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Jamie Kilstein, Brian Redban - Date Recorded - 07/19/2011
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ok the joe rogan experience podcast is brought to you by the flesh light if you go to joerogan dot net and click on the link for the flashlight and enter in the code name rogan you will get fifteen percent off the number one sex toy for men so zahm bitches jamie chose these in the house and we don't even see we don't stop this thing that europe can experience until we get the music going i don't know why now don't alive so it off we ass psychological trick for my bid ask mind if you hear a slight hum in the background ladies and gentlemen that's the issue starting this so late unused dream there's something going on with our mixer so we got to get a new mixer so brian as duct tape this big together for this podcast and work
jimmy chelsea knows about the shit man is the trials and tribulations running a podcast chair he runs a citizen radio and james stand up comic and is also a mixed martial arts fanatic loves the fights and just an all round good you're you are defined by your diet however i don't know how that happened if you're vegan man it's a tricky thing to be any other day like it's crazy it's like so i'm already like and each of and each of an itch fuckin' comic rare and she tell her body very left way i political line but i also like but then i get fucked with left these because i'm a comic so it's like the language issue or like i hate furious at backing obama the majority of the democrats like it's very hard to like our show but like we ve managed to thy car about this cool and each audience but even with them the beacon it still like i can literally gap onstage and be like you know the wars and illegal occupation and my people be like fuck the war
religion as excuse to hate gays and they're like fuck religion and then i'll be like sometimes i like to eat portobello mushrooms they're like you pussy mother fucker like fuck you and there's so i got booted a democratic fundraiser for saying i'm a vegan an it's like really it's like you fuckers booty or for your dietary choices as interesting it's the one terry choice it as a strong message to the work of the average i mean i think that i think people magic we feel like you are judging them when you say you don't do that rare there's no connotation i mean people they don't want to out and i never when i used to eat a ton of meat and never be able to be like preachy is because i will never be able to make up for the amount of fuckin spam i'd like to talk about like my damage has been done i'm just trying to like repent for me at this point and by it dissociation right so when you're eating a hamburger it's a hamburger it's a new word to you it's not a cow right by the way it died when yeah mcnugget you don't think of it as like a little chicken or whatever
so i think when you say i'm a vegan that saying i don't need animals and that's automatically making the other person think like i don't want a fucking about but no one wants to know one eats a burger even though your fuckin tough like due to it but yeah man i'll watch the video torturing myself it's like will you like you you can't even walk to the store to get pre made me to like you're not going to fucking go kill a boar with weapons you bet you know what i mean like no one wants to think about that but just want to eat it tried it doesn't look like an animal doesn't have a face by using u dont do it i think i may some think about it adds people have a real hard time accepting that other people allowed to make different choices other than them whether it's getting a fucking window computer whether its you're going with eighteen t over rise and people are fucking crazy and that's half
why would anyone give a fuck i do not like self righteous higgins i do not like people who are constantly in people's faces about you know cruelty to animals and i you you are absolutely correct it is fought factory farming is a fucking atrocious bypassed product of civilization and the detachment from the natural world and in that sense ted nugent got it right now if you want to eat meat motherfucker you should be out there the fucking bowing to coming about our i'll take that should down yourself and that's the real experience when you buy something wrapped up in some fucking cellophane plastic thing at the supermarket needed than that there is a disconnect but the visions that like give people shit there just this country is the people who stand outside abortion clinics yeah myself when i'm saying no fractures anything yes exactly now with that said an like something i know like your listeners can relate to especially the ones who are super into politics it's like when is information that you have and
majority of people don't have it you go create i'm in this part of me that started think those crazy fuckin like homeless you see in new york that like a wave in a book around and like just scream at you for all we know there are the smart ones are the ones that actually like finish the chomsky bugger like why don't you guys fucking paying attention that would give us about the dead baby and then whatever her name is yeah yeah like seriously like maybe they're the smart ones people just ignore him for years and they're like that's it i'm taking it to the bus well they probably have some good points but i don't think that this would go against the guy living on the street screaming at no one like they've made some bad life to see yes i clearly but you're right man i mean you go deep into the fucking back of the chomsky books and you do that for years you could really lose your mind thinking that nothing you can do helps in that this this world is on a downward spiral that is unstoppable and uncontrollable and a lot of people would say the intelligent thing to do would be just to enjoy the moment yeah it was a great as thompson quote that light became immeasurably better once i was forced to stop taking it seriously there and i tweeted at last week but really
we have to accept at some level that we are temporary organisms you should cause you should have ideas you should have you should have enough points to were you your philosophy works in the way you look at life but you gotta be care about wasting your whole life on that ship yeah sure i mean the key is you can't use that you can't use the negativity as an excuse to do nothing to be apathetic i mean we've had down or show like five times in a first we're joking around that even euro we rely on you know what's your favorite thing to do would be like cut myself a lodging al jazeera like i mean the didn't like he's not really the bearer of good news but we have our inner when we enter interviews by being like you know what makes you happy and suddenly he just fuckin lit up and he really people martian in the street people holding truth the power you know people who are doing radio shows like this i mean like once you dig deep it because yours thing is like when i was a teenager i was like just smart enough to give myself an excuse to do nothing
you know what i mean it would be like why don't you vote 'cause both parties are the same why don't you watch the news 'cause they're all owned by corporations now both of those are fucking one hundred percent true but with that said you can run for office you can support a third party you can petition the democrats to actually do what they say they're going to do for the news you can watch independent news you can watch aljazeera you can watch the bbc you can read out of country newspapers but i think a lot of people use all the conspiratorial's yet to do nothing you know you have liberals who are sitting there under like mad fuckin' the corporations and they had their budweiser beer in there but more a cigarette factory farms day they were these corporations get all the money down down down down now it's bids from here you gotta actually do something and not its really funny go to a bar and talk shit and wake up and do nothing you now get a certain point though some people feel like there's nothing you can do you can try and you can you can dance in the street and you can march but things on change a black
it's an office in thirty thousand more people get shipped off to afghanistan and all the bombing continues and he wins the nobel peace prize and still the bombing continues drones in pakistan and who knows what the fuck is going on all sorts of creepy corners of this world right i mean how can you stand up for that stability or adorable because well it's because like we said mac and windows and flooding to att and verizon i'm on team democrat man and you as a lefty have to be careful because you know shitting on any used are telling the truth you know and not having some team that you're on you get us a payment of obama is operating corporations he's fucking us ovaries fucking the whole picture and are we more shit from i would rather conservative come straight at me and be like here's what i disagree with i think we can have a conversation right it makes me more mad which makes you feel crazy is the obama people who just can't admit when he you know
which is like hey why didn't he why didn't he get us universal healthcare like he said it's just like don't talk about him it's very easy it's the worship the leadership where is that universal healthcare well he had to compromise on that because he was going to want an open now we didn't close one time ago i mean that's the way it works if you don't have a billions of dollars you know it's really hard to get we heard me greatly and that's when i do understand people just wanted to do nothing or just you know frightened live off the land somewhere you will not believe that a guy like ron paul or gary johnson can get elected i do not believe it works i do not believe it's real if you absolutely have to be playing a game to get into that position i don't think they'll ever let those guys when i don't think so let anybody when who once it's completely revamp this entire corrupt fucked up pile of bullshit brought that local elections really matter would it mean if that is true though there now
that's true you local actions are what really count you community your city for sure that then that's real i'm roswell piled upon you i mean even with that it's like the two others things where you were you wanna you want to call your of live at both people and you sure i've got a lot in common so libertarians i want to call myself a libertarian one because we see democrats monsieur publicans and they're all counts wright brothers areas you think great because you here like legalised eggs in stay out of the bedroom in and then suddenly it's like a slight all public schools are like what the was that drugs we hit and you're like now go back to school thing mother fucker and deploy when you what when you want to privatize everything what industries do we have from privatisation yeah you have like black water like blackwater reflecting over the troops of the healthcare lobby or lobby lobby the pharmacy because whenever you doing some four factory farming every doing something for profit you're trying to do it as fast and as profitable as possible so people get fucked over in the end you know but
what do our number one miss is that the education mess and the idea that you would make all education private and make poor people not have access to have to raise our own kids and put their own kids your homes going you hear that that's completely ridiculous well that's happening right now i mean you look at all these budget cuts and you know people just forget people vote against their own interests all the time you know and i've had some of the best conversations with conservatives other ever ever after ashok's will come up and say hey i don't agree with you but you are funny and then i'll be like wait stop like let's talk and then like what don't you agree with me on right the conversations usually goes something like this well i don't really care about gay people anymore that's more like an older generation like they can fucking do whatever they want a friend i would have liked for india and would have like a soldier comes back and you really needs like assistant i oh my god what disorder comes back needs assistance to government you totally help him out and then unlike our aid so why you republican it's like my dad is unlike if you just talk about it you can find
solutions you know die i dont think that that person's gonna go out an open like his own mom and pop abortion shop because he liked the funny liberal comedian bite you start to see shit you agree on and you start to realise that you just don't hear those middle ground solutions on the news p think of republican and democrat it's very simple the characters are very clearly laid out there's you know there's cowboy and an indian it's real simple the democrat is always like really loose and widths with spending they want to overspend and i'm everything they're very soft soft on crime so i've done wore soft on defense and then applicants are no nonsense people republicans bull that probably believe in god and don't want to you don't there were too many hippies in the yard and that's you know and have you again on file on part they get off my own party and mean that's how we look at it in our heads so when when we need get on one of those four canteens and you just limit yourself to that in other that box at your operating at its very
weird thing that we like to do to be on these teams status bizarre and one i think that's why so many people like i think us where the libertarian things will pass i guess i just needed anybody i only later we don't have a labour what do you say now yeah something independent cyber i'm above the fray and part of me wants to be like just pick a side and start losing friends like the rest of us motherfuck are you going on vacation with a buddy of mine is a really brilliant guys a writer he's like well you know i'm a democrat so i want us to win so get the fuck are you talking about man you were this isn't the dodgers that asshole doesn't have you in mind man trust me you will send you off to war and you'll come back with no legs this is ridiculous i think the future is going to be like i'm on team anonymous or something like that
i ve been listening did like without that lately they're gonna lose ground those guys mean what they do with anonymous is doing is they are choosing people if they think are constantly going after i'm not doing it for profit for doing it and are doing it on their own and are doing an anonymously and are eating meat in irish sea channels and so far we ve been fuckin successful out and it is our generation could possibly degeneration of the hackers and i would be fuckin it's very clear that there's a certain level of society that knows way more about computers in the average person i know these little crazy mother flight get into systems van they could steal credit cards and all kinds of shit it's fascinating really it's fascinating on one hand that these people that are so intertwined in the operating systems that they are able to make these backdoors and able to get in
people's computers through email herbert stepping down you know is like having that that's what i heard last that used as stepping down because of the recent hacking over you know and i should add going right now tat he was on shrouded i heard about a pie in the face of an era the stepping down ass he know let me get caught it how it exactly as he implicated did he know that there were four people dont know for murdoch's company his corporation the news people over there were apparently bugging people's phones and even possibly victims from september eleven pan from the seven seven attacks in london and they were information from people talking on these just to break the story i believe all fucked up about that is some so there are running out of memory they would they would they would delete messages there are certain people are just lost them ass yet there is one case were alike when they become they heard it was just what this single murder in the uk because they heard the message deleted they thought that she was
live usually raised then she was no eating her messages oh my survey says you're so alive when she was fuckin dead my god you but you know the story is not really be walk about is rupert murdoch lost a really gigantic bid for a big station the bbc that would have put given him like pretty much the most media in the uk show much media in fact that it will be a legal to own that much media in other countries right and this is the problem even if you are right when even if you do watch fox news at no point you want one dude earnings show much of the information you get you remember its books tv newspapers magazines but you're just getting you turn on fox news you read the wall street journal coming from the same people right and it goes overseas nick was bigger and bigger and bigger and that's what you don't want you want to be able to get your news sources from as many places as poss so you can compare and find out who's full of really amazing that someone is such a bad mother fucker then they could rocket like that in twenty eleven i mean it's really incredible data rupert murdoch can still exist
we're not in the age of william randolph hearst where he had his own paper manufacture companies is on paper mills and he actually grew far screw the paper cut the paper sent the paper out printed whatever the funk you wanted on it and sent it out for sure i mean this happens all the time and it happens with lobbyists and politicians as you see the lobbyists are writing half of the laws they just getting rid of politicians you know i mean we talked about that last week with bryan callen knows a good buddy of mine who's very well versed in the political system we got deep into the whole of lobbyists and if it's fucking criminal should be completely in the law was especially where the you no doubt that sign a bill that favours comcast and suddenly they quit and are working for comcast ya think how is that that's like tunisia evil realities do you see the movie on the financial crisis i know just inside job thou energetically fascinated so good man it's it's it's fuckin incredible but it's really heartbreaking two and one of the things that's in it is how many of these professors of economics at big universities
we wind up getting big jobs work at working for companies and they get fucking multi million dollar paid in two minutes it's really simple why they choose to allow certain things they left me and they they decided that's it matically they were going to make all these poor holes in the economy and in that way can exploit that the good news is the internet i mean yes spaghetti we're talking about we're about like not only generation of of the hackers select that's bad ass and i think all of us get our kind of like jason bourne fantasies rippling but it's also like shows like that like you don't the foot flashlight i'm going to call you and be like oh you were talking a little bit too much about these lobbyists yeah i like it i mean why did you take it fucking easy on the bankers like they're not going to do it we don't have any fucking sponsors we can say whatever we want blogs are starting to take over the newspapers why because people are computers more now because the newspapers fucked us and the newspaper started doing you're the new york times which is known as like the big liberal rag they essentially get memos from the white difficult
mission from the white house there with the print these stories with george that's the reason the wiretapping story two to three on the bush administration was like you sit on that and they were like all right and ended and that's that's our intrepid journalists today that's the liberal new york times just fuckin sat on it for bush and then they broke it and they were called treasonous or whatever else like that's your job your job as journalists isn't it try to get invited isn't it gotta be fucking chuck pod at these white house parties where it is drinking i'm reporting on the white house soup of the day like that's for just pussey cuts that's all you are your droid phone boots up and there's a picture of you next to obama that's all it is just yeah just leaning in like that's all it is man in these people are just fucking mouth pieces for war criminals yeah that's what you do now your just a fucking you're an actor you're not doing anything original or you're just a page or given eyes and you fucking read those eyes but if it is true that a guy like run will never be allowed to slip through the system if they can rig the machine
like it was proven they did during the bush administration with the diebold system which eventually they had to change their name but there's a bunch of movies hacking democracy is a great documentary on it he could watch and i was paid off absolutely one hundred percent proven that it was designed to be altered by a third source it was designed so that you could rig voting like and no one went to jail for that you know but i'm saying but if that's true if we if we agree on this the guy like ron paul's never going to get through a guy who's going to radically change the system is never going to get through what is this this is not really democracy this is horse this is an imperial exe imperialist nation this as did their their empire what means corporate empty empire right you're one hundred percent right so that gives you used to be like ok
just talking get high and suicide pact it but the good news is what you can do besides getting the information out on the internet on free sources but you can also do is you just you have to be really loud because someone like ron paul ralph nader who by the way agree on a ton if someone like them if they get into the debates if they get petitioned enough people are loud enough and not like oh well marching smoking stupid like their loud enough and they can get someone like that in the debates but that does that steers the conversation right it makes that could happen with obama once he got out of the primaries it's just him and mccain so he going to pander to the left or is it going to the right clearly he's going to pander to the right if you still have someone like ralph nader or ron paul in there as well pushing back and they actually see that as a threat instead of justice blind worship to obama they see a third candidates as a threat they're going to need to start pandering tours ron paul's direction they start to need start pandering twords ralph nader's direction i mean the bottom line is even if you're rigging voting
what percentage of america votes i mean it's pathetic right you have to inspire all these young kids who are at home getting high but don't vote that you want to get high sucking on your front lawn you have to go out and do something you have to actually go out and vote or be loud and that's why it only think moving that example it only changes on the state level i mean that's what the united states of america's supposed to be it supposed to be about local government its only supposed to band together in times of war right i mean the idea medical marijuana they did change it in california and then the federal government can override exactly and that's where it gets creepy yes we're going to really that's where it gets imperialist where it gets that you're in an empire the earth there's a bunch of people who arbitrarily decide what you are not allowed to vote on in your states acts against the fuckin constitution for sure heads against her this whole bizarre system of self government was ever created that was created so that we could get away from all the bullshit
they were doing in other countries in europe and it just just something i'm here look these politicians don't give a shit about pot they don't you they do though because pharmaceutical companies give a shit about because it's very very damaging to their profit they do but it's also more so just a tough guy thing do you kid hold the pharmaceutical industry like the mp3 industry or the mp3 creation killed the music industry it could marijuana if marijuana was legal would crush the pharmaceutical industry and they would lose billions of dollars question about it there's going to be a lot of shit let's do you still need for high blood pressure glaucoma whatever whatever the it at him right going to be uses for pharmaceutical companies but make no mistake about it they're going to lose giant chunk of the business yeah that's right that's why it's illegal it's one hundred percent let's just fucking jerkoffs running around saying that they're trying to tat people me was cigarettes are readily available everywhere
the most insane four hundred thousand plus people in america five million worldwide directly die prematurely as a result of cigarettes and i also bring up that even more than that die from heart disease and cancer and a leading cause of that is a bad diet is it a leading cause that or is it being a fat fuck with a bad diet that could be in the fact that it's more we know that you know so you can eat a lot of meat and be healthy as fuck you just have to need that shit you have to burn it off i was affected before i went vegan i was at fatty vegetarian or like you fatty work is i was just like i mean healthy man i'm not eating meat and i'd recite and cheese and pizza yeah see you fuckers at the top we like genius a bag of fuckin food that it brings them on a plane you you look pretty pretty
this is packed up and like little bag there with his little tupper ware of things it just says on it i'm better than you and there's a picture of a smiling pig you will go out of your way to make sure that you get like a full spectrum of amino acids you reality i mean what's so funny is like so once i went vegan instead a vegetarian i actually got healthier i started training more when i was just like a vegetarian i didn't really do much when i ate meat i didn't ship and i also smoked i also you know drank and and then was there when vague and that's when actually start paying attention is africa's usually go where you need your proteins are you just start getting creative and i never knew a fucking keen while was pale and ever had more developed mushroom so actually ended up eating much healthier was the sort of thing about medina i train like six days a week now you know i mean than that and you look at the euro five by the way i dont get especially if you always bring it up i get so nervous i ever knew i was such an errand simpson fan until i found out he was
and i was like you better fucking win now or every asshole on the underground going to be like gaudy cow yeah i think it's really cool or that i give you really great fighters i air and insurgents if it did it just for performance reasons i don't know errand aaron simpson the real issue with it there is actually ethical to which i've never seen before in omak danzig is a big proponent yep back dancing is a brilliant guy and he's really smart very smart he's a brilliant photographer as well somebody just posted some of the stuff on the underground ann i was watching it yesterday yeah then looking at through his clips photography is a fucking amazing he's a fan of the podcast too i love to have him on we're going to have a she's great one errands really talking interesting to you man were like i started following him on twitter and like anyone being like a homophobe just calls bout good do eyes you really get very very friendly guy in real life to what i was saying as and when you are when you especially in training what it does
if you get all eve you get the full spectrum of me no acids into your body and when some people can't some people they feel like they just don't feel the same unless they have me but you you can try in all day long like that because it's so easy to break down to your cover shoot yeah you could buy recovery time yeah you're not digesting that just food i in love me alright i love the shit out of some venison to i like animals that are fast and they get shot in the autumn does the best ones i think the ones fast as you can take the hope because they almost got away i think there's through some some vibrant to them you know i think though the reason why they run fast is because a really nutritious slovenly animals just discuss ponder along you step up to but put a shotgun in their mouth budge brother fuckin brains out like a cow i don't think that i get is good for you i think the animal that hears you in his ears are twitching is a prize in his flesh you know that's an animal that's that's hard to get
i think evolution makes things that are difficult to get oftentimes worth getting like fish fish are fantastic one of the reasons why the fantastic four is there really fucking hard to get that's interesting and i think there's something to that you know do you ever just fantasize though like hey are you know i'm just gonna have a loaf related out it's like i thought is like anything whereas that you just develop new cravings like when you quit smoking after ten years you start to feel sick grounds really i call fagot retard you really did you all go to chow usually retire the word but now you can put like you know things at it yeah yeah i can say faggi i can say faggot re if i can call but faggot tree is a type of behaviour that has nothing to do with homosexual many fair once it's it's a faggot annie around you and retired to this well targeted me about data was so here two years why retired it is you know i always i obviously only use the word when i was chasing a packet scare gay people
now i only i only use the word like ironically like in the voice of the bad guy or whatever like oregon or i was telling like a but even that i dont like doing like i was called for second flooding everybody has if you haven't called the fagot you're not living right yeah that's very true i'm not taking some chances so that's called you fagot at least once in your life what are you doing doing everything perfect buddha for months on end so i surrender the name was ass physicists prevents is also happening was i i'm sorry my old bit i had this like old jokes i don't like anymore but like it was just making fun of like texas state motto and it said like you know it's like what the fuck is it fits armando uh like don't mess with texas right so the joke again this one of the first steps i wrote it was like you know that's the only state motto with the models threat and then i'm like if that's when they went with like imagine what they passed up online that was just text you better back the fuck up fagot there was like a
is the word and and and also trusting was unlike our rights on making fun of the right you know that kind of so in effect right so then here's what happens so what happens is two things number one i'm on stage at a shooting comedy club in new york and i'm bombing right it's just a bunch of people who are like super right wing they hate maine so in my head i go not i'm going to the texas joke i going to fagot joke right this is like deep subconscious my talking don't really realize it did it all afterwards and sure enough i say the joke which is making fun of texas it's making fun of that mentality and they start laughing and they start laughing at the word they were laughing at the joke of the premise they just like that and there is like as a comic i mean we can defend it all day by being like there's just to sound about the word and there is it's just that hard tea at the end but them having so much croupier his eyes very nice woman who saw me in san francisco you know she tweets me in facebooks means used
can she meet me one day and she goes you know my kid loves your cd in my kid listens to like you and mitch hedberg and i'm like that's pretty dope and like he's a he's young he's like he's like eleven are all of them and you know the first emails really nice he's going to science companies that really skill can read him little you now and i was like at all the housing i hope there's more market like you rooms that we amount unlike advocate guy and then a couple months later right before the green room she was there and paul for some reason wanting to do that joke 'cause i was not with round white and he wanted me to like bash texts or whatever he goes uh she writes maine and she goes you know my son can't come but he wanted me to send you this humanist friends love your cd so much that they did one of your bits and the second she said they did one of your beds my heart fuckin' just sunk and i'm like i know exactly what bit did it this is and i plug in my headphones 'cause i don't want my wife to hear the hate speech that's about to come leaping out of my computer and i just see
a line of twelve year old boys and girls all for san francisco so just like the whitest most like bucking area and looking kids all in unison you better back the fa cup fagot and i just like jump to my computer on like you fucking right now you explain to them like the irony that i don't say that word anymore they baba blah and it's like don't tell me you don't think that word is now part of an ok vernacular they're not gonna start hate cramming boy and you know right but there too there are twelve it would have been an awesome example of those thirty year olds and change their minds twelve year olds yeah of course are going to react to that it's not for them the bits not for them or you believe that there's nothing wrong with that but you know for you to have that bit used in a way that is not what what you're that's like me a hammer around and someone throws it through a carbon sure now yeah it is ridiculous that you know you the hammer round but but it better but it's supposed to be for everybody but a gay persons window yeah and then it's at
you know my problem i had an issue with it i called my dog a faggot and i called some ants faggot and my spike tv special but it's not i don't mean he's gay losing it was a bit about the time dog commercial and my bit was like you know how mad you would be if you told you dog you love him everyday and he didn't say shit until all the sudden he's like we shouldn't smoke pot you fucking talk the whole time her own away and we never you know yeah i mean when i said we never call i mean my wife one day was like when we still worked like day job she was like somehow i don't know how you did it but you managed to call a baby and the sky i think it's funny though yeah i mean obviously there is no connotation but you know just like people who listen to your podcast just like you know fuckin' twelve year old kids it's like you just don't want to be the dude who throws
out there because look i mean their kids at twelve year old at twelve years old that no other gay we should be that were tossed around i wish you could just throw it around in front of gay people and i wish they could throw it around in front of you also great word if you didn't have any hate in your heart well that's the problem a lot do i mean allison and i when we first moved in together had two gay roommates an like we used to throw that was when i was at the peak of our use of the word when i was explained that the whole thing about the spike thing i was explained by a gay guy who was an executive for a company that i will not name but he was a gay guy he's telling me that i couldn't say it because it's their word because it's our it's our nigger he really said it's our nigger readjust light you know you can't say that
no i told him that that was the game should i've ever heard of my life that he can go fuck himself it's like it's a joke in my act about it but it really that is exactly what happened man he literally said that an i literally said that like you can go if that's the case it ever heard like that's ridiculous you can't have a word all to yourself and buy why does everybody want to connect everything to negar why can't it just a bad word wise it have to be oh that's the filipino nigger that's it is what the fuck why does everybody have to do that is it is it that ridiculous do we can't figure it out any other way you have to sit still where no it's bad is if you say it's your nigger oh it's that that's what fagot is it's you negar i didn't know i didn't know louis ck is a really great bit about it too about the are you just made me think of the real work right itself on its true but it's really tough man because it's like a lot of times the hague its it it's hard leaving comedy or irony in the hands of people who don't know how
that's true i mean yeah and would always scared me especially 'cause i talk about gay rights a lot and like you i'm filthy it's not like a prude thing i'm using cox sucker and stuff like that the only fear i would have is like i mean there are people that get legitimate like trigger kind of like almost post traumatic stress i mean if there was just a word you just got that she kicked out of every day for like your sexuality which at the time young enough not to even know if it's if or true if you really are broken if you're doing something wrong if you really should like women or you know my ursa and that which is the word you heard me at the ship it out of you and then he's your someone who's like stick up for you you know you're obviously programme original jimmy but then you see that word you still just get that kind of like i'm still he still don't have my back you know what i mean and just like a risk especially when like i've come up with so many grocer things too fuckin say when i just like i don't use that word just see someone else you can do you can come up with just filth if you just our putting weird fucking word combinations together and stuff like that
five yeah sometimes though but sometimes faggots right word for the job that's its unfortunate its ultimately decided that it was ineffective because it wasn't convey what are you trying to convey it's what i ultimately found too many people got upset at me for using it i doing conveying you're not perceiving what i'm trying to convey so it's an ineffective word unfortunately i think it's a great word but it's ineffective i'd certainly not mean homophobic in any way stretch or form i think you're born gay and if you don't think someone's born gay it's because you know that you're born retarded or the or your michel bachman husband louth mother fucker add is that is gonna end with bodies of dead babe count whole listen day fully set me hip to this guy thank you is to follow our day follows tweeting about how game marcus bachman is and you and you think back happy how could he be unwelcome
dave you when you're overreacting kennedy had on your girlfriend somethin like that what's going on here dave and then i go to the length of day put up and all my guys they stop dude he is so gay he's calling them barbarians sounds like paul lynn sounds like one of the squares and hollywood quick states like even barbarian sweaty muscular barbarian with sore fat cox just what is that is going on there crazier than first hazmat such a sick me remember they saw i hope like all those kids together those antigay camps just come back with so many phone numbers like i wept horses are like a gate buck fast just so much talking like the trees are a shell like this totally says laces obesity magical actually well marked went the other way out and if you saw that it wishes all these kids just fuckin shooting themselves like i see later and you did here like one of the wooden lets you southport coming it's a free rein they can do whatever they were all this was a little kids fucking do who would ellie kenya cartoon kids fuck each other aloud i would ever you i saw carbons jackie i think when you when you make him how much my pupil i gonna gives every colleague centralism inimitable really regulated by the fcc had only read a man with the other cable
tables not regulated by the fcc cable technically can do whatever the fuck they want just because they have commercials which means they're just reg tabled not subscription cable hbo they could do whatever the fuck they want my that's what i was gonna save my special they allowed it after eleven on spiked the incoming central after p m there at night all the words are in except faggot ensures that they would let that where do you live abroad brooklyn brooklyn is a hard to eat vegan in brooklyn and we have like vegan pizza delivery places in chinese food and like we take whenever my wife's parents come in they get like chicken parm sandwiches and like cheesecake and shitton like they don't taste the fucking difference you said something that was very important at the beginning we were talking about honey and that
you are a pro you use honey there's some vegans that don't want even bees working for the yeah that is ridiculous you're not like super hardcore do soy these are yeah i'll do so i don't do it that much just 'cause it's like processed and like i'm like i'm going to be and i want to be like healthier you know especially since i started like fighting like a lot more right you don't want to cry why do in jujitsu there with all the estrogen and stuff and he starts making milk we had we had dick gregory on our show on monday right and he's like this fascinating dude he wanted to talk to you because of all of his stances you know you know someone who pulled out the zapruder film dick gregory it's a prueter film to the heroldo rivera show many years holyshit yeah the history of that was fast i mean these guys made his i mean he marched with martin luther king junior was the first black comic to play in all white nightclub 'cause you have never hired him right
but he's also eighty years old an laying sorted so we're just ask him like a simple question where it's just like so how do you feel about the death penalty is like my grandkids so it makes you gay and like it just like kind of trailed all over the place well yeah he brought that up on monday i think he might be a kim trail guide yeah i mean i i was really big an aside i switched on in but when i was in the soil i could totally feel like i was just really emotion i never really felt that i just assume that my wife zero because there is a common guidelines have hated myself pre so i but almost shit yeah but it did that destroy like there's been like research lately about saying like all this like evidence like item in it's bad for yeah my lot allies soil yeah like like how others like babies explicitly late reports lately that you shouldn't give baby soy that there's
bad shape going yeah it lies somewhere in the middle i mean any process here is pretty bad that's why i love it's like you switch from regular milk to soy milk to almond milk and you look at the ingredients and it's like almonds and it's like yeah that's what you want you know what i mean like whenever whenever you do a sub it's like that's cool about the vegan subs it's like so milk is not really great for you right especially if you're not getting it spas and antibiotics and fuckin' units used to fatten up cat looks like we're not supposed to where the only animal the drinks out of a tete pass infancy alone not even art it another test but you know what with cookies it's the shift son but you stop getting silly you can search allman milk you know what else you can use you can use raw milk that's what i get i get it from
it seems like there's it's probably dangerous but i don't give a flying i don't mix with poop and it's like it's like fucking bareback alright sometimes you gotta take a chance i want to live with economy whole life so i drink raw milk when i have my vegan cookies 'cause i will eat the fuck out of some vegan cookies yeah i don't know what makes a vegan but they're good hope meal with chocolate chips i did the opposite of a vegan diet this weekend i was at a hotel that the only thing close to it wasn't mcdonald's and a7 so i had to eat only at those two places where this was in montana yeah which is so crazy that should be eaten bear burgers up there i know you're in montana and get shitte processed food that was probably you know there before montana i think i was there when i was young but been there and if i don't love you ever murder somebody are kidnapped somebody go to montana it's a great place that just hide and live your life ordain had a great episode montana authors offers live up montanans hanging out with them their eating wild game and shit like shooting pheasants and strategies is my butt
steve steve graham he lived in montana he lived up there for a long time he was a doctor up there it's on his face is like thousand either of them ass she thought of one year bits because some of those places where like used to la or new york or city is you drive to your place like on tanner your drive thru like kind up above like san francisco by like no valores or we can just see these fucking mountains and a reminder like hell on earth i'm outlook on another fucking highway i'm on another fucking best buy jamba juice you strip mall like i'm on a planet could you see what it almost look like before we fuckin strip mall it all up you know when i was living in the older i when i was up in the mountains one of the reasons why i chose to go up in the mountains because the stars which what you goodnight to me i was like look people pay a lot of money for artwork on the wall there's no greater artwork than nature then looking at mountains and then at night time stars mean you see ten times more stars you see here because of all pollution that we expect gap
sky was amazing this that this argument is right about what was even cooler was how far you could see distance wise like you know that i can allay you're realising clearly see that farmers in the town ray and yes foggy this we could see miles like we saw a storm coming like just a black cloud like it was so cool and then suddenly it was just this little storm and it went away and i was like wow you can hear shit yeah that's awesome yeah just hear what i was quiet when i was in colorado and sit on the porch for fucking hours and just here like rules that here here squawk had golden eagles up there you would here all sorts of weird animals going through the woods at night it got a little creepy especially after they got eaten by a mountain lion got a little creepy tonight but drink but
but during the day but you would everyday i would see like a porcupine like afucking porcupine in the middle of the road i have to wait for this fucking thing and see dear constantly buddy mine just was biking and he just leaves in boulder and he ran into a moose she's riding his bike holysh that's a moose if i can go to places like that and you start to think about like answers as greens we complain about it's like people hiked across this with liking dying relatives strapped to their back and like searching for what like that's insane i think it's so important to go to a place like that and sit the fuck down just reset your brain reset the way you look at civilization for me live in the mountains was so perfect because it was only twenty minutes about boulder so twenty minutes i can get down to the city but then i was in i was in the woods matter when you get a view of the earth as you were saying it's it really let's you put everything in perspective just because there's a giant mass of people
buzzing around in a hive just mean you have to be in that totally right even when you go to boulder that's a pretty chill hippy i think made out of hops in schitt yeah boulders awesome except for this too many hippies boulder killed my view of hippies i had a very sort of idealistic view of hippies for ten boulder now in boulder they broke me daphne with other the constant request everything is only taken like wine hippy sapped you far so like trespassing on my probably got a man we can't what can you do this is all learned as though they like ira even with simple things like theirs amazing vegan places like i a family or friends when we're in new york but then like will be traveling and like sometimes again just kept you fuckin hippy man like you get there is like we don't believed silverware man ass a god damn it like john i come on man but he really had to fucking do that or you know sometimes i think of liberals had the the especially because if they had the drive republicans would fuck and when
i will go to something more like such a good cause the brooklyn book fair russia and like no one knows what can she is like in or you're like a protest like people have the wrong sign its i reckon that free to better and as i know you're not even fuckin dead if that's the wrong one unanimity is not even that and then you look a republic hinge on the same page every fuckin data in fighting there's no bullshit environmentalist format of the bee into the gazing out of the box or whatever you just get like one percent they wake up like six am in and i hear you crazy it's like you up are you crazy up like an hour is fuckin be crazy and then they go and get you done because what they like where they live and sort of empathy and fax it they make up for in like pamphlet making skills and they're really good at that she and organization organization that really get a lobbying and we're just like passing on children's properties freedom do member the people that were hired or volunteered when the voting scandals going down to florida and all the people were cheering and and throwing their faces
i shall be around shirts and share so greatly that we agree with that's one thing that i totally agree with you on that that britain the situation and i would never see democrats do not exactly i will look at what democratic it brought about i mean look at what a gigantic gigantic scared little the chinese where he's talking about taking a compromise we all know that their country wants to stay and off yet because you want compromise the country on compromise but here's the ironic part so what s happening here rises cells out the liberals right he compromises before there's even like a debate like you're arguing if there are thirty five hostages right in obamas like negotiating you're going to end with like thirty eight dead hostages and abortion is going to be illegal like that's literally like disguise the way he fuckin' operates because he will give them what they want before the debate even starts right so you're already setting the line to the right instead of how you're supposed to debate ask for a lot then start compromising down right and the reason
so why do we not because you sandia were in a tough economic time the republicans are gonna bluff the am the republicans on record and meet the press on every show have said their only goal is to get obama out of office so if they're going do we think they can to fuck you anyway why not get what you want unless it's really not what you want and that's why i started think there's more kind think your works away i think it works that way i don't think there's really two united groups i think there's it's a factions inside each particular group the tea party faction of the facts i actually believe that sarah palin could be fuckin president they have the mingling with the rest of these factions you know the pro war factions industrial factions the odds together in their own little group and try to keep things as civil as possible and keep things moving in the same direction but i don't really think they're all organized i don't think i don't think they've completely sod the whole picture together and agreed on it no no i mean i definitely don't think it's like the smokey room thing but i do think it's that
that would be awesome though but here the bill hicks joke about the kennedy assessment which definitely explain a lot hicks if you don't know how this great joke about when he when someone become president they bring you into a dark smokey room filled with cigar smoking industrialist of industry alright roll the clip and it shows you an angle of the president kennedy assassination that you've never seen before and then afterwards it goes any questions just what my agenda is going to be yeah i mean there's always somebody that theory but obama mean come on is that there is there ever been a bigger turn around between what you promise in going into office in which actually deliver then i ve never seen a guy that seem to be a liberal that became a bush this is pretty bad in oakland was a lot more republican and people i mean you remember other bus homer legislation was passed in oakland although all that telecom merging that was under what is the homophobic stuff that was passed in the defence of marriage act
michelle obama hundred they wouldn't you where's that come from this will whose putting the pressure that's what i don't understand i would why what is the pressure to to make gay marriage illegal where's that come from financial benefits that the insurance company saying the rhythm of the religious right i'm just though i could see that there's gotta be some money in the scene in order for it to have so many legs there's gotta be some money you know they care so much i kind of wish there was 'cause war and a lot of that stuff can come down to money this is legitimately like fuckin' racism was i mean it's just like it was the next we're all scared we need someone to fucking hate we need someone to scapegoat because look what's easier saying we have to the entire voting systems render democracy might be broken if you try to fix it and to be chased down by a bunch of black brown shares so we have to complete
we do our voting system or blame it on the mexicans blame it on the gays blame it on the poor black women it's really easy to scapegoat these people and paint them as like the big problem or eat mushrooms and wait for the aliens that's what i'm going to do sort everything out i don't want to be this civilization anymore it's pretty bad i'm forty three years old most forty four dash that's what i'm saying i'm not getting into the point where i'm going you know what you guys are just too crazy and it's been crazy since the 60s it's been crazy since the 50s into a hunter s thompson speech that he save at boulder university in the 1970s and i listen to it the other day on the plane and when i was listening to those like wow these are the same fucking concerns they are worried about the sea at far there were worried about you know you know the end of the world people worried back then about the war with the soviet union meanwhile you know this country is going downhill this country is going downhill mean that was the echoed statement over and over again in the 1970s and here two thousand and eleven things
fuckin puttin along man i don't know want to keep trying to fix this fucking thing and wait my whole life out that's my number one problem with politics now i don't want to waste my whole life on some system i had no say over all asylum a sudden born into this system that in opinion makes very little pocket sense seems like its overrun with douche bag and corruption and there's no ethical way through so i look inimical what what what how much time i can always can i just make some noise in the background and hope they don't get so out of control that i have to deal with them in my life i mean is that my option yeah i mean now wait in man i'm not good i'm not going in there yeah and you don't want it but the problem is it's like and you can look at it from kind of like a badass point of view as you look at like these activist there's this kid there's a guy named tim dechristopher and of course we got like no mainstream media attention even though he was like a likable articulate funny like good looking dude
where they were gonna auction off all these lands like someone would accrue he usually dreamy away at it gets a vampire about jack it's all about us i re eyewash as an he here they're going to auction off the bush administration was an auction off all this like protected like wildlife in utah right and so you know of habit bread for trying to stop and others have no one can stop it and are doing to drill and this is just it's amazing that hasn't been touched and so tender christopher so i can driving to school and he's like i have to do something this is insane i don't know what i'm going to do maybe i'll just preface a sign is but i have to try it so it goes there notices there's a little security and they're letting people in for the auction and he's just like i'm going to go in an auction
right so he goes in no one is really noticing him it's like it's probably like the only guy not in a cowboy hat but at least that's how i envision it an he help it's all these oil companies he just keeps bidding bidding one hundred thousand block buys all the line wrap so they realize he's a fake he gets arrested what he knew was by the time they restructured everything through can't just do the auction again obama was going to be an office and obama would protect the land it's really cool sort of heroic bad a story about activism about actually changing something but the twist is he just got sent he's going to fucking jail so people who torture that people who wire tat the people who you know kill severely is the government that will cut nine hundred million dollars from the school system in pennsylvania will not tax cut giving tax cuts to billionaires those guys are fine but this dude who just like it was a fucking
that that there was this old school civil disobedience i mean the thing is it wasn't a fuckin online petition it wasn't like you retweeted something new and obviously voted out moses physical nardoo bushy i guess it was it was fridays posing as or i do know the actual charge but he was posing a someone else he disrupted this this auction i'd i'd he didn't assault anybody or steal anything you want in there unfucking raised his little stupid auctioning paddle and just kept raising it just lied and funked up the whole thing so he lost people and why is going to jail for the yeah figure is i think the sands might have been like ten years speak in montana joy fuck an oil spill in montana have you seen the photos of that horrible right into the fucking helstone river man it lee it's twenty five miles between thirty one and forty two thousand gallons flowed it's lot of flooding that that's what they were talking about is how everything is flooding right now to just this is not flooding is not something i don't know this is oil and oil spill it's horrible man
this beautiful river and it is just fucking dis casting with oil that it's so sad man if you ever go up to like you know that you were up in montana you know you go that part of the world like looking like some of the rivers and lakes and streams that flow through like colorado and wyoming and all those like spar depopulated places there's a few places that way you can still see some incredible natural beautiful things like that and now it's fucked you probably have a lotta you probably have absolutely some listeners you're alive you know who cares we gotta get the oil bob bob ollinger something looks pretty go look on at a pretty picture but you do have already raised people's waters are employed water the employees have you seen that should in new york where people can light their water on fire yes because your franking like insanity people are literally being my poisoned by the shit just for more for forests
yeah well the idea that the only way to go is with oil and the only way to go is a way that pollutes the environment that's ridiculous they found clean sources of fuel what they need to do is fig out a way to make clean sources of fuel work for a large scale of human beings that's what they need to do bill burr had a joke about it never saw him do it on my tv by america working it out of the boston comedy club when i was starting about like somewhere there's like some guy in a farm who like invented like the perfect like you know kind of an electric car or like natural gas and you know people come to his door and then i got were here from like whatever and i like let's just see the thing and then he turned down like this right here and just think just takes him out just drags him away and like that's it you know there was a guy that invented a car that runs on water turned up dead a couple years later
talking about the the opie and anthony show that's probably where you were talking about where bill burr came well yeah comes on that episode but you don't want to be you don't want to be conspiratorial sometimes but here they were more like when you were talking about the king whistleblowers dead dead and your stuff like that and it's just like alright days is far more horizon look you don't know the strange case events foster you know the vince fostered story rivalry adequate invent austria vince fosters some guy who knew a lot of shit about all those the creepy real estate feels that when our love a lot of people went to jail and this guy fuckin up in a fucking huge one wanted dead where there was no blood there is no blood near the scene of the crime that these clearly moved his body the gun was still in his hand which is not post to ever happen in a suicide case when you shoot yourself with their guns supposedly discuss flying out your hand if you can hold on to it so when someone's got a gun in their hand and there's no blood there like i'm pretty sure that's don't quote me on this i've read the book strange case of vince foster the strange death of his foster i read it years ago fish
or there's conspiracies man if you don't think there are if you don't think people are getting whacked left and right let me tell how it works if you have a lot of money you know other people with a lot of money if you know other people out of money you know other people that have ties to the military if you know people that have ties to military you know people are mercenaries if you know people have mercenaries and you have a problem you get that problem taken care of so i didn't get taken care of clean for not that much money have friends that worked as mercenary friends that word from very companies overseas they were in the they were in the marines and they were in the you know when they wanted to go back and make some money and then went back and made a fuckload of money and it's not hard to find people like that wrong in our so anybody thinks that you can you know runners fuqing over rupert murdoch and i'll end up dead listen bich it doesn't even matter man it doesn't even matter how public it is that i was going to say that's the scariest fuckin' part because like let's say that did happen right that means not only is she just like kill him so alright already fucking creepy right like take him out but
top of that no one is going to be that obvious like could even a fucking year re almost dead man he's almost yeah good got a special cell phone that he keeps in his backyard he has to pick up a rock it turns it on to call some duty looks like charles bronson but talks in a russian accent and that's your aspid shocking he's an australian mister burns from the simpsons lane hard dude it ain't hard trust me there's a lot of god dam people people can blend in there's like seven billion people on the planet find something to kill you run louise boat by the way i hope you don't mind i'm sleeping over now an just find that leaving the house oh you scared little bit don't be scared dude you're not saying anything bad
i think they would kill you for that i don't think so you gotta you gotta be there's a part in some wikileaks dikshit there's a part of me that gets disappointed every time that like security they pass me along i'm like i'm not as edgy as i thought do you really think that maybe you wind up on a list someday for being an edgy comedian i for one day one day i fucking hope so one day i hope i just get bored in my fucking act that i'm like i gotta do something dude hacker thing so you brought up bradley manning i was just watching this interview with the one guy who is pretty much has access to him this guy gave it house bradley manning we didn't actually bring him up he's the guy who the wikileaks guy he's the the soldier that gave up all the information tat an alien asylum is part of this whole like hacking community and like i want to get some on our shoulders you got to look into that like this community is fucking fascinating some watching this could be interviewed and he's is really like really fuckin smart guy and i guess he was at a hacker conference and they can like spot out because there's always fbi agents and stuff like that apparently there are showing video footage of
the civilians were killed the first big thing that came out from which you each member from the helicopters so they are showing jabez am glorifying horrifying anders david house was very calmly explaining sitting in the audience and i saw the guy next to me was an agent and amy good men that though the woman interviewing was how do you it was an agent and this is like some jason bourne stuff is i was blackberry was tinted so we can see at an angle he was wearing cocky pants and a hacker t shirt which is the memo they all get when they all get emails to say to dress like us except we had a shaved head that symbolise military or law for so i leaned over to him and said just so you know you're supporting this and a guy goes yeah i am and then he left like how fuckin creepy that when you're involved
this is just a hacker convention and it's just like you know that like yours but it's like the guys like when i was sixteen i used to go to fish concerts you see the guy would like the old tie dye shirt that's like is anybody selling illegal narcotics and hacking cough duty i had a guy come up to me in cleveland asked me for dmt i'm pretty positive he was a cop wow yeah he was looking at me like really come on how can i get it and i was looking in his eyes i was like what are you talking about man yeah it was weird he had a crew cut had a crew cut and he was asking me about how to get dmt i don't know how to get illegal drugs dude we've had people at people like army tips and stuff but like you know so what do you think when you think violence is ok and we're just like we're done down here you know what i mean like it's like you say it yeah exactly yeah that's kind of funny man that they could spot the hackers that easy
not that agents excuse me the hackers could spot them rather than i thought that was sick so simpsons like no no i know it's so ridiculous but you know when you have people i mean there are people infiltrating like peace groups course it's crazy it's like that's where you're going to put your you say you're going after talking al qaeda and trying to keep us safe but really the antiwar people you're afraid they're going to commit violence i forget the pot sorry something about some growers up in the ne or northwest in the way they found out that there was a an inside guy that was grower that was actually an fbi agent where he died in a motorcycle acts ira that it has revealed as a state car they cover down upon their what the fuck you you would have put it what a waste of money you guys you're doing here so ridiculous we interviewed like this like hard core this is getting peter young who is like part back in the day was part of the animal liberation front like one of those guys are now went to jail for arson and shit they don't think you should even have pets they think that every animal should be free
aren't you that's their ultimate goals to release dogs and church both the animal activists like i talk there are incredibly pro adoption rant on reading run but like yeah of course promote option but anyway so sir he actually a woman he has actually was dating agent machine oh my god all these road trips now just started asking all the right questions oh my god he was banging her things while he was at least we kind of alluded he was at least like hooking up and what does that mean again the cops suck his dick yeah some like that it's worth it do little jail time you should have that copy i like what what level of like evil is like that boss i dislike go fuck this gap will what level of evils a girl and she can do yeah seriously that's dark dude hu let someone's daughter summons use are pussy to catch some animal terrorist guy
you're a snitch and kind of sliding your both of those things dirty bitchh are they just said that they arrested fourteen people from anonymous today oh it's they've been arrested as part of an ongoing operation targeting the hacking collective goddammit josiana western stand here did you just seven listen i'm going to republican fundraiser tomorrow you might want to join in dude just cut your hair a little closer to scorn where i long to see you see the light man you know people see the light i'll be excited to philadelphia legi do they want to have these we have tattoos yeah dude we freaking talk to a different group of people that they don't know with its access to some people you know get those democracy now characters you know you can fuck and put some sense in their head through you sears do i i have to tell you i see dennis miller the whole deal
he didn't write what happened i didn't cover it if i wanted to ask him once man i've only talked him a few times i've talked him on the radio on his show and has been very cool to me and i like him is very nice gesture and but one time we are not alone in a bathroom taken a really great next i just want to be like this this is an act right because with this was two thousand three i would you thousands when fear tractor just starting to take off because joey got yourself a little hit their congratulations and we're playing next to each other i want to go with the fuck is going on man i know bush you hanging out with him who can't hear miller what happened was that like you're going in hanging out at their house key doing today did fbi agent this is fuckedup you haven't here which is weird 'cause i think he was legitimately i think a lot of people got very like after nine hundred and eleven they definitely like legitimately based on the war on terror frank at a time when public and each of them almost fuckin scared and rightly so
but then i just saw him recently on like bill o'reilly and stuff and he's like making fun of poor people and it like that it's like you can be republican on one level and not have to sell out everything you used to believe in like that you're kind of blows my mind like someone said to me like which you get some money and you'll become republican and like the most insulting jet where it's like you're saying that when i be kept money i'm just going to sell out everything i ever believed in like i'm sure there are people who do it but jesus christ man can you be so shallow to say that and be ok that came out of your mouth you so silly to think that you would all sudden join that other team
and you know you have a pretty open minded spectrum of ideas you've adopted from a bunch of different places now while you would all the sudden don't know i'm here to protect all my goal you know instead of instead of being open minded and kind of like looking at the whole big picture to well they're both kind of crooks and you know which you do you know that you wouldn't do that you would also become a republican so ridiculous you get some money yeah i start the best thing money gives you the best thing is you don't worry about money that's the best thing money gives yeah i'm sure it's the number one thing it gives you people who don't you know they look at it like you know like oh man it's not all about money you're right but it's like a tool it's not all about hammers but if you want to build a fuckin house maybe you should have a hammer eradicate hammers rossen to hammers are awesome to build houses rocks going to use rocks and nail those now you could build a house with a rock and nails but you're we better off making some money right you we better off
figuring out how you don't have to get rich just get to a point where you can be comfortable enough to wake up in a fucking sweaty panic like i always used to do exactly what you like fun i'm going to feed myself this week now when you get to a point where you don't have to worry about those things are not going to change and become a republican fuck and all the citizens of the world i mean with what was that i think you know what i don't get is any republican who it doesn't have a trillion dollars you know what i mean just so rich and it's like i think it's because they are again our representation the democratic representation liberal stereotype like it's horrible but every time i talked to like a level had a conservative and like we actually have conversation realize we're all being fucked by the same people right and the bottom line is i've gotten really good as what do they say they say we don't want to raise taxes so if you're poor you're middle class you hear that you know yeah that makes sense because i need every penny that i can get where they're actually saying is we're not going to raise taxes on the upper one percent which the majority people are not obviously the upper one percent
so that means that someone who already has a billion dollars doesn't give away a tiny percentage of that which they won't even fucking notices there and because of that that's going to defund however many school that's going to make it even used to create jobs to create infrastructure with all these fuckin bridges that are collapsing rat so it's not you they dont want to fuck and rob you all that the bush tax cuts look there's that's right now right now we've raised the debt ceiling under every recent president the only one we didn't the only one who didn't george bush raise the debt ceiling several times well we don't want it there's a black president the last thing you want to do is running up his credit cards that's very true that's what's going on and these guys trying to get it on layaway but let me know how they are they're very bling bling but the only one who did very fancy the only one who did their fancy they only didn't residency and was bill because reaction at had a surplus in or clinton then bush came in and i remember a lot of these same republicans who are cutting all this that the funding from medicare and stuff there still
as they were in office with bush bush comes then cut cuts tax cuts for the rich to war and suddenly we all this money and we're back in that and it's like it wasn't it wasn't my problem with taxes my number one problem is you know saying that you're going to take away more money from people whether it's from rich people or whether it's from portugal where where fuck i know i trust you to manage that money correctly sure so i don't believe that if you take more money from rich people it is going to necessarily fix anything i think it's probably can i create a bunch of fucking jobs that we don't really need that's what's really gonna happen it's gonna you get more money for taxes and what does this incompetent fucked up government gonna do what they can to create more jobs to two ridden require more money so they can continue to get more taxes every year i dont believe that it's kind of fun old directly into education on yeah i mean that community improvement i did and if i thought was handled by competent people i would support it but when you start
talking about forty eight and tax brackets and ridiculous shit like that i gotta go where's this money going when i went in and are you getting a direct result of the leg of a fee the proportion of resources for what you put it well that the problem is so it's pageant a system that completely fucked up on the backs of the successful people arriving in the six oh i urge everyone would soon one more thing and i do agree that successful people have made it to be successful because this system and they should probably contribute more i absolutely think that but i think trust the people that are in charge of doing it to be competent in it who the fuck would want to be handling taxes who the fuck would we want to be distributing wealth in and in doing it you know all these people are paying taxes you gotta figure out where the fuck does god man if i could want that some creep yeah well there i mean there's definitely something in the middle like i want to say socialism works but if i could have been on the underground form and see the hell they can break lose their everyone a message board just kind of like alright maybe we need some
whatever is too many we can't socialism doesn't work because just too many we constantly lazy fucking people who are not going to do their share if everyone school in every one was of sound character and we had this sort of a community where are you know i need a coconut you you know you let me bars work i remember a lot of these lazy counts are you know every say lazy conor you say welfare queen what you think everything about the fuckin some poor black family rising i dont think you lazy white guy right the pull yourself up by your bootstraps people were born into that wealth and they're like you do what idea what site what go come out of your mom's badge like there's nothing i can be born in the real issue is the numbers are out of control there's too many human beings that we're trying to manage were supposed to be in small tribes of five thousand two hundred people we should know each other where i've lived in a question for you because i don't know the answer to this because i don't not agree with you what you said about the government being an app you know this is the first year citizen radio actually like writ repair taxes on it read and there is
for me i'm like yeah i'm fucking proud like this is this one i could turn it through republican but i'm going to pay taxes to fund schools and blah blah blah and i'm like yeah mailed off the check and then i was like that's probably going to kill some rockies you know what i mean like you don't know where that fucking money is going but with that said so option so it's either you happy an expatriate what are we to thailand devolution the internet the island with taxes you either have the inept government you're talking about right or the greedy for profit republic both are shitty but what's fucking worst enemy good crime was in the middle do you ever think about that because you're a real extremely politically politically give guy your your radio show is based around mean finally a lot of it is about politics nome noam chomsky get you ever feel like man maybe the commentator on pro wrestling this is also a fuckin phony horse shit and i'm caught up in this pretending it's all real and getting everybody you know this the guy
back september twelve rally tat american are part of the problem mamma mamma ladylike legitimizing this horse shit i mean i think i think it's really easy to think that because again it's by the way it's just a question in question and the people are out delegate met your dad you for being active absolutely not i'm just proposing as an island i don't necessarily in that way or the other while people can either be like your tat can ever be accurately like talk about it stop this that's there's a lot of them have made a lot of talk about far too hot eating my girlfriends asshole this week in your cock hopped a grown man caught me eating my girlfriends ass how those eyes weird she's feature dancing's or in the green room em we're born to start eating her ass a lot as a lotta locked the door and the guy walks and of us our story and i have to say i didn't it wasn't an invitation fatter completely changed subject by the way you can weirdo i'll try to say re back the old asshole eating industrial complex again bar i an audio and to try to eat some ass line has been bang way over his head just
allow him his indiscretion yeah he's very very happy very happy to have a girl that really shouldn't have anything to do with him and he can eat her asshole at the drop of a dime so he likes to talk about it he thinks he's like entertaining because he doesn't understand that it's really for other people to like yeah alright dude you know how horrible it wasn't talking like a grown man like like he leave like oh i'm sorry he was still talking to girlfriend going like instructions for to do something and i had to like slowly stand up sit there and just i didn't do this slowly wipe your mouth with a napkin well at least you didn't do she like most boyfriends of strippers would would football you don't know yeah
you know it's really funny when they have rules could look it yet sheet on this stage now you fucking creep you out she's out there shoving dildos in her mouth and she said that's ok those are ours there from our column into the room without knocking he knocked and make sure that she's ok there's a certain amount of privacy that you must respect i didn't know you're getting your asshole eating it's weird how much feature dancing in comedian
together like it was exactly like being on the road or do you accept that you'd you'd do you know you don't take up the clothes but in stuff like that and play cougar ball created by it it was exactly the same looking picked up at the airport i have a hotel you like it was so we're you have your father exclaimed it's gotta be a weird stalker anything now she is here in the middle of montana and their she's dancing and they know it and she has fans i guess chief and has fans that are like twitter fans at our us that new who i was just because a falling her on twitter so they wanted to meet you two and now they just stared at me and i am only a day and with your care for him now you don t usually dances like lapped answers yet do i would murder everybody just like she has to sit on duty lapses dues off the internet they know you she read bad girlfriend ie and then they go and they can get lap dances from growth absolutely what a good thing as is that she owes those ok i have time for two i want to pick this old
rich couple over here and dance his wife and am i choose the up that big fat old kid with the glass is that looks like he's never been laid you know excellent show just do that instead of election gives regularity pussy here yes there was like a fraternity there at the delay by the odd and when you do in you for there were i not be bore swingers you know and i don't do that don't know that's that's the next level i do to work with people i know people who will get together as couples and they'll go and try to fuck other couples and can only be the room why some guys railing your wife just talking to him over and they get off on it yeah yeah like what we mean prevented's podcast at this convention we were at
here's your address and here i was hoping you were gonna say me and prevents we're in a gang second lieutenant gases hoping luck in his way via the evergreen imaginary doesn't show somehow i am here last week and you really good man for the first time for those letters like sham layman appetite in fact endless so sir fuck and so we do this gas and he's gonna go and after me for being like a prudence after he's like a sensible yeah he's very like in that sort of sexual revolution and
and so there was crude how are you a prude oh i mean just like not very like meat and potatoes falcon not swingers not you know what i mean like potatoes fuqing some happy days type shack yeah everything good mood and like we're doing this right and so masks or ball gags or yeah i mean yeah it's pretty like pretty clean there's not much to clean up afterwards like we can still look at each other in the eye and he's not breakfast together without being like which you did was awful um and paul asked you know he's like how many girls in here every fantasies now we were not we were not in like with i naturally whose back in science convention were and there are girls in the room big small pretty unattractive probably eighteen like forty a married all of them raise their hands
by the way the audience to who the autism ass they might well well that's what they want and what i was definitely round my man there is a lot of sexual shit that i do not know about why we will never understand what it's like to be a woman in a week four hundred and ten we do but i think you know how would a woman will never understand what it's like to be you and just kind of try to be cool around her and try to be what would like from you i can lend things down just keep anybody from getting crazy well it's with that with even a much more extreme why we don't know what the fuck it's like to want to get held down in fact rags to date a girl who is a very nice person and she was very educated and she liked getting held down and she would try to get up that was her think she was fuckin smart man she had it was goose you want to but she was a very very very bright person very highly educated in chile
right ok that was her thing and you just want to get raped by someone she liked to force yeah i was there are things i couldn't stand that i don't know i didn't understand it that i was theirs ever use everything you know no one wants so my problem with hey hey it's pr everybody i was young back then i was quite a bit more savage than i am now i'm quite a bit more civilized so i was really worried like i'm like really get into raven this she might she might be my fucking thing is this my exact thing that i didn't know about it she was really hot and she was really kind of crazy and fun and so i was like shit i hope i don't like just get it is right this is in my new thing now you know i don't wanna need to re people that is what the fuck you know like you know you look obviously we don't completely understand how human behavior comes to fruition
we know that there's factors but we don't completely understand all of them i mean it's very possible that something could happen to turn you down a dark road there i mean i know i don't know if it has to happen during the foreign a period of years of your life or if it's possible for some weird shit to happen like if you go to prison or addicted to a drug elsa may not even be like as darker aired as like you know you think it is because i again i dont think and obviously i want to get raped but it could just be like people like aggressive acts in your eyes fantasize about aggressive acts as you know you don't want to get rid of it just that she wanted to fight back when though there was a little rape evolve why have i need a girl right get slapped and i was like always like reads like a first i just want to do the thousand it later life i'm gonna start elbowing earn i didn't i didn't realize when i first heard dating her why she wanted to take me in the first place because i was never graduate i want to u mass boston she went to harvard and she does
she just how becky shadow what are you guys are necessary but you know what she wanted was in some savage person fuck the shit out of her it's just like a guy you know who's and intelligent gallagher z guy was an executive that losses entire career because he was a brilliant guy just conflicts couldn't stop going after young hot pussy like you would you would but eventually got him in all sorts of trouble but it was young dom hot pussy ass what he wanted this what does grow on and you say man like you know i do did you use the whole like biological thing like as an excuse to cheat but there definitely something there but like any time like there's a girl and especially for comics because like i mean you here probably addresses reactionary but i didn't get girls until i became a comic there's part of me that i'm i'm making up for lost time this was unfair like this is for every fuckin girl there was like my best friend and just like fuck me ever and call me when your boyfriend like was a dick
and so i just fucking fucking and mozilla your margin for holidays and what is alive and far gang and and and and just remember like i don't even know where that was going my they therefore diminishes like i did that how long will you say the ages ago so that so now you know like i'm like so happily fuckin' married i don't think about it you know once you get someone like an intellectual level even like the hottest girl up the second she's just dumb or mean herself ass she just becomes like just not hot so anyway so there
point there if you ve experienced everybody s exactly by some but that some people never haven't some people their relationships are always a sexual nature exactly tolerate someone gives you get your ex from right yeah sort it becomes easier but nowadays like any time i've even like when you having a hot girls like a split second talk you after a shout and you're like all when you get and you know and started for the old days are you go home to your hotel you jerk off and it's the it's the best kind of jerking off because it's not not sexual but is also mental relief because you forget one is fantasize about cheating all they think about is like the fucking or the common they forget about like the conversation
leads to that they forget about with arms even after outsource the awkward second how about the six month period like i was crazy to pretend to be fuckin pregnant like how about all that shit you totally forget about at once you jerk off him like the worsening of the deer fuckin clean up guy has a friend who is he he's so crazy he's always banging than those checks over this girl blew him was trying to convince him that she's pregnant that create go how crazy these girls he goes the crazy the crazy it's just a worse sums nuts book is wrong with you man you're letting these people into your life like you're letting insane people into your life and the only the only standard they have to reach as a sexual one right you don't need to know that much about their personality you don't care crazy let some nice big suck your dick and now you ve trading phone calls were there and you have to change your phone number because she's trying to convince you that she blew you and got pregnant chad gave me
such secondly some naughty ones naughty naughty naughty for can people out there are some other could be just a weird form baby maybe it actually happened just because you have to believe raising and they say when enlargement is so well there has been won the african story that's a believer store i don't think it's been debunked woman gonna knife fight shortly she gave a guy a blow job and then she became pregnant and the reach i'm pregnant because the knife went into her in her own fuckin girly parts load actually carried from the knife into the warm holloway share i mean i hope this is about i hope it's not a bullshit story i don't want to review it because i like to tell it i hope it's still really hot this i'm just was born with no vagina that was the point that reason why it was so interesting that woman issues africans were born with no vagina and that's why was crazy that's
they're going to be a lot of' knife fighting vagina with women listening to this show that are very upset right now so i can't do what anymore that was the one fucking pleasure i had was knife fighting after a good blowjob well i don't believe in the immaculate conception i don't believe in the virgin mary i don't think that's a miracle but maybe the messiah comes from a blowjob knife like maybe that's the messiah that maybe that child will grow up and as the folly of his ways and means looking on everything what kind of woman sex it dick and then gets into my fight his mom must be fucking crazy so from the go he's going to have to figure out things for himself so you know it might be what's goin on that might be the jesus i'm pretty what the hell is going on that keep an eye on somebody denham around them that their market sparkling guy matt i figure so you're out of that employs the jesus i i hope i hope i hope so cause i'm like if there are for the really you are right there is a god right now and if there is like a gm europe you as our comments here learn a lot about
should happen i think this whole world is a fucking illusion i think it just a really complicated santa equally created figment of your imagination fifteen you're living your figment i'm living my figment and they all combined together some sort of a weird fuckin quantum physics soup that's right older i get the more pot i smoked slippery or reality gets folks not buying it anymore i dont guy's name wiener get busted for taking pictures of their dick and when the war keeps rolling on the internet it is true that is that anything about it just someone fatima that's like let's say if they let's see if they buy this shit really can together after the winner thank our i've been going i think as the apocalypse closer and closer is going to be more and more ridiculous you know i think that furries are all about i think that's that's what this world is all about as as we get closer and closer to the end of our each individual lives our imagination is going
spiral is nutty fuckin reality further and further out it's like the truman show we just didn't figure it out we just this is no doubt that that i just wish complex you know i mean if you listen to kurzweil or any of these futurists that talk about the potential artificial realities that will be constructed in the near future you know a lifetime for sure they will be able to construct some sort of an artificial reality that is indistinguishable from this real that's why i love this i love science so much more than religion and kind of do ag spiritual shed is because like if you like with religion people i'm done we figured it out and society like with the goal of a sizeable assigns to keep asking questions as to prove yourself wrong is to be blushing and looking and looking here and that to me like you can't you say you're fucking time you have to keep looking like that i mean that could be one of the points a life just it's just figuring shit out it certainly is but i think there's something to religions well and what just a religion is even though it's not real if you believe it's real it could do amazing things for you man
medical really will its theirs thing to extreme in positive thinking there's something to the idea that you are working twords gods goals you know if you truly believe i think that's incredibly empowering sort of i think it's empowering in the sense that like the eminent people were like i'm working for god like debt abortion doctor as like y y you one where there is there any nuts i fortune and that's not in the in the mind of god in the mind of the route the true christian religion ideas of god it's love your brother litter people as if they were you are sure but have you ever thought about this outlook is like so that's what i used to say right and then two things happen and there both completely i'm fucking i hate talking about it for the first time was so i was very like spiritual them
religious right where i'm lag well religion so it sounds like what a stripper would say exactly yeah or just like everybody in college while she smoking yeah well it kind of spiritual but not really happy there's gotta be something out there that was that was made and i remember uh i used this kind of got 'cause you can do the opposite of what you're doing like her i go i work here agra falls and i pulled the shit on my wife is that he was an atheist and i did the thing that so many people were spiritual but not religious do or just look at that look at that magical how can you say that something didn't create it she very politely walk me over to the sign that had told me how niagara falls is bad and i was like oh that's awesome like that's really fucking cool and i would have never thought about that before when it comes to what you were saying with like that doing
greater than yourself i was actually much more selfish until i was an atheist and if you actually look at a map and pulls to the most charitable countries are the most secular so why is that because we always think of religion is doing all these charities and stuff with the majority of i don't have a one just go right back to the church sure you have a lot of people helping poor kids in africa but there also still dreams and telling roads is created by god right so that's more like it up i think there the reason the more secular countries and a lot of the reason an atheist or more charitable says there's so much threats you're homeless person or not see something and it wouldn't be affected by it 'cause my god has a plan and it just kind of gives you this out and it gives you kind of carte blanche just ignore shit that's a negative aspect of it in the gating the positive aspects of not being like my sisters sucking a born again christian she build a school for poor kids in saint louis and i can't be like you're stupid the bible has contra like never keep open the poor kids don't necessarily think it had to be christian either to just be bye bye
the believing in religion or believing gotta believing it something i think it's it's you can say that it's a mental crutch but it can also be a framework for getting through this exist sure but i mean there are atheists you that i'm saying like i'm going to take it as a krutch the reality is man you have a certain amount of cooking time here from beginning to end and the amount of this time that you can spend in a positive light the best that's the best option and if you can if you can figure out how to enjoy it the most right if the enjoying it is going by this idea that as you as and you will give into some sort of a higher power that sort of has this this his vision of the way the world is supposed to be but is that almost even is that even real positive iti in the sense of you ever done psychedelic drugs yeah it's tough just mushrooms or how much i think allison i probably don't like just like three times well how much money out at once and whatever they gave us and redress
i ain't seen god your homework we could strain that out of you like you guess what we must have an extra their way with a girl like a lumber far away i am sure that you need to see me when mushrooms become legal i sure hope you marketing and that could be the fuckin catchphrase you haven't seen god how meteorites adjunct well when i was i was saying about that guy was saying may twenty first you can be the end of the world and is having always billboards gods what are you gonna do when god comes you can see god you need seven grams of mushrooms and quiet dark room and you can see god you can see everything that anyone has ever thought of ever all at once so it's so cool about it it's like that's fucking with levels in your brain right maybe not maybe not
play some traducing inorganic life form from another fucking planet that super intelligent and communicate with you through eating it sure but both of them are fighting mad i mean what i guess i'm trying to say is like both of them both of 'em might not be a good thing no no mushrooms are amazing both of them are just as magical because let's say which i've lost management both of it either just your brain or if it's some other intelligence right because if it your brain and that's what people there always kind of for it to be a hyper nutrients some sort of a hyper mentioned country just as our science has just fucking certain parts of your brain right while they think it actually decreases a certain amount of blood flowed ran area but it totally understand that they need a lot more time now and they're doing and there's some really cool people doing research but you can't discount started in the rubber you can't discount the subjective experiences when people are actually getting from or how much they're gaining from the right that some psychedelic drugs have changed me as a human being absolutely i mean i think they've changed most people have done what i think so cool is
there is a higher power or whatever but it's even cooler to me to be like or it's me it's inside me it was my for wide ranging isn't answer when you ve had it when you ve had a real blow out psychedelic experience the first thing that happens is your taken to another place and you don't all that other places just some sort of a misfiring of synapses that or if it is actually another place but we do know is that the most potent chemicals are the ones that are produced by your own mind and the most potent ones in like eating mushrooms mushrooms are i think the exact chemical term but it's like four ex for sally ann dimethyltryptamine i might have said that wrong but the point nn dimethyltryptamine is actually produced by the human mind so this is
another form of this human neurochemical so there's like a human neurotransmitter and there's a mushroom that fuckin' mimics their add some other shift to it and when you take this you have these incredible experiences it does nothing negative to your body though for sure and you learn from it i agree with that one hundred percent you need to do some of that shirt and then rethink this whole god thing is that there might be some information that you're not applying and i'm not saying there's god like the christian guard i don't know i'm just saying there's probably or to all away i live the wail of his ass i live like they're they're like there is no god and so what would that's done is again you're not you have i live like there is no god why not just live like you dont know because well because i always wanna ex always want asked questions shadowy question and i think that's the key thing i think most people who do believe in god citizens god
consider myself and i would you say there's deftly not i wouldn't you can't i would say ran i would say right now on this part chasm fucking fist came through the ceiling i've gotta when doing no man of red richard dawkins like i'd be like check and i think that the difference between science and religions i bet you could below richard dawkins fuckin socks off with a powerful dm t trip but he would come back and be like will do some new things taken heed fuckin sit down his laptop and start right in a whole new book that's a grim hancock fell about drag iran's and god was all about ancient civilizations and others the different shit until he went to the jungle and took fuckin the iowa moscow with the peruvian chairman's and also any wrote a book supernatural or he believes that the entire human race has evolved from monkeys as of psychedelic chemicals and that these chemicals are getting us into with some sort of higher intelligence at figures the world out for us and that's that human civilization was formed i mean i think that i think i think the i think that what's proven so far is just as trippy and justice fucking magical is that we came from the fucking stars you know what i mean
we have that out there we came from particles of stars that every child you know every channels tribute from star and you look at the big bang and you look at the chance that attacking you look at the way we have all these in our seas and our brains amazed physical proud i mean that's it to me those my mind just just as much that's because you ve never done of mushrooms i tell you now there's a big fuckin demonstration that what are you about evolution no it doesn't turn you against anything it did it there's clearly there is a process of things evolving and becoming you mean a scientist don't like to use the term evolution for anything that doesn't include genetics but if you just look at social evolution but we were talking it before but we are we give homage to lenny bruce wendy bruce is one of the pioneers of stand up comedy if it wasn't for lenny bruce really would be no jamie kills there be no george car did we know anybody who's out there really saying something on stage that you believe that may or may not be controversial or may go again
the green he was the originate are of that but going back and watching it now is like reading stale academic journals it's not funny he has a few funny lines that will come up with a new and let you go around my house do i have lenny bruce posters i concert is going to him being arrested yeah i've got his shit all over the place i pay homage to lenny bruce with bruce with his there's a few of those guys you're not supposed to criticize you know it supposed to ever say anything even remotely bad about that even saying that their old stuff is not that interesting anymore but i that some sort of end up in evidence of this never ending comp complete city and never ending progress and it applies to our culture and it upon obviously applies to the universe from the big bang to the coup starts at a single celled organisms to multi celled organisms to life moving in some sort of it's in a very obvious direction you having my video is if you want to believe that i think that's amazing as long as you wish you don't stop as long as you don't use that as an excuse to stop asking questions that keep
we have a why would you stop asking questions you don't have to stop asking questions to think there's some some sort of hyper order to everything that there's some sort of love energean that positive energie is probably with this idea of god really is but i think that i think that right now it's not you're out you're almost been too optimistic in the sense that a lot of people i don't think that what you know i mean i knew attics i'm sure you did who went to fuckin a and they would use at every time they relapse they would be like oh sure by higher power it is a different plan or i'm not really concerned with their errors and thinking what i'm cern with is the possible positive effects of thinking that there's some sort of a higher power and i don't mean it in a sense of one person or one deity or one thing i almost mean in terms of just that this dimension as complex as it is supposedly you know what is
probably eleven dimensions or something that can be proven quantum physics i don't even know what that means i'm just talking out of miami not none of us can fighting even visualize that but i guess i was saying is like if you have brian right and like bright being a good person and and and living his life in the end loving like everything you said because he loves his family because he loves eating his girlfriend's ass hole because he loves you know the podcast he loves his life nature around him he loves all that stuff and then someone else is doing it and again this isn't what you're doing but for a lot of religious people just talking about finding the positive and god they do it either because they want to go to heaven and be able to eat a lot of pancakes since either dead fuckin cat or they do it because they're afraid to go to who's really living the more pure life i think it's the person that's doing it for the in the moment for the right reason for the person they love in real life as opposed to the people who are doing it because they're either scared or they're trying to kiss gods ask yes i agree i think we agree on that i think we all need to be very careful of and i have friends that are
yes that will you know they give me this there is no god conversation like penn is one of those he will give you there is no god and you know and i've never had a drop of alcohol my life he doesn't drink he doesn't do drugs do anything like that either reason why you saying that 'cause you never done any drugs if you did some fucking dmt you have some god dam questions you would come back and you would know how is that right there how did that happen or how is it that i can take this stuff and i am transmitted instantly to some place that is beautiful beyond my ffucking wildest imagination filled with energean information i think all that should be investigated and i think the answer could be incredible we don't that's the bottom line we don't we we are a fuckin nap on an ant ass figure out the universe ass we don't accept that were crazy everywhere idiot year i'm were temporary we know that we end well we all the weekend and we want to pretend we have it figured out leave your fuckin mine open man this could be not that you know i don't think it is a man and the clouds with the harp and angels but all this
get that i've seen on mushrooms that's way less crazy now if that's all it was if you got there and there really was a gate that dude with the king of thing like a book that shows all the shit you did and you sit down and say are you feel bad about that don't feel terribly involved i grew ok come on in there really is a fucking guy like that that wouldn't be as weird as some of the ship that i've seen psychedelic some reason i always pictured if there was a guy to being the dad from the little mermaid i don't know why i like that's always the flag images from the little mermaid just that weird talking to that is you can guide with a big beard and little crown although he had a finn so i don't know how it explained that ok ok the underwater dad yeah is it tight and there isn't it
there are some issues involved somewhere there's their synthetic drugs they do the same as like certain drug like even probably make a synthetic mushroom i'm sure that that there is that we have seen him rules in it but there are still other things besides suicide and their citizens do several different different psychoactive substances that exist in mushroom so if you want to get the exact effect of mushrooms you would have to make an honor one right will be as simple as just a suicide and you would have to have it in the exact the way it interacts with this and though there were they interact with a bunch of different shit inside of it it's not it's not just one thing i think it's not like there's sites synthetic payodhi and stuff like that and it opens up certain things in your brain that makes you see things and you should consider that as like that's like a religion that's a god because your body your brain is reacting to this drug and they're going to do it synthetically or you can pick it off the ground so i think that that whole concept is probably like you know psychedelics might not be any
other than that your brain reacting to something crazy you know but if anything i think it would it's interesting that that if it does do something it's probably has something to do with just using parts of your brain that have never been used before it like that to me is so fucking cool effectively use so little of our brain it's like well how do we tap into the fucking rest of it it doesn't have to be a god like what's fucking up here that we haven't even fucking seen before here's blows my here's what we absolutely know we absolutely know that we exist in some sort of a state right here and right now and that we know that this state this physical state that we all exist in we can experience it i i think therefore i am you knock on wood it's right there when you have the psychedelic experience is what it may be doing in india what may be doing by blasting your brain with all these thoughts and ideas it may be pushing evolution or pushing progress into a certain direction and that may if the very code of the universe itself that may very well be well
idea of love and god is that exist in in promise it exists in potential in certain substances that interact with the brain in a very positive way that makes life move forward in a positive direction so in a sense it is connecting you with god but in the oh god doesn't really exists the god is an idea the god is is is a potential metzengerstein it could easily be that it can easily that there's something positive about it though and that's also why it's illegal that's why molly sheens grove and how to go down the mexico to get that i bugging clean itself above that crack yes she was called a crack by briefly that it was a weed pipe but come on bitch smuggling then go get some abigail tree you now to come clean sheet annex go to get this this incredible psychedelic drugged it's illegal america has an incredible of curing addiction way better than doktor drew out i've been running into a lot of people lately that have been running cocaine on wheat lately well
who the fuck you're hanging out with strippers friends back ass quiet dark room as these are people from many comedy clubs really there like a man yet this is lay in the club audio that members yeah don't smoke with china but the whole of the boys told me by its happened maybe twice i love that hey you know this you'd others we that used to cut open your mind and make a sort of more creative funny you want to add complete shaky paranoia to ask how about some fucking swat night terrors sway the dripping sweat off satan's ball sack just make sure joint with it i don't smoke we'd the pupils with drug smuggling me i know a friend who is also a very famous fella that god dosed smoke some weed with somebody and there was something that it wasn't weed and he was fuckedup for like a day and a half so that's it i'm done sorry i wish i good that happened to me when i was a kid i really want to move as it ah sir i think it wise crack for i think you're was one of our
one of our server ex drug users tweeted when i described the story on the show and i thought it was some kind of like are involved environmental taxes sure yeah summer and i remember just by your taking ahead with a shady here on my porch he was just like pretty cool about it he was either way man this may be late and i'm like oh that's why i feel like i'm going to die yeah i do remember it happens a lot more i think than we think like i think there's like these ghetto guys that are playing playstation like do this it's better than regular weed i put some bombing fluid on it let's get joe rogan hot you know like i think it's like pencil was just telling us that someone was trying to get him high with a coked up joint it's more than we think that it's happened to me twice in the last month you drugs like that is like so i like i stop drinking stuff like i don't i don't
well and i've been very few people do almost like if there's something bad biggest failure rate as far as people would do it correctly when i found it when i stop drinking literally a month later i started making a living as a comedian and i was like someone should tell people that drink bad it has negative correlations was terrible for your enerji but it great for having a good fuckin timeshare when he wants to be that paul newman in the hustler down that shot makes that trick shot and wins all the money in the bar walks out everybody wants to be that guy could really handle his liquor there like paul newman if they just looking like his wife and just have a sad or paul newman no they don't want that paul newman but he did grab piper laurie in that movie and shaker which was really battle because he said with the weed with it with the coke and like that so interesting to me because someone is saying with their body
ok so i want to get high right that makes me too tired so then i gotta bounce it out and get coke and it's like so you just smoking yourself back to normal like you were fucking fine you were literally you were that and now you're just doing that but it's addictive well my friend johnny was a crack head he actually died i mean a bunch of different things that used to do but he was my best friend in new york and he would always smoke crack and he would tell me smoke coke smoke crack like whenever he get and he would have to drink forty ounces come himself down because you would get to the point where he was whatten and his heart was beating a hundred miles minute and he had to do forty answer suited to normalize right and you just like well maybe it you know if you didn't smoke crack but they'll do you know apparently the way it is explained to me by my friend steve is an addiction specialist and he used to work and try to work in treatment centers as you fire up that dopamine and fire up those levels when you do the cook and then you should
crashes in such a depressed state that if you don't like fire it back up again artificially like field tear ass a fucked up as i remember and a lot of people don't like no stuff like that because here five http on what a first time you smell crack apparently it's horrible it's fucking you just feel like the worse you ve ever find out yet you go back years is that addictive brian small cry it was just like ok that made my friend got that correct that now i'm just about that all these knocking lame crack dealers out there it honestly was just like oh yeah that was just like that was correct so i want to switch gears before we end this thing because you're out here and your meeting with managers and he now jamie kills teens like one of these young comics it's like i can make a noise out there and is a bunch of people looking at you trying to see if they can make some money i feel i am watch this movie called overnight jeanne overnight over
it is based on the guy who made the boondocks out i shall i literally just had a conversation last night you have you seen it nobody i got the full facts and oxygen my friends from their company the other night oh my god somebody brought it somebody brought it up on the message board i just said i don't know somebody had boondock saints as there screen name and they said something stupid that i didn't agree with so i just found that correlations correctly so i just wrote boondock saints is a fucking terrible you know and then of course people are like wolves no zookeeper how dare you but zookeeper had heart motherfucka who those animals are cute talking so then this guy goes have you seen this documentary on the guy who made it and i have the documentary i have it at home but i never bothered watching it but i press this youtube clip and i start watching it i said what the fox let me just see what this is all about now i'm hooked immediately hooked it is amazing but i hear it's a guy who first of all his own friends made this documentary he
so full of himself tat he thought he was gonna document is rise to power at from other boondocks yeah we wanted to make that very little shit they did before the boondocks thinks we're ever even made and no one knew how bad it was this guy was a bartender at this fuckin place in hollywood and he was like this tough guy from boston smoking cigarettes todd ownership and harvey weinstein's bought his way tina guidelines then whoever is is a bad mother fucker you don't fuck with him no i learned that from this movie this guy starts talking mad she said he's going to no one's ever been in a position like this before we get the number one fucking band the country the number one fucking moving project right now so we all of his braggadocio business and cockiness and eventually turned harvey weinstein offices and he told me go fuck himself and he canceled the project gimme some of my money if i were not making a movie and they did did the movie the documentary details guy who was like completely thought
it was this shit on top of the world treating people like you know he's a fucking like he's just a bad as mother fucker is gonna own hollywood to everything the parliament all these people turning on and in turning on damn screaming and is bad memories and apparently that's always so great is first of all everyone doesn't know what movies harvey wednesday and has made dollar them made every move its ever everything remains one of those dude like i'm not a movie buff i know i like movies but if you say harvey wines dean you owe it with our cards one loud motherfucker doing that i hear he's a list somewhere that what we are talking about he knows mercenaries yeah that's her eggs out for sure actual and so by all my friends or tie me is that what's so funny is so the friends are making a start measure and he's account to the friends too so as the movie progresses you slowly realized that the friends figure out what this movie is going to be and now it's going to be about this guys breakdown and apparently they just start kind of pushing him a little bit just poke in a little bit
they put him in pokemon seem like he knew the cameras were rowan and he didn't have to do that to me what was the most spectacular thing about the level of self awareness i mean we may feel like this every day whether its they're just cocky fighters are there other comics you're just terrible and know how and it just like i have never understood that mentality like when you that level of denial or ego or nurses works it's a type block out everything it's a type of obsession it's an obsession with incorrect thinking and this incorrect thinking is reinforced by all these peoples adulation so you get really confused and you start thinking that's the correct way to think and still you're smoking cigarettes talking about a bad mother fucker you are boys together with the brood and they're doing shots together and it's just do bag rihanna levelled at say i'd say you cringe while you're watching you toes curl up right here someone thinks he says you and also you you you say
you say thank god it wasn't me who was in his situation because i reminded the exact same thing at his time had been in his life with his life experiences is people nowadays or a flight they don't thank you like entourage is as much a fuckin television was it s like a summit to strive to be you know what it means to be that level of work and family and rob i think you're right about the hang around there there there is there is a pretty famous comic cuba arose during the show without in australia and was the first i saw comic with an entourage and and and only was the entourage like doing shit for him but every interview so like before the taping of the show we all did like a little press ran were like would go to each interview just do an individual thing and you just do it by yourself any have to deal with a stupid fucking reporter and you try to be like four hundred i hate them and move on to the next and do the same thing and this stupid he's on trash came and did the interviews with him and would literally give him applause breaks well just walked around and they were like this may give up his name it i'm not going to i'm not going to use the names but if i was i would do
in the movie phone voice and then the arnold schwarzenegger voice and in my name would be pablo francisco and the weird thing was talking backstage pretty nice sounds great right now like super nice but it's just like when you get to that level of he's crazy though talk to him sometimes i love that guy but like we were are the commonest are ones in him and i will have the conversation and whenever the bran ago you go talked about right now it's actually impossible glove comes age with those are the key what's going on mortgage position primitive regretted and that's the thing is you know he'd be he doesn't seem like a bad guy bugs and regulate when you get to that level when p would just say hey man you're always funny keep doing the voices slowly like retards you back down to like you almost like a kid you're only you know i think that stay humble or the ones like i had a shitty life growing up i didn't have talking a lot of friends i didn't have whatever so when you start to get things you really appreciate it you know i mean i think every
is that iran needs to work fucking retail wants no life harmonies yes shit anemonies you fuckin road trip in britain is also why i believe in jujitsu so i'm leaving i believe in in forming stand up comedy that's also think it humbles you instantly jujitsu does martial arts do pool does i love the game pool because a ball either goes in or it doesn't go in it's very difficult to keep everything together in all in the stroking line and what i love men you can be that upstairs and you have to tap out digits you can think really funny i and you go in front of an audience enjoyed doesn't word at instant was partially viewed if you don't respect them it's like you don't respect an opponent you know you got an arm bar real quick if you don't respect an audience you don't respect their attention span man they can get to appoint with like we don't like you know like she i thought you liked me i'd like to couple minutes ago when you started off pretty funny but now we don't like anymore yeah man this afternoon after every joke is like time started up time start again it's real in every time you throw out a fuckin' special you do a special oh that's an hour that's gone now it's time for
a whole new our you better above all that last hour i had never in you think there is but it's just forcing yourself a new situation lucy case too an example of that and he you know the way described is really cool he said if you tomorrow we're going to the huge material anymore you just had a stop would you just stop doing kommeni if you could not lose it is absolutely impossible for whatever reason whatever stupid reason i already know you wouldn't stop doing comedy would just come up with new jokes you said that i think of another planet like premise and like a panic i'm just like when i read about it yeah it's the pot laced coke of entertaining the humility though is a huge factor but in hollywood humility is it's one of the weird sort of a breeding ground for for hubris and even in in cockiness and people who are just really illusional man because it's world of make believe
cause it's a world where the bad mother fucker oh yes do is be able to prove ten these bad mother fucker when the cameras or on its not a real bad mother fucker it's a guy who there's providers and they ve spent weeks formulae this dialogue to the absolute perfect economy of words in the music comes on mondays onscreen and he gets all that adulation starts thinking he's the shit and it's it's this same thing with this this guy who's in this movie it's the same thing with anybody that's a narcissist or anybody that's over can we and we feed into it into it's like there was there was this whenever one from we were younger i'm hawaiian ray and so would you step we were poor but would go to hawaii to see family and staff and a lot of times we would sneak into these fancy hotels and others who wanted to present areas dignities i fancy or thousand is kind of beverly hills billion say my dad was checking in and then would go like swimming pools and yet and that you have these places managed
for like long enough in your like do they get what everyone gets whenever they want right no one's necessarily dick about it there you see i remember they want there's just no danger around nothing to worry about and then you lee that area and then you see like for the first time the matter how person you aren't gonna how empathetic you are you see like a homeless person and you frustrations with folks that cause you're just you not used you know what i mean we're in the resort are you just surrounded by cumber and does that make you a bad person i know but i have but the one thing obama did say that i really fuckin like before i voted for him and he destroyed everything that i believed him what is that we have this country has an empathy deficit disorder ratan play on words but but i think that's really true like i didn't start to have empathy until i started to travel and when fuckin prevents the rabbit to china to open from when i was younger and still like living out of my car i got the china my first thought was i didn't know this was a real place like
that wasn't a video or get interesting willing spot to me was just like i knew what the shape of the map when i see the news stories that's why you can watch you know you'll be watching day three of the earthquake in japan footage and kind of like they'll be part of you and i hate saying this that's like right to get it through the fucking earthquake because like you you don't no know how bad that shit is and once you see places when you meet people in other places we did i do show show houma city and there was a murder in oklahoma city couple months later in my first wanting to know a person there and like i would just blown off that fucking story otherwise and like i think you just have to every time you're like why didn't they fuckin' person get a job just think about like if you don't have kids if you don't have a job how fucking scared it has to wake up every fuckin do i look for a job do i take care of my kids do i pull my kid it's cool to watch i mean there's so much shit that you just have to just shut the fuc up and just think about what it's like to be that person and i mean that's really what i think it comes down to you for just being like decent you just have to have buck and empathy that's it it's definitely easy to lose your perspective
if you're in a resort all the time or if you're some hollywood douche bag that got ended a half a million dollars from some huge production company to make your first film and you really start believing you are the shit you know people talk to me this week i'm just like that's not a real sense will you you were in the grooming stage you're in the stage where people are looking at you and they're you know they're courting you you know they're trying to see if they could make some money out of you i mean like yours there's things whereas i feel like we were talking about like what selling out as and i think that i think that as long as you're saying what you want to say if it now if i make a billion dollars going after these fuckin giant corporations and you know not compromising attacking the democrats about them like i deserve a billion dollars if we're how you gonna make the billion dollars that will let you know i'm saying to me the most hypothetical situated shows are hard it's what are you doing you know if you're doing something not let you know the biggest the feeling of selling out for me ever was without doing a bad said come when i did hard
i had never been more miserable performing work than performing a bad sitcom yeah it was is when you're reading share that you know is really bad in the audience is not laughing and forced to do it over and over again and you know it's going to be on tv that's any like wow this is wonderful what does it anger ocean has nothing to do with a sick however is the fact that creatively was a bad news radio funny fucking sitcom yeah y got really fortune and i went from worst possible scenario to best possible scenario in a row but made me think was like over this right is too fucking crazy i want to get off like the sitcom ride is like you're either feast i'm an you either have a brilliant writing or you have dog shit and i did some gas spots on some shows that weren't so hot and i read subscription right so hot it's like there's a lot of lot of bad shit out you see some previews on tv i saw preview for the one were like fighting and jason bateman anne green
turn this into a fountain and then they changed because ones a family man one so yeah what the fuck is that is literally someone walked into the exact same plot of all these other movies but the twist is like they piston a fountain and wish i was you i wish i was you and you see that movie have you seen that ad it's making fun of it so it's like a hot tub time machine no that's the whole point like they're taking the switching body things that's kind of what it is though it doesn't look funny enough to for them to take credit for that right but what i was gonna say i mean take any fucking bad movie example right so you look at it and your first thought is that looks like a shady movie but then you think about how much money was someone wrote it someone wrote a first draft him is like peace the now found we're not to burden the movie the registered men this fuckin talk in animals you know there's no reason why they talk and as a code and it was thought that a different the kids movie you know the kids i really it is ridiculous that the illegal fucking just sell the fact what no came from outer space now suddenly they can talk not just
we think someone pitched it someone someone went through someone edited it some more you know what i mean like they piston the fountain they should be there should be a scene where after the person who found in one of 'em goes what we piston the found and now we switch roles that's the dumbest thing i've ever heard in my life they do i think what the movies about it actually says it like that yeah i think it's actually i think it looks good i'm going to try something by the way he's famous for not researching things not going on google right now looking for the quote i think even in the trailer they say like well i don't know stupid joke you know there's movies man where you just see the movie and you go i wish i was there while they were making this like showgirls like if you that must have been cocaine rampage movie that people got rejected from the people auditioned people auditioned and they were like oh i didn't get into fuckin' showgirls like i mean like there's so much but then conversely the good news is then every once in a while something like the wire against may
yeah and those pitch means to me or even it makes more sense to maine that whoever made the zookeeper can walking be like talking animals kevin james redone and they're like here's a million or a billion dollars and then they let him similar rise the monkey yeah it makes less sense to me that someone talking pitch to wally right someone went in there and was like alright so it's going to be anti corporation is going to be pro environment here's the twist no fuckin' dialogue for like the first hour it's just a fucking robot but you can tell personally through his eyes and homesick we'll do it or the wire let's make a show that actually makes drug dealers are complex and ex cop bad sometimes the twist not that many gunfights and it makes violence look disgusting someone fuckin took a chance and made it you know what i mean it still can happen this has to happen of nobody fucks with that's that's really the thing is i managed to meet our so yeah it's perfect example and it has to come from an individual point of view you know what i was talking to any board dane if you ever watch his show notifications i know you know this year that williams show this is show that mark meron tried to cockblock mean but but
it's a brilliant show but one of the more brilliant aspects of it is that it comes from an individual point of view it comes from one man who has passion in view of a food and of the world and of exploring all these different cultures and it comes from him he's narrating and he's writing the things out in that down is missing man that you that individual unique point of view and there's a farce in times when a project get started on too many for people have a vision of how this thing should be a you know about your audience re dismay is get a little cheesy other already decided as well the funny thing so we are having trouble getting touches region could you away and i was travel we wrote travelling and i remember like i'm not really sure if i'm doing the show and then yesterday suddenly i got like two hundred new twitter followers and i go check your email and the first one i see is legalise we'd is now following you and i'm like i m there just back as to him but but which which really hungry time oh god
we need the legal powers in the area they are there the single person being in charge what's with no matter this will be done about that have you ever seen check out so immense it was an old school movie from the password the projectionist of this movie theater got so tired like hollywood movies and stuff like that so they ended up like kidnapping like every making their whole movie it's pretty it's a john waters film it's pretty out there but it's kind of like about the about the guided independent you know one person's vision or at least you now by what i saw it in when we try to do the man show you know when you have too many people from networks and enough to many people from the production side of it turn give their own opinion change things at its very hard to get an individual like like what south part does so successful and then these in these any motherfuckers too like you're doing kind of special and you have someone trying to edit you write in charge of content and somewhat
teaching you you know it's the same pussy say this is not other fuckin comic it's not you it's a goddamn lawyer writes a fuckin more they don't nothing about comedy they know nothing about jokes rising to say before is that i feel like with sir and especially the edges thing you can do nowadays you know people do think you're edgy bye bye bye drop in the fuckin and word or by reducing faggot array making over a brave jobs or whatever the you can do is be fucking honest you know what i mean i just think i think you can do is be like vulnerable you can do all those things but like you watch these alt comics none of them will ever fuckin' tell him about like a fear they have more sometimes by its all this fuckin detached sort of like well look i have a chart so that makes me different sounding i'm i would charts and like just fuckin who are you i mean just remained stationary fucking honest i i really do think nowadays that the edges thing you can do is just out have your own fucking point of view that come from a twitter follower thing
oh the twitter follower thing i think i had a long time ago and then it popped up trying to see your work it came from i know you're trying to see the trail that came from board aces pieces so i think for birthday and just when you were saying having your own point of view and i'm like that is a lot rarer in comedy then it should be should be hard to really have an individual point of view i have to really fucking think things through and you have to have some personal sovereignty there's three steps i always say in my opinion there are three steps to comedy step one when you first are now and then you do whatever you think works you your blue care find me onstage bomb half the time i try to be jim norton did you yeah i used to listen open anthony a lot and i was just lag so now i talk about rape and then with jim would i didn't realize about jim that makes him so good as gyms not after gym all of the specialize in new york all of the people who want to be like jim norton which is blah blah blah blah the prostitutes in my car and like that's you know that's kind of the punchline like if i can kill her it's like right it was so cool about
is jim was doing that honest vulnerable thing that we're just talking about where he was saying like know this is a fucking problem that's what made it so different this was his addiction this was yeah he can fucking stop and then he was filthy and funny on top of it but that's the difference is there was something personal yeah on top of the fucking filth and that's made it so interesting so i think the first step is you just trying to say anything that will get a reaction from the audience and then step two once you get a little better you start saying things that you actually think are funny things that actually make you laugh and then step three when you get a blackmail shit that's when start making fun of you start concepts and ideas and you start bringing philosophy into into the picture and you start having point of view that you figure out a way to make funny right and then you can introduce ideas into people's minds like when you said very good point earlier that services can come up to you after show and say adding agree with you but you made me laugh that's one
most important things about being a stand up comic as you can introduce an idea into the mind of someone who might not necessarily have ever considered that before just by doing it in a way that makes them laugh because if you say something you get on stage and you say i believe blah blah blah someone in the audience is going well i disagree i think this and that and you know we have an i have a point of view too but if you say something and you make them laugh then they go high and i agree with you but you're plugging that was pretty funny stuff i gotta consider it's the machida kick your just something like what the fuck was that oh yeah no we're cool it's fine well the machida kick is fuqing karate kid bullshitin who comes around man i was the only thing that saved maine from stephen seagal bullshit is i'm like if you know santos it's a fucking jump kick ah ha then i'm like alright it's a golf you know what i mean like machida alright fine but i'm like if junior who i've never i don't even know if you like cakes i was just like if there's a jump tickets are golf and he lived in chile and that's his arsenal for sure he will but he i don't think he's training with those guys anymore junior moved
it's weird about jamie kills dean he's alive fifty bodies of mixed martial arts fanatic lovisa a vegan but he likes cage fighting i love phuc do you reconcile those things i know man well there's different i was telling a stellar on this weekend that i was saying that you know my friends is not going to go to your see eventually coming into a fight and i go the people you don't have to worry about are the big fuckin dude screaming the ones in the tap out shares their fine if you seek it by himself reading a book with a hoodie that kids jujitsu he will fucking kill you see a little skinny guy with some fuckedup ears stay away from him my brother has collie flower here in these two fokkers tried to start a fight with him at a bar and he's really chill and it's just kind of like you don't want to do that like he's he's on bresler unlike is like with your heart all made his tea round and they believe impose use every cliche bar thing and then one of the guys literally just stared at his ears and just like stops is that france just shut the fuck up shut the fuck up and then they just walked away
the colleague warrior man that's where you can look for that man times can calling for you for the most part he's probably wrestling a lot more than you want my friend does get dominic dorcas he's a hilarious e b we were talking about that yesterday she doesn't get too tear and he was was and if the guy's not wrestler that means something else fuckin dark and amuse you took a fuckin brick to the year or like he still does something fucked up or that happens both their bulging china when you get there your family give european while the english mile i e g the calm his hollyhock ears it looks like a mouse with life a bullet hole in it that's what his ear looks like it doesn't even look like it's a real ear it's so fucking fat and there's no you know this whole design of the ear there's a reason for all that is that the sound comes in and it echoes off of that and it enhances everything he gets shit he is a whole of all and this is big clump of of claude
believing in hardening they should be able to just shop at i camera nuclear new year can fix it they my my friend brent had his fixed too bad so they slice off the ear they pull it back they cut all the the tissue knowledge should put back together and it looks a reasonably good bye because real problems with some guys data rail started getting some serious infections where his ears they had to take his ears off and they had a cauterize yeah little cauterize inside his ear and that's why i'm very regards bro with that were guards but i got it that's why i don't worship god open warship science when i like my ear hurts like i was going to take it off and put it through he still fuckd he's been fuckd for over a year for this but it's really it's a really bad situation yeah kept him from fighting he's had a bunch of albert she's a worse i've ever heard but sakharov a lost his ear and unified around his head ads or ask his hit him in his fucking ear like literally was hanging off but ask as his ears like a brick it's it's like this hard ass fuckin pisa
attached to skin sakharov a man yeah it's been around for the longest time yeah hey did you see believe in munoz got a sign for today yeah that's going to be in the uk the uk people are pist off about that things are troubled wheeler thought i cited than killer fucker site a bunch of wine and ass she caught over here in the u k might that's a great and who knows what the undergrowth going to be but i guarantee it's going to be great the
they try to make those uk fighters is exciting as possible sets a good fight to make our munoz he's a fucking killer aha and enslave us sick wrestler and leaving a monster knows what kind of the family silver knocker making overzealously benaco our it's a fact is the biggest slackened messy sloppy like that and then it ends in a perfect trang or could you imagine i believe and actually got to the point where he could reach challenge anderson silver and if he actually made a fuckin find out of it you now while that would be man be insane you know you never fucking know i mean i would imagine that if you watch that first fight the way he charged out after anderson server i would imagine if you put the two of them the octagon again he would never do it that when in this area that we would never fight though i get that said anderson
is the most accurate guide that's ever fought i mean he's a fucking assassin dude if there's openings he takes him you're focht you get lit up i show any of my friends or family like i'm really like boxing show mode on fry stuff in the concern basically but i got the sweet science is for i just had the guys next launch punch punch but you show him that anderson silva forest yet yeah i mean you should have anybody who doesn't know any fighting in the light of that looks like a movie believe invites the best example for me because that's what happens when a guy who's wild and aggressive comes charging after guy who's s and gems in the matrix he just nails and with everything doesn't get hit with anything nails and with everything super accurate and it doesn't with clinical precision very excited to see that i would love to see leben versus a lot of guys right now that even after that eventually seven knock out weapons on fuck and fire
i mean the other thing he stumbled in the brian stann fight i give him a pass on that 'cause i knew he was sick he went flying like yeah and brian stands up beast anyway sure branstad funk you up do you get hit by brian stann brian stann fuckedup santiago you know you suck up a lot of guys man people are sleeping on stand on his right it's pretty fat guy brian stann was in the shit he was over there with bullets flying through the air and smashing into people's heads near him but i'm saying when you've been through that a regular phone like an mma fight it takes on a totally different it's authority yes it's gotta seem pretty easy it's hey you know what you can't do calling your friends to bombay yeah he can yeah him and tim kennedy's a few of those guys like tim kennedy special kennedy i heard the fuckin' at one really good guy and i love sucking jujitsu yeah yeah that's for everything is stand up scooters digits is good but those guys
i mean you don't go from that environment in order to teach fighting it's gotta be pretty easy easy transition fair man at the justifies interesting now because cause a jail tells a beast is a serious resolutely doyle who should talking which is monumental is the greatest chautauqua that's ever exist that newest one was crazy when aerial or with the vinegar brothers the insane what does it say what i already said about it because he you think he beat me knows when a guy's beaten your ass for four and a half minutes new wrap your legs around his head for eight seconds you think you won and what's so funny you see that a new start lapierre like gap was a jail got him and then he pressed up like oh yeah he doing that's exactly
it is you got you to talk about these brilliant though that is not raised in reality it is in the fucking theatricals theatrical are incredible what i love about anderson with so called at the u see right now there is nothing is the most exciting has ever been is because you look at a lot of the champions you little lad the people who have the most hype and they are doing the crazy shit out there the riskiest fucking john jones you have anderson you have dominic crews you every pet as your people ben ben andrew i mean you a people which is doing such new
innovative share i mean that carlos condit fight man we just him on the king show the flying knee was great there but cooler than the conflict that butterfly sweep needs to be talked about more suck yeah that was nasty really because that he was in that was the one place where it's like oh he's going to get lied on jungle gym is a serious judogi yeah just like you just need about to get sucked up now for the entire out he's been slipped him over easy intermountain trying for the guillotine funded is a beast condit is a fucking beast he's right there in the hunt love jamie kills car outside waiting to take you to the goddamn airports airport so thank you very much for being the plug has followed jamie on twitter at jamie tilting as j a m i e k l s tea anne and dumb follow him on twitter and check out citizen radio you can now where we're gonna get citizens we are citizen radio dot com or does itunes under citizenry itunes undresses radio and of course their chomsky carlos conduct yeah
he makes his shit up bitch then that's it this weekend the ice house in pasadena it's a small club shit will sell out quick so dive on that hookers and brian red bans can get drunk and gone stage right brian the abbot thirty two thursday to powerful thursday we be back several times this week probably tomorrow and then sunday me michael chevelle oh we're going to do a fuckin' solo podcasts out of the house so you don't have to be there for that one it's going to be all ma and hookers cock punches alright so this weekend we put up a bunch of new things to milwaukee's coming up august 13th i think and some other shit going down hey check out others flashlight hasn't movie out cod flesh lighting it's hilarious it's got genies on it and it's it's hilarious like like a fake movie premiums you laugh at you
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