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Date: 02-22-2011 The raw, live, and uncensored podcast of Joe Rogan. With Bas Rutten and Brian Redban.
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The job local experience, what the fuck is ugly, gentlemen. Thank you. To join us before we even get started, because our guest is so fucking epic, I have to get the commercial out of the way they say. Thank you to the park gas for sponsoring us. If you go to jail, Rogan dot net and you click the link and you type in the name. Rogan get fifteen percent off a flashlight natural gas. Stressing back has responded by the pathogenic yeah. I'm fuckin giddy today about gas sponsored by the flesh like this is the first light boss
of yours in wanting to file I've never seen. No one is etc. This is cleaned. We feel it is very. It's amazing, amazing device. American ingenuity at its best, where you do heated up microwave q, recommend that think why. How damaging? As we know, what they did. You see that nickel, like the jerk off cops. They have like cups in Japan and you and you there. What a guy and has a little like silly thing on it. You know so to give up moist hole in it and is actually you can use it in a throw away. My buddy you have. We went up to the
room, I body, goes right away. His men were useful as a that's. That's that's not right. The best was that my other friends, he forgot it in a little paper bag and where some poor magazines in a bag also. So when we left of those at the Tokyo and held him they'll do tell we walked up and his little girl goes. I saw you forgot your energy. She looks in there. She looks like it because it so she knows exactly what it is exactly. What is very common in Japan, it was there a bunch of freaks over their own. This wall so have the hawk so the cleanest can only join its for small businesses. I guess whereas I work is not designed for american or Dutch Cox right for those who don't know who we're talking to this is a true mix, martial arts, legend or real pioneer
Sweden was a former. You have see heavyweight champ anyone I first saw boss fight. I saw you fight back There was any real good striking and makes martial arts makes martial arts was alive there was no karate guys we're there. You know there was a few people that we, just while in crazy that we're get in there and trying it and there was paid grace was going on over in Japan and a body mine. Sent me a tape and AIDS in Africa who get aiming to table it was you gotta watch his mother, Fucker boss rooted deserts. Finally, a guy who's over that knows how to strike in you were born lasting guys like an pancrase. It was a lot of like they had these. These Shannon that Shin pads on for folks who haven't seen it and you weren't, allowed to punch to the face, but you could use open palm so with boss figured out Do was pull hand way back. So he was punch with his palm, where everybody else was doing. Bitch slabs boss was lasting. Would straight right, palms and not gonna unconscious and body kids. They just couldn't believe
how much pain therein Are you all? You will want to first guys from HOLLAND that that you know that hard dutch style of kickboxing to enter into mixed martial arts? I worked. I a use that already abolished I was about like the mess of my fisher, and I always thought but wait longer reach like friends is alive. The great straight. You know they ve combinations, it's great, but if you, if you connect with the left to cure to close for the straight Is she and the longer to push the more paradise? I said why don't I ate with a pull? You know, because becomes almost lost. My straight punch, so Distrait will have more effect on people. A thinking I said if you'd be eyed the air, if you could see what I'm fighting I'm eating right here, just the job that justice and if we tap at their you'll drop, You were those gas to you, you analyze different ways to attack opponents and that's why you ve got all these videos online of self invented ethnic sandbars. If you haven't
these videos envision a music video on landfill. No sorry, I'm not sorry backpacking, all, look you Well, we got here we're. How did I get started? Haven't you start doing most able the funniest thing I made the big boss wouldn't big Butch of combat and then the I promised the first Rihanna people we're gonna, get a self defence a book, a small one. Small book likes fifty pages book. Something, but then disguise gloomy over with the books and went at all. But you know I left this guy, but I came back to him. I shall listen. I told the people first three hundred we're gonna get, and I want to keep my word but I don't want to do anything with design and more because it took too much for me already anyway. We shall why not I'm making a video. Who in instructional dvd and then we give that to the first three out of people on this gradual when you and I will get a camera, it was like totally not square.
When we started at the bar. How twenty was that you know that I go wrong to burn egg. I see a little what do you got a sorcerer something I shall get well, they should get through it aimed to strike. You can break it now. If you could show bag, you should get slice him. You know and then, when I could do that thing that holds the receipts another ten. I grab it. The thing I go. I need the image do it. This was the funny as we had this to have so many times there were dying laughing it. That's all one take no preparation. Nothing will see. You don't have to worry about things. You think, like that, all the time and being a bouncer It is one one I've never been abandoned. By did we actually did work the bouncer at a concert place a great woods. Answered centre and there was a lot of fighters, You kindly deal if that's different in a bar, because a bars Dangerous is more Cantina concert, places big and wide open was an outdoor venue. You know when you're at a bar, you must have seen a lot of shit, especially in the HOLLAND, HOLLAND, the fucking crazy place. It is it is it
please you have to watch out and you know wasn't in that area that they really started to combat the weapons. I was almost four You know too were what, with the big eyes would come in and they would actually give their guns to us. You know it put them to decide. And no one has been made with their guns. Soya and there will be, would be stored for them before they went in sheer. I was crazy and allied one guy it was it- was high up. There was actually cool because I worked there only forty two two weeks, a big place, the galaxy, and settled in boss. Very no place against big lay at some epic fides. Their men really cool. Guy will should anyway, broke out a right away. The big guy did the guy was on top of the letter. He grabbed me from the front. Any bear hug me and he says we're just gonna stand like this what is this is. I just wanna take the the worst one. Most dangerous one. I just wanna old you like this that was kind of a compliment, because all the other viruses herded legal like
this guy now and then the world starts travelling rally HOLLAND finds it happened in HOLLAND in bars. It seems to happen a lot with Emma may guys. I know you ve been in a bunch of em ouster ovaries, fucked up his hand, hurry got in the big one. Conversely, I kick boxes and Emma may guys are always getting part fights amidst abolishes the bow, just really think that they can do something, and I dont know why. Maybe it is because they get more of them and they think so they give you they wanted to give you she asked. They know you are it's. Do you find your ie? You find because you have such a reputation do find a like guys get drunk in and they want to test themselves and that happen. I had that deal that whole barf Sweden happened and after that For some reason I never had it was the bar this week. That was a very famous like that. Was he always internet? What would happen with that? I walked in and what you want,
oh god, I don't know it's like ninety, six or seven, so you want do. You have championed, then went one mounted and when the USA was a ninety nine nine, I think so, but they you know: putty recognise value from kickboxing from May already famous in the islamic world and in other more jobs. Debt for seminar people knew me, and a bunch of widely when I commend to say, hey Wooten, stay calm tonight and it was a little alarm bell going over my mind. Maybe I should go in, but I go. I was drunk already. Why not right I come in with my body, crazy friend from all of us and them sure enough. They started them that they certainly ask me, because I'm jumping around and having fun. You know here which are able to help everybody. You know me when I tried to make friends with everybody tried, speak swedish You know and then they data can you come with us. So we go to these two doors through these two doors and is a big fire stairs like a marble, stairs giant and he says well,
would you to leave. So why are well? Europe too much energy or flopping around. It's, no good! You, your borrowing to customers as to show but gave on my friend my buddies over here is also from HOLLAND to go down that I'm gone because otherwise you know we can find me so they didn't expect that that they thought I was gonna- do something of course, pushing I said I would you push me. I want to go. Gay. You know what I do want to travel and you stopped putting his finger on my chest, which something I really can't stand right. So I say: ok, don't touch me because if they know, if you do that again, wrong. Shorn of they were looking for a fight. Of course. He did it again. So pushed him and another. Behind him jump over him and he stabbed. The figure in my eyes are guys come on, let's stop this right now. I don't want it, but my other eye and there when boom then I went down. They went down
one place, I've never seen anything. I heard him over the music that was while this thing ever and then the little microphones right. So will I don't know, but fast was like five guys for five guys these are fundamental guided. I no doubt constantly because you will wake up and everything was good and well good and bad. I realise, when a man this These guys are going to come back up all the time. You know that this is going to come to an end that gonna get the hell out of here. So I do not going down so you're hitting on their fallen down. Everyone is coming out. You knock number you realize you gotta get out of here I had to get out of. There is one point: this day I have no clue what is: was I'm falling against a full and theirs in the wall. You know, with a little like bar, and there's broomsticks broomsticks but no blooms on broomsticks just show
we're having won but right away when I grab one, I think to myself. If I grab one, they gonna grab one so I leave it had occurred. A day passed, it had been called. You know you're fighting fiery eyes, always broomsticks. It was wild and then am I to go. Get out there. So I went all the way down and I remembered to this day was adorned. You know one of the least copper things a jet, pushing and an open up, joy, click undisclosed and I'm going ok. Now you know so I turned around and I thought. Okay now, I'm gonna go only forty eyes. I'm gonna hit him. My throat I'm gonna kick him. The ball is the only thing I'm gonna go for now and they looked at me and they all stepped back Schwaiger Wolf. They can see business, but behind the whole police force side because the windows today as they through in jail.
Because apparently one of those boxes with was cup. Yeah, and I knocked him out of course also Body'D never told me that he was a Gub Gub, as I wouldn't have done that anyway, there is also this actually funny story, because before this will happen, I'm talking to my wife and I'm already tank right She says way you laughing, we have so much vaunted honey, I'm drunk What a fine she's, no you're there would do, he's not girls, and I sat there were about you know me, I'm drunk you, I don't care about anything, especially not that I just want to have fun. So after today, they allow me to give my first phone call and I'm calling my wife. Figured out. I shall honey, you gotta be ok, relax when I say I got some good as maintenance, or even here, first she's, a good news factors swedish girls says that is its army. Jill suppose you gonna be different story, because everything is not funny. I think
hell of a story. You gotta get moving. That's it outstanding story, so Did you get the country? What happened? You know what I asked. Press charges and they said no she was ever I'm not gonna pressure. Rather, but apparently they did press charges and that had to go. Court. So I get this lawyer. Not and also you know they drive me from the normal police station to jeer at this. Like a move, your? U you drive into a mountain and the roads in the middle of a month. You tat the elevator like do elevators. I don't know by go when elevator go like four stories up, I go out. Take an auto elevator garlic to down go out. They can not a huge public sitting up I got. Where am, I know was so we deal with our sitting. There would like murderers, rapists. It was the wireless thing ever, but all the older or the guards knew me show
I had a VCR philosophy, I was late guards with the gods. They actually gave me my phone call. Today, the more your guns, the boy goes, I say: okay, so we're gonna go. And he said my report we gotta get like, sixty nine months. I shall walk back. I say what he says you are. One of them was up as you are giving us a bit How did you said about the fight against one you against anything? So anyway, Got and M M my friends so Francis Weight and they start they talks Bradley. They talk to those guys as it makes one did you charge back there they did and then, while yes, a yellow imagine six month yet it was weird. Man was like a movie like a movie with a guy. From my letter remembered he made a movement diamond jail somewhere. Really weird
I was in a mountain. That's kind was in a big monad praise and then was the when, when you had to lead you to go with you, you're one hour a day? It was like a circle and it was divided like like a pie like it ate and but with a fence like you shipments like that in eight, so you would you have a piece of paper. Let's say your debt space to yourself from year to year, two older and then the one another guy right next to you that there is, and you not interacting with them, you not in the same jails them unanimous in cages. No, not insane cage. Everybody has a room here. How weird, as wild scare stuff, because it's funny now, which is really miss, waited- and this is where it happened in Sweden- is waiting here. Is that the place where all this shit is going down with Wikileaks, we're trying to put that guy in jail for for rape because he had sexual a girl, a condom, broken you didn't teller, Sweden is a strange place and they take like violence and crime very, very seriously. They add
it is. The suicide rate is the highest in the world a real here. Japan is too much weedin this one I were, Is that why Sweden, that checks, or so hot air, but simply that, would cut back a lot you know. An ancient mill was given themselves in Brazil, the girls as we intervene. It's like we did the flight over. There was a funny story to because I've got my crazy friend from all about so we we get thanked on the plane and and- and he says I gotta go and I said: well, don't you nobody He said here that the ILO is next to me and he sits on the other side is a well that, but they just do light on, because we're landing. I said what are going to do to get to stop playing as they go ligament. So it goes up and he's like walking up because we're going that it goes to the rest of my people When complaining, you know four, he comes back. To get end- is before no one wants to get here. To get anything you can go in and I looked
fraud. I see that the pilot there. This is true story to, and pilot and doors open. I say I want you and let you and if you go to divert, attach the pilots head and he says: ok, Indonesia and he put his hand on his head and people like you can do this with, but not not. Battle for some reason they led us into the country. Who asked you? Maybe they have now been shot yours if you shut your cell phone after put in jail, exuberant paternal plane, ride around and younger wows This is not easy. Ninety six, ninety seven year about that, I remember when you could get on a plane with just a you didn't even have you didn't, have a driver's license. You know what you didn't even have to have a driver's license. And when you didn't get anywhere with nothing, you just go on with a with it with a ticket. Why that's when I met when I was when I used to compete?
Take one no terms would fly oriented I'll take it. I didn't ever licence angel between Canada for a long time, you could always driver's license to arrange to Canada can enter Mexico, but then United States start being douche bag about it and they cut back on Mexicans ingredients coming over here, and so they made it more difficult than so. Canada and Mexico made it more difficult to be. Yet when I first you still got a Montreal ways, do the comedy festival up there. I didn't have a passport knew the trouble of the boy Their old, I'm kinda, never! For some reason they always get me out. I have no clue what at its meeting, I have well. Yes, your record. They find you I mean you if you ever assault like like what have I dont even know would have in Sweden. That was not because I went to court and they threw it doesn't matter the fact, You got arrested and went to court and all that and you weren't a jail for little bit, even if there is no charges that that that stick. You have the money record, like any. Bravo got arrested once for legally having a gun he got pulled over for it.
Traffic violation. This when he was working for check, cashing company needs to carry around a big bag of cash with him and he had to carry a gun with him and it was only legal, but he had done some, not stopping nodded. Stop seiners up like that. So He said I just one way. You know I have a gun, a loaded gun in the car, because I do this. They arrested him. They released him because he knows wreck, the check is paperwork. It's all good, doesn't matter every time he goes. And every single time gets pull the side and they check is shared and they ask him oceans and it takes like an actual hour. I have a good start with the last time. We destroy its really annoying, and now he had no record me he did nothing. You know I never never stuck a record, which is the fact that he was even more arrested, get big what a guy one time standing there all men we gotta get any rights in the bag. You can have as their rights very well, we, as I know
that same lines or nothing. My twice also in America riveting again back from Japan, seem too, If this guy, you said you got any right, I mean what I did have you might say always ask me, Brian's obviate what you get you nobody, but he's got a man about Royds girl who ask that yells hoisted bag. The funny thing is, you could say that Rosa for faggots anymore, say anything because no guy on roads are what matter even happening as fuckin. Most gigantic ridiculous. Human beings do power, lived in six meals today, how much pork, although the that's Sharansky runs keys. The strongest man did you now ski put in asking They were saying that he ate took like a handy and bake it. What the other twelve part of bacon, or something like that today, something's heat or purple
you see, we ve got him, so he got verbal and leaves color. Yes, these bodies, your buys, not supposed to look like the supposed it does not have fighters build. You know when you see these guys like theirs, You see a lot of times in a first couple. Fights assume that come in they just do big looks good and it might be good for the first thirty or Many seconds. You know you didn't. You could really guerrilla fuck a guy for thirty or forty seconds, but then that lack that, ass. It builds up was ended. I I I never get about it. Never get. If somebody said origin, Roy to say united to me it it is that in secure already. You know, there's something wrong with you, because you are not happy with yourself: let's go to there and then You think that they say you know if you're, but everybody does it. I mean you're. Just saying this further amateurs, they you know, data the camel, I'm the border, the camel rat
and they asked me to go on. Camera was the four people Nano, the California amateur mix, martial arts organization? and they asked me to speak to the guys blood in a future. Wanted your what to watch out for another the most important thing. What is the most important thing this and I said well, don't do right. I mean if you, if you already did, watch or- thinking about doing what I mean it must stop your career because in this particular stage by now, any thinking about it. You gonna feel leading to be a loser, because you want what I never got that and how dangerous it? You know what I hear the EPA: oh, no people do I commend it. Doesn't it make blood really thick a dangerous and very calm, and by the way the Guy Box has been car with a shiver. Shea mostly got caught with it. You know be always what they always acute cyclists of using again Who is a professional cyclist and we was on it and he said that when he was, tour. They were on a tour with they would ride on a bus, and then they would
They compete in these tournaments and these are racist rather and do it here guys in the middle of the night on rector bikes and go right, they had to heart railroad down or something else that I who much blood too much blood builds up in your body, because what what p o simulates. It's like artificial attitude. In this effect it happens it out to your blood, again, because you need more oxygen because it's a low oxygen environment. So these guys they take this. The other half the exercised by the wake up like three o clock in the morning and the like, their parts of FARC, Daubeny gotta get on a binding go yet was gonna. Have a heart attack. You could drive stroke seeking its very dangerous. I know mix martial arts, guys that have done it. Guys and have done it that you know there too, You found out like after the fight in the oil. What the fuck me. You gonna. Let us know what are you doing this? So if you get knocked out, we can tell the doktor, hey here's something you consider you guys on the fucking. Lapel use it,
And, as is the ridge, you know you need a vault like this because it so thick come and I like it over again, I was gonna. Do Joe Mccarthy and as I say, you know what the new or don't know he asked me since you know, the newest druggist like providing as it tell I said, for and it goes. How do you know that? I read an article about it like a week before an apparently guys. That, taking very and apparently very one of these wonder things. It's really good for you, kidneys, we'll blood pressure, for I mean I read it yeah. That's what instruments that I sent it s magazine enable like raving about it's, a real good medicine apparently, but gave magic, but what it does is it increases your nitric oxide and all those those supplements of people taking on natured burn all these different nitric flood. All these different things. This is the exact same thing increased.
Nitric oxide anyway, you dick it's hard. So quick muscle, fuckin flare range, get back, big, developing Darfur and to a goes to the ground and be uncomfortable. That's what I'm saying you know what it's like to keep you company play a little figure. They go friends on if you have addicted to fit into one of those Germany's men of masturbation concrete might not even ever it s funny one of the guys that you're one of the few guys that has gone through a mixed, martial arts career and has successfully brought and this into a broadcasting career. I mean you, you made you you're, very smart and how you handle that, because, first of all, you didn't, too many fight, you didn't go with your ego and have fight after you weren't we were busy with other things. Are worth fully concentrated on you stepped away full health members should do not fulfil not full health.
These were very bothering me and the one of the worst thing that extend the night is in both my arms and evaluates. If that starts than its I don't enjoy on Algeria, Javert at Yale. Ever had genocides yeah Can I have both here in the arms of stairs and even hits it's about a for forty five minutes, our a brain which is undermined. Israel yet you have northwards like coming from the outside. It's like he hides you can describe it. No pain like it and there's nothing you can do it can take paying bills for nothing why the writer lose weight. You know come back in two thousand six, six weeks before it headed you know I had nine weeks to prepare, I think two times three to five that too Gov did. I literally only work my legs had because I had to tell the nervous and then because you lose weight from the pain
realizing okay. This is the reason that I stopped, because it's not fun anymore. You know you're the grant everything her troubles. I was rolling with the in eddies glass. With the Goliath you remember the guy there and I was gonna vitally Polo Annam Chemo, Leopold, Gimme! the EU is very much looks like him like built my MAC Animal with you, because I need to just get up and just strike, get a master and had done a nightmare a man, everything was hurting and I could see everybody looked like earth disbursed, words new, so I go Please give me you know, so I got his number five years later. I said Anne to five is offset come back again and he was Well, what's going on now because it's a whole different ballgame, but show that mean. Everything. Every time when you train with that man is so much pain.
Yeah you lose weight. You get eat your tears from the panes while and so what exactly is tending Ninus? What is it? What is it from? I have no clue, and you know what I realise that begin early days when at a trick of field, I already headed there. I think that it comes from all the courtiers zones that I took. I was a very sick it better my bed edgy everywhere and it gave me a la cortisone. She no doors were afraid something was going to happen to the end and the that- has an effect on hearing a skeleton. You know it melts, they say, but I guess, if it's as regards demonstrates. Why crazy see you you're, a sick kid, a new transitioned, somehow two martial arts champion well start training really hard because of your sickness, because your asthma, one Leah, I I I get bullied and love I was very lonely kid I was I
the trees. I wish. I had a really cool skill. I could climb a tree in the forest and I could like forty five percent of the forest like go. From tree to tree tat poets, swinging Y gotta next week they were followed if they would go Montague Darzac for planting trees or they would go after you and you would jump from tree to tree like a monkey getaway, that's what I did and add a few of them fell you know one was almost he's gonna make it did. I mean his head fell like next of Iraq. Everybody show much that that was my harbour devils, my safe hovering over them. Something outrageous climb a tree zebra That's where I got my letters isn't from joy in climbing over time now that's fucking creed, It's amazing how many minutes Marshall orders were bullied. You now me people look at a guy like you and I would go. There's no fuckin way. This guy was ever bullied inside of me
how much of that happens and what the fuck I mean, how you stop that shit from happening in school? I know you're involved in a lotta Anti Boeing programmes and I've seen you do. You know public service announcement stuff like that Have you snapped and school you get you were you no one. Is it. It's hard? You have to make sure that they do scream. I would do. How do you say that the name I would tell there if I That would speak it from those people that the bullies that their we gotta have sympathy for those guys was obviously something's wrong with them. They own again team up no to get somebody and a big, the weakest guy. I miss you Firstly, if you guys think this school, that's the biggest losers the whole school and I figured human nature. Tat really is it's like me, probably got beat at home in Ohio and if you start up- I gotta hopefully a ring the bell with a bully because otherwise can stop this.
Are you here every now and then about guys are fighters who bullies you know? Who will you hear about bullying in the gym? Guys are really good. Fucking other guys out, like young guys, be little like about Hector Lombard, and I don't know if it's true but your love stories, but him beat the shit out of young guys and hurting people You know, and you know that there has to be something from their childhood- it just ass. If something happened there Yet scarcely you can. You would think that guy was a trained fighter, though you'd think well, that's would be my solution like how do you get pulling out of schools? I really think you should teach kids at a fight. I don't think they should have to fight, but I think you know two in physical education offered because for a man it's one of the most important things you could ever learn for developing your character for being just maiden being. Confident and getting out aggression, so you can think things more. Clearly we get Late this morning, at a gym,
it was. I was frictional Jim by the way people don't know you have a great Jim in two thousand oaks and how do people get there? What is where's? That was the name of it. It's a boss, students, Elite, Mme, it's on eighty, eighty, Hampshire role, in thousand thousand is a rare opportunity. If you live in this area to train with a true legend and apparently I'm everyday there. I'm tray of yet every day. So it's not like my name is a legitimate, I'm not there. I don't like this. You know so Katy allows out you jump deregulate was Jim French chemicals Jim? My friend hope Magellan need a guy from lights out. New tv shown affects Groucho and boxing show yea next February champion. You know and I we should go cope with the problems. You know it money is gone and scandal. Sopranos meets rocky meet. You know like Sears like that We are all of us were bullied. Also Franco's was a little fat kitty said, and then he also he went to boarding school in Scotland, his father sent em over day was the only American there's at Edinburgh
Let me also add, Sir here, because of their actually my and all of my em asthma, YO, YO, asthma and yet had inherited sure that's how they fix. I go over there. You know what a big things when I when I stepped into the states when I was fighting it, where's, your pc, some fight, you know you'll see. I still have everywhere have spots in when I came into America, I think within a month everything I mean I she's of almost disappearing was gone. I think also Well, I mean maybe something to do with common foreign climate, I learned this is actually not do harm to dry. You know it's! It's perfect trigger place near yeah. We just had a right. What it always react in here are people soda. Freezing the decks, like I said, I'd. Give it at this stage is a. Why doesn't everybody in Amerika live here? What we feel like, I know, there's no house This'Ll, be balloon area. There's a lot of people,
so I'm so you didn't exactly transition now without any pain. That said, that was one of the reasons why you were you cut you you're fighting. Crucially, as an annex vii of that and my knees, I have no card which are many gaps. Rail, which sounds ass, very easy thing to fix button a reality the worst problem and you can have a mean Scottish in between the knees when a boss. They can do something about that in OPA, cartridge of the kneecap they can. My friend has his knees. Resurfaced. Do you have to resurface with steel? They put some sort of a steel or titanium. Lay over the knee I friends DE was on the. U S. Key team in the aid is in fact his knees up really really bad, like he's had leave sixteen or seventeen surgeries on his knees and their mangled, and they just recently artificial monistic is in place dislike white padded stuff. In between
These is his cartridges, so chewed up that they actually read resurfaced it with metal. So he has like it like it's crazy, looking thing man, it's like metal, like on top a nigger. I haven't here somewhere. My final point: leave tonight, you can check it out, but so there are, there is a solution that my friend, you know it's it's big infringes they can put the meagre budget cuts motion you know, so it's not like you get something on there and then because it gets rid of wig and what it can do is like drill hole in there and then I put a teflon played it, but that's the drill, the hold any becomes thirty five percent more weeks, so yet we much has to bring any once you break any gap. That's why it was my doctor said: that's
they'd above usually breaking kneecaps, because that's the worst thing to do to somebody the knees of brutal man. I've had never dreaming operations. I had my my left Asia reconstructed, romanesque scope to my mother. My love me here. I got a picture of it here. We want to jump to celebrate. This is resurface This is where they took his cartilage was so fuck that take it off and they resurfaced it with steel and this white stuff. In this picture this. Is the artificial miniscule up with this picture on twitter later So what else he this that they can do nowadays is bizarre. It's pretty fuckin crazy. I don't know is really new staff that they're doing, but I mean his knee looks like but how did you feel is very great he's not migration dodges. While this motherfucker ever medusa
insurgent he's fifties and is still trying to fight this crazy serviceman it's very hard to step away from Dino to come back to it. It's it's very but mine. When I have students of mine or friends of my finding its I'm way more nervous than they are inside, because you can't control it's like sitting next to the driver like I run the wheels control here that's now it's hard to. There's no feeling like it's When you win when you for six hours which you were gonna like five special combinations on the ground and standing and thence deceive if you get a land one? and ninety percent of the time you do. What's. Did you really worked on and then you land that thing in them? a whole in one. I guess that's what I always say has to be feeling like that yeah, I think much crazy that I think it's just the ultimate Campbell. You know you're out their thrown your bones at some guy. China hid his vital areas
just a regular guides us like an expert and he's doing the exact same thing, and so severe successes, on how much dedication you have how much the army put in how much you can keep your shit together under pressure. Hi right when you wins the ultimate high it really and what you say is the thing is: can you always say? Can you bring don't you know the way you fight and train their and spar there. Can you bring that game to the right? Does that mean you? The is that there is a big thing under pressure as we jump right, lotta Gus all that you see them, they'll do great, no do be like dominating, and then The guy will still be there and then you see adversity, you see doubt you see all kinds of creepy things about whatever the fuck HANS theirs, conscious, whatever the fuck is in their personalities, they don't, like you, see it surface. Most of the time is it. You see, a guy went to get him to harbour a shot. You know and
motions. Damned must look nice by the way you get up and that the big bone updates. When they hit somebody with a best bang and go covers and comes back, then you seem now down or they have amended submission and they think they had him and then the guy's keeps you know, that's like a mental break for them. They give up its like the weirdest thing. You got money, How could I know so many fighters who really do are like that, and I shall just do it again. But again and make a little bit more right. Why would you do that? You know what I'm gonna give up. The fear of losing is a tremendous burden that a lot of guys have and it eventually manifests itself in a fight sectors. Afraid of losing their so afraid of fucking. Up that it's just that it happened, bondage afraid of losing in front of an audience because they have to listen to those people gonna tell them what you should have done this and Chris leave and set it really funny. A long time ago says you got knocked out by a silver, and then he said, em, it's bad. If you go to the bottom,
and a guy behind a desk tells you what you should have done, because everybody knows better, that's horrible and this well. We say I say you fight for yourself. You say why should you we family waving. It gives no, I fight for me because it takes the pressure of because we think about this, and if, if you ever fellow fighter- and go both into a room, you locked the door, you guys fight, Do you really care? If you lose, I don't think so. Really care. I loved win, but you know I don't know you know, is the best man that day he wonders right now. If you follow them, Didn't you gotta go to all that bs these, these other people who no clue what it's all about. But you see what I mean: you're fighting for those people and had so much pressure. That's why stay away from the original over the new disappointed that, because all that they will play at You walk through the cage and you hear yourself saying do anyway, because that's why I never did that, because you put a lot of pressure you now I better do what I said: yeah guys out there
guys realize it, but you see it in the face. Sometimes, when I step into the octagon, you see all the shit talk in their said and then like here we go like, while one of my fuckin done does own theirs she had talkers were actually really good chosen and three there was yet library. I did. The bastards ass by that's pretty good judgment is really good at it. Yeah yeah there's a few guys. If you guys, you notice, Lamar Gash, Frank, Shamrock was good common, make an Tito made a whole career out of it. Also, you know everybody's as those are not the guys. Did you see, you know deploying small gave Nick DS, yeah yeah. He loves it. If any he's a really nice guy, he didn't like it when he gets fired up, though any fights when he fights it's nice guy. So, let's away psychological warfare as part of finding right, that's it. And I always say, who's got the biggest balls. Who can keep gotta keep on going debt, while wishing stamina is the one number one thing. You know that that's wanting
can ever say from you. My lemme make we're never gonna guess, because that's the only thing you can control, no one, you train, go run. An extra he'll do something I'm not in Bergamo they're losing how difficult was for you know when you start to get the tender ninus, because you know there's like this stamina from from grappling, though you probably couldn't get like. I know for a fact that geological sacrifice, yet when you fuck Osaka, when you want the title right, that's why you wanna title? No, that was universe. Fight, knows it's out of management. When you, when you fuck Osaka, you had a problem like you, couldn't do any grappling for, while writing, net problem and network may get their guests Darrell Galler their ressler, Are you gonna get him in a triangle at the gym and he lived MIA? and he slammed me down with my neck into the corner. Where that took a long time gone. I was the whole thing that I just had. Surgery comes from that all the way, and there was the injury would it was it was. I have no but it was so painful. I had a daughter at the time she was like in nice, and
do not lay off my chest while I was I think everyone, I would say it was funny because at this big syringe of light, o king and injecting mice, in between my ribs. Oh my god, you have Sheikh of Zuma the cameras right, and I was at the time with the movie with universal soldier, Gaza, Rigid United, coming to examine as it is, as you know, does not to notice vital king is dangerous shit, yeah budget yeah. I guess you have to watch out for a job. You know they didn't. It always goes one because they can't feel where it is, but I had to between every whip, Do yourself yeah? those maple lighter keen is like the gay cousin of cocaine. Numbs things up. When I got my nose fix, I gonna deviated cept infection. They squirt little came up there when the cleaning it out ass doesn't figure out because they go
your nose with a vacuum cleaner, like you know, when you vacuum car at the car wash and get stuck on the floor mangled. When that happens, the back your fuckin skull right, where your brain is when their cleaning out blood clots in Ireland and dried up, burgers and shit and spray lighter, came up there, and I felt fucked up for the whole day goes like is wrong with me, I'm like out of it, and I realise that light came go online and, unlike what does the effects Eliachim people fucking die from it girls that put it on their legs when they go to get their legs laser, they get the the hare laser off their legs, its painful, so they cover their legs would lie to gain. Some girl died in a fuckin car legs and lighted Cain and then wrapped her legs up land grab energy, which is our data and you're shootin at India, Ribs Emma Rich. I used to many times that I would go to the fight. And then one day I might by wrestling shoes because we had to wear shoes of bankers they would be,
like Ireland, ankle injury, and I will wait till I called my name because one time I broke, my hand knuckle, and they all we put a light again and there is gonna wait for work for like an hour. But it's not it's like fifty minutes. No, especially when your hardware because really fair. So at the moment I step into the ring. I go like it's back, you never did I get this is again, so I did it on at the moment they would call my name. I would put then, and then, hopefully I was not going to feel it. So you are fighting on light, came to shoot it in you and then fight regulators go work. You know I buy made a really bad trip whenever running today, before I jumped on the plane and it was against the tiger waited with my fourth fight or something similar, and and it's like it's, legally takes me down any goes for toehold, and that angle, like I mean it's like I'm, sending out a signal that this day his will signal, because whenever I get a tattoo somebody fuckin where the tattoo, a jewish,
every year we can never get hit if use far you gonna get hid their that's. It is what they did you her hand for sure someone's going to squeeze it when they showed that there is a lot of time. You go a whole year without a guy. Given you one of those. Do she handshakes illustration antics where the gravity of thought is that where we should remember, the fuck is that of insecure. You'll go a year for that, but if you hurt in its right away that person is going to happen because we think that a fuckin strain, that's the same, you get two lines, you always big lie, that's the longest, but this one is way longer shortest egg. Others, like those were the Reagan. Fuckin replacement comes only get a review. The register area to check the old grandmother in detail how much again, oh oh Sharia had taken,
I see people paying with checks my. Why don't you just fuckin without beaver pelt? I cannot. I won the other day, the grocers for really years still using. This is where our last time I saw tat, it was at the grocery store, with shacks people will allow you to write on a piece of paper. Yet a big Lebowski pits like seventy nights, but that milk, though moving funds, so if you didn't. Have all these injuries. Do you think you would have kept going or do you think? I think it would have kept going a few more months a few more years. Yet it was not a problem that having stamina and ours, very blessed with my body. You know, like people, we know the whole time and to share my god. How much you train, I didn't train for a year. You know it's like I am just genetically, but he could get because my dead, my brother, has the save you the lawyer, but dilute this say: he's got no fat just good. Just goodbye
the G8 athletes, the route inside you know, so you never from that. The question was whether or not you would keep going on. I will have you got. You know like us, it s, nothing like it, but at the moment the fun is gone. Of does training training will be so much fun for me. Gosh. You know somebody every time you know when you roll every time something pops up. That's cool men, women and men is a meeting and he's not audible using a lot of people in work and working towards Russia, God. This is great every time a new little does. Somebody shows you the other little thing like we ve killed. Each of you would like this because they can ask no search of british mega is bizarre, yet again that any legislation yeah you know and its but in the way of the pain the whole time it takes the pleasure out of it the right you have no more fun. What's the use still So. You can't role at all right now, no noise
but she just ass. My surgery, I wouldn't surgery, is the same surgery from the doubt. Go lar incident these. Just I don't know, I think it added alone. Maybe you know that was a very dynamic Gunnar though the air, what was the actual surgeon, what they have done between she. Four five, the six, my nurse or flat squashed low, I lost atrophied, my arm. And shoulder so now they home two holes open around it. They make the nerves are. They can breathe again a lot of guys get Jose Aldo just got that he has a nerve issue as well as all alarms going on in Karwan CALL and had it as well just had surgery on a car. When did oh, my God, four Jose, although based one of my favorite too. That's my good man is a bad injury, because this gonna take a long time. I mean this is overdue and you go, and I I Otis things like a push brush. My teeth, hotter, Lucia bit harder. When I watch my carpet
guess, shaved. My whole had now with a razor blade, which I couldn't do before things like it. Our I do fifteen pounds, that's it while here really is really we shall when you all around us, is not one of they attack that armed ever go again by everybody. Goes in that item you got monsieur. She was over and his brother and his brother said that nobody good they could break his grip I remember, I have really weird way of putting an amber on, but the way I do it, nobody can escape. You know I did I control the hand. I made sure that the elbow points up you know- and I quote such wage. Aren't you can get out. I can just cover your face. The like I just can put away. I still can't get a grip yeah- and he said to me- oh, but you can do it like me, so I'm trying trying I can't break because bear these known for its very strong, and he says she's your guy flipper out. This is why I said this maroon are so I could get us to go to www right away.
Eliza again to fifty pounds with this. You know it's a very weak arm right now. So is it about we can come back to haunt us. You know it they say is like a millimeter they and it's too much. How should I will be six centimeter ghosts, before my neck. I gotta go wait to hear centimetres of one of human of healing the nerve heels like a millimeter day. They say I saw nine months to a year. I should expect at least he said. Hey man, machine guns, back because I was very late for that they misdiagnosed me, so I walked out with this thing for a long time light is what is the thing that was the actual injuries, so is that the compression of the direction and pain older heartening that I had. There was the d bear these all bunch of little cable. She said, outside dares to thing. You know why she's cool, dad. You know you're already really forgot and they haven't with me, had not been anymore, and he says man that's the worst thing, because that means that old already died.
So you're damaging, and you feel it that's. Why go in there, the drill it out and then you you have to wait forever for a dealer near why There's nothing you can do in between time. You just have to have to nothing I It is actually yesterday and ass. I think I MR running on a treadmill, but only with the incline. So I can run on the boards of my feet. So I don't have my knee shocking we're anaemic, feeling. Ok today, my niece, I figure. Ok, if I can do that, then I can start doing my sprints again that I used to be a freak man. I could these these. What I do is I run ten miles. Ten minutes eleven miles an hour. Does the warm up and then I jump off I start stretching well the you think all the way go to nine miles an hour and then a jump one for forty five seconds and offer thirty, and I do those ten ten of those lines. For that, I run like five minutes run. It out done, take a five minute break it
my power training work. This is what, but I was top of my game because it's really hard you do your sprints first and then you will do your power train Libya, that everybody thought I was river for me. If you did opposing first, it at hinder she'll, which are running sometimes I would with to mimic the fight? Because that's what I think the biggest problem with a lot of guys, They don't realize that you, you know you pumping out with you. You do at a lotta apps before you to fight and stretching out, because what happens if you're at Stop feeling open like that's behind your after your lungs and history, It's way avoid guys because they the right away. They go strong numb and then they drop, and I think really is because of the ash day, because if you, if they do ten times this states like this one, Bob job. Well, imagine that happens to your core and with everything We are fighting. You use your or take thou defends everything, so that
burning up, stop your long from breathing. That's why you get that you're so using jobs are important. First stamina, that's recent very aboard to keep him loose to keep him, stretching out. This is very important. I would take before a fight also aspirin, to make my blood them, because I entire boxing. I would never wear wraps. I don't like to have wretch rum soil to bear not Belinda, gloves and wood I hated those things. You know this was totally japanese rules right the penetration yeah because whatever those japanese guides really good underground, so gay and striking also occasion. Sport machine guys like put him on, need protection and push shoes, because a good lag locks and not love because good for me and educational, I mean to have told you that when I left bank was, I think to three months later it was they changed the rules it was close with. I go well if we're going to oversee the they headed, trying to adapt it to be mixed. Martial arts yet
so is it pancreas we hurt you need me I you know, I don't know. I have no clue, I think I'm sure were very explosive and I think over the years that just scraped off my things, a ball. They say the bleeding bone marrow out upon me slightly eyes, like very painful manager. It's not funny You do any other, martial arts exercise. I know you have that thing that you sell it. Well, that's that's part of the because you you don't wanna hit. Things were exactly like that. Yeah because it has no impact, you don't get the tender notice. Every fighter should use that thing like twelve days before the fight. Nothing have you back anymore this when accidents happen, you're gonna get tired, sweat under but your gloves slips order, research, this always things happened with a heavy back in an hour day like the hit every book, which I did also because it's it's cool thing but there's always that moment, you had really I'd like liver shut and you feel pink.
Brandon, I'm ok! Tomorrow I got the dynamite. Did you develop this thing this? What it's called the boss system, because it was a stand for the body action, stand, or whatever was the second does alone go on long term going forward. Is something ago. My agent tells me that just woman- wants to see me to have a product and it started out with a stand with due of those set kicking things. I know tat candle donor to show. Came to her, and I was hanging hung over was one of the last period that I was still to thinking. And I walk in. I say: ok, I'm telling you right now, because you can breathe, you guess meloth I'm looming over. Let me take a look at this thing and I call you back tomorrow, but I think so I looked at the thing in the next day. I could I guess you're, ok, this. What would you do and as a whole is ready? She goes Iwo. We You didn't notice anything else. There is enough and then I came up to do ahead doable
bad? You know I make targets on there and you know, then, then it start people think this is an easy brought. It does. Knockoffs from these things. Right are already selling knock off. If you buy the thing that you realise, that was like our early stages, what you gonna have they gonna flop around you gonna break, because you need to find a spring that is just right. Do not be too floor, and not to stiff, if it's too stiff the whole stand, will move. If it's too floppy, you can knock it for the second. Because it still moving. You know it needs to be just right now, for me, there needs to be just right now: foam the density. The density of its really tight formats. Heavier Europe show, if you say, ok a little bit too hard. I want different form to put different form, but now because it lighter than the spring to be changed to get so. Every time I get like a brother types and I have to train on those things to hold them to seek and find out which
watch and watch the best weight and the best form with watch bring it to two and a half years to two and a half years to find that they hit that I mean thirty thousand time with him. She doin that thing you buy. It won't break two guys there were still heads broke, but I was Monsieur meant every right away took out because with something with the glue than about that didn't connected it was it was they broiling or eating the glue? No, I didn't work was due only we sent a New s back and we never be so let us have no prob noble. Do use those yourself to use every time when I train yet what I now right now and I use a little I can do hooks. Shit. It's weird waiting for me in apricots. If I make ten up got lots of good goes slow up because it yes biceps. No, you really realise that you need your biceps in order to put your body weight into a punch. You can't look it up now, a straight point: I'm ok! With
look. I can even a glove again. Age was hotter, whether your belly united a yes really, but it's pathetic Why did you want like having no wraps on? I always have that I want to have my blood flow. Go in for some reason. I have the feeling that this happens, that it doesn't. Late anymore. Naturally, tobacco many other tight rap on type. I don't like it when you deleted. If he had the right way. All these guys are so like, like Dyson. I will give the example just no or just learn how they hit the correct way, and nothing will happen these guys they come in room at eight, they get especial guys. Did they got a stage there on call every day, two times today, read the hands pervert he committed in any angle? It doesn't matter so then, when you were there, guide. That's why when he had a street fight he would always break his advice. Dyson, because you don't know how did he had some with a pinky whenever won't technique
hard when you're fighting, because guys move- and sometimes you wanted a hidden with these two knuckles- be accidently catch him with the last knuckle. You know, of course, that it's always is Yeah. You know that especially grata the cuban Sheikh Roddy sparring in his bare novel with these guys, are the key and some guys to arrive, said. That's how I broke this one. Also you had a big, you think you ve got the liver its they have borne yet at the hotel, where I was getting a mishmash live. I can see what your head, everything darted out. You started type windows, and will you take one, the relentless my forced sport? Yet I do that for about. I don't know Where we saw or six weeks- and I was already beaten up, the brambles. Yes, I am. I might my parents are very conservative. They will never allow me to do an martial arts, but, but I was both and I saw Bruce Lee Movie and seventy six and the dragon in in NAM.
In France. When we were in the holiday- and I came out to say that's it- I wanna be bristly Lee. You know what makes new checks and then I was wondering if I could come push you as I had to hold the lance. That was really So I asked my parents, please please, please, but it would allow me so I kept going capital training myself to watch movies and just kept train and finding out the two years. Is it ok, roused up prices go and we had a neighbour the girl next door, she had a boyfriend, was the cool guy from the town and he said, come with me. Are you too kind of under a swing and am- and I went with a good- I start being up like us- the brambles up like within six weeks since, You got a good feeling show my confidence rose, and at that moment I was In writing. My bike and street and biggest bully comes with six others bodies or something and they said something an ice I shut. Something back an old laugh were laughing and a right away came after me and when I saw
come from me. I start my bike and I put it down and was just waiting for the guy and then debate will he comes to manage? Put you know that an early this you push which a chest were any pushed against my chest. I go off and it goes down broke his nose out anybody more nobody, did anything I come home. Police was already home and I was it no more tat, wonder LISA, a a husband s, twenty one! That's when I started fighting these are kickboxing and watching my tie and how did you were transition into pancreas word deco about? You know this Ah, it's cool get time right, yeah, Now let me go Let me see I was fighting Tiber in HOLLAND, I want a lot of funds by killing my first fourteen fighter, one Benaco thirteen in the first one found one sick was your file kickboxing record. When sixty
Sixteen into now forty minutes to losses job, I thought this guy. Who was in jail for local, Frank, Lockman, very powerful fire had reckoned like fifty two, with like three losses are like forty, eight not got some monster now. Apparently I was about at the time Apparently, on new year's day, when I was bound, she was also drunk as an example Somebody asked me if I want to find him. And it's a shore show in I think the end of January. I get a phone call. They asked me where to send the posters too, and I say what passes from the fights supernova you against Lockman GO. Who said that he said you, you told me you gonna fight for so now they had poses already. I got ok, you know like mine
do not? Because otherwise you gonna think I'm scared so I had about five weeks to train You gotta understand that I I got tired from jumping robe time I was so out of shape. It was not even funny so anyway go to the fights and I I just have my my knee my shin at this this year there was a big huge hole. I I did some crazy. Over the wall. There was a wall I jumped on. I I was always really good and jumping up like a random and let you know I could job decide like my chest here. I would stand in front of it and jump on war, but it had the reigning and jumped onto my toes slid up and landed on my shit on it. My shit open. Fight was all whilst pleasure. We d be no one, and I was like a super glue and everything and my friend France's ok, lighter came there. It is again right. This is, you know, I just put IRAN is now well. None of the Hellenic don't worry
He says any say put him, but so is the leg will be done and you see that fight you'll see that fight. Like jumping I'm never jump when I fight an optimum. You know and shake my leg and I can feel my leg is like the weirdest either. No, so damn it every day, said there was a knock. I was not there. When you look at the fight, you see, I dont think even hates me, but I'm learning on my but and I want to get up and I can get up my my leg doesn't work and I go both I submitted my leg doesn't work, you know, so they references stop defied. Then all people start saying: she always said that he cannot fight. Show that really bug me of course. Anyway. I said: ok I'll find modified should have done it either because under through three days of four days before the fight I held the body or my out, they really be declared. For me, it is jaw all away wired,
his mouth is closer. We we went to the guys who did it. Got a little scope for there, of course, and day to me in jail for a couple of days in detail one is like Canada. That's a long time ago ended for some reason: I got an infection in one of my testicles. Woe became like really big, and it was hurting lot and they let me out because it was only a few days. It was day did the whole test. They found out that you know what the guys did. They say you know what we don't. Another big each according to data kind of felt that we were right, you know doing Bobby did anyway. I still thought, and I soon after fight, I knocked the guy down three times in the first round. And then in the end an actually I win. I make a spinning. A breakfast. I endorse it. He said
follow me and I'm so tired. You know my blood is diet go, but I make give him back his neck. He goes down, and so I think I want to fight and apparently like a month before there was a rule that if you did a bet fist, you only could do it with the terms bullshit yeah was bullshit anyway, I couldn't come out for second round, because it was too tired- and they said ok now, It really started haunt you see. I always said it is not so good above about. I spoke. I never fight for HOLLAND anymore. This is over. You know, if this fence. I like this, I don't want to fight for people like this. But then I was always yeah. Because she knows your life and But it was always that I wanted to do something marsh lots of our body and mind. We both together, we made the show is like an M m she'll art show on music.
We start doing this in like nightclubs, every would like, but really cool, really cool I will keep him in the belly like briskly. Annetta dragon might regret my foot, throw me back it. I would make us fly gluttonous area in this phase, that land and in detail that cool stuff We will come on, we like and then the cartwheels looks like it. If that's the way, we would opt to walk to the place and we had both every did new jobs every day Like breakdown decrees, you stop and a little cops on his mouth. I will kick best bidding back here, jump up and jumping flying backing to couple his head. You know so good quality, martial arts, but we start and putting com. They are also like funny things that since I would I which their diverse years, should it should I go get gaps, the guy would come Can you have done your captain? I kept looking straight out the other ones with the other ones.
Certainly would walk, and I will come back with cops like this, like buying stuff, like that, we start doing stuff like that it he would, have emerged as also for anyone with. I would do Where does the same thing? You know you ve come to break the cycle of violence. No said He came back and he had like these. These and things that were this thick rings and he was spent about like that. We would like to read any would hold it would stand in front of it. I go will enable bye. Bye the fear which will break it, elevates like everyone and that caught on wheels? ass people really started, seemed delighted shows suddenly we were doing this on bigger, shows first night clubs Demi start doing it shows, like events, big events rob Cayman when he was fighting. I think that when he had the main event. One time we were in the brig You know shown this to the people. Should I got air and then we weren't dutch
heavy and then your euro sport side and at an event yearly in France and we went to their and be started travelling now undoing shows all over the place. Call me was always the thing. Once we start doing, the comedy people will know me is there's a few of those things on Youtube actually show. On one of these shows, because we came up with all these put flexes some salt and all that stuff. Chris Dormann was sitting there and crystal money one of the four farmers in HOLLAND was a judo champion, tough guy. And then he called me to says manual your man, you you, you got some really good abilities. Man did you ever think about free fighting you, nobody says none We do that in Japan. Are you interested? I share sure, because ok, that's not HOLLAND. As Japan Way, It's gonna try to us, so I walk in there and at that moment I was you know you're being champion, I'm watching show it was because the dose first word for title, so I thought I was the pool dude
and there was little likewise grace in the beginning. You know I walk in and they killed me and they will. Are these showed not blood jobs but like on my went by below and pulling in Poland, because those grappling MAC than zero did you did they were gonna grab when you went there? No, no, nothing, nothing! noble? I saw him on the ground and then they sell gauges go well, So what are you just gotta was: is some kind of a crazy fight yet noisy, show retraining and I literally but I drove back, I had to stop my car next to the road and I had one of the first Phillips telephone, a cell phone, so it was really cool that I remember these charities and icon whether to listen and Michael road. Here, I'm going to sleep. I say again, I broke me a I. I had to drink liquid food for three days because the whole programme because I thought I could hold it. You know I was just fighting at Liverpool in pulling
earlier. I would dare, but it was all crushed open and my work. Already laughing she's. Ok, so that's right. I think I'm gonna go back and within six months, three six months and then tat everybody there. I want to learn. One learns skin, but things start happening in, and I got an injury here, an injury, dare I had to work in a buzz abortion, and you know I once a month I would go over there and it kind of fade away there. Wife looked at me or beginning of workers. She says you gonna be a famous fighter in Japan and I go Nobody about you say that just that just came up at me. I said now: I'm not gonna fight anymore. I told you she's a year. You said hard, but you gonna go to Japan. Six months after she made a comment. I got a phone call and I never pick up the phone and and ask him she was broke,
or turned off because microbes you will have us calling all of them said in turn up. So I get the pick up. The phone for submission and its crystal money says boss, you gotta come tonight, you gotta come to grips with them, there's a try out two guys, Given how could you looking for fight for new organization bankers? So I went to try out. I had a scuffle one of the rings champion because do they were fighting for rings. But it was a lot of work. I heard already that they were having works, which I works. We mean fighting side. There was a lot of then pancreas right now There wasn't rings in bankers. Elegant Edward Norman, I believe, showed that there was but another the people said They never ask me I'll, come back to that also anyway. She told me right there, since you know it's probably going to ask you a little bit later. If you want to lose by anyway, I started spotting with this guy. Guy was arranged champion. He tried to hurt me because you were filming. Result was, knocking him out of the hygienic bomb, and this is
I was had to go to the hospital prestigious since you give knock sort of pointing at me. So they want to be I think two to have months later I was in Japan and an before, but I got that speech from Crystal Mason. Probably gonna ask you you know too. To lose to win a fighter sectors. I don't want to do that is by what it. If I fight it, needs to real advice, I do I hated those guys were there and they. They would come back in a day which I am yeah became champion, and I see the whirlpool button when they came back in a? combating this year almost, but you know today I a delusion last time. They made you win, you know, but you don't that by Jonas aid, when you loose, I hated those guys with it. You know: you're, not a real guy show, not first guy and the second fight, I note the other guy out, ok and then, by the way we had dinner with vernacular, took another guy got here. We go
dinner. They give me a book from food. You are really good, wrestler and now we are great dinner and then they put me on a cat and just before- what can I do. I say I thought you guys ask me Felicia, William Meannesses workers. Dama told me that you know that You probably ask to due to go the fight to fight a Suzuki, told me straight in my face. I will now ask, is such a said never do that, over the years have been hearing, of course, as some fights, when you look at fight, it looks really smoothing going over and like ensure. Macsharry lost. Also, you lost the lost, fights role works, you know it's also. You go like ok, he lost twice by exactly same combination, he'll, look into a neighbor against the same opponent there like. If it was not real. Wouldn't you come up with something else they would you really do to attach the same issue, so that's been also in my head. I got you ever see Bart Veil versus ten chamois, it looks so thick.
It's one of the early ones that looks really like a work. This a few that look like I'm really like. Oh yeah, that's one of you know you see the ones ride like member com and Ghana. When you accommodating on that one you would we Jordan, hated my guards because, as the funniest thing ever, we knew that common, what's gonna lose six minutes with a heel hook cried new debts was the word. I heard that when the reporters came in. They asked me would you think, he's gonna win and I say I think that got us gonna win in about six minutes, with the huge advance around that they stay changed but like bastards, they did They d like that that I was doing that, but I go like that's that's something again. I can do I get sometimes I get emotional from it. When people say order, was vague and and one, what they say is yeah, but sometimes you fake embossed didn't know of it, so they told you honor to lose against bus you're like against them. I fought against for knocking.
And then no one guy she'll want Ivy said. Yet I was because here didn't hurt you I said: when did you decide? then he was gonna lose was before every type of break my friggin leg, I mean, I know if you'd dodgy. If you see he pushed me he'll hook an inverted hillock with those in his neck. And my heel, is a hundred and eighty degrees. There are literally looking at my leg, I gotta know feel you know that I think nobody else what that was with big risk, what he was gonna take. If this was a fake five right, I needed a like two or three to you. She, my leg, completely be turned away. Did you suffering? Damage is unknown. I have no clue. However. A seal of is one of the worst is the worst. When I broke this. Did I am working on the street right we should certainly be here, but all the fight for your eye. Wrestling languish. We look at this giant scream, and First thing he sees me bath, giving a Bob's agony it goes down. We got you know, that's the problem for the next day, so I see
this guy Tucker High she sitting in a nun. In the end, I have got a grip, see he'll any falls back This isn't the time I had nobody to roll with right. I trade on a back two times a day my first year to have a beggars was retraining. Gonna bet many might well wrestling. No! No, not really. I should not like to bid you rolling Iraq. If there were somebody who knew judo, we would go I'm talkin about once every three weeks, I'm not getting so next day, amid the position- and I go up, my Israel I regret that he'll, but since I never did it, I didn't we how much pressure I put on so I grab it and I fall back use my body with a snap, the shipowner. So first we hear report. So I go well Beersheba letting go, and then feels his knee and he's like Dorothy? when a financial year- but I gotta, do tonight. I heard you need now because we thought it was a knee, but apparently was you like little stuck on their legs. Should then he takes with that less waste.
Must be issued at any puts a foot down. Bans all the way out. I've seen you We checked legs. Only person wants Corey Hill and really fire figure. We fought prints now. What else is new fought he. He checks, his kicking, Corey Hills, leg snapped backwards. Every didn't you see it goes. The reverie was in a battering world scream and stop the fight. Reverie didn't. Even though, he's dishonest back like freaking out as dangerous man, speculation manage splintered, you know it's a wrong out. You bleed out the guy, you you, you showed me, I think, on twitter, you should a tweet with that. Guy was fighting with the broken arm. Whenever I mean how does that dude, I needed to feel it, then the referee solid and around three, and then they stopped to five disk. I was just going annihilating Guiana. Guy would, if it was a blue, the boat these guys were really good. Organization. Was that well you
richer rich frankly, when chocolate, Dahlia Army punch stuck with it after was broken, yet so you and after you for your fine crew is done. Then you start doing the commentary and in Japan you the couple fights after that the Reuben delivery only had the w and what, but ever was that. I would marker and market was better. He soon. All these guys we're training with us and, above all else, to do to club, but I would train disguising. I would go with them ass, its core element and in India, Then, when you, when you fight you see the fights are honest dressing room sitting on watching then you can know, and any day goes to guys they did the people from pride. Live in Americain onward in between persons per se. Are there also and I go like oh look. There he's. Gonna go frustrate, Arbour sounds right. Our much our joy at every country become boom and a guy's got straight up. So they look at me and then the next fight is
highway. Also again, I shall my guys looking for, Annie Barlow, just going to roll your life, I just want to roll is going to go anyway. If EU rules- and it goes whenever I gonna- how do you notice I said? guess you to set up it is generally did you ever think about being commentators and that's how it a job who is doing it before you, nobody because they were looking at moment. They were looking at and new people, because the first nine or something a quarter of an ivy did that in a studio later you know, but but I we, I think the first one was. No Eddie did it with projects for while any Bravo deed is also yeah you came in and which basic education, it was the first when I was there that was the first one I think a broadcast to the still this is it after you find the Euro see after one the title. Did you do you completely me? You obviously had another fight, the double facts that moves at like being there
try during the glory days- and you know, did you think about making comebacks because another was I may arc gay? I know I did. I did us two times two times one time it was. Against term evangelist shiver down because they needed in a poor friend. I wasn't the event that that that dynamite. If ninety one and a half thousand people my life outside crazy, you Know- and it confined imported rice- Listen, I did a rule for a long time because our problems, I said, but everybody wants to see a strike anyway. Why and endorsed So at the same time was gay one, your marriage, aroma, better was fighting, don't fight, k, one That's why don't we do k one rules. Whatever may gloves, I mean that's what people want to see anyway, you know from us do, but there that's. Why didn't go through they took somebody else. Would have been awesome and because, at that time you man. I was I was hurting you like. A bad guy holds the Typepad. I mean he would have problems. He was go, my god. This is no fun. Anyway, no bigger shape,
real good them. In fact, I would have been a great yeah against vandalism. Holy shit, pure stand, our fight and then and then, when we can came to pride as the first one to say I say I commoter retirement, if you, if I can find him again said, we did it already it. I swear. We don't need to do the third time really so here Fine, fine, private! You that's what he gave personally to tell me says: boss. I told them that they want to do because we already forty times but his army. Any fine pancreas he never fallen than I would have loved, but but also at that time I was a totally different fighter leg. He can't can't fight Get me made me why I am that that fight was like literally God was watching any says. Okay, I give you this one guy to train within all of nineteen year old Leon, Vandyke begin monster, he did on a mission, with two hundred, and seventy five party would do curls and with Brazil. I would have him in an amber and had better do too
because you literally would start doing this insanely strong and I started trading. Both we didn't know anything every would watch tapes. I would watch I would see a hill, for instance, I know how it works. Next, Amy, rolling, I will go he'll Cooper. Go here, look a showcase! Now, let's break this time, let's see how we can make better say: ok, ok, escape. While I push this way, ok, so how can I stop you from new bringing down every little thing I shall go basically did buy yourself. Was everything your high level instruction and nothing everything machine and you know it advocates- are because what about that make it Forgive my my big dvds. If combat came out- and I was at the time and be fought mad all the way back and be J, hold me an essay buses vision should be bigger. I say: well I say do. I owe this petition is. I just want to tell you made the best instruction that I've ever seen as a matter that is so good. Has gotta go and get us do my run so well, let me can I use your coat
is evil, but that's Dublin I saw- and I realized also that a lot of people a lot of fun took everything strategy to put it into, makes much loss and a lot of stuff twitter, Jujitsu, doesnt work. It makes much less because it needs to be more compact like this level we'll take care of it few to roll out of an arms. So that's why we're arbours with me. I always control the inside of the hand. So yeah you, you get road, jihad, whatever our pretty much? I do it's always control control, because I don't want to rotate, you know anybody or tat. We start breaking everything down it s. Okay, if I would tepid this within an hour from the Monti. I'm just making something up. He would after three times no, my set up, so I will create a different way to go to that, He would find that we're out and then I would create a different way. So then surely for every move. I start having three or four different ways to go to that submission, and then I tossing goes round. It seems,
crazy is. Are you have learned Jujitsu on your own Maya? You figure it out like look at how people doing it and deacons unregulated my next eight fight a tray for three months. I think to time today. Sometimes I would wake up to call him a you think I was always game, always retrain and my next eight fight someone by submission that's ridiculous. When did you ever get real legitimate jujitsu instruction? Did you get someone who never never your whole career yourself taught? Yes, everything. That's cool while and The call by and by I wish it is because I am very proud of it and that's why I am saying it is you if you look at the way in bank was dead. Rope escapes right. That means that if you could get in a job, but you could touched rope, they let you go religion, but but but site, it's really good for you as a fighter to develop, because now you have to make beaten.
Strategical now, is to make sure that you have in the center of the ring before you go such then again. If you gonna, miss it you're into central, so there's more Thinking would sometimes I want to fight, would like for submissions show. Instead of going out there. Now for submission victories pretty much in one flight and I think that that's why the bank was guy was so good. He usually, I think she just seven God forbid. Became all you she champion because date of that, will actually be thy. I know it's crazy, I always say as long as I dont get have to escape, because if I escaped for meat I would feel like loss, but is he saw even allowing them to escape to you it's good, because it just means you get more submission work. I have not a fight now more fights. What say you like you, one, you wanna ready. Now, let's go, let's do it again, Then, if you look at the waist, I submitted people, you can call a submission. Ok, Google blood- I didn't do, but you can come up with some crazy stuff. I put
ever he looks normal it'll. Give further need bark triangle, chilled triangle, armor figure force in how many Did you have a renewed pancreas thirty one thirty one years, holy shit over the course of twenty years. There was only a good five years for the first year for night flights and the second nine again aid. And I mean how do I go? I thought that in a pretty short, I'm so by the time you got to the. U S, see you had a shitload of fights. Are gone and all the boy defines all the pancreas fights and then finally, you got to fight I may start finally, because I want to go Did you see for them engine son. I kid you not. I thought there was there cool, as they all the real that doll. Don't do it,
to get them to do from I'd. Overhaul of you know I like when you come over, that's on debt is so cool and that really that's they gave ask me I said, but that was the deciding factor I said ok what to do with because it just love, that's up, and then They re promoted. The shit out of you when you first you remember that I gave you one of the posted Brien sold on Ebay. I have the world's best Marcia Agrican readers, my medical, school and and I had a great idea. I had that the three to nurse Pavarotti and know these these guys they have this. They didn't a tour and on one of those, X is I'd like to be in America to forty three second clip and I told them I say at the Vienna Merrick. I know, and I thought ok please let me put on that clip fulfils
eggs and then do you. If she took comes up, I mean I'm gonna store. They earn a very recent worried about your opening new mademoiselle for every flight. I always got that that's. What did you need? Redo script already for Kevin's will now, because your id, and rightly so It really is Captain James, you didn't. I was trained with you bunch times right yeah. It is very talented, martial arts, he really is people got out. People are talking about a shared like Heaven, James, a comedian Viana. Do you have seen Movie Kevin Jams can hit the fan can shut out the path. I feel, like second rate, when I was in Boston when I was doing that zoo keeper movie with them. We train with markdale granting items, like God, damned dude, it's fuckin technique its creation, and you know what, if you You if I say ok in opening up a little bit more dont he'll do at the next Zeiner Smart do his body he hated when we say this because what people you know. I've just he's a very, very, very humble guy. He is firstly such successful guys. I am
I met him when you given that apartment on overland in a one bedroom upon which he shared with another guy, and now he lives in a house. Yet you know, and then you go like is the same. The same guy same guy, I know to Heaven since who is basically an open my eyes. I want to talk to me in my manager into signing him. Oh well, you know I've been doing calmly. Just like me we're both basically open makers. We have we done a little bit of professional work but mean been don't calmly to three years. You really unopened, Michael, it's getting paid you're on your own, an amateur bright. Basically, that's when timid, men. Women, like Ninety one may be ninety two yea said that you and he would watch the bank response that used to call my house and unseen. Oh, we would watch a man had a buddy mine from Canada who would get them from Japan, the other a connection in Japan, so he would
at them. They would send him to Canada and then he would send from Canada to me and then we would watch him at my house got all japanese commentary and I watched all of em. I watched you. I did get a stack of every month. Before I was even workin for the you see I do you know before I ever even started thinking about doing commentary. We were just and spent you're hot. But how did you ever get in there because you went for fear factor before that started working and ninety seven before you came to see you have seen Dunkirk Dundee postponed interviews. Oh two years. I start did you ever see twelve dose in Alabama Veto, Belford debut? Ok, and I did it then I was on news radio and what happened? Was they just needed a guy to do the post fight interviews? I didn't have anybody in my manager was friends with the guy the same goes on cabin I was my marriage was friends with the guy who was one of the producers of the shells. Jack Campbell Mclaren was also the guy who try to get me to fight was least ninety one day day they needed someone to do the post fight interviews.
He just sent me to FUCK and Alabama out of nowhere and before you know what I'm doing it was very unorganized, those like the USA today I did it for you, maybe two years, but I saw a lot of great fights and I'll shamrock versus a Novia. I saw Frank: it's all ready to go towards debut beach or debut Dan Henderson's, debut meals, f, a lot of great gray fights but is started. Cos, Money, so I quit it is. I would make more money doing comedy than that. So, as it was a little too and I was on news radio, the time this com, so I was too busy, so wait and then, when the you have see came along when Suva rather purchased you see, then I started working for them. That was like that at an ever. Did you fifth fear factor that was at the time also too few vacuous, two thousand. Why believe it started, and I was already announced- fear factor when I start working for the USA, that I did it as a favour. The first, I think a chose I did for free. I just said they wanted me to do commentary and as our at I'll do it I'll sit and now just was just talking
a real opposition and pay for the first ones or the right of its failure to citizens fighting you and you don't care about money, but until you know something like a guy, well actually should get they first then it became you know, became the thing I enjoyed most meaningful, extended calmly and joy. The most of all is be a fan of mixed martial arts evil, and I'm not doing so, Tyre one day and stop doing cometary most gonna watch the fire was gonna, be a fan, but always gonna do stand of comedy as professions It's my number one thing, but other than that. All that and I ve ever done in my life, like you, have a fear factor, news, radio that you have seen the greatest fucking job. I mean I love it. I always loved. Also in Japan, I will say to Morrow to Morrow with only two. In six billion right now who see friggin fade, are furthest grow. Cobb.
Fade or Nogueira. You noticed at big fight at an end ventilation of annihilating. You know were such honourable I'm crazy Stop unable for some prime oil price for people don't know were unaware. Pride pride in the in the hay day was one of the best. If not deep, argument organisation the world because they had so many different rules. First will be a lot of things that I like they had ten minutes the first round like that is then you know a gloves. I gotta take guy down with five minutes into the fight in the round would end in only he was just starting to get in the impose his part of the game, but in the end, the proud rules. That would give my full ten minute first round and they allow soccer kicks and stops and mean it was a level of the relays and no elbows on the Grenelle. Elbow have less cut site. That's that's what I always say. I want to have the Malone niece underground mail, away from the guts. We know how many no go to elbow red five, if that's ever
Well, it's a good weapon. I mean look John Jones when you use it on branded vera, mainly brokers, orbital boy never dared to. But that's then one of the five year, namely out of four years. She knows. I meant it yeah, but we're, but the lot of fights get stomach. In a lotta guy, and I hate that because of the street, you wouldn't stop. If you get you fighting, you know it's not a real. When I met this guy make reaches out of a tuna boats, resides in effective weapon. I feel like. I can't take it away either because it so it's so good. It's a good technique. Ok, maybe what they should do as if the abbot again windy pad and oh yes, so something around it at least doesn't got up totally for it if you knock among men, the biggest guy, but not laid and somebody and ITALY do They won't even modem up right, register
Robin Roberts, rubber Minetta gets done will afford. I would if I know you didn't want to footwear. For me, you didn't windows live, do you think they could solve down with a neoprene sleeve under the elbow, maybe with asylum issues like these crazy? We die things that average, though that always starts moving in IRAN, is gonna, be annoying people getting in Ogoni Janshah. Maybe she surgically they have and one that we implement a pad over your elbow man, Saudi or not as you euro you're fired. I had an exit, so you don't? You did to fight in the EU, have see after you want the title would random and what made you would need to stop a purpose. Panes reiterating that that neck injury? I brought it all we did a random and It was still a gun was hurting. I couldn't sleep. I was sleeping pills to such a long time because of the pain. Was always paying pain a minute and then
said. You know what I'm finished. I tore biceps like throwing the left, who get the epoch and go about. My God was going. I know you know it's not breaking down breaking down and then I started I didn't do anything, then is that training like three years after that start of training and it anyway starts going good and growth are going good and ok, everything feels good and then I stopped and like two years later today, If you still day day, that's what they call me for a w away, I was interested from a lot of money, and apparently what happened? let me also because the Kimberley, to him. They said he says. What do you want to fight? And I said he should know at first I said takes around does it. We don't have the money for that. There is never going to happen. I say: ok, dixons crazy, ready once millions yeah. I was at the time you know, and I was just want to see what you can do against right and Sunday, em back
what about another, also find out what about our survival share. You Randy or you and you then I said I don t know I dont see I believe we are showing no, no, they said only a bulldozer, positive restored yeah, but what, when they said, Emily policy sure I said that I just hang out with the major bandwidth for in Japan is kind of weird. If an early actually wants to fight you uncle shouldn't when we vote They go to the forest you than he's their knees. Acting all weird like give me him, but like will shine away and I go like him- sticking his sir. This diverse areas right, I was gonna, be told him that you specifically asked for him. That's it which it through you didn't do it. I thought you know what am I gonna tell em but as a normal gonna tell because if I tell him you know Maybe he's going to train a shot. I wanted to have a tough fight. You know, so I thought these angry.
He's gonna try harder is gonna, be awesome fight, and then I thought that was my my crazy. Might I say on the day of the fight. I would deliver a letter to him in the dressing room, saying only what I just said, so he would read like I, do I need is already, but it didn't want to tell you, because I want you be hundred percent before you fight me in. A full of stem because you gonna needed there were. I think that would be totally banned fire in writing it. Just before you put it so that was set up due to play and then the egg at this point They said Reuben. How to take his room and took his element of unwanted guys together, didn't want to do it and there's a lot of You guys they went off because I set anybody. Take a day came up with that because it there are even worse, is the only one who's the willing to take the fight? Yet when you were over there in Japan, and you would therefore all those great vines I know Gara versus no government croak carbon Nogueira verse, fade or and lose out,
I sit in their ringside me. Did you wanna just fuckin jump in their sometimes? Are you crazy? You get crazy, you get you. You were there for some of the greatest fight ever ever. Nobody gets dig way from what you said, but my fight also. I want to fight it first to fetch. It beggars and one guy who says he's a bus. Everybody was saying, always lose lose. You can lose. You know like a very negative public country and no one guy says, but whatever happens, they never did this, from you anymore, so locked up, they got you got this Europe and and that's what Let us fight also that something that you carry on with the rest of your life. They were great moments to interview those guys do we acted them into crazy stuff, but I gotta start doing these crazy openings. You know the fine man I lie in those. Do didn't like those category pulled out like that. Jerry Movement gave that guy. You know he was suddenly. Everything needs to be the same as boxing and I go wise vigour to do the same as everybody else. You don't let it let it be. Like you Did you do over there in pride? How many?
Oh god I don't know, I mean it, but when they started Lucida also, I was there twelve times a year. And I was like five seeks to I've yeah. I know but during the day and must have been completely insane. I'm in a hurry stories about guys get paid would stacks among each stage of money miscarriage all Chris Paul numbers, eggs rose. I mean, I think, if they would walk in there with guns, but yesterday, You don't want to do. I guess he has a money there. Japan is is run by the accuser right. They deal with the pride and all these organizations that seriously and that's accepted- that's part of japanese culture, and that is how it works and noted it's it's not accepted, because when, when it came out, Then it was over right. There are no because then the tv set we wouldn't want to be associated with it Will the money at all was it wasn't just because it was made public but is already known by thinking was made public egg forget this appears, Joe Roman foreboding mode
Oh yeah yeah. Give me your see past me: let's go get your phone, the keystone. I have no clue when my batteries too low for youth ok go. So when you were over there, though, when you watch in all his classic fighting, like, I said, you'd been there for me. You were therefore, Show gun, mark com, and you were therefore show gun verses. Rampage rampage versus arose in some of the greatest fights of all rampage the things to be dead with rampage? How you know I remember my first he fought to grub up and he lost his fight, took it decided say: listen you got it man, you got this thing, they love. You I say, make sure this doesn't have any more because they actually had to get him out of jail to get there. There was stressed in going on because he had a a warrant out of him was something I was at the airport and they they got him they put him in jail, really abacha d
people started talking to get him out. They make pictures of it. He standing in front of the jail was under cover of the elderly. Neighbours was too he studied there with his big chain. You know that was that was put in a game in now do what was going on back then at that time was pride, was a mainstream japanese sensation. It was huge in mainstream Japan right. It wasn't like mountain martial arts in America. Back then was not nearly as successful as it is. A small show was forty three thousand people tat. They would sell out. All the time devoted to show ninety one and a half talk. You don't fifty five sixty thousand amused and you would go out on the street new, get mugged. Men, s last everybody, so what happened? What happened over there, because it stop being like that? being like because of that I have the accuser went when, when the tv pulled everything out, it was over
That's when everything went down dreaded was so successful. So many people like that, I couldn't imagining else wouldn't come along, and I know I think the main reason of this Sakharov aside you like, organization in Japan in order to be successful, japanese STAR Star and where are you going to find good luck to find the second problem before gray. She's not unbelief the fighter. You know, but a k one never go in America why they don't have an american champion run. They have an american GPS and America K one, but that that guy doesn't do good and at the final tourism, Roger, but once an american guy is gonna win in Japan, you watch then gave one becomes very interesting for the people is logic, You know you wanna mood for young guy. That's funny, though,
has been a mean horse Gracie when he won in America. He was a hugely popular guy he's from Brazil. I think if they had taken over in Amerika, I just think people gain a white guy had a conversation about this loose talking about help is kickboxing as a negative stigma and America, because a peek a career An old boring kickboxing dares to have an he s, a pig's above the ways to advise you. You couldn't even kick love lower, very few other men. They would occasionally they would show you locate fight you allow special rules or just special rule. Dutch will, for the most part it was like they were those big, stupid slippers on their feet. They wouldn't really kitty was exciting what aerial as exciting as boxing or my time, but the k one. Now, if you watch the Grand Prix now, as bizarre
So is the best I ever so exciting, basher and max as well. You ok, one met layaway, guys and Georgia rosy enemy. She, it's unbelievable rights. Atomic, I couldn't be a star in America, were aroused, or especially yeah, but the thing is in the beginning: it will work but really people want to see in Amerika Magda Jump and while I think maybe I was really big unsuccessful over here, you would have you know some Americans. It would do well, but they would have to if they would have to know. That's a legitimate avenue for professional. Oh darling at bury you guys were real serious, fuckin strikers. You know you just it's not that many of them endures not, though just really not an end. In order in America, sisters Nov venue, have to go out on the country to get like real high level. Is it's very moorish It would say you know he was the top of the pyramid their time and he didn't make a dove there. So then, you know they're gonna go Gable, guess who's gonna be my wish met in America. Nobody yet right yeah.
We saw that was it. He was another interesting guy. When he first came to you have see. I was therefore his Debbie. I was there when he fought more common. Nobody gave a chance in hell, everybody thought Maurice can be killed. Backstage so relaxed. He was hanging out and goofing around laugh and what this guy nobody's gonna go get powder there by the biggest guy in the game in our common was a fucking months lawyer by other, but Maurice just The first gotta have like that real high level. Cardio knows the first guide that it's not entirely new mark was gonna, get tired and I thought of my foot him twice more areas raise omitted continue yet twice. It was funny Did the best one was the first time I'm standing here anymore, vehicle parts, bunch him because for fast and right away I give mighty Guph and it like it's on its defects, club very close, I think a cool and make another one right away. I mixed switch kick and I kick and a shipment
hole in the ground and he wants to jump on top of me like a week. He stops and I get up and I go there. When using the way these listen dear, you gotta see that by a lab is the money. Is there is legal right that's no area, ghettos allows those funding, and then he tried to take my back this. The coolest? I did a menu bar upside down, a newborn, I'm on my hat feet, up neighbouring him, I'm standing against the ropes and is trying to get my back. So you have dove down on Ebay. I go like ok get my back so right away when I told them, but he grabbed the ropes. So I'm standing down at the top of my neighbour is he's applicant rupture rope escaping while yet when you are really there for some crazy times. What is it like now go and from like your very Jennings? Where there was no mix martial arts we went over there, you will literally had no idea what was like to seeing what it's like now. You know with what came Velasquez,
in all these guys. Unbelievable yet understand that when I came from I boxing right shoot you get wait. Classes is like an boxing, so I came to Japan. And the first thing I she's my opponents is two hundred and forty five parts and I'm one hundred and ninety five should I go to okay, but I didn't want to show anything of course, because I gave it is what it is right. You got to fight So I go. Ok, cool google goulash. How many riotous here one round awesome? How many minutes thirty say awesome? I didn't think inside us and I go thirty minutes. Man is this. Why put those arza my hand like to stay here? because I'm sure you're hot air There are still four yet relaxed in HOLLAND is realistic, starts with and are also source going, devotees written note in order for this they still have every time. But when I get hit you hear me no you listen to the fight. You go stake out, stay calm, staked out because they know I wanna. That's that's my homework
first one knock out, I would come out very technical battle. You crazy vision, so I figured I'd. Have men if I'm going to fight illegal working machine, you know get Tiggle punishment but then come begging to get twenty eight more minutes ago. I'm going should load. I don't want to have that, so I put a two hours of my hand to them and they would shout they never dinner. An instruction when you stretch shout, is like when I'm in a guard. I would tell them right this. My issues, God escape a planet. The goddess here and his left foot is on top right. I would look a corner and it would show, was go right and I would swim vague and under who gives good. Where have they will be? for me, and I think, hey, I don't get it that nobody does. This is the simplest thing on the planet. Which foot is on top of that alone could push up here. Being Hell, you just look at him and they go right and then you relax pick it up
flares? Do you do that, for you guys as well? I didn't also carefully noted kind of trial there. Now you got it. You know. You know that right right now, this is not right what why these pulling your affirming? Let's try it now How will I met place? How crazies it watching the evolution of the game has meaning we literally in America there has never been a sport like makes martial arts that has exploded and changed and grown right before eyes. Me yet mean that for some with sports got famous stay boarding, union, opium, eggs riding me some stuff that wasn't a vote the way to make a living. When I was a kid became one went thing like mix martial arts, whereas is constantly in the public eye and movies and jam down here. On television I and mean it's pretty fuckin strangers and its I predicted it, Do we ask my first by they didn't interview with me, and I say this is like a roller, bold and movie. People need like an outlet. You know
This is it. This is gonna, be very big. I say you watch for years from now I sent for you this will be the biggest thing. Anyone like seven years later, something I was like way of in time, but eventually it got there. I like what is what is better than this at that time. Already that everybody likes to beat, you know who's the tough guy on the planet, and this is literally being too tough guy inside of me last week, and I was ashamed about a comment that I made against Frank because we had a comment. One guy says: oh, were ever made: like two guys rubbing against each other on the floor, and then I told the story that I I was fighting Frank I stood up and said to Frank: peace is none of you come down. I shouldn't cannot fight like a man, you know- and I go I'm eating those words right now, because when I broke the guy Shin bone, because I clue how much power there wasn't a joint. You know that Don't make me think, and I go to have understood it. The grown guy whatever you want in your body, you got shot
watch dominant power. If I roll with guys my students they stand with me to the ground because of the they say. Your wish, you dare say: they can move around, you know and they get her out of days is but it's way hotter underground. So wow vision. I can dislocate break snap. I can do whatever I want to buy, say: ok, you're right arm is gonna, go you're right arm is gonna, go to any guy on the street. You know I'm talking about power bear to knock you somebody out there I get put to sleep against crazy things: The first thing that the judges who the just keep it just came out of nowhere me when I was a kid it was all about striking. There was no one ever took Judah arrest. In high school, but you know I just did it gives a spoon in our in I got bored with a quick as it just didn't, see, like designing Goin on yet another guy down, but it wasn't, is submitting Samir and wants to judge came along man. It's me how much it's evolved. You look at Emma may illegally
just you that was in Emma May and ninety three and look at a juicy. She now would like Jacques Array, Damien Maya, you noticed fuckin somebody levels above it. That thing is what I always say. I said all the moves are pretty much invented by, but its debt, the setups they they found such a creative ways to to a particular move. That is too cool pot about makes much less now, if you have that said, that nobody noticed shit. You shall make you remember the first Amity Anaconda get introducing upright guy from the gas camp. They should be going an economy? That is no guarantee of me because nobody so difficult thing before bomb everybody's got lending an economy, Darst joke shamefully whoop shyly. Does the dark shadow or you can do it on the other, the armpits go. Did you see so people stop without any. They create different ways like D lister against some of what is the italian guy sock? Less use a cocksucker
the ways of the driver choke up, I mean you out, our show cool ever show sneaky slowly, but surely that book he'd know go like this this is a master S by many will in Lister. If, with Jean De Mr was around the Earl you have seen, nobody had jujitsu again, no ninety three He didn't crazy. Didn't his digits was very basic. Wasn't nothing like another jujitsu. The issue today there's there's a few guys that they say when they compared Jitsu. They stay kicks and is a perfect example. Well today, even high level blackfellows, that role with them just say that guy is on another level, there's just a few guys that you're, just in the boy because of the boy is another one: they say about that. On another level. Just is just such a high level of jujitsu, but overall the Jujitsu from the new guys, like the Marcello Garcia as you now that these new guys come along its Fuckin sis
so high level, so much more advanced than it was just ten fifteen years ago. You know, you know what a good thing is really boil do. Show me rolling the jockey Mansion and in China NEWS she there and then he switched shows some show me things. I said what he could do with those particular lack looks at how we could do this and to make them stronger in, and he was sitting on. The community was like I saw you thought it was a strike, the right legal. How do you know any and then its minister DE wanted me to come to american tough team to teach you grown fighting so nice that is cool stuff. What's going to happen, perspective. You know, I mean you never know that everybody has our own way of doing things that I haven't seen it before nets at another, so many different techniques. What people understand that don't do jujitsu this so many different techniques available. It's like it's like chat if you had a million pieces in so many different submissions, so many different transitions in
panes of submissions and new techniques and new counters, and but I believe in in it's good to normal, but We put for every fight, you have to say: ok, I'm gonna use these particular move for that guy. I dont go crazy. This year, because you know and then have those If we set up. That is the key men. I would instead of one two four and go from one to forty two to back to what of book of what is known as injection into jail. Shields is very basic. He doesn't do a lot of different techniques. Runic choke arm bar getting choke, but he just fuckin gets them yet any notion of his ass kills techniques is so sharp. What do you think so Do you think about guys today like when you look at these guys today and you know, do you ever wish? Like man, I was degeneracy like I came along too like what do I want y yeah on one side, but you know I always go with the glass- is half full with me. You know I I I mean a group. No man, I mean I gotta, move becoming a big part, for they say no to Kevin James Comedy. You know I get.
Tv show my wife predicted that one also by the way, which many of us are, though the environment had ever made me with this we go, it does a forty year escalation tonight, my wife, when she should predicted that I was gonna, be a fighter in Japan and I said no because the most beneficial showed HOLLAND. You gotta go to spend much six monthly rummage Ben and two years into that. She looked at me again, I should know what she's we're going to MECCA you gonna be a tv business, so I got how'd you ever get to a part of that grandpa. I don't like the men's room was proven. The volunteers saying that you can ever do another one. What is it I haven't seen him all go and you did me as a judge. Oh yeah get inside the grant up Otto. I would just sit there to watch his show video games on the idea of Judah mushrooms, you d, for that was these guys from bar fighting. They saw it and what the gimme a script? I should get a tree this thing into sharp shall I wished
building sentences in the middle of the sentence. I would stop and then restart. It showed what looks like a total criticised. When I'm talking it's like really weird, because it doesn't work and an did result. When you see the result is one of my flight of work, then I had to send people out there. I say you can't because they were cracking up. So I call on all the guys who have fought, though you, the very best, in my opinion, at transitioning into a career outside of fighting in the EU. Do inside him a May. You do commentary you're, you're, always by the way you and Michael she available when you did the commentary for strike force for the undercurrent, so fuckin best part of the night. I love that you guys you need to do it together. I love she evaluating S. Fuckin allows you guys together we're awesome. Somebody really needs to scoop you up and have you guys do more commentary I love doing it, but this right now you know this is one of those things that I thought I would never say. Ban should visit the timeframe anymore, but anytime I have,
dance like fringes now go to Brussels and I do this just like three days before I have to go to Boston too, should say why do you do it? You don't need to do it. I say here, but I joy it. I enjoyed so much to go there and there are also the ring announcer and they, let me free. Gets slab girl that data fun stuff. You know that Brussels martial arts makes martial arts energy one tournament in both time he's lying. I seem that they had one before right. Yeah also went inside ever made yes, yeah inside by the way, if you don't have hd now, you're missing out, hd net is the best for watching fights, there's always hey one k, one max: they have a hundred different mean. I M f Seas are a hundred different mix, martial arts organization, yes fights with Japan, fights from Europe, really and that's we're inside Emma may, your chosen, I I I love and to think I love about it. I see my all bodies again whether this fighting order, no coaches from guys and initiate a new talent coming up. You know, and and
we'll ever want to show. You know we would have thought you gotta get a bossy award. You know like you came in a body if you have the greatest knock out of the year, a sound too. How cool is that? You know it's really want to doing the thing I think in the front of the live audience. Tat will be called to do also, but it's really good that we never thought it was gonna go like that when it just exe from the half I will show you right away to an hour and now commenced. Are there. So that makes me with doing getting without showing a net yeah masonry. Mamma is great. It's really really fun shown watch now what about is that you know that you start out with that of taking a lot of damage. Me you didn't take damage to damage to biofuel tonight, as we have no problem with you think. But what is it like when you see guys that do because it disturbs the shit out of me really it's? It is really sad that we, I know if you guys at Juno, lisping and and scary stuff. You know the like Alaska Fight, though New Andre
yeah. No, I love this guy's. You really nice guy somebody. I know he wants to fight the already wants to prepare for an expert. I think somebody should say you know what? Let's not do it. What do you think about? Greg Jackson, saying that he's going to get right back in there they're just going to fix it, and you did some things wrong, but he's not done and he's going to come back, it'll be even sweeter than ever, and I'm listen I'm going to my mother. Fucker. Do you know that this knocked unconscious UK times in a row? We again digging kill everything for the rest, you know I mean. Maybe he's is never to be a teacher anymore. Nothing but mix Marcia that that's the debating also is like a legacy he's going down when you gonna be a coach, you gonna go to it. And to train with a guy losses, lost seven fights. Imagine you're gonna grow formula knock out that under tat there was not a lofty I'm doing my, but I loved you right now show they should. What would I share? What what I should do should tell him. Ok, you know it's gonna, even if I four year and in between, begun to some grappling tournaments to keep to competition on there and the year before? it doesn't matter. If you ve been all those who cares about it just be busy with,
politicians show you you performed under pressure and then, if everything feels good, you know that maybe one more time, but then really say. Ok, if this is gonna go the wrong way, you would public guess you're off from the courageous fight deadening yet, but that is it. My book ever was based and it was no use, I would say This has been shut off twenty tat because I don't want to be that nail in the coffin. There's gonna say: God knows what happened, what about a guy like Al Star, the guts, stop them budget yet mean, I was- I got started- I think nine times in his career Bobby Hoffman knocked amount Chicago Adele knocked amount, so many guy stopped him there and look them now. I know the greatest come back ever. I know, but you you do she does style how he fights he doesn't throw absolute casual, let it go make three fortune. Pop up ads. You doesn't do that everything a shingle shots. His defence is perfectly boom boom boom. Every watch You know, there's no, three, a right up a good left took he's very.
No! No! She no yeah, of course, try not to get it does not to get it and and and it's gonna be hot for people to him so much power. You know I mean look. Look D. Striking is bizarre. The guy so strongly staked out his fences. Getting really good great submissions gloves control is really good. No one had been like ouster, though one decay, one Grand Prix and is a mixed, marginal Champ dream again strike strike force three belts, pretty fucked crazier get us through the CASA, that's a guy. This is fully traded early days. She trades crystalline. When I was training there, he is broader Valentine and I would submit him and then they would date. Data competitive and then, if I wouldn't come over there, they suddenly call me say a word you Jim, we went right now. Now, we're gonna get you. I say, ok and then again, and they say how is it possible ass it because I'm dreaming, do you know
but I always said that's the guy. Those are the guy's because they they keep coming keep coming. I want more and travel for it. He wants it. I really wanted it really. Like those like the book. I always say the alchemist, you know you if used you guys say: that's where I want to go what you do you don't get up the path you know, you're gonna get it. I truly blue There's there's something out there that helps you for that. No go, go relentless, don't walk over people do in order to get unless your answer. I ll ask anybody four times in a row: yes, yeah I'm we're not physically. You have to stop and look at it and go right. What are we gonna do here? Yeah, that's drew them I don't know how you say this. I thought you, how do you do tell when the tell them? I think that people in deep down inside the fighters know if they can become champion or not. I think they already know that when I was finding in us,
winning in Japan. When I get the grand game, I look at my wife. I say I think it can be really interesting. I truly believe I can beat all these guys now. You know and then started. You know. I think you feel it I think that that a fighter will actually knows himself they will keep on trying and keep on trying, but I think once you know that it's not really there that that's not good feeling demonstrate, but it is more like the guy shoe you mouth you hit, they turn a begging to get jokes, out of these guys they give to choke. Speaking What did you think about the fate or find when failure was fighting a thing for him and he gave up his back couple times. He had to everything. This is just to beg areas too. Big actually risen to big with to make the two big companies and then and then being sixty pounds heavier. You know, that's a big difference. Men. I always said they wanted wait class to a five to thirty five young reno. Yeah, I agree, is the two big overleap. Yet those
giant, geyser cut and wait to get down to sixty five, that's a huge percentage. They said that he was too Navy out. Do you gained twenty five fucking head looks like it's tonight that guy's baby? vague when he got on top of it or mountain amnesia. Why is he like? That's a giant person stopped by a big did you see. The footbridge is back for Freedom Mendoza. Those was a tough thing to watch and suffer even still to watch. All those people that are behind himself
Fight again, he should fight, though they did people booing where they don't let the fight continue. I say is: I is closed. He can't see anything coming from the left. You know at all. Real is gonna, be the same thing anyway. He's going to take him down smashed damage, it does. Is it hard watching a guy like that? You mean you watch him enter into very, are tried and then see him get be down. My very dear that dead. That does something. Do you know that you get a bushel? I do get a motion from that's crazy thing right, but in this game and that the game of fighting we're going to see it. No matter what I mean, I was there for chocolate, Dell's Dave you. I was there for Hector Consarn. So there was a guy's name. We fought if we get the governing thought. I was there for that, no exact! Maybe I was there, that bite and then you get to see him being all the way to the end of the Rich Franklin fight. You know it's like wow. You know seeing seeing the guys like at the top at their most.
Brent, wondered, dominate you know and as we are with you with chalk, it's a mental thing, but I also with with chalk if he has the right person who who can talk to him, that he still hungry like, if you lance, if he smells, the victory is thus also management at the older negotiate. Doesn't that if you had stepped back relax I mean he was really guess for its regular. This guy still get me the top guy. That's only defect with him. That lost his timing and lost it Only then to hungry, you know he's been knocking. People do easy, you know that's the same. You can also see what the training when, when he fought Couture, you know that the strange he put everybody backwards and has shown the way could do it MR pushing him backwards. That was like well well. Well, well, well, what now? What do you never was there fight made them again? We better
after that media editor counterstrike men. He learned how to fire off ass. It was moving backwards and let him my favorite gay stills amazing. Yet he also lost the ability to take upon him and if you go back and watches first fights like with leaving us the Palais fight, we ll go ahead of us, create under way to tell me if you say that I was very glad we're not going as a net underneath the ropes escape stuff in areas on top apparently punched him in the face with bare knuckles previously in the eyes of Joseph grabbed. The balls remember the letter, what it's always gonna, be real, shreds Pedro, revisiting nice panting and crushed his dick and balls I grant you literally get together by two components, not fuck, and it was totally blew me. Nobody had ever done a Bulgaria and not to do anything. That is anything but where they allowed a vital You know well it's almost. I read
look for big job, because I wrote to forward for a book. And men that's cool book. What is your Johns book but where are you the democratic, the annex no over. What is this line on this let's get it sort of mills Lanes line mills lane in boxing had their way before the EU area, I don't even know your father would get my gaze those his day and the like. Made some sort of an agreement- Whereof John gotta use it in anime, and Mills Lane was going to use it in boxing. Ok I remember when you know there was like some words that people are saying that you're, not only John could say: let's get it ox, every good referees, gotta figure out a thing to say, Martin Gay don't get started, Marvin Gaye Marvin Gaye, Martin yeah. Well,
yeah, let's get it I'm going to miss you seen it all mass you been there from the beginning, you now you re you're, a religion in this, this crazy sport and unnecessary every person. I may have a lot of pain when I walk. You know everything urged but has been worth it, and I know that with the stem cells and everything about something will pop up in an upward and I'm not gonna fight anyway Non also diesel we think it had when in two thousand see China made to come back. I knew that, like I would roll and everything would go really well. Don't get me wrong, but the word things that I say I would have had that normally and normally I would have had that. I noticed that I was slower. You know that my reactions were not there as they were before so you know you gotta, be u dont be very wrong.
Listen to yourself who do you think about a gala Grannie GO tours older, the you I mean. How do you know here by forty five extraneous fucking forlorn nobody's about to fight the cheetah? Yes, craze, but he's got to outdo trainer. The bastards invention, Delong training device. What is the reader? Will you know what this is affecting men? I believe this year, when I was fifteen years old from tat time I very but as well, but also the trick of field So when I had ass might take, there will be like a two week as out which, from the two, which I will be like five or six days in bed, because I could eat and can breathe because get it should I give rise drinking they'd like this. The treaty of Rome. I am a really bad. She watched there's nothing. The thing about you don't have any about anymore. None of those who does sometimes a little bit, but you take an inhaler, it's gone, but then, after an attack, and I would like a field. I would real
My long should work better and I go. Why is that the message that we diminishes and affection in your long pipe? You know it. The long like you launch have to work really hard. Pull that Erin. They have any effect he's gone, you know they are because word will attempt I used to bully hot air comes in Asia I guess why don't I come up with something that controls the errand take, so I started thinking above like The stupidest thing may even lives like I will put my mouth Position had tried to memorize deposition, edges, stupid stuff, so you much errand yeah like I didn't make it every time a little smaller man I gotta competently. So I tell all these Oh my body here in Amerika, everybody knew and a whole, and also that I wanted to make their thing and then unventilated came on tv with the snorkel I had six or seven phone calls as they said, you gotta do that. Thing that you're talking about because somebody's going to find out somebody's going to come up with a little bit of night here
So I started looking at a pattern for and but do you know men, nobody made it. I got. The better everything, the zones in orbit it ass route and to train or the ode to train obituaries laughing, because what I saw this sector will cover all do trainer and its controls year intake it's very simple thing. So imagine this week. You do all your hardware gouts likes, four times also because you don't need to do everything anyway, because she actually turn your muscles tat testing it intact right now to university that guy in twelve days he had great alone voting here, man, you made something really cool. Can I put my tracked him homage he's got his female tricky wanted they gonna test on them now, because he thinks also that began it's a little small died biodegradable little compartment. Its flexible also should get get her because you re read the little tiny bit of carbon monoxide bitch. I want to stay away from because it altogether did you just don't know yogurt tissue carbon dioxide guns? I wanna do anyway. He says he thinks it's just enough to spark.
A more red and production, a shit. You keep me, isn't it don't know for sure. Yet he says, but I'd ever be icing on the cake. Well, what does this thing? What luck? It's you know She always stood a berries it online. Can I find out Let me see you got to outdo traded. I've come at people are watching. What are you can't buy it? Yet it's all there, but you can buy a jet, so don't hit by oh to train. Is that comes you two zero to or all of the other two check this out, and this is something is gonna be available soon. Very soon, this week this week. What does it look like? Is not the commission
your programming smashed right now, you just send it online. You must have forty four thousand people in use: three, ok, guys everybody watching don't buy, you cannot buy a gay, it's not in so don't hit by come back at the end of the week So it will be something that you think. There's gonna be a make. A big impact on, I think he's gonna, be the major impact because you're looking to describe what it looks like. Ok, it is it is it and supported by the vice. It's a mouthpiece like like when you die video, converter snorted and comes to the front with too little things. It's like a square and comes to the front, Here's the air a whole it. As a cap d kept you can take off in camp which in their little rubber screens with all smaller holes. They go from forty millimeter all the way to one millimetre. This week you train all your hardware, that's fourteen millimeter! Next week you two thirty, then you do too Are you going slowly and gradually you're going down
and I want you now. You know you, you really alone have the poorly Aaron and it's the voice. My wife was seen, after three. We should training investment should make you nobody goes. You let's just really loud, should obeyed forcing us it's for you play Boeing's dimensions for four: ask divers, a boy: you needs alone. You know you should. The commercial, where did I made for it? We shut that thing in fifteen minutes or less You gonna live as when you see that thing you gonna go while who, while yet while devils checking Yeah I got it, you get up and if you haven't seen boss, written show inside I'm amazed on hd. Now you gotta check it out. Follow him on Twitter, its boss, Rudin M M, a r: U Tt An M M a on Twitter and regular, much becoming merely appreciate and thank you to the pot. Do the flesh life response from the part gas to go to jail, Rogan dot net and input click the Lincoln Input.
The code name broken, does the bundle version unaware demanding job right in India, thirteen millimeter yo, you don't start. Let me know what you just did a whole flashlight, Imagine we'll be back next week. This weekend I gotta go to Australia for the. You have see anything else. You want to plug ins and Godspeed Party on and add a little tiny screens notes got its full exercises. You get it literally sit here, and just do I do to my car right now. I got a bus rudin. Oh two trainer last you're, a fucking legends me very much for come on the show, a really appreciated mountains blast our assets, responsibility as weak for sure okey, dokey, lustres, holler boy men as people Google Expenditure-
For me, the men's room is occupied for your hosts and here I may say what we could do good to ride high everybody- my name is boss ruin and I'm, while charm to demand
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I'm gonna be discussed.
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