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Duncan Trussell, Brian Redban - Date: 10/07/2011
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drums duncans here let the party begin release the hounds shadowkhan experience herman cain explain yourself duncan trussell here gets that's your realm bro you're speaking of weird you know it's call the flashlight a sex toy why do they get what toys the wrong word for what that is that's a tool not a toy sexual a toy makes it seem like you would like sit and like gi joe
those would play on top of it well it's it's a toy i think because of the fact that it's silly you can't help but laugh at it yeah i guess you play with it you know it's like a less offensive way of describing what it really is something you fuck you know imagine if it just said that the flashlights it you be great just call it a million times better than a sex toy that's like a john wayne gacy term you got you wanna play with my sex toys in the basement they sell sex toys at target now or do they have all these new companies are not new companies like condom come knees are now getting into vibrators and like they have vibrators now at target it's called like personal massage units or something but it's just vibrators at target really but they have to pretend it's for something else they have to show the girl like rubbing face with it doesn't my temples are so strangely and big fucking rubber dick that you repress
society so fucking impressed that they get they gotta call the purse on the that they can't say uh fuck tool and you gotta all the toy if you do this that and the other weird thing about it is if you want to talk about sex you have to say well it's adult entertainment like what yeah well in adult entertainment that makes you going to be watching a symphony not like fucking do i think that all this repression when it comes to sexuality is a direct result of overpopulation is that what it is is it like we feel overpopulated and we're trying to slow down yeah now i don't think i've never thought that i think it's all based on the it's all based on the fundamentalists of all religions is there urge from what did this urge to control what is the root of it as if you guys have a form of s and then you know that joke you do about that joke you do about the priest sitting in the in the in the confession
in with with tiny little hole is a they to to people to other darkest secrets that's us and sm like that could be in a sex club there's no confession booths that would probably be a thing works i can't go in the kurt booth man people tell you really dirty things and you can't share coffee this is that crazy yeah it must be so hot with them here like really crazy stories it's a rock dude it's really sexy 'cause he's you know there's guys in the booth being like man i put my fingers in her pussy and then she wanted father she wanted me to fist her pussy cool go on my son and i would pumping and pumping an father she squirt she squirted father you haven't had sex this is a guy who isn't theoretically not had say two years listening to lever maybe yeah but they have i mean they have they have they have nocturnal emissions like they come at night in their sleep
priests are always blast in and i diculous that after all we know in twenty eleven that people that would not not even just that anybody would do that but that anyone would at all take anybody willing to do that seriously and not think they're fucking crazy like when you see the pope like having an interview like sitting down with great heads of state petitions and kings and queens from around the world you're looking at this guy like this is this guy's wearing a fucking superhero out yet ok he's wearing some crazy jesus superhero outfit on and he's gay titties are fucking cult leader and he's going to talk to presidents if catholicism was new if it just came out of someone just invented it you would for sure make fun of it and for sure it would be labeled a cult noda
and then the moonies no different than the hari krishnas no different than any other new ideology they try to get introduced into our system but can follow system is one of the weirdest one yeah as someone who grew up in it you know some it's been around those churches and the stained glass windows and everything is dark and no one is fucking after that how about the trans substantiation of the communion wafer way they believe that they convert the communion wafer into the flesh of jesus yeah what enable they build it's not assemble there's like i've heard that they really truly believe when they do their whatever the spell over the crisp that it turns the jesus skin and then they're breaking up the flesh of jesus in consuming the flesh if the man god they don't you know the way you were really into catholics are dudes were fighting off the gay and a lot of old women old women get really gold medal like get the fuck out with this most sold
catholics that i knew you know i did the joke catholic suicide bombers you'll never see catholic suicide bomber because none of us believe in it that much i yeah catholicism was like fuck it you never know religion yeah it might be real but you know just not count on this but old women old women and dudes fighting off the guy good dudes fighting off the game and they dive into the fucking lords word when i was in high school there was this poor kid who wanted to be a priest and he was just fighting off the car just every day like the space shuttle reentering orbit with leggy tiles just fighting off the urge just dive on the car she was so gay and he was really religious man i think it became a pretty please god keep cox out of my mouth today i was reading about this fucking crazy story where there's a lesbian couple and they have a son and they want
to the son is eleven years old and they want to block his hormones because he says that he's a girl and he wants to be a girl so they want him to be positioned for gender reassignment at eleven years old but he's making his decision and his name is tommy but they say that he only refers to tammy he calls himself tammy dresses and dresses and he wants to be a girl yeah what happened there is do you think the kid is is that um an emotional thing is that a physeal logical saying does anybody have that nailed like why people wish that were another in i guarantee that it's not like just a decision for an eleven no eleven year old is going like put themselves through turning into a he wasn't like this is going to be interesting to be a girl well according to the parents he had done that since he was a baby baby its physiological you think it's just some wacky coincidence that this is happening in the presence of this lesbian couple
that's raising him you know because this is where the real argument comes in about sociology versus physiology like what it would exactly cause a certain behavior or certain wants and inclinations i do no you know i mean i'm no i'm no expert but i you know i know that people are really uncomfortable when they hear that a lesbian couple has a boy that they adopted that this boy is being considered for gender reassignment to become a woman at eleven you want to go wow was okay did you what do you guys like i said don't talk to you you know how do you feel about man yeah you fucking hate him do you do talk shit about him all day you think please his mom i don't know no i don't think that i definitely don't think especially don't do it i don't have an opinion i have no opinion you know
honestly i i i just find the whole subject to be incredibly fascinating the whole idea of gender reassigned at term is fascinating sounds like some credibility what happens you in the military obviously our gains gender reassignment ball and it's like the robot military they see they should not let like hopefully that kid has to be eighteen to honestly be able do that right no no no no no what they're trying to do they're trying to give the kid blockers right that keep him from reaching puberty yeah but to be against the law for them to be able to do that i would i that's what i would think that the kid can't make a decision for himself yeah i don't think you can and jack nature like that at eleven now now you don't know what you're doing you don't know the repercussions how can eleven year old possibly wrapped their head around the idea of what they should be responsible with for the whole future and they're not you gotta a man yet even responsible for yourself your mom's to check to make sure you wipe your butt
and at one thousand one hundred and eleven you know i can't imagine i can imagine that said i have a friend who is going through that i have a friend whose son is going through a gender rias issue and these that's a new is that a new word that's a new term this is like a new add or something i'm not i've never heard that there is a thing you know that's what they call it when they chop you'll dick office there are too many patients off the chop your dick golf clinic are you here to get yourself a fake vagina and no penis alright do items on the menu yeah that's two hours of chop your dick off chop your dick off so so a so so well for women you know women i don't know how many of them get an artificially constructed penis they convert the clitoris right well not really what they do is for the most part they just jack him up with roids and roids make the clit turn into like a
dick the the in the penis are apparently made out of the same sort of tissue and when the clytoris is in the presence of massive doses of testosterone just chimpanzee rage doses it becomes a dick it gets so ferocious it grows the rhino horn oh and that's just from just pumping test into a woman's body and soul crazy to me man i've been around bodybuilders before i knew girls that did roids for sure there was a girls at this gym that i went to there's one one that i went to in north hollywood they were fucking gigantic women and they were big were like a buck eighty solid muscle or five percent body fat did you get that way there's a lady who used to live down the street from me that was like a miss olympia so it's it's a weird thing managed dealer but when they do it backwards like they take the dick off to make it a pussy you don't they use to put the dick hole and then they kind of like just open it up like an artichoke
or something like that i think yes something along those lines i think they actually try to sever the penis and use it to line the skin of the vagina so the person still gets excited they still have like a feeling but they can organize them anymore yeah no orgasms forever makes me wonder then then like if they're sharing sensation to get you see those videos that were like people are shoving pencils up their dick of course it has does that feel good um does it have a sensation it's got a feel terror have these that a new way to check off i i i think once it heals up it probably doesn't feel too terrible there probably so excited by the fact they got
little fig pussy oh that probably feels good i thought you meant a pencil in your dick hole that's kid's gotta feel horrible and you pause for a second no no because it's the same hole is what i'm saying is when they split open the dig and you know have sex not that's the whole you're right they wouldn't make it not you know what no it's a good question you might be right he might be right there now that your field there that went away your fucking you're not fucking her you're really i'm just saying right they stretch it out you should be a peanut penis trainer like an angel tree is the first person who did this operation that's what i want to know if they start out with the shell of a bullet things start off with a number one pencil and they go to the number two and then they go to that nice fat thirty one way ticket to a thirty eight round really pack it in there and stretch out of that car it's a six month process until it becomes something that you could fist i've seen videos of chicks knuckled
keep in a guys thing gosh she's pushing down into his dick hole just fucking fishing around down involves no bacteria on those nails legal manner and this girl i know i see creed's webcam videos and a lot of guys do that like i was surprised she will screen capture all of 'em i think if you wish that she captures all yes so they can see her as she sees them yeah yeah you know that was that that check relay is that the thing the checks to sars other things externality yeah you you lose like beat off and they look at you yeah one on one yeah it's kind of like it's what you always used to do with like the girls from forms and stuff for free but now that they're charging like something like ten dollars and every two minutes and yeah it's kind of cool because now you're making a personalized porn video you know so it's pretty much like
at roulette but the girls high on the other side yeah i they can screen capture they can get photos of you yeah i can everything yeah it's what's mostly just copy don't have spaces in there your great she's like all screen capture index that's just rude now of this are you happy there was also a question now yes well yeah after i got out of the beat off of the disorder i know only does it when it's pencils in the vehicles you know what i mean i can only crazy circuit board or something ridiculous doesn't she have to take an oath before she becomes a webcam should have to echo the hippocratic oath yeah do not allow the harm yeah that'll take screen shots of dudes tactics you're here in the service industry that's right i screen capture all the time of day you really should be sexual service industry there really should be you know the idea that that's illegal is so fucking gross you know i think it probably causes more rape causes more anger if crossbred disease i don't want my daughter to be a prostitute of course but if
prostitution is legal people are going to do it guess what some people are to actually like to do it yeah some people going to enjoy going there and some people there just crazy bitches and they really wouldn't do anything else anyway what do you to fix the whole world going to fix the hole what are you going to let him get tested and get taxed and let him be treated like they're not some outlaw you know it's not it's outlaw thing you're it's if you're a prostitute you're a criminal you're giving away sex for free you're just a whore but if you're actually getting money for it you go to jail they lock you in a cage and the idea that we still have that in two thousand and eleven regardless of what your beliefs are about sex with you should or shouldn't go to a prostitute i agree that's kind of a weird thing it's a little dehumanizing the whole condition is very strange fucking for short should be legal you can't lock i'm going to jail you block people in a cage for me did someone feel good with their mouth
is wrong with you it's insanity it's absolute fucking instead fucking lunacy minutes complete insanity and the fact that it's not challenged the that's not challenged in twenty eleven and the fact that it's not censoring it office siri when you're asking for a blow job and i tell you what then look the closest escort agency is yeah did you know that this is what he did he asked it over this i go i last night i just sit there in bed and trying new things you know i'm saying there are no i need i want a blowjob there like we found four escort agencies closest to you it was like two dot seven miles away you know steve jobs is program some shit in there which is waiting for someone to say the right thing i just hope they don't start censoring it though apples keep on going that way make it like the internet don't start censoring it that's fucking cool that you actually have that in there open a time portal siri he just put it in there knowing eventually someone doing what is exactly going to happen on december 21st two thousand and twelve
cannot access future node fucking cool man one thing that seems interesting it it seems like that it's run off a server because it's been you know everyone's activating this which is a remote assistance on the new iphone 4s is what what we're talking well you know what it's based on right dragon or no based on wolfram alpha which was that search engine was created by all these ph ds they wanted they literally wanted to put together the concept is a website that can answer any question what know what your question is what is the weight of one of nuclear why i've used where i've used it for ship before yeah it's awesome apparently that's what that's that's what's behind wow that's really cool it's amazing yeah when you ask for a dead body
is a sewer an old warehouse a junk yard where no yes and where to put a dead body yeah you do you didn't make that i thought you this is a fake no no no no no no no i've been laying in bed using it but it just like making up through all the that is i never have and device if you have ever gadget and want to learn everything about it i just by brian one to i haven't right then i say where we at now is like dude this is what i just found out and he'll find shit on it that you would never figure out yourself fucking gnome yeah well he's just a gadget whore i need to figure it out and interview with them and i think it's run off a server like i think that they're going to be able to constantly upgrade it as time goes on and i'm just worried now that with all the attention to all the of course the x rated stuff that they're going to start censoring it when i hope they don't start doing that but it is called
like what siri in five years is going to be just like when we first saw the iphone one to see how it's changed the technology from then it's going to be pretty much like most relationships without sex is going to be better than that you know it's going to be anything you want to talk about any questions you have to ask you're going going to learn it's going to get to know you it's you know it's pretty much going to be like artificial intelligence think what do you mean most relationships about sex what else is that you're sitting there talking oh you mean most of their shit like most like a relationship without sex yeah but you know what you won't feel the same if you know that the robot is there for you because it's artificially you're going to use it it's not like a person that you love to have around i think most people would probably just beat the fuck out of their robots they knew the robot in a person but was always going
to like look out for them and be there for them and and then you would find that real but annoying and you would kick his because you know you can fight back his look there to protect you right but if it gets to know you better and me i'm or i lay el mando robot no but if it gets to know who what your answers would be in your personality back because i'm already interested in it and it's just not even smart right now right now right but what if it starts to get to know you and now you're still interested it like crack are you asking what if you fall in love with your phone yeah she's she she has the good i even asked to sing the other day to start singing a song i mean it's pretty wise it's it has its fastening like i want i'm addicted to it i'm addicted what if brian just got a cursed iphone it's not siri it's got a minute i mean if you were a real fundamentalist if there's anymore satan this is this is the devil in the machine that's right that's true that's what satan death
you know someone told me want satan cannot create only god can create satan is only capable of imitation that's why satan is the lot of music of rock music satan the it's like love dudes who just like have knowledge like that to date and they want to give it to you this is i'm going to tell you and they're all confident and they're just saying just crazy shit just think about that just think about that i've always say that if you believe in the devil that's a different kind of crazy 'cause there's a lot of people that will talk all day about god like on tv god bless america may god save our troops you know god is on our side bush said god is on our side on tv i believe god is on our side could you man if he said we found the devil is in afghanistan maybe later this guys crazy oh yes that is a fucking mind you don't you didn't really find the devil but it's okay to invoke god into the equation as long as it's sort of an abscess
like saying that you're pretty sure you're never going to meet in this like it's amazing what invoking god can do i mean clearly the god that christians are invoking if there is a satan is satan is the god that there voting is this like homophobic destroyer of like every thing that isn't a christian and if you don't fear him he will fuck you up you up fat you'll give you a plague anything bad he'll fuck you up so bad that fucking herman kane if you like there's a thing on the internet if somebody asking herman cain what he thinks about homosexuality his response is well i'm a bible believing christian and so i believe it's a sin so if you think about that this guys running for president and those two things he put next to each he believes that there's fucking someone of the same gender is not just bad it's bad on metaphysical level it's bad because
there is a super intelligent being out there that gets in fury ated when these microscopic amoeba like creatures put their penis in an asshole of the same gender he believes in that creature in that fucking guy once the keys the largest nuclear arsenal you can given that you think they're uh i don't believe that anymore i don't believe they have the rights to the largest nuclear arsenal play i don't believe the president has anything i say i think the president is just doing a job he's in there playing a role i think it's really clear now and the clearest evidence of that is obama what album but the way he's changed his stance on things from being a presidential candidate being the president and is done every thing that you would have asked him to do if you were in corporate sure you were one of the people that put him he's done everything you know it's like
maitre d' including what they're doing with the pharmaceutical companies going after marijuana now closing down stores threatening take their property owners yeah who are renting places out to medical marijuana places they're saying they're to take their property away their through reading newspapers for airing advertisements for medical marijuana meanwhile mean there's been study after fucking study after fucking study showing so many benefits that people have that are sick you know forget it people like me who just use because i like the way it makes me feel you know what i mean i mean it makes me relaxed i relax it helps me go to sleep fine reminded you have any reason just like aspirin if you have a headache you should be able to take aspirin god damn it you're a fucking grown human being yeah the idea that a one person should be able to stop you is ridiculous but in this day and age with all the information that we have now the fact that still illegal a certain point time you just have to fuckin scream
it just infuriates infuriate well the pool just came out it just was popping up on the internet that now fifty percent of americans believe that marijuana should be legal and somebody did to me that fornia like the medical association came out and said that they think it should be legal because it causes more harm breaks up our families the war on it is breaking up families you know taking people's property putting people in jail that's a million times more harmful than whatever they the harmful effects maybe of smoking marijuana which as far as i can tell her like naps that are too good and it makes world of warcraft fucking unavoidable your life it does make food taste better and make sex feel good too yeah it's so so there's so you yeah when you start when i got really depressed when that shit started hitting twitter about obama cracking down again like i got really i like like sad i still am a little gloomy from that because it's just this idea of like what are we in
fucking mordor in lord of the rings is there some guy on like a black throne with fucking gloves and a horn helmet being like we must crush the marijuana that is making these people so happy yeah exactly could not have them people be happy there's just happy the grossest example of corruption available tomorrow sis example of corruption whenever there's something where someone is trying to crack down on think know this when someone is threatening to crack down on something where they're going after certain organizations there's money involved one hundred percent there's money involved and the money we can go one way or the other you know it could be do they realize they can make a lot of money through these medical marijuana places and the marijuana just give him a nice fat tax like maybe say hey instead of whatever tax were playing how 'bout medical marijuana you make him pay x amount of tax maybe just a little bit more that those profits go to try to
without the economy a little bit and you know and everybody still can make a shit load of fucking money then they have to stop packing thing go while they're giving us more money than the pharmaceutical companies are and then and only then are you going to be able to fucking stop all this bullshit you're going to have to have a marijuana lobby you're going to have to have people that have loads of fucking money and they marijuana to be legal and then all these cunt politicians all these corrupt little stores with their asshole sticking straight up in the air all of them will come around all of them but that's only then only when they get the people who put them in office when their daddies who put them in position and tell them what the fucks to say there's no clear piece of evidence that obama a man who admitted he smoked marijuana and they're locking people in cages for taking their proper taking a prank you in a way that none of their why the doing there's only one reason money there's only one reason why someone is making money off it and not being legal are there is the d that's one part of it but there is like that deeper
idea when the deeper conspiracy theory about it which is it's not just the money it's the fact that the state of consciousness it induce this isn't one that works for a type of cat realism we have right now and i think they're something to that man if people start and also it's like try getting really high on a really good weed and start thinking about those fucking drones zooming around afghanistan and blast and missiles at kids and it's like yours really start getting a clear understanding of how fucked up that is you know no matter what even let's say even those drone attacks we had to do them it's still fucked up it still creates more sensitivity towards people getting their limbs blown off of their bodies in the per you have some ridiculous war and that kind of you know that in the military industrial complex it's it pharmaceutical companies because if you start getting high you're going to start expn
out a better level of happiness it's going to make you start dealing your bullshit or maybe it'll make it yes 'cause you're lazy but either way it won't value to like sink into the kind of sedated hypnosis that it seems like works really fucking well for applebee's you know it works really well for the corporations for people to be in a sedated hypnotic state where they can really makes sense of going down to a shopping mall and buy do eating like eating at a fuckin i don't know chicken place with their kids and then going up and buying some shit's shoe store and then spending their day just consuming shit they don't really need and then going home and sitting back to watch it be with more advertisements and not thinking that's weird and falling asleep in that kind of press lumber that is really hard to do if you're high you're really high it's really hard to watch normal tv and not be like this is whore
football look at these advertisements are you kidding they think that that's going to work on me oh my god for eight thousand dollars for a fucking car you're going to pay for that's like over a year's wage for some people you're going to make sense about a brand new car payments of two hundred and eighty five dollars a month for like four grand you can go buy a fucking car get it fixed through the year and and have like a load extra money and not be in debt that's what pot makes you think if you you know but if you're like drunk and you're fucking scratch your balls and watching the game in a fucking the new lexus you'll start thinking like well my credit score went up this year i think i might be able to take out a loan from the bank and get a new life is even though you're fucking broke and living in hell and it's going to just create this weight on your butt it's going to make you miserable dude i don't mean to go on a long rant but did i ever tell you that i'm a friend of mine pick me up
this fucking mercedes and took me to his apartment never tell you this had a brand new mercedes now i know this guy knew what his job was pick me up and i knew he can afford a mercedes picks me up brand new mercedes and he's like hey i gotta stop by my apartment come inside for a second go into his apartment it is the size of a fucking closet it is this all this department i've ever seen in my life like barely could be like i kind of like almost like walk sideways against the wall to get around the bed to get to the bathroom it's like a new york style shit box meanwhile that guy's car payments have got to be like five hundred and fifty six hundred a month i mean this is a nice fucking mercedes and in his mind he would like his logic behind it was like yeah it's bad i have like a really nice car than like a comfortable living situation i talk about that he's like a deal one last thing that guy's a tramp demon white but he's a tramp demon his tramp see that mercedes and they're like let's go back to your apartment
they think he's rich and then they get in this tiny little fucking shitty closet space probably has some rap about that they're making my new place or fixing up town staying here for a little while yeah yeah yeah yeah so fucking said the look on those tramps face when they walk in that door and realize that there's barely room to stand there's like two feet a carpet between the door in the bed there's a lot of people who believe in those really small sustainable houses you know that people are making these like really really little houses and you move things out for the kitchen and move things on the bed is like a lion walking area and you know and yeah like it's it's like a whole trend on the internet is a lot of people are doing that now cool i don't think there's anything wrong about living simply it's just hilarious when people owe you throw themselves into hellish debt
for a symbol yeah and and and well it's not just that honestly it's the we you you you enjoy the out of a nice car sure i get in a mercedes can't believe you're allowed to drive this thing you everywhere you go people look at you like you must be special looking mercedes on my car for a lot of people that is a tangible benefit of having a car like that they like yes cool you could say it's shallow all day but man driving one those things is beautiful it's a an amazing piece of engineering and as a thank you your head you know i'm a sort of a minor league because i don't know exactly how all that works yeah but like adam grows like alleged gear and he can like build cars i just like by am from people not to build them and appreciate the out of my think they're interesting the end but the driving one you drive like a really well engineered piece of it's amazing no i meant i think if i had loads of money i would buy a nice car and i would feel weird
it is anything to like to dull the fucking existential horror that comes over me on the one hundred and one and traffic that's beautiful i'm just saying when commercials you know there just appealing to rich people they're they're they're manipulating idiots run this somehow convincing them that they're logically make sense to get in debt to a bank for fifth the grant is not just idiots it's people that are not happy that's what i offering you happiness see most people throughout their day they have a job that can occasionally be interesting but they would never fucking do for free and with a good editor not to take some sense of pride in their work to get through the day but they're fucking tired man and people are unsatisfied they feel like you work so fucking hard they put so much n and what am i getting i'm just existing this is what i'm doing i'm existing so we they do they get fucking shit they buy a new bowling ball they get a new they get a new lexus
and no one for them you know for some of those you say it's sad but for some of those guys that are stuck in that life no matter what they do that might prevent that might guy then like a little bit more happiness driving you know yeah but that's plastic nice who mustang on the way to work like eating plastic fruit i mean really the ideas get underneath that don't start your starting at the top start way deep start run deep and then worry about the fucking mercedes and as for you yes for you for you for a guy who thinks but for someone who's just locked into the life of a drone and accepts it nice little red mercedes look at that the look on bob's face he's so happy he gets in those red mercedes i don't even know the girls hey girls i know my mercedes but i did ladies you know like i i get myself in debt always have been i i do the same shuttle by mercedes or any are go to that crazy but my was always like i grew up super poor and then now i have credits so now i could buy things at duke like the most my life is like
hand me down shit or you know like shitty boys are you know just not like you live in the neighborhood with a bunch of kids get anything they wanted growing up i can't i don't have to see these kids and you're like wow you got ultron how'd you get vulture on that's just like eighty dollars you know and then now you're an adult you kind of over like if you feel like i deserve this because i to have that stuff growing up i i want what i want you know like like the kids always give me a fucking objects of to sue them give me a big computer monitor and back in world of warcraft and some additional marijuana and that's all i need and that cost one thousand three hundred and ninety nine a month oh shit i guess i can't say what i did 'cause they'll cancel my acca but can i tell can i tell you what a friend of mine did yes please a friend of mine recently went on like a really bad world of warcraft benge like he like
he didn't mean thio when he started playing and this guy's name his name's his name's little hobo low you know him well hobo started playing and he went in there and he started playing he's got a mean more similar that we both have a level eighty three warlock and little hobo started little little hobo started playing and he went in deep i don't know what happened to him but like it's like he really really really like got hooked on it for like three days and said he's deleted you did delete the game from his computer so he couldn't play but in the mid this bench he decided to buy gold from a wanted because they sell gold online for world of warcraft they sell gold do you know this yeah they sell world of warcraft currency so he decided to buy just 'cause he saw an ad he's like i wonder if this really works he decided to buy six one thousand gold which takes a lot
long time to gather up in that game and so he went online and he ordered it and you have to put here put his phone number in and he got a fucking call from these chinese people are like you by goal you buy go meet me in ogema grandma at the bank ogre mar bank now come now like really like couldn't really speak english that well and fucking go and you meet a gold dealer game in the game so they call you up in real life and tell you the gold's ready the gold's ready get online you go and you meet this like level one character and it's like a fucking drug deal they have you meet gone out there like values spirits come now values here it's you come now they're brusque you so there and then they like give you six thousand gold and their character vanishes do you think that was the thing to things do you think either there's a foxconn of kids that are forced to play this game and then all sweat golden what shop yes what shot six thousand gold for for
for seven dollars it would take it would take days for me to gather up six thousand gold seven in dollars they're getting paid like zero dollars and ten cents an hour if that together or blizzard is one of the most intelligent companies in the whole entire world and they discovered that like hey this is like paying you know we could act like these people existed we're actually making money that we just made seven dollars off duncan you know we made up this imaginary goal you know how you do it and so on this was some blade runner this is unlike kids in a bunker it was like it in it it's it's like it for genuinely i can't well little hobo told me that it was like one of them
one of the most most fun experiences again they were able to commit a crime so glad little hobo is back yeah me too he's really he's been enjoying getting out on the road again so you did is using the the the the little guy or that the little guys been working fine nobody seems to see it seems to it's the same thing it's just with the little guys a little cuter he's a little nicer on state i mean he's sweet are looking so what you were saying that it is like blade runner type shit it really is we're getting things are getting so bizarre bazaar getting so bizarre in the closing with this siri thing you're absolutely right brian this is the next level this ability to interact with your generation yeah we're like knocking on the door of some really really bizarre our time you know what i think it is many things what i think the next thing is going to be in active surface is where it's going to be like some
it's some kind of like i don't material that you could lay down on top of a table like kind of like tile or just some kind of cloth you could lay on top of something that turned into screen so i think that the new thing is going to be there going to be walls made of interactive surfaces so that you tell the wall you know like beach view and suddenly you're just sitting on some beautiful beach looking out of the ocean and think they already have that should actually yeah like that wall technology it's got to be it's going to get i think it's going to get like totally normal like you know we're now when you go to a hotel and you're like a fuck they don't have wireless it'll be like you hotel in doing a there's no interactive services and this doesn't interactive walls i think eventually what it's going to be is we're going to have hologram units and they're going to be able to watch things in hologram you know like you'll be able to remember when was it d two had
princess leia and real there's a little a little video that you could watch yeah yeah yeah help us so we when you're so primitive you know when you think about yeah but i think eventually they'll be some sort of a large form of that in her living room your living room will have such an open space instead of having a fifty five inch tv you'll have like a fifty five square on the ground yeah you know and then it'll be something above it and reject some three demand in all totaling fully three dimensional you can control with your hands you can like move shit around with your hands and stuff i mean that when that happens that's one fucking star craft two is become the ultimate sport because they're going to put that shit in like they're they're to put that in stadiums image blizzard i wish i sponsored by blizzard i fuck it they're going to have it like stadiums are going to be laid out with these huge holograms of like video games fighting yeah that looks super realistic that's coming oh it's going to happen it's going to be so
imagine if they had life size video game hologram cummings interact each other and you could watch a game of quake play out why play out in an arena yeah watch a dude like an artist will do really could go shooting guns and share that's where it's heading man it's already like so fucking fun to watch e sports i'm hooked i've been watching these star two tournaments in their badass there's so fun to watch when you know what's happening fucking koreans man there the fucking yard is star craft what black people are to football they're just like ripping through ripping through everyone there so good man and they have like the way they
the cameras the show like their hands on the keyboard sometimes you sometimes see how fast they're moving their hands like lightning fast it's like it's the one hundred thousand dollars is what they're competing for so it's real money and it's fucking cool will quick thinking and intelligence you know is really what's required to play starcraft craft so that's a tricky ass game that's not like i was into like fast twitch muscle games i was into like aim games quick because it was really intense i was in like one on one on and all that type of type of the the the calculations involved in a game like starcraft it's not just like moving your hands quick there's a lot of action going on so much the automatic it's fast it's that it's fast which because you do i to be able to move super fast and there's like the way they get down is there's like it's not a name fast the no scission involved in like quake like you had to get like set special mouses with like mice is mis whether three
two thousand dpi three thousand dpl dpi like they had these razor minds that they created specifically just to make now that they have those for star but you need him his money fuck yeah because the micro get the macro game is like your big plan what you're what different setups you're going use to try to defeat your opponent on the broad scale then there's the micro game which is so when you're having individuals skirmishes between armies so like i only do macro i'm terrible at micro but the the game is let's say you've got like five feet five zord to do these look like alien predatory creatures and they're fighting five protons which are like kind of like sci fi space people are it you have to you have to like if you're really good is your unit start getting injured you pull them out of the fight you pull them back out of the fight so that they do killed and they can heal in the back while the people aren't getting her can fight and there's like tricks based around and you've got to move fast as fuck
pull that off and meanwhile while you're doing that in the middle of a skirmish you got to be thinking about all this shit back at your base your fucking spawning cool is got to get adrenal glands on your fucking zergs you gotta update your fucking hide your queen's gotta be spread the the 'cause zurich there like badass aliens the queens like the queens they spit this date note comes out of their ass turn around and spray this weird high with their eggs in that light creates larva from what you grow these aliens you to be thinking i spur the fucking hive i got to make god damn i don't have time for that i gotta make make a ling nest it i have no time for this you get mad about the olive garden what the fuck was that it's the greatest the greatest game all the time well i guess if you really get into it become your life though it seems like it's so complex and there's so much involved in it but you kind of have to play it all day do you
find yourself and sometimes if you do you got a moderate me got to take control of yourself there is like you you're you're you're constantly being stimulated you constantly having tasks to perform it's never an especially if you're playing on and you're playing against a person and so you're getting the added silly endorphin rush of like crushing someone and also it ranks you so the way they got it set up there's different leagues and starcraft craft so you have like the bra once league then you have like the silver league gold league i think they have one above that called the diamond league so like the players if you are really good theoretically you would ride up in the ranks and eventually you could get to the point where you became like people want watch your games people want to start watching the games that they're really good players 'cause you learn tricks for watching them and like so like watching video games in general i think there future for that because i mean i was always a fan of like when i my friend want to play a video game to sit there and watch him play really yeah i liked it now i in
starcraft two it's totally watch quick games quick demos but i don't think i would want to watch a game that i'm not aware of like i've watched you play battle field earth one of those four and battlefield so what i i feel i've watched people play that looks like fun but it's not exciting to me 'cause i don't play it you have to play the game to be excited about watching a video that's true otherwise it just sounds it seems like in san is what i would say about pool like nobody wants to watch pool on tv that's why you know what does well on tv for pool trick shot shows those stupid trick shot shows which i can't even watch i have like it set up on my dvr to record pool shows but whenever there's a trick shot show i get annoyed like i want i this i don't care what they're doing this now name is not a real game the only reason why i like it is because i play pool if you don't play pool you'd be like what the fuck stupid shit are you watching you watching some idiot shoot row
and balls at another round balls and knock him into holes and you can excited when it goes in a whole talking basketball that too same shit he bought any game really if you don't play them if you don't play them could admire great feats of physical athletic ability like when a guy can jump through the air and slam dunk a ball but if you don't play it you don't give a fuck if you play it then it becomes something like how would i have gotten out in that game how would i have dealt with him how would i have you know yeah that's the thing you're yeah when you play it you're learning you're kind of like watching it and getting tricks and and you know how you're going to apply it maybe it's yeah i'm sure so complicated though it's incredibly complex it's infinitely i mean it's very complex but or like some simple basic things that just mimic any any battle i mean it's it's very similar to like like skirmishes and stuff 'cause you're having to be deceptive
you're having to use deception you don't want them to understand what yep you're using initially like in the very beginning of the game you you'll send out a scout to go into their base we looking be like oh shit man it's only been like a second they've already like created a spawning pool means they're going to do a zerg rush so that means you're killing me i know i'm sorry i'll shut up i'm host but it's the only the only people that could understand what the fuck you're talking about is people that actually do it i mean you could sort sort of it along along but i mean it just seems like so calm it's complex it's a complex game but it's the first in what i think is going to be this in hire new generation of these types of games and i really think it's going to grow and become like think eventually ten years down the road are going to have a espn for e sports where there have leagues and they're going to have they do in korea
oh really have like a real professional players yeah here it took off in korea like that but yeah i do have it here but not like they do in korea especially star track starcraft in korea's bunkers jab watched big tournaments where they have audiences watch and really crazy it just took off there for some reason but i think why they're so good well because they train like they treat it like a sports they have like which is that train they learned techniques and tactics and stuff i it turns people into now you know i grew up all around koreans because of my taekwondo background and we were always nervous to flight koreans to like if you had a flight korean taekwondo tournaments everyone was terrified die would show up with a with his guy on with a with korea on the back of it you'd shit your pants like oh fuck he's a korean they just were so intense and so much better at taekwondo for a long time
silly americans and a lot of the other uh countries caught up but in the beginning they were really far ahead and so intense matt korean people are so fucking competitive do doesn't korea have like one of the fastest download speeds of any kind yeah yeah they're super high tech you know all the samsung phones apparently are made in korea and we were talking about the whole thing about you know
sweat shops showing that some some of the parts that were still made in china but they make them in korea here's something interesting that korea is that one of the number one podcasts on itunes is a korean podcast and it's all in korean you won't even understand it or anything and so i was researching like what the is this podcast because it's keeps on being number one of our podcast lately and what it is is that the korean news is like fox it's like horrible you know just like bias news right it's a this podcast is a is like suppose we like the daily show but like for real news and it's gotten so big and find that the koreans are getting like news from a different source that's a little bit more are in is in a little bit more edgy and inform them it's blowing up right now so it's kind of interesting i wish i could understand it though you know i wish that it was impossible to translate it won't but yeah
that's pretty cool it's called i think the ddanzis that dances or something like that so it's pretty interesting shit man yeah we take it for and is censored as our media is we you know we still we're doing way better than huge chunk press the world that's true what do you think about this fuckin occupy wall street thing mad 'cause this is we're actually getting mad at me for not talking about this and i've had people get mad on my message or added me on twelve people are very passionate up and retweeting things left and right now videos re tweeting all kinds of things about it and i've been trying to formulate an opinion on it first of all it's very and what's exciting isn't it it seems like for the first time in my life that i can remember people are standing up the government up standing up to the federal bank in a ajai you never seen this before i've never seen just droves of people on the streets sleeping they're staying there
apps losing their fucking shit man cops freaking out because of stress and punch people have you seen these people getting masdon oh yeah all this shit that's going on man whites right it's yeah dude they're becoming white shirts people are calling i never heard cops called white shirt white shirt and now that's what i hear a white shirt punch is a female protester video on youtube by watching it is that what is the white shirts are i want the white shirts are the ones who are higher and they they they seem to more entitled the videos coming back that i've seen it's always a white shirt there i like kind of like fucking thug fact they've got that thug fat you know what i'm talking about like yeah they're like bell shaped or something and they just like fucking pot people in the face raised by the way whoever that cop is what a bitch ass
right hand you have to does a terrible pun who is all like down with the words that no technique as a professional fight commentator i was appalled if that would dexter dexter gave up on better because you had a shitty rear naked choke without a shitty new rear naked choke choke and some girl i gave up on the whole season that's just done for me almost done i'm giving a couple more episodes this season's been sloppy bad acting bad editing bad writing bad everything yeah you can only do a show for so long until you take yourself too seriously yeah that's right no shows ever like that's the cool thing about the bbc is they'll just do there like it's on lee going to be one season the store in his season there's not it's not going to be based on whether it's popular we do it and tell the story since you get more quality shows you the shit where they extend and extend an extend and then it ends up petering out
crappy way well the crazy thing is that we take those bbc shows redoing with american class making much more mediocre room they let go on forever and they did stretch out go on fucking forever for years and years and years but dude i watched the fucking walking dead two episode one seat or rather walking dead season two episode one today it is so good every time i what's that show i end up curled up in my fucking chair like jesus jesus jesus to zombies in that show is so fucked up that's a that's a legit show you know when i was a legit show american horror story oh again afaik a fax just started watching it now watching creator of glee gleets creepy is fuck is really yes it is is well he went deep do this is they're doing shit but you can't i don't want to spoiler alert
no i will say this i don't tell anybody because it's real recent show but there they do some that i've never seen people doing tv well well wow you can do that i'll kill seals kind of job field i feel kind of twin peaks fish or some yeah it's freaky is kind of david lynch's you know sir okay horror movie no no it's scary man it's a it's interesting man uh i like it dude i'm but to get the occupy wall street thing it's fucking insane now it's spreading all over the globe right not just in america it's spreading everywhere and you can't you know it's funny how many videos know people have like taking up like the thing with that we don't know over there sorry about that i got the mayan calendar here i'm clutching it as we talk about the revolution people are always trying to marginalize things like do you ever see those videos that there's a really funny guy made with sarah palin's the people waiting in line for a book signing a sarah palin and i'm interview another one in columbus ohio and they're all almost retarded
they don't have no idea what she stands for and they have no idea what's wrong with this country they have no idea did you know they just they really they're just that she's there hooked into the cult of personality so it's clip after clip of him interviewing these people and these apple just being completely cool i now and i've seen a few of those were people have done that about the the the occupy wall street movement when the lease is sit down some young kid and they take the kid and they you know they catch him on some facts and you know the show school am about corporate taxes you know this is like one snotty guy with an english accent it at one dumb dude but i can't believe that that's the only person granted too stupid that's the video you made you went down there there's one hundred thousand people sleeping on the ground screaming at these car senhores have been ruining and poisoning are finance system and all you can find is this one guy that's your depiction yeah it's
they want to sabotage breit bart was down at occupy la you know breit bart is he was down to occupy was there with a friend of mine heidegger tim decker we went down there together and fucking pass breit bart on the street you know to my decker is tim and eric show that the large families fucking guy ever and this one of my favorite shows we're walking down the street and i don't not name drop only saying it because it's this seems really out of character if you know that show walking out history pass fucking bright bar and decker i didn't recognize him i decker no agitation is like hey bright bart you piece of fucking shit get the fuck outta here you fucking piece of shit screaming a bright bar like instantaneously breit bart like you yeah yeah hi wreckers like you don't it capped it off with you dope but it was it was so awesome to see i'm like dude what the fuck there was no filter it was it was like when my dogs
girl it was just this instantaneous you mother fucker why is bright bart such a piece of shit well because he's he's like he he chances stories he got in trouble recently because this black he's in charge of some form of housing or something and like she i can't remember the exact thing but he she was giving a speech and talking about how she was there was a white family that needed some kind of financial help from this a white family they needed financial help in this organization and she's no they're white and i didn't want to help him so that was the first remember that and then the next part is her being like but then i realized i should help them but bright bart only poo but the part where she's like seemingly a racist that gets her fucking fired and then they tried to rehire but she wouldn't go back she's like fuck you if you're going to fire me for some bullshit that bright bart pissed off pissed up on the internet
what you actually said was that she realized that you know there's there's you that it's not about who's black who's my it's about who needs things he needs help that was her it was like a lesson like she was talking about how when she was younger or earlier in her life how she thought about things but now she realized differently just talking about growing as a human being yeah you know i mean what if you don't start off perfect if you shoot yourself in the fucking head right you know you can have ever been a racist when you were younger or said racist things 'cause you're being insensitive or dumb or can dish by your environment you know the idea that people can't can't grow is gross within that mollusk bright bar that hume fucking slime he like feel okay it's that's it just creating evil that's like see that's a if you want to believe in evil that guy breit bart is like an example of that where you can rationalize showing a skewed depiction of something that you've intentionally put up their seemingly intentionally put up there to
someone over and to try to push your agenda ad which is just basic internet journalism mean the internet i mean that that's what you do you take a section of something put a dot dot dot don't take it out of context and you could put it in an article and have that be something that someone finds then they'll read your stupid site let's let's help people do it do that in may reporting they do it in everything well that's fucked up but in its verses fucked up but that's how it's done right i mean that's the problem you watch a fucking what are you doing no i mean in the in that and that one situation in and with what he's doing is either it's especially sleazy because he's you know someone exposed themselves to him in a really interested way where she was honest about her own shortcomings and and realize the right thing to do and did the right thing so when when someone exposes himself like that and sort
does it in a way where they're trying to you know let you know how you know they think in a better way that that that's the right way to think and then you just take a little snip that make him look at your cunt like that so this is a shitty human move that's a shame thing for a hume what is a tarantula and he's like he's the fact that people like that allowed to carry on the fact that people like that are allowed to continue to spread their reason and lies and phil throughout the world with without anyone do anything to stop it like fucking glenn beck did you see that by glenn beck saying the occupy wall street protesters are going to like drag you out of your homes or something yeah it was people were it was on well listen they will which is right he's right you think they find a bankers house you think when they go fucking giant group of 'em and there's one cunt that got one hundred million dollars in the bailout and he got his is giant
parachute reward for whatever for fucking over x amount of people and they know he's right behind some dates in new haven connecticut or whatever the fuck they would be i guess bridgeport that's where rich the live dude yeah dude yeah people to go after that guy of course they are i think this is a mob man this is a they're not it's not a bad thing is there's way too many drum circles and that might have to get a dragon bankers out of their house i think a lot of it yeah are you you say that you say that but look no is doing anything violent i'm not accusing anyone to do anything violent but i am saying is that if there was one guy's house and you knew this one guy was responsible for a lot of evil fucking shit and a lot of people lost their homes and a lot of people became homeless and a lot of people lost their life savings and this guy is prospering
are you talking about the president are you talking about the white house no i'm talking about better the people who pay the white house right yeah yeah well you know man i don't know i think that the the definitely have got out at some point if you really do want to have revolution you're going to have to you know we do a little dragon out of houses here and there but exactly you know like if if what what you want i just think that i don't know that this is but i don't know i mean the crowds like really could spread and perhaps that's the weird thing about this kind my like very tiny little the grand scheme of things the very first spark of revolution we're seeing the spark of revolution we're seeing a think it's a spark fire freedom it's a fire that springs up when people are oppressed and it's a nothing to see it's a beautiful type of fire and it's a very dangerous type of fire and it's killed millions of people throughout throughout time
but you know when you see when you see the very first spa of it like that or anything holy shit there could be living among us right now the future is equivalent of like george wash there could be the right now living among us the first post revolution leader you know what i mean someone right now if the myth issue spread and there was a coon you don't want to put that thought out there that called the personality and some wacky mother fucker think he's going to be the next jesus runs whole thing but the beautiful thing about this whole pro occupy wall street is there's no leader that's the beautiful thing this is hivemind conclusion it's way better this way your ideas sucks the idea of having one new george washington can ok let's say account said listen fuck those leaders group don't need leaders we all know what's right we all know what's right and what's right is that the system sucks
the system gets broken down then they need to come up with a newly joe rise to power listen to maine take the throne they need they need someone who's winter is coming someone who's done a lot of mushrooms that's what they need yeah well they need a group of people you got it what yeah of course it's here's a fun thing to think about it's fun think about okay let's say that obama in the entire government get their feelings hurt by occupy wall street and they're like alright you guys hear the keys come on in run the show and you are one of the people that gets picked what do you do how do to redo things what are the steps you take to reduce do things you get rid of the federal reserve i guess that's the first thing that would be like saying here clean out ted bundy's car and you can drive it
see what that would be like the why would you want to take over this crazy fucking org this organization that has deep deep roots in criminal behavior and murder all over the globe yeah but if you're just going to take over and what you're going to make everything all instead we're going to drop lollipops and flowers on everybody and pull out of what are you going to do those even how the fuck you remember you were talking about star craft talking all different things you have to manage and click on this and click on that imagine trying to run the united states of america the milit very industrial complex in its deep deep financial the in the cia and the in the cia and the back to the cia is essentially a shadow government a government inside the government that does everything including murder people search it's all of that it's like you try to take over this is what i'm saying so what's the answer well the answer is you would never get first of all
you can't have access to all the fucking top so you get information until you become the president right and even then we don't know what the fuck they really tell you about so you would have to go there and then learn everything that the american public doesn't learn learn think about what we're doing in beirut they're gonna have everything about what we're doing in israel whatever we had with everything that we got going on in pakistan it you you would have to be abreast of all of it and then if you were really the leader you know i'm not even saying one leader i'm saying i imagine if i'm saying it's impossible to fix zero you saw what would you do when you know what so if it's impossible to fix then what's the name it's best solution it has to be internet based system we have to have a system of government that's through the internet because the engine that people can really communicate you can have civilizations and you can have communities and the i have a community the rogan board it's community on the internet and we establish clear patterns of behavior in that community and you know
it's hard for any message board when you have a bunch of people to keep people in line keep people cool but generally speaking that message board is pretty filled with listing people cool conversations and if your they throw you in the retard room and there's a there's a the special observatory the holding cell and then you get a pink name and you can only talk with the other assholes like all the assholes get lumped in together that is a community and that's a community where you have just a few people running in and people get upset the few people that are running it or being too you know they're there to be you know they're they're cool clothes things down and yelling at people and abusing power and then you have to scale things back and you have to make some have a happy medium happy you know be community where everybody agrees the only way to do that in in our world right now the thing that makes the most sense to me is the internet because the internet is a way that everybody has a fair shot at communicating who they are right you have a fair shot of expressing yourself you have a fair shot at agreeing and disagreeing think it's there
edit system i think credits figured it out with the upvotes system it some version of that perfect something like that yeah that's very similar to what i was talking about like having a message we're having an online community you know real life communities we have to deal with a lot of different shit a lot it's a lot more complicated but i think the idea that we could run the world through the internet eventually going to be some sort of a reality because we'll be go to i mean how can you influence other countries how can you influence this country how can you influence large groups of people going to be able to communicate with and there's no better tool of communication other than the internet i think we're still going to have a problem with like the same reason why you look at like in the middle of the country there's still going to be people voting for annoying orange you know in those stupid annoying videos where you see on youtube you're like how does that have ninety thousand hits who's watching this movie and so you have
shorty are the people that i know what i mean yeah i see what you're saying you know that look the real issue is we're we're all trying to pretend that everyone's equal and everyone zonnique right it's just we're just not you know we're not equal of mind we're not equal of body were not equal of chance or not equal of you know opportunities were not it's just it's a random hodgepodge of human beings and because of that people are are you know they did their very hesitant to to admit that if you make a really big important decision there's some people that be included in that decision the fallacy being the majority is always right right yeah i mean especially in a country that's been baby fed like this mother fucker has for the last few decades we've been baby fed no fights are here on our soil we get attacked once we go ape shit create two wars with people that never touched us and somehow justify the entire thing you know meanwhile were attacked by suicide bombers you know the people that attacked us or dead on imp
act right and yet we still out all over the globe there are one thing we've been baby fed our whole existence so for us so what so what so it's some kind of like so the idea and i'm not by the way i'm not expecting to invent some new form of right now in a podcast but it's a fun thing to think about like okay so it's like some kind of upvotes system but that still implies a majority majority still making this is always going to be hard it's always going to be hard the others no part is no perfect way to do it but i think you can develop a good make make make it the the voting system be real really expensive what the fuck why would you do that that's ridiculous
fifty dollars because then i lost my train of thought because of that no no no you but what i'm saying is like you know the the dahmer person doesn't have that high paying jobs so they can't no that's not true that's for does a lot of real idiots that are already right you'd be amazed to business owners i've i've had emails with business owners with a send me emails on just like you thought that's the spelling of that right you know or the what the you use guy as like one hundred employees you know some people are just ambitious but they're idiots just fucking they figure out a way to bulldog their way through things but there's still stupid as fuck like this herman cain killer character the bible believing christian and has about would be we want to be the case and i'll do the me tell you this i've i meant to i was going to tell you before they can see you know that that herman cain his quick been quoting and man if you pull it up it's a funny because sometimes in his speeches and like a couple of speeches like to quote a special poet any quotes donna summers he says it's the poet
quotes donna summers and what he's quoting is the themes unless she wrote for a po for the pokemon movie so herman cain is quoting donna summers from a pokemon movie yes what is the message can you look it up the thing it's it's not it's not even like that smartest statement it's like stupid you can play the song you can look at if you look the song on youtube you'll a video with like pokmon dancing around alright here it is a poet once said life can be a challenge life can seem impossible but it's never easy when there's so much on the fine and then so i guess that's donna summers from the pokey mom movie economic engine moving by putting in the engine pissed all the rest of it won't matter a poet once said life the challenge life can seem impossible but it's never easy when there so much on the line we have a now look up that
donna summers pokemon and play the musical version of what he quoted and you know it tax plan you know about his tax plan right he wants to text now percent nine hundred and ninety nine is his tax plan is the same tax plan from simcity city so he's like quoting he's quoting pokemon and his economic system is based on sim city to see if kids name got grandkids that's what it is i bet it was just sitting there going i like what he did she just said right there now how am i going to do is a bible believing christian what are some tenants sim city work for me it's amazing man and also the fact that he said that thing about the poet not knowing someone just going to do a sim google search in the the pokemon is going to come up or he probably is like maybe is a pokmon player anything that's cool if he was a pokemon player he would get my vote that would be awesome yeah i would vote for right away if he played play but joe the other thing
on brian his tax plan herman cain's got this tax plan nine percent nine percent nine percent but you know where that comes from right sim city or a devil worshippers it's the same it's the same tax plan that in sim city like ea he's really excited about it because it's their basic tax plan look it up look herman cain in simcity it's amazing so he got his his hands from video games okay mine in sim city were two major influences on who may be the republican presidential candidate i am he voted for him a guy they're moving into position to take the black people away from obama to black people can have a you know a different alternative to you know to support someone that's intelligent and i mean they went through an amazing time first first black president ever incredibly articulate intelligent but now you know most people in this country or disappointed with uh
approval rating some ridiculously low like percent or something asshole so that's eighty percent of people there's a lot of black people out there the disenfranchise and their idea is to use herman cain guy and go look at this we got it we got a very intelligent hard nose guy who's super successful made his way to papa's pizza all on his own yeah business owner owns godfathers beat pizza you serious yeah i am voting for this guy is the best pizza ever shit god right that's why i if you want to recharge like diarrhea and bread seriously did you guys have godfathers growing up there no delicious what do nicky's pizza in white plains new york is right down from executive billiards is the best fucking pizza on the planet you have have east coast pizza the the water is different but here it's just not the same people are good taste pretty good here i defriend still good night of freddy would order pizzas from new york and there's like spell
services that will rush pizzas that are like on dry ice from new york to you so we ordered one of these pieces that was terrible there's places in los angeles that i ship the water yeah i think boston pizza does that ship it from boston is that weird that this water is a difference in the water yeah it is weird yeah i get the fuck is that i thought it was i didn't know is the water i thought it was something else like that not there a metric pressure i say bagels or no good out here either really it could be moisture in the air to it could be a lot of things slower it's probably not so fucking to be living in oven like this no moisture in the air you know whenever you go to like houston in july you go oh wow this is what it's like to be in wet air wet damp well i'll tell you this if you didn't know anything about the planet and someone like flu you around the i said where do you want to live you're not going to be like hey what's at giant yellow cloud of smog i think i want there that that over overpopulated thing fest
ring with yellow smog let's live there i don't live around all this green shit well that has nothing to do with the climate anyway i mean people aren't living swimming people are living here for ended for the industry that well the industries here because there's not that many rainy days that's why they first moved the movie business here they like jesus we got this one spot it never gets ridiculously high ridiculous phoenix gets stupid hot phoenix crack shut up even more than la so it's like a little bit cooler than phoenix it's by the ocean and it never rains ok thank you that fucking ocean once i went down to venice beach on a whim and went swimming in venice beach i was pissing out of my asshole man i got so sick from swimming there people swimming there people at venice beach floating in the is having a great time fucking diaper floating by really yeah it's phil you are an idiot for swimming in it but it's like it's disgusting not to mention they do these like measurements of the amount of feces in the sand
this is you know it's a beach at the edge like a massive city that water runs in there all the fucking chemicals and god knows that weird shit old fucking decompose hookers and just nasty shit rushing out of the city dead rats and fucking hypodermic needles i'm surprised people swimming at venice beach don't just to me quickly dissolve in the water let's discuss probably good for your immune system swim there challenges like lifting weights for your immune system you did it all the time you probably have never get sick sick could just go and swim anywhere man you would yeah you know maybe i don't know i i think it's you gotta go up the coast anyway if you're going to go out in the water around you have to like get away from population density what do you think about that garbage patch situation
the scary thing oh yeah what stage patch in the middle of the pacific oh yeah i think there's more than one that guy or whatever they call it they caught the n atlantic giant guy or so there's a weird name for this is just dead dead water nothing is living in it just no i'm talking about the garbage patch yeah the fucking they have a weird name for live in north there's a name for it called they called a giers i don't know can you look i'm talking about where all the garbage from all the different countries pools up into yeah i know it's all swirled together it's like rubber lucky there is a different thing with dead dead water like they've had like mass fish die pops in like oh no i we're talking about the same thing we are so we're talking about is this big slick of i mean not even it goes below the surface depot service of plastic it's like like the size of a state like its enormous it's like texas sized and it's just the one spot where in a lot of it is like broken down 'cause apparently like a lot of it is plastic
after a long time in the ocean all this plastic is broken down to just like this good sloppy fucking shit man and it's an enormous area that is covered in garbage yeah the people who were discovering with with the people did and then the people have been investigating at the scientists were horrified you know i mean what what a crazy discovery to find out that when you go wow these people are living right next to the ocean the ocean seems to be ok now the fuck it does no there's giant patches of all peoples bullshit that they've thrown in there yeah i just in in the middle i no way to fix it either my aunt my um my mom has some property on this little island off the coast of georgia and it's like kind of like empty out there i'll uh i'll uh you go walking on the beach there because no one's there you go walking on the beach there and the shit that comes up on that beach it's
dude it's the weirdest fucking thing 'cause it's like bottles from jamaica in like like there we found like one of those old like refugee rafts that somebody is like fabricated together just kind of twisted and washed up there it's so fucking weird how interconnected everything is via the ocean it's really really strange that occur french is carrie like coca nuts and it's fucking it's crazy it's like people i loved live under the illusion that not all connected that's one of the is that people really like to believe that there's no or in a relation between what you do in the to the world and what the rest of the world does an you when the truth of the matter is were completely connected in every single fucking way we're all one big thing pretending that it's in it's made up of individuals and the rese
all that kind of thinking is you get fucking giant patch a dead water in the middle of the ocean and like that's and then like that's not affecting other things god knows what that's affecting the having that much dead space that used to be alive and filled with fish and dolphins and sales and god knows what else just dead space use this quote in the last podcast but i'll say it again because you're here because it's the perfect quote some guy said that human race the the way it deals with the environment and the environment is the people that are living in a ten story building and every day you go down to the first floor and you pull a couple works out and then you get on the roof and you start building another floor that's amazing okay for now but we all know that eventually it's going to fall apart this shit isn't gonna work summer pokmon that's who's running for president we're going to be president that's a joke kennedy will it's like sarah palin
tame a candidate yeah well he's talking crazy you know when you when you start talking about is seventy seven thousand nine hundred and ninety nine whatever the fuck it is tax plan nine hundred and ninety nine that's just everyone looks at that and get the fuck out of here that's gonna cost people more money and ninety nine percent more money what about the this is stupid they're going to save money the one percent are going to payless you must be more than nine percent taxes when you get billions of dollars man the fuck out of here time to move to canada it's but this guy is a real like no nonsense sort of extremist character right you gotta be extremely that's another funny thing is like people right now that's a that's ah um well that's what they say they're trying to discredit somewhere he's an extremist but it's like is a fireman it's in a house with a that's hammer bashing down doors to get your kids to pull him out 'cause the house is on fire that's an extremist too he's got to be a fucking extreme
you can't go into the house and kind of piddle around and be like watching tv and then i'll go get your your daughters as so what is your point my point is that right now the overpopulation the fact that there's so many people on the planet and that there's thick wars happening people have nuclear weapons it's a time where people need to be extremists maybe it should be herman cain no so you're talking about oh i thought you were talking about the guy who gave you that awesome quote about taking breaks out from under the house man sorry i got follow you i was like i don't know what you're saying like suddenly i'd become a i suddenly had become a supporter of harming no i just didn't understand it i thought you were being we need came it was just not get out no i'm sorry i got confused yeah
yeah we certainly need something different than now in in you keep saying that like as if there's a there's a leader and there's one person's going to pull it off and i i keep saying that i think that's one of the coolest things about this whole occupy wall street things because i don't think there's a four leader you know there's no leader you can't arrest one person and then the whole thing shuts down there's not one figure here there's not one voice you know janine garafalo talk about it but you know she's not the voice there's the voice there's no voice i don't know i mean there's different people have got like really smart there these guys i went down to occupy wall street there these guys you have a podcast called red led radio and they like they've like really explained a lot of shit about the federal reserve and quantitative easing to me in a way that like really help me understand it so i don't i'm not say need some central leader but i think it it definitely it can't hurt i have some like node is that are you know aggregators of whatever the information coming it is which
we kind of have read it you can go and read and get good up to date information on yes and stuff but i think it's evolving i think it's evolve into something and events there will be the it's got to be someone if you i wanted to be a chaotic mass unless you believe that there is some kind of gestalt that's going to happen with this group of people that's going to somehow harmonize and cream ate some kind of there's going to be an an in effect some kind of weird effect from all this all these people you know having sort of the same idea then cool but someone's got is someone still has to be like here's what we'd like to see changed we want to have happen and they are doing that they're saying you know abolish the federal reserve that's one of the things they have happened they want to tax well there's different versions of this but acts like stock transactions or tax wall street there's like
to do that i think they want to tax the well i don't know what they want you can't say what they all want 'cause they all don't want that but there is stuff that keeps bubbling up about their basic demand it does seem to be with the real question is what is this kind of accomplished that's the real question that's why it's ok to make as this is a period of uncertainty you know there's really obvious that people are pissed off it's really obvious that the cat is out of the tag everyone knows this is a corrupt system it's horribly horribly corrupt the congress is corrupt congress is bought and paid for the president is bought and paid for everyone on paid for and no one's doing anything to stop any of this fucking hoarding that's going on no one's doing the fact that obama he gave the bailouts was trying to limit people the rewards to five hundred thousand dollars remember that is if well they need more than everyone else would limit them to five hundred what no it should be they get nothing none of them get anything if you're fucking company needs to get bailed out you don't get
it rewards you don't get huge giant corporate payouts because it's your contract now your contract doesn't exist there's no fee of business anymore it's all done you cunts you stole the fucking money you guys robbed you don't you don't get a big bonus for that fuckhead do you do you think do you think this is part of the uh global weakening that everyone was been predicting forever this kind of transitional shift in consciousness yes i think so i think you know there's obviously right now the financial system is insane really complicated you know i've tried many many times to sit down and truly wrap my head around stocks and bonds and dividends and shorting i've given it a real good like solid auditing of how the whole process and it's fucking insanely complicated it's there's so players in so many pieces and so many things and just the idea behind conference
raising and lowering the value of something and stocks climbing and falling whole thing being alive and mobile and console they fluctuate in it's like what the fuck is this what the fuck do you got going on here what kind of this is what we're running our system on we're running the money of our system on this crazy unpredictable sporadic fucking pulsating changing thing numbers uh some downs and fell by this this chaos is the foundation of our society and like wow that's kind of study that wouldn't be that way that the society should be much more stable i understand the people have gotten insanely wealthy through this situation and they don't want to change it because they get good at it and they know how to continue to be insanely wealthy through this situation but that ain't right man it's sapo to be based on something it's supposed to be one piece of gold equals one donkey that's the
that's the easy way for us to do it you start getting into stock markets and if i understand there's there's a need for credit i understand this need for a lot of i understand is there's a lot of shit that's going on going on going to be weird where people are holding money and saving money and put money here and zeros there there but it's to be way more simple system than the system we have now because there's too much room to fuck with it too much room for shenanigans you know doesn't have to be the system we operate under the system capri under should be simple and stringent be really easy to follow and the way easier said than done but that's what we really need to do well yeah it's definitely that's a big part of it but there's like a thing underneath that too which is that the people how to start learning that buying constantly thinking you need to have new shit yeah that's bad but you know what's worse interest you know what's worse this idea the credit card company can charge you thirty fucking percent on your money this idea that you know in
for the longest time was illegal it was this the law you couldn't ask for interest but people what i'm saying is for hundreds of years those credit card companies and again this is like i know right now this is a long way away maybe will never happen but that couldn't function credit card companies couldn't function if people had learned to like gain pleasure from things that weren't just that wasn't matter well that's sort of silly because when when were they are they allowed to buy things sure what if they don't want to have a fucking stack of money on them they got cards sure you know you know you can totally like like what brian said he grew up poor and he wants to get an xbox and all that stuff but i think that is people's it is people start get smarter and start evolving what hopefully will happen is people able be able to distinguish will overcome this idea that they're going to be happier if they have a
a really nice calm you are correct however i think you're naive in your portrayal of what credit cards get used for i think most people especially people have families they use their fucking credit cards to eat and use your credit card to put gas in their car they use their credit cards to pay for things have a big pile of money it's not simply a matter of the entire country is filled with materialist that have overstepped their boundaries no there's people out there struggling dude and that's what they do credit card for its not saying if you didn't have a credit card you know you'd be better off because you wouldn't be a ministerialis no no no it's i'm i mean i i know exactly as i know it seems naive but it is i'm i'm saying like the you're addressing the axe your addressing the external manifestation of internal problem that's existing in our cul sure is as an idea of what it means to be happy that's what i think and i know people need credit cards now to pay their family and all that stuff but hey brother credit to pay for other credit cards but i know a lot of people are
their lives have gotten to the point where they get in this fucking car that they use credit to buy to drive a job to to drive to hours at two hour commute to get to a job where they have to work all fucking day long and then they come back into our commute complete exhausted and they think this is the way we're supposed to be living that's no little live that's terrible right you're right but what's the alternative i think the idea is to open yourself up to alternative you clearly it's something to do with staying more local it like in communities of people that i'm not saying let's go back to so joe what i'm saying there is something to be said for communities of people that are living close together and doing more than just waving at each other when they walk down the street that's but that's a broad solution for a singular problem that a person has if they are stuck in that sort of a situation like when is the solution for a guy who does have credit and does have a fucking car and have a mortgage and has a family and is driving fucking an hour and a half every day to go to
what is the solution for that guy because it's not a village it's not well knows will know that i mean the solution for that guys to like start do you know working his way out of those fucking handcuffs right the that's the real problem that most people find themselves the most people find themselves in this situation where they make barely enough money to get by and not nearly enough money to break free want to step away and to be able it's uh especially if you have children well that's that's see you know a lot people when they came to the united states there were in regional communities that happen i had this great book on utopias where p we're coming here like that people came here like the pilgrims want to start religious utopias that's what they were trying to do is like restruck society in a way that they could live in a in in paradise and kind of like christian based paradise didn't clearly didn't work it turned into it turn into this but the
so what you'll hear it's the same thing you hear about communism when you hear about like people saying they want to create like an alternative another society or experiment with a new way to live people like it doesn't work you can't do it making these alternative communities doesn't work there's no way they always fall apart they always collapse they end up like waco or whatever but i think there is a way to do it i don't know yet i haven't gotten high enough yet i haven't eaten enough mushrooms yet but i do think that there is a way to do it i don't know what it is but i think it has to be a small number of people i think when you get over a certain amount of people there's a thing called diffusion of responsibility and it's like if you around if there's three hundred people there you're more likely to get raped in the there's three because there's three hundred people there all those people think someone is going to help someone is going to step in someone's going to step in and help but no one does
feel responsible because there's so many other people there well no one did i didn't step in but no one did if it's just you and that one person getting raped you feel obligated right you have responsibility being right there when eat get past the diffusion of responsibility number with human beings which is exactly why we all should have a real philosophical problem with drones and wars overseas with people that we don't understand we don't know we don't know why we're doing this it's easy when it's so many people and it's so far away its way over there but if it's right here at home then it then it hits you fucking hard then feel that responsibility the weather underground bring the war back home human beings i think are still designed in a system our minds function in a system that works with a small
group of people where we know everybody when we branch out of that we are not designed to deal with the elect the internet like communicating with people in complete anonymity why you think people are such fucking complete rabbit khan's online with because frustrated in their everyday life and when they get online they have this anonymity and they lash out at people and fuck with people and score points and they actually enjoy the get off on it do you think if we could ever get to a pulp point where we could be like every state is their own country like how it should be you know like how it is kind of like your know state laws but have less of nation government just there protect we fuck with too many other countries man you know what their security yeah but they won't do that because then they start fucking put you in situations yeah you mean how are warned about the complex and it sounds like some you know alex jones sounds like some nutty shit when you know you start talking about the idea that people are trying to go
or for money but they fucking are man and the only way to keep people in war is you have to you have to force people you have to fucking make him go attack people you have to ship them over to different places you know we have a bunch of states if every state really was like its own country and the united states didn't as a whole it wasn't out there fucking around with all these different parts of the world we would have you know it would be completely different set up well it c like that would make a lot more sense though because it seems like it's too fucked up on a large scale that breaking it down into fifty pieces would be the waited really save you know any kind of order from the only way to get any order out of it is it's got a break down and then be rebuilt properly that is a that idea is a is a idea that i i some teeter on i'm well i don't want to i don't want bring i don't want it to break i don't want the fucking thing to collapse and i don't want to i like i like
i like my life and i like you and i don't want the power to shut off and i don't want i don't want so i so but i consider it i keep thinking like well probably it's going to require some kind of blip at that level four going to get better but i i love you know letting my mind consider like okay but what if there's another option what if there are options technology the other option is there is going to be this is what i if i had to guess what i think going to happen barring natural disasters or any extreme world conflict that becomes nuclear what's going to have is we're gonna have some sort of a connection through through online communication that literally allows people to look inside each other's heads yeah that's it i think do you think the same way oh fuck yeah man i thought that i thought it's the ultimate yeah what it is is it allows you to experience another yes exactly exam
it allows you to even be inside another person's mind and then we all can link up as one mind and that's not you know that's not nearly as difficult as it sounds when you think about what we've already been able to to the fact that we can send video through the fucking sky when i was in australia my wife was sending me pictures of the baby and she sends me pictures of the baby and i get him in a second clip images photos video it's fucking using this man the idea behind it is insane you can send a fucking picture and somehow another it goes through these where is it go goes through the air and then eventually hit some fucking metal box it's got electricity and it sends it to the other side of the fucking plan in a second through ocean and over the sky i love fuck it even getting there who knows i have no idea but i know it was there bank and that to me is way crazier way crazier than the ability to experience
announces consciousness you experience experience your consciousness right you are to tune into your own concepts you're there you're inside your head how do we know it's not just a simple frequency like you just tune into it and when your mind in my mind lock up together began one conscious well that's a funny moment to that mall because what would happen is that because i is this technology began to spread it would you know so it off in a laboratory where one scientist would merge minds with another scientist change their lives forever just merging minds with one person in a the way is going to never change you 'cause you'll know how similar you are to someone else you'll know if maybe you're completely different maybe person is actually happy and your whole life you've been lying about being happy to yourself and suddenly feels someone who's really happy know like oh shit that's what it feels like that's what real happiness feels like and then you know how to become happy yourself so what would happen it would read from the laboratory it would spread out
but eventually people would rise up against it they be like don't plug into the mind if you plug into the mind you won't want to come back be able to come back to your life people would fight it be a form of suicide because after you've expiry its consciousness at the scale like the merge minds of like fifteen million people how are you doing your one little mind it's just turn into these pods of people just get out of my head you freaks i gotta go beat off now then do it going to beat off into the hive mind fuck yeah the sex there be huge orgies on line it would be these would probably be like just some massive orgasm 'cause like to think of the learning so okay i don't how to do like jujitsu but i merge consciousness with someone who's an expert at it and suddenly i'm like learn everything that they know about it you would ever what instantaneously gain the information of everyone else everyone become expo
simultaneously and that would like a surge forward in evolution i think that's that fucking singularity mcennis talking about is it everybody's like the computers are going to crush it's like no that's not what it is we're just going to merge with them we're going to become part of a of a electronic web of consciousness and the everyone and everyone becomes an expert that's the moment that with our minds together that's when you create the time machine that's when you create teleportation or that's when you create some form of life you know it's inevitable people and it is inevitable it's you said to me once brian about about the human brain you said its input output it's like all we have to do is figure out what the fucking output is this electricity up in the in your brain understand how that works figure out a way to input that into a machine work and decode it and then you've got then you have like then you have electronic telepathy in there already verging on
already sort of learning how to identify certain like pattern the brain you know how like they can show someone they can a br scan on someone and show the picture of a room and tell if they've that room or not do you know about that yeah so it's like that's that's pretty crazy that it's fucked up man it's fucked up if you want to try to get away with something incredible yeah i think joe you've been in here before you like no oven never seen it before but now you definitely have like we can tell it's just the next it is okay what can we extract images from a person's mind can we start we've talked about this before images in the video they've already done this and then and then that's that that's it man and it's really crude right now but you know i'm still looks pretty good it looks kind of like if you were to blow up an old cell phone video from nineteen ninety one or something like that and blow it up so yeah that's it it's in a bit so then the next step of course is going to be like you know perfect that technology then the next step is going to be like okay so i know that when someone's feeling happiness then
this is the part of his brain that gets activated so now i've got to do is like record that activated part of his brain play that video back inside one's brain figure out a way to stimulate someone else's brain with that same activity and boom instead of fucking you'll have they'll be emotional records you know what i mean instead of like record player maybe like these emotional devices or where it will be like the feel of a summer day i don't even know if we're going to get that indulgent man if we all link up i think the link up is probably going to be before the recording i think the link up is probably going to first hoping hoping it doesn't become a self indulgent in fast it will get together and i don't know they'll be recording drink and watch people experience break cubs boom of terrable break as it's all memories of breakups they go through it on purpose and i got i went through the worst breakup last night dear husband came home is not your husband it's just fucking thing ok but in the program my huh
came home we had four children together we're struggling and he was running to mexico with the secretary and i was devastated and he said let the kids starve i don't give a fuck ng he left me was it was horrible people when he hit me and he fucked me and then after people write reviews of on a people is that was a real memory people would cry there you go all my god you want to cry you have to try this year there will now be like award shows for best break ups that yeah no bass wasn't there a movie about this were like their course there was like under their resistance underground yet tapes of it and well yeah i think that like i think it's going to uh it's definitely going get to that place i can't wait can't wait the idea of you can see something okay if you look something and then that registers an image you an see that image on see computer image about your imagination what about is it possible to is mean you're not seeing anything but where's where's what's being registered when you were having a visual experience in a dream what exact where is that registering
it's registering in your imagination i guess is there a freak see that can be tuned into just like it is with that image when you see it from the eyes is there a frequency that can be tuned into it must be must be right it's gotta be it's i mean it's definitely something's happening there's some some biochemical reaction that's happening that's reducing the effect of you watching fucking werewolf sixty nine there's not all boiled down to we're going i'm just going to slowly break down the matter of reality itself that's what we're at right now you know mckenna described what's going to happen with the exponential increase in technology that it's like a funnel and then if you and a quarter around the lip of the funnel it takes a long time to go around a circle but as it gets lower and lower in the funnel it picks up speed and go faster and faster and that's really what it's like it takes just a millisecond to make a full revolution now whereas before it was years that's an yeah it's going to be and we're experiencing
very very beginning of that and it's weird how a lot of that is like coming out and form of cell phones you think that that's too convenient that the world is going to change and the reality itself is going to change during the time of your life i'm do you ever stop and think that wow maybe this is a work of fiction well no i i i don't think i can't think it's a work of fiction because you in our in this year if you watch technological advances this fucking year this year for the time as far as i know 'cause i know the phones have had speech recognition technology but this year for the first time in human history we have now now we have a device where you can talk to it like a person i don't think you understand what i'm saying i'm saying life itself a work affix
oh right like this is this is too convenient stories will be laying out that so much of it seems so bizarre and so much of it seems so fake and speaking of bright bart he's busted andrew weiner for showing his cock you know you know you you know i'm saying like iraq these wars this economy occupy wall street rising up just as you're getting older yeah right this is your body's slowly starting to slow down and you're checking your heart for weird things every now and then and meanwhile everything everything's picking up overseas don't don't dump there's more war and then we might go to war with iran woo it's almost like as your life because more and more complex an reaches the inevitable end your store he is getting more and more complicated your story is getting more and more involved your story the story of the world that you live in this work of imagination that whoever the fuck is hearing this has
needed in each one of us has created our own little version of it and they're all intertwine inexorably and some just crazy meshi matrix of reality and thinking and love and peace and anger bullshit and all intertwined together just signal just ones and zeros flying around through fucking space and as you get further and further along your version of it just more and more fucked but we can't drink the water anymore in the skies fucking brown and pollution and earthquakes and warren crack ends it crackin crackin's they felt they found ever have crack and they believe that anesta dinosaur bonds yeah they believe at one point in time there was a giant mother mother fucker of an octopus that was just they have fossils of imprints of giant suction cups it's one of the things that led them to believe this and the dinosaur graveyards that were clearly arranged the same way aktip
this is a range or octopi arrange their kill right yeah and so they think that you know the idea that sailor is always afraid of the crack and that might have been a real animal one point time but it was a soft tissue animal like an octopus is so when it is gone it's gone it doesn't leave any evidence um yeah so you think that that's that's novelty that's like mckenna's novelty stuff like that popping up is like because ken talked about how as well i'm thinking that this whole thing might be someone's imagination it might be your imagination it might be my imagine maybe a combination of everyone's imagination things are real there's real laws to this life but it god damn it operates like a work of fiction well yeah it's on again yeah it does kind of seem like that it does seem like you know why
you run into somebody like sometimes you'll see you'll run into someone that you haven't seen in a long time if any thought about a minute just a highlights of running into them or right but in you know people will quote statistics of people try to talk you out of thinking that way and they'll tell you why i went through my entire life and i'm real and you know you didn't just think man up and i have a memory of my childhood and i'm really good at football i learned how to play that over years and years of hard work so i'm not a party fucking imagination power i'm a real person you might be a part of your own imagine you might be creating your thing with your imagination as i create mind with mine and they intertwine it's not easy or you know what this reminds me of and stop me if i've already said this before but i did i ever talk about the idea of what would have if the universe suddenly gained consciousness outta nothing missed it ever talk about this idea i had rip it's like so like i was thinking like and what happened what would happen if the universe woke up all of a sudden there's nothing was here was nothing's pre big bang conditions universe
picks up pure consciousness pure fucking consciousness no differentiation just consciousness just pure awareness right but nobody but in innately conscious of itself completely aware now i was like that the initial reaction to that sense being aware that you're nothing in nothingness it's gets this weird residents would create horror is what it would do it create this anguished terror from waking up and realizing your here you're some primordial thing and then terror be i don't get it why well like america would that be tear especially if you don't have a body and you have no ego where's the terror the terror comes from this idea came came to me when i was thinking like what would happen if something fucked up in my car business got trapped in like a table or some
like that you know what i mean like how high we always tripping i was on lsd and i was thinking 'cause i was looking at this is when i was in science class i still remember tripping in high school i had my head in my arms and i was looking at the fucking table and for a second it felt like my consciousness had shifted into the table and was kind of like trapped there school thought that everything has a consciousness i mean that yeah i mean i've we've talked about it several times of planets may very well be some sort of a super organism that can't express itself in movement to us so we don't think of it as a as a living thing or is a conscious thing but the whole planet might have a type of kind well imagine this and let let's just put into this weird idea the idea that this infinite consciousness had some ability to experience aloneness you know loneliness aloneness it was just by itself that's ridiculous because that's a human idea or an animal idea yeah but why you have this feeling of needing to be with someone is because that's how you fucking
alive and not get eaten by jaguars it's built in you can expect but my point is you're attaching like these human were were the universe we are the universe humans are the universe bible where we're obviously here with a task we are obviously some weird little crazy button pushing monkey with a task and this this nice for this task has ingrained into us all of these these really needy characteristics that you can associate gods without were i'm not saying gods at all i'm saying universal consciousness the universe we are one and argue thing is warren extrusion of the universe that's what we are worthy the universe extruding itself in the form of a thing that is capable of feeling lonely yes that is capable of what you're saying is that the universe is everything including people course the whole universe isn't just the planets it's not just the stars it's f organism every so we're apart everything where the universe experience
itself in the specific way the universe has divided it so the universe is divided itself into a lot of shit and part of that shit is feeling lonely pain offering angst horror happiness joy all of it is the universe experiencing itself there's no way to deny that if you unless you think humans aren't part of the universe unless you think you're some kind of thing that's distance store outside of everything else you are part you are infinity sticking it head into this little bubble of whatever this place is an feeling so i what i thought was maybe fucking happen was this this consciousness it what did happen is we do know it exploded weed
but there is something before the big bang but we do know it blew up something exploded so i'm thinking maybe it had some kind of fucking nervous breakdown it shattered into a bunch of fucking infinite pieces of which were one part were part of or what we are is one tiny little broken shard of the universe that blue up a long time ago and it's like what i considered what i thought would be like this initial state of absolute are think everyone in their own lives in their own ways dealing with it in a very small level the fear of death the fear have merging back into the nothingness the fear all that stuff manifest in your life is these like is fear and and weakness and it's like we're like tiny little fragments of the universe trying to fix itself on a minuscule level that's what i was thinking when i was tripping out i think of people in a different way i think the reason why we have ego and desire and lust and
greed and selfishness and you know any jealousy and eat all these issues they are all negatives and positives they are all polar zero tractors to get us to do splits things and most importantly to make sure that things stay in motion and that people continue to in of they continue to want to produce things and continue to want to do things that are special so that they get attention or money or reward or compile up objects that all these things whether their greed or selfishness or jealousy or fear or lost all of them are essentially numbers or equations in a grand scheme of mathematical like what's the not not an algorithm but like a program like literally like
everything that exists whether it's hot or cold or pleasure or pain all these different things that the human animal in any other animal experiences or guide that animal into a certain direction to make sure the deer can keep breeding staying alive to feed all the mountain lions it's going to be difficult to catch it here's a branch snap boom the ears turn very big they pick up everything why is all that there that's all that there is that deer better be scared as fuck is that mountain lion can run fast bitch you're going to get fucked so if you want to keep breeding you wanna stay alive you have to be a scare fee scaredy cat little deer that freaks out all the shit that we have is designed to make us move in the way that we're moving right now all of our fears anxieties greed everything if i looked at and i look at it like a program i don't look at it is like the universe is gonna be feel fearful like we are and it is fearful like you are scared is consciousness is like we are i don't think that at all i think that
we are moving in this very certain direction and we are influenced by these very certain feelings and and energies and emotions because we have a goal to do we we we are here on some sort of a weird task of accomplishing something taking probably it's likely the human animal to the next stage of evolution whether it's uh have a symbiotic connection that we're going to have with computers whatever it is but it seems to me to be progress in technology driven all of it all of it all the greed and lust and material possessions and everything everything that that fuels when beings and all this is substantial wanting you know that i think is is because that's just the be swarming around the queen and making a beehive i think it's the same thing i think we're moving in a way that's far more complex and we have this you know the ilu free will free will and all these other things that are sort of guiding us to believe that a much more grandiose thing plan to all but these these polls this ego and fear and
been longing and loading it might really just be a part of our program that keeps us moving what is what is mechanical as a strange attractor that the idea so it's like there's a magnet in the future to dumb word for it but there's a thing in the future that's drawing us towards it and causing it to organize it pulls us closer it's a omega white tail yard a shirt in this like there's a jesuit priest talked about this too which is that there's an organized fans will in the future that strong is towards it as like spiral that we're writing towards yeah that's the nature of your death he had an aunt yeah but mckenna had a really interesting way of looking at it because mckenna's idea was that there is for gone can illusion there is an end point that must be reached in that what this this endpoint does is it makes things become more and more complex as they reach it in kill it literally manifests itself like it's meh
testing itself in our innovation in human beings in general in the massive explosion of change that we have in just a few one thousand years have imparted this planet like right now we're booting up the this is a computer and it's booting up and it's about to go along and then it's going to be this next thing and i i believe that but i think it's fascinating that the universe as you are and as i am an extrusion of it talks about it is it's happening the universe is trying to decode and understand what's happening to it in the form of in philosophy and the form of inside or maybe it just does like you do when your zen on stage maybe that's what the universe does maybe the universe is when you tune in your best moments and you just do you do in the zone you become zen maybe the universe is just ultimate sent the dow what we're doing the dow exactly and what we're doing by two
into it in little brief moments with brilliant music or a great book or credit movie or something that just locks into it doing is is tapping into that groove you hit when you truly hit anything excellent in that groove is the universe itself and that the universe is never scared and alone and and all that but it is present zen can you say but it is how can you say that well because you know what the universe no i'm part of the universe so i just saying is not going to tell you this for fear i can tell you this this stretch the universe here sometimes it's karen feels lonely well this little stretch of the universe is its own little thing but it's still part of the universe but it's just a little segment segments i've got accomplished it's got a task no you don't think that there's like all like sort of really pract attic reasons for fears and for lust and for desires and goals i think the reason doesn't that i think where it seems like we're where we're i don't know if it's a day
agreement but my my inception of it is that human beings just like any other thing in the world the universe in space part of part of the universe and as part of the universe that means that the variance the individual experience that you're having is a part the universe having the experience now the reasons that you're having the experience don't disk don't take away the that you're experiencing it so what i mean is if you're happy then you are one tiny little pics of the universe experiencing happiness if you're scared you're one tiny pixel of the universe experiencing fear and that sounds like a nice cop out to not be a pussy like i'm not really pushes the universe the universe is being a pussy through may no yeah that's hilarious the you i am why i'm crying is not opposing now you guys do i say
reverse waterfall you automatically associated the universal consciousness with fear and terror and i think you're justifying it in a back door situation by saying that you're a piece of the universe you were talking about the universe being one consciousness we were talking about any human beings existing what do you think is the predominant snow if there's no goal at the human being has to achieve and if there's no conscious awareness of the temporary existence of its lifespan because it's not a lifespan it's not not alive it is universal consciousness that is the universe why the fuck would be scared that's my point well predominant mood on this planet is one of fear and i think old man i couldn't disagree more i can't really more yeah i think people are freaked out the whole man people some people are freaked out part of people are freaked out part of the day but if you set it up twenty four hours in the day and all the people most people are it's now
fucking mad max out there man it ain't that bad oh no but mad max that kind of fear it would be better than the kind of fear that's infected people these days they kind of fear that's infected people these days is far worse than fighting some fucking max bandit the flamethrower the fear the fear that people experience and not ok what fear of define what fear of the experiencing all day turn fucking art watch the country is it all news man 'cause no nothing yeah lot of people out there having a good to know just i've met him man we were in ontario ca this weekend had a great i mean people having a great time too it's not the predominant mood is not fear fear is an element in this world about i think people are i think a lot of people are scared yes but they're also have and and they're also horny and they're also drunk and you know there's a lot of different room in the dial his room on the dial phone is different emotions to say
dominant when it's fear that's the primary i think that in this country really i think in this country mandy look if it's times are hard just like all over the world our range they don't even do that anymore but they said they did it for a long time okay but i don't i think that people are can do well on that and it makes it way worse than it really is i for sure there's some fear out there but to say that is the predominant imo you know people that are living their everyday lives working and having sex and playing with their children going to the movies i don't think the primary one is fear i think it's in there i think theorem and it's definitely not as much as it was after nine hundred and eleven you know and shit like that i think anything you tend to lean towards the morose and you're applying these thoughts to the hold of you man i don't mean it as a hopeless thing though i don't mean it is you don't mean fear as a hopeless thing out at all i think acknowledge it
but you don't have to acknowledge it if you just living life enjoying yourself go to hawaii and see how people just chilling at the beach to do do you know what it's like to live in hawaii is someone living in hawaii look it up they call it like that golden cage it's so fucking expensive to live there that to you have to work two or three jobs if you're a native hawaiian it's really tough there so i mean maybe fear is the wrong word for it was i have to do with just chill well no there's people on the culture is like a chilled out cultures what i'm saying i think there's tourists on the beach but also like listen i feel like i'm to defend my i feel like i'm going to i'm driving deeper and deeper into a pessimistic place and i think that maybe the way that i chose my words is like not sometimes in absolutes all right you know and i think you chase down an idea and i do i'm guilty as well you based on an idea and sometime in chasing down that idea you discard or discount possible other ideas that might interfere with the path that you're on
you know and that is something that a lot of people do i do it too you know it's it's does look i wanted what the just to finish the thought what is trying to get out of dissolved i want to design you want to dissolve the dissolve the fear and underneath that is is love love what i'm saying is i don't think the universe has any fucking fear at all i think if the universe was a universal consciousness but one thing that knew everything and had and was by itself i didn't i don't think it would week you know because i don't think it needs to be in the buddy system i think it's the in universal the universes of our fears that we have are all biological and all of our fears that we have about being alone all affairs about dying they're all biological there just the fail safe mechanisms designed to keep us running but the universe is as a whole
okay the universe is all i understand i think is the oil is freaking out but is individual units that it definitely parts of it are freaking out you not understand that you are applying individual units to something the you initially set has no individual units the first thing you were saying was the universe would be nothing there was nothing good i'm glad resetting bank i'm glad you said this it lets me throw out and as it i can do words he said that okay what is it the word is and i'm gonna miss pronounces the word is i think i think a beta top for and what that were translates into is simon is one in indifference which is the x one and they give for the universe which is its existing as an entirety as a whole is a good start is one thing but also while its existing is this one thing its existing is infinite now for university units that are making it up and so units that are making up the sum total some of those units their x
dance is one of fear or one of anger or the more negative emotions and whether or not the biological imperative let's imagine it didn't even exist at all but just squirrels then the there are animals then those animals are still to the universe experiencing this certain emotion right but isn't that just so that they can keep brea isn't are just electrical signals that trigger certain behavior patterns that allow them continue to get their little cycle there was a whatever the they're there for with their to cultivate the grounds of that country's grow better so they they do you know the complete their cycles to dig an error at the ground or whether or the human animal that you know that fucking sparks the adam that blows up the fucking earth you know whatever it is that all these moves that they do in there's no real fear doesn't exist it's it's it's a it's a charge it on the game okay so it's a bit of a blood and an influence on the game it's still i mean he's what what's it went away fees or fear let's say it's like you know orgasm because they
experience of orgasm is a chemical reaction that's part of some grand equation working itself out doesn't negate the fact that orgasms exist or that there are obviously real so it is it's if it's a real thing you know whether or not we feel fear because we're in so predetermined we're in some predetermined thing that's working itself out or whether or not we feel fear because we're were as a motivator man right it's really simple i mean we we have a lot of investment in fear we have a lot of investment in we have a lot of investment all these things that are just motivators at you know they they they push us in certain directions keep us from things keep us you know you would you learn from bark bark bark animal can kill you run away you know you're scared of dogs this is all these things exist they're just just move action yeah they just motivate i'm in no way trying to say that i understand the consciousness of the universe i'm in no way trying to say that you know i'm
right and you're wrong what i'm trying to say is you automatically assume that the universe has fear because it is consciousness and i that was really tell i don't mean to keep going back to this point but the reason that oh right oh yes i see you're saying the initial idea that the first thing you would feel that's what you say is go you attach yourself what is it called answer promo says when you you you think i projected my think think you think i made the ultimate that okay so i fear i made the ultimate narcissistic error no no exactly i don't think you're narcissistic and what it what happens when a baby pops out of a policy for the first time they cry they freak out yes because they'd change vitamins a cry so in that same way i think that when the universe first popped out this universal consciousness and i also must say that i do not know this again to go back to original point i made this happened while drooling on my desk in a science class on acid but of the initial burst of the universe that feeling
be very similar to a baby crying what the fuck what the and to break into a billion pieces with that what the fuck is that what the fuck is encapsulated in every single person and it's our life task and maybe this purpose you're talking about maybe we agree on this point it's our life task to turn that what the fuck and this is awesome this is amazing oh my god this is this is the best thing that could ever happen and maybe is that feeling begins to escalate inside of people which are parts universe then maybe it'll keep escalating escalating and escalating so the universe goes into this like amazing cascade into like eternal bliss happiness a blister we can't even imagine that keeps financially increasing and increasing increasing increasing and we're just
tiny node on this movement towards that both wrong what's the answer i don't know prove me right yeah but you guys are just talking like for like forty minutes on but you both can't happy right or wrong about no there's no right or wrong unquestionably what's wrong with my problem is you as a per i know you very well and you lean towards fear and you you you have attended hillary intelligent person and intelligent people most part are more scared of things because you realize the variables you know you you think of you know you think i think of the negative results you were thinking you were talking about people and by the way folks sending me messages on twitter we're not no one's arguing we're just talk what what are people saying happy to do such duncan talk you know you're known as open minded you sound man we're throwing no this is fun it's like i understand what we're doing with throwing ideas around and i
not saying that i'm right i'm fucking for sure not right but what i'm saying is yet you can't you can't just say you know i'd say the universe has fear you can say it's you know can't these subjects are so fucking twisted in bizarre that no you can have an absolute you know why are there so fun to talk about and that's something bright you seem to like you don't check out i hate what ifs you don't want wasting your time like three try to figure that out you know like it's not going back and forth i think it can't say it's waste your time because very detail but i think what's entertaining it by fires no it into it because there's no it doesn't matter why does it have to have an end yeah that's how my mind thinks i want to figure how it works i don't wanna and like that's just like i wasting your time you know the i'm not going to add need to know what the law the secret to the life and universe is a bad conscious if it's like a baby pop how are you how are you how are you supposed to be spent how do you think you're supposed to be spending your time
trying to live in the now instead of living and something you will never figure out but part of living in the now yeah it's fast it's interesting but there's no one's right or wrong that's just yeah but it doesn't have to be that doesn't mean that you shouldn't have to see what that's why i think that's what i think i know so you guys talk at what if i i just keep away from everything really deep though even if it's not what we're hearing what if that's just like making up stories that you think are right which aren't because you don't know what we talk about this you meant now man listen he's not just what if thing when he's talking about human being not a representative of the universe because it's part of extricity is true how is that what it's no no no no i agree with that i absolutely agree with that but doesn't mean that that that the universe has feelings universal does have feelings because you're part of the universe all right if you say like that that means a sense but the that's what if you're going to do what i was saying you're saying what you're part of the universe it goes back to what i was saying about drums are believe do you believe it's possible that we are all our own universe and that somehow or another this is an something that you can bang on with a hammer it's not
the whole world isn't the material world of things being solid but there is some sort of a fictional aspect to life and that it almost is like your imagination in your mind and your your you're you know just your intent really does have some effect on physical reality and that all of our physical realities although they seem to be the exact same thing that we inserted into we all have our own unique oneness our unique oneness interacts with everyone else's is unique one is which is why it's very import and to surround yourself with positive people then you surround yourself with a bunch of positive universes you create more and more positive energy more more more positive experiences more and more good things are happening to all the people around you more and more
venus is gone interchange between each other that's how you really make a real community right right yeah it's your association and so forth and their own use you're making a community making your own universe you did you have you are practically and will will eat you know because practically it's just a smart thing to say with good people but the idea that you were not exactly sure with this fuzzy line between consciousness and unconsciousness sleeping and dreaming and it's all going on and on in one cycle but we're not exactly sure what what part of it were playing all the time we have to hit on things to be sure i mean how many times have you had dreams where you all it's a dream or it's a dream oh it's a dream how do you not know that knocking of things in a fucking dream that the whole here that you can dream the idea that you can imagine the id fearsome some
mystical part of your brain that sees things that aren't really there and puts them into position and moves them around and gives you a little fucking cartoon light bulb and then you write this down and you get together with a hammer and nail on some fucking wood and you create this thing has never been created before what the fuck is that this is something that's manifesting itself in a solid form that it's come out of nowhere yeah i have a feeling that whole nowhere is a real realm the the realm of thinking the realm of consciousness and imagination just because you can't bang on it with a fucking camera doesn't mean it's not a real realm a real huge part of the ingredients of life right and i think that we only measure the shit that we can bang on with a hammer and we look at the way that people that influence their lives you know she got that job and look what you did your lips we look at all the different things you physically do to the stuff that you can hit that's what we measure and we decide that that's the entire ingredient list of life and i don't think it is i think there's some there's some
woo woo shit going on man there's some wood dipak deepak chopra type shit going on that seems ridiculous you just measure it you know what they call you know the course that they name for the universe that is maya you've heard the term liar of course illusion so like your in i think there's like exercises in some yoga systems where you begin to try to deconstruct what exactly what you're saying you start like trying to like find what is real what is real you know is this for example this table like you take the table for example the table is only real in this moment right now if you were to look at the table through the through the course thousands and thousands of years you would see this table was that reason before it was trees it was seeds before his seeds there's this combination of carbon molecules and you would see table is only existing in a very temporary transient moment in this one second it's almost liquid if you look at time it's just kind of way
if this undulation that's happening external and that we mistake it as a solid right and so we think oh yes this is permanent and this israel is like no no no this is completely impermanent you just happened to see it israel on this one second and so you if you like okay well that's not really then you begin well what about me am i what am i and then you're also you're part of that fucking paints world to your swirled in with the table right now you're swirled in and before you swirled into the human entity that you are you are a much other shit you know you are ultimately like they talk about how parts of what's inside of us is from supernovas quaid stars and things exploding that out our dates to start us yeah we have to have a supernova to make the ship to make people right yes you need to have some sort of a explosion of a star that's the recipe and so when you start and end it just theoretically talking about like what you don't like if you start like real okay well then what does that mean for my life how am i suppose
you know how my supposed to start acting then if i realize that i'm just some infinite part of something else in a swirl back out into nothingness real quick what do you think the guy first felt when he realized that the sun has a lifespan that the first realized that eventually this fucker is going to go out right you know when he calculated how many billionaires we have left restaurant they figured out you know most sons only lived five hundred million years i yeah i don't know that either i thought like they're all billy billions no no no most sons five hundred billion years or five five hundred million years really yeah so we've gotten older we've got a crazy slow burning sun some of them just fucking blast off some of the really big giant ones man there just fucking about they just rage for like a few million years and then shut the fuck off yeah but of them ah lot of them die out of five hundred million so we're in a rare sort of a goldilocks situation where life can get this advanced and get this complex you know four dot six billion years or something like that but this this planet has been
and the sun is even older than that you know pretty fascinating stuff when you really stop and think about it well that's all gotta lifespan yeah it's that fucking that level of thinking that you can begin to like really star experiencing like novelty in your life 'cause i think people get shutov to that way of thinking they don't want to think like that and things can get boring it's like when you sit when you go out a hot day and you just think i'm experiencing heat from a fucking thing space like this heat is radiating out of this thing that so fucking hot it's making its way through space changing my skin color a little bit it can burn my skin that's to me that if i allow myself to think that way things become so much more fascinating and interesting is weird this stuff you choose to not you specifically that people choose i think wow i and yeah but that's not what you guys were talking here talk about hey the sun makes you tan with its height and it's nice i mean i think everyone thinks about
well what i'm thinking about like the stuff that where you know if you're trying to figure out what the universe is if it's alive it's doing this or that that's all great and stuff but you don't really have an answer i don't like fascinate are thinking about that kind of shit because there will never probably know that answer i'd rather figure out my fuck in life going on with this for the person you ain't never gonna figure out you live you're better off just distract yourself bullshit well i mean this is let it go kids i know no what ifs can be fun here and there but i mean but getting obsessed with them is what it would dunkin until i starve to death we can after the cows go wonder what if it's it's fun what the the fucking philosopher so much of mechanics work was what if much of his possibilities of prognosticating the eventual illogical similarity and he said he was a big proponent of time travel he really felt like time travel going to be the one thing that fucked everything out hey can i do whatever real quick
yeah what if brian work for the cia and he was like infiltrated the podcast to try to get us from doing what ifs because if we they know if we keep what effing we're going to it was something that isn't just bullshit you're right dude you might be a fucking fed speaking of which where you at this weekend i'm at the i'm i am in an arbor yeah showcase in ann arbor cost comedy showcase in ann arbor thursday friday and saturday by the way if you never been the calmly showcase in ann arbor michigan it is one of the most perfect comedy clubs in the country it's one those places that you get there and they go still exist these these mom and pop owned really well set up well designed small intimate space are great sound system cool as staff the whole staff smoke me out we went in and and pass it around the place is the show of cops there were cool as everywhere and i can't wait man with that club is a lot of i i did it was segura means occurred did it it was we
a great great great fucking time that's the way there's a few of those clubs left you know in the country that was heffron denver comedy works denver comedy works and oregon set up perfect what's important in oregon is my new fave portlands helium is this shit that's a new club to love that portland is been died for stand up comedy for everyone toilet such a cool community somebody cool mother up there portland's amazing that's a great city yeah yeah i love portlanders don't know if i could deal with the winter time people say just gets fucking crazy i've talked to people that didn't say that the years ago i have friends that live in seattle and years ago i would ask him you know the body of the rain how you know no big deal so whatever man the summertime sometimes they're amazing and just you know just kind of deal with it is what the way that what it is and then you talk to a couple years later man fucked his fucking weather fuck this is it seems me to be something you think you can deal with and you can deal with it
might slowly fuck with you if you don't realize long as you don't realize there is an alternative like if you ever lived in southern california and then you moved up to seattle you right after awhile be like god damn i get some sun up in this bitch like you people are depressed for furries man you're not getting any sun vitamin d exactly but to have a comedy club up there there's so many cool fuckers up there man seattle portland that whole fourth west fat it's great it's always good times never had a bad show up there always been fun portland is fucking that helium comedy club one of the best places we ever worked the main best setup too i've heard great great everything those helium guys are the guys from philly they just know exactly what they're doing they're fucking masters at it you know it's just like you know there's a few of those clubs like improv like we did the ontario improv this weekend fuck you awesome that ontario improv is one the most underrated improvs man because the
there is cool as shit it's always every show was sold out was fucking awesome yeah there seems to be a real correlation how cool comedy clubs are getting and how your podcast is becoming popular because there's a lot of open podcast fans that come out to these shows and they're fucking awesome somebody fucking mom banana bread bag in my hand in atlanta that was one of the funniest cooler coolest things was just banana bread that's a brownie somebody gave me i'm scared of it's right there forget it you just don't know i'm going to feed into my keep it in the original form you can't like you just never know you never know the man that could be some jacob's ladder shit you could they want to see you are how to buy tickets for this com go to my website and address the dot com there's a link to that take it to my wife's iphone that's trussell with two and two tells duncan trussell dot com also go to
death squad dot tv and sign up for the death squad podcast there's a whole series of look as if brian host outside of this that has like sam tripoli's podcast under roman fucking thompson girls appan crossed under him and there's a bunch different really funny people that have podcasts over there freddy lockhart john reed john heffron already steven brody stevens lester a bunch of really good so if you like looking for interesting shit to keep you occupied at work it's all free of course it's on itunes of course also our ship your has its own now it's called the skeptic tank you could find our should fear skeptic tank that's s h a f f i r and don't has the lavender hour and the lavender hour is also on itunes and you guys have lavender dot com that's it lavender com of course it's all free as well and you also have a special episode every week that you could pay for only
it is that we do it we haven't been doing it every week but every once in a while throwing up there they're out there but you've got a shit load to get through if you never listen to it there's like forty eight and their online there online power before annum thank you to the flashlight for sponsoring us if you go to joerogan dot net and click on the link for the flesh light entering the code name rogan you will get fifteen percent off the number one sex toy for men i gotta come up with something cool to say with that brian is just master has this down to a science and cia cia operate canyon slugger that's why he interjects each other fuck with your thought waves i fucked up the show today what if countries like a time traveler any knows we're trying to talk about time travel i told the faggots yeah yeah yes stop it stop it you too on it labs for a go to on dot com onn and for the alpha brain cognitive enhance or substance whatever it is and if you
go to the link off the website offtorogan dot net and terminate rogan you will get fifteen percent off and then make yourself smart and ship yes they're great great dreams control this weekend comedy showcase ann arbor michigan thursday friday and saturday night live let go see him so we go go there have you go if you're in michigan you must go this friday we're going to be the ice house and the little tiny room in pasadena ice out there that that's what shows joe rogan to really do two five two shows bring in wallace's line up of killers and it's a small room it's only eighty five seats it or sell the out yeah we're doing this little thing on purpose because it's fun it's a real will intimate little environment it's a real fun place to fuck around are going to be around you cannot be around because you're going to be at the comedy showcase and add on manager and if you go to duncantrussel dot com you can get the tickets for that and then just fucking just folks we love you thanks for everything keep being who you are 'cause you're cool shit and all
people out there that i listen on your treadmills an on your elliptical machines and driving in your cars and sit in the subway and on the train and we love you love you were there we are all connected yeah you are having a conversation with us we are moving forward occupied wall street hold it till i get there your machine dot com we love you guys
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