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PODCAST #170 - Michael Ruppert, Brian Redban

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PODCAST #170 - Michael Ruppert, Brian Redban - Date: 12/27/2010
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because my group which here bitches bottomless shared this this is an unusual very unusual man this with us today thank you very much for doing this man i really appreciate it is an honour about you what you gave me a copy of it today but already have about about five years ago which is crossing rubicon that's why i came out right when when they come about in august of low for when i first became aware of you was that speech that you gave i dont know where you were but as a spy you gave were you when you were talking in front of some judge and some sort of a quorum somewhere and you were explaining how you were an l a police department officer you caught the c i a selling drugs and you were just fuckin saying you were just standing in for others judge what was that instance will who was that that was you're fired
and you know you war i battle and stuff this was one of those circumstances one on one of my favorite come axiom bout combat about fighting somebody's was was good we buy achieve warrant officer for from army from army acquit criminal intelligence activities don't shoot lesson a headshot and i had the headshot that day on the directorate central intelligence would you know it it's kind of like something that you can spend your whole life in a fight war or combat waiting for everything to line up but you know when it lines up and do this it's like that's what happened so eighteen years i've been trying to make somebody pay attention to the fact that see i had been bringin drugs into the united states and and i lost a career but because i blow was on that and i've been
eighteen years and i finally got a chance the nail a guy that seem so crazy that you're the first guy to come out with i mean i know i've heard stories before and i know i knew about the the mena arkansas situation with what was a gentleman's name clinton in the claim terry red and the other due to do the guy cod there was over that baronetcy very seal that he's the goat die with george bush's phone number in his pocket i mean that's a fascinating store there's a guy who says that he was bringing in drugs for the earlier for the avant i'm right from south america and they would have a spot where they would drop it off and apparently too he saw it and these two kids they killed these kids and then they said it was suicide i was the train tracked and yet the train tractor so the parents for some sort of an autopsy in the autopsy found out that these kids have been murdered and then it just it spiral
and to his thing on why anyone would have ever pollute leaved before there was something like that mean that's a big that there was a really big case well i i came out with it publicly after i resign from lapd in november seventy eight then i resigned because chief gates was going to let me get killed and he wouldn't give me back up and you know and it was it was really six a scenario by perfect rating reports and all that stuff so then i resigned and then i went to the allay time so my clock on being public started in seventy nine but here's what's interesting about all that stuff you go back to see i've been deal rugs ever since before there was a c i a long story it's it's an economic issue more than it has anything is it just some nor they can't pass out which is too much money it's going out there anywhere yes and it helps them do things that do not have to get approved went well that's only part of it yet remember that bill case
ronald reagan cia director was a stockbroker see was created by the dullest brothers john foster and alan dallas who were partners in sullivan cromwell they created founded the cia allen dulles a socialist ein wall street of always been one in the same thing and the deal with drug money which one i wrote a lot of the stuff that's in rubicon is that you can move it with profits to earning ratios off books in a crooked economic paradigm and with price to earnings if you launder a million dollars worth of drug money on corporation let's say gee you as a prize to earnings of thirty two one you ve just created thirty billion dollars in stock value there is a huge multiplier and the cia this is all part of the same correct corrupt echo paradigm which is destroying us now that's the case that i started on then trying to find out what the
is going on around here how did you find out indeed other people know and just keep your mouth shut like how to judge how did you know i was there like alternate prove to you well was when i saw when my balls was proof but see how i got into its a completely different deal you have to have a special birth my mother was a senior cryptanalyst for the army security agency and world power tat her work product went to secretary state secretary warm present roosevelt highest she worked on japanese codes the russian i'll my father was decorated airforce heroes veteran may even be seventeen where war too that it came up on all esta and heat both connected with sea ice idle came from a safe amp no i mean i used to come from great school and say mom what's for dinner and she'd say i can't tell you the gradual so
anyway so i was marked and plus i was gifted you know i was a good smart guy and so i was being groomed because the cia has people in police departments all over the country and they have for years law no law that's what they do so i was being recruited into that because i already had a cute clarence which i just from living with my parents and so that kind of marked me some we would like on the inside but i wasn't really i was going to go along with drugs one the one that's what i saw what it was i wonder and everybody else is goin allowed or do they just turn a blind eye theirs how it has it how does ago has worked well what happens is that i'm sure you understand this is is that we we live in a world that full sell out were surrounded by sellouts were surrounded by and this up really recently with with with occupy my
mark thomas and all the stuff that that we got together involved with that spot honour and and some we'll just are incapable of selling out i guess and i guess i'm one of those but most people resign themselves and not but he knows this like not every lapd cobb knows this happens egos compartmentalize butter there's a lot of people out there law enforcement i think we ve seen this with the occupying and away veterans and and some cops have responded to there's a lot people inside the system were really honest and they're just waiting for somebody else shown how to do it why when a terrifying situation so you the first guided step up a new step up and step out and say that in front of all these people on tat vision what happens then i'm not so sure i was the first to step up on the language that while i was the first to do it and stay alive and the first to do it and find a way to get shit
this don't you think it's almost safer to come out with something like that and it is to be the guy who hasn't suddenly thing they could silence yeah i mean yet being transparent public is your absolute best defense and that something i've done for thirty five years now but you to appoint one point where you appoint someone we were you were worried about your own life like you left the country for awhile right a many times i've i've never not really been the illegal on that like wakes happened here something just fuckin packs buys you get on a plane in how many times did you do know no you make peace with it you have to learn how to live with it one of my training courses and obedient been a marine with the fifth in the citadel it way and he said you can get used to anything and that was that that was a real teacher so it's not that you eat you can't live on adrenaline forever
also you make peace and then but being public is is is always the best safety why were you worried about your life what was it specifically well the what what i would i would have what i was exposing might not have to bear in mind that when i was in l a p d and i resigned i had pulled like the tale of something out of a whole i didn't know what was attached to the right like other poems one worm adults in july and it's it's the kids can of worms so but clearly what i had the cia was directly involved in bringing heroin into this country illegally the police officers in their pay or control with the clearances to protect those drugs governments and they were laundering the drug money and and that it it had to have been known at a white house level
and that was a nineteen seventy seventy eight thirteen our honourable and they just other you just keep doing away with it well yeah but those who went into rig game gets do yeah those i mean you know right always bug playing in this and that gives you i'm real sloppy through while that's a good william point i've never heard anybody put it that way we absolutely right it's a human nature yet and in what i say now you know what the collapse of human industrial civilization as the dinosaurs are not capable of being anything other than dinosaurs while it is certainly if you look like what we're doing one what why was going at home so badly we insist on engaging and all these things overseas at or pay strange did so we don't we you knows nothing tangible about of a tangibly in this country right now people are having a really fuckin hard time but yet all this money and all these resources are grown overseas to to fight wars that almost no one agrees with and when you look
that is just sloppiness that just seemed sloppy is this it so preposterous so without an error it give there wasn't some sort of a nine eleven attack and you propose this sort of a religious war or everybody will it get the fuck out of here but because of the initial nine eleven attack because there's something so big they capitalized on it and now they have written the bandwidth innocence right into the ground when you were on little recently whereon paul i saw the great thing i mean like sir but what i caught him and i've been doing idea i've met romp all annoying when i good friends he's been fill my maid but i've tracking for a long time when when ron paul said now the white house to try to tell us that ran had something to do with with nine eleven will that's what they ended the audience went berserk to collect consciousness and waking up work everybody here is like way filled right up to here right up to here right now and there just ready
and really that's why i think ron paul such a threat right now because of paul winds and i will not work it's a whole new political ball in this country because all of a sudden it's it's going be the norm and a stanfield norm for people to see somebody like run paul not believing then it safe for them how wrong do you think voting is do you think is regular aren't you think hundreds at legitimate well you think it's still in our listen after two thousand and five an investigative journalist for a long time and i've done a lot of writing about this to the election two thousand was dull election two thousand for choice point deep old all the software it all i wants that documentary acting democracy unbelievable right so far
but they can rig within certain because there are people who see the polling places there are people and people know you know we had eighty people come in or on party so they can't just say if eighty percent of the people vote green that eighty percent voted red cause nobody would believe run so i think the wrong paul is so far way much further ahead than is being shown in the polls i really think that there is let's say ron paul is in the forties and fifties and which they wouldn't dare but we know that end and the point is if he wins or winds with a landslide it's it's now democrats and republicans no more it's wrong paul and democrats and republicans we got a whole new paradigm while i what yeah so he has to win by such a substantial margin that they can't fake it that's almost be unanimous we can itself for the frightening thing to a lot of people but it is the day
the sheer change that arise on paul would bring about an it out that do a real change like that is absolutely terrified people even though they know that the situation right now is completely fucked up really unfair the congress is bought everything stolen its total wreck they would still the terrified of change the tariff not so much anymore you gotta get beaten into a state of reasonableness using its attitude in point where the collapse of human industrial civilization says two thousand eight that show that the world is turned inside out several times its get nothing but worse and people are one of the best minds i heard out of the occupy movement was somebody asking the protesters moving along new york and what protesting in this really attractive smart woman says everything everything everything is corrupt everything is a lie everything is bogus and on others
lot of us they can see that is it gotten worse or have people just gotten more aware both both both sides accelerate as well as people picking up on the radio night in egg i remember i'm on this guy's been at this thirty five year yo yo and why do you look so healthy you should be fucking mess up the amount of stress you look fine i really good yeah i got one two and a half acres in northern california outside of sebastopol perma coal sure you grow your own well we're grow and food and i e raw organic i go out and pick a raw salad out of my garden and just eat it does after you pick the leaf and and so i good and other than that i'm just maybe good genes and i spent a lot of time workin out an traded over over the years
i had to pump hung with some really cool people along the way right now my rep i have a bad rotate or coffee cartilage is gone so i can't we're got too much real india yeah that's a drag will shoulder injuries are the very complicated very difficult fix while people shoulder issues comes problem to of surgery and even then surgery now the pretty good at it but back dominate the day vienna shoulder issue was a big ones such as such complicated joint but that's so that's the way you blew off steam but i can't imagine being under that kind of pressure heaven now with their people were upset it may knowing what i knew what you know what you say you know about all these fuckin bad people and the ear you know and you you're you're out you know exposed constantly doing radio interviews only doing you know i'm
i wouldn't we have been able to do any of this without my spiritual life an end and some very deep and profound spiritual practices on the guy and i believe that this planet is live a guy in a guy is this some workers who does this is like a religion yeah mother earth she's alive isn't it interesting that you take the planet's out from the sun mercury is a god venus is a guys skipper mars is a got every other planet is a god or goddess except for this one why her name is gaia she's alive so is this something that's actually written ass an ideology ears you sure you have a philosophy a kind of originated with doktor james lovelock and it's it's it's it is also very old guy do you know i'm i'm also i've also studied the native american spirituality quite a bit and it's exactly the same thing
well it seems to me that we have a pretty limited idea of what life is or what's conscious feel like if it can't react and communicate with us it can't be conscious but this apparently there's been some studies show that is very possible that plants recognise people when they're in the room and they energy and they can actually react to someone doing something like two and they might have some sort of consciousness that we can understand we judge only assume the consciousness is human consciousness there might be rock consciousness i mean everything might out of a consciousness it might just be enabled to express so the idea of this has a giant super organism so fast oh yeah it so amazing because we know that everything nothing exists on its own mean every single body is a mixture of so all sorts of different bacteria malino microblog particles and all sorts of different things that are constantly helping you mac about it you know the lagoon you're eating yogurt hearing taking in troops in ireland
taken ass a doubtless you're bringing in a healthy animals living organisms events so fascinating that we absolutely need that in order stay healthy and be alive one of the things i just did result was was very cool i live in the western of county there's a spy and i had i done like three months without a day off for collapse that that's that's my my coming in doing the radio and so i treated myself and they have a spot where you go and you actually take a bath in a hot living compost pile and especially bread compost but everything is alive and it's warm and you become and it just its it sucks stuff out of you that's just really cool while that's freaky
it's so weirdo what s a different in a warlike soup and i were not just one ingredient it's really fascinating in the thick of the earth is being that just the expressing himself in a larger wires there's a great movie that was just came out this year called animal monday emmy wendy i out of australia and it's got big names i got no chomsky at it's got a whole bunch and it's all about the net and and there are some tremendous tremendous awakening things inevitably you just look at and the science is really good to support that to say i think the big problem is now is if let's say you and i are martians or from another planet we just came down here to check out what's happening
these creatures down here right and firstly i was well there insane are destroying the place the out an endless that's all i have to live on so yet what do they know the shitting worthy and i really think that that originates with genesis one i mean i'm i'm at war with god or at least the religion of the god of all the guys that brought us to this point and an economic war with the god gave man dominion over the planet bullshit that's why we're destroying it we ve been separated from it we were taught that we add and i dont believe that that's true and i believe that if there is any one lie that's enabled all this corruption a lot of it to be hidden under the guise of religion that's that's the big one so you think then if you can get enough to recognise this earth as a living thing we can change the way people behave and change the practices when did sutton seem to be it doesnt seem to have been that long ago people didn't destroy the earth at all but
just a few hundred years ago the oceans were clean right i mean how many how many hundreds of years ago was there where was there no pollution you would have to go back probably to the twelve hundreds earth no there was it there was revenge in romeo poop but let's go back forty thousand years ago and there are our ancestors organ augur who are the new world first we're living their religion twenty four seven those not a textbook it that would so you didn't nobody persuaded them converted them that's just the way they let the earth was the bible while some things are sacred and you know that there are things that you don't do it like your finger into a light socket thou shalt not because you know it hurts or you die and there were rules and nature thou shalt not stay out in the cold at over x number of hours are after this was that that was the religion because it was
wreck feedback my voice felt the native american ideal of using every single bit of the animal that you kill in honour of the animal yeah there's somethin very important about that i went to its fair tom brown of tom brown tracker schools friend of mine and i went to his tracker school max my sister and i went to his drachma school february and and and that's that's what they to buy but anyway so our ancestors four thousand years ago runnin around right they didn't all of a sudden one day going why am i having this wilderness experience that was all nor that was so what what mankind's task is now with the collapse of human industrial civilization which is here which cannot be stopped is not so much to learn but to remember stuff that we ve known inside of us forever and you gotta kill our garbage out of the way to get there and i'm
pretty optimistic about what i say i mean i i started collapse that my company collapse that i come there's blood and we're in sixty eight countries within forty thousand visitors at your optimum to go more way collapse is going to be a good thing i know i'm seeing people awakening i am seeing people that you know and as i said in the movie collapse mankind's choice now as evolve or perish grow the fuck up or die because the laws of nature cannot be overturned and that's the fundamental thing that's wrong with his infinite growth paradigm that we live it ok we'll do that separate
no more was all that does all that done and that where we live in is dying and there's a new consciousness emerging now my friend calling campbell is one of the he's a godfather people said that the species homo sapiens might not become extinct but the sub species of petroleum man most certainly well ok so this post petroleum human and there's a new consciousness emerging and and there are there are tens of millions of us around the world and and and truly i think there may be hundreds of millions or a billion or more of us around the world we just haven't been allowed to see each other yet there's something with the matrix that keeps you from seeing all the other people who feel that's whiten with you enron paul honour on leno when the audience started shirin it was like that was a that was a bitch lap bucket of cold water the face of barack obama and everybody in washington who thought they could actually get away with this stuff
what do you think about do you think obama knew what was going to happen before got an office because he sees its it seems to me seems so ineffective it's almost like a an idea of what it would be like somebody got in there is nothing like that barack obama's extremely effective is extremely effective for his client base which is the banks that is a bank president and that there is no difference between democratic republic barack obama had no one to you know you seemed like one of us when he was running for president seemed like one of us have seen like he was gonna was united microsoft by its price as it was in our he probably started off thing that's what i wanted to know i always wanted to know i mean he wouldn't have been army he wouldn't ever gotten close to the nomination unless his loyalty have been secured silk i've been that's real i mean it's such a fucking rina game
yet if it really is that rigged immediate ray it's almost preposterous that its is able to go on as long as i was i've i've had done a lot of mineral water who is the press spokesmen for ross oh wow in love angels county and nineteen ninety two time when ross poorer was ahead of both george bush and built i remember that in holes ok i'm sparrow short lop ear direction with a big knows member when he took out that anti to basically bought a half an hour of television and prime time and blame what's wrong what was it that the tax structure of rio what it was when it was is and end the debt splendid all and spelled it out and z the only one the men and he says these similar you're crazy do it but everybody wants to be present this crazy or what what what i'm saying that as i have been around presidential politics long time study that a lot of ways my group accounts in the harvard busy library so
yeah it's that rake yeah it is vat rate yeah it's terrifying that with this is the freest country the world has ever known and it's it's been fuckin hoodwinked a giant corporations we have been there was a guy i had a source somebody was in a position to know one way in case he had his first briefing as dc i director central intelligence under ronald reagan what have been in january and eighty one he said to that those in the room he said we will know that we have been successful one everything the american people believe is true is false while holy shit now insist amazing that this is sort of been the way governments have done things since the beginning so no one has ever like been straight with people and had it all you know in an area has ever been a culture ever that has been like complete
cool as far as the government go just watch that open amazing movie last night the cove and even in that really was a movie about dolphins how much the japanese government lie to the people about mercury put poisoned yeah more apparently that's what chain smith from vice outcomes telling us about the the knelt down much more of a health issue than the governments letting on what was all that stuff is got but there is and why let's take a quote quote from my rothschild i lose my room was seen iraq under the guy was of the london house said give me control of a nation's currency its money and i care not who passes its laws who governs it it's a relevant the a girl and look at what we're seeing around us what the economic collapse the endless fucking corruption what killed me when all was
down when the bailouts were happening and obama actually had the nerve to say that there was going to limit the bonuses that these guys got to half a million dollars you like as if someone actually talked him in the thinking that damn any sense a regular people the regular people guy goes up again you know how to get his half a mill we have to do does bowling aboard people bailing out the bag with their tax dollars and then some of its ring in the way that the vessel you'll get bonuses what what how could that what it what is that bonus based on those who win in a rigged game gets to iraq obama thanks people believed that he actually killed osama bin fucking latin nobody believes it i don't no i'm not convinced us too i've talked to a military people i don't believe it i'll talk to people that
probably should we talk about an area like this fuckin horseshit we know that guy's been dead for years leyla this will please gaffes fire up you can take action on the floor if you want you michael rumour did i want you to be comfortable i'm pretty impressive smoking because in namibia collapsing psmith probably like a carton in the first ten minutes that the young christmas the director love that film luar effect and i can do the sexy thing at the signal at all what i'm sayin events more doom and gloom if you got at work at genoa while you know if the end world come and when i get cancer to know you go american spirits is actually healthier myself no additives that at all it provokes little known you enjoy cigarettes is five hundred nine different forget things that are added to cigarettes and our government said we're cool but that oh yeah you when i had more one sick where we have cigarettes and cigarettes are pretty addictive but you know
we came up with some way to really fuck with your nero transmitters and make it like super directives that ok we just throw that in their yandah silly evans on behalf of safety to let me yes commercial like the gulfs coming back and other servants shrimp em look at em like their bombs slightness shrimp bomb your way like what is the fuck is in that man i hope it's ok but jesus christ did they fix that all oil problem because i really didn't i new slick i heard the people have seen their slicks you know did they i don't think it's completely daphne i know my good friend matthew cemetery scary a colleague who was had been given the world's largest energy investment banker he's a colleague of mine the peak oil movement for many years he did he died i think i won't say that yet but he died under mr circumstances to me but he knew all about the gulf and as it was a total blow out nodded how bad is destroyed he was telling the truth there
the shaft from deepwater horizon it went down and an what's happened is the whole seabed is now fractured all around it and it's the oil is seeking up and there's no way now there's no way to control at all my god but they ll terrify you i was in new orleans for the first time recently and i really really enjoy what an unusual city where an amazing city really is one of the last few places that has its own true identity you know what we're hang on like what a great place it is that's where i saw cia bringin drugs into the country that's that's where i beg you wear became an eyeball wit to jesus morland novia nor desolate joe and nor does it fun place man that's a fun place it's most like it's another country like you should have a passport to get there it's like you you're going to another country very strange or effect those poor people get hit by that man after katrina and they get hit by that and you know me well
was the ocean them in so much ocean how long does it the sea bed is the issue arrives i voted as well as it'll destroy the food chain because you know if they just stopped what what's got into the ocean the ocean would probably absorb at all because it saw nor well of course they were lying about the quantities i mean yes i had nora was over a hundred thousand barrels a day early on oh it was it was much higher net one other point and that's never been really fixy that's the problem what this old paradigm in fukushima japan is mortally wounded with radiation collapse that my side we have been documented tens hundreds of thousands of times greater levels of radiation released over broader distances caesium there's been a spy mortality in the u s as a result of fukushima thirty five percent i kinda neonatal mortality right after fukushima in japan here here pacific northwest francisco north
and and and and japan is mortally wounded with radiation in the global food supply is now contaminated as a result the caesium plutonium and you know baby food which is found detected the other day with radiation aerial in japan or in a magic hand but that could events easily centre america we bother baby food i hope not so the avonlea fix that is it possible to fix that area that areas is fucked right gonna go to the ground for the next thirty or forty thousand years that's the half life caesium so its decision so yet not its permanently unusable and what their finding is that the birds have have eaten radioactive seeds in their shitting out radioactive pulled oliver up new zealand now oh my god and so that's a mortal wound to the global economy oh yeah that's what we do a collapse at collapse that i bring
stop all together so we can get a real picture of how bad things really are is it safe to say that collapsed that is the last place you should go if you thinking about getting some sleep it's like eleven o clock at night blackmail users should check online see what's going on when we hit the collapse in the face of sweating and making coffee at five a m if you go to a website you immediately see this poor sad guy stock market watches have sex what we become knots melt is the like we're with a place where occupy around the world goes to find out what the fuck is going on we're clearing house were really trustworthy useful information right right now i'm real tight with the occupy folks in i'm i'm an occupier wasn't santa rosa owen and i am deeply the fact is that the next civilization just you know this is one of things and i'm hearing from people that lately the occupy folks is not just at the standard we want these motherfuckers out
there there are saying we can all live together here we can grow our own shit we could you know we could form a community just take this somewhere else that's what i peering now that you never used here before it's like everybody wants to open up their own waco comprehend everybody's ready to do it on their own don't insult me then the bad not i mean that anyone know what waco could have been haven't even say that where we could have been but the idea behind it have a community will not wake up why is it always go bad men how come no caught leader can come along and actually make about ass called never but it's cool each other you know all those people waco murdered yes elsa yes now those horrendous what was the rules of engagement of the document or the it shows you damn fuckin with flame throwers shooting into these people's houses they crushed people inside their houses ran over him with tanks that place on fire suit that that that's that's it to me this you can avoid that we ve been watching all these crimes taken place right in front of us
all our lives man i mean two thousand election was stolen right in front of our eyes and do anything that's it that's that's been you know carry a lot of rage over the first five years i been doing this but what am i just angers if if only listened him to mean thirty years ago might not have if you'd listen to around contra people if you'd listen to you know the protest movements my levin if you to listen to two did too thousand and three invasion of nobody this country never mustered the will to call the crimes out when they saw him because they were there for everybody to see and now we're all gonna go with you of course know that happened in the course that happened in it's amazing how this is all predicted by the founding fathers
they knew that everything was going slippery and things gonna get where the fact that benjamin frank frank and was the one who said he who choose security over the liberty deserves neither they they do understand it's amazing that they figured out but you back then if it if you go especially if i am a big fan of tom jefferson who said you need a revolution every generation damn you do share everything up start all over again and europe can we just run became this mother fucker does not get along why can we not just get along how about these countries run in the world's get the shit together without us having though what you don't rise up can't you guys of all they have to die off right the older ones are gonna have died there just wait he said in their ways the people they were willing to call waco and actually have that happen they didn't stand the impact of the media because hadn't really become apparent yellow they didn't they thought they were gonna get away with business as usual because i come from a long career of doing that and that is how to get shit done they didn't think that there is going to be of
the au camera there was gonna take film footage of it make it into a documentary explain everything it show in slow motion in great detail that has never been done before but it's done once you once you do that's actually the point for the way media and and all this gear has been useful in the occupy movement around the world i mean that anonymous is out there kickin ass right now you know in an insult this this is a dimension which i think is a fucking movies whereas yes it's a movie menaces great action film right now crazy shit go indonesia's fever vendetta sequel on on the world news desk i analyze like to utter stories a day four hundred and fifty stories a day and weeds that's how we bring the new small over the works really good stories but i'm watch and some others shit happening i'm goin the fucking popcorn i mean it's like i can't believe some of the crazy stuff i'm saying
where's it all going end does it is it is you're a real avi you ve been really good at predicting a lot shit man you u predicted like much every single big economic event that happened you you were on that before you were right with peter schiff europe you are predicting that stuff like way back and where would you see now when you looking at it now what where do you see it end when you're prediction for how it ends ok war or rather comes to once again where we are right now we are right now is like the mega end to climax at the end of active ok the global economy is imploding right now europe is dead and there's one point four quell quadrillion dollars in derivatives out there that our imploding because money life like i said in the movie that's exactly what i think that's exactly the point i was out of this world this spooky anyway money
you can't has no power money only has power because of energy and resources ok and you can in an infinite amount of money but we live on a finite planet and we're running out of all the stuff that makes that money have any power the money itself has no power and that's the big adjustment that's that civilization as is collapsing there are six billion people living here now only because of cheap energy and our population is gone straight like that since the discovery of oil and it always go like that crashes and that's where on the cusp of the crash now you see think we're gonna cost not have not just an economic collapse but by a large does everything what is mean how you gonna get rid of that many people well need to see you can let let all the radiation out of fukushima you can let all the oil out of the gulf
you can let down billions of tons of methane there is now being released from the earth tundra in arctic siberia its catastrophic event for road to a tipping point we destroy the environment is well that's gonna kill a lot of people there are ten calories of hydrocarbon energy in every calorie of food consumed in the industrialized world the energy go away an end the topsoil used to grow food honest nothing but does it sponge on on which they pour chemicals made from oil and natural gas so people go starved to death holy shit so it should have never got this crazy in the first place we are way ahead of ourselves technology got far enough ahead that we could support gigantic groups of people and we sort of like bought a car on credit as i remind please do i want on standby the people do this the people have run the infinite growth monetary paradigm system which did
to identify now i would say would be the owners of the federal reserve of international settlements in the city of london let's start there those they ve known that this outcome was coming for a long time they are there at their engineering and they are making money from this now the sick bastards are deliberately letting things crash alive engineered to their profiting from it and then when it crashes what happens and if we mean do does does it crashed her point where money is useless and we start all over again or crashes to the point where we have a thermal nuclear war that we're on the cusp of right now over an invasion of around four bullshit reasons regime change in syria which will bring in china immediately on iran's side at a formal nuclear conflict wicked blower ourselves to smithereens why are we doing why we even thinking about doing the parable of the scorpion and eternal ok jesus paper
i use it all there are you not now ok they're scorpions dick not that's all they know how to do make money on the way up make money on the way down at eight this is pure evil because they know what the outcome of this says they know that the outcome of their actions would be either through climate to kill all life on this planet which is well under way we're having massive mass extinctions now run it economically into the ground polluted blow everything up they're doing all of that and for those are unaware of the parable of the scorpion the toads the scorpion ass the toad to give him right across the water and the toads as i can you're still me and kill me cuz why would i do that it is vital that we would be drowned say goes ok it gives them a ride and in the middle of the water the scorpion stings him and he's
the die and this is what the fuck the scorpion says it's in my nature almost murphy doesn't the scorpion diana yes that's the point of this pair you know that it's ridiculous but it is what's going down right i mean no one thinks of this can go on for ever do they think that they can just ride the the asteroid before impact and die like brave right before everything falls apart they like eight thousand and ninety two really not going to make it to twenty twenty or whenever it is is there are facts its most be two thousand toil and according to the mines would they could even predict their own demise of silly boys lou vassili feeble there's a lot of privacy is that article no better lining up coincidentally and i must say and i agree with the homage attack it well you know i think it's really fascinating that to think that there could have been alternate paths for intelligence you know that led the path that western civilization went on with our interpretation of reality in our construction methods and
the different things that though the way that we have expressed our attack our intelligence that it could very well be in its been proven to have been in egypt and in the minds and that there was a there was an incredibly brilliant society had operated very very different than ours amazing different way to think while one group part of the world was thinking about something else they were set constellations and building these amazing stone structures that really are are mind boggling them and then when they find out there's thousands of them still undiscovered in mexico and south america that they're just trees grew over them but there was a great culture down there and amazing culture completely alien to what exists right now but you and they operated on different operating system i mean as you were saying that i was having visions of a first nations of native americans having really essentially per
affected their religion in that they lived in it in a very balanced way with their environment and but the different operating system it it it's like a different vibration inside completely in its it did have you ever done any psychedelic sort of thing like tat but where'd you go dm t trip or some right you know you see other dimensions you become so much more aware of other realities and other truths really what i think what's happening now as as the old the infinite growth paradigm is dying is obviously dying i mean anybody can't see the collapse of human industrial civilization now needs be darwinian lay dislike it i mean is how do we get through this do you get this without a die offer it has to be there has to be a dialogue i think that the the way we get through this first of all to realise that there is no we the words for all seven billion of us up cut out throughout the world and build up a fence
and not not that either what what what you have to do is form your own communities of of of of people who have the same consciousness and you can the big city where i live in western county is still rife with that what we're like one of those what one of the test bed for that so a lot of heavy pussy so yeah yeah a port manner get began ever some sort of a call you gotta have hot hippos near enough for you to start yon civilization and the woods can't do we just dude yes it's gonna get bore a year end and there really is a lot to be said for being very in touch with with nature and the rhythms of the planet because they get once you become aware of them some there very central and they're very once you really start to plug into an and connect with some of the life that gaza but most people in the world don't have any clue about yeah it would be nice if we could all like break off into like minded groups of really nice people she would guarantee that your community would just be really fucking cool you know
you go issues everybody's had a few mushroom trips now people like to do yeah don't fuck with that until you that areas exacts right we it so difficult to get that we were so many human beings now when you fly over cities do do you ever look out in amazement and what a crazy structure like los angeles really truly as me the lights like when you flew in a flying at night night i we we drove out but i have flown in dalai ridiculous monterrey in times like a lion at night i rarely flying at night but i did recently and flying and you see it you like how is not science fiction how is this not some z blade rudder fucking movie just the way it looks well i never this joint grid of artificial light mother earth so amazing yes it's a good so it's so is such a thing that we take for granted you're my friend larry larry others and the hollywood hills and you would look
out at night and i nevertheless likewise if we want to live the hollywood hills for conclusions up there it should what else flocking vision that view is the view of the los angeles skyline at night like it doesn't look good the day in day just looking down at light gray shit pollution but at night time you're seeing this creed electronic tron grid yes you know admits really amazing aids we notes we don't see it because we're down in it in a part of it right but what a bizarre thing we ve created well ill part of that is it is also its unnatural in other words that those elections of lights definitely shouldn't be here in southern california because there's no water here deal we also have a theory that it's bad for our consciousness to have these things at night because we were not allowed to see the stars then we're not able to see riders i think that's not good for people i think people i think couple stars in the sky those are too straps
the moon i go there is my friend the moon aims to him than did the image the story nights in the brass go when you're driving on the highway use pull over the car and you open the door and look up the holy shit get out of the car get car and look at this and you lying on the hoodie your fuckin car for hours just staring up at the goddamn milky way we don't get to see that we don't get to see that because we want to keep everything lit up at night and because of that you you don't yet that humility while argument that realisation and you're in front of the infinite but your experiencing an impossible vision canadian incredible beauty connected here and we end we ve started feisty for street lights for street lights we sacrifice the most incredible thing you can ever see and very few people ever get to see it in its right above your head you don't get does it you just don't you don't get it it for what it really is an old story it's me from john done it was it was some early christian monk story about
who was riding around on and on and on an ass all day a donkey looking for a donkey in other words it's like i'm too to find god i'm trying to find god and you and your swimming at it but you just not aware of it and it's that fifth unconscious now and i'll get seven billion people on the planet so not our boys gonna get to do this in this is worse than gives really hair isn't every seven says ugly that we're gonna have to give you win moving on i want to die in a lot of work it lay by but death is inevitable but without law that's a big number them saws somebody people do you believe in the georgia guides don't believe should really be five hundred million on the whole planet i believe that there is a balance that can be achieved that's probably much greater than that if if mankind water live with perma culture i wouldn't
we need more than five hundred million replied off to animals i dont think we're gonna get to choose what the numbers gonna i think that the way we are right now it's animals it's very rare than animal tat you think this is a perfect place to be the animals we set off to suck my dick guide girl animals a month and affords us out their dominated to the point where we do have to worry about them eating our children right there i think that's good because this is a rare point in history people of sort of four not in that at one point in time just thousand years your fuckin bowing to the eye everywhere you weren't you could engaddi you know everybody when you just animal wild animals everywhere fifty thousand years ago there was fuckin safer who tigers are still around you know but there's there was always a balanced humans rose to a population of two or three million stay there for a long estimated five million by it was stable for more than well more than a thousand years at like a billion people on the planet it was about
but even ass we were still over using resources we were still chopping down all the forests in europe because all of the sea all these all the colonial expansion was defined more resources to consume we reach end of the planet you know there's no more places to go discover to get more stuff so how do you stop people from breeding because kids are awesome i love it's like my favorite things in life is that that part of the problem i mean it can't be it can't be one or two people mean that you make way with no real problem is a lack of resources light the real problem is it possible that there could be some sort of a scientific discovery some something the changes the game as far as the whig weaken we can harm energy that could pass we pull us in a more positive direction than a complete total collapse no ex some service get in no nothing is possible of fact peer well
there there now you should have a t shirt and soda you website though i was were far vote that would be great i think i want to put on the backside there are about one billion internal combustion powered vehicles on the planet than one billion they all run on oil ok and it took on told tens of thousands of gallons of oil to make the vehicle you gotta mind your you gotta melted you got a formula paints a royal plastic is oral lot of lava so it took all the oil to make that so even if some new technology appeared today you couldn't plug it into any internal combustion powered vehicle and make it work the seven gowns and oil in every retire yet how much gowns of oil are there and electric cars it depends on how big the koreas i mean you know there's there's must be yeah i mean is it's impossible to make a car without using oil yeah
possible i will end even electric car you have an enlarged carl yourself towards world conflict minerals that are power you batteries electricity is the an energy source electricity has to be generated out eu generated by burning oil by burning coal burning natural gas or a nuclear reactor jesus christ ok so electricity is no ads still has to be generated and most of our electricity in the u s is natural gas corridor addicted to electricity and once we go electricity there we multiplied like rats electricity is the life blood of human industrial civilization refrigerator on kittv run it keeps credit card circulating it keeps you guys own right aren't you don t know christy no economy yeah that's amazing yet it's amazing what oh what a mess i mean that that big black out down down here does san diego and bobo that was a bucket of cold water in the face because that was real panic that was a multi stake though you're gonna be in the yeah those are gonna becoming an event you're gonna be permanent
the power will be coming back on it isn't there will keep the power on civil dude like fridge rated food like gotta be a way out of now help us help those who want to be helped and it in the movie i'll have to live in the woods no no staff the woods in the movie i told the story about campers an attack by a bare yes now if if you're in a camp and big bear attacks the camp you do not have to be faster than the bear you only have to be faster than the slowest camper that's the lesson for everybody here becomes aware of collapse the slope hampers the zombies as we call them we're gonna be out there zombies until the last minute you know when nothing is working anymore and people are starving to death and they're gonna go so we'll gee i don't understand this is gonna come back any second the fashion
campers the ones worthy of darwinian selection hat there are tens of millions of us around the world already movie local food production first and foremost start growing food wherever you are right now and at bed but than building communities and disengaging from that paradigm so those are the people who are gonna make it you know and in some areas in some regions won't but patsy i get to see this all over the world as a result a collapse i gotta do you have to be somewhere where you're not gonna need a car gratis melanin issue and eventually we're gonna run an oil right yet i close well no they're always be oil in ground mean gasoline now
like what ya think when do you think it'll be an issue where you want we all get gas that is something you for saying it's an issue in this country right now we ve had massive fuel shortages diesel shortages that of paralyzed does easel for the upper mid west canada really yeah and is happening all over the world right now you don't see it we have we bring the stories on collapse net johannesburg south africa gas station shut down india pakistan falling apart because they can't get the oil so it did that's a problem it's gonna get worse and worse nor is it will be like turning us what you have oil one day in gas one no gas the next day it becomes harder to get etc etc why is gas cheaper though right now than it was like say three years ago but that's a result also of the fact that the economy is much slower ninety six percent correlation between greenhouse gas emission and gdp growth you don't grow the economy without burning oil and natural gas
so there is less demand now so about it but when when bush was leaving office though had they get away with jacking the gas with a fuckin roof because it was almost like it was i also heard like the rolling stones play who like playing in the back or why they would join it doesn't it seem like like you know they were they were going out the blaze a drawer least e g francis for cobbler movie i mean i mean at the end of it was like dejected up like five dollars a gown and if that is what the fine work people will they couldn't dr themselves to work it get to be a real plan that was a direct product i mean if it wasn't george bush dick cheney aura hank paul somebody like that flipping assuage saying ok we're gonna put gas at five bucks now it was a superheated economy we were growing then at the end of thousand seven we were at and so the faster you grow the more energy you can so again but you your point as a result of peak oil where you need more cheap oil than you can find
you ve eaten all low hanging fruit you found all the cheap oil it's not inexhaustible deepwater rising as a result of us being desperate to go out and get oil it's more and more expensive to get so the and we got so hot that the prices spike because that was what demand was doing at the time that was some minor stuff respect but its fundamentally peak oil one forty seven a barrel oils what shut shut us down a two thousand eight and we're just about to hit another place right now with oil at a hundred hundred and five that's gonna shudder thing down because people are so much more broke than they were in two thousand eight and we're looking at them civil attack on a ran we're lookin at saudi arabia possibly collapsing iraq's now and civil war just a week after we pulled our troops out yes and then saying yes oh yes he's gettin bitch slapped around the world they are iraq thing is insane mean there they took a day they fell apart like immediately like from the get go actually on the same day that the
ass the u s troops left iraq normality had had a delegation fly to syria the two debates this debate with the resident al side because the u s is trying to overthrow isaak as he's an ally of ran and and i'll molecule you're the shi ite was starting to side with syria so the u s united and israel have been very intent on attacking iran which is it stupid suicidal move i mean no it'll kill office because not the world can do without oil and that'll shut the gulf and china will bagged it's ugly those what's the motivation for this was the motivation to invade iraq oil to control the oil in the end because iran is truly a regional power that can threaten you s western control of the region but what's happening now as the western economies fail right europe is toast and and and and economies in the shooter and get much worse all time
china and what has been growing faster but china is now starting to fall apart but china is is is more of an economic powerhouse than we are now so that people have the oil will go to those can pay more for china so when i look at us invading around it what what what what freaks me out is that seems like that's a real country now then i ran using a real country but it was run by a dictator is run by a guy who was in argued completely fucked up we put him in power who is an evil man had evil children need just as it was a fuckin mass and then you ok we're in afghanistan won't sort of a crazy situation afghanistan there's a bunch of warlords running the country is really only one city it's kabul in its own right unusual place you know it's like it's almost like there is no government anywhere and eighty your ninety percent of the world's opiate here and then all of a sudden you talk about a ran like ok i ran is a real country
now you're you're dealing with us here to power a right in the head yeah this is this is like we ve stepped out of the ok we're just going after a banana republic fuck countries that are run by crazy dude and you know how we have no power who obviously humiliated by us just a decade earlier you one of the biggest difference between iran and iraq iran has had those same borders said the time of the vote these shoes two thousand years bc ok been iran's borders the borders of iraq were drawn by winston churchill with a pen or a pencil in ten twenty one after the end of world war one and iraq was was ron is all she a muslim it's all homogeneous people iraq is soon is she is kurds they ve got some hashemite and so iraq
really shouldn't be a country nature wouldn't have made it a country it was politically drawn that way and that's a big weakness for iraq and a big strength for iran people sort of felt something in that like when we entered our brok like here it's it's a that place already it's really a good idea to get rid of this guy no matter what you think about going iraq it's like you we know that this guy's crazy we know that even if you really does have nuclear power we are fucked then of course adam was saying had absolutely nothing to do with nine eleven he had no weapons of mass destruction survey had no chemical agents and yeah that's the same shit bloody barack obama's trying to stuff down our throats right now with our ran exactly that's the button the pockets and that's the bullshit button i referenda dmitri orloff he's russian he survived the collapse of the right bronchitis good front he calls it the hum of it's the moment when in the in the old soviet union when everybody went
its collapsed it's not work it's not credible nobody believes it and run paul is bringing that aha moment in a like the emperor's nuke when everybody this country real looks at every other sane person in this country and that day christ this is all corrupt crooked we're not an all of a sudden we all see it think another country's gonna get some sort of a nuclear power and it's going to become an issue do you think that's what's gonna happen to us now that means that is the only argument whatsoever about suppressing other nations the only argument that that's like yeah we got nuclear power but here what else can have it is it's fucked up we used at once we feel real bad about it but we don't trust you with it i mean the idea that you would want to stop all these bad guys from creating nuclear power and nuclear and non nuclear power but nuclear weapon is something it's a consideration if you you're dealing with a really volatile country in the first place i think our our biggest concern now is that some other nation getting because it
enormously expensive energy intensive to enrich uranium and and to make the warheads believe me i've looked when i come the background i come from when i had the glaring when i was living with my parents so i don't think we need to worry about anybody learning how to do it or making knew what we ve got is hundreds of thousands of nuclear there are already on what that are already there we ve got it there's so we should be worried about iran we should we worry about the shit that lose missing in the soviet or we would have had we just put up historian collapse that it was from a japanese paper max may remember but it was a japan japanese paper that there's like some hundred pounds of enriched uranium that are missing from who sheila this stuff is swimming all over the world right now enriched uranium if you
my memory is that enrich i products who told him anyone enriched uranium is like that's the stuff the day they the area the issues with weapons and gulf worsen from right away now that is aimed at o deleted you related irradiated that's never enriched uranium is it is is iranian nuclear weapons grade that you process with with heavy water was centrifuges with in various ways to concentrate the adams of its other you two thirty five were to be you to thirty eight that give you the energy it's like packing the punch to enrich it to make it crystal so that in a reactor you when you're polaroid create the heat because all a nuclear reactor really is is a boiling water pot einstein look look at the first nuclear reactors it's a hell of a way to boil water and that's where all the energy comes from out of every nuclear plant it's just boiling water and steam while now
it must have already been now they just now that is a nuclear reactor and they figure somehow another they get that into an electricity line or something you know domain of in the the divide it is look at it that way like while it's pretty crazy primitive let us not a fucking animal human beings letting atmosphere for our own power and when the we know when they shut off early lino get hit by the tsunami well here's the catch as collapse proceed as this as it gets worse as nations you know we're seeing sovereign debt governments going bankrupt tat goes going bankrupt japan's gonna nationalized but japan's got a bigger debt than anybody else etc etc as collapse proceeds are our ability to deal with focus shimon like events is going to diminish during one of resource therefore hundred and fifty nuclear reactors in the world that are running and if we don't shut him down and co the proceeds there
kill everything anyway how the fact and we get this screwed up so quickly very stupid to making amazing what an impact just last few hundred years humans have had on the earth now think about how innocuous we were for the first million years of our existence in the land couple of years we just like a firecracker with a long fuse that that last couple hundred years was energy that's when we discovered the energy to maize and coal oil is why can't we see what we're doing what it what what kind of a weird thing our people where they have an amazing ability to control all their environment and to influence their environment and we can't for whatever reason we can't feel what we're doing bad the environment it's almost like we have much more power and much more ability than we have the natural ability to to
perceive the impact of this power that is almost like what yeah the disconnect that's that's that's what happened it's what israel when when the devil whoever it was wrote that into genesis wanting god saying i give you dominion over this earth nazi we are not god it's in a mad scrambled to figure it out is that what it is i mean do you think that the way humans have to evolve at it incredibly rapid pace like sociologically are consciously to test it try to catch up with the technology that following around us it's almost like this mad scramble is in place it almost has to be in place just to keep up with where we're technology is going on all that i gave a speech in grass valley let's upon the collapse that website speech was gone bertha post petroleum human coined the line and that i said we the people of the post of the new consciousness will live
the spaces between the ones and zeros of cartesian tyranny that's pretty bad where they can get us spin homer card and and but that's what this is u notices businesslike car asian tyranny it is like somebody somebody hidden the crack pipe you know just to two seconds before they die and they weigh eight pounds you know it's it's insane because its supremely arrogant ones and zeros can't measure heart and soul but you it does fighting does and there's no that's not a woman zero thing it's something that exists outside of that of those measurements and those controls and that's really what i think the occupy movement is really exemplify
really what so they feel victimized by ones and zeros and the manipulation and corruption of the system that manages the ones and zeros creaming out from the visceral part of their there from the mine from the instinct its telling them this is a fuckin mass so when that woman's is or will they say what are you occupied says everything that's it saying that the occupy people sort of like white blood cells gathering around illness and they don't even know what they're gonna do with it but there gathered around all the six spots there was a reason why an i got i got deeply involved in when i saw the violence and i've been an activist i know a lot of veterans lenore special forces and seals when i saw oakland oh i saw that do all the unforgivable violence was a goods carried in the city i was i was i was as sick as i was when i saw the rodney king beat have you know i was just sick to my heart
but so were many of us and when more thomas did is that your mom's been a guest on my radio show i look what he's wakeful is he he's having a hard time dealing what a celebrity i said get used to it but there were so many of us at so many levels who stepped up because we were totally offended by that occupy was threatening and the reason occupy threatened and there was the homeland sick ready coordinated the shutdown of all the city we have done a collapse in it we threaten them the tent was so such a powerful symbol because you ve never seen a fuckin mortgage on attempts have you its freedom that's the symbol and in the space that was created and in it in my spirituality it's very important degraded and hold a sacred space where the magic can happen the occupied spaces there was such magic happening people were connecting and people were way
and up to each other and the learning curve was go and self yell catalyst the mass winners and people were just figure and shit out one of the four things that nypd took out his car park was the library they had to get into through all the books away and all my books are in there yeah they took him right to a dumpster and disposed of it because people would just be in the library the entire time until life people were come people were unplugging from the matrix sober with a gorilla library just because they were using it they were hang out there like what with it why would they closed the labyrinth or all the books or why did hitler burn the books really means so that they there they are worried that though that's where the guy get other information from does this library but what then or is it just a place to hang out there trying to eliminate or what it's a game isn't the cylinders this is us it's a big science that you know in mass psychology when you reach a certain percentage of the people seven percent solution whatever it is all of a sudden everybody starts getting that
what they were afraid of so they closed the library they didn't closet they then they threw the books the way they did the equivalent of burning the books they disposed of wow tat it was there were a couple thousand bucks noses anybody can really rationalize that being a good idea that's amaze well raising like you know and that's gonna think this nba thing drive me crazy andy a national defence authorization act word there proposing that they can just rest people they don't have to have a warrant they just have to have an idea that somehow another euro threat to america and they can definitely suspend you and they won't do it is a good i don't worry it's just just in case but now you can have
thinking it's crazy you it's crazy that has gone into the boy we're anybody would even consider saying yes to say no in japan they can just arrest you for twenty nine days and in those twenty nine days they can torture you and most of the time they'll get people to like say things in right things off and then they'll prosecutor completely wow it's a main it's written in the u s constitution in the bill of rights congress shall pass no law both freedom of speech everything else ok the bill of rights congress has just passed a law that by later the constitution and the president wants it and and he hasn't find it because we made bloody wrong still hasn't as far as i can tell day is a huge outline what is through the twenty fifth twenty seven seventh nowadays december so yeah so so yet he probably will as expressed we mean he said he would veto it initially ray a long time ago
i don't think so that i've heard i'm expecting and beside it might read somewhere that when it was first being proposed to be more worried if they got through the santa because the present teddy with veto you think it's possible a president lies so just so shocking that they would literally change when america is the whole idea of miracle is land of the free home of the brave with liberty and justice for all that much like the founding principles of this great experiment liberty and justice knows words are so fuckin important because people understand that they are its idea of security being more important is absolutely fucking crazy because guess what you we're pretty goddamn secure you if you feel like you feel bad if you feel like there the enemies all around you and terrorism is everywhere you it's not it's not there's a few isolated examples and then using those isolate examples to fuck you and
control you complete hat down seven year old girls in the airport make you stand where your weeny hang in the x ray machine i listen i'm i'm all for them doing you know airport security the right way and i think it's a good idea to smaller did have caught some people doing them but when you re give but power whether people i seen people the airport they may be just had a bad day or maybe they were tired of weather but i mean i've seen them talk to people they're kind of shit you do in real short term and i've seen the opposite i've seen people at the ts editor real friendly and real cool and whenever you have that possibility that a human beings day and emotions and that factors into how someone is a interrogated or someone is is handled going through the airport that someone could use a bad mood be shortened snipy nelson's that shouldn't be even in the equation that shouldn't be something that people have to deal with when it comes to security none of that social really equation anyway it should if it if it anything it should be something nice and simple you know you know just that
listening now that it's that train that's getting you used to being fucked with and so in so terrifying tim too you know to think that it's possible that there's people out there that would allow things to happen just to tighten down security now they would allow things that they knew could possibly be taken place let it happen that way once it does will tighten up this in this impasse immediately and then we'll just that right in the back door and no one's going to say or less they make you know nice businesses unless government contracts for people lower than what you other money gets laundered through all the guys i mean it's it's sick the whole thing is the world is governed by organised crime and if you think about a man can you pointed any government anywhere in the world that you think is doing a good job that its people are going yeah my governments really taken care of me now because they're all run by the banks gangsters did jane is the most obvious of all time right see the most obvious well
that's aside from getting to the owners of the fed the bank for international settlements city of london finding out who those financial powers that be dick nick those who die the top of the food chains that's the eye and end the innocent shadow government we're going to find out more and more about who they are less as things deteriorate but dick dick cheney is is far what far and away the most evil senior nature i have ever seen in my life that's gonna want one crossing the rubicon about with a lot of other things but he was a gangster like i shot his friend in the face french apologized now that's a gangster you get he was so terrify a guy who made a living the hand of a company that fixes shit after we blow it up and then he it's an office and blow shit up and then makes a fuck loan a money fixing i killed thirty two hundred americans and i say it in my book crossing the rubicon proves it dick cheney was the masterminded executed september eleventh i'll make it
court the books in the harvard business library so you believe that he actually engineered it it's not that they allowed nile a man at him he commanded it and this too in order to get people excited about going to war with iraq have whatever power we wanted and he was now is fully aware a peak oil iraq the second largest oil reserves on the planet so the only way to do that was to allow planes or no hear you're saying that he didn't even know he didn't allow it that he was a part of engineering it that he was a party he literally said this is what we're gonna do we're gonna take some airlines we're gonna fly when these bill s did people fly those planes that trust people to fly those plans with relish level flown by remote control remote draw again like a government or family that the tec what do you think all these drones are flying around us and and that acknowledges but has been extent with commercial airliners and in
modern avionics for quite some time now do you are you in the school it believes that the buildings were also rigged implode i'm schizophrenia on that ok because i died i dont believe the planes put caused the buildings to crash from what i have said throughout the course of my career i finish right ruby canada for was that wouldn't touch it because you couldn't proven court the book that i wrote is legally admissible in court there's a chain of evidence chain of evidence what the buildings you can't prove it in court and honest i'm still a good cop on the street i'd like to see somebody's ask go to jail for this so i want when i my case i built it from the framework of can i get this into court you can't get building collapse into corcoran there's no change a study on the evidence from the day of september eleventh until now
why wouldn't wonder how you would possibly prove it unless you built something just like it had the same thing happen to it how could you really prove that's the mistake in this respect mean if you did something happen like that was unexpected event and it caused the building the colossus nobody anticipated a mean that obviously there was some engineering involved in the construction of those buildings like series engineering will obviously that an engineering wasn't up to pour wasn't what it should have been should there be some sort of a lawsuit about that mission shouldn t we freaking out like hey how come he has built this thing take an airplane hit and it can take a fuckin airplane that's assuming that that that the court system is honest to which i don't but again billiards a dispute is or any other way to prove that a plain hitting a building wouldn't take its than they were that that that that's what's called in the intelligence business that's that's called a red herring
call denisha the answer to which takes you completely away from the fact that i prove without arguing building collapse at the us government did execute the attacks of nine slash eleven what was the number one thing if you could if you could explain that there's a lot of people they would never believe that anybody in the position of government would ever do anything like that anything similar to that accept anyone who is at the head of this power in knighted states of america the greatest country in the world so what is a number one piece this was this was a piece of work that i did rubicon is that i think the second or third largest selling about nine eleven really fundamental over there u s government can admit that i exist that's a separate story will get their later but my original work led me to i come from an air force family my father was decorated aviator he was in the sector fourth fighter interceptor squadron in maine the korean war waiting for the russians to come over the pole he was a radar intercept officer so out i grew up
familiar with nor added scramble procedures in and and and at how work attacks took place i sell a second plain here i said something totally wrong that could never happen that might have been shot down a long time ago that that's what it was set up for but on the day how would we must have time was it was less than an hour between the two planes of forty eight minute something like that but on on the day of september eleventh what you backtrack a little bit in may of two thousand one george bush gave control of all war games exercises in the country to dick cheney ever been heard of before he also good nor at scramble procedures were rewritten before it acts of nine eleven but on the day september the eleventh i discovered and i have the the evidence in the book including on the record email from an air force major don areas at first air force in tyndall air force base and there were war games exercises that were scheduled now normally the northeast air defence sector angie air national guard pilot debtors like you know
fifty sixty planes available in all the states in need but there were work aimed exercises the dick cheney has scheduled that set like eighty percent of the fighters from north air defence sector to alaska canada and greenland for war games exercises on the day of september eleventh guardian vigilant warrior northern did get there all in the book and i have the records of olive and who made that call dick cheney dick cheney made ok so now you have no fighters but the net that there was one war game exercise vigilant guardian i believe it was that injected twenty four false radar polyps onto the screens of the northeast air defence sector as the hijackings took place now picture you air traffic controller look at your screen right you gotta jack alert bowman and you this war game exercise and you cannot pick the hijack out of the twenty four false blips
now you ve only got eight fighters left in the north it northeast air defence sector they have to fly in pairs you gotta have a wing man how traumatic do you think so you can i'm sorry about that that's so that our peace together how it was on the plains were easily found by remote control i believe in new york city the remote control was operating out of double seven which is why they had to destroy diabetes ie seven while they had already had remote control plans in the sixties fifties yet behaviour explain like the stewardess how would explain all the people on examining a doubt like if if the stewardess for like getting the plane ready they open up the cockpit teddy rucks been was sitting there my cable i think i will you do it is that the pilots longer have control the plain its right the pilots are in the plane they start take off and then they switched off by remote control the thing by computer and then their fucked we work that will one built in four for a couple decade learn from rosy when i was part of operation northwood they are proposing doing that to blow up a jet airliner and blame it on the cubans arrogant sale
people died and their discontent relocate people and then got going back my family history my mother workin the most sacred section of of army security agency the japanese coat we had the japanese goats and roosevelt knew the japanese we're going to attack and let it happen girls working in the white house as i did a long time ago and she she worked she sits how to deal with a navy intelligence or something i forgot what it was but she entered something into a computer to use some sort of a code word that you wasn't supposed to use she were tried typed in little green men under some sort of a data search and all these people came to her and he sat down and brought her to her room ask her what the fuck she was doing and while she was looking into that and really spoke to her she did it as a joke should be silly you know and then a young girl and they ate there like at the fuck you think you're doing what are you looking for hooker yeah you know yeah
terrifying listen those guys around the world it is amazing that had happened i mean it's it's amazing that you know you look back and teddy roosevelt you look back and eisenhower and you know you you feel it that's a real goddamn president that's the press commander in chief looking at the people with leadership and trying to move us forward and adapt the guy i mean look what when one when he laughed and he's some talking about the military industry bucks a warning people but the dangers we could you imagine a speech like that today everyone's bought and paid for no one would ever do that kind of speech argue states of amerika what mortally wounded on the phone november 22nd one thousand nine hundred and sixty three but the coup de gras was administered with the assassinations of martin luther king and bobby kennedy in nineteen sixty eight now his wife then and i have some connections to bobby kennedy as a region my merci eyes i was only a sophomore in high school but
lapd handle that and i was groomed by the same people and lapd who had done the bobby kennedy thing it's there answer on did not shoot bobby kennedy who sorry didn't have the cia had from start to finish jesus christ souls answer on was just what a set up a patsy he would hear oliver stone he was he was hip no programme there are very heavy and in the research with the lsd and and hypnosis to produce so they talked him in hu it somehow another would lsd with the wealth that there were that good at that while not lawyers bluff use just watch touch you'd never but it's true psychological butchery you know that there are record dull existing from the lapd files i have some showing that the kindest he had lots of drawings and scripts they planted ideas but they planted in him a hypnotic trigger and that what does the mentoring candidate exactly that's real they really do absolutely it superficially
things cannot go kill a guy was run for president thank you wouldn't want some more on price they murdered they murdered paul well stone i you know senator paul well stone and i did get a big thing on that from the wilderness yeah they kill people all the time the strange death evinced fosters a great one yet so many of them that i read that book a long time ago and member too much of it do you remember like have my jaw halfway hand off my face affable lot tough fight they find this guy osborne is missing got shot somewhere else brought to this one spot guns his hand would you never find when someone self administers gunshot wound that fucking their hands your hands are flying gunderson again you don't have a fucking gun i handled homicide your hand she did right i was at a when we saw that the vince foster thing was elegant a huge absolute wash it but then would again so many of us had i want to think that the clinton administration we came or something like that though we want to think that
where the evil bush administration of dick cheney if could do it bill mail i want to get it sticks i was i was i would urge on bill forever is a drug deal and murderous son of a bitch scare arc and the only state it ever in the history of the united states that was that had bearer bonds because it was laundering so much cocaine money what is bear bonds bearer bonds and other european their bonds it you can walk into any large in the world and redeem right therefore cash woe god so they just met they let that be illegals because they were trying to get rid of the cocoa butter nobody was on the same side that's an amazing story provoke suited there's a documentary on africa the document horribly was an age when those any shows bury seals mina arkansas amazing story and that guy became the president we think he's working on them
when there were everybody wants to bring him back this is a really funny story one of that one of the first words i broke it from the wilderness and end when there was a letter i have rate and a half years we are finally was breaking the potomac cover up my computer's got smash for that my got poison while the early stories we broke bury seal used to own a beach craft king here two hundred to really cool plain turbo charge to engines you know high t tail pressurized it's it's a rolls royce plant and and i got a tip and the same plain that very seal owned was george w bush is planes to texas state plain when he was governor he was used as governor bury seals airplane and i broke the story and ap came and picked it up for me wholly schroeder's picket i won't didn't happen really recently as well i guess c i a jet that had been the guantanamo bay at least twice crash in mexico with four tons of cocaine and we have to start yes
that was a true story that goes back to air america back to the old flying tigers and nationals in the common tang nobody wants to believe this you use that what you're saying right now not only by law the leaves and everybody now but there's a lot of people out there especially folks and we may be in the fifties that have had like a normal job and go accusing the weekends and they go to church they don't everyone i like think too far outside the bar where you're saying is so fuckin far outside the box that there's a lot of people that are going on now no no no you knew taken too far they didn't didn't cause nine one one profile there would think is then not what's a number one piece of prove to you that dick cheney caused that thought though organs they were all under his control because the i couldn't have been coincidental it couldn't have been that maybe someone new than he was doing his war games so they figured that's a time to attack because you
but they had some inside people in the army that new this and then they leaked the information and they simple but get your mother week during its possible d d has listened to what you were explaining it how like not credible that sounded it sounds ridiculous agri agree but i'm just giving you whatever because i watch mission impossible five the other night my god pretty bad ass up to the end but i'm willing to suspend disbelief in i'm saying what i mean is it is it possible that than that happen or no no way come on you had of the nineteen hijackers i think we know that five it had had receive training at you which airbases mohammed gunter annex two maxwell air force base and we will ever have all that an embodiment of but hold on a second if you think that the planes were taken over remote control do you think that p were hijackers were actually really on the plains and attack the high hackers were on the plains but they were they didn't know or they didn't know that
were twelve i call patsy's who were like sacrificial hijackers they were never meant to live anyway they were on the plains definitely planes were flown by remote control because pilots like i'll has me you're all meet our whoever was spot supposedly flannel the the plan that seven in into the pentagon that's it that's a maneuver like one of the most experienced pilots in the world couldn't make and this was a guy who couldn't get ty engine licence he couldn't get an instrument rate he had no hours it's not possibly nodded maneuvers could have been performed by any of those me sir and i hold some question as to whether mohammed oughta and several of of the ones that weak but i am michel chaucer dusky and some great work was done on the flight trading by daniel harpsichord i've seen early hobbling riot amazing work about the venice flying school and mohammed out to us why circus and all real hard documentation
so i was in love with me and michel chaucer dusky down hop sicker and paul thomson thompson we we were therefore guys who really did mighty per the model that really enlighten me about the argument when it comes to the physics of actually following a plain that the what it was i read that much more difficult to do like physically difficult to do what they are doing by during that it is due by remote control do is physically hard to do because the g force of the turn in everything while i and its also the calculation that you have to understand that when your flight us some five seventy seven six seven and you're coming out of a turn on onto the north tower why you gotta know what you have little you know you ve gotta be good at that that's that's like a formula one race driver drive through a sugar cane holding the perfect line yeah i was thinking that tool it what's a keep that fuckin plane from spinning upside down now this asshole you knows spinning around in circles that what he knows how to do that with a jet agenda
jumbo jet these guys couldn't fly they weren't licences to fly a regular old cessna so people know about her altogether if you had a guess if you said okay this dick cheney and he's he's the guy that you perceive as being the master mind and then there's a bunch of people also have to be in on it because they have to rig these planes with remote control capability and they have to that's already their order nato to stand down the other half did they have to do all these different things they did that day how many people its compartmentalized intelligence remember i come from a spoke there was so let's say you're making an atom bomb grants so some guy in oak ridge tennessee might be doing something to enrich uranium some guy someplace else might be making part of a super hard steed casing to contain the blast for one of the bombs somebody else may be working on nobody knows what the finished product works right that there has to be a few at the top how many of you who do you think
six thirty forty fifty that's terrifying it's terrifying that forty or fifty people would be willing to do that and they could all find each other and form a gang and actually make something like this happen and they just hang out at nasa the time they're not nasa her some army pentagon inside place now sound stage you tat the thing that hit the pentagon was a janitor you within a missile knows who was an airplane there's an airport again as a cop right and so when i was in other remote control airplane you no yes yes definitely that's all i was able to do something so crazy that's that a two hundred and seventy degree loop turn coming in the engine callings probably five feet off the deck a human pilot can't do that remote control can but here they have but they they ve had people actually to attempt attempt that in an navy
simulator and they were unable to do now is it of ethical issue i understand what it is skilled you'd have to be some bad ass fuckin race car driver mother fucker yes who knows how to get around the norbert ring and seven nineteen ray is out it is yes must have practice that one turned two thousand ray practice moves and martial mostly how often work a before you ok so the pentagon sits in a bowl born washington dc i know it ok and three ninety five runs around the pentagon you can look right down see the whole pentagon sitting down there it's like it's like sitting the rosemont ok now worth more than four hundred witnesses on i three ninety five truck drivers have drivers soccer moms you name it they all saw an airplane hit the pentagon and they would testify in cork that's that's what they saw
so regardless of what anybody thinks i'm not going to argue the point is the factors is to try the case in court and hang dick cheney which i can do without going down that side allying it's not important to me but i do think a lot of jacqueline depend what they release that footage but it was like stop actions only a few frame he can't really clearly make out what the hell it it why do you think that why don't they release like some clear footage where in the you don't want to be using it for propaganda in in the intelligence business program called co intel pro and many other programmes that have been you developed by cia and army intelligence on the creation of false legends and false stories and one of the biggest deals in the intelligence trade is to do a dangle dangle i say i was by a dangle would be
like a five for ten woman right out of my ultimate sexual vanity you know blah blah that's a dangle but something the dangle comes in the form of information sometimes dangle comes in the form of attempting leave that looks like it's got really take us we're not this information in order to be effective has to be ninety percent true otherwise you would swallow it you won't by it so there's a poison pill that they put it he swallowed the ten percent poison pill and then if you ever get enough traction they activate the poison kelly kill you so i do believe a plane the pentagon end i do what we saw we never saw a jet liner hit any of those films ok i think that was bait tribunal to see if that action got enough traction than at some point they will come up and actually show you the video of liner hitting and all of a sudden everything else you bought into as a result ryan is discredited it looks preposterous exactly
you have always that those fascinating like when you read someone's stories and you know you you read something like that guy behold the pale horse guy william coopers i well know hooper well but what was that guy's deal because you he was one of those guys i'm just say before even tell me he was one of those guys that i would read his stuff arguable that makes sense that make sense always fucking crazy exactly it was that was the that that would act progression and so it made me think well what if this guy's like working for them like making everything else retarded by coming up with this one idea that tosses than about bases on the moon where their processing fuckin pound race tyres for the corvette team you know they mean and it's like you is that you would say something like that you like that is this guy talking about you know there are lots of people like that and this is why i've worked a completely different path because i had to walk the path of complete credibility thirty five years do you think there's people that are embedded in that path that
they're just to say stupid i think credit things yes but i also think there are some people who who are feel moved to tell the truth because they're outraged that's you yes but those people would would also saw also say something that they know tat to the powers that be that they aren't a threat funny is oh the lot of you guys and want to love anybody into category and certainly not putting you in with anybody else is love your work but a lot of you guys think that it's not you not you but people along those lines are calling on the government they think that their appeal out there their shells like guys that are successful like the competition that motherfucker is easy cia he's an positive well i wouldn't say cia but there are definite people out here for sure i absolutely right how many when you see like a guy on tv and you see i'm talkin like how
what time do you give him before you start like wondering if this guy is a plant well you see any sort of a leader in any sort of a movement time when you watch them how much time do you like who am i rule of thumb as it is that they wouldn't be on tv unless they were already control that's just the real simple way to look at you don't you you don't get the airtime see i'm invisible to do that to the u s government right i made it up the videos had some good like i say my fuckin name it's up on you i saw that get crazy you know it's faster than i've done all this shit right and sounded a bit like a jilted lover thank you better get out of it i use a check there but i was land everybody the rolling stones we're pissed off i'm sure yeah it'll make sense big because i've been saying all this shit and unlike the u s government spent the state department spent three million dollars refuting every other nine eleven theory out there but or they couldn't mention my name
i dont visible like they don't have to address you because you don't have as much mainstream exposure is say you know any with these other guys in a union which is that what it is wait a minute now now i wasn't really successful movie called collapse as i see it all over the world that's obviously hurrah fifty they arise that are but you're obviously not on these c span shows or cnn shows you're not being interviewed all the time i've been blacklisted rival why is that if you all you just got very they can control you a hundred percent true they can't shut me down i've left record of three million words in rubicon there's a thousand footnotes phenomena how many books this cells know how many people watch collapse they'll keeping of those other shows absolutely and that plays out railway wouldn't native american spirituality which was something that that that i've come to understand and really profound deeper into it does what kinds of medicine attributed to different kinds of animals bear medicine
fox medicine has been very powerful for me what is the one that makes your penis arza tiger medicine that good did know that's a squaw madison square so what do you mean by like bear medicine and love fox medicine as it is very important i've had a couple of very powerful encounters with foxes fox medicine and native american spirituality makes you invisible in other words i am invisible to the powers that be do you work for the government because this on here numbskull be saint crazy stuff now you think crazy doubts about foxes being invisible and sophie if somebody thought that you're disinformation agent they would say oh here's the evidence he says brilliant share many stars talk about foxes meal invisible nod and say boxes and visit him in his enemy i'm invisible invisible to mainstream media right they all read me that they are read the olive land they just can't say my name
made me mad but i'm a made that tape because i was so pissed off that everything was fallen apart and nobody was tom and about how criminal how fucked up this was an old generations people are talking about it don't you think me at this point a lot of pierre talk but if they say my name its game over the then they have to see the body of work but but what you so you saying that all these people that are in any position of power that are saying the skies following its off on a barber whatever you do don't i by michael river don't give him the mike why then what why doesn't make any sense you seem like the perfect person to talk about this stuff but that someone has to be an ongoing but then i'm gonna proved that cnn that maybe see that corporate own media is absolutely criminally corrupt and complicit in all the economic criminality that's been taken place and cover it up all these other crimes
every major media lead in this country tereza chairs on wall street and are all part of the same economic paradigm i can't afford to see me not just me i mean if all the people who did peak oil who do done the work on they see me because i give credit to everybody else they gotta see all this other body of work that they have ignored and so if they can't talk to you about any this stuff then it opens up the floodgates the cia selling drugs policy so they like shut the fuck up michael reward psychoanalyst exactly know someone enter comes up together so kindly seems michael rupert he's really articulating he's a star them let's get the fuck out of here get out of my office no no he taken up its nature will win what shows have you been on who has let your bill moreover how ya know no you gotta be on that i know i would love if you have the balls i don't think he has all he asked the balls that's crazy you don't think though mark doesn't heeded bill mars fuck he's got the walls hbo rises paychecks but you
that thing i really he says all day try overtime wandered on that show time you yeah and and at that like go one way other favorite websites there amy goodman democracy too late she talks about always right and left us that that that don't change anything you like a gatekeeper and she's indicated by rupert murdoch do you think you're so the government's well let's let's rephrase that i think she knows who butters or bread so it's fucked but that is the only hope right but now that this stuff like sober right is it stop online piracy a lot of people who are paranoid about this i see this as a back door possibly you noticed the beginning the regulating internet trust me i got a chapter on promise piero am i a software in that book which is talks about some other stuff the government can do the go right now anything that they want to do right now so but doesn't scare me enough gas soap is just
legalizing something that i hope that that we know there are already doing anyway right i mean we ve been under severe hacking at god collapse net and we got a great team of i t specialists and what we're talkin coordinated dd o s new servers global bohme getting into our e mail shutting us out of this area they even go so far as to change the number of visitors we have on the website to make it look like nobody's looking at our website one zero maybe go back and said that stupid they're doing all that now they ve done its occupying gonna course we see anonymous doing that back so right that happens but some nuts i worry about sofa because i know the bastard you gonna do that so that to use just like sort of confirming something that has already been in play it means nothing nothing's changed well it was already bought and sold they're gonna go to another degree of difficulty the level of intensity with that but but the detention provision in the nba
leave violate habeas corpus magna carta u s constitution that fundamental and if that bill get signed the united its of american no longer existed she so ridiculous a thing two things have gotten so bad that they think they need to pass that look over it's not that bad so you ve got a few people protesting yeah really you dont need to have the military in the fuckin streets right it's really it's not that big deal now about what the problem is there looking at the next step for saying this is unprotected they never thought that they would see this they never thought they would see hundreds of thousands people you know just ranting streets chanting in the streets holding side wandering round and then camping out like what the fuck is going on so this is why they they showed their hand but they have also been very aware show that there are fifty sixty million hard core unemployed homeless people and the number is growing
they are aware that now sir one in two people in this country can be classified under the poverty line half the population one in every six americans is on food stamps people are starving their freezing they have lost their jobs they lost their money they ve known this was gonna become into but there is another reason for this was the planned attack on iran is they can do a round up of arab americans like they do with the japanese right after world war two and put him in camps jesus christ so think that the ultimate goal is to start lock and giant groups of people up and fema camps now and this is where i didn't i disagree strongly with some people house jones you absolutely it takes money to feed people you have to pay the guards you have to build the camps you to put gasoline you have the heat for the people and
human industrial civilization is collapsing if you think too the powers that be the money people did during the great depression they didn't put off homeless starving and camps no they let them down themselves across the country from the oak le homer dust bowl the californian if they starved along the way the government was in pan a penny it cost nothing it weeded out the population and the strongest made it to california to work for sleigh wages that's the evil of the beast they will have camps you know for people like me or if there is major civil unrest in some cities or something like but no long term because the resources don't exist to do that so the ideas just kill everybody then let him see let him starve starve to death let him catch disease or so in turn them and then make them sick my ass go that far no i mean i mean ultimately if they know that that's gotta go down one
poison everyone well that was diana jim jones everybody and no doubt that that was a nazi plan and that didn't work of fascism has become much more sophisticated since then so what what what are the other options when it's completely hit the fan what are the other options to get rid of a giant group people you let me let the city's go let the people it's happening all over the world right now and you think that's an unquestionably a plan shore who whose planning to have all these cities fall apart the well bankers again no but he plans for city x or city why to fall apart that way they just engineer corruption and to collapse winning and you believe it's engineered well is it just greed and it is me that's why i'm confused about its collapse a fait accompli that's a simple matter of what is i mean it's a dandy a complaint limit of what language is a french why
so cool when these quote something we could just say a fait accompli in anguish this right that's a good way to get laid so the resource limitations govern collapse rank i waited six billion people so he has the way society set others now we're all gonna collapse and wear out anyway we need a resource based society we can have the derivative can have as nonsense economy and we can have infinite growth but all powers be want to do is make money on the way up and maximize profit on the way down so they just trying to money grab right now and you see a gentle or not as possible is more profitable to destroy things now than it is to save them in the andy a is basically just like what we need we need to keep fuckin piece in the streets were were still in money scare the people and yes it is now crazy laws with this law people i about you don't you know who's lock me beloved and that's where gets really ridiculous we want one point time someone has to realise that this structure this this monarchy this this this this fuckin
ship has taken over the world it only works if people were willing to take up guns and only works the common folk are willing to push around everybody else immunized only way it works well there aren't really work everybody goes we fuck you know i mean you need the cops in me like a guy like a guy like you steps out and even when you were a cop and use all as corruption and new step to what europe a regular person instead of identifying yourself with his organization that was obviously sick you identified open your morals and your character and your upbringing and you said fuck you the cia selling drugs you know important time doesn't mean it isn't that the real solution is that everybody sort of realises that they can't you know but this is like one of the cruellest things that happened to me in in in thirty years that was with a fox magic yeah you know you're tupac don't you you're the cops did
did you ever see that man do you want to talk about the origin of a terrifying story went even joke around with that all night but yeah apart the rampart division of course that this better than imagine i was like all impossible get fired it makes you a visible what can what's like one of the key could have a superpower what would you take care of it sees you pox needed native american wisdom has taught me that if i am the wind it does not matter if people see me at only matters that the peat that the leaves blow when i went exhale sounds tripping like again more shit you would tell the hippy checks so anyway i d better and eat your god you guys are going to beat me up with that middle ground floated a bet on my part where the whole time is pulling the middle or sign oh my god it's it's a big joke will you member when herman keynes so the quantum pokey mom i was like this this might be a fake this guy
i'll be real do think roman came was really was he just interposition spoiler means the ermine kane was a hired sideshow really network i swear to god i know it sounds ridiculous i know it's ridiculous but when you start quoted programme on and using the fucking grand theft auto tax tax programme you know like what we may have to create all this drama to make you believe that there is a democracy and work out there so what do you think that was where some due to just a super successful business man and they cooperate him they gotta hold and i'm sure you got some great business deals to go through everything he went through and he's gonna walk away was never going to be president to begin with similar he was his fuckin everybody anyway i tell you this thing that's better than foxfire yes believes there is a great podcast joint roma cool of course things that happened was on after oakland when got and got shot in the head flight right for me
and i'm really diplomas are not elaborate on that stories horrible store during occupy oakland demonstrations late at night scandals and was one of several guy that we're out front is military veteran end the accounts were firing forty millimeter flight right now i am seventy nine blueprints i've shot those little grenade launch are kind of one and not so much time and had it was accidental ok bye after his skull was fractured and he was on the ground you see the cops lobbying ass canisters gas canisters right into the group of people there was so much brutality this was after watching the white shirts in new york you know and she more thomas hadn't come up yet i don't think he had yet but we want to occupy santa rosa and it was like witches tell close to where i live town of about two we have the highest per capita turn out in the country
so we have like three thousand people turn out but we were gonna put up camps and the chief of police had said we will use any means necessary to tear down the camp now what happened when i went there as it they're gonna fuck these i'm putting my body and in front of them i took an oath and when i got there there were all these veterans there were had not veterans and there were gulf one veterans and there were one active duty guide it was an army ranger special forces medic and we had all showed up there with all we all had the same idea we are gonna get in front of the copse so that when they start shooting the game they're gonna hit us and if they want to be on somebody let em beat on us because we know that we can take that without throwing back trees this and this groundswell from the utterance committed the honourable warriors the chimera thomas's what is so sad and laugh it really connection over the years from doing investigating on murders of a lot of
we propose special fort special apps personnel for all these years we have had really good men go off to war never in my war has it lifetime has there been an honorable war vietnam wasn't none of it was honored with all crooked bullshit but there are guys who went out there who did the deed put their lives on the line got the combat infantry back whatever and didn't made atrocities in really horrible wars and came home and they ve never been able to shine like that and when thomas did that thomas was speaking for everybody who'd been to war in this countries military who served honourably who didn't commit atrocities in wars that we all know were totally fucked up fraudulent and lie the the best teacher the most powerful teacher i've ever had i gave a talk of portland state university right after nine eleven became my video truth and lies of nine eleven and
native american shown up not my hotel room doors by five foot for and now they must get may hawk and what breasts have you ever looked a fighter in the eye and there's just some guys gonna look in the ice oral huck most of em yeah and and so there's this guy looking down here you get may help i'm here to be your cameramen second cameramen i didn't know he voluntary showed up it turns out tat had served with honoured and first airborne they are shall valley in nineteen sixty eight some of the bloody battles of the war the ashes legendary and skip was awarded the congressional medal of honor the medal of honor and he refused it because he was fighting in an unjust war while he fought beside russell means at wounded knee and he shut up to be my camera man he became a teacher for me and he was one of the great warrior teacher said i've had who taught me over the power of honour and why it's important to fight in honour of war
not going to die your honourable death or are you not to fight honourably to fight in an honourable war what a warrior needs and i think she more thomas william bodies that and he was just a snapshot he's not a fluke there's lots of chimera thomas's out there to martin this is the guy who yelled at new york yeah apartment yeah no honour how do you sleep at night it will probably dont know what you're talking about but there's a video out there this guy's a big dude and he's got all these metals point the metals like these are lies you know and it's like explained all this shit that he'd been through as like this is not a war zone easier people you sleep and its the powerful there's no honour in this there is no honour in this and that they can say nothin they just sit there they eat it it's a crazy moment that's that's the power of honour spin mike mike and again i'm not the only one who's done this there's a lot of a sound we're all standing up now because the the criminal
quality in the bullshit in washington and wall street is just so out of control is zero way to turn around is there a way to somehow not steer this back to the light is there a way to make this culture wake up and and snap itself out of it before we hit the wall well a lot of people are snapping out and waits stepping out of waking up right now a lot of people are happening in very big numbers in terms of saving the system now we gotta go bomb high got a kidnap m higher higher chance i cannot say that there's a guy yelling of those total joke here's the guy was natural area this remark he was it gets on my radio show really cool do if you get you choose to get high with one person when it would be brok obama you sit down with a guy and find out what the fuck is going on now mean that many many get him really blasted can't lie and to start asking questions
i dont like i want to know what would come out really i think i'd be fascinated i would want to know what you want isn't first what's you choose him first yeah man for short so what i would at least like so close to my age i'm fascinated you know i always looked at lucky's president guy says being these in these old evil man with hearts of uno of of diamonds in the you know they fucking a blood it's cold you know this evil in nasty evil people who have gone to a position where they can choose to start these war but then i look at a gallop barack obama's while he was probably like close to my age when i was ten use prelate fourteen or somethin it's like that's real close like that grew up really recently he grew up with the internet he grammy know what's going on him house out how are they able to do this to him how to that's incredible you know one of us he'd now he i'm saying in my perception as a fool he's not one of us visa this is a government of the banks by the banks and for the banks and the broccoli
i'm as presidential decisions especially since two thousand eight already see has done was to make us pay for all the wall street crime he's they did they have they have taken all that debt all the money they printed the derivatives and the bail out shit they put it on our backs and that's what's happening around the world in greece the bank's now run because a banker in charge of greece there's a banker in charge of italy and morocco has done the same thing to us all that debt that belong to wall street is now on our backs have you video brok obama says that he believes is the fourth best president have you sign it oh god an oecd brian ryan find it on youtube in which watch consul he toxin in our different presidencies have accomplished more anything less like three that he thinks of carbon more than that now there was a guy name
example soldier needs who was a russian writer very great russian writer who lived thirty years and a goulash prison camp right and he came up with a great line he said men in order to do evil must first believe that what they are doing is good why that's incredible so you convince yourself that we're the elite where the rich we have the only way to manage things we to do that and they delude themselves that's that's the fetid stale nature of a democracy that has not been ventilated and breathe and ere it out for a long time and die i don't want to save the system at all as far as i'm concerned and especially with the end of energy with that the end of what with peak oil and collapse united states can possibly together anyway so when peak oil happens in gas become extremely expensive and probably impossible to get then what happens we off the branch
and the little communities and god medicine with solar power me when we go to those of us who were smart enough moving in that direction ahead of time yes but peak oil has already happened and there are indeed country with all of the tens and hundreds of millions of people are unemployed or below the poverty line people who can afford gas at any price right now so slowly keep creepin and then they will think about it the real big job was the end of the bush administration only a few years ago that's nothing a blink of the eye you know nor was come to think of how bad it could be three years from now thank it would that that's good because again we always claim years progress rather than perfection there's not not ready and then you know you're not in binary state do you some sort of new talked about earlier but do you subscribe to the the mayans ideas you think they were on something i don't make the coincidence amazing i think there is i mean
everything else in the world we look at now is a lie ok come on it's a lie does a recovery to lie we killed the osama bin laden it's a lie around was behind nine eleven why you know whilst that's a lie your pension fund it's a lie that's ok so you know all that stuff just needs to be seen what it isn't disengage from its the mass destruction is it it's called i know you don't want to go in and fix that systematic pictures but he wanted to go to the knot in nineteen thirty eight and say ok let's have it campaigned organised to teach the nazis at the jews are really good people this people were just say i'm getting the fuck out of europe the jews the smart we're getting you don't get out of the way ever that the world knew what was coming with that and its it's not mentally sound to try and fix this system this system needs to be re done paul's gotta go and end the fed you got
you changed the way money works you change nothing that's the big start then you gotta and fractional reserve banking compound interest and feel currency what is the what's the solution when you have to do something to put something else and place ears obama thing all ready for where it what do i look here every right straight ahead legislate larry i don't be a list of accomplishments as you said yourself i would put our legislative and foreign policy accomplishments in our first two years against any president with the possible exceptions johnson after yarn and lincoln but just in terms of what we ve gotten done in modern history if the world regulations the job waiting i did
you got the nobel prize of these and then he sent thirty thousand more people in afghanistan he's bloody will with with guns he's he's hanks he's bloodier than bush to amazing it's amazing that he can actually say that other what what what legislation oh you mean the ability just arresting people for no fucking reason would it what is it exactly that got accomplished did i miss something yeah what would it have these legislation achievements do you know i don't know what the fuck talking about that's the orwellian nature of this absolute crap waste on the mainstream airways cry horseshoe this old times like some president thing i got one then why would i do i don't know what the fuck you decide by their that's ok yeah he's a silly boy so you know all that stuff it it just needs to stop so let us at you
it did a lot of shit you you you you been at the from i mean africa when it wasn't you when you started predicting that society was slowly gonna collapse it was my way before anybody else's overdoing thousand one with my first are what do you think is going to be by allowing the end point is gonna be is gonna be we we find groups the only hang out food not that does you know i'm probably grateful for that question joe than any other want because that's what we're fighting about now when we want to get wrong paul elected that's what fighting about it stops when the people wake up to the point and says this how to start because if you can get a guy like run pollen office we can turn a smooth carrying out and still have cars he left them we will still have cars even if we have bio diesel run on or even if we have you know some other criminal and the white house you there
they're they're gonna become harder to find but we are fighting to determine how far this system is gonna run everything down before we put our foot down and say this has got to change that's what's gonna make the difference because this system i wrote and ass they called global corp some years ago and in it i said the way the system works and fair growth mergers and everything that the asked cfo of the last corporation in the world global when the world is in total ruins one four five six billion people are dead when one guy has acquired all the ones and zeros of wealth and that company goes bankrupt he's gonna say hooray we did it that's where ends until and unless we stop it human beings stop it consciousness is here that understands that the infinite growth economic paradigm we'll kill us in order to make a profit how much time do you have
if that if there is an attack launched on ran within the next week or two b or before the eye with third january third i will caucasus china comes into back up ran in the russians have said they will back up around a nuclear weapons or exchange it could be overrun two weeks jesus fucking christ i got shit to do do i have a new special to make my release it like lucy to look this is very frightening stuff you think this is unavoidable you think that nuclear war with iran is just no i don't and i'm seeing very strong size it that does the united states are getting bitch left around the world right now since we killed twenty four pakistani troops i suffer he llosa killed twenty pack soldiers supplies going into the nato forces in afghanistan have been cut off through pakistan how ridiculous was asking for the drone back from my right do that make you feel like it's a work fiction when you saw that it did fool bar it just full bar its
us not save and asked him to go on tv and say that we asked for a back they hold obama do the it's almost like they're making them out to be a buffoon towards the last couple years this is described as when we got there and when they say about the and you say we asked we're back his product the fuck am i going to say i really like earlier sitcom acted doesn't want to be humiliated simple shit line the bullshit line would expire to be a lot more nonsensical all the way from here on in the only way to avoid this is to have a guy like grandpa offices so i don't know it going to war with i ran know how we voted because the you movement is demonstrating that you ve had a hundred thousand people out in the streets of moscow there's an if i related occupy inspired revolt in the village of will content southern china which has made made the chinese communist government back down and it's against the communist forces what was it it's all money in banks and growth and all that stuff and this the growing a wave of consciousness it's magic and that
why there's a lot of days when i garage lately i see things happen i'm just giggling so you love this this is fun for you you will first of all you been first first volume predicting it long time so while it's happening you like see i thought told you there's a lot of that right i was but is also you're happy to see the system fall part not because you want people to die but because it's fucked up system it doesnt work and it needs a dialing anything that doesnt work let me make it very clear i'm doing everything i possibly can to accelerate the breakdown of united states government and an end the and the economy in the banking system and everything under the patriot act you loud essentially like that get can't that could be today interpreted as you're a threat only god herman's what i am allowed to say and nobody else has the right to do that and business to be enemies both foreign and domestic yes who forgot that how come everybody forgot that what's and the the beauty of yeah of what are all these veteran shorn of captain re louis the philadelphia police captain who show
finish uniform got arrested agile cati you're not does we're stepping up by the thousands all over the country and we're making ourselves known throughout the movement i what we're discovering is there's lots of us out here and we are not going to let this go down at if the detention provision or that ndaa and their employed you're gonna see you're gonna see massive breakdowns because there's going be soldiers in this country will fight there's gonna be cops that will stand what the people five county shares in northern california have you encounter shares of the most powerful deeds in the country they can tell the president stay out of the county legally and the president's can't say jack about it isn't that changed their they change that with the nba there probably that was something some sneaky bill they stuck through it was but a matter once they bring the military in its illegal to grow food you guys to plant you're on food did you know that one will pass that that makes it a legal radios well now
there are some laws that that restrict some people's ability in some places to grow food yet far too like deborah grown broccoli in you back your year but the real be so the fda and so for the comments that you can't regrow milk which is awesome i love romeo roma is delicious they stop that they used to get it in whole food and i haven't its spotty around the country to go to the farm it then it bill s five ten the less water and what does it actually said what is the actual language it's pretty it wasn't not enacted it was not passed it wasn't handle that there was a senator from montana who introduced an amendment to that build that removed that clause from there is not created digitizing let em out yet when i gave an absolutely have to be studied a logo tomatoes why thank you
where's not enough you know we ve already fix all the problems in the world its concentrate on people growing food think about all the shit that we have probably seen a prison overpopulation war on drugs all the different issues that we have to deal with pollution of the environment and someone shows the country people grown fucking food but our whole civilization now is predicated with corporate control the banking control on us not being independent not be able to function outside of a system that they control that the giant agri this cooperation monsanto and cargill control husky areas monsanto antics craters terrifying did you know that monsanto was one of the companies that was looking into buying black water when black water i believe that you believe yeah they take can't tell who bought a controlling stake they couldn't tell if it was like one of the people that owns monsanto because it's in the lot of crazy people were yet ago through but the idea that was even thought of that the country that catch or a company whether the controls food growth in honey
of countries and not now not hundreds but a lot of countries not only does that but it has been shown that politically they fall their gm foods on these countries that don't want it can't afford it they have suicides all over the world where people can keep our farmers are come ass it was i can't vital they grow their own food again they can't reuse seeds and make their own sea must get so what's this
how to get about the concept that something like that is just pure fucking evil one it is exactly the fact that that's not stopped you know it's amazing that we want to talk about gay marriage at a time like this that that's even discussed you know that any of this nonsense it gets well you know what a what about the debt we gonna pushed the debt back what the fuck about this what about everything but what about the whole pile of its goddamn ridiculous safe design seats to suicide itself after one sees die so scared we had that we found some stories on collapse that recently that shows that the monsanto supposedly bulletproof seeds are producing mutations which monsanto can't control i mean there was like was one that was just released on us some some major new source was talking about the connection between animals having tumors in their meaning some corps in the months and genetically modified corn stand for human consumption but
it doesn't matter because you here for convening into animals animals my getting by people and you know you don't know what the fuck goes through you don't they don't know you don't know what the reaction is a human body eating twenty years of genetically modified beef because we haven't done it yet but now get that around the world our tens and hundreds of millions of people moving too we localize to grow organic that's what i'm doing take control where we can and those are the faster campers those are the ones who aren't gonna get eaten by the bare what is going to be the big difference between after the collapse and in now what is going to be more most inconvenient about after the collapse of we gonna have crime issues we gonna like roaming gang that's gonna be enduring the collapse during the glad that's all that that that's all what's coming that's what's here now and that's happening all where the bloody realism riots all over england we our car set on fire in rome the era
spring unify but in general does like you have a few things in the leg lipping up but if you look at the overall harmony of the earth at any given moment me places are nodding conflict right this places are just people go about their business trying to live your life what these spotted atrocities popping up here and there you know if you look at it and you know as well as an organism and conflict it's not in as much conflict something a hundred percent conflict direct relations between that and population density big cities sustainable and when you see things like egypt like these these crazy beatings of their doing the protesters in egypt now and you see like this was battle to control a rack do you think that engineered that they knew that in a vacuum that the these puppet governments they put in place quickly fall no i really think the u s government was cocky flam both old and cocky because we built this rubicon three a basis there that were meant to be present
installations that i mean some of the largest most expensive military bases ever built we built an embassy compound larger than vatican city you're not gonna house like eight thousand people we plan to be there for ever so that is why we get now is to crazing this is the roman empire is crumbling jesus christ this is the roman empire its fall and the whole world can see that the world starting to move my more closely into alignment with china china is imploding also that's the other catch to this and the same thing is happening with money as as it is with with life and everything else is that people are jumping to the next safest and all are doing is moving up one dec on the titanic today hasn't got underwater yet and hoping that their kids lived to be is the next big wave that they a alive and die before all the shit it's the van again meaning canopy
held back is it away there come and go there are disaster completely flat line and then rebuild it won't be fly why across the board what what the roman empire collapse there were some small towns that that survivors pockets you know of wisdom and you know worse from civilization was held for awhile that's the way this is going to play there are going to be places around the world that that by virtue of climate their orientation to from culture sustainable economies and the skill set they have will fare better than other regions i think basic the people in the cities are fought and if you stay in the big city you're gonna be fought no no food here there's only three supply i graduated from venice high school i went to use ie allay unknown and is only a three day supply in the city and there's not a fresh water here we steal the water from northern california las vegas shouldn't even exist in phoenix is gonna go on is that those who i love the store the solvency this one of my favorites
i've watched several documentaries read a bunch of things i've got a whole coffee table book at home of photos from the solvency said amazing story of itself would use decided to get crazy and creative civilization out there in the mill the desert when i haven't a vegas easily now things are now can keep vegas alive as long as they can because this weekend its less diverse alister over you bitch may i could live on stripper melt for a couple days answer kill small owls with their heels and if you know their heels offer jack dials listen there's a score or citizens there's gonna be some bizarre darwinian evolutions and adaptation is this thing falls apart you gonna make it through how much much longer do you think it's gonna be before everything else is a fifty year processes in a hundred years we can see this might be alive to see this news i'm saying has happened much much faster than i thought it would
especially with the deterioration in the quality of u s government and an end the legality or honourable nature of the u s government and in the economic situation does it disturb you when you see obama looking confident and talking about his legacy as president and disturbed you dislike this unaware mother fucker like what are you doing why you sitting there com and in congratulatory in about europe illustration and accomplishments eve achieve do you see the fucking sky is falling do you not see it look at you sitting there like you sitting there like a dummy or gentleman that i've been so calm and so across the bay area is one of the camera with president i mean it's like that everybody in washington does the same thing traditional those people that's where again why run paul is so important solar power yes or no she gets all about it if you can get it won't solve all the world's problems and in between
stop buying that trap that we have to solve the problem for the whole world before we take care of yourself take care of ourselves we take our us put your or oxygen mask on first yeah it's not like we're russian out to fix liberia right who we know how bad it is over there are new now about it isn't somalia i wouldn't run and over there to fix that no we take care of ourselves here first and and and those of us who work to build community does a great man transition you asters transition and as yet and initiatives about a hundred and eleven i think all the country now in cities all over the country where working reforming the communities that girl food locally their networking with each other their working outside of the economic system there weren't skills that they're gonna need we're all gonna need at some point or how to live with less power and things like that and this movement is that we have a directory on collapsed at the light absolutely free sixteen hundred handpicked entries and you go in and you look around this directory and you re
i say all over the world there's all kinds of people working right we hard and have been for quite some time to prepare to transit to live outside of the but paradigm after peak oil and end and it can be done but you have to do in small groups but then you have to be worth bobby and raided by mad hordes of fuckin scoundrels and on bees depends zombie apocalypse zombie apocalypse thrill most of the zombies i don't think we'll never get out of the big cities because so many people so out of touch so the big cities just be like die offs giant die ass just like they were for the mayans ride the mayans left giant temples behind when they discover them years later there covered and trees and there are people who are have been putting a lot of time and to thinking about how to defend what they have people come and try to take so do you think about it guess it was the yeah saying that they were going to stop people with medical marijuana prescriptions from buying new guns
i'm gonna let you if you get a prescription for medical marijuana to own a gun which is how larrea i mean i live in sonoma county work which is a legal grow county and i have a laugh to get a i have a letter i really bad i missed my thumbs socket was shattered i mean that the socket was an eight pieces nuts roland herbs in the head come together a while and then have a horse back writing accident and and i'm a horseman been horsemen longer but so and and that works for me but i don't grow because i own guns that's a federal issue as opposed to the state issue but you know that all that stuff you think it's a matter of growing i think you're not even allowed to have a license for now know is that what it is ok i didn't care so you can have a less use can't grow so it as well or you don't
or the feds would know that if i was growing and own guns which i obviously do that then they would come on some federal pretext to you know but how crazy so that you can have a prescription roxy con which can grow plant that's amazing you can you can have have recipient proxies how absurd is to make a plant that god created illegal may begin with some amazing that that one's killed nobody yeah you know but it may be some people's out a few wacky ideas whether high and caused a few death but listen that's just people with wacky idea you can't blame pot for that it's like bill hicks joke about a guy young man and acid thought he could fly jumped off a building what a tragedy egos what an idiot if you thought he could fly weren't you tested often the ground first you know no one told the jump off the fucking rina i was an ark and and and and and i've seen bad drugs but the worst drug that has ever been out there's is april dust i had to fight people on april dust and it was the most ridiculous it was stupid buddy my got its finger bitten off and was on it
must realise that their next morning there they have special purpose often finger yeah i'm the only guy in the history of lapd to have been bitten and left testicle snapped son was it from the sham while did adverse to now imagine it was so it is really hurt robot it was it was it was a little betty five what a guy on angel dust and i'm all my god on engine doesn't went for the ball and while he was holding a thirty months old tv set above his head and five of us controlled him and we was strapped on a girl you know the canvas drafts on a girl anyway he broke the canvas trap over is like gave himself a compound fracture oh my god and everybody went back to his leg and i was it that the head and he just what spit your balls holy shit up amount is your balkan area that's my started that word out all these years hence guy biting your balls you understand my nickname was inspector clues i've gotta go you gotta go pride rules on dude holly
what's the most fucked up thing you ever saw while you working as a cop probably a homicide i was training alternatives to strive for peace you're no i i was working in el car on a sunday in the south and will share my workin jungle a threat came up as a cop and it was a homicide and they already unidad on there and open the door and this guy been dead for three days every window in the house close to the heat was on two hundred and ninety the inside of the windows were covered with maggots and and and i was the first officer on the scene and it was sunday and i had to sit with this stinker
for five hours just inside yeah i was the crime scene i had to protect the crime scene ok so when you protects crossing do have to be on top of the body we have close to lay on the sea it within you know i had control the premises i was standing right at the front door but the house was it had to keep the door open and i was stuck with that for about five hour it was only three days and it got that ban three or with what with the heat and and what i was a summer yeah so somebody just decided to do that to accelerate the deterioration process who knows the guy was down on the floor and he had a marble lamp base embedded in his skull our shadow he's a he's on the floor flat the lamp was sticking up like this oh my god i'm stuck with sky i was talking to him for three or four hours until embedded in his scott yeah here who killed them a lover of it was almost killing hautala will you then
nothing on safety in gayness no validity do run looking to kill you if your father dude yeah so about that that's that's one that really stands out i was into shootings lot of flights two shootings where you got shot at no a first shooting was a guy trying to run me down chasing me across the street with a car i most wrong side of the street and we were using smith and wesson thirty eight with one if we agree on a lead ball ammo my boots terrible its soft leaded it ricocheted and bounced off the guy's when she oh my god second shooting was a drug dealer sick to attack dogs on my partner and oh and i killed a dogs she's spite i hesitate i just you know shot the shit out of the dogs might my partner was grateful you got a crazy life to georgia that i've i've done it gets you never finished tell us about why you went to venezuela was out of
the patent omen story yeah that was not pat tillman but i was you were one of the first people to break the fact that pat tillman was not killed in combat was in fact killed by friendly fire tillman mom danny which goes by mary children send me an email trying in touch with my military affairs editor stand gough stand off as a retired master sergeant from u s army special forces delta who taught at west point stands a great friend is brilliant writer but one of the best right is a wonderful human being i love and now she was trying to get in touch with stands or from the wilderness and we have done a lot of exposes and i went down a san jose and met with the danny and she gave me like two thousand plus pages of army records reacted you know how black parts and so spent the night copying those every one of them in perfect order
and i'm thousand helen that's you do what you gotta do and so i copied him took took back back to our offices and ashland oregon i flew stand off out and standard most of the work but we totally broke down the army story and an we published a seven part series which the basis of henry wax ones hearings in the house governmental affairs committee will over the next were up and we brought up got sick senior officers three general officers disciplined and we forced on rosville to resign but we we were that's why dollar summers and lawyer he resigned right when he was about to be called before the tillman hearings very sudden so then he did he can't be called because he resigned in is that how you when i'm sorry i'm is an amazing when they have weird rules like that like congress like they can insider trade flouted legal for congress to be insider trading his his resignation was the quid pro quo
he fell on his sword because it went to bush it went to change into bush and a lot of crimes were covered with that that was just a horrendous miscarry do you believe that it was an accident or do you believe they kill them on purpose because he was being very outspoken about no i what i believe is an arctic enough time has passed where i can say this again i know a great many people in the service and i no special forces i know rangers and i know a lot of guys patch we had a very large ego he was very outspoken he had all the right idea you knew the war was bullshit he was talking out about it he was living they dragged them i i thought the pat chosen became a ranger before he became a soldier if that means anything to you it's like putting on a black belt before you're in the green and was definitely a really food bar situation i don't think it was a plan premeditated murder
but i do kind of suspect that his his last words were i'm pat fucking tillman and that's one of three round burst hit him on the head and so very sad tragic and the people shooting have this communication that's the guy that shot him was a sergeant in his own cereal shooting a three round burst out of a saw squad let it thirty art course he knew what was going so you think he killed them well holy share anything you kill them just because he was too outspoken cocky didn't want him that in like i'm fuck you and that's too much speculation who knows right but they ve killed them yeah but not premeditated murder and in it in that sense but what we do i was at what the army did after that they destroyed evidence they his clothing they immediately started the right up for a silver star and all
that criminality that followed rather than admit that he was killed in a friendly fire accident by his own people so will you the catalyst that forced them to admit that it was friendly fire well stand give the credit words due to stand off i was the publisher and the editor in other words i put my money in my balls on the line and gave stand gough everything he needed to write a seven part series the toward the u s army donald rumsfeld new assholes so you you published in from the wilderness it it's still on the website to this day all seven parts and when we were in a budget just ready to publish part five my offices were burglar all seven of my computers were smashed up one employees turned out of woman turned out to be trying to set me up on a sexual harassment charge there was a forged police report falsified police report connected to you as you were gradually show her you're both know so the girl when when do you think that they came to her and like offered her something i think she was where i think she she was a plant would you know that they have plants man tat ridiculous
there's a bunch of growers in northern california and are they had a guy who would like sitting on their meetings and they were talking about like an old wooden going to grow with me and the guy was a cop cuz he died in a motorcycle accident died and then they said that's that's or body at the fao in the us it sergeant fuck phases of inspire not yeah we always embedded in a bunch of pot grow so like you know tat waste of resources back to back the venezuelan when computers were smashed my life in danger and it was obvious the only thing that could have prevented us from finishing the tillman series would have been my death ok so and i know that they were coming after me and end and so i went to venezuela because it which of us had spent like the last four years go on like that george bush and dick cheney and usually actually hang out what you got no no i i never met him that was a really really hard difficult time was poisoned down their foreign ministry knew i was in the country i asked for help but they wouldn't touch me
they didn't want to contaminate me a poisoned with him once was a drug called bulloon donga which is the route drugs cupola me you can look it up there was another unknown ideology the cuban doctors help but it was shutting down all all of my blanche or systems my adrenal shutting down my lips were shouting down we re die yeah so i came about exit ike came back to the u s in actually canada for also hoping usa fox medicine visible john versions measure that i was already your bags letters i argue that of that's me right now son yoga threat out there with giorgio sucralose his hair so end but i got it i was sick for problem year after i came holy shit and i did a holistic and as much as i could but i was also you get you got two death's door essentially on there was nothing they can do to save you that nobody knew what the fuck the cuban doctors as we don't know what's causing this incredible so terrifying
but we got tillman out until one was pub and right over dollar rumsfeld resigned i flew back to canada than i came back to new york state in brooklyn for fourteen months before it came back at the two so why are you just move around just because you were worried about someone finding where you were no i don't venezuela was a very specific purpose because you know that i was we had something huge was tillman at at at at was firmly convinced they were gonna kill me how long same as well for months format and then i was basically out of it you know i was done food i came into an inheritance from my father had to fight for three years but in two thousand i and i had this time this first time like thirty fucking years of fighting to breathe and catch
birthright enough to worry about it and so a kind of caught up with myself you know like you stop long enough not only shit you did for like the last three catches up an english orbit and then was right about then that cynthia mckinney my friend black for black congresswoman from georgia leyla very dear friend she was the green party nominee in and she mentioned that you like maybe you're running maiden two thousand eight i said you out of your mind but that's when i decided while we need a presidential energy policy this needs to get put into the peak oil and all the issues about this net became my book confront collapse but then christmas showed up from blue more films also in february or nine it said it would kind of like to make a movie what's going on in a compelling moving you think about a man who when the last time you saw a movie where a dude just talks for ninety minutes amazing you can carry a movie like that and not just carry but it was really
retaining as well as fuckin terrifying were five shoots each year was about twelve to fourteen hours on sight it was a full hollywood which you see just drink coffee smoke cigarettes and ramp yeah and they were feed me the energy drinks and they have a so called when we first started shooting and i'm in that blue suit right died out i would be sitting there and i was caught they bring in a blanket put two butane there's next to me until the color came back and then i did that once when i was working for dave chapelle did dave chapelle show is film this fear factors parity with tyrone begums is the the crack here that he used to do the character was on fear factor we were doing this warehouse in brooklyn and it was fuckin freezing man and we all like huddled in from these last for us is that i would have to get out there and a short sea shirt and nino or whatever the fuck i was wearing at the time and be like goes on fear factor and we were praise in man and when you send emergent rogan that's not good bronze about oppression that's that's
out of a man so you you ve really if you ve seen a lot crazy shit in your life from the ella police time to now to having a movie made about you just sitting there talking like what what what crazy wide it's been from being a cop to this other how the fuck how did you get to this point man is this your destiny feel at a certain point i'm obligated to disseminate this information either this is the three stooges school of spiritual evolution i mean it's like i have no doubt that think larger than me tapped me and and and gave you the ball yet and and has kept me in sustaining and really kind of made jokes event their plans i had along the way for what i thought i wanted to do with my life and i'm really aware of that now and i'm living that no spiritually connected to the fact that you know that
is something really good out here there is something that showing itself on this planet now that's just and that its fair and that its loving it does have power on seeing crack it's like watching the matrix you know when the matrix start and the little bits lights come in through and and and you know and always people out here in the world right now there are living in a matrix that's falling apart exactly like it did in the movie it's like a wave of behold that building over there and is that's metaphorically what we're seeing happen all around us there's a lot of people who really get that there in a matrix and are starting to move out and there are others who are equally move to try and go back and reinforce it and those are people making their own choices i think about which way they're gonna go so you are not pessimistic or optimistic a lot of people might think that you're a doom and gloom guy but you're no you're not you're you're let's be happy we're going to get rid of the bad system we're going to get rid of the bad guys there is a balancing that is taking place
its long overdue that's it is doc holiday would say it's a reckoning wouldn't a time to be alive it really is it's an amazing time to be at the point in human history in the history of this planet in history of you know it just sits very strange that it's all taking place in our lifetime right now this is me it's an amazing moment and i hope we get through a cool i hope we all keep our eyes open because even though these are the darkest of times this is also an age of miracles and we needed just keep ourselves open to the expectation that good things can happen without our permission there's wisdom you know there's a lot of other was not here in this there's a lot i children that's one of the reasons why occupy just just you know makes my toes way this i ve been a time in human history with the access to information is easier and when the access to information is easy people can get the two thousand people get the truth and they can get ideas out they can get an ideology
happiness and of sustaining you're you're you know your environment and of of of subsistence and of a community and of love and friendship three possible to follow them well you know we don't have to be conquerors we are conscious rape in the world doesn't to be that way it's right we can just be human beings and enjoy our time here because it is in fact temporary all sort of patterns of behaviour that get stuck in whether it's fuckin gambling or excessive masturbation or whatever the fuck you get hooked on you can also get hooked on running the world you can also get hooked fucking over the world's these people are sick yes sec need a wake up need to pay attention to michael rupert bitches he just drop some science there was also shows is great time and there was one of my favorite park ass ever i said some these are largely out we ve been doing it for two hours and forty minutes i just a year i just got so this will you can sit for sixteen hours the freezing fuckin i can call out a movie star
times but i thank you very much man awesome thank you thank you to flush life responding to plot gas go to your brother dot net and click on the link for the first light and fifteen percent of nuts as i have already holler thank you too on its comments oh and an i t die car makers of alpha brain makers of shoes to export the quartet's mushrooms supplement for indeed since shrewd tech immune which is a different kind of mushroom that's gratefully immune system and we also have new mood which they five http supplement as always is a hundred percent money back guarantee on anything from on its outcome thanks to an chicago theatre almost so thou freaks we have up the top balcony the bottom is done kid that is fabric nazis me january twenty seventh its duncan trustful joey d and me we're come into the chicago theatre straw be self in hookers because brilliant thunder mike
robot you're fuckin man thank you very much sir appreciating greatly how can people follow you do you have a twitter you dont have a twitter do we we have everything you can find everything collapse net lapse net dot com what you do it i want to follow your twitter maxwell's my twitter collapsed collapse net what about michael robert was taken michael see we're on twitter would not be better to collapse net so that people can look you a timely trouble yet somehow just gently right now as i have said it is a little hacks arcade i gotta when there's a dozen accurately michael rupert yes o dog named mike mike i use the sick people call them up saying you're crazy conspiracy hollow conspiracy and to see what are the odds i gotta go this friday at ice house here with some people can talk about but tickets are on sale right now how can we talk about the people because its surprise you don't know
but i'm sure now do you gotta we gotta say that's how you advertise you fuck well i'll be announcing a few of them on twitter that in the next couple they are you trying to get people to follow your twitter so you don't know eric now there's i've always on the god damn sure i can't because there is a reason why can the reason sucks nl case by explain the reason because there's other bigger shows around that energy can advertise it i'm gonna go you dig senor fifty bucks you ought to be a good that's why just do it i mean i have those shows i just do him anyway here till people something pussies tell me where the fuck you gonna be
right back a river god dammit i south calmly dot com for tickets everlasting house of pain we're gonna try to get him in this way these awesome will we do at least to progress this week i love you freaks season by thanking my gruber you also
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