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Ari Shaffir, Brian Redban - Date Recorded 06/29/2011
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are you sure fear x ray i love that place and all suppliers and mentally with data coming can reach cherries hurry bouquet savage loses gabby terrible for you live did these have the linen cause i got me turn onto gummy with jealous that's bullshit we are willing to eat anything reforms and as a fucking flavour there's nothing in nature like this you found something anita like this this is bad this is bad it's like your looks radioactive or something yeah like what thus this is this is pass out of some rhinos ball such was resist chewing labour like cherries it'll their shaped like cherries denial of juries at textures nothing nothing in nature and they just attended cherry flavour tastes like cherry joe play doesn't is none luxurious cherry flavour there is a specific thing a great gray rink grape drink dantes like he played so good it's so good color great wealth dreams you re headed reinvigorated use tastes like that of course by grape drink a different thing i want to die
to dominate the other day have you seen those are found so does it have the extra syrup shots latin america yeah i went to daphne's which is like this great place in it they just have like a regular you knowing ice and in coke you know sprite thing but now does china stupid bees and not our ankara but now it's they have extra shots we can add like you can have your diet coke indirect oh i think what some grape in orange roots gray hopefully happy in free cooked zero orange cherry flavour capping with anything watching one is episodes of no reservation i think they're in chicago and they were eaten at some crazy hot dog type place what it was like they have like like meat inside like wrapped in some other thing those what the fuck was it's an abandoned anyway they they had suicide run that would they would do with a soda they would just hit every single stop along the way like a little spry nor the bitter rubella benedight little bit a doctor pepper and just that
build up what at the rose is discussed how those like the matter what you do and less if mr misty which i agree with mr misty suicides by way of those two minutes to soothe her mister missy suicide from dairy queen is totally legitimate eunuch really for some time but when it is when you're misty suicide mr misty suicides and if you get it with the cream whenever its call with another yester mysteries other no from faintly derek with some of you used to be anyone has occurred it used to be only like you know twelve different kinds are some images oh down the whole run of em yet it tastes like a fruit punch and it was sloshy in and get the ice cream minute no kind of tastily daring serve mr missed is another coke and sprite no no no it mr misty is a one of their drinks which i have a bunch of slashed ice like an eye like us less ice like an ice right an icy kind so they all have a while check it out i will is weird they won't with that shit feel so do us when we first eat it so bad for your body we read like a slushy you just sugar sirop with its blue
for some fuckin reason like you needed to be blue to have that extra special kicking you wanna visual take as well as i a taste but take it doesn't it anything in nature that is another reason why sir be shit that's another reason got an asshole you like you just love it it's nature's horrible stuff you made us our bodies react so well to it you had so weird it's not supposed to be there the way it supposed to be is fruit supposed to be processed in its natural form by the body if you eat it you chew it not broken down to some high corn sirop shit indeed aware you bonica use like black is this this i'm thinking there's some minerals and this must be like you know what you're bodied taser an orange than orange taste delicious because it's really good for it was one of his itself is not a natural thing we have created should the tastes really good but is not really good for you wicked and even exist in nature would read me about me right red meets awesome uncle i want that
what other more bearable for evil the fat and stuff no no no no no no you know it's terrible eating red meat no not exercising when you read mean the exercise is not bad especially viewed eating good me like organic me hopefully grass fed in almost fully if you get me for real that face both till it maladies urban and now serve it anywhere man even if you go to a nice place it's really good butcher shop the nice stakes and one's well marveling or the grain fed ones what's it why it let us greatly one of the changed our meat to produce it makes you are not regarded as fuck that's what it does see they're not supposed to be eating grain cows in the wily grass they rome round the grass but when we pen them up we forced empty corn cause it makes them fatter and that fat or make some more the wishes i just why a rabbi is the shit son
also when you get a rabbi if you know what the fuck you're doing you get that lump charcoal lay that shit down you don't use too much lighter food just a touch just enough to get the paper light under the one of those things those that they like chimneys little fireplace chimneys you play i didn't really got one of those that a sheer go on so fast its awesome twenty minutes you have full white hot coals you dump that shit out make sure you're the right distance between the grill and the flame time that should correct we trial and error get it right that jimmy's great it let's all the goals at once rabbis for after binding saying it's like twenty five bucks aside thing or are you just about all these how calls and cows we're not supposed to taste as good as a rabbi we fuck them to make things that good because it all that fat in it when you cook it and all that fat mixes with other meat god damn it's delicious and supposed that delicious i get grass fed revised man and they're not nearly as delicious knocker meanness
data different sort of a thing you get a sort of a bit of satisfaction knowing that this animal lived a natural healthy life and i think that the right way to do it and i think if i had to choose between haven't delicious stakes are having pretty fucking delicious states but not as delicious but i'll have to think about this animal being forced to eat something unnatural our go that way so i buy grass fed just to have a clear conscience when it comes to how my animals are murdered hydrothermal treated before their murdered yet these sounds were they re read it all that it sounds ridiculous and hypocritical but i dare not prefer that they be grasped but god damn it tastes autumn when or not but what of these grass fed ones are just like fucking like the farmers are just completely assholes till they get slanted all day long whether the battle and i like this can cause it's more difficult to grasp feed him so i always go think did then that would be the case if more costly your yields aren't as big i mean those hippies problem
don't get laid the deprived fucking all these cows are you hurt your private eating cows and have been fucked in the ass by hippy vegetate the innovations and if i can get out there with their agreements already works this probably someone who's fucked a cow right for sure yes you ve seen those videos from the on the internet about the colombian problem like this one in the mountains the fact donkeys we see investing everything got round of elastic its ineradicable do you have to have had do that to make it a problem it is a lie a lot of them are doing they had those guys from mom would it what is that what website again shit vice squad vice timidity vice ten fuck vice guides track guy skydrive let's go to travel there would have been start tv is there any way these guys are awesome when they do all these fuckin crazy documentaries about going all these really different factor notation
and i fucking dog is yeah we're gonna colombia it is normal for kids to first test out sex on donkeys in this town before they have families that we all knew about yeah yeah yeah he's fucking a donkey now you know he's getting in the way they interviewed these kids going yeah it's illegal it's so sorry like a push you measure whose all its role and that we are really brilliant scarcely together that totally unease right colombians going what we're not gagging donkeys did would have deep vps tv the whole thing was like owned by the green yet the onion or tie that and this is all bullshit deserve payment even if they are just what they ve uncovered that really is real cbs on tv is brilliant man those vice as to travel the one on liberia changed the way i look at the world man it is terrifying stuff and they lived on a bunch of brilliant one man's the guy's going to the jungle and do and i was glad that guy's gonna liberia this guy's gonna north korea there really what what it's like in those years i fucking skin
she would have authority dorani are the real story they go to thailand and hang out with lady boys causing hang around this hotel room with a bunch of lady boys like the way for lunch and climbed into a tub this bad mother fucker i wish i knew his name i'm pissed now that i don't know his name but this bad mother fucker climbed into a tub with a bunch of lady boys days afraid even give a fuck eleven i need to find you're not an all internet so yeah well yes boss is enough to pay for those jobs things yeah wow that's amazing i gotta know who pays for it by it was fuckin increase it just goes in what i really just goes different places and it says yeah bucket granddaughter like guys i watch we're circuit last night and short sighted to one member that moving eighties about a robot there's like an janni i'm gave me in play and it takes a book any reads through like really fastening goes next book
i feel that donor my mind itself myself was as you did it is isn't it whole areas like there's one point we goes out the cities like looking at all this shit negus look at all this inputs megabytes if in pulling here's the funniest heart here's the funniest part of the indian guy yes i do that's got american white person i know that helping fisher i now that's how much indians were marked in like eighty five yet what do that longo all the judge only jokes were just that he had an accident in which really creepy if you watch short circuit too is that it's one of those movies we're like the main characters are even in it you know i've been getting a direct farming in a secret and so that they is hard and they filmed in toronto but the whole movie look like it was a neat whispers be new york city so was like all ray skies and really small buildings and then there's like guy wearing a new york had also how it was like to fake is looking new york times at work and yet it was a larry's by i
outdated as far as i know how much they need to redo that movie but make make it operated and make like michael bay or submit attached to it making transformer magazine that had some funny shit in both the transfers is really a movie or goes some people find a guy's name i'm i'm on the website i just wanna keep looking into the bank i don't know what the fuck you guys about four have you never saw circus and i totally to now is trying to find these dudes name can be such a bad motherfucker i apologise to you tat i will find out like google in the middle of a partisans very distracting but i just did it just because this guy such a bad motherfucker i wanted to give him
is properly what does avatar with getting me some of those gummy bears back oh you die it's already armies diet is hilarious zone bad advice then show how possible it's not fair i can eat shops salad with my fork dipping in ranch the other day and unlike hesiod gummy there have other people were aggressive about you not eating certain things when you know and people who get actually anger if you're eating shitty food like oh my god you even know what's in that very hot dog or something and then fuck with yeah yeah yeah could people dying all over constantly from these hot dogs he's crazy cancer causing relax a little the devil's good formation beating him all the time but if you want to eat em you can appreciate her you must not a lot of shit hooker
you must not allow shit you can just be all vegetables and this at a certain time will you have to say fuck it and go old school and get a dirty water hot dog on the corner in new york city and i'm gonna moist bond and they slap some sauerkraut on a bench in some brown mustard asher zahm you not know this do this dude is probably a fuckin terrorist just take a lot of vitamin c is probably like a scam is what we got this thing open but there's some of them are really collections are the terrorists there really nice guys is one guys that falafel thing near while we're someone has his office member we women are no junior gap damn right near where they are god he's got some good food package over in the heart of the bananas legitimately remembering right here and you can't tell me you go fuck yourself monsieur on the morning and you know we would get done
doing been playin poor relation here and i'm eaten and stupid shut your mouth archives of events in the morning but i'm gonna be fine ok i've got good constitution come from peasant genes i can eat this hot dog juke if you get killed by a hot dog you're a fucking pussy among neighbours was the morning but i'll be fine i just that would only make they would have hot dogs you goodbye costs a little more and we're only made with douche bag cows show you videos here these are being decorate here look at him he's a tap on the baby cow what a fucking asshole stealing the food from everybody not somebody other way but will you pissed on little baby can't you see that fuck this cow now here he is serious in strip loin have your urea by you have rightly rather of buying back just some coffee more cap have you can prove it he can document from the moment they get shot at the moment is on your play i can fuck you cow if you they have the egg involved involving this let's go with
pay twenty five percent more if i know that my cause a douche bag feel slightly better then again you gotta think why would you do spagna he's living in a prison system ok it's courses he's back out he's been unfairly treated out does not read an art can argue that desire yes please what why out the other council respects they are they just too stupid to acta there's not disguise the fuckin methods that india jones he's the neo in the matrix he's rallies against the system he's not a douche bag where the douche bag how about that are now really magna boxing two o clock in the morning or feeding the beast your imprisoning these port
ours is a crazy lady onstage last night shorter badges of nice so let's not say what club because we know anybody stop doing that could push but afterwards these two girls one comic australia friend they will try to help the girl get outta hospital and it was like she's like i just can't and thus creating a should look down every vice i just can't look out cares i have to get our some help but the guts to throw it out i dont care so i won't can only help and if you just yet it's better than what you're doing just laughing at taking pictures does it you're better than me for something pictures i was laughing mail but i just don't give a fuck this thousands of people across the city is unfortunate but some of them is funny especially in the rice state of mind you know especially if you can prove and the deliberate we're trying to get our stage and took out a wet nap both put an upside up inside of a region of woe the good for example there about not a big if i care for you that's like put it in your mouth
taking a wet now been putting it in your mouth right doesn't that your body absorb all chemical she put in her mouth after that either way you away down the beach is toxic the circulating her own toxicity virginal to mouth and a big tornado of herpes and aids so i thought we met moist white boy do something like that that's wiles its tail the area on the shore yes ma am sorry for years lastly i just remember that if i was really reach out by the gold plated sort circuit shorter sort it out i don't have an i wanted and yet you are talking about what a short term five johnny but i came to life member nigh ease odds that bullet steve your mama arrogant through that instead of a forty year i was fighting for survival was guy to feed myself and exporting older this veritable yeah now racist really
circuit is raising oh yeah about erase at the fact that he has an actor i know but it's not but an indian guided doing it's it's white either they darken up he was i know that this woman at that one part of number to go hey so where's your factory where do you live you got oh i live in my van and it looks like a suicide bomber van right in front of the village shit it's is steve newton berea bert remember that go i'm alive gutenberg is strange tat of his story before i've told this story about when phil harm and on what happened it was very strange steve gutenberg dressed up in a suit and went to fill hartman's house and stood in front of the house and actors it is even he was an artist representative to the media and that he was asking to please treat this with spect and was so clear
they ve got exactly it's just it seem like he was doing it to become relevant like people fao people felt like it was a move it was really weird man i thought about it i'm like look man i think a lot of actors border on the brink of losing their funds mine all the time they're just a heap in it together but ass they get older their grip on together much like miss gibson mean murkison didn't just you think he just became crazy he had to be crazy when he was young too he was just keep in it together he was just keep an eye on you allow yourself is no it tells you know everything just gets worse and worse works way worse it becomes what you could come come currently lose track of what the fuck you are if you become some kind of a king like superstar miss gibson type care i mean no gibson made some on the amount of money on their fuckin religious movie summons any builders thought it was a black gotten karate not a new thing it's like if you're
a resounding yes it was a great yeah you get completely lose a grip too i think a lot of actors though in particular because acting as occupying and its related to age it's gonna go away yet especially if you wanna be that megan fox i can't get a couple years that hooker good luck that's a grind and the girl the few girls that of cameroon diaz is that make it like decades later while more power to you you know she's obviously a bad ass bitch she's obviously a bad ass bitch she's able to pull that off but there are a lot of that is a short riotous through the first line of work when the girl monopoly that man the whole idea of auditioning it's also bizarre that one of the weirdest things about acting is that to get a role
are you act you have to prove you can act in a situation that way more stressful and bizarre round your actual job too little demeaning it'll look like after why aren't you have the gig man no the words then it's an easy thing vanishes running over it we ve you been run our lawns together and then you would go into ireland the acting becomes really easy and i'm talking obviously like sitcom acting which zone ship vague it's your character to but i want to say is now a gary old men type you know what's his name from but now what those your milkshake daniel de louis steadily guys auditioning is a different art than one i think they have to do any more now anybody auditioning they louis if you do you someone should kick you and how dare you just that guy's by work if there's any ever an actor whose body of work just speaks forges
due to the fucking wants its that guy to everything he's done man that movie where he played a boxer have you ever wants them i've never watched any danger daniel table is without a doubt the bad s mother fucker who has ever acted for sure he's so fucking good he so good he's is not just a different person but you you buy it hook line and sinker there's never a fake moment watch that movie gangs of new york when he plays that crazy what is it build a butcher play savage guy was finally ample up with meat cleaners dude you buy that shit one thousand percent he plays insane so close to being in saying that makes you nervous like he might lose his fuckin mining kill somebody in a movie because he really falls so far and it was an actor i think about this that guy when he started he had read two pages of something and asylum
with no idea with care desire of oil but the time you're doing in a conference in front of some video camera in some p at your door reading with a p i often i'm in the persons on an actor at all so their words sound so artificial and false they like tell me are you if this is what you really want to do with you this would really when you don't want to do this anymore oh my god acceptance is real this was because yelling at me since well yes i was a grandmother fire and that too is a bad one cochrane everything did that movie where he's a boxers literally that the new office known and i was a long time ago use it played an irish guy who's i went to jail became a boxer in it but what it was like a legit boxer if you watched him in that movie he looked like a real boxer but disguise the play like like mark wahlberg i'm sure he probably really does not a box mean everybody says it does but when you watch in that movie the fighter you this doesn't seem like a real fight to me this seems like a box
movie boxing see it doesn't look real to me where someone daniel did louis and his hands are imperfect position the way gets hit it looks real he's move and correctly he's boxing man is the waste thrown punches its punches exactly the way you're supposed to do it there's no holes in his technique is technical picture perfect which is better than most professional box a lot of boxes have hitches in attacking can get away with roy jones junior was a terrible technique but who so s and its timing was so brilliant you get away with it his hands down below that's why he's going to locked up now because last year fuck them now because he had all these these skills that were based there really reflex based when he was really fast like faster than anybody by far and he was yet these texts was not correct but he was so effective at it that he could get away with that his was so powerful and is
punches we're so fast he caught guys with things that they never saw a common and he was able to do that for the longest time but it was all based on like him being able to cover great distance like real fast and what solely on all that shit went away and then there's lots of open yeah that's what's that happens you it's one other movies with anxiety i really want to see a learning not know did you do it later big big when there will be more or less my nice you haven't seen any these i'm just wondering i have nothing against some of us have let you have to see his mood i loved it will be blood i loved it man i loved it i thought that was be brilliant i thought it was it was intensely he's just he was he so believable you know and what was that i was a complicated guy the guy was all kinds of fucked up the way he took in up and down in rwanda and want of feed you
but you need to see that night in only one is the best one feels able tommy the other way is the argument that we need a better ask reports or public a really good acting saint everyone look that makes me not want to see a movie especially its in subtitles oh you got two yeah yeah oh my god you haven't seen our large von dish dough sit up that dancing on its about everyone portuguese she's matters it's brilliant one is amazing movie amazingly thou art is readily available i won't ballades about performance like a horror of user watch a movie as a comic you appreciate the same stuff just struck perfection in your art someone's johnny man what do you know about leo that checks you loved narrowly borg that will we the holy shit in europe tracy morgan completely off subject ok but you got it trouble again for saying retard but with what he said was part of his act man i know that that he said retarded kids strong like baby tubes it's funny
it's funny share its a part of a carrot but is also now he's also has its limits and yeah but they also have to draw the labour targets deserves better terms than that there needs to be further just parkinson figure out if you must do stand up or if he wants a tv show because he's like we in the right but like he needs the really to say you know what fuck this is my act but if he does that then he loses his tv show you know but it's so you should not to censure himself at all and i know that you have to see what's what tone was what else is going in the room there's something to his act that satirical it satire the seem hundred percent real when he goes way way over the top like that i'm thinking omelette because i know he sang the most ridiculous ship possible when you know when you when he's talking about retorted kim jong but baby troops you know what joint he's trying to make people laugh at how ridiculous years he's let's try and people though this guy sylvia and grace you how does it it wasn't i mean we both home was earlier that look dude
what you say that's fucking funny it is funny it's terrible that pills and have down syndrome is horrible but it doesn't mean it's not funny when someone talks about down syndrome kids we strongly baby chimps says it's kind of funny oversensitive everyone is does needs to children airlock rather than anything it's our right now the earthen as we were colbert heart where you can you not supposed to say retardant look if i were just a i won't say i'm retired mentally handicapped you have different problems like down syndrome and different those different yes different specified the specific ailments that some of these kids have and i appreciate that you can't say that i cant use the word retarded because started does not mean down syndrome retorted means being a retard you're being slow your retard it means slowing down you cannot tell me i can't tell someone so slow fuck you wicked that's retarded well that then i feel there are today that doesnt vigilance i think they were gay there so because coming that used in this way but you not look you
your aunt there is something wrong with them it doesn't mean that it's not a terrible thing there's something wrong but how you can opportunity i you know i gotta think all of us with us but will explain what women's by wouldn't when you talk about a friend oh are guy guys such retort i don't mean you are a kid with down's syndrome i mean you're us behind where you should be gulf go you were retorted you were slowed down that's what it means and if you can cost retard buys hassle when we use the word retarded was to say we were you're retard lose that too i don't think i'm out of that i like how do they know that stake was retarded do you think i will that's just what i think we also use it good we also use it as good like oh my god what other word aachen retarded young it's all about the changes made in isn't funny how you i say retorted as being really showed all the time like abbot for example i remember clearly sank do that really is fucking retarded it's so good
so good it's insane and anne and you know you can't say that you can't use it you can't use it at all like i was so high was harder it's not see there's another i went i told you understand saying that you shouldn't be making fun of in our people who have an ailment but but politely removing a word that doesn't necessarily mean that is not going to cure that ailment the real issue is the fact that there are children who have to suffer with this terrible role of the dice now that is really a horrible thing and we all feel that man i've been around children than of down syndrome like manage his kids in this just state where is never going to be like us ever he's gonna be in the state and its a terrible role of the dice that kid and it's very fortunate but that doesn't mean that when your friend trips and his beer flies and hit some of the head and you ll agree tarred ok it's not it's now that means you
calling him someone would down syndrome and we have to acknowledge that there's a bunch of different when i say you're retarded dude i don't mean that you have down syndrome i remember when when that use those oil spills beer your book you retorted pooh pooh pooh that would go along with it your clearly its it comes from that same place there some of that their yeah you know i used to do their bit noah's ark if you tell the story ass an eight year old retorted boy he's gonna have to go since i probably wouldn't do that bit today when you call your thought it when you call your friends photographers filling a mayor utero allowing them that guy that care i was making fun of religion and making fun of the and ass i tell you some this insane story and you just by it and then if you ask and eight euro retorted kid he's gonna have some questions and that was thing these and change it didn't exit
that's just wait another because their data providers but you don't really my i call my catherine guy but we should stop doing anything bad suit you leo me to make savings on the only attention i think it's funny sounding name we haven't someone called your girlfriend can't balls and ok yeah that would be hilarious my group and i can't buy would laugh in giggle that's ok i don't think you should use the word neglect not just me i say that like a real world baby no longer southward yourself you better stop saying this i'm gonna be on nbc again do you what are you have your factor it announced today bad ass i can talk about it intimate weekly slightly historic yeah i fucking think about a man but also think about the big letters is ultimately
who now is our eyes couldn't i couldn't sit back and watch somebody else do it be bombed out i should on tv and david spade was hosting fear fact live like tenet of kurdish origin hung about now my car shits going down is there any change now i would say that these are any changes to the show at all can do more awesome are awesome because i'm fuckin smarter now i think it's gonna be pretty much the same thing but high definition cameras this total set up three stunts he's gonna be because you're like up we're gonna do aid of em they paid up that we must do it two of them are gonna be two hours so six regular ones now to our are you gonna make an interactive are going to have like a fear factor application with behind the scenes footage sure maybe you should get involved in some of that shit son oh are you gonna do thou give me some money do
behind the scenes ring to it can make an arab makeup app like making out with some people contact me because i talked about this disease apt for big martial arts our camp spoken bad ass and they asked me check it out to check that out and i always try to help that site out it's a really good site in the people run into cool so i put a i put it up on twitter and as people check out my gun and was like god damn i need an arab like this thing is that shit publicly that now i need enough where you got one third lips and his yeah but that's like adjust the podcast rightly and let me tell you my video come up what's with all this stuff is just logs in it everything i want to buy logs all those blog i wrote years and years ago i haven't been able to update us of your body to read that shit on train as number one i guess there's millions of people are not how to do apps now actually have i know a company that that i'll get you in touch with the app company here and i want to do man i should take my old blogs and read them and make mp3 files of em and make it available for down
for sale yes now i gotta give people is important trust me i know we're moving this bitch into a studio we have definitely want to wake we're gonna we're gonna put this place in a studio now we're gonna get some some bad ass space and mail and so the guests don't feel weird about coming to my house and pleasant tired toma daughters to be quite what we're doing the park tat has rude you know they have to hide the high down there were the partners so i'm thinking again summer bad air space so we look legit subsidies are built gets a danger but not as far as us yeah this is tricky and plus we condemn we're serious ring about going harder to be what the other soon have not worked heard available you go the other way nominal which is zuma beach please
come on up your throat i've hour drive you want to leave you to have a bad if i got here today is he can't sleep at the studio along there were five years thanks to listen there's some talk in people in malibu that have of euro seem like those aerial view photos of some of the house is available now as a huge blow johnny carson estate up there and all these just some awesome super superber driver peter liese jai fucking yards in malibu worthy of acres in states it's like there's there must be some of the richest people in the world i or taxes in that area fire targets for sure these lee lost his place a lot of people have written fire targets for sure these lee losses place a lot of people have red hot chile peppers man at danger zone member we lived over there when i lived it across the street from that shit and we are like on the road and makes fiance
like they're telling us we need evacuate the has and unlike just grab my computer like workable let us do i grant recovery that seventy validly he gonna accurate at once and i've been evacuated twice from fought from fires that irish do their insane when you see it coming up the fucking hill and you can't believe that there is an anti control fire within eyesight and there's helicopters were constantly flying over the drop in water on it that things out of control they can't stop this smell it now hollywood twenty thirty miles away you could smell this to ash dude we where we had an episode of fear factor that we shot and we shot it out a place i think it's coldly t han t i'd i forget where it is its weight either way up north rights now our our plus away once you get on we want to send us a year away up there on the way so anyway maybe maybe an hour and a half from the city so may we get there nine o clock in the morning we set up we start filming we had two we got the stunt done but we got
start done barely in time now when i left the fire was in santa claus which over an hour driving by car ok that's when i left my house that's where the fire was when i came back when i was leaving going home the fire was where i was just spreads spray an hour's driving and three or four hours it was going twenty twenty miles an hour probably spreading its rather spreading on trees at us all round and twenty miles now it had to be because if i think about all the all the miles that it covered and covered them in only a couple hours was a really quick stunt like a lot of times we have a stunt and it's not that the deal it only takes a couple hours for the first through last contesting to do and this was one of those because our member we got out nobody so we need to get the fuck out of here you can see it coming over the hill dude sorts driving home buses deserted on our
or one solid our driving home going at a normal pace fifty to sixty miles now not fast no one was driving fast the entire white side from my passenger window out the entire right side of the world is on fire cray how close to the road right there on the road to ruin the road pitch on the road to migrants who asked for on the route yes you can feel that you feel they eat if you're old on the window you could feel the fire ok and you could see ash falling everywhere like it was snowing while we're driving and we're just hoping that somehow another this fire can't get us but it can't get you when you're on the road the only get you is if there's a fire storm with a heavy win and there's literally tornadoes of fires or build a river at cross yeah and they could catch her car on fire and that is possible it is possible that that can happen if there's enough fuel near the road that it catches and runs to its like one of the reasons why i post a clear off the brush like near your house
and around your house so that it does not mean that they probably of rules for the road to silver over an hour were driving and it's like it's like lord of the rings brow member when the fuckin tower came alive and other goblins tina do yeah exactly the i it's insane it's all fire it doesn't seem real it seemed so artificial and everyone was driving around like slack john oh and that's why some guy got hit by a fuckin car i forgot about bizarre looking i've got an idea he died he got hit by a fuckin car he's something happened his corny try to run across the highway and he got nailed you gonna nail yeah yeah yeah us about how to get away from the fire something yeah i don't know the exact specifics of why he was trying to run across the highway but he didn't make it an abode if one of the producers of the show actually saw it happened it was like ro cars ahead he actually saw the guy get here he got his heart had a run across the ass he tried to run across and they'd be known he got fuckin crushed it so tariff
and then so you see this thing where there's cobb ambulances and everything in there in other their tending this guy you're trying to rubberneck and then after you get past that it's just like literally you're waiting for demons on black horses to come rolling over the top of the mountain wow now do it it's insane and stop it you know that shit's going on right now in arizona it's completely out of fires or was it leads to a couple of days ago is complete control map it should send data for the fires other yeah dead yeah why you know what happened i was booked at a theatre out there i forgot the name of the place site alternate between doing the house blues incendiary on this other place which was really cool yeah that's it for them being right that's what it out again that's was called right so anyway why before i was supposed to go down there the fires hits the egg on cynthia flocked saw me people lost their houses so i didn't feel right about just
when you and they are not giving them something not saying hey you know you guys got factor you know i want to send you some appreciation give you some love so i i gave him all the money that i may ass well yeah give it all to the red cross so it's cool so i feel good in our eye on this point well it's like did the show cuz i wanted to do the show not because anybody was you know everybody who paid money they didn't none of that shit went to may not a saint it all went to the red cross so tat it was it was run and so that way that felt like i have like a moral compass when it comes to shit like that and if i feel who on poland money out of this and this is like a place it just get hit with some natural disaster i shouldn't be borne any money out of this area should be given that money right back you know it's i feel like that look these people lost thing at the very least i can lose my salary for a shower here to help now just to say thank you
this important men you have to go on those instinct appear there the study once about giving and the endorsement of releases inside you what do you actually feel happy does the others as you know and after three days is chemically your body enjoys giving some people they say they don't some people say fuck them and provide an amount for me brow and laugh about it like i get that enough with our thinking it but the actual actor doing when you do it helps you somewhere it's not stronger to do that these people to think that stronger in fact fuck everybody out i'm out from me and then it's like this hard asked approach this pragmatic approach to life no one's gonna fuck me over i'm gonna fuck them over fuck you here and there but that that approach is is really the weak persons way out it's real you know yes you gotta run into a lotta a bags in his life and have i help each other that might son engender a lotta made everybody else on the island
their names and i know that now ass an internet settings wow and they made the asian grew to be a dirty war the men are to have an affair on that nice man you put your mind it's ok age over two years he drove or two it was you that it was a poor master i guess today the strategy by morally yet ever younger the beaten guy apples he beat that guy up so that he be it became a bad guy now have you the nine what the nine serene lived there are laura what are you talking about what is it a supplement its yeah it's a duncan turned me onto its aim thing i think its founding a green tea a lot really but uses like you know you take a couple of em and spell it for the votes at home or aids t h e a and i and ii next word is s e r d and e and then with laura
our eco o r a and what is it supposed to do he says it's like a natural relax or like it takes stress away and conduct calms down and stuff like that he's like i took three and i felt like i was like i'm like it in some like that so i bought some and i took for yesterday and it was it was very nice kind of thicket show relaxing kind of we want a joy deals both listen you fuckin mamma you take after joint you shut the fuck up when you can order shit on amazon that i go down a cushman i stepped back i gave a forty dollars we say i am about my business i hears you you know what're you doin what that factor check your buyer amazon dot com it would not have rocked by it would not work on him where's television roundly fought ryan but with what would be the like like if we ever feel irritable or anything like that of that kind of like anxious edge and stuff like that seems to be greatly erudite yeah like some indigo for the gaza had that i had that now yesterday and the right of return yeah dramatic
time for me man like sometimes it does amplifies that sheriff so we like to try this stuff now yet well i were i entered it did you use so totally just took out away way i had an acquaintance i kind of on the edge or today's aims are i'm question so doug goes at three fellow like whenever you like i'm going to reform i did research on it and on the bottom says recommended nos two and unlike warmer did twice the recommended i'm not going on lamp by euro area die off green tea i wouldn't well as you want to try it and see what our languages rugs so low and then move up slowly i did not really a drug right isn't drug now is a good thing we would really came into force explained that then because of its altering your mood it's gonna be a drug that its legal narcotic were wholly basal leaf extract i saw you gonna give come on baby we're gonna die be careful can we mean
acid out three nine i guess his way to supply a revival of the injuries my backyard when you get a mozzarella precis hearts mozzarella like the good stuff specially that barometer stuff right tat you get from italy that real juice mozzarella many have those beefsteak tomatoes and then they put based on it i e the basis to bro because that's how our role given for like a baseline plucked at base a law for set aside the shit out of bays what about that little rendering labour i'm thing savage show great with that little romania like a gorilla that's the green thing that some time they add does our hopes dick but that on the other hand the site what is it that they put on top the orange sometimes yeah or like guinea isolate it also personally now like some like it more just for looks sought deal with the leaves of a deal to seek its green mason sheep diners use it
while she medina do yeah like i'm really violated ludovic by the end of the last rain larry need and we get our judgment we re not forgetting players and you know tat what is that they do not know the word for this is the scorn word is it really is and how you gonna let us green shit not parsley tat sounded harshly shore not sure silly i'm not sure i don't know i was doubtless parsley these ruined shit when you wanted to look pretty ingratitudes parcelling while fancy i think that's more like a like fancy place where we're going like where the havoc that grieving resigned even edible like you're like that's really what is that just should be pursued through its we're with some shit chinese i'll kill you dont know hey you now kills the shit that i make my my my carrying shakes look at others know its case not tail bro calles like a letter stupid idiot cow i'll do it but i guess you could if you went to a vague in places very possible they get sprinkle kalen your food if there really shredded it but it's pretty uncommon
that's not what you think you know it's delicious though man they have like like a dried kale like big they make kale chips these like vague entail chips they're fucking delicious manner so good it's hard to believe that their like sort of like super hippy healthy oh yeah amenities awesome then there's not a lot of banks volume light bags we have a big bag but they dissolve so quick in your mouth it's a big players settled it out pierre as well it is as you eat it like designed with quick but factor delicious man and plus you get it really good about virus why environment shale man a meaning kill you're helping when you kill tales like saying i do yoga gonna kill me kill neo gum in a buddhism version original lot of ale yeah you don't get it structured work is on talking about care what do you mean for lunch tommy i got gale salad
despite this it up a little delicious brow it's got organic cucumbers in this thing like when you start looking up at the end of the month the end of this month yup dams this month july to so or the party rules don't talk don't we cannot demonstrate our show in montreal i don't wanna fuck stores for days all about scientists up that's good because you can make sense of material in that somewhere around or is the turn of the year when i do yours storyteller shy to figure out what material that i had the covers the subjects a little bit of a story fuck around a little bit like this one time that make us nowhere if i should go right in my bed i just feel like a firm in front of him a large audience talking i'm way better when i'm just too
kommeni these your bill bird it last time yeah it also did i ask a store that was from the pot it was but a girl rancid yeah he's larry's man he's a fucking monster he's one of those guys it isn't there's a few of those guys out there that you know i really enjoy going to watch me like an inspirational creative joel superpowers always like that like go see him and in nepal or simony york and gave me like a big jolt want joseph norton want us on nor in austin he gave me a jolt in you guys really good oh man i was fond i want your fuckin right again stage right now it's really excited about its ways filthy obscene recycling and recovery
i ask you need to get back in do don't don't injuries listen i can help you man visible we're gonna do we're gonna get you on a weight lived in programme for good solid six months for withdrawing their doing as equals kettlebells conflict by the yeah because well you know what they're eric or now that i'm in word what steed marshall max i sat maxwell world renowned fitness code she straightened out on a bunch of different shit and how to do things correctly he made like a bunch of little videos from my iphone what he would do more elaborate technique it helps man it helps haven't somebody i studied with the trolls atlas school weightlifting where we can do for you though do is start you have no weight at all i can i can devise really good at it eighteen that's all body weight shit all body weight watch you be amazed at how hard body weight squats are their easy for for three or four and then maybe for ten but when you get to thirty and forty and fifty and you start a hundred and two hundred was you know like i did i is another guy who's the misuse the wrestling champion now
i've heard of w w e wrestling champion he was a contested on fear factor yeah and even backed and he had been on some away he was of areas rally sugar yea sitting alone was young road rules on purpose but what was the reality show you ve given that whatever it was cool area rather rural sunlight made is really cool can guy very very cool guy he s really impressive athlete dude he was the most impressive athlete in the history of fear fact by far they have to do we had a dive underwater you see like you had a like go through all these things and get all these different things like flags and retrieve lounge or to our and no one came close to what he could do he went in in dover under held his breath for like more than two minutes accomplished the whole thing faster than anybody he's a good is a freak athlete and what he would do is body weight squads every he would say that you know when you learn how to wrestle they would have them one of the conditioning things it is like a curl gotcha like this famous wrestling
conditioning guy and he would advocate these body weight squats to their called hindu squat they do five hundred of them day dude you will have true trunk legs and without any waited all you don't have to lift anyway it's just straight pool shops man get you in some serious condition when i was a ship in colorado do like just push us shower sit ups push absent was put yourselves on like a real routine where you gonna do three sets of fifty three sets of fifty pushups three you mean you gonna build up to it but this is gonna be the eventual routine three sets of ff d you know depths three sets of fifteen whatever you do i'm not an ideal heather who sit ourselves yet you probably could but we want to build up to we can really give yourself a couple minutes break it get right back in and try to bang our fifteen if you gotta get on your knees for couple seconds and then dieback interests but finish that fuckin set first that set it to do be an incredible shape you don't have to live weight there's a bunch of guys who advocate just all by
wait exercises and there's a bunch of among the internet i want to see their names i think someone we're crooks but there's some good enough ones you could find some shit on line and in an you know without pain anybody when we least these exercises are as old time you really shouldn't everybody should be totally believe in paying for a trainer but i the total believe as you do in some shit that everybody already should know i gotta do a push up first put that online mass keeping that shit yourself thrives too i guess the pudding over those nazism parts we do that ex exercise at the actions do those rasa please do those i think i didn't want ever the once ever i didn't once when i was fighting has always said that this was an ideal and get wielded shaped by doing this everyday before small scale and to all my set ups and chin absent shops and dry and just check the fuck i notice that mr target morphinism rise like done now time has authorized for the satellite technology i dislike it's not even approach in my mind wanders two things that i have any idea
look we completely lost aetius today eddie told a story about us a boy that he thought was his son and we completely check tough ass the blood guys that i was in algeria has like our view of ozma i was the real story louse very sad and it was like i was almost checked out of it but i think i was just thinking about these guys you set the high knew this story i knew the story already obvious eddies one of my closest people on this planet but yeah i really think that in order to be a guy like getting in order to be like one of these super creative weirdo times you almost half have i got really fuckin completely just jacked life as a child you know i'm be brief all of us that have no that that i know that i hang out with all of us have come from some can bizarre row childhood situation like every single one of us were it's almost like you have to have some shit parents every now and then in a culture to joke
people are the norm as having a definitely will display roundworm he'll come out of those but yeah this people to come out of that and they become super christian a lot of other commandest shitty childhoods and they you no borders on ass disbarred yet if they manage to deal with it are they have a drink every now try to forget it but you know i think boxes and people i think that everyone i know that's really brilliant all my brilliant friends how are your where some fuckin naughty childhood overlooking only unlike billboards like i don't know y know bilbil was violence with his brother and link talks he's got some great stories about and didn't you storyteller show you know he's down had about hunts war that has shaken hands yeah blaze irish in the irish in boston are fucking savages that is just a fact i don't think people can really rap their head around how nutty those fuckin people in and i could see because that's where i grew up and one quarter irish stand at a hundred percent though there like a double negative of site it's hard town sun and you you know you grow up
your your son and who knows what is inos dad was like that these kids were getting away with this behavior and you know who knows what the fuck is happening but it seems like the whole family likes to argue birth such a brilliant comedian does he became amazing at arguing when he was the youngest guy in the smallest guy let it be the quickest wit other do that or basketball players when they refer to the dinner table autocratic food did he told he called told a brilliant story about the first time he beat his brother in a fighter than he felt his brother quit and then to kill them and he was
thirty five thirty was i shouldn't be beating you have my older brother i think now i think it was younger when that happened then there was a fight when he was older we grab onto and held him he said he was notified of was ass brothers trend of final but then his brother got when it because he was a suit whose really flood hysteria he's every five minutes fifties exit is no would round tools in five minutes said their holy knee and breathing drivers is five minutes in our look man look how brilliant billboard billboards you gotta you also have to go through something to be that guy you now to be there a few comments i know that a hang out with parents it altogether sort of life were my mom and my stepped out are actually very happy and they ve been happy since i was seven years old it's real weird all my damage shit came from my real father an hour before yourself yeah before was seven that's all the damaging share my father's my real father was crazy he was like a psychotic person marilla yet it was
maybe the fucker you agree that have become one would have thought cattle michael has and really he beat my cousin he pick my cousin by his hair drugs are doing at her oh no no no my cousin and done something he had hurts but he was playing hard and heard somebody and he was a bigger katy was like sixteen and my dad picked him up it's fucking hair i'll never forget threw him and he was a big guy big scary crazy cop from new jersey so that was all my shit from when i was like real young i got the sea i gotta see worst case scenario someone who just can't keep it together smacks women shit out of kids a beat the shit out of them so i got to see that really early but then my dad i stepped adds a hippie i stepped out computer low grammar computer programmer and he was an architect who went to school for architecture after you stop doing computer programming that's what we lived in san francisco for them now you're launch air at your too well in a negative way but it's like your dad's a weirdo hippy like tebow's raise glass lesbians and all that people
finally we want skulks my dad had long hair varela god yes my stepped out his hair would go down was asked and i still wasn't accepting hymns us as a father because i was a little snobs i was seven years old and my dad was my real dad and might ruled that was this bad ass guy and not have little is known about and it was it was stupid care because my father like wanted me to be like him so he would do shit like one time i had a fight with my cousin cause i like godzilla he can com this is why i decided instead of very great yes i like to call if you i got so any wouldn't stop saying the gods would fucking car so it turned into a fight from happening you gives a riddle they didn't fuck you you god i guess we'll have the next thing over those of it broken up by someone's mom and then you know my my dad pull me aside and just pull me in a room shut the door on every that's because i was five years old and he now and very few things that i remember about him one of my remember what the dresser look like i remember what the flag and the sheets look like on the bed and he goes what happened and i said
you could not lie to him there was ill does no law to seek out the sounds like the beginning of a ripe story tat could convey that line or aid i would have a nine rape what happened and i said to me and my gonna fight what happened i go we were talking about king kong versus godzilla and i know i liked one he like the other we got to fight you didn't cry did you i don't know i didn't cry it goes don't ever cry that was a part of me and i had he walked out didn't give a fuck that also fight we just want to make sure there was no crime bitches that is a strength it was this house right advice for a five year allows pledging everybody after that you can punched some shit the green light i get the green light to punches laws that are circulating dry it was so stupid only the worst way of raising a child ever especially boys the worsening can ever do to boys is encouraged havana lungs oh my god it's worse than you can ever do my friend has a boy and
it's really fast i wash this little guy grow up and he sighs like two now and his personality is fuckin areas because he's like a little bad ass you know any things and pushes things around and its naturally in him he picks sticks up and wax among things like that's what you want to does is to he's fucking too met by le breed and when he gets older that kid habit dad like my dad who is like you know you know this is fuckin hold your hands up if someone gives you any shit he hit him with the job is that we do not see the right he had got a thing for you teach me to fuck people perceive eyes like our aisy just if you ignore police go away my dad wanted me he was a chronic ass he wanted a meter role and karate too when i got older but there is no cried classes for four year olds so i had to wait it out and he would like chauvinism shit
you are trying to gaza report your watch beat up on his wheel i would watch in big eyes out but this bar he owned a bar and i was five and i got to hang out at the bar with a phone i was five when i was five i would sit there and i would put money in the june box there would let me put money in the jew box and every now and then and watch and beat the fuck out of some i was five i was are all my memories of my father zaga from that too other dude whose like super nice and he smokes pot really smart he's a mathematical geniuses programmer and he decides a computer program is not artistically satisfies and wants to go to school annie my mom any measure and we move across the country now son i have this new dad envisages hippy guy and you know and he was only twenty four years old oh yeah so you know my mom was like thirty not even know my mom was even thirty was i was seven so my mama's yeah
twenty seven or something like that or twenty eight she having lunch with like twenty twenty one so everybody was very young and no one knew what the fuck is going on and then all sudden i'm living with this hippy guy in san francisco around a bunch of gay people no that's when i went from an already them right out of the seven so i went from living around italian new jersey psychopaths to all the sudden i'm in san francisco and it's all like peace love it's a seventh ass man is the seventies everybody i know and i am in really man no legal area over it all now know i was pretty i was pretty humbled shy you no real nervous and i didn't have a father anymore or sudden any wasn't contact me anymore salsa like out here with a fork is life you know what am i do and i was very insecure and that's when i really got into drawing from then from like seven until like to high school to my high school our teacher was a douche bag killed dreams got up today
from seven on that was just doing art constantly constantly drawing that was like my my outlet my high school people you so it's how you look at that should really be good at artificial pick the bigger rebate is never that you could do anything do you you anything you know if you're it's the meal motto massaging quota railways those talk about and she become once you know the way broadly you can see it in all things once you i'm really good at something you figure something out like you figured out stand up you figured out a way to construct a bit you think that go in there and just kill in front of a group is enjoying elderly smith figured out tat you can do anything man you just need to have love and passion for it doesn't mean you could do anything that socks you know you might not want to you is a part of like being good at anything is being said it about it
and he's shock and he's premises writing now and i'm trying to relax the coms or scripts and it's like it's tough breed understands is like i'm gonna write a few that aren't gonna be good so that they will then get good that's the path yeah two makes good idea you gotta suffer you now to get good in anything sucks man you know i just started you get to again because my i took like two months off my camp re entering this part of my back over and over again our getting cold laser therapy on it and i want to do tissue massage gets in by dude was as first time ever again by dude once back when i was fighting i was right way why don't you just tap our right they're not gonna because this guy is an expert in and it's called i'll tell you what it's called shit it's nor i would want regular louder declaration as a euro must re education has a specific type of stretching and
in addition this at the same time that was developed by these people who are strengthened fitness trains guy was the former head strength and fitness code for produce university zella ghali's cutting edge techniques and it hurts like fuckin shit like it's not like to go and get massage you go to a chiropractors office in i hate us like i phobia keeps us getting on bananas with stronger nastier this guideline is clearly not gay i'm not trying to get but do we oughta zeal we're dude who breaks me down is like he's like two sixty he's a fucking brayley he's like six three why those fifty do looks look you beat the fuck out of here he's like fifty years always giant hands these giant arms you need to do like sounds k as fuck somebody please do not make this an animated little clip and put her on the me too i'm getting a boner guy and should we do share actual act he can do shit or those other thailand women can't do man he can't hurt you do and the brakes all your scarred tissue up and that is the key
when as i understand it when you actually do any activity any any physical straining exercise when you're sore its lacked a gas it and it's also muscle tears little little tiny muscle tears and that's what makes us stronger you muscles have little little tears and the heel up anyway i'm stronger that so both in the process of doing that's been explained to me you develop scar tissue in there and you have to break it up in order to get full movement of the muscles of you don't it results in injuries and when you exercise a lot but you don't get your scar tissue broken down above you are more likely to suffer under injuries from being tight induration being locked up and i was having that and tourists gone and i gave in and sergeant massaged by do this is the reason why i am not going to go back to digital now i'd like to talk about this i enjoy jets humanity's gypsy ago what i'm doing you did so i don't think about shit i just think i try to do that when i'm playing pool but when i'm playing pool it's up to me
plan pool it's up to mean a zone out and and focus on a thing but when you do and you just so you have no choice man i just don't like the risk of me limping now there for a knowledge me will endure i'm not worried about it man i know a lot of people eyes of yours that i know a lot of people into it you can get her it is possible but if you roll with smart people and you you roll intelligently you don't try to use too much physical strength in willet app you're in a bad situation you not really endangerment as long as you're wrong with friends you know i'm even society i was very fond of last year the last time i hurt somebody was an accident it acts in a guy was passengers guard in something popped on his leg you try to post up in his life ligament came out of it here pop i felt tat but it was nothing i did it was part of rolling justly try to get inter rare it was on my back and like my foot was down and it just he was heavy you didn't jump me rather use and then just bungled over my yeah
stop immediately but would like it up injuries but you know what i think there's so much benefit in doing me at least everybody different brian i don't i really believe him when he says he doesn't need it because everybody at their own physical requires better let me guess not just that its physical requirements like something but they have to blow off steam orono something like an indoor intense people may have to block that steam and if they don't blow off that's team in the gym leak out into everyday life and make them unreasonable then though blow up about things that don't make sense like they get mad thinks there's only one thing to get mad at something that doesn't make sense yes some extra attention angry so out of tat asleep paying you are approaching this situation you're already at a five before you walk into the door is first irritability goes so this person comes out you with a two what should they like really instead it is a shame floated shoe would you owe to really you what you raging against your own shit life raging against but everybody else gets caught in a fucking crossfire
we talk about them is unmasked interview with a family it was like when he break you to some extent because he needed a fucking rattle of creating but if your own i could do that every morning get used to write great blocks to man norton some hilarious blog entries but he stopped that also when he was doing ona all the time cuz he feels like creatively fulfilled let me know what that's an important thing about being creative man you don't want to work too hard and sounds ridiculous but there's a certain of time we should be dedicating to having fun laws gal building up new members yarn about in any now imagine living eliza and you know and you can we spend a certain amount of time you know workin on anything that you know is is create venture and we don't like radio shown you doing for five hours and then you do and stand up at night ready she didn't have much downtime in the middle there you know in a gallop norton it's probably way better for his happiness to just chill out and those hours i'm sure it's not shown eyes get hookers and doing some
dirty nine more more lily if i'd like a spot of the sort of like a late spot and i'm doing something following them on a par you're something like i should be here i'll get more creatively yang here that i will just rehearsing from eight people in support of your job a part of me mother reasons why moves colorado absolutely true was like i am again some fucking material this for and i did and now at a cost sacrifice no matter what i mean i think about that all the time i got put myself that's why i wanted to meet some those fairies that's why i'm in about a week ago i went to a fairy convention furry based on merit and my old buzz about those areas get a flying around all the time given me advice they get it besides from them fair is not another comfort is closely linked to how dare you how dare you sir don't put those doubts in my mind what the fuck we're disarmament
greece forever you didn't you see in the shining that one scene that somebody else that i remember my room at the first very i don't know maybe furry something that existed like forever the sun was light like links average early eighties sunlight and somebody me a photo already around and i'm from new abundantly forgot about that we send somebody sent me a photo of unless you like this free people at night in words like seven of them and they looked like scary it was in cleveland was in cincinnati either as commerce but yeah commas yeah that's where wherever it is i heard about i didn't see the photo though is a crazy adds weirdo was it what was gaunt what we were talking about his yes or in the park ass so if people have already heard this others gimme the brief version of it there's a thing called being a fairy and i know however that are sexually tracked it you know that there was a convention in pittsburgh last week so what are they doing there was that of the host state
will they somebody's gave anybody sent me a photo of them just across the street out just hang on going and out like note we haven't been columbus ohio to and they ll hang out on the streets and stuff together it's kind of like like a gang of mascots stuff diana so we're dude and you don't know what you can't read them at all it's all sexual yeah well sexual rights also just fantasy you know they'll get together and they actually play like dungeons dragons and shit like this like the recreating like that like whatever jobs no no the errors that like what sort of way out in every area yeah i wrote a blog entry about that too about going to the renaissance fair and seen how fuckin strange it was and there was a one particular thing that was really strange most of the people the kind of admirable because most people stayed in character most of the down arrow
stand here and pound your chest at the world you know i wish i wasn't too cool but i just couldn't bring us up the programme go full out while it probably a good test of your ability to act in our because if you could go there and just throw yourself into it like really bees and about being one of those guys i thought we probably good exercise virgin crazy person here why to act but when were there one of the things was fascinate was most people in character but this one lady man there's one way you could tell she's only in the renaissance fair because he's like she needs to be some sort of arab it's like machine there's no play being i'll be down the restaurants where so this this woman was sitting there in the woman was all in character and shit in this other lady was talking to her about her problems but she was talking to in normal terms she's like so now my
has to figure out which prescription to tag and another one doktor she's only one landed do it says that one lady the doom and gloom and the other woman want more crack chagos i does my lady mean by prescription sort of never heard before and so she starts in our fuckin whether while this chick is trying to come wayne to how to react what you say and while she followed her and then they walked away and i didn't want to follow them and b that obvious listening on the conversation but it was obvious at once it has been a little county and she's bring her boring shit into this nino beautiful and of make believe an opportunity i'm a maiden here and you talk to me about me now you're you're we met your husband mike's prescriptions you do the following i do lady in others not the time for this maybe afterwards gonna go have a drink a cigarette in europe don't talk to me about you like that's cool but right now in all the goddamn maiden that worker renaissance verse they're all fuckin other just get together bang i thought we will want to countries where the brain improv always quick for those two
these whether here alone there are asking waits for two weeks ago hang out with them ass well ass in tat is you go the lives and works there every year and am i think you like is our fuck no that's all that's going on see that's it you wanted somebody seven o clock you can do that when you have kids linger restaurants where fuck that shit on everybody the camp out when you re totally single fact know you have a girlfriend gonna transference clean up snark another ballpark edge is this must have orgies they had orgies back that now let's go of renaissance times put that fucking of one away was annabel runaway complete this train you have to worry about like getting on the internet but it's like sticking to the code is occur it must be so easy a whore back then is why is bang all kinds dude
when i went back then those pictures mac then you would have sex with your cousins and sisters to provided they just fuck you have any money i don't think i was a bad thing really needs a wooden leg you think that incest becomes about that was our could christians the rosales how common is as animal world its common with dogs why that is zero incest incest in the animal world yeah the animal world pretty common right there there there could have been set for sure that i ask this area they don't know about it obeying their sisters you leave them alone under bite whisker yeah yeah we have simply been or will they stay away from their own exact siblings like the governor alone are not our work so much of or not i think that's one of the things they say about certain labrador retrievers that their inbred you know that they say about a bad genetic was i mean it they say then that means most them than don't do that or wouldn't do that thing must have
most of em don't but there are few would in the puppy mills and stuff like i'm not i'm talking to my ass and on what the hell's an oversight or hawaiian wants but it's like that don't never nowadays nature yeah hasn't wonder could it yeah sure but is there a place where there's lions and tigers is your place zeus together yeah zulus recycling tigers are asia you know in africa is where the lions are right variant hydrastis array yes siberia is not can i like asia issue is europe what is it where europe and asia minor with a russia my geography such afghanistan what is where you fuck up that's fine when we were kids we forgot this area siberia that what we have here is the worst placing gets hit all hold knows no clothes or anything you don't fucked up son you gonna go to cite mri my head around how people how to die out
i remember when rotten was training in siberia to prove how bad ass fetnah lifting with that's always train lifting we're dire though he was running out and the snow was doing any boxing valley motivation with a picture of drug was going completely old school rowan lives in the snow and running up hill and snarl hearted another the crowds are chanting as names acting or from the home tat now really brilliant fell awesomeness awesome business purist american rhetorically owed coiled apollo creed ok that's a perfect example that movies retarded ok ok i like the new weighting of the word that's what it is man you know look we should be mean to people for sure you shouldn't make words off use when they have a bunch of different uses i think it s different naturally but has done come from making a lot of other fingered hearted right but honestly it's worse i dont want to be retorted i would find being to which a shorter taller but i definitely want to be your target it's worse for yeah you make a comparison of that
that's a bad yet what you shouldn't do is like make fun of them things about them but to use the word laughed at them and stop that i guess it all yours standing next to somewhat here's the argument that a guess your stand next to someone and furthermore outer syndrome kid wouldn't be on the farm god do you be in such a retard you wouldn't say that because you would feel bad that that be these people could hear that some arguments as fuckin shit the bad my argument it seems that about now you re you're right you shouldn't but that's stupid you should definitely make sure there's no disabled today that i ran about retard takes away the idea that we have to call them retort when done their work you know tom cigarettes had real problems with that bit that he does about agents real novels i people are matter they don't say yeah people don't wanna say that no one and they certainly don't wanna making fundamental rights and so funny
the thrust of my very money both i get you anything care about your midgets but that's the bit the airs and you know people have come to his shows and then by crying and yelled really of the son that you now has you know it's redeeming yelling about just leave which we greece is that family guy gets away with it every we do they really the every week they got they they had done everything together sometimes i think i never hear about family guy getting in trouble is able to have their target character aren't they got a little too has is tracing and organise their molesting shrapnel lever remember tracy miller gonna most in trouble you can remember and of a celebrity or celebrity or commodore melt gibson was yeah well gives one murder obviously oda and choice she yeah it's like those bigger ones about but like little thing the answer is that the kind of on going hungry madam you trouble for what he said i'm gonna go now the faggot and one backed out of it really i wonder how he did it i kind of active hurry away he back whose him hardware basle player whether you tap the attempts to step right
it was really good and you play for the heat i thank and about what a neighbour interviewing this late eightys i think maybe night is but anyway and they were like you know what do you think about them i be gay mba players and i was like a big thing right and i got a lot of ampler them i let up i don't like them i don't want gazed around me element in a locker room and the like the guy was heard rumors giving mechanic i'll get you know has quoted here so china i mean you got islamic you know like eyes oh no i do like homosexuals woe it was really about he never did another endorsement ever it wouldn't you gone after that i should say but like he was ever ever ever ever everyone's comfort now anyway that alone maybe i'm in trouble for yeah things have changed boy i say that's it's gotta be a good thing even if i don't believe in some of it i think tat in his right leg idea behind it is like about the gig merely because whenever someone says that what they do
they give a donation and be a spokesman now they don't hold the cid against you'd like it's ok you fucked up but one you how many more public and you're gonna help you can use celebrity tell kids feel normalized well you know i mean like that's always and i'll do it it's always a good thing but you know when we get back to their trees morgan thing it seems like people everyone's matt attrition morgan now because they can get away with it yes they will apply as pocket so bad terrible about this i really hate it brian wholesome has issued a thousand times worse tracy morgan but nobody brian hold out nobody knows i'm happens once i've just got at its context an audience enact i was doing something about using edward razzle jews with the original niggers wherever but i want to use it as it and the guy does a jovial black eyed the audience like fun and niggers nigger yes in nagoya with an air of their own so no matter what then it's ok to go to school and i say so the gym niggers
oliver money from the government you niggers i don't wanna go dating my daughter and he dying laughing we were all ok but if you put that on paper taken out of context its thousand seems so much worse yeah there's a button pushing thing that you do on stage where you say the share that somebody thinks but would never say and you now saying can you believe in and say that is a ridiculous i say an addict both like lucy has a bit i think about hitting is kid in punch you in the fucking fatal like i believe that's align somebody go to that in a message board recently in a targeted way somewhere going you shouldn't advocate child beating there were comparing the satire of him saying that to what treaty morgan said it is obvious that they are not really mean that he sang it because it's ridiculous thing to say and that's funded do you can't hold a comic hostage
or hold them accountable for the meaning of something that said in a stand up comic way as if it was their actual true thought because if you do that you restricting that kind of outrageous comedy that i think is really funny brian by the only ones grandpa training a ball eagle to land on his ear hayley we can do that type of comedy though is to have the freedom to say really offensive shit and know that people know what satire but i know that you fucking around you know so if you don't allow garlic tracy morgan to say fucked up shit you kill a whole genre of awesome comedy you know the gym norton genre of comedy like his some of his shit we do here it's really offensive joe lotta people i'm sure but fucking hilarious exodus it sam kennison was coming up and allay now economic he wouldn't get stay right man you why you re already put that guy on to habitats bit about aids ngos cause some facts fatah marquis i gotta we're gonna but
we got a thought of them gay disease yeah i would never never see of never stopped using the word vagabond never gay person why use to describe the fact that i don't use i hated it i'm all right now i just like to hear the crystal how it cracks off your tongue but if you like a hack appears that our own rule we give up leaving things were sixty seven yes hardly around saying so learned sort of gay people unless like lucy says that you never really did anyway kind of really it's another lucy kid but about a serbian faggots are people from faint faint phoenix phoenicians being a faggot fixes a bit about the correct use of the word out look man we all know what the fuck is its content
talk contacts is what matters minutes with we created these hot button oarsmen and their undeniably have power to the undeniable i'd rather have power there's hyper charged you know and i forget all the time i forget all the time i'll say something and i ll see someone get shocked i guess i guess you don't think too i think all of us we dropped and end bomber says yeah i guess it what i've heard that you see a crowd of people turn around i forget it if two guys adopt a kid a little babies at a piglet how dare you what is worse reliance you don't say fabulous would be haglund goggly would be factually but that's right it's oratory regulate is not news offensive if it's a bad provide stress black baby a black gave aiming here
how dare you violence is not a fucking gonna lose my guess we aren't i fear for our global lavishly can look at all of this fuckin goddamn pride but that's rowdy argument money man is an everyday with yeah exactly where we are three people three friends through greater friday sitting around shootin shit how in conversation obviously with no malice towards anyone yet allowed the shit we said today especially be taken out of context like that hold the thing that you did about nigger than they do to someone took that eta contacts with little table and i wouldn't know those herbal the water so as to be who would have to go back and get the raw video and additives that you'll do to bring here's the contacts i work i think i'm a quarter to their also like not sought the what exact quote the court they put out there was if i had a gay baby i would take out a knife and stabbed to death but he said them like way different vat rates
yeah i can't i wish i knew it was that what context of it though is that the day after the guy wrote when he left the show got mad facebook and start getting everything up and also the first summit gazprom poverty without a video consistency is a video of it has not yet it's kind of a nursing home having a video one person did not feel man thousands bergopzoom yeah perhaps but there s officers they already said riots have moral that's true yet unless the gable we thought it was a possibly bullshit though it's like maybe these offices were decades maybe they just being an ass they don't like him for whatever reason so they put but then we went on that country's apologize and that another time that crazy rancid internet chicks answer shameless answer at worst real and outweighs like no one's ever in a year and that was that was intense man that was some intense shit it's will you see that and you realize you you wanna bet
star so girls like all galleys girls no stop drive me crazy and it never gets any better well it's because you would you look nothing you will be changed things else what you get its yet we would you put out there that's exactly what you're gonna get back you know if in especially with him i think no gibsons got something wrong in his brain that's what i think and i think there's there's a there's a pathology there an issue there is an imbalance it doesn't seem to be just ass simple ass he believes wacky shit like his dad doesn't believe in the holocaust is not as simple as that there's a programming situate uses item yeah there's a chemical situation is something wrong he's crazy person you know which is why that fuckin beaver movie was so bizarre there's about iran's right lair yeah i mean what a crazy for idea for movie and imagined talking people into making this moving then this motherfucker goes crazy right before the movie got released sort of perfect for not
there is nobody wanted to make an eminent over that unlike him anymore if he were done with male gibbs that's seconds can strike the like it's what does mistake man now my eyes are on your doing when when people talk about like knowing somebody in one of the beautiful things about this podcast is that this is of some kind of a format you and i were talking mothers who are playing pool where you really fleetly get to know so it will have to talk you talkin to three hours a day in us that is who you are that that is who you are but for most there she there shielded from nobody ever seen who they really are and because of that like we're talking about celebrities getting crazing going nuts because they have all his power as almost like that's like the norm it's nothing they never show you who they really are so every calculated interview is carving out this completely artificial idea of who this person is and pull been pulling this off your whole life so probably doesn't even fucking know who is anymore so when he
its alone and he's wishing this fuckin russian bitch was over there below and am she's like you you can over here and blow your dad the real malagasy that's thought that's the heart of the beast and that's why people like do you can't act get your shit together people say well we should not to fires just as it does it he's like a fire people just don't want to go to his movies anymore he's not i want you because he was cool yeah he's not a viable commodity and when he was mad max he was the shit when he was brave heart dude do you remember how powerful that fuckin movies and there was another movie that he directed now gibson that worries argos shit while nels herbs in was this shit son it just goes on its criticism that can be good at an art form brow i got out of that brave heart movie i wanted to grab a sword and joined battle tat movie was credible it was incredible and it up in an era of movies where giant groups of
we will run at other giant to agree to me on a field that we did this theme movie carter the patriot exactly languorous brand or with no says bring here and who did it isn't that enough time period it is asia did we do this aims is this i would like it was like a mannequin american to rethink the same surgeons was manikin american to both of the same woman now differ woman only same hollywood that black eye yeah the gay black eyed i sure selecting was a comic but i was in order that made it yet he may get a but ever reaches a different city american coming to life again and a guy for love and a window dressing it was like what is that others is premise of all time some loser is in store for some reason after dark and managing comes alive does using
boner that's where we sire visually law yes is in love i went out with a bit here last year they they really kissing those do ass you just gotta kiss and it wasn't like realistic just something that happens in a movie man just kissing just kissing happens in movies rabbis happy the dew doesn't date rape that has been collected ever make it work for its leg at work where things like in the movies will had ever reality cause you got that first it's beautiful magical like right leaning millions out you find the going you just kiss for well right after that almost every guy would look at my place yeah but they never had a level because the enough yeah you and see how far you could get a subdued though are careful i know dude who like especially as they get older and they ve been few loony tune relationships all doubt go slow with a check to try to figure out what the fuck's go and i now arising behind that icing some people that can put on an awesome show of being a really special person for a few weeks even in our
danny nice is the greatest person ever but then as get tired of playing their acts more it actually other they order what they wear it restaurant simply put i've right inside bang and all the time then the problem is those bitches are usually really good and the crazier they are never said is that my friend tony's heiresses ass best he said psychotic an erotic or next door neighbours at this the more psychotic that chick is the more radically aren't bent and this mother fucker would purposely date crazy girls just because he would get that should abandon these like incredibly crazy brought i just want a bone it's gotta be first and then i get to know you some fun atlanta eager but what i'm saying is you gotta be careful who you connect with because when you once you start it is actually your little bit you need each other it is a highly now man you need to know you need to be carefully you connect yourself with in your life man it's one of the most important thanks are due to dive into relationships and i have closely as charge because girls our hearts are he doesn't do relationships
aren't you say what you think he but he thinks that that's normal that's what's awareness most most people get into relations bars are no time for those who have sought weapon shut up about their catch hold of my life go it was getting some bad news great when is great but you have to have the right person that you have to really missions is that of yellow haven't desire in asian by now but i gotta tell you if i didn't have children it wouldn't be nearly is appealing whether most appealing things about it is the little babies means little connection that you make with this woman you have this this new life together is a completely different trip but if there's no it is now babies in charge then human animal goes into this and also a mode of fucking all kinds of different things i'm only where europe right now and it s a cholera alone time a lot while yet you're also an artist you know when you need weird time do you have to be on it like a rigid schedule any time to sit down and reflect about things like i think there's an equal part
discipline involved in creating things but then life experience like i think you have to boil something to be able to sit down and write things out and you have to you have to have a work ethic i think it is very important but y'all something fun you know i think that's a part of your job i like have experiences of women elected enjoin i'm really gets an older man like i'm a lot and in fact and it might be different supranational myself off to any those experiences another roman idea till you she starts now kids then little re juniors run around the house and you like oh my god i don't want to fuck this kid up i don't want this kid to be like me that's why he's caught up i don't want my a comic there's something out there is another heinous shore of coarser buckled i know he'll be so weird like one white hair and red eyes nevertheless second white iphone it would look like some look like snow ninja roma and video game emily eyes to the albino some day i have read eyes sounds like something in mortal combat ransom albino asians that live in like
northern area china with red i say could maybe an albino ethical by not represented i know they found domingo bagger they found we done some chinese dude from like some insane amount of thousands of years of an egyptian too the chinese to maybe that's another found weedin egyptian tombs too but they found a chinese guy with we'd stash here like a little bag really found of your old we'd knows that block men are very of the drought people that are trying to exude william shakespeare because a test his body for cannabis is they want to test is to look that really gonna why how important is it to you to prove a point you fuck is a scientist live in a volkswagen is always a very funny like ours to steal opening these bear those line of the day at so true because
you think those teeth are long gone right me when i'm gonna happen correctly they acted the regulators that but that they never got it french medical science is crazy purpose i just got french people watch out for the u s estate william shakespeare fifteen sixty four damn son one thousand five hundred and eighty five and one thousand five hundred and ninety two he began a successful career in london as an actor writer fifteen hundreds so that some shit you get when you go to england that you just can't you fathom here in amerika get it a little bit if you go to boston go on like one of those tours it takes these houses from sixteen hundred like there's a there's a bunch of really old buildings that are
around and especially tombstones there's a bunch of fucking really old tombstones in boston than from the seventeen hundreds and everything is a really it's a trip to look at but this is fifteen hundreds man this guy was out there writing things and then people would perform what he wrote in front of a group of people there's no microphones man here they hear day just talk and romeo and they believe apparently that he was stoner of course he is i think everybody back then noise they tested pipe apparently as this will have read on the internet that date apparently tested shakespeare's pipe and found residue of them our wanna and why do they want us to save you so just as it is doing because it well because what we all know that enhances creativity you now carl sagan wrote a brilliant piece on marijuana and why he uses marijuana and just look up if you want to find out just let you just look up for the people listening at home carl again marijuana
it was a sort of a life along owed to marijuana and that he was a daily cannabis small guerrilla yeah he said that what he had learned from marijuana that there was there were some real lessons that he brought back from that state of consciousness that he could apply i too to other aspects of his life and he could actually learn things that he believed weren't learn about like a word were available to him this thought was not available to him without canada scissahs his his belief in those in our carl sagan a great mine a fascinating person you know a guy who turn so many people aren't cosmology in his his words were so you know that so much of what he i was so appealing that they have taken a lot of it and put it on videos with a show like space and then he'll be like going on soya rant about the the size of the cosmos or some incredible fact another yap there'd be
oh hypnotic so it s like that or you know in people argue that he was in the most brilliant scientists ever and what did he actually compositional science it with any scientist smarter than you yet for four mostly boy yes and on top of that like you can't deny his contribution by getting people excited about astronomy people who i know how many scientists name do i know tat jesus christ you know stephen heinz or you ve gotta menteur butter yeah this is not that many man small amount so he says he couldn't done certain things without you about yahoo is exact quote i would bring it back and that your version of that as the flies grow possible were you aware however that without real it's true i am i believe that this through reasons why all this stuff is around that's what i believe i believe there's reasons why there's you know every different substance that exists on the planet with his reasons coffee beans i believe it is examined everything has been good for your those reasons now she's just this
return before you two examples strychnine businesses these plants that are little kill your emails plants your fuckin dies what are the reasons for letting go system is probably not connected to me man you know but everything that is connected to you should be aware of and when when someone like carl sagan tells you that cannabis connects you to the universe and it makes you look at things in a different light and it makes you you know i'm more sensitive person that makes you more creative and you know it's helped him i think a million different thought it's easy but we will do so blow off for those people so the good over her air would have prevented like ok but think what if a guy was right possibly be a scientist i once heard of will preserve the right people
you get upset at me if i talk about pain too much like to drunk talking about pot like an idiot lay off the pond talk like i am only telling you this because it's of benefit it helps and it's helped me and i think that if you just approach it with discipline it can be spectacular for your life i think that what it can do is it can enhance your life and i really truly believe that but there was nothing as business i dont you love it how people tell you what i know you should not talk about this you should attack by the thick dude we finally don't listen do as you like who's who are you to judge what we talked about how you want to listen to what we're talking about listening but dont think that you have the control of what he had so i get away with his over they have access but it's like if you had a secondary like more newman or less nomads yeah it's like that wasn't reopen radicalism liking something more or less and i can understand your voice near opinion just don't be a douche bag sal that simple luria that you have just more joy ideas
oh you know there's a lot of people to give brian a hard time get you get allow shit on that message board did force and you know people don't free shit you know you and i have a very unusual relationship and i think sometimes people don't appreciate that i there is a reason for everybody and theirs a method to having fun and two to two good times is does it there's a method to keep that ship on track and other methods with our friends is we're all were kind of silly we're all kind of silly and i go off and get dark sometimes and i go off on weird tangier and i go on go on these strange ransom apocalyptic ideas that i take to the fucking the most degree and then brian will bring up some ass spray that he got that he makes people staked a finger in advance the balance is that different styles it's like now i think everything
makes more an ivory we're so like brain so behaving stop being so negative online is theirs things are not going to talk about every fuckin show i can you know look i'm a huge fan of the howard stern show but ever known and achieves a channel it has a study is just the way it goes some of us others park as before but this study they did showed how when you're negative online or whatever you do online leads overdue irregular light yes if you like i guess they have i want no even those me here but that kind of behaviour that actual behaviour that you're doing being mean to someone at so when you're normal you just get a little meaner when you actually see the face to face with your affect the soviets positive online then ineffectual delaware leo you clearly identify yourself with the way you behave and how your behavior affects people even if you only its implied like you know that if you said some check i hope you get watching your caught your fuckin pussy falls out your ass you say there at saint sends a message on twitter to ariadne and say it like that you're
rob nine six two you can save the most fucked up shut hospital i don't think so get away with that for free somewhere back of your mind you're going to know that you're a piece of shit and you got to find yourself by your own actions and you can also think how would i judge if i wasn't me great you're a jerk congratulations it's not hard yahoo that anyone can just yoda serve very easy nets varies so rich being an asshole and we have all done it i have done it i'm not i was for clearly and ass all for a good chunk of my life but that we ve all been there we were we were caught up in our own bullshit and sometimes will take it out another people but doesn't mean you aren't you run fixable so what we are saying is not the people are unfair i know you're minded people online or romania there make a joke about it jack help me i really funny couldn't be shouldn't be something we this easily filling summonses trans take somebody down for now is that what you should have some funny so stupid and if you now funny say stop being cut you know what it was
your issue you hear your creepy man you're you're angry all the time when he got them angry people online appeared as a like at attention is just like china get life in some way you see el when it gets killed by like alliance being held out you're mountain life anything you know like slow start and kicks a few more tangible quick legrand just elastic effort for rubber those people doing that for attention yeah like to close may i mean we need joint venture but just if it doesn't work try some this is definitely a lot about man there's a lot of people being should as for no reason but mind hearing online is obviously very different than most people's because i always post as myself i never and never go on a form with some sort of a fake name but i have thought about doing it but or just how would i be accepted in this community even in my own website a thought like what would i be like vows skippy twelve six in ireland rugen isn't everything i'm jargon and underground opposes jargon
ps i to go to dora now you get a complete honest version of a people horse now arisen nice to me that's a lot of these latter somewhere at some comrade club and some results rather than actually ikea they weren't ass the made some years ago and you're like mother never been anything but nice them yet you're a sellout guy got an idea i wish it were simulations in things like like like life experiences like what you could just stimulate like hey let's make molestation popular in legal why then see how many youtube contacts learn ass i was thinking out let stimulate being a jet fighter pilot flying through the mountain range that's what i would like a when one of these dissimulate incest o er the alleviation comment anger goes up by its gravity thousand percent don't bring that should up and they have a website what i'm saying is that of that it's almost like you you have to remember half these fucking angry people does young kids do it it's like like i get so upset
with people on twitter and message boards and stuff and then i got a lotta oh yeah this kid's probably like twelve years all we probably fuckin got molested by his uncle and he's fucking being angry to everybody and maybe or you know i just mean ass well ass though his mom was a very strong let him get away the lobby was young and always become a big cunt these older in my head it's a molested kid our kids molested gets dick on no other way and so remain to be worth less child by the way the tracing worded things that we say people like really show themselves no gifts like i'm table wherever right that's why sports castors and news castors love twitter yes again an actual feed into the real them yes or the like we're sure cowering this is a real new source right in what is a religious them sermons towards now stories are written about people say things i'm s words to the viewer of celebrity in what you just said would really get you in trouble
in our view were celebrity somebody could call you how i guess that's molested they get digs ha and how you're laughing about kids getting fact i would have photo ops with black babies me kissing black baby staff taking their sovereignty over her mother thinking more robert who said it was because of running back the giants for awhile retired kind of early sports for couple years now is going back to football values training before me this announcement was like big news to his agent was hiding him was like you can stay at my place it was like some nice place where because i got a hiding and why didn't want the media tongue them at all ok and was like for he knew to be way from unfair like so many weeks so was i gotta get special upstairs you take that so he was stuck in attica goes a jew was keeping him there and he goes that would in frank was doing instead of all time in the uk whatever ever was united choose to firstly maybe
it's all over a delegation yes let's making light of frank why it's not making light still hers it example right what's a better example that i'm stuck in a dramatic for two weeks i'm a hostage in the attic show me a better example in good stead of line and you know you said it if you were there you could say it in a hard be aware that israel jew a character acknowledging the cancer shit they couldn't say shit you could totally get away with that you can you got like at least three jus references incorporate but whether anybody even girl you get a cheap one in there you can get you get a bunch of amend their pick on jews because you because you that's of christ then we ve always allow people a nice green light to make fun of their own kind you now it's the most mean shit about italians you're allowed well when i talk about ass my talk about we'll housewives of new jersey i talk about there being savage is that they are just
more running groin thinking a bizarre savage the women are beast women could you imagine if i said that about black people could you imagine i said what i said about my own people if i just a sad to say that about black people holy shit i would be i would be straight tracy morgan and right now in front of a bunch of black people saying i'm so sorry i did not mean i was only joking around i don't think that you're savages but my people i can say you're fuckin savages you dirty greasy functions a cobbler workers peasant monkey people is they're all the same i set of mass trash work while others have ages i don't i do i get a free pass i'm a tyrant i can i can tell you for sure i knows i grew up with them i my grandmother screamed at my fucking grandfather every day he was alive don't act make out time fuckin savages road egg plants and monsters stake tomatoes screaming at each other
monsters if you live there you'd be a monster to be covered up in the design geiss of that area is a reason why the jersey shore is a fuckin pablo show because their behavior so extremely laborious whoa what the fuck is going on how kind is this and you want to know there's a whole goddamn enterprise of them is there's a whole goddamned crew of people that live like that plus worse those are the to lecture walls of the jersey shore movement in other people they can handle themselves on television england dancing with star that hopefully it will answer interviews in shit that fuckin situation guy he's got them genius when it comes the jersey shore theirs animals live in that state dude that's that's a savage state of monkey all my relatives man there are savages i see them on my keeping voyages here feed off each other get out get out now before you kill yourself so over the top
and allow say that now says it's me it's my own relatives excellent jana jackson nipples fought to that's when it started right artists pc make started turning around they wanna have a relative sent me a photo of some of my cousins and i've never met before and its gold chains slipped back hair and everyone's neck is this why everyone sitting there like this and they gold chains and they're all where this sunday best suit and its while those weird backgrounds where they get tell them went to the mall and materials photographs do you words like the blue and white speckled background there sir savages satellites although their shirts their gold lives that type of the flat lot like on a sale leaf some sort of a leaf you know i think we can help me to table chain
typical china without flat here's the thing eyes you describing them i'm hating them away to spread like yes i agree with all my lay that those my goddamn no member when we meet we always talk about this will mean you were at the sky bar with joe and we're with better read ernst and it has talent comes out of it and we're reboot valued
a few years ago there was a lot better libraries doesn't sound like anymore this is a long time ago what is it lacks the italians it up is a super dying out but the shoring up more modern love brunners we gotta bring him i never heard of honor now hasn't been grenades is awesome two biggest he'll go off on some fuckin crazy you know when thomas jefferson would he originally wrote this and i'll tell you some shit like what the fuck are you holding me hoss into this history lesson sign destroy to sue role party wants because for some reason he got on that irish people this country had a worse than blacks my wherever there's no hurt the support we are not talking about it and i was gone within ten minute yeah you're a few the girl
at all it was like just supper but no one is he he and i got into a once about the bible some her eyes you ran about the bible news like you know it's been proven the factual been effected jesus did exist has been proven by scholar fuck are you talking about is fully aware of and out of other way than ever thought i'd like arguing in earnest black hole is just talk gadget like dogs are everywhere mama i'm going to argue with you about this you you believe in what did you even research the history of the third and final because you know how many versions of those same stories exist have you ever heard of early ok i guess i don't know it just time information right now i saw a documentary and i must ask you about this because i know that you study the torah i saw document and have been quoting this document or ever since i saw where they were eu budgets desiring the dead sea scrolls and the real issue is that they know so little deciphering not that's whose gross rather the older one of the oldest ancient hebrew version the bible is that the
the real issue was that they they didn't know all of the workers that they they let the cat while some of them that they were saying in this documentary that it was three quarters the words have been translated between five percent are still up to debate does that is that accurate but here's what the debate as it was like when you a word in the english language and you look at all the definitions easy way back down it's like fag right met some sticks put together right ok that one of the users of the work so if you re like the english language will be aware of that uses the word fact and also the faggot a faggot is that also cigarettes right like you shouldn't going off as rag but i think a faggot is above still exists and that's why they would call a like that call a man who was weak they would call him a faggot as he was like a woman because he was like a woman was like a bird tat was like a bundle of sticks like it was a burden to carry you would carry this bundle of sticks around
started yelling gaza yes that's that's the original work it's not that you would burn them is that they would be like like hard to have around their very lay mobile their flamer get word like love or enthralled or or or loss i needed a severity is absolutely correct because i don't know i feel like i'm missing something in my translation of it but they are the sort of aware of their meetings are not nowhere fully of their meetings we there was a whole thing about the animals you over there was correcting people that were saying that it was because a bundle sticks was easily light on fire and they were saying that is not true that that is not the there the original catholic although reason by four twentysomething so like twitter was that's what it's called vs ie unsubstantiated associations sometimes claimed them slang melick meaning develop
from the standard meaning a faggot as to a bundle sticks presumably with reference to burning at the stake like this was even on louis show and i knew i'd heard before us out on his show us i think that's true anymore i think they mean and not to say the people haven't burnt gay people of course they have course we will don terrible thing to gay people but that these the actual etymology i believe us the correct word of the word is not that it was it was it was those it was a bundle of sticks and that carrying a bundle of sticks was like uncomfortable you know i'm just realising this right now as you said like you and say what retard about somebody had a retard sought darius honour whatever because it would hurt them right i i really gotta get that word and and they afford out of my dialogue the faggot word because you don't want to think you wouldn't say there's a gig ira truman if somebody struggling with you to hear you say it is like to feel worse about yourself
yeah but you know that it's layering thing other words like that it's weird because we had as this girl on on the desk wide pod cats in her she was talking to how you her younger sister is lost to us on monday you special needs and deserves our kermit first i got my throat anyways by cheek she carter retarding in it with her daughter her sister and you know that the whole family guy did in it who is kind of like oh you accepted still they still talk collar and like the daughter whenever the lesson it's kind of interesting i would i would say i should probably do it when i'm calling the word thing or i the word actually means yes but only that i buy think anyone disney's calm down to still obviously don't call yeah but that is the point is what we talked about earlier that i don't want you to feel bad yea saddened people feel bad right and it's acknowledge that conduct i should i should be able to a right i note with its edward it it's like like we ve been talking about the words and tina today
you know we know about the words should still be allowed the tie i would have liked i think alioshka work later but i mean if the euro to stage a colony retards and stuff near the absurd than you don't do that by here's here's the argument against here's the argument against the reason why it's closing in the reason why people are closing in on these offensive words is because everyone can have an impact on a large group of people now by putting something twitter is in step that between about and even this part cast you know what we were saying uninspiring eager you you have impact on a lot more people than you had before was just you and your friends in a bar and you know and someone says the inward ha you laugh and at the end of it but if you say that shit tweet with that on line with is a reason why everybody's closing in on this it is because we are trying to stop people from lashing out and causing negative energy and hurting people and even though you feel i'll do anything wrong i'm not saving wrong that the energy
behind that what you do and ultimately ones are being a negative force lines of making people feel like shit so even though like this this rushed to pc is a bad thing because as a lot of people that are just on the bandwagon there looking the point a finger at somebody and the reason why there upset about this is because they have the licence to set about this and if it were this will be something else a piss them all their lookin for we'll be mad and so there take on a reasonable or it's not you know it it's it's not charitable there take on this aggressive and they want you to apologise and want to win that when a gas you in which it is half of the fund for them is getting you to feel like shit but some also like will welcome the black used edward that's not a contest man winning are losing it maybe he's either but you do want to make feel bad exactly exactly you do and then fuck and go for it i guess it's we what would the reason why it's all happening as is our natural it's all natural and it's a byproduct of our integration with each other which is unprecedented with so albion twitter and facebook and
in all this shit now the our integration with each other is deeper than ever before and in response to that people got more sense i think people whole hardly like all the time used the word judah mean bargain like they used to have a long time ago aren't you me down i think that would probably make me at least start like that i heard at a table next to me like ability to account your weird i sat down from a friend watson i really dont really bombed item forgot it was jewish financing was big deal i given that because i like that using now the joke that you're so it's you it's always funding but he did nothing was volumes very funny believes that was very sensitive other yeah said strategy me down and then after our satellite last i shouldn't say that he's like you shouldn't say that why do you say that you're upset that you said it because i'm around i'm like you're right but you're right also that i shouldn't say it i'm i'm the same way because i had a leading grid like i've talk
for we had and grow about where we re writing grow up with like black people asian people jewish people on as it would like we have one indian person and he followed it all the time and they had like put aside when i see how schools all white mashed potato people here for the most part but we work races like that one indian guy we're just like kind of more like who he's different than all but but it's weird like we say the jewish thing like i didn't know what a jew was for a long time and i used always ate like don't be a jew or be jewish but i didn't know you didn't even know two men and what i meant that there was a term however we have forty well they like the upcoming like thirteen twelve eyes that you did i would term don't jews were i would say so we can imagine some jus hearing that being a i do not feel the weird can you imagine if they run some twelve your kid heard next at the table that alley annals absolutely might feel weird absolutely that's what fag and and and the inward retard does the oven who knows us be yeah yeah same shit it is it is it
shit and ensuing give it a fax retards roundabout not my father's this these areas chokes ladies and gentlemen i do not feel this way what i thought was promptly we lunatic i think ultimately i think we're we're both right about this because what we are saying is that we know what i said earlier that if someone was around me and i knew they had a child in the china they want you to know i wouldn't say that word so really
we're just shouldn't say that work is also going to my people around you yeah that you dont know i should come up with a word that i use our response in replacement like idiot but you know but then people will re joplin they'll say no man fuck that we're losing our words man don't give up retired to non stop retard tunes ikea let's stop it it's ok i thought man but i made up that word earlier that i use era when he is now i dont know that that you guys are sent word mission human no no not like i am being serious i'm being serious haven't you make up that where you ve heard that word of her maybe i have made my happen i would call my cats that i and i think it is a set of sounding a word that's based off a bad but i didn't know that actually people use these shop but again because you said the foger they would have this nobody would you have forgotten what ails you gonna blow like open it says he's gonna be jail eventually whereby any say namely that of a black people they had a military declivity this motherfucker these thirty days i really have you thirty days locked up for crimes against black folks what people do
you know when you do any sort of sexual thing like if you get caught peeing outside and it's like within a hundred yards of the euro the app you could be a sexual and around the up forever so either that's what's going to happen with you anything you say hi to think or in other words i get stuck in they put you in a crimes against black glory in jail so just someone who go to jail for sex crimes i remember saying lacks at my mom says about luck when other a little luck smock outshine imitate like daffy duff right jack don't use that word like we're i think that when all the talk about what is schmuck mean exhorts lecoq well but it's like that is by now tat the other they help sucker like there's a mean executive me all i knew about schmuck is that that something that lenny gross used to use all the times determine schmuck the schmuck it's like it it's like a sort of bits of that harshly i homes i got in trouble bastard but really
my mom one my mom pulled me aside other countries like cause i was playing a tar twenty six hundred like die you bastards whoa what does that bad word we thought you can't say that while you known for i used to be a real say how an egg that somewhere along the line hell became a bad work while we're doing fear factor because at the end of the day after all done with the stance congratulations let's get the hell out of here and i only in people started writing letters should bring up don't write a letter saying that i shouldn't be talking about the imaginary place where everybody burns and fire because we don't want people think about how i will watch not nice tv show he's up their cars in you he said hale armor when i lived in florida too they would say that that hell was across its islands a kite you got a landlord across the hottest their carcasses eighty double hockey stick
hell was a curse how fucking dahmer plots amazing that it was ok than it wasn't just like south park where they showed behalf it and they showed we can show europe zone but also in old episode that we were allowed to show models of lamb out what the surviving it's like things but it's all of the inner connectivity that's what it is so bad things are becoming people have come in more and more sensitive their aware and i we always feel like that's probably a natural cycle i think there's less you to help people like you so that people from pittsburgh like there's a people from boston like this bill i think with internet with tv especially the less and less about right suppose to more more things i've been this in our rights you don't have to have this kind of action have you can see other forms but when laws are applied my california pot laws are different that somewhere else given get someone that's doing something like someone there's a surgeon or something incredibly difficult and ok one if i just started all over how long would it take before i could be this
this fifty year old due to specializes in replacing you know a lot of work nick next space where those do that fixes bulging discs with artificial spacers like a good if you have go starting from running with a fork and amen give you think about live in someone's life like how difficult it is to get to him to get to be who the fuck you are at fifty or forty or whatever the fuck you are like give you start over and go from scratch that's probably the most terrifying thought about the universe that what would this all is is some endless cycle that just keeps continuing over and over again and live this life over and over over you can imagine it was hill you get it absolutely right until every step of the way you do the right thing every time you receive enlightenment and then move on to the next stage of existence but that is
of the ideas attached to eastern mrs them that this there is a possibility that this life will be repeated until you get a correct she's pretty fashion in our view just keep try over every one that same eastern religious character that said light meant is achievable in this debt in this lifetime that it is possible to achieve enlighten this lifetime but you have to you have to get to a state where you will no longer be perfect for you i've got to talk about that as a certain shit that you did like that you can never recover from you know how much can you bounced back from i think people say things like like those peoples have the compound like about people economic whatever like the people too crazy about regional policy just like we didn't grub around them and we don't understand their experience so they look why i've never been just a guess it's really off like i nonetheless that it was not its both because the hate that all these other people jump in jumping hate were something happens a similar tracing more consistently and everyone does
to be angry tracy morgan there's this irish they're bound volumes of years of airlines that is a direct imbalance to it it sounds to me like some piling on bullshit and that's what i done about it and that's what everybody is railing against and they say fuck all this piece of shit their railing at all these self righteous fuckin its drive and cigarette thrown out the window can't i would say now you shouldn't say these things but you shouldn't be put on a stake when you say exactly that's like relax a punishment should be that hard times has get fire forever we should die yeah i'm just not listen right you're in those words and we should scribe what we find offensive about them in debate it and sit down talk about it we are simply like human beings and you know if a guy fucked up and says something onstage like that it's different between this addition that guy actually going on stabbing so gay people will that obviously revenue and yet a removal from society he's a danger you in jail friday everybody somewhere it's like yeah but but to this you gotta somehow or another you gotta let him know peaceably and
in a more enlightened place than he's coming from you gotta or from war in place will let him know him and this is what's wrong with what you're doing and once you just hours that re once he acknowledges then he steps forcing talks about look i'm just onstage i'm sorry it's ok we accept it we move on but always actual highly on all those people the railing and forth in its become the main focus of their life for a few weeks thus we were caught those are all hearts i set as parliament israel where they when we talk about explains you're not religious friends what you have discovered about judaism whatever and your ears sort of not judge on the same scale if you weren't raised with being orthodox jewish your raises conservative and so you don't think you have to get kosher outside do we didn't finish that that thought about you can about the differences in the words oh yeah it's the nuances that i fully understand ok the worst jerry always means tree but you say ok but the word love
can meet a lot of like slightly different things happening if you were love refused the word at enamored meant so whenever there is a debate like so they say three quarters the words an ancient hebrew have been translated but the other twenty four are still up for debate that debate is based on a bunch of things you really similar etc they know it could be one of these things i love hamburgers the like does that mean that he's the he has a lust for him right i ain't monday slight this is slightly different views you describe we're taking new now that's so we understand those slight differences there are still trying to understand why they get that it means something path like love would mean something positive rapid don't quite know how positive right like everyone russell peters told us that he someone told him that he oh it's the monday days he was like what the fuck does i mean losing that at a time of it russell peters was talking about some guy undecided about the monday the monday zena monies go there and he was once the mandates the guy was black people
whenever the ngos yeah goes it was because nobody likes monday and so we were her wheelbarrow how little we know shit and so now once that's out there you know out in the lexicon of you wrote something in the blog you know like and then once the club and there were the monday then it would make sense because otherwise you billy what the fuck are you talking about that it was in the bible look that everyone who went to the desert and is filled with monday is in fact not a mean by their hats event assyrians nobody wants known moments person sleeping the other day and i was with my girlfriend like all look a monday fell down the fucker each i grant you go the wrong place brian actually had no idea when i went back to the wrong place you actually used it tuesday fell down don't don't try to defend herself son you not bright enough for this you hurt your career in your future
you're lucky this dumping or sars nature you start amazon achieve dinah podcast you love have a fake image to somebody's got wholesome christopher those people that highly every day was i always look at girls at the news and they they determine on whenever i see bitches revenues because i know first of all the knack creatively fulfilled and it probably born they look for things to do so they probably just thinking about dick you know every see some chick reading the news every fab girls probably just behind the scenes is just a fuckin freak he's probably freak tactic you know she's up down acting all unnatural and a tv show for ninety minutes everyday listen given take to this world as a union the yang and if you use
up all day you gotta yang up all night you don't like it about what the fuck cocksucker me what i'm saying there was a total joe ideas logic moment i'm saying asean and yet you fuckin unit above they would therefore conclude on a yang it down at night bouck dog and you're going to make you touch not right dog is that what you're talking about is a positive yang you like yeah sort of but i couldn't wait i'll let him talk about anything he doesn't have to mix every now and then i asked some clarification but do you know what i'm talking about broke the meat sandwich fuckin that deleon fairly rag doll remember that right what does that mean and just doesn't manners judea colloquy was this ideas will be this friday night joining us in a vague as i'm really sorry i was still good last night by taking a road trip there she is are you can drive you crazy lignite look around led salt mines and stuff also
the solvency manner what we're gonna do that target dry on there it's a downright hild please i mean just try and killed any i what do you want to check it out like road europe's vondra we're going to do this we talked about this yesterday we will do this in our is down to we're gonna drive we gonna take my truck a pile and sounded out a truck unwilling to the out the solvency we're gonna make going to filament and then i do apologise from out there the solvency i just think that beyond all something to do so damn it will get a shave motel room up their habit of good one there are around the best there might not be in a gun let's find the gun lobby in the past and want to embryo your brain is dominated by their case and saturday lounge auschwitz reads like any bravo says whereas it is four hundred people live in there i have not resource that saunders repeating what i said but that john waters documentary right there plagues what it is
the bottom line plagues and legs and pleasures on the sultan city i well i'm gonna watch that tonight i want to welcome i want to go their own experiences it sounds incredibly bizarre apparently it's like a post apocalyptic world surrounded by an outpost of just a few hundred stragglers the descent live near this crazy like this ultra ultra salty and as mass fist die off and we're going to begin in the summer so probably be a bunch of fish die offs that keeps happening tat every year when i thought the millions of em diary whole place now things like the shore a lot survive yes others like apparently
like ten million fishing this lake every like couple years a million of malta and want to know is primarily to nothing's getting new ones in their despair like we're gonna be edges city hotel and we're probably like five minutes ago this was a really bad idea the fucker we now we're gonna die roger had one of the reasons why i want to go there is because i one of like i want to internalize the idea that things can completely fall apart and you can you can see it like within our lifetime and that this and seeing the nineteen fifties was this in annabelle resort inland and now here we are visit two thousand eleven barely a lifetime in only three quarters of a lifetime later and there's nothing it's crazy is i gathered age it would have been like twenty twenty five yeah i'm gonna go it's fun place to go into the winner whatever it at the amazing to me when you see those like that you can see scale you can find the interstate how big they are in relation to you in your own eyes as opposed to picture
you're sort of guessing right right right you gotta go there and see the colosseum i dont really understand quite hat where i would be in the scale model that ruby i think you get to see that because you see cars driving around the colosseum which is so strange like the date they put the road right next to it the causes of the fuckin road is right there so people just driving robot the colosseum everything i lapse one day like a bridge my god powerful people think so it's pretty bad acids lasted this land is mentally bay it is as yet it gets and everything just some there's somebody it's gone quick we put down with twitter and yeah it's gonna be sold out last psychotherapy lies i knew that shit oh my god it's gonna get time it's gonna be created the us how one of the best that's if ever see less beyond while he's joey's arise the occasional hyper motherfucker and when you know when there's a giant crowd by her joy diesel throw down he fucking threw down pittsburgh dude gala damn he fuck and destroyed in pittsburgh he so crazy
he's so crazy he's always doing new shit and it's always like this is he's a fifteen a fury cyber romanian and hill little stressed about four hundred and thirty i'll kill pace himself in elmore but those those fifteen minutes of fury sets there's not a fucking human alive that can fuck with joey diaz wings info well when you read the phases sweating feeling on our going like you're gonna saw the fuck are you it was our he'll be their dog benson gonna stop it and do a guess set and then everybody is going to be at the u have see the next day because it's gonna be the shit it's an honourable yourself to ralph humane angular narrows down like duties ralphie may following new everybody's gonna be in vague flat rate would weaken our ralphie me was distributed receipts for areas where we were in place or we got off stage at our show signs lunch autographs took a bunch of pictures like an hour and then went to ralphie show and hung out ralphie there went to watch ralphie and you know there's who else is going
there are simply not he sure that's a rise of this club is awesome please allow morgan the go there broke girls and their good success fires something somewhere got yes i find most made something up and cardona quick some other place there there room their attendants treasures treasures that's right don't goes out of five or do maybe its awesome onawandah behaviour treasures is we're sample was gonna be there so they we're gonna jenny is we're gonna be fine night mandalay bay nine p m show no pound that's a good idea if you guess inga to just google it it gets online in the ngo isn't went on my website and jargon that negotiations on the counter i click on the event it'll take you to its i believe it's just mandalay bay dot com or don't go to stub hata i'm telling you now stub buys budget tickets there are scalping sort site real
just jack shit up on that's it that's a hundred sixty ass still tickets available for forty or fifty year and it is already seller for for price hives much are you think you're the only place and that is good as you can get em don't go to start working on our is actually able to do their own by ticketmaster well roman empire the alarming let this lapse up until they felt a fuckin the other lives let us say an old on use he uses brightly breather today but hell but i think took a masterpiece of internet when i think that what that is that's like the ebay of take it sounds like meaning dogs actually putting it on brown paper bags or some riderhood it's her when these countries get big enough ticketmaster comes into focus some slightly says not we'll get enough they began to asylum seekers lesson rightly better stop talking shit about evil empire son they're gonna fuckin there come down on you just like they did on his left of this event
down he s little programme came down a programmer put em if you go like unless we are charging twenty percent extra we're not allowing you to take that offer fans there was a congress and had that work up to protein kind of throw off the map for a long time without a map i wear that lie there is the shit after hearing or no i mean after that there are going to have arrived at their high there my life because they can only sell tickets and take a master and it was though we will ya wanna gouged fans and green day some
great well somebody said at best wanted just lower years hard left but no one shall do that that should not be the reason why take a message ok yeah but take him ass a result of these areas of our railways or sleep they showed me so now through free they shouldn't get twenty percent or twenty dollars to dollar fifty dollar ticket but how does anyone again twenty percent certain restart the computer there's no service well they have an infrastructure to sell taken monopoly the eye is kind of not because you can choose to do well now that you would think with the internet would be pretty easy to set up some sort of virtual sharp and have everything really tickets available online like some plan like the theatre doesn't cells early dangling stuff it yourself architects ok let me ask you to say if you wanted a rent out a place you wanted the rent out the orpheum theater and i wanted to work you know too put your hollywood bowl you can run out the hollywood born you can sell your own take your own way potatoes willingly arguing and wherever you want to do it i would like how would you get a lot of printed on line but there the caribbean island airplanes worse with aeroplanes if you
you mean you can get a ticket printed online i would imagine you can get a ticket for a comedy show printed online with some sort of barcode absolutely but their eyes everyone is a collective ass it what's the advantage to that because it's easy ass it here is my annual each more piano take credit cards banned there again maybe it's the end you know it's like its having now i see people lots of times now at the airport where they don't even printer take it up they actually have it on their own life and then they saw their iphone pretty wild my friend at whoop told me that there's this application woot yeah that does that there's a little you know there's little i think we're trying by yesterday with that that you can earn a key chain sport like the grocery stores scientists are restored have all you ve just how trial your information in there and then they scan that during likewise your former three of them they don't work what you mean i tried three they don't work for me that keep your numbers oh yeah
do as type in your numbered like oh when you scan and the barcode now have to scan it in what does it saves all your numbers like a kitchen so if they don't work with skinning at any just sit there are eight members one or force them to fight would you do that but the scanning should just account will just write your number down unlike you know work and not have to download some silly fuck and application we went there having overtook her out at all you know book on ya ya you could do that too i know become my photos all sorts of great note paper that i used to celebrate it whatever it was possible that the barcode you pc barca was was a worthy of you get your ralph clark right cbs card whereas you just find that one of the options are scan it right it works rarely and not very late i used to starbucks application and where everything all day but all you have to do is i know your number and then you can enter your number with a thought the same as being a scan it right but why would buy get an obligation we use fuckin right down your number mean this is one sector in the night right while you're out of its easier because you just use your car go like this right now did you say your number depend
but you may have seen what he sang is like this application you spokespeople to be like earlier at the very start right yeah but depends if its seven like a phone number should be remembered easily or if it's a hundred only you got him handed umbers orders of sylvia s pardon born ridable cord of a fifty that's true but if you have a little fuckin know pad on your phone like that no pad feature on the iphone because you right on that you recognise that thing right on the other hand but seers that's a pretty big number that's laying that's like social security number i remember tat numbers and then went round the outward to be great if you are you little thrifty bastard you he had a bunch little key change on that thing nuclear power is that we have worked for kush mart then got you get money back i took off my spot today shes am son sensation ethics are for the first time in the during the the card system man they get rewards card lately he's a hundred yards of the outcome of this bench dean calmly word you're right you're our polish us i can really just the other species
what tincture for the folks or listening to what the it's like a liquid it's drop it little liquid dracula glycerine glycerin and it puts you all loot any radical hobbs wrote a whole movie he he drew the whole bottle investor we really are in yes that's none luckless we have the weed oil or whatever the fuck it has its merits marijuana in some sort of a liquid fire and he drank the whole bottle that on an airplane said he had the most intense dream and he watched a movie play out in the movie was called shit baby and that was the movie was about a guy fucks girl in the ass and the shitty loads leak out of her asshole and goes into her vagina and she gets pregnant smells like sheds a shitty baby cellulite play out was in his hair to use any watched a whole that the whole like shit baby in school and everybody hates you baby he like watch this whole movie play out in his mind why
he wrote it down when you get home but he said that it was like the most intense like like this this hallucination that he was under because he was so high and it is i think going for a gene no fear just but you didn't know what would happen he drank the whole thing didn't happen he had it on him he brought this little little tiny liquid just as bad as to keep us in context they told me one or two jobs will wreck you yeah drops other items well they said one drop is about a half a breast half have abreast viable fuss num you your new deck like half a cookie have will knock you on your ass out hunting in the cookie but with that you get the real shit they got the real shit that place to get the kind of guy basin chicago and i placed on i go to one so nice you know that's my love when you go to the wheat store everyone so friendly the girl was roundly yeah what's but serbia high firearms going subdued what's up dude us about as you know employment history in times are tough and we're all round
now shoot me shit watching a little the news is come in and everyone's friendly patient orders this is how it supposed to be u latin questions like what's on from munchies but he got for that like a need and i'll tell you that he threw it how be through their schuman day we like it out and you haven't you poor bastards livin in nebraska let's get you get more of ashes you poor bastards they just try to get weed some indian due to works the casino the way i ruined my land of countries could we just give it to me is going into we'd its grey areas if you're good customer to well that's all you chose this right here for grab just a yeah they always given away free shit up your joint for free or clear its very rare that aim but it gives you free alcohol nobody gives you friedman on friday semivowels for two years and never going to get a ferrari ice cream because you button maybe do ice cream rewards whatever bitches friday night mandalay bay nine p m that people know the shit is going down its job
de as it's all we should fear doug benson will stop and i will be there to let alone i know i don't like you have three hundred edible oh that's right on set at a level of sea humphrey edible so the way to get a part of this is through twitter if you follow are issued fear at a r i s age a f f i are follow ari an army will be hiding marijuana edibles alleged lady lay allegedly allegedly there's my arouse a joke throughout the casino this may be just a joke if you're a police officer lemme tell you right now this is a joke is not real so for you it's not real for everybody else it might be real and so and we have nothing to do with this really is a person who barely very little about ass i can vouch for him i wouldn't be willing to sign for him to get some sort of a passport i gotta run away my videos that friday worth really will write a letter for joy ideas you two parallel to wear
dog wanna go to england and in fact those bridges of violent acts of criminal lotta people get a look at him a goddamn do what did you do when you hit for work that was months ago lesson dog i'm a new man i'm a new man friday night joey diaz will be with us at age is this shit is going to be epic we're doing these shows now on a regular basis in vegas in their fun as fodder really does now we're getting all the pod cast families is doing with the last one was not later yeah they get drunk later go shouting drunk we'll get drunk whether that would be as well you're there thou be power can blast that we're gonna be there and will take pictures and answer uncomfortable questions and you could put your sweaty armpits over people shoulders and take photos is this a loop this is a tearing it listen this fucking show is over tomorrow depending on how sick my friend yawn is who wrote the crazy books about mushrooms will have to call him up and find out what's up
he's a fascinating dude and he wrote a lot of books about religion and mushrooms to books not a lot of satellites a lot if you don't write books whacked out my rambling for go to joe woken dot net to thank sponsor the flashlight into utilised sign products in if you click on the link joe rogan dot net and entering the code name rogan you get fifteen percent off your number one six to wonder if nbc gonna have a problem with my endorsement of this number one second for lately you are who you pretend you i am who i should make a charm like papa bitch i am what i am and i saw but i am sorry to say that of young yet since iran out july twenty three twenty third oh shit july twenty it through the twenty third our issue fear comes to canada badges he's been with me several times that canada is the shit so far on let's at other fuckin show's over right we'll see we love you probably back tomorrow if yarns not sick but if he is sick
nice clay apparently wants to do the podcast oh yes oh big fat fuck dna
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