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Russell Peters, Junior Simpson, Brian Redban - Date Recorded - 06/21/11
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the german the job inexperienced podcast has brought to you by the flashlight if you gotta joe robin dot net and click on a link for the flesh lightened entering the code name rogan you will get fifteen percent off the number one sex toy for man shows zahm russell peters is in the house ledges along with his friend junior doctors straight out a london straight out of a dirty streets of london well placed gentlemen internationally known and locally accepted russell clear my brother was go what's the word young fella were just talking about how we were in a grocery store was like a little convenience store in and coover and there was only twenty books in this little tiny little sheltered they had their you know the limited amount couplet dean koontz book some o lady romance books in bam russell peters ladies gentlemen your prayer book what's a comment
it's called funny you should ask joe it's called call me russell calmly russell put people this this people that still are not aware of the the full russell peters experience there's a lot of let's call them people that's a lot of other people don't realize you are probably right now the most successful communion and in the world like who does more internationally than you new arousing anybody does i think the only person comes close is what's the guy with the puppets jeff dunham dunham as he rubber internationally he's he works very well because you he's babble i've never heard of a powerful light on the internet and stop that could be the same responsible
for me too i find it landed in london who is one of the smart cities i think i've ever done comedy in london is a very smart cities a very intelligent city i couldn't see that puppet show going to london i might be wrong i think he went over to edinburgh festival but outside that have no knowledge of him kicking anyway her like a lackey couldn't do the yo to lhasa it was in the uk last year did too so that night the deal too which is on the uncertainly not hate none of them work every day by the hand and led by what is it saying measures russell peters sir the green card to rely from the auto arena and london nine an interesting fact had michael buffer do my intro then i really do bruce value you know damn well now that's how actually met bruce was from money from hiring michael to do that then person i became friends while that's funny yeah but who's going to do there's some guy was trying to organize something for brewster introduce me in vancouver but i'm like man that's just too much crossover that's just
weird below in the line through its two in your world but i shouldn't i know i'm not hate non jeff dynamo retain i like that i would be surprised that would go over london but i was thought of him is more like sort of like your kids comedian like a real family comedian you know just site like what's his name and willie i got like i've i've no problem with people were puppets never i like it all it doesn't work on the radio they left right yeah like you ve ever seen ato and george ato and george is nothing out the path the black i note an auto is using a willie tyler land that's housing and with it i lotto george is a guide in new york and honour has been around for long time i know his name we did these dangerfield prom shows were you use to the ways to do it is that the show it started like whatever seven o clock eight o clock and they would continually pump in more problems do they never got him out of there pop new ones in there and force them to leave everything
talk and everyone standing up alabama on stage a guy got on stage i took the microphone away from home and blue cigar smoke s face a big fuckin icicle football kid i mean it was just it was the craziest gigs you could ever do and i didn't with that guy and he has a he's got an evil public people say fucked up shit he'll say hey what do you say it's always follow that whether they are but he's a master of and i think at all those people to do puppet acts nobody get fucked with ato and nobody's made me laugh more consistently than i got a puppet insults the puppeteer he insults everyone hey what you mean i got a small dick you can't say that yes i can't i've seen it yeah puppets of supposed to be saying shit that you feel uncomfortable what's in you make the puppets are you know what's good for nowadays because another political correctness in the attic coming down on everybody for beckoned lovingly using words true traceable and get
tracy morgan is goin to nashville now to stand in front of these gay lesbian alliance people and one end and just to prove his and he's gonna apparently is gonna make some big s apologies why i dont understand this i will talk about this other day i don't understand it instead of your men to be able to say what you will and just explain to people right now i don't know the story once is everybody with the story of two mile knowledge comfortable last week two weeks ago two weeks ago he was doing the show he duration mortgage mogadishu any said that it is you ve heard is one of his son talking gay would stab him now then came out and said i was gay would starve to death but you know that it wasn't said like that it was said in this
serious tone like i'll start do no good example of the likely i wanted to let you know that you're crazy be always step that little mother pocket ninety said the on on on larry king or on the tonight show all on an asean and whenever i can understand it over by saying it in a show of pilot joke and whatever and you know it was like a black rooms you have to say the outlandish shit you can't just be like that man i would just embrace him i mean that they ve got a guy you gotta go way the fuck over the line you can't see the exaggeration in that were come on you even in the uk of like me you know black be aware more reserve in the black people in amerika we would expect something of that kind ilk you know me will anything exactly like i say if i had to explain this shot one has been granted a merry theirs
something going on lately that where people are way more sensitive joe corrigan than ever once again show for saying faggot and in his was though are the worst thing for joe coy is it was like said so care julie and in an end it's not like it's specific joe quite probably something any comic in that situation would have said to early joe coy fly was down onstage and but he say flies down some other guy with yeah you're flies down german our thirty like that faggot that was it and he continued with the fact that wasn't like any it was so people got mad at him for saying the writer was in the crowd gay lesbian writer ended up on huffington posed whereas healthy and here's the worst part joe was one of the lead actors in chelsea new set common abc nbc fired and what does that mean that before that what can we just go stage now we have to say that we effect is that basically early shit are you fucking kidding i'm crazy right home
we shall forebears has gone through a really rough diana and really have you know joe coy the haughty and ninety nine between the honest thinks he's gay anyway when he wants out right yeah look uses trend yet a laugh out of a weird moment we someone's heckling him man just because you fucked up and said the wrong thing that's not like a statement zog is releasing a press statement this is something i have carefully considered and now you're a faggot you knows and i mean just him trying to funny how do the moment i mean i say at all times to my friends like this it's just one of those things and it's not even my gonna like lui seek ay said you know it's not like we mean anything negative that it but if i could i just like your friend of illegal gotta go and i take my wife to the more faggot you and you say that the times what has nothing to do with being gay was blind i wouldn't worry less square it was peeped out of my my tv special the only word the wheat was uncensored on common central from eleven p m on and on spike tv eleven p m on you say anything except faggot
are doubt phagocytes nigger you could say i never said niger wasn't in the accident i didn't tests that are better able to beat that too there would then allow that but they allowed farc and shit suck my car neither the crazy ever without can't i don't know and say cunt ok but they say sensor they said uncensored accept hate speech and they said that values hate speech this is the this is true the guy the network said it's our word and i said what goes its our nigger only where a lot to say and i go that is the game should have ever heard of my life now real conversation guy really set it to be like that it's our nigger and only get the fuck out of here it is not england cigarettes are fags yet we want an anomaly not in england the word cunt comes flying out every five minutes if you drank in essence this is a brick great can't yes according to tell of endearment yeah if you're not can't you know damn well i think
when is a much better use of it and we're doing percent higher language were spoken anyway i guess you always were hiding from i gotta right out hunting and i got trouble i just said this writers county writing his country and everybody was so fuck and angry mean crazy and unlike what you need relax man this is this is just a silly word you know if i said bitchy i would have meant the exact same thing county sounds less a mean then but betty i in fact there it's like richie implies you're a bit cut kinds counting on no account to cells nice it's play for its playful it's like if you do ass it is viewed go up to someone's daughter go to someone and say how your daughter's account you don't like anybody but wait what the fuck but if you go with someone to have your daughters will come to you know
i have to go out with a country makes it sound like savvy exactly should meet her mother had one of those things it's like care we now chasing your country my cat can get country my cat gets candy my car gets counting it's not a cunt right was a big goddamn difference people so fucking inside the country suggest cunt like on twitter simile unlike task more my fourth age is a faggot all the time does yeah fifteen miles cowan that's fucking me i knew what that's like your ridiculous you know you're getting into a governess embody giant box yeah but back then it was five dollars a gallon it was live at better than that
yeah but doesn't measured car gay means you planned out it's a faggot talk about your petrol prices urban he then what is it worth over them all my we put my writing lens we're getting caught them ass on africa and by fucked in the ass enemies anything like what is it we are ok i have to do what it wants poorly too ready to is about one pound forty more than one workforce on three dollars american right is the correct one about made up to eighty two eighty two eighty ok that's per leader humming leaders and against two leaders and downright is not only about the button over to live a life of four point five leaders what's your gas is like eight dollars now implies eight eight fifty again a whole faggot you thank you thank you
you don't need any any gas to me last i'm here i'll take it back that it's a fire just gave it a country right i got some further not having enough gas shortly lamp my research i gotta trouble on twitter the other day a bunch of people got mad at me because i posted opposed this study that showed that very homophobic man are more likely to be aroused by gay porn sort of a study where they showed men put like a sense or on the deck they showed him all kinds of things and the guys that were really homophobic when they showed them like guys fucking they actually got it which totally makes sense and kindly anna people letter so aunt i whatever are usually kind of pro those exactly almost always and so i put up on twitter and i said another study they can something already knew what's next studied shows many black people don't tip
so this i just put this on twitter and this fuckin one bitch sends meanest twitter message you in racist i hope you are someone cuts your dick often shoves it in your mouth like well well well then i said note that i said many before any but even attacked me and i said i all just many this is a racist this is just truth we know this is a cultural fact yes there's many black people who do not tell but little black from england that's a zero yeah but it's a cultural thing tribune journey we went out for breakfast over the name when they don't tip though in america most people tip and it's like people feel like there's a lot of black political restaurants tits some doesnt mean all of em already bore but that's a fag you king you can not talk about that because it makes some people upset because it opens up the door for racism because i don't think it's been racist just tell the truth to authorize that's why talk about two things i talk yeah you're act huge with that i'm mean you you you must have so many fucking people pissed off
you left an idea funny with my fans is that they get pissed off when i don't talk but one thing up knows about using only talk about the group s in the room now philip up just move in i'll do the side talk colombia and what is going on wiser very so fuckin sensitive as it is it feels like to escalate into what the person i commented about saint clair racism was it a black person yes black robe let go then for a couple of black eyes and they don't even know your situation i know nothing about that's the worst part that's the part actually find funny about that people are ridiculous they did they
want to be mad for whatever reason there was choose to be mad and there is a lot lost in text you say something like that in text here on your tone right if you are on stage and you said that the exact why people laugh the fuck up you shouldn't say that but they be laugh it but when you the down it looks like you're like making some sort of kkk statement you know this it's fuckin silly man we just because there is right some in their fuckin most certainly is doesn't mean that blankly bore off limits for making fun that's fucking deal that's is actually zeal racist cut somebody out and inform you shouldn't black people shouldn't want that anyway that's my luck about what was lucy can wanted issues is about you haven t we use the inward let us not forget we would nigger but the inward because it makes him have to think of the wooden leg write anything when you try to skirt around issues until just coming i say play here in it you know you can't you you're just like their children exactly
exactly i had a bit in one of my last cds about this three magic words can't love and nigger and nigger is the only one that black people only allowed to say and it is some weird thing but if you say it people feel like they are allowed to hit you dare loud to physically doesn't very few words that are that strong what you say in front of some not even calling them someone just say boy there's a lot of niggers around here they will jump on you and beat of fuck i don't even like i don't even otherwise sniggered could anyone let away from a fight we're about niggardly now let us in our work that's like she's stingier for its like frugal rather something about nigeria yeah right i am sure the adds its weird thing then that we have common language areas let alone the energy likes to use ninja come on
and you're on your your desk jen thing you're the whole thing i didn't you see my desk and now you ve got an idea in o seven while and i a whole my whole set was about the word nigger but that of eight hundred black on low singular chance that's my inner fighter company you go and get ten more before you won't send my broken down because you are invited you get good confuse the fact that with the right here next week knows was met with ball is vulgar rocca high tab fade and come in there was in fact and converse all stars on you confuse the fuck out of a lot of people went well it was was the opening joke
i don't know maybe do they was the whole of the thing was about how white people don't want black people to use the end word and and and and the whole thing is i say you know it's easy enough for why people to stop saying because they created in the first place i got but they're going to come up with some should think however that the first time they're gonna come up with some shit that's going to say right in front of you and you're not gonna know it develops it's me could you pass the vinegar and then when i was in boston is a true story was this why do i say here is a prime example of why we become of the words that you don't know about white account was it has gone over the inner with the comedy they go there's pretty gooding i got some do not deaf jam next week deaf james is now for the mandate and i go away for a month days ago when they area does not address the fact of monday's live that show a guy to fuck is a monday goes actual coal black people who are going to become my days because nobody likes monday's my so that was my closing because that
larry i may understanding some waitress said that in vegas cocktail which is called black people celebrity i've heard that column canadians canadians critical in any event that is either not me of course but up in canada do people ireland not generously it's not the same with ok i took quite jenny because i don't want people to go rosa peters was here but if i can douche bag yeah exactly uneconomic i do the same thing ok what's the predominant lost i'm here help a browser twenty percent two april twenty percent that's what i do i wasn't gonna extra food was that other gonna give me twenty percent extra food now but now you gotta look at it in terms of the weight staff it's not their fault the restaurant charges x amount of money per hamburger whatever you now the weight staff is working for they don't make money minimum way never the other not even get that man i gotta get they have to pay their paychecks easy zero or like a dollar because they make two dollars an hour they just paste the tax and so they they pretty much only me
whatever that still legal these too are needed in the lee added lie that's why still do it like that that's why waitresses are they work on tipsy that shit is ridiculous because that's just just because a waiter can make a lot of money doesn't mean you shouldn't pay em to be working in you fuckin bar that's ridiculous just as they can make a lot of money on tips doesn't mean you shouldn't be paying them to work for you and that should be illegal we went to jerry's in and they didn't have anything i felt an ordered on the menu and she wasn't a good wages by still after nice to me the agenda is not going to temper like you got it that doesn't make sense to me that we could take other have you ever waited tables now if you do it you have with the five year did why are perfect that people were spread to entrust to enable them to have a hollow loco miracle you look you live in london knowledge i live about a hundred and fifty miles north of london ok but you grow up planets ordinary how
funny you in america clash won't let them were free for his hand and often what's the big deference gas prices pricing fourthly and lastly the service you gonna be here is far superior because attempts them that's why you're tip and had never ever gonna arrest running was that safeguards the worst so thereby hours i think our freedom of speech is is it its philosophy than other here you remember speech in the rest of the world that's why when i watch these things on the news and like there and we got to get the terrorists are out for their after our freedoms and they're mad that we have these friend like you don't have any i've been in the middle east we must welcome freedom with no you do in america really thinks off like how they are more freedom of freedom of speech you can that kind of peace in the middle east fakir you get here's the thing in america there's only certain things that are off limits you can talk of muslims all damage can talk about jews or the middle east who can't dogma muslims between dogma jews all day
right so it is the exact opposite but so do not end up in the middle east and i talk about you i told them i don't i don't bother with because now my business ass the united action it leaks back to american embassy will get you fired in the future ahead the holds of future contracts over areas but you know you can really say what i said whatever you want but don't you think it's more dangerous over their motives recently we ve had guys it did sets like wasn't did how sparks tell us that how sparks went over them and they were gonna lock him up in jail as he referred to one of the wood it what are they one of the prime like what others are shock of a number of the religious vandalism high yeah you can but all he did was to call him sir or miss monsieur some like that he yea show me to form a way but and not the correct way it's not like you're royalty or whatever you're supposed to say you're you're at your aunt what are you what are you supposed to call them
your highness your majesty it's one of those things like if you dont refer to him is that like on data lock you have an effect in jail and the club owner was telling him that will probably be able to get by tomorrow but you're gonna have to pose bell and you might have to leave the country names i what was somewhat feeding no they didn't even get hurt someone complained they called the religious police the other they showed up yes with the religious please political way the fuck police it was there they showed up and they they were gonna like this guy but members of the family were there and they were laughing with them and they were talking about how funny they thought his act was and so then the policemen went with the royal family it's funny we're not gonna knock em out this is stupid is ridiculous visually let em it's really about you know who it's a thing what's going on now people genocide to be upset they decide to be outraged but it's it's it's it's less of an area that i mean i don't feel any pressure on and there they really they are the only thing they tell you is listen don't talk about the royal family and don't
by islam on my cool i don't know either of a perfect remain yeah but i think i still think that their freedom of speech is its mean they live in a monarchy they they have kings mean basis and then there are the most part like i mean when i met with the king of jordan and he had me over to his two the alison cook me dinners now mean pockets had these cookies with dude you were hanging out with the prince of jordan the king of jordan the prince was there but the king and queen while well and amateur about a cool as shit really he's one of the girls do they haven't you did you think he's killed in his lifetime i don't think it's probably his family
has he is he's pretty gel do things off the trigger he went to school in boston really while he grub outside of jordan for themselves what i'm lucky role of the dice to be a royal member royal family member you wake up here the prince inga but that's the thing i was like a cause gabriel away it was with us and angelo universal asparagus a great guy maybe andrews with us and we are all in my brother worlds hang out and the king was in talking talk in job rise he was concerned machine guns all round a pile of cocaine and here and there with road galbraith did she was like a disco downstairs and hits a switch and all these girls around shining rarity united peckham really shooting range as the number one did you feel like a one lame it's like a big asher jesus christ does he have any sort of crazy pep set up anyway like sultana brunei type should not always is at the things very amount
in north american and western in the way he lives as light as either got us into the gift let me give me a watch i wanna watch is actually i wanna watch a documentary and assault and bernard the sun renate open up his life for reality show did you say you want to see what's up what's up i'll show without it open to dialogue with india thousand ferrari ease and who's got gold underwear on all these pictures come out naked nay adopts nicky too you know those none of you know he didn't back you know when he got caught with all this when he was higher and all these american girls go over there in florida you're gonna love the game and you gotta love with the guy did the get magazines and then go get me her get me her would get actresses and models he would get like porn stars you get girls from playboy penthouse and max amazingly who are the fuck you up and then one of em rapid it out one of them gave up the ghosts and they found out what these girls we're doing for thirty dollars
thirty thousand dollars a day over their spending crazy let us not go straight for the poorest other one body within the actress because only the poorest does know what then i'd rather turn out a regular check you will pay you paying thirty thousand dollars you are a thousand years ago you don't need to pay a porn check that much i know that there are only making two hundred thousand bucks a scene i nobody over brain of what you want to make sure you got return on investments like getting an open micro making them headliner exactly right yeah desires charlie scene about that because i was like how much we paint these animals could you read the papers i twenty grand and among the fucking payment twenty grand for these areas a thousand our horse because not i would buy like crap credit you'd be like a given twenty grand and i'd like this is for ten times or someplace we have two so like swipe is called on the continent
there is little puncher that's that's errors have game there's trouble him games you never pay a front for anything ever ye i know these get run over something you know for it was good to have you guys been to expose canova park nestor club that's out there they did this guy i've seen about an hour but this guy but is the smart guy ever he bought a shopping centres like stripped shopping center and it's like on the so do you have a weed sorts opened a team to i am so i went there and by a bunch of cookies and constitute a cartoon aims over those here then you go there's a bar that's like every single bottle liquor drinks you could wanders pool table as the girls naked girls on the on the and then they have le topless girls dancing work in this bar and then you wanna go like deeper you good next door full nudity and although like coke in water even jura hit can stuff like that is like this big amusement park in the middle of nowhere it where you just get weed and strippers its awesome due to an amusement park
it's like an amusement park avenue tyrannical obstacles training and because it is a fun stripling well i it was a monday nights wasn't like much going on but you know i out saying how often it is i guess i'm weakens its great you now that is nothing we're than when you go to this trip club and no one's on the pole dancin as only to other guys in the islands in your waiting next dance at amount to try to get there together i know you're really shouldn't be their members in adelaide a few years ago duly the comedy festival adelaide in australia and the ones satisfies episode in between the pulled answers a guy comes out with a squeeze viable cloth just a kind of weekly nepal all policy now i've seen that would win back because they have somebody's dirty budgets of the harps other girls gonna wanna be sliding down again herself this media would have everything you name it it's all that will thing that's schwab you got a kind of a kind of question your career choices if that's what you're doing
i guess unless you have like five thousand hours in yeah that's the big question is what is more do degrading is immortal greeting to slide down a pull over five thousand dollars or to work days for a hundred mynors there i know lady arose i know why these growing i love i have enough and they loved nudity they loved the dance and said to them there like you know i don't care about my body because when i look at my by that's fine and are making how much money okay this is great i'm not gonna like that not only by the dancers and talk about the guy that come the guiding of that he's clearly replaceable well i wouldn't i was on edible he gets all uppity one day what man you you you find me a guy cleanest prologue i do that when he was right you're crazy i get away to roger start using oil i'm clean pervades newsman secrets of the game
whether purgatory twisted go straight up and down yonder uneven appreciate appreciate what kind of skill and brought into this whole tell them faintly help and you don't even know the right mix giant aha two percent window you try using a hundred percent windows on their mother fucker watch what happens they re my ass having showed up to keep their posts light luminary that living there nobody bitch bitch cupolas the current stuck i saw that less than one of the girls was doing when i see where you're sliding down a hoping to see her little pussy lifted retching knows handling and on the poor thing that's enough like on my typewriter shit fuck you get taken banana trees and shit all her life she can't feel nothing pussy giraffes me that's the reason why she fucks it chose to stay alive if this was a feel something i just need to be
internally genuine here about a girl that you can't fight hard enough like god damn bench when he trotted chased away this ain't normal this isn't an existential delay junk mail order well well well well but we gotta talk we cut of all that what the fuck are we doing hire me where i came in to your life without knowing the script like you're gonna have to have to show me what the fuck happened in chapter one greater or less where's your bones manual real close to murder right here on friday taken a run up choke you and thank you to death what's going on you crazy hook and when you looking for from me right i'm with till i get to be married isn't it you know no yearn for you when you hear depressing news at my dad gave me yes or no yes super depress ok arise icon for fathers day and he goes did you have in your niece and my nieces like twenty one in she's a lesbian stuff like that and without by before and she she heard our girlfriend lived together worked at a place called tim hortense which is like this landed at the idea is a good families can
no they having columbus ohio also progress i place betsy coffee based but like a fast food coffee plays you know that whenever the minimum wage so that place closed down or something like that so they had to relocate to another one and that my nieces girlfriend was making all the money for the family could she got laid off he's got laid off and so she had to take this bus to go to tim hortons they close that tim hortons so now she has to ride her bike to this farther away tim horton is you've been working the night shift so she's riding her bike back and forth and i like super late at night and there are so poor that they didn't have a light so they taped it flashlight under a bike so wish it was driving at night and so on she's driving home the other day at one thousand one hundred and thirty eight or owe me riding her bike to live and this guy hits her from behind going like forty five miles an hour she flies off and goes crazy down the street it's out of cars continent one is she's like am i going to die inside this other car fuckin runs out her and then the second car runs overrun drags or body down like a mile down the street and that that car takes off but anyways
now and then suddenly she goes in them are diagnosed going you're happen your nephew well because of the japanese earthquake arguing that the junta plant doing really well they dont have parts anymore they had to lay off everybody at the heart of plant and that he was at so he gets laid off is a book my and my nephew my nieces now suicide my nephews now both going back to my step brothers house the live in its is like the same week what strategy live now she died and they're looking further geyser encompass i and then we'll be right back you buy them for my i know said one hears depressing unless somehow another i thought there was a point to it it was getting wasn't gonna bring someone got run over by a fuckin car five opened with the story of our way some of those being honoured please god of columbus they listen motorcycles ireland the fervent times a tougher
especially if you're in a bad spot that's the number one thing if you're in a spot like columbus ohio or spot doesn't have a lot of jobs you need to get the yet if they work in everything from columbus ohio was buster douglas right riband wendy's i arrive by go in there i think this is tim wardens you're making five dollars an hour if you're writing your bike five miles to do go to timor and find another job by your house that makes the same emission one he didn't know jobs the saying that but you don't understand how bad it is out there and some spot and such there are no options man there's people with phds are taken job waiting tables i you can do i was tell my mama you guys were better than detroit amateur but that's right is so bad it's almost caveman toffee still that but it is really funny just round they just released the detroit has forty seven percent illiteracy literate illiteracy iron admirably retweeted that nuclear i can't believe that
and they would sound you said it doesn't matter cause they'll never rip you turn on like i retrieve it is always you know that's crazy thing man that's a crazy thing that's a really scary thing those people are only as smart as the people they know they can read anything they can go on google bigger watch documentaries maybe they can learn something from that but they can't read of you can really get learn anything if you can't learning can check facts in fact you fucked your smart b we hang around does happen you know why people are shit parents man that's how it happens there their children having children that's what it is theirs he was another five by the way this stop at a lesbian with another stops fletcher was a lesbian
there have always been oliver lights and she gave up on deck afterwhile browser at five live high not as dangerous as by growing apparently to shoot at very thorough and very soon yeah that's what that's it there for second sex if you and about spot many remove camp you run you begged him more defined morning but you wrong now when you say like is surely should be it will get another job no i mean a minimum wage job i mean it amazes me to get jobs it only either but if you so many minimal wait jobs going yeah two horns minimum wage who should pay a little bit better probably duncan donors which adds vessels stuff don't think done in those pan over minimum wage as a canadian companies primarily credible mcdonald's barely a minimum wage and that's a little bit of socialism canada but not full bloom now will you shocked at the riot
i work for the people don't know those giant riots in vancouver what else last game seven yeah yeah they lost a hockey the stanley cup and hockey means a lot to canada it's it's there it's their everything but i mean what the fuck in for what i didn't know you taking out right at the at the play of year when they meanwhile may show out are they gonna do men and lost if i can get any that's just a game licence but he got so crazy and what are they mad and other foreign players in boston african canadian anyway that's true right now i really lose i was there when one awry i was therefore game five and in vancouver or vows in vancouver game five and i didn't want the game but i was i was working on my material for myself and i was here people scream out the window like four hours and hours we were screaming the streets like happy
fuck cheer and screaming like they couldn't be happier everywhere you and everybody had a big smiling face so for me to come back home to allay and then to hear that was an ant tuesday wherever it was whenever date was the heather a rattlesnake well i was just here five days they were all so happy you know i'll be asked whether i think if they'd one they would still been right yeah real it didn't really make it their that's always for the buckeyes in member when the same thing with the lakers when they win fuckin people right what is it with sports teams retires right i dont like team sports either side and really make a difference to the euro is going to be you have seen you don't you don't watch other sports now just a man boxing reeling boxing's our number one domain then availing be looking for vitaly or what let it be clear go david i hey yeah that's going to get it right your vitaly vitaly vladimir valorously isn't going to fight but tell me is fighting to address is named to mats autonomous anaemic
mac yeah he's got shit out of adam was an earthquake in march to that of the mining so david he was a bigger cruiser yeah dating back upon how tools we gotta think fighting the aid that i've known him his huge success in seven six but seven ukrainian ridiculous it s what the gangs and reuse the second ridiculous anything and he's really smart out of the doktor yeah they're than the one we politicians it's crazy on one of them can take a fucking hell of a punch in the other one just can't know the other false vladimir light was hated her ear but hotel you can hit that dude with a fucking missile and just lasted off it's coming good scrap three rounds you think so i think david he's really overstepping the mark do really just too smart for doing so then what we gotta grace punch but they need it they need this they need to create a super heavyweight division because it's it's that's
this disproportionate how much vitaly way vladimir way their way around to forty two two party to re virus aim at their lean right david has what he's lieutenant amateur maybe two twenty of every if that's heavy for him really become remember to fourteen but do you know in some sports they think that guy's were smaller have a big advantage because it will have to pump blood there all that muscle it's true but what a good big man will be the little another good little to reach i do not know much about boxing but leader reach obviously only on the big guy could compared to hand it's gonna be ridiculous well enough i agree but some some people like like came velasquez a perfect example you see him which have been beg he's about to forty but but kane puts a pace on guys they can keep up with it's like he makes you run with them and then he drowned you became a solid he's a biased solid diesel that he's nothing compared to block lester
less there might have been forty five pounds of muscle heavier than him that's shoot me while kane beat the shit out of brought with us your instead of one rash beat the shit out of them and i mean he's gotta a pace that he can keep up so that i think would david maybe david hake it put a pace that latin american cannot grasp workers vladimir disproportionately large ripe brok as disproportionate large briars align lighter any needs to pay but look alike pack yo and dumb margarita that's perfect example attica exhale guy who is just here faster but many other has estimate fortitude to go forward like yeah i think hey hey has been robbed in the past and that's by lighter guy so
i think after all this shit talking he just got generalised and i would say the more somebody talk shit more trouble there and you think sonia a lot of guys do that when you're scared they talk should of course of corners i think that's what it as he's trying to get inside blasphemers ed but vladimir those guys grew up in a fuckin war torn countries agreement intimidate them funny watching them talk shit though my friend see them do you see the video yet where there is no one's gonna british acts in the other one gotta ukrainian x and i want you to be here i have some good fashion american accent shit talking rights and flowed may well established i saw but one when i saw one of my friends fought flat amir and knocked him down three times whose devour williamson and they ripped off to verify the decision but he wants we match for them so bad enough we have never been insisting let a merry think just can't take up well yeah and individuals is like an awkward fuckin a the item
ago trading elbow allow because it he made you do your part can give a shoutout cousins birthday this is tony pinochet wake up i had an answer that my my gate was getting gotta keep coyotes out now and as they mexicans at smuggle people into the country that's the people that this model drugs kyle are there mules mules right i announced the romanian people meals bringing drugs in about an hour not beautiful in honor i'm letting so much you thinking deduced gives him excalibur not big enough
really and i dont speak in a spanish there's no this and never heard of enemy don't stand a colony in mexico i think lopez has that right he'd ever do is act in full spanish i don't know but i'm sure he probably goody speak spanish chaldaea will flock up or spain crowd he's done i've in miami i've seen joe ideas do like five minute chunks just straightens managing and irregular show the spanish i don't want to weaken our cuban my legs in miami he's gotta cuban flares usa go crazy for no they never laugh at anybody harder than joe ideas in miami there's something that happens chemical reaction with that crowd because they looked like a big guinea too a little bit yet we literally a big cuban do with energy worthy that ok what is i got no leap guinea guinea yeah i'm just there are times have no problem with the college of guinea's but you can call them again to the care of anyone at that time you know how to get the reference guinea pigs
these are my grandfather said these two com a guinea wop does they call grandfather early was theirs rather die i mostly telling one quarter irish three quarters time that's what rogan comes yeah everybody else is right off the boat will there all immigrants my grandfather came from ireland on my father's side and everybody else who came from italy my grandmother came from italy my grandmother and honour now scammer whose grandma craze bitch sat on his fuck man she she scared me away from relationships for most of my life because out when i was a little kid my parents got divorced and we stayed with my grandmother and my grandfather for a little bit so i can hear and when we're staying with them and my grandmother used to scream at my grandfather she just just described me chow down back me i always fucking lecture me she would go crazy yell at him and say she's going to leave i'm going to move in with my sister and i'll be like jesus fucking christ is this what happens when you
if together when you fall in love this is some shelter behind it assemblies this was what was registered in my mind this is a relationship when i was five i had my mother and father who just broke up because my father used to hit my mother and then in with my and mother and my grandfather and my grandmother screens and my grandfather my grandfather just wilt it just takes it and every now and then he says something back to please just stop at please just stop apparently throw one of those in there for the most part how'd you did how'd you exercise that out of your mind what i think i think it's the compact balances when you grow up and you shit relationships than you think about it i don't want that yeah i'm not my problem is i grew up with my parent my parents were together for forty years and my dad died my mom still loves my dad you know i mean all i know is that relationship and am i i'm never going to the national sums that but it is possible it certainly pass and yet are put that energy out there though you gotta be the
jack anybody that doesn't go along those lines people get develop patterns in relationships and they want they want to continue those pet with you and some of them like to fight some people just like the fucking fight i'm not see i've found me me at all i don't like i would assume that that's me i don't know i don't like any of that shit and i want you in my friends and unlike with girls like i was just talking to someone the other day buddy and his wife and his these wife says something crazy she goes so does your wife let you just do whatever you want to do is to let you know do shows and play pool where are my does my wife lent me i like what can i we can talk is this let me my keeper does my keeper let me free is my keeper let me work i thought about it knows what that was a friend what it was like his brain let you go do shows dry and let you go to dinner whenever you want like what did you do not like me what do you want to tell me what the fuck i can't do that i want to do i put a weird like distinction
that but in her eyes that's the commonplace to come places that the woman gets to dictate to the man what the man does does your wife let you drive that car ojo does your wife lead you not for the party have you ever had i ve ever heard of chicks i'd tell you not to certain hard you mentioned i just bought a fuckin crazy car and would you scare about our rules eyes phantom drop half inverted i love it and everything desires you're never air but i'm getting the stereo reduction in animal you're fuckin savagely due at the old stereo itzhak it honestly the worst there even if the guy rolls royce goes yet come complaints i know they don't have to these roles they have now listen a classical music would i need them really rough week by them though they should provide thankful ride we everything bad considering its the rolls royce of fuckin rolls royce yeah i had a porsche wanted it
terrible stereos like the most wonky is is tennis stare i only might now very slow eyebrow here my days it's their only put in a new one is fucking in saying i didn't new stereotypes gate where it mimics your iphone so that it is just a broadcast in its time grain see disco there like open up itunes go to you know so it shows up on your now ashen james i can i think an ipad by mixer for he was driving yeah right jimmy just google my friend exactly like we need one more forgot to google traffic how many times do you see so many we even in and you see this mother fucker looking down is fond of net the road of adele is found them hit the road he's a shit and those are the people that are then that you'd texting and driving it's like equivalent to being five times of the legal limit of alcohol there is already a likelihood of crashes it does here that right there that there you know ford has that new technology in the fucking focus where it reads your task
messages to you when they come let's not and lay down that's good that's angel nobody kind of success i have afford in the problem i have is that day they stop it you can't update it so in like a year you're you're shits not working with all the newest stock as they don't up the soft law about right about the fact that you don't want your fuckin text messages why underpinning our personal your cock it is so big i wanted it when are you coming home does your wife no yet love frank when i look at her oh frank i love the droid feature weaken torturer messages you can as i have said that it is really good peaks user guide that that's that's new iphone operating system oh why finally fox by the way have you ever seen greece i'm sure you have really have the music i've never seen greece and the language of again i recently just one
this is my question was it always supposed to be just kind of like a everyone the people believe that those people were high school kids no no i know what you say everybody living there are thirty years yet let me look like this guy right here like this guy looks like like he's forty i've got like a beard coming at my biggest problem i had a problem the grief coma endless seventy eight the i've got a big problem for the last twenty eight country you love one free thirdly we lie at the root of the problem with israel because at the end of the movie she takes up smoking and chiefs seventies tight tight path with global me get thrushes certain raise peter she's here you why you get thrush rational nightlife fucked in current yeah zone amongst dummy look little luck clotted cream effect in a uh thrash netflix com i never knew what to call it i've seen before
there are some of the kind that pasty cut its teeth so someone actually does all this to travel to become more like him he put on a fucking cardigan that's not that this does not really abandoned thing for you ve got all the way he went for horse year she slotted itself up to the max enables a fuckin car to get married life maybe he was like a future hipster just had it hadn't nailed very early on right that's i kept her mr clothing was cardigans and we're back we're talking about your back stalker handing was fuckin eighty when she did that movie back then remember through but we would got a picture one guy in the hallway who lives in these forty years all the asker intimacy camera yeah yeah i hear it but everybody else i mean this is just one of the guys i like the five guys like me he
is it a full beard going on e g he just seventeen and these must be seventeen i was seventeen when i graduated from high school you seventeen right now is order disguise or even of your eighteen disguising lothar twenty seven me like a second see agent is ridiculous i think gum whose come accepted back then that there were playing up you are allowed to do that because there wasn't a whole lot of like really good teenage actors whatever their lot of precocious actor and they all look exactly the same does a lot of fucking that doesn't sound i saw subaru last night oh yes good movie that's my group when i say this now in kind of its sped up rural quickly like rig i just came out of nowhere it i know if i like that in my meeting with an attitude we all about he was eating people one second in thirty seconds later he's holding the kitten the kids like i understand bad things happen batting happiness fuckin thing each people
that what was boiler alert sorry about that but when you think about it the people that he he killed political or military rightly when you take see the cough and little girl they all in an all occasionally the girl to let's not talk about that was where we given way too much information is a solid movie don't get me wrong it was a real silent i prefer x men i did too excellent first class about writing separate could have had twenty more minutes maybe just a day ending maybe right but i thought that the only real but i think those that there was a couple of cool things about the alien but there was also allow silliness why do they always do these in seed nighttime you never see the light of fiji i that's why they want to make sure that they don't have to vote you know if you go acta old movies where they barely showed you anything like the first alien god damn that was scary man that first alien movie an american we're often london meriden wealth in london was way better than the wolf man but
move men you saw way more the creature you saw a moving around ram and there was something kind of cool about that but the american world from london was just flashes of this thing ribbon people apart flashes of its eyes flashes of its teeth there's something about that that it's more so henceforth more more rewarding degeneracy battle los angeles is that what call no fucking way while i saw the ads that thing lock you this is some guy we're out of my john right away and this is something you gotta do they get really baked go on netflix in there is one of those copy movies that i thought it was the real movie was called battle of love los angeles over something like one word was different like bottle battle in los angeles but i thought i thought it was it so i started it and while these special effects that really it is worth special effects ever i mean like amazingly national they're just isn't there a thing coming up with the guy from the house
shall ye are no wily yes we have some tv show with is like the aliens land in the current after people who don't i've i've seen do as i saw previous for it was the previous before the previous not yet to remove your real early or even the previous start to show you previews of tv shows now and unlike local restaurants and shit i got moving like you're done them go outside and hang a right we have a fine line selection yeah so anyway they they show that and i was like what is this terrible fuckin show gaudy special effects look bad a major six legs unbelief maybe it's good maybe a watch it and appreciated but there's a big difference between the special effects they do those in a movie liar you know like subaru it took me forty minutes of sitting there watching those two stone do turn it offers which examined this thing goes like this movie with supposed to be legitimate and i was like like really angry that i was like why did they advertise it so much this is horrible and then finally
i can't take this anymore and i stop it and i was at best buy like a two days later and they had like a pre for like the blu ray or something oh that's a totally different it's one of fake movies watch it yes larry wealth does ever movie about like a guy in a horse you know like black beauty something like that zero like some some classic this now they always like if there's a meteor movie deserves a second media move they try to slip in saint back and then they arm again i don't know which was first of you now but they always do that man they always do that there is total ec sneak somebody and hopefully rationally darya they all came around they'll rush production to fuck you put their shitty version of your idea out earlier but then that's how you like what you really want to make an asteroid movie you see the point of view love and there was something i think most people like like older people to get confused
me there are blockbuster nearly all metal of us even relegated to hold a real good sort of like we ever go to a website you typed in the wrong word accidentally like you left an extra are on re and then it goes to some crazy fuck and deep anal porn site you can't get out a browser you trickling down i ever fuck man what about that you can't even go back rare you'll figure in fact and in its because they d like thought that someone was gonna write google with two else now so if you're not smart enough and ready veal google somebody did that when i went to aid my russell peters dot com they put a rustle peters outcome of one completely cut and paste it all my shit from my website to that one and what today they doing anything it was this fuckin douche bag i don't even say names and i want to have any credit but he thinks he's a comic unease that fuckin do
so he did eight is iraq with you yeah because then peep because you gotta contact info and he had his number there why your resolute vetoes listen mason and again this is very he's got his notebook and his man he's been writing no material tommy shenanigans is you can get a minute counted rate and about what you were gonna pay russell peter just the lad divide that by two thousand and tommy shenanigans is ready to party we should both tommy against worldwide reservation only i'll go to available russell peters with one i'll dot com honeymoon ammunition and again we hear if any man having is whole act is about you i mean he's ok russell views is kind of funny but come on
a head start everybody loves in the incoming your agenda in its the same voting now we gotta frozen food that guy sounds crazy creepy stalker go is a complete sociopath that scary that does anybody would spend so much of his energy to put something that together here one time he am he did this thing where he he said to some people overbooking we didn't think you'd ever get back to me but he fucked himself because they tried to call angelo my one of my good friends to do the same show them and they said well yeah he's coming and angelos coming and an annual goes ok and they go rustles gonna be a surprise guest on shown goes y know he's not he's gonna be an fuckin wherever there's gonna be that weaken the girl who said that other guy that we book said adam if we pay him
ray grand to do the show then he'll get me to be a guest on it but you can't tell anybody that he's gonna be there because if you do that a fuck up the supra oh yeah it's you pay me too grand and i'll bring russell peters if you get me three so the game threatens them but if you tell anybody that he's coming then you have to pay me three and and and that is not going to say the odyssey newton so came back to me and i was i greatly landed a fire in human cancelling the gag what he was doing this kind of weird fuckin sneaky snakes like saying and is irrigated to guess at so it was calling you and a rustling now we were not at all you not friends at seattle it he was using my name like yeah no i because the open for me before you made some weird fuck and people in this business not even a guy wants to go work the road is that when a douche bag suggests setting an ado comedy and he uses jokes after you
and it's fucking heart the complete fuckin cornwall that's amazing that he's so dedicated as far as like stealing your website yeah well we got that ceased and assisted did you ever had advised lawyers and is our relationship with this gather rife not about i mean he formulae guano like three times an end it wasn't like i asked him to open for me he would like he would like sort of stock me and be like hey see you're gonna be in indiana this friday i mean it down there on thursday night do in a corporate do you mind if i do a set on the friday you don't have to pay me or anything ok now worked three times and other wait a minute wrestler parker you always where i'm going to be the day before recently had a lack of your hair case nothing i
i find that do you won't can i do i guess said he started talking much marriage really really do you wanted to be on marks podcast or something or open remark or something and markets like now and this guy went off i can we would like this on him funded sociopath didn't we marin what to end stuck out about two hours while it's it's interesting fuckin real sociopaths you meet in this business people they just have this eye on the prize and adjust they're gonna make it one way and get to know if i never made it i would still be a comic workin the now would have no fuckin delusions grandma i would have been happy do my job you made it are not made it s there would have been a common you know how i could tell real comic editorial content by watching arachtu we could tell real com but how are you can hang out with them the first time we ever hung out ever was in vegas yet right first and we are running within five minutes
i didn't know him from anything that you know i knew knew his name he knew my time we met five minutes later we are fucking laughing and pointing at shit and pooping on things and we're putting on of ourselves you know you haven't fun evil with comments about where you are only the pecking order we all had she had experience of all kind of dialogue in a really dumb uptown and when you meet somebody and you know that their stand up comic like you know it's is this something to document it must do anything they must be like is not take anything away from people serve in the military and i want to connect it to that but it's almost that kind of a tight by these learning close to being over their risking your life but there's a weird fraternity out i'm saying it's the military's a bad example but there's a weary pretty early the air which requires the same experience different cities and are so few of us are we all stand wimbledon whereas you working all standing alone you front of a room for the stranger and if you look at the numbers like i've talked to people about this before this is it is hard to consider but it's three hundred million people america may be a thousand perverse
comedians maybe out of those thousand hemming many my national headliners is two hundred and maybe maybe it might not even be two hundred those two hundred how many of them are good without subject it would say it's a hundred would say half of them so see you're one of a hundred people in the fucking country that's are that's bazaars shit that's a very strange position there i also hamley you can set up the room these allow yeah if you just gonna palm if you can bring the hype and havoc and act to go with it that is certainly the case with this solely these realities show people they could pack giant places its iraq an obstacle around that we shall be able sucking strange is what it is i mean it is it's like a joke has not just become a joke that hasn't does become mainstream it's actually taken over to the point where the majority of what i see until there's nobody is its language you tv is right it is a great give it it is come a joke that hasn't just become mainstream it's actually taken over to the point where the majority of what i said
toby nobody's its language you tv there's no writers there's no creativity this story is nothing it is lazy by producers who were like the higher anybody for this it's like it's like if you live in a place where there's a lot of vague in restaurants and a lot of really healthy restaurants and healthy choices you know you're more likely to eat healthy food if you live in a place that is all they show is housewives beverly hills and all they show is no new jersey jersey shore you jimmy you know i'm saying it's almost like the same thing i got i gotta go to choices minimum to confess i have addicted to mobilize to mob division
whom i otherwise bob wives oh yes i've been watching that dash mob wives and real housewives new jersey just let me know how happy i am that i don't have to fuck any of those monsters i don't have to date in those new york new jersey boston connecticut those beast women those ethnic beast women now i'm in i'm talking about it's not all of them there's a lot a lovely women in boston lovely women in new jersey levy the within many women we're talking about those italian angry beast women those green and yellow harry's pacific italian american it is canada are very different than that men are off first generation yes i would only other parents are off from italy and then they all the kids are going up the group with a slightly more respectable what's in italy also of two thousand and one however as opposed to it and italy of nineteen twenties when my eye ass came my grandparents came here i grant eczema grandparents came here before that they were in the early next hundreds so pretty heavier article america there that debts
there's a bunch of savages that live on that east coast man that's what it is it's a terrible place to live the weather's horrible five months of the year and snowing cold and shitty and ever his angriness too many people stuffed into one place and that's what makes those beast women those new jersey housewife beasts women they taking in fact can tell you that there is no longer as their country more than our entire solid again if you can't remove the why their country is a huge difference you that country you know and all the guys oh jesus had guy yea megan foxes probably county right israel housewives new jersey that's account is diverse yes it did you think when you get to send a the why just twelve years soon as you know what a fulcrum anymore that become travel there can acutely still let us get up to suck you dig once it once that's out of the ballgame analyses that confidence rambled old fuckin useless baggage
can i know why the country into the why why why the fuck are you there there's no one perfect flag in place to live them in every place has its drawbacks and let us see two shabby it's the there's wonderful the traffic is unbearable i think you need money to live in a city you do need money you need money and the haves and the have nots are very widely separated that's funny now because when i go out and i go to a restaurant is something i see the paparazzi outside and the men they see me they put the cameras down right now you ve got a great level of fame you ve got this sell out the old to arena in our dignity
people senator nag do that sells out staple centre and then the king now go to noble and in your name is in you you would be beyond your with who and i do not look at the people that their kissing her ass a really gonna black hard to collect card i got my black card we wouldn't have blackguard german american express any measures present what is it with you have to do with that you have to spend a sort of money now you have to spend a certain amount initially to get it right adapt really how much you have to spend having maybe like a court romania s son germany will have a vessel peters is paul and saves made out of tightening cute if i had one of those i would be weren't furs everywhere that i'm gonna get some vague dying is still you still haven't pay the bill i here as a problem but i could write that shit into the rocks relegate year i know a duty did that it was going bankrupt investing a porn company and the poor company got robbed at gunpoint they lost all their equipment elegant angel i don't know
but the name i think it's have no bunch of this is a small company there was a start up companies that this might my friend was running a house from this guy and these guys i do you can't man's can make some minds can be here so he in his dumb ass was here yes sounds awesome how many one one you i'll give you hundred percent return your investment and you know you'll be we're on a piece of the company the company's projected to be making this wench one anyway he loses everything loses thirty in dollars he takes out of credit cards it gets like a thirty thousand dollars loan or every does he loses everything and then just decides to go bankrupt so he just goes crazy for a year for a year he just uses credit cards and doesn't pay anything but the minimum i just run them up to the gills just goes crazy at strip clubs every day he was getting lap dances at strip clubs he just live like like a savage for one year and then went bankrupt let us do that anymore because they made it hard they made a very very difficult because
i know what a dude who were tried in any couldn't try to go bankrupt theo's a lot of money now i get your pay that like sorry you're fucked you cannot afford to pay for it go bankrupt each probabilities bills because you see you could oh like a flock load of money and then on the enron i'll be right i don't know they'll amateur what they did was they went they neither going bankrupt and they also knew that in florida you can claim bankruptcy but you're allowed to keep one house so what they did was they took all their money and bought these gigantic thirty million dollar fuckin houses these fuckin palaces paid pay them right out and then claim bankruptcy in other get this thesis i'm thirty million woe copies conny sees the house and faintly you have to live with not florida every states get their own funky little rules florida is a haven for gangsters ok floor and it is the best place to be a pill junkie is the easiest way to get pills its
it's a nice straight highway to new york if you drive the speed limit chance i hope you pulled over you could do all your creepy shit they have to do and you can live in the warm climate in russia there's a lot of laws that go down and florida if you go to miami they'll tell you factually there's more banks capital in miami other city in the country and the reason why is it that was what they used to process all the cocaine money they use those banks is that simple florida a gangster state debts that state is just dummies and gangsters and no one decides to copenhagen sorted out why does too much craziness in florida florida every time you hear but so long serial killer naughty it happens that girl fuckin kill her baby the casing anthony budgets onto the floor yeah floor fuck adds always whenever you hear nancy grace talk about some shit it's always dead babies and floor oh i remember going to jump mrs than i do what a grove ex girlfriend that level have been with me what's wrong
ok let's have a minute we ve been friends quotes on the daily mail assholes been with me i cannot guys the daily mail emily earlier with the states beach right now we're doing is hate speech we won't have to apologize retracing tracy morton fundamental step the definition that choice a story is even more depressing to mean in tracing morgan and because i am her at an heard about that and i have had the worst part about it i was like another had to make an example on somebody joe hasn't been on the area tracy is that's harm still ridiculous to totally ridiculous because he was react into something and he at the moment namely the moment that is something which was not planned not kind of written down in where beforehand traces which it was stated that he wriggled out i don't think you wrote that apparently did did you really very some may probing i wrote down but like jesse james he doesn't right islamic sanity
when i had already have enough you know right and of doing something about this guy can't physical i'm too lazy that's really my principal reason shaped joe i'm fuckin lays i don't i don't want anything done either which is a pain because you kind of get routine and the rhythm the sea no would help man you don't even have to write that down but what i started doing i really enjoyed this is writing blog entries start writing a lotta lotta like like little essays for my blog fuck and love it it's a joke broken daily knots not that's just a program that picks up links from my twitter is i want to have anything to do it oh really yeah just sign up for that and then people i follow on twitter it picks up links rang already tweet is random so but i follow a lot of interesting people but i had to stop following a bunch of mutts because it would be a bunch of stupid shit would show up on my daily and i'm like bitch there in my power
can we actually read it like i was a little bit here and there but i like you know what i read is twitter i was on twitter yesterday i have my love you posted yesterday that i really wanted to click the link on and i haven't done so yeah man i'm addicted to twitter and i'm addicted to getting information from twitter and so many fuckin people and better send me cool shit i mean is is incredible resource right now three hundred seventy eight thousand foreigners sixty seven people which is way too much for me to really be paying attention all of em at ninety nine thousand and ninety four let us do so more than make i was at kevin smith's places where he's almost got like two million i think he's way the fuck up there but there's so much so much comes to when you have that many followers it's real hard to keep track of all like al i'll leave the room i'll go somewhere else
in our little say nine hundred new tweet messages so that i have to try to like just try to do my best to see if there's anything in there you have a deal outlets and send people that you will look at began light like metal yeah yeah there's a bunch of people look at their shit exclusively always not area you seek it s pretty funny some comical away or some guy wants to be a comic he has probably guy wants to be a comic comics generally dont tweet funny shit you are saving it yeah yeah i didn't you in toronto until the fights right yeah we hung on toronto with this girl who has a funny thing ottawa your say yeah i'm trying to find her name is kathleen slash wing slash anything anymore
what her her online name is but it's fuckin hilarious and she's kind like she has like fifty thousand fuckin flowers or something crazy just from doing funny shit and then people think it's funny and so they they respond in retreat to ali it's so weird resource man is nothing like could twitters ever existed before will you just you constantly getting crazy stories from my friends and new links and i get it for news and everything would do its great my cable went down the other day at eighty into universe and it went down
like eight hours and of what the fuck i came and go on line define where to go to see what's wrong your uver it was taken away from me so i went on twitter on my phone and it was like i just typed in i searched i u verse intersect fifty thousand people disagree man fuckin their service i just called they said what can be done to five a m you know it's people talking about how is that you verse he like and that as such i love in too but they just started capping it lads yet all the oven renown thy capping and their supposedly monitoring you're what unites netflix you using step but i act like i don't others in haven't been affected by saying that you say that you have i got when you say cabot yeah november's listening
when you send capping what do you mean by capping that they give you go pat still a certain amount of download you know you download so much per month that they will either we start slowing down your internet speed or stopping i'm sure this is often it is bitches slash lean checked i told you about i just went or twitter page it slashing sl as age l e and zoning accomplishments metallic which he can commit to i'm such an alcoholic you can legally draw you can't legally drive after eating me out that's a larrea sunny day is funny shit do i'm such an alcoholic you can't legally drive after eating neo did that's a comic she's a guy she's ecologists hasn't done if it got the garret delaney in the uk and he know me tweets is if one line of either we dust at one on as they stand out he's done again uk and authority does all day long adjust tweet new one line of conduct because he is
that will depend on what response you get some people are as follows exorbitant amount of an item i dont want to blow my landlady spelled de l a an e why i like it for my kind of like a timeline knows so like a view do have an idea for a bit you put it out there so it's kind of like time stamps here are some guy like two years later go yeah listen lines simulators are special machines stop children lying guarantees that thou jerry whenever i see an ice cream van i always liked to say you'll never get any one to the hospital going at that speed all that's that's it s a kind of a flip over with me in the emu keynes empties called welcome a wise and is a sketches they did where a police car curls pearls path
you know the sirens place would have been good will nevertheless the ice cream of that speed i say so deftly levelled at it while you have to be deep into the hole this state of mind that's like benny hill job today stephen right we're talking with his yesterday's radial novel on twitter if you dont know goes around even right yeah he's literally writing a novel on twitter every day forty characterwith yeah yeah stand alone and see bc to be continued is at the end of almost every tweet most ridiculous ass he could to a hundred fifty seven exactly in those tv say it is the most ridiculous shit you ve ever seen your life it's really hard to believe that is actually committed to doing us here but its fascinating you know that's one of the many uses
how often use the twitter i'm not i'm not that the diligent i read it more than i tweeted do you ever tweet choky things equity nasa you know i'm mostly i think i'm most active when there's a fight on really i gotta give five commentaries the whole time i think they're pretty people find them fair fairly entertaining so as i can tell you do comedy fight fighter also commentary like i was his name just fought fuckin two weeks ago just had dinner with my agents i paid what was his name would just bought a drop down and wait i'm gonna featherwit you have c o kenny florian they can afford as i said while ben stiller looked really great nullify sam stout knock out there i was crazy that was scary and worse
yeah there's a certain amount times where guy gets knocked out where it becomes easier to get em they get him to shut off and sam stout can really ponchas a good pleasure but that it like the way eve went out like that that disturbed me he got caught perfectly but it just seemed like and those are bad knock out those a bad one those one where you really gotta assess what you're not you're done you how this guy's gonna cost in other certain shots for the guy gets hit with what you like of course that knocked about like when when gabriel gonzaga head kick croaker like that just well those shots we get hit by that you go out to know just how goes it happen natural selection more than their certain shots like one when rich franklin knocked out chuckled down their fine did the right hand the knocked immaculate while that donald think that would not check out five years ago but it back at him and out now i gotta you got a crack in your chin that sadly grech at once in its time what protection do they having in usc that's it
and your wits yeah you know like gum she'll yea overcome she'll cereals act your honey from second grinding ever what about the known but no job travel yeah you workshop workup yeah yeah you work if my guys does that actually a couple more try out tonight it's called diamond emanated develop some new system with a compression short to keep the cup from moving your balls keeps it all like slammed are unanimous not sneak out yes a unifying kicked you're not gonna get her because there has been a bunch of guys had been really her pretty fuckin badly from cups sliding into their ball but apparently they say that though the best solution is the old time way that tie cup the thai cup they would tie on in its made us steel and this steel cup they just mash your balls into it and tired and in place like really tight and that's supposed to be one of the best
and still old school thailand style brow with a big fuckin steel shield of your dick and balls old tiger lily mounted by tiger get a colander i tell you what men i enjoyed watch and strike forces we think as i didn't have time monasteries and i was gonna show i programme on its who have always yeah grand prix yeah one while josh barnett's just destroyed by roger he does it involve three letter he ran through mademoiselle barrages is a really tough guy but he doesn't those skills innocent is not does never real ground game is striking games rudimentary he just hits hard internets that's what is good for and he meets he's a comprehensive overhaul of game and against grappling like barnett barnett's is too strong on the ground he got him down the ground just smash them and then the second round government arm triangle he tapped even before he got to the side oh by the way when asked about that did you notice that it looks like this
it was tapping as the fuckin bowering junior doesnt donor yeah someone said that before i didn't think it looked like when i watched it right there i could he have again that carbon had him in that farc and choke real good team you think sand and it was literally as like this and and then his camels i write about the touch yeah let her leg of the day and like any like owners i even he looks shock like he's not sure but you gotta watch their back right at the last if there was three seconds more that fight their way but if tat you think some a factor that i didn't think that what i saw it i would have to see it again there was no getting out to any haggling and somewhat of an anaconda choking anybody syrian eventually we thought that with this with what would the you have you have seen yeah guys again broken arms broken legs knocked can unblock guys got knocked unconscious no one's died but they ve got real good safety precautions
and the referees are good stopping fights and which really dangerous when you see a boxing match was really dangerous is not just getting hit once was really dangerous headed blows the out knock you out exactly you get knocked down and then they can't you do tat kind of a dutch gloves are three are back in there and you have saved you cracked and dropped a guy jumps new and hits you again if your dazed you're gonna get knocked unconscious or you're gonna get days point where the referee has to pull you off and believe it or not you are actually safer that way it's gonna save you a tremendous amount of punishments if you get like dropped and rocked really badly fifth round that somehow another you you managed stand up and by the count ten you get your wits about you just enough to hold on then you get dropped again the next round and he had dropped again and extra those are the fights it you can find guy up and now i've known you i say though we're guy gets it gets knocked out with a punch and he hits the cameras and data guy jumps on em and hid them again
actually wakes up yeah i don't know that's the truth people always say that that i knocked him down oh come up i see i have seen the guy here go fuck he's out and then hit some of them as i was not cleared might probably jumped out anyway since the problem with it it doesn't coincide with the the natural reaction of a concussive blow the national reaction of the concussive blows not to wake you up it's just shut you down further and if you have a tendency to get shut off especially if you've been shut off before near your brain actually recognizing that as it recognizes that as a pattern is that we're under attack against shut off and preserve and just let everything i don't i don't think it really does wake up other many surprise i might be wrong other support i've seen it happen like when it looks like the guys out down it might just look lay looks like he's out on the way down and then he hits and then permanently and then he starts to react again bother surprises any yes if i can you kind of predict who's gonna come come up i e that the winner not as always surprises is one of the most
shocking sports ever there's always something that happens in freaky like this is fight between todd duffee and mike russell and mike russell is like he's got a lot of body found on and he's a he's a big fucking guys of chicago cop but he looks like you know like a guy like probably play football college but now he works as an accountant and he likes to utilise sandwiches nomes aunt but this guy todd duffy looks like he was created in the laboratory when he shredded sculpted he's got this fuckin big captain america man jaw lives like this the last mother fucker you'd want to fight this looks like a super athlete and this guy todd duffy puts a beating unlike russell for two and a half rounds and in the third round mike russell connects with one punch at a nowhere and todd duffy goes off blank shuts completely off falls to the ground and might russell hit more time more time while it hits more time by away with an arm that was broken in the first round the kid
the army was first raised broken microphone todd duff and was that i don't know maybe a year ago i want to say here somewhere on the usa or start yes you have seen incredible fight remove ridiculous turn around one punch knock out unexpected no one saw common this guy tough you'll like it was a future contender me looking like kids a fuckin destroyer look at this kid how do you fucker this gives torn and fifty pounds moves exile smashing people just like my those guys we're just gonna like launch it to the top of the eu like really quickly alison outcomes one punch that's a brazen sport as with the other with a got knocked about eating a sandwich he could have been is this one i was fuckin tough to define i find that the enemy fighters of a shorter sharp left in a box it is probably their training is way more rigour probably but then again longer and hard but if you look at random couture he last a long time i think many hysteria exception to the rule yeah you're right that's not so badly
asked in toronto man it was a bad i got theory idea has come well you know they might feel sad it there was a crazy gig feel sad because the guy had a long story career and goes does one a grades and was saying you know hey this is a real big challenge and if i could beat this guy i'm you know i'm back in the hunt and maybe i'll get a shot at the title and then out he was thinking crazy thoughts you know i was thinking like a for now you know all this could be my last fight when loser drawling i heard a bunch of different stories you know but to have him go out like that like release with an exciting loss in just get kicked get dropped and he s teeth knocked out never but he's a part of history you know he's it's like it's almost like ass not rule that way he was a big restaurants having just lost
i don't get you i just lost he's got knocked out why some really tough young kid and deceit tough young kid is like you know in a story is thank maybe even younger dense about cartoons age is older he's in the fifties wow still it's still finding still active yeah it is is a young man sport do that's for fuck sure i had a conversation with force griffin about it recently names talking about how when i was younger you fight totally different like now he thinks about it like fuck this fucking eyes gonna hurt me this hurt my fuckin shoulders her it's all part of agent you start to second guess we should think to start to be intelligent new start do you start to also like combine riskin reward and calculate them up and no who what's in there especially especially see see then lot of fighters that really realistically will probably never be champion in others a lot of guys that you see i'm in there will where this guy is just he's really doesn't have the skills ever be agog again or solar
so what happens damn while the slowly somewhere along the line lose the fire john jones fighting anderson other now john jones is gonna fight rampage i could take rampage dickinson exciting fight rampages get some fuckin history man he knows a lot shit seventy one a coconut water he's cocoanut war so you'd be doing any dj lately i just got that dj apple my ipod i've been fuckin around with digging in my house that's nice i've been dj house at him first turntable them after they have actually got to withdraw somewhere get home tonight i got to dinner with family you d jane your house again people over and have now and i started back around by yourself and it's like a bag keep yourself sharp you ever get one of those boxes where it says tonnes a different eyes i am thinking of programme each thing to do like always out the little there like a color
no doubt about what the outcome will have psychology notably black does its about retracted statement by the elegant does lately thinking about that because like programme levy controller yeah that's it many control now either cool i don't wanna fuck with them i have this thing called the dice her but you attached your turntables in it you can hit your cue points and then you can loop shit right there that's always it's fun for me as something else too with the ever makes like your act into music because that's what i was mixing jenna haze moans orgasm sounds into song you know that you have interesting do not funny as i did lopez tonight a couple of weeks ago a month ago mozilla and the guests were paul stanley and randy jackson passed down from yes and i was the biggest kiss angering absolves like a little girl that anyway said just a guy from kiss it had some work done not ok
only natural not actually pulled face the arabella down and ninety nine it was really our colleague told me real hair color so pass tammy joins the house band that night plan then rainy jackson grabs basis starts playing with her husband and then we had already set up my turn my laptop and turned out to be there so i join the banisters scratch and with them but our scratching lopez's vorhees naw that's also we need youtube summer school let's and come up with them you love detain her love dj while you if you ever have a private body and you i will find digital doubt the awesome you're gonna wait you're already they come up with a reason our private pardon now birthdays in august let's have a birthday august part b when you find out from around that would be that would be badass dude road we have it where we doing whatever you want to do some more cool
brian suggestions she never fucking party man we should have a once a year sort of a festival does not mean that bird birthday but what are you talking about when you have an official journal rogan after party after one of the fights laden maybe beaten every time tat we ve done then lunchtime but we done and clubs till we know in vegas will supply you know he said you have a place i think gum i was with buffer at the last one i access yeah we're talking about me buffer and forest griffin injection odin just answer we totally slow danced with phase what we were talking about the gallery and jugglers the other day about how its fastening these guys if managed away to get all these disenfranchise kids and and bring about an unknown and give them something we do not have the slightest this festival when he gets together my organizing somethin like that though like would actually be kind of fun
you know organise having one like one jen somewhere or one once something some sort of some sort of a holiday sort to some russell peters down down down what should we do about i'll be plain classic wrought function go in here but i like it to make so much together i do and or you do digital i do it all digitally because as to fuck and much music to try and carry all records yes ridiculous i went loudest fuck you really enough here the compression somebody sent me something that three three ninety bit like there's there's already really high but great falcon areas either this and distorted loud do they yet that is an excellent overturning volume too much space on your itunes does it how much ever like ten gigs genetic lot lot more took all my itunes and bit rated them lowered them all to one twenty or someone really
but my fuck about me and my family my music for teaching is at a higher bit re qualities around to something if it is so for yourself if you give yourself last and give your fans now forum for my from my itunes at a strict for my ipod and you get less when i play for you it's all about you that's all i'm saying one thing is we're family farm playing your party will be no music play that was made after two thousand reeling it'll be all pre to that nice every exaggerate i gotta problem man if i have the choice between listen there's something in the sixtys and seventys or something from the the current error i always go with sixtys and seventys yet some longing furnace dahlia something it takes you back to a different blatant so different kind of music man two different you know it's when you listen it's like some almond brothers in the seventies this just doesn't feel like the same vibe when i listen to music today he's doesn't sound the thing i saw john foger ready jogging the other day on mulholland well that was black and cool and if it is past them
ccs screamer borne out by you i said i put on when i have ever seen the rain ass if their cats didn't he again like some sort of a serious legal dispute willing as former manager unlike crippled and financially i think he was in some big fuckin road alec he made that song something candy their water revisit it really that's ridiculous how could you have queens cream one a revival rout john forwarded asking us while journey has the filipino guy who who sing and for rum for what where's the guy in the regular journey a very worthy he's like i think as voice a shot now some happened to him with his voice oh now so they get
while journey has the filipino guy who who sing and for rum for what where's the guy in the regular journey a very worthy he's like i think his voice a shot know some happen him with his voice oh no so they get this filipino katy was in a journey cover banned in the philippines they heard him any sounds exactly steve fairy no widespread unslackened names arnold something here that we play the park as on a more cast anyone syrian right here is certainly radio elsewhere sued does so ridiculous they are we have to get our own insurance and we can't play music and hats there is also the freedoms we have but i wanted to pollute especially with you and i wanted to place a music is the last time we were on we played some fuckin writhed and he picked out some beats in this song that we want to go
we had a like back black we gotta go see s eye on this fuckin thing the trader did he will you picked up like instinctively and i was i can hear those stupid sounds even low bit rate while bit right nagging here i'm trying to funds john forwarded thing i can't find the legal troubles looking forward on his his wikipedia but it was no he made that song about the guy you know something about some began dancers till your money can you don't ever think of a song if it see if that russia was ever heard this week amply music file i'm just gonna stay with the name of the coming three hundred so carefully music of yours i see what's going on here why i oughta major laser haven't really major laser are they really redoing three stooges because i came their redoing three students heard that tv movies he isn't
i think i sarcastic corrals playing one of them to know why well no fuckin way that seems like a terrible idea doesn't he might be playing mo i don't think you know you have to say no if some once just in timber lake was bubu in the yogi bear marie what the fuck you bear maybe they came out recently wasn't younger bear out intimidated and thought and acting debts do that's a young animated thing lazily movie there are classic character that's now just and timber let it yet but it's not because its voice its knowledge is plan larry or curl air mo or even ship like champ shrimp didn't get any credit i was a marks brothers so fairly brothers moving as that
whose playing it does so fever guerrilla we ever got a movie with her now how hot zap pitch and like all very about this for years and the girls the just have the learned man there did you ever think about is she's cooler shit well well you know about relax i've gone because she doesn't have to be their leisure time the address and you can be a little kantians tolerable no country there has fallen you time she's so hard and makes them comfortable what you're gonna do just go over the costs that have a kissing and well and then the directive poems i guess source if you didn't sign for that oh shit son schuman science whereas lowlands examines that's ok she's so printing initially forty to ashes narnia thomas all issues in legislative onto beds of law
what are you doing what when they first went down to start doing medea ass she came into and then the billy walsh falls in love with her and in it turns out that vin factor and all that well remember the events factor an answer as to why movies game shows going more more unrealistic every year re imagining that yet again we have been fucker year put it and then it becomes a werewolf here then you we can discuss it she was in four brothers what is that does it mark movie yeah marking arteries diaries tweets who were too much i have shut them off we're following very beautiful an inspirational treaty weird way to find out your gate inspirational gets weeds while he wrote reverend run i follow him i'll i love it really condescending inspirational tweets that a lot of guys will do to women like ladies
look out for yourself be strong of tat man can love you for we while he can love you period capitalized period doubly there like this something about that sort of like cheesy low level hampering low level pimping and it makes me laugh you beginning we get you gotta comedy shows as well and the guy goes ok come on put you have to give all the beautiful lady is about thrilling attractive will be the entire rural every time i go blacker my eye was here where the independent lady if your independence we fuck and doing something independent i'd watch out nobody looks for that reloading better
reloading boxes that without one the beautiful things the mother can u s on i think she's a gold digger at this is a certain amount of people that is to say just now they are you follow fifty cent on twitter sometimes his shit vonny yeah he's a funny shattered tax law shit to bear the easiest seems like he's having a time nay i like it takes himself to seriously thinking realises this fuckin lucky shit is made china mining off their fight him in water and any more than anything is not an annex four hundred million something the same amount of money return he asked piece of vitamin water when it was like promoting them and then it became a shoe googe fuckin company now he's got a shock of it well these things like that we all you do is call water vitamin water and people oh this is stupid it is it sounds like galileo different colors
it sounds like it's good for you know we do know that sweden check on it we can handle it's boring forgot i don't you in our czech and for everybody check and to make sure everything is ok and making sure the world is moving at a nice pace is everything ok out there it's looking like india and pakistan are they gonna go to war you tell me to have the insides guinea gonna happen under the cricket after cricket after the failure their dimension as each other they play each in india one by anyone cricket and welcome how important cricket two guys the main and i personally by inter alia together it is the biggest thing and that's their wives superbowl do when i zone as athletes what's that will you some great wrestlers you have a great history of wrestling we do but however home subsequently wrestling training to now in london
i shall start in india who knows where it started you know it is this watch different it's start in asia most likely but nonetheless also speculation in mostar in africa to nobody really noticed gazelle down to the ground but if you go back in time in other japan is probably the place where the most damn was done where the most shit was figured out but mina martial arts in the year two thousand eleven are stronger than i ve ever been we know more about martial arts into doesn't eleven than anybody ever has for sure by a long shot the marshal artists of just two decades ago can't fuck with the martial arts of today some no no comparison and there's never been anything like that before where something is of all so quickly and dramatically in our lifetime martial arts is basically the automobiles of i'm in the way of all technology in the way of people figures better yeah yeah similar but it's weird the unlikely computers basically but it's been around for thousands of years but for thousands of years when you fought evil
we didn't have the luxury of fighting for sport you know when you fought it was because you were fine try to stay alive for thousands and the years so you didn't the fuckin the time to be train and twice a day and taken taiwan dough and you know in india now learn fujitsu in rio and trying to show that we first need to did take one dollar karate or some yeah bruce buffers why don't i jesus christ you folks this is what i get for non roger either said about that i gotta jackass guided dies he said something i don't want friends don't let jackasses dr drunk or something like that de rossa year and in bam said i look up and crying all day you know how dare you say something like this
he had had apologize all you know i've been struck for we shall or you can we dropped his profile roger ever they they pulled his profile but then they put it back up i guess they cracked and pressure and then they runner rebirth storm with their no job his jaw removed from cancer you know it's a fucked up thing when someone dies that way but you have to also say hey you know you we have to let people know that you're not supposed to be fucking driving drunk so you know your friend dying right now is the time to have the most impact on people possible from a news event and four p dot m about a year hey you shouldn't be fuckin drive and drunk as you know just kill yourself you fuck syllable other people feel they have a duty and ina who knows who is driving you might have been the other guy those driving but i understand that this dues friend died and he's crushed in his heart and crying all day but it doesn't negate the situation it doesn't mean as a human being i think we have an obligation when someone dies and fucked up way as a comic especially we have an obligation to take
about that shit moya we got a flip it on its head yet you have to and as a society even though i am not a big fan of critics i'm not a big fan of like the shit that roger you were does for the most part as i think most of what they do is this negative snarking bullshit i think they have an obligation to step up and to say something about about a situation that they feel strongly about like that it's a big issued man you know i see i know damn saying but you got if that was my friend of my friend died drinking and driving i would go you're right you shouldn't drink and dry many shouldn this is fucked up it's crazy unless minority more fucked up is it brian seems more upset about red then i mean a rain done dying than his cousin who got they have now i was a little more sad about ryan die if about his own i can't stop thinking about it it's like i'd never met her and you know my niece it's my like stepney anyways it's it's but out you know don't hang out with my niece every except on hold
is by its is more said to me it's kind of like it's more outside like i dont know these people that well and it is this kind disturbs me acupuncture owing to talk things think about it now you should have brought about jack it s a dime a big rehash something about those jackass guys dying outside of a jackass stunt that seems like almost like how the fuck is that right it almost seems unfair ones like wednesday berwin died from us stingray it still fucking around with animals man you i go we got mad at me because after steve erwin died i said what i say i said i go world loses wanna wacky animal guy in my act gains ten minutes really see the loss has really a douche bag things and i think about its zenith afterwards my kids get kids in a family what is this
and so i actually put it was just a post mortem a message board actually took it down and then i wrote something based on like how i really felt about the guy but what but i really faye feel like in a situation like that is like you kind of half make fun of the situation because that guy was doing something that we know you're not supposed to do he was running up to animals fucking around one german python and cobras and lions and the most fucked up dangerous animals on the planet and his gig was that he would feed crocodiles wife holding his baby remember that share that another have you been jesus you think think you mean that we know he wasn't completely control he fucking died at the hands of an animal you know but his stick was that he would put himself in extreme danger would make you a credibly uncomfortable and you know you're supposed to what when guide dies you're not supposed to say anything you must be quiet now you're really supposed to make fun of up here you fuck you're not supposed to do
god damn it you're not supposed to be freedom crocodiles while you're holding a baby you know how the crocodiles can i move you fuck craziness on his own behalf is it true that bring him back to your factor to bring my fears are you know we're talkin maritime dead long paypal son i don't know can't be hosted by anybody else will say maybe for me lopez has an engaging smile and a way about him that makes you wanted to an end and maybe mario could do it i'm an omen i might do it great possible i gotta get there i'm just so busy to right now what the usa but if they come with their long paper because he was up please give joe rogan some long paper i'm only in this game for one reason kids on paper have you seen you premiers fur coats on giant pimples you know what's up a lot of monday's around here then we re not everyone we were in georgia in this girl's column black people elements
so there ever that the annual solomons we worry we rejoice we're after the show we're gonna leave and we said hey is there a good place to get something to eat around here a good bar was where's the place to go she goes well this place is ok but while they got the elements there and we were like the what you know the elements the elements in our people that fucking fire and network nato's win you guys earthquakes due to get together and produce a glossary thousands of should the people got black people wear white we were have figured out another word other than nigger rebecca the eye that the i make for the i hope you can have happened without will desk that that will be other than citizens here's black this issue that's right you know have only exerted put down would be i am only a day but we had a fence of two people i don't wanna be willing to go think they'd call someone a monday is gonna be offensive
the costs are not able to because the distinction is that like people to grow up in the way i think today would be asians for some reason you stay here hello hugh to it sounds to me like tuesday will be the asian there's a group that china comedians ministering to pick up the pace over the past decade or so but the asian combining johnny you was a dude henry charlie how can we show that other guy he's still rock that southern accidently he's that's all it is real voice that's really only talks is margaret chose to do before yeah still around i believe she almost fucked irish affair well rarely our fears they're gonna throw down in a hurry and whether it may now my number suppose we talking mothers in the programmes brown perhaps i love margaret the she knows alone is a culture
is that the blows areas that will chewed up on your i am debate either as a real movie that mail gibson moving it says it's really coming out its oppose flopped hardware let me now it opened up in germany i believe yet germany opened up may nineteenth and that's big it that it has an open in america what's that mean if you're gonna say anti semitic marsh muzzle open up a journey ass the waters no shit if there really opens up germany that's hilarious do you know funny then is of his movie really open up to now only that i see the problem it looks like it opened up everywhere but only up to open up like total at twenty two screens than others and went to a hunter sixty eight screens nobody wants to see in her yeah it's definitely low budget movie i don't think it's a low budget we would all its jody foster male gives him it was just nineteen million not it was as if mackerel doesn't it was made right when the ship it was done right when the ship
down with him and how those audio recordings and then there are so they sat on it for a minute yeah they sat on a filling a year i at least right so this is a myriad that he he does he have a puppet act where does he has hampered that that talks for him because he's fucking crazy he's winning is life so uses this puppet toward sort of pick up the pieces and get his life in order as either like a remake of magic the ad hoc give movie for me when he was a ventriloquism me the dumb kind of took over our now i think tat was when the dummy want one appeal people and shit now that was way more fun this is this is a pet beavers is like a happy one like a puppet that he's wearing that easy with tyres are children and yeah what i've how to speak to them through the beaver what is that you know i want my daughter's back by speaking of them through the beaver who was in the room i gotcha gangrene you gotta pee again
which is rapidly reach up its fight look look look what they said that they set their jackass guy he crash going two hundred and thirty miles per hour wasn't german a porsche yards of nine one one if i remember jesus christ hundred and thirty miles an hour i don't i don't drink at all it i've never drink with what goes remind we think to sell that ok i've been eager to anything while the hearing the problem is when you're drunk cause i don't want to hear your purse mother fucker when europe when you drunk you not thinking and that's the whole idea of the beautiful thing about our calls it takes away you're inhibitions it takes away your ability to think that good to take so i m efforts faye raw roger he said i was probably too quick to tweet yeah he fucked up he said he said mean that guy's are negative man i would be too
and i was watching that stephen hawkins movie or show on syphon network can be watched any of that it's where he kind of narrates the meaning of everything i think it's what national i've it might be new yahoo com stephen hawking its causes stephen hawking guide to everything or so he's narrating yeah well it's really stevenson that's not what i would ask those who say they they have em out there in the though haven't like talking like this and then like a narrator kind of blends into it so that his voice turns into a different near endued could easily be like the technological or futuristic tupac we could keep him
nor can we ever given hardly they're going to be long there they can we get a burning that mother fucker edge coming out with new audio books racist even arctic enzo new discoveries that i found on my lack of money when speaking spelled correctly me wise debt is falling and i think that i think that treaty maugre what's wrong saying that it would not be crazy if he's not saying shit and all these other physicists are using him it's like an insight hand up that pushing around and they control his little beggar the beaver i think that you should fuck this guy over here that there is as our partner where they he starts off talking about you know like gravity like how the true apple false from the tree and then like there was this the guy that director was making it look like all these apples were flying all round stephen hawking these is sitting there in a wheelchair and it is
partly because you can't move anything said like theirs is person behind him like throwing apples down behind them you know does its best to look like this trees is dropping out without engineering these green he happened to see a little i like twitching liked what am i doing here because i really perhaps want to figure disagree with that it has on his contract i don't think this is the best way to get my point one of these apple malicious imagine the greatest mine over the last decade dies by apple do in a fuckin stupid commercial and apples phone handsome on ahead again point what did you do exactly what also radiation spoke earlier about if they fix that guy who just gonna pussy ran straight talking everything you imagine if they i'm out some stem cell shared the shot into him and allison earthly it was a thirteen year old mandate which was an error rate reversing blind
and then saying gad and meanwhile this is the shit the republicans tried to fight off during all the bush administration try to stop as much stem cell funding as possible this crazy christian fundamentalists that you're gonna steal babies and use their tissue and encourage abortions and people have an abortions whether you like it or not hooker don't you think the baby would be far worse off in its state of distance if you dont even do anything with a tissue but using abortions about a year ago to detroit shall i think birth control birth control is certainly the best option once you have kids man the idea of killing a baby even if it's only three cells inside your bodies caught freak out like you realize that that kid got out of there and then you are raising it man you love that fuckin kid so the second i came up with a vacuum in i once you ve kid i'm a dead yeah
its intellectual sort of a debate and in the eyes of i always say the other choose i say i cannot tell you what to do or what not to do with your body and you want to suck those three cells out with a vacuum cleaner that's one thing but as a personal heads in you huge start realizing women gonna three the fundamental behind it is there's a life inside of me in there he is a life i think you should be doing everyone do i'm not saying i'm right i'm not saying i'm sure impose my my but that life is create been created and it's gonna and when it comes out it's gonna be a person you kids over the past with some scientific trickery and suck that little count the vacuum cleaner but you can't kill the debate as to what you're doing now not saying that are right but i am saying there's a debate and there's a lot of like left wing bull lot approach by people who do not want to approach that debate and if they know a woman s right to choose me you just you putting some words to a situation and you are defined
situation my woman's got a right to choose how she's gotta to choose to stuff a vacuum cleaner upper pussy in stock out a baby and kill it is that we are saying no that's now who are saying but does with today when the baby is to be a certain age your sucking that baby out of a pussy with a vacuum cleaner i'm not saying that i'm right but i am saying that no one in their not being really honest about what it is you know everybody wants the right to have an abortion can read and rape victims definitely fuck yeah they should rape victims incessantly demand not only there should be no reason for them to do them and everybody shouldn't have the right i just say that there is a debate and i don't think the debate has been cleverly i think every woman from about who grew up in the air from the eighties onwards i think every chick you ve ever dated hadn't abortions up a lot of man i would say no percent of the women out there all had an abortion really you think is that i like if i may let's just say that many women have had abortion yeah not model little but
not if i didn't know it or shall i didn't an abortion i had a her to the clinic evans fucking dark dude because there's all these women for the clinic in the signs and yes aims and allow the signs are actually like like stillbirths babies enounce like they're not even a aborted fetuses these these alike guenaud babies that died and you know it came out of the body and they just misrepresenting in photos to their ultra gruesome unknown and his pictures of babies if they claim and killed by abortion vacuums are broken up and in peace susan their sticking to manoeuvre keep your baby keep your baby you now and i'll do that and as their situations where i know a guy who his wife was they the baby was still born inside of her and she had to go and get an abortion because the baby was already dead inside of earn etiquette kill her yet
kill her and there were screaming all this shit at her ass she was going into the clinic you're killing your baby you're killing you baby and the husband was fucking fury ass he was like you know my fucking babies already dead inside of where you can get the fuck away like screaming and yet there are indeed their claim their doing it for jesus to which is the most hilarious and value to do with it the valet guy says oh la saw tat lighted up a little another one hundred in amazon emotional about once on abortion board in part in the mud who gives a fuck and dark subject ordinary should abort that's good call to good girl but is it is true and i must say only antiabortion you do whatever the fuck you want to do but i am saying it's weird
was really whereas i think of i talked about this before i used to get this restaurant in this this guy who work there you always carry around pictures of his dead baby dressed up in close all like like a baby was born i premature like like threem for three months or someone like we're just like our really small baby like it was now it didn't look like most of a baby nay the kind of look like they die than they they dressed them up in these clothes nato pictures they carried him around in their wallets and they actually showed people as if it was alive still always deny those we were assholes you're freaking people on purpose you know that if you go online there's tons of websites where it's this like like different close like dead people do like put different clothing and make it like as if this babies still alive it's just something wonder honouring its yeah honouring it with different clothes that thereby let's not doesn't like about common good mentally now i don't think it is either i didn't need to have close you need to canada ok fine this closure
to sum up we need to know that their yeah that's a weird thing than people fuckin strange if thought of it there's a community online dedicated to whether its dressing up dead these are or what the fuck ever speak communities online website painters doc arm do essence jewels sir how to people read you on twitter junior simpson and also the junior simpson norton almost but you and i are j r know joe you the full joe you samson relatives and yet you used to it and use it and powerful you could join us god he's got a lot of fun if someone went one can earn money we see you do substandard others if they could possibly get a fuckin ticket funny in funny should ask joe this saturday albion seattle shes am where the new majority to her with me lisa lamp unholy and gave
grace i was staying at the w hotel in boston which is right across the street for the wilbur theater and i saw your beautiful mugen that screen over and over again advertising and upcoming show or that was that show that same thing right and what did you call me it was an amateur whatsoever to the new majority the new majority and it's you gabriel eleven ellie burn opens adapting powerful obviously all of you i know i'm fingering somebody will you really nice and have a hobby everybody needs a hobby dante this saturday night june twenty five carnegie library music hall in pittsburgh it's me and joe ideas tickets or go and quick bridges so hop on there and then the very next week in july first we are at a mandalay bay theatre in las vegas and its online shops am drove past that irish a fee it's gonna be there joe ds doug vengeance gonna stop in brian red then we might get him a drunken thrown on stage as underwear or something some shits going down right so
very the saturday night vegas next week i may drive the fights to our are you gonna drive their second let me know man i'll make this happen russell peters in the house thank you very much sir always good to hang with your pc junior of ragged me my friend you to thank very much everybody will probably back tomorrow if not elsie and actually ha suspense who knows what's happened and follow me on twitter and if you don't like it since you shit fuck off them unless i and if you go to joe rogan dot net we want to thank the first life for sponsoring our podcast and if you go to jail dot net and click on the link for the flashlight in the code name rogan you will say fifteen percent off our rights afresh flesh does if you want a real and i got a freshman smell the onion want you want one you ain't gonna go on forever in every home rifles would she's keep it in the car get in the car for loving
thank you
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