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Joey Diaz, Brian Redban - Date: 01/23/2012
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yo what joe rogan experience podcast is brought to you by the flash light several things were brought to you for you guys this is the most important part were brought together the whole thing it's all for you it's all for you but pay bills then with cost money dramatic opening by the way you had this fucking too high to talk had to wait a few seconds and wait for the moment cheat me i know we do we do the music after the commercials alright so it's easy to edit someone wants to know we want to list these got damn commercials all you have to do i'm back joe i've returned awhile first time use your flashlight actually i used it all weekend 'cause my girls is at avn and it was really hard because every hot girl was outside of los angeles and went to vegas it seemed like
so you had a hard time even masturbating pretending on hot girls in town right it's hard that's what a fucking twisted world you live in where you think that all when all the porn stars were out of town well no more tract of the girls there's like an energy in the area now it and then leave it's like a ghost town it feels really empty inside well your world is inexorably tied to the porn world at this point yeah that's why yeah it's weird yeah it's very strange you live a strange life my friend yeah so you had to like beat it all weekend yeah i did i went crazy i went ape shit it's a solid product that flashlight it's i'll tell you what just just for show impact of effectiveness efficacy is better than anything we promote better than any of the vitamins it's better than a them it's nice to have mental clarity but to really be able to shoot fucking casto loads like like you can with the flashlight have you seen that thing that they made one of our on on a pass podcast where it's an ipad
holder that you can attach a flashlight to the back of it made that yeah and so now you can sit there and they have these porn like first person right right warn that you sit there and watch on your ipad while and holding it was connected to your flashlight it's just the beginning just the beginning it's once it goes virtual that's when things are going to be really strange when there's somehow another you could put a helmet on you and then the flashlight is up and down on your dick and probably like a bunch of flashlights all of your body by june right may your own thoughts just comes you reach over to anyway the flesh looks to be like a you should be able to take the alpha brains and the flesh
right you should combined yes that's the secret right there in the fucking chemist but you don't want to be too smart while you're fucking a fake pussy so whatever off like we have alpha dumb pills mushroom type with a psychedelic trip as you fucking coming so let's say you fuck the purple one you think of purple thing i don't know i would like to know what my iq is when i have a hard on because i bet it's half i'd like to know what my iq is when i have like fucking three thinking nothing most amazing you know women realize that you know when they realize that when they try to become men like like chaz bono you know she's one of things she's saying is like now she understands like no she doesn't a little what a little understand
she's been a map for two fucking years and fucking years she's been a man to get you two year old missing is the same difference she's so fucking fat with that fucking bitch you don't trick me you don't like me no i just don't believe you know listen up people want to have parties for a little while she's going through a deep water here she made the conversion she went right deep into being a fucking man just 'cause you strap a paper on it said today you can fuck me just drop a pair nugget on and go out there slinging dick i always fucking know that you're the no deal you know who you kidding you been sucking dick for twenty years now you want to change fucking governments you can't do that shit you change government yeah changing governments i'm saying it's two different fucking worlds in man fucking woman i you know what man but wouldn't you hate to been born it would if you imagine your man but you are really a woman you really wish your woman like i would fucking be so frustrating
if you guys yeah right well what is it then what is it the people to do it is this what you know which this of solid conversation that we've actually had after her and let's let's let's say this i'm going to stop and then but when we come back we're gonna talk about alright we're gonna talk about that we're going to talk about the right when we come back it's a solid conversation kind of joe rogan's website and click on the click on the way
the flowers like the name rogan get fifteen percent fifteen it's a fucking solid product tremendous three other products were sponsored by is from on it dot com oh and an i t if you don't like it make your own you know yeah we already got this and i know what i like i like i like that i've never used a flashlight but what i like about right now thinking about at least you know what you're fucking tropical homer juices going sometimes when you walk off the open your eyes you don't know what the fuck you looked for me everywhere where to go on my hand sometimes you find on your foot you know you're in the flashlight goes right to the bottom like her she's struggling goes back to stay that mother fucking up and you're back bitch actually a totally sing with the give a cover on it for on it well who's as a me no who is it i was at the back what
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check that out at all i t dot com use the code name rogan you get temper joe diaz is here bitches we're ready break shit down this is the week of the chicago theater will come in chicago you dirty bitch the podcast also brought to you by olive garden mentioned olive garden get ten percent off nothing red band talk about the red band olive garden did you talk about olive garden redmond oh i didn't swipe my card you just killed his olive garden bit broke it out in the middle of a fucking too i had to use talking about hunting steve renella triangles like olive garden like oh no mother fuck whenever i talk to brian and i have the podcast code three great did you mention my love god you know it kind of sucks about that whole thing that everyone now takes pictures while they're at the off garden and sends them to me so i get so tired of looking at all of garden like that is not like in on
honestly i don't give a shit about the olive garden and now people fled my twit stream with you love it like i love see twenty coconut water that they just sent me some more thank you see see two old and i got gotta thank grillos pickles to and we were talking about that a pickle company in boston and had these homemade pickles they were selling them in the park and i'll fucking awesome there yeah they got a hold of me and they sent me something oh my god he's fucking pickles are ridiculous ridiculous dude they have these haben habanero pickles where you know it's pickle like slices of jalapeno and habanero in it that looks really spicy pickles got damn there good till like fresh and just crespin wolf slice and put him on this cheeseburgers or fucking tremendous uh can some serious pickles i know it seems like i'm excited about thank you fucking talking about chaz bono fucking chaz bono and you know what's crazy about chaz bono she's gonna look like ralphie may once you have the surgery is like fuck i mean
is bono is that that is the most amusing story to me of last year and i don't fuck with it really i just don't fuck with it it's just it just creeps the fuck out one way or the other i don't know why i feel really bad for you know i i just feel like if you if you're going to go through with that for i feel bad for one way the other either i feel bad for because she really is a man trapped in a woman's body and that must be really frustrating or i feel bad for that she's she's in this state of disarray where you know that's the option and you got to go through and surgery and and it just seems to me like funny that would need to do that for any reason it's just actually change and try to become something else and become some different sex you know that's that's a deep dissatisfaction with your current life and you know
who's to say that maybe her solution isn't becoming a man will go play rugby first and then come back and i'm saying like it actually says here i would like to know she's happier now mean that would be an interesting why do occur i know it can mean in seattle that was a man and became a woman had the surgery to whole psychological went through the whole thing and it was hard and her her name is rita o'hare head was fucking huge full time the fucking time she that's how she had two year old that uh she died she found my god was too big she was at a club and she fucking went down like a brooks their neighbors read oh well you know what happenes and white seattle i'm not joking i wish i was but i'm not joking houston brody stevens and me used to steal nachos at the open mic and she womanly voice and when we would still not sure she say put him the fuck down oh my we will stop by rob about two hundred gallons per one person and she put a gun to my fuckin head dismissed it as she was five foot two and
died maybe two years after i moved out of seattle as brody when when she got she got the full operation you got the full moon when they when you do that your body really like shrinks up yes ma'am i'm gonna live there my their mass right and maybe maybe really if you have a big head it may be a little work as long as you have a big body to go with it but if you have a big and a little body like that i'd actually doesn't does make sense that she would be like she forced him was often 'cause your muscles go away but the your head your head is drug problem was problem was just horrendous have the drug problem that she had from the pain like and one night from the pain of the surgery like know the pain she just in life he drank every night she didn't leave the house without a bottle in her purse one night we did an open mic in the guy throughout out throughout she went when we talked her into calling the white house it was the on cocaine we'd like you gotta call the white house
remember that dude used to come around the comedy store is kind of he was kind of half homeless half crossdresser type character the black guy this is a boom shaka laka i have my ship for my girlfriend from that it is and shoes and a lot half of the i don't know it yet again no he's a i love being on the open mikes with that yeah yeah it was a he's had some ninety moments man one time we was in the back of a comic store and it was like yellin at no one in particular this month of like really mad at somebody and he went and stormed into the bathroom there nope in there and they were trying to get rid of them they're trying to calm him down and get him off the porch i don't know what happened but i was like wow this this dudes fucking mad some shits about to go down well they would tease him on sunday night and torture him and you know then he would go fucking awol black on you fuck this mother fuck i'll kill you
there's something that happened with him and dan bye bye rack i think this is lilac but yeah it's something happen between those because he always cares around signs and things like going against him so or maybe it's vice versa i don't know but you don't know what the story is i don't know i'll i'll talk product and i had another parts up baby what's up bro fucking feet of friday night me you and uh control so i'm just i've been excited about going to chicago chicago is one of those cities that you know nothing it was like you never really think about you you're on your way there and you get fucking excited right you get really fucking excited we're going down to the city great fights you know the great italian food great polish food does everything that everything paraag ease states were in the midwest and one other thing you better dress warm mother fuck this is going to be like the cops arrested tony montana at time for fucking money laundry mean when he said you better dress warm which is gonna be fucking so we'll go in there in the
nucleus of the winter the last week of january that i am the fuck and storm it is the that's and re fucking days of doing any colder you have a winter jacket fuck yeah i do i not only have one of my men i have boxes of i got a lot of young believable that will go on into the wind we're going to the eye of the flock and strong it's awesome i don't give a fucking cited jail son in biz being goes off my god some shell sonnen bisping is going to be fucking crazy i just wish that fight could take place a couple months from now instead of like this weekend so i want to hear more trash talking from these yes i want to hear more not even try i mean the number to trash talk and there's like you know bisping is confident as fuck man this is going to be real interesting i think a lot of people sleep on bisping for some reason
sleep on business things he's a bad mother business and it's going to be a piece of one of the fittest guys at one hundred and eighty five to he's very fit he's like easier dedicated athlete and like he puts a pace on dudes man now a lot of people say mayhem look really bad in the last fight and may have definitely look bad one of the part of the reason why he looked bad 'cause michael bisping looks so good much look good looks sharp man is stand up with sharp his auditioning a sharp is fucking his defense was sharp when the fight went to the ground everything was good man and he put it on a ham and you saw like an evolution of him over like the last few years you know you you you can see you know you in the jorge rivera if i could see in this fight the mayhem fight really in the man for you really see it like he's turned a serious fucking corner you know my but michael bisping is dangerous and you know what i loved about the fight after it was over
was upset at himself for the first round even though we have this like flawless performance and really shut out mayhem you know until the fight got once he got up to his feet the second round started he just not him down just completely them down and if you if you see that you would think well he should be happy but he wasn't happy and the first thing he said was that he was upset it is performance in the first round wasn't going to do if you ever fought the champion does the first thing he said so there's a guy who's not even not even congratulating himself for you know he is big rivalry with mahan they went through a whole season the ultimate fighter together talked on clouds that shit to each other and he just fucked him up and he wasn't even being like congratulatory but he was concentrating on what he didn't do well like he the own imperfectly you know when i with him is his life has come full circle he's come he's become completely moved his family over from england he's training down orange county's got his family with him which makes a big difference when you're fucking training he already
the knockouts right he got that knockout against henderson have caught himself found himself and ready room will be always ready she's much better now yeah he's much better eyes are better places they say it's it's hard for a fighter to rebound from a loss like that you know it's it's very i mean i can only imagine i'm only speculating but from what i've experienced watching people you know fighters with change from losses occasionally and fucking knockout again tend to some land that you know just getting beat up at the fucking pizza parlor change is a mother fucker a knockout like that but he came back strong real strong denis kang and one of the big things is dennis can caught him member dennis can tag with the right hand dropped him and jumped on him but he stayed calm he used his guard you had a real good defensive guard lock them up and then the second would beat the shit out of him people sleep on a man i don't know why it's real weird it's right i see him sleeping on him and i think it's 'cause maybe you see a guy lose once and you think that's how the guy fights
instead of looking at like the whole picture a mother how to draw with rashad dude you know he did to how to draw with them was uh you lose to rashad i think it was a draw wasn't draw okay i don't know i feel like i feel like i just made that up it was yeah let me check it may look undershirt dot net someone someone from shirt i wrote some whole thing saying that i hate sure it off because i was talking shit about their forums listen man i don't particularly completely hate anybody i'm sure your forms have some nice people on it and every form has a bunch of concern including my out so love all around bitches all right um so yeah stats here we go both of them have a one at the end yeah let's say this is not make for fucking thrilling podcast yeah let's talk numbers joy what would you say his stats would be who's fuck instead i don't know
right is shot the girl from right is doing his impression right now of what he thinks of your sports cast i would do he won the shot wanted to say there you have it but you know he was fighting much bigger guys should never been what's the a tiny two hundred and four guy is i would not say that i need copies of big one hundred and eighty five for the first time i seems fucking what's his name in pitch burgh anthony johnson i thought he was a fucking defense attack yeah he's you know those guys and barb is being compared to at the time yeah i've you see you know when you see who's that far is griffin that's a big mother photo they released anthony johnson yeah i know that what did you think you think that happen yes i knew right then and there when you i read the twit but if he won if he won they probably have been able to keep job but he would have to come on knock his fucking head off in brazil knock amore he tried then i'm telling you he blew his wad going out and trying 'cause he tried to kill victor he went after a man it was blue is one is act
a gambling term brian ok for you don't know a lot of cash and when you come out of the gate strong and gambling and then you have no more money it's called the blue is why your mind out got the gutter is really fat well listen to anthony i think anthony miss wait three times yes that's and twelve pounds over that that's well he had a medical situation this time i mean you can't he she was cutting too much but he had a medical situation this time where his legs stop working i heard that intravenous which is fucking crazy i really stop and think of these guys get down to that d hide the state and then rehydrate up and fight the next day i mean it's someone needs to talk to that dude and say listen man you got it you don't need to put on any more muscle okay to do is just lose some of them are so you got you don't need to be that big you're a fucking mr lose some of it fight at one hundred and eighty five you should walker
no bigger than one hundred and ninety five really you really shouldn't be cutting that much weight you're a super athlete he's like totally selling himself short by d hide reading himself and draining himself for these fights so when he gets grueling fights like the koscheck fight he gets tired the but gets he gets tired muscle burns a lot of when burns even more is when you dehydrate the fuck out of your body so i i dehydrated my body when i fought in taekwondo tournaments i did that to make way when i found it when i was in like sixteen i was fighting at one hundred and forty and i didn't weigh one hundred and forty and i didn't do it right either i would just like take hot showers and take hot bass don't drink any water for like a day and then i'd weigh in and i have to rehydrate and fight that day and i know what it feels like it's terrible feeling it makes you just you feel like shit it's a stupid thing i mean i did it it was an idiot you know and i was being instructed that i should stay in that weight class he's got fifty fucking pounds to
but he's so bad too much before that not only that dude he's so fucking big fifty fucking pounds he said his muscle lot of its muscle mass he's a super athlete fucking guy man could be fighting at two hundred and five bottles of fucking super athlete that is a super athlete redban typical what's going on with the fucking pickles and and the other thing uh olive garden ocean blvd ocean gardner who the fuck surely when its last time you blew your wide but what do you mean gamba we just walked all whacked off would've fucking nose do you do you think time off do you take time now i work well from time to time in the shower had a couple minutes here in there or something i bang on my foot cappuccino style does chaz bono have the dick now probably i mean i haven't asked you know i see that coffee bean i'll say chat show me that fucking pickle
it's really crazy that she you know she had a girlfriend and they broke up but you know the girlfriend was like she like had a girlfriend and she was good and then she decided she was a man and then the girl could you imagine like if you're a lesbian and then i'll send the person that you with becomes and that's the best revenge javadoc is this is the best route you know i'll get back at you you know if you got a couple of girlfriends she'll get a couple girl for example to it's a novel oh my god yeah and then you take him home and a dick smells like a twat i'm saying it big pussy after you ran three miles what's the difference i want to suck a dick and i'm eating a fucking monkey here difference you can't take away the smell you know you can't put a fake dick on it ain't going to i think they make balls yeah they do they do i mean they make neoprene balls or something that let's say you have football's big balls and you could track listen yeah if you get anything jesus but you can't get real patois
to change around just 'cause you know i i but i like fucking doris day music and one day going to be a woman it's just i think that's a little bit more than that i think that it's just a little bit fucking more yeah i'm not against it i the guy the guy who a got it lives in colorado the busiest guy look him up got that lives in southern colorado he doesn't mind the weekends he's booked eight years in advanced son really he has a regular job during the week i don't want quoted we've talked about this before you have to look it up it was on sixty minutes and then the kenzie does the operations he's books three year i think during the week is like a farmer or facial something fucking crazy and on the weekends he cut your fucking dick off puts that fucking monkey that they check out we met in vegas with the artificial turf and the
how can hold that time remember that they threw out the rivieras member revere security came and tapped as you're talking to a fucking harvey here don't get confused and you know what if i had a couple of bumps in me i would let that thing suck my dick she wasn't that battle without auto fishel turf monkey insure you finger bang that fucking spider hole so low rider joey said it looks like a joey diaz said it looks like a bat with its mouth open oh my god it was the ugliest fucking thing you have ever seen and it just freaked you out like you just i want to eat normal like you don't want to drink like nothing was going to take away the pain are you sure that they're much better at doing it now apparently now they could get struck to pretty realistic looking vagina the point where i really fox people will fucking fucking cops with a vagina on it wolf can cops flashlight is a cup with a fucking vagina on it
you know whatever feels it doesn't go cocktails you know when your fucking dudes some dudes men like have no problem like having sex with a he she like a girl used to be a guy as long as it's a girl now they like she's a guy should girl and she's a girl man i can no problem with that like there's dudes that will tell you they have no problem with that they think that it's a girl but there's other dudes just like listen when you're drunk and it's four in the fucking morning alright new driving on santa monica and you haven't got your dick sucked in sixty seventy eighty days are right you're driving you're fucked up and you got gram of blowing your pocket that chick with the blonde hair whatever you wanted to do you just pull over do a couple lines and had that fucking monster sucking pipe why they know what's happening i know what's happened it's where they just know i'm just going for broke tonight and fuck it this she such a dick you just make a quick fucking tire throw out of the car and
drive home and hope there's no fucking satellites around taking cameras what are you to do what the fuck some dudes it becomes a utility thing it's like you gotta get rid of this stuff absolutely i bet that this guys out there that is so fucking crazy horny they don't even care until they come it's like anything else how many times have you started whacking off and also you start thinking of women that think they'll suck dick but after you crack that night you just put you phone down already cracked my nut i'm going to put up with that crazy bitch talking nonsense i'm saying i just i just whacked myself off the debt am not need this shit you're projecting it's true never once we come if i don't if i don't come in in a sort of map time that i'm not going to go to a tranny tranny here just looking at a training makes me sick like when you make that right turn on fucking santa monica and you go up island or labrea the best is if you up early in the morning i gotta to go somewhere to the airport man you take labrea down five
five in the morning right by that i don't think they have a brand santa monica that's twenty of them let me tell you something i'm here to tell you like a man that i am kind of them i don't baby can't fucking tell to you pulled over how do you pull over and look at them you don't know and by that time you fifty percent there was a dude who is an iraqi that picked up a hooker came back you know from iraq picked up a hooker hooker blows and finds out the hookers a guy shoot some cop see him dump the body out of his car high speed chase the gods of the desert he jumps out of the car with a gun suicide by cop wow all because he couldn't deal with the fact that dude suck this dick so he had to kill the guy if he just let that guy go and la set it off what the fuck good story he would have i would have great story you can be a party parties if it was one of us you could be at parties and do you like v
tell me about the time that dude suck your dick alright come on over he would just tell it i'll try the bitch up and call you guys will do a podcast with nobody believe it listen i don't joe rogan listen you stop you at a bar you pick up a girl that you think you bring it home you go between your legs and she's got a nine inch fucking cock cosmos those chinese always have the biggest problem most trendy and going to have a two inch dick they always got a rope between their fucking legs so you don't think right there when you grab that role if you're gonna stop the laugh joe rogan i don't know i'd be danger would feel like i was in danger 'cause i feel like i got tricked right so never feel like i'm getting tricked and if you get tricked and all of a sudden the trick turns out to be a man that's a dangerous situation you're alone with a man so now you i wonder what the fuck you're going to have a lot of you get up you gotta find out that person that you gotta find out that persons violence you gotta find out that persons apologetic you gotta find out that
just fucked up all with a gun in your hand these things i'm going to find that i'm gonna find let's go back to get my dildo it's upstairs i'll be right i'm going to shove it up your ass i'm going to come back with that nine millimeter at gunpoint you miserable cock sucker tell me the fucking truth we've been doing this we gotta do something here we just can't let you do they like to just you're not going to laugh at all it's crazy like you would shoot him you think you tell him something i gotta kick him in stomach i gotta do something is getting stuff we gotta do some not something i'm calling my friends he coughed up i fucked up dog i picked up this chair grab a grab a she had a big addictive what do i you if i called you at four in the morning santa monica boulevard would you shoot if you have the gun guy suck your dick will it be just get the fuck out of my car or would it be alright now you through marry a car think of feeling you're gonna have that has to be the feeling you're going to get back in the car either you're going to crash your car
the fucking wall doing ninety because you can't believe this just happen whatever you do five minutes at you find that this person is it's legal i could sell that in court his cell then cortiana let's break it down forget the turn this man talking to man you ever want to crack a fucking nut late now and a blonde heels she sucks your dick ulous and you go for that monkey and there's a two foot fucking cock there's three minutes of blackout time right there let's get the little con the attorneys how long do they do they bring her home and shoot if you shoot ten four five minutes is temporary insanity think of what i was going to feel like you're right you're right about that also i don't know if you could call it temporary insanity you wouldn't get life you don't know that it means there might have very much sort of there might have been some sort of an assault situation inside the car as well we don't know when he confronted them it could have been the i attacked him first and then he got pulled his gun out i mean he's probably freaked who the fuck knows we're just
totally spectra tell you that was a soldier an iraqi soldier who came back i mean all this guy to do is pull over and tell the cops welfare so let me talk to you what happened let me tell you what they happen dog i'm a little horned up i just wanna fall from my country and some guy just suck my dick and i shot him what do you think we're going to let this go to fucking chili they don't ever let it go and someone shoot somebody listen you got two good cops in the right mood one of 'em just got divorced when he got a brother who's gay and you don't like so fucking thanksgiving you know saying and also i want some guy sucked your dick we feel for you i can call would just wrap this up let somebody fine i mean think i would really that might happen in the 60s but now is now 'cause you got no yes yes
yeah back in the day cops were the only ones that were able to talk to make a decision right down they could be yeah they could be in the car with little one of twelve one out of twelve and were closed in on a suspect now you got cameras you can't do nothing but still let me talk to you in the silence of one thousand one hundred and forty five i got this puerto rican chick that wants to suck my dick she likes when i come over my gun holster on this guy just killed it rainy we gotta know page is that what it is sure let's you know but then you gotta it doesn't matter you still have to account for a murder that's the problem with your theory but he'll have to account for a guy with sadag i understand that you have a suspect you have it all wrapped up right here if you shoot him and tell the court that route you get off of involuntary manslaughter do six years they cut that in half year out in a couple fucking months really
you got to shoot somebody and husband finally got to shoot somebody have some fun i get your dick so three years to shoot somebody and get your dick sucked that's a lot of fun to shoot somebody smell the gunpowder in prison food really bad oh it's terrible but you got a good attorney you negotiate it down remember cafeteria food like in college or high school it's just like horrible fucking horse it's it's like a different like mcdonald's has no no prison have you seen this new bill they're trying to pass now that would make it make it possible to strip any buddy of citizenship if they proposed a threat to america there american citizens yeah i heard about it snuck in so we're going to take it back to its like to keep i don't know they're going to kick you out of the country they keep coming up with crazy ferenc raise your fucking things it's like this is the year of like total complete like control like they're trying to control the internet they're trying to control national defense authorization act
sopa and pippa all this different shit that's going on it's like the control is gay tighter and tighter and tighter and when you hear shit like this like they want to be able to strip people of their citizenship like what the fuck where do you have to definition i don't know not up to date texaco or somewhere that will take you a few countries that will just take that seems like illegal like worldwide and let you know what i mean it doesn't seem like it's possible this is this is the strangest time in my life of watch the government and watching all these people scrambled to try to get into position like this is a weird time this so so bizarre never thought would see something like that like someone writing something down like that like the you know that that you should be able to have the power to kick people out of the country is somehow another they do something to harm america but that's you know how ridiculous that is no ones harm in america they're coming up with all these fucking crazy laws and the ability to detain people but what is really happening here nothing now
it's happening in america nothing the only the thing that's happening is that people are saying they're not happy with the current government that's the only what's happening in the whole country it's not like there's some fucking crazy thing going on we're being constantly attacked by terrorists and we have to figure out how to defend ourselves and ever changing world now there's no fucking terror attacks let's say they're catching the mall i don't really think there's that many terrorists out there i don't really think that many people that fucking hate us and i think that number would be substantially less if we weren't occupied another fucking countries bottom bottom line is there coming up with all these laws that are set up to control us and a shackle us to put in their protect us from what with these laws are for watt and where is this threat where is this threat in our country that you need to read these lot well the only threat is to the power that be that's the only threat the power is it be are the only ones who are being threatened that's it it's not like we
i worry about terrorist attacks you know that's a fucking that's a bullshit thing man there's not that many fucking terrorists there's no not that many yeah there are some and yeah there are plots and yes i'm more legit did the laws that they're coming up with man they're not doing this to protect us from terrorism they're doing this make it harder for people to get up and protest that's what the fuck they're doing it's just it's a spooky time it was a spooky time to watch this shit go down this is everything they warned us about in the founding fathers this is this is everything benjamin franklin said this is bizarre it's like they predicted it they predicted that one day they would become a point of ultimate corruption you have to do everything you can and keep these p is in place in order to avoid that ultimate corruption deep it's to read communism is communism through yeah like they come in at your computers suppose that
pull you over and take your fucking this ask you for an id and i understand your protectiveness but again protecting us from how yeah but how come on now you got middle america running fucking scared would see an immediate running scared you know and then now they really don't fucking know that dare scaring uh think giving us us giving up our rights yeah all that they want us to do do fucking rights by scaring us well if you don't let me fuck an x ray you we can't catch fucking whatever if you it's always something these phone laws it's always fucking something every week well you know there's a lot of people that believe that the government would have tried some sort of a false flag event you know to false flag event is an event like do something on purpose in order to get us to really
as well there's a threat we need to like beef up the law and that's like shit they pulled since the beginning of time but there's a lot of people that don't believe they can do that today they think that it's too easy the access to information is just too easy to spread and that with the and so difficult to control things they don't think they could do it what happened to the occupy movement anybody still going on where everywhere olive gar instead of the act where the fuck are these people where the calculate protesting him against american airline with a twenty thousand dollars luggage is where the fuck are these people american allen you know everybody's paying the twenty full luggage for all these i don't think warning against one of occupy a lot of this out the word minimum back american airlines luggage thing the occupied occupy more at everyday for that although i could live with somebody like southwest where i loved it i do want to take for me i think that all we got to do is bring half these corporations back to united states
i don't care if you want to open up something i'll cross that yeah but you gotta open up one here too you gotta have two you gotta pay it is for this one and then do whatever the fuck you want in beijing with hindus or whatever the fuck you want to do and that's what skilled middle america they've le pittsburgh they slimmer manufacturing is no more manufacturing well that's what i that's what i want back you know we have some but the job we talked about this before but like i pods like i or i you know i phone i would pay like my would pay like double the amount of money for a karma free iphone there was were you know that american workers four dollars more is what it would cost yeah i heard that but you know the problem here's the problem that logic the minerals the minerals to make those phones you have to get in africa and you've seen how they get those minerals man that that's at the end of the most complicated shit that we have technology at its root is a kid in africa working in a fucking mine
pulling shit out of the ground with a piece of metal on a stick i mean it's as base as you can get child fucking avery in africa making extracting minerals is super common yeah you know you know they had that vice special will they did on it when they went to congo and watch these guys and it's you know it's weird to think that that's the where you could do that the only way you can get those minerals is you gotta go there that's where they're at you know the their stance i want to have kids just so i have them doing chores because i i don't want to have a made in my house but it seems like when i was young i had to like clean the living room once once a time and that's kind of like having your kid being labor you know that you're making them clean your house at its worst it leads to try to have childress clean the bathrooms scrub after incidences of eleven kids have to have responsibility learn to contribute i i am happy my parents maybe do chores you taught me how to work hard fuck
yeah i taught me how to just kind of like a love and that could work hard i think my parents took advantage of me i was mowing lawns and shit and then i'm like looking back one man i need that in my life right now i need to have kids just to clean this place up because i'm tired of doing it i'm not sure how the fuck that works with child labor in africa in phones i'm not sure how you made that connection it's like making kids work like this world year old it's not probably work for money is work pooping out in contributing it at home is not working fine my mother used it is fucked up though isn't it didn't work man my mother used to were make me fucking work i might have to empty the tampon things announcements fucking bathroom at my mother's bar when i was six and put ice cubes fucking your nose and fucking
now why did they do the ice cube so it doesn't splatter back at you far is it just to make its disk to play game did my dad was an architect so most of my jobs and i got like summer jobs and shit was always on construction sites so i will like real jobs i had some real construction jobs especially you know after i graduate i had some that went through the winter we worked outside in the winter once no it's it's no those are real jobs was in my best days this is the rule for all around flat roofs come in the dead of the went to the one that took a ship in a bag and crunched up it's one of the work isn't a loser brownie like tennis ladies like this ain't a brownie it smells like shit with fucking died a laptop i used to be a fuckin roof and estimating roof when i got out of prison i was halfway house i wasn't estimated for oh my god started out as a fucking loading the roofs and
boulder co in january in the fucking snow and you gotta get up there and shovel the snow then cut it and throw it in and then aw we used to build igloos so fucking put rubber down on the rules that's fucking crazy where they were that's the thing about used to build igloos what you mean right so let's say you the lay down forty squares of rubber that day with ballast it with rocks we would shovel the roof and after the fucking shoveling we lay the insulation down but it was snowing so three labours will be cutting the roof on the other three were building poles with a cover so the snow wouldn't land on the insulation so we have to build shit when it's no it was like the new jersey and new york city which is the biggest metropolitan city they get six inches of snow in the city closes down i thought he's like blocking ice and making my cala rado they get a foot of snow and you at work at eight hundred and one it's like another day of business you can't say well my bus came late 'cause it didn't come late bitch that mother fucker came on
and they've been driving in the snow for twenty years there's no ten minutes late 'cause there was snow in colorado whenever is you know it was really impressive we were in montreal in december and it was cold as fuck but man that airport was smooth there i sing they had that down pat well these are the end model now wings yes while in the they were plowing the runaways and and cleaning and then they had to run away yeah so it just really amazing amazing yeah the avoid a lot of bullshit they they plan well for the for the cold up there it's they do in colorado to they really do in the suburbs you like it snowed a foot in the fucking guy came by with the plow when he did it and it's over it's over in the biggest cities like it snows in three days they don't fucking plowed either the crazy shit isn't here about like the mountains getting like seven feet like every now and then they get a snow up at seven feet of snow will fall on but i don't people even understand what the fuck that means i've compared it
you're not going anywhere going you're not going anywhere for a week at least i had died the nineteen eighty three if you could get a minute i hit the nineteen eighty three blizzard which was twenty four days in a row of snow anywhere from two inches joe the two feet but it didn't matter it didn't matter with snow every day so you pretty much went home and you know got up to work thanks giving blizzard oh heart that's macolor they say that cala rado gets blizzards always like around thanksgiving or halloween one of the other the other one and then hit you early just to remind you bitch put away you know i'm saying like don't get too comfortable with you short to hit you like in september my sister was born in the blizzard of seventy eight in ohio and they had to take a helicopter to go to my parents house and pick her up my mom up to have and she really really holy shit how much is that fucking helicopter ride
and i was sure is then cover yeah i know is one of the biggest snowstorms to ever hit a major city in the us thanksgiving blizzard one thousand nine hundred and eighty three particularly just wanted a whole series of storms that blew through the country over a two week period so something happened in like a weather pattern got cte go over there or something was and it wasn't i remember at the sky how the sky looked like you still see the moon in the fucking morning like at five in the morning you could still see the moon and the sun's coming out the same time with that haze it's fucking beautiful mountain had people like how long did it take before people could move around twenty minutes no no no no after the blizzard like how before people could drive around twenty minutes now come on bro it's colorado you know seven meet us know how the fuck to you know i mean it's snowing and people living their life you know what i'm saying it's just knowing and it's adding up and you still
in your life you like well we got a foot of snow and also when you go in you look at at midnight honey i gotta put my shoes and i had to go back out shovel it was one of those that i've read that they've gotten seven feet of snow in some areas but my brain won't let me believe that my blame my brain is going shut up that's not that's over a car why seven fucking feet seven feet of snow what is that really yeah that's what is the most the deepest snow that is ever been recorded like the deepest snow for let's find out what is the the best i don't think it's here either would jump right in the united states the most emotional fall in this one more yeah i don't think it would be in the united states some with what's the deepest snow fall united states shit it's a racer chimney typing one thousand nine hundred and ninety three storm this century
the total snowfall twelve feet oh my god where twelve dot ninety one feet hold on a second storm of the century ninety three super storm but the blizzard one thousand nine hundred and ninety three the east coast north america are blah blah blah blah blah killed three hundred and ten people what is the most snow in a storm ever butt hole i love the navy threes is christ snowdrifts or as high as thirty five feet bro that's a drift you see some wild shit living up then an asp in off of ajax you see some fucking drifts you know i'm a goner riverton wyoming and all that like my buddies used to jump off a helicopter and land in the snow and they say that had to be twenty feet of
it's no wonder you imagine i just jumping out of helicopter twenty feet landing it's know what you pose that change montipora shit that's crazy dad said that take you up there with his no lips there's no lips such weather oh my god yes and you just go down you don't know know what's under those videos whatever i watch those videos those extreme sports videos of guys jumping out of helicopters at the fucking fuck going down the side of a mountain of a mountain minus will be taking place on avatar it might be you might as well be doing some silver surfer shit i can't even believe i'm sharing the planet with you you're a crazy person you're doing like your do you live in the ninety s that's why suicide right parts like old so i'm just having a baby is a massive confidence in their ability to surf and ski and i the rush of it is so spectacular they're willing to take the risk of dying people die all the time people just for me just died the other day yeah and last year yeah yeah she i think she was doing some crazy sort of a jump though hours yeah those are really dangerous man he if he's
your fucking ski jumping you're flying through the air going to land perfectly on this fucking slope and is all slippery valentine's in aspen i was telling you that that's when the lower the lowest point of moisture is in the air so people ski would be he's on february and what they do is they spill the rampant in snowmass village people ski down with bikinis and do a loop loop over a fucking cool over fucking swimming pool and people do all the time and you're like oh my god like i couldn't i was just happy skiing going you know i don't like a in fact people or something i was just happy not jumping and shit like that but sometimes i would ski and pick up momentum and i just crash just to stop joe rogan that's how fast you go on those fucking skis so i get it true i'm telling you the truth i will fuck with anybody tells you when i first started skiing first season i wasn't too good at stopping i would do the plows and ship and i would just take out fucking ski lines i would just take him the fuck out 'cause i had no choice i would just put my
head down and go in there like fucking with jerome bettis people get hurt that way you fucking hurt and that's my feeling to get torn down in my scratch season my second season i started playing a little better and i got better but this time so you picking up some speeding you're like wait a sack let's i would just fall remember when it killed sonny bono man that was a fucking tree that that's not happens that happens you just can you hit something you ski twist temperature the jungle one hundred and one god damn i tell you going up at the skill that was when i learned about coolness does anybody with a helmet on i would would you i mean i used to ski with like a big michelin man out yeah big nerf outfit like that's when i learned about this i thought cool this is being in new york in the village and smoke a joint no no no no when you go skiing and you get in that don but when the six people that look like your grandpa and also somebody goes over and goes
modify spark up a joint and you're like are you fucking so really this park i'm joining a gondola please give you mushrooms once joint you don't know who you people goski the doctors and go look at we can't get i am minneapolis but we're going to get high and we go to aspen will try it would doing it doing mushrooms as soon as a kind of a crazy town it's it's very but it's weird that there's so many rich people that live in asp in i remember being in aspen going how would they have forwarding all these houses like these are just jiji anti multi multi multi million dollar houses all over the place in the stores are all like the highest end stores how many people have live up there though is it all like winter is about mostly went in a lot the summers are fucking beautiful and aspirin yeah and you gotta remember this the sick thing about asp in these are their second homes got yeah these are they went to homes they close them up and put up the guy
i have set for was the owner he was on the board of tgif friday and this was one of his eight houses and he would only you one week a year i wanted you to live in the house so when he came to town there was no dilemmas guide for bedrooms i undo this but on this fucking jeep i was living in montana had jacuzzi inside outside he had an apartment with the garage that's common right the people hire a caretaker higher cat taken and all my job was twenty hours a month so it was either twenty was mowing the lawn twenty hours of sheldon snow or both twenty and it was that's it i was much and so what he would just call you when he's coming into town you will call me and say i'm coming in december 14th through the 28th and you would just start cleaning up and i would clean up his side of the house and i had everything stash inside the house i had an office and inside the house scales up there had everything really yeah he had one thousand two hundred and thirty five bedrooms and outside jacuzzi
inside you because then they have so even when he was there you were still stand and i would stay in the garage over the have an apartment he built that was beautiful cable everything shop so i would stay there and then when he only for that one week and then it was only a cat take it after wack off in his bed cock sucked i put everything in his fucking house i had the keys to the cabinets because what you do is you put all your stuff in the particular cabin and lock it if you rent it out of your friends come to visit they don't fuck with your shit right that's what you do so but i had the keys to that so i'd make my fucking he had pounds elk and venison up there really you know he was a hunter up there so it was an amazing fucking gate but that part of his thing use everything use everything i don't want to come to town after you know i don't want to sink to be broken because you're grabs freeze right right he's like i need you in the house taking a shower and yeah you know at that time it was stated the fucking
yeah you know you have to live in it for thirty five faraway road i snorted more fucking we need more snatching that fucking up somebody i seen some creepy i remember being in it with a couple one night and i met them at the bar like i knew it from the cheesecake and they had cheesecake store if store wasn't was cheesecake factory is factory thousand nineteen eighty four and four and them over and over and i i to to change and she was naked i was like what the fuck is she goes what do you think of my tits and we all went back in the jacuzzi and then at like five in the morning he was a baker at paula fronts i don't know if they're still there and he left they both left and then she called me and said come get me and i went over picked her up brought it back in the jacuzzi i had the weirdest fucking things happen in aspen the weirdest sex things that's a crazy fucking town because it's like anywhere else when people come up there for a week they want a fucking suck yeah you know people want to get lost it and the people that would do
kill up there were people from texas i want to work and spend millions up there i into one of those bars one of the local bars when the agents the agents when we had the aspen comedy festival member that when they have hbo festival and was with his agent and he goes you see these girls see that girl that girl that girl i go yeah he goes those are all hooked one thousand and i was like what they just go to bars and like this way and their hookers like they come into town apparently he was saying that so even know like when during ski season that there's a lot of wealthy men one thousand tonight credible so they come in and they like hunt this is hunting ground it's amazing
they get a job on the lift till they meet his sugar daddy and it's also really out in or they just go up to hook up an asp in it's a mess amazing it's amazing there's so much dough up there and there's so many for screen going up there when i get hard to get there i left i left new york city in the peak of new york city and i went to aspen they weren't missing a beat it was uh are named patty bugatti is that a swimming pool in the middle it was far with the swim right in the middle that's awesome so you could swim while you're drinking coke get people in there with their clothes making this was ass one hundred and eighty three you know in eighty three aspen was the cocaine fucking capital of the country because there was so much money up that's with miami this wasn't glenn frey and you only creek and sydney port michael douglas you just seen people come in it is but a lysine what's the name what's the flying nun that bad ass bitch
the check that was hanging out with burt reynolds for awhile sally field selfie of fine as bitch at that time with a brown hannah a on bronson was up there running shit for awhile when i first move the ask him that had ktla it was only one channel and all they did was played mister majestic isn't it hot to get into aspen they like to fly in isn't a difficult flight well landing there at night after eight hundred o'clock or something they got strict rules but now you could fly to aspen from la direct real in the old days just denver and colorado springs yeah not and if you like i told you if you fly into aspen as you're flying over woody creek there's a guy that dumped his wife that was a stewardess so he painted a finger roof so when you fly over asking the daytime there's always a roof
finger on it because his wife was a store list for one of the airlines so that's a lot of fucking woody creek is a very i seen him of being a kid and conical on at the old snowmass border there was a conical the guys were from new and when you want to know they had new york time in colorado time but i never seen kurt russell and goldie hawn with those fucking kids being kids like i didn't know i didn't know she was the girl from fucking i didn't know she was going to be a star there with kids conical and that conical see at that time in colorado it was all retired drug dealers right so the feds were up there big time so in old snowmass they had this drug dealer so the feds fucking put cameras around his house but they didn't know how to do it that so it came up on people's cable tv so people are on cable going hey bro you're chat before you know you cooking eggs you and he's like how do you know he sued the government for fucking millions for the i mean
aspen's got some wild fucking shit there's a guy look him up steven grabo he quote with eight million dollars joe rogan december of eighty three december of eighty four he was thirty days away from stand standing trial and they blew him up with a pipe bomb at the aspen club when he was working out and that was the only night he didn't pay somebody to start his fucking car they blew him up with a fucking pipe bomb in the city of aspen which in eighty three there wasn't even a full in spanish person up there which is nice white people jesus cry hs this is first sentence despite its mutation is a city that never sleeps thanks to the copious consumption of chemical stimulants spain been has seen relatively few large scale drug busts wow so they're just doing drugs up an asp in this is this is a fucking terrible comments you come in with the government you come it listen the fuck
the jail in aspen don't got a kitchen the only jail in the country that don't have kitchen they get their food catered what so you get muffins for breakfast and t and really yeah that's why bundy escape from there how do you think these people fucking escape from there we went to use the phone and climbed out a fucking window colorado when i was there some guy shot a guy with a machine gun in a coke party shyla machine and they had the guy fishing they take your fishing trips in this down the fucking roaring fork thing they take your fish in it when i went to prison the big this thing i wanted to go to rifle because they give you a job as a lifeguard in the city so they use the prisoners is life guys and they gave you a job in the movie theater in rifle i ended up at camp george w but i really wanted to go to rifle which is on the other side of the hill asman that's like an hour for mass but but in the winter time they had worked for because you took over the city of the prisoners but it's fucking aspen has no fucking kitchen my friend that's right
and they still get food catered for them is there like a lot of shit up there though is just this just sort of the when i give you that fact that people twit me right now going joe you're an asshole i'm telling you in nineteen the three of you look at all the understand big colorado was the cocaine capital of the country beak colorado's right in the middle of the country at that time mexico we weren't using mexico who is miami and everything got shipped to colorado and from cala rado went to minneapolis seattle california popping up out everybody's waiting for something in california everybody's waiting for in california and colorado it's a bunch of fucking guys with horses at the airport helping you carry the coke into the plane can i help you with that there helping you it's a very mystique type of fucking city at the top of this it's glenwood springs snowmass village woody creek and ask them sits on the fucking top this is the whole story nineteen eight the greybox case they got here yeah
tells about how he was blown up in a ball a bomb placed in a borrowed car that he drove to the aspen club for a tennis wonderful she did get deal we had joy but that is i'll drop a line and if and if i'm right it was december twelfth of december something december nineteen you did get deal with here a bomb in a borrowed car as he drove to the aspen club for a tennis match could you imagine all those fucking aspen heights up there showing up their tennis outfits on my mercedes and pulling into the driveway and his fucking car blows up i listen to these numbers he was making six million every six weeks after two or three years he was making so much money he was a jewish kid that went to miami to the universe in miami to get a degree in the hanging out with cubans in colombians and that was it they made him a white guy they just said you're going to control the west coast he was making six million every six weeks
couldn't even cleanse it fast enough so he would come into your restaurant in go joe rogan i'm going give you twenty five thousand cash tell me when it's over so he would go to every restaurant in in this area and give a more twenty five grand and go do me a favor tell me when it's over so i'm just gonna come in and eat every day just tell me when the twenty five grand and the quicker the better but if i come in here for three hot dogs tell me to twenty five is gone you're doing me a favor so when they bust him they just didn't bust him if you read the story that went to all these businesses you know that there's a movie now they did use later that was his story where he had safe said all the restaurants we'll come to your restaurant going to give you twenty five grand a month you get tell me when it's over but i'm gonna put a safe in the back and you started put someone the feds came there they found a million two million all these things oh my god cooking the denver he couldn't even wash the money fast enough they took the denver in denver the feds go go back to the fucking house
does that still another ten million that we haven't found we've been listening to him so they went back to the house couldn't find it couldn't he had hidden in a garbage can fill leaves outside how the it's got him what they're pulling and taking his garbage and it was looking at his paperwork so the it will come every morning and take his garbage and look at the figures he would do they did it from the scrapping little figures you do and rip up yeah that all that shit that's how they nailed him so they waited a fucking year too he was dirty days away from sentencing in this beautiful white suburban town of aspen colorado and on a sunday night they fucking blew him up in a rented car why did we think he had a a borrowed car be at that point he had a clause in his garage like you have cars everywhere you can trust any of them he couldn't trust anyone they knew he knew that the for the the the cologne were going to take it whether he talked or not why take the chance we're going to kill him so he
bodyguards and he didn't know that they put a fucking pipe bomb on them that was miami vice type shit he went to start and he almost lived but the pipe went up through his fucking ass and almost blended there yeah yeah the pipe bomb went through him something something weird he bled out or something he could have lived very interesting aspen collar very interesting place jesus christ that's hilarious whenever you have drugs going to have violence whenever you have people buying by mass amounts of coke or whatever the fuck is it coke up there this is where it gets better he never seen it what do you mean he moved so much blow he never even seen it he didn't see the glow he would go to the bank and get five hundred dollars worth of quarters a day his whole day was just getting quarters and he would drive three hours to a pay phone and do all his business will pay for really he never waited he never seen it he never
he just moved it called in minneapolis go to l a go to new mexico jesus come on it was the center so he did it all from pay phones everything that's fighting genius everything was from a pay phone five hundred a day and they were watching him at the bank they will watch him they were why is this you know how big is asking you fart the whole fucking town smells and that's it's seven blocks or something eight blocks gelina st main street you don't have much they very big he wasn't it wasn't like he was at bars at night no the guy was just that's just where but he was just moving it across the country very interesting fucking story about that's a hell of a network you put together to be able to accomplish that one of the first guys have a jewish guy what would it be like if cocaine was legal annoying
going would it be yeah super right i'm the only one here that hasn't done it very bad very bad if they want to legalize that shit people go to pharmacies and shit it's just it's it's a creepy thing when you're doing it it's even creepier when you're not doing it yeah you know when you see it now you're like wow is that how creepy obvious in down obvious somebody told me that the weed store that they went to a party yesterday and obviously the kitten didn't know was not a coke party because they went to a football thing in the can i'm like isn't that weird when one person is doing it they stick out that that's a weird feeling when you're talking to a dude in a coked up and they have they give off that weird like unpredictable energy like well i got to get away from this guy can't even read this motherfucker i don't know what he's doing just they just take
you come off off shifty looking around a lot can't shut the fuck up constantly yapping with fucking afternoon when you were talking about the largest snowfall did you hear what the actual one is this is ridiculous it's one hundred and forty one feet in more than five days watt it was in uh one thousand nine hundred and fifty five alaska even possible what happens that's just like covers the house and that's that you don't die there's no air left you're trapped in like tom and jerry style where you went to shovel that away quick enough yeah yeah what happens you die yeah you pretty much lived off of whatever was in it miles i guess yeah but even then you don't have any air where's your air coming here you're going get you probably have to make like a pipe using like sticks and then
that snow melts it's going to be a fucking river that's going to wash your house away yeah that's crazy and start eating at it maybe it was in a really rural area where nobody lives that's why it said their subjects such giant snow dumps and they just had twenty feet like last so why yes it's not even feet god damn jesus fucking christ yeah there's some spots in this world that are really hazardous you could deal with some shit that's the one thing you live in california for a little while people completely forget they completely forget that there's nature to consider like everybody's been freaking out these last couple days the reason why this podcast started late is because some truck flipped over on the highway 'cause nobody knows how to drive in the rain when it gets within the range of course gets wet here and everybody just spazzes out and on top of it the road is greasy as fuck because the
it doesn't rain very often when it does rain it brings up all that oil from people's cars and tires and all that you know should that on the card that may everyone has dirty cars are have sales like film on the car that you know would have this is off as well yeah wax and all kinds other group chat with chem trails but there is so so you know i saw guy lose it last night i was right behind him is this truck clock at four hundred and fifteen to twenty five minute ride from my house i left a three hundred o'clock as i was leaving and it was slow the whole way and then as i got closer seeing the helicopter yeah helicopters don't so for a little accent they show for something heavy duty yeah how is a weird place when there's too many of us man there's too many fucking people living in one is all we need is one thing to go wrong i tell you man when i was in ohio though i don't give a shit because right now it's going to be ninety degrees thursday and that's worth it to me one day or here
here oh yeah it'll be ninety on fucking thursday yeah i like people on the east coast right now they call mingo is sixty five today tomorrow bitch february is next month mother fucking call me february 15th when your fucking bikini on yes call me february fifteen motherfucker valentine's day it's definitely harder to live in a place like that it makes it just makes life harder but that obviously to minneapolis this week he's crazy he's going to that house that his gangsta ball that he's doing he's doing a fucking scavenger hunt in the mall with without available so i'm going to be piece of banana careful i'm going to the the tar pit up don't play there it's just sort of the same minnesota you right next to jesse next yeah been not be that fucking surgery yeah you have to not beating out of this why is it just dog i got i fainted from reading the fucking paper work i fainted from reading there why should i
justice before the needles and the blood really i got to the fucking stature with structures with ex futures searchers yeah that he's gonna put suitors in my name i think it really is coming out from under my titties that's what you know you got a fucking wow so i said you know what i think i had inedible that day to last week i smoked a little piece of ash i read fucking i went online just prepare for surgery and i thought it would tell me what vitamins to take and i'm reading about this i just got the surgeon i went and down on my office what exactly the same as role in your name meniscus tear in a little bit of arthritis in hand a little system the meniscus terry okay so the going to extract the system going to clean up and yes that's not not too bad like six weeks you know pretty close to one hundred percent
i i we did yeah we did six weeks last time i did that and then was training six weeks later right i like to go swimming right after work just to go by bike is really good swimming is swimming is decent good too but what i like about a bike is that it's stationary it's constant enough to weigh about side to side motion and you just you can just do it at a light pace where you're stimulating the tendons and ligaments in the muscle tissue but you're not really taxing really taxing the now so you don't hard it's basically for five minutes now even though i don't even start with that mr well i've been going to forty five or not willow now before i'm just glad that everything in order yeah that's good just you know tell you should one of these fitbit you'll become become addicted to it retracts we talked about this hi guys here david yeah most people will know though because we talked about it on the desk on one oh yeah so what it is it's this thing that you clip on and it automatically tracks like how many steps you make how many stairs you walk tracks you know just like its burgh
i sure told us about it right he was one who he's wanted it better on the ice house chronicles and so really neat is that it has like a thing in you could also wear when you sleep so it detects whenever you wake up and then it adds up how long you're actually sleeping every night and you'll be surprised you think like i got like ten hours sleep when in reality he did it like half the time your state you like a waco you'd wake up and and and it's based on you know it detects like your heart beat it to tax as a gyroscope in it or whatever the fuck it's called where so it tells you it knows when you're walking and this amazing yeah and then it wirelessly brides cast it to this website and it shows you and graphs like how like how much you did and stuff and you try to the more you use it the more you you're like a game to try to beat it it's like twitter addictive like it's really interesting and i i like i just became friends on crashers i think like having new facebook where it just tracks your your shit every night and
is the lack of a credible yeah i do a review on it said that's what a tv a nurse links to buy it on the case number one and the new sleep apnea machine a game at the other one up that time to give me a new one why put the old one was good this new one i could take the card out put into my computer and i could tell you what nights i drank alcohol you know i don't drink alcohol right tell you that what nights i drink because you can see it in your sleep pattern that's amazing i'm going to get one of these things right and then the other thing it tells you could even tell when i smoked a lot of weed that day what was the difference of snore really if i smoke too much weed my wife will tell you know you were snoring deanna i went by heaven sent one and smoked fifty fucking joints and that makes you snore more yeah something it's probably relax yeah fuck what it is you're probably out there bro red band death squad six on the podcasts while the fuck on itunes right now six which is that's pretty strong around guys
can graduate was worth more does that link immunity to the strong let's from the i cells chronicles lou in india allen also yeah brian town show now is a is going to call the brian counselor right banjo which i like which i like to he doesn't need another name he was trying to you should have a theme but i'm like you so interesting why box yourself in that guy can just ran one about anything you know he's he's one of my favorite dudes to talk to and that podcast we had with game cook that was amazing that was interesting and that dude tj miller apparently wants to talk to me about it i would talk to him about it you know i don't hate that dude i don't know i don't you know i don't i don't i don't think it's a good idea to go long rants about people working on material that haven't been on stage for a year though i just that's dis this is how i feel you know do you have jody don't check on some which is listen i don't know what it was about i didn't i don't give a fuck well if you don't know it's about everybody should know teach yeah
dane cook bumped him dump bumped everybody at the laugh factory has a stage well does happen all the time you know but what i said today and really does stand true like really he doesn't have to do that and it's a strong move to just come on after everybody it's a strong move to let everybody else go on stage and then go on last man you're the big star i go and like tell everybody like let him know hey dane cook is going to be on later yay so then guys do their time wait yeah they will wait it ain't that hard man ain't that hard to wait but it a thing that we had experience we we're coming up it was a constant thing it always has been that way specially in la when a big guy shows up whether it's jerry seinfeld or whoever the fuck it is they show up they get on stage and part of the thrill is that the audience members know that if they come to the improv it's very likely one night that maybe daniel tosh a walk onstage even if he's not on the schedule that maybe
you know someone they've seen on tv a walk on stage and that's a part of the thrill and in the stand up comic does the famous ones in exchange they do these sets for free for their ability to just go on stage anytime they want and it does seem unfair to the people that are coming up i completely agree you know it's unfair no doubt about it i don't do it but i understand i under stand the idea behind it because every comic has had to deal with that the only time i've ever bumped anybody's when i show up the club and then they asked me would you like to go on stage and like if it's not a big deal i'll go on stage but i want to fuck anybody kind up and then they go and check and make sure everything's okay ok but if there's any drama or bullshit at all i would way rather just go on last just put me on after everything is done like what would you can't you can't perform at the everybody is so terrified of someone strong going on before them just so silly because that's what you want you want
everybody laughs the reason why i started bringing you in the road with maine the reason why bring ari on the road with me or done just 'cause they're fucking hilarious i went to the improv twice in the last ten days and both times people came up to that they had to leave yeah they don't want to go in after you know i don't give a fuck i'm going to get off stage yeah and you still going to be in the bar drinking take that bottle of break it over your fucking head so before you come lie to me that you have a showcase at the store or you got so just be a map there was a little show just so show then but don't come up to me and say you gotta go up because your agents here in your agents at all mean fucking cheese do don't don't tell that she was a lot of data storage guy would claim that he had a showcase those guys you it sets the couldn't get sets with the could get says we had showcases so they would lie and say they were having a show okay and then we would show auto and now you are so right yeah i got a call and say i'm comin is those mike youngs moves that was my young love that movie
it's the iced amount that's what he did he started having regular show can they give you nine hundred and fifteen spots which is better than boom seven minutes come in say hello gotta drink some bitches that's why you see the fake it till you make it mentality you know when you're in the dirty stages of stand up element you know when everybody scrounging for morsels or all trying to get on stage as much especially like i don't know how the fuck anybody starts in la that's brood brutal mean already did it already basically did his whole career here but you know he you gotta love it or you got love and yeah he he got in early at the store too he got stage time he got plenty of stage time that's huge man 'cause he got it like just a couple years and his career
you know we started hanging out with us you know we started taking him on the road he was you know just a few years into his career you know it's amazing how last year i put together i didn't know to about eighteen two years ago how much i missed a store not the fucking dickheads but how much i missed that type of performing every night yeah and that's why i made the note now that i always try to go to crazy places at least every ten days twice a once a week i got to go someplace where unpredictable i don't want to be in a comedy store setting right because i want that comedy store that would made me a comic was going up at one thousand one hundred and forty five after you after fucking tired after morning by the matter of fact i do miss paul morning i miss you only tell i missed the expression that everybody gets a wake up call i really do because it it's it home with me so my home you know moon went to miami to kept saying cuba command those cubans this we got that nigga wake up call with
look at that they came in after that when they had that kid emblem on the clarion rel whatever for dell came right in that governor said go take him jesus cry member she said go down there take him they went right into the name what the fuck was that all about what was that all about alien elian gonzalez was and now things like a patriarch in cuba he's getting dick sucked like fucking really that joke who's the retarded kid that had this tv show corky working he's like that would've been on in cuba in the nineteen fifty cadillac with the raft kid yeah iraqis good looking now they just had a thing is that we got here in around i got him that his mother died boyfriend coke and he was fucking floating out there on a twig and some fishermen pick them up by imagine what is going to happen with fidel dies 'cause there was a fake fidel died thing on twitter the other day
people are wondering what about the time i told eddie fidel died and he was a dana white and he thought it was a bad conversation put liddell died so he said you were here about that so i'm going to cuban place and he calls because once nothing i'm overheating cuban food and you know eddie likes all that revolutionary down i go to jia there's a rumor going around that fidel castro said fidel die right it's just like what let me go online so it wasn't lying he was hold on dana white's right here let me ask him let me call you back cause back he's got davis on line looking for chuck liddell diet without fidel you wouldn't you want to verify that hold on did you just say liddell chuck liddell would you want to vera yeah i'm fucking things like off adele and she thought i said let dau was he on the rampage was the
was the tomahawk and yeah yeah no no no you was he was straight is like eight hundred o'clock one sided comes out once the i remember when you first i would say in that about him oh my god people don't know what that is it's it's something that's in your jeans on your dna that when you draw if you go the other fucking direction yeah when i drink i whisper i don't say shit i gotta go home some people get go fucking find i mean you grew up in boston really seem fuckers that would have two beers and take their shirt off ten degree weather want to find a black ball going down there talking you like you not are you fucking mean i you cannot do that but there's people that drink and don't say nothing there's people that drink and giggle this some people some people they're not supposed to hope they recognize it the most important thing is that they recognize because they think it's fun i know it's fun to them like they just disappeared like how far will it
if you stop being joe rogan and went into his face for eight hours and then woke up with fucking lies onions fucking pubic hair on your face and handcuff on it is amazing to me though what people have such different reactions to certain drugs you and that al i was really one of them that's so it's i didn't like until i met eddie i didn't believe in blackouts out and believe in him believe people tell me they blacked out but how convenient chicks always tell you that but they suck your dick and lick your asshole the next morning i blacked out what happened you know what happened when you lick my fuckin ass like a savage hold on what happened remember any oh my god we did that rape a man your fucking neck remember what did you just speak in the right man i saw that movie the girl with the dragon tattoo holy shit that's a bad bitch oh that girl plays it i've never seen her before i don't know she is with that girl can an act that's a crazy movie man
who is this um scenes in that movie it felt like a movie where they were trying to it it was in fact a book that there were trying to condense down at the mall the form is really hard because it's obviously very very complicated and involved but it's well it doesn't fail as a movie it's fucking good there's something some badass scenes but that chick is wild to gina carrano movie no review i heard the reviews are spectacular they said run tomatoes gave it a one hundred percent which is like nobody ever sees that i mean that it's is temporary because the con come out and find out about it oh yeah honey we can't hang at home two things on line asshole comes on as shit all over it just 'cause he knows it you know is very picky and went to the movies and said that the trailer gina court they asked me that looks wild they go it's fucking great it looks great as it come out this weekend you did good i wanted i wonder how a wide the one i see i heard it's bad ass i heard like
the guys like a real artist who created it you know he he really knows the fuck he's doing and he really created this around her you know the world needs more ass kicking checks fun we're trying to make that the one chick that trying to make and she's a bad mother the australian check with kate beckinsale such a bad ass bitch that bitch is bad i've seen up first we'll carrano so legit though come around the world and you know what she's like really like the now that cyborg tested positive all should like it shows you know like it shines a light on all of cyborgs past victories you gotta you gotta look at it man it's unfortunately cast doubt has down our old career actually since they released a video that showed her first fight ever in our first fight ever she was not built like that at all not even remotely you know she changed and she changed pretty radically and it doesn't seem to be in doc
has chemicals if you have an initial video of her from a long time ago that shows a different body different body types and that's not let you know you're not a man what how how you doing that man so you got to look at that man say this gina carano man she didn't you know that would have been imagined gina carano versus rhonda rousey two two of the hottest chicks that ever fight ever going at it you know nuts that fucking fight with me to stay that's the next two tens that are killers and they're throwing down gina call versus rhonda rowsey would get like that's like a fight that actually could make it into the ufc like that's a fight where dana white like you know what alright this fight we have this fight in the ufc is like a special attraction mean i'm just guessing it would do that he would probably have it like a big event for strikeforce but i mean could you imagine the kind of press you can get when you get to chicks who are super hot actually can fucking fight both of us she'll get the winner of those two
because the economy would you know it made sense to me today and the movie did really well if she would afford in june or july she would have done well then the movie they said fuck it stay away from everything just let the movie come out pop it all of a sudden the fucking brazilian comes up positive and she's back in the fucking the movie did great she's back in the fucking game then so she's going to probably get the winner of teeth you know she's going to fight man let's see what how would she but why would you want to fight of this movie i wouldn't actually see it and then she just goes off and you know man brain damage is for keeps if you don't want to fight you shouldn't be fighting you know fighting you should only do when you absolutely want to do just that if she if she really has this call on the back of her head you want to get back in there and test yourself you know she's a she's badass check if you want to do that but i love it yeah no no reason to do it if she doesn't she's got an amazing opportunity she is an opportunity that very few humans ever get to be a legit female movie action star i mean she's
she's going to say the right things she's smart she's not a mean person she's a humble person she's like she's like a happy friendly person that people like root for you even like her you know what they also they like about her she's not like real skinny she's not skinny and bones she's like she's got meet on her she's she's project is a piece of lasagna way i like that man i like that yeah like that i don't like i don't like skinny on a girl it doesn't i like your girls not afraid to eat you know to me don't don't get sloppy let's not get crazy but you can get a little fat little fat actually kind of sexy a dirty about it right then he keeps the monkey fresh does it lubes the joints to join for some fucking ice and nine acetone clothesline shit everything is good you understand yeah
needs more badass superhero chicks this dragon tattoo chicken this is gina carrano chick i seen that other fucking crazy ass movie black swan with my new kulis whatever fucking name that bitch eight the fuck out of the professionals little girlfriend the one in yeah blacks won the and i'm tony i'm i'm going to go that we haven't seen hide a watch to be getting it scared me out but the ending that this movie is very i seen the last hour last night and it really helped me yeah we should on television i want to watch them like wait a second bill since the one girl is all grown up i can't believe that was her in the profession that movies are fucking great moved to gradually it was on the on that watch gary oldham's fucking great he would pop the pills and throw his neck back and heroin and shoot mother fuckers and gary it was great in that movie was great danielle is even in that movie yeah he's the he's the hit but he's the guy that gives the attack
and guide the assignments and shit yes fucking danny aiello i think he even stopped doing com danny aiello he had a comedy club in hoboken on tuesday night but now we know up in a bunch of times the fuck out italian songs are you serious i swear to god what was that show that he had on cbs for awhile terranova something look it up the last disaster of cbs mella donna something like that that he was a pa public investigator what did you think bert on ten tv how do you spell his i how a i e l l o liaiell pressures on cbs news in columbus ohio and he got to do the weather and it was so in hilarious v what would he do it is it's like acting out like if it was cold for her you know and like just make enough uses burke chrysler on the weather it was what you can imagine asa is that tv show but often goes
i will say della della yeah dalvin torrent elements or the delevan turn yes get it look at the imdb one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight that was the last temptation of christ what year was this ninety eight which one delve into an tour when we first started hanging out in miami when they put his picture up at the improv i clipped it under my shirt yeah i kept it he was my favorite goof for a while i have all those on v i still have those on vhs sussman when they were they had the king and queen but cbs i got them to get me the tapes from the into our show because it was so delicious now have people come over and watch it with me we would get high and watch legos a comedy so fuck it was a great show he would always win no matter what happened this is what i remember had a meeting with this guy about some information that could lead to the conclusion of my case season their playing pool and he can't miss just fuckin rocketing balls in and the guy goes worst acting of all time the guys
ingles hey man you're the best i ever seen what's your secret he goes my secret don't miss it was like fights he would get in fights and he's a the old man i mean he's old he's old we're not talking about a sylvester stallone old where he's you know shooting fucking synthetic oil bones in his body everyday any sixty four years old shredded that's not what i'm talking about i'm talking like he looks like an old man but meanwhile he's knocking dudes out with one punch pap guys give him trouble hey get out of here pap you just everywhere he goes like no one's hitting him never got a strong yeah is dominating everything he's just the cool list cop of all time and it's so ridiculous that it becomes funny becomes really subtle nice we're going to cologne and crazy italians i guess frank stallone's been coming back to the box and jim justin's and they can't take him no more so the quickest
to get rid of frank stallone's to put rap on oh really hates rap music so they put rap on like n dot wa and they have bets on how long still on our last and really so he's in their shadow box and to look at the speakers he'll fuck and then he'll come up there and say listen why don't we listen to some good music put on one of my albums and they all look at him like are you fucking serious i could give you his album you know that frank stallone gives out albums he plays right here at fucking malibu with the malibu win once a month he's got the boys are you gotta go as a goof one time all the now you show update kiss what do you think his relationship is like with his brother what do you think it would be it must be crazy get the fuck outta here after door behind you dumb fuck wanna cheeseburger chain and you're going to be the head singer that guys gotta come in every day with a different pitch sl i don't mean to bother you but listen we got an idea for a new i think they even made a movie together one with dice that die suit everybody
we all just alone remember that for no movie about golf yeah remember we're at the store they were telling us a story that night and then never die so it never got released 'cause it is fucking horrible is frank stallone directing and shit is the loans got all his friends and it still bad pick up pictures of birds and fucking people drinking water meanwhile stallones hit the fucking god bullshit solarius frank fucking stallone oh my god that is hilarious that's kind the weird thing to have a brother that's like super duper famous and you're just hanging on trying to make some shit happen that's going to be frustrating as fuck probably makes you want to be famous also like look at charlie murphy you know and
the ease probably that's why a will is talking with charlie but look draw is actually you know he's made it is yeah making money is doing well as in movies doing great with stand up and then there's like you know the baldwin brothers were everybody makes it you know sort sort of kind of they made it for a little while all of 'em we're in the light for a while yeah but now it's only alec he's the only one he's the most talented though right yeah definitely yeah that's what it is like i just rise to like there was another one i liked also but we both want billy and well you know william is i think we'll see a difference believe the handsome one williams won the big face i think sierra member please answer to is just handsome like yeah like you drink a lot of sodium filled products yeah sodium yeah yeah they're uh i mean there's a bunch of families where there's a bunch of different brothers get in and everybody does so so but one like the best yeah but the ball michael jackson yeah that's that's the most ridiculous one
right right you know imagine growing up someone someone your brother and you are both doing the same thing and you just can't fucking hit and this this guy's just that's got that's gotta be nuts sibling rivalry is a mother fucker look up madonna's brother she drew that mother fucker out what happened i sheet room the fire that guy was just creepy he was opening up shit with her name i mean it just gets old madonna's brother if he's got a brother that wrote the book the tell all book now he did just had something on aol or google the other day that he's homeless and michigan his sister won't help him could you get fucking creepy on these people don't can't get previously your family you can't write tell all books and the same thing that makes a madonna could also make a loser right you don't you don't get a madonna with conventional child rearing and pay
the right amount of attention to kids know you get a madonna if you fucked up you get a madonna if you ignored that kid you get a madonna if somebody did something to it early age that made her determined or you get a guy gaga same thing you don't get those those chicks aren't it's not easy to develop one of those you gotta give him some pain you gotta do some things would you rather fuck madonna or gaga right now i'm gaga for sure really yeah she's hot her body is hot as fuck dude put that bad not really cold icy madonna last week she got old she's trying to force those biceps and tell people she's a jewish although i did have a dream that i ran into madonna and all of a sudden she was young again it's amazing you just brought this up because i had this dream last night and i'm just remembering it now it was one of those really fucking nutty alpha brain dreams which no one will deny if you could
you don't think that alpha brain works it doesn't seem to affect you and enhancer cognitive function that's all well and good you know i don't know how your brain works but you can't tell me that it's not super reliable for making crazy dreams 'cause i don't know if i could take a pill that i knew for sure if i took the ship before bedtime family is not working everybody though a lot of people say they're not getting the lucid dreams you know i had it at the beginning of it you had it at the beginning but then i stopped having him really well i get him intermittently and i never know when there coming but i got one last night and it was super vivid and last night it was me hanging out with madonna and i was being like real creepy with her i was like is weird because she was like like actually it was like some sort of a weird thing like i was i was much younger than i am now i remember 'cause i remember had no family
no responsibility in my dreams the truck don't ask me how i know about kind of bar like a shitty bar no it was in some weird fucking ah booth of a club but i'm like really close to her skin and i'm admiring her skin and i'm telling her while you look amazing like i'm really like blown away it was like because i guess i had e i couldn't figure out the stream whether i had to travel through time or you know whether i i lived in a different place like you know was i actually seventy years old and what she actually twenty four it wasn't was i in nineteen eighty four and one thousand nine hundred and eighty five again or was this supposed to be she rejuvenated and she's now twenty years old again now she looks hot as fuck because she looked even younger than she looked when she became famous was a really weird dream because i couldn't figure out what was happening in it i couldn't figure out if you know i was like why why do i feel like i'm a young man kids but also have all this information in my head it's very strange
why madonna to i just have a thing for madonna man when i was young it was it was long i was also not that's such use on she was dirty dirty italian when you're young young little seventeen year old savage with your hormones on full blast like i was i was like so excited that a grows dirty you know she's during that bitch yeah original snooki play song that's terrible really she was back then back it was a club was a disco dj and also go we have a special
somebody come in she's going to sing a song and it was madonna singing like lucky star we did yeah we didn't know what that i remember it when they first started having videos on mtv and you know for folks today live in this day in error this is not going to be impressive but back then when madonna first started having these music videos like burning up that's that she took she took with don summers was doing it it was but you know what you just not being clear enough what you want i'll take it free let me tell you what i'm looking for i'm looking to wear crosses and get fucked hard we're going to wear lace and get choked that you want to all the people that you can't let go come on let's go i'm burning up yeah i'm burning up and she was sex fucking tremendous tremendous she had that dancer body with a little plump in this tour to you know like she eating well for the first time in her life
member went desperately seeking susan came out if she got the street she there one million fucking people yeah people don't even know what a great start she was like a female michael jackson at that point that michael jackson had been there with an eighty four they had a closed manhattan yeah people i don't think are really even aware of how big madonna was at one point in time blue blue blue the second one is like a virgin which is good that's a great trueblue isn't that fucking good but it's gotta couple it's gotta you band on me love donald jam bro do you know that control that i thought of you the best fucking damn of all time fuck leonard skynyrd fuck led zeppelin fucked floyd 'cause there ain't nothing better than groove is in the heart dog the other morning i fucking heard on the radio i almost
ideas a lot of that check the dancing girl oh my god she got arrested for for heroin really ended tonight when nobody's around and nobody smoke one slash two of dubai put the video on it watch it watch it that chinese kid was doing and awesome bootsy collins that was a fucking jail was if i don't how bad of a mood you're in and you could be in a bad mood doing some and by the middle of that second verse didn't it you just start fucking not dance be like you know what it could be worse look at this love with that group is in what you say your dance is so free so let's play it can we play it yeah they're not they're in jail just fucking fine meanwhile owned by someone who probably can't frozen internets not working from the internets down but i mean you were singing it which girl buffalo
oh yeah oh cheri she had a couple good ones i don't know that she's i love nina cherry she was hot and even fuckin check likely chips no yeah i don't know what happened man she had she had so much potential to when you saw her singing you like that girls star and then the tracy chapman tracy chapman but before tracy chapman had a bunch of big with thicker black chick over over uh over joan armatrading yeah what was that one hand come on now me get into joan armatrading this mother fucker what is and take her that she had yeah that bitch
sing muscles yeah what was that one hit that she had man this is driving me nuts drive slow and she had some shut the fuck up a period you don't remember joan armatrading i don't remember her now she had one fucking killer song man they probably know this song now dan do you angels zone something like that the slow jam that was fucking amazing she had yeah damn it now i'm gonna have to buy her whole fucking thing on itunes bitch just look it up on youtube just pressing joan armatrading and i'll come up with the songs that were popular right here you go because i get the same fucking problem sometime okay so when was your so when was your onyx you were general hospital today you were on it today hey law tracy man i wish i would would've been like watching nonstop general
hospital and i've been just like looking for it i did not see how many you doing can you can you watch it online do they have like general hospital online alright i'm on it you can watch it on i think hulu i heard they were trying to move it to we're trying to move tonight oh dude please please play this come on please play in arbitrating call me name oh shit is i'm talking about that's the song nobody remembers jonah material before tracy chapman joan armatrading this is the jam and i forgot about this song yeah badass yeah man she was one of the original children's hospital you gotta play this brian i don't care if we get sued play this play on your laptop can i do that so legal now that no that'll have to pause you too
so when the when is your check your also on children talk we did here in general in charge for children's hospital on the wind it was after nossa yeah but i tell you i love that show mary winkler kicking it where i played the meatball king so i was like one of batman's villains how really and i have a bazooka like scarface that shoots meatballs at the kids in shit at the end wait till this comes out it's a kid's show on this alright cool kicking it i'll kick it with kill this how many episodes you doing in this general hospital four so far but i think they gotta the sun gone so any new maps for the coming and smack some bitches and i'm saying what do you have to do so far i just was a reverent i went to jail i went to prison reverend yeah i'm married i'm umbrella bring this my name is game runner
the man flavors game runner okay your game runner game one prize you lower my voice now sarah back up but i haven't heard channel day is a tournament game run game run i came on the show as a guy that went to prison with anthony when i went to jail i got my wife and i became a minister so i come in harry one of his chicks that he kidnaps because this is straight up kidnaps the chicken i marry him on the show do you have any scenes with any hot see where i've had is cute the blonde but i don't know like i watched a few of the first on the got black people on josh will know that such talking to you yes i was very shocking to me i didn't even see yeah they passed that law in ninety nine foot brothers i fucking soap operas where is the brothers and then she had like a will respond to do soap operas right was in in like general answer lies lesbian general hospital i thought it was in vegas i think these days but
everyone has an alien he was on yeah if your sons talented man that who under arrange a you know for people don't know that's a hilarious all that there's like all these videos of me arguing with a crazy brazilian jiu jitsu guy online that's my friend resawn and he's he's eddie bravo brown belt is an actor it's just use this character t
and every now and then he'll want to confront me about some things and get into this big long arguments like eddie's anything's it's hilarious he loves doing it so any sets it up all the time but this is the actual name is for song these hilarious how funny is that response father was my first karate teacher when i came from it's amazing so how's that circle flow with an amazing thing responsible and it was like a son such a great guy and grow and to to we have to get respond to tell you the story about his father's karate school yeah this follows christ was like a hundred street nap today it was but it was black it was painted black the walls with black the keys were black black was beautiful was like seventy you got a fist goju you got a fist it's a gold you and you got this thing on the back and open ease letters let me tell you what he used to make his do his science father he'd make his run to central park barefoot with the fucking karate uniforms on well i don't know how scared i used to be run barefoot on the street run run run he made this fucking wrong
we have these are but if you stop broken then she'll play you didn't give a fuck that's a tough and you up by number one time is resigns father kicked me in the fucking stomach when i was about six you know when the air comes out of you for the first time talking like a month ago back to karate but he was a good guy bro he taught me a lot of good shit my first karate teacher joe esposito is now the head of the one of the big guys at the massachusetts state athletic commissions they the mixed martial arts i took a class from him any side kick me in the store was what they would do bad but i would that i had and it was a tight knot you mean he didn't hit me hard i was only fourteen you just gave me a little tap but that was common you know instructor would walk by tight not need blast in the stomach while you're online you know you had a always be prepared always be solid when we know what the koreans came over to t cycling on a walk around stick oh yeah man in the back of the legs if you get koreans were like super strict strict but because of that their their team was fucking monstrous man the korean national
for a while until the rial the americans got real good at it and then there was some other entries from other parts of the world that we're like really high level but for a while the koreans just dominated taekwondo tournaments and a lot of it was high level training and the discipline that they had you know they took it seriously now you can take your kids no more you can try had a friend my friend was going to med school my friend junk sick and he won the national championships he had it he took time off to win the national she took time off to train took time off away from his school which was a big deal because he was going through like some serious serious fucking school work and i remember watching this kid i couldn't believe how fucking hard he worked it was just it just it was
ableto watch it was it was really like inspiring because this guy was always tired he was exhausted and yet he would still find time to train and we were talking about it you know back then he was a little bit ahead of me he was like when i was hitting a national level off from my skills he is already there so he was like a little bit ahead of me and i remember talking to him like how you doing this like this is incredible that you find time to do all this school work and yet you still find time to train and he's like i barely can do it i barely could do because i'm so tired i'm so tired he would like when i was training for the nationals he would do his homework and then he would put his backpack on with all of his books and he would run up and down the stairs in his ah in this dormitory where he stayed and it just that's how you'd get like a lot of his cardio
raining and you just put his books in his bag and run up and down the stairs and he would tell me about like how exhausted he was when he when he would like come to work out train but the guy just kept chipping away is like i learned a lot watching that dude oracle learned there's like levels of commitment and discipline and for whatever reason a lot of asian people in still that in their children that like we will intense discipline you know proud of their kid when the kid becomes a doctor proud of the kid with the kids or something really really difficult that's a that's a mother matt that's a
that's a t have like that that high expectations of yourself you know you're really setting yourself up for a very stressful stressful life and i know he eventually stopped competing because it was too much to do that he assumed his his practice in tow become a doctor and you know and studies to become a doctor he got right back into that and that became his one hundred percent its focus but he did what he wanted to do you know he got there he got what he wanted to get and then you know he realized his dream and that was just back to work and i was like man that's ah that's a tough life that's a lot of work you don't look at the discipline even with the japanese with the yakuza they fuck up they got a kind of finger off yeah he's got that discipline the united states uncomfortable work late you're gonna cut a fucking finger off yeah and you have to cut it off yourself that's the motherfucker i don't see if somebody grabbed you cut your finger over you you have to go in there with a knife put your hand
you know one thing and tie a bandage over your hand and drive yourself to the fucking hospital oh that's a level of commitment that and that's the fucking up slipping let you live but you have a fucking finger do you use the whole thing or a joint is it like a big take the whole thing off the joint everything that really they start eyes it like they take joints off though they chop like i don't know i
i think that's what this thing is digits what is a bad time but i fuck up when i cut my fucking manicure i told my fucking jam or something but for me to cut a finger off i mean that's just that's and you do it with honor yeah you do it with honor like you come in and lie sorry i've fucked up out of my respect for you i'm gonna chop my fucking finger off that's honor to my family that's on i was talking to a friend of mine who had something going on where he was involved with a bunch of businessmen and the one of them was his japanese guy that kept showing off the fact that his finger was missing you like that he would like flaunt it the fact is in laugh about it fingersmith like see that you see that like apparently like i guess in japan it must carry a lot of weight 'cause it's easy yeah yeah sees you would have figured that you probably chopped off yourself like this guys will take shit to a different level and they've been tagging themselves up for two fucking years like the body body body
and the way they do it is super paint super fucking pain all that shit is just it's a different the traditional method of tapping that tat tat tat tat the way they do it very different than like a a needle up well i got a tattoo in modern tattoo need with the dispenser distraught wasn't like that back then this is really steve that's customer got his hat to and he went to the high tech yes man went to the same person angelina jolie did and got the exact same tattoo she contacts with for a while every tattoo she got he would get to yeah he would like recreated says you so fine it's taking it to the next level so silly loves her 'cause he's crazy i love i love the fact this people like steve o i love the fact is people that are willing to climb up a tree and little allion come get you yeah i was all we got him on this bike as he gets yeah for sure it's he gets he loves angelina jolie or yeah well i don't know my thing is more we loved love the idea of the goof of it you know that he's going to get every tattoo that she
so he went and i think he has billy bob on his arms yeah billy bob in his arm no but that would be funny i don't know if you know maybe he took it off when she took hers off 'cause she took her as well he actually took off sure that when we had him on one of the old podcast at my apartment he took off his shirt and showed us all his tattoos yeah he's got a shitload um no one's on his back are pretty amazing and he has a picture of himself on his back like looks like it's air bro just like perfect that's a questionable choice though that's really a questionable choice i could see getting know tattoos on your body but doing tattoo your own face so funny but the people that got a tattoo with george lopez on their oh yeah that's actually not live with forever what do you do now that he got fucking file tnt or whatever it is already do well you still mentor and probably kill him he's now
going to get along for income if he decides that or you know don't you think and then i was selling out the hollywood bowl of selling out giant places i just took a flight last week with paul rodriguez is on the flight yeah you gotta get up on the microphone right next to me i'm talking about the store and made so yeah yeah it was pretty interesting to talk that paul rodriguez was there in the early days if there was any there that she going the man days went one for her home for themselves doing was a guy's name the kill himself freddie prinz freddie prinze and the guy who took his place was danny mora who's also a calmly store regular that's a guy took his place as for a season and are you are going to replace freddie prinze friends at that time yeah who succumbed that jumped off the building of the commissary next door i don't know the guy's remember that right will i heard the story but i don't know who the guy was mad that some guy jumped off the top of a building right next to the comedy store at the at the hyatt hotel or whatever is going
that was during the riots or the now advertisement for mad men on there where it's just a shadow of somebody falling down that building and it's so creepy to look at that because of the shadows exactly where that guy killed himself i wonder if they knew that no i don't think i did you don't think the now i don't i mean is it a condo in modeling legend yeah a lot of people at the comedy store like i i said something to him and the like oh my god you're right holy and even think that you yeah i don't think anyone that was it was the boycott boycott right they boycotted all the clubs you know back in the day comedy clubs in la didn't pay anything now they pay a little bit they pay a tiny bit but back then they didn't pay a god damn thing and so guys were packing the place and killing him all the clubs are making money in the truck clubs are treated like shit so the only the only place where clubs get away with that they have that sort of slave owner mentality like some of them some of them do still to this day they think that like there's you're doing some sort of an honor by perform
there so then how many stores really tighten their ship lately though they got a whole new staff and there are no ones the same anymore that it's completely like a normal club now which one the comics in the last year they've just pretty much overhauled the whole entire now it's like a racecar food yeah it's got food that people are getting paid people getting spots the only thing that you don't see is you don't see a lot of new comics going through there a lot it's still it's kind of like the same like you know like a saturday night live season how is it how could it possibly be improving with those people in the home yeah well i mean i think tom is the only person that that that you would know there now there's your problem and that bartender people all the still there are those guys are still cools there was a great you know you talk what are we talking about it was ah it was a cool time you know that was a fun place to hang out that's what everybody misses about it and you know what it's ah it was never was what the ice houses the icehouse is way better it's a way better vibe the fact that we got that podcast room
right next to it the fact that everybody's hanging around there you know you know you know who's the gm though now i think he's the gm yeah he's the gm is adam though from arizona so it's like the in the new dean is the guy that we're friends with that used to be that to add the improv in at all that's awareness in the manager well good for him and yeah i just got calmly still served his purpose in a day yeah it was like that bar you went to for a year when you lived in that place for you eight that it served its purpose you know it was there for me and my moved on i don't even think about normal when i drive by there it's weird foreign place to me yeah not even try to drive down there i was down there today and i drove by that so i don't even look normal it's strange when i do drive by you drive by do not bad if he didn't stop them like i keep on finding new place where they have yeah let me stop in this but we used to do the improv on melrose for new years and then we drive back to the store and hang out i keep on finding new rooms in nooks like found a new nook the other day and i guess it's polly's office where you got that third set of stairs i'm like what the fuck is
this place all about and that's like oh this would fuck a girl if you want to or you could smoke weed and go this is awesome cymbalaria is that places got so many tunnels and secrets and hiding spots does poly still keep an office there i think he might but he's never there probably i never see probably what does he seem once in a while you do know he's on the road lot i think he does and he's doing movies like you just released that movie recently and i don't know what i saw him the other day he had a camera crew there where he's like doing some kind of thing like filming something i don't know wow but he's barely ever there there's people like that we just go where is that guy now i watch john bears again this weekend and to both nights and that's the best about the comedy store when it's he says he will i think i got there at like one and we didn't leave the comedy store redundant finished until like four hundred am he got off stage that's awesome you know comedy clubs
four a dot m yeah that club is great way i mean we had some crazy things happen in that place especially that original room and that original room it's just that's that's a heavenly body you know that's a place that's ah that's there's more there's more energy in that room was more history in that room you know mostly really any club in the country and you should check that room yeah always keeps you check you could be at a weekend place all weekend killing monday you pull up the store you think bad to the bone you get enough okay laugh there's always drama action crazy happening yeah well there's no one's ever like quiet in the audience it's always k us there was a girl friday night and she's definitely a hooker that she was just sitting there using the patio lot of hookers i said at the patio because they can like like there's a pad in the front that's outside where people walk back and forth up and around sunset so a the hookers just hang out at the patio and they look like more girls at first but then you realize what they're doing they're just using the patio how hot haha today with this
so this is the most funniest thing ever like we walk up and everyone staring at this girl at the bar and i'm like what's going on here and i'm like holy shit of her she had only a thong on like a string bikini thong or whatever and then just he threw like mini skirt like you could see completely her hole you could see ever it was crazy like not be legal and i'm like oh my god her body was meant was alright so i was like holy that's awesome what's going on there he goes do just just relax wait to see your face i'm like of fox i go there and it was like face hair acne i made it look like a a mexican dude and drag her face was has so was it a geyer was no it was just a very unfortunate monster that decided to wear like from behind it looked awesome i mean i wonder how much she works but we are we could take a photo or someone in the comics asked if they like can i take a photo with your but you know 'cause that's how crazy it was it was like twenty bucks
i mean we see at a price for it it's like you know when you take a picture with spiderman over at the hollywood bowl leaks supposed to or hollywood are you least it's a donation has created this thing of the story is that why would a hooker go to school store and trying to get money where there's so many other hookers that go there is something for free when i did this using the view of the sunset so who does kind of sell their selves without being on the corner you know what i mean people block by the storm like look at that girl you know there's so it's pretty funny just walk in there were willing to suck dick you just had a fucking pull back the artichoke and fucking find out there just need the clouds depart to see the true color of this guy this something about that thing about set strip that crazy women went to the store go in there well anywhere i mean that'll happen at the viper room that will happen at the house of blues that
area yes it's not that i think fey has gone very vegas line when a woman comes in she moved to la she doesn't really know how to fix things that can happen yeah the things that could happen to a woman i'm a producer one take out actually no you getting fucked by eight fucking iraq yeah i rabes whatever the fuck they pay rides are rides whatever it's just so weird the chances are when you're a woman like you don't fucking know yeah you can get lucky and wanna be improved perk in being on dancing with the stars and make a million smilin or yeah you could suck one day one dog with a bad guy that tell you to do is next thing we have a kid you leon it's just amazing that and say yeah you know it's amazing the fucking crapshoot man for a woman it's way heart especially a woman trying to be a hot chick like trying to be a professional hot check trying to be an actress or something like that you know like so many of a man
and then the volume the numbers for every gig that there is the number of pretty girls that are driving in on buses and lee especially now with the economy sucking how many of them are like look there's nothing here for me i'm just going to give it a chance just get getting that buzzing flying after hollywood who can amazing yeah well you would have been here for so long that we've kind of seen how weird it is to watch people arrive get facebook from girls that you like oh my god what the fuck happened to you years ago you were sucking twenty dicks behind the store and now your mom in florida yet i'm like that just to get like hey joey i'm of your let me have a look at the picture on the face we like all my god she got your crib you always looks so much older than look way more and then i live in that pornstar pimp lifestyle you are you know you see a
have seventeen steps so far today but many crazy and when they meant to marry men women everything that store was it was it was in a tractor and still is an attractor of crazy people that comes up to you and says can i talk to you for second you know how do you get funny i just wanted to be funny and they won't give me spots what do i have to do to get spots here that's the magic answer when they just say that to you what are you doing get spots mean like try to beat around the bush well you could jokes you could go to a standard class or you can suck my dick you got three options that what you oh my god it's amazing you have the one girl you talked about in the podcast he said the less of message which sent a letter about how you broker broker and i didn't mean to break it she was always willing to suck my dick so what am i going with
your fingernails when nine we going this is terrible like this in that little bathroom the cubical on the second floor remember the one by the phone will you answer yeah totally how many fucking blow jobs are you getting there from where i just said if you suck my dick will you put me on the belly room show with you next week yeah call me and not just suck your dick for a fucking spot like belly room like a fucking you know steven soderberg is going to fucking show up to the fucking couple if they only knew about mike young just yeah have a showcase play it's just fucking amazing women i started going on acting class and you book something in a girl sees you in acting class oh my god they're all over the outside do i need to do you need to start sucking my dick and show me your pussy or something you don't fucking victims i had that would confuse from acting cloud why actually close confusing about when i was four hundred and fifteen like in ninety eight i had this twenty one year old and let me come over and fuck her in the ass and i would fuck her in the ass and feel guilty
when is she going to realize i'm a fat disgusting slob this chick was like i stayed on lawn order suv taking the garbage out let me suck your dick will you hold him a fucking costar then you gotta hold out for the big fucking stars he was sucking coast on dick what is wrong with you at one thousand two hundred for the fucking day you sucking my dick like i'm some star i mean she was serious when you have some girl that you were you were getting in your acting class that was also someone else someone was taking care of her i don't know if you could say that guys name yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yes they are i don't give a the nero hero had the new rules got like these black checks that he takes right from like south florida you're going to florida those black chicks or raw my go to orlando and
i get mine from pompa know they have no fucking afro sheen to head just goes up like joan armatrading they got fucking tattoos their little heavy this girl had dinero had he fixed her up he gave a fake tits he take away all her tattoos he gave the real hey what that horse hair so she had to shoot and he put her up in a fucking thing with shaq lift and that's how we got the toilet i'd like one made like you know sometimes an acting class like where you want to meet at a coffee shop to do scenes or they will come to your house so you go to their house and where is she said you want to come to my house i live in the bullshit ok i don't even know the worship district is i just started driving she and also i pull up and there's a doorman and what the fuck does this bitch do and after a while one day she goes my boyfriends dinero look at the sleep apnea machine but she was telling me the whole story that she wouldn't see him he would just call her on friday and go
get that black ass washed pop for dinner and it was all home with the shop how many of those do you think he has she said she knew she wasn't the only one that's beautiful and so they just do it no questions asked sort of a policy no quick his ass when i come to town that's the way to role play he's rolling for a long trip buckwheat for years does poppers in a whistle for that fucking cave of death i mean that's why he's gotta keep doing these movies still especially those bad ones does some terrible ones now that was all bad i think now he's too old he he's a really settle down with just having girls in his original white to be heavyset black that's kind of cute yeah you like at least he's got some possessed but yeah you know he had a couple of freaks that he had
why not i haven't seen a movie of his it was good in awhile it's unfortunate when you think about it 'cause he's the greatest actor of all time in my opinion one of 'em i shouldn't say the gary oldman's about a mother fucker too there's a lot of guys about a badminton russell bad bad there's a lot of bad lot but you go back to like the raging bull days the the cape fear days robert de niro was robert a mother fucker it was amazing that and he was the first guy who really would like change his body like heat gained a fuckload await for raging bull member he got super good shape as a boxer and then he gained a lot of to play ray llamada in the in the later years that was a fucking amazing drivers amazing performed this so if you see him in taxi driver that one scene where he goes to get christopher walken yeah hi this is tearing the guy smacks of me smacks the guy back because you know you're gonna dials yeah i'm a diet what yeah i mean i could pick up what was in good files how good was he in good phones
how good was he in godfather two jenny yeah amazing yeah and we get a family became like yeah that could be a yeah loan brand yeah he really had it down he was well that's one of my favorite movies of all the godfather two is one of the most beautiful flock and that the guy who stole that move for me is that give the flock five five angels the guy that no my job in las vegas i don't mind job in miami with hyman roth that guy that was crazy to would always say shit to pacino he was the one that duval made him commit suicide remember he went to see him in jail and he knows you know at the end the romans they have a party and then they slit their fucking wrists and that that movie is a beautiful moon when they go to cuba and he tells him hey i seen something really interesting today i seen the rebel blow up and he goes what does that tell you goes a soldier gets paid to fight rebel does if
i don't like it i mean i'm not going to watch the movie again joe rogan i haven't seen the movie what's love often movie again i have on tv i watch about a month ago and i was blown away never seen it it started with his daughter now this is not when it starts out with the mother goes to the dawn in sicily and says you killed my husband you killed my son spare him he's really fucking retarded you don't you don't like it because so many people like it is that one of those things yeah i don't like it because people are wearing god kinda godfather like all the posters in their house and they only talk about as they do that movie came out like twenty years ago and you're still talking now it's a great movie i know i get it but i know that's like me if this guy wears on you know she goes you know and he shoots the mother
thanks i don't remember this but you're giving us the oilers like a mother all grow he shoots them all then he goes to ellis island he's alone this world he's he had he had yellow fever when he came from it i don't remember less is neighborhood but the whole movies when he goes back to sicily after he becomes vito corleone is got to all of wall company he goes back this is the the get the guy who steals his mother his father and his brother and he goes up from a stab in the stomach wall day and the flock and rubs his blood on the share that slapping acting yeah think about that scene because of the talk a little closer i can have no number to get help planning goes really mother this is the thing and this is for you a stab so that he wipes the knife on his flock insure mobile flopped up you mother for
by killing my family bitch he went back to the boot and took care of business was good movie i don't know i remember that i do remember that part the same people that like these movies always have like their ringtone is somebody in the rat pack also i thank the martin yeah is that what it is that would frank stallone likes to work out do you have no it doesn't try to put it on justin's yes does it what kind of music is an album of covers is a good when the shark bites i need this i need for you to sing this fucking song i've heard thirty million fucking times yeah that's not necessary at all no reason lemongello i don't need that shit peter who people lemon jello is the biggest scam
life peter lemon grove gentlemen in the seventies is marketing group wanted to try something and they took a fucking guy his name is peter lemon jell o good looking blond guy took his picture on one on every station said get the greatest hits of people live in general but we won't be lemon jell o what's with the fucking lemon jell o right but those is greatest hits by the fucking thing you saw like a one million copies nobody knew what it was an album of just covers him singing merry christmas and silent night peter lemon jell o he was one album made him in the seventies of you went on tv think of the mass marketing how much changed because the media marketing how much it's changed in the 70s guy would go on tv the greatest hits they didn't have that much right right so you want banana well how about when they tried to sell that dude who is playing the flute the pan flute master yeah what was his name zamfir's fear master of the panflute yes get the fucking
it's amazing that that has any effect on you at all you're sitting at home slack jaw and there's a dude playing the flute and you like daft punk in panther he had that don't fucking you know britney spears sells ten million ounces vinyl you want me but yeah but at least that's like pop music to kind of get there's a lot of dumb teenagers out there so they can actually the the the type of people that want frivolous dance music but i don't get the pan flute there's a bunch of dudes like we do like different master of the right yeah i they then like in meditation places also you can do this zamfir i bet a lot of dudes are pissed that he got that master of the panflute contract because you know i mean how many days were playing the pan flute one day that's going to pan out the only what's the flute when you pull the thing
the trombone slide whistle slide slide whistle thing that russell brand probably this home britain what would you say plays a slide whistle looks like he would i'm sorry i'm just better with him like russell brand is that what it is you're upset about that really why do you of katy perry i love katy perry if you had a chance would you be with her of course i would lover i want to marry her so you've said it russell obviously workout yeah fucking married russell he's also supposedly supposedly english you know he's got fucked up teeth and he's trying to fuck her in the neck that grows a twenty six year old girl from yeah she's a good here you had you had a good girl and treated her badly do you have that delicious kd here how do you not know that fucking singer man she's a famous singer how do you know she's not crazy yeah might be just
female comics just want to talk about her songs all day and it fucking publicists and maybe you don't know she comes in don't play that role brian how dare you he uses the word telly still telling unicorn i like what i say proper it's a couple of rubble restaurant he's an animal he's a frontal finals telling people he's thirty years old he's fifty three fifty he's been sucking and fucking fifty fucking years you know that busy fifty you get a look at him you don't tell me thirty for really i did a lot of drugs he did a lot of drugs he's a freak you can't nothing but you didn't come here que que nothing about like is it of ours was get together you lack of what you like to watch that piece of shit once you watch your original one fuck that i see the original one the original ones great there's no reason that we make that with original is great now there's no reason to make it but they did a pretty good job was good move
is it the same exact character that he's in every single yeah pretty much but that's ok so is fucking jason bateman or not it was name but the fox the down the the the the balding guy from england
justin oh fuck sustained goddamn the mechanic the fucks his name jason jason stay them jason say them sorry i'm so sorry about a month ago the mechanic is there's nothing i said to myself you know what how can i put down a movie i haven't seen a and let me just take the charles bronson notion off it might be a good movie right are you fucking kidding may get mad at it oh fifteen minutes and because that's the beauty of mechanic if you watch the original mechanic it's the beginning it's the longest dragged out scene of all time it's one of the best hits you'll ever see on film where he breaks into the guy's house and puts the sleeping pete tip money pills into banging and when he does is he puts the gas on the shooting so it looks like a fire right he didn't vary and that's why i told people but the mechanic wasn't about a guy blowing up things was about a fifty one year old man that has to use his traits and he did everything he didn't want it the same way he was shooting he wasn't a fucking act right
he would look at your medical records if you have a weak heart each shoot you'll like so you have to run no no we kill jan michael vincent father in that movie i watched that they would chase the strand now now there's no minutes it went right off you know it was a little too stylized like the fight scenes show like that kid that slow jam michael benson was body slammed too much jan michael vincent cool mobile flocka walk in into the room microphone charles bronson was a cool more of the fucker walking into the see i think that guy that played jan michael vincent's rolls are good fucking he's a great actor but he overdid the role really yes the role wasn't for a kid that was crazy it was for a kid that was spoiled two different well maybe they played it crazy in this movie no when you spoiled when you're spoiled kid and your parents have a lot of money you spoil like that that's what he was so he was a bad ass in thirty days of night that guy that
got to put the general sure isn't great i'm talking naked i'm really have and he's a good actor i don't want them remaking child's bronson yeah i know it no matter what you do it's like you don't have to remake the movie man how would just make another movie about it man why can't why yeah why can't you make another movie about a hitman it just calls or is rolling in his fucking grave he worked hard to be a scumbag and awesome this guy comes with his pretty face in his shaved head and also needs fucking shooting people by my fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you what's up joe rogan toggle this week italian beef sandwiches it's going to be off the fucking hey baby only tickets to the left folks are nosebleeds are you serious it's all that's left people in the way i guess is a it's a giant place it's it's like three thousand two hundred people or something like that it's huge
white people drawn from caroline gonna have some fun we're selling and we made posters to mike maxwell they're bad ladies he's a series are looking the real deal real dot com he's my little art dot com is a bad mother imac mike maxwell or on twitter the is twitter handle he's he's coming with us and he's going to sign some posters too if you want to get your shit signed and will sign it while so we'll see going so fun it's a killer the card is sick man there's a lot of good fight so they're basically incel the word to talked about rashad evans is gonna take on phil davis that's a good fucking fighting like that fight a lot that's a really interest fucking fight and damian maia is going to take on chris weidman that's a good fight weidman took that fight on short notice but that kids say dud wrestler who knows how to put people to sleep you know he put tom lawer to sleep with the fucking with car show recent keller he's a killer and you know what matt serra is
a serious jujitsu coach you know a lot of people don't remember that matt serra was at one point in time when he was competing and just straight grappling was right up there that uh top of the fucking heap he wanted decision over john john machado you know and he submitted a lot of fucking really good dude sarah was a killer and just straight jiu jitsu back when he was you know only competing introduce before you when you get get into mixed martial arts of course you have to do you have to dedicate so much time to striking so much your time to conditioning so much time to do all these different things that you know your jiu jitsu game it doesn't get to express itself the ways you know he's getting involved in a lot stand up fights fights and you know it sometimes dudes like that one guy we'll take it down and hold on to you it's it's you don't need to see it as if like it was a straight jujitsu jitsu match one one is only trying to submit you and you're trying to submit him though
get to really see a guy's jujitsu and matt serra has some fucking top line jujitsu his jiu jitsu is really tight man and you know to have a guy like him teaching a guy like why you know a guy was already fought mma many many times won the title you know i mean fought some of the best guys to have him teaching weidman you get a stud wrestler a guy who is beaten i believe he fought phil davis in a rather wrestled phil davis and beat him in a straight wrestling competition which is fucking crazy crazy davis is an amazing wrestler so weidmann killer wrestler and then on top of that he's and submissions and on top of that he's just tough as far off as far and he's all crazy with jesus he's another one of those dudes that's always crazy loves jesus and he's like super religious and it's got a messenger to walk hand in hand yeah well the mad mad belief in themselves there's something to be said for that they used to scare the shit out of maine when i used to fight like religious guys obviously
the religious guy they always make me nervous like they had like a kind of confidence that spoke and you can't beat him up because you feel like they got the in some cases it will be a burn for an extra week i wish you could come to brazil joe if they start by you gotta get a passport instead of fucking you gotta get a pass for shit like that fucking peabo had the whole country confused to christianity how's that working to the denver they still in it they ran into pontius pilate who's pontius pilate the mother fucker from the wing and tom brady dumped his bitch when she was six months pregnant who's there's that and not just dumped a bitched up the fucking hot bitch and then he jumped on the thing with but he put the coins on tim t boz fucking head last week and this week ray lewis went up there thinking he was going to superbowl stab somebody else but you had a fucking stop up there too they didn't cover the spread but the under came report kicker you see that here lies in the patriot game is that what it was what kind games this this this
it wasn't didn't know he was supposed to go up or something i don't know what the full story is so at the last and he had to like run and kick the ball he was like on the sidelines they couldn't find him or anything and he and i think that was like the kick that made them lose the super bowl or something like that my god you got one job doing you can yeah i was in at that time you look like suicide on like fan we didn't say anything bad and if you look like you as soon as i don't like what some of the quotes were second dizzy last week yeah he's a white john jones really six five i know that i was looking down last week and his gift this is hearing he lets them come around them slot add up and all of a sudden this thing
you don't even see it like if i was him i going time i may because i just have a punch motherfucker that's all i would do some brady hammer punch right from me about you want to take me down go ahead i dare you i dare you to go for my fucking thing i want you with i am a bunch that will crush your buckets go joe they're putting their hands out he's so paul he stands in the poppy don't run don't move and he just watches and all of a sudden when that dude has a phone that fucking thing comes out man and that motherfucker i mean he made me believe a couple of years ago but i was number three thousand six hundred and forty five you ain't no fucking joke that do when you see the guys around him he's fucking tall he's a big motherfucking strong i was watching that he's got some kind of blaze even that brazilian check that's got to give you something does that help what's that the numbers are in check made him a little crazy she's got to be crazy if i was just album was a whatever name is i did that taxi move with it she was on the side of the bed because as that which was
ten dog there was no cell elite in a future gonna stand me like her thighs have no cell elite if you tell you she's never gonna have that big brazil nothing she is meant meant meant meant her market is a rough ride when she was in the pussy they rubbed her with fucking cocoa butter bitches banging taxi with that bitch she was in a plane with us and when the plane landed rushed her off into a security card and took her away you gotta god that pussy they put that pussy in a box year round we gotta have a lock and a key and flashlights you concur open it let the air out of the mall page on the profit that pussy is the real deal what's next for you joey we got going on you want to promote chicago we set up the yeah we do in of two years we have vegas february third house of blues have sold out already get in on it a to be dot com yeah you you can find
i'm just going with google yeah what is the cd it's either you or the priest five hours on payloads fucking kill him find it how do people payloads find payloads with that's it payloads diver loads what you gonna do with all those tell you what it was one of you know what i've never fucking been good at taping anything right and i've come to terms with that so what i did was i just bought one of those things and took me to a month of games yeah didn't say not just plug him into the boards really and i got a set that was so fucking good and i got full in in in the middle of one of my sets because i was telling a true story go tv you're the priest and felicia i told felicia and we went to a church while they were doing the church service on sunday i languish him and we went up to the fucking priest thing look at the album cover priest i went to the confessional and she took a picture while they were in the priest is up there
you know give everybody thanks and praise was a catholic fucking so i said you know what man people always ask me for shit i'll sell it for five dollars downloads you know and that's it can you get it on itunes i didn't put on itunes yet i'm trying to get online you gotta get how do you get it on down can i can teach you that he doesn't on the other line yeah we got it done and i gotta make it easy i have one on i tunes now the one live from the three of clubs at some men's a man's it's good but this one's really fi i mean listen i don't like watching myself you're there watch myself in the beginning a general hospital and they based on my bald spot i handle all i see by the way it is on hulu dot com you can then i was at austin high so when you see me walking that way you're going to die you're the i even died i was like except for the ball spot joey diaz a bad mother fucker the boss about was killing a brother are you gonna do more how many good do one of two and i hope that they write me back and once this guy so he leaves because i really had a good time i would say i have a feeling it's me it's me it's
easy there's no drama you know where you stand there's no like pa's telling you five minutes come up that ain't no nothing i'm always amazed that someone hasn't figured out to put you in a sitcom just don't surprise me crazy or cartoon even used to be a voice the cartoon adventure time i'd sell but once they get the words get not that doing great things and will do great things this you know that mike maxwell make us a cartoon we're going to go we're going to do a death squad or two we're working on that right now for the spring working on it the everybody that's on the podcast you know one of those things would be like with i do one with ari dunkin joey me well a bunch of us cry sure get as many of us together as we can and and hit some theaters just had so many awesome we you know make it one of the long ones i've got a lot of fucking emails this week and i want you to use your head people
you guys and joe gonna hang out after the show yeah but there's only one problem it will be four degrees so unless your joint is fucking made out of an egg louis some more fucking a non freeze papers will meet you what time is going to be three degrees yeah i don't want to go so that we do post and after yeah we're gonna we're gonna have an party we're gonna see these people i want to do that thing would pete the cop pizza cop offered us some club and i'll announce it at the actual shoot between agrees with yeah that's the best move yeah meeting and it's part of the thing is seen it will meet a lot of people do inside when we sell the posters too so we'll find so be cool man looking for before you leave did you see that fuck in cruise ship he's only italian cruise ship that sunk do you know those people a bunch people are dead at least twenty people are dead a bunch of people are missing while people are dead puppy or did they just found two or three more bodies last night there exploding a holes in it today can get to more places to find him and i think there's fifteen more well the crew ship company started calling up the passengers saying
that they would offer them thirty percent off their next vacation with them that's nice that's a great canker that's at least i can imagine that people to jump into the ocean to save their lives with their children if you get free cruise for life how do you imagine walking cruise ship as again fucking paid me i went on sometimes the cruise to nowhere in new york twenty four i knew that shit wasn't fucking shit rap i don't like it at all all they got great food they got nothing they got fucking all you could eat and you gotta you gotta go on to the galley the smoke dope just leave dr drive i think anthony cumia likes going on cruises doesn't i don't know just go going and getting hammered and going on cruises i hate i don't i can't get it but the fucking captain man the captain is to to blame currently just drove it into the rocks this crazy so and he jumped off four mid four hours before the last passenger got off this asshole is off
he just took off he crashed the fucking boat could you imagine you you know you spend billions of dollars in your cruise line keeping everything maintained perfect some asshole drives your big and supposed the bus into a rock supposedly it was like something that same path that he did every day for years but he got bored and said there was one part we just wanted to do something different 'cause you know not answer you want different way that you really 'cause you can track it you can track the cruise on this website to see where boats go to imagine the audacity of a company to call you just a few days after you know people lost love ones people there's people missing still for a company to have the audacity to call you up and say hey we're going offer you thirty percent off your next cruise just because we want you you know what the price of that cruise that you just almost died in we're going to fucking throw that out the window how 'bout that we're going to raise that
like there so delusional they think there's so detached they think those people are ever going to get out of fucking cruise again but fuck that man that's you got a little piece of metal that's floating over an alien world and any point in time something can happen in a whole could get punctured to that thing and then it sinks to the bottom of that area alien world where you can't live and then what are you in then you're in a little floatable raft bobbing around in shark soup and all this time this has happened when brennan walls and doug benson have been on this cruise ship with ween and like all these bands and stuff this happened at the same time while they're online and you could know doug's privacy stoned as going away to a doug benson and brendan walsh on a cruise ship yeah with weezer and we and a bunch of people it's like it's a tweezer i really where they're just all in this huge boat together that actually sounds kind of yes see that
that made a cruise on our if you get a bunch of cool bands but you know i did drugs just being on a boat with doug because you know your price smokers should let the weed and you're you hear about that happening for like oh my god we're on a boat when it on campus where they are where they are traveling i don't know and if you google weezer crews got it back yet i think they came back yesterday yeah all let's bring the ship back around the harbor so to speak poor choice of words no pun intended quite honestly just slipped up pouch call jody's here as always i love you i see you in chicago it's going to be fucking off the chain i'm training all week i'm ready pleasure hang with you my brother has always fucking great when i eat some italian sausage you want to go to dinner with us tonight coming with us to hollywood tonight yes that's right there fucking savage alright dirty freak like i said chicago almost sold out there i think on my twitter page you can find it somewhere on joerogan dot net as well taking master site it's almost done this just the nosebleeds left we're going to have
fucking time though duncan trussell joe and me we're so excited to be there i can't fucking wait and then the next night is the ufc on fox i'm fucking fired for this will be the way that you mother you you know i'm saying thank you to the flashlight for sponsoring our podcast if you go to joerogan dot net click on the link for the flashlight answering the name rogan you will get fifteen percent off number sixteen toy men up and thank you also two on it dot com n n i t dot com the makers of alpha brain shrooms sport tru tech immune and new all of them are new tropics all of them are essentially vitamins your mind please google nutro pics please please please educate yourself on the subject before you go and buy anything if you think about buying it but it's expensive i urge you to go by the recipe in bulk put it together so make it should steal our own ingredients i welcome it i want you
able to feel happy much more than i want to make money so if you buy saying this stuff and you don't like it you get one hundred percent of your money back is clean as i can make it there's no other way to be more honest about it that's all we have for you folks so go to onnit dot com here in the code name rogan get yourself ten percent off is this wednesday will be joined by the one and only the lovely mister duncan trussell that will kick off the desk lago weekend bitch chicago i give a shot working patches real quick fuck you know whole cc for you we choices divine wellness for best edibles and fucking north hollywood and
think that vision art dot com i love you model next week after after chicago what do you say about you and felicia know you and felicia come into the parking lot to pump up your phone let's do it come into pasadena will do it in person when it passes before vegas yes before vegas before vegas which will be february third tick are on sale now at a house of blues in vegas fortunately there's going to be standing room there's going to be people have to stand in the back of it that's all we could get standing shows i avoid them like the plague but it was standing show or no show we had to go with the standard the other place the mandalay bay theater that we always perform at is being renovated they're doing
i'm crazy michael jackson show there so we don't even talk about carlos conduit yet fucking nick diaz will do that next week that's next week i fucking blow wow that's going to be spectacular bad i love you we might have to do one with you and joey for that one or you would eddie rather you would have to write that will do next week next week alright you dirty freak subscribe to the death squad on itunes it's six right now and that is on the power of the bryan callen show which is the most recent podcast added to the death squad label and of course icehouse chronic which is the second most recent and my favorite podcast of the week we do that one at the ice house we have all the comics come in sit down this past week we had bert kreischer dane ari should fear was on it's a fucking it's a hang it's a real looking the green room completely uncensored it's the deal it's really comics hanging out
for the show and then we jump up at the ice house which is one of the oldest and most respected clubs in the country happens to be in pasadena california that's where we do out there that's quite that tv that's squad dot tv will see you guys on wednesday thanks for tuning in thanks for everything thanks for all the positive tweets and all the love and all the energy we love you from the bottom of my heart this is a movement were all part of this shit together this is the reason why this works is because you guys it's all together altogether we respect you we appreciate it everything everything that we find it's cool we're all connected together in this fucker let's keep it together bitches they black
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