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Little Esther, Al Madrigal, Josh McDermitt, Brendon Walsh, Felicia Michaels, Brian Redban - Date: 10/21/2011
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those that have no other wheedling that's why now got a little less disease whereby south is our first broadcast from myself she's possessing downloads able hears everything and hears everything can people do that sound profitable either issuing this opposition figures all up is a good job where there's a good ok is the first time post you thought that the set up at home was unsophisticated here we just get this little task am mp3 reporter blinds walk in the beats headsets little esters stared witnessed the sole catastrophe esther out their broken your onslaught gas these days tell the world about it doesn't even where is it it's we just talk about positive energy ethically and prodi talked about various breakdowns had twenty year only with career well wait just what you call the cops brewed in history tat growed road and asked that's gonna brody i know you when you two makes it up although he actually sit crazy place very soon saw some lego somewhat but how crazy that he wanted to make it hard to find what you did you know he hates the deal i don't like it grows deal because that's not his real name or something all its wisdom in road is even yes even brody's do you even greater yeah scissors fuckin prayers named them stephen stevens yes like someone who is like a replacement say over kiss worlds replacement guys meaning that they take on cities stevens night stephen groaning may laugh but he renamed himself goadings even to be like to sound like a paramount waivers rename himself brody stevens assembling a baseball player what's stephen brody desire basement where brody sounds like hake errors the torres algebraist vogler lagoon together the giant forms of baseball player very famous guy rugged jaw goddammit something not lucky rose nevertheless fundraising labour san diego whatever of signal no known another facebook nervously said this a little ass black ass he said you know some famous singer just donate a loose shit loaded with senior warren blood were bought a gigantic billionaire philanthropist fascinating guy you can present with jimmy but they did he owned a company that we will be giving a winding up it is more than that introduces the possibility is there is a single idea a second here do you guys know jesus cometh well that's a larry does he has allowed you guys did i like you you're like good websites in you'll see news items and you're just kind of like gleams rope wakened like that procedure that whether it is like one out of four times seat i click on it yet what that was that was one of those where my book as we so often warren buffett is you ve got a singer without a famous guided only by the big guy made you go on what to do this is terrible words about beggar america derivatives detroit upon after their derivatives into some of the icy short bank or some shit this is scary citys like seventy four trillion dollars i understand the whole thing i don't understand derivatives at all i don't get what the fuck all at exactly means what we are trying to do is pointed out so that the taxpayers have to foot the bill when all this comes crashed down it's so dark do these guys are so read about it in the middle revolvers occupy wall street shared seek does not seem to matter it's like there's still gis thieves fuckin hookers and thieves man we're like our whole system is like no one it is this is really what is if you allow someone to get away with that they want to get away with a little more if you allowed them to get will wash our shared like steel billions and billions of dollars and they say okay everything ass they are now the like like how do you go from being able to afford fuckin billions and billions of things and you see some of these people's houses man some of the heads of these oh my god this is crazy we're here why the isolation genuine actually shall going on right now and this is the pre show tremor josh mcdermott getting off his regime rob applause apparently he was quite air dreaming good audience here over ain't always a good i always get on it if you are going to the hamptons or like placing connecticut where they have these fuckin monstrous hedge fund estates states were people made literally billions of dollars money they made it moving money like you don't even know that even made it lending money and borrowing money and getting that money was gonna feel josh unconscious join us what's up everybody financial market which is a proper subject to get into it for your depress the world's fox and skills it was the gaddafi video now i have not seen any of the coffee flocking dude went up it's really crazy in this what i said on twitter and i said i think that everything is weird above the video is it's really hard to see what the fuck happened right what were you watching it it's like really choppy and i said that the video is is chaotic out of focus as life seems to be these days as the world seems to be this is a really is like that seems at once this crazy shit down like all the time when you want is kept but while this is like indicative of like how i view the world when i see wanna hear about the news about wrongs slamming in a fucking buildings missiles coming out of the sky and we gotta go see the libyan people from gaddafi why these two documents adopt the gold standard bases money the gold dinner with a little documentary on the reason why we're going into libya has nothing to do with protecting anybody resisting the one will be able to save their money and in libya auto oil so is a win win situation settled the boys service is an adverse right over we do firstly we give the green light to and then today they capture and they have him on top of the fourth part of their shooting and beating you forget all over space launching and holding him dallas shoe who is this like the people and apples the rose revolution they caught him and they shot him they caught him in the other the governments try to say that he got hit was straight bullet happy warship was alive as they show him in this way leading throughout pleading and did the rebels these young rebels had only just start beating though pocketing answer locking really weird you gotta pull up man put up your phone right now did you hear did i warn you put upon up any folk seeking contributed so bizarre and it's like a razor phone did it it's like really really should equality like wider thing i found out there we should emphasise that we want an iphone however they have him they have him in like a industrial freezer like in a shopping center and people are coming by taking pictures later heard his dead bodies like sitting on ice in someone's freezer like a restaurant or which glittered tat body academic early gaddafi a d a pie that's the visit q and sometimes you have to deal with a guitar what's often ethnic obviously because there that video that photo that dangerous amazing starts on closer together in an hour announcing the boards on muslim some guy what is this thing was to go buy online it's comfortable sweats or some like comfortable sweats shawnee guess what they comfortable switched icon and he rode outside that's madonna on the loser in iran amazing drove through other an amazing portrait of apartheid and has every single everything there's no josh return yet is bullshit georgie but you you're on a tv show on tv and its way right when it was announced on state acronym remember with forty five or forty if its thirty five i see our difficult both it doesn't matter as german seen it was said with a showgirl retired at thirty five retired i saw after that using them to a single and jessica to alter the little whose short sea he was well recently he was on the show just show me deeply the old guy why rather than an episode soda about your arm over there and then of course you even nominee for an oscar for i was afraid of virginia wolf a real yea with due to bad ass cranky old guy but like that funding cranky angry i quote this like he's really only be cool but just like so certain his ways that like we're done by like two in the afternoon everyday its growing other that's that's nice we get a good director would lead actual that can force the commission to have an average imbros on his radio and we were in we're in early but we're done by three every fuckin day period y all bad let's grab this you come in here going to move this that they have done a fuckin side tat is if you think about sitcoms is if you if you have an inexperienced directly referendum on his work on this account right now it is the first time say contractor and she saying this is like this every day sixteen hours a day just devastatingly retarded because they ethical very single detail is no one particular voice against the sort of direct the whole ship and so it's catastrophe everyday work long what would i think we will need to sit around and ponder what the fuck is going to happen and it takes hours and hours should ever see that that the thing about year i show is that you just gotta pick a fight for second season and nowadays that's like an award winning thing right there because the most last two episodes nowadays nowadays yet it they actually right away and so i've isley filigree lucky to get us back at work now it's great joy i saw you keep her last night and actually enjoyed it aligning reminded me a lot at night museum of you ever saw that but with a better better memory ass guess what right have you are telling you this rang realise george you be so much more relaxed i feel relaxing seem like you're a little like like waiting around my neck half injuring idea you don't i get garriga what the thing i i i wondered about though is that the only thing i didn't like about the movie ways the weird creepy tv i friday advertising in the middle of the navy above him yeah it didn't i think both of us were like while this is ridiculous dead there's like a tv fridays commercial in the middle the movie that's interesting i never thought about andy i looked and they made it like the most curious tv i have ever had a pool tables and football tables no my weight it s now a reality the affrighted you don't think about both of a ship that this boy my work i don't give a shit what it was a good willie i have so much to think about the last they were ever think about his wisest to justify to jeopardize was spent somebody would argue for greater tyler another anybody raven babies as far as i know will upset surely burgers we re looking at it in those i didn't know i wasn't none of my seems really really zoo we filmed one day there but a free up again was a location or most of my scenes were either in the park they were wrangles over you're a good dancing by the way we communicate he's very lovable legged as an actor like there's a lot of shit people title i should have given james make these movies are being set it is easy to watching it is good to see that the average guy he's a nice person is a human being is a very nice guy we been friends for a long time now and it's kind of weird because he's real religious super catholic obviously obviously saint obesity which must be will know me i mean catholicism to me as way more valuable than mushrooms so the things we have seen a mushroom do so much more fucked up than anything i could ever imagine catholics coming up with i'm not discounting anyone but it is clear enough to me that it's all bullshit but to him you know he has a deep desire to be a good person you know and this is what we get along so well he's he's a funny guy but has a deep desire to be a nice person and one reason is because signal our people and our eyes you know of disease is also involve the martial arts of life and management above like like real street fighting shed was actually had actually didn't get into canada wings were wholly in order because he had a street fight like his record commitments will it can become an over beaten people up so i relate to him a lotta levels were very different a lot of ways but he's a real good do the probably never do the pot gases is way too fucked up for him associated with say crises and weed and all the crazy shit we talk about it with words in a move because knowing you your character no movie with a definitely like if effect if he would have done that you and the like in a movie you can find seo at this bar mpeg into my head that would never happen showed a fuckin kick his ass right there even having put over he walked away or something like a movie you have to take out a way to get out of the sea rightly that it was worth seeing you in it i got a version of yourself look at higher maxed out a little white spitting out of this mess up by others duisburg yet there was william and as far as on the other hand you did on the buying those were real father yes tat was crazy man but the eyes were a hundred percent real beg you did what were you saying ok we're right riding bikes and as running our bikes i'm supposed to be trying to do things to headline grabbing emigrating him with things and hold it on with my left him he's on my right hand because of that when you left rate is right break your lap rate as your front break when you hit that break february flying over the animals enemy i think of it i didn't think you'd be that big idea right his one break writes a fuck alyosha you go flying so i am whipping him with this thing i fucking flew over the handlebars couple times they sit on the credit still which at one time was that you actually twice was because of the handlebars at once i was so scared donor our course lost it and i think he's pretty crazy though that the fact that the main character in the many i haven't changed but that beginning immediately go after that the curtain a girl that he worked with cheap fuckin beautiful than what's your name the chicken work at the zoo though the black girl with a black mexican maybe i'll catch my speaking on her name she sees only bills not yet he was gorgeous anatomy is way hotter but i think he probably just assumed you know i got a new phone camp on the fucking google feature war of useless assyrian rosaria dawson rebecca i forget her name on issues like super nice to my kids to a real she's we'd gorgeous the whole time saving your going fought them like that girl is i would say that either to now in real life did that blonde should is fine she's hygiene character in the movie was nine a high character but she was hunting yet those that have happened like i'm santa he worked with this hot check every day it's nice to him why wouldn't you o brien its loathing called move passion i enjoy the maybe i'd always gave a very very fond not fund maybe but just again he has his the problem that movie checks have animals talk economically talky had no man i thought it was great about the gorilla spreading a transitional then reason if i had to if i had any input on those that man you giving people a reason to asia you have a moving target by two thousand and eleven checks got kids a letter we gotta there's gotta be a reason what animals to talk you ve gotta be suddenly scientific invention i think everyone had never adults already had a lot of adult commentators while much it i'm sure you know that branch left us panicked runaway missus parker right now it's up to you guys all we're gonna need extra said joe i think you might be next willing or the fuck is that britain was that occupy away i think what is he doing a fake lippy decision within being your before nine but its nine ten owns africa be bernard i told him i'd probably go up and escape him if he gets here doing some common fibres and how much our friend brendan marsalis german see what would this is where now as we just started doing these little shows here at the ice house crossteam of ice houses probably the only common club in a country probably right existing ass gotta be pretty close apparently this is on its fiftieth here it opened up as like a sort of theatre club and then eventually became a comedy club somewhere around the sixtys and seventys but it's like it's not just a comical took up a museum and maintains remiremont where i found a few minutes away like how many minutes my party i'm like a few blocks away hurry up bitch hurry up she's gonna founded on the idea that got thrown over the remaining years be grounded i want a person as well so the next step should be nervous that we are working with the next starts very savages scenes working with his animals should be nervous esters hard for you is in our view with your star i think very funny but your style is you know might be is a difficult style to start off ashore with yes i really like i'm that's like way towards the end or even obviously like when you go any isn't funny how we feel like melick as comics others like despots you like you know if you go first man first five minutes or almost like knocking you can't go deep with them and you got a sort of just sort of pick up the funny it's almost four function home it's almost like a conversation you have you met someone right away they start being obnoxious funny you're wall what the fuck do you know you pass every once in a while you do a show where you go up first in their hot gecko and throws you because you're like adults can be like this every time now little popular song which weird how different sometimes you'll get audio people build cosby said zones are never the audience source inconvenience which having any any generalization like that silly there's a goddamn differently about visa for some comments about soften enabling jani michael's would do in recent michael's just walked in on the park ass you go through this upon task locating because it will bring all beard please commissioner you gonna go stage within this is the new thing we're doing rejoined podcast live at nice house the comics sitting around before they go on stage after they get off stage programme we will sit sit around and shoot the ship some little answers here and now you are to do need proof time for instance you gonna go over them remained alone time opera and unwashed sir do you wanna prepare one blue esther and i hope you prepare later today in the mood somehow get me what can we do with it gets unifying time shocks are dirtier dirty girl like that of after what we have added an extra five six nine ten that's ridiculous why we have vs world but with so what can we make a show little later maybe a little later because we start this one late notes on time this mother fucker high aren't you occupy only if they could be your barnes but i am fascinated by actually is really fast asleep brought him like a gas so where the where they for folks who just walked inflation michael's has joined us now joe reduces were podcast yes beauty in the beast had you guys come up that name scattered incisive basing them we doubt that said that said there is no great story what are you going chilean felicia felicia joey off if you had to say don t av doubly in ghana joy is love i decided you guys had an animated thing on itunes it was really cool they excited maybe somebody made a coke and those short cartoon in driving stop about her hastened good dick recently alice i certainly not good dick had broken emphasis but to date and i went out with a guy throughout germany is kind of like a marathon runner shrivelling guy and then he took his pants our biggest can't i've ever seen in my entire life it struck me down how big it was i think turning a deaf without any issues with to say was that it was the longest it was just a cocaine so what would you compare like up you ok this as if the marks of apple stacked fashion i was doing i you know no regulation michael's and then bring me when i was in my type window days there's a guy named john dog that was his actual named john doe and he was a mathematician a professor at mit was ticonderoga soon come any was the weirdest guy had it's crazy here it was weird looked almost character any worse cock he was like nerdy is seriously scrawny scandalously super uncoordinated get onto the super enthusiastic so in his own head it was really hard for him to express himself physically super mathematical genius of which this between these guys like pockets take it was like this it was like the inside joke mugs everybody the train there was a good every do what you're good at night don't go look at it fuck it john doe steam was dying to let the whole thing denude makes sense but that's his room was charged with the aid of what he was here is a mess of things go along with the other giant horsecar math professor do yes i personally think that they said tat actually anzio vampire cliff tanzania size this way you can in no way instinct this a very annoying thing was so i can't take it but then living as he had already had to cross it s what what's the show you're going beyond december white sibert eight december six on fox on its called new girl so she can be on their shows there when she watched i'd have to sign up i'm playing a teenager and i swear to you know she's forty worthy dietary twenty three slogan teenage girls we pull off if seemed so creepy you underwear for the cops you could totally bus guide during your star welcome christmas was escher typewriter discussion breton he got caught by putting this balance and a cheering lightyear shooting at his wife he wasn't bad advisers young now she was young version are thirty so please i guess fifty but he got caught him hidden camera so fuckin karmic an ironic as makes all this money miles getting together that the whole thing she so fucking see me now you guys saw each other in new orleans right yeah yeah why were you there just do your own shows are always photographer i went down to see well ask what you think i could show has an opinion on everything i wanted this is how i feel about burlesque burlesque this kind of system were last comics and sketch thank you now extend sketch right that's how i feel about burlesque it's like i'm doing it let's bring us trip show there was one talented group member the girl looked out on the guy shoulders and they were doing the whole thing it was pretty and tat surface alone but then it was followed by a girl who was built like attorneys waitress who around and slowly god make it in the introduction to guide gave a fucking disclaimer about beauty coming at all forms it was i use the word is like he gives us disclaimer banks they who gives us disclaimer about the shape of the body right what was it you remember the disclaimer satisfied with the way we handle it got her affection going crazy moustache and this whole thing was that he was like a toy thought build honourable parker come on man really weird voicing since long is the talented like what was going on was good was really fun it would have been a cool shoves everybody was chaz governors look and have a good time when things were cool like the people with the there was a guy got a girl rather gonna go shoulder she stood on his shoulder and they all had who looks all the way down other arms and other bodies it is pretty wicked but with a balance that allow these pretty wicked gothic ok that's somethin impressive but then scroll down his wages gets up their deficits and she smiled why she's on top of the fuckin world i don't get this what is going on here you know i've been doing that you just dancing size not that good was on my radio fuckin change and you're just dancing i'm supposed to like me into dancing for five minutes grassland breakfast or something i was not there but nothing about it that was fun there was nothing special she wasn't doing anything acrobatic she's doing a normal dance but taking alumina close off ever known whether things like sex is just got so outrageous i like it's really hard to ever less expecting yes it's just that i saw or access to write or access to state aid for things like i saw on having a place where they had posted a video and an article about this couple in english that were skydiving videotape themselves any says oh my god that's right before they got your laptop actionable fuckin space i simply do not have our crops the airplane pilot i can't be around things i will be making distracting for flying an airplane meeting like that's like a job like no you can't be having people having sex on the plain that might have started on this day that's a fact of oppression and some guys sexy hadn t been lubricated it as a free five miles per hour ass to deploy opinions would be deceiving amazon now i can barely see a danger of ragged he's gonna call you write up on these are only going to make fleas he's gonna use the one it's gonna call your honesty i was foolish michael's we lost luggage back with it and i will get back i also remember after getting around national has across inflation as we call them over the projects like me i can't remember shore crucial touch my shoulder now get a boner some constraint on snake i she was a library right yeah yeah yeah pray my yes railway cynical felicia was really hot comic and one point sumptuous do what is now listen i'm going to write me ever really like to around one point time and then she took a long time she got married had kids familiar longtime all major made the fuckin tad spell the guy's got on a shocking podcast
again let me tell you that makes noise about pointers in schools your back she quit for years did she was no yeah shoes i remember watching on tv before i think i ever got until we get ashore saw her on the weather is empty behalf our party hours or such like others before i regret on so she was zalm she was doing real good back in a delay then stopped and then started back up again but she's also choose legitimately even though she's older sister she's she's really interesting real nice person has always been a real nice to bureaucracy and very friendly voice him uneasy and she's like a dirty act but it's so honest like so obvious that's how she really thinks about things it's fun remain silent house certain girls will try to be dirty not you little s apparent grocer no kind of dirty just because road or marine away the time when it's like that's not really what you're thinking about you know how that it becomes law becomes we're like there's a guy like joe ideas you don't do anything because really think about that so we really feel like shock you you know you can't you just got accepted she's one of those she's like that to see how she really answer could take to redwood vodkas stacked up cox supposedly both supposed wishing to take when we saw that she saw it we don't know how she handled was he said on underpinning the bees pike s video she said that she was sore from them it's just beginning any higher cox come on real so how you ever since i was back was put up dog that much greater loss returns from we had a good fuckin time where we were houston arterial material from your pull away how she was in the house bitches hostages just got my drink tickets available money this is oh oh i get it i haven't unusual thirty two point tax i can't see it wiser slowly starting to go with me listening at the headphones of irresponsible this is fuck it sounds terrible shitty broadcast we're gonna have to run this through computer i'm really sorry i don't even know what i mean you citoyen how do you know that is a positive well i'm going to spend it away do that you gotta go into accessibility under the general settings in your iphone and you can make your text really big please i can't fucking read it i don't ever try to read what i'm in my car yeah that's what's that you would you have is on stand by what i didn't say jack my my visual my vision for like you is twenty twenty we see we clearly if you're not you know if its rightful right runaway might my vision sucks hush foresight yet my friend steve said that actually get always that's the first thing that goes ophthalmologist as you know the first thing the goes you re you're your eyes ability to change like focus from justice to close it can't do it in a funny how we get older also we get a buddy stevenson ophthalmologists lays down a guy named joe who is the biggest fuck up of any you my friends and is now this dentists and i do not see the agonizing a man do a bump into hungry room minorities indented has access what he wanted you but you wouldn't get medical cooking dude he can get like emanates he has access i feel like everything you ever read a dead doctors don't lie no great book by this guy who was a start analogous veterinarian was realizing that we do all these different work to prevent diseases in animals gets very controversial by the wages even members but the name but dead doctors or lies his work and his idea was that we always fed all these animals minerals invite events to protect them from disease but how can we don't do that two people and then he said looking into the idea that the medical system really doesn't have that much information when it comes to nutrition and really with their set up louis fix problems they don't really know what's goin on you know what causes your shit to fail they just not a fix it what does fail and they don't give you enough preventative information and he found so many doctors that had a history of abusing substances and he started looking into how many doctors like to prescribe themselves or have friends prescribe all kinds whacking shit how many of them died and we had one story about a doctor in his book about a doctor who were in the middle of an operation was opened up he stepped out the room for a second shot up into a fuckin bathroom and eaux de vie like apparently you know like doctors have some doctors and this is but always book is written like and it was like the late nineteenth and early two thousand so that might be different now means eleven hours because sooner i knew nurses are notorious for made wrote that show about it would nurse jackie we my parents had his company where we employ medical professionals working all these offices riot with countless numbers of nurses that were taken into medical lobby biggest fuck ups ever bombs were nurses gets extra become like in nutrition or a nurse like it's like the last time she caught navigate they have access to the breaking into the medical cabinet junkies he was i was watching any of you online today about this a woman who worked for pharmaceutical companies and in it they were talking about how many pharmaceuticals get onto the black market in that they don't all come from people go to sea vs in the middle of the night and rob in the place of other you know those are not met it rubbed apple tv and there are also talked about how the influence different doctors mary knew this because my my wife's mom is a nurse so nice lady do not offer but it offers i have to say that we should use it nicely she worked for this doctor and they were always get taken out by pharmaceutical companies take about a nice dinner and they pay for everything and then they kill web uterine although there are wonderful coming late shrewd everyone whether out to help you next in europe i am your on simple because they haven't i cite as pharmaceutical groups are giving overnight staff in all these offices and i was in your lot you're fucking hardships please make the hottest little mercenary how the fucking government those cuts objects oil even choked him up and a good one in part one tooth parts will come back i gotta go onstage and now we have another show common offices lived ice house pitches so we go down everyone's your judgment operative but i must say i am atropos have little lesters here and i'm here to police marxist hostage the general can experience
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