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2010-06-02 | 🔗
Date: 06-02-2010 The raw audio from the Joe Rogan weekly live USTREAM video show with redban.
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the joe rogan podcast combating the itunes has started and i must be brief cash to record what the fuck i am broadcasting kuntz there now not whereon lays gentlemen words were sort on time we try to get it
every week but every week we fuck something up and this week i made sure that i turned off the sound on my computer the one over there i haven't turn the an on this one yes i did i urge the monti mine he did do you aren't you pass the search it could have easily been made it just fucked up which is that's the reason why fucked up its case because i'm here because i always fuck it i fucked up every week we done this goddamn thing like twenty two weeks in a row i fucked up every single time for this week it was brian you know i've been thinking about this podcast a lot ladies and gentlemen and i want to things over thinkin about as i appreciate the fuck out of everybody listening and we would do try our best to make this as interesting as possible and smooth and professionals possible but i got it that i've been too stressed out about this i've been taken it to seriously i mean taken seriously in a good way whereas we improve the sound we got a real mixer we got us i mean we're sit on couches and shit better cameras but that like it's not like
part of it it's really fun but there's a part of it that wasn't fun and i think that should exist i don't think i should it ever get to serious about this this is for people who are working who this being distracted that just want something because are doing mindless shit this is for people to drive it in their cars and you know something to listen to this for people on the train this is for people to jump whatever the fuck it's for you guys aren't and if we take it too seriously you stop being yourself and instead starts being like this professional you try and real hard to do and i think i think fallen prey to that older but ass they get about it today have to where are we thinking about it and i was like you know what man this thing like mike i pay too much attention to it and she just be a weekly funding like it or not you know four for anybody who like minded or anybody who is interested in some servant a distraction from someone who's not like minded one knowing
you joey you do that a lie on a lot of everyday obsess on a lot of talking freak out your problems poor yeah and this is my number one my number one problem in life ass i try very hard to to advance human being i try to evolve i try to fix whatever issues that i have with myself whatever that i've made in my life i tried in ever make them more than once i try to constantly be moving but if i have an ongoing theme with problems in my life the number one thing is with obsessions it obsessed with ship the point where like especially games but it doesn't have to be games it could be we talked about this could be beating off it could be fuckin anything get my head gets super focused on things and good in some ways because it allows you to like put a lot of energy two things and work really hard to things and
can allow you to become successful me that's the reason why i got successful martial arts with colony with anything because because i became obsessed with it but it's good if you're like a mindless person it's good to force you to doing something you're not even sure why don't you just doing you're getting good at it and are you getting at war but you're not really contemplating whether or not you too much energy and effort into one certain thing you know i'm sorry about becomes like it doesnt because your conscious thing it becomes like like this is a positive thing i'm doing this are moving in this direction it becomes an obsession and it becomes you how this need like with video games i had it i had a bad with quake really bad with i would play eight ten hours a day and i would be talking to someone and if they said a fucking single thing that was boring i'd be like why am i even talking to you when i can be playing quake that's what i would be thinking i get you know i do like hanging out with my check i'd be we'd be having a conversation about something and i will
not in my head and i think of how much more time to have to talk to her before i get sneak away gothic wake first times i met you online we used to play quake and it was one time in particular with i don't know we ve taught by this where we played i think you killed me a hundred and twenty times in a row having killed you once and he kept on going and i think i want to start up a near like no when i click on it was by the way i'm obsessing about the flesh lightly it is happening all yeah that's right where we have to do we have to thank our spotter we have a spotters we're sponsored by the flashlight flashlight dot and if you go to jail reckons website and click on his banner on the right side he get fifteen percent this was how we we said it beat off and i know you do ok this is a product that makes beating off way better it's really not simple there's a lot of emotional and a logical shed attached a buying a fake pussy that you're actually mistake you dig in it not a very manly thing
think about money that you spend on and you tell anybody about like a new lou for sponged outta this fourth its bones donors to shit get in the other you now meet people who get all like you could talk about pleasurable things is one with a dozen above your dick s changes your life to like i tried to masturbate with my hands i was too lazy to bend over and get that an earth greeting get the flesh state that was on the complaint behind me and i try mass me when the handicap with yours like this is stupid i need to go get my flesh like ice not merely is good yeah it's because first of all you can enjoy it fully because no matter how much it feels to be robbing a new dec it's only half of your brain the other half your brain is gone oh my god i have a dick in my head is a certain amount of your brain that like nose like yours jerking off a deck even if it's your own dick even it feels good there's still a there's there
the torment there you know there's some some conflict i gotta get to say some jed some happen to me the other day when i was using and i need to warn anybody has a flashlight not to do this is not your no magazine but all right so like when you polo when he poured out the country like you just like pulled a fish out of lucky i used to its credit so anyway when you when you go to clean the end of it when you don't have a metal thing and depositing in your to the camera there's like a whole that you attach to your fawcett now i've been like attaching it my face it you know the water goes through it and blows out that de facto by i've been like holding it a us hose at the end of it so it filled up with water
shoots the come out real fast kind like you know well the problem is ours so stone when i did it held it now spacing myself in all where the guy now i don't know i don't know the come had already popped out because i didn't do it right when it didn't you shut your own logan mug watch out flashlight owners have you clean it that way you don't aim for the face how do you stuff it back in the whereas it back in lisbon there are even if i'm doing an excellent read the directions to anything but i think it is the directions to shit we also lack any red directness anything honestly i don't remember them i read it has to be something for my kids it has to be something were it's not involving me and there's like danger and i have to make sure we can set up ok i put together a crib recently and i had i looked at all the directions was kind of complicated it was really tricky it took like an hour you know because i'm a moron but it did take an hour it back when i was doing construction but their political adopt got done by fifty minutes fifty five right
but yeah looked at directions that shit it's easy has like a challenge attic rib excuse me like i need to figure things out myself also one things i love a man i hate to be a guy's a windows or a mac guy and i think it's stupid argument but if you don't have a fucking computer dog never had a computer in your recently intelligent person you can navigate you we're on a mac you know you don't say otto eczema goes like this seat as this is where the mouse is this distracting and if you go down here see that's called finder only click on that see everything opens in there's all right they're whatever you want what do you need you need a movie d need your email you know do what would it what you need is all right there i don't things that are too complicated there overly painting ass complicated like this fucking mp3 player that things will accomplish as there is a complicated is this shit that we biologists miss mixer what the fuck is going on in there i'm so glad that i have a brain though that that wants to figure things so to me like i have a challenge as so
luckily i i hope that never stops though because i dont want to be like you know when those people just after a certain age they give up on a computer there to give up on the cell phone to the dcr's out of all the people that i've ever met you are the number one best at figuring out what computer type shit and figure like software shit and like you gotta your mind for dude like someone give you a cell phone like a new cell phone like out even though that you can do this in get ringtone sent to your house and could even call somebody with this and sorry immediately since soon as you get up in the morning it'll go to an internet connection and i'll show you what your emails with daily just press inspiring people fuck you talk about leaving no did that you find like weird shit on phones that weird things that they can do like there's this of a certain party your brain man that it goes right to like weird fuckin like a secret shit the problem with that though everything so fucking complicated that when something goes wrong
household innocent little fucking nuclear war i mean it's like ok that didn't the movie stop stream i gotta go to computer in the living room that's broadcasting into my sling boxes now but going over my wifi connection rates that you know it like that it's not just like low noted hit the power but non and often blow into it when i was at your place who did just been in your office is like do what you do and you controlling some fucking it out some some hidden camera somewhere you can operating an empire it's like this so much electronic shit in your office if you like like a scene in the matrix it we know you the deuce dusty basement and get these fuckin computers rigged up except you ve got like all sorts of em all kinds of nutty shit you you're the only one that i know that's even thought about getting a fuckin three d tv you have a three day tv man bedroom units weird thing you know it's crazy though is that this person i know unfortunately their house burn down their alarm clock caught on fire
in short it out i've heard of that happening more than once right in what what scares the fuck out of me that an alarm clock did that but then you go to my office there is more wires fucking shit everywhere and i support in three only out you know it's crazy the added electricity just as itself as fuckin crazy me with think about it because we have it but if electricity didn't yes to summon all the sudden came along with an infinite source of energy not infinite but like infinitely powerful if can fuckin power fuckin cities okay and you it's running through your house all the time and you just stick something and it's got a little tiny piece of plastics that's protecting you from shore death two metal prongs and you're going insert them into the fuckin source and this sources plugged into a grid that powers the whole goddamned fuckin city it's that powerful it's all running through there and he just you
plug into your constantly attached to it you leave the lights on all night you're fucking don't even think about it you to sleep with the tv on and there's just fuckin mad about of energy surging through your house you remember elector sets is that what the car where they were like you know when you are kid you could build like robots you know they had that batteries and stuff like that and it was like lincoln logs but with language kinder remember this i think that various craig but was a i had a wire when i think was like four years old at a wire and had his bright idea to take the wire what what idea was i wanted to take electricity from the top outlet and move it to the bottom outlet so i put a wire and the top outlet in water the part about way and it blew up like sparks knife lou across the room and i'm like that is amazing that that shit hap can happen so easily like to that it is so scary you have kids do you have all that shit i know you're outlets yeah yeah we'll clips ago outlets here most of em i reckon
she comes into my office when i'm not air tickets are porn on shit it scare you know when you have little kids till it's like they don't know like ie you can't just something your hasty but why did you listen i didn't know that they have the listen they don't standard there's consequences you know when you have a two year old you have to like theirs you can never be upset them you always have to just be erected them and then giving them like affection and positive energy are going to do something wrong signal you shouldn't do that always be nice she could be nice if nice than everybody's happy but if you're not nice and people get sad right so wash we'd be nice cause you know what make everybody sad yes when you give him a hug but you can you develop a human being you can't be upset enough but if they're fucking adults you know you're like a stupid don't stick your fucking forecast the thing you'll die you sure go ahead decade yonah secure fork in their guide you know but you
with babies man you you have like a little you that you love as much if not more than yourself and they don't know anything so i have to make sure they don't run down a flight of stairs they fall all the time we have to be real careful but they have enough energy to talk dear but they dont understand yet but the wire some babies completely like did you see that video of a baby smoking access cigarettes a do you you would be so many people are trying to tell me that was fake it was it was so disturbing that i put it on twitter and i got hundreds of fuckin people on facebook people did it on the message more people than a punch people are saying that its faint how's it fake it's not fair city i actually utterly gonna carry but like deuce were angry one guy was lagging on twitter was like don't fuckin pushed up that dump fake shit don't support trolls might do that's a baby smoking cigarettes is shit is real right this really is a second to europe its one because i on my website i had used to collect baby videos in an photos and videos a baby smoking cigarettes because it s a ridiculous and
now it's like that's a comment which i really com babies cigarettes overseas how crazy is that they can take a little tiny little baby that you love and your your teaching at the world and you let it smoke a cigarette so good at it like i was watching that that video like men up baby was better and smoking cigarettes and i was and he was just like flipping around second cool little baby smoke smokes two packs a day every day they sit a baby doesn't have any energy to play this friends you don't have the baby cigarettes was fuckin crazy crazy start scream at so of crazy the problem with human beings man is that there's there's the bride spectrum of us and the broad spectrum is necessary in order to this sort of a complex society until invent robots that are gonna do shitty jobs we're gonna need monkeys were then a dumb fuck and people we're gonna need idiots
you know that's a terrible way to look at the world and it doesn't necessarily mean than anybody born into the idiot family has to be an idiot it doesn't necessarily mean that the idiots cat like snap out of it if somehow they do me rooms or ticket yoga class or try to look at their life in a different way but for many for the reason why the idiots is not necessarily that brain doesn't work that well so they got in a terrible pattern like real the early in life and they have become a dumb fuck and their staff and there they live with a bunch of dump fox so they get all this negative and all the time their constant dealing with conflicts at home that are meaningless but distract them from from getting good at anything in life or from getting your own personal shit together because all your energy is being diverted towards conflict that's why important to not have negative people in your life because if you try evolve and i think we i know you are and i am in all our friends are everyone's trying to improve as a person is very difficult to fuckin figure out how to be a person it's
difficult to figure out how to manage energy and they know when you're wrong and know when you're being ups for no reason it's it's a tricky thing you know and you one of the most port things about it is you need to pay attention you need to have time to to think about your own your own interactions with other people to think about like the way you behave to think of the way you think to think about like they're at the direction that you're moving then the world it takes a long time it takes a lot of energy your energy is being spent constantly doing bullshit constant deal with fucking stupid fight there are over nothing with your girlfriend or with a body whose shithead and always apologize but then as a shit had again you know have you ever have a friend like that does like shitty things to you know like like fucks this guy's exe friend or somethin and does it like some sort of a creepy way doesn't tallow or you know fuckin steel some your shit and doesn't bring it back or yolanda money doesn't pay back eulogists do shit
that sort of piles on like as soon as something that happens in a relationship with a friend like you automatically start paying too much attention to it automatic it becomes like ok now this isn't an enhancing relationship anymore this isn't i hang around with you and we have a great time you know you you say funny should i laugh i think about things develop think about it from your point of view you think about things from my point of view because we're totally different human beings it's at enhancing experience but when have shit heads in your life and people that aren't thinking about evolve and people that aren't they do not they haven't subscribe to the right though the right gee they have subscribed to the right direction in their life so there they're not they're not they don't have their shit together so your car finally like dealing with conflict when you around them when to do that and you put yourself in those situations you wolf fuck yourself you that those that is an energy vampire and there are so many people they get locked into relationships and friendships and work
situations in how many people just fucking hate people they work with because you would people who work with even more than with your spouse in almost you get home at night at six o clock hello going gonna be awake you to be wait for another four hours you gonna go to sleep at ten probably you gonna crash gotta be at work in the morning you know you got working time so if you think about it how much time you spending with your spouse spouse your kids between commuting all that shit that's what you're doing three hours a night but you're working you dealing with eight hours a day workin for the weekend sitting and that song was real the sun israel so as work and ninety five there's two songs about working that's great dolly part and always seem to me to be this kind of sexy check but that if you fucker you and be happy with it in a man you don't talk about like even back then what she was undeniably hot in the ninety five days are big tidies blonde hair in texas x and duty
dolly partners whether is wash was in all these movies shoe so attractive persona but it seems too i she's really going on fucker the mysteries gone fine i was really going on behind the scenes we get our sad couple days later you walk in your bedroom its roach humidity and perfume perfumes now avon was an error and i do not like perfume do i hate her few i hate perfume and make up our mean i want my team better make up on a girl but when those are all dog out to me that just before christmas the somewhere about it for sure especially needed when you leave the house you now it's like you like you need to you can't you can't go out to put your face on a second letter baby thing the worse as when their lips are sticky because of lip glossary lipstick and you kiss him and stick did you see the weird thing tat we just accept the fact that people put stuff on their face to change the color of the face i mean it's not a bus
our fuckin thing i mean we know that human beings are attracted to certain things and so they figured out how to make someone more attractive you know like what they figured out put make up around the eyes to make a centre on the eyes in alex smoky and though she mysterious smokey and what is that supposed to percent i never understood the smoky color like if you gonna get crazy and pretended to top your eyes are blue of how one was ass of doubt that the emperor last night mexican girl came up and she had like blue hugh things and which is why the second was that your return to peace superhero tat is a weird thing man it's a weird thing chris roc had a really funny joke about that about women are untruthful just by being there he's like does because we are aware make up that's damage of face looks like why where those hears you ain't that talk we really it is it is so true it's
a strange thing and both of the biggest strange went to meet the fake tit faked is the weirdest thing ever because it works i know it works with me it makes me excited but me what is it it's a fucking bag of water it's business chicks chest assistants but sent even boobs a real boob may is much sexier because your grabbing gland like you feel the woman like this it's a sexual organ like tat if a girl has like big realtors initial small real tits and their sensitive like when you rob and they get excited like you feel it you're it's like you grab in their pussy it's you having a sexual affectionate part of their body parts very sensitive but when you crab a water masses trippy ray we know i've only touched like a fake boob like once or twice in a luckily i've only data girls of real boobs been very lucky but the thing is even if their fake it still attractive you know that's the nuts
about human beings as we know that i make up is i make up we you don't really have avatar eyes the top your eyes are fuckin blu ray by but some others attractive in other bright red state that you have on somehow no that's attractive the there are no those uneven earlier eyelashes i don't care is attractive why they should now boobs on their face them instead make up you know like lipstick draw boobs make it look like you're chicks are bills silly goose what they're trying to look didn't want to look like a freak anything them it is like that there's like this illusionary line between some it stands out and something that has like there's sir the things that obviously genetically we look for we look for eyes we look for like this the connection the energy inside someone's eyes and that's people have a wonky ire sunlight that trip to look at it's cuz you don't always gonna this in the back you had your always gonna think the part of the congress she's gonna be this there's a wonky i in out trying
free gas try not to you know ask questions to which want to look at and try not to switch eyes and look at the left the right one just focus on one right and stick with it there's there's something evolutionary about that and when you add shit like a tit to a face like that's not cool now is now you're u of substance in the wrong place and beings want everything has to be an anomaly users as soon as i was saying that everything has to be in the right order you know you can't three hot eyes the girls very sexy smoky eyes she can have what are your fuckin boy what though that seen from what toto recall what the third boob chick that were still hot to me right i think it masturbated about that when i was younger and while you didn't
now my instincts o cat that's already had babies in another in their nipples hang after it had a baby that's still hotter to meet them now having as naples you know there's fake three two porn on the internet to dick pouring threaten or any other is adopted before this fake dick born to theirs tentacles warrants my fair i found this one or this is black do who is always those keeps his pants on nuts i note had affected has got like some form a strap on thing and he pulls his dick out of his pants and its work regulus is literally like as long as your arm oh yeah it's ridiculous and the girls like oh my god they start second but rubber dicks look so good today it's hard to tell that its rubber dick saw you like fox all these girls this giant deck and yet we because when i use the first see those videos i never thought it was fake i just thought that black eyes had or sticks in my work i crazy worsted but then you start noticing make the fucking winter always horny it down by the
is to make it you know sir i have will let me ask you this then here's a hypothetical say we're dating a girl and she decided she was gonna start do a girl on girl porno films you now you like i that's cool just check so and buy them at all right but how would you feel but a dude falconer with a fake dick if deeds in the room that's what would bother me right you know she's make even unless you're not going on is fake rubber day i even if there's a guy cameramen that doesn't bother me but the guy in sexual whereas the guys like her body like they're married to the people it's all just for work not to worry about it's all you fucker was real dick he wouldn't do that respect for his wife he s it has dared to dig fact seats fake black dick yeah that's still principally at their present humanely they grew up together though that i told my brothers and sisters man did not even didn't even about this actually is disgusting pay but they have mouths to feed why are you me me that outfit right as a family ok
something thing about him brian without the figure dignity defeat is children guy i must bring this up because i'm a fascinated by fake tit porn figure that you know don't you know there's a guy max hard core of do you know that guy max why do i say do you know that jail right yes he's out only guy that i can dig up in recent memory that bars just been arrested for pornography but tried for four obscenity and convicted in two thousand and nine in oh in jail and when i first heard about it was really disturbing deserves like well ok this guy is just making pornography like what he's doing like extra dirty pornography what is he doing what the fuck be doing is anybody getting her no so what the fuck are they doing to lock in its current jail that's this is crazy wise in every up in arms till i saw one of his move exactly that is as good as they don't you know i do
she talked a porn stars about him like many porn stars about him and they all say the exact same thing good i fucking hate that guy that guy needs to rotten every like i mean live literally talked about it maybe two ten porn stars i asked him what he was doing this chick he was fuckin this girl's mouth and passing in her mouth and he kept duenna and was really disturbing he would like of his deck in her mouth and she would be like in pain and gagging and then he would start pissing in it baker talk while he's pissing in her mouth i mean our know how he must adjust drank water all day for this the scene and how is pissing with a hard on either but he's doing it in i guess see just like drank so much that he has to pass any took some by agro that his dick won't go down and so he's fucking this girls and it's like so sadistic it was so disturbing to watch was like that someone would do this you now to some their human being and like before that
like teasing her and playing around with her and then it like you know it it it it it asks collates aziz is doing shit to her to this point where he's fucking her mouth and piss and then i'm like woah i was listening to the howard stern shown i said that i don't know if this is actually seen but that i saw was saying that there was one where the skype i'd openness chicks porthole max harcourt did and then he passed in her bought hall while he price open with like us in nickel instrument and then attached a straw to her bottle and made her drink his as at her bottle the dive fuckin dude probably be in jail why this could share and who don't you think i mean that's that's not a healthy human being air does not good it's good to have that guy around no that scary man no one else scary that somebody likes that shit no doubt that that there is actually webs
so many fucking weird porn websites i forget the name of this one website i was shown the other day words this is big fat guy and he just paisley's porn stars come over his house in just fuck his arm and shit on and make him joyce drink p and they give a blow jobs and welcome though by things like the gamblers i forget what the weather aids was popular whichever it just is ugly really ass one the most popular ever you know it what if i would find it because the gaunt hit google but this is all about my babies listening please tell me the name website just dumb much is good i don't you ve really got some weird ass nay somebody in the channel no the now it's like the thus something the gimp earn some fun i'll bet he's a fat guy and it's a superbly website girls shit all over him right some duties or into that and for whatever reason that does not disturb me i don't doesn't bother me that guy wants a girl to shit on you know
like when jimmy norton talks about like go girls person and i will tell they talked about an opium anthony how he'll tell us what is going to the bed don't please i've let me cleaner and act she pisses she comes over it sets face an elixir pass dominion that's what he's goin that minion am i and i mean that like men onion dotcom said yes i am over eighteen oh my god what are we getting it see its jesus christ yeah and if this is the man in charge you nobody till you ve been fought by him oh my god and his fat and disgusting guys covered when shit get shit oliver s face was ass a joy ideas terms fifty you're sexual evil i guess his giant ass his mouth fuckin girl and by the way sponsored by dog far that could cause i don't even want to lick on god for our aid is its spots
by dog far dot com my guide my opened a new tab sign wearing what would i do and dug for dot com every year for interracial porn has not done parts is at last guys fuckin sad girls here are so i wonder what the numbers are for porn stars now that there are those internet porn and girls do shit other house the number i thought you'd be much much higher than they were like say in the haiti of the eighty that's what it all is going towards i heard from a big company that they were saying like how it's dead dvds are dead horse they are man the internet the internet killed music right if the internet killed the music business not killed it but completely change the whole dynamic of an artist make the most money now offer their lie performances that's where they make the majority that money except for items they make money of items but if it did that
four for the fucking music business man what is going to do for the porn but since gonna crush it because nobody wants admit their buying porn and when you can go to use stream or go to or any those sites and instantly get something to jerk off to war do store i guess the only thing that's popular right now is like things like unite the cause bishop you know how it is and stuff or comedy stuff you know one of the duties and that in the do it's also in the eighteen things this guy tyler night an animal israel now sound off he likes be an undercover bodies a buddy mine he trains it eddie school day does jujitsu legends really nice guy like soup friendly and a really good writer he's he writes like like nonfiction like rights like some holy area stories about the point business yet what is if you just find tyler knight blog i bet you can find it online but he's a really talented writer and he's kind of really funny story about doing an anal scene with a chicken and and he's got shit on his dick
please try to stay hard and it's really funny it's like really well written and intelligent really funny but he's in he's in both those he's in there eighteen one becomes out he plays ba he pays them is happy but what is this we're looking at the men in again look look there cannot disguise pretty smart there is a middle east he's fucking pretty attractive girl there will the hand to the bottom line is there's a lot of dumb whores out there and i have give the miners lot of sad women out there you now listen people that suck and people to suck raise kids suck you know or people suck do a shitty job raising kids they raise fucked up kids and now and then these fucked up kids get to a situation where they need a lot of money and they don't have it and somewhat let us tell you fuck this fat guy in the internet no one's gonna sit next to you know that they have that sad look on her face i don't porn when a girl seems lectures into it but this and sadder than watch porn work girls like reluctantly sucking a deck and you can tallish really does want to be there which is given off that energy
while most of em don't most of its all fake most girls don't come when the import movies and stuff like that this seems like that of course right when you think the odds are not many like that there's a few girls where you can go out that girls legit but for the most part from what i understand is latin just do it and is almost fake there's like there's even like parts where like drinking sprayed to make it more wetter you know in the there stopping their camp camera you know and changing the camera around and you know it's like all you know it's not what it is not as voting the max for hard courting bugs me to get back to that it is this being on the shit this god does it's really disturbing cause it's like sadistic and evil it's almost like a snuff porn but your killer dignity for life instead kill her life is like it was someone does a porn like save you data girl and she should do porn in i was young got hooked on coke and next time two important who cares was the big deal you know it's like what we if we fuck
you know you fuck on cameras are making any different israelis really no big deal but that's not porn like humiliation like sadistic type shit like somebody didn't just fuck your girl he held her asshole open pissed in it and then made her drink out of her ass all you know domain what you know i'm like that guy he took a piece our humanity she will always be humiliated by the experience that's always gonna fuck with your head you know it's like he build a little bit of her it's really like what he did was like a mediator if it's even if its consensual out it's still to put that shit on a video it is one thing of a chick likes to get piss in our ass and she's crazy but really d how many girls want that on the internet how many girls want that an a dvd do it possible is even possible if that's what you're into may could you be me i heard that arguments there of a voice heard this always one or two girls don't bring up at sight comes from a healthy household and inertia does hard core poem just because she's into it that's what she likes and
how many problems at all have heard that pitched before and their ways and the girls really smart reads lot of books what happened what happened why is that guy fucking your ass hole and then shove it in your mouth until you gag and then stopping it back in your ass while slapping you in the face and then slap you in the face with his dick and then you go plot was wise fuck in your mouth is as is often the saw what you like and we want to do in lying i guess away was that i guess what it also is that you know were born thinking that we have to wear clothes were born right now you're not as a look at my by all were black thing that unites us sexist must be a private thing and i guess it's just anything else i can you know you just born into growing up that way but sometimes you know if you think about that's a side effect of moving to climates that aren't like the jungle they will think about this human being started on africa right and even though africa's dangerous falconers all sorts of shit they get
you until you this answer that the elephants brow there's he's fucking as you know the massive ass i found us on oh my god oh my god facts dot com is whatever is on twitter oh my god the mass of ants in this world like the weight of all the best in the world is rough same as the weight of all the people in the world what the fuck yes yes so many answers to their everywhere this fox they are the number one killers in the world in f the number one killers ants away so you're saying if you took all the yeah abroad and am wayne way to all the people in the world the ants would we well yes i read this in the internet must be sure you know what that is the most untrue thing ever let's find out it might be true on which i hope will turn let's google this this is where in two thousand ten we should not be a conversation where we're like a ninety ninety three ok he hit you hit fuckin tab t had done there
the problem with it and it is our as that is what insanely impossible what has it insanely a by catch you can take what come on man come on man typing shouldn't you dont know ass a way more people but whole not home no by more than one zero why don't you just right did they answered the roadway more than all the people in the world who answer no answers dot com answers icon in a way more the audience in a big way more than what people are unjust the wrong question as i said roughly the same replacing the what i said is that the weight of ants and what is of the albanians in the world though they way an average a point zero jesus do that's the weight of an area that so silly but do ants way more the people you you that you ask the wrong goddamn question ticket ways no that's not what you want either more than the
number of that jesus christ that's way more than people know does put put the pudding in the goose put does the total mass as the total total mass of ants and on earth an earth way the same or roughly who's the time you had a google how i do mom another way the same as the total massive you none same has an ancient as the total mass of humans mass you man how much is the earth way why you know what's your google skills ok oh
weight of all the ants in the world verses weight of all the horizon the were ants and rod verses humans china our facts about ants as compared to humans now ok listen we're not gonna find a site that quickly and still be entertaining on the radio way of all the ants in roads combined is much lighter than the weight of our by an answer the combined weight of all the ants in a road is approximately the same or greater than the combined way of all human beings they ago answers dot com so we got an affirmative that that is it i do not believe you don't believe me why i believe that because you think about how many more answer everywhere dude i mean did they literally every wherever weathers darkness ants given would you if you had a truck like a bulldozer emmy huge bulldozer filled to the top of ants just mean pact of ants in all those ants fell on you do you think you just be like blue growth or anything but i'm dead you'd be dead with conclusions arising
if they do they would model first of no i mean just from now that the impact of them off they would crush you they'll kill you i'm afraid you will i think this way more the new thinking i think i think iran i think they're everywhere did look that's we just followed and answers dot com it must be clear we don't know if it's true but that's it probably look but the point is in africa for a huge fuckin problem this get back to the original thought the it is in africa ants kill everything dude they kill em they crawl up elephants legs they get in their ear and they start eating them alive from the fucking ear and they have swarms of them to do in the ants can't delete the elephants can't stop them there's nothing they can you can't shake him off and they get eaten alive like that kill more things in africa than any other animal they kill everything there fuckin scary shit and these the women africa runnin around naked the run naked with it we would have hazard suits on we would have armor
two thousand and ten if you live in africa if you live in a part of the world where the ant one ant bites you and it sends a signal to all his buddies i found something we can eat and they all can swarm on you there's no way can stop them cause there's trillions of them and their claws up your legs and eat your asshole alive how would you live in a place like that you would have some sort of a mesh suit that was impenetrable be sprayed with toxins on the outside of a fuckin helmet on like you're on mars around and it's crazy about insects and stuff is that the other day evans is lying in bed in this huge fucking spider joseph crawling on my bed and having read stripe on and it just look like death spider and others like you know if i was not awake about sleep being and yes i haven't roll over misguide bit me when i die gas fighters that can see right you know that brown inclusive scary mother fucker you ever seen pictures of people who got bitten by brass those birds like horse through sitting especially if you don't get it carefully right away like each a hole through your fuckin body it's terrifying
shit man so my point is these people live in africa this is where like humanity supposedly was created or evolve i mean our roots all our roots of all human beings go back to africa africa's hottest fog in their own naked so distinct like when these people branched out to climate said they couldn't control and they had to change their environment rather they couldn't live in without doing something i'll try to control their their temperature without covering themselves and building is there a sheltered and insulated and starting fires and stuff all stuff they didn't have to do in africa then how it started having to wear clothes and when they start wearing clothes wasn't like a calm things he someone's genitals it was very rarely got to get this picture these fucking first how do i get this picture of his first hits degrees out ok you don't even have a fuckin house to live and you live in a hole in the snow and you try get laid and yet again this took out of refer now what the fuck did you do man it's a grind you know so that's when people became fucked up sexually because like
and they still probably even have a fucking language so that they know couldn't say listen how about i eat your pussy you suck my dick let's have a party going up there could even like talk that way into it because probably when they first are doing then moving to other climates they you didn't even have a language here they're just grunting at certain shit you know so they they just they just got all fucked up about sex because they couldn't fuck anymore they used to in the jungle in the jungle they were naked they would get horny in this fuck but now it's like it becomes a shoe hassle everyone could why assigning used to hide when you learn a jungle people watch you have sex nobody cares that some monkeys are monkeys fuck written from everybody don't worry about it i saw some good monkey sex last week in others of monkeys fuck written from a hoax people are like it well you know why not why wouldn't i what are you able to give a shit you do other things that are pleasurable in front of people right you know you get a massage in front of people it doesn't bother you that much all right you know think about if you live in you back you know you could be in a park and someone awesome massage they give out the park like would you deeply
it identifies a damp ten bucks armageddon massage your life is doubtless massage table and lobby but rob you in front of people but if in our shoes given head you know or hand jobs just hand jobs no money by sea or do come come out could you sit there without people in the park just let some jerk you off you know you wouldn't enjoy it do you think we're going to go back to that letting like seems like another you know the more that we're getting used to saxon the mari regaining eustace engrossed by holes and somehow back as the internet you think we're gonna back to the state were soon were august and be having orgies all over the place and cancer can be smoking cigarettes the no the cigarettes far diana it's possible we'd have to get past a lotta hurdles you know i think it's pretty obvious that if look at human sexuality especially the way we treat sex in america in our work are very very uptight about it and i think that one reasons why were very very uptight about it is because where unbalanced in aware imbalance by that
back then we grew up in an moves environments and an inventive clothes you now and then enclose allowed us to live in a bunch different places but it also allowed us to we fucked up the natural sexual cycle in others natural way of looking at each other and and and behaving when you add oppression to anything me the reason why priests are fucked up is not just because religions ridiculous and to live your whole life by some that was written thousands of years but it makes no sense that's ridiculous and ups gaining from sex is ridiculous all stuff is completely ridiculous but the real real problem with being a priest there would be reasons whether some fucked up is because a massive amount of suppression about your own natural drives your own natural things is a natural cycle living inside of your body you know or or operating your body rather and its eggs
did for millions of years and is the reason why human beings procreate as a reason why animals procreate and when you put a stop to that shit and you you label all that shit is evil and bad you're gonna create issues and but just just into putting the natural cycle of things it's like you're putting on the brakes of like something you can't control you you put it on the brakes for something that you're not supposed to control it supposed to be actual part of your life you know it's one things that makes us and this is what i found for having kids what one of things it makes you a different person one things it takes you to another place is the development of other new human beings it's like you you lose a lot of yourself wished selfishness and i think that's a natural part progression as a human being and so that it does exist for priests and it doesn't they exist for us if we if we were close enough we wear clothes and cover other up in all suppressed about saxon worried about it might eventually you gonna realise at a certain point your life in a black fuck what did i waste
this time tweaking about sex for in our work business is to people touching thereby together in an enjoying it in a wise it such a fuckin a big goddamned yield people what is it once because we we support because we're covered up that's why magazine adds at showgirls bikinis just like the pussies almost there so you could almost see it attractive to sell cars or south fuckin water he did so anything with pussy you know just a girl wet bikini come in the water bending over it copper sunglasses she's on her knees turner and looking towards the camera oh you might just are jack off right now whatever fuck she said and gum were sound breath wash what she's ellen sunscreen i'll buy above think of that hot bitch and by their product i just saw second the city to us forced to guess how dare you forced to go see that you know
i got rewarded nicely dank backwards cowgirl couple other things it was awesome but it's funny how they did it took place daddy and you had been there but dubai rent to buy these two by the advisability of these two by two buys supposedly like a big attraction over the middle east as well but it goes to a global daddy's a lot like it but devised more popular or not i think that's what to appoint a movie was they talk about how they buy is like popular and trying to build up abu dhabi i talk so am i arguing about the proper the plot and premise of a fuckin secular movie you are you're acting like you don't know it's one thing one thing off the bat it's amazing how much i play smelled like periods and seriously like you know that smell that tampon smell like that's convict flower perfume smell that wit whipped every combined horrid it was the most disgusting smell ever it was pretty bad but we gotta think how many
go to see saxony setting as icy a butt how many of them are like those girls how did they were all taken the girls next we were taken there's other shoes together while we are waiting for the previous direct growing she's together let's take a pitcher on twitter our shoes on you know what's in those chicks are so happy about that you gotta deals love that that is why it is so funny because i like in it every time like carry a mean that the main character seafood became yeah what
the test you know who it was wandering the shown here yet dry cows and i want to watch it s got a thing of washington coupled but every time i should like where new outfit or the actual shore closet that was a big it when they showed a closet again you're like the whole rout together my leg is is an awesome it was it was evident right being with a bunch of aliens earlier run a bunch chirk such a hot aliens much earlier this year was good in and the more you get to know them the more you realize how many of them are like that and the ones that aren't like that are really just pretending for us but by them that movie though it was it was kind of i don't know i was it racist this kind of weird how they they did your tongue but everything where they can even lead deadlock hold hands in public or reality guess and permanent and stuff and was like this tension throughout the movie about that then i want to give it away to all delays guys go spoiler so spoiler soap
you're near the end of the movie they just this one of the characters is went off like i liked the fuck i like throwing condoms everywhere i gotta talk to older check yeti odor chick craves right of the effort of eminent avi dhabi too they would lock her in a hole in the dirt so fast all i know they would they would her in jail they put it people in jail for kissing on the beach there yet there's a part in the movie till they were kissing on the beaches she got locked up and was thrown out oh really yeah yeah that's based on real life actually did that to a woman in or a woman in a man in dubai for making out there a cop on their make i mean i don't know do they might have only fingering each other some but i call on it make but i got a little crazy but apparently it's super super illegal over there it's crazy beta crimes is it not about movie joe it's not i loved her it's been in the first one i haven't seen either one of em an intensive how area on key policy tax i do things like that
do it i would do it for lunch date night or something stupid like that i would do just cuz i would think it was ridiculous i probably get some material out of it all that great sex i got in response for doing that was worth every penny they should have to barter for sex i now things are going to take that pussy source yet by imagine being able to take it wherever you want to elaborate ways around shit i want to say here should be able to anyone think fuck you i think you could get a force of honour not force in our physical agents bring up the idea with urgency like you like with real a real sense of focus and urgency we're not talking rapier would you like a lot of a lotta energy you announced excited a bundle of procurement now radio sharp sharply what now you can't shop i mean i'm just going to stick it out i'm supposed to get in you're not even hard feeling park oh my god you are i am does cameras who cares they going to further beyond me fucking you real quick all right i'm a stop right now you do that dude
look at me when you do that i'm just trying to make brian on comfortable so created this nothing more fun now and in the beginning of a relationship when you just get comfortable each other i you haven't got sick can each other yet new job getting comfortable with each other and you start to have fun and now it is time to talk dirty to each other i start to get excited he send to the some nasty text and shit like that those are the good days that's it is a different level of excitement and really is just your body trying to ensure that you breed with this person really just a bunch of chemicals flowing through your brain that your body is trying to give you to ensure that you breed its double man it's incredible figured out how to pocket that's two out of a pill it package it you know but that she had a pill form you take it makes you feel like when your oh your horny in love you know that feeling when when you want to fuck her
she want to fuck you and you can wait to see her and as soon as you sir you get excited and he u you smile and you feel good get all this big charge of energy within a virilis what we're doing so we think well to submit a new relationship things are fun when its new settlers you're getting all these extra chemicals does your brains trend ensure that you mate with this freak that's what it s your brain is get all this extra juice i ve figured out a package that i don't have it anita dude how good but the world be there's your antidepressants you know how come do that are and depressed always sukhi sukhi relationships or sukhi situations no depressed at an awesome relationship whenever these going great because you little juice that's that's why you're antidepressants are coming from we're all junkies for brain chemicals nonsense on i do did you see that fuckin hole in the boy what dude my friend listen you gotta go the hole in the ground and guatemala is it the sink hall oh jesus
oh right now guatemala seeing coal and be prepared to freak out and call fake you're gonna freak out call fake i may typing guacamole single and work that's see see it's the fuckin second one look no go guatemala guatemala dummy look that look when you are what do you do you a lot silly that sea sink hall away it's the first search look at thou do look how deep that fucking thing is its easy it's like hell up added nowhere and swallowed a building swallowed a whole building easy there so many pictures of on line if you haven't seen it lays german google guatemala you dont even just type google you i d you and guatemala sank whole will be the first search or the second search option it's incredible it is literally a perfect circle huge its gigantic and it's in the middle of this like intersection a whorehouse
the house just fell disappeared at its super super deep the image that we're looking out there's a helicopter shadow on the wall of the of the of the circle but it's it's giant it's like a half block wide ignore it reminds me of immediately is date like something from district yeah it doesn't even look real it's like what that happening how is how we never seen anything even remotely that crazy before and how often that happen is it possible that can happen in los angeles mean i guess it has to be running water we don't really have running water here but somebody cities do says after a devastating tropical storms say it was it just water to the water ran through and somehow another created of giants physical whole it it's a cock up it's like a tube in looks like someone took an we'll call to the world i it doesn't natural right it looks something somebody created guatemala's tinkle asshole as my favorite brings about europe
somebody tagged their photo guatemala single and if you just taken ass it comes yeah it says look when you click on it gives you some sort of a warning advising the site may harm your computer hilarious these eyes that are doing these hacks and shit like that kind of stuff who is that as the chinese russian agents to some hackers all over the world as nigeria as they always tag those name it to a country like google switched from mom a microsoft operating systems announcement that they're gonna merge too while using linux and using mac because the chinese fellows hacked them and fucked with their whole website and they this to security issues and windows why did you hear avenue hearing that steve jobs talk the other day did this long talk at all things digital two thousand ten no he was talking about through everything
if you gotta give moldau jeez that's where i saw this whole kwairyo gizmo two yet he i there's always videos are up their anna kind of interesting hearing like a really intelligent person talk about the future the internet stuff it's really interesting you know i agree with him a lot of things but a lot of things i agree with his his detractors when it comes to open source things and comes to you know allowing people to create more applications and have things more and more open for the macan your clones and things things that nature the abilities just by the operating system why do you have to buy the hardware and the operating system you know that's kind of with that to a certain extent but i ask agree with like look out when he controls everything looks great everything works you know when you ain't as it yeah exactly i mean it's like it's definitely cheaper to go to store and by you know her dr and by a mother board and all that shit and put together your own box it's way cheaper i've done it a couple of times it's fun to but
you gonna have all sorts of issues the sound cards are going to want to work with a bitter turton certain motherboard that you have it's gonna fuck up the video card fox you gotta replace days get the right drivers as you gotta do allow tweaking oh shit you know with a mac just her on now why people are like a spoonful could fergus oh good fergie mac idiots falcon loser just cause you don't have to work your pc i've never got a virus ok i've been a pc for ten years of never got a virus yeah i started i started with the windows ninety eight ok and then go off on you and i ll let you know they ve never got a virus you know why why scan amongst stupid little click ruined blinks you know in all these people if they had an mac laptop i thank and windows laptop i think of their bottom and abusing the mac laptop afterward we'll becomes a team thing we discuss before it becomes a you know a fuckin
raiders versus the dolphins and honest people get crazy about teams and they team windows marijuana admit they made horrible mistakes you know i was watching this documentary speaking that are not as a gram hancock interview and i put on my message board you know gram hancock is grim hancock is the guy that he says duty road fingerprints of the gods and he's done a bunch of underwater dives where he's found all this effort of our previous civilizations pretty pretty trusting shit man but one of the things in the videos they talk about the sphinx you know there's a whole bunch of gm jesus led by this guy braun shock at a boss university that believe that sphinxes way way older than conventional egyptologists of dated knave dated twenty five hundred bc and he says it's way older than that because he shows the geologist shows all this water erosion all of the sphinx and he said the seat what you're looking at is clearly water erosion from thousands of years of rainfall
for the last time those rainfall in that area of the world was seven thousand b c so you lookin something that like it's gotta be a couple thousand years older than that because a couple thousand user rainfall so talking about like at least nine thousand b c which as you know that's why eating you're talking about like seven thousand years older than they think it is longer between them and the age of the route to true age of the construction sphinx then it is between them and us mean when you they put into perspective it's too thousand years longer than the distance between the faroes of like teuton common and us mean that's pretty nutty shit when you think about it well he brought this geological evidence to these conventional egyptologists an archaeologist and they were dismiss it right away they wanted to say all this doesn't make you you have no evidence of a culture that could build this in our where's your evidence show me some pottery show me something that comes from this area and so these but were showing you all that would be laughed were showing you some construction there's not ten thousand years from now there's there's not gotta be anything of us you know that
you have seen the pictures of detroit way she d try swallowed up by the city abandoned houses in detroit were trees a run of the mill house it's crazy that the earth is slowly starting to eat up all these abandoned buildings have awesome there's a site is kate too that the soviet union to were up like total towns billig evacuated and left were trees are just like grown through houses now they just nature starts to take things while he he brought all this stuff to these egyptologists endangers doug their hand head in the sand they didn't want to see the truth they didn't want they didn't want to admit that they have been in so doing or teaching things that were not totally corrector wasn't the the full picture of the earth and it's really crazy shit because this guy it proposes that things like this guatemala sank hall that's a little tiny one little nothing happened you know a little thing opened up in a house fell through but there's a bunch of different things at the earth can do like that a bunch of different really insane thing like super volcanoes are
soon armies there's a in the canary islands there's a volcanic rock there's lots of volcanic mountains that they know eventually is gonna break off they know is going break off and slide into the ocean and where does they think that is going to soon army that will cover the entire eastern seaboard of the united states of america like miles and kills everyone everyone's fucked there's so much so much rock there and there's a bunch of evidence of this kind of shit as happened in the past is gonna be some other underwater earthquake it's gonna break off and it's gonna head towards the united states it five hundred feet high and a fuckin hundred fifty miles an hour adjusts most everything do far more than a hundred fifty thousand hours pull that number out of my ass you like that i really do have even following the fox com shit dude you turned me out to that and for the folks are their lives they don't know about this fox conner company or want to describe in fact comes a huge company
i was in china that that makes like most of the technology like you know like big to build like nintendo they build ip s peace they build apple computers a bill you know pods and stop there just really cheap almost like slave labour but they're not in i think they get paid what was a hundred thirty dollars a month or something like that tons and tons of workers but lately there's been all these suicides and it's almost daily if he fog is moto dot com it's most daily you see you know another suicide another's person jumped off a building i forget those i've been might thirteen or something like that in the last as this year or something well lately it's almost every day they ve been freaking out like nintendo getting past and steve jobs said he's gonna get to the bottom of a figure out why these people committing suicide they had to sign a contract saying that you will not commit suicide and if you do there are not
responsible in any way that families and stuff can sue in seville that then about four days ago a week ago they raise the their pay twenty percent they raised our whole entire pay twenty percent and cause cuz trying to make everyone happy and stuff three days later they raised the thirty percent a fucking crazy it's getting and then to day their scattered reports of a fire and there like trying fox com is trying to keep this all hush hush by i guess there might be a dozen workers ever either injured or dead and it's it's getting out of control i'm not really sure what the fuck is going on here but it's starting to get like art there's something crazy going on in this factory that all its people killing themselves and that there's you know yeah me who has never been video released of work is going be yeah security guards are security guards from the planters video of him them like a beating up the workers and you know it and it's crazy when you think about it
we're saying something about this earlier like how we expect like you know iphones to be a certain price and ipods to be a certain price and the only way that their that certain price because of these workers is slave labour so they make about you said about a hundred dollars a month hundred thirty dollars a month is what i heard that they start i pay why and they live their yeah it happened when it gets caught like it's kind of a community like you live there like a like dormer him almost or some like that it's quite kid it so they sleep in like these dorms yeah they live on on the factory right and they make shit money we never get to leave the even get days off i don't know i heard that they will pretty much work them nonstop day and night and there's and make sign something the contract saying that they're going to be working overtime stuff like that i don't know anyway so way you're gonna get all these goddamn iphones for five bucks that's all that things should be like
public two thousand dollars if you'd like port workers that were paid correctly you know i mean how much more money would across labors a big part of the operations for any big business like that you know it it's funny dyslexia steve jobs are saying you know well look how many walmart workers there are in united states hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people and such like that and you know there's people dying in a kick suicide in all the time that work for walmart in algeria but that's a poor analogy aid support analogy because you don't see people jumping off the top of walmart buildings that you now you'll incidentally news at another wall market where dead you now bonanno without its voluntary kabul tomorrow's suck my dick i quit right another who cares
how come you how to beat you up you know that i can awake you at a bed and stun you or something you want to do is make it shut up now it's crazy as other photos of you again the websites gives gee i c m o d o gives moto and just type in fox con or just look through you'll see it it's like on that first couple pages but look at all the employees this fuel so they it's so press looks very depressing it looks like it almost like a jail yeah it does another fox employed dies after working thirty four hours straight this just happened today i oh yes second mr one eight year old man twenty year old man married his wife for only three months ago died from exhaustion oh my god thirty four hours ok says that's what his family's claiming anyway no official statement has been issued well you know why i believe it well you know look it's possible i'm i wouldn't surprised you know i mean it saddens you but it doesn't surprise you you know it's a it's really a sick thing you know
these iphones four five hundred bucks is someone has to suffer some one has to do something to have new things and i mean it's not that's not the sick part of it but the sick part of is the only way to get these iphones four five hundred bucks is someone has to suffer some one has to do something that they don't want to do only one reason why companies move their factories to guatemala are these impoverished places and they say look we're helping these people taking advantage of a different situation has taken advantage of a different economic situation are different choice as far as resources enough china and there's a fucking billion people they gotta do somethin you know when there's a billion fuckin people who can a lot of people that its land around that need someone to do they have to fear way to survive they figure out a way to feed themselves into its where does that when i have talked about this last week it was twelve people and i just read here that since last podcast a week ago that numbers now sixteen well and as they show if i'd such suicides have reached
teen potential sixteen spot it on the roof right now so there are actually writing this article and wait wait here's the sixteenth one on the re afraid half so there's job in every data yeah couple days someone out there for a week to to i mean salary increases in a week to salary increases there's a fire and another person i did it will look at his having any money if you can use it you can spend it in old age pumping salary up thirty percent is not gonna shit doesn't mean these people need backwards flashlight year was i mean they get a hundred fifty bucks a month mean that's crazy that's a six ec thing it just its funds it said that is the only way to do it and it's also sad that if these p weren't doing this if you talk about like third world countries or countries that are all fucked up that you know i'd say it's exploiter unites his corporations rather exploiting over then start businesses and what what what were these will be doing if the united states wasn't there that's the thing so why are they living so badly why this impoverished poverty would benefit us to have them
is up to our level would benefit us in outer instead of sporting now to go over there and educating people and try to get them to start producing their own in denmark society with you no good businesses and trade goods and services and get everything got pumping and introduce them to new technology shit when it better it has to have them or were they just become competition why is it that the united states corporations these big corporations just do that mean they go over there and help these people little bit they give him money and shed and let you know they give you know people jobs and solve some of them might be happy with the but for the most part there taken advantage of people who are willing to work for pennies and the dark pedro americans right would have benefited tat really build up a country would benefit the united states if there was no third world and how is that possible is it possible that wherever gonna come to a time where did is no worry about like there's no mexico theirs a place where you go where it sucks there's no play
we go wherever things you know all your fuck now needs is getting worse i think it's just beginning there's more places getting they don't want to go to not you know no mean it's getting worse worse where is that possible to recover from now would it be like if instead of i mean this is a totally hypothetical but do you think it's possible as a human being to it dead of doom or doing we know what sort corporations who go to different countries exploit the people instead of doing now what if they decided to try to as it's possible like on a whole instead controlling the resources the world we try to make everything level we try to bring every the up as far as like do you now that the quality of their society in the quality of their culture and the quality of their their information and now the internet all that shit and give it to everybody and try to pop up without benefit us would benefit human beings as a whole wouldn't it now but no because then how the fuck you gonna get an iphone five bucks you know
because unless you have got a robot knows how to make and i think that's what i'm saying i think you're gonna need protecting reese slave labour are just gonna die off because of robots in factory lines of ignoring common lacks gonna die off because a robot because well i mean there's gonna be factories to build robots i guess by you know like just factory like you know when you look at cars how cars or manufacture you know half of its done by robots right but if a person is willing to work for a hundred dollars a week is probably way cheaper than a robot that's gonna do his job so i think i was gonna have robots for certain things just because you can get a lot of people to work fuck and cheapest shit robots expense dude unless robot technology gets like shoe per mainstream worse it's gonna get mainstream robots are gonna be mainstreamed norm already fuckin i've alarm clock that watch movies are now you know is in its it's the mortar computers grow techniques girls there's gonna be more robots and robots are definitely coming but the word gonna be like your own house then where one thing fox up and the whole thing
goddamn haywire only gonna be like that is gonna be like that i absolutely that's big fear i was yet what there's shit out of me i don't know we do not talk about this i talked about with a couple of a long time ago in these parts ass i talked about how people were hacking how the idea that you could happen somebody's car and likes the outbreak so i say there was a report a couple weeks ago were people actually start doing that to on star where that they can hack into people's on stars and stop their cars and there is hackers i think mexico mixed can hack gangs are something there were starting to do that where their hacking into people's star cars and like fucking with their shit and in finding out whether at finding yeah i guess on star has a security hole in it right now i have heard that yeah sure you'd better fuckin google the sun sued no telly go to this star hack need to find out the secondly on start gps hacker this good news on star
modern automobile super vulnerable to hacking researchers say so it's not mexicans just on medicines are now but there was something and all the mexicans out there we have mexican listener sir people from extra affair so much be nice people from so otherwise yeah i guess a whatever thing i saw was something about the on star had a security horn and people were hackers tapping the easy you to kill engine breaks and more blah blah hurry go this is its otto blog dot com yeah but is that as on star and issue the same thing i don't think so now they're starting to move into the age of connected vehicles the risk are rapidly increasing on start already has the ability to room remotely sly stolen car for this current yeah i saw that in the ad for the new corvette there's a looking at this corvette grand sport it's a pretty cool looking convertible out lookin out an online and
the benefits was as on starting and so they showed it or this guy fuckin car on stars friends drive and his car and says that helstone asked our shouts the cartoon y y you drive and yeah its research that the universities of california and washington will present a paper at a security conference in oakland california next week outlining how they were able to hack into vehicles computer system while it only makes sense special government man i do like ice i threw mexicans owner why i thought that do how crazy you run from the cops even you fuckin corvette you like a goddamn nineteen seventy movie and also an honest kills your vat yeah what a gay on american citizens you know i'm not saying you should be allowed to have a car is everywhere but i'm san maybe sometimes run from the cops cause you're right ok maybe they're wrong in your right and you gotta of them that the one our man killed your wife
did i understand you're innocent it he's trying to and those who are responsible to justice you know the cops are can't let you talk then a fuckin lock you in a cell when you really need to be out there doing the investigative work to find out where the killer is do it s like you're a goddamn movie fucking cop cancun i'll be a vet ok you're fired in fact he asked caprice you're shitty old two hundred thousand mile on caprice with with fuckin shitty suspension it smells like shit when you had the gas can compete with a goddamn american quiver to mention there was a case and looks like two thousand to that got petersen case where they got a search warrant to check his vehicles gps information because he was for murder they got to know exactly where he was on that date and stuff my good so adds up here it's tracking you in new york
information on star and if you ever get fucked in like put in a word situation why don't you think that's on star i think that's just his cheek he s which is like what we all have oh it is a that's crazy so i always thought for that regards shit like that air but lies that's what ever you shouldn't be heard or in your fuckin why veto ass all that is with every cell phone paying more year your phone is some i've heard that it can ping when you're foreigners with some phones even if your phone is an on like they can ping it i heard that house possible is there sort of perpetual power source inside your phone little tiny one i think what they're saying is if it if a mean if there's a battery in it you know anybody but it's not on if it's not on its shits never all the way off i don't think you know i mean i got really yeah like when you turn off him like a complete
are there still power in the computer right now i've heard that before but i don't understand it and how the fuck that happening now with your phone no exit funds are premature computers are now needs that's true that sought nonsense now i mean if you think about it there's a good there's theirs of coursers shit always gonna be on you now he was here we're cool do that put lug jp us on our wives car farmer out today celtics car was at best by the other day in the end they had in the clearance rack they had this thing they was for kids that anytime you want to leave you know you put this thing on your kids you know kid in anytime you want do you go on this computer website and find out exactly whether an tribe and it was like sixty nine box or something like that thinking you can easily by one of these things and throw in somebody back their car yeats yeah easily and so yeah just glue it the back their car somewhere stick under their bumper something for sure they would never find it tell how the fuck would you know dude
scary asked thing we think about how many stalkers smash of your check how many fuckin creepy dues out there that could be that's how paparazzi get their shit i bet you now that they have at the if you're a high and celebrity i bet you get a tract all the time you remember that step holloway story the girl who was she was on vacation some dude smarter and remember that they too could fix who killed her says bunch we believe question one of the kids that i had a question he's on the run right now in chile he's running for because he killed a woman in peru right he killed someone in a hotel room i guess just like killing checks dexter how areas that man disguise other runnin free if you kids man if you have girls especially that stuff really trips ya out a really trips yom when you start having little people that you care about or ino wifey care about our sister that you care about you really started you never have fucked up the idea
that someone out there would would harm someone weaker than them without someone would do that and pray after that i think it right that all the fucking time mandates was it i just finished washing season two decks renown like really paranoia about everything will there's real people like that out there a guarantor of the eminent guide that cut his fuckin friends heart out yeah ridiculous some some dude in northern california drank some mushrooms with his friend it ceased to put in two things and terrible light emma and mushrooms drank some mushrooms with his friend and then decide there was some sort of a war going on between good and evil and that he had a fuckin kill satan by cutting his friends heart out and cooking it what the fuck son and i have never thought to ever do that mushrooms i guess i've never had that kind of mushroom surprised gotten violent means more like everything's beautiful the of life not want that
the worry with everything man it's what are you owing to the table with the worry with everything is not you know what a mushroom studios now how fucked up are you before you get the mushrooms in you know mushrooms the fact you up or are you just fuckin crazy and it was going but anyway i mean if you take a day this completely loony and you give em mushrooms s are good call did you are speaking you know the reason why i'm sorry but do you know the reason why that that even exists why it happens like that it's because mushrooms are illegal if mushrooms are legal we would find out what the dosage is we would find out like all this contains your ex milligrams of psilocybin you know don't take more than two do not drive you know it would say some shit on the label you know and you could say all day doctor i'm on antidepressants in and i'm on i pour medication and some add should i be taking mushrooms and article oh no no no no no if you're gonna take mushrooms you gotta get off all that other stuff because i don't fuc your brain chemistry totally
totally misinterpret the world as the scottish probably out some antidepressants or some shit too you know i knew so people around antidepressants when they would shrink they would drink and they would get this duty he gets crazy you don't even there anymore it's like he gets glossy eyed and any starts saint stupid shit in front of his wife will say stupid shit like he's like trying to be funny it's not like he's nuts normally a great guy but he has upload drinks and i'm in this can loon comes out this weirdo loony guy who doesn't know what he's doing can control of god bless you about going to the we doktor there because we had it fucking amazing than in two thousand and ten that's the easier should get hold of you know but you can't change it how you going to change it going to deny people their alcohol after they already have it how the fuck you got to do that yet the mushrooms legal we ve spent drugs and legal we should talk about going to the we doktor their rhetoric as we had it
interesting thing came up when we were there we are talking to art doktor about legalizing marijuana flu is for or against it and he could see in his eyes he was not he was kind of like taken by the question like do i told the truth now he's like i'm second kind of on the fence puts them in a tricky position for a guy who makes a live and by giving people prescriptions and he's not cheap now his he's got an office in hollywood spry very expensive to maintain and each charged some money and now give the guy slack because i know that he went to jail he was one of the you guys who was involved with the medical marijuana community and he's a real nice guy soil i like him i respect his sacrifice so you know we don't go or die
to sharpen for someone is cheaper to get a recommendation i just go to him but it's weird though if you think about it like you you want to think these medical marijuana guys that are trying to get you know little we'd legalised if you want to think there in it for they are there reasons but then when you really come down much what he was saying is he's not really happy about it because he's gonna be losing money why is gonna be out of a business can be out of business not just lose money can be losing all his my writings not really is it unites waste conflicted behemoths honest about the year he was honest about well you know puts me in a tricky situation and sells again would you do and now he saw talking about vitamin therapy in a couple of things it does in our so yeah i mean if you look at it from his point of view may think about it the guy gets lost up in jail so that he can keep serving people this natural medicine that helps him with all their ailments and he's a doctor okay so he's working with cancer patients and his work with people with low com also two different issues that can be assisted by cannabis is
long as these people can get hold of good quality stuff and he now a fighter i believe that tries to enforce the letter of the law which is or tries to operate within a letter the law which is like in ninety ninety six the law was passed in california from my one and they want to block a jail so anyhow like that kind of sacrifice for something i believe in and ultimately have it like pulled out from under you with progress what he said diversifying fuckin business he needs to move on to something else with we'd know used are cook in it did he know that's what you need to do ok you're a doctor how about you doctor what's com johnson doktor johnston's pot cookies have your big and face on them make some super fuckin bad ass cookies i heard set from somebody the other day that they heard from their guys that they're gonna stop edibles halfway those are spooky you know they stopped edibles in holland did he can edibles in holland the reason why we ve talked about this and i before vote for the folks it dont know when you
marijuana it creates a totally different chemicals that is press and when you smoke marijuana but not in psycho active doses and what that means is when you eat it when you eat the tac as it goes through your liver is is processed something it's called eleven hydroxide metabolites eleven hydroxide is full four times more psychoactive anti eighty four times stronger up her weight of the dose but totally different effect it's not same effect i you know how it is when you get high if you just smoke some weed you know you get you get a certain there's a certain sensation is a certain way you see things in a certain door that open a certain frequency that gets turned on well when you eat it so that the same frequency right you feel i mean it's fun but it's a totally different sides are totally different right yeah and totally i dont like actually like edibles if freaks a lot of people out we know people out of hand like massive crying fits because they they
a patent and thought about some shit i did i've done it down really that's always happens on edibles whenever whenever a waterfall it i was find that the the edibles make me the most introspective makes me make me the most conscious about my own personal decisions my own personal hey you're you know it's like they correct me the most in i get them corrections from being super high and me really i've i've like i'm tripping again i don't i just not not ripe for mine at all it's so overwhelming and is so powerful that then this is what happens when you get super super high when it's so overwhelming and so powerful anything negative that's in your mind is gonna be brought to the surface and highlighted so it's like this drug or this camera whatever it is is the unstoppable force that's in a brain and just wants to run free it just wants to
spin around and create an and that your imagination when you super high especially if on edibles is really shocking sometime i write things and i swear i can't take credit for these ideas and thoughts they're just there just being pulled out of it either by this weed i mean that's really what it is but it ass to have a free track the drive around on it has to have free range of your thought if there's something that's fucking with you in your head relationship that you try to get out of or you know some argument that you had with your parents it's like really fuckin bothering you something it's really eating away you something you it will you regret doing it anything like that any speed by are gonna be highlighted just gonna put spotlights all over this fuckin area of your your thought process and it's gonna make it very uncomfortable so one way that very uncomfortable feeling that paranoia that shit is good because it
eggs you come to grips with some things that maybe you weren't thinking about correctly or at some that maybe you are giving them your full attention and maybe you had a distorted section of what they really are and you know that the high is gonna illuminated for you so to me it's like it's almost like someone yelena you to clean your room you know hey clean your mind shithead you got the stuff nuclear mine but not easy it's like some high level black belt shit that's what animals are animals are like that's like some shallying monk fuckin top of the temple dodging arrows shit you know you can't just go right into a pot cookie when do you know you're not really you're not that person has been exploring their consciousness you not taking yoga you're not you know trying to clean yourself out you just a regular dude with a bunch of fucking problems in creepy memories in your past and you need a pot cookie you wanna crying yourself to death may i did i don't get that feeling from
cookies are doing get a strong while fuck you more every now and then again went out to me it's not like i'm learning aiding by aiding it's more like man fucked up yeah but you don't you don't have again introspective thing where it makes you start thinking about you yourself and in how you how you stand the world at all while that's where maybe may i just triggering some natural responses that already have that are always go i went there is private it is now so yet the people saying that that the pot edible thing than harlin's bullshit but that that they still so you know what i think the right thing i'm thinking of mushrooms now the thing about it i think the argument was that the edible things was america no you know what i think somebody told me that but you know i didn't do a google search i am but i have heard about the edibles thing in i find that there is some concern and in our because it's for some really potent shit what theirs concern about those scott and i hate to say is that i want to make it illegal
salvos available and fuckin head shops get salvian and for those folks who don't know there's some shit by anne had jobs like you would get bigger times magazine and there's that page we open it up and it's like near bud fake bud i'll get it right now it's not real doesn't do anything it's disgusting talk why do from high times news telling tom and they make a ton of money off that stuff makes me sad think i remember as a kid buying should that was fake just just in case of at work i remember doing i don't know if it was fake weed or wide was i remember was a lot of money was like thirty forty bucks and i suppose one of those things that we were eighteen or like feel it i can feel it yeah i was when i was like twelve weeks to smoke everything with smoke bamboo leaves bananas banana yeah you're gonna bananas banana bananas we tried smoking all sorts stuff we got cigars i've tried chewing tobacco cheap
kids are stupid the trial sort of stupid shit what snuff snuff is that stuff it's like how ground up tobacco and it's like got all sorts of shouldn't menthol on its probability is filled with care calls and you stuff in between chicken you're gonna give you this mad nicotine rush how great is it that lindsey lillian found a loophole to get her drugs during this probation time did you hear about this now i didn't hear one sees its low wages talkin mothershead appoint snuff but before that now you go to shops and getting ourselves but people are trying to make edibles illegal dues our is like a major psychedelic drug and for peace i don't know it's a really intense experience you ve got a bunch how many times you don't like seven that some
out of body shit right yeah he's like mushrooms oh it but the thing about savio is is that it takes you to it opens up your brain into like a world of europe's persevere used to psychedelic you it's a familiar world like aids it said it's crazy it's like doing a whip it of mushrooms but i had to stop doing it because i was doing it maybe once every couple weeks by my i started thinking like our this is not this is not good this is opening up something that's prime arrogant be able to be completely shot and that's what i like people to deal dm tee i dont think its good idea i think they're certain things are the brain that once its opened you're gonna be thinking about that ship forever kind of loud do you know i mean that's one of the reasons why haven't dundee emptying years i haven't andy tea in three years at least what the reasons why it is the last time i did it it made it was like an
an undeniable alteration of my view of reality that i had to become comfortable with it's like you a certain reality that eleven you know you sure got little part that reality shifts and like won't home in the pot reality you know it's like i'm still in the same place i'm still do but i'm in a different frequency i'm like turning into a different frequency that's i always describe any sort of psychedelic experience whether its mild like we know pot or intense like the empty but the empty one when i came back to sobriety you know when the pot one comes back over then i'm always the same in i'm driving down the same street i see the same people i wave it also feels the same to me where that's what i'm high and i are going to run into somebody or i'm out doing my thing it's feels weird it feels weird but then when i sober up it's on normal again what would the t thing once a sober was a normal again it didn't get normal it didn't get normal for weeks when i came back i was the same person i
live in the same house i had the same life but i seeing something that there's no way i was ever gonna forget and my whole view of reality completely shifted so i had to think now i just have to get comfortable with this new view so took two weeks before my new view of reality before i felt like a normal person doorn norm days but for two whole weeks man i remember i described as a reality felt very slippery say it think that happens at least in a micro kind away with smoking weed or eating we i think is if you dont give yourself recovery period i think it certainly alters the way you look at the world and perhaps permanently you know i think we know potheads in general have completely different way of looking at things then people die small part i don't think that's a coincidence and i think one of the reasons that's one of the reasons why party in the first place
the reason why we have these reactions to these plants these plants give us these these reactions and give us this different way of looking at things are seeing things i think that's what they're there for i think there's a symbiotic relationship that we have between us in those plants and those plants are there too cyst in our evolution i think they're there too this dinner are changing our thinking and i think that's what they do they shape our thinking they round things out they take away a lot of the sharp jagged retarded edges of normal thinking you know and i think the interest effectiveness that they bring is one of the big part about the the ability to back in objective we cannot assess your life and look at it and the squashing of your ego mean there intimidation and the the fear paranoia that you get when you smoke pot part of that is nino the the ego gets exposed neil you your defence mechanisms drop and you
you liking it all up you start to look at things for what they really are you know i mean that's what that's why i think it's there i don't think it's good for everybody you know i don't think i don't take it should be done if you don't know what you're doing i think the problem was everything being illegally that we don't have any common anymore in outer as a goofy name for it maybe they could be sir psychedelic consultant that you go to and the saga del consult and is a professional a guy who's professionally adept at navigating psychedelic worlds maybe that's what our puck doctor should turn into yeah what he should turn into but that shit's illegal to catch us potter i'm gonna pay so you tell me how to get high and with it the planet past too easy by like mushrooms but what if it getting the saucepan asian chick while he's doing it so it should have combo business amber is now you say and see if you were there after you won't have to worry about the future you'd be our pro part because you ve gets back up plants right that's pretty don't move dude
you been smoking weed and get a massage by a really hot asian check and they re read like inspirational quote to you why van like it to be a real business i gotta think of it that tax as actually sounds pretty promising man you're searching to those workers com teddy pretty girl rubrub to enlightenment anymore it's two new origin right about pretty girl massaged too and maybe is this real life that's like the kid the dentist the other came from the dutch this robot israel i hate what is real life they have this new girl you gotta get it smoke the train wreck and have talked about this funny dana white as data it's his birthday party first for your birthday was is awesome bash that they threw frahm total surprise it was in vegas
i doubt one of the big hotels this whole fucking conference room and everything they had it all set up he had no idea he goes down there and he walks in the door everybody's way a surprise so this crazies party was fuckin stone ample pilots played out stone temple pilots got up and they were the dead guy scott wieland as i was name is the one is always on heroin eddie better when we yeah he's he's talented as fuck dude that guy was inspirational talented but crazy as all fuck like it was taking a wild the party society at every seat in everything that they want more money there threatening they wanted a buccaneer aid they were gonna quit like those also too i mean i'm get us all third hand so could we total bullshit but i didn't they talked him but we did like bring them up in our i introduced on my email so happy birthday dana unless at least gentlemen without further ado stunt have a pilot nobody went fuck crazy you can't believe the actual stone temple pilots were there so in a way they play this intense carter i mean that fucker is so good he sought
and so professional and nails every fuckin single movement he just it was really one of the best lie performances of aligning with it all the same old songs that's why yes that's why we so tight with doesn't matter do not only five years old twenty years that's true but god damn it was good i unjust but i love those song so goddamn anyway and it's over data goes on stairs sage takes a microphone ngos that just happened heads is like that just happened and they know they want to get out there than when you get there danish standard look arouse franz talk like that just tablet that's it i mean it was like one of those moments we like while their mother fucker headstone temple pilots play his birthday party could you imagine coming out your backyard and would be your band we would it be we're win probably maybe if you had empty chris show up at your house is planning your backyard denounced it surprise you simply chris you're stone timber products
now not now i know i know em seekers problem call that's that's gave the duke of yahoo would be you're you're stone temple pilots nine snails back in the day maybe for me a sound garden when they rather peak blood outside world though songs man down i first started smoking weed when i first started getting a sound garden and i remember i was at the commodore once and you know we're hanging out all night have a good time and i was leaving and in my car on the way home i listened spoon man and it was so fuckin i played it all the way home i just kept repeating it every time will go the next i'll go right back to it i listened poor man around how many times takes between drive on i was the spoon man at least five times because it just show good you don't even know what music sounds like t starts walker pot you don't even know what your message there's there's certain sites now that you're not gonna feel their certain the if at least i'm
going to our know how music affects you but for me when i smoke part it it makes me way more connected to music eddie says the same shit like like when he listen to music and when he does music wages intensifies everything is obviously that if you will see a movie on wages and be more intense and ass a minute is without ever thing sex to people realise that and emotions emotions waterfalls retail stores tell us all waterfalls no i was just thinking who would be if my person be been fought den five then followed by a what about john mayer data he began let johnny to a cancels european tour carla's no don t mean to kick him yeah so for like modern bandsmen shit i don't know i think house of pain fucking bad ass
that continent boston for say projects daily outhouse painfully everlasting the cool reminds us of our audiovisual are down my drug dealer was in ohio was so i take it ass a paint over the electorates of brandy turns on job around what do i look when markets davis fights but one of the main reasons why i just love markets davis but also socket here that fuckin saw that's when the best walk out songs ever that fuck it songs the shit man they just smashed that one you know and then they had a hard time coming up and i think i could top that that's fine what you're such an alla ballpark smash it you know wasn't till at last got on his own like that what its lax on that's another that's a fuckin classic that's an all time class way everywhere and thinking of rethinking to swim pass the breaker
i left my the world die now that oh my god faggot absolutely different ban has a clear this jump around chopped up looking down jump on the king and then you know now i thought your time less amounts are mine i bet you're talking about either because the biggest ever less the band now we see real everlasting lead singer faggot we are thinking of who is at the other banks everlasting nice evidently ever ever clear ethical total polar homosexual opposite house i know i was just like but by the way that ass ban still i love that sign you do yeah that's making these on access hollywood near some linked no that's my mcgrath you just tile everybody together ban simmons just died arouse roddy james deal you just use plucking connecting people man you know that where does thing ever any shall than i ever did
the new year show when one gene summit showed up for the new year so like to watch my knee or shall i freaked out i've never free out of people come to see my show before but i legitimately freaked out i was like nervous tat famous people come to see the shown talk me before they see in it you know it doesn't doesn't freaked me out what's he got a little nervous when pen was in the audience is those hanging out pan from penalties are he's i desire back to him and he's a cool guy so little weird it out in also shed a cap on to my rights and that's the worst state of mind to get into four kommeni but but when genes images and the audience and the near shows like holy shit that's fucking jean simmons like to me when i was a little kid you know when i was span when i was like fuckin twelve and share a kiss posters on my wall and you know i can argue until kids at school cuz it would say kisses for fags so i had to hide my kiss collection i had to hide my love for kiss come on my house it the first time if i didn't know them i hid my kissed up it is like make up just a tool to look
make up and i make a punk group i like high heels them and take up i just love the whole thing where they had you know they had like the whole pageantry of the fuckin show you know they had the demon star child the fuckin lover whole thing that i was a fuckin huge kiss fan still him i still have some other jams i like fuckin thrown a marble driving yeah yeah i was for loving you there's a good video you doing a karaoke version of love google search kiss karaoke joe rogan that was fun man funny shit that was that was fun radio show that show sarah no name but they're not together in america now no names got his own gig she's got her own gang rape grind man it's hard it's hard you know the mrs rogan had some fix our cautious you got a rental car and shoes on which was like don't listen to satellite radio for a while you really
how much regular radio so know what the satellite radio stern suck now too because i mean needed there now being censored by the you know like acting opium anthony retard about the other day where they are allowed to puke anymore or do sounds of puking or anything leaves a body like yeah shit they can't they talk about sharing it it's like that their baby bird bit they didn't back in the days when in belgium to do that anymore wages erika today the day i was driving home and i was listen open anthony i was really pay attention but heard screams and cheers and also work could fuckin pot be a listening this car reaction as armageddon ladybird turn it off i just got in the car you know and i turned up in here like they are billboards voice and i heard my own voice and i was like a while but yet that's where they like it so radios now turning into regular radio in some ways and also these music channels it almost seems like they like i've thought about this last night was indeed
you saying like how satellite radio to him sounds like they just like they're playing like loop cities like they have of seem like a mix tape there's looping the same no if you like i don't need your music channel yeah like i don't need your bush five times a day you know how should do for real they should have real dj is take the opportunity go back to real dj where one guy know him talk to us where one guy is like some fuckin coup wolf man jack type character he talk some shit in between the songs and he plays what he likes the futures just rhapsody in earnest who fuck pandora and like all those like blips and stuff like that because it that's what the view it's like if you like what you don't know if you ever use pandora you like pandora if you like say like ben folds you type in ben folds or ween what it does is it makes a radio station based on what other users who like that band like also what happens is like they play wean then apply another band that's like other people that like wean like
their say yes or no you vote it up and down and it just kind of start building the perfect radio station for that oh yeah that's brilliant and it but what that's missing now is the comrade array of a dj a member when i used to do construction and is to listen to charles lockwood era in the morning the morning blanket morning mattress here the big mattress that's it was called this cool comedy radio show that was boston in like you know this is like the early 80s you know like one thousand nine hundred and eighty one or something like that and you felt like you have a connection with this dude you know like you would hear him like talk and then he would play a song or in all the other dj to mark parental as in the afternoon he would talk play song i think that that guy became a party or afternoon you now he would play the shit that he wanted to play a game ariseth is one station w c o z bobby seale zeb can bottoms called kick ass rock and roll and the deep they said you know what
play a guy somethin just because it good and it's not even rock its michael jackson song i wanna play this because it's got any play billy gene and i remember like this crazy mother fucker decided not even play a rock song he's i planted jackson song but it was so fuckin nobody gave a shit now but it was like those kept debit chances you can't take today you you gotta do not allow demand as is our based on money like me housing and all that stuff in order for them to be able to have jobs so they are not allowed to play certain songs because the music industry record labels won't let them play the rhymes you know such arguments yeah but that that's what socks man the old days of a real dj i think if satellite radio was smart they would come to trade on hiring like really interesting personnel and it's just be dj is just do that you get used to listen and to some dude who says some interesting shit in between the songs you got an interesting point of view gives you some some trivial
the band or something we you like the guy you like is tasted music you know who it should be as that guy from open anthony am guide did a guess host once member we listened to a less somewhere on the so rich vast and none other than the got it works for them that that's like a bodyguard steve the manager member he did a guest our on radio where he d j and we all listen to the last time we were there the big talk kenny any exactly club sort of calves zodiac i didn't know where you're going with this out in a way i have clubs wanna get interesting tobacco ahead at all times he did that disco thing he was he was do as a dj another the disco channel and he think of the ever aired this but he was just swear and insane all kinds of crude shit and was really hilarious and playing like a care a dj character and was awesome it you look forward to the under the songs he could hear him talk some more shit it was like fun the problem is for
person who loves clubs kenny there's gonna be another person pro somewhere hates that's the good thing about satellite radio it's a cable that can have a million radio station exactly but then there now willing to die this the same reason why the town them not make puppy sounds so their worried about any negative they're not worried about the positive no one's gonna pay extra for booby sounds but there's going some people that they hear them talk about shit and diarrhea and they just tune out it's like that's it i don't know and they're worried about users you know like not to be associated with puppy talk they're gonna lose something so that's why you know a guy who's like a real crisis dj like a club sort of carrying that shit it's not gonna fly he's gonna send to people with pussy s world
the internet is carried out the radio like this it right here like pockets the prom is another going to fuck what does he know how to get the fuck with us or finchley their own fund waited editor censoring another going too well of actually you'll be able to do this from your own computer you'll have to worry about that eventually he'll do something like use dream you want the eu should not that i love you stream there are very called us nothing but you gonna be will do this kind of shit from from your home computer can ability the shit on your home network when you mean you gonna build it like have your own use dream set up on your own computer you knock it off i have some crazy server in the server handles others video he's going to become we're gonna do innovations can allow people to do this gonna shit right from their own completely already did at you have it now with these numbers are telling people opportunities i say so your os wouldn't have thirteen hundred euro area that's kind of bandwidth thing so gaia so yeah ubiquitous eventually i won't be an issue just like fourteen for bod modems
never even download pictures took forever you know you never really do this in the old school night too for the first time i clicked on an icy online i didn't make that noise also this incredible get online there's no noise how you know as on cannot that's a ringtone i want just sound and howling up a paying get it habitats if not somebody make that is a sentence ringtone yeah for that should have on twitter homilies makeup winter yeah please do yeah that sound man that that that getting off had been dialing up modem sound somebody maker ring temper iphone police there was a time with was the way to get online and you couldn't get online if you had your phone on if you're like someone use the phone while you're on maybe so how's that internet you know it's out of you ever had a well back in the day they use when private messaging first came out like instant message over them
every time you still get an instant message it would set this voice the same that it did you got no one would say student message and then you get like a window that pops up in this high how are you doing then you'd right back and then they write back and goes in student message and i remember that that was really cool it was like ladders is voice telling me i have a message but then it got so popular like for a good couple months a well was must have been freaking out because that could it would just go and stood still massive because everyone was messaging back and forth it became twitter overnight so everyone was instant messaging so it was this most annoying shit ever like you just walk in your house and as europeans to instant instant message i remember when you got mail was cool you got meal you ve got mail you got male member cool yeah you should have that text messages you ve got me every time a text comes in
let it be your sound at guided did i voice i think was this is the same that used to do some disney advertisements are some like this coming it is thus should any available that you ve got mail be available as a ringtone air shouldn't it i can tell commissioner is it better be very disappear did they i shall love that sound letter till i had a flag recover money and after a while i quote the shutters aka was there an option to shut that noise remember by a member of an instant message i don't think there was any way with so annoying they ever had updated so they they turned me got rid of it i remember do it what was the other there was another type of chat like that yeah yeah i seek you exact less to her my security really like five and twelve that's crazy two peoples two such they do yeah yeah i suggest that only the elite nerve
the super elite nerds yet i was back my quick plant days everybody in quick at icy q and you'll get online a quick land like my eye secure name was my quake named primate exley get online and all the other quick clan i was go on we have message shut about what server you're gonna be on and there was a a way that you could click on the link that will send you a link the server you click on it from icq and it was fire up the quake game and take you right to that server those are the days band the days i wanted to do is get home and fuckin play quick davy s room in the house so happens we live kids start screaming and shit got demo benches we had seven more minutes no went to call at do it two hours later i felt sorry peter and out about ten minutes ago near agri billy we fired a back along podcast we do is pretty amazing but it's it's you know
i think the wild dogs any deep into conversations in our and in an hour sometimes we just touch on things right only touch item in the end we re time what else could i wanna talk to you about the fucking el spell thing man the latest thing on the oil spill was that they're not going to be able to stop it until they dig into these extra wells to make these relief wells gonna have to relieve while they want to make one but the government forced them to drill to relieve well because the area there trying to hit to intercept these two wells is seven and a half inches and they have to go a fuckin mile underwater and underground to hit this well a mile in gonna take them until august and even that is not guaranteed but until then it's gonna keep poor and oil there was a thing on rachel manner with a on the same company that built this this well also built a well than in ninety seventy nine did the same fuckin thing
i do seven nine in the gulf of mexico its spilled out for nine months lao really for nine months until they figured out how to stop at nine fucking money i think crazy like i know everyone made fun of the cnn for doing this by addressing just crazy hurricane season during all mix and with all this dude it's terrifying what if this becomes like fire tornadoes and due to the night it's really it really could be i may people don't know how dangerous that is if you get hurricanes and they start taking that oil which is literally the size of maryland now is an oil slick that's the size of a state and it takes that it and flies it through the fucking air is going to whip it up like tornadoes and shit and fly it through the fucking air
literally gonna take that that oil and throw it all over everything people's houses and cars and trees and and if something happens in a fire starts dude that is like some biblical shed its but it doesn't work that some biblical shit a state on fire fire tornado yeah so cool dude house an internet access x it does but fire i want to see a fire tornado i want to see it in a lab may contain or in a movie and erode maybe did i want some one to one document her with a show this very specific geographic feature of the earth were there are having a hard time figuring out how was created and they they chalk after some insane like instantaneous super storm that like literally destroyed like half of this mountain side and and re cut through this you know like tornadoes what kind of crazy shit cut this landscape you start looking shit like that and you i think it over what the possibilities actually are what could
but at any moment some nutty shit could happen any day any time any minute of any day the things that have happened to this earth like over the past make that sink hole in guatemala look like nothing this one of a man this oil the thing is pretty crazy because there's a lot of damn oil there's a lot of god tankers out there there's lots of god damn oil rigs out there in the ocean if somebody was a real anarchist instead of trying to fuck up the world by blown up a building their star blowin those fucking things up i think they try a lot about do you know they do they should have warships that around us things at all times in our but then they approach fuck up blowup axially some suicidal crazy sailor type dude accidently sagas first dick can take it as prompt should it fail safe don't talk further having access to missiles mission it feels safe at this shit there while the crazy thing is that the they made this
not even to their own safety specifications they got a waiver on it because it was taken too long to make so the vow that they used or the whenever they used to turn the cap this oil well off is not the best shit not use the the the recommended in required shit they got some sort of some sort of a break because they were like way behind budget and so they they spent less money and put this thing up quicker though the real hazard with those that sometimes gasket inside of nets across explosions and then zack you fuckin happened this would happen and i do so remind seem goddamn thing happened still from then to now they lay literally have come up with any new ways of stopping the oil they dont have any backup plants they just figured happens so rarely we're just gonna sock as much money out as is humanly possible ff everybody else and there now if something happens will deal with it but hopefully nothing will happen i guess to please the fc fans what you think about the retired rampage
out of the earth zerlina yossi fancies alive you asked me about the result fight you know i think rampage game it's at fight too heavy i think you are aware that he was two hundred and fifty lb weight class is two hundred and five forty five pounds to those not really of thirty i've really is gonna cut some way cut about ten pounds but a await lose in to lose training camp it's a tremendous amount away so he had a that i think more than he should have and were shod was coming off of the fight with juggle cell thus always an excellent shape so he came from one fight jumped back in training and training for the next fight with you no good downtime to recover but too much so is really optimum for him for a shot and he made the most of it minnesota meantime shows the really good does primetime chaskey fucking fired up man there really like india then the training and show all the preparations everything and were was thrown down man his training was insane he was doing all these crazy sprints and
with a parachute on cooperation on his back and is doing sprints and he's doing things were is like pushing sleds and all six below save energy shit and it really showed in a fight man he moves so fast when he charged a grassy the opening bell a crack rampaging the job i was like really shocked at how fast he moved and i was really really intense and he asked perfect game plan he kept away from the danger which is rampages power shots and he implemented his how did you controlling home and take him down a beating about police you no one is on the outside and getting away from rampages counters but take it clipped one that was the most interesting part the fight besides they seconds when a crack them the most interesting the fight was when rampage hit him he heard a bad legs gave out us ass yeah a third round he got hurt bad but he kept his compose got a whole rampage and even reverse the position so it was a huge round frahm just as far as like being able to overcome the worst case scenario though
case areas rampage rampage clips you hurt you and he's on top eu and you're on the bottom that's the worst position you could ever be able to gallop rampage because he saw fuck for he hit so hard and were shot kept shit together and kept hold of and got up situation in ireland impressed man i thought it was entertaining five i enjoyed the fuck out of it accept people criticise them i didn't see that you see but i heard that everyone was really upset about it really whose everyone every productive we talk about much of faggots somebody just it was while people sometimes has just spoken wall install them that's what they're saying allowed people say that would just spoken wall installed mandatory did woe install now it now he did was he dealt with a very dangerous challenger in a very intelligent way i'll be designing round with what he did i think you did it is what you have to do you can't go in there banging our rampage clip you when you're gonna go to sleep that's just fact just the way it goes
rampage as a distinct advantage with most people if most do i stand on trade with rampage rampaging fuck them up the only guy that i've ever seen go after rampage and stand trade with them was vander lay in the first two fights and that was what page was not thou well trained he wasn't he wasn't nearly in as good a shape as he is now was kneeling technical didn't have nearly ass good training partners it was those fights and in those fights you know vanderdyke fuckin jason after all that was doubtless so pretty exciting share mandalay so get out with them he really one after him and the chocolate that's another one chuck the first one and pride their release get out but it's hard to while a top with with with quentin light he just so powerful man dudes get get in i was with him he he just them you gotta fight that guy smart van delay got away with it but van delay was in his prime back then and he caught rampage rampage wasn't quite prepared wasn't the same rampage it is now a rapid
this has a lot of power so i think we are there was a very smart thing i think he fought real good it was exciting i enjoy the shit out of it the big too high to me though of the whole night was that mike todd duffy fight did you see that maintaining oak we gotta you gotta see that because the craziest fucking thing you ever seen your life you see again built like you okay he's built like he's got a gut okay i'm not i'm not being mean built worse than you how about that you are more sexy than him out that feel better anyway this guy is getting his aspect by this odd duffy character who looks like he was made in a lab like literally if you just just do me a favor and google good mike were todd duffy k l europe put a nunnery duffy is do you ever see that's it i know have google works she you haven't you clicked on iran like you just click on the romans
you want me to your video here you gotta go with a video you gotta see this because anyway this that's it right there it's them ridiculous thing ever because now that's on it as the wrong one that's the first that's the first fight that todd duffy overhead those are our todd diffee tim hag anywhere not important sky is getting his aspect for fur three rounds for two and a half rounds and he's things like really out of shape it looks like he's got his belly that hangs over his gun and its todd duffy character looks like fucking jai joe mad he looks ridiculous he's got this square iron looking jaw his huh bodies chiseled out a granite and tee and off on this mike russell got it looks like the worst mismatch you ve ever seen in a fight like one guys go you say old school not even worse because this guy there there because they're both they both have modern skills just one of them is so much faster so much more ass letting ok so this todd duffy's teen off on microsoft just
can about where you can't believe the shots rustles taking it is just a matter of time and after guinea is asking for two fuckin rounds he goes third round nowhere catches mike todd duffy with one punch and flattened some out cold so this fact he's getting his ass kicked for tire fight and lands one shot and this adonis who looks like you get hidden ahead by a fuckin media need be fine he gets caught with one shot goes unconscious arms behind his head and the whole place goes going insane people standing up people were piss because they were watching because it was getting boring because the one gouges teeing off on the other guy dude the craziest shit i've ever seen in a thousand years of fighting thousand five thousand years old my a thousand fight over ten years the crazy shit i've seen by far was this not find it you gotta see it i think you need to see check it out with doktor steve brutal what is that as a new show based off hours spent
the timid eric show just start adult swam it's every sunday night at midnight but check it out tito that something fifty minutes long but it's so ridiculously awesome scott check it out with doctors de berulle love it so we start but the first lady until four guys could flashlight dot com or go to chose romans website and click on the ban on the right side they are official sponsor of the pod cast navy click on their banner get fifteen percent off your order and i highly recommend getting some of their flesh light lotion or oil it's the best stuff even to use without a flashlight our heroes are here look this flashlight icon one punch this is the fight the other guy out of nowhere till the guy is a fucking a monster or destroyer the owner the fastest ko in ufc history and his fat guy clifton want nuggets one punch bang out of nowhere boom that's it how cold
is that you shut off those crazy fights dude is nothing more unpredictable and fight the uk a soccer game in a team cookie getting fucked up for the entire you know most most of the game a team can come back and the final four seconds and win you know but in an ever fight you're always endanger you can always lose it a soccer match they can get a best one she get fifty points a hand there's no waken loose but in a fight he could always lose doesn't matter accumulated scoring you get you could be fuckin some for three rounds for form innocent fit seconds and in the last ten seconds they punch you pontoon you go to sleep and they went that's fucking nuts so there is wide so exciting so some of the reasons why whenever an embrace soccer i embrace it to embrace it my penis what's wrong
ok how funny would it be if u s won the world cup and nobody give a fuck who cares no one does give a fuck do your crazy and other countries is gigantic you get negative or in the past failure your blood sugar dropping you can be in the middle apart ass now you get in measurably less focus towards the answer you need a candy bars stun gun that was a good fight to next year's there's a lot of catch rustling does lot of i need to bring mrs rogan on fuck you forget get your own wife stared at my life the heard your wife not doing transformers three now to shove united on it did actresses ivan no headshot a very strict you should unity we all should in life everyone should have no headshot policy coming from a point of view of someone with a headshot i guess i have one other some somewhere but anybody
to be in the entertainment business wants that kind of exorbitant amount of attention the oughta be fucked up i'm fucked up everybody else it's it's fucked up reactors fucked up every single fucked up therefore your managing it you know you trying to do your best with whatever fucked up energy abbot dealers and only you do in the first place could you fucked up when you re of better performance not fucked up in some way now it's boss weren't that's the balanced though my friend that is the balance of life you have to have some sort of a void in your life to be able to provide other people with this sort of entertainment joy that's the engine that motivation behind that shit you know to cite porn stars you have to bear in oh childhood if you wanna go fuck you on camera right gotta be something wrong they're right or just totally love money or too i guess you got a really love money you know i think there's this crazy bounced all life we ve talked about this before but you know it's like what we're talking about we're talking about third world countries like an idiot
our even you you you need a certain amount of unenlightened fools in this world to keep the world operating and the level that its operating now you need it an amount of people that live in places where socks and a certain amount of people that live and impoverished countries and corporations exploited in order to keep this thing only the way it's going right now saying this is the only model that would function but this the model that we currently operate under and in order to keep this model going you know i think what what's happening is exactly what has to happen it it does seem like the more you pay attention to life that life is a program you know the more you you look at it all and look at the temporary nature of it all and you realize that this really is some sort of a programme were following do you feel the time and doesn't feel real right it is feels it feels orchestrated doesn't it useless
has it made me well what is always talk about porn stars i just can't always beating off his beloved point now because i'm fascinated by that the world of it you know i m fascinated by all unusual human behavior fascinated by strippers emphases by fighters of fastened like comedians entertainers performers all that the outskirts of of nor behavior whether its autumn in none of its bad it's all good i mean we all fuck who cares fucking on camera is up what then are we ve all watched it we all benefit from it but this to me always fascinated by extreme types of behaviour you know a disturbing of such negative like you know we talked about the max harcourt thing don't like that but i'm fast by also to wear behavior i think it helps you understand your own don't you after in two hours that's all right i agree and like listening faggot us thinking if i
even get into something because i don't want to go any longer you know what i mean i just have it's kind of scary to get to a point where you're like okay we need to end this by if i bring something we can limit think like that i was ready to bail at any moment looking for a good moment to l after two hours we look for good moment but if you have said the interesting to talk about just talk about razor a proper way to when you know where he supports were girls are giving blowjobs rioting and made near here choking or gagging right is the proper way to do it in and not a proper way to do it beggars her like a secret to it like you naughty it's a girl some girls like that shit dude did like you stuff it in a route they like to choke it's weird you know i don't think there's secret when it do anything mom is a total liar than your mom told you something about point which you say brand ok bye now i know you useless you'll get real good for about two hours or fella and there's nothing else talk about lace gentlemen give us another half an hour listen the last half an hour will suck ok
be me talkin about a blank cheque in his watch and look in his text messages is right you can't really do more than two hours and and be interesting so and i think we're not interesting right now i think there's the end of it to stop sending next week i want to try to bring some of guess maybe some colleagues see if i can gather anybody i'm gonna be progress weeks week come by and see if i grab somebody bring some guys back here make an interesting lying fuckin tired fella ye are you not think it but the fact is twelve people listening right now extend thousand ago listen to it on you stream and honesty i'm thinkin about piss in my pants i really want you gotta get up until you fuckin three near the end you hang in an area as often turn little kid but that's why so tat at least genuine because he thinks like a child will have we places where i bribed that's right daddy i
you're ladies gentlemen thank you very much for tuna in we appreciated as always we will come back next week in a gigs until cup weeks i'm in canada got a job not now you can see it or less next big in america's july second in vegas at the house a blues
thank you very much for tuna and everybody love bitches jago by one of those things fuck it later
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