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Charlie Murphy, Freeze Love, Brian Redban - Date: 08/24/2011
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the european experience experience gas is brought to you by the flesh light if you go to your own dot net was wearing joe rugged done then click on the link for the flashlight entering the code name rogan you will get fifteen percent of the number one sex toy for man oh yeah that's i said it charlie merv easier bitches buckle up but left doesnt village it until the music to exempt that was voiceless
charlie murphy and freeze love land ridge live lack charlie doesn't fuck around he brings allow fuckin policy to your house dude legate aboard the whole can freeze loves my friend from an old days the common store of known freeze for fucking like a decade now if not more have not longer fifteen years been a long time and you can have a letter unions as we have been going through a bit in new york or behaviour for nine years our first time back in new york bag and how do we go way out monetary oh you know we're in hollywood right up lots of people are tortured he has been doing lantern i owe you a country outside the country a family may go back to your being in an actual i'm doing a show that is guantanamo bay that's going to be big
this time when the next week or space really guantanamo bay i join my beloved one homely shit so to be a hundred percent soldiers had it says so hard real big will they let you talk about whatever you want as far as we know you man i was that you you know i'm gonna come there near them that poland aplenty live they were no ground there was a great story that louis uk wrote on his blog about going to go and overseas to entertain the troops and how you know enthusiastic the troops aren't good fell determining bow year i said he could get in trouble the shit you just couldn't help himself or was it would go higher ups yeah guess i didn't they wanted to be fairly clean and age
go dirty because he knew that's what they wanted to hear and then fuck interest rate grassy and after the show of the general shows that when he had problem like that an army so if you keep his movements we scaring people there were both veterans this re man had he has to get this right and that no pushes for you then is that when we come to my show we have no legs you guys we're both with military yeah i was in the navy was unarmed does this is a different breed man people have been the military you your eyes are more open people been the military like well well well this is for real social issues for keeps everybody out their running around playing doktor he won the world really work even language when it shone the news i shall like laugh footage of firefight news if you'd never anymore its air use never around a real five firefight debt
it's not the same thing is being that you don't like what you see on the news it has an effect on you definitely but being here was going on has a different if there were a hundred per cent of people get out desensitize exactly eagle he said it s tat stand and bullets flying by you realize this could be it right now is it be it at any moment yeah does different breed ban people have been involved in the military are completely different breed at sir it's a hardware live man and for life people in this not a lot of talk and options in this country due to jump limitation may a viewing it another going on is that a better choice point blank if you really do another view you if you're going well that's a hard life i do that you're not doing anything you need to do that as well in doing that
it's it's very well when joke as you have ended up doing now are we just sit near the house get in trouble ruin you know you never was workin out so they all go to the military and again together so you will ever gonna doing nothing there will you need a girl what men definitely needs some form of discipline whenever we don't need some form of discipline we need something to shock us out of complacency and get us move and we need something that's true camps should be mandatory for every mail was u turn eighteen whether you go to military and that i think your book cab experience you should go somewhere where were you gonna learn takes them on one day young you good in a situation where people that do not love you have complete control your life that's it as a good understanding of life by now the pig later they don't care about your feelings they don't care
doesn't matter you gonna do what they say do and if you told the repercussions their lot like life you know the right way gonna be in a better situation so an alarm when you come my strong early battle of several other people that is fascinating that we'd like to pretend that our societies anymore evolves the the romans then the greeks and then you really feel at ease with the military really is in its design are hired army do we pay to go fuck people up an israeli state and case law it's not over here will or will not everything over their state which is territory crazy debts this law will be the situation on the planet yet desires you get p different countries are no less than we have competition for resources and i now but we don't we don't have any idea what it must feel like to be invaded
it's gotta be some trippy shit could you imagine if you were living in afghanistan for say ghana stand is fairly rural place it's a very strange country there's only one real city cobbles the real city everything as all these these territories run by warlords it's very strange and father sudden tank shell giant metal tanks and forget jets flying overhead a u like what the fuck you just out there were your goats and your benches training everything down would bid analysis is an american troops ranks and guns having with the army was diminish aberdeen here period of a mass of coins there s a welcome it if i were the fear would have in my house but rather get my blackness seen tanks some of them i can already tell you that like to pretend that were the peak of civilization right but we're doing that to somebody out the vague you know
it is very could be advanced race above all advanced country rather above this one could be some new military power that all the sudden starts taken over and we could be in the same situation that in other countries are as opposed to us oh yeah that's something anything any thing switch over time it might not be something instantaneous but in a few months or a few years time we could get all fucked up i tell you like my service i was in berlin and this was like in nineteen eighty five eighty six this was all before the wall had come down and we would literally stationed in the heart of berlin in berlin is like manhattan of europe we would have tanks rolling down city streets
past city buses can and it was felt weird they felt weird but what to do with how the people respond they were desensitize that's been that way since the initial since they put the wall opens you wanna sixty to one every was so there were you to it but even for me i never got used to that i was always wear why does not differ things about going out of guantanamo they have that wall that too when i was in the navy went to get mom some when i go by form then it was my first time here they have their war they would do the soldiers on the wall and i gave it tell you if you approached it gate have you tried to go through it did they shoot to kill you do she finished on both sides again reviewed shouted coming to you is this they kill you gotta the cuban issue isn't a factor that that's cool the we allow that like this
this area fifty one spot where if you cross the line is a certain line we get too close to area fifty one they just love shoe you goin so once you cross the line we claim that yeah like what the hush we're gonna ridiculous rule is that that's that's so ridiculous that the people that are in charge of the government would allow something like that you can just someone who's driving and you have explained shed international security you might think what was behind what's your air fifty one you might be like if you knew what it was he would be like listen they got anyone who comes in here i've always wondered i always wondered whether now it's really alien shed or whether as gis secret government
projects in everybody claims alien shed but if you don't know what the fuck they're capable of and you think it's one thing but it really is far more advanced you would probably think it was alien and then the rumors get spread and and if you're some scientist thinks he's a bad mother fucker but meanwhile these some russians it figured out some shit that nobody else has and we ve got their information and is in a hanger somewhere in the desert you stumble upon their you'd probably think that's alien it pricing which is coming from oh my god they made a fully fully real as human being you things ellie because most people you have saying we don't lose we will use our rainbow without we always visit unplanned it no more use ten december brains about the brain capacity we only
said the cinema why wasn't sarka elephants user cinema bears in their elephants i think they can't drive cars we use ten percent aroused and we do all is technical i think that some urban myth that in recent years ten percent i've seen it i will finish shown a solid debunked its is it a raised again and we have heard that ten percent of our brain we'll use we don't use our tag present we went out or is it could be in control he adds up anything is really sense yes a method here with weak we talk about this in a body ass once before because i had heard someone say it too
if i may quote it's a misquote of albert einstein or the misinterpretation of the work of peer for florins jain mercury dismiss quoted and stand in pierre who florence florins it's one thing i ever body sat valuator from rows of genius nice grew so this animal south class i think a lot of people think that people people say this although we used to sit a memory i don't think they understand that way i think that i think we know what areas of the mind are stimulated during certain activities we can monitor the mine but there's a lot of the what is that consciousness where's the consciousness stored legged aiming at a hundred percent faggot mobility rate the nice endorsing expression in big the tab there we all have a widow or use it i think most psychics or force it most of them now
i'll leave room you get excessive sam you see someone like michael jordan way to wait advancing war he was the psychic no i'm saying tat he tapped into something that nobody has sadly ensues was playing games concerning in particular the high level yea think of it as there is alarming and nobody else can do their bit him more dave nobody else tat in what you know well there's also frankness in others freaks like you know
just like john holmes at a big giant dick that's abnormal get this level deck and your world in my worldview and accidents eels better examples of bio gigantic lex ok that's that's unusual organ who's to say that there is on brains capable of being hyper powered less does his dress on guys got those fuckin twentieth dig brain you know and that's what it has added reiterate when he's dig ring and he's fully fully real to us you seem like an area like this gas so smart rising again it was on the animal nosey was doing all these different madame who are solutions at one time that he was he was talk nine fifteen people any was telling them when it with what the data were born to action and math questions well the data the children were boys tell ashen quest about their light made one yet even had a whole rueful appeal was one can world does it plan to go
and i had to go what is it every man to the maximum allows them to do that is all manipulation of madmen his grasp on understanding madman is he did do leg thousand joints and want the mathematical joys and one time will you you go i wanted was to return you don't want any don't fifteen twenty young at the same time we ever see those do not relate chess where they played ten games at a time and they walk like lieutenant baron one of the fish are really harm that's do me when i was in the navy due to two amazing the entire mistake like forty five guys chess board you started the first gaddi walk to the less wonder what he walked baked maybe three lapse which means be everybody in three or four move every week may but this
i couldn't issues really yeah yeah we love was there was significant massive damage to relax yeah really gonna idiots and what is the use of weapons offers the mannings real smart what's up like there when we came and common sense things away while that's interesting man yet life is itself out in one way or another summit bounded you don't get to be super intelligent and be cool you know they can this one guy this get these really think i mean super duper thick cope bottle glasses and what it does is it looks as though they took a pitcher the new york skyline of three sixty picture of the new year skyline and they showed the pictures and he's got the pitches all of close does to his eyes to these three glasses and early walk into the water
why did he paints with a pencil it draws the whole sky line exactly to a t from events the kid can look out the window will yeah we talked about this kid before he can look out a window of a plane and see a city and then draw that exact image ranked and crowd of us a favour to using the same must leave the brain i think that when you see something like that you gotta say ok will clearly their levels of potential that haven't been tapped if we're evolving and we think we are right we think point on which some lower primate and we evolved to become human we're going i'm gonna stay this we're gonna get something else and when you see these savant you see these people with crazy abilities without represents to me as potential this
this is a potential performance of the human body but what it just not working and all of us yet but if this guy can do it yeah yeah shit himself and yeah yeah i can't watch tv without screaming and running into the walls but if he can still take a picture of his mind and draw you can't do that you could do that too and all the other stuff you do well yes goddamn it if i'd take less choice i think i'd rather just not be able to draw on that shit my pencil i would say that too i would go down to you i don't want to mess with extreme example crying all the time
some extreme example can't get my shaking it later rain listen to play the scabbard brower ours is supporting wanted to speak during these problems becoming the best at something in anything trying to become the best you were you risk becoming a fuckin mad person rizzio crazy person there to get out there and really get out there to hit the highest eyes the almost have to just be fucking nuts numbness after his leg of all go
the almost have to do just willing to go to places that that other people won't go quicker than their willing to go harder with more discipline further further further and as you doing that man it s a separate from the hack of four separate from humans it gets so wrapped up in trying to accomplish something any become crazy i've seen it happen of sea i've seen people go crazy wishing raw materials the air was beside lasers i mean the other day the folks you don't know raw william visor calmly store legend he's dude who used to hang around the calmly store and he was always like wherein like plastic bags and stuff it's kind of homeless and he would have all these one liners about we'd he knew all information while we is whole act was about we'd everything i mean if you weren't wrote barely five plant the emu to tap five calls bedecked detriment right
every year but he bought a new suit recently those things are on the up and up to a guy he's alive pharmaceuticals where he was always very firmly i've never shaken his hand but we ve always been very cordial unfairly each other because he don't he won't touch don't touch me when i try to give him knuckles once i prefer not to do that for now and so he doesn't like being touched the poor guy and you know you can only speculate as to what the fuck that's all about someone doesn't like me and tends to mean who has lent a good hug every now and then someone that again this was going to be a comedian so just really i mean here just put himself in the committee were around i don't know if he was ever funny but
he made me laugh a few times there their lives there were silly he had some silly one line as it were fine and they know is molested by a fellow comic network maybe maybe we give up the knuckles factor nasty giving like a big big dick black porn oh yeah i get is around them they have are deficient dixon they pull about they keep him in their pants and they dislike pull out this vague dig at my dad doesn't even look real at all man waited to rise now
they just do it this guy makes films he makes only but it's a fig debt can you could buy this if you want to have a fake big black so ridiculous i mean he does his special effects budget is very minimal because as do doesn't even take his pants off his just get this fig dick programme was a gas is meant to get where we have ten put you browse the ball she asked some color birthday march we met this year he came to show what to do ten minutes was always let you know any communities their local common loosen tat never set eyes on the internet the last january salted come better get busy goes i ve known you girls glad so you know that's beautiful you let anybody do ten minutes any
every year we have been those companies that young man struggle in trying to get it cracking you know why and then you let him go up and determines year itself to highly murphy you invited for purposes of jam securities is chagrin because sometimes here where this do came up be added he added fake going around me gradually with your boss is lit leg is vague reprimands i was part of his team i was probably displaying fig dig out and i was sitting in a bank where you know we say we want that is show me that
the show business zone stage is a lane ornament people looking at an earlier lords every day right ok what you say about it that showbiz therefore that could be you there could be used on those areas those consider yourself was due to join the porn fig big crowding singers songs about it just a year as a way to make live did you ever have the idea on the military's aren't you as our hearts i'm gettin the guy's off stage where they don't want just determines the monkey gone dead don't want to stay illegally was killed and of everyone living in the leg this is about ok jobs or even let me use bargain you took the craziest path in the comedy ever man always admire you for doing that when we met
charlie i did this thing the maxim comedy tour oh yeah i'll leave me and i had to have fraud we had a great fuckin time we got to become friends but i i was always impressed that you took you we were an actor essentially when you went on chapelle show you would just a guy who is really good at telling stories a really good actor and the brother of the most famous stand up comedian possibly of all time and you just job to why in the headline in man jumped why and that takes some crazy balls i think about when i first started doing stand of someone said ok i gotta do forty five minutes outages shit all over myself you just what white in you never had a moment where you were like charlie murphy the middle acts who toward the country and try to do little gigs like you
just went right into the fuckin flame which is really hard to do so freeze louvres yeah it's all me don't don't hold back do you and and and ass you are we blame those mainly because the asia was started newsstand about that unit tat do you are job your opening for people and show you have to have it you gotta show up with some say do you have something to say yes i must say that go go now and make it happen leave him so he knew where we are the philosophy by the time you have forgotten stage on them when i first got to say those twenty one i was an idiot i didn't know shit i'm no business seven anybody anything about any they just talk about pussy i'll just tell sex jokes meals like my whole act because i was the first time i'm gonna stay dome i there is showing paid for it
i pay way woman they deserve but was that tasted and wendy that was how old is no way somewhere is telling me i can't go vagabond stagey mammals like do whatever had due to step up its turn people please let me yawns nay i'm gonna beat you for real really gonna bust makes an ailing phase you gotta let it go because i'm not given its job what we do and i stayed with me how old were you when you first got onstage forty two why so what was a like man is what are giant like shift in your life all that certainly we are you tore at all over the fuckin countries with higher easily perform the first two years i believe that it was real is ill cases you you debian courteous to you because i like you japan showing an you know boy you and then so go get his money in half way without
taking serious because at any moment is gonna his appear insane but then it is happening in italy every became responsibility lay okay this is now disappearing you ended where's ability to take this as far as you can well that's a weird that's weird way of thinking about it so what you think that it was going to go away it was it because man ass rooms too good to be true way it is too good to be true we go into the room was sounds days but at this time the time your fifteen twenty menacing in fact nineteen grams they were talking too good to be about whenever we talk about a moment there was a nice unless we have the duke liquid enacting we give you scrape apart and we have to deliver this guy to new orleans net you send a buzz you so there too good to be true i was a white man come on man what's the hardest part about starting that late is
the eu already set in your ways and you get a shift your whole life around is now your stand up comic noted the hardest part of us then sorry sorry i'm late for me was the head most comedians they were my age of fifty two years on there most community fucking during my age create credit latticed fans their age you know saying i have in my eyes but have also a lavish bans that twenty one eighteen now because it a new show em down without terry crews are we there yet she is all again like kids a parameter why so what yes i understand and i was i was a fool you were who were you talking to can't talk if you can't talk a little kids the same way you talk to adults and answer that came back was just be yourself and people do you suppose we talk to show up rising u targets who will not come back you know no i'm pretty good
do me out s web been go around the world and had no problem because when we get there struggling with in stockholm now so am i know i'm a staggering so you get the same thing in stockholm a jubilee git and how that you will get in new year as it is i can deliver me dead there's something beautiful about that data that's that's a wisdom and she now you're forty two they don't necessarily have only twenty one twenty one the first sentence don't stand we really shouldn't be talking we should be listening to your point of view has really should be addressed and always that's all of them our relationships ones like stabbing you only had one relationship we tell you how to rules of firms who never dream black box and wasteful year how exactly all accounts the real thing
you don't like that i was a man we're starting i was already a full grown maybe out we highlight yeah because of the extent of ultimately becomes about your point of view comes you know you you will break down this is the abbot allied for x amount of years this is how i see it boom it's what you say you stand up eventually becomes eventually and you already there you already had so much life experience that jump in it ready to you now i mean i in an independent as in every nerve to discourage the kurds is anything in october this graph it is very easy to hit you know now we all know is comedians it sometimes you'll get the explosion in what you want that to happen but possibility budget estimates he'll take right yeah bombing sucks violence
that is what makes you sharp don't fear we do you know it's gotta it's you know it's much harder we are here right now doing my first tv show when style shall we the only way now let me out of the six weeks and what is in trouble maybe look charlie murphy's law charlie murphy me as it is the judge i view the judgment is whatever ran but imagine just met when he goes home any as we have matters back rallies rain from the street right because he even dad disk this is a bad kid so we shall method is case is can lead to ship of any farther with we would use sent his net is so if your is really a problem every week skirmish rambo this cave where map really now say be day knuckle up in equally
at these net beetle right saying right isn't real real kid leg what what most people deal right right but he's funny you know so death did so we mix the two day about may court in debt blended together suggested a shows is going mean they cause when we forty seven hormones things would have though we mainly about me and my relationship with my dad we look into judge matters as your inspiration thy love judge map as matters is weird like watching other people go to court ruled out where it is man will i like other people go to coiled principle we like other people to build beg you fuck now i can't believe he says mother fucker doesn't even have receipts north sea while even comes china no i didn't like it what are we like seeing other people fuck up
gas is argued manto nice distraction country and their problems we have to think about your own you ve got some new thing to occupy a mind to sitter judge matters like score that only a teaches me what not to do just like i do with comparable his attention minus forty eight like if i were to murder somebody like i know not did it is in that way it's it's just read bagging sue s jokes math vs professional vagueness that will start no no taboos such duties with quick witted and he says bone crazy shit man telling thousand radio station with them and i will have an ox bag what he really toilet digg what they did is there i don't get started he came in state that he had to euro slept in a row we came at the very least i would probably no boys meeting in a free and mabel any may freeze actually precept about timmins it hey are you
fishermen for committing the room was neck classes in that nowhere even people laugh you don't even a roman started again blowed out they look like augured com re nest with respect to the whole thing gary commonplace in doing this look just like gary roy them in a room and we went to the booth with actual room to do any of you judge matters in this spain is gaining bears freeze he was redeem so he says judge methods in judgment is tickets in mixed level who's they re playing what are you really raising a ping pong he had a vague resale anymore just met jagged matheson destroyed at me destroyed is its strong first wrong a better that whole when you talk to me
those judge talking shit you in a one point some about downtown la some of my transvestites induce a year does men's i know you want to go there and they see out and chains with judgments i do want to go there me could watch you stand up and set the institutions and reassure judge said the judge him on my son is information that neither he's real judgment is irrational prison in shit i did us and we will tell us should do sack of where you stand that we send out signals that was weird is the brain was ok don't get its wisdom that's what made me go judgment is real please do so hard man do shut up it s the enemy was scared to talk
previously it was he would kidnaps the idea as well great moments and criminal history too i story judgment i loaded acted whack you i'm supposing it up and tommy i'm supposed to ask you about johnny gill thought it could be asked or delaware though a man you know why you know when it's all so how do you know whether a thing was tom cigarette all that was down there was one of the days when the despatch asked was still you know frightened tourism may we really angry he asked was witness a man s i'm sitting next to balance their areas do you guys thing alone have no point to no family and go with him and i wanna hit heavily seven b man jumped thereby able and i'm not up to me and the fact that you pointed out that they make up stairs i told him
i asked the same room making sure they ask knows feel that way i want to be there and make sure you know that you a the krona clearly nuclear whip yeah man now to me that was the has is is of the highest level money with roses landmine sing you gonna get a file into one women come on man he needs to know that he needs to know you feel that way i did it with my days in your web browser is a totally madness ned make about someone they walked together you know like this do tell me which may be very it tells me i don't want you tell me what you tell me why in turn coolly mixture of worry said mike innocent
economic governance like enticing we say never me now in my whole life i mean you probably giving encounter before in developing the barbershop sometime folks men emilio may make you might don't method may what are you are you ps right don't we make snakes stabbing bring never tremulous they grant gleason's re mare a pig any heavy weight somebody mad you never seen on tv in here you call the greeks may you vienna where you do just get does we what he does message him jump ran will you try can be join you round is that whenever there is a great happen manning we're doing get delusional about their ability to take ass it was really thirty begging the out of been maybe he weighs more what are you thinking just think that he felt he don't have getting me ask that he was more powerful faster
thousand will you named you embarrassed before as they deal with the main why were you think they're doin may you taught me charlie target a man was lacking heads talk about being a man that's a do the doesn't understand what a wee camp is alike we j was able bodied diana thing there are these work and i would beg bosnia luke cut down there you know those muscles don't trains they too a wind brown translated best and show at a body building cancer god's is that the eu and a wind of way real friends they don't have the chisel body luxurious nothin look at innocent so limited violet normal manner would have even those those coming with you you know
joking classic rallies the problem we elder muscle is it needs fuel we gotta get to feed them see only good for above thirty seconds twenty seconds of full fury when you're a big like that can hang on to you it's like riding a bull you know but the boys librarian real banderas burn is just right in this way themselves they fear that would then they can move again it's crazy you watch like there's a guy named mary is put in asking strong world strongest man does those crazy fuckin things will throw the beer balls in the air cars and juliet in other strongman shit he's wanted a bunch of times
and he just started doing ever may egg it's fucked up by fail did that don't caddies though somewhat persian kicks tim sylvia be the fog ada boy here that dude purple don't i was was sylvia was late how dare you i was a fuckin to time heavyweight chairmen were more maybe antinomian either ways of fuckin world you have see heavy weight champion you think these you can pick up a car seeking kick his ass it was i go slow methodical asking by re overweight guy essentially what about cars that movement occurs never know don't techniques but if they can get you in those first fifteen seconds you can have a real big fuckin problem because those he asked it sells gasket street creek where you bear their negative good though cargoes supermarket arguing he could probably thought you crossed meet section yeah you back some you won't you wanna get back room across the meat sector
what do you remember me father the banks are you in whatever in any kind of professional athletes whatever professionalism respected don't issues now you think me later now got me thinking about fights and supermarkets do yeah man does no way classes in supermarkets furiously let us do so one jump along with when the rag bag some of you the same says physically out there you will then you could begin gazing with the same size but i've seen him run over five guys he says and i've seen run over her her gonna steps message this book said the other things that the same thing people don't understand a super athlete used until as what that's where we have the ability buckeyes expressed it
they express their will you surprise mainly i wasn't practising exactly there you can hang out with due to talk shit hot shit about how they fight mike tyson you guys are useless but now i'm telling you become ramey told my will you with a lot of my friends afraid and i see them in the room were misled in my view this as our own those funny is vital in my view it was me blood racked by blood brad blackburn maurice smith and one other file ivan salah very all you have seen fighters came tick boxers and were call out at a restaurant and charlie is convincing everybody that
dead the ridge hand that ya'll asleep on the ridge socket about cargo ridge and the different types of regions and there were there would laugh in their tries it like you you can interpret charlie's which are no fucking guy who usually regime was aged man in an interview curse you have the joint mommy with their neck that yarborough originate chocolate there never far yarborough he first some big game keith hackney fought yeah yeah yeah he did you hear what he said and what a legacy palm strike to the head to hit him with a bunch of different things but he definitely but i would never use yeah regime z open strike death that that even sounds like his desk and yet the listener who just who just ass you look beautiful armstrong national tell you ran clause right now the wang who was murdered
loud applause with regard to wag man without mercy depressed cameras when we will learn i was gained in view is due to come in with the pine hidden from the sad and his wife came out with a polish vague is no woe is webs lungs then only here there's no thirty two look at him she really has already euro pizza asheville fighting elevating romanians knows a break for broke llanos man rupert murdoch you know despite a volume she's even intention and she's hot though he's a bad mother fucker early when that guy's got a lot of power in this world in indiana goober waggling contiguous that's incredible yes that's what you say you need tell you wake you gotta get again comes so she knows most of those by the way she went straight upon the estate agent didn't notice tb
up with yoga night sittings came with what our old school move though hidden somebody will apply a crane routes are also funny rather our values long before we were just talking we would like what is the defence with dead now inside of you know four lessons use if you do some live in some i did it you left off it really depends depends on if i felt a malice from them if i felt like they hated me if i felt like you know they were there were largely embarrassed but people try embarrassed we would just as their idiots they want attention it would do it depend entirely on the moment but i would hope that i wouldn't do anything stupid ass a man was how with the present age range then he does that some stupid this very point for a safe way yet
remember this was the paleozoic phase whatever you do everyday doing the package is the comedy in view of the gas all over the room you get me would depend on high davy deletions using words that limit moraine foxier thank you sir are you alone with my son he's gonna have now five years will be fighting a pang of these early you'll be just just like there's a worrying me with prior you re just like there's a lot of damage that will look at a guy like mike tyson i really think that they can kick his ass there people that look at a guy like you look on stage and they get upset you for some reason negative set at you forgetting
attention to get up within no my feeling they should begin when you ve got every chance every time one of them still had a baseball bat of jokes that might my mike myrick my reaction was always right on on time laser sharp and they was burnt out of the organs that is like a cigarette he's been in a window and i've been in when you don't i think you're one of the best ever seen do inspired me blessing to the how did you take it out that was they were ass much joe was telling this present may y know said i see you evaporate peoples is that made that debt told me that a summit you definitely have as party you again you got me stand upon stage talking to people you have to have the ability to do you know to do the comes up get a shoot em they're keeping move you can't be had
with them and you know this can break the whole continuity is show up again as a condition and want to have a key moment in the best it's an unfortunate side effect of comedy but we start freeze and i were fuckin calmly store veterans man and that was a place that nobody patrolled there was no manager shush in the rome does the calmly store was run by the guy onstage and occasionally do it's got kicked out because the comical go just get these fuckin people added here god damn it would get it to the point where there was just had to kick him out bore the show couldn't go on but there is always something there that places always drama glasses thrown at me on stays there i've seen with i wouldn't remember when wholesome and got knocked out by martin minds lahti growers has done and the place was kay ass i remember remember griffin we we were in the main room we have to show it was more lucid kings birthday and
after the show that this is the when a dj came on is the first time i heard the sauna no vastly where and indeed they played it doctor dray in all of the dog power and it was about doktor john they were all errand and drive went up one states snatched record offered the off to turn table snap didn't have in that kicked offer right track was a mere two black was in their tragic that big chain the padlock oddity was swinging that i raised my girl this went on in may on martin with the kings birth a holy shit they must be places like a crazy man is less wave plain brown left ways women who have had the counties tommy's thousand appallingly which allows perform the name she was standing by the back door
is that a chick came round skimming to come about it knew each other have resisted she said the other cheek then attainment can no more which show every time she hated another piece jury came off too when she got spanish all is women's rings and necklaces married everything we was why lay was dragging our way and then you pray when i see the twenty minutes or what is happening a classic stated we were right to do this they will users they had to be in areas where a man and these are my could you imagine if you fuckin videotape valentine demands if you have been always now is that they want moms didn't attainment condom one which shows
where and how beautiful with their video b to watch that wants to ask kicking to try a walk on states to prior talking about asking to trade it would already show you don't want to mess beautiful namely twenty minutes what does avenue i performed richard price for a few weeks the dead end right when he was waiting stopped performing when he was in you'll chairman with these two areas that i had gone after him for four weeks for so they did that i always i was does those spot medici always gave me right after which a prior line you goin active reach you would need a deck like no other time it was it was sad and it was sad ruddy enrich it you know i mean it was cool because once rigid would opened his mouth it was him where i mean
you could tell that he's an end then in it was it was weird effect because oh yeah always still they still in their rights but then you would be like waiting at ease in there that's his body now and that's what he's is cameras is seen light was more in prison after you some do stand up use a realization like this is a man who has his wits but does not have as part skills and as is functions is bodily functions do with his wit raymond and that was that just was even though he was funny you noticed sharp that's just it was sad he would it seemed to me there was there was a disconnect to towards the end he found tat he was completely lucid so when he had gone stage and talk about things like the din always makes sense and in our was it was it was he was dying in now and
he would get the huge round of applause when you got a stage where people just would say no hey man will you look at him i now man is not much time left and this is one of the greatest comedians maybe the greatest comedian devil off the face of the planet the most influential i think of all time and you do watch it and was carried him away and then they introduce you jeff reggie gets on the piano lays a gentleman jargon from hardball fox tv please welcome joe rogan onstage and you have to do stand up have too rigid and it takes the police four or five minutes to get him out of the room walking with a rather than ever because you can't really walk so they to carry him and walk with them really slowly and everybody's clapping and standing we know go war veterans just got off stage little did that's who did you those yeah good were definitely there
nothing i have seen in the table they work spirit in other artists to examine gives young less only ever did was to kill less chris and i will have the being moved it s me the day i wouldn't came the work when he was he was the everyday while he was dead i like a week or two after we finish union advanced cancer but he work anyway man once our patrick swayze did it to right it's coming yes why not forget god do away like don't you think that's what's jobs don't you think that's why he stepped down and i do know that stop jobs stepped out loud i hope it doesn't change like men do do has like he had pancreatic cancer deniro liver cancer and it is up to the crazy how to get a liver transplant from fighting
cancer wasn't i want it was he ever you link factor from the came out of them think you'd magic johnson that shit's like quickly legislate for be diet you doing that i hear he just has all the money in the road you think they would there be that's his kind of to show you that there really isn't any for some it for cancer where you so you can fix aids by cancer you can't stop no matter how much money you have i think some people have a genetic clashing just get it they just have a bad genetics than they do most likely to die cancer young that's very blossom but there's also a thing to be said forgot works is harder steve jobs that's it is just not healthy yearn hidden that red line all the time you're fuckin engine is constantly go in man and i don't think that's healthy cabbie gambie that's not fine if it's not funny it's healthy
that several do europe billion airtran man you had its yo you have done in the air tat any real x you really can eat some cookies why aren t we hear you know yeah he's getting like oatmeal cookies would like maple sugar he's got like some serious issues with his health is pretty fucked up you know i don't know how much of that genetic gonna know but that argument how much is genetic challenges where they allowed of as do no genetic day all there no it's also stressing s dress allotted it is my executives a lot of those older guys they start getting really sick it's a lot of resistance the pressure this one guy again he's too while work for my ex girlfriend or magical often used to work for him or other real nice guy just fifty years old had cancer out of nowhere and he was dead within weeks
just the weirdest thing ever to seem like this nice guy allocate bar what's going on i see he's always laugh in and joking around and their own whenever it was just hit him and hid him quick and also we kill my father and my way put both in the way you do you see the dagger views diagnose it streaming in april passed away she wasn't like yours along battle and would both in them my dad he but when he was young use heavily weighted in smoking drink then the drugs that work that worked what every day they need me my name but still she did she password for she was forty is diagnosed
six months at the my daughter was born of acute file objectives bone can ever so is very dearly in in its origins a mystery could beat which ye be it's in your family you just be you or your personality your very tense person you grew created within itself is the vote these were the imbalance is of a frightening thing when it comes to your health when it really could be terminal like you could have terminal imbalance you could get your whole system so fucked up from in the wrong way doing the wrong way eaten the wrong way to goodbye my like shit treating people like shit and then next thing i know it holding
anger right all of that kind of sailing grudges all is manifest somewhere resolving a grudge is one of the best feelin's ever when cool with somebody you know when you weren't call them that i'll send you call them so nice feeling its ago it's a good as a human being i took a good feeling you now almost every year but keep in one indistinct malta's mother fucker vices does all that shit like that going over fig arguments and he had every says there's almost say that would have as it is how this hurry we're locked out my labor at learning donkey yeah dwell on negative you had learned its jane you wanna be hard you want to tell the rapporteur themselves frank for life bitch i was i was like renounce their everyday somebody quota torn from about a twig earth are quote from men dollar and he said resentment is like is like
is like drinking a bottle of poison to kill your enemy well that's deep it is true too it's almost like you know you a figure out a way to make people like to me people that you hate people nor you people that is only become a source of positivity to you right figure out a way to no matter how countries so many guess with you never let it affect you only take it as a source of inspiration remission ended with their twitter is mainly better we were there cause is constantly asked mimic very tat there is a job that people should do the gay may have gotten into with few people their go i'm begging of this programme is probably playin may now go lit up like you said you'd use when we forget look
somebody says some real smart argue some some bullshit to you and then you look and make out seven followers would you read me what they said and what you gonna do to them now how did you ever cables ridden founded does everybody reading no this banana wonder what's goin on using the best nato is dawning whisper yeah you can relax each egg is block on a black crazy area just block on people its arguments should they want to be angry man it's like you can choose to forward at when you choose to put on their twitter is a direct reflection of you as a human being when you send out there that's u man and a view
anti need dunham need you and only when the mix put that block on you you take care of me you want to tell me that way we should meet and we know how to do that its voting how many people out there looking to find the boat hate does a lot of people men and i will be able allow looking for you to stumble coin thing is you go fuck you and i want to do i don't know i just as people feel a lot of times if your failing then that makes them doing better yeah i'm doing good i'm little failing yeah that's the worst i'm happy seem fail that piece of shit man you don't even know that is never even met that dude i'm glad
at the opposite end of the aid to everyone tried to kiss you all the time like like right you nice little love letters every day so you're absolutely right who do you think would be the most annoying to be in that respect one of the biggest i broke up with this girl was bags me am i ok are yoke just kept saying oh really are you ok yeah maybe i ran well what you saw me he can make are you ok ok twenty misled and they may be they even knows it tat finally said there look i'm grown why do you keep
premium i'll kill you said if we were really make general gay company you re really helped me my problem though she said do yet was never asked me i'm ok you dealers and are you kid that whether maybe she just wanted to talk but wasn't a good sense starter she was yet a problem that is yet ramsay problems with it was weird she was early whip beggars as the way for the su dic whipped to the point
is irritating is broken down ass madame grades wheelchair guys while you don't want then you really so maybe that's too much so just to india yeah the money could be to any meaning that it is irritated come on man no man it sounds pretty good may they need a few of you at the extreme tune it felt sorry because the roma hastening away from my door whatever rarely do any of you but i can give you a keynesian uk his shoes days living would they made an ugly man are you really step she did
the point was i am avoiding yet of course and did you ever tell her stab ass yes several times she wouldn't stop you can step was the issues she crazy she was little this is luge sees yeah i was aware me that you haven't you should go tortures occasions we have anyone you shouldn't be dealing with them you sit there no private healthy relationship of session you know but what caused the obsession i don't know maybe like some people you please is fucked the shit out of a child in the same with something of what actually had adopted a girl you oh dude that was why she was like waiting outside your dog like you do like a dog i u k ok i guess she's a bloodhound view wasn't really you'll get your your how long term is just how many times edge of the fog it before you broker
are you a case from the first real fairies as the emerald ok you ok charlie murphy are you ok breakin girls wills i was cos charlie did murphy that i would say something about tat sacred charlie did a message tenement charlie did a movie that's what i thought was the same name as the cocoanut water isn't it cook out to seal to see i to with mighty thyssen right mike tyson seen move to your ones are coming back that you guys from that last year over two years ago tears here but our animals come because they did not do jimi hendrix absolution cannot always come then my amazement me ok
when the producing get ways it was the one afore the movies your world but we'd movies finding members my best rule was a faggot ahead where we make up a new mike tyson before you in the chair no say so i see the whole journey from the guy who was irregular dude i was scared in all these people are random town you can do this he did it any became is bigger than lay person always you know did in now that he is now did you see make now my gaze should aim is net nobody auxiliaries how to control that control is a merry dewey com is polite people he has again travel only alas latvian do met interesting eager shit together there is a real good about it i got it
work with him in a movie song that was a good feeling that cuz i haven't seen him in years i seen him when i did see him he's back you know say using that documented guessing how the fuck and powerful was that with a shave we never seen that thyssen document is it just called thyssen music i think actually and you see a made in craig fuckin increase when we flakes on positive leg strong merely dead yet realised levels it's incredible yes men wait a moment to his house in it was fat with six limo that way we can add the limo the outcome as you know the courtesy land standing over the magter lines front yard like hangovers thus only men's house will work
there was a line in front yard loose he was on steps like this with a heavy weight bell rang with the gatt the current played my cat like no man i know is that a cat is a line that's fucking real mike tyson lame a male or female has the main line in its front yard long it was walking was off the leash mary was then in a cage he was in the yard oh my god they came and started wrestling with all mine jar damn you i saw how big was the lion it was big man lay and he was wrestling with a hammer woody grab them started tussling women all she's in everybody within the limits to the language culture limousine a bus the window open to come in easy he's gonna get poof on combating the avalanche so everybody was in the car you couldn't beggar kaluza like five limos arise
the car fred digging it may they may be eaten land but then his hands plays with him and takes them in a bag comes back out now that you know what i'm never going to be an ran another man in life is going to do it in the usa because to me was it might take this line to make working in vegas no you don t mind young ones front yard but he had other kids did too labour would never have a lion and to be elected chills all aware some boy had come again if we may catch isn't it because we seen whacking them let make soon the bees the mike tyson story such a classic fuckin story tat goes from being poor to being intensely rich internally we end the the focus of attention of literally every person on the planet
and when he was at its p ran in the lebanese when he be michael spinks curs jesus christ people they will be able to avoid he's as they make mistakes made it then i remember the strongest billboard sense really is maggie leggy spaces main aims is just makes face us orson were building they use the bruce selden years were bruce seldom even like he missed him with a laugh talking selvas knees buckle he got up and said what am i doing getting up y know although there is destroyer there's no fighter right now i think that is the chapter on the agenda
since sensor not like him not like him since people don't understand he was michael jackson who would because even if he was american peg you believe me i would be an identity that no longer when he if you look at those the sheer numbers between how he was enticing was he's probably right up there with ties and right now her claws quotas are not yet especially in asia somebody we re in l a good awhile car boxing more where he trains people set out there and wait for em they wait to find out what time man he's gonna be there's a guy called crowd of people there i did thing with daniel tosh fur touches tv show our targets to mad by many pack in what he leaped out of the patio pungent patios very nice he's very nice he's a barely tapetum but we have to do a little harder to make it realistic sleek put a little pop into it but it was and it was very nice
every business in that whole complex has managed pictures of amaze sign things locks and gloves pictures of him eating in this restaurant that's right there s two yards like there's a there's a day viewed he's like a super superstar he's ago he's really deserves it oh yeah and he's such a nice guy what these women tween autism maybe that's a good question i was gonna bring that up we're talking about thyssen because i was watching this thing victor tease unused talking about his childhood i was watching regularly rover any had a rough his mother when he was twelve year old or is when he was seven years old or six or seven his mother just left just took off never came back so he's only raised by his dad and his dad's beat the shit out of them hid them with sticks hid them with any and then when they were twelve his dad left
so was him and his fuckin brother like wild dogs at twelve years old taken care of themselves rang scary shit man like they they had they had nothing they had nothing real for leah and you know to come from that man is a certain amount of resolve that kid's gonna have that the average person is not going to have what is it going to be enough to deal with floyd mother fucker may whether do throw you fly may well there's an artist there's no love him our hate him for like his personality in the way he attracts vans and way gets flamboyant crazy guiltily forget over skilfully skill he's a fucking master boxes grows and master is very rarely in any trouble he gets hit you can take a shot shamelessly bang saying well beyond that by various new division with the staff working there would have been able to recover the way may whether did everything programme datum up he recovered in india and took his time before debate going in where was beautiful these very very technical
izzy's he's technically perfect but he's he makes you a little short movements and throws guys off little quarter turns and shots when they come from different angles you expect and get through where you at you know he finds out where you're going to stop and then he's waiting for you before you do it please sort you out man he's a real technical boxer that's what i think was i have won him a tv is going to distance is gonna be bloody think so your teeth and then let him be them he's coming to frighten me he's letting it be yeah may whether disco my girlfriend for me without being mae west wind but will have to be may whether to be come here will be coming to have a nato right there is the real deal i can probably beat my friend andrey as a good friend of my hundred brcko does a great firearms grateful who showed me that this do is joe no georgia brcko this grappling with anybody else don't get up
they're gonna get back up and then put him there often you i'm gonna put you down i wasn't even in a hundred percent where do it well and that's my fantasy poetry the oil grandma death and get up and put down again often do you see that he's he's a definite bloody guts type fighter you now here he gave himself in a day there's gonna be a good mailing they were that he had that one fight where he quit ever since that one fight he's felt terrible about that too is losing its fight any got dropped any just call the referee often quit but really heavily criticized his heart but what it was was he was a hundred percent focused on either his training or finding itself or the consequences of losing one of them
was he came into a fight out of shape and that shit that happens at some shit that young guys will do man though the little fuck up with i have a bad camp or they needed to learn someone or the need to be pushed broken to rebuild and come back again solves ever since that fight he's been off fuckin monster that merle fight was insane was at alberto was like the next challenge to me whether i say like this guy so actually goal of the borough is as well versed in the minutes and i prefer september thirtieth vacant he's a real accurate punch too that guy's a sniper yeah he's isabel motherfucker i thought he was gonna be the next time when authorities beat him i was i was blown away i kids top and he's got you got a lot better get a lot better from that one fight you could tell the one fight worry quit from then on his dedication is obviously been way way more for waste now what did we do away what was the way he will be burdened with their desperate copies there
it's definitely somewhat much more than they really this came in stab merrily is gruelling contest with dismay came out on tap you also that day really does lovely you do to this anyway that may well there's gonna be rusty because he keeps taken these idea and a half breaks two year breaks and between fights i think these ways donors because hands as this is a good good terms between face eel is over they break really is drains brother machine lapse and on preservatives he's but still trains gladdened by those it around luxury well he's got afraid from a mass is like that so these rusty so you think he's just conference as acetate brengwain whips gas them we will afraid that really began call you later
it works out he's always a shabby hasn't get a isn't get in during these already issued yesterday it shows us that everything they showed his training completion of hidden the paths ridiculous why nobody has it has only those a lot of is its pepper pop up up up up up up up up up up up this combination they pop up up up up up up up up serious wants the fuckin combination of soviet i never did just relax did everything's flow into that up to the donors at all with the general rule regional approach routines well he's a master and he doesn't yeah does from a state position yeah he doesn't take much punishment man he's a guy's been a boxer for a long time and he looks perfectly nothing wrong with hymns got no scars not busted up and what is
i tell you what my life and with his line just rustling around with it and stuff like that in a video that's right it may get a nineteen year old toil my thyssen i ran this right here thyssen festival time i'd look he's gonna eiger years away bigger than ahead my god how did that and well does anyone have you dig them long and evident in there was clearly right eventually a man who can make a mistake demanded we do do it on purpose young nationally by accident yet we know how many secrete roy plays a key furthermore the guy got it will kill ass well like one little this wave was slant of golf side of his phrase it why didn't actually die right he may get just got really badly wounded and what happened was that the they think that the tiger got confused is a woman had feathers and our hair like some
you ve got feathers and they think this hydro might have freaked out that thought that was an animal so grabbed him to rescue him pull him away from you got joan rivers so the tiger lifted that further thing i thought that was one of those fucking piece from avatar son how about the audience who in the hills the wrong manatee due care grabbed and by his neck and just drag them off christ what is i feel like when you hear your bones your next snap and cracklin inside the more cozy girl now at least their point your brain say this was a tiger were in
rex was reality is clear what the fuck was high ranking were away its hunters tiger is hard for us to really wrapper heads or on the fact that shit like that really exists the tigers and bears in geneva that lady in russia that got eaten by a bare what she was calling her mother on the phone what fucking bears don't kill you man they just start eating you that's what it thinks about america has to start even now they were hiking her nurse father were hiding and they killed her stepfather first and she to a cell phone and calling the cell phone just corner mother while this fucking bear is eating her leg the bay eating her leg garee millions grew in the phone call chicago it three times over a period of an hour was was eating are alive where was russia had internet comes in russia
audio online for everyone for his part woman one and then she was class should kept calling mother while since being eaten now now there's no audio clip that's that be the worse i usually they found they found the body the fellow do dead end he the bear was eating the guy when they got there and the girl had been we'll die from our injuries russian black where he rushing grizzly bear russian dressed i believe is a good thing what does the article i said that i wrote the said but in any case there tell you ass it is probably going up in these areas with this present will not be going we shall have a gun lobby to have a really big one yet about a really big one if you see a grizzly bear were regular gun might not be good and nobody minds mouth
men are we gonna so even if you buy me a blow you t there yeah maybe see by me of them about what a modicum of blood will be america while bears a vicious if a female while about beating crap you will forgive a glove ass is what is of fat cat will we negotiate clause is a move koala bears on the move is headed towards you would you first step chicken dropped it drop kingly oh yeah like a fool out of current emulate short pronto take em right into our road to look you and you gotta hold didn't you doesn't somehow another time you lifting the foot up and just run right up your pants and dig as you go to swing you just a little off timing and storage of your leg and white on your dick is the only eu committees that's it don't you believe go out there's ray
forgot a female koala whereas so they have to be strong enough to have a good bite if they can pull it off i might have made that up for the boss unrehearsed maybe they re let's do that real it has gained man i was though that's a real amateur exist this thing and it has been entire tasmania jagger did exist i was in austria but the went extinct with its area endeavour was a real animal what is it looks like a little rat family tat thing they they re they re female very badly but rather rita raping your body is is i think are like over half of their body is jaw muscle guide their whole day there is basically mouth looking around and they fight from birth till death the fight any of invite when they were born in fighting the constantly how bigger they them they're are big now
i certainly would like get a wholly of foot when china kicker yeah i want check the ugly man oh my god look the images this mother fucker any a yell currently that's like crazy cartoon pedal bear phase has a vampire bare legged this thing you this thing like wrappers look that thing while they will forgive very know joe baghdad she'd be angry as one idea yeah those little little digg of a few of these little type of crazy animals that scared the shit out of me
species like wolverines and like honey badgers please get the fuck out of me man because their only they might only billing fifteen twenty pounds without killing you most gravity men lines is staying rays of the four pseudo jail you honey badger would kill a person just we need some time now honey badgers but then when one since then new ass these these shows by dogs different breeze of dogs doesn't what is it honey badge you told them there's a terrier specializes in here a chilling the honey badger come would like thirty eighties dogs you may kill like the first five jesus christ when they come they go into his then they go in name offering our guide
we have to do what the chariot how is this then and bring him out del terriers he may kill like a fruitful fatted come in there that's like i was then we make of the net affected by the deputy concepts he's coming that he's a real live bruce lee that honey badger deserves a common and he just fucking them up left and right mouths and when they drag him i should be labelled rang out this is the boss fearless animal owners thus they save up early bird yeah don't give a fuck
in venezuela has since videos the online and say honey badges doesn't give a fuck all these videos of honey badges eaten cobras chasing them anything isn't randomly kill poisons thinks all day there's too fast they to sneak up behind a snake vitamin ahead and sometimes they get bit they get hit by the venom and you're what happens they fell asleep and they wake up an hour later and indeed the snake oil days did he kill he blacked out from venom anyways little crazy murderers body process the venom but he was drunk and you started eaten that snake again snake been him with its poisoning the poison the new ship and make a pick a fucking nap where hundred badges must be rough men it's just a matter that you talk than ever brooklyn max i badges don't speak brown has no need for language in their thank their thinking they thinking that is no variables in their thinking you don't need language i guess he does is fought kill sleep that's the highs lay far greater do
do you realize how weak we men was sauce flashy in to just thing discipline of the apes more dislike it laugh how close what is our disciplinary age that they know is gonna miss material i loved along the gas can see why mary rooney led the girl what it was like a prison stuck with me monkey donnelly vaz genes measured in the movie mary message when you stand on the branches overlooking san francisco that policy aid of this nature bombs message mainframe they sell some genes shirts daggers grave sanity its hannah the communication as exit the sexes ligon it is at the golden gate bridge resignedly shoot me
it was where am i a pet see my yes your monkey movement but he wasn't that was the whole thing but he was but he was this the charge super monkey man he's a monkey smartest people there was a failure was i just i'm down for any movie which aims for people up i love watching chance i love the way they move man it's fuckin shocking when you give her watching those things where they would teach chimps had signed their own names big teach them how to spell things and when their would spelled correctly they get candy so they learn how to spell certain things and point turn things out and this one ship they would let him into the cage and the first thing have to do is established dominance so as soon as you opened this thing up he's a big fuckin fully grown like eight year old mail so he comes just start focused throwing himself through the air he's
a buck sixty a buck seven ages pearls himself through the catches the cage on the cage back and forth pearls themselves through the catch and bars and you just look at the strength that he displays you watch it happen you watch him thro his body around and reduce realise what he could do to you and then he sits down and then a play richer and then is what you are you purchase things outtakes candy egypt but you just want to let you know what the fuck he could do no light if russia's daddy me sunflower seed a candy with iraqi college smack you around i don't plan any of good i things are funny like the man like the gas gang was pretty funny i was left with the river really even smartly isla de allow right their fight their final
the nation i knew i will be as the best treaty yet seen as to remove ingredient right now i see a movie or as a bunch of people just dying creativity at it with them you ever see the old ones like like that that highway seeing where the semis agronomic regulars crazy car accident it's pretty cool it's not like a fuckin awesome movements of fund moving now every time it's like to show a thousand ways dies is now why none on another shows you gonna find out why they left the problem with this final destination movies amaze like these gettin acupuncture how's it going to be thou he's dead i respect the special effects but other than that it's like what i'm just watched a bunch of people died some stupid curse this new one has a bridge that's collapsing like it's broken in the middle and its during rush hour is like the car skating in song three
high school i'm sure you haven't seen that's what i've been to things like us in three days if you like the nuns movies for three day i saw conan three days i do know is that no it sucks it's awesome and it sucks at the same time because here's a deal that dude is the perfect conan like physically the way he looks he looks just like conan to make it easily be conan like right out of the robert e howard books so you got and then you got my kids came in the background i need a studio is ridiculous we're not echoed through a man shut down they there anyway the dude i was just kidding folks don't get crazy out there the yard the books where it was it was but it had no story it was like it was like it was also in the beginning when he was a kid who is a bad
kid kill everybody and it was also and then it got lame and then i got awesome again as a couple fights it was pretty awesome and then again lame again it was awesome and lame but they needed somebody whether megan that movie to be in the room with them gone what what's do i know how many that does that's i one really that cop i wanna be that company we should either be like this done why would you ever did i do is so faint aggravate cournand need is three day we again and a lot of we'd ends
bodies that like those kind of movies and fuckin figure that need to figure out a way to go the other problem this dude is sounded way to california he was like there was times like in deep battle he was a great conan when he was fight things and killing in and yelling and scream he's a great corner but then who sit down and talk and it was like our do you need to work on you cornea voice causes should decide subdued owed me that target be learned and select someone who came from that area at all that's ok thanks from crashing me back in rio and honest wasn't a point blank exact sounds like this i know me i'd be devalued the performers put down after he showed a certain intensity you know i mean arnold had no first of all nobody's bill
like arnold any there are gonna look weak compared to how he looked when he was slain around the sword that you don't get a dude is built like that silent see remake within now would you now if you he spent like a good hour prep for it and our prep here army i'm a year every everywhere basic zadig was it wasn't a pool of their less ready i mean a survey system as a long pole there let me address a vessel never really let himself go on clearly let himself go this pictures any had a hard problem to ride never hearts early aid yea probably can't use up anymore models we goin signals to small next movies gonna make is this doubt fire investors allows me i mean it's me so i am confused found meted out by the way i can see mikey he's a fascinating ironing
judged thanks is made as a shoot lower than those made while he's the man for ten years to raw data be quiet about this is they got all day sir this is the way to get your eyes are on here the governor loves you so weird man we may now poor geodesic grow up no one that the governess bang and his mom and he had a real dad that he grew up with it wasn't really is dad she looks just like arnold has gotta be a mine fighting and have a man may she didn't bodybuilder fairly you get the same jean gray eyes national your get get there goes down because he has a different mother he has is not entitled to all that cash
totally different situation i guess if you please take care work that she has the year has to pay child support but i bet they it's probably not the will and all that good stuff oh yes he is in the world it is also worrying like this why don't you take look at it is half empty or half full did you have we in this way is halfway and you can make it work so vast loan thing man i wonder how many kids can we haven't inside nobody knew about it seventy sent no thank you back in those days man didn't have many abortions though just one will go live there mom i'm going to live in watching so what's your watch has taken its hot chester that's what now this fuckin pod gases fallen off get him a coupled with a good comedy name for with his cheeks eleven we were will we peaked with that the honey badger
the highly badger charles is to add a word fall asleep make sure that any trembled and asked how wrong hooligans almost eight p m we aren't you listen i would know that it was an area for their club in sixteen sixty what's that it's a club in downtown i as ghani dead sixteen sixty dont comedy tenacity game that's where you don't this place the emigrant n it doesnt have we started talking about earlier we have two subjects the song how you'll be here for six weeks so that's why every week we go do the laugh factory dude going getting ready to go downtown i will just sit back and ok i'm doing a tv show me money can anyone is over because i know that please yourself if you take eight we serve and don't do no slander is no way when you go back a week later
your next shows not be as good as you last extra yeah there's no way scobie you're gonna get a girl you feed megabrontes it is up to turkey to hamley said so i take you to get your feedback under way one one world one good one if i stay off its door or of the stage like two weeks i never really state or more two weeks right i took a month off once those laws are ratura is we fear that raise weird route you fear harvard back i want last night we were at it left baghdad was the first to have me three weeks in i told him well aware as yet i can't believe i'm was exactly s year rate i'm really scary merely like i'm feeling i might give danny and go and then going up you're insane course i went out but that feeling was it was their messages that have gone on for three weeks does the number one enemy a comedy hurry
where if it were you expressly begone whom we wouldn t we we went to less vet laugh rang the week before last seen three dynamic gas committing blow it up you know i will take you there we go so i came the next we await you go up with seeing the due account through his then slouches knows hitman for the most part you want to come up with a b its charlie murray did you know you you ain't you the girl you worry about that and i do think it definitely so let s have actually coming into the game late with a very very famous brother to select one away to come straight away see him and he was he was never well i want you to say i seen him any yo dues is working at his craft going hard at it i could see the work he puts in it and it's funny so i the can and try to have any plane playing put the word i can't force
like me but i work hard will you join it to write i'm lovey dovey level the level of em level being a community of communities and everything the whole experience he knows it's great he's a big part of it community ought to see me you noted a mapping at their no dummy you know it to be a community yet they have a certain level of intelligence is very few communities that would go s them gain murphy watching me here in any way only look look at things interests yeah well day if the good especially the bad he can have a real issue scenario is modest through the guy's name south africa trevor something smart stressful some are very smart cards
of committee is like that are not taken as to what he said this he said in a fleet twenty hours here from south really at all times did my research and i didn't want to find in when i found this organization called the scan the race organization and is this baffled me that can actually means circle of to be someone that aids black people buy yourself a circle at the door was funny business nay there his name is trevor javert suddenly broke down was shit what klux clan many broke their poured down over the email a very fine job re varieties tom advocate america's instead it is even though that we have evidence
no one ever pointed out who book that's funny you're saying these from africa right so when it came instead that it was hilarious in some of those watching all these films and trying to get all my black mingling he'll be then this minute i've got off the plane everyone thought that i was a mexican larry laskin south african do that's fine zulus breakaway goods like sanderson travers smart comedians gas actually took time to think about
wasn't people in different countries have been exposed to stand up they were never exposed to before the internet to write your stand it was pretty much what your culture was like the industry by their own sense of humour americans different cities we had our own different sense of humor but now it is the internet everyone sense of humour gets distributed worldwide rats or he will get influenced by all sorts of every hour artists from all over the place you want thing i remember you it was when used to do that and of course mr but the thing i remember is i never knew she was before i heard your job before i heard your comedy honour your comedy when sought this chick out that's funny to another helstone i didn't know anything you know has been arduous debts was way back in the day before you know you have all com what did we do then i was news i who is he talking about stir prepared a billionaire wash
yeah there's no internet back then there no internet we come get it from the horses mouth that story was so awesome i may now there was a hundred different comedian habits are now you can pass it ours was yours was classic nice vows monster well when somebody comes along for comedian for more mean some people the world far apart comedian lived somewhere that goes yeah look i got here exact address found some mathematical seek remedy aims i was a bit became go thou think in that way you gotta go into enjoy didn't than that of ours that they go he cottages dump and had a good foggy time like i did globally another move can always be around aliens they always read when we sit down and rationally hokey means they re more i could make a moving myself but fuckin very critical i as a lot of movies support bore the shit out of me i can't do it myself rather one now
that the three will yield a road of paramount is about the movie is about the second flashing movie what is commonly yeah coming about these two guys it used to be really is established there is perhaps in him and they get out of the papers game because this gangster dues coming terror tiggle with the whole industry every industry campaigns drink piping gambling whenever you don't use gas again to take over the ocean so little paths quit quit the quit pay but the forty do it they said is to gather these two guys get life since you said so seventy robin one million down this takes place like a semi name when one main thou seeing legume last for ever in any good speed this the big one milk is enough for my keys in my kids keats maimed hours
two guys didn't raise that a date they said the gas the men in gas go to jail twenty five these ladies gas get out because life is in my view now the two guys a totally mastery they haven't been street with their easy been readily guys these dues when a prison there was and when i went to prison it came out even worse and they figure did these guys did what they did they look for them they want their money back and these gases to pretend that something they pretended not to stay with you bothers because we could kill you i know you tell him but you ve been in jail you know what's going on we run these but it's all in guys did it with them i actors from acting sue any fool these guys very briefly
we would when i will add is it it was a trick they go back to the acting school beat up all actors who oh yeah what the whole plan was i would put the plan was to show you the triggers nottingham those guys now while illnesses have me there's stockade move serial killer kills only pimps it's called brimstone from beginning to the more we always knew him well stories unfolding these two guys it stole his money in a basically trying to find a way to give the money back wagging kill like any movie which ways out without bill caspian sea napoleon tat with it flint man like banner way out of it give you we back it out of it while it's trying to do this is the crap store could killing pimp the cops think the two guys at after them all brimstone dog is what did matt
dry and loved it ryan quiz you and the plot one flat centres is serial killer did he hates paths and cry was not murder emma again render this group of paths that around the city with these other groups of guys came measures on those a jail for southern tripped julia gazed at it because they have twenty five years life this life that's nice now when you get when you will review is a life sentence about it if i give you live and prisoners twenty where we really so after twenty five using get out get out that's crazy now some life without parole that's what they had to see life now parole they say like you can you know why these guys get out you know in their after these two dues were now like second days big goods when do the charge you don't you they demonstrate people in a forced to go into the world at the slack away from japan
ten of wonder well but it doesnt work court as with him when he bay is ongoing today we have probably already there is funding did you write your book ass our do you write on what's really that's us and is now your books about you know how am i better rather than i am a pigeon remain a random diameter nature a disaster will you be managed scribbled you'd understand and a whole lot better me sitting banana keynote deprives allows it to you in the problem of towns urges the start and then you gotta keep going because not exactly so much things having yet allow signal that cigarettes hard to pay attention all that shit we're out of actual says the shoulder using shell is looking to show me some share with signal mood movies funding the only thing they may change by the movie is did title because the word pimps again i'm late
at the close of the movie is now i don't want people think of movies you come to see a movie about plans for this or that was about the movies about these two guys they went shriek and the elements trying to draw them back chime what we need is goddamn tv show found you around talk well yes m i gonna do with terry crews may call my bed we don't work with the bio channel we may terry crews did the pilot why don't you tell me story about seven and add it to a person years ago there was fucked indeed i do a reenactment aware did to the person and then go back in the presented i give him the money back here's my diminish i'm gonna get back and seventy four he thought it bothered about that i thought that i was with you when i set you up to be robbed and it was all of that you know when i give the guy this money back and i'm apologizing we don't about child everyone has something maybe never streams me but so
that you did some adding appears that you wouldn't man apologize say you know what i did bob bob i'm sorry the deuce also levies every celebrity guess somebody really designed for them to who use them forget to try and think why saying that that she would like to know never power judge when when gentleness maybe peter chin did keep him from a hosting what he was doing a job chris maguire was audition infirmity in mid seed thinks it's funny little peter can hope to open my night and brutal man is wrong maybe some wrong peter jan and his father and he would it was almost the parody of light the worst comic ever you know tell explaining exclaimed peter jan peter
it was a nice guy off stage but do somethin wrong year there was some wrong because his committee was so bad did you use you'd synergies and literally start aiding julie you now county council aggressive he was aggressive bat like you would be like various how dare idiot you added he like over accepted it is there wasn't even realize it always is unit took a broken english we did happen two seven wearing so you wouldn't what are you doing
the part of don berossus tunes thing we bears yesterday what is that what he used to call bran thing don't chanted indulging oh yeah sure would have these all these the worst comedians possible and the country was this fits out miss crazy people going together down show yeah he's he's gotta maize intolerance he would always be hanging out these cats is these characters and these these dues so there's anybody that out apologize maybe they did when i had accomplished or budget if they had been another me is there have to be at another time and could be anywhere somebody this onto a fifth grade nothing it's gretta that's granted beyond about let's go in military gone the different people it probably i come in we can always make the reenactment common i think it's great idea but i think the world's being starved from charlie murphy tv show that some sense while he's the value we get that we then we also get
that shown doin an integrated reality is gonna be rich fallen asleep but they were so we as we did that those who hold digital thing we ve made a builder will is gonna be a camera the whole digital thing we can only man such as charlie murphy can get away with saying that you know the whole digital thing all digital thing is gone now young men up bill my whole digital format money start upon there open romance jonas own making work out do one thing at a time when i was progress along this year no movie i despise riding in how can do a tv show em we twenty episodes over the next six weeks while not get focusing on those two days and was theirs dan dense onto the next the next area the analysis beggar my much zeal deadly now you got dvds books movies everyday magee regarding a website using would await his lackey workin
i have one eventually is there's gotta be hard to marry after you arrived eyes what is it feels that will mean to marry we single were basically saxony does it expressly get kids because like at the snake the upsets me man come on man you got there were you in high school but if you give you gave your personage married to have to pass away i would have you can't bring chicks around in bonum ranch you can't do that smoking i believe our you'll have slipped it can sneaking sit a romanian because when it comes to be ever daughter she didn't they who's that some i dont get did she goes right over to the president that monopolizing pooh you who are you what are you doing embassy makes you so unanimously bobo noses ned yet the snake being singles after you were married for years is wack
am i was married for years and i want to be the lifestyle a wave is gone but the lifestyle yeah mr definitely single sex make single cheeks no good for you you don't want you don't trust him specifying suggests used actual spaghetti no no no no not are you are you are you can't get married trust him you know enjoyable stay more it's also gonna be hard when you're on the road you know you're on the road consolations hard due to spend time with someone to get to know them was doing with your right and began takes money whether they grant a happy life going on if you saved come with meaning you get basic saying quit your job and that telling know when to gradually good job and come with me you know what they're doing so yes this is hard especially when he barely know them
that's really what it isn t live with someone you know really well known that well you do but you don't you don't you don't see re which it s a key part in ass when they get the knowing amounts are a year of living the living with sound you go you gotta say at least three years the sums gonna had three years is a good time rules be ass it some poor you get another person so universe this thing when does the paradox in my life i know people looking go if everyone likes me don't break ins business in into show business and probably guess that's good now real life this job a real lives my family marilla visas come home maiden let's go off on stage it s the part where there's a big hole because one wave is in is not as simple as one would think
who is hardly is hardly you things bars france may to fill in that area grossly plenty of people say i would do it i'll men beaten was not present you have been very careful you have run the children men out wanted slab of foolish cheeks accurate have a move in with you take children really you will you what are you guys with the woman was it the best of it just get confused by the accident that owes an inside joke than others and out idea you have answered brother by your actually turn as a comedian there's gotta be really harm they first outcome accuse me i have a son sazen you'll live romania i am occurs when we re married a boot schools start so
they to be september next six them back home hanging out with their weak school stars then you know that when we get new jersey instead of new jersey real interest rates this isn't philly last weekend where we live in every house of strasbourg what i'm saying was they go back into thing i'm still gonna become be aid we're gonna show go europe by going to suggest a java have xo take a plan and i'm gonna have a job but that's the part of it faggot their mothers at here actually really rough madam i was leaving you tomorrow there will be a big scope random airline which eu which we believe you nannies ran you're saying because my whole family lives out here on the west coast where am because can a person is a means of people again everything
i hope i'm not asking and fort and it built or freedom a miracle to complain about have do it myself yes i'll raise my kids you insane i pay my name's and led the way to help me out juliet with the same time is a feeling of men in darfur as at d do like video conferencing with your kid you tried to as much as a scapegoat ever that's going to assume i can't young fabulous doreen just don't want this the thing to do is to support them be the thing that debt disables bialik when they grow up with my father was never moves always working and ass the reason why won't you know my life when this way des mafia rang work with them casimir that's the fear of every father how much spending done what you wanna do for eleven somalia kismet if you don't do it he's gay mould
the moment where were you teach me to learn or somewhere and it may be what sense it made me phrase i was grown up you know my dad was always at work all so i will say one day we say and usually i wasn't me to know to be nasty but that's what museum yes we're what you did not dare i you have s when you dad showed up to five years and say as a result who became a main we came to have me deal with women learn how to deal with women by listening to gas that would in st bombs gas make tee bone slick big willie's whatever because it s the first couple of relationships i would win i was the abusive do man out think think the what tell them make me the answer is impose age you because s would slip tom
then the which is supposed to have your dad's did it did you did you know better baviaan grow up but that around globes something else cause you got me seeking and now you ve gone to the roadmap that's what i think about my keys i wanted you wanna be it a may show you did and deliver the less they mean but then when you go to have my teams gone is due by then it makes it we're square especially so looking at work all the people talking about they would it be to replace me must be area may dammit bring you brain you bring you around our relationship is well here we therefore bring you i think we found the show the show was issued the show was do us a common what's really fucked enjoy your life what s tat s why
the show i'm doing about the adopted son and did not exactly see me my kinsman were mounted and about single i'm at the same challenges is a real live and i could definitely brain be sprays differing citizens rose did you ever dearer bring i have done it but my keys don't kid don't like to be at work which you rat you ve no longer famines grant and they get check it out ok unawares the toys that where's my whirl reimer was kitty things it so dear to have my kids we own a row when it month moms alone but he's fast aware hammerhead unwittingly because our horror you'll find body for key we go to seattle all its goal of this go check out to be wrong or wherever i go their home grass and take pictures
we would do it the way you get so in its come is calling you don't go to jail i gotta doesnt work the goal of certain days me you say i don't wanna moose peak you know everybody there because it now become goofy or or war mickey mouse to same people who came on vacation together day we stand or not on seventeen seventeen branch hotel called red bury read this round work of fame and all it in hotel economic balcony we want got more work ok go forward with a nannies no way i want to work on a work of fame in broad daylight my kids it s not the desk tourist attractions people on buses known driving around the two of us has vowed around on star sturges would envy and everything cans aware you before you go to hollywood and you see someone you seen on television what're you gonna do go crazy and you should that's wildly miss daniel you going on they would you kids it's not going
have you thought about like disguises like blonde where's lily nan moves harry you can ask just not blow that actually have largely patrick's through deborah they produce decorated wait before that it was a black my town those parent has played weak states new york london hotel so patrick day was during we get i wasn't in irish moment names murphy and i'll be aware with safe passage days come up so in my last name rogan and no one has come out what does that with my two kids and whose working ram and hence supposed to go to war with central privacy or the hoop allow fit magnum death almost batteries day do you kid one go to saint tadeusz day parade is a year then they had never been walk them just me and my two walked and walked to the crowd
dawn on my shoulder and watching the prairie there's a mighty go yell does charlie murphy yo this jolly might be then it started this said the leopard right in any people looking at you wanna come forward in my daughter started three men because it was a people may has pressed on war the building scream adored streamed from fear man i'm holding my son's arm turning to leggum afraid of this just pushed through the crowd and why my kinsman inez i'm doing i'm going you eddie what made you think you seem bit avenue in daylight was safe pair david crowd which children and now is the same thing to do but i forget it split second do full it it came you're insane came it may mean aids
blonde wig that's what i would do manageress limitation and no one would have you know where the very cause you know fooling anyone they little would go debt so and so with disguised by could be a very and you would know then rogan old fox i'd be a fox refer evaluate massacre when those dude wandering around people can live to me you know women now with my kids part of it but when you which children is different think about this safety would ever smashing the crab situation and then when you have some mine is really then act like an adult we ran schliemann loud this house fans who achievement ran and also the emerald emphasising the weather here we should be prepared magazine any clear will be your seats my skin children now course on sensitive about that to be you gotta be careful but i go everywhere i go places you know
i would be most most time people leave me alone people say they usually pretty nice and went on my kids very rarely do ass for pictures say maximum endemic kids here and luckily you can pretty much take care of this as we have to make lucy losing a had in episode last week about the same thing happening where he was out with this kid's anything guys came up and start like everyone gets you get his kids and stuff i was fuckin scary and by you know louie is nigh big guy in these guys we're like big in the show and stuff but that's a scary because we had a thing where you know the way both became a know me the women name was pronounced them as a stream is the weak they say back right ok you're not scream and met this because they excited best with charlie lisbon ways a policy such as this are you supposed to say so when you at ten people do in a different direction me all you kid
who doesn't even know understand and ended the names of if you kill you talk you talk to dispel total unless we david has it on his door is still do to stand up in our work in this debate it was well known is about her room where he was doing them suddenly internet without delay yeah her there or to switch the guy do more staff and i wish you would put out some dvds or somethin really a comedian mandrake just was last time you heard one of his bed though right now it's just it's unfortunate you know man i love a guy like louis ck puts out a new dvd every year or so but i just wish david put something out well i would think universities will have to be yes we do something and we may have had a lot of money when he first walked away when you spend it
eventually we will do so when he had put seven had news let us go on with the advent of well read less resume alive when you were one million dollar forty one main down their lives in ohio right yeah what's even when even the ohio one main housing or land various with so much we should get a cover me now but you those yet weren't what's ohio about wasn't another i was very sheltered like me money moved ohio she's gonna be wearing nothing would it mean safe medicines is this you know is now our fast moving place is that a lot of you no crime in order to stop this grew up in a higher level farm really alias nay hippies was brings with it a second allowed hippies really get scheme yeah herpes
the farmer folks that's organ and this represents for the good life you never see me do it challenge than has been a lot of fun being you fran man's milan for me i had a great time do ass matters may and we don't do it don't do it again man good do something else i'm with you tat is glad we get this done because we ve been trying to do is full of about three year we ve been talking about ever feel like joe joe this probably thinks it out for it s you now man i never think joe i want to come to your package comes to come to joe but we will never here i know your business for argument you got kids cambodia's far beyond our kids i know it never hear no worries dude i'm gonna get you in hawaii to those conquer hazy does railway actually mean away was worth first arrayment mood at his own net or net vacations last tolerate nest
make ruined images adam nowhere we were stay the same hotel grazing on as lax in may with a girl who way all of you see her out i was in love with it anime girl the one that's it away from them a girl named the kid this will be the one that will bring edge my children and she was probably a name had a conversation he told me you realize observer union children did you're a pussy of fun why have they want what why jerry because with everyone two reasons why when ellerslie mom and the other one because you feel guilty gives you gonna road but when i meet a kids i want you seem to love and i was really well i talk to you later i've never totally against the girl anyway we need to introduce my kids term loan woe
the adults instincts the mothers dont like other children other than the new wife doesn't like the the children of the lost motherly natural natural very you going have to find a powerful woman a woman who is really pure and and loving and you know someone who really is gonna love and respect those kids fuckin difficult will endow them no one need only think of my kids diffusion man will emerge and when a major contribution to you how many evil step they own mother in movies stories it's always evil stepmother's in place there because i've seen an area you come around my kid if my kids tell me anything i hear you said it did it and when i was a net around i'm taking you work that's my team re married at dusk removed as well i look at my wrong person comes in you can help which in that didn't make anyone council
good man shall emerge kind of dude arrest candidates would have me my thumb on i have to this kevin smith one kevin i gotta call you up that's what fun out about it this way but it was posts we august thirty of august 30th kevin smith is doing bugan have to move that and that's it weeks thanks for it to an end if you can thank our sponsored is the flashlights wasn't flashlight number one sex toy for men joe if he isn't here last night you have accused mancha put in the name rogan yes fifteen percent off fuck in think that you're saving money it's even better ok that's it folks ass was the that's what's up i can update is used page man on twitter page we had different it you're gonna say what they are but i don't remember because with this mass ok september thirty of them at the warner theatre in washington dc that's a new one and end the verizon centre in here
in texas october seventh and that sets so well see as next week thank you to the first light thank you too charlie murphy thank you freeze love veggie wretch wake up which way are rich
can you remember
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