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2010-03-09 | 🔗
Date: 03-09-2010 The raw audio from the Joe Rogan weekly live USTREAM video show with Brian Reichle, and Ari Shaffir.
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record start broadcast live here he asked john i'm trying to figure out there we go benches where's this week ten assumption who is who knows as let loving eleven new here i'll ever so funny going through all the whole podcast every beginning of everything a park ass my nigger you i know that now please turn off your radio right our native peoples call it a fever himself will be listening to himself and their answer nonsense conversation here this is already a disaster like as being a moment's record
cell phone turn out that radio fortunately the youngest years was broadcast so big i saw this weekend at the temple improv almost sort out surgery ass very nice old already zone if you take his left relational prying eyes on its way and cry we get in crossing mark a man he wants you to show reactions hurry tab is always one because our spheres dead punch and they will and they had a strict now to dead punch second dead strove there's a hanger full terminal the biggest donors which was started by itself on both ears
you didn't hear all things seem strange to bride is reduced my website and doing so spoken master genius self is put the yeah do you dream actually on jerome you don't need to go to the web page desert there's a little corner link this is live webcam you're right now so you get better value that in his eyes and is now to be defined in the official journal over past years just a job it's got dowager ocumpaugh gas incitants shirts we have seen you can go to your website and download the mp3 zune do so just hates apple so my she heard you wanna do is fucking devices ever unless it does i think better there's no need for an airline microsoft virtually upon and people prefer it how they like super windows heads people are just we met denial scarcity
what do remember everything that words like a fake we owe that posted up and now it was retarded i guess a new ones not bad i guess the problem use the technology right didn't you said handle who have people further the technology the arrival avars android devices and spread devices they're off far right now because they own her apple wounds i twenty of the patents that all these new cell phones are usenet why you have a phone like that they enjoy the drawing room hence the zoom just like the iphone well yeah they all apple owns all these patents so andrew might be heard andrew even palm might be heard and bizarre new followers are all really just grimace stealing of apples shit there would be not the only one is not forever i guess it's the new windows seven phone so more than what the response given that they were really smart not to use any patterns they have their own shimmer of patents this person is no better way to do that really is not there
there could be like a waiter you can make light circle resume you know it is clear him sir hope what are you gonna be able attention yeah but what it wanted to see one part circular zena now now to this day by day right here the girls i know you didn't want to do that rights like we have water you hear the words are you out of here you accepted the way your ear wars when the wars in the ravages of mobility so the people are still on the internet now aspect of male far there's a fuckin awesome document vps tb about this dude who lives in the arctic is when the last he was allowed to live in the arctic and he lives like wait a fuck up in the north east port of alaska like this no one within my hundreds of miles him he doesn't have a car he gets electricity from a generator and
fuckin shoots all his on me kills also rabbits filters on caribou has to protect his cabin the tiny he asked how the size of a bedroom has to protect his cabin four walls like it really from up there rather bears come to the count as he has just made outside because it's never we don't have refrigerator ready sir this weapon me outside and bears case little come into the cavern smell so his dog he leaves out that's posed to protect women and bark so then he comes out to chase the bear them fuckin shot gun he's doing this in the night time night and he can't see and its jason those fucking sharon should now it is not like this guy is living extreme as is all that sort of civilized guess ago yeah he's gonna television he's gotta janet get electricity watches dvds and he gets ship to him
still has not seen even an image of the nine eleven powerful now we heard about on the radio those crazy he this outrageous humanist fucking wife man it's not sellers what she's not possibilities waters were now russell peters up in his village prosecutors is the man was a nice guys ever higher recipes but his india and we have to deal with that you can't just let it go it's there were all taken about it what's this the other day russell's hang rustles hang out somebody i could get the your hip hop rap guy from the eightys as it takes too ok now sunlight willing i was hanging out with him yet again dj today's russia forget but like manner so awesome so knows what the answer that question is john you know
rob why that's are even less in the song was announced grew savage that is our right now this man who can restart a third base that'll record third base the white i those mother welcomes ass many they add to those they d with the funds is named the white dude it is a very nice there was one ip nice and with the other one hers who was now covers a few nice and base rob basically with no basis no
where we have had a tv show which one have exhibition was happy nice was that better well that's why rammers now that's my wrappers gradual dj google just make sure that we do not enable all nobody has you right here again sniffles man decay sniffle who are the third basis and those a guy with glasses they're both white guy but the big primitive revised but some of those in the other guy strategies rocky richard rich now and she searched as he has told us that there is an amazing ranges blows up immediately i was he said why is it so far of the surgery persons the gun information like but the ones that if we want a member gets away when you
memory was in your head at all and this what brings you out and also rebirth be how's that why would sometimes must always some shit and happened like when you were a kid what the fuck i forgot about the girl blue it was clear that happens that opens up a lot of these little memories that just because you remember that one thing and remember my own relates to listen i gained the grocery store of different you do get the gas both know how is it tat was good man i'd like that guy's flow basing my people like pigs because was white like that he became a producers have a rapid which i think was a huge mistake letting us
operating room back ass was fuckin good like oh i love you start but i felt like he was almost sort of like doing it sort of apologizing adjuvants does he stopped doing it with caution and never stop rather than i was up in good idea that he went on to produce some wreckers i'm sure he produced in order to move out of eu countries like india perform i can appreciate that voting with him tat i was really fun really enjoy shit illegally download those albums tonight down for pay items guerrillas i'm came out today did you say you like i don't like a single i've never think of other groups yeah i was i want something to do with the devil i know what i mean if i guess i one anyway and she searched please come back
as we would rather see sycamore man i too late just fuckin does all that happened fucking do the sun to step up its back i like it i like rap music man a joke about it but i really do man's fun i loved you now talking shit i like listening another now backwards that's my no that's great ones nasa great writer but hip hop is dead that's my landing music is a rotating three songs hip hop is dead tory ablest crucify and was and child questioners worrying about learning is a land so that my fuckin lamb i touched i haven t the following question why is this let him have you found underlining first class i knew it that's the trouble with you i was reminded unbounded upper class but on the back like the nazis and back again
total your way contrary down what do you mean i never we'll take it off to the re offer take you have telling taken over my on the rate of interest leaping they'll never went well thanks leave her picture ignore our measure that my seat is up for that but you now among due to share it here and should please a nice no one's gonna because my fucking one of the biggest cause of railways sorry away it's not a big deal i mean what do you want you turn off everything why is europe gain boys this it's like a lock on the river on if the world its assets is nonsense the idea is some sort of voluptuous parents but i think really a good idea to is that it forces people to comply unnecessarily the previous eat up ever that very faces ridiculous and i
the thing was ridiculous to force people to put their seat but now i think is important because you gotta get than the fucking listen to us what did they do get outta here don't you like me back if you now if you're gonna get hurt you gonna get her in our agents can i use not gonna hurt you any less cause you like this then you are like this you getting a jack i guess maybe now i can't i can't see how even in the most furious turbulence would make a difference but you're fucked eager wagered factor for your goddamn metal to fly into the air you now i think the good thing about it did they get you to comply and i think you know i don't want anybody to tell me what to do and you don't want anybody tell you what to do but let's be honest we're not going to do anything crazy you know there's a lot of people out there that need to be told
tomatoes learning about a file of the path i think people this is certain people went to many of us we need very clearly establish rules never you have this is like it sounds like a conservative just an extraordinary times and i started to say fuck and dummies out there is a very important to have certain about order to the world because even though you dont want that order you ve worked really hard to put yourself into a position where you don't have to have that order you know i mean look at the life you chose you went from like a very obvious you know you know like a regular normal person's life to be in this crazy fucking comedian where you know your make your talking shit on stage and they owe you sleep till noon and it mean that right that that right there is most
would never be rigour witnesses to tricky you fucked up almost done people would never be able to figure out a way to slip through them we're path career by the way what work right now i've automobile well you know nobody really wants to work unless what you doing and that does not work then that's really the secret and then everybody loves something else man i mean there's a reason why others lawyers is reason why there's a lot to do to love me fucking dentist that is a lot to do to love being carpenters and everybody's got their own thing whatever the fuck it is if you want me to find it then it's not really work until then it's going to suck on the road
especially now i m awfully visas for free that's why so whenever people ask me look here the only future with torture or somebody whatever almost like i said no before and then if i get publication and i want to get there one laughter it is one of those who were now australia the flight fatty acids sixteen our times a light credit here and it's like nineteen ours has literally you're the next day you know cycling really delusional added no but since i got the club some people go then you just sparks it up now it's crazy man for the job ass a fine you don't like it is fire up you just gotta you just get one people man
with people in their regular draft and feel but we feel when you tell him you know occasion sleeper couple hours efforts to hire logo on certain wired afterwards rushing when you got a new bed the avenue have you been killing takes only up to the next level it's crazy communism farm house and wondering now
ever very mixed guys to watch the university walk on mushrooms when we get back from tat there is something there in three day i've acts and disregarding the right have you got a bachelor before though that water is definitely your first battery laughing about backdrops thing for sure you could definitely too much of anything haven't answered member state of mind you know i've had that europe's on pop never badger financing elsewhere but i've had bachelor party i think it's a state of mind i think it's how you where you rat when you take it if you're in a good place any favours if they do i mean by some of its terms i start shooting diarrhea and know that changes everything they think you're dying wasn't much gets what accident accosted me we're not going back let's do it
april relating to you haven't seen it or heard about an irish fears doing if you live in a leg he's doing this cycle delicate show and he did it with the latter was last day february click on your your website ray i don't look at me i'm gonna make a better this so the idea the shell is more for me as a we now we must finally to have had a few cited own experiences and a lot of them had a really funny stories to go with them and so that the role of talking about it you from the ground so the guy yet it is fine story on his age savareen learned told a hundred times i was gonna live where we need drug experience for young people happy this weekend as western i read your spirits in our sincere you're
don't worry for the barrister they always was incredible that it pay on his spirits of my friend mousing the earthly took it and he said he could hear people talking in the building glass window here than talking meanwhile is probably just like it i think i think there's this way ways we can perceive things other than the standard not drunk i can do your things for their way bethlehem center like a bar what can hardly hear nothing i can stand on one person talking why when evaluating the people around us i see them here with his eyes even liver liver without your liver is what makes our little when you
that's what i'm pretty sure that she's gotta levin hydroxyl metabolites apparently it's it's some it is present in smoking when he swung his friend but it's not like a cycle at levels but when he eat it is processed by body and produces this fuckin insane kaliko that's like four times more psychoactive than tac that's why would i saw mills brownies the cookies facility was its cargo even fucking jellia ds freaked out during this mild though is the first time on our rivers but i realized i was were also highlights day and you wake up your stomach shuffling feet fields where we are the cause of hired hits you we are happy to i think
i was so hot i re evaluated my entire life that night i really did i made some life changing decisions that night i was so fucking gone literally made it was very very similar to taking mushrooms very someone just justice it just going to different places like wow this is trunk you know how i knew it was really really really strong is why i laid in the bed and i close my eyes and the fucking hallucinations were insane it was all tat was all leaders like these cartoon characters blocking each other and becoming ever things about each other and become indifferent things fighting each other and become indifferent things it was insane like the party characters were like like a glowing almost like an e on the end of your glowing me on quality to them like they look like someone drew them but then like a glowing neon like centred it was
fucking saying what i'm going to have a holy shit this is from eating we mushrooms us without getting second step resorted to bear it was weird went into like stages about for some shaken back then i wouldn't sweaty and then i got into like thing i felt like i was going inside out or some there was like seven things but it was in a cycle like i'm like work next come to shake right here comes a shape is that a good many ways exceeds of the earth man to go to his rival hundred fifty of those things and eat what yeah i mean that's how bad my last must ensure wise and it was it was sick mixed with thinking i was synchronous season unless you take about aid have an aids and drivers in mid april what is an age
leslie people do have memories outside workforce for searches over right see the real big doses like five paragraphs five grams see suddenly took it to some people under does it know do you got spoke seven joint able thing to do to get the most out of high really the way to really do right is to mass more power for a long time and then below the high as a car and then you have i haven't the last couple days and i thought what have you heard a couple days you will always have you ever thought with those guys like trip on one hand about sexual you know there are deficits what do you think that we all have different chemical structures
yeah but i beg you didn't even try the wonder stay there doesn't know i'd like to have five pizza review every minute do you just can't drink i especially back in boston i do a lot of guys that they would drink and then one drink and they were gone there just didn't exist with once one drink should go one drink in and then all sense be throwing glasses and courage swear i believe that the same weight as somebody completely handlers nights it was not one fucking drank achieved we got one one it was then she was allergic alcohol or something that was something we're ass she was completely crazy there's one guy i knew that describes his friends on facebook she might be watching i by person what are we gonna fuckin religion man has secured lifesaver because don't you guys at least have a chance to find out
stop it larry story so if you smoke we might have taken up good with we'd whether she one bong hit she stood up ramp full speed into my bathroom hit the the bathtub and just flew in the bathtub and smashed your face in the bathtub you got it i would have a wrong because i want to hear that you did unlikely sit there something weird in her whatever dna snapped a meal we also don't realize how strong the rain this is a higher as well this is not meant to freak about how we can further
is mexican brick weed isn't that where to press we're at least you like this i don't have much weed left for that one breaker just like pulling out photos long time ago i m coming up with the answer is no other brokered i've been so as proud always existed in other people arrested for drugs wiseacres speeding you have a life sends in your car just something stupid like those talking on the phone with eyes enhanced support for that and also the counselor rank ass molly pop atrocities have fuckin guy britain weedin back right or your perkins i'd rather door open girl sitting on your lap ok whatever gun in the back seat of your car i why so nervous rice when what is it about these fucking troxler deposited and they have a hundred million dollars or do we change fuckin semis
how crazy that's like the gamble let's take a chance to those get through the last they must get through about ninety percent of them get busted one of on in areas because the guy had a u piastres pierre try stolen wasn't real was forged a fake you pietro they maybe you pietro took the numbers from one of the other europeans traps in word down recreate a fucking eagerly gap really do i go over because the cops ran the fucking number there was there were speeding are doing something the council the number that was on it and it turns out it was it was the wrong track brazil it nowhere monsieur national mass for whatever reason so they decided coma simple scalers jive forget traveller weak only those decided to pretend their delivering the word were for you the pretty knowing jacket they probably limited popular types
in ireland and one guy just out of carelessness their driving fast ending up ass it goes a complacent where the girl we normal and you feel like you caught me that's what and then becomes part of throw that too i think people this letter dated crime and they think that crime sound we are debating illegal we pay taxes is a fucking a wild outlaw thrilled to that shit you know some people love living like that tells motherfuckers candy around him blow up fishes laughs like playing by societies rules when you re around selling drugs i like you drive off me our view have you the guy is making life of selling
if you make your life or sancho game you might be fucking crazy you know you might just be a reckless while mother fucker less dangerous than behind you will get rich and retire off ok i don't know any moment our view is if you the irrawaddy coating cowboys really griselda she's she's still alive clothing have worked she got out and retired cut out of the shepherd above you talk to children to our people will ass you made hundreds of millions of dollars she was like the two wheel to launch an overdose like directly responsible for like two people die offer hope probably do some ass well ass drinking i got your humble jaipur manager now in my room
we know it is resolved shifts that impression of rambo top on this issue before there now she's very lonely man sees riches fuck she's like incredibly incredibly rich and ruthless coping how was fucking primer thought oh my god you watch it wanted greystock knows everything cooking have always too is even better cooking cowboys tube is just fucking nuts man me and it tells you it just shows you how nutty miami was in the 1980s when cocaine is coming through there i mean it just changed the fucking face of the city that city was built hey the cops there were so many corrupt cost of one year the entire grand waiting group in the police academy the entire gradually group all of them either wilder and locked up in jail oliver
maybe so much oh my god it's so crazy that's why we're losing their civil code it's a cocaine flavoured city relax people miami man i had a show with their recently i did the lincoln theater awesome man it was really awesome everybody was the show was nice man that's that the price of the worst proud we're having a moment to ever that my any improper may me stop going my aunt who so bad they would just yet shit nobody before it was just like thirty tables was dreaming i won't talk you shut out what giant room full of hope has just a roomful of course have been lying about this we are actually people in the crowd how many people do you think we're coke has if we have how many eating either it we're on coke iraq here no more it is heavily on doesnt bullshit and afford they didn't have they might get shit because the common may really it was
that places raising acumen caught up in that place is one of the one point is never heard a headline target more sabotaged when they decide kevin meaney up after joey diaz you talking cuban and coke that's what i mean in the eyes steuben the eyes does does no code and jelly has like an hour of popular go on living under the waste as a surprise that you can go about somebody you see somebody just die ladder you i got you know about this spit he says shit around if you have ever done culprits fine just two types of your third you know you know like i don't know but if he does that a room full of coke it all my god jones destroy you still level that motherfucker he was on stage once
he was beaten and sweat was flying offering him and he was talent jody about her in vienna in one window the bolt on coke commands tat and he's in one window in the cats in the earth and if i've been looking for police i don't think i've ever left any hard i don't you ever loved anywhere and joey surgeries levelling audiences to discuss with you and kevin meaning when a bathroom and kevin meat is for cabin me the closet to tell me was doing like he's do we are the world's like we are the world trade the thing on all song warehousing but this is like decades after that we are remember that the twenty year old people the eyes of noirtier what the fuck are you talking about and this is just like the other and their animals and this attitude was up and choices levelling ways i mean it hurts you to watch it hurt you to watch as one of the world's worst like scheduling of comics ever
our time i especially want punish them now to people why not mortal comic wants too much money sometimes do you know some people don't you guys that good like some problems are really focused other road users who just by what i heard was the one i heard i thought with missus mc hamper mitch hamburger factor the bunch times when they would put on my pc singing black eyes before and these guys would destroy with like really dumb hack shit and then miss having regard but is really weird unique act that like on paper is hitting funny and as it is his great stuff interesting way of delivering but it was its very much you have to set out correctly you can have some guy gonna singing and dancing and have audience clap along then hedberg unjustly this stands there then double jihadist
he's got all these weird jokes that are like they're just so you know so uniquely him but it got to set it up right you know and that's how do you know that i can follow it doesnt mean that guy's not yet it mean that their actual compatible will i be able to have a hard time following the other people but the people will have a hard time follow up sometimes certain style there so let me give the other guys really superficial rebel really wordy doesnt swearing is really any blocking one talk about your dick saw appear well bred earns for some reason and cabin error were killing i've always do well when other people killing than i have trouble and styles yeah jill used to have his is gypsies
the age more mobility i was whose amazingly incredible time age more such problematic just his timings so perfectly here same jos ten times in a row and still less and for whatever reason i think that is guidance i joey's had his joy was never guy wasn't mission by age emerges just have the perfect timing yandah just the way we do it like you would just recover from the last job in the nato would hit you really do the right time they were written appreciate natural and then another one you and just would hit you these waves and jelly was no sort of like stream of consciousness guy would go up yet a couple ideas and jobs who talk about very largest fuck around one fine find a material and said i think about him to scam site so so rigid his aged about a mile or two thousand really short lived was really
strong and well done maybe obscure out what he's doing otherwise it does very well with crowd work then it's like then that's my my pull up move these power plants like what you just did it already he did rebellious number one cheap move is taken away from me you had a crowd of goodwill goodness if your position to go to it that you sounded out of a job do you talk to me i know you you know i always way for it like when you start talking about that and i got here comes i give you a tricky situation it was that as a crack in the face of those who know steadily surely no there was never any other kind of joke that you're gonna just me your recreating the moment you're saying at all at you thinking it right here
a lot of it a shit you said many may have for keeping as we're gonna is possible to encourage you to set my mouth and i came to believe as mr harbour and mr gallagher serbia that smart and thereby jobs on what's the store room sounds gross yeah does when is it every sound rose in the tiny little eyes when you have tied the audience you like three people you see all the problems with your material like tiny audiences a really good to go i'm just when you performing for like three people it's so uncommon that you're making this taught you the illusion of a crowd is just got just like what are we doing i have offered to wants to people in danger fields in the city and it was the one who is awareness feeling you made it makes you snap out the fat in your jokes and makes you get to the point quicker you were you respect their attention span more because it's more ridiculous for you to require them to listen to you but you also can't pretend like you're doing a pause
setting the theatrical good way i can't do it i'll find a bad thing c4 really fucking reared for god's sake you find out what the fiction is you can do a pause if you really thinking that you know if you like you know there's a moment you realize what the fuck were you the really where's that there is a real moment is real opportunity for a moment there but it has to be realising very often we write stuff and we right and we say it away we just knows gonna kill it's not necessarily the same for the small people it's good to clean your active continue shows people unimpressed too that's why those improv shows like those wasn't i chose they don't know you're gonna be there the night you fancy they don't come to see you they come to see any high quality some ten guys a guy from carriages were real through there's like i would love to have you come back and read it before in a little cool i didn't want them that the guy who booked it left so i've been looking to see you again
however the geneva get even want next week we gather together that nose like i would point out that this is our biggest but if i might be those areas where the did i think an auto complete it forever cigarettes five rabbits other first i'm working on this i will not stir people yes my manager gaga guided no one else knows that those restore my fucking you wanna go to college use college uses it already demand colleges is the local with eyes eliza was a nice the emperor rhodesia and there's always like they almost everything caves mark now stop violence could have got to stop
the place before that's gonna do it multinationals to read through the dual bars dives illustrates our little room next to the improper those dig in prague it is a little tiny as was noted butcher what chance like the arusha nor i mean terry our shit you got an empty none was just watch type last goes and just as i wrote to find its way round one sweets rose the country is connected to one day all things calmly complex summation of heavy has almost halved it was the biggest importer begin with my it would at some of us in this area is listening was palm is bigger than all
we did it is less promise huge is seven hundred people fucking insane you walk in and obey one thousand five hundred and thirty seven hundred people sunlight at least six setting a very hard for a partner approves person good progress is written then he it occurs and see if i understood the other day he had with some guys making fun of them or something better work what had happened it's this it's very crazy out this guy got two and three zero got sergeant i own you i bet you spend more time on even in the other committees and actually like i owe you upon sir probably know somebody online like you're not showing them up adjustable because i ran back ever hear response i did over four million
afterwards while i waste my time doing this have you read out these losses on duty august crushes right now wouldn't arousing am i do why my answer you people are just drawing into some silly fire that's what i'm talking about me said the marriage and they said i it's like the special olympics even if you win just over two years ago you'd be really funny inspirational ass would be ratified it is also done somebody had like this all out war or somebody is handled back accordingly became so daisy go to fight on ethical fork or your old when i was twenty from market from being brought to kid fucking around here
ready for him to manage and can't tell town two guys i'm here i haven't myspace battle really ridiculous and got palazzo websites and then when i would like you and i went back and forth and even in the emails he said like and he said if i ever meet you i would be i haven't shake your hand i said i took your attitude it's all just fine right the ended like ok and it was really weird is like it doesnt have talking to people you don't really mean what you say but fighting embedded into like little content you're stupid was this dossier at once it's the only way is just about the people who think just insulting your mother will do the trick come on such a marked retired boom teams but for comics us that's a fine exercise sometimes ass the problem is when people nobody duties how do you manage you like they were national egos he's comin
loser move of illusion we think it would be better to be but now i'm just practicing dealing with dish bags it's like delay online hecklers it's the same thing is happening through the same thing is breaking down for atomic that's funny yeah we should another i used this is stupid it's like you you're you're deciding to get upset and to enter into this little in others all coming vision with someone who do not know who chooses to interact and that's the way they choose iraqi they choose it have you and you're just gonna like submit an answer going back and forth indefinite that you they went right away you this is part of being like in the public eye part of being and obtain you're gonna get people that why you the socialists are thinking about how you maybe also them up you was a waste of energy as well waste of energy unless you can
and you're just having fun and a good natured and you know and you do it just for decades and gave a good natured but really getting upset you really trying to hurt her feelings because if you shut up they are their ways you never will they'll never see it they'll think that they showed you up there you sounded them some rare for illegal reflect among you know why i'm here now man he might be able to with with no aggression what you might be able to show someone like just very conway is very hard for a husband and accepted by the occasional personal except in case the presidency's confused there was a lot of people man reason why they lash out is cuz really they just want someone to love them there's no one loves them and this is a lot of humans out there a lot of people that
these terrible working was ever use sulphur famous guy was everyone was is this quote goddamn it tailored to three other them at the mercy of my report might be going in the wrong way some years now i guess what i said was that way and its figures yeah i really got to an actual some is going the right way i was actually prove anything was a number of amendments which we right appears not to figure of the however the questions like give us one bright said
stop talking about how many western really was another or the other questions warmly question for you it's not the colony listen you don't have do not enjoy spoken jersey asked go out in your own i give up on the oscars when in the bedroom lost her forget the terrible mine wherever the split personality guy right her what love is more than avatar and edges hurts my yo you like her you like high i just as it hurts me why we construct of exit rises a boring asked blocking movie i just can't understand why are one things it's like the next autumn whereas in my people here the movie like don't like when some fuckin award prisoners are moving like avatar that's something reindeer like i've never seen this have never experienced anything like this before elsewhere depression went viral was real
hoping that people have a broad agreement that employment outside a person i've ever seen at once mister you saw resides accede on one side and they say there s altogether yet in spite of finance but i was i got the comic book glassy my things worth very worthy man it's like the programmes is the shut up shut the fuck up i don't care i like stores that wrap up i certainly whatever he was out of some sort of severe that not only right when they were not because we get the no vote that's about all over but whatever reason i care because it seems like ok you saw the same movie i saw and yet you think that was enough to be amazing wind says this is i think a zero has i think i'm on a brave like a wavelength what people's intelligence and how to dispose of our water like there was a move is better than her locker
lock him ass those that will be the i didn't like now now i was a unique movie i think probably because the fact where this middle is unpopular war very highly meat if it was actually are at a point i think so pointless born but you know levers illusion that's one of the reasons why organic dreamland method this was done under who knows it could be done in a year when there's no more we all have a more movies all private i got news for you the man i really liked it i was it granted while being held captive on a plane in could nowhere in my c i could nowhere and so i join it i was actually would afford to exert love he was a good thing pretty good whose interests name was i didn't know too much about it so that was good i didn't know this boy captivated me the whole way that movie took place four years ago right that that the scene at a movie we at the beginning of its xbox three than sixty
one fact regular i read that last night out fucking cat my first commercial over their heads everyone that there was a restore that was my first well that's interesting man so did you read about this alliance fear i shall not an xbox movie nerd like the events like realisation people read or write a representative of the move i guess i am talking about so you guys instead there go well i just one really slow mission yes i was crazy action was asked you never know what the fuck was happening and one b excited he saw two times but the first time
he did not know tat i was gonna blow up yet numerically here there was apparently beginning the movie whenever blows up spoiler there's a lot of shit is happily i never felt the that detention and an essential when their attention on the accident would get jack do i think the work of its ivory develop vertebrate but a lot of it was slow was slow understandably tinsel hurts i guess what their work they fail on attention your eyes i was so they succeeded i was a member of this house also has a bad guy here yeah it's ass big ass the problem and you should copy it was a blue roquat the red army it was at the next day there and bringing the fat brian regret our posted on your doors had particular here yeah you're leaving
everything about them and you think we're getting really close to the point where you can just download shit and put a direct tv super i follow you we're they're gonna be like i've heard about it people really easily with many since the forgotten not already gold mines movies well here people are still dying of hunger that's about one also looks at me people savannah maybe that's enough there's already ass was her any copies of avatar anywhere yesterday are people still want to see that the commission's annual down that stupid comedies in europe is paying a seat i often downloader sony has a new tv common outrage at three p m all others are right to it's fucking crazy right you put goggles on battery present button and these guys and play soccer and abolishes
why don't you just gotta might not even the tvs wacky might envy doesn't right on other battles and what will you do that you i guess i right now it's capable samsung you hook up a computer to it renders anything in three be into the grid really just like that so an avatar under three day you can do that here he asked if i wanted to hear but so i'm not gonna buy this goggles programming that cross the office that parliament really does regression occurs through these gonna catch the programme could you how many people you i think a school but not immediately warlike whereby whole new tv decided reading speciality that about new ones any work hdtv took a long blue raise barely still kept calling on gesture that show because regular tv still is pretty fucking bad ass people know how much better is really remotely exceed their boxes and twenty bucks now and its economy you pay twenty bucks either you know it nearer shit and honestly it's me man at like even want to go to the imax here i'm still
but nowhere i dont know if i like this you know like it's kind of cool but ages guides us i'm gonna do it this girl africa has got its there came a better answer wherever the hardest carpeting away it's getting better and better better but still feel like looking through some but i guess you haven't got to the point where am i really did i would say i got a level with user and it doesn't feel perfectly right the glasses and i watched the dews an avatar floating inside every mouser holy shit is awesome than it is an event is not the ability is how did she go any watching us should have and the thing is great about avatar like a goddamn comic book right it's like a riding a super right at university that's one things i said about like the act these kind leave yourself she's like mail
yeah she gives a fuck up i come on guys are we serious here where's my cigarette it's like it seems like the kind of acting that you see in those rides at universal citywalk like right before you go on the ride to make you like watch them back to the future clip where they explained we are in a bad situation arise we gotta get you the job quickly before the nuclear bomb explicitly to stop this now i stop please in an orderly fashion hurry up against your chair my part of it wasn't lay when when they said when all the other armies came out to fight them going on all the other risk about a movable time and above all the right over there just gonna earlier yeah what are you it is in order for its really work they all these places that bother he can now have the by reading cameras like always this happened he filled the different way doesn't happen brian because these have a black and white that's it
they didn't like life with black color was a hd gonna go it's why why wouldn't have happened already inside the greedy has banned you i've had a fourth ready the cabinets enough signatures with vinegar and that interesting during the black and white early color years of television you first saw three you probably think this is a bridge your time we saw jaws three right or anything that is obviously a shark homes out you were so back then you also thought video games were like this the brother amazing rival that's why things improve and technology masses that's why three these high income and i think that really would have been popular in the past there's no way you guys labour rudy leaves the future movies away more excited when reading way more and more it's like iron alice in wonderland this shit the video visuals are incredible
did you read the article on in gadget now this guy toby puts a detailed review white spots in three and so much sense the director use layers in the movie in certain ways to give an effect of death right really comes in their changes what he was doing suppose it just does not work so it would be cool or if he sought to do it yet exact definition that wasn't film for three in evidence at all these an avatar was ever was going away nothing on burden does not know is still being felt the brutal none of do he did not feel may for three movie as on translate avatar was filled in regards isn't movie they felt it is to remove any relative with regret i see this as they all this shit will have to be filled it really is they take a lot of people really do we want to spend the whole movie being authority movie note i just ready they had to go back to your crazy listening i gotta do
single gigantic expose it actually makes it much more silent makes cooler every monster movie everything more through data really make way more through data really feels now because i knew about yes time more young heavy devolved centaurus this year's albeit or even jaws and our feeling really hypes up several through they had a re released just three and nine greedy because again gave him terrible they violate it was like zoellick one effective yourself down one fact you're coming back it was stupid what are the ocean began i think of greedy monday that's my bet you're hiding three days and be fair i will say really ask if you like more better kind of lava rejection hologram in your house
i think that's coming too i think you're right but i think until it does comes as briefly as an everyday come over wall paper elsie technology where this whole war can be like peter eyes discreet bills on this union will ever get to the point where everything is controlled by your voice anything that is absolutely right but what about you know i talked with as it were my bra password around the havoc on password x x x but we have another innovation more southern you just go to the wall keyboard will be here or using divorce recognition did sober that'll be the i think eventually so did you use voice technology in all the areas i i used it briefly on my right and it wasn't it
is it was way better than i've ever use the area it was person i keep hearing about acquisition it's ok with something's so came a blackberry vibrated sailor call brian enough for you but which now so right calling you might try my where's your car it was well tat in my car either a yet it's called a wet number
colleague calling exactly chrome alarm player to gas but i think that's also the noise the road that's why i like i suddenly you know when you do that car speaker phones i taught him crisp what i was doing this straight from the phone in talking rights that will tie my history direct seem pretty accurate enough it beats like coming oppressed buttons and one perspective of drowning saw country the boon to insert that's wonderful things ever have he can drive your car and talk to people in both hands understand that's his nuts did you hear about this company overseas eyes releasing the first jet pack that you can buy there's something about five hundred of them being made and the corner for seventy thousand dollars each last thirty minutes tat yeah longer three minutes
before you fly but that we again get a job and you only go five you not wrong you fucking would have it breaks out five hundred feet in the garage you're stuck in their universal yeah real cottage back onto the actually management rather focus you were never i'll let you other blocker planned out just how many toilet were recalled last night in san diego erotic unless the guy couldn't stop the police cop that decided was like you ve hit the power but the ghost covering the power but when workers standing on the brake he said just like full blast you gonna do an important tradition i don't understand is why i think it has something to do where it says well let me do anything in there
how get in front of them at guess in my so you know the and guessing standard clutch railway pollution slowdown we have standards manual transmission negroes periods zero neutral anymore where does don't get hurt maybe maybe the computer wouldn't transmission swiftly over subject mercy this is an emergency auxiliary partner burger saw him in here difficult that all of us even of the arrival of a new stimulus break did of course look he says he's found things wrong with the previously says the software issue that he can do yeah this is no denying that the night listen george not towards moves towards notice wozniak was names will be one way to do this
were all love among us with any rogers any rather humble urea anyway still wozniak super geniuses unfounded apple he has a prison he said that it is an issue that sovereignty replicated doing a specific number of things the blinkered do this did not happen and he said he could do it safely shows softwares that's so scaring buddies computer controllers man computers crash you know there's a beauty and my old mustang you turn the fucking key the ignition fires up tat is this bloggers and remember you smell gasoline you know sanders not nothing helping you out stupid you got breaks great son dick there the slowing down barely work you know you got three hundred fifty to seventy five thousand american horse power from the high toward me
the sound of exhaustion just drive structure on the floor everything a more advanced more advantages than waiting chances fuckin software that ships break my breasts ago so bad throw the high school tomorrow for everyone better desire and thirty miles neither populist please rashly right further bribery stockbroker amazing when you were allowed drown you young how come you weren't dr which obviously thirty a destroyer machine can kill people and you're sixteen your love for him hammer out so crazy
we're all alive i got tired of accidents i drove a retard these cars could not do it i wasn't did happen there is hidden trees chip sixty eight hours is to wait a while to get drunk there's no way i ran the basket my shit the other for at least another two years but i was eighteen i know it out gotten used to drive around the house knows safe which consists in eighteen oh shit nowhere yet drivers passage a possibility for the thirty yards reach its creation of air does no reason can people off one read scarce shit man
scary shit all the different automated things that are going on today so many different things are automated which scares the shit out of me is these drones they use overseas they have these drones that fly above pakistan and launched missiles down cuz we're not at war we're not in pakistan but there's like tat we have to get as they are in pakistan so we want fuck them up so we send these robots in space i mean this is like focus in this is really exciting we send these flying role as we remotely control from a bay somewhere these due to literally using xbox controls because these kids are so used to playing export they notice computer well they just programme the software to control the road to use that fucking export control and their controlling everything goes out smiling
you have just there was always ass people die a bunch of people died a lot of excessively gas through a lot yeah it's just round their very that is shit man you're watching missiles from the sky there is no hurry people begin jack was right in pakistan as well it's scary thing they fire some called hellfire missiles others remained hellfire second best you're not like freedom maker louder death death with a bad afterlife yeah yeah strong arm peace from below how fat legs you mother fucker hellfire that doesn't make the whole idea of war so crazy what
crazy is that the cia has the president of afghanistan's brother fucking payroll and this guys like deepen the poppy business designs pain recently revealed the cia is paying for a long time he was on the cia forget payroll he's the brother of the as it now gas there and is in the poppy business i mean the wholesale crazy that's namely something per cent of the world's heroin from from afghanistan to seven percent guarantee fucking tee some evil motherfucker and some high lofty position i want to name the the organizations who fought noses really brilliant in these and even has me those guys are probably not that jake moreover stimulus for sure it's been proven many many times in others a plain that the cia has talked about for a show with his plane had crashed in mexico with four
tons of cocaine and it was a jet had been the guantanamo bay twice was a cia jack you spoken jet have been one guantanamo bay our two separate occasions and it's fucking thing was flying change the united states to mexico for tons of coke man so many different stories about if you want to if you want to look any of the stuff i want online look up that that playing the crack then look up the story of barry seals barry seal the guy who was a drug runner would fly drugs in from south america to the united states and drop them off in mena arkansas in a little plane and he will drop a parachute will these two kids saw the drop off one day and they caught the kids cuz i didn't want to kids telling they killed them and their parents found out that it was a murder because the the cop said they found these kids on a train tracks planted they placed revised version on over and they said already got stone and they lay down the train tracks and the parents it autopsies have
around they found naples and staff so these daddy's kids and kill them and only later on the tracks and sell them indicators georgette investigation who was flying blah blah blah they get a hold of this guy bear two years bears uses stories both of these the home store all the different shipley dailies ready to testify ghost core and they fuckin assassinate him as we do that we require that george bush george bush phone number in his pocket avatar and its murdered in his car on the way to talk about and this is gonna be an employee the cia there's does not just those does a bunch of michael rupert is a guy who wrote a book about he was in l a p d detective something now it was but he busted the cia sound drugs and he's like the end and he was told to back off the case is that this is fucking insane and he's written books about this
website from the wilderness believe it is you know it's all all detailing all the different corruption that and they're doing it right in front of my face that's the crazy thing we think about how much goddamn cocaine is in this country is not all companies because it retorted criminals is most people there smuggling because of the huge authorizations yours the governments the government has already with official or someone in some some aspect why wouldn't thing if these people want do drugs but the thought with whose making money other drugs they probably feel i look back my dream is cut them we'll take the money pocket drugs you gonna be out there and what you do and it's all make a nice little cycle because they wanted to get arrested for those drugs the more the these prison product prison copies companies and only gigantic prisons the more they're happy is more people in the prisons and the more people who try to prison
for profit they make so they support other shit so they actually support drove me they want they push for increasing the whole the whole big package is fuckin crazy and the idea of the governments is behind all this evidence of it just makes the whole thing mine blown to some nuts the fact that the ba you now is like in cahoots with the cia and they all is all about the game at the very top all porsche soldiers profit money how much money mademoiselle megan it must be so much money on drugs money out of the question i ask the question how do we go about it where's the girl i may have the cia of some of his son of the relation really sandra is it is every now and then a rogue agent those fucking marry him and cut some day there were some fuckin i've ever is involved with the targets in the country what did you say i mean
they times as it happened to me how this programme we have already here last you know if you bring a whole gigantic ship followed it keep it vietnam street sum of brain and is not these morals it's not the beginning busted left or right people there so crazy they are willing to do something that saying like some other one million dollars we cook in the country people busy those who get busted doing she does not take up the higher transport what will be higher than what we will eventually what mortgage be higher than the worst year ideas because the more people they can get busted and where a wire and put you in jail it's very dangerous the smart move you're gonna have to hire a few people as possible take your ship or somebody was maybe with the men at rio
no way some foretell guy transport should know those guys don't do the higher the us do there was little fucking gigantic compounds with fifteen dollars eighty dollars now that's my life mescal gone crazy the mexican runways just off the fucking chain we talked a victor about it he just gonna our guy from where you will see you this spanish commentary does my job he just got out of wars he's living warns that switzerland is inaccurate as mrs de keyser the little girl was our biggest regret is that you're not tell you when i get out of this as well as those who stay is michael ship out as they came out of the bank up all my other bake of africa has cracked and spawning awesome
where's that pilot convention says crazy shit pounds at all times in general is really says let alone they wanted the people love it i think it'll be fun he's my labor guy to listen to its people he's a wall who to memory hung out with them and in canada and eminent and then i was with him in his girlfriend again in australia super cool couldn't be nicer these are all walks in a pirate convention as my everyone pirate my name is mine a pirate how can we not here but the fuckin somali pirates anymore we support everything i canceled we have ordered state this to people is that so far has visited locker kidnapping
they want millions they know these guys millions minister don't until fatima there was a presently good about once you pay the money back everything that the act but what are they doing right now on these people archive not the money other fatima they might why not i when they fought on these pre white people silky smooth white skin worth billions is would say pursued a there are they just let us now we believe that were kidnapped on a yacht yes like that i'm a girl neoliberal travellers on their own or other ships turning about we are another understanding as i think that for the interesting that's what things about travelling is that the gets fucking nerve wracking thinking about what is safe but has not
it is a loss of countries on other laws when i was in brazil that asking the ship deserve was very much i guess i'll follow it was there was a feeling the air like a watch rigour mostly were very nice very friendly life beautiful houses nice nero but it was also lack thereof should go to the market is in jerusalem wasn't airport while someone from the navy witnessed it road british yachtsman yasmine loses peasant ship what do you want no pasting why she's pacing wives pacing white rich
people oh my god they must have travelling around the ocean and people were discussing they were from turkey through africa now through saudi arabia to approximately our put that so far off the twitter pirates versus ninjas who would be here randal up her parents or comment that's where that is longer than whereas the ocean earlier last surnames always the immediate answer how they're gonna took notion that both measures jesse i had better be lunigiana overshooting to their hearts no one is to make a very words like a major disaster yeah probably they should twelve year old boy maybe take
macedonia has like a ipad under his mask is squeezed harry the pirates believe these people were wealthy you're not wealthy saw the automatic crazy he's gonna scare ship they were not a man whose people sale all the way down the dreams of fuckin somalia with the suez canal i went to move by they went across the ocean to india then they went all the way back towards tells me and ass this is the dream of the ceiling on the world with areas are the world parents did die you know my parents went to the authorities in the bahamas for awhile made over its nerve racking you live in or out
you know when it storms come your fucking house is literally flopping back and forth and it might go under other houses going to crash into it like my dad had to get up in the middle of the night and go out to the middle horrible rough wars climb on other people's boats and secure their anchors committed secure anger correctly in their boats were drifting we have other both slamming guerrilla dangerous shit how little bare little silver they live animals elbow for a couple of years shit man when i want our girl questionable guardian we're lucky savior translated lights human being are we are only as civilised as our circumstances i learned that what we are sent to school in the fuckin with other buildings on fire you know i i was really thinking like how am i gonna do this will mean we're evacuating whose fifty five stairs people going downstairs and single file
and people are panicking they were asking questions they were stopping the line and it was going really slow and it was shipped my pants and why this is all happening you could look down through the spirals and see the smoke coming out from the bottom and i was ready to jump i was ready to start climate now i was ready to start fuck you i'm just going calamity people or panicking you're not going fast enough billet freaking out and their everyone's briefly for emergent you start thinking like this is how some of you die you can die like this you got up and fire discourage it very first arusha yet that that really freaking out now i hate going too hastily the top floor for some reason as high as i can get them back when i go to a hotel now lie on the second floor get good because it knows that that was one of the worst times my let the only time ever i thought i would for sure was gonna die i was going to die but i thought we were in a very very bad situation here i was very thankful we got out and everything was okay
turn it wasn't really fired smoke was actually the fire extinguishers these assholes drawn to my fourth early in the morning to start spread before him and spread the show it probably worked but he was the fact that the whole floor was covered in the smoke in the fire alarm went off i guess they activated the soldiers were no real firewood goddamn scares party could very easily fire staring flagship that energy just overcome you know as well as all the buildings are not safe single fire staircases awful they can such wealth wars going they won t with foregoing
instead i think that was other ones but there they were the hidden staircase users so walking so slowly panicking they're just woken up new delirious nor unhealthy and they weren't half when they weren't let people who like and move well so get up and some people need a long ass fucking time to get sixtys and seventys and also you put them and i'll i only got them on a staircase like walk my god the gap in front of you motherfucker you know when you normally there's a gap on the stairs doesn't mean shit but when you see smoke on the second floor and it's like you know but when you have a nice guy like do you gotta move man wouldn't want my cat is it ass it happened with language sleep over her she sprang up can play around the bush or supply i share the view that this german now go to your emails and causing you girls
what are we review skyping johnny depp lie here likes the pirates that's why we're enclosure she's just in case an entire together indeed do nothing i was thinking about and the lower i got the morals like ok maybe i jump out from here and jump out from here yeah you start thinking christian now you're you're musha viable instincts you really become undoubtedly become an organism is trying in i don't really think of anything else that's why this into the roses crazier than the zombies coming shit cause i'm like a first wanted i eat somebody in our group here what do you think
game by eight hours about his eyes we ve talked to us i think this whole idea reincarnated people after their dead the whole cryogenics language are taken people what did they will all do me there are really zombies that's designed as zombies when person dies their sole those the next stage of existence their energy their essence he just reacting to flesh as these stay alive it doesn't think in all its i search is moving audiences trinity things further by your arm edict member that old experiment with a dog where they brought dogs back to life you're see that the russian yes what is it a guy look at it was big old there they have at this head of a doll and i hope it up these chemicals and the dog to start coming back to life expert licking his lips with russian russian rear marriages yes i had this dog dead but giant
a guy like me i wasn't besides god severed had a law that is one of the previous videos ever saw and that's pretty something i bet zombie dahlberg that's a zombie doc would have let a logical simone yeah yeah i imagine that they made it a thing that that did you just put a collar round its net to do the same thing gets into the right things control it well i think for sure one of those people oh my god zombie my god preserve video to artificial because the two things
where is it jim can visit were gather wasn't he knows the best thing that deal with came out as we know it is also as well do we get hurt you were waiting is waning i feel this is a mess i too share the trying to figure out what makes flesh and tissue alive and this dog feeding blood stones head while this fucking does headed seven menaces there's way in approaching form washed
ricky does it say that does her life is reacting tickles its nose airport is gonna portsmouth lungs manner here nothing's is saying citric acid is taking such a measure can you imagine that you like your all tat is what you are looking at this is insane head is completely removed from its by as licking his nose the guy covered its nose a sitter some of you there is little lamb chops fought and so did they disappear they can do this oh don't sounds a hammer smash his place
do you not know an underground riding the ground the hell did you the video is reacting to noise and those with a hammer noise oh my god raise another they cut his head off in the plural www chops bring it back let go kill the governor jackie how long it was this crazy guy did a bunch of these experiments that so scared very well as one who southern that are i mean ourselves off of it in science on us i want to take an animal and completely disregarded suffering just to find out what you can do to it got to do that to people i think i mean maybe not but a along with one might think when you suck my dick there was a guy who were recently arrested outrage urgency yeah he's been sent being sentenced right now on a dating back in the seventies it turned him down on that
yeah i check turned down and after the chick turning down so that she didn't want to go out with a low turn out before you now shall nineteen sixty eight he raped child he raped a twelve year old girl they didn't know about so he gets on the show that he will girl doesn't why data the girl doesn't our data and he goes i thought until it's and cover now it doesn't corner but he kills a child he kills i think for people took one too girl out into the woods sodomized or and smash your fuckin head with iraq army he did some horrible horrible shit he's a google fuck and mean that guy that still cut his fuckin head the same goes for people raises on my suggestions with iraq let's cut his hat don't know shit you know that guy is the one fashionable
of course we got way elder was nineteen seventy hee hee there was a claw hammer throughout repeatedly all of them were repeatedly strangled and resuscitated during their death to prolong the agony really you up again pieces evil evil for issues high smart she started up he remained conciliation new future on the show with him he said that he was so creepy they were like didn't even realize what they were leaning away from him like the locker room was the dresser and agreement was it like all jokes i hey runs great tv shows and under way for the piece of shit it's my fuckin shot i congratulate them my crazy casper creepy turns out is a serial killer you know that guy wishing experiment hammer right and as an ocean until i got them well maybe i was slowly and asking questions
everyone is going to france to ah you better call him the whole story creep there's people to enjoy the true enjoy heard people in other their broken their wires or just completely cross actually join up with some a man's inheritor of the monkeys like the gardener what is the wrong crazy i further gases would evaporate the monkey was way more praise of his work he became monkeys and fucking famous and they had credible power the power he helped chicks he was threatened for an it was all over hobby rolling yoda hatchets rather hollywood by them over dont think do not deserve plans is both there's always guys that are like like in vegas especially that party using the logic was corner there are always try to talk to you if you ll see guys fighters and why you trot why you telling guys you have a lot of hot chase with you
she's really are you like this there's really super cool guy wasn't eagerly happy or a shadowy friends there but this is a debate you throughout their answer now says we're that's the masses the problem is also about how to do that meet them yeah yeah prostitutes are one certainly if on the other hand you wanna talk about you may well ask outstanding as a result of this work only by rules about everything i know the answer your love and then i get there and they it is year they want do what's it called more respectable judges because they're afraid of that level he walked why do they got their geraldo the killer rise
last month i found a place where gather went on them i have governments as follows firstly the largest lover but this was a big story to welcome is already at one point time was quite sat with her yes the water see ass she left me for some guy matthew and then and then she start hang around but my savings by others a couple of worry and their and our day my friend and then she sang out of us again at the water refers to another question beyond ride not than that not one or the other related and these are really me about it i therefore go on camera in his question yet before atomic dancing lessons about building i've got a couple situation so much i said that i was a major losses to be better but i think we all do from work in store
so account so awkward a lot of thought i'm willing to put myself do it just the opposite well you know how and where do in store all those years would have those crazy late night shows i think there's something about those late night shows that looks at these times we dig scatter where i live if i did a gay with like tripoli or vienna and bread ernst and my young did show once in hollywood flora and everybody killed and one thinks of brethren said when he killed right after he was bring me up in those colleagues door mother fucker it was like that juggler aliquid love how its mentality it's like you know you're working conditions or situations the colony store if you don't know the way it has always been in l a used to be that the criminals random sampling radius
but now it was managed and cost such now because of the dog s all want becoming all airlines upon their outside smoking and drinking when there's some five hecklers in their yelling at you officially summit will get them the places entirely black everything's black the walls or black before those wearily the colourings black the building a whole billy's black black as just dark to be a night club it we're buzz single audit in nineteen thirty censure call see rose mob joy relate dues were killed there in us i've got is weird fuckin feel too for surely chop people out through the fucking river napoli yet he had this that there was the governor window with those market journalists used to wash the opening acts from their rear window and we can still use it today what's the name there's another where they point out about let him go and bigger
in the room was dragging out they said reasons but it says it was an amazing club it's three calmly rooms in there's an upstairs little tiny one called labelling rules an original rules like two hundred seats and there is a mayor was a foreigner and fuckin club as you so sick man so much fun shit it's happening that club the gap that it is the best place to write material with less about work people are still in progress with you he don't showcase there never you eat it is very possible desert never table the item if there was a run never meditate restore never tell us what happened you never tell we there's always enjoy people screaming things each other fights hours days are exposed at least ten times that i know of we want that money that he's pose dig dick out ten times on a and i saw you saw
suppose balls at all times just like a jack it's just as basel ii is one now and arbitrary leaving so i put my boss who hated anything or sexual cycle my balls outlet along he should over them go gonna bring him on the head about before the entire set whenever five vibrate my hand like this and it was just a little bit too cautious do myself hands down whole time and then when you got out i think i'll talking become behind you just put a body armor somewhere on your body would never do the girl that's really it's illegal yeah these little due to both countries they brought him back as regards manlike under the carpet that's what i want to take advantage of the good offers pull the milk profiteer landed able man regular jobs cannot appreciate them there is something very mine and being given
you don't want to get a majority wants to that is all well and good line is europe this is it every life is temporary thinking yourself or anything seriously seems done to me it's invasion we have as much power as possible even silly stupid shit you already each other i don't care if it can be a hundred years from now forming on people is still a revised when jelly it comes over murray forest argued and then waves is his hand in front of his ass it is always funny it's always disgusting gets warm up close it unless you can really make any reader to be self opt out in your life you have been a terrible place the any normal time life and doesn't let go through a date
here we are talking about is military we do you didn't miss vernon without you from getting smoke it s much more about your dog davis moreover the stolen more lavishly lies home and begins purple b b b b b he's gone so the lavish still gotta figures on doesn't like they were poor is still the everything that you have now by thirty four grimace little soldier
it is in all of europe to tax revenue it mcdonald's it was what is basically grabbing quarter powdered gratify meagre the cashier backward right he's effect or about ear caught up i am french rising shirt rebecca ass though food did you gave him up your game i'm not does address right and i we were waiting for hathaway line and then someone reporting getting out curiosity rose and only pick em out of pocket you didn't go forgot you gotta kill any man while those gary there was very little fascinating backup for shoplifting was one sees first came out and i was like twelve or thirteen or something i wanted to see so bad a cd play for my birthday bad one city of that ghostbuster to sandra himself other anyone who see the soundtracks us it's over whether the store with my friend and we're i saw the cities and got caught
it was so embarrassing cities were power to all see hammer some mouselike inhaling from i got but then his family our boat with our families had to come with great caution i got a couple of them chocolate shoplifting when i was about thirteen candy bars and we leave other movies and as on walking out his store the grandma are really heads in here with their fundamental paragraph which www blogger what is this way i can very barrio told him you need to do i want to see if i could do it down a couple times i stole a garrison what i can do i know you're kidding do you just do it between twelve and the things you were in trouble you're not was thirteen thousand in boston yeah my protector they leave until a passage from you forget it it's like any other we can hold here we re election
i said the council is here and i did it i'm stupid i'm sorry apologize i said i'd go away i told the truth is that i will forward for whatever reason and they give a fuck adding in overcoming their fuckin catch you do this my pretty fuckin jail big mustache be focused have you got my face once again thank you very much and i got cox if i did i'd probably i was so deputy tinto came out also lucy awaiting us yet service no name servers merchandise didn't know about video game for this put him on the shelves of me my correct wu wu wu that pertain in our hands and it would bury it outside us this the work and get it back later because we do i come home video highschool got busted still what a thousand dollars were the ship should not listen real trouble
he was a grocer zero per farmer who i put my pocket i want to get this thing goes off her now but what am i doing and i liked seventeen would like enough where unlike those towards me right mchugh yeah it's scare shit my girlfriend thomas anxious fifteen which but she just wanted nice clothes everybody had dies clothes and she was also raised with our dad i think people raise another down burned out more subjects do crazy shit her mom worked all day in our mountaineer much of what i take care of her she couldn't my put are not really nice day care as a growth in a single parent or single single parent single job you grab a little crazy you know she's such a get away legislatures
twelve greece war either because he was raised with no data raised with too much tat she wasn't my idea tat was it now she was fucked up like that she's just a little crazy look back and checks that you know your high school i forgot her pregnant with her work still connected with those pregnant gonna have money really answer his look you imagine no i mean but not having my is one thing that at the summit but being young and not having my trying to figure out a way to tell you show still trying to figure out your son
we made the best of your you lived with everything the rest you like someone s project on those people who like myself with acknowledge that there are five i would hate to fuck it up ass a fuck up you know to raise a kid when you look at kid yourself man ass you can do some irreparable damage their fuckin kid you could teach them something some really terrible behaviour patterns they didn't model them after you missing but don't you only rating now that you are black yet aids in your live in another country how are you dislike crises ever presses yeah i was here i can imagine how the congo about that but you want those dues if oaken still fishes by hang a net over fuckin movie river from a tree they hang with their feet from five entreats could never the water do it's not because the river is right they weren't safety best they followed i wonder why the fuck there's a video these guys living in an elder catching fish by doing that in his wild
they are living right now the way the fuckin nobby lived in avatar with no bullshit except it off why not really great now really gonna they could actually have been anxiously they're killing things with spears and bows and arrows and in other fishing with nets whether hanging from fuckin trees its local it's crazy shit man and these guys two thousand tat little how shit and i have lights they don't have electricity they don't have anything no lighters shit occasionally you see one of them will be wearing like like western underwear i saw you got them so fuckin underwear that one would be wearing teachers of ship from the gap klaus crazy here they are living in his straw huts in the middle of a fucking jungle surrounded by monsters does a scary scary life man could easily than us where we are reborn where i'm born you can totally forgotten also and all different
different but god damn lucky we may yet you would be probably can you people those logging on every side look and i think i don't look down our lifestyle and look about then over now they could report here it is good news arrived there proud to live in towns missile people the problem in pittsburgh forever talking more pittsburgh be utilised i fuckin pittsburgh only tell me do you need a good australia sometime something everyone's friendly that women are gorgeous everyone's cause and was soon pursued a relaxed every third letter does a visit this is the greatest was every month that while it is why we have this in seeking out so close i was gone with been addressing a drag me back they fuckin they got me back to work on my mind doggie snow came
how's jackson i got crazy mover right to the mountains that those before his death after mr gallagher will take over territory at the base there the move i got this fuckin very strong desires abacha base very far away from the majority of civilization but i have is crazy and it's not crazy thoughts about the end of the world this is like one no one we can do that here everything has been ally is five minutes away while here in my tracks he always i'd like there s nothing i need at recent now voicing my power for i'm move further further with the hives momentum of daylight when i first went to an apartment in nor hollywood than about rented a house in and see now i can't i can't go further further out my natural staying our foreign balloon gonna get a place in big bear get a place on the mountains
by his pointed this out a wonderful so many that uses it you're like that on a spirit but the fact is junkie spirits and i thought about it when you find the watchman saint jerome of these very right and as you know our life gets a little cabin just someone somewhere working just go and just hear nothing that's what above the moors not ever nearer home maybe when you that window we're on the porch and yours you're here a fucking it's it's you hear the site is lighter very specific sound of its own i heard in the redwoods because the canopy felt so high above the ground there is no real birds and this noble insects there because the stuff how positive there's nothing going on so we really is just silence occasionally here squirrel receive on budget
we just like nothing's happening i gotta go back now man was recently miles and miles around me when i was a kid we drove our car through their military gonna be that they caught this up do should people spoke a tradesman wrath a million years his gigantic fuckin treatises biggest his room however we do have like a big hole in the centre of its own people could drive cars through the fur country this is a novelty guph carved out will that's where the road was the national road didn't have to do a museum more humane to kill the tree than to use it a true of injuries can feel they can communicate that's a very valid argument
now we know that this office has been scientifically validated by this browser studies prove that the trees looks like feel something that gives an electrical impulse when he snipped them i will tell you this episode mama's family which the group of fun it's her the study that says cauliflower could feel pain broccoli did not have the same problem maybe that was where other well that's not real but about now man who knows it doesn't hurt her feelings when ethan this is not a good enough reason to two were now argue that video game characteristic probably feel maybe they're playing my going over the way they will pay great movie funds in the urban dimension i like that that you gave how do you know that has feelings as much as on cabbage inadequacy
relate desire lets them who care he never get out let's move i always was anyone he daisy because a face now there's like people who believe things like everyone clams like some shellfish they won't do anything with face what is that things dignified screwed me alas cheap but it's got some was master of girls to earth brian comes on rare diseases are weird ass bad things on my website on general louvres we're back so bright you know i like the throwing a lot like subliminal poured into it because it works you're like what the fuck is this when you look at those employers who have done their by an yeah maybe
look at the first there were likewise exhibit a microphone they were right you re just now but i think if you just brightened contrast there will be more sound i fired cecil isn't funny that's exciting cs interior suppose you but you can see just because there ass on the internet how do you live in a magazine bears that into the road she happens to be around i have got to get warm has now decided on in the world and it was over load just too much too to make those roads whereas like that in doing this sometimes our own road sometimes too much born i just i see it as a more amazing animals i that with this way large scale empathy for the women haven't when you beat off in my own drivel comes out is does not live
great three therefore as you like three times and you do you think you're doing it because you are trying to get some sleep i get you in the morning light is the time to wake up to early am i can see them they must be turned off over soldier got like get ready for the jam horn formal generous giraffe going to the show and then i go to the shower do stand up before you go to bed sometimes i don't have all retired always wash for judges who were consciences everybody jerk off and then goes to get everything goes jitsu jerks often and goes there is just a matter of how long was it a month ago was it a day like a white it go with a shrug never known can trust people trust no one but then i'll go get off from the gig gig i'll be mired in cairo
it's obvious what other times like i don't know where it is as an area that is he's sprayer he he drew up it blows up here only once in a while it's out of the shoulder why is it true that you like hold down the typical garden hose and try to spread before being discussed as well this is u yours thomas by w delighted when its were arranged everything goes on me outsource girl do or be doing for drivers where she got it just like it when the ice about something what is better what is better than a great load a great low shooting a great load war taking a great shit
i regard the great river read my book not by march man now how much something that has been requested to pick the great love work retirement with iceland which i guess i raised the question here you don't even know how many times have you shot aloud and then you realize oh my god now have to talk this crazy bitch charlotte and she's done sessions you try out of their you're tired and you realize driving hours it doesn't matter it was his stay over younger can feed does like any kind craziness it goes island omega would want do with my life whereas we need the ship is i think you're the only allowed in your safe we just had sex alot more the briar never more like the acid in ruling out everywhere but we're like what's enjoy good shit i really appreciate the morning ones such as wake up some users work places like cellular sounds in motion
quick suicide bomb see my shit always involve investigating identifying why what s right to rise blood is to wait no ways through them now wait a minute now right once i had him right now to get i heard you talking to replace soldiers wires investigate lucas what was it like a well this was a little girl i like those that are better than the other odo super whet the gravity like them hurt her but i first our college jitsu i didn't know yeah and i had to start wearing a cup because i was wrong with einstein and he's trying to pass my car they swam right into my dick
the share my balls but the knee that passes president had a lot more railway company because i hate the story of her sorry some landed in might get hurt so much it was so fucking painful birth i wait till i feel very active a couple minutes again my breath and then we are rolling and rising ending on it until i get changed i gonna locker room i gotta take my i take my arm cancer and i will take my underwear our my job is still with blood filled with blood what is leaking out of the tip of my dick in my ohmigod i broke my dick so then i go into the bathroom and pee so i go to pee and blood is coming right out of tip of my dick blood in europe so then i started thinking about it ok i'm problem i gotta do something i might have given defects to my foolish i thought about women
this is my nose it blows command my knows what to do anything about it now addition about our slow he'll wishes was just let you dick here see how those so i get home tat night ass i don't know maybe i should go to fucking doktor ok if i didn't get hard enough setting up a jerk off and i shot a bloody low pay you know like black the chicken eggs has the embryo you get a jet black that's has led lights in the philippines below it not allude is like an actual embryo day after much more closely one drop of blood and able to get all time is it democratic separately gather miguel non essential for cabin nothing what is more there is human life as we killed him
only now is probably smart for like health reasons that blood is just sitting in an egg i think an egg can keep probably better than blood can move it out of the bottle speculation revitalize jerk off to see if my dick was an eye opener now it is the best jerk off session but then the next day ip blood a couple more times people i'm just a little bit less every time for three days and then i started my blog i think only one day out of free demonstrated my i it didn't hurt that's why you know guy i was thinking out loud what i was worried about it was gonna break my biggest work anymore we have to call it off
robert you would i have you d have to rebuild what did you take me for i myself do not his dick rebuilt and maybe it was like a woman were deck rebuilt to become an effective wouldn't you be concerned all at a time and i'm not joking that the doctor would be like if you hadn't gotten hard so fast would be okay but the fact that it broke seal is one where i was thinking maybe my loads of purify were andrea i soldiers but a worker patched up i'd like you to do that i think is supposed to heal them so few p that's pretty good at this hour blood burn cleans probably arrow urine sterile school for probably does but those of course course of our work so no nobler my share some bloody loves sympathetically
so just as wide read your approval lower i don't do shit in bars haven't where cuts of people hate my nets people on yeah well everyone digitization where wonder nationally he likes their own works were at first sight isis marvin gaye divided do i hear it with fucking days and salaries austin automotive indicative sweating as your dick would be on fire i pity it was after i had a burrito dave's insanity sauce and i just i don't know how i must have got some residue on my finger i touch the head of my dick and it was like it was melted like a mexican blowjob yeah it's like that for table subversive peppers whereas it isn't there is huge authorities are back at the people who take upon us and let us so i went to persecute wooden
i was able to say that all day i have an arrow peppers has answered the seeds out but one see inside the sunflower like people only that practical ass but none appears not once but they wouldn't they just get it must feel concerned he but do not wash our hands p the sound of a cancer my ankles and we just starting out it's like this is like yeah what's happening water do to get a diktat worker flagman how much that were sensitive area has a bloody tellers jesus really awesome can you dec
maybe it is a hard set of problems highlighted brian what's your honor if anybody's latitudes come on them who cares having i put a link with the us on the balls scorch alone they deadly about hard before our gutters that's deadly happened not even a practical experience it up special really crazy freaky gave honest at dinner as bravo been on the table syria is half his air ere i don't know i mean i think they form a whole season in vast he just wants glanced at it taken she's a really good arts rubagub grandmother catalans chest provide up on the bath artwork man i fucking love those tat is our haven't you ever love those portraits decree it has created a creeping got well unless it must mean something you on four areas grandmother was like the person who really care about her limbs kit
some do they love you haven't you when i was a kid and also you run intimidate you tat you know this man is ironic we just picture the yearbook at random dont be worried about it you're crazy vicious that i'm gonna kill you remember tat you are back does he heard she just didn't like guess embryos reign was that they have acted as a tramp stamped his i'm gonna kill you re i have to say that without before how crazy this i mean that it ever has kids and the kids can never take assures me listen to me you gonna kill you re remodel you fuckin back those re ramada there was an optimistic higher decisions age how about if any of us present ryan i currently have now he's delirious
our work with him way way way back in the early nineties we did jimmy's cordiality in things in queens somewhere in your things queens and he he was have aroused the middle to see him like when you think he's a really really could stand up that's what he's got the message them when he's always good he's just delivery you know he's a super nice guy raised bugger he's always been car clean in our favour like you did a bit one kevin being shall last year the april foolishness hilarious bit about i've guys could blow our selves world it was really far more into a mouse you couldn't keep you it has therefore belongs off would have put grow very fine is really good father something now for a very full budget good stuff you know
just about son pooping you know he think it's like it was innocent job is really well worded in her great timing really good economy of words he's a real good craftsman material that's why she was a fine i met him you know years these details job i do we also know that lovely something else i sort of macro they're gonna pilot yes he got it and then if i didn't want him for the actual shown in me doesn't have decided and i feel that there is already got a form but really a friend ass it was weird to run into him then all said he got issue which was a hundred times more successful radio and was perfect because he controlled the whole thing when we were hang out with you first got the show was me him and cabin kevin james we're all dare dinner daily and re was settled
maybe if i have a guy can they might just kept gonna use of sacerdotal just putting together perfectly you know he was really try constructed in his head he was obsessed with wasn't there wasn't any good luck at all with him i heard a temper he had tapers hbo special really meant something they are holding it fully we're gonna have without doubt what i really wanted to say a just i'm broke i need some monetary please people see it right i had no idea that always concerned when you have a special you found it you know that before the internet you now you could really crazy releases yes certainly that dual pricing they call you reflect they caught you and prove that you took away the profits for your own thing like they pulled my shit from you to my own ship
they had a that's not when your own debts get pulled off your own you to pay by giving a boat is a copyright birthdays yourselves it don't say we're searches for the threats mar abroad tat he put out of our minds please give us some more those down there is now no one would imagine the governor promoting grow where teach me it's not will handle calmly that will be decided was excited robert too often like it seems like they're just trying to put things that are like differently credit is not linked to the new one is also working at the news a series of reports and norton all sober people getting about that is you guys are soldiers ovaries so they got some great stories
now the church sobriety this is like i thought my life's about it there's a lot of issues like that there is a large easy we're doing a clean clean christians accounting for their work bank low oh my god and they were told they were beginning to do a real big church areas in the south of giant fuckin places in just terrible terrible had made clear gave every man that's not my hat further sovereign i just really were did you know that this is a big push for that with a lot of people and they want the lowest standard possible you can submit your your brok has the lowest possible standard and are so many people the one here that whether its uncompromising sarah palin talking or its unity what they want no no difference genuine now you're just as smart as down you not talk down in fact you utah
them up and made them out to be much more than they really are and that's like obey your lives as it works for the grace of god whatever their due to poor surprising and so spooky that weakens our culture has made things so easy for areas to arrive at sub me most of what people so many people do something different things are so useless now can be replaced by robots and citizens what there was caught the comic gaza because that was the worst christian lot ass i ever seen before the tickets and this is quite wrong he does somebody upwards larry's others hilarious tours christian that's worth yeah adjusting its is so easy to be a retard these
as if somebody other people you join jumpsuit of any others i think the answer who interviewed on these people waiting to see sarah palin bookselling there was like a whole fuckin giant lion people inside three resources the freezer ass up the way for hours to command meets airfield it's this do those interviews and ask them questions what would you like about us miss their policies all the same nonsense nobody has a clue in all fairness i see the same thing with obama will leave interview p there is no is black he's talking really good and here s the thing was ethical problem we are studying john asylum by restoring let up but they went megaphone diplomacy but they went down town asked about what are you about what happened was running makes their payment before god she's right where you are you're dumber popular collagen what about you know
no i've been like that for ever was that consular got no idea is tom sent back in the ninety seventys when he's right fear loading campaign trail is the same thing irrationalities differ people if we voted for no one fucking there why anybody there were no one at that guy i know not tackle who the fuck you voting for back on both counts just so i just love scholar like obama so you don't want to go to war with iraq more how do you feel about well for wouldn t think did their obama has any say or do you think it's all warship will you think literally happens when you win you think you ve been breached what everyone as this is what's gonna happen you're gonna be given an agenda you're gonna be asked to file certain protocol you'll you will consult with the people before any decision before any press will be reviewed to have some of that but i think they are also just met with with checks and balances its way hard look at things done anything
you know how to make the legal certainty of the give certain things in order to get like i'll have you no definite is definitely alone is death i want to get some guys not that easy no no it's not but what what's with like him saying that it was all bullshit they want to have troops over there never was any pulls moroccans and water gas what is our ethics you realize i can't pull him out to create a vacuum of power terrible and bright what i want to do now have no more i can see that what it does i think what they ve gotta do at some point in time they ve gotta have some mad if they really wanted to get people to like the united states and other countries there has to be some massive goodwill operation where we got these impoverished countries places have been wrecked by war by devastation valleys different things we have to help the fuck out of them because if we do that then other people go look at us know what would is why would we woke up to the united states just because it used to be just because it's a big
regarding the other most missiles in a why would we give a fuck about them and if the people at the very top of the most generous than the whole of the whole system below you seems unfair and people get fuckin pissed off the semi automatic or the light into the nations yes it was with me will be by example where you want them to their choice if you in that position of you're in the position to be generous view in a position to help if you're the position it has worked his gang shit that's the problem we want the wolf hope you give us an energy isaac it where's the lobbies eads where's the heron ground right you shut the fuck up and sit down we're bringing in coins and tanks and forty jetson spatial fly around you by remote control shoe missiles into canyons china do you videos online they have videos of then watch and missiles from my helicopters and share these people that are working with donkeys i mean it's broken not man walk the walk in you seem like walk up the hill i will get hurt you shall be museum
arms the rascal who knows what they're doing mean inaccurate and sounded so the wrong things upon general watch video it could be that there are some high level operatives moving through their secret cave hide out and the does turn everyone's watching powerful john have wrong also the comedy glutted skylight commonly with less reticent sky comedy sluggish watching near like come do appleton wisconsin as i have just learned that worries complainants those council wants and what some crazy son festival outside of tens of thousands of people but also other yeah i was really great crowd and but those people babies
ass the ship motorcycle babies environment nourishment conveyor yeah those kids to matters everybody and i was i did all my share because there is a lot of young people in the fry knows a majority hundreds and hundreds of young people behind now those are mixed bag with the people who were sitting raw like comical volumes loses a bunch of people outside people standing up the walk around in a big giant ten so strange you want us to dirty through joint efforts in a manner worthy of on line pathogen have on very very funny guy fire everytime you john have already come to errors are well i think john f i will tell you that he would love compares the improv conflict shekels renounce and come with shackles man john had drawn
so we think about but away with you about her he thinks i'm just another one all review the rhine rapids he is crazy tat how much is all bodies though we haven't seen it it's fuckin bizarre like it so crazy it's hard to believe this businessman tattoos i mean what his whole body spoken daddy rapidly the fuck up a little way in tatters music somerset wherever the amazing ok sweetheart what are you kidding i did right away i ve never to live with your right up about that your sound is a horrible was no way a burden upon i was ever again
i say that i get amazing tends to look at this shit oh my god that's incredible costs money this is incredible is in a position just doesn't matter is not my job mammals a job crazy man do just went off and tat it is all very that's like a big good all once man soldier boy seems to have that soldier boy did the same thing tat is face tat in his hands tat is checked his whole arms
i mean he just went nutty driven soldier boy you can't find a response gap is like a brother soldier s on new j a hollow and also google soda boy ice cream kitty i strangely passage are you going to unblock me for me twitter don't be rude i can't even follow you on that rude because both fucking bug me too much we gotta get celebrated right now a good story they wanted to go home i promised all about now still as it is here we go no it doesn't come up industry now non des twitter but we do know is that you pay secondly i want to know about it you don't know much about suicide is one we have it would you rather have you have two options
right well that's like that you know my photos up as you are aware there is not like that i like other leaders nice a gamble there's a little way say about his whole advising a fortune cookies he's got little fortune could be sans always by some weird that's really fuckin really bad tattoos man it's weird that's a real trend because these really bad it's a prison tat is but the question is coming up against rounds creation because a jail firstly demonstrated characteristic
therefore if you do that you should apply on this question and i think you do they have any clear headed i like we get the camera say my client is very wealthy man who you know a lot of people can get a name of being about these are very big man and his concern for safety my favorite things as well it's like us shudder walked with a law in what we say to a judge and all the good things tat happen only guy up old love every sort of getting older vessels do soldiers not remember when tv shows had convinced that you can tell it like a cop was like are you a cop what i'm a cop should regard me this time letty
are you they wouldn't you guys know their jerk me like what they would never do they do they want to tell you are classed as ridiculous you're doing something illegal a cop can let you do that illegal shit they can do illegal shit with you thinking fucking cocaine with you to arrest you for cocaine habitat about that legal then get away with it how many is that because they go under cover didn't have to drive you if you're doing drugs and you won't be a partisan wars i'm gang nemours gangs deirdre you don't trust me though i feel to be allowed to be the double the size and one special episode was it had to do it yes exactly throw the figure maybe i'll give you an antidote pill this will immediately notify the cocaine was ready to take it and regulate the bathroom got withdrawal greater job interview exactly i mean this is the year of other atomic de agents the deviations get addicted to drugs they have to do it is for people to get in and then also i think they see that fuckin lifestyle they become crazy
we're getting away with it if you were in a position to really be investigating drugs and his country you would see there's so much drove company it's like an unstuck before you start wondering when we put our resources towards wise initiate legal with impact it make money off why can't i just go out to the illegal people there is just prohibition when prohibition happened authorities all that shit there twice by making very for all it did was just made people that were more dangerous cellar the people they were afraid to break the law they just may organised crime strong they kept our models has the most i think so he must have known and i think it may people angry about getting busted within cellular i think most people i get jaw kind other aren't gonna break the law really risk it out with a lot of people who like i guess it can happen more mean did you ever researchers but i'm staggered
well but they make cigarettes illegal logging without my wonder if it would be like catholic school girls and being horse are all different there is a growing up around i'll catch you girls it was common knowledge amongst my friends they catholic school girl there because it was religious jewish or not i think a so ridiculous that i think even like when you are dealing with a revision where a gigantic percentage of the men who are power a fucking little kids go it's time gay rights as well as for those the guy was using proposition eight your colleague was get back as not precincts african is it just get your like there s a ragged smarter pedophiles you love this guy with a pair of our praise for their religion is so ridiculous debtors there's a job
in percentage of the men who were pushing this revision are also fucking a horrible per file that room people live if you know anybody that's catholic grubbin catholic community you know a bunch of people that are developed everybody know somebody i know to people that got hit by priest i know my mother tony here fight off a priest when john have increased they attacked his priests but in truth and breathe holidays and my friend but another do not reduce enough tat are all counselling and no girl sat at the nice summit there are so many sound as if you stop and look you're new mexico has some crazy ass my mother used to appoint time where you could if you had sex with a girl like a man can i have sex with girl like it's normally it's like age of consent was like eighteen but the boy the age of consent was like thirteen falcon
and the reason why supposedly this is an act of the catholic church put pressure on them to keep this in place fucking ship all their very briefly boy sweet boy asked whether or not this is true the tsar speculations on it the fact that speculation the fact is that the age of consent for male too busy i was thirteen it's fucking same sex males like thirteen whereas this excellent both boys and girls ones the crazy now's the sexting thing we're kids are going to jail our pornography of they really came down somewhere with no tolerance care if he made it up you can have on your hard drive however what are those laws like we cannot accept only when they are attacking slots for percent operating room there pussy two guys attacking hungary's silly it's basically
seems well they said that yours i show you might play downward kids under the promise then it gets out if i had a file from example crazy that's why they didn't want anyone have about this twice one month ago the boy said that some sweeping over thirteen your birth rises attitude of fortune furthermore the other guys we thought about asia mandy ideally put kids in jail because they take pictures they're closing due to insufficient was dixon round school now is locked in a cage people throughout time is a charge and whipping you dig up if you cover zones why would we all live making free whenever wherever the shit happy with her father way earlier we all make it for you and your trust anybody
some of these accidents have happened at all i wonder how much suppression you know we really have by walking around naked with how much differently we beef water naked by walking around our clothes i wonder how much more different behaviour ever say this is the comparison is it so anything moodily that it was a novelty when i was shocked to hear such women when i would watch me the armor something like a letter sort of feel the other way more socialist i think covering up and start myself makes you more sexual let your boy unclothed you believe me
the more urgent when i first came to wildly and our first acted in a second i didn't like being here i didn't like this the signals a constitution was really bad suddenly various about fighting go out of the network and the producers the writers i broke out my girlfriend i moved out here and we are still talking about i i don't know anybody here for a few weeks i talked in what i didn't hang out anyway and then this chick we're laughin about southern shemeah hung on the set and shaking a hug the best feeling world it wasn't my regular her she here in this house i was they need a glass of water now it was just a hard man she just be a nice and she gave me and others and roma back and also while also good news for you need that schumacher you have you got a few weeks or months
the category fatima there's an arctic he went eight months and one point by himself just up their hunting and he said is way too much it's crazy i should live in wild man yes he did some phoebe s tv i think his name's hi mom i'm most arctic refuge just look at arctic gps dot tv spoken credible man like one was crowded that matters ever you start to think about this gas chosen to live like that in this day and age whereas i think if we had a live let that be hell they pray how do you think you feel like us and civilization dropped off there was no power and you had a fuckin light fires with wood and kill animals to stay alive and it was fuckin freezing cold and where animals the and the others where they live on top of the mountain i couldn't be like acts of that shit did happen i don't wanna be on top of the mountain doing in other myself i wanna be arrived similar basing our civilization is no food no one's grown i think is what emerges
ass the early summer self sustaining we're but it's i think it's like me my family grew up on you know to me it's like while i was present through everything by trying to rise hours if you know about if you run out will have tomatoes meet as will have serious work ethic you can't stop off i didn't know anything about farms into us our work for the usa and then you start talking to work as a farmer but as a real farmers in the type of matthews gasser when they do it in depth report on these guys in their life in a tiny spears another one like they offered him a fight recently and he couldn't take the fight because he was in the middle the harvest wildlife that's real shit you know guys their drivers working fucking working there working all day every day in its brutal is hard work and there's like a mentality that allow why these guys love the work there's something something very satisfying something you know that goes back toward days when we first discovered agriculture knows about this
the rule human reactions you get you feel rewarded for having produced this is a family stewardship there's the god loves his children gave us a plentiful catalan crops without us having to afford it all and the mammoth grazing are working on himself that is only took up power where they had actually toiled soil and where we can really do why employee i gotta go i think i feel ok just a calm the farms that's why hunting why hunting is guy i think they his name that live in the arctic that's what he was talking about that is why it is to be a hundred gather now that he thinks it does
judicial fell upon the man is most happy when he's out there provided from somebody says he loves you boss liven up there just hunting and fishing and getting food that happens i fuck off or maybe there's something to it maybe if you the two of you have also stimulate mary i mean i think frightening everything arise different situations you out of your what don't like national exercise every day every days hiking in shooting caribou list about calling me is hanging i mean it's not laser prosecutor all day long eyes tat means your laptop is online it's fucking credit it's really will while we believe you are lays down a desert there's a long ass one slash two and one slash two hours bitches that's how we roll we were going to be at tempe improv this thursday friday saturday saturday night is basically sold out cuz it was only like twenty tickets left this morning the second the second show it's going to get swept the first show sold out and so it's going to it's going to go quick thank you very much everybody would preach
every week but you can get it on itunes now if you go to itunes the joe rogan podcast is off and you can download all the ones that we had before it's all thanks that man thank you man thank you i am proud that it altogether because i'm anyway he's the mother fucker ladies and gentlemen powerful super genius computer was
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