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Daniele Bolelli, Brian Redban Date: 11/29/2011
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We got get a new computer IRA. We have only a few years all try running a computer from four years ago with today. Operating systems and also its you notice. The difference you know is a big difference in our fast. It works, especially when you're not just like using. I photo yeah yeah, we're like for regular stuff. It's almost like they make things more complicated, so you actually need you know. Bigger, hard drive and a bigger you know of a faster processor, but for, like just browsing. How much that's when most people, those who most intensive thing- Austria yeah! I dont think many people were editing. Pod, caviar, videos, and this one. This is the old. What's the power MAC, as were the mythical that she is like noisiest thing in a whole, entire rose, like that's posts, to be that top of the line thing, but their seventeen fans on there in the thing just sounds like its contents, not meant for being in the room with sensitive MIKE's pod casts. It's meant for some serious work
our friend we have here today, ladies and gentlemen, is a serious author, a man whose name is Daniel Borelli. This era he wrote a book about martial arts called on the warriors path and also wrote a book about religion called fifty? What is it a things these things are not supposed to no religion, yeah and you wrote it for disinformation that so disenfranchised com, guys which really I'm a fan of their stuff. I love the. The Euro, being lied to books, their great, really really awesome stuff and really like great toilet reading. Like the first person who tells me that you know, because you are being lighters like really short paragraph eight- and you know you might, if you healthy, you probably don't get through a whole paragraph that shit. If you get to a paragraph in a show, you might want to put some broken. Diet but they're they're they're, good luck short pieces by what the fuck if our planet, but there
good short pieces that there. You know that the really I opening an enlightening so indecent foe. They put out a lot of cool stuff, and so have gotten behind think they put out some ground Hancock stuff to it. In the end, it was kind of like the formula for these books would like their whole idea. Was. I submit that damned giant Boca be working on foreign, their pages long weed. Nor soul, destroying our leader and there are like yeah, that's sweet and all but it is like. Can you give us something we can that? Finally, we are that has an impact right away that people, as you put it, can be done that I let them get on something intense buck, weak its very difficult for people to discipline themselves to read any serious piece of work on anything. It's when you're, just simply stating the FAO Jackson and documenting things it's in all its. Photometer. I read in even though its fascinating information. So what did
the closer in their idea of just figured out a way to get it, and then you know, probably once people read this book get familiar with your writing. Getting to you, then maybe they'll dive into like some you're, more serious stuff right even see it is a big large gazette, even in the big book. I add that one of the chapters about the existence of God begins with the women having screaming orgasm. So I mean it's all economic resources, be us in writing, but I guess he was. The idea was not at the something now that they have a sea. It is going to fifty six are not supposed to Norway works well for damn they want to do something or religion and initially, because also that's rather project. That was like ask. Do it out of the way I wanna when, he told me. The magic word advance southern low muddy, always Greece, the wheels like what you want me to be. And finally in quick about religion. No problem, no problem. Now you are you from ITALY, where part of ITALY, or from me which, by the way I want to apologize to you earlier than I can
we live in, your believe it or not. I believe, in your twenty years, when I first move dear, I swear. I was speaking almost decent English, but then somebody brought to my attention that Miami, can we may like my weird ITALY and give the simplistic work? That's a good one to have monetary. What if I talked like you keep that too. I can understand you. I mean it's not like you're. Not it's not use in all EU difficult to understand is your very clear. He does have a very distinct italian flavour. It's like reading curse of writing exactly like cursive like typing. If you idiot typing programme, typing cursive yeah, that's it all been understood. Would versus like I, we men not think I'd. Take me like by we, I mean yeah. That sounds like a lot of fun. Women like the world. Many too many here girl in English acts angular, who is right, trillion english anything and now why? Why is that? What is this dissatisfied with what they are. Everyone is looking for.
The different everyone wishes? They were. Someone else have one sees the grass greener, heavily goes car demolish out an accident like that guy works for me so that its work the biggest sends right. When you Fagin Accent, can there be more? Do she thing to do? I remember one Madonna was talk in english do you know that brain yeah sure I did a failure? Little beds of user Carter on Fridays, pretty spears also data provided, seems like yeah opened in Britain. Nobody takes pretty serious ready spheres as a great. Present Madonna's like a legit artist. Little I've got a little caraway yeah, there's a lot of people to do that. I'm gonna, try and was an I should not have caffeine for awhile and figure accident, for this is six or seven day of no caffeine, that's fascinating man pointed yeah. Yeah. My junkie, who knows a junkie folk right now but I am not convinced that nominal stay off the coffee.
Just like I now. I know what it's like to be like. Like our seas are cigarettes guys like a cigarette, and I now you just copyright now you got that listless it not because the physical poles on the same the physical Pull Anna can substitute. I got a drink like a child t latte, which has like the tiny semantic having nothing like coffee but yep juggle warmly welcome the per day, two main line on this thing right in my pocket book, the de drink I'll be right. It will you- and you had a really good point, you're saying before the Pike S about this. We are speaking to my eyes to use it this way. Somebody always use us hard drugs. You know that I try just when I absolutely needs, then I'm wired effort, hours. I don't. I'm not even gonna bidding coffin, we're just gonna have a novelist press. So when I needed just go with boner sticking out, that's that's fifty miles an hour for hours and then pass out and not that you for three more that's areas such as smart, move that such a smart move. That scares, what the reason why did this in the first was because I took too few days off just randomly
to say I decided I just didn't, want any coffee, and then I had a cup of coffee and, oh, my god. I was my heart power, as I was crazy with just a couple days three days, and I was in our My tolerance had broken down. I why or how it happens that quick or if I just got a really good batch at Starbucks, not us thinking about like while huh resources as my body using to fight off this stimulant everyday. How normal is this? How healthy is this a campaign I get the same feeling like when, when I'm drinking coffee that I do when I smoke too much cigarettes were feels like my body is like leaving it. May I get ahead a kind of from it like, I suppose, you're right, I feel able to poison. You turn your ear addicted, Yarmouth, Mozart, Lamb, addicted coffee. I see it and I smell it, but I can get around it with tee and t doesn't wire. Me doesn't work for me
doesn't, I believe, my eyes, t agents it loads of ice tee, but that is like as bad as drinking coffee. I think really. Yet there. Oh yeah, that's allowed me, you know you can drink herbal tee to like herbal. Do you know you could have there's, there's a lot of different types of herbal t that have no caffeine in them. For me, it's like take pleasure said Bessy said it's like drink cup of coffee is like having a warm hug. It's like I'm, not really look into be wired from the coffee. I just want some warm liquid, the taste good. I like the taste of coffee. Our love man anymore I think you got a good point brother. I like the little guy, thinks so you, while you wrote this book on religion and euro to also book on martial arts or what you and I have a lot in common man. We have a lot of very similar interests, were added involved religion. We raise religious now, not just I m fascinated by because you see how much he means to people that match their whole world view their life their brain.
Artists who they marry, would they went out with everything depends on the kind of stuff they put in their had based orally John sites. Our fourth stuff. It's amazing that still works two thousand and eleven it's it's. You know with its very difficult, have pure objective flanking. But then again you know the thing is the start of the price of these is that people are scared of dying, rightfully circus. We dont control Jack shit. We don't know anything about. Anything really about the universe, works and Sovereign Lamar's just died, so we should say rest peace to betray. So now there was a great guy great media, is an awesome due to an awesome thinker. Does a warm friendly guy. Always love, always love. Seeing that guy and I'm going to miss him, I'm going to miss him a lot it was up, whose great median, whose great guy to sucks it just yet poor health- and I had diabetes
he had a. I guess you just didn't, really take care of himself and ate ate too much and wind up having a stroke and they was in a coma for a little. Now I guess and then you know who said it was really difficult to get the information out, because the family was short of protecting it, and rightly so. We don't know exactly of it. So, while the really one, but I'm repeating is such that I heard of the internet, and I'm so sad about my call. Anybody and talked anybody about it. You know a dog to stand on about it. Today we talked for this deck men are, we can know you was inside stocks, we Walter said die. We didn't, we really didn't, say anything socks. I asked him. Why don't you hear about trees his socks, I gotta socks Canada sailing out, and what am I doing else's cliches gonna happen all the Sunday. So the real moment of actually dealing with losses is really intense outs. Israel, hearted
with portrays we're gonna, messier, monsieur le MA, am he was he's one of those hammock state that was so quick, like arches One open Anthony all the time. One thing that I guess he was really ass, hilarious, powerful, he's a comic man he's a real comic. Did my fair, Patrice thing? Wasn't even of him to stand up my favorite procedure, Was him on? One of those ox rate it was either Fox NEWS or one of those talk shows or Someone had said something inappropriate and got in trouble. I believe it was like open Anthony they I think it was the incident where they had some crackhead on their show and the crackhead was talked about, wanted a rape congolese arise like use who, just they had a crazy person on their show and night and they ve got suspended for it. That was what he was defending, but there was a woman on who is with him, and this woman was like
about how you you shouldn't said: there's you should listen there and Patrice is just Cologne in her is just like you don't understand funny. You guys understand funny. It all comes from the same place and the way he said it was so honest and so well, thought I made them look so silly. It made me criticizing criticising Debo stepped across, align with comedy criticising them as if what their? What was was like an actual statement of the real beliefs. Now it's comedy you know, and it all comes from the same place, that the ability or the attempt rather to try to make people laugh and he broke so well, and it was so funny. The way he did it we handle that was so brilliant it, which is a real what guy a really unique thinker, a guy who you know, I always really love to see and whenever I ran into a mouse always happy comedians a rare animals is not that many of us, Is this the video right here that that that I don't think so knows that's it yeah. Absolutely he just totally cloudless. Lady of sorrow. She
the recent protests calling for radio stations to stop stop supporting negative language in music and talk radio, and also our favorite, stand up comic Patrice. O Neil, Patrice, Earl, annexed or not Davy was Jamie and I was in losing jobs. I it's funny this day I don't know, but I'm assuming that she has nothing to do with funny. So just because the exponent funny forty people should just be left to trying to be funny when it would have been enough You made a mistake but we're how many lives and how many times has on funding Rummy. On funny way jobs led to rape way? I don't know how many jokes about rape. There is a lot, but your work to relax its export, a big story. My world is people trying to be funny. Where are we believe? You think it's ok to try to make jokes about re diabetic. I make one at that. I'm a victim
moves at all funding up, I'm trying to make fun of anything act. I think I can make one Sonya you know what's happening now. Is the market place is accelerating. What's appropriated, appropriate, the nation is just tired, there's a new mood and NATO nation, the nation. You know what we're tired of things that are just evasion is payable in you, mom mathematician I've just because, for me, Sonny big information or you speak before yeah. You know why, because the judge I remember six years ago doing something: Anthony openly because they were just outrageous and their violent turn that name look out to women was just on Four and now now I think before I think now p
and then you kind of trial could be higher. You know what I don't care if they're trying to be funny. That's all I'm saying you: why are you met business? I've been to your show once, and it wasn't very funny being a woman at what we are talking about. A thousand people with her and the joke is mere. It's called the angry pirate lady who wrote it in her outrage then, even though what it meant, if anybody read it because they know what funny you're, not even in the context of funding available, so have I have every right to be as funny as they want. They can go. And try to be as good as they want make as much funny make as much money being funny they want. This is what's happening. Is the change in this country? People are realising they haven't gout and advertising being resorting to who I tied you're, not gonna, get paid as much money anymore. You betray valid when it is a mark of you paid as far as their bid on their banana tear lately or the
clearing house or is this the pc cops random? You know what it is. John, you know That is why Irina Papers, the pc, cops, run on We think, of course, this is such an entire cyclopaedia of half stance on it. But it's no passion involve is not a real this just what she has to say. We are outrage, Liard, eddies of iron and survival may call, and I'm out ring. I am affinity for what what is involved in this country who want to pay, knew. How can you then here's one hears my question: how can you defy a bad joke, a joke that isn't funny. I wait wait attempt at that is in body, doesn't get any laughs and
is about rape being a the bars black woman to ever becomes a sectarian staying on United Chief wrote at it may well be TAT fire fighting for the child may or may funny jokes and unfunded choked up Come out of this same birth, they you, you, don't know anything is gonna be funny. You should tell you from being able to make it a things. One think a joke about rape due to be not by its possible, but I've heard of a body rate Joe
I say a couple of might feel special treatment that if you haven't sex with a woman, doggie style and if you dog is just the right now it's a jacket. I kinda relation ones like it's the reply or no that's what she was in the back of her head, her body, swollen, don't we plunged which will then? Why are you laughing it's that she has no one? It is a problem that all beginning on the european stage thing on the air. They say anything you want, it might not be funny, you might get in trouble for it, but you should be able to be attentive and plus win a crazy bomb. Gonna get an opportunity to write. The present the president's wife try and be foreign or Patrice. Why aren't I here and now sharp and complain about this thing involving cause? It wasn't involving young black women,
involving a very prominent black one. While we wish either in there and young black to everybody, rejecting. Does there. I was their function the alarm on other causes concerning these matters random black is, you know, come on now, you know I'll start and has his agenda, and it was perfect for our young black women and now she's represent just women in general. She's not represent the mapping hopelessly represent just a whole and that he has not the whole. You know what women have been abused publicly in the media for too long and people are tired of this then a beautiful response of just the general public so two advertisers, we you're consumers she's all want to have to avoid everything. Street. We don't want to have to worry about what radio station we turn on and there
some really derogatory violent look over they entail information is second hand from someone making. You aware that someone may said some that you should be upset about. That's a shame. Yoke is The people at present. All victims had never had a real thing. Some years area, thanks above the appreciated kind for big love, like some people who talk ridiculous and try to sound, intelligent she's, like speaking for the entire country, we and we are fed up and wet whoa whoa how Papa just how beautiful with me in that I was here is beautiful. I love that dude. He is Bessie body, that's it. It's a rest in peace, seer on either side peace up, Daniel Bacterial Europe. So then, how do you say that I would be done by Dounia your reaction on
To me, value minute, kept it kept that accident so why am I don't know how we got into this, about people being afraid to die? That's what it was and then now because it may wait religion if you read even like early ninety nine that its people are sinking okay, now it more. There are only two: you are in a mother Nord and more secular war. Doe. The kind of more traditional superstition several Gulf is out with them in meaning, ex sense on the surface, but not really because until you have the answers to the things that make people ready fitted out dine grief, what the hell in August I mean our life is so short, and we don't know Jack shit about before often and deal you give some people some answers. People are not comfortable having annoyance or snow throw bullshit. Does answers are day they need them. It's almost like religion is some sort of evolutionary device a bridge took to take us from. And monkeys to being enlightened beings like we need some horse.
To get us through this. We need a bully, otherwise in the idea of, but no one want to think of you. Now the concept life being that it may be that you have lived this exact life before and you will live it over and over again until you get it right and the idea could go on into infinity in that might be what life really is and we we don't think of it as possible, because it's too hard for our minds to wrap around into ailing. To what we absolutely no to exist like a birth and death and having a certain amount of time here to get things done in seeing people die but The actual possibility is almost like it's too fucked up for us, so somebody had to invent religion and order just patch up the road till we make it their echoes in reality, it already control
much anything your life and work contravention where conditions are so that is a quagmire, scariest universe, yeah the with the universe itself. You know a bit in one of my past albums about if you ever, we know, are starting to take your life seriously too, stand out and go outside. And just look up space and just really wrap your headed by mean everything looks all there's a star stars of brightness night, but very people actually look up and go while in others, That literally, is infinity like we're floating in infinity, and it's the majority of what I see in all around the top. It's easier to see infinity than this to see the ground rules. More view of the infinity It's amazing how rarely that comes up, so there's no No one talks about animals too much, so we just so set that we live in space and accept that we look at the clouds. What
the first religion was the first known religion. I mean, if you look at the eye of a chapter in there, that I had a path of the fun of doing this book was coming up with the titles cosy, making a few words you just try something outrages and weird riot gets things going and miss. If I remember what these one, except was cause, a blast with the origins of religion. Let me, when will this book we released, should be these weak this week, good and undeceived photo com. You can get it up and then I'm as Amazon the whole. It is one I ever chapter entitled mammoth Porn and gave men see pop the origins of religion, because the very first evidence that archaeologists adjust these may be the beginning of religious behaviour. They see this cave paintings laugh by a K. Man where the main things that these guys orderly and were hunting scenes and animals having sex.
They are being these guys were like doing this at each whilst because their life was on the line to ensure success in the hand and then in all animals are data, so you need to make sure there are more for the next time around so you're trying to send out divide so that the animals have sex, there's more of them and so on, and what they would do it again. This is pure speculation, Kosovo, how knows, but is a fund speculation archaeologist suggests that they would have these at each was in front of this painting where they may make hunting, and then they would make you know, gave man and woman ever grandees sweaty dancing, semi, sacks kind of like modern heap of kind of thing, and that would be the beginning of an elite junk as they are trying to influence the universe so that the animals have more sex and there's more of them to come along the next time, why I thought could be thought that bullshit, as I mean, how do you know, rate rises in our kyoto is basing it on three pieces of information laugh fifteen thousand years ago, but it
fun, and we should clarify that you actually know what you're talking about. Unlike most of its having to these discussions, get brought up others park as you're. Actually, professor, you teach we're wordy teacher they just Santa Monica Ledge and caused alarm which and what is your education? I started: When I came here, I did I did my Ba Anthropology, but then I hated it and then I and I may, in american indian studies of all things online. I did a second, the main history Really I mean bottom line. Is there was mandatory military service in ITALY and you could be fair if, as long as you are, cool, so they went on ass. Snow per hour will do the Indians days most vintage DM one without the fire. I got really into american indian history a few years back and I read a quite a few books on it is amazing case, a genocide. I mean people really canny rap the head around how many american Indians died. Ninety percent of our population wiped out.
And horrific horrific stories in our I read some soldiers of counts, of what they did to American Indians and it's it's terrific, It got really terrifying. Like serial killer stuff. You know they would do heartless Ruth like the Detroit, like they were not not even vermin. You know a lot of that is actually tighter religion, because the first way to a kind of do you mean I somebody is what it means. We told westerner allegiance to have these division between God and the Devil absolute good, an absurdity of heaven and hell. So there are two good guys, affordable God and then there's everybody else, because I mean if there is only one right way than the idea is anybody would as a full hours? The eighty fault is on the wrong side and if you think that a couple of steps forward- and then that's what he leads to continuing, the idea of you guys are to serve
of the devil yarn already human anyway. Now slaughtering you left and right is it's an act of justice. That's one of my favorite. I use this ain't glass. Older. Thank has ever blast every body than if they never read any of this stuff. Averred about the whole story about Mars is and the ten commandments, and so on and after that I ask my students about what happens right after that story. That's where it gets Josie and there, like I, don't know something else- was an golden calf or some crap like the sum of the Jews or not worship into one God like yeah yeah, that's right, and what does mothers do about it right after I get into thank commandments, she gathers the loyalist you not a streak. Monotheistic people were still on his side.
Then I guess in all those are our friends. There are neighbours, some of them are family, but there were shipping other duds. How we can have that. So you know what to do. I got your weapons: let's go from one side to the camp of the other and killed them all, and so right after the ten commandments, you have a nice story of some three thousand jewish tries then been hacked. Do that by de monotheistic jewels Hence the polytheistic Jos Jesus relaxed religious massacre right off the bat like Moses, ordered the all my God, that is ridiculous site. That's amazing! It's amazing, and this is the old testament all testing so freaky the altar, MRS fill with freaky- is like one of the most psychedelic bizarre books. You know the just all the stories that just genesis- and this is so much in their that's like wait a minute. What there was a fucking talking, snake
come on mid? The devil appeared as a talking snake and talked him into eaten, fruit. It was just a piece of fruit. That's all they have to do just a piece of fruit areas. You know that God is just his rules are solved. Talkin serious, you eat my fucking apples pitch, I'm not just gonna punish you, I'm going to punish every fucking person from now till it turn. It is the people the people are fucked because one, on page eight an ample my apple, you don't understand, find me, I'm afraid you know you got your mellow out only God what the FUCK man, God you need to smoke. A joint You said we own creation. It's amazing how ruthlessly like when you go back in history, how ruthless gods were absolutely not that's why if it corrects me up when you, we are like christian fundamentalist complaining about Hollywood about all the sex and violence and if you look at the Bible, theirs
its awesome, there's more sex and violence in the Bible than any Hollywood movie. I can think of you know, get sewing seemly graphic. That is like the aim really. This is what yeah. It's amazing to how many the stories are like rats movies, similar to all older stories from other religions the one that they were not always got me was the epoch of Gilgamesh and the nuts we have no an arc there. So similar is like it's like really it's like. I wonder what really happened and my speculations totally speculation is they're, probably was some sort of a great catastrophe, a law, time ago, but of course, in every giant, tsunami or flood. It's not everyone, the dies or somebody we're gonna live and the people that they're gonna have to have some story for how they lived, and you know
generations, in when everybody still live in, like a monkey out running around collective fruit, trying to get their votes to factor that can kill him and Edam now, and just wondering how the guy why we seem really intelligently. How did we get this shitty point like you were alchemy. Ninety Fox have figured out tools, herbal clothing or houses or anything it well. A long time ago now I was the only personal and we are the child. Children have no. They don't even take into account that how many family people worth with Noah everybody came from now on, where it where's pardonable come from. What about chinese people has a habit. How long does it take for. We know that always was really was a couple thousand years ago. Right was at three thousand years ago, someone I only have like six billion. Because our possible luck is that doesn't that when she had ever but its prey Probably. The original story was probably an actual events most of those those depictions where actual events that just got distorted me now that that the
telephone game. Like you tell a friend, and he tells a friend was physical operator. Operator yummy The time you get to the last person is: that's actually funny to bring it out because he's one of the ways in which I bring gas sources. When we talk about religion in class and they bring gap, when I speak of the Bible ICE like tell them, you know how do you come out with you? You know that this is the real stuff and I told them you know really. We have been talking about an oral traditions for generations before anybody write, em, Nonetheless, I ask you guys never played operate very annoying. Do you know how that works? And then you end up so picture plain operate. Therefore, maybe fifty years and then you would accord all the answers and then too thirty years late. There's somebody come around and look at the answer and decide which ones are once Arthur, which ones are not, and that's the word of God for you. Yeah like oh wow, tried, deciphering, the and then people fight to the death. Of course, it is those believes a little call map with fear
to change the meaning that I need to cut off your balls on board The fact that you know like even the shit there was written down when they wrote it down an ancient hebrew ancient, RO is a very bizarre language and it doesnt have they don't have numbers so letters double as number so there's a numerical meaning to words, there's a difference of grasped, the words that we can really barely comprehend and These words, numerical content, was very important. The actual me like the word God and the word: love the same numerical miracle content and there was You know a translation from that to raw two latin and then to Greek. And if they're doing that, I mean Jesus Christ. What it, what are they gonna
I mean. How do you even know what the fuck was? The original work? Oh yeah, exactly on the telephone after your plate for now in somebody decide, then you translate it in a bunch of languages and that now there are so many few tears to go through it. I will get how the money was undertaking and people, make decisions in a like that they have to decide like what goes in and what goes out you now and had it like a king, James Version and the idea behind the new testament, is so preposterous if you find out how was created was Constantine a bunch of bishops right that would mean constantly was against their bicycle. Ecclesiastic yet all our enemies and he's the guy or push religious reform that but increase dated one. Is it. No! That's the guy you on having your car, that's the guy that creating the Bible, fuckin, crazy, It's amazing, because you know people will say if you bring up the buyer would bring up crises
oh, that's, the old testament. We go by the new testament that the new testament was written by a fuckin murderer, and even that is bullshit, because it's the only say that about the old testament, when the old testament is saw busily over the top gnats that it's embarrassing yeah than any time. You say something that they want it and that's not in the new testament. Like hey it's in the Bible, but unlike ran away, that's the book. You just told me that he doesn't count knob, but waited something! You lie like Danica, pepper, How do you deal with that? As you know, as when, when you're trying to went and people are teaching at and when you're trying to you know is studied theology, How do you mean. How does anybody go? Why I mean it's? It's
Many people who were actually studying theology are religious and how many of them get to a point where they become agnostic its? I guess it depends where they do it. You know if they do it s some hard core christian school, while that's gonna, be one type of clay and thou if they do it more in public schools at, but I first started teaching the history of the region's glass. I thought shit. Why did I get myself into an on going on? I was cited until five meals before and then I'm like they're going to kill me right. I'm gonna worry about like with like Muslim, so like the most. The reality is that We are all that stuff. Our already open minded. And who, as they wouldn't be taking, because they don't want to get it right or most of the people who do show up are two once we have a more open minded approach on sound so day they are called in our day. There are people who are willing to chat and engagements, if you, if you have a mind and if you can't think- and you start studying religion Thomas impossible to not be agnostic, I'm in almost realistically nobody, no shit yeah wanting some kind,
fobs absolute then, where there is none, eats just showed that you are so damn fearful that you just when I get nor any evidence in order to decide I need some services. It's also a very weird characteristic that people have to need closure and to need a aside to be on, even though there's no answer yet we haven't reached that point. Yet, if there's a door, you have to open that door is death, will not opens you'll get some more information, but who knows you might ninety? Maybe not you might as well be a baby nineteen. Fifty you now have same, not what I mean. Look, it's bizarre enough that you're a person not bizarre enough to use your eyeballs judge distance. You have these fuckin organs, and so- skull that measure light right and distance and they they they figure out exactly precisely how far away you are from things that allows you to get in metal boxes with rubber wheels, and that's just
this bizarre is coming back as a baby. In the fifties you know everything we do as bizarre live at the universe is amazing. I mean it's so NOME, we're that it's beyond anything I can understand and precisely because I respect it and I mean all of it trying to make those feet in my little box a file, everything supposed to work is bullshit. The best court ever heard of it from Daddy S. How vain he said. Not only is the universe queerer than you suppose it's queerer than you can see. I can sign up for that right up. That's it that's fucking! What is what the fuck is ridiculous. When you you got involved in religion de Jure originally get involved because it from an archaeological standpoint I was it was like guy get involving just about everything goes completely by China.
I mean I was dealing with. I will read it for myself: foundry, mainly a lot of eastern philosophy and stuff like that I was into, but I would plead for the whole of it and the somebody down when they ask the ape man. We need somebody to teach me seeing. Can you do it right now? Leon there like not come on your Catherine Irena. Since man, you know a lot of shit. Do it like, ok sure and I jump on my lovely stuff. This is fun. I got real about this stuff I like, and this is also my so then I started
more and more under when I mean jamming, I read my stuff before to begin way. Do no end in a moment of pure perversion, I decided to read the entire Bible cover to call her when I was eighteen, almost painful experiences of my life, but woke me up, though, when I got to this bar the song of Solomon. There's I'd about how the book ended up in the Bible. He's also is like one of the best things all of his sad than you have ten fifteen. I forgot how many pages, where did not mention God ones, they domain trumpery, stato, matron, anything you Jesse, super passionate, erotic, love boy between a man and a woman. A warm and we'd joy. Sex as well is also from our point of view, which is completely unheard of in the rest of the Bible and is generally celebration of sacks essentially ended just like
always like out held it these and not being very annoying? Why idea is that one of the guys were copying oldest scriptures, got drunk one night and took the wrong scroll Goddess homemade born there and get out about these only born. It's also realise that some Do you know of John Marco, a gross work. I heard of him out of him. A bunch, but I haven't read him actually directly the guy. There was one of the young people that was working on that cease growers and work on deciphering it, and he was the only agnostic, the group and he wrote a book called. We couple of, and one of them was called the dead sea scrolls and the christian myth and the first one was all the sacred mushroom in the garage and I once a fascinating book. It's he but Is that the entire works of the christian religion were originally. Must room. It was about mushroom eating and
psychedelic drugs and ritual sex, about a fertility rituals and making sure that they they kept breeding in women kept having babies shaped. Our went wrong as then amazing, that's where he says a promising his he tracks down the word mushroom or the word Jesus rather to an end sue Marian word, the roots of it being an since a man word that mean a mushroom covered in God, seamen and that idea he believe and this is me- he's making a big reach that I dont think and You have some. Serious education, language history could totally even grasp the argument. But what saying is that what they use CALL mushrooms. They it was, it was like God would come on the earth when it would rain and then mushrooms would grow out of that they would. Eat them? They have these incredible psychedelic experience because of that, and so that was cracked
Christ was a mushroom that was covered in God, seamen. Well I mean you have You have only just round the word worse anything from pay all day to high. You ask her to a lot of psychedelic substances. Emanate imo, Scotty, a mushroom itself, a bunch of things that have been central to people's religion because they open apple Wars and saw himself, and probably the er I origins- of allow the store and allow the experience. It is no wonder you are seeing we are the gods flying especially back when it was hard to get food and it was difficult to people or hunter. Gatherer is essentially before religion was written down. People whom we went there is must be hundred gathers up until, like ten thousand years ago. The ten thousand or some other, although coming into dispute. You know they found a fuckin fishing looks and fishing line and tuna bones tuna from four thousand years ago. They don't know, did all they ve never thought that people are capable of doing this, but now the thing in that up to forty thousand years ago, people are getting in boats and they were going hundreds of miles into the ocean and they were catching tuna. Do
Two thousand years ago. They were in boats catching tuna. Like did. They have no idea that people were doing that This was this is a complete like new revelation. Going to rewrite history because they that's where What kind of fishing line do you have? that you're making forty thousand years ago that you can pull a fuckin thousand pound tuna out of hundreds of feet of water a hook in some me what going on man the possible we mean have to like real wire awry. Right, the whole being. I have a very strong feeling that, over the next few years, there's gotta be more and more evidence like this. That makes people want to push back the origins view heard it go directly, Tubby This new structure that they found in Turkey is another one: whether there there thinking you're gonna have to push back the the origins of civilization because its it these twelve thousand years old and its huge click. Sculpted
stone columns and they have all these animal that are drawn on it that don't even exist where the you know in Turkey. So these animals, like ornaments, postponing the fossil record from that might act, and so, with the belief, is there the current there. They try to say now that this was made by Hunter and gathers and a lot of people going come on. I put the fucking This is giant, did just the fact that someone made something like this thirteen thousand years ago, when we never thought you were making stuff like this, we might have to go wait a minute. How much of this is really left over? Is there a bunch of stuff we haven't found yet and if there is- and we do find it eventually he's gonna be a point in time and again, I have to say, I think we ve been around longer than we think not bother him and goes back to, though we don't know shit, we're that's why we're rewriting history of the dying as a mean. That's why you know you read the history books and you have like the last fifty years is the stake than the first
twenty thousand years, like ok, we're here for a while, and then these two years ago, these opportunities, I cook it- we don't know much more. We also we look somewhat different than anything else here now where some carbon ape, but God damn look different than the rest, the apes. How I did this egg hello that aid for us to look like this it out, for you sure, are you sure it's been a million years is maybe he's been too and if it has been to that changes a lot of shit. You know we don't really now there's a diesel is a lotta guess and gone on man and how many I mean did do it was a clean separation between us in the apes. Now, maybe that aid You look a little something super advance, more advanced and us we just haven't met it. Yet it's here, just decide and from us like those crazy monkeys. It's just you know it's another couple thousand years ahead of us. Maybe that's what the aliens are. Probably not right.
This Margo Allegro Guy met a lot of controversy when he was trying to propose that religion might have had its roots and psychedelic experiences. Why People are so reluctant to top taken that possibility, because I think any kind of psychedelic experiences very individual. You know it's hard to build that church on it in a sense that its art, whether dogma, because it changes so much from one experience to the next from one person to the next and people bottom line, love dogma. That's the thing to reassure them. Direct experience does not reassure them. They have to base it on their own feedings on their own in state on their own and its two scary for people who are you here you we are people talk so much about why we like freedom. Most people are terrified of freedom of people, hate freedom. You know they like the idea of being free buddy. Ran to their chains any time they can something to keep them safe to make them feel like it. I, the alley are gonna, be fine, you'd ritual, so I mean
many traditional direct experience? I mean think about martial arts. How long it took four people super attach too This is how we do things. These is the throat of combat when impartial. Aren't you can try to. You know he's not like our legal orders, not as much direct evidence. You know you can try it and still people would stick their head in the sand and no wanna see that's some shit just didn't work while its fascinating that it's one of the most fundamental forms of competition and yet we're way better at it now known, and we have evolved it now over the last twenty years more than at any time in human history, absolute saying I think people should have known a long time ago, but not really, because fighting is difficult and its risk did die, tourism, scary and most, but try to avoid it if in whenever possible. Right, so there's not a lot of testing it out and it wasn't until something like all to find. Each championship came along and we really found out what actually works. Now we know what fighting is now. We really know what fighting it. That's amazing, when you think about it, just as an archaeological thing,
the fact that, over the last twenty years they figured it out now, that's a mainly at some maison, even though the other day, I totally agree with what you said, but just so they seem to correct me up. I saw these women sculpture a few days ago for me in a picture where, during these the naked ass wrestling, not even there's like these half man, I've heard, Sir Howard was Golden English. Send Centaurus Andrea was putting some building a heel hook. What's a monitor what the centaurs one with the boil, the centre of our efforts and that's my fair sent visitors yes and that guy's Putin that he'll hook onto somebody really merely he'll hook by a sentence that are two thousand the earthly good yeah, but they knew a lot of submission than about they had a couple of owners and political six, but not angry, which I mean the evolution over the last twenty years. Some paralleled witnessing goes before. That's why my dream would be to be able to have that you have see offered allegiance where they do that people going about Islam is also now you're. Sorry about these is greatly like to shut up, get him a cage. I see back,
a beer wicked and stop wine forever? Nobody accepts losses? The penal always end up argument. They always think the guy got lucky. They want to come back, and you know it is logical to combat sexual Boden that we find that they are so its re strange to me when guys switch religions like like I do, will convert and become a Jew or convert and become something else or christian or Catholic based, don't want more evidence is only found. A better group of people to hang outweigh. I think you know that's what it is like when you change nationalities. You know it's very to Russia thing. I become a! U S, citizen, horror,
When did you become a uterus? And yet there was a weird thing for you. No real! I mean for one. I didn't have to give up its Alan citizenship, so it really doesn't change magic and still travel. I can see that bad ass, duels Amazon, ship scope, because that way I didn't have these. We are like a copy, my cutting the bridges with the best that's so I didn't have to do that. So it wasn't aware and always just like ass stupid. It is of I can go in line foster next time me I got. A friend of mine has got that canadian american dual citizenship thing. That's dope. He goes back and forth with no power forms of work over their work over here. We are not a very good gig. But when you signed up to the evil empire when they signed up the final documents oh, my goodness look This joined up with. I just joined up with the bad as gang in human history and that's really, we joined join United States. I would say that the people in the United States that we are living inside the balls of
the slack in the world tat. I like your image player to weed out in a way, not a part of it, but we essentially take residents and such a clause of the great dick, that's fucking, the world, different military bases in a hundred different countries or whatever the fuck. We ve got now alive to write that down. That's us, that's what it is it out. You just joined the best. But this is the best by safe. Here, man, we're just thrown a lot of plant. Have what he's back at the foot of the circlet everywhere else is quite dangerous, so
You got into this religion. You started teaching and erode this book now in in right in this book was rising. They found that you found that shocked. Even you with all the shit you know about religion. No, I mean I've seen enough stuff that by not waste kind of hard by everyone, arguments of fundamentalist people know because I think one of the scene they tell them is that a man I'm not telling you anything about any single wearily jump, because we teen annually gender, so much variation that data equity. I just about every single mom Christians among muslim sunlight and is making a general point about where a certain belief has led to do it. You want identify with that good for you You dont, but I'm not saying you already John Equal,
I'm saying that, as this is the contents of your leadership of my loudly took as they don't like it s, personality that I want to make a kind of funny and display and laugh about its waving, a sense of humor, usually Milo them out. The lethal riley doesn't get to I've even at some hard core. Weird, fundamentally that I thought they were out to kill me that suddenly they love me by Dint of class and unlike Reedy, have you been listening to item. That's why I think the italian exit coming. I don't think they understood a thing. I thought I saw her cool, and so they were well you're, a smooth talker and you obviously are well educated. So the words come out nice and brains and nearly basely talking about the Bible and their little brains. Locker That is a problem to a problem that some people just dumb, I'm afraid. That's the manure, yeah and I don't think it's. I think a lot of people don't want to believe that its of biological issue read a lot of people want to believe that education issue or environmental issue or cultural issue and it be promoted, also, might be, it might be. Biological might be look
people that are born and their seven feet tall in others, people are born, they have giant decks this, the and others of great variation of humane. Why just seat is just a good giant wave of slots like a giant percentage of people in this country and its twenty percent want to know what the number is we just look at, like my god, you like barely thinking you, let your barely a person like you just lazy or do you have a gun, nine votes battery kicking inside your fuckin head, they might have a nine votes battery. They might have shit genes in a poor light database to draw from genetically no one there there their genes. Ancestry been indifferent in them and they ve got This far, so there's no need to adapt it's like you know you come across a wild pig or you come across a pig, in a pen, and there are completely different animals live it up, leaving the house was gone and there is actually we're fucked,
is actually maybe that's why wars he'd go you that's what religion keeps working from thrown into? Maybe it's like it's almost impossible of yours, the movie idiosyncrasy. Now seeing as I heard must. Finally I want. I want you to see that movie by now. I know I got upset because a couple people accused me of stealing the idea for that bit that I have for my special about a dumb people operating smart people right. First of all, that's not now said he, but I've been thinking that forever uproar and second of all, my special came out before that movie, and there was something I worked on for years before the special interests of everybody's I thought so because of that I bought it may never watched it ran out. We want to see how close it is to my shit, your patient, lousy you now I get in these these defending yourselves. Right. There's no need to face up to its gross when you this one of the things about communicating with people on line as the anonymity and the deal it sometimes, your dear
What people you just dealing with like. Why you behaving with. Why are you communicate this? Where this is the only way you do? The only reason why people communicate that way is because there is a lack of social repercussions. No can say anywhere and got away, don't feel it. You don't feel it. It's like the reason why people their car can give you the fuck you fuckin, when they wouldn't do that if they were just in the street a few feet from you in a car right next to you. This is because there is a window because there's a door and a window in the door and some space. Between their like forty four in bigger, you wouldn't do why you would do do then. The person you you'd be crazy person to do then impressive, but this a detachment because of the automobile we can feel each other right. We see each other, we see were separated by some shit. We know that it safe the same, feel
You feel when you at the zoo- and you know you don't, feel uncomfortable and send an actual Fuckin berries post me she here, but that is not normal to get comfortable looking at a bear, you should be terrifies where the fuckin thing is only a few feet from you translate glass, let's get out of here man, it's the repercussions of different people, incidents very annoying Do you wanna do post of an internet blogs, or not I mean my life has been so damn crazy lately that I'm just constantly teaching writing teaching a band. I mean I learned a lot of bad shit: I've bankers, my my wife died a few months I started to we're all debate. You can imagine that alone takes a hell of a lot of time and energy and everything, and then you know, steel, working teaching, writing doing so under You know I'll keep up on. You know, email, Facebook, kind of stuff, but I've been trying to
would have her energetic laugh because there is not a whole lot by the end of the day. You know, you're doing seven million thinks I once you might do, take a lot of vitamins and healthy and trying to our come back. As I stated in my body in the last few months is just too much stress too much emphasis on industry being used to, and I worked out forever for twenty years now. This last year have partly been able to oneself course in all of this. Stuff then takes at all on trying to do not become you know the Unabomber something away from everything and everybody, but at the same time, see some energy for just breathing that's important man, its employees very hard pay, especially be. Would children with people donor stand when they may have a baby? Is you You now have a human being taken care of it's not like a pet, and you have to be with its twenty four hours a day. If it's a little and you have to take a shit, you know you have to do. You have lock in the room with you, while I taking a shit, you have to like keep it from and the things that are the drawers and killing itself climbing
find something that I can support. You know it's like it's a constant like it's. It's a lot of work so have easier than anybody S. Kids like hell. Does anybody duties your toys and I love her. I mean she's, not even a hard baby. You know she's a busy sweet baby, but steel right so much energy as it takes a lot of energy, and will you get out of it? The little drug dispensers which you get out of it is love and the purest form possible cut straight from the source than love. You from babies, man, my god, you don't people, don't do. Don't have kids really I'll, never, truly understand this experience, because you can think you love a dog, Because you do, I love my dogs, that I see him they're sweet and I give me kisses and I'm happy, but you don't there's a fee You get when it's a baby, that's your own flesh and blood and they're. Just little bundles of love and a little bun is a happiness, and you can directly influence that we can directly. You know their life and they're. Looking for you to do that, and then they they need you around all the time and it costs me won't
hold them and make them up and touch them the costly screaming for you to touch them. You know it's amazing to watch that from the source the sea, and you know I had a lie: form a unique life form with no language, that's communicating with just intent noises wants you to do things for and what it wants. It is real. Semple wants, love it wants to play, it doesn't want to be left alone, makes sense to so much work So how do? How do you keep saying? Dude do have like a work out. You do adaptation or yoga or anything. I think, honest them right now. I've been burning the kind the Limbata unsigned on nodded. I could answer today because I don't think I've been doing to get a job at it. I think of me the handling things, but I'm feeling lately my body kind of giving me signals like a man you're going over the edge Unita, don't smoke cigarettes raising the amount. That work out has always been my thing. But then again, when you don T, have the physic
time anymore. Whenever thinks I need to find the time to do it, and so that's gonna what I'm working on being able to address three in again and all this stuff cause, I mean we'd, martial arts had been in twenty years, has been like one of the things that you do day in and day out. Moreover, and suddenly you don't do that anymore, you're, like shit, your body goes through, throw out again, oh yeah, we're do you feel so it seemed key to do it because it doesn't matter how busy you got its key to you. How in a way the member I tore a ligament and my leg was a first like real, serious injury that took me out for months and months, a torrent, kneeling Amanda how to get it reconstructed and then didn't work out for a long time and it was the first time in my life tat. I hadn't done right. You know, and I had always used, martial arts for blowing off steam and and now all the sudden, those at this place rose like while I just you know I am now
control of my emotions as well MIKE after more short temper, and I don't feel my body the same way like you know, you use your body a lot. You develop dislike real tight, released with your body like how it moves in it. If you want to eat healthy and she want to take care of it, because you realise that its communicating with you is communicating with you through movement through you know, you're, you know. Desired, intend to do something and its actual ability to perform what you're desired intent is, and you get this relationship with your body, and I didn't that anymore, no relation, my body I was like, while this is where it everyday. I wake up and eaten person. Growth in Montana. Just go! That's what I'm using my body for just a vehicle, I'm not communicating with to the life of most people in the world right. You communicate with your body through things out through sacks through two martial arts through dance through that you know you communicate when you require your body to move and very specific ways in, and
There's this there's a consciousness to that. That's in a very uniquely its own, the consciousness, before full, the full focus and concentration of someone utilizing their body because really do believe that that is an element of the hole and you have to in order to be optimally healthy. You have to have the whole together you have, the mine must be healthy, the consciousness must be healthy. The body must be held I went through a long period is like six months. You know we having my knee after the surgery in areas like that were still couldn't kick a bag. I couldn't box doxepin run already makes you realize, makes it really. Fuckin approve. Get your body when you can now say it isn't. So what martial arts are you doing? That is funny. I started out with originally going to wait.
The conflict you be serious to my cell is just like. I want to go on a mountain with Master Yadda show me how to fly in the air, and it also started out with a lot of chinese martial arts, and then I progressively move to more self defense oriented thing and then a kind of aid, the opposite of what most people do we start out with it. Grass, even then they may allow tightened up to now to a little about Zan employ three unseeing unknown to shut up, right. So you know I just told about combat sports and submission grappling Mme Mckenna thing. Why thank you know they're. There is this. Definitely a mindset to the eastern martial arts that is being lost the transition to combat sports to look on and combat sports? There's there's something began from that mindset. What people on stand is that, like the ancient Japanese, arts masters. You know the reason why they practise Zen thinking wasn't because it's just
now a thing they did that you know really doesn't need to be replicated Sid. I know what they were doing was in order the way in order to have a way of thinking of life. They were dead supporting the mind to behave on very specific frequencies and to have control over itself, and that in your discipline and in your honour in your code. You control over your emotions. You have control over your body better. Control over your psyche better, because you have an ethic because you have a coat and that there is theirs a reason for that. This is a benefits you in combat benefits. You too, sturdy of mind, so in order. Access is mental discipline. It actually put you in a better position for victory. That's why they're shit I've done. I remember
I'm not. I think, I'm kind of a wee bit art. So every time I ve a whim retired, I get I ethnic. Now I get scared. When I have to fight in some guys. Are you know you re? Actually, dialogue Randy, these guys who speak date? They don't know what it means to be afraid. I'm like what the fuck do, you think is likely skating into our does. This guy was been training forever to knock your head off, so I walk up and the days before the time when I step on the map, I feel like everything in my body shutting down, I'm about to die kind of feeling, everything freezes and- and so I can see out in the holes and thing- is not about some having some strange domestic authorities about out the you deal with the fact that this is what you're gonna do and you do it without too much
she meant or because I thought my liberty to fear fear wish shut you down and Daniel that killed yeah. You gotta control your body, that's really, ultimately what it is and the ability to control your mind is the same as the ability control your body that, but if you can control your mind, you can control your emotions that you're on a mock your possibilities. Real problem is your intelligent. That's the real problem, It's true and when your intelligent, you realize hey, we don't have to do that. This is an elective choices. Are making to go and enter your body into some physical combat with another man? What the fuck out of here that's intelligibly, it's a racket! That's enough Jack you're, you're you're, a smart person to think that way. Your body thinks it's going to fight round you bought. It doesn't want to do it so it starts in know.
Essentially trying to pull you out of it, but at the same time is taken most instructive thing in the world because he teaches you to get rid of attachment. Mingoes in you leave with attachment of fierce and all these things about you hoping tat. The universe is not gonna duties and that two year, whether you can end the realities income by liking, life, you'd, uncontrolled jack shit, you do the best. You can and then need south of your ants and you need to be able to leave through it, despite the obvious fear that kick seen from self preservation and says I came in late. Maybe you die in a second, so what yeah? It's not good! It doesn't feel good to work, hard boats, good work, harder. You no good, it's good to train hard. It's good push your body in your spirit A part of your spirit in I have friends that are men of, and I am not talking about you, Brian, that you don't have oh experience whatsoever in and any sort of of the difficult physic
endeavour ended haunts them. It haunts that. Might they get in secure when they're around wrong, guys we're athletic yodel, say dickie things and things and too arm this person of their masculinity because they ve never truly face their own physicality, terrified of its fast any its fascinate to watch. Watch them have like this little weird sort of my meltdowns in IRAN in our strong men, like the least you trained tougher, you think you are that's the way girls who showed his rival gale desire is about all this stuff. Get didn't committees that Papua quickly find out that Gaza funny when they won't talk about wander freedom, Barford Toy for fifteen terms, slightly nine,
fifteen dealer notify doing going or or years soccer punch and beat your Andy's distractingly train at all, not ground. Fifteen news you going you're fucked up. If you keep this up, they gonna run into buzz rooted at the bar and he's got a fucking. Lou allows instructional videos on your side. Imagine two percent engaging the irish bully ass all and you run a democratic classrooms and what a mistake specially tries to be I see you mistake, therefore, him being weak, lip c yeah. We were watching a had any Bravo in here today and we are watching Minnetaki oh Gara versus Bob Sap on its awesome Thus, a natural assets, brining, you you saw too it's really it was. It was a cartoon fry, a cartoon fight and one of them opinions. The best example of technique overpower that this guy minnetaki this
one and thirty pounds. Guy was ever to beat this three hundred and fifty ass, pound monster of a man didn't even look real aid That is amazing, amazing fight and that's a mean. That's a guy maternal he's he's a real Marshall artist. Now he is he's a real like true warrior. You know a guy who became a man drove jujitsu and then became a great strikers. Onto it and was just willing to fight anybody. I think it started way back in the day. Cuz I mean when he was. I forgot one thousand and eleven whatever when he had that car didn't hospital. You know you're a year where they fairly new, never walk again, maybe you long, but maybe definitely no sparred. Somebody. I goes on to become a major campaign, as they say something about it. Person. I remember when he was at the top of his game now news triangle and everybody up, and you know
you just saw jujitsu level that you'd never seen before all the sudden, this bad ass heavy weight, who is tough, his father, who had a wicked guard wicked Jujitsu game was hidden in a car, jokes on duty and fuck and strangle him from his backing live while its duties on another level. That was like to me like a real victory for technique and mix mixed martial arts. In my opinion, an minnetaki like embodies like this era, where people like me like well that's possible to like that. We were not see and guys on the highest levels submit
guys. The women attire was, as you know, he's so awesome how about the Crow CUP fight he gets battered by cloaked in the first round. Fuckin smash its head kicks by the guy who knocked out, everybody had kicked and somehow another he eats it in these ok and gets up at the bottom of the round. At the end of the round, he gets head, kicked and dropped like seconds before the round end, and he thought the referee stop the fight the referees, like not the rounds. Overs. Ok, then stop it's fuckin fight and it goes back. It takes them. Downy arm bars on the second round, but he took up beating in that first, roundly God. Damn that duty, Well, you got the love, Nosegays or secular Bower does guys Alma crazy war. Sakharov of item is career was over. He was essentially going in to the consumer with his legs, Mama fire. No, I was his enemies were so bad that who would have it take
would go all the way up to the top of his thigh and all the way down was ankles regional raising. That was, there was another guy that was like a real like classic technique. Megan Heart, oversize gotta, remember when. If what went on Jackson and Queen took up his leg over and you ve got, his back cycle is just Floyd. Unlike Jesus, how do you stay relax when some all that is left in you and there were his judges who is beautiful. He was so tough. It was so willing to take punishment. You know he was. He was technical, but he was also brave. You know who's willing to take punishment. Essentially, really he should have been a hundred seventy pounds, minutiae around a hundred, maybe nine pounds without cutting any weight at all, and it was a little fat and
taken on the heavyweights means edge of a courier. He would have back. I fucking be Conan severe with an iron bar member that share Cournand, went for a fucking Komori spun round caught him in an iron bar buying. That was a pure victory of technique. Side, and I was a clear example of that he was amazing fighter. You no another one. It was embodied that japanese war- spirit and not so they loved about him. His willingness to go out there and throw it down with anybody. Anyone even vanity salvo beat the fuck out of three times he kept stepping up and kept stepping up man, and at last one when you got knocked down ventilate caught him with two punches lilies flying through the air as skid unconscious on his bag. Wow, It is the Melvin man who fight when he fought Melvin men of Jesus. I should for the guy, I'm just so many beating all mine
no one's taken, more beatings and Sakharov Dude Melvin Man, who is a dish truly year when that guy starts tee and often use one most terrifying strikers in. Any martial law. You know when he's attacking so strong and fast and just boy lasting Sakharov and the fucking. I came back after that I find it rightly is still fighting. I know I mean I field is weird: is perverse? Might well, I wanna seeing fight, but then I want him to retired. I love them, so they retire. We can watch is old. Finally, I somebody last night he was involved in so many fight of the candidates. You know I mean you know when he was broken up when was that like a year ago, and we are so that when you have to fight with jealousy guy think he won't, he pulled the guy in any baron. De guy like seeking like fifty straight. I know for a fact, Kinda guy stayed with it, so he could get the neighboring wind defy yeah how'd, you stay with me, and he got a new market for services. He's got unbelievable determination of others. Around Zaromskis fibres ear fell off
his ear literally it's it's a Sakharov. Has these gigantic cauliflower two years for people know that means when you wrestle alive or you get hit in the ear lot when it breaks up the tissue, it fills up with fluid and blood, and then it hardens it like it become. Like almost like cartilage letting really thick stuff when you have to have that shit cut out and a lot of guys, They get an ear that becomes like this me literally. So I got mouse is under their skin. It's and that's what it look like. It's not rob. The whole thing was deformed Randy Couture, he uses his in grappling cos hard right. So we takes guys down hill actually like shut is eager to parts of them and make them on a half double hulled, fucking job them with his ears and those are those are hard weapons on the side of his head. It's really kind of crazy but soccer. Buzz was really fucked up and it had always had tape on has always get caught in training and shed, and this dude hit him.
Something I forget what he hit em with, but the fucking ear was hanging off his head. Was this hang on us and there's a Ramses is like do you're fucking ear like even stop? Finally, was I vow dude? You might want to look at that what's going on here, they stitched up as he fought since then he did his My regret. I hope he stops, because these are gonna stop. Now stop they're, not gonna have to stop together. They gonna keep asking we keep doing and he'll get done, but I need it if they where's. My attitude is there berry way like old legends and then mellow matches now even makes sense is throwing Lilith werewolves yeah. That's up. Is he yum Z still smoke I never know the reality, you'd, always the order story about human chain, smoking, and yet you know the time, that's what I was heard. I think that's true lance yeah, you think it's a trained hard, but I'm pretty sure he actually changed and drank
they love. That's, that's really the mega movie about bad guys, amazing, even urgent, such idea. Morality is culture because they are so by the book. In so many ways by wind guys go off the model. They really go here. They get mohawks, it has who their whole body and there's one died. I love this guy that I put in the book. Is there is Equus Designmaster from designed mass therefrom. Let our stated thirty! Nine hundred and forty nine there are some telling about, and this is A book on the warriors panel. These one is the rwandan government Islamic Religion book. This vote was illegitimate, son of the emperor of Japan, and so they took out of his mouth, Does he demeanor monastery somewhere, so they wouldn't get killed. Imbalance conspiracy, trying to get rid of the possible hey, are saying this Porky to grow up in the middle of this fact opposite monastery, Nicole down whatever just trying to stay alive, and so fine in another must find the word. But he got up no ape absolute. The gene
everybody said Jesus, nobody grasped his hand away. This guy does so Smarty, so these so that, but precisely because he so smart, he just sleep them. One day and he decide when they give. You mean in Zambia, policing they called the certificate of enlightenment, where a master certified a yard, three million light, and while he picked it up and he was a certificate of enlightenment, are you fucking kid they may yet he burned it and he was like and that is pretty pretty asked. Isoude really mean and trying to keep him in the fall by giving gave me, and I will make you I bought off this monastery and step a week later. Nobody can find and they find these bore him that he left behind, saying basically I'll Jesus, so weak. India's modesty I can take any if anybody's looking for me, I mean they're at the broader Loretta Saki Shop, the rest of his life. He goes off being these kind of wandering teacher was main passions, Tarzan Hooker
and that's all that democracy is an aim eke, you is I K K. Why you? Why it's my fault, I'm here I loved loved, he figured it out. It sounds like my friend bad Bobby. Probably from Vancouver. Girls in just Saki, the bicycle enter then, and it was all but two highly theme reels then was Lee real life with full awareness that then you can do it. They didn't get amount, then. If that makes you feel good, you can do it in a broader. If that makes a feel good. It's about having full awareness is not about Watcher Duennas matches about whether you are awake and you are. Life to what's going on right or whether you are going through the motions on yarn already there and whether or not you just reacting to every single thing mindlessly around you and they bought by the way. There really is no true enlightenment, because even true enlightenment, for a human
is just true enlightenment for a human I little brains by really. We were not set up right. We have, we have. We are actually just like this old shitty computer. We have its running of this equipment, do not have the hardware to deal with the scenario at hand we would refer so even enlightenment. For a person, just enlightenment, for a person like is the best you can do, is keep it together. Mildly. I mean it's so funny is like. Did. You know everybody is searching for that. What you're searching for is ultimately a bet feeling about your experience here. You know that we're all searching for whether through religion or through meditation or through yoga. I have a friend who Their family was very religious until recently of a few years ago. They started a kind of I don't know what what brought him out of it. They started Kyar, see it different. And now they're experiencing first year, two years old, completely way from the church and there the
starting to get into yoga and then of the dude is like experiment with a bunch of different things and trying to figure out what the fuck is going on in the world. But it's weird someone come out of it, it's weird twice in one go you know I'd be. Maybe it is a mistake here what you guys, you're nice I enjoy our dear, but shit, come on like their own mine. Has evolved there there, their personal consciousness of all passed. An idea right that's a big man decision to me very hard usage, bigger than breaking but the girlfriend it's right up that's by close depends on our religion. You are really you are, but a few really acted with the church and re gonna museums and articles doesn't get any bigger. Acid depends on tat, girls, right and whether notches freak weather, not you know, just turn a loose for one day: she's loyal by travellers from one dangers in a fuckin gangbanger can't take that again bring back and
anguish show is really want to go and work. I've never had. No. The moment those charge. You see that video, the octopus walking out of the water, how creepy, as that will you know, there's a video of octopus, climbing out of its aquarium, walking across the floor wasn't going up to another aquarium this in the same room and eating fish, then climbing blackened as aquarium where's. The Y know this. I haven't seen it, but the reason why no! This is because a friend was trying to explain to me, Intelligent octopus is that they can take food and in a jar in the Arctic, Well, unscrew the jar she's and get out the food and that A guy was missing some of his tropical fish and he had a couple of fish. Tanks and one was right. Next to the end, the Octopus relax this one. Would like one really expensive fish? It's fucking Octopus was climbing out climbing up to the next tank, lifting the fucking weird and getting inside and eating the fish and then climbing to his place.
So I went all money now get really thought about, as I listen if a hang out here this modification and know that I get into this tag so that dude how to set up a camera, I set up a camera and caught the socked was still uses do you have any other, so it might be harsh, it might be a net legend twilight We did not start you Evie whoever's. Listening with there's enough people listening. We need to treat this ridiculous. I'm gonna leave it at that. Brad! No, I mean I tweet a second see it I don't know somebody asked if they find it folks tweeted somebody it's out there. It might not be out there might not be real, but how do we get on the subject The courses killin things climbing being intelligent Yes, it is using the the evidence for a crack and we see the everywhere for a giant octopus of Legend and others always been. A legend of Octopus can devour ships and huge whale eating right
They actually found evidence of this thing. Like a really boy, Octopus found they actually found whale bones and the like bones, are fucked up and So that means something that is big enough to go, kill a goddamn whale and they profound found, fossilized, imprints of giant suction cups, and that's it it's him to believe that the past we see that the thing about an octopus says: there's no bones really! nothing gonna be left, there's no fossilize octopus, it's not like a bird or some laws were yet structure of the animal there's. No, it's essentially all soft tissue suffer its beak, so it dissolves exist anymore, but it was on the ocean floor that they had these imp is: fossil fossilized imprint of would look like massive suction cause of a huge tentacle and by that there there is making this pretty reasonable hypothesis and the bones of the well being of fucked up, and then these giant suction cops. They like
Oh they're probably was this real monster. They lived, I mean if there's a whale. What member just a whales, ridiculous and out, but in our inner is we. It gets man, a super, smart giant, big thing. They can't do anything and they, breathe. Ere, you know, like why lives on the ocean, a breeze air like what's that so loop. As you know, the design their didn't Clark ridiculous. Lives in the water, but yet can't go down the water for a little bit, but it's gotta come up rare and they can stop it can't stop stops it'll fuckin sank little drought, that's like how do they see that even sleep at an immensely right? They think they like, like the dolphins, partially sleep. We shut most their brain off for a couple hours a day. You see this video, the octopus opening the jar to get the food inside initial The jar oh yeah. I have seen this. Let me see the Arctic. Jack. The shark now
yeah there's another one, an aquarium, their funny loud sharks were missing it trying to figure out the fuck was go on and on put a video camera up and they saw you watch that that one definitely exists. You look for octopus each shark and is Fuckin ACT, jump on the shark and jack. I think it's just it's a once they get a hold of his body. He is help like Edam in that's really simply everything's all the hood. When Shark Octopus argued for short, sharp the fuck it Let us move fast shark is stupid. They try to buy you. It is rather that bitch up like this shit, it's kind of crazy. It's hard to see in this we behind the other, the other italian bind together the more back here with his ox fuck, the shaggy man, the shark, oh yeah MA am a shark and fuck somebody up today that shark never thought that it was going to eat him, Sharks. Don't only really have any natural predators,
we're running sharks. Occasionally in orca will kill a shark but daily. Do it because a sharpshooter close their babies, but not like trying to eat em, it's pretty rare, but you stupid, fuckin shark, I'm just one it shit down here as a life. That's crazy he's waiting? How long octopus live outside of water? That when I saw that video I was like, isn't he doesn't need water? I don't know but lobsters and live outside along fuckin time. You ever get a lobster in the mail. And their allies in the mail has created, and there on ice here goes pitch. Commissioner Sharks, homes over the octopus knocked put just wraps this bitch up what some strong jitsu, that's totalled. You it's brow. Look at his hooks. Yeah he's got his back.
He's gone. No, no! No! No! My friend right now this is Della heaver guard. It is trying to get away with things gambling on our masa turn a blind eye to the sharp might buy it, I'm a little, but here's a great thing but actual biter limbs off. Matter beds grow. Another one is, the growing has won the super. This super adaptable, so this shock is biting em, but so what he's just getting jacked he's getting totally and founded here bon around gathered. This suction cops are bad ass man. It's a bad asked. Sign? You know everything just poles it into one centre where there's a giant, fuckin beak and that big just jack, your ass, its co. That's nice meanwhile, that's crazy thing is their eyes and our eyes are very similar, they're very similar biologically, which is missing, me, somewhere along the line, some hundreds of millions of years ago, we probably cousins of an act wisely. We branches,
often different ways in the ocean floor. We want one way they want another way. They want this way just blending in their violent jack and sharks, jack in the world. So back to Did you want? What do you do? I ask you: what was the oldest religion? I mean? I guess Form of museum is basically you tell me about the cave yet for lack of about thirty or more scholar, Scully Fanny Means and Marcia monies. Moreover, Yonah Cold. It is basically tried by literally Jones Sunday Evian own enormous, very from one tribes have neither, but they have some common themes. They tend to see like the nature is alive. You know in nature is a lively spirits, spirits in everything, from three to animals to all sort of stuff. The the kind of like star wars, that there is a power in everything for like in a forest exactly that you can tap into any does. No morality is not about you strength, Harrison right, six of them cool stuff out there. That's, but
yea, values that are mandatory from one country to the next than he wasn't written down? You know it wasn't an organised early joining that sense, and I mean some of that still exists to this day. You know something about culture that swiss what's going on. What's the official believe as far as like you know, what's ton schools when it comes to cattle worship? Why are there so many cattle try or sorted Delicious expects. That's it. That's defiling that's the worst of them as gods and they don't even eat em in some parts of the world. Eighty Indians comments that have to do a psychedelic drugs. That's why, about Indonesia is about our lot at began with Sama and young. I was considered to be some people say was a money. The must carry out a mushroom Linda, they say that they also states to ferret, and they say- and it might have been a combination sort of cocktail. They put together right now with amazing that we you know about that there, Jane and the place that some are played in it that it was lost like
we don't know what it is now obvious that they would about some are being greater than all these different things and some are being amazing. But yet we don't know what some is somehow another they lost with some as those that guy Garden was actually supporting. What is in the book in their talk, as it was too much of a funny story. Oh yeah, I add that chapter entitled the peace drink out. It's there Miss and Watson is the one who initially made psychedelic mushrooms popular their western America era, chapter entitled peace drinking, whether these drinking Draghi priest created that into
is one of the theory that westernize about that is that he believes that he believes he was amended. The must carry out a summer and away he figured it out with. You went through a bunch of these books referring to solemn, and she was saying another keep talking about. I planned, but they don't talk about leaves they don't talk about. You know they refer to stamp, they refer to somewhere, crap right and then, Sir Hugh thinking he is starting to go into mushroom direction, and then he finds out to these piece of literature from somewhere outward sunshine. Money, Siberia think was talking about Thou, they feel their money to Moscow area, and he had read about these three people feel thirty day using for some our day. Do a couple of seeks to bid await, and then there is a human feel throne. He was like what the hell is: a human failure, I doubt that if you take a money than was Gharra, you get the high by yours so guide really. Nor shows that we are today, and you have a drink- your purse, if you think about the other, so you drink, so they also get high, but they get stuck with the cracky part. They get all this a fact really would on Y know,
drink their own Para, tripping, taken emanate or with their takings to ferry commences there I'll drink their own urine and they blast off. Apparently I talk this duties I wasn't want to during my purse is crazy. You know, as I do trust ridiculous he's like armed Balls Tell me I need a drink. What piss get higher than this, because I don't want to get hot in this. Like trust me and it, and it goes, I drink my drink, my piss and it goes and sudden it was like a tornado opened up in front of my eyes, and I suck through is the center of it and said it was the craziest trip in the most enlightening tribute life by this house. That I believe, is your own decisions about our Sarkozy. Somebody else is just cause. You don't wanna, get the side effects I may or may not have watched people drink animal tests A man made out of account this methodology paper that I can discuss this until now is in person I didnt pay anything actually got paid, but it might not. Be real. I can't
does this until I likely and totally unrelated after fear, factor starts hearing which areas in December twelve the human filter was. But a popular thing people just sell their own? Would they sell it? Will they just make a deal in silence like while lining some four thousand year old book or something? So nobody really knows, and it could be the western speculating, Goin oftener deepened with that could be, but it's an interesting to frontier if nothing else emanated musk areas very strange mushroom because they believe it. Not only variable genetically but its variable by locations recently and that so of them might not even be psychoactive. Some of them might not even work right. You know, I'm I've. I've tried emanated when nothing happened. Train I tried it. I didn't I went on a combat a tory experience. We tried amity that we try to for a few hours and nothing Turks, and we took some regular mushrooms. Then we block off. So is a cup
nation of the two of em was like alter. Potent emanated did something weird, but it wasn't really like getting It was just like getting you to this weird head space of what was going on here. I guess this. What the stuff like I just think it wasn't strong enough, wasn't good enough, and I think they now there's parts of the world words like you know where they really know how to do? It really are in Siberia, special right whence vaseline this thing about Siberia, hat. The amateur, must carry a mushroom, is essentially Christmas. Essentially Santa Claus people don't know the the Christmas theme and the mushroom theme are so closely related there in the same color ram. Anita must group mushroom is Santa Claus, it's what I read and it has a Michael rise or relationship with certain coniferous trees so that a grow, only under those trees. Just like package's under your
Christmas tree on its really amazing? I mean, and you know, and people would gather them and the way to dry them out was they would put them on the fuckin trees on the branches of the trees of the sun would get them. I would try them out. It's like that. The ornaments on the trees is like all of it is there's like they're, so many connections and its argued that in our someone told me, the Coca COLA was the first one to actually make a red White Santa Claus than he was a different color before then, but that's not really true theirs. There is evidence of Red White Santa's from a long time ago, Ray and but that the Santa doesn't even matter what really matters is the fuckin presence under the tree, the when you know that the relationship that it has with the tree, the reason why we have Christmas trees and they're always Pine trees, man in the whole thing, like wow. It's this, the relations of so close, the book, the color of it, and the fact that we hang stockings over the fireplace and though stockings, when the fucking
If we get a pair of red and white stockings that you or you don't bundled up to us, but that's also had a dry mushrooms out of their home. They hang them and for the fireplace that's, what drives them out I do not imagine that you didn't know out loud. It's an incredible like series of whether there there coop coincidences or may, once a coincidence, I would say in others there is evidence of this relationship and others We will study. This is a guy Andrew Dodgy Yonner event Dave, they ve done a lot of study and stuff and end the great jack hair was actually writing a book about this before he died, no, the relationship with them Christianity and mushrooms as well. He had all these really cool Paintings of our people, who were naked. Dancing in ecstasy, under the very clear, transparent silhouette of the shape of a mushroom in Alice was really amazing. Stuff, like the idea
You ever look at the really old pictures of halos. That's as fast into old halos, like the new halos, like a Frisbie or like Hulu products floating around the back your head, but the old halos were literally on the underside of a mushroom cap. Oh yes, and it has the straw that low lions in areas like a mushroom. Does it's it's real trip when you see that you go. Oh my god like this is they were saying. Was these people were under the spell of the mushroom therein lightened right breakers? They were under the spell the mushroom and mushroom symbolic GI, like all through our ancient buildings and like doorways or mushroom, shaped like literally these these these. Apples had mushroom shape. Doorway fought man. How many people were on mushrooms back then No! No internet and on tv it got to keep entertain some yeah. That's the move right damn! So when you too,
in these classes? Do you ever get anybody whose angry at you do you ever get anybody who wants to talk to you after class and dislike? You know, hey what you're doing is wrong or now, if you're too smart airmail I mean and again I try to do it in a way that I try not to be offensive to the individual. I may say something hard. I always say something harsh about the big picture button on an individual lab at is like a man. I'm doesn't mean. I hate you. We're noise like we're playing your worked on. Ideas are not adapted to ideas. You tell me something that makes sense. I change my mind right now, anyways. I am not here to defend an ideology, so road carriers word splaining arena. So people Milo out a once in a while. With discussions that item muslim student was very nice guy, but obviously wasn't too keen. He loved me when I talk about other religions, but of course yet some of us when I start picking on the Koran he had these some one thing. I think it was. These passage in Nicaragua basically justify beating up your wife if she's these obedient.
And he's a nice guy. So he doesn't really want to support that, but at the same time he doesn't want to wait in the Koran so use like straggling trying to figure out what do I do with it? He came up with this. We heard a studio late there tell him. You know one disease, God telling you that you shoot. Em beat up women and I might yet that's with accept. It seems that you should you like. No, no he's using sample psychology. You know, because is, if he tells you not do, then you get he's than you wanna. Do it so first wise to say. Firstly, thanks to you that you should talk to them and then, if they dont know reform than you banish them to another room and not only as a last resort down, you can bid them so rich telling you to your food and bade them. Please do not get smart way. It does like all my fucking God ass, a kid you just
Take that maybe there's some good stuff in the Koran and you ve got some crap and can those where the most dogmatic Muslims like radical Muslims, are the most dogmatic about it. We would you find to be the most ridiculous as there are. They argue, religions universally ridiculous, knowledgeable on the people are the ones who believe that there is only one right way that has been revealed by God too damn, and so they are Super Harcourt diplomatic and mostly I mean you're talking about muslim fundamentalists. Today, in particular, muslim fundamentalists, Kurdistan, fundamentalist throughout much of yeast, They mellowed out a little today. They let you paint them the August drugs is that they draw Mohammed, a fuckin shoot you blow your house out, but I think he's only western western monotheistic religions have the tendency to have an atheist, more rabby, dial kill you. If you, these are very kind of Dotted monster Asian. Seeing someone you can agree, you can disagree, but they are kind of late in life. You disagree with healthcare sits right, though your thing yeah they ate.
Martial arts or Asian rather allegiance. What about ended its? What have you got the idea that the most d Matic in the most restrictive religions are really the religions I come from the areas that have liked the this civilizations, right and so almost like in alike. Like Sue Mare, which is where I rack is right. You know really famously is a part of the world that is still in the dark ages right and a lot of ways in the The battles were seen the Sunnis and the Shi in the gist of the herds. Another ship hapless, Saddam Hussein and bright, and you go back to that area mean you you say well, you know this. This area literally was sue mare. Zaire is Babylon. This is where, in the literally the fur religions were created as far as we know in and when you think about that, like the people that are still there
There are much more influenced by the deep deep past now then people that have spread out to all parts of the world, as travellers will especially Americans right. That's the the further the lasting ample of a new continent that we now that you might just over the last few hundred years, has been established. Damn got scared of anything that comes out of the desert. Place, I mean is just some people. Do well in it, but for the most part, harsh environment, Irishman, all you want to do. Is you just squeeze between two? It oxen but ADA? Your brain does a start losing out of your brutal, and so is like a religion. Of the desert, I can see out. They pay a people that come out of the desert. He ever drive from, like California, its rebate drive from California Disease and get out smell crime. Do you smell fear and anger? Fear loathing- pigs are facing us. Thousandfold held a meeting in the use of a state that he drove right in a convertible
in all in while I refer to the comment that the answer is probably the way to see correctly so that with the religious I mean it is early junk, come out from beautiful, mounting, centre, reverse and shit. I'm sure he's gonna do something to its ideology were near and maybe not always but more likely to another Gonna have a more my law view of life. Well, there's only one really mellow religion, rights, Buddhism. Liberalism is pretty now that I have no problems with them in some begged. I can disagree with some stuff in but ism, but is it lies in disagreement? You noisy, and they are not as at least for the most part as our core trying to shut down your throat, so it's a little more relaxed to have a dialogue. The I really appreciate that I really appreciate religions had don't proselytize are really appreciate, like Judaism like they know, is trying to get you to be a Jew right. You know any really can't even join rights, really hearted joined right. Yet a marriage
my uncle to Margo converted, namely Salvatore deed Yolanda, many millions of really dangerous, yeah. It's It's interesting to me that you know there's no. This there's no once it has no new religions, but no new, respected religions. Right does everything where you can look back and fight in some people, Scientology seriously, but for the most part, seems to be just a group meeting. Call it a religion, but no one really is believe. I said I think they are believing the stories of Scientology the same way that people believe my ridiculous dummy specimens rent by science fiction, but because we know more shit today annoys you can make some great claims about some. These then passed when nobody, no shit, then it's you can speak started, and nobody can these prove. Today, nine thirty seconds people find out all about you when you're, like hey, even your profit, the guy was like
I'm doing some child born to Hungary is what are you talking to precise silicone harder to get away with stuff? You remember the TED Haggard Documentary HBO in one of the things he goes for it to look for a job after gets out egos ethical ok, unless they google me that's what he said. I think I'll be ok I'll get the job unless they google many great. It's a lariat as hilarious he's back to teaching again. Is to go to church now, but you love, it does guys, are so hard core about morality in these and that nodded did mellow out a little bit, which would be healthy. No, they go all like do met them. Fathah mean with a gay hooker. That's like you're the one who's arguing that masturbation is the ultimate see noticing cheese, said Haggerty boy. Me on Twitter I made a joke. He was talk church is like after church, maybe in our sandwiches at a picnic and then dot dot dot, and I wrote me
and blowjob european budget, easy regime by thirty or come on. I know that many kid you leave the sleep he blocked my blog to utter the fuck. I blocked but too well known, ass Osborne. We say some that funny, but enough some people they got no sense of humour precinct blasted with workers and and math rarely can they laugh at it. Unfortunately, not, unfortunately, so Most of them, the most under that reasonable religion will have to be Islam right there. The most they viewed, I mean you can't make fun of them. You can't today's pretty tough, too, You know that woman that had to go into hiding in a change her name. She was a calmness and she she wanted to have a draw Mohammed Monday and dad she had so many threats against her life. Yeah there really there you, then amazing, its amazed.
That's tolerated like that, some bullshit they are. You need a fuckin relax yo hunting that drifting out is the reaction like when they were to Mohammed cartoons, where even Salman Rushdie back into their a bunch of the western. Hardware sing, hash sure to violence is bad and the muslim world, actual by released, terrible under fancy. What these people are doing and I'm just like, are you kidding me? giving in to the burner send arguing that example want to squash freedom of opinion. That say in the name of respecting religion, yeah! You want to go to war few nights. I want to go to war to go to war with anybody. They want to kill a lady who suggest that you should have a draw Mohammed Monday. That's what war with data to go to war with them have people that pretend do shit like that. Find out who's, ready to kill them and then go get em. Please go get em boys, those those the Jack asses the world. Those are the people who you can't bout Dat barf, but that far back
more. They are. They need to die and come back and live life again and try to learn from this life's experiences, because you're not gonna, bouncing back from being a guy. Who is willing to cut the heart out of a woman who wants to have a draw Mohammed Monday that guy's never gonna be a productive members. Society is not like. Oh I and I don t well at the restaurant area, has been she paid cash flow right. Yeah, there's like a number of a place where you go. We can't bounced back when you're so much of a piece of shit and so much of a problem in society. The camp I say child molesters anything ending along as the murderers like he can't bounced back from the non can't you gotta stop. We gotta clean house and it's just like you- have to prove trees and, like you have to shoot broken legs Weber, Yes, we're talking about that about religions, So did you eat and learn anything doing this book?
You will learn something about the reactions, Pierre brace yourself right, the controversy, and even this conversation and I'm sure, there's gonna- be people you're lucky you dont have a twitter seriously givethem but though he spoke no, what is it was wizard is adaptable. Bellowing up, I have a nice picture of me holding my daughter fleet People are really lousy or prepared for this response from the shout. If you do the inner sponsor my attitude over the last few months, where was like I've been through, and I share that that's kind of my highly diverse and no one end and protective of the only good thing their ease and then the other aunt em like fuck you all humankind is you're good who carry Oki song by ARI am I chance no it's Pavarotti. That's right! It's that acts a most. What passed out some opera go for a ride. There is a saying that Europe is dollar itself over there so you book when is gonna, be out bid is weak, they keep
giving me different dates. I mean Amazon as it for like December twenty, but I wasn't always gets it wrong. So I noted a publisher and they told me that should be out these weeks and its Daniel boldly. Then, how do you say them in Italian, Teddy EL, the neoliberal Lisbon Yellow Daniela Bolivia B, o o L and II. Can you can find my facebook if you want look for the guy holding his daughter, Gimme the finger, there's been fun. Man really interesting conversation thanks man and I hope people by book and we gotta come back again. We'll talk about more shit, I'm sure that's a veto thing about religion is hundreds and hundreds of hours of discussion, Justin the silly sir. I may ordered that anything that beautiful has been a lot of fun, nothing very much. They Jonah aright Therefore, thank you to the flesh life, responding to podcast, thank you, to worm.
Gotta robot net click on a link for the first light and entering Koane Rogan, any fifteen percent off and thanks to on a dot com au an end. I t dot com responses. As well the makers of alpha brain the cognitive enhancing sub supplement, should you some talk to? Let's withdraw. It is probable. I probably have retorted enough the The new stuff is new mood at five HTTP, an l trip defend supplement and are we I've, shrewd tech, a quarter, sects mushroom and be twelve energy. Someone, that's fantastic past people who look out really hard. I fuckin love in a million into that stuff. Lately this Wednesday, as in tomorrow, we are having a show here at the ice House in Pasadena what times a show Brian, I don't know I've figured it out. We have funded, isolate it. That's how we roll bitches its wild were crazy, but be a lot of cool guys. Bert Kreischer is going to be on the show. Bert Kreischer is also going to be on the ice house, chronicles, podcast,
do whenever we have a show here, the ice house we during the time the guys are on stage and before everyone's onstage will do a podcast right here. At this time, squads, studio and so crucial beyond that, and who knows how many other, hopefully Joey Diaz Joint in town flavour budgets will have to bring joy in and we ve been having some kick ashes. Their amazingly way at last it was Stephen Bill Bird who else are. We should fear Shelly, vs Brennan walls me, I mean where these are like the crazy shows you get and it's it's cheap was a fifteen bucks, yeah yeah, fifteen bucks and it's a real cool place intimates only eighty five seats and we also have a show Friday every week. Usually, I protest why, where I take all like the other people, like you know, like SAM Tripoli, Jason Tebow's, Tom Cigar, I and all those guys and give them like under their own separate shouted. Yeah silo solid, shows if you're around and last time goes out the mean you'd. If you don't know the guy's names that is a guarantee of their on these shows their solid. And down so this week.
You see ourselves, we got we got Turkestan. Homepage is Dunstan? up will be joining us on Thursday, Thursday ducks down hope is going on us. He's gotta show Wednesday and Thursday, Wednesday is at the Irvine Improv and Thursdays at the Braer improv. So we bring him down here on Thursday? Do a podcast gas with Doug get pissed drunk and then take him out to the improv in Breyer that night? So, if you're looking to see him the Irvine improves website. Just Google that Shit son go see, extend hope on Wednesday at Irvine and then Thursday and Breyer Dugald be here on Thursday for podcast. That's it it shows over. Thank you, Daniela Daniela, say right now. Danny, edible early, my friend you brought us. Some very interesting topics rotation and I will check out your book and check out as new book fifty
you're not supposed to know about religion which should be out this week on Info dotcom December? simple, not info, darkened info, much fuckin, liars descent vote our comments on your truth. Subscribed to death squad is the only way on Itunes Subscribe took, as is the only way you can get. The ice house chronicles, which I think is one of the best part gas out there. It's it's. It's all of us hanging out, pre shows and after shows in it, you get some help. Shit out of its a lot of fun of ways, get an apt up for the show and a lot of shit talking, and it's always fun. When you got like ten comics in a room together. As the last one was beautiful, Joey, Diaz and Brennan Balkan but in the one before with Yoshi I mean they're, they're they're really fun our. Fuckin show's over lovey bitches
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