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2010-05-18 | 🔗
Date: 05-18-2010 The raw audio from the Joe Rogan weekly live USTREAM video show with Brian Redban.
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and action ladys german interests wants to your complaints about the horrible audio quality we figured it all out folks we have first of all we have these max you have to hold in a holding this week next week when i have these little clip on but we have a mixer now and were listening to headphones and we understand your complaints see the problem was these things these microphones weren't stands and they were over here and it makes a huge fuck indifference how it sounds here and here somebody fella we're someone always has the laptop on volume but we're alive and saw me fella too
oh it's my we had two computers it we're on hold on one second so how's it sounding eyes at her in their eyes should be nice and loud i would imagine much much better we're back sorry cipher everything being retorted i'm drinking coffee that came out of animals ass that's when it is once again a filter it through like their son it's called the copy lou walk that's the name in a coffee and is an animal called a palm civet and this animal each these coffee beans eats the the bean itself in alike will it looks a little fruit shuts it out and then they take up
and clean em i guess hopefully clean up and they make coffee out of it and its smoother coffee it's like a plug a different sort of indifferent flavour to a because it went through this animals digestive tract now now if the animal ate a lot of berries and stuff as i have like hints of other different things dozens it just tastes like coffee minutes it's really kind of gross and you think about it but i was curious i hadn't once before member state nine rang in florida and they had it i had heard about it so i tried it out apparently it it's the whatever the stomach acids or whatever it is inside the civic body changes the actual chemical structure of the coffee and it it much smoother and it's ok it's not really is the price of a lot more speed yeah super expensive its way more expensive than regular coffee waymore therein the restaurant was like ninety dollars
cause i'm stupid last year animal but as it has it sounding for everyone what's that people saying i think it's a good think we're we're golden with this thing this shit is so much louder cool things out of its way by way better so warm anyway sponsored by flashlight by the way i've area talk that is possible if poor sponsored by rubber vagina yet give a fuck the asshole now no anti vesna surveillance is tighter and i feel good does have to be flashlights tight enough yet legates i think it's good and you need the bubble one now ass you're just a freak and your wife on that you have the bundle you never over bundle you know she should be happy you get your bubble fantasies you know about the bottom that it unscrewed and like a section because like i didn't know the first time i fucked it it was like there's really suction like crazy blow job in two and much too intense couldn't egg whose brien's gotta
giant hard hitting the back brian's gonna fuckin oatmeal quicker oats box that's his dick in so that i am screwed it and i guess that adds like air to it makes it a lot better so you get the fuck a slut yes if that either attire girl rose slugger big giant slut ray and by the way is awesome i it's crazy though is that at first turned out putting a blind should use in it and now its use or whatever that oil carry the loop lube like and what are you fuckin oranges and shit noon i wasn't that process is that this is too much unitas is like fucking but didn't need took them look down and get down and not now it's fuckin phantasms four tons of formula knows how many sports lube just a tiny bit around the lips of it really that's it this italian aid ads what are the party started right spit on it if you're feeling dirty fuckin horn cigarette background
but you know i tried warming it up in the microwave now as you that's what i do know the juice liquid stuff i put in a cart was a year of melted and sticky dick in their it's gonna fuck infused your death than hot molten plastic you be scream and third reap burns all of your dick to man somebody must have somebody must have nukes something gotta too hot factor in ruin their deck that's happened thoroughly if if you thought about it it's happened you know so i was was taught i put this picture up my twitter the day summaries somebody seventy two hey joe have you ever seen a triangle like this before so i click on it i think that it's probably a guy got somebody in the triangle well a sword let it is this this site called ghetto gathers dot com you know that i know is it's a site that is dead added to its all white guys like nerdy white guys and they're making these black ghetto chicks gag from fuckin
mounds and so i tunes picture i clicked this like this guy sends me and its is white nerdy do with these pale skinny white legs with blacks and black sneakers on and he's gotta know arm triangle like this around this chicks head this chicks head is right here and she's in oh he shoved his dick in her mouth with his triangle and he's like literally throwing up all over his balls in his asshole i'm like aids said so much to me though that what com a strange world tat we live and where it so normal to just click a link and it i urge you to a guy said then his dick into some chicks mouth and she's throwing up all over his balls and ass all in all i do is giggle do is go you got me fuck you don't understand i mean is this was just ten or twenty years ago that picture would fucking freak you out no pictures like that you could net
when i was in high school the most you got is like hustler where they spread their pussy lips apart you like wireless pitches crazy dirty they weren't even allowed to show penetration they would show a good guy it would have a sexy in the gout billig grabbing is deck to try to keep at heart and looking at her and it would look totally fagin posed and it didn't look like real sex at all they the inner was hard to find pictures of of fucked up things but now what like what's the link with the website ghetto gag is ghetto gathered give you just go to twitter com slash joe rogan and look at my past tweets you'll find that a few days ago i forget my days ago was but this mother fucker got me with this picture it's just so crazy that that it so you define images like that there are so many out their kids today dude the grown up in a totally different fuckin world
a week and click a link i mean how many kids subscribed to my twitter how many kids click that link and went to that guy stuffing is deck in that ghetto girls love she's thrown above have of it's not fair and i wonder if this is like because i mean i got off would like sears catalogue looking at underwear ads and stuff like that now you can just see the inside of a girl's asshole you know yeah i used to be able to beat off too like lego illegal work out like vhf cover in other girl bent over traffic sexy in right use will beat off some mythology thirty bitch now it's like peace dusar desensitize these kids going to grow up and knock gunnar and be able to get off and less like somebody like god sees them in like shit in their face and stuff like that you know it they're starting off some people do get to like really crazy points where the only thing that gets them off as i really fucked up should there's porn to their case is just to those dude i told you about that take now want to see a porno being taped we walked if we walked in
this dude salami that we stood you do too with great guy and he was used direct important and i told come out and do the shot come i check it out and sir we're right back from a gig land the airport we go before we go home let's go check out this tits gathers watches despondent we were again and theirs is one guy this girl asshole and other guys falcons girl in the mouth and their spinner mouth everyone's spit in our mouth both guys and the director he was a groundwater here to spit their mouth and this guy spitting mouth i mean no sight it was fuckin it was rough man the guy the guy's fuckin or in the asshole and then he stuffs it in her pussy because you have for me ass altea pussy hats real fuckin healthy why woe
but i got a porn is this a member watching porn and enforcing like how did i get people spitting on the girls crotch before fucking in it so i tried it with my ex girlfriend back in the day she uses it did you to spit so i think i do donner created into sorry in its something do like that when girl spit on dicks like their love those partners with girls spare i gotta dig that's just shown me dislike angrily something like craziness that you don't need to spend you know you want to lick it and want to give our sloppy where that's all good that's how good you don't need to get there were times when they separate growth in dislike like a hazy bubbles like come on its people we will never find the end there is no end you know it's just advancing an escalating
and it's the more exposure to this shit that we have the more desensitize his people like regular sex cos taking the s left and right now there's like reports about like all these doctors have problems girls having like but vd their shitting them by the age of thirty you it's fucked up fucked up get yourself a rubber butt hole i like that you read that the above thing inside you so i tried to warm up the jew so then i had to do the microwave thing i went to the bedroom but they put it in that they have a boner anymore goes i you mean like kitchen she handed liketh that i can get it myself heart again by looking at some porn and i went over the juice was not warm anymore and i was just like so i have reached the point my life were if my debt is not hard i'm not gonna even try getting hard to jerk i do set aside timed jerk off i don't like sit down and my dicks not hornig jerk off our revenue myself yet even forgot about horny to do it now you ve never done i have
pass for short for student jobs have had days where jerked off like four and five times a day where just you don't even know what you're doing is like this is a new feel good anymore why why keep known as you're doing it just cause your obsessed just gives you gotta wacky bug you know and you you wanna keep jerking off relax as in the united states they talk about how you take a big shit and then you're like i can't leave at his chin mean it's how i feel that the sperm is yes controlling we know for sure but not when you do at five times for one yeah one china day even two shots they may give you feelin crazy you know you you you just gotta text message from your ex wife and she's out our time at her husband and i think i thought the stern bitch hatred my money just beat one off broke you know you might get a second one out of an exciting but other than that one is days all you need when you start jerking off five times a day you're just a fuckin weirdos what do you do i used get blisters on my desk from jerk me too and i really
with just hold it another way at least now on two separate occasions in my life i jerked off so much that i develop like a little source unlike the south dupe there's no way you could be enjoying that why you jerk enough that much has you crazy i mean that's what it s like you just get your head that you have to jerk off when i used to pillows what was so bad is acceptable used my hand i would fuck pillars the worse is watching my mom like you so so much you sleep and talking about that go in the laundry room and she's like taken up sheets that were sticking there in my pillow and they look like you no fucking green has for sure touched your load totally how does it feel i just can't believe how this house here it is your mom has touched year you're seamen air well she made it
through it all came from her right she could get up inside of it wasn't her you wouldn't be alive you wouldn't have any sperm totally jesus i just got a three day tv when it is new yeah you're telling me about this watch porn on those yeah what's that how does this work so explained to me this is a good company makes this site is the same sun tv it says i saw sony but the sony said is not even out yes he has only sought out until summer was very impressive the right yet that samsung does it i got it three tv and authority blu ray player and it converts firstly could watch anything on tv any show any tv and it will converted into three d if you want how the fuck did you do that you know it has like a smart technology where detects what a background is and what the main character and it tries to layer it in a debt a really good job acts i was so impressed i thought i was the blood bullshit but it was like i was built heads excellent adventure and eight looked like it was made for three that's insane tat was pretty crazy
where goggles yeah you wear these little glasses and what are they gonna fix a wild supposedly that there are already invented the technology to do it and when it does its act this great that goes over your tv and its it detects where you're sitting in the room and it kind of like splits the images up or you like from left nine right eye and it makes a treaty but it's too expensive right now they said that in the next five to eight years you start seeing at coming out and then it will be integrated into the television rights are part of a right it's weird about it is is that you using the three d you immediately get it like i get it like you're going to have a tv that's gonna be three dimensional soon where it's gonna look like your window but you're gonna be odo kind of you know it's it's it's crazy when you when you start really getting it now and i just tvs themselves are saying we're just so used to it the i'd just the idea of capturing image capturing and image and me literally taking a snapshot of what in front of you
somehow another you can send that you can put it in you and you don't even have to connect it anything it goes from your phone and i can go to the whole world you put it on flickr and someone in nicaragua can look at it not to mention the tv show this skinny by the way tat s a pretty soon you doesn't have a look at an ipad treaty how nuts is that those things are fucking crystal clear does didn't really awesome image as a skinny ass thing like a piece of paper in a couple of these the cardboard stack together i fucking nuts man tvs today you know you go in and and and look at these tvs and just think about how long ago was that you know you have like this stupid looking like rounded circles rounded edges on the corner and it was big as far can you everybody and help you move it did you have new ready they remembered what my grandmother used to have that where it used to be a record player on the speakers on the guy have been there and they were the open it he d
and it was black and white and right jaime was fuckin smaller than your laptop i it's a piece of furniture it was a coffee table yes that was super long and those just a lifetime ago that's my parents grew up with my parents grew up with that shit that shit's bananas it is it's pretty fuckin insane where technologies headed but it's just as in saying just thinking about where it's gone if you ever want evidence of evolution its evolution seems to be a pattern that everything follows you know people want alike angry whether not evolution exists and whether our evolutions real and very few people even truly understand the argument it's a very very very complex argument but the argument really isn't is there a god the argued is everything seems to evolve every single thing seems to change and human beings are the the clearest example that just based on our culture of europe
it just dish de that we have now and comparison of things we had a few years ago and the the movies if you lie watch movies and listen to songs from like the forties in the fifties and then you listen to some new shit enough you not like most new shadow you think it's stupid you think it's that i am with you all that but just at technical level that the rebel till it though with a kind of music there able to make now you know it's a very very different it's it's incredibly powerful like you might not be into pink listen to a goddamn pink song and then try to go back in time and listen to some jefferson airplane and shit and see the like that how they recorded it even if you loved that song it's like they did a terrible job of like putting it together reality the evolution of music the evolution of television shows a try watchin father knows best try watch in any those fuckin stupid movies from the fifties does god damn things are terrible the terrible
it's like everybody falls in love immediately the bad guys super obvious does everything happens it's so corny and phony and now you know it's it's very clear that things are moving in a certain direction everything is not everything that like when you go to a gas station and do you u prepay like twenty bucks in that lass die or take low slows down why isn't it i mean there's because they want to make sure it doesn't go over anything they need technology to fix that now because goods because when you undo it yourself you could just turned off like that inexact three set spam you know i mean i didn't want you to go over because of you
we're just a little bit and everybody goes over just a little bit you add that little bit altogether is absolutely millions adopting a petition be technology where just turn it off at this time while really the problem is that the real technology issue is did this fuckin fuel issue the real technology is the gasoline thing we need gasoline to make every single thing on this earth we need gasoline to move that's the real technological that's the hurdle to hurdle isn't your last dollar when you're prepare for gas hurdle horses of real hurdle is the fuckin i'll know that's that's a frightening shit man whether as things but what my point was there is things that you're just i'm amazed that that you know sets such things are so different from twenty years ago other things like that is as i come on gas pumps well yeah i hear your book i think or overall i think is important for that wrangle innovation as far as like the fuel deserts eventually thing i have to come up with something new and then when that happens then there
then we will reach some new point where you know what we have to abandon gasoline entirely they're gonna have to make some gigantic discoveries but tat so possible man peep you know people only with think about possible that as they could they could come up with some new weight of fuckin make hydrogen tomorrow and it would change everything you know or some other new type of new way of making batteries that makes batteries last longer than they could figure out some weird shit man and instantly everything changes better technologies slow as fuck me max is released anew refresher their macbook this week and added to earth more hours to the last model so that's accede that's pretty there is a very good but usually do that by making the batteries large and making it so you can't pull them out yet they didn't want to
one really gets its replace evolving there's no this is the same size i mean i mean they didn't change anything the other new macbooks in your ten our supposedly nine ten hours and i have done this this seventeen inch macbook pro whatever it is but this thing doesn't get nearly as much as they say it does if you're like actually use in it i got this one which is our last model between you now in this gets it was to get five hours i get two hours and this is a brand new battery yeah well it's like you have to turn the volume and this though the brightness on a screen way down you now that saves a lot of it you can't be crank and volume we can be watching movies of use wifi each it up if you have a cellular car to eat it but yet the ipad seems hacking into that not even take a dent too that amazing doesnt bottled out baron without but about is half that have done about it's crazy do not use about it for a whole week and it says like fifty percent i know this is just like three of those batteries and when i went on
hotel dude i say without thing get on the net and i'll do it for hours in our red i'll even write some shit on their right like little note that i look at it like ninety six percent your liking that ipad critical thing man that's the future son the futures some new fucked up thing that's even easier transport around the neck is that right now is that the portable typewriter the future you she told you know really is amiss typewriters did you type on type i i did it for scorn
you make a mistake me after i take that white marker thing now and go over in my fuckin piazza must have been a write a book back then actually click click click click click click that tv though has this need three tv i got has this thing called the two hundred forty megahertz mode its autumn motion plus mode and it is the most fucked up thing what it does is it it's so fast that it actually makes up frames and between frames and what the outcome is is awful it makes any show or any movie look completely fake like when you watch if you take titanic and if you sit there with a movie cameron film italic it looks like a movie because it's a movie camera you take it that same scene and record it with a video camera it looks it would look fake and i kind of like cheap right right that's what this does though to every show so you sit there and watch lost or anything you get pissed off because it looks like a soap opera is like
weird that video like people they dont use video for things and one of the reasons is cause it makes stuff look fake make stuff look it doesn't look is cool but what it means is it doesn't look good yeah exactly clear an image right it's it's fog nice foggy it's also that you can focus like and film you can focus on the guys in the foreground whereas video conscious captures everything right that's what this i guess this tv does is it takes each frame and makes everything and focus so makes everything seeing really phony like if you watch laws it looks like a soap opera from mexico that's it that's fucking create it ruins there on a wise if samsung made that mode but i want to get that now i want to make everything like thing sounds awesome it's pretty bad man i want that yet it sounds like are far it's what's great is doing it not telling somebody and going dude what you bear movie godfather ok this watch it ok this doesnt seem is
i remember if it will make a freak even godfather old movies like thou any movie so it's some sort of a software thing it's a it's a it said it's just takes every frame is it a hardware inversion yet a hardware enough in the neck tv so the tv is actually making you could take an old movie and they will and frames to it and make that it makes it look at speeds it up to the point where it adds extra frames its kind like a really fast monitor you know so it doesn't look fast or anything but it look crisper in clear and it looks like shake how much time do you think there is before they make movies just completely artificial that look like real movies where it's like you know like like a video game like video games style a goes out over the dead where they did a whole movie like that scientists phanfasms out as a sigh familiar but it look kind of fake
how can i go that's really make now to now look stupid is paragraph baghdad was like while this kind of impressive what they did not really good enough though to warrant making a whole moving right but how many more years gonna go by before they can make like humphrey bogart movies like make a fake humphrey bogart move recreate his voice regretted his intonations is you know that's gonna happen right i think it's only a few years off data be able to make porn with anybody they're gonna build them egg any sarah palin hillary clinton are gonna have lesbian porn sites are going to talk to each other and fist each other there can be a video game choose character of so realistic but totally be unrealistic like it could look exactly like hilary is just armpit deep and disappearance pussy is as you know i mean you can make that splattering just pussy jews
all over the website called my spluttering pussy juice all over the wall we you kid you're going to have to recreate a bio of another wanted something just said that there will be a terrible i like that may those our eye but it didn't look real didn't look real at all but the school was a funny little fantasy movie i think this the lord of the rings that were actually the was the rings like garlic fake but everybody else's real it's like there's there are some faked shit there that was hard to swallow even though awesome movies to get me wrong i think it had been a cooler if the whole movie was kind of fantasy gonna need real actors you know plus real access to human to me i want a habit to be second weird look and i wanted to i don't want you to be some dude wherein like furry shoes that look like feet but yet yet i just watch tat alice in wonderland last night and that that was actually kind of cool how they took real characters but they distorted them they made their heads bigger in small was cool the the main the queen of hearts it was that way
what's your helene a bomb corner yeah it will show the big giant fuckin head that was pretty trippy i love that cat to eradicate was bad but that was a movie to only go to see if you're really high you know it wasn't is okay it wasn't that goes i get now it was interesting cause i was barbecued eye upon turkey like an hour before we see that movie so when i went to the movie i was this was by the time the first frame start fell out full blown also just completely blown out so fascinating did the cat was really interesting but like as a like a plot and everything else like so you didn't give a shit fuck what happened but yeah did getting right baked in watching then your favorite movie get fucked up by that motion plus thing is to check it out of creeping up well i can't change my tv that seemed really now it s what the tv for bacteria
selling greedy one onawandah and but you know it's also call about is how this tv is so connected to the internet like i hit a button and tells me like yahoo news might my email in my flickr had another button and i got netflix and it got amazon video on demand offer my tv remote legates yemen does i am i am my vis yard month easier my dvd player can download netflix store things on netflix can stream things can go to youtube wants you to club yes pretty crazy i like it yeah it's the future sunfilled the future is in oh shit like this i mean promptly her somebody right now that can watch this there's probably some sort of an application some threw away to watch this
your actual tv i mean you can count on your iphone this isn't a real tv show by the way i was about five years would be caught dead air people be boring as fuck right now son as watching you guys last week on top of the waterfall and it's a weird like i'm in the middle of nowhere in portland oregon watching you on an iphone did you do the math when you're out damp were now but i tell you what man portland oregon i was in a cost go in i always like to play this game when amount is out of town and as i have a fifty manage to find one person in the store that i would i would fuck you know like i did you get a five one person historical would it be and i could not find one person in that store night even like mediocre person until right when i was walking out that one of the employees she looked like in l a two and a half an hour pick her exact the can allay to add the fuck alan while will you
be a really high standards now now emmi it's it's every single person in portland is fat there there they look very depressed and sad that just a gag as is the math capital the world but yet nature everywhere beautiful everywhere amazing hot people that live in portland don't feel bad cipher brian does want to fuck you i didn't mean that i did not meet you you might be show him i just got to a real ugly spot tonga armpit hairs on all the czechs what do you think that not all that now that i've heard a lot like here too there's something i've been on forums where women were complaining saying you know that men should know that women have hair on their legs armpits a silly yet our trusteeship place first as you place i've ever been to where they gave you forks and an asset wait wait where is this the chopsticks and how to get it like the house to stand and have a look for chopsticks at a sushi place
they were like oh use america son i now but you want to fuck no back to china user chopsticks that's what kind of sea place what do you think about all these people to get the press wanna kill themselves because its own sunny five days a year i believe it i lived in a higher and it was like that every day and i wanted to kill myself as i was able to go to work and get done with the day and go back home in peace on the internet and i was because it was cloudy is justice and exercises gray every day the sky was grey you know you domini desire out save fifty percent to sixty percent of the days were gray the other we're like partly cloudy to sonny you know by sixty percent was i gray sky like nothing just death the i've been there man i've been to columbus a bunch times don't stand up and that's why i found it so it's real grow there there's a bunch of parts of the country that it is real gray forgotten part of the year that should i go for you now it's that sucks it's weird right where we're gonna programmed in others
human body needs a certain amount from its environment one of things we need is sunlight we literally need sunlight for vitamins we needed for vitamin d but we also needed for happiness there's something about skies that are a gloomy that are depressing and it's like encoded into in it's like your dna is telling you hey year yearly the place where it's gonna be uncomfortable you're gonna get drenched you're not gonna get that vitamin d that you need but if you can get past that you'll be ok go to the sun and get the sunny parts then you'll be happy like you can live little changes your state to be indifferent whether you know like physically changes it
if you live in a place where it's just that you don't get that son you don't get enough that's on yeah and it s also different people have different needs to i think genetically you know i bet if your black about living in a place where it's never size fuckin terrible about a terrible foyer cause like the whole dark skin old dark skinned supposed to be in response to bright sun and in a living in hot climates dark skinned like brazil in other dark skinned in that's supposed to be because they have to deal with the hot sun and and and that kind of a climate and if you go to places like siberia people are pretty fuckin white so it has no one's ever outside in the sun in any manner psyche you'd you get you grow accustomed to its maybe if your person that like you know is like got super pale skin it would be way easier to live in a place where it doesn't get sonny you know maybe there's like johnny
it needs very possible right away i wish i knew about those lights before that when i lived in a higher like this the sunlight lights have you heard of those knows there art official line articulating yeah they have alarm clock they have that build into em to real has cut thing about getting what that's a trick to work to how the fuck is good is going to sign a sunny day some days are awesome because everybody else is happy to write letters i lived in boston i appreciate the fucker though sundays but now and l age so used to it it's like sunny days are just what you get every day has actually opposite today is cloudy and get fired off one is cloudy get going nice rain because it literally sunny here three hundred and sixty days a year i lost his fucking crazy and how many how many days a year but it's maybe three hundred and twenty
i am pretty high definitely there's i'm like a month ago that arranged like every day sometimes in every other year tears yeah fucked up you can you can get used to that but it's terrible for his skin you know in australia when i was in australia they have all these ads for skin cancer has australian doesn't have a fucking oath layer member when there is a big hole in the ozone layer worry what's all over australia and apparently us it doesn't give a shit but they have all these adds everywhere you go about being careful because if you go outside without sunscreen on you can get skin cancer so there these really graphic skin cancer add on the side of buses stitches in shit i say bigoted as pieces of meat cut out of people i hate that like or when it gets cigarettes and canada on issues like that some guy with throat cancer on the back of your box airs i as windows rough about that to the east
smoking in england if pig giant warnings and the bachelor cigarettes but you need that's on lucky you you got yet illnesses right now you're ready to die bronfman shit and blood i hope it's sittin black its blood is the blood stomach ulcers prizes stomach also he's fine it's great i have this doctor the news i was talking to me today and he's like so what your store is black and am i guess last night i feel like i'm gonna throw up avenue in twenty four hours and i feel really light headed in my story is black negroes met we need to get you to the emergency room quick or i will call you back and schedule an appointment and i'm ok ok music in our community homo migrate that's cool for hours five hours later he hasn't call me back so this is going on right now as we speak i might what i wrote out of a troopers brian this dude is
leading out of his bottle hanging out with as it might be stomach cancer so we just sit it might be cancer i don't think it's cancer now you don't smell like your case smell you got some also as your dogs isolated doug smell me was that our role in the ground at your ass off like angry imagine dog locks on your ass off it's happened this happened before there's dogskin smoke answer they can they can take test tubes and line this way and it is this test with them where they just have this big giant like twenty ard line and down the line is a different test tube and increment and each different test tube has a different thing in it and they'll go right to the ones with cancer and they bark as crazy as nuts they can smell fuckin cancer i love that i love that whole thing whether stuff we
now about things like dogs and like that and not just that they know that night earthquakes and just the fact the other day the they know son armies are common to go wrong in the other thailand soon ami the last big when that happened very few animals tied man the i've if any i think the animals all escaped they also come and get the fuck out of dodge like way way in advance because they don't have a language i think that the earth itself probably has some sort of a language and if you have a language yourself you know like human beings do we have this ability to communicate we're so wrapped up in communicating with ourselves that we don't receive any communication from animals or from ants or from the world you know i'm not talking about like like words like dogs talk to you but you ever made a dog and you know you can't fuck with his dog ever
the dog what's gonna body and you look at him he's looking at union like and we get the fuck away from me that dog is sending their somehow another i mean it's not even his is demeanor he's not growlings you he but he's just giving you a work and you're getting a message you eat communicating with you but you all sorts of shit inside your head the stock market and your divorce in your fuckin homework and in that and language in english and i'm learning spanish and you got all this gone on your head i bet the earth itself actually has said some sort of a way of communicating with with beings with animals that don't have languages like they can turn into shit that we can't turn into now but once our dogs can smell things in tune in to things and we may have a super soup superpower senses give the kent since a day that if they have cancer in brighton
maybe they can we know maybe they can communicate to you now but dumb dogs you know it's funny way or even the doctors asked me if it was black like i don't know it's a very dark dark brown he goes well dark brown and blackest completely different i'm like it's not really different i liked you when we take a photo of letting us know that's not necessary clell are you talking about ten thousand our differences if i say no it's blacker you gonna like you know made me go to the hospital until they sit that's why i just don't get doctor you know that's like while he's just a retired people man do every day deals of people in a broken could you imagine without be like that be that's like psychology ugh i was a sight major for awhile and count and i was thinking like pinochet psychologist i give people good advice and then i thought about it and i was like you're gonna be dealing with food
people every day every day you're on fucked up energy the best you can do with these people is make them not fucked up you know that's the best you can do but you're not getting any fuckin happiness and joy and excitement in a powerful feelings all day creativity enough you just dealing with the people in some people want to do that some people want to helping good on your good on you but man that would have to be a fuckin drag in also in a way i think it's completely worse they give your in colossal self indulgent down here yet so many people in so many people and so many people trying to do something completely unrealistic how many people out here want to be famous you know and i live out the birds and you run into people and you you don't think that there the type and then as you get to know you find out i came out here be an actor didn't work out and i got in the plumbing you know i want to be an actor i want to do this and how to get despite what we want to do that you don't want to do that and you find out there like literary like you know
the percentage of people that move out here for even in the back of their hands some word showbiz dream it's like fuckin sixty percent it out that's a completely unrealistic number if you think about how many people there are out there that actually become famous from acting swiftly acting i mean it's fuckin who who's to say you're a good actor i had a hell you get good at pretending to be someone you're not in me i guess there's some methods to it and i guess you know it all depends on personality what kind of energy or practice inside you but then something to agree to put you in a movie and somebody has to agree they like you and what are the odds that's gonna happen fuck man so those people are all that they have these unreal unrealized dreams and that fuckin chips away and then the reason why they wanted to be actors in the first place a lot of almost pursue their fucked up because it in getting attention as a child who are caught up
broke up with a store didn't get any attention to challenge the same reason why people come comedians in any kind of extreme attention performer like that and also then you're you deal with like so many people with that so many people with problems so many people it need to be fixed skims impels skimmer for compelling shut him up in our after wife if these doctors could tat just tired she started deal with shit he imagined been that the guy who has to deal with your your problem every day every day someone comes domains got some servant all or some bessie when it's like a bug doctor and can imagine what that is like silver buckles all day is yet affixed some nobody's come in with the perfect but all when you like i have good news for you your bottle is perfectly have now if you go into
the but doktor europe but whole problem you can be judged dehydrated it depends what color your shit was do drink a lot of water had together is already today somebody hydrogen and did you know that you could pinch of hand and you could tell me dehydrated if your skin goes back slower you now let's go waited hell about that from duessa cut wait yeah yeah when they know that their rights or die ass they cut so much waited there their bodies failing on em well melodic guys who are cut wait get really crazy with it like armed i'll go down from like you know there's do they go from well over two hundred pounds and they go all the way down to one seventy two jago elvis i got before right he's huge when i stand ex that guy i cannot believe that guy gets to honour and seventy pounds
he's so much bigger than may i way a hundred eighty five pounds and that guy is way bigger than his gigantic and somehow another heat rise himself out total to one seventy gets on a scale that a rehash rates and gets to like two hundred pounds by atomic it comes to fight it's crazy out on how to do it i don't know how to do it but it's dangerous and when do tsar like at that last drop in only two i was never look bad but i've seen some gaza real bad a slight travis looter once did make wait for the innocent sober fight and he was trying to try to try but he could not cut the weight for whatever reason and he's walking towards the scale and new shuffling cause you couldn't have pickets feet up as cheeks were all sunken and he looked like he was gonna die his lips role chapped and broken miles i won't like this dude looks like he's in a goddamn concentration camp this is crazy all just to be bigger than the other guy
i myself had died losing composure son pulling together put together boy so warm one of talk about data to miss america the miss miss usa and i want to confuse them because apparently ones legit mrs rothe was telling me that one of homes le jet one of em important and the other one silly yeah one flecked with which one on starting trump on then the fuckin same thing to make right i don't see how miss america or miss usa but i guess one of them is like the cooler one miss usa wishes she was miss america or miss america wishes she was you monsieur say right and the other one is like cheese ones like hooter girls one of them i think has you have to like talk and give like a speech in shit and the other one you just fuckin flurry a baton and miss a mere physical flip europe must sword for protons
flip your lid they're all they are is who are most like to fuck contest and the fact that still give a shit who wins the who had most like to fuck contest and two thousand ten that's very strange you know and this one is very controversial because the last woman who is in the big controversial was that carry pre john chick who hated gaze and or didn't want to get married or whatever she and her gaze may put words or mouth chief justice upset showing what she thought regular marriage she wasn't she was opposed to opposite marriage or she was opposed to two to same sex marriage but she supported opposites marge that's it that's how shia describe it like opposite marriage is a train wreck while chooses to dumb check whose heart you know if you are done checking your hot how hard is it to have you shit together virtually impossible you know around people that tell your awesome all day long everyone to fuck you you have even you know
the sky what the fuck do you know you know could you imagine you must be like a cat how hard is it to be enlightened and to be free and to be like without ego if you're out hot chick in like your twenties dude everywhere you go everyone treat you like you have the willy wonka golden ticket everywhere you go guys are to leave their wives their trip of themselves are trying to buy you things who try to take you out everywhere you go that's sucks dating those girls too wise assad because then there so used to a certain way you know what i mean i guess they keep the pen pals strong song fuck em right then dont com mega make em no the games different now i'm not that dear old man that bought your ferrari array i'm here to give you some dick
and we're on equal terms and now we're not going crazy and have to buy things settle the fact down there get mad if you don't buying things the right you don't care the last boyfriend cared what could he bought her he bought always diamonds debar all these things and they get to walk around with them and though the walking around them is very important it's more important having them to whatever but see that someone love them so much they spent all this fuckin money so that miss yes i check that she was a big problem cosu she didn't like the game so the fucking christians got all crazy weather and they were like yes you're on our side and it turned out she did some porn she made her own home movies with a big dildo and shih tzus there are ass or somethin dissolves different versions of what actually happened but she the sioux she's trying to sue miss u s anxious i talk and crazy lawsuit talk and though i really want to see the fog bank
we're going to show you this video of you with a big black rubber dick in europe or whatever happened strap on i don't know why don't we just should clarify for the broadcast we don't know what exactly was on tat but apparently it was some some shit you're not supposed to do usa which is hilarious you're gonna who i'd most like to fuck contests and it can even be a video of you other fucking we can assume that you fuck but if you capture video that's that in violation and you're gonna attract undue attention to our cause our cause of the miss who are most like the fuck contests like that don't fuck is wrong with people who now was in high school i would go to hooters and just be the complete assholes we're gonna go array since it's called whose were allowed to look at their hooters words go in there and stare at their hooters and not even look at their faces a joke and do all the guys like fifteen sixteen years
he's gotta make the whole time to staring at their ted's mood i hope you feel bad about idea feel bad about when you get really stand as it haunt you here does when you legal brownie chicken wing every browning in new childhood haunt you you think i did some do shit when i was in your great areas like this baby cardinal once where was like five tree like her dismember being a kid throwing rocks at a like hans me like that no cardinal me and my friend tim we went hunting for squirrels and knows my friend david we went hunting for squirrels with sling shots and knew tat the squirrel and fell out of the tree and we kill them and i was like what the fuck are we doing like why we challenge squirrel but the discretion to shit to me now which is that we want to see if we could do it and we did it in a week later grow based bothering baseball's at squirrels on power lines do
so fucked up the things you do a u so considerate when you're fifteen then you out of the housing fifty nos fourteen and i never did it again also cause i one thing was eaten at squirrel but i just kill that square with a marble i shot him a marble like for what would happen how stupid as you know the way you you know you learn from those experiences and then in you know you learn from that terrible feeling any never do it again but i wish i didn't have to do in the first place to learn that some people are so fuckin insensitive like some people like how many people do you see just thrown cigarettes out the window we're talking about that all the time the time is that i'm so inconsiderate management exaggerates ray i used to do it that really act when did you stop doing what emitter california really if they get count for anything i think what a california make you stop doing because in a higher it was normal eaves normal and california copsewood do it in our policy really yeah cops are you would be smokers
what a writing a ticket and flag on the ground and put the fuck is that it is what is it about smokers that makes them think that the world is a guard because up to recently that was normal right but why is that normal wise a normal i had a friend studio say of fuckin taxes they paid it couldn't streets tat was his thing he would smoke his foot on the ground and i go away you just picked out why do what he has to do throw them on the ground like a fuckin taxes is girl yes his job is it because it decomposes is that what it it doesn't like him i was now oh man it's a fucking there's plastic in that thing who knows what the goddamn shelf life is on a cigarette filter doesn't mean like you now you can like throw like a banana out the window and that's that two fuckin organic today and i know a cigarette filter is not an organic thing i mean there may be biodegradable cigarette filters but when how long does it take how many of them are biodegradable and how long does it take them to dissolve flicking your cigarette out the window creates jobs
jobs you have therefore my friends i was somewhat say that on twitter that's what my friends argument is fuckin guy just for eleven three duchess going up argument was that like the somebody gets paid do it so it's like cleaning up at a restaurant why should you clean up you now you don't clean up the waitresses dare to clean up that's her job his he thought the city streets were they to be clients are you just foot his ashes narrower he isolated things i guess i'd never guy and are understood i just did we did us did because germany as well you start to feel bad about it you're the one it made me feel bad about where the comedy store afflict on the ground you're just picked out up what the fuck you took what economic what are you talking about you just don't throw it on the ground as you would like are they really emanating scenarios yeah man i ever think that you are the first person to say it s really ever no one ever told you not to let her they already have not from that cigarettes really ever you're the first person dare do i'm very
i'm very sensitive about like mass like leaving a mass like i don't ever want to inconvenience other people because i'm lazy and inconsiderate so it's like i'll never like throw garbage on the ground if i drop something i'll chase after a little receipt kosovo and make sure that i picked it up and throw it out you know i am very sensitive about that shit i just think that that's a gross fucking characteristic of human beings i don't ever want to see that myself that inconsiderate lazy litera you know just of gross characteristically we need a fuckin move past that i see people in fucking hybrid cars all that time flick and cigarettes out there no that tries we not there was talking about that would i get a whole thing about it i'll get you a year and a half ago in san francisco screaming at them because i saw four of them in a day for guys in hybrid cars just thrown cigarettes other windows this is this is ridiculous like we do what the fuck are you doing
what what makes you think that that's ok in a year you re you're fighting the oil companies you're trying to be conservative anew with you you know gasoline and everything that make sure that you leave a small footprint any thrown cigarettes out the window it's weird i'm like that with a lot of things run like i am ashamed of myself oh how i act like the present when i'm in a hotel room and i like flick come on walls and stuff like if what this come on why do that i don't know why you still time your grows that's what the dealer that is the reason why hotel room has so many washcloth sweets was to come and a few of those you're not supposed to be flicking it's because i can't do it at home you know i mean i like you i went to my committee we ve ever seen those television channels and inside addition or whatever the fuck they are in our they twenty twenty when they go to a hotel rooms we're gonna take you the hotel i find out what's really going on and they use like black lightly fine
is everyone have voted yes in and on the glasses i guess there's glasses they don't really clean omens just like that that the woman like rents is it out and it puts like thing on it so i guess i did it they'd swathed all these glasses in like ninety percent of the glass have legal matter due to the fuckin black light to this one comforter and it looked like a jackson pollock painting i was this is because this is dr judges all over this fuckin thing it was like a guy they constellation is disgusting just loads all over it and they were like talking about whether differ things was this is blood this problem they were saying that is one of them was period blood they were very specific this is menstrual blood most likely this is this a spur mike what the fuck you know if you think about it that's what you're sleep in it you know what all the laws that you ve blown on hotel sheets and those sheets
skip wash deportation which phrases they darien wash the comforter you know like lots yeah that's the thing that's where are the loads are that's what the foliage l it was the comforter and the headboard especially those those beds at other cloth headboard pocket bow that just like like like the back when shield pop fiction to shut the two who is loads all over their forget headboard that isn't in kinney i forget it is shocking to head the how is the really uncomfortable seem we're quaint and turn tino tried to be down and said the word nigger samuel jackson and kept saying and i got a dead nigger in my house i want to have a dead negro my house and it was like black who the fuck talks like that you know who this is even gangsters even do there's no white guys that that talk like that to black eyes why do i have a dead nigger
stamina scene was so fake and it was so like him living out some weird white boy fantasy wants it will say nigger to a black eye because he wrote that script is to be a big quinn turn tina fan but i do know when i see as about teams even hear your receipt outwardly attacks like the camera man nor any this came off sets it like egg knows i've seen em come off really cool and interviews i've seen em come off like that but i think these are volatile god because he's a creative guy he's probably super fuckin busy all the time and a lot of stress and if you catch him at the wrong time you trying to talk shit to be stupid he's very likely to talk shit back to you and come off all duty but you gotta think what the situation is not him forcing his doings on someone it's someone want a videotape him when as one of the video i dont want covenant remember but i think i just somebody tat i wish i could find that labour now ethical with somebody go ahead a big fan of your movies it's over yet he was asleep really i think with some like that i remember thinking why
maybe just as a huge aversion tell that dmz shit maybe i just drive some nuts i don't know i'm a big fan of pulp fiction i love that fuckin movie bhutan i ran all that shit roger every said roger every whose in jail he he claims that the hot there was like a movie that debt quit guaranteeing oh did when he was a star in the movie way had this whole scene about top gun de member the scene out here it was a seen in this movie about top gun being gay story and this is why its gay and like you know and i key he goes into this whole ran will apparently that was roger s he's rant roger area roger every wrote killing zoe which is an awesome movie you never seen it really interesting cool crime movie and he wrote pulp fission with quint antenna and in how they would collaborate on things and then you know he would tell me would say it tell me as these stores us he's push slapped him woman
funny to me you haven't you unhappy let's by the audio put a periodic perhaps microphone and itself tino slaps a camera man that's what it's called enemy positive report tailors were so he walked into the park him i was gonna what's going on here tat was going on what are you doing to talk to me you do it again
that's that's a similar she's keep your girlfriend i love where were you started on citing are you so you should i just a guy you know you can get your foaming but that was already with your ass up and down the street that's interesting and if you look at the that there are so if you haven't seen it quit its turn tino slaps cameramen on youtube and its some guy
gets do she with him i'll put it in your chat on the use stream but if you look at that that that the other videos like that related videos content turn tina spits on some guy they thought area order he'd well you does he like we fucked with maybe creatively with that guy just came up to me the camera and you wouldn't tell me what it was about you just stick in a camera in his face and maybe he followed use being violated and five thousand dickhead i mean look i could see his point you know look when one once fucking with you like that you know ye i'll always catch you in the most perfect of moods he could easily be involved some big stressful fuckin thing with some movie darwin and he's the middle of the ship and the steps outside some guys gonna cameras faces are already doing and why am i doing and the guy won't say anything to him or the round one explain the term and it gets mad possible maybe just sensing
i was a douche bag we're not seeing the guy with the camera you know it is posted on my twitter red banda com a red been already began he knows about mother fucker well perfection was an awesome movie but i dont know you know the whole roger everything is unfortunate roger avery says that whole top gun rant was like his rant and the territory no he said it fraternity known tat you know what put in a movie whatever it is you know that's what he does catalogue with his movies like a lot of his movies like old stories in color lagree does right now let me you ve been we attack on earlier about the hurt locker how that guy suing writer of the hurt locker saying i he took a article that he did for play a boy i guess about his time any the bomb squad and they re road into the movie the hurt locker and it really similar like the guy at the like blonde hair blue i came from a trailer the whole deal again
story is exactly that story but in their defence like how many guys in the military are blonde hair blue i come from trailers polio lot out tell it by the fact that he was actually a bomb you know specialist right and detonation specialists in the sky was well and into it's crazy even those that creator those movies are supposing going to sue thousands of bit torrent users people i've downloaded the movie illegally on the internet we're gonna go after all these users which i thought was very metallic key metalogy having the ordinary mars early gm very do he do you think that does dashing i think it is still worth its his movie right well he's losing money because all these people think he's really losing money from it i don't know i mean that's an argument right there is an argument but it's you know look no one right to it for free that's an argument as well the right to be downloading someone's work these guys worked they did all this time
what pause time for all this effort they now made a script cast it funding the whole deal and all you do is just press a button on bit torrent and white and you got your desktop you watch for free there's somethin fucked up about a solid base you know like if you go see abandoned i can save you download a band mp3s and you got them into offline why are some shit and then you go i'm going to go support these guys i'm going to see them you know in the in concert i'm going to buy the cd because i liked so much you know that i'm going to become a fan of this band because i downloaded their free is really gonna help you with this guy with his movie i mean ones is next movie of agony year from now or something like that me are you really going to be excited to go see his next work is it out ties him amazing does he get anywhere you steal and a shared bends if he was how good this movie is and how good of a directorate is if you if he was quinton tino doing paul fiction i down did that a black holy shit i'm binational blu ray i'm falling i'm watching every movie this guy doesn't mean i mean
oh i see that or you might just decided steel is next year because coming out like you really do you support them do you do that i give you not something you like a do support yet are absolutely absolute the idea to i think that's important man it doesn't happen quite is often that issue though i don't think you know like you would you do that these as if you download a moving you really like it dubai yeah tell i tell ya beowulf was one of our identity bailiff and i work would if you have a legal copy in your house and you also have an illegal copying you computer cancel it out but i don't think that's how it works you told the right you should be able to have a copy as long as you're not putting it up on some sites or something like that if you have your own copy what the fuck is wrong with yeah you know it would because like if you guys troubling alike you're gonna go to court for a hundred thousand dollars but you have twenty four hours by this movie on dvd he'd have yeah that's how it s actually a good move right move just right just
do everybody but you have to buy on blu ray and twenty four hour it's a tricky argument man it's a tricky argument because you know what what is going on the internet now is that anything can be broken down to ones and zeros mean these these images these videos is this song miles audio files it's all ones and zeros flying through the tubes in you know anybody but it up there in anybody can pull it down and when you can convert movie and you know you do all the time into into something digital that's downloadable psych had a fucked you control that now you have to just hope that you make enough movie enough my when the movies out and that enough people get excited about it about a dvd for the extra features knowledge it but then people take the dvds after their release they put those up what what what i dont get is a friend of ours actually just got a letter from there i s p
saying that a b c has did caught them real downloading a bunch and the jew that abc has caught them for downloading a bunch of shit and and in their like this is just a warning nothing's happening right now but we just wanted to let you know the abc sent us a letter and they know about your downloading said chile fuck out well and what was crazy as it wasn't anything there was tv shows tv it was lost and stuff like that it was even a movie so but was he downloading it illegally yet downloading them illegally noise was do that because if these they have their own sites and there's pace offices i know i just i was crazy they ve got the conference some free instead of like him getting caught for like avatar did he do this through bittorrent as i did in the past you know he's one of those guys yeah but you know he's one of those guys on my view do the cedar but he's gonna guys that like downloads a movie and then keeps it seeding for like two months
really what i mean is that i'm honest people like below how does that yeah that's why would they caught him do you have a lot of seeding the right yes that's why they call but i am one has got eight months dallas seconds downloading do torrent file you know and i wonder how many people like do that like they look at their shit ok what how many where where all these coming from the coming from this one and what is this guy doing look at us he's put up all these things that we have and it's coming from this one use finally in his eyes and he belong i think a lot of people don't even know how to use the torrent system so like a gay live like young kids your mom's that are like downloading sex in the city they just keep torrent when for life and what do they do they know they get your ip from that of the final your eye s p guys please your internet service provider when internet protocol is your specific number that everywhere wanna get online if you don't know that you have a very specific number it could be static or it could fluctuate it could fluctuate if you have
up like every time you do you get a different i pay rent right so what it is it sees movie places putting out their own torrents and seeds in collecting ip addresses from like they'll put their own movies out really ass they so they put their movie out on purpose to see if you download it i think that's how one of their ways they are doing it too the dumbest shit i've ever heard of that's like that should be by betsy what they're doing is thy entrapment i think that's a lot of it though is i live it is if you download like i downloaded eminem seedy once and it was like all the songs were loops and i think be so they shitty versions of it but that's ridiculous did didn't donna put out one i got a hold of that one i would love to see that these madonna put out
on where it was like her music for new seedy executive defect and download music i'll kick your ass of some crazy about that if you download music illegally i'll kick your ass speak that to me sounds like you know just the fact that their doing that putting out bogus versions of it or versions of their shit where they can track you from you know it sounds at the end that's that's that's ridiculous they're just trying to arrest people and scaring people now i think that's dumb they putting out versions of it to track people like really that's like that's like you putting out the bait you're putting it out there you know even if people already down late you're actually putting it out there hoping people will do things illegally with it but it is out there because of you that seems to me to be fucked up a funny story mad about these undercover cops that arrested other undercover cops there was this whole drug deal that was set up between these
cover cops were posing as drug dealers and these other undercover consular imposing as no i to the drugs and this fuckin dummies they what to arrest each other that so man i want to see that they are both undercover it's no what state its download that dell county unaware that is how i should find out just so everybody knows but the story is that these guys they went to their superiors and they said hey we're about to make a buck north carolina there there about to make this bossed so they said they wanted to find out if they had anybody else if somebody had anybody work an undercover and they always say no to that shit because they could be dirty cops and the dirty cops could pay off drug dealers so the drug dealers find out these guys are under cover and they so they always say no rights do you have any banana cover no so they
ok is allowed to covers we with you now approved it was arrest up so they peace all these resources and that the whole thing is them there the drug dealer there the drug buyer their fake fake drug dealers drug buyers arresting heats up we should get that money we should find out how much that costs to do all that what you just did roscoe people that's ridiculous clusterfuck that's one of the most closer fucks of all time undercover cobb's arresting undercover cops while its hilarious little whatsoever is is that volcano it's like taking others planes grounding planes oh yeah yeah it was great is lindsay lohan was out of town and she's supposed to like finished all these alcohol classes by like tomorrow and she's just like at four more to do and she's going to come back today and i do like four classes and one day she got gray because of that and now he's going to jail really she's not
the jail because she had to be here for that sees both be here to morrow he spoke i had all these classes dine in she can't even get home they do it so there is doubt many plans is still being grounded because their volcano here well fuck and by the way when i was in portland how crazy was driving down the highway seeing that mount whatever rushmore rush moral which one would someone blew up food you well saint helena euphoria about raising seeing that thing in the middle east the huge volcano yeah fucking crazy people died from now on i think so is there an organism wash and state has washed and still i re state by being seen yet well we're we're we're on the corner of my guess portland in washington is right next to each other cities we're going to washington over this bridge back and forth a long sir i was watching show unseen armies were talking about the pacific northwest and how many times over the last thousand years it's been jacked
but civilization there so recently not realize it civilization on the pacific northwest of the united states has been the last three hundred years it also and lastly no mean but before that there that it was indians of course but i'm talking like big buildings and shed so the cycle of them getting hit by giant tsunamis it happens every thousand years or so the whole sky the country gets hit with some fuckin one thousand foot high wave and everything gets crushed guess it gets what would tyler durden durden do dot com i looked up flights enters tons of fight still go nine so she was lying so she says she's back even more dirty bitch she's probably dont kirk and want to fly source essay she can she can't get a flight back to the states because a volcanic ash from iceland airports all over europe are jam patterns impossible i get to see what she sang but delta has five has stop flights from paris to new york city and legs
they just went through found all these flights so the fights not only there there are flights but they're not booked i guess that's what it's tyler durden do what would tyler durden do he says that the whole thing is verify the people even give a shit follow this poor young kids all fucked up on drugs nobody thinks funny deal you know do you know it you would be like if you were hot newer lindsey will hand you're twenty four years old europe malta multi fuckin millionaire to sell their doing drugs get stuffed every night you know he'd be fuckin crazy do who the fuck would not be crazy i want to know what person could keep it together as lens yellow hen put who could hook live that girls life twenty three fucking years looks like she's forty been doing since she was a little kid mean huda who could keep it together you know became famous as like a child she went from basically from my junior high school to fuckin superstar
freedom multi millions of dollars totally unrealistic life in the taught the whole time we're still see developing sir you supposed to be growing as a human being a figure yourself out being secure and establishing yourself in the world while the whole time that's almost be happening she's getting millions and millions of dollars for being famous and for pretending to amuse who the fuck could do that and do it right the jonas brother desire is right doesnt those are ticking time bombs my friend those a guarantee he's those are social guarantees no no doubt they're gonna be fucked up corey and korea feldman neither one of them could start from being fucked up even together they weren't strong enough brand
together you know even if i mean i didn't know it when he died yeah that went away like people were like morning him outside this apartment down the street for man like oh shit he lived there around that dude had a bad drugs your mother fucker typified i looked like i'm gonna growing up really answer no don't say it do you see i did back in the day real answer so back to this this fuckin miss america because what i want a tireless how many people have said that this miss america chick is she's armenian again some like that lebanese sorry armenia's rapists right now car parisian was radio bro bob row you can't look at sea lebanese and say armenian brow pro but this this chick the most important thing is that she's american issues hottest fuck does the dumbest thing ever ugh youtube you can't be
another country you you know your family can't be from an arab country i can't be considered an american just because we of issues with arabs and other parts of world i guess what fucking those are the same people like what how dahmer people that becomes an issue and that these these are their people that are actually debating whether she got this job she became miss usa because of political correctness and the open border nazis like look at some of the ship these people have said like this child this chick right wing pundits whiten right why the pandit and fox contributor michel makin ranted that the girls name is key lucky if a k i mean sending fancies cheerleader are too busy touting the identity politics horn to care what comes out of her mouth
and that the miss usa pageant didn't want to risk the wrath of the open borders mob what the fuck are you to see you're saying that one of the other checks should have won the who i'd most like the fuck contest and you're upset that this chick one because the reason why she one is because everybody's supersensitive and wants to support arabs like really like how is it that even miss usa becomes like a topic of debate with these fuckers shit i got political correction topic on care she's hi you can be a terrorist she's hottest fuck and she she grew up going to catholic school man the whole thing is so fuckin poorly researched and you do not make any sense so you're saying that any body even someone grows up in goes to catholic school they can't beyond the team as somewhere in their path there's someone who lives in some other part of the world and those people are still there and really
what is that how we're rolling in two thousand and ten i mean africa is a gigantic group of immigrants and this chair family obviously wherever they lived sucked and that's where they came here and the fact that they would actually argue that she does deserve the wind who had most like to fuck contest because i mean it if she was fat disgusting and now she was like some susan boil a can check and was totally ridiculous then i can see the argument but how the fuck did you argue that checks not hot you can't what else do you have to do to win monsieur say what is one of the whereas the if they d have to dance the after talk yea infidel settings a bathing suit contest i think you have to do like some kind of like we doubly idle talk because that's how proposal boasted that carry predawn track sheep he asked her by gay marriage she after tat i think you're only lead to have a small nipples canada big area was they get to have like a certain breed look
a dog this other check gretchen karlsson bunch a hate and bitches peyton bitches and on fox thugs designs of accidents there are some dirt awesome and there's too pretty demure to talk about why how is though they are how does it it's our use how is it that their allowed call i knows but how is it that they're so like like that but yet they have some of the most edgy cartoons and tv shows on their shows you like simpsons and family guy meander news is so like you know right wing rupert murdoch his shoe pursue purse super fuckin wretch and when you get that wretch there's only one way to be that rather than the way to be that riches you now you gotta be a ruthless mother fucker businessmen and that's what he is he's a ruthless mother fucker businessmen and you're like that and super shrewd and ruthless you want conservative politics you want people that of protecting your money you want to be able to to do things
are going to earn money you don't want to have to hear about liberals and wine agnes and fuckin environmental freaks all you assholes are going to stop you from you know making a good return this quarter you know that it is when you get to be that super rich very few guys like ted turner that are that rich in a ted turner's like this you know humanitarian and i was always like giving the charities and in a very liberal in his network is thought of as a liberal network cnn as the only means as the one that i guess msnbc is pretty liberal too but you know it's you don't wash the us cartoon network and i like fun no sometimes man oh i like it just and know that there are people out there like that y hear billow riley in his fuckin dumb smugness on like this the guy out there like that that is that satisfied with himself and he says fuck and dildo they got busted leaving a message on his assistance machine about how hot she is he's a total hypocrite he's a fucking creep
and in our and yet he is somehow another he's found this this this niche on tv where people enjoy watching this nations that we his knights and in these people enjoy watching this fuckin buffoon ranten rave and yell at people who go on a show and have dissenting opinions jefferson out one wearing went on about some kid whose parents died and nine eleven who is saying that it was the kid was saying this is bushes fault and resume their attacking us in and he just fuckin went off and the kitten which is the whole thing which is so damn use key kicked him out of there and is like the hold out the way he has conversations hitches fuckin infantile and you gotta wonder whether or not it's like is he doing an act or is he that
a douche bag is it a combination of both and why the fuck is it so entertaining you know like listening the christian radio when you're driving you know it's it's suit a lot of people like tat bill o reilly guy i think discuss there's a lot of douche bag out there and douche bag wanna hear from other douche bag you know when you like one of the things he had richard dawkins on whose this renowned intellectual an atheist and he rode up the god delusion and a couple of the books about religion and he thinks it religionist bat and so he was saying to richard dawkins now you can't prove that god doesn't exist so i'm throwin in with god like you literally said it like that like you know if if it's true and there is a god i'm thrown him with god you can't prove that there is no god which just like how aid you can't prove there's no cheshire cat you can't proves that there is nothing you champion preventive it's never not prove you know especially when it comes to like things like
will experience has never disproven you know the existence of christ or you can't disprove someone's existence it's impossible i the fuck do you know who existent who did in our science isn't there to disprove sizes there to show me some evidence of science funds and they examine the evidence that's what it's all about what is no evidence and there's no way to determine one way or another you can't disprove you know you could take i would like the shroud of turn and you know this all this is jesus his burial cloth it sacred it and then you could do well ok let's take a little bit of this clause and finer holders oh look it's only five hundred years all how could it be jesus cloth you disapprove it that way but fuckin dummy so this guy has a huge presence on that network and he's got no i got the number one show and cable and it comes like those kind of stupid new shows its issued show and its retarded it so bad
watch it is man grace on that she on cnn or should i say it right on our she's brutal you know you fucked up at nancy grace is talking about your if nancy grace is talking about you there's a dead baby or you know you you drowned your wife or something right it's something serious to some serious shit and she will hawk on the same subjects for weeks waiting for the next disaster to pop up the new so she could switch gears she talked about tiger woods for two weeks key imagine being poor fuckin tiger was just trying to some cnn find out what's going on the world and you got that happen face all can't just talk and shit a budget for two weeks ago to figure i talked about me yesterday she's done no chance dude she's done under four weeks is gonna keep go
todd regina blonde hair girl yes girl jana girl she's a woman blonde hair whole she's a woman she's an older woman may not non down much older but she's older she's not that that's one thing the fox news does well they put on a bunch hot checks there's some hot pitches hot angry mean bitches socks local news no i am a fox news period all fox news like the relaunch local news their state of hers real argument tell me what's going on i have collected a bunch of clips about the local fox news channel in not only does the weatherman dance like every time he's given the whether he does like a straight a dance like he's damaging yeah it's pretty hilarious i could get out there on my facebook yeah you ve she sent one of those on the gas it on the message board and it's funny cause i humbly ask what every time he does the weather bright and unlike comes out with that there were not right let em fuck advance by its so funny how bad it is like there was the other day someone like it's gonna be went outside
you know a lot about why don't you teenage she's like oh that's disgusting and really pop up ads they go there it's just like are you really have you seen that video clip where the black eyes sitting with these three white checks and are talking about some new grafton burg spot shot it's like a shot of colleges shoot inside of chicks pussy that you with a need only jabber fuckin snap stuff this liquid up there and apparently it makes sex feel better it like in aid in in it makes the enhances the g spot and so they do this this whole thing and the black eye goes well so i guess she's enjoying penis now more like you said that and all three checks like me yeah ok yes sees enjoying actual relations again like you know she tried to somehow another clean it up even though he used here
the right terminology used a medical terminology and he didn't say anything really inappropriate i mean that's what sexual intercourse his righteous join his penis but someone or the fact that he mentioned in it was like he said fucking andy man three times or southern and also ensure enjoys penis and his black too and so this is due are we a half a hard on three white chicks talking about their chief spots get pumped up foxes anyway that's why we're gonna approach arguable together but really fox all three of them ladys let's talk about what happened on the air today one should meet my locker room go in his dress candles little shit pulls out that big black fuckin snake they i'll just go asked her mouth with em you talk about cock my staring at looking down stairs if you weren't looking away and watching it on webcam and i'm gonna get you really if that is done
the worst thing that can ever happen when chick breaks obedient says gettin drilled by black i did exactly a lot of good scenarios my inner theirs for a lot of duty man the blackmail equals just sexual prowess that you will not reach you know indeed they equal big black taken athleticism just guerrilla fuckin your woman to do it right doing things to hurt you can't do she's got like it love it's going to get addicted to that just getting stuffed just you just going to stick your little fucking three slash four hard sad little depressed boner than thinking about get going therapy the and mistaken i i just need to start yoga jogging he's thinking about that he's gonna big giant black hard monster dick we just since she so fuckin which can believe in what she is she says she's leaving puddle under her dna
client for that big giant did he's fucking the shit out of town and he he doesn't he ignores our and doesn't call her and so she gets sad so she calls you up and i'm sorry happen those love was a my fault and you know i just we don't have to look i know to can ever be together again but can we just talk could just get together you like hey what's the high language it didn't i and you go over house and mixing and now you're on the couch together start making and she grabbed deck and she's just kiss new and cheap squeezing the global she's looking for more progress is this when it and she stops and it's yours we should do this because we shouldn't do this and then he look over on a night standards is fuckin hulking black guy in a picture frame that god has been delivered a dick to her for the past few
and you just go who's that nothing can take nothing makes that new technology to figure it out like a gazprom they fix that can you take like i can anko out of your foot or to grow you dick the cannot fixed eggs they can extend it begins to take something by it and put it in the most they can do that they can make a fake dick if you're a czech apparently chastity bono who used to be shit when she is still shares daughter but now she's a boy because she went through a sexual reassignment and they give us much hormones and they maker but i don't think it's a feels the same and i think it shoots loads its gross it when they take the dick make it a pussy where they have seen that what's with you china really have manpower hop fucked up your wiring that you
you don't even like your part want to switch to a girl part barrister really wish you were a woman when we think that they really are women captain men's by do or die tat you do i do believe but what about the possibility that rather life save just experienced so much sorrow and so much dress and so many fucked up situations and so much like trauma in their lives and on top of that they're probably gay and they're probably more at the very least bisexual and other orientation naturally so this natural sexual orientation that leans towards homosexuality and massive depression and craziness and they just decided they want to be a girl that's possible too rare too much at an army that oh mamma it makes you i think as it there's either or i think i don't think it's either or rather i don't think there's any one scenario but i think what some people they become a man becomes a woman just cause
fucked up and when those not lady yeah there's force gets dixon me trick people and then others i think others issues yes they just i mean look there's a broad spectrum of human behaviour it's very very very very very likely to me that somehow or another just someone gets a wacky gene and they just shut down i have a vagina you know what the fuck did you stay have this feeling like their missing something because they have a penis political commitment that is a goddamned i remember what the movie was but there were some movie were with is this guy and a treaty were young each other you know and you know and she's i into the train was you're the guy in the goggles union having to dick anymore so fuckin stupid you chopped off dick i didn't chop up my take a fuckin turned into a pussy that's not i just wanna percy that's a dick that's addictive
cotton half what movie was that i don't remember but that we're paraphrasing irish leaves out we're working from some movie or something but god damn that's gonna burn those words how do you change your dick us yeah yeah yeah i e there was a guy who was a lady boy in thailand and was kicking a lot ass it was a tie boxer anyone got a lotta lady boys in thailand apparently in this guy was at the time actually got de facto job and it was a lady boy where fuckin dresses and shit but it was a do to get in then throw down fuck eyes up he was a bad ass my typewriter but then he went to the operation and you guys balls removed and when he goes by remove that's a rap son no more testosterone a baby that this the flow stops completely and a shrivelled and got a woman like and start again fucked up natalie yeah how many fight you had as a woman actual woman if they took his balls off was it of his balls off he was useless they beat the shit out of that for
well that is what makes you a man you give us more than is telling us all cancer and stuff like that you're on manacled start getting more women like a wonder that's a good question you know i think with with some guys they they one up supplementing the testosterone because their balls don't work in oh i've heard of body builders haven't do that like body builders get to a point where they they shoot so much tested thereby their balls just shut down for life there balls won't combat right so they have to give himself testosterone shots i was watching china porn the other day i'm looking for a video and it just happened to come up against like oh i forgot about the damage to the products like the mexican drug dealer getting his head cut off to see the same thing she has a huge dick yeah yeah that's that's it it's a deck yet but that's what i'm saying what do they can they can grow you dick and when they give you testosterone your click grows the size of a thumb it grows big like how big would you say
is her dick is itineraries long i was pretty behaves like a thumb like two inches long where she had appears to have i remember no she didn't really you do remember do she was on fear factor and she completed this the start and after she could be this done she flat and she goes who's the man no way ass she did of resale right there yeah she's a who's the man what's pitcher you create how crazy or you would you would you have sex with her for her to yeah i lived in michigan or some shit stairs the hurt you though you lived in ohio yet lower standard rate happens when you lived in portland you're stands were drops are now do portland possible real and now if you like a harry legs sure shape by that was issued eva first for you forget everything in the problem now there wasn't even like hot six what harry legs it was no checks it was fucking weird
there's no mexicans are blown if she refused to let you shaver legs would issues like this and you have to accept me as i am jenny thinking you fucker check go live in john mayer put lead where was i i guess i don't mind too much if it's like light hair but like dark hair like what's at that precious chick legs just make me want to fuck and flung as mr shit at her if i throw shit ethnic among what the first row with you splatter building tree trunks fucking eyes been that's just i'd like to share yeah sure you do just like not working acne money makes money ex ridiculous who knows where the turkish people everybody likes everything is people like things but man if you if you girl doesn't shaver legs what does she with her pussy in her bottle fast the question what kind of a foot environmental hazards that thing
cover wasteland what what kind o differ s reaction are you gonna get when you get near her panties the funk of the nineteen seven these fuckin just just animal air just fur but whole and the inability to two completely clean everything air or on your part also every time your fuckin head just a slight smell shit every single time especially once what starts driven down there and those big fat beady thighs started heaton up and body wants calm down at perspiration drips down her bottle and just wife's up some fresh new fumes and its pussy funk and all but whole hares and fuckin toilet paper the berries and europe slap and against the law and just you're fat and the fires and the right way about the bus not you look down or harry feet softly and china
close your eyes and plug your nose the same time try to be gay you both that's it that's helping people she's gotta be so grows every time but that one where the stream i love and apathy and sick was behind me and i was so drunk strip comes a member oh my goodness this is like two thousand and one in brien's defence is a long long time ago we read joe club and brian was heard and there the woman who sat next to brian and brian started making out with this woman way with this first otherwise there is a there was a cute waitress that brian was flirting with this would happen first whose is too major sublime brian was flirting with choose come and talk to him and she should game a drink and she set up i'll be back stocks in a minute and brow was so shit faced and he leaned back and closed his eyes and this good old wizard woman this which this this this bitch
just appeared out of nowhere and the whole deal attacked you're so like yeah like the inner fifties ok and not like well kept like ragged i did in her fifties with bad tattoo and cut off sure like where her stomach was exposed and there's stretch marks from the night team thirty's on that fuckin in rather old leather saddle of stomach and her voice a cigarette stinky breath it shouldn't have our tv either man whose mission a couple of tea i mean it was if so she sat down next brian and brian leans up against her like this and will be leans up against her she grabs his head and he turns towards her and they start making out with the weight in my i gotta go fuckin kid out here how trunk is he this is ridiculous dispatch
saw him hammered and by the way we're at a table where the private little table so we didn't know her she's came over and sat down at our table and no one knew her she's came over sat down like she's like a monster and she saw a victim and she saw tat he was weak she saw that he so slashed he can keep us shit together news leaning back and when he like closed his eyes and leaned his head back she just moved in for the kill she made the physical contact and he didn't know he thought girl and she had a an arm autumn like this and he just responded to the physical contact that it was this hot wager next thing you know their tongue each other and you haven't on video i gotta videos were don't fuck around we both should i use other so he's ease tongue in this chick and then he looks at her and he looks at me and he goes like this in the middle of yours
her and though his turns away and she's like touch it is is face nobody goes like this i gotta go about and you get up and go to the bathroom and she got up and walk away and you came back here did i make that old lady don't fuck with added value dude i thought it was the waitress i totally thought it was the waitress or why don't you stop me why we couldn't how the fuck were you to stop you she's down next year you lean towards that pitches planned it perfectly how many times did she done now but the next morning when i was driving her back to deter hotel did she should never moved in again right she realised that you realise the actually she took off right after that her face freaked out you cause you freaked out and things like that she's i want the fact that i do she realised that she had some poor young man
did they haven't rose it was that the chair i was on at a strip club was a cloth chair now wanted to scrape the taste off my tongue so i started licking and dragging my tongue on that hair of a strip think it didn't haste of her mouth offer my tongue is that what you just use liquor whose why does that you are so horrified it was collect it didn't even seem real it seem like you were pumpkin ass like yours when a sketch land would hire this actually come in to make out with you just a freak us out i remember looking at your guises faces anywhere recording me for one of my why are they recording it's kind of rude but dinner at you guys are all freaking out and i'm like i just remembered i've been looking at her like backing up alone look at it in just what what awesome strategy on her part recognise that you are right for the taking you know she like little in she does she
smell blood the water she just plotter sovereign next year too great goddamn story actually deleted you did you tight i told you deleted you frequent dave whether we have eight years private now oh no no i hate my i personally last night you you have carried out the next day you agree please delete the door i showed it either i am a russia to new really watching you wash if like couple sexual behaviour tangle indefinitely delay did that's the worst feeling the next day when you wake up in toronto you're like it is the worst feelin slap on the forehead we'll have a legacy bravo when he ino heaving it's really hammered heat there's like a couple times yearly two or three times a year while he will not remember the night here it does not know what happened you terminals like every week at least no one of these everyone likes out lot did an amateur
black sound when you ask me says the few times here i believe him maybe sometimes you forget see black ok blacks out of that but now the bessie eighty bravo like our story i told us in my blog is it told to restore it was like eight o clock in the morning our car was picking it up at nine we were in germany and i get up somewhat get some breakfast so a call added to see if you want to get some bread i guess we set up a science is the phone i go what are you drunk yours hell yeah it's ain't the fucking morning hammered so okay dude i go our cars going to get us in like an hour or are you going to be ready to do i'm ready i'm just going to power to i'm fine i'm ready i see that our only its breakfast cycling get some breakfast our goes by a column santa answerin i call
hotel room not answering i have some would go knock on the door not answering these non his fuckin room shit and unlike did he never come home did he get lost what the fuck is happening goddamn so i call on him he's not answering a go outside and simple just throw my luggage in the car so i say to the valet guy i go there's a car here for rogan and he goes joergen and i go get this far worse german acts and emma joe is german what is i was an indian or south dialogue to african now colonel clink anyway this fuckin shot he goes job and he goes jerome hinges well i don't know i'm joe robot he was no a guy said he was joe rogan and gotten your limo and left i say what you look like pickles long and tattoos unlike tat mother fucker thy news eddie right are many long haired tattoo deeds in germany rights bach so i call him up any answers the phone i got what are you doing what's up
i wouldn't do you in my fucking car a needs looking at his watch and it is sir we're we're aren't you right now you're the drivers is runway whether they are porthos too i guess we're going up are you come back and get me a ghost of course where the airport egos five minutes he was too in the car for he had been the car for an hour our why was sleeping he went he got like when i got for when the money in the morning he went down there the car was already there just told the guy he was me god car and woke up like an hour into the drive on the way to the airport woke up any memory of the night whatsoever woke up in the car with the phone rang in it literally that's what he literally had no idea what happened he doesn't remember a fucking thing about the night wow that's crazy how terrifying must debate
to have like some like just like a litter of behaviour around you and you don't even know it though he created all these problems and cause all these people a fuckin angry you sure you don't even know what happened you to shit faced black doubt gone and then he had to get on a flight like i'm really long ass flight back home with that hang over fuckin eleven hours than germany is being drunk and hung over on a plane is pride the worst thing ever i hate it what is it all just sleep what what's the big deal is it harder is it really like you feel like you're at high altitude when you're on a plane obviously you're at high altitude but the cabinet pressurized is there the same amount of oxygen there is if you're at high altitude obviously not because like when you're at thirty thousand feet that's like mount everest like you can fucking die up there there's no oxygen so that's a stupid it is obviously way more oxygen than thirty thousand feet does it done question i can't believe rasta i blame the weed
but when you when you're in a plane is your hang over feel any word to me it always does and cecily in of course i have as it reflects analysed shit that's fucking with me so maybe it's worse gremlin your assholes grimly my belly yeah there's something about planes even if you sleep our plane even if you you know you go and come back there's something about just gettin up there evelyn and come back that leaves you feelin fucked up jesus deathly fear a little off what is that what is a plain do things the change of pressure the pressure i mean is it just getting in this tube with recycled oxygen and everybody's breed neuron air is that what it is i don't think it's echoes access our report saying that those that recycling areas some of the best air and actually just like an old wiser tale that night it's bad for you and it's actually that filtering system in those plans or so amazing that's really personal what the fuck is that the major so tired from flying
that shit jack's you do there's no get around it ajax you you know you what i so like to do when i land somewhere if i have the time i always have a hard work out one hard work seems to be everything but have the hard work out man they're gonna be fucked up for a couple of days it takes a couple days to feel normally in what is it good you know i was talking to think about this area out it's kind of on subject by about work out where you say i cow you know how you can't even imagine make to me when i forget who is jimmy camels was talking about this here they were he's when he gets them working out he does not feel great he feels awfully less ago sleepy feel sad he hates it and such like that but when you work out you have the exact opposite feeling you feeling lucky i know you're fired up and feel greatly for great like a natural i am like jimmy kimmel though when i work out it i'm not happy i'm like miserable after i work out well why do you think that is
two reasons that one cause rub shape and work and i was painful and then we'll cover is even more painful meal but even when i was in her shape better in shape and out work out ice never have low you ever really good shape yeah really yeah i've been in shape couple times in my life so like where you workin out and you go i was working on a really big enough six days a week five days a week when you work in our woodcock such don't how much extra known like forty five minutes to an air of cardio then like tat really ten fifteen minutes of that was my prime was for now you like really fuckin sweat and even in hawaii yeah but never never enjoyed it in always did it won't after with dial have religious or runners high when its own oh ass the sea i just wondered like i've heard you talk about it before and then came a talking about how it is exact opposite form an alike
same old no one can tell you how you body works everybody's body has its own different thing you know everybody's body works differently at different levels of efficiency and some people's bodies need extreme amounts of exertion they need exercise and mind could be because i grew up doing it as you know my whole life of of i mean there's never been a time in my life except like in between surgeries there's never been at i'm in my life where i didn't have some sort of extreme exertion whether its kickboxing or jujitsu or lift and waits or some or boxing for where everything was always explosion always at this my bodies always been forced to behave a certain way and when your bodies forced to behave like that for over twenty years now it becomes accustomed to it and when i take a few days off i take three or four days i have this build up of energy were bought my body is used to producing a certain man i don't get any of that energy zero that energy i actually have the opera
it like i think its veto is hired ninety i've never really been in the kind of shape their conscience erosive yeah i think from me and ends with different vial mechanics or not biomechanics bio bio rhythms rather biochemistry different people need different things out of life you know some people need extreme exertion in some people just near walk some people feel great they just walk up the hill you know they just go for a walk on the neighbourhood may feel refresh they don't need that extra extreme physical assertion in me i need to hit the bag i need to did you jitsu any decent kettlebells i need to do it and when i do it it's like i could be myself then it's like i blow it all out and then am i myself but if i don't it builds up and if a builder for one day it's tolerable two days little less tolerable three days will last a time for five days go by were no work out at all i start getting very edgy you know i feel like people to me and they're not do not talk and quick enough
i'm a mug rude and like ok ok ok i get it i get it i get this my patients is gone and have no patience caveman genes i've got waiting caveman and me you know there are some sort of a study recently that about people that have neanderthal genetics europe's fucking for sure i do grant for sure if there's people out there have mandatory jeanette genetics in their system i've got someone that's for sure some where am i live somebody fucking eight ape man somewhere way way back in my family's ancestry someone fucked when i was a little crazy ape man where i'm like a lesbian tracking demand marty you are famine tommy feminine but you like girls would settle about emma lesbian trapped and means what you like fucker them i know i'm dying lesbians like fucking six do
do they do they put strap on zaire and just get sat on our get fucked sad fate was checked and i wanted to be a dude numb boldness rubber dec on a mac how great would pay for right plucking add one really just talked or should i tell you what my real dickens that as rubber thing like tie on and strap and plays and widows and debt if suit says sizzling the probably feel good open source rubbing against each other the monotony of part they wanted stuffed their missing a whole since that when the middle that might get stuff do you mean you throw out for dodo in your profile the same or bound thing so ethics less lies they feel pretty fuckin good i mean i don't know how or less man's vagina feels but i think had her sexual woman desperately need to get stuffed that's why dude desperately need to often in them and just make sense what feels the best use of the magical fuckin promised land to get
your hard supersensitive dick inside what policy and ah that's nature that's it that's the great reward the great reward is intense pleasure because that's the way you make babies for a woman the intense pleasure has got come from getting stuff to see only makes sense from getting a big fat dick to shoot go idea and i hope that's what it is made its debts and its it's a staple of our life and its is big important part of our desires and our motivation to do things but really is just a trick to make people you know and that that trick is gonna be set up for clearly mean people been around for a fuckin million years in this form that trick is good they got it down and if its if it's down they got a good then that means chicks must love big fucking dicks inside them and if they do then scissoring is not going to be enough it's going to feel good it'll feel good but the reality is that question once you get filled up and want to get fucking stretched out with cox on
you and looking at me in talking about come all day long uncomfortable certain tredah begun comfortable what bothers me laugh we have much better sound now so when i'm leavin in what used to not be annoying now will be annoying this week could use these microphones but next we will have some club on jammies because this is ridiculous you know want to be standing here like a stand of communion i do kind of like it though the for the fact if i need to like drink water do some like a go like this year yeah maybe we should just leave electors because it may begin here might stand it goes right here that's right yeah we can only do that but i don't want anything that knots as long as we have the headphones on that's the move because for them this time we're doing us not just look we're worker
the retards and wished shoestring the shit together but now it looks pretty killer we got but we had a mixer board and shit gaza listed by the way out of focus is not something that you can turn off doesn't look like it we got a sound board now connected to stew laptops connected to this high level mp3 recorder danny and it's all just mish mash fuckin sea of irish and that all creates podcast hopefully thou be enough so now that we have a sound issues at away eventually we have to deal with this goddamn green screen that step two of this couple different options to do it but all of them seem super fuckin complicated and pay in the end i think we just do a tv you get a free tv we couldn't
checks should out we can turn it off the problem as things we couldn't do it through this stream producer if we're gonna do it right what a good thing that the castor the fuckin track asked her i think i can go through think you can do it through that so then we would have this entire the same audio set up i think it's way overkill do try castra through you stream producer damages we will not win evokes on twitter if everybody knows tat give us but waited to do a green screen if you now if anybody knows throw me up some message or a link on twitter at joe rogan there's gotta be some tech audio vision wizard out there that knows it using the law we should tell you stream was the best hook up i'll tell you she knows stop doing those ads they have these as it would pop up every thirty seconds member there's a bunch people who commit in both cases it wasn't just add that popped up it was like took over the sound and audio and video those ridiculous who was afore was it macy's mainly with why would macy's one
anything you do it may do they have fuckin guy i'm talking about ghetto gatherers wish you know where to your mother dildo that was discovered twenty eight thousand year old then you know how do they know though it was a dildo not just like an ear cleaner air carrier asylum big is your ersatz because it looks like a big stone dick eight inches long maybe less fergus i was used for something else what was it was used to strike flints do they had all these marks on it from someone striking flints but that she could have been the husband like gimme that fuckin vi greater gimme your gimme a dildo i need to make a fire a yellow angry and shed he was attacking the dick could have been that for us the reason why use it as a dual purpose instrument but maybe a smart move to have an almond if you dont want to have that stones laying around the cave why not use it for dual purposes as import linen they had the fur or that the biggest tat rex
the bones the best relation not know tee rex tea with real had the biggest collection t rex and it was i forget how many seventy percent real bone woe like the whole thing was up and it's so weird sitting there by that skull of his dinosaur its thinking while that used to be a fucking monster he now there was a real thing so weird you're allowed to like go up to it and touch it see it i wonder how many things existed that there are not fossils of because one of the things we you start like reading things about fossils and about you know archaeologists in all these different people are treated did dig up the path ass to have is that it's really difficult to make a fossil like fossils don't just happen all the time like animal has to get trapped in mud raft die and in some sort of a landslide or something that they have to be somehow another preserved which usually does
happen usually when someone dies they wrought in their bones get eaten up by animals tissue gets eaten by animals and bacteria and they're gone they dissolve how many fucking things existed that aren't enough so record you know propping up his alot pry the majority relieving sire i would imagine you would think though that species around from millions and millions of years right most of em and other round for a long period time and then eventually they die off and before they die off for whatever reason without a plenty of opportunity for at least a few of them to get stuck places we did we know so little it's so crazy that we try to reproduce the past or figure what happened in the past by studying what was left behind its like a giant crazy puzzle wouldn't it be more when it being credible and what maybe this be possible some day if they figure out
like say if they make a model like of of the of the earth like they know like what existed as far as like if you could do of course sample of the earth you can determine like what the temperature was like what the environment was like what animals and plants existed and what if they could put all these data into account peter what have they could put like core samples and what we know about climate illogical change on the shit put it into pewter with the known all the known animals that exist today and literally one a computer program that goes backwards and evolution and takes us to what existed tens of thousands of years ago to hunt thousand years ago a million years ago ten million years ago and you have to account for known asteroid impacts known craters known things that probably wiped out almost everything that they're they're gonna get to a point in time computational scientifically technologically were there
literally able to recreate the past with a computer tell it but son what kind of crazy world we live in a wants there will be dead you think sonya don't think i'm not a confident we may see the beginning i think we're gonna see crazy shit dude i think you with your bloody but all you might not me i'm gonna live to be a couple more decades for sure i got you done so mr solana sixty two years old looks like a fuckin the stud if he's alive he's alive and i last till next pound to kiss you know when you think when you think you gonna go sunday sunday don't say that i'm in a measure our dont of would be reborn in your nature that's creepy really creepy because i'm about to have a new child you don't even know if brian died tomorrow am i my daughter woke up or came out of the pussy looked at me why does a great hey i got would be restricted and start saying things like that brian
as a first words like shit brian says all time we find a way to do it don't come back that would be the very limit there let my wife saga than the second my wife that's creepy fuckin weirdo but would you come back as a baby a bay girls darkness party began roasting measures can relax a baby girl and you have the mind of a man thirty four year old man trapped in a baby girl has fake dicks o brien o brien which are fake tik tok let's go to the chat synthesizing interesting and unbiased urinating lets us this is the role of the internet what for me link what the fuck is that guy saying if you survive the next thirty years you could possibly immortal through cell regeneration yeah that is possible or it might even be weirder what does the re kurtz will idea is that we're gonna be able to download consciousness into a computer that's a very possible
dear you know if they can figure out a way to to make some sort of our reproduction of the human mind like like some some sort of a computer that actually whether its software hardware issue will you reproduce all the functions of a human brain and then somehow or another download consciousness into that computer you can use that and replicate it and you can you could let like literally exist in a bunch of different computers that would be very strange if it was all happening like say if you downloaded your consciousness into computers but your consciousness was still attached to those computers so instead of you know being able to live a different life inside this computer would if like that life is going at the same time like an echo in your head and everything you do is like doubled and tripled and like you go fuckin crazy because you're consciousness is in a bunch of different computers and all these differ things are going on at the same time it it's all inside your head and he kept fuckin get away
you ruined it she got to find the computers have your consciences in it and fuckin kill them just it the man this in your head is a fuckin crazy echo because you're living thousand different lives all at once inside fucking computers addicts melick pussy i forgot take action this morning was asked how bad loves good value and love pushes nonsmokers which pushes to smiles none or awful nets small passages that slight pussy where he has like pussy i think you thinking that a slight pussy but really you're dead loads that's what i think and i think you get excited smile on your own legs that's what it is for all those who are trapped in your underwear maybe right i think that's what it is man but voicing who these rampage verses were shot who's gonna win customers gentlemen and never never
answer i dont know who the fuck is gonna win that's whether fighting man that's the whole deal i'm not doing comedy when i'm coming to vancouver this time because i was pushed through the red robinson theater but apparently they have some sort of a corporate thing that they booked for three days in a row and they can't cancel it and that's the only time i'm gonna be there and and what we do in another clubs i always do their cloudless or to have an agreement that is a big theatre so
this time i'm not gonna be doing shit so i'm gonna go find bad bobby i'm gonna go eat stake like men you share our vancouver are questions here see talk about ovaries you didn't you know over him is merely follow you see right you didn't see the strike force on show tom you poor fool you must have everything showtime dude our star over aims and mother fucker beat the shit out of breath rogers barometers that guy that fought fate or last bianca now go fuck care about some thanks not that fight bumper sticker idea real catholics fuck kids while in critical points on a bad questions here in this trap do no mark embryos you know that guy's other extraditing him or have extra him to america was god spent five years in jail for selling seeds sees it may people happy pot seeds me while his own country not only the knot
asking him he's want roam the streets free you know he was in his own country who is fine and their extraditing him because the other saying he's responsible for millions die to sales of seeds here in amerika owns ran a drug empire by selling these seeds you know what i'd pretty fucked up it's fucked up i know i don't feel bad about because that's the risky take when you have to do shit like selling seeds and stuff like that you know i mean i don't feel bad i mean i feel bad but i also like if i was selling marijuana seeds i would know that hey there's a slight chance i could be for some but in country does not in his car it's totally legal problem whose shipping unto to america if he never shipment america just sold when canada he'd be gold sounds like he's done for no they don't give a fuck i mean they do when they have to deal with shared but the reality is its it's not really legal in vancouver but its legal i mean they tolerated they just let it let it happen that smoke shops and shit just like amsterdam up there you know you can just go it's more
we in this mother fucker was just on the up and in the open with it and seldom seeds to america and their rather extraditing mps have to five years in jail and these are the young man it's a long aspect in time to be locked in a cage for plant that makes you silly you know the fact that that still even debated into that ten that would be wasting any resources or processing prosecuting anyone for pot it mean even a little bit even if the other saying he broke the law so what the law is for stupid it's a dumb fuck and law the law but you knew what he was doing so why it doesn't matter the laws dom were first if his hair all in do yes but now we should be able to do it you should be able to put a guy in jail for that that's ridiculous i entreat island ten weeks so many discrepancies so many fucked up situations in our culture how gambling how about the fact that due to getting busted haven't poker games you know that people getting busted like their breaking open private poker game
cops are coming and taking money and shed i've read a bunch of stories about shit like this happening where people are getting in trouble for gambling plank or with their own money while the reasons why have you are these goddamn indian not another zoning roman than any to seal we have to go to any lengths you can have one you can i see no like down the street from your house like that there has to be in certain places and the only place games in that minnow mean there's a lot of em in california in those bell flower and as a fuel but in most parts of the country is very difficult to find casinos and he can't play poker online because its illegal so if you want play online you have to do go through like a third party and it's like you have to like send your money to someplace it's fucking all cryptic and we're do you know what the fuck is happening and it's all probably illegal anyway if you get in trouble for doing it the way you're doing and even if you do it through a third party you could probably get some sort of a fine or something for me now i know what they can do to you but it's illegal you know but me one movement is fuckin lottery mean
el the lotteries the worse odds available ever for gambling europe based find someone who's a lottery attic some poor fuckin he was in front of me today the gas station and get a gatorade with my gas was gateway theme day you have dinner and a half year i'm gonna get her in this poor lady orders like ten of these things and she's like furiously scratching at these tickets they like this ladys like addicted man like look at her she's just a little the plan the worse odds ever she's pot ten tickets what are the odds at any then we're gonna be any good pretty fuckin love you ever want anything from those before now have only ten bucks i want a free to want to play there a lot the lottery i want a free ticket i played every ticket i lost i was done there was it never politian but then the fuckin the answer astronomical on the other the hook is that if you do when so much money oh my god you could do a dollar dollar dollar four hundred days and also knew when five thousand dollars woe and they put a hundred
investment but it was worth it and then once you get that one five thousand dollar hit you get addicted commoner when the super fuckin power oh jackpot four hundred million dollars be set for life and so the gun minutes that the biggest fuckin dealer when it comes to a gamblers in own governments dish and about you can you can you can but lottery in every fuckin state probably right there's your state we can't gamble a week ago the lottery thing so about goddamn stock market that's a fuckin gamble that's a gambling legal working for can play poker ridiculous we live goddamn nanny state to marry brian soothing gonna die pretty eureka shit is again worse is it this is because emanating twenty you haven't eaten in a long time now is a low energy show and that's why this guy one five hundred dollars and got a new flat screen tv congratulations quit now in your way ahead that's a good move taxes
such taxes yeah but is a problem with the idea of taxes taxes taxes when it comes to poker just make people pay acts has just extra oppressive to pay taxes the knot right you now mean you know you just may make people fuckin make em accountable you know of really want me that's all taxes wages for discussing as it is in our view especially for a forty percent tax bracket like a lot of people are its gross governments never get half your money that's fucking completely ridiculous you make a hundred bucks a get fifty or forty bucks that's stupid that doesn't make any goddamn and let us protect yourself and set up a bunch of different shit so that so that they don't take a small slice out your pie you know yet moved in nevada you know open cooperation or do a bunch of different stupid things so that you can have less money out there that they get to steal from you know or just taken ass like me and just give them all the money you got audited you got ordered like a mother fucker what happened son to make of it
but the irish sexism they're going out at me again this year well you did it because you used one of those programmes and you try to take a lot of different things i term attacks and then i used home office blah blah blah they just don't like it when you have i'm off ass a guest didn't like him when you have a lot of exemptions is that what it is what i would like right off like you know like electricity right off like gas and you know driving because its home office yet and stuff like that you know whenever it by batteries and stupid stuff like that right i thought it might cause i buy everything online saw what i was thinking i have receipts for everything they use credit cards and buy online world these mass cardinal these guys decided to hey we're not going to save all your stuff or only save the last year so they changed it were used to be that you'd have you go back that ye i was able to go back at three years and check out my statements like three years ago
but he stopped its announced only one year sides lost like all my receipts so then what so you never kept anything and hard former about mars online the ass i got coming fuck by one if they did their in cahoots with i'm saying nobody the rather tax breaks for contacts mastercard is this and you don't have to keep that shit twelve years twelve months that's enough dude whole chief ten twelve years fuck them they should have focused there's no files not your responsibility as our group is not i mean we're we're just providing the servers and am fuck em fuck the record burnett shit where they run at heart space over a bank of america that's ridiculous that twelve kilobytes file you can't you fuckin in bed counts the iris in itself is supposedly illegal lobbies wacky people don't think you should pay taxes that where the but does the money go that's the crazy thing when you really look at taxes there's no there's no receipt itself
kay mister johnson you spend thirty thousand dollars and taxes this year and this is what we did with your money we spent this tax amount on your local middle school in x amount on this and you know x amount went to that now you don't get a fucking receipt they're not accountable that's the problem that's why when you hear about like crazy no bid you no contracts and you know that they're in in bed with these fucking halliburton and all these different company in getting these crazy fuckin contracts than money wines are missing in psych will you they can't count four billion dollars and it's this is mad clusterfuck of money in a big grab like who is stealing when it comes to dislike bank thing this whole bank bail out thing when you look at the money and took about seven hundred billion dollars and all this money fly and left in white and people still getting bonuses and is there is it really they have an account system for all make we're
tell like where your tax dollars went to this bail out how it was used didn't even after i can tell you don't even have to tell you but yet if you file attacks report mother fucker you better have receipts for everything you better have received for every goddamn thing you want an exemption for but when you then why did you do with all my tax dollars what do you do you used it to get these bankers what about these baker set it up you know they were shorting there making sure that they were protected on both ends there were selling clients a certain stock than gamble that stock was good it failed you should probably not talk about the irish to hush problem amazing duncan turk trestle to get the best advice don't talk about lucas it is i'm talking about the whole system man man it is incredible that it set up that way and that politicians don't do a goddamn thing to chain
obama was swearing before he got into office that he was going to end no bid contracts and he just gave the former company known as halliburton i guess they changed her name to something else but he just gave them some five hundred million dollar no big deal exactly what he said he wouldn't do that mother fucker more than two hours in ten minutes joe once would be in the sand at his vagina certain but hold bleeding he's a tired man everybody saint wake up people sing wake up red bear the make up people are sad
fifty percent goes the military doesn't really who the fuck knows does anybody know in the actual numbers are of money going to know tat i let's take a couple questions will go to the board see if anybody has anything interesting to say and this is a trial hoodie by the way as in the movie tron look at you you really are fuckin nerd her you for real so argues facon nerd damn right yet stone cold steve asked an end bruce buffer we're on shared out radio today oh good times could times ladies and gentlemen i think we went to the entire broadcast with me saying bananas i said
try to say like as little as possible as well because like that's annoying like man is the feed usually choppy how many people on a stupid thing a thousand people that's our regret at work good for good four thousand people other than that people are gonna bail out eventually these countries stimulating plan reading questions now been going on for two hours sky says oh he's quoting me twice in my life i developed blisters on my dick from jackie at my suspicions are confirmed there are others in other suspicions strasser what do i think that is cigarettes i think that chemical they use
the smoke dries out your throat and causes your throat to get fucked up so does it yeah i mean how spitting a blood from using ie sir at so but that's you do you're a week i didn't give you google it the chemical that they use for it is the same should be used in eyes fda approved chemical bites used to make fog in night clubs and went to things it does is to rise out your throat in my shit start getting jacked up now spitting blood was i thought this arrangement of cigarette than this nonsense really yourself so they're not good but dont eight they help you quit because they went away just just forget patch that's helped me click the repair and where one day two days i'm good two days is our talk now you are small for a while before this new girlfriend you had the old girlfriend we enjoy your mother now
i don't mean about your situation i mean she smoke drank yeah now live as someone who doesn't smoke sets easier but yet when you leave us away that's amongst its alchemy impossible to stop smoking when they have a person smoking you can imagine you now if i get addicted assuring things like four wives addicted to you know my ears acute tips in love it goes out in an already sardines us but i was really data sardines but the tubes man it's hard for me to walk by a box acute tips not want stick when a mayor in out but if you live at someone there clear in their ear megan moaning noises and that makes it even harder you know like i'm trying not to fund my doctor tommy to be sticking shit my ear i'm trying to do the right thing and your area dignan year moan and one time for real though i did put to you tips and my at the same time and i took a shit why
the best phelan ever while the best fields ever my my axe had one in her ear she answered the fine oh my god you tipp shoved into her ear and pierced her ear german blighted will she's retorted not dumping to do but yet i could feel it that's that's painful who puncture in your ear jam i've heard it you'd get there you're drunk punctured and fights ruptured enough again head character punching ahead in passionate year in earlier eruptions and they came here are you errands gotta he'll up dick they sometimes disorder and people's ears guys have like an ear problems and budgets to look at cauliflower ear barf sometimes it actually goes the bleeding
swelling goes inside the ear and the inside ear can get infected his do dave tyrrell go fought for the eu of sea for awhile and dumb he's of very very accomplished granular he's had like some serious problems with his ears were is actually had to get his ears cut off his head they actually have peel is ears back fix whatever the fuck was aunt and then so them back on his head yeah oh bar yo that things like that make me not want to stick to tip of my ear but i can imagine if you know i had a cigarette thing fatter singer thing and i was living with someone who smoke in our time especially when their rest out and they fuckin fire that cigarette of news the relaxation from across her face i've seen it with you dude i've seen does you talking about your thinking about i've seen that look in your face many times we ve been freaking out so much from driving me crazy intake that sounds delicious
and i see the relaxation just a calmness wash over you what an evil trick and you know what the calmness actually is it's actually satisfying that monkey on your back that's really all this not like cigarettes make you com it's that the lack of cigarettes makes you tense and when you get that cigarette in your system then you become com what a terrible trick i get so goddamn addict we're not talking about something that's so addictive you have to do it once a week you know that's addictive you know some people addicted to certain things and have to do them like once a day you're talking about reed fifteen twenty five minutes that's crazy whiskers twirling your hair it's not that it's so so popular how many people in america smoke cigarettes like forty
it's a big fuckin number and not a single politician ever says a goddamn thing about stopping it whatever do which go do a gentleman that's my that's my advice to you next gig i don't have anything come up to be honest with you in america my next eggs are jews and teeth and saskatoon canada jew eighteenth at grand prairie alberta and june nineteen in when a peg so those are my ex calmly gigs and then the next one the next big one in america is well in june at the time the improv in irvine o brien doesn't have that about my count as on the eastern counters not been i'm nato fucking used in counteracting son but that's towards the end of june i met the improv number twenty something something something and then july second at the house
who's in las vegas if you want to find out the actual schedule you can go to jail robin dot net and get it there they found a whole based this guy says when he talking about son you can't you say things that in capital letters they found a hole in space do mean a floating vagina what do you mean is it a monster but all why do you need where headsets why why why do you care what he for we had said sir what's wrong with you what is this whole in spacer can i google hole in space and will you will you be vindicated or will it be some fuckin snoops debunked article whether really is hans base huge hole found in the universe two thousand and seven while things take a while to get this guy maybe he's in ohio the universe a huge hole in it that dwarfs everything anything else of its kind to discuss
we caught astronomers by surprise the whole is nearly a billion light years across its not a black hole for which a small sphere of densely packed matter rather than ordinary look at that were san diego huge earthquake his head really maybe a five point something it looks like a huge five point has nothing as the cow is the california nevada fall on yeah exec whereas telling last time how's was a million look all these earthquakes so don't move to santiago vocs san diego than is pretty nutty so the pacific northwest is due to their we're talking about that in some paper i read about organ that organs due for another fuckin gigantic blast anyway fucking hole in the universe son the universe is populated with visible stars gas and dust but more of the matter in the universe is invisible scientists know something is there because they can measure the gravitational effects of the so called dark matter voids exist but they are typically relatively small will this fucking
boy this jerk gargantuan hole was found examining observations made by using the very large array the vila telescope in chile funded by the national science found yeah they're still some shit out their folks there's so more shit out there then we have mapped out and understand it's it's one of the reasons why we turn into fox news it's one of the reasons why we're fascinated by who tiger woods it's fucking because the universe itself is to scary and too much of a just gigantic reminder that we ain't sure and with that note ladies gentlemen thank you very much for turning into the park asked flashlight dot com go there and by something and fuck it it's it's way better than your hand and i don't think it's that expensive how much are those things sixty nine so but is it really orders as well i told you think about how much money spent on dates with girls don't like hoping that you can fuck them when you could save them and then you can reviews that flashlight over and over and over get its people a good clean it's really not that hard now not just hook it up to that put up the fossil
where the fastened on your come scored that works out the back and have no problem with higher and then you get legal or squeaky in their ramadan or just like you the coming the book is coming good it's it's doing very well it's it's weird taken a long time it takes a long time to write to actually write something out it would have been proud only way easier if i tried to transcribe it and just talk but you know use like maybe dictation program or something like that but i don't think it'll be as good as it gets better the slow process to write things out when you do just write things out your forced to editor me for storing go over them again and see the like the poetry of the of each sentence it's much much better for reading i think if you actually write it out if you actually just talk it sometimes you you know you gonna it's gonna be a smooth as if reviewed it it won't be done do in october that's ones do takes a long time to these fuckin thanks a lot
when i thought blogs are easy i blog but a blog up the most took two thousand words of a giant one you know one that takes like six or seven hours but it doesn't matter because no one's paying me to do it so it's like i did i do my best i do what i think it is and i throw it up there was like this i'm trying to put more attention for so that's it you know twitter are its joe rogan you know my website joergen dot net and i told you about the upcoming dates in june in canada and in the irvine improv and in july second in las vegas at the house a blues will be fucking party looks like samara please don't tell me should be fuckin crazy trouble i've never seen a wholly areas very funny guy shut automatic version i folks that's it week we will see you next week same time same bad channel it's almost
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