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Ocean, the general good experience it sexy to distinguish yeah. You know that was now she's. A robot is just think about some thirty, mentioning the I am your charity to work here could be nice me she's on us. Yes, she's, your teeth mouth, I don't mind a little space here and there I met you were right is the discoloration. I can use a month with gray, yet not even greater unity and have you have six different, colors, yeah or like bottle rot? the you did you stop sucker
These gentlemen Bobby Leah has joined us. Yes, finally, I mean your army even army, out there not mine man what their own, but they need of before we started with do business. We are sponsored by the flashlight. If you go to flesh dot com or, if you go to jail, Rogan dot net, there's a link for the flesh, like click on it and enter into code name Rogan year. Fifteen percent off means one as I had. I want the things as those beads in oblivion, beads avatar one. Now What does it look like a flashlight right, you stick the thing inside it right is the one that when I have that stuff these little Bingley streets, that? U turn on Sticker Bosnia? I need to get to know, but there's these needs are mine that you put it violence three bees and goes on the site. If you open it, lock the beads inside, but the real. Only last five minutes right and I take ten minutes to do it for the last five.
It is holding your Bernard. I know I have a horse system in the side. Have all these batteries and one or two years have to, and then you have to slides, and so the one on standby cleaning them is a half an hour thing. An hour wouldn't gonna person, and I know you're hot, we'll use high oil to clean them, not unaware of the Gulf nurse. Now I am I microwave oil for five seconds in they get warm you can't you too hot. I didn't want and scalded my surprise burns, but yeah you put the oil and right, and then you put the beads in it. If I read it still, it's so good. I have heard it is like is linked to an android in an area which is why a fantasy and then because the beads raft of energy solely five minutes. With his work as being young and brandy, you better put three of those that what are you up with a watch batteries, a little tiny ones in LA three you by forty bucks, poplar you're doing now. Where do you get this?
beat I've, never even heard of the online that open that. I bet you of those beats lots, know J linked affected. The jury not talk about a competitor. Does it see now got no each? those are my mind. I have three slots here: oh I see years is designed for its self again is a flashlight lie, but it's a different level. You stick in there. Maybe you're gonna vibrator model or something are vibrant. Yes, you have the vibrator models. Remember seeing that I have that one, that is to say it looks exactly a very being. Others is a controversial thing that I do a whole series of adult bit about it, I'm I'm on stage, but this really is controversy. Why? Because people too didn't want me getting sponsored by a fake vagina. Somehow another like every replicate, is it really take ten minutes to come yeah because that now, when you have regular sex as they take it ten minutes. No, takes longer lets you something I want to go Are you sure, I'm being very specifically my point? The thing is that I need the interview. Uk. You know the interview
the interview with the growth of around where its away you follow you MA. Am I some Ohio yeah? You know how many honest point of view does not that much is my second tat. My first randy That's a little fear. Who s right and it took it up. You know that time when the person timers when the penis goes into vagina. I have to look at their eyes in they realize they have to question their decision Are you get excited? You know how like, when the peace within the ethical you associated with any past sexual experience? What will you see the look in the girls I like what the fuck is bodily doing inside you get excited like tricked again Josie? Yes, yes, I think that I and my penis in it's not even an ethnic thing, but my penises abnormally small. I care because you're me unwrap like out myself, it's too small farm. No, yes, tickets, that thicker than that
but the thing is that an girls they like bubbly personnel, the American Dream, Weaver environment- and you know we in europe- you guys, like you, ain't, nobody, I ate tickle, I guess you're right, I got you bring a party Yale When all is said, this parties fuckin your mouth, you like hey yet and in it when I'm with a girl. I look in their eyes at I've, never had the sensation of like them, going you mean like its today yeah, I mean I'm a random. I had the same problem. Then somebody debt started doing was getting got us tramp on yet this crazy thing that covers his dick his dick was gone, and then this like big faked, it could go over his dick. We were talking about a reliable what's up like. Why are you? What are you? What are you doing that for those costs? Just once I want to see a girl like a hard time taking yeah. They can always take it so easy. I never hurting them. Since. Are you really big an angel? No, I don't do that easy eating. Would be the exact that most
even with your small, Dick wouldn't like because me it for me a site. I want them to have pleasure to some girl. I like it. I know girl likes a whit better than regular sex. She just wants in all the time young girls and their called broken the ones that also light your house on. When I was at this, I also negatively to annul- and you don't have a condom on that- that that the poop goes into my Has anyone, and only then to my life? We talked about a terrible scene. Do we talk about them in the past that the naughty shows I ever did it with eager snakes are actually call your ETA when you shut up or to put it all, but a piss drain off access. We will come
I don't know, I don't need them in my life is try. Restarting assistance has been so does this. All time can t you see, I ve never had a poor snake, be honest, never groups now that now the worse, who little girls sexual a long time ago, backgrounds, twenty one. I lost my boner because those banger Dagestan us are pooper honor, but all realise that shit like that, and then I started smelling it because the flank of the Saxon, Sweat, Yale, wet nap. You ever do that my but yeah. I went not my bought me a baby s idea. That's the sumac lush! Those adds that you write cannot flourish. Those
yet you gotta wipe yourself first and then you gotta get the baby, wives and any other throw the baby wipes away, which is Congress. Can I get a first because, like while you, if you live in an apartment, go flush away? If you live in a house of venturing, they're gonna clogged up again, I have to have a group, a dude come into back our fine, this pipe stuff sharing aren't using temporary I've, always made no broom abuse flush about making alliances that flexible ones. That rate they don't that's the thing they pretend I don't really they become like Goo, they don't dissolve like toilet paper and they get tied up on things like. If you have in my area. We have issues with cuz we're kind of rural. We have issues with the trees growing in your pipes, You know it's an issue like will someday trees out here. The trees were like growth through like a crack and pipe and one of em. They became like a goddamn tree. Men are posted pictures of it on twitter so ridiculous now being fuckin believes that I was my cocktails clogged, I gotta figure
what's going on with that site, how these plumbers come out. They pulled a fucking, eight foot tree out of me my toil, oh, my god. Maybe not aid for having was at least five feet like five. It was like a long it was like, it was like you look like a mobile. She looked like a mob it like a swamp like some sort of an animal like a like somebody, flushed a some some would rat. But we are you been worried that if they opened the pipe this up with what now? What can you say? It's my children's nomes mine fucking owner holds onto the bar. That's supposed to be the diaper website. Devlin, don't flash. Is there really thicken rose? I mean, of course, but strong did. They would not break up definitely, but the flexible baby, wives, US bitches, not beggar, beat the guy told me now they say they break up. People say because I pull them out of people's pipes all the time dig a hole, but it was really the issue. More or less was that there was a vinegary locking part of the area
as bad as the one that was in the toilet. The one that was in the toy was fuckin ridiculous. I find in our report that shit on Twitter, because it's just so silly it doesn't make sense it's so silly. It's really didn't look real. I couldn't believe it. That was after I moved Colorado's. I left the house for a couple months and nobody was nobody was flushing This wish I didn't like masturbating lasted longer for me because it to me it's like. I certainly have to focus on slowing it down. Why not just done? Why would he do their fellow now? That's with sex and everything I just I just with last relational guy. Isn't that ledges trying to get it over with you, to enjoy a you know. Really I mean it feels good when you're doing right. So why not have a go for like ten minutes yet the other day I was in, I wasn't when I was in New York. I try to masturbate, you know to deport on the internet. I couldn't finnish right so then, like I asked for one hour, I finished half hard and joy.
Because it's like it didn't you didn't get. My orgasm was like fifty percent in Armenia and sat there. Would like you my hand like, with this marshmallow my hand here, to see her naked sweating you're going, I failed at that. We finish off are due failure Bobby we're talking about how we stay hotels. We hate when the maid comes down common Moreau. Don't ever come to my room and I didn't tell you did, but I did Spiderman at the last hotel whereat and hit. Must they hit the lamp because it sword smoking what're, you talking about the room. These Spiderman hotel, Wherethrough Brian people listening where we ve talked about. So I don't know why no one was his every. I don't know what the fuck you say, and I imagine today as other people in a massive ass. I tell you I have this. I just among like fuck this I'm in this hotel and I just like throw the sperm at the warlike Spiderman arrived thrown across the room and it still connect your wrist. No, no. It doesn't make its way through the room now found it now, but it does
I did so disrespectful because some poor mexican Liddy ethically, that's so, did I am so mad. It's a real clear. They clearly its rise and in flakes and economic area alone. What is it really? I've missed? You know that you think it's either mucus or your mean or a load and unload lying. I can't even see where it goes and what once I had a picture frame- and I was like I better clean, so disrespectful wants, you had a picture and I got a picture on the well. I can download at issues masturbate untried, enjoy yourself when I masturbated for maintenance, Skinner with dial joy and then moving on better a town shall definitely Taos the problem with was getting into masturbating as any like. I already had the joke about like having a bunch of windows open trying to figure out what to do
jerk off to you can give weird and obsessed eating. It cannot get caught up in it. There's some due to you know they get so cut up. Important becomes like a legit addiction where, like they'll, have a conversation when someone- and I just can't wait to get a good way, their computer, real, quick and just look at the outer porn videos. I have to do that. The pay for my partner, Brill I can't do, grainy it has to be high death, got to be other sea. The principles you the last guy Glasgow buying poorly. I really am. I need to talk about a business that just got got it. I know I mean that used to be a multi millionaire business mean there's some billion dollar business, rather with so many people in my neighborhood that were the porn producers and we drive four hours live in a good life about looking. Wild Ass rebel, just filming fucking and making a billion dollars yeah it's crazy I know it's kind of a weird thing and I'll: do you be like a curiosity in the community? You know I got all these mommies would look at them that the poor guy, that's where the porn guy likes the porn
now those guys, I'm making shit. That's done dance on see if you're lucky you can get by now and if you're lucky you get Charlie Sheen. Looking at this hookers, these workers can't stop talking about troezene they're, doing interviews. I heard someone on sternest morning there's the fuckin good morning. America interviewed one of the girls of fluctuation way
to go good morning, America, you whores, congratulations! You are now US magazine and he allows you in his. How gives you are we cocaine core you get to watch, you know, movies are having come out on a limb and let you wanna watch regret that's out and the theatres lie. Have it right that don't gotta watch avatar to us? They ve made that they get arming and then they disrespect to him by writing about horse yeah they're. Not as friends could you imagine that was your friend have Ado came over your house for about sexist dude came over house and have we all watched, Fuckin TV, Bobby's house, he got nutty due to express our russian and also do is on the radio on Monday and he's telling the whole story about what he did hanging out. Your house meagre crazy boy stood up. My flock is this guy you like that. I will never hang out of my house again yeah this idiot you manage Hampshire. Can you imagine being that little kid from two and a half men? How much tail Charlie Thirds is way get this daughter this girl to twelve, and also that in these old now, and also that kid is so mad, probably because the shocking to cancel our they could all lose, lose millions and try to say all sorts of shit like ours, Appendix burger hernia, while they all are its biggest show on television and by the way, this is only helping it yeah,
people are not going to stop. Charlie gene is a fuckin for whatever reason man he's gone, father. Then right, Charlie Sidney going nowhere yeah, he could do Coke all day. Piggy bank hookers he could threaten his wife with a knife. It doesn't matter. I ask smiling on camera on Monday, I like how to allay. Please hold even do any like investigations to these alleged cocaine, briefcase charges of linguistic. If someone has a briefcase of Lamb e mail, you should find no, no, no, no! No! That was LEO. They would first of all the first volume sauce. It's all here say: ok, you can't take this hookers word for it: ok or porn star. However, saying there's that in its second? What would you do? You're gonna question him about whether or not he had cocaine for real and he's gonna, say no and then say where's your evidence. Where's this from an evidence is just some girl talker mountain unless they grow one. So I go in and talk to the government and what is she now? She knows. A guy came over cocaine. You were doing cocaine. You are doing something illegal too Sworder. Does Charlie paid a fuck yeah
prostitution to call my lawyer come on Mount. He team, as he has his awesome article on yesterday, were like Charlie, Sheen's, old friend or palaces, or something like that used to hang in his life and get in a lot of trouble with them, and indeed I kind of disappeared for a few years. Will lately and hang out with this guy again, so they took up. They found in the other data not always been hanging over. The atrocities been hanging out with this guy again recently, and so they found yesterday like walking on the streets and we're sunset or some, and He had an enjoy coke shirt on now, like ha interests. Take on what is a testimony. What a great actor tradition is because point just listen to me. Listen to my theory. Ok, when you act, you have some so mattress get acting coaches white they get. The script rightly memorize our lives lies, wrote table resources, due to shows up here I mean just after the tonight bender right once you ve been on a sick comfort that long it becomes very easily
yeah radio. The last couple seasons with Super easy means: radio. We work in three days a week or so easy and you know and we would get like scrapped and then we fuck around with it for a couple of days and annually with international on election. And no one white guys worked hard and you guys had like weird guidance man. Yet we headline Mexicans watch those dude that were running at man. The lawyer odd tastes, knowledge. It was the weird shall have hosted at once, and that's one of the times and before that, the rare, I hope that's buying, town and I hope that it wants in our member like to talk to them about my like they wanted me to do a monologue. You know some like. I will talk about this. Not talk about that. You know that was just. There was a real awkward also affected. These guys get to be run in some sort of a sketch show knows the weirdest sketch, however Natalie It's like no one. There was no like idea. Let people could just walk in ITALY, What's with you, I just had people like walking go here like in my hallway, when my dressing room was up, who you
no one can the show. How are you back here, how they get back you know those like nice accurately. I dont know no wonder you're, no man ever better. I never meant to create our own security. No, it was on Highland Santa Monica. You know that once this seemingly actors yea, it was weird weird like a regular show, yeah and then we would have been to what sometimes like Jackie candidate What are you doing here up your legitimate government that Euro international superstar, went on for ever to yeah, I behaved like a fucking asshole too then I pooped in I pooped in London Brows for the floor, yeah, no matter where we met her because she does they deceive you really yonder. You do not she passed away, and I know I knew her from back in Boston. When I was on a comedy. She saved my life railing area, a lovely
should honour floor cause you know, but I think it was. It was as a joke in there to run actors writing in their right. I can Nicole Parker were writing an echo. Stick, this Tom's in your asshole just for terms Ok, I stuck into my bundle, let my bundle sort of farming people started laughing like really loud, and then I shot the term. Out of my body and in a piece of poor, came about after that right, it was a huge lab in the law and for more Europe Fox and she sees a Tom's farming and, if you of on the floor- and I had to clean it up, european road use it, because when no one watches and what we had free range to act just as crazy as Why was it so bad? But what was It is because there is no real boss right. And also what happened was Fox didn't own. It Warner. Brothers did right and it's all one of others and care about it. Right Fox,
about it right and we just and no one watched it and our own how it stayed on every year there go yeah, you're gonna come back. I really innovative you and I used to have these conversations the back of the unity of what to do. I gotta know what to do mean are given me x, amount of dollars a week in a steady job at fucking spoken terrible, terrible. You fuckin hated it all. I hated it. I mean if Ireland, when you show up no one's there, you have this look in your face. Man. Sometimes you know this looking you Will you just like you didn't know what to do cried a lot. You fuckin hide a fright. What on earth so at five in the morning mean when each word for word Ivan long haul you showing up there's no one there, no one and then five forty people start showing What did you call me? The who runs this thing bright euro call times are always brutal. I hate I when they get you in early June, lies lie there liars, you're making factual. But five, then you should aid and a night right now remain bright. Well, first of all, because comedians irresponsible, you have to take that
you are. I attic Ryanair important start wrote Joe ideas, most irresponsible personal fuckin life yard armies fairly responsible, but even handed Christmas, pretty not another telling unfold. They they get the suit me one of the actors. Try to sue me really shows it was the first day at work right. She finally gets on a sketch out right and she later became she like she's on Madman issues on the cover of playboy, but when she was unable to miss Cristel Flanagan Hollow look out for a play by potential. When I die with Syria and see our I asked he ate one of my best friends in the whole world. She is yet yes, yes, lastly landing and F, and you can you have every right to six? Why you Nicosia? You know you you're friends with somebody provider floor some it soon, but None Lebanon was research using playboy. Nobody up a flanagan didn't know me hurt your first year work five in the morning. She shows up and we had rehearsals in the actors Reversal Hall and she sitting on the I had no idea who she was. She was eating, yogurt. Ok,
so I was so early on delirious had like thirty minutes asleep. I walked up to regard the back of her following your mouth over right, she's, crying Joseph started, crying right so the wrong Petersen who uniform Petersen it right now, the guy that were not when the tide. So why you don't love thing? I don't know how you know what we'll controversy, but I know what are ya know there is not talking about with a magic get round. Petersen is the guy Laws, pretty around he murdered or mouth, be your confident man when they discover that foreigners pretty girls phase is finding your mouth, so there one Petersen physically attacked me, might work done on the shelf. The draw you farther banal after that big start right right right, so you forwarded in her mouth and
with yogurt. Ok using the young is eating you come by far in her mouth. When you grab your butt touch her face. No, I had my genes on right. You have let you knowledge of how powerful they go through two layers of underwear. I am not well a strong one day. I like that you're a man without a push single inimical freckles the genes at come in contact with their skin. Yes, really with her lips. Oh my writing with minor mama she's, crying to check it out, and so no who attacks you to run Petersen attacks me right. Run Petersen. He like he's a canadian comedian. After comes after you, yeah and raw MIKE Mcdonough puts them in a headlong puts us Petersen here, because punching you get is physically attacking people. Do that to me all that These were physically assault on just one of those guys and there you know so. Then, two days later- and you know my Iter Abbe write em it with a sit there in front of like the Med tv lawyers, and there was a
offered moment, wife, the dominant tat. They go explain to me what happened rising psycho. I should work again and, unlike he described lower gashes in your garden, she opened a mile away. I found it in her face in her mouth, There was a fifteenth and attacking awkward pause. Your mean where people like writing things down, remain in it and then what A guy says the right signal you mean any showed up so nice. Deal where I bought. I bought a five refinement. Monarchist certificate to Brook Williams gave a talk like that in the next couple days and I wrote her into like a popular sketches, I did everything to find became very different
My mouth make it best by wow man. You know it's unfortunate thing. When people try to fuck around on satin just have fun. You never know right before you do something, sometimes, if it's too far, but she's Sonia had a really funny point once we're Patrice Talking about I miss about when I'm has got trouble for saying something about a black people, member that unhappy haired idea, and he said that you can't you can't No one knows exactly what the fuck they're going to say before they say things like that, and sometimes sometimes you say things are across the line, but things like that. But that's where all funny comes from MRS read hit. It still come from the same place. It's just trying to get a laugh totally right. That's what it is. It's it's like people that are in
how many business man didn't really understand that in order to be really funny you do, you can't really have very many boundaries, and you know what we're further from the like in only store that literally organised, so any pictures you naked do guy, I pictures you talked at ending in the middle of the ultimate there. I've been raped there. I've been all kinds of things have happened, growing up in the series of pictures of you with your pants down at the communist or from over the years where about most of them most of em. He has his dick tucked in between his legs and his legs pins together, and your shirt is off the hook and I'll be on a sunday till I always to, but and then you show up at a corporate workplace night like a network, shall and you bring that into there and then right now, the Nano yeah when we were on news radio. There was a lot of chaos for awhile because they would let us drink on the set would be done with the show and we would get fucking hammer.
So having no one knows this is either because I never took shall Adonis were blinded on somebody We had a ban that was at around and arson or on a stage together. Man was some like very heavy metal band. So it's perfect like to blame it on them. And dumb they they were seen with us. Can one say anthrax was abandoned. They were right, one do that shaved head so and we were all hang around. It was me and Andy Foley. Or turn AEGIS, fuckin smash, smash and then were hungry and war goes again. The craft service, Rome MIKE again there was a vulgar tied one though the door, a kick the doors smash. Your frame lament the fact that no one can get kicked open the door inside we fuck and child dies the fridge, and then there were so pissed the next day. They blame it on a ban were alike
That's fucked up! Gonna! Stop drinking on the set because of it Andy would get the inadequate because of it characters smashed and inadequate Brinish eighty fuckin characters over Missus restrained smells coming to this fuckin dressing. Room of such a fund fund set man The thing is you: you don't get real good comedy unless you get the type of people that don't have that many boundaries Yamba there, then we'll go out there pull the fucking pants down all my friends that are comics, it pull their pants down, they did they do stupid shit. There either did I say I dare you to go. Do this, like they probably gonna. Do it's funny yeah air and I have seen like nine ten comets penises over the last week, Chris, Galileo Pollys I've seen polishers penis, I'm leaving eight hundred thirty two time over a lifetime government- and it's just- I didn't ask recruited- that he and his look like our magical, peanuts away is very large,
ok anyway, but there are people, don't allow magical white with naturally gives its pretty large to us. No, I don't think it is not possible Who has a big dick yet impossible? Really, I think so why don't they hispanic we'll talk, The spanish zone of little ducks it's mine, company tax, Mexicans, you blowin, none election employing two months ago, we were talking about having penises out another ones, but then at the black big penis people do not like be their little wooden black like Irish. Well, irish people was small businesses that have awake peanuts. Irish cursing, the only difference between a mexican guy in asian guy except culturally, but physical and talk about is the eyes what yeah the eyes you you If you take a messenger, you can really high ranking from open our but they're they're more, while the our Asian, really because what what american Indians are, its people, the came down from the bearing straight that's right. What some people
but for measuring that mankind started an American, they went the other way. Well, you know that's also possible get on with human rights Ben around so long. They ve made a bunch of recent discoveries that way way way. Pushed back did the day, of civilization, acting we're Talkin mothers in the pact has recently about Crete. It's an island forty miles away from the shore in it's been that way for over five million years. Why found these stone tools that may be as old as seven hundred thousand years old. There one hundred thousand years, or so they know two thousand years, your duty or getting on boats and travelling forty miles. I mean that make sure yeah. A lot of shit. We don't know about people, man, men share, we don't know about people, but as far as like what we do, was that the people were in Asia are the same people that were North American India in North. Organ Indians got fought by Spaniards. They created Mexicans. That's what it is. That's why some Mexicans look like Indians. They look like you do is make a fuss.
Headdresses he'd be sitting Bore, you know. Who else people to understand is that you know japanese and korean, which I'm korean right. We have Kok has strengthened our dna because there were four Mongolia right and is so close to shall write that it mixed a little bit short european. So we have that enormous, I'm kind of white we'll Russia there's a lot of parts of Russia Siberia, especially where the people are very asian, Illegal York, yeah. Thirty of them weird, you know, sort of annual look to them, yeah, now really interesting yards a trip man, It's a trip when used with really a trip about Asians, something that the real trip is the stereotyped that they look exactly the same and they dont, of course, of exactly the same, and I tell you that but it is kind of weird that you have an entire group of people with narrow eyes in the same color, skin and black hair. I mean there's like zero variation right there
crazy, but was a billion people like that YO a billion plus, really mean that's really amazing. When you look at the very minute amount of variation is opposed to european countries and even african country. To somebody. Ok, is that ok, I ran into you and Eddy once at the Sherman Oaks Galleria, you guys working out at the at the gym, their UK, and I was maybe a hundred feet away from you. And there was probably twenty other agents in my area right and you from a hundred go Bobby and I turned around right like that, like hey Bobby you yelp, like a hundred yards I'd like you to know, I wasn't in the Jimmy was outside the gym right outside the Jim, and so you recognize, from a hundred yards away. What amongst asian somebody, dont look alike will be I know who you are, because we are afraid that we, like my eyes, are good. I understand that when you know what I'm saying is that we do have differences, you have variations in the scene theme the same seemed to be the same
skin color ya, like this, not racist. You know, there's a bunch of people right now. This is not getting is dedicated to the people that we will start fucking complaining either on a message board or on twitter near that she should but Asians, that's all racist. Now, it's just observation. I don't wanna racist. We did not do so that the consumer to me it's a fascinating thing. It's not it's nothing negative about it, you know, but what what's fascinating is that, especially in China and Japan, there are a gigantic group of people that look very, very similar or end. There's not like a lot of black influence on about a european influential and the fact that they were able to stay so pure for so long is really quite shocking when you, the history of the human race, the human race been around for hundreds and hundreds of thousands of years that they ve been so concentrated in this area that it's been you know, agents reading with Asians yeah, most almost exclusively What do you think? That's the reason why I believe one agent got him on the girl. In my whole, life is a guy and grow Patty already
the guy fertile girl guy, ok, girl, somebody once you're the power injure. Well, you are in based one when they went yes, yes, hot right who should pay I was in the bed with her right, yeah, it's dark and your eyes get adjusted to delight learned the darkness, rice or child no urgency yourself. I saw the guy from heroes. I I thought a lady fawn goes out of me. I thought my uncle Hon, I saw Kim Jong IL. I saw everybody Cuba right after that. I said I can't do it anymore. Blount said yes to the girls, and I are always either six foot. Who blonde scandinavian looking ones or like you're, not skinny tall Mexicans that our european, but it cannot be
Why am I knew a girl who is chinese? She added the thing with her dad and just asian guys, maybe three up what you shouldn't even imagine so so Siam poor kid beyond the life of yours so excludes one group, just fuckin, whoever was a representative that one group fucked up so hard yeah, but that's your asian parents are really the worst really they are the worst because they come to his country and they just assume the Durban have their children here and they're going gonna. Be actors and lawyers, I mean that flat out. Does it three auctions right? If you can, with sees you're getting a beat, I got beat so harbour were just be because I gotta see our former. Now. How do you feel parents feel now that you're? U real success was a comedian today, except I know, but when they first did started, doing stand up and talk to me for years well. Well, yeah I mean I would send a report is a good idea. The thanks, dad, ok, bye, that's it yeah
well, but I understand culturally, what that's about right and then, when they saw me under tonight, show Leno like twelve years ago. I did a right. That was the first moment where they went toward really forgot so my get me emotionally and analysing the guy cry before and he started crying on. The phone goes. I should be supported but I never thought you could make it. You don't need. Why demand that's heavy may and I was like the bond today the day. You know me over the day made a mistake that the whole time like me getting back written school me get kicked out of school in Armenia. Now the behavioral problems? You led the Canadians and advertising of community and they got three days and virgin studied the time. Maybe get a lot of options day. They didn't schooling, getting my letters, programme, problem
that's. Why can't I just wanna lousy now it is the reason why that guy to some we shot up bridging attack. Because reappearance with super no suppresses parents. Ok always saw the kid talking imaginary people in the park in unlike at the park, right right now normal pair would go. Tat. Is a mistake. Wrong. When I see the kid what's, gonna could scrape and school they just go. You know what you're getting a great right. They never addressed the problem that he's fucking crazy right right. Like my parents, you know I got a great, but how was it good guy like if I saw homeless guy european, I would give a dime or whatever I had in my pocket european. I was now evil person, you're Miata, good heart Ryan, but did it in knowledge that part of me anymore knowledge is, that is getting good great. What causes gonna go to write so as soon as
the guy shot at the school. The cream community harboured. Ok, this kid that the appearance of the kid that's why you can't find an interview online with the parents like what the fuck happened right, the Koreans harboured the parents she couldn't get the media can get to him. Then they shipped him to Korea the ship, the parents who create the Koreans, deliver anymore. They live in Korea, hiding in I mean it postponed or something. Village, it's kind of a fast anything that when someone does something fucked up, you never blame who made them in our my dog goes bites. People like also knew ass. All you know you didn't what you do. Your dog wiser dogs will mean what Alchemy dog was contained in your yard yeah, but if contain in your yard, fuckin shoots people and shoots up a school. Nobody like pulls Usanga, hey what the fuck, going on when this one was being made. Yeah I mean you did such Effie downwards. Parent still out defend themselves and you can't defend that shit. You can, but you can't rather but to say that someone can just be broken.
Who's, she said, you can't have normal people, and this kid's is gonna Fuckin wild, screw Lou Superior and there's nothing. You can do about it. What can I say something show, and I disagree with you on this point. Ok because I met your daughter's range is well adjusted, beautiful, kids right, I guarantee you they're, not gonna, eat somebody yeah yeah yeah. They were not equally well. That's a poor example cassettes just a few that worked out. Well, we're not talking about the average person we're talking of theirs the thing about dollars, prove example being apparently he's using abused in our but his parents toward together they weren't you what's that doesn't mean anything and the father at? he would sobbed Dahmer with a dog. I brought home a dead animal right brought into my dad right. Look daddy. I found the cat, right, but he beat the shit out of me till I could no longer even move really, and I ever brought home dead cat anymore. Did you make you eat it right Ok, but this is. This is a guy that was killing a bunch of things when he was really young, where I'm yeah, but with that that from one
he's like one of the few cases that from one read on line, maybe know more about the case? Ninety four! What from when I read a more on line, is no evidence and user molested never honey stories about it, as parents receiving normal yeah, maybe right, maybe you're right. But I got on Armenia, but I think a lot about how to do it up, nurture yeah yeah, a lot of it does, but maybe not all of it mean. Look if One can be completely psychotic. Like TAT Virginia text, router many other Cyril chose me. Who knows be a variety of things that can go wrong. My not just be nurture might also be nature that might be possible, but there I mean you: can you have to admit that there is a mental deficiency right sure something going on here and there are medications out there right down other medications. I give you a soul, You know, I'm sorry! I have some people that are sociopaths and they literally they have no feeling for other people all they think about As we know, a bunch of we know a few comics that are sociopaths Vietnam and see as a clear Sophia, I don't know,
question yeah. You know there's this disconnect between. You know these people and reality for whatever reason and almost all of them, with some sort of sexual abuse with our young, the almost all of them. What you tell me men see, I guess it came out in a different way. That was what you're saying yermil. Instead like slaughtering available, you can come out or bunch of different ways. Come on drug addiction can come out in prostitution, girls who do porn. You know all the life you, but you know my view. I can see a euro that you know. I see aside to him that no one like you guys don't, The problem is not at all you want because they have not yet used to smother, yeah. I know you know, I'm only belong to Europe. So I don't see what you're losing your neighbour that we know when well was Dahmer like WWW, nice guy YO, said high and yet knows maybe I am than every kind to me. Maybe I can ever your neighbor rare name, it doesn't get it
but no one knew that evil is evil to everybody. I mean fuckin, maybe again had a nice cat. It will require a fuck like I do it again here what you just incense, that, like your inspiring these acute huge movies like sounds the lambs and yeah. That's it. Fuckin scary thing, as he was doing it back when there is no other examples of a thousand. What he's crazy she doing now this guy learning about it no visa. Now he was making close out a people right now, I think tat. I think a baking she's right is worse with a million they found lampshade from world war to their men and that the Nazis made at a Jews those. If someone recently was preserved, come here.
That surrenders knows gonna buy that. How could you gotta get out your little sick or some people do they make I clothing to, and I, like everything, you're just lampshade think did they do brawl? I think they just fuckin slaughtered people did whatever they wanted to them. We don't have a sort of his love, you ever say to browser familiar. In your house like a room devoted conjunction like like picnic newspaper articles over Will law goes a little private investigator hello to examine. Why am I mean? Do you know him? Do you mean? Why would I know him because he seemed like you'd, be your enemy right now. If I was you lie because it seems like he's in everything right now. Do you feel some kind of I don't know anything about the dude Ryan as brain damage and when I was a young man, he was asleep. She lived Alzheimer's and for years now has to be harmonised. Dioxide was blown on his head down. I cannot by this brain damage on the deal. Ok, when I was born I saw all the shows that you saw bright right because we
I was lived in America and TV. I listened to the Beatles. You know I mean I smelled high with my friends on a hammock. You did your parents come here in the late sixties, right and what's Chris but my parents- they didn't mean inquiry. They met here. Why, where they met in a disco and thereby super korean? super decree and by you hurry traditionalists, I'm not a now. So you grew up in San Diego area. Now, that's where I met Bobby where, but my father is a door. Man do a doormat, a doormat erratic. Ninety seven, ninety six, maybe I've yogi earlier, maybe earlier it was. I just moved Ella, had only been here a little while I was doing a weakened, the laborious commie store and it was me and Jimmy Shoe hurt and I think the idea being. That is the other two thanks, I wasn't looking if we re, as was done Seattle at the time, and we went to a stroke club in San Diego nurses, masking gang barriers that we're like the real deal like tat to tears. In their face and and this one dude was he had these raising murder, eyes and
You know and Jimmy Shubert was like I don't know what happened to me was trying to get a dance from one of the girlfriends or something or said something with her girlfriends, and so the guy got up and he got Jimmy Schubert's Face and Timmy. She was trying to apologize and Bobby Lee. Just got all crazy. Like fuck these Fucking Pussies Bobby Lee, like these guys eat shit. These guys opposes any was saying like allowed the guys we're looking at us, and I just got up- and I said I'm leaving right now, where we come with me to go with me, I'm leaving right now like I knew we were like moments away from someone get shot. Really I don't know it better. So I dont have a sweet smarts. Oh, my god, talk about negative streets. Want these two TED Tattoos there's certain duties. Will you look at a meeting on these guys opposers these guys, we're murderers, look, there's no question about it yet shock and we're fifteen minutes away from tee o ANA. Okay- and this is this- is the old days when it wasn't even harder go back and forth back in the nineties. I needed a driver's license Italian needed. You didn't have to have a passport to go to Mexico or come back and forth. Deeds were coming back.
All the time I can't drivers and even taken just drive back and forth cameras is so it is so that we do a lot of crime and dangerous crime like you would run into pockets of of like extreme, danger and that's all we were involved in a pocket of extreme major and his body and fuck. You guys get each it. But because it was pussies saying loud and of your drunk at the time. United none will you sober yeah? I was twenty. I was too Three. Ok! I just left my the hum, Tom. Power was worm through. Power yeah, it's called the how I guess it's outsize India, it's like Easter, thirty, twenty five minutes, east of light, downtown, saint right and I dont know much. Ok, just do it started and stand up. I wanted press you because you mean you're a headline or, and I've never met headliners gentlemen, that he's a headliners I'm willing to act of European, and I came across looking for
ass. He was, and I came across the threat that you put us into you'd, put us in a guy apologized over the last year lighting a funny story. I still love you a funny story, but I just remember like this little motherfuckers gonna get me killed. Yeah, I remember vividly the go. You shoot he was so incredulous. Even out we're waiting to get the car, I guess will react and I can't I don't always wrong- are yeah. My this I've seen murderers before of Madame yeah Netherton, there's a certain tweak in a person's Ireland have already killed. Somebody sounds like nonsense. Churchill I was just in South Africa. I did some shows that there are three o clock in the afternoon. I will. My hotel room and all of us and upon the floor Y yeah I got. Why am I on the right and these two black eyes from Southern Africa were robbing me? Woe and I end, and I dont know
We support your made. Like people went, what would they hit you something or they throw your not? I walked out, and I just could. I saw these two guys gonna following me. Right like I, don't have that instinct right, I'm in The next thing I know they throw me out of the ground. These two huge blocked it right and then I might This is in the dirt and they take my blackberry and add some cash in the other pocket driver. They ran off and then in bag in back in bag, and I looked for two hours for them, what I do. I not nothing. Why would you look for it? I was gonna buy my blackberry offer them, that's good. Like those of their real you're mine, shrunken it's worth money for your money, our money, that's the atomic something whatever the hell you this happen in the thing is, I just don't have any street smart while you, don't have the instant group in the suburbs. While It's not just not haven't streets Mars. That's like that's, like you, ve thought this out and even bag was down with this plan. What's his problem here
Canada. I think me barbecues, Canadian, either in the same apartment you ve, Canadian, that's pretty! yeah yeah. That's it that's the same kind of thing that Africa's very tricky. Isn't it's crazy? How long we therefore a month and a half wow We do know from my danish added bunches shows in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape town. That's crazy was crazy well, but it would economists, home and politics If you give them in Vienna, parliaments is ours. May I gave up right now we would Pablo Arnie items while ok, I saw a photo with you and only on line somewhere. That was it. So what was the experience? I go a global. Firstly, what are the audience like their Africans now? This is what blacks. It's amazing, dear, do not wear in them into the best audiences. I've ever plain. Really you rush, you absolutely crush brown
because comedies only like ten years old, there were right and they get all you turn the tv you see to enact men Ali shows did they get from the man. They can do themselves know they have a couple of designing Trevor, no well who's a huge star out there really yeah he's a black eye is huge, and there's another gunning, Loiseau rights, its new. So like not any of these, if you're, and up in so that we get add campaigns, Verizon in Trevor, no damage huge Allister's, it's a market dude. Freedom is now playing out there who kept on. Like everyone's going out there now really yeah, really just ass. You would is plenty please. I don't get to go to America back to Houston. I've been Chicago used, and I gonna fuck in Africa and the other. What I'm saying is that, if it is They don't know me. You remain, and still coming out right right, they probably got man. Tv did not it. I know now they know who the fuck. I am. I open brown. Really.
I met had already in all these guys go? Oh no horny is no, but the thing is that the produce so. The show relied cause Asians, our third class citizen well, we're like we're like the blacks of South Africa Raw, so tied up, You're, like writing the back of the possible light, but up until tenant ten years ago, really yeah did a backup boss for Asia Night back of guy did just there were not within what were unable to vote right. Fifteen years ago yeah, so they view me as I, like your men like Scotland, which is raising it is absolutely and found the boy you're me down so excited. So why would First, you I could feel every shouted people going you don't like. Just I just know: Bang Bang and our men brought yet so you could feel that they were like judging you not judging me, but there was a feeling of like work of an opposition right, real yeah how's that are judging you maybe. But the thing is, I know as soon as that opened my mouth. I just said the first couple jobs I hadn't
I saw you, I mean just rush, why ITALY, because a never really seen Asians that have an american accent done. It doesn't have an accent right right, so that in itself is shocking to them and be me just talk, like an American, which I am and then meet see being funny, you remained shocked him to remain so it's crazy so you were there for a month and a half year I may I will show you got a lot brow. I did like thirty five holy shit. Thirty, two thirty four who book that Desert Festival out every year. You should its thirty nine and forty five. I can't do it. I don't want to go in for any place. I don't even like going places for four days. Three days and done in and out, but for me it was dislike yoke. Is I just never been there and also you know that was there was a slow time, then, while thirty five
days in Africa under they pay you and gold coins and shrunken heads was the AIDS good? No, the worry about my area whereby the money was gripped. Do you get your story got malaria. Yet do it like it, like being he did it really Odin Judith. Like me, anywhere else kind. I ll give you in Cape Town, it's I'd, others ache in Africa job in a year Macleod. The store Starbucks. You there now there's another thing: how does this only differences? They rob you everywhere during the day. They have no people get while the one of the producers of the shell set out on the freeway during the day, and some blockages walked up to the door is don't her door and said I want the car she's gotta given car were did you pass on Africa? Please your lot of flies like like, oh no dude! Why would you tell me to go to a place where you robbed autumn? What's so great about because I'm just saying, though, because I just think that you're, a great comedian stand up your men, and I just think that,
dead! There's, no one like you that ever played there and that you could clean up. And I want to hang onto the outward man we're just words over here they're hanging over our love them time- love ere! You call this cell phone, that's has been voicemail people a peep out loud that a lot and we we we went Gaga on them when they first came out of the park, but that's how I know about them because of because of us on that, big there and also for so you found out about the way before nobody here and also the guys. They do in the way they look. That's what, don't lie to lead the way people look. I know what how popular as De Edward in South Africa as it was yeah but you gotta were like a hip. Hop stood, have hip, hop, store, Jeremy, unbranded, there's a poster or whatever you remain at you know, and that they have radio stations that play just regular music? It's a no place. You desire intense interest. It just knew in civilization, is new. Were german.
Joe Eyes is no that's what scary about it. Man and its borders so much wild ship. But that's if you that's how Russell Peters hit if his first theatre show in South Africa and that's how he The momentum, your sword over rustles, just first of all, we know is it huge following the asian community. Yeah, Chileans, Asians, yeah, there's so habited. There's another comic like a comical out there and he asked about massive drove tourism- the community so strong here by air. Not what resources are like that everywhere. It's not just ITALY and recent yeah does to note this row or he had that really yeah. His first theatre show was in South Africa puff as a flight is no excessive hours. I clicked it's a toy for audio. Did you two twelve to Amsterdam in the usual twelve to South Africa? Can t? I know it's otherwise. Really India, one for hours in the air you feel like it feel like two weeks in the air
Oh, my God restricts sweating research sweating after awhile. Right must wreck your body to the eye it. What a twenty four hour jet lag hairs you up, it tells you and you have to do business business class at least. Would This is what the fuck is going on on planes that make you feel so fuckin bad when you land, because I feel like I drink when a monoplane, a villa goods like the same oil I yet when I do a show and have like three shots. Yes, it feels like air quality, you're gonna, wait much hot box in real life and other people's insight. Is that what happened? And you don't know what people are just filthy animals? You know really sleep on a plane. You always sleep at your mouth open, because you're sit back like this and like unknown. Her mouth of saying what a second at into your mouth. One is the way around that is no way around. All I wanted was for club in South Africa. It was the worst place. I've been to my life. Really I don't? Let's get some girl? I could do not elected the bounty hunter.
Real India, Pakistan and she had facial hair. He remained at yeah. Her breast was like you, don't mean shrivelled up there, offering, and she was touching you yes is touching me, but I'm laughing all time you Norman, so you didn't on purpose- is to provide you with awful. Did you begin rob there now now you just don't do that without happened, that I got rob the last year like the second, unless it was era while so was, I might let me know so did you just let like when the guy stole your blackberry? Did you try to get another one or its like? Do you know? Why? Because I know I'm leaving this God forbid place european. I can't go back to see you hate it man, you trying to get me to go there what's wrong with you know what I'm saying in terms of affairs RAP Joe in terms of you know me what you would do their business and wise men. I to me: what's the most support things haven't fun in twenty four hours plans not fun in our guy a gig coming up in Australia, I'm doing some place called Rudy Hill
Sidney is like the suburbs cigar ogg get is a bit like a late last minute thing. I end: that's cause I'm doing the USA out there. I liked to a nosegay of sea. So before I do a gig somewhere in Australia and I've done England and Germany, Ireland or Dunham all over the place? But how much Evelyn somewhere for twenty four fuckin hours to do in order to assure you that I can do then Burbank man yeah, certainly my car and do that yeah. That's is too crazy. It's too much commitment, you have it. You know, that's the only and when you're in appointing Lifeward right now, the only one of the revenue are getting is much shells right. She's gonna have to go why why fuck it? When you just pick up your audience, America, man, I feel I mean I don't there's nothing wrong with you and it is now the Roma Travelin, but with for me first, while private kids, I have kids, I guess, go somewhere for months
drive me crazy. I wanted to see great white shark since, like that yeah, that's gonna interesting me no thing about Australia to seeing crocodiles and shit yeah Andrews and find out that fucking kangaroos to more people in anything kangaroos, People up in Australia, they do gathers big giant. Singular, saw this apparently to different types. Can you get what color the big ones are? Big ones will fuck you up to three hundred pounds shit. They got people the kick. You the Kyoto is at risk and that that is a toad out there. That's onto my ramping, every village from Yale in Austria the day that I shipped their from a different place. Why? Because they had low, something that they want to get rid of, so they ship these indigenous frogs Africa, but that that the Lucas were so high up on these leaves the frogs and eat at that level. So whenever they kissed multiplied, poisonously. Today's while I ran with people, are so goddamn smart trying to fix ecosystems yeah it, but there are lots of spray. The bugs you spray cunt
Bobby always Eminem like what I met him: an MRI. How? What was he liked you I mean eminent. I did what I was one of his music videos Orilla that yeah he I gotta call saying it will come down now: go they need you right. I came down. I did three sketches athletes. Zulu data plan, SK among want yeah, yeah and dumb he's night. I admit it before and I got to be taught to drivers. His black hand that just takes my little hand in surrounds my hand in it so dry and perfect that doctor trees had buried and he was so gentle like a giant Jane gentle Guy, you put his hand on your bash. You huge he's if something happened, he started lived in weight and got giant companies kindly kind guy, because I grew up with in February a media law that stop yacht suicide. Note you want. I was that fucking,
thing. Everyone ice cube so what's up Joe, unlike many of its great rather trip it so crazy. The people that- winter wells in Miami. Those in the front where I was in the front row, was Gloria Esteban. What get the fuck out. I didn't know who she was. Shit, so somebody backs before one of their clients to fasten the island. It is clear as to foist she's huge release is huge, so I went up It is what I said is I'm an asshole? Oh no, no! I get up did, I believe, Joan glow. Airborne and then you know how they shine a light on like you'd Armenia, blushing, she's kind of waiving to the audience and I'm still I don't know. I thought right at a bonnet and afterwards she just left Let's I was never able to meet her and if you're listening going too far, I googled you after
and I know your stuff and I really sorry for the disrespect made issues that you are doing like an asian Joker like she's, not asian, no note that you're mispronouncing at you know what you're doing like a character, not because I don't do that. Your main. So, like I ain't you can trust me, it came off two hours, because even the audience where you can number that solar german and I wonder if you could, I dont know if you'd like sports people are neither did this one commercial with these two old men, and I was I telling one old men who could get me the fact that not only make a cup of coffee you just got one. Is it all right, you're in and at the end that shoot I was I was left in the like. You know those guys worker who stand Mackay and Gordy. How were huge, soccer hockey, icons right, you had gaudy how go and get you copy, it was it he did it in a year. It was. It was like I was joking color like you didn't when those two area was like telling him what
I was not a hockey found ass, a kid side and I new Bobby or was like a name. I was using deal. So I was working at the Boston, Athletic Club and Bobby is to work out and that's a though when the first terms and ever been around professional athletes that had been fucked up from his sport, I I did not know how bad some dues got jack by the sports, but Bob, or had scars up and down both legs yeah, where he had some insane among niece urges like sixteen fuckin knee surgeries, some crazy money more than that his knees were so bad that he would play racquetball and if the ball went to the left it to the right, you just lean and follow the ground literally. Could it was the second should ever man, sir? It was a sad it should ever and I he would get universal climber answer it's like a pole. It's at an angle. It's got handles for your hands and for your feet and you can't you
you go up and down up and down the sting and its simulates that your climbing something all ours are climate. Can't you a nice to have to put him on this thing I to help them when I still have to get behind him now have to hold his waist and he would put one foot in one of the stirrups and then he'd have to come to lift them a little. So he could get his foot into the next one because his knees didn't bend. His knees literally didn't band. They then they went from like full standing still like one quarter is gonna kings, arms. It was way worse not a chance seems like a jet move and passed a certain point. S shoulders, bachelor's misery. Have that shit unable to honour assume. I feel bad because agency that today happily, I was tortured for five years. Really, the parliament's Straps ermine robe? That's it Abby shoulders, yeah brilliant. What would you think diluting happen, mattresses and car back in the third and abandon the sands?
that's it, that's what would happen they fucked up his shoulder and when I put that they made me play John Mccain was a month, de I looked up and Bobby Legality silly why they got the call call them more. Intelligent, mechanical, no bigger. Why? Because people are tortured and I'm not playing him to Vietnamese it's pretty distant for crew. What you are saying now roofs, citizen Vietnamese, though you'd, be upset. I wouldn't be vietnamese at all. I love em cases, other you don't love. Will you be like you're, an idiot you? Don't the difference between vietnamese and Korean there's a difference? Does it make that we could do that? Canada say something the reason why I said what I said, which part when you guys put not you guys right when he put a video, that really is a jungle. Most people have no ideal we're talking about here. Well, I don't know if you read it online yeah. Well, most people is not going to read the story about you. Online bodily once was playing around. It says the enemies while it
it was John Mccain you'd, like Donald Trump fought for tell him to. Doesn't it look up Bobby Lee is John Mccain and it does not look like John Wick. The reason why I said that was because of dad fan like to have no my room. I wanted to know where my resentment, what why I would say something like that and above resuming yeah, and it was because at that time he was bigger than me. And I knew in my heart that I could just destroy him. And we're on inner mean as a stand up and everywhere saying one, you then what it bothered me then, because it or think he's the funniest asian guy ever right. Now, like I know coy, I know Margaret show you know me. I know a lot of Asian comes at a very funny Bremen, Well, you know what he had was a killer. Five minutes I saw Dat fan. I was the one that judges for our last comic standing beyond a fuckin kid destroyed man, I mean he can destroyed it wasn't the best
Terry on the world. Yet was like you now who who care you know is it's like pop comedy: that's what he was doing, tat he destroyed and then for. Whatever reason me really is really funny, but for whatever reason is never caught on after that, that was it The thing is that I know I'm on the club level, and I know exactly what he can do like in terms of like. If you were to put Dat me core, like any of the other asian guys up, in our mean that it would you could would be able to see, don't you think? That's corrosive thinking dieting did that. That kind of thinking is detrimental as a person to you worried about what other people can do, not hearing you now I got I because I know what we are saying. Ok, it's! you can jong his success in one a very happy for because I've done when on tour with can in writing, de the Asian tour right has on fifteen. Sixteen sketches at Matthew V, I know his
of all and any he's a hard worker nice guy in his talent? Ok, and yet I feel the same way about you. Toy or still burn, or these guys I am no competitiveness with anybody, but I just I just know it. I mean it's people's talent level, whereas it felt that he didn't deserve it here. But would you This is my point like why Hungary and they do not give a chill on better about it now coronary. Why are you still sorted defending array? Not really we determine for themselves. What I asked is, do you think that behaviors corrosive by saying you're better than that? Now you say yes, it is negative radio, it's very negative, and you know it was a bad time really got. For me this tricky with community, as we were talking about someone else or that gets jealous about people, there's this it's very tricky with comics. For some reason, when comic see one person success yachting, somehow not think it has been taking away something from that. Yet is that it's an end
me it's like I I have accepted you Norman, I am a guy accept what what I have in front of me. I love my life. You mean, but at the time It was in turmoil like I wasn't really european. I didn't know what I was doing but- and I was going to digest and sober again, enemies was a rough time right, you know you too sensitive in Armenia and yeah, I mean I in retrospect it was really ugly. My point? It that's what those things you have to learn from now, but you you see it's so much in the open might night days he member, when you are an opera MIKE nine guy and newer, is just starting out in India there, because you work with it started. Getting work. Yeah, yeah, yeah, do everyone would hate out eight tolerate on well that was obliged causing good with photos, but he's obviously good enough to get a job like you know, it's not what you hid him getting their jobs, not taking anything away this year. But the thing that, when you learn overtime, though, is that you real
there's so much work out their right. That there's, I feel like there's enough for everybody but at the time when you're not getting jobs, yeah, you know that you're funny target is a difficult transit corner in the norms. Is it because that Rams Vietnamese, as they have anything to do with it? Now, because I know from San Diego. First of all, he's a liar member like during the choice that had been doing for two years. I started with a guy. Your men in go away, and I mean I have photos with him. Your mean from back in the these, so he had been known along the way along living underneath the desk. All these things that he said, who claim you was doing. We remain juncture to me, was not true and also more show wrote him a letters cause he's had stolen the jog from her watch was. I dont know what Jacques you mean Asian Joseph, very tricky. It's like what a body my mother
John Tobin from New York to say this that when you work with a bunch of black eyes, because it's it's always if there's a through, if there's three comics into guys or white one guy's, a black, the black guys, always like yeah man. I was supposed to be closing. I heard about supposed to close, because unless there's two black guys black eye than there. Like me, arms was open. I got why that is so funny to begin this so much hack. She, the guy's which rely on cars would work every time now you why people look around see if you could laugh, it is a jewish material. Every person, that's a Jew, has to talk about them being adjuvants like they all do the same material like when I went to her with a fork three create for Koreans. We didn't kinda comedy, was me steeper and can in, in shape, and no one wants to close what we would like a fight, upstairs. I you know I mean I have had the closer
as you know I mean it, was a very difficult because it is so much it's not that we went over the material, which is the fact that you know all asian comics have at least ten minutes right of their act about being asian right. The point of view might be different, Brody angle, but you had all those, probably the most material right now, the most material but yeah. But now I have you a killer. Shit is asian that diesel a bit about the vietnamese guy hiding in the candidate countries where they want to work and hide another floating in high trees for three weeks banana that was in the killer that wasn't that video you're talking about just before that we put up the one that you got in trouble for Yet the video younger you do you talk about it now, video, not now that now No, I don't blame you for the video. By the way it was just one of those which were for a couple years. I could look at you why
I don't behind me. I didn't say it. Can I just say that I can get this because we have talked about it. That's what happened How can I bring it sure anything? Ok there the time about. I don't know when to the years that I felt that there was animosity between me and your camp words. You ever further from me. Yes, I don't really for me the I felt I felt that I honestly, I felt that kind of you, sure is that I felt that there was a weirdness because of the whole, the video that had come now and an with ory Mimi are not getting along. Look when, when I called you windows at the video that you made women see a major makes every area, I called you about it, I told you go do not matter you does about you own was which was the one. The biggest mistake. I thought, because if you read the feedback that oh, my god
I'd, get threats. Well, you know, I understood your point of view totally. I knew you from back in the day and I knew your relationship with him and I knew that you knew he was sick, inured China. Album, and I knew I knew the whole story didn't bother me off a peep for people. Don't know he does this video saying that he never applied, but can I can I can I tell you how that came about a cable until these are not made a video saying that you never saw Carlos feeling material and it was one of those videos it looked like when those terrorist video games, and then we went on pointed to your head and as a knife on your neck coca connect. So what does the what happens? I'm in Canada right the video right comes on right, and then Mincio calls me and I'm a lily. Six months ago I raise the message I kept it for that year mean and examine its voting. I know it was so he was so angry. I can even though- and I saw a great party- I am- I raised it- dammit
so that what happens is like. I come back from Canada and I now with the new season of mad riot and lo and behold mention Minimum sciatica picked up right in its literally at tomato be they studios are so I might- and I haven't seen Carlo since the video went right, Superman days I'm like I can. I can I right and arsenic on the back here- we're undisguisedly eyes how went to get that right, next thing you know he grabs one of his cousins programmes to dramatically with a friend of mine brings me over and then I had like six Mexicans. Hit me down. He should really max. I don't worry of their japanese yeah. I think about what is happening in Guatemala and you know, Carlos as their ned and heat discuss. Was you sitting enough
thrown there. It was outside any discuss equally that for me, so I did it. European, and then that happened and then in our mean the waiters part about the video, though what sucked is is that, like you, ve made this video, the demon seem like you even knew the video you were talking about, like it almost seemed like, like whatever I can't remember, the act actual words and it sounded like you're talking about a video that scene, which it was even weirder, because I got a cop between union two camps that I you know I mean I I've always had a relationship with right. I mean, Joan I've known each other personal. I have a camp as I can't you don't mean people human, because how can Europe saying ok herbs and you know, men see, I had a group, be his group right and I felt like I was in the middle and that you know me and I thought at a time where I had to choose, I felt like. I stayed on over you for the Probably I for the longest time I wouldn't talk, in radio or anything like that, because people were bring it up tour and they like so
You know I mean, and I d like to talk about it even as far as is the amount of it generated by that? That's probably one of the most controversial videos and like the history of common. It probably has caught crazy and was insane, but you know what also kind of crazy was you, member with the environment was like before anybody call them on our everybody was on eggshells, costly, terrified of that guy walking in the room was closed and then it was becoming successful is becoming successful messages. Site. Like I said you know, I I I just don't see that part, but you didn't movie. I need hardly say that warehousing since, as you do, you did because It starts to shift from you, man, I mean. I know you had issues with ok. I know Canada, citizens, yes site. Here's what it is. Ok like we said before. Ok, that it is like one of those situations where the guy, when I was an open marker right used, he bought me a car. It was no use car, but in have
horror right and then he took me on tour, human, polish or, like would grow too long. I will take me, won't you Norman, who is more fun, hang out with on the road, obviously Polly, because you don't make me cry I used to get policy, you can get pussy elements here show and why not is it not married and nineteen kids in remain in their life, anyone see offend. You know. I love you, but my point european, but my point is this: that lie hardly make you cry what make me go to golf with him when he like you play golf, and I hate cos. To get early and carry out from the Gulf bag. You would have to bring the bag it once or twice and stop doing at European, and then tell you know what kind of banana one time he listened, and I would add that move over that carry bag. One time I headed weekly Denver once and he made me sleep, I didn't give me hotel room. They weren't you and doing as well. You like in the beginning, sleeping, Albert's, closet the fucker
he's not hit the road with them and you didn't even get how this is. He wasn't selling out of the town. This is literally in nice six. Ninety five German. While but don't you know you? You know you he's like her Always like you know a brother innocence year mean regardless. You urged me like. I think that that would go you cry what made you cry just having till I get up and live, in other words, tat we had some march and an end on comic. You know I mean you, don't know What do you want to make a unit you? What you your pc, stays time, and it was this you makes you work form and on top of just opening up, we have to be honest, erotic eyes. Do that shit to really I dont when I, because I have operators now and I treat them with all the appalling does all the time they remain. Didn't pollyanna work for free Polly that's another. I can't I cannot discuss them. No, because it has not yet another european
it's what it. What is this ok is meant one Polly right. He specifically made me a regular. There. Look he made his mom ask me, ran right in is a specific relationship. No one on planet earth talks to me, like Polly talks to me in what way he talks to me, like I'm literally his younger brother still today, I understand it because you know I've known for so long, but in the rule in the world- almost forty iranian- I don't let anyone how to me the way point out of so much but talk student disrespectful were now it just like like us, they did enemies. Like Hell system like the EU, should be bigger than you are now. What about you bitch you have. The thing is, I know I don't know
what would happen with you in a little man in the equal tax, because a company store once in a while when one is in any way? When I say that if someone talking you like, that's nice, Gilbert Polly also, you know you know what I mean he's like a big brother, though Eli move lifted you mean you lived in his house where he charged me wet, but the thing is that you know come in the road, so that really bad I'll be back one second physical tracker, so Joe there's really get a story. Straightens going not my stories and if I say no It's all just give us a turnaround. Joe, I saw a movie last night, you, I know you already bought it yeah it's cod entered the void and it is like somebody saw you talk about Dm Tee and tried to write a script around it around some living in Tokyo, I mean well, maybe they just did it huh? Well, no,
it has a lot to do with the empty Laos Emily. Maybe they did, he athlete how they describe it in the movie sounds like their reacting. You it's it's you're gonna fucking, like the movie, was made for you, Israel, amazing, and then it's really annoying by like the first half of the movie is like. While this is fucking, that they show a dim t thing. What would the what it feels like to be on the empty for the nurse half the movie and their guests parts where exactly like how you describe it and then whoever directed the movie, which his name is instructed by gas, bore no, he brilliant. When I come out on DVD came out Tuesday, I guess it's on Netflix formulated have Netflix streaming hd to buy. It is so amazing if I ever make a movie. I want to make my movie look exactly like this guy brilliant, but then it gets really annoying and there's all these like what it get annoyed. What one of their directors things like
does like this strobe like thing through it. It gets so bad that I feel like I'm getting hypnotizing get this move this May by Google or the government in its like. You see what I mean when you sit there like I'm gonna, have a seizure, I'm having a seizure way, I'm being pro, to do something at this thinking, how it's not that there's a limp logo that they had a pole because it was given people epileptic seizures quit while our rocard thing where our ochre- oh, I listen to it on Opium Anthony, was pretty fucking funny, because obedience and Anthony, were sitting on our Roca, for because our Roca was you find about ballistics, he said so. If you're still washes, if you're not flopping around on the ground, and so he starts making fun of it and then the next day comes back is, as I was only making fun of the add. I was never making fun of epileptics bright, which is too but you see this though it's amazing that there's not fucking five war
things on the dvd before even watch it. Is it so bad that it feels like your being fuckin brain will remember that do that we have on the message board and how to his wife was epileptic and she would watch certain avatars on unpeopled screens it of rushing Avatars Museum, Jim Jim, you a nice guy. Now with them he was Marilyn, Manson's, webmaster right really, fuckin good! Do with him in his wife and his wife are some weird condition where she, if she sees anything flashing, stroll being those little animated, give files that flat, but that other she would just tongue roles back. Eyes, roll back in our heads, the falls under the ground is movie would make her pregnant. That's how about it is I mean it fuck. Is it with people that certain things just make your brain shut off? flashes and strong, and understand that you see there are new annual you'll feel secure economic. When you see parts of this movie you'll have to turn away and like look at the ground for the movie good, the move,
is the director your farm over the director? The movie is so good at the beginning, an interesting and just you'll never see anything like it in the trips, the visuals of your stone. When you see it, you might have a panic attack. I watched it in three last night now, like I am tripping right now. I feel like I'm on acid rain, real, so good. Then it just gets boring. Fusing and the one. I don't don't tell me why and how much it benefit. No it substantially. I'm still I like about this kind of feeds off after it gets its really cool and that it can just come down. You- and I are not always agree on movies that are only a few movies that is increasingly moving their arousable. What reversal First of all, you know: what's up it's a movie plate backwards right and it's it's! It's new toys, a five minute- rapeseed in it and I'll tunnel, which I swear to God, the most brutal thing ever seen in my life it and peoples on lives is the worst rapeseed. Have you have to see it irresolute reasons? A japanese movie now, its german or some shit like that, the other fucked up human set up not into the man in the world should be ripped. It
food and the other day greatly. Fuckin d starving man? I watch it on the way home from my from was planned. Florida and die it's Durban shit dude when that that late, to talk about her son dying and about her son got Ecole. I am a jack in the Box Berger and how he was suffering at the end. I shouted up I've even in the seventies Jack in the box. Had a big controversy, we're not only one percent that, but a bunch of people died right. Where are you from their food? Do food ink is scary as fuck and I've had some people. Emollient tweet me saying that. Well, it's not really! That band is propaganda, destroying shock you, but how can they be trying to shock if their showing you reality? I mean if, if what their showing exists on any level, it's terrifying when it but he's cows and kicked and manure, and this one cow beard. There was a plastic ring and there's his stomach was exposed the aid they were reaching in my well, what the fuck and how about you?
in man if he reviewed it down, I mean look if you like your cheeseburgers like to go to when these two o clock in the morning- and I do to man down- This is more than a fortnight with your head, but this sum these these and they give these chicken steroids and antibiotics and all kinds of things and then they fuck with genetic, somehow known to get them to grow. So decorously big and planted, they can't walk and they die all the time. Just fall down and die, not foster farm make fun of like chinese Oak, the advantage it was about how they plump Marvin, put salts and stuff examined. It just make him really fat with like salt, water and stuff and foster farms as hold their whole. Advertising on that southern avatars basin. They don't use hormone right. Ok, well, that's good to know man! It's good to know me! There's gotta be a humane way to make food if it costs a couple bucks more it's worth at least I don't know how much more it would cost and not have caused down with eaten me. Ok, don't get me wrong, but the way that their due in the way
their producing meat for fur in a fast food and for its use can crazy ages. It's totally beyond being humane its b we have got into this factory consciousness less in you know like just feeling this place where they're just stuffing all these animals, these small areas in getting as much bang for their back as a candle. They lay off. They make this food like they make an ipod like it's a factory system right and it there's no love or near or edit it. Just let's make the product that's it, make fun of Chinese, allow time for the things that they eat: the chinese market, you get anything but a few, wings or remain or mean the shoulder of a or whatever I like, really in anything, but the things as the Americans we worse did. These cars are being detained in me, your men, people think there must also press or China has a billion people,
in itself. Sustainable China does an import food from anywhere out right. That's pretty crazy! I in and of itself very able to feed a billion people when you feed a billion people like that he got it bugs That's going to raise a restaurant in vain, conjectures animal dick, that's all they do in there six month waiting lists to get on into this restaurant. What's animal Dick How do you order that whispering? was more Dwayne shook the other day Were animal Dick Soup apparently was really good, yet again let's get you virile, while real in check this out that movie you brought up Europe versus already. In a movie. I was talking about your same director. Would all that fucking? That shit did really that is in sinking it's insane. While he was a good movie, this directive may result watch you have real love every visible reversal, that's crazy, you'll, stop and that Europe does the five men Single turned off what I was saying. I was so sad when I watch this will increase. Their son died from Jack in the box was like it is
bomb in Africa. I get it again. I get the foods fucked up the whole situation for Dublin. I really needed keep going here. It's just that so what you gonna do that that's the big question. You know that with us, as you know, with everybody, has the Euro is doing something you're busy, your Hungary is no we're gonna do there's a supermarket, but you don't have to show the road yes, but I mean that allowable houses up in here, like a cat together, the road gets creepy is for Food choices go, I was bring. Vitamins with me. I try to eat is much salad and stuff around the world is possible, but I understand how they don't have twenty four hour: restaurants in small towns, if the closest eleven you can eat anything. You have to go the wall. I've been up into one. Might Walmart
had like three in the morning just getting like through you, I mean I mean just surviving yeah you're doesn't say Judea, you have you got a small towns, there's no twenty far fruit, yeah yeah, that's a tricky thing in the end, you know, since the holiday and there's no router abyla, something we talk about a couple weeks ago came true we're talking about how people's jobs are getting taken away by robots, and some like that. I was Alpo Loco yesterday, which is like a chicken mexican chicken place and they had the order yourself. Chaos up now, where you sit there. Many screaming taco special instructions, no media burrito, and then you pay for it like kind of like a grocery store and his hand, and they just call out your name in debate so I cut out the person who could have the actually nicer, it was so nice is unilaterally order. We don't even think like you. I would like extra tomatoes on this, but I know how many times you, but in a fast we place, and you talk it's like who there is a growing about emu. The heroic funny sketch about that there was a girl Matthew, vicious very pretty, and she had a very funny.
About a girl who was the counter, but she was always lab on cookie yea. I Angela, who does the angel Johnson she's very funny? Actually, referenda decker, really funny vietnamese nail salon. Yet I won t I have like ten million hits or someone you yeah she's a sell out on the road from that bit just killing it and how many minutes does she have as an act? Twenty two minutes to circle. I'd heard that she was a middle and choose middling and crushing and filling places and in the headline would go and after half the people less Devos doing that no real, yeah middling. No, he is, he was in New York did. The now is closing we clauses with thirty, which is fine, but what he should do is host with what guy should do if they are not really bring a bunch of good conduct and erode, YO and house. You know Charlie Murphy develop an act from nowhere. I've read Charlie two years into his his journey in, and I watched him as he was trying to put together is act. Trolling went right to headline in Vienna and it was fucking heart. I bet
talking on the phone line, booed, repose, agile, yeah yeah. It's that room chat. Room is so retarded what room is that here's what a black grounds, not unless our saying what he's that's exactly what I have to say that at all, so what did you say? that was a kind of rooms- are hard but difficult. Retorted was the wrong word blackouts. Shaka Sundays! Crowds. Do yours, too high are failing to not rooting for you to get back on their feet of what I'm saying is that I go on this. I go on the road right and I get a lot of people. The compromise show and their their legitimate fans right, and I love then dearly. That's not what I'm talking about that when there is a cultural thing, you're mean way, you go to certain areas itself fully or whatever right. You do. Shell and it's all black, even the line up right and you had to perform its the most difficult situation ever
for a guy like me. Well, you know it's a different kind of crowd and I think the good thing about those crowds is that they dont, let you be indulgent and they want you jobs to come quick. They want to come quick, Did they don't want away around and also tonal right you're, your turn can't be monotone. You gotta, you know, I mean you're, getting some excitement attitude. Turn around. You know me. However, I mean, if I could, I now I'm I used to be more now just gonna talk like this because What we want grounds, and not only that as we know, is because its pace right, You don't have pursued a headline. I wanted to do what I just opener her, which is go out and Gung ho get em you mean a runner and then fit minutes here are your out went near me. You just can't do that. For forty five men, while you view gutted, first walls not fund for the audience either. You gotta create a show us that when you go to see a movie, it's not you know. I know
gun. Seen at last for ninety medicine, they shut off dealing with the fact that I just watch yes or no. I build European yet but internet peaks in valleys, but in black you can't do that was no peeking. You just I just feel it. You have to be like earthquake and just hammering away well he's out there which go. Do it would along this earthquake to forty five he's I he's. If he's like perfect, forty five sprinting uphill has shootin all the way to create the like. It's not your backpack back and thrown lanyard graph and they would lose unlike in a white room when you lose only get him. You think you're gonna back right, there's no again by cross back. Where I want to try it, I wouldn't try black, you will die, I would,
Barbara Q. I did most important thing with black rooms is economy of words, groundswell and short attention span. You got it you gotta, hammering with bits I did in my black version of myself once a flapper in Burbank and it actually killed. It was like what you mean the black for I like I just do it more like he said. Instead, like doing you jokes normal, that kind of deal like I went to the studio. Get a hat. My girlfriend, my kind of legs, starling rigour as your story is easy His name is, ITALY is as easy as soon as he is and sorry insight into her hair, it's kind of like his his whatever his As you know, it's kind of I got better lost our work. There is one thing he hears phantom laugh still for slaughtering nor flap roses. Wrappers emergency needs a good employment, never been there. I may never play their herds. Good really is really not hurt his nice you'd like it. I just I just don't do well understand what I mean I don't get an arm haha.
I too, because I dont know what it is as this, because I think what it is, because it's free the audience is not paying to go. There is what I'm saying. What I'm saying, though, is that you do in its free sat known as someone I'm saying either. What I'm saying is that there are two types of audiences I feel. Ok, they want that camp when I do on the road on out, because of the fact that if you carp right data that a general feeling Like me, is not a good shot. It's gonna get shall expect much exactly. We know me, but when you have people pay right, people respectful yet I have as many hecklers in her name and I'm fine. I don't care who comes, but the thing is: is that haha right they don't? Not only do they not pay you, but you have to pay for your drinks. Can I get a red ball that goes three dollars whatever I'm, I complaining for free you mean he already, there's a site, there's a feeling of disrespect. Now I don't know a flap roses light, but I just don't like that.
Louder, there's a real club. It's not that it's nice! I know it's dark and about they dont. You do some fringe clubs that are used to dealing with open makers and doing down reticent reaction. Yea sorted. It doesn't just respond, go into a set there that aren't they don't treat if your here's a paid scene, I dont need, did I dont need much. All I need is, how can I get a drink for free while the water away in Of course, I do a million screenshots intervene and be respectful, funny how places data just a little bit outside of the city- and there are different world still too, has a different world. How radios differently down when you do, North Hollywood do hussy races. You never seen before an attic, Indian, whatever you gotta get, died off or giving area, it's weird where's, your favorite clubbed, organic. I'll tell underground now workplace parlor lie. Parlor live. If you don't know,
Life is a new club there and its attached to that one of the Microsoft buildings yeah yeah and it's like the others, a it's a nightlife. If they have Pool Hall Dance Club, calmly club in one did big Islamic loves you dislike not preclude, but through its three hundred right, those places where I sell arms at Seattle yeah. It's like its little outside of Seattle, but it's like fifteen minutes from the city right and it is called Beaumont. Ok, ok, literally, it's clean, like that. You know the stages. Nice in the green room. Is clean brand new couches Norman? It's a nice, nice environment! Right! You make a lot of money, you mean like a model. In the end, the key the kids know where the people are only audience are nerdy, they make money right and they just I just happen to be their european
If we are now part of the country are not hit by the economy and allowance, that's one of them. Yet when I wasn't Wes Palm, they were telling me that now we to really get hit by the crisis, atomic retirees and old people with money, in my memory sure some people from less palm like fuck you, we got hit yeah, but the club was like they didn't really there drilled and suffer the Al Like Kansas City I wanted they suffered. It feels like those who suffer. That's the kind of place them at our there. It's the whole thing is so strange. As I don't understand, the economy saw movies like ok. I guess it's better. Now, better now, just around it's not like my parents for the last five years under clothing, store on business in our scope for so called fashioned relative look clothing store for fat, ethnic women fashion. Earl, Gotcha, cast fashion gal fashioned get here, and so it's like later to Bryant before ethics, ok, ok, You did fine over the last thirty years and had been and still is the economy. Had I mean they went bankrupt, you mean I had to pay, for
mortgage. Maybe they are destitute, it is tough, deliver Felix. You know it's tough for them and had a fight staff now they work and in the seventies well where they work at the same place at the store, the date, call changes now and they may they do ships like my mom, will do the morning. Shep Madame will come in and there's a bottle of theirs literally a bottle of piss like each other piss, because they will have an impact, he's right Sudan as a piss in a jug? Oh, my God, right, because you can't leave a challenge to store all my thoughts and it doesnt have a bathroom there. Now years it's in the mall riots right, it is somewhat because the shit he just hold it what's wrong. The tunnel had situated die because she's gonna diaper seven, go to what's it out again
with the changes to go even further changes its enough Arizona which would port areas like at the outset either Chandler something fought: Mason, saliva, yeah, that's a scary thing being an old person. You know when your body slowly starting to fade away and you're still laboring every day and by the way that takes years of your life you now getting up before you want to working doing things you don't wanna do all day. I told my dad. I got dad you dont have the work. I will be, how much do they need? What twenty five bucks three thousand a month to get by right, maybe even less right. I said you know I set out with the unemployment social, social security retire I'll I'll. Take you over. There asked buzz word! Nobody! My dad said if I dont work, I die while so I got you working colonel pointed out in our good call. Yeah it's sad, because he's still got that ethnic. That asian work ethic here with us. Have to work as a represents one crazy dude, the very weird thing: man, don't people's mortality and parents
it's weird! When you realise, and especially Do your parents get to certain point. Tell me realize you probably have more information in your head about the way the world works in your parents to your parents grew in a totally different time. He had a curious when they were young focused its strange, strange thing: man it it it yeah, it's Cosette lives. Yeah, that's gonna, be using data. Maybe you think you'll have it now. Never not yet he had snapped, got Doug Stanhope style, no now just hope now, because an estimate so much that what comes out is soliloquising drops yet Bootblue and its that's it many times a day you must win. I do not know couple tat, Miss Wharton twice once more, However, these are flashlight. I dont avenues in six months. Really just go user hands instead, what's wrong with your life plus?
fills better than at the heat the oil Annapolis cool than to put the batteries in about an hour speaking as sex. There's a fuckin there's a story in the news today and apparently it's legit story does a man whose suing so Smithkline the pharmaceutical company and he's alleging that there's a drug that they gave him to treat Parkinson's disease. They turned him into a gay sex and gambling attic, one years old, the guy it said the fifty one year olds lawyer says that clients behavior change radically after first administered a drug, two thousand three for the illness which tremors blubber Bluff, the man, the man, is a married father of two says he is attempted suicide. Three times claims you became a day, did to internet gambling losing the family savings and stealing to feed his habit. He also became a compulsive gay sex attic and begin.
Supposing himself on the internet and cross dressing. This risky sexual behaviour risky social encounters led to him being raped. His lawyer said his behavior. Stop, stop taking drugs and two thousand five by then he had been demoted in his defence minister. Job is suffering from psychological trauma resulting from his addiction, I just went on a gay sex gambling rampage. That's what happened. Number listen man yet as new, not right either. Not true, because I put this up on twitter and a bunch of people who are normal psychologists and a budget for people are qualified started. Sending me like. I got like six or seven tweets from people who either studying in school or actually doctors in the field in they were saying that it's a dope, amene agonists does the word and that it does facilitate addiction and it can interrupt your natural patterns. You know- and I agree with that, but when I
thing is that it does. It will arrive at what, if you have, an injection of expulsion is open to engage zags were that's been hit, inside you for many years. So you think this was just it's not out of the way out of the blue. What sort of I would certainly make out of the blue is taken a crazy draw now not out of the blue. Maybe it seemed more exciting to him? Maybe it and it never like regular sexy. Fifty one years old, Emily, regular sexist got so tardy lead. Dramatic another eleven years courtiers. Yet about another. Eleven years from now I got so tired. Pussy is so boring, and then somebody gives you the drug. You like logical, sucks from cock. Why don't? I saw some cock dress up like a girl. I've heard of this phenomenon went with him when people are associated with sex like rock stars or whatever it. Whenever that it you'd amending it. So tired of it. It just turns into dick. You don't mean I don't agree without either. I think that was always in the in the picture.
Yeah, but I think everybody together all little story about how that mean. There is a lot of bisexuality going on the seven these. According to many people, Jagger David Bowe. We allow read all that lovely, but I think a lot of that was like probably one crafty gay, do talked all these? It is clear manner today, impostor all doing acid and sore many. Whether consciousness- and you know it like one of those lost, booze. It's like ok! Well, let's stop and look into. Why is gay sex such a happy with this? Ok, if you're fucked up like your faded you're on, drinking he almost in a black or drunk. You remain and you would gave a boy in Euro. Big Rock star in Delhi, gave a boy pulls out his penis right Exactly you know me, I don't know I will not have to be blocked or drunk. When I was just saying was: maybe they're experimenting with different ways of looking at the world. You know, maybe there being an artist and being like a rat
no I'm being of a creative person, there's a lot of people that a creative people that is willing to take weird chances and and do weird things university, weighty, I'm not saying, there's anything wrong with it. So what you say you know me I mean I have gave the people that represented we go. There are stopped about one I'm saying: I'm not racist eye of black friends of your right you're right. But what I'm saying is is this I don't. I I don't have anything. I ain't! No against like no longer can one eyed eyes. Why? Because the hills what I'm saying is that what this guy's name TED, ten haggard tiger right just the blue me. Doesn't man ever set out of the blue that here he said he was gay, the whole time and effort it's been doing, interviews recently where he says he was bisexual, the whole time yeah. I said what his issue is. He said what they had it. That's what I'm saying, but that's not what you're saying you know what I'm saying that the hand over this guy that never had an essential county hid it. Yet I swear, I would think
Bobby. What Bobby thing is probably true: tube, like he probably had in the back of his head and other social innovation right, he disappeared, just refuse to address it I agree that is that the pill did something, open his mind up. Maybe your man, but I feel like it that that that distinct is that Europe is ok. That is a possibility. Now. Why would you want to decide one way or another without being that guy? Why would you even make a judgement? Call look how the fuck do you know what causes gotta do gay sex and once you go into his past and interview, ermine and I'll find out, I give you urban attracted cigars Jura wrestling match. We got a bone earlier unless you that we, why even mean it is possible? If, if attraction and all these different things are really neuro Chemical reactions that we haven't side of Romania or inside of a brain. If we figure out a way to stimulate certain parts of the brain with what I mean think what we can do as far as like antidepressants, and also to things that affect mood and neuro chemistry. What
I can give you something. Tat makes you attracted do the opposite: sex living, give you something that you're gay and also knew I guarantee or give you something where Europe a Europe for your head or sexual. They were trying to do that and I wrap they were trying to come up with a bow The sky was they actually put research and development into this above gay bomb, a guy They would detonate and would be some sort of a chemical agent that would go into the air and it would make all these soldiers become rapidly attracted to each other. They would lose morale. They're just are fucking, but I think on the use of ecstasy. I never wanted to suck my dick. I will ecstasy were not talking. My nobody emerging eaters erosion didn't any driver system which have very specific affection reaction, but it doesn't make you sexually attractive someone. It is possible that there could be something. Is as strong as what access he does for you in terms of affection and sensitivity and feeling for things in a loosening of insecurity, it's very possible. Something else could do it in another way that all the sudden makes you gay. I mean if you talk to gay guy like we have good friends and would not with you and I together,
we have gave range agenda. The German gets you. Maybe the name when you know when you, when you talk to them, they never feel like there's something wrong with them. You know that they feel pretty fucking normal. So what is it that separates the you know? I like his name, but that the dude, whose our friends there's the piano guy from the store, yeah great fucking guy. What is the difference between him and ass? Well, the only difference is that he's attracted to men or women where's, the connection in his mind. Is it a chemical, when it gets open. Is it a chromosome thing? Is it a genetic thing? What what is it? You know yeah They use it because in theory, there's one thing: there's a theory about homosexuality in one of the one of the more interesting theories was from the you to study in Rome and what they found is that when women are promiscuous, especially like habitually promiscuous women com,
would cheat on their man. They have a disproportionate amount of gay sons and they believe that what it is is a very asian of the Ex chromosomes in a women have double ex chromosome. Men have x y and they believe that there is a variation of the ex crumbs on among certain women that makes them increase doubly attracted to man to the point where literally they can't even fuckin control themselves like there their number one obsession is getting new dick. They just want to get new DEC on the title, and this gets transferred into their sons and their son. All the sudden has this incredible attraction of men law totally makes yeah he's. Haven't you met girls like that? No you never met a girl is justified freak did the oily girls had just seemingly this poor girls broken and she just can't help fucking everybody near you know, but the only
A truly find out of this issue is for me to take that pill and I'm going to do it. What does exist, but I mean this: is this drug exists? No doubt away this want, but here's the thing: it's one guy, ok, how many people took it and it just cured their Parkinson's. You know what I'm saying, though Joe none at all, but that doesn't mean it look, I'm gonna! Listen! It doesn't mean anything because look how many people the peanut butter. I'm not I've. Just had peanut butter and I'm fine you get peanut butter took us. Dick had been very fucking dies, his throat closes became, can the errand there's a biological variation in human beings and you have to take them into account, would have for them. Guys for whatever weird tweak he takes us working drug goes on a gay sex rampage, you might be totally right, might be a freak and he might be just a loser. We lost our money and that's why soon this company is ok. How but this habit of this kind as energy habit is my money is act apparent, let us and the guy right. I think the pill I do want to gay secular, given I wanna go Sex rampage right bring about meat does not take an ever again. Well
Neither does it wasn't just that nothing in the villages guy also lost all his money yeah on gambling. I think that's here. Bottom biotechnical anymore. Right when you you're a twelve stopped ass, you understand about all that that shit were preparing denial. That such you know me. Weird thing when you around people that are in denial about what cause their issues ran. Yeah- and this also, I know that doing drugs and that not gonna behaviour is at the root of the problem. There were. The problem is something else, just symptoms, right bright. If is or has been shown to be fine up upstanding human being I mean, I don't know this guy's history, that's the problem with haven't this stupid argument or those conversation. Rather when you lose that much money gambling immediately, that's a red flag to me, like ok, disguise product, but it wasn't until after he became begun on the medication. These too are gambling apparently didn't gamble before the gamblers are often you know Tell it to you, I don't! I don't have a problem with gambling, but are easily good. If I was
five! It when it when I used to play, pool- and I used to be around a lot of gambling. Additives are on a lot of guys were, and I see them- and I would say this is scary shit, whatever It obviously gambling is fun and its becomes too much of an addiction to these people. Whatever it is, don't don't do whatever the fuck there. Don't I tell you what happened? when I was in short latterly improv, and I put five dollars and machine. Ok, book. I was a Nicholls, a hard rock Cacena harder, upright and all of a sudden, the things went crazy. I could get at it. You know me it's crazy. I don't know what happened combination of something right, then, all of a sudden, he bore surrounding me where the people back in the these people other people watching I had a czech pot, so you word someone's gonna jack you're not send a guy. I assume I don't really like great right and then the lady comes cause it's as they possibly can to get at it. Right. They got you can't get a ticket because you noticed money that they can have the Google, but you rice, Liddy, comes up to miss you.
Congratulations. I think you ll go on so can see your id. I gave her the idea and she goes. I can give you the money. I go wise because you're a licence two months expired, which, as it is so I go now. I want my fuckin money that we can give it you I went to the top. In chief, like our council number and our argued with them two hours later, I've been after you, don't I plead improv, your eggs. Every room. They come here gamble right. Where are my two months expired? Kick him you're fucking my my method the money- I must remind you that have never ITALY, two thousand dollars. Ok but the eyes that I wanted to act pot and they will give you the money. If you guys, we, hence the walk. No, it's an irish thing. You need a Lydia, because, as you just said, I hold my money I'll get my license renewed, be back to Morrow. Now I live in. I live in related right across the juveniles moment. What you like,
hold your tongue. I got you know, I think I got I gave my number. I got work it out with the council of the ethical back european and they never called I could get my money and I was so fucking man. I'm still upset about now kind they. They had an opportunity to fuck you and they took it yeah, but it's that so fucked up as part of that does not see the casinos aren't in paying out business turn the Ugandan losing. I know, but here's the point though I go there every year. They know me like I go to the front door, not that that the desk Everyone loves me Bobby's back and I mean like I I the people come to gamble at the casino right after my shows right, I feel like have provided a service for this fucking, they can't fucking, you don't mean. One little clause will look, do it will now you understand the true nature of your relationship with them. They don't give a fuck about you. That's the nature of the Russia by the way, with Fuckin, virtually every casino and player The bottom line is that the player is is a mark
that's what it is beyond the mark. You it's just like you know you you let em when a little bit. Yet when I get a little bit make him feel like he's, got some gonna cop, maroon, hey you wanna, nice me, ok, ass and even though we lots of money, we had a nice meal. We what's your show, you know the Comtesse want to see the fuckin, the lion, king yeah. That's what happens man here, but the bottom line is those fuckin like go to these gigantic places like the venetian Malaysia, fucking, huge fountains and shed who's paying for that who's, paying for them here we are you paying for thereby losing it right. But what I'm saying is that if I were a one like a bigger jackpot, like two million dollars, what I would have done like I would have to visit, the Sultan American Indian Holy FUCK man. I for the rest of my life and cry I would have. I would forget about that. I would have you haven't you, she, and I would still be fighting that the whole thing yea or tv or not, and I lived through, but it now, which is to start doing down a bit about it on stare, yeah? Well, yeah! That's a bit yeah! There's funny bit in there somewhere, something in there. You come on manners, a funny bitten that you now because
but I think they re gonna get. They can take your fuckin money. They had no problem with Uganda. Yes, you risking your money, but you can get a region that you should have done. You should. The guy await did eat print out a two thousand dollar to take it or leave it here's what it s! Okay, if you win out at a slot machine royal, you get a ticket write anything other over twelve hundred wrote it you win is considered a jackpot. Ok, ok! I have it. MT so then they had to fill out iris forms in this that, if I just wouldn't let me less than eight hundred LA dollars less than I would have been able to take my money to these crimes and then you know what I would if I may. I would have a good time to spend it at the casino anyway they had it. In the end can I wanted under a higher machine interment outside one at the time or put it back in the Community yeah whatsoever we want to say that the community is fucked up
a black, your visa community, like that they feel, I think, maybe that's a big one. Community community back in the community. He said I am arms, Oh so warm weather, so there's no way you can get this money back to this has gone you running. It offers a lost. You gonna do a bit about this, but yeah well, but the thing is that I call tell how could he have will he owed the improper, has a relationship with the hard won by Sir Joseph designing, Adele you mean, and I might, but it's just as it did. It doesn't make any sense because they know me
doesn't matter, then give a fuck about you you now, you least you know what the deal I know the deal is now going on all its also, probably a rule that they can circumvent. I mean who you're talking to is probably a guy has gone by corporate by lines in this is the rules personas naval driver's license mean, even though they know you have to kind of assumed like who the fuck you know, if you can write down a valid driver's license in the receipt, so he can get taxed on, I just seems that they should be, should be able to hold it for you, like assumes that yeah you want. You have credit. Two thousand our credit you come back here with your licence, will give me the fuckin money, but until then were holding it for you. It seems like that's what casinos do any ways, because they have. You know You go there like your jazzy and stuff, like that. You have like a you know, like almost a bank account these people, you Jesse, you do what I tell you know. I mean what I tell you. I didn't. I bet you, you can get your two thousand. I google I googled my You got your name to follow them like an asshole.
How did you really? I go? Listen I play this place. I'm a headliner right, googled, your name, and there was a knock you to their hats and I was right and it went to my Wikipedia page cry. I went to my Wikipedia. Go here's my pitcher, here's my birthday, I'm almost forty right, your men. I had no idea what I don't know what else to do right, but there they will give a shit, didn't care now so we can assure him to me- and this is in whose telling you this who's, the person says, I'm American India would beaten his hair airmen and he was upset it you're, not just basically just really cool Barton dislike. I know who you are. I am so sorry these are the rules the guests of the rose, here's the rules. Now you gotta right a bit about it. Why do you have to make a few thousand our bit if you so far, I don't need the money. I just it's just that the principle of air absolutely Jimmy. I think I did it yeah, but it makes sense, I mean it does make sense of the cap. The giant hook up trying to me does nothing
no. It doesn't make sense because Joe if I work at a basically work, that casino sort of you work for joy. I would to all, but he has a relationship with them and it's not like I dont. Suddenly there every week, airmen you just sort Erentz there he does written A rule against the rooms there, but you know you understand what I'm saying it's like in a sense I give them. Business were you remain? Do I go on the road you done it in someplace? yes, some of them. I want to kill me for a long time. You didn't go and I refused to do it yeah, because remember when we were back in when I was doing the store, we would talk about it all the time you are going to replace it, and then we were somewhat recently like. I think it was San Jose and they say yeah Bobby Lucius, your pact, the place yea as a damned Bobby. That's the only that's the only weasel. Now I got because what I used to go to the vote before no one would come what what? What what changed I don't know it was at war, here's what it was. I would go to a mark now. My thing is is if I go to a market first and at first
really know me or if they do, they don't know that to stand right right. I do a weekend for pretty much for free to give you guarantee right right and then can turn back is always better, because I know that I deliver You mean to let my shows good european it. So the people who saw you they come for you, they bring more people than the radio. I love radio. You come back like if you'd say, do a gig. How long before you come back a year a year area and how much you material be new in that year. Maybe it I'll be honest with you not as much as maybe the next guy but ten fifteen minutes. Ten fifteen must be in a new and a year really yeah, I'm not cause, I'm not that prolific. But the thing is it useful thing is: is that a lot of not now is improvise their right to have moments of just playing with the idea that a lot of that right and also my thing is theirs element of crazy. In my shower, where I use it, the audience in your crazy should require. Like like if so will get up to go about them. I'll chased him out of the room and followed him to the bed. Really yet and then Oscar Wilde love, you love it You hear me and I'll pull my pay.
Don't be a well that all them into the bathroom. Have you ever gotten and travel between your pants down you? I did this one thing, we're! Ok, I want to give a guy lab dance, so he got commenced. He came on stage and I the music is playing, and I got you on Parkinson's medication and I got naked and I sat come out and until the sky was extremely homophobic, real right, so there was the muse explained. I jump on top I would finally like sitting on a stool but a little my body in urban and hit the ground. You know me on my back when they got not a kind of like a split? Second, what you know you you here, let me like little like star you had no, but I heard by so what hit that made? You see stars like that. I hit my back in my head. A little bit. Maybe you had a about also to the window, my body rhino camerista. Hopefully we write United, yeah I got Jack and I don't know don't do that because nothing, he let me just took etiquette
that does not think that a laugh when you throw me off me, they're gonna lay got, alas, or he enjoyed, and I stood back up and Hugh. I look in his eyes. Any kind of what that guy. He collected right right. I didn't have a riot he's got addicted to the left. Right Percy was hatred right. Let's get off me, Gook you're, not gonna! Well, that's what he said, but if it is not only that, but in the Isaac until the Galapagos, so that when I fell down, we connected I'm. Ok, I can do it again. Why, like a sense you right, I send us a work, that's a worse than the weird thing right when you add level with someone you know exactly where this is going to go but exciting. It's fun, rags slates! Also to you and I both came up in the store and the storm you ve talked about the Sunday Times the podcast store for all its terrible qualities. The best thing about is the fact that no one was paying attention ever There's no crowd control. There's no one is going to comics, are forced to take care of audiences themselves, and sometimes you just deal with.
Regrettably, Hoss dioxins, vision. I've never worked with a club consistently with there's more insane shed happening, appealing to say land here. Are the commerce go yeah? That's tough room is tough you'll. Not you don't even know you talking about. I didn't even know more about the store. There's somebody Bulimic your Jana police, evil eye not unknown to distort stores evil. It is yes, it is but evil. Not there there's some is equality of evil to it. I think that qualities, because the fact that its heroes nightclub the fact that it was Bugsy this place. You can't get past the fact that people were murdered place yet, but it also has to do with the color of the building the. I really believe you know how they say. How can you can't paint your how's your bedroom red, taken blood red because psychologically, it's not good for you. We know that makes your anger in issuing a like silver, too. I try to complete my room silver ones and they go it's not because you'll feel like you're trapped in a me, I feel like black, you like in a cage black eye. I don't
what it does. I wasn't gonna pay these walls, black don t. You be ok for a broadcast. We have this made her. Fifty six is the color what walls, but these are neutral collar. Yeah he's a nice relaxing, very, very good right. Do you forget acted like this, the color nominal, even it just for your life like coffee, took so long to get in the pot. Guess I'm gonna leave. These are the reasons why that was the case right and I know it was because I was getting is going on right Let's get him almost like is the next cap that distort why don't you come back come back where I saw no, never never again. Why? Because I like them better and is no negativity there. They other ones. So super courteous, though, though, the staff there are so friendly and and thankful and kind for years. You dealt with at the store them pretending. Store was the star and you were lucky to work there. You're lucky about no matter what you did you can never do not. It was an energy when you were there Not now, not even a brilliant. Around three imply. Nobody, I'm saying that. I'm because I used of either go before
you in the street. It was hard to go about you, but it sometimes put me about you, but there is still an energy the alarm. I swear to God, that's different than it is now not that we don't get an audience, but it's a different kind of vibe well I was bringing, yeah my my specific thoughts on on comedy. My specific dots on life is: let's have fun, let's not take things so fuckin seriously. Let's look at all this shit, but let's be nice to each other and let's have a good fuck entire. That's why one of the reasons why, whenever they ve been crazy, what happened at the store? I would always make it a big point, two by everyone in the audience a drink, yeah man. When I kick somebody out there the leg, a dozen tie, I kick people out, then I would spend thousands of dollars buying three hundred people. Drinks, yeah, but that's but no one likes and, above all, right tat. You might get. Why did you leave in the first? Because it's not it's not matures club anymore, so the thing that happened was when with them and went down. I called Miti who's, the owner, the club.
You know about a relationship way back to nineteen. Eighty four, when I first met when I first in Hollywood and to me she was the you now, the queen comedy marries accomplished, always MECCA to mediate, was more important and is not bullshit to get passes a paid regular, the store that it was the fact that I was on a sitcom in California. I was on a sitcom as acting sucks. He knows a lot of money. I was making others money, but I'm like I'm a fucking paid regular to store loophole. We share, I couldn't believe I was there, and this is where Richard Price, It started out David Letterman was there and Kennison was there and all these Hicks. It worked there for a while. So to me it was like all this history, so I mean not only had I worked there for free for all those years where I was on fear factor they put my name upon them. Our key, it would say Jaaffier factors, Joe Rogue, packed the place we The powder on Myspace and to me was just It was a workout room. It would I get to fuck around us. Stay sharp due to along sat each Friday and Saturday night. So
go on the road. I always heard material. I wish I could still do special and still do fear fact. At the same time, it was a perfect situation for me and I could help the store. I work for free and is better even money that they owed me from years ago. I paid back in the form of a tax, free donation, and then aid for the whole sound system into play, yea it touches the speakers I put in an hour the hour burner, Fuckin Dat Player and Newark microphones towards the whole deal right and then, when this Halting happened, Whitman see which they knew for the longest time. What he was doing. Everybody knew what you yeah, but there are making money off bitterly turned a blind eye towards comedy, and what I have always said was that if you're business if Europe, if you
agent or if you are a manager or if you are a club owner, you're selling art, that's what you're doing and when you got one person who stealing the art of the people that you're selling and then selling it again, yeah, that's what he's doing is like his cannibalize and you have to put a foot now and stopped at the out of you. Don't if you say crazy, shit like while you know it's business in these making a lot of money. Well, then, you clearly and not on the side of the art form that you actually make your living selling right. So why not? it went down. I called mitya, but to let her know Brian me this crazy fucking video and it's about to go out and it's it's ugly and I told our go to guys a problem. We've had problems with him for years and then I put this video Kay all just keep away from just John the argument is you're. Never gonna hurt. Am I gonna knock em. Do anything crazier? Ok, you wanna go up tonight. I go yes. She was one time whenever you want to put me up. She was ok, ten o clock, art Dementia love you. I love you too. That was the last word I ever spoke to her. Ok, I got off the phone with her. They cotton
Tommy. Calls me an hour later and tells me band so so I got. What are you talking about? I got just talk, timidity and hit this stuttering cocksucker that full o will welcome Mmmmm Nancy's confuse, the fact is, it is to me, was very clear that there was like some situation where Mitya was no longer making the decisions it was nor her club. So there is some other people, whoever the fact they are Tommy, was dubbed the mouthpiece of whoever the fuck was making decision and clear They had made a decision to go and have been see a headline that we gonna make a big deal out of it. He was on the radio was for him to try to save, face and then have me band. And so I said, I'm never coming back out. I tell you this right now. This is it I'm never coming back, and so that was years ago, have never come back, but I was the best thing for me, because after I left there and then I started working out the improv, my god it's so
friendly here lie, but so much better everyone's happy there. The managers are happy that comics rural, it's cool bar area, where buddy hangs out when I start doing Sal's and more recently and just Do you know what may I just realized that there's calmly clubs out there that appreciate comics ass would be those are the only people that you you should hang with the fateful from my time at the store. I learned a lot there. I learned a lot about. You know hecklers in dealing bullshit, and I learned a lot about. I just learned a lot. The business from this whole thing that happened, yeah fucked over so for me, it was, is the best we're gonna have bags Tommy didn't go to anybody by the way they saw him, yeah yeah I mean I mean Tommy night. Whenever I mean I'm a regular there, I get spot anytime I want to, and Tom is a friend, I've never call them off for the job. I call him forth spots undermine, but I know that he made decisions, I'm sure he does, but not that one. I dont believe that you know I don't believe, or he I all this happened. He went amidst
and he didn't go to method and talk to it all. I know for a fact. So who cares what I told you talk to somebody else where the fuck? It was whether its Paul, are pulling whoever the fuckers, maybe Peter, who the fuck it is my computer. I don't know how it is. I have no idea, I dont know I didn't ask, I didn't care ended ever since then have called you know. Are we Let me one ridiculous letter. I saved it. It's hilarious Most one sided Fuckin letter ever talking about you know, don't destroy the store building up in my comments. I worked there for free for fucking, usually in and then they would also like everybody here so frightened it not tat every doesn't do what I did didn't put their name in a Marquis, accompanied by Myspace imitated, olive oil on the table away, and I start in their own right eye Six years ago, five Ivan play there. Six years right, ok, six years ago I call them the lovely I go. Can I go up gonna go doubts visit, a friend right right, yeah sure
I drive down there. I show up at the club and the manager goes. You can't go up in Loya Jirga why he was well, there's no girl show and we therefore ballet. They didn't wanna put up a whose it delete LISA Sunset people. I've never heard of right right. So I just go down here. They said I can t go up and from this guy Fuckin built that states literally means pretty soda. They got the place, he had nearly Hamburg and nails and she got so fuck you I'm going up we're not going up. I look up last right now I got em up I'll, never player that neither do I
you just fine completed. Since you know, man, that's a chill respected, that's a totally different situation and I'd. I totally see your side of a totally do and the girls. If they really wanted the you know to do their show and then have you gone last. Have you go and afterwards you know that's what am I gonna wait. I'm gonna fuck enormous on some people. Don't like that, though. They think that you're gonna US show them up in arms about other. There were all morning she owe their Joe. It was like a soul, thou interviews matter to them those forty people there to see them and if they know, if they do mediocre, they know you're, gonna crush and you go. After themselves, like you know like limited something to it. It's like I'm from that room right brain and I started women Fred Burns Shore get back when Fred was running it what's defrayed died. What happened? You know he, ITALY had spinal definite, yeah and
parents who still live. They took him on a cruise like a cruise to go to the ball out on a worthy one. Why and they told Fred one night they go Fred we'll meet you down here for breakfast and FED burns goes, I you know, and he never showed up the progress and they opened up his room. He was dead. Well failure in heart failure. If everyone is often user interesting guy, he got fired right for some, nothing, nothing, but the families, crazy man I mean look God, no ill feeling for the store. I think it's one of the most interesting clubs in the country, and I think I learned a lot- don't stand up there, but that's the whole point, the whole situation, the whole point of the home and see a altercation. What was supposed elite tactic create a better environment to stops stop someone who was victimizing. Other comedians and when the club supports that you can support the club anymore,
supports that it's not a great, it wasn't a grey area. Everybody knew what was going on in Vienna. Everybody complain for years and years so that that decision, the decision they may was like the worst possible decision. So there's no way I could go back there, Is it just sucks the fact that, like you know like Bilbil, show up and if men see as their he went along in the little things you don't mean that fuck up, I love the store, even got right. Vitamin c, and now it doesn't matter now. His toothless now is just its he's. Got no clause is all it's all over us. Did you see that comic. What he said in that movie. You got he died. I will open your mine reopen her. I just do I just dont out. Listen. I just did a benefit with him. More than a month ago your mean for the police police force rat remain and you and all the long as I'm, not Carlos he had never did drugs or drank. Does a big thing. I don't need iranian natural High were smoking pie. Iranian probably help
You have even made may also to recognise regain its authenticity. He says I can just tell his sad in worlds and as a friend at friend. You know you watch it and it's just you're not like our duty with him on Xbox, as I feel bad, I was worried about. You want to kill a dozen men. Did me the, but the positive aspects of work in the store, we're so true and when I know what you say legislate you see, I think we should just do it one night or scenario. We can't do it. I really will never be the same again. How do you know if you ve never been what it used to be? What it used to be was a lot of fun. It was used to be we look. There was a lie,
time, whereas at the store with a store felt like it did not have the environment that I and vision I was envision did being like. I said, comedy MECCA eyes, envision, there's always great comics going to perform. There is great environment and then, for a long time, when I was there and like thoroughly nineties in a wasn't like that shit, I say a kilometer defended and essential can crush you left. It has changed in this sense. Ok, we're getting a lot more New York eyes on the list right. She had billboard David You know all these New York. I sat at that moved here. Ok, writer Sailorman was there at the end of the line up like the other night, but who is a rock in Japan today but they showed up right. It's a different New York VI. And what I'm saying is this ok from the two years ago that you were there, it's not Carlos people who run the club. It's time every rioting harbours the same people run a club. I doctor said some stupid shit, o Brien, just the other day when you went there and he called me a fag time Tommy, retorted, he's
he's a Ding Dong, their dude? It was always going to be what he is now is. Is this? What what us calmly store is an idea. Ok, the idea,
Is it there's? This does MECCA Commonwealth, but he's hanging out crazy, like like that back porch area that parliament how much fucking funding we have back there. So much I've raising us in hilarity. The greatest moments in my life have been the whole lerius moment. Just always, everybody was doing something funny. Joe ideas is gonna fuckin pants down. I was crazy, always something chaos and then there's always crazy people coming back there and hanging hours and in fact they aren't, whose is guys guys nazi. He thinks he's an angel and the idea was about chooses the hangs out there that visa the outcry walked. Em down sunset would cross guys like I'll Colonel Sanders. Have you seen again that guy's eloquently by colonel Savagery and Jesus him together are always the best combo centre, getting an argument finding of the Lord or to raise again its debt places? Awesome you know, and but the idea of what the coming stories you bring them everywhere with humanitarian everywhere on the road I bring that everywhere. Where you stand south is a perfect example to South comedy hole. Is this new place it opened up on Mailros guy from New York? He had a place on the Breyer for a while, but the illegal lick lured liquor licence issue. Now you re opened a new place, fuckin guy
great he's got open MIKE's, like almost every night super supportive of comedians just once people to come down here? We're trying to Fiji, give you drink and is for consistently mice are really nice guy who loves, comedy and he's running in trying to make a good comedy club, ok and because of that comics or fly to place DS? Does it all the time? Are you guys it Brian doesn't autonomy to night? His show will have at least fifty sixty comics wanting to go up at their clock. Shouldn't really glad to showcase to become a regular. Alas, are acknowledged area of how you gonna do anything. Until just hook you up man, you gotta, give your door deal hack, the play its super swedes, while allies and needed a new room. Maybe did it when you go to the improv and you go to places like south. You realize. Ok, well, there's places. I dont have this crazy attitude that the place
the star you know like Tommy, was her. This attitude at the store is the star, and so did a member who's. The guy love a fuckin who used to run it Scott Day. Most guys got Duncan was still people realise that I was not entrust our boy was the the talent manager for Sport year youngest and he had to quit, because you don't want to be on polishers realities, yea and they wanted to put down the recently shown so far he was like a radically improved doesn't have, though, that the store has. Is that wild west? Guys? You right here, I ain't I create no, because it's like can't over the light younger men. Those rules that so you can't run across this in my underwear, if I want to write or mean rapid at the store, there's always still that viable, like anything, can happen. European she's list that riots Yes, I do my light. That's everywhere the joy ideas shouted live there comes with us. I am doing this weekend by the way Mandalay Bay Theatre. It's almost all doubts arise. You gonna get tickets but it should now there's there's not much left and
Houston on it's Friday. We will do it. It's Friday, night February forth, which is the night before the you have see so and its at Mandalay Day, which is whether you have seen so it's gonna be fuckin crazy. If you want to get to jump on it now and it's Joe ideas and our Asia fear, so it's the full death squad roster and, Bobby Lee is gonna, be at the Houston Improv that we can do the same weekend everywhere, a fourth and fifth and sixth year Sunday to pretend that this weekend is it this weakness. We can come into the next night under that next we can sort of that eleventh. Something like that is, let's find out exact people, don't crazy. We don't want to came to see, killed a you dear Bobby you. My favorite droid just turn it on. Yes, Miss is
be withdrawing deprecates check out this new candy, eleven twelve and thirteen Bobby's Frati Saturday and Sunday and valentines, which is month of bam you and Valentine's day, interesting which, by the way I loved Euston, I'm coming back a fuckin swear to God. I know I have been there forever we're trying to work out a deal. The problem was, I don't wanna do any shows where people have to stand up and Doing the house a blues and the house a blues they wanted, they wanted. I think it's like six hundred people standing and six and of people seed, and I don't like that's crazy. Let's I did then Vegas I've done a Vegas a bunch times and the problem becomes the bar just begun to fill. But talking as way too many people there in everyone's drunk and no one knows how to fuckin whisper and it becomes chaos. So I went to see wanted Doug stand. Hope shows where I understand, and I was like no more standing, because I watched as an audience member. Only this isn't funny hurt your feet yeah what that guy up and ship, so I
add a bunch of deals world supposed to do the the Houston area, but everytime they ran into this fucking standing roadblock at theaters ran into it, so I'm just going to go to the comedy club, so the improv and we're working out. We're gonna figure that shit up so warm anyway, but more time Friday night, you are a fourth Mandalay base. Eater me Joe ideas and irish of fear. The next week in the eleven twelve and thirteen an Valentine's day Bobby Beata disuse. Improv. Is it's very nice, Claudia New and spend you know it sweet? we did it. We did a shocker, locker, mother, Fucker, so that's the deal and then the weak, and after that I met the
improv. That's the eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth and we're gonna get brine really high and make them go on stage every night. So bad forgets this material favorite new things are going to try by fire sign. You did good this weekend. Did real good this weekend. Seven minutes you probably fuckin, killed four, for you got a solid four minutes of bits in there you're doing all right kid on their hustling now discuss I'll go, get throws be spoken talk to the lions, so that's the eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth is the brain improv of February in the week after that, the in fuck you can go to jail. Logan done net. Read all this shit yourself bitches this Thursday trying to get ARI and Joey. I'm not sure if I can not maybe Brian Cowen or someone else but building maybe a show. On Thursday we figured out what the fuck's gonna do it, but for that is the show so it be nice, weak and then for Thursday night are, has a show that I'm into beyond as well at the improv, its historic Toshiba scripture,
Bobby Lee. Thank you very much. I like Slovakia has brought you fuckin shit via my friend for many many years, and I love you tell a lot happier here. I'd like you to the flesh like go to Joe Rogan doubts net click on the link enter in the code, Name Rogan and you get fifty percent off your master oratory, utensil bitches. You know, I love, you see you a couple days, thanks role, sport forever, the ravening you motherfuckers make life a dream. Yeah.
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