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Jan Irvin, Brian Redban - Date Recorded: 07/05/2011
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the joe rogan experience podcast is brought to you by the flashlight light joe dot net and click on the link and uh entering the code name rogan you will get that might be made yeah give troops you if you click on the link and during the code name rogan you'll get fifteen percent off number one sex toys for men so will get on that you needed i love that we continue to do in life these have yet any doubts whatsoever from interested in selling out and we got money zam brothers and sisters we're going to go on a journey today all right we're back from turning back from las vegas well i met anthony bordain one of my hair i gotta fuckin starstruck i met you know anthony bordain my friend jan irvin is here
i i don't know anthony boarding do you watch tv at all or you just fucking reading books all day do you know what though i haven't had a tv turned on around me and probably a couple of years wow you completely out of the cultural loop read textbooks on mushrooms in the 50s what happened anthony would you do to change the volume just turn it down and just stop doing that bitch fucking weird leave that shit alone anthony bordine's a chef and he's got this television show he was a chef now it's pretty much like sort of this traveling guy who samples food in different rest it's all throughout the world but more is like a commentator on the cultures of these places you know and uses food as sort of like a way to get you to know the culture you know use eating with indigenous people and he's like tribes and weird fucking crazy places i mean it's a bad ass fucking show and it's my favorite show and so i met him and you know just
just knowing some just it's the weirdest fucking thing when you admire someone and you like their work they know who you are too you know and all sudden you're talking about stuff and he came my comedy show on like it seems like it shouldn't freak me out at this point in my life but i'm still like holy shit anymore days of the fucking audience like it was weird you know it was it was interesting he's a bad mother fucker i admire him very much he's one of the most interesting guys on television so he's going to do the podcast he say he gets asked two things on twitter one go fuck himself and two if you would do the joe rogan podcast so his words awesome yeah he's cool as fuck dude and his wife is a feen for mixed martial arts his wife too jujitsu jitsu more time and they have a padded up a room in their house and you know she's got
can trainers teach her how to strangle people and shit wow yeah she's a freak dude she's like so like aggressively into it crazy watching like her like fucking scream and yell and get all excited at the wansan shit you know and he's sort of seems like he sort of uh okay well this is what she loves i will go along for the ride but just you know don't know if he would be into it other than that you know i don't know maybe i'm wrong it didn't like use it as into it as she is though she seemed really into it his wife like a fucking super fancy is like it's like owning a gun she's she's his gun yeah she's so fuck you up dude she's into it man he like tweet once you know that i think are name is octavia octavia bordain choked out or trainer put him to wow is tweeting about that's interesting i got i don't know if i could date a girl that was more stronger and tougher and crazier than me you know i need to you know take control of situations i need to make sure i can do that not like
no i don't want to watch what gay movie you want to watch i mean sorry silly movie that you want to watch initial just took me out and wake up and you know what would be more struggled in struggle that hope defense after awhile son having spacers protect your neck yeah i think that's a weird dynamic mail when the girl can kick your ass i don't think i'd be into that but you know what some people had everybody's different man and he's obviously not into physical fitness and he's a wild you won't take some chances he'll ride that crazy snake hangouts and he'll jump on that iowa a snake for ride but he's the best pussy eater you think so yeah this just so into him and that's his job i'm the best eater in the world well he's more cooked and it's like
either would be that man versus food guide you seats piles of shitty food every week for used to doesn't mean i eat anymore yeah that's what i burke crusher was telling us or when this was the same tones that way very i mean every start showing it but he doesn't do the stunts anymore because it's body was falling apart this poor guy's eaten in a twenty pound cheeseburgers every night whether filming and you know i mean heats these ridiculous food challenges where he would have to eat like you know in some insane amounts of food right i would never really wants a sore clips i wonder if it's that or if he's just dating a girl to the my god getting so fat in he's like you know do you can't control that that out how can you possibly eat that much food yeah it's yeah it's terrible for you but you know getting that is really unhealthy yeah you know i mean you've fat and you've been skinny you know you feel way better when you're skinny yeah yeah yeah but i also like eating you know i was i was thinking about that the other day i was like you know when i was on
when i was a hardcore diet i made sure i only ate certain kinds of food you know like i would only eat like chickens and salads and stuff like that but then i was like you know what if i wanted lasagna i couldn't have i couldn't have lasagna you know to me it's like it's like you know what i mean i would rather be somewhere kind of in the middle where i still eat healthy most time but i need to eat fucking bad once in a while i was in vegas that is the best fucking food vegas has the best food well you only have an issue and that you don't exercise yeah if you exercise under twenty four hour fitness to open up in burbank is just something other than that it's impossible to workout your so unmotivated all you need is one thing to be wrong with my radio doesn't work in my car i'm not going to drive all the way to the gym with no radio when they fix my radio then i'll start going to the gym again i agree you
define i hate exercise but if i if i do it i want to do it right i want to have a nice gym it's so much easier to have a gym at your disposal anthony board danes wife can learn jujitsu you girl girl why don't you learn something we need to do with the good thing about it is you know what the tires you out i've known you for eight years at least you know and you've worked with him for eight years and you know joey and eddie were trying to get me to train in jiu jitsu eight years ago but i don't hang out with them every day so what the fuck dude but you would have done it i would have totally done it if i didn't have an hour and a half two hour drive every time but i mean like what the fuck is your excuse my knee is my biggest six years we've talked about this already one thousand times i have a bad tricky and huge it's it's all about fucking twisting bones and body you know that does not seem like it's a good idea like hey do i want to have knee problems for the rest of my life don't want want to deal with all the bullshit that's going to come along with doing jiu jitsu like fucking getting ringworm and and all that
or do i want to get a membership at twenty four hour fitness sounds like someone is clearly is a glass half empty sort of fella yeah you know just positive benefits from these things when it's not like this only all these negatives you say no no i'm sure all these negatives as if you know there's nothing for you to be learned there so i did have a brother growing up in so like rolling around with the guys still it does not this is still no i just i don't have it if it was a guy versus girls aged to i'm a hundred percent then i'll ups but many who there's you know i just don't feel like rolling around on the floor of the guy i don't know why same reason if somebody goes hey would you rather hang out with three guys and watch sports or would you rather hang out with three girls and watch porn i would have to say that it's sort of a learned thing you know
our tastes because it's it's i've been doing this for so long it's just totally normal to me but there's times i thought about it this sounds i'm wrong with a guy and i know his sweat is in my mouth yeah no no getting around it is no getting around yeah i give a guy like see if you or like you doing no g and you know you is on top of you and you got him in half guard or something like that he's sweating his chest could easily be on your face yeah and you're both drenched sweat if i had to do it i would definitely do guy with two comforters wrapped around me or something you're exchanging fluids you know you're exchanging your sweat your moisture i mean they're not really exchanging but you're getting it on each other it's not going internally but it does go into see it as the largest organ of the body and shit does go right through the skin so that does it does that's why men have to constantly worried about matt herpes these are real you have to worry about that you have to worry about skin like ringworm type shit have to worry about staffing
tions lawyer thirty mother man limit most everybody's there like are you the only change there but she's like once every month and a half you know did you want is already got staff he's the i would just go to just two and then not shower was like are you crazy you just roll around with dudes and then not shower when i just have people just shit on you yeah you know just have people just piss all of your you know what do you doing when you got a clean yourself off man so what so you add staff that was yeah he didn't even know he had staff were playing pool and he's limping around and i what's going on man i got bit by a spider yeah yeah i did hear about this yeah he pulls his pants up to show me the spider bite you might do that looks like a
if infection you should go to the hospital right now get a check like you can't just walk around like that but he didn't know he had no idea that you could actually get something like that from exercise from jiu jitsu you know you don't really hear about people getting staph infections lessons from surgery yeah well most sports you don't get staffed like you're playing tennis you know its staff you don't you football players to get it get it sometimes it's tricky it's very very dangerous very dangerous and you know of course there's that you know mersa the antibiotic resistant staph infection that they have now that's really dangerous because you know it's it's a very very strong form of it and it's very hard to kill well it's from mostly from people not taking their antibiotics correctly what i found one of the best things to get rid of like athletes foot and shit which i'm sure you get environment like that a lot is apple cider vinegar do you rub that stuff on it a couple of times and it's gone
the space was appear on your feet yeah that works too i know you're my favorite show us for the media yeah why not why not not bad for you know about four and it's warm yeah it comes from my own body is like what you get that he would leave my body it's one competing with stream is not like it leaves my body at all it must've been about what two thousand four two thousand five i was living up in the mountains my phone starts ringing and it was like probably one thirty two o'clock in the morning right and i get or i get up and i answer the phone it's fucking this dude it's joe and he's on the phone he's like dude i'm sick as fuck man i gotta be at the studio at like six a dot m i feel like what do i do when i talk it turns out drink drink a couple of glasses of your piss it it'll make you feel better right were you giggling with a finger in your butt when you told him so so anyway i got it back to bed right and then it must have been like three three hundred and thirty in the morning
and my phone rings again it's fucking joe this time i don't get up to answer it i could lie in bed and i and i hear the answering machine but it's joe is a dude gotta tell you man i just drink two glasses of my pistol i feel fucking great i gotta tell you man i'm up history core to click for people don't know this is very controversial obviously but there's a thing called urine therapy and the idea behind it is that your body processes waste and that waste comes out in the form of shit but that also when water waste comes out the what that comes out of your body is actually sterile but there are some sort of nutrients in it antibodies when you're trying to get over colds and things of that nature and so a lot of doctors say it's utter complete total horseshit but
people in indigenous cultures for instance have been doing that to try to cure diseases and illnesses for long long time ob basically modern medison is way better than drinking your own piss so you know it's interesting though is in india every year every couple of years they have a meeting of doctors who made up to disk ask the latest research and you're in therapy i know somebody who went to the in south america for a skin problem and was told to drink their urine wow so it is it's not you know it's it's very rare i think especially in the united states but i think in in in china and certain places in south america it has been adopted these dumped by modern medicine doctor by freaks yeah i guess freaks that live everywhere listen i'll try anything now and i'll try anything i've been his own healers before i'm like look i don't i'm i'm my my every instinct in my body telling this is nonsense because let me see what's up you know let see what's up i just well listen to you i listen to you
in and maybe even just for material you know maybe even i don't believe it and i just was just in the interest of this might be something that we thought he talk about on stage before i let you throw your voodoo on me but do you know it's like nature makes things look shocking scary because they're poisonous if they want if if if if what you're supposed to drink your p it would taste like stronger doesn't doesn't is bad at all this is what it actually it tastes about what you ate that day i mean if you drink a bunch of coffee and and soda pop ate a bunch of crap food it's probably going to taste pretty fucking bad but if you eat healthy and take care of yourself you know i've done few times when i was sick and and something so we'll talk about later when i was on mushrooms and you can cycle your urine and it is supposed to put you through pluto right and it doesn't taste bad at all but
it's it's interesting is like people that people to do it for health reasons they say that it enables them to monitor their body on a regular basis with their intake is because they immediately taste it and it's like oh shit want to eat that anymore i don't want to do that anymore it's like it's an automatic alarm system right yeah it doesn't taste bad it's not that bad i did it on the other guy on the radio rather uh there was a radio station no name show in san francisco was it no name was a didn't name was no name huh yeah me and no name dragged around p remember drinking he g dragon he was gagging i just threw it down there's nothing guys like i drink my own piss like ten times right i mean i'll do it on a regular basis but it was a think about lyoto machida in the ufc that lyoto machida does it and that his father who is this karate masters trained him since he was young boy recycles's urine every morning every morning and gets up and drinks is pee who the fuck
nose man it might be bullshit but if people might do it for that long there might be some merit in it yes i've had people come up to me when i've given lectures and say that they've for various gout or leg problems and pain problem seems after four to six eight weeks there their cleared up with this all over there get out is it okay it lay with the rain for a week there was drink like a a small amount like a half a cup every every morning fresh you know really i would i would try it once by i would definitely make sure i ate a bunch of berries and like i would just make i know how to cook it good i'd be a good chef yeah yeah i don't recommend the coffee before you do it sample farmers thing you can really yeah i had this i guess and coffee for breakfast this morning it's just the unknown there was a guy who supposed on the message board until he got too creepy and someone banned them 'cause you just
i forget what his deal was but he would he would get these girls that like didn't have any money and they would take care of him for a little while and eventually do like a bunch of dirty shit to him like he was in and write stories about this and one of things he would do is make his loads taste is disgusting it's possible so he would talk about the asparagus coffee loads that he would shoot down a model strips word i don't remember honestly but i remember he made a lot of people angry because they were like well if this guys telling the truth these are real piece of shit as a human being and if he's just rolling like stop stop making up fucking store i would probably say it strolling but you never know who knows man am i most likely yeah most likely trolling but either way it was really good writing is compelling i i i didn't like him in that his writing i did like who he was but it was very compelling i was like this is interest it's like this is obviously very good and very well written because the
idea behind it is kind of gross to me that you would like go out of your way to take some poor woman doesn't know what to do with her life and she's really broke and you forced her into you know doing weird shit for you because you know that's how you get off and then you write about it you know that's like you're victimising why you doing that but not knowing whether or not it was true or not true you know choosing look at it from the point of view like maybe it's just fiction maybe this guys just into the mind of a creep you know who knows who knows but it's really well written but he was all into just gross odds this apparently recipe joe vs will tell you how to make a come out like shot guns gunpowder and as the state this horrible hotel last night we're in vegas and i didn't know it was a hotel that's next to a strip club that we did a show at and i think that the guy that was a stroke of owns the hotel and it's one of the t co tells where you walk in the
nice paintings everywhere like every room was a different theme of painting and really cool but after six hundred o'clock it turns into a nightclub that hope that's open till like eight hundred am and it's just the gay the gay people the ravers six am eight hundred am it goes about noble what time it starts at six pm six hundred pm so we got back to the hotel there was like lines of people getting in the hotel and the red rope and they're like you have to wait in line i'm like no we're staying here and there to go through we go in the hole will lobby is a rave and like what the fuck is this place we go upstairs and then looking out the window and it was one of those views where it's like you're just looking at air conditioning units like it's the roof but there's just people sneaking in through like this air conditioning unit and going up there and doing like crazy drugs and having sex right outside your window and then i'm thinking wow sneaking in through the air conditioning unit you mean there was door so there was a door going through the floor and they were climbing out and like all these p
for hanging out on the roof outside of our window it was fucked up and look looking at him like these beds were probably just made for having sex hookers and the process like strippers that are coming from the strip club you know and so there's that red pillow that was on the bed was like one of those fashion pills that you throw on the ground you don't really sleep on this come all over it dude and then and then the chance channel so the tv 'cause we were on shrooms so we were like just trying to watch tv and you can't hear anything except you know like whole time return on it and it was just scrambled porn like you straight on anal sex pops up on your tv and you're like what the fuck within that scrambled it wasn't scrambling not so it was it was channels were porn and then stuns a scrambled porn mixed in like you would go to a channel was just like what is going on in that and then it would be like nbc and then suddenly a scrambled porn channel fucking weird then all
lights just turn off and turn on when we explain that use porn then it would it would go to nbc yeah i like it the channels were mixed up with porn and instagram old worn so each whatever channel you would watch porn but just invade the champ know know know know know know like like you turn to nbc and he turned to the next channel will be a guy getting his asshole licked by a girl so does not porn on nbc know know know know yeah there was what it sounded like remember scrambled porn back in the day where it's just a bunch of static yeah you go to the hotel room and they would have like paper view channels you could click on it and you wouldn't be able to see any doors tons of that it was it was so weird and then the lights didn't turn on and off they turned on and off when you wanted to and they were like yeah this is eco friendly hotel where you put your key in control the air conditioning in the lights which means air conditioning didn't work and all the lights were just flashing on and off whenever they wanted to and and then the the pool area topless pool area but
like ninety percent of the girls were like holy shit i have her your chest than her or she has a hairy chested me it was fucking the worse motel in the history of hotels but it was for the design of the worst hotel you got out alive i guess some hotels in russian we wake up with stitches where your liver used to be yeah right yeah you do hear so like that like that over in europe is crazy it was one hotels where they like some of the fashion of the room was these like little mirrors that were placed everywhere on the wall and you're sitting there thinking i wonder cameras underneath all those mirrors you know like it seemed that sketchy like what the fuck is very easily exactly very easily easily if it's owned by that strip club too wow who remember that one guy there was a guy got caught and he was some really really famous rich guy not another famous rich guy but a famous rich guys son i don't remember the guys name but anyway they found all these fucking cameras in his
house like this guy had his house like set up as basically like a little film student everything was hidden cameras and just hundreds of videos of him just with these drugged up checks cummins stumbling there not knowing what the fuck you know you put something in their drink or something and then he was filming all of it my story yeah i do i haven't combined two stories how long i don't know i remember that like he found shit like his phones were all tab there's cameras in everywhere like in his lights and everything no no no this guy did it on purpose he said he set up his room his bedroom like that and then they suspected him of drugging checks i was thinking of a story where a guy found out that his whole house was bugged anything so was the government it was from like three years ago i can't remember who cares well there was that hemingway thing that just came out you know hemingway thought that the government was following him it turns out there were there were two windows phones they were following him so he was right and it was like what they say
you know some people say the last straw that drove hemingway to commit suicide and that he was people thought he was just paranoid but in fact the government really was watching him why the fuck to be watching a writer you know you know the idea i guess is that he was too close to the communists or something like that 'cause he was always in cuba where is fargo overthrow the government or something just being a badass being hemingway yeah you know there was so much until that's going on on different levels you had this whole dialectic between communism and capitalism on one level being sick nearby bank is higher up but all this stuff you know that goes into a lot of my current research right now in fact i've got council on foreign relations documents sitting right here next to me from them talking about
mushrooms and stuff like that you know the the the key players in the council on foreign relations you people are in a crazy stuff on so many levels you know yeah and you were messing up people's heads and you know the cia messing with peoples heads mk ultra they've been they've been spying on people and messing with people forever yeah of course and you you would have to think that anyone in anyone with any level of intelligence who is in any position of power would want to know about chemicals that change people's minds i don't know about it you know you wouldn't just ignore it you wouldn't just say oh we need to make this illegal they would stop looking into some things there's a there's no way they haven't they would be crazy not too well interestingly what i've found out recently is that there was this exclusive club that a lot of these elitists and bankers and intelligence people belong to and they would share the
information on psychedelics at the highest levels i mean pretty much everybody at the highest levels from 1940s through the 60s knew what was going on about psychedelics on every level before the public did and yeah i would think they would have to i don't know how you could be any position in any of position of power and not be aware of something that powerful something that's you like the movement of the 60s and people want to wrap their head around it or not that was all drugs you know that whole ass the culture that was coming out of san francisco that whole that whole summer of love that that generational gap that huge leap during the 1950s and 1960s that was all hugs man it was all drugs all people smoking pot and people doing heroin and people you know getting hung tran mushrooms and acid and feeling things that they had never felt before and being able to
things the way they never felt before and the disenfranchised every fucking generation feels disenfranchised man there's no getting around that it's impossible to get around it every but he wants to escape from their fucking parents clutches everybody wants from the designs of the system that's they've been thrust into you know you've been born into this fuckin system that you have to participate in without you having any say in it whatsoever so every fucking single generation feels like that right that generation got ahold of some shit well you know if there's laws and the interesting thing and here i've got literal a stack of stuff right here in this is all council on when we're going to go through that a podcast mister yeah i'm just so when you guys were not going to go through it but there's some serious stuff right here that shows how top members of us intelligence like alan doyle as john foster dulles the bank bankers like frank all souls and other guys like walter lippmann all of these intelligence people as well we're at
highest levels involved in all of the psychedelics i have no idea is new but i have no idea who any of those people alittle this was left for me i have no accuracy theorists out there will know who allen dulles is okay i have no idea any of those people are but i do think that if i was like a total like internet conspiracy geek he just hit me with all those names in a row i would v uber obscure name guy hard on right now right then and i would be those right now the out of those i would think about all those documents don't they have like in pdf form now you know you just have like i have all this talking so much so here's eight gigs hello is why it's eight gigs to the sixteen gig ones for some reason other don't process well with our our little and be the recorder we don't need your crazy papers
packs of nonsense the problem with that is we don't believe in the s paperman if it's digital you could do anything digital shit you do anything to worship ship to the age of knowing what the fuck anything is is over those days are done man you're not going to know what's real and what's not real anymore it's just it's going to be it's too tricky is too much if you think she's a megan fox can people don't have a systematic method of figuring out anymore that's the big problem that is there is a problem of the other problem is the ability to manipulate information and matter is just too well but if you if you have a systematic method of filtering it then you know and how to spot bullshit right away you know it's it's yeah maybe there is there is a way to do it actually there's xp instant instincts too
certain times we look at something brian's pretty good at spotting an internet meme sort of bullshit right well you get that email them i say you have all the people that i know you probably the highest success rate for nailing internet memes i think i'm pretty good with it in life to just meeting people judging people i'm yeah i'm i over think everything and try to like play out all these different things yeah i mean he's ever studied logical fallacies now i it gets really good because it shows you exactly how people lie and then it enables you to name the exact lie that they're using so it gives you explicitly knowledge so like if bud uses an ad hominem were an attack on the man right let's say you say something you make a claim and they say oh well brians a fag i don't want to listen to anything he says well then you know oh well that's an ad hominem he didn't deal with the information that brian presented he attacked
instead this is all it is no one no one but you know there's all these new matter fallacies so if you win you can name on though it it totally enables you how to to know when somebody's lying to you and so when you can understand that see now i have like this energy thing where i think it's i really think it's mushrooms or sugg psychedelic set's kind of enhance this that i can actually look at people and kind of talk here i'm talking look at their eyes and face and not actually study it just the overall i could feel the kind of like it energy almost like i can see if this person's a little dark in places and kind of like it's weird it's true but they're certainly not gonna feel yes i don't really see a pass yeah have you ever had a sociopath snipping your circle he didn't realize he was a sociopath until like after like well what the fuck is you know eddie bravo and i knew it do to kill the guy yeah i had that you know that story no what happened there was a guy who is he would say his name is rafael tori but that wasn't his real name is real name was something else like invented this name and pretended
of brazilian jujitsu black belt and made his way into the mixed martial arts community as a total scam artist and eddie had disowned him for lying about jujitsu because i found out that he lied about being a black belt he wasn't really a black belt also eddie like stop hanging out with them 'cause like this guys crazy just making things up like he had rolled him a couple times have them out really easy the guy was like being respectful and not trying to roll too hard but then he realized after a while ago and now this guys terribly he's not he doesn't know any jujitsu he's not blackmail this is crazy anyway time goes on that guy killed a guy and he was dating this guy's wife and lord this guy back to his dojo apparently and choke the god of death yeah yeah yeah it's as deep shit killed the guy and then was driving around the dude's car and shit i knew that guy man i hung out with that guy hung out that guy and his wife wow yeah
they were over any full and you had no no feeling at all that is not an error a feeling of danger any phone that he was a bad guy he seem like just a friendly dude just haven't killed anybody yet i don't make me that maybe did it earlier and got away with it i don't think maybe the pussy was so good ok maybe we so clearly just couldn't help it oh now i doubt it but he's already getting it i don't get the killing part it's weird how about you just moved to florida or something crazy the fucking kill that guy man he's on costco members don't be crazy but i think i like to i think that i have the ability to spot bullshit and i think i'm pretty good at it but that guy troubles me that guy troubles me the idea that you know that i ran into that guy had no id who is capable of murder 'cause i've met some other people and if you ask me if they are capable of murder i'd say yeah probably this is fun
is like you know duncan is would you ever think that duncan could be one of those guys that go off and go crazy murder people commercial fishing is correct good i was looking if i everybody could if you have to your life not danger yeah if you thought you know that everybody could if you were pushed to a position where you felt like you had to i love duncan the death but it but he's that the the thoughts that he has a special when he was in that satanic mode i was like really is like i always wondered well he's just experimental you know when he was into satanism he was just being experimental he wasn't really like i'm going to fucking worship satan he was like i think it's fascinating that everybody must understand this and what it really is is there they're saying they want to be hedonistic you know they to you know indulge in pleasures and over eat and have sex and sleep till noon like that's like that's like satanism to them that's like pressing themselves in the most ridiculous an outrageous and self serving way possible as opposed to this idea of
minus christian who's trying to but the holy father what you have it's fascinating serial killers to which is mean there is another he does yeah yeah there is another level the satanism that you should check out mark past use work that was interested he goes into some deep stuff used to be a priest of the church dunkin like all artists toys with madness yeah you know everybody does he does the most that i know that's why i would think i agree i agree he gets he gets d he wants in awhile while he's very experimental with his thought processes it's one of the reasons why it's comedy so funny and that you know is just his sense of the world this is very any i love it it's a very fascinating take but a couple steps i'm crazy you know it really is an as is mine you know i am guilty as charged you know when people say they would put human or you did there's no you're never going to get out of me that i think in any way shape or form that i'm some sort of a perfect person i'm constantly fucking up left and right
patch up mistakes trying to fucking be on the straight and narrow all the time but i'm crazy too i know i am i know given given the right circumstances right situation i could go completely insane and i think a lot of artists are in that same situation so you you know if everything is going smooth in your life you don't even know yourself you don't know what you're capable of its when the shit gets ugly that you find out which are really capable of you know like donner party start type shit or people free reason you gotta eat them 'cause you don't want to start with the first need somebody bro that ass snap joint use his ass is mine will go away over the dogs look up well over some burning sticks so much fat in his meat he would yeah that would be like pecan yet you might be the best feel like they really get chubby very hairy i think i would have a lot of roots sosa pig bro they're delicious once you burn that her off come on son come on son black get crazy so
you wrote two books on psychedelics and the relationship to christianity you've got the first one that you wrote was the farm aquatic in station close the deviated from radically farmers crack what it can i get a former kramer clinic the clock in there and i see yeah yeah yeah us as for the gene shamanism was that was the book right so the farm accrediting position was what you were going to call it and one point time then you decided just right selections here is right well you know it just astrotheology in shamanism describe more of what the book is about which is the well we publish tension primary attacks about ancient sun and star worship and christianity and we also published more certainly ancient primary texts on christians using mushrooms as well which is what my second book is about that's the holy mother of the holy mushroom evidence of mushrooms in judeo christianity but in that book i published the first ancient primary texts of mushroom used by
questions and it was a document called the epistle to the renegade bishops which is kane please text for the orthodox you know what i love about yang before you go any further i met i met young years ago i mean how long have i known you at least a at least eight years and when i met young years ago he was just this really cool guy i met you over jack harris house right we had a jax yeah we went to jack harris house and yang was just this really cool guy who was very smart and had a lot of information there's a lot of those guys you know i'll tell you things will tell you stuff about this and did you know that the 15th president blah blah blah and then you know the fascinating to talk to but you actually fucking books i'm saying like my man wrote some real ass books you know with like references and you know other photos got a glossary in this bitch you know there's photographs the color photos are fucking awesome because it's like
certain point time becomes undeniable not sure of the shirt that you have on it out it is a cardinal anybody can see that it shows the call whether you go hard and all and how the cardinals well you know the the ancient catholic search period using christianity was they were obsessed with that mushroom but souvenir muscaria mushroom but you got it over there hold up hold up the front cover of the holy mushroom book it's hard to see because this is a really old painting and it's when you when you're looking at it i mean let me tell him what it is though on the on the right side of the window there are up above is baby jesus riding on the back of saint christopher and maybe jesus is in the shape of a mushroom and we've even had a a professor psychology identify the exact type of mushroom that jesus is depicted as their and from montferrand perigord france from the 13th century from a chapel there
and there's a lot of mushrooms on this fucking wall so most artists are drug addicts so why don't you think just back then that artist that did it was just like man i like the mushrooms and i got hired to do this church like what is with the mushroom looks bitch about a bright guy a lot of trouble for that it's got stoned and got a lot of people are probably like what the fuck christian jews and mushrooms what's that about you know imagine if this whole christian must connection was really just a bunch of taggers yeah hey i just joke stirs who aren't as well it we actually do have several primary texts about in fact there's one text found in the jewish good ball and the book is are the specifically discusses the mushroom the red mushroom or the red fund actually and like i said that intex the epistle of renegade bishops there's a muslim a from from from the seventh tree that discusses mana
in a type of mushroom man man was referred to another other taxes well and soma was referred to in the text and that was also thought to be possibly related to right and that there is an argument right now going on between academics if the monitor that where it says that it's a mushroom in this muslim mishkat text if it's talk in about a truffle or a get a like mushroom in the word there that they use it you know it describes the word site in the word site that they that is written in in the original text can the spiritual or visual site so there debate is whether or not this truffle is a mushroom mushroom or a truffle type mushrooms so you know but either way man man appears to have been a type of mushroom but you know i to give joe will they grow credit i'm the publisher of the 40th anniversary edition of his book and this book here was actually a really famous
can the that you know we may not in nineteen seventy yeah we've talked about this many times on the show right i i write a book well this is the new version and i as i republished yeah i hope was to yeah and work with john a lakers family i've gotten two copies of the old original yeah i've got a call i wanna bonded to buy them because they knew they were out of print in there so could so great was a in a region that the new version has a thirty five page addendum by professor call rock from boston university come out publicly endorsing layers work you know and then play like i said my monthly newsletter for accidental any further because a lot of people are on initiated all right mar john marco allegro would work for the people that were decide from the dead sea salt he was one of the original eight members of the dead sea scrolls team to translate the dead sea scrolls they they contacted ox university he was studying under for the his doctor in philology there in he's medical languages which that part of the middle east is considered asia
so he somebody somebody contacted the university and ask them to send their best so they recommended john later go and so word to translate the dead sea scrolls from nineteen fifty three into one thousand nine hundred and sixty eight he was actually the only member of the of the dead sea scrolls team to over release any information about the dead sea close to the public during the like one thousand from hundred nineteen fifty free until one thousand nine hundred and ninety one and and so the other members of the team sat on their information for years and after a huge blow up the huntington library in about one thousand nine hundred and ninety ninety one which is over by jidenna they finally released all of their photographs in their possession of the dead sea scrolls which finally allowed other call to get their hands on him and translating but john allegro up until that point was the only one that was fighting against the rest the team to put
information out of course they attacked him if you go to dead sea those displays today they almost completely omit him from any mention of the dead sea scrolls but he was really the key player to get it out to the public and so in well what happened was in the in the nineteen 50s professor john ramsbottom from the london botanical museum published a book suggest in that and adam and eve in the in the tree of knowledge is a mushroom and he showed a fresco from france from that's called the plank rd frisco that's been solid lines how can people for what is it called the plane crew of fresco in fact that's in the book there is a limited number here 'cause it's a fascinating image i send it one hundred let me see that just hold up the back of the book there well the problem is that most people are not going to see this most people are going to get this on sirius satellite radio or evidence p l and b thirty a i n resume c o u r a u l t
say that again but i was talking to you i'm sorry l a i n c o u r a u l t and let me check that again the painting is amazing if you haven't seen it before and again brian could be right it could be some crazy this is really a musher whatever those artists are into you know what i get out that's why they're eating i've never heard that point before it's very right it's a very good point i know every artist every authors like to do drugs and like third they're taking these scrolls are deep these guys i did a lot of drugs they're throwing mushrooms and also like that you were talking about that maze or whatever it's called the maze mushroom early earlier it was much matchmaker calling earlier you is from the old hebrew text when you translate it they say oh tell mama yeah for the mid ship yeah so maybe the author of the you know because of that was on mushrooms gamma throw some mushrooms in here 'cause i like to eat mushrooms throw it away if you look at in my only mushroom book i published forty three images paintings that that
from russia to england and it shows a pretty widespread use from the early first millennium all the way through the eighteen yeah late 1800s so as if god hired someone to write the bible and as they do is write me just throw some mushrooms like yeah of course he's going to tag the bible of god god pan gods making it wasn't busy he has other things except looking through deciphering mushrooms back to this john marco allegro thing so john margo liberal worked on the dead sea scrolls for one thousand four hundred and fifteen years he he comes to the conclusion with this book so you are republishing the sacred mushroom across cross and if you allow me if tell me is this correct his conclusion is that all of christianity is a gigant miss understanding what it really but it really is about is the fertility it's and the consumption of psychedelic mushrooms right
that's the whole religion he argues that jesus himself was an anthropomorphism or a metaphor for the mushroom for the entheogenic experience itself not a physical person and in fact thi ologists and religious hertz still today are debate constantly whether or jesus and these characters were historical there's lot of evidence to suggest that they are in fact myths just like zeus or any of the greek god's air or you know any the hindu gods or any other gods so but you know when you live in your own religion and you have your own beliefs you tend to take them on is real historical characters but showed him my first book astrotheology in theology and shamanism when you compare all of these different religions that hold beliefs like sun worship and moon worship in these things as well as psychedelics and they all start to tie together when you look at there are similarities through
fertility rituals through psychedelic use and through sun and star and moon worship you know like i said earlier i published a for century text from father phineas where he said they're talking about how the birth of g this coincides exactly with the birth of the sun and everything and then he says but uh of those other pagan religions they're not the real one were the real one and his it was actually censored for one thousand years by the church until another older copy of it later found and published in the eighteen fifties so they church literally tried to suppress one of their own guys tax talking about this stuff well i would assume that if you if you look at all this religious art work that has all these mushroom symbols and i mean we're talking about doorway openings right like the the shape of door we'll
things in jack's character when he was about to write the the sure what's real quick open a pastor theologian shamanism and shown some of the door was we can't let's let's not suggest to just audio because like i said the majority the vast majority of the people to get this podcast get it just the yeah that's right all right but the id's and want my point was do you think about how it went down was that all of this knowledge and information about psychedelics was kept from the common person was it like only with the powers of the church was it it was it was kept with it was kept for the elite those who basically had the knowledge of the trivium and quadrivium are and studied the seven liberal arts they were considered better than the masses the masses dead the dead as they're also known or the profane right and so the elites in the educated would hold this information for themselves the trivium quadrivium the psychedelics the history of philosophy
actually there is also that a lot of people don't know about is there was this ancient conversation it's too five hundred years old it's still going on and it's called it was all the great conversation but it's found in a series of books called the great books of the western world and leading thinkers and leading experts every generation add on to this great conversation and it's still going on today it goes all the way from socrates to today and right now it's like fifty four or fifty nine volumes or something like that it's like a ten year undertake but any real expert in the ancient knowledge or in philosophy or anything like that is studied this this great conversation or has participated in it and so there's all of these different levels of knowledge the trivium and quadrivium is the foundation to the great books western world so you have to have firm understanding of this information like this is related to the religions as well but just to give
a very quick synopsis the trivium spez quickly in this order is grammar logic and rhetoric and teaches you how to think and how to learn not what to think and quadrivium is math geometry music and astronomy specifically in that order math number in math is number math geometry is number in space because number in time in astronomy is number in music in time and then so when you have this foundation his number in music and number eight number in space and time music is number in time astronomy is number in space and time okay this is using sorry about that thank you so this but the fire is higher than me i need a calculator but they what they do is you know up until the 1850s everybody in their schooling was taught the trivium and quadrivium so then if you wanted to go on to this higher level of education in the great books
western world you could participate but all of the old great thinkers were were in on it basically so all the old great thinkers were in on mushrooms but no well not necessarily in on the mushrooms they were in on the great conversation but there are aspects you know in my research and in some of these documents here through some of the club it's very clear that that many members of the elite like let's say the own time life magazine the head of the cia which financiers like oppenheimer or walter lipman or or frank asphalt these guys geek boner right now right all of these guys were in on this top knowledge and they were sharing this information at the top levels i can actually you know i have documentation from that actually these are from university like from the cfr archives at princeton university and things like that so i can show you from
their own archive so in their archives they talk about mushrooms they talk about psychedelic drugs key the key players involved like especially gordon wasson gordon wasson was involved in all levels of us intelligence and he is the guy who in nineteen fifty seven brought the story about magic mushrooms and light in life magazine magazine right and very famous art right so gorilla i opening gordon wasson was a chairman for the council on foreign relations henry luce at time life magazine he skull and bones but he was also working with with more and what's in it and this is what i want to see if this is what i wanted to avoid because just whenever i talk to young he has to go so deep well the conspiracy about it i'm sure it's all really i'm sure it's all real time i shouldn't say conspiracy he conspired they conspire to
something in the well i have the document i'd earlier in the day either it's not interesting to me what's interesting to me is how this all what about those in our audience first might be done to that's why i need to get you where too far you go too far you go too far down to this guy that guy i gotta take notes on names yeah i don't know like honestly to me it's like you start thing all these names and stuff and i'm so confused because i do i need to try to take it from an entertainer knows his audience he drawn the wrong way to go with the subject from the veterans and because it's a fascinating subject the idea that all religious experience come from psychedelic experiences it totally complete make sense the connection between this amanita muscaria mushroom the relationship that has to christmas trees you know that you know is a michael reiser relationship with the christmas chain it grows under him all these things these this is no one knows about this this is all for some reason has been kept out of
the public school systems kept out of universities no noise talk was hauled out it's all been kept from but you know there's there's something importation system isn't designed to to make you and tell for your mind it's designed to make you a good soldier good right but is it okay but forget about that is there a single course in any accredited university anywhere in the world where they go into depth about the history of psychedelic use i would say yes you know an anthropology especially but proof tom roberts at the university of illinois has been teaching the this running psychedelic scores since the 1980s and what is he talking about he that's not gonna researchers well yeah he's also a major archiver of psychedelic information and things like that is it going to death about like the history of its use like john marco allegro dead right yeah and people are allowed to you know study you know with the he it allows is people in his class to choose a book in the whole you know there's like four five hundred books on psychedelic
studies on from all different directions out there any lets them them go out and research these and right words on him and things like that as part of the class so that's interesting i wonder how if he gets talked to by anybody at any point in time you know they have to make sure that he doesn't encourage the use of these and that it has to go through that i'm sure they make it would you think obvious but i interviewed him on my podcast for those who don't know gnostic media dot com but not g n o s t i c media dot com but he is very open about his own psychedelic use my show really well you know i've i've interviewed more than sixty the doctors and professors and leading experts in psychedelic studies on my show from stand who's one of the leading expert the leading expert on lsd and a bunch of other people and they're very straight about their own personal use i think there's been one doctor that
we've had on deborah mash at the university of miami who and she's never tried the drugs that she researches that's interesting strassman's kind of he doesn't really talk about it that much does e not too much but you know he and i have talked about a little bit on the side before but he's not too public about anything well if you don't know strassman is the guy who wrote the book dmt the spirit molecule which is an amazing book one of the more recent probably the most recent stuff the of of ah of psychedelic drugs that was approved by the federal government and he shot these people up but gmt and they had these fucking incredible visions and incredible stories like really intense book and very fast ending but him talk about too much but he did tell me about these crazy people that have a loophole in new mexico only just got away with doing this currently they do just one during the supreme with the with the supreme court you know that the people i'm talking about the church then the drink that
uh huh i was going they call it ho oscar though you know it but it is empty an orally active deals right well you know it's ranked waska ayawaska there's a few different names for it but there saying would you recommend what was it is a site that i am a was it's i think that's and i think that's a name and they where they wear uniforms and they all like break like she's super powerful i want and then so sing songs about jesus right yeah the santa dime a church they won the right to practice up in oregon two years ago and that install is another ayawaska church that operates in the united states and they've had approval for about five or ten years incredible is that right that's why you have the native american church you have the native american church way ha native american church is the only one only native american church that allows non natives practice and they practice peyote e mushrooms they pretty much do the whole thing there yeah and non natives are allowed non natives are allowed in the opava way how branch and that's run by james
one flaming eagle mooney flying eagle sir if you're out there college boy let's make something happen i'm talking about like a yearly thing holla such a boy we could do it legal legal alright the desert when you think about it almost all religions if you go back far enough they were using psychedelics it wasn't just the native americans of the south americans used you know ayawaska or you know it was just brown cultures it was the white cultures too know in genesis rachel and leah are arguing over who gets the mandrakes to have sex with rachel's husband this is rick mandrake is a is a psychedelic as well as an aphrodisiac it's it's just go home and family plans and right hand found your drug right you know in in the in the in the song of solomon to it in the song of solomon it discusses mandrake there as well
well and there's been a number of people myself jack here that we both knew and clock heinrich of all argued that the entire story and song of solomon is actually a a see a psychedelic story if you look at it if the characters are put in context of drugs and red mushrooms with white spot something suddenly the story makes a lot more sense here's an example and it is on the same subject all it doesn't feel that would be of you know how we were talking earlier about being able to feel if someone's weird feel someone's crazy first first time i was introduced this subject was the first time i met yang yang over jack harris place and care was showing me all these photos which i hope are still around i hope somebody got those he had these incredible photos of artwork where show naked people the under all and stuff like that they were under a mushroom they had like a transparent mushroom when they were naked in ecstasy dancing right muscle clearly showing these people under the effect of this psychedelic drug
so it's me and it's yan'an it's jack and it's jack's friend and man jack spend all my alarms are going off i'm like this guy is just fucking weird man like this guy is bring me out yeah you know i'd like the way talks i don't like the way he interacts with me among comfortable it's close to may i'm like how are these people around this guy i'm like this guy's just a and i'm just not picking up any of this and you know it's funny is like what it must have been like six months later i called you up i'm driving down the freeway one day and i called you up like dude you know that guy it was a jack's house that day as well he did the bus is all in joe interrupts me he said he was a pedophile and i went oh my fucking god how did you know and he's all i just knew dude right i got arrested for being serious yeah the guy got arrested for pedophilia and killed himself in jail or supposedly oh no he did did he set up this whole thing though he set up this whole literat little rituelen when he sent a letter to my friend about the whole ritual that he was doing i mean it was all like
what time with with the eclipse and all this and with the pope with pope john paul's burial it was like is populated with two thousand and five or some shit i know you think he was no i don't know i just knew i knew i wanted to kill him when you're around certain people you want to kill him that's not good that's when you feel like you just feel like is a dangerous animal that's near me why am i allowing this thing to be near me ok i don't you know like i said i don't claim to be perfect at this that rafael tori guy totally slipped through my radar mostly 'cause i was stoned as fuck when i was ever else hanging around with them maybe it was that maybe it was just two well but we were still in his fuck that day at jack harris household places in typing shit good point whatever was bothering to hip movement just set me off because it was so uncomfortable this is the first time was meeting jack and it was really if you don't know who jack herer is jack herer wrote the book the emperor was sank you rest in peace jack
he wrote a book called the emperor wears no clothes and it's a brilliant book where it really breaks down everything that the whole history of stem from marijuana medical marijuana and actually our friend todd mccormick has re released this and it's right right now they've they put a new addition you know do you guys have a new addition i i haven't even todd moved up north and i haven't gotten the no no i don't have a new when i so i have the old one but right my library which inside the house it's like he's got like twelve autographed copies from every edition from jacket yeah he was a guy who it's really fascinating story he was goldwater republican a real man's man it was in the military and this guy gay divorce and he made some woman and you know i want to get laid so it gets high with her now all of a sudden he like realizes the benefits of marijuana and then he gets angry and realizes holy shit like we're being
dover and lying to like this stuff is great yeah dedicates his life to letting people know how he made him out early in the father of the hit movement and yeah so he he actually brought industrial him back to like fifty count that's not him not the guy in the middle the older guy next to him no no i mean that's no no no no i have photos of the child molester guy i have a photo of all of us to get all of it yeah all of us together you me jack in the dead child molester and i knew when you called me up i just knew it sounds but i mean it could have been just a great gas and i'm all cocky like you called i knew it but i knew when i was around there was something wrong with them i anew so obvious to me i was like how are these mother hanging out with this guy every now and then like if that's the danger that you run if you ever decide to have a party you know one buddy will bring this one dude that's like completely insane and you like how do you not know this guys i've seen you know
the people that like hang out with one person who is completely off the charts crazy and they just accept it probably 'cause they grew up with him or something right yeah if you're having a party that mother fucker over crashing and that's what that guy was with that guy also besides being a complete fucking nut in a psychopath and a child molester he also was like really fascinated by the idea of santa claus being the aminah scary and mushroom people history that mushroom right people don't know santa claus is red and white the aminata muscaria mushroom was written why claus lives in siberia in the north pole the avenida my scary a mushroom that it's used by the shop reindeers favorite food is the money to miss carrie a mushroom reindeer caribou kids with caribou is and caress that's what they love to eat and they literally will eat your pets if your pee if you step outside of a shaman launch when you fuck it up in these mushrooms and you piss in the snow they will not over to eat your piss for those you know what i should mention for those interested they can go on my gnostic media website and that's
e n o s t a c media's dot com and click on the on the link up at the top for the former credit can position dvd they can watch my whole dvd right there on the website and it's got some adderall before you do the right one year right now too you got it got it got all the history of santa claus and christmas and and he's a person in there so people can check that out of the license there's so much information it's so much information and sell it out a world i don't know after all is one of those eighty drugs makes you retain everything already adderall supposedly is the best if you ever want to work make this august yes i cocaine yeah my friend rest a soul robert schimmel he he told me once that someone else like in his family something was on the adderall and he accidentally take took it thought it was something else and freaked out accidentally had no he did it completely because he had a heart attack before and you know he had he had some serious problems some health issues he had cancer i'm sorry we didn't have to get cancer you know he wouldn't be fucking with something as crazy as adderall if you didn't know what it was but he
but he accidentally took it he called his doctor doctor said don't worry about it you're going be fine you just you know you'll just be under the effects of it for the next the next ten hours or so whatever the fuck this and he said he went on a cleaning rampage he said he cleaned everything organized all of his notes got all of his material together he said i've never been more focused on my life it's not like i the deficit disorder and stuff like that and so it that's i'm recommending at wrong because sugar and corn syrup and red food coloring and i'm sure it's caused by a lot of things but you know in nutritional deficiencies are responsible for it a horde of diseases so many of us just don't eat you know they don't we don't eat taken vitamins we don't eat vegetables people asking me about this because i talked about on the podcast about this vita mixed blender fucking thing that i got i don't know the name of because i'm just sitting right here i forgot but what is a blender for it takes these fruits and vegetables and just mashes 'em down like almost like their pre digested and that's the idea that instead of juice whereas take
in juice you're squeezing all the liquid out of it and you get a lot of minerals and nutrients and everything like that but also get out much is when you chop it up and blend it so you child kevin james been on this for the last year or so and she's lost like i told you like eighty something pounds me looks fucking fantastic and he swears by the shit so what i've been eating is to scale cucumbers pairs an and raw with our ginger throw it all together in that thing where doesn't taste that good but god ever heard of cell sally fallon's book nourishing traditions no no that's that's a really good one too she argues that the whole sad what animal fats care is a complete myth and she's got a lot of documentation to back it up a lot of people think that animal fat is actually very good for you well she she proves that that there was a good scandal with the oil companies to cover up that animal fats are oil company oil companies because they were selling these new newly in
the vegetable oils which were around except for all of oil and maybe help point you don't have vegetable oils on the market before the nineteen twenties so even if even shows that you can you can parallel the the expo have heart disease and cancer in the united states exactly with the use of vegetable oils watt that is a fucking and she's got this really good video that you can get it off of amazon called the oiling of america but it's a really slow going video and she showing all the documentation on the screen it will blow your mind my friend steve maxwell's is master fitness guy trainer guy this is incredible dude but he knows everything about health and nutrition and exercises and he said that lack of animal fat is the reason why some people can get skin cancer well our body can't like you like like a certain amount of cholesterol certain amount of like weather you need based combination of things in your body basically
what causes the heart attacks heart disease and all of that shit is oils and carbohydrates especially processed carbos if you get rid of those things out of your diet heart disease obesity all that shit starts to clear up you know certainly each year touchables and things but she says that you know what a lot of people do so go out and they'll eat a salad and then they'll pour salad dressing all over it which is these processed vegetable oils instead of all of killer butter is basically all you want to use on a salad any of these other new fee build oils don't eat that shit at all so just what would happen is we need to your body's has a hard time process yeah your body how that's what all this this transplant scare and what they also do is yeah they're allowed to actually put a half a gram or anything less than a gram of trans fat on any package is today is still able to zero transfats even though we put in it yet will do do you ever have salad farts sound farts are the most uncomfortable farts ever not vegetable for it salad for its 'cause that god damn salad dressing along
with all that yeah i usually only use hemp oil or olive oil and basalmic vinegar on my salad you put hemp oil on your salad all credibility stuff sometimes you just gotta stop with some fucking strawberries on there in college pretty delicious it's very naughty it taste like very similar to olive oil true story you have a jerk off with him boil no now it's out of fuck it man when i try it it may be jerk off with that stuff that actually gets you high that shit that they sell at the little droppers they sell it to medical marijuana places jerk off to that 'cause it's gone again you're saying that's very thin skin dick would be stoned as fuck that's funny would be probably pretty good the quincy it's impossible dumb people put like cocaine on girls clips and stuff like that yeah we do but i you put on your pop up that girls as a we talk about that i forgot all about that the hotel in the elevator i will i get it out is that a dealer dealing ones to doing cocaine
in the elevator there's this girl just had a little mirror out just fucking like didn't care i walked in the elevator high vegas what happens in vegas stays in vegas you the financial analyst is there just looking you your rat and i grow out background is going to become they're going to invade that place good going to look for fucking cocaine you're going to ruin the whole party brian why because you didn't stay at the four seasons and no fuck up good because you should not pay if i wanted to sleep at that hotel impossible you should not sell that as a hotel you just sell that as an hour release you sound like some delusional bitch that i wish you could see listen to me you sound like a delusional bitch that goes to a massage parlor where they give out handjobs and you didn't know it was a massage parlor where they give out handjobs and you leave and you call the cops you like what the fuck i just not a regular massage i paid for red where's my regulars hot she massage me for just like five minutes and she judged jerking me off now
that i mean do you think every hotel the like that you know night it's not every hotel bro it's the hotel everybody else how do i know the local you we know now i just like when you go to your manager i'm just saying if you were on yelp and you type in tell that thing has like three and a half stars and go hey that looks like a nice hotels and they have stars from people who work there pack he no was planted i didn't know it was a fucking sex hotel now i know now well don't complain now give me my money back when he goes oh no no bitch no you had to learn you had to pay to learn on now that you know if you're looking for that if you ever looking for a hotel do ecstasy and viagra and just start fucking a bunch of red now you know the spot you know the spot where people get their freak on just like if you go to a massage parlor and they rub your feet and then start sucking your dick you know that's a different kind of massage baller alright don't be hating brian
hotel we don't give out the name if if yelp or if you if the people at yelp listening please give me my yelp elite status back don't have the right to resume i would say my friend and i say ignore his requests what do you do it's ridiculous aiden right nathan hale yeah it's total party i would have seen it like i would never cedar mcwilliams for todd mccormick you will ever see joe turn around and go to another hotel yeah because you can get two man just going to bite the bullet jump down yeah fuck that in the ass how rude dude that's all i have video how roots in kota hotel it so i'm saying another guy we hung out with this weekend was george sulu sucralose sucralose georgia to close the guy from aliens fast in kathmandu is awesome he is great we had a great fucking time it he was way cooler than i could have imagined both him and anthony bourdain way coolers are i going imagine giorgio came stage with us i don't
i say he smoke some weed but he smokes and we had had a great time we hung out mean me and that dude like right away clicked instantly you know he makes some fantastical claims on that show but you know you to him in real life he married to anything he's not married to any thought you know we discussed aliens we discussed possibilities he's it's just a possibility and there's another possibility is not and he's not married to any of any super cool and a really nice guy he comes off liked him on the show i like that wacky i would be like this wacky mother fuckers like saying all kinds of crazy shit but sometimes he would annoy me i'm going to be honest like you said like like maybe atlantis was a spaceship and took off you know maybe my dick is a helicopter and i'll fly to mars like what the fuck are you talking about maybe santa claus is a much less arguing arbitrary but you don't have any evidence for it you just completely dismiss it it's nonsense but it's a show that's what he's doing he's doing tv
and when you're doing a tv show look you know i could tell you right off the bat there's some shit that you say that kind of move the show along you know and there's some shitty say may maybe what if maybe you want to hear something crazy i'll give you some crazy shit you want to sound bite give you sound by maybe and you know you might not even believe that maybe what you say it anyway but in real life talking in real real life he's cool as great hair to his fucking there's all crazy it's like some crazy peacock thing he she fucking owns it dude he owns it he loves it he is crazy beads on and shit yeah very nice jeans he's going to be on the show july twenty seven this weekend it's going to be me a k flavor aka jody's at the irvine improv that is friday saturday and sunday you dirty dirty orange county bitches and this going to be uh it's almost sold out on friday and saturday already and then today is the tenth is the last day we're doing it so it should be a lot of fun you know
that's an awesome club irvine is a place it's a great place to do stand up i love that little club that whole area down there before yeah that area nice is like a nice little oasis of cool shit to do dinner like a ferris wheel at one of the ferris wheel i don't think it is a ferris wheel there's one with a fairer yeah there's a first real there yeah there is in irvine yeah there was even a place out back to smoke out yeah yeah well that's right we gotta have that you're going to have a god damn comedy show yeah i got a little nervous that anthony bourdain was in the audience and i was worried if i was too high so companies that have had three head shit i'm skiing right now 'cause when you have three hits you for as long i know that i've gone over my material and i know that i've been performing a lot and i know them in the group i can just go out there and ski skiing means you ever watch videos were a dude gets dropped on top of a mountain on the helicopter and then the sugar cane and then he going down that mountain at some uncharted territory and you know this guy fucking hits a rock the wrong way he is done
or the avalanche coming down right behind yeah the avalanche lineup and you know there's no way he can stop you cannot control this he's going way too fast that's how you but when you get three hits in so you don't know what the fuck you're doing when you on stage that high you gotta be prepared but fortunately i was fortunately i was completely comfortable in the groove these comedy shows have gotten eight percent better in the last year and a half and it's because the podcast it's one hundred percent because the podcast i ask people page how many guys listed the podcast the place went fucking crazy it was all of them it was th one thousand eight hundred people that were there that it's nuts mad they're all polite and friendly like it used to be like you have to battle just to get ground on stage and now joey and ari and doug benson one on stage all three of them got huge round of applause everybody was psyched to see ari joey was psyched to see doug it's just amazing thing now it's it's different
even in that place is so huge that where the lion king is like you have a huge fucking show is usually there now yeah i know we packed it just talking it's regulus comedy is a strange thing but the it's still my favorite thing to watch man you know i thought about staying an extra day i was going until sunday because because bill burr and jim norton and jim breuer and dave attell or all doing a show together at the palm and i for a minute i was thinking fly out mrs rogan for the day and will go to see a comedy show like maybe she would be into that and i'm like yeah we get the fuck home no i change my mind but i do love stand up so much that i almost stayed an extra day to watch this show 'cause i went out to dinner saturday night with jim norton bill burr and my friend justin from the actual report and russell peters are there and so we're all sitting around and kenny club soda candy we're all sitting around shooting the shit and they were telling me about jim brewers new bit and jim breuer apparently has
closer that is just insane so about him his dad taking a ship and they were all talking about like how this thing builds up in his dad shit in the car is dead like an older guy and apparently it's the funniest fucking better and they were and i was like you're going to doing comedy now right right yeah if you call that no he's doing well is that he did what he did well in front of large audiences ice house thursday brian went on in front of i mean one of the first times ever got to do colony all right this is this is got you know this took matt balls this was way before the podcast the audience was all meatheads it was a ufc audience in atlanta and it was a midnight show it was a midnight fucking show and brian goes on in the middle of the fucking show it kills you me and you pulled yourself out of the fire because you started bombing and then you hold yourself out the fire and then at the end you ended like really strong and that was the first time we did comedy in like years and years six years really
yeah but him up bunch times to answer up in austin texas info to sold out crowds and you know it's interesting like you your introduction to comedy is one thousand percent different than the average person's introductions chico it's shut down down now cheated on two ways one because everybody knows who you are before you can go on stage because they know you from the podcast now and they know you all the videos that you made you know if you ever watch the carlos mencia video that was brian's work and all these all these videos called death squad videos are all brian's work and so they already know who you are and you're an open mic are basically you know you just starting out and you i still know who you are then i'll clapping and cheering to watch you practice out your new jokes yeah kind of suck as i see there's more a little bit more pressure because now people know who i am and now i'm getting thrown up in front of sold out shows i actually have to act somewhat like i fit in you know
you do you just do it just relax you smoke some weed before you go into that idea i found brian has thio uh you could go on and i'm not dissing you in any way i'm just being honest you could go so and work with a coach it would help you learn how to speak clear i figured it out it's it's got a hundred percent marijuana it does not working when i get stoned my hearing goes is no more when i kiss to my brain goes into overdrive i'm thinking a thousand things at once like i'm almost like trying to figure out the red of his own mind ever so you don't need to learn how to manage it with your mouse yeah but when i'm on stage my bike is in my memory that's everywhere there might might nervous you know i just got it you just gotta do it more exactly go do it twenty or thirty times and get over that and then it'll kick in yeah i i found but i just found that you know i'd rather not i'd rather
go out with like a drink in me and i'm good no try to get me to go onto the page what about six years ago and i chickened out yeah he checked it now i try to get everybody to do it smart i think someone smart and look if you're smart you could figure out comedy if you're smart and nice and you make your friends laugh you could figure out colonie and easy but god damn if you could do it greatest job in the history of the world i constantly trying to recruit people to try standup comedy i ran into some fucking seventeen year old kid in vegas i talked for twenty minutes 'cause his friend with and while doing stand up comedy and were asking me for advice and i so i i'm not doing anything doing anything i'll tell you everything i know this is what you gotta do you gotta write like fucking crazy you gotta go up every time you can you gotta listen your own shit go back and listen to records be honest if a bit is bombing try it differently and if eventually gonna have to give up on that bitch and move on constantly keep right like we went on this long thing i go put yourself in positions where you know some weird shit might go down that's a good way to write material you got to think that way you got to be a professional party animal you know for real like the gray comics ever the richard pryor's and sam kinison's they were out there getting shit done
all right it wasn't just going on stage and talk and they were living a crazy life too that's part of the program to and know it doesn't mean abusive doesn't mean what they did but it means try out over again the fifteen it tonight miles an hour and get my head on yeah i mean that's why i'm colorado is one of the reasons that's want to get away i knew that i was gonna get some material on that are you going to do things like that so i i dog i'm a huge supporter stand up come naturally it ever i try to get take to do it i got you to do it while you did done it before but i got you know i've gotten a couple of peep do i got any bravo do it is nobody sticks with the the thing is is that it's definitely i think something you have to start when they're younger and you have to make that your career and i think all these people that you had try it yeah they had something going there were doing it as for fun on the side kind of like what i do but they're not they don't want that as a job because because that's really risky to do your first tests us to do it we were all young yeah fuck now
writers on the stone have you ever driven home from vegas and seen that that abandoned water slide a muse no yeah hi there what the hell was that link to lawrence yes what it was yeah we were going to break into it and it's like walk around with some cameras and stuff on the way home but we're the traffic was so bad so we decided not to so if there's this wikipedia page all about it and it's so amazing the history of that amusement park like in the fifties and these is this businessman bought it and you just put is water slide amusement park in the middle of the mojave desert i think it is or something like that in the middle of the desert and there's this huge waterpark knows 50s theme so it was like very like 50s music and 60s music and stuff like that and it just you know it was me
of dollars in the desert i remember in like the late seventies and eighties all the time on tv you would see like doris commercials and then after that you know you know they would say it's on i i fifteen but they didn't tell you is three hours from here yeah yeah and so i'll people were re bodied and renamed it things every ten years it would close and clothes for like five years and somebody else would re buying try for a year and i wanna go bankrupt and now somebody else is just a bit just bought it again is trying it again and they're like this whole you to page a website all about them like restoring it and stuff like that it is the dumbest idea ever like people are fucking retarded who is going to go to the middle of a desert to go to something that people are you know see what uh i guess for them like they're planning on that business when you have the
little car accident it shuts down the whole fucking right well let's go to the waterpark stockcars into their own the lay down some fucking nail strips man i've been out here on memorial day weekend out in vegas and it's late was like twelve eighteen hours getting across freeway man well fourteen hours really was that it was about ten miles an hour most away imagine if you had a clutch oh oh it took me six hours yesterday driving a standard and that kind of traffic will drive you fucking insane yeah six hours i really never expanded that huge she went back you got caught going back i going back i i didn't think i'd gone there you an easy right easy three hours and fifteen minutes for an amazing raper fast way back i'm i'm we stayed in an extra day so i could set at the ninety show and then i didn't think of
lightweight everyone has monday off so they're probably going to they have probably have to work tuesday so everybody's to be driving back monday so i picked the worst to ever drive back from vegas it was only six hours you got off light yeah exactly leaving nine hundred am too i mean i left fucking early wow nine hundred am hours yeah you gotta go like four in the morning yeah you got to stay up you just gotta take those five hour energy drinks jenna haze did that to me like that just slightly less than what you get what it stroke just a lesson strokes dose and just ride that bitch just right when you start that's what all night foot to the fucking floor looking out for ponies both human and otherwise right that's a stretcher road man that's blvd boulevard
they're you know they're supposed to put a bullet train out there like ten years ago they think it's never sounded i think they're still doing it from citizen from santa monica to vegas or something that they have to come up long dollars to make that happen yeah you know and it's such a lawyer so i would you know it's been it's been but two lanes since the frickin 60s yeah it's ridiculous that the road is ridiculous this but you know what there's no one's gonna do anything different because the airline industry doesn't want to drive and you know the airline industry wants everybody you know flying as much as possible and then what going to spend the money to is vague and spend the money that you were talking about a lot of fucking money problems nobody else is going to want to like why would we do that how about you figure it out on your own fuck face ensure california has casinos as well so yeah it's probably put a damper on the whole but they don't really have casinos they do and they don't they're not full casinos you can't do everything at the casinos can't play slots and blackjack in poker you know i mean it's like you have like little restrictions like this one you can only do this these you only play cards casino yeah you might know
yes i like people been telling me this lately that the medical marijuana in vegas you can use your california license and they accept the california license and they do that in a couple of different states really yeah they told they do that in denver as well i don't know that you know that's the first i heard yeah todd would todd or chris conrad would i guess yeah you would have to be different things state by state you know but they uh took it when we were in vancouver where they excepted are california recommendations you need one in vancouver because last time i was up there there was blood brothers and stuff you could just bc british columbia not vancouver boston oh yeah you did there was pharmacies now they have dispensaries in vancouver bc nice yeah set it up just like california but california is that the at the front
the front there's nowhere will like this anywhere on the planet well you know and right now amsterdam is shutting everything down so i guess we're all that business is going to start coming it's either going to be here it's going to be vancouver bc the fuck is amsterdam thinking that's the dumbest shit ever you guys are known for weed and you and and it's been legal for what thirty five years or something and now they're going to shut it down to only residents with the hell you know yeah what is that what it has made too many people tripping and fucking there's only about to get a little bit like ten but see how many people do dumb shit on alcohol every night alcohol is by far the worst drug out there in every study ever done but when you have you know frank's house and those people shrew ming like duncan does one person or a couple of people that dove off bridge and committed suicide on mushrooms in amsterdam and it's like you know how many free
people do that shit and i don alcohol in and you know holland alone well people are scared you know it's like oh my god they would have done it anyway it's way easier to ban things than it is to make things legal and we make it very easy to write things off and decide that you know like this without on behavior my go people without any studies whatsoever that are trying to outlaw salvia you know they're they're pulling it off in in various states in making it illegal and right is no research behind any this they just pulling it off yeah and all the stuff is a scare tactics you know it's like this kid did you know a couple of years ago there was this big scare back east this kid had done selvi a several months before i wrote it diary that he could see how half the shit in his life is complete bullshit he was starting to see through the big fucking lie out there and then they said you know money later they try to say oh well he committed suicide because of salvia even though he
not on salvi and he had done it months before you know it's that he no he certainly started seen how a lot of what the media and government and things like that tell you is bullshit until they come up with the suicide like saying you know ellis the you know somebody waking up from ellis do you like timothy leary and then years later they commit suicide it's because it was because the lst okay but you can clearly make some sort of a connection between some of those kids that got experimented on in harvard like ted kaczynski and shattuck behavior afterwards well sure there is a connection between really yeah you know i would love so i don't know what trips what they did to him i would really like to know what to do to to to to people don't know the unabomber ted kaczynski was a part of the harvard lsd studies and he was he was a professor of math up at berkeley this yes no dumb this was at his top scholar yeah he just completely lost his marbles drug presumably during these lsd experiments
maybe they expose something maybe they they broke such that documentary called about him that's a good question i don't remember oh so i've seen it yeah i forget just look up look the unabomber documentary i'm sure you'll find it but it's yeah it's it's about so something with the computer industry as well as thing yes yes well you know he it's really fascinating what he did when when is when us is a new one when your brother is the unibomber the net then that's exactly that's he he saved up all his money after these studies and worked as a professor of mathematics at berkeley and when he was working there he was just studying and saving up his money and trying to figure out what the fuck he was gonna d'oh when he moved to the wall and how he was going to attack techno yeah you know i would love to know who was in charge the study that he was in was a dick alpert was a tim leary what he did was absolutely horrible and what
did for sure that i should go to jail for it for sure he was absolutely insane for sure he was homicidal but the thought behind what he was saying was that technology is eventually going to kill us right well yeah we need to stop well basically what he was arguing was that they're using the technology to enslave everybody and too dumb us down and to control everything and he was trying to stop it because he started being the math professor murphy started seeing how the whole system worked and he wanted to shut it down right mean what we did was in these insane you know yet what killed shot yeah he people's life right you know he's he went about it you know he didn't use critical thinking properly run analysis of his solution but there's something to what he saying the idea technology eventually is going to overtake us is absolutely it's discussed in depth by thousands of scientists and futurists and the ray kurzweil my grand my grandfather your grandfather talks about that show hates technology says it's overtaking us
that all the time when i think anybody know we wanted our grandfathers an older guy grew up in a time where there was no phones and no nothing we put we put out a documentary last november called way you've been missing episode one the noble lie which goes into this whole use of technology to dumbass down so anybody wants to check that out i think it's a silly argument okay i i don't think a dumb this down i think there are dumber people than ever but it's it's outside it's because life has become easy for them that's easy become dump or check out and check out the how they're they're doing that they're using this the the b f skinner's ideas from the scanner box and how they controlled animals and things like that that use a lot edward bernays document we talk about well skin skinner box is a box that they would put pigeons and rats and things like that in and get him to do certain things for food or whatever on the stimuli and they've learned apply that stuff directly to computer games and two
purchasing in the grocery stores and thing like things like that but what does not ours and check out yet it's you know an hour and a half long documentary just in what you've been missing episode one check it out sometime what you've been messing episode one and it and then they can go to the gnostic media website and click on the videos thing there and it'll be right there okay ok and the what is the conclusion why all that there are certain people using marketing and advertising and computer technology to specifically to mind control people and it's very very simple to do is it mind control yeah it's like a giant control it at face value went once you see how it works it's just it's a real blade you accept the argument on the marketing as mind control they getting people to text rachel subjects the thing how mind control works is you know i mentioned this trivium thing earlier by people not having the trivium that's why
it enables marketing and public relations the political system the law system that we have today that's what enables it to work that stuff wouldn't be able to function that's why it doesn't work on any intelligent person i need no intelligent person watch is any nonsense propaganda on television and buys it immediately because you've the lady that certain amended may but if you'd like you know say if if you go out and you study logical fallacies for twenty minutes and then you go study commercials you'll see how every commercial is filled with logical fallacy so once you can i did fyi there's logical fallacies you begin to see how they're using these lies against you everywhere and then you just block him out what's the end game though in life well the end game is just to learn your own your own gain your own autonomy your own adulthood really is to see through the crap and and gain yourself back is it is important though to enjoy life right it is important to do this and to figure out how to enjoy life don't you think
oh i definitely see here let me let me put it to you this way in in a roman times they can see those who had studied the seven liberal arts is free and those who didn't were slaves the slaves were not allowed to study the seven liberal arts this trivia more quadrivium thing as soon as you got free of slavery that was the first thing you did was undertake a study of the seven liberal arts right so let's nobody in our society in the masses even has that education now so we to be considered in roman times the slave class okay when you see the word freedom literally which is what the word liberal is is from the latin word book liber and so and library liberty these lana me bro is this with this is web all of it is and this is where our girls out this is where freedom to come from me so when people learn this stuff this is how they got free so you know it's
difference of knowing that you're a slave who we are we heading i read i totally agree with you on this with it we were basically this is a very complicated way of saying that our education system sucks and possibly be set up that done your audience down too much bro sun coming down kind of filling in the voids here bring this show back to life the idea is good at one point in time p we're taught this stuff on a regular basis and now our education system is no longer a p it's been completely removed from people's education things that really is on purpose do you think that's it oh yeah there's evidence that it was done on purpose you know in fact i just saw an article by this woman kelly canada free press yesterday talking about the american freedom or the american rebellion from england was originally centered around the trivium in classical education so when people are in school today you know when when they come up
with some sort of a lesson plan for the year is there someone who is actually saying hey we don't want these people smarter let's like it down yeah and you can see there is not happening where is it alright if people want evidence so that they can study charlotte is our beats book to believe this prime hell and at well i i would suggest people study two people primarily john taylor gatto and he's written a very good book the america there's really underground history of underground history of american education for people that read and also charlotte is our beats book the dumbing down of america which uh she also has a lot of primary documents in her book on the reese commission and how they dictate let's say just check it out before you dismiss it let's say those two now one more time you're freaking people the fuck out people on twitter right now it is saying this is the most name drops anyone's ever had in a podcast please fuck
right this should somewhere i'm freaking out people trained on taylor gatto and charlotte is are but these are the last people's books were going to tell people to read 'cause otherwise i'm going to look like god damn university stethoscope will just go on my website i've got a video up on gato right on my website they can look at it there ok they'll now you how long you been into this this studying of psychedelic chemicals and you know the relationship between you know these these things and religions and you've been in this for a long ass time but how did you ever get into it to the point where this is how you make a living well see i've been in at least two thousand and twenty two years or so originally i got in at working with jack here on the california hemp initiative and he was the one who originally turned me on to john allegro's book sacred mushroom and the cross and i you know
what did you feel like when you first discovered this stuff i thought jack was going to be batshit crazy when he first told me about it the same when you when you met us and you thought we were completely crazy i didn't think he was crazy i thought first of all i had been exposed to a bunch of things that i never would have thought it existed before by that time so i was already open to the possibility like who the fuck knows i'm running pretty ignorant as to the way the universe really operates you know just started reading about quantum physics and you name like you start reading about things in super position where particles moving and not moving in one in one place and another at the same time like what the fuck is real and what's not and what is the observer so when the it tells you that he thinks that mushrooms you know probably shaped religion that's not even crazy where do you meet jack at a grateful dead concert or did actually my sister turned me on to his book when i was probably eighteen and then i met him at a hemp rally and december two one thousand and two i went to his house and we we hit it off and we were friends for
eighteen years and i was one of the people that helped bury him in april last let me ask you this because you you know on your show for sure you preach to the converted you know you have of really allow a big following of people who like me are are kind of pretty well versed in in this subject matter and and understand a lot about you know psychedelic drugs in the you know the relationship they've had to humanity for thousands and thousands of years but what about the average per once you run into like some regular square dude and he it was who was your role in a reversal is gonna get by your name young on looks like jan to me is his way spells at in an avian right only english pronounces jay is just so it's more like your yanni like you know if you have like johann or something like that as if i can blood in your past well i'm primarily danish welsh and scottish any viking in there any of those possibly who knows this is a viking
with the norway yeah the norse source the norseman right okay so no viking eric what number is squares do when you meet some regular dude like in your neck of the woods in your small town that you live in and he's so when you write about their young well like well i don't do that you know it's interesting i usually don't even talk about it in my neck of the woods i'm usually so busy with work and doing my show and you know to me two hours to answer all the e mails and i hear from people all the time to see my work online and holy should i just saw your work and it completely blew me away but you know i very rarely have people that come to in to say oh that's completely bat shit crazy how often do you communicate about what you do to someone who is completely uninitiated so what i'm trying to say is i've had some conversations before an one of them i had on a plane with a doctor right and he was a very intelligent guy and we say
down and you know he was just being real friendly and started off like fear factor questions and they will for somebody like that you know you start off with you know with with ancient primary sources and things like that because you know a doctor this is going to want to cut straight to the facts no bullshit so just getting this primary taxon listen listen given the iconography listen listen dude it's a social situation you having a drink with a guy in a plane breaking things down for me just talking shooting the shit's conversation and we broach the subject of first marijuana and then he was asking about that book dmt the spirit molecule right there sitting on my table you just mentioned another bug so you have this guy where you're talking to him so intelligent god it's like fifty years old that has no experience whatsoever in anything psychedelic when i started describing the experience and i started talking about then he started getting interested and they he started talking to me about it when he started writing things down and he started like taking notes on it and things that he wanted to investigate and he asked me you like where i could get the book
he knows it on the website can i get it on amazon you know somebody for something that might be easier for a guy like that would be like doctor roland griffiths work he's fucking name drop it again this cunt roland griffiths books or his study psilocybin a religious experience and the that was all over the news a couple years ago that the most recent one yeah it's very recent a friend is a less i've been in religious experience and what is his name again roland griffiths yeah it's i mean how many more books and come out about it before they start teaching and scribd mainstream well you know it what's interesting is is in december loma linda university medical center which is a seven day adventists to medical school one is considered one of the best in the world they had me come is that like a mormon seven no it's not mormons but seventh day what is what seventh well there is a christian group but anyway they worship on saturday and instead of sunday worship on the sabbath basically
so this school had me come into their pharmacy department and give a two hour lecture on the history of the medical and spiritual applications of psychedelic drugs well what was that like you get a lot of heavy checks of the show i want to get a piece of that author this is dan with you man we just have i have so thoughts are so similar to yours real freaky muscular unfortunately that i must get a live look the class was those who were allowed to participate with the top of the class so they couldn't you know they were there are no anybody who thought that they thought was going to deviate from the norm of society were even allowed to attend the lecture wow huh do you get psychedelic groupies the girls who like interested like really into other colors spend some your yours is a beautiful aura he's got the same
i see you in your documentaries have lte connection on the farmer cratic inquisition i was never in the documentary but they can see me in the one that you and i were an american drug war yeah that was a long ass time ago right did they one thousand in seven using your footage in that yeah they use like fifteen seconds or thirty seconds or something of it it's and then kevin bruce he was going to use a lot more of that later on but i guess never never went back to it it's what i was saying is what i was trying to address by asking you what it's like when you talk to a regular people that don't have any experience in this it's a very weird subject to broach all of it the the use of psychedelic drugs as anything more than a party for her but you know what's interesting is his last april up in san jose there's a group called maps the multi disciplinary association for psychedelic studies they hold a huge conference it was the first one like thirty five or forty years but there was eight or nine hundred doctors and professors there at this conference in the
whole thing was about the latest research in psychedelics and it's a regular basis right this is where they planning there are different ones but this was the first and the large this is a national one instead of regionals is that it this one was it was large where they it was like spread out over three days almost a hundred prisoners you know literally people come flying in from all over the world medical professionals from all over the world experts and psychedelics presenting on just everything so i mean you know the the the this psychedelic craze and fear of the sixties is pretty much over becoming a lot more in tune with the academic side and with real knowledge about psychedelics instead of just the fear that was put out by the mass media for the last forty years so you really think there's a shift you really think things are actually changing yeah well there was a reason just in the last six or eight months i think maybe it was october last year ecstasy
mdma was was approved for treating ptsd and military professionals and others pilot study ribbon is a highly treatment studies happening in in colorado how often is that happening or the others that are actually giving mdma to people who are just real is using in its there's a couple of other different places that are already using it for the treatment of ptsd right but is that actually happening in in america yes it's happening in colorado right now it's it's already been approved for use and the one thing approved for use in almost every other country in the world is the bogo up from the from i have a gain in the treatment of alcoholism and heroin and opium addiction and that's got like in ninety two percent success rate but unfortunately the united states is one of the only countries in the world where were drug addiction treatment is illegal with with ibogaine
and i ayawaska is also been shown to be very effective in the treatment of alcoholism and opiate addiction yeah were held captive were held captive by car politicians so sure got tons yeah you know from special interest groups and and that's what's wrong with it yeah i don't want to and drop any names of people can people are if there's any addicts out there that want more information contact me through my website you can find i begin research places in mexico where they have i'm sure canada or pretty much anywhere in europe i didn't know that in canada but i know a buddy who was gone to mexico several times to do it and he said that it's a change his entire life change the way it looks at everything they made him see him for who he really is an abandon all his false patterns david that he had gotten stuck with and all the false connections that he had made in his mind that were constantly tripping him up yeah ibogaine actually blocks the the opiates ability to trigger those receptors in your body so you come down from this twelve or twenty four hour trip in
literally not addicted anymore it cuts that addiction off and uh and at the same time it's like you know in a when you have to have the life review it forces that life review in that long trip not only do you get the life review but at the end of the trip it blocks you from being addicted anymore so sane like it's designed to cure you of any wrong additions yeah it's it's extremely powerful psychedelic it's been used by the weedy in africa for thousands of years and yet illegal hand it's illegal in luxurious house in the nineteen seventy classification that that whole ruling that made all those different psychedelic drugs yeah there's was it just lumped into there's i'm i just i'm sure probably was what's amazing is the ones that didn't get locked in there and they didn't know about like five mess oxy dmt right which is the most powerful secular look on earth and there is a church operating in the united states called towed to you a d other
operates using five methoxy dimethyltryptamine and this may or may not have happened it might be fiction but time ago maybe me and euan did some of that shit maybe uh maybe we learned a lot uh we talked about it online maybe we bought online easy don't do d m t with any bravo yeah eddie is he's grown as a man since then although now he's wearing me with his love for bunnies but it's the best thing that could ever happen to me i think it's channeling is ready to have a child and so now he's like really into bunnies loving loving small things in fact that eddie we can make me almost cry now is an amazing amount of money no like you just when we had him on that last part casio stainless on his sign and everything i'd like to him this is a a softer side of sears yeah and
he shut down on us and the conversation was like just plug and ended it hit a wall and just dropped off and then eddie saturday with the sad face and brian was half asleep so i'm like hey is anybody out there was like like that fucking show with the guys on the radio trying talk to the past is in the movie contact member she tried to call it a satis moment of all time a little girl trying to call her dad yeah she almost got to him he couldn't get the medicine to him so what i was trying to get at is do you or have any interaction with regular people who just think you're fucking crazy for studying this stuff do you turn off you turn off occasionally you'll have the person who's never looked at any of the research evidence call up when i'll do a radio interview or something all freaked out about it but you know they are telling people to do drugs and i think what you're doing is wrong yeah you got young arpad i mean you
be mantra me and johnny rotten gave you d m t and look what happened after that you know yeah yeah johnny rotten was on the podcast once we talked about it about psychedelic grambling changes the whole world because if you go through that and you your world doesn't change well then man you must have known something already you must have we know you must be the smartest in the world how can you not improve radically multistate consciousness mckenna had the best description of it and his his description was that he looked at your culture as an operating system and he said there the year is only one way to abandon this operating system you have to take something a program that the that sort of re program japanese right and you could do it in the in the you know the name out all these different psychedelic compounds when he said or you could do it in dm t form which is like a compressed you know fifteen minute form you know it's like taking shannon ship file
unzipping it into your hard drive home you gotta change two terabytes of new information that flying in it was not something that everybody should do i think some people have a hard time with regular life i think some people have a hard time with just fucking getting through and it could be a whole host of things wrong with think most largely because of conditioning in in in the first place so any so it's not in this catch twenty two blue it could be medical it could be a lot of other things are some people that have issues like just holding on to regular reality so i'm not suggesting that everybody do it but i'm suggesting that we should be able to go places and try it if you're a fucking regular person and you got your shit together and you know you you're curious about expanding your mind in your consciousness with these experiences there should be a place where we could go where the government fucking make sure the stuff is pure they get taxes from it everybody
office and the society profits because you're gonna have a better government though man i mean it really needs to go back to just being free you know it should be okay that would be nice but why not have it where you can make money off of it and actually is a contributing member to society okay because i mean if you're gonna add so in it did you know he won a gold coins and and making him and here's a basket can i have some eggs you know i mean i we can go back to bartering things but in the mean time we need god damn government you know we need now i'm saying i don't know i'm not sure about that there is something that the government out there there is a mythical we need some structure we need to be able to call the cops we need someone who's going to fucking fix the roads roads we need some shit the same we don't get to make help us make it with the problem is when they say we don't need any organization is kind of silly well you have to say i don't know
get a given name call out here but i don't check out a hundred million people man you need go to my podcast and check out this show called the myth of government that i did a few weeks ago let's talk about farts no shop right shut up i just i think you know brands got to keep it as shallow as possible in there that's right yeah that's what he's here for for real let's not get deep at all let's keep pretty deep dude that's deeper than most people we can't get scholarly we can't we can't go drop in one thousand names just too confusing for all the stoners are in the car right now but i'm trying to fuck and absorb this man but the books names are important so the number one book from john marco allegro is called the sacred mushroom in across and that is the one we talked about earlier and jan's two books that he's published are
what was the mushroom on the holy moly mushrooms most recent one and then the one before that is astrotheology in shamanism christianities pagan roots and that was really interesting too because there's so many cool photographs in it and you can just really see we both have a lot of photos in color nobody would have ever believed that shit was real nobody will you just looking at those photos of like these make other than making this up like how could this be real most of 'em we pulled from a ancient library archives biblical archives and stuff are you going to put him in digital form and any of these books because i've honestly caught myself by only mushroom book is available on kindle but because astrotheology in shamanism has like one hundred and eighty five color images and it it it was too hard to put it into a a clean digital form like kendall so it's left in book only form man i feel like should be able to do that in ipad for more you know ipads have that option now i mean i've been watching not watching but i say watching comic books on an
because it is like watching a comic book have you never seen it you can get ipad has a has a bunch programs programs one of them is from marvel comics and you buy comics and you can watch them frame by frame you tap frame then it goes to the next frame and then it's fucking incredible man it's incredible and if they can do that with comic books and have these high resolution images for each one i feel like they should be able to do that with your magazine or your book rather 'cause they they do it with magazines they do with wired magazine yeah interesting well he marvel comics won't see how it set up its instead of you looking at so how do you keep people from pirating at those thing because when it does it has to run inside of a program so this com alone you can't just take out and look at you gotta you gotta keyboard in your little case number this crazy bitch keyboard you sexy bitch you know what you're doing and it doesn't even seem much bigger than a regular ipad keyboard is probably the right size do you
considering taking them with you instead of a laptop yeah i've been doing that lately oh my god you're living on the edge it's only i can't work relate too much like i can't write it podcasts on it and stuff like that there's no disposable media on it you can't like connect anything is there usb knows nothing right and connect the usb two it never drive anything you can't use it as a hard drive can store things on the desktop rising for internet and games kind of cases the news late that's a full on computer you can edit audio do everything the y see all products file on the from the desktop what can you create a new file put on desktop you do that i mean it depends what what you need to do like i think if you want to have like a document yes there's a word program there's dropbox there's and then you save them inside the the the i pad yes it's a safe thing i yeah yeah it's got sixty four gig hard drive and really or whatever it is they're so eventually you think that's what's going to be going on that seems like a small laptop i think we feel that we feel that it's too heavy i think max
okay air macbook air they're about to release a neck a new one i think next week matt the new macbook airs are the way to go that that the price a macbook air it is now only a thousand dollars or less and and and that they're having a new when it comes out next week that uses this new memory that's going to be so much faster something like that i mean majority unless you're working heavy on the road that right there is better than any ipad or tablet or anything skip that way for the new mac most people just need to keep up with whatever technology is on websites right yeah i mean absolutely it's just it's just basic work usually for speaking technology aren't you to do that didn't you transcribe a gang of those terence mckenna and shit you did right right because i remember when i first met you you talk about having from damage can remembers for the last seven or eight years right why if you had to do damage well because you know as much as he had right there was a lot of pseudo so it's bullshit in there to really misinformed
yeah people who criticize him for a few things what was the main thing that you think that you could talk about and well two thousand and twelve first off i mean now we know exactly where the whole theory came from where they developed it basically it originally started with in search of and then hoes ercuis and terence mckenna picked up on it and we have spread it until daniel pinchbeck made it the space so you're talking about the mayan version of to look two thousand twelve not even turned wellness time wave zero well all of that was launched by mckenna and the in search of program of leonard nimoy and shit that was the premiere episode so is your assertion that if people for people don't know this terence mckenna came up with a thing called time wave zero novelty theory so terence admitted that the novelty theory was wrong it's a theory that just people who don't know what the fuck you're talking about it's a theory that supposedly can track waves in time and the idea is that time is
actually something that you can track with the program and that is program was based on the e and that it tracked novelty or human innovation inventions and great moments of change all throughout time right at by applying this novelty program this algorithm to the past he could point out real big bikes in the curve that was all bullshit what the problem was and there was a guy who came out and presented a paper called mathematical hallucinations watson i don't remember the guy's lose though the watson there was a there was getting once i don't remember it's in my dennis book but came out with a bit of paper math medical loosen nations and basically showed that you know what terrence did was our but early place the the end dates and there is no way really to match up perfectly he just had arbitrarily say december 21st two thousand and twelve and if you
in what was his other options he could have said january 30th two thousand and fourteen you could set it he could have said anything because in one thousand nine hundred and seventy five when the first edition of invisible landscape came out you can look in the first edition and there so december 21st two thousand and twelve it there's two thousand and eleven or two thousand and twelve it's in the nineteen ninety three edition so when he and jose request got together and both did right it on december december 21st two thousand and twelve days but in fact there no there is no even though is no connection to the mayan calendar there whatsoever well that wasn't supposed to be in my name again is defense it took him a twenty five years to work on this thing well yeah i did you know that in the mall out himself and admitted that it was wrong before is that what it what was wrong about it that because of the are terry place when there is a few flaws in the math at this guy pointed out the and then the mathematical whose nations paper that mckenna stuck to his academic honesty and relinquish the
well this is my criteria within ten you don we but yeah i understand sentinel understand because you're saying that he lied what you're basically saying is that he knew about the model and i a i talked i talked to his brother about this dennis mckenna and that he's been on my show and you know i've done a couple shows together as well on other places but what he said was that basically the theory got so popular so quickly that terrence basically just let it run the theory that the novel to the editor date right and also after the the entire not here is based on the appeal to novelty which is a logical fallacy in and of itself what about the theory that i mean what about the end date coinciding with the end of a long count of mine calendar with that was well there is there is no with the c there's only one monuments in that we so if it's monuments six that even disk is december 21st two thousand and twelve and the only thing that it says is that a king will be robed that is it if
else that supplied about december 21st two thousand and twelve beyond that has been made up and embellish so it might be that prince dude from england just goes to get a new suit i am benny my money on so you know so anybody says that it's the end of the world that they can trace this to the my account all of that stuff is made up the only thing the only evidence we have is a king will be wrote okay really that's a man that's in what about the end of the long count is not the end of the long count as well and this is his life december thirty first and january first it's about you know that you know i mean there may be planetary alignment but you know pole shift and does the end of the world happen in all of this stuff i mean people you know wake up in the morning you know and get ready for work and then take a shower and all that shit like you usually do on december
seven daniel pinchbeck says that we should be in the woods and we should make our own money right hander pitched back charges three hundred twenty five dollars a ticket for twenty to twenty twelve conferences as well does he really yeah and really with a genius he asked do one in like utah yeah go to you know all the power to him you know i know professor john hops who's who's an expert in maya studies he sent pinchbeck a bunch of information when he was writing that book showing the specs whole theory was completely bogus you know not only that but pinchback is using an aztec god quetzalcoatl to talk about a my account what is an aztec god dealing with my calendar and why would he come down and come to daniel pinchbeck this new worker white guy to you know to review in twenty twelve to the world right wait wait wait wait wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute you say he actually says that this thing came down and revealed it to him yeah
an aztec god came to him and told him about a mayan calendar in the twenty twelve thing the end of the season so you know i remember what i said about arguing the arbitrator earlier when you don't have any evidence of anything it's bullshit you throw it out well this is when you take are you arguing the arbitrary and you make a load of money on exactly okay this guy he i did not know that he did this so he i've met him you seem like a very i've met him a couple had a conversation with them out in my backyard or we talked about the end of the world i think that's what he rocks with so i wanted to get it on the podcast see if i can get behind just talk about life you know find out what makes you tick dude but so you're saying that it's all bullshit so you're saying that he's just there's a correlation of the the my calendars and you're saying like says dwight within as god cats a quartal was it a dream that's all there is a trip or whatever is a trap right okay and so and so there's an aztec god telling him about a my account we're talking about two different cultures to different religions to
print calendars so the maya didn't celebrate quest so it's like it's like it's like gee came to me in this vision and told me to teach the world about the mayan calendar right right we're same ridiculousness right the mines didn't study questel quadel or they didn't have a quick waddle well they of their own deities in their own calendar click click waddle it's not no it's not called kitchen well that's the mask that's an aztec god so that snake serpent from the maya what is that called let me see faggotry i don't think you're right i'm gonna say say you're not right now i'm not recalling the name off the top of my head okay so you basically pinch battleship though yes wow strong words you heard a pinch back to come on the podcast for cash point point count and have him address publicly all of john points that perhaps has been publishing
entire regions of twenty twelve he's published it three two times on my show but he's also coming out with a book on the whole thing i watched the fascinating show on them trying to figure out how to decode mayan language because what and language like each each little symbol like like like you will see the things that you will see things like mckenna described it like if you had an eyeball all and a saw and an insect in a rose i saw rose that's how you would say i saw aunt rose you have to do it like that like it's it's it's incredibly difficult to decipher but a fascinating documentary about these scientists and archeologists trying to break it down and figure out what the fuck everything means and how long it took and all these breakthroughs of the candidates were all wrong too something's going wrong what's so difficult to decipher it's like i was going to ask you this because i
i once saw this in a pocket and not a park as a documentary once but i and are you agree that's probably correct but i haven't been able to break down and anybody who really knows a lot about ancient the h bible nature hebrew bible the ancient hebrew bible was all that was not the earliest version the bible the earlier versions of the bible with the sacred would was was the dead sea scrolls right well the dead sea scrolls were probably written from the second century bce to about six thousand seven hundred and eighty and it was then that the original torah would have been written like genesis was probably written about five hundred and eighty six bc so the horrible with the you know certain aspects of the torah which we don't have an original copy that's that old but we would technically be older than certain sections of dead sea scrolls but there's a lot of you know identical copies of original hebrew texts in the dead sea sick
and the dead sea scrolls were written in aramaic right it will be their written in aramaic and it's an animal skins right most most of it's own par parchment some of it was on pop papyrus and then then there was the copper as well but there was someone animal skins yeah most of it was parchment which is a part of his answer yeah a wow that's what parchman answer it wow i thought it was a cut the paper i have no idea wow well that was one of the things that i read that they were trying to match up different pieces of the dead sea scrolls by dna so that the parchment came from the same cow matching the dna of the fucking the shit they were writing on to try to figure out what pile interesting this pile is all this one animal let's figure out if this was the same scroll fucking incredible memory think about is that is a brilliant idea did you
if you ever seen this should that's going on now in turkey with their own feeling that that temple that was it was on the front page of of life magazine recently or not in life yellow and national geographic okay it's a go go beckley tapi that it completely pre dates at by a huge chunk anything that they thought people were doing twelve thousand years ago or earlier it's you know the earliest known human civilizations mesopotamia like babylon in iraq no well i said i recall hearing something about it but i haven't studied they found this is these temples in turkey in there they've been the honor thing i'm not trying to like decide for him and figure out what the is this back when they thought people were nothing but straight hunter gatherers just roaming around like animals were finding out more and more often that civilization is probably ten or fifteen thousand years older than most previously
believe and a lot of those early civilizations they had evidence of cattle worship and evidence of psychedelic mushroom wars right cows and mushrooms go hand in hand yeah like that eleven of the earliest ones what was it oh god he said total clear look yeah yeah yeah i know what you to cut the cut line or whatever how to who received looks weird when it's right now but it's all cows and they're worshipping cast i guess you would worship cast we keep you alive is eight though and that doesn't mean they poop and then these these things that give you religious inspiration come out of the poop yeah that's the amazing part of it is that most likely that's responsible for why hindus are so fascinated by cows they love kind of sure if you don't want to ever even take that into consideration you know there's more than a hundred and a hundred second at the psychoactive plants dedicated to shiva alone yeah it but
you know the hindus still use banger bond which is marijuana and soma was argued by gordon wasson to be amanita muscaria area the red and white spotted mushroom that you see in all the fairy tales and note with gnomes dwarves in mario brothers and shit like that and there's so much ancient hindu art that shows people holding mushroom mushrooms mushroom mushrooms coming out of their heads and all this stuff you know just like we've got for ancient christian artwork there's a lot of that stuff out there it's amazing that you have to hear about this from the podcast of a comedian you know i'm not hearing about this on cnn they won't discuss this they wouldn't allow you to come on and have a two hour uncensored conversation about the origin of kidding it's a wee world that we live in man it's a weird so that we have this incredible access to information but yet we're still filtered or filtered pretty fucking heavily it's starting to change though the real
starting to change yeah the blows me away to how many academics and researchers are out there all over the world in universities working on this stuff and there's academics all over the place that know about it but yeah you know the the mainstream public is is can completely unaware it well for the longest time for any academic using even the term psychedelics as a subject of serious research you know you know i'm looking into psychedelics so what the fuck are you wasting your career on man you know like timothy leary and the bad connotation that he left psychedelics yes yeah but you know it's interesting that time life that time magazine actually had more influence popularizing lsd than tim leary had in time life it was run by skull and bones huh how to time life have more of just the stories they ran really henry luce who is the president of time life he you know he's even if his wife claire booth luce is even call quoted as saying
that she and her husband had more to do with popularizing lsd then tim leary ever did on purpose oh yeah wow sure had done it and yeah they were they were they were in on the on it from the top but timothy leary was the spokesperson because he was a guy call you sure this guys hard he was the one that they put up front as the spokes person he was the one that kind of just went hog wild with it was he possible in any way for the ted kaczynski thing an interesting question i would have to go to to ted kaczynski's locked up and ask him myself you know yeah that would be an interesting guy to do an interview with fuck yeah people wouldn't be angry you know it's like when is killed a member of your family you don't want that person being glory
side is you know perhaps just listen to what the happened who who gave you the lst what was behind the program lets you think let's get down to the meat tell us what really happened there is an incredible he really is like a true i mean it's possible we don't know whether or not that's what caused him but it's possible it's a very strong possibility that he really is some real manchurian can kennedy type of a dude he really is a guy that they you know they they did some to have another not not as you might of ram does that you know i think he might have been more brilliant than that but yeah i i don't i mean the idea that someone could be changed and then become a killer it literally it could be done not the mentoring candidate was like he was that you have to come up to him and say something to him and he fuck it snaps or some silliness like that but i think in the case of kaczynski that they might have fried this guy circuit right point this is that you know but i don't think we'll see he did all the unabomber shit twenty or twenty five years after these lsd exper
once you know he was a really bad oh yeah you know those experiments were in the 50s or sixties and he was professor of math up until mid 90s up at berkeley real so when did knee what i thought it was only a professor for a few years i don't think so check double check me do it pretty sure do a wiki search in fact check me shit this is going to take each time let's say than just the net is a very fascinating document if you want to watch it it is from another country i'm not sure which it's on subtitles yeah you know there's another really good documentary that people should check out is called the crazy wheel rulers of the world it's the they the the movie the hollywood movie men who stare at goats is based off of the film crazy rulers of the world check that one and the net back to back it'll give you i'm really interesting inside information on us intelligence and psychedelics information out there and i don't want some of it in my head jan urban i don't uh
shit let you get into it then don't you think though that a certain point in time it's like god damn it here yeah i mean i mean like here no see no say hola know know know better dig so deep into the rabbit hole like fuck i can never lie a real life now i'm always looking for a skull and crossbones secret societies and fucking hell i mean you know anybody can look at an old dictionary and see that the illuminati and skull and bones and shit is real i mean pull up pull out a knife teen eleven we distribute dictionary and that shits right there nobody disputes sure i hear people oh the illuminati conspiracy but it's totally approved that's not what i'm saying what i'm saying is it is ever get to a point in time where you just like your subs and all this shit that you can enjoy regular life no really i mean i'm fascinated by this research that's why i do it in the first place it's a passion i wouldn't do it if i wasn't fascinated but yeah and but your research is all like exposing all kinds of crazy shit that
government is up to work at all i mean it's like well just mounting then the founding father of the whole field of psychedelics was chairman for the council on foreign relations i mean when that goes public out there in our field it's going to be explosive i mean that's taking away their guy who is the founding father but i can show that he so many of his ideas from this other researcher who came seventy years before him in the 1890s and you know there's a whole big any others there's scandal on top of scandal on top of intelligence c i a bullshit right but does it ever to a point where you like overwhelmed by this shit when you just want to just take a deep breath you have your photo shoot boy you know every once in awhile sure but you know usually when i get into and final more crazy shit it's like haha here's another book write another book
a writer to read to write well okay that in that sense totally makes sense what the fuck can be done in closing what can be done how can how can people do something about the situation that we're in that's been here since you and i were children and he is here now that we have the best the best thing that people can do in my opinion that is the the solution is pick up the trivia pick up critical thinking grammar logic and rhetoric that is the best way like installing a mental antivirus system into your brain so that you know so it's like taking the red pill all the sudden the green lines are coming down the screen you're going to write a book about this we've we've talked about it a friend of mine is already writing a book on it we've done a number of documentaries on the trivia my run trivium education dot com website and people can check out you run this i run that website yeah so people can check that out there's there's videos and stuff up there that people can check out on it but i would that that's the most important thing because once you have that you can see
all the other bullshit going on it teach you it doesn't teach you what to think it teaches you how to think and how to see through all the well that's nice for the people that are going to pay attention but what kind of a strategy if any is possible for letting people know about psychedelics letting people know about the benefits and positives these things that have really been held back from pete one of the things that mckenna said that always stuck with me is living a life and going birth to the grave with without psychedelics to me is like living a life and going birth to the grave without having sex i would agree with that but the problem with just doing psychedelics with how critical thinking is that when somebody breaks free of their religious paradigm or the new age paradigms that are just as much mind control out there is anything else the prob is is if they do psychedelics alone there easily manipulated and so i disagree with kevin leary's theory that everybody should just take it i think that people should be given the proper tools of critical thinking and then take
psychedelics and then they really break for so basically we have to start our own cult slash educational center we don't need it where do we need you know that's the nice thing about the trivia um is that it prevents people from buying into religious group i'm clearly not serious but if we had a cult where would we rock this shit so open c brian canoga park canoga park it's really this would be much more convenient there's no lesson expose this information is probably step one is a bunch of people that are growing up now that you know high school and college that are reading these types of books and listening to these types of conversations that we're having on his podcast and researching this type of information and just having this stuff being a part of public discourse it allows people no it's out there and allows people to start thinking about things in a little bit of a different way you know we're all pro rammed in one way or another whether we like it or not you know we're programmed by our experiences were programmed by our environment and it's
always necessarily for your own good to follow that fucking programming right indeed and so yeah thank you very much for coming on the show and thank you for your books man and thank you for republishing the sacred mushroom across and if people want to buy books that they're all available on amazon dot com right yes that way is there some hippie fuck the thing about amazon must must avoid israel no actually but if you if you do buy it directly from the gnostic media websites amazon takes less of our cuts so okay so they'll get it from we are we are sponsored do you know all of the research and work is sponsored by the public's this friday saturday and sunday we will be at the irvine improv tomorrow we're going to have an early podcast a noon one with not only the duncan trussell so upcoming in the future i'm still trying to work this anthony bordain thing don't cockblock with marc marron step step and also also to workout a super close and we're trying to get dice clay two dice clay said he would do it do it alright
such a boy i'll see you guys tomorrow at noon and thank you very much and i love you bitches and did yoga this response is sponsored by the flesh line if you joe joerogan dot net and click on the link for the fear factor but fuck with my flashlight endorsement never thought they might they might step and with some fucking shitty letter writing campaign don't do it pitches i like the top eight and jenna haze has a flat this is what we're going to do good night go gojoerogan dot net and click on the link for the flashlight entering the code name rogan and you get fifteen percent off ok we love you you love us and we'll be back
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