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PODCAST #126 - Freddy Lockhart, Brian Redban

2011-08-01 | 🔗
Freddy Lockhart, Brian Redban - Date Recorded - 07/31/2011
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It started with every three months mouth there where, in that shark week out Freddy Lot Heart is in the building lays John made on one of the only humans that I know that's a sun more than I do. I say something when I M so bright today, son, I say but myself what I'm in the car, when I see duties on the phone got off, the phone son may get the up to the air which is illegal under California law,
I wonder how many people have died directly as a result of idiots being on their phone texting and driving and talking on the phone went by the ear and losing the peripheral vision is staggering nurse its lot worse than I thought it was at first, I was like all its pride, the worst like eating or doing other things in the car, but now there so many times are just at the stoplight like really stop facebooking. It's a green light, yeah there's a lot of people that just won't let that should drop. I had to make a point that I was dressed in a tweet on the way you, unlike on your wine amount road guy between, is now the thought that Paris Hilton was apparent. Films, plastic, surgeon, USA, honest it is a lie, but it sounds good why they were clarify that leave it out there. You know he was the one roll over the cliff and Mount tweeted about his dog and then a couple seconds later died and they were thing in the news tweet withdrawn, but they dont know he could have been reading is tweets. You know he might not have been actually driving banana fucked. You go off a cliff, especially here driftnet cliff many a time yet like I know Laurel Canyon, like about my hand, I can drive a claw less, I think you're, a goddamn Porsche commercial and you can't sideways around corners.
This is video that made me want to get a g t three before guy one is there's a video of a Porsche on a mountain road. It's a three and a mountain rhone at some bad ass fuckin rally driver- and these are my road. This, like turning left and right, he's gonna sideways run. Every corner does knows what the fuck is, though, and knows how to handle that day in look so much fun. You got one iota budgetary area that bear, or did you yeah! Well, you never drove it just now for shows why never drove in anyone out for shows the first six months that I had it and then it almost killed me. I talk of talked about this many times on the show. So in the interests of brevity, though, when I got home one day the suspension fell off in the driveway, the suspension, detached from the frame like put the fuck. That could happen like ten minutes ago, when I was gonna seventy miles an hour on the highway and I'd be a dead person. They think a quarter million dollar car we well. You didn't call me that much was very worth much, but I
and I got a very nice- ought to do. Dinah, honest some some rich character, you driving around yea visa. He owns like a big ferrari, refurbishing place around. He loves cars. He's got a hundred. I remember you would show up with that every once in a while, in fact, James would guy that you pay him like a sandwich. Yeah I pay way could give a hundred bucks a given everybody hundred bucks to watch it, and then one of the dude that I gave a hundred bucks now is one of the cameraman for tee embassy So you can rely on yeah down to the improv and a microchip dude. I can remember used to make me car your car four hundred hours, terrible impression of Montana wins. It's why? That's only deserve guys like you, and I will say that such a bad do too little on the ice on the extremely like it. Like you,
like I was a jerk off the sea, a comic Z, China, we go he's a nice guy and I actually even lived in the same apartment is a minor ones. They live with them, but in the same room, not in Saint Room, I live with him. The wheels this place, a? U and wheels live in the same apartment. Wonder now. Actually he moved and after I moved, I wouldn't wheels this house, I rented a house we will might I ask you can read it you might have been written. Somebody else is absolutely we want, and then I moved in italian those house and in those guys, lay on the gay agenda- banks- foreclosure, unlike What is it? You know he's wiles, those weird we're guys have you don't know who we're Talkin, others colic may wheels and he's too open for dice clay back in the day in his claim to fame he'd have does website was a night, dice couldn't follow him. They kill so hard day's conformity. Mute fuck are you talking about?
If you ve, never seen dies, perform, love or hate dies dies is a God Damn pro. Nobody doesn't that aid that nobody goes on and dicers like. I can't there, with the active, follow way it's impossible. It's never happened ever, but dude is also like him stories. Are our common compulsive liar with us daily description, offence, grandiose that eighty eight we we did the Loya once and he was like you know. I was professional player, he Tom professional were really Yugoslavia hustled, I you know I gotta. Do I didn't know that adopt I've been looking for someone to play, pool with components. Vapour play the dollar game details. We, like thirty bucks. One thirty gains at around like this ridiculous. Where were you play in Prague, is omitted over there s a Robin people make regulate. Stick with me, you never got out once never got out once you want he's a hell of a cut of Erasmus for yes, I do
he cater any brought it to the commonest short and was really good. Yeah yeah he's out of a car like that, but I don't want to believe he made and I want to buy the refund Stella from the Mexican. Do you guys I'm bored? I work for five bucks. I now think about that. Our Europe bonds. Next, I add ons vessels United Access does a lot of those guys in Hollywood man, you will need a lot of guys. It's just completely totally foolish. Yes, you know something when you're on the level it takes me a while to figure that out to be years in Hollywood, to figure it out on this like. Why would people I about that, especially now? I think I have the internet we're like Rome now. The problem is, they have established a long tradition of lying, throw their whole life from back in the eighties, and that shit is just too lazy operators themselves on the create this world that they want to live. Well, I think it's a lot of. It is also just impulsive, dubbed the liars it I've known, it seems like they just can't help it like they have a hard time, not lie. You know it's. The weirdest is successful. Liars, like other names, with this comics editors as the units IRA, vinegar, love aggravate ETA, governs within a bag of the college that once a vow yesterday with a world champion kickbacks, I cannot tell you what, for the first three amounts for the first three louse, neglecting the pessimism, but at last he don't want none the less than what he's got a cigar in one hand and a shrink in the other, and we want this guy's a movie star. I'll, tell you when I was studying at Harvard and before I have asked for an and before it happens I say Eddie, I'm gonna do some committee. There was like a thing. Is he was like a every town it down a bit earlier dude? It's like he had all these attributes, but then he would just like I'll make up. Eighty three MIKE, I'm sure you have not been to the black. I dont think yeah he's a liar movie star and that's what I don't get it's like you, you, you not hurt, did something that point o o o one percent people in this town. Do congratulations mere you're trying to tell me that you own Coca COLA to my head
crazy? I'm already impress you that's. Why he so talented? Yes, you can just get on stage and just talk. Shit he's one of the few guys I've ever seen that will get onstage and not have a fucking clue as to what he's gonna talk about and you'll stay up there for five hours. He always did. I get always extract. One thing I like from a comic, even if I didn't like that comic very much ass, he could Basque and silence he could think of his next. That stupid magazine lying outside yeah their faces. Smoke and stare will also let it seem like you're supposed to be dwelling on. The last show you I hate you, I like you just just it in the light of any lay out, my god. Let me come up from the programme, although we are exposed to by being comics end by being comics in the pressure cooker, that is, Hollywood, your expert to psychological lessons at the average person just never gets to deal with,
right now you get to watch someone become crazy, you to watch them, and you know why someone lose their shit when they get a little bit of fame, those guys a fascinating area. You now the people to get a little development deal and all suddenly Yelena people in order and people around and do you know the best or that radio the store, the Boondocks science, the kid the troika gator may that do we have talked about this on the party has very recently doesn't finally mentoring right there. That's it that's not taught overnight. That's the perfect example yet announced that provides for the folks. Don't know the guy that made the movie the Boondocks saints and they made a documentary on him. The called overrun. And he just insufferable cunt of a human being who got some success, rank and fucked it all and can success, though I haven't heard of since then, in Hollywood like like they bought the bar. The kid worked there.
that they promised. It was part of the deal mere MAX Harvey wanting promised to bind the bar code on the bar Cosette was in Ireland when they had hopes that, like a bit like a Matt Damon did it. We could we're storming outward where we're gonna take Andy scripts and make a big that was the end of their thing in the mid late nineties, merriment yet another huge into that, and so they ETA kid gets that deal and he started like people live up to make. I haven't seen that kind of heat around the script sense that we are the ones who were lining up to get in there. All boss in Irish did were lame, really clamouring to get in there, and then it started to whittle downs. Well, you have is willing to follow. Who was in it from the beginning, but like The only guy, I think who stated that I see the movie that manages its an amazing documentary on what what can happen to you can at all You can lose your shit man there's a lot of people have met so many people that have just completely lost their shit along the way to
just mediocre success. So little tiny bear really see thy in letting you know they got a million dollar guaranteed, as fuckin show. They're gonna put it on right after friends, railways can fail wherein, but don't you think? It's funny, though, like in the grand scheme of things that the bigger they are usually the cool they are like. A Tom Hanks is probably not a decade I am of a mere or or say in the world calmly. Chris Rock shows up to the communist or shows up along with a notebook. Ask us even if he can go on regular, say you know, he's ino. Arguably, the top comic in the world at least one of the most recognize it rang out, take somebody who's like maybe two hundred and fifty six best comic in the world and steal you get something like that. I will get onstage and Bogart like patterns showing up to a worth theatre. It's like you can't. You know that if the number one guys exercising that much humility, everybody
baloney policy. Did it's amazing dance that you play when you're you're trying to get attention on stage because you're trying to get these people to look at you sure you're trying to leg performed the most entertaining set possible and the best Way possible, but in some way or another. You have to divert all that adulation away from yourself. You have to figure out a way to accept it and then turn it right back to the people you can't bathed in it like take it seriously. Writing that you are the shit or you'll suck yeah and you gotta remember to or not saving fuck. Unlike me, I mean that's like another think they would sink with, how many, but you have so many other interests. It's like we have twenty three to have, hours a day didn't near you can either becomes the fuckin miserable prickly, can educate yourself or pick up. Another passion.
You know, and it's like or you could become completely obsessed with your career, actually quotes and not have any other thing that you turn to and then lose your shit cause. Any acrylic allows you to do all the other things you wanted to do it's like. Ok now I have a pass. The do the other things I wanted here, there's a an interesting thing that Mark marriages did he did this keynote speech just for laughs and I listened in annex I have this sort of love hate thing with man made help me out when I was an open maker and I gave me some real, solid advice and real, solid compliments and remember you're not going to be doing real short time less than a year and Maren was established and I was like wow. I can't believe this guy, just you know just totally pumped me off and I was like I can fucking do this. I know I felt like you know I got from a guy like that who was real stingy with compliments cure. You know so for years, I've been trying to be so fuckin nice to him like because of that
so every opportunity to shit on hammered fuck with him. I've avoided induct, because I felt like I owed him for something that happened when we were really young, and so you know that's why did is podcast, even though it said some stupid shit about mean. As you know, maybe we need to have conversations and liking would say about you. I just said he said a budget really dumb. Shall one of them also doing everything about the other one of the really dumb things he said is that I've done more bad to Carmody than men. See a has because doing fear factor in here rationale. This is a true argument, is rational. Was that in doing fear factor I had taken work away from stand, comics who also worked as writers so the idea is that in me being a stand up comic, who also has a side job of hosting somehow or another, these other stand up, comics their side. Job of writing. Sitcoms outside of stand up comedy their side. Job is somehow or another more valid.
it still, my comrades? No less data colonies. Your time, you got a guy with a massive plagiarists who just ruin comics lie, and comparing them to me, because I hosted a gameshow, but this watching this listening to this keynote now understand a little bit better his three years ago? He was talking about how he was so depressed. He couldn't get any roadwork. He couldn't could It booked anywhere known one have meetings with them. Nothing was going on and you know he was thinking about committing suicide in just three years ago, before you start doing his pockets and This is why all the shit is was going down in this. As you know, three years ago. I wasn't. Don't fear factor, but I'm sure before then the bitterness was just as much when some people see other people get success faster and drives a fuckin crazy and they want to look for holes in it
four things that are wrong with instead of saying I'll. Look at that fuckin guy he's gonna do like, like I love, drew, carry. I wouldn't want to host the prices right for a fuckin million dollars and absurd. I believe, guy, damn that's what he's doing the prices rhetoric that is ready to go with Barker, but you know it. Their shows me that that that you you're a creature who survival of the fittest when this these changes, your death, once you know he decided to take a job. Is where I looked at it I mean like who drew carries a great personalities, o a warm friendly guy. You know like what's the guy's name, that that the black do two things
Oh no Brady yeah, what's his name rain, Brady Wainwright, one com where I've can represent a snub too much we need, but anyway he when he does his show, which one is he doing is done when those daytime shows too. I was you don't talk to me. I am one of those fucking. Either prices right or the other a longer autonomy followed him around mean that tomorrow, for it's not good, and it's it's one of those things where you look like it's like soul, crushing shit, but it's fuckin gig, when I see drew carry, I don't go to fuckin drinkers, although legal drivers but Marin has this thing because he was so unsuccessful. He looks for reasons why other people successes either in valid or or negative or bad. But this this fucking festering personality of constantly obsessing about his career negativity is was a fascinating keynote one of the things he said that he joked arousing really funny joke.
I'm, the guy who thought Louis says tv show should have been called fuck. You mark Mare, and you have again they started out together. You doses, get some fuckin crazy, jealously Louis Element, Boston or New York. Ianu Marston, your nose, but my main out he was unseen. Coming with me too, he was always comes. Everybody is a kind of emu. Kills. These too are issued. Fear these fine cow and wanted to beat him up he's been kind to me is a cunt and the reason why a country, because he's a country himself, not half as council, really nice gowns- is nice, like a nice guy. Ever he insulted count on stage in front of counts. Friends who came to see him in the Euro Mediterranean Bank Callin wanted to kill him colony, no callin even like said something in threatened. Looking I'll hit, you ok, you gonna fuck with me in fact mean from my friend I got hit you. I don't know what happened, who is this the stores and I'm getting, but I know that he gave our unsolicited criticism. I know he fucks with Kills team. Brian Fuckin went the levels constantly nouns tweaking you
fucking. My head brow leave it alone, but why are you doing that? We do not cause he's doing that to himself is whole. Mind is fact, he's a guy he's been doing calmly for ever, but still can't get successful. In Irvine. The other day We did Irvine Improv and you guys pretty myself here. We weakens it now. Mark man was here. barely got a hundred tickets sold each show and I think, a hot tickets and implement that's impossible. So it's like this. This career that he's had for all these years. Twenty five plus years- it's you now is ours. On a lot of shit wrong until he did this podcast and his podcast aegis nail in the audience figured out what good at is really getting into people's mine. She knows his own neurosis, as he knows his own his own. fears and hopes and dreams and stand up and can relate to other comics and then now we sort of like coming down and being wasted,
as do shit like Anthony ordains gonna, be on my part, cast all seriously there and he wrote hey. I heard you gonna do Romans podcast, but he ain't me, you know it would be deep. Acting in that's exactly what he ain't me, it would be like come on. Let's go goddamn yoga class. Ok I'll go to one of those places where everybody just hugs everybody did. You know the meaning of that just go and get some hugs man. What would the this negative festering fucking kind of thinking is exactly what we are talking about where people don't have shit outside of their career and if they don't have a bunch of other things. You have something go, and I could careless about what's going on with others that they never taken away from me. You're not taken work away from me, which you know, But nobody is, you know, I'm fine with their and it's like a comedy caught thing to me and about a year and a comedy when, as they call the crap, I've got my own thing to say I am concerned with who goes on
warming goes on after me. I can't worlds another thing: marinate set on a show once about his parents, never fostered healthy sense of competitiveness in him and he's One of those guys like, if he's losing, he'll just turn the board over just fuckin secular by God in is that crazy sort of fuckin? dysfunctional thinking that that thinking that this disconnected is what it is you disconnected from People in you want at all. You want all the adulation. You want all the love and, if you're not getting what you need, fuck it, EL the negativity starts, you start, throwing your negativity, add other people and the only way you can truly be positive at all is, if you feel like you're, getting enough positivity to be ok, I got a good level here. I've got a good stash activity. Now I can be nice. It's a fascinating psychological study to watch all these guys to watch these mark merriment. They were like literally on the brink of suicide. Now, and I think I tried to like
I really do. I try to be nice to him as much as I can to try to like them, but it's like man, I I have a hard time, seeing all that I want to just throw a guy like that and go look. Let's sit down and write down what the fuck is wrong with you and your work it out for once and for all right. Let's not argue with this for twenty five fuckin more years, let's figure this shit out. He paced this thing exactly executor. Let's not go that better disease, a fuckin guy that guy I want he got mad at me once because I called him I said, the old school comedy talent of Frankie pays. That's I said old school and he does stand. The old school like skills, is like a man's old school. Like my mind's old school cultural roots, karate got. You could say that we do not give you some knuckles laugh at. You know, that's like a compliment, but when I called you know an old memo, his socks, I should have said old school. I guess
go on stage that you're stupid, fuckin devil, horns baggage shit, you bring with you everywhere animal veto without the talent, labelling is a kind of a human, but it's the same thing. Is here's a guy who doesn't feel like does enough positivity out near run if he hasn't stockpile the big stash of it. Writes these fuckin kid they think they're funny and yet do is talk. Dirty aren't you do if there are new in Latvia, so he goes stage and introduces me after I had introduced him with his old school thing. Any goes guys think some old school innocent illegally starts in, and then you shit, I mainly start shooting up. My jokes is all before it brings me up and stay so I go on stage. I'm not. I don't even know exactly how to handle him so I go on stage, are first of all do before I address any what you just said so just start talking as his walk into the cargo hold schools, a positive thing. I go to my right folks they start clapping. I go it's like a wrapper term. I go when you say some old Algeria will. Then you must be new school
Are you trying to say that I'm not good? They don't like me. I go. Would you trying to say so that I start smiling and instead of getting upset at him? I start mocking how I got you not like me. You do not like my comedy, I go what's the matter I go doesn't make you feel uncomfortable when people laugh harder at my shit than yours and that's when he got fuckin pissed off at me, and he goes you
Fuckin wish you were good, and may I go come on man. We all just watched you yea that special I go. Didn't guy see him. I go. You saw him, I go you. What does he get like devil horns on shit lose. That was a good set amazing that some breakthrough shit look EU you little fat, fuck and eagles you're. Gonna. Look like me when you're my age old using you look like me when you are you're mine. What the fuck are you talking about? What he saying? I'm you your me. Are we won my you, your account your kind of american adding a bitter fucked. You look like this. A bet he's that, guy, though, is the last guy you wanna, be business. Owes me something this busy. I owe you a goddamn thing, a lot of those guys because it s like in our people as they too it's like Hollywood. So it's so crazy, it's a harder. Maybe it's the fairest business. I know it shoes talent away now get out here. We don't need they never shootout away, but those guys who can find all these things wrong, whether at the club.
Or whatever like as yet. The communist redefine guys. It's like I always say in what are their club is put. You are right, silence then I'll. Never tonight another cloth comic stores, gonna fuckin, half a million assholes. The really should be onstage right, but there they ve snuck into that system. Back of the nineteen seventy stop there, even though they are any given night on a Monday Tuesday and use three or four comics- you can't fucking, believe professional comedian right at the comedy store in Hollywood. Now, when I was that's MECCA the best of the best and the worst of the words a worse. Now that the yawn bad attic is high in the basement goes real fucking deep, but you
A lot of room clears back in the day. We see them. We look about. That's the face, you that's exactly what say you would look at the lineup, you would see Freddy Lock. Aren't you look it before you and you still do. I remember when I worked the cover booth and I turned my shirt inside out those embarrassed, the work that I have the like of gully arousing on stage year, whoever non given eulogies. If they do not remember you, you drove the inner sex and I remember is like it. I saw that s exponent up like the calorie, it's like all legitimate, bonafide comedian, a real comedian that I can show all these people that had a look in a straight face in charge and twenty dollars to see the likes of Dave peer of their telling? Why is it my cell phone work with the antenna down, but it works. What's la that was his closer, poor guy. He stopped doing comedies started doing some like. I think you start some sort of humanitarian workers
like I'm very red. It is a really nice guy. He was. I saw that guy my car. I lay nothing they Pierre serious, which date title bar. Was Davis and then allow more likely they peer to peer honestly on an even earlier this week. I members act. He worked at the store, really really really think yet appeared. Merom real rural skinny funny had a nice Volkswagen assure Rocco, oh yeah. I think that was webs com no, not this rock, or maybe it was a short whatever it was lego. x, you're, pretty sweet Volkswagen and I said that's my guy. My first development plate was what you're with this. This is. for when I first came to Hollywood looks like ninety two. Ninety, while someone thousand night is a nice car, was a diesel cars through TAT, my first new criteria and I gotta super turbo and so I have the other car just laying around and in you know, Dave was telling me he needed money, no needed a car, but he doesn't even like how much money you got anyone to give me like a thousand bucks or something like gave a tomb. I forget what it was exactly, but you know
the cars worth ten grand excises gave it to liberty. I take it. He's a nice guy nobody's drives that lives it, and now I've got three thousand miles distant, There was an interesting place because very reason. Those like it didn't you dead. The lesson of the commonest store was that there was no rules there. That was chaotic and ridiculous, and it made no sense and in our I'll get a griffin, would go on at nine o clock and stay on stage three o clock in the morning. Like all the time, it's a pull with I've got yes, this is, as you know, a bunch of kids swimming in summer jumper the roof, but because of that, in a lot of people develop that sort of habit of just going on stage not giving a fuck about the clock rag. those, and I did too and I'm guilty for sure. I did a lot longer, we're doing them a favor though, and you're also a guy who gave back to the club. It's like you know, there's little things that go without saying you give us a new roof and new sound system. Let him run the light Charles Flash. It would give me a second year we are going to do for you.
Four minutes what he was kind of crazy. You know Fletchers US strategy. I do, though, disease out in these at the Lisbon at the store. Lately I think the abandoned, demanded we catch up everyone's than what they ban. Yeah something happen. They stop given upsets which, when these issues were not kidding entering it yeah. They stop giving him set something happening up here. these targets in order to laugh actor he's a gene he's really fascinating. Due diligence talk to, I want to get him on the park ass. I got his number once at a Starbucks with my fuckin. Blackberry fell in the toilet and, alas, alas, too, before stored it nearly completed. I think my as number if it is fascinating character, estate, LISA, Voice and Roger rather for people dont know, but is also a scientist earlier in the back. The comes story said he came up with some geometric new geometric structured workin out of the last thirty six days so working on this. Medical structure. The fuckin brought it in it was pieced together little plastic is I go home. I'll, take you to put this fucking together, like peace at all,
Other himself. This weird multi sided geometric pattern. While but a weird guy everywhere, but he's. However, this house looks like are you, nuts, that he was married for a long time and now a single you know, and I think that the fees he's one of those guys it's private. his wife left the house instead of crying parliament. Now I can get to now I can come work on my machine. I bet he has like allay than all sorts. Industrial goods like shit that just do don't have at home is a dual like building things. Men Adam Corolla has like a fool cabinet tree like can. Ruction set up at his garage he's got the dope is play, where he were Adam, does his podcast he's got, it killer studio, set up words like energy and microphones and all not a whole staff, his staff of light there does like five or six people work, informed, manning the video cameras and working.
Phones and all these different shit, and then he's got this back area where it keeps his cars? We also carpentry equipment is building fucking but its share, he's a strange, These are the weirdest, the weirdest come immediately. I would consider Montana Comic now. He wasn't for in time, and now he has again is one of them, weirdest of those guys such a. He doesn't watch comedies on a fan of colony, but to him it's like eels, while it s easy for me to do this kind of go. Do it that on what the industry and does it I never. I never met him before it's funny his great. Yet you there's these guys, but are forever never Matamoras recently to pilot with him and use the reciprocal. I never
had no idea what you gotta catch him on. The right mixture might catch him when he's on some. We, these friendly, is flagging, gasped out and what to cut your fuckin hard out with a fork at I dont need my heart. Gettin cut out of the four are facing an we're back, you know, can get annoyed really. It's amazing that this can even happened at all. It's amazing that fucking kitchen table in my office connected Time Warner, cable, whatever the fuck I've got, can do that it's amazing anyway. So it's amazing in the first place that this is even possible, so every one hundred and twenty Eightth episode, an audio put fries on the laptop, I should be fucking amazed that stupid thing put out a hundred and twenty seven episodes you don't have to have a two hundred foot in turn on your roof show up somewhere like we're, like Christians later pump up the voice yeah, you don't have to be like, like fuckin,
our bell live out their programme Nevada. You ever seen that guy's house dude it's the coolest should ever be. Our bell is right out of a goddamn movie Vienna. Who is our belts the dude who he had this night radio show he still doesn't. I think, on the weekends right, but he did it every night for a while called Coastal Coast AM, and you can shake art bell, you could call him up, I'm a werewolf! Really. How long have you been a werewolf? He would just let it go on without he will never find me come on. Of course he has questions, but he will never question you. He will. question. You will ask you questions, but he'll, never ridicule you or cast judgment on your craziness so because that he would get one naughty mother fucker after another call him up with crazy predictions. Kinds, a naughty shit about the Mayans in two thousand
twelve mind control and you F, o Leary House for all things. Bob things crazy is rate, though, is the perfect time to listen to that shit. Is was on it was on from, like, I think, p m at night s only two in the morning a listener badly hit. Just listen. If you like the past like eyes like that, and then a doctor, Minto like guys who just carve out little niches for themselves as well. For me, they didn't know, there's no comparison. Our bell was the candidate because our bill, I always knew that. I would get some sort of juicy crazy talk. You know that I can be listening to on the way home, the all the sexy stuff, Ufos Bigfoot having sexy, Vince you fall over. That should go a guy resignedly, listen to the radio like a real intimate thing yeah, listen, tat, nothing could address. Go off. Is all your other senses just chill out you after the place in your part of it you're in the discussion, the area will saying shit like went in
I think this pod gases disliked the tools that better, it's better in audio form. I think it's a bee lines to the people like there's an intimacy or finding with you know, even my hot gas, like the intimacy, in nice, plug by the by the lock our package on defence for debts, glad that tv and it's tv, what's good words- goes very lock. Aren't you ve done three of them so far away from one Good son, it's like the loyalty of your listeners, I'm Talkin people from Finland, Australians, like I, never even thought I would you know even reach those people film were saying in their share and things and it just like it so cool that we, have the ability to do tat cool there, what we're doing the wayward doing it to that we're all doing together. Now it's Brian runs is death squad, podcast network and its our friends. As its Freddy. It's Tom, Segura, its irish of fear itself. SAM Tripoli. It's funny people and it's all funny fuckin in its free and its on all the time, and it
next everybody with everybody else, and everybody gets to know about a guy like you know, SAM happily or know about a garlic, Freddy Locker noble and we get it introduce our fans to each other in a way that you would never be able to do on morning, radio anything manned and that's what it's cool. It's like. I love you too, where you're out do not ever have to do radio again, because it's like you have used the most amazing thing ever its is it's never there's never been a time in my career ever or sell a theatre or club or just with in a peep, I communicate with online and its fine, and you must have on its fuck and it's free and they like it, you're giving him something for me. It feels like a real, honest exchange. I like the fact that it doesn't cost anything. I want you to just whose we're here
funding enjoy this shit and in an you know- and I think it does good it's it's. It sets out a good mind said it makes. When I was a kid, I always imitated the way. Other people behaved on tv. If I thought it was cool and I always wanted to be like that guy I wanna be disguised or of its absolutely normal. You know, and if you, if you have a podcast where you can get out there to people a way of thinking, that's not necessarily mainstream away. Thinking that you know by a bunch of really honest, smart people who have stepped back and have really analyze this in compared notes right. You know we ve all all of us have
different ways about life, but we all you know one of the cool things about having a group of smart friends. Is enough say if I want to talk to you about some shit, that you experienced some shit, that I have no knowledge of? No, I know I can sit down and go Freddy. Tell me about fish off this peer. Tell me and you you'll just give me the straight dope and it be like. I knew it myself right now. That's the thing in our group is that we are my work. I will speak about something list they can tell you about. We all know the Jews actual you get benefit from admitting that you don't know something and then being honest, like people were respect that, unlike that way more you pretending, you know what you don't know right, there's no benefit to it. It's it's a trick, it's something you got stuck do and when you are kid, and you stayed with it. None of us, do any you don't only time. I still lie those when somebody so about a movie. Did you ever see that one of the ESA Aristotle? So the fact is, if you don't like it, then I'll give you the bacteria
Whoops me yes, Not only does it sounded ass and nobody is complainant, that's great. It was laptop time. Well, wait a buzzing noise at one episode like should be amazed that fucking piece of shit out of thirteen inch wonky one and would you know, there's gonna be some bad karma to the fact that these people that are making these laptops and computers are all working in these factors were they have dormitories and fuckin suicide. Gnats all over the place. Have you seen that shit man that's got em? Does that freak you out man? If freaked me out, I mean I know that they say. While these have the best work conditions and in a we provide them with counselling, look, they have a billiard told to play in this. Still seem like slaves still seeing something crazy got a bunch of people living in a warehouse and then there.
work and x amount of hours a day for fuckin twenty five cents an hour or some crazy, like that they're like what are they going to turning a product and that, yes, it is we're whether you paid or not, if your life is devoted to making the product you're, now industrialized part of machinery and you're gonna mean that's your slave. Your insurance. Wit willing workers where there's no work see in Amerika, we have a lot of really fuckin shit jobs that nobody wants, but in in China, I think the differences when you get to look around a billion people, there's places where there is no options and these people are willing workers, but they really there their environment sucks. So bad, there's no options but to work for these factories, and so they their forced into that situation. It's not sort of like America, there's more opportunity to move around is more different shit. Moreover, I at least as far as is China's been explained to me- there
terribly poor places. There is vital and now I've never been, but there's also incredible amount of rich people to someone said that in Shanghai there's over a hundred thousand millionaires, I believe at this twenty million people live in them, so it's like per capita We are a hundred thousand millionaires. And you know the thing about China, too, is the big point is They are not trying to take over the world there trying to sell you shit, ok, they're, trying to make money to try to do business. That's what they're trying to do the Chinese. Try to take over the world. You know I mean I've had their issues has tied David did they vary their issues with with with Thailand and they had their issues with. You know why, with some where's, the Dalai Lama from Tibet. And also that it is there that might well yeah. There's a lot of shit with Tibet. Writers was free to bed Bumpersticker such line is not innocent abroad, but when you look like what how much work involved in shit in other parts of the world,
the economic impact of all this fuckin military action is staggering. We don't consider, we shall look at China blown up, we turn blown up turns, it's very about second taken over the world. China doesn't have to worry about the generals in the I'm a little bit, I'm sure they are not investing nearly as much as we are in this shit. What I think they taken it that the old school way of thinking was it's like, even in the forties, it's like he with the nukes is, is the winner, but what they ve realises. This is the new era. We all yeah, I mean you pull the trigger we're all going down. So the waiter
the head is, is: is the being economical superpower? It's fuckin, truly amazing that that's how it still run in two thousand and eleven a really is like a weapon that can kill you thing the end, all of its bold, such as that made it always was a weapon that I can kill you used to be. I had a sword than it was. I have a spear than as I have a cannon still. I have some shit that kill. You still remain and basically it's the same dynamic. It all comes down to that one carnal instinct I'll, kill you two maids and control of resources are kill. You gimme, the resources are fucking, kill you shit. It's amazing that two thousand and eleven a wonder if it's gonna be able to continue this work because it seems like the tolerance people have for today is is very short, it's very different than it was a few decades ago, the very different than it was before the internet. To me, I think but think of war is much more distasteful people or if, if anyone is likely to buy into any wacky conspiracy theory the big one would be dead.
The military industrial complex has their fingers in all parts of the world for making money and they force wars. It sounds crazy, but if you it Eisenhower speech? If you look at all the evidence, that's exactly what they do. That's a conspiracy that more people would be willing to buy than almost any other whacking conspiracy. That war is big business and ass. We force them. It's a that's a fringe idea, madam you, that's not someday, could bring up on CBS News and end they'll. Just let you slide with that. You know it is a new challenges that it's a fringe idea, but it's one of these things: where is it so much fringes? Unpopular is popular to sail
its unpopular to look at reality, its unpopular look that we are living inside the balls of the dick, that's fucking, the whirl right, that's what's goin down or people don't want to know that we want to think about it. They want to thank you, as you say, did I think what is I mean? Yeah you? Yes, if you and you s, I mean USA you're talking about due to write bad ass books and due to sing great songs and people who make bad ass houses and real american ingenuity and craftsmanship and construction. Yes, yes, I know you, I say yeah yeah go, go all the comments that have ever come out of America. Go all the moviemakers go all I mean you wanna talk creativity, this brilliant art,
all over the world, but what a fucking pool of on there are here with a MAC with one of the main thing fucking country. This is yes this, but not the military. That fuckin runs our shared, not them they're, not us, that's money, that's all the! What that is is a virus. It's a virus that runs on money and that viruses killing people left and right, and it might as well be a fuckin disease and might as well be the plague or for aids or gonorrhea, but it's a fuckin virus and that virus is. It needs money, it's a virus fuelled by money and its willing to kill ready. How much of a budget to realize huge amounts of benign ended, absurd, your always where we caught a quarter of it like we be doing completely fine. Do arenas a lot. It doesn't make any sense it is like we are addicted to. It were addicted to be in these in these conflict. It really is like Eisenhower, set Eisenhower
the shit in whatever the fuck. It was. Nineteen fifty well that that there is a after our proposal to that. He was trying to keep us out of World WAR two, but that wasn't the case at all. He made one real poignant speech even before the Japs. It attack the pro harbour and he said something like if we don't. We cannot rest on our laurels and and and this is a situation that we cannot rest on our laurels and relax here in our own country. We have to go, find a poet opposing foes overseas. Everyone to feel safe here, which was basically like: hey prepare America. This is big business, this fuckin war, and it was it- was big business. It made us, they gave us money and invented the suburbs. It was huge fuckin business that war war bonds and all that shit, but it's like now. It's not a lucrative business like it used to be. What's lucrative is the contracts they get to build the shit they get to justify them. The money they're gonna spend next year. You know it's like we keep given all this fuckin money to this thing, for that sky is falling thing when the sky isn't falling. There is that movie Gung HO with Michael keep member that I am six here and there is a quote and there he said the American Spirit is live and allow
Well, it's just in Hong Kong right now like that was you know it was very prophetic because it is because over and China there's, like you know what let's build shit, let's be, let's just make shit, let's keep fuckin making like we used to do you know and the most disappointing part about it. Is that a lot of these guys a lot of the troops alot of people after that? Oh working for you know what they believe is a good You know these are. These are real heroes. Man I mean there are some real fuckin heroes had actually volunteering willing to go to other parts of the world to protect the people that are back here. That's LE jet yeah there legit heroes, they're just getting used by people with bad intentions. Shreds that's is clearly is as it is today are doing their bidding with and there's no doubt the american military is fuckin amazing. They were
to use for defence and just used. You know for good earlier. The most incredible force ever, I think, are our whole our biggest asset, as we can bring war to any corner of the globe in less than twenty four hour yet done so we don't have the biggest just got. We got the biggest weapons and we got like everything that we can. We get military and over a hundred country, jar installments, where we're we're, like France, used to be Nigger, we every it's more than ridiculous. No one's out like this. No one's ever had this kind of presence in the world, and this is the United States the world. Let us out of this many like our little body whose our neighbor, who yells at us- but you know, He knows him we'll burn it's Fuckin House, Dutch yeah, you, but you know this work where a compilation of Allah them and act like where these latest separatist now that, but where they were, they all star lineup of the world, while we're the end of the line. As far as like people that wanted to take shit to the next level, yeah. That's what happened. There were New Europe and the Like de saint working for me. I'm gonna get I'll fuckin boat in a lie to some unknown land, so those
genetics the doses of the freaks. Those are the crazy assholes. You know it's like. Really is a bad ass country. When the reasons why it's a bad ass countries, it started out a goddamn prison colony is a little out of those people who, like the grandparents and for the grandchildren in great great great great grandchildren, of fuckin, crazy criminals from England, they got rid of get the fuck. Are you crazy, as owing to send you to an island but which has so far away? You can never get back at us. Ok, we're going to kill! You just get the fuck out of here. You have a skewed accident everything, but you went to a mere other awesome as early as amaze, most well travelled people in the world ass. It is, I think, because they have to travel to go anywhere, but it's everywhere they go, and, secondly, stay and catch may be six weeks how? Oh, we were in them of Hawaii, and there was a couple from from from mom. Australia, they were from Melbourne, Melbourne Mountain and they took the kids out a long flight, Inter Alia. Flylike eleven hours and then two hours and outside, but their habit, it s fuckin. Just do it, man friendly
People aware really are well trash giants. Are amazing, friendly and thinks that, like eighty percent of us really is uninhabited, uninhabited habitable. Oh yeah says, but the places that you can't Perth Sidney malware like the places you can't lever, fuckin phenomena, but outside its most deadly place on earth, can get killed by more insects Jesus creatures there were your jellyfish Shelly fasting, raise certain jellyfish. I want to say man, a woman. I think I'm wrong. I don't think that's the name of it. Does it there's a name for it are much over the Jellyfish but really super toxic one. Where almost ninety percent of the people of get hit by this thing tie. and you gotta get treatment within seconds and they have these giant jugs in a girl that they keep in like little boxes all around the beach increase. Can, oh god, it's a hit by a jellyfish to poor this vinegar on them somehow and others like lessens the impact, but there the jellyfish are fucking ferocious
their toxins are so ruthless. Whatever this jellyfish is just you just Jack's people, this one laid with scarred the fucker. Isn't it ox jellyfish yeah. I think that is. It is one lady, her legs. She she made it through, but her legs were just mangled. swimming the seed you get in there, that shit on signs on I get close to the shore and our buggy board from Feelin frisky. Would it be too havoc? Jellyfish, though, in one, is black light aquariums on the middle of your living room? That's like natures, Jelyotte, lovely and I get real. My eyes are very sensitive from when I get salt, water and burns like fuck. I think is because what I did fear factor I had a lot of us. Sunscreen go in my eyes many times. I remember that yeah come lunchtime swirls like onstage and this, but my sweat for my foot, while the stage the sunshine week into my eyes, and it's like I fried my retinas It's like I, my eyes are much more sensitive now to salt water there, but yeah. I think I'll fuck
you're my balls, I should say good, but I think I'm there much more sensitive now tariff releasing. So I had a whirling goggles and shall like that, but the the idea that there is some shit out there that can kill you and it does every now and then every year its bit somewhere. I wanna get got by a fish. Somebody got a year ago read out here, Santa Barbara, by a jellyfish, no fuckin shark minimum half a while. They found a great white really recently around Malibu. They spot it. For plain, there's a great one: two went around Malibu protein in both these bills, listen man they're out there that there really there just a big muscle swimming and, in fact in Australia, there's everything this crocodiles crocodile are easily scary, fuckin thing on the planet. For me even more scary than charge. You know why, worse yet, because I'll fuckin go in the water, that much mantle sharks are scary and shit, but I know they're out there, some guy, I'm cool, I'll, take less chances over here. You know the idea that you jump into their world yeah in hope
just subject to their rules and their laws and crocodiles live in our world. Yan Jai like they exist. You foresee the one picture of the crocodile Hunter holding his baby and feeding a crocodile, a chick India that the mole irresponsible him. I didn't have children when I first saw that photo. I have you were just yes, I did it had. Never reproduced ran so to me it was just ignore. It was just a logical thing. Like will that's ridiculous. Was doing that crazy with his kid got hurt, but when you have children- and you think about the idea that just for a Guph stand in front of his fucking unpredictable monster and take some- maybe it's one, thousand chance you're willing to do that, we will have your kid got, eaten by a fucking crocodile right in front of you you're, the crocodile hundred that would mass I'm very bad at your job. What? If what? If something happened in its stumbled as you,
giving it the chicken and attacking bounced out of its mouth, and it looked at the baby and said I'll go for this now. What did it pulls? Your mom's off with the fuckin baby. Does the just death row, just snacks back stabbing your elbows fuckin pop up and start shooting like a sprinkler, you watch that you watch the swamp people. You see no matter what the only dresser traps and stuff and then they just point Blank EU them in the face with a gun and bring him back in the cart like they're. Looking for, like twelve voters like mean Edam yeah, they Alicia make nice boots and all that now, but those guys hunt for them a crazy. Do that's a wild monster that you're out there shoot and an alligator pussies there like poodles compared to pit bulls. When you compare alligator to a crocodile miles away more ferocious way. Crazier way, meaner way, more dangerous. We quit
just one of those things where you let your mind absorbers like while that exists as voters man, how about they don't they can hold the breath for like a couple hours issues killer. They can get into a pond and go underwater. It just sit there and not move for a couple our and they look meanest fuck. They don't look like well wishers. They look like here to day. Most media that are fighting crocodile looks either all up and down. They do say it's like you sit here until kids, there's no such thing as monsters. What if you live in a rather is photo here, and that was under your bed. What are those deep water fish to have liked a fangs in the eye, and has that thing that, like an intermediate stage, dinners
most like oil, you Talkin about almost think it's called the anglerfish has like its own fake swimming pool fishing rod. Sure I know agenda. It looks like it looks like a lure in front of a man. A fish come near me, Jack, some. Yes, we measures for fish that entails Munster Sonya, zoonotic. Luckily, don't live in his world food exactitude killers of the sea and that's like those sharks. I watch jaws. The other night for the seven hundred thousand time has micro finance it rain it she's like she's, like I don't like this kind of movies as like obray hundreds of American. Ever when I hear what I hear should on movies that sell she talks in and she cheat ocean like, and I want to watch it online. It's not like it's not what you think. If I go to a movie that plays on your fears, it's not something. That's going to show you a bunch of Gore, the whole time going to seek went, get got by at the end, but that's it right. Rather Korea saying what it's like that whole amazing thing about playing on your fears, and so we watch Jaws again. It was a slick. Do that things, just a swimming bucking garbage disposal looking to destroy no reason, no sympathy, no empathy, just muscles in teeth and eating, and that's all,
in that ask that that exists. You just stay away from here. You know, but she did not like in the movies like I like that music is a tale of the sea. How could you not like it? We have completely separate ourselves from the food chain Glaciers knows this, listen! Stop no Wednesday. Back to pluck up no we're Adler game more out of the game. Here's the deal we got, tanks, I got nuclear weapons. Are you gonna be crazy? You are you crazy will kill you all before I now, where are the game? She go eat your gazelles, we're not gonna start, but we're not gonna protect the monkeys from the champ. We're not protecting anybody from anybody else. We let it all go downright Giuseppe, fully accept people starting people. You ain't hunt me for some lady got killed in Africa last week, a lie and made it into a yard and killed she was. Apparently this line had escaped. There was a whole in one of the fences they have gained parks where they have Ryan Reserve. Yeah is wild and apparently they're fucking actually fenced in which amazing to try to wrap your head around but
something like rhino or a fuckin elephant damage, the fence and alliance, not through starting people? found her like remains the bushes, just just nothing, laugh what's that? alors game, eight or body. What's the movie with willing to phone the lions and the ghost in the darkness, not willing to follow its Michael Douglas and Valkyrie. That's right! That movie is chivalry. That's they actually have worry, Vaska yeah! That's a good movie, great horror movie about a real animal and about shit that can happen. Fuck yeah can happen. Dude. We had sent that's an amazing film and really about a group alone The thing was to lie: listen, that's all! It is acting on and gather up thing yeah. I think that the what was interesting about it was that they did that may alliance would hunt right? There was always males, don't hunt this now, but these males just decided Start Hutton people because they got bored electrical lisco, hot hunger. I think there is real How easy it is, I think ones,
one of them just eat a person in those Jesus Christ. Why? My chasing after gazelles like this much is a person is a hundred percent catch. You were watch like Israel's almost get away. They have seventy yeah laughed when it was a good thing to take less you're gone when you want a tiger chasing down a fucking design. Nor anything online invitation down and is there any any anything chasing gonna fast thing, but how fuckin fast? That thing is, to stay alive. Think of how slow you are my car were so slow. The earlier forty miles out of fat guy in the world has ever seen them attack it hippo. I saw as one we're like six up, I'm on top of the hippo trying to get this hip. I hereby yet hippo peoples are like when the most dangerous rose, eat- hippo, oh yeah, in this one April, which is like slowly walking wonders like like all these tired or lines on it in like just trying to eat. I see that the laughter beasts allotted time yet little out an israeli videos of lions attacking here but yeah
and it's a slow walk. While this hippos is being eaten alive, my god, this is re, yeah, I'm watching it right. Now, all my god. This line is riding on the back of the hippo Wally's eating it. Just like you just hanging onto that is that fuckin crazy by and look at the next day. You see it with the with the spine is hanging out literally took a hunk out of the other spine of this thing. Where you going home, we going to get a bite You can watch it s my job. This is hard to. What really is they can't kill it? It's What we are witnessing a multifaceted when you see they eyes of what the animals happening through like? Why are you doing this to me What are you waiting me? Just one always is dealing with. There's a good shook up big cats diary. I think it is a big fan of action. They always have recently, there was a where was it a Jesuit provokes Wanna washes called Lion attack hippo
This is fucking, normally wow, so holy shit, completely off subjects at the abyss that is freaking me out that video just freaking out its found. How amazing is it that that's a real everyday occurrence out there in the world somewhere slot other world where there is a giant monsters taking down three thousand pound animal slew biting spine. You know the data that we're gonna get excited where I think we're all gonna call each other, and I really feel like the states can happen, is that breaking news is gonna come in and we found Bigfoot we gotta without em, we mounted Does the acid yeah- I don't know
I don't think it. I think I'm open to the possibility. It's just you know. What's the year two thousand Levin lots of cameras, bring me his head and nothing. I sexy enemies they for his very sex and red joke. He used to have it. We were that used to talk about in search of Loch Ness or whatever it was like it be like in search of Snaefell Office will now they have in search of Bigfoot radio, and it's like somebody gave money to this. That's one of the things we talk about like we were talking about somebody earlier like not believing things are checking facts. Things are very simple to understand. Like have said this before, like. If somebody in this world is levitating, he'd be the most famous for in the history of time ever right, he would have done the most impressive thing ever arrived. He would make eventually everybody looked like poop, but professor acts from the ex man. It's like what the fuck so people over there. You know that the others, you really can levity nights. I know you would be amazing if you know you know if you really could, but so the big foot thing the large tells you that it's like look, they would pre empt the president's state of the union address to tell you they found Bigfoot. They would pre empt anything
be the most important story ever yeah, but a lot of resources to going to look for it and the only way it could exist is cuz. Here's why I decide I'll take as we have. This arrogance has his men ITALY that we ve conquered all of the earth. We know every nook and cranny others places that you can go down. You can go sideways into. The earth is just so many nooks and crannies. Now, if there's some you, no seven foot ape walk around, it hasn't been seen, maybe in the Himalayas somewhere. Maybe we're man can't get to maybe the abominable, abominable the snow man
but over the white, the white, the wiping you're more inclined to believe that, like the Tibet than the more inclined to sat at widely the Yeti version, then that the Pacific Northwestern version, I think it was probably a real animal too. I think I think you're probably went extinct a long time ago juggling. So many is gigantic. Pithy casually acting. That's your cargo museum. They have a nice mark up office is skeletal sectors. Giant eight foot, foreign guerrilla totally looks like what you would think of his big foot. I guess it was by it wasn't by people, though, sometimes walk on its hind legs, but enough, so that, if you saw one walking on its hind legs, who the fuck knows me, that's all completely Spain story of of Oliver that that's, if your point of view, the jargon experienced drinking game, I think that's one shot. What is the jargon who the fuck your nose like, because I said it all time what the fuck fuck knows one shot. Did you hear that story of Oliver reported man jump ever? Yes, I washed out a wise old I'm entry on him. He was a champion
I just had a really weird amazing, weird anomaly: a bunch of locked walked straight up. Nera didn't want crouch over Iraq on all forest and wanted to fuck. Women want to fuck women and was yeah was like hang around with people and really despise chimps, but it started getting really creepy with the one an infirmary lack, a map. Surrender rape all over the ship. I don't have a moral span, the dick it's hard. They re to rape, cassettes. I worked in the chip world, they all have the in, so he was doing his best to listen right, but he's fighting against some crazy instincts, he's not getting in sexual satisfaction and he's gonna find it somewhere. He there are showing him because in the seventies they actually concluded that he was half man half eight, because dna testing was so crude brain that they could it now Now there like. Oh, no he's just a fucked up eight yeah interested in that in every one. I think a gorilla came at last year who walks on on. He was bipedal walks around just look around at shit. You just ass humans. It's like you know. Somebody peopled concluded like I've, never seen that its new, it's obviously half man. It's like part of me, like think, there's somebody out there tinkering with sunlight
But that's a really fucked up thing to do is naturally happened. Did there was a recent article in the north of the best source the UK and the daily mail was talking about? Our scientists have created, I believe, is over a hundred different embryos that were hybrids of of babies and in a human and some other animal. An erection operated embryo. When I read about the lighter and all the different shit they did, I thought it was just Napoleon down my fucking around. We think we talk, but, yes, I know liars real, generate the real deal. Then all our citizens. time in the wild, whether they are in the same habitat. But you know what they said is a daily hast habits in captivity. I think it happens, get Tiffany, but there are saying this, and this has happened recently. They like the can't reproduce so they're all born stare. Are there I'll ride out that? That's it. That's one generator hybrid, just like this hybrid fish that are of the same recently racial some had reported reeling. So that's telling you that genetically now they're adapting in this light or thing would get killed out in the wild cause. It's fucking enormous in slow, its giant and slow to sitting target.
like I thought why they are slow. Their slow considered there twice the size of a normal liner tiger there, the size of a lion and the tiger put together, but when in animals be more scared of it, though so they might actually be a bundle. Norton animals, just as you saw that lie in on a hippos back, don't give a fuck us. How brilliant napoleon dynamite was to this day is ridiculous to talk about it. anger. I just was avoiding talking about this animal. I was avoiding talking about this because you know it to the point Dynamite Erica. This factor, but you I heard he was joking. Now I gotta know ye. I gotta was most people, think it's a jealous there, the so ridiculous. Looking there cartoonish, there's the one that you'll see unlikely. I was up for the video than the one in motion, its justice, amazingly absurdly huge thing, but it's like you know they keep miniaturized things. I want to see the make things better. Like one number, apparently what it as is that the the gene for you like ceasing growth or to the gene that limits growth is removed. When the
mate with each other, rather like a male tiger of male line. I think you're gonna write when that happens. The the gene for growth, like that the gene for regulating growth fucked up, judges gross! You there's one on the other side to theirs, though, that not just the lighter, but that the tired, tired, I dunno, what their current their mix, in the words the other personnel you're you're talkin about you know like a tiger with the main line. Tangled Tiger, were the main o dude Harry. What's that called let look up a t grow, maybe era the grass thrilling I dont rather remember it was when I was looking at those lawyers that time and I started seeing all these fucked up animals. They ve been missed
with its amazing well today. I wonder if the anybody what we would like to find out if that happened. Naturally the lawyer thing, if that was something that people fucked around with a secret probably had. I was that for videos in motion. I won't accept a picture of me, but I dont think right. Fred scratches the surface Joe Robin. I understand your enemies Goodman and dig deep when I go to Wikipedia check your sources and then I check your sources. Sources has anyone ever been killed by one of these things? I don't. I don't thinks like his high gone, this its high gonna. Let me some which are gonna die, gone, cause number and caught their funny. Looking ease of angle, bikers the biggest fool tat. You know these are cool. It's far, they wow. That's all. We need more jobs, shit I can tell us, is a photo of this lady line on a attack on and its enormous. It's so big. Oh, my god. It's beg
But I want you to food out, be scared of a fuckin cat that weighs ten pounds, but can't wait ten pounds rat. Wait. Five pounds on terrified of a rat of five pound ran this coming to try to fuck you up. Yes, you do some mansion. How God damn help us? You would feel Tiger decided Jack you. They have nothing but bad intentions. It there's no reasoning with. It Are they nice loggers? Are they like come to think they're, pretty docile as a result of being manmade sitting around with only zoo keepers? zoologists in ITALY, in jacked lagging you'd have to be a crypto zoologists. Even look anyone killed by I can't believe I'm doing this, maybe there's a ladder up at Folsom. Ocular folks would that's the problem. Man. This fuckin napoleon dynamite. Ruins lawyers made the people. Think it's fictional. The point when I tell people they, like you re, who am I
has anyone. Liker attack kills animal hands. First rugged age, people magazine yeah Vice against protocol handler entered lion, tired, hybrid space, feeding autopsies. Why an animal handler with thousands of ours of experiences died after being mall by a one thousand pound Lion Tiger Hybrid, he was feeding one thousand pound one thousand pound half the time. You talk, it says you talk about. An animal is twenty times more powerful than the human being. That was feeding it. One of the most important protocols with these powerful cats in captivity is never enter their enclosure with the animal present, especially when it involves food.
She's all airlines rights, even like even your domestic house, get go straight for those instincts us while instincts it's like. Even if you drag a little mouse in front of it, they go right into hot motives. That playtime click on my got. The things moving, you gotta kill an amazing animal that natures create origin. It's basically, this super killer that just keeps all the weak things dead and keeps the population Secondly, in rest, yeah breasts and just chills rest, and it would look at the spot. It look at a spot of the world where the most cattle, the most undulate animals, the most hoofed animals, are running around those that spot spot is Africa right? That's we get these great hurry. Words of wild beasts in and gathered buffaloes, and some may always amazing fucking animals, and that's where the big monsters lived there. The clean up crew, the genetic clean up crew today to make sure that only the super healthy one survive? You make sure you keep your genetic strong
everything is little and we can slow we're gonna get them on the fighter, always tell it and they shape and works in our society. I think a lot more than people now to it does. Fortunately, even when it is domestic, we consider ourselves. Don't you think we weed out the way. through the maps, but them out keep moving up here. We do, I think, there's a balance that is about and doing that I think the weak deaf. We need to be chewed up. We need to fuck and set a standard need to take people on the ball. Didn't lose a lot of weight benches in this world, but we also need to have compassion at the same time. That needs to be like a protocol. Then he needs to be like a level of compassion and understanding where you don't want people to suffer. You don't want people to start being around people who are in bad straits to get to know. People just got fucked by life, and you know tornadoes or some horrible thing. You don't want them to be out in the cold, but you don't want peace, a weak either you know have appeal, will be lazy, Fox that rely on a government, take her their bills and they want to sit around and be a welfare do shrank. You now understands that too, that's real
It becomes a weird fine line like where do you raw had he had here. How do you make the distinction between being a humanitarian person being kind person? Being you know, a person was held their neighbour and besought supports laziness being someone who enables rival some broken fuck with no discipline escaped through this life. That's so that the whole idea of like Buddhism, though in his hope theory about it, is as you can in their suffering, you can just end you feeling sorry for them. You know what I mean. You really can then, and not a bad way, you're right. It's like I feel for him, but he's not gonna fuck me in that way. Will you can do that with anything? You can do that with the Fuckin NEWS, yeah. You know you can decide that the world is ending every day the weak, because every day the weaken go online and this horrible story about some woman was killed by a boyfriend boyfriend chopped up and put in a fuckin meat locker. There's a high those they're gonna Father, coming every data skies fallen everywhere, the skies phone with riots in that crazy guy and in Oslo,
yeah killed. All those kids horrors horror, Horrible shit goin on somewhere all over the place all the time. If you decide to take all that in man, I don't at a certain point, does a balance between being informed It benefiting you psychologically, there's informed Then there's an inundation of information said where now you don't have a clearing house unit, processing it, and now you see your leasing out your opinion too, to those who are giving you all this information and now you're seeking out particular information here that adheres to it, and it's like isolation and lack of challenge of friends and people to say no well look at it. This way I have a body whose it's real, political and, thankfully doesn't live near here. So don't talk to very much but he'll just start yelling and getting angry angler talked about like politicians are he'll, just go fuckin crazy. She that shit on the Senate floor with Fuckin Bonner, the bullshit that he said or boner is out the guy's name and he'll. Like argue with you in yellow you like Joe doo doo doo doo doo get your own shit,
ok you're, you pick a fight and simple the indigenous crazies, I'm your whole life investing in its clearly a distraction from your own fucked up like which is that the theme of what we ve been talking mountains, like I guess they like the Buddha, says it's like in suffering in yourself. I won't be a suffering prick anymore, because anyone you're about what other people doing if you just ended in yourself, but then people say well, that's ridiculous, because then you saying you know, don't pay attention to politics, don't you, You know what I'm saying at all. What I'm saying is you gotta run you're late, how your ear? What what impacts you you got to regulate what you take in He laid the amount of negativity and positive. You actually can do there and you can have a realistic politics. Are political politicking, I'm not mad about its
so if you work really take it seriously, you kind of endorse it and I endorse it, even though you know like my friend, Jamie Kill seems like super political and he was on the package and bright, and I were talking about this and wanted things we're saying we're like. Do you think that even by we know that you think it's bullshit? I know you think the special interest groups and always think different things are affecting the government in effecting. But do you think that by like really being into in critiquing it, like you almost like legitimizing physiologist like like sale, and this is a real thing is going on here, but its clearly, not a real, and not anyone anyone can get to the position where they can be. President super fuck and difficult every time Braun Parliament makes a run even though his message resonates with so many fuck in people, s own who are cited by that guy somebody. People love our new radical approach. ray single, whether its NBC Cbs any news coverage I'll make some regard a joke. The deal.
We are on purpose, forcing him of the joke position. It's like it's so obvious that their news departments are in in some way like they have an agenda to mock him, because there's no corporation that want that might want that. Mother. Being control is no one who is in a position of power now that would want that crazy, fuck non evolution, believing brilliant man right who has so many important things that makes sense to say the only when in fact they wouldn't let him fifty wouldn't let him, then there is no real running for president its fate it's it's vacancies. We haven't. We have to admit that we have to end. If you, if you you have this conversation, you know I've while the democratically to do and what the Republicans they're not real, do not real your work. This is cooperation, corporations running shit and there's a goddamn opera going on It's like that, it's so antiquated this form of of communication and ended is played its playing back, which the liberals and the Republicans ta
radio. It's it's shall play. It almost seems real. It's one of those things where it's like an answer. She stepped back and look at all the dynamics of it's like you know the Democrats. Do it the Republicans, do it it's like we get, you did not focus on the task at hand will create, will create an enemy will create a fear, will play something why all of them are running around. You know enough about politics. I do too, but the end of the day whether it's George Bush or Barack Obama ain't going to stop smoking dope. I ain't going to stop having fun and being curious about shit. You know what I mean it's like: they can run their course just don't fuk with me and I'm fine. Well, that's how it should be, but they don't think that that you know the government doesn't think that they should give people very much freedom because of the Morphe Give more people are more freedom, you. They want if we keep em, if you keep on suppressed to a certain point but give them a healthy standard. You know too. Bad, not too crazy. Just just keep em down a little bit, but not too crazy you're. A better off in the government's eyes, then just giving them free rein. Here
have legalise prostitution here. Have drugs decriminalize here make your own choice when it comes to acid and mushrooms Mescal, it's like you said about run Paul. It's like you know. People were surprised. Obama gonna, like I'm, not he's of yield, he's a Harvard men of his class. It's all the things we ask of our present. He was just different, but the all the things we asked him didn't come and look like when he's kind of a self, my guy, but it's like he belong there, You know, and even if you dont like a here, this George W Bush came from the Elk, he was yeah. You know, maybe not the intelligence, but he came from you don't move. Intelligence is questionable thing, and this is why, have you ever seen some of the videos when he was running for governor of Texas, not sure by voting myself oak, occasionally occasional misspoke about certain things, but you gotta really First of all, these guys were working some insane amount of hours a day when George Bush was campaigning for president, when it became present the
where's that these fucking guys are accountable a day. It must be staggering that pressure of being the president must be unbeliever, so coarse, the guy's, tired all the time and occasional and see some really stupid rise, he's only using fuckin half his brain has brains out working right now. That's why it's like. I never question. I just don't look. I think you ever see the videos of him when he was rotten revenue it and the Spanish a lot to remember that any really. I speak Spanish, pretty fluently that you took an Richards job right from her, I think so was very below, but she was a Democrat very rare, but she was still like I'll pull that that electric chair and yeah but she was kind about getting any oakley our love. If we had a governor like TAT, there was something about that: Can we now know what her policies where, if I would have agreed with everything, but I loved the character, yeah, it's tough universes being accessed politics, but she was pretty bad asked, but he took her over. So it's like good in the beginning. Man, if you listen to him talk,
will say: well, you know he fuckin own part of the the Houston. Was it Astro Studio yet here yet he only has an asteroid and I'll fuckin fell, partly everything touched fella, partly at its heart out their brow, that's not out. There are therefore an air. I think that would George Bush provided us with a very unique insight into what the being the present is really all about. I think George Bush was the first guy where I got to look at the president and offer to go okay, it's clearly they're, not letting us go run. This It's a curse, fuckin pop you couldn't make any more clear every time there would be some shit No doubt you would talk about Dick Cheney being in the bunker. There would be the judge. he's on the bunker somewhere Chinese in the bunker where's Bush bushes, on the roof standing in the middle of a red circle, white circles around it has given
bugger buddy, I'm worried about protecting Cheney. It was that it's all that Gangster Party says that that that documentary on written up at waters that campaign at the biggest most famous campaign manager ever Atwater was his first report strategists. Don't make me like talk, talk, Carl Robe. How to be a gangster you don't really like up is a real architect of it, but he was the one. And it goes back on a scale of one to ten. How gaze coral o is easy fifteen's as you like because back when Gang his hand, jobs behind Kinko's gay at once. You, don't you think, so I don't think he's got so do just locked in a basement somewhere suckers Dick every Tuesday forgot him. Yeah he's got some. Guy, that's it on my face: remount yeah! He takes care this guy, some locked up parliament will assassins outside of every door through their some evil people. I was just going to train Reims Forum, you fucking pay. When are you gonna come over years? I can set your cock and get my weekly.
Time, poor geissler's living in a basin wait for Cole Road to come over Phocas Mouth and then leave guys they know they know what to show. You shown this and then tell entities shown so tomorrow I believe you he's a monster that guy is monster. You you watch the documentary talking about him, how he fucking figured out how to pull the strings behind the Bush. It missed nation is a master of it all about making a guy. Like John Kerry, look like a pussy for having fallen for Vietnam's. They made him. Look like a policy. Genius? That's like dissect Hansa did. Bush administration was so twisted because they had the guy Jeff Gannon that prostitute the gay prostitution the embedded, Whitehouse, Roderigo and after affordable. These guys didn't understand the internet right didn't which was amazing. Think that just just bushes administration, they didn't get the internet just an airbag off where there was a guy? Who would law about these softball question
member observer him tat. He would go to the store and, Mr President, when are the Democrats, just gonna come to their senses and realise that they live in a fantasy land. Tat was a question to ask real reporters black, who is this mother Fucker like what's going on, here. They will look at the sky trying to study them, and so then they they started doing investigation on. When they found the had some gay military escort service. Where was like him with dog tags, Tal overs cock. These lay about this was the embedded Whitehouse reporter this fucking wet. I was one on godsend. That anyone could get on it. Just W W, W, no horny, army, Cox or something got round, is completely aloof. It was a gay escorts when he was a gay escorting and he was living like a mean using them. added Whitehouse report. Are you actually in state overnight once at the White House, he slept at the White House and awaken better? Why it whose who is that call rose boy, make what's going on
There's somebody somebody's fuck it some deck. I second somebody's deck re. What's going on their whole presidency, was so kink in jobs and arrange around I'll get more go down at all so kinky because it was ass, oppressive. It was all you know. They didn't want gay marriage. They didn't want this. They didn't want. That is always the Gatt conservative Romagna blood to be so creepy and so suppress if most of them people that are really suppressing creepy, like that they're afraid of it in themselves the fighting in themselves. So if you look at an administration that was marked by this kind of like creed, be overly conservative, overly christian, overly invasive about sex? What was going on with that? What was You know what it was they will just fucking leads one to keep all the head off of all. We need to stop this, but funding only just can't stop fuck it. Inevitably, there lied. They're gonna, find bloody under rule
his fucking closet is Joe Holstein. Do their job all single owes hosting who's. That he's like the Mega church guy, like that he has a real creepy smile, lock stock that Lord and has like eighteen thousand parishioners, that is mega church info taxes and they go out and about their own, paying him just a book to be there he's doing a nice improv, gig headline, no they're all pay him a hundred bucks each to be there, and these eating up? Do that's why it's like guys. It's like rush, Limbaugh and you'll see guys are slowly went back perfect example. He slowly moving his way into the religious SEC to the point where, in the religious secular protected by the religion, you can say anything you want in the money you dont have to adhere to all that people should cause Fox. He can't fox is way too. You know he needs to let go back. You must go talk about fags, niggers and speaks and all the shit he wants to sail the horrible things that even Fox won't. Let him say so now it's like a pizza,
Just Skype is a religious? Not he can have is called his followers and it's all under the guise of the Lord. You know, as people always do have you. Lord has long Journey Santa Claus leading we have to pay taxes as the craziest thing about Religion, even gonna pay taxes tests have you been following, the White House is Twitter, have you seen this thing, Rick rolled somebody or the other day, someone things they re salutary to India at the White House, rigmarole somebody as the White House, Rick Roads, Lighthouse verified yet still there, and in that way the Twitter name White House and enable they tweeted somebody that said like what the fuck and stuff, unlike thinking, whether that they're out of control at the white, twitter they should not be like. You know what the fuck on White House Zizi somebody retweeted summit. Is it what the fuck? That's pretty dope I know honey when you think about it. Man looked at this guy or bombers. Only like a few years older than I am yeah. You know I'm forty three, I think, he's forty nine
He follows an EU level. The vowels us are you just gotta, while allowing us to know what that means, though someone some F b, I watch yeah, I think we should combat piracy. Nag earlier has way more hits than the White House does really we more followers. buddy from Ohio allowed me, and he was talking this guy, that used to live with him? I? U misguide with Lebanon Is it always bring home crazy bitch is like the chicks that are my getting wasting domestic violence take like psycho, crazy growth, innovation, married, and went to a wedding and his wife got completely hammered fucked up. and start hitting home in doing all this crazy shit at somebody else's wedding went into work. Are in when it like get out of a car, so they called the cops and cops Kay and wouldn't get out a car and suddenly like they had to pull out and she pulls out our boots and start scorning breast milk
the com I now she's, I hit with five charges, including assault on an officer like oh, how has this law against bodily fluids as a weapon and stuff like that cuts analyses it at least yet so Nessus got like a fit degree. Felony in an office. I have like waiting for our committee milk from a cripple nipple get it, and I M really disappointed the Christina yours. Twitter numbers were throwing five and internally, thousand are really should be levied cleaner lately, so she saw it last night on jail or some whatever she's big scumbag listen, bro she's, not feeling about life. Right now think plumbing Amanda Sailor Minister slowness go down and make her feel better and hunger moves will again. There are now at long last again thanks
Willow Falcons gets straight. Congo wax just give me a call happens very like you got so much fuckin facial, hair, gonna tell you. Are you two girls? You must just reek of man. Yanza furry pass your fairy animal to fuckin, crazy therefore the men who can, when I see those who can I laugh it right now. I'm so unfair factor. Can beer. I should say that the best way, don't you think so the day about to have a beard, is the easiest way because of the coins that we need you with this or that you can shape it down, but your beer the natural easiest way for me. Well, it's comfortable here makes me feel agreement keep it, and I am certain hate my face when it's not when I say that I look like I like now like, while I like the beard more than I like my family real estate between my nose in my lips. Ok conversations, this proof that work where no one here have a boner and take us with body. Hey guys like bonus abruptly
What was this thing that you tell me about that? You were reading, we were in the kitchen. I say this with a podcast some mind: control Fuckin book somebody but people fuckin when we ve heard about like your enemies like people to have enemies and lively. Where was this? Is the bulk of the book mine controlled it? Oh it's all right on my controlling it. Without about you, not Kim young, I believe it is mine control. My Timmy languages, like him young epidemic on that's what it before, but it's not one of these words like hey here's how you can get the edge is one of these are it's like here's? How people see things- and you can see it like this way if you want to, but you don't have to, but you do have enemies, let's call them detractors, let's call them whether we need to call them what you do have people like we about people earlier who wish you ill will, because I'm aloof to that cause, I don't wish them Elwell right.
I am not aware of the rough these people can be out there and you know trying to plant things, and I want to get paranoid about right, but they will work to better themselves by solely in your progress. But all I can do all you can do the best weapon is be better than an infinitely knowing that you're better than they I hate that we're not even, I think the best weapon is just to be positive, living yeah and you know what every now and then you can have to pointed out every now and then gets annoying and it gets in the way you can have to expose it and people considered that's a negative thing and definitely yes, you know it definitely no much less She is now is, is transferred, that's negative. If you just turn you the cheek and walk away from it, but a certain point time. You have an obligation as a human being involved in a community to establish a certain level of behaviour in our food. Level and knowing human nature and knowing the people, if allowed, to, can get very fucking self centred and be really shitty. Other right and the only reason whether Duna is because no one checking them. It is
they are either they don't have good friends. Are they don't have people that a rational around in order that it just had the ball sister bubbling? Oh, do you being a county needed simply need peers in life? Yes, social network peers, and I mean physical ones, not on the computer. I mean physical peers are that's where your checks and balances come from. That's why you stop believing in Santa in shit like that right has. If your fuckin peers, you know they wise you up or they can bring you down by, can bring it in your head about, if your negative, I got no fuckin time, you were here, we go, we got one go around at this life, I'm not a religious. Do some like this. Is it and I want to make the most of it and on the learners it is. I can do and I will ever tat some day and I will find that if we all agree, we all of us that role together really have that same sort of sensibility may come to things. I think this is only one way to go through this life. You can used to be happy debts and used to have fun. May Leslie S Series Brain issued in Germany too good a doctor for you can you can choose to it? You can chew
to set your sales and in a positive direction and allow people just aren't fuckin do an exit around some idiots at that It never time what happens is most people. They feel like it, whether its after high school or culture, no longer student. I think your student, you keep learning and you keep your mind. Oh yeah, yeah, you're, gonna evolve and you're gonna remains socially relevant. We know I at a certain point time: I've thought, let once I start doing stand comedy. There's gonna be a certain point time, but really felt. Like a professional. You know the beginning, a really felt like I was running on ice skates and end slipping all over the place, and I didn't have any solid ground and I would fall down and get back up. I wasn't convinced I would keep doing it. I could keep doing it that I would get to a point of you know of expertise where I felt so comfortable that I could just relax and let go. I was always. The goal was always to go where you would see a god like you know, whoever you know, you're really good comic on television. You know we could Jerry Seinfeld, whoever you know
you'd see them on tv, but just no fucking way I'll ever hit that level that guy's at this level of perfection arrived. He could never not be funny rages in this. This super powerful groove and, unlike man, what must I feel like to be like totally done. good as you can never get any, never have to worry about comedy again. He never get nervous before you go onstage to your fucking Eddie Murphy yeah. But then you realize, as you get older, that that's not real. It never really happened. You always don't know what the fuck you doing. You always are constantly evolving and working on it and if you don't you're going to suck, if you, if you're, not always in the hunt and always in the struggle and always riding it always think you know it's before me, you're going to eat some dick up there dude if you're, not really- you ve not constantly improving that gonna. It's it's! You never feel comfortable. You gotta, be comfortable in not being comfortable? Absolutely that's what it goes wrong, not even just your career, but it's
gotta put yourself out there for every line. Thanks for everything, that's the only way you evolve. You know my girlfriend. Sometimes I'm guilty of being too mean there are sometimes happens, loathing sulphur for whining and I'm just like. We you're not retarded you're, not for figured out I don't get a pen pan and recent knuckles of Iraq in it like that of migration is out there that are quite right, ball, because the wife wants an extra hour with you and it's like the here's. The thing in my old thing right about them with a temporary solution, but still you she's that she's great- and she knows this, but it's like you know me it's like I. You know if you're an adult your wanting complains me I'll, go off on you. If you're here I'll get its aggression, your new re learning shit, you that's how my three year old start. Why? It's just, I add, would never let me what he would do, nothing like others, ridiculous, Yankee, propinquity, letting over and over again daddy nice. Just like a gets a perspective in love with my girlfriend super cool guy, she's gotta, put with a dick like me, unlike the comic book
I have hip hop check. You know, you're, not a dick United got you. What you are is you're not tower of stupid shit, that's not being the I'm, not tolerant of stupid. Shit from intelligent people or people with a fall back into that mode. Yet really negative: why Pneumonia that's not good address it's unhealthy as fuck yeah and in anybody doesn't she doesn't do that orphanages and something about it when I do it's just that I turned is such a dick but he does it's a millennium round and we have all these different modes. We we all of us, we sort of imitate our environment, imitator atmosphere, and we we lock into some sort of predetermine pattern that we can t. to follow through our life
with little minimal changes here and there because of horrible fuck ups. Will you like really get humiliated and you have to rebuild, but don't you see the force through the trees and don't you always say: look, I'm not special people get broken up with all the time, marriages and all the time that's happened, untimely all the time and so people we let one of these situations dictate their entire life like there, the first among in person and ever happen to its like look green, feel bad about four years. If you have to, eventually know this to show pocket pass. It always does yeah you can it's. You could say that, but actually Lex, realising that, while you're in emotional pain is almost impossible and that's the problem, the problem is weird engineered to love each other when they were engineered to get things done by being in tribes and being close to each other, yet being communal and and sharing with each other. We were engineer to love each other company so When someone dumps you no matter what
you could rationalize through the fuckin roof, always gonna, be fine. Every every door crowd has a silver lining. Listen you gotta get through the hard times yet to the good times rationalize. All you want, but you're gonna howl, like a baby when they grow, leaves you I would like our Leslie New taking gets you smiling and then I don't get. You sent a toxin plans to notice that I can't let you know what the thing is. I would cry, but you know what I live long enough to know that it pass it does. So would you got experience it man? I can't tell people that all you want and I will experience I don't shoot away either inside you're, not even in and out thirty. Two juvenile cry for good movie comes only going on. I shall try a little girls who is there
leave that cried. You don't mean tangled. I was watching get well. How do the other day? It's not your fault, we're out at them. Happy I'm a tangle, wasn't even real people's eyes too big to hay intimated pay, a swimmer with easy cry, a little bit, which was the spectacle me Pixar movies, Steve Corral. I wasn't a pixar, maybe it wasn't. I just think they all they're not corral when there's all those low, yellow guys everywhere I deal with that. One is we what we say and before that, though they were talking about the fading whining us that my girlfriend I was using her as a poor example by using herds Are you how big a dick I become and she hasn't do it often, but it's like I become very intolerant people who it's like you had the intellect. You capable of doing it vigour and how every answer you need a nose in that computer at their every fucking answer. You need to know that anything. It's like like, like some friends who asked me to give you a kid. My place issue that there's a tutorial some twelve year old kid on Youtube will show you
I can do it. Everything you didn't know is out there if you haven't some shitty times in your life. The best thing to have is good friends. Does nothing that's even close, to one year in a shit mood and some use. You feel, like God, damn man. My life has just now where I wanted to be, and you go and hang out with like Joe idea and anti Bravo and we and we all get high and eat together together, sunlight that you'll be laugh and so much by the end of that you'll feel like. If you have good friends, good friends can gain through any fuckin creepy, weird shit and there's a lot of people out there. Have good friends. He is allowed people out there that really have never sort of fostered any like really deep connection with people really honest connection with people for years and years nears near the point. We really really really know each other it suspicious. To me, I dare say who comes from his home town. It does.
bodies back home. You know sunlight when somebody who can value is character from way back. It's like her. You visit expiate, tell me where I would keep a few have a few friends. I have like four five friends from back home. I haven't heard such with yes, but that's it. There's a. There was a bunch that I couldn't after sir The widows down it's like you know some of your friends. It's like you're you're out within that you go. My back of shit jumped off in writing RO as a flask of what is wrong with you were thirty, went out with my two buddies Jimmy until you Jimmy Lawless, too good friends, mind from back on my high school days. In other, does my two closest friends back then, and I'm still vary? was in contact with them and Jimmy Lawless, as though a moderator on my message board It is a great guy and we are, to dinner last and you have see, was entirely got them tickets. I say that we all went out to dinner. We had some chinese food. Why were eating were sit around with Jimmy's, wasn't Jimmy's kid. It was yet Jimmy lawlessness kid his son was there his car
was. An we're all sit around together will likely look at us. We're like fuckin grownups how bazaars of kids. You ruined his your kid, your kids like a polite young teenager. When you say separately from your friends, you all evolve together. William by are these the copper friends like I ain't. I've got friends back home that we shared experiences children, but it my life with anonymously. Yours, especially so much different than it used to be. You don't owe me like a lot. What did you like? You live on the moon or something now they don't. They know me pretty well they, but at least I am we hang out, but I guess what I think is like this guy's. It's like I've moved away and some of them just when a different way have different, set up, but we re not only understandable but there's some, even though we grew up a part of all together, like United Buddy Scotty G, who took me to the ditch one time in high school. I might I junior year here and hide my junior year his senior year I was, I was a child,
I was in the lift and weights and kick ass. At least that was you know what I wanted to be about, but there is part of that. Just was so curious about what these deeds are. You know with the weak and high and Scotty G when time pulls up in his orange bugs, like hey, let's stitching, who play pool us like our eye that changed my life made me pretty much half of who I am today that day, who won the day disk will one day at school with scottish G is turn me on that there's a whole dope and the seventies Can roll means that all in one day, one day, that's a laureate say mean that guy talk, like all the time like we lost touch, but we got back in touch, but we talk all the time because, even though it was years apart, we evolved together what songs were plain. You know what a joke I got the steel mill like that. The basic Paul Miller is the most famous guy that no one can recognize
like zero? Nor do the sixteen million miles. That's my lady gaga. He could be the grocery store. You have no idea, you send it actually, guy that sang a million grandfather, sobbing say his name. I Sylvia current Generic. Some people call me displaced cowboy harm me. The troika of love, bad mother, Fucker had a bunch jungle love, that's a great jam. He had a bunch of great fuckin songs and nobody knows what he looks: even though we know that with him, that's ridiculous. That looks like I worse from Microsoft. Yang happily has won a bomb resisted negatives, but there's like guys in your life. It's like you, keep bodies that just kind of turn you into one thing or another. Like he's, he was one of those guys and other bodies that you just get along with. But what might see those partners there there were some can be real, weird two buddies Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy detailing Jimmy last one of things that I learned from those guys when I was in high school there, both Jimmy to tell YO yet above a year over them things I learn from bottom was work ethic. These guys bolt blasted there ass. You know, there's
EAST coast. Work ethic, direct one of em is Jimmy's Jimmy details, an electrician and yet is on company like red at high school. In our sorrow, work for an electrician for like a year than branched, our guns on business had people work and for our and shit all over over town? He's like was always and hard never complaints? He helped me deliver newspapers man. When my fuckin car broke out of us, we are on a Sunday dude. It was like fuckin at a pick him up like three clock in the morning. I think I think we stayed up all night. I think what is went out. We went out we can work out, and
he came with me and we fuck and drove around and tossed newspaper can afford them or that's when their hot off the press? Rightly our do it from four in the morning, like nine, like, I can't believe you do this every week you fuckin Idiot is laugh, but he still we worked out. Do it does that that EAST Coast work ethic, my guy who was already work and fifty fuckin sixty hours right in his own business, and it can help and still things in use and time. Sir, it's like ok cool. I thought I was a lazy can't you know, and I was not lazy in working out those thing. I was not lazy and lazy and going to tag window class in jail in my work, sparring and training. There's only three, my whole life, I wasn't lazier, but then I want when I would something I didn't want to do: a good job of ad hoc, all their lives for the poor and four, but both of those guys. I realize like how hard some people work. Jimmy Lawless went on to be a successful contractor and he got me a job. work in one summer with his his boss. I didn't say I didn't last very long. I think I ll ass it. I think I did two weeks we were building.
wheelchair rap for a night's Columbus Hall. So to help us we'll all I was doing was carrying cement and pressure treated lumber. Man work do so my hands in a pressure treated lumber. They treat it with chemicals. So you get. These gnarly asked fuckin splinters in your hand and where you workin as a labour man and not paying you to buy gloves, do you just show a bitch younger glove, just pick it up and you're fuckin hand, that EAST coast in Boston, it's fuckin freeze and our pick that fuckin thing up the hammock the gamma show up. Do you work on supply, yeah, so I know I lasted two we're carrying bags of cement all when he was here. He was actually like a carpenters apprentice. wasn't doing as much grant work run by everybody. If you want to become a carpenter you have to you. Do you gotta become an apprentice, your word, or are you to learn every single aspect of the fuckin business
it's a law, so he realized how much hard work is involved in what is it is huge now like. I know he does really wow. This is own construction company and affirming everybody got hit by the economy, especially in that business, because businesses. You know people do and renovation and doing things they about NASA's, not necessarily need, but they might want right. There elective thing sure, let's build a new house lets you know, and so those businesses get hit hard when it comes to when the economy gets shitty, which I dont understand at all. Yet it's funny my body, I gotta do indeed of owning a key on the carpet cleaning business and he builds it up like it, but he show me that you could be a pot had driven that's what it was. It was like he smokes dope on the constant like I do, but like the guy on the super successful carpet business to the point, we have somebody he cleans iced tea in Koko's carpet. That's hilarious, yeah, like they got a spot out, Chandler, Arizona or such like that, but it's like it that isn't cocoa to hang around the house, whereas hanging apparently so all the time
and he just our whole carbon ass, just like it has many who can clean it form, but I think he takes that job. Excelsis is Christ man, that's ass. If you're in a big asses ass, the ass big thing, it's summit, she gets a big one in a hundred eating. It's real either he's real big, they are there. Sit alike are with us today with Israel and some have been their son. They did some sadism work. Your main it's real capacity Joe Rogan, the ice team. You know with your man I see said some should anything about me really rare someone saying that he was happy to go to the fights, because in the city and Joe Rogan run his mouth maybe use joking around, but me as an old school ice teeth Oh yeah, I'm during several months a run. My mouth, I gotta here Joe growth it round his mouth. Talking, expert shit, thin in Saint, entails
did shame and I've been watching you shall. I don't know I don't like it. I can't live another room with is not a room on the hard drive for crazy, wacky fuckin shit, I saw what I get addicted. Does this pretty interesting he's got his darling and everything I gotta go pit bull named felony of any place. We're gonna go out there. So what you tell me like that, I'd like to be bodies with them, I would love to term logo soon sign or you do my come to me. Just hang facing following S. Mother joint seizures volume unto is, following you, don't think, says: names like next level or final level. Finally, videogame guys, although the final levels acrobatics boss of the video game, but I think he should follow you before you him. I think he needs the yield on that's why areas iced tea man next year Sea should say so I am I may I would love to I love the guy was a huge icy family was delivering newspapers zones to listen to fucking colors, come the colors, colors colors
however, for real listened a lot ice. Tito show me original gangster, let's get but nicotine, but all I have all those on Cosette son driving around in my fucking I had a gm see van that I bought for five hundred bucks ground with no windows. Cargo vans, and I drove my drove that around and deliver newspapers was in the ice to others current cynically other than what was the bio hazard years? Three, I you know it's weird zone around leaders now is amazingly relevant in that amazing. How irrelevant he's we remain only my his best work in my opinion is in pimps, both the camps that we also whether these crimp, you know that you might go back into the pimp gave rise like I didn't know if it was bullshitting or if he was hustling or but unlike if used, if you the icy iced he's always talk to devise a hustler whether or not he ever did any pimping at all. Events irrelevant what's relevant in he talks.
much about his pampering, they wanted a pip movie, that's what it's all about is pimp had a strong. It was like. The thing is, it's like he gives lectures like gives you seen his show. He goes to colleges like like Ivy League schools, and gives lectures on like that the ban on why what is going on just on whatever enlightened man I was. Isn't, I would listen. I would love to get. I steal the bug when life gives you lemons till it to suck you Dick Joe Rogan voting that those pre ridiculous those when you got married soldier boy, for Did you hear that slaughter wiseguy jet yeah? Maybe five million members are true. Probably have that much money, rather fear factor, gets back on and let's get a jet. I say: let's he's gonna see hammers shit out of me. I wanna get how I am unaware of the ashes thing after the jet as soon as the large hadron collider kicks, and we learn some sheriff obesity better than industrial jet tax are available and original quantifying saucers when a plant made at some time
m type. Shit doesn't break some gravitational with solar backup college boy Then our fly to this guy doves, our natural than five years guy, and I want to be drone round a model t send stupid away for the new cars to become good. Dr did I want to get myself a mosquito helicopter little personal after its in assigning helicopter one cedar. They had been seldom since the seventy zero babies, tiny, but we're taking the scale. Helicopter looks like a tiny Apache war, helicopter how it's like a model helicopter you can fly, make one for like a
great. You remember, remember those army, gipsy, good bye and you could put it away like yeah yeah, like I remember, but before I got my first car, I was learning about buying one of those in the euro. This is crazy. Dizziness Kido Oil, Gub, just tiny man. What's the dude fly around man? A fuckin dope by needs me one why how much these costs a hundred thousand dollars? This is pretty bad price. I think up to a quarter mail, but I'm talking about like think about that we can get that you can get to the car. You know it. You can land on the roof of uclaf from home. How good must have feel to fly one of those things highest fuck you tattooed, let's be honest maybe the shit and those are the bad mean. You know what a crash when you highs fuckin ruin the cause. We curve to really was always walk. You gotta really know what you're doing before you do that. So I wouldn't ever recommend someone just towards one. Can we drive when you're hot right not to be a God, damn jet I night on the we'd, just think about getting your car not worrying about it and when the ghosts and crazy maneuver,
you gotta be a goddamn jet and I, as a driver. Already too you gotta know your shit as both Zena helicopter. Pilots have real sophisticated minds. In that case you have the road and the rudder njord, basically negotiating to completely cept things that one year and these guys can infer They can go down very complicated and it looks like it looks like a real sensitivity. It is in the most bad ass mother fucker, so the Vietnam Helicopter pilot, because you gotta be able to fly, extract men and in an hour angelic fire. She is correct, whether all fuckin cool and chilled we it not helicopter part. This is an amazing fuckin picture. Video do let's get one credit, I know, he's gotta owns a helicopter company here, LOS Angeles and during the truck karma he was ever eighty dollars. You'd like pick you up over, here and take you to allay acts. You know just what the calm again turned out to be nothing yet turned out to be. The traffic was really light, very leisure, every small, stayed home the real comic it's gonna be an earthquake. We find out how flogging trap we really are
Yeah you're sitting breadth know which one that's a set of multi resistant Gerald in essence and give me your hand really. So bad, like the cameras just shaping their like I've Kragan. It's like I was like this is like a thirty minute earthquake I mean this is going on for a long, fuckin time, quick less about two minutes as like she is. I think the one in Japan lasted longer. Yeah that was like forever. It was a thing. Tat might have been. Like thirty minutes, let me off the smaller fire. I would like to find out how many minutes As I don't know, if it was thirty meant, based on and off for four hours wasn't like like other reactors, shocks are the after shocks. Are a ruthless? Well, you know aftershocks him. You like an eight when you have a quick, that's a nine eight point: nine man, dude that the aftershocks would must be credible and I was living in sorrow and live in Hollywood and ninety five. I got it. I didn't. Wasn't here for the ninety four with quick, but I was here right afterwards or is it was then
right now is an anti for no languor. Our authority are literally two months later: parts of the highway were still fuckin fallen over and I was here for the big one, but I was here for a five point. Five five point: five: if I went seven suddenly that must sit in my apartment and all of a sudden, the walls of the poor men, s way back and forth, like I was in a refrigerator box and that crazy, it did and seem real events. You feel about that big yeah. I thought I was hallucinating. started moving, wasn't even a noise. Then you thought that downtown crazy from some. Some so like you could hear the earth literally moving in and making noise like rocks, luckily Whiting, next to each other, sometimes look why don't you feel like? I felt I felt when the eu- and I well remember Scylla. It was Monday September tenth, two thousand and one there was an earthquake- is by four point: five
and it took me up and I was reeling from from it not so the next day some bigger happened. Right I mean. Maybe it was like that weaken or something, but I remember my first would like you know moderate earthquake. Now I won't get up unless it's like you know, she's really moving, but I was in an apartment. Climate was swaying and then it was eagerly quiet and then almost anywhere. You heard that shifting and shit, but I felt so help us. I was like there's nobody, you could call. This is one big bad beasts. There's nobody who can kick this earthquakes, ass Do you feel about that? Small is yours, man and you think I don't live in some third world where we're all made a dirt Janata yeah cause. It's like. We have pretty good infrastructure here and it's still will go down when we have to accept the fact that the top the top again topographical surface of the earth the surface of the earth. Changes changes the topography constantly. We know that you know there's like fish bones and shit
you can find in Montana, Tectonic served only five, because everything moves really is constantly moving. You know they know that megawatt dance they they found Mega Don teeth in Montana, so Montana. One point terms under the ocean outs. We know that this whole thing to be Pangea used to be one giant continents. I don't happen it supposedly. This is the most widely accepted theory. Until someone comes up with a better one, I mean you put all those countries together yeah and shit changes and moves man, and we just got accepted and sometimes the spot you rat. So now in changes the bearing straight things, come along seal things or we fucked up like Japan, human beings fucked up and create some spot. Where can't hang out anymore, put offence up around this and put some big skull and crossbones don't go near. Arsenal is early rope, one of the spots yeah we fucked it out. We broke it for good criminal yeah. You know and that's that
the earth is constantly to shift is now. We know that for a fact that the North pole is moving towards Russia at some sort of a crazy pace and, like thirty five miles a year to the point where the that the polish shifting and they apparently had two- they had re route some planes in Florida. They had to do something to the runway, to adjust for the fact that its move, The floor was moving in a certain directive. You could see it visually like it within even a hundred years. That scare is crazy, I mean, apparently, though, that's inevitable, that's just how it always goes we're confused into thinking that the state that this country's in right now is a state that it stays in forever. That's what we re planner flag there. Nothing will change it like that ITALY, all that they're going under and theirs. Things they do at Venice. It's just like what happened with Venice area, California, they try to just didn't work, but it's like. Eventually the earth is constantly changing. You innocence
be gone in a hundred years. Gone is quickly submerged yeah with unless they can come up with some engineering cut. But you really fighting things up The new Orleans yeah. Well, you are, but that's there still a possibility, yeah. I know I'll take this the right way to do it, but try to convince her when you get out of there. Now, and then everybody wants go, oh, but the history. Now, let's go there's some awesome. Real states call Atlanta stuff, because Spain have got there too, that you want to abandon that their love, that it was the best civilization ever in our still things change things shift to keep moving in. One idea said recently that a kind of I thought it was the most credible one about not Easter Island, but the em, what he called the Stonehenge wintertime on ice You hear that one at a time when they move to my eyes. I just didn't. I say to her that, like yourself, work of yet enough ice. They get ice apparent yeah. I think the weather
that feels like you would have to have like you'd, have to like really lay it down nice and second, and even then would support that kind of way. But there are things like the idea that there is no tracks. There was no evidence of it, but right now, when you don't have tv, your mind can come up with creative shit move thanks. It's like I don't. What are you Think they were put there by aliens are no input and there- and it's just- do we had the guy from ancient aliens on the last pot cast last episode. Listen to that end. It was interesting, one now. He's he's really a big proponent of. What's called the the ancient, alien or alien astronaut theory that the earth was seated, or at least you know, we were given some information or some some technology at one point the pass by aliens and he's a hundred percent convinced I'm not a hundred percent convinced, but I think it's a fascinating topic. You know it's very sexy, dislike big foot and sure it's very sexy to its is an interesting topic. You know
It's certainly possible, and you know I mean look at. We know that if we can send something to Mars, even if there's not a person in it just extrapolate the fact that is technology grow. An exponential rate, you go a thousand. now, just this society will be able to do something crazy, like visit some other planet. So we know that it's within the grasp of potential its in the grasp of realities. I just feel like the way we are with the internet. Everything now I think we're do something monumental in our lifetime, and I mean my men, like you know, like a big thing as an example or loch Ness whatever. It is just something really amazingly monumental, that will galvanise the world to at least for a day or two holy parking, shit yeah! You know what I mean it. We have as we're desire to uncover hidden secrets. People love! That's why we love mysteries man I get sucked into watching when those forty eight hour, mystery shows in all those real life shows last night wow. Is it good one too man they got me was a preacher that killed his wife and the wife and the mother of his children, because
having an affair with his younger how the courtiers newsmagazine the year when the guy of the railways is that he's got a great boy. You, our special and watch, the shit out of sharks, whose creepy as fuck this dude Grameen Man who such an idiot like he left his tracks everywhere. we did everything wrong. The sky idomene from from talking to nine one one me he was tall It's done one one and supposedly pudding clothes on her. While he was talking to her she's dead weight completely. I just any supposedly has the phone up to his ear and he's, like you, didn't, even think it through at all some folks. This can't be he's a fucking idiot
but he was banging this haughty she's pretty hot, though she's kind chubby, but hearts fuck, she's Roy Pretty, and he I hate, killed there for her and even told her. He told her. He killed her to be with her and then she left him and he was like you know: hey man, I'll fucking kill my wife to be with you and you leave me in that she was like. Oh my god, he's gonna kill me too. So then she started talking to the cops. But before then, apparently she was she was drunk till the cops now. Never fuck them were not having an affair. She denied the affair, and then you know you threatened her. That too, killer. She told anybody. She then testifies on the witness stand, but it's so crazy man, the emotions, the real raw emotions of seeing that woman who he was living with those who said he loved her. They were father having sex she's on the witness stand, telling everyone that he killed his wife and that he explained how we did it
mother her with a pillow and now she was gasping for air, and then he thought she was married. the pills when she started gasping for air. So then he smothered her mouth with a pillow against some dark, dark, dark shit and all the while that, looking over at the other, you know focused in on the preacher and his eyes are shift back and forth and laughed and regulate all is so creepy arc. Why didn't you just break up? What are you fucking while system, the wife of is the mother of his children to these two cute little girls, you gotta wonder where somebody's minors ones like all murder, that that's what I'll do their their figuring? Look there bullshitting people all day long with this religion. With this nonsense if they're not live and live in this way at all you're, not really,
just so many of them. They get a taste of that power and the girls are smiling and makes. No, then the dick sucked in the background, looks like they works as a perfect disguise for them, because not only you're, not gonna, suspect them. They're gonna be able to get away with anything. They want you all day until it's like, but you know I really always tells you. It's like a guy that that set against gay people get married guy, get dry hand, jobs on the side from little boy. It's a joke, but fuckin do Geronimo yeah. I can prove exactly what it is meant to try as throw you of course trying to let you know, I'm on your side, a goddamn query where they are and all their so called ever done anything to anybody to hurt anybody, and apparently this thing Mary, not more than heterosexuals is. Are you go to sleep together now squares Brian, when he holding out when I suppose that this is a video on Youtube. That's got like almost million hits I this guy built Stonehenge by himself up in his own, yet another yet used.
Only like ropes and would also pulleys laboratory assets on Youtube. It's called a building Stonehenge the man who can move anything all our critical yet mean to the idea that people who say that it's impossible for people to move those today, go man. How can you say Serbia and fancy implies can't because levers and full crimes are fuck. It amazing they allow men the move, massive thing: there's a video photo online video of two of this gigantic earth, crushing machine they haven't Russia, it's like a digs tunnels, and it's so called. Big monstrous in you, you wouldn't even know this thing exists like a thousand feet a day. Contrary air somethin, like that, if it wasn't for the internet, I would never know the success it. I think this is just like some fuckin, like a fool machine and John Carpenter movie about space enemy, but meanwhile it is real and these things can just do insane things to move earth me stop and think about it. Man look human being
are capable of ingenious feats and whether its building some giant machine to move things or figuring out some crazy series of levers and and and Wedges Hitler and dedicating all this time to doing it is very possible that they had in insane like technological capabilities that we don't credit them for, because just too many thousands of years ago. We don't know what we're there, though than during the fire at the library. Alexander we lost everything we lost, the written work right their history, and it also has a lot of they're, gonna piece together. What the Egyptians couldn't couldn't do they ate I've seen a lot of the ideas of how they got each other things together. But what surprises me is that the GM at the geometric in that all the accuracy behind an amazing. That's! What's the it's? Not the listening. That impresses me. It's the geometry into the point more, than any any other man made device can can pinpoint things in the world is like these.
They. Did it amazing that they did it so those very close to pointing at perfect North, south, east and west, and they reconciled the the lack of it faction with the procession equinoxes ride every twenty six thousand years as a cycle and there the earth why on its axis, so it changes the night sky changes. So it's the way it points to constellations. Stuff is off or on depending on the procession equinoxes in our. So it's it's theirs it's amazing what they did mathematically, but it's it's. We gotta can be done here and it can be done with it with animals and in and slave labour for the girl. They say, though, that they don't believe it was slave labour, not they believe that they were paid well and that they were considered working craftsman. Maybe it wouldn't be evidence of like during the great depression when they erected beyond the empire state Building and in the the Chrysler Building like ok, let's provide jobs in these are great jobs right
guys and native work makes sense. High all come on come on we're building this fuckin amazing thing, but I think they respected people's ability to construct them. I think that one of the reasons for this conclusion is that they found some sites homesite of the workers and the food that they had like the bones and stuff was like a high food and that their the clothing was like fairly high end. Oh, that what they were looking at was like sanely, whether these be borne slaves, eating slop. If he will see we're getting good food and good clothing out there. They rapturous not, oh, that while it so that I think they found bones certain things. It indicated that they were, you know, eating expensive stuff sure sounds like all their their paid workers. These guys are interested thereof rather rum, now skilled workers, hearted ass thinking, Meslay, possibly brought from all over the world. If you think about that, it was a bit of a trade back than to wasn't. I just would like If I would be willing to just how much would you be willing to pay just to go back in time? Just four: let me watch them, build it for twenty minutes, just some
I do not think anyone shows like a dog terrorist act. Well, that's the thing it's like just because people this is the arrogance people have in modern times. It's like look in a we knew flat screen tvs were common in the seventies. We just didn't. Have the fuckin too knowledge. But we wanted him really bad, so that's kind of the same mentality they have built like we don't have cranes, so we gotta make something you know in the meanwhile. Gotta would love to have seen it though I believe, I believe you know? I had one point time subscribed to the alien theory, but I did it with very little consideration. I did it because I fucking aliens made that I didn't like sit down and really work it through right. What s mind is ready, we're fuckin, smart. Well, it's it's that were smart, but it's also that we forget shit sometimes, and then the people learn some pretty pre deep and impressive Duff, and then you know that the small group of people, concentrating on that died off and other people didn't take up the discipline and Vienna. We lived lose touch with things right. It just amazing to think they lost touch with a city like that, the entire
structure was completely abandoned when people found it because you know the sittings we hovered and sand in L a given when the polio found this banks was covered to its neck and sand, I was the pushes abandoned, but it's amazing how they basically, like you sing ignorance, can sweep of the world to the point where they stop using that psychic. I that then now, but I'm thinking. But how bizarre is it that you can actually abandoned whole area. In an area that was literally the peak of civilization and on point everybody moved out, and then moved into far inferior shit holes that we're right down the street. Again, then they set up. Shag was entirely shitty houses. Who knows man who knows a mean that there was a bunch of things. It happened was political unrest. They were conquered by the new beans. A lot of things happened: ancient Egypt, the fact that kept neither as long as they did all those Pharaoh's one other all building pyramids, all building giant
while the holy Roman empire comes together on the other side too, and it's like you're talkin, epic wars with animals and shit that you can't even begin to imagine must have been amazing and what a fascinating travelling was all over bringing spices and she s a trade with bringin dope. Son the money you know if you had to go back and live in that world, you fucking hate it nor gonna, kill yourself, you wouldn't want to live. Then they didn't know any better than they just kept on track in. I just did. It is like that, like the people set out discovered America at the sex, let's go see what's over there and if its oxide we're fucked but will stay goddamn. We're gonna have to probably do that. Some time to some she's gonna go there. Some sooner Tommy Can it hit the West Coast Peel Malibu out into the middle of the ocean, just giant fucking,
Johnny Carson sizes states floating out the Middle Evans. That squad will be up there like red dot mountains. Do, let me out will be up there with fuckin can't food is stuck in Burbank, no abuse. Out of the right to be hiking is way over here, I'll break fishing ports, so we're gonna go fishing. you're fucking. We gotta go too late to stay in case of large mouth baths. Son was perhaps, will use rubber worms. We don't give up your hands. You ever see that shit, where they desire have their hands out fish. Half the college noodle, and I can't get with that. I say over the south. The south is one of the least appreciated forms of entertainment, sheltered said to herself and efficiently If you don't know a noodle in as they catch giant ass catfish like a hundred thousand monster office, now they are presently they stick their hand inside the calf faces mouth and they give em. They grab and they pull him out there. Insane. Man you're letting that giant asked fuckin fish by your arm and you're trying to kill it. Would you.
our hands. They literally have legal life or death mortal com, battle with a giant fish in the water that the built one, it probably of Sturgeon a couple other fish, one of the biggest freshwater fish is, there What do you figure? What the biggest bass was? What twenty two and a half pounds logic I see large mount other than as recent like that. You're talkin catfish get to be the size of a medium sized dogs yeah they get. bigger than that man in China. You ve seen some new ones in Thailand in Vietnam. Do there did like the basically like CMOS line fish? They probably responsible for a lot of weight, depictions of sea monstrous from ancient tradition? the village fuckin little dogs and share Billy babies. That's that's! Only the baby float around the water, a fuckin, a hundred and fifty found catfish comes lousy. Your baby, something you don't think babies beneath by Catherine, sometimes has shrunk. Third, if other video of that shit, they probably has only must see it. That would make me feel bad desolate.
I want to go. Let's do it? Are you a town while we're gonna go yeah? I'm somewhat fear factor. I now back to work out how to govern strange, bizarre right back and not yeah yeah sure, and I want to watch it feels like like, like I will match units one, the producers that are best suited Phillip. We all went into a coma and woke up and just started. Doing fear factor many times in history. Has this ever happened where they ever hit show and brought it back into the hit show of amity? We don't over the had showed me a total flaw. Now you're gonna be syndicated. The gloom over you know that he knows me most of your staff return D did did almost everyone. Will that idea of fear factor is that the people behind the scenes the nicest fuckin people in the world? Everyone is so nice and Rupert. The direct a great guy, and he has always cameramen, fall him where Regos, because he's a they got a workforce. Super supportive super nice, an end very competent, an excellent directive for those kind of like reality shows that he's a genius for that shit, and so he has
and crew and in mapped units the nice guy ever he's one of the executive bruises and he brings his throne and David Hurwitz is another one on the nicest fuckin people have ever met and he brings his crew. So it's like, The giant group of a really nice peep and almost eighty percent of them are still working for these same guys. All that's. I brought everybody back together again, the same sound guys loves in camera men. It seems bazaars. Fuck me forget, done there, though, especially in this telling us that they don't do that they don't just bring a show back so weird like the first day and, unlike you know, stare fear in the eye. In your way you wait a winning a hundred thousand hours while saying in their cheer and I'm gonna. While this is even seem real thought I'd say all suddenly. Helicopters are flying overhead and people are fuckin dive and off these helicopters and fucking craziest. My visit, the other one, is still globally syndicated right it still. That's right! That's what happened. What happened was fear factor was honest. then called Schiller killers. One and be sees little satellite networks, a small network that they have and they played to replace on
all the time they got killer ratings we better than any of the other, shows on Schiller's. What would we want to do it? So it's no words. They d never expected it was going to like it other and other NBC little. The other fillies worth fighting to get the fear factory runs on their network. Alive, because it does so good on Schiller. So then some, and I guess, MAC Units Ghost NBC answers. Listen! What's the fuckin bring this bit back? son. You know what it was a case that back when you guys were on the year before it was before the ship was real viral on the internet and you thrived but think about with the internet, that Canada is all great virtues fitted with good scenes. Yeah good good, like in any any crazy stunt and crazy wild shit. The goes down yeah, that's defiling Gonna, be good. Father the internet, but it's also that reality shows what sort of the Red headed step child televisions and is so many of them now. What is so many different game shows, and I think, fear factor and really survivor first sort of pave. The way for this sort of
kind of crazy extreme game show on television, yeah survivor, of course, being much more about the people and getting to know them, and then sing together forever working together and then the the fuking psychological aspect do voting each other off and all that shit any of the stunts just insane they're, so nuts. I wish I could, if I can tell you that yeah there's some of or so ridiculous that they had us tell me donkey seamen, how to tell me- and I would like to say that They had to tell me the other. Tell me the things twice, because I was like what are you talking about. You tell me this again. While also sobered. There gave way to sell something. I think you guys gonna talk yourself. I saw people is an eighteen cheese rosy. I you know when I did Easter washroom back I'd. Watch like this all the time just for some reason. I thought I'd smell like I would. My gag would hit if I love it smell whether we think about the hd they're going to deep will thus one of the things they thought about. They ve got like a hundred fourteen cameras on everything. Now they're gonna get every angle the bugs breeding.
Remember the way this area must be to do that. That was pretty funny has he hits and our she he came up in its about his wife. Did somebody those very sad but us find a what little dog, you know what I mean damn near he rolled over that he's got hit me man. What looked like he thought he would not. It was gonna too and that he arose hell at aligning. Well. When someone grabs you tie clinch, if you don't know what the feeling is like a car, much called the plum and then with a more. Applause and lack of someone's neck. You control the fuck out of someone with that position anywhere. You that's MIKE, go to shit if I can Gus run it hit me. I just grab the bag, It is now I shouldn't say my go to shake. It has never happened before, but when I oughta magically in that spot at no one ever on the show it ever got in my face of screaming at my face before and this guy, we have been told before that it was dangerous through his wife down on television. Salted again show sounds like these guys, I'm not gonna. Let us do it hit me, but you grab ass, the
We trust him. Let him come a holder neck like there's a kidnap during the three years ago. I really is why, if there is some special offs guy who was trying to sniff sniff you out one night like you're at the calmly sort, Highness National ethnic army rangers sent me a big theories about six. What five you could tell us? He was just trying to challenge you a little bit your time that in friends, what's is very like or somebody don't friends with Nick Youssef was it. I thought I was really mean to Brian at big Anthea and then he was trying to sniff around you for a second. But then, like you, did this thing like we're? U Stairhead like there was a stair off like through to sniff at each other as it goes and then almost like he almost like it's like you, sent out some mental messages. I got it, but in the interest of dams, I got what he was drunk and I was trying to tell him that he was drunk and I was trying to tell him. You know. There's no need for me to be aggressive to me. I'm not doing anything to wrap, and then you know he was talking about them and see a thing
You give me a hard time because it was a night of Mencia. You know it was saying that he grew up in Boston. We don't play that way. If you want to kick someone, if you're looking like somebody, you don't you not just talk about stage, kick the Falcon ass, an NGO, really ugly a lot of work, things out, you can, where you can't talk to each other S, video, Did anybody thinks like that? For sure you have been a lot of fights, raggedy, Andy Alot of fights, you dont know how to fight, and then he got angry at me. For the fuck. Do you think you are told me? I don't know why I gave you Five been a lot of finds. You know you get hurt and fights right, your hands, joint financing or weakened yeah and go to jail. You get you get arrested in letting that easy, dude it's illegal and by the way you kicked someone's ass. They don't like that. So, where they do, they come back with a bad. Are they shoot you when you're not looking at it cut your tyres every day for the rest of your life in a people not just like getting. There asked man you're living in some crazy, boondocks saints fake world. We just get away with shit me out of the next EU, exactly you now, and so I said, that's all just fucking
I'm only me alone, I'm not fucking with you, don't fuck with me and then he he backed away. But then it came again. Then he keep trying hard times. I can t murmuring came again, but I like that second time came again like you like gave him. This look like that. Look you get one to do about the throw down, even in the way off. You know like that, like you gave him this, look that, like it was almost like Michael J, Fox and teen wolfish a keg of beer and his rare as eyes turned red eyes like what is the guy picked up on. It was like. Oh, I get it while his is drunk and stupid foolish important, a use of it was a good do days. Do I body around him, but any of those I'm from
some guys from Chicago we'll for complaints with addresses come from everyone. Whoever did this thing to say from a higher standard of Boston, nor threatening me with your geographic location of I've met that assets from the mine, I'm here with a funnel a lot of them by the young restless shit. Do I gotta pick each other up and throw each other on her head? Badass modify the lasting, reduce wrestle some due to lives in the middle of nowhere. You know, that's why I will has actually if they have brothers, illegals, Matthews type characters, you don't want a dude with a brother who lives in the middle of nowhere with our both athletics early like superior dna and their beat the shit out of each other. To your dad schedule. Vice, like that, you were, you born, need organ Algeria. Together, it worked out your own use it when we were still taboo Stephen Door, for he goes to prison for shouldn't. Guys like that who broke into his house like it shows how he has to adapt the
myself, I ever coming Stephen Door fights in prison. Yet media is gonna, get speed as you'd like dvd type shit now homeboy. This was that this was a hit movie come on son. Do I ever come incorrect with movies? What happened to Cuba, Gooding Junior? He should have never happened. Happily some some dues just disappear. Man statement dwarf, I would say, that's one of em to whose using goddamn blade historian. Still around isn't, has now been going around these batteries that new movie with Christina REACH here he's writing away as additives ignored. When he asked about you, gotta be sorted out before in the bathroom in Germany who likes that airline was bigger time. I would like to sit down wash their ability, but he's got appointments. GonNa Panada histories right, tell you, you work you'd, be like you'd like to see them. Both kick the shit out of MAX Kellerman sits down in each be only has to boxer sit down next to each other, the interviews them, and he has I'm Talkin
facing each other, but what you gonna do. I would like to do that with them to take me, take me to fear factor and take me to you: have seen area of sea match what any time to any cause I want to get into that gets people almost go out of my listeners and ass. We went on ever talk about it's like I said earlier. I will talk about some. I can't talk about. elegantly and it's like I'm just now knew too a guitar about boxing, entail EDA blurry time as loud fights to watch and, lastly, to learn. It's like I, you know I m Fraid or million echo is, as you know, is right, dynamic, knocked him Why was hearing about this man? I saw what you are tweeting in my body strategy was saying about a bad call. look right from one angle: it looked like you could have been a little premature, but then for final angle? They showed that I completely agree with it. He wonderful e flat line went out. He got back up. Turkey were even woken up. Maybe you know like like book like he was outflank splits it looked like and then you know, sometimes people say that a punch can wake you up, but I dont think that that makes a lot of logical sense. But people do
whereby it, but I think it's just that you get hit as your bodies kind of rebuilding itself. A probable happens at the same time so probably looks like this is my amateur new. Biology point of view by appointing a cigar, lasted Dan Henderson Fuckin put a weapon autumn. This is no. If answer it's about. It was a wild like men and a half, I think, throw down there winging leather and Dan had they went to the ground and Dan Henderson hit the sweet wrestling reversal on them where he was underneath them in half guard reaches up grabs, a leg of ducks under and comes out the door and just bull lass him with an upper cut right in the jar and fate or face plants. Bonk fly. lines, arms out and then Henderson Blast and twice in the back of the head like this out of it was illegal. Look legal to me was it was border. now you whatever it is, is it was done anyway Henderson's when this guy he's blasted I'm and then they stop the fight. Fate or rolls over, and everybody was premature stoppage and from one angle I look I agreed with us and that might be premature, but then from the law
angle. I looked at it from where her being could see in the referenda and his he's out he's out. He got nail and then you see him face, play and he's out for them again and he had some again in her being steps in and then he rolls over. So it looks like you should let em recover, but he wasn't recover and I think it was ultimately probably a good cause but it's it's he's, gotta err on the side of caution. We sees a guy flat line like that. He has to assume that guy's not recover, especially when a guy like Dan Fuckin Henderson, is dropping hammers on your head. You know did. I say when you get hit spitting cited in your your brain, just bounces, against your brain and its lights not gonna get him anywhere. Is now one spot that awesome like you hit me. I really is. Please I mean if you wanna get hit anywhere, I would say the forehead, but before I can really fuck with irregular room I am. A second now makes your balanced girl Mrs Temple Temple fucks with equal Abram, whereas like a shot to the job, just like shut everything off where to
the machinery, leisure shots to the mouth, not sure I got that got knocked if I got hit one time hidden head and then I got hit. I had a bumper of a car thing than I hit the street Dana I'm a man's them scoop me up. They all came to get some bad ass. Moraine came out, challenged olive as wages kicked ass. We thought we did some older, do we are just once a high school kids would kick this disaster. That is some overdue marine came out in systematically kicked all of our That's what I'm you got hit by a car guy. I know he hit me in the head and I hit the bumper of a car. I just hit the buffer of occurrence the payment, and I got screwed me up on ever felt that I just went out like me, but I was glad he did because, above all that thing governor, I still can't be done. I thought I was gonna. Get me asked the other day with you like. There is some guy screaming at pass in Pasadena like after a comedy show at after just show you screaming, for it you're doing some minutes, so I went on the corner, started, recording and with my Cameron, and he gets right.
Basically, we are using it MIKE. I thought you'd like gonna hit me, I'm a guy I'll see later and then suddenly he's like. No, no, no, you come here, you come and then he looks up in there's like everybody from the comedy clubs watching so was like thirty people in an alley. Austerity- and he looks up like he's. Gonna like you know, do something. And then he looked up and sees like thirty people staring watching the whole. We were staring Tory, we're walking towards you cause you. You got ahead of us because we heard the screams so we're all. We're all hanging out after the show earlier the screaming at nice house we heard screaming on the street, like we think me, there's a fight going or something so we start work Brian sorts running, a runs the camera, but we're a walking behind him, and then this guy like super, do she with Brian? I gotta know what like a no no you're, not going anywhere. Then he turned and saw us walking towards there's like twenty or thirty people is the greatest like I like. Like the worrying about how you don't wanna, you knows you have thirty people walking away, really dig Jos clanking bottles together going here illegally.
I was one of those guys it with super eager to meet me before the show started to certain guys. I just have this weird maniacal need to shake your hand assignment now. He came to the show he was not even for the show even started. It was not a certain do you know somebody, but most people, they just want a friendly, shake your hand, a nice meta, scarce unviable, shake your hand, touch her soul, takes next to you and then are you like a DJ talk, Randy, I got descriptive, love you to read my script, there's a lot of people that just think they need me you and then once they meet you they're gonna get the script through and then also they're gonna be boondocks ain't it yeah it's on, because it's like I'm the only guy who knows about you haven't you have guys that when, especially when you were on Frank Alyosha did you have There were company, would sitcom ideas and our kind of shit like that or the worse as and when people weren't even in the business, would submit new ideas attic. I got an idea Workin the shot. Why are you trying to talk shocked me they'll run
spite. You should use this new act. You should shut the fuck up. I had a friend the ghost I would like to have you listen to my ideas. I'm gonna need you sign some paperwork. First ass. He said this cause. It's fucking idea, I'm telling you other known trust uses these ideas are so good. My god did. Can't pay me Nautilus, New Chris FUCK, that what are you doing about money. Goes I paperwork with you. You grab, but good good. Do you think I d go get patent. Work done sign that Belgium have your new soap fix the world. Fuckin idiot, crazy assholes, but that's does this. This part of the world is, like people think that they're gonna hit this one thing and foam can I change everything happy once that a grinding nominal here knows how to get out better than to happen at the lab, with a stick and everybody wants to hay maker, their lands from kicking off the fence in the one punch, Knocker, no the grind is where the beauty is. That's where the Fuckin human Spirit shown is slowly pieces
other a mother, Fucking Empire turned locker speaking empire working. All these fine folks see the the great Freddy locker perform thanks to Eu Jargon, the can listen. My part catches can broadly by talking totally dot com. That's my new website. That's my new product within sight. Again my talk and talk it he protect them into bring. You want. Ok explained in my new sponsor on my show: Scotty G by good guy, who got me turn onto the wheat in good music in good times, invented the talk and talk and its great for anybody want to get high to sponsor my show and we'll talk about it too much. Get your own sponsors banal. Even talk about. I gotta go to talk and hope that common, what it is like a hooker hose at the bottom of it, it's a ball and you can put it now for you, Brian smoke, it a kicks ass against when the elements are risking
Colorado appear at the beach, so just a long to its along hookah hose, but I couldn't handle and then at the endorsing this. Do you say why you're driving you really to say that personally I would ever want to get behind a product that you try to herself and you're, saying what I use this derive. No, I M not saying useless and drive. I'm saying, DR while your girlfriend life come on what you think, I'm new because corner easier. You to be saying this on the radio internet search cast thingy. So anyway, I did say you put partners for cigarettes. Not everybody should be doing What I should do like everything else, don't let me out of here. I came and handled jerking off about that, the combined They can be lose their jobs because they can't stop jerking off at work about that right and then comes him at the company And yes, when you ever come back that green possible, you can have your men of your word every week and of the communist or listen to the public as a free locker got. So you Freddy, though pretty lacquered podcast on death squad, is called, what's good, that's good ones
how many weeks days we don't do. I once we once a week powerful this Wednesday. We have one more point. Gas rockin with my friend Chris who changes Falcon name Chris used to be the guy from the flashlight inadequate work over the flashlight instead on it labs and on it is on it die com, AU, an end. I t dot com and that's the company that we're working with him were putting together this alsthom brain packet. Where does it's? It fuckin works for real, It's not snake oil yeah. I just got a couple new bottles: it's not snake oil. Nobody borough! People like you know. What's what are you selling look I've? very small stake in this, and I really really believe in what it is neutral. For your brain is really that simple. It's all scientists based I must listen, fuckin test
sitting. Tests has been done and freedom. I just Paco barriers, inaugurating that's! No, no work now into one pill, so you're not having five thousand pills to take. There's plenty of evidence on the internet about there's various supplements. You can take that increase mental function. I know the football player roman ASCII bill, Rhone ASCII those aim for that part of rockets. Oh yeah roman ascii. Had a company called Neuro One and I took their shit and its, it really works, and it's like If it makes you guess it is heightened sense of awareness, and I found that I can act information easier. I found that my memory work clear. I found that I felt like I was little bit more creative, like my thoughts, were flowing I don't know what these substances do exactly other than I know, they're all herbal and that their all you know they would have basically been proven throughout the years to have a subjective effect.
people's consciousness. Tat. I told you. I just took a couple the other night, but I was able to get into that laying still in meditation mode that I normally find very hard to get it to me. Using for dreams. It gives me the most incredible drained if you don't take it at night, because I don't want to have these nutty Fuckin espoused taken in the morning. I think at night, but I fall asleep awakes that it was fuckin awesomeness great for joy lag. Why will you fly into some new place? That's when it clears the cobwebs on our part. Three, those bad boys consciousness shall say. I'm signs called alpha brain its earlier on. I don't owe in eighteen we're gonna its economic pre order right now and Bull have Chris on operators. Connemara outcome grab my changes name. This is homeboy, went to you, gonna love. This part just give you a lot of five is a brilliant guy. I love him the death. He went to Peru and drank from the vine and went and had a romantic experienced several of them drinking I Alaska and in he had some sort of an
revelation that are needed to restart his life by changing his name or Arthur somebody has guided by different names, his middle name. Isn't it middle name? That is you I will gain or something- and I should I Alaska, which is in our literally that's the spirit, shit. That's that's! Basically Dm Tina and form shore. The most intense experience you can have. Please you ve told me about that. I'm scared of you should be he's. Gonna come on Wednesday and explain to us. Why took on a girl's name and tell us in that Wednesday will be when the ship will be for sale If you don't like it, don't buy it. If you can't afforded them by any one anyway, spending money that they don't want to spend You two were away in ever think that you know that advertising should ever really work on you with an issue like this, but what I am telling you is it as a product. I think, there's a merit to this I think it's it's it's a strange combination of nutrients and together in conjunction and when they work either synergistic may. I think it has an effect on your mind. I feel it
If they re bull bars is what do you think it's legit. You know and I think It's probably also one of those things that in time as you continue to you, it's like when you take vitamins, I notice for me at least, if I start taking vitamins like a week or so I take them. I start taking him again I feel good for one day and then I feel better the next day and I feel a little bit, but I feel a little more, even little more energy. I feel a little more. I feel better more with time so consistent with vitamins. If I get lazy, sometimes I'll take a couple days off if I'm real, consistent after five or six days, that's when I really start to feel subjectively. I really start to feel the effect feel energetic. I feel really healthy right now. I think a lot of it has to do with a really balanced diet and getting all my nutrients in order. I think that's the same with this shit, have taken it. The more have taken a more days in a row, the more start feeling like really tuned in man, because it's like you get your mind body and soul, and once you get all those three things happened so seldom. We haven't like that that that, but
and find that both french soldiers are silly word solves a funny one side. What it will even talking about here in a green who Tommy I like down my colleague principles on more combine, download, whoppers and chicken. Together there are delicious combination. Brisket nigger would not have been more gotta check out the more like that was good. The figure the more, not back the two huskily my friend my plea, August teeth. I'm in Milwaukee at the pact's theatre, there's still some tickets available. It's gonna be a lot of fun I'll, be bringin. Joey deals with me to Milwaukee. I haven't been back to my walk in a long time, but I'm lookin. To go in there- and this is their went down a? U have see there too, and us the home of the Rufus Camp, one of Hasta, my tie, our camps in America is out of Milwaukee and they also have a lot of guys of finding of Sea Pat Barry fights of them, Anthony Pettus fights for them. So the work is about asked. How have you have see end to do calmly there? So
You have spoken yeah, that's not love doing this, there's nothing more fun for me, then, when I do like a weekend, where do stand up one night and the EU have sees the next night. Psycho was glad of a other album up? So that's August thirteenth him, a walkie at the paths, theatre, can't fucking wave that joy ideas come with me if you, Joe ideas before he's brain the thunder we're twenty third Joe ideas, and I are the Paramount Theatre in were Colorado and tickets faster that so hop on that shit, the Paramount Theatre? We I tried to bring him to the coming works, but Joe is banned from the Commonwealth of something naughty. He did back in its open. My days. when he was struggling, inclined and scratch, and so he's he's banned from the franchise. You can't work calmly works, so we ve invented system and brought him into the Paramount theatre. Denver Colorado, I bring you Joey D is far what the fuck suckers yet to see.
ideas at one time in your life. I got to see Kennison life. When I was a kid you know, you needed no idea, Love September, twenty third Colorado, holler, agile boy, so we'll be back next. This Wednesday does upcoming Wednesday, with my friend Chris Market, once more calm, Aubrey, but then shouldn't happening and he's gonna all about how he went to the jungle and took on a girl's name, and I think what we need. Is, I think, Iowa. game, a girl's name, Jack Daniels again, my fuckin man's name, I'm gonna! Take him out when we give some shots. Gonna get him the ban that girly name and come up with some better like Bolt Joe, Nay lunch Monday installation is rod granite, as you know, we loving benches biggest surveyed soon and thanks to the flashlight, if you got Jerome dot net click on the link for the floor, light and entering the code name Rogan you'll get fifth, Seen percent off the number one sex toy for men and you will,
your loads and have a good jolly old time at a discount. How the fuck does it get any better out their keep on rock the free world Godspeed. Two.
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