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Date: 05-02-2011 The uncensored podcast of Joe Rogan. With Duncan Trussell and Brian Redban.
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The European done that paragraph one. Is this podcast called broke in exile website items, making sure the jargon experience podcast is brought in by the flesh like if you go to jail, Rogan, DOT, net and click on the link that says flashlight and in the code name Rogan, you will save fifteen percent off how about that Duncan Trust, not choking that said pitches. The general good experience, ladies and gentlemen, this amazing moment human history, where not only was prince wed, but four days later and Eve Warlord was killed.
We are in the middle of an awesome movie that we have a black president. Princes are getting married in front of billions of people. Everyone is happy for them and we killed the bat guy who was living in squalor in Pakistan, what I thought, a million bucks a buy you a little bit more in Pakistan, a thought for a million bucks. You could own Pakistan, I didn't know you get that Shit hole house. Actually, this is a sound and loves million dollar. Compound now like what the fuck is this, like the most fertile heroin ground in the world mean what the fuck is. It wise, outhouse worth a million bucks. If pride, I think it was built exactly to hide him, so I think it was probably a large underground bunker felicity wage in order was had lotta security and lot of fire walls and stuff like that, and maybe I don't know I was thinking that during to find him in fucking, like Woodland, hills or something. I thought a surprise that that they found
Pakistan yeah I was too seems like you would have been moved thing about the do two things he's gotta be around his kind. You know he's gotta, be your own militants. Only right can't know. No moderate people are going to win, about. That's Osama Bin Laden, ok, you know what when I talking about Mohammed here, we're not talking about another given wrote the Koran. What we're talking about this guy who's, probably the head of a gigantic terrorist organisation and used to work for the CIA you haven't been. One was working for the CIA. You did know that. No, I didn't know that who says that not everybody await. No, I think there he had some kind of only the room. He had it in agreement with what president was a job, the regional Bush or some like that. I remember that barely remember some kind of lake training so for some countries, while there's also to allegations that the bottom line is that the United States the aid, whatever the fuck, you want to call them
ever were under what they did was they got all these people in Afghanistan to fight against the Soviet Union and they helped them there. The Mujahideen Hoddan they help train them. They help arm them and Osama Bin Laden was part of that and when the Soviet Union got out of Afghanistan and whatever happens, overseas that shifted in others. A ban and Al Qaeda's interest in taking out the United States instead of taking a russia that are defending themselves, one went one should get weird with Afghanistan. That's when Homeboy came into the picture and then he basically took over their supposedly who the fuck. Now you know. When you start talking about what the CIA did, and you know you what you do on the contrary, the sandinistas are you sure, because you know they ve been lying about everything for so long who the fuck knows if
I've been Lun really Alex Jones thinks he's been dead for nine years. They froze in nine years ago froze ham and they're pulling out right strict, Thirdly, in line for when the new elections or setting up see what they did was they drew up, is bogus birth certificate. Have you seen the bogus positive you? You mean that yeah, it's totally what people need to know. I asked a threat about this last night in the general consensus among people who understand Photoshop, I put up a threat on the message board Photoshop wizards. Please check this thing out and tell me what's up and there's a bunch of vit would but even then lotta people claiming Osama Bin or not of sample up, isn't a weird that residents name is right. Next to this evil evil terrorist yeah, you think you would. Just name Mccammon James and change the name. His name was nipping net thing, nip thing: what we're? Ok,
nothing wrong. That's just a complicated named spell you wanna, go the go sorts! The Arnold Schwarzenegger take a chance, rout brag, so Jeff Ross wasn't Jeff Ross like Chip, lip Schulz or Something Brighton Red Ban at Redmond. They go there rather than guy. He was like some nazi name or something. What maybe maybe it would draw more attention to the fact like if Obama changes name beforehand, for President till Luther will for poor white people he's such a nightmare because his nickname his middle name is Hussein. I'd like it couldn't be more fucked up his name. His name could be more threat. It is weird for dumb why people that must be so terrorizing fuck, fuck fuck anyway for people don't know. Supposedly he faked is birth certificate and what they did. What People took the image that the White House released online and they took the and they ran through Photoshop or Adobe photo elements and they said There are many layers to the photograph and that the photograph wasn't just one flat photograph that things have been added
supposedly or that looked like things had been cut and paste, but this general consensus among people who understand Photoshop seems to be that when you scan something and you put it on in Adobe Photoshop. It shows layers automatic OCR on that character. Recognition thing what it does is it tries to grab the the words that they know and put them in layers for whatever reason on a, why does it? Why would yeah, it have an answer. Does it all the time it's annoying, but you would think that people would ask about this before they would make all these crazy claims that it's definitely fake, because look, it's probably fig anyway, you know who the fuck knows. Who cares and its anti american to care? Ok with you, You should be able to be american because you somehow another snuck in first you'll be above got in you win through the channels that we all agreed upon. Did you really agree on those channels decided and agree on a bright? I live. I think we do a lot better and deciding who gets
they here who doesn't know a lot of cool people that want to come here and can't known. This can't hear plenty of em so who gives a fuck we're all immigrants in the United States is based on the idea of immigration, come to some place from someone socks and let's make this place, but that the whole thing that's the whole thing The United States is somewhat people start fuck entrapment about you, really born here. It's like you have to be shit out on the right path of dirt to make you elegant to run it. That is the stew this thing. I've ever heard not using it stupid it is. The law is the constitution, that is by our founding fathers. They had the great wisdom and setting up this nation great. Wisdom? They were damaged fuck and they had wooden teeth. And slaves, and there are fucking their slaves really really. Oh yeah Thomas Jefferson was fucking a slave, that's yeah, like it wasn't just
like they were just you know. I happen to have slaves, because that's what some people say that you know back then it was that was normal and there were just when that is normal and they didn't like it. But what about fucking your slave, Do you think that people who own like Mcdonald's alot of a more for their employees chair It's not gonna something. If you got someone working for you, I Mcdonald's they're doing a full I'm shifted, my they can go anywhere mean they're. Fucking slave little bravely s lives. Mcdonald's is a chain and slaves are in chains. Very nice, certainly not working journals and being like having a ethical on and the door opened, and some fuckin horny guy in a wig comes undulating yet absolutely, but I Would they realized about slavery? The reason why people to let slavery go since it was also a fuckin, horrendous idea, and people were willing to
those himself so much on other people that they literally owned that person, but I think it eventually relation have to just get him addicted to things cannot addicted to working, get him addict the things we need, a new car levity, shiny call, but that kind of forty five now is now only make forty thousand downloading a year. Listen, we ve got financing, we got zero percent down. You don't have to pay a single payment for three minutes by then you'll be up on your free air minor in Europe, while others fuckin moron lives, an important can't afford can afford and he's a slave it is no use live, but he's a slave. If you go anywhere and fuck off, they will literally take away your ability to buy things and throw you in jail, which worse than being a slave, they can throw you sell with a bunch of guys wanna
be even rape. You pay your bills, bitch you're, a fucking guy. It's true. There is a version of that. I mean there's added the things plain in the loop and the background to hear Do you hear moratorium no area around when I heard drums was talking to me and my them microfinance Nance Prowlers, really I went in there things. Sorry! Soil is generally my ultra tuned in hearing, but here's the difference because I've thought about this before, which is the idea that you know if you're working forty hours a week, that's its own form of slavery, whether hardier summoned to trick you into doing out. It's ok I'll is instead of capture you, voluntary slavery is the domain of its mental slavery. I mean it is it isn't immediately
free will and it is a society its opening. He can work there and save up your money and move on to a better gig now and it's just a gig. You can take it until they figure out how to make robots can do your job. That's really what is therefore, but in our people will argue that slavery. When you see bunch people that are super super rich and then they have super poor people that work for donor to get a deference, told Evans is free well yeah doesnt kosher. I mean that's like a huge part of how we I mean. I'm not saying that animals are slavery, is one area where the kind are a little. You know if you, if you got someone working all week for you, you pay him. Five hundred bucks wow could you imagine and that's like you are taxed to tax? You saw how much do you get three hundred fifty three fifty a week for the week, so you over the bunch other people there's no way can afford, and you don't have time afterwards you go to school. When you get off work, you fucked exhausted man, we're gonna do even workable fry later hating life for eight hours, you know
the odds are you're, not gonna, put up put forth your best effort going your college anyway, you gonna kind of half ass it you know whenever I have been doing more than one thing at the same time, I never do as well. Now it's like why fighters can have time, jobs in college Kenneth, full time jobs either of you full time, jobs, fuckin, tar view too it's hard to really get it and get in the sense that you need to get any need around three four five a week, if you can, you know, these right when you weren't new material, it's hard to do that of kids. It's hard to do if you married, is how to do that. If you work started, that's once you you're part of a system very difficult to change life like we have so much momentum getting on us behind us. Rather that will we get out? hath? Whenever it be a doctor, you know be fuckin. The fuck you want to be a p mechanic once you're on that path and you're moving you like shitt. I don't like this path. Is Beth sucks, fuck, that's hard to change. It is so hard to switch gears and change careers. Why
We want the hardest things a persecuted. There were the reason that hallucinogens became illegal is because one of the biggest pro part proponents of hallucinogens Timothy Leary, was taking lsd and was saying tuna and turn on draw back. His advice to these people that you're talking about was completely drop out of society. This game that you're playing or you think you ve, got to go to work and have a family. It's just a game, it doesn't exist, is not a real thing, it's time for everyone to stop playing that game and in and let that aim die. That was the whole point dropping out of society. Rejecting completely aspect of the society or uninjured dropping out going into a commune, are going in San Francisco and starting the summer of love and wearing beads and dance. The problem is all those commune stories in Dublin. Kids get raped, you know
I mean I'm sure some of em don't. But I have friends a grub on commons. I have a few of them and in every one of them there is child abuse. While the right yeah, communes, failure notoriously and found they usually do they did they go up in flames, literally quite often like shakos weird, but it's like that. That idea that we're living the best way that we can as a society like this. The best we could do. This is it. This is the ultimate eggs Well, I don't know you said the people are afraid of the idea of coming to an end. I said that I knew a bunch of kids at a grown up and communist factor should inhabitants. Does it mean that all of them do you now have you grew up in a commune and it was also for you, I'm not I'm not negating your experience or saying I know any better, but what is it about communes that are so scary to people? When you hear about people branching often going out doing their own thing like the way go: division thing when you about that. The cult like when you hear me commune or call to anything, that's like really
alternative to the standard model. Things get really weird. What is that? Why that weird, you out so much? Well, I mean you're talking about a lifetime of living in it way like you that, rather why do we care what other? If other people want to do? It is because word nervous of the gun attack us they're, not gonna, be on our team. What is it very scared of groups? You know when see person across the street? You don't think anything of it BC of five and those people all in a circle. You're like what the fuck is going on over there It's it's! It's human interests like sultans going on there. What are they up to? What are they doing in its most men? Do wherever groups, women, a fuck up, five women bro I work once I have one as bridges, arrest, warrant discussed our runnin, but five days can kill you five days can beat you to death in the abbey real, careful with them, much more than with women may with some women. Yet I worry about, but obviously what is it about? The big groups, though, that we worry we weren't you
the government. I mean if you want to really kind of true about how they handle that Waco Thing Watch, as a documentary called whirls having rules of engagement, and it's really interesting or two shows really clearly. Did they murdered all those people and they rode over that. Remember the eighty athlete drove their over there burnt down wreckage. He had left the house is on fire and drove over the houses with tanker. Really Barbara, I mean it was a savage and it was you know this is how they had been operating for the longest time, but the age of view yours is fairly recent, as is the age of the internet. Is today in a week I that this mentality of a bunch of people that we're in charge many decades before viziers and the ability to show video to almost anybody at any time. You know that when viziers came along the sunny watch something again. You know, and you can be good,
what's goin on here what's happening, there was before they basically picked and choose what they broadcast on television once you have the ability to record things and thence tape started for passing around and then You know in the case of wake. I think that was the early Ninetys right wasn't yeah it was early. Ninety, I think so so they had. Then spoken people living on this one compounds with at beans and the guy was banned in all the wives. That's how it always ends bright, the guys always the guys, always bang somebody we turned yeah sex gets in there. That accepts worms anyway and they're not only their ship. It's weird wanna, fuck him family he made me. He was like a martyr like had the self fulfilling plot prophecy yeah. He made himself out to be this Jesus character and that they would all the government come to attack him and how glorious must have been for him when the eighty
was storm in the compound gunfight was going on of bullets were going. It's like they're coming for me, yeah, I'm too powerful. Coming for me, he must have been like that right across ass, all make sure you don't want to die, but he must have been but yet, but that to go back to the question. It is a very strange thing that when these alternate society sprang up in our society. They're. Usually they usually go bad or they end up getting at there's a stand off its very strange thing. Our society does not tolerate alternative ways of living sprouting up in I too, that we want everyone to be living the same way and any time that staff starts happening, the they officials get involved this tune in dropout. No, it's not know. Oh yeah, that's like Gary! Now it's scary, you know its roof. This I'm reading this awesome book.
The Harvard Psychedelic Club, has the Timothy that's what's his face. The Unabomber was involved in the right. I didn't know that I've got into that power alone. Maybe it's a different thing, but didn't book gone, some will take time. The and Richard Richard Albert. Turning around azotised talk about and Andrew. We the vitamin guy. You know that guy that Little Medina beer and he sells vitamin products- will like the fucking The worry there is that Timothy, where he goes to Mexico? Someone gives the mushrooms he's, never mushrooms ex them. Has this insane experience he's a Harvard professor silly things we need to study this? This is this could have huge implications. As far as psychotherapy there's all we could use this, so he goes back to Harvard and starts the Harvard Silas Ivan Project which is where they're giving Scylla Simon to students and will they weren't supposed to be, but there
experimenting with cells. I've been to induce mystical state of being they're going to prisons, mushrooms and giving the subtle actually synthetic Silas Ivan they're, giving that to the prisoners. The prisoners are eating it with them like they would take their trip out on mushrooms of the prisoners. To try to do therapy and so Andrew, we'll find King goes into one of their meetings where the staff is meeting about this and like writes a kind of, get new story and Harvard about how these professors have started. A semi call nor giving cited, likes to their students in this ended up in Timothy Weary. Richard Albert getting kicked out a Harvard because, like the Harvard NEWS turn on remember. The name of it was is read by like the president and stuff, and so they got kicked out of Harvard and they went down Mexico or taking mushrooms, and this woman who used to
whose husband used to be in the CIA was hanging out with them, and she told Timothy Leary everybody's totally. What are you guys doing this as long as you keep it quiet like dont, be loud about this and then, according to Timothy Leary, she called him like a few days before Kennedy died and told them he's he's like he's he's gonna start talking about everything and I'm really worried about the president and then, like a few days later, he got shot. That's according to Timothy, by so you're saying that President Kennedy was doing acid of President Kennedy came from Harvard, and yes, according to this book, I this woman who data Timothy Leary supposedly went to this Mexican put to this treat or the hotel in Mexico, and, as I recall, like you know, said it You wanted to get some lsd for someone who's to famous to talk about
that so that that's underground legend is that sounds like a big majority said to Margie Kidnapper internally, the basement Tom, who the fuck that was I now that's right. That's a useless birch was there, and that seems ridiculous. Brussels onwards in modern media story sounds like something someone makes up when they work like a radio, or you know you know what you know: it's not ridiculous, like a kind of another great stories Dixon guided. Does a lot of drugs and toxic dolphins are at that, but the CIA was experimenting with as the one that was what I was gonna bring up when I, when you said that I thought you were talking about TED Kosinski, you know the CIA did a bunch of studies in nineteen sixty two out of Harvard and TED Kosinski volunteered for these studies and they cooked his fuckin brain created the Unabomber, it's very very likely they created him when he got out ere. He was absolutely convinced that there were some sort of a war going on between technology, and us and that he had to stop all these people from making technology. So what he did was he got
cabin in the Woods Montana worked for like five years as professor just to save up my maybe three years as a professor just to state save up enough money to fund this trip. And then he moved and started this attack on all these professors and innovators and all these people that were involved and in technology they create arms they cooked in doing crazy. They cooked him at Harvard man. That's of something that is very that's not very, really well known. Does not in people of her that's no evil. People have no idea about their history, lsd and will, if you want to look on line, look up the CIA Doses french town, because there was a town in France where it's been by the Freedom of Information ACT, is papers been really. And they found out that they did LSD studies on whole towns. In France they would dose the whole fuckin village.
Watch people commit suicide watch. All kinds of crazy should happen. Use me so you know they ve been don't shit and sold there's Yad States in Britain. This these videos of british troops out dose LSD, wandered, sorghum, weird using- and that was ten years there are doing at Harvard ten years before the weary started. Doing this governments himself do you know I saw that was hilarious. Speaking an old shit. I watch Flash Gordon on the even on the plane home from Toronto, Girija dude they have these. You know you can pick a tv show movie. I may have Flash Gordon Absolute One, two and others more. It is amazing how bad it I dont know what year that once you know in the years that was now. Let me look it up your quick because it was incredible. The the the special effects were awesome they they were so bad that it look.
Like a this, is trying to fuck around. It looks like a show that, like maybe timid, Eric, would do or the guys from South Park like yeah. You see some ninety E36, that's what it is. Do you know how crazy that is, we're talking about one thousand nine hundred and thirty six, and this is like Pre World WAR man, so they've got this fucking ridiculous and spaceship. That is got sparklers like like fourth of July sparklers, behind and it's on a string and it's like swing on a string with the sparklers shootin behind it and the way operate the inside with what they thought a spaceship would be like is in its insane there's a guy in a seat. He just said
in a seat and he's got like a periscope. Just like you would have an a submarine submarines. Do is no minors, there's no other d gone through space and they don't even have monitors they never envisioned, monitor back. Then you are like buying everything all that those realistic is awesome, and I just looked up on. I am db. Apparently there's a dvd set. You can get I fully. Recommend a stone session, get stone as fuck and watch Flash Gordon it's gonna be awesome. That's it's amazing. It's amazing to think that that's even real, but this was this- was a show movie rather work. You know they were they were. This is fucking legit get fired up, we're gonna go see, Flash Gordon he's, gonna beat that Mean Moorish. Last year your picture go in there and that's a learned by their homemade Coca cola. I was watching all Twilight zone same thing not as bad as that by twilight, like the old school series. Their mostly had
with astronauts and you have foes like it was the same always about space stuff, aware that people bought that back in the day. Other twilight monitor. I largely twilight dance. This my favorite one as Burgess Meredith when is the last and on earth is he's he's like in a bookstore singing these books so excited because that's all you want to do people. Bother me really just want to read books yet and so a nuclear bomb I'm heads everybody's dead in a world, everybody braces glasses. I remember that I'm so scared. I was real. It shows the perfect show when, as out that episode dials like while the perfect show They did at Twilight Zone where poor, a pool hustler wanted to play the dead guy. And when he wins he goes to Hell, and so he wins in his garden over them. The table waiting for the next guy wasted his whole life playing poor answers that is suffering those Twilight Zone Ross.
So God, how come there isn't a show that now do men every subjects covered a billion times over to be completely totally original, like that went while you're talking about millions and millions of shows fuck and how much stuff has been made since nineteen thirty six and they lock Rogers or flashed. Wouldn't you remember amazing stories. They tried to redo kind of. I asked same format that was I never saw. The amazing story is pretty good really. Secondly, eightys. I love those toilets on moves to within the course that won the John Lana Horrible accident with how a cup crazy why the Al Qaeda girls had appetite dude, it's fucked up, fuck move. With explosions and helicopters cheap. That shit away from me, the good Is it only have to do that anymore, because now they have cgi. They just you know faked. The whole thing didn't own in two thousand twelve, nobody really jumped car over
our contention enemy. They descended. The whole thing was fake, so nice and I really have to restore life or some shit. He moving dont men are fucking crazy. How do the craziest I worked with those guys for years on fear factor In fact, our work was done guys. I knew a few guys from Jujitsu. My friend will train it John jocks new couple other guys when their blood they're fucking animal, All of them have like the all. This metal are gonna, fuckin fake. Bone and you know I got eighty stitches in our aid teams plates in his hand, have you seen a video of the window washer and lethal weapon? Tat is why The window in the cause. Basically, the stunted went wrong and a car went the wrong windows. It s easy to stunk eyes in their like washing this window because they have the outtakes, and you see them like over certain braced themselves in one guy, like jumps, trying to get out of the way and a card is goes through. A window smacks
then Knox in backwards into the building use fighter. You wasn't fanatic at the hospital recoveries eyes met that guy fucking crazy. Is it in the video? seen in the video you get on the internet like look up a lethal weapon like stout man accident but match he was such a cool. Guys like stunt manners, are like a very specific type. Person and it's like a job that sometimes passed down through families and stuff. It's like you have to be really really crazy. You gotta be tough as far as tough as ale tape, floods has been doing. I've been doing like all the Avenger movies, all make sense, but there is a super, their summa, careful there super careful and there like I'm there. It's really interesting to see how fast fastidious they are, but this guy was talking to him about this time and he just kept saying
fire stunted save as they could be. There's nothing safer that fires denied set. My kids on fire began life though Jesus Christ. Let's go be able to cover what himself. No, I mean you, I guess you have to because of your scared, if you're scared during one of these stance and you spend any energy on fear, you're fucked, your you'll get killed like an early that shit fuck that leaving the girl stunt that committee being a girl doing that the stone women videos was volatile Broad's at their get thrown out the back trucks, the fog I come on over the fog. I missed them. Ralph I also Joey deity was a start. Man do remember what was I like cats? Really? How did that? I never wants an episode of ours. I kind of primarily from that or colonel.
Dogs, yeah yeah. I remember it was a reference. A hack comedians would do in the Eightys and Ninetys rather MAX headroom. How bad ass before at the time was that guy who is it all a hologram? How was he supposed to be dismissed me computers. I would use this for computer program where he lived in the computer I had our, nor was he was the artificial intelligence. That's what it was like how I was that show the tv show Moreau, fuckin loved it back in the day and started off as at what Pepsi Commercial or some pleasure, and then it became a shovel. Im a tv show. I saw that gained some weird, be moving one day. Other gotta play that guy huh weird has ignored your max headroom, for I can't be some guy and some movie whose like a cop- and I think we got a clue here- bad cop movie, surprise. They really have brought him back for like two so ipads or something
At the moment you ve broken, make the pig son. Do I get that got together? You know today with the technology that Europe could do that. If you want to you, just fill a guy greens of your own, throw it to your laptop super, easily amazing supremely so so come gone back. This flash Gordon Thing Man, if you ever want to fuck and you any proof of evolution for knucklehead. Just look at flash. Gordon look at that, for in thirty six and look at us today, two thousand dilemma of youth. See that things are changing and move in a certain direction. The complexity of the dialogue, the simplicity, in a flash. Gordon movie is compared to like what you we're having in this conversation right here. We're two totally different human beings mean these people were I don't know if they were incredibly naive or of just the if it,
that the cinema was so no new and I e that it could be stupid and fake because nowhere every sort of accepted it. You know me like when they saw those old King Kong movies, a gun love the first. I love allocate com Louis, but the first one was pretty bad ass, but it's so fake. Looking it so bad. You go away Now you well what's but back, then they knew you know. The note was gonna. It was good for them was like wow. I can't believe that that the monster you know they didn't have anything to compare it to the new, didn't look real, but they were still impress live up. Drink I was a monster, what a great moving unanimous. Yet totally it's like you know it's like three d: look how much three days of off, but when you first went to when I went to see Jaws three when it came in war, those red and blue glasses. I was oh, my god. Holy shit is incredible, like There is one scene where a needle came out of the screen and it was just like wow, that's crazy, but so I was just happy I didn't care about. I didn't know that there could be better three three
I was blown away, so it must have been the same thing. It's kind of weird. I took a long term for three d made a comeback anything I really made a comeback: either did avatar. In my opinion, the admit, a combat. I saw it in I'm acts three, that's like it experienced man, you add a smile on my face that whole movie, heard all these people, they relied the movie. So the plot was severe transparent. Like all my got shut up stupid. How could you not enjoy that? Oh you're telling me the big blue aliens, are real world get out of here now: people like after avatar people, reporting depression like a yank as they like
Russian. Yet, and there is a real thing yards fucking life is no there's no color, and after ever do I wonder how its recognise when it's like psychologists are behind you all. You have avatar depression, it sounds like you. Ve got a pet case. Appetite oppress us outside the Roma possibility, ensure y know the depression that comes from playing We are some video game and going out into the world. You know what I mean my very loop, we're driving here. We go, but we go by the mountain of rocks and he looked at the moment only goes, oh, that's like what, with his prove more ogre, what are the reward worker reminds me of a fantasy environment. Fucker, you talk well, I just got this. I'm act. I just got this like giants. Like the biggest monitor, I've ever had size like love, awesome
I've got to see no suck. My indicted for these hard drive hope not I'd. Get it back shut up? Didn't there there There are shown, have things back, don't that net that computer that use that computer? Just for audio like you know, four part do I know this lamp, a fuckin one terror by DR honour him, foreign timeshare full derives. I just keep running our drive spanish law. That's incredible! Fuckin stock! That shit needs to go away. What happened? Do I remember when I worked a gateway computer we talk about as anybody he's totally homeowners. I've act is awesome. I know you're saying that you should died, but it is We say about that was going to say it's like a fucking window and do an alternate universe when you ve got a really video game and you're looking at it? It's like these. I think the word video games gotta go down the two man, because it's you you someone years he's out of live video games, you fuckin nerd, when it is because you know it's like I vote what what it's turning into? It's, not really! It's gonna, get to the point where,
not video games anymore, where it's something out like I feel like it's like world of Warcraft STAR Craft, all these, like a portal well with this very first of water and this virtual soon army. That's about to come subjectively sweeping over everyone, because that thing you say about like maybe aren't ology can't resist movies because it's over powering yeah. It's like. I think that there is going to be some truth to that, because these games are missing a few components, and this is this. What I think of when I'm stumbling wrote a worker asked if I could see How like, if there is a sense of smell involved in this and also have made it here, is essentially emanates. They ve made machines. I do that and I think, I'm gonna have to be a mind thing. It's in line with the machine thing. I think it's gonna have to be so. It's gonna be, will stimulate some part of your mind their mouths yellow? Maybe you can wear some. Maybe everyone's can have to shape their head like real players of you, you know yet
how to do like a horizontal, mohawk thing. Real plus, I you know it just dude with Jen just give a fuck was at the club with his big stripe shave down his head, and then you put this thing. Skin to skin on your head, and it it has precise, like you line it up on the video game. It'll show you how to line it up with the exact cortex exact portion of your brain, and then it sends signals that show you like Meat smile and show yeah and then need, but then you know it out to does why or- and this is really weird, why playing the game. It array is your memory of your previous life. So the moment that thing goes on, you have no more passed your just that memories of the character and gave rushing through the game playing the hand completely unaware of the fact that you used to exist as a person do and then you know it happens, you're doing a pie cast you like my my heart feels weird and you suddenly wake up in your futuristic apartment like I'm,
That game was awesome so right now, what were you gonna, yeah yeah like yeah, like that with a lot of people say this could be like some alien simulation. You now that we're just an alien and dinner really high powered super advanced bad as video game called planet experienced the lives of millions of people, all innovation I wrote something once about. Maybe the life there were living may be. The reason why it seemed so fake is cause it is fake and what we are in some sort of a reality they simulation of the roaring twenties of the technological age. Maybe we live in some time where everything is all scented candles and perfectly lit white rooms and no one has a massacre unknowns, get their dicks up again. Now Maybe there's like a simulator that you can run. Will you write? where it says chaos but, like the chaos that's entertaining is fuck is like. Time you turn around and some new Thank Christina Aguilar. Fucking up the national anthem, two billion people
into the wedding, there's Constance shit going on keep you entertained and you are you are in this biological ride canister yet and you're going through this? yeah you're in this year. The portal to this right is your skin flash right pops it pops, through into this dimension, and you know it sounds like you're advocating fantasy. It sounds like you're advocating well, you know so When I look at your life as if this is some sort of assimilation live, it is a simulation will. It will not just say I'm that, yes, why not right? It's very empowering yeah link, the first person ever heard suggest that was Mckenna but can I was talking about view He said he was any was courting someone else. Some duenna third hand quote, but he said you view your life as soon as it spirits, sea or as view your life as its as its
the world is run by a select group of people and that people group of people, as you and your friends yeah the Euro, your somehow another secretly in charge running the world and running the universe. You, the most important things in the universe issue in France, is the most. Powering way to view the world we advocate. What does that is what the others at the other side of it this kind of a pseudo empathy for like strangers that you don't know like so many people's wander through their day, just frothing with wherever whenever whatever they seen on the news and so for them, the world's awful. But then there real situation is usually pretty good. You know like that. It's like a fucking bill as there are some joke about CNN see, and I watched them than outside its like beautiful ass- is growing. So there's this mental pollution that comes pouring out of every four device that we have and that, like her up your mind and you begin to feel
you're in a horror story when you're real reality is one that's usually quite pleasant? This theme has been going back and forth with me over the last couple weeks. I was talking about it even onstage and care that I dont think, and I think it goes along with the same thing that we are talking about. Is forest us not being able to process films. I will in movies and that what would our saying what was that movie for those people who have never heard it before. I think that you beings are set up to imitate the atmosphere were set up to find that out, and follow him cause he's the old leader and you know, he's a guy with a broadsword that has the most nix in it and in his experience, things even from him, and so we so we follow him that we don't we were set up to. Imitate or atmosphere, but we, no one hour atmospheres bullshit. Those same signals are suddenly I'm from a hundred foot screen and and we're sitting there and I'm acts around sound and the hero
Connie comes on screen, says the exact right thinks he's got a fucking team of writers, maybe workout at four weeks and there's music plays every time he's in the room, and you could just drawn into this thing where it's it's incredibly influential like more so than real life yet, and I dont think were set up to two process that I think we're so to process the natural world will mean that is along the same lines as that right. I think we'd get when you look at the news and this terrible things going on all the work I dont think were set up to process the world were set up to process or fuckin neighbourhood. The universe? The world is a chaotic fuckin place and the tears when somewhere socks gotta get the fuck out there that some people go to America in the first place. That's why people cross the bearing straight when they came over from Asia. Every people We are nomadic for reason, because the world is spinning around a Fuckin nuclear explosion. Times it gets a little too far away and when it does everything freezes to death. Ok,. You gotta move around you gotta keep moving, and I think we are
we are supposed to be in a good spot and surround ourselves with a bunch of good people, but we can't be looking at the whole goddamn thing all at once, the whole six to seven billion people all over the world. Yeah everywhere you go, you gonna see bombs, goin off and people getting shot and planes drop in fuckin missiles on the sky, unto the wrong building and see that everywhere, because they're so far, many of us you're not supposed to be monitoring. Alternatively, messes up the paradigm people were enjoying and in that paradigm is its own little virtual reality game. It's like they. You know people live in denial of debt. They live in denial of the impermanence at everything they live in the denial of their of the fact that you not be able to hold onto anything. Ownership is a complete allusion. You can't really own any thing. There's no such thing as a is countries
or you can hold on to it for little but yeah countries, because if you go there, you gotta have a passport, oh yeah, but those countries can lock you, but those are those countries are in. These are what what's happening as people are enforcing invisible thing right, but they are enforcing them well, yeah, but that day, there's four make of it. For example, there's law take the law of gravity call gravity does not need police officers to make sure that the law of gravity works. If you jump off a cliff, it's not like. You landed the bottom you're okay and cops, come arrest. You and say you just broke the law of gravity, we're going to have to kill you gravity kills you rather human laws. On the other hand, these realise that there are real, except from the enforcement of human beings and from things written down on paper, but there they are. It's not real and in this
of the law of gravity, and is society shifted throughout time? These laws are changed too, so their impermanent. There always mean got there used to be bathrooms for black people. You know what I mean. That was a real law that was a real thing and that that laws, not real that lot doesn't exist on the planet, there's no underlying mechanism, we stand, but it seems to me this is a good argument of semantics, like what is the definition of the word law, and I see what you're saying but the reality is laws exist. If you go to turkey- and you have heroin strapped here back and catch you, they put you in a cage and saying well I don't know it's it's. Their social engineering did that the real question is is that social engineering is valid. You know tat right now. I think many many times the social, Generic is not, but that's what all the laws!
right? Well, when you agree there are social engineering, don't leave heroin because we don't want heroin users, don't whether I deal with the idea that lies like good laws, would be lost that we're a natural expression of a kind of physical function of the universe. So easy man, but then gonna, realise the nature of man. Man is a violent, fuckin, crazy animal, and, if you will, allowed the nature of man to express itself in a truly unfettered way. You have a lot of violence, man yeah, it's called the United States. I mean look at what happened this is the nature of man being allowed to express itself in an unfettered way. It is being done from its being done from on a massive global level. I agree agree because as individuals now as individual his master day, is filled with very little violence in comparison to what life would have been like ten thousand years ago, life ten thousand years- by the time you got to be orange here miss
hand or somethin. This fuckin arrow holes in you and if you made it through Yoda giant Fuckin machine mark in your head. This Europe is experiencing violence around every corner, just to stay alive. I think you know laws and all the things that are in place that a lot of people wouldn't agree with you now, even some smuggling laws. I think you need some sort of regulation on these assholes that want to come here and and sell poisonous share. That makes you addicted no there are about another way to look at it might be with your child. You ve got certain rules that with your with with kids, where you have to tell them not to go into the modern medicine cabinet and eat these things because they can't regulate themselves and Elk they'll die from it, and those laws are obviously necessary. In there are good. But what I'm saying is there so many law that aren't necessary
Yes, there are new, would we are in agreement on that same or profit tear? You know that its laws that are designed to you, we are in agreement that it took to raise money and, to you know the prison industrial complex, it's it's! These are the lot of these laws help a lot of people a lot of money and when you say prison, industrial complex with a lot of people in work and understand that statement. So just tell people what the fuck that will die Basically, you now running a prison is a business and was evil. Don't know is that a huge percentage of the prisons in this country are private, their own companies and they profit. They make money of how many people in prison I mean it's dead here that and think that some somehow that got past and they allowed that dont about slavery earlier mean. How is that any different than owning people, how they fucked up before they became slaves, but then once they fucked They became slaves and you're making money off them. You may I often being in there. You trot you charge more depict.
And how many are in their air. This statistic: there are now more black people in prison, There were slaves. Now I don't know if that's true or rhythm and yet so I mean an end like how many of those people in prison are there for doing something really awful like? What's the percentage of violent crimes versus nonviolent offenders and then because, like the people who are in there for life rape and beating people and doing crazy shit. Of course they should be behind bars, needs to be some justice invoked gives some people can defend themselves. Obviously, but people are in jail because they smoke some weed and their car is. Is this not up since our right is a maimed. Aren't they always saying that prisons carriage turning away people because the United Ages, I have never yet somewhere in his life, is like county prisons and there's this different presence, don't know what percentage does not operate. Prisons, this isn't couldn't being, but it's a huge number two huge number and they're making new ones Alla time new thicket. The second one
Let me go south man, people start going to crime as its. How needs normal. I don't know what the increase in crime has been since the We want to share, but it's gonna be a couple of hours. Had that to them. That's that's numbers dollar, dollar bills, your yes stuff in those pages and install Reagan in the cash is so weird too but that's a real thing. Well, I mean it's yeah, it's it's a form of vampires amino your basically like sucking people's life and he's out of them, converting it into money and in using Money, don't like by nice things very beautiful ass tell you how much I am disappointed in Obama, as a spokesman as a representative of us and in or not I don't know what's going on in the world, I dont know exactly what happened: those Osama Bin Laden or any this. Why we're bonnet? you stand, why were involved, and I don't know who knows microphone benefit. How come this mother fucker
a guy came from a single mom. How come he can't step up and figure out some way to get people? To put funding into horrible neighborhoods, to try to make the system better to try to get more cops into those neighborhoods to try to get more teachers into the schools that are more qualified to pay Them more to set up community outreach programmes for kids, you dont have fathers and set up like touring things. You know like local clubs where they can play sports and they can friends and where they have something to fucking look forward to, and you will create an infinitely better country infinitely better, because our number one problem is people who suck a lot of people such as the need to meet. Love, they needed something needed guidance and needed, and I'm not saying supposed to be nanny state in the world. But I am saying, is a certain amount of people that are born in this country for sure are gonna, be fact: why can we help them?
If you really wanted to make this world better, wouldn't it be one of the first things you do and in comparison to how much fucking money we spend just blowing shit up in a bunch of places where we're never gonna go compared to that. The fuckin money would be nothing. There is an article on salon, dot com which addresses the point you're saying it's there today. I believe that says that if, instead of the money it caused us to cope in London would have paid for college and free health care for everyone in the country cannot. Town just doesn't seem it's all right. It's true, which is because the military industrial complex has a huge once on what happens in this country. It's what Eisenhower warned about when he left office and that famous speech and that's just the way it goes man. It is the reality and that reality, despite Wiki leagues, despite anything that gets released about any fucked up thing that happens in the world, seems to keep moving in the same direction
doesn't seem to be any any. Any changing, Yad, definitely doesn't mean. Well, you can't she any there their way to change it. It almost changed at all. This change that the summer of love and people were fucking blasted on site. It Alex things. Lings word change. There is a shift men. There was a real shift tapping and everybody got on speed in the ship became illegal, and now our Ike Self absorbed lunatics. You know we're all individually. Only take care of ourselves. Our minds are focused a hundred per cent on getting to work on time and that's one of the fun mobile most interesting things they do during rush hour is look around at all the people cars and you'll, see people in a dream, sleepwalking they're, all asleep in the dream, their living they are the only person on the planet. That's all there is just then nothing else and we ve all train ourselves tonight and look at each other do not even say hello. You wanna freak somebody
these days I have to do is go say good morning, in LOS Angeles, I don't know man completely, ever met you and I went back to Columbus, Ohio. It was as like, hi hi everywhere away, but go to go, don't go to an airport Columbus, a super from again saying. There's that there's a programme thing inside of us. That is not we're, not acknowledge in each other at the level that we need an internet change that, to some degree, to open up more lines of dialogue between people buy one of that was so. What I'm saying is the reason this is changing is because we are not changing were moving more more indoor ourselves instead of connecting with people around us and during the sixty psychic out there, we all know they have an effect that causes a kind of weird can empathy to come is coming to mind and a weird connection can happen when you're around people and you feel connected to the whole universe. You feel like I'm, not just me, I'm a representative
an infinite field of energy in our own and people have forgotten this, and so because of that work living like a looming. Yet again, I think right now more so than any time. My life, I hear psychedelic discussion more than at any time in my life. Is it's a big big, big, big, big, big, big difference, which we now and say when I started Kommeni like nineteen. Eighty four people would occasionally Joe about doing mushrooms. What did you do and mushrooms now, but no one was like coming home with trip reports Chris, Marcus, buddy from a flashlight. He went on. Of occasion the other day and was tell me how beautiful it wasn't. You know you can back is about better person. Many come Bacchus literally, like I said this on stage about the guy who's got those, though some billboards, It has made twenty first Jesus is coming. Twenty second we're gonna find a flock and we're gonna force. Feeding mushrooms MIKE is Jesus is coming. How did you manage to give can see Jesus and Mass and Santa Claus? You can see any
can anyone ever thought of ever plus stuff? You could have never met Can you could see Jesus, you literally can see. Jesus take seven grams, take seven grams in our shops, you'll see Jesus, but this in the Bible that doesnt be many false prophets and that that the day will no one will ever know that day come yeah, you Elsie said women are second class citizens and I slavery silly book. You know everybody you're crazy about the Bible, moon bubbles in the Bible. Hardly my whereby the Bible bottom listen, here's a bottom line. The Bible. You not even read in the Bible, stupid we you're reading is a version of the Bible that was translated first in the Latin then into Greek, the ancient hebrew version of the book I didn't even know all the words. They only know a certain percentage of the words and ancient Hebrew, like they literally dont know what the words mean, a part of its because letters were also numbers in ancient Hebrew. Like the letter. A is also the number one so like theirs,
certain numerical value two words that we don't understand there. Do you getting the interpretations, the worst version of the grapevine ever and on top of that, the Will this version of the Bible, which is the dead sea squirrels? Is self fucking crazy they didn't even use it. Ass cell filled with these vague stories of of trips, and you are foes in visiting. As in all sorts of nutty shit at different work. According to John Marco Allegro, the with the dead sea scrolls is all about. Was them hiding there, his three of psychedelic mushroom used and they were trying to hide it from the Romans and stories and the old You go back and these stories, the more you get to the original version of the story and that that's what it was all these guys were trip and their balls off in a totally makes sense. If you are a bunch of idiots, it was living enough said thousand years ago or whatever the fuck they were, and you know, you're you're living well, you're, stupid, leather shoes. You get also on you and you. You got some goofy ass
clothing on you, you you're a dope. You don't know. What's going on, you look at the stars every night, you wonder when the gods rain fire from the sky and then you ve Some of the cross of mushrooms and the you, you ate them in an innate way too many and had some insane super psychedelic wind Oh for tax tornado experience with the whole universe is like a giant. Ball of yarn and each strand of the ball was like, I burst segmented, with billions of play, and it's lives in trees and water, and you can see that for five or six hours and then come back you're going to you're not going to want. The Romans know about that man. You didn't want to hide all that stuff, that's what the Bible, really is what the Bible is. Is a trip report yeah answered the Bible? That's really import
again and again, and that's that at an important thing for people to know and that's the I think that the where things have gone wrong, because one cool thing about the people who wrote the dead Sea girls, whoever the fact they were, is that they were courageous enough to try to express that experience. Is that our reality, and now, when people take psychedelic, they market offers. Some kind of dream, or an imaginary thing that happened to Them- that's not real, so they pretend that this alternate dimension. That seems their existence. Exactly on top of ours and is filled with hyper demand. And I'll super intelligent beings that throughout time, called aliens are angels or ourselves or dwarves, or whatever the fact that the fact that these people try to articulate that they try to bring something back from that place here and just the effect of bringing the the
those linguistic description of that place on this planet? Look at the fuckin change it caused. It created a religion. We date. Time. Based on that, our current with the way we look at times after Jesus Birth, all that stuff, it's like the power that from being able to swim out into the hyper on waters of the psychedelic experience. Keep your fucking head about. You look at what seeing try to understand it in a logical way. Instead of being like I'm bored and try to understand it What is this? Is this a projection of? What's inside of you or are you seeing some that's really there and, if you're, seeing something, that's really there. What are those symbols you're looking at? What are those that mayan? Is that sanskrit. What is there in the more you try
understand that and really get the message, because there is a message over there. We ve all heard it. You ve heard it I've heard it. The message is the universe, loves you and your fine and everything's gonna be fine, don't be scared. Try to spread love, be positive, embrace the world embrace you're fucking neighbours, and let go of the fear that in your life. That's the message that message is interpreted in a bunch of different ways: Buddhism, Christianity, whatever, but it's not like people are supposed to stop, Bringing that message back. That's the thing. Will people don't want accept, but that's what that message comes from there's a lot of people when you connect something to the idea that coming from a mushroom, the type of drug I whatever it inherently devalues. The experience like I didn't. Listen to it, but apparently Robin Quivers from those Howard Stern, show, went to Peru and I heard a lot of talk about it, but you know what I mean:
car, never know what episode I'm listening today and in catch that one you know, but apparently she went to to engage in Iowa ceremony and they were given a hard time tissues. A vague and knowing what you want? Drink milk and I'll? Take this fuckin shit just very funny, but but you know a lot of people they were Pooh and her experience and the that expired. The idea was to experience the mushroom experience. You know everybody, everybody that is religious, wants to believe. In God What I'm telling you is, I can show you something that represents God for sure you can meet what God is, and I'm not saying it's God your meeting, but you can meet what God is. What God is is fact in all knowing and all embracing and loving and wise and and kind. Slowly around you all the time when you take mushrooms? That's what you feel
that's. What you feel you really feel God and saying that, is God you're communicating with or what got is or what? What is it? What even, though, the concept of God, when you say, God, all the sentences, male higher our key point of a point of reference. We think of light one alpha controls, but it's not that it's God is more like everything else. Is it's like a suit dimensional lab of its every aliens and intelligence. Is this it's always and also its its constantly changing. That's the other thing like it's. It's like trying to even talk about. It's like TAT, they talk about like a spinning slot machine. It's like its constantly like morphing in shifting and it's so fucking potent whatever it is that were run. Of it like when you see water running down your windshield, unlike streams Water will break in the little
types of water. That's what we are we're just little broken off globs of super intelligence that have taken on these personalities and think that were individuals, and you know what else breaks off in that fucking thing. Of hyper dimensional things that aren't necessarily out to love you, unlike there really is like there are beings out there that are I don't know man like super intelligent toddlers. I think Mckenna talked about it there like they're, like baby God or something. Ok, here's the devils. Get point of your place? What how do you not know that those thoughts, those demons just represent thoughts in your mind, and perhaps What that experience is entirely is you can tackling your own thoughts and ideas in dreams and hopes and expression without the context of reality attached sure. So without the idea of you know what you did, that
embarrassed about that made you weird about your underwear when you're thirteen o instead that maybe it manifest self, in almost a living thing almost that should present you. Seeing these. When you say you are beings, they're fucking, when you, maybe those things you ve let grow in your mind. Who yeah I mean, I think that's the modern take on it and I think that's one you four handle till I get out get get till. I grab ahold of an ideal. I consider that when you were in their when you knew you said you had experience like these are projection mechanisms. That is the idea that what you're, seeing literally like that thoughts or live there, they're real things that they look I heard the possibility of being the discussion rather of the idea aliens will come through the mind and that they're not gonna manner, themselves real form and that when you think of the donation or when you think of dreams and where we have some weird slippery sort of experience, that we can't completely control. But what is that?
Mention of dreams at sleep dimension that you tap into and all your neural chemistry starts flowing between the blood brain barrier. Why you're and Harry Remsen? What does that is? In fact another dimension would have is in fact a world, and that is where aliens will contact you through. They will contact you through this speech. Virtual dimension instead of a physical dimension, yet will advance the case, and if you think about taking mushrooms and these these l show up, it is possible. Negative things that you ve created in your own life, The choices are bad energy that you ve, set forth in then nurtured and and repressed, and put it down try to deny it always different things that people do disorder lies creepy things: are they doing their laws share? What, if those things manifest themselves as living organisms in the free pool of your mind? Yet you know that's, actually I think fucking Parle younger that exact same being amid crayons, weaken, didn't amid a crazy guy talks.
Six point, eight grams of mushrooms and told me he was Karl young Guy comes guy cuz! That's he goes. I I need to talk to you. I have information and I'm sure you don't know about, I go. How can you be sure- and he goes I just now- I just know I just know: I tried to talk to brine red Ban about it, but he replied to my email, what some stupid joke: That sounds like Brian. I was out what I want to give your knuckles for that, so I've been doing psychedelic research. I need to get this information for you. I listened going to sound crazy to be in another life? I was called young. How can you be sure I've seen things you ve never seen. How can you know that this is really are you two confidence on get out of to have them that guy have Do you remember? I got to find that email, that's crazy to talked about on the podcast on a plane with SAM Tripoli. It did but that podcast might suck I'm not even going to release it. I might not really sick both hung over entirely we're talking about stupid shit so much hung over from Fuckin Joey ideas, giving me a banana Katy. I gotta texts from
in capital letters do not Joey the issues, but you never eat edible marijuana, Joey he has given that, as you have thorazine on an that's, unless you have a fucking big hydro, german fill with adrenaline. That you have stuff on your chest, that egg, in your regular vain to jelly it gave me are. You once gave me x and breath strips. I guess it's the first time I've taken breast Europe's and he was like a two of these and I'm right Couldn't really. I don't tell anybody ever to take more than a quarter their hand. I got dude Listening Ebro, listen to me, I love you, don't take more than a coup see that really likes the torrent. Knowing Joe idea, that's what I did. I only took have one of these knowing him and I was driving home on me and our stay and was like. Well, it's definitely the apocalypse.
The world is ending. I see that clearly now, I'm when the last days and in their Mcdonald's now stop Michael. And run Mcdonald's to get a burger. Is traffic wasn't moving? That's how bad law, jack was working in my mind. Getting fucking, I know I can make it their ticket. I called him back but anyway home? I'm having the most terrible marijuana trip, I'm lying in bed, northern my heart's pounding phone rings phone rings, Joe Ideas
I answer it is like to welcome the MILES mother. Fucker he's got you to go to a new the inevitability records. I suppose you just surmise that out of his buddies got the listerine. The acid thing in there was like a few of them in there, and I guess they all melted together. Do remember that did that did that one's guy took like a bunch of all. Never did he never smoked, we'd, never gain. We used like its first time trying its Joey. You know gave him some in the there is like a lot in there. They had melted together into one. He had a mass of panic, the guy call. An ambulance called my. Why, in a panic attack yeah, we see that's the thing man their needs The especial now one like when you press a button on your phone when you get directed like you eating animal meal press? Yes,
and then you see someone eating com. It is music, some who would people don't realises that there's kanab ignored receptors in your mind that are established for things that cannot runners high in your own and some other things, but also their there, to receive marijuana there the receive to receive all the that's in marijuana marijuana easily could be responsible for human behavioral development sheriff could easily we can. Long time ago, I've had some sort of a symbiotic relationship with marijuana mean you look at the characteristics that it's all about, like being loving. It makes will kinder and friendlier and sillier unless threatening and in a more insecure. So it makes you like less cocky, all good good things for society they human use of it has gone. I was at this hour conical today about this. I know the history of cannabis because I was at a place in Toronto. They had I went to this nutty fucking place. It is vital,
Hautala report had comedians. It's a head shop in the back room. They have a comedy club dude, it's called Clint approach, so it's called the dl, but anyway you go there and they have this big thing. The history of cannabis will four thousand years old evidence of cannabis use in China, and it goes like throughout human history. How long people he's marijuana and their sellen bonds or sell em like pipes and shit, and then you go into the back room and they have a comedy club at school have a comedy club dude and you go on stage and everywhere. I went on stage and sparked up a joint immediately when I got it took full hotbox. You can't see the back of it its field would we'd smile and the whole time? I stage I did like an hour the whole time, I'm up their due to hit the ball and their there.
Since joins in it's fucking. Cool reign was too much liked him away much my voice with its one. The reason why coughing today, I think I'm just breathing in that. It's a damn, SAM, totally losses, voice or movies that motherfucker needs ventilation for sure, but my voice was like really hot and read, but didn't the next night, when I did the UFC it and bother me at all, but it was hot in and, like I remember now they're gonna Geiger was on bread and then the coup air of Lily there was no oxygen in the room, was just pots mark. It was fucking crazy. To run to his right now, apparently to some sort of a situation where they had a law to make it illegal, but the law was ruled unconstitutional so that in the ninety days between the next revision of the law, it's basically in limbo. So it's like Flickr pots, sort of legal sort of a man
it, probably buster balls. They wanted to unlock you up and you'd. Who knows dude today at the history of marijuana thing. Did they talk about the White Mommy's in China? Is what doesn't know in fucking China? found these white Mommy's that caucasian mommy's. Oh, you know about that airline belong here and they had fucking we'd on yes, yes and they were like tall. Yet all caucasian mommy there with me one and we are using data to. I was like I don't have a fucking advise everyone a thousand years. It was a long long time ago, but the funny thing is on the internet. You can get out. There's a national geographic thing about these mommy's and there's a scientist being like em. I dont like saying this, but there was marijuana on those mummies lakes.
What, if he is, I dont like saying that I dont know how could people wires people so reluctant to admit the positive effects that all these debt or the effects the than the need that people have for all these different intoxicated Why is it me? Why is it so mean stream to dismiss it? Is that's a man's rig should this year after? I think it's older than that I mean God, we like, isn't it like the people who came over here then the beginning were super alleges and they had all these like. I years is about saxon intoxication that were really superstar more their distant ancestors and somehow that line of
still remains where, if people like, I only drink after five pm I'll only smoke marijuana after four twenty, you know they settle these things because, like you can't you you're not supposed to be in an intoxicated state. More than a little bit, and if you aren't you gonna drug problem, I must have a drug problem when its isn't it isn't it possible Not all drugs are exactly the same. You know, isn't it possible that you don't put everything under the umbrella of drug so what's holding it back? Do you think it the people that are holding it back? I've always said: no one needs, more than the guy wants part to be illegal no one needs acid more than the guy wants to make acidly sure. No one needs much in a damn, align its so simple. So how is it still in a situation, the way it isn't today, two thousand eleven with all the
information that we have. It still never gets stopped and there's a feeling of helplessness about well, you know they have reopened tests and to India and sell us Ivan the Malta disciplinary association, psychedelic studies jingo to their website there. They they ve, got fettered they're doing federally approve. Testing with India May for people web hosts from extra. Yes here, which I think disagree thing an omen and I think it's gonna be extremely beneficial, especially empty a man. You know, there's a lot of really positive results with that. You know guess who Simon gets a little squarely. You know if you ve had some horrific experiences abroad. Wouldn't recommend. So assignment of someone asked me was the jungle choice. I would therefore say you're not using that to treat post, traumatic stress disorder there, especially if you might have done something you're, not really entirely happy about. You know what they're using it for what terminal illness. Those are. The they ve been doing where they,
suicide and the people who have weighed stage cancer and it helps them overcome death related anxiety because you take it, you take synthetic sellers I've and which I would love to trial, which is so much better than apparently regular, actually thing the useless they Silas Ivan, but because it is easier to those out. You know when you're eating mushrooms, it's not like each mushroom as an exact an amount of sellers Ivan at one of the trip? Is this name? I don't know, I mean the speculation about psychedelic trips is that the more people take the psychedelic trip? The more potent psychedelic is so like that there was a thing: ketamine Mckenna, always talked about how Ketamine sent seemed like nobody had been there. Yet you did this psychedelic spirits. He got there he said describe. It is like a giant office building, but all the cubicle
empty in Andaman. Where is like mushrooms, Wright, Myspace, two thousand and eleven? Where is mushrooms? It's like you are, I into a giant rich river of human history, and it's all together, it all in round gigantic focused but you're going to add your trip to this huge pool of trips that you know the way their doing these tests. You now is so fucking cool and out so loved it this. They are people laid out on a bed and they have sitting on either side of them psychotherapists. So, while you're going into them, ecstasy experience or why you're going into the mushroom experience. You have these people who are there to talk to you when you say man,
There's fucking super intelligent toddlers swimming through my body, a mocking my thoughts. They could say. Let's talk about that. What you know what you think those things are when you see them described in the me or if you want to talk to you, if you just want to be by yourself, they leave you alone, but they guide you through the experience like it's kind of like western chauvinism, but but have they had the experience themselves or are they just sort of neutered bystander. You know, I think, if they ve had have had the experience. I dont think that they're going to announce that rock is it such a strict, fucking in just the fact that their wedding them reopen tests. Sense. I believe, over six nineteen sixty six was when LSD was may completely really illegal and testing on. Second Alex was brought to a halt bringing us into a kind of pharmacological dark age where nobody could fucking even experience
the substances that have to find out what it is. Meanwhile, you know you could get strychnine and pull it out of a plan. No one's ever gonna bat, an yeah me, while young people getting cat scan in their fucking brain, looks like the surface of the moon. Has there been so slipping back, shitty ecstasy, and God knows what the fuck that is, you know they haven't been taking like pure pharmaceutical great chemicals, which is what you should all. You should only take that when you're taking a hallucinogens using did this this idea of a trip like when you take mushrooms that you're entering into accumulation of trips throughout human history does not make sense to you and if that does make sense than is the silver Simon, that's chemically produced or that's artificially produce. Does that bring into the in place. Yeah, I bet it does, and I M just a radio frequency one Rainy Itunes, you in two different ways may be slightly different, but it's like you're still tuning into the same fucking station, and been also? You know that the different tasks that they did, for example, the good Friday expire-
Harvard where they gave suicide and people in the basement of a church and pipe down the church, music seated induced mystical states. In the modern stuff Johns Hopkins is doing with the same exact purpose. Deceive you can create mystical experience, the effects there having they had from that is like people from the John the experience of reporting a year later that their lives are better than more connected with their family, that they feel like life is more worth living? Their anxieties decreased. There's, really positive results from a lot of its front. You know when you you'd in your dna. Like my grandfather, knows and stuff like that, like the history of your own dna, select, maybe mushrooms lets you kind of tap. The history of your dna some ways aground memories of your answers. It's probably has probably information. You know, I mean what, when you look at instincts, such a lotta instincts are set up, just protect you, you know from from shit, that's happened to people in the past and its become
part of the human instinct like category the earth long. Rather they haven't you mind yea, as you like, like the reason why people are afraid of monsters. You know the little kids Robin Cities are scared of monsters. Will the reason why is because we were monkeys jaguars used to eat people? That's why you're scared to go out at night? Why is care to go out at night? broken hunting you and you go eaten when they look like out of the early hominid skulls alot of em show signs of predation by big cats. That's what we're scared of so that that monster flash in a child's mine, a big teeth and scary beast. Its ingrained in the memory man, there's there's something in there from one key a billion years ago, whatever that saw another monkey get Jack by a cat in a while and also that's like dogs are so excited when you come home because, like back on people, first started domesticating dogs. If you went out on a hunting trip, I there's like a good chance. You're just gonna get killed like coming home is to be a much
bigger. Dear. That's why you're dog like you? They got that God is, of course a dog still tuned warming shit. If my dark goes outside it still Mikey Moral Channel, our you know, I think one of the hardest things for us to really grasp our heads around is that we are just one frame and this is infinite chapter and were all trying to figure it out as it's going along we're all like trying. The will stop this ride slowdown. Let me get a map of the hold on hold on hold on who is right, the train, do we knows riot trains. We saw the train down shit share above the train and watched from the outside, but let me stay on a little longer. Where are we going? What time is it? Does anyone have a time we are all on this wild train ride and it's going to become someone else's train right next life, it's gonna keep going
We were living and dying on this ride for that centres. It takes you actually the person on the train right, isn't you it's your dna and that's why it's always trying to get you to fuck? It knows you're the train its on is going off. The tracks is you're gonna die it's like you, gonna fuck, you gonna, make more you gotta make more. I gotta get off this thing. Eventually, you not our last away, eventually out you're a worm, food man. There is no question about that. Don't entertain if you think you're no fucking dirt, then you're. Out of your mind, like we're out doomed, there's no way out of it we're getting sucked into the future. Well he's doing our bodies, this body, that Iraq and right now is not going to let our body I mean what we really are. That knows, if there's a true, we as everybody says yeah, I know, but you don't know you don't know anymore than you know that at the does, it's fuckin giant s game boy. I was one of those offensive things about religion as they pretend
Did they know something that is impossible to fucking? I that's just as just as ridiculous when hippies pretend that one You will go into this in two dimensional love you dont now can I can. I can I be, can I please be the obnoxious hippy shorting can take that Vienna hippies advocate there and, if he's advocate beyond the are, I think that you know the idea that people Maybe have that you retain your personality when your body stops existing and you go into some kind like new age paradise. Flying around sipping honey out of the creators of Heaven and after you're there for a certain amount of time. You, like you, know what I think I want to go back to earth and reincarnated kid with down syndrome
I dont think that happens. You know what I mean. I don't think that that really happens, because I dont believe that so many people on the earth- you maybe you're, born lie. With disabilities, are an incredibly difficult situations. It's hard for me to imagine someone at a super dimension. Spock being yeah, you know, I wonder I think it's time for me to re incarnate as a blind person who can't walk and too yea. I know you know I'm saying so that silly but inside for the two on explanations. What? But I think that there is a now thing that we are no matter what which is our consciousness, and I think once the body ceases to exist, that consciousness can't used to radiate inside of everything and through everything, that's what were? You really are. I'm, not necessarily convinced.
I'm not necessarily convinced tat consciousness is not attached completely to being a biological entity. You know that of the things about being a biological Antony being some something with some sort of a you know, you have personal sovereign do the ability to control your own movement destiny that that's? Why consciousness like the actual sought of consciousness as an entity that we're that's? Where comes from? It comes from the need to keep this one thing alive when you die and you become the next thing. If there is an x It's very possible there will be no consciousness, is very possible that the idea of consciousness- so, some egocentrically arduous notion that you have to keep the idea of you But let me warn you: when you aren't you when you were, you are a drop in a river of information and that's what that that's what leaves this life and that there is no conscience nets that that I hear that you just said this is an idea that is,
You know. I forgive me, I'm this atheist. Really. Now, when you talk about atheists, em with some ideas can be very sensitive, If your suggestions, silly as religious, my atheists have a ghost story. They really I yet any organisation, but that the abs ghost or so so Christians have a go start. The christian go stories. How the eighty is go story is a different. Go story, isn't a visa, will inevitably tell you you don't understand when you die everything stops, there's complete nothingness. You can't comprehended because there's no way to comprehend it, because it's nothing and then they start and they expect you to be. Like all my guy, that's terrible! You will get what Socrates said. Would you guys should read as follows areas an awesome when he made it what's called his apology because they wanted to execute them and make him drink hemlock in his response to their attempt to that they were going to exit,
me said. Ok, I tell you, I here's the deal if you kill me and I die and there's nothing like when I made my deepest sleep in the best deepest sleep and there's nothing at all. Then you ve, given me Paradise that paradise. Is this? Isn't exactly the Fuckin Fun park here in early Athens and guess what being complete non existence for infinity might be better than like sneak around and fuck fourteen year old, because I think that the catch and gaining urge these fourteen year old olympian athletes by and then the other thing he said to them is- is there is something after this. If I die, if you give me this Dublin there some other thing and I continue to exist, then I'm going to keep doing what I was doing here. Which was going around and embarrassing everybody with his mode of ink with given that essentially makes you realize that you don't know anything will. Have you ever heard the theory that
every time line every life is is repeated until you get it right. And that what we are dealing with this one time line of of this earth that you or listening to this podcast right now. You are a part of it in in a number of times lines that are all interwoven and that you go through this one and then you come back until you get it right and you keep doing it until you have no shitty thoughts into have nothing wrong, no personality Faye until you Liddy, literally, ultimately achieve enlightenment. How can I can I add, as have the biggest hippy theory and have any meaning you say it is, but not evidence. The evidence states that the universe itself is fractal, ok and did the latest. Findings about big bang or about black holes rather is that inside every black hole did exist, the possibility of another universe, that's the ultimate fractal, because we know that inside every galaxies, a black hole and if inside every gowns,
there's a supermassive black hole is exactly one half of one percent of the mass the galaxy and what the theory as is at inside, that black hole exists, a whole other universe with her words of billions, of galaxies, each with a black hole in the centre of them. Each has hundreds of billions gas is inside of it never ends, and it literally is the ultimate fractal. If that's the case, I don't think it's that proper is that your silly little fucking life can be repeated over and over, and you know I'm gonna be Bob. The postman till I die. No, no, are you gonna be above the postman, infinity, mother fucker. Until you get it right, I don't think that's any more ready to less than the idea that inside every black holes in their are fucking universe having it that's hard part that that's kind of ridiculous, and until you giving you have no negative energy. That is something you throw everything and live your life without without fucking it up, but there's a negative theirs. Support is a negative version of the idea that you just had and its from Nietzsche and the his ideas exactly the same thing. It's called
infinite return or something ballade, infant infinite recommending name, but his idea isn't it. When you get things right, then you get a move on his ideas. No, you don't get to get things right. Everything just happens infinitely exactly the way happened this time. So the amount of time in your life, if you happy or more than your side in your life. Then you are in Heaven and if Europe and misery more than your happy your life in Europe and how, in that goes on forever and data. That seems like a giant leap. If you do, you can live this life over again. You're telling me that somehow another, what kind of super order can have every car stop in the exact same spot, every red light be there when they get their airlines or dvd yeah. Ok, so for just a movie and earn every thing that's ever been done in your life is predetermined. Maybe there's this because these are all thought expire.
And by the way a Nietzsche was using it more as a chore experiment. That's all I'm saying is that it requires a giant leap. Will think that everything's gonna fall into place exactly the same way? It all goes back to the idea that you are you're. The only person that you can prove has self awareness right. Don't know that I have self aware You know now that Brion s self awareness, you can't UK, so that's it, so you can prove any any. But there's any one else except you you, like to think that we all have self awareness. You like to think that we're not projections of you, but it's it's possible that you're the of errors in the very first phase of waking up and as its in its having this nervous breakdown. Where projects this bizarre reality where you're like hosting a pie gas than you host, the you have seen you are, you: are you used to host fear factory it all seemed kind of sir. Like our dig, it was weird dreamed. You really think it's happening. Well, that's the idea of you. If everyone can individually do that same thing to them and look at your life and real
Think of all the coincidence is in synchronizes that have happened in your life and all the other bizarre events that maybe even just happened you today, you really think did that's all an accident. You really think that this whole thing has and planned out gesture. You anyway took narcissistic idea but it is in our system, guardian, really, ultimately just one of a million different possibilities and so to commit to any one of them in. Like the idea of using the avian spill like this man, it's over, it's just darkness and they have to know well the other, the other areas there's a girl, she's Peabody Abortion Clock a sailor that guy that guy. We want and terrified of a vacuum cleaner, sucking babies out of possess our day to shoot and baby into the great, beyond out of a vacuum: cleaner, yeah specific spot every day? That's your job! Well, that's sad job who ve! No luck
is certainly no. When I was growing up, I heard bill cause me for the first time- and I was like comedy- is fuckin incredible. This guy is made it where I can't breathe for like the entire Is there somebody who is like mom comes home, she's You portion we Nora Larry and he's one day I'll give abortions dreams of being an abortionist? Is he had sought me stumble on? You know, discharge Craigs list. I love you get pregnant, you would do ass, you get caught, text Book Sweeney for it, so this is never I'm going to kill me, that's it that's one of the top jobs, man, that's not a satisfying job like if you're someone delivers babies. You come on we're I to or three babies the day life is beautiful. What do you do when you come up with an abortion? Don t I never fucking sucked out thirty fetuses today, as you hate babies, unless you you're our support.
Psycho, like that you know you're one step away from killing people Sayer abortion, Doktor, God love you know what man takes every gonna people, I'm sure there's been one of those out there with you. And speculated millions and millions of humans on this? And this in business country alone like what have you idea, abortion doctor and he had a dart border, the fetus on it or if it's ok Maybe savage reaches AIDS fetuses their terrible. I just hate those Vulcan take their freedom, so in a war with fetuses he's like a foetus. They grew out of control, He turned into a human and just started killing fetuses. Do you have a toy with the idea that you know me, and you said that everything you know this is a possibility that everything exists by plan and then the same life will repeat itself over and over and over Do you ever toying with the idea of the human being as as the as the caterpillar that will become the butterfly yeah that
Our whole society that the massive celebrating pace is moving us towards this event. Yeah man, that's that to me. Yes, that's the idea that I am here to the most as, like I dont know what it is and, of course we can't know what it is, but just from looking at the weather no it's gonna rain and you can look at what is happening now and every time I sit down in front of my falconer in basking in the glow of world of Warcraft, as I e edible, marijuana I consider myself it's going to be about twenty more years that year, outside the machine, there are a logical legal rigour. I had a put you into this place where you can experience weightlessness, where the weight of the bodies lifted and you can live in a virtual paradise for the last part of your life. That's then we shall have to look for two is making the decision. I mean, depending on how you are right now
or are you are? You will eventually have to make the decision between spending most of your time in this world are spinning, most of your time in a virtual universe, virtual Paradise that is indistinguishable are probably only the distinguished is that it's a million times better than here and in somebody will Hackett because, I saw you sure inside your head and Yasser Arafat. No all that yeah yeah sure, there's gonna be there's gonna, be some problems initially, but is it created, but that Sony shit I mean what exactly did happen first, like their their network. Just went down for a couple days and right, but they didn't say anything and supposedly a hacker guide in and they don't know what guy like they, though no if they got their names and credit cards, but they put their people, are thinking a guide credit card numbers, that's like millions of people's cards ass, I told you. I got jacked, might they stole my credit card. I started a get phone calls for American Express, a U buying fight
hundred dollars with Godiva chocolate. I guess they probably bought a bunch of give Cartier Garcia in Kenya. You know, did you go to Norman in neat? Nord stream comes and spend two thousand dollars and Niemann Marcus. These went off. These four can be that sacks, Marianne S creeping work, its way to know that this is weird little electronic parasites that quickly click the get the number and then make a new car due to sucking numbers. I website just got infiltrated by yet an end. They went into the html. I saw the figure to be go to my website now. There's nothing there to take it out, but they went into the injected into each him out of my index page in so many places, hd him out some kind of fucking I frame that took people to a website in Russia are some so when you went to my website, a Google alert were pop up and say this site is known for hosting malware and, I think
when, unlike arrays everything, but they got my password, which is totally weird man. It's like. I don't know how they figured out my fuckin pay I think a sign that item entry done on hackers is documentary. They did about this one area of Soviet Bloc, Eastern Europe. I forget what what exact country it is, but one one soviet country, one forward, so he comes and they're all hackers, like the whole country, filled with actors then what do the city, like everyone's gonna Mercedes, just fucking, everybody disfigured young guys like figured out a way to fuck this system and steal all this money yeah! That's right! That's what that's what happened at sacks? What is that? How do you do that? I have now? Can I be fixed at a by its bought, makes them where they obviously a shitty, password maybe they are. I got my fucking world of Warcraft Account ACT while ago link I want,
where the matter I love- and I gather ACT is a warlike unease almost level seventy. Why do you feel about the guys who buy and sell their their characters when you think about those cheating buying a character year like if you can't you That's some sort of care line. Gold yeah. Can you do like that we give characterised gets get. You can do that you're going to miss the friendship and companionship of your girl. Don't you wanna, there's lifelong friendships leaf and you have buddies new deal now breaks world of Warcraft is like every couple months: you'll break it too, so you won't play now. I don't break if that doesn't work anymore. Blizzard fix that, and now you can like it's there, no matter what like my use those yak as I get obsessive with video games. So when I get addicted, what I do is I still need it destroyed the property make it so that I can play anymore so that it reads
There's a roadblock m between me having to download it and then inevitably like AL downloaded again and play its a cycle of addiction, hit him that in Stark both of you have to have it inside you, computer. They have devastating and there to play it, or does it banal lines now to download the beautiful beautiful thing you don't need to feel that you have to have an honest computer is like quake. Live you download, like your client, but it's all mine now. Well, I don't know how much of its on line No, you just download programs like eight gigs, but that whatever's there's a obviously there are other servers. But what do you get to do that so called it you're on and every day he had issued people would he do kits and my late, but we I wish that town wasn't in your voicing ass. They are all different. I know it's there. It's ass up my video game, murders, energy. I was in its embarrassing and its childish out totally.
Met that and but it's fucking awesome like they figured out a way because you know we ve got the: U human beings are based on a reward system. You do something good and you get a reward, and that makes you feel good, Yo Jogging, the endorphins cake, and whenever you accomplish a task, you Oh good, so the people at Blizzard and the sea, I join forces and I figured out how to neurologically replicate that endorphin rush in any kind of ever accelerating pay, so the game, the higher level you get, the more the game begins to complex of fire and the terrain that you are used to the already thought was cool us and becomes a million times cooler in a million times cooler and then a million times cooler so that you get hooked like like patently psychopath lobbying. Fucking response you just young online girlfriend nature. Do you really a lover? I wouldn't call it
what's the odds are that might be renewed its? We are huge, side we are re. Saxon will mean that the years I mean Funny idea. Would you be willing to exchange pretend love messages to a guy playing a woman? No by. Let me ask you this is, if you like let's talk about ever Y know, I'd say, let's say, let's say and relaxing, and no of course not, but let's say in the future, I was rubbing his, but in the future. Let us imagine that these things are tell you about a neurologically projected universe exists where people are going to have to deal with super hot girls coming out to them. That are, you know, really quite beautiful and you're going to know this prize, their chances a guy on earth in the real world. So at that point
what you do? Well, it's just a personality. It's a mine behind a machine of of did of lot of girls who had a duty mind. You know my swoboda dude but it might as well then the ever data grow wants a yell at your time to argue with you, a dude goin on here, why you actual dude like an aggressive body of a dip in your mouth? But if you do grew dips now right now we are their debts. Fuckin deal, regulate their bodies, a debit and never bothers me. You know, in a cup, it's kind of growth or whatever, but allows the chickens star. Do I the fuck me crazy, bitch, it's nice, you want a peg mother fucker! Oh you want shopping on floating known pregnant, Rome puts on until dawn, straps, add ons to continue, but
apparently have so often there's a name for it. On a fuckin, weird world, we live in a world in leash, Osama Bin loves. Did we gotta spray, the Cyrus fuckin cheer in at the window, that one of the White House long Fuckin, dancing, saying and that's good by and large net it was John here and you don't you think we should all be now are he's dead Diana when he was dead and ninety nine. You gotta documents right here, night, united to the black jobs. Dude, I really love. That's that that is a Larry's narrative. The Alex Jones is talking about. Is the implication? Is it there's somewhere in the CIA, where there's like a frozen Bin Laden, eyes and ears await an amalgam? Wasn't that the premises movie. Wasn't there a guy Did that killed people and frozen then drop the bodies off and oh, I think it was the
nice man. That's it was it wasn't a premise of a movie. It was that guy that crazy hit man for the mob called the ice. Mandy Iceman, chronicles and HBO of you haven't seen as a fucking terrifying to know this guy existed. He was a crazy fuck. You know that I used to play and he used to gamble now with people that I know, but that with people that I know who noted people and as long as you didn't make a fool out of him, lose money. He liked gamble. So you go play some poor ones. You didn't rob and make a fool out of him. Long as it was a competitive game. But I guess he got some sort of an argument with one guy, when the first guys you ever killed was over a pool game. He's too in apparently had one situation with one guy with the fellow girls Robert, I'm the African disappeared, and we have some again. He killed so many people, man, he kill people.
Just go step on his tall you'd kill him, he would shoot arson against Drank and a guy would never know. One hit em yeah this in each in his he's, got that weird accent he's. What can you do can into his voice? It's really have to listen to it. We do accents, wanna hear them. Yes, a strange gave it its very stepped on my foot at the theatre, so I just thought about this card. They release this on. The deaf furtherso exert their the M decided. Yet Why would they want to read it out? We still got frost on board. I guess a lot. I called you not mark appease. He looks like rusty. There's, no man. Two thousand and two is reported. He was going through dialysis. We got the papers right here. Yeah. I don't know man I used to have that bit about us all of the land being character, Batman, moving, yeah, single mothers who used to work for the good guys would then he switched forces and joined the dark
he's, a billion there who hates us right. He lives underground We almost capture and every time they get em he's Epps away and leave behind a threatening tape. Might this is an episode of Fuckin Scooby? Do this is ridiculous and video, despite how good video cameras we're all over the world shit yeah. It was always like those first generation, first generation cellphone videos when I take like thirty It's an area. Remember those YAP member that but the videos have been one always look like it's always like worry African, where these private debt forever man there was not one fake video. There was a hundred percent fake, whether they had a couple photos element a video of em, but his face was factory living, indifferent guy, like a totally different guy like they put like They put transparencies of the two more each other, but you know as they get more sophisticated. They just stop. The recent videos always doesn't have to make videos
Megan video sure yeah. This, the fuckin faked in London sucks got loose enough weight yeah, so I don't buy it this is about so much shit. You don't think they ve killed Bin Laden she's dead as fuck where things are done a long time ago. I just don't think it just happened. I mean made him. I don't you know me, look, they said seal team, six kill them, and if that is the case, you know this. Those guys are going to keep their mouth shut, they're, not going to pretend that they killed somebody, and I not made it sound. I don't think they would take her something to eat when you're done with like seals. There's like a certain there's like there's a cold, those guys live by and I don't necessarily think they ten. They killed somebody seal team, six, their suppose. We like the balanced motherfuckers and the seals, the scariest ones they send into terrible hostile areas to kill bad guys. You now does the ones that, like your reads like some of those books to Dick marching, go, I think that's his name. The rogue warrior create FUCK box. All the nutty shit that he did like all throughout the years is as
head of a one of those seal team. Six units were there, they all would like have long, hair and tattoos. New look look weird: it's like a fucking goddamn Sylvester Stallone movie Expendables, but it was real. You know, and these guys, like that man buckets of they knew that they do not have you watch those. You were watching those discovery channel specials on how they like recruit people in the you know what you have, go through Hell week. You know when you have to go through your weird ass. Give me a Navy seal like dude the people that get through that are some extraordinary fucker those are those people who do some crazy. She had yet the lot of people out there that law and live for the idea of getting a fuckin flat out straight licence to be a bad mother, fucker killing machine? And if you want to if you're, good enough and killing people and you willing to pledge your loyalty to the United States government. Take in
they train. You fucking give your great attitude a lot of psychological. We now counselling that they ve been working on for debt age and down to a science. They know exactly how to in your mind, they send you places to go fuck people up two thousand lamby so there's a guy right now from sea, seal team, sex, yeah users or bunch of them, but there is one specific eyes. Like cuban long yesterday, I, like a cup of I'll, take a diet. Coke eggs of that you drink target. Is pro drinking whisky, of a bottle nor singing they prevent, seeing since at the moment as a ban damage over bullet wounds. Organ is personal bluer, both its funded, think about its funding. Think about it being rail. They I'm I. It does seem to me a little suspicious that it too, I am. They dumped his body off this island aircraft carrier
seal team. Six is the seals of seals, that's what it is! Sealed seal team six, Is it was label team sector? The time to confuse soviet intelligence about the number of seal teams in operation at the time there were only two others, but the top team six poached. The top operatives from all the other seal units and train. Even more intensely, so even among prove seals the attrition rate force for team sex is half so half of the ban. Other factors that become seals. The only half of them can survive to be team six and they sent these cycles over their talent. Maybe maybe they did, or maybe it's been dead forever. Who knows it over the fuck? Now I it's. When you hear that just go and story, you go ok, all bets are off their not doing anything different. Now they were back. Then they were just making shit up back down. When I say there was a fire fight to rescue. You know a private Jessica luncheon, you know she was is poor.
Girl from where the fuck she was Nebraska, Kansas or some shit now and then she came out just like listen. Nobody rescued me I was in a hospital. There was no gunfight. I want to just step away from all this. Thank you very much and if you get death threats and you fuckin trade or share to hide and fuckin scary shit man, the government doesn't tell the truth. If they're telling us this happened. This is not what happened some else happened. It's of wait. Wait! Wait! Maybe you don't believe our great President Obama was sitting in a situation room and being shown the plans to descend on this base. An attack on a summer been line. You don't believe that was happening, looks It's your team. Six. Could I'm gonna declare code red zombies lot? This is a movie broke. This is gonna, be in a movie right, yeah. We list Nicholas KGB. We must wait to do this before at until after the Royal Lenny, I say the cask Nicholls cage as the hardened veteran, who doesn't give a flock, and he goes over there, because if you're gonna do a job right, gotta do it yourself. It was Hitler's death day.
Movie that he was in with plain. Was I'm yeah? It's always on reruns for some reason, exactly Conner Brother, I'm going to play this game to get the movie bro. It's kind of the whole cast of Conair comes back for get Bin Laden Six Hitler's death day whose whose autopsy, whose number one killer ready, trot green killer. Challenging was in the movie Navy seals row was insane navy sales we can make. An atomic museum is often hotshots. Dude Major League Command son he's all american yeah. He could be. The top of the cop guy and doth longer makes it come back as well, but dies before they complete their mission. Bohemian, let's make it You know what you're you're idea is not accessible enough. Why don't we make it really yeah? Let's make freedom instruments make it dad's. Let's make it recently
worse dash you'll, seem dad's yeah, there's nothin harder on the phone. You know, daddy loves you new ones, like Lillian bullets, into a chance to do this church yeah and though the Ex wife they want of getting back to me. There again right at the end of the movie, yeah Steve, Goose, tarried Bird Navy, see you remember Steve Gutenberg. I suddenly, Silverstone applying those who the hell is that our Europe, what happened to have a kid. What I've been Gutenberg went: crazy, yeah, Berger there's a famous scene of him outside a feel Hartman's house after the after the shooting, after his wife, killed him and then killed herself Steve Girton Gutenberg showed up for the photo up with a suit and tie on and started doing interviews with the press, pleading with the the media to have some class and taste
handle this with dignity and leave the family alone, but the way he was doing it was like so clearly have just trying to get attention The reason is thing. I've ever seen. We because we asked, as a cast, never remembered Steve Gutenberg coming up from Phil, wasn't like my best Bud Steve Gutenberg Fishing, as we can like the steep Gutenberg? Suddenly, immediate neighbour- I don't know, maybe you should illegal next, our neighbour, that no, I don't believe you was man and if you was, why would you come out and say hi this rule of Congress had yeah? Well, you know it's that that that want to be famous thing man and when it goes away, is nothing weirder than someone who used to be famous and isn't anymore and really desperately wants to be again very strange man. You know you're the guy, that's in an abandoned. The ban was big, another, not big anymore, and there are where did out yeah I've seen it so weird faculty that symptom I've seen it all before.
Georgia. It's disgusting navy see team, sealed six team of LA used to be famous now he's not there's only one way to back his fame, told you the man who try to destroy America. Why won't my movies to have aliens in them? That's why I liked avatar yeah simple yeah, I saw the whole thing common yeah. I know the guy who's gonna be good news and I knew it. However, it was good cause. There was aliens and it was fake like some stupid, real life situation that you're trying to recreate, or you know like that's them without wanting to drive me the most. Not people, they want you to go, see really depressing movies, really depressing dark movies, and you like well, I can live that man. I can see that I'm sorry, I can't I don't know when I go to the movies. I just want to be entertained ever seen. The fucking speaking depressing movies be everything that Anti Christ. What have you seen the movie, the anti crisis? No, what is it
Jesus, fucking, Christ undesirable and one of the most does immersing dark. Now it's not new, but it is. It has some of the most, and I mean it's moderately knew its. It is so fucked up is an American. It's here am while go our stars. It's really get grieving couple retreat, to their cabin in the woods, hoping to repair their broken hearts and troubled marriage, but nature takes its course and things go from bad to worse. Yet that doesn't even one, though, with per cent describe how fact but as good. Oh yeah, it's really good, but I mean I can't. I do want to do any spoiler alerts here, but there is some fucking thousand nice shit happens. It's two thousand nine Willem default stars Lars man tree or is that his name the director year? You you we're on the ball son, it just popped into my head. I don't know I can't
my own name. So this depressing is it going to be sad yeah I mean you're gonna, it's gonna yeah. Pressing and sad and fucked up. Your movie. Do the one that nonsense? What about the walking dead of using a walkie watching saw guys gray lock it love? It has got done with the absolute one during outside number two tonight: some soap is there not making other until next year? Why had I m not sure exactly app- and I know the guy fired writers, supposedly at the end of the seas and something I heard Andrea, yeah, it's, but apparently it's based its based on comic book, which now I want to read from watching it. But it's like: what's so cool about it, man is in others, zombie movie
They never explore the emotional impact that being in a zombie apocalypse would take on you and they were the directing of the acting in a really good. At directing people like how to act when they're in shock, which is what you'd pretty much being if you're dealing with that kind of like a happened wise as its approval theme, the zombie theme wiser so reoccurring mean at all. The potential monsters is like the two big ones are vampires and zombies. What is that it's gotta be so kind of guy subconscious. Cultural projection of realism. In that we're all kind of wandering through life. Like zombies, you know not really did the way people are acting is kind of this bizarre, like they're. Just thinking about eating, I mean not brains, but other figures.
As I have in mind, you do you think that's what it means is that the fears not just to be a zombie, the fear, is to get this army to eat you. I think the real fears people feared afraid of cannibalism and people breaking down into becoming monsters. Well, yeah I guess I'm going a little light to see you. I just smoke Jergens, we D. I think that yeah mean fuck. Is scary. Ideas like seeing like yeah, what's worse than being charmed on by humans. That moment, when they rip you apart, put their intestines around their neck. Why zombies, we do that. It's cool works looks good How does didn't they always have to where they way where they were there phases in it so grows, but why do we need just eat something with your food, which you all time,
resolving movie is only one answer tat while they rushed answer, whether it used to be done in a dead until twenty eight days later, just about twenty days China to twenty eight days later, you know when I loved they ran out you a man into these slow, ass zombies, egotist Peck, often gone. That's the evolution of the zombie there, Evolution zombie is it's a disease and they run its learner. Well, that's that's! The my big problem with zombies is the yours like people in Egypt. Who had like regular mines and didn't want any brains. It took them a long time to overthrow the regime there. You know what I mean but somehow zombies are able to overthrow the military in every one of these movies, like a military, can't stop these shuffling more areas like there's, like tanks turned over,
somehow what a desire shared over the kids like what we need to send zombies to Libya to overthrow the government. Drone attacks are working. We wouldn't zombies would do they would become a new military weapon, which is to send a bunch of zombies in an airplane carrier. Just let him lose their shuffle out and I think talking about zeal, team, seven, zombie, omby, Amby D, like it, I could find Osama zombies. What the fuck is that about man, zombie thing so well: it's love them to people, love zombie, movies matters. Guaranteed core group of humans. You gonna get every zombie movie, make there's a core audience: You can lose zombie moving coming out, boom, you're gonna get a certain percentage of people and I'm one of them damaging back, and let that shit I can you get me for every monster.
Everything you got, what you gonna raggedy, yet a renewed like yeah werewolves, is nowhere could avoid. It is impossible to check my Wikipedia page so bases are now so when he said that during the Twilight Series on how well we ve been like saying to people, in our minds and in other. You should put this on Wikipedia you're, not gonna change of air services months, a man shared it says, by the way I did Massey Hall in Toronto on Friday night, two thousand six hundred podcast france- it was, I all podcast, except as one due to browse teenage son apparently did read the signs. I guess he didn't know he's getting into like a son. Protein like Santa may see the fear of acting. I, this signs at say warning Joe Rogan Show will contain the strongest language and material content imaginable. That's what I came up with so that you can't
I say that I warn you says the straw just imaginable at MIT and apparently during the one port might choke worry talk about a fake baby, get his dick and and didn't like it They got up at UN level. I heard about for some people that we're in their section I couldn't have possibly known as the job was killing, and there is in our thousands and thousands of people that Massey all is fucking huge, its huge it so crazy doing show like that with is that many people as the most have ever performed for, and I'm glad I'm doing that in late. I do like an hour and ten sunlight that it has the best way to do man I did in our intent, just just stopped it and it was. I was so apt up. That shows the first show in a long time that I was actually kind of nervous, for I guess I was walking, nervous, like I'm scared, but like, like all dales, like a big fucking showed in now, and when you go on stage in its two thousand six hundred
when a scratch and its super intimate to the way it set up like as there's three tears and there like pretty much in your they're all in your face, two thousand six hundred of them, cat and Dog Benson. Was there and dug Benson was hanging out with his body, whose is opening act, and you know he was You are already doing. I got nothin. I will come down to the shore sick, Gallagher, you wanna Constantia soldiers. Introduce him at the beginning. We also got done abandoning any what fucking crazy calling was out those ten minutes and just clash. Scrub, Tripoli goes up and crashes. It was insane the crowd was so fucking cool Mean Euro is going. Certain amount of duty banks, like I read a couple things on twitter, but people get kicked out for yelling things, maybe something I kicked out there and Samson, but that's just of virtue the factors two thousand six. Our people is giving a certain percentage of shit as USC weaken, Canadian, yes be, but other than that. The fucking crowd was amazing me. It was incredible when I went when I
performing with you. Where would you be? Where did we perform a mantra Montreal? There was a guy and he wasn't hackler any really. I mean he's an idiot, telling during your show, but I really know he didn't mean any harm by it, but there's a guy, the back. You kept going Pierre? Oh! You bear maids you just like aiming things like he wanted me to do. The joke about the pure adds yeah, but it went on for the whole shown here so drunk and I was stolen before they his thoughts about the pyramid you kept looking at his friend with his like really serious, dramatic look in his face. I'm gonna go to approve, I know I can do it. That is the problem. Talking about like really Hetty trippy shit. As you get a certain percentage of people like my friend, I thought it was crawl young who have to come up to now to talk to you about things. Take what you you're, very, very serious. It's like you know the vast majority of the hard core bill. Hicks fans are amongst
That's you know, I mean that's better than the important like we ve seen as important. What's going on, it's important how about this about this message? You get from time to time. I thought you should know that I was a fan of your podcast, but I could not believe that some of the things you said in your asked episode. We get we get that when my palm curse on you just lost a listener. Like you know what I mean this thing, what you're trying to hurt me by saying you're, taking your patronage away from the real content, I'm putting up it's like what are you? What is the attitude of its a child attitude is what it is. Instead of a you know, having some sort of a discussion or debate, I am more than willing to look at some In only say you know the semi Somethin says hey, you know. I think you guys we're like a little and sensitive. I love the bar gas, but here's were
you're wrong or I can twitter, like someone said that about about top gear like I was making fun of all these people for criticizing top gear about the comments about Mexico. Until I heard the separate group of comments that ever was upset about, I had read. Some shit that wasn't very offensive drawn to me was a joke. But then I read and watch the video of the real stuff and I was like ok. You know I am more than willing to be said here, but the guy who did it was very polite, very coolly added. He didn't you know you're just a jackass, fucking loser on follow our guide? What is in caps child? That's a lot of temperature and trades there stressed out child just fine. For me man, when you do something like that, you don't get a chance to file me again. I block you cuz. I don't want to deal with children. I don't want to deal with your nonsense. You want to see, I've been trying to make my feelings her for no reason like that. It's not going to work and I'm going to block this very simple, but think how stressed out you have to be see. My senior hi guys can be like. This is the last straw and you you compose a pass.
Most of them, are not even that stressed out there? You are the target of the data, distract themselves fucked up hoard horror, fine shit hole of a wire live! It's not you! It's not what you did so terrible anymore You'll get someone agrees with your disagrees with you. It's just a thought and an idea posing thought an idea to be considered and either accepted or rejected. I aunt boats and when you get angry about it and that's what you ve settling really fucked, oh yeah and so by the way it's great like, as I say so many blatantly wrong things like bat like bad facts. Really bad, it's our do mean, and ministers lies in front of a laptop which do if you want next time, think I'm getting your laptop because by your talking about panic, women's success, so think, maybe I get this right, a lot of humiliation bank is like I get like I'm saying, shit wrong. There happens, answer it
with with some common count all time like fucks urban and has come back, but it won't work, and in that figuring out, and in that you know and looking up those facts. As you know, in message boards in discussions, we all grow. We all find out like, like I said when I put up the thing about this shop thing about Obama's birth certificate- I'm, like I don't know, what's going on. Somebody tell me what's going on you know and a lot of people that likes to buy with the government. Do this? That's speculation shut up! Let's get to the heart of this. What was going on here, Photoshop watched, you know it's it's it's so important to have the sort of a back and forth exchange with people online. You know it's not just throwing something you know. The reason why this podcast really works honestly is, is that it it's like people were tuning. To a cool conversation amongst friends, and sometimes they contribute sometime it sometimes tweets. Contribute There are many many discussions. Many the discussions we had in his pockets are based on things that someone animals,
me. You know, someone send me, someone on Twitter. Do you gotta, live this check this out on reading the story and it now and it's this into you, no inner bovine network of of ideas and people and shit. That's! What's really someone sent me something from doing this park asked, which is a type of music? Did I'd never listened to your call, Dubstep bankcard excision, you ever heard of them before I keep hearing about, dub saddle, fuckin trippy man really weird, it's really cool. I dont know if, like that makes me and eighty four liking it, but I really do you like it? What is it up put up? What is a global will end and then we'll play this as we're leaving the play. I the one I've heard is called swagger. You gotta come on his part ass once a month for this ridiculous. I warn you, I love you enter you everyone, every third week, great of have it done, but I trust every third with the promises we have my most fun you may never one favor podcast gets done,
next, genuine knows even closer as if you re a little house, there's a bunch of my love all them in their own right away, but you're my favorite thanks man. They cannot go fuck themselves, don't argue about how you guys dug its number one. Stop it even more than Joe ideas, joy, these values in terms Doug, you never gets matter. Was the fucker Mamma you over there, which are flocking Osama Bin Laden. Meanwhile, we went back to the ranch. You got some dubstep. What swag isn't here? That's all are up upcoming. We got. I have a show coming up in San Francisco. I will be at Tops comedy club, and it looks like I'm doing with Tripoli and Tom Secure. When we do some more dates brow. I know you been busy. I've been going out man I gotTa Annie at least two months of going up every night work you're you're pilot re, an italian set tell anybody anything about that. Its science show called it's. It's a sign, chauffeur, comedy central called
I say that it is essential for company centre on the pilot was about the research they ve started, doing and sell it with society and even super happy about everything we can nobody up to date about it, we can automation, let's that's very for it's fucking on It looks really cool. I got you know I got set on fire for it. When will you know whether or not you you can? Actually people can watch it? I don't know, probably you know something that they don't make it is. Our rule will keep you keep you posted everybody, who's interested and followed Duncan on Twitter, its Duncan trust t r? U s s p, l, L and you can ask get him. Do you have artistic terrorism diagram anymore? You cover the that's gone. I had a duck, entrust don't got hacked ya, gotta Duncan jostle, dot, com and stared into the void. The black screen judgment twitter. We have shows coming up in San Francisco that is made twelve thirteen and fourteen tickets,
almost sold out for all the show so jump on that shit, and we should have a good time they're. My friend and then the next gig our common up- well, maybe probably South Comedy Hall. What's going on there, they do in construction so I'll bring two weeks. You know I looked in the kitchen and there is not one thing different in the kitchen, so a hundred percent the same. In June I got June tenth coming up at the Vogue theater, and that's in excuse me too nice at the vote. Theater and that's event. Hoover. That's on Thursday night at the vote, theatre and the vote is possibly shits. I can't way and have two tickets were sold out last week. So by now it's probably like three quarter. All of you argue in giving enriches a cab range ideas, and now you're asking, but it is illegal for Joey to exit and enter into your fine country. He's a fucking craft and eve.
Workers in Canada, some, but you won't even allowed for you. I say they have a very strict, no douche bag rule tat. You can have a soul. Batteries and consistent line player, not particularly player. You know vetches, and we will see you I got stuff to do a week, so we pregnancy again until Friday or Saturday that'll be the next one. If you go Joe rugged dot net and click on the link for the flesh, light and entering the podium broken you will save fifteen percent off of the number one sex toy ferment doesn't have one for if you'd like happy great internal, such new ones, This right is now doing the good style, the boy who don't worry, I once dear you're wrong. They can't battle. Yes, I have that. Thank you folks,
for controls over.
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