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PODCAST #31 - Mayhem Miller, Brian Redban

2010-07-20 | 🔗
Date: 07-20-2010 The raw audio from the Joe Rogan weekly live USTREAM video show with redban and Mayhem Miller.
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the general good experience i got a i just did not work she yeah eddie bravo up my cat dot com sorry ok we good yeah ok come on now
sam ladies and gentlemen we are live god dammit we are live with the man jason mayhem miller yes i'm strikeforce fame b down we beat out fame for sure and i can't go in the world to try to force frame to me for for the title yeah that's true but but you know like strike forces in the process of building like i could build up like getting the ball before we even talk we have to take our sponsor were sponsored by the flashlight i love taking all that's the butt hole version i think that's what other version is there's is there's a mouth version of a jj version now do the balance come in different dude that's a fucking excellent point because i was saying how come there's no black ones 'cause all the vaginas are pink if you go to the website we have talked about that funny thing is that due to hook this up do who started this whole deal our front chris seems my keys of mixed heritage
doesn't he seems like he's like you've got a bunch of things are saying it is a lot of little white yeah you i'm once had some black some and somewhere along the line if you represent he's a spiritual traveler you can tell by just talking to that guy you will do i can't with guys that have like indian de he's eight we're gonna have him on the podcast feel do it he's i like that actually takes hold of you know because they make it a girls is like stars they'd like
they literally mold their vagina like the outside let's take a flashlight app in and take him all but there's nothing like put like yes they put something on it you know and they make an impression of it yeah but every one of those is an official vagina there or maybe there's just some fat chick who's got her vagina but she's like some designer she went to art school for three years and then she goes please the stuff on there and now everybody will give some of this my point about the flashlight is always been it does not have to look like a vagina 'cause i'm not looking at it i'm just shoving it on my dick you know what i got i got a free fake vagina one time you stare at it while you're fucking like wow that looks like a real vagina there's no way you're going to be turned on if it was a real vagina ok why is it by itself whereas it's fucking body i mean that's creepy if you just fucking a vagina like someone took an apple core to some chicken often people talking personality wise most chicks that i've ever dated are pretty much just a vagina i just see that part only you've had some cool
well yeah that's true but you know i've gone through a rash of psychopath but well that's the lifestyle though you know that's the your how you're living your wild man like professional there's a lot of people out there claim in wild man jason mayhem miller is a real while alright i can't i'll shut the up you're talking about a dude who as long as i've known him as been living in hotels he doesn't even know it just got a house now he has to he's got the a tv star yeah well i have to just because like i feel like with your i like up damn near thirty you like have a
i better like buy a house like yeah well you're a tv star now when you're legit tv star you're the host of bully fucking beat that's a giant show man that is a popular fucking show cultural frankly i'm just waiting to get made fun of like i'm like please somebody saturday at lives make fun of this collab with it will happen it should do that to anthony bordain and they can do that to you if you go to any mtv parties where you have to hang out with their bills they don't let me around those guys and they separate me from jersey shore boots i really think they're separate you from what you might smack or yeah might be like i ruin my career because i'll be beat now this is the praying about may him like i've known may have for a long time now and may have as one of the coolest guys i've ever met he's a down dude he's totally straight you never know there's no there's no guessing where you coming from may have but that said
home he's got a switch and every now and then he just decide to just decide we got we were at this guy what's this is classic may have granted this is years ago before yet mature you were very well i you know it was you i would so either yeah well you get crazy you get hyped you know and it is not wrong with that but that's what makes you a great fighter but when you got weird this guy bar and we're just having a good time all right we got a buzz on we're laugh in the tele jokes it's like may have and brian is there and are you there just me and you and you may have i think it was one of the no no because our around the corner and was like one other dude with all right sure no you don't anyway bottom line is if the okay say it's all just us three so we have a great time laughing our off and may
get hyped and decides to skydive on this bed filled with people drinking as people they have these like the way sky bio sky bars why it's got this killer right at the mondrian's got this killer view and they have these beds laying around and people just chill on these beds and they lie down and drink well these people lying feet up if you don't say it all let me tell story okay you got the you got the basics rogan told his version here's my version in my head okay i'm standing there we already been the sky bar the day before i went with before and i had a blast like it was like girl this time it was like some people there but it wasn't pop off right we talking to have a good time but it wasn't like it wasn't like the hollywood party that you you have is it right and i know
i've been to hollywood that was like my first time ok so i wanted to hollywood parties like i was like where's all the hot bitches you know like what what is this so but you guys are used to it so you like whatever meows get bored like i was like man check your flavor i was talking to chicks and then looking around like and then i look around there's a low in our conversation and i look over at the hot chick and she's looking at me from the bench now be it i was on the sex level of this little area and weird scenario talk there's a low in our conversation i look back on the check she was smiling something in my head said jason she wants you to jump on there now i have extensive expn it's jumping on a couch i had a little sister all growing up i could run and jump perfect and land perfect on the couch as i ran and jumped image
there i went to the bad idea like why did i do this but too late i could not take it back so i jump and smash she into the all these hot chick lit bottle chicks like a bunch of it's do grant rolex one guy would you most like you here he had the ball hawk before people at both hawks and i smashed it blocked the drinks everywhere and whatever i bet i popped up bruce lee like jump back up and i was like that was stupid so it bounces running and i just went i know i know i'm sorry i know i know and then so this is my first hollywood thing and i was hanging out with the famous joe rogan and i was like damn brokers can hate me mad i gotta i my phone rang and i saw joe rogan then i was like oh god i answered the phone
you are laughing so hard that i was like oh cool it's cool that was awesome you gotta know the difference between someone someone who's capable of doing crazy shit but it's a cool dude and someone who is just fucking crazy and annoying and there's a huge difference and you're just a dude who is a cool dude who will do some crazy you get labeled in with the other group all the time you get undressed but in my opinion you know and it was funny the as a fighter as well the ea game they put you a really a low skill level and it was fucking hilarious video i don't know that's on the integers of hilarious video of him on the internet punking the
hey guys he pretends he's pissed off to the put him in a low level of skill way it's so good with it find it find it on you to google it what is the you know the name of the matter all you just may have may have a spore on c eighty cal or whatever ma'am freak out some like that it's on the address okay until your user right i got a little bit whatever so it is this for the people who were just listening to that i hold dear we would obviously nobody yeah rating cool like that a little bit and i actually one of the this hey is in on this one okay you're doing so if you notice in this video
get fucking slapped around here goes he now he starts he's realizing characters although skill level now watch the actor i received what's wrong charges nancy watch the build up down with the big deal it's a video game right now no no go back to my
there was this one dude who is there was this one dude who was talking who is really it sounds really freaked out when you when you violent physical he wasn't in on it my dad he wasn't in on it that that was rear was like his out what the whole floor of people came to the door and everyone was like acting like they're going to do something i might well listen to that guy's voice to you we wanted to that one spot with that one guy wigs this
hey this is some primal yeah you got to listen to his voice that the terror in a voice are supposed what's the what's wrong game for the that guy sounds like a dude is getting attacked by a bear yeah well you know i mean and i never thing about it you know i have no like fear of physical altercare talk to them sorry uses that bad i have no fear of physical altercation so to me like i'm like ok whatever it's a dude you know like and i don't really think about the consequences anyway like well
get beat up i get beat up you know like you said well the designer wasn't going to you up before i mean it would even attempt that for because your mad at him for that jail you think my game sucks fuck you like what you think is going to attack you know you had no dogs in that race no worries so that was very funny though it was very funny that's right you're right my web video joe rogan enjoy the shit out of mayhem miller enjoy the shit out of it now we can't have you on without talking about that strikeforce brawl that is the most ridiculous shit i have ever seen on television this is one of the problems and we talked about it on the show right after it happened with
organizations that they don't have enough experience yet there's little things they haven't covered little things like watching the doors so you can't just let anybody in and the us he knows that so they have people watch that i think is trying to get in their case yeah yeah it's just delicious but this is like a little hole missing in the game in the whole missing was you got to watch the door you can just let anybody in the cage they just up well you know and i thought it was an appropriate time to get yeah this is smart oh yeah for sure what's the worst that could happen well the worst thing happened so well it wouldn't have been bad it would have been bad what happened was you came in and you interrupted in the middle of his speech yeah here's the here's how that way he looked at you as you look at you guys made eye contact and then you just went with yeah we'll cut because it was like awkward at that point because i i i don't need to step in with frankie and then he looked back at me and me and me in the
me and shields kinda had made peace already 'cause we're both cutting weight at the same time and we're in the same area we both like and we're like we kind of looked at each other like yeah we're doing it again like what's up dog like that like we were like all right it's cool yeah you beat me that last fight give me those shot now you know i'll kick your ass next time you know there's mutual respect right yeah he respect me so we kind of made our peace and at the way and we still were cool like what up then i want my fight and knocked the guy out which this will make a lot more sense if on the video i mean on the cbs broadcast he showed i fight but they had five hundred and twenty five minute fights and went over their time slot anyway went way way way way over their time slot they went over by like over an hour right wow an hour this is better particular again they're just they're just new at the new thing for them anyway
so i go in there and i would need to step in a frame i step in a frame all what's up ari and he noticed me about faith love and i think well i got a fuck now right and he could he asked me well you want your rematch now and also you said that you said that off the off the mike and i went yeah where's my rematch buddy whoops because then i just put proceeded to get the stock big dog piled everybody is part is is a magic if i just want to fight and my camp within their okay my crew if we jumped on somebody they would be hurt i got up like my god like i need to get a hold of that how did i don't even get hurt you know i was shocked i don't even have a scratch on me in and i it during the little strip i shot a double a got somebody because i was like man let me just take them out of the ground and then i can probably you know get my way out of this and and because i was thinking at this moment yeah right would you fight and my
adrenaline had already been pumped up earlier that night i wasn't even hyped with that was happening i was like whoa oh my god i'd get on the bottom of a dog bite out of like a whole i'm getting a jump on national television right out kicked in the head i i i didn't feel that i had as as i'm thinking in my head then i'm gonna jump on national television the ticket et does dot for goes jonathan vessels national television i'm like haha no shit yeah dude that do this to me is like this commentator in the fucking title to your opinion sir damn right you know it's european joe rogan got nothing like she abello are you fucking kidding me tell you gus johnson all day he sounds like a dude is in a mold
it's not because i thought i'd like a sports guy i think i think ma'am just got me pregnant yeah a little high i i i wrote a practice for a book is kind of like a college textbook yeah it's a great book of i can't remember what anyway it's about the mentality of fighters and he did case studies with interviews with johnson did so that a friend of mine he wrote this book and a book called i don't know wait a minute wait a minute wait it's coming to me it's too complicated that's the problem if it was just like fighting our bright fighting and arts you know it was it was about that it's actually a you know a a good book i don't know look it up read
and you know how so i said right thanks book in and what else fighting it out is that if it's not sure thought something like that may have preferences on it was on you never know yeah yeah yeah right clothing i wrote this thing where at the beginning and i i drew a parallel all bought mass both my cat in their minds probably i don't care we have a technical difficulties with the wiener dog well i don't know yeah you gotta make so the room everybody like cats hide in the closet i don't wiener dog found founder we got god damn problems what kind of fucking professional studios is but i had the buddy you can't go down there call pete's lives in german we apologize about story not but i you know it's got to be a pretty big coincidence if if he does he just
sorry guys you know told my so much better like this yo yo yo check it out about the broken podcasts on hold it we have the way so anyway for the people who haven't seen this is what happened there was the the fight is over there's a lot of people google google listen to this part you have to have these people this this podcast that don't know about them about my bad there's there's most the people that was this podcast outs approach fifty percent lee light mma actor i know i love it no no many fans are more kind driving to work this out i just just for the people who who are not mma fans we just have to clean it but again get over here this is very strutting anyway sorry what did you guys talk for certainly shut his door get please shut the door by the way would maybe that counts story or talk about the sky bar yeah that was like my first month la it was like my first time at la bar and then
teach you and then when that happened i just remember it turned into bullet time where i just see girls like fucking glasses of wine god everywhere i like to call that saving private ryan visit vision like you're like looking around everything is in black and white and slow motion yeah and then i ran around the corner mean joe hid from you i knew i knew was going down there i'm like damn idiot i do stupid shit all the time but this is really stupid i finally have a famous friend in my entire life and i tell him to fuck off you see inception not yet everybody says all we gotta keep target before we change but they know you're ready i'll go see it tonight though for sure do it we're not done i know know why partially because at red band tweeted like mad the stroking himself why is writing this review like one hundred and forty characters of an inception
before before we get we gotta go back to this strike force thing before you talk to my cat we had issues we have wild kingdom going on up in this bitch so the right forced things so for the people who haven't seen it is what happens one guy wins in this guy who want jake shields may ham and jake shields had fought in the past very close decision as a matter of fact at the end of the second round was the sex third i don't know yeah well at the end of the second and third he had him locked up in a rear naked choke homeboy was going to sleep at all that i don't hold him after the bell with because my last fight i illegally kick dockery his head and i was like oh i don't want to get the everybody hates me because i'm a right fighter you know so i didn't even hold on to it beyond the bell because like i'll get up he would want to sleep he was he was a couple seconds away from going to sleep it was what should a dead locked up anyway so the point is there's a they had a big
very close fight was very it was exciting and mayhem doesn't feel like he did his best which no fighter ever does so if you want to have this remote so when jake shields won a big victory over dan henderson may have says what is a good way to hype this fight up is be a big name fight you know i may have miller from m t v and bully beatdown world cbs right now you know i'm i'm i'm a famous mma guy you're famous mma guy you just had a huge victory let's make some money yeah that's me some fucking money yeah that's right that's exact let's get fucking come on let's get crazy come on let's hype is it going to get mad at me but the prow where is everybody took its treat everybody went goofy like come on man you guys have i have some sort of an understanding that there's a certain amount of shit you should be able to talk before you throw down because it's good for business it's good for business what's not good for business is punting people in already done just i understand where you're coming from you want back up your boy but you can't do that
on tv you gotta realize that a lot of this disrespecting the shit talking is not real ok with a little bit because little bit me over there like i said we could have our block group we suffer together but this did this reality like the reality is you know it was a great fight the reality is you know you would like to get back in there and the reality you know you think you can beat him you came close to close to tapping so so there's a lot of real hype to it but there's always respect the the bullshit in the shit and everything like that what people have to understand is that makes you money it sells the fucking fights that's a big big thing like rashad and rampage man if neither one of those guys said a word to each other they would have been happy emotions black i fight who cares but i'm just saying they hype
yes they may not realistic yes there's some reality to it but they kept their together they got so close on the ultimate fighter show me when they got each other's face and what it's all about touch emotional story australia my brother both guys i'm friends with as i am as a mother because they're cool guys are both great guy i grew up with rampage basically when i moved to california in my damn van i like big i look i i lived in the parking lot down the street from his house and would drive to go pick them up they go to another job to trade every day we hung out every day it which one conversation that he remembers i went menu should be mister t on the a wow how every started spit that will want to know that i like that and i was like hold my your feet i told you i don't magic may have five eight years later i said bob traction type shit son exactly anyway maybe i'm just magic joe rogan may
he just black might be magic to really i'm just blessed me i think i just do some magic to give you the pages told me and shit hey anyway up so in australia and those guys are both out there and i'm going to get into a ball though going around to australia's night life and i'm i but i'm kinda hang out more with rampage i noted for away longer and whatever and and i kind of you know i haven't seen him over catch it up and and anyway he these suddenly i'm in the night club with some hot chicks and looking around like wow hot chicks cool this is what life supposed to be right and security starts running past me and i think where is rampage and i looked over at where were shod with sitting where rashad and i was like do there not here and those guys are running i run down to this little tiny hallway where the bathroom was an who's standing there face to face in this all way that i could barely fit down they are face to face in this thing just black
i'm talking like mother fucker like i i can hear his mom people like a bitch she like a bitch and she's like a bit here we go and do ds security is like lots they know who these guys are they know can go down right now they're could you imagine to the red shirt he had a club in australia was shot the people are cool as yeah like yeah people are nice here how hard is it to be about sir you know no big deal and then one day to is fighters savage kay and by one of the biggest rivalries in the history of the u of c and these two guys are in each other's face in your bar or something but you know it does that it out to you i spread the doubt in their diet between up and explain to them in the language that i'm accustomed to black guy because i talk black guy
i feel like i'm all for you give us you give us an exact interpretation of what we might normal black guys just black guy like i i i my formative years were spent with all black eyes right might from twelve well i moved to a less black neighborhood when i was twelve and whatever it was still tough i still hung out black kids to those already used like i was just like that you know that was just my normal guy what's it feel like hey get out here so anyway i get in these guys do the thought tv all why does it always the right you call the international incident they kind of like broke off and kind of like a laugh the the fact up screaming about an international incident right and disaster averted
like they were yeah they were like i was like you got a real couple drinks these guys get fired up well there's the psychological advantage of not getting the other guy you know not backing down at all it's so important to those guys and they understand that yeah i mean it seems stupid and i think it is kind of dumb you know but i am handed it hundred percent and you know look when people get he into each others faces and you know and there's this especially with two guys that are about to fight these little many battles are real these little tiny psychological battles like who gets to tell who to go fuck themselves last who gets to see the last word you know it's like fuck and we might be here all day i'm not going anywhere fuck you don't get in that man i am so not that why would you get your cell is that true is true but if you're a cage fighter it's a different situation because yes i'd like a logical warfare it's very important it's
important your mindset as opposed to where their mindset is when the when the fight starts you can someone's head up in the pre fight but there's a lot of fighters that are also believe in just like i love yeah yeah what sorry nice and good but everybody's got their own style i can't hate on someone should talk and stop because it really works man there's some some shit man when you get inside someone's head and get them emotional and all riled up to start talking shit about their girlfriend talking shit about their kids talking shit about their life you start fucking and look some people can take some people talk shit on and they think it's funny and it doesn't hurt them but some guys go crazy look at fucking frank mir went lesnar gotten frank mir's face after he beat the fuck out of him after he beat his fucking face into the ground to smash them then he gets in his face talks up well that you use that for that was real man that was that was a real anger you know that guy got fucking furious because that it backfired on
but it works on other gonna what do you talk about backfired well i mean the good people got sad that but no no no no no no no i mean as far as performing rock stars porches performance out of talking to i just think that that probably not out there to do it that brought clark was gonna you know this is bigger and bigger i agree but what i'm saying is it didn't do any good locks and got a more of a beating well you know you try yeah and i'm saying to me and he got really you got there was a real if i rather than anger behind it out of the market that let me off easy you know i i wanna if i lost i'd law i wanna lose i don't want to like you hugged me into the damp bad i want to lie here did you see the i fc the josh barnett drama daughter work stoppage man me josh barnett was crushing them no don't get me wrong you mean it's definitely just but i was thinking like wow i don't know i think brock lesnar took more shots than than this guy and the guy got but was really pissed and he protesters like what the fuck and granted barnett was
don't get me wrong barnett looked awesome i he barnetts fucking the one that so here's the thing as i love the officiating at the leicester fight left her car all right no i'm a super car one family i love i am as well is that the the best guy look i'm i'm a fan anybody who can win brock lesnar showed his character and coming back for that sat around but he took a lot of shots were i was looking at big john who i think is the best the business i think big john herb dean of the very best and big but big john stop that fight in australia knows like i wonder who would have stopped the lesnar fight people would have stopped at rosenthal is the shit guy is one of the best rosenthal you have got called rosenthal is the he's a real fannie trains is a brown belt in jujitsu about dealers danny's what hurt dean is this he's my heart he is out of landing who's mother the plan to both guys are and you know the but i don't think so those guys have stopped it maybe maybe herb herb how to stop now do if somebody might have no one from the matrix is going to
levine's a great referee but he might have stopped yeah you know sam yeah yeah i mean you know what there's a few ibm what all try to get at is that law on moments like that you realize how important referee really is so i don't i don't you know i don't think you should stop because he's taking a beating for sure but if you look at the athletes face you have to like pay attention to their shucks pressure there and there if they don't look like the one out of there right why stop it right you know yes i i never once can remember i i remember get by asking a couple times like like getting kicked that i'd like remember thinking don't stop this fight like told but i'm still here don't worry i'm still here and keeping my but she had to thing to think about right well yeah but i just go in my head don't stop if i could i could tell in a couple bites i've been in where am i getting
ass whooped i could tell like i'm like well i'm getting my ass kicked right now i gotta hurry up and get out of this situation and i but at the same time picking don't stop please don't stop the fight 'cause i'm still here have you talk to the d as brothers or gilbert miller anybody's fault all yeah i talked about that yeah and he's cool like to be the lead does been cool my buddies and i was actually kind of friends with nate diaz despite mean nick never getting along do you think you guys can all squash so you don't get along with nick and nick be whoa words yeah i said it what is your problem in the do you know because you know what i feel like he was a driving factor in that whole thing he's the first guy to throw a punch he started a whole big and it's it's almost not at fault because he's retarded but at the same time that he embodies this cultural ship that we had and and we really really started with doctor dray celadon s and w a and it then at
out of this culture of gangsters is cool right yeah okay sir is cool in a way to watch a movie but being gangster is just being a little kid you know i mean and and start a big brawl because what i talked of to your home wi that is just get out and and that that that thing in body is wrong with the parago right now people don't take like when they asked about it i came out and apologized right after that whole thing went down 'cause i was wrong i stepped in the cage but no one stop me i figured they won't it will be cool it'll be a cool way to hyper what do you do about come on doing the some a figure this out anyway so you know i i got i got it there he the drop on me that that's not the proper response like you know you don't act like a damn well beyond that brian come on i can teach you interrupt is powered by thought
yeah so i mean you you had talked to nick in the past though you got yeah is that the ec well after one fight but i did about pretty good because he after one of these but one of his fights are during the post fight interview up jason mayhem miller with nick diaz that she's read it i didn't set up it was like a silly and it was just a joke like he didn't get the joke though that's the problem he right i'll just with his legacy areas do yeah all we you know he's like i'll do boards ditch rescued it anything like that is that surprising look i like nick diaz a lot i'm a big fan of him as a fighter i've always been cool with him as a person i thought he was great but what is it what is it about him that hold no no fun no fun and games that's a weird way to live right because he just as he's i don't know he's just angry with himself so he just ate
but it's wet it's rare that someone is so disciplined like his disciplined as he is i mean it ps is in tremendous share just running and you know his cardio cardio guys hand works really hard he's so good now too man his last few fights man in the fucking scott smith fight i was really impressed frank sa back i was like god damn he's like he's fucking put it together he's put it on people i like to work with that but but as like do like that like always angry and always fighting it's you know it's unfortunate look at whatever you know that's just the mentality of of some people and i that i think that you know and it's weird you see than someone who's so good at half i yeah well i mean what it means you just go to the gym everyday
yeah but to be smart there's there's a lot of there's a certain amount of power over your mind and over your will there's a certain amount you're or ever will man yeah whatever dude listen i do have a will and discipline those who are dumb as shit who just go to their construction job and work harder sell every day no listen to nick diaz might not be you might not is a socially most inept guy in the world but physically that guys very intelligent look how good is jujitsu is look how good he fights that takes intelligence it's just if he's not no focusing in other areas you know of his of his life doesn't mean that it's not telesales no doubt i got it right when you're that you're super intelligent it's just i mean i i understand where it all comes from i mean it's it's like it's a programming that you get when you're really young and you think that that's the way to behave and act but i think you've got a real good point you know i you go
you got a real good point about that i don't want to drag culture i like to have fun and i acted back while they do crazy stuff but you are always cool to people i've never seen you picking fights with everything over there with the point never seen you start arguments for no reason you've always been cool to people i've never seen you bully people fuck with anybody which is really funny that you wind up getting this anti bully show listen the same job that i'm doing now then i did the same thing all yup it's so funny that i got 'cause i played this role my entire life because every time there's a big kid picking on little kid i can remember three infinite so yeah totally yeah i would be like 'cause i like to fight i always like to fight since i was three years old like i just hi there my dad was in army in box and stuff and he he like so you
afraid of it you want to get in there and do it yeah well somewhere and talking with one billion somewhere some guy bull was pulling in another little kid i remember walking to feed it going down and he's pushing the little kid around and i was like i remember i like i don't know i guess i was like nine or eight i walked over there and got it between up then i beat this kid up but but you guys are balloon the bullying bully yeah if you were calling here the bullying bullies though a very common practice yeah there are a lot of righteous people do that i've only to bully the other today are using the blue torture dot com my bully in high school he's always with me so what fifteen years later i made a website where i used to take listerine strips and put him in animals mouse that would photoshop like them have blue lips and stuff like that and pay right pizza or whatever got so pissed off that they're like we're going to go to this person's house in protest them so i found my bullies address
and made this big flyer like got five new puppies going to give him two hundred listerine strips live on the internet and you stop right now stop right now don't be admitting this on huh stop what you're talking about now it's fine and already admitted at any times on the artist well not on this podcast early else listen to sorry sorry pete it in me to do it the guy huh as a matter i got the right address okay we'll do that when he's never actually got you fed cycle yeah people that some random person first you let's stop talking of talk jesus christ the gallery no let's but what while we're on that subject tell me made him the story of your your assistant did you wrong and which i think is a hundred times worse than white yeah that well it's not because you do you give aways were someone live that's for someone that was just yeah
i swear someone sleeps this is just the phone number of phone numbers not nearly as bad as the place where you sleep the rest of the story was what was weird about it is that he was arrested the same week that this happened for torture to an animal he left his dog in his house for like weeks at a time while he was out doing other bad stuff and so it just had at the same week which made it a million times bags out doing other bad stuff again about said he's the way he speaks i well i'm trying i'm trying not to get the guy in trouble welcome adam all right we'll we want to subject revenge was served right so you have to work okay good so now we we can all sleep knowing that you will be no who is weird because actually he was abusing animals the whole thing is funny when someone tries to do a scam and gets busted you know that i'm interesting stories a guy who you know people always ask hey can we take a picture where you get me in a choke or i'll get you in so can i say we can't the ufc specifically tells us we can't because two guys were sued
was sued and matt hughes were sued for taking pictures with do it then why did jim norton just get choked out the other day on opium is a video videos totally different as a video don't listen a video is very obvious what's happened okay you know i by the way it's jim norton ginormous not gonna sue raney co tori just random fans that thought they could make some money and they pretended that chuck heard only pretend that matt hughes well the guy who they pretended match use heard i'm they investigated this 'cause there's all these people that said like come on man that's bullshit that's a nice guy i was taking a picture with you you ask them to do it this guy turned out here dirty cop and they started investigating and found out some shit now he's in jail how doing along stretches doing like ten years or something you know why because back he's a christian and jesus did it jesus fucked out doing the ass that's what happen right oh my god the worst thing ever said on a podcast too bad words things to get raped by imagine getting raped by jesus match even the destroyer that's a way better extra feet and shit right yeah so
tell us what happened with this mayhem is like i said one of the this guys i know totally down loyal dude but i had an issue with an employee i had the worst assistant ever like literally like i'll be like eddie take a right in a right on california all right why don't know should run on california's make a cool name for this guy yes name is about mike is mike good naff and i'm like dad's idea harding hi if tonya harding okay no i don't see tonya harding which is called okay okay other times just take a right on ocean take a right on california got it and he's like oh an my friend goes it's a big yellow building so i walk to the building i told him to go to and i'm waiting for fifth teen minutes and i'm like what the hell finally i called guy like what are you doing
it's just stupid like white women okay well established he's very port is joe okay maybe cup but so what we did but if i let's get on track set it up to the you know what i was dealing with here okay so i'm keep give it another chance every time i go like okay so you can't hit my credit card bill it take me to speak to but if they do it he has all the information still could do it he can't figure out travelocity he took me an hour away from my family union like either he's he's terrible at his okay okay so he then goes to one of my close friends and just lies about everything like like it's a girl so what one of your close friends this guy found her information and contact high he wit somehow we got
email or even out also i mean you had to be hating is only one reason why god does that guy goes and talks to a girl talk about you yeah that's a hater yeah i know don't worry i'm well aware of that so a lot you know this guy forget calls it just started making up ridiculous stories ville girl believes it like she's like believe it totally by but believe little bit is like totally i'm like what the hell where so he says a bunch of batch had lots of bad shit about me you're very emotional you having a hard time getting this out yeah they are yeah it's fucking that sucks benefit if sensitive but anyway very sensitive like i fuck you over finally i get the story out of her she tells me why alright what like he is made all that shit up like really she thought we make up he thought he she tell me all that i'm like man i suffered for like a week or two words
just give me the boat like no reason and i i don't know what i need to know what it was and i don't know what what is that all stabbing you in the but the guy that i fired the week before because you've got that a job and i was totally cool with that too so you had already fired him and then he did either buyer it up and then he did all that so i was confused i thought he did all this while he was working for okay so then so you for fire him he talks shit about you to this girl that is probably in love with you and then what do you do you put oh no i was talking to my friend doing cook an eye ames right totally fucked my friend well you were talking on twitter right twitter and accidentally close to that guys number is number so that i did that i thought if i did that i did my own life i saw that i saw that you did that so no ok yeah call call a guy anyway and talk to him so you thought you are taking a direct message to dane cook yeah and you were really
is twittering at public day that happens because but i can't figure out her day needed in the system i can't figure out how to delete the phone numbers for this nice people on twitter delta leaking your phone numbers so intense because that's like something that you have so many like one hundred people that know your phone number in and once you leak that like dana white just leaked on twitter the other day you lose that granted with his office number so they'll change is well that's not bad but your cell phone that's pretty huge you saw what was going on with yeah couldn't even turn that number for a long ass time you're going to forget how many people have that number when somebody down the line you're trying to reach it's all good i think this is reach the static read just reaching back and try to grab hold the people from the past let that right son it's kind of fun when when you lose a number i'd like i gotta go i liked it now i can't even the phone i turn the phone on it just it just reboots because it gets so many texts 'cause i try like every day when i turn on it alot like five thousand text
which is rather it happens when a and and i can use it i try to make a call or i get calls in on it i answer the call and while i'm answering the call it's just constant buzz buzz buzz of text coming through buzz buzz so you're saying is calling on the other line and then reboots is that red band is basically turning the phone on not that this i'm putting in my flesh like us we like to do but i'm so unfortunately put this guy's phone number online but i'm gonna be is gonna call it no nobody because number right why would there yeah it's not like it's my phone oh yeah and it's not like you're like this love guy and that guy fucked you over and i'm sorry may have like does anybody love the bully beatdown well i am i am an official may have monkey i'm a member number four twenty that's is klay days they make it folks i had to take it so perfect right yeah broke about somebody yeah mayhem has a uh called called the mayhem monkeys i'm done with that shit so it
it's easy you know we gotta make him monkey t shirt i got two of 'em i feel like you're like a look like at least a general in the milky arm i mean at least i can't wait prime minister well you know what i'm saying how about this how about i have a call it you have a call and we'll be like fucking favored nations and shit absolutely our yard you know why because you think about it i just want my cold to be people would saint of the same mindset if you are because we're all monkeys spin around a rock in space right yeah i mean that's what it is hi tubes internal yeah who's in town that's what we have voice of two girls of titles yeah well but i love brian you know why brian is a grown man with a beard but he thinks like a eighteen year old so great i like you have to i love that personality man that's that's a unique motherfucker right there but did
ever get your ma'am the monkeys like all together like for kind of like a roller skating party or anything like that that's a problem i've i've done that with the rogan board members it's almost always awesome but there's almost always one dude that's creepy in real life all right one do they just jacked the party member we did houston back in the day yeah there who is a good example of that where it was a couple days i don't remember the names but i don't know and if i did i wouldn't even say it but after the meeting them they stopped it just drop off the breadboard they stop coming to the board you realize there's been there's been members that wives have found out that they came to these circle jerks and i memory this been affairs there's been yeah their deaths outlaw that was a legitimate friend of ours yeah that died i had a heart attack he's overweight overweight dude yeah business mine is a cool mother fucker we knew that guy from like two thousand and one when we first met him in houston and he
always on my message board just a funny dude you're so cool do so you can meet cool people up to it but the problem is men for every cool dude you know for every ten cool dudes there's one or two just creepy fucks they'll show up for you yeah the thing that's percentages on the planet yeah it's pretty good i think you know you you get to know people very well from reading the they write on the internet that's like twitter is awesome because you get to see if this person and negative person yeah because they have body you could see through their twin because they can't help but be put the some of them know who i love i love black tuesday give motivational talks i like i like that you know tie reese the act that dude who's always like women stand up for yourself in all caps make that man respect you and baby boy and say love yourself before someone else will love you girls like you like all this like crazy super positive love pimp shit
you know he's just slinging his i'm a good guy game you know i mean it's like on his fucking avatar on twitter him making out with some chick dude is built like a fucking greek god he's a movie star sexy mother fucker i mean i don't hate him i'm not hating but it but i find it hilarious but he's talking all this superpower pro god love game like you tell when someone's thrown a game you know i'm saying yeah you can tell when someone's real not to the are you okay yeah but a lot of people are not as bright as you are joe rogan isn't it fascinating when you see someone's throwing a game and other people aren't seen in scientology i don't like anything like that like i had this who is a cool guy i still love the guy and where i used to live and he was talk to me about buying this piece of property and and i said well i can't do it right now but i really want to pick this up because my wife is about to go clear so we're talking about he goes yeah well we're in scientology and she's going to go clearance
fifty thousand dollars otherwise i would pick this piece of property up well well well i go what is clear like we're talking about so i'm just you know as it can indian automatically i want to start laughing at him and mocking 'em but then my heckler skills or ten maybe give him some rope let's talk here let's let's find out what we got going on here so uh i'm listening to him he's telling me that his wife is going to become someone who cannot be influenced by outside forces i'm not fucking with you what what did they get him to the point where nothing negative that anybody does the more sense them can affect who they are it's really fucking some pretty strong pimp shit if you think about it you know someone tells you that they're gonna fix you so nothing is going to come in it's what's uncomfortable about as you start thinking you could do that to you start that i could do that to people i could get started right and shit like i've got a about easily easily man it was crazy
feeling no no one that i'm living next to some dude is just getting raped if we go down that you know to mean religiously they were taken fifty grain from him and fifteen thousand wave a magic wand idea i'll do fifty thousand to do some god damn voodoo ceremony on his wife so that she won't get affected by bad buju did you ever seen s park episode without the whole scientology thing about the query or one of the best oh yeah i know when they went over the whole milk oh my god it was genius s parks are great when i go but here's the way it is though the way is is my friend has a grand ball from japan live the life but basically at the last thirty years been in the house cleaning the house she's a nice lady she got one of her friends from i don't know whatever old japanese ladies do she does speak english but the so they go to japanese church and a christian church and they go
so they're telling the story of the virgin birth and she suddenly has a freak out she's eighty years old she's kind of like a old lady you believe this she went in the middle of the sermon like you all believe this this is what the 'cause that's the her first time in a christian church he didn't never should heard about it really she didn't know the story no it's not you know cheap free now she was like did you guys leave and fucked up the whole in left in the middle of it well if you well parallel the same thing it's kind of hard to yeah i mean i hate to yeah scientology is the same thing as christians will we it's just that it's the two thousand years younger it yeah it doesn't matter anybody telling you they've got all the answers to ten alt that we we have this weird hunger took to your it all out but i just don't yeah good because now we got the scientology do you know if i i'll sorry sight
that's an scientists real scientists and i i think it's messed up the scientologists put it in there to i know right it is kind of fun kind of one not because they're called was signed because people who don't want to go to church go all great sign in south better yeah get up right away allergy if they had not been without its size and come out and and psychology together it's messed up exactly but but you know we we all we all have this need to know everything that's cool these smart scientists are figuring it out you know they know who the world round could definitely shot here's the reality is reality there figuring out things about matter there figuring out things about the nature of reality we figured but there way more the real big question isn't like how does this work what makes this explode what makes an atom what
the big banks with a lot of real question is what the is all yeah that's the real question is that's impossible with just science it's gonna take evolution in science okay yeah though the real thing that's going on is that we have all this incredible power right now as of the human race but we're still in this crazy is adolescent stage of figuring out how to behave and think and raise children to be normal human you know i mean it's fucking very strange time when you think about the power that people have to change the fucking way hold that we live in like with explosions and all kinds of crazy shit that people have invented and how people are as well at the same time so many dummies well yeah but you but i mean that's the way the world is you know there are smart people out there at those smart people boss idiots like me
it has ever been as big a disparity between people who are intelligent involved and the people aren't all living in the same time there's actually a lot of all right the so scientists factors are talking about how things are going to go it directions direction we're to go and they're talking about the elite class of people the smart people yeah some scientist saying too so we're going to evolve evolve just like the time machine yeah there's going to be some goons and there is going to be the super smart like crazy genetically enhanced robot people i don't know why people wouldn't think that's possible so people want to think somehow another the human beings what we are right now is we're going to stay and we're not we're going to become something else we're going to move on to something else man who knows what the fuck it is but it's not going to stop right here i just hope that i get robot arms up and if you look at like other animals like they are a bunch of different kind of subspecies where they branched off humans themselves we are one what time are related to some other kind of primate the same primate the chips
related to and they all went in different directions who the fuck are we to assume that that is going to stop the branches going to stop here or not i don't think anybody is anyone think that though yeah i know what you talking about man most people think that we're here this is how we're stand when they can't even see that the chinese i dated her parents like super short and she just sprung up to like five foot eight you know i don't know where will guess what she's like eating this chemically processed food but all of a sudden she gets huge and she had big boobs i'm like how what your asia your mom is super flat dad is like a scrawny talk to woman you know you're having more babies now there's more twins there like sub chemicals they pumped in or though like some female steroids yeah that was on purpose to yeah like church ected embryos in there that happens all the time that people like they can't have a kid you know they're like god i just want to have a baby they inject the later with a bunch of hormones so she super fertile he drops a load in
side of her and all of a sudden you pop out a litter of puppies and they they even put embryo so that's what i'm saying i mean actual embryo select old women who no longer have any eggs in their bot and bodies are starting to get used to having like twelve kids at once and now body be able to have twelve kids ten years ago i was hoping to see the turtle woman who like has all their kids on the beach and then cover some up with such a dick think it's a disturbing idea for people to think that there's going to be two groups of humans intelligent ones and more on once that i live they literally be two different species because people are worried they would be in the moron group that's what it is everybody's like i don't want to talk about this this is not real no bullshit people going to evolve together going to help each other stop thinking like that you're a pessimist really will watch the fucking news really you don't pay attention to some of the crazy shit here people do you hear about people fucking their kids and going into store
machine guns and you don't think that there's somewhere it somehow possible that that might be a separate subspecies of people eventually completely unrelated like bill gates like so totally different well this is just a matter of time and i you know what i'm cool would be in on the lower end up like whatever i'll be like that his party's dumb guy to be all access we could savage up like what seven eleven the food might be having more fun and you might be getting more chicks pasta smart chicks it's hard to get them to commit to a relationship there very wary of you they want to like i don't you seem like a guy who's going to abuse my emotions but the dump chicks i hot the dumb ones or sometimes it's more fun if you want to party partying with dumb people sometimes is a lot more fun and partying with smart people want to fucking cry
husbands and showed us look at doing that bug at crime because the lock do you i mean think about it if you're just a guy trying to have a good time you have two options one is a girl who's twenty three just got out of college she's out with all of her best friends and they're all drinking okay there's that or she's thirty on she smoking cigarettes she just broke up with her boyfriend she thinks she might be pregnant who the fuck you gotta talk to who are going to talk to you want to talk to smart chick who just graduated from college and she's not exactly sure which is going to do with their life and like hey hey hey i just wanna dance can we just have a drink and have some fun no no so you may have a point if you wanna have some fun fun just fun studies studies i agree with what was from page twenty seven and forty five is like a womans
social social already will for sure sexual prime all i'm saying hello me a twenty three year old is not blowing your we're talking about dumb and smart all that's on talking about i'm not talking about necessarily did the the age i think the chicks are hot when they're in their thirties because it became women in the know which other i'm just saying in our magical world of two different sub species you might be better king of the retards we get a lot of hot chicks that are just like really easy and fun to hang out with where as opposed to you hang out with a lot of smart chicks like they're going to want a lot of commitment i think we have to have a relationship you have a black president we have a black president it is the future now and i am the king of the retards i'm chubby enough in texas that i'm a supermodel as you fit right market due to a man with a guy and girls like a male a little gotten axes yeah it's a man is live in bigger is better yeah they look in the old days man fat broads were tractive that's why those old paintings look fat yes hello yeah i she sold luxurious look she gets to get fat because nobody else got fat man
you know when you look at those old pictures of fat bitches you like why is that sexy what the fuck was wrong with them what was wrong with it was hard to get food that was their blaine bling bling bling holidays titty look at all this shit right here i got all fat hanging my arms and shit that's how much food i i don't think we talk like that but that was not those pictures were the that was the equivalent of dub magazine that was the mtv cribs they were so they blank this is my blinker with all my fat i just be to eat and check pigs and shit all day digs you could be fat and fucked up and you look like royalty whereas everyone else was in you we in a worked all day they were built like may have always done and so your face if i go back in time i went to plow through so hood rats that respect well you go back in time you know maybe you fat chicks you fall into a war maybe maybe the only reason that guys could get fat chicks it's 'cause they had those gay powdered wigs on and it only fat chicks with both the same error
i'm not sure how well one hundred wigs powdered orange went along with going off with i think it was getting out of that when jerome was painting people to wash back then yeah yeah who cares they washed like very rarely will you wash your armpits and you and your junk you do like the irish shower real quick god damn how much did people stink backed away but not a powder but i think that's how we're supposed to be yeah we're always trying to kill our pheromones off of each other do you think that if people just walked around all day funky that you get used to it i don't know you might you guys like you did yesterday that litter box i don't know what every day i still listen bro when you did you did so you get used a stinky smell and i don't mind it at all you don't mind if i do you are locked this guy the other day and soon as you start rapping shirts but like the monia maybe not only their when people leave their key in their in their in their bag and then they put it on again a second time it's got that smell this guy's rash guard for sure he wore it twice that's what happened some some dudes do that they've got a bachelor's in
shit they don't have any laundry that i have the time to do it they work you get you i i got yeah i actually i don't know why i like i lose the brawl if you say that but you would but i smell cat litter for the last ten years that is yeah yeah you're right that's why not you only this on humans yeah that that i i i thank you for your actually dangerous yeah it's like you have you of back to where they can give you disease yeah that's why it's so rip he had to explain that to the sky right now he was a big difference between display this she's very spicy little stones i do sorry i'm just saying shit is bad for you just so you know trying to know but i like stinky people i don't mind sticking people in less but about stinky pussy though fucking push not if it's negative you could smell the negative space however an every girlfriend i've had whether she knew it or not i smell her armpit hard really yeah every time i can't help my nose that work that good sometimes when i get warmed up it works just fine
is an amazing how repulsive stinky s off and not and this is not a meditating statement at all i understand it's like no one's perfect this is the health problems all is it's it's a you know a bacterial infection or whatever it is just it's nothing wrong mean it happens to people but the itself is such a warning sign to men there's whatever the fuck it is pussy always smells off when you get down there you smell the hormones and the moistness of it it has like this glazed fucking sent to it like you just barely pick this is it you smell a woman through her pussy i mean it's a clean fresh pussy is a fantastic older but when it's nasty when she's got some sort of a yeast infection or something it's horrifying like all your synapses are firing right all of your senses are going to walk away from that the last thing you want to do i mean i will eat a girls after she gets back from the gym way quicker than i
whatever you think about going down to grow as a yeast infection has anybody ever gone down a girl has a yeast infection salute lee carter cheeses delay but you know it's really you know it's bad also is so with they don't clean up the soap enough you're looking you're like this tastes like i'm watch soap out and i'd rather be looking to dial factory that i will hurt are you know i like i like it i like the muffler of liberty have you ever done down girl which of these defections well i mean i sure i have thank you know do i what level does it become a yeast infection i react to one point it's like getting there and it beyond it bit it stinks but i i'm sure you know it i just love this period blood bug you if he's on the ground if you will like yell blood i'm now it's on the girls i've recently been turning into brave are you know putting right underneath my eyes drinking that i think if you turned on enough you don't give a for sure that's what it is like whenever i hear it like girls will complain they will tell you stories about their you know their boy from will them or their agonies disgusted by it yeah i'd like that because not that india
let me tell you have a guy wants to fuck you it doesn't care if you're pussies red that's that's nonsense what is the difference of it's it's it's a slippery and read or slippery and clear i don't know if i have a order i don't give a that's a lot if i'm and it so that's a yeah your good there's gonna be some dog i did it well you're our blood it's like they don't care well i like eggs yeah all of it embryos he wishes to it up like a retreat back with my is ready to go and i go into guerrilla mon i don't talk about the apple i don't care about i would now yeah i will i'll either post okay i i've ever read time twenty right now yeah if mrs rogan is under period i'll i'll eat that pussy i don't give a fuck i like it i don't care i'm not scared of blood dude i got this werewolf fucking fixation
a fun not from what i don't like that was my failure to wash it off and you have that that that could show on your dick the next morning we're like a hold off like a look if you forget yeah yeah you you can all be crusted scaly pick it up at no legs swap software wow we just took pixels are your numbers are good it's a good turn man because i'm a thing these are all like primal message yeah that that nature gives you these are all good things it's good for the check is good for you you know and you go down a check and you smell a rat she smells awesome and you want to eat her pussy that feels good for her to this like extra excitement like you're into it she loves it and this is just burst of positive energy all good stuff man they nothing wrong with that you know in the is somehow another yet you're not supposed to talk about this or it's supposed to be something that's you know discussed behind closed doors this is because people are afraid yeah they're free
their feelings afraid of emotions are free to looking ridiculous lets our whole culture to have like a hole like press stop on sex like only god thanks like yeah well what do you draw a line one of us is here because to be yeah that's the one you can't talk about eating on the today show why can't i go on the today show and just respect you don't want to see those what katie couric during morning i would you don't want to see that you're trying to protect your you they're trying to protect you from gross women getting worn by kat katie couric ten years ago and we got drunk together to talk about i was a single males you acted on record record kate katie her if you want if you want some have you ever had athlete there never had some mma fighter dick you ever have some gladiator cock jason mayhem miller is ready to throw down do you want to be mayhem monkey number forty two want to see al roker positions available you and be in the record books yo al roker with a boner doing the weather do you want that why would i
could get hard you think al roker we get hard from katie couric party like his sister that gets more money than him you know they also about the hate each other fucking yell at each other in the dressing room you are fucking hogging up my screen time i bet they get all shitty with each other i don't like the way you threw that piece fuck you katie you made fifty million dollars is here you fucking whore they probably each other how you eat the fucking weather what do you do what do you do you pointed shit you think your talents in conversation or better i'm a conversationalist you're a fucking sideshow p tune in to see how much weight you lose but you know you know that their managers do that not them do you think they bang could match katie couric and laughing all bankers are being exposed because of the internet i mean look at this mel gibson throw my god no gift for his on this oh my god i love it more than george w bush like like a mess helaire
this guy ever i love him more than i've ever loved a male celebrity hilarious 'cause he's he's a train wreck he's a train wreck but everybody gets to see it so i'm sure he must bear fuckin nightmare to be in a relationship with but i don't think we're getting all the fucking details out of her either i think that just fucking coupons natalie because those yo the chicks always will egg dude make up psycho though that's why because she's already done all the work now she's collected dividends by recording here's the deal ladies please if anybody talks to you like that don't talk to them it never just hang up don't ever engage in i understand you got a kid with them out but let's be realistic this to heart yeah but the she did this start recently those kind of screams that mother there's been ramping up for years yeah that's years worth of build up to get to that point where that kind of crazy is acceptable you know i mean like you can't release
crack in on the second day of the right right to get that kind of crazy you got to get to know each other for a long time to the point where you feel like you could just be completely insane with our flock to talk more hope you get paid by connectors such talk is super crazy talk what that's been building up and i was like a sex thing between them that we would like role playing that she took a record of wow and this is like that's a good welcome it's you and you hold on his lap that's why not a breath when you know what i could say if he was like a jacques queen phoenix type dude he could say this is all yes yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah that's all yes thank you can say it's like white two he can have a a public apology and say you know this was ever meant to get get out and i definitely took it too far and i definitely think i got to any character i said some shit that was a fencing that and i never wanted people to hear it and all
is dealing was exploring this character that i was creating for a new role yeah about a guy who was his view a wealthy man with a russian bride was trying to kill him and he went crazy exploring this character i apologize she took its way out of context and call me we can work this out sun may have called me i wanna may ham and i got it too we're going to meet you in malibu we'll get some sushi at nobu hollow yeah i know i know i know a guy that facts yeah okay my friend k works and noble we'll get you the gather romel we got you do it back twittering this is exists mel this is all just a misunderstanding this is a character you're working on i know mayhem knows we got you didn't it though as a crazy person damn didn't make you happy that someone was way crazier than yeah like i was like whoa i would never say some shit like that like i like i get banana sandwich something like fucking flip my lid but i would never like i don't know maybe it's
not my character though i don't lie like i would say anything racist 'cause i would say some crazy shit i could never bring it to that level where where you like shit orkut then again i don't have any kids so maybe it made him crazy when a dog has a baby start to get super protective will dr drew says and i don't know if doctors right but dr drew says that he thinks that what it is is an imbalance he thinks that mel gibson is something wrong was sure bipolar well because it yeah he's getting hammered all time and then yelling at cops about that was the other thing doctor drew said he was talking about recovery and the fact that males in recovery for alcohol and then he might have like fucked up and fell off the wagon so he might jenna mentally be crazy you know i like it sounds like you're right i like because that's not normal gag cycle he would hung up after he said his piece but i never met anybody that crazy yeah it's usually thyroid conditions and like that but maybe he just got so stuck into the like lethal weapon money that crazy huh you may so who do you know that's not crazy
i met a stripper that we don't have to names next okay okay no not just a person who has a girl i know i used to work with okay that girl that i don't want the one with the hair yes and that girl would get that crazy huh well you could tell it was a year tatian brought on by you know talking about so you have michael's chemicals it off you know yeah and and if you could tell it was just one day was awesome other day it was like the worse people that don't have any medical issues are so quick to dismiss that shit right now at the bottom line is mandy the body fucks up and sometimes doesn't produce this shit supposed to produce totally i just think anytime somebody has a you know whatever a mental condition and then he and then exactly so alcohol alcohol drugs or whatever it is popping them at a role if you write current that'll make you feel a lot of guys who who right to add or
yeah but you're very sincerely or two per spoke is that right i tried that and i had a football like that because the guy oh you have a dd oh really have a dd i've just hyperactive really and then he gave me that stuff and for a while i was writing blogs on mayhem miller dot com's or writing whatever band i don't know where to start flipping out like who's in my mind it's like speed it is speed in that that better mean salts that well they don't even hide the name in a different name between data mean salt yeah that's what it's called the generic is you get generic it's methamphetamine salts jeanette for admiral like whoa there selling this to kids brian look that up no no i believe you but i wanna know after i may be crazy i was like chemical terms that's insane yeah i have a friend with google adderall adderall and but that makes
article name checks take at all times at all i mean i've been in wikipedia probably does to model takes to take that as a friendly carlos takes a kerr appetite yeah they just walk around super scrawny and ripped up my god that's so z z twelve do you take per day i pry take a five hundred milligrams sure what when this is beyond what brought me to where i found at like nine at that but i have a bloody comic who's on that or all and he says it helps them tremendously these are right for you have he's out dude who he doesn't take care of himself his body he's in his 40s and he looks like he's falling apart he just one of those dudes just never been real health conscious and he was having issues with energean focus and they got him on this adderall shit and now this mother fucker just works his ass off he could just sit in front of a computer ten hours stretch in a band right here gave it to the to the fighter the soldiers in the army hello what do you think about the better there's greenies
almera the greetings to guys are taking it and going on ruck marches for like two or three days well i thought the japanese invent i thought they invented it for and then they tested outline kamikaze pilots that's what i had read or maybe i had seen a documentary i don't really remember totaly but something on the the creation of methamphetamines and it was connected to kamikaze pilots that that's how they talked those guys into going crazy and slamming the plane in the boats is that they were all masked other which totally makes sense yeah i don't mention it being in war you imagine being over there only happens army being war and being left out of your fucking my surrounded by other dudes mathematically or fucking mind and everyone's got guns yeah but you know what jack dudes are like real serious i lived over there they're like very like focus this product warrior culture okay at that i love it over there he is great i love it your star over there too you're a much bigger star in japan and you are not wasted i you know the i could fight over their boss but right now the country's fall campbell's love you will
well the injury to why because i make an effort and actually my real charted miley my best buddy i called money key that means big brother and he like my guy and i lived over there and i was like because of the limited japanese i could speak i assimilated with the japanese fighters and i would just be be and you know eighteen japanese fighters et got a super restaurant like that is b at about some these dudes i kind of got used to their culture right i kind of got into it i got it bad about japanese do right after so serious man you know i had long live home that's not true but i don't mean about not joking around yeah i mean about like their their their energy lecter warrior spirit there so driven with it you know it's such a an interesting culture the culture that like really appreciates the effort what do people losing get my soul
the fans you know dudes will just fight like like a warrior glad she show heart in losses you become more and more popular look at sakuraba it didn't matter how many times you lossed nobody ever gave up on him it's like boxing like de la hoya gets knocked the fuck out two times in a row and nobody was going to go see him fight everyone's going to they hang it up to jolla but sakuraba but it doesn't matter how many times he got his eggs scrambled people showed up to watch him fight again and they cheered him like you are respected up because he's been of those like lesser versions where he's getting his ass kicked then come back and win i love japan just for k1 i just love that they put on k1 'cause if it wasn't for japan like real high level kickboxing especially in most big heavyweights and shit would be nothing man what were the anybody putting on shows in america i mean there are more talk shows and like that but there's nothing tell us you know there's nothing if you don't what do you like it like had that that steep built like the ufc from there negative side where no one had that steve built about kick boxing the
anybody care to buy think without stupid movie joe must have high level guys still man it's so excited the pka that pk karate in the eighties ruined k acts in american everybody got the the cuts bad brad have dinner shift flippy kicks and it's like a super like d level athletes do there's such a big difference between kickboxing above the waist and kickboxing with leg kicks yeah you add those leg kicks it changes the whole for you gotta be way stronger like you have to be like a strong tough duty bentley can take it because my legs are sore right now from this morning's training and how we took like two with we should have done did you see the his shamrock front ok pages off the whole chama yeah i didn't see that ken shamrock got smashed pick up line should hit though but he finished him with a leg kick because the final leg like he so let it is so
hard to watch mad you watch you just go on because you could feel pager with those tree trunk legs just bone just slams in the cans like and if you look on candy lined up for years for years yeah so the renters were fighting randy had a rehab his legs for six months i know he has like a weird veins yeah from so does random and from his pager his own both guys from his own 'cause hazelwood chop at you so hard which such good technique and is so fucking big he would jack
his leg so bad they would literally never be the same again i'll tell you that you know you as a fighter one of the rare also things that i've seen in my life like i just remember the first time i kick somebody real good in the ribs i kicked the hard with my boat was one of the most amazing feeling because i never knew boy tie ability california trade boy type a real it kicked the pads real hard and then i remember the guy came in he threw a left jab and i turned it kicked and would buy she in with like it with it do is rips i could feel everything move right in there ban all those on real people in my life because i felt his body change because what i was doing and i was like man and he was he was after that point of the fight he was to come
done it like he was like and he let me beat him up like 'cause 'cause i kick him i got him a good one in the ribs and he was done after that because you know your body your body needs to go that way boy tires the way to go there's there's some kicks from taekwondo that are really affected the guys are using now at conleys bring it back to turning second three hundred and sixty boobs spartan would piss me off and they're like you learn how to kick where you're like walk like it's a hard one but it's so fast and it's not the same as a boy sidekick where you did through the whole body me across the face the best guys are the guys have the combination of both types of style i don't have the ability to throw a taekwondo fast kicks sidekicks and turning sake but they also have the more tightly case and the more tight defense is important to you know you you you got to know how to deal with those shins slammed in your arms 'cause those pk guys they never got kicked like that
i rarely did guy get his arm broken the pk but like ten lebanner broke his arm i mean frank shamrock at his arm broke because you have to be aware of the leg kicks too yeah so like you're like worrying about all this guys going to keep me in the leg with your right prime range from to kick your arm off inside it's that but it's also the shin the other guys did not understand the power of the shin everybody was going instead i understand the power but here's what but if you take away a boy thai guys leg kicks right and make it by pk that style of above the waist lends itself for like slap fights it doesn't turn into like a real
kick boxing match for yet another huge element when you add knees and yes let us have to chew chew gel because it you know why i thought about a lot and i i believe the lies that a lot and i always like in in my fights always feel vet okay this is the end of by range with my hands and i go i feel about my legs ago okay that's the end of my range of i kicks and i figure that out the first minute or two i and i go okay that's where i could play okay so then you know without kickboxing bay you got to stand so close to each other and what not you can't really get a good dig you know you really get there there wasn't excited back out there was i write a lot of times guys standing like rock and sock robots is up kicking and it was i mean there were some exciting fighters like don the dragon wilson was outside again and i was like a little kid what's that dennis alexio he thought when they had like like cake style that was
sixty yeah but that was a transition when they were trying to put like leg kick fights on tv i remembered don wilson fought alexio yeah i remember man's back in the day is a son but don don the dragon wilson up that a selection would let kicks yeah that's how i won the fight yeah so but once you take that away there's not a big like spot where you get set up to make a hard kick to the up or to surprise though that someone has and figure out a way to do some sort of a k one thing in america i know k one i had a few fights in america but how the is that not on tv it's yeah like whatever that shits on like the k1 grand prix i get fired up you see like butter hiring all the time they put it out there but it's one of the things that broken up thank god for mark cuban that hd net man i watch more anime because the ht net anything else that's a great network i'm just surprised that no one's going to kickboxing league i think kickboxing
i went to that shit son i gotta hug by chuck norris one of the proudest moment in my life and i was so pissed i didn't want to go back and say can i take a picture with you and be all cheesy but chuck doors when he met me he reached out his hand gaming this big giant hug and any like slap me on the back i'm like i'm in and you understand me i just got love from chuck norris you remember any details from that day like that a certain smell or like love remember is in the air now did it we were at vegas and we were at a w c l one of those world kickboxing lease or whatever the the name of it was is vegas or atlantic city i think it was vegas i'm not sure anyway i just up and i said to one of the guys that was working there i said do you think i can beat chuck norris and the guy goes yeah i'm like fuck yeah come on man and he just brought me up chuck norris and i was just going to say sir i'm a huge fan very nice to meet you and but chuck norris fucking opens his arms gives his big job file it says joe what's going on because his big hug job
it is a he got a hug from chuck norris and lived to tell the tale it is because i was six i wish it did dude i was out of this for real man as a kid i was a huge chorus chuck norris fan enter the dragon a fight with bruce lee all the missing in action movies i mean is dumb as they were hello can work for you is that low waffle qua that was we should start come on a little david kerosene extra points low moving okay do chuck norris is the man so for me to have chuck norris recognize me and give me is big hug and call me by name i was like oh is like the best birthday present ever it gave us more fierce what now new the only now that would be fine i don't talk about that i don't know that i'm not i don't care stalker character i don't want to give them fuel you know sending the
the baby should have ash again as you dogs given up a truck so i have a good cell and just want to check it he was a he was ready to and engage job at a yellow he hates squirrels birds and cats but he will some up if if if if you could get a hold of it you'll run i feed run into this into a pdf or fairfax it'll break factset third he ran out into the street after a bird would let me ask you this what do you think about strike force you like working for them yeah so cool school have you yeah you know i i feel like they they just have to set up certain problems that will be fixed as time goes on but you don't think if it wasn't for this battle with the d as brothers this this thing and post fight thing with government is ending do you think you'd be challenging for the title right now because jake just abandon that yeah you know i mean you really you had the toughest fight with your fight with him was way tougher than henderson is fighting
i guess i guess you know i shouldn't say that that's not really fair because dan came really close to put them out yeah he said that you can't think closer holding about really jake is such a damn good fighter he like jeff is fine yeah he went fuck it i'm just going to keep going from that point on it was a route yeah i mean it didn't close it seemed like dan was having a hard time making way didn't seem like the normal dan yeah i think i think twenty five is hard for him he looked he looked kind of rundown danza thick dude make him make an eighty five although i disagree with you i know this 'cause i try really he's like walks around like one hundred and ninety seven but he doesn't like cutting that wait man well of course 'cause he's forty years old we don't do that unless i'm saying i'm saying that at that age you know you get over it i'm sure you get over it you know he's big got bigger weight views what like right well what he what he does nothing a he
like eight years i know but when it's about forty that's really hard to do yeah dan if he catches you with that right hand on johnny's damn you got a problem we all know that you know that the got one missile mandate is letting me knocked up anyway vandalize left are you that got a strong core yeah with a super hard punch yeah you got problems and now i mean he's not like a you know a masato technique striker yeah yeah but god damn it's got haymakers site out you don't get yeah i kind of gave strike force a black guy you know i i brought some attention to us but i gave strike force the black i little bit bye bye because the
that whole drama but i did she cause it you didn't want to start you don't wanna start a fight of course i want to go out there after we wanted to hype up a re matching everybody's on cbs let's make some money let's get everybody fired up and enthusiastic about this and everybody wins it's not like you were going in there with an angry mean face on looking to fight him right down there what it was it's like i don't know the cbs not get it you know everybody was bad at me and i'm like guys what happened negative here i shop dot i did get hurt i hope they don't understand what you're getting all the blame for that i know is the the people who should get the blame with the people that you and no one should let you and that was an oversight yeah they know that now it'll never happen again and that's what you know running a business all about no one's perfect but once that said you know what it pause was there was too many fucking people in the octagon there was
you who was an unwanted person in the octagon and you were into interfering with someone who's getting their glory the whole thing was just badly run it was chaos you get a bunch of fucking dogs together okay if dogs are ground and shit happens you can't get mad at the dogs and i know you just can't i think those guys should have done that but fuck me you know i motions run high after victories things happen people get crazy and i you know and what's the worst that happens may have got jumped by tv yeah you got fucking kicked in the head while that on the ground outside i got fined for it and suspended suspended how long is suspended for three months but if i were to argue with it it would be like you can't win you can't win if you win it sets a precedent i know when is the last time anybody ever like try to get a fight overturned or protested whatever it came through so droid task anything protest stoppage or something it worked no we didn't
works nobody we don't know yet venture radic protested the scott smith fire resin yeah yeah i think was a sweet he thought was stopped too soon yeah you know a man that people up and it's a terrible thing the people but once they fuck up it's very rare than anything you look straight into the future with a positive mindset and usually works out for me so who they have lined up for you in october not sure we're trying to put nick diaz together oh goodness yeah little grudge match so so guess what i started grudge match it ended up that we're going to use it you know i mean like okay now we got a grudge match well that would be hyped up fight them right so easy that would be in october do you know where it's gonna be a nope now i don't know anything i don't know if it's happening yet but you know i i like to rub off of it hopefully make it happen are you i doubt that you don't fight for the ufc the no you're fine which right now you know why i got a good deal of whatever and and cool you have you have see the big show in town and and i understand that but when you see like you know
chill son and challenge in anderson for the title yeah you look at the actions of the idea what that could be my wish yeah i wish i could fight in yeah it's like one of those things like like right now at this stage of my career cool if if if something gets worked out where i could what work with them in the future okay cool but you know right now i have a contract and you know i'm generally pretty happy and you know whatever how cool you with dana you and anna cool i don't know i don't know about now but she doesn't say hi to me so i'm like oh well damn didn't say hi to me like that but i don't know do you think it's so crazy maybe worry i trade links up crazy i had and i don't blame them because by law crazy yeah i'm crazy but but not the right shoulder if i can get on the same page as somebody we could be crazy i'll be the crazy guy and you make some money here will both make money how long do you think billy b town is going to be on the way log for albion really yeah dude it's less juggernaut
hi i i thought it was it and then i did the third season i recorded at all it'll be released it i'm not crazy would be if you are a bully beatdown and fighter same time priority i was too much tv time as the guys it is right now you can't take it yeah i like it i don't mind but what i'm saying is i don't know people hate get sick obey no one's going to get sick you ma'am i don't worry about that fellow we're here for you all right just take a little bit less b twelve yeah not bad you know what is it about you throw gives you energy yes a lot too much b twelve s top good you know what i this girl nice in freaks me out man nice your whole body your whole body and you know what i got used to it now and i like i like a little like it's burning my whole body but i like it i didn't grow
we all the vitamins a what about a man i'm like this is the best thing to happen to me that's very important and supplements it's a male body yeah i do you know what i just started to give up but it's like this year i never took supplements just like whatever wow yeah it's crazy it's stupid but what it is 'cause i know you have statements so yeah i didn't think that it was that important but man i feel a market difference do you know what it is is it's marketed it's marked marketed rather if you listen to like people like doctors tell you all you need is a multi vitamin all that stuff is nonsense you know why it's 'cause it's not f they approved oh it's not approved well it doesn't mean just because it's not approve doesn't it doesn't work there is a lot of anecdotal evidence for people that are taken it that are having pretty positive results there's like nutro pics that i take that make your brain work better there's a whole bunch
yeah yeah give me some of that yeah i got some a a right you don't a list of all the different should raise very tall i don't know what it is but there's a bunch of different things that are designed judge what a neutral picks designed just to increase to rebuild you know you're talking about that and i think that we live in a culture where it's not about living better really it's about just living above the day line like nobody wants a nobody wants to know we really think about it yeah tastic yeah yeah it's like you know oh i had across asia go feeling fantastic is bad and wrong that's why you're not allowed to smoke pot anywhere but california with is that you know how how about men how much drive you crazy when dudes who don't work out we'll talk on an exercise in the ports of key your body's ability yeah it was a bad conversation rick view where a lot of people are ignorant and then they take pride in their eight or
yeah it's like dude when your body works better your brain feels better it all works better the whole thing flows better so true but nobody wants to admit that that's their issue you know nobody wants to admit that their lack of x size and everything no no no i don't need nobody needs to workout why don't want to comics or fucking fail i know that kind of shit right comics are always bitching and whining and they just want to sleep till three and don't do anything constantly that that shit is so important for you man well i just think that people in general it's easier to be lazy at that bitch about it 'cause that's funny and you get positive reinforcement four people laughing at that like ha ha yeah i hear you work it out too yeah yeah there's a little bit of that atoll israel loves company no but i had a conversation with a dude once we're talking about like what's the point excise what's point working out i go all right if i could give you a pill and this pill would give you a super powerful body like ridiculous much more powerful normal person you could literally take the normal man and strangle him it will you could take him
manhandle him treat him like a girl and choke him to death if i give you that would give you that wouldn't you would you take it when you want to have that power i what do you want to have the superpower i give you a pill and it turns you into an assassin and i'm like well you can have that stupid i have to do is workout if you train and user some kettlebell wait well it's not it's where you're working as a failed bid at twenty four hour legends legends in hollywood it got me you got me under the ten digit to filiation program will try to sign people up you enjoy working out there were a lot a lot of people don't enjoy you know what i enjoy i enjoyed your too because just to to me is like it's up awesome distraction i got so much going on in my life when i get into jitsu an i'm rolling some dude and we are just trying to kill each other you know i'm trying to choke him he's trying to choke maine we're battling were pacing ourselves i know what this mother fuckers do any keeps going for the deep half sweep i gotta keep
underhook i gotta stop 'em there's like this battle going on and when that battles going on man i don't think about shit else i'm not about i need to clean my office i'm not think that i need to call that dude about this saying i need to get my together and write this new material no i'm i'm i'm just doing ju jitsu i'm in that zone because it's so difficult to do it puts you in the zone yeah and it's like a fun game yeah whatever on it you need to clean your office for a little bit right hey
i only had the passion with cleaning your go give win decks pine sol that's a new shell into the fucking aggro cleaning guy fucking you tell me the mister clean's not on juice looking at las olas her jacket he does he does with no tattoos no test swollen shit christophe is the fuck is sculpted specimen the hell do you look like god damn specimen cuckoo motherfucker too him and his girl hung out with them in england cool shit chris i was on the ultimate fighter for people who don't know super nice guy that's the thing about me that people don't realize how many nice people there are that are involved the end martial arts in general like some of the nice people i know are dudes that that have fought and do the train because you have like a better control your ego you'll you know you just you used to get your ass kicked are used to use to finding out your re
boundaries by breaking yourself down you know by getting to the point you know you you you literally can't fucking breathe you literally aren't class and when everyone's time and you you dropped your back you know you literally you're broken whereas other people you know there are hardly ever experience that they don't experience the boundaries of their drive the boundaries of their discipline so like the people that i've met that are like fighter like some of the coolest fucking people you'll ever meet in your life you know they have to show their ass in the world man it's definitely you gotta drop whoever you are comes out in the cage like you have to really be yourself and you have to deal with the pain they're like oh my god i don't want to be a bitch and dad you know you loved me and shit like that goes through your head you know it's not you have to confront these real fears real you have to
everything and i i say all of you guys out there in cyberspace be cage fighter just for a day and there's there's gross in that this growth in that can confrontation you know when you understand your boundaries and you hit him you know you you get to know yourself better you get to know yourself better than the average dude who doesn't do with his body you know something about doing something really difficult will power wise with your body like training and and especially training and you just to ensure will look there's there's battles man or sometimes you know you got your back and you're defending and you know you know just tap out and this is going to be over but over but your other hot tiny brains going on we're going to cut this out as long as we possibly can and there's that like fence that your dancing on where you're like only just tap right here fuck this but it's so uncomfortable and so difficult to get through but willpower allows you to survive and then you get through and you like mother fucker i got through that i thought i was gone i thought
is gone and now i'm on top oh shit and now i'm passing you know it's like this overcoming of adversity a lot of people never experienced that special quite physically with your mind has to control your body through some uncomfort you know yeah yeah i know i guess you could get the same effect from like i don't death on or do like you know do anything physically where you have to push your body the mind and the willpower have to control the body i think it's much more difficult when you're done in a competition like mma or anything like boxing or jiu jitsu anything where a dude is trying to kill you well then it's much more difficult yeah definitely but shit man think about the kind of will problems involved in that order france i believable azure just paddling has pumping their legs just do same movement discipline not tim when i looking like armstrong i go that must be the most boring intense motherfucker alive you know 'cause does some boring ass is just paddling so i mean not boring i mean obviously there racing it's awesome
countryside and shit and there's all this attention and also energee but they're doing the same thing for days that should takes days it's like who's the most boring intense motherfucker on earth let's find out everybody get together get on a bike the same paper like accounting or something fucking accounting olympics guys just adding fucking bills up for fuck it six days straight there's something out there like sheer tests of discipline that are so uncomfortable for maine you know i have it all because because as a fighter i have like you know two zero if this but to get inside the room and fight with other guys for you know at least an hour like i'm doing that for at least an hour today and pretty much my entire life i've done that the other side i can't fill out a fucking form without getting distracted like i might sit there house application was the funniest thing i've ever done 'cause i'm sitting there like mother fucker if you put one more
paper my face i'm gonna slap your fucking notary public phase yeah i like god it's like all day just sitting there i hate i hated it that's funny there is a different from i think it's a different because i love i love like when i look at a lawyer or whatever i'd like you look at papers that read all day like dude i am the exact same way i'm a the comes with filling out forms a chance and i get on like page ten i feel like someone hitting me someone if that someone drowning me stop this is boring and i think what it is is like you don't want to think you don't want your brain on that low and rpm where you did really meeting this and reading that and not making sure this is ok and making sure that's ok i'll tell that to every teacher that i have worked with square pegs in round holes man that's what it is the big fucking problem with teachers is they're trying to turn everybody into a robot that assumes a job out there in the world and there's people
unique personalities that could be artists and no one recognized that whether a martial artist or a fucking singer or comedian no one looks at that as a viable path for you know a job you know teachers want you to be able to get a job that they want you to do to do you know what it takes to you know get a job at some company and and and move on let's be honest that both people at the end of the lease with you have to do me i can't cater you can't cater more school work to anyone who is an artist but there should be some way to record when someone's unusual this to be some way to recognize and part of is that the kids don't have any discipline and that's where they're fucking going squirrelly and that's why they can't read and probably their home life but you going to fix that ok you could try to square out that fucking round peg and a shovel into that hole they have been the only gonna get so far you know what you're buying then you're trying to say okay let's take all the wacky kids the put it in a special class i think all these kids who
we gonna be construction workers put in this car now i don't think that i think there should be other opportunities as she should be like some people don't want to be comedians you know some pop people don't want to be singers but there could be some sort of like uh an avenue that you find is interesting and you can go towards it in school you know but there's no viable option for class clowns nova travel options for disruptive kids but disruptive kids have something there's something there first of all it's a terrible thing it's on disciplined it up to school for the rest of kids make a bee in bits because one kid is in balance because one can probably didn't get attention at home or one kid had a abusive family this is the way he learned how to get attention by lashing out in a quick focusing attention on self that said you got to is wanna do some crazy shit that other kids aren't well to do now yeah ok so you're not going to fix them you you can teach him about you know the consequences of him doing that and how he's fucking it up for everybody else in that creates bad enerji and this is where we're going to focus your energy but you're not
take that enerji that crazy energy that some people have just need yeah that was me man i was the kid in high school that was like if you it's applied yourself jason if you just uh well i did she heard it so completely different direction i did fighting for writing and that's what people don't understand that you apply yourself in that way somehow another that's not valid because you know some are there for me yeah for me it was art i used to draw a lot an martial arts so those are the two things and neither one of them seemed like any sort of a viable career option
no money in marshall i didn't think i animation being a cartoonist because that's what i thought either cartoonists or doing radio the whole time i'm going to school on like you know i don't care about math history i'm not i'm going to sleep because i don't care about any of this i'm never gonna use a i kind of knew that the whole time every ever thought about animation no has had much thing about an emission because i was like a huge disney fan cartoon fan will meals what comic books i love coming yeah comic books too that's how i got into it yeah i i definitely had aspirations to be a comic book artist we talked about this on one the earlier part k but i just had a really do she art teacher in high school and he had me convinced that i was going to have to draw like die ads and shit and really is going to be boring bad so many people have bad teachers yeah mean a bad teacher he's just a bad socially he was a beaten man with no spine he
he had a week will and he didn't like being around me i was this martial arts fighter this kid was fighting and you know talk on termites i was on a tight window championship t shirts on sale also proud that i won all these talk with tournament so that we're taekwondo everywhere the first thing was ever any good at you know i know in the in a high school i do that kate you why the chip it bro i beg that allows like fifty a dead give the spark well and i didn't realize that i was scaring him because he like i like yeah yeah i'm going to fight you just you can kick me it use your karate and i i know how to wrestle i'm going to try to fight you and then we'll see who wins that i'm telling this to this kid would sit there like a million like fuck that and i found out the future of mma when i was fifteen years old when i was a sophomore in high school actually i think fourteen my friend steven auto we know was on the wrestling team is a good read
yeah and i wasn't wrestling i was just doing talk when we were really good friends we was talking about like you know like if you photo just fucking take gentle punch in the face i bet you can't take me down and so we went out in the grass and this mother fucker took me down over and over again it was so sad because it was so easy from it out i had no wrestling at all i have no i've never even thought about wrestling some accept like fucking around my friends and he just would fuck it standing finally put his hand on my face shoot a double bang i'll be on my back no no no no it was just me stop that we're friends it was just nice stopping him i'm taking me down whatever bro you know how i got a mixed martial arts right my fat chubby friend name pierre show me the ufc the early ones with the fucking head butts and everything and showed me like solitudo brazil and he's like the newer ufc's at the time like is ninety i don't know ninety five or six he showed me those and like pedro aura barco who ask versus paul barlow when i was like yes however so like yeah exactly so i was like man
i i could do this anything you want do you me i like you mean fight in the backyard and he's like yeah yeah yeah we'll spark you know we'll we'll we'll production and about his business commercial artist i'm going to kill you i bought a used to you don't bother with acid for yards giant fat black kids look through your bags like the scariest dude i beat the out of glad you had a fight with them and i would i would always borrow my dad so i do have a box and stop it and whatever he we got backyard we set he had his breakdancing map that i had we laid back down on top of the grass so we had some padding 'cause i knew i was going to fuck him off man squared off talkie chest protectors he fucking spin kicked me in the fucking
in my bread basket of the group i never meant it like that i was like oh my god so i went to the miller miller stand by the move i always did my dad taught me and it worked all time one two and if that did not come down on the ground grab his head which i did and threw him down on the ground i did that and started fucking a lot of like i was like i'm winning i'm winning he starts wiggling around and shit and the next and i know he locked me up i'm waking up in my backyard looking at the trees like quietly and he's looking down at me anyway huh the car he like
wow that was a triangle choke about i learn that gracie jiu jitsu that's the first time i ever did that to somebody like fuck i gotta look this shit he's tiny he'd be my ass decided to fight yet my god was looking out the window laughing happy like you fucking idiot alright man i was sleeping you know like i was like i never i never knew that there was some magical shit what's wrong the ground i just figured it's like rust like i wrestled a little bit in high school and i figured you know until i realized that the with tight ass pants and i quit and then like wow he just he
he was on his back i was waiting i was reading it i saw that odd but i thought it was great to do it but i was like yeah right it's just because you want to stop pajamas it's a fun thing to be able to do to people you know you don't realize how powerful ju jitsu it or you don't know what it is we get a night club altercation like push somebody off balance michael by god bill the baby on the ice peter old flip a switch their shoes on you're all the forms that issues are so ridiculous like wearing leather shoes just be just going out like in hancock i will like pro wrestling boots when i go out no doubt pro wrestling all day at least up to the for real get all the resolution is i call prolific boots because dude shop you wondered about that issues their tennis shoes but he looked like class yeah issues and they they lay thought to light super high level when i was young so stupid every time i bought a pair of pants i would have to make sure that i could kick someone in the head add ons on auto like practice taekwondo kicks with my pants on just to make sure if the ship goes down wanna make sure i know you know you know you know why all bad he was an army for years with twenty years stuff like that and he was like a religious mother like went to war and kill people of whatever he's either like a kind of bad he's old fat now but but he are in in
with korea you know to like i don't know whatever training or whatever and he had a post up at the korean border i'd like they do that over there he sees that he tells me when he comes how can i buy eleven he's telling me this story boy is it a bar out there this lit chinese guy i like that you're in korea little chinese guy got into it we kicked me in the fucking face i like what would be sold out he's like no he kicked me in the face he bought me a tank on no uniform and that you need to talk this this and i was like i don't know like ten
over to thai kwando 'cause of that story my dad got kicked in the face by tyco garius imagine your dad looking out the window laughing while your uncle over the sink over the sink and he's laughing at me haha i like damn she thought you need a dad like that to become a jason mayhem miller regular taskbar pregnant at a loss to make a guy like you know some possible but i remember the brazilians when i was doing tournaments all the time when i was real young one thousand eight hundred and nineteen the brazilians gotta craze e you because i would always tell you stories or my dad will fight whatever and we'd get into it and our weed spar round and we get i would start off as a joke and it would get real like we'd fuck really fight and i would the store is the brazilians and then i got a story like and i heard the g similar his dad would hit it with your
adults to make it tougher than most american indians other brazilian access look at dow jones yet two weeks he goes from normal that is sad bad for you get the point the guy was like yeah everybody thought that my dad beat the out of me he did but like it was a lot of times whose light i remember we're like getting into it that in the kitchen and i was like fucking fight with me grab your around like it we are returning your talk is a sleeper hold you got in a free for all our guide took it and i really quickly that blood tap out boy talk about you know and i i was like forty fifty i was i he's told me it took me and i was like bad about at and i just read finally let me go cuz he's a guy that's enough but it was too late i river reaching for the refrigerator handle
waking up in condiments like he put me out like covered in like the fucking mayonnaise and shit buster and liked it and he's laughing 'cause my mom's a quick doing that took me on like tom was laughing just an actual fight fight oh god our players playing redneck culture you have to understand that
if there's a line that's drawn like your plan and then you're not really playing anymore and then it's a it comes from one step from somebody biting somebody or something like that some people get shot exactly i don't understand that i'm proud i'm proud that came from such a strange background like i don't care like i'm a professional fighter i'm not god damn kindergarten teacher one time my dad threw it jolly rancher at me and hit me in the eye god you're homosexual the fast you eat it you know that hurt why cry cry it's done just look him in the eyes and eat it while tears roll down your thing to do to get a jolly rancher to the ip welcome stung he missed he totally over through it and hit me right he was doing it to you at the pool got his story people worse knowing those don't even abuse in this store his dad get a hardon get heard stop service young miss his wrist action likely played softball in college right so that has a mother fucker you ever see those chicks throw up with softball the rubber band thing that
throw harder now yes on late night tv now who the hell why assault ballplayers watching espn and how far they throw that underhand i don't know product the miles an hour but the thing is they could do it all day it's like a way more natural movement than like a a regular pitcher like a picture pulled up blows your fall yeah because we will harm your shoulder out at all i don't know if it's that they're they're throwing it harder i think it's the mechanisms are you waiting are you saying that there will be some kid from little league up who's been taught underhand and think about this with a big juiced out arm he could throw the it's super hard wonder i wonder because it doesn't seem like girls can do that shit all day and it doesn't blow their arm out but i think there's something about throwing like that it's i think you get more velocity specially naturally but i get low so it have like flexible tendons and shit
like a real flexible when i throw a fucking baseball by our building is going to blow out of its scientists like dad the same thing he got out of ranger school he didn't make it through ranger school you could throw the fucking grenade right same shit bad shoulder we talked about flexible tendons you could see that online a few watches fight inside was a super all right all right fan all my you can anyway with our back or the other my god you could break it up and i just get tough it out and i and i and then i got up and all that all it's good
just let it blast the guy without saying hey have been he was twisted it's the most ridiculous come more a defense ever if you ever see the it was all about how many times you all bad somebody else i don't even know it any way you can anyway whose is bad jitsu black belt that mother yoked is lead to better when i like to have this kind of the letter you fundamental light it with a hated be there like tell me to die how the dye whole dude you know hawaii is a crazy place yeah like motorcycles for people ever hawaiian yeah wines
all just about then hello and they're like hippies in the that live in their own eyelids lions beat the out of each other they doing movies there's there's that was in real life is definitely definitely parts of people but that the hawaiian community as a whole i think what people are friendly people beating the crap out of not here you know they have a right to know what to watch people who why are notorious for want to fight yeah it's like a the part of their culture yeah you go online there's all these backyard fights or hawaiian backyard fights dude there are so many of them there's by thousands of people rightly actor fight would do to meet after school kids mean after school and they just have mma fights a bare knuckled is duke it out on the grass their whole life yeah but would you would you say that if you talk to most people like how was your trip to hawaii they brought up and you know it's all just about that time i bought superbrawl here's a perfect example okay
find super bowl i got cut above the high it was walk around why kiki at some kid with a a menu that guy ha from super bowl ha and i was like yeah what's up dude what's up man yeah man i'm tough tough play oh cool bro is like sixty years old fifty years old some fat white taurus is walking bounty like what what he watch this and he walks over it bends down like his time his shoe and he's like look in his peripheral vision see this guy walking he stands up hi bob syndrome old sorry man this hawaii kids are beating the shit out of him because you know it's junk he's so young but it's not really hurting up like that the guy with the guy with no stop and he's got a buddy with them doesn't help about the kid starts in hawaiian you call it false cracking the guy is a sucker punch he like gets
with sucker punch the guy he grabs on his backpack inserts jump kicking him jump kick in and chuck the guide start throwing up he goes all this my first trip to hawaii other girl hawaiian people are crazy member forgetting sarah marshall of the movies forgetting sarah marshall there was the bartender who supercooled yeah that was part of the movie and then talking about how swords maybe from the movies that's what i was talking about no but it is afterwards i got kicked his that's that's like real life yeah well i mean why is that i've never heard any of my anyone ever say go i want a why do the fight trying which you're talking about going to hawaii where you go to resorts and people in their late also called the nicest people ever but i go up to tijuana but to the tribe got me you know doing when you talk to bj penn like be japan talks about growing up in a wire it's always says there's nothing to do everybody just fight i'm just saying if you're in that road it's definitely more is it you know in your face and you like if most p
going to the store in a suburban neighborhood in hawaii's you know or something like that you know would say in the whole why people are douchebags no one's saying there is a bad thought all live no no no i can explain i like to live there too it's kind of the culture there all by you want to throw down so what if there's a mutual like let's nobody shoots each other right right right let's fight will fight and it will end it out all he kicked his ass and then you get the about wireless everybody knows about it he kicked his yeah and it does do you know that it's just the culture you know and i think that the level of violence pain came out of yeah bj penn came out of that that sort of you know that that that kind of competition what started as mma career that he was as bad mother that would step to anybody and fight up he he took pride in that know and and that's why he became an mma i mean when you're stuck on a fucking island like the big guy and they need that much people and everyone is just jammed in together on this rock you know
tensions run high oh man i live there too it's a strange strange different place because you're on this tiny island and it's small because even though it people whatever date you whatever circles you write it art tight knit because everybody knows everybody writes it must be a lot of bullshit between like dudes and girl all my god yeah think about that i'm going to mention because everybody knows everybody like that to its focus like when someone breaks up you know there was a high school with that other guy so we're it's weird that causes tensions painful and you lived on the big island or no no i let a lot a lot like the main island is the craze that though the smaller it's a non a big island it's not that big like the ball i don't know why it's the it was the the biggest one that developed because it's so weird when i most of times like on a why i went to the big island i went to my we i went to kawaii but when i went to go on want to see other one is a little small one i forget which i like i i when i
but when i went to honolulu is like god damn this is like a city this is that it's america it's america on wheels is america where is paradise though america it's the weirdest city ever it's like a fucking blade runner movie it's like here you are in this city with this incredibly beautiful weather with this amazing ocean like you are there is a city somehow another but it's not that polluted yeah you know the oceans out that polluted is washing off why is the basque why why is like snow park yeah it's only it's like lost you know yeah i know like lynn i was gorgeous to look nice really small yeah well let that's a lot i is even less developed the quite critical why is i know there's one road i think then i only have like three thousand people that live on our thirty claims or some tiny it's a it's all
install thrown down they tend to look a little fucking spaced out when i was asking for directions just fucking three roads in this bitch couldn't tell me how to get to the hotel it's just a second i think what she hears the thing is that about that when i lived in white bro i can't tell you what street to turn on i could tell you to get to the why kiki
i doubt there's a there's a seven eleven at the end of this what wrote you take a right there you keep going down towards the one where you take a right at the peace event there you're you're like oh i see so you do not you nobody does the world babes because their father had a balcony keep aka and kind of a whole hey i like that but look back and nobody even knows the name of this road how crazy that hawaii is a part of america but it's five hours away on a plane alaska we alaska is not as crazy leases land mass you can drive to alaska right i just something in the middle of it you'd like there's land in the middle of that makes sense yeah we got attacked a we got ever ask covered on all sides that for sure but i mean it's it's incredible that we can call that america it's five hours away on a plane yeah and then guam is like sort of america yeah source port rico but yeah rickles like sort of a male explored
so is like considered america they don't think taxes so they don't want to be part of it but you allowed to be from puerto rico and just immigrate to america were things i think so too right yeah that's why there's so many puerto rican's you know especially if you go to new york i know for sure don gavin's foot comedian from boston old school legend used to have this joke about his like real fast talking ma'am boxing guy he's like i went with a porter rican that didn't didn't like pottery go to my pottery
do not expect for forest so expensive may have you been doing stand up comedy lately where is the great may have to us and i don't know i know you did are you showed improv i did already so you know what are you doing the show today i've been arrested a bunch of times you've asked me to do that i thought the press event actually our is probably listening right now you know you turn off now he's not just that i thought might be a jerk off that guy who doesn't come out filled out a flashlight asian gentleman bringing us back to our final sponsors the flash right if you want to estimate is your your call but god bless light dot com ervas look you can if you go to fleshly dot com to if you go to my website is a link that you get fifteen percent off your flesh and that's the weirdest spots wherever i got the best sponsor come on my shows fucking nuts this whole thing is crazy that's why are crazy people like you on nobody i got this kind of an interview at a may have learned as we had a we had put together not interview and there's nothing like the world generally were hanging bro talk to the
hello hello did you fuck that i have a fucking oh that's awesome it's been all over the mic like feel so much more now it's just it's terriblr after all dirty pussy and asshole we've been talking about see if it's salty yeah imagine if yeah your mom wanted for the house like that or was that they were the tester like tested by four hundred and seven years ago i going forward just wanna make my cock feels so yummy yeah right imagine if some dude did fuck yeah we had to had two quality insurance you can have a faulty fake vagina imagine that job but that was your job to do that all day long it's fun gamer boners like that's ridiculous good oh my god there's probably a job like that i'm appalled at this podcast
i think we've reached the bottom they have this is it this is the end at all we have a website right may have may have allowed may miller on twitter yeah i may have miller all across the board may have miller everywhere you know used my
basically more data just fine so bad like i like i know that those chicks out there they want to minimize but i don't really go out there i can't even go on there and see a girl that still on myspace like this is my my space that might be a girl that's retarded lower percentage for something is wrong with you really and less and less he's picking up she's king of the scraps yeah but you might be there might be like dude i am the most popular person on myspace she's like the dude tila tequila part three i've got four thousand friends four thousand active friends a lot of girls claim four thousand friends divide really yeah i got no bots online who the fuck is left on my space only thing was computers how to go backlog it is so old that came to work facebook friend our friend just quit myspace he's worked there an now i could finally get rid of my space i don't feel bad 'cause i only held on to it
good am i hoped that my space is going to make a comeback 'cause i'm back in the comedy store days my space packed that fucking place all the time that was responsible for getting you know i think it's harder to come out on facebook know know know the best is twitter twitter is the best twitter is fun dude i like talking to people i like people send me some shit and i sent it back yeah you want to talk about is your fans are way smarter than mine 'cause you always get cool shit sent to you and i might why should i close it to them too though whenever i find elu video online i wish we did i always tweet it so they tweet shit like that back to me but i find out all about a lot of cool pickles and cool science developments and shit i found out a lot of that stuff by people on
toward i you know i i am not sure of the year usually like i i don't i but as chain of nation we all share and i'm like spoke there is that you come over all cool joe rogan put article right click and read it is always so much cool on the internet yeah i left have you seen the deep punctual brush sam harris debates i was with them forget that his name and deep october had this crazy cat lady with a and they're debating god it it's so brilliant shipments sam harris is a brilliant brilliant mother he was a really good book letters to christian nation he's assist like skeptic ats character but a really reasonable and i received dock at the verses i can't remember and he did he did a few where he was that kind of what you talk show but i didn't like his arguments against the pocket was very short the clip to be used online or in this document who is very short it was just mostly mocking deep rock but then when deep rock talked the park was actually pretty reasonable about what he was saying they were talking about the states of mind and mood and the ability to help disease
cause diseases like bad states michael which i i definitely think i agree with yeah i think i think negative people like negative energy is manifest itself and stress stress manifested itself in misfiring so i had injuries before we it's three kids i don't even notice because like i just got cave that brain where i get hurt and i just ignore that part of my body right now i don't step on something to have a bloody foot just keep ignoring it until i have to go to hospital in all right and then so i kept doing that but i did realize the puts stress on your body and then i got super sick only why my thick and got her d beats because you get this my state of being totally like feeling bad and irritated td to hurt and your body breaks down yeah you need positive energie in a good feeling of enjoyment of your life appreciation for everything all that good stuff makes you feel better
two liter it makes you have to work less hard makes life less taxing when i'm going through a lot of bullshit in my life man i'm tired all the time you know it's a lot of energy gets used up by that don't you find that like if you're in like a bad personal situation that you fucking tired all the time totally it's depression usually you know i mean it's depression it's depression but it's also energy just bad feeling somebody hates you someones manning yeah well at the risk of sounding like a hippie energies at night yeah it's totally sound like a hippie the problem is hippies fucked up a lot of cool shit hippie connected a lot of issue is we got off the dirt the thought of a hippie awesome hippies but uh of a hippie is this silly week yeah like just like the all he doesn't like to lay around in the fields and spoke there's a lot of those in boulder when i was in boulder i got annoyed with a lot of hippies this idea stick stupid point of yeah like a trespass on your property and go you denying us access to the woods and like feel fucking
which practice in my yard that adding i bought the word it's our big yard but it's my fucking yard how 'bout use the woods over there where it's just the woods you douche well this i orbited n trail this is an awesome trail yeah that's why i fucking died sixteen thousand dollars a month you shit head millers mister smith release the hounds man if you want privacy man bullmastiff tear apart hippies in the fucking yard my bill masters and ice dog he let you know when people there but he's not like scary i like the rest of those dogs my pit bulls when i start pit bulls that having monsters stuff i kept monsters as pets you know i was running all right so i let him lie on the north shore and as do the house i was going through apparently was like a famous drug dealer or something i know i like that and i and i my friends went ahead of me i forgot my sub short and i got it i walked in by myself and across this giant yard a fucking giant pitbull spread the
and i was like fuck it i was already in the gate like right i'll write about this point of the and so i got i got like a what i do what do i do it either if they called and it it how it like thank you walked out of the stop destructive barked at me we're best friends after that we uh it was weird sometimes the bark at you they just want to close to make sure your ok and then their friendly that's where was i barked at him he parked at main and then i went here pickles are some of the smartest fucking coolest dogs as pets but it's such a pain in the ass 'cause they just want to fight other dogs like they're always it's like hanging out with crazy do trying to be alpha just injured by whole and let them smell your finger it works also
brian you did it again how dare you that doesn't make sense yeah you like smelling they asked if a dog if you let them smell this dystonia telecopter asshole you totally respect ever you see a big dog you finger blaster only had like this man smell this cool what if he decides to attack and bite your head never happens they go into smell more i mean first of all they're not going to get so you're being honest like actual advice holy totally try it out if you see of people charging at you talking to grab your asshole put a finger in let it smell it make sure i think your theory is faulty need to try it out some other dogs do when they see other dogs have tried to attack you might have gotten lucky just used to smell it don't do it thanks your ass in the room did it right there
this fucking show is over laser job that's the end this is the end of the line made a dog smell his butt from my own fingers go wash your hands on your tie this back down what the fuck crying oh this is so nasty does gentlemen thanks for tuning in right back thanks to our buddy jason mayhem miller for coming and being one of the best fuckin guess we've ever had in the party that she got damn outstanding stories is a real dude you can catch him on twitter may have miller on twitter may him miller dot com of course fully be down how many seasons on the third now going into the third season laser german dvr that you know you don't watch it and look form in strike force in october again some unknown victim we'll see what's up jason mayhem miller representing brian michael for for everybody thank you very much for tuning in an will see you sexy bitch is next week
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