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2010-06-29 | 🔗
Date: 06-29-2010 The raw audio from the Joe Rogan weekly live USTREAM video show with redban and Joey Diaz.
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The european experience, Ladies and gentlemen, the one the only Joey Cocoa D as a mad flavour zapper Thursday afternoon off the water one has joined the podcast, that's runaway Brian Red Ban. The master blaster rifle. What's up,
Ladies and gentlemen, we are still sponsored by the flashlight before leaving it started. We're gonna, take but the robber vagina that we use in a weekly abbot using a weekly special waste. I'm in times of double day Why is it any wonder that fuckin thing is voluntary? Fallen apart, trap of a humbug juice discover that the helmet flock and kill that stuff. You don't say, yeah plus he's got barnacles on their happiness and ads from rubber, and sometimes you whack loving. You leave your leg. You wake up much more as a great big red violate the flock. An oil spill is like a fuckin, Spain, I haven't you, no more carried out a bowl of fuckin soup you have seen one for terribly feet with locking yellow. Did you notice that it wasn't make every, but when I pick up their freedom, anyone like the guard their feet with luck and yellow thing. I studied more unjust ebbed away in concept has never mind. A part of what a drink their leader, yellow what it was
we have here is a widower smoke and meet ape. You never know. I was there fighters in the eyes and ever look at their feet. Yeah, I'm not I'm not. Look. I feel the same their wrestling. There was a guy. I don't please put them their feed a rapid on my dog that guy's got up in June this year. Then you got big fit foot finished, don't you I was just thinking about you. How often talk about the I don't like feet touched me like that, it's like a man foot touches me. I have a fucking heart attack. I really would give their feet in your face and you certainly have no idea what I and your sweaty and their feet or sweaty. We literally on your face all the time. Lessons always have their feet on my face. I was why I was watch sentiments like us. My toenails wasn't no fight less neck. They would go for a real growth
well just watch rising. I touch the eight like Regular Madge, like Robin Tate again on sale. I get the fuck a date with that show nail polish, and I was so. If you were going to fight the octagon you'd one we're socks while like chocolate, Thou legends, it was. He said what the fuck intently. Combat both sides. Really he was little sites like chunks. Do like that. I stuff. I wonder why we're sites were promoted as well. Is feet funky the mats legend sometimes walk on him? I love and more the Elles, this the new places actually separate what killed marriages, who was that they sell over at the place of other people shop there from work directly. I didn't we, and while I was ever watched it s right and they go Jujitsu dog. If I catch a whiff of ass somebody else, I'm would be postponed and I can't
couldn't handle North south position. So now, though, I would fucking die and our bit my face one hundred in it. I think I called it deposition smell you, but that's hard working position to turn the broadcasts, because that's what it is a guy's base They hold it on your hips and he's got his ass in your face, and these hold me down as a fight it is allowed apply. What do you want to do this seriously man? It's like. I like. I get nervous and people sitting next to me at Mcdonald's. You know, like man, there's a neck, another chair right their way and you guys like putting button. Doesnt weird thing about jujitsu tools. You you go into a life and death struggle with some guy you de Smet five minutes ago, with a man. I don't want to know what's wrong serpents and I see no trying to strangle each other. Right support. That's what we're! When will we put everyone who does? It is cool, though that's the thing is like it. It seems like it would be like come fucked up thing to do, but the people to do it, so friendly and cool and everyone's been tapped, everyone's been through the ringer. Everyone What is this you just gotta, do it. So it's
Now it seems like a bigger. Do she thing? It's actually very easy. Smartphone. You don't seem like your bill. I grew up. Well argued bees, sweat in it, but just just do it would be, do it for so long since the party or day it. But what have you done? no joke ideas and, like all right, you enjoyed going to sell drove today, and I am sorry but the organisers broke in its a hundred and twenty degrees. Also in terms of the windows always taught us, fuckin them dropped eighty pounds and its effective. My stomach, which means my ball, cite three size bigger than the last time. The other day some. So you oughta somehow was sucking. Your balls have always taken the hockey was taken the effect and sucking taking the effect of that. All second, I'm saying you gotta get amusement partner. I crack the explosion, but I look at the book and via Grandmama look at these blows services. I lost the other. Tumbled. Biomaterials implies you walk past Maria. While what happened- and I looked at my bore second,
dog. If I get uses a call asked me back double like if we have a broad lesson, a flock: don't pull a bag and me it's fucking again, my balls and my dicks? get the size and the aid and the endurance Gore sacked, doesn't even like. I lost my three pounds on the ball sack which makes a boar Zack tighter it's fun in huge his balls, I think, are important ideas, a famous for showing his balls famous for shown as bother the colonies to show them on stage just Walker. Important, not only because the ridiculous they really do like Dillon. Oranges like Orange,
in an old ladys pantyhose. That's what it means that believe how different they fought their fuckin giant magnetic this Jai. Why is it that comics also always loved to show their gifts and balanced it? There's no other profession? I think that you didn't work. I gateways like all computer salesmen, love gall showing us lies in the open air. The dew and Lucy K was news, tones story about about J, more that Gmos on an airplane with and once when he was like. Really young and Timor goes report, my dick we spent on it. And he goes in his from then I guess I fuckin hated area so so perhaps because it actually like it was a person because, but it was just fuckin fake faggot puts me. That's the way, it's really what fucking questions. Forty forty two of I put my dick we split up I mean it might have been. The even funny averages went pleader go to Why is it, though, comics you're fucked up man. We want to do the most. We want to do the inappropriate thing all the time. That's what
the way guy becomes a comic is all yours. Why people have been telling you shut up. That's mean, don't say that you know you're you're, looking at the wrong way and you know got a job, that's what everybody tells comic. Once they become actual comics? They just can't wait They were not supposed to do all the time they want to pull the tick households. They want to say stew. Sure they want to sing on the airplane Joey Delta, where a man. Why are about that? Because I was, I thought we were really going to jail. I thought we are really going to jail, but that was set this up for murder We recently had its explain what happened. We were on a plane. We ve done is twice we're playing. And Joey says that he's with the ban ten foots grows. Get on the Pierre Guiana created sing a song for every party this. This is now high. We always live. Ok,
He gets on the fucking p. I want to want to Ladys John. He starts breakin into notorious Biagi, but with no swears and no one knows what to do and as people stared at the kids and they and they are now so like a few delays in Germany, we have a short presentation by the ban. Ten foot screws yeah. Then they just let us do it. Everyone on the plane was leasing there, but why should he would say us because of joy goes Joe. I do not want go down and obviously we are against it and we always totally against you guys guys like what is go. They couldn't believe you normally didn't. Dare you did it coming back two different flights and he's a jet? These aren't like propeller playing. This is how the high levels of member the mother that was sitting next to us with a maid and the kid was laughin mileage church. Can't mom was the church and the girl was like twelve inches is looking at the cambrics, I'm filming it is looking at the came like he he this is nodding in our and your talk, your ramming ever Pierre, that Portugal's love in the chaos wasn't gene
post nine eleven to ask about eleven like, but with the two thousand poor son went down to that you can find it online. What was Joe Show goodwill, Joe Joe, we D is ready to die That's what it is that it yet the oil ideas ready to die on you to Taiwan's genius. Yes, above you gotta see it in talking monkeys and Spacer DVD, that's out right now and Amazon, oh yeah, I gather that in the video you made ran right, yes, Carta talking monkeys in Colombia is its wanted. A dvd actors, Julian talked on the fucking pee on two planes. Not just- sang songs, like stewardesses, clap along it was spoken where it was weird that was weird that they let us after my arrival they just when it did is went well. How did you even know? How did she know? I don't know, but it was not american airlines but wasn't the ultimate solution. People do shoot them
often some girl, Gunnar nor the airplane the other day in Canada. Air, can then say like some twenties, about your luggage was pretty funny now its use protein that China for Canadian I'll never gives our big round pause. My call come on really isn T really gonna sing and sugar. Appear so funny time. Preparing it was great, was fun. Maybe we mean It would have required now? What's it shut, your ipod offered should be anything goes vote. No, brave someone like me one time with my allotted legs to Joe wrote the worse, but the rock less nephites fight what they fuckin proteins. That alone will you will widen the Antonio Banderas thing that you waken know if there was a nightmare. I was writing to wows writing. Who is fighting and I was put it in the blog. His heart was so bad. I had to put it in the blog entry.
Those. The happy pills. I do not miss that, because I mean the fatigue wins out was the date was really big a protein all the time he was always like a man hinder like you'd blue color abroad, and he would like literally. Towards eighty wildfire flock, and they only pretty times worse than best, why that was the one at the bookstore used them when I find bounced off the library show on the second floor was given a bookstore views. All millions argued environmental values into the chair. Like mag is now a fact. Jody is still not as good as states at the camp. Store in San Diego the lawyer, he parted in the lower right over everybody was like somebody lit it on fire. People were running firm, it man they were running from now on. We are always right by the door. You have. No, it was yes, we can hear afforded right
the door like ran towards the bar is fights had this. This arose in the middle of the floor. Like first you get a hold that thought you haven't answered, Uncle Roger Like for five seconds. Then this complete, what do you plan that would just climates knows, as you had us a part of that fuckin zone. You came back. If that's all you still smelt the flight a horde of type way with their, but that really is vital what they re really worrying about. He said he buys the chemical allow more. Its parts had a better created credit rating than me. Oh, my god is far too a fuckin sick, like it could smell the root of the fuckin asshole, the real all they were living space and he would laugh, is ass if he would turn bright red with laughter because part of it was he thought it was funny and part of it was shame. It was all mixed together with horror, because everybody dying screaming
What you say this party, you know one comfortable, it smell bad pretend. Are you why man cut the kind of far too this dude? We got my You really never experienced anything like it's like it lets you, but a rather dude, like that. It's like pointless to talk to people Bulgaria forts. Thank you understand. This is like fucking gas warfare. Due to her, I saw you at a kid. I was gonna funny bosses pseudo is. Finally all the restaurant is by me and asked what line they rarely phrony bosses suit, bought a reckoning opened his mother make workshops every day You're going to destroy you thought Prodi had the same type of flights is take a completely different animal afar that fight grabs. You are given Climate change is being tabled just like air. With light up an airplane, you could hear people in like twenty rose
on this matter that, even if you look back at table those headphones last week's bowers, vase, fucking, chewing gum and repent. Most horrendous, farts known to man put his farts up against. Anyone has ever lived tough and why the tablets or your, but there is one I find no regulatory go. Oh my god, you have put them in a blog, I put in the blog. I was in the middle of writing and just I know where I see Joey do this just Lena waved real over just a little lean and when we all know that other people, s ways do exist. Clearing away you cartoons starting up and had actually makes emotions and stuff like that. I do not agree that all by myself, Not unless I want you to know, I'm falling,
I'm trying to sneak out afar, not take the boy why right, which are due occasionally accidental just sit still have you ever know about your going away in the shower made Donald Duck Thou book I have held. I thought something like that. Sleep, badly organised, very lying about avoiding the about others will happily slotted Irvine problem. I thought you get too high on the wall. You think I was watching you nobody walkin by me, and I like turning away, doesn't really lucky glasses. I know it's you lucky the only thing. Next to a smaller shit, you possess. We feel that's a terrible film would walk. So we realize he's didn't plan. I thought you were in this in the solar dont ones. How I want the Bob Hope Medical Center and I did the decay GM and, as it were, picking me up with a small office as it were. Picking me up. A little came out of my ass, the doktor, the nose to sit down with each other, and I got up
like then block them with a sound when you fight a little doctor's office and it kept expanding, is one of those taste spicy just can't get up, when they know it's you, it's fuckin embarrass. You know it is interesting that hold the idea. Pursue amongst comics that unites us talk about forts that some another far till it's like a cheap, laugh what state like Santa Monica size, I earlier arrogance, it even isn't even a cheap Armenia is. Is it not a part of how you look at the world mean far too they're in the mix. I can Yes, it's like airplanes. If it's about farts, it's been said what you know aeroplanes, you know patent did Joe partners while do jokers later CD about going on jet blue, it's an airplane job and I fuckin loved it. It's an airplane joke about. Other Europeans in the sky. But now I dont care if it's a subjective, and beaten. I wanted I agree or take on a subject. I agree and patterns. Jochen airplanes was, I mean in Lucy. Did one recently on Conan. I think right non icon, and could you do not only did like a whole within our mental model,
funny those that we are talking about fart, but my farts and aeroplanes. But yet we just got done talking about fighting on aeroplanes, As you know, that's how I see how it is and what is it? What I say is what is about like things like farts, where, like enough talk about. It's like a cheap laugh in a lot of times. It is a cheap laughed like bad economics, but when its telling the truth, you know what Like you talk about flights at stage before and had been fuckin cry and Levin. It's the truth, anybody smelt wanna take fights, you will look for completely different and you wouldn't be happy sensual. Well, it's it's. I mean it's still, one of those things where you you know. I like a lot of comics, are always worried about what other people affected with other think about their material, so they're scared to talk about. Even if it's up there really thinking about. If it's got tired premise, they don't want to talk about it. In other words, you have your own unique point of view. They just don't want touch I, but I don't think that's good either man, I think he give you if you give yourself any restrictions
be dwelling on the dumbest fuckin thing in the world like the most obvious premise, but if you're actually dwelling on it, you should even addressed the fact that this is obviously a stupid premise. Why my fuckin obsessed with this- but you know, that's like when you start cutting out subjects and like fuckin, like humming comics played the back room right. How many comics comedy instead of for their own, like this, their own personal viewpoint to do it so that other comics will like them. You know. Mean how many guys, member member that beginning opened my days or do they would only make comics louder and louder guys stuck in this like weird spot, where they are there? There audience was comics. It would be good at making comics lappet regular on its members, which just comics want to see some fucked up. How high you have talked in geology, has just kicked in any sandbag whenever Joey sits bag of its aims of whatever Joey's its back like this and crosses figures on his chest, he's fucking gone,
gone. Is another planet right now at that point and got down and we smoke that stuff. You have put me right: the fuck over the war. Do you worry? Do you ever think about like what you talk him on stage? Or do you just use right out what you think about like you ever look at and go home? Maybe it isn't a subject from emission touch. This there's maybe three subjects such as this because a personal references and I'm a failure from that touch. Really you feel like a failure for that touch because, unlike my emotions, wouldn't it like a talk. That's a tough! That's a tough subjects like kids with AIDS and punching kids yeah. I'm not a big fan of talk of absurd, shocking shit like that before there was mean and funny, but problem exists some years ago and cover every spectrum of life right, but maybe you just don't find. Who am I I I don't?
humor. I want to talk about rape I'll ever I told about certain people in reality. There I've never met The warden rate no word rate makes my fuckin mechanistic up every time. So that's It will, then that's just you damn. That's that's his you there's not much oil reason ass, real. I think so man, I don't think so. I think, Thank you know you talk about. What you want to talk about is anything wrong with their families as well as a normal should ever nap it I'll get it. I type, what until the truth about going to prison, but I just can't coca upholding a guy down a machine like mine, and I told them that what you said: it's a trick, it's a tricky situation and I have no what's who doesn't know what gets me about abortion? Here's! What gets me about abortion subject itself? there's two sides: ok, there's one site where you are: you know your pro life and you don't think that be should be allowed to have abortions and that there's other options and then it's killing its mark, and then the other side is. You know you
you support a woman's right to choose and it just to say it's just a series of cells in the body, doesn't ever sold woman she's caring in her body. It should be totally up to her. Why is it have to be just to to a point of view? both I see I should not be able tell you what to do. I should now be able telling me what to do and I could totally see what to have an abortion. It always did not want to raise a child at certain points in your life, like I told you, you have an option, but, let's be honest, what you're doing is you're killing sometime you know you got to each growin inside you, but it will eventually become a human being I mean we can we can games and say you know a three days and it's not at five days it is or whatever the fuck you want to say. But the bottom line is is a little human being grown inside your body, and I think you should do The fuck you want me to your body. I really don't think anybody could tell you you know, but that's it you're killing something mean you're choosing not to let it grow, Eugene terminating a mean
Let's be honest about we, don't it's a symbiotic relationship. Obviously the baby needs you to stay alive. It's a part of you until it becomes zone individual entity, but. The path has been set its on the way you know. Why is that like? How can we can't say that everybody it see the one. The other EU support a woman's right to truth, or you know think it's murder, but no one ever says we support the right for you to do it. But let's talk about what the fuck it is me, It is a creepy thing and if I was a woman, it would create me out that I would have to do some like that. In especially we talk some others had kids once you ve got kids What what baby is really are in the whole thing, are you get this experience of having of your own child You know, and you go out, wow is created, worsens really crazy. When you think about it, I'm glad I don't have the option, I'm glad you know that I don't get pregnant, could you if it was you got pregnant if you'd elegant, but Emily abortions? Would you have you'd, have like ten abortions and make any
I think you before you're fucking, plumbing brags areas are what the ceiling to this I went. I went out with a girl once that inside someone, abortion said she can do pregnant, really say three or four. She was so crazy. You know? I went to this she's out like five or six or she, so she was so crazy. I want this TED. Is abortion? Show whatever without the Science museum. Back as it was in a show of aid can now I was desired. This light I showed from like every week baby. I saw that the meat thing that life thing ladys in motion in every was there all in glass jar style in there and at first I was like the they're not real. These are just the models, but then you re down that these are all real start. Clearing the mother. Yet in need look at the very small one and it looks like a little demon like I don't know
were seen. It looks like an alien, lizard, yeah and then the disk, it's so weird things grow, but then you get to the big one, and that is the most depressing thing you ever see in your life justice baby sitting there with a face. Been frozen in time like end just you know, the whole is so very freaks me out and if you do not know the exhibit we're talking about it's a bodies exhibit in this guy invented some new process of preserving human tissue, and he it somehow another in plastic and they have a whole video on. I think it's, Lahti World, but I'm trying to get the process plaster something anyway. So it it's really like a bunch of bodies are caught up in like a weird emissions due and weird things any gives your sense of the anatomy, but it also gives you sense like. How is this different something a fuckin serial killer would do right. You know, that's you imagine, could you imagine if this is all started by a guy? just some sick, fuck and the way.
He pointed off on people is, like you know, just checking out there in an hour. Because there's some of them that are so questionable do one of em they had a chick cut in half at the vagina. Anger at the vagina and there's like segments of she's like caught in half hour, fuckin pussy, I really Finally, I really need to see that you sure are you sure about that? You sure you gonna put that fucking majority fucking demented Billy plan, Tennyson Shit, and you know it their muscle, tissue, no skin on a fake eyeballs, it's its trip. They do. We go together we did at and we saw that I'm acts movie about the body. Yes, yes, I remember being so. Stone was saying that I almost had a panic attack ahead. We were so we had lollipops than when the earth and we lay out this is back. Days. The rookie days of of edible didn't quite understand what was going to lie. Possibly
We didn't know the people who don't know when you eat part man, you get you get way different. It's a way different high, something called eleven hydroxide metabolites produced by your liver. We ve talked about poor, but that's why people regarding brownies and shit like you, you you swore off edibles. While one days does the Armenians, Gimme Free edible day, I'm London, so I always it through peanut butter, cookies and get Fucked up a little child, be words you call you. No forget this? You gotta get dark, that's it! That's it dog. I got one. No more fuckin adipose come off apples jar of no more animals like that's the whole. Compensating I'm done. I'm done I think it was called tightrope like this like record this. How the recording would be awesome but would be more awesome, is the visual gets? is TAT ice times, always going to waste time. Sometimes read those edible the more the guys I get out of copper club in a fucking job
Kate by nine dirty I gotta go rely. Fear factor was all animals, because that would last and this is also what I didn't understand. I just knew that I build up a tolerance, we'll have a lollipop everyday. I was getting bullet screen. I mean like so begged I was like freaking out about the colours of the sky and thinking how strange Life is worth protecting its permanent, but it's really temporary. While it was like forced to do this in a knot force, but you know While my job was to do this fear fact show high as they fuck wit you. Those edible yeah. I'm not really do it's a stronger people on it. Four times more psychoactive antiques, even eat it, that eleven Hydroxyl happily and doesn't feel like pot, it feel your high. It feels like some totally different kind of a psychedelic trip. You know very introspective in our really makes your fuckin consider your life when you're alone and you ate a brownie. You start go and deepen your child.
Holy shit here. Don't you think it about like we're your relationship with your parents and fuckin? Also too, Your shit that made you become? Who you are you start like loyally, fuckin go and deep. The last time I did edibles was at a u r c and all what's with you, and I got to the point where it there was a good match going on and everyone murmuring Yale had a wise like an arena, you get started a murmur slowly, like she's already get in me, and I served my hard Wilma when Clay Glinda. What Diego Sanchez I could feel the smacks yes, there was one flurry in the first round when they were both just left for like a minute. They must have connected on twenty punches, a piece I felt all twenty punch. Remember that I woke up like this like just holding on to myself. Like I came, what these fuckin budgets that Diego's plywood at me, and I realize I briar riband next move people
Jake Shields Ave am, I was absent, but I caught my black and the ngos body kicks shortly twisted in everything. That's what you know flop three degrees I was in that local rate where they are. That was, I was a very intense first minute. Very if you remember, have that's what one gigabyte edibles it's what you just sweat Melema by Turkey Fucking face you don't make me, leave you with job locally. Here's! The question here is a question: do you think it's real? Do you think that the Commission in that, you have when you get superhighway, especially with edibles, that weird feeling that you have what you feel like you can tell it. People are lying, you could tell people are. Set with you and I'm not talking about it- is that you could tell they have issues. I think that's real. I think it's a hundred percent, its real right holder later there's a different level of perception that it's like give it new sense that usually don't have right. But when you get sober you oughta son, start thinking it's ridiculous when you so bright,
because you know on the same sense in exactly, but that doesn't mean it's never more ridiculous. There's no more ridiculous store than you telling someone that you have an enlightened perspective, because you got intoxicated. People always make fun of that. Like I'm, your higher mushrooms, anything in the world treated you now, because, when you're sober, seems so preposterous. But when you really really really high you, see some shit, you figure out some shit yeah. Every time you get high, you get your car, even officious, gotta Starbucks. You always figure out one component that, like one decision is made and it's made and you stick to it, that we every some reason why people thinking makes you're paranoid. It's making. You think about shit. It's make you consider, should they dont ordinarily, consider and let me say something: we'd in isolation, TAT, my God joy ideas that can thing is changed my whole brain three wide. My brain, like I, have like all
hardware from my old brain still like lane around, but it's not connected anymore that fuckin isolation time. Just smoke and weak? I'm trying to figure out how to live. My life, as if, like I just end, into this world. Like ten years ago I entered in to a body that already existed. Nerdy had a history and already had a bunch of things it thirty done it dealt with and so have I I've done all this Jesus Christ was, I think, gonna do that. You don't mean it's like you become a totally different. Human beings managing what the new life that's would like. The tank does to you. The tag is the fucking previous thing ever. I wish more. You guys be into it. Nobody, nobody does it like. I don't know why you guys, wouldn't do it. It's I always talk about. It is the craziest fucking experience that I ever do is like doing a crime and going home and locking your door and smoking a joint for eight hours sitting there thinking the cops are going to break and that's a horrible feeling. You get to see. Fucking life, what it is.
See if they come at this, a fucked up experience, you think, while you clean your brain out of all that shit, I've done it's making. You worry about people come to get you all that shit, a shady shit. You know it makes when your brain out, how come you never done the tank, how you never going, I don't fit. Do you think that you fit this? It is a giant when they have the guy and vanished can make any size was it's. A huge storage area is now taking ethnic, we're hundreds of years to places like about this. To places one is soothing solutions and Burbank. You could go there, that's new! You really close and very nice lady. Now just watch trip and tape it over. What happens to do us? It s a nice lady, she's, very nice yeah. Let's do it I'll, do it s less, do others tape it locally, what's happening of Aragon per hour, I feel that I am, I am taking you guys all Eddie to an orator with. Let's see how I've always locked up, don't start screaming easier. Taking it now he wouldn't, if we just all said, that's all
as I that anyway advertising ladys business today, the guy in Venice, to without, I am took his place. The share, is it really four lapses, shit that guy he's he's another level, see everybody AIDS is making these tanks, like my old, take to want to give away, which is excellent, amusement way better than nothing in outer it's good works good, but his eyes super thicket, steel and insulated, and his like maintain temperature much better. It's much bigger, see more oxygen inside of it any actually adds an oxygen pamper. You know and oxygen scrubber, so Scrubbs Oxted pure auction the pumps it into you he's just got it down, he's out. He's nuts guide the foot. That guy crazy dude, but a cool, the cool kind of crazy and a mad scientist and he's got it new thing that I tabled a new thing: the video cameras, yes, mother, fucker. You know what, if you dont know about the isolation tank with the isolation tank is it's a tank that was invented by
John Lily John Lily. Was this crazy psychedelic pioneer from the sixties, used to take ketamine and and and fuckin lay in the tank for days like he was not used to take, In this. I figured out how to make the tank he for you. Why are you got away where he was completely separate from his senses, so his brain Had he been hanging from your chain, which are probably not that constable, but you get used to it and then you, you know the rest of you feel like you're weightless, but any figured out. I'm just put a tunnel salt in the war and now make your point. Then you can line you're back and then like half year and you, you know the rest of you feel like you're weightless, but anything it out. I have to do, is put a tunnel salt in the water and now make it Why, then, you can lie in your back and then like half your bodies exposed, so that's it, the new models they all there I'll have like minus eight hundred pounds of salt eleven into the water and your lie in it, and the water is ninety three point: five degrees, which is the same temperatures So as you Lynette, you don't feel the water anymore, and you just dissolve. You have no body sensation at all and it just
pure mind? the mind with no connection to any any input, so the mind doesn't have any distractions. You mind gets to look at your whole life completely objectively, not thinking about you or your fuckin feats, my or in only touch on the couch or your hearing. What sounds and seeing lights it just pure mind and in that state, that's like one. The rarest states on earth there's a very It's pretty simple to achieve, but if you think about there's no place like that on earth, were you can be separate from your body like little you don't feel your body. It just your mind. You know, and in you get destroyed. We all get distracted like it's like a conversation in front of a giant crowd of people it when you're on stage. That's distracting. You know talking to be more people. Next, you screaming that's distracted. We don't realize is life is distracting, and sometimes you got too much like. Why do people were fucked up lives like to have a bunch of shit go on. You know. How may do you know that complicated lives on purpose because they got the item
shit go on so that just throw up starting up a business like the fuck? Are you talking about you starting up a business man, you're you're, fuckin, comic, you're, gonna unity, the business. It's, but what it wiser really start up. This he's trying to distract himself with more shit, so it does not think about shit. You know it's like it's a classic psychological ploy. Your whole life is a distraction. You'll never realized everything you do constant input coming any navigate your way through this world it takes away resources takes we resources that your brain has. Getting there Joe ideas, let's go Burbank next week for can break loose no it's all you know. Do you really don't ever done, because I you know I just thing is well those thing you ever been lit up before you avoid that kind of like heavy lifting when it comes to like the mind now, you know to me. I, I have my own kind of relaxing things that I do in it seems like I don't know. I guess it's nice and necessities, so I dont really need to blow money on some
You know you know I do. How do I know you re upsurge of waste free. I do it every hour, we'll get you on and then we're gonna. Do that that's gonna, be our next of video. We're gonna! Do the isolation tagamet convert all you guys get up it's ridiculous, Robin useless thing for seven years: new guys, don't yeah, I'm sure it's better than attending and if you guys is way better jerk off and if you guys go two of you, Google, where float just that term there will be a web. There were pop out from Somalia, somali dot com, which are very often people that made my first tag and Their website has a listing of places where you can read time and attack all over the world. All different countries are different places available. And a lot of people have used it and emailed me about it and said that they found a tank in like an hour away from their house or something like that. It's a fucking tool, it's a great tool for the mind, in our view, the type of personalized to Meditate- and I think everyone should in our area many caught, Medici meditate, you sound like you're full of shit.
You're doing yogurt beads on another man? It's out, you know, I mean it's like the word. Meditate has this connotation is this. You know this fake, fake spirituality connected to you know to turn right, but that, but thinking about your life is very important, especially above they use, meditate, mother, Fucker Sandler words. So many sound aware in my bolder heart I tell you what other nice mildly, but I would talk to People- and you know I believe you know they say you know. I've got this back injury. I can't go to to do to Ireland cool man. We know what you okay, you going to be all right, we'll see how I'm going to this healer he's doing a lot of body work on me, a lot of positive energy Oh my god, you pay for thirty seconds deck, lucky doggie about like totally straight face. I'm going to a healer. You know, working on me you're? Not a body work is don't always doing body work, always healing you were wrong.
Since it has allowed people to make a living doing their Mandela. Healers, don't push on parts your head and claim that their healing you and but the if you believe them it works, it works. Does the crazy thing the human body is so fuckin powerful, but we don't know how to use it. It's like a computer and we don't even have a manual we're just go into the registry and fuckin with things, and you know we really dont know how it works. So you can tricks, somebody with a placebo and the policy the sugar just bullshit doesn't do anything, but because they, think it's medicine, the body fixes itself, but nobody knows how to just fix themselves. It's crazy! It's like! Could how come you can't the placebo method? How can we can't just apply that on your own one Why can't you just trick yourself, you can't so then you don't have access to that, that you know that pure belief, you don't have access to the pure believe you have to be literally, have to be kind of crazy to have access to the pure believe that you can fix yourself with this magic pill. That's just sugar.
So fucking mess. Why can we use it? We got like oats likes, it's like a hidden part of the operating system and I have to press for keys at the same time to get to it. You know it's fucked up No, it's really cool to do stone by why. I just thought of this while you're talking and I want to lose it by get really really bake eats angle. Is your garage and get a ladder, and if there's like one of the lights like you know the garage lights, but I go up to it with a friend and you both look at each others face. Are you turn off the lights in both stare at each others face, and then you wake your eyes adjust to the dark. Can you flip the like real, quick and you see the other person's face like as a ghost Burnt into your retina did he come down from the ladder and you just walk around and you'll just be like this floating head in front of you. It probably lasts a good minute
I have two minutes my work with black people now now, as it was either, you just see a cunning. What scares the put a light bulbs fucking crazy rocket ladder. What am I doing to my wheels out? I break my ankles gas, but a friendly blocking those. Should I put angel wings, I'm gonna go like I said I too much drama get high. I've bought something that you ve never experienced. Try it out. Where you scare, you know every that's free floating no. What is cause for when your high allay planetarium or I'll. Do it? Yes is an item I got when you lie back and watch the star shows our relations amaze flock and incredible man. You know what when I went to Hawaii and we went to the big island and we went up to the Czech observatory to the top of the big island. It's a gigantic fuckin thing they have up there. Telescope, it's like one of the world's biggest radio telescopes, the fuckin view
what there is insane you go up there. You see every parking star. You see the whole milky way like you literally see the striped the milky way and like a hundred thousand, More Stasi normally see because its weight, a fuck up, there's like ten thousand feet above sea level, Europe literally above the clouds you drive through the clouds to get to it because we were drive- and I was like this sucks man's fuckin- cloudy we're gonna get up there. How can they will see shit and also you pop up above the clouds and that's where the observatory? God, damn within a beautiful from the back in stars or in saying it's the best thing. You could look it's the best view and we deprive ourselves from because a light. Even in no way man even in if they shut off all the lights. If they shut off everything the above, you would be fuckin spectacular. It what about the most amazing thing like I stood
and why look up going is this here on time? This is there all the time, and we can't see you know what we have all these stupid gay holidays like Valentine's day secretaries today, why would they have a holiday where everybody has to turn off their light and there's no electricity for the day have a black out. You know some knuckles awesome without does the greatest idea you ever come up with in your fuckin live get, may a real ever goes out back, yet I'm right now get a moment longer or I don't know, but you know what, if we had everybody do it literally, there would be nothing from the horizon. It would be got. How amazing would that be Europeans? The earth would reset it be like That's what I want is its biggest. I gotta Vegas you driving. You want the mountains, a Vegas, they're, beautiful views in Vegas, but because lack of electricity Oh god there you're that little light. You not see a goddamn thing. You look up in the biggest night, you don't see a fuckin thing came up. Imagine joy is now Vegas at the ship. The licence. Thursday on what they gonna do. Remember when the lux, or had that light that shut up in the sky island as we so strong.
Fuckin with pilot you here just the other day and allayed some guys were shining a laser at helicopters and what they sought. Shots signed it on a police helicopter, a man they're getting like crazy, charges against them? They get it. Should they chased them down up irresponsible, but first of all it should be so easy to buy a fuckin laser. They shoot up to the sky, especially that new ones that fuckin burn but the one that I got in Georgia that one I wanted to illegal totally distilleries Y got a guy torments bodies manage legal marriage. Will you sellers? Do you share this in areas like us super powerful laser that you can like literally go to the moon with a gap. The mono register on some fuckin, some one, those russian things when those referred there is on the move. Like no bullshit is ridiculous there you can buy the superpower. Felicia means giant, takes dsl batteries and shit, while yeah negatives by some asshole can to
some as headed trap on top of the building and to start blind people yeah I've anger by you're blind, hereby justice to fuck with it. I went outside and was putting little green light on all the neighbors houses. Like saying like like how powerful I ass insane, you could see it all the way you mean literally shot a straight line all the way across the valley to this house. That was half a mile away and I could see it nevertheless, laser key change that came out Michael Lasers, first came nigh decades have noted the movie theater. I shot him on the screen. You want to kill him. Remember that as thought two wheels, those came out and murder. Beat another Myrtle beats wars, maybe that russian do that, would always cell shit every Frankie bones The ball, I still have a bunch of his lighters. Man whose is in those life is lighter. I just saw one the other day around here yeah they were awesome, he's to have these lighters with the top. In these little tidies would light up like bikini. I'm such a child is Cholera Yankees he's been hanging out more at the rock bars. You know lately like the Roxy and something really husband,
sees what does do that. If no, I wasn't like looking or to see him when I was at the calm, restore now think about my work. I always were nice, like I always talk to that guy. He gave his phone number the common store back in the day. Had such a unique community in that parking lot area. You know the parking lot area was like a global club that we would go to. It was like a hang out you know that was like. We really have to show the parking lot show you put on your best shows first in the parking lot, and then you started put all your best shows on stage stays the fucker the boy you became. You became a much better comic in the parking lot because it was like you, got loose in the parking lot and so fuck around with us, and you don't have any restrictions about time or agents watch new or managers. You could just be yourself and you fucking kill everybody in the parking lot and then you would take that just go and state or stay the night before Would like telling jokes right you look like when you first started out. You will like tone, jokes, onstage right, a coward.
Would you like to look more like a typical routine? No fucking idea. No member talked about it all along. It's like you go into a subject, but you wouldn't you wouldn't really go and go into it, helps you would get the scratch it and then you go to the next agenda. Is eating. You'd ever ever fade out how to get that momentum. You know you get the moment than from going into a subject in and really exploring that subject. So, like you take them it's on a little trip. I know that's how I feel it when I'm in the audience and I'm watching a really good comecon. They start on us. Jack. I wanted to really explore that. Subject matters a lot of shit that subject with the best guy. To me when I was coming up, was Richard Jenny, Richer Jenny. I got to see him about times. I gotta see him once before. Everyone did stand up. I was just in Panama an audience. Member seem at catch, rising, start Cambridge and it was not Nobody even knew he was back in. I was wasn't, wasn't impact and I sat right on the front and the dude would take us subject, ban and just ring
why the fuck around ring it out. You do a subject like ten minutes. Then right, when you thought it was over, bear me comes up with something else, and more punch lies in what it was like. And all I was like. I don't think anybody does it like that. I think that there is one of the most under appreciated standards. Is Richard Jenny? You know a lot of people like you know they didn't give him the credit that he deserve, because a lot of his premises we're like kind of common premises. You know, like you know, common like almost like toxic host not talk horse, but, like you know, if you do in a spot on Letterman like a lot of its premises, just fit right into the standard. Letterman spotless God. It was greatly who is present with brilliant onstage retainer It was a may have something that just as the shame he was
a plane with me just a couple weeks before he killed himself. Just maybe maybe a couple months somewhat some on those lines, but he was headed asked and we were able to ask them to do caps. It club and he was headed. Therefore, Corbett GIG, I gotta tension. Autumn little bit and say hi to him- and you know I mean aside more, you know, but I've never really had like long conversations with the dude. You know, but I was felt like Richard Jeni. To be around, you know seem at the improper, whatever and say hi user friendly. So it's like no you see in there and you like, we dont, gonna, gig I'll call. We wouldn't have incorporated Google Yahoo donor Country Club, our men have phone call and I was like the conversation. You know, sick man. I should talk to him in a picked his brain. I seen Bob Carriers, This offers no yeah how'd. You do on the way and looks completely fucking differ realer, my couch. By the year in lasses, wear glasses and I looked at him a person he looked at me like my bobcat
yeah some bright, doesn't do that. Allow you to do that, no more! He was a funny com, but it was good to see you Bob CAP does not get the result. He deserves either because Bobcat was in those police academy movies. So people in respect of, like as a comic but as a comic bobcat, was fuckin hilarious me Bob DE member, that idea- that's fucking, brilliant rumours and I never knew he was a comic doing your eyes. I was pre a internet, so island they saw knowing and we still do it. Thank you still doing it. Hadn't worked. Bananas would like six years ago and real with organised along is east. Good. I mean how she hasn't set high tech. He's just watch the camera, So when it does stand, we just doesn't every now and then the Irish within reach,
about that's us, that's a shame. He was really would have benefited from the internet. Like crazy, yachting comedy clips are twitter at night. I'm totally mean he was that he was a perfect fit for the internet if the internet come along ten years earlier, Bobcat was a perfect imagine people's careers if twitter and Facebook and all this shit. What like imagine Richard prior who tones prime if he had a facebook, pays a twitter page. Oliver Kennison Mount MAGIC, Tennysons, twitter out They re some cut me off your pocket, Toby Please do it every day. It would be awesome, a lot of guys in I mean you know back then. Unfortunately, there was one avenue there. Was you how to get on television you how to get on HBO? That would be the big one get on one, those calmly specials, but now there so many avenues. So it is so easy now you know I always think about that like I would have been blocked if it wasn't for the internet, because I would have been always labelled as like a game show host guy. Nobody would have taken my car
seriously, though you have that you'd have to see me live in outer to know that I was actually comic. First, I just took fear factor for money bit back then myth did like something that you know wasn't cohesive for a good career like nobody forgive. You are legally. Will that guy and then they moved on to the next thing. You know you wouldn t candy because the internet, you can completely express itself like people know exactly who you are like this this park. As you know, I mean you can't move dislike only six, one that we ve done? You know by that people know the fuck. You are, you know you are, who you are your broadcasting back? Then man? You can take an image. You get locality, fuckin guys straight and they decide to get married and everything in it. The Hollywood image studio pushed an image for them when they had oppressed people would talk to press for union publicist and promises are fucking for now, is on your twitter and people.
What you really like right. You know, look at Spencer Pratt and all these fucking people, any anybody like that. You know that they become they become popular and then they just get to talk to you could have a million publicist. Doesn't matter everybody's going to know eventually they're going to come piling up data to know what you really want to get to know your loaves and your highs. They're gonna, get they make an honest judgment like Google knows everything let us we're Talkin mothers, Apple, Iphone. Think right. The Iphone there's like some new thing, we're apples, collecting and sharing Iphone users, precise locations and It is an updated version of the privacy policy. The companies at paragraph, noting that once users agree apple, an unspecified partners and- and sees may collect and store user location data. So I and I see what you're saying you're saying that has told Us- and I appreciate that. But you're selling it you're selling data you elect. Data on mean you're selling. Please don't
yeah well Dirk. That gets up point where everything everyone needs to make money. You're gonna, get that little. This they're, making the money that they're making when you doing stuff like this, like rice, adds spammers you're, making money There are many mega money off people go find out. Why aren't spanned the yeah yeah? I mean problems. What it is so they're going to try to find a way you're out. Will you buying things? Would you mind eventually your phone is gonna be, like. Is Japan, two men for heading on its they're trying to customize just like everything customize your shoppings dropping experiences in areas like pent, we're, Talkin Bout satellite radio like I am a huge fan, a pandora, because a kind of see you a radio station based around. But you light right and in it keeps on sitting dreams off your phone, no problem right right, yea. I specify the Iphone Blue tooth it right to my car and it's just its great. It's like a nonstop radio station, satellite radio all based right around what you like not and don't write what what I've seen about the phone eventually becoming money right
pan. You can buy things with your phone, yet only you lose out enough. You scan and are you send something? I don't know exactly how it works, but its commonplace bright and that's gonna have happened over here. Eventual tell it now is our hands there sharing data and they know where you're proofs, precise locations are and you're buying things. Can I get spam on you for what you have somebody had once you have a foreigner. Doesn't where the fuck? No worry, it's my point is that if why would they be paying for another user is going to use it? You're gonna get some bullshit Not only should the other you shouldn't, they should be able to sell your fucking info unless it's benefiting, we were with your precise location, benefit like the companies development. I guess that's something you just have to be like. Well, hey, don't use it just like why? Wouldn't we only available? That seems a good do she thing was as they are there, that's their maximizing their profit and one way of doing it has seldom been your pride.
Information, it will hold while Europe privately owned businesses become a number you can become. A did goes right where they know exactly what you are worked out. A private information is it your bank account or is it? No? I think the precise identification will what I think that this is where you every day urim. What your interest I ll give you call eight hundred fuckin sex lines. So now, when I set cooperation, call lady and see us as we want to buy from your people you. Why are they just what you know what at least eighteen these working, I'm telling you gonna call for a funeral, parlor lobby diamond me somewhat cautious, as you wanna dicks lacking. That now that the maiden had happened, Mozilla fire- you followed me, Linda, you probably nobody vile, say you gotTa Vegas, all the fucking time from highlight. What are you gonna Vegas for either the get you Dixon what fucking gap of european consumer? So maybe that's the data collected and when they saw it out- and let me tell you they cause Joe from people
I saw you something emails. Do you you get a lot of those calls me why you change banks in interest rates and show that, so how do you think they? You know it's stupid so many families how's your phone number, I don't think they sell your paper, your mother's maiden, name guys. I just think they sell your interests. Would you be with its very annoying. When someone calls my house- and they have my name- and they ask- you Know- must be to Joe item at home phone yeah yeah. You know, I hope ones are dead men I've. Never, since I got rid of my home from like five years ago, I've never had a single stray call ever man, I'm a little bit old school. I like to have a home phone number man. Just in case I was always reliant on my cell phone, I'm a little school given by a car that we give to you by colleagues that the case for credit card, if that happens, I don't think that's what the Paypal you cause you to show you share. They saw you know. What's the worst is where they take a car and put in a more like sign up the win, this car rat.
Just worse thing you could possibly ever do. I decided to we Frida fuck yeah. Anything like see anything outline and give you a maiden about your flock, but I always knew that would do and see what nine eleven came dog. This became more available. Was what law was passed? We law? the latter flock of rhythms that we don't, even though we add that's, why there's people freaking out, but then now that I don't know what I'd do not alone, but Europe's executive orders that push past and Cheney PAN lost a lot of free those grow. So this is positive. That we will lose their people complain about. I you dont know this couldn't happen twenty years ago. That's why I used to get glow from purely past. Appealing trying to sell your fuckin matches if you like, what are you talking about Olano matches because your name, disgust, Let me ask you this: what would you think they're? Why do you think they concentrate on taking right away? Do you, They concentrate on taking rights away because their worried, the shit is eventually gonna hit the fan, and then they gonna have to like really figure out how to control people so there.
Tat more regulations, more ways to lock you up the wild with be struggling to try to get more control over people. Why would they struck me struggling to take away your? rights and liberties, investors, profit or they can control you in some sort of a time of great stress and disaster at every is protection of you now, if you dont, murdering ambition yeah, if you dont murder, one you're, fine and I think that's ok, That's not true, because the government absolutely target people who were enemies? The government people taken people are the Green Party and put em on terrorist watch lists and fly less just because they protest against the war. That's facts. That's already happened, that's already done so there's this does. Away there doing it just to protect their doing it. The profit they didn't need to protect. You like that they need to protect. You, like it would be much more obvious sis at a certain point Thomson, how much information It's gonna be available about me right now. I can Google brine rifle and find out all kinds shit about. You can do the Google, your name, Google, my name when it
gonna be just instantly available to everybody, not even a Google. You now mean what of what Fuck is the nowadays available, you think. So, if somebody is a sixteen year old Computer ACT, that knows what the fuck is known is available. The guys like me? I'm a moron. I know nothing about the computer, but there's a kid right now. I can press three buttons and he'll call you here with your mother. Fucker, Brian, your fault, they don't tell me, you know nothing about the computer. I saw you twitter from your cell phone you're, a monster me your twitter from cellphone because rise up ass. My wish is right there. You know it's gonna, be crazy, pastimes. Six! Six months from now face time. Hackers are gonna bust into your phone. In turn on your camera than watch, you whatever is going on in your room and listen to what are we going to listen to that that's real, I totally bully totalling. Would that be? Wants it hits a network or will it be walls on three g wilds on? I don't think it matters. I dont think matters. I think that government could be like you know what this is. What we're gonna do now we're going to bust go through eighty anti
its network, we're going to fuck. You nowadays time with danger. Imagine the first spoken court case. Were somebody get busted doing something like that with their? I have argued how do I add keystroke things to their wives, computers and find out where their wives goin mean over their ex boyfriend jack. That use your things like that guy I put a keystroke honour in those guys we're stalkers and one. If I were you, don't yeah. If you have a girlfriend, that's us that you want to stalk. You know here something completely to do that. I thought of the iron. Why given stocking of well now this United Octave night, I totally don't they restock, never stop! Never lingered about is never land. When you are young kid, never drawback girls, how YA event not like anything greatly to windows. I don't know I just know operated in the car and cried let's go anyway. Normal is so if so, that your girlfriend has an Iphone rise set up Where are you now location thing on her mobile me? Oh my and then, if you just log in any new password, you could always check on where exactly your girlfriend, our wife is. Does this wrong? Don't do
and then you could sinner messages like. I see you with him our Seas Jones. That absence, that's long, would enable whom I saw you hear my flat out busted you now for a word from us, but it Joe rugged. Never be the same bauble bumble, powerful bumble was it ever, you missed his soul. Must today, MRS saw myself followed you, no, that's! Please pull that our bipolar apply that you have, that is the greatest rap evolves are always followed year. You, Stockholm, busted, close your mouth is applied. When what are you even slides? Do our jobs ice you
press, alt one? We only have one song. Just your job is like one appearance with him on soldiering, we're saying something: nobody remembers it, but when I saw you and him walk into the rain, is the disease shit raises wraps or at the end and him walking? shut your mouth? You call flab busted. You so much I followed was silly rabbit tricks. If I gave you grab we have it your own way. Further. There's a commercial before view does. What is that? Stop this? Why they thirty seconds now I tolerate you're fifteen seconds commercials up. If you give me a fucking thirty second commercial before I watch Youtube clip with a dog. That's barking, ok, some fuckin! Ten second video, I swear to God. I will stop buying your product. The second commercials is good. Stopping being thirty seconds, Microsoft, windows
This is all those who made. Not only was it what we Bobo, Bobo Bobo, oh shit, you need a videotape is a video ridiculous is what you people getting afternoon. Can you show them a handsome, we'll move Palestine. I wonder what he's doing today. I know we're gonna look like job. It's in Dorchester is like probably doing some some night club and appeared you gotta purpose.
Never been oh yeah people, podcast motherfucking, now state what the July baby you better wait until you matter when he packed up ownership. Many as a conversation with the nth we breaks down, breaks down. Let's a bit no person strong pimp game, not only the people who live there. That's the real blackmail right, you're crazy whitens will floss with their clothes like a black guy. Does raise your white guys just like that were confers, suits and she'll someone's gonna come along to do that, What does it some? Why guys? Not where, like crazy, suits and furs and shit like that,
diamonds but sing like totally white oriented Meyer Measures, John Meyer, so dress of firms furs and diamonds. Shit, big fat, pig rings and fuckin came with a drag its head on a silver Kane, I'm like guys, but every famous woman on the planet you might as might as well just go all just go straight: pimp style have diamond encrusted staff. Here it is.
Miss myself follows all right: close co, but first RAM Rambo glass, jamming flamboyance. Both w links who's ever go through seven aroused magazine, poor critic class. He remembered buys a street car driver, ha ha, ha, ha, ha ha ha ha ha ha silly ravaged world. Trying to give him it's my work, I forgot all about TAT was before you do you have that song was like our Kelly while that he regional our original Kelly's much more with this matter have university. They will show him prisoner was so much more ridiculous. Arcos them
That was a girl I sent me was thought an amazing yeah, Emily's Yon Atta, saying shit, you know what is it about black black culture where the black I never loses, and black culture limp and like not all obviously, but in shit like this, like these kind of song? unlike the archetype zones or, like Superfly movies, sunlight that there's something about never lose. You can't get me out Plan this out, like something about being cleverly we have listened to. The supervisory role should be one of the greatest blacks quotation. I the amateur lab at the end, is so really dumb. I too, it. You have anything happens to me: you're dead, I Tammy Adam. He taught me and he planted advance. The son of invasive garbage can also ridiculous man. Those old black exploitation movies were awesome, but there's something about that. You know the suppressed culture that wants to win no matter what you know I'll think why people ever understand you'll, never understand, never understand what
Was to be aren't shoes Jones amidst that's. Why we're that's why? Why do you can't where those links coats that kid in Miami does. I wanted whose like our beat maker, is made a bunch of beats for, like really famous hip, hop artists and he made millions But then he wound up blown at all on cocaine is big. Article boatman thing was Esquire Esquire Jijiu big article about recently, no idea, some famous beak I'm sure. If you go look where's Orange juice Jones now, did he die Dorchester Bureau could imagine. I guess he just like works at a grocery store now any, but you still goes on more students Jones and our recommendations do like a uses at this. Let's go through orange juice is today, but he's got a website in a community aid check, my twitter, I called you want on Scots George. Thank you very much a why k o seven another guy got it.
To look down on mobile meet you at take your Iphone. I found that we're? U with MRS, so much a savage o silly rabbit. In those Louvois early wasn't following, it wasn't even stop. You're allowed to. We had two because you can just tech somebody in so. Where are you bitch those days? Does my cat just what what had extra families love love. What I found him we're busy Alex after Jones, failed to have significant, follow up success. He left the music industry to tend to his terminally ill mother and raise a family. He held his deuce or in two not or in one or two better known as movie with his wrath career, into producing score, music for commercials and independent movies. Jones also contributes to a number of hip hop blogs, including Houston's, just flippin, dot, com or global grind. Well, now,
about. Aren't you Chauncey sets fuckin out there in the community keeping ship carbon I've done Stanhope comedy if you re wrote. Those lyrics you know is that sounds like pretty why you would have to be funny on purpose now that wasn't by partners- and I see a kind of humorous things ferris and like the adapt to yeah, but where you're laughing isn't he doesn't have now you're laughing you, Latvia is ridiculous, you may laugh. He was looking up. You laugh about what I'm talkin about woman, fine clothes, Tutsis, diamonds, thirty seven seven weeks coldly, and this is really an that's how a tree it is, but you have to really mean it in order for it to be poetry. If you just pretend and like you know there was that black exploitation parity. There came out recently with Michael Jai. Why? I didn't hear anything about it, but I didn't. I didn't, have a desire to see it because they were trying to pretend they were making us.
Big movie that they were doing it on purpose, they were acting Teresa forgot alive. It's only funny if you acted ridiculous and you think it's cool, it's not funny. If you're trying to be funny act and ridiculous, you know I'm saying it's like you mean it's funny means ok, but it's never it's funny. As someone who really you know, I saw you sit out baby, you know it's not less is way more funding. What he's real, like our Kelly, like does, does the genius of the telly video is it that I really thinks that were I guarantee was always use Jos well into the studio, say that, like people to slip away. How Long's eagle men are going to do what a right. Ladies shit, down on this bitch arrested. They will. I brought ain't gonna work. What's my shit pages He was arrested its day. They argue for a little while I wouldn't, when people break up with orange juice, joined to like what you gonna. Do you walk in the rain, you're fucking retired lightly, and write a song about me. Ass ha move What did live. Do me out of your shitty Fuckin CBS
you re a view about a girl. I did not talk about our and your act. Did you see that thing is still hope, wrote about Bobby Barnett know he's got that joke about this chick Bob, Barnett fuck them that's like way too hot fuck em, but you fuck them and in areas like you can Kepler back at thousand repo men can take that back by when you fucked me. And he put it. It is taking to take the edge off those are closing bit or probably just check content. Amazon if you gotta thugs, dandled that comments on his website with one of his blogs check contacted you know it's like you, sick fuck, a born again Christian now in office as well. Its work in a new. Basically a new bit explaining you fuck me take that back again, read did the bitter. Even funnier in a blog talking about times things that have happened and what I always wondered. What you ll wake you up to these days where are you now in a screen? The plays, in my mind very funny very funny shit.
Realistically not talk about in your act at once it man, because she ninety nine point nine percent positive cheated on me. She went away and she wound vacation and she Fuckin rug burn on her back Florida to visit her cousin cousins, a whore, ok. So when the visitor causative, large Keith, she had fuckin rug burner back had my hand back. I felt something I pulled up her skirt turnout, I wouldn't suddenly and she goes. I was drinking all I was drinking and I was leaning against this thing and there was like a nail on it. I go there's a nail I got a nail today I got, you don't feel the nail. It is kept rubbing, you're back back and forth on the now I got a Sakharov ran what say again? What do you say? I'm send somebody fucked. You know now. Ok, you're, saying that no one not for two years now, it's not carpet burn its. I told you a drink.
I don't know what I was doing and as a leading against as like this crazy lion. Bitch was like the dumbest lie ever like this dumb whore didn't even know that share this fuckin scab on her back we're going back so hard, probably in the dirt somewhere re, crazy, bitch, she's, probably stress and sign up soccer and asphalt parking lot. I protests broken glass, construction, size, young old time on twenty one and twenty two. I think. Maybe I met him in a little, but it was ridiculous. But I or achieving on enter. It was like it was a bad relations, but enjoy it wasn't a fine one. I see this. Colleagues show that night with me. You know, that's got back target close on this night. We went, we laughed, I don't remember if I fucked her- probably not cuz I'll, probably grossed out, but I took her to my so if you want to come with me and she's planning on it, I gonna stage and immediately go into the whole fucking story about my girlfriend
to spring break and come back with rug, Berne, and I like what you know like a what's worse, and I put that one out like how to react to that, and I tell the whole story she was furious. She was so mad, so give you back and believe me. I go. I believe you are, but it's funny, it's just a joke and just make an unjust pretending that you really did fuck somewhere stage. The best thing about face up the best bit but thing about Facebook is. Your old baby, sitter. Knowing and like I remember this baby, there was a fucking high and she still pay hot you know now. She's did you have a kid? She never touched me, but what she let me do you see that we put my head in her crotch like light sleep I know crotch, you know what I mean and then, like I wouldn't My head around and she would like kind of like you know I was in my head and it was just remember with so fucking. How will we
Are they say eleven tat, the other was never pussy, he was given a fuckin forehead and then and then, if a monk and insurance I remember we just have the blanket over her and might be watching tv inoculate underneath happening. It is this the right one in my eye, and then I like theirs is one time our memory of his thick that best feeling in the world. I remember I climbed up put my hand, on both sides of her tits and just just laid on top. Ever since you are you. Do I ask when I found a facebook chick is crazy, gems, a fuckin charm of us, our ten years old. As that make me either boxing and she's fucking high it doesnt matter is like a bit. I fucking Loveday was the greatest thing in the whole entire rural. You think it is. Do you think that she's just a total attention, whore and she just couldn't I'll- think anymore- was us her? I think she was probably sixteen or a team. She was like tat. This is great benefits, phenomena, facebooking, she's, still kind. Is he's divorce. I say during some time will not be cool. How would you
Delaware, Delaware Van De Maryland, Casale shoe you are you planning on transparency, but I didn't have become too high to banger to bang them. You know restarting something's, subsidy years ago, therapy the longest relationship. I've ever had a shoe, don't be like five years old and new sociability. Forty think yes, isn't like that of forty, so it's probably still Lubin up itself so to do at once get out now see. What's all about if you got a pregnant, got her pregnant and we both molested Iraq, girl, child, this kid see this didn't we're talking about earlier. Don't I just can't that was completely yeah. I know how rude stuff a bag of white. What if she like, fell in love?
What? If he's always? I know I know why did that when you were a leathern, but now I do know we were meant to be. I now I am how growth when, when someone says we were meant to be together and you just why the fuck away from them You meant, because we can see that Do you know how much you annoy me? Do you know how much I gave way to get the fuck away really tell me we meant to be the other. Some people just want someone, they think it. So please, and by music and songs and stories that they want it to work out the way it does in the movies they wanted to be like that. They wanted to be some special person and I live. So even if it's not a special connection that you have at some personally pretend it is because that's what they ve always wanted. They want to be in a fuckin Sandra Bullock, moving. It's action, man. I can't stop thing about my baby: sitter,
Did you ever play doctor or do any of that creepy shit? When you were a child? I had a twenty one year old took these two grandma death. When I was thirteen I didn't actually far, but she would make out with me out tongue kisser ensure Grandma Dick. I was sure I was gonna fuck our, but a toll I couldn't get it up. I was like toy paranoia panicked and I was like I couldn't. I didn't know exactly what was going on like I'd, never even orgasm before I never masturbated before nothing. Whereas I went from nothing to this woman. She was twenty one ship tits and an ass and shoes, India, a boyfriend who is a construction worker. Who is this
and big men we do with Harry Chest and you would be doing, is fuckin. Construction work bear chested like in the neighborhood. This was her boyfriend and this bitch was of great apparently anywhere you fucker. I do and you just let the whole neighborhood just fucked her. She was just completely insane and she had me come over and I was like thirteen, and I would like to know. Is this really gonna have a fuckin twenty one on thirteen, how she even live at home to all his thoughts are gone to right right next to no cheese, grandma deck and she's suck my tongue allow. Why? how far this crazy birds want to fuck me and I'm thirty there's a lot of those checks out here. Ma am I used to take me my friend would take. Are they all the neighbourhood girls there's like four of them and wood item up and make all take off their pants and it would stick like pencils and home and smelling men and
My friend would like he was. He was more, you put pencils and there was a year. We do things like that, like with like playing doctor or something you for reality, girls, you must give I'm unless they have some sort of a host. Hansel Snoop lead poisoning fuck. Did you grow fuck about the fucking, a hole in it was a sexy, its neighbourhood, an avant highroad puzzle that was essential support. What my cousin, what she was like. Your parents are tight with somebody, I regret that I regard that. I found her our facebook to and then was really reply back to Mr Figel, about all those thousand is to give her a stab it. When I was like a level that she was like nine, I would feel a stomach and export. This issue is pregnant. I thought you know when you were eleven. I gotTa Miami for the sun was a bang in a bag of Ukraine.
Dick in Europe, like a cat, you say so you didn't actually get it in their hulu. You started. Sex at eleven grows ever led a real benefit, as with the other girl reels that had a policy the Bronx, and I would not dare to spend with her in a family weakens. I give a little fucking balloon. The girl that I told you that had the bunch of abortions there was also. I was very young by the time I got older. She had all the abortions, but when I was young I Taylor in this girl, you all you do is contretemps just touch him and shoes Africa go this, I don't know what it was like. I thought they like. That would happen with other girls to entrust it does not touch. My debts. Clouds carry on wasn't the same effect on my right. It's broken grabbing your ted. Why Get out of its way would
we're like spasm like just touching it sets the athlete school, but That's it I'll get new babysitters and I thought they were all the same so like a genuine into walk, analysed smack or in the ass with what is what is that with the girl who molested me when I was twenty, when she was twenty one? I was thirteen. I started playing with real girls now like my ain't right and when their mind you know, and what kind of programme their answers only doing what the fuck are you doing like us, we're gonna. Do it boys and girls do rising than those. We would really want nothing to do with what you can't just jump right in a finger in me, crazy, ass. All that's the problem with any early sexual experience. If you haven't a sexual experience with someone is older than you like, you're just jump right into the pool. So all that all your contemporaries, Alec everyone's gonna go to dislike trial and error. Says is normally you know a fifteen year old and sixteen year old and whatever they just start playing with each other, and then they start up what they're doing it altogether ragists hop
in the someone's sucking you're dead, some crazy, better fucks everybody on the block one. Since what we do we just our fuck, and where do we go from nothing to hang out with this war? There is funding the first girl ever tongue, kissed Facebook recently and eyes. She is the biggest white piece. A trash ever and she's got like a hundred kids. She lives in Florida and we found a video of her she's back out of no use talking about snoop down, but I don't like it is: bad, and it was like this dream girl that I think about it. Time in my head, like frozen in my head, and now I see you and I'm like. Oh my god, So It's funny when you look back on that, the you know the different types of people that you can experiment with when you first start dating. You know when you're young
don't even know what the fuck you like, and also knew tat yourself out some check, which is completely not think about only fucking nanny bitches. You don't like the idea is one that should have a rascals down the shop. All your midway shows issue wait for it was a she had at length. She called rascals the night before yeah Joey. You remember me from the sixth grade yeah my dream: fuck yeah come on now that bit showed up. The bitch was formerly we thus girls, a nickel uses, Emmy Back pellet suck, you fuck you receive or come down. I can't wait to hear the intuition fuck ten years ago, but she drew the wish. Is the delighted at the black dog. I came to get me he's like dog, there's a fine bitch wavy at the door. But to oblige the four eighty blonde with a fucking cow. I e went by various bananas and I went on. I was I rascals now the show of rule thirty, four yeah down the block that crazy,
What will happen? The welcome this with labour that place that all that shit's gas was on the shore was a sure. Ass goes down. The show is the shadows were totally different animals than the rascals in West Orange. Yes, totally different, whom yes rascals, stories like a lot of cool people, normal people. They worked in the city and commuted lived in Jersey and it was a nice neighborhood rascals down the short work, fuckin savages. They were barbarians. There are totally different crowded the shore savages. There They sure it's funny. We knew about down a long time ago. But now the whole world knows about that. Those you ever do those Bob Gonzo gigs the elderly, in his gaze, as I heard he discovered TAT the mere fact that a year is buckler few rooms? I was thinking about going to Jersey, though he does.
Replied the something like six roubles rate rooms and the summer I did a puncheons gigs, fuck yeah. I did all I did a tv show for him. I did one where he does a guy named uncle something or another uncle Floyd, no uncle flung of Lloyd's communism uncle fluid was that this guy and like puppets enchant, apparently had a tv Oh, that was really popular in Jersey. I did that show yeah uncle Floyd. Would you stand up and I didn't know who the fuck you want and it's uncle for goes up and fucking level the place, and I can't believe this. I can't believe what I'm watching it, but to them. It's like nostalgia The love and they're gone crazy. I'm like while I had no idea this guy was popular. So out of foul uncle Floyd now was eaten Dick eaten dickens date for another floor. Nobody wants to hear me in our day. I just heard this guy was like really famous, and I had no idea what you should do said it was a shot. This was a tv show. This was just don't stand by Ngos,
it wasn't she right over, not all, but it was rather sixty eight ran over the bridge. I don't remember that it was always there was on the beach. It was out of the place. It was actually on the beach. It was like an outdoor little venue and probably sat like maybe a few hundred people, maybe two three hundred member, my memories real shaky from this time, but I remember this: guy went up and I've never heard of him, but they went not twenty one. Onstage like while, and then they told me there's a local New Jersey, television channels that really popular like wow, but it was like really clean too. So after that, that's the worst thing you want someone killing when their claims and then you go on, I have three thirty. If nobody knows you eat like such a second shit, there's a really great topic that I started on your forms that just has been becoming popular again in the last two days. I don't know better read it colonists story and Hayley Riley and just retweeted it on my twitter red banned. But it's about this girl. There used to be really good friends. What that I met met on the internet and every time I was
our talk on the phone should send picture. She was fucking gorgeous in one time in Arizona, shit, we're talking. She wanted to meet me, but she she, after really weird and wouldn't come, see me and stuff like that. Instead she has a secret or some other, whatever it was kind of fucking, weird stopped kind of talk, and thereafter it acts of this kind, o creepy anyways. Lately I got an email from a guy and he goes. You know he's asking me if I knew that knew her and what I thought about her and suffer gardeners is long. Email. Theirs is hold back story of missing on your forms on so check it out, but it turns out. This girl was just like a huge crazy that girl, you know, and she just made up a fake personnel. Fake name, she stole somebody's identity like took all their photos from my myspace or Facebook, and she's been doing this for about ten years, and this guy flew down
got a hotel spent all this money. They met the girl and she was completely different from what she is in the end. Now, there's photos of what their real person looks lies guide took this photo and took like the whole story and made like an article about it. Now he made him just male back and forth? You start sharing photo as we start talking. I have a whole hearted may know that you knew about it because I think, back in the day, somewhere like an live journal or something like that. I had my old way. Site on their connected to our somehow, and he was just asking if I ever knew her. If I still talk Her and you certainly know that he wasn't some fat guy opportunity, some guy, because I think it is totally. But sea. She sent me like. He starts in me like further than we figured it out and everything out and I try to confront Hayley, and you know she wouldn't response anyways. I was two years ago and now isn't it a new director red on the message board is called what it's called the story of how?
we rightly and it's on the front page of the metal Ellie. Why H a I l e? Why last name is r e? I l e, why? somebody with a forum dot Joe Rogan dot net. It's in the shit talking one or one yeah. I posted on my twitter to read them. While debate interested, cannot imagine being person, you gotta be a weird fantasy, Guy, though, is emailing you it sets out in plain the Sims house. Different than planned world war, the war crime? What's the point plan world of Warcraft? What's the point she's brought ending. Look what you're, not a fucking wizard. I know he's not a hot check but she's, pretending and she's ever The goddamn time has run around a scam and do it and get them to fly in visitor and cheese. Scrubby crazing, so weird dear for members, your four members have been saying all I got same thing happened to me. Oh there's like three different sides stories. Now that completely of the same topic, that's kind of cool things can interesting go.
Crazy, I mean not hurt anybody, it's not asking for money except the guy. That's I've flying out spending money on the promise. What if you say that game. You must. Let me I got diverted Zelie faces, are crazy story. That's supposed to fly. He was of Lyra Ivy played in the Balkans. We made a bad moves, rotates born. We forgot about a story that I've never told you and it's the only time I ve ever fuck the fat, chick think how only only tat like I'm really fucked one fat like a real one. You know that illegal chunky. Coming about actual virtues, make me forget, nervous whose when ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha like on their own we must get the humdrum when air well. First came out these now profiles, kind of like Facebook, so in the days and you would shouted up like that. This girl had a fake all these fake photos of actually wasn't figures
he lost a lot of weight or something like that in this game, the back, maybe a hundred pounds or something and she wanted to get laid. She live near me. We step private chat all the time. So one day. I got really warranty and, as I thought you know what gets me and I'll pick you up come back my place drinking fucking. Let us do so. As I come from, I saw her sorority house, it come there and I'm like I see this big the girls, and I see this this hot girl in my car there she is, and in that that whole girls got block an eclipse of this factor that came into my vision like I stepped in front of a girl and it was her and she was blind shake, probably about one eighty, maybe two hundred Maybe I'm issue is big at all, like five, for it was big by her was cute typing. It was so that our member driving back to my place, I'm like this, is bullshit. What do I do? I just stopped the card to that. What what are you a letter in the car so anyway they got drunk. I thought and then I took a right home
I deleted her right now. If I can get it, but you know what, if some of them in some of the best pussy area, there is no way walking juicy chicken way. Watches now is about one, namely yeah, bitches, bang exile, I feel like going up to I'm going what the fuck you want to lose weight for a look at ass, looking at fucking monster of the monster that you have that count points don't waste the fucking time, this just pretty hot thick girl. Is love it they do not like fit. Girls fucking russian Weed store on sunset across from rock and Roll Ralphs, and you look at that, but he must have a checking. You come out and tell me that you wouldn't fuck this chick today. How big is harder than hot and is better be those in their walks out their mummified, because you can't believe you wanna flock little milkshake have that fifty pounds a year. Exact wash your name with Mercosur
Somebody in blue worry about russian grown. Was this chick just rose heat some fuckin? What is it about russian browsers? Like a hardness yeah does extra dirty, but you don't wanna, go to see me with a fuckin scar where you're kidding some hot really needs to be taught a lesson wait I'll line I've seen other guys, look at a guys with checks, guys lands guys check our ally in oh man, I was lucky, tells his authority, but you could tell she's she's young twenty to twenty two and catch her now you now, for it all goes there. She was at what those girls it just big ball, but should take you for the rights of workers. That ass is go with you in that by now for a worthy responses. The pounds overweight sweetener as if these April, sometimes ass, is good there in a very valid, very clearly that, as is good,
it's your may have for some time now been. You know what I've never fuck, the czech fat. When I was drunk and my dad. I think I have a good girl for once I was beside it was that we do not call her bones the on either the foulest driver, fuckers, probably about once. But what will you do you guys way on before? He has taken the rounds and while I was probably about one seventy over time, so I looked at my expense where's we're about what I way fishes like shorter the neighbours. So, unfortunately notes very sad thing. We see a girl who, like could be so hot, and she just got some weird food thing going on everything, The data be sick, girl go back and forth and given a thick chicken effect is a big difference, but this girl would likely that you were to have his word. Even things guns word might be our say. She said yes, how white burger. He asked what the fuck
that together the secret yeah, she goes right now. She's perfect known as he's got that one foot up any answers balancing. But as long as this balancing tat time, that's that's the perfect shape like Bianti body. She see that's. What do you like? You know who likes I dont get that whole skinny obsession, though the girls in Hollywood. With this work and the stick figure body What is that is that girls doing it for girls with it, but what does that really? Ashen industry, sheep designers, it's totally too fat. An industry is magazine industry that they live better in those kind of close yeah, but they don't they don't do not look better us ranks get on behold ass admission, unilateral actions, restlessness guineas, any skinny girl, a good stab. Was that possibility you universe,
partly as a look was slow going. All tendon has always get that big ball to further the Google Mountain, noodle, so skinny, sometimes written alone with a bang like a fuckin. It takes somebody hit in the fuckin as that, the ball is right. There I want a woman, would some fuckin leap down, If there is that you should start a website while showing your balls dropping as you're losing weight somewhat your balls of our people, They do with this discussion is that you will have an interest in my balls among you, hardly investment on my balls among the new homeless diet and we are trying to loose thirty five pounds in I'm, not shaving till I dukes. I fucking hate facial here, so much limits making me one fuckin. Do it quick and I've never met any biology who goes so far down you lose all away again. Riper assumes you start Dana Chick
It's because I would go out the ether fragments haven't dated summit it likes to cook. You know it seems, like I d, always out what it is. Yes voice, you just a source of food, adapting its I e out every night you just get craziness gorge. Now I just no, it is it's a normal. I just but yeah me, but I've lost fourteen pounds in What can I like? Being skinny? You gets Three skinny lyin yeah metabolisms Jackman. Once you start working hard, just just make one hour make one hour like weightlifting when you wait lived many burner. So many calories you don't have to live with heavy, just get like twenty five damn bells and deregulate, Aveline and cannibals right, you're gonna get tailbone vibrant kettlebells. All you need do I do this one crazy, cardio work out. What is a dvd that I do with just one thirty five pound kettle
it seemed like out. Has anything I'll get tired dude? It gets your hearts flying in your heart. Like a hundred eighty six hundred ninety beats minute takes forever to recover its fuckin a hard man is a brutal brutal work, one little Cobo moving your whole body, making your whole body or you do so. Without due dignity, one of the fuck. You want grazes that raised rarer, trawler, red and taken to the last three weeks that shit has destroyed I appetite like right. I get full so ass. Now in or I don't even feel hungry. We ensure that reserve trawler magazines like wants. A different changes in Europe Absolutely I got absolutely, but there was one of the things my dad told me. They did for him some lights out real. Yet, but now it's like. I really have a hard time trying to eat right now. It's ridiculous, I would be happy to resolve a job you like to go and we'll go on with joy. Like a puts, it makes you hurry if science and tell you Delhi placed the sausage, pepper subs,
Oh, she was having a brave, though make dieting easily like you, hang on a bill, birth com like it's, you wait Hudson Natural winding billboard I so old school he carries a communist pocket, so do the camera Joe Gilbert short term, for the camera, though you got billboards so old school. He care com in his pocket money was here. He left it so Leave it here, our respect till Bilbil returns, we're gonna, leave it on his spot. I want anybody to smell, intimidate smells like that. She's a redhead. So as I read little lobby, did you guys here about that fox? shit that company that's the we talked about it several times in the past. This is the company that they make. Iphones and their employees are killing themselves and right. Well, they put up suicide nets. Now, though, thank God there Imagine just being somewhat it's ok, I may get a job at fox com. You know and then you're like, like
the job at during your job interview in your life. You really what's that, like all that's a suicide net, why would you be like? They want to work here. Shit images commit suicide button, you get a free, yeah free, shot, imagined, jumping like fuck it I assume that others are net I think it might be fined demagogue what everyone distorts trying to live and die remove on. If you work in a place, it sucks that bad that so many people are killing themselves. They have nets up. It is our job to those nets, be funny shit, the enemies, thereby to open another company another. Location, real F for three hundred thousand. While you know we talked about this before you can't get a fuckin Iphone for tuna boxer repaying the people who work for you, you can't get slave labour area. People to work for fucking balls arise for six,
dollar sixty hour days, innocent the Iphone in most electronics made by precious metals or like that? You know, like the man, you know like going where people were shot daily forward. These are all this shit. It's gonna have guessed right a lot of what they're gonna get out of the ground. There should make an Iphone right exactly it. As was fuckin incredible fine a trillion dollars with the minerals like which is founded? We don't even know it's there. Meanwhile, there The Soviet Union discovered the shit thirty years ago is concerned. How to get it out and couldn't figured out a fucking control the region in light of what the fuck are? We do Jody as give us your wisdom, what the fuck we do and haven't wars, two thousand ten, why people to still tolerated, because there. No one's kicking in Afghanistan is gonna. Have sought to do the Herald guys do what you got two fuckin that will have to stop this war has established its people. Think that it's ridiculous thanked and heroin something to do with this war, but all you need to know- and these are real facts- is that over ninety percent of the world's heroin is grown in Africa.
Over. Ninety percent was dead attempt at where the fuck is that money going. Is it going to war? Lord, because if it is where's their private jets, ok, where's! The warlords welcome the warlord, isn't living like the Fuckin Sultana Brunei. You know why where they are coming all that money. Maybe they do they? Don't they don't it's not like Mexico, Is that heroin money that she's going trade to America, son that Shit's been flown in bed, Seals in the form of a new world order there are flying that shit in pillar berries zeal. Berry seal up, educate these mother The very serious gaga killed it was written in drugs from South America. Guy got me, while he was going to testify net bushes phone number in his pocket very very seal was the definitive case. He was connected to every single like big time. Drug dealer low Escobar, all those guys, everybody in South America, this gas connected to and he got busted in Mean Mina Arkansas? They dropped a package off. What they do is they would fly in flying from South America is open
our plan flying Arkansas drop package off in bypassed by parachute, get out of here and then the guys would go at the drop spot and pick up the parachute they show up in a fucking, pickup truck or whatever the use. While some kids were fucking around the woods and these kids spotted the parachute drop and when they went to go pick up the package, they saw these kids there, so they killed the kids and they took the kids bodies in they laid them on the tracks and was yeah and the autopsy came back said of the kids. Were high, they fell asleep and attracts so the parents had that's ridiculous. Might my children didn't do drugs? I don't believe you so the parents paid for their own autopsies and their own autopsies concluded that the kids were murdered, that there were stab. They found stab wounds on the body, so the parents like started trying to figure out what the fuck am. I wrong. They started figuring out who landed planes and what happened in up up up up up and then they busters Skype bury seals. Embarrassed
It was a fucking employee of the CIA who had been flying drugs in this country for decades, and he said that that's just what they do. That's what they ve always done. There's money out there to be made and they know it and they make it and you talkin about the same people who are willing to start wars, there's too willing to do that. Whole gulf. A talking thing. We went to the Vietnam WAR War under false pretences and false flag attacks, just in order to make sure that we are involved in disputes. Other countries and won the things they do more involved with the speech of other countries as they jacked their natural resources and one of their natural resources are drugs and what you don't think that Afghanistan is a fucking gigantic mug. Oh for those evil. Scumbags Rwanda do shit like that this, money there. How to what the fuck are. You doing is ninety percent of the world's anything in one spot. That's worth billions of dollars, go it's billions, but so ridiculous thing. If you say you're, not review starts and part of the reason why we're in Afghanistan is cuz someone's making money off drugs? That's it that that's definitely got to be something to do with it. People think you're, crazy,.
So the whole reason we're there by voting ways apart. You not think it has a saying with Ngos. Meca Medina WAR financed a flock of war. We then this shit? Well, you know the whole thing that happened during the Reagan administration with the contract. You know, and when the that Michael Ruppert, I busted the CIA selling drugs in LOS Angeles ghetto. You know all that stuff is that's just standard operational procedure. It just takes a while for it to pop out and get to the new. Sometimes you know. What the fuck easy Irish, a fear on items eat a day, s gray. I was there that was fun time, but I hear him in was Roddy. Ruddy piper got right, erotic piper, beat him up on stare and people were thinking that he really was a racist, which is a big problem. What that characterise? Does people don't know that as an act? Did that he's just trying to get people's reactions and just be not and see? Have people react to this
say graces characters they get angry Anna, but he's out really race right. Well, he kind of is like everyone else. What is this kid in our is not a racist hours, a very open minded objective, so it can. Funny that army would be playing his character. The amazing racist. It was it it was an national importance should move down, but do you think moved. I think. The rabbit I've told him many clouds, although they have you, told him Rome when he saw, I just think the characters dying. That was you know the whole idea the characters dine and you don't know we really be known for eyes. If the characters I would get Goin videos is declaring that with new ideas, but I really say. I want to keep going, I think, a certain point times how many stereotypes you gonna, it's it's a joke. It is already a joke. You there's no reason to keep on doing the same joke over an area advocating a jewish one and be done. We think it's just because he had too much success with a need just got caught up in a probable and we keep on absolutely that one of the most successful things that have done in other national anthem by very famous
you'll see make still making parliament see a videos you now you know like that's allows. Promote, must accept. As for very I've done, but finally, via equity markets, absolutely the best video of everyday as What all the girls like to that keep bringing up stuff is hilarious when the cat reacts to your fart and there's one. Why didn't dare Linsey Lillian? Yes to those very ridiculous? what it so now what happened when Lizzie well hand, because I drink that Cambodia Shit, nobody Santa Laszlo Hand lied and she said: Bracelet went off because she was drinking outcome. Boucher Caboosa has a there's a level of alcohol. There's something going on with that because it was poured off. Their shells offer orphans and there is some questioning about the alcohol content. That is less than one half a percent right. I don't have the market, but of its more than one half a percent. You have to mark understands more rights as she was wearing one of this scam break
That's right and it went off and supposedly that's what made it go off now. I dont know if it's true or not by you know this that you're not even supposed to have any computer. If you're, not the hawk jets, I'll drink touch even tastes like out and I'm not you know I was rolling. Did you just do after I drank one and it's due to? Did you have a beer before you went to just us or no drinking Kombucha? That's all healthy and shit right, but meme Has a little tiny bit of alcohol in it, but I've never gotten drunk, often or even felt, the buzz, but I'll tell you one thing that it's pumped my fucking immune system out through the roof I don't get sick anymore. I made yesterday one police to drink or to a day dream. Last autumn, I'd love, em fuck. I think the Delicious do like the regular, the best, like the right where's, my fair yeah, not a big fan of that that other one now, the grape one too the ranger aid, the ginger ADA alike, is strong, gets a kick to over the regular and fantastic, but I'm too we may all his travel. I do. I was getting sick all the times. Every couple months I was and- and I'm still workin out still training
I'm workin out as hard as I've ever worked out and I'm not getting sick. It's crazy and I think it has to do with a probiotics sting really regular. Was your vitamins, that's very important, but it's also maintaining a healthy bacteria level in your body. Ass adopts less and problematic drinks on the road I take as Daphne with me, and I just do not take that and when I'm at home a drink, those fuckin drinks and I'm again sick, crazy exposed to so many different varieties of germs and bullshit when you're on the road Possum way more careful now, but like washing their hands for walk away with luck and strangers and agreed. We look at what about the Germans that got the flock in feed or this week with the argument that I've gotta Jerry. This is this is the bottom line. Is that aid, or had never far guy who's, gonna garlic, verdure and whose training with ease? brain with anybody. Logarithm redeem is top of the food chain. Abu Dhabi champion and he's a big man he's like six for three six. Four he's a big fuckin dude, any good. His guard is nasty, go on the best parts of the world.
I get in sloppy with grounded palely leave arms in their debts? Nationals, arms of quick and he's got a tight game, and the beginning of the round table was slippery ass, you know no one sweaty, they are just barely broke. So that's what he's got like nice grip on a man- and you know Where do man you? Let him catch you and you in a technique battle. You battle his guard from you know from you know when you're on and you even arm in their he's. Gonna fuck, you up man because, as you go to defend he said up man, and you know it was really beautiful to watch what he did. He attacked the arm and as fate ores sending the army's gotta pull the arm back. So as you then the arm pull the arm back. That's only slaps a triangle on it's like he. Just put him in a classic brazilian jujitsu chain of submissions. He went one you defend this. He goes to that and, as he defended, Why you suppose the arm as you protect the the triangle gets lock: deeper, bang, Bang, bang! It was If a man is beautiful,
fate, or is a bad mother. Fucker he's really like a guy who could fight at two o five easy. Any fighting at heavyweight, knocking guys out, you know, is only six feet. Tall is not a big guy. Some people say is actually only five, eleven he's, not a big guy, but these incredibly talented and incredibly insight. Rational! You know he's a is a ado that makes people you know like excited. You know they love the wake areas himself in the way we handle the loss. Man, the hoodie said afterwards So how do you feel raises ethical? Nothing goes you because you were. You can Then you have to people who don't fall, don't know what it's like to stand. When was the last fight like main fight before that wasn't like seventy years ago, some Renate Weber, people saying I know he be Brett Rogers lesson should only a few months ago, the less that probably get him good yea blast and I'm not tomorrow. What right after he beat M Alister Ovary beat the fuck out of breath. Rogers asked our over its own bread Rogers. He The way he did it. Man was so precise on the theme. Just
high level fuckin. My tie does in the punch in the Shin slams into the media. The way you can see right away, Brett Rogers like I'll fuck like he could see right away. He was in way way way way way over it and then at least our got Brett Roger on the ground and fuckin pummel them and move? It was a ridiculously one sided fight. What kind of party is Dana White having this weekend is out of their party. Analyzed haven't a fuckin laughter assets just say, because now fate or unfortunately, really does become irrelevant. As is part of what made him exciting, was the fact that he was this undefeated guy who seem to be superhuman and destroy, Sylvia destroys Andrea. Olaf's guys like there's an aura about him. Some of the aura was a road it slightly by the Brett Rogers five, because barometers got him down as ground impounded almost connecting with big shots, and you looked at it would have brought got him in that spot. If Brok bragging bright, Rogers Brow Brackets units bought a you're, not getting
be you're gonna eat, some giant cinder block fuckin can handle this this. We do that it would be greatly levities, so I so anyway that doubt that road and people's confidence in fate or a little bit, but what a road at my confidence in it is when I saw the way our star handle. Brett Rogers new asked. I was gonna fuck bright, I was, but I didn't know is going to do it like that. The way did it was perfect. I mean each He shows how high level is striking. Is me Better hurry, not bother hoary out. Who is one of the very best kick boxes in the world. You know he's he's beaten a lotta. Does he fucked up Peter arts? You know he knocked dude out. Man he's a bad mother fucker in Kickboxing, with the best in world. You know he's hanging with those guys, so when he got in there against, like an mma fighter, was just a brawler, he just opened up a can on them, and you know if a door is not a technical, striker he's very explosive and very fast- and you know, he's good and tapas. Technique is good, but he's not like a guy who just died
decay one way asked our. Does an outdoor has a nasty ground game as well, so the transition between the two of them is very smooth and when he took breath Rogers damage control them on the ground and beat the fuck out. He really like made a mockery over fate. Worse, when I mean it wasn't just obviously wasn't the same night such circumstances, but the way he beat him I was like man in our start to me is more exciting right now, the fate or outdoors. That's that one of the scary skies and division K, one level high level striking and nasty presented. To one day, European Apodaca trials submitted veto, Belpher gonna Fuckin security man. What do you think fate, or would have to do too
back you're like wow, that guy's on top of his game like who would have to fight, would have to get it. You have seen our he'd have to go the USA and of or fight our star and then go the sea but and five redeem again to a mammoth sighted see implied in anybody. It's not that I'm not afraid or fan levels, but I think you ve got a fight the best guys in the world you gotta be in them in the heat, with the best guys in the world, and this really no short cuts, for there is no short cuts for for training with a guy like for reach, overdoing there's no short cuts to the learning how to get out of a guard like that. You got experiences, and it's pretty obvious watching that fight that you know he probably hadn't had an experience that kind of ship before you know it mean he was he's made some critical errors. A beautiful video were Hanner Gracie s brother break down what what fate or did wrong
and what were doomed it right away in the triangle as beautiful you now and it's like you know, people are looking out there like. This is like simple jujitsu, like he made mistakes in part of these mistakes, because he's got a very unorthodox style. He throws big haymakers inside the guard. He's been really successful at that, but with a guide for doom, you can't do that. He he's just he's there to catch those tiny, tiny openings. He put a beating. You know what it was really exciting about that night. Man comely is bringing type wonder back back Conner, in his own country. Has that fuckin step in turning psychic stands in the southwest. Dance was right like Ford, and it the rose. I laughed like steps for, throwing the left and due to back out wait just of the punch, but at turning psychic comes behind it. So it's a three hundred sixty degree turning psychic he stands with is rightly Ford throws the left hand ass? He throws the left hand he steps forward with the left, foot and then spins. So there, sir,
moment. Momentum and he's like running at you with that kick and bull ass, you, his he's doing shit with kicks and that other people are doing, and that's one of them. The way throws that three sixty turnings you're gonna, see anybody else. Do a few guys do a turning psychic but are not see anybody else doing that three sixty like he does it and this eggs. Are fuckin deadly men left with a lot of high kicks? Do you know what is it for this week? So far. Decided tat, less there's a lot of fights. I'm excited about this card. How bout crews no verses met or the shit that, via man that motherfucker that fight has fight of the night written all over it. Both guys are savages. Brown is a fuckin, savage and Chris Little not back down this shit. Chris little I've never seen a guy get rocks. I've seen him get busted out,
in a bloody and smash in the face and and hit with haymakers, but he always is bounces right back that is chain is made a cement he's a fucking monster and him and Matt Brown Matt Browser Warrior. Do that go fuck fuck I strong his mind. A strong to heap represses he key stays on due to breaks dude, so him a little is just a guaranteed fuckin guaranteed tons of fun by the way mad props. In the? U S, seas, new website, that's fucking! Amazing! You like that, spoken ass? If you don't think it's too much flash? Well, I mean it's up. One is fun websites. You know, like I mean it's, Ass, the old one you like
the mean, there's gotta, be a choice to digest the basically logger. Suddenly, now it's pretty dope, don't you see like the different fighters and the focus on each frame and match up it's there like big, closer pictures and share, and that is Flash there as unfortunate added its flash by its pretty sweet. I like it, they could have done the same thing with HTML five, I'm sure they're probably is awaited. In that way, you could get it on your ipod right and your Iphone Renee again what the fuck is. He has more just like fun stuff, that's not like informative right now, but I so you will have a dvd extras when you want to be will get down on your phone. I guess it's not it's cool to look at pictures and stuff. I guess is that crazy, that porn is what's pushing the tray. Listen to HTML five, about nine when porn back, something it's usually privilege. Is that not the fuck is anyway, Megan, making money. I've porn. We talk about
Tyler night, no time tonight that did he's he's. Making a transition to becoming an author is really good. Writer wrote some really fucked up If you don't know what is bloggers, but if you look up Tyler night blog you'll find it online. Tyler is a really good writer based got some ridiculous stories about porno sets and scenes he's gonna story about failing at a boot, cocky bukovsky event, words, like literally hundreds Adieus, your fuckin is check and inner he's in line with all these dudes neutrality is Deckard and, and it gets up, totally fails and is stepping step. Are these laws is loads ever its did so dark, but it's so well written toots just really awesome I would have true out. Have those poor shoes of slippers at your about Cleats Cleats would be better to stop. I athletes to dig your way through the fuckin sticky lows, whereas what the fuck
but this guy was in the port business forever man and has some great great stories about the porn business and now he's just writing. You know and shit just stories about the porn business can keep me fascinated for years. That's great business do and he's a regular, really cool nice guy diversity. Cause. These episodes are, though, the cosmos, Oh yeah yeah, Thomas Ward, yet Thomas word, I know what I did two weeks ago where was it calmly star without one of his porn star, friends real and she was like honey, a car. Taxes is like all my face. Number will crack and Doritos correct and Doritos and VD yeah. She was Thomas Ward is a really funny. Guy man, Thomas WAR, was another guy that, like ours, was like how come Thomas WAR didn't hit? How come? How can we make it Levin it now man seems like he's, looks like he's living large now is due importance is winning awards, and so I don't think he actually does the porn part the right he just does Larry acting in port
Areas like winnings winning a words winning Porn award yeah do those count. They do count. Joy, joy, we lost him still. I was in said my blood, so they down at the American Resources sub areas seeing it was. My air conditioning is broke in my office and be replaced on Tuesday. So, what's today, Wednesday to tomorrow, anyway, We will now they are the order of the parts knowledge, so there's no now have not around the house has just now. Is this like area you open the back window? Is it gets his flock in the van
That's one of things I miss about Colorado, never really got that my house in Colorado no need for air conditioning ever so. I just open up a window. Beautiful, clean mountain air have some fucking tap water. Your tap water is a well how about that son and drinking water out of a fucking stream, it's in the earth. So when I move back to Colorado, but MRS Robinson down for getting another dog eaten by a monster in the woods but chloroformed for chloroform, that's a chloroform swirl and what's not wake up where we Europe Cavalry, can't live with someone kidnap, a move to another state, special babies and shit. It's a lot of work with it. Or from ideology, has run, his way way on this weekend. We do when we get a couple, shows Friday Tubby Borders, whether can see our common mother fucking whole. Yes,
coming, all is a new place that I want to check. Lay their brows rather embarrassing. Those, not least on the Breyer, tell me about this place on the boy I love coming always come in here. You been twice that we're lies very our God. It's a brave man rose the brain and Mailros. I guess that's where it is well, yes, because I want to know about never been there before a new place and so that we can perhaps our flock and tireless goobers, thus purpose Joey's guy faded, and I imagine that you mention of your job, if you, Finally, coming to us that's a good spot, the south can we on Friday, night or whatever else. Why, and I am therefore ok- car sales comedy whole attitude would give a photo course outcome we hold or bother me unworthy. Improbable people in his ear, someone's in outline a look of resume comedy dangling around the late night, showed the improv, which technical or the eleven organs. Ten o clock right provided, and that's the reform beans. Yes again once so, what's unjust, but I have no idea so you're on natural. So you want to see
a comedy they're, gonna, Improv, ten, ten o clock show have so Friday night Jody, as will be there Brian and I will be orbit at the Vegas House blues on Friday. Night me and SAM Tripoli and dumb. On Saturday we're going to go to the UFC Saturday is brought eleven out of work and get as far as I don't have to I can't wait for state what isn't gonna have wishing car when in Brooklyn, I would think about loathing breathlessness. Rocks man nurse Round daily first round her. What does it take? down, pound, impounding the death and it's gonna be stopped, do think dead. Shane Carwin won't be able stop Brockton taking them monster, and you can't stop when at this can't stop when at face gonna keep on you inadequacies, it's going smashed brained really, so you don't, but about the fact that really so is literally physically at least on paper, the same size in ways, the same amount and he's knocked out. Every we'll dance row, it's a fucking, different dance, he's a big dance, there's a big forget them.
Iraq has been there before. You know has a big fuckin, the rock is so competitive, and he really feels that I bet he needs to combat months have gone missing. Does I think these just got a lot of time to think about shared and lot of training adieu, and he says, he's gonna bet he's gonna, probably more ready now than he's ever been in his life. Would you know he's I couldn't wait? Is walking around to sixty five is lost weight, but sat he's like ripped. I didn't really achieve is, is masses because now is on its really vegetable in Dian and Fibre, broccoli info to go along with the meat. So he's got this die. That's like a cleaner, dining watches is food like they the countdown I was pretty interesting. When you were talking about him coming back and started out, knights and slow, he worked out. They measures heartbeat heart rate, didn't go over certain beats per minute and then they slowly built in back. They could see the beast return. Before you notice, hearken to an eighty pounds again, throbbing all round Debbie funny of his tattoo grew Ngos like it is flower got dead, you know about
would have someone actually tattooed Dick on their chests. Just like it now like a dick like no question at all like a deck, would they let them fight the USA? What have you got out? I like Hector, Lumbar whose, like the ballot or champion very highly, admit away while the best in the world, but would have a guy like that level decided gonna go me would have gone. We came up with you see any tattoo dick on his chest with a proud making cuts. Are you making I covered up? They have make up. There is by the way, what megabyte site man's movie ever take marker, maybe like permanent My job make it look like a person's will someone's do that for the yard, the wolf's lair. What the fuck is his name shit, god dammit not be If a fighter came out to stand, the English popularly Paul tallies Kelly. He
He had left the wolf's lair, so he had like marker and he put out a big ex across the wolves there on his back. They attach to the wolf layer on his back. You know the automotive fighter should do what, as they should draw all over their fate face. I like it make it look like, passed out at a party you know like, like. I have dicks and Cox can't have chemicals in your skin. If you get someone's eye with sweat, you can't do that. You can't put anything on you, not even that's why, after the GSP, Bj Penn fight the corners on even allowed to put vaseline on, they have to have to do it and they control it. When did the will someone did, but you think I'd, be can't fight made event, fight made event. Five big event like like a lesson: a car and type thing she has paid. Rightly GS. Peace can have this fuckin big, crazy fight, come out with Josh costs act right now and as in only steps into the octagon realise. Just please get a big dick tattooed on just a real dick, Vain, a black one, a dick. He just go crazy and decided to give something
you know, my idea is to distract people. They concentrate on the black dick. Only that I'm wearing the contracting are allowed to do that. You probably know blackjacks interest, oh yeah, that's your problem is presently. I could find out why I guess I asked them now then Dana Wabbling. Why to fuck you ask me: you hi, restart those German, that's about two hours. So Joe ideas is starving for a sausage, pepper sandwich out school but they they give you a North Bergen Bergen. You got around to get a fuckin sausage and pepper. You gave it get that shit. These fuckin have facts that can make a goddamn sandwich. I want, What could sausage and pepper we'll peppers and Fuckin Marin, our sauce workers
was this flashlight enjoy D s o the flexibility, oh Mamma, Mamma Mamma. We were for the fuckin sparks up and tell you that were half doing he s, character, rule this mother, Fucker, stop fucking your hand on the same footing. There's the flashlight will work, What're we gotta go like zombies, gentlemen. The way we do it is rubber assholes. That's all that's a base, keep the lights on its sobbed. It's wonderful fills good. If leave it out the sauna get warm. You couldn't. You can also get out in a tub for hot water. My father tell our bad help within an escort. Some lube put some Lubin there, and then you stick your erect peanuts here and you like this I thought about doing it in the shower. The only problem with a flashlight is as much of a loser. If you feel like when you jerk off you Felix
five times more evolution when you're not into a rubber pussy, is failure forget, but its outstanding product. It's not gonna, stop using it. We do feel completely. He was like a summary caught. You beaten after me, one thing, but if you know you grow walks, any illegal you're nutting into a rubber pussy. One of the most ridiculous things you could ever get busted doing, fucking a rubber post a real dollar probably way we're so now better. The wayward? How does at least this way like? I know it's, not a person random, just watching porn, a beaten up, a real dollars, really kind of fuckin useless. We think about how dummy, to beat a really think that you're have assets that I wouldn't want one just to drive around within the current practical, jokes and stuff, like that. That's a good move, but I think cops look now because I think people have done shit like that before no people been busted with mass and right. If you put it
fucking see, but on an sunglasses, there's no way that cops. Gonna know that's fake. I believe you have tinted windows for shorter than nobody's gonna put put make it look, put a helmet ottoman bandages shit like is the money or something Like a bad habit or school, you act like a seal graph is now in the cops can investigate you, you, the worst criminal of all time this week. Jody, as is that South Comedy hall on Friday night and the ten p m, show at the improv. Don't miss some. Its epic stand up comedy its real stand up calmly old school Joey, we're gonna make a fuckin city with you this year. Ok, can we do that? We make a cd talking monkey productions possession? Should we do Dvd Lcd us do a goddamn, easy, the dvd I want it is it is, it pains me to know and the Jody, as does not have enabled lunacy Gillespie, even though you got a restraining order, I've still got a fucking kill you
less than a mile wide there. I like it. I like it. We will go the oars, what else he decides to me even though you don't have a restraining order, I've still got a fucking kill you, let's lids planets around nine people, know where we're gonna point where we can do this. Why should we do this? We do not do the somewhere for no one should do is what we should do we. When I'm doing a weekend somewhere like dollars, we gain or Austin or something like that. Where I'm doing fine Saturday and Sunday how about we fly on Thursday? Okay, we weep, we put it up on twitter and the internet, and I hosted in I bring you up. Let's do it, I bring you a lie that, moreover, we coordinate dvd. Ok, what planet do their necks out of order that bothers tub videos, Libya, that we issue with the tank next week in Burbank that's what do our host it I'll bring you up and we'll have you know you'll do like do forty five minutes. Bag and I you know, will be fuckin perfect I'll, get it. We.
To do that. We ve been able to do that for a long time. So if you need to see Joey eventually gonna, give seem on dvd, but for now go to see him if you're in L, a l South comical Friday, night the emperor at ten p M show, if you want to see me house a balloon, rather like in Vegas State It's going to be the next like dot com. It's going to be the shit, the house of Blues and the house of blues by the way you've ever seen me there before. It was chaos we completely that the whole situation is no more standing after we would see. Doug stand up broad and I would say stand up and I went to- and it was, tiring, just standing awful it's hard. I did not know that hard to watch. I think that was just likes to have abstained on stage for an hour and a half. I think it's no big deal stand and watch, but it's a big deal. It's annoying as fuck special when I'm on stage, I can walk around and move, and it doesn't feel so made me hate the comments. Standing and what you had to stand of one spot to an attack like moving my stretching my back or not, So I decided at that time, no more
standing room, shows that we made one mistake. We did Memphis that one fuckin shell in Memphis, which was a disaster right, those fuckin half the show standing and it was all a bar and everybody was talking at the top of their voice and it was built, other venue available and benefits when we're there. So we took it, but when did what The house is now everybody seated. So it's like big data cut out a few hundred tickets, a few hundred seats disease to let people a few hundred people stand over by the bar, but it became a disaster everybody would talk and they would yell shit out. They would enjoy the fucker, the people that we're sitting, and so now it sweet. It's nice, everyone seated, so that is eight o clock on Friday and then, after that of your round steel, Panthers out as at midnight. When we see that to steal Panther that fuckin, the the rock show it's the shit, I can wait, there was going to be fine good guys, the greatest osborne- impression that history, the Universe Outlays, John. Thank you very much for
turning to the park ass. We appreciate it and we'll be back next week.
That's it will all be. Bitches may spread been.
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