one second class, one grappling class one in a class of wonder tat. The thick. So like two hours, apiece and then conditioning running and all that stuff in the middle. You not one whole day Jesus. What the economy class is more like. So there's
class of May one personal going over, like my specific things that I like to work on and want to work on, and then maybe whoever's mimicking the opponent and then in the morning my tie some for me. It's always greatest arm the morning off. With my tie. Wake up first thing have coffee. Do my five six k run, Trimly tie for two hours go, do in May personal and then do the enemy class at the end and then go relax. F that routine for making work everyday and it does. Everything is disappointing like to do the same thing. Every day is very common in Thailand and I think that's why I was able to put that up that performance on and use that many kicks, because we throw so many in one day he done made what's different about the training there's, not there's not really classes for Emma may there's not much talking in tat in my tie. There's no talking, you know it's like data.
You want to do a little bit like punch, kick knee deep five times times twenty times. You know like it's a lot of capital and in the same thing in the in the imminent clash, George gives us a lot of time to drill, drill at our own pace and things like that before we go live, and I think that that would help me the most is less talking more really show me one or two things were mixed Marshall artist, we're going to create something off that it's ok and just let us drill it. Let us drill, walk around could eat a correct if you need to, but I think people need to spend more. Drilling on the mat go live every now and then just so. You can feel what Europe is the only way of any good bye drilling. Yes, not it's fun eggs
its training. I owe the draining should befall you tell a dog to sit a hundred times. You gotta give him some, but gives some type treats the promised certain parts training our phone right, which probably one of the reasons why you like strike exactly fun that part from me. I can just it some its I really believe that psychologists. It should study fighters study high level fighters who try to figure out what makes him take, because there's all these different versions you're a different version. You, the three hundred pound guided size, lose all its weight, and now you want to as fires in the two hundred five pound division. It's crazy man! I mean that's, that's a wild story, a really cool, though yeah, maybe he'll get one. Psychology studies on fighters is almost mandatory. Cassius Guys, like they're just impenetrable certain guys it just they just like- could be the impenetrable
do not give more shit, you talk anymore, he's gonna fuck you up what he gets hold of you not working man, it's not get in there, and in this Certain guys like sometimes are hot, and sometimes they get rattled, and you know it's it's a crazy endeavour. What you guys do really is definitely is man. I think a documentary or something we really call to yeah. I think a lot of people in the fans need to see kind of a little bit more of the insight. The real stuff. You know that the real stuff like one of the craziest responses that I've been getting lately? Is people hit me up on in scrambling? I can't believe you're, just a normal guy, like your posting songs and indeed I like doing all their MIKE am I'm human just say everybody else like. I think, a lot of fans kind of forget that I think we as fighter sometimes forget to Kay like for a little bit. You can shut off again normal itself. I mean that the ban.
Answering ACT is it's a strange thing to ignore the balancing act at a fighter has to have with their their personality with training and competing, and then just being a normal person in the highs and lows managing the stress of an upcoming fight. You just sort of asked to go on your own. Like ok, good luck, Cuba Shit together there in the face of flight, first at its executes a higher we go up, then it just like it hard to go anywhere behind right thing: we're working to get to the top as fighters and we want to be known and in but like the moral, the more the higher that we go, the more obligations. Media people want to talk to you all itself. So your time, candidates, shore, I I was thinking about Alaska, my damn like getting through the tops, had a sack of media, like you know, media weaker fight weak for everybody at the top there, like press conference this that that, on the topic, our eggs just like relax so I'll bet, Lenny
a psychologist, I help me out more hypnotism Maria. I would I dont oh, how much they do at the? U have see performance institute and to infer and far as mindset training. They do need that over there I was gonna sit. I've seen that places insane of you, chance train their. I did. I did to fight camps there when I used to live in Vegas here and it's amazing crazy play it was. It was like a load, you're good for me. Lay I started feel I global spoil the United made as I gotta go run out in the street. I can't write alleys travels, I mean to have a place like where the company creates this for high level training environment that does not another gemlike in on the planet or on the planet. That is to say, like a good work are therefore free seriously is really go. You wanna protein shake okay, you like whatever I just Libya
look it's a great way to keep guys on track with their wage cuts to you know I M informational that place like they. They ve taught me so my guess: you know just about recovery and what to do afterward, other their investing allotted just like different programmes for us to take home so that we can make sure that, like our nervous system is good for them. Stay like nimble, so much stuff into figuring out how to help the fighters. The last trip down by fat. That underwater treadmill jamming? Isn't it amazing didn't on it? Now I did you say I was elsewhere. My clothes, all you would jump in there, but also why look at this is crazy. This thing, it's sick. What did you do it? Yet if you type what is? It was a good few cardio its its low impact on the joint rise alike, oh yeah. You you'll get a real good, cardio brilliant cardio push on. It is theirs jets
the blood. Are you enter the travellers on the bottom, so you're tryin, just to not, you run it against the water, awhile and so like, depending on how deeply Oh your arms, that's all resistant I'll show you can go just waste level, it it's a little easier, but the lorry go the harder it is working party did you do that zero gravity? I didn't do any of the things that I just looked at, that it carries a door. Flowers cursing gave me the four one one they ve done. It Would you less was zero gravity? It's been awhile, maybe where was the zero gravity? So there's a treadmill and you put these pants on and then you slip into this like use opinion all I did see that the internal auditor filled up with his air than you can run up to like ten percent of your body weight, so you for that like it's another. Zero gravity like the treadmill. It's not low impact
slow, MPEG below, and you can tell anyone about planets are usually tippy toes just like other. So weird yeah, that's really we're gonna cool stuff man, while there at the forefront of all recovery methods and training methods, Intuition and see what they're doing for some fight week. What I done so this last fight there. They hate you want any help. Do you have your meals prepped journey there? like. No, I don't so. I guess for the people that are fighting with in U dot S for now delta prep and make everything for for fight week when you're cutting weight and I'll make sure, like you, stay in contact with with the guys, Clinton them and no check your weight and then meals according to you, like, whatever you need, delivery to robots outstanding, it was, it was the best and in the recovery afterward they give you these drinks. All like you saw
approved all that stuff. It's like no problems if they help so much with that last wake up and an rehydration. How much cut this fight? I cut nineteen nineteen pounds and that's a lot? You know I usually cut, maybe four to seven pounds. The last couple fights I've just I'll, just post it, but when I went to Thailand blood, large sugar and stop the of stuff as everybody was yeah when I was in Bangkok for a long time and which is a lot of ST food lot of fried food and stuff, and I was just there only I'm gonna try everything so once I got the Paquette, they actually have like health foods, the vague and stop their lot torso, especially on the street, so the street that TIGERS on all Jim's like five or six cross, but James, maybe ten restaurants, health, food, restaurants, everything! So I was it.
Stay on track there. So I just I just back just a few weeks, but I still may weights and ask if that's a lot of weight to cut, though right you liked to cut like about five or six, so yeah yeah yeah, no more than eight like eight, is pushing it for me. So what difference do you feel the day after I didn't with their rehydration method? I felt amazing you: leave. What cutting that much had fill a bloated, low, heavy sleepier all that stuff. But this when you talkin, but did you ever do I? would, I did do idea when I used to fight in the hour Faye at one eighty five, a sufficient when it. If I, oh, my god, yeah, it's ours! How much you can I used to cut from? I try to get as close to two hundred is possible and they cut fifteen superstition, two hundred to terrible tear.
I'm struggling to make two hundred and five not not struggle, but he hurts to make two hundred and five now, so I can't even imagine like it sucked. So what would you think about if they abandon weight, cutting they just up more Norway classes and abandoned way, cutting I mean I wouldn't mind s eye what I would like to see. The voting will be better for the fighters. I think better for the fighters and we want really cool match up here. You don't owe me exertion. Gaza cut a lot away in their some match. Upset would be really good at different weights too. I think it's one of those damn things that's existed in the past and we never corrected. I think I think we should stop it it's not help anybody to lose weight for fight. They could be fit in great shape, yeah, ok, or how do you go about the, but I'm losing weight like losing weight training, not like mass. The higher for wake up day and then re, migration the next day for fight too. I think it's too crazy
strain. The guys are doing to the kidneys in their bodies. That mean many fine I have told me that there are the dont feel that they can take a body shot as well when they cut a lot await. Sometimes the your head of my head I remember the Johnny Walker fight I'd cut sees me could have been from the wake up, but that morning, like if Ivan tapped on my joy, just felt like my head was just buy off like readily No, I thought very sensitive data from the way it has a night I get knocked out. I don't know what it was from, but I remember feeling that morning, when I woke up and is usually I like a shake everything off, like you know like when you myself, of the jobs that have just to get ready for the fight, and I remember that that morning, when I was like TAT and myself on the jaw, my hedges didn't feel right. Dude, the song good feeling now, but I got checked after I did happen
like concussion anything. Did you have some particularly hard sparring session or something close to that? I dont think close to it during their camp bikes. I didn't feel all the way until I didn't have it the only time I ever felt it was like after the weight cut, so it could have been from that, and I think that morning I actually ended up cutting the last little bit of my weight the morning of Wayans, to which is not usually like me, I usually cut at the night before she said you. Like start your day, offer the run, I do not every day yeah. Definitely real. So that's one thing that I learned: two's just training every day, not learn, but it just feels different. Now I have to go and train every day when I was in Vegas lay, I got
Dr thirty minutes, you know all these things. I had a lot of excuses to make up and now, with the convenience of how training is now, I dont even make up excuses, unlike if I'm tired, I still too minute, walk, get your ass, Jim, you know, and so every their training and weakens officer, so you're running every single day. Then your training, every single day before my tides, mandatory IRAN they're, like the traceability, you train areas, you first, you shall be run the The first day I showed up at TIGERS more time class. I didn't even have ten issues I just showed up with my flip loves cause I'll stay right across the street. And I showed up. I saw rap my hands in the trainer he's like. Are you going train and I was like yeah, I think so, you think so go run and as Ike I don't have to use only ever. Let us he's like just pointed like so go run and I had a run like there was a kilometers and invalid blobs before easy. Illustrate. Yeah, that's like four miles somewhere other
five and a half years like for, like four miles out like that, we just had to run run, run, run, run, run ass ever How long do we run forces like usually like five to six kilometers and like you, I was like five cases through half yet gas via the say like just cutting short five k, wow and in winter blocks category. I never. I never forgot my shoes again. I would also add that fuck your feet up, it wasn't too Actual knock as I wasn't weren't she's alive anyway, just Thailand. Sometimes you have to take off your shoes before you. Do the stores so there their heart asked in their discipline with the wanting to just serious doubt heiresses. Yet it is serious about it. They like show respect. You know when you running a running with a groove guys or everybody guys, girls, whoever shows up the glass is it is like ok, so that when the running of the running like organise like in a group or are they just? Is everybody running a few miles before class at on the first, the first, my tie, Jim, that I not the straight moratorium in Bangkok. They run.
A unit every day, five, a m as a team. They live at the gym that either the gym they sleep and Jim. They are like date. They don't have homes their homes, the Jim and their job is just fight and eat sleep, train fight. That's it that's crazy when they do you and take on the name of the gym, yeah, exactly that's a whole different life like that is what made me respect and learn in love. My tie so much as how these guys trained in just they lived together. Everything it was made, so they run as a group, but the other like other place. We all start off, but if if someone's lap a near- and they just want to run fast like it's it's totally fight, but before the class everybody has to go while that smart way to do it, man I mean if you could really convince them to be conditioned all the time and there's like you, have no option. You can't be out beata condition. If you gonna run.
Five miles every day, five miles and hidden, kickin, hidden kickin paths for five to ten around the day, clinching forty five minutes a day like clinching out after every session. It's like you, run new bag set. Ups. Lots of second second session is: kicked the bag three to five rounds until a trainer picked you up like for me. I had to wait for a trainer to actually even like want to hold that's for me. If you just show up, You'll just be hitting the bag until the trailer was like. Okay I'll hold it for you and then once you actually find a trainer that wants to work with you, then you kind of whatever their schedule is for you that they'll create it. Though you hold the whole pads you'll kick the bag of do push ups, you do sit ups and then clench thirty to forty five minutes after it's the same
every single day. Why? How did you ever worry that this might be something that would be monotonous because you do in the same way we dared. You think we just concentrate on excellence. Now, because It's also ah like going to the fight in theirs. So many different styles, so like We're doing the same thing. Everyday, the repetition, but the styles are completely different. You know, like nobody fights likes Am I right where he does the same thing? Everybody else does, but he has his own style yeah. You know domain or some guys will do the same thing, but they don't even like to kick me. They just like to throw elbows plenty guys like that where they just like. You know that when he goes he's just throwing elbows all five rounds, this guy just gonna throw niece. So it's just like which tools do you use the bans like? Are you near or you kicker you an elbow guy. You left Kicker YOLO kicker its car like what's which strikes are you are your thing and then you go watch the chaos in these guys again split open every night.
Other stretchers they take. Em stretches other ring. Man, it's amazing. It's like not to see someone get her boy like justify the fact that these guys are all out brawling every night, every single night there's a fight of the stadium Thursday night of the knights that, like the like, the higher guys go and their packed with people. Thousands of people like the one I went to there was a few thousand people there for the stadium. It look, act and everyone's bedding and they would kick slander like all eyes, the energy is crazy. They never shut up. I'm gettin hype, thinking about it tolerating how did Sanch I figure out. Who do? Might I differ than anybody he's so interesting. What is quicks, which is of the feed, and I The way he throws kick suggest Schuyler a little different flavour, everything that I think he can help it. You know I mean there's something about a guy's character age aside, his his fighting is him right, Allah he's he's gonna go on like this.
Weird funky guy. It makes sense that he fights like that. She's gonna meet its no use like seriously staring guy that Ngos are there and fight on crazy like he seems like his fighting is definitely an expression of himself. He so good, man, he so good. I like watching him to warm up sneakers, outside sweat and drawn elbows, and these, I think, he's a bad motherfucker man and he's you know he's not young. Now I think, there's forty is he really hot in here will help how old Santa thirty thirty eight he's gettin scandal but meanwhile, is in its prime still denying people at all times about multiple times have fight good luck. They died away as its ground was awesome and he's got these great videos of him warm and up, and you watch him him his movement man's while guys he sums
special takes a lot of fuckin energy to move around the way he does too. I'm sure he's still shows up to the gym. Every single day too many like hold the paths for foreigners knowledge. I stopped by catch him. He wasn't there, but I hear like there is look at that gonna fuck man right there he just pose. A video the other day where this crazy, wig c, I a video of there, it is, even how he throws this kid is different in different, like he doesn't really like turn all of us ever body like alive, ass, it right here he's a volume guy Buddy Knox, guys out with one shot. Two we can catch the eye, just instinctively, no light. He doesn't think about it. Didn't reflection, so Jack, swipe. It's interesting we think of how many different people are doing it and that this one guy stands alone. Outliers man. So that's. Why
saying that I learned compared to like watching we tie in the states and then going there the amount of kicks in knees at their throwin, I'm looking at fighting like ok, like Windsor Next punch gonna happen, these guys thrown kick after kick after kick for five round, I was like okay, I'm definitely not taking enough, so I got to start kicking. So I day it like being in Thailand, definitely LB to learn the importance of KKK. So we were talking about the shoot box style. Hotmail Cordero, whose is ups absolutely one of the best avatar strike, encroaches on the planet, it's funny that he's such a nice guy, he trained the most murderous crew everyday regularly. Every last I could not bear it. They had Anderson Silver, there Vander lay and what vandalized show gonna give you that photo that have failed to do that
fuck. It turns out that guy Pele everybody as rising pale. I do they were so the guy who latorre Michael Costa. He was. He was from that same that same group. To this day, do not understand why more Tarzan, more popular I've, never understood it. So citing the watch. Yes, as if we had a league in America that people understood the fires were got two Norman Route form and see you know, like you see, with boxing returns Crawford in always like he said this, he's. Prime right now, you know is on top of the world. I would I see a guy like that in my time and I think it would be the same thing. I think Americans would jump on board. Understood how exciting it you see. A lot of you see a good handful of foreigners in hence in Thailand, to go watch run my time. I thought the safety like man, they gotta, get this. Algeria Garuda males greater than what is innocent. What's missing Dana White as a good point, two things that call,
Surely we want, except kickboxing after Piquet, karate from light the nineteen eighties I've never madame outward night, it was guys would throw like these little kicks. They employ eight kicks and then they would have August Lobby boxing maximum time. There's some really good guys that fought near to the real high level. Gaza penny. Gender kid is fought. Peter and a lot a lotta like, really really good strikers, but it was, there, was nothing compelling about it. Just wasn't it wasn't something that you wanted to watch all the time, but if you could watch some of the best might I fight you ve ever seen and you could wash them on television just like it show people on television, some crazy wars that you and I have seen from the past- I, how could you,
not like that of you like striking. How could you not like guys we're experts in bone smashing dude? That's why I have a lot of love to four, like I'm a huge one championship hit me too, huge one championship now I like what he's doing like always making all three of them together to it's amazing because, like you can literally go to find good anime match. If you, if you like grappling info, striking. Obviously- and you can see, look wait. I fighters lay my friends from the stadiums are fighting in Bangkok, on the tenth some I really would like. I can't wait because I really want to get there by the tend to go see this one championship event in Bangkok, while the guy one of my friends like pet, damn he's a is a stadium like champion, then he's fine one championship and it's like it's it's just six seeber ya. Don't think people understand how big it is an age either with a lot of american fans are just really there messing at its.
Asia's version of the USA, its gigantic jager yeah. The numbers are insane and they got some fuckin pillars. Oh yes, they got some legit killer. That's like that guy Nasty Yukin, who just knocked out the average traders Tiger dude that guy's, luxury, I remember- to train with him at all. No, I would like alongside him I didn't pay. They train with them. But I remember one day we were doing. We were training and he was ass one on the mat and are wrestling code. Frank was like he's like he's, had something like tat, more sprawls, unlike you beat Ellie Eddie Alvarez, something the guises grinding like uses digging himself into the matter it was. It was called the watch and prepare for that fight. There's there's guys like that. Like yeah, he trains there all the time and he be Eddie Alvarez left, a big deal. I think it's a big factor of their two didn't cut. Wait, I think that's about factor if you're used to
the bigger fighter all the time and then also now you're not now now once cutting anyway, I mean they. They have some sort of a system. Then ask grows explaining it to me and I dont really remember how it works, but the sums We have a system where they stop you from wakening. I've checked hundred and check your hesitation load. You gotta be. Do it s the right he's correct, he's smart, it's the right way to do it. We should have done it a long time ago, and you say that I really think away cut issues all that stuff like ruining car dollar, if it would all be eliminated, yes, ruining cards and even more importantly, I think, causing fighters to fight it lessen their full potential, how many fighters got hit when they should have gotten hit because the if they were recovered. Politely if they didn't have to not recover completely, but if the they didn't have to recover from await cut. We who now maybe the shots you ate, because that you wouldn't have eaten especially viewer. Some guys cut in a brutal amount away. It's entirely possible that you could get hit with something you wouldn't have. You didn't have to cut way.
We get more operative, yeah right, we have five more often the training would be a lot better too, because we would like a lot of fighter spent. The last three weeks before of their fight. Are their camp? Just try my wings way, it's it's too, and that their aware project of learning, Yan building strengthen all its up, but you could do so. I think would be awesome. The argument for it is that the guys are tough enough to do it and cut a shitload await. Have this massive size advantage and sometimes it allows them to win and they think they should be able to do it because their tough enough to cut all that way I get it made. It does hard to do you have a strong person, but I just don't think it's good for anybody. I don't think it's good for the athletes. Don't think it's good for the sport. I don't think it's good for anybody. It's just an old way. It's just an old thing, the people are doing so they don't have to fight the bigger people. You know it's crazy, because I have to answer that question. A lot for people who don't like some of my friends or just like all, like the hit me up. My hey am I I can't
this week, like I gotta get away. It's not a good time like honey. You Patty you, those twenty pounds day. Why do you do that? You I'm just like right. I don't know how to explain its cause, it's what we do There is not really that's just what I have to do when you see Current fires get on the scale, don't like Conor Mcgregor when he made one hundred and forty five hustler Z looks like like a zombie mass walking dead character as a holy shit man, you said the ice king No, the winter kings are what he called the night kid and I care rightly he they look like you're making, but I see it. What do you like when he thought? Nay, nay, once only regret, You look great right right. This, a different evidently yeah mean Why are they differ as molecular copyright? There is lay eyes had a burger. I know
the sleep good, and what about the other, what his duties on death's door I thoroughly only three months apart for months apart no between fifteen March twenty! Sixteen is our right. Yeah wow. You know it's crazy to sometimes eyelids wakening messes up the mind ducas. You see yourself so shredded right at one point like I didn't get, maybe like five pounds, I'm like I'm not a shape. I gotta get back and shape Yeah you get accustomed to do you know ever allow yourself to get back to three hundred. Can never now no, but I can go down that road, crazy transition, though to go a ten year span from being a guy.
Like really overweight and worried. You gonna die to being and let you have C4 like life life for me as as is happening now like this is carved the beginning of everything. For me up, it's it's really cool, that's really cool and am glad that I found mixed martial arts just because it suggests it gives me it's a journeyman, yes I'll just you have siege like finding lemonade and diving into different cultures and lifestyles and understand, ease and sometimes philosophies all the stuff just to understand, just to put it all together just to have it all make sense. At the end of the day, like it's been a beautiful but I will do me. The lot of people go a lot of places like I'm very thankful, very just like, like I'm ok with life in our desire again here man, that's cool thing to hear. I love Europe that you're cool life,
yeah, you're rum drawn a great path. Man, it's it's also what's inspiring about it, for other people is your story of being at a place. We weren't like that before story of being overweight and smoking cigarettes and feel like an. Now you're like for so many people out there that gives feed the hope them a thought like. Maybe if I just figures I actually can. Maybe life doesn't suck, maybe just It's the way, I'm leavin may vote just figure at this path in a positive direction. I can change everything I can to could be a happy. I could be like you right now, who is the exact quote? I'm happy have you live? Have you live with life? Have you live? Does a great quote? Most people don't get to that spot. And the crazy figures who I didn't. Have this dream to be in the? U S E. I made a choice. Just go get healthy It was. I do a short just a short step
in the right direction, and I just what propelled you did take the first fight if you're just trying to get healthy a lot of encouragement and the first time really hearing people like being good at something that, like I, was surrounded by fighters and guys who believed me and like who cared him like, wanted to see me get better and tougher and I'll get my asked every day, and I was something that was used to just being in that it. I had at the time learning a very strong team like I started eventually school. He was still fighting, So a lot of guys. I was like shoot boxed outside everyone's get knocked out. Every training somebody gets not. Really very hard, and that was that was new for me to get and things like that, and had a very bad in Vegas. I am, I remember, helping him get ready for the either was like brides.
Chris Lebed and stone foreign elbows the cage, no pad like we're going at it like my job as dislocated everything, but it was just like what we learned was just always fight in Brasilia. They pull hot. Every day every day people had for hard the think about that it definitely may be tough in the beginning. Now I realize I like I'm, going to do this a short time and I really feel like eggs and pains and stuff, and I don't want to be like that when an older so a lot more, smart about my training and do you think it was a critical aspect of your success, though I needed on through the firelight. I needed that different guys. You know what I was made up being being a guy who's, or and secure all these things never going on hikes her. My dad pass away when I was younger
like very young, and so I never had my dad to encourage me to go. Throw a ball or anything play sports or be a man. Be a boy be you know just be. I was always like kind of shelter by my mom and, she was more like protected like I don't go. Do that that she finally learn to just like set me free, but I needed to know what I was made up I need to know what I was made of in in the realm of med fighting whatever took blood, nearest wet hot, the same thing and say I got I didn't know what that was like. I never got a taste of it going through it in a real way. It's like actually getting my ass, beat and having to find my way out of it can't run from it still like it's people that cared about me to it was like it was just a great thing to have, and it now
I joy really get hard fight. You hurry about! That's why you're you you're, enjoying your progress to change of who you are as person strengthening hovel. Far into training, was, were you like a hundred percent. All intimated like that. I think it was, after my loss to Thyssen Pedro, which was my second fight, the USC before everything was still kind of very fun and games in
as I gotta get to travel, got Australia Fight, Australia. So as a big shock to be the you have sea, especially not even expecting to be there in within just a few years so after losing their fight is when I met my friend in at the time my strength conditioning coach Lorenzo and he had been through like pair rescue school things like that. So he helped me to just develop this mentality of like how far for your mind, take you how big, as your will end when training
with him and doing kind of like pair rescue survival training for conditioning that that was. That was a point where I started to like sailing. Ok I'll, take this full on. I know I can fight hard, but now I know how far my will can go in the face of the elements in everything so like putting those two together going after it and then the final took after that was day no jolly, and then I I ended up in the first round with the knee and then I thought Paul Craig in Scotland, but I had the same integrity like I'm going forward, I'm getting better british grow stronger, better harder, like everything and are then the fight to the Polish guy, Michael Alexei joke. Have you seen him lately has been he's gonna? He just beat like John Volante, and I forgot how that's right
a body shop I lost it. Are I lost to him, but then it got turned to a no contest so after that was a go consult you fight, so it's been absolutely agrees with no contest entails Bosnia tested positive, but I need He was also a last minute. Last minute fight. I was fuck his name up. My girl, Alexey Jog, your legs. Egypt is a rough one at the way and I was butcher it the terrible. It's almost organise sage yeah. So when the night three four years now and how many but you have provisionally what's my work in three Adrian one. That's funny that you know it. Don't really know your record, I don't remember a three in one. I think it's a three in one wow yeah. It's amazing that even fighting for
relatively short period of time and avert achieved some pretty fuckin spectacular results. Man do you have anybody in your past that was into martial arts? Do you is it in the family? My brother is, my brothers are both like just athletes the school and they were like they were always getting in like fights and stuff at school. Like I said I was going to come today, they were the biggest fighters to me grown they stunned your fire. Now now my other brother is actually a fighter to be fought for, like the World Series World Series of fighting one hundred and twenty five belt and Anna Contender Series things like that, he's still fighting so training and then my oldest brother, he he doesn't fight he's play like college. Uh. Yes, I got one brother, so it's in the family little but at least little bit when you think about that
world series of funding that which became the professional fighting yeah? Definitely a million dollars to everybody who wins whatever their respected way, classes right any fight. Two times one night, we gonna cool, but two thousand one night. You haven't one night's ox, but I don't know if they get paid to show up and then or are you just fight, then hope You get that mill. I dont want to see a guy who two three round: war fight, a guy who not gone ten. Second, their cause it can happen, it does up and that seems seem so unfair. Did you see I very much less was gonna. Take it that lasted two he's, I'm impressed it alive- he's really come into its own- is striking- is caught up with a lot of his grasp and his fantastic this basket severity. I've never seen a guy that big, a flexible? He do everything when it comes to do so, you see when you flying arm paid upon. Oh no, it's crazy or could affect those that I was at that match their the metamorphosis. I think of us
was a minimalist when he would he grappled Keaton. Was I'm animals like a few years back, maybe my for five years there were exhibited. Metamorphic be I've. Had it with all the letter Morris Match Upset, some good ones will forget all the match up. Those are getting Yes, yes, tomorrow, I will There was more those madame in I'm happy. Eighty bravoes sort are taken over that space, api and combat you who now have you seen Ass lapse railway services? There is a great idea: it's nice! Sometimes I do my behold number. That slap am I has a guy down till I go something changes again. There's things are unavailable anymore. You can't just allow It's too hard. He could somebody like that. Some please stop somebody Wagner, Rocher, stop somebody got up to them, just blasted them with palms head. It was pretty raft man, so new, it's almost like a guy like that, you can do ground a pound and we learn from boss,
prudent way back in the pancreas dazed. Remember those days boss. I figure out how to pull his hand back way further than other people. Boss route and would smile guys what palm strikes it was thrown like upper cuts and hooks like he wasn't. Like this. I'm really high level jujitsu too, with smacks. Look at all you know that guy's not use against lad, not by guy with a nasty garlic Wagner, Rocher to tat right. There's like me, can you tat from the slap yeah he's gonna beat my girl Chauncey enough, see why sisters drop in those palms down below the bat for it s a reality check You know it's a reality check about how dangerous position is you can't really just sit in. Let a guy mount you
do something desperate to get out of that, but in June you're too, if the guys just mounting you Can a chill out HIV figured out how to hear a leg or some shit combat judges? You gotta get the fuck out of there. That's a terrible place to be saved. They were like a mayor. I the amount, it its especially when he hired will the difference which in Emma may grappling and regular grappling too used to always be with one of the big ones. At least I should say, was leg locks. They thought you really can get away like locks is much in ever may because, as you go for legs. You have two arms committed to the legs and put you in the face, and you know have defence for but now you seen when gothic image Are a burden on the scene start ribbon guys needs a party said how effective it is. Then Paul horrors. Are you a leg, long people at no? No, no likening less scared of it. Is there scary, you have access the rainy operations and to reconstruct, but I d like to watch again.
John down to her dude. He so interesting, and I am now yeah. I remember just like looking into the lady commies, the others, are savages, airy tone, it did this fucking people's legs up and and then Craig Jones, and all these other guys that all over the world that are leg locks start the all these complex legwork systems now its wording. Fuck up you go zig nation is Ryan offered DJ pay right caught him in that. No not that way out get out Reinhard Ryan locked it just imagine the feeling. Now I was, Eyebrows one, once that gets chewed up inside there. That's the problem, I mean people can just take it, but once you start ripping this gives the parting cartilage. Apart wants us to start happening. Ligaments getting stretched out and rip a little bans, can there always gonna be wiggly sought mean
Gordon Ryan script, is his leg. Apart, Did you really I just had surgery? I think he did it in Oh grappling match, I think his foot is leg, moved, weird and adjust it popped. Is his knee apart but the guy had a hold on it? I don't think so. Nothing was in a scramble, a scramble, but there's a lot of those leg. Lock exe. It's right now, let's get a shudder and everything came from Dean Lister, which is crazy. Dear mister, John Story, No John. I was talking Lister and dean talking about leg, locks and John Donna, her said something enquired about. Why do leg, locks and eagles? Why would you ignore fifty percent of the body. And John down our being a fuckin crazy with. Why would you would you It's all these meetings, hilarious, meme of John Daughter in bed. Next to a woman, it says why Would you ignore forty percent, fifty percent of the body there, other guys mission there well
honours, a guy who, under stands things like he sees them on a very complex He understands all the various possible exchanges and was the best way to mitigate like stop the defence push the offence, control situation. What is what is the ultimate control position? have to get to a guy to get on the inside to grab it. This way, I do I grab it and then once they started experimenting and putting it together and putting into a system, and you see how these guys, who have only been doing judge for a few years, like Nicky, Rhine in ordinary restart tapping. All these like really legit guys. What the fuck is having don't worry, there's more sister access and everything. I didn't. I helped a lot just when it comes to training, learning things and systems may think ten planets, like their own shadow, this demand for sure and out said Hilda. Other states like it's the same yeah same system all systems help man, you know I mean, and then fighters divide their own system I'll, really the often you know have their own. In
he's in their own ways defending things but the leg. I came so unexpected, because I was thought there were good technique if you can get it but It's not that high percentages, Mme those kind of how I felt and see too many of them. I don't know why, but I think it was we didn't we had a few guys were really good in the early days like all except are off, and you know some of the guys are really good, but we didn't have the level that you have. What, like a pot yessir dive and on things transitioning from one day to the next, then locking you open a position, we even a tap quick, because if you don't you screen. Do you think a lot of the times as those guys like the other guys fall, or does he really just hold too long? He deftly holds to long. He has is one fight from Brazil. Words, crazy snarling go here, holding it out of something to forget what it was, but he was not letting go. They were trying to separate or new still hanging onto it. Thank you came from
a really really bad childhood and he's talked about in depth about growing up on a farm and being forced to eat. Pigs life was Islam, but he was a little boy were that cut on his chest. A big scar here, sealed that up with glue yeah like crazy Shit actually. I met him before a few times like through, yet there some friends and he seems like a cold. I don't you know genuine ice thing when he's in competition man he he doesn't want to, let it go. He wants and they make him, let it go and he tried, even though he knew that they were going mad at him. If you didn't, let go still in court. Let go air until I get the fuck out of here. They came how do you see the first I ever get kicked out, you see for holding on submission Oh, he got kicked out, ok dinner. We who held it gets. I dont know I'm pretty. I want. I want to make sure that that's true. I think it is that whose MA
Paul higher ass was the first got every teacher the sea for- and I think the last when they I kicked out for was like any more a person would even got a job for that. One is like normal, maybe a little bit too long, but it was on the borderline age, but because it was him people e enough. His is that what was it wasn't in the sea? Both controversial submission victory of rejection? that world series of fighting Jake Shields. I think here, but I think he did that but that was a camorra. Yet that's right, but I think before them. He got kicked out. You have see really see. I MIKE Pierce. Yes,. Reverie intervened, that's real hook up! So that's what it was yeah. Ok, that's it was. He was released after holding onto he'll hook of my peers and two thousand thirteen yeah, but look man that guy was partitioned.
Particularly scary when he fought does, he was so strong and his boss It was so well designed for he'll right. He just could grab a whole. Do you in a rip, your shit apart, man look at that of the size of my girl. Looking now, look really does here see grab my car's. It's our dont have any another happenings tapping is tapping is still holding stalled, but that's all in slow motion, but it looks to me like was still ripping the near part, even though he knew that the guy tat he had it, he knew he had. It he's just punishing that car it makes it scarier for other people and he's probably used to doing it. I had this psychological block, those they also It is a really really nice guy just become a guy that nobody wants
fight a moment, nobody, but I think in the Jake Shields fight. Those other showed that was happening to think those I pokes, I'm pretty sure, is a dirty fight. When you hear what we hear something bleed, through Inter microphones, I've heard this before I've been China catch. What it wants go sprout know what its from its some interference. This is like, so I don't have the people. Can I kinda people here I was now. Is this? What is it? What is it a Firefox, that's how you left me now, it's very slowly. We just debugger ghost brow with which fight as the report that that fight that Turkey now yeah when you have to go near part, yeah yeah, he was the first got to be super scary elite, modern level with he'll hooks. Where are you start up? Do you know
promotion, wait a minute, sorrow guy, okay, so he came out of Brazil package warriors I'll know, man I don't know where it where we what he was fighting in Brazil. I remember Cicatrizes, the UK, the air that's where Anderson came well, yeah Anderson? When we made the jump from pride, he did cage worries. Rwanda came over to the sea and I think that's when he started working with the new when you start putting Kate fighters so I found a bunch of fury of seas, thought a bunch of stuff storm samurai, twelve Don T, like storm samurai twelve. I want a t shirt for storm, samurai, twelve throwback, their derailed robotics yeah he had a great goes to show you how good Gary tone is as a summit grasp or as they had a great submission grappling matched put, keep go back to Russia there, because I think that was listed there a thing it turned out in a draw
and Gary Darien is so much smaller than him draw yeah. Gary tone. Oh yeah, recent yeah wasn't really two thousand sixty. I think it was because I remember now that was Craig Judd's. Ok, Two thousand eighteen was Great Jones Yak. There are other examples. This person pictures about like how he looks now Tokyo he's got like you got fade like this big mustache. Now, It'll save up thousand pounds the african or running through walls is fighting Emma may any more just doing grappling, I think much speedo grapple. I haven't heard the event. Something extra scary about a guy fucking me up, yeah, you know, what's up now look at the size with Hick Hickey, Let's go home soon guide. Alarm.
You side or not want to give my my heel caught in that our pay yeah look at those put their picture above where he screamin with that picture. What in the fuck I'll get create jobs that is about. Designed to rip your legs apart? Do you know the yellow game that not enough to really play it, but spent a little bit of time, pick em picking the brains. People who get the mare I like it. I enjoy it here. I think I can, I think, actually get your pretty good at it. Like the basics of, it seems pretty simple, just a matter of getting comfortabler cause. I feel like me These are just onawandah risk it out of it all. I can they all its play, this game Elizabeth yeah, but if I find out a partner, that's not an asshole. Just like really wants to learn together. Whatever the now I'll, do it,
although after the ever see self doing digital matches or anything like that, have only done maybe three of my life, their dead one mile ass, you just competition, was pride two years ago, two and half years ago. Now Just like a random desire, random, like ok, I do know that it would. There are some Emma fighters that are at a high enough levels, I know they can compete against really elite, grabbers and Jitsu man Is there no? Like chat Mendez member? had that that match with Jeff FUCK. Why bikers name Glover Chuck over real. I didn't know that I'd think he choked him out there. You have it. There's took out dear. You have Glover. I think he took his back and tapped M yeah. Oh, I think there were using the Eddie
Bravo invitation rules may Michel gesture, which you start on someone's back here in overtime and go to a certain distance. Chill some smell is is Chill sons organization, in which case, I'm pretty sure, they use the Ebay rules, so he got his back sort of an one of those overtime positions, but a still tapped. And the other one? Is your? I favour your eye favours pretty fuckin elite, pretty fuckin elite like junk lovers of animal? Oh, my god, I love a super super technical out and very dangerous and relaxed written bigtime stone. So he They must have set him up on his back this, isn't it just shows them how the back manner to help fucker inaccurate there that works all day and everybody even Jeff Glover,
why'd you just to works and it'll. If Euro your leader to work, save ass, yeah three by overtime submission. So we are correct, yeah. This is so there's a few guys, but it's really hard to the master of everything Right Africa. So for you as a zero bounds, we like am. I spent enough time grappling my spending enough time striking who d ever like wonder what the career formula. Is ready tinker with it at all. I have wondered, and I always wonder, but I can't like so a long time ago, maybe like few years ago, Anderson told me like listen just you need you to like you need it s like it saved my life. I love to strike too, but when
I urge you to change my life, so you need to learn it put on a key, let's roll, why here right there in the living reveal and our say: ok, so one of the things I learned from hinders just kiss like learn the basic stuff like learn the basic stuff get really good at it and then and then like use it to save yourself and your you end up grown he's like just keep training you did to you, don't need this whole crazy secret system at the moment, just make sure that your training judges to and continue to learn jitsu. You know like so that's kind of my take away from the conversation. No, I just make sure that when I'm training at least I'm doing jujitsu, you know like I focus on it, makes her lamp
better make sure that go with guys at her way better than me. Some boys get my asking by at least I'm always go with Gaza you're better than me all the time and I enjoy it, but I'm a striker, What's it like, I enjoy it. I know that I need it. It's my job. I know that it can get dangerous. If I go against, you know I go get sick. I was a high level, Jiu Jitsu. I know that I'd. I understand that and I'm very aware of it every time that I trained and I said I'd, make sure that I do my job and I go to Jiu Jitsu class, but I'm a striker and I'm always going to be focused on that's always going to be what like my go to anybody at whether it's a striker grappler, I don't care, I'm going to train striking and I'm going to change it to two, but I'm going to my tracking always do you think that that is like you're, letting everybody know? Are you trying to trick people in the next
why should our folks had only to shew shoes? If I need to like him if I'm gettin, my asking I needed, take desperation shot but you'd rather Let them know that you're coming out striking, because I don't believe you, and your very good but wanna things. That's interesting about real. Level Emma may, when you look at the guys who were bent have been like legendary successful, like George Saint Pierre or mighty mouse to great examples, what I think you never knew what the fuck they're gonna, do. You and Overloading the mine with possibilities is a part of their success. It's like how much of a part it's a good question. Do you think that there is an argument for, using the skills you have, which are quite spectacular with that sort of stuff sort of style that incorporates Waymore take downs, Waymore take down attempts way more faints, just just different.
Combinations of things, you never know what the fuck is happening at any given time, or do you think that it's better to just be the best strike, or you can now be enough? You stop those take downs, thou be enough. For me for artists, and just for you, for, I think for me it would be the best to just. Be the best striker as you enjoy them much more. I enjoy them Much more. You know. I think I enjoy that much more. I still have a lot of earn a lot to grow so that its always gonna get better. I don't think that its debts a bad, I'm still learning a especially what you guys got to see like a few weeks ago. In that's only the beginning, like everything before that whisky like nonexistent compared to like the type of train. I do it sound like I'm really excited. So my dear boy ties a lot more than just punch kicks in our books. You know
and that's that's all the striking see my own its infatuated by right now is one folks. Are one hundred percent air like there's guys like thing about like Michael Venom Pedro like before he fought like Paul. Daily. I'm sure that guy trains a lot of grappling as well- and it shows like if it gets impositions like he's, knocked out guys from weird you know where positions, but when people watch and fight they want to see like they did trust in his stand up, be like all these guys going to do some crazy stuff, and I kind of want to be able to do the same thing. Not crazy, like you know, whirly stuff, but when people watch me fight, they know what to expect and that's just like bulletproof striking yeah. That fight was very unexpected.
The way part deals. I'd take him down. I was pre stunned. I didn't think we will see that Paul daily, so dangerous is fuckin. Left hook is one of the best in all the business left hand. Period anyway throws bother. Them knew what they were gone up again so, like yuppie. Even behind the shit talk they new idea, it was a tough fight, for both of them It was, but it was interesting to me watching page uses distance and that crazy karate point style and that you know he had the header really look out for that stuff. You mean he had had a make sure that it wasn't ending by that stuff was come in with that. I could I'm throws all this wild stuff where illegal, almost like a sensor dives in on you and pops you, and you can Paul Daily was like really but a hard time like finding that range gets its hearted too. To fight against geyser along and know how to use your body like athletic is deceived.
Hiding Douglas Lehman access what's happening over and Belcour. I remember Douglas Lima had a fight, but remember who the opponent was whose Michael Venom page fighting find out that he's a spectator. Are they really did he landed on cyborgs holy shit? He cave the man's here. School. We ve never seen that there is an urgent insane hit with a meteor. Imagine the pain. Imagine He was Hannah headaches, airbag formats he's Ogilvy fighting in informants and they like Barreaux. Let that Brazil tough mandates tough his bit. That's why we see a guy like that covers. Face and then fall down like that. It is unclear versus pitfall, lemme versus envy p. That's a toddler sleigh must know the eleventh he's no joke. That's a dangerous man loom to read he's a fucking enormous Walter Wait, two lemme is, is I've never Dana? Fellow the big framework? for once Woof cuts lot away.
That is so powerful wages in their dangerous fuckin, striker Remus his career that means as interesting, if not more, in the Paul Daily fight. I want see what happens now, his Leave us alone differ men like he's not here they are true we talk a lot like he knows, he's dangerous guide sort of Michael is be given thrilled United for sure yeah most sites like that really legitimize Belcour, because these are fight said they could easily be main event in say how it was unquestionably that fight hoof, venom page is he's real fuckin hard pill to swallow, man figure, who the fuck are you in a train that can move like him. Now you can try he doesn't even know how is going to move Europe. I think that guy just put music edges. Whatever happens happened here. That's why this fine so interesting because Lima is like way more like has just a rock solid. National stance he
whose real well done, sitting power, that's gonna be a really good fight. Where does leave a trail? You know its conversion where's Douglas Limit TRAIN James, Fourth, it I'm very happy that there's a bunch of good organizations like like one and you know like Pierre, fell now and Belcour. It's great that fighters have options super good, just a lot of times. You like I like to just watch whatever is going on. You never know who you're gonna come across, whereas, whereas that American topped him somewhere as it is terrifying nasty combinations, man he's got ruthless leg to men. Eighty, where one there's a bunch of those right on top terms, you might be eighty Florida,
It didn't look like an affordable eighty tee how in the eighties, either the idea there bunch. I should know that I think I've heard of aiming to agree Paquette Fight club. I guess, island real in this article right here that just came out yesterday. Fight club may be sorry fight. It's like fuck it going to Thailand to everybody everybody. What have you got fight while cities middle our places recently for this fight? says honestly. Nowadays, my life as a camp Lemme stated its been like six or seven months, and I haven't stop trying to improve four meters: the lifestyle yeah. It's the only thing that really bothers me. The only thing that bothers me is that it's difficult to get a champion defied champion like a champion from the sea to fire champion from one or two final challenge.
Up with their am. I think that would be good for everybody, so sick, we good, but we should find out who the fuck who's running Chet exactly Might I make that happen or how also how you have see fighters kin? Do you, like my tie, fight on the side? Sure I would love that Toby hard for them to do that, because you have to justify like what they got hurt when they couldn't fight in a card and then the sea like losing asset in other. Thank you terms of like a possible main event like player. If there's a guy who's top of the food chain, dude, and he says I once it one more time. Finally terraces empty now and then six months later still not ratify the issue. Do it like if you're not like, if you're the top fifty- and you can't do it- yeah. That's all about idea, provided you we're out like if you're not even ranks, they go crazy. Only talking to be allowed before Della you do it Jesse tournaments right, you Jesse five years. This has fortunately injuries to.
It's like bar yeah, I'm sure big shot find the other cyborg argument: Brazil, Ricardo through our tax deco days. He was one- by Jujitsu trainers, evangelist a beast yeah, the big man Sharks are easily kept him away, just pushed him away from them. I guess legs ripped apart. I think I remember that that might have been the time we're shoppers over at black house. I think he was he was gonna go Why is his point of view as I go after fight? I'm not gonna get my leg torn apart. Take me now do somethin, you know, do anything worth and then later he did said in his guard. He didn't do anything terms, mostly defensive. It basically shutters did you Jesse down, though I mean that without he really did do that fewer stop and think about Cyborg wanted to do something to install them out. It's not a fun thing to watch, and it's not good,
if you cyborg but guy get stall, you out, like that's a weird in a grappling situation, so weird situation, someone just defences you just pushes Never tax just keep pushing you off now. What are you do? What do you do yeah I mean, and how much of your jujitsu is based on someone, that's willing to engage its problem with ease a problem when guys go to the ground oftentimes you'll see them almost. Not even securing a position just sit think this position will maintain this way because it is in training our time here just line on taboo and you and your guard strategists jumping out of you. Our going need a billion smashing you in the face of thinking catch a little break. You do all the time and training. You really see that what you did you players on times they they forget they have to hold on, like especially guys used to train with the game,
and then in a may find the guys on top dominate. They think they try said about our bar sums like that, and that people are just nobody out of jail if you get out a spy, these are training. Yeah, yeah wordy trade, John Jack, last summer. Did it was to expel through Asia might have been more me and now Russell Peters down in a couple of times that amount to he's a good dude man, John John, which awesome good things Out of these he's. Awesome couldn't be a nice person and to three really really technical, really good at breakin things down we'll get explaining thanks the big Jim, it's gets ice now, it's he'll get like sixty people there, a new class, sometimes a pact. There is at the heart of the city of Nelson Tarzan, otters again, there's a bunch of Machado I'm still, though, I think I think they have won in Redonda. Hey it's Mean Russell, but but
he's just got visible, just perfect basics, proof, give me everything he does is always in the perfect position is defences always pertly when you wrote with a guy like that, I, while soil levels, this thing How does it lets? You know what does just level after level he's? Never endanger ever is always laugh and Joergen John John, I yeah exactly you talk to the guy yeah sure as on critical areas where their characters, one of them, weird obscure. I could think about it that it's a care. Then he developed, that's it brazilian multiple com world share in, but they do who plays it is like easily jet. Is it not our address on his? Is it one of areas blackouts? I think he got his pipe. Our pressure did he say
really good granular man rather yeah, but he pretends to be this guy fanatical Orange. I remember Madame one time it would be ideal, he wouldn't come character. Yellows him fucking. Give me a hard time about James Brown or something, I think was a wee locally, but he's my friend I've been friends at him for a long time- he's a great great guy in real life. That's not good. Let's character! just it see so committed to this character, is been doing. This characteristic, and fucking years. What does he do it just like in public fuck around with you, help us out the character and he's always on it's gotta, be you gotta have a character yap. Some people are really Madame malignity has got legitimately. Madame was at the booth.
Ass, like that, we both yeah sunlight, the southern haggis, other video, their own name. Was I get the fuck out of your bitch names. I have just spoken around. This is what in the hell brow is that as I that you have to turn away because the rules, but but it does have a lot of his characters whereas cared to hates child support. It is, He's tractor the Charles have hearts. I mean it's crazy, characterised seems like something that someone would have a television George you now art is yet only for, like only ever may, people into Jitsu people know about exactly what you get it. You go treading the street that show that, like what are you saying, I'm almost positive he's a blackout in these very legit martial arts. That's pretty cool guys, davers crowding instructor to his badmouth,
there is a real Marshall artist, thought it at the characters. So fine I gotta meet. We can arrange that fashion so what is next for you after this past fight? What lay they they give us time to cover and then hit you options. Does your management contact you? How does it work could be management contacting them. Origin. You have sea region out just to see what I'll be ready, but since the fight like I just took a lot of time off, see the family, it's been a while, since in them to the ever offer. You like a short notice, why I've gotten offered a short notice by before I got offer that a long time ago. I got offered that Gustafson fight. It was like the long shot
dig out and get it, but I was down as a gal take. It was, I think, ten days notice was seven days notice at the one, an ally, but it did happen and then I offered to be the replacement for the fight and south. All that Eric Andor stepped in four bargains Teodoro. He was either gonna, be against him more man who was the first who is supposed to fight first, the Argo He was like someone pulled out of that part of their fire. Don't and some are pulled out of it, and then they offer me since I was already in Brazil, but I think they needed Brazilian to fill the card, so I could do it so tat. There have been times I've been willing to step in short notice, but for now like if what I've learned in four months has been able to get me thus far in a light like in my last fight, then I'm gonna go back and
get back to training, I can be ready when they call me again. So what do you anticipate? How many times a joint fund? Here I want to fight at least two more times this year, so I've I've got to learn what works for me just based off the time put in this camp and kind of this new system that I can start to develop. So now just get back our train in it and then get into. If I get so and lighten typically, would you like to you like eight weeks, twelve weeks, liquidity woody? Would you need to providing a week's is perfect yeah, eight weeks, is I'll. Take six weeks for weeks feels Collyer in other everything's gonna be rushed butter guiding six to eight weeks. His purse, and what do you do for recovery while you're out there you do in time, massage tie massages are so cheap,
like you get to our time, is for yourself you get to our time Sarge for maybe like bucks, why two hours for body, Hi Russell, should elbows and feed everything. That's incredible lazy and there they do the ice bass, but they put like big blocks of ice it'll put bags. So this budget is ice bass and massages. That's stretching butter. I really really want to do something down there like save some money and maybe get like recovery place going. Recovery place? I want to bring something down there. I didn't. Even there wasn't any gave out this idea, but whatever who cares? I think, because there's so much stuff down there, ah Jim's cross fit restaurants I'll itself. Ah, I think the only thing is lacking is a proper recovery. Crile cope, lodge hot tub, no massage
the speedy recovery. You ve been the criteria and even go after a hard said. Then go crile and will take a nap and you'll feel pretty good, but the your baggage is getting out of it Do you have the same way for my bath cold blood year? one of the pie: thou it's freezing cold adieu, couple minutes in there and here the ice bath. So in Thailand, because the bricks or so big it takes a long time to really like fill up itself, so they don't get ass cold. So I think I would love to just to help out like help that little community and just get something really really gonna there for its recovery. Have you know maybe some some type of smooth? These are something to help boost everything up get the system run it again, so that we can train multiple times a day. Now. Do you do anything to monitor your heart rate or heart rate? Very billowy deceive you're over trained or under trains. You how you feeling yeah not as much
We did hear that you have supply, but I do have a hurry monitor and for this fight camp I, the only to make sure that I can get my weight down, because I got up to like to thirty five and it this idea to max test- and I did all this stuff and this this clinic down their help me to just understand where my bodies Bernie fats, or where to keep my heart rate in how to monitor like when I'm actually work in hard enough to to lose away in a work. It was good. It's such a different world now, with all these scientific inventions, different ways that they can make sure that your bodies and a good space is not guesswork the they make sure you're, not over trader hundred per se I'm off the same powers reveal to Maxie ETA. Like you Gee going on everything saw my granted. There make sure my heart pump in my like lungs or function,
everything all it sank and they gave me this whole big print out of everything everything scene. We work perfectly so that recital k well in order to lose as much weight by this much. This is where you need to be added when you're bodies at the highest fat burning stages when you're bodies are when you hurry tat like hundred and seventy eight for me was hundreds, have Navy Bibbs, and so I did my best to push they're just and at least know when I'm there I'm burning the most back, so try to get their much spots. Are you try not do that again as far as they get that had all out of one hundred percent, but getting get that heavy do as I at last January. Fire got it land or food sugary like all this stuff saw just gonna like I don't know one of fighting again so, but now I'm ready to be active. That was a big part of my decision to go there too and stay there a year is, I want to be active this year, two to five
but training? Where do they have you right now? I don't think I had you, don't think you're right, even top fifteen. No definitely not. What do you think you should do in terms of the next level fighter you faced? What kind of guy would you like to fight? I don't even ask myself what do you do? Wait for the car yeah. I usually just I away for the car and whoever they are usually offer to. They like two options, really yeah how'd. You choose. Usually they offer like. Like the last time it was okay, there's eryk Anders or there's a guy like I didn't even know his name like this guy is going to be new coming into the UFC and Erica Enders is like coming off of
spoke about a mile cable sucks. I know Eric all the stuff, but I'd rather five Eric, because I've already lost three times two guys who are making their. You have seedy abuse in issues, not good for me. You know I mean, like obviously there tough their hungry They are trying to get into the you see, it's gonna be a really tough fight, and so that's gonna have made the decision. The last one as a kind of water, take the risk of losing another fight to a guy who is making his debut has three times is enough: my dad's refreshing the honest, that's what you mean. It's like talking about earlier about boxers having managers that have a strategy to keep undefeated as long as possible. Give them tests. Have them decided when's the right time to take this fight once wrote, you know, what's what's the right thing to do,
and as a professional. How much of an advantage is it to know what a guy does know who he is have seen him fight a bunch of times been around them? It's I just likes just for instance, like Fargo con Saki and they offered me Johnny Walker and so, like John, You always is coming off contender series, but still nobody knew like not even we knew we saw it highlights, but we're like. I would like this look at the competition that is faced So we didn't really get to see much of what he was capable of some like a ok. If that's all you got that I'll take the fight by then here comes January, for this like raging, be stood out like the guy's huge, so.
Yeah I was just it was weird like so I went from beating Gokhan Saki, delusion Johnnie Walker, thank God. Johnnie Walker has been as good as he has and has made a name for himself, but still like yeah. I just didn't want to be like a. I guess. I go afoot in or whatever they call it like. A journeyman yeah now journey, maybe like they say, like you're, trying to get like your foot in the door. Somethin like that, would work out what someone said it on audience here am I saw that like a few times, but a guy just anyone like just Another guy that you know what possibly give somebody there shot into the sea as a gala me find a guy. That's that's in the EU have suited.
Was so now that you did and you had the fight with Eric Anderson. You have the spectacular results, and now you know people recognising that you, you ve, made some big improvement. What caliber? Finally hoo hoo, who do you think, would repel your career. What would be the best next step I mean definitely, I think, it's time for me to break somewhere near the top fifteen. You know for sure. None were the guys that are at the very top because draw tied up. There are pretty tight, do you know, and I definitely think it'll be a while before I can actually fight Jones, because just how like how things are, how things are laid out like, I know for sure, Johnny Walkers ranked and he's already kind of like in talks like he's gotta, be John John, so sure they're gonna try to set that up
right and in theirs. I kind of this set of guys in the Middle did Johnny Walker. Forty shoulder openness, do not worm thing supposedly supposedly, but I think he's fine. I think he's fine, because I've had people call me like. I just see this Johnny Walker Guy down down like on the street everyday. I guess he's back in Thailand, so he did that flop around thing and then he could eat when he got up. We could move shoulder their so this was late is located or so I think that, as we saw and did you were you yes Tom after I call it out like most was going on his arm. I hope you doesn't didn't permanently dangerous shoulder. I think you might be fine, I hope so he's not walking around. Flag, or did they re now, but could have a low, but you after you fight with him, he's made quite an account of himself
that last. Why would I lie neighbours insane juncture, I'm sure before I get to the top I'd have if I ever get right would subject yeah. I would imagine that is currently recuperating from shore surgery after dislocated shoulders surgery dude Showing wizardry that's never locked up everything. I've, never known anybody to have shoulder surgery and come back like with full, fully on board, the eyes reward had shoulder. Surging came back better than our says. He's also got a vast doctors. Chore took a long time too much from a comeback. Italy says he hopes to fight the when two months. Us and Anthony settlements is myth. You better take his time. Isn't one of fuckin shoulder up for ever enough rips again, that's a great fine, Anthony Smith and Gustafson. That's great fight, and you know Anthony Psmith account he'd be Billy, held his
like you made a good account of himself in that fight. You didn't win the fight, but you know he showed everybody how technically especially now, first round that for your real good, Sharp, John just better, just John just better. You know I mean for now. He just as is nowhere I mean in the John Jones you see now John John said sort of has like a real goal in mind. He's had taken away from them and it gave the gave it back to and now he knows he hasn't it he's capitalizing on. It seems like it. It's like, he knows what it's like to be to be the best, but not be able to really like do anything about it right for a long time, and so I think it's a pretty cool to be able to see this version of em and and be active around this time. Maybe you know, maybe I'll get a shot or maybe he'll still be around
the top like. Whenever I get my shot. Well, you're, not a ghost. If you had a timeline in your head of when you think he'd be ready to challenge for a title, Wendy think you'd be oh, I can give it another year. I get one one more year, a year and a half of good, solid, fighting to really solidify myself in just in the EU of Sea and and just put in the work and everything that that it that it takes to really embody what I think it would be like what I think it would take to to be a champion, a successful champion not just like about loser. You know like give the bell and then and then I'll just be a champion for you know couple months like
to actually be a champion and and and hold it down. I think little agree, but it's an unbelievably talent, rich, wait. Class right cost For me, I still kind of in it Jones is the champion. You know he just got off the Psmith Fight, ethicists, Gustafson, Gustafson, still beast! no one is like really standing out as being like this person that everybody one to see charged with title you ve got worse. The challenges. The good fights button, there's no one that you're seeing them in Call me it was the only one we seen a versus John you like whew. What the fuck is going to happen here. What's gonna happen here and that's what the division Nita think. No, definitely that's somethin that that I can also see him. That's something that I also one Do it for myself. I just want to be the best version and I'm starting to find out what that's like, especially like the happy like
be able to do what I do? What I want to do it strike? I want a strike himself so now, like, let's get some some fight in there to mix it up. You really like Testa test. If it works tested, that's really gonna be able to stay in then what it takes to get to get there. You don't owe me like I'm well in it like if we want to put me up against the best grapple around the world and think that I have no chancellor round, ok cool or if they want to put me against, will they already did they thought I wouldn't stand a chance against go, come Saki and like? I was very happy for that, because I got a micro cake who I get to test the best of my abilities like against a legit I didn't like. I knew that I had everything it took to beat a, but I I didn't think like he's gonna destroy me. No, never so I want to continue
be tested. It's interesting, your approach, cuz. I wonder if the fact that you were such a non, confrontational guy and you are really easygoing, helps you and that you have like less conflict in your head. I am almost wonder because even the way you approach like these different match up some everything you like you, can put your ego aside, Finally, what is the smart thing to do here? The smart thing. It does not take this fight against this new guy already lost newcomer guys. The smart thing is okay. We realize that Thailand was extremely beneficial. That's fucking moved to Thailand, like you do in all these, like really really smart moves where you know you're you're looking at it very logically, but you have in its use of a unit. You don't really Naga bragging guy getting everything done with your work, Getting everything done with your result. It's it's interesting to see me because you want to see as many different kinds of fighters is passed,
and you're like a new kind of thing. That's the most important thing now Van like an I don't I don't really tune in too much. You have see em like what's going on, because of that reason why I don't care about what people have to say in this? I don't watch fighting to hear people had to say you know I didn't they could not about talking about fighting bright, and the only thing that I can prove and have to prove is what I can do with my skills. That's it You also like, if they put me like that they put me against any type of other fighter like it go back to the roots of mixed martial arts. Let's go back the roots, you have seen like when guys we're in the same size and they were just matching up different martial arts like me down, for that I mean I'd, consider it and if, If, if it had to happen now, like God, I definitely think about it. I'd probably more towards doing it's in saying no
Do you have guys trash talk? You like Pretty he's gone guy easygoing. It's it's nothing to my face, a toy subtle, If I ever hear about anybody saying something, it's just a word of mouth like a wolf, but you never hallo. Your car Macgregor type incident were always only. In the beginning with Paul Craig, but I think it was just just like his thick with like we smash Beefeater, the abominable you, about trash talking in this day and age, because in many ways Connor's an amazing fighter in his fighting skills, which made him such international superstar, but he also Some men share in that help them to be so good at it. It was funny who say: fuck I mean insulting shit was fucking great controversy, but I think what people forget Josie, like that's, always been Conor. Even when you go in and and and look at the the interviews,
before he was in the you see any wishes. I coming to make a bunch of money out of the all this, and so like he created that for himself and yeah. He made a bunch of money from Talkin trash because he always had a plan that that was that's what he was gonna do here, and so I think people try to hop on it just to sell tickets or get money, and sometimes it works. It gets people wanted to watch it get your name up and stuff like that. But that's not the time a name I wanna make for myself, like I don't like people talk contrast to me. So I'm not really gonna talk trashed anybody unless there's something that's really personal. But if I don't know you and I don't care about you, then I don't really consider if I'd, why would I How trash I don't even care about just referred it. It's a waste of energy oasis, there's like my out so much other stuff to care about you yeah. It was a very healthy look man into the way.
Do salaries that healthy, like I'd, I'd like to maintain a healthy heart and mind as much as possible duties. The man like me, Mental health is a real thing. Is you don't owe me? actually like, especially just having certain obligations and and just use social media have people reach out and they say, like ignore this. Ignore the habits like men like ice tardy, just ignore certain things. You know I can still see things, and so just now the condition of the world. Just everything may be in multiple different countries. It here in this news and that news, lovable ballade for a person who like who wants to care about the world or just genuinely cares, a lot can go on in my mind. So just like, I don't even want that in my heart and do my best to kind of keep my own peace and
item I let loose dude. I like the way you level a great approach, and that is why we have any ban that irish happiness is important. It is made its agree. Message to man and the tab come from? You got. I love. Those kind of stores were guys. Life was far fucked up any figure it out man and he put it together tell me like. Nothing feels better than just like being fuckin yeah right languages. Would you Ok with your life, okay, with your dear you're, you're you're, Are you really angry when you just feel like you know it? I haven't. I haven't done anything wrong, I'm I'm! Ok! I like life is happening in the way it is, and I have not at all to think about it. I thought this person overdue. This like no everything is ok, so I welcome anything else
Donnie Clear, my clear heart, so rare folding is rare feet to achieve balanced imbalances, harder maintained, so it's like the eggs. A little bit of fighting it takes meditation takes anger. It takes it like getting Yang is the most beautiful thing ever been like. That is life, that is life really the opposite. The bounds of opposites concept, the CASA flow, like that's. Why I love just read like the doubt. A change like just like. Could the lady yoga, like all die, cool like spiritual stuff like Ghana? This is it like it just helps. Meet odious, cannot reach for this, like this peace, this, why that is Do you see the contradiction in reaching for that peace and light my smash and people? Yes, and that's all? That's life. That's life! My life. You know I like.
Battery rights in order for it to to give it power like it's got to have the negative and positive like energy flowing through it, and it's like, I feel, like a lot of the times. People are too focused on one side like too much negative or too much positive, and you needed a good man both in order for like, the energy to spark so well said your wise man appreciates man and thanks for come on the show- and I can't me to do commentary for one hundred and eighty five to get him out anyway. Good fuckin time was great. Thank you thank respect, You everyone for turning into show and thank you to the cash app downloading cash app. The app store Google play in order you cash guard to start saving that money and, of course, when you do it, Although the cash app enter the referral code, Joe Road, in all one word five go to you and five thousand
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