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Date: 02-28-2011 The raw, live, and uncensored podcast of Joe Rogan. With Duncan Trussell and Brian Redban.
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the joe rogan experience with the girl joe rogan experience one i miss her i'll switch it up next at next time that girl i miss her even throw a robot one or something let's get crazy late gentlemen welcome excuse me step back from australia my body very i don't even know who i am right now i'm in a fucking fog i was on the other side of the planet just hours ago i'm here with
trussell is germantown duncan trussell has joined the podcast that's t double as devil out there you go no isn't easy in there to yeah yeah don't say double s dell well that's cool trussell duncan you are s s e l l that's what it is mama he's joined us because this is the fucking greatest podcast gas in the history of united come on and we've even turn the lights down because duncan's here i took a nap i slept an hour in the plane flew off australia's twelve and a half hours slept an hour on the plane took an for an hour and then boom so i'm on momentum right now right was that noise when i try to figure that out that's weird what was it i don't know all the stds brian picked up this weekend shooting into the wi fi by the way flashlight real quick yeah i go to joe rogan's
say you can click on in the banner and i will take you right to the flashlight website and if you put in the coupon code rogan you'll save what is at fifteen percent of ten percent off discount masturbation session duncan trussell and i says fully brody and danielle stewart to put their fingers in my really used flat like her on the drunk ass and smell it daniel who are being jason teams girlfriend you fuck yeah you're a problem zest by his aides and it's controlling is that what it's like some sort of a parasite right like that aquatic worm now or that mushroom that like falls on the ants and the ants go and wander into the pool and drowned themselves or i don't know about this one you haven't seen that this parasitic fun fungus maybe we're talking about the same thing no what i was talking about an aquatic worm that grows into a caterpillar are grasshoppers body gets too size and then convinces the grasshopper to go swim customers can
what is this fungus is different but what is nice offer thank you he's not thinking anymore and what happens is the aquatic worm rewired his brain somehow or another you know it's the weirdest like how at work with evolution i can go on to other ones out there too i know there's one that makes some some bugs had glow i forget what the budget is but a completely zombified the bug takes over you can just lift your make up eleven it's not facing here i think that might be what that sound kind of distortion is really yeah okay i mean like to is that tom better people at home say yes put home on the treadmill yeah yes talk to a lot of fucking people in australia that listen to the podcast it was kind of a trip because last year when i was there i didn't have the podcast i didn't do it did do it was only like we've done like a couple of them and nobody knew about it but now you know we're in rudy hill going to mention the podcast and all these people cheered i was like wow
how many of you fucking people and then i thought we started thinking about like is there ever been a medium like that where you can just put something online and someone on the other side of the continent can be a weekly listen error this thing that's fucking crazy no i don't think amazing is there a lot of people packed and then we did another show on sunday night after the ufc sunday night the ufc was over at five because the it was set up so it could be live on pay per view in america on saturday night which is sunday early afternoon in australia so seven pm here is you know like free two to their two pm there oh so it was live it wasn't recorded and reprogram it was lives we shot it on sunday so then we were there sunday night and we were like well hey we're going to be outta here at five hundred o'clock so the woman who runs the local club here his jewels is called the laugh garage we said
well it's fucking let's go do a set there so we hooked it up an just on twitter pack the place yeah just do it throughout some twitter messages hey crazy doing an impromptu ninja show we went down there it's all these cool mother fuckers came out it was a really fun show really fun is usm players only seems like one hundred and fifty people and it's real tight and intimate just the perfect size comedy club you know i mean yeah it's got the perfect vibes got all the shitty head shots on the wall the exact things that you want from a great club goodbar great owners people that love comedy so we did monday night we had a a show there was fucking fun as hell possum and isn't it amazing that you could do that now you don't have to fucking go on radio stations put out advertisements in newspapers you just fucking put on yourself hey i'm going to be here at this time go here
the first time i really did it like that where i did a show from the you know the from a few hours to let's do a show in a few hours ready go and all did it wirelessly wirelessly from cell phones yeah you know the connection that you have with people now is just off the charts you know yeah it's causing some insane shit to happen in the world right now yeah the stuff in libya in the middle east is in trouble sheen it's i blame charlie sheen you mean mrs rogan was ecstatic about the newest charlie sheen interview because apparently he it comes off crazy in a fucking loon i haven't heard any of it did a new goes the only drug i'm on is charlie sheen i need to hear that i need to hear those actual words on the way over to the airport me and are you will listen into the the one the one who when i was on the alex jones show which by the way i got him kicked off that show the the cancel production of the show for the rest of the season because that one interview i heard
i just recently he said he's he's not quitting or he's back on it or something like that because i know there was a while they were going to have nearly estevez stiff fill in phil and but then i thought i just aren't that hurt on or read on tmz that now he's like no i'm not leaving the shower quitting wasn't his choice it was them i don't know what you're getting this from they fired him why don't you want to look that up because they were saying was that they were canceling production of the show for the season because of his erratic behavior and that he needs to seek help he goes i'm just tired but i'm not freaking winning at every corner at every turn just delivering the freaking goods over and over again they asked about piss tests and he goes yeah i'll pass the first one second ones in your mouth it's called winning goddesses pretend i'm not leaving the perfect frickin life and amount out there delivering the goods at every turn
i i love him i love him too man and love him as you got coconut water you got two archetypes going on charlie sheet one of them is he just doing what really powerful guys have been doing for thousands of years when they have a lot of money they try to stab a that's like that's like a basic thing that's been insists the for a very long time that's all he's doing he just living like the western verge name some roman emperor time is right he was saying that he was like going to sue and stuff like that
no he's not quitting you know this yes i miss read this yeah i didn't read it all but that's what he was that's what he said yeah they don't they don't back down that easy this is a gun fight right now between him and the executive producer i know how this work did you hear him what does he talk about on the executive producer talked a lot of and he was upset that the guy said something in the air when the closings of the show he said you know that i eat i eat right i do you know i exercise again my colon check twice a year charlie sheen out lives me i'm gonna be really pissed right i would think that's funny i would take that as a joke how is charlie i would be like you know i mean he's going out hunter s thompson style man in front of the whole world to see yeah i'm delivering the freaking goods at every turn okay called winning he's got a long breath he doesn't with its cold yeah he's delivering the freakin goods down here on paper a lot better than when you hear it live find the interview find
the most recent one because apparently it's just fuckin gold and he looks crazy say shit in his eyeballs are bugging out while he's talking he only drug harmonics charlie she just did a piss test for radar online and it came up negative like the bahamas and pissed in a cup in front of the supposedly i don't think coke queen stays in your system that long that's not that impressive i know they had a list they said that it would have i mean i'm sure he's got there's a trick or something sure so that it doesn't show well maybe it's not maybe just crazy you don't even do you hear audio from this morning on the today show yes deliv the freaking goods going to get out charlie sheen impression i'm working on it sounds decent right now that's really yes it's on its way i'm tired of pretending i'm not even the perfect freaking life videos winning i'm on charlie sheen
you gotta get outta sniffle after i'm here with the goddess is now that would that was good that was not good when i need to hear him and then i'll do it it's like i need here people there's only i'm not a good impressionist i'm only good for like joey yes you know i'm saying yeah a few people cock sucker that i got nailed i know what i know what i fucking talk like alex jones charlie ok charlie basically you're clean and you been clean now for two years i'm not delivering the freaking goods fucking hilarious dude i need and to put it all together with some material isn't sheeny nine one one yes oh yeah but reuther he's gone as far as hold on in the room record with but we get over this because this is interesting he's done is interesting he's done as far is to write a fake question and answer with obama worry it looked like an interview with obama when i first met him like what the fuck is going on here and then it gets to the end
and then he tells you that it's fiction and would then be amazing to me yeah he actually had the opportunists sit down with president obama and talk to me about this i'm thinking charlie sheen might be a government agent this whole thing might just the his way of being a patriot and really discrediting the nine one one to reach our movement what i was doing as he just bang all these horse for america that's what i'm thinking and all the coke and all the whores and all the erratic behavior is really just to make the nine one one truth or movement look ridiculous this is what i think that that is that i think that's hard like ninety nine percent problems mostly likely yeah totally i'm just and i'm not leaving the perfect creek in life to now that deliver the goods at every turn he he's our he's he's trim drunk he's taking the whole thing men is an agent he's work for america this nine eleven truther movement can really fuck up the foundation of this country rd confidence in the base and so
when charlie sheen goes out there on a deep end in bahamas with a suitcase full of heroin with different color socks on charlie sheen is out there doing it like thirty years ago the cia was like get me a baby estevez we're going to train and we're going to get up you just going to start him off super legit stone movies platoon wall street he's going to be a fucking huge successful mainstream actor then massive just whores and drugs and and then a rebirth on television and once we get him on television then we've hit the final phase ok because when he the television then he's in the peoples homes an he's little tumbled 'cause he's not a movie star anymore right now is a television star is not quite the same so he's not he's not he's already lost a little bit of credibility maybe is already sliding you know but then he's making millions of dollars a week and he's but blowing it doing crazy things well well now car charlie sheen's out of control so you got to say ok why
is charlie sheen into the nine slash eleven truth movement why is he doing that because charlie sheen works for the government it's a perfectly do you really think they would pay him two million dollars a week for that shit bag fucking show that shows god damn terrable i'd show goddamn atrocity paint two million dollars a week this is just the mainstream news reports with the cia tells him to report yet ok i'm in there working for america every can turn i gotta tell you man if you watch that show i can believe it because that has to be one of the most miserable shows that there is there is like getting about working at like i i said this about grace under fire went member when brett butler had that tv show grandfather brian who the do you you got your whole shit on autoplay anyway when brett butler was on that um show grace under fire and she started going nutty like throwing fucking glasses of water in people's faces i heard a lot of shit like that when i was on hardball
first sitcom that i was on it was like feeling before news radio when she was going nutty just like screaming at people like she infant this one thing where they i believe they cancel the show this is the infamous statement that she said in front of like a table read if you fuck you the way you write comedy no wonder why you're divorced she i said that like at a table read in front of network executives and all these people and through something and that's what it the great getting shows cancelled screaming rants i've heard two good ones chris titus is a good one and then this with krista this is a nice guy so i won't say his over there you got to have to ask him about that man you gotta look at like i think that if you look at how being an american celebrity carries with it this bizarre cycle
call danger because a pretty large percentage of our celebrities go fucking insane well when you're working on something bad you're you're miserable when you're a good comic like brett butler is crazy that bitch was was a good comic she was religion stand up comic and if you're doing some show that you know it's just not good you know that she was x you know she was in the bill hicks documentary about and talk about how great it was you know it's like she she's you know she was stuck she was stuck making uh fuck load of money on something that's absolutely terrible and that soul stealing right like tim allen think about tim allen it was a legit stand up comic at one point time an literal quit at all for that show did he showed his tool time show or whatever the fuck it was called when we got you on right here really no i was going to turn this off so i can do that who gives a cliff refrigerator don't go crazy okay
i'm as we did that before and then we never plug it back in and i'm on my food goes bad and my soda gets warm that's what i put in front of your son if you're feeling really fucking frisky where i thought this is ginger grass and i was ignoring that let's go deep juice interview let's hear some charlie sheen i don't blame charlie sheen the show is on sucks there's a reason why he's doing drugs that's what i have to say i said this about brett butler back in ninety four here men start took his guest and pull any punches there we go try to pretend like i'm not special entire pretend like i'm not bitching a total frickin rock star from mars and people can't figure me out they can't process you
we expect them to you can't cross me with a normal brain that troubled actor on one or two million three million an episode you want to you want to raise well yeah look what they put me through when it comes to any apologies for machine he says cbs execs shouldn't hold their breath duo cbs an apology no they told me a big one publicly while licking my feet but it is interview with good morning america charlie said he's clean sort of i am on a drug it's called charlie sheen into it's not available because if you try it once you will your face will melt off any john reporter exploded body not so sure that's working for you charlie he's a man he's the most amazing guy ever wait a minute pause backed up to the beginning of the interview and let's go over this again shall we as duncan trussell professional stand up comedian and i break down the really
stat is the man charlie sheen tired of pretending that i'm not special let's hear that again yes the morning tv starting with today show and he didn't pull any punches tired of pretending like i'm not special entire pretend like i'm not bitching a total free rockstar pause please pause tar pretending i'm not special did he say bitch in rich in the total rock star from mars i need to listen to that a bunch of times and get it get it down time to pretend to not special let's for a second though and by the way i kind of feel vile about getting the everyone gets sucked into this shit 'cause like it just gross the locus shut the fuck up listen this is awesomeness one hundred percent pure unadulterated there's no need to make excuses this is one of the greatest occurrences in modern pop culture you gotta fucking guy who makes two million dollars a year or a week rather than he's imploding in front of everybody with coke and whores an braggadocious but so what let's just say
even though he seems to think he's not on any drugs what drug is okay okay whatever you look at his face and he's on cocaine now it's starting to look like a skeleton he looks come really wired give that he looks like lil hammocks wired here or something it could be math i think that but i think math math like there's a coke yeah well let's say if pause if he tested negative for radar online i don't think you need more than three days clean i think three days and you'll test negative especially if you take cleansers and drink water so that doesn't mean shit the test monday especially when you're charlie sheen you just go hey i'm going to give you four million dollars make this test writing work ok now we are also he could be manic depressive like he could be like that it sounds like someone and have it someone having either a drug induced manic episode or just a manic episode
because their brains out from all the blow instead they're starting to mill what's amazing about it is is two things one i wish he was a guy who's doing this that wasn't obviously insane you know i would be so cool if he was just really having fun you know and it but it's the door but he's doing it that he doesn't realize how that's going to come off is like i i'm not special and i'm not delivering the fricking good some of a rock star from mars you know like well what do you talk about rock stars you're good at pretending like what the you saying that you should be weird it out by the fact that you have any success anybody that's a a performer that's not weird it out by the fact that the how the did i get to do this for a living you know you think you're special no one who does stand up or ding or music is truly special they're just people that may accomplish special things and the reason why they're doing it because they are on a path and they get on
and then they get better and then they tune into and they figured out and that might be special achieving that level of fission see with with music or with comedy or with acting within it that is kind of special stuff but the person that's doing it it's it's just because he kept going no it's not it's not you're not special the most talented person ever is not really special person the the acts that they may achieve by whatever written for whatever reason whether it's because they're missing some sort of a a social thing we like that some people don't get nervous around other people and they can be an open themselves up because of whatever weirdness that happened to them in their childhood or something i have this unbelievably exorbitant need for attention that expresses itself in this really powerful matic performance style right you know they can just really do something that really
actual moves you because they need you to love them that much but the end of the day even the most amazing whenever it's just a fucking person in anybody like charlie that really starts thinking they are special yeah i mean i don't know how much of them is just bullshit and or how much of it is just him being honest can xanax sort of those on but the i when when you start thinking that you actually are special do you think he's just around also could be i mean i have a think about it like it doesn't look like you though care about the media and and what the the news tech things that he's practicing they're getting hi it laughing about this all whole thing probably don't you think i don't think it's taking any they should seriously i mean the drugs charlie sheen do you really think he's thinking that i think he's sick you can i mean you don't think there's some wrong with him i think he's at his end of the round yeah no he seems a little on the on the on these interviews radic bro these these these are not interviews by a man who is calculated in and gone out there and decided you know what i'm going to act like a loon for groups yeah
it's not what you got going on here who charlie sheen's not that good an actor there's no this is this is this is you got it issue now there's a there's an issue with him i backed up a little bit let's listen one more time top ten like i'm not catching a total freakin rockstar from mars and people can't figure me out they can't process i don't expect them to get process with all right the troubled actor also go canada he wants a raise from two million to three million at the so you want to you want a race war gallagher they put me through when it comes to any apologies from sheet he says cbs execs shouldn't hold their breath do you cbs an apology no they'll be a big one publicly while looking my fate but it is interview with good morning america charlie said he's clean sort of yeah i'm i i i am on a drug it's called charlie sheen
into it's not available because if you try it once you will die your face will melt off and your children will weep over exploded body i think he's just having fun uh i'm sure you've seen i like hookers in porn i'm just going to make a mockery of this whole entire fucking bullshit but there's a little bit of that for sure but there's also the words he saying that those are the words of an insane man but somebody needs to animate a guy smoking some charlie she his body blowing up in his kids coming up and weeping over the corpses that's hilarious we love when someone's off the deep end like this would love it society we love it yeah
no this is way better than low hand this is lohan if she had a brain and she could talk low hands good lori and stumbling already good she did good shit dude this is one thousand times busan archetype and this archetype shows up in religion it shows up in culture not to take it too deep but it's the idea of god coming to earth and his followers eating dionysus jesus it happens again again this is a recurring thing and that's what we do we get people really famous we turn them in like we worship them we call them idols and then we kill him i got news for you bro nobody warships charlie sheen i've been there since you know there are a few there's a few leg no you get that fuse don't have been start fellow he's flooded every day with messages from weird mediocre people twice tire rotation special that's what with the kids to your friend gone to mars especially when you're jim
rating that much money it's gotta get here he probably was sick of that show sabotaging himself to get off that fucking show i don't know about that do that so this is going to carry this is going to carry on much further that there's obviously some sort of a bad relation between him and the guy who's is the executive producer i show but that's very normal yeah that's really normal though that shit happens all the time i've seen it happen there's always a battle of egos between the talent no way really unplug the something i swear to god i did don't answer it i have to keep bills i'm calling you your house joe pretty much cock for charlie sheen interview though still get him so podcast doing doing good yes doing good the lavender hour on itunes one i don't listen mini podcast but i listen to yours because i'd i fucking love anything
you obviously but you in a tasha work so well together and you just had my for email on the show and he told me one of the most horrifying store ever heard my life what he almost got wait while he was on acid he tells the story on the podcast but it's just the most and this is uh lavender hour which episode is it this one i haven't put it up yet i'm going to put it up it just happened it's just my friend it was my friend is this musician in a band called home which is an awesome man ban the holy sites but basically just tells the story about getting in the back of his friends well he's an acid he kind of knew this guy didn't know him that well and his friends car the sides of it had been green thank you yeah you told me you were struggling in the back once yeah yeah and so he's just starting to trip in in his mind he's like okay i'm part i'm pro being paranoid this guy didn't like intentionally greece this fucking car and the guy pulls up into this house
and he's like i just gotta do a quick drug deal annie goes into the house an goes into the house with him i guess you don't want to sit in the car we stuck in the car he goes in the can house this guy takes him into a back room where there's a dude and full of full michael jackson costume and on the wall is a picture of janet jackson naked with candles around it like a shrine was yeah and his friend sure this was call pat part of the azure trip he was really just sitting on the couch like watching happen two one slash two men this happened and then like one of the guys started like dancing there to him like but there's no music playing and he's doing like air dancing and then both the guys leave for a second and come back and they're like standing right next to him air dancing and then the guy press play on a cd player and start playing loser by beck looking on the wall there's all these fucking posters on the wall of dudes having three ways look through
play three way three way my friends tripping out they fucking play loser by beck and start dancing next to him 'cause they're just trying to fuck him and he said he ran from the house screaming he ran from the house screaming and he said the guy leaned the window and yelled to him anybody that doesn't value is almost raped it sounds like he's almost fucked well is that there's a difference there right yeah that's a good point there is a distinction minutes we got mind raped it never happens to me where i'm i well is it ever come close we never any models getting just being that can you imagine walking in the room and sees me dressed up as michael jackson's you gotta be careful when you have acid man yeah you leave you leave yourself at the mercy of the universe you know you do if you're you're going to go do acid then climb in someone's car the you don't know that good there it was house in europe no or go to the u s c what's or do anything new
do anything where you're going to be out there a with a bunch of people i want to know which are always doing right now i want to know you don't know i want to do drug wise you know all these girls are saying cocaine i believe it i'm sure if coco i'm sure it was one hundred percent obviously an amphetamine it's like maybe adderall maybe is taking adderall on top of it maybe that is just straight over school down speed lot of people on adderall people are on it fits images on it every day really takes it every day yeah in action script on adderall is that good though actionscript sucks i know adderall is a great trick it's like scientists like studied cocaine and they were like they came up with a wonderful version of it so i took half of one recently my first time i ever did it took half of one it was great took the second half i felt like i was like too much cocaine you know here i started doing the math right now and you you have the drip system i felt like all that is horrible yeah it's it's a pretty intense
is drug and i know people are taking it i guess it gets prescribed for deficit disorder yeah and it it does it focuses what's the name of that drugs that make you smarter what's that called no tropics so that is the tropics new tropical books yeah yeah i love that man i love the idea that they're going to come out with a pill you're gonna be out of taking it soon well what they are and they do have right now they have supplements that aid the function of the brain you know the help you suppose we help you retain memories and help lead flow to the brain i don't you know i'm i don't know yeah there's studies that have been done on certain substances that they've showed some sort of a cognitive cognitive advantage in using them chris chris marcus to the guy from the flashlight human put together like a little pack we're going to try it out and we're doing we're putting together a pack of all the best shit all the stuff that's it to be like really good for your brain and put it in a pack so you don't have to go by twenty fucking bob
those are things sorted out yourself yeah and so for the lazy want to be smart people if you could just buy these awesome what's he going to do it now no one wants to buy a flashlight because they're too small to quit the flashlight he he left and services is a family by the way happy birthday oh yeah monday happy birthday bitch happy so we to come up with some so we'll find out we're going to try him and test them out and see what the you know it's those weird things though it's like how do you know i take vitamins in the only way i know their vitamins help me is when i don't take him if i don't take what i've done that before i get to a couple of weeks off vitamins and i felt like flat and everything i just didn't feel as vibrant and then we're taking the vitamins again and then within a week i was like well i feel like good again like right that's gotta be the vitamins it must be definitely even make sense mean you're supposed to eat and vegetables all fucking day you know you're not supposed to be eating cheeseburgers and soda and whatever the fuck you're eating yeah i mean the amount of vitamins that you're supposed to get is supposed to what you do you get when you
you give yourself what you need like man this is everything feels cleaning like it's working smooth yeah so i don't know we're going to try this out and if it works if it's if it becomes something that's that's interesting selling it is that something you have to get like like i mean to have like a some kind of license to do this his election like the supplement thing you could pretty much do whatever you want to do well it's not a it's the the thing about it being like the you know it's not like they're not regulated like the food and drug restrictions on fda regulated announce like that's one of the problems with supplements they can say they do a lot of things that they don't really do right you know it's it's hard to tell you know it's hard to tell what the is a rear view weird and and then yeah and then at one point time they were going to call them nutraceuticals and they were going to have them prescribed it was a a big push to the pharmaceutical companies did i think was the nineties to try to take over the vitamin business when they saw that all these people were spending all this money and homeopathic you know
cures and vitamins and stuff like that helps things they well hey you know we'll just fucking lock that shit down to like monsanto is going to fucking put up at and vitamin c and the only way you get vitamin c is from monsanto you know i mean that's not outside the realm of possibility with corporate america the way what they've done with food in this country for folks that don't you know you gotta watch this documentaries are available on monsanto and see what they've done they basically done is they've genetically modified food so that it doesn't have the same effect when use pesticides on it doesn't get killed by the same bugs they have a bunch of different things that they've done to various plants but once they this genetically modified seed you owe them money this is how it works you can't just grow plants and then take the seeds from those plants and grow new plants you're not allowed to do that it's illegal you to buy a new set of seeds from them and you own those it's just for that season you you bye
can i buy them to use and it's like you lisa and then this where you owe the money is there seeds go in the air you know the cross pollination they fucking fly off and land in some other guys field and he starts growing mont san so genetically modified food and come in and they go hey you gotta fucking corn grown pitch us money and they just take your money made becomes like a crazy legal battle with these poor farmers and you know you know like you could say that some of them might have stole the seeds that's possible but with a lot of 'em it's been proven that it's just cross pollination and so becomes a real trip because these people might be organic farmers to they don't want this mutant freak fuckin genetically modified food grown on their soil monsanto is trying to trying to not just do that without food but they're trying to do that with animal food to try to do that with pigs like they're they're they're patenting pig parts are there genetically modifying pigs and then they're going to patton those pig parts but the problem is like there's all this debate
them doing that because you saying you're patenting things that have already existed for like a million years like that's absolutely ridiculous you can't do that you can't just pat and fucking parts of animals and shit like you're going to make a canoe make an animal do you own but you own the patent to it and then like what what if you to commit genocide on the animal that you own are you allowed to just do that just shut em all off you create it is yours it's artificial and sounds like the same company that made robocop like they're gonna and leave some terrible thing on the world yeah it's a it's a weird thing man they filed an invention there filed a patent for the new invention the pig this is an article on greenpeace it's fucking crazy man the very weird man wait they called there watching the pig no it's a joke i mean that's the job title of this you know but they're patent plan
they are out there in the world's food supply and oh pig into route to own world food supply man and they can they can you know it's just amazing that it's gotten to this point where they've let anybody put any so the patent on life yeah i understand that once you start to alter that life then it becomes a verb question like well i mean you really i mean in a sense you're sort of playing god you're genetically modifying the structure of a plant to your liking and then you own a patent on that piece of life i mean is that your path we're allowing people to patent life and it's if it sounds dick ulous with a pig well guess what it is ridiculous the head of lettuce right it's all ridiculous but a patent is you know this the thing about it is is the most disturbing thing is the idea of some corporation just for profit meddling around with the dna of things that haven't been meddled with for a very long time that's bizarre that's much more bizarre than the patent because of pat
is an imaginary thing anyway yeah well what's what's really scary about it is the idea that they can stop other people from from growing it they can stop other people from having it i'm i'm two nine i i must be naive right now because i this going on in egypt and libya it makes me think that there is this corporate bullshit like that is just such a is a pipe dream they they they could they will invoke things like that and they'll be our period of time where the belt gets to type i just don't think it works i don't know what's going on in egypt and what's going on in libya and what's going on in iran but i don't think anything really happens without the ci a being involved yeah that's i agree with that i don't think these things just start happening i think someone something we can dude who works for america is over there and he's helping organize shit and get not to take anything away from the heroic effort that these people have done you know especially in
of the moon bark is gone you know and in libya right now they're getting gunned down the street is videos i've seen a bunch of him on the line of people getting hit by snipers yeah this dark ship manages blowing dudes heads off yeah middle the streets yeah not to take anything away from that i mean the people really are doing something courageous but for sure there's some influence there for sure are governments involved in everything i think our government does not want what's happening in the middle east to be happening and if there are people out there if there's some conspiracy no because you've got fucking right after it right after everything went down in egypt there was showing pictures of move bar a non mainstream press as though we were kind of a good guy i mean it's so cool to watch mainstream news because it's like they have to spend two days deciding what tone they're going to take with it and when the gym revolution started the united states government didn't come out and do much at all 'cause their weight to see if they would be able to push them down to hold them down you know and then they
kind of came out in favor of the people but they had to you but there's pictures of obama meeting with him many presidents meeting with him he was i think he was already ours i don't think we wanted to get rid of them i think we liked him right where he was at it but you know how do you know though it's all speculation we might have like run its course because at one point time we wanted hussein in there you know same with our boy doll rumsfeld shaking his hand is a famous photo he was our guy over there when they were at war with iran i mean in last i mean our our daughter was in the main there's there's no way to watch tv i wouldn't be so as the this is some i mean i'm i'm such a fucking new age hippie sometimes like you know with two thousand and twelve coming up and the acceleration of technology what i like to think of this as is the beginning of people having the ability to organize themselves in a way that's never been possible in human history make singing the ability to get information that you could never get so that motivates people
revolt against liars and that's what internet is doing just showing who the fucking liars are out there yeah i think you about that definitely think that as well i definitely think but you know the social media and you know using facebook and twitter to get messages out to where we're going to protest and we're going to eat and i mean this one things they did in egypt and won the first things that they did in libya is cut off their supply to the internet there their connection in the world but you know i mean how much i don't think that the cia is an fucking super sad about that kind of too you know i mean because of course they are and i'm not saying that it is this isn't you know it's not but it's just a plain old fashion revolt i just think the united states is so clever about you know the policy and how they interfere with other countries that that they don't ever allow anything to really slip by you know this guy got arrested in pakistan for shooting down some people who tried to rob 'em and then the guy was a cia operative that was embedded into the system over there you know when you find out stuff like that's like well how many of these guys are there you know how many you know
i have a buddy and i have talked about it for years like talking about it but his dad was in the cia didn't find until he was fucking thirty years old he didn't know is does that was a banker wow that's it yeah it's it's a trip you know it's interesting you know it's very interesting well i think that what happens is something like the it goes down they have like they had statistics they probably had think tanks were like here there is a pos ability this is going to happen in the middle east and when it happens here's our plan we know this guy out there this guy out there this guy out there then let's move in to try to make this situation to our advantage but i i'm i'm skeptic well for no reason other than it just seems like this doesn't work with my there is standing of the way empire likes to run it's my opinion that this is that the people doing this more than is it a cia instigated thing and i think even if it was a cia
you thing it might have turned into something they didn't expect because really them the one thing we don't over there is for what's it called a hedge the money we don't want the fucking uh it to become a theocracy you know what i mean we don't want that right this is another thing that was concerned i'm sorry but this muslim brotherhood thing that we keep hearing about lately yeah who are they what the fuck this house is just coming up now damn it but this is like an episode of loste where there is the last season and you know they have to introduce some new character in this new magic i that's one of the reasons why i fucking gave up on loste the last season they start bringing people back from the dead and jack started walking through his lines that fuck never watch anything with that you see the end and figure out how it all makes sense it doesn't cuz i don't they don't get me you ruined me jack you fuck fucking
walking through all your scenes he just was mad that he was a like a super cool guy anymore like he was in the beginning of the show to begin to show jack was the bomb diggity he have great characters amazing guy who's out there doing he was a hero yeah and somewhere along the line i bet that actor piss people off by being a contact and they slowly started making a it is it is you know became a junkie and a failure in a zero like his character like went into that she and her hard in a with you and never of expected from the first season like the hell the that guy do private you know there with one of the writers but not up with i think they just get to know your real personality after awhile yeah just to start incorporating your your penis into the script because i know they do that on on shows all the time they do that on shows all the time and people complain apparent like that girl
what's your name catherine he eagled it's in like all those romantic movies that make you wanna hurl yeah the the movie with josh to hommel when they have to a kid together they're not really the real the real parents in the phone book well she was on that show the is that stupid show with the dr mcdreamy whatever the what is it you know grey's anatomy yeah and apparently they just fucking did you started given are like really shitty parts and not right there in much 'cause she started getting an attitude right you know that happens it happens did charlie sheen situation man look what they've done with him they cut off the last four seasons that other last four episodes of the season they stop filming that's going to cost charlie eight million dollars and it's going to cost them a load of money too because they've already sold the advertising for those diversity lack you know committed to selling them for syndication s syndicated show yeah that's a that's a big loss for them they're hoping the trolley pulls together and then by
in the time it goes around next year they can add four to next year and then make up for what they also this is basically like for the corporations this is this i think it's like a roman emperor temper had a favor gladiator people love the gladiator body got a big head and started going a little crazy that's what this is their little puppet is kind of like is firing a little bit well you can't have a successful show without someone being a star they become a star whether they were start first like charlie was already aware whether they become one like brett butler or you know chris ties or anybody else when you when you get on a show you know that's what happens you get test for showing all the sudden this one person mean you really do fucking need that one person more than everyone else means that mind fuck that's a mine especially for actors because for a giant chunk of their life not ness charlie sheen who's pretty much instantly successful but for most actors it's a long series of failures and disappointments and rejections and the
finally you make it with something and you have a fucking chip on your shoulder for all those people that caused you pain i can't tell you how many conversations i've had with famous dude that we'll talk about still to this day about horrible fuck casting sessions that they had horrible you know auditions where it went wrong and you know all the scuffling around all the humiliating auditions that they had to go on fucking can you know people they they get in there and they they you know they become famous and they just want to get back at all those people that hurt them all the time yeah they needed all that absorb exorbitant amount of attention they needed to be fucking special and everyone saying no you're not know you're not know you know your normal no you're not good enough no fucking and then finally become famous you know just so yeah yeah it's like this bounce back the other direction is so enormous because of how much is pushing pushing them down in the beginning you know how they feel well it's you know man when you run into an actor or a median or anybody who seems proud
of themselves eighty eight automatically so disappointing because like you think you think you're the thing it's making this you think you're really think you're responsible youth and that's the most it's like a radio thinking that it's awesome for playing a song or a volcano thinking it's awesome for the lava that comes spraying out of it it's like yeah you're kind of like your conduit for conduit you're not the fucking thing man whenever you said sounds ridiculous to people that don't create things though if you talk the person is not creative doesn't write a lot or to perform a lot they really don't have any idea what you're talking about you know and most people out there are not the living a living being creative a lot of people never achieve that zen state where whatever you got good at it whether it's art or music or do you know they amy even dance they say that and martial arts they say that it's anything you get really good at you
into this sort of zone where it's no longer you it's like you practice it enough to the point where you can become subconscious and then once you do it it's you're just tuning in tuning in to whatever the it is out there that makes things awesome yeah and people don't understand that they don't do it it's it sounds like such an easy to roll riddick this notion but it's so widely accepted you know the the concept of them use you know it's so widely accepted that you're getting these ideas from somewhere else so i mean when you say i'm not special pretending i'm not freaking rockstar from mars you know when he when he had says shit like that like that is the exact opposite the true creative mindset like you cannot tune into the greatness of the universe if you really believe that and less it's performance art and then it's fucking brilliant really doing it his own coen brothers here well yeah then i always i don't know how many times i've watched an ass
on tv and in the back of my head that if this was performance art this would be the latest artist of all time you know performance art turns everything into yet but you guys aren't you guys skeptical when you see people like brody stevens where the normal personally bro steven to go up that person is just fucking crazy and angry map but then you talk to him backstage and you're like oh i get it he is being almost like a karak no brody so obviously a character do so i don't know what i think most people they see brody think that that's that's him yeah i think there's a big division brody stevens and charlie sheen the jews difference between how they're doing it so i have this brody's telling jokes and yeah brody's going i was over there in iraq okay i i was there i was in desert storm
yeah i was an iraqi soldier but that's neither here there obviously joking it's really i look at that what's what's his name the redneck comic this night you know that's the whole character with the big guy that's on the tour with a dinner done yeah i get are done guide that guy's a complete character but most people think that's exactly him i thought i'd write but that's just a good character do there's a difference in that and an angry person an angry cree the person he's acting crazy just being a character yeah he's fine ma'am brody is like brody's one where if you no matter what's happening if you're around him something funny is happening like he has a constant gravity of absurd hilarious things happening either things that he's making happen or just stuff that happens yeah i don't i don't i don't think of him as being this you know like like watching an asshole you know and saying you know is this guy faking it it's like it's obvious he's faking it's fun it's fun to watch when you watch them
real housewives of beverly hills and you see fucking kelsey grammer's ex wife hold you should get what brand obel human being what a lizard person what have just a repeat maybe like a very nasty little jewel ride up poker she hasn't scares me yeah i like almost like a demon like almost like some low level do and like well like in the in the upper upper echelons of hell just like some nasty death worm and she goes on howard stern and starts talking shit about kelsey grammar meanwhile you were married to him for how long you have children with him and he your children are going to hear you talking shit about him out you guys are going to go on the stern show just so you can get some press for your can she beverly hills house right you're going to sacrifice all years of this relationship the intimacy that you guys shared you're just going to blurt that out like you
piece of shit you are not a twenty year old girl that's making a mistake here some forty year old this cash cashing in their chips you know talking about how she wants more you know i want i want all his money i want this heat left me he left me like what did they to deal with while i was with you can monster that's the price you pay me for all those people there is a i i did us magazine you nice to do those me chris my wire was to do these things where you look at the way people dressed in the rear right things about it in a right like quotes about it no never yeah this one guy it was kelsey grammer standing with camille when she was in her prime you know it's when she was a playboy playmate she was way too hot for him and the quote underneath it said it's a story as old as time that's all the guy said like whoever the writer was that said that i was like bingo you just nailed it even if you don't have to pretend he's is ugly ugly goofy looking fuck who just happens to be rich and famous and he's with this vapid super hottie you know bubba
there it is to so happy with himself he will go and do these interviews and talk about how much he loves her and how amazing isn't she completes in any of these are for a flight attendant and it's fucking great stuff if she was doing performance art if she was faking it you know it would be absolutely brilliant right she's not there's no way she's that good an actress she would've been fucking oscar right now should be some four year old lady and i'll with a bunch of twenty year old boyfriends that she flaunts on the show before she was even divorced on the shelf i'm dumpster cable talking about the real housewives beverly hills but i got sucked in but before she divorce with them she was hanging out with all these young guys that were her friends you know and that drew drives me fucking bananas i have friends that have girlfriends that have guy friends in the and pal around with these guy friends and i'm like your do you need a fuckin nip this shit right in the but your girlfriend is hot
and she's hanging around with a bunch of guys she's been pals with since she moved here to hollywood two years ago whatever she wants to they want to fuck are for sure you know she might want to be their friend she might think there's somehow another keep is platonic but any of those weird creepy situation we got a girl with a bunch of guy friends they all want fuck are yeah all of 'em have add a girl that was hot that you were friends with the warrant somehow another trying to think how am i going to get to fuck her how am i going to get to move this into us having sex my mother once thought that about her sorry young and just went straight red banner why not break this up real quick while we're here because i'm glad you're here because i want to talk to you about this cornell study that was just put online a lot of people are debating what exactly this means what they're saying is that there's an error in the orbit of the moon there's an eccentricity in the orbit of the moon that they think will be
would be what you doing over there two thirty there's an error error the orbit of the moon that they believe is going to it's going to be they believe you can listen be stubborn in from twelve hours in a far higher plane of retired penny i'm not to deliver in the freaking goodness at every turn what they're saying is there something wrong with the orbit of the moon that can be attributed to a large extra solar system planet like there's king there's something out there that's much much bigger than jupiter about four times the size of jupiter and this is this is just one of several things that i've been following over the last couple of months where there's a bunch of different studies that are talking about this planted x thing but apparently it's we're really close to saying that there is something beyond neptune beyond in on pluto's not real anymore but something out like way out there that's four times the size of jupiter
some enormous fucking planet how would we not have seen that we missed it i don't know it's a big question they don't know it might be just sofa and far out there it might be really cold so we can't see it you know they're thinking this thing is by calling it inside our solar system i think what they're saying is that it's more it's further away from pluto than pluto is from us but yet it's still in some sort of an orbit and it's huge and it's way so this is like this is the planet number roofing and asks about us what's the idea that it smashes into us every certain amount of time well depends on who you're asking me knew that you know if you if you talk to the people that believe that you know the earth was created this way and that you know that's actually detailed according to zechariah section in the samarian taxed what they think is that the somehow or another this extrasolar planet or this this planet is on an elliptical orbit rather and it takes three thousand six hundred years to
into line with earth he comes near us it fucks everything up and then the on and off we jump off and they they live off their boat onto our boat go what's going on over here and then come check this out then make us slaves for a little bit make us mine for gold and erase our memories and fly back into space i mean i don't know what the fuck they exactly think but but when you look at the but the really interesting shit about what they figured out was that they already knew back then in this according to zachariah sitchin that earth had been hit by a large planet and that's what created the moon we didn't know that until like fairly recently that's like one of the most recent theories there's earth one and earth two an earth one was hit by some like the size of fucking mars some enormous planet and it created also created the asteroid belt that's another theory about you know there's uh there's a giant this is another uh need to find out this is true or not but
bodes law is a law that you look at the gravity of one planet and you can extrapolate where the planet will be based on you know hence the planet is and what the gravity of it is and how with the massive it is and it works every planet in our solar system except for mars and jupiter there's should be a planet in between there and that's where the asteroid belt is so the idea is that you know something was there collide what's the reason why there's not a planet there did they have any no no no no i mean you look there's a bunch of theories about why the asteroid belt exists you know in one of them being that it's like some of the early the fab of the very solar system that it's just like you know from the forming of the sources and this is like you know some just left over shit that's there and the other one is that it's a planet got fucking nailed and just destroy became this gigantic belt of rocks and shit crazy the idea that planets we know this for a fact that not only do planet slam into each other but get
c slam into each other right they hit each other sure fuck in a man could you imagine look up in the sky and everyday this like star just keeps getting bright here you know in your some asshole caveman have no idea what the fuck is really going on and this thing is coming down and it's going to slam into the moon and kill everybody so there's also there's a lot of theories about the solar system that are really odd and some of the and some of the planets that exist now weren't there before like saturn that's at a fairly recent occurrence in the solar system i mean it sounds like where to come for ships are star exposing well they had the idea on on planets that you know like road plants a yes they get sucked in from there to come from somewhere else and they get sucked in to our solar system gets sucked into our gravity or any other source systems gravity and as and interesting thing about this pluto this planet that's outside of pluto is that they're saying
the gravity this thing one of the reasons why they they figured out that there's something huge out there the gravity this thing is hurling comets in our direction weird fucking weird man you never know like the thing that freaks me out is that what are they called pulsars are they say like a star close we could have like a super pulse that just flashes hypernova hypernova and dead instantly you're just driving home and suddenly the sky turns you drive home get a semi hit you you're just dead you know same shit it was kind of different know you both die bing getting supernova in a semi hit you in the face supernova so little well for you oh you're if you're a selfish cunt doesn't think about the whole rest of the world yes it's the same thing brian and this is just like it's just like me taking pills the world i right now i'm going to listen to some fucking pixis music
yeah you might you might not know the difference where you might do you see new i lcd screen that microsoft announced the other day and then this is like a they they show what's in our labs right now what they're working on with the future of lcd screens on it's called a stiffness steerable autos stay three hundred and three d display and what school is it it's pretty much a make surface and you can see service so it's a match like an ipad on a table yeah really big kind of like a third there microsoft's last seen surface yeah so but now that they can you can go wrap things in the knows how the distance up and down is that you could do like three d kind of like kind of school just like the future when you see in the movies were there like pulling up displays and tapping things and stuff like that and they have this really cool video the in the videos called applied sciences group smart interactive displays microsoft so great name yeah i'll tweet it and what's so cool about it it's just the future of
you know like surfing the internet and pretty soon you're just gonna be like this think you're going to pull take your hand grab at a browser you know just sit there and play with like air right and you're going to be able to like just you know things around it's like it's internet if i connect for microsoft surface surface is everything is going to become an interactive service no matter what it is right you won't be able to sell shit and license got like some access to the internet everything like this table everything but what school is the depth of it and they so in the same video they were showing the future of 3d where like where it's flashing his lights at your face so fast that you can't even tell so we'll give you three d images without you know the glasses of course but it shows how they do it he he goes into it explains it shows how it works and stuff it's pretty interesting video our poster at her while should be should be some this on this planet things really for
coming out now well yeah i mean a lot of this stuff like something that i think about all the time is like how much we affected by the solar flares in like a those theological way and it's such a crazy idea but if you consider that the moons orbit affect peoples be yes i mean you say there's no statistics to back up you know like that there's more activity during lunar you know rather events right is not there's no there's no statistics to back that up is not true i 'cause cops always swear by it yeah i know i think there are state i've heard i don't know i never really investigated him but i always thought that was true but if they can figure out that there's a planet f deep somewhere in the in our galaxy that they don't know about just from the effect that it has on the moon's gravitational field then that means it must be having an effect on us to like if it's a litter like some planet far away is so powerful it it's
altering the moon a little bit and it would be a fact that same minor would be affecting us to maybe the storms you know maybe the weather that certainly doesn't mean look at what what son does just lack of vitamin d and we know what actually make something in your body it actually causes of vitamin to be produced by your body nice you happy you know that that it had a your happiness in your health and when don't get that all the time you know for long periods of time people get sick and depressed yeah it's called seasonal affective disorder yeah i mean that's seasonal if you're in a place where you know that is a seasonal event like in boston in boston during the winter people do get depressed that's why it's called its vitamin d deficiency it's a lot of it but it's also just it's very dreary yeah that's what in the sunlight lamps they're supposed to help did you know it snowed in burbank that is why it like eugene chunks
snow fell from the ground that two days ago i get when i tell the male or snow well it wasn't him because he'll usually hard but it seems like really white like wet snow wow they they cover the whole all roads and stuff like that where you driving now it was really early in the morning and then it melted super quick but i mean it snowed all day it was ridiculous wow well this this up and a couple websites here i'm looking at when it comes to the moon and one of them saying that the claims of a correlation between lunar phases to human behavior does not hold up under scientific scrutiny and they're saying so they're saying that there's there's no connection but then uh people are saying that there is a connection it since saying other people think that you know it's just it's really difficult to quant hi you know how do you how do you know like if
he's a cycle how do you know i mean whether or not it's actually caught because you should be able to see just by like hospital reports in and prison and you know police records and what shouldn't be able to see i would imagine so made of it's a little bit of a difference like a one percent difference maybe she we'll see if it maybe that's like that it's just small enough that it's the rate of accuracy you know what i mean like this test is only ninety nine percent accurate so it's kind of like the up down ratio yeah this is this one side is saying despite the fact that no evidence of a significant correlation between phase of the moon the menstrual cycle infertility exist some people not only maintain that there is but have a scientific explanation for the nonexistent correlation it could be that just peep want to believe it or could be just like people would go nutty because back in the day it was like bright outside at night whereas before i had to watch where the fuck you walked and it was super dark out you know like a uh what times a year or a couple times a month rather you know for a few days you get a giant spotlight in the sky
so you could walk around at night you know i mean in probably people did not your ship back if the moon affects the tides is powerful enough to make tide's comin intact go out it right it can i get told peace out effect whatever weird oceans in your brain whatever quant emotions floating around up there i'm sure effects that there's that question it's like how much of you is the chemical reactions is going in your body and how much of that can you manipulate how much of that can you manipulate with you know exercise to maintain your hormone levels and for drink the water to maintain your hydration so you know i mean how the view is a bunch of these chemical reactions i mean what your purse now how much of that is dictated by what you're taking into your body right it's gotta be a percentage that jezza much percentage in the fucking moon well one things for certain if you are in pain you're going to probably
an asshole to the people around you in some way you're fucking hurting you know the old classic when you walk into dishwasher with your shit in some movies nearby and says anything do you like are you okay i'm it's fine talk 'cause it hurts so bad right you know what i mean it's like so if you're in pain if you feel like shit in in whatever way you feel like shit for her reason you're probably treating the people around you like shit you know the opposite of it take ecstasy and said to the stupidest person on the planet you feel so good you like i love you you really are amazing man you really are your ideas or other good you ok but that's not good right well is it is it or is it i mean is it good to be in wonder of everyone even you know or is it yes i think i think it is i think it i think it's a whenever you get around that kind of energy coming from someone or
whatever reason when you run into someone really smart you get the sense that they've managed to turn the judgment thing often computer and they just like you just because right you're having this bizarre experience on the planet with them and they kind of get it that's one of the most healing are you still at one point in my life when when someone would be judging me and i died would know they would be judging me i would feel insecure i'll get upset i would get like wow you know like nyah maybe i'm a loser maybe they not it but if i felt like i was being you know unfair scrutinize i would just think it was i'm just obviously i'm a loser i'm losing it this whatever this is right now and this person doesn't like me now i have a completely different effect now when someone i feel like someone is judging me or someone's being hypercritical or shitty to me i'm like why are i'm being a cunt 'cause i'm nice you know i try to be nice to everybody like there's no reason why this has to be a douche conversation it's if it's do she you do they want to start the duchesse yeah you know and i think for a lot of people man that's like one of the biggest things that they worry about in life is gay
judged and criticized and yeah it's terrible when you're in especially if you're a kid and you're someone that powerful personality is like decided your bad side your losers keep you down draws that out of you it seems like we're talking about the gravity of the planets like if someone is judging you there is a haven't that they're exerting on you that came lead you end being the thing that they think you are it's like what's that bizarre idea where it's servers effect when you're looking at it an atom or an electron or a photon i think it is that weird thing where at the quantum level things seem to go in the direction of the way you expect them to they seem to be where you're looking it's affected by you viewing that i don't know the name for that i purchased butchered it what i'm saying is i think that that happen when you're around someone who has a fur firm belief that you suck and suddenly it'll start drawing out of you the shitty behavior it because it's like
blossoming out of you and it fucking sucks in the same way of around somebody who's you really sees you and sees are cool you are then all of a sudden funny are you know what i mean because they're drawing the positive atom but when you first start dating girl and she really likes you and she's really how funny are you funny to find your hilarious time you go to the movie you have the wood is sure to say happy go out to dinner you have the funniest thing to say i mean this worse up so many guys i know that you know started out doing stand up comedy the reason why they got funny was to make girls laugh you know meeting started out like trying to be the most charming and fun guy in the beginning of the relationship when you first meet each other you know and that's that's him i think of a when broken now miserable you know 'cause i'm just fucking like i don't but i'm happy i'm just not being nice and funny to that person but when i'm miserable i fucking think of evil d
dark crazy it seems like to me but when you're around someone like but imagine when you're around someone who you know thinks that you are a fucking asshole like who you know thinks that you're a moron and you're around them will think brian is just talking about performing on stage you're kind of going off in a different action but i know we sent you need like kinison sold thing i mean kenneth him became really funny because of pain you know because of you know i was married for two fucking years i laugh in his face does this man is all that shit was his you know that wasn't him happy that wasn't you know useful life and everyone else here's the thing men this idea of happiness uh we were just talking about it on my podcast and so it's like why are you obsessed with being happy being happy is not what life's about it's not about getting it's not about you know oh i feel good today it said that it was they made a really good point because happiness and sadness are two sides of the same thing that if you pay
too much attention to them you will begin to get caught up in chaos and randomness it say in the bhagavad gita there's this great verse that says uh wise man is not distressed was not disturbed by either happy or sadness there's your my and it does not shift according to your mood states you plugging into the chemical chemicals that are making you feel stressed out or making you feel happy you're above transcendent you've transcended it and that's what i think happiness it would be as opposed to the other kind of happiness is you you're saying isn't that bad which is that ecstasy happy answer the kind of like happiness when charlie sheen does a line of blower the kind of that kind of happiness uses the allegedly alleged
i don't think he's really i i'm looking at all i don't think it's already drugs except charlie she went to the family the name is a new kind of mess it's not just a new method they invented will call the sheen but i i i think that so that's mighty of happiness is not to get caught up in the mood states whether you're 'cause you're going to feel like shit on this planet you have to feel like you will feel like shit you know why is everyone you know is going to die and if they don't it's because you died before them when someone dies it sucks and you're right but does just when someone dies you know i think a lot of people think your everyday life has to be filled with shit and that you have to that's part of being a human and that happiness is your saying that happiness is somehow another transcending above emotions i don't think it is i think my my personal happiness is been fun is been laughter a good time hanging out with friends laughing
friends laughing doing shows laughing on stage that's that's real happiness so is happiness possible yeah but you be around a bunch of other people that also commit to the same ideas you have to be around a bunch of other really fun happy people it's very difficult to go out on your own the only way you can and is epsom somehow or another you attract people as you're going it on your own you committed to a life of happiness that also like kind of like a your vibe and then pick up you're doing to do the same thing and then you gravitate more people but you can do it and i don't think it has to be that you have to be above the nascent at it's like my my concept of guerrilla buddhism i told you this before like people always say that you know be we truly happy you cannot be attached to objects and you know yeah you should be you should transcend objects in material possessions i say horseshit material possessions are awesome some cars are bad turn the drive tv's are awesome to own stereos are great to listen to you know it's cool to eat
good meal it's nice to live in a house that's cool to look at you know these are all good things the problem is for most people you become so attached to them 'cause there's so difficult to attain so the true way of enlightenment isn't to just be without possessions true way is to get to a point where you don't worry about their possessions but you appreciate them when they're there is not that you would become attached to them the only way to really do that i think is to make enough money so that it's not that big a deal if someone steals your car you another thing you the thing people like about possessions is not the possession the thing people like is the way the possession makes them feel the feelings eight it is induced from the thing right you know like so example for like feeling in love and people like people people have begin to associate the person in there and they're dating or
two or whatever is the thing that's invoking that love their attached to the aspect of the material universe it's creating the feeling and i think that there's a place and maybe it's a legendary and i shouldn't even believe in it but a lot a lot of the saints and a lot of gurus and a lot of people who seem very advanced seem to point to a place that is not dependent i'm being triggered by things in the material universe in other words the feeling that you it from amazing stuff is it being feeling inside of you you already have that inside of you and you're letting stuff be the ics used to feel that way where the ideas you can pop into a state where you're all experiencing that type of excitement and pledge that you've limited to if i get a great job if i get a nice out if i book some uh thing again if i get a brand new car if i get the new mac i'll feel out i'm going to feel
great that old buddha quote enlightenment as possible in this lifetime yes that's exactly right can it be both can't you badass car and still try to be enlightened as possible well that's i think that's i think there's something there's something negative about issuing those things about a about a highly to i think it's retarded because then you get people who are well sing to themselves and pretending to be a certain way 'cause that's how much people drive a prius just for the social experiment i love years i love this sweet are a lot of people by just for the mileage time dallas yeah sure what are still over like guess what brad pitt doesn't now people here that people people people want to put aph they want to put meditating or experimenting with different forms of spirituality and tell their good until they feel like they're perfect they want to approach
they're like you know i'm going to be happy soon but let me get rid of this other shit first i gotta take care of this that's not it the ideas you approach understanding yourself and the universe near connection to the universe not from a place where you think you're going to be but from where you are right now is some filthy filthy no matter what if you haven't really meditated a lot the chances are absorbed if you're on earth you're absorbed in some really stupid crazy shit and if you wait till you're better balance to start meditating you're never going to meditate right you're never going to get into just from exam actually where you're at is a fucking sex crazed easter alcoholic or with seven heroin needles falling out of your arm approach it from that place and that's three
getting really cool results man when you when you come at it from where it was like everything else you just have to do it it's like well i'm gonna start exercising soon i'm gonna quit smoking so you have to do this and just just start doing it yeah it's the same thing as everything else so you have to somehow somehow another trigger that that action in your your brain to force your body to move in the direction or whatever the fuck it is you need to do right you know hopefully we can hacker brains in the future we know exactly what to do to motivate biker remote i don't want to be the first though because there's a bunch of dudes are going to turn gay because they try to get smarter for sure that's going to happen man i'm going to fucking stab the wrong part of your cortex and you just yummy cock why does coxian so yummy did you imagine you come to from your operation and you're like you look at the doctor damn yummy yummy yummy cock she can't stop saying what if like you could live forever but for whatever reason like every couple minutes you just start going yummy cock
help it run a date you know having something to eat well you know really i began to a few plays lately yummy cock yeah well area in the interviews you know one of the great things about being immortal is just the yummy cock he's immortal but it's well i don't know man i think it's easily possible that they could fuck up the first couple of times i try to rewire the brain and just create cycle price and i love the idea of going to the gym and put in my brain in the same place where the kids play all my body goes and works out the fucking best do you think that if there was a place where you can go where you could go and just lie down in a machine and the body would be like forced to do all this work without you ever having to exert effort mentally would be down with that yeah
i do are yes for sure you would miss out the whole thing the whole thing is developing the the the character to push through the hard work out which elevates your human potential zero or get really good at star craft while your body is working yeah let your body do the hard part but that's how you develop character though i mean that's a big way there's something that's definitely to be learned from separating your body and your mind and forcing your body to work for your mind or your body is struggling your body wants to quit and you go shut up bitch keep going and it's over like wow i did it i got through it is a tough struggle because we're doing like you ever do body weight squats you know what they are hindu squats yeah i i think tried tried squats once it's very easy to do one you know anybody can go down on your you know put your ass to the back of your ankles and then stand back up again it's not hard very few people get do five hundred and
it's one of those things when you start doing it you get into it you do like twenty five and then you like holy shit twenty six the seven and the lactic burn you know the the muscle bernie elect towards getting pretty intense but it's not a day old thing to do it's not difficult to just stand up so in your and it's very hard to accept the used when you when she stops yes stop now i can't do another one you when you can stand up you really can't stay and up one more time just with your own body weight so you after like figure how to order your brain to work for you and push through it and sometimes feel like a couple of minutes you'll be in agony taking big depress and then push out another one and go down in big d present when do you want to quit when you want to quit it like twenty five or twenty six when it starts getting a little bit difficult your brain starts going right and stop it stop it stop you and i'm sending you these signals the shit is not me let's cut it off and then yeah you have to figure out a way to manage that and balance that and once you do
once you do have the ability to push yourself through brood work push yourself to like get to class and kickboxing class and stuff like that develop a character you develop something you developed uh control of your body average person doesn't have yeah like this fucking guys who can do those divers free divers that ayra check the shit out of that i think it's a crazy thing but some going to water for like seven that's crazy and that's one of my favorite things to watch yeah me too what the fuck how do you do that power over your body using your mind and your willpower to control your body i mean it has to it takes a long time for them to get up to that amount of building your breath but god made per example like every second you want to quit every god damn second your body sending signals like enough enough enough to get some air when i was in hawaii stone out of my mind from drinking pot tincture we went to circling and there was our group
you're killing and then i realized there was a guy with a snorkel who was in our group and there's no boat anywhere to be seen in like land is far the fuck away and this guy swimming around in like world snorkeling he goes under and watching him go way way way way way down and he staying down there and he knows we're watching him staying down there vernon possibly long time and i'm like it went from i'm like wow that guy is great to like my heart started beating 'cause i was like oh fuck i think this guys drowning like i think this guy is going to die he turns over on his back right in his arms go out loosen lamp and his body starts loading up to the surface and he just smiles and waves that if he was faking drowning cuz he could just hold his breath so fucking long and i guess like one of the things he like to do in a y with the snow
a lot of the groups and make him think they in drowned holy shit so he practices his free diving by freaking people that 'cause i really thought he was he was under so and possibly long it was crazy whoa holy shit yeah man like i would love to be able to do that that would be so amazing that's pretty awesome you must have the most healthy lungs to be able to do that guys probably never even had secondhand smoke i don't know if and something you build up to i think it's something just like everything else you know the only way you can do five hundred body weight squats is you gotta start off a twenty five work your way up to five hundred i think they just do i ability the ability to hold their breath for i know egan anyway who is a an mma fighter him and pretty famous pioneers and his brother egan is a famous for being a free diver i think he won like some sort of crazy title i think one point time you'd like held his breath along
longer than anybody else i'm pretty sure like navy seals and shit train you to do that's part of bootcamp probably i would imagine you know dude i told you about my friend eric ever crisp the guy who went to he makes pool cues makes these badass pool cues in military and he had tried for the seals and one the things that make you do believers aseels whatever it might have been one of the special forces were the other other groups like that they make you drown you you literally go underwater until bubbles come out and then your your team has to rescue you so you have to trust in them to bring you back to life you unconscious you drown they pull you out before body is totally dead they pump the water out of you they give you cpr and then they bring you back to life and that's when he was like i tap i'm done yes maps dance tab for for days go running through the woods but i'm not let me drown me have you seen that video on the internet there's a video on the internet of an artist doing that drowning himself in his bathtub have you seen this yeah
someone brings back yeah he puts a bride concrete block on his chest and his wax job drowns it is because it because basically there's a can you suck in water there's a re action i think your body as were automatically knocks you unconscious so yeah he knew you would go out and his friend had to resuscitate him oh my god did you find it no i think look up performance artist drown selfon bathtub i guess like i'm telling you had a google or both internet junkies go to the google web i prefer being drowned alive performance art performance stunt it was self indulgence taking the stage yeah this is his people out a lot of people are upset at him talentless
yeah well maybe but no one saying that it's a talent thing yeah it's a crazy balls really good at drowning myself i was born with this bizarre talent where i can draw myself with anything this one guy website doesn't yeah i i know it was like on a weird site where i saw i can't remember i think that was when i still use the cops junction crazy it drowns himself for art that's funny first one was like a critique of it and this one is crazy idiot those sites or fucking walk this might work in either asks are streaming uh here right now probably really now come on we gotta cable here that's not this is it's not that the sites are coming up instantly so what it is is like the internet just sucks my websites it doesn't matter what your download speed is that your upload speeds probably bottlenecked necked at something like brian
question for you this is i've got i've got a technological question what is korea have faster internet denies most country i've got most countries have faster internet tonight why we're just behind you know we're 'cause we're out there kicking ass and making freedom brian at drop ship that gets left on same reason why their cell phones their video games and everything it is here's homeboy if you just look up drowning performance art look at it up on youtube going to watch it real quick and see if it's worth how can you not oh he talks about it ok go go did brian 'cause this guy is actually going to explain what the fuck is going to do before one how my views it as on youtube let's guess i say thirty five so i want to know what advertisements comes up and you say i say thirty five thousand how many i gotta put that in one hundred thousand hundred thousand let's say twenty seven really you overestimate the justin bieber
the world the world then again you know a justin bieber's leasing a song let you know utilize line and what justin bieber is this guy drowning himself in the bad it'll quadruple of you you know i don't know what justin bieber sounds like i have no idea what it justin bieber singing angel is that brian it's not commercial for that one is a commercial this what commercial product are they selling what this guys drowning video star it looks like now some kind of a videogame weird halo or star craft i did a another podcast on a plane with fear i had ari shaffir even edible before we got on the plane time we were do gone like scary gone like i was like like my whole body was like tangling with vulnerability and i only get to that fits that state
but you're so taking care of and a plane it's the perfect place to do it like you until you freak out and you can't get off the plane last time ari was on a plane in did it he almost had to tell the stewardess that hey i need it that's a bit of an exaggeration 'cause he was on this is the time it is with maine he he said well i almost had to get off the plane i was like really not really it i thought his head but he never really actually did it like you press the stewardess button and ask if they would mind landing the plane from landing in phoenix really quickly discover unwanted rude run out into the desert and finding myself you rre goes deep because i'd like to introduce myself who is jonathan murphy performance artist i hate him already might work is heavily influenced by chris burden's performance art from the 70s he's the artist most famous for his piece shoot in which he had his friends shoot him in the arm with
twenty two caliber rifle and that was a wonderful people here but just another winners is a piece of mine entitled drowning hello i feel that this piece requires a little bit of explanation when water enters the airway the vocal cords constrict and seal off the air tube thus preventing any water from bring the lungs this is called our leg no spasm during this initial phase of drowning very little water if any actually enters the lungs it actually pull up the stomach um my hands were bound and a concrete block was placed on my chest this was done in error to weigh me down but it also would help force air out of my lungs or once i last breath
you'll see that nose clips were used as well in order to ensure safety issues as we want to reconstruct it in your fucking drowning yourself forget it going conscious and then immediately pull me out of the water that in cox it sounds so i think that's pretty much it let's watch his and like how many minutes did his friend think about not picking up that lot i wonder how long you went under four this guys in his underwear is now first well that's a bitch ass move going to drown you should be balls out fuck and let your cock hang outside and get yourself yeah come on man you were afraid we're going to see your penis while drowning you know you're showing us your ass there sonny boy you're dying in a tub and you read about people seeing your penis you fuck pussy fucking fake crazy person ascent a mark on his chest by the
that's into block ain't stopping me from drowning bitch i'll stand right there fuck up what the fuck is that really dumb so is this guy just going to start breathing now what happens here he's just lying there with this cinder block on his chest somehow somewhere around the i guess he's going to take a breath of water yeah he's going to have to get air you won't be able to get out so he's just holding his breath right now as long as he can yeah so fuck cabin this guy while we're going through this 'cause it's probably gonna take a minute what the fuck happened in this guy that he wants to drown himself in a touch too many episodes two one slash two men that affected way he taught
this makes me want to kick him in the balls doesn't it for the arts jug my understand work is heavily influenced by another douche bag from the 70s who shot himself in the arm but it's amazing pieces piece called shoot me and this is called path is called the most unoriginal names this is called draw well i mean that's what it is why call it anything else right fucking put some icing on it come up i don't know man the sister so what while we're on pausing folks this guy is lying there in the tub holding his breath with his eyes open yeah he hasn't given up yet please get ready to give up mr cuz towards the end of the the video the you the beautiful thing about youtube as you can see that little bar at the bottom he there goes used he's breathing now oh this is fucking oh my god i'm at outlook outlook
weather i mean play we got him on the floor now and now they're doing cpr oh so fuck the guys blown in his mouth right now and he still not back he still done i guess this guy hopefully this guy really knows how to do cpr or artistic last couple years ago never done this to a live body before you want to experience life guard type character it seems like just take your time this is scary shit he still counting is looking up and counting and blowing into this guys i don't see a lot
effort on his party they don't seem really fucking pushing this year i this is fun man this guy still under or dead or draw under this is brain cells dying right now yes it isn't well i'm like how many minutes is after because it hasn't been that many minutes is the guy was while he was on cash back yeah they're both assisted around the user uses his friend running back into the room and wow now he's back to life shit what the fuck man that took a long ass time holy fuck its pretty fucked to the is a trip
let's see if the end brian and see if he's got something stupid to say i'm like i don't know fuck i was thinking don't you wow we are all fascinated by that transition you know from here to there from from and to not from life to death from from here to gone and now we're all fascinated by the death of the body how often you trip about that dying or what i got for you by the way that you keep forgetting i got your notebook that you left here when you lived here when i get a refund he joins rd right through it i heard about the way you have to say ponies and thanks in love this thing it's been burning a hole through much of it is lucky that you payment you're lucky he didn't become famous in the time but
been living here and going out on your own because i would have sold that fucking thing if you would charlie sheen i'd be on the today show right now i have the documents that isn't true friend to give this embarrassing journal back well this is a journal that duncan duncan got the boot from his missus back in the day and live with me for a few months best room never by the way the only one that's ever cleaned out a couple guys live with me no one that ever like actually kept his room clean is duncan but eight live with me a few months and was like a god damn tornado in there was for dictates a fucking savage tape might as well i just might as well just cut a hole in the side of the hill and take with lived in there just the same gave takes crazy but any duncan wrote this a journal about his feelings in the relation and the reason why i brought this up the reason why my mind even went to it in the first place is because a lot of you scared of the isolation tank for the same rate you're scared death because it almost is like a personal death of you you know temporary death of you for a brief moment you you cease to exist when you go into that that tank that tank
is also something that helped you and this is where the connection to this journal comes from why'd you we're going through this breakup you kind of reassess your whole life it was really interesting to watch you came when you called me up and you are really bummed out and she kicked you were in a hotel room fucking come live with me and then you moved a you relaxed a little frazzled you relate flat man really appreciate i'm ok i'm living by myself this is all good you know duncans let me know we're going to have some fun it's been good everything's going to be fine but you clearly like los you know you would you would you would like you know when you get dumped man it's like this fucking feeling of i don't have a home anymore again we're my sleeping now massive like just a hundred percent change complete you bring live in this certain way a long enough to get used to it and then all of a sudden everything absolutely changes like just a huge turn that you probably thought could add
you know trying to imagine that it wasn't even a possibility and it happens well that yeah that's like you going to shock you're attached to a certain rhythm a certain pattern a certain set of surroundings that massively changes you go into shock and that is the perfect time to get in a fuckin flotation tank when everything is discombobulated and floating around inside of you and all the all the weird assemblage of emotions and more than anything though it's cool about that shit as you get a real taste of truth like that's what truth is right there that's like the experience of truth which is change which is dramatic radical change fucking unavoidable happens all that the isolation tank keeps you from distracting yourself and makes you think about your life do you think about what's going on so for me it was so fascinating having you here at a real low point and watching you
pull right out of it right out of it very quickly like well you got into that tank and within a few weeks man you were laughing not shit and joking around about share yeah there was cool it was yeah it definitely definitely helped and that's why it was this my friends are so important 'cause like if you don't have friends you get into that predicament terrible so worst feeling more eight feel completely alone yeah yeah but you know you don't have friends you can still pull yourself out of it but you have to i guess really want you know you you have to want to yeah well it's mean it's like anyone can improve their surroundings so you can improve your situation but it was really interesting for me watching you because it was such an unusual opportunity for both of it was unusual opportunity for me to watch someone who didn't have a lot of experience with the tank but who was it
it's a curious person and psychedelically experience like you and then have access to this thing on a daily basis for me to watch you go from this like really low point to like like really like gay meaning ground like you came out of it like stronger it was so fucking cool climbing out of that thing in that state of being in the in the state of like having had because you know there is a are not limited to drugs there are many ways to induce is psychedelic state of mind the tank being one of them and another way induces psychedelic state of mind is to have dramatic change happen in your life that rips back never delusion your living by and shows you the true universe people turn to the term psychedelic to a lot of people means like seeing things that aren't there hallucinations
sing my see no shit like that pink elephants fly through sky that's not a real psychedelic state the real cycle state is the dissolution of cultural for many and the idea of your ideas of the universe all your predetermined patterns of thinking all your your adopted behavior patterns all that gets stripped away and you're left with the core of and in your decisions and and what what you can can't change and how let yourself into a position where you were so weak in the first place that you know you needed saving from like what yeah what why did you have no foundation why did you fall apart lyrics what is it about you no life and about trying to get by in this world that leaves are so fucking vulnerable sometimes and so in need of other human beings this to to stack us up and cut the hold us up and watching you man was really fucking cool it was really cool because you really used it man you got in there all the time you know and you are you are getting out
talking about it and it was it was a fucking trip i don't know if you wrote it about it in the thing 'cause i didn't read it i've had that for years they didn't even take a look at that address to him over the phone and then he may be stopped and i said i don't read anymore of it this is years ago that thing is been sitting in my fucking my office for i think it's like two thousand and four or something what year was this i didn't dated two thousand and four or two thousand and five i believe it was yeah cool though i mean you you got a window into a certain time in your life you know we were you were in the shits well i'll tell you man that unfortunately happens but you know you say that but i don't think it's unfortunate all right as if you were stuck with that chick now no jesus christ think about think about your situation now and think about your situation then how much happier you are now you could have been stuck if you know if
talked into taking you back or something gross the child or something about jesus christ you know i mean it's funny how you you're a different human now then yeah and you're so much more confident you know it's things that i saw when you went up in montreal i keeping your sats now you're so much more confident you go up there you how much more you know you're so much more what's the word you your roof resigned to who you are yeah not not resigned rather your you not the other way but it's not resigned that 'cause that sounds like you're giving up it's not that's not what i mean you are completely aware
who you are that's the best way of saying it yeah that when you're going on stage now you're going on stage not trying to convince them of anything you're just give this is me and this is what i'm doing is what i have to say whereas before you were like hey i hope you like me yeah do you like me you don't like me well here i'm missing something i guess but i guess that weird yeah i think the reason the word resigned popped out of your mouth first is because i think there is a certain level of being of and it sounds like it's like giving up but resigned can also be like a kind of surrender where you're like i'm just no longer going to spend time with her onstage or off stage i'm not going to spend time many more trying to convince myself or other people that i'm some certain way and i'm going to start trying to approach people from where i'm at yes which yes which is not a perfect place for most people most most of us are you know
i have fucked up things that we do and why wouldn't you i mean you're going to look at where you're at like you say we're going to fucking ball flying through fucking space how are you supposed to adapt to this and some brilliant way right off the bat you know you can it's you're in this insane dimension we're getting rocketed through space where you're going to die you're surrounded by people who call themselves your family that you're supposed to have attachments to their and i you are in a life where you've just adopt certain modes of being i didn't have a baby i didn't get married but a lot of people do when they weren't ready and they weren't supposed to and they get married they have a baby and they are theoretically for this incarnation pretty fucking trapped there in lot of people are a lot of people have they have all kinds of weird situations where the relationship there stuck somehow or another it's because of a mortgage or because of a bitch
is that they started by other mental mental idea of how things are supposed to put some person are you give birth to a child that has like melt the brain and you've got to take care of like a little like sick kid for twelve years or there's so many different ways that your part people are dna can get rivulet it down do i shitty trap where you're just like it's like that's like that movie you said you didn't want to see it and i'm sorry if you seen and then like if it was that hundred and twenty seven hours did you see that no i didn't see it because i i knew the story and i you know i i don't want to watch the did have yes it's just a torture movie there's no reason to watch you everybody says that it's a torture movie like it was fixated on the go or that but it wasn't it's a fucking metaphor which is that sometimes doing the thing you love to do whatever it is and and that's for a lot of people's fucking doing the thing you love most you can end up getting your
i damn armed engineer you're connecting someone having a baby to cutting your arm off that's funny now i'm i'm not connecting if you have a baby for the right reason no i know we sing for the wrong reason i know i know what you saying that you were you were saying what a lot of single people with no children say and what you say is you know we were talking about our friend who tweeted something about having a child is like the exact sort of winning the lottery yeah i used to think the exact same way until i had children but my my situation is very different in that first of all i'm older i've had more experience in life and i'm secure fine actually and happy in the relationship so was all good things at a good time but when i look back on past relationship some of them there's a bunch of ships that i've been in you know like way back in day when i was younger an uh i'd really don't know what the fuck i was doing i was hanging around with chicks that i probably really didn't even like that much but i was still having sex with them and sometimes you have like a crazy fucking break up
or crazy bad relations that person could be out there with your kid and then you have to deal with all kinds of the nonsense that comes with that i mean we all know somebody that has kids you know that's in some shit situation yeah i hear what you're saying man but that so yeah what i'm really saying is like the idea and it goes back to being comfortable resigned to who you are yeah yeah that's where i didn't like the way i said resigned i didn't mean result sometimes you have to be resigned you know what i mean not all of us are fucking charlie sheen not all about her rock stars from mars not all of the sort of freaking rockstar from mars yeah some of us are like in a special or up in a lot of ways man and and that's if that's if you start from it's like one thing that i would try to do when i used to work out and it's like when i when i when i first start working out i would try to lift weight there was so much more heavy than what i should have been lifting out of this sense of like i could lift every way
since now i'm like trying to lift like way too why i like why should be at the fucking pink weights and i'm like trying to get cake when you know what i mean i'm trying to do like really fucking heavyweights 'cause it's like this is how i see myself down the line after i've been lifting pink weights for awhile that's how you get to the heavyweight right but if you start off right away trying to pump those fuckin heavyweights then it's disaster you're going to pull your fucking muscles like people are you know like due to lift weights one guy thinking about things like looking at me like what are you doing like that's way too much weight and so this is like having a kid when you're sixteen having a kid when you see teen are deciding that you're a famous commit before you are stage after a couple of months and getting in your and had the that you're like you've been doing stand up for fifteen years are being a fucking painter in like immediately thinking you're great painter because i have a friend who got into painting right and they won't every year and they show
play some of their paintings and the look on their faces like i'm supposed to react to it like i'm seeing a picasso or something it's like i hate almost everyone that shows me things that i'm supposed to look at that they did almost every time someone does that to me i'm like are you really going to do this to me man please no don't make me read your fucking script don't ask me to read your script you fuck did you read is the worst the worst is when it's bad and then you're obligated to talk to them and go over here's the situation you know you basically did men in black meets back the future written by a twelve year old can't say that but you can't even say that you have to go i match pretty good man that's pretty good well that's the thing that's where you get and i think i know what you're talking about which is like at some point you have to make a decision am i going to spend the rest of my life lying to the world am i going to spend the rest of my life
trying to manipulate people around maine 'cause i'm too lazy to tell them the truth or am i just going to start telling the truth but what if it if it's a friend that's written something really cool what if someone is gotta means that's the problem with all the heads that want you to read their scripts and makes you super skeptical for the occasional rare person actually write something good right and it's just like i think this is pretty good you want to read it all i'll read it you know what i mean how many how many of those are there most people i know who are really good at things they don't ask me to look i end up looking at it 'cause i want to yeah like my friend emily just visited like his music's fucking good so i try to get new cds of his because i want to listen do it because it's really fucking good but sometime somebody else send you something or someone
you be in their car if there are musician and then they'll put their shit on you have to listen to it here start do that never let a musician drive you always have to try and never let him get in your car with a cd which in your hand bitch your fucking hand know why 'cause you're suddenly you're forced suddenly not just to evaluate miserable an artist they are how cliche and shitty their music is but also you have to realize that the fact that they felt comfortable playing this for you means they think it's good so they are so deluded and so fucked up there like oh yeah i'm going to i've been waiting all day to play there music is they you're really attached to a script or a piece of music or a joke or i mean how many times have you had a friend who is uh just starting out and they have a bit and you want to tell him it came out and you need to drop that bit that did not good and i don't know it's good it's good good good just to diss a bad crowd
night i've been doing it's been killing her will call you you're fundamentally looking at the whole premise and what he's saying you like it was a shit joke do this is a terrible stomach clunker if so just been doing so in doing stand up for less than a year i don't even critique their material 'cause i know they're going to grow out of it and it's going to change and it's going to get it's like the first year of stand up you can't do any year lucky if you're if you're really well isn't that like a anybody it's only takes a couple of things to add to something that's the whole point it no bit starts off like a great a bit from the beginning usually it's usually have some kind of idea and you try to go through it and then add to it make it a natural bit right so that's what's weird about me 'cause like i'll go on sale people come up to me go to that bit sucks are never but i'm like yeah but this is like the second time i've ever said it
so you know it the thing is it's like there's no rules about about it or anything it just takes a long time i mean it's right near your more advanced and someone is only been doing comedy for a year you know you don't pretty good right now yeah you you you're you you also have the opportunity to do so do stand up take off for five years and be around high level stand up comedy iraq regular basis you're always at the improv you're always it sounds you go on the but you see joey crush an rn crushed and see me do my sets and so all these fucking this comedy is in your head mean you're getting to see like you need to see bill burr for all the time whenever he's in town you see louis ck you've seen the ship how you seen so many fucking comics man is like you exposure to high level stand up comedy is much much more or you know it's much deeper than the average open mic are definitely by doesn't help me write anymore you know what i mean that's that's what i like yesterday yesterday i was like alright i'm going to do no new like this is all new jokes night you know yesterday right now
fuck i didn't write anything so i'm like looking through my notes going ok there was an idea there's an idea there's trying to make bids but i didn't write any of this shit out so i want to stage i pretty much did had nothing it's funny like writing to me a release thinking of you kit on the stage balls out like that with nothing in your head you have to have some material right well usually i like only went up to those of you joe india right around doing a long time i i'll go on stage sometimes and i'll or and i don't know what i mean is like i came of that bit about the birds again this birds are from the sky you know and everyone's like it's a the fucking apocalypse man looked the burns like one thing that you don't consider is it that birds are cunts okay first of all who cares about birds falling from the fucking sky birds don't give a shit about you there surviving dinosaurs and second of all why do we think that apocalypse maybe at some one bad ass worm becomes a sorcerer and just to
is to get back all these county birds that have been fucking with his family for generations and you know he's wearing a wizard's robe and he's just called winning this this better it's turned into a bit and it came out out of nowhere literally i had no idea what i was going to say but i knew that if i had known nothing there i have another bit ready that is actually a bit and because you have like these little these little bridges you know that you know that you have this big this bridge is built on a right into this fire the same just go tell boom it's right there it's solid and so i know that i can take a chance like this to swing off the vine and hope i can catch that bridge or you know or catch of on that i didn't know was there how cool is it when that start when you start killing and you're improvising in that bizarre like wave were suddenly you're not doing any jokes and then sometimes i've improvising done well and then tried to go back into a joke and it doesn't do
well the gray were so used to that stuff that was coming in the moment yes like that's a weird thing man they can tell too they feel it they censor he's doing material as well so they can tell that you're free ball into it they can tell it when joey diaz free balls like sometimes i'll run up to a mouse stage i go did you plan that one and i'll go now i came up with the right there like the did a joke about his dick but he's doing this thing about viagra this is the sun night show in brea he was doing but you never captured that dick you never come to that dick he goes if you dicks dead this when you do you go over the fucking fridge ready and get those popsicle sticks in your rap that dick up and i got fucking woon did soldiers send it back in he was talking about putting your dick in a splint with popsicle sticks and the way you say it was for a walk and it was so it was there's a feeling of magic as he was saying and what he is killing before he says this so goes into this week red faced like joey diaz purple faced screaming it's flying are you never copter dead dick you send that pic in like who soldier and me
and ari were fucking crying laughing i couldn't wait for him to get out so i can ask him was off the top your head i don't know where she came out of nowhere like all the and it seemed like a bit like it was all there it was because is willing to swing just dig this and see where it where brings you you have to be able to do that though in front of several hundred people is rare would you your stage right now you can't quite do that yet what your stage right now when you got to do is you gotta write things down well then when i did that though with the the come on your face that that was made up on stage one been isn't the pats oh well yeah there's a line you can above the line for an already existing bit know know that whole bit was written on stage really yeah and it just came up on one day i love the sunday show i mean so that's what i'm talking about i'll do that all the time where i think just like on either on stage or
right when i'm gonna take the other day i had this thing where you were talking about that before you ever did on stage bryant you talked about that a few times what before you be talked about the girlfriends how the you you have these pets from them they all the same personality yeah but i didn't it coming when the first time i went i thought of that day i was six years we waiting for the comic and friendly to get off stage and i'm just thinking like i'm at the some but my eight animals 'cause like a single mom right now and so i went on stage and said hey you know i feel like a single mom lobby when you talk to me about it you already done it onstage maybe it's that yeah yeah exactly like when people do that when they pretend they're having a conversation with you and really they're trying out material right that's just the work what's worse is when it's very obvious you know some people could actually get away with it 'cause you're like telling the joke and they think it's funny but some people just you could tell that just doing bitch there's a dude i used to play pool with and it was brutal he was a comic and he used to go tell me if you think anything in this point no that's the word drop my head down he didn't have a whole lot of friends and he's like really into his comedy and even
those guys here's a decent comment but he wrote out every fucking joke as he would say it on stage so it never seemed like when he was on stage that was really just up there fucking now it always seemed like here's material that i wrote today did and so he like holds me hostage there while we're playing pool and then he that says out the whole joke you know like literally have you ever noticed like use me i have have you ever noticed mother did you just give me a have you ever noticed node and i noticed a lot of dude i want to talk about all the i noticed right that's a problem with comedy man is there's like a comedy but there is like that the shitty comedian is a pathetic figure manage is such a rough mode of being man at such a such a silly embarrassing in a sense if it's the idea that you you command the attention of the crowd you are your voice is amplified you there's a light spot put
on you and you are supposedly you know so entertaining an interesting that all you have to do is talk and you're going to grab the mention of all these people in this room you're requesting this exorbitant amount of attention and it's because you claim to have this skill in the skill you're going to elicit laughter going to extract laughter from the audience good luck it was really weird lately if i have been noticing there's this whole breed of comic die open mike or mostly but that that does their whole act but not once did you think no there's a joke there meaning like like they're just talking and like that you they're forgetting that this is was to be funny almost like they're almost saying a story and when they're done with the story they expect you to clap but then you know nothing in it even a joke where it's like is that their sense of humor is that bad or they just don't get conkers you deal with open mikres i mean it's like that's like saying like how come this guy who
he doesn't know how to throw a punch at all things he's going to be on the ultimate fighter you know you just they're not good during company it's so amazing that people could be that bad though and what's amazing is that could be that bad forever i mean how many did you ever seen at the comedy store then doing stand up for ten plus years doing open mic's and they're still like a really bad so insane like how do you not per where you should progress like you're talented in the opposite way the fact that you haven't gotten better at all and you've been doing it for some people fifteen years i don't think you can get better if you're not good at all i think you know there's some guys that get into comedy that truly don't understand what comedy is and they see other people doing it and talking it but there's so socially unaware that they don't know how they come off to other people and they probably don't have the tools the psychological tools the cognitive tool rules to really objectively assess their own personality so they we're going to be able to do it they literally are never going to be you have to have a certain amount of awareness in order to do
stand up and a lot of people that attempt they just don't have that they don't have it and if you don't have it man you gotta this something has to happen dramatic you gotta go to mexico and do i begin yeah i i scare me something like yeah yeah yeah yeah come back yeah you literally have to become a different person that person that you are is just you you what you crab is like say i want to race in the formula one grand prix but i have a toyota camry what do you think i should do while you're fucked fucking cars go two hundred and fifty miles an hour and there are three inches off the ground and what are you going to do you're not going to you're not going to do that you know you're not equipped for it you have to change your equipment that's it that's what it takes snake my shed its god damn skin from time to time this is the main genes and raised fran de and were you're all slow i you know the i i've just this is kind
like a a weird off topic idea that have but i wanted to tell you about because i this way because you are a catholic you this whole thing is off topic no we there is it is it all thought out of his pocket as office script that or even reversing for yeah i was raised catholic ending in in religion there's this idea of tithing we spoke ten percent of your income income to the church so dude i've started thinking about that and i've started thinking like how fucking interesting would your life get if you decided to give ten percent of your income not to the church but you cited to like give ten percent of your income to do like really cool things for people randy you know what i mean right i see we sang on your own sort of church offering yeah but it's not no church which is involved or just like 'cause like the men like to go thank you psychedelic states things that induce psychedelic states talking
hoping someone randomly that doesn't expect you to like if you go out you think i'm going to go i'm not a big and giving money to like people in front of seven hundred and eleven or like covered in sores i think that that's like kind of like a way of killing somebody but like if you go out and like have some extra money and decided i'm going to do so i'm cool with this or you just try to like convert your financial enerji into some positive thing you randomly do for someone and you just i'm going to do this from two hundred to four hundred o'clock today right see you in the weirdest most psychedelic state and when you do some random good thing for somebody dude it blows people's minds like they freak the fuck out like the look on their faces like what just happened to me 'cause everything is inverted in our society towards the self everyone's always thinking about themselves he was always fixating on themselves for two hours you don't fixate on
myself long enough to go do some random fucking thing for somebody dude it's trippy i definitely think that put energy energean towards you know any any sort of charitable notion any anything helping people it definitely is the the right kind of energy to put out there in the world it definitely can induce you know a different state of mind a different state of being but i think the charity thing which is great i mean anything anything's good like but when you know you call in and you give money somebody or you have some kind of fund that you put money into the help something i'm talking about like fizzy right i know what you're saying ok yeah well you make charitable i mean like going out and helping people i definitely agree i mean what how many of these fuckin organizations keep getting busted charitable his when you find the like white glove john thing for haiti and you know that you find out there all stealing money and it's like it's always it's always something like that is always going down doing random cool things for people does it gives you like it definitely gives you some sort of a weird charge
you know when i gave away my isolation tank online that was a one of the coolest things that i ever did because i mean this fuckin eight thousand dollar piece of equipment and you don't even know just and then bought salt salt was like one thousand two hundred bucks then had it moved to his house you know i had to pay for a moving company and then i had to pay for installer to go install it in his house wanna fucking even use at bastard yeah man i'm i want to ask him for a back and give it to you do you have a place it works all he has the best place in arabic place for it you need to get what i want to flow gets his man cave yeah we need to need to get you i got a man cave i got a place right next to it or we could just get in bed please go right from the four days the world needs duncan trussell to have a isolation god hear my prayer room really you need to add a surprising iphone yeah what do you what you're with some you with well you got so you got a couple different projects going on when one of these hits man when you get your first fat check we're going to get you
this guy won't give up that i anything that i want to give up stanger things again he's going through a divorce now though so he might have to move the tank you might not have the money to reset the tank up alright i'll store i talked i talk to about it like a year after i sent it to him like i hardly ever use it i'm like you fuck oh my god but what happens they do it randomly yeah but you know i figured anybody that was and the guy was like a wannabe stand up comedian he's like trying to be a comic it's like jesus christ dude i gave you a fucking doorway to the conversion you don't open it and go through it every now and then he's got his old checks in there i bet there's no water in it he just puts old boxes in it i was thinking i would have just built a shed yeah i just built a shed for washer and dryer how easy it would have been just to build a shed for that would be i've used it though have never been in probably i've never been in one so probably but yeah but i've offered you to go to that a soothing solutions you never gonna that you want to go to never made the do you want to do it i'll do it will set it up i'm glad you can set it up or you can go to
lab that's the best place to float lab ones are on another level that god cragg if you're into a tank go to floatlab dot com look at what this guy's doing this guy's is making these super fucking thick stainless steel insulated tanks the greatest easily apple afloat yeah he's just a bad mother fucker he's like this crazy mad scientist duties like really into floating he's trying to invent some new screen or you can watch it's the lowest amount of light is coming through these lcd screens so you can watch like documentaries inside the tank and you can learn from it so there another it helps you seems like it defeats the purpose and i think so or maybe there's a way to like have like information blasted into yeah well that's what he say is that when you don't have when you have an absence of sensory input you can really absorb information in a much faster rate and it totally that's on paper because the whole idea i mean look it's very michael to watch a movie if there's jackhammers going on behind you do you if you add a
no tank that had a interactive surface on the top of it so they can turn completely dark if you wanted to but if you want you could light the entire fucking thing up like the universe the milky way i don't know just blew blue sky or whatever just fucking sanskrit verses from like all the great scriptures flying on there being kredible sanskrit verses hopefully you do you how long would it take to learn sanskrit i got ten year project i think it would take along fucking time but i don't know if anybody would be into that i would think it would be you i'd love to hear just because it's sanskrit and and baton when i'm on mushrooms and i start what you close your eyes and you see those weird symbols i see egyptian stuff see that's the thing
who is wonder these symbols you're seeing always think lion looking thing if i knew how to read this what isp reading like some kind of message here is this am i actually looking at some kind of scripture what mckenna believes actually what it what he thought was that when you do a psychedelic what you're doing is you are taking part in the experience of everyone else is also done that psychedelic that's why i describe i mean is such an odd psychedelic because it seems like it's database of users very very small so he said can mean felt like an office building that empty it go in there and it's just empty cubicle just like where is everybody is mushrooms you do it you're dealing with ten thousand years of obsessive daily used by millions of people all over the world and a lot was being the mayans mena mayans were heavily heavily into mushrooms you know when i was uh in what is in nita and i went on a tour out that the guy that took me on a guide was a really really
interesting games are a local uh university professor who also did guides like did tours and shit like that is really deep into the history of it and he just openly talked about the psychedelics like how they would take psychedelics and they had all different rooms they would you know practice different rituals in it is well known that there was a deep deep history in mexico of psychedelic mushroom use so it's surprise me when you do mushrooms and especially do mushrooms that you buy california you know i mean you're you're probably getting the same strains that the mines got it right you're probably getting those marks those mexican mushrooms yeah see all sorts of weird mayan symbols it's almost like you're doing is you're somehow another tapping into their the past people psychedelic experiences obviously this is all just we are going to go eat shrooms us three machines around we just go fucking on the beach somewhere because they don't have psilocybin in them i love to eat mushrooms with you guys psilocybin what do you mean that's what makes you trick as long as they don't have psilocybin am i
i don't want to announce eating mushrooms to five hundred billion people at which by now at least three thousand or police officers and tenley listening with a note pad they just said there going to the beach is just as ridiculous that mushrooms are illegal as monsanto trying to patent a pig this is ridiculous one person going to tell you that some sport of of of plant a living organism that go by the way which is actually closer to human and plants are he asked now spores are are are close to us and then they eat organic matter but dude hell fucking crazy it's not just that someone feels ok like enforcing the law is you eat those fucking things that make you see some kind of weird transit you know language the mayans were trying to copy down that's what i think i think there is seeing a language in there like alright this is the best way we can replica it is weird language that we are seeing i think that's what it could be but they think that some
it produces like that affect there are people right now in federal fucking penitentiary's right now laying in a car in a federal pen listening to fucking white aryan resistance murderers jerking off just because you wanted to fucking see the mother ship for a second your three doors down from a guy who fisted a six year old fuck how is that possible you know non violent drug offenders don't get locked up the same places people if a six year old but i know your salary is a factor in a cage at all i mean maybe you do once you get in there and they you know one of the hispanic guys want to fight with you and your staff and a knack you know what i'm getting a murder rap on top of it which happens the nonviolent drug offenders they wind up getting much deeper uh penalties verse and they do while they're actually in prison to my friend dui went to fucking county jail his job
broken within six minutes it was like a saturday night and there were gang bangers there had to take a piss they wouldn't let him get to the toilet he's like you have kind of pissed and they we're like would you say what broke his fucking job for what 'cause he drove from a club after one extra beer it's insane you shouldn't be lumped up in the same group of people but you know then again what if your friend slammed into a fucking car it killed someone's kid wow i mean i mean you don't know how drunk he was and i'm just yet it's the same thing i you know yeah i knew session drive drunk and god knows like i'm not saying he won't do that again i'm saying that's not that yeah well i don't know what your rates he should have yeah that's what you get i guess that's what you get it so clocked out man it's well i don't know i definitely think that people should be penalized for putting other people in danger because they're drunk in a responsible but when it comes to is like mushrooms it comes to you know psychedelic experiences and
idea that you can make any sort of plant that grows here or fungus that grows here naturally it's a part of the ecosystem already way before you know we invented well this fucking completely ridiculous especially when you look at all the stuff is legal and all the stuff that can kill you and all the stuff you could buy at any store it's completely silly it's there's no logic behind it's not like this is like a rational decision like you're obviously deciding what i can and can't do you're deciding what experiences i have and use no science behind it this is not one thousand nine hundred and fifty you can't pull some mccarthyism shit on me i can get online and i could say well look no ones died from psilocybin how come so only know will look here i can show you one thousand if people that tell you that they've got over a post traumatic stress disorder they've gotten over you know addictions they've gotten over all these things because of psychedelic experiences when you're telling me it's illegal you're telling me that is bad why is it that here's the deal with anything whenever there's something that people
can benefit from and people have all these stories about and people there's an area to explore and someone's keeping you from doing that and how to lock you in jail if you do do that they're the fucking criminal monster they are the monsters they are the fucking criminals of the human race you are point you were putting a crime people you are literally stopping people from evolving yet those are the fucking even stop doing it duncan i like to people in jail duncan's all about constricting i love there's nothing i love more than having a mushroom addict in the back of my will have to explore the ball gags and whips someday with you yeah diapers remember when do you remember coming up and saying that to me that's holar yes heat ball gags dog right just kidding i would say hey we talked to steve
today and he he's completely sober now he stopped smoking cigarettes stop drinking who's who he said was doing so much drugs the last couple years of his life there was people walking around his house that didn't exist that's how bad it got but now he just quit everything and now is vegan in is that crazy to think that that somebody that gets in where was she is so concerned about his health but he's eating vegan and not on wow well yes is probably realizing how silly his life was and is like you know putting himself back online is like what's the logical step to put yourself as far are in line as you can and go vegetarian and vegan there's a guy named john for this last year of seeing when he had a a vegan diet i thought was really interesting on to see how you did you want to win and you be bj penn will sort out sorry didn't b b job and now he was raw but he won the the final round his his cardio was really good as really solid who's talking miles cardio is like off the charts now you know but johnny on the weight refight they just have to refi i don't know they have to decide now they have to figure out what the to do you know
because this was for the number one contender spot and you know fish still pushing you know after the post fight interview is coaches like you know ask for a title shot everything like mom you title shot after you get off of a draw it's just like too tough to sell what did you think was going on with that fight who'd you think wow what could be are expected to high of the third round third at the ten third round was pretty decisive victory for fitch some people thought that was ten eight round no i'm not really depends on how you use ten eight rounds that any around the system that they use now i think it's like they don't give out enough ten eight rounds but decide when is it an eight round when you're inside of guys garden you just punch him to the body into the head i'm not sure if that's ten eight round i can see it argued but bj i thought won the first two rounds be cut but those were very close to i could see it argue that pitched it too which one one of 'em because uh you know bj got his back pj took him down dj got us back with any last position and fitch got on top of 'em so
the question is like well what is worth more is it worth more to take a guy down and to get a dominant position where you close to finishing a fight but then losing it and getting reversed and wind up being your guard with the guy on top of you throwing punches this not better or is it better to take the guys back what's worth more on points so that's a subjective thing you know so it's tricky i could see that i could see the two round score from bj and i could see i could see someone scoring one of 'em finch and i can also see the the second the third round rather being ten eight so i could see a draw we were split too when we watch it watch yeah it's ricky man it's turkey maybe beach a bad mother but he's small for that weight class you know when he's fired he's weighing one hundred and sixty six with his pants on and he's fighting fitch who but this is the thing about fish with my brothers up he was at one point time like two hundred pounds and cut down to one hundred and seventy but now he's like all working can vegan and he's wearing around one hundred and eighty you know which is really light for him and then dropping a little weight but his cardio is like way better now too i've entertained trying
a serious vegan diet for a while too but you know i would like travis barker after he crashed in that plane and he had to get skin graphs and shit like that they didn't take until he started eating meat and he likes stops a vegan in his recovery from that he he was a vegan before that and then you know when he started eating red meat then all sudden like his healing like like went group whenever i eat vegan food at a vegan restaurant i fucking love swingers if i could make this myself i wouldn't want to i wouldn't care about you could make it yourself easily it's a pain in the ass pain in the ass what could be wrong with with our friend when i dated her it was like having to go to certain restaurants having to do all this bullshit she's not even a vegan anymore now so give up yeah
if we can here and there but she still needs a spark and filled with hormones right now is it mostly just get is just some meat is yeah yeah it depends on where you get a free range one free range organic meat and you want grass fed to i like grab prefer the taste of grass fed is a discussion that ari and i actually had on the podcast on a plane the other day grass fed and grain fed beef beef is not it's not natural for them to be in grain they're not supposed to eat corn we give him corn because it makes some fat as fuck which makes them eat so delicious and tender when you cook it because most fat bubbling up inside of it and you know in melting and just gets awesome like a big fat fucking grain red steak you know it's just so just melt in your mouth the reality is there supposed to be eating grass and when you taste grass fed beef it has a distinctly different flavor i prefer a but i like game i like i like i like i like venison and elk i like eating like those meats i have like my theories about that shit i feel like anything that stuff to catch is easy or tough to catch rather is really good for
and things that are easy to catch like cows you just walk around up shoot him in the fucking head there stupid you know like you should account had a cow right next to morton lantern using fresh out in the holy fox but like you try to shoot a pig pigs will run from you man pigs you know like and wild things like wild boar very good for you gals are sweet creatures yeah well there their cows there's their cattle you know i mean the idea of cattle like being like at our mercy you know like you know they're like they're like you know like in india how like they worship cows so in indy like in the streets there these cows that have just been being petted by people like dogs they are fucking sweet i think do that i'll behavior has been engineered through through you she's breeding for them to be you know farm animals for them to be used while there becomes a natural thing for people to just walk
turn up to an animal and be able to pet it people are creepy fox you know i mean you have to engineer an animal to be that dassow you know like can oh yeah come to my long relationship humans for sure yeah wild cows and shit like that they don't have that sort of other wild cows with the fucking my daughter was there i have been at some point in time it must have been while there still is wild card so valuable very few of them are wild right now no cows are valuable are they like is there like that way or house are very valuable really a lot of money should be worth a lot of money horseman because i would think that counter diner does how much would it cost to buy a cow that's a good question i think look it up now love to do that man i would love to have my own farm someday and just of animals that you know you know what they're feeding you know what you're feeding them rather yeah if you need them you know how they were treated you know that it's all humane did i think about that my that my dream idea of that which is like this call crazy plays out in the words with solar panels where the
forty of your electricity or all of it is coming from the sun and you're feeding yourself from this place that's feasible here yeah it's feasible but it's like so like so much work to run farm it's insane it's not like either either you have like people working for you and doing it or if you're involved in it you're just there's no stairs you just work all day and sleeping you wake and work all day and sleep you you but you can be self sustaining which is very you know rewarding for a lot of piano do you grow your own food you grow your own vegetables and you grow your own animals as well but yeah you can hire a few people to to run i if you just wanted to form only for your family's sustenance and that's kind of an interesting theory in our an interesting sort of a concept you know set up farm where all the vegetables that you grow or vegetables that you eat and then i guess you know in the winter time you can them or something where you have a greenhouse or something you can you know cows are a thousand bucks thousand bucks for account so
morgan and with all the meat on that you can either buy two cows or by the new macbook oh fucking new mac book all the way you guys put bulls and on this 'cause you guys are fucking goofy mac heads as i am i i've had to in two days what is the new it was the deal with these mac books ages like rocky mount az look amazing well the biggest is the new technology the thunderbolt technology which is like under mold in gigabytes per second double yeah there's a phone call the thunderbolt to the town who htc it's ten bytes per second so what that means is live like you're pretty much gonna be able to hook up an external hard drive and edit hd video easily and run multiple streams of it you know it's going to help editing video editing it transferring files nowadays when you want to back up your computer ten gigabytes a second com launch incredible and
hd video cameras now also a bigger solid state drive you can get up to what was it everybody everybody is going to think you got sponsored by mac well and we do we use the laptops that have the big apple logo on it was like one of the people that tried to sponsor us he was like asking like this app do you go up about the wish apple please sponsors but it was like quad course that's fifty times faster than the last last bit of books fifty times yes some of the the early benchmarks are showing anywhere from the thirteen inch model being about twelve percent faster to to up to fifty three percent faster okay that's not fifty times in a fit i'm sorry fifty percent fifty percent percent sorry yeah jesus christ what court you know double core quite worked it's pretty interesting so that would be what you would need if you were doing video rendering and shit like that but for most people what the fuck different it's just a matter of transferring things well
i mean have you noticed even i don't know on your laptop but i know on this one like fucking youtube or youtube videos or any kind of hd video still is struggling even though this is a pretty fast laptop it still this is a graphics card right so it's mostly the graphics card and in just a shitty flash in the video card these new ones have video cards up to one gigabyte now which is crazy in the switch from the video which has been having a lot of problems with the mac books lately with over heating and and problems with them now they switch back to a a m d or whatever so this is interesting to me is exciting and you but not that exciting and i need to new shit i need i need some next level shit yeah this transferring gigabytes real quick that's all good and everything like that but what is the testing the fucking computer is going to do this really gonna blow your way not gonna be that i think if we're going more tablet more no jacks okay on some computer no it's the computer that just beat
jeopardy yeah no seriously like you know used to be like a computer that can play chess and be people was a big deal now everyone the computer that can beat you at chess or eventually like the next thing talking about is like interactive surface where you tell it exactly what you i'm actually more excited about this ipad two announcement march second which is supposedly to have cameras in the front and back pretty said that's going to change the whole thing with being able to do face time in watching you stream now you can be able to use string from your ipad this is what's really tripping quantum computing that's the really weird shit because first will try to wrap your head around what a quantum computer really is you have to really i don't understand what the idea behind quantum mechanics and what it basically is is this is how it's listed in wikipedia device for computation that makes direct use of quantum mechanical phenomena such as superposition and entanglement and if you
more that means superposition means that an object can be both moving and still at the same time i mean you get the idea of quantum mechanics you get into like that's voodoo shit things that particles that subatomic go to blink in and out of existence and the idea of you know it being able to be a by the user i mean those are all quantum mechanical ideas how about quantum entanglement because that really is voodoo shit that's like that's a computer quantum entanglement is as i understand it is the idea that if you take two particles and put them together and then move them apart right they still are somehow connected and you can thanks for information down that line it's one of those things we talk about it i was say what i've heard said but i don't know what it mean yeah i mean like i'm talking about superpositions and i'm talking about entanglement and i'm saying all those things but i mean what would you know all i'm doing
making the right noises with my mouth you know my brain barely makes the connection to what the that yeah mine my connection is just as rudimentary thing or i think of like to round things that have what appear to be a really long hair attaching them or something like when you like the idea that you the thing just kind of like have some invisible or tiny our relationship that you stretch this part but the reason i say that is voodoo or witchcraft is 'cause it's like rosemary's baby remember the guy called and he was missing his glove like one of the thing which is are always trying to do is deal little piece of your chair and inquire entanglement is true then that would mean that there is some connection between you and the thing that came from you that they could start sh
being bad enerji down that line wow yeah we shit kind are real they just didn't have the words for it well i always thought about alchemy like the idea of alchemy like what you know when people are trying to make gold out of lead and using magic and all sorts of different things like that is that is that i mean if we really do breakdown things as far as their elemental structure and we really under possible to turn lead into gold sunday is is someone going to be able to adjust well you know what the what the the molecules that differentiate between golden lead in platinum and silver is that possible that way they can do also i mean there are like the three d printers for sort of a diamond's it's that's like you're you're smashing something with intense pressure in creating an s thing with it but you're not turning something into something it's not it's like a natural sort of a metamorphosis force doesn't make sense yeah well
because we know like with the chain reaction that causes diamonds we or the chemical reaction that pressure on car ban and millions of years war you know some crazy thing that the russians invent the make diamonds out of nothing well if you ever pull that out to me was a code for a secret society that was trying to teach people to become enlightened through science and it died william yeah wed into gold the idea of the transportation of lead to gold they didn't really even though that it wasn't a focus of alchemy there is a deeper level which is the idea that they're talking about the transformation of the human consciousness from going to a useless empty robotic state to a fully realized say like and once you go to that
you don't care something's gold you don't care about you did the the material universe doesn't mean anything anymore i never heard that before i'd always heard it just described as someone trying to manipulate one form of matter to turn into something more valuable there's a great movie by this guy and it's trippy dude you know joe to rouse gears you ever heard and now there's this is named arausio to rouse ski i'll do j o jodie i'm gonna spell around his last name joe terao ski receives last name yeah alessandro joe owski and there's a a movie that he made called the holy mountain alejandro jodorowsky yeah look up wsky j o d o are wxi think john lennon paid for the movie the holy mountain but like check it out it was like the time he had his teacher was telling him while you're making this movie just take as much lsd as you can
sound advice check it out the it's on you tube why don't you have like a part of your website that has all these movies you recommend our ship is you always bring out this crazy out of nowhere yeah it is you should totally have that i should have a little list of something really should turn on amazon you should have learned it has yeah we use you need to be more active with your web presence fellow yeah well i mean i guess i podcast and i tweet about your website you know yeah i mean i am i used to do a lot more work on it now until i've been working on this book i haven't really right i got out on date it man i i do i love your website by the way i put it on the couple computers at apple the other day okay home page to things artistic terrorism now it's duncan trussel com used to the other one artistic terrorism got yanked from the bombing from some russian punks what i didn't renew it and then the next thing i knew i went to artistic terrorism it's like some russian site you can't get it back till it's gone
is then it works by the way now it's pretty easy for that to happen that just happened that happens all the time a lot of people get like i think it's their hosted anyway so yeah that sounds like a name the guy who drowned himself in the bathtub would come up with a stick tears and that was just along time ago that was forwarded twenty or do you remember when you work at the comedy store and we used to i used to call you we have long ass fucking these conversations while you were working there yeah that's how we got to be friends yeah yeah well i used to know duncan from dunkin hanging out there and then duncan started working for the store and i would call up and dunkin and i would have long fucking bizarre conversations that would last for hours where you are where you were working pretty much this would happen over the phone and dunkin proved to duncan prime
is what he preaches when he was working at the comedy store that's when the pauly shore reality show came around and everybody else went along with it done because like you know i i don't want to be a part of this and you quit i quit yeah and you have an option i don't want to be on that show well man what what started happening is like it seem like you know there he was talking about trying to make the show happen and you know and then the show started happening for real and all of a sudden i couldn't sleep at night and i was grinding my teeth because i we're having to be on this reality show and like i was i would wake up and i have my teeth grinding and i'd be like on this fucking feeling that pit of my stomach like oh no this is it this is how you're because i didn't know at the time i was like this what if the show takes off what if you're the you're the you're the guy who works with holly at the comedy store you're you're not a comedian you're just the guy behind the desk answering the phone from its here just like them
it's humiliating it would have the worst thing ever yeah i have you brew really it was cool that he did that yeah you really you really like you had a reaction to it well i have a very strong reaction yeah it's a lot of people wouldn't because is an opportunity to get a tell all right on tv all who i got to get on tv i just got to get rid of those cameras at all then do you think you could have done fear factor what do you mean if you if someone came up to you and said hey duncan we have this show we want to host fear factor it's going is a network of reality show yeah i don't think yeah i don't think there would've been you're using a key i know not a lot of done it you want your your we're you do then you might a walked away let me explain the difference between and by the way because i do not want to come off like i'm some kind of like as st yourself right just like super
like my artistic it wasn't just any reality show by the way you had worked there and saw the toxic environment that you're dealing with for a long time and then saw that the most toxic of all was in control of this this sort of project and it was going down all the wrong paths and you know you made it a car this decision i needed a way the out of that job it was a desk job and like yeah you know i i need to get the out and it was just like it seems like a lot of things were a lining at the same time they gave me a way to move on instead of continuing in this job that by the way it was like a job where i was tired of it the guy is the current time coordinator was obviously really into the idea of having that job like for him he wanted to do it whereas for me it was like it had gotten to the point where i wasn't inspired by it and it was
seem like to continue on would be the ultimate hypocrisy and what it would be a shitty move on every single that's interesting because a lot of people would never thought about that way they would have thought well here's an opportunity mean honestly meet me personally i probably would have thought about it and said well you know if i work in there at least i'll get on television this will give me an opportunity to you know maybe branch off and do other things you know yeah
well you know man there's i've got really like weird hang up when it comes to performance which is that i think that people if they are performing for something that's making money deserve to get paid for it and so when i do our comedy show at the cemetery thursday we pay oh yeah this thursday we pair comedians we pay everyone who performs and if i'm shooting something even if it's something that i'm not getting paid for if someone comes in is in a sketch i come up with i pay them like i give them money 'cause they drove out there and gave me their time and they fucking deserve it cuz that's why i believe that you should be compensated for our i think that it's one of the guys things ever so another thing it was a little off putting about that show is it that i was clearly going to like not it wasn't just like they were going to fill me at my desk doing my job it was like they wanted to create a
a heightened reality you know what i mean what they wanted you to fix it and yeah follow us grand so i brought it was about and so i said you know or war what what it i many for one of i was even then i was in a after i was in a actors union it's like so wait a minute you're not going to pay me for acting don't like i'm you have you have to like you i get caught i know that you're making money anyone who's acting in spending their time involved in this thing should be getting paid they should get a lil peace but you weren't going to get paid the producer said to me absolutely god no way this is uh documentary were shooting a documentary your there's no fucked up there's no payment wait a minute who is the producer is you ever was jimmy two hand they literally told you that you're going to be on the show and not get paid at all yeah so you were going to be on tv making your salary from the comedy store will
i don't know that whoa what a bunch of cunts so i did not know that at all yeah so that is that surprise you giving the toxic environment that we were talking about where you knew about a comics thing for him and not getting paid and all sorts of the ship date jennifer this store buddy one now that's that see and that's the the the the problem about that attitude i'm which is in so many different aspects of society which is where the artist is given the impression that they are lucky to we doing there are in a certain place yes that is satanism that is not how it works man it's like i don't care what the places that are if you if it's a place it's making money and generating money off the artist the artist is at the top of the fucking pyramid precious logic if there is a fucking guy who makes beautiful cabinets most beautiful cabinets in the world that guy is
i'm going to be like man i am so lucky to be in this workshop where they let me make these cabinets now comic stores the worst case example of a place that thinks it's the star the place of thinks it's what's let me just say it's changed a lot lately it has only that place where i have to stick up for the place because i'm but there regularly and comics kind of took it back atomics kind of taken aback but that's not just the public possible honestly the place is awesome dean still the manager i've never seen him there any more places undergone a fucking geologic shift there putting and really good acts right now it's fucking packed all the time it's really exciting good vibe there and that of stagnant gin and weirdness that when you're when with which made you which drove you out that's
really yeah so what do you think killed that man so you're not being around anymore i wouldn't i changed it i i just a welcome to go there right men sierra you still go there and i don't know but he's i mean once i don't i think you have to call in now where he the i think sarah silverman just went up there she's there all the time it should help in every time i go in there i'm like what the fuck it's generally just like burgeoning like but it seems like it seems like the management kind of took a step a couple steps back on their hold two or they just kind of got bored of trying to be because now it seems like really you just see the comma like the the comics are just all that's always best case scenario you know of this talk about people getting paid here's another interesting topic that i want to bring up you will just and on this because we've been going on forever there's a lot of pot pastor doing podcast now in front of live audiences and it's of generating revenue for the podcast but they're not paying the p well their guests on the podcast you know
and one invited me and i'm not going to name any names but invited me to go and be on one of the podcasts in front of a live audience and i said no know what you you know once beginning pay you you're you're gonna just someone's gonna drive an hour away and i've done this before by the way because it's you know it's kind of a you know it's an opportunity to go and be on something and you know have some fun and you know in network with all these other people that are doing these things but how much you charge twenty dollars to get in or thirty dollars to get in and you've got five hundred people in here what's going on here is this is comedy show because if it's a com so that it makes sense that you know you're the headliner you have to pay the opening act the middle act together hey everyone it performs on your show you know it is a note that the band with though that podcast have been hit
taking up on some people like a what was and crossing the was paying up to five thousand dollars a month he said ten thousand thousand dollars a month i mean that's that's the real man that yeah can ban with at the podcast we use about a hundred megabytes each you times that by it won a couple hundred thousand people that's ridiculous i yes but you know what guess what you know how much does it benefit those comics to be on the show it benefits him a bit but it definitely benefits the person is running the podcast to have a star on their podcasts if you're going to do it in front of a live on it so it's a weird situation right now it's like it's a weird dynamic almost feels like we need a union the step and how can you do that i there's just a basic logic that should go behind if you're making a show if you're producing a show there's just a basic logic the basic logic is the p the performers are the heart of the show if you're making money you have to compensate them that
logic you're not doing them a favor by letting them perform their you are kind of a little bit because you're you know you're you're giving them exposure main thing about everybody you come on this show i mean this show obviously there's we're not getting paid for taking the sponsor and the sponsored basically it's all gone the main sponsor pays for bandwidth and brian a bunch other things and it's all gone but you get on a show like this and for sure it it elevates you and makes people aware of you but on the other hand that shows
a better when you're on i get it benefits us to a denny's to bother me a lot about like radio shows were like someone would say something douche about someone the person one want to do a show anymore they would say hey did we help you didn't we help you all right yeah but you got a you can look at that would be also look at it like you need to have funny people on your show after show to be good you may have be they go on shouldn't you know but you don't the think that their ears this show for one i've made a fortune and flashlights many i don't know and in the other thing about is were friends and it's like it's so it there's no sense it's like you're lucky to be this is the best venue for you though man this is the best the best opportunity the people have ever had to get a look at what's special about you and weird about you to have these law gas two one slash two plus our conversations we get into weird depth about shit but people get chance to see your personality in the way you would never get
supposed to on a talk show there is no way in some seven minute clip on you know name the show you know jimmy fallon name you know whatever the show is it any any of those shows were going to talk about something for sitting and sitting at the desk when you come up with a cup of coffee you don't know people you know the way people know us from doing this show they know you in a deep deep way that really there's no other opportunity to get this close to people this close to the work as of the mind you know i have fucking still i'm going conversations happening on facebook with people from this podcast who like i'll tell them something crazy and then they'll email me like the most insane subversive fucking video or just like really crazy shit sometimes i can't go on facebook if i'm too stoned 'cause i'll start getting paranoid 'cause they using like heavy duty weird fucking shit up there yeah well you know what man this is what's going on you know this
what's going on but we are connecting with like minded people in way that's never been available before and it started a network you know it's network with podcast with the death squad podcast in years the lavender hour you know it's is that but it's also network with all these fucking people on facebook and all these people on twitter and these people that in australia they came to the show and these people that are going to show this weekend or this week rather a wednesday night yeah when night i'm at the louisville kentucky improv that's my next gig and another one this is all promoted just sort of strictly straight from twitter you're going to find their man i'm sure we're going to have fun we have fun everywhere and that's the deal i mean i have fun in australia i have fun we for bringing these people altogether and people are getting connected and there's a movement going on it there's uh a movement of the mind this is an opportunity for people to find and connect with like minded people about things that they thought were interesting that fucking was not available just a year ago you know it was not available two years ago or three years ago it's like this
new this new thought this new hive mind that's being created and it's not uh i'm not taking responsibility for its creating itself it's always been things that always been interested and it's always been things that you've always been interested in but it's refining and altering the way that i think about the world because i'll say yes obviously say some pretty stupid shit i haven't thought about and i'll get an email or five facebook messages correcting whatever fact usually very usually yeah very politely and it's just like ok and then and then i'll find myself walking the next day like walking my dog and just thinking about that that way than mine version of the universe absolutely and that's that's the evolution yes like that yes it's ours it's there's you know i've said this many times i've talked to a bunch of people that have said they don't know anybody like us they don't ever have the chance to have these opportunities to have these conversations with people that are near them but they get to sit in on these conversations and it's changing the way they think will changes the way i
think too because we're having these conversations on a really regular basis where we know we're broadcasting them so we know a lot of the shit we say we have to be have to check it i have to correct it we have to do some google searching we have to consider our options consider the contrary argument and then we'll get all sorts of different cool comments and different links and different things here's another thing that they're doing on my message board every time there's a podcast they'll start a thread are they analyze the podcast as it goes along and then they'll put links up an videos up to we're talking about it's fucking amazing man and it's all natural call just a natural occurrence it's all just it's just grown of interest in and and it it spreads and then people can we need to it and then it gets larger and larger than it really is hi mine it's going on which going on right now and then we're going this tonight can i say want something i've got coming up no plugs for capitalism boy comedy is dead
thursday thursday we got was gay this game and it's set up it's at a few oh by the way not a funeral issues make cemetery comedies debt is at the hospital trevor live funeral in every occasionally someone will die on stage it's in it's in a masonic lodge at the hollywood forever cemetery and what's the address six thousand monica blvd and we've like neil hamburger if you haven't seen him yet to see him but this guy i'm really excited about we have marilyn rice cub from twenty four and we've got this guy i'm scared i just gave you read that on stage there's a there's a guy named k st strasse the yo yo guy who invaded all these uh tv thing i saw that he's going to be performing with explain that real quick this would be the end because this guy he went on these shows and pretended that he knows i do the yo yo for kids he did a character on these morning shows he apparently you could just
in a letter and sam traveling through schools doing environmental lessons and using your heroes to do it and it kind of seems like a nice good feel good story and so they are vitamin he's wearing this ridiculous outfit he's a he's a a cure tractor on the level with like when kaufman would do his stuff he's that fucking good and he's this ad old guy who comes the stage with the yo yo or doesn't really get to the yo yo they finally end up having to ask him to do it in every time and every time they ask him to do it something awful goes among the yoyo breaks he can't you yo yo and it just leave them hanging everything well it's awkward and they want to like make him feel better but he's like each like he like he's clearly like out of it it's all on youtube what's his name again hey strauss at s t as as the young guy just a straw so dress the letter k
okay the letter k and then s t r a u s s s t r a s s a s s yeah and what is going to do it your show he's got a show based around the character is going to his character will be there and he does a yo yo show for everybody else's face the same thing it's like kind well you don't know right well no i saw him do it as you've been doing stand there or is he just doing this kind of form that sort of thing performance art hello you're doing it i he's obviously been doing some form of kerr sure comedy for awhile because he's to get at it to not have fucking practice or it could be crazy he's not mad at me is not easy super nice guys like a really cool down drugs no young charlie sheen doing little bit up now now we're done is this fucking things going on for three hours now thanks
duncan trussell on your the man no i shouldn't say the man your last dining name fastening human being one of my best friends and i'm honored that you know you can be my friend come on the product as well as and it's awesome have any on here and lavender our you can download off i tunes and you guys have a website lemon lavender our dot com and it's him and the tasha like general zero zero and it's a very very funny podcast thank you to the flashlight for sponsoring the show if you go to joe rogan dot net and click the link and enter in the cold named rogan you get fifteen percent off louisville improv i don't know if there's tickets still available do wasn't wasn't very many laughed but it's this wednesday night with me and my man tom so gore should jump off and then will be back at will be back at now we hold next wednesday and we also have a couple podcasts next week i got a couple of good things cooking so
bryan callen will be on this friday so that will be the next one and i also put up the podcast on a plane with aricia fear alright that's it bitches that's the end of this fantastic into our stevo podcasts over at the deathsquad an hour blackout yeah don't listen to i got one ufc blackout in the super black and the the ufc blackout maybe that super blackout one i'm numb step in and intervene yeah you gotta listen to at least be morning it's how layer name let's gets drunk with crazy broads and like literally they get hammered slob over each other and threaten to kill each other why would anyone want to watch that all right yeah well if you got nothing to do alright bitches we will see you soon on friday and i'll see you crazy freaks in louisville kentucky and maybe i could talk you out of escaping creating something better in louisville by maybe managing alright thank you
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