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2010-04-03 | 🔗
Date: 04-02-2010 The raw audio from the Joe Rogan weekly live USTREAM video show with redban.
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bam gave a garbage is ready three two one start recording start the broadcast shots i am you haven't really good at his goddamn visited this shit now son i know exactly how do i get that shit up and running very late john welcome to while this is gonna be like twelve real podcast my god i can't believe i kept up this long and all because you fuckers that's awesome it's because you people positive energy but i get from you guys end of the year other people around on the road to set it up podcast gives you so we're gonna keep doing it for his work and the itunes now you get it on itunes are they just jerome podcast so that as yet
that has the most ones there's a couple other ones that other people have created but that this is the real one without the people that notice had been taken straight up bits and put it on itunes and put underneath the pipe ass name my way get on you know my attitude about the internet is always that the internet you know if you can employee energy energy and trying to take your shit down because this is a comedian its income it sometimes go places and people already seen bits that aren't out anything here and they see because somebody you two did and now stand up as a whole bit about you know how people will put your shit on youtube or not on the way the world works in a way i work with both were real somewhere in that we have an idea and it's never like totally don t keep adding to tweaking it and then what
put it on a recording at least there it's kind of done enough but oftentimes like i'll put something on a recording and then like a week afterwards or two weeks or even a month later i have a better tagline so before the before the things even on television i wish i knew better way to do it you know but somebody once said to me that you look it stand economy as like every performance is just they there just capturing a moment in time it is true once you ve got some good stuff out there but it's not true if you don't know anything good out there so if you don't like until like shiny happy jihad i was not happy with any of my stuff i would do it like my dear two thousand and five the one is just called your rogan live we know the one i was gonna netflix ones for networks that are we didn't phoenix
when i was doing that i was doing the man show you have see comedy and fear factor at the same time it was your own wants an hour's frazzled and it was just like it wasn't best performance like i wasn't like when i want to look at it i say i think that unlike tat some not like enjoying myself so i think you know but that's that one i consider like that's a moment in time i doubt release it was better than in the stuff and i had before you know my father maybe i like some of the principles i might delivery was caught fucked up back then but now looked at it you are looking to stop its analysis like you know every known as someone can like videotape somethin like before way before becomes anything like your video let me just talking shit on stage and there no it'll become a bit somewhere down the line you know my time someone if i go to show some more of their family download
i should be seeing the premise and i mean and might like not be as fun for them you know it's like so it's like you could look at it that it it hurt you but i don't think i think i haven't stuff on the internet the people enjoy is always good that's the big problem everything right now a tv shows utter like hulu and something that we have finally they want to share they want to do that that concept but they also need to make a profit from it we kind of interesting how they have to go about doing it yeah it's like i think people there were experiencing a whole new model and i think your attitude about how your fans get your stuff is very important it's variant because it represents how you feel like as a performer unlike what you feel the relationship that you haven't audiences you now and if i was like this greece do those like enough for their negative for comparing what my fucking my i give you really feel i think like that like these people are just like you and be fuckin honest man if you are
eighteen years old and you're broke you fuckin download shit you're just gonna do it doesn't mean you're not a fan and mean sometimes you broke you know and i think is if you have people you know i think if you have a certain attitude about like what you do and then act is that you're just trying to create things and you're trying to make money off that but really trying to create things that people guy enjoy like us the most important thing is how to make money thing it's the money will come if you work in it enjoy your work they're going to support you people going to come to your shows they're gonna buy these if they have the money they have them i like if i like there's abandoned are really like download their shit online like on itunes and i'll buy a cd to play in my car just cuz i want to support them just got really enjoy them and i don't need i can hook my ipod up to my car but open spend that money because i want to support them any movie that's good uniform not gonna watch the dvd i buy it i always
if i enjoy the move either by and i feel like i'm supporting artists why do that like that's what people guy due to the intern crazy new thing man and i think it's giving you we're gonna get to this weird point where see right now it's just information you know right now the ability to send information is pretty profound and like how our world has changed but it's only information right now eventual it's gonna be more than information when they come up i was talking to clearly be my clearly from every game sees the coolest clearly bees do he's like that the main man by years of war the whole series them the unreal games so pursued were cool do that are really fun guy came to my coffee shop and then he came we came you see afterwards never even hung out it came to the after party and we were talking he's a super cool and we were talking about the ability
eventually of making printers that can print up things like that i really what's gonna happen eventually that's already kind of real yeah printers that can like me ranging gary they can make some he was talking about three models that they can make with these but they're gonna get to appoint and it's not that far off where you like save your mouse breaks you're gonna be able to go to this computer printer thing and you're going to be able to put in the combinations or whatever the fuck you have to say how to get a mouse or download a mouse program a mouse is going to fucking appear in your eye mean you really going to be able to make things with the printer you know
the men were the first printers there were old and clumsy and fucked up of slow under the the new epson just like a hundred bucks or something maybe hyperbole both the fuckin thing is like lightning pages just fly buying a print out alone ready from the roll call it up and made its insane this programmes that you can you can get you got him i thought we could prince should up from your computer my own apartment joe somebody had a wireless printer and it has had an open so i sit there find the biggest goat c4 with her be throwing up on their prey pages and it never went away in fact printing successful that's also finding how much you it i haven't you can pretty much go through any near somebody's plenary do that it so fine just figure allows you to hungary plus hotspot there i think it drives you could rex marriages later if you knew it
who had a pretty like that you sent him started up following pictures of him blown dunes yeah you can you can start photoshop him they gave a ruined by marriage it now that's the golden rule is the other golden rule by the if there's a picture of you in the internet someone somewhere there photoshop taking your mouth for short not many many digs brokers if there's a photo of you there's a digging your mouth by one year but sticks all around you he's so many dicks of me big picture dixon like this is one guy flap oh has done like a thousand of them yes always me into dicks everywhere ex all over the place have you ever seen how dildos are made and like ass holding a week by lack of girls i resign they haven't seen other may but i've seen them though you're fucking something that suppose we girls boy do they have
people that sit there and paint veins and is not just basic needs if these mexican ladys and they firstly wife his coat may sit there and have a stroke it for i owe my and our electors under baines that looks like the skin underneath the veins and are not then they have a say and they let that drive they may have this prestigious does the purple and let that significant veins like the ones i have the main blood flow to tipp of the kind of is the most creepy us they make you look very flickered some is getting murder and you're watching advise people make dildos and then when they castor it's so true though it is like what what is it why is it creeped us out so much to see like bodies like the ideal body i don't know because it's it's terrible body hearts terrified and then when they make a catholic they have fought iran jeremy come in there in your like our ever gonna do it shabby deal about this we
had to put up his dick in like this like to almost like when you ever see like a horse to try to get sperm from a horse to me baby either
my bag they have like jack off into this too and they had the same thing with how they have to sit there with his plaster and he can't touch it has stay hard for five minutes he can't how hard the yes they have his girl or another like a porn for growth to sit there whispered i want your bottle your balls were balls and do it for five minutes were those least sexy chick ever there was a good day sexy imitation of a chicken history and i didn't care basel jail for a year wouldn't think of brutal data but yeah it's fun crazy ended with the cask they have like put plaster in your fucking that china and just fucking sit every five minutes and pull out this thing and then they don't they dont display paste hair on the essence of the soul with a ready neil every single hair missy that's
yes gonna build a factory i think there's one studiously you gonna take a trip there were the cameras on getting there would let you get bigger ratio six years ago we haven't dates hbo i'm just a comedian enough they would do just for a regular dude you have c4 stare but they do you think they would while they show people if you let me have it i mean if we largely let where i asked when the basic now it would never do that a hundred thousand dollar i'm not getting a boner in front of any dude northern electrician monitoring about doing of scientists a picture that would be where the exact went well where was after in this video i saw that the points or did you just there was a box of his dicks incomes have initially that's my dick time five hundred three us what a great the other you now because cheapest freaks they want some fuckin a video only gonna be like that person ass
i want to get one to see words like they have ones now crazy what would become a human being after the first guy a really worrying priest witches get someone more mega inexact more thereby so we can forget how crazy is this this new thing about the priests in order was happening yeah thereof equating there then being persecuted for kid funds to the hollow in the pope's say gonna save all the other thing tat thou art with some other what is going on how crazy is there that the catholic religion the fact the fact that it still around is mind boggling but the fact that anybody take some sera all these fucking kids get molested like how many kids the unmolested before someone steps ngos or maybe these guys are directly tied to god
maybe maybe maybe we're been fooled just amazing that are called can have so much power in two thousand and ten anne and that nobody wants to call a halt and everybody wants to pretend that there's something sacred about it because it's been around forever like it's the craziest most fucked up idea ever there was a big discussion about our message board and one of the most interesting arguments was some people are saying you're you're discounting all the positive work the catholic church does but i've seen anything positive they do what they do charities are that's that's them doing things outside of religion doesn't have anything to do with the fuckin religion that's just people doing charitable things that does not make up for kid fucking that does not make up living a life filled with guilt so they can control you and keeping you down like a little bitch terrified about every fucking thing you do cuz you're going to burn in hell and anybody's ever been a catholic school knows that
i did a year and catholic school man and it was like i did a year in jail my first grade first rate i want a catholic school our lady of chester holed up in in in new jersey and this fucking cop nine sister married josephine i was like a pretty happy kid before this house you know my parents had just broken up and the impact of it hadn't hit me yet you know was i was still in denial you know but i see my best those who are still in new jersey and then this was going on i went to catholic school for a year and it was horrified it was brutal do this none was such a fucking can't everything everything you did you would just be on you to tell you she's going to make you sit on a nail in a closet you're going to have to stay overnight and she was just as haggard old bit that nobody love nobody had
with her nobody told jokes to her she never dance she never supposedly never fuck you know she was allowed to do shit she was just worse wrapper integration of an elderly woman possible the best would be a woman has lived a life of joy and she just superficially to everybody i should feel so blest that she made it through this renders wise to investigate this me fucking cop she's hit us really to hit us like people think like habitability just don't hit you rules not be fucking hit me with rulers that's real ship a smack you and add it was brutal i was every day was terrifying but i got some grades is that crazy rather than i fell off school hard core off tonight my was in like gifted clay everything the next year after year
the school and i totally stop try i was sleeping i just i stayed up all night and slept when europe has a school you're so terrified you push the everything you do you don't wanna have a fuckin see you have a big deal yellow you write the monsters man you know i mean it's just that the whole idea as a philosophy is the worst idea possible that means you putting the for all of your consciousness you're putting trust in the wisdom of someone who lives not called of kid fuckers really i mean look at that so that's what's going on a bunch of guys who aren't allowed to fuck women oh that's real natural what what you're not allowed to have sex do you don't even i don't even get a better place in heaven when they go to heaven they just get regular haven't just like you if you listen it's ridiculous is the dumbest fucking idea ever could this fucking idea ever and we have to pretend i'm like cnn and shit
this is like a real issue of debate you know though well there's abuse in the catholic church but it's never like why the fuck do we still have the catholic church right it's never nobody ever steps and ngos are really really all this these fuckin guisando robes the end if kids and they live in these crazy places together all men really and though the nuns wrong evil and they'll look haggard and beaten down or a few of them do some charity work they do so good things to say they don't need some of the millions of dollars they trip people into giving them they don't it than they do some good things yet you never really care about the shit like the amish religion other what'd you have catharsis was one of the worst ever is craig catholics who control the world we be fought you mean nobody wants to fight off the muslims at least the muslims like the other muslim muslims
each other have excellent like each other the right there they're fucking controlling you with death you know do that's crazy religion i guess muslims if you believe in like harcourt jihadists yes they do too no it's pretty similar you know tat catholicism european has over over the muslims as you know here buck thought catholic suicide bombers much more rare what's happened is metallic suicide bombers but you never see a buddhist cocksucker you know you never buddhist scared to be in like a in the middle of a woods with a buddhist guy you're not going to think he's going to fuck maybe maybe i'd better protect me a real and start a real buddhist though people will argue that a real catholic wouldn't for kids too you know what's out there i think maybe that is a former retards i'd like to be around each other it's what you know when people say hey guys talk about the subject religion a lot but it comes a blot shouldn't it
yet with armenia is about what the fuck do its programming now that's really all that is no one knows any more about what life is all about than you do me we have is dumb we work we've learned things we know all of us have a different life experiences that we benefited from we try to express these to each other and we can all get a little smarter the process the other reality as nobody really knows the fuck is going on nobody knows where this is going nobody has idea what this is this itself if this if we leave this life this life would be the craziest drug trip ever ok if you have some sort of a logical two dimensional life like a binary lifelike something you read out a piece of paper if that was life life was introduced this library hear you this life is psychedelic this is insanity though we think is insane and it gets more ridiculous by the minute
you know i mean they'll be fuckin cnn headline news and now have an episode is came carnations asked too fat i mean it literally will do that i mean you know this is where we're at this tigerwood shittin is jesse james shitting all this crazy stuff we're concentrating on on nonsense you know i mean we were so much more concerned with dancing with the stars then we are fact we're in the middle of two fucking wars living to raise here too much info about any more we have too much info about these cars ass young people that we normally not know about you wrote a horse and accountability towards its fascinating so fascinating is an enemy and we are set the weirdest animal ever if you didn't have people didn't exist and you made them up it would be too i hope you will go this ridiculous thinking habitats locked up that's that fucked up and they figured out nuclear weapons that fact
and they can fly through the air to all parts of the planet through that fucked up can dance there really have a conversation with the pope like he's a fucking called leader like why you sitting down with this is ridiculous and here we have to play along with them no you don't have to play along with them is playing along with them is a concession that what they're saying is legitimate like did they do they really represent something meaning its nonsense the individual's inside that organisation they represent something meaningful their individuals there just trapped in this web of ideology that trapped in this thing the catholic osborne drastically die catholic like with your fuckin human the why you were being yourself involuntarily which this gigantic group of people who believe nonsense that doesn't make any sense and no one saying that anybody else has the answers like i'm not saying i'm right in your wrong or i know i have some information you have i don't know anything
you know i have my own life that i can tell you honestly what i've learned from my experiences and things that i've read that other people of research but what do i really know about what the fuck this ism what's that nothing and i know as much as anybody in you know as much as anybody there's not a single person who as more and more of our a realistic view of the next phase of existence whether it exists at all no one knows and it doesn't help pretending you do know that's what fox everybody up with vox everybody up is someone that pretends they do no because then we with our fucking monkey instincts just fall that guy i'm like what he knows he know he's so confident and this guy had two courses but all these people listening to him first choice crazy and then all these people listening to him and said the more people listen to the more he believes don't bullshit and the more he really thinks he is special and ordained in there to give the word of the lord in the morpeth delusional mean it's
classic jim jones pattern you know i mean that's what it is it is that the idea is completely ridiculous that's guys who don't get pussy have the answers nobody scott the fuckin answers and there should be no reality is like this they should be predetermine patterns of behaviour that are attractive to follow because anyting predetermine like that is going to fuck you up cuz it's not going to give you a realistic map of the world you live in your map of the world back with people had very little information when catholicism was created the map of the world was there was no internet there is no you know any exchange of ideas there's no pornography available in your fucking iphone anywhere you look when they're so many things are different about that world than about this world and other crazy nonsense you know could be easily disproved if so we will try to stir not that religion today you know it
but it's there it's been there forever so people just fuckin stick with it it's the weirdest thing ever like logically region is one of the worst things ever it's so hard to believe still around you ve really got stop blocking lost at the wrong time parties it's getting religious or religious or yes well maybe i'll tune in some kind of outcome to confuse now probably no religion a lot more than me i would really like him when i don't i don't i know i know certain enough to get annoyed and then when i start researching it more becomes warm or cookie and then i can't anymore so i only know surface details of all religions not at all i know about all them is they're all ideologies you known any anything like that is dangerous anything where you got older people will you grow up with these older people that are telling you what what what's what you should and shouldn't do they don't know you know at best
now we exist really well in small tribes but i think what people in small tried though smarter just so important stay alive these people have this intense bond of family and i think what happened with human beings is we were from small tried to join the country so fast you know over the corset just a few thousand years and i'll think are our body caught up with that they got body has separated itself from the fact that you know we really are all connected you know i think in this more tribes when they were looking out for each other all the time it was really like having a giant family but we don't feel connected as a country i don't feel connected with all the americans who knows that seems ridiculous three hundred million over so like how can aid but it connect to everybody back then they could that's how we're wired we're wired for that kind of life i think that's why so many people depressed letting people depressed
because the energy and their life is imbalance because they don't have enough love companion is all about and that is all you need to just fuel love show me negative it's like if you were at at on a plane and you hear it like a screaming kid right next to your trying to sleep you know given from you you know you have kids now but in the old days it used to just right you wanted to drive buckings not that ours is crazy doesn't drama is above all like there was a conference like it i like it's way by certain rights only have slap your father i went waterfalls only the other day very bright spot it's funny idealized wants that once a year i can give cracking crime movies and shit that jeff bridges movie crazy
really how i see that in the grip of mother and i agree that clear link got me a couple times you got me private arms there was one especially because it was about a little kid look again lost time anymore it's almost by unworthy where they were the movie but if you haven't seen it i'll bring it on my i've heard tomorrow should wait i've always did no one is more of a technology junkie than this motherfucker and if you have ever seen his you two page let's find jesus right yeah you two backslash let's find geez he's got ready and you got a red then dakar ebola ba anti if you ever think about it and carve a camera anything check out his reviews disease like the most thorough he's the biggest tech head i know anybody who is more of a junkie of technology and a more also more knowledgeable
you're always on the ball of so many people giving shit on his ipad yell are a little bit of an apple fan i'm not a family here why that's why they're giving you shit is your excited there really hating the your excited you know it's one see what gets tricky now you praise and object but when you start shooting on like the kindle volcanoes dead fuckin kid a while and then people defender kindle they get crazy you know i'm not mine apathy and an annual solely cameras i love my camera i liked the company like the support something that i believe and i think that the best of their little portable tat it s enough with the ipad but with crazies before i was kind of a tricky myself like you i just want to get network is better than a network i may support this thing but then lately they ve been showing all these applications and unlike like they have netflix now so i'm gonna tether internet from my cell phone and be able to watch netflix anywhere i want to draw the united states pay
those are my marble i'm not i'm tired of people and as many living in my fucking technology road it's great itself on it because if you are forced to live your life in front of a computer and then someone allowed outside it be so happy to go outside right now it's because we were forced to live in reality that the computer lab seem so much more it seems more like like us i'm looking for some leeway fire like my google's when my fear website i'm searching for south always and searching that's that's the best thing about my message board when i go to that message board every day on looking woody which ground were happening what am i looking for i will click links and your literally sometime nodding out foreign keyboard you ever do that yeah like nodding out keyboard socially i'm possibly writing and i just or from the internet and then moving on now to my blood i do it would cause retirement or even are looking for
teacher are we really going to bed and another sitting on my report and even the same website over overweight or that one update eyes you know a man it's pretty bad aspects comedian though there's never been a better time to be able to provide again i am so much better than had ever been before because you know you can you can get information out there you know you can develop like a whole network of your fans in your twitter page in your message board and people get to know you at the real you sally nowadays you do like an interview in alex somebody like dean martin or someone i think he went about my yeah it knows how to get some of the shows that what they know about you is like you do like the insolvency goin stage during seven minutes that's all you got now you can you know already like we were worth our aims very funny guy has sometimes as a hard time getting gigs on the road and i was saying you should put together
you know where you you do your best bet that you ve ever done and do on youtube just as it is doing more because he's got new bit and am i being have us all bets like in a video should make mega video you shit man you know youtube i really good bet you don't like that than the gay bar bad like this a bunch of density ass a really classic better just doing what am i those who just room upon you to man then the people see you know come see you chose it's really the best method is like the old method of like you do overcoming central show you i mean yeah i guess like some those stand up sit down or you know what a premium bladders there's like seven people in each is is he shouted in our half hour was comics garb and prevent our forefathers
the people already remember all there is that guy's gonna funny but i think it is going to fuck you too many timing got like others swanny they send it to your friend ruthlessness guys larry's rna says his rent that's what happens it just gets going itunes is saying the other day i try and tell my friends song y know you got here this anti economic oh you don't have an iphone downloaded it right intimate and like a minute i purchased it downloaded with blue leaving it to my stereo in my car had spoken knows this is like a jewel box at the best you box ever that just ideas crazy annette she's gonna be in your car and it's gonna be was activated the annual press a button and say go to itunes download rolling stones tat to you ban nationally have you seen that deal with the new photoshop cs five or six whatever it is now a new feature in it it's on your message board look under like new photo shots and undermine form by i its mark
fixing so i can take a picture for the treat or the shadow to the bellaire there's there's like somebody in the way of you you just circle it and cut it and it it does it looks around and tries to make its own seen through the sitting there like tree gone blair gone shadow gone it just like you have a brand like it does all the hard work that took like hours and hours there's going to be its borders no further only really my praise in every photo you take like using your faces a rate cut a wrinkle take maker skin girl back they go find out we're skin textures see the video genoa swiss ochreous sonia completely gone nap were to go to the mattel times next year is it really is getting very strange technologies getting very strange it's really is getting to this weird point we talk about this for we have been talking about our states lately there used to be that people now robot is my blog that when when they invented
something it was to make their life better you know what year did the first caveman invented putting a sharp stick you know you know court appointed rock at the end of its stick so they can kill something and then they invented a part of that you take the meat put in some carried easier and then they invented let me made their life easier what factors the large hadron collider due to major lives easier did it looked ass an emotion say it looks like the biggest robot rollercoaster ever we need to make a movie and their rights criminal records to and can imagine i just think of the idea behind it we are going to send adams around it one in seven kilometers circle giant machine to build up speed they get like just below the speed of light slamming how is that trickling down to anybody
anything at a particle physics it trickled down to to make life more convenient for people anything i mean you're talkin about like the biggest scientific project in history ten thousand different scientists from a hundred countries and its cost billions and billions of dollars if i'm not crazy right and they don't get me wrong because somebody said something like this they haven't you attack science in other trying their doing what they ve done so not criticise oh i'm not i'm not on one side or the other that examining round them doing this i'm just completely fascinated by i am so fascinated by the idea that they're trying to recreate the conditions right after the big bang and that's what they're looking
and that's what they're doing this and probably something weird that it would trickled down to like storage power battery life is not an easy sums ridiculous like that we're figuring out how to save power energy i mean maybe because there are making a correction there might be some weird like that or could be some gay could it could trickled down i guess and we will have in us to say let s marked a main ones when things get really walkie is worth when they really figure out how to crack time when they figure out how to travel through time you know it's been like there's a model that this this fucking this scientist i think his name is kurt godel was like when i was those with the double or what is called le anyway he was this guy who figured out if you could you have to take a cylinder half the size the solar system and spinning at the speed of light yet
cross its i don't remember exactly what the fuck you know that the former was worth but if you did that if you if you ask created this thing that was half the size and sources louis speedily sire you actually could go back in time i get is possible we would have if they figure out something along those lines because the thing about me we're not gonna be satisfied with just a large hadron collider it's not like that i figure this out thinking to create the higgs boss in particle while here we got it we did create god particle and we we know that it's real now we're going it's gonna be another thing gonna be the going try you crazy we think we can make a black hole well thank you may black hole is not do it well we don't know which megabytes hold we think we may and we think it'll go way really quickly i was that's that's been did fucking with everything you and you thought i like a lie that we talk about recently i always keep on going back to thinking is like
how would have all these creek lately i've krzysztof go on my life what if me and you and a future like iphone fifty are changing the pass in other hey what do you want smart you know what i mean they were creating her own past using technology like changing time and when we are talking about how we would that be like if we could sit there now ok we can go back to nineteen eighty nine oh you're you're eating pizza here you want some crazy to happen where eating pizza here kiev's is throwing this crazy you know bride because like lately it seems like this is like a good luck stop it happened me simply in so in saying that data seems like unwavering reality show cameras to come out you know i have often thought that there's a path that you're supposed to live in life
will sort of illuminated self to you as you go along the way as long as you pay attention to your instincts right you know and i think a big part of that path is like your attitude in life and how you how you view things and how how you how you feel about yourself how the about life and i think in it as much as you can come a dick pay a lot of that you can decide how you view the world you can kind of side your beer approach to things and you can decide it based on your instincts and i think if you do that then every encourages workshop jerry way we're zone as you do the right things it's like you the really be a positive person you have to really be disciplines you don't feel like you're slacking off on all the things you should be working on there's like there's a certain balance there's a certain guiltiness that you feel when you
work hard enough it's something that's therefore reason right it's not necessary you can get your life just by doing what i was doing it feels better fulfil it yourself to feeding the process you know i think i think there's there's a path to life and i think you might think very being controlled by us in the future you think i'm gonna break i think maybe that is possible in the fuck knows but i think what's more likely is that every person sorted this ridiculous sounds that every person sort of fits into a peace in this world and that this world everything about it from bottom water fuckin spatial that it's all connected and then it really is evil it seems like wife what we think of it it just life that's what we ve labelled hears life on the world here is always p we're going about their day here they know about on the war we think about like that but really all these things in this life everything they they all
value they all have a position they all have a purpose and it really is like what we're living in is we're living in a gigantic mathematical equation and i think that as with all human life i am alive with wind and fucking earthquakes and everything i think it's all up part of this insane mathematical equation that chaos in life and earthquakes and media impact these are all built into this equation this is how the system works this is how the system works it seems like this easy randomness this fury of nature and you know and birth and death and you know and sexuality and creativity and why was my childhood so bad and you know why was i raised you know in a wealthy family now maisie you know different these different things there play you like a little part in this giant fucking equation is just so big we can't see it
so crazy an alien because it is us because is the world we live in its almost impossible for us to really see the big picture think that's very possible the very possibly what we're doing this work i think all of us are living a giant mathematical equation and i think it probably has something to do with technology mean no one you know treats that like like its serious possibility because it's a subjective terminator movies you now but if you looked at what hang on you would see that technology is increasing at a much faster rate of evolution and human beings if essentially what were capable of doing as human beings may calculations and move make decisions and you know i have me or code and a judgment you mine i mean you can fuckin probe a religion into computer any would actually follow it you know you can give a computer a personality
force a computer to react assert way different things than you you're out away to put a computer so small that you put in artificial body that you have created with your fucking com under the next thing you know you have computers making life and that life is a computer in the computer is living its own version of this mathematical programme yeah that's it is possible is ass being a part of the map program right it's all very possible though we are here to create technology and our whole society is geared towards green technology the factor in china do you know how fucked up she is in china insane you re others one city of regulators i think vps tv did a documentary on it is one city where it so bad there than just breeding the air is like smoking through pack of cigarettes a day pretty bad here tunisia the other day
was coming our drive into my house and you can even see burbank because small that is bad we just breathe it everyday it's not every lit by its like have a good boy was clean air as well the reasons why we moved colorado you know i want to get away from this overpopulation asked and taxes time while everybody says that job that's why what is moving to ask and i certainly think it issues that are less people or nicer we were in charlotte caroline this week for the usa and people and charlotte yourself recognise as my second remove any south carolina and worker charlotte north tell the people were so flogging cool everyone rolling everybody was normal you know it was like really nice place people really nice though everybody restaurants and bars flight theirs
people people are more down home to more friend let you know it was it was a good time you guys think the best way to live new york i will just add and those those of more more interesting things we went from new york to charlotte north carolina charlotte north carolina way better i mean new york yeah more restaurants yea others more so definitely but this also more attention is also the dealing with the overpopulation doing traffic use like everybody's on edge i don't wanna live somewhere were everybody's on edge you know yeah it makes it makes people little bit with some people more creative it makes i think it makes for more interesting people you know more people on the east coast are way more interesting to me than people on it was the way for you to meet with the left side of the united states is more dangerous than the right side but yet the right side has the angrier people than the left side when it comes to the east coast what movies that goes is more dangerous like angry people
like the new york attitudes that boston to ease nordic gangs we're gonna use close is more aggressively aggressive but yet that's the safer place to live but you you think be nice north carolina wiser to save report because the whole we live on your life into the world shit like that earthquakes in the volcano is in the buggy sword out you know what they have to do with snow snow them your secrets of snow now makes it a little more a little more hostile in america at least i tried explain away that that like why people so aggressively boston i was able to do that cold weather it gives you a little more tents but i think is more to it than that it's cold weather and overpopulation together that's what makes do she people because in canada the people are so fuck him their sole boy you know what that doesn't make sense either because even toronto toronto a big city
or nice for their two categories maybe it's you might see there maybe if we are biased migration you get what it's like its candidate is not a country that living under the shadow of this government is out there trying to take over the world now that's part of it to me with that wake you up for america in the 50s though or are you know in the in the thirties and forties which were there they're pretty aggressive back then too and even one thousand eight hundred and twenty gangs of new york what it used to be alive do gauge in europe is an awesome movie at our sea now also deal they louis is one those do as they like becomes who over the fucking in that movie he's like a different dude what does he say you know he's as one of few guys the relief russell do that jerry man can do the shit you know he's one of those days it has become too different do when he's a noteworthy
there's that there's a new leonardo i move your see at the shutter islands like that you didn't know not talked about it i was really good for like the first ourselves and then i want to give away spoilers for some people haven't seen you haven't seen any new jersey the beach with him in it the island is like the cheeses movie ever been allies are good fuckin after he's another one he gets into things like this is good it's you know might arise and that's a craft this theirs some cheese has other you're they're not doing anything special
but there's a few like like god does nothing that their mother said crazy heart then jeff bridges jeff bridges that got another guys the beagle asking yes i was amazing active whose while those do you just he gets it an african wrong he does it so to answer two questions who bernie maybe dream with the fishes dream with the fish has deemed arcadian it really small budget no budget movie but one of the things is like day he's got his dying is that they will be when i do like what his last list of things one thing he did ass he went make it boy went in destroying our middle name on lsd and when boy naked with servers and that scene i bear to me is what would be deserve any three things that you say if you knew
you're about died at you definitely do like art and all you know everything's often doing this now everything about that on average a number of years in the pyramids yes yo lecture the pyramids but you know what a community without genome i didn't mean it i think i've seen so much of what i mean i think tat it would be really nice to go over there and see it live for sure does things like a bee spiritual matthew indifferent finally air yeah i know what you mean yeah but i'll be ok without seeing a man i think it's real of to see a lot of things i love see the congo but onawandah when their rights to scare where they get but went forth here
come out with your enforcer runs at our salary hearty efforts i wouldn't let us make it a fucking charge that now you fuck personal force fields were like you got eighteen t personal force field what are you fucking crazy even when the cargo in eighteen eighty percent for having rise and do not go overseas that's no notion is greatly like everybody tied eighty one do you like doktor manhattan document from the fuckin what is it was a movie watchman yes watch out i was not familiar with a comic book before that you know that good this document hadn't how they arise about this which later when twitter first came out ellen treated like hey good at this bust out of you will be on the show that we have to address up as a superhero hurry and i was at the start light right next to that that bus stop so
all over funding by looking through my car trying to find a head like some line or in their heads and clothes and back pillow families blue things and i dressed up all in blue nepotism net on my head and i got bus stop and i was on the ellen show is doctor manhattan funniest things that was i took a sleeve of a blue coat and i put through my zipper and i and i tied it at the end and put some socks in it and stuff like that it looks like i had this big wavy dick and nobody even saw they didn't even understand that's what it was but if you watching knowing that i'm coming out on a limb like that's introduce doctor what mr manhattan you're not coming up with the swedish media of this there is but i will have you not have that online i think i do bids on facebook dairy put it on the masses for public should have arisen
maybe not com or going to write down riband com jos philosophy of thinking that seen that seen the pyramids on tv is the same as relax oh man i don't think it's the same as real life i'm just saying if i was only a few things i could do before i died that wouldn't be my choice i would be okay without seeing i would see it one of the reasons why i haven't done it is because first of all i don't have tie i travel so much for work and we really have them it's time travel outside a work it's not fund for me it's like i'm travelin all the time so it an extra trip to egypt doesn't sound excited to it and then the other part about it is that it's not that safe over there you know you gotta be its tricky after switch it you know i saw the only ruins i've ever seen were met
i saw the mayan ruins at chichen itza which is is pretty humbling mad it and it's really fascinating just stand there and i do agree that there's a big difference between standing there in person you know and checking these things out then watching a video or or singing on in picture standing there in person was up pretty flabbergasted footlong saying is i don't need to go to egypt i would like to yes but i don't need to i could be okay with both are not saying that the same thing and certainly not but you can learn a lot of things about certain places and will experience like home amazing and beautiful they are just from dvd you really don't have to forgive you don't have to go the congo the cairo so fucking dangerous thing there is trying to kill you every thing there there and there they kill elephants what did you hear me son they got ass the kill elephants they climb up the fucking elephant go into
ear and start eating his brain while he's alive and they do that in surges there little monster ass they climb incited to eat their fucking brain and their response both are way more deaths in africa than any of the other things ants kill every thing man they kill every thing there's some monster crazy scary ads and in africa and that's not even for a father what about the spiders that act as a team there's no spiders anywhere in the world that act in packs except the congo and they don't even know why but fucking dears get trapped in these we'll tiny really spiderwebs dears try these tiny spiders swarming like a hungry wants and fuck em up they make ass fucking webs they realise that their small in order to survive and stay alive they have to jack bigger shit so they did
contain got think it burns they get all kinds ship fucking nuts man it is and that's true spiders what about the falcon snakes there's all kinds of fuckin snakes in the cargo there's there's a chimpanzee in a carnival that's six feet tall and they walk a bright sometimes bondo apes it sounds of tar sands totally ridiculous because nobody ever tell you about but its they have photographs these days to get a picture of a dead one they have different poland samples like they confirmed this an actual real animal it has occurred on his head like a gorilla does so it's a different animal is a different species of chimpanzee that's a much larger and they call them lion killers that's what the locals call them and they have a fucking observed scientist observe and photograph them eating a dead jaguar they killed the jaguar but what the fuck their eating a goddamn jaguar s wife rise and personal force field is important
but i would love to see nobody i wanna go there jesus christ go the congo just a mosquito for the rest of your life up that show the enemies inside us where people they always go swimming in africa and what fucking geniuses and shit it's in there is something rotten away their brain you know a bridge tumors grown there had to be a mass of worms did they picked up in africa seven years ago get them i gotta africa are you crazy everything's trying to kill you there everything that's scary man something good corner to enemy inside yeah that's nice things importance do the really good the really good at coming up with tears world aims they're pretty procreative becomes what questions
yeah you too that bondo apes manner thing regular guy like twitter me on helen but i can only funding torrent right now there's links in the torrent a really powerful torrent somebody retweeted for me so shows up on the eastern chad to do so i must say that with class the titans yeah i was there to cover every visa really yeah shit probably were i asked her not smoking we did what we promised we tell recently discusses are you aware the internet came out of cern no i didn't know that those the people that work on the large hadron collider wow i thought the internet al gore butthole i wasn't it
how did i even you never really city wozniak started larry that sort of thing about al gore but he never really said that he invented the right now he helped work on the well became but it was more like funding i push avails or some not like you might have yet been a guy pushing for right you might have said that he was one of the people who helped with the ever say does anybody know any want to lift up you know why fuck al gore give a shit about al gore how much money al gore's made from climate research now my why al gore has made an ass load of money based on the idea that we are in a warming the the earth with our bullshit we may very well be i don't know man but i do know that people get nothing about that issue does while those weird issues these those right left issues are so strange or people just
darts bound now shit and they don't they have a really done the research yet you know like there's is a good video the same guy that did this video was sarah palin i remember the dude's name i'm going to find out though but he did a video we went to a sarah palin book signing and then ass these people like you know when you feel about in our european what we really gets excited about now about her our stance on the issues and no one knew a fuckin thing no one had any idea what you know they were just like cheeses those she stands for you know whole values and fine she's the best thing going she's back to real people like they're the same nonsense and you realize that people have to fuckin they didn't have to makes ass they just have to have a bunch of people thinking it makes us that's all you really need to have but this guy he did it with the teapot people do but he made his way
and it is just genius shit man people just everybody just they just take a side that there's thirteen takes another man and it's like this us vs them nonsense it's just so crazy when it comes to global warming when it comes to care it's like you know everyone has a very typical and predictable typical and unpredictable you now stand something very rarely to people straight outside the either or ideologies left or right now but i hate when people ask me a democratic republic we are talking about is a nonsense game it's all nonsense there's no fuckin democrats there's no reply we're going to stop it it's all nonsense it's been nonsense and beginning is just it's a bunch of fuckin red tape and and and and fuckin just complications and your budget shit piled
together to take action all either or the ice that there really are democrats than we let me live what's obama's duties don't exist exemption bushed it he's doing a little a few things different socially don't ask don't tell but when you win the nobel peace prize still send thirty thousand more people to a war that nobody wants do they really no more than anybody else even in times of all attacks on me man do like talking sports and to me don't you think that if you just doesn't to me i don't think you should spend less time who cares what parliament has thought that a guy fuck it all those stupid just negative we really think about how fucked up his home it states government is better in gun think that its is it possible to do anything about it i think it is what the ways you can do something about it is not necessarily it's it's influencing people with thought and changing these people's opinions before they get into this terrible situation of do in fact of things that are not
a fitting the people i think i think you have an effect em you have to let them know that their than ever for ever i didn't people way better than that to me so instead of worrying and standing stress on their own domain to me it's like another crazy reality should after watching you know as having spoken like it since the day at each other rests solely as a complete anyone can on its everyone spoken faggots all both phrases that fox news is real that's real that is like some parents to the fox news the real show fox news is like if there was like a tv a movie from the 80s would like bill murray in it some sort of a parody that would be like the right you know raw fuckin truth organism that would be that the network that they would make fun of in a parody moving in that what s really going on man and the parity movie they would be lay some really hot belong chick who was me as bach
you know like all those hot blonde chicks on on fox news that all look like they have this mean face another hot as fuck but they got this black guy fucking yell at you man don't when they interrogate do on a show when they give people our time and a showman copy blot legality stern right wing like area in blue white hot bitches you know that's perfect for like a bill movie does be rewarding something before can only be screaming nazi shit or somethin you mean that i would be in the movie mean they really are it is really is life is like life is like as ridiculous somali more almost unbelievable i mean when you think about like a plot a movie that is is predictable that annoys you life as we more me we more black
you know what looked like the ted haggard thing with our guys in the village god it's called doing gay sacks of crystal meth you know the fuckin john edwards thing what he gets busted and his wife is dying these high heaven this baby with another woman is this craziness that goes on the people in all of it altogether we are that naughtiest movie of all time you know where the craziest movie ever do you think what the fuck is this folks where where is this going you know we're artist living and until our body shut off and we don't even address it would only stop and really think about it i mean you're on oprah and i really want to tell you how you can better decorate your living room with fucking feng shui and you know the the the the current consciousness our culture you know is not at all focused on
the really big questions like the really freaky fucking questions like that the fact that how little we think about space you know the little we think about the fact that any time some crazy shit can happen there could be a hyper nerve and the next council will be wiped out instantly what this is real and random and easily can happen now it's very many campfires like make a campfire now could you be really get a campfires somehow you you can if there was any money in like campfires ok we're gonna have a campfire night you could get any money format for roma can be at this camphire why and i even won't be like a best pursued at lunchtime should want to take pictures of me with it is up to the matter you will find it very much
tours light in being coolers handling no brow was gonna be just me someone gave our main we're talking about ancient civilisation of those aged faggot they were beer i've already worms lucia green worms railways campfires women and still comedy united camphire tonight we're in the middle of a campfire you all for your tens in your hang out and smoke we do mushrooms and you're in the middle of a small decide doing like what you're doing now or stand up kind of like i kind of like a metal talking campfire that's also a great way to get annoyed by hippies true you gonna do lasting some effect bringing her monica like you know because i just need favours it's gonna be a phobia annoying the number one problem marijuana heavies goddammit
noise do you smell that access that convention the truly and hackneyed sweat you happy you now that the idea behind it is great the problem is a lot of the people that fall into that that mode of thinking thereof locked up the lazy tool that's another problem hippies a lot of them are fucking lazy you know a lot of them are always broke and always like want you to help him out and it so it's like it's a drain like if you have hippies for friends is like some of them are just constantly asking for favors and kids so annoying you know it's like you have to cut them off as friends like you're just always need you forget your goddamn shit together you know that's like how many do you know the reluctance that i've always broke i come on you gotta get yours
shit rather you know is about better out here though back in ohio is completely different way more broke stirs and i now these out here most people and i now are you no kind of like have jobs like us where words at comics people are really your shortly i well know a man given a regular life in a regular jobs it's very hard for people to do after awhile because you know where sold is bill a good that all you need to be happy is you know find something that's pays well and it work no steady work doesn't matter if you don't love story every time you now you you you go through it and yet i know you move up the ladder and you make more money and buy a bigger house and then you fucking die you know there's no there's no end to that you know and for some idea for some reason we're sold at there is where sold that we're doing something we're working hard and it eventually going to
he doesn't pay it is die you know everybody just dies so you have to enjoy this is a challenge right now and it's not it's not but for everybody there's been a lot of times in your life and in my life than we weren't enjoyment thing she now i wasn't i wasn't enjoyment together they drive limos what website like have you been geared uniquely famous are in one famous anyone i with my by why phrasing tourism back y know i almost got to drive stevie rave on but he wouldn't take limos he would only take cap that like the worst day for your like i'm getting drunk and i always versus private panicked approach elder approached me that children monopoly after i was i was used to revive yet so if i really have to drive a car park paragraph nineteen years all those an idiot
make us twenty twenty i was watching wasn't at home so yes i'd think i'm outta my parents house was twenty so i think i was twenty one when i was doing i was watching a driver we're out of town in new york i was watching dilemma drive me he had to make sit in his car like the whole day use heavily a forlorn back his what with his wife just haven't conversation i got batteries as deserving gone for chunks at a time it's our job and i know it's really hard about it is ours they wanted aware crazy to me and the way they would put it to me though when i when i first got the job there they will send you know what are you guys you gonna go to school and you going to try to make a living and you got to realize it's a hard job for us out there and it's hard to get jobs it might be over there he's been workin here for ten years it has buses ass he sits down a nice kyle day and he makes sixty thousand dollars a year ok that's real money necessary sentiment
i was on my guy deny hours and hours he doesn't have a life he gave me his whole life for sixty thousand nausea right like this fucking guy literally no bullshit working sixteen hours every day he was always there i looked at him ok you got tricks on right now you're doing the wrong thing man i got to get the fuck out of here but that ain't easy if you got a job if you only doing it for a few hours a day you know if you're doing it like a regular job and that bad really feel good clients you know what you doing just sitting down here driving that's no big deal they want you to work crazy hours i was doing now's weak and they were the old man i mean they wanted me to put it more also network eight hours eight hours and i want to go home now go out enough michael this twelve these to wait for the next pickup delightful fuck mikey fuck you i weren't there are giving out here i don't want any more hours of work to do i had again
egg some fuckin bar in one of these common things and how to leave work for the gig and when i was there on the way there they switched the gigs like this at all when of sending this one's then it was like i think was probably boston calmly at the time of working age see and hear about these little gigs inelegant weird little place you drive like an hour and a half and it was like a little sports bar and then have a little these new girl stage some thousands which like say hey this guy's gonna go with him is he doesn't have a car so what are you gonna this place so that and so this asshole called up the fuckin the bar where i was supposed to be the asked me like you now my you're gonna get so a cause of the fucking bar and then the next is you brian motherfucker you told me you were working like likely i won't eight hours gadgets we had told the whole story to keep my job at a call is born after what our right residual
wash windows with meanness chrome is the worst you back his little girl would hold the ladder and have had to climb like four stories up while stone item i might try a clean windows bending over while we do because it was like twelve dollars an hour in ohio twelve hours and hours amazed we would already doing in stone washing windows to do i lost we notice these over one of the worst very good you ve got way the fuck up general leonard like tat god damn that be turned fireplaces have you just go to a housing fatwa against housing at the way my boss this old lady said that me or the girl with my girlfriend at the time but we work the story they were house and we got fired that boss yeah screaming at night like what they pay as any page a week later they he called by way she found what you and your poligized number
well yeah means girl fired at that walking stick ass do you remember what what it's like to have a boss let's have bosses up with my life where's is waiting to renew like share the idea that someone who is above you in work organization it gives tree like shit that is why the worst feelings in the world i did construction most reconstruction i did it under nice guys i never had any real bad bosses but i did have one bad bosses landscaper thousand asshole just just an asshole just now friendly not nice one of you to always work harder never a smile never appreciated your work give you your money at the end the week would like to look like you did even deserve this why you mother fucker i work for you all week you can't i
all week all day all week exhausted and the end of every day just so tired push the lawnmower in the hot sun and digging holes with people and doing whatever the fuck they want you to do is labor day and this mother fucker didn't give a shit like couldn't imagine that i couldn't imagine having someone work for me and having them do all the stuff and then treating them like shit like a like you knows if you deserve this what kind of a fucking human being you know make someone work hard and doesn't appreciate that and that's terrible and it sets you up in life to start thinking of work like that you know so you never think you're going to do anything with your time that's going to be actually fun even possible
i agree i wash dishes there was the worse very bad but arnie guardy brill the guerrillas way worse from my acne so fuckin cheeseburgers and lazy fuckin kid and watch my face and i was like a teenage yourselves getting all is its anyway my whole faces says it fuckin festival stop working moving up the puppet genomes public genes from and then restart your real jobs then restart teach martial arts you're the best one thousand projections for eight years and managers of movie theater is something but we're movie theater industry so fine assessment with reaction is my job is like right the movies was like an art just like threading this film and they must
if any again she certainly weeks ago watch it with headphones on where i'm just glad backs and we'd you know it was just like that with my job is so cream one of the cruellest times ever after show once back in the old laugh stop in houston this is right when the blair witch project and these kids came to show and then at the came to show we all went out and we watched blair witch at the theater was like really late at night there was later the show it to lapse laptop is like a lemon clock at night well until at one thirty so's i took off in the morning by tom get out in these kids open up to the theater and turned it on did everything just for us so like me and then
in my friend christmas wireless like one of the guy from the calmly club we all watch pillar which those nowadays they find who acts boxes up to it and it's all digital rain wagner's at any time coming they do it on the eye mac screening of universal air like extortions i'm adieu perfect hd had bought explode imagine earthquake looking ahead might explode i'm scared equate due to this day i thought about plant the other day i got scared your dvds out to plug that and what my short movies on your tire monkeys at columbus and sprinkle watch it yet it is out of you saw the especial tv dad and there's a lot of its uncensored and lock you and for just like us i've been refinement exercise is allowed remember how many minutes it is but it's it's a lot of you and i and i argue that amongst the shows i just i would feel
like it makes it more fun like it's one thing to have like a normal colony show i know you want that too but i think it's also funded just shoot shit in on me make fun things out with a microphone the end of the show i was having calculate tat thing except was becoming desk as everyone has the same questions not condescend to deceive twice the you're gonna sing questions if i rise as a sine qua non trotted some things have to be answered the sailor i like the empty there is no other way to answer y know there's no other way to explain i have explained the best way to explain it and that's that that yourself every time they always finds of its if i do like that anyone rise so don't know what to do about that i'm going to put that on my next special that description of it so that way nobody ever asked me that cuz i know what it is in your duty and a lie outside good ideas which you know
at a certain point times i can keep talking about the same things over and over again and that's one of ombudsman ever since the conversations about it jim mercer i hate the fight that who's gonna win versus who like people that means that a million times don't ask who do but despite this by whose will win why do i talk about wisely decided to talk about it i think baseball base well this is certain amount of people that just like that i just like to talk about it and you know i appreciate the fact that you know they let they like me as a commentator and they want to know my things you know and i understand that but you know i can't first war i wouldn't give prediction tat whatever your produces something's ridiculous you know like girl fate or find my mom mozilla my mom sport irregular said
unless it's like that i don't give predictions and those fights don't occur in the ufc do ufc fights ninety nine percent of them like something like what the fuck is going to happen does this fiscal i could see last scenarios taken place and theirs neither one of them is is definite pressure so i would never say this guy's gonna this and that when i hear guys socially guys that have never fought in anything before religious sports broadcasts repented and their talk and shit about fighters and like this guy doesn't belong in there with them and it's going to be easy work for that guy and eli look for him to knock him out in the first round like we can talk to you about your just make you some crazy prediction about what the fuck is going to happen in a fight between two old man that are more than capable smash each other you see when you should zag but some cracks the knees give out and you get a flashlight your face when you wake up that shit is normal that's par for the course it happens all the time i mean people who never thought they're gonna get knocked out get knocked out it happens all the time people
its emitted when they were winning easily in our guys who like guys who no one ever thought we'd get submitted a dude in the dublin ii c recently got seven carom karen diabetes in his name is bad ass fuckin grab where i fucked up he left in armaments it took a long you can't legitimate power outage alas usc re was or was it i tweeted ariadne plugged vibrator in backstage had rushed asserted wherever he wasted at an hour after she treated them that it knows actually my butt plug library but solar power well yeah i was right before roy nelson footstep construe right before they went to fight the parliament has never happened before it was told it first did you see area has ensured that they sell at usc now this is her get one where after on backwards you wanna talk about no spirit backwards in her face and instead
charging messages hugging yeah and he put it very well is that something like this shift from sound learning the guy see does that i myself hearty about medical marijuana no matter how to see so many a whole bunch of saved open dvr supporters no no she has been consistently funding for this law how does the greatest shown history the world there the meanest when they go after somebody there that there the funniest at the most stop it does no show that even close to his fucked up there there were a parachute and have a whore off with a gay do and he stopped penicillin up his ass oh my god jesus christ that was good they're just so funny they take your place you like there's no way they gonna go volubly they just do it consistent over and over and over again it's the one
the number one showed for me like guaranteed i'm gonna love it i want to hang the tray parker so maybe i think gum i think he's probably one of the finest guys ever as far as i create every thing any anybody has ever put out as much stuff is pretty is he is no one has ever put out as much by staff as i and the other guy do i don't almira whose right you seem cannibal the google rights whose refrains drake everything's nobody rather everything just helps once in a while but it's mostly i was given no no no while i understand that trade is locked himself in his office and his mad writer and he's always changing stuff there's no show that spain like that we think about what they do they have these little corny look inanimated dude that there are no really
we really crude the images are so crude and it's really do and as far as i back hast others and then they they consistently go after more shit at harvard has any answers trevor they don't have a team arise the stresses team today knows the people who work there yeah he's actually been there before i think the auditing writers at one point for a season or something or help writer helper from for my understanding now it's really just train yeah everybody says this week's episode groovy girly everybody says it is the greatest episode ever it's already ridiculous there's one pair of eyes were so good a sober tumbling its humbling how much decorous put out you know you think about the stock you ve done my town productive be banned or be alive they see what that guy much is crisis with a team america too would have
because i wasn't that was you know it was the heart is moving ever forever acting as a good one which i think has top five maybe maybe first line of those no no movie ever the first time i saw it made me laugh at heart no movie no move even came close that was the second time it wasn't lying funny to me but the third time i mean it's not like it's not that i was just going to day i just saw you anyway and it was maybe funnier that than the first time i saw you never got how funny way thus i should close to yet you gave my private life it was shocking ethics in horror at twice you now without war at once in him again minors later i do that i didn't joy enjoyed sector but i loved it so much the first time in others things that you can't see twice but certain things you can see all run over africa it's funny com is a very funny thing like that you know like why is like really bad stuff like roadhouse or like showgirls summit the more you see the funding it is you can see it like a bunch of times and it gets value because it
knowing script of anyone there's some movies that are so ridiculous that it's just gone to this one hour the duc de turkey that move called the rule adventures and maybe this this was recommended me i think we'll talk but if you want a bad movie go get this the room it's fuckin genius we don't want to self satisfied but watch it with some friends or funny genius genially bad newly apparently screenings in hollywood may play that movie and people get their navy quote the words because everyone knows the words and sex or rock your picture thing that bad it's u onboard yeah what's mega company but talking i look i don't want my computer's really will let me just look at my computer of with running
i just want to you now it's time do some people get the one oppression and one last by club you know a man i'll tell you what i didn't like fight club i liked it i liked it for a while and then when i found out that there with the two dudes were actually one dude i was like what for many years and lighted up until the end really rose do you like it after found out their suppose we too dude isaac aziz punch himself the failures
that was way more believe will the problem is you're seeing a bunch of shit in this move they didn't really happy still i'd like a style of it the visual meyer buying as highly plot ending the knees idea that's that's not what i wanted to be but everything else along the way was so amazing that you can't it required a suspension of disbelief that i wasn't give when all of a sudden you telling me that everything i saw was just his imagination so its entire movie what was real love this working move because the movie i saw there was two different people and if one part of it was absolutely a figment of his imagination with the what about the rest of it how do i know what i'm watching anymore now watching nonsense now you're a shitty plot device will you can say oh it was just a jury always gone crazy with really having he's hitting himself and my work so what has really happened disguised city rotating himself there's been no real fighting i wouldn't which really gone i think you just don't like seeing breathtaking hurt his pardon me
leave him alone the other though that's not funny part about that movie you know everybody's like liking enjoying doing for peter yeah it's a lower i would hope that that's not case real life thirdly wrote my clubs like that like those old video at least to see about the fighting the yards where they called where they like fights almost hoovering russia the russian gang fights that's the same as a fight club or gang war you too and russian fights russian soccer thug fight yes sacrifice a b the flock out of each other we ve talked about the form that the other guy's not russians as it does a dirt different breeds that's a hearty race dignity the russians they love the browser
no doubt huge van nor does what my favorite comedians he's fucking o areas now mcdonald is a very unique dude there's something really just about an hour ago canoeing with him i'll talk to her what i think is what does this is what doktor i wanted fight club to be applied felt take fuck you man i thought you had dear why you get some crazy shit girls you name dangles esquire while i like your avatars illustrate dope blinking third i u crafty internet hacker you have i seen donnie darkly i like that love it was an extremely delight at princeton tied up and told him to rise above fight me if i had a sea fight club again i will watch in lorraine moment i would watch it up to the moment where finally to be when i arrived i like it let me just like
this is what i liked what didn't like russia around i don't like when you say all trick don't give me this nonsense show me real goddamn you know like avatar so i have a feeling ass my face and the answer to the last reason ever it's interesting by its author like this could get really bad bad it has already ending in a way that you're just like we are you kidding me there i think this year to seem silly leant back and forth in time now when one once they hit a nuclear bomb and went back in time was happening worth going shut up you kansas nuclear jumped back and forth through time now stop just stopped i need more i need more from you than that i need a little more than you blew off a nuclear weapon it we got back in time that so stupidity is just
two dumb and then where are we now we're one thousand nine hundred and seventy seven what are we doing what you know you would be shittin your pants go fuck we're stuck in seventy seven internet refrigerators sucked back then nothing was good cars ross shitty the brakes it rarely starting from anything do software everything sucked it wants viewer lebaron seventy seven fuck fuck that suck to a kind of back they saw we'd on we was totally legal vacuum i have not seen michael rupert film collapse but i heard it really gonna rescuers netflix i've had watched these was in the world goods is collapsing under foot surrey is right but it was only on the movies or something how is it around
find out jubilation lyrics collapse always some fucking levin shit michael rupert shit is i think it's all about peak oil and i use the candidates the cia i might be wrong and moves there are so few thousand now dvd and check out the recipe questions we have asked for like i said we we have stopped last week because i have a staph infection i have a little we should mention our friend outlaw do we talked about that pass no i couldn't bring to outlaw from just message for his past and he was a great guy we all welcome very much
really from my eyes who is why are there much much love he was really funny guy he was a do that was my message board from the beginning really i can't remember when it was now there are member time there was one time were he he took for a while and i call them at home information from somewhere call him at home i found out that his brother had died recently and he had some some real serious family issues he was very depressed and you know i talk to who is it was nice to know that he was ok physically but it was real sad and then it came back and eventually became his old self again and he was just one of funding is posters man do was so like quit really witty and apparently according to his wife he had always wanted to be a standard comedian that's that's one want the reasons why he liked to hang onto on my board has he got to
still i really be an online comedian you know i mean that's like a real thing now what we ve talked about this before like their dues and message boards are like they're they're comedy stage like you're a good example that year i'm i consider you mean you ve done stand a comedy a few times i consider you like an internet convenient because you make these little videos or funny and you ve put him up on the internet where the prizes like i've spent so much time five hours spinning a ton of ours just you can get three to five minutes in front of a people in the same amount of time make videos that thousands will see why would i want to do non stage my could do the same thing on the internet and give fifty million times more people seeing it right and then eventually led us over the army thing if you get enough people to see you're sure you can develop again in community and then you can go do show you know and that's what the russian army really needs take advantage as are
he has a name i mean he's been opened up for me for years thousands of people see and because of that and then he's been on the job norton show down and dirty with jim norton and he's got a lot of clips on the internet and he's ended on opie and anthony with me a bunch of times was on the lam i was there so he's got enough staff happening that he should have a community is as a matter of like putting it together that's why so much better now that has ever been before in offer comedians and my message boards want the best parts about it in this dude outlaw was one of the best sportswoman message board he was a great guy is really funny and he was just we have just hang out with him in real life a few times once way back in houston way way back in the day i was here shows that seven seven years ago and then again recently last year he came to dallas and water mark two at a time
other than that to at least one but i can remember when it's saddest thing for me is going to his facebook pages and it's photo i forgot for christmas last year i think christmas i sent him a photo of me shaving my chest while i'm not really shaving i took that like a photo of me like here's a jerk that's how our relationship all were what you do on the internet photoshopped back and for you silly photos and stuff then i went to space but me has an honest facebook pay it's not my all that fucking photo ever thought about one and a cool place message board is like you know we have like these online for are they really are online france some of em you never me some of they just they just exist online as long as your personality is cool and your friendly you're funny you now you eventually get it
the whole max there you know and that's what's encouraged funny ness and personality and an openness and the idea in other you don't have to fuck again fights with everybody talk to on line and that if you do say something to somebody about reform in earlier douche bag of those should be really find it out and it is nice to have something like that you know it's nice to your chance to meet cool people that our problems would never me in real life like you or like outlaw more like you know tony's ear in me there's a lot of people a lot of people that we met on line babby is really
guys i look forward to see on ice when i'm in town i see him on a journey rotten and jan gmo engine jane flower and her husband henry missile this a bunch of people that we met that are really cool it's it's it's a nice thing to have cultivated in i'm just happy that we have just had with this guy and i am happy that we were in his life and that he took pleasure in hanover message board and when the best artist one of the best arizona to enhance crazy that he was make a million from his art who is a really creative guy just you know first while he was in oklahoma and i didn't feel like you had a lot of opportunities around them and now all the time it just didn't feel like that may things were available to him but he was a great guy man sucks really does suck yeah and he was fairly young ran his thirty minutes thirty five falcon
here now i've been getting broccoli a lot lately emanating radishes which radishes i've been cleaning up my diet a lot lately i've been eating a lot it's important to carry off man and people don't appreciate that respect that it so easy to each city tastes good taste good either cheeseburgers which had sought and we always give our a hard time he's did you see the bottle he pointed when you when you guys were north carolina of barbecue of no his where he ate at night it was light partake james eminence beef jerky hull how's it look at the borders on his quitter backslash irish appeared he does put with drugs there i ain't that right there is like nipple cancer charlotte really etc a global fund using new york doing going near
europe's pretty cool but never thinking about he's thinking about making a move that's crazy people maybe you know maybe do something totally different mix it up as a crazy that never has been different head space i used to like you know what you want to go but part of it it's just i know people there and like it for quick jolt there did you know i love goin on ok i've never love my plan frowns i've been alcoholic immediately see that's all the deal and pleasant we came back off the plane in california after just seen nature seemed grassy fields injuries on my guy did see any of that when i was in new york with this is the perfect time to drug california was right after you ever these green
i don't care if it sounds gay but when i'm giving the mail it smells like roses you decided why this is so much better there there's something to be said definite deftly something he said it's not natural to live stack seventy people around each other they ve done like those population density studies with rats and they found that they have a certain my rats everyone's cool but the more wrapped you add to the box the more fucked up behavior starts manifesting itself there's that starts with a lot of them become neurotic they start like tweaking and some of them might become daddy and i sit by themselves and shake develop others nutty sensory overload shepherdesses tune erastus are attacking shouting in violent it gets bad and that's where everything can be thousand north last week man a couple years ago he could smell ananas nice everything's cool spread out to hear your restaurants higher and higher
drank like air was like tying move their and our committee be right he lives around seven i would just need a plate molly now raleigh after four conditions and a fair trial good night you know i gotta get club easily taken charles darwin do anything that would seconds the hurricanes falcon that such hard judea one of the weaknesses of the place we await this cool barbecue place and the weaker said to us that a hurricane came and picked up her name this house and dropped it polly with them in it they were in their fuckin house in pig things but not a mobile ass a house pick their house up and in fucking fluid like thirty
down the road into a pond you know i tell you forgot about storms i just hate being around twenty years and storm fuckin whether living in ohio has raped me like i'm scared of fuckin white mean because you have just been through so much fuckin crowd is i think the movers of smaller town in california relaxing san diego santa barbara loudly and ngos are bad the san diego so close barbara antibiotic does not about one centre barboza good coke is it still i have good rest crazy university of theirs universities there so that people could be jail other jails some completes the young university up there are a couple of things is more than one brand and in that line goods jitsu up there was no company from a very induce make your own campfire joking fires point i'm really seriously getting some regular did have a camp
a campfire winery ticket twenty five dollars yours you now to a gig like in vegas like every week the desolate ass you do every week this new people come in every week you know there's always people come in fire fagus so bad luck to stay there vegas is like it's like smuggled cigarettes it's like you get away with it for a long time but it s a judge you know where you could not do it in a year by bus mara i share the done it they had ever say should have moved vase but i think doing today is even if i did i'd still wouldn't leave their flying in doing weekends i wouldn't be able to do it when i was five gigs i cant do five next week i'll do my marbles for sure five minutes away
to another we find in coming to a lot of it is based on enthusiasm and i think i did every night i heard do five nights a week ago would be as enthusiastic i like will days off sometimes in the weekend off here gets it uses all fired up and that's the best way to try to create new material till you can create new material you're always doing long headline sets all the time i think the better way to do it is to this really sit down to break out new ideas then should go but try to monitor its eyes to introduce him to bed but sometimes introducing in the middle of business
sometimes i think maybe the westward scars days like some crappy open my son martha you make sure there's something else i think i'm gonna do that at improv do work the ideas a new shit shell and do a show real cheaper than the club gets up on my firefox or somewhere that and then just work on all new material now not even have an opening at nothing me go up in half an hour after summer that thing about don't think that there might be a good mood trouser two different stuff the coordinator you can only get nicely stamps on my time look our minds my timezone a canoe i'm can you in my crazy garrick stony go canoeing now it is the best man we're just going through nature and is in the boat was unwarranted crazy guy then your back to peace it is so fine until i put myself in that regard roma none at all
canoeing is like it just gets a little rapidly legged like this but it's not like you were all fools and stop people died there was a real shoulder filming forum none of you could stand it like this like this team it's not like this girl ashes why were shoes by water canoe and went under and she should have an ok but she had had some another got wedged between two rocks stock so she went out and got stuck under they have to go under a poor i'm crazy canoeing then that gluing i didn't i may have been goin since i was a kid it's like it for babies by its soul he's fine fine in your people in my own really i'm like a lake yea all your little i just i just i'm not down was like winning go into and share with those on the left left left now i got it i haven't decided for myself in a situation where i'm trying not to have the fucking took over use the lights
why now freed me out is that's how i that vs dot tv show about arctic from others at one do i facing was high now and he lives in alaska and north east laughter their daughter fell off the boat when she was two years old they were they were living at their fuckin the yukon where there was a colander north artic whatever fathers mean these wait an artificial where these wait a fuck up their deep deep deep into alaska and his they were a river with a canoe and the fucking canoe tipped over their daughter was two years old she drowned ever found her little blue that that killed that story killed me and every year they go to the site like near where where it happened they plant flowers and wasn't followed healing ribbons and it was
spark by watching them cry they had two grown daughters like that into two daughters afterwards but it's still crush them thinking about the two year old that drowned in their canoe fuck accra new new new new new new not interested in putting my life at risk for some fucking natural river ride thrill no i mean i understand this might be a thrill but my my logic will not let me get past the risk to benefit ratio i look at it and i get angry at myself even thinking about trying it just seems like it's done two thousand and twelve tour with stanhope is my last time stanhope and i talked he want to do it i want to do it i think that would be awesome have an end of the world show
and though the relay the world would be the woodland ever ever read but behold a pale horse yeah i think it's not that you think it's a great conspiracy book death rock dance i thought it was a bad but i that guy sounds like he's enough sounds like either he's crazy or he's disinformation guy and are people without a doubt who are paid to say things that seem like nonsense and say those nonsense things along with things that do make sense and are true and real and thereby the nonsense discredits the real information so you know if someone says like it did you know that you know that the government did this in nineteen seventy and then you can go over really where'd you read well i read it from william cooper's book now is that the guy that believes there's alien bases on the moon that are watching us and if there's information that they have given us to come on man that guy sounds like a loon he sounds fucking
crazy he's a guy that also said that the driver is the one killed kennedy he believes that the driver i've or turn around shot kennedy and he can clearly see the zapruder though i keys he says shit is so noddy i have to believe it is one or two options either he's completely i was fucking mind and people is believed him or his appointment he's a guy that they hired to to distribute this information to make things and theories appear ridiculous and very simple that he's at there's deafening people that do that its people that is admitted that the government hires people to blog hires people too go on my imposed on message boards and debate issues anytime anything specific comes in other have guys adele send on that issue if we believe this is causing descent in some sort of a meme of consciousness they can avoid another attack and ultra discredit analysis means pre standard media would have to do
i've gotta realise how big is you how that fuckin hard drive noise my computer jacket you're back flash player support safari fuck you you want to send a report in asia such disregarding flashpoints guy well equipped safari chrome firefox safari as far as the other browsers flash lastly it easy html five point somebody they made it clear to you play quickly in your browser sixty brains per second just going you a website this discuss where's the government would have told restriction
we're going to have to do that is they might wander so seek my keys ouses listen to the spanish government is going out to protect itself from the rest of us a wonderful pincers somebody will really think like that asked people this is the whole idea is he not suppose say this with the whole idea that everybody should have a say in how the world works is ridiculous justinian dummies other and there's no way stop that you know we have cut bypass nature the strong is not only a strong survive anymore it's everybody shrubs you now it's like what we try to keep you go now you can be the damas what if i ever which argues that that denies used to be the case and i think because it is the case in its wake me dummies the irregular democracy
as one of the reasons why the governments completely full shit why there's just such a cash grab at the top and why in what is still push war and why they still because they know they know that there's no way there's no way this fuckin systems while she working you can't you can have real real democracy people to die the sarah palin thing proves all that look how many people are legit fats amazing you would think that in our society two thousand ten that some real literally doesn't read it all and you ll find out about that like it that crazy bitch out here she can't be president people love it they love more than ever i get the wall like surrogate grass i do so we need to take it's a lot like a lot of time in order you can't you see that we're not even through our markets alone
people listening to us in their board now use your listening people down with a shudder onto a key word the only way to make we're the longest high costs in the history of the internet you know that asked just true go back but he must have had a longer women never that's why you never at serious risk i never know pants some guy talk about nine eleven which bypasses nine hours while its doesn't everyday i soon we will be suppressed lazy interview it acts jones yeah yeah what was it like somebody said it right that ninety percent is not enough right that's that's really my paraphrase made it much better use
but that's i think that's really what it is a certain point time you know you got this solution to these he's right about allows shit he's so crazy it's hard taken seriously was exacts joseph dissimulation agent out not because i think he's my friend if it turns out he's just a dish information asian he's been fuckin would mean all time that's ridiculous she doesn't even instead of the government you dummy that's the case i'm way more fun to hang out with in the government you know if you got to make money off the government he doesn't entertaining orator attaining speaker i enjoy listening to him talk it's fuckin crazy about you and some of these videos are pretty goddamned jam up some of it videos and pretty goddamn good have you was nine one one the road a conspiracy on the road to i've why but running verses when shall we have watched me by when there's rhodium during way becomes to appoint you can't believe anybody you weren't
ere you complete decide as has so to me i just becoming aware avoids each other and i don't give a fuck concern that it wasn't even the nine one one stuff it was the stuff in the world trade organization it was on these people they were paid to disrupt peaceful protests they would hire cops ago in a dress up as people ski scheme ass answered smashing cars and check it out and he documents at all in and really fuckin exposes the shit out of it and apparently it's a common tactic and that's why you know whenever there's a demonstration anywhere that's ever anything important ever with involving world leaders there's there always violence and in these illustrations even if the people that are into this idea completely non violent you know either his buddhists they know against it i'll fuckin something that is happening in china and they all only buddhist show up and and protest real buddhists still someone will be smashing windows and some shit will have on our brain cops and the reason why i ask as they do that they do that
to make a non violent protest violent one so they can break it up i mean that's real shit the government's been do never ever that is so fuckin corrupt so wrong on so many levels and yet you never even hear about it needed people in jail left and right for not paying taxes was thus have an ebay got thrown in jail for being a provocative tour what was the last time you got got thrown in jail for being a you know a professional anarchist know for being someone who gets hired to go up and cause chaos in and create you know create drama so they can have an excuse that should be like fucking treason that's like that's like slavery like you're u r faking shed and fucking shit up and people getting it locked in a cage because of you because of what you do you taking away their freedom even temporarily some of them actually got to go to jail for long periods of time because you're going to create trumped up charges of violence on them because some shit you guys caused that's that's tyranny that's
that really is treason that's that's a person should not be allowed to be an american you know you are you're corrupting everything that's great about what america's will stand for you fucking cunt stunts done folks in answer to my question in particular let sugar faggot might get him a plum i do i probably know you're low but our youngest son we need to get your supplements did nothing anymore you do understand you have pots and pans anymore i resigned remained move out and you were made to everything was it all your stuff well thank you most of the big step as mine but when you realise o neill pots and pans notice so no toilet paper start from scratch and you never know what you're missing out when you know it's crazy decree
yeah that's always worthing moment deliver something for free you break up and any move out now what fucking now get strange it gets really weird i become so comfortable with living with somebody who now you get so accustomed to have that prefer life we dig to each other now that's why people get so terrified when people want to break up in our people to terrify though i am indebted to you in my life will be hell if you leave us rules like sometimes you know sometimes people obsess on relations lockers tiber god so so much more often when the relationship is already feel so much better wasn't levels out it was when i went to fucking go canoeing maybe roars gay or so
when you were a violent situation which are much more talk about your involve a situation we felt like you would personally with wasn't very happy and you're a pretty easygoing silly guy it's also this problem too in having a relationship with someone sometimes he's really struggling and you're not where'd you know you don't have to get up at a specific time every day when you look at the problem at my whole life now because now most people ninety five jobs is really argue to think that well and ninety five that you enjoy not that bad area of those people are usually pretty fairly fun you now or at least the fairly happy but ninety finally hate at heart that's hard saucepan that's hard task so it s a point where you don't like the too much of a percentage of your day is is pushed into the negative zone and you start
a dragon that negativity is not you just shut it off the end of the day and also be super positive like you kind of beaten down by a boring ass day at the end of the week you get this paycheck and it's like three hundred dollars they like what three hundred dollars and they take give us your whole weekend we give you three hundred dollars and and you don't like it you know and you're uncomfortable physically you know it's like there's so many issues of people have to go through it's it's a man but i don't think there's any other solution you know i mean this everyone can't really figure it out and find some job that they truly love is gonna be people that are enjoying they don't like because if they're not does this mean we need to keep this work and society rowan this law should you don't wanna do should that anyone do it's gonna have to get done if one have silent and ass we develop robots and it is that the future were robots do other javelin suck and then
people that are laughter what the creators the people a great things what what the fuck becomes of it craftsmen artist creatives doctors engineer scientists people to create new computers and fix the stuff that we have to technician then what else then you don't need burger king workers anymore you know it'll be just going to get to a point where that's going to be the case you know you don't need anybody do anything sucks what's the deal the long census survey that they're making you fill out like i don't make yet this is it neither is it like nodding your taxes i don't know man until they can count redskins suck my dick you people tell me the three little piece of paper you got it all figured out that's not right there so many mexicans here that have snuck across the border and until you can count them why we playing games where we pretending that you so i invite my ass a distance you get labour wretched tone
ass man man you're doing why do i say i give up look now my why when we have to add a few like i need to do it and i also at all feeling wanted to say nothing extracurricular i mean you come over the better we can people want to be a part of this and other things happen thanks i think until you start concentrating on why the fuck are we in iraq and afghanistan until we address that i'm not gonna drive homely people to stop it stupid embarrassing you're so stop embarrassing itself if something government
you will learn everything you got others cover more questions are always get the fuck out of this has been almost two hours as a right now strange impossible to try to keep up with feed on the extreme right prolific blotch about twitter were quick to do how we pick the questions topics for your dream with such other unfortunately about we'll start talking i mean we ve always gets zero really binding we i pretty much is came over here we may respond by importing yeah he came over here i was eating lunch
the door i say you want some coffee said yet we brutes coffee fight of bomb applied that's it that's what i was certainly do those are set up and if we a real produce we could take this row why am i do a weekly serious show that you're trying to figure out ones the best time for me to do it and it will be like one day a week for six weeks i'm gonna do it no beyond probably on raw dog and if it goes well and if they like it i consider do in every week and keep doing that i want to do more shit like this my so i say to those one we ought to put it out of the park asses well that's possible then i'll do it very real higher yeah and while this real progress too many people i get always emails from people certainly they listened subway and that they be less mother work and thank you yeah you're listen this is from a webcam show this is just the audio this is
so we all have done no engineering as you know i i don't think that's important doubts and corners of the things i like most lovely like open anthony orbital loves bonds reflect as like when there in the middle of a conversation and it's an interesting conversation and i enjoy the point of view in the arguments and disagreements in the revelations these guys how i liked shows like that i want to hear i don't really care which produces well that's all nonsense to me i just want to i just want to listen to people be honest and i want to see if i think the way they think or if i can learn something from the way they think now a majority that so we will do that and write about to do a deal to its not been totally finalize but almost real close we're going to write a book so i'm in the mill doing that get that shit crank i've been riding for a while but now it's like the deals like actually finalize that i have taken a form so it's going to be difficult and i'm going to try to update my website with more like little quick videos and shit because of you
the discreet writing things over and over northern southern next show of god is this we can do in the cabin beans cabinet beans april foolishness at the universal universal amphitheatre assumption zone as did at last year's awesome those guys great there are some is allowed many colleagues are i believe the shit so about son i'm i'm headline in it so so interesting people get tired and also a lot of topics are covered but bring very strange to albert salam that's it for this week's podcast thank you very much people came to see me in new york last week i had a fuckin the time thank you very much i was those i was so happy at them new york in two years i switched it up went gotham this don't usually do carolines by did gotham in gotham was fuckin awesome i love it i had a great time there i love this
a big ass stage the crowd was great it was that the staff is great and then i did amos south end in south carolina north carolina rather and had a great time there and short that was also to thank your buddy the came out in new york shows and thank you to everyone came up the child show and that's it this is the animal gonna do another one of these probably more like tuesday i gotta go to abu dhabi next week why why why why why why why playing the middle to all across the world in a strange land and the four should have some interesting things to say what are you back from the big fights the euro you fight over there and so i will see you guys tuesday thank you very much everything that's your continued tune in allow the vicious thanks
gang sighed ass he would then have to i rise again
will you remember i started about ipads outlaw travels giving special necklaces linda once again regret having ever take a fucking wall itching hello
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