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AUG 24, 2010 - The raw audio from Joe Rogan's live USTREAM podcast. With guest RICKY SCHRODER and BRIAN REDBAN.
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the european experience
in no boy no riot sprang from ohio goddamn forget you like you know the figure may pose might pose no this is the guy became famous over the internet yes that's pretty how do we get aol instant message on the background of some ladies and gentlemen thank you very much once again for turning into the to the podcast
as always we sponsored by the flashlight my special yesterday is rich schroeder ladies gentlemen rick schroeder like an angel from a million different things though the first time i was ever exposed to you i was a little kid and my stepfather took me to see the champ and i cried like a bitch real good stories you know remained got me so now i'm really good a kid in autumn remain are doing it again really in the world and hopefully your world in the animal world while dana's got it really wow who had ass yet you have you can have a death you're never gonna do know what area they will really know why why because zone the way i got a written he is pre existing condition from a motorcycle accident that's why because it takes blur the head lou crafty hollywood peoples not just in order to redress the champ every year we see what these things before no
this is the flesh like and what it is as you know it some masturbation technology device it's to make jerking off and in what is a jerk you know this house is a collective louis nobody said sexual pleasure is a collective flew in the bottom of this when i say that recycle well you release the correction of shame is how i describe it slid there's that shown fish in a bucket something is as called for in the back of a gentleman for you watching on itunes when you pull this flesh flashlight out it's you know it's really soft vagina material and so you pull it out of this too that looks like a flashlight see what looks like you know that the actual devices like it looks like a jellyfish sort of wow what does that retail format i think it's like sixty box it's not like that but if you order through my website you get fifteen percent supposedly supposedly we gotta figure out how that works make sure but hopefully their cell and because the fucking things work man you know everybody beats
have i tried it and i just started to say today have today and one wonders why would you try you have those beautiful wife well i know is why that's crazy that's be realistic to be able to use your mind on occasion can always spoke the same person the fact that someone else it with your brain flashlight does not talk but it's not even that it's like there's times we just it's like our maintenance thing you just gotta just gonna beat off like you don't want to have sex you not the time to get intimate you just i don't need to get rid of some loads here let's bam state i can understand that you know in your eighteen in the shower in the morning dave jag off you do understand and as our agenda is affordable it just i think my education levels crashed start squat site i'm get another dead lives and nobles man rich schroeder just started doing jujitsu
he has taken it now and you been taken it for like three days i've had four classes for four days we are ready for teacher eddie robert he's bridge fraudulent strangled picture we had every norma diverting i'll tell him yeah listen i got some so poor you gonna give it to you before we leave i wanted to have it out for the project but i forgot it's called defence soap gotta defence soap dot com i have no affiliation with them the guy who owns it guy sakharov justice really cool guy who made this great product and it's all keeping your skin healthy when you do jitsu because when you do jitsu you're you're gettin scratched and your rolling around a lot of abrasions all of your body and if you don't wash with like a good healthy soap you can have like again infections in rome bring more people i'll tell you about it's fuckin really annoying you have find out like from other people to do you get like for an already had a staff infection on his knee and his knee had sworn went up we're playing pool and he's
around the pool table with his leg weird lamp so come on man and he goes spider by oh shit let me see it stay put his pencil that's a staff infection he thought it was a spider by customs is big powers filled red market looked like he had gotten poisoned with something you look like there was like in a random and aerosol so if i had noticed that it probably could have got systemic and he would have been the hospital with ivy intravenous you know and i buy onyx it's really really dangerous stuff what's the ring warm thing is that this is a real or of honor you know it's called known its same thing is athletes but it's really same exact fungus is just different parts your body then what would ring worm is its eye it grows and it looks like a ring in a when it starts in fact a big circle on your body and that's a crop circling skin yeah it's usually encircled you there's some gnarly did at the gym that you really too i mean
you don't wanna sweaty guys on top he's gonna it was weird to get the myriad at first it's weird is part man i've been several thousand nokia but i do it i think of it you know you don't even think of it really as a dude you think of it is like a problem you think of it as leaders is no there's this thing that's moving around and i have to disappoint you know i have to have to die like this guy have to i have figure out how to lock him down figure holder in place figure out how to take his arm what happened made volume burma would you do their brand new money got your vines got yea just fucked with something vague that's sensitive while mines way loud back of the mai go to so yeah i'm leavin the judges yes a rich rotors at this strangling bitches got tat by your answer another said really i could come on get to god and i could ganem or should he got him then i did next time a little somethin you have kids get when i'm taboo
my other item you hold it he actually beginning seems like he's a big strong strapping fella just starting to come into that so we like really into it you know when i talked on budgets yours like do you would love it here would love any he needs that german salt lake yeah hills journey home the german saw make he's gonna call drag their last week he needs to what will get will get set up a german germany's gotta a killer jem and germany's like a really coaches are one of the best guys get ever learn from germany is he's been like not not like physically talented guy he's not like a natural athlete super strong explosive is really smart and really technical you know that's what he's always benelux rosebud real clever on the ground just a great guy to learn from those are the best guys to learn from the guys are really strong sometimes get away with like a lot of it is through f let us is not quite as technical the guys who are like naturally not that strong and is the best guys to learn from it
on whom the nice guys the world call so holding a love it he's gonna be a killers and combat is always a beast or ache and can get you he's already be still worried fabulous it was an arm it was an onboard becoming your honor look i'm me in a rear naked choke yeah but i am i know my son and i could feel the emotive like the boys in their dad's have this thing like especially ways turns like eighteen nineteen to they have to go through the thing when they like have to push their dad's way for some regions part the natural transitions manhood yeah yeah and he was gaunt he's going through their inadequacies eighteen and i could tell you want to hurt me it's for i needed it i knew i needed just soak aye tat and you go you kicked up no i said all tat is like oh he did
how he didn't want you to know i'm into tat doesn't want to kill us why would not wait to tap if he got you got you must break your arm why don't you want to bring arm but that's what happens when you don't get to have you didn't give me a little more pain before i kept out of that can weird man i don't know how to handle that i have the beat the fuck i think i'll have to beat the forgotten you're lucky of girls martin i don't know how do i might have to choke that dude its ability we're gonna figure figure some shit out here damn we'll have to go through that some fuckin yeah buck run around your house's chess puff down not listening you will what you gonna put the hook since i have got a little listen another way to out gonna build a consistently squeezing out that's what's most important can't you squeeze amount every third time you gotta be
squeezing out every time you guys grimly goal i get all ism and showed it only if i gotta get eddies mondays and wednesdays for the next six months and i'm gonna learn some serious technique you can and he and i are gonna we're gonna go out again eventually this is what you need to do all you do is be consistent be consistent that's the most important thing be consistent spar lot in and get on some sort of a strength programme yet get unlike lifting bells were the best because they're really light way you can do when they get thirty pounds at about thirty five pound care about you get a tremendous work out to have one work that i do it's one thirty five found kettlebells you called me a farmer strength yet will you let your using your you use your whole body and it just forces you to use everything like athletics as opposed to i'd like to bench pressing isolating guy says tough doesn't really enhance your ability to move things like when you have it something that you have to control and you have to balance it is then you develop like a different kind of a strength the strength that has led to build
in balance and a strengthened and multiple muscle my group's using muscles adjust when things are going wrong when you getting tired condone that's what's really important you do that you took the floor none of that kid just talk about tat little mother flatter shut up you gotta be able to get him all the time very important man you have to let him know that every time you roll you're gonna choke the fucker this is a foregone conclusion to certain do you can't you just own like when i first i don't need you to lose this kid who is purple about who really good and this dude owned me every time we rolled he owned me it was a foregone conclusion i was gonna tab i socked i was wiped out i know what i was doing and he was a really good purple battling with strongest fuck and he used to like to run through me that's really liked to do to squash me as quick as he could and it was like i did but it was but you can order yeah but you know he laughed and i went on go to school to we reckless now but the important thing was
i knew every time i roll with that guy unless i have way way way better i don't get way better than i was like i was going to fuck me up every time so there's like i didn't want to roll with them cuz he own random sandy own you kid little more than two degrees to shut the fuck up are you gonna do a lot of its staking out to my one like shaven mohawk and studies known when i spitting on and get on patsy spiderweb outside it to someone like ties and faced had to hold your gun side webpages no you play rexrodt is in town mother fucker that government did it make many goldsmith wasn't it well you know that's all i've fallback rick is one them a very unusual hollywood guy you're not everybody wants to see analogies out a hollywood guy you're not a hollywood guy you're dude who had a ranch out in colorado i know you love to hunt
do you love a lot of like manly shit is right up your rally tolling that i mean a guy spear gun hunt yo raises eat you got back from african showed an honest fuckin shit he killed one great safari or my son flyer mistakenly we're gonna go pig hunting we just have to figure out was more than pigs actually we're gonna do some look into a buffalo i'm not doing anything i can't bison you can at least by producers bison you can but i'm just saying you guys kill shit you canny he's gonna everything that he killed only shit that i can't though it kill that economy is like shit that i think like toyota kill cats and shit chile kyoto i guess i'd cats fuck i hope i've had lab might know my dog or killed by mountain line colorado when are we going hunting when are we going on do you have time we're gonna figured out right after my book because we don't my book october fifteenth because no vampire time to write the cooler and we cannot dear right we can hold dear dear dude i liked the way dear taste i want to do
because i've been a mediator my entire life and i've taken no risk ability for my desire to consume me you know i have not felt any remorse in from power trigger unseen and animal die haven't made a connection a real connection between what you do when you eating meat and i think as a person who thinks i think that's act probably important a we need a letter important you know hunting gathering was our past with some men especially hunting gathering and like the further we get away from that and that vibe hunting and gathering in providing in testing selves like that i think more out of touch were becoming with who ring agreed know why i think that as i the world and technology have evolved faster than people and i think there's certain reward systems that are set up human mind too ensure that we're going to continue to do certain things like that we're going to continue to want to fuck that we're going to tend to continue to want to hunt but you get like a response from hunting
why'd you from fishing and urban hunting but i've been fishing and there's some primal thing about paul a big fish the waters that's fucking god no knowing that you're gonna eat this thing like you just went out into the wild another world ok floating around in a fucking ocean you pulled something out that world and now you're gonna eat like there's a view lyin theirs i haven't there's a little just energy that's attached to that lets you feel good about it will you know the truth is of hunting gathering societies had succeeded they work they haven't succeeded because they were placed by mass farm production societies who was firm last surplus changed everything would change everything was the ability stain one place people have like this sort of a no magic genetic there's a guy who lives in alaska and they cry hold him on ever see vps dot tv ever go to their website now fucking phenomenal website this is there's a serious called vice squad or the device guide and they dig did they do of weird shit like to go to like africa
go all over the world north korea but the one of the rear really cool ones we went to this guy who lives by himself and his wife and a cabin out in the middle of nowhere in alaska i mean he lives around bears any all he does all day is hunt and bring the hedge vision small very worrying back i don't nobody does for vegetables because he's like frozen up their means is eaten fuckin pine cones i'm an old is eaten mean you get some supplies drop to him this hour he never saw nine eleven he has limits a photo off the grid these are guy there's got hot hoary off the grid disguise their new and then out there in the bees just but he's like so often and he says he's is extremely happy mps in he's like very articulate he's not crazy guy has a very i took you guys been doing this for a long time and he says that as man gets further away from his nature like this hunter gatherer nature you you you like lose your connection with
earth you lose your happiness and he thought that that's the reason why people in extremely poor depressed so many people hate what they do hunter and get hunter and gathering like that you're gonna love that you get it you there's like a visceral response like your genes get it yea and exposure mine and they when you're out trying to provide food for yourself your family you friends and it that's really are you august on them is all these other stuff in there sort of add up anymore you know does account doesn't really matter hunting gathering i mean it's it's really where we came from but dying breed humming gathering people so do you think that's one of the reasons why sis i mean it really does make sense right that that's one of the reasons why people in society are so depressed is we are living a life like technology and society has gotten so far password genetics are in our view genetic still require some acts for us to feel good no they they have like there's a set in you know
reward system in place for doing things like sex feels good to that you make babies food feels goods you keep eating in you survive the others reward systems are set up and if you take a few of them out without correct the body you gonna have like these holes you gonna have these problems yet these voices over there and they're filled with other things that are probably not nearly as healthier good then a fascinating idea though that words like it really is like you're looking at evolution me looking at you get you can turn back into it i give you if you look like the way it set up it set up to make sure that we do certain things and if you take these certain things away you you'd that the body gets fucked up it gets like we will there's things were missing people dont have sex i've always said this
it doesn't matter how religious you are if you're not having sex you you have sexual organs you not using we do not even want experience any pleasure you don't wanna you dont want to like exchange love with somebody like then you're gonna break you know that's not good good it are not sex good as we can agree on the natural food is good there's all these reward systems that are set up it is fascinating that so few of us are tuned into did the hunter gatherer thing that you are game and i mean i grew huntings like breeding for me you know it's a witch part of my life and i both huntin i homeless guns rifles i hunt with blow guns spear guns i just hunt have to and you know one of the world geronimo i think was the good great anymore you're when he was finally caught put on the reservation they said to himself now geronimo what what are you gonna do now there's no more hunting for you
and he was now we will hunt mice because we're hunters have to hunt and and that's just sort of it's in your blood hunt entity it needs a hobby says ridiculous the fifth hutton mice how about you play chess son settled down but mice why we the fuckin mice alone this really is the kill those like the pursuit of of some sort you feel like when you do it when you when you kill something in and get to eat it do you feel like it is trigger some sort of like a primitive reward system that you feel you feel it you know enough i actually don't like eat a lot of what i kill but which is that's why we have this conversation you like beef i it's for dinner i like beef but none of my meat that i've ever kill goes to waste i always give like my mike i dont pretty like dear or venison meat because it's so lean right i like fat
like front ally gum ruby stakes that example so when i when i haven't i mean i do clean the meat and take care of it i was doin assembly a friend or family or some other needs it but dumb it's it's really the suit and the capture of the game that i get the reward from not really actual taking a bite of it really you know i mean it's see i get that too but i think i think there's something in dear me i think to some and elk an this soon hear me out the sounds totally crazy but i think that things that are hard to catch are better for you if you get a cow to just hang around being a fat fucking you walk right up to him shoot him in the head see how good for you i mean i mean it is good it tastes delicious and everything and i eat stag like anybody but i think it's the idea is their hearty cat you haven't we effort and when it fleas be really you know when you want to kill fleas all data for the same reasoning
no not eating and they're not animals that are prey psycho hearted act on programme when your heart decay you saint jerome not hard squash when under trying to your hats fleets are unwilling to ever seen a brain this a thing called free super spray fleas brave you fucking he'll billions of a muslim stroke of hand when you're ready to go hunting let me yeah we're gonna go i definitely want to go hunting for do you another podcast when we get back when i lived in colorado deer were ever where it was crazy and all these fuckin liberals happy's inn in boulder known to shoot enemies dear so they're so relaxed thirty standing there big fuckin ten point box just standing on the side of the road looking at you and i stop the car and i might really i rolled on the windows of talking to the ugly really really scared me at all just looking at me like what bitch what fucking
huge mountain and they have milk when we weren't we looked at some property in evergreen because i was convinced that that was my move i needed a move to the mountains that was my i'm trying to get even worse for no longer if i well but do not talk about that on the internet and psycho storage and listen to pay going wisconsin watch anyway ever out when we were looking at property in evergreen there's a fuckin heard of elk that wandered into photos they wandered down this certain pathway walk through the fuckin main street in town every year and there's like her hundreds of women their blocking huge like how bad ass is that you standing there an azure standing there of elk just walk through the fuckin tat it so in unnatural and they really right hunt elk and stuff men there just wild so it's not natural long watch all town it's our natural none have a few man oh yeah
course that is not the job of the problem is i somehow or another this town was built on a path they always take the migration there so i don't know i guess maybe this also there's more of mount lines than there are people so that they figure look at least we're round these crazy assholes one of us is getting shot we're not gonna get picked apart by a fuckin flock mountain lives zella mountain ones packs hacks now they travel solo anyway no pacts relax maybe they don't spider they spider they found the amazon messina there's a spy found the amazon that attacks in packs as the only spider in the world they attack thousands of him at once so they make these gigantic nests you'd spiderwebs we're like like a deer could get stuff and whenever they vienna kill much larger things that you'll rational consecrate such call the amazon did the amazon is there's a desert bbc documentary about the amazon a two part series that i watch once i still have it on the age ass i can't find it on dvd like that don't haven't its
king phenomenal there is open to the amazon and that's where they show these these spiders like there's shit it's evolving in the amazon right now what the amazon was is used to be like fields and then it became a rain forest like overnight not over but really quickly clear so a lot of animals gets stuck inside this rain forest and they evolved like theirs antelope it swims it's got little short legs and it swims like up two hundred yards underwater and at each fish and it's a fucking antelope that's crazy allotted to that because it gets stuck there in the water they figure out of the way the eu is a fish that fucking climbed out of water walks till it finds the net porn and jumps in that's pretty sick too like so much crazy shit there it's all these animals that are adapting to this you know just fucked up change in the environment ass it so awesome but the spider anyway they d one spider they ve never thought spiders did this before but they found this one spider that acts as a pack that's
i don't feel at ease but killer newly lighter spiderwebs and these little fuck and might get stuck in a machine that a swarm on thousands of spiders fuck just think what it that was me when i was a male than i am going to take a piss and i still have they kaluza nation of fuckin milsom see by how shocking you did you see that photo i posted the other day on twitter of the spider my backyard at when you have act when it was this disease big identify new it looked like the predators face that's what it looked like you where's the picture so my two area twitter dotcom slash red ban fine how many days ago prior like a week are we going to allow retweeted lowery till after retaliatory that's an eye you're asking too much on your ass for real originated tonight spiders fuck me ma i found five scorpions my living room wants five score the other was like a nest yeah they have europeans at him really gas i've seen a many many many many many times in the little ones there very dangerous they fuck you up man
tranche lives right rattlesnake tranche was all the time rouse thinks all the time we have rattlesnake fencing you know my my two pitfalls both of em gotten bitten by rouse thanks when i had them spoken rattlesnakes shared dangerous man they're all over the place living cow basis i always found snakes around the ground just like eating my other animals i already lost carbon step on one act now you gotta be real careful when you're hiking we went running i went running with the dogs and we run through this that we run this dirt road and when we were running down the hill i was like oh here we are running over this log as i'm running over the log it's a fucking giant rattlesnake i realise as my feet were running over all my god is a rattlesnake as fast as my giant biggest rattlesnake i've ever seen
holy fuck that he was sacked dude it was fat it was i bet it was like tat thing got you like a field a hot love of the fuckin venom going into a luxury media that those that called out number genuine that actually hold snakes and export their religion if you don't get bite bit by the rattlesnake than that means you're like pure and stuff on it so there's this preacher guy prison right now because you want to kill his wife so
stuffed or mail box full of rattlesnakes and she opened it up and put her hand in a bit in jail for a dimple murder down that some fire and brimstone type share that i believe that a preacher would think uncle bury finish it yeah evil snakes like i'm afraid of dams lawyers arrived he killed them by putting a move from platter snakes she reached and to get them i have downloaded hands life out angela lands berries somehow involved with this whole thing to some primal about doing that get some evil animal do dirty work sentence somebody up this that's like that's that's like wake more than just shoot somebody we set out a fuckin rowels jackson with people it's always i'm fuckin husband and wife god damn i would like to know about the percentage of but a kill themselves or kill each other percentage your husband and wife
you mean bit the eyes were the husband kills the wife for the wife kills hundreds is it more thou the percentages for his like people getting killed like how many of my husband and wife how many images here's the guy that worse at the post office those fuckin piss me off i shot him how many of whose husband was orders i don't think i dont think would be an excellent much as you think i think domestic violence be huge we ve only goes all the way i think we ve all we ve all seen couples that are just fuckin violent to each other right yeah that's scary shit there must be so scared for cop they'll those are the most dangerous cars to take domestic violence cases it doesn't seem so like it he wants to show cops it doesn't seem like us that figure radioed lead rather more than she abused by his axe really i can't go into details but gmail schneider she member that i am within a few times he wasn't fuckin her correctly points out the notes hockin has ever come to me with a knife he was gonna keep in check
so let's get you gonna have control do not get involved in a sort of relationship the way you you're you're not the man if you're actually man don't get involved relationship where you're not the man well somehow with her on the man and just sign in order to get out get out you get your souls gettin stood stolen from you in the night why you sleep we don't realize you would not have over these alpha like use is it's not it's zone then whatever the rule is make short it's a harmonious one you don't say let someone all the sudden be like the dominant one you figure you're not dominate more like men who get in situations like this where their wives gets the yellow the father did the husbands was going ok ok ok that's just leave others that made us dude that is not your name that's not healthy there the there's just there's a girl there somewhere that's probably nice and if found that girl instead of the one there where they found some chick who just like to look at the positive side of things and she likes cool movies and eat in fun place isn't she doesn't require lot you know
that goes out there you don't have to listen to this fucking because probably dead inside for that those very good qualities you know that's why he's given up on life and she's like giving an annoying thing is that what it is when it chickens and crazy was given up our i lay that is his interesting and sit down outside dead that's something and i ll show you think out any checked that's like now i dont really i didn't see just there are they set this out i just throwing up there on the table there i thought you were committed to this issue in our committee's argument rick doesn't even what we're talking about over my dear aunt hannah and i took rick showed it to his very first you have see recently i was it it was good book we also wanted to be inside were guys were look on the outside and i would like to form i was looking up
i didn't have a great view would you guys we're on the floor like divorce needs are not my favorite it for my affairs one or two up year i think you're right i think the first risers rhinoceros rises the best because you still close enough to see the action you know but you're not you not you not looking up less ox when we go to the ground on the other side of the cage if you're on the growing like entirely an amputee because that by all the time on paper you like i get like this us up say here the sounds more ida i was more in the fight commentary where yeah i guess i didn't want to commentary right you can give it a little they sit have is radio things and you were they seldom you have sea fight link believe it's called and you into it you get to listen to the counter they broadcast it unlike a wireless signal a radio iphone app for that they should totally right totally time with a thought dana gonna shit son it was an old man you see a huge yossi fan movie about it so let's see what
bins but yeah meaner reassure you gonna chuck norris talked anyone's like fifteen don't chuck norris hug me is a great moment of my life signatories measures was like try start some mme league while he did a piano kickboxing league i think called the world combat laying a mere yeah sure that's the right leg like fifteen you apologize from wrong is a huge chuck norris fan try to get me in on their way back to begin like guerrilla let us build a team in a well yeah that's exactly what he's doing was doing kickboxing teams and they tried to do that with the eye fell the i felt the international fight legally has a really good fighters but they try to do that team thing to they had tried to have them fighting teams guarantees thing was fond of iran wants well you know i thought it was brief i thought you know hey look you know that it's not the right way to go but at least something different people are talking about a leg it makes for a subject of debate you like this do not like this makes it a little novel but yeah it's it's not the way to do things is the way to die i wouldn't
all those things become arouse like when you do it's an individual's boy why team now i can guess what they're doing as they're just trying to get in on some unique way everybody else do it this way we're gonna have teams the denver douche bag in the montreal monsters folding shares and do it likes literally actually like a legitimacy it seems very roller derby link it to say that you are pro wrestling runs anyone wavelength there it's our noma it's interesting beyond what to do as you do it in a second stop to it up i'll i'll do like some strike force rules strike for put rules and when they don't have elbows and i'd like to people like elbows elbows cut people up man and i know you you should just protect yourself you know and elbows can stop fights to their very dangerous weapons but i like like strike force other just use punches in old elbow each other on the ground i think i think make it might make fighters careers longer i mean
people like it down it's a very effective technique maybe they need some sort of a pat on the elbow that's possible you know that might not be a bad idea that doesn't come because it's such a short movement we on top of a guy in such a fuckin short distance to stop an assortment pal you can generate they just bone on bones smash your fuckin face that's i said that's a goddamn dangers technique man may god it like a sound like a dog toy that every time they do is they do it i wouldn't worry negative squishy toys i don't think there's any other does anything wrong with elbows i mean don't get me wrong i mean i wouldn't take him out either but i look at the strike force rule and maybe that's the way sometimes sometimes look at it and go i like that that's around i like you want do i like there's a comparison we can look at a strike force see see what happens within the punch cigarette we ve already done i with pride the old pride days they used to be able to do whatever they wanted manic soccer kick deeds
their heads were on the ground had but stop on them they do think ahead buds and adopted the alarm groin growing kicks the alone fish working or any this stuff it's always illegal didn't allow it but they added the star in the socrates and the need to the head to a downed opponent which are really fuckin vial dangerous shit you know when you see a guy get soccer kicked in the head that's when you know your woe like shit this is this is not fuckin playing around this is a real fight i think i just socrates they're going to face when you down it's not the best thing have you ever made but pocket as this crazy element to it a guy goes down the other guys truck stop em like when really live we owe vanity silver knocked out two more now wasn't too more damn forget it yuki condo yes i believe it was he not and then he started stopping his fuckin head while he was down but then early you have seasoned like have biting and stuff maybe wasn't even conduct i should find out exactly what was originally
therefore said it but whoever was he was holding onto the ropes with one hand and kicking the guy in the face stopping head while he's down it was some while i was like fire like that took it to another level here that's the rev salt thou from its legal legal japan is legal loophole in pride it was legal you i think you can still do it i know you can deathly still kick or near down upon it i think you could socrates can still too you can stop him still too i think i think dream the way they do a minute there's there's different organizations like one of them the us he's always been pushing for a unified system of rules of the rules we use everybody use so that we all practice in other the saints that makes completes the totally complete sense is totally the right way to go but japan as you
well you don't like five year i went away and many were ten minute around and they have crazy shit whether come then they'll take your money away from defining hard enough really how do they get crazy laws over there so like safer and sometimes man duties are just taken a fuckin breeder like it's a war you know or they neutralize each other they can't nobody anything go and they go stop stop and they pull out a yellow card and what a yellow card is is they take percent of your fucking purse so if you paid a hundred grand you just lost ten thousand dollars because some fucking douche bag reverie decided you need a yellow cartagena fighting hard enough at least that in japan a yellow card can mean a lot of things believe p fuels and the women they cut you figure could mean that's a p card that's crazy thing ever the accuser with a chop fingers why would you do that you shut up you do something wrong to cut your finger off a european law on assessment that's why the punishment
but the salaries trend of paralysed some guy did they go through with it or not they ve gone through that another inquiring on whether or not it could be done one hospital said they wouldn't be too if you don't know the story this guy hit a guy with a shovels only had one i don't know in detail seed assaulted this guy in some way in an paralyzed him and the islamic law you know eye for an eye they literally one imposed the exact same injury to this guy and doing a hospital one hospitals like you can't paralyzed somebody like we can't just do that another hospice it was possible but they did not have the condition available there would have to go to a much larger hospital so they went to some fuckin goat donkey infested house with chickens running through the fucking happy like would you be willing to paralyse like well maybe
we can do it here that today's against essential to do a four hundred percent would you get you guys agree with that though eye for an eye judge man you know what i think this is a certain amount of cruelty to that it's not necessary i think if you want to show people that it's wrong killed a guy i think death penalty is a good thing but you know me i have to know the circumstances who knows maybe the other guys dickhead maybe they'll go through a rock first and then he added with a shovel and paralyzed and information maybe that guy was fuckin tormenting wouldn't leave us kids alone was an asshole kicked his dog and nunez building up over ten fucking years finally homeboy had enough and he did what he supposed to have done a long time ago crack that mother fucker over the head with a shovel fortunately it's a faget ass how's it going get paralyzed and now my man's in the pokey and the talking about paralyzing him to meanwhile all he was doing was trying to hold his ground just trying to get by in this world it's gonna be said of the three
strike rural like the first time you do some really really bad they cut it did take away your hearing a second time they take where your eyesight there while it shall love your tongue dude you dont you might just invented that in these people and i ran right now write that down right it down before the ideas gave says into the eighth get that i come here that can get a doctor opponents technical solutions it's a larry home that is cheaper codeine iguana concord have a call account there which mean that do not know what we were there the end we were japanese he started off worse vague iranians accident ever i'm an insult to any impersonator out there that want it ok joe what can i tell you men without on what do you want to go back in the day dude will you i want to know everything you know i've been friends with rick for motor a few years are for five years gotten me friendly lately and cynthia
from my spain dance and why it is just really change and i became a pussy then like all the other policies of the world now you know for sure i don't think you can understand what it's like to have children until you have children in a louis seek ay said something once about killer that was really interesting he said just now the change you and i had already alike change before i heard that but i was like wow that's like the best way to describe it let it change you you know and when you have kids if that's that really is what happens like you you are the sun first of all the immediately what you are doing is looking at people as babies i looked at every i suggest to just see a guy who's thirty and i guy like a guy a body what's up nothing normal bonanza like the inner child now enemy i see the in china we see how he developed to be that guy you have much more compassion for people now let's go i try to try to keep
as much compassion as possible while still avoiding douche bag that's my ethic deserted point time we're sometimes you ever go to shut the fuck up please we mean i know you're a baby once while point entire little child and somebody fuck your programming up i understand this let me go i got shit i gotta do you know it's right when i get it but you have changed it on i think everybody does you if you don't changing you have kids your you'd be crazy to your worse thing in the world that you could ever feel is that you didn't do your best when you are raising kid that's got to be the worst thing has i think your childhood was fucking completely with me my childhood was bizarre on paper but wasn't bizarre in front of the whole world and you became a fucking soup star when you were little kid you're forty not rank right does not work
hey i'm forty three so when i saw the champ i think i was seven what would you like for normal i was seven so your ten in the champ reeling yams ok my mind my time run your clothes either way either way what at whatever what seven ten i was fucking crying like a baby and you're even younger than me then so when i was a little kid when i was like going through life trying to figure out you know what my parents are break and i'm going to try to figure out like a fuck what is life all about you miss in front of his world like i couldn't imagined that point in my life being famous them must been so strange to develop in that but you're so norm or here's the thing that i think interesting about like growing famous cause i became it is not like seven so i dont have any memory of life before thing while so well that happens in your forming and you're getting programmed in you're getting created as a child right on that
what becomes normal for you and so on many frame of reference like i wasn't thirty and almost and ban became amos and i had thirty years of history of normal life so famous normal for me so because its normal that means kind of it special because with normal is is normal right shirts canada i think indifferent unique about being a child actor like i wasn't your barrymore us i will never heard anybody put it that way before i went to a premiere less than she she's canada and the same thing and her new movie and gave her being hung kiss i haven't seen her in twenty years to grow up and not cheat girl you really wish to give relegating nourishing i felt good i'm twelve fell goody was eight as drew beery more we would damage that has on tom green that got that you can get that do kid the sheep picks the weirdest guys i worship rate i loved hungry
do you know i didn't it doesn't show like designating far more sophisticated yes he's eating you can trust him i saw she'll thrust him he's one of the good i see the show where he took animals into his parents house he had a zoo fucked emotionless either road he's a savage is fuckin awesome i love that do really cool guy to his he's gotta show that he's been doing out of his house turned his living room into like a studio where you are broadcast alive talk show from his linen and its super popular it's really good it's interesting you get to see him you know that changing and of trying to four things i when i got to amuse into the secret look he's like elevated copy of a right the meaning and others tell the truth i believe he was but to seem like almost was a ghost like it was trolling his fucking around pretending to be into the sacred thing yet but so do the same thing it's been a few of us had begun through that like not many
it s very very few callaghan than the other and the percentage of people who go through that and get dingy low hand or like it's like ninety five right more more than there's gotta be what do you think was the difference view of what's the difference you know i quit the parting thing when i was young and i didn't continue it like i think some people do and you know i had my few wildly years between sixteen and twenty but you know i was kept my camera dove quiet night cannon under the radar and it wasn't really public about it and then i met those guys who was no teams each other internet no one in the sun and had all but on the de l schroeder's here making a rain haven't you ever wonder alone i was twenty amid andrea and that just gonna change my life because i was i was dated twenty
that's a big part of it to responsibility very early on did you used to hang out with all those people back in the data like gary call man in all those guys like alike but we're u like hang with punchy barrister and stuff yeah yeah i knew everybody there i mean with different shows kids were filming next door the facts of life girls were across to the other studio stage you got each other is the boss kids just banged you must have re for sure yet small one last airlines from a small one round extreme crowd knows what's up a better so you're there was some drama going on on on set in i mean there was i told you a little bit about the tub registered yeah todd bridges we how bridges on fear factor and he had a chip on his shoulder i mean not not mean wasn't a bad guy but had this thought that everybody was out to fight did everybody like we were fucking him over like we didn't want to win icy was sobbing and wanting to win me to but
guy the guy beat you when we get to savour hey as ridiculous let's get a new book ass i like god bless him i hope he sells it and stuff about you just you know he didn't my point is he did not get through it the way you got now you will chase me around a pissed full of urine wow water pistol full urine really see was the army he was personal water pistol and then just say ok i'm escort as the end like the rest of us have been thrown water so each other and grab and took it to the next level this so certainly was europe random over with your training was big and he was older all scared at odd how old woozy and we were all like thirteen fourteen he's like eighteen nineteen o my view he was eighteen nineteen percent in little to the faces yeah now and not our kelly was the originator of that he had a poor shrank and so he was racing honesty on seven i remember i was sixteen i just got my nine forty four turbo encyclopedia
for a drive and ok but gave him the car keys and he's dissing broken in right he just abused my car brought it back within a bald spot summit why are you do the whereas cameo todd bruges yeah what britches was it a bad either he's no it's just a fuckin baby they got stuck into a word situation they just where the hidden developed indiana plato became a drug crime she died in vegas who are supposed to dive die without a gigantic disease eagle finds its flock can apply to this that was hung moderately oh yeah this is i found myself spoons animals from i love i love silver spoons but this one we're favorite quotes and is so weird listen to right now this was smooth recording
easy sunday there tat sunday don't we need special stories at eu level need box there was jackson ternata still money less mean you're going to listen to what you were saying when you say that like was nineteen eighty three that was nice he's in only three eighty two you energy which allows you to do it i don't shut the power of that anyway you is so they fucking predict that so well a creature no dig did you guys get like computers unlike steve jobs of the day or like because their host
was about computers did you have like the inside word where you take your profit no i don't know your mormon you will be a profit with video games milan sentence steps on animal testing as a kid how crazy you word like you were like kid porn for us you are like duty as a pack machine has a train you know your pen wrongly toy in the world it was like we either lies do ass kids at our age group i'm thirty six so it's like i had i dug phone i had like remote control from your own with mr eric raymond if there was a temporary back erin great what would what would they have caught you doing more than we need pop and bottle hanging out a hose hotel roosevelt with alfonzo corey haim inquiry fell back and nineteen eighty hoary six though from eighty seven roosevelt was nice really it was a dive what was back then was a dive club
they would remember called how rose super cool i remember well i remember hearing about club hollywood you know back today like release bob magazine of hollywood so weird man he's dead nobody saw that coming so how weird is it that is that these kids that that grew up with you that didn't make it through the net how is out to watch yeah this i feel really bad luck when you see my corey haim that you knew when he was a little kid yeah he was so good to do when you use them in the tool for more outta fuckin vampire movie at last boys boys they were couldn't those movies and their use yeah so you must have hung over the vienna michael jackson and what did you i like you member that clearly reveals yeah i mean he was your talent locked i was crazy dine on sunset strip you know what michael jackson they used to hang out with him
michael jackson visited the citizen spoons how was it like he was friends alfonzo who was my body on silver spoons you know funds oh yeah yeah who was on the fresh prince after source and at what is happening in real barrier or bear upon them he came to visit one day michael jackson and them hang out with alphonse ochres i found it was happening on racial there was when he was the biggest star i ever planet ever huge huge she was now i want to tell about working and i was like three may be very uncomfortable our really did maybe get a kiss lead to new version was bullshit michael jackson sedate lawyers down do you think you ve got kids you must have heard style i don't know about anal but i think is it might have been some inappropriate stuff about gas like some hand job webster plato aside and i don't care what he had already about really i heard so many rumours about michael jackson and why he sees you know why he was the way
you were actually there what was it do you always kind i wanted to meet our funds and went to the universal emptied and wants to see in play and we went into his dishes like billy jean times this is the time to achieve caught topic i implore you to throw biggest planet persano universe and so on we hang on his trailer in his tongue and really nice quiet shy so unlike sixteen seventeen i said michael oats in how did you make it from a kid actor to an adult like this how did you survive i was caught him in the middle of transitioning from a kid do an adult and he said you know that it was being inspired ricky because i had to be inspired to keep it up and find stuff that i wanted to work on and wanted to do and you know i kind of took that advice to heart you know but nothing ever inappropriate of many start kissing your nipples nothing they around with me i know what he said
in other words our guy just even away in his voice was and it was very strange that's a man's voice just such an odd character but never been a guy with so much to get out me we talked about it last week in the park ass like how crazy was watching them so nobody ever did anything like tat before they thought even elvis delayed elements did but he did in a different way he tomato jackson's he had a weird thing of sammy davis he took them brown jim brown james surroundings railways we will watch that podcast couple we go the opening in zaire change brown was like manly do we rather it was like more like it s an amazing i go jackson did it is more like this gliding almost like alien type character moving around imperfect synchronicity was like the moreover those more perfection to michael jackson's movements whereas like change ground was more raw raw sexuality that had the jet
protection jacket do monroe a totally era goin now i can in my family can afford the real ones we got the generic wanted to store cod gold circle it looked exactly the same but it was like some kind of tag the real one had immediately i was like fake as people had things a fig members only i had a fig eyes it wasn't a crocodiles accept mouse reflexively lizards and never crocodile at a weird thing with kids that they need brand name should ambrose spelled with a cue what is that but this umbrella shirt sort of euro popular backing today than a saint they may have generic brands of thy quabos help me this will talk about popularity of it on kids how the fuck is that sagging think still in how the fuck people dragging their pants still it's like boring pajamas will actually not hopeful our hands half their ass hath whereas there pulling the belt onto the pants day on exist
to show you like how good they clean totalling takings now is back no dude you whatever's back for how teaching not not what in denial what people do in those laws are still sag and everywhere everywhere i go on meeting kids in the third crotch their panzas by their knee and they can him fuckin walk why you're gonna end in scotland i don't think it's gonna end that's what i'm telling you this has been around since i was in high school now it was one of those things right thought okay this belle bottom genes is fuckin awareness visor the shit is gonna go way back like people fuckin sag pair earner parachute panels in their daily is inevitable wasn't as many but it was still inevitable i'd like it became from prison dealt the whole thing comes from when you presently takeaway belts you can check it out i mean i'm a weapon either so your panther sagen off and you're losing because you're not eating as much as you were when you first cut yeah probably or you eat more daring argued that aids food anywhere
itself being presented with a website story workbook could be worse than get you freedom taken and i think i'd rather be dead what's amazing is tat all the different shit they can put websites for you know so just story so and so on you know one of these networks junkets where go to promote your show and stuff and all the other and cast her there from the shows in this little men black this tall was just curious could be managed his leg put him on my knee and i started was playing with them about some around here giggling and laugh and have a good time and then like you know i liked kids about like kids i laid the kid back and a blue legs in his nurse zurbaran zurbaran zone is del causing real costs look up observers and he's a giggle in like a little like a little for euro rate and put him away in illinois and now you know dumbly will you certainly comes
as you know is sixteen we raised in say anything he doesn't allow my that's the best story every holy shit you fucking gave a sixteen year old webster zurbaran on a one with no one to ten where was the embarrassment love when you found out he was your age it was it was ready to you what did you think i feel bad mfa gross guy you apologize to nod com i again ever had no mega union apologize where's he really laughing and when you get over was lagging or was eagerly he liked if we're running out of time and energy to urge you not to go back and do it again today with large apologize but
you win the parties to balance you really aiding tibet there's no cellphone cameras back then can you imagine somebody filming that do melissa gilbert with each man that data and i got a job how ok humbly whizzing we know that you hold it i think he was my body was like four five i thought i was just like a little kid we can give them can weak film in recreated reenacted what exactly happened with the awesome men in one of the cornerstones of a very nice guy you'll learn i know how those were from a unesco
was fine news or you guys we cannot allow a bad start he killed the acute miladi tastes like sugar here what did it tastes like an irregular what it is like milburgh days learning is old space only feel bound to find out what it was like all the spot was baby you're fucking stop rabies got raises double a tattoo they ve got a hard on what the fuck michael jackson's glove on his as do you know him well do you know when the first time ago led do many of you know i don't know what the gary common store was fast any he was like forty religion led virgins by type bridges wasn't he should have taken that money if i was his adviser ok i would say let's let's get her to the showbiz aspirations with just let it go we got about fifty grand the bank i think it's time to thailand takes time to go to
thailand ears celebrity ok you stood at fifty grand go long goddamn way get yourself a nice girl settle down the jungle us learn learn some wait i go vision of america's not for use on you gonna get some fuckin that dejected did merriam did you ever see the chimera she took pictures on his death bed where she was it was you that some rough like us to get you like yourself put in his fucked up tubes communism arose oh it's beyond rose it's it's one of the darkest pictures and that's it their thing i've ever seen on the internet is true mother darkest pictures because it just like did did there is such a lack of love and respect and a lack of you no remorse and is she's not sound that he's dying if she is not that's terrible i don't know i'm and who knows how he treated arena course treated like shit he probably yell that everybody but you know the guy's again is it was born fucked up you mentioned just gone through life go and there's no way to fix this
they are always so talented there was an actor is a key when he was a kid when he was amazing if you go back and watch what do you do if you're so smart guy like that that's what with the hard part is how the transition from being means really i guess you if you can write your own share if you could write your own thing that's good about a guy who's in your situation you know then he did come up with some sort of a show as an adult osborne yeah yeah i mean but he got to adapt and morphine changing grow times in thy taking on epsilon child actors they come down they also you know their uses has been treated certain way in certain big pay days and certain big jackson one hundred and eighty one it's time to the humble yourself and sort of a start working again for last door and start doing that you may not really like they're there he goes to too big so you gets a humble i think that's the one of the very hard and earn aaron gray helps doesn't see errand
how hard is it useful as it stay humble that is the most hard thing right to santa most q confusing thing is when you know that you're just a normal person but everybody treat you like your special because europe don't like when you're on a set of your assembly was sick com it's easy to lose your head as ever kiss your ass the network people were all walkin an egg shells iranian unwanted you really friendly with you and i really want to be nice you no one's gonna big smile on this in the shows do and well i was gonna big smile at one kiss your ass like you live in some way and then you and countenance gonna lawyer that kiss your ass publicists accuse the dressing manager and all these people that your employing kissing as this important now is to have real people and it is very hard to pull off for some people it's very hard to get yours yourself out of that's that spiral of confusion your identity can feed who the fuck em my friends were always ass a hollywood and there are important as most of my friends are always just guys it were farmers a ranch
our hunters are you just go very door fabric schroeder and i'm looking for you when you download hunter play my video game let me be your friend frog i got one of my house ends up son you granted agnes layer that dragons their set you didn't we europeans there was no one was a cartoon did the right thing what was the characters nato deirdre daring love that game with sucking whenever i go to western i was a kid and i bring like forty there's a quarters and you sit there and play all night and klaus wedding an unmarked three member that one where it was like real jet footage where it look like you're a plain anyone like shooting down things are member lot of those mock three really remember dragons where that is the best called did he's my game now totally
anyway so much did you go through the airport at that one you know you ve start hmong people at the airport we play it i'm going to play multiplayer dynamic idea online no i've done it again but i like to play online against negative louis i get it do you did you get addicted bad deeply with the xbox over the play station i have but that we do council the council also exploit but i use i like i like piecee games alec with keyboard and mouse you have much more control i like first person shooters plainly tools and cleared you would low of the call of duty and call you back and carrying out rightly he doesn't remember quake can you medical and wake the call of duty that's an area i have shown is able direction over real addition to know its quake out quick
why instills the basking literally forty forty is the cut off little i've found out for what for like the video game junkies others nonsense listen man eleventh what you want you act as if no one is making the rules no one's making the rules will you do it you enjoy doing it is all nonsense you gonna be dead someday do what you like now don't do what you like because you wanna pretend like each other thank you sophisticated than you gonna wanna gonna fuckin musicals and should in our view which i like video games are way better than musicals video games are fondest fuck it doesn't manage eighty years old if you fuckin gets stereo headphones get a good fast cable internet lie get online place quake holy shit
mobility of people coming to the left side by side of rockets flying at you you fuckin most people down with a lightning gun quick i didn't know you never heard acquaintance you show your age son sheds ridiculous you i know you but if you play this game played on the computer you can play on the computer imagine that times fifty billion anything of cable tell me why so great a graphics wine credible oh your mind the weapon the weapons will blow your my playing with like fifty other people once will blow your mind and you can hide in trees bs snipers you weren't you know scared you too you should take a week i had a friend that losses my once it was an actor losses mine was and is due to never been the military and call me obstacles ferreting doesnt folk and pick up i think i'm gonna go to a are killing people while unlike what are we talking about you know what man fuck it at this point my life i'm ready to join the mercenaries ugh i can't talk to you
that's not it couldn't have attacked black like i wonder if this dual just plain a lot of video games and his life and his leg you know fuck it i'll just get our good fortune get frank over there and in all i wonder you know what is it about you mean you think people get desensitize playing video games the idea real war fisher that exact definition but i think it makes sense why unlike my colleague quake has like totally fake like movement like it either
physics of the game are not human physics like you grow up further than you could ever really generates about you dumping in detail and sure enough job you straight jump and you can you really you're jumping sideways and you could rocket jump specially play rocket arena there's the physics are just crazy wild nullifies right i think your games like them or re little world yes a mansion but why would i want to catch due to media with a rail gun non talkin about only makes a job i beg boom i bet you we are here and we hook up our computers together i bet and within an hour you mean looking like joe it's crazy mailer vichy somebody had men a wall behind you splatter with blood and anyone in the game and the war started tat scientists have to pull out my flashlight right there if someone's fuckin had exploded behind my mom just why am i get a viking horn fuckin minded less light and blow and my heart dams had exploded splattering ass a wall
there's gotta be satisfying of your bad guy and you shoot somebody in the brains black against the wall that's gonna be a sad i mean you know it's not no positive carmen murder but you know you get an ape artistic effect have you been do i went to the new york gum and was doing nypd blue and i went to do research with cops there on how to be a cop and it me too the morgue agreement or more wolf hence they had a wall like decides all with polaroids over probably the last thirty years the most gruesome why how killings you'd ever see him i remember one jail the guy had put a double i'll check on his mouth triggered in his head had split per fifthly down the middle and there was one on each shoulder his head was split lying on the show one on the shoulder like perfect and it was unbelievable but anyway i'm yards should tweeted those you need a twitter amble level photographs god damn there was this one this
will it known as one crimes in the guys and want to pay this frosted fooleth toss the roof dust of the air conditioners thirteen forced down greatly stuff like them my real stuff for generic didn't want to pay a prostitute so they threw her out the window oh my god thirteen thirteen to conceal a bird smears like it double offence against humanity mean think about like how empty you have to be to first of all you don't just getting a prostitute you don't give a fuck about but you're gonna however than pay her that's crazy you know you ve taken someone's child in a factor and then you decide you don't you don't your words and your words worth less than nothing worth less another row you out the window and have you die a slow horrible death bouncing off fuckin shit on the way down this man other chilling either in on one
i've always had about the internet that is good is the internet allows you to see these things without coming into contact with these people normally if you want to get a kind of an image in that kind of a visual you have either go on patrol with ups or you have to you know someone has to pay or you get unfortunate you see it again i will but is it because the internet you can go and find the shit out and see it from the comfort of your own for home and just now ok now i know this should exist now there's somebody like that out there could you in through your normal life and i gotta meet somebody want to blow his fuckin brains out with a short blow your brains out with a shock we need another guys i gotta right you know i was accomplishing a movie and and eighteen years old nineteen years old brad pitt in the movie played runners together as movie called across the tracks so
thank you know when you're eating your tough some in my purse some jiving around compton dump a hamburger bryce stop an amber agendas nineteen eighty eight the crab wards no record of all you would drive around compton in a port in nineteen india looking like any other way to send you a days like yet so you rating over you twelve i look like fourteen april step out of a bad asked fuckin car system but about us harm argues bit shook ordering cheeseburger ends is really nice ducas that's me by guy unease like you know what ricky silver spoons love it man love you and these really nice black people always love me and but they really dug silver spoons so i myself in a few minutes later i go back to that was the original mtv cribs i gotta back to check i gotta get back check on my cornish three guys in my car in your guy i didn't daniel i'm on my door open my hatches open in their poem that sea deep change remember back in the day the head like a he has seen a genuine out so there that out o my another working on my blog hook on my written as with screwdrivers
and so i ran over and they will crack down people and i so get out of a car get out my clark and that they need to look at me i glanced me look stupid back to work what will literally that with all my might there was nothing i could do what the fuck was going through your head you i was helpless you how i'm eighteen years old and there in my blog hung out with their strict with their screw you don't have a cell phone back then and then you page somebody lots of a guy there was always in line with order in hamburg cheeseburger really nice guy he comes round corn only sees my predicament those rivulets one i know these guys rippling stuff avi you're ok i'll help you want and i were i'm gonna was truck and ours car opens the trunk and pulls out a shock on this big with a pistol grip any run up to my car and he's going to let the guys in my car and he says get out of motherfuker car i'm going to kill you and all those guys got rather than by carmen why my is i got my currencies is looking at you don't belong here just nervous you tube
you that's the kind of thing that needs to be wow i never step for said again in compton oh my god how foolish so they just list able went right back to work yeah that's right but ass long ass you my asthma i didn't want to get my air you can now he was again never use of world he had the lusaka he was again being there's a world of like criminals that if you you're not from the world of criminals and some another you for into the world of criminals just accidently you stumble into adela guided yeah you you're fucked me don't you understand how everything is working yeah the the criminals does not work anything like the regular world of society when i was a conscience when i was twenty one years old wells access was like twenty three twenty four i moved to new york from boston and start hanging about what this dude whose a homeless pool and he was a really smart i wanna be became a best for a level yet it shows great upon many you played him yeah
it's not for he killed recycling quake within killed me i'm pregnant about bad but replace good jos relay i gotta sickness for games and might now do amply pulls nothing like the way i used to play pool i split poof eight ten hours a day all the time i went from living in suburban boston newton massachusetts to you know just mostly due in taiwan dough and competing tournaments that's idea like throw my child and pulled and then i went from that to living in new york and i've been around any the same people then hanging out this homeless pool consular character and then finding myself in these packed up situations with crazy people like i'm taking him to buy crack it for three o clock in the morning and he's getting we're we're in harlem and he's gonna like go into this place the rule when you find the replacing this fact to happen and i was i what am i doing here then you know there was a realisation that if i got busted if we pulled over when he was making a bus they would take my car
helping him but i like the guy but i was completely out of my element as well this is a creepy fuckin world that i'm into other summonses this weird crack down in a sampling happen to me against it would have any of this girl use the day her roommate light crack and so i she's like we come with me and him because near his cars but we need to draw up and make a ok by doing this you numbers he's gonna burn he's gonna pick up some shit now thorgest hung about we'd get into this a walk into this house with these even they didn't bake getting the basin getting the base and it's a crack house i didn't even realize it was a crack house so i go downstairs if people on crack everywhere and there's a person at this table and i'm sitting there thinking i'm the only white guy here except for my girlfriend and to this is a crack house and is this is what the fuck am i doing there of course nothing happened but i remembered how good it could have as i that's the end of this hanging out with this girl's irma anxiety nominee jackson and get the tv taken out and when they had the crack factory
it was really going on places where they were pretty round crack monkey what was his name poky prime number has a great movie flock tribes of scares for yeah that's the scaring people think that i'm like pro drugs does on pro marijuana pro psychedelic but i'm pro nothing they get addicted to another in the can kill you you know there's this shit that you should totally avoid tell you what my utter although the well into our making here i want to try it i've already has inclined his house in forever re gonna want at around for half of one at her own and he clean his whole entire place forums like amazing he found trapper keepers from twelve years ago with incredible hawk on it because as you know from a middle school kids can after some work our role is supposed to be really powerful should rather animal silly he took it accidentally once ecstasy
yeah i'm not really a fan of marriage i learned a lot when i did actually had a very powerful positive experience i learn a lot from it but i wouldn't again i did not like the way my brain feel the next day my brain was very dull and it felt like the wettest therefore like a sponge were like most the water had run out of it just wasn't working right couldn't make five my couldn't make connections right i was in a like starbucks and i was really a magazine the next day i was reading a boxing magazine i couldn't read the magazine i couldn't it was a story i wanted to hear about it you know i was opened a boxing fan i'm reading this match up and i could read it i couldn't put the words together now like fuck i can't indeed why whatever i did last night to have this you know forgotten loving you know ever it's cool it's all be friends in this beautiful positive enlightening experienced the next day like you pay for that edward i pay where does like ok i paid once and appeared again i know there's some shit doesn't do that i know that
pause it it was a positive experience forming a realized like that you realise when ecstasy a lot of what is possible if everybody dropped the bullshit you realize like how beautiful life would be if everybody was like super friendly and happy to see each other like you would be way more fine and weigh more enjoyable and it is right now and you know you realize that you can do your part to kind of like make it lean in that direction in that way was very positive but i think those the elevator levels of brain hormones that you give yourself when you take that stuff there's a deficit like you you go up so then it crashes and then you don't have any left and then your brain is just like all shitty and fucked up until it replenish is everything on its own i would think that smart i don't think you should fuck there's other stuff that doesn't do the mushrooms don't do adjacent i'm scared to takes terms again i want is so bad but alas i my ship for like six
straight on shrimps and it was the most craziness uncomfortable working i hang around the bathroom shit you say shit yeah it sometimes they make a ship because it's like you're eating mushroom jean poisons was amended is not poison but they do have bacteria sometimes they do have a lot of them have fun disarmed i've i've heard of throwing up or not idea diarrhoea three hours while people rob some people b to some people throw up and that's really kicks in strategic your shit and untruths ripping out for looking at the other member looking at the ground was would like a chequered pattern a member to check or are going up and down kind of like text tetra or something like that like i saw like that my heart beat in the floor and why shooting my brains out the crazy about the mushrooms answers individuals the crazy thing is that the feeling that you get like a kind of get it now and it's is leading feeling as i while you're the mushrooms like you get it all seems to make sense it all seems to found a place it's like this familiar yet from
but this also there's like this in enhanced level of understanding all the bullshit that's going on your head on securities all the false assumptions are the things that are just like tripping up the way you think they all get pushed aside and the lights all get turned on you know that's what my experiences have been a mushroom but no pair now i had it all the time and terry malloy every six times maybe mushroom paranoid any anxiety and locking bad trips and shitting myself well it's i think it's when you try to control it is very humbly sometimes i think i just two strong or to like it likely that you said more different modes and stuff so your reactions when you don't know the full grown mushrooms to where they were making your lsd and some people like beer you hear stories of like crazy lsd makers i don't know what the fucker doing in you're just pretty much fun brain of story wrecked the thing was fascinate talked about this before in the show the cia is to experiments on american civilians in the nineteen fifties against their will read it
then called operation midnight climax with a seat on a brothel in san francisco and in new york and they got these guys are going to get lane they dozed him up with sid and ran chests that's how they see i make that regular we may go to a good son what gonna work necessarily what research using i'm here ladies and gentlemen what is just the beginning what research you handling ricky joey productions really area its truth operation midnight climax it's the freedom of information act they release these documents does a guy i ran liberal well that yeah let's do it crazy i now right but someone needs to do a documentary and acid because people don't realize it because it was squashed out they through so much water on the fire we don't in all died out quickly we'd all don't realize people live today and two thousand ten what an impact ass it had on the culture of the nineteen sixties mean people really were convinced that we're all one the flower
of men of san francisco the flower power movement does people are all and ass it what about disney can easy on what would have i heard disney did that stuff all people done ass it i'm sure but we did and how the fuck do you call it an israeli mouse yeah unless you do an acid it's possible who knows maybe might not have but i think a lot of people did it because it was so many people doing it so many people reporting all these positive experience on that all these rich powerful people anyone in a position that would get in contact with these people are doing these artists they would want to try it easy integrity we leary all those cars and turns mckenna all those dude you know do an acid back then they think them there wanted other people do it much western acid and mushrooms has little every mail sd yeah yeah manmade mean it was a dress was that if it exists actually in in in some
seeds of some plants a hawaiian baby woodrow i think has it in it or it has a similar compound in it and there's another one in mourning glory seeds morning glory seeds has like a natural form of l s day you can buy morning glory seeds and you do consumers like directions how to do it on line you you make me poor ass on it you like cook on our southern and then you eat em an u trip your faraway balls off terence mackay so that is first psychedelic experience was morning glory seeds and then he had ass tat image dree like he was looking like fuckin mayan temples and shit through the cloud and there's a lot of things like banana appeals looking frogs one or another this is real but isn't happening he'll thing wrong knows banana bills not will now free our real with us the certain frogs that produce emma five m yo dm two at a sum on ebay or member a long time ago but actually gonna buy one just step to experiment
they say we do not do yeah there's a whole website devoted to do i didn't say that i would i heard is it you have to make the rub them uncle ass and then grecians when the glass and then you tried excretions in the sun and then a scrape off its market that will probably something like that i didn't actually do it you know now is actually i talked to the breeder and he was as i got what i would have a new back soon i wanna buy like three of them but then i do not of stone rises rounds off ebay lot flags trip the fuck that five emil experience is five embryo is still legal as one of the weird things when i first at five m here we ordered it online five embryo empty my most put more potent and regular the empty psychedelic drug you just ordered online in get i got vat of it and smoke your fuckin breaks out it's way more powerful than mushrooms way more powerful than pot and you get ordered online ever candy flipped that's where they take ecstasy quit on one side is ecstasy on the other side's lsd what are you doing you bring
candy flippin i can't handle i'd see that goes into those those weird lose your mind forever trips i blame the grateful dead on that ship didn't you some brain cells are wholly but you know i think i lost most brain cells with that one story told you that where i rented disappointment in my he ended up being carbon dioxide from the gas furnace blowing on me for two years are you found out the day a moving out in may the guys i checking over my room measured industry and got what the fuck why said uncovered might well that's my heat as the gas i'll take further furnace carbon dioxide have died under a visa theres many nights romania's girl sleeps luckily with such an old house it was draft isa wasn't my airtight or something you again point ray i think that did the most dear modal was now isn't that long as i actually like eight months or some like that but we all night with a different purse yeah i told
looking back at that i think i definitely got some brain damage mostly was i think your speech here i feel like stuttering since they all my god and i just as a totally sue this place but now it's like white twelve years when you actually soon maybe the guy had a lot of athens and now you don't know you can paid sign ok go get yours so it made you stutter kind of i think from that when i remembered them shit or that famous tennis player died like that venus de realitas heavy die in the nepal in his room by common oxide poisoning the man eater this couple years ago but one more reason to live somewhere where is no he have electric car when you have immediate galifron down here so hot the debts highs flock but what is better hottest fuck or dry black eyes that's guess should allow caught his fuck i like how does look how does fucked me
better than you can control your car is the fuckin the whole highway becomes an ice skating rank that's happened many times in boston and hates but i grew up in boston ice it i drove every day because i delivered newspapers when i was fighting doing taekwondo window to make money i would deliver newspapers during the day then i'll teach classes and train and then i'll compete when i would get up in the morning every morning five i am a lot of times nobody had ploughed nobody done shit and i would just beyond just i know how to drive unlike skating it was like a wink slide around corners sideways on purpose has nobody was around like a knew how to handle it after awhile but you ve lost improves it no export union exports bordered sports belgium the moment stuff like two and martial arts that's you stupid peck wonder what's the difference in that and tangled knows a striking are ticking punch but mostly kidding that's right
that's really does israel has my left you those throwing yet we talked about the last night until we gotta kill somebody with a low jacket just here and tell them that dude not understand jujitsu and he's an asshole and he has a jacket on that's why it's good to learn the key learn how to use against you too because you know as she bore enclose some guy is attacking you and he s got a leather jacket on i have to do is get your hand up in there under the collar underwear deep in that car and act as a dead man you're dead surrounding because i'm gonna connect on the other side night maybe ninety ninety saw me and now i just need to know that their environments teach their room and then you fuck what scares old she come up here with a big shoes on british snow loudness but jude the scary thing of a guy's got close i forgot you can there would like some fuckin jimmy pedro character some you know olympic judah the grab
your clothes when you gone sailing through the air and coming down your fuckin head on the concrete is that's no joke man is karate pretty useless now day now no aroused have we not useless there's a lot of tat if you like going karate that it depends on who you get it from and there's a ton of different styles roddy and even with though styles there's dears instructor that are much more you know they're they're there more pure whether technique dared there better than you know they ve competed in like international and world tournaments and in others euro is gonna get levels there's karate guys like matete editor machine is a bad mother fucker and his bow this is karate and he does the best things about karate he's got a wide stance he stays back on the outside and counter attacks he knows how to leap in and leap out very difficult to time because of that very good at like leaping like a fence or and tagging peaceably fox people up man that's karate he's using for real but he's excellent at that's that
it's like iran is not the best martial arts but if you can really good at karate and then learn the other shit you learn more tie had a czech kicks had a throne knees how do you not take a guy choke em you learn some jujitsu techniques fires isles fireball i always say talent t v learn all that stuff you can add to it but the thing about like karate them interesting is that not that many people are doing so if you get a guy was a really good like really good like like there's a bunch of speculation one that's a real good went ashore comes another the shotgun guys tend to be more like leaping like shrunken talking monkey style yet since when there's no drug in monkey kind that's real that shit when the chinese tried everything you know they they tried all kinds of different fuckin animal food and grasshopper and tackling a praying mantis and fuckin poky what your fingers and shit chinese like the most innovative come up with different techniques for fighting or about does old school wrestling like you know
when gretchen greco roman relevant also felt my started you know well in areas that have acted its grappling its it is in the fact that you are you know you're still controlling persons body but the intent is different but there was no end points while it is they beat the fuck are you wants to hold it down rang about a wrestlers once they get you you're back you're fucked in other debates used to their whole life has been dedicated to holding guys down and putting their showed it to any yes so when they get on top eu in their punching you to hold you doubt and punching their beaten a fuck audio summoned dangerous fighters the world the resource because the fact they have the ability to dictate where the fights take whether fight takes place if they decide to take you down they taken out and if you want to take i'm down you can't there better wrestling than you so you fought so you have to do what they want to do if you want the fight in the ground you ve finally got if you want to stand up you stand up it's a huge so rather than how my positive vote yeah he's a restless definitely progress is a big part of enemy drug lesser was wrestler reza threats is number one skill
is learning submissions was getting better solutions is incredible athlete he's learning striking can better at it but his number one skills wrestling number one for sure well it's grew good i really good at taking guys down a big powerful fuck enough athletic guy who's got excellent wrestling technique is learning all the other stuff wrestlings number one there was a bathing sedate assembly i just got to understand jiu jitsu so you don't get trapped you don't get caught and certain techniques to some guys are fucking dangerous out there back like eddie eddie is very dangerous off his back like whenever i wrote with eddie only role with unlike in not that often but every time i think i'm safe when he's on his back and he catches me was up and so his legs so dexterous he really knows the inside and outside of each and every position but a lot of guys don't have that in others few god forbid silver doom the gauchos tapped our fate or he's got that eating higher level his guard is nasty there's guys that you just you can't get comfortable with you can if you're on top of them you can get comfortable with yeah they're always attacking there always setting you up and there always moving one
how the hell are you using when he should zagged also bang we gotta try the lockdown mother fucker you fucked ruin and you trying to battle out everybody knows which way you're gonna go because if you go that way he's gonna counter you by holding your leg and employing them up and any attacks your arm many attacks a triangle annexing oh you fucked because he's just got this high level shit but in defining fighting those guys the most wrestlers are able to paint a guy down and hold it down so huge scale too but you must outweigh any by forty pounds none of that much twenty he's like one seventy or eighty five i think it is like one sixty five abysses one sixty what do you want one eighty five and ninety twenty five pounds debts animal are stronger than yours my big and now i can't up i'm never tapped and together we can close well and only made him strike master of mentally i never made em like real one day will you funnels meticulous mostly they taught me again i don't put nearly as much time as soon as he does he teaches classes everyday and trains every day
you know he's training when he teaches classes formats rig he's got a knee injury right now he's not training but when he does he's always rowan he rose constantly i'm lucky i get three days a week of em and teaching to teaching a lot of gaza the dna bread at our school who is really good but finished our teaching and he became great there's something about teaching p but when you really dissected techniques they want the best ways to improve george it's a game is that each into somebody else that that tall light skin like black i now brandt is heavyset white guy big really smart dude and dies of brown bout under eddie and here is a high level round but when he first started out he was just a regular guy you noticed dude who had been always good is talented but when you start also you start taken off you know he's a handful very dangerous guy in every but unlike will seize this certain gauzy role with we just gotta watch fuckin peason cues he's going to kill you
one thing i learned real quick was eerie they're all inner all out two hands in or turns ends if you got one hand in you know if if if you're on top and you put one hand in they can somehow dry the can surely you gonna grab your let's grab your arm and traffic jams you gotta be all in right that's true but you don't even all in you gotta be careful if you get a guy like four brief overdue and he controls both arrests you're fucked you get a lot of problems as he's gonna attack both ways and was he defend one ways going to talk the other way you know if he controls your wrist at all you're fucked it's very important you get risk control jiu jitsu size such a tactical fun thing to do but as you do at its very frustrating it's almost like memories doing stand up comedy and you said the frustrating thing is it's like there's no end to this like this like it's going to go on forever i'm to take forever good at it right you wanna get here it's just a lot of devotion to something that you now you're gonna have to go on for
we're doing genji it's gonna take forever you see a guy you know like joe ideas for how the fuck em everything that grey take fifteen years from it until it for that now that's the same feeling would you get when you first started have to enjoy each little miniature battle that you end neri every new lesson that you learn but the most humbling thing about it is as you do it you realize how will you know to so many guys that are so much better theirs is unlike decent but there are so many guys that we're all talking about marcello garcia last night he's the one of the best probably the best grab where in the world really technical like this brutish powerful guy but just all technique is brazilian dude super super smart do and super nice guy too and just this video to him online just smashing guys taking these really like high level wrestlers really tough guy just running rona just choke i'm sure you do get used to judges it over and over and over again you know and watch this guy just like what i want i'm full guard like when some
got me when i'm above someone and there they ve got music is a cold they ve got me and forward when they ve got you in the guard and get me in the guard show i don't even have a good movie it to break out of the guard to get on site control you don't know that you're well do you know some stuff does there's a bunch of different techniques if you go to moves yeah yeah there like i am by guy that's a gay man it's a game treated it works if you treated like penitence do this thing on martial arts where they said that you're better saving your money than giving it to the mugger saving money that you but it's not about not get mugged but martial arts or about as like it's a very very difficult thing that makes your character stronger when you learn martial arts what you're doing you're doing this incredibly difficult thing and when you do that you learn about yourself and other things become ease its humbling very humbly humbling when some guys that you know
you look at it doesn't look like much but men your tap and now it's humbling dude it's it's a freaky feeling so freaky feeling to have guns dominant you ricky feeling how many guys to it so we much better feeling is it is better but it's weird to feel people nervous freaking out when they first start doing it shit and there's like lena they think they're tough guy and they made the realise like your clothes and aunt like this again to a position where fuck i'm not getting out of this you know you got the dude mountain these back in try explode all energy but every time you do counter nope not going anywhere not stay here wash any start slowly squishing omen squash them and you feel them panicking is feeling start to freak out with it did not want to admit that you're gonna kill them but that's really what it is they have to tap out they say ok give you're just gonna kill me right thank you show me a new go again the craziest game ever and you guys you get better as you get better at it you understand that it's really all about focus folk
energy and trying to put it to put all the techniques together but then once you get him altogether like what you do more dynamism party repertoire damages becomes is crazy one think we you know you don't you doin it while you're at it like why countering and attacking and everything it's like at all like it all please itself out is a huge really drill techniques to certain points or when your role in the just come out natural then it's crazy fine that's really financial russia when you go with another i was really good too could you just go back and forth encountering back and forth about the union have time to think you're not thinking bills you nothing about shit now thinking about you know your dog you're not thinking about your we retire that right now you're you're there in that moment but like an asean way we're not even thinking about yourself as it so difficult you dont have the time to the wandering your bullshit you have to your eye on this guy's trying to choke the fuck out of you i know it have you been run now now i just ellen
not like croquet and it's not for him he likes cats calves and chrome it is for everybody but i knew you'd be for you i'm glad you're doing i knew it before you totally love a man love in it especially when you tell me stores we went to drovers housing tells me stories about trying to jack dues and for back up into him on the highway and get crazy speeches the story i told you you told me that story to my wife and kids to own evans beach and a bike in this other kid on escape board twenty years all we kind of bumped into each other bags and nobody's fault and so we kind of untangled each from each other and i decided to go on my way he's leaving you like us to the mother fucker get out of my way next time and twenty years old and unlike fuck you asshole and immediately he turns around and he's like a challenge i guess by saying that
and immediately turns around but he's got like four friends with him all twenty years old and my wife is like rick what you're such a dick for responding to that and i'm like how can i not i mean the kids twenty years old i'm forty disappeared you don't treat people like that in world where you gonna get your ass back i understand but you gotta recognised that these kids a lot of them have lose their reputation means too much totally the reputation means anything so if you not around kids like that very few challenge a kid like that like he eliza and ella honestly though do it was instinct to respond man on the word some captain caveman when i use any issue i don t have to fight off every than lending ass we sit at my biggest weakness actually is essential i m just not reacting instead of lake responding
each legally its autumn an issue i don't think because he's fucking with you you know he's starting with the fucking but that's not the issue but the issues you your health and safety is envisaged at york aren't you yeah situation or just a matter for shore for short really not even jujitsu because you don't want to grapple with a guy like you wanna fuck em to me what about bank put em asleep and in charge of the next guy just let him know the zog weak i can put this due to sleep the crown we'll get you next gazettes a lasting anybody wants is one dude knock out everybody so when if you have to attack somebody you're better off way better off learning how to strike you know what oh yeah what we pull guard bitch and the other three do as a fucking soccer kicking you in that it is not the best thing was alerts and creative there's a bunch of people the best thing to have his fast fuckin hands look just like somebody up just pop bank you one to some especially in the street special i dont know how to fight when that part
actually lands bob i am in their eyes rollback anna had there not giving in to expect a that you gonna be really hit him that hard be they can build do that quick do i have never really box in a really been punished in us if you can just fine one due to pop bank did you sleep the other guy's gonna go fuck this randy can get him a scatter but if you try to do some jujitsu movie like like the cry to keep it for jujitsu elected jujitsu kid where two guys it's really good jujitsu like this little kid can make it more like as judges a gypsy will only marginal are it's kind of weird incidentally real the jujitsu a real marshall or in the sense that you can defeat a much bigger strong rang athletic person it's very hard to do that with striking a uk it can be done if a guy's an elite striker any facing goes not elite struggle it's much dan henderson right elites
goddamn henderson is really wrestler he's a very powerful striker of that but he's not in the line of saint anderson silver innocence overs like an elite striker he's a guy who like really knows the intricacies of the stand up game dan henderson does well but you know he's more known as arrest because i saw him take out the british guy with one paunch oh yeah while he can knock is money is being spent yeah he's got superpower in his hands here anybody not abandon silver when one part he's knocked out a lot of guys want punch you know but not known as a striker right he's not known as like in a technical strike wheeler chuck adele ass he started striker you just striker z fighting i don't i don't know i think he has made his well you think so maybe you know it's u time becomes up went up yeah and he had won the great screws well time you know i just think it sink at a certain point time you have to be concerned about your health you know you have two could be concerned about in how many knock out to take in own concern about you
you're his fuckin incredible amazing career the problem as you know you have that kind of fire burning inside you it's very difficult to turn internet shut off very very very very very difficult turn it should all those guys like in other not dare dared their whole fuckin system is wired for competition whole systems wired for combat for the moment forget that cage on the bright lights and performing another whole self esteem is based on their ability to rise to a place that most men can ever get to you think they could transfer that easily let's start playing video games are start doing something else i don't billions louisiana and i also think that we as civilians could ever possibly understand the highs that it must be when chuckled though fuckin throws his arm backs and tourists pussy chest out screams three not people out a gathering
raincoat around me renovators on a bad motherfuckers and the planet knick knacks randy goes down that high is probably cocaine times a billion it's probably insane it's probably in public feels more alive he probably never feels more energetic more fulfilled it is incredible eight we training can every day waking up for this one moment and finally comes against other paths motherfuckers and a planet in front of sixteen those naughty and this trap the belt item and then they ask em you know so what's next anybody out ok i'll find anybody afforded by the world like the fight where are those naughty and strapped a belt item and then ask him you know so what's next anybody out ok i'll find anybody are funded by the world like the fight it's hard to step down from that i think i think that's that's a lesbian
hi like you have in common and ninety one call now comedies more just fun we have a good time but aren't now genocides tat yes you sure you have fun it's a different kind of high though it's it's it's not nearly as is crazy it's not new is primal its more fun enjoyable everybody having a positive experience together all party and we're all having a good time antonia some comedy you're laughing we burn join our time together it's fun fighting is much more you know you trying to master something there it just so happens is an audience there watching it but it's totally different experience very inward you trying to overcome some guys physical franks and you don't pull your will on impose your conditioning in your preparation on them it's like way different way crazier comedies like reading normal bullshit like to me i can go on stage right now if you're an open might right next door and then you know what we're doing the park estimates that hey joe you wanted you ten minutes way
i'll go out current up i'll just go up and stuff i remember what was going to start doing stanhope just go and mac i couldn't go fight in our concern you are a case like giants blake no need like ten months and i got it my mom get a new change it is barely gotta make sure my strength conditioning programmes in order for whom i find you striker wrestler gotta prepare me you know what i mean strategy will want to fight a strike or how we get fucked up you know you are you going gary where's you're gonna find a one off cause it's not healthy because you must i'd love you might want to fight you must want to fight to do i did a lot of competition martial arts competition was young where joint it but i got out of it without any like complications physically because injuries or knock out or anything like that but i knew people who did i know people at complications i knew people who had brain damage for sure from boxing and its compromise to how they talk and compromised how they can thinking and make reason reasonable decisions
many people like that i don't think there's anything wrong with fighting i don't think we're out we're not gonna live forever and i think every man should be allowed to make its own decisions as to what he wants to do and how long you want to compete and you know how many do you want to take and how much risk you want to put his body it's up to you at your choice wise it wisely you can go and do motorcycle riding run between the fuckin lanes and traffic and that's ok but you can't you of guy can't get knocked out more than three times you can do whatever the fuck you want but for me i think i think if you are going to put yourself at risk there should be an end point to it and to me is that when we have to be the best kind of world now i'm not gonna win a couple of right what's going to prove you know well you know either the thrill of competition and maybe getting your fuckin facebook and again begin i've had my nose fixed recently it's fuckin awesome i love him minnows again that's great life i've fucked up jammed up knows i broke my nose found out of place here
five and then i've been kicked in punch interface on how many times my whole life so was all thought but it what it is you don't have anything to prove because you because you are tough but that silly there's a lot of that their then kick my ass though that the meaning to prove thing should all be in each no one should need to prove anything and if you do need to prove something new in this fight more about yourself you know when you need to prove something to gaza that are trying to start finds a grass it or you don't people that have a chip on ashore what they need to do is get more positive bears in their life get more things would they have accomplished there they live conquer their emotions and accomplished that scene really difficult to do in they understand more about themselves and that's one of the things like mme funders like some of the best guys the world their super friendly your saint pierre is one of the nicest people i have ever met in my life and is one of the bad as motherfuckers pound for power on the planet and saying he's so kind and so friendly and genuine and the region he doesn't have anything to prove to anybody he proves it to himself in competition
was it himself in training he proved its proves it himself with this when forcing himself to do the hard work to become great any is great and recognizes great so because of that he's like and he's a super healthy super com person to be couple years ago watched him fight against that brazilian guy and was again eight fight iago silver and i think i love s rather she's yeah that it was a tie striker yeah that guy was strong and he couldn't sign of how this amounts to saint pierre couldn't semitic knows what the distant yeah now this is is a beast but he has problem making we did make wafers last fight again remind you john fitch and he didn't look there physically he lived like you have to use a little hurt by the away cut could he so big in real life he supposed to fight it one seventy but surround over two hundred so cut is dehydrating yourself like thirty pounds and then try them replenish himself and it's just you there's gonna be a point of diminish point of blatant diminishing returns
you cut so much weight and you dehydration of so much that you for this industry suffer just so big here with giant desert giant for one seven either gigantic he's a fucking pool of a man you just gonna lose some weight is gonna lose a muscle shift too much but somebody all of a man that's what he is a man of all he is a ball you call the rhine our would you call i'm very nice gentlemen and nice germany is a nice gentlemen a flavour of muscles i saw this picture of a ship carrying fruit there was an old female chimp and she had fruit in her hands and fruit their feet and she's a carrion like these things in she's like flexing and i looked at my holy fuck have you ever seen like a full grown male chimpanzee or female chimpanzee full grown how big fucking arms are holy shit that scary switch gigantic her arms were gigantic and there
crazy sinewy chimp muscle to which is nothing like human muscle to fuckin trippy photograph when you realise that challenges beat that got you remember that every time she wants it ate their girls face off thou brutal talk much him said we'd like my friend when two sturgis this motorcycle rally joe the whole time she's there i think like four or five people died in with my two days in the guise those people that thing say you know this happens every year people die like almost every day in last nature is their scouts doing though where they read up there engines really fast or whatever it's hot afterwards called bates like they're just ribbon of their engines with us something happened in his motorcycle blew up he got decapitated some
is anyone to capital shit sign any man i'm thinking this is how dangerous motorcycles are fuck and how many people died this like motorcycle thing but yet there is a car show for every day for the last fifty years and burbank no one's ever tat had cargill the thing about those belonging to cycle shows is that a lot of those dude they get crazy no one show off reach raised are they stop standing on their bikes ever seen guy serve with their moliere there is due to a motorcycle make i forget his name is a famous guy these famous for being to write his motorcycle surfboard so they get but on the highway level that goes right now and then stand on top of it and i can stand and it fell phone that's a rap sign it was not going to preserve what you get when you doing well no helmet too oh no whose me so so he just living out there on the edge and they just lost it and maybe that's the way wanted to go you know who knows mean in
everybody kind of like recognize it what people in make fun of omens say are you fucking idiot that's what you deserved embraces a dyed doing what he loved i cast ok you know really realistically would live forever i guess there's no one here like those that look like snowmobiles i am crazy like what is one and one in the rear into an affront lives yeah some like i am weird looking like second snowmobile i've seen the suppose we wicked faster it gives you the aerial adam reversing the thing it's like a car you ve seen it is a car that looks like a like almost like a formula one race car it's like a cage and there's a single seat and have like it's all exposed so the wheels are not connected to like a big sheet at like you know like a barracuda is like got a hood and fenders it's not like that it's like you know just a little engine and the see all the suspension parts the rights of all and i get a ride on the street you wear a helmet and their fast as
wide open and is his cheeks or slapping back and forth and he's going a hundred and forty miles an hour through the air like nothing to stop you know the air and its face you just mentioned hit a bug a hundred flown out annoyance would you having and as is driving his mouth is wide open and is his cheek are slapping back and forth and she's going a hundred and forty miles an hour through the air is like nothing to stop you know the air and its face you just mentioned hit a bug a hundred flown out noise when you're fucking face and here too the gum borelli yeah last year did you really early next year is from london to turkey ankara turkey while you should do it no matter what is seven days three thousand miles seven parties you know why you get fuckin fly you know it all those douche bag two hundred cars hang the all out some as additives in june fucking coke saudi personalize crazy one is mac anybody
an interesting people i mean you know the supper what did you i had an estimated and that's it damn paddle shit like a mother fucker one guy had a bacardi once i don't know man which one but as high as a milliner corners of iran was sick you get from texas fluid over things insane course overland overly now in the fuckin the convertible ones like almost two million insane arm again makes those things are so ass those results authority is another that someone so retarded that their will make a million dollar cards like just make the craziest fuckin car of all and that its you're crazy people actually by jumping to join together in one speech on these is a body and now he's gettin a ferrari they make they do or to one off the com for hours a year with a temporarily for a person and jump get the next one was getting was done you didn't tell me the details the talk him again in you know
like about with four hours doing and unlike other get away from manual transmissions you know what this all this idea of efficiency i totally agree for like racing like i have two cars one car has you'll transmission and the other one has a double clutch ivan m three and the imf he has the m double clutch transmissions phenomenal for driving around town it's that the car the handling is what about incredible car but i also shelby mustang shall be jd five hundred convertible it's gotta fuckin six speed and you the queen on the algerian mad max at an automatic listen i don't wanna shift those gears feels good it feels good to push that clutching click click this thing in that's that's a fuckin real sports that's the real shit so you morocco into this vitriolic they're going nuts antibiotic to double clutch to form new ones style or they have left the left of of
is minus ego downshift and the right up shift but the problem you you lose a connection you lose connection when you're making the gears change yourself pushing with your leg it's all coordinated together desire to something going on man that's part of experience as part of the fund of having a coup car yeah us because we grew up with if you got the wrong man would you don't you racing are you gonna take on the right track in you need every fuckin tenth has as yet again cow now you don't do spagna gimme a goddamn manual simum ship those fuckin gazed brown come on man it's half the fun that's out the fun did you string crash they're gonna fuck yourselves you fuckin spam and creeps will you be the chat and demographic seems like what happened this says off does it see off here what happened well we're still recording it and what that means the hum of waste are equal
well says it still recording now is our but complaining just not honouring a wish do you dream just stopped john this what we're gonna do since the use trim stopped and it five o clock which means you ve already done this for two hours anyone so is the perfect time to stop so use dream sorry bitches but she missed the last twenty minutes how many minutes was about five minutes five minutes we didn't talk about that much that was an interesting those pretty good i wouldn't last night we would probably have overall there was great progress avatar this weekend i met the wilbur theatre today is to day and i don't know there's any tickets available there's not that many because there was there was less than a hundred a couple of days ago so it's it's almost hold out it's a big place but it's fuckin awesome the great play so the wilbur theatre on there with my power all we should fear do you play using the plug
yeah i'm living people should check out and things now dana needs to make the remainder the chant nasa dana needs you talk to him about this he's got it he's got it gets written did he read it yeah well his right hand man whoever that was email loved it's really as well he's my body i'll talk to miss weaken that's it suits opposite but he showed and want to do to channel i'm amazed it was not a man with play the fight i want to get you should play the writer either crib outback percivale jack black christian bail for the provider or brad pitt dissipated you grew up why christian bail i wanna write really think brad pitt just cause he's such a huge star and fight club babby eyes what i do think christian bill is pretty solid choice i think brad pitt
when you think about the final amount thinking about you could he could play like a real carlos carnero type character needs is asked to men just ask her i think he's gonna be ok spontaneity later billion dollars in a million kids i think he's fine only going heads of family asker they all want to blame all actors want i would i think monies better take the money and he are you doing things you enjoy doing great ok go back and the titanic one doesn't mean anything it's nonsense its craziness the title in a was tat it was a big giant crazy mood but was still goofy is fuck that goofy ass move that that was the best movie the year for real now gillette conception i liked it i didn't love it i liked it
three times have you really gas preceding the second their time it is now i see so many things that happened unlike too much information by got the basic point of this i enjoyed it but i felt disconnected from the characters i didn't care whether or not they lived and died and i think there were just try and do a lot it was very ambitious movie in these very impressive you know i think they would try you a lot and i think doing that this summer things go on at once you pay attention that three different timelines whose like this connection with the people in the immediacy of whatever their doing so i didn't really care if they did it or didn't goes like this is pretty cool but it could have been something more minutes it's so unique the way the idea behind it again and dream it's like the key is the who the hard things to do a movie like that and to do it right until i like the first the first matrix you know did as movie where was like you're you got this crazy high concept movie was wrap your brain around all this money should as having bought the
it's so well yeah they did it was so there was so well can strive rash yeah and you you didn't do is no cut the shit scenes not too many lives i can recall at least in a way like some movies these like they did they give you a lot of cut the shit scenes that you have to accept you know it's hard hard to do a high concepts like movies a fuckin brutal you know that our benson was over here once it was talking about it we were talking about how you get an idea for something the beautiful thing we're colonies you get an idea you just go on stage and do it but we got an idea for a move your fuckin our right he'll take five years you the produce my god or more you know there's a movie that i think john five euros doing now called the aliens and cowboys yeah i had heard about this like a few years ago if someone was the retired about this like someone else doing a grey exerting this is a boy it's about always a generic there
and it's a movie about cowboys and they get abducted by aliens to i don't know i think it's about what it's called fucking great idea that's what i was i as we heard about on my that's going to be good i've fucking love movies like that i want to see easy shabata you dog avatar loved you love different loved it is a kick ass for gas in it tell me i'm not as has the community's that's the kind of shit that fantasy sophia halves i'll need no we pray love real life fuckin find myself shut up excalibur receiving national for real remember embers of these of dragging this on excalibur yeah risk alber yeah sure yeah her they re making that i'd love like big crazy fuck and fairness can wait for tractors alex amazing because it we're gonna do that pre does look pretty that previous fucking freezing cultural legacy there was calling i while cool i was wish someone would do a really good video game like a good doom movie
introducing but they buck rogers we remain but that's not a video game like you know like there's been a bunch of your game movies but he never really nail trans videogame we'll be right back was it was videogame first and they made a move out of it so that it can never really do that right what's that echo it just turn down and that thing was us ass we listen ladies gentlemen this fuckin you stream shows been done for more than twenty minutes now we're rambling disagree podcast ricky i hadn't gone hang surviving fuckin awesome stories i got table billy i myself daily idle ladies and gentlemen this is the teaser it's easier as the rich schroeder billy idle story as always the flashlight sponsored our podcast if you ain't fact one of these you know no other person brian red ban is our technical adviser slash video editor slash crazy fellow
to get him at red ban are indeed ba and dot com is also on twitter at red and thank you very much everybody we had a good fuckin time as always we love you bitches and we'll see you all next week thank you a red button
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