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Sam Tripoli, Brian Redban – Date: 10/27/2011
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the joe rogan experience podcast is brought to you by the fleshlight our boy sam tripoli got it first flashlight today in his moy excited though it is like don't put too much of that stuff in there that's very strong it's not sugar it's super healthy though man super healthy sam tripoli first flashlight ever today the christening it folks you know it's a silly product and people go why do you have the flashlight sponsored your podcast like what's up with that like it's kind of it's kind of like why wouldn't you well because i think i think that there's something silly and there's something where people are not going to take you seriously you know you're admitting to fucking some fake you know but but here's the thing i do shows and i have a like a sex toy company name fun factory does my live shows with me and there they have the cadillacs of vibrators zanga
let's go crazy over that issue you ever give away vibrator girls are allowed to get vibrators dudes are not allowed what did guys to have before like something that smells like a raft that you pop those things are useless when flashlight came along there was nothing else it's fucking good dude it's good i i have used it several times it's way better than being off that's like a weird thing to people don't admit that they masturbate my joe rogan and i masturbate so that's just brought you by the flashlight 'cause it's fucking solid product man alright forget about all the first moved out here i didn't or talk about mass reasoning anybody you're the first every year from ohio you're the first person that i would remember you were always like talking about i'm like i should talk about it and i i remember i start talking about and then now it's just like i do it every day there are definitely some suppressed people out there you know i all hell yeah about everywhere men all over the country you know you just hang out with comedians now yeah anyway
if you go to joe rogan dot net and click on the link for the flesh side does it extend to commercialize as great commercial by that because i i taking about this product the building is i used it the other day it's a good product god dammit does lauren give me with it i don't i think you know people who will send people not going to want a sushi if you cuz you're so sweet with the flashlight good good don't people eggshells who knows bro who knows i don't get that are out there and they're they're the people that want to stop occupy wall street if you go to joe rogan net and click on the link and enter in the rogan you will get fifth teen percent off the number one sex toy for men sam trip is also going to get some alpha brain today i'm very excited about we're also sponsored by alpha brain uh if you go to onnit dot com onn it we have a bunch of products now we have alpha brain and then we have this new new new mood and new mood is a 5h tp supplement which i found out about that shit from neal brennan but there's a bunch of different things that you can do there called the trope
to tweak your mind and this alpha brain thing is not been without controversy i have to be honest there's people who love it and there's people who say it's a placebo it doesn't do shit people have taking these particular nutrients like choline and a bunch of different other ones referred to as new pics they've taken for thousands of years and the idea behind it is that it just makes you think a little clearer it's not this fucking bradley cooper limitless shit it's not going to make you smart if you're dumb but i like the hey it affects me i take two every morning with water and believe and you know there's controversy about it though this controversy about the science behind it and we are doing the best to clear up all that stuff kind of release a new document tonight i think it might already be up there on it for people who are concerned about the amount of l dopa in it from being the velvet bean
actually it's an extract of food extract the idea behind all of this is that i think the body works better when it's supplemented with nutrients with a lot of nutrients i think you work better when you take fish oil there's a lot of conversely behind that i think your body works but i know my joints work better when i take fish oil for sure no question about it 'cause i do a lot of really hard training i do jiu jitsu and lift weights and when i take fish oil i notice difference in how my joints feel well you're fine tuned you find to an instrument and i take vitamins i think multi vitamins to take a colloidal mineral drink every day i do a lot of different that drink a lot of fresh squeezed juices i'm very concerned with keeping my body running at a good place keep my body running head see and wealth filled i always want to make sure i get the right shit in it and when i take this to
i take this out for me and i can definitely notice a difference this is like i don't know if everybody can and i don't know maybe some people just negative i don't know maybe some people's bodies are just different because it's weird to get to the variations are people love it its chain like may have miller is in love with this stuff do you think it's which is not fine tuned to them themselves it could be that there's another boat if i there's another product that we're selling that you know it took me a while to be sold on it's based on the court accepts mushroom called shrooms tech and the course of mushroom is a mushroom that enhances your body's ability to utilize oxygen and olympic app it's in china used it and won a bunch of medals and this this mushroom and we've known for free like many many hundreds of years that people in tibet and people in high altitudes will eat certain routes and plants to make them feel better like you know in the andes or where enough rather they the chew coca leaves because they're like way up high in the mountains and you know
they figured out what's the best nutrient to help us up here well it turns out it's fucking cocaine that makes sense in the coca leaves yeah but people have been taking these extracts you know like the especially one of the ingredients in alpha brand new taking it for thousands of years and it's if you think it's too expensive i totally understand we use the best ingredients available and it's not cheap what i would suggest you do is go to the website if you're interested in nutro pics first i'll just read up on the internet is amazing right just during the word new tropicana nootropic an you you find out much information about all the different compounds in different did ones that people offer not just alpha brain there's a bunch of money market and there's a bunch of different individual ingredients that you can get if you want to try the specific formula that's an alpha brain we list on it dot com i t the exact ingredients so please just buy it in bulk if it's a budget issue buy it in bulk and try it and mix it
find out what's good for you find out about other things went out about some of the other nutrients available that enhance cognitive function just fuck around with it if you like to if you don't like to would not offended but it is a sponsor of the podcast go to joe rogan dot net and click on the link for alpha brain and code name rogan you will get ten percent off hardly do did issue sam tripoli a lot of people giving you are the zero dollars and fifty cents of podcasts you are in pushing product i am i am pushing a product but it's only product that i believe in i think the flashlight is awesome to fuck period hope that because you're like vitamin water where you sell it and you got a piece and it's like worth i wish i had a piece of the flashlight but they were already huge before i came along but i have a piece of alpha brain boom but i listen if i didn't say i mean if i if i didn't have a piece in it i wouldn't say anything different than what i'm saying now this is something i believe in i might say it less because i'm trying to sell it but i would say the truth
and if i didn't believe in it i wouldn't be selling it period you know so think what you want try with you don't be mean on the internet though i just trying to really hate that role and by the way one hundred rent money back guarantee one hundred percent if it any in any time anytime after you take it you're not so that's fine i don't know days is it like thirty there's only about fifteen minutes whatever it is it gives you a couple weeks to take it and you will feel some sort of an effect fairly quick how many days you gotta take it to fiona
way you feel took me me about two weeks honestly do i feel a fact yet to to feel for it i like it for a while it was like trying to figure it out let me just run a sell out of wack due itself no no no no it wasn't that the media see it's like taking the kid down the halls and thrown and be like why don't i look better it's like it's like i want you to take the test let me know if you're the same as mark as i took two weeks to figure and i look at our guts with i know it is the same problem there's a like you know what i'm saying i don't smoke cigarettes but we get the same promise all right or take a little time you may start to show you start to sam tripoli's in the house the ground this is a like i was on ted talk for his i mean it is we just push products easily one of the greatest moments of my young life how that feels
fucking awesome i didn't know idea was going to say that or nick diaz said that that was that was so my glories dude i was in my glories i was like oh this is fucking the most awesome shit ever that could be bad then if he said hey i'm so excited about fucking your tv show coming back this is even better now that's nothing and the podcast way better yeah right what are you doing doing over there and you to
things were looking look it smelled it for some reason i don't know what my my party is going to be like when he's like sixty what you think is gonna have the same child a sense of humor just like that i honestly did not realize i did that i was one of the things that we have no i have no idea why i just did that then why did you tell so many people to sniff years at home no i think it's just with new things i like smelling new things but i do i do i do that yeah small things like like again new laptop or a video game system we take off that styrofoam cups slash aid a lobster last night and they give you a little bit thing you gotta put it on you know it seems ridiculous but my little daughter wanted me to put it on and i just to smell it in the bib smelled gross what's the last thing right plastic you have a like a weird plastic smile not like the mcdonnell bids or whatever what a kid like a slob throwaway ones yeah really i i am thinking that age i would ever go near lobster out yeah
'cause it's a kid it looks like a monster you don't want to go in the octopus really again there's a there's the doctor puts it it doesn't well you're not one like no all my daughters i was like my items great where is that video was like is that even fucking possible lobsters eat there's a fucking there's a group of people believe it or not called the lobster liberation group and these mother fuckers they go uh and they break into markets and restaurants and they take the lobsters out and they release him in the wild could you fucking imagine how dumb you have be to risk your freedom because you will go to jail for this right or for a bunch of solace fucking bugs or how how like she your life must be that that's the problem that you want to solve in the world of all the problems like you must your credit cards must be pay off your credit the gray you must be on some kind of salary from your parents that you want to save little creatures from like water it's
weird yeah and little creatures that don't give a fuck about you not only do they not give a fuck about you they're too stupid to feel pain but what about the period thing about the killer whale weather like people that's what they want they they should have the right people and that killer whales are completely different animal you know now you're talking about something where i'm probably agree with them i think what's going on with killer whales killer whales are super intelligent life form that we can understand and because lieutenant standing lights let's can getting get fucking cage they don't let like in cages they don't like being in those pawns they want to be in the god damn ocean and they're really attached to their families and they steal them this this shield them from their fucking mothers when their babies man this really the most evil shit ever you know
dolphin training an orca training it might look cool 'cause they're jumping up to get their fish but guess what they have to jump up to get their fish you don't know how to press they are you don't know how fucked it must be to live that kind of a life it's like us getting abducted by aliens and they put us in a really small apartment complex with a pool and we kind of hang out of the pool you know and that's then that's exactly what it's like for these like you know it's for social world and they can never have freedom they can never free in the that sense i think a dolphin d'essentials of ever over fucked up for life yeah fun that's cool i was thinking the other day about how like i just got a dog you know it's my first response building a long time and just watch dog and all it does cuz i'm basically it's like griffin's assistant i just get ran by this dog constantly and
all she does is eat poop and eat yourself out that's pretty much all my dog does to ease yourself out all day all day was dug a little under about a year little over a year and i'm like if has come and make us pets is this what i'm gonna be able to do because that's not so bad like i could just eat and then suck myself off all right that's ridiculous sam first of all you can't suck your own dick so i could try second of all really you don't you don't want to have the freedom to go as you choose that's ridiculous well you don't know my number one thing that would drive you the most craziest to know that your existence is defined by four walls forever that's a for a purse that's maddening ning the other person experience new things the natural thing check out new movies go down to a new restaurant you know go drive through a new neighborhood part of what we are we like to explore things were curious utah the person that this is all you're going to see this the only input you're going to get forever they'll go fucking cry
so we do have those dolphins that's what we're doing those orchids we just assume that because they can't alter their environment that they can't be as intelligent as us but they could be so fact the cerebral cortex of an orc is like forty percent larger than that of a human being so we don't know we don't know if that's because it has to manipulate this really super large body 'cause we do now it neanderthals were dumber than people but they had bigger brains you know so it might in just two would cause me and it also basically like super hero bodies right you know there like an animal like five three two hundred fucking pounds of solid muscle with these crazy bone structure chip but you don't know maybe that you know i mean they could be a smart because they were starting from less do you know what i'm saying is like where farther along the path that we're dealing with more complex shit but you had start it's the simple as thought and then hold on that overtime you may have just had the same kind of ability to think
but you have to start at nothing and build at something do you understand what i'm saying we don't quite know whether or not neanderthals were making tools before they learn from homo sapiens either they don't know there's uh but i think there's a lot of debate on that i think they think that the homo sapiens just fucking basically wipe them out right we were just too clever but that might be who knows i mean maybe they were smart of all the what if all their cell phones as they sent a graded from that long that's fine like right if what if their heads or that because they were looking on their screen so much in their head the internet made their heads bigger and then they all got wiped out and died do you really think that there could have possibly been internet at some point the past yes so definitely really one hundred percent really i think so how many thousands of years ago do you think it would have to have been fixed six no uh i mean but the base i want to promise nothing six thirty thousand years ago yeah so you gotta go way back we go six we know we go to sex and we know like they know that sumerian text they know they wrote in kunar form
weird it looks like little like nails old nails right nails see how an old nails not like a straight line with a flat top on it but it's almost like the like the like you know angled and that's what there like writing look like look like old nails like sideways and upside down really weird fucking crazy language when you think about it was all basically most have the same characters just reuse and some weird order that they understood and they had come to agree on and so we sort of decipher that because it's a dead language we don't even know what it sounds like you know like no one talks it so they we know what the sumerians wrote although it's a lot of it is under debate because it was a guy named zachariah sitchin you probably heard about him i wouldn't trust anyone in zechariah was a bad mother but he was ever he was a believer and he believed that the the the the c merion tax was all about the ana gnocchi which is an alien race from another planet
came down here that is an elliptical orbit this planet every three thousand six hundred years and that they came down here to get humans and he created us from lower hominids by adding their dna this is all like supposedly in the samarian i don't have you know a man when they talk about angels you never know man there could be some crazy shit coming down you know what i think a lot of it probably is what brian saying a lot of it probably is thirty thousand years ago not six but thirty thousand years ago there was like a super fucking advance civilization they had reached the heights that we've reached and happen who knows what song came in his answer i think there are way past us and they invented something that still with us that we just don't know it but know about yet you know like like like they invent they invented like air that could heal and send information or some
that we that we have in two yeah women tend into a once we figure out a machine yeah i believe in that yeah and it's like the internet is like the version of the internet well you could never explain the internet to somebody fifty years ago no way nothing ever look at the old videos when they try to explain commuters like in the eighties well just so you know what what was the the thing that these to use back in the wild west days over to did did you do did morse code is now to use back in the old now westerners no it is called what was it called it wasn't called morse code was uh you could troll someone so easy on morse code they have no idea was you you know it's not like facebook but let me see your picture take a picture right now of you and put it on your facebook is what you doing what you doing red white and blue socks on old people talk more did it do do do do today did you imagine back then telling people that you're going to be able to watch people fuck on your phone so look at this see my phone i can watch people fuck on this it would be mind blowing are you watching the fuck on it it streams in perfect time
i mean like just a quantum leap i can't imagine what's going to be in ten years twenty years the real you know there's people that have a real scientific scientific this theory that the entire world that we live in is like a computer simulation and there's like you know when when they start getting into in theory and you know i don't understand quantum physics and richard feynman said it best he said if you think you understand quantum physics understand quantum physics right because even like this the scientists don't really there there it's it's still like all of what it is via it's all these laws like these things like a particle being super position where it's moving and still at the same time and they can appear in more than one place at the same time and disappear and they literally the particles disappear we don't know where the fuck they go they go away and then they come back and on top of that particles to be interacting with each other despite no matter how long the distances between them they seem to be able to automatically instantaneously interact with each other
crazy there they can interact quicker than the speed of light apparent it's so i can't even talk about it because i'm not exactly sure what i'm saying to me it's like what i'm saying is like it's like if you taught me how to say something in french but i don't know what it means and if you like sequoia misha and then i just repeat the noises but i don't know what i'm saying that's what i'm saying right now when i'm talking about this right you know it's there but you're not quite sure what you're saying but the bottom line is it's so strange and so so bizarre and so not something you can bang on so not what we're used to in this world it really literally anything is possible this may very well be a computer simulation well going back to that computer simulation thing scene in the matrix is kind of what that's about do you know where like nick neal meets like the creator yeah talks about how like he's the eighth the eighth the or one 11th he's reacting different than all the other ones that's kind of what that's about and that
no matter what happens people react the same way to stimulus and you hear that a lot about when they about you know the illuminati or whatever when there's trying to they do certain things to see how people will react over time so that they want to cause something to happen they know the exact reaction of what people when they crash like the economy they want to see how people react all that stuff and then the scene in the matrix where he's like you're reacting different than the la seven guys have because it's no matter what happens people are do the same thing we act like we're different and that's a whole thing you talking like you're stoned you're not even stone this is crazy that's but that only saying yeah that's that's enough when he saying yeah yeah they don't understand what you saying i'm not making sense you connected a couple of things together that i'm baffled by i don't know the scene in the majors i don't know i'm i mean i think i might be on the wrong scene explaining there's a scene where he walks in the first matrix now this is like the second or third possible that's why i cut off after the first no you have to go
back and watch that you do not without the emotions it's so much better without the egg curtains the emotions of this is going to be great this is going to be the greatest movie ever you put too much too much into it and then you it doesn't live up to your expectations but without those expectations it's actually a great movies in the maximum here here's what is buddy there was one really good movie and then the next one sucked like the the first and second one i thought the third one was okay just that one scene was are the only problem i have a back and watch again so but so what are you saying it would you say so neo walks into this room and he meets the creator of the matrix guy says that the based upon neil's reaction to what he's saying is that he's different than the rest basically what he's saying is that that human beings they keep resetting everything because they keep getting free will they keep fighting back against the matrix so they reset everything and everyone reacts the same way
they reset and becomes another computer program yes and he he's acting different than all the past ones his emotions are different so that's what i'm trying to say and then i've read it's about how like these guys illuminati or whatever you want to call them who supposedly running the country and the they you know they open the federal reserve and stuff like that they open the federal reserve they created the federal reserve sorry about that now you know it is that's like i was letting the magic johnson today and then they were replaying his whole speech about catching the hiv and you is the wrong words instead of like contracted he says i am a penis i forget where do you i'm like a speechmaker must've got pissed right there but back to what i was saying that they they do certain things where they just see what the reaction of people will be over so you see that movie multiple times every time you see it you gets into some a motion to it the first of what a mind it would be if you went to a movie and you know like may be the the glitch in the computer program was that when you went
movie the second time there was a scene in it wasn't there the first time and every and you're like wait a minute what what the fuck is going on the movie ends but it's different and you you're it's a fuck because you like god damn i don't remember that and the people on the other end like shit i don't think that fucking scene was in the other movie i think we showed him that they think we showed in the first version of it fuck so this poor guy is kind of like wander through to figure out who's going why a different imagine if that's what it what insane people are it's like they put their program their program the one that they're living in has a crazy glitch in it this is some glitch so it is wandering around they're all up in homes and trying to explain the things you see the video that everyone's got on reddit and they're going after this kid in chicago because he he punched this old homeless man in the head and knocked him out on video yeah and then they were laughing about it did you see this the whole internet's going after this kid because it's it's the one of the ruelas nastiest mean it's fucking things i've ever seen someone do too
old man who's a homeless guy broken he's asking people for young with his kid seven seventeen and eighteen maybe looks like a kid you know i don't know it could be twenty he looks like a kid and he is there they're all standing there and this poor guy old and rickety and barely walk and the gates the train open the doors that train open and he says something to the old man like you want some change lmao and hits him full blast yeah change the old and goes backwards and balances fucking head off the cement easily could be dead easily could be dead you know i people die like that i had a friend who was working in a bar one of the bouncers punch someone that like the same thing fell back on sat dead it happens all the time you're getting hit by the fucking world think about what's happening the world the concrete behind the world is hitting you in the head that's really and it's like i mean it's
some amazing amount of blunt force your fucking ass just sudden stop and this kid just started laughing and they hopped on the train and drove away and they're all laughing about it all shit he was like but they're just laughing and laughing and laughing the most high heartless it was so disheartening man that someone could be like that that someone could want to do that to someone for no fucking reason whatsoever yeah i don't give a fuck if you're fifteen or sixteen you want to do that man fuck you you know how i do back to this whole thing that sometimes people don't get the dick plan when they're young and sometimes that's like spanking or stuff like that don't realize the pain that yeah come really getting hit you know it's almost like bill burrs bit about how like chicks messel people because no one's ever pop them before true through play video games and porn right
it's like they don't get it i've always said that about women i've been with women wear women want to start fights and there is a fuck you you fucking shut your fucking mouth and you're like wow whoa whoa what the fuck are you doing why are you with me and you're yelling at the dude stop this right now what are you gonna do are you gonna you gonna beat that guy's ass no you're gonna get me shot that's we're gonna do stupid you have one that craziness one hundred percent i saw a video like the one you're describing it was on television was like something some i don't know what the show was but they're showing it it was this really old guys about seventy five he's trying his car's right next to this group of like kids talking and he goes is i was trying to get in this other kid comes up and just starts wailing on this this old man dude boo boo boo all the people are just standing there watching the guy gets this car drives off the guy guys just laying down all his friends just all the guys who were watching just walk off a strange to come up and papa my shoulder with the motivation behind us just no motivation just stealing his car jesus christ it's like it's all people men
it's a free shot it's free shot at people that feel like they have no friends and they have no one who loves him and only use it fuck about them and they'll just take a free shot at some old person man fuck it it it's a dark dark dark part of human nature man the need to pick on people to fuck with people you know and that's something that we really have to teach out of kids man you know the bully in schools has gotten worse and worse man it's you know people are bullying people and then taking the pictures and put them online i saw this picture of this girl she blacked out at a party she got drunk so dude shit on her face aw shit on her face took pictures of it and then put it online it's horrible this cute little cheerleader you know it's really horrible it's funny too it is funny but it's horrible and that's someone's daughter madison was little baby and they have sex for the rest of her life show their face own recognized are you the girl got shit on the fate i mean it's like exact then i can laugh at it but she had a piece of shit in her mouth this guys shit on her mouth
horrible is there no one there going what are you doing dear yeah it's not not that funny you don't do that too it was a dude it would be way funnier but doing it to a cute little girl it's like come on man why you doing that this is a little neural yeah and she's a little girl she's drinking it's like why is shitting on where is your boyfriend where somebody boyfriend you have a boyfriend i guess that's every they were drinking you know she's gets crazy you have the special you seventeen eighteen whatever the hell she is you don't know what the hell you're doing but i have this thing with the police to man it's just like i i understand the whole move to stop bullying and it's true but i this thing where you got understand in some of these bullies also i really hurt children and they come from bad situations so it's like i'm not saying you know let's not stop bowling i don't i hate when adults put their issue on children and because a lot of these adults got bullied in high school they want to go back and clean it up but you gotta understand that these kids have social issues of mental issues to your right you don't wanna you don't want to tag them with something some kind of
police record that's going to screw their whole rest of life the rest of their life up so yeah but you have to protect their the other students one hundred percent the other students and you got to figure out you know what the real issue is pair to do a terrible job of raising kids are never penalized for it you know you know trouble you a terrible job of driving your car and you can get tickets you know you don't nothing happens when you raise a shit kid your kid could be god damn serial killer my dog guts out and bite someone i get sued one hundred percent i'm going to go to jail i got a bad dog but if you have a kitten your kid don't kill somebody you're not even somehow responsible for it that first tried to do that for a little while like there was a big bash backlash against this there was something where like this one area and ios eight chicago but i'm not one hundred percent sure that they were going to try to do something parents were going to be held accountable for their chill transaction doesn't surprise me and you kind of should be in some way you know i mean not not entirely maybe
do you never know what happens once the kid leaves the nest if the kid has predilection for addiction you know what if the kid is got that wacky that wacky can't drink can't drink cough syrup goes on a bender you know and that is a real jean man i think you and i have both seen it we the comedy world especially we know a lot of wacky people that can't smoke can't can't can't have a drink can't do it can't do it i don't care what you say everyone's different man you know have known problems with that stuff and uh you know it's just you know it's like my family they have different forms of it you know what i'm saying everyone's got their own kind of little their little mason i you know i have my vice too and i just it's just i'm all or nothing type of guy well i have a very similar personally but it's now substances locally i think i you know like i take time off a weed all the time i'll take a couple weeks off it doesn't bother me at all i never feel the need to drink coffee is the only thing that i've ever been convinced that i was addicted to 'cause i took off once
when i was writing i was writing right before i did my last special i was for every day for thirty days a was writing a blog there's something about writing every day it really keeps your mind really sharp you know it's great for performing seems weird but writing all the time is great for performing so i was drinking a lot of coffee man and then i tried to not have coffee once i was done and wood look at headache yeah i got one hundred percent and i felt like shit i feel like really like sluggish and i was like oh great i'm addicted to care so i've done it a couple of times where i've gotten off caffeine and every time i've done and i have this weird like failure the days i have a rule i don't drink caffeine after a certain time unless i have to perform and i'm really sluggish but like after eight o'clock i try to cut it off because i and i can't sleep at night and i'm twitching and i'm waking up in the middle of it and like to get a good nights sleep i like i stopped drinking coffee up because i do
i have a bunch of different things that i do to get ready for shows but the number one best one for sure is warm your body up i do a lot of stretching like stretching is big because when you stretch like you really fucking stretch you release tension and it just you like you feel better you feel easier like your attention olds up in you so before a show like i warm up and stress and new as i learn this new breathing stuff from steve maxwell he's into this he's a suck fitness trainer with world renowned really high level fitness trainer get degrees and is also a black belt in jujitsu and he's you know what world famous kettlebell instructor really cool guy but he's basically a guy who's lived his whole life with a passion for fitness you know so he's constantly gathering information and one of things he's been concentrating on his breathing techniques he's been concentrated now this prana yama all this yoga breathing and so we did a bunch of these crazy breathing exercises like damn
not breathing was just bullshit i thought it was like thirty three amount thirty three notes so i thought it was just something where you're not being tough enough stock about pussy stop stop blowing about how you breathing let's go let's go do another lap you know like that's what i would stop breathing waas but what it is is ah much more rapid way of recovery this like pranayama breathing and that you can actually control your breath when you become like like like a yoga guy like a yogi those high level guys they actually control their breath like and control their heart rate and it like they could on themselves down when they're in periods of stress and we're doing these these breathing exercises as fascinate so that along with stretching that's the best yeah and then a shot when i get older man and i'm not working out man my breathing goes to like when i'm trying to run yeah like that it's like when you get older man and you don't work out your rigor mortis start sending in your that's what you're fighting you know you're still like you're fighting rigor mortis setting in and and breathing is a
big part of that man will this maxwell guys fifty nine years old he's in incredible shape code he does shit that i can't do it he shows me some some things and i can't fucking deal 'em and he's fifty years old she's a super healthy just just everyday super shred and make sure you train every day it rains every day and when you do that many force your body to work every day your body just keeps flowing that blood through their keeps building up keeps and then you have this better reserve energy you feel better when i see slowly let it slip away in the gut grows and yeah man i see i just wanted that's why i brought you in this podcast is this in an advantage and this is a fat intervention as soon as we leave here going to go straight to the gym going to do rounds in the bag i don't know about that but you gone even going back to your mom or your writing thing it's it's i tell young comedians like always be writing yeah it's a muscle you know so it also makes you reinforces the fact your professional yeah i read that you have work to do
you know there's a lot of comics who like to feel like they're just fuck off and you know they just like to just go on age and try to remember what the jokes are and don't write anything down you know you could do that chuckle junkies they're very nervous not about not getting the laugh they are afraid that they're afraid of that silence terrifying sometimes i just don't mind the silence and then sometimes what i like to do now if i run into a really shitty crowd go on my ipod and i get pocket sitcom and i add my own laughter to the crowd because times i don't like the crowd and i'd rather i have my own laughs going so i'll do this into the like the crowd or something like that the microphone and just enjoy my own laughter you did have to realize you know this is an internet meme and then you ever seen those where it says you're doing it wrong yeah so that's what i do now well that's ridiculous sam well i the across just staring at me and i just don't feel did the with the dealers you gotta get your own crowds that's when
world changes it's real hard like when you show up at the store on a tuesday night that's why everybody likes doing that like people with the reason why people like to stop in places is because until you become like really super fan i every crowd is your crowd chris rock or something like that you know when you just stop in then you get sort of a slice of people that you know they're not they're not as inclined to laugh at you they're not like super psyched to have seen you like oh my god we're gonna go see damon way and we're so fucked up big difference in that and then sitting in the audience oh damon wayans is here you know so he's to get a much more honest response from you know i've seen that before too like i see comments to get out of there like you know i'm not gonna say names but you see him there their crowd there crushing take a mother crowd it's just yeah it's like well i'm back in the gym i gotta workout
so it's like yeah man i mean once you have a big your crowd once you have your crowd it's easier to work on the novel by finds a crowd sometimes i am now no man just enjoy just going up there i only do that when i'm doing like when you say not everybody finds across everybody will it sometimes you have a crowd of someone there i think they're all at there by yourself short i definitely all up yes that i hate to say this i am sure don't crowd residents that those are sent my people to a i and my colleagues were mostly crazy micro stuff that i could try fuck yeah so mine to mine my crowd is always fucked up i have more pot smokers and you do that probably yeah the clouds monger but you do sometimes you go in these waves depends on where i am right now let's do and sam tripoli's on and i'm silver wave yeah and you know it works better but my problem is when everything so it works better uh do listen i'll the party the i like to get out there i like to go to go nuts yeah i'ma nuts guy dude right because i just
i want it all i want to do everything i just that's how i am man and you know you're funny that's why you're come yeah i'm crazy impulsive i'm not sadness i want every to be the greatest story of our life every time i go out tonight drink i'm like i want this to be a legendary moment and people are like oh my god last night we would trip lee she got crazy and you know what that catches up with the after awhile and i know just sipping a beer or just like that means that does nothing for me are you working this friday yeah i'm in la jolla why doing the comedy magic club her most of all you're killing me did i love the show yeah i love that play that's a fun he's so nice man he books me about twice a year and i'm not right for his cry i mean like i am but even my nice stuff has a little
as to what you know what i'm saying but he's so nice to put me up you know and i love playing i travel i love editing myself as i go he's a nice guy ever yeah it's just a nice flowing club yeah it's a great club but he loves me you know because you bring us can crowd the packs bring them in but he won't let joey diaz oh really have a joey a couple times is too extreme really still crazy without talking about stuff and things up your monthly yet he let's sorry which makes no sense well ari of new york are you there is little different or well first of all are you jewish so you will pass on our any he looks the he's non threatening
what are you going oh my god he's going to bang my daughter tonight if you don't look out gonna rape your daughter tonight he doesn't know you look like heat from here he goes back to the library and he starts working on the dewey decimal system you know what i'm saying is like and i don't look at it that way i look att dirty guys as having just a cz much of a prince city for anger and violence a cz scary looking people is a lot of times when you catch a nerdy person you catch them when they're fucking about break you know their whole life someone's been fucking with them their whole life girls have been shitting on them and fucking their ex boyfriends kind of bad people been stealing their lunch brian stuffing them in the lockers so when the shit goes wrong with the nerdy guy it get crazy quick yeah i'm sorry that's not protected anymore yeah it's falling down bro exactly exactly falling down i know a lot a nerdy dudes that are suicidal too you know i know i know some nerdy dudes that you know and especially when they get into their thirties you know in their their bodies just slow down and they are still unhappy with life gets
okey mann when were on a suicidal person you know if they're willing to kill kill with the related to the year one hundred percent men watch your peas and queues around crockett and son super hot chicks who are suicidal i mean because it's their reality you're looking at them going you're hot you have everybody was bending over backwards just sniff your your magic and but in their head there like they're miserable not enough you need a lot of things to be happy in this life man you need you fulfillment you need love you need friendship need honesty you need honesty about yourself you need to be able to assess your strengths and your weaknesses and find your goals and achieve them and you need a lot of fucking things to be happy you need you need you know when i say find your goals and achieve them i mean like you know not necessarily like your ultimate goal to be happy but you have to people require improvement in their life to be happy and it might be improvement of just you i'm going to paint
the paint a landscape scene yeah i get it done yeah look at it you know like i did it you know when i whenever i do anything with it a podcast or write something that feeling you get when you're done like i did it you know that's be happy you gotta just create a lazy fuck and sit around doing nothing one hundred percent going to just going to drink and focus it out thought you were going to get bored man you're going to want to do something the idea ultimate idea of ultimate vacation is a stoop idea you know even when i go on vacation i'm good for like a day and then i want to do something i want to do some shit so then it's vacation let's go do fun shit while we're on vacation but the id just sitting and just drinking in front of a fucking tosh for three days like jesus christ how long can you do that what kind of attention span do you have you have a day of rest one day yeah that's my son could sit down one day sunday i just don't i try not to do shit but i sometimes i don't feel like i deserve it i feel like i deserve it i won't up i feel guilty sometimes but i feel
like you have to have that moment of just relax you do you do but i think you have to earn it in my mind for me to be happy i have to earn it i have to make sure that i'm not like slacking off about a bunch of shit that piles up in your subconscious 'cause that's the shit that fucks with you when you're on one hundred answer shit that fucks with you when you're in the isolation tank when i'm in the isolation tank everything that fucks with these things that i'm not doing it's one hundred percent things that i'm not doing or some mean stuff i said to someone when i was ten or something you like sometimes that will come back and you'll get weird memory of that but for me like you know i mean where i am in my life and what i've done and all that stuff i i have to sing son said to me is that i ask him how they were doing they go a lot better than i think i am you know 'cause sometimes people like neil brennan yeah it's like you're doing you're actually probably doing better than you give yourself credit for but you know sometimes p focus on what hasn't happened yet or you know then what has gone well in their life and a lot of
people sometimes compare their like insides other people's outsides and the before you start getting really weird it out you know it's like when you start looking at this guy and he's got what you've he's wanted or you think you've always wanted and you're like oh i don't got anything and you you don't realize how much you've done with your life i'm really just in the moment uh there's tons of stuff i would love to do and i'm working on doing but like at the end of the day like from what i wanted i've done a lot of it there's a lot more to do but i've done a lot of it the most important thing to me when you have that feeling you compare yourself to other people this is not is not a bad thing to do but what you gotta do is only be inspired and have that as an ethic don't ever be jealous don't ever be uber self critical or down in yourself does it going good instead of going all fucking late
this shit you know look at this guys doing his fucking second comedy central special and i don't even have a fucking hour and a half that i really like you know my my axe socks and i can't keep a relationship instead of saying that instead of saying that watch some guy that you really love or respect or one instead of instead of being put down by it be elevated because one hundred percent you can choose to do that man people could choose to do that yeah you might you might be right you might be a lazy piece of shit you might be right but don't think about it don't concentrate on that because if you concentrate on the fact that you're a lazy piece of shit you will continue to manifest that reality it sounds like hippy bullshit fucking story true energean intent i have some what's man about about reality and i have some thoughts about the use of the mind and the imagination of how it scopes reality i think it is as simple as they want to break it down in like the see cret and the law of attraction and i put a picture of this house on the wall yeah that's four years later i was moving into that house i don't
is that but i think it's kind of that i think there's something to the idea that your thoughts and imagination have an affect a reality what are you just looking for this is one reason why i say this because i i think the imagination is something that we're not taking as seriously as we should be and what i mean by that is that i don't think if you looked at like part does this play in life what part this food play in life what part does the imagination huge impact on our reality because we take is out of the imagination and we build them like this fucking laptop is came for originally from someone's idea and blossomed and evolved into what you see in front of you but it came out of the imagination it came out air someone figured out how to put something together because they had an idea they had a spark they saw vision they saw it filled
we formed in their mind or they saw steps along the way fully formed you figured out how to do that i think you're my doesn't just control things in a sense that you bring things out of the ether you bring things out of your imagination and bring them and manifest them in the real world but i think your mind actually has an effect on how things go in the real yeah i don't i don't understand quantum physics i don't get it do know that they've done test where they show that particles react differently you're observing them and if you're not observing them and i think there's probably something some unmeasurable thing that's too fucking free and far out and really difficult to prove but i don't think it's outside the realm of possibility that there's write your mind might have some sort of an impact on reality babies are still going to get killed by drive bys and people are still going to get caught an avalanche is just randomly mean it's not not to say that shit can't have
right should most certainly can happen in most certainly there are natural occurrences they're going to be absolutely beyond anyone's control you know there's levels of experiences like you get to a meteor impact that's a rap meeting sixty five million years ago a big one slammed in and there's nothing bigger than a fucking hamster lived that's it boom boom and i could happen again and no no matter how much imagination you have and how much you you you you you you dream of a perfect world i don't know if you can prevent that i think that there might be quantum things there might be macro thinks it might be a whole bunch of things working together but i don't discount the idea that you can you your use your own mind in your mat your own imagination to manipulate reality to a certain degree now one hundred percent i've always felt felt the energy you give out is sometimes sometimes most the time is the engine you get back how 'bout dude just forced put their mind you know this is to sound crazy but when dane cook became really famous that was one of the first things that i thought of i was like wow this guy wanted it so much
figured out a way to make it like is it dan cook we we all love of talked about in the comedy world there was a real shocker for a lot of us we're like how how did he do that that's amazing how do you get that big not too bad exactly have league yeah but the other thing are you'll even always to point your we stole someone's going to work and i always felt in you know he's he a different person right now i feel that when i met him many years was way different now because it's successful and he sort of relaxed and he's running some things in his life of happened that made him reassess where he wants to be and what that brother ripping them off yeah yeah yeah he was a win at all cost guy yes exactly and with that a certain price and and i've always said that he's a bad person but i've always said something these bad things happen to good people but i always felt bad things always happen to bad people and it may not be instantaneous and it may not the board bad
maybe isn't the right way to describe somebody but i feel like you're always put out energy and your fucking over your fellow man to to win almost it's going to come back and it might not be instantaneous mean if i fuck you right now i'm a walkout get hit by a car you never know well this is what i think i think that the only time that doesn't work is with sociopaths 'cause sociopaths don't seem to have any feelings about things like that they don't worry about hurting peoples feelings they don't feel connected but the real problem with regular people like you and i is that you feel connected with when you hurt their feelings like i've had people that are hecklers that are just idiots there ruining a show there's one thousand people in there in one person wants to wants to fuck throwing their own stupid brain and slosh up the whole show so i'll destroy this personal torture them breakdown their life but i feel bad i don't feel good about it
don't want to do that i want everybody to have a good time i don't want to hurt this guys feelings as the guys leaving full q your full can zero and i'm like come on man at least one or two this is ridiculous and everyone's laugh like obama zero what the fuck are you at one hundred percent he crazy asshole one hundred thousand people here and you're trying to ruin their night people are screaming and cheering this guys leave and and as the guys leaving i feel that i do like to see his nights ruined yes i don't want to hurt him if you really just want to perform and entertain people that paid money to see exactly i don't want to hurt anybody's feelings i think people that hurt peoples feel even if you justify it you know you did something and i think that think that fucks with your head devalues you in your own eyes you're not a hero in your own eyes you're not you're not someone who you respect you know you're doing what you gotta do to get by but ultimately you're not respecting yourself and i think we all have a certain amount of appreciation and respect for hero figures you know like we all look at like
by who never lies and always does the right thing and fucking helps everybody out and that's the john wayne character you know that's that's the ultimate hero and when you look at your own life and you don't stack up you're a thief you stole money from your wife's person you know you you don't want to smoke cigarettes but you fucking have to you can't deal with the stress you smoke you devalue yourself you slowly start devaluing yourself you look at yourself you realize that if you were judging yourself you would judge yourself if you're stealing if stealing hurting one hundred percent so no matter who you can't pretend you're the hero of your story you can't you have to be the hero of your own and you can do that you can be the hero of your own story that woke up today you could be the hero of your own story that at forty years of age stopped got not bad and said i'm not doing this anymore
doing this day one hundred i am gonna figure this out in the long run two it's only by my instincts and only by my morals and my ideals and my mind and i'm going to be dead honest with myself 'cause i'm realizing this is not going to last forever and i'm going to be the nicest fucking human being to everyone i meet possibly i'm going to get myself in shape but i'm going to eat healthy and i'm going to do this 'cause this is this is me now i decide that this is me and p have to realize they you are not your past you are now not all the times you fucked up you are not all the times you couldn't get it up you're not all the times you were drunk and you know and you threw up in someone's car that's not you but you you are the person who's learned from a great deal of experience is that if you learn correctly and if you process them correctly you'll have a happier life you know in recovery that's a big part of it when they you know you're supposed to
list all the stuff you've done that apologize to them and what it is is you just get it out and you're like i did this i'm sorry now it's gone you moved on and use the person you admit to they'll be like i did all that and a little more look where i am it's doesn't find you and that's the truth and sometimes people hold on to that so you know psychological stuff like athletes and entertainers sometime will do something and something bad will happen and it almost like wounds them it's like high school its own shit sonia it sticks with you instead understand that there was a moment in time and that person was probably hurt themselves it does define you as a person yeah yeah we all do things that were not happy that we did but that doesn't mean that's you know you know that means you're not you to you gotta learn that and the thing about apologizing to someone once you get it there once you relieve this tension that it's no longer this burn that you hang around because otherwise you have like burdens i seriously i was all think about some shit that happened from fucking
thirty years ago and i've liked should've should have been nicer to her i should talk to him that way and then a little little fuck with me like twenty or thirty years later there's this girl named aaron mcnally i went to school there and i went to my last reunion just hoping that she would show up because during element so we treated her so badly and i hated it and it wasn't part of but i i saw happening but i wasn't strong enough to do that because i was a kid yeah and it is not they've always until like just be like i'm sorry that that had happened then yeah when i was a kid especially as i got older and more and more angry i became the first person to pull the trigger i was like the first person to insult someone because i figured well you gonna probably insult me so i'll get you first you know and you know you you develop this sort of protective personality like that especially like you're a little guy and people to fuck with you and that was may and when you when you do that you know you all sudden like be a way you behave now and then
they'll say things like i don't even say that this is such a douche y fucking thing to say but it is a purely it's based purely insecurity we used to i used to call it the tripoli low blow where we would be like what are you doing over there buddy want to participate in the conversation there's no way i could do that wait this conversation because it was so long winded i don't even know what you guys were talking about near the end i know we i'll break it down for it is like a two year old boy no i mean i got the main point near the beginning and then it was kind of like i just stopped listening you know i i i have a real problem they can school with anything when it when something gets really deep into a conversation and less it's about something that i holy interested in like to solve some kind of mystery it i just lose interest in
how about we talk about are you gonna be sick dude i know what you fucking shoes but really seems wrong with my feet right now stinks wrong or is it your shoes now i think these shoes are fucked up there is the grossest thing ever when someone takes their shoes up with fast tech right next to you but did you smell it stinks i smell it i just smelled it right when he said it going to light some insight you stinky motherfucker yeah i have your gym shoes i was moving i want to talk about whether brian's going to be ok with a tranny being on the podcast so who is this girl guy it's listen here's my whole thing man i'm how do you know this person by the way did you meet this person this person at a bar or not another friend now what i feels that bitch i just feel like in the naughty show is it yeah i want to explore all stuff and i'm fine with
buddy do whatever they want with a consenting adults and so you know you can't do not showing just can't be like let's bang porn star i want to explore everything and all the different aspects of not just sexually but just people and their behavior and everything like that i just wanted to and i thought be interesting have are on and see what it's like how do you get that i'm always interested in a subject that i'm glad you brought this up because i was want to talk about this very subject to so many on the message board printed he goes i organize my porn folder that was the other thread and it look and it's like eighty percent she emails and tranny and everybody was like eighty troll in like what do you what do you do any trail you joke around like what we do it and was basically what he was doing was getting the conversation started and then as you conversation starters like nom in regular girls but i you know i do watch a lot tranny porn i've had some training escorts you know like super
honest about it never was like whoa dude you got balls you know that's it but not really i mean yes the did he deftly as balls but it's cool environment that you're doing it in like that's the best way to use the internet we got some crazy freak thing and you could talk about it your name is you know oct mock fifty to fifty right no one's gonna know we owe us a you could make up whatever the fuck you want your name to be and then you know this is a sorry i'm a message board who knows if he's even telling the truth i mean it might just be an ultimate troll people love to do things like that and then giggle and pretend yeah yeah yeah i'm pretending i'm brazilian he people love doing things like i i just found it you know it's like two biggest porn types out there genres are interracial and tranny porn because i think that one of the biggest john you biggest wow well you would know because well because this is not coming out of a man and that's the person that's coming to the studio that's a trainee yeah well it looks like a dude yes someone when they go to fuck when they go too far with the make up here training let me give you little piece of advice you better
looking sort of like a man with less makeup then look like a tranny with a lot of make up 'cause when you have a lot of makeup on it always looks like you're trying to treat me they try to go look like lumberjacks what guys really are moving around what's the lessons bush won the ones that don't want to work they look like hot chicks right classes and they're my fans well those are the ones that don't want to work they are as they want a woman to come along and take care of on the way a man would right now they want a woman to be like their bodyguard and they're usually passing through charges chaz bono them you know one hundred grand look like larry the cable guy that's so fucked up that past underground yeah you know what's weird about chaz bono look first of all i don't i more criticize someone is doing that 'cause i don't know what the fuck it's like i that's my theory on that i don't know what this is going on inside of his body i don't know i don't think no problems with it be yourself but don't tell me it's not a little weird okay like you know it's like if your cat starts barking like a dog it's so weird i'm not
it's wrong and i totally support his right to do it but it's not normal normal i don't think she's saying it's not i think i think that's what's exactly comma he do you come here she i called mahi it now i call mahi yeah that's why he is not respectfully yeah yeah i have to see his dick com so that's my idea otherwise just say hey you suggest i wouldn't say he or she may will just common chess yeah you know the navajos thought there was four basic basic sex is that it wasn't for preferences isn't male females male female masculine woman feminine male and that makes sense a natural thing and then there was always people that wish they born a girl and i believe it i one hundred percent believe it this is many people i mean i know it could be just nutty people could be somewhere
balance it's one thing they've proven that experiences will literally shape the mapping of your fucking mind and the way your mind makes correlations and the way you know and we even shape your jeans you know that it's the genes are activated because of certain stresses and different things that happen to you like literally in the womb man you know that's why so many people that come from really super volatile environments really quick to jump and be violent and the re bing is there fucking program to say hey we're going to shoot you out in the middle of a fucking warzone ok when you come out it's craziness right out the get go your mom almost got shot today coming home from work and you experience all this inside the womb that your body is like getting ready for war it is triggering everything in this experiences and you draw from those experiences on how to react with certain certain situations but the back to the this stuff is like i believe it's like gay training wheels that no it's not that no
but why it's so popular on the internet so i see what you're saying the porn yeah why is it so popular because it starts off with blowjob videos i think there's a broad spectrum that's what i think i think you know i think it's abroad spectrum of sexual likes and dislikes and some guys literally get off and they're not even gay they get on looking at other guys dicks they'll get on looking at a guys dick being hard to imagine it was their dick and they get literal watch porn and get off on the dicks well i think that's why interracial porn so they just love watching these just big zouk a is just destroying these little like i don't know i don't understand that because i can't relate because it's not like that's a black dick that's not my dick that's how i always look at it that's why i like what i see a dude's got a little tiny deck come on son it ain't my dick i can't pretend this is my dick so this is not like fun porn for maine that a little dick porno guys plenty of little dictorial guys like how little
like i don't i never i i saw a big i can't relate sex seven eliminates small like a model for this silly now so you know there's there's sometimes fat guys too fat guys will decks and some dudes love that she because of that could be me man you could just y know i was amazed that there's not more of that like because that's what porn start out really the guys big in super hot chicks because that was the fantasy well you've seen some of the new porn that they're doing with the porno stars will fuck a fan yeah the fuck are real fan and they left and come inside of and everything like could not dan all that's what my up that's what my and my nadie show they wanted director want to come in raffle off to a want to go so andy i don't know that the establishment was like i don't know that's legal which establishment are cheetahs he said no yeah jesus christ how is it not legal you disarranging there's no money being a something weird it happened like drenching pornography
if something weird that's their whole theory to get some fucking savage yeah you could laugh it off you could say that your your one who's who's fucking i got babu straight straight outta jail dude yeah just kill it just doing ultimate kiss night or something it would be fucking around the camera though dude mean it would be like a video that they make that well things someone bad they could be liable i'm like i don't know how but so they didn't i thought it was gonna be just change the wording that like all to make his night i make it something like that like it was implied that everyone knows yeah yeah i just need doesn't howard stern do that though he sets it up where they go yeah up the interns yeah they guys i ran a bite she done they were she doesn't know how long he said well you know what it is man now you know what is the risk for ward for them is is not worth it with the idea thing to make a couple hundred people happy if they do it and what's the risk the risk is they get known as a prostitution is yeah which made the get and they lose their license that's the risk it's like why would they do that for your silly little fucking comedy show silly boy
non business sense having motherfucker this is my business there been in vegas for seventeen fucking years this location yeah there with a french accent that's what she does not french guys that was then i cannot do this now friends are freaks when they fuck they don't then i'll give a fuck have you been to a strip bar in a la lately no they're horrible really they've always been hard never been a good one in there that we know what you mean i bet that i used to do about the star strip unless you have to go now is it true story the girl those dancing and i asked argo hey go is this fun for you do you like doing this shows i don't talk to guys come here and i go well why not she goes well you know what most guys who come here are assholes so i don't talk to guys come here and i go well it's an open door i mean like nice people come into you know and she goes well the only come here for one reason i mean like did you come in here and i go 'cause somebody told me there's a place that i could go where i could see strange girls pussy for a dog i remember that that that's a true story they really did happen i was like conversation i just your dancing
if you don't want to talk to me just say you know i prefer to be silent or something but it's to see most guys are assholes like okay this is not fun all the time but i'm nice and being nice to you i'm sure there's a lot dicks going in there but like that's your yeah i mean there's a bit of sales going on at it but you should you should totally uh our club it's called like houston's and fly just there all the girls there are just from texas and they get flown in every week would be cool when we go i would have you know that song bunch of problems it's merry i mean if you if you want to do what it is is these are people that are pro that's what it is i mean the reason why this girls angry at work is not because not even necessarily because so many guys are assholes which i'm sure they are because the reason why she's fucking got her asshole in front your face in the first place she's broken something had those poor girl when she was younger and she's also up and most likely molested and then
here we go there's good la clothes are there's good to strip clubs though you enjoy going to good strip clubs you know once in la or just completely broken because of the actor singer asin lasts as i i i and i can only enjoy it with a bunch of people and less and less and less and less and less i enjoyed them when i was younger and just because i do the math you know you do the whole buddhist thing we start to see about what is the cause and effect what is the what is the initial starting point for this you know the current behavior or i have a couple of drinks and just go stare at tits do you hear about the place in north dakota there's this city where they like some mining city where the girls are tripping in there making three thousand five hundred dollars a night course they got so much money and there's like five fixing the whole entire town and they're taking the take in applications from around the world russian czech chicks
talking to some dudes up in canada we were working uh we were in grand prairie and some like that on way to fuck up there and they were talking to us about the the there's a lot of dudes at work up there in the mines and that there's nothing to do there and they make a load of money loads of money do shitloads of cash that was my job when i got up to come in from europe for gigs there yeah i have rules what women i won't fuck three types of chicks underage married or russian chicks those are russians one they may not be there by choice and two you don't know man those chicks are just as crazy man they come in those slice and dice a motherfucker the crazies which i ever used to fuck around with the ukrainian grill right she was wild i still be that girl and they always want to get married like after like two months like i need a ring put a ring on this finger yeah well she was second generation but god damn this bitch was a free
boo like the craziest craziest white girls out there there crazy but girls but they're just like they have a much hardier stocked in your average white girl it's like almost like they're almost like a different specie and the men to you know if you live in guys like fade or igor zinovyev or you know the fucking god russian men you have some fun hard russian men they always had that country strength yeah it's like yeah like a whole country full of matt hughes is they just like they look like they fight grizzly bears that's a tough mean look russian pussy just like you know pussies there all kinds of pussies in this world but russians are some fucking stuff fucking people
yeah they are they've been through some crazy shit armenians armenians air not people oh yeah fucking people man yeah out of armenian fighters dude lot of m m a fighters lot of multi armenian fighters a lot of medium boxers taxi drivers do you think you think i moved l a that was the weirdest thing because what i was from you know with their means to arm from our very like they look like white people right out here they're very persian army from the labs the new york they were very white people they look if you look at all my hand should be like well a couple my answer like well there's a white people you would never know they were armenian where it had it or i mean you get it's our media how did armenian nine hundred they get their their leg of their ethnicity like where they come from is it a mix of yeah like filipinos or chinese in spanish like out here they're mostly a persian armenian persian army they're like persians but the country adopted see an itty so it became its own little thing and eh
really got along with any of its like so was operations came into iran and then became christians know the persians yeah well it was one whole thirty and i'm i mean i yeah i mean to armenia and then became yeah so that that yeah the country was the first country that ever adopt christianity as its countries us official religion so okay so there's unlike the darker more middle eastern looking yeah armenians and then there's more like like eastern european yeah very light skin very light skin you would never know do they take you the same way though 'cause i know that there's like with mexicans there's a big difference next coconuts will you get with mexicans you get due to like oscar de la hoya or salma hayek who
very spanish very european and then you get you know dudes who look more like indians really more like a native americans because that's the real bloodline like the mayans what about the one boxer who looks red head irish yeah yeah yeah yeah log on okay did you hear yeah lucy case my skin to the net crazy yeah use lower case mac yeah not born in mexico but is mexican wow yeah i never knew that but that's what yeah i guess a joke about how he's more mexican than carlos mencia and he really is i mean louis is mexican yeah very full are to the jews have no no so i really don't know i don't know i think it's a damn lot of or something i don't know he's got a lot of mexican but there's there's a very distinct look that some mexicans have you know uh it's more of an american indian look you know sort of i to make combination i went to mexico city to see metallica and we flew in and friends were already there and we didn't know what to do so we
no one's here to pick us up we're going to go they were like we need a ride so we find a taxi and it gets shady dude text follow me man and we walked the airport as we get through the airport we walking gets more and more third world so i'm not lying to you eventually walking out the airport through this back alley where there these chickens all running around and i'm like this is not going right man and we got in the car i put it made a video of it and he drove around and like that's the worst thing do in mexico city is getting a taxi because they will kidnap you they'll drive you somewhere to take you in the hold you for a couple days till they drain your a t m and if you're lucky the come back but i don't this guy like this we start talking about hookers and all that stuff because there's something about me when ever i land to do stand up or do somewhere i always there so what's going on this time and they always tell me where the hookers are did the immediately the first thing they always tell me is like all you
get some girls over here i don't know what it is you seem like a party guy i see like apart but do i look like i need hookers yes yes really absolutely it's cool it's a cool superpower you like him to tell like i don't want to i just want to talk to them and get to know them and the hookah whisper yeah mexico is very tricky place last time i was there i was in cancun was a few years back and i remember landing and walking through the airport and just all these people coming at you to try to give you a ride and i was what we had a already arrange so i was like this is gross man you like you can't move through them like i'm walking pulling my bags one one the you right here right now right service your under eyes here holding up there sign and it's like wow this is this is weird and uncomfortable here you really
like wow this is there playing by different rules are one hundred percent the third world country son you can call it cancun all you want you just landed in a place where laws don't apply everything is different means some laws apply but it's not the same you know everything is run by fucking violent games they have a short they have a military presence sure have police but but fucking drug gangs in mexico are they run every everything every spot in the near the border you go to the board even have our weapons they end up busting them with our military weapon how ridiculous is that we realize how fucking nutty these government agents are did you hear about that was it called operation fast and furious there was well i mean like do you think we give it to them or they just end up yeah because we liked destabilize region is that is what to try three percent we play both sides we be good turned up in el paso to the guns they i been crimes in in using el paso the guns that the atf sold to them
can drug traffickers those fucking guns showed up in our country those those guns could have easily been used to kill american civilians because our fucking government is completely incompetent retarded two thousand things were traffic along the us mexico border and many were using violent crimes in mexico in addition to forty seven semi automatic's involved in the program were recovered after us border agent killed south of tucson while a us fucking border agent was killed with one of these weapons so under the program dubbed fast and furious agents with the federal bureau of alcohol tobacco and firearms and explosives in the phoenix field office allowed licensed firearm dealers to sell weapons to illegal straw buyers in the hope that the agents contract the weapons and arrest mexican drug cartel leaders that was their walkie fucking dope best idea they were going to allow the fuckin mexican drug cartels to get more weapons what did they have
yes things in a more so than that kind of makes sense only exists if you give a bunch of guns and you watch that dumb they know what they are there any know what they are there where the drug guys are they're ranches man through there's guys are hours it would be a bro yeah they have that really is a dollar so you never know like there was a whole theory that they want to really like bankrupt mexico have you ever heard the amero you buy that all i heard about it yeah like the whole thing was just re jobs actually had it on cnn i think about you like how they're trying to like make like mexico is broken yet in america broke his shit and then bring in canada with us and then everything's our money's worth nothing that they just get rid of it and it's the amero but you think that's possible do you think the government actually plots to crash the economy absolute incompetence i don't think that they plot to crash shit i do think that they that the powers that be
the market so they can buy everything cheaper and then it goes back up and they buy more i definitely think that ok yeah well i definitely think that people short stocks and they manipulate the market and do stuff like that to get that to get money but those are not necessarily the same people that are the government these are this is people that are involved in the market the market sort pays for the government to get the government to do certain things their way that help them an atm and stealing money and make sure there's a lot of clauses so they get away with a lot of shady shit completely legally but i don't think there but here's my the you know the economy i think that's kind of you ever watched forty eight yes you ever see somebody kill somebody over twenty dollars worth of crack yeah like well those are just thugs and it but their people their wired certain ways you're looking at the government you're looking people were dealing with billions if not trillions of dollars i just don't think they're going to let you know flip of a coin
type where that money goes and that they could have some problem with manipulating shit i'm not saying that's what happens but i would never ever put it past somebody too if you ate something for a ton of money yeah maybe but do you know what to so many people have to be involved in the reading the whole economy to collapse and then you have to figure out who the hell's going to profit on this and then you have to follow the money is needed to mount the good no mystery why things collapsed there's no mystery so god damn money grab and they knew that it was temporary and they went crazy and they made whole economy virtually based on nothing based on sense it slowly but surely not based on gold not based on anything so based on cray derivatives i derivatives this the article was talking about the derivative economy being like one hundred times larger than the regular economy over the fuck that means it's it gets so fucking so so they know what what went wrong it's not like someone sabotaged it on purpose so they
profit from it and that they could slowly devalue the dollar so they can country's together the countries together profit in that man there's no but there's no ultimate profiting creating one giant country there are listen i'm not saying that's what i would say that's a theory out there yeah i'm not i did it's beyond that but i wouldn't hold the pass anyway i mean you're talking about because when they do that supposedly was going to after happen this is such a radical thing but it would be you'd scrap the constitution you would have to scrap the constitution will never have done that anyway they sort of done that everywhere slowly but surely but this would be a direct light parts of freedom of speech parts of the second amendment the right to bear arms been compromised significant this country and more and more now that they were trying to do with the vapor with medical marijuana try to make it so that if you have a medical marijuana you're not allowed to possess it done anymore or you're not allowed to buy a new gun it's ridiculous it's ridiculous they are with people's rights inalienable rights as non criminals in the united
of america's hunters as as people they want to go target shooting whatever whatever saying to someone uses medical marijuana they shouldn't be allowed to what about oxycodone you got that on your list no you don't i'll go fuck yourself yeah that's one fucking criminals like they should go to jail for that do just for even suggesting that michael marijuana should be something that you should lose your gun for and not oxycontin and not it in and not a regular drinker fuck you you going on your person so transparent man that is one of the most transparent pieces of corruption the world is ever seen the idea that must suck in atf is going to go after potheads before they go after pharmaceutical companies alcohol companies are going to have people who smoke pot they're the ones who can't have guns well the water what obama and his administration now trying to shut down all the
spencer res yeah it's ridiculous like i like this it's a bag a good just all bullshit this is the department justice or say the blaze johnny mathis rather right yeah i guess they're not listening to him i don't know i mean i don't i don't know how that works i don't i don't know how much say the president real i'm with you i don't that's what i think happens is he got in there he wanted like yes we can and got in there real it's the build his whole thing they showed him a different fuckin view can be assassination it's even different in the bill hicks joke it's like instead he thought who's going to go there and he was going to get into an office and he's going to be able to change shit and when he got there there's a bunch of people feverishly working to patch up a hole in the middle of the universe and question this is we only keep this together for another fucking year or two and it's going to blow it doesn't matter the economy goes doesn't matter if we can cancer this is fucking things gonna blow this is there's a hole in the universe we try to patch it up we got our boys holding it down and they flew him out the fucking area he wanted he looked at the hole in the hole in the and went it
slowly became gray looks like what you want to do after pop go after plot ok who cares at this point will pakistan war with pakistan fuck it why not iran iran has bombs let's let's bomb them first fucking god damn hole in the universe why not why not she get great quick didn't you know he looks very most black don't crack that's for sure because the bush at all yeah but they do they take cag say sports the and ship that we don't even know about other just like uh you have a bill clinton said man one of the craziest things that he said about being in office it was about the moon landings he said that when he was a kid just a couple of months after the apollo eleven landing you know he said that it was amazing that man put a person on the moon and he worked with his old carpenter and so carpenter said that he thought that that was bs and that you know those those television for hours because i don't believe a word of it those television fellers can do try to get you to believe anything i don't believe man land on the moon he said at the time i thought the guy was a crank the
but after eight years in the white house just stop stop and think about that would he said after eight years in the white house i start to think maybe he ahead of his time the president said that just imagine the shit that he saw where he would even pretend that the moon landings possibly could have been faked that he would entertain that for a moment i don't we have a god damn clue as to what really creepy shit is going on behind closed doors when the farmers pharmaceutical companies talk about the mount of drugs that they produce every year that they need to sell on how they up the oxycontin every fucking year you know they've update so much since we've been in afghanistan due what coincidence dance and produces all the heroin and that's where they're fucking getting it and so they make an oxy cotton and were over there protecting it one on your personal areas and it's so funny that people don't believe
any of that but they can't sit there an atom that their leaders might not have their best interest specially when you talking about billions and billions and billions of dollars when you talk about just ridiculous sums of money we're willing willing to do some creepy ship or willing to do some creepy shit man yeah and they don't give a fuck yeah i always question authority man always i just think it's more fun in thing why keep make their jobs easier look but look how easily they could justify what they do like obama has there was some fucking one of those speeches where they talked about you know where was like obama had jokes written for him you know and he had a joke about his daughters and he said i have two this for you predator drone like he was joking when people do his daughter that he will send a predator drone on you what's kind of a fucked up joke and then when you go look into how many people have died using predator drones how many innocent people have died hundreds of them including like i think it was like one hundred and
the children but it's not the same thing like children small joke one hundred and fifty children have been killed by things that are ultimately under his control since he is the commander in chief of united states army in the united states military force right yeah mandarin chief so ultimately he's at the top of the blame list one hundred and fifty babies were killed by missiles i'm a flying robot and he's looking around about people dating his daughter one hundred and here's i have said i'm using on drones predator after squadron but it's here's the thing it's back to hanahan kombat if you are going at it and you see i give up there's a sense of like ok he's giving up but if you're one thousand miles what you're not going to see me surrender and it means not there's no like the detachment yeah it's the same kind attachment to get on the internet where you're allowed to use like a fake name like this guy could talk about training
because he is a to worries detached or you so we could be mean to you and you know they don't worry about the social repercussions being mean you because they don't say is like a folk you triple you suck you always log for you read my comments just to in august what do you hear that the the founder of facebook his sister is trying make it so people have to use their real names on the internet i don't know if they'll ever happened i don't like that i think you should be able to whatever you want if you want to use your real name user real name if you don't i think there should be places where you have real name like i have my message board i would like it if you had your real face and your real name and we saw and that's you know that's that can't make yeah i mean i guess i could but i don't want to be censoring people and if they the case people wouldn't be post shit because of what they do for a living like there's some people that have asked me to change their screen names because they're screen name somebody from work found out their screen names so they asked me no like change your screen name so that they couldn't get you know some fuckin tattle
tail at work couldn't go yeah bob's talking about granny porn that's what he does doesn't work look at the times we've logged on this four hundred pm he's working at four hundred pm hi rich people do that man it's so much tracked with tracking to nowadays like show interface will you treat you post how many times have you twitter would ask can use your location yeah well you know i did it but mine the my latest phone has that turned on when a mediate lee like i don't even do it and like i'm like great i just like tweet desire for us yeah yeah yeah has it has it should on it yeah yeah it's creepy it is creepy it i mean i just think people extra mean because there's no ramifications and ultimately everything comes down to accountability that's what i think we get way from more more in this society specially in this country in which is you know my whole is i wish they would say that occupy wall street or la is like you want to inability man you want accountability for everything you do you know whether government whether it's your personal you know actions
it's accountability and that's what they're asking for but no one will come out and say that on that thing so they all yeah without their own somebody somebody something fucked up up the the whole is falling apart and no one's going to jail so that that's a sure sign the justice system is not working properly a sure sign that our elected leader are not going after the people that had created problems one hundred thank you stop saying that a hundred percent one hundred if you say one thousand percent to fight yeah sure it's like a drinking game at this point people to anyone drinking shots at this point this faced yeah can you manage in the future like if there was a movie that that that was like design like private like avatar or something like that like cgi ann every time you watch it going back to what you were talking about earlier every time you watched it a new part
new scene was in the moving it was created randomly by a computer generated kind of like minecraft this video that could be possible so you could watch it you could sit down and watch star wars like a whole new think version of star wars every time you watch or it becomes like a choose your own adventure movie where it's like different choices give you different ending to the script yeah yeah absolutely man do that the future is going to be very strange when it comes to what you can create artificial environments that you can create the real question to me is like what is going to what's going to win is it going to be human stupidity or is it going to be technology it's like a tunnel is a race to a final conclusion ideology maybe but there were we're also invading pakistan and iran's got nukes and you know and they're fucking with the large hadron collider and some new laser they're proposing to build in britain that could punch a hole through space time and like this this is a weird race going on and and the
sometime you know king the congo again going on the congo look what's going on in mexico look what's going on so many different parts of the world where human lives are just the part human civilization falling are chaos you know just ultimate chaos you look at like watch like documentaries on parts of at can you would swear this is a post apocalypse rights vision yeah things they do like warlords like just a hacking or machetes precious to all get theirs i mean it's crazy eating the flash of innocent children on the enemy side to to to be look like vulnerable in battle some the stuff that i watch documentaries on liberia they've stained my brain forever man cannibalism rampant rampant cannibalism jane smith on the podcast from vice tv he's one of guys who went to liberia and
is he the guy went to north korea to yeah he's got everywhere but he was telling me about that recently they just watched rated mean i can't wait to have this guy on i'm fucking so far it up he's he's been every it was just in beirut and he's traveled he travels all over the world the darkest parts of world he says he has to get new passports all the time because things passport have to fuck iraq afghanistan what are you doing and he's like armor you know and the like for what he's like vbs and like cbs he's like no vbs like the fuck is vbs so he whenever he goes somewhere dark it just gets a new passport you better jason t boz tell me about his one in north korea and how crazy three is yeah well he said he's got some north korea korea's he said nk slave footage i don't even know what that meant but in the internet schooled me north korea douche yeah yeah that's right the brother you seriously and they don't know what it is i i didn't know a sort of trying to think what that meant i never associated north korea with sleeves for some reason i don't think that they would be slain i i do i guarantee that happens more more in common law you know
that's the whole thing about you know this whole free trade where they move these businesses over these third world your phone off the table everybody take your phone off the every it keeps lowering lowering prices eventually the labor is going to be to the point where they don't even want pay for labor today prices is so low that slavery is gonna happen well i mean you know look we're willing to do that to dolphins yeah why not johnny people understand them either you know i mean that's that's really how do if you ever go to china you'll have the best time ever china is the shit would you do in china did stand up really idea it was the best time i mean steve byrne or steve burton i we went to beijing shanghai loved it who did you form to american expat expats how many people were in the crowd different shows insides are white people in the crowd or just some chinese people everything really everything what was the percentage of white people to chinese people well at our shows it was very high it was like most of the way people it was like eighty percent white wow you know but it was the
it was amazing really i had such great nicest people ever chinese are the nicest people ever and you know you know what i just learned it's like everybody is the same it's just you got governments and they're fighting with the other the overall resources yeah the resources problem and in china's it's really a problem then the you know on this so that's a that's a anything that whole factory thing in china you know when people we had a thing on the podcast where trying to figure out is there is karma free cell phone is there there a cell phone that i can get where i don't feel bad about owning it turns out there's not how do you feel bad about owning it i feel bad that someone has to make fuckin zero dollars and fifteen cents an hour to make something yeah i said that they should have an iphone called the eye karma
the karma is made in america and they pay the people a real wage and you could pay more twice as much it cost twice as much and a lot of people would folk you do sugar brilliant full my phone now who are you fucking doing something that's not what i'm saying dude i'm not talking about you if you want to i'm not judging you but i'm so it would be nice for me if i knew that this was made by people who are paid for their labor you know a really fair price so they could you know afford to go on vacation so they could afford to live in a nice place so they can afford to have food and you know i think if you work all day you should not have issues you should not have issues like uh you know i'm homeless you know you should not have issues like oh i can't afford health insurance you should not your working all day your day should be worth something well and that's why i think the whole thing is going to collapse because not just in america but around the world because here take
these jobs from here where you're paying a living wage and you're taking over here and you're not paying a living wage you're paying next to nothing so the people over here it can't buy anything and now the people over here can't buy anything so who's going to buy the goods will the real question is who can buy but the real question is how can you compete how can you make some that's what error support and that's why the administration just signed three new huge trade agreements they say are as big as nafta in the corner on a like job creating bill only in you just sign that that free trade thing we're screwed man yeah and stuff like that is where people really get the the motivation that's the the the inspiration to think that this is a rigged so awesome to think that this is some sort of illuminati plan to slowly crash the economy things like that you know free trade agreements but i think it's uh fucking money grab it just greedy con
call market store operations in greedy cunts and the problem is the corporations they found out that you know the chinese and all these different industrious nations all around the world are willing to work hard your longer hours for less money and then they they can produce cheaper cheaper and because they found out that it's like like like we have to compete if you want these american jobs you know our whole business is going to go under unless you move or at least our factories over there and then move your fat he's over there but sell your 90s over here you know you gotta have some making employees over here but you know right one hundred and over there it's like i guess the stuff's cheaper to sell in terms of like you know what chinese are buying the same goods is us pay way more because we are supposedly have a higher standard of living but eventually that's going to have to go down to right i mean if we're not having those and we're all
working at walmart making like seven dollars an hour we can't afford to buy a one hundred and fifty dollars phone or so did you eat any wacky shit when you're in china due any bugs or anything now they had squirrel on one at one of the restaurants i just didn't want to eat you have any choice pretty normal here what's that did you sleep with any of am bang the israeli chick in much our rates yeah and she was she doing over there she's she was trying to start as she was working for some company and she established some kind you know she had a business over there people go over there it's like the wild west they're moving there trying to set up businesses and that's awesome though man but what they did in china someone i think there's something bad ass about that but moving to another kind of wild west bro it's like your reality just completely shifted you know even moving fucking hawaii is kind of crazy you know but god damn man moving to china who do i had the best time
we're driving is crazy built turn any thing into a car i they're totally races the chinese they don't give a shit they're totally racist i use that when i was there i had a full beard i looked middle eastern don't like middle easterns because they think they're all drug dealers there so i couldn't get or sometimes a taxi so the only guy that picked us up one time was this dude who drew drove what looked like they took out hot dog vending machine and turned it into a car and it literally had like the most junkiest like shift changing device and i you'll never scream more in your life like a little girl and when you drive through china to beijing or shanghai 'cause they don't follow the lights i've seen so many tried chinese traffic accidents online you don't have to convince me
i've seen people get run over by cars in china what about that little girl so yeah i couldn't watch it i couldn't watch it i couldn't watch it just makes me sad that's not overpopulation thing man when you it's just like they've done population density studies on rats and the same thing happens you get to me in one place and devalue each other you know that's what's going on man you can't jam that many fucking human beings in one spot and expect everybody to think that everybody's precious 'cause he's precious things fucking way you know no one cares man yeah it's just i remember reading that in a college man they start run gangs they started like one guy with you know they had yeah i got really shady like rats just with mental problems just a some of them huddled in the corner the rats they built on the corner just rock themselves back and forth back just go nuts man now you look at some human behavior and you gotta go god damn how the fuck can we ever prevent this what the hell happened
here what is what is this discovery you know what i was watching this i tweeted this this video about this woman was a pioneer in scat porn it's a it's a and if you read my tweets read it but don't click on link there's a lot there pioneer by choice yes yes yes she's one of the first well she's she's an expert at it should this is she does but she eats shit she eats in swallows it and she talking about how she loves being stuffed with shit dude i would love to have her on my podcast like like i want to interview those she's in in germany she's she's german i would last german in this video dude she has a website somebody tweeted the websites i retweeted it if you see the retweet don't click it i'm telling you right now don't do it because this one there's just smeared in shit in these videos and she has people it in her mouth and she chews and swallows it and she they the sure how many how much shit you think you've eaten over the course of your life she's like several bathtubs full well what about
how do use constantly to get thrown up on that's nothing dude she this bitch is eaten bathtubs full of human shit someone unless and throwing up on that words to you then throw up is shit worse and throw up fucking they're both sequel too bad we watch it way worse and throw only did hoping anthony we were there for the infamous baby bird it was me and ari where there you weren't there for baby bird when the guy threw up the guys mouth this fucking dude i forget that's right there bro hat from me naki no not pat pat from would knock you but the other guy smith what the fuck's his name pat duffy pat duffy was the other guy who let them throw up in its mouth so this was there was a eggnog and i remember how many shots he had was something insane is almost a gallon i think i think the human body can only have a gallon of milk before two gallons of it was like seventy shots or something like that so that is something horrible thing so anyway he does that and then
the were trying to figure out what to do 'cause he knew he going to throw up and then we suggest that one of the interns lean his head over the dump her over the garbage bucket and open his mouth and let the dude robin is mouth like a baby bird fish whatever that binds her ever that yet not that guys now where is he wears like i don't know he did a bunch of other so he would he he brushed his teeth the dog off yeah you're all in in that open anthony world at that point that's where you're going to be working and that's where you're going you can't go it's like that oh gosh shidan is like it's going to be hard for her she didn't choose to get shit on yep she still going to be the girly got shit on that's why it's so trash is this pat duffy got yeah well that's crazy i'm with where do you go if you're pat though there's there's those guys out there man this is guys out there that will run to put me on fucking fear factor bro you anything a few those guys that they're willing to do it gas guys willing to do anything for the joke you know did fucking john trash file stood in front of a bowl with a blindfold on he really did he
did that he's god damn movie star k using a movie with the rock case too in front of a bowl with a blindfold on and let that launch him through the air like like like a sheet stevo did the last movie completely sober 'cause i knew back in the day they were popping viksten bang killers so they couldn't feel he did this one pleat lee sober how that's some crazy ass shit god it's horrible his nose on the roast yeah he ran into mike tyson's fist he's the nicest guy man i just feel like i guess that i just saying so let mike tyson break is no well his whole things he does stunts that's not a stun a stoner things like cutting yourself out with mike tyson jump a motorcycle and you land it and everybody cheers that's not a stunt that's like i think i'm going to drive my motorcycle into a wall it's a stunt that stunt you crashing you're hurting yourself i've done that you have yeah my spike show
well that's right yeah that was a fun show right it was you kick open ellis yeah jason alice what did you guys so just did why did every jackass type shit well yeah i mean later on because i never really really watched jackass but later on i watched the show might all they got that from that kind of it was kind of like point zero meets jackass that was the premise of the show and yeah some crazy shit manda like the worst thing was was uh had to make a sandwich why people why guys are like eight feet away paintball guns and we had nothing on and we were just getting shot by paintball guns and i i would feel bad and i would like do it slowly those guys didn't give a fox for their savage above obama i'm getting nailed the first time i want to quit the show i was like i'm done dude fuck this show i never want to do i didn't even know were doing stunts on the show i just saw
i got hired to talk shit about videos and that's what i'm good at you just tell when when did the stunts a part of the show well the next day ok i show up to like okay you got the gig i'm like oh cool that's great fuck i gotta show in spike i show up there here's what you're going to be doing i'm like what can i do they didn't never mention that in the audition and i got it through going with steve byrne he never mentioned that and you can't say no well yeah i need on television that point you know looks like fuck it that's how you felt you felt like you had to say yes right yeah i mean not close i love spike you know it was cool chair you didn't want to do it right you don't want to do it didn't think that's what you're going to do but once you got there like god damn it this fucking tv show yeah wow yep i was headlining clubs when i got to make a big difference clubs and shit like that yes i was headlined club did you ever try to do something else like that again do you ever tried i would never do sound show again really yeah so was cancelled you are happy uh even though you're off tv you were happy
no i wasn't happy so i would do it again it comes up again if they continue then i would have done it but i do it now they call me back hey we're going to do another show i wouldn't do it have you in shock fights j analysis no no this is shit i don't know where the fuck is happening and it looks like it's in cuba i don't know who came up with but this these guys in a ring and they have fucking fist they have things on their fists that are elect each other like tasers on their knuckles but they're punching each other with tasers a guy knocks guy guy out with taseer on his hand it's badass it's crazy kicks in a so ellison yeah i was dog collars any as the crowd just zap some messages he's willing to do some stuff that i understand but this shock fights is like man now how far are we from throwing a do
the sword into an arena with alliance how far away we're not that far i'm sure in third world countries gonna happen sooner than you think because it was there was does the thing where a guy was going to have a sword fight there was at the i think it was a guy going to fight a lion it was a great guy or something like that forget with story was but i was like i remember this thing like it was either a swordfighter is going to fight and anna wild animal or something like that but i remember thinking like okay this is how it starts because it starts people hear about on the internet and then you go ok and then somewhere where the fuck it is where life is not that expensive high tijuana you know somewhere along those lines they set up an arena and they just say well instead of bull fights and now we're going to have p will wearing armor and they're going fight lions and i'm rooting for the line everytime wow maybe
you not root for the line maybe the guy his children he can't feed and he's fucking willing to get in there with a little line has no choice in being sure i mean the guy has a choice but i'll still root for the person i'm reminded lion people bit amantine lion bro i have to man i just like the lines aren't choosing to be there he's not but he's going to kill the person it's not like the person has any different than the killer whale that stuck in dumb lions aren't smart it's not that much different lands are not the you know lands are just there to remove certain mental capacity i don't either if you have a crime or not not only that i feel like lions or part of our domain we killer whales we have to go into their world and pull them out of their world and cap they don't interact with us right basis once we get on boats and enter into their world lions on the other hand they want you mean you're in africa like they were a friend of ours in africa and while he was there some guy got killed the it came into the day like a camp it came into the camp lion team to the while the dude was in the fucking shower and dragged
now the shower shower to female what right what so right lions can suck my dick okay lions go fuck themselves it's a killer well like guys surf and kill where it comes up on what's the matter don't they don't they don't know you know there's no one's been killed by kira what only that not only that they help people they've actually save people when they learn their drowning kill away not sharks if it's sharks i can see your point sharks can suck my dick you could take a shark throw in a fish tank all day long i have a feeling for sharp but killer whales are super intelligent and they say save people but i think that when you're you know i'm not saying you should have christians versus the lions i'm not saying you should put in armed dudes and send him and you know have a sore fight with the but i am saying if it goes down i'm rooting for the fucking person i i want to know can you kill a line with sword can you the armored up and kill a fucking line with nothing but a sword and if that guy can do it good for him man i just might not be able to you might not be able to line might just jack you every time it's like you want two dudes from death row fighting to the death i'm fine with that just fight
an animal i just don't you know it's like i get i get i don't think you should do it if you do do it i'm rooting for the first and then i will put twenty dollars and i'm always going through the line really yeah i'm always going to want to do why is that brian same same exact reasons but if found out the guy was like super poor and you have a black eye brian no nicely why is it black it looks under that thing like you just got rocked in your eyeball that's the if it's coming out of his so right did you fun while i agree with you on that i think i think even if they showed me the story of this poor sad guy he has a choice the man it shows a choice to fuck outline and i'm rooting for him and we might not interfere with whales because we haven't moved there yet but if you went back through thousands of years were in lion territory right now you know so sort of when there was some sort of big cats here saber tooth tigers i think yeah i think there lions well actually there was there was a north american lion along long fucking time ago
it's a different commands walking through the jungle and it lying comes i'm rooting for the guy i'm rooting for the guy when you grab the lion yet very specific rules yeah you're forcing lying to be there with no choice where it's not going to be there an it could die because you're trying to make twenty it's like it's like why people did like a dog fighting it's like especially when you have a dog like i said dude i'm not saying you should do it but i'm saying if you do but i wanna root for you i'll smack it animal though not heard it though just like little you got discipline your dog we slap a hippo you see that woman or heads along a hippo for a pet oh my god yeah i read some article on it she is a hippo for a pet it's going to come get ya it's eventually going to turn on is it a male i didn't read whether it was a mouse a female she can keep it together for a little while mail is going to be biting people in half they bite crocodiles in half
yeah i'm one hundred percent what happened was this what i don't know man i just agreed with you what you get on your test sammy one hundred percent you a plus student no so this weekend you're in the hall if you want to go see you at the comedy store way worked with down there i'm working with steve simone uh beautiful yeah and tony hinchcliffe guys they just had a couple big fallout of supposed to be in sale but then i'm going to be december first we're going to have naughty show at the comedy store powerful saint joe rogan should make a return can't go sorry we can do it good luck in satans asshole you can do it i could do it but i'm not going to good luck you one need to go back to that you don't you don't there's no win contest you know what one is the art form of comedy one but the comedy store absolutely fucking picked the wrong side
so they can go fuck themselves they're all fucked up for ever i like the laugh factory i just that place is probably that place no one hundred percent doing naughty comedy now the improv is awesome i love the improbable glad prop i felt it was better for my act anyway i feel like the comic store is so dark and angry that i think a lot of that shaped my material it's changed bro and i don't mean that to be like it's different it's not like you leaving was changed really yeah now it's much like pricing yeah i mean it's not the same as it used to be what was it like what's the difference it saw the yeah i think it's like the the axe arm you know i used to watch you know my sisters on stage just guys who were like fuck man i don't see that as much anymore it's not what used to be there's a couple of young guys i think of bringing it but it's not you know it's it's now it's tv credit land
it's not like how did that how do they make that change i don't man i you know i i think it's weird how they use the same people over and over again like what else i'm at columbus to wait out yet but now they have they they definitely open the door it just seems like i've gone there on some nights where these people are in the main room at eight o'clock on like a wednesday or thursday or whatever and i think this person suck so bad he should even be in the belly room he's in the main stage really the problem is that what made that place great and it was never perfect but what made it great was that you could be somebody who was an unknown and you could get up on stage there and start honing your craft those days are done you know there's certain things going on there were like apparently if you're on chelsea lately you know that's a sign that you've arrived and you see like a lot of people who do that panel now in the lineup and that's a great and she's done great for like blowing up some of my friends but
it doesn't necessarily mean you're going to crush in that or which has its own do you know so well there's nothing wrong with putting people that are coming up but you put 'em in between some really good talent and the problem is they have some talent that really doesn't work anywhere else they have some people there that can't get spots anywhere but their grandfather somehow and they've got jokes that are literally thirty years old i mean there's some people that tell some jokes and you haven't seen them in a decade and then they'll go through the act the same fucking way and you know they don't that many spots because there's a gang so they don't put him up every week but they put 'em up like every two weeks every three or four weeks and he was sent we see him at some of them would be like bitter and shit and you know i'm thinking that something wrong wrong with these young kids and they suck and you know our generation was better you like god you're indian you're not even really
comedian right you understand this yeah i do see that i see that a lot i so we're too like the all the waitresses easily waitresses are you know only girls which is now there's girls and guys it's just like the whole the whole thing is but the waitresses are hot to the gay guys okay i need to they want some candy to grow okay as one can because yeah why should they guys have waiters while you can look at the waitress do you have to fuck them all brian yes brian have you tried to fuck the waitresses not yet brian is in a committed relationship sort of kind of right now how's it going is it all working out she's a very nice girl stinky feet she's a very nice girl yeah yeah i have not even been home in two days by 'cause you're setting up that play video yeah for the last three days straight why don't you come in i see your pad i crashed out in the studio but she come over for like i took naps there for like an hour too now wake up and this jacob back door nia
how do use j cole victoria trying to steal your check and probably is so deep deep in the world of porn i'm not really if you say the full name i guess if everybody knows what he knows her yeah he knows but there's five hundred thousand people that don't but you you're so deep into the winter war and he's left jail with it that's true yeah who knows stars you that world people think i'm the yell this but i'm really not you know i'm not really like you know a lot of the men you get them to come on your naughty shows all the time i do if anybody's never seen another show what's the website it's coming back up it's being redesigned right now but still naughty comedy show dot com and the best way to get ahold use what sam triply un trigger twitter twitter sam tripoli on facebook or my e mail but your ah those those air fucking those of fun shows he's got naughty shows are just he's got a much of really good comedians but it's also got video clips and they do games that fuck around with the audience and they always have porn stars to do things i don't know what they i do like that they just appearances and they show
up in the n are people you know man i know this sounds crazy and like they are who they are but at the end of the day they're really not that different than comedians and if you really sat down you had a comment that you be like wow that's exact comedians do they just have something that's kind of more taboo in society than guys and you know the most or just straight business people like i well that's sort of how they justify doing it too they sort of go into this business mode and that always here's me out like this two types of porn stars is like the flight he doesn't know any better super hot pornstar just gets work she's hot and then there's a super ambitious career woman porn star yeah those those kind of get me in a weird way no matter wow this is a strange you know strange animal like this person is working hard to create all this porn the real focus if you can blow up and you think podcasting is saturated porn
satcher if there's a man everybody's a porn star than always making money in it only four stars are there i mean there's no probably not it's seven now i think it starts and comedians in l a i would i wouldn't doubt it just a camping thing alone when you find out that they check this i don't know if you knew severe if you're eighteen years old an you need money you there is a way to block the whole state you live in so like say like if you live in california you block california and you can block certain cities and then you can cam where you can make like fucking whatever five dollars a minute ten dollars a minute and they have these things where you have like twenty people in the same room and they're all chipping in more and more for you to stay in these rooms and these girls are making thousands now from just sitting on their fucking ass masturbating and doing nothing but that it's like it's basically it's taking advantage of the whole like primal caveman girl you know female relationship it's like when you go to
strip club and the stripper makes she does all the stuff that if you're at a normal club that lets a girl knows she's interested in you in you make so they do all that they trick you that all that you and all they want to do is want to lap dances from that's the from thing that's strip clubs the roles are reversed and the roles are men i have never been or don't usually go they don't know how to deal with it there's also the women are pursuing pursuing you a a super aggressive it like well you want to well you want to dance for a lot of guys they just melt and like fall into it and next thing you broke because old dynamic is just been shifted they don't understand like they're not they built up a resistance for it they don't have the immune system for a strip club and one social immune system that's let's the thing about the naughty show is just like i like to explore that side of the world it's not just sexual either it just like i like the crazier side of life yes and just like what makes everybody different stuff everybody wants that everybody does in the shadows it's like
how do people why is why is talking about and about like i don't like sex out like sex i mean meaning like i don't think porn stars should be like soccer award winners i don't i don't think i think everybody has their place but i don't think it's something you should have to be ashamed of where like some find something out about you and now you're like the town like well you're just so used to it to most men the last thing they want is evidence that the woman has fucked some other dude not just fuck some of do he went asked him thunder and shot a load up or knows well that's a whole different thing you're talking about guys not everywhere man guys who date and stars i'm just saying that you know you don't judge them if you don't judge them or if you met a girl and then she wanted a then you found out that she was a pornstar fuck yeah you judger with but that's not what you're into again if you're not into it you like fuck yeah but that's nothing you could do it could you could i date a pornstar depends on the porn star than what she did so stupid hot dip what you doing she came home smelling like loads
i couldn't do that but you know he dates a girl does lesbian porn and like lesbo stuffs okay right which is a weird thing i could also see where like you know some like aiden who's married to belladonna it's called watching or just i don't think she doesn't anymore but she getting robbed my brother cool i think even the guys that say it's not cool is still there's guys who are in today it is cool cool there are guys that are into it i'm not saying everybody's into it and i think people involved people involvement and there sometimes they just look with guys go to prison they all the sudden develop a desire to fuck man you know why because they involve they adapt their dad for the situation and if the only way you can get a trick like belladonna is the lead black guys come in her ass you go alright let's do this
but that's from your perspective i will but he may be into i'm just saying could be yes but could be that's the only console learning is been around forever yeah st you yeah that's it and there's some guys and just enjoy watching their girls get rocked by monsters buddy of mine said that he met this girl at a party and she was really high and she was coming on to him and then also this dude came over and introduced himself as a husband and the guys like all what the fuck the guy is like no man it's cool it's cool it's cool likely we swing it's cool it's cool and he was like why was i didn't have a couple drinks able to never done this next thing you know they're in this outside patio and this chick is blowing him while the husband gives instructions to
husband markets magazine instructions i usually love again really yeah well maybe this guys black to me which is but there is also a lot of guys in white women in white husbands sore but that's what you mean i used to the cop holding things a lot of the issues like black men and white guy like white guys like black men to their wives and 'cause i think it's like this like really disk degrading kind of thing like sexually they're like ooh that's so dirty you know he's like saying ok make him come make him come make him cum in your mouth and he's like he was part i just wanted to get up and run away but it was two legs that was drunk and this girl is already blowing me any closer the girls hot if the girl wasn't hot he would've just given up it was just one of those like what i do and the guys like rob's boss was what is and what we get i got this do you know of i'm good at we don't need your help we don't need to help you know that she could blow me but you can't you can't talk back when i lived in vegas that was like i i i was at this one casino may try to pick me up they were swinger well like hey what's up what's up this girls hitting on me was she hot yeah
who's vegas hot there like kind of digging yeah slutty come back then i love that shit and well now i love that shit what am i talking about back then i love that shit i'm not judging it now i'm into linker librarians i'm into whatever brother so yeah and i'm like what are you going to do coach are you going to send the corner yelling out plays can handle that should just be weird to hump by somebody else is watching you could handle last week i was no i couldn't couldn't yeah i thought i had three separate words like the third the devil three somewhere it's like your body while your check if that's a buddy the sun a guy's husband or girls husband yeah he's not sitting there judging and give me scores and calling out plays i just think the moment you come you would just want to run away so badly you the post that syndrome effect would be so hard the depression that must just set in how many women will never understand this but there's many times in a man's life where your dick will convey this year this is what you should be doing and then you know that she's kind of gross or
you're kind of grow so the situations gross or she shouldn't be doing it but somebody like you know this is fucking do this and then when you come the realization that you've been tricked there is nothing in the world like it it really it's a tear define feeling it's like all of a sudden you have woken up in the middle of a reality that you've created while you were under a truck quantum leap you're just like ok what's the situation here what i just do looks like you wrote wake up you know i do a bit about it how you like it's like your normally you're driving your life until you have a hard on when you have a hard and it's like you're sitting in the back seat of a really long bus and some uh who's driving it that's what it's like you like where do we go what the fuck are we doing where we going and then when you come all the sudden you wake up and you're at the front of the bus holding the wheel again like oh ok now i gotta get myself out of this fucking mess not being here you dick one hundred percent got there when i said it again did again hurry up back but i'm going to wrap this bitch up you and brian got a little girls bladder skeletal girls club yeah so that's potentially interesting cat disney he
just tell you can't follow things he does and it's very interesting we have a podcast i i know how excited brian is about the guest by how interactive he is if he's not talking to the guests makes me nervous right now because he hasn't talked at all why been here but we've both been open storm yeah we're to chatty cathy's here but it's like he just sits there quietly it's like come on it be interactive with me dude and he's like no i always gotta have a girl it's almost like you're not bring me to a beast you always gotta have a girl in the room when you bring a girl that he's more interactive one you can tell if he likes it porn star one hundred percent he won't even let me talk he cuts me off he says running this is why brian is so fucking interested in podcasting is also does put him in contact with all these freaks do you remember when i did that he supply even though i'm at both of the girls i've dated off i guess this sort of but you you know we even have a price on a minute for you met the first one through comedy yeah
you remember time when i did your podcast the first time and he was talking about how he thought podcasting was a new casting couch and we both after adam and then it's true it's like you know you can work that to get some chicks ok i'm unless the thing about a lot of porn stars they looking to promote their shit we're going to promote like weekends at clubs just like a comedian is you know when they go on the road like brian went on the road was girl he's like it's just like comic like you go on you have shows and you know you get paid and the club owner is kind of a day it's like all the same i best same shit first date of dating a porn star usually goes so do you have any each two male skills you know like they say to you try to get you to do their website i said every website i've always fall for girls have somebody in their life who runs all that stars yeah yeah it's you know they they take some guy who they know is not going anywhere and that guy will start managing them and taking them on the road and you know be there bodyguard and hold their money and make sure the guys
get finger them when they're up there sticking their asshole on the face so that's what it is so taking martial arts brian brian had to go hey no fingering guys guys come on yet another dirty fingernails their butt hole stop it those are freckles this weekend this friday night it would be me and duncan at the comedy and magic show comedy and magic hermosa beach california there's two shows and nine thirty seven i know ridiculous but that's a role for him was to be more that yeah i had room community my body wants get you on santa barbara or santa barbara was got out there yeah helpful clubs the ones coming clubs no like one's a rock club another theater he's always you know i want to hit up your age and try to see if you can get all right yeah give me information on yeah i'll go to santa barbara something for yeah i'll do that is a great okay cool that's no further for me than ontario yeah i go that way cinema is just the opposite way yes on a barber's beautiful yeah
readable houses out there huh yeah see all those ones that burned down like the dude from back to the future the old guy knows professor to yeah yeah yes house burnt down that sucks yeah they have these giant mansions out there and the fire is just cut through a whole neighborhood that's crazy shit when you realize that fire can do that and there's three colleges out there is quite a few yeah there's like three top bang college is one of them had like the highest rate of std's of any college in the country so you know they interest rate of stds of any in the country so you know the parties warm out is why people fuck more yeah probably right oh i'm sure she isn't outside in college when you were in college you're just like just tapping ass left and right and you're like it's always going to be like this at some point you're like a smell i didn't go away for college i went to a college in boston so that i could still train and compete martial arts tournaments so i stayed for the first couple of years i was at home still till i was twenty when i was twenty
and when i would go to school i would just go to school for the day and then leave i had no like school interaction i had no i didn't go to parties i didn't get laid in college at all call is the jail in high school yes the is the biggest drought of my sexual career ever really yeah buzz most insecure in college too because then i was making the transition from being this person who concentrate on only martial arts my entire life literally barely paid attention to school so all of a sudden you know becoming like one thousand eight hundred and nineteen out in the real world and going on how the fuck am i going to like support myself you know teaching taekwondo at boston university and i had my school in revere but i was like what am i going do do this for the rest of my life 'cause this is not really what i want to do i want to compete but there's no money competing and then and then you start thinking about brain damage and all sorts of other things and i was like god damn i might become a loser you know i had no definitive direction till i went into stand up i was just competing than worrying about shit from the time
like nineteen i had started to realize like maybe this is like a dead end route where am i going with this right and also when i was nineteen i had some i had seen some of the worst knockouts around that age i had seen some bad head kick knockouts where i was like whoa what if that's me you know what if that happens it may some go go flatline dude i saw a lot of guys get kicked in the head mount a lot of guys like seriously flatlined like just that dude in the subway where the guy sucker punches him i've seen out of that when you get kicked like taekwondo kicks to the head they don't land that often but man when they land it's like getting hit with a bad there is a video on this website that's really cool called barstool sports dot com and it like it's just a fun sports website they showed these guys mma fighting in their living room and the first fight the one guy taps the second one
the final room do just head kicks in the guy just goes down it's is it had been early on like the marble of the of fire place like food lifestyle setting it lay in high school but then i went to college and it was just insanity sure if i went to a college of fat actually gone away someone to you in l v norm all cheese just even pretend you're gonna learn anything in vegas i didn't did i i i moved there i want to do stand up as a lot of drugs i don't know you know i didn't really get into anything like that until later much vegas has a real drug problem right yeah but this was a different vague iss mario sounds crazy like nachos and it was like you know how there was a mod in the news the bob vague iss i was out there kind of burning during the family free only vague yeah that happened for a little while right yeah and then when i left and it became ma you know terrordome i guess that is like just you know where like screw it we're just the party destination and they
how do you think they made that decision you were living there the family wasn't making as much money help that's what it was now this one call me fred's name you have a joke about you know you don't take a hooker to disneyland it's just like why would you make vegas a family destination yeah it was just a place where it's you know it was just me what's there for the kids yeah well one point there was like treasure like circus circus had this huge like park and then the mgm grand tried to create a park it just like now bring your kids where there's gambling it sounds like a good idea people do all the time yeah but not like what they're hoping they were hoping to pull from orlando like fuck orlando let's go to vegas and just it's never going to happen man it's interesting much of different different sys is have gone on and now and now kind of like it's in a different place like vegas is broke is that what it now is in dead it's just definitely have lost a lot they say that they're still building down like fifty percent yeah well
and there's all those like shopping centers that they started to build and then whatever happened and now they're just sitting there yeah there's a few of those there's a weird on of those weird yeah where is it in saudi arabia they have that to order by yeah huge bill and i'll while he's gone yeah i thought that it's so weird that the same amount of people can exist the same metals hammer steel same amount of minerals the amount of resources and and somehow or another there's no money it's strange it's like well you know everybody was under an illusion before we can can you trick me again please you have we trick the world again and keep this visual and it's where does the like where's the money it's like there was money making it and then there was no money when i weigh too stupid for this conversation you know what it is it's where ryan's like that was like where's the beef commercial where's the money it's rich people whore that's what's going on rich people hoarding everything friday
comedy magic club in hermosa beach it will sell out trust me duncan trussell's with me and i don't know who else is going to come with me but someone is to try to get tripoli i would do we have the other while i love you guys we are so doing some gigs together i know what i'm doing san jose with ds ones come along one do that tell me one of the that's the next weekend the next five on friday there don don plus is another ufc vanderlei silva versus cung le no shit stop shogun versus henderson donned on there don't know what i did in a past life too but i hooked it up how you did bro this job december first naughty shell december first not showing to keep convincing room i can't come i know you can't i can't come brian work on it brian i think you're on the good things with the new podcast place yes you guys are working on the business side we talked about that will keep talking yeah you know brian's podcast desk what for anybody want to sponsor it we've we're talking to the flashlight hopefully they'll come through with it
but brian's got it's always in like the top twenty of itunes comedy there's a bunch of funny comic sam tripoli's show on called the naughty show there's time sierra and his wife mrs they have a show called your mom's house the whole lineup is great there's no bad one ran in washington now has one called the bone zone i like that name on and what it is is free okay it's free podcasts and you know if you're looking for some shit to listen to it work and by the way all the people that i saw in english weekend thank you very much that was what a fucking awesome polite crowd and ninety percent of them are like podcast fans it was cool as fuck dude one guy had at t shirt said a lot more protons alike existed in pre big bang conditions anybody wants change that you gotta come through it had a t shirt on without written out it was open another guy had a death squad lineup t shirt reservoir dogs reservoir dogs with all of our faces it was
don't pay if you ever thought about that i was telling the red band that he should take that thing that that consumers are gonna turn into a t shirt and try to sell as you make money for the death waters yeah we're we're gonna definitely no we did this this thing i'm gonna talk to this guy how does that you don't always talking about there's generalises art was guy's name you know it's not a come and go off some sweat pants or something yeah satchels dot com i think it is that name but anyway he made this cool thing that joe rogan experience podcast that's all these animated pictures of like kevin smith within arisha fear i'm on second level i'm excited about sam tripoli zombie locationally mean joey d is and you know everybody's in its duncans in it's really fucking awesome and in honor and that's one of the things about this podcast is this the community that sort of brought together and
that's not something we take lightly at all you know i'm i'm i'm i'm amazed i'm honored by it all and it's it's kind of humbling and i don't and never know what to say you know when i i'll click on some lincoln someone say something i made for your pa castle click on a link in this is awesome in operational rant to tied to music and let you know you you listen to me like well that's why you can't interrupt randolph brooks and then they'll take those so you got to careful what i do now is kid foremost sweatpants is the name is why do something on my podcast sorry called red bands rant and we do that half an hour in the podcast where he can talk about whatever he wants because he always let where will be jammin almost done he'll be like left and i don't know where we're like what who sometimes ok but you gotta let people rent when they're in the middle of a rank you can't stop it because then you just stop one of these cool videos that gets made guys of animated m gotta couple guys have animated m it's fucking awesome and kevin pereira from attack of the show he's got he wants to figure way to animate it with his production company
well that's cool yeah because there's so many times people have told crazy fucking stories and those stories can make awesome animated little clips you just have to have someone sit through the ten thousand hours of you know we have this is like one hundred and fifty two was this number what number is this morning that i think it's like one hundred and fifty four is it really one hundred and fifty podcast each one of them is at least two hours and some of them are more so what's the longest one kevin smith that was like three one slash two hours i think something like that yeah sweet bitches this show is basically over let's wrap i was let's bring home brought you buy the fleshlight sam tripoli got his own today there is a boy hours from now sam tripoli will be shooting loads into that thing you will have the most thunderous orgasm should be talked and it doesn't come with how the clean it i've never cleaned a vagina but they just get in there so what are fingers get very don't be scared don't be scared homie dot com thank you
to the flashlight and if you go to you don't have to start that we got a lot to talk about if you go to joe rogan dot net and click on the link for the flashlight entering the code name rogan you will get fifteen percent off the number one six toy for men and also brought to you by alpha brain from on it get a couple of those right so i gotta for you dude i got the new mood on come i t we have a bunch of different supplements that we are currently off for sale some of them are for athletic performance for mental performance new mood is an htp enhancement or a software that enhances your mood and that's the the that he's the one who told me about that but who did rogan dot net click on the link and entering the code name rogan and you will get ten percent off of that as well and if you don't want it don't buy don't complain one hundred percent money back guarantee one hundred percent money back guarantee if you think it's too expensive please don't buy it please take the ingredients go by right so this stuff making in folks save some money we should
save some money and just tell me i hope it works i hope it works for it works for me that's the only reason why i'm selling it period end of discussion anyway uh the critical in advance white by arm and hammer and you know this is my toothpaste and not promoting this toothpaste not shit that we see twenty the best coconut water coconut water in the world pay us but it's fucking stuff is off from thailand that's the key folks you gotta get coconut water from thailand i've had some coconut water taste like dishwater so people still like dude why do you guys drink coconut water in the podcast like it's looks gross some of its gross i agree but this to oh shit is fucking sweet and delicious it makes me pee i bet you get a call from some people soon about one sponsor or whatever either way i'll tell you i like stuff 'cause it's good and see two hours fucking delicious that's it tomorrow dave attell joins the podcast at three pm you jealous jealous and then tuesday duncan trussell so
a party going on this week folks and i were also probably going to do a show at the ice house where the new desk wad studios located at the ice house in pasadena and that's probably going to be going down on thursday will give you some information about that tomorrow so that is the end of this program cue the music son by joe rogan podcast by night thank you all thank you for tuning in thank you for tuning in continuously thank you thank you for letting us be a part of your world way appreciate it please follow san tripoli on twitter sam t r i p o l tripoli sam tripoli mama good my brother follow red band as well don't forget to subscribe to the death squad on itunes the aforementioned podcast and we will be podcasting if we do it thursday night we will do a live at the ice house which will be one of our new podcast that we will be offering we will not stop
until you're sick of us can't stop like i'm sick of kim kardashian god bless everybody peace ancient greece
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