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Mayhem Miller, Ryan Parsons, Brian Redban Date: 09/28/2011
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it's all right now this is it the germany spain spot chances brought to you by the flashlight if you go to jail robin dot net and click on the link for the flesh light and entering the code name rogan you will get fifteen percent often number one sex toy for men oh boy buckle bitches because mayhem miller as our power ryan parsons here we're gonna get down to the mating ready agree what a figure out what the body is going down a crack some shells and get some eggs of wisdom why parsons lace german ryan is a good body of ours and training partner and manager and and trainer of may himmler jason mayhem our is very hello right guidelines when my good friends the crazy world of emily don't call crazy broths like derogatory its derogatory clear
good son hand boys of her had i to image son mad you're crazy like madam guy if you don't know me i'm as is also hosting this this season of the ultimate fighter opposite michael bisbee and looks like he's gonna be exciting season in december on our feet december third it's all going to go down from a ham and michael bisping has a gold old fashioned fisticuffs they're going to get in there and take care of it december third at the hard rock at the palms which is the best place he fights brow have you ve never been in the past i gotta tell ya take effect for real
sell out quick but its if you never been literally the best place in the world to see fights the palm those those rose like there's not bad seat in the house it's really like pitched like a severe angle with the seats clinical nuts earl there like right next to the k gladiator state it's fuckin amazing it's the best seats ever for sure for a moment everybody that right you agree brian you been to a bunch of fires there oh yeah it's time it's like it's like the perfect size you could actually here every noise dude is like a private ever made fight with your friends you even though its like three thousand people were four thousand people something in their whatever it is it's the best environment for fighters perfect size and they are keen to do i can't even saying you know you know you're fighting in a smaller cage off its smaller cage it's the double easy size cage really we use a smaller cage because its smaller venue it's more difficult we don't have against me i'm sure there's like parameters that they won't go past but the cage is not always the same size we have two gauges there's a small
in this large cage like became the cage size i guessed realities now knocking on its probably backing today what i can't really tiny right all man it was like fighting a phone booth i thought i might mather alike defendant is like one step in your right there on the die now is backing the data was jake man they all those like little shit would break in sri lanka there when a white files is like their arrayed my going out there i think if you know a minuscule keynes cool but even now and i'll phone in this you don't like myself you know i mean i might how the regulations came where things are better now but back of the day it was like when i called you puts up though they could find right back but the way i was looking at is the king in a cage they provided a very useful service i think a lot of guys fighting even if it's kind of a weird organization and doing everything sketchy style and indian casinos only because it when they do when they were doing it they kept having fighting and when it was a regulated because they were having fights unease in
casinos they were doing that how many guys wouldn t gotten gigs you know how many guys wouldn't have gotten some experience and you know i don't think that people should fight on the water you know and this is a view that wet and whilst the cage i've never seen it folks we ever seen it but i've heard of fucking crazy slice its throwing kicks and just fallen on their ass like there's no way you can throw kick you know you can barely through a punch as you move everybody was literally like some crazy hot oil wrestling sort of situation you want urging latin while the daily doing while the other did at last but no other other organizations of fighting the rain to no one did recently i forget what it was but not like this this is the most and we can do nothing for the whole cage for breaks yeah i've got one thought it's like me into the floor one time why we're we're like ninety refined way back in the day a slam me alone is a good one and he slammed me into the floor the floor broke through with violence
out with my how do you keep fighting i know the rapporteur with the weird thing where we like stood back and the river the great river they that quarter of a mile what are they gonna do i got a weird azure used to say very little about reverie comes back in his like ok i'll decide for ok just stay out of that area and it had inspired by like a gentlemen's agreement during the final circle over that where employees both stop cattle moreover i hadn't nobel prize over the street by all don't go by the mental thing like that gimble fat baby i satellite listening i got the same spirit a spirit of i got rid of budgetary support base but watch out for that but you know i still get asked about him all the time he's i note the number one fighter i get asked about when i do like weird radios and yet you i don't know the people and i call up and they start talking about fighters almost always some whatever happens
had kimball slice i'm back that guy was the magyars and regular what was it about and then he connected like he's blackwood crazy beard annie seem cool even though is beaten the fucker people he was kind of a nice guy like you shakes her hands afterwards media who just like he canican roof or measures under mr ten debates on people man that was one fight we let that dude punch him in the face he's gonna come candidate was hit them in a language that i was lying ass god damn if that i mean if that carried over into a man could you fuckin imagine if you just start if he was really contemplating doing could could have you couldn't you could have put him against do they could beat up they tried by he was such a gap in such a gap in the wrestling
area that he couldn't do what is also not like boxing where this is my feeling it's like if you know i don't think the guy's afraid to fight and anti because free to learn but you can only learned so much and i think if you're in a situation where a boxing situation no taken guys a prospect and people who would be intelligent people that were thinking about the future would invest time and money in this guy and slowly build them up slowly give him the fight that he needs to make him look good the fights test is very lord when the guy's got older gotta put him right in the eu is also that makes martial arts models very different boxing model the mixed martial arts model is get in there and if you get offered a shot at the title fucking go for it i mean there's that make sense it s more exciting for the fans it's like a more proactive bright make peace with the little
storyline if you want to call it that they go you know that this is happening this abbot check it out my google gets involved with with sport like some are barely notion marbella is no it was on the ultimate fighter emily good wrestler various let it kid he gets his first fuckin official frightened you see evan dunham nora tough guy evan dunham it's like he was like a couple steps away from the title shot evan dunham as you know a high level you know guy and some are it means a tall fuck and fight a real tough i guess from our bailey is tough it shit do they got took a ton of punch it to the face but it was a real obviously like he really shouldn't be fighting a guy at this level yet
it should be building up to that level guy well that's up to their manager right side up to their there that's why i can ask you how do you make that decision like how do you make it is it me this is a decision which we know you got a testament to see what happens and then there's the other school of thought were alike in no you you you gotta make sure that you know exactly what level he's out and know exactly what level the opponents out so you can ensure that he's gonna have a long career ensure that develops properly i can't you break down you're so many variables there so that is a great example for forsyth he wasn't making any money so it couldn't really train properly over a ten year period we had five fight fall people look him up and go nope i'm that fighting this guy but you don't know saga joys he's a fucking crazy powerful judo dude who made a big splash in prague in pride everybody thought he was going to be the second coming when he knocked
general with a rest you like risky face i refer warrior who did we re talking about because we are talking about we we're talkin about you know but tough guys that some are another disdain click for now they just start off real good like our own a fight got tammany knocked out rona jesus fucking christ it was like who's gonna stop this guy you know
look look like this freak athlete man who just when he had a rona with that opera caught and blasted backwards to put him out of like she's she's like he's a fucking threat but then it just doesn't happen get gets in arrogance top top level competition and you just can't keep together how do you know that was top level competition those two fights rona was yeah yeah why pray top three or four guy that i totally what do you think it was a big difference between foreign probably we fought in the united states i think the magician speaker this too weak to adding the experience of getting famous and the pressure that comes with women being fights is a lot and it's a huge part of this games guys deal forget all the fighting stuff did you go to the ufc joe silva is not going to i know i've asked you not going to give you easy fights to go along you go to the ufc you have to be prepared to fight anybody that's what makes it cool nobody gets brought along get are you going to go make it or you're not we're going to find out real quick and this is why we all get so excited about it
one way to look at it but the other way to look at it is that if a fighter wanted to develop to his utmost the best way to do it with the engineer it and that someone you know would be able yeah you know i'm look on this point devil our men are decisive point did you ever see a way of doing it by cheap labour on even and talk and unlike the ultimate fighter like watch right ok we pick that we pick me up the fighters we pick the fighters and this first episode builds up to the first fight it out now picking the correct fight in the correct fighters in all you always want to try to get your guy a path but guess what will when the competitions high there is no path necessarily you don't owe me like my one always got but styles do make fights you know you want to do if you want to get your fighter to fight this do no good more than likely his styles gonna prevail but you're all mixed margolotte anything
you know like that night is a different might mean how frustrating that coaching guises wood as a lawyer i like that lie but yeah give me i knew from found respect for ryan's job cathartic ryan's has got a yell abbe whenever ages buggered tell me to ground japan i got abroad to tumblr to do but like once you do what you like all guarded by whole brave why my thinking about the dude in the shower like others like when i'm in the shower thinking about all my teachers guide this move where i got make sure he does this why am i trusted like give my kids is negative yeah but man you're gonna do one do
you're lucky that really forgiven me but about about jason said to us like we start looking at styles and how these sittings match up go back to so could you it was a safe site for us because you get paid decent he had no money and we were paying him every month couldn't get any fights here and we looked at her what's his name hungarian it's ok he's got good boxing we're pretty confident and so could use boxing the game plan was to go put the game plan was the fight with did that same thing over and over again for six weeks with the thought being as you'll take him down to the ground worst case scenario for him here this will get submit it was not supposed to win any ways he's not gonna get hurt he makes a bunch of money he gets his name out there and we thought the who's gonna go win that fight to start to look at the who's the the match up gonna be how those styles match up against each other up sudden downside away it out seemed king moment he fought in single for the first time took a fight against
review on six days notice but i knew what i was capable of and travis you wasn't a dangerous threat on his feet he was going to submit more from his back go out there and shoot a double leg my mind they're the worst case scenario was okay we'll have a boring fight and i'll be labeled a boring wrestler you no no let's see em but for what they pay them a lot of money for that fight risks fordham a lot of sense it's also hard for guys when they first break in from other sports to write it sent mean how hard is it from it for a guy like moe who comes in from wrestling and is you know i just i delete an elite level of wrestling and then now all the sudden he's going to deal with striking now listen to go to deal with shit that maybe he's not as good at you know as as is his isky moves you know depends on the guy
jason by speak that their nike why aren't you know what the hell are you talking about i wanna dance joe rogan i just want to day we ask the ride like design and i also wanted to get i just with very rather than we gets into the mindset of manager someone who trained fighters and somebody coaches guys very intimate relationship man are you kidding me like my brother i wanna beat him up all time but i wonder how the moral authority to if it wasn't him you wouldn't be you re actually here you gotta latch it's not bad but it is already by mr rosati if it's a reality showed the refiners even forty four you ryan out i've known you for years man it's gotta be maddening job at times right this is it i like the chaos of atomic framework she what i found discover really good at has taken a whole bunch of shit put it together making it all work really while he's pretty good at that so thick and whatever meda in specially for jason i've huge creative
its especially in japan and so you gotta sometimes whatever you do here to vote we have like cool like creative out like where we dislike or do what about this idea but i'm gonna go look at may have monkeys that kind that's how i may have monkeys back our latest one how really respect your opinion on mme and when you and i have conversations rostov i don't think we ever disagree very very rare asian only like i do it's because i'm hating and don't want to admit said john jones when you finally gave it then he's afraid i'll bet ramrod rather that's a super that's a superman that's it that's the overmuch does a dude is just on another level that's ridiculous shit that may have after your fucking
training for four years i am rather than by the red i dont rapids may have us pretty bear will you look at a guy like that that's why we're here to one eighty five day top bastardy cuts down from from a good amount wait he looks down at the way they look swore than a day like other wow that's a good way cut he did indeed have a good job cuts weight and his father the beast big long do like he does like weird like a guy should to a five man thankfully role as given nor that my boys you finally microbes down here though that's where that's member where should i was telling you you really are the most worrying thing you ve ever said in your life or was that about what use but i was made tiring than my guidelines towns where the order that micro before the show stared i was giving showing where the microphone now but you you like this you're like error to my lord he was i even started singular sorry i got it up a little here you gotta fight without help me this how you talk if you like a pig eyes ok i'm sorry
gonna do around five differently they d do jail was right malevolently our phone is down at the bottom you have been like it's a cart and suck in the bow wow what did you cut bob bob elegant experience turn beyond a little has been that the bureau i could talk like this a lot of mercy that's right not a mercy careless trotted bettina people actually list however people in using words model sometimes i found two together make one one awesome do but that we should have danes
you're actually kind of like girls i like the data very big crazy bitter very being arrested a huge law really you wanna take my thoughts are you running sideways like a game i will leave it out just like billets bribes and this might kill broken look ideas single am i why why with better than about wave of stable ouch illegally as will get mad at you for not having pencils you you don't fuckin pencils and your house and rugged fucked you write some downhill ill find something i know not while i'm gonna go you gonna let him just ride out that storm and crash that don't fuckin pennsylvania house though not the first time he did it to me i was confused or they are you really angry jogging like larry joke it are you really agriculture she's really
right now like about sought missouri bonobo just for a moment just goes into a blast like he does i think i understand that due to low bit like i'd pilecki often gotta let it out sometimes you scream in your car traffic for no screamed top your lungs almost one people crazy you forget this figure out what their crazy is and maneuver around it let them now you know that there are no ok keep your grace i do interview brody today brass even miss stevens walkers through me and esther we're com a euro area and we went through the whole entire thing so dark definitive revokes it only wants explain abacha broadest even sign at home if greece out tells what already pretty much got sick oversee when he was performing and he decided to take like medicine to help like strip throw in a couple things any took stop taking as other medicine which was lex approach and he came back the united states
was still six still taking antibiotics but wasn't taking his medication and then started to go on these he he you want him see on hosted dmz for a week and hit the earth day and he said he on tv as the host he took over harvey spot for the day and then next day he was having all this positive energy wellbeing on tour antium z and he started to like go to people at starbucks that were angry army nor had negative energy and would call em out on their shit and then video where he called out a gangbanger kid that was hanging out in front of seven eleven scaring girls into there's a video of him filming hit like using his phone filming like hame mother fucker leave stop freaking out girls and screaming at this gang like he was pretty much attack negative people but is it got kind of spin out of control is having a meaning manic episode and he got committed into a hospital we wait time out he was negative people but they all negative
where's he just like you don't owe me like p well how complicated character its is its very interesting we went really into detail and because the key wanted things he went to starbucks and did it i wear this guy was liked like all i think what you say and negative peoples is what brodie exactly like me i could just be a do try to get a fuckin cup of coffee look like a gangster were established in a brodie went crazy i know but now he said i wasn't crazy where no no no no you know me things no up because i do what i say is that if i was at starbucks need to start talking me saying hey i like her shoes and stuff i might not have said what they made him go crazy with the guy said to him which was i please don't talk to me i would have said liking archival amused it for a while and then stop talking or younger kenilworth but he it was very interesting to listen to and now there it's he's argued that changed his education and now he seems like a very relaxed like kind of like he's dissecting himself character and so we
this really cool interview today can be of later tonight but really i can't wait to look a bit i'm really interested in this because for me like mad mental illness is most into things being honour that everyone has some form or some your variants of the normal human beings and to see this kind of thing like to see you like where this guy had a super create a burst of like you know i mean what is that you know like that's that's crazy that that we don't about that more united me like i did a lot of people can if you're smart and have a mental unless you you can shape the world into a different way of thinking i ran the theory about that i already about human behaviour in general when it comes to discussing one of the reasons why we were so unstable i think it's almost engineered to make sure that we keep moving and then more things get done because i think that when things are stable and when p
or at rest in peace and calm nothing not much gets done mutation i think one of the reasons why people fuck neuro lives up like this almost like a pool like the universe has a pull for you to fuck up to see you you keep making mistakes and keep moving things in the same direction makes things keep moving your relationships always gonna fuck up your jobs are always gonna fuck up there's always gonna be cast is always gonna be things go wrong constantly and its because this is the only way things stay moving the only way things stay moving as you have to be flexible when pliable as the world day falls apart all around your successes depending on how you deal with that that's exactly how this discussion that exactly a year its inevitable you you know if if you u their sink or swim but you're gonna hit the bad lottery sometimes get rob outside a side your hometown document but i think that were probe to do that now but i'm very bad documented yonah hip a lottery sometime reuse gotta power through a just drive through this negative star has negative stop on your in all on a road learn from area
i convinced one part of self destruction not the whole part that one part is if you're not growing are progressing in life you do something to create that case where you have to do something make through absolute yeah that's a good way to that conversation a couple of times before and i always admire the way you see it and it really is that you will set yourself up you will give yourself shit about now you can now what you do with that is dependent on the crash like your friend it or do you use it for awareness and growth and life goes into play rural really can't ever stop growing you can if you think you're stop growing you're gonna fuck yourself if you say this is adam diamond i'm just saying i think about things anymore i'm not gonna try i'm just gonna real and you're gonna get cancer some shit i've gotta go damage lay in everything it grieves me nothing i'm just gonna get married have some dogs you know just chill out not you got cancer board and you're gonna die
you move any eggs excite yourselves is getting to stimulate shit you don't owe me do i must go and fishing why rose i don't go fishing and people are fuck it into it and i went to lake stated that they and their catch twenty five pounds straight bass am i going to catch a fuckin twenty five let's try basque boom more excitement more good stuff that's we gonna do you gotta keep shit moving the smart people choose at them yes why you get a kind of engineering consciousness in certain extent or two except you know there's a lot of people that purposely surround themselves and exciting things because they will then fuck i want likes to be exciting i want to go even dumb shit i wanna go red with balls you know running with both the perfect example of how people insert excitement into a life that makes absolutely no sense i gotta do i ve never done it probably was that i think if i was their nose hammered and i was pretty sure i can fuckin run fast i might do it i might
oh i'm not now i wouldn't do it i would get real close then i think i'll demille i'd like to hear the bulls and i don't i climb or whatever brow review what it would run whatever i hold you they're out you know do broadly do it with your old man i would ask you please not object through waiting in ireland at least a bull i'll blow your copy they're coming brought europe united where too rich ones whose runs fasten your ball out have simple no shit percent we happen to you know you got a fucking dodge hoping to dodge joppa runaways innocent people it didn't dodge men that shit look so on fine but that's the point you don't want to be that guy i understand right by gay without paths is going to happen but you don't want to be like that skydiving you're bungee and if you did it if you do you probably won't die and you just have a scar got stuck got hit by a bull like whatever you rebirth either way you fly for diversity
one video the ball just thrown a due to rally a rag doll problems that everyone fight over the guy's a hands is flying and banking a wise i hodges knocking down logos have a fear of an irrational fear rash with a friend of mine from colorado our friend asked easy actions and to send us of a picture of about like a jacket dear nears house i know that a lot of fun and fifty pound cat and then a dead thing one's way thousands of you what does pay right now when you talk about like you get so he like views he can see that the clause commonality i can tell it they know why of eating a pot the zoo a bunch of times that's why are really imagine doing the wild active when you actually there what the animal is one thing like watching dvds when you begged that's important new notes huge but watching real animal
like a real animal in person when your high that's how you get a degree completely different insight when you actually see a tiger it's right there and you look at it you look that's pause you look that's bothering you're thinking of an american house cat and i'll fucking bad ass those little things are made of a twenty i found out tat wanted to kill you terrified you'd be raise yeah fuck it five hundred pound tiger met and when you get really bathed in your ear like right next you really it's almost as close to that animal attacking use you can get you're right i got other thought the lad old shit it's closes you can get without dying or going wax whatever do people do that or while kingdom all time just not fair brawlers while eating out of your i'll tell ya then do i remember to rewrite the saturday morning a jerk
nobody but if i just feel like those animals from a different planet i don't have that fear like oh my god i think kill me i just big man look at this thing i know that on far enough away from four months the site totally take away go man this looks like it's from a different planet or different i'm like i ah giraffe it's when you look at it you like that thing is alien because it has like we like you otherwise this don't think about it when you see that close realise this thing is from a completely different vladimir from dress i get from crocodiles can of course a court or whatever madeira i sell this like we're in this we were in sydney what's that little zoo thing that was right or wrong as it yeah i want to see that the giant crocodile there soda crocodile didn't you see the word you wanna go curse jesus christ thing was fuckin tell you know one day i was only like eighteen feeders i'm like that but i was a bit less dignity we like thirty three twenty eight for those things
when i lived in north queensland there's a crack about in the while my park there wouldn't he had lost all his teeth due to fire so they because arranges a small they go they sit on their backs and yellow tickle them that europe is a real predictable so the guy takes a wooden stickney hits the concrete any wax the crocodile over the nose with it in the sand was i d go one title is what time his daughter went in there and this is a huge you'd know we could wrap your arms random she slipped and fell came cross bitter across her leg all for that muscles relax shattered dutcher muscle just spring up they're gone she turns it bites you then across the pelvis everything that you should twenty three surge users than our gag jumped over the fenster beaten the crocodiles is the only way that she get other that's what the crocodile with no teeth wow you legged jello we imagine that i do what i tell you
a story tat of even more animal now man i'm not going to florida there's no where you have reported off third alligator do you are three afforded dana no data alligators i lived in florida managed i lived in gangs always to go to this a little upon their it would freedom nothing was called lake alice and we'll go there buzzfeed these fucking alligators are everywhere they ate a lady's while i wants you see that i didn't see it i got there aren't where people yellows river the alligator came up jack this ladys dog now appeared they probably happened like alligators is that their like such a good form a life that same basic pattern of evolution i've been there for our economy and here's an animal like this that will live in these areas that like just made of armour edges has one thing a by not fit what is there a few
and you know what they do their superficially get what i do not understand exactly reptiles work i'll just tell the true here's the big i didn't have the e3 faintly to sit there and get money yet found the body they fit give me a body but didn't pay from water water was sound snap my teeth on the ground rapporteur ro at sea crop young men who travelled el about the drop could i just bought a water how by late but a we do bite and waste i want all come a fool you hey what this fuckin awesome video of a giant crocodile jack and a wild beast from from a waterhole this fuckin wildebeest has to be out of five hundred pounds them in hungary has abated everyone the baby
none on and on and on and on and on the baby my friend and i are gonna got all sides when this i've got a rise of slow crocodile slow motion comes out its neurons fucking wraps all of that will the bees and just just rang does that bitch into the water poles and other and it's like damp watch em alien movie wants any monster movie that's way scarier than any shit i ever saw predator do just grab will that be snaps all women in the water that is like something from fuckin star will under predator they kept her head broth and your spine and they did have langleys lasers their coronel scarier a breath underwater for over an hour is going to what it is what're you doin visible beard ass good shit man without movies why can we be cool like that anymore it's gonna get moving these days i felt like
i did it all youtube footage of like fucking the predator being like on youtube maybe that would help you know what i think it's eventually going to come down to technologies going to get to a point where an individual person can make their own the idea of the major move with your computer you can probably pretty dumb pretty good now what you mean but i'm saying with like special of facts and language cameras will be so cheap film we so cheap hard drives visa to computers be so cheap and the programmes that you are publicly available to regular amateurs for making movies and put in a special effects are going to eventually get to this incredibly high state where you're gonna be able to make a fuckin avatar movie on your own you're smart about if you're smart fuck yeah not yet but but when that happens then you can see the most amazing movies error because be so many fuckin roadblocks and make an and also move your brain lazy eight a team of people here ryan i didn't like you i love you you do need to see what you mean what you don't need is a bunch people money telling you what to do in a movie and that's what happens i've seen it overnight
it's a weird thing man what a bunch of people who are not creative all have the creative process and that's we're fucked movies a fox tv shows that that's a fox cambodians while but couldn't you say that also that that that that relationship between people would cock block the creativity and that don't you think that that has developed this you think if everyone was a creative dude and dork doing the question number liked thanking everybody was created this would be a fuckin lazy ass town or so rather than a relay really you beat dorky due to go ok this this method and so you need that we need an organ tree to sell it yeah exactly but a dog you do to create it no i don't worry if they dont caught block you at some time they feel like their worthless evidence not your fault that's why i chose that work the best shows other shows where they can't say shit like south park sounds like so called aid can central every now and then they say they can't make a cartoon where they draw mohammed they'll say shit
accident wanting it fire bombed that's like the worst thing never i don't think they have any influence in the creative process to you i mean for when i find you know you don't you know those guys do you think they comedy centralize anything now though they pretty much do whatever they want me i've got so so successful forego long but also so bug wild nobody i love that show that the message that this was a europe that shows the best is the beaver on social commentary now can you do it six days out that is like the most those guys in the most amazing do the chauvinism i very much bigger one of buying ten me totally awards and our the reason i know what authority awarded because of these guys is a broadway school war dna one minor those unlike those guys are geniuses there and i had this crazy cause they d been like a little tea for so long in euro cent via a fence college days so those guys just been blinked and each other brain for so long and again just such a good partnership there they don't fuck each other over anything it's crazy man
like that in all its great work as you know one of em lost her head and that's rare when you get no right there are to be set chug eyes met dr marcus does the two guys does the genes is behind so you don't have a hate people saying that not out of the game i think that like whatever you know that some of our guys to the normal person means also park here know that show but people really know like the supper guy momentum america residing ever laughed harder that was like a stand up right on a stand up comic is killing you only you don't feel and that was how how hard i was laughin because this is the best movie of all time i'm really interested though is south park to see what they're going to do the seizing as the last one of the last season was like like almost it felt like the last episode y all thing what was it you know there was a divorce
what's his name stands dad got a divorce their divorcing one car stand with moving out of south park and they just made the whole episode seem like it was all really yet again bore the one is unknown whatever the fuck i do i don't care i watch it around what if they third in there all like twenty one years old like they're all grown up how can we admire southern open up a whole new set a joiner barking being teenagers and thought out open up whenever you kindly give in fighting poverty like displaying it seemed like a good idea that i hope that now when it is maybe they're my memory now fired bobby let alone i reckon you just took a wild guess who fought you told them you didn't just that nobody gets this would do that this has to do whatever they want such a loyal by a group of four hours negative i watch they do this nothing those guys put out this is some things at all but ignore ignores
certain moves and need to go see the pineapple express no its awesome i ve got it on dvd everybody says its awesome i haven't seen it but movie comes out i'm seeing that shit there should opening weekend ways they have won no but i have to say got me all hot bother worth supporting and i saw dr last night how do you like it i was gonna go now going to ruin it and want to ruin no spoilers i liked it i liked it is it's it's it's a real interesting movie man it's very i don't know how to describe it without giving a lot of the plot away but it's so weird moving man only the guy place is really detached sort of stunt car driver who gets hired to do bank robberies and shit to get hired to be the getaway driver i'm liking it it's a fuck it's a good scrap good movies that there's a lot of good shit but that is a few what the fuck scenes but
so really do wonder what the but what the fuck are they doing come on like when someone does someone's been cut just the whole film ran on realistic lenient seeing where the guy gets together because he's turned his back to him like a newbie you know i hate unrealistic i that's annoying that i know that you're just try to wrap up a movie right quick why packard up man's i've still got ninety minute ninety minutes in people's ass is targeting sore let's grab this fucker up this movies like that we just your halfway in the movie like wait wait what would you do that
do you and in this way the like that movie the bradley cooper movie limit like that but we are like ever having to like it up into the end well suddenly like well i ingenuity affects out no fucking awesome i know there are one or two feet of drug doubt like i came opposite it was a cheap way to end user yeah i fixed a fixed it now it's all some forever what could i do what could be the alternative really though what come on it's a billion alternatives and not only on embryo jeffrey desired unrest shitty at the end of that off a booby didn't have obviously not a man didn't have you wish you can come away like i came away like medical with great and tell people is great i cannot i think about what could have been real interesting is towards the end he could have started having psychotic episodes woke up at different stages of his life different days different things one day with him before the pills it was all fucked up the next day it's him running to come
any does know which one in their everyday wake up in a different found me along ass you could do that back and forth with a few scenes over corset ten fifteen minutes and free people the fuck out i'm gonna go to black guy just fried his fucking noggin shown rogue presidency a limited limitless pills and woke up in between worlds haven't seen that's how it ended but i smoke bread why do you say you breaking bag yeah i love that i just started in italy we everybody's mad at me because i was quote and something about how much i like an episode was the first season and that's what i was watching the dvd i watch it alive some still i'm way behind i watch you wanna get tattooed have been tat in a few months i just saw the first episode in the first episode started last sleeve is ammunition what is that i don't know if i'm late and we got a cool tattoo vows goodbye my boy like man so i did get any dead
this together with you not some some people like i'm somebody but that's the way i look at his like skinless cool but i like art better like art my skin in us you trust the artist and you have an idea is really good like the guy that i go to delivered over this fuckin awesome he does he specializes in like really big beautiful pieces i mean he's is a fan of his art work i give a euro was is studio where tat is he's ghali's painting shit around and how cool do he's ourselves get into the park ass they went with it have you ever thought like it when you're eighty years old though and if you don't get it touched every just kind of rainbow arm matter why gives a flock of an illegal an eighty year old dune did some crazy you'll be in bed by six thirty you'd better by six to back out on a corner going to call you re not about joe ideas what i'm eighty five
go and balls out of luck and wheels fall off burnham he's gonna get him to finish this mammoth somebody like uncle lewis something our uncle george benny uncle benny uncle many men had like old school tat these problems the sailor day does hardy before actually had already feel real hope that iran man and he stole the knife bestowed knife had thanksgiving weird he's got examiner i again he was thy words my feelings walk around the house with the knife in his hand rather go bear probably get uncle bennet eke there's nothing creepy drawn person
now that you ass you like died he hasn t now you want him drunk the i think everything that's may have uncle i was with chris maguire wants a mean christmas why when we were hanging out with this do there's a do that used only laugh the company improv in tempi and there was a due to his friends of the earth took us to his bar or hanging out in his bar we're gonna go back to his house and used by the golf course a beautiful words out party this guy's play some simply a cool guy we'll go back go back with a bunch of his friends and all these different people won't turns out too wanna one in the morning and the guy is based beyond like you can't even make eye contact with homeboy and he's walking around with a pair of scissors
does he want everybody to leave this house except this one girl and the girls like nineteen years old and she was like please don't leave me here please don't leave me here like this guy was like running around his house kicking these people out there just invited in with a pair of scissors it was one of those moments was mean chris requires within the on your facebook that guy we're bessys now we got this long dark moment with him trying to stab people for nineteen year old rate policy at the girl looked at us just please don't leave me here with imo aware like when i leave you to come with us and we had a like argue with the guy we're gonna so slow do she wants to leave with everybody else we let her go citys hurry lassie he laughed and others one of the cardinal there was watches the wife that news delivered but doesn't we were close enough to get stabbed monsanto one real how great i think some people i've seen it happen more than once some people whatever it is
its alcohol or drugs or there's something that they take that make them snap over and their guns will you see glassy i'd look there are there not really there there there the rational conscious mind has completely shut off i've seen it without hans yes alcoholics i'm a friend was not in every time he gets drunk you you you're very likely to see a different version of them and it is very very likely to be of someone who you can recognize you barely know what to expect from them to get sick you should do people the guy get in trouble they start fights tat we don't even know who the fuck there they don't know that i've seen it i used to think it was bullshit i should think we know what is weak people that are just now there they don't want to take responsibility for their since they go mad man i blacked out oh man i just got so fucked up i don't know what i'm doing i dont get mad because i don't get that drunk i get drunk but a me drunk i dont snap over some people do that they fuckin for sure do man i've seen it and
promising to dance with the devil suddenly hounded elio moonlight is decent people these are different some people say mannequin smallpox ok i understand these people can't drink they fuckin can they just everyone has their own biological thing there's a reason why some people would allergic to peanuts in some people it's it's fuckin tunafish than others weird thing you know make people's bodies react i can get it get married hammered on tuna fish the guy is such a dick right like fuckin every time during the juice of a catholic pushes thank you everyone allergic they would make you hammered there how you made that point
have you ever seen a blessing you ever seen a list of leg things that you're not supposed to give dogs like better completely poisonous to joggling authors range on their great now i'll call a bull shit on greater role i beg of you i would augur grape my pet boys the grapes like yeah they really end so out at all i think someone started that internet for the roma exotic allodial the grave i went through a dog brain to dog poisoning rick recently so i was given a list of things that not to give your dog and there are some things on there that i just would never have thought of things like that i can remember but though some we're locked i graves roar or not through some like if you give like a peak i'd survive the knots that way like chocolate ciller their lives and chocolate so the cocoa o adheres here's another thing that did you know like plums or like anything that has a core in the middle of it is like really really poisons
i give you have trash the dogs going through trash lifetime they like to chew on like that the core of like aplomb or punish failed them it's got a like a chemical and that also includes dogs i tried to say that you killed your ex girlfriend stop now now i'm not saying that happened at all but why but i my dog supplementing the matter plums artillery yeah yeah yeah i know a thing in the other would have heard of that right everybody would know by now that eyes either on shit then run the quarter mile we fascinating every everywhere were usually debated you save the get sick or have been easy throw it up said but they are still uglier than we are rather quarter mile after three or four large mouthfuls of sheer dog may i show you couldn't even fucking hope to keep up with that shit eaten dog mt shout shit breath
shit smeared over gums shit on his lips and even run like pulling with no proof votes had i ask your path of opposite point there good funded baggily harvey pop it right the damage inflicted four legs four legs a period people matter in its efficacy exponentially faster animal four legs it's not there's a whole body whip of fact they get away going we don't know dog can jump bet he's like noise the whole body zebra you our brains brain you told the story you gotta physical fight with your mastiff once massively attacked you fought for thirty seconds thirty seconds wrote a fuckin how big was it on an fifty pounds a neo jesus i don't take it looks like a little bigger than mine
part of this shit unfold and yet with applying uninjured otherwise it was you we were young was twenty three twenty four years old it forward we are as i wait you with a bath every word made mistakes in the past we are bad for our citizens and one day i just gave miss food i contacted them and it was on you know i shouldn't know em dog can i contact and challenges space where giving and food looking listen food bitch you don't do that we give the dog pat him on the back and you walk away make makes always make contact with the delegation is food so comfortable there isn't a gear steel food from when you touch him that's it keeps that when some does such women are eaten eternity so what was the catalyst there were started off the brow
dan henderson had a intact people who lived with us and they fought probably twenty times the great day by day has what boy like what you guys how many you have to go on in so far as great as i unless we get we gotta get rid of a dog one dogs gotta go i love pebbles but i left my as often people tell me that dangerous the inevitable we're not going to kill me talking about love em they're my favorite dies of all time but if you ve had pitfalls another dangerous is fog it doesn't matter how much train them either various lying to themselves or or you know like trying to live messenger film better about a pit bull that i trust i don't care how much the train if it has its balls into male trusted around another dog i just another getting out i don't especially the other guy has balls especially the dogs a male and it gets even a little frisky especially if it's a nea yes there are fighting brian
some big crazily dark so that they both have balls fly danger that's too to wild monsters we gladly have holes in it and then i got so good at stopping the dogfight then i could actually pin both of em down and i need your rustling really came about everywhere a guy i didn't know how to use your body way out here things down you know did you get like under hooks on your dog ate a hollow technique unwilling neon belly early on throat opinion and down could sometimes most time i needed help so just call through over there they had to go region dogs mouth and open them which isn't that hard to do actually really not at all i am not at all afraid dogs surely not clamp down once you open if they shut on your finger on your own son but even that they only have one weapon you know it's common yes but still i can get you you know
i gotta get henderson right up with brian as late as it gets you just keep she had to shove it into their massey do and then if it got really bad idea book hopefully they have a collar i took my dog i was trying to kill my cat once put his collar i got me on belly and choked him put a muslim anyone with a collar yeah i was called did you do across your hand a bit zeke actual man i got inside and putting one hidden long does he climbed position very good mc coups here make mcnulty put nothin need to barely in turn all you gotta do don t sleep good now pumping cyanide in in grapes caused a kidney failure and us wait for you told me by palms let us listen to this man i would die depends on what you do you work with i'm sorry do their work this is gonna go before it forget this guy his mom died from fucking tylenol
mom got liver poisonous mom she died because he but she was taken little two eyes like whatever the fuck the chemical it as it also exists in some other cold medication that she was taken she's taking the tube at the same time and she had fuckin liver failure does that yes i was so you did you know that that was even possible every drug you can do for you i want that makes you ever mixing certain things like lie times if you look on some years i don't take whatever that chemicals we attire with acting it's like africa our american allies under your input asked a hundred thousand people a year die from appropriately proscribed medication we know adjust surpassed car accidents most recently scripture drugs have surpassed car accidents for accidental death for the first time as they don't do step when special people take you take five drugs you ve got a hundred percent chance of having a virtually ashen today so no one did appear view steady good double black controlled study
on those four five drugs together that's why only take our brain and nothing else here on a dark tunnel in and i too oh yeah i got a plug your shit yes yossi joe that's what you were wearing workpeople writers early because this this thing ok i really wanted to hate on you up tell her to organize your army could i did the cool guy shit and i went online and i bought all my kind of what you're gonna their separately ok there's a good mix for me by our nodded i took that stop am management people video games yesterday i mean that's my girl better my brain was focused on watch the video games closely i think but above all the gold i do like that our already i feel it is like a mild admiral like i don't feel like i'm on anything but i feel so focused in the revealed that there has been a few people very small number most people like the vast majority over ninety percent while the tweets and emails i get are positive more than ass
ninety nine i would say that one one i hate on new though maybe but one out of a hundred and also my to hate and they just say you do do nothing for me was over and i and when you get there are some people first of all i gotta know where you're right i don't know you smuggled cigarettes are shaped by you ill you know it's twenty nine dollars half your paycheck that could be it to a lot of people are upset at the price this is right i see real clear yeah said listen this is the highest quality shit and we get it from the best manufacturers we put it in a really well calculated form but still steal it go online and see all the ingredients go get your ideas i am going to put off the shelf of big why do that if you know don't do that because it man as rude rubber what i say is taking its formula you're a man i'm big ok if twenty bucks not barracks for that kind of thing whenever it all on all the all the all the others that bind us separately
a lot of land and it's the quality of our will to stop that mixed doesn't work for you will increase last one night but they want to be like what i do know the benefit for me now stop the mines and stopped about it than i rupert clear i didn't interview today the blow them but are they all came my brain works and that was after training for two hours people want to believe in it that's fine and there's a lot of people say no science behind but there is that there is a science paper on the site and shows with references its medical editorial written on the efficacy of this outbreak and its beings nine reactions man its basic things that people of food we take this this happens and put all together and it has only people get annoyed we talk about it all the time but i wanted to go really i'm going to find out that people have in front of talk about talk about also people being annoyed loser knows you phone someone's that's my thanks here for
people been annoyed that we talked about but i wondered what did you get your take on and which is why had them centre are they going to digging to sell em in bulk like huge contain i was all eventually i think that's the way to go and re ten percent off if you go to jail rogan dot net link click on entering the colony rogan need attempts and offer big now let me touch your beard broke i just cut it off but one is so when you when you took an how many days we did you take that shit for four days you notice it right away yeah pretty much excited because oliver over four days i wanna see what happens later like unlike grub billet very like a man whatever i say i think those awesome i know how to tell you figured out its main said aubrey are our body
one cannot my all now finally does not feel like man pretty boggles it's pretty often like up i feel good then my prayed made up something that was is good like aids that u way better like the whole like that movie warrior was good and my unfrozen one guys who wrote on i hope this is good and i thought of it man it's really good bye good bye brands united giving these principles my main sure that's not a placebo effect i that's wrong worry that's wrong i'm really trying to my head go ok no he goes another way every time i law the when i go in i it's bullshit they both i don't think it is true i think recently i've because you gave it new bottlenecks out for like two weeks and for those two weeks i was starting to feel ikey again and then adopt i've been taking it needs an algorithm get put on a p these lists i don't think a woman's all it's all vitamins and about what i'm saying is you know if i have a brain advantage
yeah well that's illegal to re vitamin be there's some other should there were seven now that's based on a quarter subs mushroom you know anything about that no you're right you tie do all right i think i didn't know that you will i don't know that's what it was when you set it realized court effects was i was i had a lot of success with quarter set for a young area career i saw that hydrogen oh yeah i could i use it helped my we are and what you call it at my cardio so admirals do judo turbines and do a dodgy determinants love young i'll take that step on a very thorough good that's crazy of the better i didn't even know the court steps of mushroom forgotten concepts what trainers there the guy i'll take it and then i put the hell's quarterstaff what what does it look like it's like a little blue mushroom what does a little of what the court is that as a good question
google calendar bad when it did the mushrooms are so fuckin good freely so many measures i take charge of mushrooms those ass we really good for european unity in our i take a bunch of different things knowing that i'm going to go on the road a lot i'm going to go out a but a lot of you know vicky things and you know take a lot of probiotics but i also start taking these chagas mushrooms are read up on them like how how good the arm emmy health benefits mushrooms why what it what does it do for you thought of so many different things is good for your immune system its second any accident like but wouldn't what with the best thing about probiotics anything you taken a mushroom these results or the little you have a drink the little difficulty i leave things the biogas by ok how you ever take good there you could tell me you feel digestive but you feel like it pushes neither guardians years
i found what you calling out there in the refrigerator like www mile k by tabling a little tiny little canister ever they love the idea taken all these live shit into your body i live and where you're what i would say that cambodia drinks yeah all those love those things during their should everyday yeah then it's really done in an and i've also bought some fuckin ridiculously expensive acid baffle us why is he should a hundred bucks aria you know because it frederick words must avoid the highest count blah blah blah whatever different times my eye i'm doing research must pop one puff what the fuck is up for a hundred bucks a hundred bucks for
a bottle of a nun agreed how many times i wasn't a big man have you seen the documentary fascinated i've nearly high level there is actively that's crazy exactly you that idea because it's all about how that we don't eat anything life really were getting all undertakings from dead stoplight we like brands and what not all but miracle pretty much it's easy accessible bay and just juice all your food everything's real life vegetables you know and our people dont like juice fasten and stopping gone on this guy did it in a movie sixty days with only like he had a portable like juicer and stop and then he met people on the way they met is trucker that was like that bigger than joey boy four hundred any becky started doing he's a look just do this for ten days and next thing you know it was just like people robin
he immediately look held out of lot i may i tell anybody if you could do that you don't take the lead tied a lotta devotion till i grabbed up all your food deduce do not help to get a girlfriend do you think we should use it or do you think you should do that invite a mix of bioethics blunder is basically like juice than ever also yet in all the stuff for your valuable the fire at birth trust me do that that fibre drink that's like your real drink loegria when you write everything up like a bite of its by ages that's like ok ambiguous
for me i really like it now can i know that health benefits feel government but we do drink it burns you i'd better like lawn mowers they're just came out of a job like out of the bag spreads out badly burned or fucked it up i got the regular juicer it just like proper like it's like a juicy like i went to top adduced yeah i try to get my little kid to try what are your carrier of she looked that fucking green sperm it looks like hulk sperm that's what it looks she says it knows about loads stated to science and society is something trade might raise it out he's health during ryan's little daughter really help reduce from six months old why with the same stuff that blended upstart the vital next thing just ass we go get a juice on a week my daughter drinks juices we get from the press usury there's a place that the these some sort of a crazy hydraulic cold press
better than others drawing out of grit the law more juice battle they like we do the crazy that while her dies amazing will not my wife cooks everything from home organic she'd never had any meter dairy really ye eyebrows it's weird she's never she's been sick probably three times in her life but ass no miller dairy her it's all crazy do not he has little kid you laugh you locate satellites thicker than donalds this kid is like the super healthy eater like man it's really crazy to see how that benefits a kid for international back like a tell this kid what she'll you're sick ass i really like obviously at least gets away ice cream once in a while and i really great ice cream slight they those cash you not create a lover stop exonerate i'm no would never go no dairy cheeses two fuckin delicious are at
she's with no cheese or with some fuckin wag ass vague and cheese get away from me sir there's a corner in philadelphia where they have to she's never before has a patent giles zone is it patsy in other words for the way they know the father de facto doing cheese is very important if we are like real east kosovo yeah right you ve called gimme that thing that fits vacancies
latitudes it's like two a m they struck bars nedlloyd will soon get she's bulgaria's membership pussy give about hammer to go eat that's one that should police there's nothing better than the fuckin greece's lithuania have gods gps whatever it is cheap be cs fuckin pastrami reuben from jerry's delhi aims and we do not have those posts and hundreds of astronomy rubens where you u lather that fuckin what is that a thousand miles resting on the inside that bitch just is exploding in your mouth just orgasm she's in fuckin sauerkraut when you're here what matters other than the people who have never been hamburger high really dont say what food really tastes like they don't know you sort of swilling your why your mouth now if you never really been hammered command son and heir
i been high whatever do you eat of dumb stop your hammered bro you i've never again just like a jack in the box what i would never look jack in the box especially on provisional athlete i look at that thing like all my got drunk before you're the best man zagat boxes just like an orgy of flavors all over you dislikes wording mustard all of europe what's a good environment invested elevator france lower this time doing really look you and i don't think that's a healthy diet for anybody i don't think your brain doesn't care issues like this is what at the cape level this is what i need to survive we feel like that's how we should live our lives the best is the whole foods how you can eat bar of foods when you're going to sit there and you play you just picking like out of they have like us
bar by all tat lies in foods are you i mean the way the proposal made by the wayside skinny fat guy have you ever goes again like a limited took depressed ivy on activities that right next to the bar with us what followed and showers yellow gangster that place get bad you out because i too by the way a toilet cousin to rob it must go forward a child like what lay out a vessel have aroused you it's brazilian whole deal about round you like your king with a big lamb shank like would you like some of this so yeah courtship and death is meat interfaith
what you're going to find out as they have a minimum as in every mala too like fake ones that are just as good a shoal shit you shall go away it by the pound like we would you would you want to buy them still by fargo is all you can he followed me less than twelve hours are hurt now i m an actual rugged right up yes i feel like when i when i eat at that place i feel your real carnivore is nothing but me i you're getting to open up the poop shoot first asparagus broccoli let us everything in their pack the boulevard green pack your ball furs don't be silly i really do tonight who agreed to meet don't do it don't do that we d write leslie you son parochialism stick shit stuck up in yahoo google to brazil last december's how we ate every day after to morrow morning by that alsace firstly after training doesn't i feel like the perfecting the training you ever take a rebound just like through
i just feel like an animal i do that with some chicken bones bite off the end result tomorrow how bad i love your caveman status up at my mom always did my my group with savages brew so ably with europe was picking fleas out the back these agencies have orangutan note of hope beautiful woman rockers very robia swinging down from turkey has my mom is to bite the bottoms of chicken bone suck tomorrow our nets at some crazy monkey shit you know whatever raleigh reminded figure that out you know we ve figured out that's some old world shit in our people stop second mao two generations it up and it became we food became plentiful and after we didn't have the sacramento funny also
give you guys ever wrote the kid firm i jerry maguire member that little kid that add glasses what do we do ecstasy when no longer needs as does jujitsu anger he shook out half round like five times in a row and he was tall man on his pockets how ashamed he was because i was a little kid from jerry maguire i didn't know have funds doing judges on regular i guess it doesn't hear their john have from john have run scale comic one last comic standing good buddy of ours i did hold tour with him and charlie working order that travel across the country i managed to get a look at them and yet we did a bud like comic i remember i was i could remedy it i mean so hard what's it look like catherine handsome why our care why i very clean keitel a handsome like that very very funny stana collections and a good due to party the ice gregor but he likes to go to fuckin karate glasses and shit and take new indifferent things just start
lange and does judo cool because it's cool it gets into shit you know he's one you like real obsessive like one of those guys he gets onto something just becomes absolutely obsessed with it for a while it was like that tony robin shit early requesting programming and he still i have little fuckin hand movements for went on stage like who certain things in his hand and that would lock him into the mindset of him killing when he's onstage and then you can take it is go it onstage that's cool anyway you got a lot of interesting thoughts about motivation ya think all that stuff came from milton ericsson tina who is now the father modern hypnosis he's really super interesting amazing guy he's so there was one guy who figured out hypnosis red red there's three books called conversations with not next word giant grinned drastic as and where did they come up with it what year that he would be long passed away the moon what what
do you think they invented hypnosis i think versions ever could go on for the seven just can put this together ok so this guy didn't invent hypnosis the owners of modern i think of what people knows moderate hypnosis alive it came from milton eriksson and he would come hypnotize whole groups of people really super interesting ideas in a wheelchair to any you guys got nice but what were you talk this guy's professor savior even in a wheelchair doing this maneuver yeah bad ass like some damn it is correct that your whole how that anna peace light came from a lot of what milton ericsson was doing so he figured out how to do it was the first gotta figure out how to entice large groups or he would do that just by the the way he's his the patterns he used to speak rather did other people just by the pattern so you'd gone stage would speak in certain pattern and the whole lot it'd be hypnotized yin and then they had sent him could have dropped things into he's really interesting
you'd be him it was everybody medina who knows if it was everybody but that was think i remember one day send me that on stage you gotta hypnotized audience ass did you do it here where are you what you do i wouldn't say hypnotize what i say is you you get them with your focusing you're in ten and with the call of words so that you don't do not have to work too hard they know exactly what you're saying you you you putsch project what you're thinking into their head and then it's like you operate they're mine there just allow you aside their mind to take an honorary yea so that its islands its hypnotizing then our like down connection or right there is an under undeniable connection they have with the crowd as a comic if you feel it you lock into a new right it and you have to write it like super honesty it's like it's a weird thing if you're not really in the moment it a little stop it'll stop and then not just become words and you lose this connection then like crane report
if things go a long way to keeping that connection go yet so this guy just and sat there in a wheelchair and would talk and the audience would walk out you do i would imagine you're very seemed not like like this that's happened here make out that ngos and local competence he can't wait months late so there is only a meme so you're telling me that people like i know the people many of the dam the ties and show and there like yeah i know maybe she got up in your body the dark everytime you stopped his fingers neither is there any truth to that i don't know that's what i'm saying about our sea have at all times really comedy comedy hypnosis shows by bunch of different dude senior bunch times it's i just doesn't work on everybody best observation and vigour to gift of weakening mind or so you will not necessarily be remember someone's been dies remember
before you guys when i said that we were saying that you have to be weak to get him on africa does not necessarily we're so whenever you isn't funny bone in areas as out of nowhere there were trying to hypnotize you might try i don't think they could do i would try out be like i call a strike you have to be willing to go here s probably would it be like fuck that overrides enjoyed you're right you're right now you go it's out you don't you wouldn't like bark like a bug you don't sound like you how do you think different people of different deaf i should first of all there is other people that they would though describe hypnosis as it is putting someone in a very relaxed state where their receptive to information and you can talk to them and in a more balanced way than you can when their up hybrid right you look around and so it's the idea
now this is not like they're not conscious they are very conscious their constant aware there just relax into a certain level of of consciousness it it's not it's not standards its relaxed and controlled and that even though their aware of everything still being hypnotized i don't know i don't know i don't know what the official definition of it is but i have seen people that are absolutely hypnotized and believe that the ratings that are going on well those noses commissars there's things are going on around them and that they can control they can't stop it in their common their pants i've seen them monsters in the room i've seen i've seen all that's why would they cause there's monsters of different gives an overpowering five there was one with a guy with these those governments santos who had sky having sex with madonna onstage on the reform of this and the guys like nearest side of erin you're inside of a do just not in his fuckin paths way
did you hear they could not see the kid just not like immediately like nuts and his parents and everyone starts fan and howling and then they know that the hip hypnotists goes well just guess injury that our cleaning up over there and the canada's walks off stage and eight that the people who work there help them and brought him into the bathroom kid just fuckin shot alone his pants we really have no weight with this brian ornaments photo and we actually do it my way or the previous i'm not saying it's meets yoko times they probably some knuckle heads you know what i'm saying is is like the plan no one and i know that i know the hypnotist does very light idly visually capable of doing it not everybody he would pick people out of the crowd you know his who wants you to hypnotize bring em up on stage and it would now who was really under some people egos
how i go how do you know one another and executive still what do you do this you can do it again can hypnotism somebody began it does so it's like there's almost like some people their pro rammed in a certain way where there's just door open you can open a door get inside newer operating system yet now is that was passed it to point out that some old shit that's mac o s eggs are always ate whatever the fuck it was about at all have given as a capability to go there really capability if you can ex enough to be have you decided that's where it place it you're going to go to your opened receptive to of course really everyone everyone that's my ever there are things like advertising works you can really work a guess it works right but does it really i think what what works more is the key public opinion you know like things that are desirable are desirable because a bunch of people like i'm not just because of advertisements
here you can judge it becomes a chicken and egg was also saw ferrari advertisements you don't see him you know i didn't mean to do that because it's a fucking i'm sorry you know what i mean by new here that we should have a pretty good i wouldn't talk about do they have a ferrari storing ball you just never led by their items they don't advocating advertised on advertising enough another selling things brown visit there saying they were allies on after image of making money that they have your daddy the advocates a different way than a formula on car this driven by team ferrari that's advertise generative it's also how to develop their product what's that's why the advertising works so can grow with the product right but they did sort of a part of their business i wouldn't say it retiring as much as they are now how do we not have died in the traditional way of putting it
in the newspaper it is about what i'm saying is that all try to reach outside of their sport like make commercials on tv you no one was last time you saw commercial roaring magazine listen beard listen think my plan is that they don't need to their in such an established i would say that they do market and advertise they just do in different ways i've been gradually all the advertising a long time ago we did all the advertising a long time ago their bid they ve been such a bad ass me for so long that women we don't even need to advertise right rhino our shit cause five hundred thousand dollars and you can't afforded so fuck off that's really there wasn't images that existed there the best you know it's like it's it's what about lamborghini is there not as good something about them they just it's not the same it's like lamborghinis like two trashy to you know trying too hard to in know i'm saying whatever dude you're going to be saying when i got unless double anywhere
our nose nicely still pretty wicked but if you have to choose between a lamborghini and a ferrari what's a cooler car for lambert gave me all day bro what's your problem yeah elaborately like them yet because like for combat asking your little kid you like now want to lamborghini broke you had a little toy lamborghini you're like a cat aids purple blackened fighting all gonna get wet and now its green paper color lambert that's what i'm talking about a lamp a greedy was an author and kind of priority was like the old man dork car with madame andorra how well i guess that's why you all jeez by my fucking bondage i don't even have a may arise when i was in my point by point is it not just talk about match box experience brow that's all i'm saying like i just throughout felling lambert guinea was really kicking it often bob circa ninety eighty six will get me wrong them or silly logo whatever that's all that's a pretty fuckin beastly car that's very nice way
marcella go marsili way there's another one but the but the lamborghini martial law goes the borough she a logo yea and fifty thousand dollar car some crazy like that now in the stores want like that we're dead as rapporteur i should like back to the future brought all ridiculously like a super goma tat we call slogan was ferraris like i guess not though for eyes riveted yeah exactly you feel a ferrari that no top it just looks like a weird crazy folk are they are now it's like i love summons with dumb enough to make some might that be done after may subsidies just fucking completely reckless a gift defies traffic violations as you know in first gear is as you know it'll pass the fuckin speed limit it's ridiculous neuron gotta driver's license cause i had caught a car when we move fast what happened not just kept getting tickets one of my window like all pay it online appeared online but i didn't realize those points on this thing like there's no point limit
no i've got ever park you hit elimination year there are like not sorry workings not that right like parking as no point to a bunch of parking tickets to i'd pay tomorrow after allowing them logic because i'm a parking ticket that i can't find like no longer speeding died there did you catch you would really spots like like on the way the train in amidst the back room there's no school on hurriedly ever considered getting like a real legal luxury style car way like a cadillac of sunlight that will you just drive slow i got those big ass cadillacs yeah the army models like people driver me around size i will add i love like whatever describe he's like a text is dry be somewhere area but i got sarge brilliant from driving ban land crews on them afghan if afghanistan front not he described me around and where i was over there by large sergeant like my home real close friend of mine borne out by rocket man get of that
he's good deeds of it did a blow all will be hit his head rest it hit his head wrath of blasted and i just cut into his back and study called me up about your brow of come home by rocky my real man come back dude i i'll see you soon many call back to relator let not good brought forward you're all these guys like all other what did you say to that i understand fucking go for it like nobody made it back do we were busy what is this about the fact that this conversation started finer care now talking about five excited federal all because sarge and would urge get into this
for driving around driving around that's the whole point of murder by about what i'm saying you that's a crazy store viewed in that's what's happening to kids in kids like this guy was like twenty four years old i dont like their mood like you ve been through enough adventure for a man free times's age you know our ready i don't mean to get it just got me started crank it about sorry sorry guys we raymond been kicked out of war i commentary by jason mayhem miller nine but i'm just thinking of you know i could have done it done now i could only not easy because of diet mammals any like i grew up in army you know so silent i'd feel like real connection to to do an army and unlike our aim in a marine and airport whatever as i see how you gonna live to be in that you should be able to do whatever the fuck you want to do in this life but it is kind of weird when you see those crazy video game marshals about join the marines allowance
while that's like really origin shit yeah or the video games i d make that's like call of duty but they make it they have an army game really indeed what is is call of duty based in the present tyler's hollywood entering off of me crank and i don't know anything about it as much some of them are roadwork one somebody roared tucson vietnam sons but not await its ones are bottom ordinarily i feel like you're in rio at war who plays that shit is bruce buffer was like we were in england and this dude was locked laptop this laptop bomb with fucking crazy eyes really online jack in people look at your windows and throwing grenades and shadows like what is that as a college now that's ridiculous graphics and everything but man you see people how fuckin tuned in they get to you gay corollary videogame yellow add hardcore for a long time but my my point is when is the
ex level of immersion gonna come cause you know it's gonna they gotta figure out some fucking not irony that were already did they houses rather than yeah yeah illegal you're gonna be able to look down and see your feet you gonna be a look around you gonna be in that fuckin world man that that's around the corner that's a decade away they gotta figure out some fuckin some virtual reality shed because when we were kids virtual reality was what they kept talking about it's coming wait till virtual reality but then when it came as like this is like goggles virtual were organised whack rabbit acknowledges the dancing exactly this that but dick back there running so badly that upon their dick i now it's the shit's common to figure out how you move around how would you move you know because you move your body can't move your body unless oceans censored broken i couldn't do is have people in giant warehouses hollow deck them give them the virtual reality experienced you'd put the
looking helmet on them and set them in the centre of a giant warehouse in the warehouse as walked around where you never want star trek bro you never want star trek before different either holodeck the holiday the holodeck you one up to the holodeck you wait a minute we move and using star trek as in the next generation of course come on noise i didn't want that failure to respect our respect and got the car whatever brawler lie was a great show you miss them separate growl i was too young for that shit ok solves backed salaries by version ok i care about her war war but the best motherfucker ok others tired out data used often super smart sometimes yet emotions and possibly didn't you know and you know happened like star trek exploration gets overlook can't do it sir this has got a bad again like nine hundred years old how mustache funny votes boys i was gigantic watermelon like snow need for that you see that michael jackson deaf further
soil with they believe is michael jackson's deaf warming an organizational knows the courtroom pitcher but is really no that's all we know it's not really got it from this and will someone was in clear yet then the public prosecutors were showing it to sit show that mine because the opening statements broadcast live on teams irena well stream actually has an how crazy is that new source in a fuckin courthouse michael jackson's you know it i think it's open don't want to talk about that's the perfect place to put that like that's the celebrity like worship shit you know where and what this michael jackson darted things got a funny man but how do you know i did he kill the guy was whose etiquette i just can't wait for they did the deaf photo music video our these that further to do music you know like that's coming
we didn't live rynch balls you guys gonna fuckin stop jerome so bright radio shoulders because we know this is not a radio show this conversation amongst friends why you can remain away would never talk tom toms weren't on the internet you wouldn't be doing this year yet i smell wakes up into another hour because individual level we do not forget football like our normal base load you help no flowing squatter you big why do you think i go to jim everyday guys because it's your job that's my job i guess what it stop me from out of a job rather be normal run around on the back door to find out it is excellent that so so
fan i pick that path guidelines i do as your medication either go so i just want to yell sometimes about a thing about wiener dogrose do monster but that is stewed days gone to their lives up to him why you wanna watch now ivy i could just imagine you found a lot of things about the letter thing to neither admit to or even ignored i don't wisely weren't you won't know doesn't cream just let me when you want to wrestle with three going to wrestle with asia this order erection crying why you fuckin syndrome ebay as it comes just rebels on his foot was worth while rio parsons gavin drugs garbage guys because i didn't want bundling of you sure once in your life one when you
start training for you you train freed sympathy for already but you have to wash it like coffee do you limit every not you don't coffee not so much what manner step toward tobacco man is me angry i like i have to stop digestion you are doing in colorado where you were up there i just quit has like that you know it's stupid my doctor copies of yet another i'll stop just hard it did you get the like copier thundered got copy is fine but i stopped a coffee before had a headache after three days man right again but this thing is just i wanted to allow not on i do not know and that's it the pain or what isn't you do for you like a times under brain that's for sure that's why i can see why people smoke cigarettes because i give you know the nicotine is kind like the same same concept that neural nor tropic right here on your brain come to live a little big news
ok that but no man i can only regret that nicotine in general has that sort of two means to me it's more like a calming relaxing gained by morbus attack like he's right they are going to give you a check away haven't james love cigars and when i'm gonna lie in most of our cigar there s a rather rare times less mobile but you get high offer those things you do you get some weird was of a good cigar for sure it's a nice make a device is a drug make it the idea but did but i don't get addicted i dont like needed the next day you like the shepherd it's a different takes a long time to get addicted though anything inside the high anyway the board smoking a cigar like intense burning in your mouth you feel that a quick burn that but do not go deeper whatever like it's more like a constant they gonna be like caused not that intense more constant
so i can see why you get victor whenever my feet on alpine remember i thought it was a eighteen muttered to three years to get addicted to cigarette now really angry mightily partakes eighteen months achieved irregular is cognitive could i dont have i hope i'm not i'm gonna ryan would be will tell you about right i mean i think like the first see em fortnight started when i was fifteen and i think the first couple years was more of just like our smoking's i was in high school me my framework go to his house during lunch break into smoke cigarettes but wasn't like i needed a smoke cigarettes by it was kind of like we did is we're in high school and i was surprised that they happen real quick but it doesn't growth will address the window did out for them while still at a time when i was in high school the basket on the wrestling team smoke cigarettes still kid mark on users sick wrestlers fuckin why are like a red and just run forever
it was both cigarettes right twelve miles of what the hell you spoke of cigarettes we worked on the basement this whether the wrestling room was all fuckin is best is in there but he probably looking over how to that shit all that is installation was alison you know nineteen eighty one would have thought it was and mark would resolutely would gods on smoke a cigarette in the snow standing there and is a wrestling all sweaty in shit smoking a cigar his girlfriend this now as i want a crazy asshole you just such a wild mother fucker when he wrestled kid could have been he could have been a legit killer wrestler but just you know everybody's met guys like that when they do they just have a few vices let us take our hang out in the snow take it to a high level but they can't keep going they get to a real high level it is sort of like flat line they don't keep continuing that upward path this that than the most difficult dances to maintain your balance to the entire progression in know as a fight
it's probably denies a fighter through life lies of your life finite manners live for sure you know just as is its accelerated this accelerated view of what happens in life and an issue like anything very very great vehicles i we think about that like fights as as poetry for actual act of living life if you look at each individual fight there has a story if you break it down pray my brain in our view tat bird your job are you if you really think about like a lot of it is are we get so used to it desensitize doing but every bite has like a little story and you know that that also makes because my lord like really interesting to me like because everything you do your life plate can play out in just this exact particularly as a fight in our debate near each other and chicken happen the end should die up and you do look at your career luckier your future ahead and say you know hey you know this is when i'm gonna
it out i have you no x amount of years before shit starts to get slippery but as the warlike at the like yeah you know at some point you buy goes like you gotta go ok and look at it from you know you have that take that as a fighter yet to get from every angle yearn to me and i see what's best for you these guys are plenty got nobody goes out on top you can hardly got porn star career can have a bit you out than others some guys it's what can you do in the time that you have to do with it fuck you know what i'm gonna get out of the map out mary bridge do you write down like two things you want to do yeah yeah do get caught weird i feel personally filled i do it's personal for me to have come out of my house and i have my like motivation things in the wall then i get if i can embarrassed because people read and i was really your client or you yeah exactly one of whom was super embarrassing angles for checking
where's your by affably one of my little things i rode down be someone that you'd be envious of my god what i do she fell thing to whatever its juggle you liked by that it is as you know i think does but you have to most people don't do this but you have to set out to become an interesting person because no one's born that way they do things in your life making i think that people absolutely interesting without even try there they just just think a certain way and they have certain interests assert you have to sit here but they went some somewhere start venturing down that trail vague aided by us because that's what the boat we would fascinated them but then you guys are chicken and egg right now you always did ass brilliant but the capping of wild statements like no one ever blank you know for sure someone can be interesting without trying a lot of people that are just probably artistic and just geniuses absolutely fascinating trying at all in i know a video game quoters you ever talked like one of those head guys
in some guys just hit the lottery and our interesting naturally be more than just fascinating they just fascinate people without trying at all i like everybody got a story everybody some people have no story some people get out or eat shit dig whole than die without distorting itself and there could be a beauty in their soil as little stories at the coming of age or his are coming of age a jack in the box member yellow storybook jack in the box that second life before dark in the bar you couldn't afford jack jack i live is creating jobs about current tools like that's a whole river thing of the little toys that you got an idea is amongst the credit and have had to outlook abuse like what i've ever was you were talking about delicious jack in the box the i totally still hypnotized your eyes but adequate budgetary you don't matter tardiness sure that guy's an interesting interested care
you tell me what we read that professional more all the parts for me why are i mean like normal nor look upon it don't look at the past only got a pat on the back of my eyes look my eyes people died my eyes characterized my hypnotized my eyes that's what you'd say what you did yeah but i had a look of it i should not tired try not allowed just waiting to be re period you really do the following spain of people don't that's what the wide crew you have to do this dance before you go into the ring and we want to do the dance and psycho have you it's cool with another but explain the music while the fight going ok yeah three rounds ok the whole time it's like it's like the cap ac from star wars music prayer
weird ages the girl dancing with blue hair i blew like tubes cabinet or we can we can play what will you do with what is a call to put a why crew in y u k are you the automobile our type lie crew why crew my time use it you could put real my type music american because sarge before we battle i call it using puts the point tat music but dad emulated got the wide crew no joke right he's got a little
in order to kill you like really did very you just above we train noble yeah i've been invited bag guys gonna fuck and weighty train we train of with more time now you could hear cordell no corner what an honour at is the answer to what the male fuck issued the box we have a crazy team right now if you are people don't know is this sound when you watching my type this is this is played through the entire fight back in that way the fat song but he had had a tape about a bucket phoebe a tape of this music playing three minutes and then in the middle of the rounds in the one minute recipes was yeah both the hell you doing put them he's got a little put eyes dope are used not like it when i was younger i was this gross where they ve put his music but now is
an older and embraced differences and cultures i find a fascinating love it what about world boy typing we saw the thing was also the birth back that is why the second i start miles out like this grandma bessie now the grill high level stuff you stop it happened elbow crazy about you guys got each other with is doubly use great we saw a bull cow pile pro mark the answer essays name we saw his one hundred and ninety eight when there some sorely lacking he was like a massive road he so good and he's not even thirty or he's just turn in thirty or something like that and i've been pro for seventeen god damn he desired mantled homeboy he dismantled homeboy did so relaxed it was like this can never had a chance was all technique like everything he did it was always in the right place
me miles checks if he be they re for their whole fight with the knees by yeah good he just came out with my dad nor me every time i actually in its second a third round doing has now found that was this point where you by the also latterly outside kicks and hooks land even as i got kicked out guys arms down he was so reluctantly like there were defined by at it like you chill combat unlike the fourth round
he put his hand up and walked away from the dude he put his arm of allowing who should i take him now i can t do the audience like looks at the audience we his why crew was off of years why everyone you would like but on the ground like that really how the law is the guy who the other guy believes from canada mature and i find that canada but i don't know i might be wrong whereby africa as it was the other guy apparently pushed him at the wagons and got his face and said once crazy shit and so bull cows that he's gonna punish him and he told her words and so we did is why crew like pretending was shooting arrows who is doing his little pre fight ass fast thompson again like shooting arrows at the guy got like in the guy space like waits clubs where is first fist was like a little inches from the guy's face when he ended so is really like intense and then he went out there and just dismantled to do slowly but surely perform at the back i had the pleasure of grain of hand hands his party really good and he came straight a futile
there came the austrian hope combination you see they experience a book how good feedback when the doodles attacking yet i was common after employees will willingly with sensible fade back in their knees fade back and in these times bang needs the body needs the bodies like flipping knees were as is fuckin hip turns and just it is neither the saudi ribcage that talk in the fuckin technique that that guy has man and then just start chop homeboys life back you know that weird tie sort of our ideas they watch that though it's crazy with the wood with that style kickboxing you can get so much more loose been an immense marshall large oh yes you will have to wait can take him out some adds it's kind of funny isn't that like to really see the highest level strike i had it renders the rules is kicking out but you know
that makes sense there's gonna be a hybrid the around a lot worse thing and now the hybrid as is bound to happen a mixed martial arts do think that for a young fighter who is developing its it's important to have voiced just straight grappling matches industry would like kickboxing maginnis well now ring that helps would get help a little bit but i don't think i think you definitely need a mix up because that's what that's what's happening you known that the real benefit is learning how to compete takes a long to say you don't stand a puncture law time to get comfortable jason failure there isn't u specialise in you have to put hours and stuff you're doing striking is maybe you're gettin hidden head for hours grappling tens of easier and that's it it's you competing every day it will be so much easier course your body wouldn't be able to withstand a mentally who would be so much easier than if your competing once every six to nine months now that that becomes like my own after really get you go yeah well but dont most fighters have their best fight when they have a fine then a short lay off and then another fight like you barely break camp you relax little bitten and boot
you already gash ended up and that being consistent as a fighter is the like one a most important things and users i consistently training we'd never really fall off your i let you get back in the room had any work on things naturally have a road map to go somewhere at the end of this little special in also get like i lit awaits went up they are this eleventh year may get stronger during this part of my camp guaranteeing that right have me do so i will work exclusively on the ground upon you're gonna be like just focus on that thing it really keep your mind too in learning new stuff you're gonna be like it's not like put in the grind hours i remember those camps before where he just fight the ices fight yet we talked about this we're out to dinner the other nine colorado when you first i train with them there is i thought me and they have is that despite everyday life
in any event a high school jim i lived by all cool guy i burst out nervous go turned away man the ceremonies be stupid man shot up their wrestling room at some point high school how punished i cannot say i let's find me said will not fight basically violence that we get a spar you know it was dealt with the matter of its vital as we call it spargo model i want and i was so happy at that time in my life but i yeah good no pressure just fucking know like all you accept some some trainer with a big ass ego is just a dude like and another dude fighting added some other guys
never did how'd you guys work on technical drilled a little bit but it was basically like fighting to there's never hold be dead had so much can't fight all its fires by but it was just so far there's gotta be some serious life experience though as far as like four for just the rest of your whole emma make rear mounted rounds you put in with that fuckin savage swing and jake abundant you gotta watch over writer yeah fucking i do he's right hands ridiculous that africa to be caught fate or with that under upper call that was just like i did not i was governed big get it was hard as fuck did that angle perfect out the perfect perfectly placement man he's so confident fuckin right hand we were talking about this before we started doing its part cast he's just get rid wreak reach some new level madonna bungalow yeah straight by listen this there's no secret
any more here under show your i'm gonna do and then i'm gonna do you know you got moved so good that it works on her body sure yeah those guys really cody mackenzie in his fuckin getting you now hi i never we oughta be elite level guys bodyguard catches is broken arm or an institution but eleven nudes with that shit and catches guys but he's got a weird crazy gaiety where it goes under and then a squeeze it and turns it up and viruses against it like this and fox you man that should now laser tight its funding when a guy's got like one move like that just just can lock is shit up on you you know like who some our powers and his fuckin he'll hooks uniting their unit things he lives the devastating ma you right in our resolution
our bar wrestling you don't you i thought i was really worry about how they are here comes under those great things i jumped out the way they are i knew the footlights gabrielle good as i think about it i'm flexible so you gotta get me just right you know to be again this is where the giddens goin after those fucking things you view promise when tat they'll be here i will not depart again maybe did with juggler baby jogerfy i'm watching that scratching up while you were not tapping i was watching we got a thirty like i wouldn't want you doing like army me tory ratio ravaged popping out there's crazy but in a moment your care you just like you do anything like you know i feel like men you be no prob that you have to carry out there like i'm not stop it no matter what like no matter what am i gonna keep fighting keep bite would have you have you at tim sylvia what if you're like when they fought frank mere and his form snapped the
why of course of course real yeah you do you want to whatever just keep i brought my thumb before like tat turned round backward and kept fighting yeah smash my hands key partner with the same worry about if someone gets himself you thing happened in new get kicked out again that might you're my arm might even have to be applied at the time you by not only think what do you mean are you about is just with the fight that no matter what you think of that when the fight no matter what if you did you catch fire in the octagon just keep fighting until your neck that's the only way we ve had these talks before you may say turns around with i'm gettin killed in there you better tell him i don't it's your responsibility could i would say i wouldn't care i'm not going to care is your job to make sure i don't dive good i'm here when i got cr if i ended up if i end up retarded he's gonna kill me beggar my break my neck i believe like i said i just got to shoot me to put me but a bully
why won't you would have these shot you and in a week later they figured out how to provide a wanna be a vegetable brought about them now remember me i mean i just want a week maybe vessel that doesn't happen nude like maybe you baby for europe and we are going to be the basis for a year if they could figure out look look jason i know you're in there but one in one we have guaranteed is how you gonna guarantee of stem cell research rejuvenating surrounding the put a needle in your spine injected with stem cell phone i'm an avatar tree body our love that agatha graduated i think not i would like to put my ponytail into your butt i want to do that would be dope and i'll take that could you imagine you could find out of people
you're full of shit are not the first time you ve talked about the necessity to avatar eleven not apply for this house dirty i connected those big never been a france crazy lion ass i have said everybody i just got thrown outside that's what you do that's where you are and that's why you you does not wrong being crazy and having bursts it just try to manage it do you best and they yours are josie wouldn't i wouldn't give away asked me a these violent glasses are jorgensen piazzas i'll take that as a compliment because they're mine well i'm that as a compliment that you would take that as a compliment body that della girl you thanks man so anyway return about iraq chips no we're talking about you deal with fame
do i am we're brochure is it would really be down the big step the first big step yeah but now i'll be back damn ultimate fighter stock status different thing man because that could the people that you see fans are light like mad their excited fans over all over the country there are excited the super excited end up in your face is great thanketh a whole different round but i've gone to now so i got my ok cause the movie people there are people watch tv these are people than watch fights rice or their yon uttered all it's really interested to see i don't love everybody you know it's crazy and though you see god it's an autograph the starboard do that when you call at the fan expo when i'm and whose dignity used yes tell i connect with people who love mix martial arts like my school you know it's definitely a different world though and being faintness do you know
drama will you got slowly famous though right did you feel a bump when you started finance cbs when you like when you found jake shields does anybody from that of course does million people watch the lobby what was it like a million maybe the last sentence cbs bra robert brawl thing or that things on the internet in time thereby known what good for you and the long ride was as you know everybody hates me am i am i wasn't even other he wasn't do you like i had to try to be like i wish i could have been on those meetings oda straitness bitches right away i swear to god i would have sat all those fox cocoa and all those dummies down said listen why the fuck did you get in the article in the first place well you know what i want to know why you have so many people and if you gonna have a guy come and talk should deal a guy haven't you let the other guy have spoken speech first and foremost it is going to be this guy afterwards and it's just my and try to set up a fight they just enough control the cage and all the sudden is one guy gets jump by a bunch of forty wild dogs and it's you for those who do you
it is completely told where were they arise them one side in perspective that they age just chosen or look to you that that famous picture he's giving you the sting guys you log in by with a grin and surveys for gus johnson whether reapply does make up and you i can buy it may happen i think it's the best that drivers explained my whole life browsers like tonight and pursued like may have miller shame on you may i am i look out picture than say woman i've got no moral i like moreover now i hung out with him at the more time professionally thing we need is a bad kept talking to me they call me moral water that's what they call me marijuana so we're gonna get high moral wanna we're gonna have a good time i like that do the he grew and moral ranal grew on me as great fungus diesel fungus the guy is by a body of police is always a real cool man
the body the body in order i had i had a beef with the title and i feel good with b i d go haggard and here he responded other archaic of respect that your ideas perspective uneasy vipers he doesn't very very brought very rarely does however saying negative about fighters i promptly i say that because they now there's a lot of people think that the way to get attention or the waiter you know the way be snark ie is to criticise fighters and they do you now do the merry margin that is like dollar sixty or laura kick your ass fires that those that before you should ever it back like the next day you know it de facto immediately we came down talked in front of the house by the way i dont believe really fast fifty years old i could take us that's news laughing actually respective those kind of funding because we sobered thing what have you got to combat it the power you ve ever know ever know what have you again you grace even at that age has a college
my age and the trip now you're in my world the ground is the ocean and i am a shark and most people cannot sweep very would that you mentioned larry mercians delicate but just fuckin arm drag them took his bad luck and rear naked child out of me i just rolled forward with the hooks in stretches now what the fuck it goes the jacket propel heels logical marcello garcia that bitch can make one boxing live our gender for this idea of this adieu on the underground is good and right now we are all lovers gladly there's nothing like you know the underground is awesome for for good and forbad there's a lot of work in rules and angry
people insulting people but it's not a fucking cool people on that ship that's one of the most unusual sights and i think a big part of the reason why it's so cool is a huge percentage of the people on that site you know an underground icily thirty almost or a lot of their lot old school bluntly a lot for new jobs but i've never submission fighting back up that's right i believe i made on tv and then it became makes martial arts to arrive lost it for a while that it came back out of this is that what you did not even a moment like ninety four or five i would add a well i was a member back when i was on the old you fc when i worked for the old you have see so thou like ninety seven or ninety eight by became a member when a member of it is back of a day like today those crazy cause that's a crazy way to have a sport like dr connect them on the internet and back vandals are dark times at the circle
there is no emma male tv at all yet a satellite dish that's why i got a satellite dish because this evening we can watch you have seen and they can why you cried the nerves and pride was onto another choice occasionally to have some weird fight that we get by on paper view like takes in gracie versus who knock ear my dad was colosseum may in some new old thing but all the time does not mean does not many like startup shows ever get on paper you're right but the shark finds that's on is that paper view or that i was in our view it was i think it's hd net now where they ain't they did a paper view they did a paper view of things can hard sell a paper view you know i mean did a lot of people know about it for i know fate or had one paper view that did like miserable like ten thousand fuckin by adopting pride ever did well you know and the united states because you got the guard for higher paper view event though that i mean if it's the thing is if i click you know you you wanna garner height for like
you'll see could do any less their type like created to you do you really want to watch this maybe i want to pay the fifty dollars same thing with boxing vs ie so super smart for putting his much shit on tv and regular tv as they can verses any spike tv and now fox and f acts the ultimate funds go beyond effects now which has done me fuck it that is a little light on fox because luna channel louis whatever things good that's a grudge they only maghreb shield you know there was a one of the three or four show from that pressure for different dairies on that same channels we're access bad have the heaven the ultimate fighter ineffectually revamp it to the figure out some new things and there are even though i do some live events live on tv like actual fights so it's gonna be grounds and fires can be live next year i have a son
i never eggs a share of the ilo its assent ass the fucking great idea it's gonna be wicked this can be wicked show that we change the whole experience of knowing that a million people going to watch it than the pressures gonna be different and it's gonna be creepy a million people watching it lives it plays off but in there what do you hear you you just ten people yelling jointly people yellin awesome that we that's gonna be bad ass so only the fights will be like the show will be like with building up to the like twenty four seven and that's not equally i felt pretty bad they can have a story lionel play out and then you know the people will be warming up waiting for the story london and then boom we go around the fight grave fans who fights russian to good question that something that's a good idea the idea strategy picking you know
in order to show that they like dirt my experiences and people wanted them on spike greater is the yeah the bill fight picky ends the strategy of a year is a big like cool part of the show i think fan should build a vote what they things can happen you know at vote everything's gonna win and we got it why the fuck can't they bet on it you know that makes me sick like any state little bitch ass government we have the eu should be a bet on that everywhere when you go to the goddamn corner and by lottery tickets you should be able to henderson versus showdown take fifty bucks on henderson come on should we will do that why can you do that it why can't you do take your honor fan really but were attacking people from their own impulses and all the rest of us who can deal with all your social darwin they're gonna go to fuckin vegas to place a bet that's ridiculous will a everywhere should we live in places loser legitimately pay their taxes you now jesus christ
sports betting younger that dump people are just going to blow all their money mastery of yeah there's a lot of that people protest against any vices preparing protest against any anything that's temptation is tempting well you know they they protest against trip cuts for the same reason than a one vice near them they want temptation for people that can fuckin handle it and enjoy it it's a real pain in the ass man so real pain in the ass you can just bet on fight it makes it much more interesting when you're when you're friends like if you watch fights with your buddies do you ever back i'll bet five five bucks on this do you know you don't even know you like watching too tough enough for some like you i think five bucks in this game like do let's do it it makes it more exciting future does right invested guess what the fuck is not legal address there's a lot of that a lot of dutch people who just spend all their money and you could check the dutch people to give you all their money i'm i'm forty four
and old and as i get older i start thinking i am probably going to eventually expire and none of this shit will have changed just is reduced yes it was when i was seven when i was a oh boy it's got funds to do i don't know that is what happened in three different fuckin wars right now the economy is based on unsuccessful bullshit that nobody understands the fuckin that though the whole idea of what america's posts to be as in the court why nobody if you keep a positive mental attitude and trying to effect change in any way you can use your feeding into the solution and not the cause that's true you not i can't just go partisanship shitty let me just fuckin that is true you gotta run all my head on and everybody is gonna do their part and git possibly with it where we're gonna build shut up yet yeah that's right gimme a time using all of this and deserves to be pushed upwards and not just
will you usually seminars and motivation and get see em up there lay the mayhem philosophy fan i yeah work if anyone is gonna use their bright with those angle bracelets thank you for listening to me him management because if the side one tape to you certainly are you guys are pushed for positivity should certainly should try to push things in the right direction but at a certain point tommy wonder like madam i gonna die in part still gonna be illegal elevated humiliated and corrupt and it's like it's gonna leave this earth exactly the same way i came in is a fuckin masses negative jails in my life they that argument forever gotta do right it's like thing bows good enough evolutions not quick enough you know i feel like it needs to cast a fuck up i think social evolution is to get the fuck out of the evolution of the
human being and its interaction with its environment needs to catch up one for you just sit acknowledges on this issue at this fever pitch of technology human animal it's all ridiculous bullshit that it drags along with it is lagging behind that's what i think what i mean so eventually we're all gonna be plugged into the computers like transcendent man right most likely something along those lines going to happen it's just seems to me that that's inevitable that our integration is so fucking complete as it is without it being part of our actual physical body you leave your fucking cell phone at home but you'll have to dig in a jar i think it's gonna be to the point where legs even into air plastic surgery is gonna be like taken your eye in upgrading your eyes with the new night vision i lie and stuff like that like you're very likely dart revelation in your body of course i'll be often but other than to people the kite block all that's up to cause pure afraid of science
oh jesus yeah but if this money to be had probably exists as long as it can be patented the real issue is when things are awesome and people scared of em and are not patentable like plants that are psychedelic plants and as a reason why those things are illegal because of secondary plants words is the result of some fuckin formula that someone figured out the lab and he had a patent on it well by germany cricket that shit would be available to prescribe for someone if they had some sort of an ailment because there's a fuck a lot of money to be made from you know em dna for post traumatic stress disorder that she was if somebody had created than owned it and if it hadn't been demonized it would be for sure some some something that they would make a shitload of money off of radio psychedelic coming back medicine others there are definitely there is fascinating isn't it the finally people to accept the cancer patients for months now oil patients have given wonders of mushrooms one time still twelve months later had significant benefits for accepting what's going on
cancer and taken i was gonna cancers gun into remission because i believe that its completely altered the way they look and think about the body in thy alaska their allows their body to matter natural he'll it often to be relaxed sidewise words and i use system can function granting without all eyes i ask is that that's orally active form at the empty we talked about it so many times this park ass but for the people who don't know what it is in the wood in the jungles of south america they figured out a way to take the the leaves of one plant which contain dm tee and the vine of another plan which contains an email and hibner makes the empty look breaking opened the head the added he definite era that rules of ordain do that alone vicious yesterday
he said he didn't get off he said it really said it was interesting and cool but you know that what i've heard from people especially from mckenna used to talk about how when you go down to the south america they have to really trust you before the dose you up like they don't want some crazy gringos running around howling at the moon so they give you like weak doses he was saying that has the tourism of these ayahuasca communities become more prevalent as more and more people go down to have this experience there's a lot of people that are having bad there's a lot of people that are wary about the gringos so they come in and you come in with a fuckin camera crew in ireland france i alaska and you get a ring on your some inelegant ordained look in your yea i give this week and shit this doesn't give you see our god let's get out of here but if you if you have the strong shit i'm in everybody says when you take the strong shit that the experience is undeniable so it seemed to me that like every people have dm teacher like that to a woman i held on a plane back from brazil that was the whole regions there will they'll tell you that like
love for i was there a spiritual georgiana the empty is legal in its legal in brazil as well there's two different churches something university divided de vegetal and another one did something these two different churches that use the empty as sacrament along with using christianity so they they pray about jesus and i take i ask her that's fucking nuts majesty its but it's it's legal some another through some any actually one of the supreme court so it's brazil yet known america on america they brought it over from brazil it's their accepted in brazil and their accepted this is their sacrament this i want to take this j j legislative yes on religious freedom we could take it and its and in other sex in i know for sure in new mexico because i think this places an american religion age is convergence takes dantin sing songs but jesus and when you when you hire we re their laws will apparently there
they have really strong stuff too if i know i have a friend who did it and went through the whole experience that it's so bizarre set first of all everyone's wearing the uniforms they were like the same clothes they wear uniforms and they're taking this really strong dmt brew and they're singing songs about jesus and said it's like what the fuck is going on here so i could so weird there's so many different messages is there it's so strange yeah yeah a valid hate beat your balls and jesus you or not man may be used to a new start to like it would jesus represents do something like super duper positive and you don't killing loving and an all knowing in nato and then in actually thinking about this thing you can actually manifest those types of thoughts and ideas and it that's why they do it you can understand our stated billy been in a group of people and no matter what it is does their usages as the term you guys are all like connected you don't even after i felt that experts was unfortunate
bourdain didn't get a good dose of love to hear his fuckin his fucking full blast off to the alligators i don't want to go to the amazon i would like an answer but people are doing it here first of all there is their shields have been trained that have come to america and i know where i could do it here i know but we want to do here with can do it here especially in hawaii anonymous we will do it why what's that mean and i can do it in places my my point is that i don't have to go to ago the replies we colicky riverside you know this is one of things want to talk to you about before we were talking about why i like to live in the woods you know why i like to live like where the fuck away from people i believe that one of the best reasons why you take ayahuasca in the jungle is that you are in this place where that the energy of the the plant in the experience is it all comes from this one spot and that one spot doesn't have a lot of wi fi signals pollution does it have this isn't have cell phones fuckin flying
your ear and radiation it's just nature mad and there's a silence that comes with like real nature you know and all you here is animals and night you know i've been dear how did not involve here i sit in a tree stand look at a beautiful ridge i waited economic kill you have just your sit there if it's so beautiful at air meditated you're very sick bear the thought of grubbing up aberrant i can see its super that like you like i just looking for any movement or hear anything it's crazy love you re a real predator you're really tuning enough i mean you know rooms they don't do i was gonna hospital that's where life and death is created now we have again coordination scratch your faith off in a corner like out did read
mark zuckerberg guy produce facebook is started hunting and gathering his own food now because he wanted to take responsibility for the food aid just guinea vegetables unless it's me to kill themselves a shot a fuckin bison i like that i like that a man that the the hunter gatherer needs is just like this very much like the pussy needs if you collect them they'll go somewhere direction i think he's this practice english facebook to collapse is like i need to figure out how to make food grace look in civilization is he's got a compound i'm sure by now it s not billions of dollars barrier some crazy as money should killed it with a knife do say compounds are the way to go if you can afford it a big plans what i said about a european rail video on gaza why are you want all you know what i know deep deep sigh fence compound
wait to cover your guy got a half of eu bodies to probe patrol the perimeter whatever do we're gonna right now wild animals inside that's what i mean you're on fire truck we had an outline while this thing called fire breaks system set up on roofs now and what it is when certain heat is reached the dispersed this chemical all of your roof that makes the house much less vulnerable to fire so let us set it's like that out but you got to live in the woods you got to clear out the area all around your house and make sure that you got the fuck fucking most powerful fire proof windows available and set up at fire brake system then we will talk here make sure you control your sprinkler system too all right i house on top of that it is still you probably worked we're still your valley fuck azores embers the embers flies in the energy land on should have kept put together from my case
i used to make our waters i made fun of people up until two weeks ago member in san diego orange care that black out behind like that happen i realized i gotta rien have mental baby at home a four year old my wife and i am completely unprepared have no food i have no way to keep aid and call them no night anything up then i drove down the hill in its dark where i live in data points totally dark gas stations don't worry i'm thinkin liniment her i don't get that good miles from my car wait till i run out of gas and you can't company gas ivy go take for five days for things to go complete george ass at your house dr narrow giant asked tank and have your own gas you're out yea that logic you could do it can you
you're allowed to figure things out i have about gas and your backyard now if you haven't garage you where you can do to conclusions that way yet own gas station in your house few up again get a gas tankers armors dairy farmers do it you're saying it's illegal i think you if you're all farmers are probably can do because that's your business but i don't think you can have a gas station long survive if values zone for you my having this get it by delegates should ever by fear your own gas station you think they'd like j leno they may be that you could you can buy a shitty gas station and just use it for your own personal gas not just go on latvia doesn't have a big two thousand novel imagining actually my measures they gas stations ever go under decision seem to be open all the time was less them a gas station went over with i guess they do in ireland where downtown boss and there's no gas station is truly to that were there closed through real through
i know because i we ran out and out of gaza the ways of our not being at home ok i get you a little bit less the college of already knows like german downtown boston right we finally stepped out what like went to the fire station ass for gas really what i had to hire a driver prospect fifty bucks to drive me to pray attempt to drive from where we stand and budget some gas and combating crime yeah boss sends a weird place with zoning and shed too in other they really prize their historical relevance in also getting real careful where you build things and so tripped up when you drive down you see those signs on some of the buildings built in sixteen fifty gap for sure i can hear that one hundred and seventeen hundred yen and not setting out for a walk around there i felt like i was back in time about legal knows where because it is life isn't a lot of it like apartments the up there
all that build a pocket buildings that are like houses there sort of omar rural houses yeah real houses connected to each other in their worth a shitload of money you i love you three four five nine and there's no backyard get anything nothing no backyard just a house jammed right next to another house looks cooler lives two men across the street is a park the up around the time was crazy boss accounts crazy great city the city man that amazing really awesome like you know just see all that old stuff you're just like china the ultimate she's been same paddies they dropped kick murphy's robbie going on saint paddies they grow my god i'm going to england to birmingham we're gonna for the you have seen over and i think i ought to take a trip stonehenge go check
shit out i want to see some real old monument tackle what is that anyone know any they believe it some sort of a calendar they'll know exactly who build it fascinating lobby sculpture you dont have a just some k metals like whatever good they are being that's but is reared em it's weird weird structure weird could it's how do they do like today not always sucks
staying like how did they get that up i don't know but probably levers and probably and assess namely there lies a monster trees over there before would always private mountain and they just carved it out out on the mountain it looks like cairo had carried it did is theirs of crazy carving into the mountains of a horse he received not like this white carving out a fuck they did it with carbon they know who did it thousands of years old way is where that namely adding one gad do you know this stuff like that they sort of found and no one remembers how i got there you know like stonehenge is a perfect example like they found it and in and by the time they found it when you know when modern times people found it they're like what the fuck is this effort is like that yeah what the fuck is ever so long ago we were here for years been around for so long you know and then they have crop circles all over the place down there to such a friggin fucking little place witty crops are grown crops
here's a crop circles designs is show up and weak fields some of the islands all they do that lack of a day again it's the ultimate it's the ultimate like with what they are for sure a lot of them are hoaxes a huge foresight on the farm ethics kids did that and when i say hoaxes that doesn't mean like the rest of made by aliens but i think there's some there's some crazy technology involved in it and i dont know if we have a full assessment in accounting of all the technology that the government or you know that anyone you know at the high level of science really possesses right now i don't necessarily know especially when it comes to military intelligence and i think that we have always had a lot of secrets in this country and its very likely that there's things that can produce crop circles like they can shoot down a fuckin laser beam certain patch of earth and create a pattern in the sand or in the week fields i don't think that's beyond around the possibility if you can have nuclear weapons of you can have international instant communication via social networks and data plans we could send photographs and videos to another person on the other side of fuckin world almost intent
continually and i think it's beyond the roma possibility to think that you could somehow another imprint something from satellite ever well something if i overheard that who knows i don't know it what's presume you know what it might be simply someone figured out how to do it they wanted to implement whether or not they could once they have they disease fund i would even if you had the patterns if you could make up all kinds of crazy shit why would my thing bouquet i want pushed down the crops that once a good question but they like why would i waste my talent for that if i was that's more outdo some way cooler and make way for money you say that but listen some of them are hoaxes and some of more beautiful these hoaxes are amazing but i say hoaxes we know what i mean there human created works of art not a mystery whatsoever and these human created works of art they ve done like these guys called the circle makers there's gotta
i called circle may as war flushed oven thing gravity of boards and they measure things they do these dough bass designs in our but what what they ve done is you know what they ve done is question in ensuring that you can make these crops are goes on your own but some of them are weird man saw them like they show up in like an hour like ie if to believe these people's reports which is sketchy at best but you deal with these people that have no reason allow these farmers they fly over an area then they come back an hour later and there's something that's three football fields long and it's got six hundred ninety perfect
circles in an a varying sizes all these s when i was in fact the first sentence was then vanity more lightweight you're telling you think it will see this ain't your farm get this guy he gets no intention whatsoever hey guys look at those crops are go oh my god it's a farmer who as the crops are a hundred percent you listen some life ashore defiling no questionable but some of them are gigantic and most certainly would have been they would have taken enough time that people would have known as like they ve hired people to do them for advertisers and its various concerning its extraordinarily time hurts rising like our guy off he can't bang off these giant things inside of you know and so when our what am these people are saying so they're telling the truth then it could possibly be something else it doesn't necessarily have to be just always people running boards out and another is a lot of other science behind it and quote science because they ve lived detected is theirs growth nodes in areas where the stems of the plant has actually exploded like i've been microwaved then instead of just be
bent over these things these things have had some always live oiled with energy you're saying there's something like sometimes it does i will not now one say symptoms are evidence points to the fact that this is all by the way on this is all that i read on the internet so i have no idea how much of this is on a percentage but the ideas of what the people question about the crop circles the so called court crop circle experts inefficient idols one things they point to the fact that there is an actual change in the chemical structure of the plant once it's been turned into this circle that something has happened i had so what is needed is a big like i said it could have been there could be some sort of technology look if you can get looks say if you wanted to add something with lasers onto a piece of metal you know you could programme a design into a computer and that computer could act something if you had a laser big enough and powerful enough it could be as big as my doom poster even acts some
some design with a laser in that just using a computer why couldn't you do that from a satellite down on some fuckin wheat field the course it would be just as possible i try if you ve got the potential to do it at close range and then we know there's a lot of shit that we do it long range and we also know that lasers you know a powerful laser doesn't really lose its power over a long distance right is another case like these these laser things in one of the one of like what are things as dangerous about those laser pencils really ray i for instance he can point i'm fuckin planes and they they literally will hit the cock thing or five miles says yeah yeah medical and i wonder if the case could be made that you know if you do that days or maybe you could do that was something that minutes a laser but at some in some way or another is like an azure manipulator says darn does something yet who the fuck knows i'm in here
in a certain point in time you got to look at things that we absolutely no people have done there's a goddamn space station up there and they shoot rockets filled with people and they go up and dock with this thing and everybody's hanging out there and party in the space we know that's real bizarre is at shooting people and giant metal tubes propelled by fire up into the sky to dock with some floating metal can machine that's up there you think we're gonna like tuna protected us from ourselves like we don't want you to know banal awesome crops or go below i think a lot of things that they do on the sneak tipp like drones and in others that there is less bugs that look like in an elegant bugs but their spy cameras and drones that our complete a minority report yeah i'll do they ve got some day they ve got some legitimate that looks like little bugs and lies around you can fly rack i mean i've got some incredible technology and you would think that something like this like something that would you could make a crop circle with you could also used to do all kinds of crazy shit with mean if there's
the technology that can manipulate patterns in wheat fields taser either certain things you can do it words barbecue someone else it's gonna be circles are level one we create may boards is practising where it hits like accuracy or like that's the market from years of war poor one which do maximum value out a way to have a satellite like the flies over a city and then anytime you want something done it just gives you in like google earth has an instant closer view of you and you disappear both are benchley will has israel hot pretty reindeer vanessa tarzan probably close pretty close probably close you know and the accuracy of establishing something what better way to demonstrate the accuracy that make a fuckin designer wheat field so that we can this really your can people those who now dared that's a far reaching connection bells
is everything i do and i do not think so the engineer space travel with so your discounting this though everybody in their fucking mother on the planet is a reporter now that's where the arab spring sprung up guess why everybody's twittering each other about how the fuck but this regime and everyone's connected now so valor ok so now we would know if somebody added technology do something it has done it they wouldn't we would somebody would know unless that technology was created an area fifty one and if that was the case they have along seated history of only allowing people in there that absolutely fuckin know how to keep a secret because there's a lot of shit it's gone down an area fifty one and very few credible reports of any of it doctor robert lazard might be the only one and he's going to show its probably be a liar the republic as people talk you don't know just gave you an example area fifty want do this thousands of people over deck and worth decades
work that area fifty one development working hours somebody with a janitor there you because their patriots because they believe in this country because they work for the military because that's a part of their job there are part of a big thing when you're part of developing military weapons secret military weapons is a certain amount of pride alot of those guys taken the fact that they are developing the very best weapons in their developing in secret in these fuckin workers that are built in the sight of mountains age we gotta show the weapon though yes in there that's where the fuckin stealth bomber came from the add ons or irregular fifty one is a lot of nutty shit they worked on for years but this this whole area fifty one didn't even admitted existed until i believe it was the nineties when they wanted to spread the amount of land that they control them was top secret because too many people are getting close now we're taking videos taking videos of what looks like you i found what looks like
likely unmanned drones flying through the night air and dancing and doing shit that we can never do in a fucking airplane she left in is a lot but a bit like a jack bailey over the ocean a lot of hot air but once they are using it though it makes the new but do they had to say that it existed in order to get this extra land before that they deny it is its existence there was satellite google earth back then see and say show me what's going on in the nevada desert you know then me too into its like a couple hours outside of vegas theirs is crazy fuckin place called groom lake and this is like a dried up late bed the government is flagging testing ufos out there you know what are you a foe is you know stealth bomber to me looks i've seen them in real life or that every edwards air force base were filled with fear fact out there that's a fucking you have our man his black wing thing flying over your head that's that's like red star wars don't you know the allowed at all it was any regular jet and it wasn't
and usually loud was far enough away it wasn't like right over my head where was like like coming in low we weren't palmdale edwards efforts bases and a little bit outside of it but you he'd get everything all right what makes a apple awesome is apply super fast from at middle unaware like you to stop like what makes you go that's your phone is not bids flying at it like a jack it's like the humming bird said dan zips everywhere and i always see the light from the skies though at what we can't figure it out but like i feel like we can't figure it out right now somebody doesn't want us another really not gonna make let us know i don't know what's a where i know you're really pump on every thirty one like but i like but if we can now they're gonna tell us fuck you what can really say that there are it's a sexy idea that something is funded just keep around since the idea of you foes and aliens according to drop
robert lazard they try to back engineer the parking craft and they couldn't man we don't have that element on earth yeah bushes without beyond reasonable doubt it from another planet and their dicks get hard with geek knowledge right i just wanted to be an alien deprive i don't get a dogged if a guy called the alien i can't wait i wanna play with a view not just like i want to see these take these guys just as fastened into me when something manmade does this is fascinating debbie i think that's all more rare because to be the fact that scientists stood on top of scientists shoulders for generations
it should i can't even understand you know they stood on top and social regeneration red always geeky stop that i dont have a chance to read or didn't didn't let myself read like and then built this or skirted disease or not that's crazy that's a beautiful thing to me that's like the most important thing and in society like we should be really rewarding that cause that's gonna pushes forward that's what you're saying exactly exactly red bad my why crew but that's how much i love technology yes technologies awesome i agree right without hardly fell yawns fido rugged turkey up what kind of crazy shit you incorporating into training now and now you're always at the fuckin the front of the lie when it so you know we're gonna hear every you see we come back with a coupled new drills for next week like one good with high
the streets what i have said to the phrase around or certain positions and someone doesn't go intimate that there all the time that you develop jewels based round that leads into that we start our whole grandam pensive starlight do you know the baby arm what am i pay on land where one result my baby are its his name's ever what's tim bush fought this past weekend he fought on european nick ring and he heard of in this position is position when you're inside control when you the guy's legs and you got his leg disarm rather wrapped up in between your legs you know that groundwater realize it do you have any states i way we sit side face towards his legs in the ground was on his arm is in between your legs like a giant deck that albania that's grabbers rests break his arm is right there it's right there and everybody nobody does it they just hold onto the arm but if you just grab that rest you can completely control it needed to snap is able to determine
fortunate yeah crazy lavished or i showed you yeah i why is fire it's a jog machado movie invented it old school level i called out eighty are even called the baby that's eddie bravo named baby of course i say here from here to hear i have his wrist this is number but here you don't within easy i realise of course lies of all tat i feel like the new up and coming kids i feel like are not getting the really expect the real experience of having a brazilian coach that's funny acts i barely speaks english buys look look look look for me look for me here this position but here no good no good his armies on the push me we push we will push me we're ok not not that ok and i did i had an idea i add a mild school jocker able printed coach for better a day like they go we gave me a key and other day
so all the criteria damn coach man like this does give road map these days leave when you're getting a horse for a present to you don't watch his tea what what what the hell does that mean i hope you get all or give tourist you don't look at it how do i get it you don't i don't like this do classes at our cross and graces and cross and didn't even speak english at all really didn't even try he would talk in portuguese and sergio colony due to barely spoke english would then give you destroy the instruction even better or who would talk to john olano agenda one speech private english our do you know what i wanted to give due to translate all my voting card gibberish does like the yellow scrutiny ryan will be like he does he want to you to go from headlines
frustrating when you hear certain dude coaching do get frustrated with like comedians like judge other comedians like oh god you went their way of life and actually i'd like to say that didn't happen that problem ro dude for your family we are violently eyebrow i tell it to you if a guy as stupid coaching we do make a lot of up don't wait here but that being said said sometimes stuff do you know what my favorite got my favorite guys the list as your rampages coaches the english do get fired a fuckin they yell and scream and they turn another eggs coaches i hope i then are the same guy who also aragon lives there s a big fire to close the range of such an awesome acts of the english acts as one my favorite all pretty funny that's why i was it for info marshals when you try to sell something important they use english acts and because the english accents like fuckin legitimate this is some serious fly fish
the fact is this an iphone long old investment that i'll have a big employing their direct globally maybe that was a queue for something may be that they were her something that in the german close a distance means do they do the oyster about we're going to refrain baby i love you baby are and we do that you're going to say maybe they're spot on and well rampage itself up in town to physically but is so that everyone knows what is going to do you know i mean we get fucked forgets the eu it puts those hands on you you could put on anybody rampage you're good eye but have you fuck up you know you you let him get into his game and and get a hold of you you're done but john jones man he figured i definitely not let rampage fighters game mean that's what it was it was rampage was john jones game he had a perfect fucking game plan for his body and rampage style so amazing to watch was now
lot of earlier for fight actually designed spar the fuck are you some shit like that their courts are you know and i felt like i don't know i didn't like a great job of his gay plan and sticking to it and then we took rampage out his game plan now and didn't let rapids do what he was good i do know it's great is core to watch that animals like amazing mason is named will do that so quick now it's fun to watch his evolution too weird right knew the fuckers ever got not good that quick you know mr bonde i was what was at two years ago i was on my bed was it even was it even two years ago i don't know i'm just guessing i'm not gonna go to search short argued check it out but i love you start fighting in two thousand and eight when he gets the same in two thousand and nine sec nine months later he had like six fight but they were fought really close to means one another to making when you watch is ever now there's some due to come along and any sport we use whoa what the fuck you know someone other such as jumps way ahead of the law
they are now the second take a genetic mutations yeah when he beat up showdown dude that literally like if you are from another planet ok and eu you came in and you were watching these you know you you the these these species you would say all this into species come back this is one species grown up against another species all this this this chauvelin specie this really can't fuck with this other thing why are you doing that that's like sort of like a grasshopper frightened with praying mantis remain the main it wouldn't like two different things in i'm looking to show them the way throws its punches in waitresses kicks it's a guy who's got at unarmed goes this long but when you got an arm those were the fucker crossed the room and its attached to a body that spend a lifetime learning how to manipulate other people's bodies in control them and throw them around and wrestling its literally two different species you know what is
the giant eighty thorns wingspan it is like two different things really well this is one thing i guess they get breed and they can have a child but really the different fear you're proposing show gotta john john board now my closing that we mixed up a female show again what do you think of this chance bono picture wishes walkin around no shirt on this is what i say hey where's ass she walked around outside its heart out so she's got these giant scars where she used to breast she had a breast meet removed and now she's just flat chested but with a woman's nipple but she'd like belly here like
he's a forty theme nancy graces nippur osha that's all i was speaking about though attire time we're talking about a lot of bad feeling a little help me if you raise boobs stole betray these butner by like what the hell you know and you know what the big deal is energy i dont think village as its randy is right when it's a girl the term becomes a guy so she can role of you she was in the picture around doesn't make sense this name and worth looking so we she's gonna beer that a the that dude you know naples are men are big transgender people get a bad rap i just do i think you know do whatever you want to do man as long as that makes you happy if there really does however i think it strange that the nipple thing that debts are legit new sort
you would never be able to show a photo of a woman's nipple before but because she has committed to the life of a man now you can see or nipple that is what i found out and i think in america general people disney big i can't get over sex anyway i got delighted site you make it you make it the scary dirty thing and then every like chosen tidies on tv who cares if not gonna in this connection a sense the siting crashing the burning think people are worried about people going nutty their word about people not doing their share not doing work not helping build up society and they think that one of the ways to make sure ensure that society keeps moving at a good pace stick sex what why control the freak animal instinct in people control the violence and control the sex gazelle if that doesn't things you most terrified about when the barbarian storm the gates and i worry that the gonna fuck and take your basket born in another word
fuck your women and take your money and control the country control saxon patrol violence as the two things people control when we want to keep society in order to try to control sex control violence really thought about it that way well that's you know it's normal for people to want like to look at these slots in these whores and i want to strict club near me you know you have a whorehouse in your town what's in others and natural inclination or what it wanted what do you care for you not fuck in these horse you wanna get while because you don't want people near you that are fucking these horrors you know one people in your neighborhood then want to fuck these horrors yeah but it's happening evidence inclination for people to obstruct shy away from that though the most frightening of our instincts their desire to want to fuck and a desire to want to kill right i guess so i guess you're right i never really kilometres
thought you you society for young man like you is like you know might as well be vegas all day you know but for society to work for an order for people to show up at the bread factory order for society to move and we cannot give it our hand jobs starbucks i get when you say ok yeah when you look at countries at a more liberal i wonder what their their output is a gross domestic output or there how would you like to go to starbucks get handy they almost like it slowly year it's like the society has accepted like mad like in the sports pages there's like naked chicks like it's like whatever miley yeah so you can go and just service somewhere in the air i view japanese here thank you gazing zone alarm place david gaga jack i don't like normal lightly the guy now i do
any massage parlor yet nobody here so demonized yes attacks do the insignia bradawls illegal and their about it productive usage companies are more productive than americans more you're hell yeah man and yet they can still get jerked off places so that throws my theory to get i totally crushes theory that's louse we at length about the creative that i think are just the vital societal primarily yeah like my baby but why how come why does japan like really love america why does what is so many jap anymore milan americans really one of the areas where they do need a lot of things it is people they were really get into american music over their music sex are bad and so it is near me if you look at any country like most countries music art there it's nice
i too have a greater yeah japan i was hungry abandoned you don't know what i'm talking about i just i just talk to somebody the other data that would that went to jed japan project ten times and that's what they're there were telling me that's why i brought it up then everything to go i've been wailings american music or arab drivers now due to obtain it there's ok so your country ok is pretty bad ass and makes i got like good music in whatever but then another country whose budget is way buck bigger crazier acts and whatever crazier very ill effects of course you gonna watch some of that what i'm not gonna totally be fuck up to america late i was actually trying to get in nice the resource and it is because i was wondering what effect there there discipline and their there there you know the fact they can get laid in just get service but i wonder what that has effect on their creativity like that aren't they produce the music that they make like we're why do they like america music so much is it what is their means
why do they have a really good music in japan is japan organs dumbass rocket j lifestyles j j pop their sub like gathers different recitals and music i got poppies let me remind you happenings artists right now name one that you all know it i know i know but that you ask them name one american artists they know fifty that's what i'm saying that because the dominant culture there are there a smile and years while the regulation to be able to know one god because you listen to japanese music i understand the japanese saying the ocean your arm rats why did i know one thing you see i was a singer he's the best yeah i mean i don't know though it's also a different language mean we're not really interest everybody in japan sleek figures a little bit everybody speaks a little but everyone in japan just about why i'm a lot of people won't do it could go a barrister body but everyone learns in school cynics that will maybe japan because it's not trying to take over the world anymore maybe they have spent more time sort of evolving as culture like end
just put progressing in our business wise and discipline why now but i beg you not for years and years has been just like that people are generally lublin like day it's been like that there's been a culture but that is how it is correct that allegation geisha before that even people who had a normal thou as there are things i gotta concubine without them whole societies patient come conforming dresses and the same black sea they do the same things they follow the same path stepping outside it is really frowned appear really front you gotta be part of the team like the team is smart here's the rules do the rules as they offers an old yet bethany i think it's great i think people could adapt those cultural bigs from japan and bring it here too there are some very difficult embed over generations and generations now how do you think they one of doing that that's what i've always been fascinated me it was such a small amount of area of so many people so they should they have to be more than happy eventually you got that way he became outweigh like because
yeah you do the right even at mcdonald's man like they did right job because that's the right thing to do don't get me wrong they're stupid people there they became but there dumb but they try to do their job as best they can in all that i'm not like we could bring that america just do your job like is best you can whatever your job is do it also like just try your hardest you know and i mean really that's what you're trying to do that so you should be trying to do but i think america people like everyone owes me something you don't you like i should in i should get paid more like should it does work you do what you have to do it do it often because your job jason mayhem miller corporate employer of dissent pep speech in a week boys that's right away your life insurance but i've got words and wisdom right issue just fuckin work hard
go away you gotta do it do it hard to do the best you can in no way further back i'd look it look at dungeons is still we talk about this way all the time about book ever yet how just moving what geographic resources did you haven't how did that affect how your culture develops in the mari people the best in new zealand they fought all the time great lots resources you can afford to have a priest a teacher just a home whatever as soon as a group of those married people move to now four hundred miles south everyone had to spend all day gathering food they had to work together in uk fight so they turned almost like this into a peaceful culture sure now several hundred years later the american they find them what do they do it kill all the same people are both recover there's an asiatic them up but where the island they want you has very few resources they d spent all day gathering food
we all have a larger third my house i can listen to him be appraised that i can go to it that we can have spent it become a warriors weakening teaches all these specializations changes society based on resource or resources or their large grains that you could make the job domesticated animals look at all that stuff started you regions go traded domesticate the giraffe had a lot to do with a go i got i thought i bet that all the sudden what those animals you can live near them so your disease as your mean system grow stronger you can make food you have weightless food i'm ready look i have run was the best marrying i haven't ready as it happens it's been wrecked did we lower your lives i will try to get an answer right now good i think go now i remember the whole japanese part of a baby interesting watched asian aliens euthanasia they're trying to say that japanese samurai swords with our talk to them by aliens ha so no one could have figured out a way to make this
you like this new target the valet your ability to fuckin phone so all i want samurai food given three by ass cricket alien bird how bout it will go the dark be relegated fortunes been doing with him they ve been having huge polar threatened of the guy for aliens like his hair and stuff merges like making him like all these different characters like it's fucking i love upside so funny glassware get on fourteen i always hear about it i never go on funds is antonio different service by now one click son bam about a gun germs and steel did it in the next time you are on a par gas can surely buying everyone you play hard back yet the reality that we work you know actually the first half that book is pretty like babo bobo then it gets to be like work like the second on the other haven't they started we like shit like i read this back again like where they don't give a little can't get it
an overall like i've soul is one of the book i'm so glad you re paints a beautiful picture and why did europeans come over to different pleasureward spread their journey columbus stepped up about sneeze than a hundred million people tat you re why didn't indians gettin knave makin ticket into canoes comes europe in fact this would their disease and shoot us with well there's a lot of people to believe the people came here far earlier than that you know what the all max are in mexico and in southern europe further alma ata this they don't know what the fuck they are men they don't know they are they have age african faces they have african faces and these things are thousands and thousands of years old they believe at least six thousand years old ways fuckin structures which puts them in more what does at four thousand not even yet almost four thousand b c so they don't know who the fuck these people where where they came from africa they have african faces and there's big carved stones gigantic massive ones are these faces they don't have a language attributed to these people they don't know that anything about
culture sorry just what a mystery so it's very likely that people were travelling from from south america ills america to egypt in fact because they found cocaine in mummies and they know the cocaine can only been grown in south america and south american that's the whole mormon faith belief that now the momentary believes that the ass tribe of israel came across the bearing straight and they became the american indians i went further would sound firmly believe while maybe maybe they link is gradually by mormons that somehow somewhere the middle east that came to south america first and populated the americas from so now i have heard that one i thought what i heard maybe there's another group that believes that but what's really funny is one guy actually went and got genetic testing cuz he was a devout mormon and he really truly believe in it so i went out and got the american indians tested because he wanted to prove they were israel the other the lost their ideas but they were from siberia they were from the bearings train they they came from another country they were indians we don't need it
of tat look out of you asked about looking to ask about i'm gonna try to shorten yeah yeah like you like there's gotta be some damn connection russians looks almost like american indians easy tat is well does you know those people that's it's really amazing when you stop and think about it when you look at like how eskimos have lived up until like really recently and then they still sort of follow the same sort of lives they would have have to follow hundreds and hundreds of years ago to stay alive you know they still wear skins now they still they big hunt seals you know it's it's kind of amazing she said that they're still able to eat life in a world where you would be terrified to live could you imagine if we had to go and we had a move to like northern alaska and live forever with the outcome of this like woe
that's a gibby light gap at this point i would try my best oppression could question i will try my best i'll be like bucket do let's get out there do some ice patient i dont be i burst bought like gets a hoax brow i wanna get some very boots to very boats is where it that the seas of the really she would you be the eu to have no choice and that you would probably have to be working so hard just stay alive i that's why you must get all your enjoyment from from fuckin honey during like you don't have the time or no hobbes anymore dude if you're liven up there and you just trying to bash steals over the head every day and preserve yeah i think my will i think you would you adapt just like any move that tom hanks movie way that's crazy you adapt but you wouldn't enjoy it does this you're lying real this pod castle if we lose more giants drink gonna juice thank you to see the cause they sent me to go about this juice negative delicious but are not commodities
super having for airline parsons here is right you the health minister from about that but yet these still sell that life for stuff i do life force right not lightfoot ice elegy aged my hd and then alive effie is the radical to version i don't think there exists a morbid i'm not sure i think that the kids if where do they get that light for show the goat must have good like force greens that kind of what he was doing a measure for while i was genuinely protegee gives you look a little bit to flare yeah that's why due to a two thousand by some disagreeing super food thing empowered shadows berlin there but i don't know how much i really help doesnt ever seem to help as much as the vital makes when you really blended up like nothing will be fresh user vital mixtures now but by patent powders there can be good
have a nice like an actual burst do you one always feed you go make sure you guys you red meat or do you gotta do you guys you chicken firstly what do you do do stop them from being read me what do you mean you now you know why diet me i spent so much time on the subject is really interesting and super boy same time because in thirty seconds you can learn ninety five percent of everything you need to know then you can argue about the rest so i think the less you know red meat is probably better i got an idea i think this was to eat things are hard catch i think that's what fishes really good for you and that's why dears really good for you and elms really good for cars are out there runnin and trying to get away wildly so different than anything farms supervisor good in super good for you that's why i'm sam centre fatty acid profile totally different profile everything i don't worry i'll leave chicken that fight back i got that those that plump ones with it so there s a one percent
rest or so far forward and fuckin face plant everywhere they see no man can chickens jack that's greatly and again there really yeah you know they're trying to take a chicken there's this idea of chicken and chicken turn into a dinosaur i say they believed that the big they do some jurassic park shit we're looking at what the hell are we waiting for i want to see this morning i lay in a basic chicken thorius rex i want to see it jurassic park was a bad one will we baby like mad i hope they do this food too when that fuckin kid is in the car and is of the waters to water and uncover classic why's that and you see the fucker holy shit is valuable role in scale of animal dogs
terrified animals in the future about that bad celerity and will know you would go to draft a new predators i just gotta go jerome when i go to your answers and oral drastic part which again is there a t rex yet known they spoke about our best net cracker in the history of net crack and correct the shit ass and next i'm working on the grass roots movement in the movie s t rex i got a big screen the gender pay gap wretched tat eighty plea we get a lot rather big job because we're run tape mass we will build a process it on itunes but this is a long and story discussion was rather often thank you doctor parsons recombine bags back about our best nutcracker in the history of net crack and cut the shit as a next is an awesome chiropractors well and of course the broke a train of why do you always best we ask ourselves reality
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