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Anthony Bourdain, Brian Redban – Date Recorded – 09/11/2011
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the joe rogan experience podcast is brought to you by the flashlight if you go to joe dot net click on the for the flashlight and entering the code name rogan you will get fifteen percent off the number one sex toy for men queue the obligatory music brian course i just can't thinking about flashlight rogan experience the music totally unnecessary but but necessary the same time anthony bourdain is with us ladies and gentlemen thank you very much for coming by man this is cool as i don't know happy to be here i was i was looking for this need him and if somebody told me that my favorite show if you came up to me like ten years ago i said in ten years your favorite show is going to be about
dude who eats in different places i would have told you to go fuck yourself so to say that's the most retarded show i've ever heard in my life you told me ten years ago that i'd be on television i want to send the same thing yeah that's one of the cool things about you menu i wouldn't say you're reluctant but we're almost like an accidental celebrity you just got your book kitchen confidential just fucking took off and then all of a sudden you're this famous guy like you want to show you it was like an overnight thing for sure one minute i'm standing next to the deep fryer and the next i'm selling books and you know what on tv i mean literally i think it's forty four years that's fucking why when i was not looking at anything i had no higher ambition than it keep cooking where i was cooking really and maybe hopefully i wanted some kind of mine i wanted to earn my advance back on the book that was my highest hope it all kind of turned out real good
that's fucking nuts what a crazy story it's very interesting because it's very rare that someone gets to live a full and intense anonymous life and then all the sudden be thrust in the public consciousness but actually is interesting you know happened late at night i guess i've been in the restaurant business for a long time i think i might you know the level of bullshit that i can sort of live within my life on a day to day basis is pretty minimal now so i was just you know i i a guard came at the television everything else always with the added to that hey i could be packed takes a deep fryer tomorrow so i'm just not taking it that seriously it's amazing though i mean it's it's reality television in your case actually worked it's like there's people that become famous in you go what the fuck is going on i don't even
kim kardashian's voice sounds like a literally don't know what it sounds like i don't think i've ever heard talk once but i just you know everywhere and no she is but she it's become like she's become a show she's become a thing and item on a program the kim kardashian program but in your case it actually worked like they actually yeah dude it in a lot of ways though i think there's some similarities unfortunately i mean both both shows mine and the kardashians are really you know my shows about me and and having fun and and taking advantage of the situation and in that way i probably have if you come as you yeah you say that and it but you sort of it's almost a self deprecating thing like you discounting all the different things in the way you're pointing out all these do some things in these places you visit 'cause that's what makes this show unique it's not just that you are in these exam like places eating these crazy fish in brazil it's
you know you somehow or another they let us show on the air where they they didn't fuck with it and they let the one voice come through it i've been really really lucky it's it's we've been a freakish anomaly first on food network for two years and for going on eight years now and uh no reservations on travel it's been an amazing run because at every point both networks whatever i've been with them they've let me do whatever i want they've let us make the show the way we want to make it do the fucked up things all the time i mean it's just episodes are like completely self indulgent and fun to make and clearly we're having more fun making them than than uh this is mike had watching them but what shows like which which i would really did a whole show what we want to show the proudest of is the roman to so it would just sit around all the shooters the king of camera people
that was a great episode count here's how it all started the camera people and system producers me hanging around in some terribly tell lounge probably in singapore coop poor or someplace like that we're getting really fucked up on cocktails and you know just talking shit the way people do and i think one of the camera guy said man we are so fucking good we are so good at what we do that i'll bet we could make food porn in black and white and we all the to each other and you know yeah dude let's just do it well they let us make that show and we got away with it and i'm really i think we did a really well it's really pretty show but but if you generally speak i don't know of many other people on television lucky enough to be able to go to their their network is that do an entire hour of food related television in black and white and it'll be it's will be to italian directors that none of our audience a few of our audience of seen when they'll be subtitles
so we're having fun and i think if anything makes the show special it's that um the first and foremost about me and the crew enjoying what we're doing both creatively and just having a good time and and that's really all we it comes through that's why it's so fun to watch it's it's so obvious that you guys are having a good time would be we fail a lot i mean there there shows where i'm really miserable and all this terrable humiliating stuff happens to me i don't set out to do that for you know viewer entertainment that's generally me having a bad or you know sexually humiliating time like the one time when you were in brazil and you had a horrible back pain when you look into the jungle yeah yeah audiences love seeing me injure basically that's comedy gold for some of the shows that in most fucked up and have just been failures in every everything went wrong from from beginning to end i had a miserable time it was just one a long week of bribery
extortion and bullshit sometimes you know after you go can your can be added to put it all together that that ends up being a really funny show we did romania show that made me like no i'm public enemy number one in romania it was it was a national scandal of but very funny show why was it a national scandal uh presented romania in a comical like that they did not appreciate you know because we had a really terrible time there you know everybody was try to shoot stuff naturally you know we don't we don't like things to be set up for us one of the first rules of the show is wherever we go we go we don't see native dancers and indigenous garb you know some dog and pony show we want we want to sort of run and gun we were foiled in every possible way in romania i mean the government into two people just sort of stepped in and we were supposed to shoot with humble butcher and his family somebody arrived at the
butchers house beforehand said your house is not pretty enough for american television we're moving into a more attractive looking farm and by the way you know your kids are going to dress up in indigenous dance and pretend there happy so this whole eerie creepy theatro you know from beginning to end you know that's going to be the biggest trip is that you're going places there they're fucking dangerous man like you would do kurdistan stand you go you go to the jungles of brazil brazil i you go deep man that's that's going to be a weird fucking way to live like having late in life childhood of getting to go to all the places that i dream about and read about you know you know i love grew up reading books about pirates and explorers and so of course given the opportunity that's pretty much what i'm doing on the show the change of life at forty four years of age how much did you travel before then almost nothing i've been to france a couple of summers as a kid
with the caribbean that was about it i mean i if i was sure of anything at age forty four stand in the kitchen it was that i'd never see you know saigon or hong kong much less you know i probably had no expectation i'd ever see rome so i'm just i'm just kind of living that out and as long as me and the crew as long as we're having as much fun as we are at least finding ways to make like more and more fucked up television because we can do that is the crew is there any similarities with the crew as being like actual kitchen like the gang of a case of bad i i don't like a law of the bandits tour together for a really long time and and sometimes you we we rotate our personnel but there's a core group and you know maybe the bass player go away for a while but he'll be back and whoever fills in for him with somebody else that we've worked with for years around the world so you know well each other and and everybody's
really good at what they do and you know that's fun traveling with camera guys who were really good at their job that's a really that's a satisfying thing gets it gives very intimate traveling on the road get a what is it what was the number of people who travel with switch to camera people a producer who also carries a camera and been in the system so that's a like form of people these foods are five and we pick up like local drivers and stuff on the ground work for now how do you coordinate with like a place like brazil with and and you know do you have to get a translator i usually there's this entire profession of of people very the strange mix of other profession come together and basically the called fixers you know you want to shoot you make a movie in moscow you need a fix or somebody who knows who do what permits you need arrange them you know hires drivers to the bride that sort of thing there's one of those everywhere
everywhere on earth there's somebody who is available to fix for you and if not we reach out to like bloggers and due food bloggers and in whatever because if somebody's blocking about food whatever city you're talking about in the world chefs people who you you know the mafia mafia is pretty extensive if you if you know some place in southeast asia chances are you know a chef in new york who knows somebody out there so there's that you already friends when you arrive that's gotta be nice that's got to be nice with god that's gotta be a crazy way to live man how often are your own planes i i'm traveling about two hundred and forty days a year yeah you know well i'm either someplace else or in transit
seven at the frightening scary travel airplane ride yet like with lightning storm and i like turbulence i know that you like fucked up but i like turbulent take your belt off and choke yourself while it's happening this'll point in my life it breaks up the tedium you know really you know like laying there especially after a couple of going to class the whiskey or something you know you hit turbulence and you see a real slick habit freaking out because it's it's more entertaining than the in flight movie on it does break up the soul sucking ma ny of of of too long and it in a in a plan and it's the best iphone video too you should always have your iphone video ready to go for things like that when the people freak out on the plane ride i've been doing it lately i i never thought of it before they recently every time i something crazy happening on planes rise watching it i've been filming it
and and anything good and not really it's really hard to jesus soon so that was the superman any post this stuff no no no i just collected on the whatever you do it it really make a terrified claims yeah make a ten best terrified point because i don't think we should put that energy out there fellowship hall replace their faces with cats there you go there but it looks like cats are mad if you're not a person of interest to blood for a spin out and i always will be i always film on the plane because it whenever i go on the road with joe i i kind of do the same thing that kind of what you can do you have a camera crew are a gang by pretty much do it for joe and i got so when we're on the road somewhere like houston or some like that i'm always having cameras i'm always filming from even when he doesn't know i'm filming like in the back of a car or in the back of a plane or or when we're comedy club but it's weird collecting footage is now become addicted to collecting crazy footage like i feel like i can't just go and have a good time and more like i got to film this i gotta feeling this i think i have some kind of condition and you get rid of
what's the condition of the internet you know the endless resource of entertainment that is the internet i mean i i a real problem i can't even go to sleep at night i sit in front of the box just clicking buttons i just can't clicking which is like one more documentary one more article one more wanna fucking hyper nova is going to kill everything holy shit no one after the other it's like it what were the sounds have you seen as you two videos of these weird sounds and different cities are wrongs from you are sure if it's on the news on the major news sites on major news sites really yeah i i'll find it you i'll try to see you later okay the earth is groaning what is the sky this place you've been do so far oh wow i don't know scary i don't mean in any country where there's is really no infrastructure or no trustworthy infrastructure i mean do you worry ever that you know you become like a target there have been times we've
on the show when we shot in beirut in the war in two thousand we got caught up in the conflict there was a high level of paranoia about that sort of thing then but you know it was ridiculous in the end what happened there get caught up in the well we were there shooting a you know happy beirut show going no reservations and went back my hotel basically there was a border incident with israel with some hezbollah had kidnap some israeli soldiers is basically we got caught up in a war up for went home when evening look out the window and there's the airport virtually to get the flames and rockets and stuff coming in and we realize you know we're not we're not we're not getting out anytime soon so there was of course on the part of the you know people who security security guys who got involved in trying to get us out of the country yeah
i had to think about all of that sort of possible targets sort of stuff again it's it's silly and i think any of us to took it took it seriously ever who who would target a you know a host of it dipshit little travel i think some people in some parts of the world be really desperate but and so that was the worst situation that you ever in the bedroom actually was the saddest and i think this is the scariest or probably places liberia you find yourself where people are desperately poor and hungry ben and there's no law order at all you know little situation in a market can turn into a a really ugly situation you know those are the most realistic threats we've ever ever faced it just you know you know large groups of hungry people behave like hungry people do
and so there been some dodgy moments there but that's about it there's uh online documentary show called vice guide to travel with her oh it's god's terrific yeah did you ever see the episode on the liberia episode it was it was a little lurid but but it wasn't false that was it it was a troop sure of you know we told the truth about about for sure that's a great way to describe it i mean they obviously went after the jews but i mean if you're looking for for jews use you'll find it i mean the general they think they were with general buck naked yeah yeah yeah i thought you don't know who he is he's a guy who she goes into battle naked except for his boots for his boots and he killed the enemies babies and he it's their blood because he thinks it makes him immortal and he's admitted to this i mean guys like crazy so so yeah and now he's a preacher yeah
but it was the government actually this preacher now i believe he's a preacher it's a very surreal it it it's it's so that they can anyways the history of that country resembles a really bad acid trip you know mens and ask it's they were american slaves that were brought back to africa is that what it was yeah long story short liberia was i'm going to say found it but it was the nation was created by freed slaves part of a back to africa movement and they arrive people essentially taken been taken from all over africa were returned to liberia country none of them really had roots in then they became sort of an aristocracy and based their country entirely on the american model you know very red white and blue
it was in many ways is this little america in africa and then things went really really bad whoa africa fucking freaks me out there was one in a few weeks ago we were going to mozambique next gonna go to the congo we try every year it's like this fantasy for years yeah i wanted i want to do the whole joseph conrad you know a heart of darkness thing i'm obsessed with going up the congo river every time we take a serious look at doing and we schedule it every year but every year we get security reports like no way you know it's a very very volatile place you know that's where they found that giant chimpanzee do you know about that thing this is where i want to go there's a chance in the congo i mean i would never go if you had a ford yeah if i had a force field chimp in the congo called bondo ape it's a new champ that they've discovered that nest on the ground like a gorilla they walk up
right there over six feet tall there like four hundred pounds i don't want to see this van how to punish you kidding me troll it for me i just remembered locals called am lion killers two different types of champs there's tree beaters the regular champs and then there's these gray lion killers there are real chip do you imagine a six foot tall gray jaguar eating chimpanzee they've caught them eating jaguars it is a real champ that photos of this fucking thing they have the capture one alive but they have photos of some guy shot shot a giant one near an airport up there i want one could have worked for me like i did at giant killer chimp in a type are you going out to nightclubs with them like that lady in connecticut but that's what i'm thinking about that's why monkeys especially chips there was no between me and the monkeys because that sorry this giant craze like valium he just valium or something that the monkey is there something else you'd be the champion unlike gnawed somebody's face off right obviously just with that's a pretty hard
well they can just decide to do that in any time too i mean don't but they could just decide to just fuck you up anytime they want to and they can and it's not even like bad in their culture feature of champs you're supposed to be fucking each other up they do it all day but they don't understand our world our world of not fucking people up all the time they try to keep it together i don't want any pet that throws species abby you know i do have you ever come across any crazy animals or any weird threats like in any places like when you go to brazil and you're in the jungle i mean the jaguars like a real threat out there right you mean the closest a threat to the animal kingdom we've half if we were in gonna i think and we we the the i video is we're going to go all the way out in the middle of nowhere this tiny little uh game parkour camp and the whole idea is we have to get up super early and drive
four hours and bouncing land rovers in the hope that maybe if we're lucky we're going to see a herd elephants and get to shoot some will be wake up really early in the morning that the camp is infested with elephants if you could be festive with elephants were just every wandering around right outside so of course we did what any shooter would do you run outside and you start shooting the hell out of the fucking elephants is a good shot wow so we're doing this we're like two ok let's get a good shot you close internet that way and i'll close it on it that way basically heard the elephant towards the camera right at which the game warden wakes up you know shows up our guidance is step away from the elephant like walk slowly backwards we've done everything wrong these were young male elephants there there the fat it's just moving creatures i think in the wild once they get going and they hate bright light bright shirts which of course we were wearing
they don't they're spooked by people holding implements which of course we were doing and they particularly don't like being herded by people one thousand their way likely likely to charge it any point so apparently that was we come close to doing something fatally stupid how are you guys so bold stupid is the word were you drunk when you guys were sober we never seen that elephant bashing the guy video that's on the internet doesn't important point we drunk with you so i mean we certainly drunk and stoned and stone a lot on the show but i think we woke up and and we were stones over first thing in the morning wow i mean what a crowded it would get them for canada or really suicidal i mean they hi one of our guys both actually when we were shooting in kurdistan there the hatches these russian cargo helicopters hatch open they're all the way out
you get these crossed rafts and and clumps from you know updrafts were suddenly rich zero grab you know so you're into the it's just food they do crazy shit for a good shot they really don't have a lot of sense the snow that freaks me out more in those planes of the holes in the back those cargo jets in every for sports and a good movie yeah you gonna knows how everything if it flies or moves on water or we've been there wow so it over ten years how many different countries have you visited i think it's over a hundred a lot a lot so your passport has more than one like my head might as canada i'm also a i'm on my third passport and engine ten years i think it just why we can't even put it in any more pages and then to get a new one it seems like you should have a shorter line for security i'm really i'm really good at security i got one of this
you know they talk about how work cops will talk about how they can i and if i uh an ex con very easily because when they were ousted they relaxed they go limp they don't get they don't they don't fight back there they're trained to sort of deal with that kind of relationship oh that's interesting i completely forgot my point here that's all right that's interesting enough that's uh funny point that someone would be used to something someone other risking that there was a so i go to that same sort of relaxed about such i'm a professional traveler i just sort of relax go limp just try to bliss out as i go through this really been raging process my friend tony visa stamp comic from boston he said this to me once he was traveling from boston to new york on a regular basis good three hour drive if you're lucky and uh some like how are you doing that it goes i just goes in the car just goes in this is what i'm doing right now i don't let it upset airports in particular 'cause it's futile you know there's no
shit goes wrong you will end up sleeping on the floor you know no matter how crazy and preserve you get about the situation you're still gonna end up sleeping on the floor is that well transit is about what is this in transit thing that you're doing well i mean it's you you learn you learn to adapt if you do not like the new show oh yeah the it's called layover layover i thought it was in transit for some reason it that's my i had so what it what is that show is that the it's sort of experiences no reservations always been about sort of me having a good time or trying to have a good time and this one's a more what we're trying to actually be a little useful i provide some information experiences that you you could do has no reservations that's always been a second consideration we just we do a lot of shit on over the races that you just can't do there you know they're out of rate how to reach of anybody's expectations i think any reasonable
so this is more about if you stuck in a place where you find yourself in a place for like twenty four or four thousand and forty eight hours it's just you know good shit do so you filming at piggybacking it on no reservation so we took a br i can no no reservations and went out and shot a whole hell of a lot of these all in a really short period of time it was it was actually a brutal so so you're doing two series at the same time then we work from home no reservations bank tampa sauds of labor going like one to another boom to boom yeah that's insane that's an insane amount of work yeah but i mean think what we're gonna do it yeah i tell you what i did yeah i take it while it's good i mean i it's this is not a this is
not a gig that you can say you know i'm just going to take a couple years off go to go to a nash ram and find myself but i'll be back yeah and now i have the best job in the world like crazy to to to dot milk it for everything i can are you still writing at all because i know they are one book kitchen confidential is like the bible in most kitchens and most most chefs i know all have that book like every time i go to their house i see that book are you did you did you did continue to write on the side don't know why you're on planes or yeah and uh take some time off to write but yeah every couple of years a book just did a comic book they will be out next year comic book for a vertigo it's an violent subversion i know what you call it futuro satirical slaughter fest in a what of it near
future where where it's all about food people kill each other over ingredients and ideology really yeah the illustrated the artist so did you write in do you are you i co wrote with co wrote it with a friend of mine are really great angel rose describing like yojimbo or fistful of dollars but little all that shifts that's awesome now who's illustrating it we got him lined infosan is terrific terrific artists how one come up with the idea to start their own comic book uh well we just you know sold this concept and and interested and they said we'll make it happen i'm doing it 'cause its fun you know i just did i then it goes back to the little boy thing yeah if you
if you could do a comic book you know what little boy wouldn't yeah no shit i used i love comics i love comics till i had a dream the other day that i went to a comic book store and then i started getting into collecting congress on and i brought it home and my wife was like really you're gonna you're starting to baikonur i think one of my comic books again did you ever have to tell you just how many election growing up at one point because i i did i did i saw them off drugs actually late in life you know so i mean i was the sensible kid who kept my collect so so i had a very good book collection collection but you know mccain is a powerful drug i've managed to avoid that one the one i mean when i was a kid i had a friend whose cousin was selling it me for like over a course of one school year he completely changed he lost about fifteen twenty pounds is is god sunken in him and his girlfriend would just hide in their attic apartment do coke and watch tv
and i was like okay whatever the that is the black out you know therefore the foil lead over the over the windows yes they got creepy this is very strange was like village they're affected looks like they got bit by a vampire centers i get a wide range was great on bad does that really well on that show they'd with every time these two go to like a meth head apartments that the set decoration the p really got that right you know the chills great yeah okay so fun decorating the sets like i like to read as i met these people like doritos is thrown three exactly staining sheets has anybody ever giving you for shooting animals on the show peter do not love me i'm sure i mean we do get mail from vegetarians you know i got a pig the couple of weeks ago on the show create episode thank you you know
people people who eat pork were saying you there's no need for that that was you know completely offensive and ridiculous that you would do that someone i guess you did it for ratings well you know is there a huge demographic out there you know i need to see more pics shot and the brain i need to see more i want to see some more animal cruelty now it was we we did it because it's part of a process that that the so over tori processor tradition and uh i was offered the honor of doing the deed and i thought it would be hypocritical to not you know i'm responsible for the death of the pain 'cause we're making a tv show about about a party where we kill a pig and eat it so either somebody else is going to do what i'm gonna do it and i just said could all do it do you get sick a lot with all the different foods you eat you have your found in all those hours that you didn't know you had by the i think that's a that's such an important point and well it's it's a weird thing that people have with a thing did somehow another if you don't kill the animal that you're not responsible for his death
so that you're not somehow or another because just because you don't get your hands dirty in getting the meat of the supermarket you're not responsive it's the same fucking thing yeah i mean i don't make a point of going out there i don't we need some more footage of me looking manly you know she don't bring it down a deer it wasn't like me at all we try to work you know avoid that but on the other hand if you have we've had a lot of animals slaughtered for our meal around the world because that's what they do in a lot of cultures when your guest it's gonna kill the lamb so actually every once in awhile i will actually have to kill an animal myself i don't i just not a hunter i would never hunt for sport for instance but you know i do eat me then i do eat this stuff and you know if i'm going to be cool with other people shooting an animal i'm going as well do it myself
just the one of the first episodes that i ever saw your show you shot a deer in england i was terror that was i was absolutely terrified my worst fear was i'm going to hit this thing in the stomach or something it's gonna be long painful horrible i would totally freaked out right so yeah i was i felt very first time you ever shot it was the first time i shot anything that big it was one of the first episodes that i sides one of the things that got me hooked on the shell 'cause i was like this is real like you just shot this fucking thing in this guy rubbed a blood cross about four that was marco pierre white who's one of my heroes like back when i was cooking we i'll stand around in the kitchen looking a marco piere white's book saying that is the rockstar they don't that's the guy we all want to be like and so suddenly years later mark taking me out hunting and you know i didn't want to look it up you know he's letting his rifle he is my hero saying there is anthony known ellen that beautiful one there he had the head
actually mounted for me and had the animal certified as a silver medal anthony he was very proud of it did you get any rifle lessons or anything before that did you know how to aim aim boy scout camp you know really i just i shoot a lot on the show there's a lot of not just it's fun i mean when you travel who doesn't like standing there pop it off endless rounds of ammunition at a target or something like that so we do a lot of target shooting local firearms is something of of continuing a recurring theme on the show two alcohol i mean there's a bar in cambodia that's really famous that you could basically go to and just get fucked up to give you liquor for free you pay for ammunition by the round i mean that come on in what society would that fun getting really fucked up and shooting targets while drunk with like caliber machine guns jesus
nice parts of the world man god damn bone marrow i still your favorite have you found it i like it i read somewhere it was like bone marrow bread bread your favorite meal meal i would like that bellmare owes to try it sometime it's just a little toast good i've had bone marrow i like it's good stuff when we had that shit in portland very fatty though right yes it's very mostly fat i don't know i mean it's it's very delicious melts in your mouth we we don't travel nearly as much as you do we travel a lot of us i do i do but it's mostly just city city and i mean occasionally i go to the country no i do shows in england and we do ufc's in england and we always try to find fogo every
as a child what is it like having a wife who is a crazy you have seen that i have seen some you have seen that still your wife is over the deep end may jenny's she trained she does ju and she does moitie too it doesn't she just wait i in the mornings and grappling and jujitsu with brazilian jujitsu at night with that ads yeah at his studio and you're happy and she's really really into it and you know i sort of live in fear actually great here is that you know she's just wait do you know some over these the aspic fan you know some some drunk chick with hair extend this is going to step in between the two of us you know what we're having a drink and my
good joke around reception in a home you really worried about that she's gonna hurt somebody when these days do you think she wants to actually she spoils level this is she i'm we're we're very we're very proud of the boarding house sold that my wife for a couple months ago choked out her trainer he blacked out before he could tap out really so she's just fucking nuts for this stuff yeah that is so it's all about the grappling which which it makes it tough we'll go out to dinner at like a really nice french restaurant and she'll wear like a low cut gown and of course she's got blue and yellow fingerprints all over giant bruises that he's all very proud of everyone in the restaurant's looking at me like you son it's good for leo tried dating a kick or black eyes and shit walking around bloody noses but but
but she she she loves watching the sport but i think way more she likes taking what now how long she been doing this but about four years now so she just got hooked four years ago and just dove right at it when when she does think she tends to do in a serious way she's a very enthusiastic woman it was fun it was fun watching i really love watching people who really enjoy the sport and really appreciate and understand it need to see that you know like you life is one of those fucking p those are arms arms blocked yeah she's know she's a serious ufc fan yes i mean i'm i'm getting into it just entire entirely because because she's in a witness it was a lot of fun i was in boxing fan for sure but you know this was the all new to me so i basically i asked asked her this guy any good
once you figure out who's good and who's who's interesting and you know you you watch a few could fights and understand the rivalries man then that's ask capable it's just too exciting i love i love the anderson anderson silva fight recently that the whole way it hands down that whole i leave thing was the fight was over that he just totally on the other guy's head he was such as good ten she was thing to do yeah well he gets his timing what happens with anderson is anderson he's like calculating you he's figuring out he's wrapping inside the danger zone and outside i trying to figure out what your instincts are witcher reflexes are and then he realizes that after like one fifteen twenty seconds you're twenty seconds are going to slow down forty five seconds of the first round guys start to slow down two minutes three minutes in they really started slow down and that's when anderson starts to pile it on he's like
calculating your abilities and then he can just get right in front of you and put his hands down and there's nothing you can do about it it's got to be the most horrifying feeling in the world to be locked in a cage age with a magician you know what who can hit you and you can hit him and he's very confident and he's like walking in on you and you know he's got you timed and figured out i just start popping off that was a really impressive fight he's an amazing athlete man he's he goes down in my book is one of the all time great athletes you know mohammed ali's and sugar sugar ray leonard's and all the roberto duran's all the greats of the past anderson silva goes right in with them you know obviously different sport but did the same thing that the that super athlete than that guy that can do things that other people just can't do i'm i'm always it you know ali was a personal hero you know for me i just as a as a as a fighter as a personality is it as a as a leader i i just
he looked up to him still look up to it's a very unfortunate what happened to him you know i mean do you do to want to talk about a guy who was this incredible speaker who was so fast and so flu and so sharp in the weekend can the way could break things down and the way he these ethics you stood up for this vietnam war he said you know a man not no vietnamese ever did nothing to me yeah i'm not going over there you know i i put him up there would like to add to jefferson and in lincoln and you know i i just see him as a really of a great one of the greatest and most heroic american icons i mean certainly sure especially around the world respected and looked up to have you seen the film when we were kings yeah yeah i cried like a baby at the end that feeling every time it's amazing something that's the film where honey thompson was hired to go right he was so upset 'cause he was an eleaf any new all he was going to be killed that he just
took drugs and floated around the pool the nixon mask on and the whole fight just doctor thompson of another personal hero but mine is a sadder story you know i mean people say always happy now really so i don't know i don't think thompson clearly was a happy man thompson was in a lot of pain to you know he had a hip replacements and that's brutally painful for some people he had like a lot of physical ailments and top of that his body was just so beaten down from the daily boozing i mean he just would pounded daily so i figured anybody reads my stuff you know i was you know i'm seamlessly student oven enthusiast i mean of one hundred since early work i really went stuff came out in rolling stone running to the store to get fear and loathing in las vegas serialized life changing yeah
but i don't that's a guy who you sort of peaked early and i think very hard time for the rest of his career after i think probably fearing on the campaign trail i think it was i was clearly struggling with writing for the rest of his life well i think you just can't do that to your health and not struggle create hopefully you can't do that you can't just poison you can't do cocaine right that's for sure you can't do coke and right now baby to send and then what will happen you'll either keep it will be utterly complete shit or you'll find some way to not right at all embarrassingly i wasn't i didn't know much about hunter s thompson until i was in seattle once i was staying in a hotel room and i had a layover and nothing to do just flipping through the paper view movies gonzo life and work life and times of hunter s thompson i think it's called yeah i watched the documentary on holy shit
you know when they show how he when ed muskie was running for president you started writing fake stories about the guy being on i will gain and right into the glass talk any made up names for new drugs that you know a dude was on something called wallet so sh some new form is some actually found its way into the into the straight media and has a if they had had to fend them soon gave some homeless guy his press credentials i think his white house group yeah really without semantic stuff but i think did tomorrow get it if you if you read some of the stuff in some of the is in fear loathing in las biggest it is a very romantic sentimental side he wrote some beautiful senses about how his hopes were smashed forever by yeah you know what he saw happening typically in this country well unix and just you know really fucked with connor thompson's head what was great about his his
rantings and drug induced you know his his just his vision of the world was that he been through a utopia period in san francisco in the late sixties so he had this idea of his lsd culture where he knew this was possible he knew it be beautiful and then when the hopes were dashed in all the water was thrown on the fire then he became this wild fucking renegade is that line about it's right here this is where the wave bro and then read all rolled back i think he's talking about the desert near vegas yeah which is one of the very you know this was a failed romantic a failed hippie you know who's who's seen everything go ugly real quick yeah the way he described the so many people that were in the psychedelic movement who's calling them mental cripples if you into these you know basically these p we just locked into this crew of losers
dragging them around with them and to side and was watching the whole thing crash against the rocks such a fascinating writer that guy was and was so fascinating that he had this realistic period when he was younger and it had the hopes dashed so it was uh it's like you know yeah i think it's where the anger came from yeah but first of all so you so you know what was so funny about the thompson yeah yeah he describes a bad acid trip once i think in local vegas where he describes a really bad acid trip is being one we look down your leg and see your dead grandmother crawling up your leg with a knife in her teeth that is a beautiful image yeah he's one of those dudes are really wish i had a chance to meet once you find out about him later in life great letter writer to use the letters are available i think good books called the proud highway in his correspondence with the people who really hilarious really really fun
brilliant dude watch that folks listening watch that documentary though gonzo whatever there is life and works of something i don't know if it's the life and times or whatever it is but just gonzo look for it's fucking incredible so no one is really ever giving you a hard time about killing animals what about all the shit you say about vegans vegans i find it very defensive i've joked about vegans a few times on the podcast and i've got a bunch of hate mail hate tweets yeah this and there there's a hardcore vegans who are in there now like me anyway whether i shoot animals that the fact that i'm eating meat at all and talking about it as if it's something that we should all do i'm already there their blood enemies so really any problem for them vegetarians i have a surprising number of vegetarian fans which is something i really don't understand i'm grateful for it but apparently there are vegetarians with a sense of humor total
you start to not have a sense of humor but not really have any problems is the usual angry stuff but not a lot of i always wish that somehow another science and figured out a way to record screams of lettuce they found that let us they can't move but they yeah they scream like squashing kittens you know it's just a microbial level we can't really pick it out right it's poor lettuces suffering every time you eat it and then see what these self right just fox think that with people walking in the whole foods and you're like wearing the scarlet letter if you were just in the whole foods at the wrong time there's just vegans everywhere i i and you down when you're walking down you think it's it's not that bad like i have friends that are vegans i have a few silly friends i got jamie kilstein he's a vegan is a great guy i love that dude he's silly though
yeah we you should help them if we can he used to eat meat and you know now he's like super lefty he's like he's got this radio show citizen radio you know in the rial riel super lefty you just gotta cook bacon around somewhere in the distance right it's a pony i don't smell anything do you really get it be around wild pigs if you're so happy about pigs you wouldn't be if you saw feral pigs the pigs that you see have no relationship to the pigs that we would have if they were we talked about this the last podcast that they transform the wild pitch you know if you set the a domestic pig loose within three weeks the body starts to change they grew there scroll longer snout grows longer hair gets shaggy and they become more delicious really do that while big is good is wild pig better than domestic pig kind of depends what you're looking for you know it's a game here bore before that's fucking delicious that's amazing yeah some of
the game meats are like the most delicious meats like elk elk is fantastic ever elk never never milk is delicious yeah elk liver is delicious elk liver what is that like calves liver but with its own sort of healthy flavor well whoever figured out how to do fog wah and that guy is a bad mother fucker yeah what it's going to be illegal out here i think in twenty twelve watts laws laws kicking in it will be i believe illegal to sell in the state of california god there's a restaurant called brandywine in woodland hills that's like one of their specialties and it's fucking fantastic so good and i know it sucks to be a duck but sucks to be a dog no matter what where they have a giant liver and not yeah on that issue on that issue people really tend to get cranky
especially on here i mean the the some of the animal activists terror you know i mean absolutely terrorized chef friends of mine up in san francisco really there was a group up there who terrorized the chef friend first threatening phone calls they broke into his business and trash the whole business plugged up the toilet going acid on the walls the walls but the nicest thing they did i thought was they slipped into his backyard while he was away and videotaped his wife and and child together from the rear window from the backyard and they sent him the tape holy shit basically saying to stop serving or selling or anyway dealing with foie gras you know after this i just feel compelled even if out of spite to eat photograph of the rest of my life one i you
stand here are some cons out there they're just waiting for an argument there waiting to pick a side to be on whatever team it is and from fight that to the death yeah i think they they they smartly saw four greisen easy win you know it's not like this is anymore outrageous or painful or bad or procedure in any way than any other animal we eat i mean the way chickens are raised in this country is truly shocking or domestic logs from some of the major the major houses these really sort of grotesque mass market you know very unhealthy way to create food let's put it that way so are bigger and more deserving targets target since wagra but i think the animal rights guys saw something that they can win because high profile brutally it looks bad and we should it looks like it is basically when they feed the geese who generally if it's any kind of any
quality operation the geese ducks come over to the feeder but basically you tilt the things head back you put a long funnel down its throat and you know put a couple of handfuls of ground corn in which they readily eat it just looks like they're having food jammed into them and if you if you play foot each of you know some place in eastern europe that is mass producing this stuff very cruelly there's some really find footage that that makes for a very lurid picture of the process add to that that french you know it's got a french name and only a bunch of wealthy high end restaurants serve it it was an easy victory of them isn't in their ultimate goal but basically bolstered by their victory with foie gras here they will then be able to raise money towards the next victory which you know ultimately leads to their aim which is to give chickens the vote
is in fog why can't you get it organically where you don't force feed them isn't there so they say so that everything will or they will be they will if just left left on their own devices during certain seasons you eat themselves this you know into a bloated liver fattening situation for sure but that's the only way to get good fog wise to do that that sort of force feeding 'cause otherwise the liver is just not you're not grabbing this any anyone i know in this country who sells fois gras in their restaurant buys from one or two or three outfits all of which i can tell you are not people brew the grabbing animals jamming this to under throat and then some cartoon cat and you know whether the warner brothers cartoons don't jam and you know mouthful after mouthful with the belize expands its like two hands day it takes like two seconds and it's not that bad and the animals other otherly otherwise live really cool comfortable
juries lives for for for you know to be between the put in the world of poultry there the aristocrat so it's really just a couple quick quick a day and that's it yeah then like the other hand we kill woman harvest their stuff and in this case stuff is a delicious delicious smooth creamy very tasty liver i can't wait to try it never had it now you got to go to this by making today were you twice as much of that i would normally yeah go to this brandy one place but i but i those are the people you have to you know those people get angry i think some people that love animals more than love people those people are creepy that those those fucking team animal people those people that want to rescue animals from there certain people their agenda is ultimately to have no animals under people like in yards no animals contained none own animals animals have their own rights it's such a
world map of form of lunacy isn't it well they believe it's evolution they believe that you know we need to move past our monkey passed and we moved to need to move past are carnivorous ways and embrace the ways of the plants healthier and it's natural and nobody gets to get hurt and we don't have to have horrific domestic but that's who likes the animals hurt i mean we could all agree on that is true but you know if you don't shoot him they don't live forever right getting silly there's a cycle of life real well it's it's good for you steak when you work out if you workout nothing feels better than a steak he's slicing in that thing and you start chewing it in the blood mouth oh it let's you know this is what you needed this is what you're looking for i feel that urged often but you know it's really maybe every couple of months i'll get that said you know i'd really like a salad maybe every two months or actually if you're in like czech republic
in eastern europe basically for more than two weeks you really starting to think or argentina or a gray you don't see a green vegetable for like weeks you see anything it says like pork pork morpork pork starch and beer do you start blocking up yeah brock lesnar are ufc a former ufc champion he had to get twelve inches of his colon removed because all the it was me yeah it was one of those crazy dudes who would wouldn't eat salads he's a fucking caveman you know just giant gorilla he's like literally like a real viking it's fucking head is this big giant wrestler dude he's a savage and he just ate meat that's all he wanted to eat even want broccoli fuck you with your please just eaten steaks and drop people in their heads or apparently can you do that if you have just to me protein it can cause something in your stomach called diverticulitis and that's what happened with him and
to many of you have different numbers cucumbers to this means with the anything that that has a semi digestible particles like i thought i give the seeds and numbers for instance the to see if he's in q completely diverticulitis we had a script a sort of talk often of the side there and and just started your take the stats fats in it conversation we remove our way onto and then i'm on my favorite words the reason bringing up is that all he did was eat meat and i always wonder that can't be good how do these people man civil jesus he was pissed off before now now he's lost the lead which is a colon twelve as well now he's really pissed off yeah feed me like how do these cultures do it how do they get away with just eating meat probably there's no profit seriously i think certain cultures clearly overtime develop their sick
around the food but you see this in the north to canada with the inuit people up there they seal and seal ilfat they need it in their bodies have changed because of this diet to diatta after this incredible cold i mean you it's notion that people could ever be vegetarian in a place like that where there's not a growing thing for one thousand miles twenty below zero you know these people live because they shoot seals and eat their blubber and you could see it in their bodies there they are able to withstand temperatures that would kill us in hours jesus christ they also have some weird thing with their fingers don't get numb they have incredible circulation in their fingers they can take extreme cold that we wouldn't be able to take it's like one of the things that they
to use adaptation is one of the like the the the key points of adaptations of been observed over the it's it's pretty it's pretty amazing now especially or you feel it i mean that you know when you feel cold like that for the first time you the coldest you've ever been that was what is it on what is the number i even though i know that if you step outside for a minute cigarette you have to completely suit up it just cold so penetrating that you really got it just a couple of minutes before you start getting hypothermic i know a dude who knows a dude who lives in alaska and the guys a q maker makes pool cues lives way the fuck up north he took a bucket of hot water and threw it off his back porch and it was frozen before it hit the ground wrap your head around that shit is insane possible it is possible apparently
it's like forty fifty below zero that's what happens i remember up there in the update we were all our latest sort of everest ready you know down parkas you know they'll their asses off at us when we get off when we got off the plane and we said you know are we dressed well enough to go out in the canoes and they just laughed their asses on had a slip big like caribou smock over yourself on top of the down jackets to you know to operate fuck or all are cameras locked up like froze up and locked up within seconds of each other after i don't know must have been made we shot for an hour an hour and a you know machinery can hand was that the most humbling feeling of nature that you've ever had while shooting show seeing a whole family
basically shoot a seal drag it on their kitchen florida tarpon and then everybody in the family you know mom dad grandma you know junior they all without dyes and start airing this thing apart and they start eating little pieces of it too they need to hold for each other and it looks like it look night of the living dead but it is in fact almost sort of genuine heart warming times i've had on the show i mean there's a there's a survival the new incredibly happy when they're doing this in in in juxtaposing those you know pictures you might have what a clear a close and happy family a good time with all of this blood that's kind of take some getting used to but i think when you travel a lot you get used to the notion that people are different leaving very different circumstances
and people adapted those circumstances and that's just the way it is for them to to lee and i think it's you know because because interested principally and food on the show i think people everywhere particularly nice to us and let us see a particularly i don't know side of their personalities aside other cultures at all i think a lot of other you know hard journalists don't get to see people's defenses are down you know they don't they don't they're less likely to put up with front or be someone other than who they really are over the table you know right away a break bread with somebody you drink the local drink whatever it is whatever is offered to try to be a good guest i think you're going to connect people over food in a way that you couldn't if you're just some guy with a you know a microphone and a camera people cameras and things changes the situation but the fact that the
you know i i travel largely on my stomach i think is it an advantage what a fucking crazy way to live that's fascinating we did you know that was a brazil the last you'll see i didn't go to that one was filmed fear factor so i stayed home i couldn't afford to take four days off it's good food down there brazil rio i've been to sao paulo went to a real to has korea in sao paulo pretty bad ass fuller child but they had a lot more organs in brazil eat a lot of chicken hearts and things along those lines chicken livers the big deal is fish water the whole country does it is water it's basically a big u of who's in snouts and black beans and really delicious in its it came in usually from slave food it was the the table of the wealthy portuguese that
slaves would collect and try to make into something edible or even delicious and overtime time could with this dish that you know it was the food of very poor at one point now it's like the national dish everybody in brazil one point or another saturday invite the family over and you sit around eating this huge huge lots of fish water and get really really really fucked up on kush ossa the episode that you had in brazil is really wild when you were at that fish market as he's fucking alien fish that they're all eating that is cookie at their you know that's fresh water for sure that you're in water the depth of the rice patty you know i mean three feet of water you're driving around you looking at basically rice pie deep water to let you see a five hundred freshwater fish you know breaking the surface it's while i mean they're all of these fishing and creatures and fruit
vegetables down there that never make it out of that area so it's really ingredient wise it's really another planet yeah i would imagine so i really like like i said i didn't get to eat much interesting food over there i was there for the world jitsu championships in two thousand and three so i was only there for a couple of days but we did go to the supermarket and get these fucking alien looking fruits like i've never even seen him before never heard of him no idea what the fuck it was i just picked up a boy different ones a weird seeds seed and strange flavors and it's a great country great food great culture to wild country people are people are really nice they're that figured out fighting they figured it out there is a lot of confusion as to how to fight correctly the brazilians were really one of the first to really figure it out they put the first big piece to the puzzle jujitsu put the first big piece where everybody was like oh okay this you gotta know this know if you if you don't know going they're grab you and they're going to break your shit is really simple
the brazilian guys just revamp the whole system and then read this came along and kickboxers then people realize you have to have really a full arsenal of techniques if you don't have a full arsenal of techniques if you just had one jujitsu is probably one of the best ones to have and the brazilians were the ones to figure that out now when i to if you didn't know back in the day nobody knew everything because it never was anything like the ultimate fighting championship so there's never an opportunity to see what was better to know it just speculative is it to yeah boxer is it better to be arrested fuck knows it just nobody really knew but the brazil things came along and they figured out that if you only know one thing you should know how to choke people 'cause fights usually scramble the you know you're in a bar you fall you're on the ground that you should know how to strangle a guy wants to go to the ground that's a wild culture to figure that out man i love it it's it's it was awesome i like el salvador bahia in the n that's sort of the african heartland of brazil and it's where the food
sort of spiciest and richest the most interesting you know it just there's no culture like it on earth aside it is i don't know how anyone could actually i don't understand how anyone wants to work with a few that when you get used to the just hearing that music being in a country that beautiful food that good everybody in the country looks like tractor verna everybody in brazil seems to look like the either just got laid and they're coming from getting laid or they're on their way to getting like you know it's it's going to be to brazil this is amazing because you see people of every size you know every hue it just kind of the would be it's just the beach culture is so awesome and there's no i don't think there's any country where people love see
like music and dance as ferociously it's really tough to not dance in brazil everybody seems to well so is that your favorite country do up there but is it is one of my favorite countries there's something really really awesome about brazil what's your favorite man favorite i don't know spain spain's we are from you know died spain was where you were at that restaurant was and believes that i say it yeah but just about anywhere in spain is this is this is gonna be a special place with great food and it's going to be beautiful of vietnam i love you know that vietnam resembles all of the places i dreamed about you know when i was a little boy the exotic the exotic east well you know there is that the decaying french aspect the indigenous vietnamese that
part of the world looks to me particularly beautiful and they like food in a way that that i've i find very sympathetic they're passionate about it so vietnam this that's going to be a sentimental favorite as well wow so vietnam numero uno while but you could do worse than you know to keel over after a really good meal to die with a big hunk of pork in your mouth in spain would not be a bad way to go out anybody that doesn't appreciate the idea of cooking as an art form should watch that show on el booya is now am i saying oh yeah that guy wow what a fucking wizard that guy is really intensely creative chef that had this small restaurant in spain yeah i mean it was it was basically it was considered the best restaurant in the world for
a long time it certainly he was a guy way out in front of everybody else yeah that was some good food porn it and i think that was a show and really you know it wasn't what we get an opportunity to show that my actually means something in a few years and we shot i think we shot some history with that show is the restaurant closed the same night i think that we aired the shower or close to it and uh you know that is that was that's a true artist and it was a limited period of time in that era is over and we managed to get it on on on tape so so that's something really i was confused as to what he was doing afterwards he was talking about yourself start of i was asian all together and it's as a think tank essentially he's a creative space where people from all over the world could talk to each other or me come up with new ideas
trippy very trippy because you know i have to be honest and until i watch your show i never thought of food as an art form i always the food is you know well no i see your instincts are right i i think there are maybe two or three people in the world who i would say in who should maybe three chefs in the world who you could honestly say their artists is was really talented craftsman i mean artists only is creating something completely diff anybody else does doesn't have to absolutely be completely different because it's almost just doing it really well and with attention to detail and like that that is all word it does come through when you have a i think there's a difference between the people who designed the great cathedrals of europe and the people who built them for people put them or probably the problems with some of the greatest craftsman history of the world but they were that we're working within an established hierarchy they were about
doing the same thing again and again and again exactly the same i just don't think there are that many people who if the bed for me the benchmark is fair on audrey awe and this was a guy who was like charlie parker or jimi hendrix you know nobody i never made sounds out of a guitar before like jimi hendrix you know no one had ever made sounds out of a horn like charlie parker they were you know the history there are a lot of people who will ever be that good or that different and audrey's is like those guys that so that's the high water mark for you so there's only a few guys like that they just really are paving math and doing their own you know what do we do now closed his restaurant you know it was traumatizing for it for a lot of people who looked at the michael jordan of chef sees the peak of the hill right he's the bruce lee of chefs bruce lee michael jordan together wow
with a little bit of dalai lama who else is left how many guys are left true artists i do and i wouldn't even like to think about i know there's somebody out there is a small handfuls there i probably you know it's probably someone who's food i've eaten and i just stopped she's stupid to have recognized that it was historic and great well even the craftsman even if you just recreating classic dishes i don't give a fuck when someone's really good at it comes through as an art i see what you're saying that they might not be the innovators they might not be at the head of the family you know that there are a lot of really great innovative chefs out there but art you know i said i standard you know and if you look at picasso here right yeah well i'm a fucking comedian that we call comedy art you know some people would call this the art of podcasting it gets ridiculous i will i will i will go
great without having created any art how pretty damn sure why you think that that's funny because i think your book is our man no i think that's are you start if you start talking about yourself like that you know they start talking about yourself in the third person and up and up and let you do but you get arrested like you know having beaten the transsexual hooker to death viewtiful that you think like that that's why you're you he's a beautiful with the thing that is the road to madness and and starvation yeah can she talking about yourself as an artist stepping back and you know as an artist i feel as an artist you know ever since i've been writing books an artist yeah i don't really see i don't see what i do anything that i do is essentially that much different than added on a line one of one chef cook among many making food you know you presumably you're building something or making something as best you can you showing up at one time doing the best
hopefully you're having fun doing it you know and so so there aren't that different i don't see what one would start telling stories on television or talk about just on the television and see as being essentially in any different is certainly no better than actually working for a living right i see what you're saying that you are one of those guys that you know could just be anyone could know you as that guy that you work with the great personalities funny likes it talk shit about things kind of an interesting guy you know he could be a tv star someone just put a camera on him guy needs his own reality show how many how many people do you know like that i've known thousands of my friend johnny bailey i used to my best friend was a professional pool hustler halfway homeless i was sleeping on my couch other peoples people's couches and a jew so you could throw math problems out on me recreate them
but that would make a great reality show i think the television is taught television anything it's that you know complete mediocrity is enough to have your own reality show and you know there is that it's it's all about your willingness to play ball those kids on jersey shore does this situation like drive a bentley the work you know and then he's gotta sleep on a cot with a bunch of other boneheads you know who he hates you know you know what it is that really how the show works they all hang together right yeah they don't like that house right or the left foot during shooting season the rest you know i mean know the rest yeah he's not taking a mopeds home you know i the way i look at him is like good for him you know i see what else would he be doing i see this is it is it is a greek tragedy action you know really i mean really if you know you you the whole dynamic to show that the crying hardly that by now they know that
they know the tearable rules of television know it's not looking good they got that early you know but now it's know how to ball i got a good thing they get a good gig and there milk in it long as they can but get the real housewives chain you know it's like anyone go on the real housewives thinking that they're gonna look good in the shows about it's about making people sitting on couches with a bag it's saying man those people even way more fucked up being done in their faces their faces who buys that look at those lips white human it's like that and that's the chick chicken her husband just committed suicide and then his business partner committed suicide too so but everyone saying it's it's all about you don't get many you show up for work every day knowing that your job is to do you know i mean everyone watches will feel better about themselves you know and be snickering at me and i was met by cartoonish behavior it is fascinating that the trend of reality television took off but this idea
just following housewives of following guys driving on slippery roads ice road truckers is about show about driving slippery a slippery road is that you know those auction shows auction shows these no you know i don't know if it's the worst thing that ever happened in history the or the best you know i weird you know i don't think it's worse or the bass but it's definitely weird it's like so i mean i do watch some of the shows like jersey shore i can watch only about ten minutes of it before it just might bring libel start to explode it with there's too much it's just too too are flying in yet fascinating you know so i'm for ten minutes the greatest show that ever existed
after which i just i can't it's too painful for me well that's pretty watered down you know as far as like the old the the low level behavior of this country have you seen the wild and wonderful whites of west virginia now johnny knoxville documentary you got to see it it's awesome job yeah so few these shows have really any any relationship to reality at paul they've created this alternate reality we're real people are behaving like a soap the soap opera freaks that they're expected to behave like an insult your complicity in this whole terrible process of you know public self humiliation that's kind of fascinating well not only that they also have toe they do these fake tasks like things happen don't know we've got to get down the d m v i'm gonna lose my licence sure you are what the fuck you talking about like this is like they orchestrate fake drama and fake things that i'm waiting for the day you know that you know i get the phone call from the agency you know
really think celebrity rehab is a good career move freaky right now you know that says something about what point does this scene logically like a good career move you know celebrity rehab would be pretty fucked up especially if you're eric robertson you just it's just weed that would it was the weirdest one cause he got on celebrity rehab because he said he's having a problem with weed everybody else is shaking like a leaf thrown up and says he's having hi fi read in the papers this is nothing wrong with them like that you don't need to be here yeah but he knows the drill always got to have at least one freak out during the season right is that what it is why don't those are generally the rules of you know get a bonus your your this think it's a ching wells fargo that's one of the most disturbing shows celebrity rehab very very very disturbing hard you wouldn't be depressed so like your agent called up and said listen joe got a great offer you like
well what does it say about me i would i would like on a bathroom staring the mirror for a long time well i would have done that what have i done yeah that's why it's good to have friends back home where your like freaking out too much of my god and you're good to much what do you do we at ways to less i blacked out friday saturday sunday okay right now my i'm fine you know we've our market research has shown us is you know audiences really want me to more footage of you vomiting yeah we'll be speaking of vomiting menu you have that one episode we took i'll wasco yeah it was that legit i did you know i've taken a lot of lsd early from my life so by the time i took i'll ask for the first time so i was like it was for me it was kind of like ecstasy in the sense that i'm sitting around waiting to get off it didn't work it but it was a big deal you know real is the that's a drug right you know i think that was my that was my that was my experience i think you got some low level shit and sometimes they do that i've always heard that from the iowa
skaros that they water down the stuff they give to the the gringos they don't want anybody going crazy running through the woods dragons dragons flying fucking serpents and ufos and shit but everybody that i know that's taken in this taken legit doses had crazy psychedelic visually i mean i wait in his experience you know it's just cottage no cottages a shack up on stilts as i recall out in the middle of the jungle and amazon will like four hours six hours by boat from any place like resembling the place of the hospital home no lights so i went into the experience with the expectation that it would be like the book would be crawling make it in the jungle shooting and puking for six hours before i discover my spirit animal so this is what i thought it was going into so really i mean you know i got off seriously but but it wasn't like acid right
this is a week does yeah i mean i guess i gather you know i mean i didn't check myself so it was i mean win though is how deep are you an asset like many heads or you know one or two or did you like because i i used to hang out with guys like i did eleven hit something right now i was done with guys who sit around like you know take it to much i mean i know when it's enough you make your mushrooms in a result into a risotto first or do you do anything fancy back in the day we did to marinate the mushrooms in in honey i think we married him honey overnight or longer and i would mix it in with big pot of hot tea and the whole kitchen would be drinking this tea all right along get it in honey i make it a t that's my new thing i'm not suggesting you do that i just think that we did it you know you know that's what they used to use to preserve mushrooms back in the day yeah they used to preserve lemon honey they would drive up and preserve lemon honey and they believe that that's that's one of the ways that people started getting in alcohol because
honey can ferment and become mead and you know that eventually like this is like one of terence mckenna's theories that people went from being a intoxicant oriented like with psychedelic mushrooms too alcohol oriented not somehow another fuck society up at one time we got a long way better he has this i got a great hit it i it on history actually i was reading that coffee lately you know when they first the first coffee houses in england were quickly declared illegal by the government they saw these as hotbeds of sedition and they closed them down why because up until point in history most europeans and most people in england wake up in the morning and drink mead that's all they drank all day long it was basically you know crude beer homemade beer so up all this point in history when people started drinking coffee in these coffeehouses everybody in europe could be counted on to be up all day long so now
so coffee house with the first place in europe where people would sit around in a state of sobriety and his people tend to do that you know when you're sober you notice shit and they're if you noticed are governments like really fucking us the government was right of course because these first time that people were actually drinking a beverage and hanging out with their wits about them it was seen as a really dangerous thing food for thought that's fascinating well that's exactly what's going on with marijuana in this country trying to keep that away from people good good percentage of it is they're worried about people waking up they're worried about noble if i was like you know if i was president want to be like we elected for a visit with those really bad president or or or i want people to smoke you know marijuana the ghetto basically you know whose this works we generally we're we're everybody yeah
california everybody yeah the people who support him back home every day every other week smoking in voting frequency of voting that's what i'm wondering is the only way you know it the people like is there a huge i fully factor for sure you know it's like i use some comedian was talking about this could take i don't know who did it it was the whole the whole bit about but it's ever been will never be voted in is legal because all the but supporters will forget to show up yeah right i don't know who with who said it but it was really funny yeah that is true a good percentage well you know this my take on the amount of potheads are useless is just like my take on the amount of regular people that are useless there's a percentage whether it's twenty or thirty of your pessimistic up to fifty percent of people that are
fucking useless and it doesn't matter if you give him marijuana it doesn't matter if you get him drunk they're just just low what brains i think they should change the law you need one hundred percent turnout yeah that's that's gonna be tough but i've had some people that i know that have gotten to pot like late in life and it's completely changed the way they look at things like for the better it helps you look like you haven't smith didn't start smoking weed until three years ago did you look i got to get a lot of public figures out there who probably have benefited from early use of psychedelics unquestionably i mean steve jobs always talks about that that you know one of the most powerful experiences in his life was tripping on acid i think so well respond well i think john mccain would be different
in more interesting person if you done acid at some point is like are for sure for sure and would be so scared he would have a others would get out others i'd be worried about i would be very worried about giving michele bachmann asked about some squeaky fromme ship right away to argue with her husband of the masses and and then run but i would like to do acid with bill clinton did you know you know michele bachmann's i would be as you know we're talking about this i'd be shocked if the weather with bill clinton had done it no he he still yeah that was all that nonsense and he didn't inhale is back in the day but you know after his i did not have sex with that woman all that i did not inhale really lost a lot of weight yeah i'll def for that actually just you know i don't care you know everything that he was accused of i'm pretty okay with treating stuck at eighty though yeah i really found unforgivable you know i really found that despicable and connect really never forgive i do not have sex
so technically what what i understand as sexual relations is what i stand the term to be for me it's just unforgivable yeah it's i also wish that he had stepped up and said it's not of your fucking business i wish you had said this is a ridiculous private and you're trying to make it a big so it's really amazing like like the smarter you are the higher you are in the in the public eye the more powerful you are the more likely you are to behave like the stupidest person ever be on like a lot of water the twenty year old girls do not say in your previous research and yet readily available to do these into your resting officers you know so so it's it's the that some alternate reality you know exists the enquirer have got their hooks in you it's time to
hang out you know i think it be certain people become delusional when they hit a certain level of notoriety like the president of the united states i mean that level must be so intoxicating and when you're already kind of crazy which most people who are run to become president in the first place you gotta be at least a little bit fucking crazy and then all of a sudden you're there and the whole world is paying attention to everything you just feel like you could just dick in someones mouth like what's the big deal i'd be a ticket in there i was i was thinking my first order in my first first thing in office on the president is by the way but it would make sure there was an in and out burger in new york city we would need many chains many outlets of in and out here that much of a fan of in and out burger yeah of some of use the power of the government to make sure that happens you love them that much it's i better that we don't have on the new york really
you have guys have five guys burgers yeah i think we do five guys burgers pretty fucking good sentimental guy about this really fits exotic to me i mean i know there's better burgers out there but but it's something i like about it just get hooked on certain tastes yeah i kind that there their business model just goes against the sentence against the grain yeah it's a good business model it's kind of interesting we always try to there and they never let us like shoot in there we we've had we've had difficulties really but we got a shot what about the chick fil a guy ever try to shoot his place is a guy that doesn't open on sunday because it's the lords day chick fil a's are closed on sunday so large day voting by by what by eating their chicken you know anyway hello right and it it really matter yeah does it really matter i don't
if there is a really evil corporation you know you know that they're like you know there all of their products are made by you in prison children somewhere right so probably fat matters but the chick fil a guy who believes in the baby jesus you know he doesn't want to work on sunday who gives a show yeah i think they ended up burger guys are there was a religious component to the company greenpoint and underlying philosophy but the point is it apparently created this link will be pretty cool business model for for fast food and it's an issue that i think about a lot because which economist somebody said somebody smarter than me you know another fifteen years we're to be a country ever in the country will be selling cheeseburgers to each other that what americans do you know we don't make anything anymore really manufacturing is dropped to nothing we're into making know transformers seven and uh
you know selling each other burgers before the economy even collapse putin was quoted as saying i don't understand the american economy it seems that all they do is sell houses to each other if i could rise right about that you know about i mean truthfully i mean what are what is our i think what we are best export is war and honestly now its culture it's it's it history it is i pretty close second music yeah for music tv anomalies it is it is our most powerful happen in our most powerful i i think it's what we do best better or worse i mean i agree one hundred percent especially you know television and films i mean you know as opposed to other countries every now and then another country and make a good movie but god damn is a giant chunk of on the from this fucking wacky place yeah do you ever go someplace where you go being from
erica might be kind of touchy here have been where i thought that was going to happen or in fact we were treated really really really really well like where would you work everywhere in the arab world hospitality's been uh evil saudi arabia i was ill apprehend you know they take a lot saudis take a have a a different view of the world that i do for sure but no i think everywhere i've been again it's kind of about the people have been incredibly hospitable in places that i didn't expect up front they would have any particular love for americans vietnamese were incredible from the first time i went there a lot about history there are you gonna asked at one point i turn to somebody who was with us that aren't you guys pissed you know what that's great about anything yeah don't flatter yourself to life's hard out here you know
only fifty of use of special since you we for the chinese the cambodia of the chinese again before you there was the french the japanese of the chinese we've been at war for six hundred years you know you were only around 4x so they took a really special kind of longview if we stop fighting this week next week you're welcome at my house will hang out will talk shop will get fucked up doesn't rolls wow generally speaking i mean so that's a place where people have been really hospitable and i didn't expect it well a lot of places you know we should have favelas in rio and basically you know very we're very crime ridden areas of rio and buenos aires sort of hook up the local crime guy you know whoever the
mayor of the block in the no no no this is our fix it will contact you want to shoot in this area you're going need somebody a local godfather or the hey the crew or whoever controls that area in the real world we have to contact comments i listen we're going to make a point of coming at you showing you respect offering you a few dollars 'cause it's never about the money you know and you will get to wander around and shoot your whole area of your city without fear of being shot or stabbed or robbed and and we do that again again and again we just show the respect of acknowledging for better you are the boss of this neighborhood going to show you respect in front of your neighbors and you will keep us from shop well were shooting in the neighborhood but again it's it's just about it's a you know what a pain in people it's what people are proud of their food
chances are the proud of the neighborhood proud of their friends if somebody press is interested telling this story or or showing the world what they do particularly there food involved in local beverage chances are you're going to have a good time you're going to be treated well in this world one of most kind of heartwarming really cool home me moments was when you were in naples and that guy took you into his house for sunday dinner in a sort of a last minute that was totally last minute our our our our fixer head it can hold sup with the family you know have a friend of a friend and not fell through it last minute literally the car of my drivers like you just come over to my mother's house i will cook for you sure she'll be on tv i i'll tell her tomorrow it was perfect you know what is it is very walk in it i knew this woman is like made for television she was just so completely real and awesome and tough she's a change
cook and stir in the sauce she had this way of talking pulling a talking about hey hey was so amazing oh that was you couldn't you couldn't put that in adam sandler movie people would think you were too over the top it's really great it's really great when you get lucky when when you're shooting and something really amazing happens you mean and food looked jam in the way that meat was boiling in that sauce oh oh it was bubbling let you know is on for hours and it was just going to just melt in your mouth that show was one of those were totally did not suck making that show you know and we all and everybody on the crew games like five pounds i gained five pounds watching your fucking chills i eat at night when everybody's asleep that's what i want to show i cook something and i'll sit in front of your show and eat way more than i should what i do generally if i know i'm shooting in rome or naples anywhere in italy
or eastern europe with dumpling land you know i'll make sure that the next show is in you know place really impoverished land or or or with a really like maybe vietnam supposed place the pretty light cuisine dropdowns found out we learned our lesson i think we did britney and prove in a row you know all crew were all together for the eighteen days in france on of food so you know we're ordering just liked lots of stuff everyone in the crew game eight ten how is it that people in france with their incredibly rich diets are thin way thinner than americans they move
so what is the move around a lot yeah there was paddling around the ship around doing all this crazy kooky your season should the loser out and you know is it good news right walking their active they're not a sedentary society that i will see them and you know on saturdays but it'll probably be the the same of the times of the day the only practiced really maybe they have a tiny nibble of a muffin requests on a couple shooters a coffee get really jack for coffee to get through you know maybe the taken into something maybe around one one o'clock in the afternoon they knock off for a couple hours and eat a huge motherfucking meal and a lot of wine then they go back to work and they work till like seven or eight or nine sometimes then they have maybe a light supper you know generally speaking we're talking average then a very low suffer you know they're not sitting down and doing now it all again about either lunch or dinner so it really eaten only one big meal a day
a friend of mine went to a you know not eating deep fried macaroni you know it at the right macaroni assumes or okay you know good these burgers between the donuts or you know they don't do that a buddy my mine went to the lamborghini factory you know my friend bud who owns that show rides they film the construction of a lamborghini the first thing he says those fucking people know how to live because let me tell you something first of all the they go to work about ten one thousand and thirty no ones there like seven hundred am they get in they were for a little bit then they eat a spectacular lunch with they have chefs come in and make them the most incredible pasta and they sleep for a couple hours and then come back in and they work for a couple more hours and then they're done no ones working like twelve hours days at the lamborghini factory these artists making these incredibly wah why can't we is it possible to sustain three hundred million people and have that sort of a work ethic dan's be a way better place
you know for a regular job in your view working on your own he should be able to do whatever you want i said something i ask all the time you know my wife's it's it's you know and and i spent a lot of time there and i look around at you know guy in their twenties and thirties and how do you but constantly asking myself how do you live this way who giving you money nobody seems to really people do work hard in italy but you just tend to not see it big mother fucking lunch every day and i mean maybe a little gelato at four hundred o'clock in the afternoon you get me a weeks of vacation a year france and italy to you know you get sick in the middle the night you you pick up a phone and call a doctor in fifteen minutes later some some young intern arrives on a motor scooter and shoots scooter up with never drugs you need to feel better at your house just like like free or close to free they don't even take tips it's fucking nuts wow they come to your house will come to your house old doctor bag
can you imagine you let me come quick that's what happens when you have a small culture when you have a call are too many millions of people you have fusion of responsibility thing you the numbers you too big and there's no way you can rock that i don't have a rock i don't know listen i still to to the i don't know how they do it but the do the priorities are very very different but i'll take a quality life does not suck does not talking how many people live there told i don't know it's not that many right i don't know population of france couple million each what does it have no it's not like it's not like a major american city right i do think there are countries in europe with fewer people than new york city for sure for sure i mean new york city is the most amazing city on the planet but i think that anytime you jammed that many people in one spot you're asking for you ask for some unnatural reactions you know
i'm fascinated by how well new york works it's credibly efficient mean by and large just watching seems like one of things i love doing in new york is driving everyone else hates to driving i love driving in new york i love how traffic used car should be smacking up again another particularly where the taxis drive they're bombing up you know up an avenue looking to hit the lights changing lanes without even touching the directional there something really mystically cooperative about the way it all works there's an ebb and flow to new york city traffic that when you get up going to that wave it's like birds in the duscae those big waves when birds fly in those big waves they don't hit each other yeah downtown when you hit every light that's i hit by cab so i used to drive in new york cab sent me twice and they bolted both times those fucks i've been hit by i've hit here
in a cab and been t boned twice in like three days god damn twice in three days having never been involved in anything like that twice in three days a few years back wow was it both on the same side or do double size in the evening to go out i just got out jumped into one of the know that's one of those things that was was so was a light t bone was it we know he was driving away she was actually one guy did drive away but you know one remains with spy was a stolen car on the road clearly it appeared to be a stolen car because the guy got out of there awful quick on on rims new york city just so fascinating experiment to stack people on top of each other all in this one place and have all you know pretty much anything you need right there just do it do you own a restaurant no no i was a chef at a restaurant for many years i've still involved with them i don't know when is the last time you were in the weeds eleven years eleven years
eleven the weeds did just give him shop talk yes it's been eleven years since i've been on the line regularly since it's on how to show up and actually work station every day that was a fun show when you did go back to your your your new york city restaurant has yet late i'll lay out yeah and yeah we don't get a line you come to terms some very quickly with mortality at leader limitations of you know try to work my old double shift i did work my old double shift and i made it but you know i think it's five thousand four hundred and fifty three when i went back and did that shelf and i've been away for almost ten years it is like riding a bicycle and that you you could still do it but your brain when you're a chef make your brain starts to turn to mush in your late 30s
you become less smart less fast less able to to to do one thousand two hundred and thirteen things at the time is that is starts to fry that is a big part of being a chef is not just about the artist you're preparing the food but of juggling all these different mostly timing them that eighty percent of it even the great artists look at the great the great chefs they're great yes because they're able to choose people make and professional relationships with those people such that they can execute their vision their artistic vision again and again and again actually this same every single day rain or shine and working in high ten in close quarters everybody you're gonna we just the chef is is it is a cook who leads and and a great chef is one who is both someone who's really creative and has a for lack of a better artistic style or vision or something to say but the ability to
inspire loyalty and good performance in others is key absolutely it would be best bet cook in the world if you can inspire others to execute that you ain't worth shit i never got this from any other show before i watch your show for you watch your show i got oh that guy cooks good food i really i mean i just compartmentalized i don't have enough room in my brain for everything you know can't focus on everything so i'd see certain things and i learn his little eyes i need to know i like this kind of food that tastes good all that guy's a good cook awesome eat his food i know i thought about it and in terms of the complexity or the effort that goes into it i really never thought about it that much until your show that's why it was so fascinating to me it's hard glamorous work the time the chef becomes the chef that you know by the time you know their name chances are there i'll work on the line anymore but that they spent most of their adult lives
standing there doing something that is very similar in many ways to work in a production line and in an auto factory you know you put in the nuts of the balls in the same places exactly every time and just as well and then one guy pops out like a wolfgang puck or the the emerald dude that is on fucking sitcom well there you know guys like emerald didn't pop out actually that's a guy who worked his ass off for a really long time in restaurants became well known was offered a show wasn't particularly good one show after another fail in the network stuck with but more importantly he's stuck with it and he a very he became a very improbable in a superstar if you look at those early shows it's just you know he does everything so many things wrong as far as what you expect of a classic you know the friendly guy you know he's got the thick accent he's kind of little
awkward up there that was really charming and he really audience like that but you know he his ass up there he didn't just said he wasn't like me an overnight success guy you know he is drilling away for years but what i'm what i meant by is it also needs force in he's forcing the public consciousness that he's launched like emeralds like there's a few guys is like the wolfgang puck's is if you're not paying attention these are the guys that you hear about if you're not paying attention because they're you know they're both gone you've been around a long time and done really important things both off tv and and on tv but it's interesting that he's they love him for his personality so like personality so good we're going to ask you to fake it now if there is any in a sit com well for for old for a long time you know chefs a lot of just got into the business because they were awkward they felt awkward they were shit at words or j really don't didn't feel comfortable in a straight business environment do
you the kind of running away from something they send something about themselves that that that said all all of the things that tell you subconsciously bad communicator you know shouldn't be out there talking to regular people on a regular basis trying to do normal business those are things that people to cook and yet suddenly they find themselves you know with me via coaches and people trying to train them to be themselves on camera and it's it's a huge industry and a strange strange one yeah you are at a quote once we said that the guys that got into becoming shafts were the second the two sons traditionally in european culture you know if the family family only afford to to one kid to college college pick the the son and they invest what little money they had in that enterprise the other one would join the family business or go to go to the hotel school be to learn you learn to be prentice to some craft you know some trade and for a lot of people that
hotel school so a lot of the great chefs they came out of that kind of situation certainly when i started cooking it was the misfit who ended up in the restaurant business in a life threatening sack we turned out the way they expected or maybe there's a a quick you know it's a temporary you know you know there's always a job for you if if if you presentable reasonably intelligent there's always are you on the floor of a restaurant as a waiter and you'll enjoy in that though right you take joy in being one of the misfits that's why i got in business it was running away with the circus it was fellow misfits and refugees who who really just could hacking anywhere else ended up in this enterprise so that was the first time i've ever seen or heard it described like that was listening to you talk about it i had never thought working in a kitchen to be like that yeah well it was a lot of fun
it was it was a lot of fun i think how many people have worked in one education there so many things to love about it that special about it you see people again again i used to see these guys that come out of like the mountains of afghanistan like the tribal areas of pakistan really conservative background never been any city until they came to new york they're working in a restaurant is busboys four weeks later some a mother fucking cock sucking son of a bitch you know rap that you basically immediately adopted sort of the worst of new york culture is a speech but they're also you get so smart about about human behavior when you're a bust boy or a waiter you see so much of it being a bartender you learn way more about human nature than you really want to learn you know you didn't get
have to be a psychiatrist in the order and enable or a doctorate in the end that's kind of what you become when you're your bartender with regulars sending people in the restaurant business get this really unique view the world perspective on the rest of the world this is a unique position to be a bartender to be the sober person serving everyone drinks whether all is falling apart and be talking to you gets to some it gets the somebody could do for it it gets to some people i knew a bartender who drinking with him do my shift drink with him after after i worked a lunch service and this i was telling me you don't have to ten twelve years in the business i don't know if i can do this much longer now i just don't know if i could do it and i said why watch this he takes three glasses and presses the sponge rinse them with the with kosher salt and put some under the bar he comes in sits down i like a salty dog
salty dog she drinks it she orders another he has a second glass for uh drinks that then she gets such okay that that that's enough for me gets up makes it halfway to the door looks at the ground second thought goes back to the bar orders of third point is he had three glasses ready he knew this is a this was a call okay i am helping her on her way due to her of the destruction and i just i can't hack it you know i i have too many customers like well ultimately if you're in the bar every night you know
bars are great once a week bars are great once a month if you can you know once a month we stay healthy the feeling good your immune systems up you've been eating vitamins and eating well just get up would still would come on everything's good with you doing that every night do go to cure you of the nightclubs real fast is working in a club and i work because i love and i was in and i will never you never again you know any place was to do with the background i've already got the other door yeah yeah i did some security work at a concert center mass to massachusetts great woods you have to see people that like neil young concert people fucked up in the crowd i would never want to be apart of anything like that every i knew that i'd like nineteen i'm like i gotta get the fuck outta here this place i worked at they were sued like two three times a week you know which i guess you you are when you're in the nightclub business because there's always some boneheads you come in you know pick a fight
bounces throw him out already there's a lawsuit it doesn't mean a credible one but people are when be suing your your your competition are going suing you the fire department is going to be harassing you brutal it's amazing that people can sell alcohol at all it's amazing it's amazing you know that little the people can afford to have bars begin afford to to sell alcohol at all because you would think that people getting to it could cost so many fucking problems they could be sued for just was it was an education i think it's like two years at this very busy new york nightclub and just the people would leave them in the in the bathroom select or try to flush down the toilet we haven't been that clean up i would always come by the kitchen with his discoveries of the night it was book in what officials liam of my god it was the women's rooms were actually always always worse way worse your people were like just to win i mean this is incredible you know how
defying you know museum there tells the story of human behavior they just don't want to know it's fucking alka home and wind them up and set him loose had a buddy who was did his residency in miami and he said on friday and saturday nights people would come in with light bulbs up their ass is just impossible things you know mostly shoved up their asses bullet holes people just get popping off it really truly is amazing that you can sell alcohol you can't sell weed what a beautiful thing they've done it makes no sense at all plus we makes it we grow such good weed in this country it would be a huge major export i mean who grows better we did us nobody there's no better botanist and these southern california assholes these guys assholes i said with all love what they've done done now is incredible look at this shit this is a marijuana electric cigarette perfect for playing back
you could smoke this on a plane wow it's one of those electronic cigarettes and it's got weed and it fucking scientists wow they're taking it to the next lap but science is great but it's amazing but unfortunately they're still getting arrested for it there's still people that are getting apparently obama said that he was only going to go after people who violate both federal and state law but i don't know if that's been ok pretty easy to violate state law to yeah i mean i think we should we should we're we to do we're going to allow people to smoke weed that we should be making money off as yeah as a nation selling selling serious wait till like europe and do you ever go to mexico yeah i love mexico we never go to look bored towns but i've been maybe like would like this it was actually just we just we just to show it we just did a show there yeah i mean it's crazy what we would consider a pot what violence more people been killed in mexico during the drug wars then then you know i think bo
gulf wars and afghanistan i mean there's some spectacular number of people as far as water down there in american troops huge numbers what you know i have not a clue what to do it doesn't help you know we're selling them guns but there is no doubt that that people that they would get him from somewhere i've never had never seen it the many times in mexico you know what's your favorite place in mexico i love puebla so you've never seen any drug violence at all i have not seen up close the drug violence i've been in really drug i've been in like super druggy neighborhoods and and five l as in brazil and elsewhere but but on max i was with the local dealer right that's what i'm saying i mean this at work in mexico good you do something could be safely go to a style cartel neighborhood with a car tell guy
the level of violence is so spectacular there i wouldn't want to be complicit you know what i mean you're currently you know people's heads off by the by the dozens you know what you know it's one thing have you ever been around someone like that in another country in investment people i have met people and unseen it's of my show with people who have done very very bad things in their lives no question about it um they currently at the time of the show other than you know there was some low level guys for sure who clearly were drug dealers they said as much they said can you please shoot just this side of the street 'cause this side is my drug operation when you make you make a you make concessions compromise you know morally and otherwise when you take advantage of the situation that the only way you're going to shoot the neighborhood is to have a local drug dealer hold your hand that's what you do you or you choose not to depending
and in mexico the level of violence is so spectacular and ac presumably the major dealers out there are killing large numbers of people in on a regular and ongoing basis i would feel bad it's that's not an arrangement in arena and would you have to go into some sort of a similar arrangement if you were ever to go to the congo would you have to know whether a good question but who who's the row also there's there's uh what does that even though a lot of even saying the rebels were there a lot of well there are there are various malicious for sure yeah you gotta ask yourself that all the time in the same way when really we try to be really nice to you in countries where you're not free to speak your mind cuba would would be an example you know china near the bottom border you know when you you have to you have to understand when you're talking to people on camera you into their homes and they fed you and they've you know got they've been maybe well
more frank with you on a personal level then then they're probably suppose do as government functionaries when they're good to you and everything they said was going to happen happen the way it was supposed to and they didn't they weren't too clumsy and they didn't try to have fist you basically we get to go back to new york they have to stay there so if i back in and start sizing has severely as i might it's something always have to weigh people who were good to me in these countries they're gonna need a very bad place if i go back to new york and make this really to show all about china to that i mean my opinions on it but for the sake of the people i leave behind shooting my mouth i can say what i want about china anytime i want and you have and i suffer no consequences anyone ever nice to us will be suspect where to start really going off on a tangent up on the issue on the show that these people help me make same in cuba do make certain compromises because people are
straight with you as they can be they do the best value you there people who are nice and the senses if i was trying to do the best they can whether you agree with their system or or despise it uh but the other day you gotta ask yourself so i really want to put you know it might make more entertaining or truthful television television they're going to be in a fuckin cell the crime of being nice to me are being honest with me that's something we gotta ask ourselves all the time well i know you you can put that in the show like this show in cuba but is there anything that you could just raising you to talk about well i that could have gone on and on and on about you know history of the regime and what they've done right many of them incredibly unpleasant to say the least can make the show about that i kept it very i tried very hard to keep the focus on does it look pretty is it worth looking at is the food good are the people nice they were really try to avoid any
fix at all but it was amazing when political is always political when you sit down to eat 'cause the fact that and not eating much beyond rice and beings that is already a political statement it says a lot more about a culture that they may want you to see it's dangerous information but but there it is so were they allowed to complain about that at all do the cautious about doing that they made sure that they did they didn't say anything they could they gather some but actually let issue pretty much anything anything we asked to shoot the letter issue i i think they trust the clue trusted us the sauce show other parts of the world in a relatively non judgmental way and the fool actually or not sure we are foolishly there will be differences of opinion i'm sure for whatever reason they trusted us to calm and they pretty much let us wander around shooting they tried of course they you know there was definitely
concern over who we'd be talking to and what they might say but you know everybody everybody has to be careful about what they say everybody changes behavior when they talk to you to a certain extent you don't bring up certain subjects because they're gonna work does the government have any say they they they pull you aside to they say what is it with how you gonna had a range of other students who through the government i mean nothing happened you don't go wandering around cuba with the television crew without the government become involved right whether you know it or not hello did you get involved in any of the questions that they asked about the you obviously have a major creative influence were make it any show ever where they the mission or the local police or any other person has final or approval over what we're showing you we have approval over what we're allowed to shoot but how we
that back in new york and what we say you know you're on your own it's too adult you signed a release valley ever ever ever ever ever happen did they expressed any concern about any of that it seems like they they were very i think they're very very shrewd about tourism they and what it is that people want to see in cuba which is the old cuba of of godfather two that's what we want to see and it's still there they've been really smart about not fucking that up so these are stupid unsophisticated people a commie functionaries okay there they understand they have a problem they i think everybody understands that the regime is is going to change i people everybody kind of holding breath in the country waiting to see what happens next and i think what happens next is like completely in blindingly obvious to everyone and castro dies they open everything up pretty pretty damn quick and then everything gets better way better for the cuban people sort of
sort of we can yes i assumed gonna lose certain things though you gonna lose those guys arguing you know it's easy for me like i really don't want to see a brand new holiday and on the waterfront of of the medical on in havana because it's one of those beautiful stretches of of anywhere anywhere but easy for me to say i'm not cuban my home you know you know i have to say i i had no moral problems going q well let's put it that way but i've since met a lot of miami cubans who take a very different view of going to cuba and it is been pointed out to me one guy came up to me and we were shooting at his restaurant it was just a complete coincidence after the court or cuba show there this guy was pissed it had clearly been a big issue with his house he was really struggling to contain his anger and be courteous which he was incredibly curious and he said
but just need you to look at this picture and he takes him back which is a picture of his dad who ran basically uh he sold fish so i always thought that you know people lost their homes and and ran off to miami in a world you know the rich should the you know the basically no this was a what it was tony's and my father was an ordinary businessman in who worked hard in a selling fish catching fish and selling fish and they took his business and ended his wife we could that's something you know it was a very hard show to balance let's put it that way how to imagine it's going to be so strange to just hop from one culture to the next one unique insight into this total different environment and then another one just is extremely different we really hope to shoot in libya in january we hope to shoot some talk to me about this at the ufc we wanted
not bad i mean i ideally would have been there when they got get off gaddafi but i why friends there have been in and out people we work with some of the some of the dicey are places we work with some very the security guys and some of the i have been working in libya lately and we were getting sort of dispatches of what life's like there and these guys were hardened professionals who've been around they've been a lot of wars they've seen a lot of conflicts um in many ways you would you would probably call the mercenaries in an earlier day but they were really rough sentimental about libya like dude it's awesome what's happening here you should come you know it's like all these young people from all over the world you know of libyan back or they will come in here and like welding machine guns on their on their pickup trucks there it's really magical thing and i'm actually thinking of pitching in apparently
you know it's nice to see the bad guys actually lose right it is if it's that clear you know i mean that's i think that's exactly what i'm getting at where you know not a lot of people would look at gaddafi and say well that's i would be unhappy to see his head being kicked across the public square i wouldn't be uh happy seeing that you know but i don't think yeah good good duffy's about as big a piece of in the world of you know rulers as you can get he's a he's a nice villain he was a good black cat it's it's a it's a feel good for everybody and and they're doing it the basically i mean there there's nato support but basically doing it from september that guide general wesley clark remember that guy ran for president while back he picked did all of this in two thousand and seven on one miles cnn or one of those fucking shows
where he got on the he talks about the the united states is agenda as far as acquiring you know natural resources all over the world in libya was right in the pile libya iraq afghanistan pakistan with all these different countries were in need to describe it all in two thousand seven and slow only but surely all these things are getting implemented i think it i think what we're seeing in egypt and libya and syria and tunisia i think actually what we're seeing is something we didn't protect predict predict we didn't make it happen it's happening it's anyways frightening to us i mean i i think the fact that all these the topic is not necessarily good for our american business interests i happen to think it's a really good thing happy to see it like i don't really care what kind of site guys take over egypt just the fact that even the bad guys end up running egypt again the fact that they could it was
possible to get it take a top of those particular bad bastards who been around forever it was unthinkable a year ago to your average egyptian that their government that things would ever change ever in their lifetime or their children's lifetime and it was unthinkable of these dynasties would ever fall really kind of awesome just the fact that it sends a mess that it could happen you know i think it's a good one i don't think it falls into the you know i'm waiting for that big payday from a rock that was supposed to know where we supposed to be pumping their oil straight into american coffers right now that ain't going to happen think you know depends on who you're paying attention to or who you want to believe when it comes to that world but you know there's a lot of people that believe that we've hit some sort of a peak oil stage and what they're trying to do is just control all the areas where which would be absolutely necessary when we will get to the point where we're going to have to start rationing things we do a really big bad job then because the chinese basically snapping at all up mean everywhere you go in africa now and said oh look
nice new bridge we have the chinese bought and paid for everywhere you go like this is amazing every major infrastructure does moment that you see in places like liberia uh other african countries have been too it's like this is really shuffle chinese were here blood full chinese and they bought all their own they'll need fifty percent of the world's oil i think in like another maybe it's ten years soon china alone will need when i first china was like everybody's on bicycles and there's cars second time i went it's like thousand and fifty now it's just cars cars as far as in how much time is this win ten years wow it's still just accelerating in china it is you know
he said the serbs of welcome future masters soldier overlords and we welcome you to so is it what is it just the the the way they've they handle business is different china now because they were much more strict as far as commerce and things right they had much more rule they have no communism on their necks right will but will be in a lot of ways wait a minute you want to make china like a competitive free kill us then the really dangerous 'cause there's a lot of them the really hard they they've been put the they're willing to work to get things that's all an advantage over you know we're entitled we feel entitled we've it's been good for us you know i grew up with a generation where we were we were taught that it automatically you know those would be better than our parents took that as religious dick tonight straight from god you know
i was disappointed somewhat but basically i'm lazier than most of the people i was is to be lazier and i am lazier than the great majority of well you see in china and india for instance who you know seeds of you know it's not axing you see these people taking double majors you know the parents were rice farmers you know in the kids are now in university ferocious really competitive you know that's what that's what it's about the desire for a different life we we got that life already can be hard to dangerous competitors well it's there already are landlords so it's really you know what in the world of the future the more we intermarry with the chinese the more attractive our kids are going to be and we're definitely gonna be eating better right
so how bad can it be well it could be could be one of those factors work is at con com that hits that suicide net drunken leap off the top of the building you know they have those nets all around the building from killing themselves you get rough if you've been to china no never there you go to china is certain major chain hotel the you know hilton and and in new york it's like not the to my mind it's not the greatest tell ever okay you hilton shanghai it is fucking lux any chain hotel in shanghai or beijing a western hotel the level excellence and technical superiority required expected there is so higher than in new york they just at that level sort of people who who who stay at one of these hotels in shanghai or a lot richer and more demanding than their equivalent in new york so level
luxury in development that you see in places like china where you know jesus gives of dysfunctional government you would think so according to the communist affects right you know how can we get this get a great rail system and how come there hotels are nicer than ours how can internet coverage is better i can i can get us you know five bars of my cell phone anywhere in china you know like the deepest darkest valley asin to know where you to use you you start it is terrible night on it i'm an american i'm a new yorker never destruction of the world i believe this absolutely and positively but you know at the end of the day it's like i have to start the goodness of the if you know you know the new york subway system to say that you know the new york city subway system certainly not the best in the world it's good idiotic to pretend that it is we held the crown somewhere thirty whatever years ago it was whatever was where we were the shining light of civilization was in one thousand nine hundred and seventy whatever year it was but we still
have like like the great the great weapons we most powerful nation on earth that i think largely based on on the really the the danger of our culture you know people went introduced to rock and roll will eventually topple their governments i think has worked here but broadway tell rick perry gets in office no i think are great cultural expo it's been rock and roll rap music clearly it makes people want to you know whatever it is they see they they kind of wanted one form or another that kind of want some form of that so in your experience and all these other countries and when you see all these different regimes getting toppled you don't think there's any american influence in these things happen i think with a guy like really you know i see i i've i've actually i will i'm a ci a nerd i don't want to like like i'm not a gamer but i'm a guy who but to eighty five years ago start
reading up on the kennedy assassination got completely obsessed with that and then it just i'm one of these guys i read footnotes and a footnote leads me to another book to another book and i disappear down the rattle for ten years reading everything so i'm really did you ever best evidence oh yeah um my feeling is we're just if history has taught us anything and if you read all of the documents from all of the controversial periods of cia operations since you to be very good at these things and and everybody rats and writes a book about it would meet lee after so if it went well you can be sure you'll be reading about or would be leaked to a magazine by now you know so i just i don't think that's so sad i don't think we're that good and i certainly don't think we have much of an appetite for controlling the universe i think we're doing it we seem to work very working very hard to hold the damn um
so you think the speculation about the the cia being involved but they probably just very very peripherally involved there's just happening no matter what this is a very major cia operations going on right now without it without doubt but i think this notion that there's an office somewhere where the whole fate of the world is to sort of decided what countries would would fade over the next ten years we're just not that good and we're not definitely not that secure this always we have three people know about some of his greatest argument about the kennedys you know the nine eleven conspiracy theories et it's of the kennedy assassination looney tunes if basically in this country three more than three people know about a thing one of them is going to be on the stand crying about it the other guys going to be writing a book about it maybe two guys will keep their mouths shut i think today i don't during the time of the kennedy assassination it would have been that difficult to hide things i think things were less much less transparent back then were today yeah but his death what's great about history
eventually if you're willing to wait around someone to my viewing to my view if you will wait around around every boring grim detail will will eventually come out and if you is in the kennedy said so someone i don't understand it they describe the mafia theory as the way house for failed conspiracy theories a didn't do it it it's like i'll be it was the mafia you know and there's of course there's all this great evidence to support that theory but ultimately i'm i'm of the azabal got a lucky shot really i read best evidence and that's one of the reasons why i first started believing there was some sort of a conspiracy that was one of the one of the first things that i saw that maybe really reconsider but later in life the thing that really got me was the northwoods document you never heard of that it's something that they drafted in the 1960s or nineteen fifty where sixty one and sixty two were kennedy actually vetoed it and all that
chiefs at the the joint chiefs of staff signed it then we're going have fake american terror attacks we're going to get a plane we're going to have a drone plane exploded and say a bunch of people died and they were going to attack go on top bay they were gonna arm cuban friendlies to attack one time a day because we want to go to within this was of this was this cuban missile crisis error now we will have to do their work there were so many complete this is what it to me what's in resume kennedy assassination conspiracy it's a it was so much is wacky shit going on around that time so much but embarrassing criminal scary funny really silly going on at that time that in fact least interesting thing about the entire you know big picture of the kennedy assassination is the actual assassination itself because what everybody else was up to at the time and covering up was just like
break out of the movie the cia his meeting with you know johnny roselli and all these big mafia guys the blackout out astro know there was this so much other embarrassing shit going on that in many ways those stories and where they lead or a lot more entertaining and complex and fun then then a story of a guy you know shooting a present so if you believe that lee harvey oswald acted alone what do i do about when you see the the like the oliver stone movie does that drive you crazy it would have i would like to feel a lot better if they just stuck with the historical record and he invented scene the characters you know which i thought was as as a kennedy assassination bolin character did exist and there were just certain things were just do mention that the garrison jury was out for like thirty seconds please mention the jim garrison is a man of many interesting local uh
a man with an interesting past let's put it that way as well way that they did not it did not not a reputation that was debatable let's put it that way which is never good the case was bad i mean he put it very interesting stuff together and there was all of it was like fascinating and a lot of ways a lot of it was almost more interesting than there wasn't i don't believe in the octopus theory i think lot of really interesting very spooky characters who've been doing a lot of really sinister an interesting shit for a long time whether or not they were actually involved in the kennedy assassination is almost moot because they were up to some really other wacky stuff did the math bullet theory bother you at all i think if you and i have talked to people who serve and combat for a long time the story of the buddy who gets around hundred in front of his helmet
rolls around subcutaneously around the skull and enters out the back without hurting the guy is everybody's got shit happens shit happens i'm i'm will to believe that magic bullet theory i would be willing to believe it except for the fact that they came up with it because a guy got hit with a ricochet under the bridge so they had to attribute everything to three shots and i was like that she seems like fucking shifty but i don't know what it's what they call but when you've eliminated all the other suspects you know you're left with the likely truth i think and i
hi to my satisfaction with kind of eliminated the other suspects woody harrelson's dad didn't have any part of it was the leg room one of the leaders it's a great you know was not part of god every howard hunt was supposed to be yeah you know everybody's there donald was very wise that's a sexy wise it's not legal yeah log next month do you follows candidate the whole deal it's way more fun to think that lee harvey oswald was a patsy but remember he was a really interesting guy if you i think the book that got a close got it most right who is a boy fiction the libra by don delillo or it it's really gets inside oswalds head i mean oswald was a guy who who his it shows a teenager was i led three lives about an undercover fbi agent he was intelligent who's a spy junkie in world today's world he been a been a gamer
united game he wanted to be he he was a guy who kind of wanted to be to do big things and he tried very hard he wanted the super secret kgb agent he wanted the super secret you know want to be a marine he probably to the fbi a couple of times he was just a guy who wanted to do something big so i don't have a problem by she had no problem with the allegations of them fixing autopsy photos i have a problem with all of it because i was a bit lost in it for ten years but that the kennedy family we had very good reason to ask for it you know the brain i mean he had addison's disease and the implications of addison's disease towards the any history were not favorable you apparently i don't know but apparently it has been said that he had multiple bouts of syphilis this is you know you don't want the family didn't want to press right people
as part of the record it was a lot of the syphilis holla at your boy days you know get a better than it was worth it i'm felonies and in large doses it at that early in his point who knows what it is he had a dr max jacobson i believe i believe was the name he did have a doctor who would shoot him with the vitamin b b12 and amphetamine according to one of the b twelve mixed with speed that's how that do is not uncommon in certain levels it was very low society think to do back then it's five hour energy drink that's what it is twelve and a lot of people didn't even know that was he was the original doctor he was known as dr feelgood and that's where the name came from doctor i believe it was dr max jacobs tonight i don't know legend very wow sort of doctor to the stars back in the war hall and kennedy's disease would it happen it was at a motor skill thing what is it that item really there were there are in the symptoms the possible symptoms i
there can be emotional emotional content to the disease so theoretically could have affected judgment it was it was unflattering believe he was in a lot of this was a got a lot of pain too supposedly right yeah but then you don't want to talk about these things and i think a lot of people ran around a circle covering things up for their own reasons in fact most of them had really terrible things to cover up that back then things really fascinating when you think about it it's not that long ago i was i remember being sent home from school when but i you know i go for the simple explanation much of the time that's a good move i keep myself i keep the crazy open i opened the door for crazy because i've seen some things i'd leave it up but i agree with you most of the time i go with a simple door with crop
circles in ufos in the loch ness monster and bigfoot most of time i go for the simple door people are full of shit and that story sucks that's how i usually go but i leave the door for crazy over did the new moon landing photos they just remove the other day look very convincing but if i was going to be from a company that fake the moon landing i would definitely take some pictures about it fuck it well richard branson will be there like within the next five years right will have a hotel on the moon no doubt about it he's definitely going to get people into space apparently but it's going to be like for like two hundred thousand dollars for something they've already built were driving through new mexico arizona i forget where and when this tiny little town and said do you know about the airport airport there got going out there who is bill bill to launch center he's built the launch center i think that they're ready to go go to space selling tickets you do it already what i do it totally yeah
have to to imagine the view the view would be whatever view that you would get doing like high doses of mushrooms in the dark by yourself probably wouldn't be as spectacular is looking at the earth from forty thousand feet above it or you know more than that rather whatever it is when you hit space what it would be good one hundred miles what is it what is it wouldn't your letter mom lets in beta tested a little bit whatever the space shuttle is when you see that those photos when you get the full circle of the earth i mean that just must be i would totally do that changing to live grants like wait you know that's a little bit a little steep yeah i'm going to travel channel crossed that up for a percentage of dvd sales that's happened season for us yeah you you you supplement your income though doing a speakings to write you go and do that you found respect for your basically do stand up for me talking about a lot of issues at a lot of things but know you know 'cause a lot a lot of the same theaters
forty of them a year if you don't to laugh every sixty seconds you gotta problem i would think you would have a lot more levity a lot more room for it still it's you know they you want to laugh every sixty seconds and if they don't if if not a sixty second the one the cubs in two minutes really funny of because i had to wait for it and i've really learned a lot of things i mean i've done so many gigs now and i didn't understand you know it i didn't realize i becoming a stand up comic book that's also because i am i am i'm starting it you know you you you so totally understand why comics so many comics drink and when you we have a really good night i i come we like to put that kind of depressed by it really out right the the the the
the pressure of not knowing where you're going to do well it's like being in a ski jump like it's all decided you know how am i going to do on this jump you don't know when it when the things going to be beep beep and before you head down the shoot you just don't know you know you go and feeling really bad one night and you kill and then another night you go when you're all pumped up you think you're one hundred percent and it's just like you're out there we got done but but it's just weird just like the bartender i was talking about before you start to learn you know where to lean you know what word to come down hard on how long the wait it is this terrible information that you know i feel guilty why is it terrible because it's been essentially it's manipulative and when you're interviewed a lot or when you're doing the same routine a lot you know you part to someone will ask you off camera or off stage a question to know something that you just
you are doing bit you know you slide into it and we actually talked about this last night in the stage of the past leader but you're very humble you're very humble in the way you you approach things and that's one of the reasons why you're such an interesting guy and one of the reasons why your opinion is is so respected but when your when you're talking about this that it's it what you're doing is all you're doing is getting the thought to them as efficiently as possible in a method that your already successful at it still what they need it's what they want to hear it even though you've already answered it exactly this way before you tend to think there's something wrong with that because it's not best but you know the right way to say it it is the right tool to use i toured by basically had an evolving thing i started out talking and it became certain things works things didn't but over time would it would become you know it an hour of solid
comma and had to had a material and had to be material be material like i go out it's like nothing but golfers and golfers it off shit i we checked up i mean i've done casino at the casinos like belligerent you know drunks i mean i really how did you get started doing this i went out i went out on i was doing a lot of book tours in the book the books the bookstore crowds getting bigger and bigger and so then they start booking me in halls the bookstore you know some but i'm just looking to sell books i stand up there then then i talked for awhile but my book i read from my book and then and then you know i signed the book i started doing talks while on book tour and then there are people who do this speakers bureaus you know you want some macro economic mac macro economy guided to talk about that you know you need some dick jokes whatever you know with speakers bureau will have someone are you presumably you know and they just took me up and i started first doing a few corporate gigs and then theater promo
start booking me so i just years now is it is the local i'm sure we weren't so many of the same place and i'm sure and it it just suddenly i found myself well you know i got an hour and then q qa for another forty five minutes or until it's not fun not a poop jokes but you know your eyes where the but it's got you know i've run up to this wise enjoying your carlos mencia shit so much because they know you run it and come up to this uh this point after two years with what i've done all the major cities now with this routine and it's been quoted in repeated in in the local press and chances are if i said it in the first place to live at some point earlier in my career i may have written interpreted in the show so you reach this point set i need another wheatley knew our and that's hard it's very hard that is that's what plagiarism and up comedy a lot of it comes from desperation they just
but that guy's case it's a little different he's just fucking crazy but some of them they just need a new hour and they just get a little little funky you know it's just as funny if you say somebody else said it you know like all i'd say you know review chambliss said and then i'll i'll say the thing and it just it was a really good flick collide but that's why i use that you know the spirit of it though is different the spirit of repeating someone in quoting them is very different than claiming it for yourself and that's where it gets tricky you know stand up comedy is a fucking weird art form and it's if there's any lies at all and and people are angry you know this the bullshit and very faking it like that's not even his fucking name mean his name is really not larry the cable guy people will get mad man they'll get mad if you're honest about the whole package will accept a character i mean i'm exaggerating obviously but they finally you don't really think the way your talking on stage is just bullshit yeah
i'll take that with the casino i did dan harris lake tahoe and you know it was that i never had a crowd like this you know they were drunk gamblers they were already heck they were heckler i've never been heckled other than occasional vegetarian but just drunk aspect they were just heckling because there was because they were trying to they were friendly hackers right but i just never never can that is that's a skill you gotta learn yeah well i started out doing really bad clubs i did a lot of i did strip clubs where i did a gay do that a rather mc to jack and jill strip club in woonsocket rhode island with a guy would strip and a girl was trapped i've done some horrible horrible places and the when you do a lot of bars and a lot of like comedy nights in bars you gonna get hecklers yeah though it's it's it's it's all good i mean it's fun it's it's it's fun it's exhausting
reese craves us it's a rush for sure when you have the perfect word to say heckler gets shut down everybody starts laughing tell me that doesn't feel like the most awesome shit ever yeah that's nice i get a bit younger thank you very much for doing this man this is fun as hell it was all i really enjoyed it man thank you very much thank you this is a this is but a dream come true thank you very much because huge fan of the show and i geeked out when i met you in vegas so i was cool as fuck having you on the show thank you thank you to the flesh life for sponsoring the podcast if you go to joe rogan dot net click on the link for the flashlight and the code name rogan and you get fifteen percent off the number one sex toy for men and got a bunch of new dates you can find him on twitter dot com slash joe we're going to come into washington dc denver houston ontario ca and new orleans
thank you everybody thank you to an end and i will see you next week
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