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Brian Posehn, Brian Redban -  Date Recorded - 06-13-2011
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the joe rogan experience podcast is brought to you by the flesh light if you go to joerogan dot net and click on the link for flashlight you entering the code name rogan and you get fifteen percent off with that brian post saying this year buckle up here we go the general good experience yeah i have no excuse for the order we do things that seem so official seems like it's now right a real show hey before we're just sitting around going when is this fucking thing to start the other ones i've gone to or just bullshit compared to this fucking mark meron
brian pro st ladies and gentlemen it's good to see ya buddy good to see you man i've been reading crazy crazy things about you anne marijuana that you have abandoned church in i wanna yeah so weird that got out there like who cares comma quick quit spot do people care going to do now i got nothing changes that you make in your life radical changes people there's going to be arguments message boards debates i was really surprised and then people are mad at me 'cause i'm doing gathering in the jug 'cause i heard about that as well i think i lost a few fans why people are like what the fuck dude why are you doing that you were cooler in that like people are like that is so not metal you know it's metal getting a nice paycheck so my kid can go to nursery school next year that's pretty metal well you know it's also an it's going to be an experience yeah exactly
if somebody offered you a nice check to go very possibly yes very possibly think about until god what the i say what it's what i do where they had go you know i'd have to figure out how to edit it and do it right i see that i'm not a i have two months to do that like it's in august and so i've got time to prepare you know where managers this cynical in twenty five minutes and i'm filing harland williams perfect yeah yeah okay okay get to follow that what is the concert for people i don't know because i i the the the gathering of the juggalos as all the insane clown posse kate salt and it's if it's to me it's a very fascinating fascinating movement because i kind of it's so easy to poke fun at dom is so easy to point a finger but it's also like identify would disenfranchise people most of them were really given a shitty fucking handed life life that's what what
my family is like their big thing they say at this thing at these insane clown posse concert they'll say family i a family like we're all together they feel like they're part of something and how was i bet no i know that's part of why i said yes to it i was like you know in another world i could have been one of these kids you know 'cause i was a mutant that sat at home reading comic books and listen to iron maiden and didn't have a family you know didn't have other guys that would like the same shit is main so at least they've cut the head i mean we all been in that situation and the people you have people on the internet really poke fun at them like they do the the city band there into is so much better than the insane clown posse well you know that's at the arctic monkeys is something million levels above the icp something really obscure but yeah you can only get it amoeba and people are like almost disappointed i could tell you know in their tweets you know you only got one hundred and forty characters but it's still like dude why are
doing that you know and it's like why do people care what you doing first now if you're still doing your still being you you're still doing your ass i'm not going to throw cloud pick up on go out and throw my feces at everybody and even if you did why not as long as you filmed it make a youtube video do it yeah fuck it let's see other thing i'm going to do my thing there i'm going to see how that goes over i'm going to have experienced stuff is going to happen to me that night when i fly out there and go to this crazy 'cause it's out in the middle of nowhere that's the other thing about it like where is it it souten illinois but like some place i've never heard so this is a national thing people flying from all across the country and these guys are fucking gigantic right now like that yeah they're pretty big so but you never hear the music now he was so strange they played him on mtv like in the 90s when they first broke and then everybody went uh these guys suck
and then they kind of those are what i love about them is they they win big they wanted to keep doing it and name went underground and they went like made their own label and these guys have made a fortune you know of putting their own stuff out which is like you know a lot of comics that we know that do that thing you know it like don't go for common sense to record some don't go to those other places and that kind of respect that you know right they've been able to build this crazy for and based out of and most people have never heard their shit at all right yeah there's something interesting about it and like i said they obviously appealed to a very certain distinct group to need something they need someone you know what we were talking about earlier about the pot thing about people freaking out about you quitting pot that it's also a part of a movement and there's a lot of people that like to think that hey man
for twenty you know bob for twenty on twitter and they want to think that they're part of this thing too and then if you leave this thing so hard on the you make it just a decision to do something different with your consciousness that you're leaving this group you leaving the band van well you know what that's a big part of it that's a big part of why i quit is i didn't want to be that guy anymore and i get why some people like to still be that guy but for me will the big part it wasn't working anymore and i just have always been one of those people that like i always hated people that went into a and or you know or like i did coke i i messed around with coke and i messed around with christina
the dumb like that ladies really yeah yeah well like before i knew it was really bad yeah i moved to phoenix in nineteen eighty six and that's like where crystal meth was invented pretty much while you know and right at that time and it wasn't a big deal but and i did i mess around and then i was able to just go this is stupid i don't want to do it anymore so i've always been that kind of guy and pot you know i smoked for twenty something years and i was an everyday guy in an all day guy and i just didn't like the i was feeling anymore and it just wasn't working to like eight do you ever get like that like you ever take a break right now tire blinds and it's and i don't even feel any different than you did before you set up the blind i'm a huge proponent of marijuana but i'm also a big proponent of moderation and pretty much everything and i don't smoke everyday i don't smoke everyday this is when i smoke i smoke before i know i'm going to fuck my wife open snipping i smoke
sometimes we're going to go on a date when you get some good food i smoke a little then i smoked for write comedy i smoke before i do comedy i smoked for do jujitsu be for movies before video game before sex before moving so this is like there's a few times where the whole day will go by and none of those things will happen and i won't smoke it doesn't affect me or when i go on vacation on vacations i'll go on vacations with flight five six days and no pot and i never feel bad i just feel like me you know enjoy the feeling of marijuana but i also think it's good to know who the fuck you are outside of the influence of all these things can for some people have to go back at some point and do it the way you're talking or maybe not even that much but but do it like when i'm going to see rush yeah i don't see the new x men you could that i want to i want to give it i want to get it out in my sis completely how long is it been three months and then you just went cold turkey yeah it's easier when you have children too
now you have a and that was the big thing like i talked about it on what the merrin sting but one of the things is sick i i don't know about where you smoke here but it got delegated to outside because of the kids in before he came when right was practically the swan you know it's house but anyway i did that i couldn't smoke in my office anymore and i can smoke in living room so then it became the outside guy and so it felt kind of dirty like i didn't have a shed that i was going out to in the back but i would and it's a nice place but are out by my pool just kind of feel like a scumbag you know out there by myself getting a taste so yeah i always do it outside just sold my house doesn't smell like we we did it inside they just because they have this new thing it's a hemp wick instead of a lighter you light it with a lighter and then the if the hemp is like a wick and it's a minute hemp rope so it lasts a long time is that we're so used to women
it's a it's to light it instead of using a lighter as i do use a lighter note smoking out of a pipe organ do i smell the lighter right a small that fluid i tasted a little less it can't be good for now so this hemp wick i started doing this but it one work outside as to when the source what's inside but i have any your call here in my office that i had on before the show and but most the time i'm a joint in most of the time i go outside i do it on purpose but yeah i've had that i was doing a line as either the wife conversation she smoke at all not right now she do did but then she had two babies in a row and the first one you know she breast fed for a year as she did the second one and so that was like the babies born the baby lives for a year and then she's pregnant again and then the baby born the baby breast feeds for your search it's been a long time since you smoke pot so if you miss it you know which is down she's almost ready but but the you know the the effects to me are important but like any
thing else can be abused just like masturbation i think masturbation is great but i've had points in hi for us beat now three four times a day and as reading off when i wasn't even hard just keep going i get that monkey but i think we all have comments and it was like combined with the weed to you in an inner city hotel room most of the time dissenting really depressing about hotel rooms in your high blown it out the window just sitting there with my flaccid i think you know you watch your movies i don't want to watch just seen everything else you know eighties movies yeah but yeah check on sex in the city was hot number she played a manic in the came to yeah the trucks using the front manic he he he yeah i
see what you're talking about you were doing you were here you had a pretty extreme pot thing going on the all day every day pot that totally makes it not working like i i've had been to that point before and then i take like three days off and then the weed works again automatically you know yeah for years i wasn't awake in big guy and then it just became if i didn't have a job if i don't have a writing job i was going to in the morning i'd wake and bake and then you know and i'm supposed to be like trying to write things to sell or or work on my on actor you know write a book it's just impossible when you start smoking at ten am or at least for me it was yeah i think everybody's got a different bio chemistry because for me man i smoke and that's why i do my best writing i smoke and i sit down and i just get into the groove and i just lose myself and there's a week ago for me there's a window for jokes i mean i've written you know the last twenty years my stand up most of those jobs have been right now hi and so that's kind of a challenge for me now is like to see it see what happens
how high to see what the materials like right hasn't changed if you notice any chance shit what about your sets on stage there feeling good no they're actually am way more focused yeah faster like a faster rhythm yes because i'm more present huh my wife's definitely noticed that justin talking to me like when i walk into the house is like well you're like you know you're not a man right you're not stoned yeah yeah that what kind of did you smoke you know that's the other thing like i've never been one of those guys that knows every strain but the one that put you to sleep in it yeah does another hour in that stuff yeah they're so different yeah it's real they're talking about two totally different things it's almost like talking about alcohol verse stimulant i mean they're so completely different do you find yourself having problems being around it now like you hang out
benson like i can have a sentimental nonsense i don't even know if he knows like well he acts that yeah it's actually right before the show make sure you ask right about quitting pot because you know doug flies the fucking why haven't crowd to him and he's like what the fuck you know i'm the guy that started him on that rd really yeah it wasn't really a smoker and i bought him his first pipe known and re at intermediate needed to usually done it when he come up san francisco and hang out with us but i moved down to la and he and i had a reading get together for him to be in like ninety four and at that point was not a stoner at all and i was already and that you know just got him into the
a day thing this is one of the biggest donor comics wow you're his sincere he is sincere yeah i know what to do this is so hard for so must be really weird yeah have you seen doug on that old curb your enthusiasm it doesn't even look like it looks like this clean cut gentlemen it's so weird i see him on that now how whole caribbean susie as a result i don't hold yeah yeah five six years ago so we're making last looks totally different yeah and like what what what looks different he does he really clean but back then i don't have i mean of course it was probably his character also but i he just looked very different eyes looked less so he's has he contacted you about it no we haven't talked obviously he's concerned yes and i'm hanging out was there this week was another one of my pot had friends in the service of our bright it'll be weird like to be at the improv and not go around back right you know that that alley where a we've been smoke yeah
fifteen something years yeah have you gotta try it well if you ever do you gotta try a this before if you and if you ever decide i mean don't do whatever fuck if you ever decide thing you know who'd somebody one of my friends was like oh you're taking a sabbatical and it first us like that the stoner thing to say like right like that i'm for sure going to come back you'll be back yeah but but i don't want to be back to what i was right and so the idea like i said yeah i'd love to get to the point missing russia next month next week you have too and i'm not going to do it with this next rest show but next year when they come back you know i'd love to then be able to go and you know when they played what is your right what's your goal like what's your time wise gold you have like a milestone you'd like to read a year you know and i'm using the program which you're going to the classes
so you did somebody say the program you're doing you do in alcoholics anonymous right yeah yeah why did you decide to do that instead of like this club right now the reason i'm going to you know this is it sounds like a joke but and it will be a joke at some point but i'm not big of a loser together in a i think it's just pot there's a couple one hundred dollars a month you know there's going to be guys like you know i sold my mom for her right where the stories are way more you might get material from yeah i know i know i certainly well this gonna be huge bit for sure yeah that's a that's a kind of a fascinating isn't it is true when the hard drugs the really hard ones man those stories are horrific yes the de humanizing drugs i just felt like i'd be the biggest in the ram yeah i went to an end but it's like that scene from from from baked yeah
it happens and there wasn't it they had a meeting and no one ever suck cock for pot ok so yeah the bob yeah that's probably have seen yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah i gotta watch that again that will make me want to get hired have you ever thought about doing the doctor jury so that would be pretty funny we get tonight are you i'm doing the regular level i think he means the eleven a rehab no no that would be funny no no no there's a real career to i actually still work yeah did you don't understand you're not it is sort of quote unquote in the business you do that it's over yeah klay saying i suck and i have for a long time you don't just say you know just exactly and that's what you're yeah yeah yeah you're saying i really don't have anywhere to turn i'm going to be in this house for six weeks they need a paycheck yeah the soon to be able to do or if you're desperate for attention and some other things going to
fashion some reality show career why i say it again those people are real drug addicts almost everybody except weed people yeah well there was only one weed guy ever right now i think there's more than one really rapper rapper was a week guy to some girl well the worst was eric roberts eric roberts there for with the i there's nothing i want it so what his yes everyone's shaking it looks real wedding and now was we'd he's drinking coffee reading the newspaper not only did he did you smoke we use a vaporizer so he's doing it healthy it is it is that he's i think he's one of the flock away from his wife he has like honey i've got to be there for six weeks six weeks that one too good to just i didn't eat from a grease could you yes yeah that was sad that was a sad part of that show i he was he was on my dead pool 'cause he was he was in which they really have one but it's kinda way jeff kahn yeah and he apparently had some serious infection didn't know he had the infection
'cause he was highland time he was so messed up on that show he was hard to watch one was a few episodes that that show i watched one with heidi fleiss which i thought was fascinating and i watched the recent one with the the old model lady he's really kinda nutty yeah what's that haggard yeah no it's fascinating 'cause she's got this young boyfriend it's really weird yeah yeah yeah like that month well i think he's probably regular guy but he works in a supermarket or something so for him it's like you know it's janice dickinson still yeah but she's horrible to look at jerry well do you know this yeah getting old having an old person's face is not nearly as scary as having an old person's face it's been cut up to try to appear younger yeah those are surgery in a city like terrific my wife hates it but all like all whisper to my kid
you know he's only two but i'll go look there's monsters yeah i i was called monster face it's it's it's too late was watchin on one of those joan rivers things it was on calmly central i swear to god bro for fifteen minutes i didn't absorb a word they said yeah i was concentrating on her face and how how terrifying thing turning they're the castle it's a mask is what it is it's it's not moving it's so obvious it's like filled up with something and ships going to mail to whatever the fuck it's so scary it's not good do you ever see the sequel to escape from new york escape from la yeah i did probably but i don't remember not great but at one point bruce campbell plays do you remember this yeah bruce campbell plays a plastic surgeon that has basically created these monsters in this ten years ago before you really saw these girls floating around la and so that was the one moment of the movie that kind of works 'cause
carpenter saying look out like this shit is you know that's on its way yeah it's kind of frightening this isn't it doesn't really exist back in the day an island of dr moreau which is kind of a class or will face facelift have been around for a long time right when they pulled a face back but this is a new era when you come up the lips yeah yeah they do lips and they do the cheeks and shit there was a hot girl down syndrome girl down syndrome because all the girls started with the same like downs johnny carson to kind of the the whole day off the same look you know our miss mount syndrome kids always have that same look in the eyes of the same it's horrible any cars and what it's through it is true it is that that's monster face the get the giant mouth so yeah but your head off yes lisa renna took care hers finally because i think how did she
i don't know she took me she got a different way to summon though i know a woman who i had it done and then she had to taken out and it's just it to her lips are terrifying now the whole thing's a mess for the force said big scar too it was really weird like he'd be talking to her and it was so obvious their lips are pumped up but it would be also weird because when she would move you'd see this car insider lips god damn who said that should be legal that's craziness you're fucking with your lips man likes you kiss him you can feel it in the lips you feel like will fucking hard gelatine in their lips and you don't see it in regular places like if you go to i've been shooting this thing out in ann arbor mi and you don't see these girls walking around right but here here especially with you you go to the grocery store in calib asses yeah it's all monster faces out here six year old lady trying to look forty five but well the worst is newport beach ever going around there now not know why god that
call area that that area is like really rich and really like nice since like driving maserati's and everyone at the irvine improv which is closely yes people yeah it's the make the track yeah you see a lot of monster faces up there for women for women talked into brutalizing their face yeah like you know what it's those husbands let them or paid for it i'm guessing yeah or they just gave in the judges gave and they didn't want to listen anymore it's just like alright alright alright you want to get your fucking lips done and surprising do you ever maybe they're just do you know the worst nuclear disaster in the world happened in semi valley in nineteen fifty and here's a server that's not true it sure is not the worst nuclear disaster not even close with the shit going on in japan right now it is yeah you wrong for that shit going on in japan right now is unbelieving at united states no no three mile island bro no two hundred and forty times more than that accident why
we're getting what is this is like above top secret dot com what is this is this is happened in nineteen fifty nine and they i it was to one hundred and forty times more than the accident through my island and they kind of covered it up and some sent this to me the other day and there's actually like news stories all about it there's a wikipedia page all about this and i never knew about that but it's kind of odd that we live super accurate so you uh i assume you're talking about is rocketdyne you're talking about the marketing yeah i do i think they have all the information about that i think a huge amount of what they're saying about what the damn image and all that it's all speculation what do you know what happened at ep had happened out there they did a lot of tests rocketdyne is where they mean when they were involved in the space program all through the through the but now i'm warm and there's all sorts of you know they basically make arms and and fucking spaceship parts shit this is a lot of you know do a lot of naughty things up there but it's not one of the worst disasters in the do people wouldn't be able to live here to be fucking six arm babies and dogs be
with no years it is not it's not from what the the the what i heard is there was that something happened there in instead of like most of these nuclear reactors have these huge concrete kalo domes over them so there is a leak or some kind of radiation is covered but this was like kind of a test facilities and they didn't have all these acts they don't have to have all these extra things all these extra gauges it's two thousand eleven we can't be having these what i heard conversation i'm looking at it right now i i could play the audio right but i mean what do you look into the history channel history dot now let me tell you some of the history channel you know what gets on the history channel ufo shows go shows robot shows okay this is this is what you need to know the history channel it's a network and what they do is they buy programming they were ratings and they want things but they don't verify that you know the claims they don't make sure that everything is peer review the talking about history channel's had a bunch of shows pro and con jfk assassination prokon
i see conspiracy so for you know just the sake of everybody's brain you can't just but isn't it weird that they think that the one of the craziest cities you know is los angeles and everything like that we have these people that are turning any cats that look like cat women and we we never even think about like our air pollution so bad to match and it being also mixed with toxic because i guess the rods that are in a nuclear reactor i guess when the acts they something open they shut it down and then they were ok i think it's ok and they turned it on for two more weeks and then they shut it off in and they were like how many rods like forces a crazy conversation brian because we don't really know the real story we in this is it this is so frustrating to be in all the cops live out there to you man absolutely yeah radioactive for any active cops anyways yeah read about it if you just type in feel like we would know about that i feel like we would know about that i think it was that big of a disaster i mean maybe something happened but it was that big
i don't see that you would avoid the effects of it that shit was in the 60s and the 70s right wasn't it at one thousand nine hundred and fifty nineteen i just assume we would know about fifty nine only japan is a melt through undercover man government doesn't want you know that's where work hipsters came from fucking know this radiation is nothing to do with cat ladies or hipsters these cat ladies are there because they're trying to hang on silver lake douche bags for a weird mustaches somehow the rods in here and skinny pants all those broken rides the radiation is not doing that you see i have you big movie fan are yeah did you see the new at a super eight movie yet not yet yeah you guys
it's very talking about it is it true there's rumors i heard that you play dungeons and dragons whether you in a couple of guys like pat and all that get together and still play dungeons and dragons that to me but right before we had kids we did we were the only dnd group to ever stop because three of the guys got their wives pregnant like i don't think that's ever happened before in the history of dna you don't think so i don't think somewhere in ohio some guys had to pull the plug there not fucking i used to hear about that in just to roll me about tell me about this what do you do you get together there's just a couple years it was me it started with my buddy gerry dog and he writes for g four and he was he and i wrote a comic book together and and and we were just talking one night with another friend going hey man we love to get a d and d group going in this guy's like our i want to be a dm he's like you know i haven't d end again what is it dm dungeon master master
yes yeah yeah he's the guy that reno runs the show right and doesn't they don't play they basically you know right the whole adventure fauria or use those you know use the books and you know basically walk you through the thing and so we went to a couple friends and it will i wanna be a patton oswalt and a blanket patch i'm sure you know and then chris hardwick was in our group for awhile too so and it was a lot of fun if anyone makes a good basically we called a nerd poker i called a nerd poker because it just
i came away as you know when your friends get busy and and it's like the only way you can kind of hang out with them is to have like a ritual right you know what i mean and that's what it was we don't play poker and and that you know we have the video game like when halo for started having those lan parties yeah we would do that and that was like a regular thing too but then that kind of went away you know to be like sixty universal for tv's i'm for people on for tv's and that was a lot of fun and that kind of the bed and and we got to stay in the game going and that i came away of a honey i get i gotta go do this now i'm gonna go hang out with your buddies and you know we'd be there for four hours and we barely get any of the adventure done because it would be just patton going you know i just played the shitty club and may god have you seen stupid movie imagine you guys should have a reality show yeah they're flying casually idea dungeons and dragons that's to be a part
yeah it's not an idea is one thing but the real reality show like it goes back to doing that doctor jury thing to me any reality shows basically saying i've got nothing right please you know give me in a of let's not call it a reality show how about a dungeon dragon shows for comics and right where every week you sit down and discuss all kinds of crazy you have subjects you want to bring up while you're playing dungeons dragons that's a good idea would definitely talked about it over the years i have now and but for me i always said no to it because i had a want to suck the fun out of it right right it's true it was just as fun thing and i'm trying to get it going again i've been talking to the dm about hey man you know our kids are too let's let's get this going again but i think if you made it a podcast you wouldn't fuck the fun out of that same time yeah that's probably true i think it would actually probably more fun you guys would be where
headsets are shit and talking to mike and he would know that other people are going to be giggling enjoying it along with you it might be the way to go i've never played this game so explain to me how it goes have you ever played anything sim no no fantasy games although i was huge on fantasy books i was big robert how fan as a kid and i you know loves are getting fantasy football or finish now no because i know that it's different from that because they don't really you don't get together and but it's basically you create a character that will you i'm sure you've played like what do they call those games the video games at our world the world outside of what's it called multiplying anymore really planned never play those you never play play first person shooters yeah me too i i played like a cut legends in a couple of things like that and i just couldn't get into it because i like playing role playing with my friends but doing the video game it's it's too slow moving like yeah i'm much for
for you know first person shooters around just yes i got it in in even in video games in in dungeons and dragons i was always the guy like i play dumb k instance like i'm the guy that through the door for swing in the battle axe you know just getting on that guy apps that are the guy like i've gotta figure my spell and i've got to say this incantation and i've got to have these runes in my hand and i've got to do all these things to get this one thing to work i was the guy like i pick up my hammer and i smash you in the fucking head i sat down with duncan duncan once you try to explain to me the the compelling magic of world of warcraft we went through little journey and he met up with some people and i like sad over shoulder was like what the fuck are you doing man this is so stupid never got him like let's go play quick i'll show you how many people i can kill in the time the time that this is happened i would have killed thirty or forty people our brains work the same way i just can't do that yeah the world
thank you i knew what it was because i know it's close to what i've played with right d and d but the indy is much much more fun for me because of you've got the camaraderie and got the friends and did you ever have a land party ever play video games on a lamp or that's what i was saying yeah i did the halo theme parties i got addicted to video games because of news radio because the writers the writers have room where they had a land party set out in the next quake two yeah they would play quick two fuck it was so much but it was it was so addictive we would like go up there in between scenes like say if i didn't have two scenes i would go up there and play with some of the writers would be screamager talking shit to each other and it was so much fun after was over my hands would be shaking and go back to this set like i was on crank i went up there a couple of times it was her friends with that stuff was ally against air yes yes l higgins and josh lieb i went there a couple of times and
to hang out shoulder crazy said that was that that was the weirdest writing room possums didn't they start like at nine hundred o'clock at night started whenever the fuck they wanted to it wasn't they start at nine hundred o'clock at night sometimes then started at two hundred o'clock in the morning they just the reading room works like that and it was basically a bunch of guys that nobody had kids at that you couldn't you couldn't in people that you know like how kids and they knew not to even apply for the job everybody started like they would like sometimes when you start writing until the morning get water and then like an hour later he's you know he's the first challenge because that is ten tar and start digging around in his car right they were so they were brilliant but come yeah we are all children like some of the smartest guy jeff or matt we would like we would right there so it was a nine hundred o'clock table read we get there at nine hundred am is usually later than that but if it was nine hundred am we would get there and we would have to eight hundred and forty minutes for the first script and the first script will would get his chapter and would there be like block this chapter in the next chapter will be coming in a couple hours and then they would write the chapters literally
the like you know what actually comes don't work like that no of course not i did a guest spot on your sitcom just shoot you know that yeah yeah yeah yeah and it was a remarkably well behaved but yeah it was the they did it was because i had kids they were there till eight hundred or nine hundred o'clock at night and then they went home to news radio guys figured out a way to force themselves to be funding they figured out a way to put themselves under a lot of pressure and that really funny stuff would come with sleep deprivation an with a lot of pressure i mean it it's a method it's not the best method it's a method but is where plenty of shows i have worked on that fucking i would have loved to have been there all the time like you but yeah just those two episodes i did yeah trips were pretty effective result is so much fun it was such a pleasure to be on it and i got so lucky because i can't right now show that was on another show i went from the worst show possible to the best show pasha called hardball it was a baseball show it should have been
it was written by funny guys jeff martin kevin curran who wrote from married with children they wrote on the simpsons they were great guys yes and when they got on tv when they show got picked up they fox the network came along and said listen you guys can't run your own show you know the fuck you're doing so we're going to bring in the worst hack we can find and they brought in this guy from coach i don't remember his fucking name but every joke was horrific it was terror he got fired but they couldn't pull it out out of the flames it was just it just died we eventually had that it just you me the final season we jumped the shark like they changed all the writers and the new as it came in were total accent that last season was miserable so worse people don't know how bad it is to do a bad show like everybody says oh woe is me charlie sheen really make it two million dollars here it's true you're right he should not be complaining no one who makes two million dollars a week should be complaining but there's a reason that fucking guy lost his marbles i watched that show once just recently the first time it's unfucking bearably bad
it's under liza blee unbearably bad i like it because of how bad it is like i and i have watched a bunch of but i watch a handful of them and it's like oh okay this guy all these jokes about he a lot and the other guys get like that's all the jokes are it's him making fun of crier for being kind of wimpy in a so it's all these gay jokes and then the fat lady walks in and says other mean gay jokes and jokes charlie sheen fucking all the time that's all it is it's one of the worst show that's ever existed i just like the opening the transformation of the kid so i never saw that part but it's just it's amazing that it's so popular it's fucking incredible is it amazing yes it's still amazing to me still shocking but you know when i find out that fifty one percent of the country still thinks the earth is less than ten thousand years old that's like a recent gallup poll when i find out like that it's it's it's
disappointing and it's confusing but you're amazed by yeah little bit still still in any more alone i mean i'm not surprising the movies that are popular in the music that's popular you know and the fact that the funny smart stuff doesn't last because people don't care and peep stupid you know the numbers though are monstrous the numbers of stupid people are just so so i'm not surprised by that i wouldn't say surprised i would say i'm shocked i'm like god damn it really you know i would wish that it wouldn't be like right you kind of want to shake everybody yeah just wish it wouldn't be the way stupid is like good stuff well what's wrong with you is the big question as to how long people can stay stupid you know because technology gets more and more complicated and more interesting and more your life is run connected to technology it's pretty easy to be stupid you google
anything you find the answers you know if you don't want to believe reality find a message board of a bunch of other people that believe the same bullshit you believe and just ride it to the apocalypse it's easy as fuck to be done today for sure easier than ever so anyway my my i was in the worst case scenario from that sure and then all the sudden best case scenario for news radio so i've never done right away like when you showed up late did you like no when did you know you're on a great show oh i knew was great when i saw the pilot i wasn't in the pilot fortunately i got to watch pilot there's another guy place ray romano was the original guy who had my part he got fired and they brought in another guy who did the pilot and then monica i just think that he was wrong for the part i think they just wanted someone different they wanted to do a different so they did how to get rid of ray romano and of course ready monitors greatest thing that ever happened to him cuz it goes on does every rash man who makes a trillion dollars but they they do
and then they brought another guy for the pilot and then he got fired and then they had some sort of a thing you know an open call thing and uh i had a development deal with nbc to do my own show i just got it and then they said before we even talk about that and watch montreal or something i got it after i did the hard ball thing okay it failed but i got a deal somehow or another a good agency you're still doing a time to stand up yeah yeah i kept it honest and i was always so and then i went to you know and we see they showed me the pilot and then you know they said would be one audition for this and i said fuck it and then i auditioned and i got it was really just stupid suck but i knew right away it was amazing you know right away first day at table read i'm sitting next to phil hartman like whole shit like i knew dave foley was famous but i didn't know of him i did right was really upset never liked it and not really i did see a couple sketches that i thought were kind of funny but it wasn't like really into it but it just say used phil hartman taylor is this is fucking bizarre
are you a fan of his from simpsons from everything you know i'm just seeing i mean hilarious i remember seeing him on tv and thinking how funny was and then all sudden i'm sitting next to my tv show when i had we're taking a fucking acting class in my life and it was like six it's from doing this mtv half hour comedy hour and then boom six months later somehow another i'm living in la on a sitcom it was completely pretty fast also yeah ridiculously fast i remember meaning you around then the first time i don't know if you remember meeting me because remember you being on the set no no before that we did busters happy hour together holy i remember wow i forgot that buster poindexter the guy from he had to deal with your hands and you have from yorktown yes to the shitty character that hot hot hot so member he busted yeah it's a made up guy how weird that he did that one and then you have this weird that he did not get about that all the a hosted what network was that on i was vh1 horry county tv
as calmly centroid be surprised i think was that well comedy central used to be before comedy channel yeah i think maybe busters happy hour wound dave raft booked it yes so who else did it with us i feel like it was you me and janine but i could be wrong i don't think so i don't think i've ever done anything with her this graphical now but i miss you know what it was if there was like i think they taped several episodes in one day i remember a couple people being behind you know be backstage while we were there right right right and spliced them altogether and i had never met you before i never seen your stand up before i was doing like kind of the alternative thing and you brought a stool out in like take your fucking i did them for the tiger fucking bit was my clothes that was the first time
and then we didn't i don't even think we met like i think it was just like oh that's one of the other guys i'm doing this show with but is that still guy yeah the man we do you know did i i love the show i love newsradio watch it the whole time and i think i i probably got brought on my first one yeah no they were both near the end yeah we since did you do lead which do the phil hartman year of love was it love it saturday let it sit all i did to fill episodes i did the one where we were the the auto policy yeah oh yeah to wanted to beat me up by bomb and that was that was fun it was fun they always had the most ridiculous promises like news radio where do did the whole news radio but it was in space or tight make news radio which is
yeah that ship a great in fucking ship yeah since completely ridiculous we hear the singing group that tries to get dave to come back because we're all about to turn forty i think but we was prone me and cross and we all come on and try to get him to join this group up with us again and any such this yeah that was it i mean that's why i've never done this it come since everything i've looked at since like that's why i don't write for skin shows mister show that ruin that for me like when you write on one you work on a good job like one of the best versions of that kind of thing like why do you ever won back in a have you considered doing a podcast you diane yeah are you i'm going to do one with you know here will slow it's scott aukerman started up a senior comedy death ray guys and and he's a good buddy of mine he was mister show writer so i just
i you know now even though i'm more clear headed not that mode it it like i need somebody to set it up for me and for you to have a regular place to go like for me to do it at my house i'd probably never get off my ass and get you could do it man look you you took this huge step in this stopping the weeds you could do anything now you know what you need to do this is the number one thing to get things done right him down write things down and one when i write down a bunch of that i have to get done i make sure i do all right because otherwise they just sort of thought you know if if it's concrete so i will the piece of yellow legal pad i have to get all these things on this list done this is my day you know how long you been doing this now writing things down i'm just a year a little over a year yeah yeah where did that come here and a half to do it or just as a goof i was depressed because uh came back i shouldn't say depressed but i was bored 'cause i came back from colorado was forced to move back here because my wife is pregnant and she couldn't deal with the altitude up there
'cause we were like literally in the mountains so we came back in a month later me and brian were sitting around and we like let's uh can do what anthony anthony cumia does you know be and anthony show he gets does a little dream show live from from the compound so we sat down with like a webcam that's what it started out when we had like snow flakes coming down while we're talk like fake snow flakes was like so stupid cheesy and you know half of the shows us reading twitter unlistenable if you try to was really when i tunes it's it's terrible and somehow or another everything since was also do it again work are fuckers will see you next tuesday so we just all the sudden doing it on a weekly basis we start doing one we never stopped we just kept it up the only time i took any time off over a over a week and a half was recently how to do a movie in boston for two weeks so we took two weeks off and how long did it take you to like decide on the format and
kind of thing like do we didn't decide on anything it just sort of evolved and you start bringing gas yeah that yeah i mean we always had guests but it was always like my closest friends it was always like joey diaz would come over or a sphere would come over and then as time went on we eventually got like real microphones like we have right now and was the guy that shows as well yes in the manchester yeah brian rose was there for the ill fated attempt at the mansion as well you were faded i mean i thought was really funny if we don't it was ill fated for a couple reasons one i should never tried to do something where i i have the time to do it i just did you is it was doing fear factor at the same time it was a ridiculous idea the idea is to do two tv shows angus is that what you're doing doing the ufc now sometimes a sign of things to do for factor but does pretty rare most of time is to
in around los angeles area feel like we bear and we barely had you in the room still are so i would come and and yeah i would only have two days a week and it was and then there was all this in fighting on our room was a playmate greg fitzsimmons yes and time janice run in the room yeah couple other funny guys yeah there's a lot fun venus it's just you an and brought your own funny ideas we had an issue first of all in that as we started was when the janet jackson nipple thing went down remember that yeah that's when that we got got it they came in and says you can't remember like but we had an abortion analog show yeah we had an abortion monologue do man cancer that make it less miss i mean well no not just double less shocking yeah it was the big got it and then there was also you know there was they had one correct we wanted to do a totally different thing and the network wanted to basically the same they kind of bull shit mean went to get it they said
will do new dean will blur it out swear will beep it out it be good if we got soon he showed his balls yeah but meanwhile i had to fight for that you know how much i had to fight for that zoe was fucking crying but free his daughter she was crying 'cause she didn't want it to happen i just don't see why it's funny i go there's no nothing you can do in life that's funnier than this i go just watch it i will do two openings will do one with it and one without it so you did with an he joey gets out there and the place goes fucking bananas 'cause he's three hundred and fifty pounds and he's got it looks like he ate another human being in his stomach and it's hard to even see his balls and he's a big guy big well his balls are huge great through so much other things there's a lot of charge allowed scars and shit but his balls are like grapefruit in an old ladies pantyhose next this uncircumcised monster elephant trunk dick and he
out there screaming let's get this party started and he introduces me and doug and that's a great way to start off the show and i thought what a fun thing would be to have joey on the show every week to start an object to why is this funny i understand why it's funny funny it just is funny you can't look you guys are the executives i'm sure you have your own taste you have your own hopes and dreams but you know creative you can't second guess artist you have to either let them do it and if it doesn't work then you come in and make corrections but you can't see it from the get go that's not funny you got it you got to let let it let us play not in front of an audience if we think it's funny chances are right the one thing like when the writers strike happen the writers guild strike avenue i always wished that one of the things we would have asked for is we no longer have to take notes from p that are less funny than us you know what i mean and i'm kind of serious like that's the big part that like cribs funny thing and hurts funny shows is the unfunny people going no i don't like i don't get that why are you doing that and i know it
the other networks but i've run into a lot of comedy central because i've yet wound up there a lot over the years and that show did sarah silverman had done other things that haven't even made it on air because there's a chance that just don't get what's funny and you know that they have this job that they're basically allowed to you know be the the gatekeepers of fine and they're not fucking funny it's brutal it's literally like and again it's you know guys they get paid to be funny complaining about you know i don't get to do this boo hoo well it's not just that you're complaining about a road block in the creative process are real roadblock where someone doesn't get the look it could you imagine so one of the beautiful things about stand up comedy as a you are your own writer director producer the whole deal could you in imagine if you had a run your material by a group of people before you went on stage before you even went on stage with it so it wouldn't even be proven
we have had two and i've done specially when you do specials yeah where it's like yeah i've had that making you say this instead of that and my last special was the best because i didn't have to do anything i did a spike tv one hundred spike in comedy central first dirt bike for the comedy central there's the first one ever with a so just go ahead and do what you were about what we can and can't do after the network season my next thing i'm going to do is going to be for dvd first and then if anybody wants to buy it and show it then fine that's the way do it that's how i did my netflix when nobody gives me notes yeah 'cause the two car central half hours i did like i had to tweak words and change words completely right i called the move jokes and they wind up being ok and i'm proud of him but it was also such a processing and as a standard like he said we've never had to go through that like you know and if you did it would be a design writing jokes for twenty four years and i never had anybody do this instead of
well what's important about comedy one of the to me when i when i go to see a comic i don't even like when i hear the guys have writers i feel like i feel like i'm getting ripped off like i'm getting lied to i don't mind you know i mean some big name guys hire writers and that's all good they're good writers and write some great bits but really love when i go see a guy and i know that this is a singular point of view this is a surprise party this is him sitting down and writing i like him i like that i want to see his whole pay or her whatever it is i to see their whole package from them the one that is the one guy that does it right is chris rock he writes it all himself and then he has somebody else go with him and you know is he does those long sets and a lot of it is like he hasn't written it out first so we had somebody i think god who is the guy that got it used to show mario joyner i my joiner sitting in the audience watching and saying this work that worked right that's a good know have zones but your
not him going mario right knee jokes right is a consultant yeah which that works but these other guys that have like a staff yeah i want a lot of guys i want names either but i know a couple of guys that you think oh yeah i think has a come up with an hour every year 'cause he's got three fucking guys writing yeah for all the time with the but then this guy's like louis c k they don't have anybody right right i mean still comes up with an hour every year that that's incredibly was a monster you mean he he will you know what it is there's something wrong he's got momentum behind right now as in a groove and he's he's really and cut completely how against how we used to do it he used to do the same act for the longest time and now he's in this completely new george carlin sort of thing how long does it take you to write an hour i did my last betul almost two years ago and i have about an hour and thirty minutes now yeah but i been working a lot you know a jump right in back into it and i had a bunch of bits that i didn't do in the special that i was still kind
fucking around so i had a base to start okay the real and the is the third hour that's a hard hour if you do three years in a row b the first year you probably been working on it for a few years in the second year we've got a few premises that you didn't really touch on within that third year menu starting from fucking scratch son yeah my first record came out six years ago and then my last worker came out last year and i'm working on the third one right now and that's the one where i basically started over last march when it came out and it's a year and i maybe you have twenty five that i love and i'm still doing stuff from that but i also had other things going on and what do you do when you get to the road do you do some old shit some new should i do it's forty five to an hour an it's like twenty five brand new and some other stuff from the last record which i can't wait read a few people ever get bombed out a solution i keep looking at online and stuff of people go on you know you're not as prolific as your friends and it's like well
that's the worst is when you get compared to the other guys i don't know when people compare me to louis you know like like or bring lily up of like can she do do louis does does i don't know will wired like is i don't mind if a guy does a few old jokes i like here in some old bits that i enjoyed but i like a lot of new shit too i see their point i've had people why go and they'll say hey this guy was here last year and he just came back to the same act verbatim yeah hi everyone that like and i am i make it like if i'm going back to the same market that i was just at a year ago i go out of my way to write new stuff or or let them know even like here's some stuff you might have heard and then here's you know right right yeah i do not say in the set up like my accent a transitional period in this is you know this is what's happening and right
i do a lot of were used to at least i do a lot of q na i do the for the first time this week i did vancouver now for the first time as we have the first time i've ever done a an encore yeah thanks for no i don't think so never done that before maybe the college of feeling yeah i did have to come out like in alaska i came out and did really like another job that i had done would you do in alaska was a school up there up in anchorage wow what's a lack of there's a weird it's far can we aired and and it wasn't it wasn't in the middle summer but it was the beginning of summer so it was it was like to midnight why i flew in in the afternoon and then flew home at night flew home right after my show so i got to the airport around one thousand one hundred o'clock at night just as it's starting to get dark and while it was real therapy wow yeah alaska for each me the fuck out man that's like the place where you go when you're running from the world right when you really want to be an outcast but yeah that was the only time so you did your first
yeah it was weird you know they keep screaming encore encore i did an hour an hour and something and when i did another forty minutes but it is all mostly i did some material that i hadn't done before but a lot of it was just they would ask questions that's fucking around with the audience i used to do a lot of that but it became a lot of the same questions and i also felt like the show didn't end is strong ending a strong bit so i doing like an hour i broke it down to what i feel like is the best performance and it's like an hour and ten minutes going out at full clip and strong thank you goodbye so i did that and then i came out and i felt like ok this isn't even the show this is just fucking around and this is so at least they've seen the full solid show and now i can fuck around the question answer thing and i don't feel like i'm ending on a bad note i guess i ended strong luckily but when your ad living like that you don't really know whether it's going to go and you don't you get a trust would rather sit around i've got all right yeah exactly yeah yeah and you get a trust across
i was fucking hammered they're hammered and high as fuck in the pot in is insane it's just as good it's not better than california i never thought i would i would say that but we we got ahold of some stuff this guy messaged and uh we went to a dispensary they have dispensaries down and we went and i'm almost liked how good this big we're from california almost got too high to do show it was a satevo or sativa yeah wow they have one area still where you can kind of score on the street to even sort of but i think that's i don't know but the in vancouver rob do you mean no just bought but decent stuff one day went back to the same guy the next day and he told her sold me swag oh really well so ripped off just shitty quality control no it was barely smoke
oh really yeah yeah and they actually had a guy there once the same city where he goes follow me he just came up to me on the street goes you want to buy way mango yeah sure perfect they do and i followed him around the corner and he i go into this house on and as as it's happening i'm like there goes that twenty dollars and i gave the money and he went inside and out actually saw him go out there i door climb over a fence and run wow yes i could see him run away my money and i'm just laughing at that point i'm like that i deserve it well they have a vancouver has a they have a medical thing going on now the take credit recommendations for california so if you have a licensee of california license to allow you to get chris can you have a hard right yeah yeah i never get a you never did it legal now you do not want to go the dispensers are amazing i know well i i just smoked my friends stuff from dispensaries but i was had a week i
i came to my house do you have a guy that can knock and wait no no no no no no you you you that's probably why stop smoking weed you're getting all that that stone we'd you weren't getting into space weed and you know i wasn't getting what space weed with space space weed is the sativa it's much more psychedelic it's like you want to watch space documentaries we want to go out and do things to make an organic garden you get no you're right now is getting the same stuff because the guy always had the same you know he had the same pot buyer that you know or whatever yeah yeah when you go to a dispensary then they educate you on it that's the beautiful thing now but they'll say this is a hybrid this is a little bit of this this is sixty percent indicated forty percent sativa this is a pure sativa this is going to you want to write a book this is your it's it's different feeling yeah i gotta check it out but when i when you're done if you do if you decide to
ever do it again that should be the thing but one of the reasons i kept this guy is he was my friend and i talked to a couple years ago i swear to god it we're in my garage you know with the transactions done and were roland went up you know before he heads back to where he lives in and i go is when the economy's for starting a south ago haiti if i if i stop buying from you a because i was thinking about getting a card you know and i'm like if i stop buying from you would you take a hit you know like it hurt you financially's like absolutely he's like yeah you're one of my regulars and yeah that would suck him so
then i was like i'm gonna get the little guy in business are going to look out for the small business that's cool that's a good reason to to keep with that guy the not get a license that he was my old friend i mean he was a guy i threw raft and and we've been you know i think at that point rats was getting we'd it somewhere else but i've used them anyway and i kept them for ten years or so that's good the weird thing is i'm gonna write a joke about it like i haven't told him that i quit yet and i know he's it's three months later he hasn't gotten a text for me like he hasn't texted me like what the fuck where are you oh that's funny maybe heard about it online and just crying just noise re calculating his bills trying to figure out how i'm going to get by without your favorite in two months now with the fuck yeah it's amazing how many people in california smoke pot now you know because it's so prevalent people in other parts of the country really haven't they don't have a clue
don't have any idea how bizarre it is you know when you go if you go to kansas city and you do a club in kansas city right try getting pot it's fucking hard and if you get it's not going to be any good it's going to be ok when you're in california and you just drive down the street and you see these green plus signs everywhere you see him all over the place there's hundreds of dispensaries we've been to san francisco right here no i haven't been to oakland but i have a buddy of mine who grows in oakland really allowed up there yeah you'll stand cobbs that comedy club in san francisco and this never was like this when i lived up there in the 90s were standing in front of place on one of the main streets in san francisco cops drive by there's eight people standing out front smoking pot you know three or four pipes being passed around the country even slow down i haven't seen the last house a comma over say hey take around the corner they don't do any of that i think so should be less some of the jobs i was smoking in the green room when i was passing joints out the window
yeah that's right there was a crime there's a giant line of people out there so i handed him joints yeah that san francisco totally lab yeah that whole city now is in oakland i'm told is even more extreme like that called oaksterdam yeah well they also have classes on how you can grow and you know how you can set your own business yeah they have like some fun in university of weed up there i don't know exactly what it weird there's some place in this country or is it vancouver where they're actually selling at seven eleven really come on yeah i heard that just recently the holy zohar so we must there's like this one or two places where now it's allowed can one store to carry it awesome really that's cool i heard that seven afghan in this is a more what i heard would i heard though i heard pulls up nothing for yeah
pulls up nothing so i'm assuming this is bullshit ok could be but i think we're close if that's yet happening but they'd be crazy not to why not man just fucking jump in you know you know who's getting hurt here you're already selling local four hundred and twenty or whatever the fuck that shit is what is that for loco shit yeah stuff that people have their heart bursts it's like five red bulls and five shot tequila it's whatever the fuck it is some strong alcohol and like really strong red bull type enerji drinks people are dying of it they sell that they sell cigarettes they sell booze you said everything they can kill us so it's a little weak how long do you think that's going to be before that happens ten year twenty i don't know i think we're closer than that really it felt that last election we were really close just liability it's just the next time yeah did you really likes the right bill and and words it in the right way to get
even that right wing people to go hey that's not a bad idea to real issue though is federal the federal issue is not a huge issue because it federale it's still very very illegal it's still schedule one which is a huge deal that's heroin that's cocaine it's not even excuse me those are schedule to schedule one is more illegal than cocaine but there are a lot of cities around the country that are starting to you know yeah i know it's basically legal at and i like i was saying i was shooting the sting in an arbor it's pretty ok there yeah ann arbor is really ok yeah that's pretty legal there i think they just approve medical michigan as well and where i was at recently though it's really denver denver is super legal den there is a lot like california they call it main store damn they got like one st main street are broad store damn right yeah and it's all pot shops josh blue there's some guy comic that was the guy who has cerebral palsy yeah yeah yeah but yeah yeah
mean start happen star nabin slowly but surely and i was listening to rock radio in detroit practically every add on this regular rock radio station is either a grow you know gross you know gun grow store or you know an actual medic marijuana store really like almost every ad holy shit that's cool wow but then again who the fucks listen to radio these days that's true but i had a rental car and they played thin lizzy and metallica so nice enough for you'll see the documentary wild ocean wild and what is i don't know it's it's bad as i saw last night in its about sardines and and like they do that thing where birds two were they all become one group like a mob to write like a flock of birds yeah they move in one unit yeah it's so bad but they have been in three d and at that the three d tv thing in the past you know like i said it's good for here in there and stuff this is the most and using thing you will ever see in 3d
just this huge mont like all these fish turn like a monster like a boss battle in a video game you see these dolphins just trying to shoot through him and get it they all kind of react one hole and there's these seagal things that dive down and go through the water like missiles and it looks like underneath the water it looks like war like it sounds like war like missiles and bombs in it it's the most amazing thing ever was burned i do they they dive bomb they are like missile yeah must be crazy 3d i've never seen it through my t recommend it's called wild ocean and wild ocean is so badass imax aspy we'll see i watched the keynotes at even before that so yeah i watched a documentary somebody linked it to me on twitter about the salton sea do you do you know anything about the salton sea a little bit this is
a trip piecing man i was not aware of i remember is a fallacy i don't know it's in california there was a val kilmer movie about salt i see is like you know some crime yeah yeah exactly what it is is apparently at the turn of the century they uh there was an engineering mistake and the colorado river two years was just dumping water into this one part of california and they thought that it was going to dry up and they saw this is a huge mistake of the biggest man made lake in california the biggest lake the biggest bottle of body of water in calif is the salton sea it filled this whole area up and they thought it was going to drain out eventually dry up but it didn't and people were put in boats on it started building houses there and people started fishing in there and then they start having tourism there was that there was commercials moved to the the the riviera in california the in you know the the
you know indoor riviera or the interior riviera forget what they were calling you but it was it was this giant can take artificial body of water and people were pulling all these fish out and it looked like a fuck at party and it was it was like photos and video from the 50s where everybody was like driving those old cars and they're all smiling and the women looked a little chubby you know the whole the whole that whole era well eventually the runoff from all of these farms made it into this c and poisoned everything not so bad that there was mass fishkill office where there was a million fish would die in a day and the air was so rank with dead fish that couldn't breathe so it basically became this toxic fuckin cesspool an everyone had to move out all the schools shut down everyone moved out of the area and there's only like a few like desert rats they're still living there but please write out though right know know know know know know know there's still one oh yeah now it's saltier than the ocean now it's impossible for things to live in it i think
i thought it was just like the softlines non right now it's a dead like buddy puddle of water and it's all like the apocalypse out there man there's all these houses that are like being overcome by this see there all rotted out from the salt water in the air and their fucking everything is abandoned windows are broken it's called the documentary let me find it because it's on my arm it's on netflix year it's and you can find it on youtube let me find the video on youtube it's fascinating enough that people need to see if you go last night to my twitter if you want to do some searching today is june 13th to the june thirteen twitter 'cause i'm trying to pull it up here on online it's pulling slow facade documentary it's kind of i think it came out in six but into the void oh yes oh yeah it's amazing yeah
at least the first half of it is almost did you get pissed off the strobe lights and all the fast motion i will just tell everybody what documentaries about away i'm thinkin enter the void you know you think now that it will be on the m t yeah he's talking about sort of skateboarding movie right now now it's maybe i'm getting the title run but it's it's the two guys a mountain climbing where one guy breaks his leg and their loan and he basically lets his friend die or thanks he likely i won't give it all away but he let's the guy go and then you know then in its told like by them and then with the reenactments the reenactments are brutal and it's just really well made it's these two british guys were climbing on an ad that had never been never been done before and you see it's called into the sourcing it into the void in out of the blue and in one of those yeah and i was thinking into the void yeah i really
that see i i just side this kind of movie stress me out yeah hi ho yeah knows wonders i'd watch it in two sittings like i i had to walk away and get something else done because i was like so stressed out for these guys yeah hi but you know that the fact that they're both talking you know how it ends up right well i guess it's still it seems like the only soften the blow a little bit right i didn't see that movie where they got cut his arm off either based on that guy yeah under twenty seven hours yeah not really interested in seeing that thanks that's pretty brutal yeah it was well made too i love netflix stream i mean how great is that nowadays you can just stream these documentaries like to instantly is something particularly scary about the idea of getting stuck out in the wilderness and dying out there away from civilization because your soul unprotected and we're so we're so not aware of how one protected we really are what do you want to this is it even does those things i live
in colorado in the marriage lived eight miles down a dirt road my dog got eaten by a mountain lion which is one of the reasons why we decided to move back yeah i decided it just throw myself out into the wilderness wanted to be you know i wanted to be somewhere was le way way way less people and just kinda like take it all in but you're only vulnerable but i would never be mountain climbing one other data and i will never be like this movie frozen i really like did you see that you haven't seen that it's a heart with three kids on a ski lift anne the ski lift gets shut down at the in tonight and then they're stuck over there for the weekend like not adventurous i wouldn't be that guy wouldn't be that guy like we gotta get one less run in ok on youtube never been that on youtube it's called the accidental see an you have to it's really quick too it's only like six minutes and thirty seconds where details the whole thing of the salton sea so there isn't a full documentary in it i think there
might be more than one out there there's a there's a couple the people when i post this is a couple of people are recommended on twitter that were different in this one but this this tells the whole story in six one slash two minutes it's insane it's insane it's it's literally looks like mad max i mean it's a crazy shit everett what part of california is it is someone the desert is it like on your way out to phoenix that's a good question i don't know the exact wanted to find out right here hold on yeah off the ten or the sixty year i love that a banded kind of like zero hoods and cities that that kind of feeling of like yeah like post apocalypse zombies yeah you liked and realize you know i i do i i like like a bit lightly lies kinda yeah as a kid reached a breaking in the air the old prison in columbus ohio we would break into and smoke weed and stuff like that we were like fourteen and that that was just so cool that maybe it's just that the history of that is deteriorating building an adviser to right now is fucking huge buildings there this things in japan sir it's it's too
in twenty fuckin six feet deep salton sea well that's great i gotta watch that tonight the deepest part of the c is five meters higher or five feet higher than five feet higher than the lowest point of death valley sees fed by the new whitewater in alamo rivers it still fed wow that's crazy they diverted it they fucked up it was just an engineering mistake and it created this crazy fucking spot but it it it occupies the lowest elevations of the salton sink in the colorado desert of the imperial and riverside counties in southern california yeah i need to check that out man we need to make a fucking trip we need to do a pod from out there yeah that be interesting image for the price things like i do there's there's a ground up dead bones from fish make up sand okay so many dead fish died that there the type of sand there that is nothing but ground up fish bones
and they were showing in this documentary where it look please send the guys reaching into this and i'm pulling up in its ground up fish but stanhope spent out there yes he's probably drink that water is probably thinking about buying a trailer programs out there for four days in a row waiting for the end of time with the fish sand giant sort of cigarettes have you ever swim with dolphins no it could have been anywhere yes yeah can i was on when i was in the big guy why the dolphins were out near people like people would go not swim with them in the dolphins would come close to him that's what i want to do yeah do you can go in hawaii is this parts of different parts of the world where dolphins dolphins love people man there is crazy because they're pretty brutal though the dolphins this is a resort on oahu caller where they actually have dolphins captive but you know and you can they take you into the pool with them and the county jail yeah which is kind of a bummer touchups me out dude that free
that's what i want then you see how intelligent they are yeah we water puppies me and my wife there is because they are just like dogs i really sweet i do their like dogs were there lots of water don't they rape you to definitely don't rape love it on the internet okay everyone needs to rape a little if you don't have any hands you know they have flippers you can't just so i kind is there one rate be dolphin or or like there are eager gang bang you like that the well up like one of them like a look over there that that you look and then the other one comes in and tells these are particularly ruthless when it comes to breeding females because breeding females when they have babies they won't mate for a bunch of years afterwards while the kids growing up so male dolphins will kill the babies to force the women to fuck again so one is yeah yeah so yeah people don't tell you about that when they tell you how dolphins are green and their ego tell your ruthless nature is mean dolphins are not separate from it the
was so they'll kill babies to force the female to breed so how they can because there's by their heads off to kill don't use guns right now the data strip break the netflix so they they'll kill the babies in less they fucked the female so because of that the females fuck everyone the females try to fuck as many men as they can in their little pack so that way when when it all goes down you know that comes around then this might be my fucking kids don't want to kill this check and so they don't they don't kill the babies to force of will love to have a system as i was like thinking man dolphin seems so intelligent they seem like they all like it can communicate and stuff i i i want to take it to
been put in a big aquarium in this ticket on land and show me the sights of that the land because no dolphins done that maybe it would help out take a dolphin in new york city had given her super well there really you know they're not really close to being able to on the growth of the really nice out there this is the right way the really close are being able to decipher the really close to being able to decipher dolphin language right you know i mean it's something that we're really unsure of right now what they're doing what they're saying but it's going to
point where they're going to have some incredible supercomputer that's going to be able to decipher because they have a very clear language and once we figure out their language then google translate rape rape rape rape rape rape rate and a bunch of races shit choose first dolphin finds out that his first words may choose fuck man we worked so hard for this dolphins are assholes like if you got a killer whale at a fish tank and you gave a marker and he came back in the swat stickers all over the walls like fuck man really see i should be more experimentation on animals like that like i i showed what someone is watching me they showed my cat three d you know i try to place that that glass is this it's never been done probably people don't show their cats 3d you never know maybe they
i would freak out i agree with some experimentation but i don't agree with i don't agree with any dolphin captivity that might as well be jail those are slaves and those are intelligent slaves they don't want to be there that's gross the killer whale thing that's gross kind of bummed out by the dolphins at the nice hotel is it staying at a four star hotels matter man they want to switch switch amount even though they don't know what's the domestic chocolates on the pillows the room service twenty four hours nice can i set up you know we have to be this is what we have to think about for real and sounds hippy space talk but we have to really be concerned with the way we treat lesser animals because that's exactly with the way it there seems to be an ethic it seems to be every fucking animal that intelligent will the animal that's lease intelligent and either fuck it or eat it and that's how it goes that's just how it goes with killer whales that's how it goes with dolphins that's how it goes with people we are the top of the food chain so we take the
things below us like killer whales and dolphins we treated like shit we put him in prison we fuck with them we kill tuning that's accidental e and nobody goes to jail for that and then you think about whales or orcas due to whales killer whales are called killer whales because they kill whales they go after we fight this fucking horrible video of orca biting wales faces off i mean literally just taking just swimming and taking huge chunks of these poor defenseless you know peaceful wales fails nerd wales beat up dork whales and and then tell me about chimpanzees would chimpanzees do when they find monkeys they eat him they tear monkeys apart and eat him alive so that's the intelligent life that we've documented on this planet and every single one of them either are kills everything that i can control all set away exactly so it away so we have to be real careful saying that i'm really cool with you know animal experimentation cuz there's some new thing fucking lands here from nibiru and goes all you guys are stupid as fuck you still using nuclear power or you
are cell phones a just start killing and eating hippies yes right when i moved to boulder i saw that point i really truly understood the hate for hippies use another faces often rape women him the last s work was so awkward on if you saw it you gotta watch it though it's about getting old and it would love that one that was so weird right now i'm saying was great i'm just saying was so weird i haven't seen s park in such a long go to south park studios watch the latest one it's freaky man the first couple of this season we're not great then this one felt like they finally hit on a really great idea and they executed it well you want to talk about prolific who is more prolific than those concerns are insane incredible and apparently it's all trey parker mean that stones is a huge part of it as well but that trey parker as an alien and they have consultants guys that come in and basically go that's awesome do that you know like and then they get a paycheck for talent ray how awesome he is
i got to sit in with my friend now works there at eight is that main editor guide how to sit down on the couch once and you know it like hanging out with matt stone and talking and stuff is kind of relaxed then went straight came in it was just this into energy and everybody was just like okay we got to go and you know and it's so weird he's he's maniac man i positive i mean i love right but he's a he's really hard i think you have to be to be that guy and a like during season three like in the beginning was really impressed by just the way that guy runs yeah the fact that they're writing episode you know for comedy central and they were allowed to kind of do anything they wanted there and i don't know if a lot of people that watch the show know that but the way they kept so like you know ahead of stories as they were writing shit the day you saw it so times when you know they were ready they were re writing and then it's on the air that night yes yeah with animation like that's gravity outs does yeah that's incredible
they are here we know when alien consult when that thing happened they had an episode that day about it and then terry schivo there was stuff about it and it was insane like no other show does that will specially animation simpsons you write a joke and a year later it listen to tv you know yeah yeah that's a pretty incredible man what they've done is an amazing thing and not just with that with their fucking movies and apparently there are new play is insane i would see it i'm hearing amazing thing i heard the saying soundtracks out did you ever seen the mormon episode they did yeah act the they did a half hour on the show about mormonism it is really funny yeah a lot of mormons stuff because i think he's a grew up in and yeah but but i that many orgasms they've tackled pretty much every religion on that show right now but yeah they're more will they grew up in evergreen co which is a pretty religious area that's why s park south park's sort of based on evergreen
well i went to evergreen i looked at houses up there it's it's interesting it's like a lot of rich people from denver columbine is it up there no not quite it's like near golden that area it's a suburb of denver and it's really nice up there it's butte full house is an incredible view i mean it's just you gotta deal with some snow but my fucking god it's gorgeous up yeah but there's a lot of religious people up there a lot of churches a lot it's like very different than boulder we looked at boulder and boulder was like all hippies and intellectuals and then evergreen was more like real right wing and a lot of jesus bangers up there which is a lot of colorado colorado springs all g is bangers colorado springs near colorado springs a military town colorado springs is it's a military is like the big industry out there and that's where ted haggard was from the guy who the minister yeah he which you know
it's uh it's interesting man how many people get in trouble with their dicks in into one thousand and eleven this latest one this anthony weiner guy have you seen the photos of him sending photos of his dick from the congressional bathroom the congre call jim he's congressional for yeah yeah in the in the bathroom of the congressional jim and the way in the locker room he's taken a camera for cellphone photo of him naked holding on his yeah but you know and that's kinda and his name is teachers so it's pretty cool you could take a lot more pictures of my cock if it was bigger really would you send him randomly to twitter people though yeah it probably put him up on my facebook look at what he did this guy this guy i think it's cool he's not quitting why should he i mean everyone who cares yeah he's just have one he's a freak
yeah how is that affecting his ability to to dictate policy or to do whatever the fuck he has to do his job now i mean it it compromises people's ability to take him seriously i guess but yeah which ultimately hurts us yeah i guess so but the only reason why anybody wants to be a politician the first place is because they they want power that's just a fact is so a few of those people really truly want to help anybody you know i think the obligation is so overwhelming that to really want to do it just to help people i think people get into it and then it's just too much then just fucking fuck this is too crazy there's a few ron paul's that i really believe or actually trying to make things right but for the most of so many of the people that are in that position they're just trying to pump themselves up but as a democrat when stuff like that happens i always feel like you know chris rock in the whenever a a black eye gets in trouble joke you know like
great thanks right you know what i mean as a democrat adding that to us do you really believe in being a democrat i think that's where i kind of still do yeah i mean i vote that party even though all this you know bomber shit hasn't changed anything and in fact he's been more conservative i'm done more things basically bush bush black you know almost done exactly the same thing didn't close liaison backed away that's gone he didn't close guantanamo bay he didn't you know he said that he's going to close the wars and pulling you send thirty thousand more people to afghanistan after won the nobel prize i all insanity it's all insanity it's it's the idea that that somehow another democrats operate any different than republicans it's all horse
you know i voted for obama but i did it just because i thought it was a historic milestone and i was hoping socially that would make a big chance it will be different yeah i mean i guess maybe it has but i search you know in this whole osama bin laden nonsense and they killed him but i would throw in the water yeah it's all done in a week after the it had like the lowest point right yeah you know and he was talking about that in a speech recently and he said you know that it's proof that is this administration is on the right track you need look no further than the fact that we got rid of public enemy number one osama bin laden and i'm like well that the craziest fucking thing i've ever heard in my life what does that i got done lately
a bad guy you were looking for you fuck this economy inside out it's asshole is prolapsed and hanging out bleeding all over the sand and you're saying that you know and it's not him but the whole system has it has not been repaired in fact there's millions of dollars in billions of dollars they can account for in this fucking bail out they don't know where the fuck it went and there's all sorts of shenanigans have gone so to this guy say that that's how it's proof that it's all back in order that you know this number one bad guy like jesus fucking christ we sing think i'm a little kid that's you know i don't i don't believe in him anymore than i believe in any of the other ones i don't think he's a bad person i just think that is the job you get there and then they give you a script and you don't really get fucking saying what happens i think we have this really distorted perception of what a president is and it's based on like the ideal of like president kennedy the guy who step in and put this country on the right track and you know and look what happened to him
i think that that is yeah whatever that thing you remember i think that's what happens when there's a guy who fuck somebody or something some happen tmz was around when kennedy was here house at night i can only see i'm just gonna get rid of twitter updates here the pop of bottles of miles every night my rose sex tape on my own could you imagine how ridiculous survey says he would just be part people have pulled out their cell phones put that down please try to keep america free over here he just being a bitch isn't champagne and frank sinatra high five and weather fucking sixty nine in chicks awesome yeah a different world man you know now it's like fucking every week for the airport you see these do just scanning for someone famous to show up with camera you see them yeah i want to talk to me times are tough
yeah me too man pulling me you know you you what do you think of reality shows today bear or what kind of questions that i think they're awesome do you watch american idol so we think about that guy man i think is gonna win it all what's what's your favorite housewives show i go new jersey 'cause they're the most savage or the this to animals i can't watch that shit yeah you can if you once so i need need one one would try you in one pill yeah i don't think it the best move it's not a good move to get drawn and some to grand distraction unfortunately i watch a lot of some of them and she hates that when i walk into the room and i and i starts coughing or shaking my head like the other night she made me leave the room she was watching which will make sure that new york and they were doing about some girl being late for dinner and i was just like what the
how do you watch this you're smart girl already do you like good things like why are you watching these fucking idiots it's entertaining it stimulates some weird part of the mind and it does provide some sort of a relief and the relief is that you you're allowed to get invested in these people's lives we have no stakes whatsoever so this fuck pitch is yelling at her husband and wow that guy will he is a piece of she does have a point in you get caught up in these and it's a distraction from your own real live situation in your real life problems that you need to deal with yes that's what it is i can't get my i i would never want to watch a show to khan shopping do can shopping would be number one on the fucking that watt network in no time i i spent a lot of time on the message boards man and i'm amazed at and i've got to know a lot of people on message boards and i'm amazed at the energy that people will put into
concocting arguments on the internet and like having like debates and pudding putting in things and quotes and deciding they put so much work into it yet i know that their life is in a shambles right i know if they're going broke i know that they might be losing their fucking house they might be in the middle of a divorce they might be fucking lose their job and yet here they are spending an immense amount of time arguing a sport or argue about a movie or a band and you know and talking or talking about you do you read do you read the critical stuff about you or i read some of it you know i know it is really really negative i mean i i see with the companies will be going to far okay i'm not gonna listen to you this is silliness you know you can i think you can get some things from people i'm a big proponent of reading critical things because for two reasons one because i think it's like snake venom i think if you do you're not used to and also you read some shitty about you like whoa that hurts i feel shitty but
can i see it so much it's like you know the snake bites here i'm like bitch i'm not i'm immune to this shit i mean i read that a lot where people say stuff about me and it's like really you're show me a yeti and that i look like a child molester i say that in my acct wayward over they look like a muppet never heard that fucking thing something new meaning to say about me because i've said every possible horrible yeah about myself in my acct well you're a comic you can't catch a comic off guard like we know what we look like you're not going to get us like that but when the will say like critical shit it's always to me like super fascinating like what are you trying to achieve their and why you're so upset about someone's art someone's comedy someones offerings like i've have friends that will like fuck larry the cable guys fucking to act like a webgl who cares man
does it really affect you does it really bother you you know unless it does like when you did the carless thing you were sticking up for a friend that had been right picking up the whole art form to people don't understand about that whole situation was like creativity was under siege that a terrible situation i i was getting away with stealing shit left and right but i don't give a because he was doing his own shit if it wasn't good but there's been other guys where people like when people were first throwing dane under the bus yeah i was like it's not affecting dan and i are not going up for the same auditions you is not taking food out of my mouth by him being a fucking unfunny hack i can watch is act but it's not hurting me yeah like an and the guy is like you know doing my stick which nobody's doing i'm not going to get mad at somebody you know what i mean like it's just i don't have the time
i agree with you one hundred or the energi and some people did like our friends people we will all know you know like that's how they spend most of their time is bad mouthing other comics about your boy dave cross and then fucking huge thing he did about larry the cable guy that it took hours to write man why you yeah that guy fuck your girlfriend you know live your life go downtown and get drunk for some people there's an underlying feeling of they haven't achieved enough success and when anybody else have success somehow another it draws away from their success and if they feel that this sub who has success how was there is a name okay gentlemen from david cross like that he who knows regis it's in the public eye when in almost get arrested development and you know you know i mean i i site interesting parts but it's not saying that they in the end you're looking at rationally rice we all come from this really really fucked up place you know every commenter comes from some weird deficit
a guy like days not immune to ignore and mine or you and there's a list of women guys i've been mad at yeah katie yeah you know but it's more bits because it got personal right and it's not because of you know because they saw and do i think dave's point was that he said that larry was racist the stuff he was doing was like it was like i don't know about it but racist people love him i think you could say that about it has horrible horrible fans some of them you know that guy fills out stadiums like football stones yeah yeah josh the walls opened form in a football arena i don't know if this rough as is comic you does chelsea handler show all the time he opened form for fifty thousand people even say to fifty thousand dice says according to our interfere talked to dice about it and then what you do is you just play pretending that your buddies are in the back of the room
try to make them laugh that's kind of what it sees martin said a you know do you ever read the steve martin book about why he quit stand up or to sign him yeah born standing up i have it he gave it to me for christmas we are never cracked this has gotten on a plane for six hours yeah yeah seriously next in line so i do my best to do my best writing and i do podcasts on planes and i can't read yeah i read that thing and i think in one sitting and i really love that israel yeah if i were you ever into him huge i love get small yeah i mean that's what he's one of the reasons i'm a standard yeah probably the main reason really yeah he was the first guy that really really into an i would tell those jokes to my friends and at that point there's never like i'm going to be a standup say this i'm my neighbor is a fat kid who thought he was going to be the next john belushi he's like you're not funny i'm funny
oh god he was one of those guys those guys are fucked animal bully about being funny but that's ridiculous any guy who runs out you're missing the whole fucking point of that almost everybody that i know that's really funny it didn't think they were funny you got talked into being funny yeah well that's happened to me it was a friend was working at a mcdonald's in sacramento and this you know i'm nineteen working out of shading mcdonald's and his buddies like you should try stand up and i was like now yeah you should you write jokes every day you know that we're writing jokes every day i was i was making jokes up you know making like structuring them and doing basically what we you leave without knowing that that's what i was doing holy shit so how you doing just bits about people i would write little cartoons and put them up in the wall and shit and you know but it was basically i was writing jokes wow that you did that to me to and steve martin was the reason i got into what i was high school i was not a class clown i was not funny like a lot of people like when i was in high school they found out there was a comedian that like what the fuck you become a comedian but
i did do i was an artist and when i did do is i would draw cartoons of the teachers that were hilarious there was a guy named mister white he was crazy guy who got back from vietnam he was whacked and he was really short so i always draw him standing on a stool like eh anything no matter what it was your standing on a stool and it was always like him going fucking crazy about nauman hookers and so do different cartoons about different teachers like that was were the only part of my humor that that showed itself wrong high school imagine you had a cell phone back then you could record this shit i had the same guy that he was like vietnam and he was just crazy he would say all these terminology you're like what's that mean that could be like don't you get your he double xr even the kitty bag and what's a kitty bag and i guess that some kind of bag soldiers used so he would talk to mike ied talk yeah it was so weird and got acronyms abbreviations that was how i kind of turned it around in high school you know i was a giant nerd but by senior year i was doing radio when i was also doing the school paper as right
jokes and that kind of thing is really you know being funny in these music reviews and there was a teacher who had lost a ship he was a non guy and he killed a dog he had his neighbor's dog was staying at his house and the dog started barking and route like incessantly barking so he killed the dog and i thought it was funny to bark at that teachers face and that got around school that i just like to this crazy barking thing and made the guy kind of a meltdown and the left leg turned i think around for me was one of those things have everybody going a post aids not a retard is kind of funny that's fucking crazy so you got in this vietnam veteran log space and barked what was his reaction to bargaining for pete himself wanted to hit lee well they turned really red faced and just had a total meltdown did you feel in danger uh now 'cause i had other kids laughing and i was so like that was so much more important
so when you left high school you had a direct path you knew you were going to not really no no i was going to junior college and that's why i was living up i got kicked out of the house because like i barely made it out of high school because i ate my grades have been really strong in the beginning when i was a total nerd and then when i tried to turn it around the guard started on south because i just wanted to be the class clown to try to people laugh i got kicked out of glasses meanwhile they didn't even know you were actually working towards a future yeah yeah and then just didn't notice studying yeah you were being you were a literally studying at and some other don't understudies oney i actually i called a bunch of comedy clubs in sacramento and could get into like that left some limits you know remember those places and now there it's i think there's two clubs start there now there's the punch line but i tried getting in and couldn't get in the civil when you turn twenty one and so the week i turned twenty one i went in with ten minutes already written and do
that was it is so similar to to my story starts around unger knows twenty one to you were yeah so similar to the same story of you're telling people other peoples jokes like for me it was kenison and richard pryor i would i was delivering newspapers and i would go to the office and tell people like these kenison bits i saw online and i'm you in my head i could never do it myself i just you know in my head i was like this is like fantasy fun it was it was grammar school for maine really yeah with steve martin that must have been what seventy seven six one was the popular yeah i did totally different career path i i didn't think until i do you think about stand out wide and i think about it i just thought i'd love to being funny that i never thought like i said i never thought i could do it you
inspired by the love just like i was like i love making kids laughed and i remember is key to my school had never seen the bad news bears and in one day i told him the whole plot of the bad news bears like started at the break in the beginning you know between second period and you know like a ten o'clock in the morning i start telling him and then you know we get called the class and then at lunch i met up with them again i'm like okay so then this happens and just told him the whole all the jugs all the funny parts of the band imagine that kid didn't want to hear it at all and he was just being tortured by you all day is like eventually mother fuckers now shut up and make me laugh 'cause i knew how to tell those jokes on you you know what i mean like how to set him up we're spoiler alert came with born one of my parents when i was thirteen my parents took me see live on the sunset strip and it was a crowded yeah my parents were hippies are pretty open minded and it was a crowded theater and i remember laughing so hard remember there
the point where i stopped in the middle of it 'cause i was just so bewildered and i looked around the theater i look behind me i look to the left of me and people would like move going up and down and slapping their legs and everyone was moving in laughing there were laughing so hard i remember thinking sky is just talking this incredible but he's just up there talking like i've never seen anything like this before and i thought about all the movies that i saw that i love like stripes and all these guys the comedy movies that was so funny but they were never this funny i was like this is different kind of funny and it's just this guy talking and i remember that stuck with me man that's stuck with me for years now with those thirteen still never thought about doing it until i was right before i did it that's when i thought about doing i got talked into doing it by some friends but it was one thousand nine hundred and twenty nine twenty or so and once you get going man then you realize god why would i've ever wanted to do anything else right have you been following this tracy morgan show yes i was going to bring it up
yeah yeah tracy morgan went off and said that if his son was gay he would stab a little and to death yeah well you know what i thought i could picture him saying it but it's kind of funny yeah it's voice yeah if he said that any place else other than onstage i would never give him a pass when people have to realize is sometimes you say shit on stage and you don't know what the fuck you're saying you're just your ad libbing and you're going down a road and then maybe take a choice just to be shocking and then you fuck up and you say something really stupid and you don't know where to go with it and you try to be funny with it and i don't necessarily think that's what he believes he might i might be wrong you know but say something on stage it sounds like a cop out the saying something
on stage and saying something in the real world to me or two different things so that's the performance is a character online let's not really interesting don't you think he's kind of doing a character where it's like i think more exaggerated ignorant version of himself i think but it's so close to reality he's done so much fucked up shit it's not like he's this really conservative button down guy and it's like his diceman character what i love about him is he kind of doesn't give a fuck like i i heard stories of when he was at snl where he's like saying to women staffers like i'm going to fuck you i'm going to put a baby in that it's like getting pregnant tonight you and i could never get pregnant like i just feel like he has gotten away with so much that he probably things like there are no lines in his head i could go swimming giggles to his wife you know like i really think that like you know how we are we're on our friends like yeah there's i will say around our friends we would never say and steve right right right then i called house humor right we're
i am not racist at all but i'll say the most horrible racist or homophobic thing to make my friend laugh and i guess that's like how he is in his head and i think that's what it was yeah because he has no lines in his act like his act is gotten dirtier and dirtier over the years yeah you know he's just people love it and he's given this excuse to kind of push push his chaos and that's why he's so popular and that's why people love him is because you also playing that character in thirty rock words it's basically him yeah it's an exaggerated version of him yeah i like makes martin lawrence like crazy this is just a hateful misstep and that's where the issue lie and i was also happy yeah so i mean there's some so again there's certain things that i i say ridiculous sometimes but i would never say anything like that either even in my most racist joke when no one else is around house humor type situation wouldn't say that
i website yeah just to make my wife's lap for the big one of my whoever is going to get you know back then right yeah you know he's in a lot of trouble all they're going crazy they're going crazy after him yeah it's fascinating it's they want to fire people get upset do they want to find out on him and it's stand up those yeah and yeah it's a bad joke it's not funny yeah he apologized look i think you know he's going to have to leave that second sanity probably went oh god you know i've definitely done that where i take a joke the wrong way like you were talking and most of my stuff is written every once in awhile i will go out on a yeah just resting all i get some terrible riffs that for the rest of the night like thing but what i said in school it while you're driving home like she to answer that yeah just you
you don't know every now and then you take a chance and something crazy will come out and like well this is a new bit and then it he comes in just write it down then you start doing it and you'll do it on a regular basis of the law my bits you know that a lot of my bits or something that i said on spur of the moment on stage and the next thing you know expand on it yeah but every now and then you go down a dark road and it's so different from the michael richards thing i know people are bringing it up but michael richards isn't a stand up and never was he was not good at that that's why he had that meltdown he had fucking no business being at the laugh factory on a friday night or whatever you know in the middle of the pack joe yeah he was basically an open micro who is a tv star yet people didn't know that a lot of people assume that he had a background in stand up but like do you seem to stand up he was a sophomore at night yeah you were there yeah i i well he was at the comedy store first and then he went right over to down the street to laugh i needed i saw on the stories or is he ate at the comedy store in i mean honestly
i thought he was fucked up out of his mind on something cooked up yeah yeah you and i called rent yeah joe that night you called me in and brent ernst came back we went to the comic store i missed in my spot was on after him so i came to comes to an end brent earns came over from the comic store and so
dude i just saw the craziest ever he goes i just saw michael richards have a melt down and yell at people call nine also he was at that laughter he was there and we're like get the out here but i thought that would be the end of it because i mean we've heard a million crazy stories i mean i've seen so how many times you see jodie is with his dick out of our store or ari or girls put cell phone holder been back in the day your brain holds mona account the first is that it is good to its go clinics have the deck itself out a little i think i saturday night by the way still got it that dude is ronald yeah i saw on saturday he's a non on charted treasure yeah why people that know about him then i don't know how to get him on the podcast yeah i'm on the podcast you know he's like a meter maid is he yeah is a computer made slash dog catcher he's like a dog catcher slash meter maid in like manhattan beach let's yes this joke i was quote he goes susan susan smith she drowned her kids
about kids i had this at the closer tv they didn't put the blocks away those kids will not be missed and we were in the back of the room and this is like the day after she got fucking caught drowning our kids the first sky sundews in san francisco he goes i woke up this morning with a hairless filipino boy at my ass yeah pull them out of feta breakfast cinnamon is way the back of the room who the is this guy this guys early thirties or late hm yeah him and brody stevens of theirs is these characters that we really you know i like characters or the insane road is a little insane and brian's little incentive that also insane but that's whether good i yeah i don't think you get good a common mustard not at least a little crazy i young brody i saw but he also the same night like i want to do wanted to essakane with you brody and holtzman cement and then you guys have a dog but it three's company you're not allowed the dogs when their were home home the dress the dog up as a a person why
and that on tv how high were you when you came over this i think it's a larious totally works will go pick set to the network calef and actresses actually trying to get a show going for brody 'cause he's realized you know that people need to see brody what kind of show yeah i don't know i think he's been pitching around brian tried to do a podcast with them but apparently was just a disaster so we talked about that at the empty i listen to about phone in the last times i got high in the improv parking lot oh really probably haven't been back there in awhile so what a great club that i never realized how great the employer be improv was because i was always doing the comedy store ha and then when my whole thing the store went down and i started from the improv mike five one so nice here such a nicer place just to much better club are you around this weekend this weekend yeah yeah yeah i'm i have it spread i've seen friends oh really friday and saturday so yeah you should come by
fuck you i'll come by yeah this is one of my first weekend's home for awhile a definitely one of the nights i'll talk to you i'll call yeah working out another thing that i saw that i wanted to talk about before i forget is that i watch a fucking somebody sent me something about animals killing animals which is my twitter feed is fascinating now because i keep retweeting fascinating things and then tweeting fascinating things i'll read some science journal about black holes or large had collider type shit and so the day people start tweeting me these weird fucking links and this guy we did me some shit about animals that get fucked up by little cute animals like little animals that you wouldn't think would be bad asses and one of them is the fucking bullfrog tude bullfrogs at birds yeah oh my god you gotta watch this video man i want to i want to fire up fire up this video brian it's called bullfrogs eat everything
you got you got to see this because it's going to fucking eat scorpions they eat the poise snakes the mice they fly through the air and catch birds they can judge like a mother had no idea i had no idea either they have the crazy tongues they all have the time that they have this giant mouth it's bigger than their whole head right either mount albany's up we got we got a dumpster kill birds too there's a video of a man i want you to watch this because it's so trippy learning will blend with the so i just want to get your was that dirty commercials commercials on these fucking videos so yeah this for the tarantulas scorpions i don't know why they don't die from these things but they also eat bullfrogs
they'd smaller brother frogs yes check this shit out you're going to freak out turner a fraud just selective eaters feasting only on flies yeah that's what i always thought it was just flat yeah for example billy spiders can choose scorpions rodents snakes fish and just then you should have fucking mouth is a mouse in his mouth that's insane but how do they manage to be such eating machine do you this term using ron's don't have sharp beaks or fangs it's a giant mouse is that what it will become pinchers poisons and spicy stingers
great outdoors crazy that it's just jack the scorpion look up biggest mouth pretty good using his hands to put this yes saying watch him jack this tran chula they've been known to swim twenty feet to shore and half an additional fifteen to twenty rabbani where they always like to all products like for instance i battleship were put in and try to dine yeah okay both actually this current and and known to stop birds like a lion on the prow god speak and how fucking crazy is that i love forever using their hands like that is really weird they'll even eat each other why not small bullfrog that doesn't watch it step
look how big this bullfrog that's eating is they're quite cannibalistic a young bull frog must quickly learn one simple co no eat whatever it wants genesis that's like you eating a ten year old in one bite fucking big then is how crazy is that super late mean announce closed i used to i used to be in frog jumping contest as a kid i was first this is the first time ever was on tv wasn't even mean at least to have your job and frogs and from ohio there's not much i was that we get out fraud con just read you i raced frogs against each other and i won like first place one year and stuff like that but
is to have to run from yeah i used to have tons of frogs and i'd like train in and do all this crazy but those mother arc freezy we had i had this one frog that would have these crazy suction cup things on his hands and he could just jump onto like a window and they like it was i think was a toad maybe but it would jump all over in and just climbed it all over the house it was good for other amazing i love i'm a big and for us with a okay that's gonna be a quote online somewhere is something is something of a friend of a now that's crazy never seen that this is so bizarre which is just the if they were big like i say about everything if they're big would be freaking out you know if their size of horses you know could you imagine a terrifying the world would be a frogs as big as horses you know the decree beam at monsters they're just little so reluctant think worsened genetic mutation away from that just like one step away from having prophecy type animals you ever see
move the process sure yeah i remember that bear pig whatever yeah whatever the fuck it was yeah well why not man i mean there's so close to doing all sorts of crazy genetic engineering mean they've developed cows that develop that make human breast milk there genetically engineered to make sense identical breast milk to human breast miss super insurers friends french french no that's good yeah you might like it 'cause it's about that it's about us being like close to you know like this other world well we were brian and i were talking about this before the show started the the movie train pendant man have you seen that yeah it's ray kurzweil who is a guy who's on another name he's a dressed and he's a proponent of the technological singularity and you've been talking about him on right yeah yeah yeah it's it's it's very popular he's got a bunch of books called one of them is the single
it is near which is a fucking fascinating one and his his big thing is all about artificial intelligence and but his documentary he thinks the robots are going to take over they all do it's not just yeah it's not one person that thinks this is pretty much every single person that is involved in artificial intelligence whether they call them are the lax ones are called are less artificial intellectual was a company called in terminator skynet this guy yeah is there actually a real company now called good it's called google yet me no but they do you remember like in i robot now there actually is a company called i robot like that just seems like you're tempting fate when you like take some horrible thing from sci fi and then make it real right what are you thinking it's like actually opening a jurassic park and calling it stress fire would brian what's going to happen right you will read the book with brian and i were talking about but where the show is that this is all happening while we're just sitting here relaxing as if there's no consequences
however like there's no meetings going on when the first artificial intelligence which is conceivably one of the biggest thing is to ever happen to humans the first nt and artificial intelligent life it will be which on without any calls to the heads of nations without any vote from the people is one of the biggest consequences maybe the human race will ever face the idea that something is going to be not just it more intelligent than us but literally within days it will be millions of times more intel is asking because it will be artificial intelligence and it our artificial intelligence and sentiment so it will have to be conscious and it will be aware and it will be physically capable of creating better artificial and so right away it will fix all the problems that it has its operating system all the problems it has in you know whatever the problems as of processors i mean we we will literally within a year will be obsolete we'll be just like little monkeys there at the zoo i welcome the robot leader
and i'm just gonna be really nice to him from that for yeah i thought about the exact i'm doing the robots house i think that you're dead you're you're the first guy to come in your house first they're there for no they want robots blow jobs they want they want the trust me we're going to be level sea level comedian dissector ticks is that possible yes that could save you the robot sick they need cats we could be cats for the robot will be as bad as a regular dick yeah right get out cold metal you can clean it really well you know for sure it's clean take off the plastic first lysol straight down you know what you're getting into it's a double dose so make aware condom in which roller like prostitutes as i've heard process to make you work on that i think would you get a blowjob but something i just that's right here if it does happen it's going to change the whole world and it's probably going to happen and everyone is just sitting back like it's never going to happen i think it's going to be great
i think everyone just looking at the negative part of which the positive positive is that robots are going to be with my friends or lovers make better lovers fuck are you doing bob denver pricing were fucking a love president of the fleshlight had had this song is this song you're going to connect song i don't feel like we're super close to a gone south and like we're going to get yeah we're going to the whole civilization going down we should see it we can yeah we are at so we're we're definitely at the apex of withers there's some sort of an event that's building up to take place and i don't know how much longer we can continue to progress until that event comes like what do you feel about when that rapture guy a couple of months ago or is it last month do you know that i just had a stroke didi yeah just had a stroke yesterday days ago which is kind of hard money was there a part of you going what if he's right right you know like
well this has been going crazy you know like all the shit that happened on any years where a fish falling from the sky and all these dead things all around the country and then the big quakes and then fucking japan and new zealand crazy tornadoes tornadoes like they were a good marketing department there like when i was in high school i grew up on metal and and i was a christian kid to an a and so i was raised you know with being aware of the a armageddon and the rapture and all that stuff and i never felt like we were close like of that always felt like far away but but things now you know where you know basically you know and and they they picture like the sodom and gomorrah like go to vegas you know it's about you know there is if there is a vengeful go
but he's looking at a vegas you know what i mean like i know it sounds crazy but i know some that were fucking close to that i don't think vegas is the issue vegas no but i'm noticing but all these things gravity exists now that didn't exist in one thousand nine hundred and eighty four when i read those things right where things weren't that bad right when you're when you're talking about saddam and good morning to go biblical scripture and all that stuff that said that's nothing compared to what's going on in afghanistan or iraq or the millions of innocent people that died because of the bombings and all the other bullshit it's happened that but do you know i know but but you you can kind of see when a crazy christian polls that kind of stuff you're like sure hi i sort of networks coming well there's you is clearly an argument that can be made that things are accelerating now mean tornadoes we've never had this tornadoes before and would never i don't remember ever seeing it's running out of the destroyed three slash four of a town before but joplin mo town in tuscaloosa al i believe it was too fucking sections yeah and you talk
about things that are like a mile wide and wider and they just destroy everything in their path i mean i don't remember that before and numbers are higher than ever but you know what we're dealing with such a limited amount of years that we have a database on as far as like recording and courting weather and you know we know that things change radically we know that you know the ice ages common go and we know that you know a bunch of happened that over the over the course of there's been like six major extinction events that have happened over the course of the earth life so i don't think we have a full handle alright but i think unquestionably the scariest to me or the most profound thing to me is what humans are doing is not just with the earth is doing because even though all those things happen the earthquake in japan and the tsunami and the tornadoes and although right here where you and i are nothing's happened you know i'm saying but we're tech allergy is developing developing growing that still going
all these events are taking place the large hydron collider is still going off why all this shit is going down all the different experiments that are happening in robotics and artificial intelligence and nanotechnology and genetic engineering those are all still constantly taken place and constantly moving further and further and they're going to go somewhere they're never going to end it's never going to stop they have didn't stop with the atomic bomb that didn't stop with mapping of the human genome but not stopping with anything so it's kind of like and they're like are we going to have a biblical apocalypse or a site aside firebox i'm leaning tord sci fi then you look at something like this salton sea thing that i was talking about mean fuck man the apocalypse hit salt see if that was the only world that we lived in if that was our only water and this was the only tribe of people of earth was there a little small place it was only like a few one hundred miles in diameter fuck man that would be the apocalypse would dead there'd be no water it would be all poisoned mean that's the end in that spot the apocalypse hit and that's i think what the apocalypse really is when people wrote the bible
theoretically at least they didn't have mass communication they didn't have the ability to send emails so the apocal was what experience what they experience their area yeah so atlantis that the apocalypse for them you know anything that that took place i was that was real that was that for them but meanwhile on the other side of the world in new zealand people were eating coca it's a party in and getting their dick sucked and there was nothing there was nothing there nothing going wrong there so i think so in that sense the apocalypse is here it's happened it's just not right here right you know and it may not ever get here it might it might rotate it might move around it might be cool just like everything else there might be places that are good places that are bad tell yourself when you have a young kid too that's true gonna be alright you start telling yourself all kinds of weird shit with young kids you feel that yeah for sure you feel like much more protective of things only worried about your own mortality yeah yeah we're about living in
they've got a big earthquake title wave that's going to get us and hopefully were known at comic book shop or in like a grocery store instead after the first that's the reason why we decided to move to colorado right i want to let go why don't go where there's less people do things more relaxed and you know things are a little more chill or just a little bit more outside so when should it should does happen that were not stuck in a hospital and a head start city to get out yeah you want to be in the valley when you want to get on the freeway and right yes doctor on the other side of the well it's also one of the reasons why i moved out here when i first moved to hollywood i lived in north hollywood and my car broken into and they stole my radio and then i didn't see encino for a little bit and my yard got broken into and and i start slowly moving
of those when i had frank the pit bulls and some broken the are the dogs are there any ran out but then i had to sing was my gardener to my garden was sent me up really i was asked me weird questions one day was really creepy i got a new dog and my my garden goes it was the way he asked me he goes he goes zeda your gall your dog or your girlfriend's dog i go what girl from man i go with you to it it goes do you live alone i go what the fuck kind of question is that man and so i asked him flat are you trying to find out when i'm home dude only the norman oh man it was like this weird answer that he had to it was like the way you asked me was just so it's like like a really clumsy guy trying to trick you yeah it was like i could tell that he was like prying for information and i wasn't famous or anything you know i need to get some bullfrogs joe i know right giant wants to protect my property get them
games with the bull frog so then i slowly moved further and further out and i'm gonna move further out still if i stay in california yeah yeah i think i'm gonna get a place in big bear i think yeah i was thinking about that lately if you do win faceting orange county at all yeah too many people down there that's just like this so we were talking about with the monster face is the newport beach you know those areas i like san diego but dude if the shit goes down and then the band is the border there by a bunch of reactors down there to the of the exactly for this place is we're gonna get hit if we ever get in a war with somebody true and if we get a hit by an earthquake in those reactors go nobody then the shit goes down and everybody abandons that area and guess what that's when you're really fucked because mexico's right there and is the door next code just comes down and there's a nuclear apocalypse all in the same area
so yeah but we also have the big one of the biggest military bases down there also so yeah do do you think they're going to stick their when there's a nuclear meltdown will listen to be protecting our borders deal where they're going to be protecting from the air in red frisbees and they'll be dropping bombs on people running with bags of from vons la jolla we'll be green you'll be able to see it from space it'll be a glowing get a zombie apocalypse or an alien apocalypse the fun kind yeah i want aliens yeah i have a feeling that a we all unite together later all our enemies it feels to me this to you me with my person neighbor you know fighting off a sorting some missing like will smith's moving yeah yes sir i think that the the the idea of alien life like some sort of a physical alien life it's so hokey and so that to me it just seems like that's not going to be the way it happens i mean i might be wrong but i think that the idea of some physical thing that comes here and starts walking amongst us and shooting ray guns like that's like some nineteen
50s a super eight is right yeah kind i don't wanna give it away but yet robots i think i can see that i can see c3 peo such details and shit like that from another glass smith going to be the last guy on the planet that's why battlestar galactica was so fucking bad ass that was get into that the series the remake the yeah yeah bad people don't know if never seen it go get the dvd i'm telling you she enjoyed the shit out of it and then a couple of men series yeah there was one little mini season is fucking good man it's so good well written cool special effect and even though it was on the sci fi network your you can do pretty bad ass fucking special effects in two thousand and nine or whatever it was they made it special for the cyborg you can jerk it off to the hot spot is fucked ooh ooh super oh my god yeah in the cylons were badass there's different forms of silence there was one that look like humans and you could people fell in love with them were fucking him and shit
yeah they have a silent baby that someone made a man the woman here what the fuck that's a great one crossing where you going to be next coming up working people see i got the improv melrose so this weekend is friday and saturday and then i'm in detroit i'm off for a couple of weeks but detroit magic bag july ninth magic bag where is that downtown detroit somewhere is it a club and then again the juggalos in august wow in seattle and spokane in july also nice proper saying that yeah and posting those same p o s t h and so is the brian post saying that's again that's p o s t h and for you i've folks to write that down and you have a website yeah brian bing dot com powerful and uh i'm going to be in philadelphia known pitts burg the 25th of june some tickets are still available but there going quick it's going to be at the carnegie music hall
me and joey diaz that saturday night in pitts burg so get on that bitch is poster i made for i haven't seen you check it out i'm sure it's ridiculous you and then we're at mandalay bay theater you you wanna go to vegas that one july first sure mandalay bay theater july first and you could give brian no him nuggies gettin head head shit the people that are asking me questions about fear factor i do not know what's happening they just gave me the first offer so they want me to do it so we'll see what happens but i don't know if i'm gonna do it again that i might cash money son that come with them it's fine long doctor house up in big bear yeah yeah well i make a lot of money with the ufc now so it's almost like it would be would be tricky some almost like i wouldn't be making anymore money it's very tricky well i don't know what i'm going to do is help everything everything is good it's all good folks will be back tomorrow with somebody i'm not sure who we gotta couple ideas and we might even be back on wednesday were fucking crazy that's how we roll
so well we'll see you thank you very much bye process rap on as i was a time when i come back if you got anything you want from all privacy is cool mother fucker folks follow on twitter again thank you all and subscribe to the death squad on itunes it's a cool series of podcasts at brians running and we had cliffy b back in after the three to do a post talk i did you on yours yeah okay which whose whose financially and lifting his girl and just sat around and talked a little what episode was that when numbers uh it's going to be i'm going to release it tonight on death squad ok cool and you and find there's itunes one there's tom segura has a really good one archer fear is a really good one sam tripoli does and i know the talking about bryan callen doing one so maybe that'll happen to sometime right who knows love you bitches and we'll see tomorrow thank you very much and don't forget about the flow yeah flashlight that's right if you go to joerogan dot net thank you to our sponsor the flashlight your dick it's really a fuck you want one of those
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