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Date: 04-26-2011 The uncensored podcast of Joe Rogan. With Adam Carolla and Brian Redban.
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gone like now the jargon experienced by gases is brought to you by the flesh light if you got a job net and click on the link for the first light entering code name rogan he gets fifth teen percent off number one male sex toy writing buckle outrage we come across this house the job logan experience my guide the fuck like i'm cool ladies and gentlemen the godfather the pod gases ear the man who studied at all the man who without him probably might not have done this fuckin thing i might not have been so enthusiastic about doing it doing has with so much fun and he was so smarter
bright into that run after his radio station and cruel is a right to have you buddy soil man if it wasn't for you and you know and doing your pont cats and realizing how good it so let me now you got it really professionally last almost there's like holy shit is like stacks of compressors and all this and monitors and people hidden video switches and everything you got it like it's it's a goddamn studio in o everyone is at that studio still making fun of me because joe did the pot cast couple of weeks ago and joe to around the back part of the warehouse and we're up front part where the studio is and then joe came back and he said to me man you got all these compressors and i said really you haven't seen shit yet body and ice follow me and we walk to a closet and i open it up and i turn that turn the law on and there was a forty gal and air compressor there that's the grand area of em all anyone know
mean air compressors and i've like what other kind of compressor would you be talking about a dozen end then my body i started laughing at me and now i am ridiculed soundly i stand by my compressor means i compressor well to me you are correct in nice the original use of compressor especially considering that you have an auto garage that's array situation it was a good looking oppressor i showed you two bearing pretty sure right policy into gadgets is the next fell on a very impressed by that large compressor mean that was something you expect to see at a gas station thank you very nice now they charge you fuckin quarter so five cents of or whatever i mean just the idea i would love to you know they do that stuff they go if our founding fathers could see this fuck founding fathers let me get a couple guys from the fifties and just examining go where they make you pay for air i should can there i
you know i mean i mean i can guide the bow tie and it's like us you know just just take a guy from the fifty cent jerome a gas station of yourself you clean your own windshield you need a pain advance that beyond our thing like they don't trust you air charge i refer the option to put my own das its wanting the creeps me out about about like i think oregon has no new jersey has it or they don't you like you they dont that new puncture gas measures have real they did allow you to that weird one is in a very strange i've i've i've done some some i don't know if we were talking about this before but i was thinking about this sort of gas station like i tell people you can decide where to live a lot of people is that unlike while how are the school systems or how we know what's going on with the economy or the roads or something but i say you can bet
your neighborhood on the gas station cause you're sort of three levels there are these ones like the ones in my neighborhood where you swipe your credit card and then you have to punch in your zip code rise of credit card fraud than theirs rightly nicer neighborhood where you just swipe your credit card but you don't have to change your zip code and then there's the it is neighbourhoods of all were you just put your das and when you're done you pay somebody you don't they don't need cash up front i mean that's when you travel and you get outside of l lay and you realize oh there's some guys gonna let you pump your gas and then you can pay him like that that everyone's fuckin body clyde all of us are going to jump off spring sliding across our hoods laughing in peeling out that is that major and a good god neighbourhood trust as absolutely true you know i got credit card fraud fraud or to any other day a couple just
week or so ago paranoid now more that the gas is like trying to pull off the standard to make sure it's a real known how they do it those scanners when you scan your card at the gas station they put a scanner over that as your scanning it's getting their getting your numbers as well and they also have a little camera that looks like like a advertisement for credit card application has a low cameron that reads you d typing in your number sassy tiger in your area go to your zip code the heads of government i gotta do that weird back staying here we are however there is a great and food in prison i wonder if there's gotta some sort of syndrome that that doc we are going to run into an chiropractors are going to run into called block eighty back where like the next hundred years our kids a kind of weird scully in its finds from doing that weird shoulder hunch taught punching it's really get it from its carpal tunnel tunnel is
the guy's your keyboard jobs although this is a we're back hunched all the people that go to the atm three times a week and dial in their zip code without the gas station do the cell phone thing we're there like tax things can be a weird cause it is weird his heavy this may be the weed talking like we maybe dig this just dig this we may be getting taller is a species but where evening it out by hunting over all the time and rolling our shoulders in protecting for cereal call codes were punch in its it's weird to me that we still sign things yet smell when i scribble something on a piece of paper makes it valid right like what they really do that every economics that we talk about the how like i just type in brad pitt or had an arms delicacy doesnt right it is i used to be kind of meticulous about my autograph rooster right my name out should say my signature right now but i'm if i
you have something much more particular than if science on science and analysed writings and fuckin motion you can't tell me that's not right i'm changing it itchy of mark and you know you do shows you stay afterwards sign a bunch shit right i m sure yeah yeah yeah yeah i do that yet aim thing and it just it becomes your mark and and i realized it doesn't have to read i was tell people this like if people are if you're gonna i've got a fake autograph it would be brad pitt monica we had a girl is wouldn't be mistaken rates i mean who's gonna question wives seen fake ones of mine solon line i have here a bunch of un from news radio memory autographed memorabilia think everyone everyone's name is fake i like those guys you were in a while when you fly into j f k they'll be some fat guy cargo shorts sweating profusely he's waiting for yoni so big fan big fan big threat as you say big vanishes
swiping us a hundred and nineteen pictures of me as death on the family gets a big fat fat relating to grant i mean it's i got the big aren't we definitely the three hundred twenty two pounds design although so i usually say what i ran into the same dude on the way out as i did on the way in and i signed about twenty of them on the way out and then when i was coming in at like six a dot m he was waiting for me again and i was like i'm i'll give you a ten this time that's nice like you know my fee i don't i don't know why but i feel sorry for these guys were i mean come on when's the last time they got a good blowjob number one number two hour so that's their job like they get up at five they drive down the chain kay they pay twenty bucks for parking and they wait for adam corolla come walking up terminal whatever i look at his pocket it's their job i don't really yet how much money can you make of that you make them
we need this money i d really got a definite depends but like i think i saw your ship going from twenty five dollars indonesia some twenty five but some like that i always suspect there just hope on the off chance the plane will crash that i'm a stack of the last shit young preside i adults i can see and make it much much after that that could work very clever i to actually do that like when i was a kid like i was a huge steve martin fan so i actually wanted his autograph so i would like always go to those movies ops where they have liked the side autographs and like them morton them memorabilia and stuff like that and always looking for p martin never got one and then i found out that he doesn't give autograph he gets out a little business card and it just says this is business cards is that you have met steve martin or something like that and just carries a park a pocket of em i like it when guys are clever but not that there is bordering on here i i wanna most uncomfortable moments in my life was
me sitting next to karim abdul jabbar actually had to wild uncomfortable moments that involved karim abdul jabbar what is he just down on my radio show and i was like you know you never see any any guys and there sir these that are you know over six seven are six eight and i mean i i bring it down you literally but is there some syndrome or have you talked to somebody or how is work as you just don't see seven footers that are eighty years old but yet you seem like you're perfect health and i don't know how it works and is there something that i'm not aware of anything like what are you talking about you know how you know on old guys you're like over six five they seem to go a little earlier and lives in fact the little short jewish guys and ones it go on forever is there some a connection court should between the height in the short
jeffrey neves like i never thought about it has i owe you really there's like yeah now i am this kind of comfortable like i've like no but how do you know me that ours now to bring this up so he you did that to me and then where this like the dodgers star game or some celebrity game it we're sitting next to each other waiting for the real dodger game to end it like in the time it was sort at you know dugout eating her wings or something like that up on the lower level and some kid came i said could you sign my baseball then i scientists baseball and then he handed it to korea hold your bar and he said could use my baseball is i know and and the kid was like really could suggest take a second i'm not i'm not doing that china and arms like right next time and in the kid comes back for third like round these like you know just real quick any is like now i'm sorry
just fuck incited to sign it and then he walks away mom shows up like ten it's late or if you like so sorry to disturb you mr abdul jabbar by the law for my son he such a huge fan do you think you could just take a moment's sorry now and she's just just a moment and issue like no thank you and i'm just i've seen the actual wanting to crawl out of my urethra and just go under the carpet you know that thing having to pretend like you know that body language that says i'm not listening like we can although the fake body language i am listening but i'm trying to discuss the i'm not really listening you start leaning a little she really ass like three or four times sorry now and she's like will really because we could have signed it in this time it took no i'm sorry now
however i want to go all forget cited all eat your pussy went out at least go away your son somewhere minos fourtou bag he is i got worse by me dead right now now he is now the point is that we pointed which voltaire melinda yeah we'll instead the point the point is i realise that guy seven four there's a place it's about high i mean your spotted your stopped he gets stopped everywhere he goes i'm not defending the guy but that guy has probably been bugged for autographs non stop for fifty years and i bet he's just fuckin head impact it asked
betty has but he should reconsider the way that in that case especially little kids some ted and you can make their day it so easy to make their day eyes you're gonna have to communicate with them these are there and you're sure and i'm wondering how to cry out on you you sir it was him re within a guy to just look like yes ethics or black guy changed its name from louis cinderella we was louis under the i think it like i was i was joking this one's rival saying it out cats stevens caches clay louse in there all really bitch and names like no reason to take the muslim that's drilled trickles should take the muslim right not maybe even dick but guess what
cash or evil i like cats thieves like you guys are already are blessed with silver the coolest names on the planet you know much less pussy you're gonna get cats stevens for going do is left muslim or whatever the fuck it is i mean that you're gonna cut pussy spic it off commensurate maginnis agent how does that although those tat the phone call go with his age and a marty yeah no i m not go and buy cat anymore that that's my slave name downtowns have stevens down gonna now i'm gonna be showing my neck jobs gonna be the best of use fizzle out his age it was just like all you fucking kidding me i was fascinated by his whole situation is transformation up until i read the fact that he actually supported the fatwa as it were or whatever against the guy who rode what the fuck is that the guy wrote the book when they went after the first idea the muslim yeah satan
first and that guy was you're gonna have to funding we shouldn't got these how could i not known spit it out the circuit holborn satanic versus comes out with duncan trouble it's so beautiful i can do that yeah well that's a problem and rushed salman rushdie these guys are like all these guys ordered there's there's a cat stevens version and then there's two teabag or virgin and it's always like either they they expect they're like general luck it's about peace is about a pilgrimage of spirituality whenever you gotta calm down i'm down i'm down and then then they then we do something our right now i get it you're an asshole he's fucking crazy emmeline look islam is a strange one to convert to its like when glenn back became a mormon yeah you know like wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute here you like a fuckin grown man you're a grown man are you become a mormon its
thing if you like born mormon raised a mormon i had a job that i was doing my act where the reason why mormons or so antigay marriage is because afraid of gay people rightly so because if someone could talking to being a mormon probably talking a second death refraction ass a matter of alone time they spent with you what what won't you believe it is weird when people discover stuff it you know age thirty seven i feel like my brain like these cement in the sidewalk and my brain was dry to almost any other ideas at that point we could break that cement open what's a mushrooms mike but i have i'm sure you have the global i had this idea to those speaking of a gaze yielded this idea again this more just stone talk but there's this race that really fun it's called the twenty four hours of lemons and it's not twenty four hours of la mall its limits
a piece of shit car and you're up against the bunch other five dollar cars and it's a twenty four hour race of piece of shit sounds funny so when says well how do you know that some guys not going to spend ten grand on a car put like soup up engine in it and all that how how how can you confirm that everyone here has spent more than five hundred dollars on their entry tough and the guy said here's how we we have a giant like bull those are just like a rock crusher jessica bacco things each and we will up and down the line to everyone who enters the race every race and we'll pick one car and will put it in the crunch in that sense the message don't get so rose you look to slacker we think you're you don't want to be the nicest car at that thing you know what to spend ten grand because our crunch you and then i thought this is how
you do the gay games because i thought how do you know everyone in this game is gay maybe there's a guy who wants the just gave we are so so how do they know brok less nor will enter the box and competition garage cock and urge beat the shit out of a financial aid has the greatest as i said they should do it the same way they do the twenty four hours eleven sensitive line up all the guys for the games in one guy just walked in front of amidst stops in front of one doing goes suck my car i would keep this one straight dude away just one percent chance may
did we a few due to risk it s fuckin sweat altos artery us right they got emergency ecstasy and that will not with a guy gatherers yes i would do it now begin indeed read about you brought out the sort cognitive realise people can see this is gonna make it on youtube nineteen eighty good pulled it off what would your first car either yours a cock what does your first gap my first car was amazed that pickup truck seventy nine miles long bed with it it didn't have used ben sheet in it but someone took out the best seat and put dine at seats now and it's that was like theoretically bucket seats but they came from someone living room so wasn't was an awesome half how'd you get a life wrapped up in loving cars did you j leno to marcher i was deprived early on of all things mechanical and i had a ranching jean so
the wrenching jeanne the rancher gene that mechanical jean it's no different than the to wine you know you're whenever they say they talk about a drummer tommy when he was banging on pots and pans and they in the kitchen when he was three so eventually broke down and got him a drum kit and he's never left it since you know so whatever he had that gene the outlook and somebody above a musical jean somebody will have for math and some people have for conversation or socializing or whatever science whatever there the mechanical gene and if you have it in less it gets you that equivalent of a drum kit yielded can go nuts and i was like in the valley and add shitty parents with no money lived in crappy apartment so i would just go in i would go to other kids houses and use their garages and use their tools and i never had a garage so when i got older i then went nuts with it but i realized i don't have any money so
this sort of shut that part of my brain off sort of like being real really into like in oh hi hi and strippers but working at we see in our like a certain point you got just go home it beat off like stop bang your head against while he ain't gonna happen so i morgan is carpet i don't have any money so have to drive a pickup truck some like i just screw it and at a certain point i made money and then once i made money i said it's time overcompensate and that's where i met and yemen addiction is i think i'd say is i mean in the sense its about it more than i think about other you gonna do the american version top gear right worthy i reply i didn't pilot what happened what happen is about the worst sort of combination that can happen when you're trying to be gainfully employed did that top gear pilot the british guys i was sort of the lead guy came out really really good
really strong everyone i could tell it was good because all the hard core blue guys you're really deep into this world the topic world their international there just bunch it much a car tat narrow guys who get on the computer and say too shit about you known not not then they love to say not as good as the one in the uk but they all showed up at the taping there did secret aping somewhere some like seven hundred people showed up and they all got back computers and went out every bit as good as the uk one was for envy see and of his right at the time that dead gm chrysler and to the big three mavis crisis gm heading the congress trying to get money from congress to stay afloat they're making a big deal about them taken private jets to ask us for money and the show knight rider point point to point out with tank
incompletely and in the ratings on nbc so they're like no car come no car talk and no car shows and they shelved that how fuckin stupid i got another sitka develop deal with nbc and right at the top that happened it got picked up by the who three channel or discovery whenever tonic i picked up for thirteen episode so they called me that like all good news we got picked up and then i'm like now i'm actually doing other pilot for nbc that's sitcoms i can't do it so they went and did that and guess who sitcom pilot didn't get picked so oh four to essentially it's like you fuck it up any more than that see that's one of the beautiful things about the podcast is is it so difficult to fucking develop a show it so difficult i've tried developing sitcoms amid development deals event you i've been
on the ground floor been brought in during pilots to try to make it better it's a fucking just to so many people involved in so many opinions and producers and network executives and it's so difficult one of the below four things about the part cassius there's no one i mean for you you have a few people that you ve hired that figure you're audio staff in your video stuff but there's no one to tell you anything it's just you no beautiful working like this if it is at least it is the vision of the heart s hands as i've always said what pisa art whether was a painting or symphony got better big because fourteen people try to kill fuck it yeah oh and by the way where they're talking about nbc or cbs five posts mental a broad ever made a human being laugh in their life git involve gravely i mean what goes on during the height
in most of the executives in in the world of and in listen i'm not speaking as a bitter whoever they paid me my money i did my thing i have no no no qualms with them and i'm not from an angle of old man i'd love to kiss your ass and get another bite the apple not coming from an angle of bitter jilted sit compact star that didn't get on the air i've just come in from the angle of the truth and these people are not funny now at all not all now the thing is is that's ok most people are finding that don't try to direct flight but my mom doesn't tell me what set to do you know before i go out on stage and so not being funny in being have immersed in comedy and funny and explain to people how to be finding what is funny is not going to create a better product my fantasy and in most is a lot of more women
a lot of whom are due to don't talk and even have a little bit of a sour dour look to themselves when they go back to high school reunion in the unlike michigan or wherever there and they say to their body so they haven't seen in thirty years with their work up to what we live in and california what's going on what are you doing for living and they go i'm the head of comedy cramming on nbc or on the head of comedy programming on a major network the p they went to high school with moscow kept a fox out of the air never sent a fuckin five you think your life are you now but you ve never i never heard you so think about another human being smile would you do stand up all through college i can you imagine how fuckin confusing it would because to a lay person and member when you were lay person you thought well if somebody's thee of comedy whatever this dude must be
funniest can't the land rights i must funny at least least any he's got a student baviaan fat guy nay marty always officers groucho marx photos from now you're gonna love love it's gonna be all that do a bill tasbih bits and and and your bob hope bits in everybody's bit just verbatim bacteria that yes about dead instead a look at your now i never heard of mister show is that at one guy or set said that's you i pitched i pitched a were first off sometimes you talking like twenty nine year old checks right fuckin haven't her evolve all the family here with it with a clipboard and confused look on her face and you re right i'm selling something do for real it is just again it's the death of all art with a bunch of opinions that
i mean even if even if so what stood next michelangelo and had a decent opinion it still what a fucked it up to some degree even a helpful opinion well especially comedy because comedy is all about one unique opinion it's all about persons point of view when you start getting a bunch of other people intersecting their points of view into your point of view then it's not yours anymore then it becomes somewhat like what someone funny like talking about top gear german clarkson my favorite love that guy and this point of view is always crass and slightly if it's right uniquely his whether he has writers or not you know i'm sure i'm after deck but i i met him he came out when i did the pot gas and if i'm sorry did the car nevertheless apart guess what i did tat gear
and he came as a nice guy in the world and i've just improvising up a storm any he came became right up to him and he said i could not do what you do i do not do that and i said no thanks are complex nay said knight i mean it i have my stuff figured out i don't vs riders variety as elsewhere lobbies com but he's wake yours his stuff out and does it in such a matter of fact sort of way that it feels so or can it doesn't necessarily demand feels like it's well written but it feels like it's his inner mean while living from your trained eye and ear i'll bet to the average bloke it feels very that really man i don't know it doesn't seem off the cuff at all was you because its regime when he's driving and he's having this visceral experience than he starts it s in a sliding in a corner near yells you know this thing smoother than the queen mothers rear feels like he's having this experience you now
that's why it feels like it to me and i m sure it's all canned but you know he's there's no teleprompter it feels like this again this experience its transcending just the voice you can tell the deck i really fucking loves cars there's a when he reviewed the corbett z are one and he's a sliding sideways down this road any is screaming well done fat man from kentucky this as a masterpiece asses sideways blow and smoke out of their tyres stopped but on that six hundred and forty eight horse power engineer here and the roar he could tell guys really loving he was dr and one of those that i think was a callaway or something i had a turbo on it probably at nine hundred horse power when i met him down at debt like l torah pages scores hangout not on not on anything i was yelling at steve coogan whose on the english comedian who was criticized
germany clarkson said something about mexico said the reason why mexico doesn't have good people may learn all of their people who can run swim or jump averting gotten over the fence right now and dumb we were sitting on call apparently steve coogan was joking rarely he's like a joker in their friends or something like that so sorry mr cook ah he wasn't really wasn't really shitting i was i i guess it was a sense of humor just i miss yak committee making jokes is that you know in terms of society in terms of fixing ills society and looking for someone to point a finger at and create some sort of shall change comedians telling jokes i have asked why is it that of everyone's lest i mean castor in a politician clergyman there there's there's there's no after the bankers chief of both police when those guys make an offer color remark then maybe you should say something but when a comedian said something in
don't you already know inherently by his title but that it too i was having this exact conversation last night with daniel tosh o comedians going after comedians casino coogan going after germany clarkson and who talking about david cross going after larry the cable guy just one of the most can using things i like david cross and i like larry cable guy i think leora the cable guy is funding is is the greatest comic in the world will that's up to you for some people he is he's a good joke writer he's a good he's he's got a good character i think it's good there's nothing wrong with it i absolutely not and i would never go after one of those guys because it always seems like shower great yeah like our rights you see here selling out exactly ultra domes right and thus you're pissed off about and this is what i got accused of when we were attacking monsignor you know but i was like look man there's that there's a lot greater than him there's way more successful and i'm not going after them
it's not a sour grapes shooter it's an artistic issue when when you after someone will you go after someone who's doing something you you don't agree with you not like is material obviously someone does are using that your your sense of humor is the only one is valid in our view enjoy larry the cable go unknown can enjoy it will you there's right he's a racist and he says racists things and now he says a lot of things that a guy that was larry the cable guy would fucking say dry and it would be funny we're gonna flannel t shirt with our sleeves talkin about iran's plemmyrium they entail aids that's what he would say you know it's fucking character listen in a cage dice glade in this same except andrew kane a kind of became that guy right andrew you know the dice clay andrew was annual civil silverstone and the dice man was one of his many character right he would go up and do john travel is fuckin john travolta is directly he would go
up and do all these different carriages and the dice meant just killed so much it eventually became him and then you everywhere goes weren't weightlifting gloves and leather jackets and shit why a guy i think he's had to read what happens is that with these careers is gale again you know you're after gale gins island goes off the air goes bob denver goes factor some not wearing that stupid white had read crew neck sweater thing pants like apple shit and then he died about ten years of this bullshit and then he does about five years a soul searching and then at some point he opens the closet and grabs that hat
down open a fuckin both show in long beach and walk out here with nine grant and it starts and then starts to wax the stout about it i think the dice man put down the pack of cigarettes in the leather vast and said ah i'm gonna do some other things and at a certain point realize i pay the bills don't do member when you gonna sit come you when you went clean for i had a sick come on sea basin was called bless this house or something oh yeah wasn't called those like when kiss went on man and it was with the woman from raging bull what the fuck you down i mean zau the fuckers because she was super you got chubby as fuck yeah she said and the not the angelo focus their name kathy moriarty moriarty monsieur a hot as fuck yeah and then
it's like all of her fellow plus other daisy duke girl add by yeah the lower at ever started a comic book convention with the saddest thing you ever saw her sitting there mother glow short but they weren't as he suggests the sitting there no one talking or no one even knowing that she sitting that just walk up and unlike this is daisy do grey hairs because and like all yours signing autographs those twenty five dollars and like oh no right and others can i take a pigeon chagos yet it's ten dollars and no one knows with my camera negotiate yes ten dollars but it was the saddest thing ever make no thank you i just walked wins little daisy do just that in the corner by self sitting out of holding chair can adjacent let sadder moments ago and joe was like you know what's the name of that author and they put the fatwa the guy member and wrote satanic versus moment it was the name of that guy like me you know that their memory a day at a high because they put put a hit on em and
stevens gave a two thumbs up and was an aim that other like yeah i've damned can tell you but when you're like i saw a daisy do catherine by fuck and sad when we were kids who was hot and i now of sad that there were my knowledge she's not that old though how old is she she she looks probably about fifty so it just the booze the thing is looked just like sadness the sad events a sadness loser drugs it's it's amazing how the booze really jack's here as well wrangles weren't there is much anymore now she's done but then you look like gum christie brinkley still hot as fuck wasn't another should keep together just fifty three i have this fund imaginary game play stone which is a short of the axe it's like it's a cross ok and lets say when you were in junior high but say here
let's say you're in the seventh grave forsake argument and duke to hazardous hidden its prime yet boy and blown up how's your grasp and year you're just sit there and seen an episode that has catherine back and then tight daisy do said she does they were she leans over the open heard in esteem comes out everything now there you are low packer word new jersey seventh grade and you're right now you're at the bottom of each axe you couldn't farther away there it's not like you stole a bus take it down laden you could spawn catherine bach nowhere million miles away so true ok but now now you start heading up the legs of the axe just a good now we move on ten years joseph just stand up comedian getting started haven't success making a little money grown in body since become so
you will actually charge is twenty three rubbing pianos twenty two three years of age now dukes of hazard spin off the air you know fifteen years yeah that bit off well now say at this point we're ok let's spin off ten years ten years but she still thirty six now looking pretty i it whatever laguna but jos about look into bad either joe start to do a little stanhope whatever at what point joe at what point do you cross her like it is certain point i mean when you're in the seventh grade your soldier fuck and soul and killed you stepmom to get one liquor that pussy rang right now but now but a vanishing repulsive if i ask you this second will then obviously you guys cross yes what year did you cross that's that's my game and then but then there some like all we haven't cross christie brinkley yet or maybe your meeting me about nine months away from produced right in the middle east
no chrissy brothers to love me yeah yeah she's got me she's but maybe she had just fifty three no she's like fifty seven poland cheese us that's why which is doubly sixty or maybe maybe i crossed her fifty seven but she looks great yeah maybe maybe she doesn't it we would tv you can never really tell i'll have to ask chris teamwork we'll see what we can agree to written awesome calabria catherine boxing it all depends on how much catherine bach took care of herself whether not she was still germ movies in namibia there's there's some women that even though the very kind of deteriorated there's still have a level richard i don't want to lose radio spin off tv for fourteen years you not himself once fear factor happened i had her she outline shoes my windows hosting i wanna get catherine didn't work out some sort of bracket less the anatomy or really fine all the chicks you wanted to fuck when you're in the eighth grade at sea way you cross that there is nothing stranger
and watching a woman go from being beautiful and ultimate power billy super hard check super hard twenty one year old check has almost it's almost voodoo you know like their variety in the way they move in like toy they smell and if they like you and if their smart too and if you're not sure if you can get him so damn it's almost fuckin its ultimate power its super celebrity power the reason why celebrities gets silver doubtlessly elaborate trumps everything the reason why celebrities get so ridiculously big head it is because everywhere you go people kiss your ass ever you got people
here's a free bottle servers here's a limousine for free please heeded my restaurant you're amazing you ve changed my life and you start think ladders and all the others out that's an awesome thought mister but girls from the moment their little from the moment it what are you so cute you're so beautiful and then there in high school then it becomes currency it becomes the thing that defines them and then it goes away and was way slowly it goes away weird where they start looking like that rough bar girl you know like still hard but in our thirty's but you know existed a cigarette maybe get a couple of shots at jack and you and let's just go fuck in the woods you now right to some crazy beverages she's not the twenty one year old grows the cheerleader who you is impossible to get now she's as while bet she's just you feel forced to trying to pay their bills and she's been divorced you know and then eventually they become monsters they become this
weird thing especially if they get to go down a surgery route pulleys ladys please just get old dont go crazy fuck with your lips in your neck and all nobody should that does not make you look better it makes you look different and their different is not a good different it's weird monster different while also you guys are going through historically a bad phase because your mother didn't have to worry plastic surgery because it didn't really exist and your daughter won't really have to worry because they'll have perfected it you either you are emetic engineer yeah you're in the experimental phase and it ain't workin out it's sort of like see gee i that is generation because our folks watching movies that every done was an actual stunt just done by do didn't give a shit and our kids enjoys e g i that worked so effectively you can't tell we went through
phase where we had to watch shitty movies with really bad a fax yet because they were perfecting it on our watch and we were sitting in the theater will now or in the theatre of plastics jerry and all you women its success secondly it see fifty year experimental phase while there working on it and you look like shit yeah you know but i have to call my ex brian cowen so this about units absolute truth you are the best taking one scenario whatever it is you just going on this fuckin ratty amazing coming to these awesome conclusions thanks it's your dead on about it brian cowen the way he's i ran into that guide were shooting a movie and adjust just do a little bit part and a little bit movie and behind came up to me and he said tat you know you
be the best that doing this improv stuff and i said i don't know as probably other guys do you better and main he said who and i i don't know any said was ones gotta be the best and i say that i guess they do and he said well then that you and i was like all right exact i'd ory inexact exact words i want my way i've never fuckin felt better in my life in its true man you go on these wild rance but they come to conclusions there like they come to great conclusions like i don't know how you generate material or of any this stuff you really talked about on stage but seriously group and listen to this podcast with a fucking notebook and there's like three good bits in there at least i never listen anything or go can we hired someone today what i've high what are your high and i feel that sets out that's i wrote the book you have to listen all this stuff and find the stuff the stuff
but it's always sad because i've tried it a few times and a few times the guys were gone and listen to a couple of shows and then i go find you think i not so much it's like anything fuckin good you gotta get better and better guy they get all that crap come get a guy in the american get high before watches you that's very important we're talking about this now did lotta people say used to mobile will use to ignore put because it's fucking awesome right in it's awesome and it has his terrible reputation is wrong incorrect reputation because a fucking nancy reagan and just say no and nick's and all that nonsense and propaganda they force fed you it is a plant is here and it has benefits that i agree benefits for your mind ten that doesn't want to me is ridiculous we did a few things we started lumping drugs in under one umbrella absolutely
just like you and no sooner do it with we were just talking about women a joe i would like to set you up with woman like what are what colors are hair how tall she was what's a couple of guys on wednesday as you hate women the outsiders wearisome women's rights on women's outcome at all just became drugs in some how methamphetamine and marijuana just short of got lump the aim it under the same umbrella huge road looking such a huge mistake and then the other thing that drives means saying about our legal system when they pulled those guys over who went on to rob the north hollywood bank over their laurel can in this crazy mother fucker who are like and by the way they were big data their mine on uppers and that's and steroids is your rights and everything else but our right they pulled up due to over in like eagle rock and they pop the trunk other car and they found ski masks police
scanners body armor maps automatic weapons that were modified illegally i mean semi automatic weapons and were modified to go full automatic with armor piercing rounds and extended banana collapse and stop they found everything in the trunk car that basically said of these guys are on their way to rob a bank when they arrest the damn they could not get them for attempted bank robber hurry because the law says hey man we gotta catch you robbing a bank because your drive around police scanners in armour piercing bullets scheme ass doesn't mean you're gonna rob a bank we know practically it means you're gonna rob a bank but the way our law since the system works is you have to rob bank and then we will prosecute you for robbing a bank
i agree are right that's how it works and these guys got locked up for little some some and when they got out they came back a lot of their police scanners and a lot of their shit that was their property fine then they robbed thank and then they had the north how they would shoot out which was completely and utterly insane but the point is this we could not prosecute them for robbing a bank before they robbed the bank and how come when you get busted for more than a shoe box full of marijuana or even have coffee can full of marijuana you get intent to distribute they dont have to catch you district maybe i just like to stock up on we'd that in saying that an insane part lock me because every other thing workers need a body for murder we need a witness for attempted murder this the only thing where they go you were going to do with this part even though they never caught you doing anything with it and again maybe you like this
like you shop it smart guy in our class go we just want to fifty five gallon drum of car bonds of beans and you that's your fucking bears that's how i used to do it before the wheat stores came around i used to buy in bulk i didn't want to deal with these guys in others do named jake the snake than those eddie bravoes friend that we still have to fucking deal with and to buy we for him and he was but he was so stupid in any bravos black belt brazilian jujitsu choked out one of the first guys ever took out a grating competition this can any it was like men could do that you did me eddie how to strangle this kid times on it's fuckin front logic you do that again you got lucky you do it again and again in this kid was so still and we're buying we'd from him and so i know i've just by a big pile of isn't it i will deal with the police are the fuck up here's the monopoly shut the fuck up it's just so it's so sad that you can as a homeowner taxpayers plant a pot plan your back yard you can you can now but the problem is federally can't you can
state was you know as far as the states concerned you know depends on each county as a different law but you can have a certain amount of plants and a certain amount of pot you can have up till now half a pound of pop up two x plants as long as you have a medical recommendation or if you have a waiver you can get even more plants which i do have a waiver caso need extra isaac i could my mom having waiver my judgment of fuckin way remain you can use it i moment a pot plant in our backyard when i was like in the sixth grade really yeah and i told my body how mead and the next day was god he stole while i'm just doing the humming math adduced meat is he i never told my mom why guess she's a picture rogan podcast her sister here a ceremony tat and they either thing is that i have said many times and i think i said in my book pierced here's the difference between weed and other drugs i would rather have
one thousand guys that smoked we'd live in mind perhaps rather than one tweak are just one fuckin met at one method in you see him you like i think we need to get rid of think about killing right you know like there's a disease persons like i'm watching the show walking dead that despite the dvd the set pretty fuckin batter good zombie show but you know there's a there comes a point in the shower you know people get bit and they're all sit around for an efficient how what are we gonna do and some people want the guy and some people doubt but you know a method is just like a zombie it's like this guy's infected i mean this guy fucked up you could do anything you kill you you could do anything to try to get the shit they have terrible decision making capabilities there almost like this of a high functioning zombie mean it really is i haven't check recent statistics but about five years ago this country's spend more on poverty eradication than it did on math and that's utterly
insane if as you say it's just a financial time it's a hundred per cent of financial thing and there is a huge industry in keeping marijuana illegal as far as law enforcement as far as you know that the people in pharmaceutical companies they want marijuana stay illegal there's a lot of bad fuckin pops out there when it comes to drugs and one things they do and this is a common thing in the grower community they rob pot dealers cops do and they did it to a friend of mine a friend of mine was growing and his his neighbor turned him in he was growing legally so the cops came and they know they they ask them questions and they go over all of this shit and it goes ok you're right you're legal and then a couple weeks later he gets home invaded ok area yeah why cops while by fucking car the guy says freeze pulls ergonomic gun on goes freeze and my friend goes freeze what the fuck are you saying we you a fucking cop in the
i panicked and shuts up in it became this crazy fuck a situation where he even pretty sure he knows who the cops are but can't say anything because he doesn't want the cops coming out from here to fucking move hit me because he got rob by cop what's up with the neighbors that's my big question for the fuckin neighbours have had so many shit ball douche bag neighbours called the cops over now thing like building departments involved with things like i've never cool neighbour i had no idea that there would be this many ass wives like i mean i've had new year's eve party where the car showed up eight nine forty five on a saturday night on new year's eve which meant that guy called amid nine or enough takes cops a good hour fucking roll on one of those calls somebody called on new year's eve at like eight
thirty five to come to my house it wasn't raging or any news is punch people sitting around haven't a beer in the fucking capture nine forty five and the copy the cops walked in and i said you want me to tell the stereo down and they should not if you don't want to and i said that even the cops new if it's for i am and you guys are just fuckin cranking helter skelter is allowed as you can well then there's going to be a problem but the cop walked looked around and just when this is bullshit and areas is one person who was sitting home alone would wanted the hundred and fifty people the all go home because he wanted to in finnish watching he is gideon combs wherever that has had a clock and it's like what the fuck i've never come the cops and might have life i put your plugs and put a shade on an ongoing alot or and in go hey man it's really loud is really just lower little maid if it's really crazy when i lived in apartments you know but
good neighbours in the mountains the mountains when i was living in colorado can interesting because he cannot to help each other out up there you are alone with mountain lions and bears and shit in only give like good advice about like what to do if a bare attacks you and shit like that right but they were they were their different up there but they were really far apart from each other you know everybody was a drive you know everybody was a quarter mile walking distance from each other yet helms fuck it helps man that's the worst thing about elaine i tell you what you being on your podcasting today completely reignited my escape from l a scenario and i've been talking to missus rogan about it and we we fuck and started looking at houses in boulder again we started talking to real estate guys about we all the move i think we're gonna probably look to get a summer place and an eventual try to move into the summer place you know and gives airlock adding airport but the problem
is the number the number of people when you get so many people and their stacked on top of each other and you know there's one guy next her door and it's fucking dog as far as over friends house you today in writing store to her ass her dogs are these dogs are barking like fucking crazy and then behind her there's some other dogs they hear these dogs barking so they come and triangulate barking shares parking from here and parking from their in everybody's jammed on top of each other and you're fuckin tvs too loudly your songs out and everybody's dilah laugh and by the poor there's too much input is too much now ass i agree even on a personal level i ever share a bachelor apartment with a check or just like not single with a chick fuckin some possible hard to get along literal square footage when you're on top of each other your father you have to be self fuckin compatible and so cool you know when i try to that was twenty one and the girl was twenty and we're both
poor were both working you i was trying to be be comedian choose trying to manage restaurants we'd never lived with anybody before we live with a fuckin parents and all were living together was ridiculous was attacked but i do not mean catherine back or share that i've been seventy nine but the girl was great before that an ironic rate before that sure she got yeah like by that he's so fun and it was so much fun to hang out until everybody like whenever they ask about like in a relationship stuff i just go square footage i gotta go what's your marital advice square footage to teach us like our chosen the elder spread it out yes do you know you'll learn a hate anyone you have to live on top of it pritchett when you go on the road when you rule on the road and you come home yeah them
man you know when you around you know everybody all the time he fastened on you burn anybody when you around them all the time you know and you just get sick of em it's boring and single yet you the same input is coming in over and over and over and you start analyzing that input that's what people start going why do you fuckin do that thing what your fingernails give a shit what i do my fingernails because they see you doing is all right if they just met you and i saw you bite you nearly always button is now would be a big deal but you live with someone you seem vital fuckin nail every day you gonna break their fingers are doing what are you doing you crazy asshole i when i go on the road they already and i come back i'm so thankful like risa yeah it's like it makes me so much more enthusiastic about everybody plus sleeping on a shitty mattress with age is pantograph drawn up just like you mr pillar just a little headed targeted captains is over here my left unsaid mother fucker throws loads on the walls he calls it spider man i met hotels neither can cause he can't do it at home like vacations they throw in everyone s room is but well
the question is cause his really on the wall this is one of the reasons why when i go to hotels every time it can i get a sweet it has no guys like you and i'm gonna get sweets and sought after loads are literally throwing you don't blow who shoots in his hand and then erosion like spider man could save up to turn the coroner on this activity now you'll like it offers now that you're just beating off into a wall can some poor lady from guatemala cleaner loads of land photos he's not gonna is a picture of a man in a canoe fly fishing and it's gotta load on it just got a scrape off rose red in nice hotel that britain like black wallpaper i wouldn't do it on against the law if it is crap be you know hotel walls you know anything i would we sweet retribution as if it was let's say was a hot pot august night and your stay bad motor large in the air conditioning sound the france and i
you're in like each year and this year the south you're in the deep south any blow your load any gotta do you spider man flying with it and it hits the ceiling fan paint guy and then you have to explain to the doktor that's your own load that gave you that guy i don't think that's enough i think he deserves more what i think you do anything more around you deserve to get pregnant i pay back the other day i don't wanna talk that's fucking discussing is that's a say that came and then somehow it ended all my lip snowboard of snow the joke she thought it was funny but nothing came i can't i was getting a blow job current in her mouth then like she later she was kissing me in my lap now rising by responding the air then that's route
i can't even watch the you'd want to learn to govern when the guys in our goal and at the same time like i mean i can work she don't get me wrong but what i mean is the other day cheers on yo i feel like not enough is made of that in the poor world like the both just
thus the load on our kids and then the both be like slap in their dec on it it's well well but you may go england low fear your that's bad but how about when they're doing the double the china thing i've got to dicks inside the pussy at the same time make it that point in time you not even for a moment anymore you using her vagina as a container so that you can rubbed the right way to go and miserly just get off at a small can and leave it out but it is not his car and ask pussy fills us browning failure balls gets my balls just put it it also awesome man you know i think it takes a lot to be a male porn star think that's the whole thing like that excellent takes math it takes a bureau takes a step farther outside no one and i would like to say these names but i was hung this one guy and he goes i was asking have you ever met this other porn starting goes yeah but you know something weird about him on gwine cases on sewing machine here it's so it is on close and i don't know it to some weird like wait a second
what's going on here that's not weird dad's weird is that he has a sewing machine you asshole you like making clothes you know like you know i hear about adam crawl dynamic growth fuckin carpenter unilateral crawled does like his own extensions on his house and shit and you do all kinds of crazy work right nobody ever says the fuck is wrong with the man gratings he saw and shit no people go why that's pretty bad ass guy makes his own cabinets that's pretty fuckin cool but you hear guy makes its own close i fuck you fucking queer making your own clothes we we're rhinestones all over until we shiny should on your clothes so you can have axiom cock
is that so we all where clothes what was wrong with making close i note that we're part was like having been again is weird clothes you have closed might have you ever clothing line then you're cool again you back at me more than eleven zero agents to make it fairer than its hip again by the way the higher primate judea shows shirts or sold out there so that instantly literally within an hour ellie autumn saw that except for small we don't have small fans so we need more guido more guys we're in small shirts i don't really right i got there
we observe or other new ones immediately i got completely obsessed with this guiding louis wayne have you guys heard of who this guy is an artist from the early eighteen hundreds too early nineteen hundreds in the reason why i got obsessed with them is that police spit is cheers at the camp he started schizophrenia and eyes so he is whole thing is used to draw cats and he's did your classic cats for like the new york poster i know well romney's ramses based its job has an ace targets getting really sick and all his cat pitchers dirt starred turning into psychedelic dm t art
no that's what i've seen that with alex great yeah yeah i've seen those it's so interesting i just got obsessed with this guides very interesting to if you go online and look at the book also that's interesting you talk about that the neuro chemistry the brain is some fascinating shit and i've been experimenting recently with the new tropics in our different things that stimulate the mind like a different supplements for the mind and we just started creating what we talked about this in the show formation you want me to tell another cream abdul jabbar tropics it doesn't matter will i'll have all the information will but i started taken it but all the people that are taken we we ve pounded all the best neutral pics put it together and we're gonna release it because nobody has like a brain formula a really solid brain formula but
people that are taken their saint memories incredible to remember all is weird shit from childhood apparently you take it right before you go to bed you have fucking insane dreams i starting at today's you're starting to do it i do when i wake up i guess i should do when i go to my wait a minute as that really a selling point cause i feel limes yak as like when i wake up the best night sleep i get is when people get like what you dream ran away may i got it i like crazy dreams always my dreams are never dreams are rarely good ray i have no dreams of grandeur there and there i even port they're not even horror stories are just short of boring like i have these super mundane boring dreams about half of a more about high school football etc i can't find my bike equipment never i never get in the game and the other just sort of shitty you know jobs where it's like
one of my dreams to be like oh you have this really shity job and it sucks when you're bored and then there's just hot chick who works at the law firm that you're working at and then but you never fuck her it is like nothing ever happens and then i actually wake up and i go oh man i'm glad like em glad to be wake like worth a lot of people well they went up and down the haven't one heisman trophy and you know they're not fuckin linsey well hang in there disappointed i wake up and i'm not working at a circle k and my old man the pickup truck
should we believe that i have these dreams it don't set me up if we are never had a dream where i feel good like better in my dream that i am really that have done thing you guys needed rent the action movie of dreams is get nicotine re patches enough to keep you around the action movie hindrances like running inaction movie for dreams i take add nicotine patch put it on ready for you go to bed you'll have fucking arnold sorts vinegar style dreams i mean just fucking insane mysteries and action and how come early under nicotine pierre because the nicotine i heard your nicotine receptors in your head stay awake to second the negative your brains a little bit more awake the normal when you're dreaming that's why says on the box don't take it by flock says don't take it at nine because of that because of that when i married her dream if not nightmares it's fucking awesome shit like without your elevator or ethnicity is a confidence inspiring soria nicotine as it is a good drug there there should be i would lobby
fda to put two types of don't take this there's the one word says do not take this with alcohol because your liver will explode and then there's don't take it without all because you'll supersize like centrally put it into six gear now the ones where can wash it down with a couple of beers and feel that much better about myself i am all for that i don't want my liver to exploit rise you guys just have one sticker that says no alcohol and i want to know which one because decide once i get that information i feel the same way with the don't take it not right yeah it highly recommended that ok so what what level do you take me well i will go with level one in what it does i don't even have a one is never wants to your your first week of quitting ok you got about power all yet i mean if you just want to have a good but i don't smoke so what would i go with it just level
really fucked rats eating like a quarter mushrooms and really draft strong series of drowned man six hours a feeling like jean claude hand am its back i want people to understand tobacco in itself or nicotine in itself is not a bad drug in fact is shown to have some benefits as far as like people's hearts and actually is like good for your heart with problem comes with smoking it and the real problem comes with the five hundred and ninety nine these government since then have allowed these people about five hundred ninety nine fucking different additives inside cigarettes most of undesigned just to make it more addictive if you look at that movie inside job russell chrome over which is based on a true story into what is inside man who knows what allows whatever was visible that's that's what jack's that's the idea now great movie does jack's you down on chemicals on flash and forward here joe forward about thirty years
kids grow out of the house long god europe europe now you're in the hills like here in the steering the hills colorado at this point cask still go and strong strong this time our bell several million list mostly in china but all over the place and now you're sweet you're sitting there were the full beard like a full gray beard and some sort of bizarre marijuana suppositories surpassed story like all day slow drip constant pause you're going off about president beaver and it just yet up there on your pulp over the crazy beer if you weren't you weren't like three sets of glasses like you have the bifocals sunglasses up on your head on your lap and you just waxing crazy poetic old man talk lashing out against
government here right next to me mother fucker you sit right across the isle of you like i'm so glad i got out of california now building to order and that's a larry you ever wonder what the fuck you gonna be like when you be sixty or seventy years old you ever look ahead if you try to live in the moment i dont look ahead nor why i live in the moment just search i am i'm just an atheist too is you know i i have the things that i enjoy have the people that i enjoy i i do what i do just because that's what i do like i you know i don't really think about things too much i just are you think about things a lot going you mean well what i mean is this i don't i don't plan the future say i just essentially move through it and
i try to do it as efficiently as possible and i try to maximize whatever i can maximize in what are my interests are involved actually in that sort of thing that in general not a plotter i'm like i'm not a down the road or in i have kids you know is forest college goes scroll there on their like the fact that they ll be fine though either wanna go to college or they won't go to college though either be curious so they won't be curious hopefully though curious and figure out a way to pay for some of it but they can pay for some of it to like i'm not one of those oh my god what's going on next year guys and i never have been and i've been willing to walk away from many endeavours just because i figured well there's a new adventure around the corner i don't i don't look forward to it but i fear it either it's just there
as it was for millions of other people and it is for millions tat i will you like i said you were the first gonna jump into this whole podcast thing and you you know you went right at it right away what was your thinking like after your radio show was done i know you're real frustrated by your whole experience doing that radio show right and then after it was done did you just say let's see where this growth is the podcast scene was not anything what i mean how are you doing you're podcast now oh almost two and a half years on two and a half years we have years ago man who the fuck out upon test right will you i did yours shit on members right after your report you showed close and i m m well maybe i could do this maybe this is something i was due to many different things the time but also why this is so much fun how could a beauty just have a waste we just sit down shoot that shit with your friends and put that out like right going gonna be real work
well you know what you're thinking after your show tells what was it like that goes the radio show like when it was cancelled and one that the whole station when it became a mexican station or something what happened now became like forty eight lady gaga top forty one ninety seven point one became mexicans nation right i'm talk i dont know no i still i still think there i don't i don't know and i still think they're playing top priority gaga stuff but weena who cares one or other of mine numbing when one is mine tat people speak spanish mine numbing two people to speak english but they're mine fuckin numbing music both beside the point is but what happened is vase to me in a sort of weird mine fuck they said hey list and we're gonna fold the station out now for those who who you know i don't know i
placed howard stern on the west coast a guy named rover did it in the mid west and then definitely roth did it in new york when the change came the daily roth experiment ended super fast super fast in the rover thing ended fairly quickly and then i was around and i was doing well we were given i got bonuses and allay toward the end and i would always get bonuses in vegas in seattle and poor on and stuff like that which we were you know we had our ups and downs for sure but it had smooth out and we're done well and they and when i say well i mean during the world i just mean holding our own getting solid ratings and getting get an occasional bonus for being number one and they flip before
they just figured out what why we pay all these guys millions of dollars to talk when we can just play before mentioned lady gaga and make the same revenue and it's a business decision like i'm completely cool with it i'm not that i understand powers like aren't you pissed off fuck now third it's urgent they pay me i had a contract they paid me out the rest of the year for not doing anything in its completely their prerogative i get pissed off at personal stuff i get pissed off when somebody does something intentionally when the super selfish old neighbour next door says i would rather watch jeopardy in peace then have a hundred fifty people celebrate the ringing of the new year that's a personal bullshit thing when its business it just business i understand it so there we're gonna flip it but they said to me two months before they were gonna blow the whole station they said
we're gonna send you to new york you're going to the number one market and we want you to take over in new york so but don't tell me buddy you cannot tell anyone because nobody hears here knows the radio stay since being blown up and the way radio works is they don't give you two weeks in hotels they you finish your shift you walk off the air the guy says go get that box with the weird cardboard handles carved into your leave and and they do for reason they don't want you going back on the air god fuck this station fuck jack's over fuck these cocksucker these bucket guys they know it most dj or not and that would have a more do so they told me two months in advance were flip you're going to new york and we're flippin don't say anything shows horrible two months for me word be like like january and my producer would come up to me and go oh
the wind hotel wants us to come back for march madness and do a special live show at the casino i'd be i and you go so you want to set that up and of the hold off that what they want an answer i will then vulgar guy doing like that it was like i everything was coming to an end and we're time shit to do over the summer and stuff like that and so it was really beard having these conversation right it's like knowing you're gonna get divorced in your wife's making vacation plans for the end of the summer and you're gonna server papers into we is like an i ll try and you're like she's got you think i could would be awesome or should we gotta honolulu like what ever doesn't matter to me and so very and they said to me by the way you're not going to new york and we are still blown up the staircase patten as i so that was the end of that
you were gonna go near i didn't know i had no idea tat point there no jobs and radio no way to monetize a pot cast out an odour podcast is i'm not i don't i met you live shows at that stage my career i got nothing going on in a pretty big monthly night and not its biggest when you toss the wall for they folks who come into the motel six to enjoy shortly after your you roomy sick fuck but still a pretty good sized not right so i'm seeing their wondering what to do in my body goes podcast and as i wonder how the fuck such butter danny whereas pot gas and i said how works its you speak your opinion and you and i are the same why we like we like to hear our selves stock and we have opinions ends i say fuck it and i and i found out i said well how much this is going to cost the city by two microphones in earth laptop and
and then a little bit fur bandwidth well how much out like i don't know five hundred bucks a month or something like i guess i can afford them let's try and then then it was like nine grand for the first month of bandwidth sad eyes like holy shit it's so it got now to be spending like a hundred grand out of my own pocket just do it bono with the notion that one day it might turn into a business and that's really the process wherein whilst how did you go about me you have like this giant employ staff this huge this big room and all these employees working in people work and video switches and how do you go about finding all these people and putting everything together most people would hear the podcast than just so i came and dig in what you do and in my whatever soon and in our work for seven
box in our could i come down there there's gonna be a part of something you not just in a sort of organic kind away i'm sure you ve got your offer gaff i didn't have a podcasting my house to be much more compelling put the problem it's in my house and until fuckin weirdo off the internet in the time at this guy right so late any further jeunesse jailing around there so do you had no idea when you first started doing that it would ever become what it is now you are just trying to figure it out and just do and see what it became i never have any ideas about anything before they are what they are you know i just set i just him mark upon the journey really look that far down the road i mean i know i'm not gonna walk off a cliff i trust that are moving in the right direction but i never have expectation genes and unite notions well you know let's it sort of like this sort of vienna
probably got it a lot from from building because building a process that goes from shitty too good which is this the first part of building is in a permits and applications and you cut and checks to the city for nothing and inspectors and plan instead real plan inspection and all that kind of stuff and it's nothing just your money in a bunch of papers you have nothing and then you start damn right wing and digging stuff in digging footings in great beams blah blah blah on putting in reborn waitin for concrete now that but it still nothing there's no shape to adjust its just a hole in the ground in your literally dumping money into this hole in the ground but then it is sir point the cement dries you strip away the forms and start to frame and we start to frame uk actually see the shape of the structure start to unfold before your eyes
but it still like its wide open it doesn't keep the cold out or the heat in or anything but you can start to manage and about what it might well be like to put down that hardwood flooring and see all the cool top notch vi stoves and sub zeros going into the kitchen and all that well that's apart you look forward to but if you're closing your eyes in picturing your new viking stove arriving when you forming your slab you're gonna fuck up your slab focus on the form and know that you'll get to the viking one day but for now you just forming heavy that's heavy incorrect mean that so you got it that's being in the moment you know that you sort of have an idea that its of eventually going to come together right now you just frame and if it doesn't it doesn't but let me just for
the best whack inform today now i dont really plan things out there much either in this plant did we didn't plan this now we started this out on a laptop literally were sitting right in front of one of these and we had fuckin snowflakes coming down the stream broadcasters and we fucked around with music and all kinds of different things and then eventually we figured out how to do it the way we're doing inhabitants is still evolving still it's it's a cut but for it's been the best to ever for getting people to come into the clubs and that's one of things that you ve done to sort of monetize at you start doing live podcast and then live stand up and i remember when we did the improv together the irvine improv was won the first times i think for the first time you had ever done stand up in like fuckin ten last year's killed you were not there killed and you did it you been doing it all on whose those pretty fun it was pretty fund a watch yeah
and always sort of may be handed in me but i never i never pursued i remember talking you when we did love line fuckin many many years ago and you tell me stand of the audience at unlike the audiences i didn't like you know you know i didn't like it i didn't like like while it doesn't make any sense to me because you're funny and you like the rant on things like they just condensed package it put it on stage i mean that it is what it is like the rush of making three hundred p plus a laugh and when you killing in front of a large country that how could you not enjoy that it's weird because i get less out of that then i get out of what we're doing right now really yeah because that's an environment and you get the energy the environment but right there's somebody with your buds in each year there either walk in their dog their walk on a treadmill owe their walk in there doggone a treadmill censure on and what we are saying is penetrating d you know and that's more of a party we just kind of getting caught up
into it verses a serious deep penetration and i'm really interested in just sort of taken my ideas and inserting them into you more than i am sort of entertaining you so to speak you don't i mean that's interesting so why did you start doing stanhope unjust to mountains i just did for i just did for the money and i and i did it and it out funny because people do thing where they go a why'd you do this or why'd you do that and the answers for the month by doesn't mean i dont dig it and it doesn't mean especially in out because i've had this this problem in the ass rice luck went out to kansas city milwaukee one more playing earned theatre will turn theatre in may and so and so forth and work land and wherever and if so what said hey you wanna come out do a show for free the answer would be no
so thus the answer is i'm doing it for the money i mean sad but it's true sunset now here's the deal it doesn't mean i'm not gonna fuckin show up and kick ass a matter mere fact five unit for free had just pull up a stool and go charlie sheen on your ass i don't do that i realized that everyone is they are paid forty fifty sixty box where a ticket we're in a theater and i'm gonna fuckin burdensome calories a sweat through a t shirt year you guys tellingly in trying to amuse you for ninety minutes so what rather be home watching my tv oh hi yes my doing it for the money yes am i so doing it because i just have the ability to do it i mean it comes easily to me it's not i'm not trying to sound like a douchebag but it's like a sport you know i it's not it's not a grinder for me plants because of what you do on the pod cas and believe me you can't say it comes easy to you what
you can but i mean the reason why comes easy to is because you're doing it's like it someone who does all this power lifting and ply metrics and throws medicine balls around and then you know someone teaches you have to choke somebody and finally while jujitsu came pretty easy to me well that's cause you're fuckin crazy physical specimen you're fry unlike with you what you're doing is your constantly ranting constantly piecing together ideas and constantly pointing out things don't that stand out bordeaux you stand your right and and it is a muscle that gets exercise but either way when we go do show i'm not pacing around in my hotel room you know nervous ducking south of cheese it brian i i'm it it is easy for me when i do it here and so you get paid well they come easily and why the fuck not i've actually
been enjoying it in this weird sort of curious k case of benjamin benjamin buttons where i've been go backwards like i started off on tv and am discovering my stand up in my forties which is saying because our one starts off and stand up and gets away from unevenly do and stand up for about a year now right yeah look about about a year but you ve already put together a full hour you know and your ninety man ninety minutes out there's a cry that's amazing well you writing this stuff down or you just these it is ran so you categorize i carried the ransom categorize and and i sort of have cues that help me figure what it is i want to say that it doesn't come out exactly the same every night right either by yeah it's it's it's i n i sort of mix and match i guess it be like a jam ban that had a bunch of songs and change the settlers up on a night
basis in maybe they never get that good on one song but yet they could free form if they had to and they would never get boring for them because are constantly mixing the set up sort of sort of that with that's it i never do my my said the exact same way every time either i mixed things up all the time i know pretty much before i go on stage what i'm gonna get into right away but i always leave the door open for something else i will leave the door open if i get on stage and whatever reason this thought pops in my head i'll run with that and then eventually get to the planned opening and then once i get the first bit out of the way it's it's most important to me is to get that one solid chunk just get that out tight and shit and then once that's out and everyone's laughing then we're gonna go wherever dad that the balls moving the momentum going let's go where the fuck you wanna go the same way as like that first twenty minutes it just went to be solid you wanna get everyone on your side and just get that first
waiting for me very twenty twenty five minutes and then like our with establishes now we have some room for lateral move i am really big on that with opening axe to act always tell them guys open up for me i said the best thing you can do out there's don't around the beginning don't don't just don't don't try it bit out when he first get on stage this is cold audience okay this is you know a lot of guys that are on the road like take us on the road of me there used to do in sets in hollywood and are used and going up to do in ten fifteen minutes that's when there's a in our host and a bunch of other people to show my does a different experience man these are people who don't know who you are coming to see me so there would you're willing to let you be funny but you ve got it are there and go tight right away you gotta gain their confidence so most important thing people don't know who you are gain there
confidence to write what you got to do solid tight material right up front get him laughing or i just got to fucking pro and then they relax they settle and they have a smile on their face and looking forward to hearing then you or your smooth and smooth sailing everything but if you start off chunky and fucked up and then you got it fuckin guy then you gotta constantly re their respect through your your struggle through your entire set its likes going out on a first day by shoving your cut through the male slot david after the third day let's get to say that when she loves you see those requirements level of theirs video are i watch it online but is fairly pulled from you too but i saw the other night it's hbo talking funny it's louis e k ricky your vase chris rock i ran right it's fucking great man and it's one of the freedom i'm gonna on pursuing this now it's one reasons why i have always thought that this podcast in and of itself could be a television show i am i was
find a pitcher show based around the podcast but the show pigeon holes like it was like really produce still it was all these little segments that we do every week and i thought about it like i don't like that i'm like i like the idea of a pot gas because i like the idea of people sitting around and in talking about interesting shit and it's it's fun and amusing to watch and it was proof that to me watching that talking funny thing because it was just forks like sitting around talking about stand up in it was fucking great meant especially louis he came and he chris rock but lucy k especially he's my my number one inspiration right now that guy is i love what he does it mean stand up wise material wise my favorite guy stand hope i think stand hope is to me he's he's fine
fully out there you know he's he really is a wild fuck it drunk every ninety lives in bisbee arizona girls and dug stand up when you first said stan hope i thought there's a do named stan ran scientists do ass diana ass are preaching to the converted stand out too wire yeah doug stand out because you know stand hope has a fuckin house in the window sill the outside the house are painted lopsided these fuckin crazies houses like bright yellow he's green and shit needs are not easy he literally is that guy is not design these now fagin he does always shows and rock clubs he sells else's all of his tickets on brown paper bag dot com or whatever the fuck it is brown paper tickets so thing is like all produced in house everything he does is all him he doesn't go through any other normal channels he has always fans they show up and see him all over the world and he goes on these fuckin drunken yeager bomb ranch in their fuckin awesome i mean
stand up to me like stent his material to me as a fan is favorite to watch i think is joey ideas still i think the funniest guy and if i want to watch it ten minutes set of anybody on the planet i would watch judea his joy ideas you de as crushes when he really fuckin slams at home nobody's funnier than him but as far as like a long set stand hope is the man three i enjoy his material now but i really oh yes i am sorry but i really enjoyed lucy k i live enjoy his materials while road i think is a brilliant comedian but i really enjoy his work ethic are really enjoy his philosophy on stand up and how we work i find it as a comical fight so inspiring throws ways whole act every year here the whole act he writes a full our our whatever minutes films it for whatever showtime or hbo who the fuck once by it and then throws out and start from scratch causes that because everybody knows that he does that he's getting massively loyal following people can't you
to come and see him because they know aid we saw louis last year you think you're going to do the same material fuck no he's not going to do it is immaterial gonna be all knew you know and maybe if you allow bag of dicks he'll do you know his bag dicks joke but for the most part this guy's got ninety new fuckin minutes every twelve months you know and to me man that's just i hear shit like that i get fired up i don't want to i want to sit for the keyboard i wanna start writing it makes me what gets me jazzed up get tired i don't i don't know anyone stand back i've never seen anyone stand back like i don't know what the fuck is going on i don't watch stand we have no interest you're so successful that so have an idiot i just like hitler collar and then i just watch ultimate factories idea i'm such a gear head i have no interest in committee
one on top gear weren't they fuckin snatch you are one of those four working out a chauffeur side everyone's not adam ferrara has as were speaking by it's weird to gear head brain that the second i'm done doing any comedy my my shifts the vintage race cars and i don't i never think about com it adds lariat wow i dont dislike amity irony that have no idea what's going on i don't know any the comedians i've never seen there asked craig i worry about like parallel thinking no because be wary bela going on his long ran then you find out all that's on patent oswald second c d out it happens it's gotta happen like i mean i've just watching ass in l a couple of weeks ago and zack alfred s got up there any said something that i said on stern show and on my radio show you know ten year ago and the almost exact joke that i said
he read me off that mother fucking lay maroni stevens i just gotta if you're gonna name alien body spray call the axe you're gonna you're gonna there's gonna be a joke about it and all the black community i just have to decide on this third and wax came out but i don't think that's zack as was listening newport area leisurely been its personnel did that those rights ass did it there's a huge issue now that we have only now i could tell it was you i could tell he was doing his stand really well you know that thing where you go look you want to just ass a now i've never hosted s now but your host s now any say took comedian and instead of collecting a bunch of jokes from guys you don't really know your voice you just go fuck it i'll do my other real familiar five minutes of my act at the top i know it i'm confident with it
then we'll get an arrest shall that's what it felt like you have any desire to hostess zono now i don't i wish i did but i don't seems like some that doesn't have to do with cars are building wow that's a malaria you're that much into did i that's all i think about i don't have any desire to assess in essen out to me is like you gotta ninety nine pounds of shit defined that one juicy stake at the bottom right all these abuses sixty nine tiburon at the bottom all this shit that i had a meeting is more of a jelly barely but as doctors or ever talked about addiction of cars that is an addiction and probably use private spend a lot of money but what what is it i was in addition and interests that you get enjoyment out of that's positive when people people throwing around that were that economic times good its continuing in that activity in the in the face of adversity and essentially if your wife says
leave you if you keep up with filling the blank you know if your boss he's going to fire you if you keep up with the booze drank and are the pill pop and encourages dawson or whatever whatever you're doing and you keep doing and then you lose your job and then you get divorced and then you lose your home enough that's addiction if you can be there are such things as functional annex as well but the real sort of definition is is it ruining your quality life like are you trouble do you like cars more than you like your job or your wife that but why is well i do think about them more and put out i understand that it makes me work
right because i need to i want on time and i want the garage i want that whatever so i have to fund the habits like a junkie ass steel stare first person ever as dana girl in new york is the first person i never told you had an addiction those pool i was playing pool eight to ten hours a day arousal may ass plainly tournaments i've got a blast i tore my acl ligament and i couldn't do talk no i couldn't take box for awhile how to give an instructive surgery no deal and a body of mind and i started playing pool and it started out just knock and balls around two retards it played in a bar before not enough to play and then i met is that really could play and when you watch oh please you wash em out about gambling their gambling and there's money on the line and then it's about tournament and then you know you get to see prose play and i just because obsessed with these balls moving around on this cloth and the fact that you have
figure out exactly how hard hit the ball to make it collide with this other born you get a judge the angle and it became a massive obsession and the girls dayton said you have to choose that you have to choose between me or poor reckon up the same thing with football but i was absent additives is seventy thousand now my love fucking food give your and football table play learned that's really are you really battling in life is in but first ball alone when a concept that's the only the addiction that i've ever had were somewhat mile and pool again when i was in hollywood when i first came to land in didn't have friends so they are doing is entering put ornaments as i well now i know what i want to do on friday night and you know i don't have a set somewhere i wanna go enter a pull tournaments fund a pool hautala and then assessment and put me scientists and i think you're concentrating on poor more than your own career
it was true was right any jokes just fuckin practice in running out analysis for patterns in my hand watch an accurate stats tapes of rafik johnny archer verses earl stricklin matches from the early ninetys dice acting is run out it was it was affecting is comic caught him back in the day to day like aids whether stooge playing a brunswick with a pretty fast felt and any goes for the bridge and our velvet hydro that everything will felt felt revealed yourself man i gotta know what the hell's items bathroom my dear men go in there and tiggle up it is for forty eight you have the ball do i do i gotta go to try to be my warehouse and like the next twenty four many ok well you know what we're gonna do we're gonna positive brian and i will come out will close it out because we were gonna do another half an hour because we really do about two hours but thank you very much park azure and like i said it would
for you and during europe doing your pa gas will probably never to start this thing in the first place you one of my favorite is hard to you and my favorite guys to two going you show because you're you ve always got a unique and interesting perspective that i might not have ever considered you know and that's there's not a lot of guys like out their men and women but i brian cowen set about you really is true you truly are the best at going on these crazy ran that lead to conclusions like i'll start ran off but then timmins into my rather fuck we ve been talking about man fire up their brows you'll you actually come to conclusions ottoman you're very the cat man the whole thing that you're doing withstand urban thing you're doing with your park assets it's great stuff man
thank you very much for beyond a shop so that's it for adam corolla again cruellest show at the will turn is may twenty four may twenty first it is a lie potash hours now sand yeah jimmy's going to join me out there was good i think i'm homes i'm coming to me that what day is that that is a saturday twenty first and allay is a bitch as we always talked about so elizabetta come on out how to sell tickets and now let's not do our poor fine words because so much shit known on here what you think it is i mean i'll i'll be i'll be up i'll give you the numbers like you know the more theater you know you played the moore theater in seattle that holds eunos one thousand eight hundred one thousand eight hundred people the wiltern holds one thousand eight hundred people or so and it's like the more allowed on a sunday night without really boring too many calories you know like two weeks out were fourteen
your tickets sold you know it's gonna go clean as they say it's got will turn in our eight hundred and fifty tickets sold we got a month ago so proud to be ok but it's it's it's tough sliding like you gonna fuck and get on it and it and work it and go come on people there's gonna be a fund night whereas the other shows or like running with weights on here right in sand yeah is there there's you know it just a word we're gonna milwaukee we're going to kansas city and we're going to what the hell's other boy are you got malarkey friday got kansas city saturday and you see but mine have warned you sold out the ass wealth then go to an curled up on an approach that can buy yeah but c4 meets my home town i'm from ally drugged itzhak as anyone it's like an irish fighter fighting in you know in dublin and
everyone's like a fuck it we're staying home like it sucks effort for me this is my home town and sounds like the will turn is the theatre that's like you know that my holy shit i can't believe i'm playing this place and i fill it up because obviously you play portland and its half full house that's that's fine you don't feel great about it but that's portland eating grow up in i grew up and allies well ella has so many fucking options problem foam and lets say nine exercise any of em on that i want to do that folks a twenty four hour out just turn theatre i'm i'm maybe in boston i'm doing this kevin james mme movie kevin james plain an eminently fighter and i have to play myself well
all everyone you're gonna be there i will listen if i can make it i will be there that is saturated twenty first thank you very much everybody out stay tuned you too far from and walk out amount will be right back down if we are to refuel when reef fire up the kanab annoyed synapses i think that's a real phrase can amyloid i think are unrelated to synopsis whatever bitches i know scientist cross has left the building slogan awesome so haven't him over so cool being able to work that you now want to cause things about podcast is like there's a whole network of amino i've done to ban sins and controls and duncan will be on the show tomorrow at three o clock you know mark marin's and i'm gonna do eddie if and jim jeffreys so doing all these
hard cash it's like it's like it's cool network of radio stations it's happening organically you know instead of like bubbles love sponge jan near the farewell show all being stuffed into one thing by cooperation like everybody's kind of found themselves and become like this network sort of organically it's cool you know like fans of one will here the other you know like duncan trust got some fans one when you know he came on did this podcast and not came into his and you know it we shall reach his listeners and stop it's it's really fucking a very unique thing you know that this podcast thing and as we said it probably wouldn't if it wasn't for adam you know him him and also and anthony coming from open anthony because anthony was doing that lie from the compound answering and tom greener absolutely i can't get hungry and yet on green doing his is show on tom
dot com which your other you doesn't mean i am that russia what he does anymore i think you ought to some kind of subscription based thanks a kind of did you hear completely getting off subject did you hear what happened in afghanistan where the town and escaping the prison no i haven't do some guy tweet isn't this thing in the go to it it was really funny he said in reference to fuck it was his exact quote i don't wanna fuck up disguised workers it was such a funny situation they they dug foreign and fifty taliban fighters who escaped out of peers what he wrote he wrote forty fifty plus prisoners break out of jail by digging a hole in the ground and homage to bugs bunny and raising arizona the guy's name is gary with two hours whoever so irene we did it and then i read the the link and it is pretty fuckin fascinating these guys dug a hole in the ground like a fucking movie and went on
prison and got all the guys out of prison while i did i did they catch him now mean not yet and the whole thing in afghanistan is swimming the fucking bad guy over there now escape they were all murdered these can you guys are running around with sandals on in the mountains and you know what we are doing flying overhead taking pictures i shoot missiles and two hundred of tat who knows how many thousands of workers soldiers over them whose a bad guy i don't know it gets a little fuck and boring gray now i don't know i mean you know they're they're they're during their evil terrorists and their attacking americans what are we doing over there but they did you don't think you can easily you just come in a summons neighborhood they don't fuck and shoot at you you can just take over take over people fight back and wonderful who's the fucking bad guys some kid was born in afghanistan and this is only knows and this is that the neighbourhood i grew up in also sees these fuckin helicopters fly overhead tanks run around the ground what would you think you think you ve been invaded bad guy it's very very tricky man mean
obviously never would want anything bad habit to any of our troops overseas but i also don't i intend to do anything bad or these fuckin people either holdings are clusterfuck who how many people have become terrorist because of all the share that we ve done oversees whom are who knows how many people lost family members whom and who knows how many people who would have been a sort of a moderate person who really wouldn't get into this kind of stuff drawn into a because a tragedy got drawn into it because you someone now where they get to watch a video footage we do it like what's going on i racked that there's like a million dead people over course of the nine years this war whatever it's been million people died that's an singing number of people many of you stacked a million bodies up in the middle of like washed in state park and had but look here's ever dinah rag maybe then would sink in maybe there would really kind of realize how crazy war is infected really how we have to do things in two thousand and eleven you let's go
as i didn't know about then it would seem that that's something i should know about you know a million people die in iraq no known about this in our story you did my the other day eating and it's like we have breaking news here and now we're gonna go live downtown los angeles lindsey low hands is going to jail list rate let's i view the sheriff and blah blah and then was i wow this is crazy why were they spent like five minutes on it and then you go right now for another topic new story today the wedding of the century and its those people are getting married and u k of the prince or whatever have you heard about the shit i'm very x ray firmly saw its on about it every single news channel here in the united states and i why do i care about some prince getting married let wisest because people love gossip the news become like people magazine i mean when you too in about two
going on plus libya plus actions in pakistan would drowns there's a lot of crazy shit on every fuckin day the weak a lot of it if you're here in anything at all about lindsey low hadn't she hasn't killed fifty people something wrong i know more about lindsey lower than i do about fuck and we'll be asters is do you think that that is because that the networks are trying to you know make the easiest to digest sort of programme after people are tired from work and is give them give dummies what they want is it because the dummies want this or its because that's the only thing that's on the air is it they have a mentality that people are dumb and in pushing all this lindsey low hand shit look here's the thing that i can get into it now i understand i mean i don't judge people like mrs rogan likes to gossip magazine sometimes she looks like reading about things i ve known and and you know what i don't like i make fun of it i make fun of it but i'll fucking i'm taking a shit i'll start reading it and i'll start reading damn you just left like that
doing out man she's forget that guy now well this is crazy and i should get a baby about he's man you know do you it's it's easy there is that we have instincts to gaza we have instincts too to follow you know silly for stories the news whether it's about the princess or special units royalty that's what's so squarely like that prince that guide us do shit he does do shit he's a brain i mean he hasn't done anything he hasn't been elected he has written awesome books it everybody loves this guy's only famous because he's a prince it's just fuckin completely insane that's when you get into royalty it's the ultimate form of celebrity titled celebrity for no reason at least car dashing suck some dicks you know they mean riskin masturbate that will you know everybody talks about how can go the oceans because rooms over nothing what sort of but no knows
became famous because you have that black guy fuck the shit out of her on camera year but she's now making millions and millions and millions of dollars in any have like these girls working agenda haze that's not making millions and millions of millions of dollars is pretty much does the same shit but if she buried it what's she once and it was her boyfriend and then it great got out who knows where families making seventeen why millions who know tom on it's a lot of money a lot of money that making a lot of money she's everywhere but who who knows who the fuck put that video out can't really maybe she did maybe she did maybe he did who knows maybe some it's gotta hold but who knows but the point is we even if we knew like that when you put it out on purpose is ok still it's i fear gas as long as you say that you didn't put it on purpose you get a past but if you do put it on purpose if you make a porno video on purpose you fuck on camera on purpose you don't get in isn't it strange
no he's not going to give you a fucking tv show you know you're not gonna get less it's a tv show on porn and it makes you want to cry you nobody could keep with the doesn't make you cry you know you watch those inside pieces on belladonna genuine such oh yeah yeah down right maybe my cry i definitely i'm glad she retired now hopefully maybe he's happy i wish you'd have here which is taken baseball traveling like takes all kinds of people do this work around here but for it is a weird thing now that you're allowed to do it as long as you at least claim that you you did in an accident they got released on accident but if we suspect that you put it out on per you actually made your own sex video and release it i think or i think it's pretty easy to get a video out nowadays because i've been realizing how many recordings now i have made of myself that i just accidentally tweet the other day i accidentally tweet something i thought was a direct message out to everybody and then
wow that's close i caught it right away and was a oh baby video was a video some sexy domini i'm gonna know it was a video it could have been sexy time it was cheesy vega like a cheesy like others make a video together and inaction they put it out in other guy was target side you delete it clear railway there's only one person supposedly commented on it but like a hundred seventy people solid my provocative you they if there's just one person in there that grab that video that would have been awful how embarrassing
video it's not that america is even using lucky grace ways that is and i got you list when you say that now bear thing you do you like submitted to yourself you crawled inside you shall creeped me out when i sought when i realized i did it was will give us the the cliff notes version of what's on the video being we did play it at least i don't have an deleted i once i get it off everything i had an embarrassing will gimme the cliff notes it was like i'm lying in bed at seven in the morning and my girlfriends like laying on top me we like wake up wake up and like low do love several of you girl either i don't know exactly how talk there and pretend you're in a movie i love you
if you don't know how to deal with checks maybe that's the best will do exit just pretend you like in a tom cruise where we i do we did at another blackout part cast and it was we start drinking i won't like midnight right we got a whole bottle of vodka and two huge glasses of great value oh shit and an hour and so it's me and veronica rates and it with so hilarious its darzac veronica richie girl is a penthouse yeah pent up at the beginning of it was really awkward conversation disease super shy and then the ends at it what super shy super sigh her hold her whole families really shy bureau just fucking each other writers i was there i asked that that's how drunk it became and then that there is one point where she she she's went stand up and she fell and didn't come back for him so when will you ve known as check for a while men and that's the only time you ve ever talk to her about molestation you do play ass i was pretty pretty great did she respond
listen to i don't have time to give any what happens she's remember i'm lying down amber whether ass if she'd been molested please remember i'd like to have essentially been worse than i remember i blacked out that's ridiculous you're the worst however none of our existing so bad i swear to god i haven't listen to me listen to it without released them around so that around listen to my fuckin self again then cancel all the so barbours man i know that if the americans are too big ones the other day and were made in the pimp cancel the hospital one last you have to what do i know about the soap operas measure the opera is might as well be opera agree you doing something that is old and stupid and the idea that you gonna have this crazy running drama every day and which can happen and she comes home and finds him with an ever
day this drama crazy music and what a weird way to live man fuckin stone joe hell yeah you are the two vocation job back in the garden door right back in sun the wheel with dull vendors our going you don't write back and have you ever tried one of the fake vit data volcanoes it's like a copy of it like a generic copy of the volcano no i haven't its colleagues the wave or some have forgiven it's called bit i just wondered if you guys zoning ninety dollars compared to whatever the volcano is ours i wouldn't go budget on vaporize yeah seems less complicated man since it is a lot of shit there and electricity in its heat and any kind of heat i see you gonna get the best thing is you dont want things burning through the fuckin
ford blowing up in your house or whatever some cheap piece of shit would do is get that get the stuff that's gonna work that volcano thing what we're talking about is a vapor eyes would vaporized as lays gentleness really health conscious monks s stoner set dont want isles bad nasty spits that you too again from burning smoke which apparently not nearly as bad for you as tobacco smoke but it's gotta be somewhat bad for you it's just smoke mean is it does it has some health benefits and expectant apparently is very good for people when they have asthma people have asthma only some of them have reported that they have a benefit from from smoking from smoking a pot but with the private does is it cuts out all the health problems it just it heated up but doesn't burn it so in it those air through it and a releases this t age see mist and that is collected and one of these
but this is his heareth itunes folks it's a plastic bag at the end of it it has this all novel and you just suck out of pure th scene and if you suck elena you can see aliens and by the way volcano i've tried every single vaporize are known to man and the vulcan is the only one that i recommend if you're gonna get one get the volcano because that shit works where the other ones you have to judge your age it trying to just a temperature right and sometimes it it feels it you're not getting any thing than other times it may i got too much dark smoke for some reason all that shit just too ridiculous does the volcano does it yeah just fears at work but i see how people don't want to pay them much vaunted yeah i was on craigslist looking an egg there's a lot of those generic ones on you know the galleries while the shit cause so much does illegal jelly reason the other reason everything caso much because its illegal marijuana should be cheap as fuck it supplants easy to grow goddamn we'd it doesn't even get sick it doesnt wrought
like look at some treason is also bugs fuck em up don't fuck up briefer stepped back you didn't have a chance bugs eleven years river doesn't need pesticides that people who say what happened did they put this says you we'd man they ddt poisoning grow that's what's wrong with we no you don't need it doesn't mean pesticides doesn't get sick it's not like all these pussy ass plants it's a tough plants its ever existed it's the best fibre the farmer that make it a hamper can you make him genes are closer but it's not it's like much more sturdy than cotton and the paper like hemp paper is so superior to caught in all became illegal most people don't even notice but we came illegal back when they figured out a more effective way to process the hemp fibre it was like though forever but it became like some the people stopped using because cotton became so much more easy to process they came up with the cotton gin
instead of just having slaves pick the cot which was a huge pain in the ass then they could run through this welcome machine and it made a way easier and so people like fuck this hemp because hemp fibres like really tough stuff you got a break it down the ever worsening manual breaking down of hemp fibre it's a laborious process man because the fucking stock of this point it's like an animal or alien plant rather it's incredible plant like its defined like super fucking tough and strong you make the best rope out of it the better cloth or out of it it's like so superior but it it's a long time to turn that fibre into cloth or paper it's really difficult to break down and then unlike early nineties dirty is a guy came out with a machine collar decor indicator with a decoder catered did was alive them to process it just like the cotton gin processes cotton the smash it down into this this pulp and make it more much more usable like almost immediately and then that's when they set for this and that's when pod became it
go pompey came illegal entirely because of hemp which has nothing to do with the psychoactive properties came illegal because of william randolph hearst who running newspapers and he also had paper mills and we're gonna make people start using have paper that was gonna be the shit because you could you can take like a forest full of tree and you chobham down what you're fucked because you don't have any more trees it takes a long asked time for those trees to grow back but hemp you grow every four months you never knew forking crop i mean can use the same property over and over and over again its renewable and you get much more paper poor so this mother fucker was gonna have to spend millions of dollars so them and du pont we amend offers into they got together and they said here was moody we'll fuckin say that part makes blacks and mexicans rape by checks that's it did that literally what they did they started printing stories william randolph first it in the paper of this new drug called marijuana
marijuana was had knocked and even to do with part the original four marijuana was a slang for a wild mexican tobacco so they let marijuana and then say blacks and mexicans or smoking marijuana so when congress made hemp illegal the when they marijuana illegal didn't even melody were making camp illegal as well they fought every body and they did it ninety fucking thirty something it's amazing that shit is still going on still illegal in the age of the internet all the information is at your disposal everything you can google search every fuckin study ever done on time and you can see right away that most people want it legal whose stopping it all people with money why they stopping it will because our making money on marijuana being illegal and they use that money that bribing politicians that's how they keep it in place flock really the two thousand and eleven you can be that open its that open where you can so clearly
it's so sick man it's sick it sit that we live like this it's sick that you can put people in jail for wanting to smoke a joint and back and listeners so good music and you know it food and have some great conversation with friends and not hurt anybody and yet cause can come and lock you up in a fucking cage for that is ridiculous we know what drugs are bad folks we know we have to letting people tell you that the drugs that are good or bad because the falconer on this one don't do don't do do don't do heroin or if you do you gotta be a musician or somethin heroin seems to be okay for musicians did you see kills you did you see guy of bad what's his name baptista though strike force yeah did you see how this thing on teams in the other day no here he was talking about how to deal got cut from when the merger with the you have seen the strike force yeah like that do you
that's something do you know anything about this guy i know i know no anything more than i saw there's a headline on mme dot tv or mixed martial arts dot com i saw that but i didn't read it it's not instinctively linen no really i mean he seems like a nice guy why wish him well but i'm interested in young guys come round and i mean but occasionally a guy like lester you know me but less than was odor serious ressler you know like a serious amateur ressler like that's what made him exciting it wasn't just there was a big guys this guy like i don't believe so i don't know i really dont know as background they just but i've filling up would have heard about the way i heard about listener when lesson was a wrestler back when he was doing pro wrestling i had heard about what a free give us like people were we're talking about what a crazy specimens guy was do this a fuckin video of him we ve talked about in the package for what it's worth its worth repeating so ready
he was three hundred pounds solid muscle right he gets on top of the fuckin turned back or whatever the hell it has stands on the ropes and flips through the air and lands on his head where's i'm fucking head he flew through the air and landed on his head and he was still conscious they climbed on top of the guy is still got the pin in you watch it if you watch it you watch him do that you're that's supposed to kill people had there not kill him again who is this guy how could the fuck that guy survive that it's supposed to snap your neck and break we fuck and bone nor spinal column it's supposed to be just chaos for you after that meanwhile he like finishes the match ridiculous but he was already this guy where people are like this brought lester guy you ain't never seen a heavyweight move like that guy and we had heard about it's fuckin times in those like one of the things they talked about during wrestling days was at times in the nfl
mind you know the nfl combine as you know it's like i actually can put the numbers because it so ridiculous it's it's worth reading but the nfl combine as when they take gum athletes and they in other running through these tasks like the forty ard and you know see how fast we find a real quick you say mr brok change here this pillar readers to retire this is his crazy fuck numbers the forty ard sprint four point six seconds he's two hundred and fuckin nineties pounds ok four point six seconds that's like eight times faster than you can do stop it about that forty yards four point six second that's a fast forty two entwined tom bench press forty three repetitions forty three of who twenty five what the fuck is verdict thirty five inches his broad jump ten feet he hurled three
pounds ten feet through the fucking air that's ridiculous shit dude that's a freak in so we had heard about that show by one when he was around we weed not that long ago and so when i heard that he was going to go into a tip and efforts for his fine us first went live away at the colosseum was fur k one took his fucking do damage smashed up remember looking at that guy who's gonna fuck with dad but that's a dangerous mother fucker some freaky guy who can get on top you just punch brains in and try stop and good luck to of course you know kane velasquez wesley did stop it but using another freak specimen ones wins the remit for that while it's not gonna happen unless brackets by junior dose onto us that's gonna be in june it does those in hammer coach in the season of the ultimate fighter in than they're gonna meet up in june has brock's training right now heard anything about raising its other than his back with gregg nelson who is the guy who were runs
minister minnesota makes martial arts and he's awesome i am a big fan of that guy a big fan of is his coaching and his you know he does great worries it's good game plans he's a real student of the game and in his ease are always well trained in all this guy's very smart and well trained he's handled he handled shirk and he's got in couple of couple the young guys coming up like gum the foxes name just wanted decision fuck i hate that they opened up a greasy two thousand corny what's the open about gracie gittin burbank right down the street for me didn't you join now one up i took a photo of it that's what do i get in there take a woman's glass take spin class got it through having raised in have even a greatly spinner take the wounds closeted step about ex they have ribbons remedies ribbons with sticks
shape girl used to do that used to tell me all the time you stood to get an should grow but a way of using this that guy did ever what's that guy's animation that he did for poor creatures staples video no are winning their bars are no but when he used to work out in the basement of that book store as somebody put it to innovation the same gather did the first ones fucking burly you gotta watch it really the guy's girl once it about my list you gonna do what one classes at spin lithuania is getting save a pink mono on and just look like a dyke it is the basis for meda just gonna say or dikes and render they allow transgender in women's classes of you more a man and he decided become one daylight using women's classes lawyer larger when you get post stop or whatever if you're not fully you'll have to get a woman's restroom are you run yeah pose
or whatever you know your that's what the supposedly was behind that woman getting beat up in that mcdonald's oh my god you're about fucking crazy supposedly that's a transvestite really manage us like a woman i that's that's crazy tat we know about mcdonalds well then i guess you haven't seen a video part you haven't seen it it's pretty ruthless was caused by the fog and they keep going back and keep kick him and then a girl picture when she's down kicks boots in the head and the grocer convulsing all it's pretty rough it's pretty rough and people are guarded sulphuric that look so thick tat what wasn't fake that big gigantic kicked the head it was real nice very possible impudent no people going to convulsions very possible
so we can have a seizure from heavy brain trauma like that very possible don't think it's either the girl really kicked went ahead like it was is really stopped her head in a is very rough and in other man just try and keep the girls off of the cat is ineffective everybody i fired holdings is risk it's pretty crazy but the idea was that she was a hasty and she's gonna know the woman's room that's what i mean whether not that's true i haven't they ve interviewed her got the whole full deal see this is like another form of opera ten antoine dodson got arrested for marijuana possession did you hear did he yeah i want to tell you that home home homeboy somewhere in alabama what's it doing in alabama primary live now i'm earlier date he is living in a lane on their filming new show with a mountain really yeah maybe went back home say hi to the homes and they got busted hi homey o o back then man we still can you busted back their rather back there is
then that's funny because i said back then meaning like but it is back then in time as well you know i mean that's really what it is i'm saying back then because i'm thinking of it is it being like the 50's you know i should have said back there but back then is more appropriate they live in a fucking time warp stupid ass place where you can get fucking arrested for poaching here by the rhode island here's another one i love him politicians who get fucked up this guy who is a young he was a anti marijuana house minority leader robber watson he was arrested for alcohol and drug charges call homeboy over and he failed this the field sobriety test so then they they they grabbed him and they searched his pockets and they find out he's got a plastic bag filled with pot and a wooden pipe so this fucking dummy who is this ty part guy is gets busted with pop
now and that to me you know you you that's like a gay guy who secretly gay votes against gay marriage and that they should be they should be locked up there that's that's a good you're like a traitor a trader for humanity a year a bad person like if you really want to lock people in jail for part yet you enjoy pot you're a shitty human being you're willing to put your own per no gain ahead of the betterment of the people you're willing to take something that you know is not right and push it because you think more people can agree with you because its the contemporary opinion you know that that's really shitty human being that guy i hope that guy is asked your sized from the political community for life i they never allow him back and it sab probably well her problem eventually show up somewhere rounds and applied guys or become a christian or something stupid and and now the sakharov prize
again enough people believe in them that he'll get some shitty job at some shitty little fucking community won't bother google search unwanted douche bag is now happening i heard these higher aren't you know that should a glorious where you can get these on your eyeball really breaks out like once once a month alma ever happens i heard of a story and i dont know if it's true also internet do your research around or was on in the middle of a match his contact fell output contact back and is i got staff from the current all ends and died is this true i have no idea this could vary may be one of those urban miss but heard the story nose like that is the scariest fuckin thing i've ever heard of my life you know you boss staff that wines of killing you just because a contact lens fell on the ground and the ground is so fuckin polluted so much fun i'm fucking human slime on the ground that staff is scary shit man
member has scary like websites a rotten dot com used to be here there was the one the other one that was really bad not rotten that combat with why have the red black and yeah don't remember i will tell you tat i remember i would that be scared ago there there's a few there's a few sites to this day that i won't fuck with but somebody's posted up a video the other day of the mexican lady cuttin some due to head off i watch the whole to you why i'm done with those week weak he done it they did she she didn't just it offers hatch delano other shit to until now there's a video of labor they show the guy dying in they show her and am i was amazed at how the home much i've gotten over the impact those things you know be used to be i would watch standing haunt my dreams like the first america faces a death a realises are really bodies like face death
on the face of death were i dont know if it was exactly faces of death but one of those type a video i remember one of the super disturbing it was in some middle eastern country where they were killing a guy by tying him in between to try and put them member the blood orgy that was completely faint right i don't remember that the blood jewels but they had a body in the middle and they were like low yet i was flax ehlert figures for right next to the train check with oil than when it scared me the girl what steps for the train yes smash modifies towards the king my god that's hard my forgot about their train one man i forgot about their train one monkey brains buggy brains is rough but well that's a monkey and tear that much about a month tell me i'm not happy that a monkey dies but you want to see monkeys get fucked up what's the chimps fuck up the monkeys you know that's the most disturbing monkey shit on line much jeanne chimps eating monkeys while they're alive so monkey brains on an item of was real
yeah who knows i used to have a visiting that i've argument this maiden on the progress where you have said you have seen because in that was our scary take lightly but at the time i got you have sent them or to and fierce whatever that faces of death it would go against you now watch that shit and yeah that used to disturb the shit out of me like that video of the guys getting pulled together pulled apart by the truck so that dad fucking haunted me for days but now i can watch and it's like it so much easier to digest one was not my favorite do most disturbing one where that guy gets like shot stomach and got a yea would approve all allowed me falls down onto them didn't other that that was one of the best of the heading which faces a death to is like a guy i guess i yea falls down and we always say that
currently the guy about budget and i are but doors the most disturbing however was actually guy he was someone else fucking things my donovan face it that i got a couple other ones to be patient and never watch those that's so i dont know do you think that is bad that you become desensitize gazelle not desensitized to real life you know what do you think think it's good for your soul like i think i think after i saw a d that beheading the famous iraqi beheading guy they have to say now like you know what i'm cutting myself for that and just not going to do that anymore i there's no reason i dont need to see i see what it looks like yeah yeah an agreement being against till geopolitical area wash and not all the time most it's i'm a mom most time avoiding it but every now and then i get stupid and furthermore we video was is lower than a little bit of i don't have anything particular that i need looking at
decide when we see what the fuck's on this when she was on the page and then i'll see if i could get loose just click it and see with what is you know what i think the best movie for you ever irritate me like a horror movie kind of like a front friday the thirteenth but it was like friday thirteen but the poor mixed in with it they sacrifice there's like six girls staying at this hope you know what you're overreacting your own fucked up weird shit i'm gonna be your favorite movie ever i don't like right at the rear louise where was the eye like werewolf movies i've made a figure out why what the fuck that is a yes somehow another knowing that deep inside people there some some sort of an animal mystic nature that did that is almost like a wolf you know you're a werewolf ages person per year the fact is that we will fail exist do very little everyone toilet with big destroy say your wherewith brand
you can't kill me by reputation where these live helping that's cool man we're friends kinsfolk them put it like this put it next they know beyond my wikipedia page here as the next thing i know it to be a page i'm not saying that you should put in that during the twilight days joe rogan often said that he was a werewolf i'm not saying you should put them on their one of its own there i hate and nothing hey manages i'm already on samantha elegance lake when limit their rights and that you're a man's some are another equally said something about put on wikipedia apparently it's up there man better to learn how fuckin my wikipedia so if you want to write take advantage of our got banned from which i support your fake writing shit about me on wikipedia as long as it's funny you i'll just be funny when it should have some fun fuck man you know that's the idea about those things is silly
you're going to allow everybody to just contribute shit out of you to know i could ever know they could ever know that someone corrects it what they don't correct it what did you get banned i don't know my ip was banned and i've never i don't think i've ever used wikipedia and then one day just start being nice and now nothing like an ex girlfriend was like at my house going to let me see britney spears is not as hot as meanwhile in recent months in early first what you learn chicks use your your computer or they did it with their own computer like their own computer you remain unchanged you got there ip address when you when you have a chick over hasn't she sets fuckin with your email do you hey hey hey how well other unfunded eden i'm pretty good nowadays like that and i'm not like some kind of yonder that happened yet i would assume that in the past years you're always cons a weird shit and date noughties weird girls while waiting it's mostly ex girlfriend talk like hey what's this american with your ex girlfriend are somewhat left for you a mouse define that shit i don't know yet had to hide do you emails how else what you know so she go
computer look so emails was a success and then when you say you just tell the truth i mean like its name overreacting on things like hey look and ex girlfriend data for seven years i can talk to this person in out then the music stuff never beginning of a music video from the nineties you know like orange juice jones i come in working in the rain this weekend toronto is they sold out the only taken that are available for the massey hall show maybe amazing how long messia arm ass one of the fog it is fighting the only taken that are available like single seats by themselves and fuckin supersize dump super sighted to get to toronto and i'm super site bring him a man sam tripoli with me sam the slayer and the shade shady sam tripoli he's is awesome and
you have say of course is the next night so it's gonna be the shit son i can't wait we are doing south comedy whole tomorrow night and that'll be at eight o clock eight o clock and hollywood went away frowning i didn't know that i haven't put together any dinner on casa channel tunnel for they have they ask me today from you're doing and i have heard and saw now we know now a mile i might be doing a show it apart shop in in toronto enters and i to such a plan i there is apparently some underground pot thing going in toronto and they have shown that's lunch not too much so that might be going down there is later i'll keep language posted benson get hold of you here he's gonna be on the package may eleventh in tomorrow tomorrow which is april twenty seventh duncan trouble we three blocks of
be awesome bitches i can't wait thank you to the flashlight for sponsoring our palm cast and if you go to jail rogan dot net on the right inside there's a link for the flashlight if you click it and enter in the code name rogan you get fifteen percent off the number one sex toy for man awesome brian and i have both started on numerous occasions and we give it sums up the agenda has won the genocide in support of general issues on a death squad patch up podcast and she seemed like she was very cautious organise person she did a shoes night but she did what it sounds like when she has an orgasm on it and it was like a minute long or something that it was fucking beautiful they really amazed she's she's funny you know what she had just embraces being a slot and talks about how funny and isn't like the whole thing ocean
trolls everything no music while the sex is going on and she doesn't like big long stupid scenes she just likes why doesn't aren't i offered whom anna scott thirty two she's one more words and porn than anyone it's amazing she's like she's ok the hickson gracie porn fucking ass i what is out gs ryanair so you like it was amazing interview we'll get her on the chateau that we definitely second to your place thank you everybody and we will see what tomorrow and may may something another san francisco tickets are on sale clarity more than sold out so are all my friends that want to come to other shows in san francisco may be twelve thirteen and fourteen and like i said the tickets are all their there some very fast on one
nobody to get left out and i'll be high we set cobb's and that'll be joey and i think our he's gonna do it too and your commentary yet what did my friends we ll see you tomorrow with our pal and one of the best podcast guess ever duncan trestle as always i love you bitch meda
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