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The european experience meaning no body down belonging, Ding Dong, substantial putting hungry,
kind of forgetting shows that writing lingering being down. This is a relaxing. Our here asked one year in which we have no idea what's going on, but to celebrate, ensure deleting we're just starts. We gotta stop using music folks for legal purposes and all sorts of shit sitting when oil, so that our music part of what was that song. I sing now. Copyrighted here is a copyright that through them, and they want to use it- was fuckin. Whores call welcome to the podcast Ladies and gentlemen, I want to know why Mister Shaw fears, John, Thank you. Thank you very much. Mrs Ari would be here promote his shows in San Francisco, but unfortunately, for you stir also ruled out. I'm super happy about his ball in storyteller shows Singapore
subway instead around sandwiches, so where these shows that so people know where they can't go the purple onion that they might relieve some of them, so that our airlines and our work will what happens. Sometimes, people reserve and pick him up, and I don't pay form they flake, which I'm sure happens time, especially in San Francisco Muff FUCK, it farmers have, I think it's raining like not going anywhere. People lake dude It is a certain amount of people that always flake, no matter how bad ass the concert is: Pink Floyd the wall, whatever the fuck it as they were just flaked certain map. He snapped accept our friend who had a birthday party interests, pests because more people said they were in a shop and is like how to promote a shop comes here. That's that's ridiculous, medical, unreasonable, vexations sources: when you buy tickets and any break up at the girl and then you're like I don't want to see fucking whoever.
John. I lock her Morrissey into each other. Well, first of all, you dating from depressing bitches. If they wanted to say more than we might have found a problem, Morrissey Man, if he ever and a cry Mexicans render them syndrome two into more and more citizens have no idea why Mexicans are super into Morrissey, while maybe involves gondola Mexicans totally wish. They were whiny white people. They re concerning the flashlights. Oh that's right, responsible, flashlight flesh. That wrong side, the subtle, segue way we Joe Rogan dot net is a link for flashlight and click the link and entering the word rogue India. Fifty What you're, trying to save you money bitches, are decisive your money on first lights, buddy, beaten, offer retail something. That's right
at his girlfriend. My flesh lingers do really uses like yeah yeah, I'm gonna want here and she says, starts putting her fingers and, like you do know, I just said I you can use them because I don't carry wash during like yeah guess. How can you not logic this girl, your bonum now and then, is that your house are bowing yea trying to Bonum now since my landlord bow your land, play with your flesh by Brian during your stories, have finally going to turn those coming up sort last month in rank seed mineralogy like he'd, often fleshly foreign, not bad. You're done nothing like the ceiling for nothing accident when ISA, hurl and toilet she's talking about something that no further makes. You really want to take a love, and I want to see their new movie. They have a new way of becoming where it's like about this guy. It's me
and he gets it take a week after the marriage or something like that is from the same guys, I believe early brother here they made some great, should stay made. Something about Mary to read his book was about being a comic about stand on, I think so, if I remember decent living and in making our apartment with his brother, I believed been doing commie. I can't remember at their ease coastguards. The comedy writer is what it's got: Jude, You ve gotta watch speaking a comedy gonna watch Dennis Lerius New calmly central special. I was. It must be a good how your I like that hot, like an actor never really done. Stand up has to write his own material and play a stand up in a movie. Real is it just? Is it just rusty its death? This is not in funding. It is a missing. What's funny would ever have him Pakistan
one of my house right now, we want to giving you can always go to death squad studio to do it is the type of guy that would you like kind of threat noon for talking the truth. This is not a good guy in the hold those seen as just ugly, but it was fascinating watching it. Aye aye route for people, man, I wanted it to be good. I would not get work out and stuff he's on the same guy. You vanilla thanks. I wanna know I'm never either. How are you actually? I think he lives in the EAST coast, I route and I swear to God. I read for everybody better read for everybody to to get over there bullshit. Now everybody needs
dunce shady shit in the past. If he even began to feel that this issue to a route for a sort of God, but I thought it was an diseases, a void it was avoid here is my favorite comic. When I first started was an open microphone. Six months with my favorite comic, really, I used to kill her, who destroyed and like so much more rather than anybody. There were sentenced age. So much more, like my my kind of comedy and like to tell the people that I was hanging I wasn't like that. The shit that I was used to help ease the hard people. You know like the comedy those used to us all from mostly from boxing gems. From my mind, my box and coach, Joe, like the guy who had its finger, bitten off a street fight and had it, Oh attached, worse finger was curled permanently, so you could keep throwing right hooks, not kidding. He had to stop, might don't put curled added, though this package for dollar right, Yeah was crazy, was on he he's fucking animal
I want to tell all the stores that I know, because I don't know what he wants to get out there. But these are devising outperforms, that kind of surgery there's been drowned. This did. They argue that finger back. We told the doktor president, a bunch I didn't want to straight finger and that would be terrible. It gets stuck in the box and glove because I couldn't move. You couldn't articulate the finger anymore because the nerves were gone. There are several parliamentary dialogue, somebody a bit his fucking finger off the street, How does it get to that movie like wildfire, you losing my read my life. My friend my point was a bouncer at the rathskellers, whose professional boxer what I mean you drink occasionally, but we mustn't drinking when it was there and he didn't look like a killer. He looks like over. Is a very smart guy too, and is very well spoken, but he's a straight South Boston thug and he worked glasses and ship is a pro boxer, and so he just totally get off
just lighting up has wrought college students guides. It would get stupid and guys who again his face and got in who would allow them to leg literally almost pick on him before he would knock em unconscious yeah. Just say: I'm telling you this sum you guys are making a big mistake that unites us is not the way to go and live in your life and then he would just turn animal you fuck it fuck. You fuck, you put a really, oh what what but bake it would just just t off armies pro boxer was you good one and then other friends without you got knocked out by a nerd not anyway, since he would knock em, also scary, they would all just slack jaw ways have their animals their animals nuke that whole aerials fishing knock it out at all. Is the craziest place. I've ever been of never mean in what I do shows there, like last summer there to show their at that that the theatre in the wood to be the combat zone. If we get the name of their inaction, come it used to be the commonly connection now to fear the Wilbur, the wheeler. Here, it's what the hell is cool Africa, but you
their savages they're, just wilder people, more willing to fight there there more than my own excellent point about shit, the less likely deal bullshit take your shit in other, less likely to let you get away with anything, just certain shit that people get away with in California that I didn't realize like when I came out here that people lived like this, that, like actor talk, you know, like you know when you eat your people in autumn the sad and just talking straight actor, talk. No one ever calls them when the Bolshevik, like what you Sounding like that in parliament. Everybody calls everybody on everything you know ever get to put on airs, there's out of lonely fights there is this one, so I mean area look out me, but it also why there's somebody comedians come from that area, so any comics came from that spot man whenever happen
Dave more Dell. I was thinking about him the other day, as he's doing so. They end up he's gonna show for awhile yeah yeah funding had some sort of a from standing for a good common man. He's hilarious. I got to work with him in New York did show with who in New York is really funny, but his eyes, like real, solid, professional, really the timing, good right, writing and I what happened there, there. I did stand a pleasant and it was an actress that was doing yeah she's on the phone and she says yeah, I'm doing stand up tonight. It's my first time. It's can be easy rejoin at Walsh. It's gonna, be so easy I just paid fifteen dollars and what it is. It's like. Ten people go up in the audience votes and I'm gonna fuckin take. This is no mean it's. This would be like if just never talking talking shit about how easy it's going to be. I wanted to stay, but that would be the
comedy errors are not going to watch their lawns, fascinating know. Every time you see someone. Yes are you ve never done and you're gonna be all some lessons of that? Aren't you ve never done it jack. The owner was this out back around they're just leg, just pointing at home. You know, like this laughing is ass off this people to think they're gonna be awesome at everything before they are those of the Deuce bags the world, because I've never. Tested themselves and develop character? We're character comes from its failure nice meeting you know and being shown in our humble no and feeling the humility and knowing ok, you know what man and no one's perfect. This is crazy. Like all my hubris of youth, that's all illogical and it doesn't make any sense, but the people to keep it like forever and they have in their thirties and shit, fortys and ages. They think they can do anything, but you tell the manager the Congress of Vienna at thirty nine. He thought he could still play on some. The NFL and start a quarterback, his dude I stood on, aren't for real and what could be more pro, but I can beat
guys out were like how cocky geared to be physically now you ve, never been anything. Second of all, your thirty nine. Even if you were great, you still can't compete now, the only guys who can shooting competing like when there are no late thirties and fortys and shit like the first of all, the very very recent. So you have to start thinking about varietals. You have to certain chemicals because The way we all want to think that everybody is doing, but his natural and just doing squats- and I dont want to Chaz Judgment on anyone. But when you look at like forty year old athletes, there was no bread farms. When I was a kid they didn't exist. There's a forty year old, dude, playin professional foot. Bar. Why in the Superbowl are used, It me a guy's got gray hair. What this isn't even register, like Bernard Hopkins, there's no been someone like Bernard Hopkins, she form and when he won the title was forty sexual or when he knocked out Michael, more but left
It's getting his fuckin ass kicked before that any hidden with like some legit old man, strength, and I mean like George One wishes- are old, strong, tough dude. He never looked like a young guy when he was older. He looked like a big ass, strong old. Do that fuck you up and he worked out real hard. You pushed oxen Shit is Dr Way, and he was that one of the pioneers of like chopping logs, those like old, old, old training, shit back in the jail Louis, is right it all back. But if you look at like Bernard Hopkins, forty six men and he looks like he's thirty. It's the crazy, ever there's. Never. Professional boxer, I don't know I can't say, but you're saying it's weird and beyond weird it doesn't make. Any sense has never existed before sugary landed when he got to his leg, late thirties. It was a rap. You know everybody out, it's a rap for not Hopkins. Forty six, not even forty one. Even further thirty or forty six Annie's outbox in super athletes?
the reason, what's that former like defend its title three times Molly for Tommy marking lasted Tommy Morrison, so did he descended he might now? offended knocked out money. More was a champion. Tommy Morrison had some wacky belt. One from George Foreigner, beach or foreign authorities as a contender when you got a pretty short Tommy Morrison one. The title. Pretty sure I know you'd be George Foreman indecision decision over this. That used a tiny like folded it around and then back like London. I, like is London Belts, belts rambler. It is time. What are these none? I know there are like the leather belt state like we're really long, and then you had in a kind of around how you got it all right now, with a vision that long another time? Why would I will says
becomes more vacated. The title, that's bizarre, would understand, assortment vacated title maritime I got through in the garbage. Can yeah you know, the problem with boxing for real super crook. If it's not just super crooked there, so many organizations there's not just one. You have seen style organization in a lot of people, bitch about you of sea Bream and beaten a monopoly release. You know when you have a monopoly. At least you got like one clear world champion, there's a w b, o the I'd be f. The W B, a the w b c and above of other ones that people sure they should take seriously the zone, Gary original dynamically somewhere retires makes about open, want two sides like well: who do we think the most deserving of yeah? They do that lead airborne fire. They did make guys fight. They all make a decision on their own who, actually
exactly. I mean that's why? What is it with? You have seen strike forces because now we have in our strike, forces has, is big heavyweight tournaments, come monopoly enough aid or in over a lot of good guys, know tournament man, but it's it's almost kind of annoying it's like man. I want to see everyone fight everyone. I wanted to be one big giant leap. There's gotta be away. They can do that. The push for them baseball to have a job and his verses miracle will champion really real world, a real world chap, and that would be the shit out of the window of the dope. You know be dub, I hate to say, but I would load of japanese dues came up here. Kicked Americans ass, his son of a bitch one son of a bitch communists have area. This should be a where were you the problem as no one can be won't? Do those can say what you have seen strike force? No one can be willing to say now than the guy wrapper, whoever the champion as he represents your organization, and you know each guy fight it outreach wake last. That's like too much of a downside,
look. I know you know that you cannot have been fair and whether you have got all the champions and strike hours while they just go out of business and its tricky whither. They can't have it is enough to have a title. You can have a title. You know it's weird, you got. Any ideas is the champion over there and George Saint Pierre the champion over here, but why are there not fighting so long as they cheat Nicky as happy in the key Panem? You know: they're, not gonna, fight smokers drain away generates unaware of from two, because he is he gonna fight with Joe.
It's in the hospital after they were after Artie argued when there are the hospital and Nicky. I jumped him in a hospital, had ivy bags on and share these penis, like amid a hassle Stockton, get out of their minds him him and his brother are their learn. How, though, those guys the real deal that fucking around don't talk shit unless you get you fuck you face, but we hung out with them and we hung. There was a chick at some bar were there and we like a forty five minute drive to get back home and the younger in the tourism also store was trying to get him some, the girls again to it right. So, the garden off and get a wheeler carry combining work about messages over there? Can you get back to morrow? She was fond of a just war. Girl at the bar right. So let's get you come on, let's go so we got the back seat and then he got really cold She's, not rambling, yeah she's, our wrapping randomly. He got really cold to work as one of my biogas chateau misuse autistic what
Our behaviour makes complete sense. Now I dont ass. It was weird and quirky so autistic people are well aware that they have an issue here and she was doing tongue the blow out gas, sound, so this pounding it and am rapid three minutes of his dick low and she's a wiggers yeah. I drove her back to her. Some resuming is known as I was at a banker now, so I grow and wish you wrap legal background That's what I knew seemed all those things it's kind of, apparently, for myself, this sums very special about poor white people. That act like poor black people is a weirdness to it. Man there's areas when like white dude are like real serious about being street and acting like is. It is a poor thing. Now, No, not necessarily mean a little bit of a chore. I mean cuz. Their world interacts do know that they're intertwined. You know the communities, not a poor white and poor black communities. Many poor people have to live with purpose of a live, and I, like I lived in Jamaica, plain or lot of poor wife
one poor black people together. But this is your some weird when a dude has a clear affectation, just takes it on at all: he knows lie he won't get crazy. You know you won't get crazy and now, like I've, seen like eyes, talk like that, you like, while ok, there's no part of the white people. Talk like you, didn't see that on tv, if this isn't like a rural, Greensborough, South Carolina thing and like well, everybody has as weird acts and there you are clearly urban, black and blue southern a little bit, and then do only York due to a lot lot of white Grayling ART and I from the north and care of him like a feather. Yet a guy. I seen guys do it, especially back in the in the nineties. There was a lot of guys that would especially involved and like when I was plant pool and I was gone watching us gamble on poor. There was always a lot of like these sort of thugs type characters who were white guys that talk like black cars.
That would even say Nigger. They would say that, like this, like a thing coming to take our shit like this, this naked. Thank you gonna. Come you take all our shit she's, my fuckin who's up show this move wow disguise its second We and personally you'd know not just saying maybe you think the Knacker thing that large, you think he's still feels it when he says the work do things to see the little square meal at all, and I mean he must be on arctic cartons of his ha. You know you, a white, I knew you say, Nigger and especially, is greatly had like. A really short short shaved had like almost like almost skinhead but like we'll stubble. I've had enough. You use are so much whiteness, whiteness everywhere as whiteness all of you who do not like a bunch of black hair. I look at you and it's curly hair and I'm wondering is causing par black or nothing music super. Why measures and kid doing these things, including yours. You know we're guys. Like shake your hand, the area they talk to someone
a thing like that, what they hold their hand approximately forehead level, and then they exist, get up like part like calls out suddenly ship a hand up. Yet it was almost like that deserves its progress. Do think there are black eyes like deep, deep in the hood, who talk super upscale white, yes for sure yeah, there's a lot of black as it would die to be. Why, in one of my cousin be data, be black the most people in this world. Do not want to be who they have elect. Everyone else has so much easier to school or we will levy easiness as an insult or your behavior, where, through college somewhat like yours, worked hard political has a bad everyone wanted you to be fair. Having a high, the way, cool away to be quiet and yet there for real new legit you age, its ethical stocking, guys, stockings I think the move, should horrible me there it's crazy place to live. You wanna, live we go to sleep and not worry about fucking gunshots. Going to your window.
Nice! That's what it's one thing you I'd be into more somebody else like that idea, thrills out of nowhere. Some people like like live in several lake inherent sirens. All the time you now these people that, like that they feel actor in the heart of some sort of an artist column, areas of use of Romeo. They can serve looking there's some of those streets. Look like straight Ghana, yeah, like what Britain Dogs walking over street with no tax at all. Pitfalls. Yes, village, Turkey, man, it's because you get a bunch of hipsters and their living on the budget. Gang barriers I think a lot of them must get robbed right, don't they probably in bars- and I will always worried about duncan- is Duncans like super intellect In those can area he lives on those. He lives Well, anyway, broken into unemployment, but he's like the first guide, a wet his pants. If someone now he's never been broken, his neighborhoods pretty crazy. The history of Europe there were some famous guided.
Really that's pretty famously out of these talked about it now he has, and he doesn't want to buy know where he lives. I just saw that with this girl now and re. I just thought I'd documented thing. I want to thank our colleague guy some Jeff, somewhat I'll. Tell you after the show's over you know, can't say, because it old everyone will know exactly where he lives, Weird House lost or you get it the cooler guides. Jeffreys as Namer Jeffrey yeah yeah? I don't know what you're talking about the comedian? No, no! No, the guy that Diana Strategy, Jim Jones, Jim Jones. I was watching the documentary about that the other day in that you now mixes the idea in with the video and stuff I gave you have seen the second. I highly recommend I think, was on Netflix or something like that and should videos and talk to the guy. Brother. The whole time is like yeah. My brother then told everybody to, drink this, and do that no wasn't even cooler. Those poor cooler, fucks rose. I could even good enough grape drink raised like some drink.
Nevertheless showing their shooting it in the kids mouth with like Turkey based or type things and Then, if I didn't know how many people also died from Like NBC News, a senator was a senator died and other gather got shot. Yeah they murdered them. Senator one end of the year. Bunch people it got real tricky because you know there was a lot of omens guys they basically running sort of our military operation had guns, shit guards and you know will you get control of a group of people, the government's economic that happen? You gonna get a big group like like what they tried it Waco they had themselves. Are events stand in the way we start their own country? They started a real of many countries and those we are attacker just went in after the pro they killed everybody. If you go look at rules of engagement, it's a documentary about the Waco tragedy where they just clearly show tanks blowing fire into buildings, tanks,
knocking over buildings and blowing fire and a big bunch of children and women died. This thing I just that do dish. Apparently shots were exchanged shut. And a few agents got hit and in doing this There's video of agents like getting shot ad and shooting people and jumping into buildings and shit and breaking into windows, and one one and one age and actually almost got shot and so friendly fire use a video you could watch at work, iced outcry. The break it into windows training, but at a certain point time they got the go ahead to use the tanks and so they are knocking over fuckin buildings with these tanks- and you see there, they see the gun. You know that what is the gun turret? What does that part of the tank calls? All God I think the barrel of the long thing, the big long thing, debunk astronaut, ass, the car and the cock of death is sprang fire into these bill. Really you do
it's a whole gnarly crazy. It's gnarly, it's pretty gnarly, because it means that it is clear caught absolute, unequivocal, unequivocal evidence evidence that fire was not an accidental fire that I remember this is caught fire with a potential. Nothing Amelia, less autism document, politely fake footage, and I wasn't there. I don't know for sure, but it seems like that's what they did in all. Those people died and burned to death, but is fire have the time has fire happened. Just also in your house got far sorry loops. How rare that fucking? You know you got gigantic compound. Filled with bullets. It's been around forever, how, whereas it where's that should just catch fire and with theirs videos of these tanks knocking over buildings blowing far you can't be shooting at the government there The Ruby Red shit, same shit, the Gonna kill you man. I was an isn't that happen in Amerika, my uncle and aunt assimilates. What's up that or the other guy nano her, I'm eighteen hour, know anything you're supposed to know
a country where you're not allowed to do that man you're not allowed to start your own country inside our country. You can't just put up offence and have a military, the goals and everyone's got caught like out in the open. They would walk around like guns out rifles and shit YO, but last piled weapons. There were just letter everybody knows that there are protected and that this is now. This is an armed community and this one guises, bang and everybody's wife. One guy was it that's what it was all about. One guy would like play: songs display the guitar and play me and that he, the fact everyone's wife both are Galactica. He was Bracelet Rossa, real, similar half the baldassarre, was whose name the dark, haired guy, I'm making up his name, my domain up his name- I forget it, like anything through that. British go get the british guys the real swarming, but this guy was a little bit more Jesus a little bit more Christ life and
How can just a brilliant guy who realise that he can manipulate people and he got a bunch of dull people that were looking to find the way and he brought him altogether gave balls cause you one sites, that's what you mean and I want you want to fuck em. It's it's a tricky thing, man where the government there's. No, you can't run that hustle, but what about you? You're hustle? What about your crazy? taxes in the Federal Reserve, not really even being a federal institution in private the only banks that control everything in the bill, the Berger? What about your fucking So all this guy's gonna get some pussy. Your house has since a lot worse than what they're doing, because it was just the guns. Was that whether whether with the energy that yeah, because it is not for the guns- and let him God do our Police- do he's got big guy the compound, was you know it? Was it dad resources? You know people leave the compound and come back to work in town and come back to the compound. It was like it got tricky. It got to the point: where are you
if they decided to just take over this community who's gonna be able to stop them. Do we to protect ourselves from this like armed grew. There was scarce, it gets tricky, the exact lino know what would they used? I think probably probably use like China abuse which may or may not betray anyone Senecas school or something could have been that it could have been sexual abuse. A good, and I mean it might have been true mile teasing. I'm not saying that this guy, for sure you know, was a great guy and governments should left me alone. You know it, but If we're really gonna go after people for child. Who is why the fuck? Are we not going after the catholic Church why's that why and resting the Pope, where they not going in to like guns drawn to these organisations, are funnier. Ok, how many of you have four kids? How many of us can kids there is? A document LISA we're talking up before the park ass started from ninety ninety seven? That said, the Vatican sent a letter out telling these churches to not report cases of child abuse to the police, that is it
some nasty shit man I mean, if that was the key Anyone who overlap and didn't report- and I knew it like they- should be arrested. Yeah. Ok, can you can't do that? You can come up. Exactly anyway if it was anywhere else if it was if it was like, you know, any other business any exactly it's my boss, and then I won't sending to the police. When we ask my boss, we want to do in basic. No, have you had affected area cash out? Your boss? Is business was fucking That was the number one hobby we're gonna go play. Golf Newton GO play golf with the finger quoting there and I'm in the running of banks. I mean it's really almost what it's like. It seems that some of these, these priests, if you watch that there's a terrible document or about a guy they ship them all over the place, a things called deliver us from evil meta exact what I like colouring and watching cartoons, I'm starting to think my age group is a kid deliver us from. Evil. That's what it is. It was that this is it don't watch it if you don't want to get depressed depressed. If you wanted depressed, it will get you depressed. It's fuckin, its gnarly shit man. You know you ve,
doubt like their their strategy of like keeping these guys from in trouble and how they could just move them. Instead, life strategy. Do it now man, I gotta get bracelets, let's Just us to maybe we'll bets would Rask do the new guy. What is an aim Ratzinger? What the fuck is his name pop pop country factor I thought you were not there. The creepy guy wasn't Hitler Youth group that guy literally like actively I know for sure he tried to shield child molesters like well now that the heat railways you haven't. I dont know if there's it's after its opt out, stand Having no no debate, no debate. There's papers out their showing that they are actively trying to shield chime monsters and protect the church from lawsuits in litigation and and just try to squash. These claims mean that they must have It must be just an overwhelming amount of kid fuckers I mean it must be like him. Possible. The man was there: no one else to promote to the top
I think so. If someone is a former, have a you they're all fucked up, I think if you could at least have you want a candidate in his pants the best about if you went digging into some of the lower guys he'd involving you haven't you know, but about people do maybe and every now and then and the rest of omits to weaken party? You guys think its most of those people do it or most not. I think it's like ninety nine percent, Most dumb people are child. Molesters re likely look at China Molester, so it is not to do with intelligent. You don't think, like that. It's kind of retiring to guide our more geared to some little baby mars. Most of what it is from being abused yourself. That's what it is. They that they sort of replay what really fucked up and damage them when they were young and industry. Come back and they did it because someone else had vampire yachts. Exactly it's a real recurring problem had time last year. One! It's really
it's really crazy phenomenon, people that get sexually attracted to children and sexual attracted to the idea of raping and Nino and holding someone down against their will. That's where they get the rocks off its very, very true it's real of iraqi, that it happens to them and then for some reason they want to do it to other people, but has been so many cases. The best is the guy not catch a predator. With a cut of a second time or nobody out. I was caught him and Sousa cause like he was like key. Just send the cops in here and execute me already dealt with. I dont want to do this, but this is all I want to do. Imagine that's all you wanted to go out. Myself decided what I know its growth has run into fox. It's fucked he's his brain was wired fucked up. How did you manage of your brain was wired great in every other way,
except for this whole excel back until you're, smarter than to be aware. This is frowned upon had to be some kind of therapy like they could made. Like a flashlight baby forum images, I tried instinct debts helping. I think this event, if it, how rim that fuckin kid it's like get into this flesh like real doll, baby, there's pills integra. Acute phase a given, propels to life. I wonder what they do. I don't know I don't know, what's the coming Mozilla bitterly, but Little Nebraska Harrison for every person. What what? What straight now, one due to knock industry did not have lots I'm doing straightened out pedophiles. We gotta kill him. This many people in the world as it is? We know we know that the wheat which exist sort of what I think of the grants. Everything's disagreeable numbers you she is, The council agreed. We don't want them around. The dogs do the same shit. When dogs go to bite people men. I firmly believe that those dogs we put down and I put down dogs at regressive to people
hot does my past that bit people and we have to put the dog down. It happened more than once, and I think that we have to do I don't think if you train a dog and you you know, you love them you're around them, but some still, that dog and die wants a bite? People like what's going on this dog, even associating people with danger and penal with wanting to attack them. No one's gonna fuck. This dog inheritance is a puppy everyone Then, when you get a naughty dog you gotta com, kill those not Dunbar, because look man what the fuck I have dealt with this temporary new dog at Doberman with distemper bite me once, and it was just going to say, my dog has an oral fixation, won't stop licking inviting in eating in hot dogs. Do you give em Roger? I do but nonstop like now. It's like he'd. She self medicating, like she has its thing. Much like a squeak toy that she just keeps her mouth ninety percent a day like she knows Take this out rubber dog, Dick
All the flashlights people out to make a very firm Robert Nod or leather yardstick that dazzling meet flavour to a flashlight baby, a groan, First like baby from a dog, dogs are awesome when there are some, but there were the bottom line about dogs is that there are animals man. We were just sort of how this weird trust. In a bunch of animals that can tell us, we keep, men are yards and share people also put like emotional attachments. When I look back and fifty years on, your killing, your dog is by people the book at this about presented. I don't know your announcement, those like this percentage, those killed because they bought somebody. Here's a crazy to others to pee with their children at a pit bore Chilean Don and both of them tried to blame it on some other shit. What one of em blamed on a mountain line? One of them thought that amount line came in and they may not some other shit. They one of em blamed on a mountain line, one of em-
that amount line came in and killed the dollar. That's what everyone San, but then my friend but said listen. I know those dogs in those dogs used to fight and they eat at Fucking Idiot had to females in your attract up together. And they fought one killed the other one. If you want to blame it on a- and I want ok that makes sense, because what amount line coming to a house full of pitfalls Jesus like isn't here like a better way to eat. You know how, for you guys, you have to beg you guys with your mouth lines. Here I mean I wouldn't have amount line story like I was at the girls restoring to outline jumped on if they go back to our limited because wells living rattle man there they lost a hundred and sixty plus houses, I think, was a guy. Seventy while a hunter semi. Ninety fire, they had a horrible fire. The fine cholera, Colorado history, because if you think about it, didn't seventy houses in this area. This is extremely rural. This is a mountain communities, so it's our houses in the mountains and two hundred and seventy of more gone, so it
Huge amount of forest was burned down. Thousands and thousands of acres. So now mountain lines have less territory where there's woods and there you know the there already they do an area around people and they do kill people's dogs. They wanna like they won't. Keep that open as an option They know that there's a lot of deer around where people are because the fact that people are killing the dear his people are killing the deer in boulder dear everywhere. So that brings in mountain lies. So now they have like more and more Mount mine sightings there the coming in so then the other one about their dog. The other dog story with a dog killed. Another dog or a this guy, blames it on someone. I know this dude who sells weed and he was growing plants. In his background he told me this crazy story where someone broke into his house and stabbed his dog and killed, really dog and then and then too, ran away with its plants, and I was like well that is fucked up what you came home. Your dog was dead, and then you know you can't you
well in time this story has morphed, and now what I ve learned is one of the dogs is a bulldog, a female bulldog and the other dogs. A pit bore in the pit, but more than likely kill female doc and he's like blame and, unlike the plants, are gone well when he took the dog to the hospital of dogmas, fucked up his neighbor, who had been eyeball in its plants hopped over his fancy chopped issue. Our stores, we their area. And he tells me it's a sort of crazy, unbelievable story MIKE. The reason is unbelievable. Just not true will do some good stories that we get but Danny one of em. I was mad at this guy like men, you made me feel your dog stabbed. You know that I felt for that dog and murdered by some. You know some fuckin, so I just want to steal a plant. You know and then have realised that this idiots got two female doc. I would immediately accept that if it was to beta fish- and yet you ve known, have female dogs man, female dogs do not deal well with female dogs. It's one of the things you like
you, can really learn a lot from about nature from watching female dogs interact because fuel dogs never choose an alpha. They don't they don't give up. When I give you beat like evil eye squeaky. Unless you are my two dogs, there both sweets, we dost people, but both he would fight you for attend. Like if you are putting one of em, the other one would come over and groundwater pitch, but to get the fuck out of here. That's my name. I get this pet and they they hated each other because this and they would never. Give up? No matter how much they fought, no matter how many times it would have to separate them hoses. Sometimes they would, by each other and Claude each other and go crazy and in the middle of the floor, picnic gray, everybody we just shillin want, someone would give one dog a bone and the other die would get fuckin crazy. You know it's on. That's like the real thing: that's it like it is like dogs should get a podcast yeah like, and you realize, like that's just in nature thing like there is a natural predisposition to not want other women around you
especially other women that are competing for further attention. That's what those women who hate their daughters are too hot, no longer hot! Yes, do that's dark dies and dark scary shit. When you got an old lady, hate are printed on daughter, thirty, seven dollars seventeen looking good, but I've seen it man has happened. Many times are diverting the guy Alexa ever guys who their fuckin girlfriends mom comes onto them about that public alarm, still sorted God. It's like forty six and conduct clinging man. I know that this girl from Texas who her mom in is like us, like she's, a slight the veranda from Texas. You actually never to our eye and the mom is a slut like an older version of her and like them, over and have parties like in high school in college my come out in short TED's in fucking, like it was just like like hanging Was she accurate? She was one of the kids woe and is actually still today, though, with with her mother
doesn't, but doesn't she gaelic super rational and start irrational fights to know she's axing Emmy? She works for an airline and stuff like that says she works, I'm thinking of a different girl. Yet we ain't we love to talk over the years. I know exactly how often you guys bring up story like in the said, said: person whence we always try to Adam around them manager protect the embarrassing about a close friend, ran very difficult. Yet you d want to throw people under the bus that bugs shit on me. Mona Watch TV shows our list. New radio chosen people throw their friends in the bud. Two prohibition. Heroism with some do is talk about anything like Joe, really you know. Have restrictions healing give a fuck guides? Are over dollar store, it doesn't care mediocre, the stories about Minos, fucking Facebook is we wrote that he invited the the guy who kidnapped
three years ago, to be friends with the money for these put, except as requested in theory- I don't know I don't need to find out is probably get it. Then getting harassment charges, fight against joy, it is it's been thirty. Just go further was kidnapped. You cannot use held a gunpoint through New House thriller. I where's your where's, your drugs yeah, so how so another- and you gotta think that no, he tied a guy up brow here today, but he had a machine gun, it wasn't like a laker I wouldn't use. Jaywalking control is pretty intent, is already doing some Serbia, and on top of that, the Baltic Council selling drugs in Europe Think anybody selling drugs with sound drugs back then was in the eighties. Visas and jobs are real. Can the keenest? that guy still alive?
gotta, be allowed that someone else of the same name. I lit a totally different in man, worries and muggings from a lumber high. I was upper middle class. You never ran on American Columbus. Now we, where people make their own milk cow Tippin, but was alive grown up and Columbus and then eventually realising that the rest the world was like. You know I was thinking about this last night. How weirded is that, like my high school in mice, growing up. There is only two agents are there was one girl, one guy the girl was economic, which was a video game that was popular or company at the time, so she was like who's, this asian currencies, the clues name ever condemning wow and the guy. I was his friend and we grew up together and my only asian thing. Like I was in love with this asian girl, like she was like the only person like her the kind and that's where thing I got like asian fetish
from now on girl that one girl so did someone else date. This one girl, no sheep, which very shy. You know I would buy her nose, pencils that used to take up the end and put in the back by Bottom Navid, cartridges. Oh yeah. I know it's get yet was a big japanese girl thing anyways like would give me like a pencil and then this is nice and give her. France now and then I get I hadn't had asian several years later and it was like you know this rigour, Saxon totally broke down those walls and eminent, even Phineas was gone, but having waited macadam stories talks about having sex with Indian for the first time and then no girl, whatever compete without brown skin, like plump woman in me, firstly, from India from American Area Native Magnus, bitches, probably wild
recent jungle bitches. It was weird about Mexicans. His leg out here, you're pretty much fifty four, fifty in Mexican away. Almost you know, George most urge everyone in Columbus Ohio. There is, like me, remember any Moroccans, just why, like I remember, there was like when the mexican started coming to Columbus and everything I can raise like I'm a got, so you how so your house, you know tat, I am I pretty much lived. Had a house us three, house that my mom gave me yeah grew up. She got remarried issues like going to sound like you want you just haven't. You know you have a point. The labor was now I mean he she owned it self, righteous, liver and living there for three or four years, and I just remembered the neighbourhood slowly starting to see more Mexicans into us. Their lot do so. What was the problem? He? What would freak out? No, it was just that you can tell the neighbourhood crime car start again broken into its tiny Mexicans from no. No I'm just saying that this time period is that the fact that happening and then my time.
Mom. I love this house, but I think you should sell the house pretty quick, associate she's an hour, so she sold it in two years later that neighbourhood is blocking steroid. It looks like straight out a mad max like that. The apartment sign is crumbled down and do your MIKE is really hot. Is yes its air is it Nobody else is carried out on top of it and prices and have it did so. Did this? was this engineering as they do that you know they do? It's called block. Busting Rain rely, AIDS will go door to door and they say, hey makes, can move in an earlier coming. I say shit now. Why think they actually did moving now. That's the different areas there would have. It would actually be like the british becoming legs, a paw revere shit, but it's weird how legged in Colombia like he seemed going like. We only handling the mix much the puppy like mine, I guess I didn't grow up with different races in the only raises renewed, like Italians, were all italian You know they're just like that.
We not ruin a re Italians, they all exactly same. That's how that race acts Armenian, see they still where gold chain Ray the gold chain they like to eat a lot of very friendly. You know their windows on your way from having sex with each other. You know, is Joseph Crime went up when the baskets move. It was clearly the Mexicans were causing the crime rate. It seems like I was a harvest, but it seemed like poverty caused. If, if, if the Mexicans moved in, you gotta think that you're talking about lower echelon or class for hours, we're different seem different Mexicans than the one you did something happened. It would did a new job open up a new factory or some They just started migrating. I think you know. Lately I mean I noticed from zero exit to like a lot of explaining to Columbus, Ohio within five years Isn't there something that draws and there like? Don't they must have jobs. There must be something I think, there's a migration. I aunt Miranda were very many international air, but now there are more ip.
The poor man. It says deluding out everywhere. You know, I think they're just slowly starting, they seemed like its. They sell our love into a play. I know there's a lot in Colorado, mankind, a lot of Extra Martinez's Van tassel mexican food is a place called Papoose. As in boulder holy shit. You got the manoeuvre. It's the real deal, man organs in there and bones and Shit Minnesota in theirs of arguing that tackling that's a manoeuvre is really not Menudo is sound back. I was a gay pay him. He was a pan, but it's it's also a soup. It's crazy, like beef imports I don't even know what the fuck the ingredients are is a different everywhere you go, everybody's got their own different way, making Menudo, but what the sub disgusting, fantastic, beautiful creation, of we're someone's anyone worried about what something looks like theirs. Bones, and there are literally stomach tripe and there's pieces of organs like pieces of liver, delicious, it's fuckin, fantastic and just look
like how this looks like how it's so good suppose be really good. After hang over still, and if anyone knows anything about hangovers Mexicans, they know what the fuck do. They got it out of sight. Throw bunch of organs and bones into a ball and fucking. That shit up Mexico, dinner, so horny are they my brain and bronze? No, no. My friend has this mexican girl every time I see him together with her. Just nonstop she's on a grinding she's, moanings, kissing his negligence, three kids, to three separate fathers. Ninety sweaty, like should I buy. She is looking so high in that's all she does. She has wondering she is just wow what a good kid. While there is a reason why there's a lot of Mexicans? Okay! This is the fact that their dear breeding, so the next, the grocer too dependent on its advice. The mexican guys are awesome rape. It makes you, girls must be horny
this is no other way around it, and they know that on one or other Lotta high cafe, why would they love babies and if the product, right now, if I hung out with a girl like us to perhaps lets you NOS twenty one share three babies and there is no come round stability. I fuck ok right, let's just chance, it yeah, you would probably fucker manipulate over that. What was I do well in the poor communities. Man is on a probable having kids. You know like in when you get older, the real issues arise when people want abortions because they don't want to kid ruining their life could end quote he now, but in communities like oh, my god, she's gonna have a baby she's only sixteen of crazy. Then on the ito, all your mamma. She was always explain till it's crazy. You both got the same shit, you know and like it's, ok and everyone will live in the gathers. So it's our eye and they all help take care. The baby and it's all family in a poor communities. What they do is there's more of them and smaller places, and they have tighter knit sense of family, you get it. Big ass, plays with
a family, that's like spread out or you either mom's, never over the house and grandma is never over. You see them on rare. Cages and holidays, and she Mexicans rocket tat, everybody together, that's all get in a house together, that's real better. Whenever I am, is my friends, fiance sheep like rescuing dogs and stuff. He hates me Secondly, because of the way they just like they take puppies and then they're just natural death. No longer they just wander around aimlessly those neighborhoods ex consign, and when you really poor, you don't fucking, give a shit about the permanent guaranteeing people- that's just how goes I could see that to arouse buckskin or false poor and those living in some community now probably love dogs in everything, but is only so many things. Think of no thing the moors get the fuck out this crazy. Nearer than worry about dogs I saw you she device Guide to North Korea? Yes, that one
It's crazy how they like that food didn't have. They have really shitty crappy food. They have this whole display the truth, you into thinking that they have a, but what we do on a good discredit, description. First, Volga, GPS, dot. Tv news is show called the vice guide to travel and they go all over the place. The scariest one, my fair ones, Liberia, the North Korea one was interesting to and what Brian is trying to say. Is that what they did? Is they set up the whole situation because they knew these guys were journalist to try to trick people the thinking that they have this luxurious way of living, that it's just like the western world and even though they a communist society and there you know, run by a dictator that you know how we can go get something to eat, but all these things they realize worse, just set up for them to railroad. There's no other patrons tables were set up. There was waiters and wages, but there was no one else there through to summarize the house: it wasn't there. They were real restaurants. They literally set up food for these people and so like a service too, so that they would have good propaganda, so they would in
and they would ring out really good, looking food and put it on all the other tables, almost egg. If it was like a wax turkey, you know him, so they get law. Like wow, look at all that really good food and then he would get served. What he said was over fried crap, no like it was only by a horrible thing. They were really restaurant. Another so was like a trick. The whole thing was and was crazy, is like that's almost like the whole country almost. Are they just as huge forget? They have nuclear weapons. You know they do yeah you have no clue. I got it so that we can arrive at a mean that the real issue is not now it did so that's an school dictatorship. There's one guy who's, running shit and he's got nuclear weapons mean that that's a rare situation. We have one guy who's. Centrally running a whole country and those militaries gigantic A million people in their military military suit you
those that that that host guy on the we remember this part at all where he got drunk, he was hanging out with like less soldier, doing area very singing and he has salted, I'm somehow it. Yet there was that drunk. He was just being a drunk. Do You know like he was a battering. The host is what I'm saying other vaguer yeah. He thought I enjoy forgive me not whose I'm sorry that listens or anything with that guy was kind of annoying kind of do. She's asshole, you really yeah. Oh no! you know I mean I think you felt like that guy was playing them to him and, like I was his like in the guy, was like a personal propaganda agent, he's probably trying to fuck with the guy just leaving for the film to make the Fillmore interesting try to get, but he said something of it was really mild, whatever he said and insulted the sky. What does that got to do with our easy? We're gonna kill him this review later. Vice guide, yeah, it's what's its web show you can watch on the web, vps dot tv, it's fuckin, fantastic manner, so much shit there. I have problems with meat with
like for me, it's like one o clock in the morning. I have to decide. Ok, I'm! I can't watch documentary now because if they do not go to sleep five hours and was no stay up and obviously exogamy one to the other to the other, to writing a new start running things down about these different documentaries and the baby s, This is the worst website to go to at one o clock in the morning from cassettes. Just do much go right off, deepened, go and look at the internets. I oh a. I start yeah research in other sources and writing things down and make sure talk about this in the pot gas and write a bit and how the fuck is this still going on, two thousand alone blah blah blah. Did you hear what trainers there did the other day that this is not so fucking cool about trait Radner? He is released a website that every single toward date that he's ever done. You know, like the last back passed twenty years whenever they have all detours. Aren't you know and then very adding sound board audio from each tour and you can download it for free wow. So I am. I went back and found like that.
Aids that I went to see him and I'm gonna legacy, but the ones I wanted I went on a company had cancer, yet you can have the whole concept of freed the one that you went to like fucking fifteen years ago, so he can be a trip reported every concert he ever. I guess so, like only you mean, there's a lot of men are up yet you know, but there's a lot of them that are in. I am that's. Gonna crush sir, how it was so crushed when I got it yesterday right when he announced it, and it was like five minutes I was eating I'm gonna get out of its downloading one insignificant estimated debt to freedom I would like if I may go his band with fees are gonna be for this year. How does he pave August? Is money emerges, shit, he's Balin, he's all like yoked out now, Trent Resonance I guess it's! A big media is getting a big sick, neck and shit come on a tight ass. He would be the most interesting party who make nice nice with him a long time ago. You met him back age and you know you be proposals. Target this order known, recycle. It goes a great oilers goes joy. It s like.
Before, the internet was like big at all and we think it existed or just mean only like schools had it or whenever we are, we talk This is like ninety three. Maybe I don't know internet it wasn't much Wasn't much. I was a manager record store and I used always have free cities and stuff like that, and I'm just sitting at my home once going man, I wish I could meet treasure. He was like my hero, you know, and so looked at the back. The city in there was an address it likes, whatever nothing records, Cleveland, Ohio and had I get zip code, Are you not had the whole address? I wrote this thing saying: hey I'm a man you have a record store. I have like an nine engineer, fan club that it's about nine hundred both read this newsletter, I do and stuff. I was wondering if there is in fact an interview on or take photos you don't stop. Nearly of course A copy of it so say of fog. Now have to make a call. I did like issue seven and havoc letters.
The editor with which it was like some what's trend in our favorite food, and I would like make shit calorific newsletter Yoda Fake NEWS letter. I have like it somewhere house and then and then I have a fake articles it take that they scan it. Put it somewhere, a great story. You should to tell a story and put the scam that that news put online right. I said Denzil then you know colleague, was it a by ten like the details about five pages long and so in this person called me actually back and goes. Do we love this newsletter? You can have any concert on. It turns record label any Maryland. Manson concert sending you know anything on his regular. You get full access backstage you get for photo passes to anything. You want to wear so welcome aboard brain Were innocent, ass well ass? It then I'd start going to every single Contra possible. I got to hang back stage. I mean I was talking to train and rating photos. I was there, The thing that made me the we're how many people are back there
not many on money laundering. Yet I were were at one of twenty or thirty. However, one's work. What unquote journalists think I was the only one blow for again. What kind of crazy is beings? Imagine this if we turn that you grew up loving nine now in view of the fact that with maybe one thousand eight and actually was younger, denounce like seventeen bow yeah? And so going from your gear. Idle now mean Trent was, may I use they on a musician. I, like They are going to hear like here the stage trance right here. King photos. He sees me start singing right into the camera so have all these photos raises screaming right into my camera, can have a real camera he's my dad's old man, though, and I was trying to learn how to use of available amaranths a half. The photos are blurry, but I have a cool there. Blurred some of em arc, racy, really cool thing. It makes me
that why those shots on what they are online, they bid airlines are there. I discuss knighted Snow red Ban on Google. I find it, but then then I guess you know gonna marry Manson's, I do with male Manson and one time I was hanging out back stated my romance, and this is when Marylin Massive First came out and he was like you know: she's beautiful people. You know stuff like that and he gets. Go. Do you live around here right now, my gathered across the street and he gets Gimme a razor and like really what ok? Marylin, Mass, merely Manson parliamentary vote. You go get a razor yeah well, and there was all these and around him like what checks and shit like that was women block it like that tour bus they were lying on the street in front of the wheels so that they can drive allowance twitters it on my blog. It's on Flickr Baby, just Google Redmain snail photos, or some like that or in Ireland photos. So so so so
and so he taught told me to get a rage, so I go inside running cradle razor run. Back he's like thanks, watches bearing this is fucked up. Who wants me to shave a circle on the top of their head in these like I said, is this beautiful woman comes services like I want you to do it and he does they're shaving in a little bald spy on the top of it like a man, why, like a ball per year, while they ran through other like photos, are either new. It's also crazy, as I out with GM rose, circus member, those guys tomorrow, circus yeah behind it.
Back in the day I use than you know, hang out with them to disease, to open up for ninety snails and you just being backstage would like the puzzle of peep guy in the guise of great photos. That was like I mean I didn't know. I have no idea what I was doing. Folks, if you just Google gotTA, Flickr EF, I see k are dot com and you just Google Red Ban and I and photos and I'll take you to the website. They're fucking grateful. In view of this, I wish to raise an article on this package. You know him now I mean I'm back in the day was like he was just blowing. I'm you lose out. You know what just becoming big. Like fucking, animal and crab those huge song I was in love as well. People didn't answer So did I also remember the did he really did hurt them The magic did fuck you like an animal that gravelly all of US
this earlier today about that regner, like she has love song was heard anything you like their original, better dioxin. She gets she goes up. Would you but this is the original make known nine snails and she had no idea who really why Those words such as many songs to really be up on all of them. There's no way points it. It's weird because I've done that a few times like this is an awesome sign, not realizing with you in the regional Buffalo soldiers of the book who do them. What's that What is this was a girl swimming in the metal. Socks gets kind of weird. The people can do that, just kind of like redo. Your shit must have on its we're in, like that. You have tried in Egypt at our veterinary. I don't want to get permission to pay them by the world. Is there? But it's weird. You know like yours veto matter. If it was like this thing over, if it was like
it's weird and like that you have tried to international aid. I don't know if you get permission to pay them for the world. Is there, but it's weird, you know like yours veto at or if it was like. This, I think, would be better if it was like that like go right, your own fuckin song every now and then, and it comes out- basta there's a few ones There is a kick cutty song that Africa, the name of the female that re did it at one of his songs, hundreds better sorted Earl sinking thanking our aim was to the smells like the spirits. Pretty grim Tory aim, step that she said. Whale on, that fuckin piano rallies, one of the weirdest singers ever man, it was something like super hyper sexual fucking creepy we're The red, hair, yeah. Everything sing screaming into the piano issues, fuckin slant really understand the words but brilliant piano playing an incredible voice. I was a preacher. Wasn't out, the station son,
oh shut, some Earl regulatory offer rebels girls, nothing grim winning artists, yeah boy. You bet pray that I believe real real, soon how's. That thought for you There was one we're lines over the boy. You best pray that I bleed real, so fucked up it shot. A loaded me spark and I was already should come, but I hope the nest. Therefore, to make people has therefore aware how it the line is boy. You best pray that I bleed real soon. Has that thought for you, because you know I saw her found things really deep thoughts, ass, the Lord! What's so amazing about really deep thoughts, boy best, pray that I believe we also has other. I thought fire. I fucked up. That bug is amazing. Deep is reality deep girls when I wonder sin meeting a comeback,
Three out it has certain and again I do it. Arts from from girls, George Harrison said this once and it's brilliant quote. I use it all. The time I need from a girl is to be attracted to her everything else. From a man. It's really true. I mean you know you should have women in your life that you have good conversations with and that you enjoy their company, and you know you know you share a lot of interest. It's all good! There's nothing wrong with that. But if you don't you gonna be ok, as long as you have friends, any of chicks are attracted to you know guys who live happy lives, contrary to popular belief where they just have girls that they have sex with, and they just attracted they have all their interesting time and fun with their friends and the bachelor culture for a lot of guys, men that bachelor culture itself fucking like the idea of being like the bachelor forever. That's so tempting do was it a rope terrible marriages. Their wives scream Adam Metallic, a pic of her nose like Joseph Joint Single
a deal with any sort of responsibility? Its comes attached to that very tricky. It's very tricky. I'm b, but I realise that I don't have to be. I could very well be with some crazy betcha doesn't like kids. You know so she has some unfulfilled dream. That she feels like these children are holding her back from. That's that's that's an issue with a lot of girls. You know and then all the suddenness, weird resentment because they know they have to take care of the children. When the Father goes to the dentist to work. I have a few friends that had kids that dated have that issue with the wife would be mad at them that they didn't have to do with the kids all day and she would like immediately given the kids as soon as I get home and the wife were just lock herself in ass ruin in I'll fill the top up and wooden answer. Questions and leave me alone, like images, is weird chaos inside your your house in your family so far for guys like that men and they have a friend who, like just doesn't. I grew up around a lot. A pool players and a lot of poor players are lifelong bachelor
some of the wine of having kids here, and there are some over maybe get married for a little bit of Alaska. The laws alone are planned, pool to a five o clock in the morning every fuckin day in a gambler and go on the road and grown autonomous that travelled all the country and it just a week. Old life, and in like the nineteen, forty in the fifties and America there was this big bachelor culture of poor halls. That's why pool halls were always associated with like dead beat. And people doing the wrong thing in the bad bad people hang out and places its because those guys it didn't get wives and kids and didn't get regular jobs and just I don't wanna be a fuckin slave. I don't want to live a shit life. I want to have fun. I want a Bonaparte, Ten thousand are set at three o clock in the morning. You know the it's just a they decided to do. Be more fun that you think a lot of it has to do with divorces, yeah fuckin divorces, terrible man crushes people s. What does he know through one divorce? Matinee like a break up man? I have friends I have one friend, that's been divorced twice. This fuckin dummies in its third merit.
Now he's been divorced twice await. Most those batches you're saying were had been divorce Now I manage anymore voice, family mom and dad was divorce. I don't think that's what you might wanna be about their design it all. I dont know I gotta get a lot of. It is bad relationships. Man, it's hard! It's! to be happy. I know if you'd like that, so that their version of relationship was bad Mamma. I always thought no. I don't want to do that. Rears that yeah there they don't get married without that, I'm staying with somebody there's that, but there's also it's it's king very difficult, especially, I feel like on the east coast on the EAST coast. I found it much harder because a lot of the women were harder. They did had this like a lot like, like hard edge sort of Vienna, brassy tough girl, gonna shit, which I don't find attractive at all. I find that repulsive girls. Like their hands, and it helps anyone talk. She didn't like insult battles with you. You know good luck. Hooker take! I'm so not into that like getting our in checks, I mean how many times have you did girls like that?
what's the time yeah, I'm not into that man, you can't talk shit to me. Are you can't talk shit to me if you're, my friend, and you can't talk to shit to me if you're dating? If you want to start halting and still no reason because they want to because their frustrated- or they want to pick on something about you- and you know, God for- if you're, not the most successful guy, in God forbid If you now you re you're in the middle of try to put something together. They start criticising you and I've. Had I've had relationships with girls were they like in wood? critique what I'm doing- and you know what but what's gonna happen? If that doesn't pan out Foy and talk crazy shit, like I don't know what's going on? If you don't pay for you, what am I bitch on twenty one or why why again so crazy, like let em, I don't wanna, be settled on a blow loads? Okay. This is why we're hang around you're, my my pussy dealer. You're, my goddamn vagina vagina deal in your insulting me. Try get my fix somewhere else.
Black Chicken said Arthur achieving that's what it is bad. It's like it becomes like some sort of a fuckin sex barter system. You will. The tower nonsense. Until you get older and then, when you get older, you cannot understand who you are, and you attract people that little smarter and little more experienced in life, and then you can have real relationships of people that are you actually find interesting when I start going on dates, I was just trying to make the girl feel happy You know I mean I goes as acts of having keep talking, but for now cried shot. We have argued talking to be five measures in good time and later, if, like all, have a good time to start West Africa into it. When I like, I like what I've finding it girl. That's like really young, like twenty two and then have them having complete. Like our. I trust you. You know
in here, let me teach you about this. Let me teach you about this and they listen. You know so. Somebody came to me when I was twenty two year in order and gave me Geier creep, gave me guidance, guided the who, though man, maybe you should be- giving guidance. Now that I'm looking for Father like backyard like little things like a lorry, guess Panada too high went back off, exact father play. You know, you don't know when to stop you think again, during his grey just take you know three drinks. Then take water only makes sense if you do a thousand things like little things like that management. There's an art that is very important because I've been out so many times of people, not just wanna, keep go and come on one of the joint motion, like I don't need another drink. Why do you need me to have another drink? I'm happy. We dont all need go to oblivion together. If you wanna go to oblivion, I'll, be right here, I'll. Tell you what, I'll show. You re you rumours, but I don't have to go to oblivion too. Stupid enablers
Mr Miller, make them feel better about illegal for someone to dive in with them. What's going to come on man and ongoing in the crazy pull. Don't you want to go and crazy book like I'll, be right here, sunbathing, wrestling principle, so bright, and even have a lot of issues. Girls, man, your life. I thank God. I think we need to write a book The name's protect the innocent because a shit, good to eat too much tough, going a soap opera, twixt vixen he's let bran, I think cannot be disputed. That you are, in fact a pimp. Now you got bitch is out of our hands. I wouldn't want to murder so many bitches well I have loved a murder, bitterest, murdering, like a Inserted think that I would actually like us. He was murdered. Her tat could be happening. So we don't you disregard those other guys. Brothers is life, came he's gonna get on the internet, no matter what is on the internet right now already there. Probably
helping this thing up and making making a video of that as we speak. So you should be careful. You should be very careful what you say: you're paranoid none you shit, Sears shrapnel occurs. We should we should change the name to protect the innocent write, a book, those of your lives to cause it's fabulous. The stories fabulous you age, You really should do what you really should do start experiments. With a life is still in jail. Just like yours, yeah hide our lives. Our experience in the labs we are in the labs. What about regulating argue our evening? There was a few people when I used to Fort when it first move to California. One of the weird things is when you meet people that are, like I'm sure you ve met autonomy, speak meter in open might knights, have no chance, there's, severe addressing yeah you? What is that? How we're does that? Why you staying with us, you been as more than three times that why there's something apps, LULU gown with down. There were a couple years me like you:
getting any response, so they would become my science projects and I would I would literally bike make notes I'll be like okay. Now I see some some resentment starting to show. We didn't have resentment before, but now there's some resentment we're about five years into this thing, and then now they see that other people are actually making a living going out and getting gigs, and I would like, being the back of the comedy store people be pissed, that no one would take them on the road. In our boy. Wow. You don't even see your own say. What do you think you should like you do not good you don't do were those are the weirdest nights when someone would go up like Damon wagons would show up and out of it middle like Sunday night. Another line up- and you know a bunch callously maybe get on- may be down Damon wines which show up and some guys but pockets pull shit man. The fuck may take money. I can state time until it well. Well. Well, well, do you
we shouldn't be onstage at all and Sunday and approximately word you're gonna get up there. Let's be honest, you were only gonna get up there. You rehearse the shell of yeah exactly ass, the other problem they would do the same stuff is as an economist, I hate when people come and live on sundays and many nights, the pop pop a night and they go on during the employee section, but they hated more if it is doing the material they ve all heard a thousand times like why'd. You come here during our sets yeah to come to this crap. You been doing the only reason why I could see anyone wanting to do those if you're just looking for a tune upset in us like you as if I've been awhile and you once cow, I some showcase open, loosen up I find it. Neither commissioner, was the most that have never been to a place where people like felt like you're, taking away from their time. Junkies you're taking away their fuckin just there, I thought is overstepping escalator. Want David, tell him anything for years that I've seen Surely you to go on
and the girl it ok. We could see David and he's not on about anybody. She was sure nominal mind. Sparky, buckets of course, don't mind. The letter stand within a wanted. The happen d mind if Red Fox out of the grave and what they want to go and ass. A cap right after me would be the best time ago on young people get past the tricky thing, man that the bumping comedians thing and it gets real tricky when guys use it as a good douche bag move where they purposefully. Do it and they don't want to call in didn't wanna, then it was Angela Davis, they want that cloud of being able to walk in and go on stage. I look behind me here forget what you were doing. Look at me. I'm here. I have a probability idea. Jumping Let's go in and get that love. Would you do with it? yet the love it somewhere, society that I heard some work so one day This is going to have a happy ending a scenario. It's pretty crazy
new gather hours without town peril magic in a year. You wonder why abundant off with another without a summary within a year. The other two both be pregnant with his baby summary is Ex girlfriend all seem to be known each other in combining deformed volt trans of that's worked together to give each other homer. You get him back, but this I was trying to collect all using each other due to finish, but to give each other back Do you want me to stay in my life? Here's the deal did as long as you keep smiling. You win. Ok, As long as you keep smiling, you always win them matter. What they do, if it doesn't you ve been, has become a zero is when there are big exactly exactly they become parts Iraq building my own, mature and of their not Europe, mother, fucker, they're gonna be my axe. Something about talking about. Is there in my actors are going to hold a bit. I've been working on for years that you pay. You pay, RO. You pair were better what you pay spoken, Nuno can't. First, why can't fuck over you?
don't try dont, you can fuck fuck people that are actually attracted to you. Your your speed, don't go crazy when you start talking over your head yeah you in a deep water every time, sometimes that's just fucking of your head. It's a title like while you're on this title. If you didn't have this title, you'd be little of every with as being above your head, you now you just say I'm trying to try to have around Joe. I know what you're trying to do by the you know my legs like if you're what you are saying is that, while all about preface about make it briefer, what you're saying is that it seems like their above your head, but it's only because they, this label, but in reality than right, if they did not have that label of that one certain war. I write that you are just a creed. I fuckin person that's bright, but but that's all rely on us, not above my head. That's that you know it well. She's hottest shit. So sort of is above your had we'll see you guys, don't see anything except the photoshopped version.
We may admire breadwinners document that her or live yet, or what done up to be that care? you're hanging out of a girl. I didn't wake up to be that character. If they do not much make up would be so popular. If that was the case, if we look at Molly, bitches could just throw some light. The Dixie dust on her face for senior and actually guys don't get me wrong- a very handsome young man, you're beautiful features, especially when you clean shaven. I take your lives. I did some beautiful when I know I have- and I would add them That's not what I'm saying what I'm saying goes, why don't Irian ones which motioning talk about you? I have a better story. If there's a guy that I know that was actually a rockstar and it was living with this check and eventually got married to her and she was way out of him and Everyone knew that it was just a matter of time. She was literally she just it was waiting.
Two sticker need Allenham to muzzle the married moms. If I could do a year Mary here, like a do two years, when we have more money, let's see if I can make three years. She made about three years that that fuckin needle in the interest of money and pulled out of images vanished and change, became a totally different person Lawyers who attacked him no pre nuptial, of course she just raping and pillaging like a fuckin months. Just tore through his life, I've all such pulls offer. Ask- and she shows what happened he robbed. He robbed. She robbed him. She fucked empty, doctors deck. She did it off like three or four years, and then she robbed She literally robbed him. She made millions and millions of dollars and he was he's a really unattractive
by any small. It's got like little hands and you're. Not is nothing manly about it, and this girl is like she's like an alpha psi. Alpha females get a hot body. You know she's like in shape and Yonge and Finch came from people like relationships or she was dating pro ass weeds and about so. She had been like targeting people like for a while, and she just went after this. Guy robbed him and there was a clear example fuckin over your head for this poor fuck and he was just business, but There were just bonkers man. He took her everywhere, the red with them yeah. How letter design the house. They they built a house that media that you get your ass alerts right just one time your fuckin, a man if you're some little weasel dude terrible genetics, and you know just I just happened to be like really good at a certain area of muse. Can you known start making me now people like cheer when they you on stage and in which the speech this bitch just started, reckon up dollar signs in ahead, but the scary
from all his friends was how it changed like overnight, like when she decides to seek the needle in it was our guy game's over game's over anxious general retirement, yet another I'm not attracted to you, I'm not into it. I love you and this poor fuck tried to bring it back hatred. He didn't stand. He didn't get it. He did. Something must be wrong. What did I do wrong? We can make it work out. I don't like you just got you get caught he's an angry so pathetic. I really I thought I mean this is the most pathetic I've ever seen you just attacking him and abusing his poor fucked hard to keep her around and I'll. Just like I'm not going to make this marriage hard and not going to divorce her you'd be here, because I want to be happy to like just anger, just no love and just the money from men talk did he I got there. I gotta you know. If we break up, you can walk crawling back to me. Yeah elucidated can again again and you will want to do well, my email, if she be there
Hope you do. I get it. They fuckin hook you of its three o clock in the morning and you're standing there like sort of half way committed to masturbating what you're watching television in Ojala play with your underwear, where you watching tv I should I beat off. You know that that foggy thank for most moment. Dont know this, but most men, what we're watching tv alone, we're in a constant state of semi masturbation. Just do we hand, is always on deck and yours readjusting eyeballs or your robin you dick just to see if I did get hard right now, I'm watching damaging entry on killer whales, let's evil You can turn they'll, be crazy. My dick discard hard right here while watching these killer whales, the sun comes out of your mouth and onto you, know that don't do that stuff, but if that was going down, I mean, like you, start off your boy with their thumb in your mouth and then grow order goes to your dick going anyway. All this is going on and you're in your underwear watching tv three in the in the morning, you open the door and she was there. You would go come
come on. Let's you know mouth vote I found no. I would say that, but if she was, if she showed up in a fur coat nasty opens a ferko announcing nonjurors, you shut your mouth, where I am now, if you don't you call me at three carbon warning components: slap you put a camera life, so I could have the most Gatty Ochre sex. I've ever had gas on earlier this month. While it is true, what was it you just gotta get better about his nice words that about what is I guess you could say that or I can go through those outdoor dopey, nice undesirably cyanogen, but neither man you know I do. Yeah. Well, you know a lot of people than moments of weakness area. That is, every s growth rates. At the moment, we especially my David. The ugly ones are rarely do we with a poor kids that I like when I was like fifteen. I would still like to have very very little confidence myself. My dick is hard make smart choices, especially
alone in my house and halfway master, the years that were so mad withdrew. It offers an unthinkable, less legitimate advice it when it is legit advice I used to be. We used to say that me and my friend Jimmy you tell YO. We live together while their Massachusetts we're on we'll go out to avoid making fuck and big mistakes. We. Like actively say that do a guy. Remember, you gonna beat our first, we leave the house or your fuckin the chase after bad dream, and I would Make sure it is as a rule we live together, we have back a porno muslim, restore my stepfather for cases of fuckin, VHF tape. Support stole some ambitious when changes shit needs of mine. When I moved out or what I came back home, I feel terrible frontiers that they must have their say grew my dear. We lay boys always make sure that you know I was gonna, make sure you beat offers freely behalf want. I walked in
PETE, not delivering software is now no. No. No, my friend doing now have stepped up but I did not laugh at these levels. Stop the gratitude only turn sideways goods is digging is naked in the living room you fuckin freely, leave the mass apartment. Yes, a tiny apartment adjust the living room to bed rooms, he went there and you to bedrooms. While you know that the tv in his room. He didn't have a tv newsroom. The time. Take me on a tv in the living room, that's what it was we can do here is what we had to be there about what there's gonna be a reason to do with their as that. Every time I went to her bag, I think I went to a gig and urges home earlier than I thought it was the salad days. Warfare, Massachusetts, rent for the burger king. You ever
grim tell you when about about what we want to move government funding is best friend. Well, I got home early from Chile's when they heard him off early to came over the. While that's fucking crazy, that's not me, I'm glad I never having, and yet it would not know had it. That's it it's one thing which is fuckin some other do its duty. Providing survey then, like you failure in the Sunday times are crazy man. Some bitches just can't help themselves when their round a man they re, often at a man to honour, fuck them and it'll, get real close and they don't mean to do it, but once their pussy gets wet and I got touches and then his dick is hard all a sudden. It's in there it's in there and the frenzied nothing either. You can't think clearly, man, hard dicks or more, They're still, air monsters, hard dicks have minds in their own hard. Would you think of heart heart, Dick, with effect,
that's my everything else from innovation or self help looked called hard. Dick I'm trying to do is combined men and women make other men are basically decks and women at heart. You know and together all happy. We need heart. Dick, like like goop like the glint of Paltrow website or start a website called heart dick its priority This is probably some some dark out there in Australia, right now to say my keyboard too little too late, heart tat car. I could see the graphic top convey the head and then were condemned to balls and come under. Look like like it. That's cool designer out there like a heart attack and you can make the bottom like fades, the pink and blue hair. Unless your black black version too were hard diggers, I'm fuckin big giant, pansy black balls this week, advances have the biggest balls ever. If, if my balls were black velvet black, I want like chimps eyes balls, I could really good joke about.
When he said you think I've small shoes breathing small shoes means was a second puppet com. A black eye with an old wifi puppet. That's who told which spoke, but it goes with the girls are begging. You must, I must have a small dick, my small shoes. Well, you know A small shoes horses. That is why the old man dummy universe good, because a horse shoes oil is bigger and those that are their own area has. If that's that's, actually very funny, man forces don't have such big boss. Well it s the same. During your girls have little tiny s ball. Really. They might all research. I know it's true. We ve actually gonna with us in the pot gas for, but I ll do it just for the point of this. This particular discussion for people don't want listen, every fuckin episode or observe the Yom. The size of your balls is directly related to how many female sluts there are new community. Why am I so much bigger. This is why you grew up.
Wars were unworthy. My ancestors did, yes, is somewhat of a horse for real, it's true. When the your body is producing, sperm, a huge amount of sperm, like great percentage of it, are attacks. Burma their only around to kill other spur, so if of gosh you to and some chicken and you come in- and you get sloppy seconds, you're lows book, kill his loads yeah. That's why chimps have big balls cause chimp girls are or horse. Like there's a bit rice doing do in my act about it in pansies, it's a true story about how they did studies on champs where they taught them that if they gave them, they taught them the volume money. They taught the champs that they would give them coins and if they gave the coins back, that given foods, they realise these coins represent food and it would do things to earn the coins and then they would get food from the first thing, the Champs did was of the coins, the female champs and fuck them the first thing they did they went by,
up to him and they like look. I got this is for food and of the female chimps would go, they would get their food, they eat their food and they were just stricter pussy. I want to make sure they want to fuck anywhere while they wanted a fuck anyway, and they would allow it like whenever the male chimp wanted it right away. That would do it to be him chase it around the fuckin cage all day. And finally, she is ok. Ok, fine! That's what most of it is in their male human equivalence with sympathy hands up exactly you know. Just like in the Champ world, the chip, pimps, takeovers kick back and relax and then their more attractive because they do not constitute chasing after the wonted Needy, just like in real life for all needy chase after all, over and over and over. I find fuck fuck me, but if you don't even hardly talk to her and all the other girls talking talking and then she's like wise, with him, I'm sunrise on how long then girls went when you're like I don't really want to defend their like. Well, that's that's where when and how many of them like a fine during your terms, yeah how many of them do it and try to trick. You learn
I wasn't leeway for either of you if you're those they give it just because, rynch what aligned themselves to the reason why you can keep these non monogamous relationships that just because you're an exceptional person, Mr Parish, hurrah she's, not dating you. She's gonna be gaining some boring mother, girls colleague Jan account into something works today and is exhausted at night and always get gout hers getting fuckin hyper hypertension. It is fuckin stressed at work as it needs to be talking to us us about some sort of a promotion. We feel like there's a glass ceiling and if you it nonsense, man, we sure fun. You take a check to accompany showed this guy. Get somebody to agent makes people laugh so you're allowed to pull off this animal. RO friendship fell away. I'm decorated, waken up for nude does enormously then it's I don't know, but I hate that. Why do they have to all wake up early? Why our? Let's not wake up to go to another likely? Do they really man, it's all sea and not the girls. I did or people
a job to wake up because they use to that's true young. Yet I travel with a girl is a regular drought or girls like hyper ambitious com. Let's go hiking! I hate that I have never once guy diving, I want to try skydiving you're gonna go with me a bit. I am not dying on a fuckin farm rooftop, that's the last thing I see as I go through the fuckin roof of the barn goes occasions. We never go hiking whenever we have seen a Barbara. What's Santa Barbara is amazing. This time of year come on, let's go weren't around. I would never even think of doing that. The meanest some fun shit you can do you know what a couple that you really can't do, what your buddies lucky you go. Wine tastier, something might be fun. We call for a dry rate of black out and get drunk its words called the just. Do differently
My primary hurting you already inside I went to Santa Barbara in that's what happened with there's like five wineries. All remedies like walk from each one of those we it's so expensive, getting hotel and sandbar. We can. We afford one night, which was like three hundred percent army, has a lot of wineries too. Oh yeah thoughts, their gap of algorithms and was three hundred fifty dollars a nights. Without this really nice or actually was pretty city in a room me and Katy. We went to like five wineries and then that's when I walked in, and yet you do that for liner it what what they were. They were France, where, like you know, you know, extort allies, I only otherwise things there and it was lying down the street or where, but you basically dry just a drink wine exactly, but not even seen the gray brierly. I thought that was
the chosen places you can do now. I mean you pull over and this I say here. Next five miles will be displacing, go to the great store, grafting grave and look at him. The name goes into the. Why we don't want to go to Maynard's grip vineyards, Hokosa meaner from tool at her he's around vineyards, yeah he's a fascinating guy, my buddy Dustin a sound guy, you know: does they travel bans and you know, doesn't ask dust, and so these super cool guy you just want to change its all time is apparently real jets of minors. Phenomenal Jujitsu guys, like fixing Gracie student and, like that's a bridge doesn't with them on the road is dusting can do jujitsu them as well as other like set up the sound, and they have met set up our train. What he wants train for an hour and a half and share of the roll over nay, I really love that last night in the wider, though it was our yet mean when we were there that that night after we modify wineries, kitsch pew,
in all night like like laying on floor again trying to drag her into bed and she wouldn't go to the toilet. Why is so awesome when it's good? You know I never travelled like when I'm never traveling happier ed like when I'm going through the wine menu, the one when I'm with Lichtenberg in a lick yeah yeah you give that guy, the wine men you you know I'm in asking on sale I got is thus he's got dude, picks up cool. He knows exactly what to do. You'll bring his own wine. Plato is a member that one can. I think he has not fucking around Gulliver's house. Brow he's got this giant walk in wine cellar. It's all temperature control. These get all these bottles in the walls and he's got them all. Like segregated these are from France. It is your California. Cat has hobby eyes, it was a master and me he really noses shit. I went to his birthday and there was a war tasting part tried writing a bit about it and I started telling on stage, but no one could.
It was like so often charge weird so on their right, and now I enjoy one really good, but everyone else at the party is a wine connoisseur, and so we have this. Wasting menu without bring over these little tiny plates of food like different orders and stuff, and then they ll bring for a selection of wines to go with it off in two or three different wines to go with it and everywhere we'll go over the selection and then they'll all talk of I had a recorder with Mina recorded. I wish I could find it was so ridiculous, like, This one has a woody finish. This yards like Oki in the talents and and then this one is corked and what someone say. I think this one its court and I went out to join up like this- is my favorite one, the one that you seen as bad as, like my favorite one like how are you
I don't I they learn to do is like a sack somebody would lose out does not mean that they have an educated palette like. Why would you want your sense of peace to be that educated? Why would you want to be so goddamn specific about why? What is kind of cool about that is? There were there's one. I went to worded that the wineries next, like a rose garden or something so there are like you- can take the roses in it because its due note in the dirt Tony left a joint next to Turning to the sort of yours go up a joint next to a book in a bag in a sea of bad next year Box of those drier cheats yeah the joint haste like yeah, tastes like drier sheets. Oh my way, exhale only yes a disgrace! He threw a sheet through to a similar bag wounded
That is why no longer we freeze a taste the roses and like you drink, it must have a slight it. It's kind of crumbling right next to airlines get into it. Well, that's kind of freaking. Well, it's too, but chalk very. They were doing to buck Chuck delicious Charles, and what is that is it? Particles from the fuckin rose this hard wood when it? What is it it's private just from over the years you know just do they really know? Is that like there's? These are science guesses right wineries talking about their product, has joined the detergent thing to what is their air. But what what happens in the air is like what's travelling over that smells smell well as little tiny part of hounds gets in my friends that when you smell afar little piece of shit get is nor those of whites or France. If well, that's when the reasons why grilling over wood is so delicious gets it in the flavouring I of his own, I know how to cook a stake over Mesquite. I always get mesquite hard.
Like if you go to like a whole foods, they they don't sell but Cats, like brackets, are all like Univee by kings for doing that. Shit, love, em, they're, they're, jammed full of lighter fluid out the waited there. The best way to cook is you? Don't you? the union's any lighter, fluid aegis use paper and one of those cones in other have those like their lack of all K. Northern IRC chimney lets it all up answer you poor all the calls in the chimney and the bottom is an area we stuff paper so light the paper on far in the paper that the flames go up. It catches the them this misguided. Would you lay down and then, in a once, it gets to certain temperature when it's like really red, hot and just steam menu sear at any sigh for two and a half minutes, and you finish on top and it just smells like the wood and the fuckin. It is so delicious. Security is one of those Jimmy sweep blogs. You know where you put it in a clean. Your chimney out those, I guess it seems to me the fuck. Are you talking about? Is a logical clia, never know that that got there can't be good. It's just curate killing but
That's where I was birds have fallen from. The fund is one of those who now how about this matter, I was just thinking about the speed of birds are far from this guy. Is this? This really is kind of bizarre in oh, no one, people about the apocalypse. Think about in the end of days, shit like that. If I got up- and this is the kind of shit they talk about Right- biblical yeah- it like a dying She died birds and all these things happening in ever ox following one. That's the while there's an autopsy but their say and all kinds of crazy shit like some of them say that, though the birds like got scared by sound and slammed into into a house. I wasn't there more than the other day the recent yesterday, where she cargo they're lying for sure, but here's the thing they did their guessing in there trying to come up with some sort of an answer. I don't think they're really know in other states, These these birds have had their showing trauma on their body, of course, trauma, they fell from the
can sky retard the idea? They ran into houses and that's how they died at stupid because there's not broken houses, they weren't all around us exactly and there's there's no way they would all be like near the house. If there are slamming the houses, they would all be right here on her very up and hailed eventually melted when it kinda lower staggered held, there could be a dog effluvia or it could be some poisoned share. You now we talked about. John Wheeler Guy that guy that was assassinated. He was chemical weapons export and you know who's the of expert under George Bush's father, and he was valve somehow another with the current administration. They found the Skype, tortured and murdered in a landfill, and this like right along the time that all this shit was going down with these birds fallen from the sky and these hundred thousand fish turning up there, you know and massive fish kills. Sometimes that should happen. Sometimes you know. Sometimes things go wrong or pollutants get in the water or webpages government testing is conveyed Jack. That's just
hit me them. Testing chemicals, earthly worthless, want yeah. Well, you know the answers fucking. The problem of conspiracy theories is some of this shit is really going on. There were the prophet conspiracy theories. Is people want of come up? the theory for everything. A lot of their ideas are completely ridiculous. But there are real big hoping that this there is a right and I'm gonna mind was sexually ridiculous option to be real. Had has there been any video of or witnesses showing of the birds following the high wire on birds? While I do not think so, I don't think anybody guys nonetheless got me just some kind of graffiti prank that poor kids are not only. I never even harrowing among other over miles there. The united stand is like thousands of birds over miles that very same species. Over and over again something happens, birds in the air and it was either poison poisoned or their hit by hey, hails possibility. Some people saw fireworks. Diamond I slammed into things, but that doesn't make NATO dead birds as the next crop circle leaders known What I'm saying is look at all the
sure. It's going down all these birds down all these fish dying, all the water leaking other the oil eating into the ocean all the time, floods that are going on right now in Australia. Me like that, it's like the size of Europe is under water in Australia. It's incredible and now delays as the scientists are saying that there is a part, building some gigantic super storm that could hit LOS Angeles. I get hit California, and that literally twenty five percent of all the houses are gonna, be flooded in Rome. And what is this? They don't know they're trying to fit now, but the same because of all the hot weather that, while this is what it says, I can guess. Societies will never happen, yeah good guess. But apparently it's happened. You asked you happens, survey few hundred years. They have these in a mean it could be hundred years. Forty. You know what I've done like core samples and earth one.
One hundred and twenty nine one thousand four hundred and eighteen one thousand six hundred and five is the last time it happened. So it happens every few hundred years. They have these. You know I mean it could be eight hundred years. They have these gigantic super storms and what they're talking about the superstorm's it raining for forty days, dumping ten ft and this is all possible- and there saying the storm would be goaded on by an atmosphere river that would move water at the same time rate as fifty Mississippi's discharging water in the Gulf and of her claws and without comment. First suggests would be just a massive amount of water portal notion. Let it go yet inland there was shit, We couldn't even wrapper head around they're saying that literally it would be like you know that they would be like the same, Category is a gigantic earthquake. I want about about. I think about will help you do your way up here. Put you in a boat, is gonna, get the wars over the top and smash on top you crusher head about going up or down. I mean I'm going to put up with. We talk to tightening lobby
this never happened in recorded human history that we know of that. We don't have any representations of what it was like, but I think that, immediately the really telling you that it's gonna come in forty days and dump ten feet of water. That's insane the rate of fifth the Mississippi Rivers discharging water into the Gulf of Mexico pouring down estate. That's incredible to talk about it twenty five miles an hour, wins landslides, taking those guy awful houses, are gone. At that happens, all those canyon houses that are still early days of rain? That's a rat bitches like a few years ago, a bunch of them too much rain right now and then but six houses, fellow member Malibu Laurel Cato, where do in mad maritime multi billion dollar houses at no must millions use me like seven eight million dollar houses in Malibu, just sinking, big chunks of the hill broke off away from their pipes were sticking out, electricity sparks and shit, and I mean they had all this video of these things sliding down the hill Slater Ivy. Do you
can't make a house on the side of a fucking he'll like that very cool. I know you want a nice view, but you being ridiculous, like you just totally wrong, the dice with mother nature. African arsenal. Is this whether what was eighty four you're, ensuring five fucking Lydia twitters from people in Calgary yesterday was thirty below, with the essential factor as users? Can I be cargoes that had seen daylight in four days? Yes, snowing, forecasts yeah, it gets gray and the you gonna take your jacket off here. Yes, your seasonal affected disorder. That's real shit! You know that the union Happy when its grey all the time, and I care what you say about a foreigner this, whether as good host, the best thing about conferences, the sun and that's why you have those lights? The union that is night stand lights were just gives you a simulation of the sun, will do dance like that's. Why Colorado so fuckin Dope Colorado has son tuner. Fifty two three hundred a year
There are very few overcast days so, even though its cold, its sunny, that's what we need man, it's not the cold, it so bad, because when it's called out yet to drive, but you know what man you put some fucking clothes on. You put a warm code on currency, cloudy, I in fact. Yes, when its sunny out, it's called Psycho, it's called out here, but you still smiling. You got your friends ago. You know boarding and shit go fuck around when its Boston Boston, winters Brow they would just be like God. When is it going to end its like you're being was Pakistan, so you held down and pissed on. You just have to deal with, and ok when you gonna. Let me up still succeeded snow in general that I hate fucking snow. I wanna punch it snows bad,
Ices works like snow. Icy rain is the worse the worse when it's like thirty one degrees that scary shit cause it rains and turns to icy at the next morning and arrange on every morning, as I said, is so bad. When I was in high school me in my body, my sister's boyfriend sat on top of the garage and just watch these cars slamming each other cause. Our whole street was covered in ice and we have done a hill, so we, so we drink beer and we sat on the roof and was shut we're just watching guy slide down the cobbler highlighted cop car came down slightly taller call the cops yea. Idea. Came dummies. Didn't listen came down here. I tom you better go up here, because if you do, if you go down now Camilla stop Yeager Fucking Tell me what to do a Vulcan queer, Agnes I've been ones of learning and changing their behaviour while it still down there, not introspective- and I talk shit on Boston, but still one of the best places to have fun. It's one of the best way This do due shows it's a fucking. It's great
I just want to live there anymore. I can deal with the winters, but the people are fuckin phenomenal. Their fun there's like us an energy that they have there's a certain like the guy zest for If you know when you, when you, you have to fuckin walk home in the cold, and you have to deal with that kind of shit. You deal with those cuts that kind of whether having donors go there. Yeah. It's not the best way to survive, and I imagine it s like the downstairs and Titanic say and have an agreed was not even a poverty thing. There's a lot of rich people in Boston, adjusted, there's a certain amount of no nonsense in a place where it gets. You noses degrees for a month now set wicked it's different than like Montreal. It's like I wise. No one from remarks like assholes will you well Vermont is like super hippy liberal grateful dead. Vesper pointed abandoned, Jerry's ice cream. My escape. Do it's a beautiful state to man, God? I still do gigs in Vermont or drive up the Burlington in just be driving, and I would just be trying to think of how I can live here, be like twenty one years.
Then I'll, be in my car going. Is there a way that I can figure out? How to live here cuz this, how I want to live man. I want to live where there's like a river by my house and is like green grass and their woods, and it's like it's healthy My driver on areas like this is where I have to live right. A member. Car on this fuckin monstrous, free way that six lanes on each side and every one of whose jam solid, no one can move. I don't want to live like that. You want to get dirt pass somebody unless a genuine obese want peace. I just went to bathrobes tired of my citizen is remarked with a camp? learned. Retards F alone is about what was wrong with you. Look? I learn disabilities underwritten the thought of a middle class families, but it's not really really up. You don't have a learning disability reproaches board her, yet they say
That's why they would learn to those psychological black, probably somewhere, where wouldn't let you get into what you're doing it so hard when you have a troubled childhood to be good at school, because I had a trouble childhood and you just don't want to concentrate on what their teaching ear you're just trying to figure out the whole world around you and how to navigate through it because people just trying to figure out how to knock it picked on. And how do I get home without you know, having no fear for your life, We were what you kids do. I have to avoid what I have to go and all that share MR very difficult to concentrate on. U S, history like how is this, shooting affecting. May you know Don T be a kind of legs. I hung out with the asian kid and without any karate. So really I was. You learn a kind of any kind of like a sister, since their dismay asian girl destination girl, it wasn't related two different families, different families. They try to hook up now,
I think they hated each work is, I think one was japanese, a moment work or recovery and greens and Chinese. The Japanese has already do the rape and am king there's a there's. A crazy document that I watch is very disturbing. Some of the Japanese did the Chinese, like genocidal, Burma gave an hardier log hot holes in babies and fuck them like really dark, dark dark that is in respect of people. Now the killer, Lillian, systematically tortured diamond, did all kinds of crazy shit man. So it's a really really disturbing documentary. It was a doctor. I have it if you want to watch, watch it it's not. It wasn't released like I had a buy it from some. Some library We're actually had a like rented and then not bring it back one of those that pay the five couldn't get can get anywhere else. It's really creepy, there's a bunch of shit on an online. If you can read about it, I dont know that it's like this is all like. My friend Rupert was a director fear factor he. He turned me out of this many many years ago.
And I got into a back down and it was so disturbing and I forgot a lot of the particulars, so I'm not going to you know. I can't quote it, but if you you're into genocide and into reading up about how fuckin cruel people campaigners digital Do you mean a lot of people are into finding out how the hell you're not like genocide, long walks in the part that would serve as a few weeks ago it somebody found in his long in the yard, sale they found a human skin lamp from the Holocaust. Didn't want any sort of authority boxes, writer body and then took to his friend eight thousand dollars. Get tested like it is human scanty to eat issue was so all I can razor come from. Well, that's true. Holler wholly Schumann's, like this had been someone skin and now it's adorning lamp It's crazy downward not long ago now there though I have a lot of them, a lot of people,
There was. I watched a document on the moon. Landings wants and there's a guy who is consecrate concentration, camp survivor at his tattoos, and he was talking about Warner VON Bra the more nerve on Brown, ran a rocket factory in Brazil or excuse me in Berlin will allow people to realise that the guys the head of NASA warning on Braun was a serious nazi. Now, just In fact, I was alive today. He would the Simon Wiesenthal centres that they would prosecute him for crimes against humanity. To hang the five slowest Jews in front of factory in Berlin anytime. You know the people are slow. Hang on. Hang on from everybody else, so everybody would walk through and see what the fuck is going on. Look look. These are these guys used to work with now they're hanging in front of the fucking go slow go to work in these dark dark dark. Shit and this guy who, with his tattoo from the Holocaust, was talking about how he remembers very clearly. Being born of on broad. They would come in with suits and Adobe working and they would come inspect the work and walk around people. I'm fuckin hang people hanging in front of people.
You know, this was that this operation paperclip they Robert over here. All the nazi scientists, as was called there, are brought over here to run NASA I've states have like a dog shit for a rocket programme before one of on broad came over. Here is a super I think it's easy, like dehumanize that moment when you see like oh used to hang people, but if you imagine for the persons one like you just kick, Techno rent something in some grabs you and your screaming till I please don't don't put it around your neck and how many people doing other, just lasers fuckin, would slack off not made workers yet me to whom you now until someone died, and then I would like or I going to get through this. You know, and then you know, the of children of your children are being held captive to your whole family being held captive, really scary, to think that was not down another lawyer in that. While this is going on earth, it was so much more important for us to win the space race the world Gal Warner VON Braun, Mistral Nazi come on over here, get all over your buddy. Don't worry,
all that other shit you're dead over their whatever, whatever, whatever fucked racer raise, no one's gonna know they're, not gonna, know you weren't, Yvonne Braun from Mass, don't sweat, it buddy we're all good. Now, it's all ruby, for this. I really do. She'd like just look just operators. Girls is live this fuckin guy, though men, this document it was so intense when he would shows tattoo, and he would talk about seeing more November on talk about. You know how they would hang people in the front of factory this shit is never leave in that guy's brain in other guy a slave for a while, I'm here now I was living in my army and relaxing his entire retirement years away, but there is a point that guy's life, where he lived in odor terror, surrounded by monsters, goddamn, star wars, episode that storm troopers had come in I would just got out of his long after the lot of people who knew were dead. That's some scary shit think that people are willing to that and they go that relatively easily.
It's not it's like you know, that's hard to get people to do. It's happened. Many times is hard, but it's but many many times throughout history pol pot with so many different cases, a genocide, Stalin and mean different examples around the world area have so many all around the world. We look turn on, and I read I mean if you talk about the numbers in Iraq, supposedly according to many credible sources. A million civilians have died since two thousand we're two thousand three. Whenever we invaded a million a million your brain around. You know, wrap your brain around that that's crazy shit. You remember that old footage of the young, the guys, are not tanks and were listening to death metal. Their fuckin? There were shooting, they showed like what it's like to be earlier in Iraq, member Jerry, every new limit them beyond that is, listen. In the music there were listening like crazy, like metal music. While they were shooting people in Iraq and remember it was. It was a video and their interviewing. These guys words. Why goes in other smuggled cigarettes? There will ya
it's like so surreal to them that it doesn't even seem real. Apparently, this is how did the wicked weeks put that out to us? I guess I didn't know that I did not know that yours thing where they get some friendly fires, situation pretty on real Euro hockin about it's called collateral murder, that's a video that they release. That was the start of all these aspects. This shit was way before A few years before that Lebanon, for a long time, release and shit. I didn't know that they had been around his long. Has it been around that sounds due to so fuckin interesting, fascinating, but seem so do she like when you re? Did you read his online dating profile? No, oh, my god he's just just so. Do she just It comes through the scream and gets your fingers greasy relay like you know, it talking about like what you know who did it with you? I mean people for friendship, Fer, you know whatever in the sector it just like that, it's just sit. Its first ball
literally, it is impossible to make an online dating profile and not come off. Duty is not possible. It is not an ounce of yourself up right. You have to tell you something up and you have to about what you're looking for what either for I'm. Looking for some really easy pussy from a hot girls, not get asked questions, Zaga, you're crazy. You're, never gonna be mad at me, cause I know I'll be with you anymore. Can I get that no one's ever but he's got this whole thing, I'm looking for romance mean even if you're not it's impossible to. You know I'm outgoing, but I do know unfriendly to a fall and look for the real me you'll be pleasantly surprised, likely to find someone. You should make a profile and just overdue overdue here, almost like Brody Stevens it we're if they had like comes economies so scared. I have a cup. Are there somewhere? Do you have Damon Bradley hilarious, genetic Fatima, her fiance the seven year old should be dead. I want three like I have been single and eight years or so seven years. I have no idea what to do so. I got
online thing, because before Facebook and Myspace you know really, so it is making a myspace profile, pretty much crazy thing. What you did as you want and lost, like fuckin said pounds or severe. Did you lose how much you as I am so leave twenty pounds? Seventy pounds, I remember when you got super giant like smurf like You know what I'd do use didn't, couldn't walk straight. Your legs would rob in the middle. You have the you'd have to Ralph email you'd, have to circle your life on the outside and then bring them back in the front or suppression. A good impression is he's got there was reason anyone I've ever heard of astonishment maybe the least I dont do it. It's amazing is amazing, gizmo from gremlins singing pretty good that's old school geek, amateur magua, thousands,
moving members know I loved it loved it when they got wet turn monsters and share. Is that what happened to go when I started my bottles started in America and then the bottom evil viagra so crazy, like there's so cute when their little tiny things and then turning to key for citizens. Nowadays it get wet. What? Where freedom after midnight hour, feed him after midnight is all a metaphor for treating women. Isn't you can't get a mouth ultimate, economic, crazy animals, they become horse from bitches ten. You can't deal with a bitch. Is man bitches about their prime and become a woman. Hater, ok just gives us from movie, that's from, say anything is really getting you warm. You worried about becoming won't. Hear me I also and affluent worries fuck no checks on afterwards. Sweet briar will never go. I am a crazy haider. You're crazy here is that what it is to take raising just need to start changing. My God, yoga classes, brow centred girls, would lose
parents in Uppsala Cambodia he Rogan downward Frazier doggerel up in this bitch. I heard that's the best placed to actually here on women were addressing, it grows, bottles are there you see how flexible and sexy their bodies thing and see if they fart when they get stuck in where positions that around when you have a sustainable and super slow, some hunger. The prison low. Writing it s like Now the guys are looking for China to look what they are but just there is some strange connection. Choose imagine vessels that other. It's you under the right. Honourable, I thought tick the other day, that's always waiting for that and a bull rohingya was black Jack I'll act, sixty nine spot checks on a bull radishes. Let not need some white deck! Prime! Now, let's get at our own brine. Have you considered may be trying to buy
six out of his way to expand, appointing the dogma that I have a certain yeah. Until we go for governments, to be a certain kind of certain. The black check, not a big one. The one eyed like if you drive around squint rise in imagining, which were here that there are guy, oh by the way, have you seen pictures of little Kim yeah. Oh my google little Kim photos show two hour. She did crazy plastic surgery and she became like she looks like a vietnamese woman. Look a little came is dude, it's really hard to look at. You really really fucked up like a really bad. It was almost like Stephen Tyler is using a bamboo. Man look go back up, that the earlier that he must like a baboons. His whole bottom of its lifting of jutting out. Nobody could soccer mean No, it does big fat lips ass if a popular
Is it aware that doctors come out in Scrubbs as if they just came from the hospital that guy? Why don't you just google the actual areas on the second page? It's really crazy got us. It didn't just haven't cages. Google images we need. Are you scrolling, like my mom Zelman, allowing fine mind, always in a hurry? Why are you always in a hurry? My mother became jewish Has that chicks enemies, the most annoying impression you could do them other than Y know, little Kim little Kim Ally, L, Il Kim photos, plastic surgery, what the fuck type on that bam? Look at our. I see a kind of raising a kind of looks like it might be, make up on a broad. That's, that's! Your nails are coming on what she has the cat. I nicest that I look at her nose. Man, the other ones there before and after she looks up
agenda Jackson, this away worse, brow, I think way. Worse, JANET Jackson, why haven't seen Jackson Silly buzzing along as time is kept together, see before and after. That one of the top was it that's her, though, that do she's hot there Her eyes aren't ITALY's light out like that. Look at the difference that is monstrous, daddy's terrifying. The nurse kind of looks the same. What is it about people, man with a they just start for? changing their face. There is a simple one: I can totally relate to that. Like habits, you haven't done not what tattoos, but without having done here transplants because dont doing here, transplants like I was losing my hair nose like will? How do I stop this man's or witnessed we want to wear fuckin wig ball. They can stop this. So then a friend of mine have gotten hair transplants and he had me convinced is like due to carriers have voting they take from the back. To put the front like you do as you're, losing your hair and getting keep your hair. Ok, cool, and so I didn't
after I did it. I felt like now you this, stupid scar on the back your head. Didn't they tell you about the scarlet that'll? I knew about the stupid scar, but I didn't think about it. You don't you think, but at the back of the head was gonna knows you know you think everything's gonna turn out normal and be fine, and then I want to do another one to correct it. So I get another one and it looks still look like shit now. The scar on the back of my head is bigger. And after a while, you know it's like you can get roped entered like. I know a guy who work. He does is passed away a few years ago, but he was obsessed with plastic surgery- and he was a nice guy he's in show business, and he had done a bunch of different things to the point where his face look weird in his head pack implants and yet a bunch of hair transplant. You just start. You start fucking with your appearance like and it becomes like up becomes like up If I was doing it yeah you like you, get sick there. We have issued orders. That's your people to the same thing here. The attitude foreign law. I say that I mean both my arms or sleeved, but I'm stopping. I mean I don't
a problem? I just felt when I did the one fellows unbalanced and then a really had an idea for the second one that I wanted to do and we gotta mine haven't to sleeves tat is: are you getting on my fuckin face or anything crazy, which, speaking of this things like this: a line where units postik tattoo and your face is that line above the slave Accoucheur Lane. Recent gucci main was the. Have you seen a unity? Gucci mean: ok, it's when is it Gucci you dude Bob Gucci main face tat to get ready for this. She may is a wrapper and he got a face. Tat too, and faced? Her too is an ice cream car I saw the I thought its is Larry scoops ice cream on it and it says Bur up some of tat left up top of other ergo yeah. That's the image! Click on that folks online, you you, you have to see this if you haven't already mostly internet already, has seen it, but it's like its clear madness. I mean
gets release from a mental institution, and then he has an ice cream cone tattooed on his face and it's a scar about war. I use of cleaner game. It's! My honourable just keep saying I'm across dress urgently. Let me in me words I can't mash goes on forever check. Brien's tax law Brien's tattoo. He got it from a guy who is learning how to TAT Susan tattooed if that's is go. Now it is this check that I wanted that work. For me, when I was a major movie there, she's, like Ireland, be attached to others. May my boyfriend tat his studio he's been trying to teach me can't lopes. Would you like to be my first person? It will be free, Sir antelopes, you know is supposed to practice on pig years and shit. Foresail acts on pigskin, similar due to human scam, but of art form man like you know my boy Aaron delivered over my body from my crew. Tattoo does my stuff. He totally offered to to fix it.
Kind of funny story. Now, look like I was the other day. I was lying in bed and I worked on this movie caught a better way to die a long time ago, and my job was to do like our this. You need to make this eager tagged. This whole area, like all these cars, all these walls you needed to make it will make graffiti feeding legacy gang, ridden alley in Chicago, in the new you shouldn't get. Would yes design Gabazoos you, five million high level far off suddenly become so interest resist. I was a chick I'd, be so any run fast substance. So many things like three days after I got this tattoo, like dude, I'm gonna put my fuckin tattoo everywhere side to spread my tattoo and laws on cars in their pinnated snails and a couple places. But then I did all these. Like my tattoos, So the damn thing they're watching and then it was like, like all this is a movie. I work during the well there's my waterfall
to every either. Yet they that's just change that scene into like the fabulous gang seen everywhere by the way way to people what waterfall tattooed on schools it. Well, I got I went and got the free tattoo whenever and I looked in the book. The couple things I liked word like addiction, turtles and let that happen- and I thought I'd like it in the asian girls at TAT time or whatever. So I got an hour in Chinese and they put together in and said. I also like Spiderman Sleigh mixed the three up and it's like Spiderman logo with a chinese letter in the middle. Hey. You know that I know it also new higher primate tee shirts coming to the area for folks who don't know, you got a higher primate higher dash primate Dotcom, that's my clothing on average. Actually, clothing are now called higher primate and its real Loki. I'm just kind us trying to figure it out. Before I live on the go commercial with it. Yes, I'll just teachers have fanny packs too.
Stay strong, foggy past date, Truong bitches. Let anyone come attacks on our travel to very many. Our spheres scene, it Brian scene and I'm not fucking around twenty percent- would be cool if you renamed, if you actually have, you should lie back fagging, good idea: right we're not re raids, night, faggot, fag, then again after you're gonna get Finally, we are quite a point, is my point: is with these new tee shirts weak you on the board asked about it out where that shit, like it s common inside thing, I know not even know what the fuck that means you know it so funny as those other pike ass. I did the desk Pike S, rescue stitches, put him on the radio and they they kind of like making the company to make sure it's now aren't we allow will sell it on. You know. You know what you said on Redman Riband outcome, I know a lot of you on the board asked about it out where that shit, like it s common inside thing. I know I don't even know what the fuck that means you know it so funny as those other pike S, Do the desk, parkers Rascal stitches, put em on the radio, and they they kind of like make a logo thing like welcomed,
senator as I did. They know that that owing to Hitler, cat have hammered out whose covered with explosives exposed suicides zalm upon his hand, arm for people on knowing what is his death squad. Doing this all happen when we're on open, Anthony, there's like fuckin many years ago, We I came on open, Anthony and brought with me Eddie. Bravo, Tate, Fletcher is like right after TAT had done ultimate fighter and tat was travel on the road with us and Brian. You came on to write and who else was? Aren't you gonna do another came on a different time. You came all the time we roasted Jamie timid. Maybe the bigger resigned, made further life in another month matter. We ve done many times anyway, when we come in and in our Tate is such an imposing figure taters his gigantic fucking hunk of a man. We walk in the room, but you know everybody knows: Eddie Bravo's is Jujitsu master. He just choked out horror Gracie, and then you know it's like so Opie goes
Joe Robins, with the death squad, and then it became we out just started was so silly death squad Our corner selves, death squad start the ex see this kind of this kind of interesting back in the day when podcast were first made a start making. Those sort, Joe show videos and caught him death squad, and they were only available on Itunes as a podcast. The idea, I guess I had twelve of Amr sunlight yeah, those fuckin old videos do some of those were brilliant. I went back and why couple those old death squads that you did. Some of those were fucking funny issue some of the moments we captured were so ridiculous? He has got Matthew about Irish of fear becoming a lawyer. Ok, there a guy who is legally insane and he said he was the Holy Spirit and he needed help and he wanted to some aren't. They wanted me to help him in and then already got involved You can't you guys is what your colleague at her home I was. I didn't, have a sports like twelve thirty somebody's north sea.
You would have his whole argument. I had no idea just communist hey, listen and should be my lawyer MC work. What you mean you, my lord, if someone's gonna call you when you got, you are like what I said. I couldn't get another call. You back! a bar is one those dude who what you got a boyfriend. Who is this stand up? Comedian buddy is going to wife and he's got kids and he's got a day. Job he's got a lock. Account on their mother. Fucker he's not always down. For the fund, like a car, I should fear three. According to my army, I need you to represent me ass. My lawyer, are you comfortable with this over the background of a pretty high right now, but So anyway is gonna call me, so he can take down the footage of you. You said just now my lawyer take on this, but it is very important if you wanted, down the footage, you're gonna have to call my lawyer. Crazy guy? He was completely nuts and in retrospect neither as I always spirit you, I thought it was always spirit. I forget a lot about. Shit that he said he was trying to suit the research on Edwards. Not I would suit protection than I was. I like it for being a false prophets
like wives, who we saw him like. Why would you home is a false profit, he's gonna, but why you near here interesting things is a great Agnes. I still here, I got him we power of attorney of all his affairs verbally according to hide their neither boarding he added and that he disappeared for one. Then it came back Riah suit me. How long ago, did to go to war, a court in Southern Africa about that soon me for millions of eighteen million dollars nervous at all, we even a little bit. I would firstly like I wrote this ground for like a what, like six months or a year, just kept until you're too the report. We are issued, it for big. I think about attorney. I'm like I represent new pro bono. How many people out there right now who are looking to get mad at something like that's real good, fuck, Dick tat, somebody with mental illness and make fun of them really funny? Fucking shit, hope you twelve and a river of aids as like. Obviously if I may say that everything is fine anyway, there's a thousand,
whose annoying from the gecko, which is why we did this in the first place, we couldn't get rid of him, some amazing about it. But if you actually eat to face terrible flora, lawful, yeah, it's not gonna, kill you because, like you real toxic levels, a floor, I beg of you ate a whole tuba toothpaste. You could probably get really served. It says if you even one drop yeah you're not go to the emergency room. It was exactly what they might say that just to cover their ass. Yet as I think as I used as we that may go to thing, you know keep em tuba tube taste in my car. You know and dislike eat. It thought it. I never could lie with another key. He some bad! Don't do that man! What I was going to sixteen about flora and drinking water and everybody claims to know exactly what the way that sound your hearings whoever comes a double where the people dying, whereas when I well interesting within in part about it is that that is all supposedly. If you go on line and read the website
communists all based on Nazi shit, the idea of keeping the people passive and keep people in their place and make further docile and easy to control, and I was the idea put forward in the water supply. I highly that really helped her to yeah. I think it's I don't know if it does help your teeth. I don't really know because there's a lot of things that say that no that's not the case. It would help your tea. This fuckin cleaning, I'm fuckin pigs, that's what's both good free teeth Tom's of main toothpaste and it doesn't have florid in it. This is a certain type that we very much hope that just like you eat charter unicycle. Should I use my life waits book chalk on my man. Ever. Do you think that maybe that treaties is proper missing, something that you now it is in our own cavities, Ivan Metabolism law. Really, I'm pretty good impression. That last time I went to the to the ILO why I went like years without
t cleaning, and then I went to the door. The Dennis and I didn't have any cabin- wasn't really surprised you gotta do about. Do you fuck up? Oh yeah, learn, learn from minus eight, so many gummy bears don't get emulated cavities and you go to sleep right. You just crash with there's no advantages, not german rang like and then you gotta clean your teeth because you gums or receive too much, which did happen to me. There was an area where I had a cap and if you get a really clean around those things, because this knowledge, natural gas, I got a plaque in my gun was receiving a little better than I have to get. It really take come from the back and could now that they do not do that there. Really. It's really barriers. Are this great big hair transplants now because get em now not twenty five years ago, when they were now is when you get the proceeds even now, don't get it take it from me. Folks does the way, scribe it. This is how stupid that the idea of hair transplants are you taking its like taking people who are really healthy and moving into a neighborhood where everyone's dying,
Cuz, that's what it's like cuz they, the hair that you have up on the top of your head after you transplant hair is the other hair is going to fall out too, so you can looks ok first like when I was unlike news radios when I first got it on my hair, like fuckin sporting deserve Rogan ass. Not did you Don't get road infrastructure You know I was I was thinking about doing. I really needed to bad because I've always had it if I were now, but the problem is that if you look at Rogaine, it only does the middle, if the back corner reason it does everything just it was a study that they did in the study they did was on the verge text, this gap and the idea was that you can't prove you'd have they would have to go and spend millions and millions of dollars and studies show the reason why works on the script, though the recent work at all, as it increases circulation to the area, so it makes your hair grow. It will everyone scout it does. It will work in the back you, yes, especially Croatia and Rogaine same thing, but most people are born but in the back of the head and how to concentrate on one area, the head cause, they needed like a patch in others,
prove that work there. So they prove it at work in the back your head, and so they just went within a proven, grow here. Good enough, then, I have to show you that it works with sense not soon to grow in the front, but as it is, but he died now it does it's. It's been what, with the way it word of shifting a monopoly that all monoxide when they first made. It was a high blood pressure. Medication swear to God, even like on Amazon or on their own advertising. It says that the area is outweighs. You have to go, because that was the study scientifically proven. Yeah sedately. May the study, regressive, isinglass Articular Eric spent aware that they have to do that, though, in they can say, and work on the other side. Now they don't want to do that. They want to do so, you can't say moving. Might I guess this is we don't look good here, someone out of plastic bags, sucking. Mr bags, you know, does not look like like something a healthy burnett. Would you anything? It's me I gotta go so ok Phillotson this crazy things. Autos yeah may guess yeah February. Fourth yeah we're gonna bunch shows together. Irish affair is common to for the next one is actually Wes Palm Beach. We do.
Improvin West Bomb, Beach, the twenty, eight, twenty, nine and thirty, as was pomp Florida so will be the young accounted. Mr aren't you fear and that as a Dope Vulcan Club, it's gigantic is like six hundred fifty fifty seats. It's it's off so that's yeah, the twenty Twond and thirtieth and then were also doing February forth at the Mandalay Bay Theatre. The big spot is the new and how many site thousand negotiated, bigoted yeah. It's pretty. Why think in Canada we did some bigger than that. They want to have is behind us and I was showing that there was a few thousand that was nuts that was Calgary. Calgary was crying We did a bunch of shows up to you messed up Toronto Toronto. Well enough! Yet I'm trying to do my special in Toronto, but I'm having a hard time getting the venue, but so it's an April and a lot of these things are booked in advance. But if I get up get up good value. I want to do the special in April in Toronto. Recorder my
a third a couple different places and I've got an hour and fifteen minutes anew shit. So that's enough work I can whittled down and what I want filling a forty four minutes, what he'd playing music for Prime told you camp Ms, unless I made this, did you make us on you're, so multi, town, newsletters and and you're a stalker and getting hot checks in you? You do set design, and I hear you doing Stanhope Comedy when he performing I m gonna sounds and then big fish, England there and I'm hosting South Comedy club. If, unless I'm going with, you do, for they are the thirtieth yeah, That's gonna be the shit you wanna come to Florida subdue. You do do, our love to get afforded either I thought leffler. I will look it up.
Third, as my story, teller shall yet worthy storyteller shows that people can't see in San Francisco, but you might be able to rely on the front at the purple on that are sold out of so great a put her gone, that's once called thicker than water and when it s all a families, this weakens funds utter a nice and another one. On drugs to sell drugstores nice, automated Zammit, nice, damn he's out good. Do these are really good If people are now, has been doing this thing? You can do it for about a year now it's really cool and when it is, as he does like stand up, show, but it's not they don't talk about caught. They don't do like set up punchline set upon salon. It's mostly really funny story, because a lot of sort of, like you know like Pont, cast or a lot of the funny or Pont cast stories you know in our growers show or in any other ones. It's like it's there, not like set up consular its can't do women from comedy audience where they expect a certain like rhythm, but it's It can be slower than any hall as a comedy words like he was good bright, huge, laugh,
so more involved. You know, and you can see a comedy movie right. If you go to suit calmly movie, it's not like always. Lonnie always funny like they have to set up a lot of what's funny and as a lot of spots. Where there's no, you not laugh, and for ten fifteen minutes you know, but on stage it's gotta be set up, punchline sought pirates and a punch line, but did what you're doing like you, you're you're, making these guys you given them like a venture to then yeah a jellies. We're fuckin spectacular man, your story of when you with a strict club in Alabama with what bar com and either for the perfect, like crazy store. That's a pretty yeah. There's exactly. I try to do that, one for with comedy like do it on stage, but had a punch it up too much. I had to add a bunch to make sure, I want ya to combine two different scenarios. Precocious tells the story of our time the tracing mortgage he smells like a month. While I got it today, there are going to make him do that. You're fucking, Garcia Tracy Mortgage, though the heart of a million great good unnoticed,
like tat of a man s Uganda Jody as organic tracing Morgan, I just want to has it? Thank you. First of all, thank you for rocket man just go out there realise and man. I know nobody knows how the fuck this thing works. Just go crazy, haven't got. Jody, as in your life, do what do you wonders comedians for real he's like haven't him around you like makes you funnier. I really believe that overlaps like was kidnapped. Someone now guises. He saw. I don't give a fuck that he makes things more silly and more fun, which is its more fun like Joe, We tell Joey
every special I've done. This is one of things are one of the reasons why I've thought about not doing in Toronto. The number one reason is: I can't get Joey up there can get out. There was aggravated kidnapping. Ninety Columbus, that places the bar. It was the bomb, but what I'm trying to do? Is cities yeah I'm trying to do something that I haven't done and I really love Toronto and night. My last show in Toronto sold out like months in advance. It was crazy. I've got it so much love in Toronto and if the show was so much funnels like this would be a great place to do my shit, and it's not like I have done in a budget times where they see my material over and over again it's over saturated, and you know pretty much everything on. I mean everything I'm doing. My sets these days is all shit that wasn't on my old stuff. All that stuff has been phased out. It's all straight new stuff, so most people that I'm running into the road unless they get on Youtube all the time. They don't know the material so to me to run. It was like the perfect spot in outside their their cool there, smart enthusiastic, it's fun city, but I don't know if I could do it you can have
fine. I was still I'm going out the venue you now and then in others also, I can't bring Joey. I am so I wonder if you get em meeting, if not there, he told me he's gonna. Do we will some gigs imago your job and was warmer the flying a buffalo from Buffalo, friend mighty stodgy. Only he's gonna fuckin drive me up. Their use. He's gonna drop off some heroin half way, although it is a drop by the bridge. It's perfect. He would always have some fucking crazy plan. He had some crazy plan to sneak into do. Gigs the funding around either he was dead serious and he would do it doesn't whereas the stories are wearily I'll, fuckin happening. There are real. There are real when you ve come around, which only as long as we have and still Joey this day still completely unpredictable. Like you suppose you Brian show last Sunday it sounds, and God was asked he just disappear when it let it was button can a girl with the old one child Anson things that make Charles Bronson he's up new ones. Coming out this fuckin Jason Dayton, what the fuck's his name.
The fuck out of here you ain't Charles browsing, sucker, angrier fuck, you ones apartment and whose the do that played Charles Branghtons Protegee, the real issues, the end, the famous guy, that became a really nutty. He became like the biggest drunken holly. What it was like: soup, handsome and young and devastating Nora he's here, he's on celebrity rehab right now and he's a source of awesome entertainment. If you ve been watching your work, I can't remember the guy's name. It's a good three word name home on the mechanic dog Johnson? That's the the new ones coming out real. Soon, that's on earth. Does Canada The cap virus, Jan Michael Vince running. He was like this. You know this fuckin study. Looking all again super handsome actor movie star character. He went in losses, fuckin marbles and became a huge dropped us there. They ve done these. These were them now. I just stuttering, fuckin, retard love that isn't it weird man, it
How did you get when you you know when you run into people like at the store up like that have hit the rocks. Do cravats has gone completely down. It's like Eads Burial out what happened he just like it's like the drugs. What I just somebody in his brain is fucked up. He just He has not actually being just fills me with sadness being around We just like a kick I'm accommodation. He starts midway through a conversation. You can't leave he wasn't always like. Now. I remember like seventy years ago, the normal guy normal little beaten down, but still photo beaten down, but bad some fundamental stations with hands of friendly a nice announced. So what happened? I think the stuff caught up. Drugs, you, whatever you do, and if my guess is there, I had done eventual cut up, he does anymore, but I think it a benchley, don't know that many people have totally cook their brain, which rugs how many people you know that of cook their brain with drugs. Do you know anybody. I know. I know a couple behind overview right now run that so many people Guess you know that, like the absolutely liked start
that's what I would guess what they looked. They looked, but you have done that policeman, the two and public. I don't know, this probably another one. I know to a very big of right now that I've told you Brian Cowen story about the girl he's today. Listening this shepherd girl the bright outdated and she was correct, The moment of matter. I go dude listen to me. I know you're not like to believe escape can smell crazy people, go in this bitch stinks. This bitch is not like. I did meet her, I keep it's too Nicholas assumption on my part to Serbia will to take this chance, but all my mighty senses. We live well, what's going on here, I should say I said you know high mimes Joe nice to meet you, and you know she said. Hi shook my hand and he goes nano people get nervous around you. Their senior and fear fact. I would then is not nervousness. I go. This is a crazy personal. How are you borrow your Dini? Crazy grow? It turned out the whole we was danger. He had no idea. She was a methodical like a severe
a static, and she also had like some boyfriend, who is like an ex boyfriend while she was living at Brien's play. She was like hooking up with this gotta get math crazy, so anyway, brine gets rid of her long drawn out, tries to save our can't. Do it at me just a devastating shitting me always he would always get himself hooked up and is really crazy. Bitch. So when I was when I met a man whose really young he was trying to fix himself through fixing, other people. It was very strange. He got over it, but the point is years later here: walk, invited member that bar that stand? Hobbes you go to the cap the fiddle. That's like a stripper. Hooker walk! That's where I am there. What's his face, the english guy got busted was graft your grandpa busted down there. I was there yeah he puts about how good there is growing steadily growing by the way my two euros every word grow to neutrality grouchy anyway, so he's a walk into the cat. The fiddle, and these walk in there? He sees a hooker come his way. He stops any realises its.
Girlfriend, but she's got scan. You go get tested notices years later and he looks into Gaza? Hey, hey, don't she goes? Sadly you can guess. Now in does my life and accepts it at all. They said why that's all they said to each other, any he went into the bar and users. I wanna fuck. The girl lived with She lived with them, she's dating now. Here she is with scabs anyway folks Mandalay big anyway. They feel slightly worried. Fourth, we're be obedient. Ontario Improv tomorrow night, it might be sold out Korean Chad, show and dumb I refer to worry or its third in the pink purple onion and for no fabric. Third, here another I was another one February there and have a czech girl in a powerful is utterly improv, laugh particular running with the regular tombs paid for that little fucking time,
as we have done. My best give us the the five dollars like such eyes. Are they trying to jack up there, but they try to make it tat. At least ten tonnes are better reasonable, there's a reasonable, unreasonable. I think. That's all it's all good there. Could there very entertain shout I like the idea of keeping achieved is kind of experimental, but it's a reasonable em they're, all very entertainers, Vernal Earthlit, Bert Crusher number are a burden on the burglars. He's got great stories to I'm so anyway February forth. Billy Bay February January, twenty, eight, twenty, nine and thirty as West Palm Beach, Improv Brian, you can catch that sounds comedy hole on Mailros all the time. Why one night's music there I want a time bomb hosting Sunday to thirty or no. No, I guess I'm not doing it is some of their he's. Looking for love join my twitter looking for love Joyce Twitter, we're gonna Australia, said Amelia, we're gonna sit and I like something out what we're doing something and sitting be nice. It was on my fucking: u Stream paid Brian, but it's not less
got some old shit on here: Ann Arbor, Michigan in Montreal, Canada's on old summary pearl link. Yesterday tickets, I read through the cool website, called Rudy Hill. That's the name of the place. It's in Australia. Have you gone Joe Rogan dot net? I believe it has more information or you'll have to use your brain and that ceiling they gotta get in Australia, because these you have see things. What happens? Is they book the you have sea like a couple of months, I like three months out and say: hey the if she's gonna be in Australia, and I immediately start looking for a wig The problem is, allow these battles venues. They book up with bands like six seven months in advance to take yes, was most of our taken. So this is the place, though, how to go to a kind of a little bit further out, but my friends and Sidney. I apologize The time they are we're. Gonna fly over and a fuckin apartment where teaching of the plane we're gonna, really dope a shit, our Quintus yeah, it's fuckin, bad attitude. Gaelic little apartment will make video
art flashlight, dirty bitches. If you go to jail, Rogan dot net, you can get fifteen percent off the first, like click the link and entering the code name broken and artists. I've used one, have you know you don't want one right. You scared the arms get as executive demand, just be shoot unload yachting all data like I don't need this and my life. It's way the beating off that's what they should say and quotes on by sway. Better than being it has worked, Does the other show? Thank you so much Burke, Christ, we're supposed to be here to Morrow, haven't talked whom you so hopefully we gotta talk spinal is travelling today, hopefully we got it all work. But check twitter and you'll know for sure. I love you, bitches I'll see
This is your music? What does not make fun of it's gonna? Get a song tat cause easier, but others are seismic commercial can withstand. Yes, you need to go to a doktor Van medical science. Ass. You re still still service spills men. You got a real problem among the other. One sided were made with your exit from the terrifying humanity as a representative of a worm, and you don T know about every job. Well how that aid needs honour, Steep Albert, that's too! That's why try back to night. He don't be a fancy. I won't go just eat. Popping rose vagueness circular measures, the Future Solander Myspace Bridge added answer really worthy of a fairly rovard each word: solitary Perker carpentry, now
and what has had sung the mainland. Can you make a song when your ex? What's Alan about it was kind of Goodwin? What was was it well, there's no animal on placing the dog is out I don't know, but it was good. It was fun Juno wish, as you know, is that's actually just remake of a song. Don't do that! You don't have rights right, but there was the other anyone's punching. The dog was about punishing me. Don't you think that's funny man yeah you dog these banks. This was because the sun was about
her dog, how she extra dogs from taxes. They don't want you. I won't punch you and I'm like you, you do so even a punch. You said, and I wrote the song of the little doktor have few didn't really like punch it or anything. I sometimes have the punch dogs of the trial by you punching punching riskier. Let the dog no bite me mother, Fucker, be repercussions the personal face. We get punch. Tibetans I got only this is acts or so by your hands off is pushing through but that one is good or should we not plant they wished are online there. All my stupid song, they now Mary and want to leave people disappointed like I was gonna hurt. You think it's better than it was going to be
now. Thinking that I missed anything good would reality is a shut off your Iphone shut up, disconnected from you streams, lesson or we're doing here. I need to waste your time. This is right. You grab raw unless it's ok, stop his words were shut up. Please Dublin Bay, along with Euro zone. This terrible amber like it now like a play. The genoa song nope, not that's, no cobbler unamended, actually regularly we're good. That's really gets it. That's rap! The show the grab me, sir. Thank you for being here services for their survival of eggs. There buddy file arch fear on Twitter as H, F, F, I are a r I as age. A f F, I are large fear,
and read Ban already Ba endocrine what you up to now? The committee would like eleven thousand eleven thousand people, listen to your stuff feel happy with them, and now you our money to beat that fucking slow What is the slats number twenty one thousand How many did she grow while she was with you commons is irresponsible of summer growth. Some later more popular think I generally guttered, for an different yeah different people with her animated, of her finger herself Oliver website how it wouldn't, how we're not outweigh this competition Roy. I waited and waited ever we're sitting will in this country, which you gotta do is tell them where I will start showing my dick, Did you tell the hay hacienda, show you how much back with ivy budgets
shut. The fuck up.
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