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2011-12-28 | 🔗
EVERLAST, Brian Redban - Date: 12/28/2011
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the parks come along system was ready anyway and the commercials hit the mute
the beds were got everlasting the house today come on son was famous on single off the new album ever less ungrateful thousand bowed ass pascal prime gamma has gathered round with a jewel in the crown where's so tragic oversee this plastic redefined video to mask
we all give your tasteless and germans is more of that song obviously that's what you do tell that's classic shit that's you when your groove man and you know why it's one of those cities are still talk about this earlier that i by cities and i use they like two or three songs is one that cities where i honestly like every single song on a city and there's a few of them that like my house i fucking love this is it awesome city man it's been a while since he puts on denounces it like careers how many years been to put a three so what other i do like haven't like that kind of a space in between records were you really get to work on your shit and really get to like put it in a form you like yeah got no choice is the sounds come to me in groups judges and then i get caught up just live in europe mean eyes and his cousin i can't
forcing the issue if i'm if i tried to ride song when i wasn't feeling like rhine rhone it would just be horrible i've done it i tried it you know i mean this is sometimes like life says right a record happened right railway and i to lay back and i take my time i just liked taken it is much music is as is as i do put put now music so listen to things i learn more about music might do when when you write do you just said you have like a whim like it just comes across you and i'm going to sit down right now start writing a song like you know how i can set aside time or anything like what you go i'm just work on music how does it work within nowadays i just go you not keep a studio away from the houses you no kind of it and make it like a job every day you know not none quite ninety five hours but try to keep it is respectful to the family in one
right here before which is yes i mean if i want to work or two in the morning i worth two in the morning i mean and that's it the case but is we live in that our anymore i don't either but there's something kind of badass about that shit that comes out like four a dot m how you know that you know can't not do it if it's it needs to be done but i'm not sitting around two in the morning wait naughty the german army i'm i'm workin on it but i was firstly fellow right anything that you don't get into the real trance until the whole house is asleep only until it's just you and the silence in the keyboard and then you get into the real trance with us also why keep a separate area like in arms tom by like a good hour away from the house i have to go to the studio isley spend a day or two there and you know just lock my mind out of everything and train
you know it's there's no rule always so it could be two in the morning and you know it down to like if you like if you're like in a restaurant sign you have an idea for something you write down he just how long does lean have a written in idea down ever lyric arap lyric none of sea just keep lawyer had not accord like progression on and why i can remember it its loss to the fat but also those of the beautiful about their bad that's pretty mad i am like a beautiful my kind of half a dozen i know now i don't even know half the cords i play on a guitar man i've just copy them from other people really hope we shared doesn't she you do that as well as a right any was rapidly so you that's incredible hats increase the all your shit is just started for me as it as it as a way of exercising your mind when i was a young kid trying to be a rapper i was like you should always have it ready in your brain and then
my style of writing this became kind of visual and it's like in my mind when i write lyrics i have the pictures in my brain i created to that cat on ass they drew pictures on paper but he was a poet in enemy was words it was always this picture betty would read it as a poem and is almost the same thing is three dimensional in my head a song the minutes start right no words out two dimensional it lose all meeting in and feeling to me i'll that's fascinating so you feel like the writing in writing and in just a verbal and an audio way to do it and just slow and is now dimensional form you like my words like three dimensional pictures of love what i'm writing about today my men and i commend him the paper in their two dimensional i lose all it i mean it's a despised illegal from some really dig in so let me right down to see it in and i see it as a whole different me in an it's nice words its
paper it's that's amazing yeah that's a fast anyway why only put out a record every tour tricky that's really interesting though but you're totally right well there's something will that have just a way of expressing themselves that's like fun way to listen to i was brain friend joe ideas do no joy dares romanian sounds familiar he's is if you have listed a park as he's on all the time is one of the best friends and he's a sky that is just is it the way he talks is just like poetry really just like what's up dog when we were his party kick it mother fucker what we don't patronize is given everybody not was nevertheless laugh and smile it just takes you off in a wave and this is not something you can write down on paper that's a flavor that's a real live like as you said three dimensional flavour to the way his words come alive you know sir me and my head if i'm writing it in my head it's all around me why may i committed to paper it's just flatten
so do you have so none of this is all written down do have like a set list in your mind of how you put it in order in your shows or do wing it you ve gone on how you feel an outright the titles down that i'm saying it's us become a superstition at this point in my life was like after you a record they want the lyrics publishing company is there i have given you money for what you written wants to know what you wrote a lot but i actually have to have one of my people my assistants like a right the lyrics down i'll sit there and dictate him to write it because it's become like superstition at this point too while have you ever tried to break away from natalie lucy voyages ride and start from scratch my writing and a half minutes is again it's like i don't i live in a song until it's done in irian jaya finish its all around me and said once it's on paper it's like it's it's
will you hit some notes man you had some notes in that what it's like song we're like wow like you know the one about the girl find out she's pregnant the guy leaving and find that man against going to cut off his balls like you you hit that note and that note maybe wasn't something that would have ever been the same if it was written down you know i'm saying like you you you hit it with the de feeling of being that girl in that situation it was realistic and and and you know like alive really you know you are trust me there's terms i wish i could take do that with like right take then write a piece of paper in a way that i thought was beautiful and artistic cause love to write a movie when i i'm not that i'm saying last thing about music and the way it lives in my head
i don't really know how to make music man i've been thinking i just want to get a things and making sounds that unlike our like this sound i'm gonna make this sale let's unless your listing way i can put it i mean i've learned along the way how to become you know a musician and produce a record pronouncing it started with me just kind of like gums gonna were or whatever i was i was gonna do you no one and pick up the guitar was just gonna play this little thing i wrote in that's a brilliant turn away because it so uninfluenced an influence at the same time you know instead of being influenced by classical instruction and non structure and all that stuff you're influenced by just what you enjoy and imitating that expressing in your own way it's it's amazing its that's very rare that you know that someone's overdone that right
not you you you meet other people are musicians they have the same story now really i mean a lavish really trip on aware like do you know especially light when i'm because i always bringing cast to help reduce records i think even knock probably publish the deed on my own you need people too and you re a course of creating something just to make it down much better magician calabrian bout shit back or just somebody did you learn chose another that would say that sucks yeah yeah even just even if it's just somebody that's that your guy he's your my gotta make should rest some sucks so you're the voice you mean whose position you trust but yet also creatively whatever it is you know me in his lot instruments i can't play in order that i know cats that can play so it's just you know i don't like today in all them go to school that's why i'm saying i steal everything i can from all of them you know i mean it's like i'm always the worst musician in the room in my mind because i don't know what i don't i still even though i
it up and play with anybody and our work i still have this thing in the bag my mind was like i don't know what the hell i'm doing psych man ok i'm just kind of sneak and on stage and see if i believe like the soil bomb guy from the from the grammy's remember that guy came out you're dealing with the soil bomb written on it says while i'm like some to sneak in on etc and it gets but you got another people must love that sell something so authentic about that that's somethin saw authentic about just kind of like learn play music by making noises where the guitar until you figure it out as you have already personally that watch and watching videos real close and right vhf s pause at home and the things taken in you're trying to see where his fingers are on thing with a card is that time do that did you breed a book on it or anything not you know i took a few guitar lessons like when i was real young like maybe six
guitar lessons and then carlos interest in it and then cause hip kind of stole my mind away and later on in the house of pain days i there is actually a bunch of stuff on pay records that i'd just little things and i played that we looked up and put it you know i no country referred that shit take your sire every time i go to town people start kick my dog around there's a guitar peace under their than i played is so easily bits of it but it's like after i love house of pain i just started i had it's all around me all the time and i start a really actually saying let me see what i can do this thing in the cattle produce wine forcing the blues are safer do the reykir win me dante ross does we were just workin on hip hop music and i was this kind crash his plays in playing guitar all the time and he believed what is that it was this thing and i don't even know what it was when it would turn out to be what is like isn't working record that tomorrow
i don't know what it is so now i'm thinking i to record this day tomorrow so i stay up all night and i like right lyrics to it and you know it's alright we put it low beaten we're sitting there listen to him we're like down works but how does it work without this stuff you're doing this rat record and asked how the other songs and whitey forges conniston happening entered they do so said the music to starting surrounding mallet i listen to the music more than let's say i have this what an i of what a song is out i'll get a lyrical idea or little riff idea and and austin workin on net and then once that takes us little bit a life it'll start here me what it wants it'll be like i want i want out here a slide guitar on it or others would be a pan or idea here it in the in the in the space that's in between its tellin me i don't like this dude like i know what part somewhat but i'll be like i know it sounds should go right dear colleagues i can hear it and ass sound and it will serve harmonic we create
other go sound analogy like on ass a violin i can hear was put a violin in there and a bill itself into what is supposed to be at least that's pretty fucking bad ass man when i was a kid i had friends or musicians and i was always terrified learning musical instrument has like tat she looks criminals you're right i'm still tariff musical instrument defined like that technology has helped you a lot like got you know like not grudge man bite in the programme and the moral sam's nowadays and i have to keep engineer around all the time on on duty and ready to go because i'm so i can get on the laptop and go on youtube and vice of stupid videos that'll make me laugh right you know get on facebook and twitter and what not but you know if i can occupy get two tracks courted disagree on my own before i does dino turned in
the day that would take private six hours which would take him about eight minutes so the text it is helped by making it easier to have your own studio you want me to spend the million dollars on studio i spend forty fifty thousand dollars and i have a really beautiful studio what i mean but i'm still witches it's all about my ninety percent of what i do is you know at my studio or late at night in a room by myself with the acoustic guitar banging on china think a certain funnier witty or will you what you really nail those is kind of like lucy smooth hip poppy sound in other nobody had ever done before like like what it's like has there is a lot of blues too that song you know this is kind of water line between brad from
sublime and why club john had about really like was i guess how do you know the asylum why i've started doing you know with his army in an island influence music makes it now we hear pardon i was just kind of starting for this guitar stuff the what it's like song and i was a bit fanny sublime and what were how he always like injected load these little hip hop phrases into lyrics and things i knew he had to be never really knew the do but knew he had to be kind of be boyd to certain degree in those countries does this that's kind of how we saw that it would all work when we were we were looking at directed me and my friend dante my label thought whitey forcing the blues was a horrible idea at eleven thirty i'll it always works it was because we were convinced we now this is gonna work this is like there's no you know it's just what it is you know it's all the same thing to me i'm a that's why we say as i am i consider myself a hip hop artists but i also don't really believe in any genre music i just think musics music in irving
men it has some stuff that makes me go like this right at me like that airport to meet or less the same thing hip hop made me how long was i write zeppelins song by somebody else that's rock n roll somebody i was that jazz somebody i mean what is whatever makes you personally yeah yeah i'm kind of feeling yeah like a large country music and some would look at me shit about that i like some toby keystones now that i've got it out so big on new country because i'm just not hip to the game with love country using when you're gonna like to record my love at a massage fanciers drive home and i you pop their record in you to buy time you get home final see i got tax from you liked ass a bad because great with whisky i feel i believe you were gonna though anthony among using a country but it is doubly country friendliness yeah well it's got a flying to it you know gotta smoothness to it now it's it's it's great shit man
i love my i'm a huge fanny shit in one of things anthony bourdain said we have this conversation once he didn't famous those against forties called up let me pick up their name you just drop their there has to say because it for you he said the cool thing about become famous is that you get to meet famous people like that the absolute then meet new at hanging out with you as you have seen at one time we were we're smuggler joined in a vegas casino in the middle of a bar and i go i eagerly he wants while the joy galicia where we're waiting while going as ever this goes women go ass i said we light we use a lot of like all our i will forgive me if i get arrested at least i'm gonna wrestled with ever louder ass did it wisely i ask is to put it out the worst going hey come on man they give you that look like do don't make my job harder you can still smoking a nightclub in vegas
it is their cigarettes aloud and night clubs invaders what we'd smoked in a nightclub before member we just stepped out that door and yes hoax yeah you kids out in outdoor that's outside but inside area you love smoke inside anywhere and morning now it's not like china remember you can still do it in the casinos consistency spokespeople smuggle it seems i loved after poland that out though the slow poland is a good idea to the now i guess it's real problems of people that work there and i get it mad if you're a waitress why the fuk you should you have to breed that shit in all black smoke a cigarette and a long time does a tricky drug still think about it nah seekers on what happened to me was i woke up in the hospital had emergency art surgery like ninety
those like i was an armed and smoking while knows from signing even ironing out me like i still smoking weed now and then but like you know even for like three years two years after that note by two years after the surgery out and i was like ants and pale now i'm alive i'm trying to do what i can never sleep because what happened was that i went to bed tired i'm feeling good went to sleep woke up inside there's like after surgery so like my mind was on this like don't go to sleep like trip for like allowed my leg and insomnia man but i would let my band guys smoke the weed up in the food the bus and one night i just i was i couldn't sleep as usual somebody has some real just like reminisce i was i wound that's some that certain
so i went out to just kind of snow and i was like you know it let me just in areas like greece or from a grown man let me with like that at all i did may i gave it back to and i went to the back in a buzz i slept like dear baby that's what became for like a good long time few years that's all he was right before bank s league like obey a lot of people use it for that i know a lot of people there and sun and of course you know went downstairs and after a while you lose you lose them humbleness that almost die and gives you an area around at the club and summers are going to hit the joint finally to better hid it now i know you're smoke its lucky and somebody next year delay because you just went to sleep what if he didn't have somebody next year will apparently there there would soon then like during the day like the guys that we're making the record we had the studio in my house i had a house open model impis in rural canyon and we're just built a studio up in there to record the record and
everybody was living in the house and apparently is all day i wasn't free i don't i just didn't feel well and i'm didn't look well and when i went to lay down i guess somebody came and checked on me just be like yeah you are right and i guess i was breathing funny and they panicked called heart like could should be a few times i guess i win wake up call hospital you know my extreme fortune to live in a neighborhood that with that that close this hospital with cedars sinai and that is why it was you know also my irish luck that the best heart surgeon in the world who doktor william taranto well chief heart surgery over there i think maybe even of all surgery saw my case untold somebody else you can't do that i have to do that same this is what our enemies essay may kill john ridder unlike thirty minutes jesus same exactly what exactly i believe if i remember correctly saint was called an upper ascending aortic aneurysm
and what i have been there now is a saint jutes hard bob it's a titanium harbour i got sick like or why you want to hear your real sensitive on asthma gray hair oh my god like forty years now as i wiped noise to me back take my pulse without an academic all these years i titanium valve in your heart year while the bluetooth what do you want a robot bionic wrapper real down he's crazy man is anything they can do shit like that and you ve had it body for how many years in ninety eight since february ninety that's amazing
freaking me out man that's credible yadda yadda reactor that it's amazing alien technology may ask why i love what watching your twitter ducas allows me some crazy to that's an unfair to eat you like your aliens dropped off the cure for answer it you know where it is a fortnight yeah it's flyin overcome or at me like manna loveday cause i know i got alien technology in my body man titanium that's gonna titanium heart that's all i'm saying is that work wow that's amazing me imagine trying to explain that to some one two hundred years ago that we're gonna dude open and we stick some shit inside there were his shits broken it's gonna be made out of a medical crafty urges the we met all why wouldn't bother trying to comprehend his enemies to dismantle its burnham while the bacteria offer them how are you gonna do their willingness the bacteria is there to test the weakness you know yet open like that's supposed to attack that's nature some
subverting the entire system sticking titanium inside of people to make it's incredible have to take a blood thinner from the rest of my life so a clap isn't form around it and break off and go into my brain what is it what's a blood thinner has i work the anti coagulated to suggest a pill that you take that you know and i have to like make you like bleed more if you get caught oh yeah absolutely absurd gladys fast wow grandma motorcycle and a few wholly liberties of that nature because if you get caught you just bleeding out yeah severe enough yeah while who shit that system is an amazing how the human body can just just be fragile at some points and just you have to just deal with some issues when you you there's a there's a certain human woody and a certain like respect for life when you ve gotten through some bad shit do you feel that the when i try to explain it to people is like most people unless
really highly intelligent and enlightened which is not what i'm saying i am what i am about to say what i am about to say i'm to say some cats just reach death at this point where they're just ready for it they and their in their ready to cope no mean but most of us probably see death you know come and edison and in others i look like a roller coaster like you know going on this road so you told us the scariest roller coaster of our time and your weight and go on in private the whole time you want to go on em fuck it's probably really scary then you get you rightly wants and is probably really scary but then you know if you if you get off it and get right backing lie you know the weight lan isn't so scary and then you can in writing it is like that's when i compare debts was like i've gone through all the terror kind a terrifying parts of death thinking i was it was upon me i was i was like you know
and asked what a like you did what to me there's this guy got discard amateur something you know it's a rat you know i mean i'm out vaguely remember like people talk about a flash of your life before your eyes but to me it was more just the sum the sum realisation of happened men that whole twenty eight years was that law that's kind of what it was for me it wasn't like up all these moments it was the site the summit the real at the realisation that my life was like a second along in the scheme of things and so tansu it's about his advances of debts rhino it's it's crazy open heart surgery is about as intensive again but i figure like this the next time des upon me all the scary parts or i've been on this roller coaster what what comes after that it is really the trip that its facing everyone but no one to bring it up it's it's it's really subjects
can't testify either to any lights at any tunnels but like i do also remember hearing of it like what i know wagon described his hearing a very familiar voice like i never really knew any of my grandfather's but it seemed like a grandfathers type voice right just kind of a yoni yum you re ready it is not your time and but that didn't go along with a lighter a vision or a figure it was just outside remembers other than this realisation about how short my life was i could have been ninety years and that that realisation what have been exactly the same mean right but then this this kind of blackness in this voice may like now you ain't it ain't time or some of that nature like testify where caning and say it was worth as much as just something indicating that feeling to me the trip to think of the idea that there is a time for you and there is a place for you and there's a thing that you should be doing
a lot of people want to think that that's grandiose think like that you silly you like us has been like you know the deep this parts of my subconscious like you know have been fighting for their lack of singing in trying to convince me there's a reason to be alive you know there's part is that by communism battle it ever says was it was it was was where those spiritual thoughts or where there was a scientific your mind fighting to stay alive right i realise that the eager tricks angular yeah yeah i dont get no chamber but i get my poor often later with the lights off and just lay there would it over my ear designers were a couple hours dig you would do an isolation tank you dig the shit out of a man for you would be beautiful because it's a non drugs drug you can just go in there healthy and waterways for your body and its very relaxing got about things like that
lorries are tat there might be you might have the trickiest dreams in their ever but you know what it is now works will want you ve never done it before never actually man you should own one you should be in daily beautiful in what areas when there's no set me back proper seven thousand year for real good one at all forever it's got a big thick like the kind of used mccoy ponds it's all here the war it's beautiful its super reliable and never leaves you just turn it on when you want to get in there boom open the door hop in they have to get out in turn you turn on the pomp it's like the most low maintenance thing and man it's what i environment that is however you do it all the time every day as much as i can support i d like to do it every day because their reality gets a little slippery how right here
i spent too much time aluminum terriers farmers are getting really lawyers aids governor i found myself going to fringe with my thoughts i gotta get so far deep that its very difficult to go to the supermarket do not get pruning when girl you don't look like mr burns roads i think maybe the salt water keeps out from happening in others is really salted is eight hundred pounds assault in it so it's a different thing our union on operand up i have even words that's why they u failure always mention that every time you now you just like a valid here or dying things will never get out of them like this is amazing that no one knows about this too should be they should teach us in school they should have people in high school isolation tanks and have people talk to them coach them through life you shouldn't help everybody joe rogan isolation tank to its work i don't have time for that
seven thousand apartment sounds like a living is that much profit to be honest with you love it steel components you have to get it manufactured and built is a super fuckin jacuzzi system what is incredible filtration system to make sure that no microbes can get in their fuck with your skin and on top of that we have to make sure the water the executive in temperature so lotta technology into you know how you could do it is you have to get it like two hundred dollars on amazon like affordable system that you make out of like a box did you and what that will reflect and broken delivered room fucked up your allows that i'd be responsible now you know what that george men of isolation tangles that's the thing about tat man if you're gonna get one you gotta you know it's gotta be built correctly someone's gonna go in there do it to have a build it yourself one seems to me too much room for error you know people who works pretty good landed with eliza floating in a floating uses buoyant
you can floating your back in a few words shit that's amazing that's incredible a single rock i can't do that but if you get that water tank the isolation take then it's beautiful imagine then you saw the other thing is that the temperature is perfect its exact temperatures your skin so when you're in there you fail to be able to be able while you don't differentiate then the of p yeah probably comes out your body must be just need a garbage baggages piss yourself in this sin inside of it you try not to pay in the town but you should happen like it yeah you don't want to smell that why you're in try to achieve enlightenment smell in your own pascal what the fuck is wrong with me so have a pitcher sinner personal myself in an have you ever seen somebody that had a pool that was so bad ass like they haven't lazy river around it can you imagine how bad ass would that be of use had lazy river unlike a huge pull yeah
dude who had had his giant pooling had some crazy fuckin slide system built into it like water supplies and everything built in the side of his hill just like a floating thing we're just goes around and around you to sit and then like a little raft unjust current and like you disneyland like this pause area have a glow lazy river and the whole intolerable that would be ok i'm trying to isolate takes better media a moat the next level athletes lone parents of pro shit you living glinda with us i know there's no prints in croatia don't you angry at me croatian people of yours yeah man that's the next level shit right that's why after the next zombie apocalypse attitudes while people gonna start megan moats yes we're moving at city i may have a moat we're going to try to make this compound waiting no i don't have one is a good move nor a good climate not to not too hot not to called tyranny gets you
little guy get a little whether which keeps the honest i was andy agar people with a leather is good for the evil i think people delusional california because they never get hit by whether they like they dislike have no they have no respect for what nature can do to common endeavour hits here you know we get here you get a little bit arraign whipped you do it's like every now and then a rains like we're here really have no idea what the fuck weather is like a book we give earthquakes rarely man rarely you can that their connect them indefinitely coming we're all gonna be why didn't we as news we paid the tab yet does indeed but i think earth by and large enough unions belong trapped under a giant building the crushes your head by and large so i'm thinkin cindy ago be close to the biggest air muddle face ever you know that just seems like it would make sense andy agro be close to the base year will be the most protected other than being in los angeles wherever one's gonna fuckin die zeit like bob
you think that earthquakes one letter templars from earthquakes no no no no if one giant apelike sowed or anxiety apocalypse or when the martians canopy will happily talk about worryin about worried as evolves eighty boy listens to like that would reality jones you all that stuff i going to get there heart radio adam is always white list of internet late night o re stuffed the craziness and take this they even listen to a show there was actually about zombie apocalypse and zambia and people discussing them and i was like this is real people talking about this that's crazy is ridiculous but could you imagine if it was possible to make a zombie live who could be at your project be a virus of some kind of your talking about well it sounds stupid but this this way crazier parasites that exist in the world you know every single human being is essentially simba every person has conglomeration of all sorts of different organisms living inside their body that without those you
even be alive it's in when you get a parasite like when a parasite fucks up a body would that is is a failed symbiotic it's like trying to have us biotic relationship with the organism but its failing so it's sucking out too many resources so becomes a parasites not contributing to the overall system it is possible that they could come up with something that would hijack your shit so bad that you would like one of those twenty eight days later mother fucker that is so a hundred percent absolutely we're not thinking of the dead right now we're talking about lane spray would look twenty eight days later is a zombie movie calypso long enough to figure this out i just like these few losing things about zombies right now dude i'm telling you realistic zombie rules till i get out on zombie rules it is late it was not a zombie movie and i think it was a disease or that was created it was like was a column
age or something like that they give it a chance than chimps got out and fucked up a whole city with a total that's totally is totally possible there's a worm that lives inside a grasshopper it's an aquatic worm and a growth in its body and then when it gets to the age words about the hatch it talks the grasshopper into drowning itself it control the grasshoppers body hops grass over over to some water in leaps in so then you pop out some aquatic worm some aquatic others like gradual grass row about adding worm gryce after all parasite yeah parasites that amazing tricks it into drowning itself that's the way they can pop out of its little body that's possible anything's why not have a lower or university they ve already extracted in there's a pill and the guy talking users are infected by the almighty that's what at about clones founded on google yeah you found the goat the gradual grasshopper brainwashed but
setting worms amazingly baby where is that i want to go there and just find some drown that's like a fun camping while their fight it out more and more these parasitic relationships the worms millions of people millions of organisms are living on us as we speak the tsar there's a lot in that way you're yours right there is one of mine as george little books that are actually fry helping out keep any cleanest right any less when rubbing box with the level of acid dha forces right you know i'm will lie though manner like that you know it brings in my mind that brings me straight to bedbugs like a whole outbreak in the cause i would like not want to go to my colleague that allow my man i ain't gonna bring bedbugs all i know demands now they get your clothes and shit you're fucked glaring
applying your house and you gotta get to defuse why is easy to believe all and how quickly and other people trip on the nuclear this nuclear there can be a little germinate guess oliver s man to be easily it could be there's been through of it very lena who knows how long mean every time one of the things it hits thereby like when the snow i flew came out of the bird flu or anything comes out like this might be the one we're all scared of because we all know that it's possible that one super above that comes along with the building has convincingly that at least in use every opportunity they can't downright whatever new vaccine they got up what exactly like how we gonna sterilised these folks once and for all what the fuck a lot of trails our work in a believer in countries its pass them right it's not that's high looking at all like i look at it the cats who like you know if you want
the nine eleven as canada we like there's no way we did this outside while there is proof that the very least we knew something was supposed to happen just like that hijacked airplanes there reports that they were going to try and do this and now was done extra to stop it that's kind of a passive participation at the very least oh i don't see past anything all the heart and all this i love it of written about it learned about it and and giving it just enough consideration willing it could be true given by it but watching me like ok some crazy scenario breaks out in a world where people just can't breathe anymore that might be certain that these stories yeah we have to think of why would they be doing it there's gotta be a profit to talk somebody in doing it
i think for sure there have been some trail experiments i don't think that's doubted at all i think people are well aware there's been some shit but the request like how much are they doing on a regular basis i think it's like i think this brain cities there's a lot of places and sea of everywhere do you think this brand people do you think i don't know trying to control the population when i was young that was just a jet go and buy hey smoked stick around all day what am i a video online of refer ridiculous is prints endowed with dick gregory and he's talking about how i think it's too gregory is talking about how there's camp trails fly the hood and then also thereby starts fighting and he goes on i saw these plans over and i was thinking are wise everybody fighting in l a what the fuck are you talking to my ear in the hood like what you expect you think the planes flying overhead is there sprang
fighting juice down the peoples not the poverty has not the poverty the rage or the criminal element it's true throughout your community moliere all sorts of corruption that's going on right now it's this plain the spray and some shit down and also never gonna get upset that's ridiculous software video i think we need to look into those green boxes that used to having your backyard that that hum that were really warm because i still like as a kid lay on those things put pray years you know and what i mean i think i've even know what your talk while in the mid west or i guess in the suburbs not unless angeles these have these green boxes that we're like energy plants are like that they were there just things and they harm during super are super warm and just murmured a sitting out there that kid for hours like ana gomes recharging and i probably it morning gain advantage by its or something i don't what is
what is that you have done so many things when you were little there could have made you i know what is that a moron i think everyone did that i know what you're talking about for our a pitcher one familiar now an energy source is it we are behaving like some test community their own nuclear power plants in their backyard yet cause i lie in our society answer cluster nuclear reactors is a test mark sounds like me had like like you banana ferocity before everyone that you are a test market towns yes clemenceau how would they were tested out like burgers and like i would attack my friends i love my cousins that live in a different state now that we don't have that kind of weird burger mcdonald's when you talk about it i found out that its with their people that companies too market economies are highly that's the most average city in the whole intact for countries that make sense columbus's like that like the widest people almost pretty close to the middle to isn't it columbus
more generally about sisters chicken together efforts that was a windows version of k of see that there are trying out and it was just three old ladys was the logo and it was like kfc like wicked sisters anew and i don't think it worked i like last like two years or something never heard of a good idea i say the green box the green box the green box fuck you up another thing then he was living in an apartment and there's a docked overhead like a heating docked with it the hot air would come through turn that wasn't what that was somebody hooked up the wrong thing to the gas firms and it was below and straight carbon dioxide from the gas furnace no yes he lived like that for a year ago here's that below is then how exists on the night i a long time here's here's the box and it makes them starting now
these things i was what is emily things went like on the bus owners of intersection here we had one in our backyard and i would just sit there and get data bites pumped into me as a child ass obviously something to do with electricity some do with electricity yeah not good but we do have the warning labels like this one has a nice warning label don't like it says something on a k dont even getting listed ass for this have you ever made a connection a correlation between living near power like those big giant powers in others electoral taos with cancer cluster yes with this now that they have an equality while no though you can it's one them things we could find both sides that will have equally piling arguments that right there right that means no there has been no definitive but i mean it
don't run right down the cons kind of common sense a little bit if your camp under these things that are like who might be scared but he doesn't think about with our lives i mean there's someone fucking power going through their houses have you noticed the most shocking that everything around public parks are right under under those that's really free spot there was an building on its cheap land is that's cool yeah man when you dry by those things and you can hear them you're old anyone you know about the heavy duty ones xenophobia big towers were them by the terror of bibles downward god you that's all show about that once man with the guys are on helicopters they have to do the maintenance for the long guy they actually have to make a connection to the line like with the helicopter to ground it before they can start working with the parents of dangerous jobs you gap that might have been the show i was watching like likes most dangerous those do
nuts mother fucker like in metal suits soft it's not that it's just think of what that must be you must be feeling when you're above one of those things and you know that just touching it has reached touching you just sending their grand alone there gravity all my will make life would make other actors they keep growing year there there thank their fix and you have to trust it you know the russian they i another piece of the helicopter that there has to touch the wire while their work and my apparently one most common things is it isn't get electrocuted it's that the tale of the hell it hits the wagon pages my god oblivion of course if they get hit with a gust right it's almost impossible for them to stop its parent liberalizing glow dangerous jobs of you
if you have to do that i was narrowly heard now saw things on a bag it it's over western like eighty narrow drivers watch and whenever we are but i was dick stumbled across that i was i go here here's the helicopter thing right here actually you sing and what i do i gotta rovers right with you is tat this might have been the shell yeah that's it i was me before getting on yeah why this dog these nets man we're late crazy suit one guys gonna touch the wire my the this is is saying oh my he has to climb up he climbed nobody sitting in a harness on top of the fucking wires what makes this brian made this video himself this is an old musically mixed with that stuff in it gotta look at that guy walk on those wires that is absolute horrifying that's crazy an agony of gothenburg
having levels is now what then is that what it is how much will tell you how much a lot less than they are less that's like that would incinerate you when you just explode or something they have these grounded somehow like ease they grounded robots no man it was it was amazing they were charles like those dues we're out of their own to make adrenaline junkie shit they must pay is the greatest job could you imagine if it was doing something to them would if it was like making them superpower these turbulent women x men think starts to review the whole it might have been me wasn't really that review brian wasn't it s pretty with loud i'll tell you it wasn't me may i should explain that the guiding yeah anywhere
where where we were talking about how the letters mutations start with x men began is on them lies right there when one time i you know what i do fear factor i was already like pop candies asylum for show what kind of me like chill but happy and fun mood all day sometimes you sit around all day and it's boring and if you don't you don't got a buzz doesn't feels good each day today's i showed up every now and then when someone freaking out i would show up at work and i'll be a little bag and they tell me what we're going to do and want to think they told me we're going to have these people ride bulls and oh this is a terrible terrible terrible idea like when you're high and i'm telling you got to ride a bull you like i don't know sir again on that thing what is this we're gonna do what you're gonna make people do that gonna get him get on and it's fucking crazy the in turn we ever did that show where felt like we were totally roland the dice hope and nobody got hurt that was the only time was what made them right balls you can't you can't protect
m m that african animal you can all you know you can only say so much try we'll try to keep her from stopping you but we can guarantee you could give your chest play the helmet but you gotta let it imagine you let the bulls i warn you with a chest point how my girl come get me i got checkmated helmet on oh my god you feel so fragile we got lucky with that one one girl she was ninety eight pounds something maybe she was on his ball and she agreed to do it like you're sure she goes yeah i'm going to do it i'm going to go for it and she got on the fucking both shoot the she lasted for just a couple seconds of course right the bull she goes flying and just barely mrs or with a kick just barely mrs her and i just would think ridiculous thing we can get this little girl kicked in the head for sums stupid reality show you and she like
i wasn't it down and fifty grand if you one ready for she falls down she was okay if only they do like not to be little money yes and if any what people do for so little money well they do it for fun to louder than they do it you know these people to do it and i think that the right to be able to have actually get some sort of a career and in reality wanting to me well people have done even though its actually turned into that and now it is weird but you know what i'm saying like this wasn't i people i don't give a fuck you know you could start weird now about what people watch and don't want and i have gone down i rode before the fuck is wrong with us why watson traditions but the other part of me is what gives i hope this is gonna suck another dixon mad elevation circular decorously issued after like dr drastically in the ratings to make another sex tape who we really hard to get it to put one out you know it's like a nascar race that we are now waiting for the anyway for to crash here's my prediction the next sex they won't be her get in fact be a duty pussy
half an hour that's it that's a sex date when it release what works ease that got out and that without kicker back up to the next people if shoes like cried at a press conference i can't believe this was so person i use that image them survey to them on the road systems stolen from my laptop you could you know that that could be her next level shit you might do that about two years because like people like making like kardashian jokes republican public joke everyone joke on twitter gonna make a joke about carnations it's like it so low hanging fruit so easy i southern movie young adult last night the pat now swamp through the whole movie that's it you know it's about nine and charlotte east iran and patent oswald it's fuckin really funny as we really reviews brilliant brilliant movie but one of things is the czech who's the crazy checks will surely there
jesus can carnations she's watches every time she did you see it or at home she's like signify the tv watching killed kardashian their sister talk with a mindless glaze in her eye from their holy fuck that is america man you know those people are responsible for that fuckin signal that their put now there man there they are turning if anybody certain people in his arms is this whole movie throughout the homilies crazy bitch charlie's throttles obsess we're highschool boyfriend i just watch the current ash and sensitivity good movie man it's a really like the endings cattle weird like in the movies eaters movie or ass yeah yeah yeah that's all that's no good movie spoken as planned this was a bad mother fucker he's funny he's going to the progress against too has even done it now that's against air to its own we need to get him on tat movie then he do with what galifron nackerson and the guy with the glasses
millions of comedy yea are buddy filming yeah the man's hilarious yeah terrorism is a there's a bunch of rugged stand that's right now to get tat we stand a comedy deserve our starting to break through too like another fortnight you know of course that the yeah yeah japan oswald every worldly zack i have a mac is one of those guys i can help smile when i'm watching him guys i see i'm doing some stupid in the movie we now even though what was it data sent like that wasn't the best will in the world but send him and he is these he makes me smile just so ridiculous brody stored homely thanks a lot little brody hiding like out of nowhere find her friend brody stevens he's francoise act so every time zack does a movie or does anything zack throws a men as like these low roles and stuff and every
road it's almost playing like where's walter for brody stevens i how there he is he's not he's at police guy that's why you have a good forgot to switch back to my camera trip me the forgotten and unlike what what's your point thing astonishes me yeah it's very distracting me over here were my face like i'll turn in my face and beyond it startled me and then i looked back and it'll be like some other thing in some goatee image yeah this is the next level of a dvd type ships for peak puts it out the conversation alone as this is too boring seen screens going do he was shown me earlier he was just watching random strangers play video games alive does that he'll go and watches watch video games essentially the homepage and was i think that's the fuckin matrix list
do you know that what games you and spy on women's tennis it look at all those people are in the public and computer right there are we not as well as to when we're trying to kill each other exact nuts and you know this is only step one what's gonna live like a hundred years can be thrown warfare attitude is what or go to video game back in the day when you play a lotta games last one i was i was kind of a so called freak so because i like seeing the guy like they did the character and await the worthy all disease the hands and the lights in the guy running around like i'm actually killing people i hear their game go and have you pay gears award that's that's kind of like that and i think one of the first versions i wanna play when i got married and had a kid man whose is it was around the video games kedge overdrive video games it's hard and the video games to me as i said i just i'm always terrified that i'm intimidated tone tariff
that's a good man video games these days by the time i'm an old man and retire i could just sit around and did it should be crazy by re dimensional surround sound you get appears your own brain pierced her own temple with some because she said rosa crazy christopher walken movie with the brain stem natalie were our shared that moving now stream southern dream scape charity dreams when it comes to escape while now that this new questions about natalie wood and her husband a few months yeah man this just recently agnor robber wagner why man well that's what guys and outside the eu they saw amended the today i think he was on and also so in a book you know yeah yeah i saw the book in which he said that robber wagner killed there said he heard a bunch of fighting and they heard like violence and then he heard silence what's that guy's name
you know that the guy that because round the book robert wagner we're wagner yeah robber wagner natalie were i gotta find you this heart i gotta find it video it's gonna trip you out why it's this guy asked this question to the guy that says so in the book he asked the sea question like seven times in a row and it got to the point where it was like a joke i siren nightlife skate he's ok last time same question and he kicked cap until the guy when the answer the question he showed the customers want to say this to those you sell your grains of her he has made here that it has used me to hear that whenever someone's accuse and seventy one million somewhere he's doing their real quick in one year stand specials do you talk about the video about the horse yes
mr hands did you ever see the documentary they guy zulu like that shows just what i was about to watch hills doubling they change the law because of their dues is crazy dislike seeing these people in speaking about their little zoo failure whenever they call it air we always have a sort of a documentary was sort of like a performance documentary where they had actors play roles was yeah there's a guy dead in other than he was in through a lot of it like that there was a real sneaky way they did that document but what it did was it forced them to change the law there people are moving there so they can fuck animals legally that's what he's did they met online they met in a chat room it's a fucking animals here to put them out there and then whereas i dialogue animals for me that's let's do this was moving together and they moved in together in a guy like you know an area where they all lived and they would go to a farm and filled it hundreds of hours of guys get
by donkeys edward raising insane man here's the veto his he's just lets you know man that there's always gonna be he's taken it i can answer that question right now an end when why not you referring to mistakes you made have you changed your story from when you spoke to investigators years ago i did lie on a report years ago and what in july and i then it was just the myths i'm i made mistakes telling the honest truth in in a pleasure what does pay be specific i mean we talked about the broad outlines of the story what is it that you are untruthful about just everything that took place that weekend
was the fight between natalie water in our husband robber wagner what ultimately lead to her death yes how so i tell you that you won't why my book like i said that's gonna be ok investigators to decide the point you are making is that it's because of information in the book information that you're bringing to them that they would be reopening this investigation is it charge that in fact robert wagner actually tried to make this a low profile investigation did not do everything he could to try to find her when she went missing after their argument was it was to be kept the low prices and thus low profile investigation so you're saying that wagner did not do everything he should have done to look for her after she went missing
echoing what she was he responsible for death in some way well i guess what i think we all make mistakes that night and mr darlin i wasn't my question was here possible for her death i'm not asking about your story yes i would say so yes how so i really do want to get involved and what have you got my national television sir and accused him of something like that but not back it up well that's the investigators has actually not the video sign dirty interesting while you sound like this is definitely some missing some second why should we target and talking when should be taken his ass i was worked out i say rimming that's always die here a net and be speculated about that it wasn't speculated about the day she went round yeah exactly well
weighing shackles wife would turn up drought to i was in his pool with his back yard hard round solely in nepal yeah what happened at nothing they william jennings i think he was town that's good well he did a right we're not sinewy many or whatever that guy eddie you that you have to some exactly that people yea deal is a sad wherever then why when we say retard without any regardless of any is like you know colloquy tour like i think he's a pretty funny due to larry sometimes he says some real outrageous shit right at its peak is under people's values but like he'll say by one johnny ill died or something like i love him because he just retweet every stupid hateful happy kids into what is that these people are like really say like how could you say something like that don't you
but when a comedian anyhow i like i will we will ever his leg sarcastic wanted that outside you just blows my mind how literal people are there will be one of the things was catching news was that he was accusing welfare of stealing from him talk about the really bad bag drugs that will lead to so reads like a goddamn conklin punchline the really bad bad drugs he was doing the bought into a meadows becoming news daddy's you silly fox we live in a war learn that era loyalists half quickly how many people can drop him or like youth is number will largely i look at his member is much that's that's that's funny like booty preserve today concluded is under appreciated genius
this is what the funniest guys averting is funny when like people listening comedians and then a chameleon actually has to say once in a while ago these are jokes this is where i am zuri collins style of of smart ass he really smart comedy it's so unusual man i never hardly ever get since it's hard for us to see each other less we're like you know i if i just happen we in the town were someone's going to set a stop in a watch no set off right i catch like a special but other now you know i'm in one town there in another it's hard to see him so i did tough crowd once and it was like one of the first times i got to see colin do it a long satin he did in front of all of his fans and external warm up the crowd a cat tat he was good was really good like it's like when you see him like tight liked consequences bad mother fucker he doesn't get nearly enough respect this that sells itself deprecating people you know i for whatever reason that i don't know what it is i need
to smart is whatever it is it's it's his frequencies to he's too it's too good for some people to work out didn't little to dump it in their early that adam into how isn't there a way to snap us out of this man is another thing about these did a couple years ago it was the same special but it was about the work of all the people that is yet know that day's common man it's possible its common it is peace well that's what i thought i might they ripped you off a little bit with dead idiosyncrasy movie maybe but it's i don't think i'm the only one has ever had that thought i think the other people have been thinking the piano evidence designer little be ripped off a lot accords from a lot of man is not only lizzy i met my she didn't seem guilty madame sound i repeat we did we learn that movie santa seems acceptable since kind like they're probably should have that special out earlier
actually the special was out before it is that's my point that's what i'm saying especially on two thousand five idiosyncrasy was two thousand six but i've been redoing that bid for a couple of years came from one mushroom trip one mushroom chair by just sat and looked at the whole progression of the human race and that it was some sort of a crazy fight between population of stupid people and like packets of really intelligent people figuring out matter itself to the point of total complete complexity were the blow up the whole universe we re start all over again but that all came from a mushroom when i start thinking about like how ridiculous it was that i put all my faith food that the war in the cold of my family on the hands of things i totally don't understand i just hit switches abbot research them the full powers them i have no idea the science bind it on arms open refrigerated takes melt poor glass this milk has been able to sit and refrigerators for a week and not turn it around
cheese another man that has been pulverized do some crazy machine that i'll never be able to understand got to the point where all the bacteria is broken down so you can store it regulator that you don't understand some boxing should call and that's the only way we can all live like this the only way we can all live like this and nobody understands it and then i just add that the biggest road itself why tell everybody everybody's like you get on tangents about nuclear bomb comes in and even viruses which is perfectly logical but i'm saying the real also really would take would be let the lights go out for a week and let's see where we are ass as a civil as a hit him when i when everything work in the woods not dead man you know a person's real true character comes in a situation where everything gets tested and a lot of people never get tested they just never get to do the life they coasts through the boring but easy job and they go to sleep and they get up and do it all over again and then the shit never hits the fan and of shit
when you need to know how to shoot a dear you shot the dear right what do not find it now how far they run can follow lead trails once ok you wait you fat you shouting unfounded its day or even now we re going to order it keep the meat good exactly air meets only good for a few hours where and when you do this you getting caught up right yeah go to cut it out you get an refrigerated aimed at nuts man the other processes so simple now we go to supermarkets like we ve accelerated everything the point which ridiculous you can get me like that you know you get what one would have ever thought you could just step out into the street walk a blog and get a fuckin fats thick juicy ribby stake perfectly caught like
perfectly aged right ready to go you have do no preparation whatsoever to say i'll take that boom you take it home this fire but when you cook in it and like seconds at an alien patient is nuclear like technology right here in your kitchen ready to cook your yegg microwave the fuck out and then it's amazing it's amazing what we have come to its short period of human history we i would remind you think some trust me i got my body man party leader do you believe in aliens fulfils again those things that i just put up to those like i can not believe in aliens right i can't sit here too you know there's aliens and i've seen but is like our aid every one of those lights up there is a son odds are theirs maybe you know another and other branch of intelligence it just seems ridiculous to think there wouldn't be
it seems that we already figured out that things are recreated all the galaxies like glass gas giants rocky plants the goldilocks plants with water plants without water like we can apparently read their atmosphere somehow another they figure that shit out i don't know how but figure out like what temperature a planet is thousands of light years away it's a strange strange thing i don't know how the fuck they do it but they found a lot of planets like this a lot gotta be some other shit it's gotta be some bullshit it's a hundred per cent then you know you get into the whole entered dimensional leaking of real how would have revealing window mentioning yes backs you know those you break a blow up you gotta be think about some of these he ain't no it's funny but we what we want we do by ridiculing any that shit is just we're just trying to control reality to even the ridiculous pop so we understand as is the ridiculous part of us being a part of a galaxy not gaussian part of the universe is universe being one
of one universities infinite amount of universes like this he's not a note that we know to be true like keeping our heads around infinity in the ideas we know that to be true we we i go any further you start producing new shit start introducing aliens but tat i got no real room for you crazy alien talk it's like this almost like that the reality that we're absorbing as it is is so baffling and so fuckin crazy that were like was unwilling to look at nothing that's more confused and not to mention that you know then the powers that be of also makes this magical thing called religion into the eta the fat and to the whole thing so if if a cheerful the aliens actually came and landed in full view of everybody that fucked up people's like belief system yeah that's over it really does mean it would be interesting they who'd like jockey first try to get caught the aliens catholic church and alien made peace
do you know the ex post jesus was an alien yeah cable they first untrue and only alien i mean it began its all war of like they drop off a new gospel has every s gospel it's a floating you as our legends earned be wiped out would be so easy man could you imagine if you were from another planet and you had some superdome technology in you want to come out and you knew the history of the religions within their own religion must however is a christianity islam it's one of those ok it was what we do know we gotta come down with one guy that has both of those religions in its history and he's gonna decent fuckin magic and it's gonna take over the planet that's rather the magic to them now let dayton that's natural they can do that he imagined nasal landing a helicopter a thousand years ago is going back and landing a fuckin helicopter and seeing people frigate run for cover this way
what what kind of a world we gonna be lebanon and just another decade just another twenty years just another fifty thousand years you couldn't just broke out a flashlight cut that though shirts fires contained piss everybody can fire that's what they had for fun we told how was cutting edge about as you re a variant of fire and an idea you were good you can what would the joneses why because electricity is only a couple he's all right but what what's woman's electricity was eating and late eighteen hundred yeah tesla right those have begun at an eu level maybe not even as other early nineteen hundred while at things and they he's fire to state keep things lit he wasn't angles and share in this eighty kite discharge their phone dab really makes like like we're divinity like some of his shit even more impressive than he did that shit by candlelight you now think about this chapel think of doing that with candles you know god damn mother fucker
fire whose lit by fire and who still motivated enough to do that on his back for us back over many years jesus christ how long did it take on inhabiting cavalier that's when the great art works of of humankind longer yeah i'm sure i'm under estimating imagine with all the other duties who were like the artists back in the day leonardo da vinci guys like thought they're pretty bad ass now see now more glad sprinkle pieces pretty proud of it in i think i'm kind of shit and oh yeah you that leonardo da vinci dude yeah he's been painted a ceiling for three years that shit's brilliant and invented the helicopter in his spare time in figuring out how to make a fuckin biplane as it was odd speeders amazing bill in ways about like some super dude
what i want an amazing mine that guy had wished it was filled that guy you know he's while those guys you wish like man we really about getting some recordings of that guy talk in the podcast he will he must have been a super genius you must have been some insane through the roof iq type character in this is but he would like just sketch all these like insane machines out and figure things out and in part than that of me i mean just what with amazing amazing mine that guy must have do you ever joel or do any kind of art i'm a little bit i came into music actually i was a graffiti writer like with a bunch of cats and some started making some music for fun and i kind of followed suit and interest became you know something i left they somebody within that group new iced tea in that's how that whole things above iced tea simon but
make as much are there must be pretty fuckin coolly assigned buys tv i realized i was seventeen days must avail i holy shit i just get signed by ice tease amazed and it was what it was before like people it wasn't like about a note there were no super duper hundred million record sellen people and wrap it was like in the biggest people were like run dmz at that time while not public enemy and if you know stuff like that it was just starting to crack i was just don't find endued asked me if i want to make a record for him and i said sure why not made a record for heaven taxing was house of pain and whatnot but ass bequest recollect the latter are not really you do but added like graffiti based in st art based collector of art
i love that there's a website for i think it's yes t why i think is what it is some like that but it's for artists in light of our listeners who are art was so like posters on this website and lately i've been lately i've been buying up so much like posters like a regional prince because it's like one out of twenty we're only printing out twenty pieces of this and saw it for fifteen bucks i just have one fifteen or one of those twenty and now i'm just out of nowhere start collecting art because this one website it's amazing website yes he wisely on our started early i don't know ten years or so maybe more ago maybe look fifteen years ago collecting all these toys out of hong kong that these graffiti writers from america we're going like all these asian cats with big fans of the whole graffiti scene they would hire these cats to make toys for like companies like having hunter and
a calm and all these so i collect alleys toys and then i ran into a homey that was like the editor of art magazine called juxtapose and he was i go to school you collect these toys but we like you should be actually collected paintings and an art ok and next thing i knew i was like you know became gonna obsessive i'm late thousand pairs sneakers i have a whole was wicked witch brands of em aren't even open most likely really a guy like two hundred pairs niggers prominent i just rotate wow mean dead where then there's probably like six eight hundred peasant sneakers like in boxes the whole thing at the grammy museum than a hip hop zoo unlike all mycenae like woodmans hot fifty sneakers i've got stieglitz why i'm what i'm explain it is like what well for for calling me in red like this there is a whole like i can sum what i call a b i consider myself a bee boy which is like
in the truest sense of the word is a break boy a cat that break dances but right came like the the title if you're a hip hop like console or like that i consider myself to be right on them too status a b boy i like like a hash would be iraq dude be boys tube hip rather than an escalating question ass would be fisheries to raw writers be boy is third base they'll be boys should definitely but like the sneakers this kind of part of that sneaker it's part of culture good now whether you could be its dirty close if i had a new piece of jewelry and some new sneakers can't sell me give our favorite brandy appalling i like i'm pretty movement ass nike snow like old school air force was in jordan's and stuff like that but did you get the voters i haven't i start collecting a couple years ago i stood by sneakers but i forced myself to wear them all
like i don't buy i used to buy compulsively just be like i don't even know if i like those but put them over there you have like a closet specially designed for the bedroom that now is not resign is just looks like a back room orange spot of a foot locker it's kind of crazy really india its retard lady does have bobby i'm only show it anymore it's shame they may ridable shameful but the point is that even brought it up those that i'm compulsive like that after i was doing sneakers analogous data collected these toys noble those i kind of sick all that energy and collecting pays i like eighties now in how i would probably mean houses of paintings like just like this how many you hang on walls there like stacks just laying on against leading up against walls
give tours man that's i bet you have some amazing shit out or order or do a little video basra website has allowed a cabinet are blown up really big right now that i've had for a long time cause and sharper fairy i was collected before she was no man like banks ii all the o get the banks and parlor yes and all kinds of this big on a cat name creoles greg's emptiness big time you know me it's it's all us everything future ercasts like that but everything's around graffiti or st art i cast it actually started like industries put in aren't you has asked i wonder what does do tat once had a house in hollywood ills and he had a whole wall of his house crazy house glass wall that face the city the whole deal and a whole like law wall of his house was a gallery was set up like four rotating pieces of art and he would be no literally
however some of the best artists in the world and by their shit and rotate new stuff from their tis like he had warehouse says where would store the house is that he wasn't showing i'm getting to the point i have to fight like a professional place soon our yet this do that is how sort of like a museum i mean he would wrote these incredibly incredibly rich in the house telling you about up here in the hills before i had a kid and got married that's all it was the downstairs of the house had no furniture it was just paintings let me ask you something about living in the house cuz i i've had friends that were robbed up there i've had a couple of friends that have been caught up in the hollywood that's why you even though only what you are you're talking yup here but the hollywood hills is what i was talking about like i've ever had a lot of people again like home invasions shit how sure man you get costs lip and i mean i still live in mount olympus actually which is right all european and north canyon in and i lived up there for many years and never had a problem but
that do that when he's driving home from the store lake has begun in his lap i make two extra terms dude adds a thousand its because i'm on this thing that it out to get me but it's like i'm not gonna be the guiding got because i was stupid and surrounding this rain like that but i will that's like actually allow like cyprus home ease in and then cats when we are coming up to go because they kind of came our came from suburbia you know me not rich suburbia you know lower class lower middle class but middle nonetheless in these cats came from you know like i was an ice and all their money around with the cynic it for a while but i never was like did into like he was a grown man in the entertainment business is big gangster nor that days were ripe cyprus guys we're fresh off the street you mean like when they first made them record so i learned a lot from them about like how to roll like places and yo they were always worried about who was following them when they were leaving so it kind of even though it didn't platinum
always it stuck with me to be that alert about things and also because i tend to wear allow jewelry i'm really nice car then the sector that constant paranoia elements like you're at yale oligarchy not apparently don't you know like us and i'm not like everybody's out to get me but it's like let me just be sure who i am and where i am and was what's around me you know me so i make that extra turn i'll make that if i add up i've been lucky long enough to think that lack is don't you know i really don't believe in luck is it's just a word that you use because if if there were such thing is lacking on you could fuck a pagan actually have a real kid you what magic my had largely lucky we lucky i believe a magic so but it's bad luck is magic to a certain degree that's my point in a way i think we can before it what i say is like i've been alert enough to know that i have actually avoided a few times of actually beings raw or this or that any other by just by certain answers and how reacted alerted to them it was too
when i was in new york at certain clothes rather doubtfully new owls being i was being like case stalked in we preyed upon and i would happen no bump into some that's that i knew and i'd be like i'm already alerted to these dues well you know and then be like just the fact that with some people's i know and then they know i'm on two january you buy yourself you know i mean if you mewing in your oblivious i mean like it's that's the worst things being oblivious to what's going on around you that is
the thing it away about people physically jacking you do tat come on everybody they don't think about it i m almost everywhere at me like that it's a thing that we have to worry about real i made a lot of music and all that but my profile is nowhere near yours you know we have sorted out wreckers whatever i keep a low profile of purpose i like going around i like it i like going to the olive bar and make it my own little bolder olives like that i enjoy that i like the little black box achieves its and some olives and going to nato and again and watch and whatever it is that you have sea or a football game whatever i like to build a do data like real to drive my car and enjoy romeo i keep my my music far more famous than i am as a face you gotta worry you're the face of the spot to a certain degree so it's like your moral whilst very very nice to me at the most people are getting it nice people were not worried about those people through is a hardware able were worried about the way with a small percentage that our nice
you you had a public online battle with eminem and i know this is all in everything i got a lot of us followed it but i didn't find out about until today is a right it was it was it was a very mean amongst us it was known in our france it was now but it was i was like this thing over napster i never released a record bout it because i wasn't trying to profit off the situation it was a personal thing between me and him would you guys get manager therefore i don't you think i got no man him cause i would shake his handsome where any kind of it before it was eminem who oil this you know there is big his elvis tied character is right when it was first come in as we say in any kind of athletes disrespected found out later you know he didn't really see it the same weight and realize it was that kind of situation after the fight like us and we have had a problem for ten years so it is a sure though thing i measured moors and it was like you know
became like i well you know you know talk about me we will talk about you will just keep it at that want things i've found its pretty easy to the ground on this is that whenever you around anybody who is really creative really out there really like dynamic in the way they perform there also must always very emotional and some of them have a good handle on it like you you know you're always a pretty relax mellow in a certain groove do you never like i've been around you bunch times and never see new like agitated and never seen you like stress and about anything euro you know you you you maintain a certain place some people really and do that enough for me also i meant there's no show i told you i said it but where they show up it faking it for years managed is trying to figure i'm making music i don't even know how to make music even though this is this is luck in icing and in as much as that like your isn't what i meant to do you know i feel like it to a degree of what is meant to do that's a lot of luck
yeah but these as you know is that you feel personally are as smart as you and his talent is you death for one reason or another without being like they didn't get convicted of rape or methods to me like that but just is some doesn't click some doesn't happen for them and like you i got a bunch of musician friends of mine that are geniuses that i'm just like why you know what is it about them why wipe way and the ad element is whatever that little planets line adopted just europe
place right i mean you know how to react to venus i agree too we are we all responsible for our fates i believe i made a choice somewhere along the line and contribute to what i'm doing it's not just like a willing line little boys you gotta let a whole beheld any in and i'm sorry do but if you rocco cod peace like in regular life not on stage as part of some uniform if you just like a walk in the club that should do it i can't fuck which my friend jason chambers showed up once with a cup on a couple of those was for other purposes he shut over the commonest i once thought some was going down they came down with a cup on that's what i do is ratified it came the mouthpiece in his pocket and a cup on but that's a different situation actually it s not a fashion statement of what the cup on for a fashion statement losing an outer copies lear cod peace like is ours has at work is like the copies goes over than you do go chaps
i don't know i didn't invest time and i see a copies are certainly other way but you know what it is what i've you're not the lead singer cameo i'm not really china some coffee will give us a cameo dam and everyone thought about cameo yeah what i'd be thousands of baghdad jean seven's i was going back to you know his fuckin crazy outfits that's where i was that area eugene simmons recent resent roccanera shut off stands that's our stay with the maker with g the demon the demon rocks the car copies james's agree racks leg armani years out there you know you can but roebucks jews with cod peace has not them it's questionable choice that we go out again by down so we lost all that or on audio still right here
we have rules about the card piecemeal i agree there is a certain well at the very least you're not like ass for the bolshoi shy like you know larry what's his name from cameo man and you know and will give jean pass yeah gene that's an area the car pieces man maybe veering voir human there's probably a couple copies is in war that's up but that you know that ned i came i fucking with you bag oberon this is a bonus footage just the people listen to the audio version of this state of things we have all these other versions of it so we never lost a moment beautiful man of this beautiful conversation that's what this man yeah i am when i watch we will go on stage like that night at that
you guys did that that show at the hard rock in vegas and i see highlights in musicians like work with each other and go on and do songs and and do shit that's kind of cool something the comedian really do it was it was crazy because they butchered my song horribly they really they knew the like that i mean it's only three cords also but the way that the way that the courts are played changes sign rehiring and they just plain at the one area was fine it was that we're all draw care would have fun ass i saw when i was like i just wish i was out of nowhere was i was late they then when the change was to come i was like trying to communicate its in them all right but they were dissolve often they're all world as rather we re got all those like that was like that what camp freddy there like kind of like a bunch of dude from all the other bands like you know camp freddy yeah that's what s without wasn't ass well nora was there he was in it is like a bunch of dues from a bunch of differ rock man's icon
super group type situations that wasn't else was due from bush wasn't him the cup i i can't remember everybody we yes like that kind of thing there's a guy from this man and a guy from their band and dave navarro i love a love watch live music because you know i love watch live comedy but as a comedian man there's there's like a little phase where i had to get over i would some one and i would really like enjoy with it did but then i can anxious again anxiety at thy father i gotta go right to undo it would balmy out or i would be a little bit of haider might man really thinks that farmers are really loves a heart you know like someone bump me out about where why why in my own career or my own head as a comedian will stand those predatory man that's a very limited area this but to be allowed to appreciate the art form outside of that too just realized that that doesn't serve me at all and that but if you have paranoia about like workin aren't its progress in our work and are not dangerous
we're card you have that paranoid anymore and all goes away found out i had a figure that that shit up and then i could she'd stand up is an art form again and then watching other people i could actually appreciate as like an audience member which a lot of comedians lose tat we was that we lose the ability to sit down and laugh and watch its heart you start dyson then the guys working on with this all he went there command the fuck is that you know this is so obvious man that's that's kind of stooping used our breakin should dounia i do of course you do everybody does its but with music i'm not even remotely musical so i could just fully appreciate select urging that show you mean that was a there's something about watching like alive show like that watch some bad ass musicians get up and fuck around together like that it's like tat like this is the system the very special feeling that you guys can put out there in a very special party appreciation performance feeling
that's an unusual via man that divide that you guys put out that night i was fuckin fund gotta get back yeah now is really time that was told the effect it was one of you either your data they were like hell they're calling you because i was drunk algiers and my own conversation yeah they were unstayed calling i have ever lies employees rights are you went out with no preparation mean from walking up to this age you you had a drink in your hands still yoga window what it's like you're at it you're ready and there was the warm enough it is where right into it and now that i was beautiful man i was a real moment i think the liquor helped every ted and did in a good way man there's something about liquor man look i know it accelerates the aging process i know it's one step closer to the grave but i say
i got it makes the days a little more fun you know and it makes wrong with it with a nighttime experience is a lot more interesting stories you can't tell me you can't tell me i don't have some awesome memories it is not all bad and when you can perform like that boom and you think you could you say i think the liquor help me to an end the river that whatever the fuck helped you that's a good thing that has to be a good nobody has good thing it's the art forms like a really truly of the least i could turn we and i think the hard rock like flew me out there for me not even on the promise i didn't sign or contracts ain't gonna stay i was just there to go to fight they like one i'd stay there they were there always treat me like a king there and i was there days of egg yet i was in an abandoned that since the baby's want to years and i gotta go to a site
i'm not gone what i've been the one you have c on new year's weekend i think it was even on new year's eve or the non was on the thirty or this weakens gonna be mob because its juniors weaken its brok less oversized are already they shut the street down address its evident as like new york times square have done it been there done that now i'm good yeah you re ass an ace craziness new year's eve for me as a knight to just sit the house and chill and j clark leaving you know this dick hearts to iraq he counts adele does he stood still comes a counter desire to please how stroke right you can barely talk it's really hard at a goodly gives it a big area manner what's he like a hundred nine policy he's a hundred nine children working for the law this time the joke was the de clercq was like that he never aged the animal s order we regard the devil he created developers and practical jokes
i think he created america's funny as home video like brazil is a regional then do money still work in some amazing still work amy merv go to vegas our party it is all over the place but merv driven didn't like bridges right pressure than you and more for dick thing is more attractive gentlemen they when i had a goddamn crazy wild orgy back in the day you get waves ship back then dmz awesome i hope in cereals jersey auto focus the i actually saw the purse have which is the other night i didn't finish want that go with it treats me enough in it i had to go or something but it was ended first i don't know i just it was on at anyone knows about dude from hooligans heroes whereas this kraken ears
this is where i was caught i was asked the hooligans heroes guy he went crazy while movie man did you ever saw his murderer either i think he's murders still up for investigation they think it was the guy that he was buddy buddy with what they couldn't prove william the foger yet wonderful guy the thing it that's why they insinuated in the movie right am i plan on saying that have i write google that fine if they ever found out his killer with the house's roma bob something bob in belgrade yes you're right bang it there was a weird movie man movies oh boy scout obsessed with making his porn him and his body which is make porn every night they just get obsessed with like have an orgies and making porn
now and then it would be wrong to do grabs ass the movie messianic airports though is one due to hesitate should do far thing good thing going where our boat in the same room together somebody could get murdered behind their debts that's exactly probably happen part cranes murder now ruled suicide from march fourth two thousand not ruled now roared wise pledges have idle to use adele what did i thought it was now not only products that was carried out parity and inaccessible areas represent do you're not the kung fu guy no more you're not dude you that guy that died in the closet jerking off with a website do managers louse murder may have been gruesome drawn out suicide why
that's only solely break somebody off they thought it was burner for years a very was bludgeoned death i'm pretty sure wanted to look bob crane cause of death because i'm pretty sure homeboy was like bludgeon to death i mean the nay insinuate down the movie the movie take some oliver stone like leap of faith and sharing my have always made before two thousand i love had explained somebody there was talk me about oliver stone in other words about all j f k movie which i love is a great moving fast any movie moving on to guide us like a good movie but not less the truth oh yes it is i got no no you know that our general that gives him all the information donald sutherland that guided exactly he doesn't exist there exists no real do so it's a movie now now who knows what the fuck is gonna there's gadgets leg is through some serious
the real agenda there we need a guy we need a hero guided stands a gene throat care what are these dude on yesterday's names michael rupert and he's a guy who is a lapd narcotics investigator caught the cia selling heroin in the hood and went public yeah i know you don't want i've seen him in a few few different like me films too he was fuckin my head on yesterday a man the guy who really did do that really was a good com who stood up and said fuck this this is this is not supposed to be doing it serpent he served boycott and some are still alive that's crazy i wish it would have been able to see his face when i asked about two part because it was kind of weird you know i got an email i send you an email afforded you need a guy get upset the photo that you used for the web page
you know you you're froze like an image is our randomly created the average is pretty much guy he's laughing here maybe he was so do we had a good rats and i looked at the picture like why everybody is everybody getting more fuckin sensitive it seems a kid people getting more entitled they want more apologies they want the union's it up when you are i don't even when you were that some that always ran to pick up a device and jimmy page from let's epilogue you suck paul's man you didn't sign my record yeah no she isn't this out on all the negative and you know what i'm saying is like it's just crazy like i have a hard time dealing with a little hole technology men and i said i just wow man people really
while i was very beautiful i might get a lot of nice stuff but it's weird how like sometimes that one thing that you could be one thing in a week like one bad loathing and your money and they come after you know they noticed and sometimes you know you just thrown shit out there sometime you to throw it out the idea assumed for complete this pretty good probably compared to you have never looked at your time last lechner nor your magic enabler usually really friendly you know that for every once in a while like a fourteen year awakes discovers that battle i had with them in amman decides to write me a message are how much i fuckin yeah i'm the email yet have the zeal and willpower to want to jump into the fire out of school i'm sure it is it's like that's what am i mad and i could a roadside into like somebody like famous it's i don't know would it just a bit like use what would you have done your release be funny man i got used to have a thing i got it i went to like when the stable centre oda may be rooms i'm so we both had season
the first three championship years i went every single gay men and we sat any closer to four and became kind of well known for being a bit of a hackler because i get the players attention and it was always i because i tried to say something funny or stupid or clever i never was like you so in your mom's or because there was like already a thousand guys that they learn to out right around the first time i ever got a guy was it was grant hill he was on the free throw line and some it happened was i in the game where you had a bad day on the
and it was like just peeling a little bit off and right as he was about to take his shadow your grave fix you bad day like i could see him giggle any bad men that's actors around that's over its leg laugh in it you know he's giggling ass i saw i learned from that day arms like all you got to say some funny say some funny these dues dude i won't give them every time i went to the fight of the new orleans once a year ago norland vegas smog scene again about your less known fights there i would doug stanhope mean stand up again hammered and as we're gonna hammered stand hope started yelling at the boxes were in the under card and under credible boxing that's very definitely other carter you have seen that you don't hear ship a few conversations in the audience but it's really generally fairly quiet the first couple fight tonight so why this guy's a fucking duke it down the front we're like the second or third row standouts gone home
down and parties phrase please yellow every ten seconds he has a new one way till the end of the round and draw your hands up in the air and say you open palm kept like every ten seconds you would come up with some new hackle and we were just laugh a number of these poor folks they have to fight in the championship fight while some yellow the most ridiculous shit they have to be here and this is no way that i'm here in this house in tennis
the wise tennis get to be the same thing with pool and golf because their emotional yet when you plan poor man you know professional pool matches if you're talking on the sidelines of nickel you there's nothing opel tables aren't like in bars all around the world people learn how to play pool they do by either there's a big difference in bar taber pool and professional pool that's played for like big money when those guys play those guys don't want talk and those guys don't fuck around those guys are killers they just state is one that no one here you join you got that hey you make any text messages with two fuckin clicker that they want their prize money that comes from the cat pain to get in the door and they do it said it's an enigma they want to be treated like golfers do there's no money and unfortunately we're think is a lot people play pool this is really hard to make eleven as a professional pool player its poor to me an art form that only the people who play it can appreciate i'm gonna throw a dart circuits catch about ass to some other
controlling anything with its play up do starts fuckin even you know what's a game the fuckin shuttled thing with trees whose body that even that lewis some about controlling things we get very easily addicted to distraction of controlling things thoughts or phone darts arpha i like so soon and that countries like you gotta canada and automatically i'm a curling fan put entity the england and i'll find like a dart match what to why aren't tv like network tv i count myself watching curly doesn't like nova scotia watching people cry montana it's a great sport
i would go so far but its fascinated peoples not actually doing good tv when there's no other tv to be its de we it is kind of interesting in other china put that thing perfectly the idea of controlling something at just the right amount to push through the same thing with poor just the right amount of posting the next born perfect position yeah there's a weird thing that people have with one to control their environment call just symptomatic of our inability to control our own lives and we know that it's all going to end now they want to control other things around that's my fucking rubik's cube ten seconds you know what i want to control as much as we can around that video games chet control anything there what do you want to do ever last from house pain that area are needed if the pair degree i don't know that's what made me
smoking occasional joint you're allowed a whiskey hope my daughter you gotta awesome life an awesome way to make it then you now and figured out a way to express yourself for eleven behind due to i am lucky in the sense that it is vital if i didn't want to live any kind of driving in life which i really do because i'm i'm just kind of a flamboyant dude you can see is of a ball or not somebody ever asks you though i'm trying to be a savour savour try that try i went from this all out spending averages whatever i made it before i got married now to kid whatever i made i spent i know it's me never thought twice about yeah that's the recklessness of bachelorhood with money like out
thank god everyday cause that jump around sounds like lui lui men never go away down we're going to have a growing wait i used the level of markets davis's in the sea of yours i knew i was gonna get to hear it do you know i gave you a bunch of shouts while i'm always what i wanted to tell you the number has changed yeah he was madame either those guys don't you say i'm going out so the story i too as i was sitting there baked watching one of the eu have sees every was like maybe two ago and and and like man joe man shows you know cause i watch strike force i watched a bunch of the storm numb output and anybody down do with i can't stand any common to most of it i don't listen to the commentators i'd like will turn it down and just kind of watch and have some years ago under some mouse tat usually i got some people's around and where we'll talk our own shit but we listened to joe rogan like fight
i believe that only listen most by you if you ain't jim lamplight vacuum which you call it a boxing match on that kind of thing sizes the text is yours like man you a bad motherfucker do they not think one specials will had just been on and how we were laughing about national like you have plenty motherfucker and you're gonna be like to check ur mme so you will go down in history as the senate and didn't think twice next day i woke up i was even kind of like a man so high liquid of ads essential since this sloppy ass like cinema tampon ass kissing my compliments but then what the fuck did me miss they say you may ask what ever you were like you you got my new number man larry s funny
the letter i agree that the well these i got you a quick enough in a guy you know a wall of contact eminent aid it made an inside like us they within one one fight cycle that within a couple of weeks so there was a good week that you're just like mother fucker man sensitive bitch trust you with my love and rational given love like that i agree man if somebody that may during a blush at little you're like writing a song about it ran into people to tell me that roby incredible even handed in my mind not got it man i'm so sorry should sit slips by saying i caught him tat she heard em man demise isn't member i mean you know i said earlier whether what anthony bourdain said the main as one of the things that i was thinking i was hanging out with you in vegas also whether how cool is this i'm here can we in the club with ever last when the fuckin house pain is now what
cause things about the famous you just get the hang out geological those people when we can come to the two they wanted to meet that why aren't you first is like that's that exciting new black man i remember you for someone went to the grammy's warehouse of hay we're sitting there we're just jazzed vienna rome and whenever we get sat on a shown only turn around its ali
except for bono the rest of you too like the edge to say i guess about a week after week some somebody communicates with like yo where huge adds we live and we're like your fuckin you two man why that's not hats fucking crazy who so you know that the commission is mac who did the link for me it was i was inaugurated the fights were always kind enough for me when like you know when the fighters will come on you're gonna love music that amazing possessive sought maggot to fan boy out on a little bit you know how many other guys came out you shit besides marcus than all other guys can a few right on me in your own how come on that's a great get fired up for a fuck of battles have other part like to our group lakota nostra nicosia came out and one of them songs and when he came out for pride for that fight with duty beat it beat him up to
got me tat all i got out and we're going to fight yeah came out like a glucose olive oil and his brothers is rather fuck go me up and that is nick ds footnote me up make ds go me we're in a battle it nicky as one make ideas fought go me we ended in san lan russo them damn dumped i loved as priority as is on a new level right now he's fine he's fine balance or only this we don't ask me who are you fucking kidding me came down with no means of ours is nick india as being in the ringer well peaches had serious acl reconstruction surgery and he had the one i had both different kinds thirdly and i am very surprised that he elected to get the put patel attendant graft jeez what from what i understand is not the best move because compromise the patel attended it takes a third way or that this too is a bunch different ways to do it the acl asia a real common injury they need to take the
i'm starting to think a big chunk of meat and reconstruct the asia approach they have done before and it has been successful but it takes a long amount of rehab or they use it cadaver diver is they have an achilles ten which the big thick tend in much bigger and thicker and they stick tat it serves as a platform for your body sort of scaffolding for your body to create new cells on it so this a couple different ways and he went one of the ways it takes a long time to rehab the better lieutenant graph some people's whereby it's on my doctor didn't my doctor said that a compromise is the front of the name that you can get better effect with the the cadaver graph and i've had done and the one that i had with the cadaver graft healed much quicker much easier much less invasive i was back to normal quicker everything about it was quicker so i he's in for a long rehab so gs be i think is in for at least it lee
a nine month rehab that's being conservative he really probably should last ten or maybe even a year a year is is a smart calculated move because he doesn't need money you know he's the young man it beginning on the boat there were no they will not need to have an interim championship on february fort that's where shit gets harry because gs p s i sit on the sidelines what a fucked up me while car caught it and be as i go into war that's gonna be ok that's five rounds for the interim title so all that time gs he has to fight with the demons of pushing it too fast because a lot of guys when they that acl surgery they fuck around they feel goods they start rolling real early like at church use herman was one the most recent ones he got his age done he starts rehab raise feel pretty good so takes you get to class or takes kickboxing class whenever you know a pop it goes out again now you gotta go do surgery i can go through the whole goddamn process crazy i need
through it and got out of the woods but it's a sixteen process now now you're dealing with no another ten months on top of that so we he's so whenever george and make bs get it on who the fuck knows now now now it's a matter of how smartness gs p play out the surgery how much damage was there really what about soft tissue the soft tissue can make it difficult for him to shoot and makes swell up so tissue is a lot of thousand amid the bigger issue than the actual ligaments themselves as they europe let us now really are replaced soft tissue a real irritating problem even views like fate pads put fake pads inside and these now like synthetic pads due to fuck knees i have to see their fight i'll fuck you you have to that's kay man you know that your question is gnp is like this fuckin goddamn super athlete gnp is like like one of the best
athletes that we ve ever seen in the usa as far as like explosion ability to keep up certain pays and pound guys and take guys down implement its own game plan but ninety has got the craziest fucking cardio emma may world has ever seen this do this wound turf office shit row he swam from our good trask twice for phone just shut the fuck up now you may well swim from our grasp the arbitrary twice you eat people don't even understand the amount of confidence that guy must have in his wind and compare into anybody out so he will just he'll take you on a race that you can complete mukoki it's gonna run nine miles now and see how long you can do this for because i could do it for a day for day one heals all day then get out a bike and ride for a couple hours they get in the ocean swim and cardio that he has worked diligently
build up has become like an extra weapon that a lot of people don't recognize what you see in this fight man he takes due to these crazy battles he talk shit to them he get some all emotional and then by five minutes they're fucking dog and he's just warm up he's just woman i was like webpage what bitch you know in their face poppet shots hit them fifty percent and i can't stop it and it's them infuriating thing to the you watch guys like employees mentally at our big weapon that he's using is that crazy cardio he's got some next level cardio toby he swam trans twice for five let's not even for trading now as before and you know what that's the place where you really have to worry about great whites that's where they fuckin breed they breathe up there like pete that's all
you'll issue like there's a lot of grants by some of the code it's like call is about some of the coldest water it in its common work america last gold is park it's freezing as funny and he's a bad mother fucker dude he's he's is a level of toughness that that guy has very few human beings will ever achieve is alive just sheer toughness that you don't know stare and you don't understand to experience it especially to watch it live you know when i watch him five dj pen live you know you get us i'm and i've seen nick five called a bunch of his fights in the previous system scrutiny of say but to watch him like he's persuade amendment thirty ok so even in his prime yet but i want their performance in bologna and speedy paneling know nobody ever dragged be japan around like this but not standing up in a bid
taking them down and held onto him i gsp and feed him up to gsp did but this is not with nick diaz did nick diaz kept them up and beat them up and nobody ever did that before just war that was a tough fight hard to launch such a fan of all the actors involved guys heidi browser me a pen man for me be j as jordan because a warehouse i'm great how he's going up and down today no fight he's you know that's why some cats i added i just can't i mean as mazarin respect i won't get the octagon any of em a if you ain't got up and down and moved around i thought you know the guy bobby and the guy below you you know it's kind like you may be japan one thing about beaches beaches clean be j business not taken juice to did go up and wave on dj what i've been waiting a doughnuts in arms and a day cheeseburgers and shit and fought we oughta cheetah
belly and give a fuck you now he's he's he's legit you know and so when you go back and look at like all the fighters in you know ever competed never made it look at who has been the most courageous most willing to fight anybody he's not one hundred and seventy he's so much smaller than guys like anthony johnson is hard to even wrap your head around the fact they could ever be considered in the same way class the fact guys can somehow not to be in the same way class is utterly com politely ridiculous and johnson bood up to eighty five force next fight finally what beach has never really been a 170s really is natural way to probably one hundred and sixty one hundred and sixty five somewhere around there and he can cut the one hundred and fifty five but it's miserable but one hundred and seventy they're just too big it's just a physical like twenty five john fitch is a good fight for the first two rounds of third round fits just overpower them over wrestled him the woman paid about like the fertile the last few minutes the five member hating nobody's at an all time i'll time great without a doubt
savage no we go i want some israeli fights watched you know she's firewood diego sanchez holy shit when he got i am when he was with the murder vetches induces and apparently though that the two they're putting him through that was like so bad he couldn't get home we couldn't pick up his baby you would get home from from training and he had nothing left he had nothing just bird came because your ideas your bodies gotta get the signal like listen bitch we're doing this every day you need speed up these cycles get us on some like high level shit right now we need to pick up the pace we need to fuck and make our heart rate lower we need to fuck and make our muscle tissue regeneration quicker and the only way to do those brave deeds down you know and guys like them or innovations that put you through something that you wish you were dead and so be jake at the end of that man which is a super athlete when it went out against diego sancho was created in shape dj pen like that goddamn be japan with ads that scariest fuck that's gary's fuck but can't keep that go along gonna keep their gloves along its hard
hard to keep that kind of pace that wishing you were dead for eight weeks every training cycle i mean i'm just talking shit i don't even unappreciated level that he has because he went through it but that guy say in that shape that that be japan i put up against almost anybody in history that division in order it's crazy sport man is the most got real sport of all time you ve been going side for a lot of a bit and i mean there was a period where in miss one year into yeah started taken it overseas i was i was there sir i'm just a fan i mean the router way that even happened was i was doin a show in boston twitter centre or somethin dana and check madeira wine i really was a familiar dainty eyebrows i shut the door and ngos i on his eminence do like all ever that's you knows i say campaign a wider you know i was
relatively soon after the take over intervene and he was assigned fight you come to add a gaunt like one or two fights on my own website sure and i call them like a week later like there was a final outcome will come to vegas and he put me ringside knows i was hooked man rack i was like a man this is the life was so fond of watch live man to be right there what history i love watch unlike the unleashed on spike can be like a mare era that fine i'm right there i do not have any files are one of the few things like a watch over again even though i know the outcome came to be a good fifteen too mr liese yeah somebody keep going off me i've been me we have figured out the culprit this i'm pretty sure this last was me though the horrors of being connected to the world all the time in poland the wonderful world of everlasting what is it like having an extra name and i want to say a fake name cause it's real performance damp
but you know i don't deserve you know me you know you call me by my i'm just love my folks call me eric unless it's called if somebody will call me everlast like in a personal situation or every whatever doesnt but when you're out the story the people say hey eric nobody ever say here that if they don't know me it's always everlastingly or why i'm fine words volume call me whitey fork out most call one fortieth that's kind of yeah so uncle would you call with way forward or amber last but you can call you arrogantly get to know you you can call me that i'm just as i do that most people like you know one of my hair how you do it i think that the eric i love what is like do that jump around they would want to do that to get themselves in deep quick romero dear people
we please jumped for me or shilling now apparently spent too much time in colombia so higher tests market towns got everybody unflagging either in green boxes that's funny i don't get i don't get much trouble listen thank you very much for doing a lot of fun aim at any time and honor you mean i was getting holiday on twitter about it like you need to do joe showed us yet joe i need to do your show its everybody's bodies that record that's what's up it's not a reckoning what decisions now seated on itunes as well as on item ragged my it's called ungrateful living songs of the agreement of the ungrateful living you and this ngos that we played was i get by on the on the way home tat way this is an album actually have
would you began a bargain was ends is not at all in landed obey remember back we were there with birthday maybe about that so far more issued a video or yes your next signal now five years after the next sometime shoot a video for a bunch of his eyes like even songs in east anglia that era week just shoot a video on youtube and had to be a single you got your iphone or some time at his put shit out there in certain ways it is in some ways as now it certainly is not what's always that's where it goes right remedies just gonna go out all over the problem is there's no moral connection to the stealing rag
i believe if people really understood that look i mean i'm workin on a completely independent level here i still probably a good hundred grand gettin this record together and put out and all that you mean you know let alone any advertising or whatever other publicist i got a higher or this or that together you know that's on top of that you know me so like when you by the music do you her it's like you know you're killing off you're gonna hear me saki making it any better sooner or later it's gonna just below my why bother you you know for myself and give it to my home boys and whatever you know people feel that they do anything wrong because you do not feel anything click some links and then you get it and then nice doing a joke lake yo it's cool
laws like when i come to you you can download all my music for free that's cool laws like you know aim anxiously with key under the manager crib and when i come to town i can make a sandwich asleep on the couch and by car and drown myself to the gig and come back afterwards take a shower have another sound farley town and we're good i could live like that if people will be so willing at the deaths at the least anatomy and throw me a book area always come over to my how i heard the most retarded argument the other day on my message board about why paper views why should you should be able to stream illegal you have see paper views and the guy said if someone wants to call themselves the champion of the world that everyone should be allowed to watch it but what kind and of a stupid fuck justification of that is that for for receiving a product that someone spent millions and millions of dollars to create produce for the sheer though the real
to sell it to people who enjoy it and by willingly but you think you should be allowed to steal it because the championship world should be free for everyone to see it that is the most amazing justification like the fact that people are willing to do what they do the most ridiculous scenario possible like you would logically accept just in order for them to not pay i could steal there's nothing hurt them in the long run its the whole eminent dislike for really enjoy i'll go up by it people ask me has for some people have as we like you know like that that question we'll work it will if you have one wish for one thing you could do to improve the world what we're being toby ballots ahmad completely erase any knowledge history or knowing of the internet that i was i was a cause for every good thing you could find on internet i'll find you one thousand leg slimy fucked up dirty
uses for the enemy immoral stealing yo it used to it i'm not forget hope i'm not stealing one of your bits here because i might even be a dave chappelle they were there used to be where you didn't like if a dude like to fuck pigs in high heel shoes
he had two key dash to himself back into it i know somebody else said things of this new reality but we all have really but with the internet is like now they all are together was proving and moving to a town near you'd fuck it urges target about tat i dont think its necessarily all bad though i think for additives i'll bet there's a few really i mean there's a lot of really good amazing uses for the technology but for every one of those present vows in horrible despicable rotten one i don't know if that's true i agree with you that there's a lot of fuck that shit out their absolute lies only better when the lights go out mantra me haven't you guns i think we learn how to skin oh dear i think delighted and how to make jerky the lighter permanently in i think we're eventually going to evolve past is carbon life data stage and move into some sort of a symbol
relationship with the internet it's going to be some computer connection you're part of the work tat i will marry boreal it's a higher percentage is gonna happen that's what that's the directions that arriving at this do you gotta titanium heart valve gonna hear you about bargain that shit is real real do it if it was a guess there's gonna be sometime mozilla browser you lost in shit right now you are on the last day of the reason they they went with the titanium is because it last forever like allow older folks they would use like even a pig valve
well and if i had the pig rob i wouldn't have to take a blood donors cause but those would also have to be like every ten fifteen years you have to redo it pay and i really shining a cracked open how many jazzy attractive and nine at my age prior could if i lived a life long live we would have been at least two more ah ha jesus you know and i hope you know i've looked at it like you no sooner or later because just the history and was gone army i'm probably gonna have to have some sort of surgery in that department again at some point you watch your diet too the green knight not i mean i am actually mean the wife ever on a new you know health food kick retina health food but healthy food kick right now china lose lose weight and yellow healthier i start drinking caille shakes every morning my kevin james you know is the act of union do zoo keeper he locked eighty pounds prepare offers mme movie place mme fighter former college ressler yeah good movie man
and kevin lost a full blown away and when the way he did it was by drinking these caille shakes everyday starry became a complete vegetarian everything vegetable based everything that he was eating and he started this day every day with shakes there was i got vita makes blender you blend in cucumbers and kalen salary and unlike a pair and some ginger and blended all up this big thick green stuff just drinking is like way more vegetables and you would every you never gonna sit down to eat all that and where but boom you get all the nutrients you get although and it cleans out your whole intestinal tract it moves everything along this motherfucker just started looking fantastic and dropping weight and just look at how and so i started doing and i sat down and after i do it's amazing man you feel great you have good nutrients in your body it's amazing how good your body but actual feel but from such a self sabotaging mother fucker like look at
caille shake and then i know this little cabinet right there with some peanut butter in chocolate protein powder throw banana and then some arm and milk and some honey and i make my protein drink my morning protein drink which is delicious but not white what i need is not what i mean what are really need is he's vegetables but this is a self sabotage mechanism the head that lets you know yeah but the indulgent thing is to have a yummy shake great stan how were we we ve done all this crazy things we live where we still can figure out how to make something that really was good healthy and wonderful for you taste justice is making as i know it i need to talk about vegetarians man that's very once a wide scale have like a steak or a five guys burger agree i agree as leg what it is i gotta bhamo carnivore yeah i'm a big fat five guys hers i found
doesn't one thousand alex i go to guard down their places good all you get it what the hell opinions the double she was happy as big as i'm talking about how could you not what do you think you're gonna live forever do not want to feel those moments never have experienced just drink you killed and that that was important it's a balance you gotta give me locally and treats like on my right or when i do a show you normally like this i don't i'm not really crazy about all these demands a ship it is one that i make sure the roadmap is get across to tour club promoter whoever that just one serious it's gotta be at least six pack of ice cold common color in glass bottles and only yellow skittles unless it that's about ass might be anabolic jameson that's usually maloney under the aegis of coca cola in glass bottles glad in ice cold in a glass bottle that's one on things like when you drink in this test and just like the way you're on stage
before you gonna have whisky or stage most of the time how fucked up you have said united have known what are usually don't drink too much at all before show how maybe a drink and then whatever i'm drinking stage usually i'm sweat now like protein as i'm clearly right the appeal i don't really understand how can you drink couple shots and undue had even ass only shows i can because the adrenaline has been going on already had a few drinks but its sweated out i'm gonna get a tolerance i really ever get that drunk anymore it's i'm a drink whisky like a grown man should drink with you know and i did a low oh this is where i should be and let me show right now this is the perfect spot that is a man's drank too so if you're gonna say what's a man's drink
fuck around tequila to kill a problem into little irresponsible you know you might not have the best conversational skills and ass it was agreed to kill is like the the the date rape date rape alcohol you're more people less land locked up shit unto kieva than any other the embassy that jim brewer bit jim brewer had a bit about milk mix and alcohol hilarious bit a bit about stomach is like a party and he's like throwing all these big different things in a german beer and american b and you know he's throwing all this shit down and then at the end of the night to cuba comes and it's like all these mexican shown up the particle come in costa not tribal who like this everybody out not that way that way you came this is a bit too fuckin funny bit but this would it gives dead to kill again that's the most irresponsible beverages to cuba
gives you guess what happened was let's have a glass of whisky obviously have a glass of wine you like men simpson whisky evening one do shots a whiskey together cowboy drank you wanna know people get shot over there over whisky duels git challenge we whiskey in some places the someplace in the country doses to legal i think it's arizona the air as always looked thou brow arizona doesn't give a fuck jim pink underwear make you work in a chain gang stack ice funding chairpeople guys one if you hate freedom the good guys and thy civil liberties piece of shit
these are areas i mean i'm not condoning pudding eyes and bring it is larry i'm gonna go get arrested is definitely hilarious i'm pretty crazy he sent a message and overall is probably right over rather that the massive amount of those working people need a kick in the ass you know you're in jail some gotcha their ivory i'm sure a i'm sure there's some guys there that are their wrongly accused and got the banning of the system unfortunately her most of those guys we're doing a math or making some math and did so do the day for girls and how many people in jail you think if i say a goods at least up at least half patent has met related half maybe violence induced by math i mean how many those arrests like if someone gets arrested for some crazy violent crime
testing for math other they ask em all the cops episodes i've seen they ask em out writer you do in math most think it's like a truth serum do a certain degree man when you watch that show but you're what i shall breaking bad now but it's one of things ever mean get on and like day i tunes it on the next torbert raw i gotta dictatorial wiles getting this man let my right tat to watch it every time an ipad god damn that shows danny voice whereas that's amazing but its upon math man yet you appear in the world you like how extensive is this wouldn't crazy viruses on the american public this crazy myth problem and you want to know how deep isn't how close to this to me is the o neighbour dog the bounty hunter makes like a hold franchise been sounded like ices meth his cry all that stuff is ice related
apparently ever everywhere they want everyone you they beat up their women are there doing met one or the other is that fucked up that shit mainly to hawaii that it's a bigger problem on a paradise island i mean how why is a goddamn parliament people don't realize that you are that show lost other on as you know the miller hawaii that's where they are that's what it looks like a why looks like that it's a goddamn tropical rainforest that's a volcano they just wrapped in the middle of the ocean and it's a maze and math made it they're nuts incredible math makes it everywhere women were hidden madame yo yo yo those cats will cost or anything mahar me at a party whose girl automatic problem i was horrified thing to watch scary to watch someone who's a math person like you like it's like a musical vampires
get away from home you gotta move stay long enough to lay starts the unlike shadow people in crazy on their skin and all kinds of craziness do it's not that it's made out a cold matter it got to know its debts to me is that like you do in a drug like you ve lost sixteenth already quickly on this drug and you just decide that you're cool with that i think it's just that i would like to think at some point i would find myself going like you dislike the fifth to the mind just fall out right away you would think that but i think it's just like that aquatic worm in that grasshopper i think that meth gets in your system and then all sudden it's almost like to talk me out of relationship you need that they needed every day it didn't get it everyday their fucked up when you in the throes of addiction you have a relationship with this fuckin camera whatever the hell it s an hour just light summer gets its a fake symbol is what it is it's a parasite that's a failed them its forcing you and relationships
powerful ever less that's the end of the shop which send it right there it's perfect we'll let the universe decide that six p m is the wrap up time yes sir this had been like we have our part yes added tat a man now with the government of the union and i believe the government shut down in their everyday wrestlers live it's always streamed live so we can edit it and then because people be stream it i think that's the most responsible way to do it you think if you say so we should say what you believe and if you say it everybody should be of the holy account before you go so there and that way let me just remember other people i mean fun of turning this year a beautiful human being and i'm glad we're friends always had a good fuckin time with you here
bad mother fucker when it comes to music a huge fan and i'm glad we're friends likewise brother thank you for having me and in any time on local was do it again baby we're doing it again saw this is bring me a next time where they somebody else to leg i whirling tat noise wilder one of these kasparov phantom you tell me who we want in our that's a great eyes has chronicle see that's a great idea for future shows two ringing guys that are fans with guys guys and we know that a phantom each other that's a great idea man do panels what do they maintain any last guys almost follow that a community is a twitter i know you do has asked us that's too for i think that's toward thy twitter for comedians to me is this like they win this win if we have a good time on twitter us fun i love i loved one amendment twitter feed is super positive unbelievably positive puzzler vagrant writers network doesn't put random should out there like this
they wouldn t necessarily put on whenever show their working for re writing his background they want what you get away with everything on there but it is if you without good energy thou man you can collect a group of people that also have positive elements the astute bitumen oji ever last you need does twitter of my never i never know what i'm saying i never did i never promoted so i just said i never ever say on anything well i've been pushing it all day saga until you get a bunch of twitter followers everybody follow obedient everlasting any one more thing i like six hundred followers now sweden's i love tweeting like six hundred follow you got more than a tray with you right now you have eight i listened to in any sense also want to sweet more than ever to tweet like one was it arrived as i used to have my much would add used to be mr whitey ford length
dirty forty thousand and i just got frustrating one deck with twitter why cause i quit twitter me what was it some fucked you now just taken adequate everything i said i was sick fuck all this shit it was like the equivalent to throw your pedro out the window back in the day you know me i'm just as the irish allows undesired over you know what i am i quit twitter again but there are now it's oji somewhat to bring you back he quit i'm gonna bring you back it's ok this is my all this shit there's a lot of negativity involved and the internet but if you continue to push positivity a really we believe that the majority of abyssinia back ass a man it benefits everybody benefits me i've benefit a laugh from my twitter followers i would never queer there's no fuckin way i enjoy being in contact with all these different people i enjoy enjoy this media my i think it's an amazing moment in time i learn a lot from people man people send me tweets and the links and shit like oh god damn romania learn about scientifically
immense i went about psychological despair about ardor went about music going about she would ask why i follow you reach we'd everything they suddenly manet anything that gets my interests are retweeted and there's never been a resource like that before we have this amazed direct communication with everybody but this podcast and with twitter like i've never had this sort of a communication when people are firmly believe i really do believe it you can control the vice of that right now the viable with that were putting out as they were not perfect moment mistake everybody's makes mistakes but the ethic behind it all is a b a good person be cool person be funded hang out would be nice to people you can push out that positive energy and it's not freudian it's not weak is love and it's too you have to be strong to read put out love and you can be put that out you can put them out there half a million people are million people and they realize that and they become accustomed to this wave this waiver and that's the shitt that can change the world the shit that
the world is people just accepting a different operating system accepting different wavelength and you put that shit out there you put shit out there on twitter with oji ever last and read bad who did you think of that in the end in the flotation chamber further and that was beautiful night you know soon a momentum in the moment been it was beautiful view them as far back as it was beautiful there was beauty in their lives and coming from a man who wrote ever last song from the ungrateful living of the of the ungrateful living hard to be hard it's hard to shown love this actual up it is difficult to shine weakening stir to be hard it's gangster to show what the reasons are given people are very rarely funny as cause they they d the ability to make themselves the standard sometimes it's such a handsome man
if you look at last lotta harem getting fat ass we get older you know got some questionable tat is i got party lips that i got a big dick and a lot of personality like two ideas says got suckers by way new year's eve us just change duncan trestle dropped out because he got up some sort of a virus in his vagina control is no longer at our new year show the rainy day notice duncan has a vagina problem please can i do if we judge tweet can and led him now that there is an issue with backing out on his loyal fans for new year's eve for some china related incidents how
dare you duncan but duncan will still be at the chicago theatre with me and joey be as a k a mad flavour and that is genuinely twenty seven don't sleep is tickets almost sold out chicago theatre january twenty seven they just open up the tab balcony scramble for those tickets pitches it's gonna be crazy don't you trust will be without going to allow him to skip out on his new year's obligation like some sandy vagina little wench man a little sad unable to control its own destiny lacking the testicular fortitude to enforce his own agenda i gotta get their loads somehow so i don't
duncan but i need you know that what did as weak as fuck people not forgive you you miss out on our faint ass the two thousand twelve new year's experience is less than a year after the end of the world according to the mind calendar and what do you want to do you want to hang out with chicken san francisco take this matter fuck and let him know what's up anyway and ever show friday at the ice house i south rather nice house comedy dot com search for disquiet and adam funny people on the show that we can mention the name because the contractually obligated to not promote a regular super high with brody stephen so's superpower yours who were exactly so that guy what was that followed desk on itunes that's the eye to podcast that contains all the death squad chronicle of the ice ice house chronicles which is the plan as we all do with all the comics that common do shows here at the ices this summit
spock ass ever i think going thank great it's hanging out in a green room during alive comedy she has a real green room experience everybody's coming ever was lit joints being passed around ever talk greatest stories from the childhood i mean it it's it's great shit and its rate its offering thanks to the flashlight response the pact gas gotta jargon that now click on the link to the flashlight enter the code name rogan you'll get fifteen percent of number one sex toy from and thank you too com it's o n n i t doc figures of our brain true tech support shrimp immune and no mood all these different cognitive enhanced powers that are available online and oh and and i t dotcom click on the link and are in the name rogan and get yourself ten percent are they ever last my friend for show up thanks to him for putting out his album independently and you get this get this shit on itunes yet they were sure website up so much ink martyr
may i why are you may archie why are i are you i and see martyrs upwards the actually is martyr go where you need to change it i know somebody else had it doesn't even use it martyr underscoring talking martyr ink is google i ever egg but martyr would just get on itunes doubly so averse to animal products or is on of the ungrateful living get that shit this is us on call gone from good from it in this light does the end the progress we love you dirty freaks and we'll see you next week when they be a new year one of a woman
here too does twelve next i'll see you i love you guys don't change or do depending on how you feel you should get out of black gas brass gotta go it's gotta go gonna bread with me but i got a point
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