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Steve Rannazzisi, Brian Redban - 05/10/2011
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The german experience part gas, brought by the flesh light. If you go to jail, Rogan, dot net and click on the flesh, Light Lincoln entering the code name Rogan, you will get fifteen percent often number one sex toy for men. Still you have one now I don't have one and will give you one o my can you have one or do you have to hide that now? That's perfectly that's best case scenario: birdies in the house, Buckler bitches. Here we go The euro can experience. Ladies and gentlemen, live may tense, whose day two thousand and eleven a year and several months before the end of time. Venezuela has joined with. Thank God I got here now. Is it a villa get me? I was gonna be looked after the end of
yeah. I don't want them and see written the Mississippi Shit, it's crazy, fuck and bull that mothers answer is not to fucking around the Mississippi River is like three miles password supposed to being, as so many houses are flooded. Delineated. Mrs Oddy has not supposed to be in the city of Mississippi water is a manifest scenario for awhile, as I would have now. They had rain, and you know there's also there There were blown down. The army core of engineers was blown down levies on purpose, yet a flood farmlands weeks ago, because there are worried, This happening yards decision making in choosing which places they were like. Are you guys eurozone arrival will help you out with their blood on the levies over here, so the water would rush out wasn't going towards heavy populate? residential wow. It it it's crests in Memphis. Now the bow residents are being evacuated and the city of men, s home, it's in the city guide. Daddy, is that's insane the crew.
River crested. Forty eight feet falling short of its all time record, but still soaking light low lying areas enough water to require a massive clean up. Their fucked up did the crazy thing about something like that, too, is there's nothing! You can do with all that water coming in. What do you mean you're, going to build a new dam all in where's the water going to go where we need a man we're going to go and get to lake ready? Did you build that too? You can do shit on. You just have to go out to dry, hope it s raining little baby existence is so fragile and we set up these camps next to these natural things like rivers and oceans. We just assume that well, it's been this way for a year is going to when next year and equally good bye to build a house. That's what do you think like when we were in in the wilderness right and floods happen? They probably just didn't go is close next time right. There Billy over, like our this is where the water came. Last time, let's move back a little bit. But the bottom line is why these building still the whole idea of living in one place, is only a few thousand years old just
Two thousand years ago we were nomadic beyond what we It was move where the animals, when would move where the animals one and then some asshole, figured out seeds and that's fucked everything. Let's just get Where were they wanted to be a shit fuck everything up and made everything all fucked ones of followers, undulate herds of animals through the Fuckin Savannah. You know would suck Joe. I can't you your podcast, my family's leaving after a pack of buffaloes later on I'm going hunting hunting with Ricky Schroeder and that's one of the options to shoot a buffalo relation. Decide whether or not I want to kill a buffalo, I'm killer both. Why were gone? I may you know- and I understand you're an animal lover, but look it's way more cruel to see an animal go through. Whole system of fact farming and getting hung by their ankles and get their net cut, make kickin spasm. So they should these seen these videos meant these animals of live shit lives forever. I dont know how much Videos is just one isolated, terrible incident in war.
Terrible place where they don't follow the rules or, if its widespread. You know it's Israel too difficult, because neither side wants to be totally honest about how fucked up the the raising animals thing is, but it's either way it's bad and I'm trying to do my best to not eat anything. That's I try. Stop beaten burgers, I'm trying to stop anything that I think is possibly factory farms. You can get plenty organic meat like whole foods and shit, like that? You know where you know their grass fed they're just wandering around and then see it's it's a better experience for the animal. You know. I just think that the best way to do it is definitely hunting you know, and I've never done it so and everybody does. It says it's crazy, fuck and primal through my brother in law kills a deer like greater on Christmas. It goes with bodies every year and then he you know, kills it in and cuts it up and he keeps made its big meat locker and he eats venison. All winter long is like every year on what the spring comes on top of the deer
one of the four you have you shoot. One venison in a one one dear rather than venison can last for fucking months cannot Marie's at keeping areas there you're good to go. You no longer Buffalo Bill asked you for issued. This buffalo out have to give some of it away, because I think so he can relieve freeze, yeah yeah yeah, because you can't freeze like meat for more than six months now right, wingers argument, yeah, there's a certain amount of time, Chicken and MIKE. How old is this? Who cares its frozen the Pisa ICE, those random rosalind yeah, like back EU values, are you out of free trade or a year in your freeze in my Fraser lorries? Are you know like that? You know tat mothers bags you can have twelve dollars. I used to do that. I dont need more by. I know exactly I've done it right where you like. What related abrasions AIDS scratched off. Like a fuckin, you know it's must be really bad. When you free something and then you thought out, and then you re freeze, yet the accent close you thought you gotta eat it. Why is that? Because I think,
We should find that I give hope. Maybe maybe it's like the nutrients com come once I've taken halfway through that has like that's sound. The nutrients can come out what I did I did you know that the straight down. Why is re freezing food? Bad? If you ever have a question, though the goddamn internet load up, I dont know certain things went bad like like Campbell Sue or or I leave the Getty saw so now tell you to keep that stuff. Like panic rooms, that's right! That's what I'm saying like like! I! looking at. I think it was suit the other day or maybe with past the sauce. You know in a glass container, that's been in in the cupboard, but, as you know, there was actually an expiration date on my wait. A second I didn't think shit like can Campbell Soup goddammit. Did I really waiting for legal reasons? Maybe for late? they have to replace you get sick or something like that. Yeah, I don't know see his calling the me.
So I never killed either shotgun. Never now, not that I reckon it's kind of scare him scare. Here's how why I'm scared about that room, scared, I'm gonna get addicted to it, a joint, a lot and then I'm gonna bygone yeah. But why are you scared about that? Well, I don't know it's not me. It's that I just feel like they have a gun in your house. Something will happen. I have, I don't have a gun to my house right, probably never They get shot with a gun in my house. When I talk about don't that's ridiculous, we're thinking, fucking a gun to have not needed in the need not have not per se, and I've never shotgun and less easy, pull the trigger booms and goes out within a world ray. I'm afraid that I'm gonna get ethics is doing. You know, retorted, I you would be others suck index for crack money. If you have that kind of brain, I must say for. I was scared to have one when I used to do a lot of drugs and drink alike, as I thought, like the emotional, be trip in our pull my gun out, not thinking and then a brougham stupid, but now I dont really. I still do
it's a control issue. If you, let me, have your worried about your own ability to control yourself in the air is a lot of hot headed motherfuckers. It should never gotten a lot of people have pulled, rigour then realize what they done afterwards. Their whole life is ruined. That's what I'm saying you not that I'm not that! I do not think that you have already had a bunch another guy. You know that guy what new Verde like Ass lunch of salt and joint action as this is- I put, I think, my brain. I say if someone broke into my house with my family there right, whether or not Have a good I'm going to want to kill them in a charter for if I dont have a gun to try if there are other, if their attacking my family, I'm going to try to find something to kill them. Heavy go. Make will probably make it a lot easier he's probably try anyway, so having a gun shining yeah. What Gunnar someone or just start collecting Lord of the rings swords. Yeah kill a guy with a sword. I ever since My sword, that's at my house right now, I've been either brag
Sue Eddie. I'm writing some fucking. Whatever, when tearing Tino type killing, that's fucked up way to kill somebody, somebody killed broke into a guy's housing, I kill them in Samara sword. It was like yours have sorry. I we had a samurai sword. Technical raw forget could get by the way, the guy take it from me and then use die with their own south Samara. Sort of throw me the worst one of the worst baseball bat gotta be a bad one to this guy. This governance website caught a poster park. He sent me a knife in the pathway. Now you sent me this huge, he sent you went to when those huge blades remember that that crazy, Nigeria and so make what do I do with all these knives, as guy keeps on sites on like hiding them around the house. So now have one under my bed like if I have a bad hooker, sunlight bad. If you have a hooker gamble with work on a keeper of potter and old potter next to my bed and then, like one day just broke upon, the bank got now my bodies, a card game, you one of those up noticed
legal and pops out on Baton. What are those is, I would call the baton retractable thing. Just losses outright: its metal, it's locked out in its metal, you fuck somebody out, but that badly those things used to have were kids, they were like leather and inside it was like lead, pellets, Bezukhova, black jack. Where are the dad? You tell me about having jam when it whenever habit of blackjacks like these to have those dispute. Did you do to get work with those overtime wits? What's it look like it looks like sort of like a ducks B. Ok, but it's made out a leather and inside of it is like lead pellets and it's gonna handle on and in our like lead inside his letters. Judges crack somebody was it's kind of like more high tech version of like a sock with marbles exactly exactly. It's led inside a leather, high tech, yeah, yeah Moura Brass Knuckles, yeah strong island voices to carry around
for ass knuckles does a terrible way to fuck up your face, just parable brass knuckles, my body that wasn't in them bought one another doing man, it's like there's levels of shit that people try to do so. If you are using a weapon and brass knuckles our weapon, basically you Trying to do you're trying to almost kill him. Are you trying to tell him? What are you gonna do because this is like we're middle ground, you know they will. You can kill someone with brass knuckles, but it's not totally or intent, people of brass knuckles on trying to be to go to death, or you just trying to really kick his ass, easy Oh yes, weird right, yeah I mean note, there's a kid. My college, that kind of a fight- and then he did do with a crowbar killed. You killed the guy I, like you, you know four, oh god you're sure you dont, that you don't know what you're doing you're, not he wasn't trying to kill, kill em, but it's like. Are you just trying to ended quickly or that's a horrible resent you have to know yearning. Imagine taken somebody's life love. You took away.
When you're not planning on innocent. I know dude, who was working as a bouncer and one of the guys who was working with punched guy and the guy fell hit his head on the curb and that was it up dead. That's one punch, that's arches fell fucked up and you know when people fall outside to people realise that when you fall it's like getting here, by the world Imagine if somebody hit you from five feet, away with the earth. You know thirty miles an hour. What whatever the fuck is he fall? That's what it's like! You know, that's not good! When you get knocked out, that's bad when, knocked out. You fall down smash your head off the concrete, that's wayward yeah see, do I've seen you hurry times in getting going, seizures, will lock up and start snoring weird noises than us. A bad for you, brass knuckles. Yet brass knuckle! what is it with we, those stores that would sell that shit and then we'd pipes songs
got your fuckin mine man. What do you want to do? What the store you know butterfly knives, nor those butterfly not lose lose it. With those things, but what a stupid knife you to do a jasmine before you. I thought you just like tat and knife out just put? The knife is moving in a member that kid haven't. One of those knife blades that was a calm and you're allowed to bring at the school like didn't, have problems, anguish, play com, for example. We were led to bring that is those who are also loses the car. Let you were slickest shit and pulled up a job, saint, guided thought of the cigarette candy and erratic. What are you doing? Mckenna weird fuckin loophole that ass you can have candy. That's open, pretend
and poison. They still sound. They still saw those could you imagine if they had candy for kids. That said like how to scorn crossbones x x, x, poison, death, and that was can't what if you saw like the candy men became. You are caught, not blinded, snorting lines of me ass. I don't know what are they still right its power? rocks due to dash it's not invited. You paths smash your pack up and started up your neighbors snick fumbling fight. Why is it ok? If I can't fucking snigger? Why can't I get one vile of a veto Did you ever? Why shouldn't you shooting juice into your baby? What's everyone doesn't know, somebody deals, awesome tastes really good stimulates. Your brain, that did it works on taste and does it through your veins yeah? What
man was already cigarettes which finds those candy cigarettes is right that they actually sounds that, but they can't com cigarettes anymore. They call my candy sticks. Are so my only those that, but so they're a candy stick, but when the ends read like it's like the ones you uses these two put like share at the end, you can blow it. No. A blog smoke hello, rather Deluxe. Well, you going did the the fake cigarettes for a while the electronic cigarettes to try to get off the the cigarettes. What it was when I, when they first were starting to come over, like maybe a year and a half two years ago, when they start first started to come over here from overseas, and so I had this idea like I was gonna. I was doing a lot of reviews like tech reviews and stuff. So I thought, hey I wanna quits I want to review this, so I contacted all these companies and of like hey. You know I want to review these things and make a video out. So all these companies sent me they're, like samples and products of the so for a couple weeks straight, I was smoking. Only elect
an EC cigarettes, and they had a cigar version too, that you love the cigar one but but then I noticed that I was speeding up blood and it's got a chemical and right now to came up used in I've smoke machines like a dance clubs and stuff like that, like a fog machine, I forget the name of the countless chemical, but what one of the negative parts about that chemical is its edge rise out each. It will draw you out with dry your skin out or, if you put in your throat, Dr Frock, and throw it out. I was getting like these lessons on my throat from my throat being so fucking dry that I start spitting out blood. So I pretty much was like fuck doing a review and I can't All these people that semi deprives I look like I did review for you because I dont, while my I'm just gonna bash what you're selling, because bloody, throw as a lot different than fucking. We. Links and how would you asked the cup is? It was what they all electronic cigarettes companies or where they other like the one. Where I was try me, they try to put these these magnets behind your ear. Lobe, let you
They give me the keys magnitude put behind your ear lobe of Siena. What is then- and it was a supposed to stop- I dont know what it was, but it must also stop your cravings for smoking, cigarettes and and make you could I never tried That sounds like both absorb. This is kind of funding the FDA release on these electronic cigarettes is actually kind of funny. The less food and Drug Administration today announced that allow. Tori analysis of electronic cigarettes. Samples has found that they contain carcinogens and toxic chemicals such as die, ethylene glycol and ingredients used in anti freeze so amazing that they decided to release this press release? Would there be We saying is the fake poison is poison What about the real you fuck heads? Why you releasing this on these electronic cigarettes and not clamour
for, though, that the removal of cigarettes from fucking stores and grocery stores I go to the grocery store and condemn cigarette carton area we can by poison. You can buy addictive don't do anything for or they do something for you they still. You're, not like Stephen King said that when he quit cigarettes is acting. Writing actually suffered a little real yeah, I heard time hearted time firing is synapses up when we rightly because twenty percent of his head is thinking unwanted cigarette on disclosure knows, You know what I got passages almost brain doesn't work is fast, I mean, I know it's a stimulant, some sort of something you know I've I've bomb almost a year on I quitted ion him hypnosis really yeah. I went to get hypnotize three times on the second one is the one you quit never had a secret ice. On the way and woe smoked on the way and in the final analysis it knows that the hypnotist thing to me seems to only work
You really truly wanted to word annually prepare for it. You go in there like a sort of like under the the agreement that you're gonna give into this experience, and it's gonna change you and if you believe that it's almost like a placebo effect for the mind, here's how worked for more if you can get hypnotize, I can't I had said I was never hypnotized. Here's how I put it. If the doktor touch my dick, I would have known about other area like I would have been. I wouldn't been like now, as someone said again, and I start blowin everyone, the Ruby, never got an. I point I don't know if I can ever be that guy, but I was in a place like you. We get me to a place where I was thinking about other shit, and here I heard him like just me, like a million and a smoker anymore, this not party life, and these are things that you need to do any more. You don't need cigarettes is then we and he just kept repeating the ship, but I was like all on a beach and then within the fuckin tits on there, and then I am at all like just go.
Off in a different place and he just kept talking to me and they would be over. So you will. You were listening to him and you were fantasizing about a different thing. I was thinking about other things like he would be like think about whatever you want to think about and then use you know you start doing like Ottawa thing my thing, but that yesterday, when already told me to one thing, you are in a new needs you're all over the place riot. Not you can't not just think about nothing. So while he, while I'm off thinking about this, he's literally like whispering and soft way like justice, these things every once in a while. I go back over here and by what is what the fuck you say and in the Smoke Council, oh, but I'm back over here, and he did that for like five or six minutes. While to me that was the entire hypnosis part of it, but the beginning of it like he'd, start of every session with I knew I wanted to quit. I die I want you have to want to quit, but I will go in there and those conversations that you know like all. You should quit smoking. Yet I now will you get out
answer, never gonna get it. It's that conversation that last for three minutes that now is he's drawing out for forty minutes. He's ignore its not if you're gonna die it's when you're gonna die and your sons get to convince you in a hospital in gotta, go into the room, you can see all the tubes going inside of you. How do you think that's gonna make him feel given keys goodest, I'm just painting like worst fucking case scenario, and then he does tat hypnosis thing and at the end it was gave me like a little mantra say whenever craving, and I haven't cigarettes since the moment- and I thought about it today today: zero zero and the first day. Maybe you should do it. You know your problem is drawing nearer super super super skeptical uses to go. You would never be willing to give in to anything like that. My sister had it and she Audio recorded it nay. I wish I still have the city, because I used to listen to my car and laugh my eyes off. It was only one
I am for her that she went and it worked for two months, but it was a slight that this chick saying stuff, like a significant growth, stimulants fat, you know once cigarettes like an artist there's like I don't remember ITALY's. Maybe this is like some lady devised her own technique, tat what they all are their own IBM. Wouldn't. What do you really say? Listen, you could we could put a phone number of right now and say we're hypnosis and that we can see where people we partly of three people calls to MAR unwatched Gretna what credit credentials the Unita I didn't ask for a fuckin diploma was in his guys, like living room like you know, like a garage area through something nice around, but I just got like through referral from another person. Willing are needed. You need only be adopted. I do have a sort of a sketchy sort of job is like, has raised this, because I must have an don't really I mean there's some now right, so kind I mean a hypnotic period, not notice, Helios, arduous yeah.
It says it's like psychics. Ok, he's that real like when you drive down the street, you see these fuckin houses, lot of psychics in their house, you know like psychic greetings, there's a lot down the street like as I'm driving someday me I'll, see these houses and I think about stopping in. I did once when I was in New York, but can me on signs of psychic and open it. Like one of the more yeah yeah I went in and dumb was just a house, you know it was a small house and it was in it was in vain and some forget where it was somewhere. I was doing an audition had like an hour and a half to kill somebody get a fucking psychic reading this bit. Couldn't have been more wrong about things in my life like more wrong, and how are you are you like nope I sit on this year we closely father unseen options or seven happen as like it was that kind of just now, worse, choose tell em like you just guessing, and then I got angry go you. This is just a guy I'll. Give you twenty dollars to fake me. I guess I'm. Ok thanks!
I learned those other my lesson. Those psychics are just like lazy people they bought assigned. Do you know, like? I, don't believe the house anymore? I just can be recycled. They ever answered why, if they were psychic, they wouldn T have an office. Thing- I don't know like g like I M easily like have ever answer that people have said that you can't use it for personal gain of heard that you can use it for I don't wanna power cannot be used for personal gain. Jesus made no silly stupid thing. Is that, like you, don't think, there's ever gonna be one rogue psychic was getting like I'm not following the ship. I want to go back a ton of money, yet Biff in back to the future is like I got this book. It tells me what the fuck who's gonna whenever sports game, when a bet on me like Biff enterprises and backs the future too, There's this guy and a bunch of debt, people that have offered huge rewards for anyone to prove psychic ability in. I think penitent had something going on with that for a while, but they're they're, very vocal, about psychics being bullshit. You know, hence the neighbours
and they there's been a bunch of people. No one's ever really able to prove that there's psychic ability the only site, ability that has been proven, and it's a very odd one. We all kind of knew about this one. You can tell when people looking at you people can tell how can assess where young people looking at you, you can't figure. The fuckin lottery is you're, not gonna. Who's gonna win the world Series in two thousand thirteen, but you can tell when people are looking at him. A weird thing: it's statistically proven that they have done, they ve Dunstan, controlled studies. Were you know, people were looking in another direction had to say when they thought some was about them and it was. It was measurable a measure of even from like behind earlier blind spots, and I would have to say that in those any sort of a test situation, that would be the worst time to be using some of that. If the EU is not using some trying to trying to do that, because I
think you'd be so aware that you're in a test, you would be so we're. Ok, I'm b, I judge just five cents on isler- will now that there would be all fucked up, maybe I'll, fuck, that but its artificial situation where you're monitoring your instincts, you know, but I have this times. My life roused like what the fuck is going on. I turn and look at some. Let's give me the mad dog, my own thing now to be like waiting at best by just staring at someone justice that person you're on test twelve fifteen. They did not turn around think it's, not a hundred percent. I think it's, it's probably not even fifty percent I think there's something there that every now and then pops in when someone can just reach out with their energy and touch you and I think it's all probably has to do with the kind of intent that they have in their mind, while there staring at you think if someone staring at you, unlike in their like on skies, seem so he's. Gonna shit together, like to address, as you know, is fuckin got a quotation.
Like a maybe then you're gonna be like you know that I'm look at me, the actual couldn't. But if you like this guy, I think I could fuck him appreciably packages forms on talking. And with Iraq and keep malign lot? I mean, then maybe it would come up, don't be greedy. With that talk, doesn't mean you now have the just give me the eyes when you do that. Turkey still wants is very comfortable from middle, looked maleficent movement and ever of violent thought. It's a perfect. I was treated tat from the left side of good. Think that there's some there's something to the human mind that is not its, not static. What what what we we have right now. Our abilities right now are probably evolving and our ability to recognise our environment to tune into other people. I think that's probably evolving. You know they say that just a thousand years ago, people could reed silently This was this was a trick that someone had learned how to do. It was one of them.
One of the saints and one of the ways this guy proved Saint. Who was that he could? He could recite things that he had just read. He closed the book and he would look at the book and not saving allowed. So they didn't know he was reading a rethink. Then closed the book really right what he just read and they thought that this guy was. It was a deity. They thought videos least, are they thought he was a saint because he had build that no one else can do. He could read. Silently like you make sensory varies. As you remember, when you were a little, can you couldn't red silently you would you would read you stream Don T v The EU would have to spell it out. You have to say you have to make the noise and you'd have recognising the noise after you make it will. Then people learn how to make noise in their head. You know they didn't know how to do that, and this is its it's probably and evolution of language. You know and evolution of the way we interface with language, but it's it's it's also like it. Maybe
something in our minds. It may be something that we didn't have the ability to process before and we do now because written type reading is very commonplace that we have developed disability to do this. It's possible that demands that we are working with are in a much different in the minds of a few thousand years ago. You no one was no mass. Here- and there was no- there was no phones, there was no, nothing there's been always been some. You'd speculation that people were able to tune into mother, Gaia that some people were able to tune to the forest enabled a tune into formation. That comes from all animals in nature around you like. There was a joke, ask her out on the road or no. I ve talked about this before, but there was a guy still live in Alaska and he said that he was. He was prospector. He would live out, thereby himself for months at a time and after a while, he could talk to me animals with his brain. What really when he would come back into town. Eventually it would go away, but he added
said it wasn't words, but there was a way of communicating with animals that you would have, because you Europe, tv. There was no radio through it. You you got tuned into different things. It's sounds totally like horseshit, but Doktor Doolittle, but talk to like the Indians in or the the natives in Peru when they they did through. This idea was cast out. Psychedelic beverage yeah robbing quivered yeah went down yet well. Thing about, I ask, is they ve been doing it for ten thousand years way before written history? And then you ask them how they learned how to do this. Media speculation is ten thousand years ago they were. The real evidence is probably on like a couple thousand, but when you they, these people, how they figured out how to do this. They say that the forest told them that the plants told them how to do. This told them how to make this there's a over. A hundred thousand different plants in the Amazon I take the leaves of one and a route in the vines of another and combine them because one of em contains,
chemical Dm Tee and the other one contains what's called an embryo inhibitor, something called harming because you can't eat this psychedelic stuff, can't eat dm, take as in so many different things that if you eat it, you're you're by Has the ability to break it down? Yes, your stomach motto aiming oxidation, so this stuff called harming this other plant that produces this natural embryo inhibitor. They have to mix this stuff in and they have to boil it, and I have to break it down over hours now how the fuck did these these people on dirt floors and hearts with no books how the fuck did they ever figure out how to take these plants and put them together it will they say that the forest told them how to do
It sounds rather more than a thousand people in two thousand and one proposed together and then and there s a Frankie's fact. But the real question is: when did this information, but the forest telling them to do this happened? Did it happen after they took the eye Alaska, because that would make a lot of? Why did they just stop with I Alaska? Why would make these key? To give us more? Give us other good shit. You know dude, you don't need anything else want to do that. You really don't Robin Quivers is is talked about it and you know I've talked about and I've I've tone to stand. Does stand hope into it. As a bunch of people are another, have had the empty in their life and once you ve done it, everything else seems completely silly. Everything that the economy seem silly, your life seemed silly driving and traffic seem silly. Woe media seem silly. Everything seems silly and juvenile and temporary. How oh, what what is it? You mean it's not like a thing where you can go on. You you need like a week will need some time to digest at you,
need its you don't need Do the drugs you smoked anti. It only takes about fifteen minutes. If you take, I was getting the morally active version, it's a less less potent version of the experience, but it's over a few hours. Yes opposed over fifty. Minutes, so it, but what it is is the most trippy experienced the most bizarre outside of this world, the most separate experience you could ever possibly hat and once you ve had that you know you start, I well why. Why doesn't he do other things? What does any figure out? You know how to make fuckin jet car. You know what would then one of the plants need to teach them how to do that. You just want to go back to that world. How can people that live in the Amazon man they like doing it all the time they just do it? They just stages Did the tune in to the Spirit world inch of actual travel, one fuckin aluminum snakes that fly through the
later hot different like can you go back like email wish, or is it some lagree, you know say unlimited. Does it make like the experience of of smoking potluck any different now at all? That, I think, are the less less important or less fund, but I think that you, first of all one time I had a flash back out- ticket from smoking pot. I've never been able to do it again. Really one time I did DMT and then a week later I have smoking weed. I have flashback a real flashback when I got to the door there's a door, it's like when you, when you have the DMT experience very fucked up experience and for those of you that are anti drug and for those listening to this that are like an onlooker. Fuckin losers talk about Doin drugs and what the fuck is. This stupid shit, this kid's listening things human beings, oh and obligation, to tell the truth about the experiences and there there is something to this: that's very life, changing it changed me for sure. It still is changing
it's. My my dm two experiences for sure have made me a better person, a nicer. And more sensitive. More more aware of the universe, no but I'm not perfect by any stretch of the imagination and under a lot of pressure, sometimes a snap of people, I try to keep it altogether as much as humanly possible, but for sure absolutely different at my core because I haven't dm two experience. All drugs aren't good for you, but some drugs are there not too good for everybody usually do, but we should have fuckin shamans. We should have places we could go. We if you go to some professional place where this guy is sanctioned by the community, and this is the guy who knows how to do mushrooms and you go guys house and he's got brilliant mushrooms and they're. All perfectly negroes themselves is there's nothin sketchy and how many mushroom chips you'd gone thousand. Ok right! Now you down doing how many grams we do day. Well, this we're gonna, do you're gonna, be in his room, silent darkness, unity, five grams, I'm gonna be outside I want to be totally sober. I have a phone, I have a car continue the hospitals need to, but this
of the outs really really on your mind and you're gonna be fine physically, just don't worry about it. I've been there a thousand times, nobody dashing shit, and then you could go and do it instead being over your friends house and you fucking escape into the woods, and then you get too far. W you'll, never get back. You know so much better than second one, instead by some creepy sitting outside of our bedroom door with a full. Well, we call you really signed, but it's really, wouldn't you gotta believe what it's like. I do that now, with a guy called orators, can you give me some restricts? I'm gonna Vegas means a great deal. This is the one you're getting you take a third if you want fancied, two thirds, if you want that, our to kick in five hours and a half hours Hungary like he was already is someone you can trust with the Mckenna Trust joy. The arm tell you to do and call me and now in twenty minutes, or is the guy that I ask about that and about like mortgage rates? Is I don't take it yet? I see that's things. I trust in the most about that's Larry to be on time. No to pick me up at the airport, no two, not fuck, my wife, probably
we have done a judgment story now to use Google by one time. Timely and are we came away which I was driving home for the colony store and we got have picks up on my house and goes kinds going to Europe to rumours like for the Guph. Ok puts it gets into bed. My wisely, given that it is curls up next originally Disney. Second bandstand irradiation is just smells with r e Argus, but I've others ribby, okay, and I just starting out on a firm stance as parts and now she's a specific odor, Dismallest Cinnamon hurry, Justino hurried. We had teeny bookstore, yet thoughts about that you. Finally, I wonder what clean cars lorries will know that I'm not that might not shower for a week here. He wore we play basketball. Tuesdays is like just to more. We played against each other. We just to warn you. I would shout and Sunday
Would you take me thou just remember: that's a cell phone. It smells real authority. What is, are we gonna fuckin staff You know I had this huge fucking thing on his knee from the news from Jujitsu, but it was from not showering man a shower. I M, not even dealing with it. Like you didn't know, there's some rights setting a bit by a spider. If it wasn't for me noticing that he was limping, he might be dead, kidding, staff infections, two fucking kill. You really should have some shit up at every Jiu, Jim, showing you different, like swollen things like see this, that that that's a staff, in fact This is impetigo. This is Herpes. This is you can get the ship from the Matt. You got to be careful this. What you got to do right after you get off the map to wash yourself with some probiotic like she like defense, soap, eucalyptus oil Teachery oil, shit like that, kills them, but do it right after you get off the fuckin mats, you don't you don't go home and sit around and eat fuckin pizza like ARI.
Yeah. What is it not shower for two more days, there's a guy who is just too lazy and then there's the Gaza go with tough guy. I do what I want to do after all. Go you know what I would like to speak clean hour. He had a little volcano on his name in a freak me out, because we were we playing pool and it was limping and I go with you tell me what this barbaric delimited. He pulls his pants he's got a little red volcano on his knee yeah. I got right. Yeah go! Do that's a fuckin staff infection. You need to go to a hospital right now. I unscrewed my cue producers are gone deadly, serious algal. You need to go to a hospital. This moment. Don't wait an hour. You need to go right now you could die. I had to staff infections and my like fuck and they had put like their stuff like gauze and there and leave. It therefore weaken and pull it out yeah. That's. It was horrible how'd, you get it basketball, it's all about sport
that's why I've neurotic staff will use reads really washing yourselves outwards is also taking probiotics. You gotta take a bunch of different probiotics. You don't. I like this problematic chemistry, pickled cabbage, yet that from the list as a good lands arsenal of a cabbage fan. Cabbage rules were thrown into yet to try to give you some after sour examined cab its spicy, though it's like spicy korean cabbage, but you can get. It's some organic places in its probiotics. What they do is they take the cabbage and they leave it out. A few days and then you know you'll be pickle it with a bunch of different things, I'm an exact that whole process, but the whole idea is that getting live organisms into your body that are helping. You know, that's like really important to do after you, ve had a caloric. If you want to get water blown dear asshole twice? Have you done little convulsion of thinking about doing it? I didn't I've heard it's bullshit, two thirds awesome. I don't know what I did. It was a tough, but is one we would be
awful or some one. Lady did the first lady I went to right. She did it didn't hurt that bad and was wasn't, is awkward. I thought is going to be so I made a point which is related to do it again. She they call me like this Ladys tough to get to you have to want, or am I get my wife's water breaks for winter. They were out myself, but I have the caloric appointment at day, but it just broke and she's. Unlike look, the doktor said you was a chill out, relax, take a shower legal run, get MIKE Did you like I'm, going to keep this lady so tough to get, and I gotta
I know you have at least two hours you re and I ran into the cologne. It can I go now. We both know we both have that shit. Pull for everything's gonna be for an even playing field, now everything's going to be good, better shit and her baby are not the same. How I had to run cadet plates getting about delivery. I knew I had time I knew it. I will readily prepared for this fucking. You know you had a manual and straight Hollywood sign the Wayback grabbed the sway. Latte could never have coffee, thou yeah he's not a coffee drinker. Now what about coffee animals would sell about now people stuff. I can't what is, as I say, what that you never heard of that now the ground coffee summarily take coffee in the pop up their asshole. I do know what that's about We did. How do you get it up your ass? Well, I guess you use like one of those things are used to put blow air on Firefox I'm fine,
fellows was beginning to lose out. You know: that's not right! Back radio turkey base their does have a big ass turkey basic stuff up your ass. Why coffee and how many because of the current legal look. Maybe you train hobbled, invented. I ask you this: what happens? Report coffee a bureau? What's next, let's combine these two things no man. I guess it would just go right into your bloodstream. There's a woman online, her Youtube name, I think, is Neuro Soup and she has very fast story about: taking de empty upper ass put deal t upper a snare, goes right into your bloodstream cuz, it's you know it's open as opposed to you know if you eat it and it has to go through your stomach and everything. So she she takes his DMT copper ask and has his thirty minute trip as opposed like a fifteen minute trip. You know she probably got some fucking insane dos cuz. When you smoke it, you know you're breaking it down. It's got to go into your lungs means, probably much less than if you
inject it ready near your asshole mainline it into your ass off. People will try and bring me now to get high mean about those fuckin assholes they get arrested. They have paid over their face here because they ve been puffing passing bags of paint. I keep on cleaner back in the day yeah like where he was like the shit that you sprayed on your keyboard, Declan stuff and life in it was like whip. It's pretty much like you do it and then you start here why why why why why, while thing on my head, I remember was with my friends we get so peasant say this baby was with my friend and use like a bad ass were driving c c r acts and he fucking does it while were driving. We're coming up what who's driving you have now here easy. I run a voice it out and I put the fuck: are you doing with due to worry about doing a lot they fucking passes out,
I would just like this- is like I Haven T working here, little Miss Het up, yet we finally fucking greek law, don't worry, I'm not doing, and if his she passes on foot on the gas and was going up, a railroad tracks I couldn't see of our car was coming on the other side of the railroad track. So I was freaking out in and I put up his emergency brake any skidded out and crash. Car rising. We comes true, this beautiful cabin and guess what the fuck man my car, but what the fuck you talk about doing this Passing out with your poodle Mcgowan. How does he was married? When you look at me like yours, we monitor do guy what you should have rolled out of the car and let destiny fuck and take care of your guns vivacity. I should adjust bit like whatever happens happened here and, if you guys the cars very dangerous fuck
If it doesn't really work, you hit your head on the concrete. It looks, awesome the movies, but the reality role. Now, the car horrible, your ear, basically falling under the concrete at thirty miles, an hour and whatever the fuck, your faster, go. How fast we're going crash? Probably night, we product on twenty five million data on every pride whenever you like forty I've when examining it was like it was. It was serious far, whereas they do now. Will you join the air for and then he is one of the special sex. Now it was eggs they gave the first Bin Laden and it came out the closet, and when, except me, which is odd and and now he works for a company because he's gay yeah, but he hasn't tortoise pair or anyways told all my friend and wandered out, it is almost shrugs, mask yeah. I guess that's what it is right. This is probably a lot I can. I want to blow the brine so bad. I think I'm gonna go get. It has got to stay fucking, some gotta go, get it
What's going on in my brain, for there was a study that somebody put upon the Rogan Board on the message board about the increase in the number of p, but are gay that have cancer, is prostrate people and there's. That is its much higher percentage of gave you yeah and we will try to speculate with fuck? That is whether its drugs is gay people party, their asses off, especially I'm gonna do it. They party, like fuckin, crazy every night of the week, do this I raised Sunday off acceptable boulevard like like those bars and stuff. It's like Marty growth. We need, when I went to the speaker. The Abbe here, in LOS Angeles it is one of the bigger ones. I guess I went with a bunch of girls and it was like afternoon on Sunday party I mean, I mean hundreds and hundreds of all bulge wrong like parting, I thought you didn't really flock now. It looks like a
life reason for all the AIDS and cancer sex. You know it's not it's great, going like, like our each appears, all jug, it's great gone being, like you know, straight gag. Is that all the chicks there are like thinking everyone's gaze? don't I got whenever you the rest, you yet arose. You think you're partially gang hit we're going instead of going into the bathroom. Now we like the worst experience, because not only drug use like fucking, every reputable cocaine on sinks and everything they but like the stalls is one of those big like they got back, yeah. It's just like our biggest its Woodstock, like that. You have one while you're there s a here Hendricks, but I feel for you just stalls a bath and when you don't, you know, like those those urinal star, one of those new providers in ocean neared, where those social year off. Yet to those you get a lot on the road of urine some weird bar and like Oklahoma, you get a lot of those trough. Nato's fenway. Do they post Trotzky,
sense, which is likely to like dirty animals that are somewhere nonspecific. That fuckin savagely just show me a whole to put my person to doesn't matter what it looks like one of the worst, our rights to be a manager of this coffee shop. Cod, perfect, cut, cut, loose, perfect cup. Cappuccino is when cappuccino just became big in uniting, ignores all his coffee shops popping up everywhere and right next door. Do it was the one at the grossest gay bars in Cologne, highlight this is like God gave this is like fucking worse day ever and when is, God gave the others at a style. I don't know they hate, they hate everything. Yes, everything awful other gay people themselves, their parents, everything in the woman that own this place and God bless her. She was just like this fucking cute little old lady, that her husband dies as States whose board and says you took our money to get this. Nice look
if he shop and so she's training me to be a manager this place and theirs is window. Looking the back yard of this building, which is like that, like an alley- and she goes now- I made this little curtain that she so this curtain to to put it over the window at certain times on, like that she's, like sometimes you're gonna, have to shut this curtain because of this place. Now Nor am I what are you talking about once ices? It now this job? I work that was fucking awful, like outcome there, like five, a m in work to like two p m every single day, and there would be guys ass. Our back of this gay bar that dislike had sex out in the back of the alley and passed out on the ground. It so one time
listen, Howard, Stern, four hours. I was my only thing. Do no one ever came into this coffee shop. You want em like making chicken salad or something in the back of the place. I look and there's just fucking three guys completely naked, but sex fucking needles everywhere occurrences like this dialogue, is never an amateur wall and fill it with cement chew. I wonder why Miller whatever your coffee shop turn into a clock? Fuck you and I may our exactly. This is consign out front felt so bad she's, like she wanted a logo. Always gonna pay me a thing. You know I'll just make the logo for you. I just felt so bad for this. I only lasted like a month, thereby does became so depressed and they, like those guy, like you, just depress the seller they're having a good time now, because it was so awful. It was just like those people then come after haven't but sex every morning, these these these homeless, but sex, guys that come in and get coffees everyday in there just like hanging
smell like but Saxon Fucking Army and then like old books, and it was this the grossest like looking country kitchen, but sex homeless. Eighty four zero: how gay dues will totally take over a neighborhood? They tell everybody him and are moving here watch a movie or too much fuck all day. They get like a whole group of less I've have never figured out how to Iraq that now they can't really organised way. Gay deeds can gay deeds can take over whole neighborhoods Alec, San Francisco this weekend by the way Cobb's Comic Club, maintaining assemblies, Zalm or sold out nudges causes a lot about excellent chairmanship, Son Cobb's. Club this Thursday, Friday and Saturday with SAM Tripoli, oh shit and times it's a fucking double one of your good test to headliners open up for me to me. It's here do. Did those guys are killers? We can have a good for time, but do you know there's areas of San Francisco that are like she, gay just like, I think sound
The boulevard, though, tops it as far as like exclusively gang gaze place on the planet. It's one of its like the representative of homo. It's better is bigger than even like. Like a child like Chelsea down The organisers close bear it just so much people in the EU. Asylum runs Algeria, but but West Hollywood, it's like there's, no less. Rolling into west how it would be like what are you fucking guys doing here that right now, what the fuck are you doing here? Exactly, as does the gay flag, is our flag of sent a signal of all of our lives like we? This is our play when you drive by rage. The average of migration is united. In its I kind of all data which is raised. It certainly seems like they're having more fun. I've looked at one another newspapers ahead, while the hookers and escorts and stuff like that, now black hole pages with trainees and one of the things that is always a hundred percent working fully functional train
you mean like they. They got the vagina, and now the vagina works sleek and fuck it. I don't think so. I think the oven Dick that's what fully If I had to guess, I would say that their dick still works, but their trance there, there transvestite transsexual yeah Trainees like I thinks, trends so Fuel is like they want to be a woman right, but a Trans state. They want to be a man. Doesn't residence, a woman, yet transsexuals are probably the people that are of starting the process of becoming the disaster possible too, but there's some of them are just dude. I just for for which reason lies to dress up like girls like Chaz bono. Is a transsexual. I don't know I almost had to watch that take and I have to tell us is Rogan somewhere and I was in a waiting room for an hour and I was watching. Morning, America, and then they were talking about Oprah being on next in our not an actual three p m, and I was like goddammit I might have to does this. They keep teasing you this Chaz bony bono thing. I want to see
story on one another truth, you won't get it from Oprah. I get it from listening to her talk. If I get it, I am. I get it from listen all just hearing on the answers of aquatic gotta be that she was ignored. That's the only thing that makes sense to see your website currently given like no, I gotta watch the rest of this over I haven't aided, and I understand, lesbians, gays. I think women are hot again at you. I get it I get. It makes sense to me and her girlfriend wait. His chat, Chaz Girlfriend is cute. You girly yeah general name, she's gonna name, broke some fuckin pull. It was working, lesbian community as well as a very popular I mean now, mom duenna. What you are is chair at still pretty good share and sunny bono yeah, not bad, not bad. Two story, it's worth saying, Ideally, we Danes this this year, Chaz bullshit, that's interesting, but the weird. But what I want to say is, I think, become
understand why they began a donors than wine to be the other sex but you know, maybe it's just my own mind in maybe they knocked to try it exactly. Maybe does. It is wiser and we have a friend whose son is becoming a girl. The son is like just turning eighteen and wants to be a girl. So going he's going through all the different steps, but I know this poor fuck is, it is in a bad situation, is in the middle of a crazy divorce and all kinds of shit, but but just the idea of your son wanting to be a girl, like you know, like fuck, what does horsemen about a pay, easy, easy son, it's actually his job around. That's a horseman joke one of his best guys to call that out from the back of the room all the time, and I miss that guy, I miss those days Mr Mann, without good fuckin times in that club, a lot of energy, but a lot of good times it's hilarious to different people
this story that what Tommy said that he used to be an actor and you want to be an active but too many homo we're heading. I am of course Mr rack running at all male review. Janshah, daddy, not tat. I think it was Jacksonville Florida really, and yet he had let go. You truly wanted to become an act He was an all male review guy. What does that mean? He will host the all male review. Dance was like a gay strip. Shall anyone socialist yeah, but he never like when the game came on talk, but that's wasted out of acting. So that's why I was just, and it was him and Johnny Depp, I think of them too, There is as yet it don't. You think. Johnny Depp would even like the guy. That's like look, I'm not getting into acting, because I get hit on all the time like Johnny Depp School that I think Tommy Morse should know Johnny job. I have a special affection for their guy. He just you know I like em, I like em too. I saw it
it's legit the pirates, the caribbean guy bristle. He looks like he's eighteen years, only give its it'll do twenty one jump stories like fifty Is it all right? I've never seen anything like it and smoke cigarettes as yet. I think it just create because of France. He lives in France that what it is you listen. France, Carlo Innocent, first. He lives on his family lives in France, and just is why french or Sub magyars? What's right, number We found him ever since I found out. He was a big fan of Hunter S Thompson and then, when he did, fear and loathing in LAS Vegas was good. He's very good. Is actually better, though Mary did what buffalo rooms, he played hundreds Thomson and that Iraq ingeniously nailed it, but the movie was not as good fear and loathing was a much better movie over here, but the something Johnny Depp is voice were like their certain impressions. I can't do it can't. I try and my voice doesn't work that way and some people did you can't do Johnny sounds like he's trying to sound like a verse,
five hundred jobs, but Bill Murray sounds like Hunter S Thompson, but they want to China. The Johnny Depp lived in hunters basement and Fuckin stayed within four fuckin, like weeks and weeks, trend of work on the whole impression of almighty suit. Listen to this! I was on a plane. Is today back from me Org and I've Sally Feel was sitting next to me. So she was very nice and she was reading a book and then one point she stopped and the southern have. We got into a conversation she's playing she's in this new movie, where she's playing Abraham, Lincoln wife and Stevens, where's, the writing and and and dangle De Louis, is playing Abraham Lincoln. Why should I gotta ask you said I am just. Let me know if you can answer it ago, has he started the process? Yet she goes and the way she said it was like somewhere in the world, as a man walking around right now, thinking that he is Abraham, FUCK, yeah? That's a gangster and crazy Daniel day Louis gives into that shit, we're like months and months and months in advance. He is preparing like so that when he's there-
That's what that's all he you know when you film there will be blood. He slept in a tent, yes at Maria greasing shit, That's how we got into it. That's all you got into his role. He just became that guy, just crazy he's that he's, in my opinion, the best is the best and there's a reason. Why isn't moving once every three years, because it takes that fuckin? You know in his mind, Antonov it always well, but that right now it takes that to get there. Like fuck it does do you wanna do Jefferson, Moon where he played a boxer yeah the best boxing calling body right. I think it was the best, oxen fight scenes in any movie ever the most believable, and I heard that Mark Wall, like New had a box like I've heard that thinking that I was there, I was going to ask you. It was a good movie but like it was a little flat fellow to fight seems like figures fuck, it's like I'm doing this movie right now. Call here comes the bone. Its Kevin James is mixed. Martial arts move your call, it's a comedy and its also makes much the fucking fight scenes are off the chain.
They got Ryan Parsons is helping him out there in this. Do Darrow who's the the fight Lord Nadir in in a boss route and helping them to, and they came up with, these amazing fight. Fuckin. These secrets are, they looks. Realistic and so good and so well shot and so dynamic, and it keeps your interest I go. I watched a one of the others. May him Jason may have Miller and Kevin James fight. I watched the fight like this is fucking well done, reelected totally realistic, like the scenarios realistic, but it's also the way they shot a super dynamic there moving, whereas I looked at the fighter and like the seams flat. It's like this. Watching rocky to man. I've seen this before yeah well seen these exact same scenes of this guy punching the other guy, and I think I think those kind of directors choose to do it like what they would consider artfully where they're just going to keep the camera on it. Let the action you know it's like you need to see different angles. You want that's! Why watching fights
life is amazing, but I got you on television to seek. You cut a different angles when it went two guys in this position. They can go around the other side and it's cool to see those different things ears, like those already artsy movies like go unnoticed. Gonna keep the camera there and what the more I think, respectfully Mark Wallbury did not imitate Mickey Ward style. He just didn't you through a decent left up to the body like that. Looked okay, but in making ward very particular way of holding his hands? He had a very particular style of drawing his his faints in as it is movement it is easy to watch and I Anderson Silver is awesome. Imitating fighters a tea these videos online of him, imitating we oughta cheetah and imitating chuckle, Adele and there's start. Fires have styles them a certain way. They move, and you can't just being you were in a Boston accent, you can call your name. Mickey
No, you have to move like Mickey ward me, you have to box, we make you Lord Bach, which is why I thought you can have your chin up in the air and thrown punches. Like guys, I've been punch interface because that's what I'm watching and watching and watching gastro punches in a boxing match is not like the way I got through its punches in a boxing match. Maybe maybe to me I'm I'm of extremist, because my job, one of my job, is to watch fighting and analyzing break it down, but I'm watching us like you, didn't even try man, you didn't even try. If I was your friend if I was marked walled friend, I believe you This is a fuckin this making war is one of those guys, especially in Boston that the network promise we're moi bridge from to this guy This is a legend to that. Guy diseases he's an all time, Great Boston character. This is fights had the display of courage. Will those are all time spectacular moments in boxing you all a lot more
that man, you gotta what you gonna work on that style and I also hope they don't well. First of all, I thought that, what's his name is the brother was fucking on brilliant, brilliant, the excellent yeah, because he knew the boxing and even tell that he probably didn't come from boxing background. So whatever he started with was from fresh into the pointy. I thought it was really girl who's. The also also embody the guy here very, very well very well. I hope they don't did it. I hope that this time let them doing fighter to where he look like an Arturo Gaudy out. There was ratified I can really talk about. I've heard I don't I've heard just stood shall I already dealt with that would be stupid. You say that, but what if they did? A good job of it who the fuck knows you know that I never thought this will move. This was a good movie. Men whopper gives a good actor here when he's acting, but I just felt like it is cs. I just thought you wasn't enough like making ward and it wasn't an it wasn't realistic enough man. You know you guys
you gonna hit each other a little. You know I want to see you really get hit. Man and I see it. I want to see a slap on us here fucking job, not your hair back man once you're real, and this is a real to me. This is like. Oh here's, the fight in the movie, my heart didn't move at all when I want Kevin James and Kevin James and Mayhem, just the pure artistic version like the what what they did, the via their version of the fight fighting like these motherfuckers this shit out. They does it there's a camera on his chest, while their grappling is like this wild shot of him getting bellied belly soup Lex from a camera Chaz like two: it's it's good! It's like it's interesting cuts. A bunch of different angles and you know it like the really fighting what shape ASEAN range ridable shave did he realized eighty fuckin yeah cabin whoops, Kevin James, went on this or vague in all live LA foods die, and he went out a while ago this woman who wrote this book that MRS Rogan reading right now and it says she's doing it too, and some
all raw food, all like in case blended, oblong, different shit. We're cabin was on that movie. The was called the dilemma: Vince Vaughan, Vincent him became pals convinces like bro. You know, you're fuckin really heavy and are you gonna do some becomes like? I know Kevin I've been friends with for twenty years and he's been struggling with his weight for twenty years. Yet I balkan together. We would drive home the other in Boston and he would have we need all day had his own shaft and stuff, and we eat well all day and then we would hit Mccall's burger king, whatever you'd, like thirty box. The bill people on carry you man if he would have Geronium hailing fuck up some foods, and he was so cool about he'd like addresses fucking, you just be You know I like it, shamans, jellia, very, very honest dude, but yes, realize? I gotta do some about this, so it's been nine months. Is that no meat for nine months? Everything has been all raw vague in everything. Super super healthy, but he's
you go off like a rockets and films, ovaries, gonna eat a whole cow really is gonna tail. He was just to show you straight to Ruth Chris. That's wrapped she's gonna, be a cards. Gonna, try them straight to Ruth Chris steakhouses gonna get a fuckin t bone and mashed potatoes with gravy he's he's lost a tremendous my way. Eighty pounds lavender is always had like real martial arts skill at even when I try to get them to do the pod gas cause. I'm doing the movie to be with him for nine days, and I want to try to get into the park asp he's like super private man. He doesn't like tat about shit probably doesn't like to do exposing interviews at the opposite of me. The up or I'll tell exactly what I'm thinking about everything he's, not that kind of a guy. It is a little bit more laid back and it's hard to get him to do enough. Well to do an interview like tat, but the story is very interesting. He's lost eighty fucking pounds, he looks fantastic worries faces. All thing is
he still like a little fat is yeah. Like he's not shredded, doesn't look again, rising oil doesn't say sorry MA am recently and now makes sense. Why so thick ice imams, just gotten was because man hasn't fought in a long time may have got flocked. These strike force morons because I'm gonna fight. There's there was a fire. We're Jake Shields beat Dan Andersson awesome fight and it was a big event. CBS if the whole CBS event, though, was a disaster because the there their product, and was so unorganized Wednesday Way way way over the time, an hour and a half or something over their allotted time. So they it's the news? They went past the news they want. Some other showed tat. It was so bad it was so did you have she's, never done anything remotely like this error, they just don't know what they're doing they were real wrong game and anyway, mayhem engage shields had fought to a very close decision is a really good fight and in one time, may him had Jake shields back with a rear, naked choke, Anne and Jake was going out and the Bell rang, I mean it was locked in,
wrap. There was no way mayhem was letting go. He was palm to palm here. The forum across a neck Jake was turnin. Read both the bell. Rang, And it was, he wanted a rematch, so they they. Let me him in the cage and mayhem, interrupted the interview between Jake Shields and commentator Gus and it said, hey, you know about my rematch and then Jake Shields buddies. They get the fuck out of here and then the Nicky Nicky isn't ideas Jake and Gilbert Mallette, as it turned into a fuckin All right on CBS will blamed. May him man didn't throw the first punch may have got beat up because on his back and picking them in the head here and there blaming him, so they wouldn't let him fight again. He couldn't finance. Time conferred on CBS and they didn't tell him so they were pussies about. So for a fucking year, this guy's been sit gradual enough, and so I ve been lifted and he's been getting bigger. You know when you know have to make honour need. Five pounds. You see whatever the fuck you want to eat amazing on the horizon, it gets big is, is it means a big boy, pick a fight to a five we want
You know he can walk around easier to two thousand two hundred and twenty five, but you know at eighty five: you should be big as fuck yeah so he's gonna be fighting the you have seen. No is: can we fight July? Second inherent Simpson, you I got a fucking, oh shit, Erin waits you. I can't know. Oh it's joy. Second now I second, your logic day on receiving fuck. Up this weekend, men Gray Maynard End, Frankie EDGAR, the fight cancelled or Apple five round champion, applied as the main advantage or cancelled. Why Gray Maine Apparently it hurt his knee, but he was. Fight. Anyway, you know he was poop cuz. It was for a title shot, so he was going to figure out how to adjust nurses knee getting us three weeks away, but Frankie EDGAR broke his ribs and when his ribs are broken you can No way is fucked. Anderson solve actually fought, shale son went broken rip is either broken, rib
separated. Rib there's something wrong with his rib, but you know he he took it anyway. You know he guess it was. He felt like he could still pull it off and he did, but with EDGAR apparently was too bad. You couldn't do anything so Frankie, EDGAR and Gray Engrais, mainly there's gotta, be moved tooth somewhere around, I think they said it with depends. However, the heels up to be like. Late summer early for some around So now I don't know who the main event is. I think it's gonna be rampage versus mad Hamel ice story versus Jago out as a big fight on that card, to that's a fuckin nasty fight without great with the Eu see buying strike forces egg or to be more events now or just bigger events. When you do have answered the question as right now. It's two different companies and their as of right. Now they own both, and so they can bring guys over like they brought may him over to the USA, because you know they own both of a military. If you fuck Sarka fight on these guys, what most popular fighters in the world and you you idiots aren't fighting like we're, gonna nonsense, so awesome so glad you can be in the sea. Finally,
yeah to be huge form. You know it to be and you know what it's he should have been in the USA a long time ago he's you know that the real problem, the strike force, is what our member who said this, but it was its very astute They said that there were when you were when you watch strike force. What was awesome about it was you, go see a lot of knock out and lots of missions, and sometimes you wash the you have seen the guys are so evenly mass that the kind of cancel each other out. Then that is true, but because you're mismatches, though one of the reasons why the so exciting is because its Paul daily versus Scots myth and the reality has got Psmith really can't stand with Paul daily. So too does turn out to be a spectacular, knock out and also the it's it's better there's more competition, it's better, but sometimes the fights aren't nearly as exciting, because these can cancel each other out, but then times when you get to the bad motherfuckers in the world- and you know one guy take
Chance, like Anderson, silver versus retort and wines, are being ultra spectacular and even worth more because you know that these guys are the best guys in the fuckin world. You know so it's it's all it's it's! You know it's all tricky man, it's all tricky, it's gonna be better to have all these fighters in, but they have to figure out what what exactly they're going to do? I do miss the mismatches of the old UFC's. You know like. Where is a black belt in Jiu Jitsu versus a bartender? Applebee's. Those are fine, as far as like as a spectacle so yeah. I guess just ass. They moved to Jago Alvarez, verses, Rick story to the main card, but there's a lot of good fights on this have any those like fight fantasy camps. You know you have for like basketball and baseball it go down and play with all the and
You know that's a good question, but that they have go down and get your fuckin boiling, Miss Ashton. When our shadow, I would do it the other oji I've had a fine, also such training yeah. They should do something like that. It's not a bad idea. Miguel Torres verses, mighty mouse johnson- that is the fucking fight this guy. Meter is mighty mouse Johnson. He fought spike tv last time. We fought kid Yamamoto who had one point time was one of the bad motherfuckers in the world and now he's down to his real weight of a hundred thirty five pounds. He could not fuck with this. Do stood, might emails Johnson. Is this tiny little guy who move? faster than I've ever seen anyone. He is the perfect reason like the perfect, like, like version of the hundred and thirty five five pound fighter. If you want an argument like why do they have this hundred thirty five per week last watch that guy is nobody at one. Eighty five can move like that. This fact guy moves like a lightning bolt, just diamond.
Their punches, his doubling take down, is faster than any I've ever seen before any stand up as fast as fuck too. So this guy's fighting the former champion Miguel Torres. That's that's, sick, fuck and fight. I hope that's on the main card. I think it is when I made my be it might be. A swing bowed her somebody might might be despite it is. I think it's a spike tv fight the strike. First, I've girl fighting. Yes, they do have growth. I ended Dana just can't no, he didn't chance or that they have this fighter summit where they met and they talked about the the girl fights and they talked about call them lying now. I've never call the girl fight. I would have to that is a facial on the african continent. Our goals are always more five year, yes, no matter, I love watch knows Youtube videos like chicks, fighting it Danny's and stuff. I value that one. There was all over the place, a sermon. That's been it's just that
especially when girls, five, it's the people, you don't. I don't really give a fuck about how the love watching the peripheral people like all bitch, just just that it's grant their hair and stuck it and they would have it just so much better, more animated. The people around them just fuckin calling shit out Jesse that won the couple weeks ago. There was a video going around that it was a fight at Dennys, where a black eye was dressed up as Bobo FAT, like you mustn't, if God awful some star wars, convention and stuff, and he just sitting there videotaping this booth. Next on these checks, all fighting with the cop and sell it is one goes swings and tries to punch too in the face all Rodya girl down. It's funny how you can go from, you know trying to be civilized, to smash and ask her out of the ground and just for putting on your job a fat costume and then giving ground where I was that world star hip hop. Yet one of the areas that includes one website world start hip hop is the conglomeration of the worst beat down in the history of the internet, dude worlds
Esther resist on there. The other day you see their voice heard come her video of her asking their sex questions has dress up as a little girl. They had her as the video of the week or something put on anything. It doesn't have to be hip, hop related, but a lot of it is black people getting the fuck beat out of there and do this on video or one guys, talk and shit and he gets knocked out, and then everybody runs by an punches in kids. This guy, while he's unconscious, it's fuckin disturbing one uses. His head, like a fuckin soccer body, does runs up boots him in the head that another guy comes up and populism and ahead there are doing what is guys unconscious with his pants down it's hard to watch man. It's beings, man when they they get away with shit, and when we see a little bit on the internet, when people get or anonymously snipe out, you and say evil mean shit when they know they can get away with shit. You see the weakness of humans character. You see like the lowest pursing go this way.
If you things lower than you see a guy just got knocked the forgotten. You just run over and kick him in the head, because you can. It takes a special kind of fucked up in pain, human being too that dehumanize and unconscious guy like that? But this there's a bunch of videos on world starship people doing them and do not you guys know who might absence the guy Julia. What video here, someone served him while he was on stage served him subpoena really, while he's performing they the woman is through on the stage and then he got you want because often the saying Anna some bitch is through some papers on the mother. Fucking slippage fuck, you, your white paper like an innocent emitted to participating in a nightclub brawl saying this is, from when I what that Niggers ass in Detroit yeah in any continue to talk about the process server, as is you walk into the exit, all those I say it. I don't give a fuck suck my dick. Why
statement of converging conscript of this there's our video. We can let us think about where the only people that like, if you wanted to kill us or service, you know exactly where we are on our wedding, lock out either. I asked on bananas even anger at eight o clock. You know with the plague at the address phone number. If you want tickets, here's the audio from everyone here, the idea, shore, zero Nan it those Welby Gemini hearing. Yet its exercise will be speaking. Martian near the guy's got a martian talk. I already. I don't know this not may not be true, but I heard you pull or got a gun pulled on and pulled a gun on in the middle of a set one time. Well, yeah Joey Color was due prefer pipes in Brooklyn. There's a guy sit in the front row. Those heckling them and the guy pulled up is short and showed a pistol bob. I was there
Holzmann got the gun pulled on a Monday, undercover cop, really, a whole strategy, the cops and then Holtzman, you know the guy was an with an off duty. Cop, the guy pulled a gun out reading the report. Now he showed what I showed the guy then Holtzman just kept. Of course, as if this is to say what let it let it happen now if it's gonna head and then left and then a guy wasn't that members in the parking lot walking around these girl from there that's when he pulled a gun out, that's when we call them and the cops took him around the corner behind the house of blues and let him go. I would like to get the big dog and pony show put him in the back of the car handcuffed and then we follow him around and he'd. Let it be, behind TAT. His wife come pick him up. Why boom gone well, you know cops have to look after their own, but that's an embarrassing moment. He was wasted. That's week? I was there. I remember that a member that vaguely our members because I was like sort of in the outside of it when the cops came. Cables like what happened like what kind of a crazy asshole like what are you thinking
gonna get away with that. No one's gonna call the police. He did. It, just where the but a silly man thinks it can build. A pool of fuckin got out like yeah cops that were that used to role. That area there were calls farewell area, member that big. What the fuck is. This name MIKE the eddies the car is to park on the rampant, is coming and has in common, wants to show and hang out, and I think they all do that my truck- and he goes This morning we knew cargo cause. I smell good. We questions that Somali. No, I think they worked a camel too. I know Berossus friends like they do so Here are two sides to hook those guys up with. You have see tickets Aurelia dad course. Fuck, like you know who likes watching, did beat the fuck out of each other. The cops they and their all Marshall artist, I've known cards from merger Jitsu. If your comment, you better to fight you better learn. Something at some point
You have to wait when I see a guy was completely out of shape and, like the obviously not skilled and ease of, is a cop. That's that's! That's a scary place to be man. It's going to be, anyway, but it's really scary to be a cop where it like you, pull your gun out. Click click, click, the bullets, don't work, you're, unarmed and he's armed. Now what up that scariest fuck? Now there was a the other guy getting loose in prison. He was Hank overcome in their brain somewhere and there was like two cops and he just starts beaten. A flock of these two cops and they they were so helpless. They did not know how to fight the guy tries to grab a hold of me doesn't have any technique. He probably never been blast in the face before sweet freaking, the fuck out of here this wild crazy prisoners tee and often, and then the guy tries to jump army blast, the other guy? It was ugly he's got beat the fuck out of two security guards beat the fuck out of them unconscious. You know they thought too. It would be enough to contain and like because it in our fight to debt must be the
was terrifying place to be not knowing how to in being stuck with a crazy prisoner who just nothing to lose man, especially the guy's again for murder. Those guys geyser in for life were well yeah. What what are they have to lose? You take more life. What a weird fuckin life it must be ever watch. Those movies are those documentaries where they go into like there was one of em where they wanted this one guy was stabbing. This guy was all on camera. I forget what the name of the documentary was, but he was stabbings in the eye like over and over and over and over again, he was stabbing this guy and he was screaming out white power and he jumped up this why power jumping off in this mother fucker, and this guy is on the ground like barely alive, a hundred fucking holes in his head. He just stabbing, over and over again in the head of my wow like Dat Disney. This is a totally different world leader, This levels there's a spectrum of human behaviour, and when you see that spectrum, when you see like that,
it can. Lady last week, a video of some cartel woman chopping, some guys head off slowly and then skinning his face. They skin his face and innovation that put it all on video when you get to that level levels of humanity. Words is like what well like when you hear about like what add the in used to do the guy. That was responsible for the the legend of jocular. The legend of Dracula came from an actual me, who is such a ruthless mother fucker that it would entail p put on stick and keep your head on a stick, write their whole body, their head parts of their body, and he would eat them and it eat their flashing before them to each other. It would cut their pieces up and cook it. Feeding of each other. When people do. We leave them up there for months and people would come over. You know house hassling s, fuckin, some people killed the other day. You wanted make sure that everybody knew he was a bad mother. Fucker do not fuck with me. I'm taken shit to the next level, yeah yeah yeah, you or you may be
the die, but he will. We put our fuckin stick unhappy either for the next three days. One thing a man when you hear about like people ticking shit up to the thought that the highest scariest notches, like one of the scheme things that I have read was about a people that it arrived, the first people that arrived in income, the native Americans and would some of the fucked up things they did to the native american babies ass. Their heads on rocks pick them up at his feet, dashed among the rocks and it was not easy Columbus man, Columbus's boys Columbus was essentially a mass murderer. Columbus this serial killer. You know that the boy what those people Don Colombia's and then the people that that came with him, what they had done to the native Mary. That were there, you know I don't if there is resistance, if you know the native Americans attack first, I don't know what the fuck started it all off, but if you read oh into like the ancient like I was writing a scream once a one point: I was ready a movie, a werewolf movie about the old West was like a long time ago.
Ten years ago. As as I'm writing this, I started really getting into the old western reading. Like all these stories about all these different battles and the foot brutality. Both sides, the brutality that the horrible shit that people would do we're american soldiers would cut the pussy out of debt in American Indians cut their pussy out and where it on their hats, as a good thing that this all the tide segment. Probably why they did it work as they turned to their other bodies and devise when it probably has widened reaction still hasn't changed its also to let people know that you you're you're, taken shit to the next level there, and you know everybody- has this romanticized vision of how the American Indians live and they were in peace and harmony, yet and no because they weren't in peace and harmony with themselves out. There is a fine all the time, the Sioux Indians, for example, like that the term sue, that's not what they call themselves so they call themselves look the coda there were the Lakota people
the other Indians call them the Sioux Cosu Means enemy so Yes, he's motherfuckers would just the biggest baddest motherfuckers they would come in and kick ass on. The other Indians and rate there women and kill everybody, so they call them the. So when are we? We await a lived running around animals, shooting Fuckin pointed sticks, it other animals map, pussy hat and by the way I didn't. I didn't even have horses until the Spaniards ride. Out till they brought him. Oh yeah, when the Europeans arrive, that's when they started writing horses before they were living like this crazy, nomadic life of thousands of years ago they had nothing going, they didn't have the wheel, didn't that Shitt shed happening. There were living that this weird harmonious almost like animal. Like advanced animal life. You know they would It would do a lot of HANS where they will do hunts by exhaustion were they. Follow a deer and a warrior. Would chase a deer down and literally run at that dear until that dear died of exhaustion, and then they would kill it
and then they would all eat it, but they wouldn't chased them from miles they just in such incredible shape and they had in will they had to do is to stay alive. The out you know when you don't have when you you don't have a horse to chase after something you have to chase after on foot you now and if I may be yours, an arrow suck. You know maybe have figured that out yet so you're living like people live thousands and thousands of years ago. So in Europe they had written language. They had culture they had plays. They had all this shit going on. There were so advanced as far as like society, and then you would come to North America and there was savages like literally targets, are sometimes I'm so tired and like a monument to walk nor decided already been killed. For me, I know right and then you gotta get out of the car. I watched her read the other day till I get is good man, the new ones, good, as good actor, Fucking Jeff it is well yeah he's about. On the fucker he's really good. Matt Damon was gonna to every eye was going to the little girl was good. It's a good move elsewhere,
first thing ever today, really an episode of like modern family and in this she's, fuckin, good man. She can act your ass off, but you you look at movie and you see the hardships of the time like hope that people will know what would you know with the ship they had? It goes through back then, just just riding around on animals. This. That alone, you get on a stupid. Stinky train goes like thirty miles an hour, to write an animal. Your call, your call everything kills you. Called mostly most likely you're gonna die, pheromones rear you jerk, and only a priori, don't do anymore. The one you're like an half your family. It's give you travel across the country and happy families gonna die on the trip. Yeah happy you guys are going to die. He ain't gonna make it yeah, maybe a thousand years, and I remember how that bit goes by using its age court yeah yeah. That's the whole thing. You're like this is where we live now, because you just got you were the lazy ones you liked I left
the day. The idea was the only people in production Kentucky aren't in produce because producers the share yet spirits produce because their walk across the country and what my feed her eggs, hecklers, thorbiorn fog and they decided in some shitty spot codify awkward wanted just keep doing it down it's hard because you know you'd spewed survive man, it's like when you watch lost. It all makes sense. The crash on this plane crash crashed plane on his island. The survivors learn at each cocoanuts, and this is what we do now our societies here. This is where we live. You know I mean it makes sense that we do this. We you would do to you form some new society, a new culture in the woods and you would fit it had a fuckin use, Coke to go retrieve water from the law will fountain. Now. That is what we do now You would do and do you died. You know because alternative is like what you going to do again: commit suicide, get to the highest, cliff and drop down and and bash your head on the rocks because you can't handle what sows
of years of people, have handled before you it made up in. I don't I don't have likes Ike get suntan Albert so, like I have two days of bad Zis Italian, the YAP on Behalf Irish NICE staminate. I bert I burned did so I'm in I know like in my mind and like yeah, we'll figure it out, and I got a week of fuckin sunburn ahead of me. I'm a guy like you got us in the sun. We get it. You know I poupa rears its hired how human beings have evolved to different climates like if you go to Ireland. Everyone in Ireland is white like paper there, their white is fucked because its rainy Alla time- and you don't have to deal with the clouds that deal with the sun, now sticky teeth. But then you know when you get a place like America. This, like this weird melting pot, people, their genetics, have come from all these different places now now this makes it together some strange environments where you get like belong people in Phoenix of Europe.
On person living in Phoenix Arizona. You got exactly ten hours every year of being in the sun getting big down before you start developing cancer. We up, you know you, you D, better, believe it three and sixty five days a year and add those days you got about ten hours or maybe, if you ration it off over the course of a year, you can survive being outside. But if you want to be some sort of a fuckin farmer or if you like fishing- and here you know, your your arms are always outside in the sun. You're gonna develop some weird shit on your arm. Now, in its this radiation. There's I've seen. I got been like I'm boats before I in time out like that. Do that looked like me, but just like when they take their shared upper like the arms interface, housing years old, looking leather bag, yeah, dude thousand years old being in the sun all the times, terrible for you, it's weird! It's like this giant nuclear explosion, millions of miles when it keeps us live, but it also wants to kill us. We need it, but it wants. It wants us to die,
and if we move just a little bit too far away from it, we freeze to death a little bit close and all the water evaporates. We cook, you know it's like the delicate once you know, the only reason why we are able to live on this planet, environment is stable at all, is because of our moon, because our moon is so large or moon is one quarter the size of the earth and its you know a stationary orbit and it keeps our orbit stationary. It's it's. Poverty interacts with our gravity and it keeps us in a stable path. Where every year were, you know it doesn't get to call and a dozen doesn't get to how doesn't vary too much but other planets. Some have elliptical orbits, where their distance between the sun and and and rapidly grew yeah radically. And it's also like the angle that you, u turn like the moon, doesn't turn the moon is. It follows the same face faces us all the time spins around with us, but it keeps wins around with us with the same look, whereas other planet spit.
We are now they spin and they think they have crazy orbits like if you look at the orbits, we would think that orbits Robbie circular but they're not like I'm sure I've just what I just started realising this when I started studying others, Zacharias Hitchin stuff we started talking about. Beroe this that the ancient Sumerians the oldest known civilization. As far as written language in mathematics, they talked a lot courting disastrous hitching guy. A lot of people have doubted what he says and of contradicted, but here said that there was a planet. There was three thousand six hundred miles away and over three hundred three thousand every three thousand six hundred years this planet, that's on this crazy elliptical orbit comes between Mars and Jupiter and that there is I thought about this, and I was like our planets elliptical like what they said even possible. It's something would win and if you want to know what elliptical is ellipticals like scar, instead of a circle in all its like a law an oval. Now you apparently there's a lot of planets are elliptical a lot and by
in every star systems, is a lot of binary star systems too, is like an that's one of the things they think that they suspect might be outside of PLUTO. Like there's all the speculation lately about there's something wrong with the moon's gravity and the way the moon's orbit is, and it's reflective of some are larger body in the solar system and is also a lot of evidence of something called the galactic shelf in the Kuiper belt, and all these stories that around the real outskirt of our solar system like outside of PLUTO. Apparently there's like a big drop off and there really quite sure, that there's some large body out there and its probably for at times the size of Jupiter at least Jupiter is fuck man normous. So they think that this might a brown dwarf star that we might actually have a binary star system, but that this other star is way the fuck out there and it's like it's a brown dwarf, and I guess you can't see them that. Well, I guess it's very difficult to figure out where the fuck it isn't
they haven't been able located yet, but do so little? We know about this whole fucking thing that we live in. Look how a blog it's been and look how we want. We haven't even now women's human Mars. Well, that's that's! Technically! If you look at the whole thing, it's like our backs that we have not gone off back porch it even into the fucking ardor the pool or wherever he and you know, and most we believe me when the moon, I'm skeptical still, but in that sounds there goes say, but we haven't been back since nineteen, seventy nine. You know people say so the findings it see to me, like there's some fuckin shenanigans going on I've. I've looked very very so at the home, moon, landing thing and AIDS are ridiculous subject to bring out, because even me saying it in hearing invoice questioning it. I sound like a retard. I saw like a retard to me, but I can't I still can't buy it one hundred percent- I just don't one thousand eight hundred and sixty nine and one thousand nine hundred and seventy two point. Seven trip successful as the only time in human history that humans have been above, four hundred
of the earth's surface. Only the politicians and the politicians missions before that is well. No, no, No biological entity from the United States ever wanted to space and came back alive except humans. We we must send a chicken around the moon, save it survives. We just through them deep space and threw them out into extreme radiation and and they return six- every single time and we have been able to go back to one thousand hundred and seventy to every other man made or a man. Mission from that point on only been up to four hundred miles like under four hundred miles of the earth's surface. They two hundred and sixty thousand miles out and back would have wooden seventy two men night, sixty nine. Seventy two peoples
all kinds of things you sure you could have. You know they would have pulled the trigger and told on us if that was the case may be, but who the fuck knows? What kind of weird shit goes on when people are actually running countries? Who knows what kind of deals they have? Who knows what he likes? You exactly knows he might now. He knows now, there's no Wikileaks and sixty nine. He would have said Adela Vinos right he would have laid down Maybe I'm at first thing. I would that be in Wiki weeks mean who the fuck needs to know if they actually faked the movement who needs to know a few people. Like everyone in the space station, but the fact is the guy that made two thousand when a space odyssey per cubic sandwiches gabert. That was the number one conspirators speculative I did, they said to brick, was probably in on it and that he, because of he, had a relationship with NASA Nasa came to him for some things in April out are the cameras amateur sunlike out of our member,
It's a total retard argument. I understand folks and if not here, listening your fuckin Rogan, Madame Unfollow on Twitter New refer in Ukraine. We were there and I was approached american festival. Not nazi not being have never out of nothing do with us this us in nineteen sixty nine is not you do those those different of human beings. I mean We did go it's very possible that we could go or its very possible that the whole thing was a fuckin hopes. I think we went, but I think it's possible. I wouldn't be shocked, but I've talked to people that truly believe that we went and it sounds to me a lot like religion, then not It is there not willing to question it that keeps saying one of these it's impossible to figures like they faked a lot of shit. They think the gulf a target, the goddess in the Vietnam WAR, they were gonna fig operation, northwards you're gonna blow up civilian airliners and blame it on the Cubans to get us to go to war with Cuba they're going to arms in Friendly's an attack Guantanamo Bay. This is all sit. Should there was there's not Alex Jones. Ladies gentlemen, black helicopters, this
real shit. This is not I'm not making this up. This is. This is all freedom permission stuff and here's a quote, and this is last thing. I would say that this is right out of Bill Clinton's book. Bill Clinton wrote this. Just a month before APOLLO, eleven astronauts Buzz origin and Neil Armstrong had left her colleague, Michael Collins, aboard Spaceship Colombia and walked on the moon beating by five months. President can. Goal of putting a man on the moon before the decade was out. The old carpenter asked me if really believe that happen I sure I saw it on television, he disagreed, he said, He didn't believe in for a minute that them television fellers, could things. Look real that weren't back then. I thought he was a crank my eight years in Washington I saw. Things on tv. That made me wonder if he wasn't ahead of its time. That's bill. Fuckin Clinton, Bill Fucking,
but what does it mean is it might mean nothing? It might mean that he's just saying that that people were foolish, you say, or it might mean that he just question the moon landing and he just said that the guy might have been ahead of its time. It is quite possible. Look if you are the president. You found people really didn't go the moon, Can I can't tell you can't just come out and say that this is about is as transparent as you can get by saying that we didn't go to the moon and putting it in love to ask him about that quote that we would want oh yeah shit. He would who are you? No one will ever asked about that. Someone needs that. Just ask him about that. One who's ever gonna get that chance. I'm sure a lot people now he's probably hang out. These crimes are not. Whether does this give. As those question I say to the most likely scenario is the moon. Landings were real and their people look for conspiracy in everything, and if you look closely at anything, you can start to convince yourself that it's a hoax that is absolutely possible, is also possible. They faked the whole fuckin thing. It is possible that they murdered Gus Gresham who's, the guy. That was a fucking, the APOLLO one. He was together
in the simulator burned to death with two other people like, I was questioning whether another going to be able to get to it left and right. He actually hung a women on the simulator and when it was doing interviews reported to tell people that this a lemon and this is they can communicate with this fuckin tower. That's you know. I have a little away because how the fuck are we gonna talk to people when we're on the moon to sixty thousand miles what that guy died. Ok and his family to this day mean me is this a son? You know, MRS, is daddy and believes in conspiracies too, but they believe that NASA murdered him. There was all A guy and its name was Thomas Thomas, Ronald Baron, and he was hired by Congress, who was a safety inspectors, but hardly Congress to oversee NASA and look at the whole moon, landing thing and z, whether not its feasible. What this guy put together this five hundred page report and a question whether or not they were ever going to get to the Muni said NASA was in such complete disarray that he didn't think it was. There are going to be able to do it that guy died a couple
I don't how long afterwards was very close afterwards in his car parked on a train track with his whole family park, his car, in a train track and and died. When the train hit the really, which is by the way, how they got rid of people in nineteen sixty nine folks. There they killed Kennedy, they can kill you too, and if you can Did you gonna go around undermining NASA's, fake mission to the moon? Well, guess what we're in a park your kind of train track and you're gonna disappear, and so is your little report. Oh look we're on the moon, crazy. What is it who the fuck knows? I dont know. None of us I am certainly not claim to be the possessor of some unattainable truth, all I'm saying is it is possible. They could have pulled it off. I firmly believe that, with the insane budget they had operating, take you to pull off almost anything short of faking gazelle. Getting you attack, Don't you see that movie wag the dog? Yes, I just came up with on the fly losing with on the fly, how Halfpence character just was like array
I will do this- will bring in this guy. There will cast this guy that's earlier, It is a relief and that's that is what they could do. Yeah look who the fuck knows. I know it's a red I am not married to this. I swear to God. I had two arguments on on the air on the pier tell her show on Penn Jillette, rather pendulous radio show, with the this guy Phil Plait great guy, who say he runs bad astronomy, dot com and I debated him about it. You know- and I thought he was going to clown me- I need kind of did- and in some ways in the first one, because he was a kind correct me and some things, and maybe like really kind of sea where he was coming from, but also he was like not willing to look at the possibility that was fake. I said you have to look at things from both sides before you former and a belief in it. You have to look at it from all sides before you choose what side belief, yeah but he's always gonna believe in a side of science is a scientist, unease, astronomer and it makes sense to me, but when I was but certain things man, one of was that they had some photos. Are they
Clementine, lunar orbital and it took these photos. Of the launch sites and there is little specks that were on the ground, and these This is this is like infrared photos from three hundred and thirty miles up or whatever the fuck. It was three hundred whenever the satellite is, how far away it is from the moon and that these are photos, nay showed the landing site, because it's like a blast crater from when the thing took off, and I'm like always that possible that your accepting That is the photo of the launch site when, if you look at the launch site in those high resolution, close up photos, there's no doubt urban whatsoever. There is one of the things that, like the out the hope, stirs other than other people to think it's a hoax, that's what they were pointed this ten thousand pounds of thrust would have blast that fuckin hole in it. But meanwhile, when they landed, there was like it was totally undisturbed like. How are you gonna get crystal clear close up high resolution photos that show no disturbance, but here you can Let's see it from orbit miles,
of the earth. You gonna build a seat as little tiny dot from three hundred miles up, that's craziness and he didn't Anything to say to that present. You never can It is that you never looked at these creators and said how does that make sense? How is that possible? How many then People are still around that have been on the point of view is kind of you bunch. You know their whole squarely. Man was all. And you know it, uses this s fascinating interviews with him and is fascinating and one of them with this guy who runs he's got you. He made the movie fighting happen on the way the moon and he talked, tells buzz. He's a liar and biology patches of oh you, which, by the way rightly self fuck you man, even if the guy did fuckin fake the moonlight. And what do you think it's his idea? You know you're, not that you get tat can you do and you don't think that maybe they had some fuckin guns to his head? Maybe they scared the shit out of him. He became a massive alcoholic after he came back from the moon landings. The weirdest thing about the moon is, as you have to watch the post flight press conference,
I am no science expert, but I am an expert in bullshit. I know when people are lion. I can fucking see it. Can smell it and you can too there's a weird thing with humans. What we can tell if people are being deceptive and these fit the video with them coming back from the moon man, it seems like they're full of shit. It doesn't they're nervous. There definitely nervous too, but it also seems like their foolish. Yet Buzz drain and Michael Collins they're just shitty actors was it? Was it like an open press conference with the cork and one of them the they ask him? What was it like Did you see me stars new element and Michael Collins says I don't recall seeing any stars when I was on moon, recall, seeing, but meanwhile that you never left the command module in the story. The net is that bus drain and Neil Armstrong made to the moon, but Michael Collins, state in orbit. He never won on the moon. So, attributed that quote to Buzz Aldrin in the transcript, because Michael cars would never never say it. It's look. It's all conspirators talk. The I know it is
but there's enough shit there. That makes me go, I'm not willing to totally by this. I know it sounds ridiculous. I know the arguments that that you all comes razor man, most likely scenario. You have to go with that when the most likely scenario is that we can't do it anymore because of budgetary reasons, this net, but There has never been a single technological achievement from nineteen sixty nine, it's not cheaper, easier, faster to reproduce today, except for putting people on the moon. That one is that one every time they talk about, putting people back its twenty twenty or twenty twenty two, but ever president, says they're going to do it, George Herbert we're Bush said he was gonna. Do it Bill Clinton said he was going to do it. George Bush settings they all talked about putting people back in the moon. You, Americans, guys Iraq allows a reprieve like we have enough problems right here here that this is not the time to also due to its also not the time to invade Pakistan's China being Afghanistan. It's time to become signing on our own economy. Going to tat scary,
shit man, all of it scare in Pakistan thing is because you know, if you start with them, then need that cuts off all support Afghanistan, and it's like now now its game on. You want to fight three fuckin. Europe the wars in three weeks time and by the way, that's when I ran is, is comes into the picture to what in this there's all this talk about evading. I ran what if I ran, the Uno keeps up its military programme, its nuclear programme, rather than we have in vain. I ran yeah yeah, I don't know they stole the money We about all this is that we, know what the fuck, the people who are core unquote running this world are doing. We. Know what they're doing. We assume that what they're telling us is what we go not, but they ve been proven. Over and over again throughout history to be full of shit. They ve even said they're gonna be foolish it to protect us. They ve said that the CIA has come out is used.
Ensuring news reported. They were going to start making artificial stories and putting him. The news threw off the terrorists, but when you, start doing that man all bets are off start lined to everybody to protect us like Jesus fucking Christ, we're. Credibility, we're at when? When does this stop in a way Are we angry at the world? Why is the world angry? It asked. Why are we the areas it? This is really have to be micro manage to do. We really have to manage all the people in the world and keep everybody under our thumb. Are you sure is it just because we ve been doing it for ever mean is? Is there a better way to approach this? I just feel like right now with what is happening here and in the sentiment the people feel about. What's going on over in the Middle EAST and they're, taking They had taken care of business on their own, but you see things starting to play out were, but even in Egypt, it's like bit their handling there that the uprisings
happening and they're not perfect, but things are getting sort out on their own and for us to be their interfering or being the catalyst for those kind of things that have is not a good idea. Why are these uprisings you're knocking at the Fuckin Hornets nest, rather than just letting it be and letting them care themselves or take care of the situations that are not happy about themselves yeah. But what can you gotta gonna kind of keep dictators rising up in just fucking our people to its like, because also you when you get it, but we don't do we don't do that. We do we do it when its, but when their our allies- or there are friends, then work than its cool than right. This is a guide. It runs a thing. I noticed problems but has always been problems. He's our front. Wait he's not our friend fucking, go everyone in get him in. We gotta get em how we'll get the next guy. We can trust in their ride like Egypt, exactly arc yeah yeah! No movement. Aren't that's my fear about about Pakistan. Now it's like that. We begin me one one and a half billion dollars a year for arms, and it's like now wait a second you you ve had this guy.
Five fucking years he's lived in this house in seeing singular eight hundred yards way from a military base. You got any, Kill me man at some point like look, I'm not a car, but I e Maybe you didn't know that was in your yard. No sir, now did you guys not was also see there. Did you hear about the railing? There was no dialysis machine. I that's what I read that is its like with that's loathing, retold about like that. Alice thing enemies. He was an almost an invalid. You now- and it's like this guy was roaming around this house for five years, and nobody picked up, this year, its various fantastic story- and we talked about this yesterday. We said that if you had a movie and in the movie, you wanted to have an ending work, leave room for the sequel. This is the perfect ending did to see the body. Is they double the ocean? In fact, Van it's like it's. It's
almost like they want people to gain, even if they did have photos of now. Let him fuckin guess it. Keep things interesting, keeps things humming keeps people the. I want to say to you that block of they die want shirts Adam. He showed him die, they show just showed idiot. I can get. Why can't we have a little. He showed rush on round those aren't dislocated a thousand times on the news that when I was horrible look at, we could see a fuckin photo of it's sort of like we fought this. We paid for this, war. For ten years we ve had so much fuckin problems financially. Here we sense over there, they ve got. Let us see the fuckin phone we paid in the city, a argument either not showing, and I could see that it's going to make him a martyr. I can see that it's gonna make people. You know that in the militant movement is Lama, militant movement. You know that use that as propaganda. I can see that it's better did not show it when you deal with religious fanatics, it's better to just if you really did have it yet to jump in the ocean. For I'm not saying it's the other guy ice, where everybody knows the next president can check it out,
I like it. I got the lie rose, it's the highroad you're right, it means the highroad, but I don't really know where even the high road and losing its the highroad I mean. I just think it's a smart road. I think you know if you look at as far as benefit too, You know too negative repercussions. You would have to say that the benefits would be would lie. In not stirring up more than possible. If you already killed the guy and you got them, though you ve did the work, you did what the pub want you to do. If you got rid of public enemy number one you got rid of this guy got his computers at that really happen. The way they said it happened, yeah like many of you have to show people pictures you you're you're, protecting people, you did your job if everybody is secure and all the people who are important have seen the photos, yemen-
we all need to see. I don't think it needs to be destroyed about this. What if they said? It saddens me that I want to say it's on this website. If you want to look at a great, if you dont, you don't know that started because then the islamic terrorists are gonna, be it will look at it they're going to look at in Google, but there can be no fuckin crazy and areas the strap themselves. I would have thought of my private domain as passenger transacted can't fucking, given that you know a hacker regains its path where every couple months or a year and then hackers gonna I think that was computer, that has it or do something that would be a week. He made If this happened ten years ago, I would say definitely, but I think now, I think, probably not. I think now- they're, probably pretty good at stop and shit like that from happening. If it's all a jet, wasn't the Pentagon just act like couple to go. We had a Brian Cowen on yesterday. I love Brian's. Taken things cause. It's very Fox news, like this rate is: is he's a you know. He by the way grew up, and you know he's very. He believes that there are doing the right things and he be believes that whatever you now that the net
it is that he he follows whatever America is, the reason why we there in certain places- and he doesn't believe and conspiracies, but when you look at all the different goddamn stores like Pat Tillman, try to change that fuckin story earlier and butcher them he's killed by friendly fire and the Jessica Lynch story in the region. The ones that have blown up in our faces? How many of these have they got away with? How many stories that we thank her history. Just cut total complete horse shit, you know. There's a lot is a fuck load. Man there's you now. I just you gotta, be crazy to believe everything. They say. I'm not saying that you should believe Uns conspiracy theories, because a lot of them are just as now and by the way, some of the really naughty conspiracy theories. Garral, fuckin t those are put in place by the government to discredit conspiracy theories, its debts, that's attacked. It has been used, from the beginning of time. That's what they do
It's it's just information without disinformation. They give you a bunch of good information. The bunch of things that make sense like they'll say that Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone, and you know he thought that he was you know doing this, but they had set him up and there really shot Kennedy with assassins that were set up in different parts of the grassy Nolan, all throughout Dallas Texas, and the reason why they used Lee Harvey Oswald. Could they needed him to die so that he could go through a wormhole to Alpha Centauri to bring back the master and man stir is going to reach. You only have to do it and then all sudden that are all the Lee Harvey Oswald is now shit. Now it's easy. Aren't you get people like you can't say Lee Harvey Oswald, because then you get out of fuckin cell somewhere. Exactly it's like talk. Try talking about ufos, try talking about aliens, try talking about the out any anything along those lines and you automatically get label a cook. Try talking about big foot, you're a fucking kook, but meanwhile big foot and mouth
have very well existed. Is an animal called a gigantic Visigoths, so fucking huge, eight foot tall, erect ape that lived in Asia and might very well have come across. The bearing street is still alive. Now, probably but might have existed at one point in time. It's it's a real animal, it's you know, they know what they think it might be and it looks like Bigfoot. It did exist and it existed just hundred thousand years or so ago, and there's been many many instances of shit that they thought was long dead like the coelacanth was officially it's a goddamn prehistoric monsters. Fuckin dinosaur hundred of millions of years. All this they thought this thing was long extinct until I have tabled It was a nineteen thirty someone caught one and they like these are alive there up there in the ocean who the fuck knows. What's in the Pacific Northwest fly over that shit, an airplane primary school? I was just up and Kirkland Washington last weekend or two weeks ago, fucking drains. Their dense forest man you're talking
millions of acres millions of square miles. Probably you know how many squirt now Sancho thousand square miles. What a square miles. Weird thing like there's: a lot of footage and a square miles, not like the distance between two point: zero. How do you do it on a hill resemblance millions of acres but whatever it is. When you fly over it, you look at the density of the Pacific. Northwest has legitimate rain forest where you, see inside you know what the fuck is in there there's a lot of crazy shit in there is our big foot. Probably probably not, but I wouldn't be surprised if it is. If they ve got big don't really. What is it just a big stupid monkey? they wouldn't be any different than a ragged. Tang is really really cool for talk here if it had addressed up including issues like us here, a collision. How do we all family, yeah Bigfoot divorced? Scots, you, kids, say you know they didn't discover the mountain grill untying till nineteen o too. I don't I just you know
discover the mound guerrilla three seconds ago about about irrelevant giant ass, fuckin, huge guerrilla. It's it's a big, fucking guerrilla. I'm learning at my son's loves dinosaurs, these two and a half. So we went to the Museum of Natural history, New York and just gone like it's cool like and museums. So I was a kid really like go back now. You actually care and you're learning more like watching him, and I together, like oh shit. This is fucking like that Rex is fucking massive massive incredible. The vertebrae on the t Rex is bigger than my fucking, You crazy, Jan their mayor there they try to figure out what the fuck, how that why? The t rex is built like that to have so much speculation. This thing of these giant legs and these these tiny on arms, and could it run who did think even run like how fast the guerrillas Jurassic Park they ran member, they ran really fast, but the speculation is that that's not possible and then there's other special,
by more fringe people to think that the atmosphere was different, that there was a much denser my sphere that carry your weight better. The gravity was lighter or something why I also think there unbeliever fight. They never got off balance because their tail wait, almost destruction of from parts of they were never make it just lock those legs just move around and that you can really get him off balance, dissolves Delays in T tea Rex was just a just stay scavenger that those big teeth were just for breath bones. She was dying, left and right all over the place and they were just fine. Like an outer disposal just eat, what every gallic raptors would kill someone and they would they just go, get your bid such as mine, and then they would be big ugly and then they d there's even speculation about the coloring at their coloring be very vulture like as possible that they were like really hideous. Looking. There were just giant garbage, disposals still fantasy, like, although the gigantic massive fuckin bones. That's crazy! What people don't realize man is that if this means that world that existed,
in a sixty five million years ago, before the giant meteor hit all those dinosaurs that were could easily be right. Now that media didn't hit and there'll be no people now there would be nothing those things like that, what world that we have now is one of several mass extinction event worlds. There's been several dick ones along the lines, and this is the latest to survive. The last mass extinction, but there are very different. There are very different, is v few animals that survive that this, the than the one that hit the Yucatan they say it was I've miles long and It was five miles deep into the earth in the first second and a half it hit really by oil, in deep into the earnest secularism, second and a half that it hit, and that's not unusual. That's happened a bunch of times over the course of the history of the earth. It can happen, man and there she has to do about a fuck Bruce will as you can't. You can't shoot around land on that thing in deflect that you can learn about moving gray movie if your high and
sort of was better than our deep impact. I like that move because a push Emmy, I just love. Sharing creepy and where he was just fucking Iraq. It like this Now that a rack me out, I remember when I was really fuckin lame Arrowsmith like battle. Yeah. Well you know that It's weird see Stephen Tyler man. It's weird to see him a man. I don't hate the guy, a huge fan of earlier stuff. Are we talking I can it's where to see him on American Idol, it's weird to that those how it's too man those those movie Roma. The movie ballads that they started. Producing that we're just you know you go back to walk this way. You know you go the sum of their shit, they put out mean it was this
bad ass, rock and roll of run. The Sierra be talked into doing walk this way. Really they were passed. They were like we're line gangsters. We do want to fuck and have a Qatar and it was like when they cut theirs. I think was reverend it in their view is like. Then we get our first check like yet like rec room and irregular. My five they made like more money off their first check from walk this way than they had like their whole career put together, Well, there was a good collaboration to actually was one of the few that made ball. Songs better, like that, like that anthrax one to a pretty girl, with with thumb, they say yeah yeah. I don't know that one. What is Ellen archives? Remember the video agreement, bringing the noise from the noise. Yes, oh yeah, that's right up the trail bright eyes. Yes, that was cool man when wrappers it mean that now the best things are mash ups. You know when they are not really doing it, but there's someone else. Does ITALY where the wire dj do my favorite man is the Jimi Hendrix one with Jazzy? Nineteen
problems mix with voodoo child are really you never that asks. That's. My premier work out shit when I want to kick I'm working on a white ticket to the next level. I throw that causes justice flocking JAM Jimmy Drugs Qatar and that nine nine problem song jammed up into one song. Fuck Samantha Shit out at Son Liberalism Old School day upon TAT. I should so awesome like that, the guitar and that one song down punk what do they say fast, stronger, faster better. They said that they do. Let us on all this is somebody made a mass of one of my ran from the pod CAS mixed with a deaf punk saw yeah. That's it it's a lot like mellow kind of like techno type music, but then they have some. Just amazing songs and one of the signs that it was. It's called. I think it's called digital love, but has its awesome guitar solo in the middle of
that's pretty bad ass, I'm just so like that. Will in two were plain our Banu this year, whose only league show we have duly live show there. What do you know how to do that? Its David tend for comedy. I think it's like we're going Louis blacks go in us is one of the things we like a shouted gather for us to stand up and stop them on a school around Yeah me like that everyone's gonna beers eminence there, the black keys, mobile phones, yeah everyone just gotta be its. Could I hope it's I mean it's an economic power outside in Nashville. So do that sounds Austria is the biggest it's for, nay, it's like it. It's like a challenge, but just and they do a lot of stand up at those two. Don't they do it yeah? This is my first experience with that. I'm doing that and then next week I'm doing this. This country, western, like musical,
well first of all, they mean Jimmy Schubert and John Rape, Jimmy Shah. Might, where get visibility even the best? Slash worse, we gonna, my I haven't seen Jimmy Sherwood around an agency. To do now is great those guys man, diseases, core, communist or group as you watching your advice on Sunday I heard I was less than the podcast we're talking about going through a period where you are on television and still do and stand up and he felt old. You shit was getting old and you were getting tired of it, and I know I just recently gone through that I'm a big I'm coming out of it. I'm not sure what how did you Oh you just was it a feeling you had me like. I feel fucking fake right now and then, but how did you get yourself out of you? Just didn't stop do. Shit just stop right, new stuff, right, the abandoned or material right now and you
if you haven't recorded it just put it on recording make sure you do it an album. Do a cd to do a dvd do something, but you record it and move on yeah yeah. It's important man, you know I didn't do that. Nearly as much and I was younger- and I appreciate my act- and I appreciate the process a lot more now and I don't take it for granite nearly as much now you know before. When we act was like just completely solid and it you know this is what I did for the next couple of years and I'd really didn't add too much to it, and so there's appeared lay in the nineties. Where did that? We're just wasn't was Stanhope wasn't the same thing it is? Is it is now now stand up like this? living thing- that's constantly changing and evolving, and I can't wait to get rid of my material come our new shit, it's scary Reed's garriga beyond, and you know you how you know you have bits that are just proven gems. I now it's tough to let those fuckin bits of
out of, though do you gotta have ours? Are those things slain around that only remember any more than ninety than mine anymore? There that there, the ethers, realler their peoples there. My fans stuff, you know like the intercourse whether or not to do that anymore? You now the tigers, can bit do that you have a bit of a hundred of them. Really bids are gone. I don't want to do many more. I'm gonna get electricity bills shout out like very rarely the old, it's more and more the new ones. You pull Noah's Ark out, the balloon pretty well, because I was high as fox on really. I was tuned into the ether so again this weekend, SAM Tripoli and Tom Cigar, and me at Cobb's, comedy club Thursday, Friday and said today believe salary sold out? I'm not sure I think most the shows are almost sold out. So there's not much left we're doing south calmly whole Wednesday, tomorrow night at eight p m. We do more night Europe. Now I'm gonna Vegas powerful Vegas what they do and I got a patch of parties,
or is it safe son? Don't do anything Kramer, we're relaxing getting older? So that's it. We will be back to morrow. Tomorrow we gotta Doug Benson, without resorting to the gigs you unplug, I'm doing what Brian Cowen the Record Theatre, we're in Baltimore more. They weaken siren. I wouldn t shows the theatre me and Brian Cowen nice and then not this week about next weekend in Philadelphia, helium comedy cutting when Brian do that you do not create together, yeah yeah, we haven't done it. I think we will realise this. Agent me the same so did they sent a sounder together, but are you coin. Like you open one hill open the other. I think that's how we'll do it? I haven't talked to Brian about it, but I figure that's how we'll do it powerful, powerful, hey. That's it lays gentlemen would be back tomorrow with a dog Benson. Thank you again to the flashlight. If you go to jail, Rogan, DOT, net click on the link for the flashlight
entering the code name Rogan and you will save fifteen percent after number. One sex toy for men, oh shit- and I got one for Steve Run- is easier and that's it falls on twitter, others, a tough one ready unless I asked he now here, it's ran Zizi, so there's most a Nazi in their benefits to zis its Steve and then
are a and Anne S easy. I asked I learned it. You need to change you just change it. Nowhere! Stevie too deep. Now, I'm too to foreign he's too forum in the greatest it's fucking with your twitter counts, the gaiety of our shared. Is it took me locked him as they have to figure out how to spell it yeah. You know what I did. I worry on twitter page. If you put in the outside and then start Stephen chose Mellow Steve that I have a really are, and then it show me you as an option and liking air. It is playing a god otherwise than I thought alien to amount to show it three Clodagh yeah thank everybody and now will see tomorrow. Lovey budgets.
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