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Bert Kreischer, Brian Redban - Date: 08/22/2011
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The Jerome inexperienced part gases brought to you by the flesh light and, if you're gonna jargon that net and click on the link for the first light we'll get fifteen percent of the number one sex toy for man. Oh yeah me. That's me. In the background to my own computer, the fuck is wrong with me. After all these months of doing this still can't get around, I shut the fuck up, the fuckin swear to God. I did Burke crises in the house been, can experience the machine. Is the crisis spreading like Herpes all across Amerika? You do your spreading Europe's highlight in enacting you're taking me everywhere, with no no, it's impossible for make someone famous if they're not towns of you are extremely talented and hilarious, and that's why you're becoming huge but
I can hear you everywhere. I got a clip that open Anthony sent me where they didn't think you did not go out the different thing about where they started from for me that when they have a couch here, we're out something crazy do about Opie, and I was telling you their great guys new arrivals, yet I'm scared doing their show. I had this crazy dream. We men and go on Opium Anthony and you can see Opie like looking. This computer needs a sweet. You dream about me Gore, like everybody, and an open like you to tell me about your dreams like, but it was literally in the show is so I was Tom Brian. I sang at the rate at the he's game. Yesterday, did the seventeen a stretch and I said, when the dugout nice thing last year, right after the first he's about to conquer and no one is denying the national something strange. Take me out to the ballgame. Ok, so I get up on the thing black blast. I did it. My kids, Palermo, wives, zero families there and I got up and oranges, legitimate grievances guy right
ass night yesterday, when I did it the whole. Side knew I was and I'm tellin you saw me. People rely on the machine. Why so Tsar right cut, do you're talkin about every show? I do every show. I do not only do people give me joints and go to sleep, for the machine she gave me three Viking. It was like. I thought the machine would like me to my last night, be most buckle down people in the front row a guy in a girl just really like Range Rover, bulkhead diapered people who know- and she says I said something- as someone yells machine, and I said I'll, tell a story and she said powerful Berkeley, you wanna mood. I just thought you had a bone and you just said suddenly. My motion, I went fucking kidding me. Look it's bizarre because you cannot put a finger on who is like who is the family?
I guess you know, but you just It makes sense. Who is who is it has an old lady, the airport tell me she loves it so much. People listening to gentle anything My boss is unusual, that's very high up on the road in August, holy Shit how many of you listen? It's insane I was telling you- and I will always laughing I'll say about this. Biogas voiced about revolution is had to call you from New York on coming home from Letterman. And I sat down in a Letterman dressing room all the stories we're, like vetoes home moment, a storyteller. Moreover, progress that ok there's six stories. I read for about two amendment there all pulled from literally. Hold from this podcast and I went holy shit and I literally com wife that more and it was a surreal moment after due Letterman driver, the airport and of town or goats, all fuckin Rogan like it's. You know that Pakistan, just such it's such a different thing than as out
media issues like guinea call him right. Bucking. Now I got my colleague Joe to talent. Thank you. She goes that is That is your ego talking, you just fucking column and thank him like fuck it what does that chick talking like the deregulated markets and started Institute the rape choking too hard for traditional, get that irish sinister fuck? Did you just tell me to do my ego? It's my ego suggests a tank pass. Take you gonna knock. You laid her wits and spurred clear. Her of all nonsense tone you ought to do. Do, though, is it was a nice thing ever you know you you're such a thankful guy you're such a friendly guy and a happy guy, and that's why all these good things are happening. Do man, but this very few people what are called and
such a nice email like that? It was very hard warming, you're cool. Now the soccer x. I was like ascended did, does no way it wouldn't help you if you weren't already hilarious its we. You know people found out about you. You. It's not us that there has been any but a trial that that's Tolstoy Machine age. So hard is not like. Do that's your get her done. You don't even have to tell the story. Man you're fuckin machine inform them that year the machine is left them now and then that's your get done because on the machine We have now seen shirts, yet no, no others, those guys you're, making a documentary or making machine shirts? I am machine, and yet I heard about this in our community there trying to follow me around for a month and well well, yeah money or did you see meet me? There's I sent you a tweet and what is it? What is it with the explain it? So there is a shortage of how fuckin
trade tomorrow find the tweet I started out comments like them, Bert, I'm sorry did sanity and how those itself, kick started our currency book twitters do but the leads your messages. If you leave manner too long, we have don't they don't keep on meat, which means someone's, probably reading your shit. So all this, when I got from you is, is something about you do another thing they had to do in Florida, not anymore the so so the first time we did this for the first time that a spike ass to what this guy these two editors in this place. Big boss is approaching, company were listening to it and your lackey should do a joke. You should write a book called exit strategies. Crazy shit. That happens on stage to me. So am I and because of that I've just welcomed it, and it's gotten EMA, fucking crazier, like good Thursday, nine on things, Had three black eyes: onstage trying to write a laborious white joke like a joke, it would hurt why people's feelings from her one member, job like what you call.
Guy standing in front of a judge, the lawyer I guess they think. There's no a great racism, so we're trying one and then me guys and I came to the opinion that only white couples have a heart I'm getting pregnant. Like that's the big. That's, Tragedy right. Will you never here, like all licorice around our time, even has as usual rate, so he can. They were like. We don't know one black couple, this ever more time has. Even so, we try to write a hurtful white joke, but we just couldn't find the right rhythm anyway. It's all these are already done it by now the closer we get our polish jokes, its it yeah poll shows how effective, but you have three polish, that's gonna suck if you're the one race its automatically considered to be kind of a knucklehead race, how a rude. Well, you know how the polish people got right was probably because they really immigrants are. I know what it was.
The Germans rolled through Poland, Germany, the polish were really proud and they brought in and tanks and the polish came up and start here in the tanks sticks. Germans are you fought kid means of encouraging, kill them off and I, like you guys, are forgiven Shakespeare proudly defending their country? So then, that that started, the rolling of polish jokes and then Ivan puts key came along in the eighties, whose Ivan puts you as a fucking, very famous bresler Polish power Ivan puts key is little short, cavities fuckin super yoke to seriously out polish power Ivan puts key. Was a tank now anyway, so now. I don't remember the debts output, which says: there's no raises joke for why blow anyway, that's what we're doing it and then we have to do- is to kill a man. We're out. Will you avenant, but these guys heard me on this package that mayors so well on the road and all these stores of crazy less. If we can try to capture light,
in a bottle will follow you for a month on the road and just document it and see. If we can find some good story that happened right mission, fuckin fuck him this weekend was chaos as we can, but but so then they They made this proposal put on Kickstarter it's on care, star brain. Can you find it yeah, Davies's, typing, Kickstarter, an NGO and then in a search tie them bert you'll, find it and every day are you donate? You get something back whether to credit the movie like a thank you in a movie, oh personal work out session into my man gave like a teacher no he said I ll go and mock man cave without alligator hedge and everything funnel fundamental. If you get a man came up in your house really suppressing a refugee life while member leaving you show me here, you're jeer, garage mall, the gym yeah I was like, I think I'm gonna man gave. I gotta FUCK man gave so after that going out of young man. Did you make it yourself? It shone on the wine that works tony saragossa. It's a camera came to my house. A man gave my shit.
The best thing that ever happened, my life, when does it air authority urges hardier, could give your had something so positive happening, your life and like a week, they are like until the dying and I am saying we know that I'm gonna die before that happens on you too, because it is so cool, so I was so excited for it so yeah. But what exactly did they do they too sick? The Persian those until November me, but to signal. Don't give out your dress flat screen the reedy tvs, a keg operator, a wine refrigerator, thousands of our humidor love all two hundred year old reclaimed, lumber on the inside from a barn in Indiana. Well they at the desk in there as a back of a core vat. Scotch easy, but it looks cool like you know, and they fuckin policy all it. Then they then the sealed up the one port, the old entrance. It was a door and they open up a wall to the backyard and put in these huge. Guess: fuckin open, like french doors, like ten foot, french doors open up to the backyard, put filled the whole backyard,
with seventeen owners, Morphetal papers gave me a fire pit. I mean you're just to make the man cave and there were long and Tony's our goose and Jason. I got along their pocket. Let's call out like a hundred grand, they dropped This document makes my house my Jesuit economic, like we may get. I, like my dive, outgrow my dick, like my dick, smaller them on ways more. They should be on my body. That's what my house, it was like. A bird of my man gave a big guy with a little tiny dick. It's why that's fucking! Let's just increase the value of your house, probably at the austere, access robia, for there should be no, but it's the best thing that we always make it, but I'm going to anymore. Do you have to pay more taxes when your house is worth more, even if you're, the only things as what they told us there are like is empty.
The true Zella people, people at old houses. You know I thought is that these getting upraised worthy sold it I didn't know if we have. You just add. As you rightly said, how does it work than is actually a man boys leg, you just call Santa Claus with three hug, given some cat pictures were those guys like cat with right right. Just talking about different thing. When I go to you a baby Daimios, maybe maybe that around hives fucking shit right now I'll tiresome, we did not get along with the grower and use our Roer closer. Some dangerous characterises grown, so ardor grow marijuana. It's not easy. I tried in New York the Junior grew a plant or my on my fire escape
and I was, as I got, a little water and I'll get. Some sun will be perfect and then so the growing is one thing then you gonna drive the shit out right, but you gotta dry much too. How big did he get but the about the size of my hands? Well, the buds no no plan so that you know that was ballpark. It just say it was marijuana shutter. I grew up and I definitely smoked it and I definitely grew and I tried it and we are high, but I dont know it didn't like the kind of we do by so just shit. We, if I really doubt we bought things like anything else, he got a really look into it. And now I have a good friend who is a professional grower and has been forever and went to jail time. Mccormick he's been on the pot Casper four times been he's he's a legit grower. Enemy in May. He grows fur out dispensaries as so difficult rights, doktor like him, I thought you just plain to see you you gotta, let where you cannot mean it does its. It is wild It can grow in its own yeah, but they would this one.
Barnes and although we grow it so I bought it would go on the basement. Read books on marijuana growing and you have to like put it in. You have to put it in on like moist. How, let's in the refrigerator let this stems light. Let us start feeding and then plant it like you, catches pay very well. You can now because people thrown the fuckin weed out the window and there being chased by cops and grows because the seeds taken to the side of the road and grows, if that's rather than there is definitely a pop planet. My parents died, zero tonnes is either there are so many factors. You have two parasites and got parasites he's like little little bugs one time and they just kill and our whole crop It's something in our house will again there's a lot of shit. You have to worry about growing, but yet up it's it's also than the others miracle, but that I just
not to me it's not it's like in this in this day and age. So the only way to do it, the only for the only reason was because, like they say that about mushrooms as well, that when you grow them that you develop a relationship with them like they connect with you, because your nurturing them and taking care of them and then, when actually finally eat. It gives you even more of a high real, is almost yeah, because that's all like they say, like there's a difference between going hunting and buying estate. The grocery store, there's a hope, access that skip twenty by the state. The grocery store stages become this sort of non thankful Joel. In this fuckin slob, who just you don't have to be able to get that thing. That thing. Isn't it provided for you will you the person talking about eating only like eating only like dears. Unlike running me means so much says I was on a plane is drunk listening. That nose like what I it's my own personal theory.
Things are difficult to catch are probably better for you, yeah it makes Cuz, you got be clever to catch, I'm gonna be clever to catch a dear, you gotta be clever to catch fish, so are there really good for you? They do there's so filled with nutrients and are they Oh that's. Why they're running like crazy? the reason why they run unlike fast cows. It is kind of wandering, because cows, retards and tells me you're supposed to take him out there and dear, are too they just faster. Maybe it that that's Busby challenge because you're not supposed to eat it. S kind of like a you know, like a snake, has crazy colors in Adieu warranty law. If it had thumbs, you would you that's all you have to realise a snake Vieira Thick, make Ribeiro rattlesnake I've got every I had. I have one we did the actually did they had a smorgasbord of debt, of course, the animals at noon, lion and the tiger, and it was just fuckin think growing, your own shit man. I think there's some too that I think there's something to that, because,
you talk to a guy that Cena, like that's, gone, hunting and I'll talk to you about eating the the food that you caught yourself, whether it's fucking, rattlesnake or just the whole, shows on it about where they go. And you know when people go in, sustain themselves off the land like there was a guy that was on your network. Wild within Don Wildman did the wilder. Today I have thought of aimed alarming members. Nan gay area is still going on. Is the consulate now, but I want that dog that he went hunting bores with that's the fuck him allow the dogs at LA did. The show is hard horse. Discussion was really hard core and they those dogs, attack people, though did it stop head so tat? People less than those dogs are usually I most pits are not that their dog recipes and within our people, aggressive dreams are crying away. They think they can. My dog, I say, have a pit. That was why in boarding don't know, I want the Douglas Argentina's yeah. Those are the dangerous ones. Those was it by evil. Doesn't the size
ray Dame, but the body of a pit do their huge pitfalls is what they are and they use for hunting bourse. They hold The board than this guy comes along on fuckin the travel chance. Events sit down to death with a knife, that's how they get killed, a bore the day grab it, and then you come along and slice. It's fuckin throat right, damning. It is down and greedy I will I watch that shown us I've wow what a show this is like this, so I mean Will you please to Michel Fuckin, good God? Damn shall? Why did they cancel it? You know it's the same shit that happens with everything good. What it is. Too much right up front for everyone's. What to do now? I guarantee you deal he'll, do is show called, Bore, hunting and that'll. Be the show. That's how these like. I did when I when we did bird conquer cabotage gravelling, where you put your hand catch a noodles, renewed link gap is gravelling dog. Whenever redneck pleasure and they have a different funding aimed more at gravel and gravel and embittered immutable.
Gary, a shit yeah fuck yet because you do know rednecks who you never think they fought the whole plan through Riah guys. I cargoes he's gone Shelby, all handbag going yonder. I always yonder urges and you all real renewable now. Will you feel nipple, you better hope that their careers and not an alligator over a snap and hurdle or a beaver as like, there's a fuckin. There can be an alligator in their own, their good, because I haven't had something other than my fucking end and they are my son I dont want. I want my hand and in those days We oppose the boy- oh my god, man limitation, when that fish bites on you feel like a fuckin warrior like ITALY and cause it cause. It's it's time like unwavering it. You just isn't class Gordon, like you got your hand in a hole, and you and your
underwater and your waving your harm, it back in a hole, and you can hear thump it thumps when it starts Roland like us and you like, and you can hear it underwater right, because it's a fucking idiot our big and then all of a sudden, eagle you'll feel nibble has again Commodore slamming on my hands. I am and I pull a fifty bound gap and about twenty pownall. It's like pulling a kindergarten round of a whole. Just like a massive panic, I didn't robbed and I go get a sort of bigger what the fuck are you doing up out? No pocket idea to get a puppet. Did you still have a note which rose is living around? There were three girls there is the whole page was that they do girls, the girls deftly. Do it the world deafening catch cabbage, but the dunes like setting up you can totally tell them You set it up Anna and then the copies were by a boat doc of legal ramp. We're about goes in and so the catfish I throw it in a bit of began, pussy
and whatever the dock in certain summon up the boat rambling about ramp. So I just run, jumped over your fumble landfill, the catfish and just like all my body weight grabbed. It and then on those the a lot of them have spines have to be careful. I wish I had thought that holding didn't stabbed. You know not totally fine, oh my god and then and I've I've been stabbed by capping professor other spines yeah icy fish. When I was a kid brill and certain catfish. When you catch them, when you pick them up my I'll get stab by their their dorsal fence, no there's pictures of a line of yours, helping the guy was it was mounted, was boxer an eye by just of on it and then and then then I was like a fuckin liberal, liberal bed again they were like I was like. I won't, do no more exciting new jobs and pointed out the Red economic, financial. Intense. That's crazy, like what fucking makes her bite my. What makes it bite my hand and he goes well. She d ignore babies, nausea
what he's like their babies and that all that's why she particular babies and I went on board a fucking mom away from her kids and I started thinking like like one of so much lifted my wife away from my children and they were just sitting in a whole line. Does anyone know how to make grilled cheese like just fuckin panicking your Dick Burke. So then So then I get down. I get down the thing, but any we're trying to run more of their skills and is pushing back and forth I don't fucking taxes so that you keep it alive alive and then I just let it go and you dont want and what the fuck do was like. I asked you got it I didn't mean for to happen is like how you lied, the fact all items like. I can't let that can't. Let that happen again. Armor, I'm just not the bridge. Next best thing I can fish went back there in aid, all its kids, ass draft will gather suggested for the entire days we in Baghdad a bunch of them
the baby and others a catfish show that they shot ass. It can be shown that doesn't my hope. One of the day that is, I guess, that's all, that without works, is that you do this something really good like that guy, and then I guarantee you that I take that back. There is a fucking show it Haug it there is a fucking show. I just heard about this. There's a show caught hogging, it's all about narrows logs. I could eat million to say because a prussian company that I knew that Bert Conquerors does bird conquer produced target. Will we don't realize out here in the city? We don't realize out here with the white man what the with a real fucking problem is with the white. Man was the real. With that I mean what the the urban man I should say.
If you consider using sitting colored urban using the correct the person living in a sermon, I urban Herbert I persuade urbanized migrating urbanize is why people bought Morgan's. Our special is so fucking. Good. Ok, let's target is sorry. Sorry you, through tracked by earthquakes. What was I SAM? What we'd owners of living out there? How big of a fuckin problem, wild hogs, are wild harm to people that live in rural areas? There are fucking huge problem man because there's not a lot bill chasing after so constantly breathing in their smart as fucking. They hide from people and they destroy entire farms. They just fuck up crops, they just come in and there's not shit. You can do about them, so you can hunt them all year round is like no bag limit on them, because at this point they are literally an infestation like
like you. We don't live there to match and if you went outside your fuckin backyard in Theirs wild pigs, big ones with little, can tusks hundreds of power. Now they took out the king and game thrones with a fucking pig. Grass? The game was born hard Hutton and they got into drunk in the hall, Boardman, Torah Stomach Guide yet has spoken the beast. I had a friend James at Thorpe who used to hunt them, and I don't know- you can't just shoot him with a bone. Errors of the land rights are hard to get close to them. A really the dogs find them so that any other zounds dogs grab them and vitamin hold him down my my that penalties. To have Frank he was. A hug hunting dog from Hawaii. He was so crazy. I turn
raises dialogue really and in the EU is a great dog with people, but he was so animal aggressive. I can never seen anything like that. Killed to my cats, you just he was always like cats would fought with a fear. He be fine with them and in that they would piss in a corner. Southern use dishonour and killing you fuckin cats. It will just go, kill one, it was with no job mighty. Would only do it little meat we laughing, but it took you'd only do when I wasn't around. That's the crazy second into new, don't know like gone Africa, Eddie, Bravo and once in front of my wife. What bert you keep on saying you want this crazy dog and no one knows dogs. You asked me my went up to him to get a Trojan means. I have had dog wars in my house. Dogs killed dogs, you don't you know, that's like do you come home and money or female pits has killed. The other female pit held hitting me dead in your living room, and I gotta clean up the blood It is not a joke that those animals are. They look cool because you in Ireland,
fifteen year old boys and heart, so like fucking, look at that fuck it animal. I want alone that do not want to have that their very dangerous. And people get on me all the time, because I say this shit. I see this as a guy own pity. For ten years I still love pits I think they're amazing dogs, there so fuckin intelligent, because the rule nature of dog fighting because we set up the only allowed the purest of the bloodline survive. They kill off the ones that quit they kill off the one don't want to fight the kill off the ones that dont show absolute courage and know how aggression, they're, not ever be aggressive to humans. They only attack dogs and that's way that way men can get in there and separate the dogs is their fighting. So what
develop. Is this super loyal, loving wants to? Please you. Has this incredible drive like no other dog driver pitfalls in saying they will jump up and hold onto a tyre with a job for an hour. Just hang there they drive is so different than any other dot and interweave. Appreciated that you really don't you dont know why people love those dogs so much but their dangerous fact there dangers with dogs, the dangerous with little people, the dangerous with old people. My dog did not like old people, so my biggest fears was at all People would combine my fancy. It wasn't, like you know, hey better, backed fuck, wave and offences. We got this. I got this His prey, DR sense, that this this person was no longer person more. There were so weak and so old that his killer instinct. Like that's what you go after that
what a killer animal goes after. They see a weakness like hyenas. You can raise hyenas as a pet, but if you show any signs of weakness but give you limp in front of a hyena. You better hope that fucking things gotta muslin. Are you you better hope that things got a muslim because it won't be able to protect it ever want people to help itself opium. Help itself, even though you raised in your whole life. If Hyena sees you limping per capita, the lock on you, those fuckin crazy eyes and the strongest snapping jaws known to mankind in the mammal world at least, and they just take a big chunk out your asshole pet hyena that you want to do is who landed? I M this two hundred pound beast, but you fucked up and went and played tennis, and you got away when you came home, the Hyena just ain't, you
It would be so you need to install washing dogs when I want to get to know why I don't really know about animals. My I've been researching dogs for the better part of every single week end up on the road. All I did my pal Brian Cowen, and I talk about this all the time we ve all. We ve had pebbles our whole life and I've called Brian in the middle of dogfights in his dogs fighting one of his dogs issues. His is is exe girlfriends dogs? Is this amazing thousands, crazy pit? Baldos consular getting in fight they get in fights man period and give a fuck Anybody says very stop that shit and it's not just the rear, its answers, the boys and girls. The girl dogs, are hyper grass the very narrow where's it will your parents like EU by Ms Povey, I bought two of em. What will one of them is a puppy in two of my rescued to Russia and they were very different. Both very fucked up. One of them was a full full grown two year old female and she red mange all over her body? When I saw her, I found her friend a friend found her, and then I came to the heat. They called me and said we found this dog you know. Are you still interested in adopting and I saw her and she was
said the sweet, his eyes and covered in Mange nose like oh, my god. I have to say this dog whose dislike the Starbucks I got to know what to do. Hey, I'm just a just a nice dog, I'm a sweetheart and she was the sweetest dog. She was so except if she thought you were trying. Too much attention from me, or accept really yeah yeah, any dog. She would fucking snap them and bite them in the face and fucking grout is a weird thing. Then they have this in. The desire for human attention and approval What about the women? We just get a friendly dog man. I want here's. What I want, I want I was telling you this is really what in form my door Bell rang in the Miller nine on the one night, I'm home and in the week the doorbell rings. Both girls ran back with me and lands and the girls room, and I start panicking thinking. This is how it goes down the ring, the doorbell,
you go to the door, you turn off the alarm. You open the door, that's what a sucker would do not make some fucking, because I'm already five steps ahead of them. So I take the worlds in ITALY in the bedroom. Only an ago, everyone up the fucking window, stop what was happening, but you guys out, went out the back door go to the court Laura Canyon? What's this is before even go to the door before your Dorcas, unlike normal, for the boys get a gun adorned with what we have we ever got. We have done so at the door for the morning. What there's? No no good is coming out of that there's nothing good. No one's like Hebron with a view to fuck em busy intersection like where a block away like so I just fuckin. I start panicking Liane as I'm in a talking to an adult normal go again and, unlike and now I like your. We area like we're ass well just goes wild but wider. A girl fork- and I go do here and yours- it's the girls music, the girls Muse explained. That's, that's the doorbell is the music. So I'm like ok, so it wasn't a foreigner
then I thought to myself, but then that crazy fuck it. I want a beast in my house that is willing to give its life for my family, and I want you to know one thing that is going to. I got alarm system I have gone on. These guys are going to do now adorn. I just don't recommend pebbles and yet are impressive. Scenarios are known as bit those those dogs that those are the dogs. It wasn't, that actor killed a man who the guy who was in pop fiction. The black did with the shaved head what the fuck's is now being rain thing aims: Gendarmes Vienna thing rains had: let's find that let's find the article, so we know it. My dogs, the best guard dogs. If Easter barking. That means or somebody round my house in its on its brief as Pekinese. It was a that's. What was bred for as an alarm says, not yet seen. Alarms dogs kill, worker advising Reims home. Are you a forty year old man, was mauled to death.
By as many as four dogs at the home of thing rams, because before you dogs went crazy and went crazy. He used to have me baby dogs when he was out of town. I bring my girlfriend at the time and we'd go there to feed the dog and one time she's like feeding dog in the dog, like bitter in hand, but it was kind of like I was at a playful by or by, but I was scared, everytime. I would go to his house because of that I don't want. You could tell some dogs. You just can't trust as WEBS surprise that list, guy that tv showed people's. I'm surprised, I did even alive shoddy utterly eyeing. Asking about would Lion yeah, I mean there's are the size of him and he's like now. They're. Just good, maybe gonna be rescued a dog with all fucked up and beat up from dogfights the other day in an alley and wishes him in his dog had open wounds that just got. Then they fuckin they ve stage that shall there's so much stated at one time they were like there will. I gather he showed up in there's a pitiable, dumpster yeah and, as you know,
There's some Pierre was. I cover those are the ones who have to perform and only eight. I should definitely fake. Like ninety percent, I showed nine ninety percent of all those fuckin Joe. I can't even sit through half of them anymore. When you watch the set up like you like with like cocoa, works and is well. My ages called looks like we're going to the Bermuda this we're gonna like, but I have these friendly, I'm like fuckin seriously. I watch I walked to the new. Was the girl new parasol one on our own and it was like owns that open open network have all been. Has a Paris Hilton shell for real parents, someone's gotta say that personal gonna show this to me. Don't you gonna widow, anywheres home on Saturdays Island, is Joe. My shoe carousel smooth shook its AU pairs. Built in future when fan sorry show from
combining lying around indian people think I'm really preliminaries. Romano Prodi verily. I think that if I was an old woman who didn't get any deck, think she was God help right. If I was you are forty old woman slightly over way trying to find you no sense in my life and religion married at work out for me about. I just upper speaks to me and you know I think, she's doing I'd thing, Paris blamed, oxygen for new shows low reactors, show us that a good show, but it takes so staged, So this is blaming. She, Paris is furious. The showed didn't premier at the time it was supposed to be worked out. Listen if she were to tail off doing promotion and publicity for the show and then because of attack mistake. This show aired in a completely different time in a lot of markets.
At every fucking tv show on cable she's going to visit us because it would wait network the cable networks work. Is you premier, on the EAST coast, at eight o clock it will. Then that means on the west goes your premiers at five o clock in your premiers, like six. If it doesn't work normal all the range of fucked up for all those. Now because away cable set up, I say just stupid. Could you do it? She never paid attention until now ass stupid. When did they dividing shows up where they would show like a lost at six p m, the EAST coast, but nine p m in one day. When did they do that? Did they used to do it like where you know they were they? They, the whole country, aired CBS. At the same time, people have Eliza lost at six p m and allay. Is that None of you have Directv. Then he then you be able to see the premier at five o clock in the north, of course, but what I'm saying is: when did they starts switching it up one Start having to broadcasts, I think they are
money. They did it for awhile area. Always have to feel a noise had, though they had in these costs in the West Coast things because everyone they politely trolley prefigured Alec. When do people want to watch tv they get home? where did five or six areas would have an ash aid issues, good detentions, good, no, we're tired! We gotta go to bed or euro we're down. You hate your life in stab nuance late night. I don't think they know at all what they're doing anyone whose programming television and honest man aid to switch to other hunted in no way to figure out? What do you, like? You really anyone saw Jersey Shore Gonna, be a hit either way it now. But there's like people in the leg. Look I we just. You have just signed a deal at Fox and we haven't. I know I wore a fuckin soon return. I would where such a monkeys, Moxa effects, Fox ethics and fuel that so Fox TVS, gonna have the big fights. Ethics is gonna, have the ultimate fire and a bunch of fight knights and fuels. Gonna have some programming on on as well and
but that no brainer ribbon is sort of amid those guys no fog and sports, like when you see like all the mines, comparing notes trying to figure out the best way to market things, push things like a level of like there. These guys know how to push shows. They know how to promote chosen not to make things happen, but you're There's a lot of people that are doing they don't know what the fuck there don't especially executives when it comes to my opinion, creative issues when it comes to like comedy ease and things along those lines. When you have editors, you have rather executives their interjected their ideas. It almost is never good for the funny almost never so they fuck that up, but first words, I think they know exactly what the fuck they're doing in enemy. That's like that
they can affect the outcome. Science, port you're, not enough! If there's no way for executive flows to sense into an mri, they can't help themselves. Man, they're ego is so fuckin strong, the eager to get you to the position to be a high level executive. You eat your, shall fuckin right you're. So no, your fuckin right, you know you're right and so it so hard for them to like just you make a show, cousins, that shows South Park where, just leave it alone, because it's a monster calmly central, I guarantee they per Southport protests needed. Let comedy central call them. How do I know you don't get a number of you? That's why you're gonna get my number dummy journalism on Tuesday sent a package to you and it will have the new episode and will do this every week. Louis that seek Asia always shows deal. Is this speculation? It saw a model now I just like the rumour mill, but that he does a good turn, a money, but they are out of touch. His show that are made
and yet for sure he has to pass by them. I know he throws it by them and I think that day's there they ve seen him do they ve accepted that he didn't think they were going. Sat a really did article we're talking about us like really we can do this. We get away with this at the by the Fuckin ultimate. I love ethics. Now, that's one minute, favorite channels gray have a lot of good shows. Now they have yet to Philadelphia, show they have their that Louis show. Last night I was watching. Television did not stand up episode, awesome episode, but I was also watching him talk about masturbation using the word com. It was talking in great detail much he likes to masturbate and stuff like this is awesome effects. I love when people talk about to say there was no say in a Europe which is now in the racing, inadequate Heyward to touch me. Will you know it doesn't have to the FDA? She doesn't regulate them. We don't realize that most people realise that obviously uncertainty. Oh, you think that the reason why HBO swears is because HBO the oh you pay for it. So it's ok yeah, but no. It's ok through all of cable, yet they're just losing their belts, though these channels are losing their balance. I think the realising, because the engine and the people of different sensibilities, which is the same people who are listening to this pod calves, are also watching blank on tv. There also watching footballer, also watching baseball
people realizing now that people sensibilities alot broader. Four is who's taking it away from like. I think I think, I hear a lot about you have to show, but I think I heard of the league fuckin rainy, easy San very can do whatever they want is just how much are you won't lose from advertisers? gain. You know it's a musician supply, the right advertisers. You know, I mean the UFC had a hard time finding the proper advertises for a while, but then they got bud light and then they get Harley Davidson, and you know it's now, it becomes you no good because something that's easy to it's easier to connect with. You know its successful. It's one! Something is not successful, yet that's when it gets weird like South park. Thinking You'd think it's some of these shit they ve done South Park sink think of when they had the horror off with
Gay Guy in Paris, certainly shove parasols in his asshole you than ever that never seen South Purdue Sampler he's never cease. Outboard everything South Park is it. An american jam, its the word from looking for its pressure on its cultural treasure shows a cultural treasure. I don't just as much as I should, but it's fuckin, brilliant, yet thought of our. I've. Only now I can only speak from american Justice, legal or team team America that we may never spoken made. Me laugh, my dear you Amerika World Police, the funniest fuckin thing that our time, one of the earliest, whose well tat, is exactly what
our job and I never got it. I never got into their genius. Its genius is the best comedy as far as like that kind of like silly animation type shit, that's ever been created ever in my opinion. I don't think anybody can fuck with me the Simpsons. Obviously a brilliant there's, a lot of the kind of Orleans, but our systems are still of the Simpsons like he was failing. I either I love affair. I live alone. If you open the up. My its bleeds family bothers me that South Park like Social and family guy, so much sometimes it hurts my feelings and I, like failing family guy stupid. I agree it's not as good as South Park. It's different it's but its very short attention span. I get to sit there and just be taken away on this little silly journey. You know it's good, show my family guys a good shot. Haven't seen American down either. I want the what I like. Is that moment when you realize the brilliance? last time you were watching family guy as like. What's this and then the joke hit, you are like ah fuck- that's
oh. I remember someone was, I think the thing was someone was choking in the front yard and Peter ran out and Brian the dogs there and Peter runs out. You guys, don't worry, I know to do this. I can do no harm maneuver. I read it in a book and Brian goes Peter easily, read a book creature. Just wasn't nothing, and I heard that I just started laughing so black in art- and I wasn't nothing weird- might lie events that I'd. So I tried to get the end of my wife to watch a family and she should she'd sit there, want it with me and just didn't, get it and then the one time or Peter
fell and skin Disney. Anyone for like five minutes anyway, and that all the suddenly my wife just laughing hysterically and she goes looks visually. How long are you gonna do that for and I was like that's funny Joe advertisement brilliant. I love those moments where you fucking get it. You know like that just click on your head. You go that polish, Czech, like I want those all the time. Macfarlane the cold due to man. I met him. I did a voice on. I guess I did myself on wasn't this amendment area made known their parodied me on american dad, but on family I came in and actually did a voice, and he was so nice you so cool does not like to be buried parodied
we're but didn't, sell anything like me. It was like I pulled up in a car, and I was like drinking those like talking about strippers of the village. I guess this they thought of me, which is kind of finding. What have you really hit home and really touch of the young man? What is it you can do? Tat was me last night of strength, yet I was looking for strippers. Did my accented donating like me, two issues that I would I would love it if no one's ever been able to do an impression of me. You know this certain geyser, you can imitate their voice like anyone to do in our old Swartz Nigger impression? I want you to present right now. I totally. Let's try to do Joe Roquat each enter always Jeff, guys, Jeff, reducing these convincingly good Jeffrey Jews, convinced that he could do for why he was good. It he's good at present. He couldn't do me, though, didn't have it, I'm sure someone out there could, but he couldn't you Jane work, promote labour,
that's may move, I just got it just got a sexy. Fifty year old woman in his head, here that check the uptake territory about, saw fucking dog in Brussels. Can we just take a second? Ok, I'm pretty dumb Kinshasa. We, our lives, are lacking obsessed with him. He I and I listened to him on this and then right now I stood in the way he talks. Well, it's not like a bright guy he's he's one of my favorite human beings he's fascinating guy. Listen to this audio run banning TIM's interviewing Pendule at and it was so good, was such a good interview that had to email, PAN right afterwards and just tell him unlike dude now you like he did Pendule at such an interesting guy and it was tat well. Somebody called things is really a fine interview, man, but one on things that he said was that
the person in the room when you come up with something the person is in the room when you bouncing and an idea the person, abandoned. With has an effect on that idea, the personal. The conversation what's give. You come over the most brilliant idea and his Was that the people that are like say if you came up with an idea for something the people that were in the room with you should claim half of that that that project totally, because you would not have come up with a project you weren't in their presence and, unlike Dennis true and Duncan Trussell. The perfect example for that both within and with me because dunk as always said that, like he never goes as deepened the rabbit whole as he does when he's on the show is eleven our lavender. Our is nothing like this. Not it's nothing! It's! It is it's a lot, but it's a lot lighter. But man. When he's and talk to you, you can go into some deep shit. Were I sometimes will you be panic, attacks
Just give me some very interesting insight on the possibilities in own allowed people, so biologists, fuckin, stupid, be what? If what? If talk you know and then is a lot of it, but there are I'm not sure what this is and I don't think you are either. I think you can pretend that you're sure, because it make feel better at nine in you. Can you know you? Can pretend that everything that you can't you can't hit with a hammer, Is a real and assist your imagination, insist what it what the fuck is consciousness man. What is this? What is life? What is I idea that Olaf call Bert crises and ask him to come over to my house and Somehow another navigates his way through space and time and arrives at my doorstep and US friends get to communicate and we're talking into some fucking thing takes all of our voice in all this shit that we say and throws it through some internet and breaks
down the ones and zeros words then interpreted by other people's computers in real time. The fuck. Is. This don't tell me you know what this is. This is bizarre ness it. If life wasn't real, it would be the craziest psychedelic trip ever. It's almost like, when a real psychedelic trip is. Is something you're not used to something you're? Not this throws you off but lie itself is the most were bizarre thing ever it would seem more plot. What say you would Many lives, indifferent pair I'll. Send you could touch travelled through time, then to say to someone that we could talk to you from this room into a cave like that. You can hear send more voices. I give you said, pit Everything to the cave, men like what's gonna, be more plausible you guys can then talk and it'll just travel around the country, and everyone can hear them talk or you just have another life. A big fucking know life doubly deployment of life. I'm definitions on deaf. I completely believe
in time travel. Well, you know they actually shone like recently. The most recent studies say that the speed of light cannot be bypassed, can't can't surpassed the speed of light, so they believe that time travel will be in fact impossible, but that's Spanish ruin. Your dog had travelled all right. What else you, unless it is just not merely by a dog him, knows whether their correct we won't find out for a long time, burning, graecia, earthly, you and I'll be alive. The awful, if we take our vitamins and eat raw, what to do those brain bills. Some guy got a giant bottom, some guy. It's amazing people look people. Think it's not, but I can tell you one hundred percent that vitamins have enhanced my my my feet.
Wing the way I the way my body feels and enhance my energy. I believe they give me a kiss. My body feels clear: it feels like its adolescent needy. It feels It's more filled when Your bodies filled with nutrients in your eating, healthy, it works, I really truly believe that we know that people died of scurvy because it didn't get enough vitamin c. We know that essential nutrients are very important part of keeping the body vibrant and healthy, and when I well and I've been eating really healthy. Lately I've been drinking Vita makes thing every morning and drinking these blended kale milkshakes and are not milkshakes just just blended kale and cucumbers and Moody's yeah. Some of these, I feel really good and because I'm giving my body all this healthy stuff, it feel it works better. When I take these for brain pills? What they are is nutrients that are so hope to enhance surreal,
function now is that a fat man- I don't. I don't fucking, know shit. I can't tell you exactly what me cognitive function is a very hard thing to to investors. Texting someone you nobody Do you gonna make them perform tasks and then they're gonna, given these pills and see if they can perform the tasks? Guess you, but you gotta factor in all sorts of other things into account. How do we know this guy's and stressed out? How do I know that he is not tired? How do I know that I'll take you for a month and I'll tell you I'm saying I'm doing tests. It's like you, you that's there's other variables in this person's life, so you'd have to do a lot of tests so, but the eyes behind them is very sound and that idea is nutrients can enhance cognitive function and I think they can, and I think it pills do, and I know for a fact that I am feeling during the day I feel like I have even energy
then dreams. My dreams stray psycho during my grandparents yesterday it felt like it was a real shit. Do you realize their dreams in the middle of them know? Because I'm doing that all the time? But the detail was amazing. Like I, I was remembering this old photo. My grandfather I saw a long time ago and he added, accident suit on the same pants on others put once at my mom's house, but my mom, I was told my mom about and she sent me the photo. My that's exactly what I saw my grandfather wearing in the dream to the exact details. What is it about remembering the dreams, because that's the most shocking this too shocking things that these pills have done? For me, right, remember, one remembering dreams into being lucid and their little of a dream. I stayed in a dream. I was in a dream and I stayed in drink as at all. This is just a fuckin dream, and I just I didn't even the lucid, like I didn't, try to control it or move around. I don't let the dream play out, but I realized it was a dream and I still didn't wake up. I have
that's a rare thing, the Alamo Hills. Just for that. Dreams. I have dreams, I but fucking crazy dreams, but this totally lucid inside my dreams, rob dreams it I'm reading something and I'll go I'll, be up. Well, so funny that I'm reading something has nothing's there in the dream. I think this nothing and my mind's making up these words, but I'm still reading them? That's so interesting! I had it. One time that me and others walked into a hotel room, and there are four deeds, but fucking right just hear me or they will judge that might be one of the best sentences ever created. I had a dream that I was Elvis walked in her dressing room, those for deeds, but fucking dot, dot. Dot now hear me out here to throw a burger king comes to look at each other, and then I am learning what I say that I find it shut the door.
Did Elvis. I know what the fuck is going on and you said to me your dream baby sit right now I wake up awake lava, might wake up check, my Rexroth
It was really put me out. You don't really put me out, not that the guys were, but fucking right that they didn't know it was the product placement like what the fuck did burger king do not get out of this country. What have they figured it out and you just don't know that there is waiting inner checked advertising into your dream. Evocative was a matter of urgency in the future may it out, like. I got more crisis dream about the Elvis and about fucking ha ha. No, no! No! But what is there is a possibility that reason it did. Someone could insert a product ran into a dream right that they could give you a cheeseburger in that cheese, very with some experimental thing that would make you think about Burger King Dream and see a burger in a dream. You do it, you could do it of location only from the UK and it's going Geike owns it work in the future.
It doesn't make any sense to the active product noises its Geico. I need something to have. This happened to withstand we're snow missing a whole till. I get we're stumbling on something very brilliant right now, while the ideas a possibility, but it's like you know a hundred years in the future. But a hundred eight year. What what? What is too great the rare booze podcast ass, these he's. A drinking corona lies. I gotta Heineken, like a man, tat boy. What if you can bring your wife's brain by talking to her while she slept well, they pay Thank you, you can do people think they can hypnotized people are the sleeper they believe they can do that. You know hypnosis guys believe they can control all sorts of behaviour by in a put people under. So if you are already under- and I started talking to you- for God can really hypnotize. You do that exactly I can't, but that those comics cannot. Like the common human began. Dude.
Never killed anyone. Actually, not all you wrong, you're wrong represent. Do it very Santos was a good friend of mine. He was operated hip just in Boston, say good friend of my good friend? Allow me in front of I know, but it shouldn't say, like you're, a good friend of mine, I would call you a good friend. I love you, your great guy. It's a friend of Mine guys, just a guy that I worked with, but he was a very nice job right. Any regular way go outside. We say Zella realise it is like this was if he was alive. I would have stuck with a very good friend of mine, in one of the reasons why said ass, he gave me one of my first a headline gigs. He actually put some clubs back in Bonn, and when I was making the transition between being a middle act on the road and a headline really I wasn't a headline or as a joke, damn amateur really amateur the people pay monotones only been doing a few years, but
He was one of the few guys gimme when the first gas to give me a headline again, but he had a real hypnosis act. It was legit. We ve talked about on the paragraph for it. Just wouldn't work with you, could I we think about things too much, but there are people they're waiting to be led, and it's very strange. Because it almost like some invasion with the body, snatchers or vision of the bystanders type shit, theirs people are on a different frequency than you are I and you can talk to those people and you can get them I believe that their having sex with Madonna onstage and then they orgasm this guy, I saw guy orgasm in his pants yeah. He talks about. Yes, a hundred percent pay money point that I'd pay money that someone do. I used to work at stitches, comedy club in Boston and this guy from Santos would come in every week and he would do you know he had a gig like maybe was Tuesday night or something like that. Everyone the way Boston was in the old days, the golden days of comedy, Everyone had a knight of the week.
Wednesday night would be Kevin Knox night at next calmly. Stop and one of the knights was frank. Santos knights of Frank Santos would come by and we would sit in the back and watch it took comics awhile for the girl from you just start working at the club. What is this have already hypnotists to ok Frank, Santos on states: let's go watch because that that in that was the natural progression once you realize it was real. We would always if I was outside the room- and I knew that Frank Santos was on stage. I had to get in the room to see what it was gonna do, because he really could get people to believe that they were having sex and he was the are rated hypnotists. So was always you know you got your your mind and it was weird because this weird voice, because Barely kind of Santa Rosa was his son words together, more as it was, the other was ok. A booby tabby right now does boobies big boobies. Antonio, very happy very happy and boobies goobers, and I'm telling you these morons, really
do get hypnotized and I think it is easily there's some people that their brains work different than you, and I know what I tell you what I can tell when our cause. Lately I've been playing with fire, oh on stage by the way. I just want to say this. I tweeted the linked to that documentary. Donnie us we're trying to those already does we urge irrationally documentary visas guide, you told my twitter, so if you want to donate internet savvy Bert again, gonna retorted things with the whatever you do extras with it, and the regional dimension. So thank you Joe Sweet, but I'm so I don't know if it's because of the first time taught, and then your sand, like you, know that you're into evident late, this will play a fire or stage to see how far you can take it and it's bizarre. I don't know if it's hypnotism, heavily than hypnotism, but you there. Personalities that you can read from stage and you go personal play with me in I mean grab, bring them up
about these vital thing. They might not have ever been as playful either until they you and they just this people that it is willing to go with right right. I did I was in Miami and I brought a blank cheque and important. We can check up on stage and I had a cut lights off, and I said when you said that you were little urban there's no way. I noted automobiles, the real himself, but a black. We can see the long standing above all phase and I had cut the lights, and I said: let's let improbable threesome. So, let's just cut the lights, pitch black, so there are the audiences and see anything audience gets handing adjust its acknowledge a radio show. So I go wow, that's a great idea, so I got the waiters where they say with father. We not the waiters or fuckin red when at this point, when you bite, report, Regan hot on stage with alike, are going through the waiters, a fuckin just watching Rizzo so I go. I
Our Ladys, I wanna, go to the bathroom and shaved my balls, you guys meet each other and then I got him in the light and I walked to the corners date and he's fucking checks. Murdered it. There were like like how baby it's gonna be hidden in the one girls like mad that big Abed, and then I saw what will you do to him? She s just going back and forth, and I'm sitting at the committee. It's fucking You gonna have nothing to do that. I've never do that, but these girls who You come out of shells and I walked back in and I eagerly yes, I have shared my balls are going to take a look and then they start making fun of my dick Fuckin, it's like craziness, but but I do believe you can read people because when I said I maybe I just, I would never do that with wipers. My boy just bring authorities embarks on that. You wouldn't try way. People like they wouldn't do that. Why people tat Hasn t to try to be funny and they and sometimes- They ve listened to my show and its sometimes or feeling
as you shit about race right, because I've taken liberties. They then feel like vague. They can an old, and bomb things we saw? An urban people are her Larry. I was at this hotel watching them swim every other day, just we just prob Ly Today Hotel watching them swim. I can't wait here. This is a special new vacation onto the story. That's all I want to know is. I want everything our union cigarette was areas. They just stand there and made me laugh at thirty minutes to watching them swim and having fun there pushing each other end and stuff like
was hilarious, one girl had her phone on and she was trying to hold her phone up above water, so wouldn't get wet she's you better get this found Burmese it through it looked at the third country. Old lady is really based. Security hit her own kid in the face like yours and organised a friend in a hundred cases, arts cry and it's the sister, the kid through that kid that was crying into the pool. I guess that kid can't swim do like that can, and it was this nonsense. It was thirty minutes stuck with the accent Andy you don T know yet keeping your mom on Beverly hillbillies, the learning. We ran a squid Billy ready he economy, while the grandmothers in the corner, wagons, watchman, swim and you re sitting there and drink taking notes is beautiful. I was
with a level is the big hair festival this weekend abusing the movie good here. No, it's the best movie ever number, Chris Rock. Maybe it's so good. You learn so much about black women about it's. It's you Nobody move and I really believe every white manage a watch it. Could you realize how much white men and black women have a common about hair? It's? of issues with our fuckin hair cynics a vivid, a fox on a plane, one time and we talking about the stuff. Sometimes I use a sprint. What's tourmaline, that's precluded, my hair and of advice. I use. I too will colleagues, as I got used like labour. Have a good thoughts were singing demagogy. I've got auctions are getting used to colors makes it look more now. I've got thank you so, but That whole hair convention was happening Atlanta. They was a hare, combined Herr Convention, black women have hard when it goes there they get like sleep just go to bed, they accepts it, not white like
with you. Gotta eat arguments I have a black one would think hair like good air style. You can't just fucking go to bed the sleep like sit not this movies, amazing? Why so, yes, and first of all member of the relations right now that I don't want them to sell raises. I want them selling. I watched a movie about this and I may be too tangible that well they get all their hair from India. People like in the media, and we expect to be shit and the brothers gonna pay for that shit. It is weird that we have decided that white girl with a black women have to have white girl here, yeah in great what have you guys have black eye hair before while they didn't like sugary Robertson. These two have conk these two like puts them
chemicals in their hair to straighten their hair and guys guys would like comb their hair. Like a white guy, have you seen beyond say lately now she has blonde hair. Now, if you look at her album like from whatever five years ago, you look at our apple now it looks like Michael Jackson, black and white she's. Now, like gold, skin blonde hair. She looks like well why, person now and then he looked at her all about my minute looks like she's lino swimming in a pool in this light in their skin, it seems like it or not, or their motor shopping, no opt out everything they photoshop. Moisten crazily photo shopping her because she does not look like at all, and I can't blank to some black girl here what they can. They have black hair. You know why does it have to be some do, but I think I think,
let me suggest how they are getting flatter, leave his gotta being so brutal man haven't even better use your head dear committing the feathers, is new trend now grocer wearing fucking feathers like you're, fucking, egos and shit. It's the Damas ever like Ebay. How many feathers like like that you're, not wearing your air, let's get attack by a fountain, so this really she had a raccoon tale. I guess that popular right now we re where this activity often headlines. Your kids are wearing these raccoon tales, like their animals like their funding. Mario brothers, like that coups, theyve raccoon tales, and then grow had a raccoon tail feathers in her hair wow. It's like they're like on their way to being a fairy, but not quite there, yet babies that apparently the jobs just where raccoon tales, this
people that just one little thing will help them feel a little bit better man and if it's a raccoon tale, I say put that thing on: don't shoot, had get yourself through this, you need a fuckin raccoon tale to make you feel happy than putting on son Are you a Fox thoughts, man, police? Where talent? I love to see you in a chance. Don't I've tales, bonds, tat which mpstandard we get any anodyne now? Would you gave a chip nope just like a little nap of a town where a prosthetic asshole that swells and asterisk, before I do that, I think that's for the female item, the female her but hope nothing
agents, doth swell and become a large and engorge male chip knows it's time you get frigging. Why did dogs Ferko Youtube videos, but it don't you caught himself enlargement there? Why did like format? It stood out like a dog playlist dog fucking plainness on Youtube. You really brilliant, like. Instead, it there and get stone want, depended on Spock Man, it's kind of warning that we can watch people. You know you put people, fuck it on Youtube, the pollution of did they had a poet same thriftily all if his whole entire Youtube account. They pulled the whole and why why because he had this thing called Master Tits Theatre. Where was girls with like eyeballs glued under there, jobs and it looked like a like their faces and stuff. Where date they parted from die like just just for you, long as you don't show the nipple now. Ok do you. I guess not indeed set a girl, like you, liberal vision, Now you Dave annoying and I've been breastfeeding.
Why has the advantage of five point? Seven year old, socket it. While you know that's funny degree to Youtube very rarely pulled down any of my videos, but one they pulled down was one that I put said Joe Rogan drinks, piss naked. I saw that video. I sought a video and I changed put it back up under the title of urine therapy and they let it go another go through their that's. I don't know how you dream Yes, you can do right now we go about it Let us have arguing your eye. I little developments that are good as do right now and sparkling. I like oh yeah. We do in this ogier, each of which is an area where there is there was a moment. May we really need is entered into the chaotic world that you're so comfortable with you? You love that world man, you look, you know locked onto that. You lock that moment- that's why you could do that so well on stage man, because I could just can't say that I have a hard time when we were there.
Like chaos, love and enjoy it. This guy, at the brave game that's, gonna fuckin go everywhere, not think you're. A video game must guide the brain Came gay beer came running up to me when the porch, the chop house, at the end and the back in our field Take of Germany's like machine. I go home again and he goes a fuckin bobby. We're gonna do a shot right now, it's Emily afternoon I was Sunday show, and I like it. Man come on the machine regardless wanna do it and that my friends go just once fold so fucking quick other ways that the machine I mean. How do I not like we're brothers? Now we have you- and I both have that seem issue too- that you're looking at you put your party guys to we're both chaos. People mean is sound. Videos me, like is creative people on Youtube and you an it audiences and hecklers and stuff can I was in Milwaukee the show it was great audience. Let me just did it. It was a weird thing and then it got crazy people yellin things out left and right, but
before that, they're they're laughing and everything milling a great crowd. This is a few crazy, drunk knuckle ads and eventually Wanda being like one of these questions answered type things were you know you Peter people, young things out, I'm talk them, but people like that you know what I like about it. They like when they. They know that you brought these. Girls are the audience there on stage of you and you're off in the corner, shaven your balls. They know that this is just come out of nowhere, that's what I know, but it, but it makes it it makes it like. I almost feel like it's it's likes. Shootin heroin, like You understand about smoking. Heroin ran you get someone onstage and you have. This ring. Fucking moment where you got three gangbanger sticks out and there real that, where the budget is the three or five and you live, you have guys had a dick seven stage. I told you that would mean that again what happened? I lose my remind me, my crazy fuck in place. I've. I just chaos happened.
Miami, the Miami. If you want to starve to death open up a bookstore Miami, have mocking jokes were so good that work, but you say that you have even started out as a group of others and then use which it my brain, starts, going off time, a giggle. What does diving giggles is no annihilates, but let's put on Adam Corollas reading glasses and see if we can solve this earlier. I get Fucking Allister's here. Warehouses is only an issue. My eyes are really did he. He needs reading glasses, really bad, but levels. Do me one view, but like there was, this thing reads like looking at the receipt like. What's this say right here? Why can't see live in low light in the end? Highlight conditions is absolutely true and highlight conditions, my Mars, we're great but in low. Like addition ever really hard time reading now you I think
Great, I think that's good peace needs zau. Usually when those guys, like you have problems in my problem, is that eyes and Adam girls are in the same state of deterioration, really sources me. I thought out. Grocer bigeye why this is so much better right. You needed my. Do you get this Oakley Rams. Tell me what those Lindo snow it don't you dont know where I am now also sad. You gotta get the ones that flip up and fold up like an old congressmen have yeah. I can read this easily, but not its nuns clear. My dad
these glasses there like magical they at once. I is far sighted one sides normal. So if you want to read something, that's crazy here, the shit and Authorities- Badger, Claremont, there's a man Harry Potter- lives in a castle in solving the problem of vision. The word lock lids craft and I wondered men the first due to come up with glasses man. He must have the wizard first go that got girls to swallow cool, but that's what I wanted to such as we go the stone age there's. No one can hold claimed that this probably few charlatans in the fifteen hundred I was the first cave, manages worse suck index and swollen loads because the loaves contain nutrients back. Then we are to stay alive. G and drank you personally swallowed other people's loads would have did it online, but I just want to be help. Tapioca puddings on this, not a african baby
Four gum, alpha nails with my overcome, so you notice, those pills- those pills I no, it there's a lot of people online that are like crying about it, because I don't know. No one who is known has taken its crying about right Zack. I sums that guy I met loves people don't want to believe that there is something that you can take that can actually enhance. Brain function like this would be like the biggest thing that ever happened neuroscience: what movement talking about some limitless paled taken. Also your super genius, but we're talking about as you when you don't. You have moments when you feel at your best here. Did you, but it's your best you're, not, Steroids you not on limitless united, some crazy, but it's you at your best and those moments are hard to attain, and I They have a lot to do with rest and nutrition. I think you at your best has to do with what your body is processing. What would we processing, good foods and vegetables and and vitamins and in everything, smooth and easy it's got. Everything is required when you do that things work better, I said
I started not drinking on Thursday in sight, so just runs out in another front is low it out about onstage, definitely not drinking others. They gonna pas de Dumas that going to beg nicely workin out Thursday Saturday Sunday work out every single day eat healthy at the clubs and whenever I can get round the club run the hotel. I did it funny, I didn't one weekend, but but I felt vehemently Karnak your good. I felt really good and I thought I started thinking. You know that their something to that, because at this last week in Atlanta I was on a boat was a bender. I drank every. Morning a drink. Every morning on radio I drank every every evening on stage I the whole night out all night and then every day, like my friends, were becoming down, we do drink enter, so it was A bender dna Pity alight. No, you know a man. I wonder if I die
It is for a cautious gadgets, actually sucking cocoanut Mediterranean waters, my Adriatic open along, comes we all right. Now I don't wanna minaret my beers, you're gonna, be the I started doing that man and then I just you know any drink on flights. Lodging complaints heavily a drink. I tried to slow down today because I was like during our kids panic, but in that helps you know fix it. But that was not only a mass when we shall be your house and just be like for. I was hoping you must trust me when I say that I'm your good mess fund, you're, fine, mass madness, yeah, there's some people that I would say you drinking listeners tomorrow, we'll do tomorrow. It will you not that do you know my dad gave me appointing aid those early.
Pardon me softly- and also you were very happy- I say, pony net is eighty. They gave up on your back to the old family merger. Does it you said, You sent me that shit about Andy Dick by the way we want the fuck was going. I will use this summons the Macedonians. How tell me they actually have an eleventh. I was watching on the plains. I think right at the whole thing, but we didn't Annie was ungrateful. Summits only said he with a Jew and they went off and kept going on about hook knows Jus Connemara hook known to the Gambia is obviously in a tale, spin, right now is a downward spiral. You know he keeps get it. You got sober when he was on our show, who was sober and then afterwards he got arrested. Eighty maybe
I know me. Maybe he was so you know that you, so if you think it was called the no, I don't think I know what he was and I dont want to say was, but I do know he has the biggest urinary track infection I've ever seen and causing keeps We did then why four times It could have been done. Southern there. Maybe did that for confidence is worried about. You know you talk to our shit about anything else and he's gonna be on a park ass. Well, he also cause he also the only reason I ever think this is because I noticed that he went about from poor times, but that also that you would think it was sober, but then people the comedy stores I do he was black and Latvia. Last night, we are not told me that about the people, did the commerce or some all fucked up, You know Andean. I have a lot of history and I understand Andy in a way that very few people do, and I, when I when I say that I love the guy and I wish him the baron. I honestly do really do he's he's a good person. An end is best moments. You now he's just crazy as fuck and blames me for
a lot of like his bad times. When he's on news, radio and he's like keys angry, you send me to me, He doesn't realize he was constantly pushing my buttons, whose consciously fucking with me doing it, because it's just in his nature, he had an insane childhood and I dont know, though the full details, but I note was not good and you know because of that has now become this incredibly town. It gifted sort of a Navy cat and are. Our relationship has always been very strange, like ie, literally bang on my trailer door opening up and he has taken his hand, but You do understand. Friend was in there in the room, and is I can invite you back
I mean it was fucking SIRI, but you do understand and even though, when he was on the show that might have been like to you, but that was in law to people's opinions. The best fucking do, oh, ever watching you and dangerous gather is probably one of the best things I've ever seen. In my whole entire life, it was very interesting. We did the shown with the show we had this weird love. Hate relationship with Andy could make me laugh harder than anybody man when we did like scenes together, I would have redo things I three or four times as I couldn't stop cracking up. I couldn't help myself. We have this one where there Pencils. I had pencils in my hand, and one of them was obviously way longer than the other one which is the largest ones. I will be a track in some areas like his to studying in and I couldn't stop laughing he's, fucking brilliant man, member of actual, not isn't that guy anymore, he's now he's Andy at fifty or whatever is. But let me know what did he say. Army was said about his look here.
The root of it or forget all the words that came out. What's the intention behind the intention behind it is to lash out had Howard stir and so that Howard Stern in turn lashes back, Maybe there is room for reconciliation, and all this is just a giant sums of attention. If it was money, it would be a financial downpour, its attention, that's what it is he probably doesn't even realize it when he's saying it and Howard Stern didn't do anything to him and he's, what did he mean? Didn't money or no Howard Stern, is no afore he'd say: oh, you mean he called him when trolley humans. One issue I want to do like put his ear, just one, tension withdrawn Gmos with IRAN, metrology, inner trolley. She was there and an hour it wouldn't take call- and he said, is that, unlike Andy's, you know why we take listening. Listen is evident. Can in the back of his house, will you know or whatever and then any get upset last out it at our Greg, Show- and I heard Howard talk about it,
Really. I really was like you know: almost seven like Michael Richards when he tried to leg. You know the Nigger thirty miles out anomalies and still remain, but its super sad. Only once it sad is just because one I wouldn't want for that energy out there, but it is because men Andy was was so far talent is still tones, you just grounds is allowing still cracks me up. I don't every sober, Zante strikes me these not doing good right now. That's what the problem is if he was doing good if he was also come right now is Megan tons of cash, and you know any good fuck off and then pull it back together again, he'd be ok. The problem is right: now is not to say com these and is in a bad place, smell good. So,
lash now how stern eggs a lesson is. Don't ever tell people your quitting drinking just quote. I never said he was he did it and then he would say you know, I'm not saying it's forever. I don't know, though, is your smiling, like Howard, stern response to the kind of me out, because if you like, I do why are you going? from what was thirty minutes. Forty minutes, you meet snapped and now like this guy- that you obviously knows fucked up you're you're fuckin, destroying human thirty mins, unlike him, a Robin just kind of tor. Andy apart like I was like you have to understand where Andy is right now and like like new, pretty much expose yourself into saying like art, you don't give a shit about this dude. So even if you have some qualms with this guy, you just pretty much
exposures, others like thinking this guy's a thick, the worse person in the world, at least that's what I got from. Unless don't you say my keyboard Ediths Edith he eat, like he really focused on what Andy said about being a Jew are being like. A Jew hook knows you're whenever he really like it. If you look at old School Howard, Stern, Howard, Stern was the first person did I make fun of blacks, make fun of fuckin ties. Make fun like Howard used to be like this risky guide I like, and he focused so much on by being cottage, you like like it seem like. The whole thing was because it out, like some anger at ok I'm talking about the kind of Miss ordered no talking about, but honestly, when I was here and then I was first, walls like this is so low level. This is such a low level move like disease. A Jew is a hook, knows Jus like come on. And this is like this is this- is this more on shit? It's like you're you're just going after this stuff that he goes after about himself and going after any in you saying he's got a sore spot there like what
This is its is idiotic, is what it is, but his action to you. Gotta realized its turns in old school dude. Now he's older than ass man he's been around a long time, pre, internet and group in a fuckin black commute. So you know a kind of races, call on them a Jew column. A Jew is, doesn't feel good. Man feels fuckin shitting. It feels like something that he has to defend and when he says that, if anybody, if this guy did this ran about any other ethnicity, if we did this red about black people, he would be
all over the Fucking NEWS. People would be talking about. Blackball hamlets, never hire him again now because he's runnin off of the mouth about Jews. Nobody cares because the presumption is that Jews run show business anyway, oh poor, you know five hundred millionaire Howard Stern gets called a Jew. You know you gonna, be ok, that's the presumption! No, when you re, I agree with our, then you know you. You gotta pointed out that if this is, if he was talking to my gaze, he wasn't gay, but he is gay. So if he is gay, wouldn't I already talked about gays and they be like whatever, but he sort of gay. Start get it at times and separated everyday being in the pie, cast him sitting next to me, I'm going. I was so attracted to you We didn't have a black, no fuckin way away, and we can never do that. You never known and never that's it
the nothing good buddy irritable, killing him with my fucking twenty about a limo is scared and openly whole areas, for you go to jail all like yellow and there's no follow up to that, and I don't know I'm just saying that you thought in her view was really awful, not an uncomfortable for me, but I didn't think it was an interesting about those very funny. Annie. Saleratus, give the Andean. I only know if this is a true story is a truth statement. Rather, if if a sitcom came, and they said we wanted to sit down with you and Andy and we're pressure. We gonna Andy India under Control and Annie. You do a therapist and he's on this new thing and covers all laughed any sites like eating. It states any Zola currently level about, but he's funnier than ever, and they let him swung pot is only live. But I believe, while on what network this work, I swear to God, man. I love working with that guy.
If he said all those things about Howard that he said about me wouldn't hurt me as much as it heard how it or make me as man, because I What will who he is? I know you can't trick me with a bunch of noise. It comes out of your mouth, I know where it all comes from. I know I know the fibre of his being and these crazy he's crazy. Fuck, you know hidden in what he really means by all this is he feels abandon, he's got nothing going on, and so he lashes out and says fucked up shit like that, but that's really but it is someone we're gonna mad and in open and freaked out about? I saw his point, but also saw a point where someone needs to be right next to Howard, gaunt dude, not about that This is not a guy they have over. This can cause he was going off about like I know number one in the market and EU you try going into a market and become number one why all these community often career, was going off where what is comedians are jealous of me. You know why they say things about me. Look here's I give you walk round my house, man you'll, see
Lenny Bruce all over the place you that you ve seen these deposits. Want to sit around Listenin to Lenny, Bruce. Ok, I it's not like. I listen to him every day. In my mind only way. I would have ever gotten to do what I'm doing with my life is. If there was some bad mother fucker from the sixties, crazy jus name Lenny Bruce, and this- The fucker was such a bad ass in a risk takers didn't get arrested, being put in jail for saying certain words. He was gone stage in front of a bunch of people in a mixed audience and started called we're. The niggers where the natives was a nigger over here we have a nigger overnight. We got a nigger over here we have a nigger. We got a kite, we gotta Jude, we're gonna kick isn't Chiquita came over here, really would yeah yeah yeah. He was when I speak this dirty spic right. There is a speck. Here's a what we get on guinea wop, we're gonna Jew a guinea wop we get to make. As are you senator who said in these said the
this whole bit about. If you say that enough, then it's gonna hurt a little kids feelings. It won't be so shocking would take away the power from this stupid word. He was there. This guy to use a joke about these two jobs, that I've heard that people ripped off they probably you realize they ripped up, but they were Lenny Bruce jokes. One of them was, he goes been homosexuals, illegal, dig. So what happens when the someone they arrest? You they put you in jail, but men will have sex with you just as it mean we can't in in our context of our society, two thousand eleven r r level of social evolution were far beyond where we were in the sixtys. But this guy in the six he was Fuckin revolutionary, Why have posters of lonely Bruce of my house if you talk about radio, theirs one guy. You want to talk about and that's Howard Stern, and that is a fact. I don't give a fuck
What do you say that guy is pollution, Mary, he's the one guy who stepped in what everybody was doing, the same stupid shit and he took chances. He raising. She had he. He went deep and dark and its because he really means all the things that we say he wants to give putting on a show extreme entertain extreme in attaining, but in doing so you put out a lot of you. You take a lot of chances, you expose yourself and you become very sensitive and through all of his attacks, I think he's because more sensitive, because I dont think that Howard Stern of ten fifteen years ago would have reacted the way he reacted any day. Now. I think you would mark Andy Dick, I think I'm gonna say who's correctly. Music. What, if any sense of the word me like that, I would
have at all, and I would start laughing and say I needed CALL Andy Dick Life, counselor thinking. What are you doing in my life in order? Well, I'm no jus fix this Andy. You know what the fuck are you trying to do, not only that is a good living in the shed whose giving this advice, which makes it even more ironic, gazing S, marriage, giving that's him. Howard S, food de facto, one to become an unarmed right. Well, if I knew that well do show more often and unknown that waste is over. What you do, what you can always you, please and extreme human being man he's an extreme example of what's possible theirs in any Fort Man, you know, but his heel, Michael Jordan, douche bag. But you know, I'm Michael Jordan can dunk from Fuckin half court so shut the fuck up here. We know why that guy's a douche bag and I'm not only area and I'm not given him a free pass and not given any one. If we pass but acts examples of human beings in any form that doesnt they don't come balanced. Ok for a son.
To reach the highest heights and set the standards in a way that have not been set before, whether the comedy or music already or anything, that person that fucking First, that pioneer away at the front of the line running through barriers. That does, I'm gonna be balanced because it is bouncy will have the energy to get their way. You gave the energy to get there is that you are imbalance, so you got a risk that man, you know, and did you have to things on a curve- and you should judge people based on their accomplishments almost as much as you judge them, based on their personality, two personalities, what's most important, if you want to be around them for sure you know, want someone around you that wants to be the king in the world and once you know all the conversations to be about him, but I get it is it in order to start some giant mega corporation and ordered to in order to be the guy had a Haliburton. What you really have to be that guy there's this is not possible without you, it's not as you can't just a united
sometimes about, namely that this is really downplaying it. But about stand up in order to want to stand in front of a group of strangers for an hour, and speak to me, some fucked up with you did I say on stage I do a whole bit about it. How ridiculous it is that here I am I'm saying. Oh I'm on a job where I'm the only one who gets to talk for our efforts in front of a bunch of people. Do you right there you right there? This is not like the internet like right now we ve isolated this situation with his three of us in my office were hanging out target, but when you're on stage man I'll do that shit in front of a thousand people. This is two thousand people, even its two thousand people in the audience I'm talking and they don't get to see shit. The weirdest scenario in general is that my friends, I went out with a bunch of friends all her friends or the single in Atlanta, a single fuckin riches. Walk over the criminals where they own bars, like my one body, owns a bunch of bars, called
These are the own bar state there I'll just wealthy they're, just single guys who have nothing but disposable income, but what are their there is why I'm asking because the reason, one or single a lot of people in the bar business or fuck, single lobbying I know I think he got into the bar business because he single not. You know inasmuch as any other gives any he wanted to make money, but he also was like the to meet checks open like one of the biggest bars in Atlanta back, unlike like when email started. Human Barney got everyone's email, dresses and locked down. At last, there was a dude who wrote a post on the underground form about this Chickadee Data that was in a bar choose or she worked in a wages in a bar and that over the years he watched her change over the years of being an anti virus. Constantly being around party people actually being bound the light at the nightlife that he wants to change. My man that is be one of the most pressing things in the world. Do you been in love with you're living with her and she you watching her change, because she's run all these rich guys. It is trying to stick to it.
Can so every night dancing the devil's dance they got sire, redness and like come on. You know you walk S, cap I'll, buy you a Ferrari and after a while there, even though she loves her man, there is a real resentment that builds up. Why can't the man that I love provide me with the Ferrari like the man that I love give me this house that this guy could give me if I just took that evil, dick that dirty scaly, scratchy fur covered cock, a little Wolverine, Dicks Dixon side of some monster man, some fuckin horrible person just wants to get money, money, money, dance in the dance and every She sees these guys dancing, dance, thrown thousand dollar tips her way and she Gina My baby, I mean I don't take away from this. You don't let em look in itself. I'm looking at is gaining Protogaea Ahmadinejad is Game Yemen, these dudes that will show up at night clubs, especially you know Miami. She
Miami is a goddamn joke. This dude flying in on private planes from all over the world just to be a baller in Miami there's a fuse in the world where it's like AIDS, Clutch moved to show up and be a bawler. You know where people will fly in this debt super elite, ultra billion. Type characters that you know warrior flyin during Con in France. I wanna be, don't don't wanna try at once. What but just be. I want to be Guy that roles in on a private jet, because what my friend I was watching them they're. All though there all fuckin liquid, no kids, know nothing. No, don't worry about anything and ends whole time avenue stand up. They ve been spitten, game, bitches, etc. Their gaze that I, as is generally known as the urban influence game it. I'm I've been doing this comedy thing: they ve been spitten game at bitches. Their game is stolen. You hired is whole times like. We all want
today one of my bodies, bars alike, and I like them operate with women in saying, watching a pro unstable, But do you know what did that's all nonsense? You know they have a hard tricks. You Bert Crusher, you're fucking. Can you get it? I'm saying. Do you understand that I can't be jealous of these guys are good at bullshitting. They have to push it all to do is: go Ladys are mobs day, where's the shots were cut two or three hours later you hotel room one, we're locked on your balls like those lampreys on the bottom of a shark than the other them. Second, on your shaft and use. Were you throw your arms up in the air and victory as I walk out of here, I you're one of the girls go powerful, Bert Gray, Bird crozier. Exactly like your friends in the bar, you burn Crozier. If you're single dude you'd be doing damage right now, son, you would be doing damage. You didn't have the little babies in the wise in the home, the whole package and you out there I like
Look, I love the whole back. So did he good? I believe that a you know. You don't think that you would, but if you do it, it's like being it's like it's, like almost I've, been in an alcoholic or christian. Looking they all economic unit. Like I tried to tell my friends like how great it is and they just don't I am I'm gonna go get its, but it's not for everybody. You know I used to hate when people who had kids would say that the only way to live a fulfilled life has to have children, and I think that's preposterous and I still do not only its ultimate goal of a king It's not your. I haven't touched just one year. Take this: it's not the only Wade's, it's ridiculous! Why don't you just suck on that before spills are thrown? All of my goddamn table son share you guys, you're on your own Iphone their fellow notices years, a grocer slightly drunk? No, I just you know so far. Is my phone. You fuck ego taught me how to lots of iron bottle like that, but so far enough decide now eager unless we do
the other side of the table not volunteer bottle napkin, we're about to do what it is. Ok, the title of the war grubber tell just lose the blue angels photo that shit's important man best wishes for the blue angels, fair the twenty second, ninety nine, I folks I flew in an F eighty seven have Jeez Idaho Bit about it. I didn't want my specials back in the disease is true. Man is incredible: you realize how thousands fucking things go. You can't even rafter head around it man who we were and these guys studs man, these fuckin deeds. Were these these fighter. Pilots and can be over certain height, because you, have do maximize the amount of G force you can take. You should be short, so you can do that. The hooker thing we hold onto the noisiest. What's what you're doing is as you're hitting the jeez you're doing? What's called hooking you're holding
The handle and a guy and what you do, is forcing blood into your brain because the pressure of the g for is literally pushing- blood. Out of your brain. I think that would make me black out the course it was that's. It does make you button. It keeps you alive. Under normal conditions, may that megabyte out there, but the the the pressure is what China Data Black out and hooking is what makes you stay alive. We were we were flying in this fucking fa. Eighteen, we did some crazy, drills man. Where we went on we hit. We went to work of five and eagles you cool five. We I can identify with the six year. You could say cycle, I did. I did he's gone take this up and we take as our twenty seven and a half jeez, but he was two, that's what was freaky too. He was just then you can
you could see consciousness like an elevator door. There was darkness on either side are getting took out. A acts act when it when they re sees, took me out that fuckin freaking me out you. Why didn't you watch it go closed behind and it's almost like your dancing, your heads on your buried. Your bodies. Barrier has been your dancing here, the whole world on an eighty, the stairs go down, and then you go back up. You like it. When will you get a little tiny dose of psychedelic? Is what happens? get choke doll. You have little dreams every weird things yeah I have you been jumped out now check or something that eventually our conscious Joe now never till they do now. I've done a lot of you know what I know. I'm a tap, I'm not stupid. I know what I'm goin out, what I'm gonna do tat, but it could happen again happened tonight, I'm going to class tonight Legged choked unconscious than I have as all time. Man, injury, appealingly, choked up
let's go? Let's do that. You should do Jujitsu man, I've been thinking about it, fuck em we get in there and I love a lot of love. I wanted my head of one of my friends together. Laughing Scold Atlantis is massively in digital, Billy please. I can only call me Don T have a lot of energy and angry energy and it was evident guy, really pissed about his bar tab at the club? And he got my face and he's like? I just didn't like there was no anger towards the motorcyclists. A man we're fine, they know lucky fees like our enemy I would think about my room. Is I'm not around anywhere? Oh, I don't know I can't get on the road. I beat IBM rubbed the brand new I'd, be the fucking pointing back every year. I ba sign for every day. Yes, good for you could feel get your ass kicked rhythm good for you know easy. It is for men, kick your ass two eyes. Galicia is good for you get destroyed is good for you get mounted and triangle choked and shit. It's good because you realize how easy it is for someone to do that here, because most people have no idea they walked.
This world. Having no idea, I grew how some Marcello, Garcia character could just fuck and take your life anytime. You wanted to not just take your life about this. How will take my life? What I've been doing? Jitsu since ninety six and that little from Brazil can travel to fuck enemy any day. He wants that That's reality and I'm almost black belt high level a lotta people choked out. I can choke out some good people, man and that guy could just tat me. Timely wants. So for me be like almost a black belt? I might as well have never done Jiu jitsu I'll just be able to hold them off for a little bit going to get me it's inevitable. That's that's the kind of reality that exists for most people. If you know Jiu Jitsu, foremost, of your in some sort of a street altercation when someone and you get a hold of them. I have to do that. Hang on because you know what in class and class you're gonna, percent. One hundred I'm serious! You know why, because you don't hit each other, you trying to choke and grab.
In grappling your loud go. A hundred percent doesn't mean you hurt your your partners. If you have a lock of you, have a show, you put it to certain position and you can just hold it. Let it go, but the point is it takes hundred percent of your effort to get to that position and that's exactly what's gonna come up in a fight in a fight, it's gonna, be a hundred percent effort exist. You're used to doing a hundred percent every three four nights a week. Three: it's a week. I go and there's a grown man and they're going to try to kill me with their bare hands and I'm going to try to kill them and then we're going to slap hands, and we hug- and I said thanks brother and we move on to the next guy and you eat. You go to the one the next one he's tap hands you got you slap hands into, thereby does any lock up, and this the goal, I'm gonna try to get you to tap and what you're saying when you tap is. You could have just killed me and that you going to try to do the same thing to me and if you get me and something I'm going to have to tap and I'm not going to want to, but I'm going to have to cuz very important and I want to die. My life out there. Just do it heads Enzo integration.
And those told me use I come on out to the statutes the place and I will t will teach you digits sure now you do not like I do. I know after I did the thing I said I was really cool. I felt really but I don't like being a couple times, and I give you what you get your ass be. But you know it's not. Malice and you're right arm your little sister. She loves you, you and goes what happened. I like it. Game and your game is using your body to dominate another person's body with technique lover. I won't do it. I want to do it because I too am there. I have so many anxieties of Jost The reason I want you to fuck him ass, a dog yeah, it's the reason I want to fuck and live in Montana. To reason over my shocked anybody home- and I were right- it's like the fun I just so recent drink complains that I just I'm afraid like like you, freedom fighter plane today. Talking guy job Zoo, how many, by whoever warriors, though, how many again fight stories of urban started by
in that statement sobbing amount of funding there. Like what happened. You got to fight this fuckin guy. Like you that statement, this fucking guys probably number one all time, maybe the most appearances ever out of every story start fucking guy who's, guys job suit all go to jog its own rights while watching him in there and you can go. The bathroom wanted about like five times. While I went once I can watch in a moment, I would function in the bathroom. So then I go in after egos and like the fifth time I go and its end, it smells like being gay, really fuckin like really intense and I go, and then I was gonna find more times into the one time he also the bathroom. Others walk up my look at him and I go.
The bathroom goes. I see you're on top of this guy's bathroom shit fuck, you like the thing you're, a cop of like theatre. Now, don't you know here's the thing is I don't? I don't know what he thought I was it wasn't deodorant. I realize I think our realise what it was. I think you smoke something I think I'm going to cigarettes or those or though they say they cigar fake cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, yeah! That's what because it smells like like a mental, that's his accurate. I figured it out, but when I said what are you doing in there, he he was. I own owners are going about it, ok, but I don't want to know who, if you knew I was mistaken. If I fucking fight this guy, he's going to. He might have thought that you were lego, martial arts, air executives thinking I was like. I don't want to think anything because I'm
the least suspecting air mortal. I just wanted to just know a morning utopian Ariane, bung yeah. It does give us crazy eyes, but he told who wants to go. Then I realize you spoken one of those cigarettes in their Polly catches sketchy and he had like and here's what my crazy brain thinks. Is he had those Ipad in others. I patches that you put on to Sleep Monoplane Heather's like on his head, like a person glasses, I got here and I was like in my head. I start gone crazy. Like he's of is a fuckin. It's a plant he's got those They told him in terrorist class who make it look like you to think and act like now. He's got the next thing: I'm not gonna blow the blame, so it was a you're, really paranoid enough to think that people are you're watching people's bathroom behaviour. Someplace. Have you ever thought it just like knocking yourself out and sleep in all time, like that's what I'd watch them? Azalea laptop watch, a movie and you're learning that look like a devil. I was not entirely sue the podcast with you and already
you write on planes ever knew. Who are you that guided stands up in the middle? The iron looks at everybody and lacks like we're getting something out the front, but then you just checking everybody out. I now know this today was a special occasion. I not normally free gonna planes to users occasion, because he was going to and so much. I went sums gonna, fuck, a bathroom, The challenges are my heroes. Like he's fucking there's some we learned about them and on a personal note, he went to the smuggling of cigarettes. That's what he was doing. You spoke on the centre right and you can't write on play said cause I'm a fucking best man. I can't I don't we write. I want if you listen to seek a fuckin fix. My fly, I hate it I ate benign. I can't listen to your pockets when you do my planes really a buck They give me I'm another one I have to give. You did a twenty minute when we enjoy so there's a bonus. Bonnets footage coming lays down, but I can't I can't listen to them like, even though
This gives me anxiety, housing, giving another man. I was an figured out because we're on a plane and others are not thought. I'm not gonna if he'd have automatically and I'll never fucking listen about. One knows what I am able to lead Europe. That's that's just not eavesdropping on you. I mean we can't even listen to you on a plane at home like it at all, my while giving anxiety while when you're at home and you list nor progress on a blank using gives me a minor first go to see progress on plan, which was that the outcome of our work- we, U molested, by aeroplane as a young child. So my first listen, my first plaintive my dad is a minor, but that is a great man, but he was not aired to have children every say. My debt is a great man, but in areas like us off times, there's a list of things that he that he did did as of parent, that maybe I wouldn't have done like
number one like Amabel when I was first Grana came almost real problems like dead on the fast get my class, and these are going faster than me, like datum, pretty voter vast, say fuck, it blows I'm pretty fast and ears, I really as again useless gosain race as an art, so we get assignable my niece OX up to my knees. I get my little story position. I can almost with the limits for track, so we go like a new market set, go
and I take off- and I believe also he blows by mean he's gonna backwards is like me. They goes you'll, never beat me at anything like fuckin, first grade bad. So when, when I took my writing a plain white, the Pennsylvania, I remember the catch her for the for the Yankees was named shit escape me, Buddy Dinah, plane crash and I remember saying to him a guy can believe it. He died in the plane crash and my daggers yeah. What was it like? A special plane flight of the kid to my first point, news nope sometimes plays down and also like the one I going against the it was like a fork and then I get on the plane and we sort taken off and looked in my mind. I was gonna play with me. Romano, my sister were taken off. Remember, look at MILAN wont work right now and oil in earnest and then the he kept going on.
Going higher yelling polio like Fuckin, but both I wanna see. First great Burkina had like a number of dramatic things I want to do, might himself or fire one yeah for yes, this kid, John. My end with a crazy part of this is my uncle John was staying with us. This kid John took me in Corky gains down, the street was redneck neighbourhood and he goes up the Muslims who magic trick went again said as much as we develop a leaf and a in butter jaw, butter, tub of solution and then lights it a little fire. The butter thing is obviously gasoline. Last amazing and use Agnew again again when I gone, he goes watch this report a little bit and he lit it and then the thing exploded caught him on fire and he went like so I go taking off running to my house and I run into my house. Scream jobs on fire Johns my uncle John asleep on the couch thinking he's on fire
this all out, but I saw that happened. Fuckin traumatized me: what happened? The kid Corky gains of the quick gains rolled indulgent two days later, but John John Nothing is perfect. My mom came down in my mama's. Ike is everything? Ok, and he was like Darcy two days later. It's like crazy by labour, gradual right now drunk. I know I'm not drunk and don't come any drinks if you're not stone, sober ourselves or wait a minute. You better, these three beers of you not stone, sober rabies, Joe anything you stones over one hundred percent, but I do feel to write it. That's all fields, a body blow Bruno Breath, Eliza saw nine, are locked up in the word government drunk as lovey dovey, ok, you're government drunk fair. I know I've we're Algeria by sheer darted drinking at eight the morning. Color
these costs, which is why the moment you talked about that other do Rowan and dog shit. I thought your after. We have, of course gains are so innocent gadget. Linen firemen of inhabitants is, is pants role as a pair of armament. That's it and Mademoiselle firing on you can use it crime is a fine fine, nothing happened, don't know my mom and then lose one I never really another get up again while a bit items. You should have arranged romantic hailed that in a big deal, but you ever look do new guidelines on fire and they may get hurt followed a sensitive guns. Like so many role, you may go jungle, class evidence of hearing what I'm saying, they're kind of when the old arched youths, where I saw my dead, beat the fuck out of my mother brought home hamburger. Are you serious, get the fuck out of here is that of a creep up and after the with an open hand, is palms, during this phase knocked down
I was coming out of her nose. Screamed at her. Do you ever my extra hamburger when you're at the store, because the man eater raved, then we're never stopped me than with joint hamburgers? I didn't allow its who I thought through it, but that's nothing. I just had a douche bag for dead. That's nothing! You know that but that a real shit happened to them point out regarded a few real things happening. There's nothin! I got a little bans on low pussy. No, no! My should not real. Now that you tell your story like we're like it's not a thing you, the worsening areas, need more dramatic shit in your life to think about, and when you re little shit now living That's where a martial law comes into place, martial arts difficult and so hard do, and you get nervous for every class that It literally allows you to look at other things as like they're minor. Now that you control these are nothing and not that big a deal like a lot of people. Make like that, it's really traumatic thing. I've had like
hang surgeries. Dude I've had my nose figs. Both my knees fixed. It's about a lot of shit done because things always breaking clear. You give them yanked and twisted talked and buddy, because you used to that. You have a higher threshold for uncomforted a higher threshold for four dealing with informatics situation teething. Ultimately, if I started getting into jujitsu my fear, flying with yes says I would be out you look, you feel fear flying is your fear of everything, my drouth deck enacted and your fear of getting haunted it by another man which was to choking unconscious you're gonna get that as you get past, you'll get better at this whole flying. Think too, that's what I believe. It's a vague! all martial arts are vehicles for your human potential if you're not trying to be a professional fighter, they're trying to advance argument it's nice to have something to defend yourself, but just give Dzhokhar's and bodyguards. If that's all, you look at four, but for personal sovereignty, for your ability to be able to push your body,
certain limit pass that limit pass, though the limit of what you thought you were capable of that's up there. As you cut shaggy full, be unable rapid, look younger man, oh yeah, look at the ratio of people have died in plain accidents. The apparently my car, I helped out of pocket plant the ratio, people that job aeroplanes and die is so uncomfortably. I seventy people year, theirs If you'd like it's really high and that was fought impairment. Did you get it touch me? it was right to re, write the architecture boobs on the way down or no, I fucking return. Imagine if you died in at the moment. You die the moment you both neither one of your parachuted, the ground or neither one year parachutes expand. You both hit the ground screaming and as an impassioned uses, mealy burst new another dimension, both completely naked floating in space and your bank
Rachel re from behind that, then it's a pure ecstasy. It's like your on ecstasy and Viagra and and and almost pot to maybe even mushrooms in your bag and reach array floating through. Is we imagined that less with death is how I love the Bang Rachel re in Heaven and you like you, I condemn, and I was scared of this scale. This laboratory I see two years as you hit the room. They all you know it. You know, is also high on the you'd have work. That's great rate state believes that all I see what you're the fact is that the recent checker network and unwilling sexy we are like is at all yeah, I saw her ribbon per se yeah she's already just. How does it look like you so now, you're hot continent, so I walked up our inner Admirals Club Elliot ran, I fear, and she works for food.
Geller Solitary throws it not? I was at Ellie Excise are using the embryos crow because you know I fly in all honesty. I was the first class lounges. Finally, Letterman and I saw her and now we're both owned by script, both our networks- and so I said that I see her, but I've been drinking some butterfly and I just an hour flight mean aid and everyone's constant around. I just look at her and I go were owned by the same people. He has no idea who the fuck, I am I'm just saying we're over peoples might I go like looking around Bertha Kircher. But nobody
you set on bird, the kind of fraud and I'm trying to. Maybe she saw my giving those gay beers goes. Sugars. I'm sorry and I go. I go on travel channel, I'm on travel table and she goes yeah and then and she's, like Agraea Metrology until the year on prudent. Where issues. What do you mean? I go script scripts zones both of us because they don't, and I was like no I'm like they own our networks and one that I want money. I'm sorry, I'm sure we started this differently. Libraries goes ok! I just away and then and then are playing a delayed energy volume. Bravo, she drove home, we're going all the way you fucking drove home and and did not follow,
with me that sucks Rachel re did you know that I was out of re. That was the original raised by the end of my girl, we're going to Mexico September. If you are single rage arose finger would Trafalgar yeah, We're just nodded. Rachel upon gas, it's mostly primarily audio released. A little extra treat for the use dream. Viewers, Rachel this is a nurse. I will say that I will say this candidly she's married a married man. I don't think there's any sexual trash, that she has to ordinary put that out there, the men I have a great time whether we giggle she and I, in fact, a lover I live- are doing. What's a feat like, like rate the way she tossed. You keep problems. Beers I've been way targets on Jack, just she's ladys thirst. Tat is all I have a great time whether we giggle she and I n. I fuck him a lover. I love you anyway. If he thinks she's she's like that I'd, like rate Tirana dates, not respond more
box a meal for cheap, temperance, walking home run, but She knew her she's, a tube tapirs owners websites, I say oh you're, on their website. I was on another one, but I came on defending myself wait. What do they say about? You wasn't even me, it was actually a friend of mine in was Providence, Rhode, island, cameramen, we're in towns. Lady, was really retarded and she was you there, I'm from survivor, No, no, don't go, I'm the guy from fear factor jewels. Ok but disappointed leg, said something wrong are rightly corrected are upset at me that I corrected earn like I was really weird and she came up to me and I want to take a picture of membership terrible stinky breath. I agreed to Ok, thank you know me. You and I said nice to meet you and that's it and I love and then she wrote some whole thing. Me being a shitty temper and s really really it was not even true. I didn't even binding.
I came. They worry their argument and sat down by the weight of her ever buy them. I try to be as generous as humanly possible. Sometimes he tips on like Joe. You know understand that. That's like your bills. Twenty dollars eases tipped a hundred, that's ridiculous! How many people love it? They feel good, someone's, wait, nine you and they get that assaults on us, and I want to wait unable to worry that Ireland is not going to make an AIDS is, we know likewise, failed Nickolay do feel obliged, because, because you hang out it's safe to say to you all, your friends don't make as much money as you do feel obliged to you have to pick up the tab. The tab every time I do a most the time because of the way I say it is it. You know you can get into this, who deserves it or you know whose it is it fair They do you go a dollar to you. It was five dollars to you know what I was doing like fear factor, especially money became very a strange now
very strange when you have a lot of it because it inside why? What- look. If you pay five dollars for your meal, then you have to think ok I have twenty bucks left for the day. If I'm paying dollar tree near me. I don't think about it at all, so it's just! Let me pay for it and then that way we don't have to think about it and it's like the best allocation of resources and how I looked at it dwell if that is like I'll pay for the tab. Every time simply because easy for me to pay the tab like it doesn't bother me at all. If there's a hundred hours for missing from my account or not it's not gonna hurt me. It's gonna and changed the way I feel you know its taxes being friends with joy. Is that gets too I mean the first first item. Months. I knew Joe, I always felt like. I was no no years twenty dollars, but then I gave up on that. You just have to give up, but then I found myself like bad about it like all the time, somebody like Starbucks. What no don't! Let me get this coffee, no known motherhood seriously like it does drive you got me
these crazy, because I feel, like I mean everything we got to eat but who are on the road. It's like you're always pick up. The bill makes me almost not wanting like normal, like normally I'll, go like two like a restaurant like alright, I want the steak. I one, you know an appetite but then, when I'm like, I'm just gonna take that so silly little again so soon forty one, I know, but it still gets the money is a strange thing. You know it's it's real strange when it becomes a a dividing thing between people and it can really easily were people don't feel like you're doing your part they're paying too much her eye probably more fights with between beings or financial. More than anything does want excite Oodle excitement I like having it because it takes care problems with the good thing about money. Is you can indeed things or want things or in a want free time or in my text care all that shit. If you, if you have to fix your
if he had a hole in your roof. Oh shit, you have money, it's just a matter of calling a roof. Guy and avenue cool reflects your roof. When you don't have money comes very stressful and it's a fucking a nightmare. Stickman, I'm barely paying my rent. How am I going to come up with the extra two grand fixes? Roof? You know becomes a real issue I like having it because of that but I'm not like not big on not a flashy person like cars. That's about it, but I'm not like a shall we person somebody will get really addicted till I keep up with the Joneses becomes that becomes a real problem, we're not by some. My my wife grew up in a trailer, so we're not that family yeah You could get that way. When you get really rich in all of this birth, hunger goes in a season. Sixteen and you know the Fuckin travel channel. Has you in their big your big giant fucking face.
Corner of like advertisements in birth, conquer, entering a sixteen season, and also your living in Beverly Hills and solemn. Already, following a mortgage backed up I'm fucked up, oh yeah, what way I'm fucked up in the whole like for the prospect of fame me fame, fame and I'm definitely not famous, but like man. I don't want to see this cause. It's like telling a secret about your soul. So, ok, just don't judge me just hear me as a friend and so on with my friends, and I still feel dirty even tat same. This then state some of my friends who are the tunnel money, not that I that matters, but their own great shape their all. In fact, the run range rovers and they all bars and unrest bitten. Man came in these jets zagging. My body has a best pick up line. He goes up to this groaning goes. Who does everyone tell you? Look like and she's like when it powder own ears, like I was gonna, say Michel, yet New walks away right growth
back in all over his shit, just insulting right, minivans or douche, but anyway anyway, we found him and adds a douche who's. This guy, unless you guys that's that's where you those lines like that, that's a substitute for personal so anyway, so work ass. A chicken hate you friend so anyway, a high tax relief roll up around us and in there and there like everyone's having a good time and in my head because on this fuckin father of two, who just sitting there, I my here my brain go of someone recognizes us, I gotta get recognized real reactors are my. We may my egos fucked up, because I know the girls for No, they are being used to know one thing and you re all normal. Also like the only satisfactorily get out. This is one he's gone, oh my god you're. So I catch myself too and that they go what the fuck is, that did you ask them Phillotson podcast? No, I never see you again to this sort of thing and images, so I didn't have the thing and then I'm sorry,
there are the machine and I'm watching at everything's going down and I go. This is this is unhealthy behaviour right now, what's going on is unhealthy and then, as soon as I said, this is girl comes up. Goes I gotta, get a picture. And then my MIKE ok, I'm done. I don't need to. Finally one tonight, I'm gonna get recognized like it's it's gap, but that right, that is its its addicted. The shit, the the idea of getting record, or or being acknowledged for your work, is so self gratifying. It's like it's almost like masturbating its. It feels good its shallow, so fuckin empty shallow, but in a we're way I can t see how people get fucked up on it. Maybe it's shallow and may be. What do you know how to do is get people it's been a long time and its It's been a normal thing for me to get recognized for more than a decade. So, since fearful, There was no doubt in my mind, two thousand to get in
The way I see it is it's a bunch of people being nice to you. That's what it is nor does it ever get annoyed is never get tired. It's just a bunch of being nice to you, it's cool, but I think it's very important. No understand where within other thing, it's addictive. It feels good. The very important important like put it all in a perspective in Ireland and is to be recognised for your staff and good to do good stuff that people, like you, know the beautiful thing about seeing you know you you running into someone out public is most I'm not gonna enjoy what you ve done. Most down some comes up to you they appreciate what you ve done, and so you ve, given them something arrive in Europe. You really Even though you don't know it, you have a relationship. This person, No, no! Now! Ok! Now in all fairness. So, but how does it feel when Bourdain your Fan of NEA it's up to. You is like I love your bike. We actually one of sitting next to each other, just please randomly ran
Alouette restaurant Vegas, oh seriously, totally seriously light a literally. He was as close as you are to me. So I sat down and he reached up and he said hey and I keep getting asked to in life, one to go? Fuck myself and to do your part, gas, Syria, as it is now, ok, go beyond a doubt, be devils your heart fluttered I got totally. May I just got back the same line and I think that's the same shit. Ultimately, yes, so so goddamn obsessed with boarding a guy I enjoyed talking to him, and he actually came to my show at the the Medley Bay Theatre, really any tweeted? How funny it was his chuck. I mean I looked at his tweeted said just
Joel diverse, very funny said we have great things. Talk on the pact has like interest and some that's me send between a red negative while failure. I live in some sort of a fuckin fancy land as some sort of a strange world us not real Bach border man I join I got you here does not eat is not he's not. He would not tweet something he didn't feel yeah an end and he is a joke. He's not a guy that if you didn't think it's funny, he would never treated it and the fact you're getting like three very holy fuck you I was in Vegas man in Vegas during the night before you have c, and was me Joey d as well, get the motto we dug, then everyone I juggling answer. One of your sucralose was there in the edges. Yeah Joe ideas without crushed it, we just fly, those those in Vegas shows are fun a shit man and that place filled up and then the Merrily Bay theatres like sixteen hundred people, its huge it's fuckin awesome to man and so have
boarding being the eyes of language was really weird because, I'm I'm I'm used to being around like you know, chocolate and Evans and secondly, Yoda Cheetah Peter PAN lights on the best fighters in a world where a lot of people would free. You and I see that I'd be J. What's up, you know it's like they're. My friends, you no deal is like normal to meeting meeting you, but you know four he'd, be around doing any Bourdain as a different world is like a guy from the Turkish. Our own problems impound side. First world problems. First, world problems when he talks about Egoisms. Begins and vegetarian he's like this is a first world option in and that's what I have always felt when people would go off about,
two balls in the beginning to be a vague in animal cruelty, and I agree: animal cruelty is fucked up, but I dont aggression kill animals Inga fuck yourself. What are they live forever and cure cancer? They stay alive is ridiculous and guess what they'll kill you to this allows? Should that would kill you and maybe maybe me live in it now I just I just don't know. I don't agree with that. Sign on here. Very many people say that so in boarding. Third saying that the vegetarianism is a first, where a problem like yes, thank you, so the people in the world they they need to kill things to sustain themselves, are for real insight. There's no options is not like whether or not you choose not eat pig like this. The only animal we have stupid fighting pen is. Are you gonna do a body on guess timber. Eleventh really its American China Levin for you, fucking kidding me September, eleventh two thousand eleven, now alone food now alone, Bach
that eleven food hotdogs broken man would have migrated ideas I showed up now like and what I am now you can get our voice. You ever hung out with I've, never even met my day, the ash. My really know the reality, while you're a great guy normal rate on sharing Rachel Ray, you would be awesome. Money shows. Where did you grew up terrible Tampa? Maybe you could take him tap on show what's up to eaten, Tampa yeah, why I'm not kidding man for real. If you have striven clubs, it should serve nachos everyday, boarded animal go there and either nachos pedal. Actually there quite delightful and human solidarity naturally needs or ST food of you. I shall love. I talked to the present to travel to another day. Mama need street fruit or Renee call me she goes. You need to watch Anthony, show just watch it could urge you call them Tony she's like because what he's doing is perfect,
It is a fucking perfect. It is his voice. It s personality he doesn't do two or three takes of anything tonight is, back in there and he does it personality driven. It has been Merce analogy, driven when I said to him when a man of my sets someone when you first started doing that show they must have just left. You completely alone. You are totally because they deserve let you do whatever you do? You, like your show it's it's obvious that no one had a hand in this. This is it's so clear, there have been meddling executives, checking the way he does his narratives. Now Besides. This log cast the exact despite gases so pure, like that, you listen When you go, it's all a it's almost like like watching, like dogs, then hope accorded the quickening like it. Just it just happens and yelling
Fuck like this. My guess it we ve been on today is so bizarre because I've laughed hearty shit. I've thought party shit. I felt I am never enjoyed out of the three ones. I've done he's the one I've enjoyed the most doing. This has been just fucking, because we're Herod, Brody epithet, requires a clear link. Around click click reach a re skater. Would you fucker first option? I would urge you to make her cook for you first and then fucker. Would you fucker than meagre cook, for you are good for her really fuck yeah let me be tired. Do an input, put a leg and outstanding performance is a question of rage out. Do you get if you get stuff? Do you have to wait? Thirty minutes like like pull style before you have x is I've. Noticed lately depends on whether Langley ungenerous. Sometimes I just wanna like I know that the kids are weak, and so I can get it off with a quick might quickly and equity.
Whom, when and how far the bad and go into a coma right. When I get those freebies will have to make her gown. That's awesome workers are for me. That's all it's also when you have kids balance, does sneak one in real queer get up until this goes beyond the bounds it out. You have to make them come to know. I gotta go down on the ads very important, but this nome blow all go down on her. The eighty said that looks like my uncle usually take us fishing you have to go away to use them back shown your honor I was having sexual is easier, one extra level you might. I spent my dad given the speed and why
give you behold I hold on hold on hold on hold on your behalf. I had my dad is on this guy he's. He doesn't call it speed, he calls it died. Definitely this brand daddy's medicine because it doctor gave it to him from lose weight, and so my dad, he likes it. Weird. To lose weight this now they give you the seed and then it's it's not my autonomy, but it's a deafening curves your appetite and corners, definitely or on speed. He gave me sixties ipod, sorted by way of just jumpstart diet with these as a malaria, Gimme six of them and so on. So I took one the second I took it out like this bucket speed carbon dad speed, you gotta stop because its speed music, but he darted Schreiber speed of Love- is a glaring admiral take its anything right. But
Firstly, we need a fucking thing, a great peeled it peel, the fog in body and family law. How many hours like twelve hours and hours into my linked in the eye was- and I wrote like crazy, like I'm working on a book and I just blow but like I was on a stone zone, but it, but you know it's on. I know it's unhealthy. What doesn't like the come now? What's come now, I'm not there. Now no com We need to better off its basically. After all, it is, but it's an it's an app it specifically an appetite suppress it. What it is is Drummer Fenton. Yes, it is the Second of the fence. I know girl lost a flock load await unfeigned, then Fen Fenway, a mood inhibitor end up spend speed. A mood inhibitor years ago certain it would induce you, Sir Times like this all after one of those things. Real worse than was like as Olaf. In the second van I fucking hate that I am talking right now and I really nice,
No, I dont know how is essentially a fence yachts, but yea justice by this is all just give me my research first then, was like a mood inhabitants. The second found was speed like Agrafena Hall or something, and what my dad is taking is the second of the two friends, and so he gave some to me any site body just go. Sort of diet, men. It gain works. Really, yes, you don't come down just means just you just get tired there are the Naples on yeah. Give me one by one on your right now with snorted, real and is doing, haven't we throw but trouble it up here with the countries which are by three percent, so we can see no fucking fight, some guys a bright, and I can go back to allay our mobility. This double speak, but the doktor interpreted that prescribes into all my friends. Oliver was Dunaway, of course, there are gonna, be daring, daggers wanting to know what it's like so low grade. Doesn't like my dad's, my dad's cardiologist knows he's
and my doubts cardiologists, I really better for you to take that and lose the weight cassettes, but of your body right then, too, then to be fat, so yeah we'll get you dont my dad lost and my dad now this mother fucker is eating five hundred km. He's a day? I've hundred my world that our great he's taken female urine, lackeys tat? We all do But what was best Spargo. If I've ever been our brain, your murdering it's much better reason. We know he's taken this female female, mainly drunk every day. This female urine drip under his tongue he's gonna wholly in a minute words spoken, call come on board a female urine drip. Call you done. Way. His dad we caught his dad last from what was for the soft
he broke in Austria? This is by now that it's crazy I broke. I was played a basement area. The mouth lay at twenty sixteen knocked out twenty six tee. My dad might have our territory to well. You asked are teeth. All these are very familiar. Look at it from a software wheel. It was a base points about those once I suppose, that's it. How long will it take, for they put the teeth back they while they started that that day, like their started healing in and putting in captain crowns and posts and everything nay, but on, but I businesses soldiers have totally thank tee. The hundred percent fig yeah, like your see, an automated gold ones. Why so My place is crazy listeners. So my dad I this happened. My dolls, my coach and I was like I'd like teeth run home plate. I was catching my did. One o bugging plate and other colonies body take off the gauchos catcher gear, gotta shortstop. What is a reality? Ending a real is again as I,
talking about news. I come on. Let's go man up over shortstop. Were you? Maybe it isn't that what is going on all his he's got knocked out as a child. My dad a really great guy making some horrible, but but he, but I had lodges, do she know he's just his collar find out about the speed or that women's you're in the name of it? To that speed, just: does you dead feel bad about doing their usual child? You know he was just a different guy. It was a different time. Does indifferent, like you, Wanna marathons, whose sounds like you Are you all right
I'm sorry, I doubt my house, I got my house, my old house, I got home zoramites about Thou mom and dad got a fucking scared me just like all my parents are falling scares. You room here, wisest scared. When we get it right, we ve known he did when he did the when he did the the noise of me hitting the ground and go into the next dimension. You saw me John here we go. It's a little pregnant female. Your any puts hundreds Tom who doesn't do that We need to reach you know they used to worm, use rabbits. Lisa checked women's urine into rabbits defined the woman was pregnant and, as the rabbit died them, the moon was pregnant. I says yeah It's called the rabbit how business
yeah. You do know that the rabbit tests to I've got good news and I've got bad news. Rabbits gonna die it's my parents, my parents were going out, I'm pretty sure they call me back hello. My friends house I'm a Joe Rogan cells, mommy from a ritual robins work. Haulage boy. You are now she's, not ok mom. What is what does dad was under his tongue out? First? Well, how much weight is dead lost? Twenty three? and what does he put on his tongue? I'm going to radio and find it, and I watched him now. I'd put your. Why are you ok?
really do lose. Its is pregnant. Women's urine remember what it is to be a technical name. Ok, you can't you see, I'm your, but why on it I'm gonna get you back. We're gonna do Japan. I gotta human glory. I got down to Japan is done to check the hormone Hc G in blood or urine some Hc G test measure, the exact amount and just check to see if the hormone is present. Aid. Fiji is made by the placenta during pregnancy,
The aid seems like Georgia can be used safely, ominous pregnant or as a part of a screening tests, but he's lost is also await. The right It has some adieu pregnancy, Calloway Well, this isn't some of your nerve railway company colouring awake at night thousand, sounds reasonable. Five hundred sounds crazy. I'm let you go. I love you. A thousand thousand calories is too little too, though I mean like like, if you're only doing five hundred calories, what does he eating is usually jacket? I didn't one day with them, whether why and It's a half, a chicken breast and a handful of broken women and men and that's one meal and then
one is another handful of broccoli in another? Haven't you, your breath and you're allowed a bread? Stick, so stream. No man, the private insurance stuff gets you. If I go to ass road thing. It's your job is our jazz knew anything be twelve, and he goes to this doctor this all the time the peers be admitted ever I've, never work for the news you gotta be more specific, lay invaded. I am here in a bid to upshot the fuckin pregnant personally on you. Now is our speed prayed to express its base thing. It is sent entities. Did she say, placenta, bia death, has doble center. I get my placenta synergies in glinda cheaper when new beer and wipe away
I know I don't know this is more englander. She wrote. I just got your laptop white. Understood your laptop snow? I had no idea in the apple this laptop Brook just now. Crash quite hammered, I'm not I'm. First on the suburbs, one in the whole, that's impossible: a hundred percent impossible or possible India. Somebody, it's totally possible the person. It says this service person, the room is rarely sobers personal letters overtones. Aren't. Nor do we want to do a Google, it do so bitter reality you I never will listen, I could do those things well, I'm drunk. Would you reiterates ass, no are we doing Rachel Ray? I wait. I've z Does he told you guys over Brian Sober he's been cleared? Please leave the room. You are clear who left this is like fuckin heads are poker
abominable my liver, IRAN and stutter, and they feel ok, congratulations by the way on the hurricane this week and you will not ducked get having show with Parliament's Delia Museum You think I'm wrong so many years it's been ruined and see. Our eyes will not await lately, so maybe he needs become in Syria, he's turn over a new leaf, yeah, maybe or
and he's Pollyanna Jujitsu in Bulgaria in one area that is in a woman's urine G Glinda, the good pregnant women during the many genscher? That's just a touch of Alexandria, your mouth, the wages sheds appeals off here, my muff airport. Yes, I think it's, my name I don't ever want to do is over one again now: listen we ve! Just during the last one we did drug was dug, stand those already knows or grey problematic back. We need it does love to man before he shoots himself. That's just to show us the dogs, good sidewise, and although he killed himself, you now Hunter S Thompsons dire when he decided is bodies fallen apart, I wouldn't be surprised, but I think that
Leah, really logical way to do it. Have you heard his podcast baton roads, his podsnap up, aided upon Castro Tom Roads? Really, It's just stumbled on it because I'm do this time. Roads phase and I'm gonna found it. He they day it is the most beautiful ending of a park as I've ever heard. They talk about taking mushrooms together in them thinking the earth was gonna, spend them off, and Tom Road starts going in song was planned in the background and those I was, and then I decided I didn't have the wherewithal to to get up and use residential urinate in my pants and bingo took my pants. Engagement on reduced was one of the most beautiful moments and then they start singing together. Either the thing in the song and it picks up in the background and it's the most awesome moment, I've ever heard legacy a beautiful if you just go to view googled that that progress in use your door was an old thing, because Tom Roses, some stop roads
Sometimes I mean I like Tom rose but, like he tells dog, eat dog. What's gonna we stand up and dogs is been drinking, it these on ambient in this paragraph and so in Vienna to help in any that even drink a lot. So he says leading dollars. Only I'm SAM, I'm fuckin van tonight and then dug says he was dealt with daggers fucking done. I hate it. I've done everything I'm doing does rewritten the same jokes on shill. If I could just quit, does in fact never come back. I do it tomorrow and then silent Tammuz solely like my stay in the minds of fake, where it is clear that there, but just so fuckin hammered in his bargains.
Very well. Why let it that's what we should end today? We should all sing a song together with Yang Amazed and doesn't they will arrive in key? I did I did mushrooms with dug the day the war broke out. The very day of we did you notice breaking out. Rightly news now decided go out to the desert to do drugs. We went to yawn urban cells momentum on vodka. We ve got to get us into more gas in work. I was an argument against gas banking. It was odd replies. I told Brian that whose has as the girl from from thirty rock Mark Marian had interviewed our replies. Are you interviewed a remark? Is I just saw Aubrey and read the description or Marin's Lego, thirty rock check. I want your home here.
Yo deals with it before I go to merit our very own here. The judge version first good that'll be little different. It's gonna be all gossip celebrity like awesome Mary. I want here Joe deals with it and I hear it and its Obregon it's a duty on. It must be the dude from from Parson Recreation, and he's got change. My name Adele is. I was gonna like one of those workers. Couple balls he's on NBC dynamite gone, I was guides voted. Driblets Balls NBC is on recreational. That's funny. You thought it was a whole, but I guess I'm like then this guy's, a deep mother, Fucker gotta merits and it's a check I got fired, but what we say about machines into EU and standards that we did the day the war broke out. We knew that the war with the United States was going to war on this particular day, so we drove out to the desert with his do live we go, but with agreed on Matias. We took a couple different kinds. We started out with Amity the must carry, and then we moved our way into silver. Cyber commences wait, there's differently
nowhere near the Amity Recap: sex it even indigo? What's what's the ones abroad, a couch, those commences martians, but there's different kinds of Cubans mushrooms is a bunch of different species of psychedelic mushrooms, including some that have no history or known history of human use, their psychedelic chemicals. That people did we. We don't even believe that people discovered like her and Baby Woodrow, Sir. I believe there's no evidence of human use of that until like really recently and inside contains the same chemical compounds as LSD. I believe ammonia, maybe a little off on that lice, Ergic ass it. It know it has something to do with that their, but it either way it's a very strong psychedelic compound, but there's no history of human use says like it's like one of those weird these are people might amiss that one. I tell you, I can't do check it, Alex now, achingly again, why do you say that, because our brain. The last time
saying that, but let me tell you so than that anybody tells me. I know my brain is the number one candidate for a psycho experience, because you said but you can't do psychic dogs, but you know your brain. What I, but I hear is my ego has tricked me into this position or have stood, my ground, terrified of anything, really truly frightening a revolutionary. So I'm going to operate by a clearly defined, predetermined pattern of behaviour that I find acceptable and I'm to that whenever anybody brings it anyone who brings it to say why? No, my brain and the last time you did it, you did it before show. Yes, You can't do shrimps and showed getting issuing work after I was watching shadow people in the crowd and he's got a shadow while retaining shrimps and my kids round. I can't make it. I guess I could theoretically mushrooms. If it was the right moment, the right, Could a hundred percent need about shrubbery, meaning that we needed they would definitely be during the day like I couldn't do it at night. I never been able to do it at night, heightened states of tension that are appropriate
no it's understandable if you're at war of here you know your hunt, gathering your phone chasing a dear but heightened states for no reason which you to acquire yeah, I don't know, I don't know how to do that to me: you look at it, the natural balance of a human being genetically we have. Same DNA as fuckin people that live ten thousand years ago. There were thrown pointed sticks it running out elsewhere, the same goddamn dna. Yet we have these bodies that we don't exercise, we don't push them, we don't make them do things and I think there is a great deal of of, the human tension and stress and and an imbalance that comes from not take care of your body, that your body misfires and sends chemical signals that don't make sense sets its confuse and does not handle itself needs its secure, it's fucked up and weird Diana exactly and that
your body? It did it in fact, with you, it is deceived. You throw you bad signals, I'm afraid, I'm afraid, because one like my brain already, fires by its own legged, just start saying things an egg and that I think we're comedy my going to come from at least and I'm afraid when, like now I get to appoint this is where was last time as we took some mushrooms and- and I realized at the second, I took them that I'm a father and as I put the fuck am I doing a kick it off the grid, the where didn't college a catch us hop, often read disappear for six hours, have a fun Amsterdam. It taught me like I'm a father whose fucking with not only my livelihood but the livelihood of my children. If I do, pull the trigger in my head. I can't come back if something fucked up my head, now ruin life for to the net. That fought is what fuck me up for the night and then what about his like fucking, just getting drunk again a guard. Thus will do so by
that- and it was a fine night. I had a great night after that when I was like pornography drinking, but that's my biggest. That's my that's what my head. It relies when it comes. Second l, Will you talk to the wrong? Do say you're talking to me, I would say no, I don't I would you can hear the kind of person. Then I would you think I would be fine. I would point out if it was going to do, mushrooms can eat. I would definitely want you to do with you even you're, not gonna, be ok. It's eventually gonna be ok. I wouldn't remember, remember really, I wouldn't even you're not going to be ok. Eventually gonna be ok, because this is a temper if you're, not gonna, be ok, you're gonna be ok. I just want to get your deprivation You can do it. Why, when you do drugs- and you tricked me the fucker Who do I beg your anyway? You Rachel, I knew you'd, be way too intense and he would say
forgotten me regularly to intense from a joy ideas were scattered. Finally, I do not do mushrooms Jones. I cannot deal with joy, just us and staff and in yelling at me, for no real re alone, which, by the way, are a dying man, o Brien when he was on acid. As I said at the USA, but he's got a joke. You know I'm started, that I just don't mix while the jewish people The growing entered Hollywood Dick underlined here: yeah have now I'm just getting. No, I mean our it's always met in me. I always rub with are the wrong way and it's like because our young, as certain people that I always get along with and then there's people like Bari, who always or are you d like it? I will spare you know you know, or a million ways better than I do, but I will definitely say that ory is a different type of human beings.
He told me the other day the timescale Let me go somewhere down the tracing more story. That's working with worry this weekend I said shut up, I got one already. Two armies had only goes, none of it I go: wait: sores working together, telling the tracing Morgan story and and some other celebrity illness, but it really to me this always working with a guy for buckings. It showed who's this guy, it's a black comic and he told the whole began in another room. I dont know the name because fucking already does in those name. He worked with already whole weekend and told this story on hurry. One can say, and on our initiative members name does a reverie goes. I forget, you know I was trying to impose a pretty high. They good. We like typical work is lorries, and I go. I got out of you not like. I love like that. If someone was telling story of our history or jos or yours at the onstage. I would be to testing you tomorrow, but are just as I fucked up people who don't drink dont know how good food is because right
I've got a couple of the right. Now. I've got a couple of beers. Looking at the clock in ten minutes, cavalry letters in cover city clause, we can really make unless we leave right now to get a real sausage sub sausage. With fucking, I see from tomato sauce, asses and Peppers, Culver City, Colorado's knock over city dressing overstating did a whole gives Indra Amazon COM, maybe Chatsworth now good on the part of the so far where, unfortunately, backup that's booze. Man, do you know
that's one thing. I love my board day and that each street food Eads, like Fuckin, fried sausages and peppers on the side of the highway and he doesn't get terrified. Sometimes they go out like everybody knows, This, it's always will give. You didn't, dare vote about something you survive, but everything I wanted to stop. I want to tell you why this tat I wanted to start, but it is really worry, though, that if it stops the United we find anymore yeah. They wanted to put me on pill, decide social anxiety disorder, our programme. And there were like what we want to get to a mood stable. I, like one of those moods generalised collar, broke pill. Sending away what makes you interested. Yet it's the thing that, like my brain works, a certain way, I'm cool with it, my wise move, cool with it, my friendship or that, if you don't know me be weird, but I get it and I fuck around, like you know, I would testing boundaries of my mind, but I definitely wouldn't know it's good. Your brain is goods is different,
you know this. I believe that there's a bunch different components and ingredients that all put together to make every including society in human beings, and some people have to be different. There has to be different kinds of people, and you know, and much. Society wants to take people that we don't have problems areas did me. Everybody has problems right, but they're, just fuck, indifferent and society wants to come their edges and and and and straightened curves in and make them. You know thing that fits yellow and that's an add, unfortunate man, because the most brilliant people, the most fun people of my life, the Doug, stand. Jobs in the jail. De, as is in the bird crises and in all these people. This life is richer because I know people like you. I like to spontaneity occupy in the whole time of let's drink some piss
like that's all, but this isn't like advisedly, because because we talk, you know it's like a little how bad it is not just in the writing. My needs money not want to drink. Europe is line. I do you want, get some glasses come on this in our western Pierre, which strengthens brand scared. Now, there's no reason. Article arise, hunting trip to the man you just got to the man table talking about drinking. He pulled his dickens. I lay a little turtle trash myopia. Both your own Vienna, as did my right now just be beer, got scared. Just be straight. Bear you just beginning and warm corona, that's landrigan right now, I'm on my way reaches farts in each other. S faces bitterness better.
Committing doctor. I wanted browsing birds, ok, but I think you ve ever you might need those pills, anti riot willing to do get to class and it takes them. No one that women's rights are better than you did suitable Brian is down for protein moment. Jujitsu only complete with pregnant women really trial are ones a baby. Here I got hazy tapping having raised the point that back like that, I was a baby. Ok, if you only have to fight a woman is nine months, birds getting pregnant, feel folks spoken shows, okay, o, we are please follow my man, Bert on Twitter, its birth Bees are not like Ernie and bird by b e r t crisis
nay, r e ass c h are one of the funniest human beings. I now believe follow him twitter. Let me put on our cross reading glass you re my schedule see every please come come Come one come September temper, nor in the house, a blues I believe him doing that would Duncan trestle Duncan Trust and Duncan is bringing back little. Hobo Isoude had a conversation about what you're gonna get a high ran away by someone stole little hobo by a new little hobo and we're going to conduct a science live on the pod cast to bring the spirit of the original little Hobo enter the new little. That's awesome: nine. Twenty three Denver Colorado, the Paramount Theatre, almost sold out bitches hop on that shit. That is the day before the you have seas of timber. Twenty fourth, which is John, versus Clinton, rampage Jackson Home checked, so that's it.
Number, twenty Third Denver, Colorado, paramount fear, holler, agile! Thank you very for the flashlight. If you go to jail, Rogan, dot net and click on a link for the flashlight, you can, in the code, name broken and get fifty percent of them. His eyes are worth males line to sit. Afterwhile gets annoying, give them my documentary, if you can I'm not going to say these people entering the code Rogan fifteen percent after months, extorted men and money. Light realize you're document. We owe it to go to twitter, Dotcom, Berber, dot com, there's a link there, I'm sure Bert, Bert, Bert, Dotcom. Ok- and this is a documentary where obviously after listen this park ass, you realize it he needs to be followed. Seventy two five per crusher desists snow note to but Thank you to open anti who room remain. My friends and some of the coolest fuckin people on radio
did live at the compound this, the other night I was at home a Saturday night or whatever the fuck it was and Anthony was doing his show, and it was like two o clock in the morning and in New York, and so I called in and I was on their show. I was on his show for half an hour seriously. He doesn't show in its basement. That's how coolly is here, even though these are all being Anthony, he does ancho from his Fucking house and he's the inspiration for why Brian and I chose to do this and why we started out doing it on Ustream and doing it when pressed grass web crap anyway, it was really cool to do that. Thank you to everybody made. The the podcast number one out of all podcast on Itunes is weak. That is seeing that new, most downloaded podcast number one out of all the park as Itunes was crazy. Seen number one end number four was really crazy package, so we had number one and number four of the top ten most downloaded podcast that those trip, I'm glad you guys are enjoying the fuck out of it. We we love doing it.
The reason why we love doing it is because you guys enjoy if you guys weren't listening, it would be absolutely useless and if we were by ourselves. We to run. I should talk about so thank you very much for Mister Cruncher, one of the fund, the most interesting people. I know it's one of the coolest things about having this podcast is to be able to bring all together with this, so amazing thing, college boy, bitches fucked up as an interesting bargia it's over now and we'll see you on Wednesday, with God knows who cabins August, thirty,
Then he bore Dane September sure sandwiches.
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