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Bryan Callen, Jimmy Burke, Brian Redban
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i love using it this is the awful brain that we saw in the uk in the uk they have like certain nutritional restrictions can of vitamin be six as a couple of different things in parts of the world maybe it's australia's basics either way probably a just solution for amazon com au and and i d like you said couldn't broken jimmy burg is here as well as brian cowen lead is needed a festive festive evening its occasion so we got you me and from new york hit the body let's start this bitch students the opening the years has even more significant now which would have been the microphone there this really is what you mean it gives more because he's the one that says train by the age of biogas by night already later ashes why should after all be japan up does he listened the packages
to him his brother name if you'd call on its aid nay nay however you're my favorite fighters are my fair final ones more fun for i know i love make because and i love made but i've got to make his is the guy for me who he comes to fight he doesn't want to win points doesn't care he comes in and these look member what bitches plodding into shots that that that than the so confident uncomfortable there it's weird watch them with his hands dug a webpage what everybody runs from i wanna be sat so rare that a guy tries to actually fight him like a dog eat dog in the center of the arctic you gotta come up with a strategy like cutting corners and your conduct cod to great good good on him he's a me was amazing tough guy have a lot of respect for but you gotta fight that we want to stand and bang with that guy over this brother and instead of being with us because you look at those guys physically then
ass is the strongest they don't have they the physical gives it a lot of guys do and yet they trusted got a nightmare stupid indoor and to their indonesia's off the chain they don't get higher its negative reminds me around that's what they say what i was impressive carl's contents and during two but amre and i watched the fight when i was there like this is really interesting to because when you watch it live what i'm doing commentary there but i've got a very peculiar angle it's a great site don't get me wrong but you know basically everyone's feet are right where my eyeballs are minute is occasion front of me some you're actually better off watching it at home yet you have a better seated home with without you have a big mean tv you get a better view of the fights and i do not just crazy spy football ye bass thing and i'm u get close up what i miss shit that's happening in the fight like sub ratio were doomed took big countries back my didn't see how we took his backing i completely missed it because there is a referee there and then there was a post so i also sudden vertue must on its back literally like in a second i think would happen was roy took a big swing in a mist and then for briefly overdue took his back scrambling and looked at the monitors i get on the treatment meted out to get someone out again with the functions abbot whereas it at home
you would know exactly what happened right will you have a camera production crew their good that we are ready to see the three never gonna know version this time with john when and where it can flooring where does that play i dont think they do the movies years i am now going to like the three eighty three tv pixar just released toy story one two and three now so now it's starting to get movies it's starting to get worked up about the amount of aid and that being a country like i am so astounded at not only is insurance but his skill i look forward to the ability to think a punch i'm gonna get my life is too no easier for resisting robotic you learn to do as a giant huge man and huge and risk i was taken shaft whose face like nobody's meticulous needs that would put any one else unconscious and he kept comic these amazing slower no one's ever even had him hurt man junot dos santos bombed on big country and never had her need ever had unlike agree trouble
does no one wants to buy never lonely agencies good is forecast to jitters nasty and his right hand is a fuckin but he's just unbelievably determined and the way his head is helps these is built to take shots i mean there's this guy's that are just built shine has ever seen a man is its will to its spirit is fighting spirit i mean there's a reason why does so good like looking the way look she's now can i ask you matter how long he is no that's disadvantage is a disadvantage period to be that family out allows it was all things that book a did come to hollywood
fuckin trim you up you spiritual fibers in the aid these regular hang out with you and your immigration your commitment and yet i am very surprised that you have carried away arrives i started working with professional fighter guys like listen to take one dollars they caught high school have regained his eyes caress our big country western africa to toxic he's out of my mental his excellency the thing about becomes menaces heart you can't fucking shut that heart down his heart is he's gotten indomitable spiritual here's what i'm saying it's not even i don't even know it's physically that he takes the shots better than other people just refuses to go down refuses what what must i think it has to be constructed as your chin gets hit something nigeria omits deadly me look at he's got a big white hair surely a lot but using from saint uses watching
camp easy trains and something that it's not that hard to get a professional christmas in your camera one hour to bring that way down get him do a two key maladies do it to a fine he would crush me but but what he had what he has been doing though is is put in weight on with muscle snuff in weight and that alone is making them loose fat and has lost a lot of fat he's down to forty sick leave knows way over six to sixty but who could be a minute you know fusing which frankly i do they want to get low by you think's sixty two sixty three sixty dollars frame that's a hundred eighty five hundred new tional commies of big fuckin do is huge you look at him you think he's a heavyweight me why for cuts weight and gets down to better when we're but go on back to deal conduct fight so my point about missing things is i watch the fight at home and when i was a fight at home i had a slightly different opinion when i watched it live i thought the carlos kind it wanted and i thought gone into the fifth round us like while the way this work i was saying you know in the fourth round us like canada's when in this fight and when i said that i was a little bit out of school because on the score cards maybe necessarily wasn't winning it in my head even but there was a trend and round thirty three and four were conduct was scoring way more than ds was that's was saying the conduct of this fight
or did you know i think that this is losing this fight adam i felt like it was moving away from them and then nick took his back in the fifth and so you get a sick man has the biggest moment of the fight right and by doing so we get guinea end with a number now he shot out about no child carl's got out of it is actually pounding autumn at the very last second took a shot of them and they actually we're in some sort of a scramble within their legs were locked up and like a fifty fifty but the bottom line is when i was their home i gave nick ds round one round to around five so at home when i watch i thought nicht is one the fight live allocate i thought carlos carnero edged em i didn't you know when you doing commentary you know people always say like you know like you know you
like you watching it and you know you you're you know you're right there and you're talking about it that's just as good as it goes judging it but it's really not when you judge in a fire you should shut your fuckin mouth you shouldn't be talk and when i'm talking of doing commenter i'm trying to explain things to people in my mind the way my modest working like i'm amongst play i'm trying spleen footwork and angles transplant positions when they go to the ground especially i'm trying to like you know if you there with your dad you're dead as no what does go what's going on radio they started to grow at each other that explain a merry go now there's the right arm is the choking oh yes i see what you do know that right arm snake in others china that could choke on you don't you like i'm there to explain that so while i'm doing that and i'm not doing the most objective job of of school you know a guy scoring the fight first of all
our thinking today after after watching this that big country for doom thing not only should the judges have monitors that's all they should be watching they shouldn't be watching the fight you should have the judges didn't even have to be the same room the judges don't even have to be cage side it is judged to be in front of a giant s fuckin tv in a water bed in a large room with lovely having a good time just a camera and make sure that i've been saying what i thought that he wears you look over why being offered by dana white said today that it might be possible for conduct to fight nicky is again before gs peace rarely yam conduct of course they didn't want do it right away manager said it but if they offer him enough shackles he might be might stamp plus if the if the public wants it i would like to see an absolutely i i i i think he thought a great fight but watching at home i gave the not technically well that that the question then becomes out for nick nick it's such a loyal guided his camp from what i have heard me no anonymous speak for him but he's
those guys are so tightly among other things i love about the guy he european say is a bag is top mean guy i think is actually probably a very sweet prince gregor he's a great person who was trying to find the right who ass to who
the work himself up to the point we hates the guys in a fight and then every beats guys he's really cool them well it's a little of that but it's also he's smart you know new ideas is look he might not have spent a lot of time in colleges smaller he's a smart do this is no way you can push yourself the way pushes himself cardio wise without being aware of the benefits that calculating the benefits that so if you gonna go swimming you sometimes you gotta guys do willing to do something that extreme does he knows has benefited you'll think he would talk shit because there's a benefit i have psychological set you penal people judging by that like always a visa ganja bad gang and these are smart dues whenever you if you if you're in a fight with somebody man and you hate that guy then you're all tents and you're fuckin swinging for the fences and you make mistakes and you can't bear to think of this dude beaten your ass you gotta kill him and that's how do i guess out in your guy whose entire strategy is based on imposing your skill set and your extreme endurance that's nicky as has of course
we talk shit it's like it's like he's making them we're waits you know he's making them run with weights of greatest thing about him at him when he's the first i'm kind of did that spanking irene spin elbow i heard him go he goes apparently he goes could ask com
the ngos are what we don't we do especially that the aid throws hits rigs like disdainfully sometimes he doesn't like you through a lot of hard kicks economy but sometimes it throws kitty knows i'm not gonna let me give you just like thrown karate takes a clear like this now worried you can't take a shotgun what's our beds he's he's such a beautiful lecture on what you ve just so poetically far away lodging and whose super cool ass if i was over even even though he thought that he lost decision until women i will i did not know man it's one of those fight like i said where after it was over like man i can't wait to watch this one again because i looked at my twitter feed of immediately in the twitter feed was half of it with kind is tick disaster have it was dears was robbed in there's somebody fighters it said the same thing is really a very interesting fight in a container philosophy to does actually come down ass being some people say like like genus paint take just people you the gnp is very small and very strategic about about look
for where his opponent is weak and that whole by aliens usb takes guys down and at least that gives you the pitting while he just did control this forget the can it was doing is moving away from an aggressor and people like that attract people don't like the idea of having a very defensive very he sent a fighter run that's how you fight ds by the way it seems cutting corners i move into his too is i guess we're moving i gotta be honest man i was so looking into the fire i gave a give ideas as a big advantage i was like management of contents ever authority but it is hard and you just look at what ds does to everybody what what he does like paul daily when he did frank shamrock and i know that conduct is a step above both those guys several steps above in this included is elite but i dont highly what is is hungary's very tall ass i didn't think you'd ever fought anybody with that
that much experience that much style that the way the ideas fights you know that the much aggression i was like this might be a tough fight for him and i anticipated if i had a bad money on it that he would lose a decision and then i was really surprised around the third and fourth rattles like men he is fucked in poland this or what what would you what what is i guess i d as there is a second vital would ds go back and giant thank you i was a second five years would fucking sprint at him he was
spring at em what what what different strategy do different he's just gonna give him less opportunities india's throw himself into the fire more but to our companies morgana moving to your tear yourself on the guy's moving right unit is cut back where off you can have an answer for right but look out yet but look how easy nicky has got his back look how he's got his back in the fifth round people don't realize how good and its ground game is next ground game is a leap in obi wan that's gonna stand abandoned because they want to know the ground i exaggerate but i mean you talkin about two guys at a duke it out for four fuckin rounds and a half ok they're going full clip it's a highly anticipated lot of pressure and next still gets into the ground gets back but that that's like you know in our needs to get a new down and then get his back in a fucking championship fight that quickly that that was an extreme case he's disease has ground games nest
think that he has a big advantage over conduct i think in that department i think if they fought again i think he would probably try to initiate the ground to get granada doubt because causes very soon lighting kind of stronger it seems like the neck prime just younger and is unable to get somewhere down like they got him down though it goes back you know that in that things like one judge had one judge at some ridiculous thing where their conduct in four rounds like while that's gonna crazy need i could see him i'm sorry i you four the aim for out here would have won the kind of foreign debt the great jimmy berkeley young it how can i can't see jaber container and soon came i stress i can tell you moving it though you don't want a delay jimmy jimmy by the way has mastered the art why did you think that conduct wonderful around the girl agreement house morton ideas is he's a smart guy he's crafty he's intimidating right end
so how smart must conduct beware your eyebrows to write and so i know i've had a gallant sorted so crazy out lebruns affrightened frightens gave had ass yet no no it's a i once bet i was wrong guy the friend of mine a fifty dollars a b jerry's my asshole words unless harry than his wife's that's true story timidity and you know it peeled and open absolutely item how much i but i'm fifty bucks i said how do we ve talked to me when you were there what do you know i know i know i know how on harry my s always i have no here there was like i am but you go for two thousand and some do not i i couldn't do it like the guy mountain these when my front this do you but you know what i took the fifty i took the fifty as asia as a lesson right just as a little less at an average five year asked me what goes out little eyebrows item series i and this is why i love mountain
he literally he i got up a sprinted i pulled my pocket answer gas brandeis spread yeah what's this britain have to do all it me from the couch to a seat he was sitting at two objective because i bent over five of my spread my asshole and this quickly all budget matters this quickly spread ass all mountain looks down it goes holy shit it's wireless harry than my wife's and he felt reach into his pocket that's none of us down a joke that's that's a real story by the way he bade me off right there were anger jurymen fan whose whose three feet three men why he's he's these brok lessen our he sees a big as it gets whose above the borderline pro football player he's three pounds and end with a napoleon complex jimmy just looks at him one i would hire jimmy's looks enigmas shot up lack slaps really hard and jerry spaces spoken so why'd you go jerry you gonna go mighta because
jerry's talk at ease i talk about something like totally innocuous by god yes i was walking down the street and he's telling stories and jimmy to start an orgy goes shot down fuck whack and hits and my heart and jerry just goethe poor o jerry's gonna fucking murder you no one it like a gorilla looks at something is getting the card monkey like a girl looks at a monkey he literally goes usually goes why jimmy and i were an apartment so where the fuck is jimmy gonna go and also i just see jimmy rot and am i she got because guess room so i like it comes down to hold very comes running in like running in like jurists fucking kill me just squeeze mentally dies does he likes to hold yonder water food i so now he's a scary snowbank right soldier so so so the bears running after the fuckin baboons and and i are we run income goes any runs it
jimmy is working on all hands in these no clothes are he's gonna that's all peel he's going to please by major police vital area through your eye ass it was kryptonite like fuckin quickly you literally will let you get away he went but i got back that back out like this it is of the greatest that's a good fighting technique absolutely deplore yourself down into pretty rats its jimmy's got the best jimmy's gotta sharia is by stories me while providing whether you have a cell phone i think i can be a monk and live in new york city julia mom broke i have a washington answering machine at home he hasn't years an answer receiver nineteen eighty six with cassettes let's hear the bicycle entity do we have if you know you're the happy he's gonna play i didn't want men show back in eighteen eighty seven and at that point in my life i had saved fifteen years of phone messages were men show and i did because i thought my friend herbie was dying from broke cancer and
once save every message in the end he would call up visa aids made means much older than me he was but the he was my fagin you know and i was his travel dodger oliver twist to oliver twist oliver twist reference sick into your readers w listeners reader should have their own a reader somewhere we watch right exactly are you to its it dickens novel you can come up eating century but at us seventeen hundred sets systems and i can tell you about joe i don't doubt you but not a day i do tat you and i want to bring its went right back around though to i grew up in here right end mickey is and what he was doing i've had to me its framework de of times it's tim updating let's talk and shit and hitting the sand yeah it's intimidating and it's scary and put my by if you ever got up at this is
you're the best there is an you keep coming forward as far as the talk the guidance fucking you on the football field and is trying to be you up the huge guy and you're gonna she's pistol may look at it till you get no twisted up man what you're doing and yet what the u have to that becomes i'm a hundred sixty five pounds so i'm only that's it i'm boy strong very quick an but but i'm gonna be i'm populations and garnish i've never heard i'm not a big guy i'm i'm a crafty long necked kind of candour or not the one who's will bring us a rag bag around two you're you're wondering show because you drop that oh that was that was all i i was high shit you're that was already unless gotta talking guide lays the message i leave without my permission he leave is one mentioned again he said he'd implies a matches i leave em s eyes machine which was this could i'm just girl i like and she went to harvard and i wanted a bank right so
fuck loser boy over here i knew she was really educated she'd say stuff like well as you know in king lear when in actually i d like our chief casinos knacker i knew i knew shakespeare so so i go so i go on i know she's coming over so what so so joker boy over here that's what i do i go fuck she's a reader why take all the books of myself and i said
lay in america the room books actually read like the misery this before we interrupt uranium because when i first met rhine what just didn't mad teague first man he was making electoral then he's awakens electoral law and is that what you're gonna kara wags did not as coffee table mother fucker you a check care a letter writer just happened to read this this is a trap you lay for some fuckin influential gerda got the right it is that's what i did and meanwhile so you don't mean like other ways and so i believe it should arrive at the box office i got shakespeare all tab but it's on the floor with like tat i got i got i got hemingway they send a message and it so i finally guy look around my go are i got it i am only by delays in secret i'm a fucking lose i gotta call my friend only say
doing this because otherwise our scum otherwise i'm a loser so i could i called you mean loser you know she asked and not of irish artful per ecstatic while you're trying to be some right that you're not right but i gotta come about you you're what you said correct you know you said sex attic and that puts a negative combination to a boot would no one is going to understand no woman is everyone understands the effect of dost round and the reality that we have this fucking bodies that are designed to make babies every ten minutes could jaguars reed accurate and reason why it's not it's not like a solar thing like you know like once every day your body produces a single sperm cells came a meal on those over a month they get to the point where maybe we should think someday about having a baby that a year from now your balls are swollen and you're ready three hundred sixty five cell no no no that's not what happens every day that like pack my back there i finding in conquering and if you're not gonna get it plugged into
if you're not using something the flashlight you have you not jerking off costly draining your balls you will distort you're gonna drop you didn't trouble getting you know these are left to save marriages and it will save release you show your thing you know you think was yet your manacling talking trick them myself intelligent next thing you know untouched leg and then i could get a treat to treat sack i gave my tweets exactly what then i am proud that i got an alarm out of there i start worrying about but anyway the point is so i go so i know someone we judge you understand you can judge you on your work you really are a junkie every man extra yeah it's varying degrees below what fucking gives you any advice man no what gives you any solid advice about how to manage that while you know your father say a fucking know no had a man like that was great nobody no light and an here's the thing world are now and one things while young people than light lahti on guys listen this then i say the only by second we was just figure out where to place your energy because
just energy and you gotta have an hour that's why fighting so good you got a lot has already thought or a sport because you a channel that good you'll learn you can take that energy and and endeavour and something that teaches you about life human you know you'll learn a lot about life can't jimmy hopefully right but before you go in there i think one of the most important things with guys is managing your biology through exercised so have you looking one thousand and seventy eight and if an athletic brian type a guy like that thousands of riding eat out that mean if you dont have you don't have some sort of a release for that build up you make sure decisions when do you see guys yelena people in traffic and that's not it goes just returned from don't fifteen rounds in the bag one of my favorite of europe or one of my favorite period in the world is your thing about that
dr and a bus uruguay round the front the boss i'm hearing it back in the bus someone else's drive and got a guy and be up in six hours shut the fuck up when you have a hard when you have a hard time year we dick is hard you're fired up ready to go it's you not drive in your life and like you sit in the back seat of a really long but saloon and some other due to their driving and barely talked and everyone knows roll down this newspaper has wandered out an engine noise writers and you like you even know where you're going to let this dick drive and i'm when you got the economy by these in the front wake up in your foothold in the wheel when am i doing that boy out as a member and you have no navigation since you drive from hell i'll order to get an uninspired hand job and you so angry yourself then you're out the stricken greener fuck am yet again for nowhere near your house you have to figure out where the roads are you gotta gas station and by a flock and thomas guide the ok now this is what road where am i
now if so this technically new hampshire exactly how i how i found my way navigation systems have saved so many people from ngos thing to help save some other time technology so you leave this message i did this mess i had i find the grandma environmental common overnight ten minutes ago i gotta tell somebody about what a hoax i am because this funding to take in this so called humanitarian mess i go dude i'm a fucking hoax i'm trying to impress this intellectual chicken i'm leaving books all over the place so she thinks i'm in the middle of reading my for books and it's all i wanna banger from behind on my couch like an animal anyway it's a long that's like this guy plays at four o clock and packed house over and over and a couple of girls i use is an aim due to say if you look here i mean everybody on sky did a fuckin one show stand showing our show in el in new york then my friends came to the fucking guy standing outside and when people come now he's gone he's got
very much man i wrote that's why they didn't want israel the child was drew up credit thanking all always coming at the granite cells into the crowd around him time how great is thank you for coming frankie somewhat thank you so much i really did i know that you would never cause but since in stole my persona about fifteen years ago why you don't know that book and story i ass yours wool holbein what at back it s back when we only use it is one matter because i determined to prevent this don't cut of land did i did this out and what i blocked out was that we were hanging out with me and jimmy burke and a cup of his friends and this one the first time tat hung out with jimmy burke away from what kind of cheating on you little bit i came to new york remember i remember that me jimmy how great fuck it yes we did my ass in poor unfortunately complaining kicked it were born we were talking wanna things came up amongst jimmy's friends was that you know you
bus and truck version of jimmy burke guy beings version drug merchant come this month my boy maybe my friend whose at it violated i don't remember our close where are we not unknown number twenty years so he still you persona wasn't my persona it was really actually my essence which if you think about it cook cook it chooses comics still exhibit keys diversity of hearing is ass he tried to steal my innocence to deal did you hear me you do that through the air was watching brian and i from the and end of a boar watching us talk came over me said take your fuckin essence than any slap you in the mess that minimal amount i was all shocked bryce that and by the little fuckers archival listen you might take this seriously there has now flacket he we're getting data don't do that
didn't really happened yeah average immunized get laid by planned button but you really what you did really take his persona are now little let me get not a little come lemme tell you that i have to do much better rather than i am that i can make money from my persona i mean up this the first new member on the it's gonna i didn't movie where i began by giving him as a care to fade kramer over there's a real kramer and then but i did a movie i didn't really worth the character was this director and i went and i went on to do i'm gonna do jimmy work i'm in a plum de characters could it be a guy who talk and is very expressive and very very intense look handsome moorhens bother you as an original not at all no i love him i love thy love what he snipped superstitiously i was kind pertaining to him when the first met i was
you know somebody like i had a friend named johnny be a pool hustler friend of mine and i used to talk like him we was just a he and being an actual actor cause he's married actor just was kind of picking up the bits and pieces i deal with people i do when i look at you and so on it is equally new york and i was so fastened with the way
the dude the way he talks and tell stories and house and he could easily only persons that have pointed out to me my life because it videos from new york or out of the way we all normal yeah this is normal is an amazing that is one good thing that comes out of sticking emily fucking people in one place that you get these extreme characters they just don't exist in the heartland you don't get a jimmy birchen iowa could you please i don't know i'm distill due to build what are you gonna be very open and an honest and and that's the way you now you gotta give a fuck right yeah there's a whole city of i don't give a fuck get out of my way and again comes you know sort of an ethic that that its care care be respectful but but but you can't give a fuck about everything tat happens you every working day this year yoga yeah you go crazy that's the thing about new york as it makes you process the information and filter
accordingly this too much common actions into many god damn cars car assembly billboards we things you gotta decide what the pay it joe you asked me earlier why and himself on that's why and that's the real good if someone's about kick your ass and you gotta make a call to start up a matter that is no way that going out if i start yelling about eighty people we use that we will find a new iraq your leg when you need someone come did you think you know joe whether it has arisen also body that you like well that's it that's good that's good i have a little talk of borders and is allowing whereas there have got them pay for civilian they aren't you gotta know you gotta know where they are using whether messenger britain's national remember pianos phone numbers absolutely no like three few get you get legalise brien's phone numbers three lock me you doesn't mean i'm listening christ i was just proving epithets
like i was the euro change your voice mass of people dont know that you're real whips whoops as i bought up before another use twitter i posted my number i got some guys here they call me this man is this really you i've always because i tell you they want what i've never i want to see was really i go yes really make us that's cool there one guy see your state oh my god you live in a leg is now over my arkansas day where do they get me some light number and i can tell you went on their next time because our i mean just hung up it was great i fucked up and tweeted my number and kept it for awhile ago had like a fan line where people who just call me about turn on again because there was a thing called say now and say now is pretty bad ass but google bottom and would say now was would say if you were you would started up i would say up and start accepting calls from fans soil tweet
my say no line is now on comp call me up some people call me up and say like it if you call me and you and i are talking these ten people on hold narrow listen and so it's like you have to call in talk radio show right for ten people right was fuckin grains though i would do it will mean irish fear will look in the car in traffic on the way to a gig somewhere and we just hand the phone back and forth to each other we had like this crazy led to our phone conversation with all these people i loaned me when i because you know and where i get my number out on the road sometimes when i'm when i'm there and i got something what's coming showing i'll just like a man they're just good people go get tax me here's my normal tax me and i always say i always go don't abuse don't call me and they never do if you try and evil and timely given the rhythm of acts of ultra you can sell crazy person what about other action could reflect well that asshole tantrums today's an asshole wouldn't ask she's an asshole showed a great storage having again that's a shit you know what a great store that would be if you just use that stories about show vans she's a sociopath through discussions should present a
jimmy and i had so much vaunted neurosis knew about how we stepping up girls by posing as doctors member that sure we do not ensure that borders how do these would be wholly designer drinking nine lives i saved lives he saved though so you do like my doctor and not an alley gather we set out like their slots as we set our this demand my body and jimmy beyond their drinking to be at the end of the bar this work fucking every to every time and we'd be inextricable yoke as we find really hot goes i come up go scares me sorry to bother you we're doctors in my buddy just that need a great surgeon but he just lost his first patient he's really bummed out you guys whenever they're just talked to him and making him feel so much better and maybe like he's a surgeon
air surgeon would if you talk to a girl she was actually a doctor that will help what we have at the girl was asked your medical advice and you felt bad yet to come clean i felt horrible she's at any medical advice these documents like general advice and a day which is useful and was real not make men i mean i thought had stuck to the end i don't give a shit about to make i'm show the line while you're plasma writs plate i just invention i was a fucking eighty eight then there like thirty thirty a grown man tell us that we pretend we then we'd recognise each other like i come on go like which
right now the hottest girls mc club or something i go do gonna just today i saw your movie it's on the answer you like and i am sure you are you're doing deniro interactive will actually he's directing it off congratulation such an amazing actor appreciate you and you know what i've been right calibre breakdown hannibal had of young there till i don't love you sought leland what's in it very swaziland met some dark and they did it work every time because they were model axis is there are like hey you know and i guess i am sure these rules will you can i buy you a drink that's brilliant yet so simple as something a bright it we're talking now
very failed when you're normal looking guy you gonna fuckin use your mind and you gotta be a desire to be a liar pretending to be famous and giving them the beatles too great and people are really important yes a grace and we get out of my google juniper you now have do that anymore physics it just google your name did we will up their fuckin giant enjoy the green and oh yeah doesn't say shit about you about having a fucking movie at sunday liar who's gonna fight i well remember member that huge do those three those three fuck criminals employment and i would say let me say that covenant guns that's crazy target and what let me give you just real quick so i'm in my bar and it's it's a little early my bouncers not there is the place the young the immortal removed vermouth remain and still however was known anymore now we get out from under about can ten years ago about looking out
never again joe the unassailable workers that you now as is its it's this this it's tough was cool though europe i loved it there are we hung out your bar he asked who was then i was in a boner owner i didn't get dollar i was involved five years i didn't make a dollar and then i had to get up from taxes and shit i was oil was always wanted to have a boy did ring it show its awesome i was on a boar pool of a boar brainless small intimate there too so if we are to make money you know what i'd do it so other joey's guys come in one of these common i'm up there is a term of endearment i'm up at the bar up a brian was over with i think dominate gore the house with a girl i thing was my way you ok you achieve both your girlfriend's there i to my old girlfriend emma girlfriend at the moment the time and it was janshah and weird right as accurate because of course the soul of my ex girlfriend and
was actually now and let my other growth if you don't get one that you are stocking yes yes that's good oh my god you gotta memory dude i find you have a good memory way finish historic oh god where're you wouldn't were at the bar in between them i'd look into the reflection of the mirror behind the bar and i see it three guys walking to the two i know hispanic i want this i mean is it just u utah want them in your joint they just scared me and they don't look like a raft has resolute and then in the from behind them comes six four six five curly hair tightest titus shirt on biggest arms and legs i mean just a big hard rock looking hispanic dude who was just fucking scale looking who was right out a fucking gonna reggie pay and
you guys i soon going to war and i went up thought my bounces not here yet so you can see that they had that there and he was gonna have problems with them and he was in her hands with them so i'm gonna look but the boy i've tuned out my girlfriends i see the bartender look at me should i serve them and i was like in getting again the junk and drink and young girls no one was started up quite well who needs that so anyway they come in right next to us then i haven't drinks and it kind of you can see that they are not there not there have a good time to adjust their just now some scary them all of a sudden what comes out of a europe of wait don't forget what you turned to talk the many turn steps in front of jimmy and start the huge guy is right literally touching his girlfriend looking down or to try to pick her up jimmy turn
he's he walks he just bombs jimmy anyway i was man what's your name you know you doing as tragedies towering over it she's like this she's pressed against the bar like that so i know now and he's really can arise the other guy you're the guy was around this way so here these two guys flanking i can't get in so i go we're gonna fight now this disguised little we see my body he's doing this on purpose as many jimmy's it so i gotta get work this is going this maybe about situation to our speed one of these guys of nice then their older they're just can tell you can t i can tell you guys are probably they can tell guys were who moved out i used to do in bad she azure you can feel so there it is there that you could see just how little we doesn't that moves you may know the way to return and returns background and he's got his back this huge back but as regards a you know i've got right and he sees that i've clock this nightmare
i know because i looked at this guy wants you go for another way of a he slides it wasn't a big but he is kind of slides and he wasn't being told they do about it he had her back in the bar looking down at rates kidding me it was hot right composed out i tell us about now it was hot because i think we should do is sacrificed one of em to him and then take the other want eggs have but you know what i did i was so close to do this in your bank brings anyway frightening actually looks yours this my move hats my opening that's her doing a great job describing it i'll tell me what the fuck happened so you're making a big guy it's it is strange moment suttons what i knew it i chose search us means think and all the seneca how yo how how man hey while champ hey
while good to see you my good to see the greatest but let me just let me go you wanna tell the fucking storing it i only why do you want to fuck as yet oars memory the worse memory because if this light had numbed outright i was so far since when did i got what happened i sometimes i'm values situation jimmy goes like this and i can see jimmy now is going to broken he's gonna go i brought you gotta say something right you know you got you you said something to the guy got u guy chappie guy chap you know what you know what's up avian i try to be nice i come up to jimmy and i go hey bro i want to tell you man i let you my favorite fighter i watched you fight polyantha i carefully we did i can't really they fuckin robbed you what you fuckin took that due to the very polyantha i've got you
it is your boys man it is the best fire i saw a robin a liar drake bipeds rigour be my honour i bought static gleason's so if i buy you a drink man never see i can i can i look at this guy and i'll blow your friend he'll find anybody anywhere i've never seen a bite to eat to somebody you to see him but when he got rather piazza fight he fucking got rob so the guy now the guy looks jimmy you know these banks you must see looks they got half a psycho anyway no eyebrows haven't time you fuckin red hair spiked like that he's wearing like a weird shirt so the guy looks jimmy like that and jimmy goes like this tribute picking up on my curiosity know what i'm doing he goes dice man
but thank you i know broke you gotta hardest right hand i can't believe they thought right behind you up nato's pies how the pot don't get off this looked at those manicure little girly here right now by the way the guy turns around scarred tissue owes you you get up on the other side this scar to share it is willing to flesh limping some things even more easily rhapsodes erect play the piano we could have been knew me while i lay the guy turns around because you a boxer i go boxer i go he's a fighter broke he'd rather fight and eat and fuck you are friends of them angers just came in and i go my want to move out of the way of him and his girl broad document excuse macroeconomic us through the look like butter to have these a fuckin knife and a suit brought these a knife in a suit you can write to gag those guys with this you fuckin rough deal they just gonna go back and he goes by the end of the night here
jimmy shoulder my line of strength spine and simon jimmy shot at my own but maybe you guys is totally paranoid and they were cool and maybe if you just bought them drink you could never thought i'd like you to avoid at all this bullshit the other night robin your shoulders meaning you really think they were that scare the energy and guide all better probably just nice guy with some good do with no eyebrows this shit he's a moment it take a chance you're one of these might not weapons systems like taken any fuckin chances k that's pretty full larry's your genes in a most that this is really an in depth psychological studies brian cowen at some point in time you live you would just make up fuckin bullshit at the drop of a hat to get yourself a man i will get laid wherever men i've gotta get knifed rock and i'm on it so i don't
life but i do want to get laid out lie in both the situation through my tea i sometimes come up and not about its near that's what's not just lie it's a giant back stories of your naming foot you're lucky that guy wasn't a boxing fan i wasn't a phone with a guy wants some fuckin bouncer hand me the phone talk to his buddies body for chocolate gels trucks earliest loss i go now you weren't i go jeremy horns as early as last only talking about germany horn you're no eunuch as i know jerry horn i go who else who has beach uclaf l i already talking mothers like a long time ago i got no one's beat chuckled though i go than then then it was like the the radical tour laws and then you know rampage beaten but up until that point in only been it would only been due to only been one loss and it was germany one comment and i'm trying or from the bottom actually have put him to sleep bell rang and german gas from wonderment chuckles out there so the gauchos like telling you just made up
crazy stories all these are the people were totally buying into it you know as we in the bodies chuckle deals first loss by god knows not you know no no you're not it so it would if it wouldn't you what we have done if you're right near the bar i wouldn't come on guys i would involve any passing as you wish bobby brown what's his name
and then what have you some crazy boxing guy like dude i used to be able to rattle off to you all of marvin hackers opponents back in the day i was a big marvin agrafena miranda me and like nineteen eighty four i would enable told you everybody from bernie brisk two fuckin i would have told you must have a ham show what it told you every guy by the way you have anybody that could have beaten hag where his way class did it today in an american by us about no but that's one of the fascinating about boxing is that hackler today if you put marvin haglund and a hundred sixty pound division today he would still be storm and through deeds but there's not marshall artists alive from nineteen eighty three that would be able to compete with the two thousand twelve guys attract the dynamo club cliffs evolving so rapidly there was no i mean even hoist gracie whose an amazing had an amazing accomplishment he's a legend his jujitsu just does not compare to the jujitsu of even his nephew hodgen greater things is nephew
were marcella garcia or at the highest level that keep innovate yeah i mean it's it's amazing bravo escaped keeps involving the best guys now that there are such higher level of you know your government that isn't really interesting amazed because with boxing you're right is like it's really interesting thing big marvin aggravates anywhere in history including the older and so it is only right here
and an end and so just so it joe frazier i mean the ali the b that fucked up cleveland big cat williams see most people's version of ali is really distorted because their version of ali is ali post the three year break and he went back and forth jerry quarry he was not the same fighter by any stretch of the imagination as it wasn't sixty seven when he people realize what a cultural hero that mohammed ali was present just ring revenue became old if you didn't do share years even go to the gym for three year in do any body change he was like a doorway body but how beautiful he won't do anything you want williams fight is in my opinion one of the greatest performance is that any box ever put on ever it was a strong guy a dangerous guy coming after a genius who wishes doing some shit nobody else to ali knocked him out step backwards to think big bang bang bang the way he did it was just poetry you watch them fight cyclist and thereby there's a book called that i read it by david remnant called king of the world that fight and and and
was amazing about alleys alleys had signed lessons about is gonna planet right but one thing is afraid of is crazy so he did crazy he would park is currently listens law in the middle of the night and start call em out come on i'm a on it and sunny was actually afraid said later on ngos i'm afraid this guy my baby are you sure this guy doesn't bite is this guy binds asking people if you if the people if this guy bite and so alina we could get into his head he was also like like dsl psychological or incorrect use the first yet who is the first to figure out it was a gene that all the back is this perpetual silent use it would do in the way and he's trying to get out i'm talking to him the guy and and sign with the almost like those in his leg store angelo dundee till it would just died recipes
the thing about ali was that three year break and then after the three or break benefits towards jerry quarry he fight show frazier loses he's not the same guy knows it's not the same guy and then he became a guy who is known for not just moving but taking punishment he just didn't moved away used to move if you look at the old the old movement is shuffle footwork it's all like mostly black and white footage the cleveland big cat williams like people should watch that fight spoken jean youtube it i'm sure you can get you to bomb most everything of value such beautiful maize and it was no one like it was basically a gigantic sugar ray robinson exact but a little more clever to twenty nine tenement tuna and i found a bigger by blaming it that's that's that's just from not sterilizing not yet not yet little them it s egg the best heavyweights ever been around that ramps my eyes and i we will raise the question jack johnson wet weather like two hundred sixty pounds or to thirty what's a perfect way for a heavy will the problem with those really big guises it most of them were its muscle it's in you know even if its bone the just a sheer gravity of carrying around them much mass so's you down and tuna twenty pound man like mike tyson to knock out any fucking human being its ever walked the face the threat of might thyssen slams that fuckin right hand that he put in a wary homes to sleep with or the ones where he would throw that right to the bottom right up crumpled marvin frazier he was on another planet man he was on another level and that punch puts out any burst and it doesn't matter if you two ninety three hundred sets so there's no benefit to being any bigger than thyssen was in a boxing match and am maids different because guys get on top eu the grab me they weigh down they they can control you you don't now sir ovary like a tuna sixty five pound dude like that there's a benefit to being that big there certainly is in its just like in the clinch because
mr throws those fuckin horrifying knees clinch disease so goddamn big and so get ahold you that tuna sixty five pounds all that muslim a few arena fucked acceleration their knees slamming your order is just you can't that you can have no doubt about it when that guy got bigger he got better but in boxing and not necessarily idleness really think that's true i think there's a speed loss when you have too much mass yeoman around just by sheer acting favours weight of carlos is fast which muscle exclusive but then again you know i would love to see linux louis fight mike tyson in its prime cause lennox was a big guy he was he was larger i think he's about to forty seven but you know we're not thyssen missus prime he focusing razor running out of him hit him on the head forehead and knocked him he was in a sitting position through the air knock them across the ring and raise erotic was easily too
the reason why the big guy and a fighter had that ridiculous left africa that would put people in a coma you memory that weird was like a left took less upper goes a hybrid putting it wasn't for half a hook half africa anyone hit like dwight mohammed car we type today's within no you who is the only was enough to use are very tough wasn't him think of another guy thought it was early heavyweight champ anyone like the w b c title and raise erotic kitten without ridiculous fuckin left apricots he had a lot of guys that uppercut put in a coma tommy morrison be raised erotic believer in one of his dice why an item you start up every seat tommy martian today has hiv as hiv but apparently says aids is a myth but you know it's not a myth math
ok that's what he looks like he looks like you found the myth of meth looks like if i was gonna write a doctor suez book about math i would have it about timing wanna doing man i don't know what he's doing man but he's got weird marks a face like weird likewise establishing times looks he looks racy bad not just bad but weird bad bad like poison badly remember that russian guy it was a politician and yak got a land of lack of food aid oil dioxin not nano didn't kill now is what they locked his face they use dioxin here i think the president belarus and ended in want of iranian rescue you and he did anyway and they add you they poisoning with dioxin space never came back he was really handsomely i was really has literally coming answer is disgusting well tunnel orson doesn't look that bad but it looks so similar in that something's going on in and also yet tit implants what yes he had
asked in plants because i guess he lost his model not yeah man do pull up google up tommy morrison's faked it did it's the crazy should ever breast implants hot so he's got it's the weirdest thing man he's got like doesn't bottle little looks like a guy that used to be asked whether you know but for whatever reason is tits or to use but their huge like faked it's like fake tits i'm training what here ever see transited eternity technical their first of all the different because the nipple that's boys listen to me if you girl pulls out a test and a teacher harden the nipple small raw nuts i'm tommy morrison's they looked like they were they were they were unnaturally shaped and they still are even at an mme fine words like you were wrestling shoes and he just hit the guy with the it was the only stand up any like he needed some money so we like be this guy up with boxing i wasn't gonna get he's devil
something wrong and hiv yes i ve a bigger area as they would be pretty let me say just gotta you gotta sneak over and look at this it's it's bizarre upload over here to jim no it's really bizarre i mean there's nothing like ours proud of the woods there how we're disaster come the weirdest thing out would you come on old right and this is what he used to look like you used to look like can start when it was in that rocky moving i thought it was amazing roster does what it used to look like in this way lives are now that's not bad
the call a bitch does this not bitched heads that's that's a breast implants his muscle mass is wasted away he's got followed each other will draw them in a white shirt long why your car water what brings you loved senor by your whole fat weird places when you take those yellow get now commitment like this we looks like now this is what is most recent arrest this is gonna frigging fucker yeah like yeah that's its most recent aurette lots by the way younger than me pretty much looks like gee i character i think he's i think these younger than me i think he's forty three and forty four the sort of threats that's that's methods he's doing something he looks fucking horrifying and this is one when he was doing a little bit better use hiv positive balloonist faked it's so that they can use even can we good shape but he and his pakistan for sure look at a bottle of fisheries
for the audio listeners is google search taken here just google morrison time do google tommy marston looks like shit here's another recent picture of him look at us that's a real picture that picture there that's him the sawhorse and what what's going on he's only forty two excuse me forty to jesus christ that's terrifying yeah it's not man but guess what that's a mess does method her really bad there's no man ever worked out methods only work there's no guys i do is what happened i got on mouth i clean my apartment next thing i knew i had a job i never have enough said problem getting off the myth yeah math is a mother must be awesome now i mean what it why is it that they keep going to it well i think it's just a form of self
trade and self a suicide or self destruction that there has to be some sort of a psychological aspect to the fact that i'm amazed how many people do things that are just pad for them oh yeah i just like to smoking we're just pick up cigarettes and start smoking brian's most hee hee hee minority that again because this cat heard her foot planks hears because you're so addicted ten excuse our far palpable duncan was like we had its argument either day because brine like this in our other studio unprecedented salif its twice the size of this small place so it stinks i filed smoke smell it's really disgusting so all the sudden were suddenly podcast unlike any fuckin smoking and we start talking about it and our friend duncan is gonna shit none of her being addicted but then don't you smoke do you swore granada because it goes i smoked one cigarette yesterday and one today went well or get stop sums up
dance and with the devil to your dick due to your dick did you just giving you several very adept giving itself it's a little bit like not addictive like the fuck you aren't man if you got your leg gotta jail you did thirty years for strangled hookers any punched a couple of girls in an icon you can't buy went about punched a girl i didn't choke any by everybody went home fine she's got a fat lip that's what he was deal it is they that i'm not addicted to kill and hookers thank being almost pregnant exactly it's i don't understand it i have never experienced it but i'm a margin the pole is amazing we all have addictions we are all our colleagues and one where well that's a weird thing about human progress and about just that the human mind in order to get really good at something must become addicted you must be obsessed you must i knew this early on that the madness of martial arts you know when i became completely obsessed with martial arts when i was winning all these tournaments and shit when i was a young teenager
i knew that ultimately this is like kind of self destructive that ultimately this is the same thing is being someone who's cocaine act or addicted gambling or you're an extreme as i just figured out how to put it into this one thing and get really good at it and suck this reward this one thing but and besides the character developing aspects of it it's very similar to an addiction really similar because all i was a little all though i do think that there is there is a fundamental distinction fundamental extinction is when you throw yourself into something like martial arts that intensely it's very deep then when you consider irregular addiction in s in that you have do come up against your own shortcomings to get better you to be very honest with yourself and and work on what you're not good at train will want to train train train through plateaus i knew
very familiar with what what it takes to accomplish something and to keep accomplishing and get better and then you can learn to take that particular experience and that and that paradigm and apply to everything that my brother that's my tattoo that's me molten massaging once you understand the way broadly baronetcy it and all things thank you ve read subordinated however the most important thing that ever read ever there was a young boy but what are you but i'm just think how you are absolutely right is in terms of the the significance of our culture and you know in the positive aspects of it for your life but i'm talking about it as a sort of like a chemical reward actions or of a situation when did break it there is no doubt that that's the numbers that that is what i saw brian cowen st everything i write it always pull it out of the culture pull it out of the culture look it is not for a man size exactly look it is as if your scientists from outer space how would you look at this hour this guy's gonna kick and people in the head because he's got some crazy addiction i didn't
couldn't even go to dinner with you will if i was out having dinner with someone or watching a movie that was about squirrel assessed with all our thinking about kicking me both of us are thinking about slip that shot and bone counter and moved to the left and set him up at this that's i was thinking about all day is just like being a junkie and its positive junkie has that you you're intense man when you get lockdown something that's why you stay away from a golf course crazy a gentle but right see me put fuckin play pool seraphic you know he's gonna wearing a pool all it's like being with a heroine attic you won't you start right you can play out all get better with every game in also more focus more and stroke and five hours into it i'm just warming up why what is i want to go home from morn deputy delegates and stroked like eight hours picture ada ryan stroke eight hours and you get into a due to the we just
exactly how much pressure to put in the queue this is by the way when you're not even under pressure when you're not like under the gun gambling this is just warming up tis a second madness second movie ass smooth ass far when when that's if you haven't seen a movie and it's a class a collar gleason bagpiper lorry has removed but there were thirty skyward see sky bodies right animal you owe me money exactly it was so great with yeah bird when i was pretty good bert pretty good but while the debate me to workers are just about to do it it was your ridge manager but you know that's and they play and they play all night men and in its like it goes on jaculation goes and washed his hands in his face comes back out puts on a new sure whether was also about some people carolina without care to write some people find it with you you're a loser eddie you
yourself you know fighting it's what you see we see front runners this guy's a do great as long as that taking the shit out of another guy but once they start care it put on them they fold there's some dude than just always full they do great and then they fold they died how to come from i read a really good book recently called ten minute toughness at different about no about sport set by sports a kite psychologists his work but the biggest athletes and a world mostly gymnast i skaters fighters wrestlers and guys i tat and skill and things like that how dare you put scares i know right now but it's all but when you're containing asthma financed moguls giants crave while gymnastics gymnastics you make one mistaken you know your disqualified i swore you worry your fucking again and what happens is what what and when he talks about is really fascinating he said that is not
you see move athletes very hard time dealing with from wearing croesuses legs you know i mean is this any more about does whether anatomically isn't possible abuse of my throat legs times i've elements interrupt ngos that are thousands of anybody said he said the hardest thing is like it's not about willpower willpower never lasts lass is managing yourself image so he'd you have to learn talk to yourself the right way to most people have it is especially become an athlete and if you are left to lose like you called for the bell do you have a bell where you will sabotage so you don't have to talk to yourself and ask yourself positive questions because most people ass themselves negative questions right what if i fail what what if i chose what it always thanks
he'll take athletes do is hope he'll come up with he'll have you start talking yourself first you start talking use up the right way you start asking yourself positive questions and you start talking used up the railway and then we will do is this he'll give you something to say before you u works at one guy brett bread a judge or threat because the great spaceport assault on he's to say this to him so try easier triangular trade easier now and i would say this truck easier try to relax now the guy this don't make everything has its greatness gems wanna go metal i think that i think that's the guy in the book because i discuss because look away relax now relax look away go away you senator self and it became a mantra of emeralds ignorance about the equation
he gives you these he really gives you base that's our work goes some is not taking your fuckin sampling fighting though he said he said look away well aware i did i can start already saying that most of us exceed ourselves was to meet our selfish yo dicks bleeding little way you tell it like it gathers together you gotta learn how to be an animal wasn't it there's a certain it's all sport partake what's also very sport but do not obey him you have to have done the work you're not all about your mind you have turned into work cuz if you have another working not going to be confident i've said you're going to have questions on wednesday then when you're in a bad spot you can have questions
i remember the there's always a difference a huge difference between when amazon really good shape that i knew that a train really hard and when i would take things like last minute notice i would find tournaments i knew i wasn't prepared i just do as ready life my head was already my body was already if your body is already heads i can be ready it's not going to believe in your body but when you know you ve done the work then you'd feel great then you'd feel invincible now many get your ass kicked then then when you gotta resettling sonia nuke as good as well as certain do the row is gonna get you another certain physical attribute to some people have a guy who agreed what about fist really i always had that i was a giant hands you know and i always where i was crazy knock out our unusual knockout power for someone
as i have made us here but that's it it's nothing i didn't go to school for that you know like men like george foreman there are obviously not comparing myself george form but he had the most ridiculous size hands canned hams so if you look at who is is fight with michael more he hit michael more with the punch i swear to god over the budget we were going to fix the focal point was nothin punch was nothing from you but that was a telephone pole with a glove on the end of it and they just some do in the fucking face from ten inches like that punch did it would knock you the fuck out of here with george former was three hundred pounds with a giant can have for a fist except it's got giant bones inside of it like i hippo knee and a fuckin slams you and the joy having shit goes out i have only is the greatest the greatest amount of work in there what they are doing who have just really unusual physical attributes with me i had big hands and big knees i was had an unusual mount a power roy jones juniors a perfect example there's a guy who had you cannot deny there
physical gifts that transcend need mere mortals he had movement and speed that no one could compete with you just could not compete with it that he was so good and so fast and is used that he never use the job he would leap in with a left her couldn't stop it we did everything wrong his hands were down as chin was up he would put his hands behind his back and then knock you out with a punch like i was a fuckin movie so crazy when he was at his basket basketball no we put you bought a fuckin professional basketball game day of a fighting where it was defending its title and go fighting i was heavier and and then box twelve rounds in and would go up to heavy weight and fuck up do you know when he fucked up he fucked up when he went up to heavyweight and when you
he fought john ruiz put on the performance of a lifetime to shut john ruiz is in every way the guy usually one sixty eight used to fight it one sixty by the way not even cut weight to make one sixty eight that's i'll fuckin good roy jones was ok and when you went up to have we to put on a lot of bulk carriers revelry and when he got off steroids whatever the fuck it was to get up to heavyweight which by the way he had do of using authorities is no doubt about it put on twenty pounds of muscle like out over a short period of time you doing something has worked with mackey she'll stone and all that got together worked with the men are wholly field and michael space they give you things right these pro athletes period would stop playing games ok the best guys all take something if they want to get bigger there's no other way around okay so he goes up and then he comes back and we comes back cuts wait down the light heavyweight andy's this shit he look terrible ok
he gets enabled antonio carver adieus not scared of a dude we had a real close fight with four and antonia target in the middle of the room goes out johnny's uses tonight roy perry says we said when they can go and i said what confidence and then when you not use that when you used to be in the guy who is chicken fighting and standing funny guy last night he knocked and i thought i was dead tarbert cracked one that was not that follows the next by with glenn johnson glenn
fucked him up glenn johnson knocked him completely unconscious worse head was off the mouse gags ross daring designs read em i hate that's that's like brain damage analyzing that's then then he took a long time off and then it came back and he got knocked out recently but that russian do their bit everything that he still finally got knocked out in is not his last fibre this fight next to last his last fighting when a decision over guy with no business in the ring with them but he owes money to taxes those three million dollars the irish or something according to the into somebody get these guys and cohesion is forties but the thing is now a new unlike bernard hopkins who in his forties he slowly muslim people you know why because he's a technician technicians raised is always get his hands on me now she was argued that is exactly what work it's perfect is always in the right position and what is not sure if you're gonna hit aeronautic grabs you grabs yon mugs you put you in a fuckin back i had weight to the referee to come punches you in the back ahead on the brake his is a fox u r b eruption louder for i am again there's not going to tell you my lord said the pet cuyp advocate very beat him as he ground to make us all at this ruin you don't know what else you said you need to learn how to fight like a blogger
go train with some black people learn if i left right and i'm telling you i think i did it i wrote us a blog entry about that are brutal long article on my website if you just google bernard hopkins is a bad mother fucker the name of the article because it was just i was so blown away with his kindness late forties whose on this note artists from the rough and tumble streets of things like pence where's in frankfurt not an unknown and he's from young tunnel higher same place of jerry boom boom and soon and he's a fucking knock nobody i knocked what's a space out enact a gang of people tell you tat it was not but the though one i'll do kid did he knocked out for the title that fuckin shit i forget his name poor kid wanna get knocked out by upon should people after that
germany germane jail drain jailers remain valid tell regiment taylor tough guy reel off an eye but he was another one that i said i didn't was really talented didn't quite train is hardly should have because he was so talented anyone get knocked out a few times is a step right yeah staff but also the reality of concussions valuable discussions is will you get that one year that's what i'd sixty well don't think i don't think about it when i watch those hbo chosen i read more united redesign section the time you have like headaches are now i don't oppressed easy no no i don't know you're lucky you also irish i think a lot of moves to concussions the support of the dna vienna i wouldn't say that these genetic but i will say that's probably didn't handed down when i shall lily across the head as a young lad seen the documentary knuckle
the bear fighting for learning through amazing since they clans like ireland just clans i'll tell you something i live with that man there's no quick enough on their own affairs where they can give me not about rights and yet a beggar shades marrying something mary artisanal petty never never and they have other than evans has ever been i've never seen a man out i've never seen a man never reach for chinese hiding under is why i've never seen you may reach reject deliberating on his shirt off and reveal the most unimpressive physiology great anyone can throw hands outstretched hand picked up your eyes open your eyes i spoke out like you what a guy like me about my irish broke at what price scotland is that irish from which all terrible floods you know what it is here's what is our goal ugly women you to start fighting of tourism and do not fight over territory there fighting to have some fuckin meaning to their lives right that's what you're angry at a general level six though there trying to have some meaning for their everyday existence by the way there always tire ok they're drunk all the time when you when you're doing that you're you're you're motivation your shortly be lust of life it's coming out the window is always depressed also has the guy was a guy he's gotta be fifty five years younger than i was thirty three years like what yeah these guys gave me i mean soil you get hammer all the time like tat man in those guys are always irritable well it's what some of them have amazing endurance producer drinking all the time goes by russia to ours to ours not really fuckin frantic pace so again the ideas by these on you fuckin weapon shots europe kids they like he'd each island cover up i'd love to see nicky i walk into one of those things just for tat was the irishman webpage bats did you just call me a chicken that not just call me a bitch without knowing that he hated and we'd like to fifty percent plus you like things about and they d like this guy he's like a bit next thing you know it's fuckin beat you bloody pop he's
getting tired antivirus actions that ireland joined let's not either they'll muddy and uttered twenty thousand dollars on those by think it the whole builds a paypal will get to see the document three hundred and twenty thousand dollars mandate at all clear the pitcher and like you that's all i want to make the isn't right now resented regime in stockton and he's rapid his hands always listen to this practice and it is what did you see her to say will forgive me i know bitch up if i tell you you're going to go over tat you do is trust anybody like we're gloves i just wanna hurt his hands you know you can compare inequalities where these little gloves i wear this work i bear novel do not bob line for myself and still beach i love the way to all this the skill level guises terrible watches irish actually naked such it seems like he's here you guys are spoiled you guys who says like many i am too well you know there's still i am always you know look i'm always pretty cool
go about a lot of things in emma you know i'm i'm i'm i'm pretty honest about it but one of them one of the most the the aspects of emma may that's the least of all is the striking there's a reason why guy like new ideas can come in there and we're just fuckin box people up because no one furthermore he's got a very unique style that's all his own and he's figured out how to do that that that that style of boxing for emma may is pretty fuckin effective but
when you look like the high level strikers and other organizations are simply not seeing that in emma may yet and that's why there's a new kid i just came in for this last you see the first five the night actually stephen wonder boy thomson he's sixty and oh as a kick boxer is ok yeah yeah easier and ease of bodies are karate kick boxer so he's got this crazy style where you fight with the front legs first and dumb he like each fights like completely sideways but he throws like front like round house kicks spinning kicks others while she knocked the fuckin do that with a front legs around how sick the phase the do don't even see coming because nobody would a throne tycho unearthing exactly exactly but he's is more of a karate kickboxing like above the ways kickboxing and does point tournaments that's where we started out as guys can and i will take your head offices and as we all cakes back cakes and fuck em it's the front legs man is no one no one kicks with the front legs like this guy does and its i've always saw that in type one alternative i always knew it was possible there was another dude in russia really really really recently we have really high level karate guys well we ve got a lot of coercion tournaments it came on acts kick this dude in the face and then three sixty around house kicked him unconscious in the air which is a really effective guys in my time wonder what exactly they could do that i'm talking to name arkwright donate please trust me i know
i'm an actor i have no business argue about fighting a pussy but did you take one i have friends that can kick better than anybody you have synagogue just now my school my school and at the end you'll be amazed we'll do that i'm fuckin sat down with georgia appearance i bought i was amazed he would listen to me the hour when he was like in only someone to teach me to spending bacchic anomaly dude i can teach you try argued egypt i thought it human me like you know the commentator is gonna teach me but when we came to the gym we sort of organizing this videos of an online of people don't believe me but there's but but
do you guys get like really good at taking like that here's the thing they don't want a box but they don't want a rustle they don't want you do too so that's all they know they find in these type we know terms anyhow these wild fuckin kid punch the thing those wild kicks leave you vulnerable for wrestling their leave you did this not the not effective on their own their own effective you learn that other shed exact and the amount of people dont because you get so good kicks and then to learn all that other stuff you have to be a beginner again i ask usually by the way you get when you yeah yeah run railway grim dollar then is young guys you can flow between can i give you can just learned but it's really hard it's really so the level of striking like ouster or rain right now represents the highest level of kickboxing an imminent guy one the k one grand prix period the you don't get it but it is a goes beaten peter arts beaten go con saki he's a fucking killer knocked out bought or hoary so he right now represents the highest level of kickboxing in enamel so you look at hamley go
he doesn't care about and it gets different different some guys have different techniques different tools but what he doesn't represent is that crazy taiwan no shit like fauntleroy round house takes we'll takes an active and that is what the stephen thomson guy represents and so there's another layer to the chaotic just banana see american seed talks yeah yeah he's had motherfucker has ninety eight years old to gather why else am i then i think i think also like striking if if you if you had to choose it seems like you would choose
to be a strike her first as you learn as a kid you get really good at striking and then you can really become w plus ten years are five six years as an adult and jitsu you can get rid depending on who you are the but these athletes can get really good you can get good enough depending on who you army under which saint pierre see look say pierre has a karate back on his kyoto should i outgrown and that's what the reasons why his is kicks are so good as is known as germany the more tie stuff that he learned later on it was easy for him to adopt because we already have this really strong karate background then he learned had a rustle mean this crazy things you wicked george and he's the best wrestler enamel may we are the most effective but he didn't wanna wrestling icicle work college he didn't wrestle innovation or college i was striking really really hard writing because you know where it's honestly he's very rare to see that even in in four wrestling it's very rare of course apply special but my but is a pro boxer and he said the way
really good at my being loved like slip ponchas and get really comparable with that kind of speed that timing is when you start when you seven and you can have an you gonna catch punches like jazz on your forehead now that you ve got to start kick his kid can't hurt each other they hearts are you you start to learn how to how did you know you up learning that's all well and good until you type wondering how to trust i've seen little kids knock other little kids arrived like and conscious that and that's uncomfortable to watch i seen so little eight nine year old knock each other fuck out i'd stay injure sit is dangerous and you know what mandate they tell him you know like easy contacted the face you have these people are savages are fighting and even amateur laskin helmet work shows helmets don't work those there
kush oggie how much work now they think they're cushiony type wonder how much the ways here's what's not covered you're fucking face guys again we'll kicking raised by other little kids and i don't care of your thirty pounds you know if you have a wheel kick spins around that he'll and you had a thirty percent cut in the phase you're gonna knock america it is dangerous i was ten when i am a first concussion ok maybe tackle on a kick off i was a great young young people paris fast you go out i want why opposing breezy point and i walked and was a knight game and i right out of nostalgia forty and i just lead there and i looked up and there was my coach and it was my own ouch and i saw my mom kind of walking towards me and with it that with that law on her face what just happened to me and where am i am a characters you units my mom
it's the first time ever get knocked the fuck out but as a man you might i wanna get knocked out but as i'm not you're fucked up and how long did it take before you found normal you didn't play football again that season up at the next the i sat out a week yeah yeah they sat me out of hand by the way i do you know what a fucking caution was jody a concussion was my team jimmy gamble why came back he said oh yeah yeah you're back already i feel like i'm fine i'm ok than ever mention concussion my father never mention concussion nobody was you had a concussion i want oh why raises really i wonder what rate very serious questions because now with football now you know we no what's happening with these guys brains a time there even by the time they get into the pros supervisor sure yeah we would talk about it on the really recent podcast that kid what the fuck's his name henry was an immigrant run henry winkler now the
it's not the final remembering you google do i know i did it will anyway this kid was twenty eight years old fell off the back of a truck they do an autopsy item is banned foggy though i was in his brain was fired here the brain of an old man yet already a twenty eight but that that's the question now what is that what is that aid now now what do we do about the sport was that's it you why you keep plan for bio my kit platform for i would rather my kid box for real does at least i think you rachel kid how important it is not to get hidden ahead and you good fundamentals and work with a good fucking coach that not going to throw away the walls get you beat up you got to look at your brain isn't a time card you have only so many holes you can get punched in the punch a few one might be ok two worlds and weird three jesus guy scary shit need they didn't know it's weird that they did know this was just a few decades ago and they didn't know what to do about lobby puke i'm sorry i've let me give you my very brief history of my my relationships with concussions ok ten yourself
concussion painful newgate pop warner in brooklyn then on thirteen and i get her i am a fall out of a tree concussion i'm an apple for a week before a week ok cause i was too high i've got high any free i was way up i was way up actually i was on a swing i got high fell off my friend put me my bike i was knocked out from put me on my bike we had a ride back home about two miles no bullshit value on island over hasn't got it nor do i woke up in the hospital that night big brother we had been functioning the whole day you know then announced remember you have seen fides overtime remembering how excuse sarah so we can get gets head kicked in the first round gets dropped goes on fights is crazy three round fight at the end of the fight they tell me the end the fighting those white here's your lion
because that was the end of the third round of us you lying to me right now you're lying to me right now because if you line we right now and then they standing there in the middle of the ring and they say they re the decision the referee dream then he's like baffled i can't believe this really the decision this is really the end of the fight like what happened when i'm sure terminals lot two and a half round not even not even conscious just on autopilot raising then i got a concussion next year fourteen in football then the next three years in a row thirteen fourteen fifty cheesy that's a long neck man there where i medicine bag than all of em you're going to second concussion was a fight hit the back of my head against concrete yes so guy punches you ponchas made all fall and get it it's that fall where you for not snap your back and by the way he was a friend of mine yes get it wasn't a real real fight we were fuckin around fucking around i got tag just the accent is fucking around and
and by the way he was with me when i was thirteen the year before who and put me on my bike and took me home oh yeah this guy was a piece of work you later went on about two years later to break into my father's house and my neighbour our neighbour pop grant an old scott s bobby i saw diabetes come on you back back your roof said the he's breakin and your house and my father went berserk well it took him to the bahamas my yellow is a family friend sitting of the bahamas and beat the fuck out of a well move he we brought about time you know we brought him back to the house team of occasion he admitted doing it and follow him shave his head and that would like is all tat yet but he did out to other guys who
it gets a broken you're out why was there but they remain others we others made of tea they made in chechnya is held by the kitchen that you say how many guys broken you fuckin who else might my best friend did fifteen and clean my little sisters too her friends broken girls one girl exemption their eyes now make the girl shiver yes my dad did he made a great i want to say the names of just learning is racket can you imagine a glimmer of hope he said very monitored very basically piece of work sickly listen you're gonna pay me back everything you owe me which is just the change jars they drank booze their kids the fifteen right i said you're gonna the going to write a letter of any shape you your heads and i remember they want what my dad said shave your head i'm the cops i'm going
we parents house jimmy odium wednesday his father s grandfather for the world in which light which have light will change so so how'd you get the girl shiver him he just hauser maybe he just tells a go shake your head how old is fifteen ship ready now tasso tying girl budgets skinny you're worth drawing with a big no is doing this issue where there is no such alone at home and he's gonna check on her later on no they ve coming the next day my father's an appointment with them the next day on front step you're coming back
you're with marching at five o clock so he doesn't want to supervise and watch now wants them becomes us combat every saturday weird they already have now been i wait a minute you're having a teenager shave their pets in front of you crazy that's interesting punishment i don't want no ads old school pete does he knows they had to think about isn't gonna bring there was a look in the mirror and double the idea came and market came then actually right shave your heads than they had to be they were those guys yeah you get a girl is ever daddy how does he doubted punish you might get young you know i never did he here we rarely did my dad too said to him you look you just have to have a tone of voice and i got my mom administered corporal punishment religiously maybe the forgotten whether or not she didn't beat forget last lap might sheets she's great she's my hero she sighed she's my here slovakia
my parents were she did not me out but it is true story after my father mom got divorced my dad bought a house one block away or on the next block like a go up into my room in my mother's house i could look cross and i would see my dad's house and i could see my room and my dad's house so that when i was home my dad i see my dad come home about five six seven eight clock at night whatever was he's come back from an atom anna i see him come home and i turn i got mom that's all i'm going to go down and see him and i'll go out the back door while the fence and i would be at my dad's front step into open twenty five seconds less than that and we pay hope am i my dad said to me when i was twelve years old divorcing mom there's nothing we can do but don't worry i'm not going anywhere and of course house
twelve shocked unlike what the fuck they never ever argued they were there there were both awesome people just was mentioned just in unfortunately you may like most of em exact why yes that's why i've never be met the only the only reason do it is for children or you know you could you can find a strange situation where the person is just unbelievably you you have some crazy compatibility and it works but there's a lot of pressure involved in living with someone is a lot of pressure involved being a legal entanglement with someone what does the three of divorce is always looming over his is a weird thing what you're illegally connected and you know you know in the back your head the statistics everybody knows what is sixty percent or southern california fifty i think tat one is even higher than california is really silly and other national average is fifty in that's that's the people with the balls to get out of the baltic with an annual job that's except when i got older i saw that got that
got your divorce reappearance really changed you if you'd never you never really believe the marriage most of us are usually the marriage is the unmarried believin marriages ridiculous i'm it's it's it's a contract its institute as the old saying you know he didn't make great institution colombia institutional makes women feel better and it makes them have something they can say their friends oh we're married oh you're married now a children's early she's married with children they loved that man don't give a ferrari perception and our answer right now about one guy secondly we got married guys go i know i know girls who have kids who live with their girlfriend and you know they they have no intention of getting married and the girl like this always like a thing fundamental way did love each other and how much share together all the time and they deserve the obviously amazing bond want that
your country want that distinction that's right designation ultimate mrs jimmy's their ultimate committees you'll never near the enemy bird is i've seen him i've seen him dodge that boy time and again i had my i had to turn my back and thirty seconds i had the term a back would you mean you're a cop or how determined back because you got loss close you bought a ring one's own border about buttering lie member that are you it was you i was almost like inhale mary from the one yard line oh so you trying to keep her trunk
yeah she's all seas man i want something real she's just as my favorite i want something real wages it oh i mean i love you and your phasing in you give me the most burning merlin worry over but i would think they re cry than i am twenty might be thirty and i'm not fucking waiting for you to grow up and you have me when they crowded that unlike us when you can hear that also my mind and you know why we are working hard on its we're we're decry would turn the on sweden and he has for them and then it off its you know the real problem is there's two completely different fucking animals absolutely different in their forced to breed with each other so true you know that's a totally different species the male or female so loudly because things have women would similarly if there's a problem women will judge wanna ere it out and cry and be heard whereas i want to go i want to fix the fuckin rob figure there's an issue let's fear are where the where the fuck and whole isn't philip right
it makes sense and it's a very unusual male don't have that in the netherlands is usually narrowing at an emotionally hearing themselves speak about talking about that's the therapy from the other like vision activities like talk about let's figure what the fuck the problem is and attack the problem will thus one of things it chaz bono said once you start taking testosterone becoming a man was annoying women year funding also really snickering area core here like politically correct you see you're amazing i have a habitat jerry bono chastity bono's charity charity mona just orient me how i worked it the morgan's hotel first out of college for them and i was working in room service and it uses very busy very intense and it was it was the mortgage was the first hotel open
up by several go any trigger after they get out of prison without us at suitor before i tell you before they own studio fifty four come famous nice to propel each rigour obama yourself some the greatest hotels now ogre in most people don't know what the fuck you talk you i'm sorry you're right yeah yeah i know you i got yours i'm like yes exactly and these guys derivative war was was problem them all i get is people listening closely mom it's why i guy shows that it was a most decadent night club in the seventies do you fifty four it was it was coke drugs it is it stood for like three establishment it stood for everything that was subversive it was said struggling rock and roll the little girl historic it's where every culturally on snore invaded everybody that's where people got locked up pregnant kill of everything right ok
they get out they start a hotel your work in their day they sat alone and thank you for bringing it back room service high room service jim speaking how may i help you jim it's chastity open a penthouse i just get for you i'd like that cheese platter i'd like a tab they still had tat back then i'd like a tab and i would like a side of chopped fruits out as i can ok and that'll be about twenty minutes are banks by phone rings immensely yeah hygiene strategy i just i just pathetic mind you i won't yeah yet anyway what we're gonna give real economic change at all that cheeseburger deluxe with french fries and i would like i would like a beer without two ok was it a beer any remember how i wish she was probably sixteenth
he wasn't appears rapidly soda were and i i thought that was kind of strange she just gonna revamp whole order i would immediately said somebody doesn't when she's calling you with a hush tone exactly somebody has one are eaten shitty food exactly someone's gonna die exactly what our moms up there and writing in there and so this is also my share story a year and and i'm gay and i love and i love share but you're dead i'm getting yom coming out right now look look here i'm going out day we're tastes you have now jack donna hearing only workers the strangest gate at the gay stray man i now ok so i am so i bring it up put it down babar she's like thank you thank you she then says just let me gloomy silence but by goes up ok fine call from share i come up
she nails her arms working in the bad food not so bad you were the as yet i felt oh so what'd you do what but shared and she shall i heard her yelling i was at the door area owing despite until i want you ordering this and never had the penthouse which was it downstairs and upstairs i brought it to the downstairs and she spoke they tell brain desert separate but downstairs leave downstairs i had to go back and bring share up an entire that she had a whole orkut and i brought it engine was pissed off she just got manage our she was in a rope should i go to wet rat and i'd love share i do i don't want to go and i love her music i i don't think she deserved to win who cares club so i
put stuff down i think everything around i'm doing might you know jack handy room service guy thing and she yeah i can see she's fuming and i give it thank sign and probably do under the noted now where my stories going no tipp does even sign does in giving it the attempt five percent fifteen zero zero no tipp now to her inter defence tips included back then the ten percent tipp was included not fifteen ten percent and so a legitimate ambition about that usually stewardship on top of that while we are of course suit i always because you're by generous and because you get it but you say my highlighted here thou because i share share in the media
then the quabos insure spends our own money and a lot of it to sin hockey helmets and equipment and an even body armor two soldiers in iraq like like like on her own diamond doesn't anonymously my fucking i called out there they said you're you're sending selfies idea and i'm entertainer nobody respect my opinions and i give you my opinion but she social sorts of these guys get blown up like an being of the war that she fuckin she spent a fortune santa hockey home its body armor ass she was shining whole pencil i told you i worry that we got was might that is great but i've always look at her situation whether kid and when i when i saw you know that the whole thing will first of all for us it was really fat right
a kid becomes a man right and i'm like you know how much of this is psychological man how much of this is neglect how much of this is the kid just didn't get enough love and attention because mom was a fuckin superstar jet all over the globe in our second gregg almonds dick unjust wasn't there was now how many site i don't know either but i mean when one i'm here in this story wants cheeseburgers and she's a little kid and she's fat in owner screamed out or you can have cheese years it was theirs there's another road urban rebellion you know it you know what i'm going to land where i can and you now is this fuckin really famous sexy woman and near this little blob and in all your trust sneaking cheeseburgers your mom screaming in you hate me alive and you wish were dude may we go we that's a deep with the chairs bonus culture rogan is that no one is defined as it's gotta be horrible that's the thing they start by them on and on my part gas decried gallon to everybody
and i think you needed to the brain tat was years what's that was your thing about by the way we got a joke carnea him i am hoping whose righted rector of can i see in the gray and that's an eighteen and what we are lacking is coming in my pocket and we lay down this we don't mention it in the next time why did see it when we're going where he's a good friend and i love soda and he's a grandly good deeds growing up it's good to pick you see that dr movie right oh yeah yeah we're talking about dr brian had a whole bunch of malaria tweets about how bad i was like are you kidding you gonna end this way what was all the hype that that number i thought about how priority will be to shouldn't like ryan gassing almost all just stay emmi he took i love the guy's knacker but what a border jew a visit to actually be an actor and sit around you know what it is man here's where it is most people don't know anybody cool and so they love someone just to pretend to be cool and they see
cool being pretended like maybe that's who cools like he's coup is covered with scientific foundation of coolness ladder in blood and he's going to restaurants where people as an elevator jet yet and that was the elevator where they live like what they just forgot about that there's a beverage get body just everyone there would have been glad movie beside wasn't erst ten minutes was good of you see diverse ten minutes right after leaving its actions move yet look at is the crazy move where great idea race cried driver because i have always thought about that like a lot of people like you know that we were cops most cops on out of fuckin try rhino you get some crazy mario andretti mother fucker behind a nissan gdr good luck cop
i find that guy you better have a helicopter you know you better have a helicopter unblock those streets often advanced you're not gonna has cast a guy really knows how to drive can drive so much faster than a guy does the rise in what's up with the like like almost played the game dr today with my girlfriend i worry we talk to each other and then we just wait thirty seconds until we molly like respond like what was up laterally emmy monotone yet like that but that like that dialogue and why was there were trying to do something cool you nine only for an obvious reactor it's like i did euro spent three months should a movie and by the way you have six lines most of us can you stand thing about the shots now movie and one that would be well i didn't i said lady who is an interesting choice because i think the guy was supposed to be autistic there was something i see as a disconnect fuck yeah that's why such a good driver look i think there's a lot of people undiagnosed mildly artists didn't asperger spectrum there's a lot of people that are brilliant at something and they have met fighters and like that you know what they have this week there was a we're working age is only and they also they they don't get all wired up about stuff filigree mom told about shit and illegal
they're fucking thrown out that sort science and sport as they hoped up a lot of really famous athletes to like it hi precious situations i can games
found that they day they just their heart rate stays exactly the same lot of his justice natural do they come under fire yeah yeah they become dead they come they didn't like not there and that's what they that's why whenever they asked like a physical genius to to explain what was going on in your head during the game there really they never can explain it they can never like they dig they say what would shatter the bosnians owners my when you're in the zone man i think there's the universe variance training ass to be there though the you know though the actual work has to be done beforehand when you're actually performing you get to that then state where you're on autopilot something else thinks over and that's one of the reasons why these dudes i d like these deadpan sorted dues they're not so concerned about their ego are concerned about everybody loved them and put on a show and i love i love gosling i love watch i got eminently washerwoman i guess this is why he behaved that way was a psychological choice and that there are people like that so i got that but it is not the movie sucks there is no conflict is asia did murder people in the middle of the daylight and maybe this is less angeles a word is a million people in a parking lots of all the parties i was it was a couple of good chasing the chasing when they when they want to that one place than the guy got shot needs the getaway car they realize it was you got set up right it was connections thing those can each thing but there was so much dead stuff
between it dialogue only like why foiled kittens dad's losers doesn't mean you killed obviously gonna beat up in front of us tat like stop hanging out with a girl you're just give them and was
louis mafia is that her report be worried about the jewish mafias foolish mob guy here is that what this maybe was about it always makes too small for the history of the organised crime there have always been jewish people that have been involved from meyer lansky who is one of the original gangsters because he's a smart guy he wanted to make a lot of money jews have a long history and organised crime ariane cooperates that's what it seem like though it seemed like that that it was like a west co you don't worry she fears dad went to jail for like fuckin for years you know that right eye the jews do crime oh you know it they don't cry my just download i love like west coast jewish mafia versus the east coast italian moffit islet is he i was kind of final i think a kite am on their fucking z when there you weren't there you cliche do it by the way how dare you africa this is the first i think this is the first time that if you are to have a play station you can now go into a virtual world and watch this park has right now and movie theater number three days
erin really rei podcast season gas playstation home that's fine bad virtual peoples of urine gradation right now widespread a few people right now that a very found it yeah when we start going hanging out in there and if you can find me dance formula dance forming an dance employees to answer you do everything into virtual roads pursuing what is it it's warcraft if called playstation home which is comes free on all playstations anymore it's going to this virtual world where you can like hang out and take a chat room exit virtual world dixon you can do things like it liking bending over in front of a girl to hire shoe and using nuclear passed up and down none of this is no you have your own how can you give me one time you have your own apartment you could decorate you're apart any you can bring people come back to your house and they really i fucking bad receiving geometrically fishermen around with the bulls like implement a one time you know with a big blot red wagon and he's got grandmother my mother and my sister in the apartment i will show you guys i want to
where it is harmonised you gotta you guys of dependency my videotape me running with both rollicked now its logical do the bull came at me i d make a shock right in and wrapped in a bull fell down which is really true actually bookworm remy shut this way that this huge wigs hilarious youtube anyways talons drawing as well go back my watch right now so grandmother my mother my myself we're all like laura hung around the globe tv because this is great takes us paid put it it is whenever the age s put it it just pushes play and we're all within officer just on the flock screen just and this kok is just ram and ran this huge backlog just kill and this poor girl and and we all go what as the saying goes sorry guys that another table i'll show you later holler my mother my grandmother scream unlike that occurred there will obey will laugh with a horse they love do you just show my fucking grandmother my mother disqualifying most from our own launch you come on
any act like was a mistake and stop we're here you're completely remove from the digital experience are you not online ash you dont get online you don't do things on your own of course they do not have a computer that applying giving about ten years ago you don't have a mac you a ten year old man i have a ten year old mac video dial up you have dialects dial up well yeah it's slow but up ibm city i just three million for research research what research researching subjects tat you know anything new you watch ted on a fifty six key modem its a ten year old mac that's horrible come on and she's all i ask of you at all because i live in a world where you have to make choices about do you want to pay you rent this month or do you have a new computer or hope
hopefully somebody will you know yet what do you say wait i heard you ve caught have chosen to live in this world you know you're in somalia oh no not at all is now i'm very very happy with i love my computer i love it it is such a strange guy what what what i also read a little worried i dont get all my mental well what is minimal and what is the philosophy behind this minimalist approach to life do now i never thought about it being just doing the militia and brian one said anne s feet and i had to go into that up because i know what i was doing it is aiming to do the fact you been knocked the fuck out about a hundred times when papa i after my sixth concussion my six concussion however shows us that was only about six seven years ago touch tackled on the side plan touch tackle even after all those earlier oh yeah
you know got knocked out will my doubt on the sidelines own he stated get him the fuck out of the game right now you know sat a concussion i saw at first hand with you and i saw this because you thought they thought you're gonna die they thought your lung cancer member and and it was serious and and i and i was like my best friend i was like can die they thought there they thought he had a either lung cancer or the disease kills firemen sucker doses architects steed on everybody was argo gas so that you die from that hope you borrow your take you take prisoners is a very serious and ended on an accurate answer those are the options for jim at one point and he was now hospital and what was amazing i was i was like i go you seem so on you just don't seem worried and you don't seem stressed i know you better anybody and you're you're just actually like you always are and he said he said did i've made peace with my death a long time
you really i saw at first hand i didn't you miss even a b it was the clementines willing i start i still don't want to die but these were bright and i would say by you brian i always talk about how hilarious you are how funny i would a great entertainer you are you alright personally involved in show business but yet you choose to stay in new york and not of a cell phone and ride your bike around and not get into the hut and not act but when you say things like i live in a world where i have to choose tree eating or getting a new computer what you don't have to you could have easily come out here and done a lot of shit your character man you know like like my friend joey diaz another character was just doing great he always does great because you see him and you go i gotta put this guy somewhere do sunday s guy that's you you you could do you still to this day he did it might happen it might be sooner than you think what are you doing no he loves my modest way loves where'd you learn to new york i'm sorry your what do i do i learn i i have to be
so the arm i'm a born and bred in britain and per annum tangibly them with new york i love neo my family there oh you would i love i left my lifestyle i love that i get my bike that at that every day i'm doing something that i love to do on personal trainer i trained people morning i love it i asked besides i want life and eighteen years one kleiber eighteen years so i have like longstanding relationships with these people i've never seen you oughta monasteries in europe without knowing everybody including count yeah i was involved in bars my dad own bars in a week we were it's the new york neil you and your village it's my fault it really is its have so many circles not selling a deck but have so many circles i remember i'm somebody but i think it was you who pointed this out to me because you have so many circles that concentric circles but overlapping sir how come you ve never done stand up
but the boy who have had please resolve our answer the question why have you never done status they never throw myself a stand for europe larry's do thank you and i'm euros have let oars mean how could you don't understand because they think i'm a machine a key issue turkey when it's gonna be is it's a story hours in irish storyteller shaggy ass a and c h i shall nicky tell job on how the fuck you show me anytime is got i didn't you tell me tell job ass a boy who hammerheads roderick dizzy can be could talk it over journalists once session was a goat magic that with his name is using saying in butter but the other dog fox hunting seals it's the same thing so what happened our some story upper whoever had right
it's it's ascending it's sunday afternoon about my girlfriend the time is six having your and my girlfriend shannon and on one the giant game and phone rings and adam roth comes on adam roth is performing orleans grocery that was that it had a rough user he's guitars use with the darfur egos of an amazing amazing musician a funny fuckin do bottomest uses don't run wild thank you bobby bigger tell you exactly thank you up so he says jimmy listen we're going up tonight and baby was gone well thank you we don't laugh reims till you get a good voice stood relax it's pretty good i like that sometimes we get richer
he's got a nice will you have a nice words you have you don't you have you have good range joy gusher have more chastity where you're willing chastity adam tells me so out of breath calls me any says so are performing tonight and in between sets we usually have about fifteen minutes he goes we weakest cow i remember estonia story with this funny thought maybe you coming down and do stand up and between sets and really sucking and really bombing and i started laughing at one o my god that's the fucking he like he gave me the magical are you serious so it goes jago that's perfect i get go down there and beef and bomb ok on purpose on her bobby i'm probably the worst comedian ever exactly sir gross and so i want this so there's no pressure is theirs pressure to bomb yeah ok
because i am so naturally actually a handsome and effort listen ebullience so less is more thank you and so i am we put on funding up great and i hope i've done woke up i'll be down there a call brain i said baby i can't baby i go baby you're never can guess i tell him he got so my god let me give you here we give you gotta that's funny jimmy let me give you some figures me just two topical just do i saving jobs lie morale jobs from your bad airplane jokes in bed just bad shit just must deal with that plans but i had you do you did my life some of that my material like a game start yes yes i did and that was funny and that worked and i didn't really well because of just stealing back what he had taken from the guy anyway you work above a thank you sell because i d point out to you by the way how game in point ok
so also other stuff i steal so it's it's given to him with love ok so you go on stage in you fuckin bomb on arab site let me tell you i'm terminated which do i i said to my girlfriend at the time i said listen you're gonna go up and you get hopefully they'll be a table open up their up up up front and which you sit down because i want you start to tackle me when i start to do my j f k dallas you know portion of my recollection thing she was ok ok they're not gonna get kind of hard on you so she is set she's my set up heckler ok because i know you guys all set up your course another rhinos and he says go accused will stop set in the map in you and me so she goes down and this is the up can i give you a little bit of the hotel started up do this world falsely ok thank you know it's not for me to gives it so i go on
i go on with a beer i start off you know it's going to be done in greenwich village you know my gay brethren eg you know how to get if you get a gig out a fuck a woman right you know if there's some shit or cunt joking that's the first that's how they open up ancillary and then the whole place and they place darts laughing and i got up its actual great while its suit and i start doing your jokes about gay men and how they point blah blah it's actually ok actually kind of working a little bit and then i go into my you know the eba if you believe in pavlov's theory you know with the ring the bell for the dog in the dock such salivate i was thinking about the guy who back in nineteen sixty two three was any kitchen getting blowjob really hot sexy blowjob and over the radio is low during this is a job that balances the radio yet this is the backdrop this possibly bad guys ok cause i'm supposed to bomb he's can blow job it comes over their kennedy ass been shot and killed jeff case been shot and killed
blows is wide ok just ass he hears that over the retailers oh my god the president's been fuckin shot below is what so now he has that connected to a relief really good impulse in his brain that's no no no and every time someone says so do you remember where you were when kennedy was assassinated he gets a fuckin hard on la sucks i snore bombing it's horrible girl who i sat up and you had a beer in your time i had the i just gotta rehab it's stupid but my girl franco's that's not funny agreement has not funny she goes up i was a big jfk support and that's not funny i listen system why don't we get into i shut the fuck up and i took i took a lot of my stuff from what you did and how you try to get hecklers and how you and put them down and i then i'd literally said hey diesel vehicles put confer some shit
you can't go out i get later right now but i do know not you that's that that was my life that was my life but i know that you can you rhythm i know you i try not to wealth take the finger in a seen it but you try to be air but if somebody's dom dumb and they fuckin keep poking you it's crazy we gotta i m really take their own whole first the most things an audience has to want you to do something you can just go after them so when you went after like overreacted the audience or fuck it oh yes i want to get away with a wild or should i say buddy i hated me hate amy was at the end it was there was not a sound it was not us people working with this what did you have and i have so long set hellenism five minutes at five minutes five minutes five minutes and i it was real quick real quick i gotta get a couple landmines and shit i start exactly herbert had done the whole set no it i've been might have exactly up you know
it down and i still have it really has settled i wrote down set because i've never voted on standards whether they want to put that on line would be fun for people look at but you're not from the cultural experience interference that exclude modem exactly you'll have to come up five our whole fire computer if you guys heard about this thing aware that you have case mistress just finally released a bookshop sixty nine years old and grandmother now she was eighteen year old virgin when she met him any factor he took her virginity while he made her suck up one of the one or the other centres cox in front of her wow yeah yeah you said dora eyes looking really tens when you go there and take everyone jfk watched while she sector as other guys dick and she
you have to try to get her to suck his brothers dick triangular sectaries teddy's deck but she wouldn't do it s where she drew the line eighty nine year old woman is writing as ex design i know it's fucking fascinating that those decisions they suck his dick she's had performed oral sex as guy those guys we're so decadent you can get away with the press wouldn't expose you back will not only that mean there was no access to people didn't have access to the press a button it wasn't the way it is today where you can just get on fuckin facebook for president i mean even the but the whisky thing like they were operating on an old model now they hadn't realise at an allow now people were were more salacious they wanted more gossip they want more in europe they wouldn't have said that story in the nineteen sixties the press would have had respect and they would have in our protect yeah you are rejected there was a there was a a protest sacred there is a sacred trust and
now there's none of that of course now we love it when people i ve ever so fascinated because you control the source of the media they more everywhere and so what happened was like j j elder j lyndon me johnson during the vietnam war he would you can they in this tape you can hear him talking to the editors of these big newspapers and just sank can you do me a favor can you please delay publication of that story i'm trying to do some sense of work here in vietnam and you'll exposed and soldiers and the name and it's amazing how he charm these guys and in delaying story you could never do that well look at this whole wiki leaks thing that's the argument behind all the argument behind the wikileaks thing is this guy you things and on a journalist walmsley and he's the only one it's a fucking journalists because all these other assholes wooden of release did if you gave that information in new york times you
gave a new york times a video of that fuckin apache helicopter gunning down those people industry and making light of the fact that they brought their kids why should the brother kids about if that that would have never been fucking revealed they would a step back and they would have looked at their corporate interests and looked at the access they have sensitive information is also a law that is that there is a law passed and i believe is war too i might even war one where you're not allowed to post pictures gory pictures of what really happens to notice because the truth is when you get shot big caliber guns you come upon her nose you come in here and and one of the things that was the law that is lovely blue with lots of things but you cannot do that because it's bad for from around it four soldier morale and our lives very controversial is there a lot of journalists say well that is war
long as you keep it that removed and that abstract you're not gonna have people on the street target and end the true should be out there but but but at the same time we know that there is something to be said about keeping things i don't want it love one get blown spoken smithereens won his remains oliver and his idea that's not the solution the solution is don't have your love one get bonus smithereens don't have them govern a fucking crazy why sense like i said it in the bush administration got so fucked up they will never let them take photos of coffins it a crime to take photographs of america image rate coffins that's that's complete and total insanity but what then wikileaks revelation that when they when people saw that gun footed hey what was it called something murder or something what would what do they call it they were they released it under an actual name of collateral murder that's what they called it
things on collateral murdered icon collateral damage allows collateral murder correct collateral mirth absolutely nobody was itself is what which was what this gradual murder would the video the video that all that gun shall i shot and shell is beaten fuckin horrifying mean and when the guy says they ve got kids kids and then let us law they shine rattle its suggested last shot fifty calvin fuck and therefore there is no about my god it's so hard to hear american soldiers that fuckin hardened by at all and removed and callous to the idea that there be no there there were there looking at their looking at you know lot of those guys if they weren't certainly now that intelligence is that they were unable to pull off whatever they pulled off you get you do you get angry yeah of course i mean it's you screw mean wars help but it's a good people were so it was so filtered by the time it got to america
through the mass media it's so filtered what you see on television as opposed to what is actually going on boy it's a whisper of a fucking of a nuclear explosions like boom you know that's what you're getting you guess rise then somewhere on the other side of the world and europe civilization is being vaporize inquiry analogy there's what its migration that's great imagery rather seriously it's it's really conveniently ridiculous that we allow it means the only reason why we tolerate war in the first place because we're completely remove from the effects of it as long as is going on in some strange place where people are fuckin donkeys spare time decided today with the exception of of the civil war in this country that is the american experience war you know four and forty five people were killed and war war too that's a lot a lot of soldiers but the industry done on an in another place and if you are european that happened in on your door step that sitting that happen you looked around after nineteen forty five and would have been
old europe was essentially reduced to rubble will that's why the germans got really in a ship porn for real why do you think shit porn comes out of germany ice and shit i want to speak as a central part of our society as it goes there were humiliated and because they were nazis and because they watched their fuckin family members get gun down and everybody just blew fuses left and right sardine shit it has to do with it was the best shit porn comes in japan during the winter dents those are all i think those originally very very repressive science not always sure that's also in one of the reasons why the warrior cultures as the best way to control people whose more suppressed the north korea nor three right now they have a fuckin moratorium on using a cell phone for like a hundred days because if i could live with your leader died you know if you you go to jail for six of the ec caught using a self scrap this picture of them cry
applying weeping people weren't crying got sense through labour care yeah will you get picked live in beyond gung you get picked to live their young and judge yeah fucus she me or whatever the reactor today they said that it's gone up to walk to twenty six point seven degrees celsius and went from a hundred in sixty four degrees fahrenheit to the top today days yeah it's been staying steady at one thirteen in and out nowhere today just went to a hundred sixty four you know i've talked to play only i've talked about when we talk to shame shane smith from vice dot com list sylanez how it's so much worse than the japanese government is letting on how whose over there and the people there for irradiated food in tokyo and peep again what we jump right are gone and we're going to couple weeks i am terrified i'm outta nervous i mean i know it's nowhere near fukushima but its close enough then spoke and scary and also still volatile that unity
aftershocks are still going on from the earthquake the cause that's unanimous and no one no one can say that ones not gonna happen while moreover that was essentially play a musical chair seriously it's crazy but the government apparently is now being honest about the amount of radiation the people are being exposed to and you know why because they want to keep the economy move and chill son was telling me that his buddy you tional commie who lives in japan was that the they're bringing geiger counter and testing of food and food is fuckin registering targets and places raids radiated fambily staff i mean what would dave essentially done is they ve created a son that you can't put out and it's in a field and we can do about it and there it you can't put that i can put it out not we cannot put it out you can contain an anymore you felt like it it's a complete melt down so it's gone through its containment area and its essentially going into the earth by the way there's no way you can stop it and it will be that way for the next hundred thousand years at least for as long as there have been people that have been wearing clothes how about that think about
that thing about furs think about a hundred thousand years ago people were wearing animal skins and they stitched together and called clothes and that was a fairly new invention that's a hundred thousand years ago so one hundred thousand years from now we're not even going to be this we're not even going to be where we're going to be integrated into some fucking computer hive and this will still suck this bar we were going to have to somehow or another figure out a way to warn future civilization if there's a mass die off because if something happens to us whether it's disease or shih
poor ice caps or a fuckin media or human stupidity and we kill a bunch of people with a fuckin crazy virus someone develops i give you this fuckin crazy flu virus and they ve developed a prototype flu virus to see if it was possible to do in its fuck an unbelievably deadly may so that if it got out it would kill half the population are literally kill half the people that caught it fifty percent of the people to catch it and they made it in a lab is something like that can get out dal wrote about this in a book called kalkhi thirty one years ago and it was a mind altering book for me gourbi doll my favorite rise kalkhi red
it's about bio warfare well by what it is and what it does to the world is absolutely real and unfortunately the same rate for the same reason why nuclear bombs were created human beings when they get involved in any sort of science any sort of any sort of a discipline you want to push that discipline to its highest levels and if you are creating new things whether its new nuclear programmes power and fuel sources and propulsion systems your eventually going to come up with the ultimate weapon and do not and someone else does know it move forward technology moves forward it has an ethic and it has a mind of its own it almost does
essentially that exists in bio warfare as well if you are a scientist and you're specialty is you know retroviruses or creating things or manipulating viruses or creating vaccines and somehow another into the groups the federal government and the war machine and these it was and is it possible for you may go you super aids is it possible that you can make some sort of a fucking chicken pox it makes you dick fall off is it possible mean they were real laughing dividing it is be its it that's what it is they were actively pursuing the idea of a gay bomb for the iraq war did you know that the points have the kind of money i ways actively trying to figure out if it was possible for them to make a bomb that would cause men to be uncontrollably sexually attract to each other and the idea was you know they looked like ecstasy and give people accessing your while others everyone's all affectionate loving what if what if we found out what makes you gay when if we found out the trigger we know what makes sarah tone and we know what makes dopamine we know if you we give you empty i may you have this massive letter of why you good trailing approach like many other energy what if there's a summit junior another that we can figure out that makes your dick hard for men and women with the objective being humiliated troops because they would fall uncontrollably in love with each other they just start fucking in the battlefield
you see i actually jargon enemy you're really and truly it was those guys working towards with hard on no notice how those guns now called opulent fabulous operation exact true wasn't collaboration photos but it was a real thing the really worth trying to come up with a fucking game villa may i read the algorithm arrest so many creeps outdated are pushing buttons now is so many creatures so many sociopath with pocket protectors that are going to do that we do that we strive to do them which contain your job contain that surround china pharaoh s may people find some people view out ways to kill people oppenheimer man when when the ito they were almost it was almost impossible to not create the bomb because the real threat was one of the enemy gets what of germany gets so if you if you have the technology if you have the capabilities you have to do it but that's you know oppenheimer does it there's a famous i guess video seeing him crying overcome
motion over what what he will you quoted the bug about gaeta as they blew up the first is about i am become death destroyer of worlds knowing what fuck you quoted the ancient he really others a video of them what put at our brand political its really fast to hear talk about it when you actually oppenheimer you hear him say it in his own words he quotes it and you know you can feel yet yang you could feel the responsibility of a man who is directly responsible can i half a million yet yet at the same time it also ended the war and i'll tell you something else a great my body but my friend my family's larry small on his his desk he was the present some sony museum on his desk he had the enola gay which was the bomb that the plain that dropped bomb on nagasaki in hiroshima ok call the analogy now as it bought abroad
fat boy and and little boy right s manner and ultimate seminal tippets was the lad and time and some people came and they said how can you have a weapon destruction why doesn't kill that many people are quickly said well if you notice is also a red bonnet around it may so what's wrong they said well i read bond and actually the that belong to a little child who had rickets go she couldn't get enough calcium and she was dying but after that bomb was dropped four days later the the internet can be integration camp that she was kept in was liberal because she was a little girl and now girl ended up being my wife who then gave me children so actually like this vulcan plan because it save my wife's life and i have two beautiful that's a beautiful way to look at it was followed by the way there's a large argument among historians where they believe that japan had been trying to quit and
i concede victory for two weeks before we dropped the bar that his wanderings radios bombs and airs and theirs and is just as much and more evidence on the other side that suggests the japan was not gonna quit and in fact it was tat it was gonna call to two million american lives to storage patent i say fuck em and i'm sorry i get very emotional about this because japan started that fuckin war behold me or so horrific toy you hold on hold on the starting with japan you also know how we also know that they were goaded into attacking pro harbour and in fact we knew there i don't know why but i disagree with that fuckin history channel they had professors terms for i've hurry different universities they were standing up they're talking about how they encoded they coded all this information they knew japan was gonna that's what they pulled out these battleships known theory very well but they have proven that they pulled out critical battleships because they couldn't afford to lose them that that is that it not true now and it is in its in its professor say that are simply are simply theorizing and if you listen to the i've i've got in listening this argument for twenty five years if you
if you actually look at the current literature my father just write a book about this had a long talk with him you look at the current larger that europe has simply been debunked there's no way the united states lost a quarter of our our our our navy a quarter the navy was crippled because of that that that that that that that aggression now there was a lot of internal debate in japan about whether or not to go to war but the matter is that japan not only start that war back talk the chinese about what the world what japan that they'd never still never apologized for non they never apologize for anything they didn't in world war two to this day and and that's what japan is never lived up to and they should be ashamed of themselves because their behaviour and we're we're too was was not only just aggressive was inhuman and
and they ve never taken responsibility for offers and they were they were there would they will know what you're talking about em like their one person either the same person tonight i'm i'm a guy your horse a year biarmia going crazy nationalism on me now i'm not being nationalists and what you are a little confused saying they and they haven't take responsibility did then even the same humans are not the same humans but but you are right about the rape of nam king i've that document gets fuckin horrific out but it goes off they did mozart but i'm i'm mad that japanese government the japanese people at all that this a lot to be risk that about you you're saying i welcome and the people that got killed we're civilian i'm talking about i'm speaking as if i'm i'm in nineteen forty five and i'm saying that what ended that war was those two bombs now killing vaporize and a hundred thousand people as a whole mobile thing it's a horrible thing but as proposed what what i'm saying is that when you're a commander in a war like that you're truman come on you and they say we can take that we can take japan we can slung japan will probably lose a million american soldiers or we can do
bombs on and the war to morrow you say that you say to your comment is dropped those bodies also saving at the knees lives angel i enjoy man has taken possibly felt very well maybe i should try to see that happen but it also might have happened that they wanted to fuck and use these bombs and they wanted to let everybody now that even if japan wanting to concede defeat listen bit we're gonna try this shit's on you because we we made em and this is what i have done we don't let us stop all this crazy i don't take over the world nonsense i dont have any government or any other right there i and takes the fox news point of view on a lot of different things you do you do you get a little bit crazy you know you you knew all its power can see that the government is capable of doing some horrific things but when you are things like operation northwards and you know it there we're gonna kill american soldiers and brave and on the cubans can it's absolutely fair offer i don't i don't put any past the u s government or any other government
so then i why would you want i realize they would be unwilling to drop bombs and very hard to get away i think the way our government structure this let me be very clear about this i don't try our government i don't trust people in power americans or anybody else and i don't i don't put anything passive power let me generic gets it sadly was so it's what i mean to say is whenever people say things like for example we want to but it's very hard it's very hard to wit what happens the way our government is structured is you get into a war room with a lot of people a lot of people who are civilians that military people have little have too will have to answer to an battling dignity decided there about twenty five different and read with a red woodward's book called a war of bush bush work fascinating because what happens in a warm as there are twenty five opinions everybody's mind for there and then they have intellectual debate the way all of us what they did they have their their point of view and we they talk about consequences and believe me a lot of guys in there are gone there's a moral there are more
points of view and everything else i'd want to kill us so what happens is fine only it gets whittled down to four five arguments the present goes no room he has to choose but when you come into a room with a bunch guys new say i think we should drop this bomb because i want to see if it works now it's not like that but i'm saying that those are you not just really complex if i did
the process of how to you no figure out what to do and then on the other side you use simplified down to a ridiculous you know sort of a cartoonist heightened meaning but see i was just trying to parents but looking man look at the gulf tonkin for short we know that they faked this attack in order to bring people the vietnam war hunting on paper shore we know that they knew that there was no weapons of mass destruction yet they brought us into iraq for sure we knew that the operation northwood signed by the joint chiefs of staff was gonna kill american civilians i agree we gonna kill american soldiers they would get a arm cuban friendly's that's evil shit and no one ever went to jail for any that's done nets so those are the same goddamned people that would have been responsible for all the other different things that could have been there and i agree with you on a perception on trying to say is that on transfers and i think it is so you're saying that they did all this or affect ship they wouldn't do horrific shit now anonymous saying that and the last thing that maybe it's a factory in eighty janeway i did want to back out is what i'm saying is that when you ve decided drop a bomb on knocked out there are there are you do it for a laundry list a reason i understand what you're saying i disagree and this is what i disagree with i think that you are saying that they would not consider doing that you are saying that they wouldn't do that it couldn't happen you're saying i don't fanatically i think you're saying he saying definitively that it wouldn't happen because this is how the process goes i think
you're dead wrong thank you know how the process girls and i think even reading books were bob woodward describing the war room i dont think you have a fucking clue as to how the process was going on in nineteen forty seven i think its massive amounts of speculation ninety nine percent the shit is classified and we know about a lot of luck and even the phone freedom of information act i was really not about the proper shit why the reasons why they can come up with a definitive reason or a definitive answer as to whether or not the government a pronounced because of how many people have been able to rest were closely throughout bums we dropped the bombs because it is going to end the war maybe now that's that's might agenda because the war might have an honest way out anyway we might want to let him know what the fuck is that we might have been an excuse to use em it is possible but they didn't drop em on military checkpoints it didn't drop among the army they dropped him on to cities hiroshima and nagasaki savage which warrant which were which were military cities gambling dream abiola cynically illyrian in
well sort of it ass an early it i said he didn't even the worst war it is the most horrific war that why me it was a hell on earth was the time we have raised in looked like this virus i'm in the service of the mountains worse than we know as far as good that we have the capability to do some to look into the difference between transitive actor or the ally bombing of conventional weapons incendiary bombs and and tokyo before and after it is so horrific it's amazing that it was not that long ago that's the most incredible thing about the world war to use such an ambitious warrior and it was so ruthless on part of sides but but what i would i always just say that the committee aggressors if that war were empty the powers they were they were they were japan and they were germany and the objective of soldiers with a group of men who had total control over their population their objective which the world domination and that that's the difference imagine if the king through with it imagine how they haven't thought about how fascinate would it be
there wasn't in the united states and the united states was what's let's go fuckin crazy and decide the pilgrims never fucking came over here and so this is just a bunch indians run around here and no one even knows what's going on in europe and this
that's my outside the roma possibility because if you look at the window of opportunity but ninety look look it from seventeen hundred to nineteen forty seven that ain't shit as far as the universe is concerned and when you talk about the fact that europe had massive works of art had all this incredible shit that they had already accomplished all this amazing architecture this amazing fuckin history and written history and there are people here running around with animal skins over their dicks shooting out dears at the same exact arising amaze i now it's amazing and if no one had the balls to get the boat and come over here who knows me with a bit of a tiny spattering of population in the nineteen forty seven that's really possible crazy what the fuck would have happened well you know i was there was hitler was still there and most when he was still there and who the fuck was the emperor japan there all got together at the time they really did the same thing they took over the whole world over there but it is also a time you know in and when they talk about we're we're too and i get hirohito was a guy got you see he's china from amorrhites lose that was the first time they heard his voice the chap
people had never heard his voice hero he you're epic stopped everywhere and he saw he told the contract surrender and at debt japanese people you there's video the japanese people jumping to their deaths as the allies were coming in well it committed god was being plagued india and by the way to anybody listening whose pennies and everybody knows i'm not i'm not putting having passed a government i am not i'm not endanger the japanese people today we're people i'm not not saying that i'm talking
governments and i'm dogma madame power was still don't own up to responsibilities that talking about the rude of shit porn that's what i'm sorry we target of any avenues in german butler it's all right i will remember safeguarded right inside the play station theatre by the way we are watching the police station to you there's a bunch of people and their watches podcasting dear nuts and we say nice and it looks just like him to come over here and turning our awareness is the strangest fuckin shit ever somebody took a screen capture of it as the play station home theatre number three you can watch live there just people sitting there like bluebell monkey and couple other people the servers arm of sixty eight thirty what a weird worldwide by watching what jemmy removed from the cultural experience you don't even connected but with relevant investing orbits rather than about what time is it like that during the during that time in the world it was a point time of great called political experimentation it was this notion that you can perfect a human being with an ideology you could put
the human being by with totalitarianism tone of the total person and re education reprogramming of someone's my right we an end so treating a human being as though they were now there's a blueprint or something without human beings are obviously verbs right you ever read wars racket now wars ragged by this guide from the he retired from the marine course he was a major general and major general smedley de butler war hero and after retired in nineteen thirty five he wrote a about how he had been misled and all of his different campaigns of really just been about protecting bankers protecting oil money and he didn't really realise until it was too late tat was over
can fascinating read because of you read it and you didn't know like who this guy was all the time here that he's talking about you would assume that this is a guy who recently defected from the army you would assume this is like some kind of shit but you know some gulf war guy came over there's a lot of a lot of soldiers who have come over there's a bunch of different organisations where they have soldiers for peace and the they talk about their horrific experiences they talk about how bad war is and how wars unnecessary you not pat tillman after he volunteered there was one of the reasons why his family suspected tat he was actually killed as he was getting very very vocal about all fucked up the war was and how he had gone over there with perfect intentions but once he got over there you realize this is a disaster is klusterfuk of epic proportions nobody knows what the fuck they're doing and we shouldn't be here in the first place and everybody knows it the smell
the article is he wrote a book actually it's a fucking joe ass an eight was the year again in nineteen thirty three i love so yeah that's when he retired but that's the thing that you read history you start to realize allow these like you hear speeches like back in the thirties and voice and you go maybe that's just as relevant today just as it would be you know the background to the historical that this guide figure of thirty five was one of the many wrote the book and you know he was talking about how well the u dot s is engaging in military war games in the pacific that are bound to provoke the japanese do talking about this nine hundred and thirty five they know what the fuck are doing he wrote war is a racket it's always been it's possibly the oldest easily the most profitable surely the most vicious hits the only intentional in scope it is oh international and scope it is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives did when you that might be his body bridegroom let me say one thing in this
the history of war is the history of man and it's it's murmurs yes yes but but you know it's the way way way the best way is not the isaf foolproof but that i believe the best way to try to avoid horrific things like we're we're too that killed millions of innocent japanese innocent germans innocent innocent americans leaders somebody people so many innocent people firstly in europe and especially but the waiter void those horrific things to have a political system in place that is true its parent and gives people the power to make their own decisions you know what that is the internet
there we got us a little future this area is the internet is the future can government allowed or why they tried elaborated that's why they're trying to shut down that's why they try to fuckin put enforcements out and growing when they when they take down mega upload what they're doing is testing the waters are trying to figure out how much only give anybody to mental power we with our american whether the japanese were absolutely we're all gonna be here the same way the big lesson is that the people you're saying yes to today may not be the people using less than ten or twenty years from that's right and so you could put a law in place now some dick cheney evil countries do drag is going to be in control as rubble years then you fuck that laws that is an aspect of what you were saying see you're you're cynicism about people in power is very healthy so when you say output pass anybody that's actually the right at absolutely what is the added and then to an oil design it goes battery and advocates that goes back to the question that you have the answer who governs the governor who is the governor global the people
what will the only thing that i defend is when people come up with these these theories it's more it's always more complicated and i think that people try to make this is most people try to make decisions based on their national interest basin ambition but i there are a lot of factors that go into saint for example by mars people making decision lies behind the less at the other side the iraq war europe where was i do i make money pulling their doubted also make my only from the owner do in any that for the interests of the american people or can i can i say one thing but the darkness of saint the intellectual architects of the iraq war for example paul was so those i think they are they would then what what drove them was hubris and
vision and the notion that they themselves can change the world and restructure the while also they became a war corporation and one of the things about becoming a corporation is that you lose the diffusion of responsibility you have a bunch of people moving towards the same goal of that goal as usual it seems like it's gonna be of eggs not really you that's exactly right that's exactly ties innovative someone in front of a hundred people than is from one zactly and ideas take on a minor their own office and it becomes a snowball everybody's kind of its confluence of sort of i did exist that what you said and also employees in toward this this objective and its madness collective madness starts with a drumbeat that's when it comes to the right and the court if commissioner but but but then but then raising this question you you find yourself in a nation finds itself in some ways on what is going to fight for what you want to go to war
right but when the nations entire history is built on bullshit and murdering people for money it's kind of hard to take that nation seriously so the nation says we're standing up for the right thing now i know we fuck alot of people over and killed millions in the name of oil and gas and minerals and whatever but now where america have time i see a busy i'm less critical unless i'm about unless critical of course you are i know because i sat even mean while your country is not the government that's what's crazy you countries the people you know when you love the ideals this country's founded upon is
this is america land of the free homer the brave meanwhile there sucking liberties out of us like a vampire with a fuckin straw that's why you got off iran paul can try but you know what they'll kill that old man you know i love rioting aren't i fucked i you know i were run paul short on the tonight shown sat next to him and he is i d has taken one idea is take a wild and limitations on paul five four years ago would not have gotten the kind the percentages sporty got you because there are there when they you know they're still shutting down in other big news corporations are still there just giving michel bachman attention and big make a big deal but the fact that rick perry resign perry is now going to support mitt romney oh who gives a fuck what was the guy the gas station is poor but what an interview him he's just as likely to be a leader is rick fuckin perry that done since i'm way our roseanne bar to thought about it i've rosa lovers and offer a crazy better run should offer
put everybody in check we should have a woman we should share some power with women wrong what are you a fucking little crime can only with me this man upon what he wasn't in fact that is not normal for women to be running shit you obviously didn't see the iron really time women run things correctly is wanted some crazy banana republic in the middle of nowhere and get some crazy bitch knows how to shoot people she takes over for a short time to make a movie about an avaricious dead and that's when it works rice farmers would have you know like but with news moves of margaret thatcher we should really let margaret thatcher bash artifacts reminder that no joke rounded dancer get out that's why she did ron she we address you was a male george bush em right now you're gonna male george bush lots more autos george she was a fuckin figurehead watcher levels relaxed behind our work in the strings butscha bank rights watch her debates in parliament she gave a good she got it so sailors when we couldn't debater ass close my close railroad thatcher the army home my god you know merrill street made a movie about her amre they sent me one of those things are now we're ag things going i looked at a late is just a matter of using my tiring watching this fucking stupid thing about here i've made a i made a movie tat night with my girlfriend up and where that i will watch that little siri do anything woman is a and share that woman is maguire it artist of the highest level that the greatest that
i've ever seen lunch male or female onstage or off ok what are you talking about she's not better than gary old and shut the fuck up sherry alderman and track you shut your mouth ozma round shot you're fucking mouth it's not even close in so get out here the greatest performance in human history and asked that he's playing a facility things when a vampire and yet it's also it's all say he's a one shot wonder was a great one shows the christian slater movie they couldn't do you know very well that want to romance where you can give it area all of you that we do not mean you gimme that when maoist rebels in a bridges america bateson county you fuck and how dare you show butte again ball my god it's a relationship they give you gotta get christmas wire my friend is theirs comedian has a great bit about that about the days were they used a rent it and he goes you know you're picking the movies that we grow however because man it's gonna use
kay closets clinton clint would never forgive me regos and watch the movie goes ten minutes in hey
does never gun figures twenty minutes later cringe clint client client you're fucked me because his clerk cried he doesn't have a governor of fucking great bit true those whose livelihood is always chris maguire lot you know i'll get it he's gonna do the progress and we're gonna fucking love though data they lose eyes another reason either one street cat fakirs ball you touch mouse rupees in a whole year other your how you're out of your mind your milkshake your mind when you see how you played the boxer move we play that really yea was it was our all year the holy every mail box just use the only guy ever to look like a real box watch like marking margaret fighter movie he looks like guys never been punch interface who actually got or maybe you are putting in place a few decades ago and forgot what it's like because every time we saw a punch no one's come an atom know what's coming back with counters he's throwing punches in is like this is leezie mentality to it it's not like i got you watch dickie ecklund go back and watch mickey wards brother dickie ecklund when that guy used to fight he was crazy duty did a lot of crack it a lot of problems but is for
guard was high and tight and they do a white hand his left ear was here through left here in his right hand was here he was a guy been punch in the face before it was a real fucking box and that's the difference when you watch a lot actors the throne punches they look like a guy who's never been pushed to the phase that guy didn't daniel they lose look like a real fucking real fucking box you got an ring actually lasted so long as far as possible thing from a real boxer in rock never been it doesn't even look remotely like a real box i know i think it's a metaphor i think the entire fight with a metaphor self handling
never took its kind ever took it literally european council an occasion when i was on camp where less laboratories episode watch thousand the first that's why i won't i will brook no opposition to middle street she some mention of concussions man i'm tellin you had three less concussion jail and what am i saying ass running through need a lot of eta mommy get a mommy and daddy there is no reason like it was i had a great time they did david did work that difficulty i i've torture mama cop i'm a dick turn all knowing him and knowing what a freak is registered in the proposal i i don't want to send hangout to we did have a talk about it and we did you know he's a man he's a really good guy really funny guy and he was really corny and he never in earlier and early diskettes in our goes beyond this mrs resume talks about the size
there was great on the x files everything else i love california came up again shouted care have seen this died i love you but i like the guy he's no merrill streep hill about who i sir you know i got along with you know i go along with really well reza guy from mouton clan he's a fucking great guy do he's a great we were laugh you d just a great guy you're using a basic wrapper do tat you know he's a fucking so nice guy he loves that he loves the lab just talk and telling me great fuckin stories but how we went to africa and and they try to rip em off here these fuckin story after story man i got i dont you have kids you goes he goes historic because it is because he goes have kids egos i fancy figures out like across all arrived because man that our device i was hip operate like he has two when it gets even he could figure out even one another i would you have kids he goes
that was beautiful as someone who really loved me around the kid that would depress the shit out of me if i had a bunch of kids that i wasn't i don't know what his situation is but i know there's a lot of dudes that aren't raising your kids you know about that would drive me crazy man if there was a bunch of human beings that i gave birth to or what is responsible for their creator planet and i never got to see them and they were designed to stay because it what automatic isn't very very like fame easy i'm sure ease their first i'm sure what you know of those woozy one basketball player whose famous he had twenty four baby on camp jack campbell how many of you have nine kids from nine different women's that right given in deeds with natasha david accompanies way for its way for whenever you know no but there isn t really only on that show no no one in its action there is now examining how there is now going to morrow is fake figure there there is enough african american woman
a table redesign that show who is truly like one of the best looking woman i've maybe said yeah oh i got so this so major i kept looking around like you're the best looking i was getting outcome do something and appropriate like flipped out i was i would not fuck is this how the fuck you that put looking she's pretty so would take you asleep pretty i was like like that like sultry like like like a each like she's like black white by god like fifteen different nationalities those like what the violence they let you see aerial dawson type better insider guy wait a minute what's the strict limits which are now making good use energy dungeons and dragons maybe says she's loud and become like a black megan fashion so we might talk on god she's so we do not even exaggerated but she's not as high as regards does and adjust she's i've seen often persons pretty many times square with her she's
but you're exaggerating now you're asking how we can actually do not just kind of a working programme take upon most things i can't take up points beautiful she's beautiful rosaria thousands are yeah i did do i did you keep it with her she's beautiful she is and she's no middle street here look at this come on brine shut the fuck up dude you you're a silly man that's why people of art and taking seriously looking at these two back to back resign dozens about ten times hot a million times better resented doubtlessly hot wrong you're out of your fucking mind your your judgment socks
how dare you we took more by sheer now listen buddy you ve got your own podcast worry about now and it's the brain count shown its available on us and you can get free on itunes and it's amazing and usually it's not like today we have what is just talking over each other but we took a chance today with a lot of people in a room we will need for people in a room shook it's crazy rosaria dots and by the way when the house you may wonder the hottest six ever get her on the pike s neck and kissed her she's awesome shoe totally do it too should supercool you kiss me she's really like no she wouldn t but i think free so she single but i'm fishes in a man boys so you're fucked i connect turf i gotta go i don't think she's either i just don't think it's you act like the guy for dry which is this don't talk just go to book it gives to pick a little kid why isn't it do drive it was a choice by some director doesn't know anybody cool
it was like a music video there a little extra me yeah like a long music video but the fact that here the thickness songs were terrible real human being like those that i like on verse song that sign in the movie drive let down the care we can see this movie and by the way i'm sorry i gotta go about another movie i'm sorry i thought come over here look you were dark does in the nations are going to see them on the same heading straight it really is also straight you shut the fuck up don't sell don't talk people rosaria docile let's see that you see that she's ok eddie healthy that no fucking comparison go sit out go sit out go sit out
the fuck you talkin about laws he's gonna talk to me about how she's beautiful don't get me wrong in iran she's beautiful she's a ten shoes are a disaster is a ten point why you can't and other love again appoint yeah she's a ridiculous ten she's she's a ten will you look at it your house has not even had yeah she's gorgeous but as you know the other girls tend not get me wrong me not me if she should come see me she heard the podcasting its pissed me baby you're beautiful you anything we're for me as i got older like i used to not always i didn't have a black ozma was younger banal terminals as errors attracted now now i am older i just find them i get more more attractive it's the rubber deniro effect i know what it is alone i'll go more they get older this bank barked changer what you're into i love em pussy
recognized filipinos rural energy filipino girls girls talked and latin girls like girls look like they need nap that's exactly what i want my genes or something i feel it is seriously i dont want i want i want some black genes and and i have a friend who was a girlfriend who is completely blown and she has blonde eyelashes and creeps out and she always well she always wears fake eyelashes and she did you know she puts mascara think i was the whole damn changes aware face looks but i came over the house once and she had nothing on an egg is like my genes haven't i may i genes made me like like go who's this like this is not here i'm not again the same reaction from this person there there's a reaction i got from the girl with a dark eyes there was like she so pretty she so nice but this one is but an amateur cataplasms bad jean same thing happened to me i was their duty i met a girl so long and hard
crazies ass she was to ensure these dark eyes and i oh that's mascara share blonde eyebrows and i went blind braun eyelashes now it it it just killed the what happened geneva close to his ready so i am not exaggerating whereas we instantly it was way those his courtiers nice they look fake and they were real armor and forget this girl your and our cheryl in new york i had sex with her like like you know how a cowboy across the desert jumps nor trough of water after hasn't had water for three days that's what i would do her pussy but only when she had done only with standardized and also here why saw walk announced we would know make up and i went so lionize here but but here's the thing with me when i dark haired girl with dark eyelashes and dark i like them
with no make up a really do i said oh i still really do i have to tell my wife and i will make up i tell her that when that shit and i want don't worry i never like doing nothing you your highness fuck but the day they look like people in magazines and things and thank the and i had a break this down to her i go listen this is now hotter it's just different right this is not what you think it's hotter because it's in magazines like schuman fiery dancing to primo you ever data grow that won't be too skinny that book which drives me fuckin crazy can't i dont like skinny mania i like girls at its i like little softness only little fat round not enough let a worn out it would lead to more than less like a girl that's like five pounds overweight maybe ten no prob no problem that well at all special lives is more than a small ways and ngos and had come to see us when you ve touched on their softly than tat feels good you and i have the same we are we going to know it once you don't you the ones in making these crazy dresses and have these tests guinea bitches walk there are turning their driving their code hacks your tracking the boys fuckin code hangers boys to charge the boy you don't want it to be a woman at their due to designing dresses for freaks exactly so you got this like more bony check why do i like i like concentrated summit soup susumu judy's due to supermodel that's the last thing you wanna date exactly like you didn't i want the five for three power pact freak letty now he asked i get enough i was in my area was i've what the fuck is this i can't take it i can't take his back those cubans that you can't change are amazed and by the way filipino girls and their pretty but we gotta we gotta rub is up or otherwise it's gonna blow up ok let me just say that it can i can i just eminent can i just say that albeit the punchline in san francisco february twenty second to the twenties
shall i log on any donna club yes love that club amazing punchline servant whales you never got pumped its maize and by the way what your progress now don't fuckin sell out has been crazy i don't even know what is the data that february twenty second folks jump when setting up on that shit right now go the punchline website google it find it because it will sell out a guarantee that room is not that many people in europe to sell out everyone i saw that i saw that in canada was crazy you're gonna everywhere i gonna sell everywhere thank heavens our own s now thanks to your own since you know listen man if you came on my part look i've ever people the kind of show and they get less people coming to them
nobody's gonna go to a hamilton moors lecture every came on our part largely he's a great guy he's going we gotta do we all get to where the psychedelic guyana really enjoy enjoys internet stuff we went twitter deep way too deep winterbourne we have this super cripple we too wasn't like the usual stuff that i was indicate as opposed to tv so was couch weed and we went nine hits deep how do you do you function question question but this
the bear we got on giant bifocals and amazed barely merely elements i bet i will not say everybody who came to the house the blues as we can thank you very much there was a fucking amazing crowd i had a great time and even the fight and we had joey and i had a little bit of apprehension because there is a lot of standing we always do the mandalay bay theatre which is about eighteen hundred but unfortunately they re doing it for some michael jackson shows we have to do now is to lose so in order to accommodate all the people we have a lot of people standing and people were cool as fuck and i was really impressed by this because we ve done it before and they were allotted a lot of talk and we said fuck all these standing shows will never do it again but even though i am sure was uncomfortable for some people it was still a great great fuckin show the crowd was insane and a lot of that is because of the pot gas it's a different but i have different audiences everyone out it's a completely different bodies and i had two years ago do you feel a lot of pressure that that that's funny because that is what happens when you have that kind of a finds you have to keep coming up with material
a lot of guys will rise aimed hero for ten years that's what we're talking about your friend earlier that maybe a thief you gotta right you got a funny goddamn computer and ryan i do it every fuckin day is one thing i do every day from on insurance and work out and i want to be crazy i beat off cause i don't make mistakes and i write closer three please who had the occasional innovation i perceived a monkey in the cave keep the monkey and the cage and keep the car in the track you gotta go into a genuine are you you're just this intense as when we for many years ago but there's a it's way too weird dichotomy you're just as intense but you're also very sensitive guy i've always been versions wifi easy am very very emotional but
those emotions it's like energy get you know what's in it ass you know people collection yemeni people look at energy and they look at me like i can't move here all the time i m always chronicler good commercial mainly cross border line but that's also that that is how much they can come out of me and i could find re right and i can explode in some crazy fuckin burst of energy that it's out of a rare fluctuation and success and open sicilian i've seen you gotta learn how to control it what did a nation of savages you heard the story from true romance about the moors it's all true but apart from that who what else has left the goddamn romans that's the rest of the italian jesus jesus it's fuckin savage johansson war bulls other peoples of you you know what that's like genetics savagery you gotta control you gotta keep together bitches this thursday we got jason so there is a very very interesting dude
and this should be a really fuckin fascinating podcast because he's got a bunch of cool shit on line a bunch of different videos online and one of them is how drugs can created the internet there was a ted videos things integrity about what you really fuckin fascinating videos but someone sent to me and my friend give the guy's name brine hearty thanks prime broken this up some guy on twitter and i watch this guy's videos like holy shit this guy's perfect so he's gonna be on thursday i'm super excited about that so that's that's it for this week there was a lot of other things are going on but the next day i got come up march so and third and fourth at the brain improv tickets available yeah but you're grounded health aspects and what are we doing thyself definitely doing it friday this week but we may have a second show we might not the one who's on the other room will fail
yeah we'll figure it out but this friday plan if you if you're a magical is going to stop of unity ana isabel i love allow not moved to new york guys living in the organised practically why living both eastern and he workers agility showed osha eda reporting that's right you guys get magical especial eureka is awesome and he also thinks you're friends if it will be
bad thanks for everything thanks for everything everybody thanks flashlight age all go to jail rogan dot net click on the link to the flashlight internet code name rogan newgate fifteen percent i've never one sex to implement watch the brian cowen show on death squad and i too am pleased please also respecting all the all the japanese people out there i didn't mean that we should draw on his eyes in going crazy fox news and not just talk about nineteen forty five and when the government of japan at all talk about you not back japanese people and not their great people sell its background is little sketchy gets a little fox news on folks grapes thanks do on it does come in and i teach makers of alpha brain true to export shrewd tick immune in new mood google new tropics if your interested that's too owes new tropics and go to on it
enter the code name rogelio said ten percent off for don't i don't give a fuk dude whatever you want to do what you want to do you want to beat off indoor rubber vagina that's fine with me i just want to hear you complain about it on twitter is that okay keeping negativity yourself if you think about sending me a negative tweet that's what i want you do go run around the block okay the run around the block then beat off and then i bet you'll be different how you behave ok you are not who you ve been you're not your past history you are right now the accumulation of your experiences on this planet what you ve learned in accordingly don't go by the same working patterns prepare your future
to hum inspired baby well said sir nigel jimmy burnt ladies and gentlemen patriotic get this matter fuckin cell phone have got him up here the blaze flash ass a treasure
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