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2010-04-27 | 🔗
Date: 04-27-2010 The raw audio from the Joe Rogan weekly live USTREAM video show with redban.
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Even give you like, and this okay. Here we go bitches leds and gentlemen, you're, not we're gonna, get on the eastern right now and yet We are podcasting bonus material. Alright, here we go, ladies and Gentlemen, what's up you dirty bitches were live refresh your browser, then you can see us in the US stream like we are seeing ourselves muted it you fuck, you fuck, you can get me good job, so everybody it's! week like twenty or some shit. This is insane dude where this is we're all the way into may almost this is April. Twenty seven TH is that what it is yeah we started wait no December
yeah. We started at the beginning of the Christmas yeah. We started the at the beginning year, and here we are. It was number three last week on the Itunes for podcast, which is ridiculous, because the fucking production value is goddamn awful for Itunes. I apologize these It's gonna, be a kind of cool. Slovakia only give better will exert its garage. we got a bunch of new shit. Coming right now. This is just my my desk. We have cleaned everything else. Couches come in and Thursday and the green screen slightly out that way New mp3 recorder, some big fucking, serious jammies here before look how small this is after the cow insane. It is look at new streams, fucking up on me. Well, I've been watching. We just went from zero to eight hundred and fifty viewers within what two minutes. One minute what is so the ski born,
so this is some new shit. We got to make the sound better for you, Itunes, people. Thank you very much for putting up with it up to this one, and I appreciate all the suggestions- and I know people Harsh with their criticisms, but the bottom line is that's your real opinion and I appreciate it. You know I got a thick skin, how I've been in show business for a long time, and most people have been saying I suck ever since day one so you get used to it. But I think all your criticisms are a we're working on the production quality? We have real microphones. Now, of course we have this, and then we also have I'll have to hold on to this. For a second, we bought some serious SEN, his or microphones. Just like you views in a recording studio, so at the end of day, When all is said and done of Oswald. all crops to did affected in between gas shut off, make it nice nice. We don't want any guess, getting the herbs but we're turn in this thing into a real production.
Studio, we're gonna have cameras on tripod the whole deal and are still in a page. Anthony coup me his book, Anthony economy is one of the duties from open, Anthony. super cool guy and he does a bad ass radio show from his house and he's one, the ones who gave me really the first inspiration do it. I saw it set up and he set up a fuck him as he hasn't set up. Basically just like a real radio show. You know with like real jamming microphones, and he has a backdrop and a green screen. Basically stealing Anthony's idea with his blessing and with all due credit to Mr Cunha, you should add something to it: they're like a hot tub or no crazy Anthony is you, you were with us in New York last time and you see his gun, yeah yeah, there's a gun on a special permit taken care of everywhere there is where, when they brought it up because everyone else in the room, yeah. They were all they were all like. They're all concerned about him. They're all worried that he's gonna go bananas and kill a bunch of people which he may very well.
Guns kind of make that already, if you bring a gun into a room, even if you're comfortable with your gun, you're now that guy is a weapon that can kill me eh this, weird right that he wants to do that all the time I have guns, and I appreciate you wanting to shoot them and use them, and it's good to have something. The house protect yourself because there's a lot of crazy fucks out there. But okay One everywhere is just a little strange, but I guess hey what the fuck. It's like, there, the yeah. What's that expression better better need needed and to have it and not need it and have it yeah. You know better than have it not need it than to need it and not have it. That's the expression but yeah. I mean he's fucking water, our strategy, it's crazy! a big ass fucking gun. Do man he's got a block out of it all times with talents, black talent, bullets. I have some of those too, but black tale are like, don't make them anymore. Man.
they shred you up like black talents. They don't just go through you as it goes to it spreads out talents like shreds the inside of your body out yeah, for a mortar grenade or something like yeah there's gonna be ready to start making others still legal. If you have em, if you have a meal grandfathered in at the least I really can't go out and get them and Anthony is one of those guys and he finds out that oh, these fucks they're, making things illegal he'll go out to the store and buy like fucking. You know like wheel, back fold. He's crazy, crazy he's got a room in his office or his house that used to be a walking closet, whereas girl is to keep her shit and now armoury it's an honor
his room is all guns and ammunition and rifles and Ak Forty sevens and fucking pistols and everything it's got. Alarms, like you, have to press separate alarms to get into that room right scale like the goddamn punisher man. Yeah he's got a fucking room in his house with an alarm on it dedicated to guns. He opened a door, it's all lit with cool lighting and so on. The compound his house is the compound he's a loon man, but but being a loon makes for fun. Radio he's fucking great on the radio. hilarious he's just funny guy I like yeah, that's one of the coolest radio shows to do. I have been doing them since, like two thousand, this is a fucking great shows so much fun. It's just the best. Hang you know. Jim Norton is the funniest guy on radio for sure that guy's goddamn for Laris on there just me nasty and quick, like is that the ship that he says like
anytime there's some new thing in the news he's always get like a million he's. Riffin he's just riffing, just talking shit about people, if you haven't, listened to them Anthony every radio shows, hit and miss. You know I mean you can't even this fucking thing we're doing obviously hit and miss. You can't be awesome all the time, because it's just talking, you know it's like when you talk for hours at a time they're talking for like four hours at a time, there's going to be times you some socks view Father, you know shit. I wrong. We talk about that? I got to talk about because I think it's very crazy, especially if you're following it through, if you don't and if you don't know to tell everybody what supposedly Tito was just arrested for allegedly beating up Jenna, Jameson and and then he came out and said. I never hit her the big oxy was Attica Foxy cotton problems, problems fucked up on on drugs and it So what what saw I thought that was just weird and then I was watching this clip on TMZ. Genocide he did not beat me up. We had.
altercation you know, but he did not beat me up. People are thinking he's a wife. Beater then Like a half hour later, an hour later Tito puts out a press conference, saying hey, she is locked up on actually com and then immediately her story now wearing an arm brace. He me up and threw me in a hot tub. She has an arm brace even in the beginning, really but saying that he beat me up and threw me in a hot tub and all to move, throwing the chicken a hot tub. If you're going to throw it, southern well how to Begin- yeah, but she's a porn star, so you should be allowed to throw her in a hot tub that comes along with dating a porter. I throw in a porn start a fucker, she retired into thousand kidding, but So I think shadow. I think we all share the thing on her arm. Anybody in this area, but
but it's kind of weird how the story changed right. Well, if she does have that problem, that's a terrible problem- and I know a dude who had that problem for a long time and he got prescriptions from he lived in Texas and he moved to LA and he got prescriptions from both doctors. He just couldn't help himself he's very self indulgent and he just whacked out on that ship, but apparently it's hot. It's easy! It's hard to get off easily get on due to start permanent, lieutenant. on on show show about a documentary we'll just briefly say if you haven't seen it just Google, the oxy content express- and it's all about how many people are addicted to the stuff in Florida, where there were laws. Florida doesn't have a database of doctors, So the way my friend did it, he got a prescription in Texas and he got a prescription here in California and then he started using both of them. At the same time, getting both of them are filled and I've got all fucking loony but in Florida you can go to a hundred doctors, you don't they a database of doctors, that's crazy It's it's scary should because it's like
for sure its pharmaceutical companies. They absolutely no, what the fuck they're doing stuff they have. They been queues in and convicted or improving, rather than they lied about the addiction qualities of Oxycontin that they knew and suppressed information. They knew it was superseded, predictive mean it's basically its heroin in a pill form when they call it hillbilly here heroin. That's really what it is. Have you ever been afforded folks you might to go just to see these things called pain, management centers. I mean you know how people go on vacation and he looked great wall. China. You might want to go on vacation to see the pain management centers, because it's a fucking trip, yeah it's a heroine store? it's fucked up, but I mean do you think? Did you see her reaction in the video? Did you see like, like she kind of looks at here's, the problem? Here's the problem with both of them right is I like both of them all right. I can't
talk about them I like to and I'm at Jenna back which she was with her old husband and she's, always been very nice she's with him. I hurry. I heard that they never got a divorce. I don't know well either way. She's always nice to me, and I can't talk shit about it but yeah. It's it's a whole things. Unfortun, I tell you. I can't talk to you about that. That fact that was fun. Larry King's wife and now he's talking about it right, that's the right given up all the juice, like bad enough. When. All these women were coming out about Tiger Woods and the Jesse James Chicks, trying to make her money like that's bad enough but this fucking guy that's been banging Larry kings. Wife is too big. bitch out of all this fuckin guy. Ok was the baseball coach for Larry Kings, kids, ok, haste Bang markings, wife and grand and Larry kings, wife in Larry Kings bed, while Larry King Show is being filmed because Larry King.
Wants to know where his wife is at all times, so he makes her watch the show, at least according to this guy, so that he can. what did you think about Joe? Did? I ask Tom cruise the right and- so she has to be ready to answer so he's bang in her and ass. His banger she's, like watching the show making sure she pays attention to what, in fact, Paris, Hilton necessary, and this fucking guy gave up everything. Man he's such a snitch bitch- and this is a man. Okay, this isn't a a wounded female who you know dated a guy for a long time. He told her, he loved her and she thought that she was gonna leave him there. You know, that's not what's happening here. This is not a this is a man. This is a fucking man a man who knew the deal right from the Gatt Apparently she started buying them shit, look she's! he's a young guy, ok and cheese hot for Larry.
But this guy was like I'm in love with you and marry this fucking guy was doing to her the same thing: rich one to older man. The same thing that fucking Larry King's wife was doing a Larry king. She was trying to get paid and he was trying to get paid too and now he's like just spilling the beans for just all these magazines, whose target both acting career and lurking helped him so I kind of like Tito is telling the mother of his two children that my wife is a meth head, you stuff and that now that's kind of like breaking a weird trust the Triassic hated woman, that mother you're too cheered on ATM, see no she's on met a a men ox carts, oxy continent whenever well, yes, I could see a point But if you want to help somebody, maybe that would be the thing to do to make it public if someone's wacky and accusing you of doing shit that you didn't. Do it's telling everybody in the whole entire world and trying to ruin that person for telling the Whol entire world that you're a wife beater? If that's not true yeah, but if you haven't.
drug problem and you love that person. You know that then all right come on. Well, you know, we both know people with drugs. I guess we can't really talk about, but this we kind of talk about people with drug problems, but isn't it interesting when someone has a drug problem like how do you? The interesting question is, and if you don't know anybody that has a drug a problem out there, what how lucky for you, your soul, because it's one of the saddest fucking things. When do you know someone who's addicted to anything, I've known people that were addicted to gambling. You know, I know a lot of dudes that are addicted to Puzzy and that's real there's people that are, dated two things. Then I'm just trying to get legs their horny that is fuckin their obsessive. And there's there's drugs that will fuckin for sure take over someone's body, and what do you do about it? had the problem. We face problems with friends of ours. You know like what
do you do friend my friend Johnny, my best friend do up my to the pool with and hang out with New York. He died from drugs times thirty three years old. You know it could happen to anybody. Anybody that fucks around with drugs like drugs like Heroin and heroin and stuff and stuff and coke, you can get caught. And what do you do? What do you do if your friend gets caught? You ran them out the fuck. Do you do I don't think writing out at least not when you're, in a situation where you're right not only riding them out to them, whatever authorities, you're running, amounting every single person in the world and when you're in a field where you are based off here, you're persona, you're hurt, she makes money who she is and how can you she's playing like a role rise? You think he fucked, you told us destroyed or her. You know Tiger Woods style, her in front of twitter in front of everybody in front of everything, her career and the mother of dirty right. Odor, but if he didn't do that lets you said Lucy split Devils advocate if he didn't do it.
Let's say that she just got super dramatic and fell down and decide to call the cops or maybe he grabbed her when she was doing something wacky and she fell down and hurt herself. Let's just I don't know if that happened, and I am certainly not sending anybody who do anything to a woman. For no reason like that mean anybody, you lose they're temper and physically a woman, I'm not defending that, but I've been in situations where people accused me of things that I haven't I know people that have been accused of rape, and I know want to tell your story. Oh yeah, yeah Brian has a great story. Yeah, I mean I'm kind of in the same situation. Back in the day, I dated a girl that was completely on this a long time ago. It ten years ago
Ten years ago, okay, I dated this girl that was a blackout crazy, drunk like every time her parents were drunks, since she was eighteen. She black out every day, just drank like booms like five bottles of boom. How old was she when you were dating, say she was like twenty two something like that: twenty one, twenty two, something like that and I broke up with her because she was one of those girls at cheat on you like five times a day. Just like come on you, my friend, he he still got a Dick pic, a dick out first and then, but no so one time it was like it was always one of the things like I break up with her and then I was like, oh god, she has big tips. I got I forgot to fuck her again. but then one time it was like six months ago, go by she's trying and trying to find I'm like alright look. It's my sister's birthday this week, we're gonna go out and have some drinks. If you want to come out, but you have to be cool, you know you can't you know whatever, and so she came out fuck
of security. With a black out draw up an embarrassing people. You know delight get in the car, is up and get back to my house and make look I'm going to bed. You can crashed down stairs or I can call you a cow or somebody you're not allowed to drive. She goes I'm fucking driving yet start breaking my shit, just destroying my house, I'm talking about taking picture frames and smashing it throwing things like. I had this huge dent in my refrigerator, where she threw something at my refrigerator. If it was like, and I'm like grabbing or like stop stop. You now get the fuck out of my house, you crazy new woman, and so I opened door throw her outside. I literally not like hey, throw her against a brick wall or anything. I just pushed her out the front door. Slam the door went upstairs, went a bit.
Forgot all about how old are you? I was like. That's a bold pimp move. I was like. Let you do what, if you saw the shit that she was doing and I look out the door to see where she went or, and I did not care I was so upset because I just assume she would just start lighting your house on fire yeah. I think to a point I probably looked outside see if, like she walked down her car or something like that, you know, but what she did was go to my neighbors start banging on the door two in the morning. Go he threw me outside. He won't drive me home, call the police. I need to go. I slept through all you have to pay attention. I slept through all this. I know I guess the cops came in whatever, and I was just
I remember when I woke up in the morning casually went downstairs. Making coffee get it to our bell, rang the door of the door and the costs have a brain. Damn we wish you want. An answer. Did answer the door. We need arrest, you I've! What's in there like we guy three charges for your ass. I guess you can view the winning drive her home, and you wouldn't let her leave the house, the house like that, because I wouldn't let her drive was unlawful restraint. because I went in and give her keys, yeah linger accused with black. I wasted Gratian call the cops I should have called the coffee- yes absolutely, but when you're like young and okay, so so so you were falsely accused sort of you were involved in a fucked up situation where it's, basically it's a form of car. I mean you, you were involved it someone you shouldn't havebeen involved should have been your instincts are telling you to avoid them. Absolutely the tit sucks you back yet kid sucked me right back in like so anyways. I got all these charges against me.
And then I had to go to court spend. Nicholas twenty thousand dollars in court fees. These different things like I went to this had to go to a psychiatrist that they may go to. This is by the way all nicknamed the Oj Simpson LAW, because after the Oj Simpson trial, they now have it like a woman. If a woman wanted, she could go through the phone book and go arrest, this person they hit me and without asking anything or anything they have to automatically arrest that person put them in the top. Don't help people this shit, just people are gonna start you so anyway, we're not responsible yeah. So I just made that up yeah I made that up so so I had to go to like the psychiatrist and this one person. He was like the deciding factor. If this person says that they they believe a crazy woman, beater, though it has to go to trial, is over
sit down and then he goes excuse me. What was the woman's name? This is in the psychiatrists meeting. I'm like I told her name, they're, I'm sorry, I'm gonna have to stop this right. Now. I actually graduated with her I'm going to have to get my partner in on this and He couldn't interview me and think he's like to the partner. I'm like all right. This is this guy's friend that went to school with his girl. The guy sat and listened to me. Five minutes goes yes, this just go to trial. He is out of control and the whole town. I'm like I went home, she was going create stuff and so then to go to this guy like to grow or something she went to high school, they graduated to get in the same class
so he hooked it up for his friend. Well, if you work with your partner you're, like hey, I went to school with this girl fuck. This guy up, you know, that's probably what happened so I had to go then go to back to court to get the judge to approve like a separate person who had to say look, they went to high school together and then you know they whispered. So then I had to go to this another video, but you got that off. Yeah had to go to court to pay extra. What ten thousand dollars looks good, get that then. Finally, what happens? They dropped everything. This is like twenty thousand. cars of court fees going to court for about two years, they draw everything for which had taken glass and a scream outside. it's like a minor ticket. It's like a fifty dollars ticket disturbing the peace, yeah disturbing the peace, but it's called something else. It's called something else, oh good, but I got that. Let's see if any of these fucking, what's it called degenerates, will know what that means. And.
Yeah, but so, and so it got all that drop to that end. The day Mr Jones, nine thirty says, let's hear the real story, you crisp Brown that bitch! No, I didn't. No, it looks What's funny is I have a mug shot in the shot? I have a black eye. And my nose is all fucked up because she threw something at me and I hit it hit me in the face and I didn't even know about it. So will the story is, if you know a crazy bitch get the fuck away from her disorderly conduct, just here's. What funniest that here's! The funny thing is right right when I did that the next day after the trial or they ended as they are disorderly contact she called ticket. She comical I want you to know, I'm so sorry about this. I actually did impress charges are anything the police press charges and they wouldn't. Let me they winning dry. the chart? That's the Ruth true story. She's, like I had nothing to do with this. I was missed off that night. That's all that happened. I went to the car to subtract. Well, that's
truth that that is a part of the law. If you get accused of any sort of domestic violence, the police have to try the case right. You know the law has to try the case yeah. I can't women can't just drop it. You can't drop domestic, violent cases, yeah pretty nice when you think about it? You know that that is the problem. There's a lot of people do a lot of fucked up things to human beings for sure, and there should be lost, protect people, but we don't know who's telling a fucking truth and If you run in bad circles in you, hang out crazy bitches, you gotta have a bad situation right. so. That's what sucks about this whole thing with them, because their celebrities, if all that shit, was on TMZ, Tito and Jenna, all my shit was on TMZ. That would be. People would think that you're, a woman, beater yeah yeah automatically, I already just told Us- probably happy people there think I'm lying, you know yeah I've never had a check hit me. I had to check some Swing on me once and I ducked under it and grabbed her, and then I calmed her down, and then it got okay after that, right.
But I I've never been in a situation where I hated somebody where I was with them and I hated them. But I know people have man. I know people that are in relationships and they fucking hey, you know, and it's almost always people that have really fucked up parents. It's almost always people that parents that fought and for some reason, I think that is normal, and especially when you're young, the kind of like it, because I think it makes him feel like an adult like they're doing like a dolt type shit like their parents did their fucking screaming and yelling at each other. Like there's been many times, especially when I was younger my early days, for I had a grip on the type of girl to date and time, Not the date, if a girl is hot, I would date her it didn't matter if she yelled at me, I mean you had to be really fucked government break up with you. You know especially in Boston, because It's so hard get laid in Boston in Boston. If you're singly fact, it's not like too watch tv, a nice guy,
I make cowboy coffee. I make coffee with a strange press and at the end of it you get grinds, but I like it, it's all great, but you know it's so hard to get laid in Boston and when you're a teenager man I don't know about you, but me. When I was teenager, I had to get laid to stay saying I had to get laid. Otherwise sex was all. I thought about all fucking day. You know nature. Has you crying for that nature it set up so that if you're not fucking, ok You're like seventeen eighteen years old and you're, not fucking. That's all you're gonna be thinking about you're, not gonna, be able to contract on anything and you can get distracted so easy. You could get just completely remove from whatever path you're on. If you're trying to you know become up, sprinter and the Olympics. Are you trying to know become an author, whatever you're doing, if you're not getting laid, a girl can come in and just just
fuck up the whole situation just by giving you pussy yeah. But when you know you're thirty something years old and you've been around the block a few times. Then it becomes a matter of okay who's. The dummy here you know who's the one who's being silly. Why are you getting involved in these crazy bitches yeah. Is what people need to do you. First of all, you need to get your own shit together. That's like number one. You need to be a happy and do not allow people don't like we'd, but here's what things it we'd is really good for if you smoke, didn't get paranoid and you start freaking out about things. almost always those things that you're freaking out about are things that are in your subconscious that you're not comfortable about the things have been bothering you for a long time and you've been trying to push them to the back of your head and when pot whatever it is about pi, especially when you get too hot there's some there's a quality to marijuana. That makes you think about shit that you are suppressing. It makes you think about things
from your past. You don't like makes you think about like things that you did and it makes you think about, like your own issue, You know, and especially marijuana and isolation tank together. Do you any news Have you done the isolation tank lately have been still doing that a lot to it yeah? I always do it. I wanted to do a last night, but I was too tired. I had to get up early in the morning. Radio for Montreal, I'm in Montreal made the eighth, I believe side that at the metropolis that may drop, I think the trouble made me. Maybe seventy seventh summary, which I find our approach by the way your twitter name is now Joe Rogue. Yes, so it's now jargon that net any yeah there was, I fuckin, scored I gotta back. There is apparently a thing where you can will you can now of report when people say Jacket rear, squatting, squatting, your name know what's funny is that when they they switch it over, they just delete deleted.
Jos: european dot net name, so they just let it free again like so he went to get it I grab. I noticed it right away and I grabbed it, but I didn't tell you I looked at I'm like motherfucker somebody got my shit, so I sent an email thing to him, a message to him saying: hey: I will give you an autograph dvd and a cd to give me that I should have played along, but I was like. I know how much you have practical jokes everything we're gonna, do it so it's funny because I don't know if you looked at the photo. If you go to your Rogan net now on the twitter, if you like at the photo I made at head more tilted, it looked gay or maybe more Chris go be like what all right. I got it. It's me, may seven th, I'm in the metropolis in Montreal. So anyway, we were talking about having crazy people in the alliance and sex, an isolation, tank and isolation tanks, and about having good good relationships like the best way to have a good relationship. You got to be comfortable who the fuck you are you know, and if you got
lot of issues of stuff? That's bothering you, you know that's gonna fuck up. any chance. You have of communicating well authority because assumes you What, then, are the person when you first need someone you don't really. them in and you sort of project who you wanna, be this person and then Does it simply to you? But after a few months or a few weeks, depending on how good your act is most people, You get to know who the fuck they really are and what the real issues are. You know, after a while when they start yelling at you when the get upset at you for no reason or something- and you start like tuning it all in and going okay you're fucking Binam. You know you got a not be bananas in order to get someone who's, not bananas locally. dudes will always say, like you, man fucking try to find a good girl dude, I'm just trying all the bitches like me were you're a mass bro you're, a fucking mess you're a loon. You hate your stuff dad. You know you want to fucking, be to stop at stop lights. You know you're a mess and unless you stop being a mess, you're never going to be involved in a good relationship. You never going to be able to recognize. You know other people that like. I'm always said that one is
about about to be like super honest, and I try to be literally as honest as possible possible. It sounds really kind of gay, but really we do try to very important things. One I try to be as nice to people as possible. and as nice as possible. I wish I could be nice to everybody, but some people- fucking obsessive. They don't leave you alone or the banana or their their retarded or their abusive or which I take advantage. if you're nice, when there's some people, you can't be nice to, unfortunately, there's some people that you know what they need. Fucking years of their and when you run into them you don't have the time for that. So you got to go to leave me the fuck alone. Stop and it's unfortunate. You have to do that. But sometimes you have to do that So I tried to be as nice as is humanly possible to get through. My life to try to be as honest as is humanly possible. I try to always be honest. I try to make sure that everything I'm doing I'm doing from a place where I can be honest about it and if you can't be asked about for the most part, is one
There's not one thing is being honest. Another thing is like TMZ type shit like revealing all sorts of infomation, but your personal life, because people are creepy and they want to look look into it. That's not honesty! That's like a revealing thing and I'm not really into that. Really into like becoming going on a reality show and having everybody in my bathroom like where the fuck is that? That's not honesty, that's just that's just weird voyeuristic shit that people get obsessed with, but but you know what I am into tell you where I'm really come from and what's Goin on mind and be comfortable. Be that to the point where I am so honest on time recognize deception like right away. You know I find them to be really true like if you're a really honest person when people are full of shit, you just fucking spot it like right. It's really difficult to lie to an honest person. Really
don't like remember that we really did videos and for a while after every video Brad was going, don't lie and really it's fucking awesome philosophy me and any Bravo would have a competition who did it best? Remember five? No, I could do it better, don't lie. What a disgrace that he has very competitive competitive, I guess they have to date when you do that yeah well, you know he grew up in a situation where he had a douche bag for a stepfather, and you know his whole life has been trying to fight against people that are fucking with him. You know what I mean so like he became. He became hyper competitive because. Anyway, so that's my advice and to that that bitch do that's banging
kings, wife and run in your mouth. You faggot turn in your man card you little bitch of a man. Yes, that's how you're getting finest life you're getting your money from writing out some woman. You fought on her husband's bed. You silly man, you silly silly man and apparently Larry King and helped this guy and gotten guy like acting gigs, but keep your mouth shut son. You know why I'm trying to hurt Larry King. What are you getting like? Ten grand or less? You will faget how much you gotten How much are they gonna pay in these projects? same to you will be expensive, prath style. You know there should be a sitcom where it takes all these people call man carbon, they try to earn their man card back. You know it has an expensive prat, this guy and they all live in a house together and the expensive pat is a fucking Brazil into due to black belt. So man, exactly, I see them on that show yeah clean black belt. That's it's hilarious that I hate that hill shit. I hate that
Well, look we're talking about him, that's all he wants and he mean I was making a limit he doesnt have to or at seven eleven he watched his shows. Sixteen and pregnant no dude apparent Eddie Bravo says I must watch this line. I wrote this down bad girls club bad girls Club is ridiculous. yeah it's just like the model like sixty, a pregnant even more to have your email on or something what's that thing keeps going on So what is the show? Sixteen at sixteen and pregnant I've seen one episode in there, so it's all white trash, kids and right they're yelling, The parents, the parents yelling at Them- and I was like I don't want to be it's awful, it's the worst. However, that's too much info, that's a perfect table. We were an IKEA, though the other day, and they have like a kid's room. It was like a bunk bed anyway real happy, but then there was a place for a baby, and I'm like wait is this just like You know a poor person with only went betterment had his share like sister and baby, or is this like now
girl has a baby and she's like fifteen. I was a bunk bed, he's gotta crypt, then that's what I'm saying I'm like what is it KIA doing the telling I think they're just trying to maximize bedroom bedrooms right right, just tryin to market to them? Well, it's bernerslee! This is like for too many people Mexicans living in an apartment or something like that yeah you know what man with this economy, being the shit or the way it is right. People are stacking, more people in the house together, I know a person who lives down the street from me is losing their house at losing. Yeah people are losing their houses left and Ryan people who have a real high falutin lifestyle and spend tons of money, and you know, get used to it and get used to trying to bling bling and then the shit hits the fan I was thinking about moving the other day, just you get sick of a place and you just want to upgrade. You always feel I get to upgrade your shit. I tore out all my carpet have like wood floors underneath it now. It looks great and I'm like. Oh fine yeah, you just needed to change. I think you know when I'm moving, Colorado. That was a good thing for me to just a change environment.
I think changing is good for your brain. I think it like your brain like your brain has to learn this whole new environment. I had a whole new friends. The people are running to a legit to whole new people. I was meeting a whole new comic club I was working on my stuff like it was a very interesting to me, it may mean fire my brain up. I think that's a good thing to do. If the shock at the problem is the other thing you build a base of like I have a base in LA. I have all my. friends live in my wife's friends in LA away, I have my whole system set up where I buy my dog food. I have the guy who works on my car. You know what I mean. I have all this shit in LA where I train all the dudes that I've been training with for years. It's like you get like you get real comfortable with that system. and it's very convenient, and when you move you gotta reef, configure your home. A situation, the problem is women, you know you bring women and then they have friends like chuckled else.
because I can go to sports bar I'm there for a fucking hour. I've got nine new friends really true. I tell truth because he's the fucking coolest guy ever he's super friendly he's like you want to be. You want to be come on by a very clinkin beers with some guy. What do you do? Fucking plumber, you? there are some that guy's can meet guys like that. You know like I tell a story about at one time that I hosted a jack and Jill Strip Club in Rhode, island, I've told a story for rent, is a male and a woman stripper, and it was the horrific they were both disgusting. There was like maybe maybe six to ten people in the audience at most during the whole night's performance, and I had to perform times. Like I would go up and do stand up and then the male strip would go on, I would go up and do stand up in a female trip would go on and they would do ships and they would take some time. Off and then I will go on stage again and they would start to show all over again. The woman will go up and the guy will go up everyone in the audience, was like these weird people from this area. Woonsocket, Rhode Island. But there was.
one do who was there, who was a construction worker from new jersey- and he just happened to be in town because it was marriage, something like that, a wedding that he had to go to for in with his family and he was bored, so we got out of the house to go. Have a beer, that's a bar down the street. So he goes to his jacket. Jill's chip club and he was a totally normal dude and me, and him were talking having beers like well, he goes what the fuck are. We witnessing. Are you seeing what we were in? This is like one normal dude in me after the first. Two beers- it's like. I hadn't known this dude for fucking ten years right, we're just you in one place a pool yeah, it's fucking play one pool, so it's a little corn operated, pool town, we're playing, pool making fun of the whole situation. Like I found a friend like for girls, that's hard to do, man, yeah bet, just don't trust me, man. I learned that from having dogs, you know having pit bulls, I had two female pitbulls and one of them killed the other one. They would they would fight, and I would separate them and I thought they work their shit out, because the way dogs work their shit out is one. dog will like dominate the other dog, and then you figure the out they have to do
the two figures who gets to drink first, who gets to eat first: that's it a wild animal world, and you have to be number one. That's why you can never let your dog get away with shit. You can never let your dog grow at you, you never let your dog do things they're not supposed to do, because you have to be the alpha, especially if you have big dogs well, what doesn't work with FEMA Females never accept dominance. They would back and try to try to battle and out again and that's what they of them killed. The other kill the other one. That's, how think that's, how women men, women man, I think women can be friends with and they they have really close friends and the end they go all sex in the city and power around together and shit like that, but it's real difficult for them to make that kind of a bond to trust another woman that trust them, and this is, I think, it's easier for dudes. You know yeah. I agree. It seems like that. That's The cat fight, especially there's dues that are like doing stuff that you like to do like comics.
Like if I meet comics, I can go to a new town and do stand up and there's some local comics. I'm fucking meet local comics all the time. Next to you know we're out having a beer together, we're hanging around. We have something in common or I get you guys like. There's like fucking ten does In Judith are trained with all the time they could totally be good friends of mine they're, just you know, dudes that especially Jujitsu guys because they have good control over the ego. You know get you guys to get good at Jujitsu. You have to battle it out all the time and you have to be really active. You can't be delusional that you did to. You have to really know what you mean. Are what your weaknesses are and you got to be able to deal with tapping out. You got to be able to deal with dudes dominating you because in the beginning for sure you're gonna get dominated, everybody gets dominate in the beginning. Nobody, unless you're just so big that nobody can touch you. Some three hundred pound Brock, Lesner Character, now you're going to get tapped out at the beginning, so you have to
Kind kind of to to deal that, but for women I women know, I think I think it's much more difficult. It was really difficult for my with specially the little baby. gonna met some other videos Bab and how much you gonna have in common with this broad when she's Christian, when she goes all loony Tony on you and wants to fuck to talk about Noah's, Ark and shit. You know right yeah. I got some guy fucking cornered me at the supermarket the other day, some dude that I guess I had met him before, but I forgot you know, there's some law that you can only some studies that say that you can only keep like one hundred and fifty people that you know in your head that no, I haven't seen that, but I totally believe it because I think mine's, like ten there's a line from me or I just don't care so many things when we like you know that meet somebody or somebody tell me something if I don't care about it. I just like I put that like on lake, the coffee table
and that's about to get thrown out. You know, I don't put it in my deep storage, I put in my random memory. You know yeah here it is the. I don't know. Working memory, the There'S- I don't I'm trying to find it on Google, and I want to waste too much time looking for this, but one hundred, it's Apparently you can only remember you can only have real relationships where you know a hundred and fifty people were. You know their name, and you know you have a certain amount of space in your hard drive and comes to human beings, and that to me reinforces my feelings that human beings are supposed to live. A small tribes were not supposed to live ass gigantic, you know fucking drives of hundreds of millions of people. It's also, if you, if you ever get assignment, says you know like do you know where you follow the colors right? It also is a. I don't know if it's a worth suppose to live in small tribe as in. If I can do Simon says, but right up to like the fourteenth one.
My brain falls off and it's always like the fourteen TH one. It's almost like. That's just my max. You know like that's my hard drives full. I can't do anything passes fourteen. I might be able to train myself to to like my micromanage. How many things I can remember, but it's weird like if I pick up what Simon says right now, once I hit the fourteenth one, I can't do it like it just turns off on me. Well, I think everybody has a different threshold for this. Oh I'm saying everyone. Does it say for names it's pretty it's pretty wouldn't that fall? On the same thing, though, just maybe memory well, I think I think well think about how many words you know. We know thousands of words and words that we don't even use. you, didn't mean you never let you serendipitous you pick up more of most of our hard driving teslas in there are dictionary how about the fucking people that just spout out. You only use five percent of your branding, so some random t he only only use ten perent of you Brandlin. I really indeed, no fuck you're talking about just like recite
some shit that someone told you in high school like this, I the year of Google right and not supposed to be just saying. We only use two percent of our. You know you don't fucking know but anyway, With this do that I met at the grocery store. I didn't I remember, and he said he's from Jujitsu, so I said: hey what's up man, how you doing, I think it's just going to be. As casual. What's up man, how you doing things and he's like a little taken aback that I don't remember him and then he like laugh it up. It was a grill, awkward, socially, so take care of man, some shopping, I'm doing on my shit and I'm leaving and one I'm goin out. My car he hates me with job you gotta church and I'm like. No, you motherfucker and I've got a card, and you know I want to unload my food. You don't wanna get the fuck home and this dude is like cornering me in the parking lot and so. I say? No, I don't. He said are you interested, and I said no, I'm not, and he goes have you talk to blank blank is, but he is
a friend of mine, and he was saying that this this guy has. He talked about the Lord. This guy is fucking. This guy, who we're talking about this friend of mine, is bananas are right, nothing wrong on your wife, but this guy, like literally, was planning on killing her I mean he's fucking right, yeah, he's crazy. He didn't do anything and he got away with her and to hold it, but the guy he was talking about was like. I want to say anything other than is probably one of the worst examples you can ever passed. He just doesn't out the best example yeah used for religion. well yeah. I mean this guy. He just doesn't know if this guy's bananas, because a lot of people don't know this guy's bananas, but so I'm like come on man. I don't have time to break all this shit down for you. You know if it's helping you that's all well and good, but just running up to people and thinking you're gonna save them in the parking lot, because you couldn't get your shit together. If you don't have to save me, alright right pretty fuckin happy and if you really truly believe that
The only way I'm gonna get to go haven't go to Heaven. Kirk Cameron, style, where you have to fucking. You have to accept the Lord. You ever seen. Kirk Cameron go up to like gang bangers. You gotta Google action on Youtube Watch Kirk Cameron's videos where he goes up to people and uses his fucking. Thirteen year old logic uses like Fuckin, seventh grade logic foundation, people when you, Google, it typing Kurt Cameron owned there. there's a lot of those because that's even better yeah when he starts talking that people who actually read he's fucked head awesome he's so bananas. I think Kirk Camera is almost definitely gay. The more I him these videos, the more I'm like this nothing masculine about this man he's very. Submissive and is desired for chastity and its desire for if I met him, I think I would go over the edge and just try to do them. No, no yeah yeah. I put my gig and start go. Look at it. Look at it. You know this like go. You have to hit the. I would go to jail for them. You know I might fuck
So Just hold them down. Fucking hold them down, off on his chest or something like that see what he does. It starts sick in his time. No stop I've. Never! You know I was sucked. I used to like him back in the day with a show when a growing pain, but I also thought that Tracy gold- we tax- I guess I'm just stupid. Well. His wife was super hot right. She is, is still his that oh, no still real one yeah, his real wife is super hot there's, something matter. What that does is chasing down the Lord you! I can understand you wanting to study study what Christian? What to me, in my opinion, is is an ancient philosophy. You know it might be. Incredibly, but but there's some very good things. It it some a very good love, one love one another, as you would love yourself, you you be in a other as brothers and sisters and all that stuff is very good but got a lotta wacky nonsense in it. That makes no fuckin sense, and if you really want to study it, if you that's your thing, it's just. Doesn't
wrong with people studying like greek mythology, you know like getting into like juice and Mithra, and all that crap, that's kind of cool stuff, but when you've get into like Christianity and start thinking that this is the real stuff like this is what the fuck r! You talking to and then you're gonna grab other people, and you need to listen to me. You need to listen to me. It's all parents, though you know, I would never have thought that if my parents, when the kids go, some people know them made- is not real against. Some people are born against like this, not their kids. It's not the parents yeah, but but those are it's really hard to be a born. I never learned it growing up and they're goin straight do don't think it is of your life falls apart. I think if your life falls apart and all these people that are into Jesus seem happy and they seem like they have a have because it's really what it's all about man. You know you have a path, and today people, if you. You think about the way we use to live the way our bodies a programme to live. I mean we're supposed to be living. In Fuckin Hudson. And and means that the the hardware that we have right now is basically same
in hardware, the same adrenal system, the same, Nero synapses that connect the same way as people. lived one hundred thousand years ago. If you took a person from a hundred thousand years ago and sat him in the corner right there, he would be unrecognizable and he would be totally normal. You wouldn't say like what the fuck that's a cave man. No, he would be just like us, but yet hundred thousand years ago. They had very different needs man. There was you couldn't. You you had shit you had to do you had tasks? Okay, you had to go out. You had a find that fucking food every day you had a hunt that shit down. That's what is like a visceral thrill involved in hunting Yours will tell you of your watch like TED Nugent talk about it actually makes it very appealing and breathless like he's, got videos of him hunting like it's a rush. It gives these guys a rush to kill the animal and get their meat, and it's not like a cruelty rush but they're there. They want to kill and fucking hurt and destroy. No it's it's a man is supposed to be out there. Shooting animals and kill him. You ever plant food and then eat that food there's something
very exciting about that very, very rewarding and fulfilling into a lot of people their life is filled with nothingness, there's no task everyday to sharpen were doing tall. Do paperwork stare at the clock back. for five o'clock. Get the fuck out of here. Listen to your wife. Bitch have a beer watch law say what the fuck is going on fall asleep. Do it all over again there's no task, there's no real, there's no real, so there has to be some meaning to it all. So someone comes up to you and says: hey man. I know you feel that way. I used to feel that too, until I'm at the Lord, that emptiness in your life is that you don't have the Lord when really done. Emptiness in your life is just your fucking hardware, man yeah. It's just your hardware. You use About the way we are wired, we are now wired. With this world that we live in right now, we are wired to deal with. Thousands of article eight, thirty. Something was when they figured out the camera. That means
everything before less than two hundred years ago. If you want to know what someone looked like, so let us draw that person, for you. Do you think how crazy that is they a your how many fucking people can draw. You know How many? How many people do we really know from before eight hundred what they really looked like? It's fucking guess work. Unless you were Napoleon you don't Poland. We have hundreds of drawings that have we got a pretty good idea what he looked like Abraham, Lincoln, pretty good idea what he looked like you now. You go go way way way back. five hundred years ago Black people didn't exist back then. You know, white people have only existed for a short amount of time. You know there was a recent study where they figured out how long white people have burned around. I believe it was like ten zero years or something silly. Let me see what I'm going to Google that, because that's an important thing, how long is cake,
I see, I think black people came before what people and I'm sure, I'm sure a lot of people don't believe that, but you think black people came for in an art kind of way like using power. It's in colors it has to go that way. You know you think so, yeah you, you can't go that way. You know black turns into white, but whites not gonna turn in black. You know color wise. If you're mixing color, when do people evolve to be white? What do I work for Then, when the people change become white, when someone, why do people become? That's? Why I mean deeper, love is not to say. Between a hundred thousand fifty thousand years ago. lower levels of vitamin d at higher latitudes, where the sun is less intense, cause the lightning effect where modern humans became.
Who were who began darker skin? First, my written or so human beings have been black until about fifty thousand years ago we started moving around and then the climate changed is pretty fuckin chain. Please concrete shape so This banana had that tried to convince me Jesus it lease I Alisa, Jesus you're allowed of fucking draw a picture of them. I know nutty is the Fucking South Park thing yeah, that's ridiculous! Did you watch the episode? Oh, he yeah part watch both of them. No, I couldn't watch it. It was driving me crazy. I was so mad at comedy central for beeping out. Are you say the first one no go see the first one? They didn't do anything on the first one, the second one because of the first one It's so annoying. Now. when you see every time they say Mohammed beeps and then how about when he's in a fuckin this the bare suitably comes out at Santa Claus and the bear suit re like. The first episode. He was in a U hall
and that was like a like legally that's what they thought that they wouldn't get in trouble with, so they just drove they drove Mohammed around in a U haul. You just hear they're like is this okay, Muhammad yeah? I think it's okay, you know pendulous sense of them. Others towards non paraphrasing, but basically said measurable. Religion is how much you're afraid What will you say about religion is much you're afraid to talk about them or whereat when you're afraid to talk about the? How crazy basically saying a very staunch atheist and I've been friends with that guy lot, time he has even consider the possibility that there is some sort of an intelligent life too he's very scientific, but unfortunately he's never done any psychedelic drugs and if he had he's never done anything he's never had a drop of alcohol he's never even had a single drug, except for when he's had to have surgery when they had a drug him, he takes it very seriously to be sober all
with so well and good, but I think you know you can't really understand what's happening in the psychedelic experience, unless you had one, you know who point is this Fuckin Mohammed thing. I like how they compared, I don't know if they did in the second episode and the first one they compared it to the Tom cruise suing. Anyone that says he's gay yeah, it's kind of like a Muhammad thing. You know or like what you're not allowed to talk about him being gay vision. I'm gonna tell you right now. You can talk about being gay all day, long at Cox, DOT over. I got it's go online, there's pictures of me with Dick all over the place, the golden rule. The internet right boy said that there's a picture of you on the internet, somewhere someone's Photoshop by making Love South Park, though I was watching a show. I was watching or gas in the last, and I don't know if you ever seen that one it's a movie at trade, Parker, Road and directed and stuff, where he's a mormon and it gets into porn, but that alone is a great movie. How they're always battling religion trade is at least it's just fucking love they're the best
the best they're, the most prolific, their shows, the best it's. The Martin speaks to like my sense of humour, the Maoist Silly, but its spot on and brilliant the fucking, Barbus Trisan dinosaur monster. You know machine thing that they had. I mean even do you ever see they I don't know. I think I've told you this before there used to be a website called shock. Wave com used to be shock, rave com, which was a bunch. Flash movies and stuff and they originally trade, Parker and Matt Stone some crazy amount of money. What I saw, what was it it was, this show called princess and what it was is they were paid, tons and tons of money to do and they were like uncensored. They were like you could do whatever you want uncensored. This is going to be big on the internet and we're going to give you like thirty thousand dollars, an episode or something like that, and so they hired tray and math. To do this series up twenty four episodes. Thank
The second one turned it in we're like wow. This is great and they're like whoa whoa. We sit uncensored, but this is. This is out of control it too far. If you go online and have it on my website red band com, Google Princess, Parker or suppressed, Red band you'll find it and what it it is. It's all about this fluffy little dog, it looks like a shit. Do I just sits there. It starts off it's like all about this dog and then it's just like crazy stuff going on in the background that just cute dogs watching like it's watching two people fuck it's watching somebody get murdered. It's like it's like it's all about this cute little cute little dog watching all this horrific shit- and I only got the two episodes and basically even though he said they were owed meeting. They want to they're like this too popped up. We quit. No, you guys keep the money. You can't do this anymore, it's the best. I bet
two videos, I've ever seen in my life, and I wish Trey Parker MAD Stone would finish that because it was one of the funniest things I've ever seen. Those guys are so crazy, they're, the craziest they just take things the deepest You know, like I remember when we saw a team America, remember being Dear God, I can't believe working with this. I can you know, when the due starts, throwing up and keeps growing up, balance is, like you know, like a fucking football field, full of puke and he's laying on the center of it. I mean they took it to the utmost. They took it to the it's total shock, humor, but brilliant shock humor. You know not as funny the second time around, like the throw up scene, the throw SEN the first time around. When you don't know it's coming, it's just God, damn it's funny! It's like one of the they're, the best there. If they, have a movie coming out. I'm always more excited than anything else except them and Bora broaden our them an analogy, I don't know for ever going to work on me anymore.
He's doing now, I wonder if there's like a third movie, because I don't know that I feel it off. Maybe he takes time off if he goes to places where people aren't aware of it like if he goes to the south, like that's where I tried to do before. I try to go to the south what's almost like go like MIKE. Myers is falling in the fellows. In category I watched you know like the last Goldfinger movie or whatever he did right, he's just playing the same character. Over and over again and the other day I watched one of my old favorite movies was so I married an ax murderer. Now I used to love that movie. I watched the other day. I wanted to fucking puke and beat people because it was so awful Myers to Me- has died almost to his last movie. Looked like, like you, know, those movies where they have a guy who used to be funny and then all of sudden I can the movie. He takes a terrible turn and he's not at any rate, would not crap and grant was shaken. It is, and these in the down spiral of that
movie where you played the indian guy. The love guru called memory, whatever the fuck yeah, you love guru, yeah when you watch the ads for that you're like okay. What is funny about this? This is like anti funny. It's This is like a guy who forgot what funny is right. It's just like it. But what's crazy, is you go back as far as so Meridan AX murder, which was way before Austin Powers or any of that stuff? destroyed that movie because see that was the same character as all his other movies. It was so awful it's man. Can you man? I liked him since wanes world reckons worries. Communist, stricter wanes world was broken. Genius him and Dana Carvey were awesome. I mean when those movies were on the RON wrong, though the mean those were great, great fun, fun movies, the new stuff like I don't even like the awesome powers movies. I never got it. I like them my ship Did you hear about the Iphone leak? If you don't know
about this. I found there the Iphone for that came out and it's like crazy, ass, new Iphone with a front facing camera and well apparently some dude, and this is the story and a lot of people think that this is all bullshit and hype, and it's just you know, making the Iphone story bigger. I personally don't because, I don't think apple. Whatever release. A thing on purpose you now and how people it lot of companies. Do this, though, a lot of companies, the the viral marketing nowadays that's being used on the internet is so amazingly deep and, like you would not think of Russia that happen that's it on the Reboc commercial, exactly where he's naked and all that stuff I mean it's ridiculous. I could almost see this to build hype with cell phones, because if you look there's a website called Boy genius report com and you could totally tell this guy's in bed or he was in bed with blackberry at one point.
There was times where it's like all right. You got this phone a year ahead of anybody else, and you already have it and I've already a video of using it and stuff like that. That seems a little fishy that your friends, let you borrow it and when it comes out like a year later, you know- and I almost think it's just shit- to be leaked out kind of like on the internet. They're gonna see what people's reactions are tried, tweak things you know it's almost like. Were you know somebody I'm sure, soundly know about this apple thing that year, it seems to me like the do, get fired they didn't get fired yeah? He got fire police are involved. Now yeah you hear about the Gizmodo guy. They broke down his house. The broke down his fucking front door took all his computers, the recorder that recorded as well. He got a copy of it. They paid five thousand dollars for the for the actual phone, so they paid money, For the phone and apparently Apple saying that death, their stolen property and you're not supposed to be having that reporting on, so they went to the guy's house who wrote this whole report
broke. His house took all of his fucking computers took two servers had servers in his house. That's a super geek! Well, he, the super gave me eat main editor of one of the biggest attack webs. Not only does he get free shit, what I'm more interested in is imagine somebody coming to your house taking your computer and took everything that shit. Why breaks me out or too, because the computer is not gonna, do it the self? I think nowadays that's one of the most scariest things that ever somebody can now come in and take your diary and put it into their database. Your old diary, never words. You ever think like okay, the cops just came and took my diary now. They know everything about me. Every feeling everything I'm thinking now. That's what our computers- are diaries. Now yeah, you get all your emails from like a fucking million years, so this guy bought an Iphone, and now his diary is owned by the way every photo has ever taken all on his computers like. Why do they think that they can just take your computers? Is it to get a like a track tracking of the email
How to see like you know, I think it's an open door that they're allowed to do what you make it. If they can, they can pretty much just like searching York no cops, want to search a car regardless, even if they're just trying to pull you over for a seat belt, they want to search a car, see what else they can find. But I mean a lot of people are saying that this warrant was unlawful and that they shouldn't have been. It's totally unlock pretty sure it's a it's a cell phone somebody bought a cell phone from another setting right, but they bought a stolen cell phone, a cell phone, that's basically stolen property. I mean the guy lost a cell phone, but it's the property of Apple is very sensitive property because the protein yeah, I guess you're right, but I think basically, they fucked up in in stealing the fall or buying the form we asked. I've done has given the fuckin phone back apple mean the company. Doesn't what you are reviewing their shit before it's out yet I mean, I think, that's a huge request if you know there there shit you're doing something. Really, I think they more fucked up gives moto more fucked up just
Letting everyone know who the guy who lost it is putting his face on their website and everything. Yeah, that's fucked up man, you know well. The dude, though, was gonna, get busted anyway. Yeah have a fucking phone anymore yeah Aly what they should have done. The new other shoud have given back his God. Damn phone, I think, or the way they should have done, is just like. Oh shit, it's just a cell phone and when she'll a fuck out. What it's got a front facing camera now whoa, you know how dumb and this is all going to sound in october- we're like yeah everyone's got. It now, Chillout crush at AMP T service, if you think eight ITALY, service socks, a big bang index, now wait till their front facing camera. Out and everyone everywhere is gonna- be fucking. You streaming, while they're driving the car talking in fucking black eye piece, I got a feeling, that's nice it's gonna be a million fucking people know and that all the current bring it on. I have always said that that's gonna be the end of the world Everyone has their own channel and air
basically is walking television channel Grant instead of like hey. What's your fuckin facebook page to my facebook, you what your twitter, it's gonna, be What channel is your life? You gonna have a fucking helmet on. There's gonna be a front facing camera that shows you as you're walking through the world and you didn't have a video camera broadcasting everything you just kind of like when you stream does and white like Justin TV dies. You know just an idea when I was called life casting, which was twenty four hours a day following around just in who I've had a camera. filming his whole entire life. Do you remember when we were in San Francisco and Justin TV was gonna, give us a laptop and a backpack. That was really weird connection. That was really weird, so strange, yeah, the dude who came to the show was so shady and it's Now we're going to hook you all up, and then we go to lunch and he goes. This is the last top. This is the camera all right and then I put it back in his leg, worries doesn't do there were there at all to us, and we making fun of it.
That's right. We were like what, if it cuts out, this is silly, is gonna hear a backpack around What am I gonna? Do we decide those beat with it they were like. They want to be like broad shows, I haven't, problems with people. You'd being my shit before it's done at shows like when you come up with new bets. You know I've sent us went when a bit like is. Out and not a cd, you know that's to me when it's an old bit, but if I had that are, they haven't been on. Television have been on CD and you're like over to a boot you've seen it. How do you seen it so? I saw Youtube clip some asshole in the audience is videotaping it. Now people are saying like it's old material, like God, damn it it's not even done yet yeah. It's not done. You know, like you, can't so like when they were like what we wanted it like you stream. You know you're at your whole shell. Might you can't you stream a show because the material comes out, I want at least the majority of people too
the television show other than the people who have seen the clubs I wanted to be new shit. I wanted the dvd to be all shit. That's not on another dvd It's not going to work that way. If there's fucking these ustream clips and adjusting tv shows everywhere so, and so I thought the whole thing was too much and it's not that entertaining to like to De Brok has every fuckin thing you do. I mean what the show like a thing. We sit down, we do it for two hours banging and that's it you don't wanna just keep having content were you watered down or people when you have no personal, like they used to be a website called GAD dot com I used to be addicted to which was about me, eight years ago, was this groaning Gabriel Gabriel and she's an author in New York City ass. She liked cast herself be a webcam where would like refreshed every ten seconds on this was before the internet with new or you know now is like, and I was actually kind of cool back in the day should have three cameras that which is refresher attend seconds, but I
addicted to watching it because it was so weird would come home and talk to the husband they make dinner. Then they would bring the camera into the bedroom and have sex. That's part of you wash some bang yeah. You watch the ain completely naked as this one people couldn't record things right yeah. This is Wade before that, but it was so addicting and the one day she just left and it felt like she broke up with us. You had two beaten off just right, yeah like if you turned it on there in the middle one stroke fifteen seconds like stroke and if they stopped like someone stopped to answer the phone or something like that, yeah, I mean there was a show that movie with William Ball. One thing was like we may be sure stone or somebody's splinter. I think it was called it was about these people that have their, I think, that's the movie. I'm enter was there was no movie where these people all their whole lives before a tv
Like some something along, maybe I've got the premise totally wrong, but like something like Ed TV is a perfect example. Remember ed tv I mean that basically predicted the rise of the Kim card action type shows yeah, I mean that's what that show wasn't, and people in the movie was like sober, nevertheless the idea that people which is broadcast their entire lives like how ridiculous like look this in the end, the message was that it's too much The message was that it fucked up this guy's life. He had to stop doing it to get his shit together totally. Meanwhile, there's more Goddamn shows that the real now it's How many things from the past sliver sliver. That's it is How many things they ask were that people predicted are like a real part of life. Now that we're like ridiculous back then, like this idea of Ed TV, that's a real
part of our life now you know I mean it makes you wonder about like mad max and shit like that, and I thought mean when twin peak oil comes and people are fucking. You know drive in diesel cars down the street that they made. You know fucking corn, fuel out of and fucking shooting at people trying to get fresh water. You know, I wonder if that really could go down like that. I think so. I totally believe that. Red Dan talk about your tooth on missed Brian missed last week's podcast, because he Have you ever done that have you ever shipped a tooth or filling fallen out of your mouth and you could feel the air go inside your to it and hit your feelings on? Well, you bet a spoon. Yeah well yeah. I am used to eating with plastic spoons by and out of classic spoon. So I went back to real stems. I forgot with chew on the plastic spoon, how do you plastic poor?
They went to my home like on the internet or whatever other sex. You you know like out of eat. Yogurt has been economic Shui by forgot, it wasn't a plastic experience. Id is my crunch and I'm like that's not smart, dude, yeah chewing on the it still hurts. I have to go back in the month to get a real thing. That's that's ridiculous, on that's, not good, but also of over us, and do this They found Noah's Ark. Is this the same people that found it so show? One is table yeah, there's a is that was that Joe show no show number one yeah, there's one that we did from Atlanta. You can find it on the internet. If you can find on red band com right, yeah or show Joe show? Google just show all one word arc, yeah Jerome Noah's Ark, but anyway there's a dude back then he said TAT. He had found Noah's Ark and now apparently there's a group of evangelist. That claim they see Noah's ark. The photos now kind of interesting see
so stupid. So you guys show me photos of a boat all right and I'm supposed to believe it's a bigfoot lived on this boat. Well, you never know strange thing has happened. The crazy The other thing about these ideas of world floods is that there was no world communication back then. So how do you know that the flood wasn't just in your neighborhood and you think that it was? You know you think that it was somewhere else. You think that it was everywhere around the world, like you really don't have any idea: Damn look at you in your following hundred almost a hundred and ten one and nine five: nine seven sun, very nice. You know. What's funny is my space I logged in the other day and I've been losing. friends like thousands thousands at a time
yeah. It's ridiculous everyone's deleting their myspace account. I'm really thinking about! Maybe doing it. I'm thinking of deleting mine too. I just don't want to remember those days at Myspace days: yeah, it's pretty silly right, yeah like having a kid that you just need to cut off strings irksome. I can't find the article I'll get a pitcher. Both is it not only out of like some word that I found some way fighting is one picture. That's really clear what this guy inside now hairdresser This is Noah's arc. It's pretty interesting because this guy is standing inside. Something on yeah see photo look at this. What is that this guy claims that that he's inside Noah's arc? Isn't that photos from
Noah's Ark ministries, international I'll, throw this link up. It is global, and it's like my baselines are, if you just go, They found those art could see it. This is the Noah's Ark thing we're talking about. I hate that shift it's so it so annoying, because I have certain people, my real life, that believe all this shit, so they put on. He spoke again and I have to go. It hurts me to read and she starts rolling them rolled by the girl that pretended that she wanted to convert her friend to from. Being the girls Hindu, you know that video that I put online burner, Adobe friends, are trying to convert the hindu girl into being Christian. Well, apparently, it's a giant troll. This girl, Scott, like ah it's brilliant, it's really good, she totally seem like like it wasn't over the top. At all I mean it was like it was very much like Jesus or any that stuff you know it's real, so tell
Can you how much really tell about restore, though the story about the situation with the religious people go wacky on you. about a certain things like this you. Ve got a lotta, yet you gotta, lotta religious people in yeah. I got a lotta anne and I'm doing like the exact opposite of what they would enjoy. The two are combining. Did you want to fight Sweden? Now I didn't even know where to apply to the fire. Really unbelievable. It was payment you and it was with a very USC did if you like, you have yes, it's out of your sight. but, like I don't know, I would love to keep doing it, man doing for the lighter weights. I think those guys need more. They deser more credit they're, more action, packed they're fucking. Those fights are crazy in right now, like in this like shower organizational, you see. It's a small organisation, doesn't get nearly as much attention as the USA and.
I wish we absorbed them. I wish we had if it was up to me, I mean, obviously it's not there's a lot of business contracts and all sorts of jazz, but it would be the coolest in the world to be able to call those lighterweight fights man. Your Ryan favorite fought Jose Aldo in the main event for the feather way title and your ry favor he got beat up, got, kicked the shit out of his legs. It's incredible fight! If you watch it, it was more incredible, live watching it, because this dude just picked your ride Favorite part man he just I favor- I mean some people gave him around. I think I don't know what they were thinking because, basically, in my opinion, although that's dominated every single round and at a certain point in time, just just had him mounted in a crucifix just punching in the face like a minute and a half, it was ridiculous. I mean he just completely dominated favor and favors a fucking beast man beast just couldn't stop the leg kick
I chips kept coming. You know, although so goddamn fast, although used to be a real serious soccer player to he played semi professional soccer and those soccer players- man they have incredible legs like they can move really good. Their footwork is really good. They kick really hard and he's just so good move in and out in software all about moving side aside, quick moves to deal with the ball and Guys that are real good at soccer man. That really translates wealth to be able to kick. You know, throwing leg, kicks and and and and getting out of the way a leg kicks and just the ability to spring forward and spring back it just lockers are fucking a tremendous place to start tremendous base for certain types of fighting, especially for like Moita. Now you guys anti Ortiz and John, we are talked about about the budget and I have to go to the recorded wind. It shit sun. We can't just be talking about it over and over how low are those leg cases there?
think about lead. Kicks the Goldbergs Goldberg those talk about that. It's not slap, it's a thump, the ones that are really hard. Don't they not his lab because I like say hit someone's side with your open hand like that and slap the skin of the side. It would be really loud, but if you hit their side with a baseball bat, it would be like the song, a meaty thump and the medi thumps are a lot more painful. What it is the Shin which is digging into the meat of the leg and it fucking hurts like hell. You really can't appreciate how bad a leg kick hurts. Unless someone leg kicks you, someone good you get some fucking Melvin man, hoof type characters, some arnesto who's type, dude to slam a leg. Kick in your leg! You realize, like God, damn it's so fucking painful and that's what this guy's move was. He just kicked his legs out from under him until he was used from the second ran out. He was pretty much useless. Those who sat in about Mohammed South laughing, I really like how that
extremist website kept on getting hacked. Did you see that oh yeah yeah Islamic Islamic yeah yeah? What was their name radical Islam yeah? They were from New York right yeah. I can trade ridiculous. The idea that you I mean that's taken nutty to a whole new level. Yeah, you can't even show our guy in a picture or It's not even a drawing a stick figure. They didn't even look like a stick figure. Then oh yo didn't see it. I didn't see the first episode they draw Mohamed and it pulled up our second. It was just like a stick figure, but it was like a circle aligned and like some kind of wiggly coming out of it and it went like. I should like that Mass Mohamed, it's incredible. It's incredible to here. We are in two thousand and ten and there's people out there that really believe that you shouldn't have a drawing that represents their guy, their Messiah, their prophet and the phone
is this fucking guy? I said that once and this guy emailed me hey dumb ass. The reason why you're not allowed to is because they don't want you worshiping false idols and imagery. Okay, I'm a dumb ass. So you think it's okay to kill people. Because someone's drawing some fucking guy that may or may not have even existed. You can't when you go back. A couple thousand years was Mohammed, like fifteen hundred years ago, when you go back like thousand years plus who the fuck knows what really happened. I use this drama amateur acquired by attacks do me side now. I want to draw a kill. I don't have. No, you don't have anything to do about this. I have no. No, no saying I cannot stop him, your mom and yes, this is bright This version is worse, mahometans, not sanction by you stream. Now I think it is sanctions, as did they beheld, invest this now. This is Mohammed. That's a credible! Yes
Yes, I hears Mohammed with a mustache. Just in case I forget, I just drawing was probably way more important component. photos you think everybody knew how to draw. I think people knew how to draw better. I think like. If someone like someone raped you, you Oh this you're all right yeah because like how bad is people's memory, you know how many people have been arrested for shit because of eyewitness reports and people make this. I wouldn't the and and the arrest of that. That's him. That's avatars other totally wrong, and then they apology I'm so sorry and the person does like fucking fifteen years in jail. You know back then, what the fuck they do. What do they do back then? They
they found the stones that look like the raper. This stone is, this tree is resemble. They just had a box of stones, which one looks most like your rate. It's like you know. I love people that are like really into ufos and shit and like say they talk about images that are on like cave walls, I've ever seen the images on Cabalso it's flying, so fosters and Alex on the cave. Walls like or hear all those fucking. How do you know those cave guys didn't just eat a mess on mushrooms or trip? Also just a drawing loony shit. It comes the more what if it was like a children's book for their small kid look. You come from this guy with free elk. You know you, you don't know what the fuck they're drawing you found some sales on a wall yeah. If you found some of my drawings you'd, be like what that guy look like. There are people look. I did get that you see that hand not that not that one below that
drawing pad depths and shit I found from my high school years? That's awesome was from when I was like fifteen I shot that is crazy, yeah, to scan all the shit in many amazing it online. You are a hundred times better than I was, and I did it all the time this is like this is like from when I was a kid. It is a super cat. Oh shit, Like some shit, I used to draw a law that has recently. I used to that's what I used to want to be is an artist for comics You have one thousand nine hundred and eighty two, so I guess I was fifteen nineteen, two. I was eight years old I want all yours, it's monsters, it's all, so scared and monsters. Man goldilocks theirs.
I'm going to have to do something with this, because I don't really drop and any more oh sweet, I don't here's a wolf man, one I was always into werewolf. That's why I was so bummed out that that benacio Del Toro Movie fucking so cause. It did. Fucking act like it didn't happen. Is that you just that's an injured or do peeing on the bed burping over the bed. From the bed team, wait you drew on that yeah. I don't know what was wrong with me. It's like describing different ways of was on the bed. It's like seeing on. This might be some project that I had to do for school. I got like in trouble all the time because, when I was on the wrestling team, I drew the wrestling logo for our high school wrestling. That's cool, When I was this well, I also drew the logo for our school. We had like t shirts for Newton South. We had lion side due to lion.
I used to do that. I did worth the Worthington Kilborn official Bungy, sure we're cardinal bungee jumping, but somewhat That's, so that the from a picture from there's an old, I think it was long chain, Junior or know which one which, where will maybe there was Oliver Merit, I don't know which one it was wow. That's bad dude! Look how good it looked in color. You got a color, the drew. but before August Humpty, Dumpty, Humpty, dumpty, the axe, murder, you allow other shit in your book, yeah I'll do something with a con in that's when I was in the cone and the barbarian did That's that's! So that's amazing werewolf! I was fuckin obsessed with where rules, for whatever reason that bears I just stopped
we love Wolfman, aware what thou wasn't like your father, and I think I was angry kid and those who is obsessed with the idea that you could, I think, would represent me was like you know that you can Calm and normal and then some shit happens. I just work right, you, maybe that's what I wanted to do. I wanted to fucking Hulk out on people and turn into to were you're an angry kid, never good, but I am. I will act, I wanted to be a cop of artists, but my high school, our teacher was a douche bag images, oppressive and annoying and unhappy, and had no joy no happiness. This man everyday was serious. Like his art was serious and you know he would we use a talented whose, like he would draw like pouring shit, you know he would like draw like pears and staffing both he has always gave faggot. You know I gotta go,
If I wanna see fruit right I'll, take that to let me see it, you got a photo of Wolverine fighting Spiderman to shut the fuck up, because that's what I like yeah- and he was telling me that what I like was like juvenile and then it was like foolish, and I but you're just suppressing what I like you know I like watching in all fuckin muster movies. I like reading comic books, Is there something wrong with that? It's just an entertainment. I hate when people pretend they're Or another, somehow or another, is like more valid or more sophisticated. Just because it's like like people who love serious movies like I don't like you know, comic serious movies. Whatever man are you learning something when you go to see like, like, you know, depressing Sean pen movie, you learning something. When you go to see those movies marrying again tat my emotions, it was our river movie, whatever the FUCK River rents there. Now, though, the shot pen one bomb is the greatest error that whenever, but it was,
you know and everybody's like it's such an important film like what what film is important yeah. Ok, they're, fucking movies man good movie enjoy yourself. You have the time it takes? You someplace gives us some thrills. You know use a lot of shit. You don't know what's happening, things get resolve houses, gonna, what's gonna go down! That's all it is it's fucking, entertainment and the idea that your entertainment, because it represents like things that happen in real life, is somehow of a superior to shoot. hers or monsters like please. I had a good AR teacher. It's funny cause. I get season s in every class because I would sleep except for art, which I straight. a places took every class, but my teachers, Like a lot of my paintings, I look back and I'm like wow. She let me do this like one was called pool table on acid and she gave me a minus and it was a pool table with a monster coming out of it, and everything was melting. One likes to happen, draft version and making my teacher.
Used to say shit to me like you know like well, you know what, if you get a job where you have to draw a baby for a diaper commercial, I want to see you draw a baby for a diaper commercial and I'm like, oh man. Why are you fucking killing my buns dude draw a baby for a diaper commercial. Like? Is that my future right? What I have to look forward to a drawing diaper ads like he was like, like my dream, was to do comic book illustrations and he was telling me. Basically, you need to have skills because you're not going to reach those dreams and what, if you have a job, that's just you as an illustrator doing boring stuff. Well, you have to draw boring stuff, and I was like you fucking buzzkill. You know and this gap is just a dumpy physically
out of shape unhealthy person and he was just just depressed all the time and so I killed my effectively I went. I only went for two years to our class. I believe it was fourteen and fifteen. I think, by the time I went into my junior year of high school. I think I said fuck that guy I'm tired of this. He was annoying, so I just drew on my own from then on that effectively killed my wanting to go to school for art. I was looking at our colleges and shit. had you know scholarships lined up and trying to figure out where it goes. The only thing I had a chance of getting any sort of scholarship in, but ah just teacher you know you don't realize what a gigantic fucking affect. Having a good or a shitty teacher can have
don't get the salaries cutting their salaries over and over again, I decided cutting it again and I think it's teachers, and even the most important things ever you know like up there with doctors strike, can't it's amazing how we were so shortly when it comes for when, when it comes to that, what is that you raising the child from the beginning? That should be the most important thing that should be huge people that can influence your children and at peace Let's say mean shit like I will never forget. I had a math teacher in high school who was just fucking. Pouring in the class was boring and she was ass, black lady with a black accent, but she would mispronounced words all the touch, a terrible grammar. And yet she would like shit all over you if you didn't understand her her her math problems, and she was in there doing her math problem and I was bored and I was like drawing or something usually that's what I did in class. I draw all over. My notebooks to me to And she goes. She looks up and she sees me now pay attention. Sicily,
Mr Bogan, would you like to come up here and do both for these problems with a class, and I said. Do you want me to do both of those problems and everybody started fucking howling and so she said go down to the team's office. Right now I said okay, but when I get back, I'm gonna do both of those problems and everybody was laughing. She goes go ahead. Laughing Mr Rogan, Mr Rogan ain't going nowhere he's going nowhere in life and I'm like at least I know how to say both get out of my classroom and she told me: oh that's so long. That was like the beginning of my time as a stand up comedian, because I felt like I was defending myself. I weren't doing anything to you, I'm just sitting Scribble into my notebook. You know I just wasn't attention because I was bored out of my fucking head and I had problems with authority. She just you know like to be the lady to call on you. If you ain't paying attention, you know, actually she would would get mad, but I mean meanwhile, this fucking bitch could even speak right. She,
both? Would you like to come up here and do both of you? I will never forget it. It's like in my mind, it's like a movie playing out because the anger in my head that this fucking dummy was trying to make me look dumb in front of everybody. Just because I was scribbling and I wasn't paying attention to her. My opinion on math was always like. Okay, math is very essential, but don't. We have calculators now we do and has no legal endless. Why matters through is done. Like I'm done, there is only a finite amount of things to pay attention to the day, and I don't give a fuck about these whack equations, that you're making me solve and figure out. I know how to add. I know how to divide. I know how to multiply it, or are we done here so I have to keep going. Is this really gonna end up you're making me be a fucking square peg and fit into your fucking round hole? You know I I don't want to do what you want me to do this.
Nonsense. It's weird! Nowadays, I can't even imagine going to school with Google, because then that would be like no. I don't want to learn it. I could just search it. If I need it, I don't get what you do. That was a problem. I used to watch a lot of documentaries even when I was a kid and I got in trouble again like people would say like you're comedian, where your class clown like I was not really class clown. What I used to do, though, is draw a lot of cartoons about our teacher Getting involved shit and as one teacher that was, really annoying Mr Hall Mick and. H, o l M A and very serious, but he was wrong about a lot of shit and I was you know. I was fucking fifteen years old and I was in class and I was again bored out of my fucking mind. He had a science class, but at least science class is a little more interesting and he started going on about Lake Erie Lake Erie, a dead lake and this and that and started talking about all the pollution. That's involved in Lake Erie and I said well, actually, I just saw a documentary that was on PBS. It was talking about the resurgence of Lake Erie about how
you were very hard to filter out the water and they ve done all these different things cut down the pollutants and they ve seen a resurgence in in the fish population and he can- whole fucking mad at me, and I was like. Have you seen this documentary? He says no. This is not true and I'm like it's not true. It's on pps. I watched it last night, I'm like oh man, all right so you're, just like them, so the next time we're in class. He had like these things that we pulled down like projection screens and I pulled the projection screens up and I drew cartoons of him and then I pulled the projections down and covered him. So he went to drawn the chalkboard and, as he pulled the chalkboard up, there's always fucking cartoons of him like saying wacky shit, and he had this thing that he would do like he would do this crazy thing with his hands. We would move his hands like this now
teacher, Mr White, and he was only like five foot two, so I drew him all the time, but every time I drew him, I drew him standing on something. He Stanley got a box, they're standing at a chair or standing at a school, and I drew just like him. It's so funny dude. And I had a one, an anthropology teacher who obsessed with Jane Goodall and the monkeys. You know Jane Goodall lived chimpanzees, so I drew this one kid who was his football player? Who was a nice kid, but he was always kissing her ass because he wanted her to like him. So you get better grades, so I drew him banging her and like. I can look like her. I looked like him and I drew him banging her saying she was like. Oh give it to me monkey style and passing around the class. I got, splendid two separate occasions for drawing cartoons
sent home to me too. That's the only thing I normally get in trouble for him. I would do the same thing, but with overhead projector I was like draw like a some penis. Is there was an indian guy in our class? I always make fun of his farts because he had really bad farts and then one time they pulled the whole class out and they go like all right. Omar has really bad gas because of his diet, and it's not funny. and if you guys make fun of it anymore, you guys are organised. I remember this speech so course, then I only drew Omar for the rest of the year. I draw this indian guy hearten on people and stuff, like that. How ridiculous is that you tell them kids not to make fun of farts cause, it's not fun. I know how disingenuous is that. Cannot tell someone that farts are funny as soon as you say, farts are funny, I'm not listening to right because you're not being us now, you could say part, don't smell new majesty loves non far. This people do that's life fart porn.
There's far porn, where dudes get their head right and gross faces and gross fart in their mouths. To hard on now. I mean we've talked about this before about how your farts smell awesome, but other people's fart smell, terrible to you, your farts smell the bad, except once in a while one lets out you're like ashamed and you're like I had one the other day it never not gonna by myself, really wanna by myself. It's always like wow. I always smelling my own farts enjoying it. Everybody does that. I think even girls do that they just don't want a minute girls cut for, but what is that Why is there an evolute? I mean it's gotta, be something if everyone does it like? What is it, I think it's like your body sitting at like a spray for meeting, but it's probably activation. a little ridiculous theory. It say you won't knock up and get pregnant or art. I go pick your own dick or on a booking awesome. I want to make myself
no, but why do you think the people like the one for? Why is that I don't know about that because it's like it's it's food that you ate already, so you guys this guy says it's called Pika the urge to eat smell, eat, random things. I thought I saw people right, yeah, it's people that have mineral deficiencies in a point where they're the paint dirt, and how do you think about that? The other day, how weird that would be eating dirt? Just craving it like, I need this dirt. Imagine we get it. Rain could easily be wired wrong. You think about all different connections inside people's brains and I think of people like my friend, John Jock Machado, my original I get to instructor. He was born without his one hand, his left hand he doesn't have all of his fingers. His left hand only has like a thumb and like nub you know that's how he was born. Here is some some I mean I don't know what it was exactly some sort of a disease but he's born without finger.
If you're born without fingers, you could be born with crazy connections in your head that make you love other people's fart. You know you could be. You know what I'm saying I mean it's possible. I mean we look at like autism, what they dont understand about autism, but some people of autism can do crazy things like there's a child, I can see a place like this. Look out the window like a city and ensure the city and exact detail right down to the Fuckin street signs down to the alleyways. I and incredible there's this video. Of online doing it. I mean he can just look at an image of a place or go to a place and see something and just completely recreate it in his mind and it he has a version of auto You it's like the whole rain. Man thing. That's like what is you know what the fuck is going on, that you can see something and record it like exactly, but you I have no chance mean if I had a dream, backyard, it would be all off right.
a backdrop thousand times, but if I raw would be all fuckin whack, you know, What the fuck is that I don't know it's really weird. I know a friend that is that friend uncle is that I met him once so yeah. I met him once and he's always talking about how he used to sit on his mom's shoulders during parades and stuff, like that, he met me once though, then every year he can't stop exactly talking about me to her. Like she's, like where's Brian at Brian, said he was going to distorts wonder- and I remember remembered everything about me. He buys gifts, you know and we broke up a long time ago. So it's like she's like dude. He bought your gifts and he knows everything about you want stop talking about you, but then wow. It's so weird. I do want to fuck you. It did wanted me. That's strange man. I mean it's like. The potential of the human mind you know, do think it's because they there's obviously something some sort of a disconnect socially with people that have autism.
Think it's sort of like one of those things where people who can't see can hear incredibly, it's like when you, where you are missing. One sense: your other senses like supercharged. yeah. I just I don't know because I sometimes I think things like that think. I think what if he knows exactly everything on but on mouth doesn't work kind of like when You'Re- so fucked up you're trying to say something about again she of yours. You know Bringing banking out in right- maybe I like tat it s but their own affectionate. That's the thing with the Miller, there's a social disconnect and a real disconnect. I mean where they don't. They don't express themselves, they don't smile as much. They don't make eye contact as much as other kids do yeah. You know, but in in so doing now, in doing that, they have this incredible focus like I have a friend.
child is son. Has a mild form of Asperger's was like an autism type of thing and his son is a Jiu Jitsu wizard, the kids are on assassin, I mean he's really really fucking good like like goes out of head to head, would like world championships like really really good, and one of the reasons. Why is really good, as he has this intense ability to focus on things, and you know he's not so good socially doesn't have a girlfriend. Not so good at having buddies, but God damn you get on the mat with that motherfucker. He remembers. Every move, he's countering your moves and advancing and moving forward, and he taps like really high level block, but all the time you know
It's like autistic, doesn't necessarily mean super super. Intelligent doesn't necessarily mean you know some sort of a rain man type genius, but it has the potential it would waste me think. I wonder if it's you know almost like. If so many people that are autistic dude is like one out of a hundred now you know and it's advancing over the years. I wonder if it's possible that you know I mean people say that it's due to environmental conditions, which could be due to pollution, it could be due to diet. It could be due to the hormones in our food there's a bunch of different Like theories on what causes autism, but if it's happening in much greater numbers than it ever has before, and that's debatable as well, because some people say it's not there's just more people are diagnosed as being autistic as they've changed a diagnosis, but that's that's under debate as well. What, if it's sort of a next stage of evolution? What, emotions and- and dealing with you know,
the way human beings have always been like really emotional, and what, if that's, not gonna, be necessary in the future? We have that slowly being phased out, because human beings don't have to use our fight our flight. You know reflexes, an instinct anymore, because you know we're not running from fuckin safer. The TIGERS and shed basically we're just dealing with civilised society. Now society becomes more more civilised and ass aside, it becomes more and more. Modern. More people are born with this detachment from emotions, and one of the reasons why I thought this is because of amish people and amish people live their life in a very traditional old school sort of a way. You know it's kind of a fucked up. Really but you know they drive running horse driven buggies and they build their own houses, and you know- and I don't know if use
electricity, some of them, some of them, use electricity. Some of them drive in regular cars. Some of them have real jobs and they're amish. It just depends on what kind of homes they are right, but the the whole premise originally was that these people go. like a certain repining red hundreds of years ago, well They have a much much much lower history or much much lower numbers of autistic children, It might be just something like cell phones and signals of cell phones and be bearers, and all the shit that started that's making it increase or could just be like splenda? You know it something we're not even thinking about. We don't know and that's what expertise, Africa and I could easily be. We don't know I mean the only way to do you know, there's a lot of theories about you know. People say that there's a lot of people there's a lot of anecdotal evidence about. Vaccinations. There's a lot of people say, there's no scientific connection whatsoever and people always want to jump on that your work. Tinfoil had this whole thing about autism when people over there,
thousands of people been paid off by the Autism Court of America because of a member. The exact title of the corporate believe it is up to the court and not out, of course, using vaccination court. It is like the vat. Let me find the exact number, the exact theory, because one of the Kennedy, I think Robert Kennedy Jr is heavily involved in this ship and a lot of people have been paid off by vaccine court because it's in the thousands of families because of their their children suffering from brain damage after being vaccinated that they had brain, swelling and brain damage. They receive sizable reward from the courts. Now, if that's really true, how do we not know that you're not damaging other shit with vaccinations, especially like heavy duty vaccinations
with through Marisol and all that stuff that's been linked. I mean the stuff that they've removed from from vaccines. It's a real heavy debated issue because people don't want to think a people have had their children vaccinated. They don't want to think that they've done anything wrong to their children and People have chosen that artistic. They want to blame someone, and so they try to blame the vaccination. But the bottom. is, you know, you're, injecting chemicals into your baby when you're not even supposed to give kids fucking peanut butter you're, not even supposed to give babies peanut butter because they might have a peanut allergy right, but yeah you can shoot them up with all these fucking chemicals. I don't know, you know this whole Jenny, Mccarthy, debate now and she's running around saying that you know vaccinations cause autism to the kids, but I have friends that say their kids were more. We have a friend that we know it's Is kid got the measles, mumps and rubella, and then instantly was different, like instantly became, detached, got fucking, weird and in the kid hasn't series autism now whether
it's connected or whether or not he had a pre existing condition. That was exacerbated by those vaccinations, that's possible as well, but who the fuck knows what's causing all this shit, it could be you know just the amount of pollution the higher levels of carbon dioxide in the air could be. You know the preservatives and food it could be and how it can be. A bunch of shit, but it also could be the civilization it could be. The fact that a civilization progress is the need to have all these emotions and me too, to exist. The way people have always existed, as is morphine its changing Know we're gonna be like fucking aliens. I mean if you think about, like all the depictions of aliens in science fiction, the advanced aliens they're, always super unemotional. Take me to your leader. You know it's like that type of shit. It's like kind of inherently know that emotional, are sort of holding back progress and as human beings become super, technical or so
Super technologically evolved that eventually we're going to get to a point where we're not irrational and emotional, and you think about the shit that happened with that crazy girl that got you arrested. What was that? It's not the emotions chaos and emotions think about almost all murders. That's why japanese people never have domestic violence issues. They do that's silly. You have any, I mean, support the son, but you think about that when we think about alien life, super advanced alien life. The guy from the data earth stood still is always super stoic, and you know I mean we kind of it apparently know that that is the future that that's where we're headed and that's autism. I me it's kind of a fucked up think, but I mean maybe all these people, like one out of a hundred, have autism and the debate
as to whether or not it's been you know just do they change the diagnosis I dont know, if that's the case, and I think you know either it debated what is causing. It was the only way you know what's causing it is you take the exact same biological human being you watch a shit to him. He has autism. You go back in time to try it without the shit you see if it develops autism, you start removing other, I mean it's just speculation when you're dealing with these kind of numbers, one out of one hundred, I mean these are pretty significant numbers. You know you have a thousand people, you have a hundred autistic kids, you know that's nutty man, that's crazy! There's a lot of goddamn people. Have you ever seen re hard porn, the. He told me your scene it. What is it you return for work, but that, in return for poor be also don't wait here, because I return important, you feel like you're, watching something illegal but then you're like wait. This isn't adults, but then you like it
he doesn't rhinos getting far with a dildo in his asshole. Nor do I do love you. I saw some of the other days a hard core retard born where this girl, who is also retarded with shoving a dildo up, is retard guys, asshole and the girl like more retarded, but the guy- I don't know it's so weird and I started watching I'm like what I was awful so so never watch it don't ever watch it. That's the thing we talked about poor like who buys porn. Today. Problem is like fucking nobody's by important too money in porn. They got to go deep Well, you know porn always has these walls that they hit and they always come out of it, because when the bottom line is there's always going to be porn. You know how do you make money, though, when there's so much of it already on the internet? You know it's really amazing how like movies and stuff like that are having a hard time getting their videos off the internet. But if you try define again movie like if you want to find this
movie import lot of these web. All working like these, the EU, ports and stuff, like that they don't give your thirties thirty minute, thirty second clear or something like that, but they're keeping the majority of their main movies off all these websites, which I find real amazing. What do you mean, like? If you try, find a lot like agenda, Jamieson Movie To our agenda Jamieson area compared to Avatar which way do so, but you can get a bit torrent easily yeah do you know how many porn stars are there not on bittorrent? It's not. same as, as like Pirate Bay points harder to find I bet you're wrong. I bet. If you go to news groups and shit, I bet they trade shit at a rapid rate. I think you're just not obsessed with porn. It's not it's just not there as much though it's what I'm saying I mean you can go to. Pirate Bay has a lot of porn. They have porn on there, they have some porn, but it's not a pirate bay is not about porn, though it's only about like wears, and it's about
movie music videos file. It's about everything. He really is about pain, but it's not the same percentage of point. Twenty five percent of everything another point of rising to the mainland. reasonable thing corns getting into the most. I guess nowadays is having personal websites of you. Find a girl. I see, if you have, you find a girl like so and so down the street yeah. You become a member for nine bucks a month and you get her a webcam just sitting there play with her bubble. You know: yeah, that's like the big deal right is webcam shows for those girls like Facebook page. It's like that girl. That's on our message: board crazy, Amber yeah, crazy, Amber literally makes her living by doing like live way cam shows her she's one of the first girls ever new hd video on the internet for porn. he brought about on our website man. We should have like a press re. It's like six years ago, I d two thousand and four yeah yeah she's, pretty fucking she's heavily tech yeah. So I yeah she's
crazy for Asia Amber dot com or amber's amateur hard, core dot com from here. Just like a crazy aerial. Finer Fiona finally, She's crazy, Amber on the Rogan Board. If you don't know what the Rogan Board is, I got a forum that has like it's almost like three million it's up to a post on it, it's a pretty wild forum, any fucked up news. Anything! That's going on anything! It's crazy! Any new video that came out anything Anything. Bananas is on forums, Dodger, Rogan, DOT, net, the Roman board get on the board and sign up to be a member. Anybody can be a member, but if you're a decade like a retard with pink you and will pick you as there's two forums. There's one for him. That's the regular forms called shit talking. One hundred and one and there's another form, that's called special ed. And what special ed is is when you are too fucked up. You need too much engine because too much you, you start, you know. Just just harassing
and being annoying starting dumb arguments or your increasing soccer. I've noticed, especially with twitter, a lot more creepy stockers than I thought there was this just a bunch of people out there but they're fucking nuts, and you wouldn't ordinarily, let them into your life and now because of the internet, they get into your life and you got to figure out a way to filter them. You know I mean sometimes we have this chap here and the and sometimes people just constantly saying dumb, annoying DOM annoying stupid shit over and over and over and over and over again, but the beautiful thing is just click on them and that's a beautiful thing about twitter to some People- Twitter, you stupid shit and all they try to do is get your attention. It's all they're trying to, but what's scary is like there's a few people that they wake up from the morning to sleep. Every three minutes, writing a message and you're like this is what this person on the mat now like on Twitter, some, oh yeah, some of these people really scree me to fuck. Well, it's giving them a direction too. It's given some people like something to do something to look forward, though they get to interact with all these different human beings
like that slurp Ello Grill that you guys always talk about what are you doing? I fucking has the one sided conversation she's had been trying to fuck me for the last two Monstas Fucker dude. Why is I have not like one word to her, but every every day, she goes Brian want to fuck her face. Are we gonna see she wants from this? I don't see anything wrong is called she's just forward. She's, a Ford young lady, but you know what's funny, is like I follow her sometime and she's like having fallen conversations with Jenna Jameson like right back and forth. And I'm like that's funny that goes back and forth. What do you think of the Goldman Sax case? Do you know about that? Or you know what Golden Saxis now golden Sax is a gigantic bank that's getting sued now, but the federal government is actually looking to them. They're gonna bring the court there on here. Gonna, try them and figure out how the fuck they frauded people they shorted. What they did was they sold people a bunch of they told people to buy things, and then they.
act against it, so they told people that with Shorty Means is like say if you decide that you know are get the market. You say: ok, this company is going to take a share. They're gonna fall apart, but you keep selling that company to your clients. You keep. hey you should invest in this carbonate, uses companies a good investment Meanwhile, you're shorting, which means you're betting, that that company is going to fail on the side and they made tons of money. They basically fucked over their customers, manipulated the whole system and made fucking hundreds of billions of dollars. For this. This is this guy Matt Tybee has been writing about. This is in rolling stone, magazine, fascinating and infuriating articles all about the corruption, that's involved in Wall Street and it's fucking mine blowing, that they can still pull that shit off in two thousand and ten. You now! Hi is one thing I said on stage this weekend. I've been talking with us a lot. You know when people talk about what don't understand. The economy is complicated and here's what I don't understand, there's the same amount of fucking people, okay,
they're the same amount of shit, the same amount of metal, same amount of materials, the same amount of people buying things where the fuck did all the money go. What happened but the stock market crashed in the housing market was inflated and fell by what the Are you even saying what does that mean It means that the system's bullshit, it means the whole system, is fucking nuts. I think everyone knows the systems bullshit no wiser braided about does nothing may eyes, but I'm surprised us is that it keeps going it's who talked about this before Our system is like our culture, are our system of government is like windows. Ninety eight, no windows. Ninety five hundred viruses where's patches added, trying to fix things joint work around stuff, but that's really what it's like. It's like this ancient flock. stupid system that doesn't work. Crashes all the time, and it's got these bugs and it's filled with corruption and yet still There's there's no solutions for it, move to an island what
you can't even moves on. At. Are you gonna do over there for work? Fucking pick coconut how about you going back to manually, you so happy people to talk about like how they hate society. The way it is right now you would be so fucking happy yeah. If you move to an I, you have to work for a living to come back here? You'd, be so have to go back. The way life was just pay twenty. I remember when I was in high school and I was on vacation in Myrtle Beach, which is the widest trashes vacation ever But I remember talking to this guy and all he did every day with open up this like little Shack that looked like a grass plot and make margaritas for people he just said there every day I think we were talking to him. I'm, like you did this every day he was fucking like I see the hottest chick that sit here on the beach. I do nothing but make drinks man, it's the greatest life ever I'm like. I love this guy. I was like make just enough to probably mean probably could never make enough to buy like something huge or get right, get by probably relies on the credit and stuff, but that is a lot
to me. I was like. Oh you just pretty much do what you like to do. yeah, there's an argument for that man there's. Definitely an argument for the do the checks out. It's like an Ex patriot moves to Costa Rica right, sits on the fucking Beach and drinks Margaret it is why the explodes explosion and distance. yeah, I mean there's an argument for that. My is about to retire. Sixty something Just about retired this year, and unlike my guards Scary that you know you're not going to have any income coming in at all because it's kind of scary, but you not saved up so much and I'm like yeah, but you could have one hospital thing: fuck your life up and then now you have to go back to work like twenty years later and you're going to be out of the loop working at fucking, grocery stores, trying to pay for your wife to buy new diapers. For you know freaks me the fuck out yeah. How much does your dad have saved up? I mean how much I'm not really sure, but it's probably, as over a million. I would have. Get over millions, I think you that's what you see, I dont undeniable sure yeah yeah,
smart yeah, but still, but now a million dollars. I mean you go to the doctor and you get fucking chemo you're, paying like two hundred thousand dollars. You know or something like that, then definitely make sure you keep up on your health and truck yeah scary to escape. He can cause he could live another. Fifty years old, fifty two or something like that fuck as you're digging for fifty years. Well, I mean you, know you don't he's, never gonna die. No. He couldn't live forty years. What does he want to do like when he retired? Does he have a thing that he wants to? He likes he's just like me, but with they didn't have computers, so he does everything else with like electronics and building things so, he will make like a hot tub and his living room. You know, build his own yeah yeah. He build like the whole living room and hot tub just for fun. You know wow, but what's it's like that. They keep people happy man, happy man, things and maybe he can invent can invent something to sell it. Maybe castrate them
trying to do that. Well, he's been trying to break with a perpetual motion for the longest time. He has all these perpetual motion machines and his basement and you go in there and just magnets with bike bikes sickle tires and that And he's got like fifteen patterns, he builds thing a lot of time, but in that it's like he builds a computer that gets right on out of your bathroom. you know and then you're like what rate. Well, why doesn't he? Just I mean that seems like a really promising Allen I pursue is that creative? Maybe he just think about that think about retiring and using all his time to try to come up with some new way to make income right. So I told him he needs to make something yeah. Why not fuck it man dude you better to take that chance at sixty. That is sixty that you said it was better. Take that chance at sixty. Then I take that chance when you're fucking you're almost dead And they're, like God, I should have Don something interesting. What if he makes it when follow something starts making a good living off of something he created and he doesn't have to work, get up at noon and I go to the coffee shop and you know.
This aspect is how crazy, sometimes things happen in life. You know there was a come out visit me next month and he was retire the following month and my mom was thinking about retiring the following one and then I broke up with my relationships, so they decided not to calm the following day after deciding not to come there. late. My stepmom is getting laid off, but because she had like over a week of vacation time, set aside that she'd never used they happily or some kind of like year, pension plant avoided the bottom line is just because she did. They didn't take that vacation. She gets paid for a year for no reason whoa an extra year. So she would have visited me about that students. Corporate world I love on the house. Do you believe in fate and stuff like that, like things that happened for a reason, do you believe that you think everything's kind of
set out and you really can't change it. It's easy to be cynical about that idea, but it's it also seem sometimes like it almost seems like life is scripted you know, and in your situation I think it seems like it sometime in my situation, my life, it is sometimes seem so ridiculous and it almost seems like we are
living our own movie right now that that out that an end, the more gonzo the Fuckin NEWS gets the more bizarre. Oh now are our culture gets the more it seems like a movie. The more seems like it almost seems fake. It almost seems like we're living in a dream, and if you look like some things that happened to certain people, you you go. What's it attributable tribute? Is it is it you attributed to the fact that they have lived positive life and of good things? Are happened to them, and is it karma so karma real because that's like, while the trickiest space he hissed of notions ever so it is that was really go on or is it because, as a grand plot to life, is it because life is like a gigantic mathematical equation? There's like a set
there's a set result, is going to happen, no matter what that's all working towards that set result and Ryan. Are you getting a certain job and you meeting a certain person? Is all a part of the grand plan, our universe and weird? It is weird, it's a it's. It's you can't say one or the other can't say. Yes there I believe in fate. Fate is real, mean you should consider it, but he also can't say fates, not real, and you know you decide your own destiny. Is I don't know if that's true either you now mean we. a weird combination of biology of life, experiences of genetics. You know, there's there's a lot of shit going on. You know how you interpret the life experience the people you come in contact with that help. You refer the way you look at things and how many people government, and its far you and literally the way you think about all the time.
But it makes me wonder if I was supposed to meet this person and go through this experience and a lot of times. I just want to feel like that lost sound is going on in the background you know, because it just seems like it's just like that, like it's just a weird Some just seems fake. I think a lot of it is because you live in your life. The right way, I think a lot of it is you live in real life, positive you're, not being shitty anybody not create a car with a real death, eyebolts ashore armor, that's why this book it's ratting out, Larry King's wife, yeah, he's gonna, get it she's gonna hit the fan view, son yeah, he's gonna have nipple cancer and it's gonna get ugly. I don't know I don't know if fades true, and I think you know it's one of those subjects where
People are very polarized on you now that some people will people argue like vehemently that their size correct, because sort of like a windows verse smack argument. You know it's like a religion, verses. Eighty is an argument that site you know. People want to be correct if they choose a stance that choose a cap, that there is now an that's. What fate is one the weird ones? I am open to the idea that there's a fate I'm open to the idea that there's that life really is like some sort of a gigantic equation, and then it's moving towards up. I don't know a charter. I try to keep an open mind about all that stuff, but I think, as soon as you decide that you have the information one way or another, you being silly yak that you're gonna block awfully and only here what you want a hearing and their use your lot living at the right right. May we have friends that believe in nutty things, and we ve had conversations with these friends
Believe in nutty things- and you can tell they are not even considering the fact that these nutty things they believe in are in fact just nutty things. You know I mean that's, that's a disconnect and you said it best when you said you're you're, not keeping everything on the table. Rule number one right, rule number one: to keep it all? Even when you have one hundred percent everything on the table like a possible bit on the table, why even bothered I take. The table way. You know the sun comes up recipe. The reason that exactly we get married to an answer. Yes, granola side of a four against you know I mean it's like religion is like anything else. Human beings are very insecure and you know our life inherently is insecure, and because of that, I think we try to. We try to put things in a box so that we can deal with them when they're in a box there. It is labelled its wrapped up. Ok, ok! God is not real in that box. Let's move
do we like windows, real, like mat, I say Windows Macos for faggot put it in the box, we're moving on Amaram, pc you're. Getting to this is just or for idiots. You know. I think I think we had two hours. I think this is good. We're gonna end on a positive note, least Legion, So, thank you very much for in when you come back next week we will have a couch, we will have better cameras. We have new video cameras coming in the audio on that's on this week's Itunes will be said from a from a big beefed up mp3 and it's supposed to be the best you can buy. So hopefully that will be, ace, soul be clean audio on the Itunes. We have two values to audio versions of it
and we will continue to evolve it. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to twitter. It tell us what you like what you don't like. If you join my forum, please don't be a douche bag. Forms dot, Jerome DOT net. And if you have any suggestions, their fears put him in there. We appreciated, and thanks for tuna and next week, We will be sponsored officially as of next week. A flashlight, we're gonna, get some flashlights and we're gonna fuck my fuck, the shit out, I'm gonna fuck these these on record audio of mind. We can listen to it, I'm not loud you or the team on okay. Do I do the reported record audio we're gonna, make it this weekend, and and get some. We got a sponsor now, so we're fucking, this is a professional show goddamn it, but hopefully still just as fun as it was before
Again, thank you very much everybody. We appreciate the shit out of it. Thank you for tuning in. We will see you next week, Tuesday, as always. Joe Rogan outweigh the red men My twitter is now just Joe Rogan. It's not Joe Rogan DOT net anymore. It's just Joe Rogan, alright, later bitches powerful, save it yeah same battery low really for real, oh died, no way wow. It can't last two hours.
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