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Date: 03-04-2010 A special edition of the Joe Rogan Experience with Tom Segura.
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the european experience a sponsor by flashlight gotta geronium dot net and click the link on the right side used the coupon code rogan and save yourself fifteen percent off the number one sex toy for men flesh lie and now here's joe rogan experience special edition podcast on a plane with thomson discover when i'm on a truck stop frolic law cast on a plane productions presents joe in the great tom's occur on the way to dallas en route
to louisville yeah we're sitting here obviously first class winning winning five a and b moors we're your rock stars for african mars and now we are on our way to do is show the louisville improve wednesday by time get this probably already over whatever bitches sold out anyway winning were starting to feel that at a ball right about kicking and now tell me reprieve leaving behind it some so nervous feeling the first time you ever do the breast trip on the plane or a cookie or whatever would you know the one
the first time the dose europe where where we had to do we were headed that canada we were going to tear like you'll like it takes a little bit and i was written on the arm wrestling about all the things i thought it might look just like you know what i'm just a bad bad i was ready it's a real psychic cleaning really does open up your psychic closet and to start pulling shit doesn't off real good blood brownie announces that terence began to talk about eating part that a lot of the early hindu texts dealt with eating marijuana and that you know that like for a lot of unlike that wasn't really psychedelic experience like justice psychedelic is mushrooms he's getting eating you don't need a lot of it you don't realize man if you dont know if you're not used to it eating marijuana we talked about this on the park ass a hundred times but for people haven't heard this creates a totally different chemical unheeded called eleven hydroxyl metabolites what its process by your liver and its forty
five times more cycle acted anti aids its way stronger drug so
but it's perfect for applying what it s like you're you're vulnerable you're in the sea going anywhere near here in the space of thirty thousand feet above the earth you know something goes wrong you're fucked so you feel that phone or ability to and then when you get hit with that pot edible oh good expecting even when it is a prize is a new right you just like this which is to be like any other time but when you like we don't know that shit straight rebs where the chest like i'm fucking ear it scares you i was here and i want it like i really was weakened but when it was over i actually did think like that was a good thing yes i always feel after the hardest craziest strangest trips where i get the most scared i feel the most shitty about my life or about things i've done sometimes things i've done nose like thirteen my dear old why my still dwelling on this i'm not even at anybody you gotta clean it out but these these experiences is plain
i mean really need to do it on a plane mean progress newish it where you are indeed if you eat a really strong brownie yoyo it really like expose you too you your vulnerabilities you'll feel all fleshy and you feel like real soft and easy to break strangely friends like shaken fragile looks like you just like you just saw ira something in there is there is animals inside a neutral farm hands like them because it's fucked up in amsterdam they stop selling brownies cookies and shit at the at the coffee shops are really people get can't handle restart megan mushrooms legally or two unfortunate brown these are just as bad man it was like like somebody you value should first something that you didn't you you didn't expect them to carry out like how that feels that's happened to me you feel they were kind of an awful feeling within its also after the alpha feeling comes release gas relay pronounce out do you think that i was worried about rightly sets out right yes cleansing did you know i mean people have this ability to block out certain parts of their behaviour and personality and that's why you idiots that's why would love pollen people we were just make if honesty harvey on the way up here so full of shit and not just bullshit but hilariously stupid like some the shit he says so dumb i save is tweets and we were to sweden and then we watched cat williams dissect him cat lamps show images at this distance destroyed and so will the what's funny about that ask as you know steve harvey doesn't check himself c4 we really thinks he's a bad mother fucker really thinks it's amazing side i see him when he goes on religious channels can i watch i watch videos of him on like the televangelist trinity broadcast outward that's vis tv i guess she did a comedy special for tb and that's gotta be great that's got to be the best ever unique gotta your life you ain't got carried you silly person
really so many ways how much would you love to give steve harvey a big fat part brownie and just watch and fry that would be the most amazing incredible he was he was on the trinity broadcast network talking about people who don't believe in god but you don't believe in god yes silly i got nothing to say to you you silly rate bid everything's deplorably says it's actually even a job like its special it s sort of like tv right where he would just do just recap news stories and that was the mid uses reading headlines like like the lady driving across taxes wearing a diver it you said you believe this woman drove across texas in a tight one
that shook his head like elena that's a little bit in the end the audience fall out of their seat he was like next door then i read a story about a may i first saw him i first saw him and ninety ninety four when i was doing the material comedy festival and he was as well and he went on stage and i was like this guy should be paying richer prior fifty percent of everything he makes because he was doing a prior impression launch stage here do in richer plaque stay
they didn't nato at first while he's black their canadian they're gonna be nice but but i was watching and i was like while like this guy fuckin he's like sort of like not cover ban but like a guy do an uneasy dc impression that thing in his own songs starting in every generation see yes somebody do you see a few it tells you know it's always the early guys i did that a bunch of times where how to catch myself when i was start now when i was an open micro caught myself on stage sound never sunny sadly like richard jenny is doing is rhythm is cadence and i was a richer jenny fan so made sense blows my while this rose like i'm hearing myself sounding just like it when people say to do with it alone and they said to me i've heard people say to me sam tennyson windows start now to which i definitely was influenced by him too but you don't have one
saw bill hicks he was like do and say i can listen to the point where i was like uncomfortable with it as i do in the noises sam makes talking like sand where he was really influence by kennison as well and genocide was fuckin huge at the time and hicks was real just starting to be known in the commonwealth and you never really got huge mainstream in america or even to this day you say bill hickson only the cool insiders no really who he is solid saint bill caused me or something but then he was really really unknown and i want to see him at the comedy connection and it was a really small crowd and who is doing kennison man a man for real parts of his act we're like you know
does it was doing that that they like to deem anita damon yeah yeah i was like sam like doing sam but that's normal comic strip once by other comics i've taken guys in the road me too and saw them starting to talk like me and sound like me which is really weird ass normal stormont you know see somebody crushing and this sort of imitate the crushing like men see it did that would mean that was one of the first things like men see and never really stolen my jobs to see new i would fuckin sweat women in but
he used to steal them on the road i hear stories and wrote about him still we never stolen aiming in front of me in town but what he did start doing is delivering jokes like me are you is sounding like me is cadences tate and i was like this mother fuckers like you know it's like that was no atomic ever bother me other times i've seen people do it smells like wow it's kind of a compliment some sounds like me but i think it's normal you know because comedies such a weird to learn anyway it's like and it's like you and your speech and your cadence on stage is kind of affected it's kind of like you're you're putting on a different sort of a pattern of talking so that
get your calmly across better and then we see somebody does it and it's really effective you you automatically sort of like internalized totally likewise first started do i say that i sound like do you not think i'm choking document no chris wrong real it yet but i meant not to the point we sacred rock you start imagining the voice and everything i wouldn't do that but i essentially that was so obsessed with him when i was like before i certainly stand still mother fucker talk it over my podcast we don't care about your fuckin service where you fly and we love what suits me sir you you fuckin humble mouth mother fucker can barely understand this guy man just goes you some important this isn't going well excuse me was shut up shut year for europe
shut your stupid or this whole system sucks sound system sucks he's a mumbling pregnant anyway that's terrible idea august i don't want to ruin this chris rock story so yap and over this till this motor mother fucker shutters pie whole area we're gonna so anyways you know like a sound like em but that its other boys but i stopped
it's like i would pay so unhappy paste really i would drown out now i dont think filament slept argument for two years and you dont like yours when it was as this would have been two thousand and two and two thousand and three and so he's he's massive write me still lives but you know that point i started watching them basically only wasn't i was a kid disease on personnel but when i bring the pain came out like ninety five and six i was in figures when it came out i was in high school i was like this step for me was amazed maize especially the guy was just my mind so then vagrant blacker came out when i was in college teams it lays down you shot
sorry folks who this is when you get podcast on a plane this is what you get its part this is so you know that it's our thinking because we could be pretending would you be in my office right now you hear the sound of the background i could just be a fan do vague gimme the aeroplanes and we just masonry will do and this is there an airplane sent out louisa so you can play it while you're on a phone call to pretend that you're out a plank yes happening why do you why would you have what is it for the ways so like it i want you to sleep in silence he won't white noise radio airplane there's airplane sleep on aeroplanes somebody when i get some people just like the noise are so two thousand to two thousand three so you're you paste
i come here he was your favorite comedian yes he was deafening mother with me because i loved like i mean i love that he was like breaking should down i love that that element of can of comedy and i love the way heap he said
we live with this is basically doesn't like he does that so well takes a semi complicated thing simplifies really good at that and he was also just fucking larynx this my answer was very sober i'm saying i wouldn't consciously thing go on stage and go i'm gonna do wrong but i was so influenced by him because he was like comment that was watching all the time i like i get that mainly with somebody would hang out all the time or the start because then i would then i will start like our crouch punchline like that that like yellow crouches when his punchline started do that and people ask me dear there like when you hit punchline your browsing shoulders are raising crouched down that's my prison as critical as telecoms and it would be like cadences kind of urban and they like you have an urban created when i get out of this city become synonymous with black people i know right we like it's only a beard euphemism to not appear racist is oh he's urban impudent makes it sound like this makes it does not make a summer is the major selling you'd never fucking even seen my first like you say without this person doesn't talk even like or they just super politically correct relation most people have like regular jobs like you have to like real next all these fox next to us for these poor pricks i fly with these poor pricks outlets
urban thing it's that is a weird it's weird sentiment but i was in georgia to show in georgia thank you hot towel bitches that's how we roll is applied gas we're doing sorry shoes like hut bitch is what the hell is he talking poligized race racy park jerome paris we ve been number one on itunes before like you i'm not supposed to be up here i always feel like i'm not supposed to be up here is much money made in much success and i have a tape tv i always feel completely illegitimate we every time a first class and always expected someone's gonna come on yank me out stick me in the back every time i get a limo looks like anybody would look prize they neither one of us if shaved and weeks i know its body
funding bowling alleys poor folks ties no slippery bought issues like i can't run faster than anybody but by two year old daughter run fast mammon those stupid choose slippery ass stupid shoots back to urban we were in atlanta and then this racist white lady was tellin us where to go and we're not to go and i like hey we're gonna go get somebody where shall we go issues like what you don't want to go to this place because it's got a lot of the elements there's like they're a combination of different the earth when in fire vetches said the elements and we relax we made a repeated we're like other people come over it was
ridiculous that echo is actually so like this and so much worse than just robin element deciding how do the woman's those elements i never heard that one before that's a unique one element literally sounds like diseased i mean like essentially calling them you know it's really funny because all human beings are capable of speaking english and all human beings capable of you now pretty much doing now joe basis do in pretty much any job in the world i mean there's black surgeons and chinese comedians and you know chinese basketball players in irish box would mean anybody can pretty much do anything right a big so because that whenever categorize people generalised you become racist instead of scientific shot up there come damage rather sellen shit nobody wants a bias stupid sky all bullshit what does the present
in geneva that by things i've time or is it even one can't camping anyway what i say is any observations that you make about people there also its races of you say like hey black people seem to like to go to jail you're a racist then if you look at it it will be the numbers of black people that are in jail where what is that while its economic law with singapore why people doesn't look like its economic this seems like a big disparity weren't you know it could be anything and could be saying that chinese we love little dicks bullets wipe out all the chinese decks and whip amount right next to the african dicks let's see what's up
there is now a racist racist but in anything that you say that might hurt someone's feelings becomes racist where people don't wanna dont want accepted or deal with our think about it it becomes races and also that i was everything about the word racist people use it to meet racial right just because you make it to make an observation about arrays doesn't raises the people write a racist prejudice you're prejudging you have to have to make it simpler these the suggestion the idea behind that somebody is inferior that's why that's what it is to be raised to believe it ran raise your race which enrich this area even if we say like man i think i think i can say this not racist value just totalling you'd be saying a rate this i said this on twitter wants i said what's up with black dude that like
talk on speaker for when no one's around i see it all the time and i said ironically roscoe's chicken waffles ellie the very black establishment but if you been ella quite goddamned delicious it's i don't know i don't know what who invented the combination of chicken and waffles but damn it's a winner so i put that up you know what what is it about some black agar out some black eyes that like to talk on bigger phone while no one's around and all these people immediately jumped on me like that but racist don't you think racist about looked organs a dick or showing its true colours as i was well i can't first about what's wrong with talking speaker phone nothing there's nothing wrong talking to someone i speak about i'm simply asking why
do a lot of black eyes like to do it when there's no one no one's on the phone with them let me know what's next to them like a great now if you and i were talking to a third party we would have it on speaker phone and that would make sense because in that way we could both here this is just a guy by himself talking on speaker loud like i don't know what that's about commercials where you were member this commercials for boost mobile did runs beakerful
now is that way you will you they're holding thrown away from their face and talking i dont know why that appeal to black evil i think it was all about i think is because it's like a performance i think i think a lot of black holes really like men like it it's a performance times for whose around about away to get attention with good intentions we shall you be fair racist we think about that well you know i've been around lackey pointing eventually honestly i don't think is anything wrong with saying that certain cultures like you do the most most people in that whenever raised will admit of the thing you taught me the address is like a spokenness stupid thing that you try there was plenty people that agreed with me and even black eyes at agree with those people who are either think they're being dishonest were they hate something else no life so they're just like some people are just oversensitive makes its also that they feel like they have the right to get angry you it's like this and opportunity to point out that you're being a dick exposes a chance to have our conversation in their usual he had to call you when you're bullshit and to be self righteous into be indignant be upset it's it's weird thing that people have that works like it's not even a rational thing like you could make fun of italians all day long and guess what i'm fuckin be they are right with you i think they're goofy my relatives are goofy foxes alot of people that i grew up with a goofy fox
italians are some of the show is silliest most ego driven people have remained my life i don't feel upset when you talk about them doesn't doesn't hurt my feelings i don't get it i know i know this isn't racists but people do tastes like provided very tastes like that is the pot cookie kick in ass the animal
no thanks i don't give a fuck about really why she recently did any of them in my mom's peruvian my dad's like spanish friends what you say about you speak fluid spanish do pretty weird coming to your mouth is sounds weird you showed up seeing you have conversations to people like tommy might be a fuckin cia agents are something here man is crazy you should see anybody that's brown and i'm talking to their eyes like they were ready shit are you absolutely people that our land are more blown away by a light version things ever really that's funny i mean bilges assets beings would you from mars actually everyone's gonna be speaking it helps i think it's gonna take over english eventually me language in the world seems like their reading so much so evident it's almost you know how to stop it you can pay attention ocean is going down in mexico drug by its bad now is getting worse and worse worse its constantly accelerating its action where the few times were like asia pretty pretty much reviews without a lot of motion or response and i have a pretty high tolerance were just kind of a news junkie so nobody ever feel that emotional is taken in the violence and the story from mexico actually took it from like wow fastening fascinating to kind of terrified me like that would like to make something to break into my house but like worthy stories became tarifa like like a movie that's bullshit scary that's happened yeah me many times over you're lucky you were born here is really just a row of advice you had no say in its other level we're like paddies here to see us i paddy
so i say hi to banana plugin allow that is very nice and unfortunately we swore in front of her and shocked or going to die is apply best it's for the internet because on the internet like a radio show on the internet and we do versions where we do a monoplane because we they do it s studio but there we are where do the monoplane is actually there this is like a radio show hundreds of thousands of people with business believing fraternal rather doubtfully for sure you gonna friga dyke hopeless
four times a european healthy i'm gone for the brain cancer donald rumsfeld really have the latter so where wages are going well or with mexico is scary there's like like a guy i'll get like elected you know and they want you to make a challenging time you know we hope things get safe around here worker that night family here about a couple that we're in texas iran a lake the lake the borders max go beyond the mexicans lake and these gang members criminals wherever they were shot their husband shot her husband she escaped there and investigate and find out who did it so they you know there's an investigator for mexico immediately they kill em immediate he's dead so because it's a hyper collaboration that she was a suspect it's gotta be
over her it was their honeymoon was it don't fuck around in mexico jack they they killed like old school bus will move us much was said in the past year they d cavity people live notes like stab in the people see the one it was one recently with choppers guy and though there really funny point about it was they showed all this body parts except in his hand he had his penis they blurred out the penis showed everything else really was the most ridiculous blaring ever was like when you saving people thank you yeah that's a lot of you know fighting over control of the illegal drug turf and but people don't know is that are they may not noble poet yeah what people
we now know that this exist just a little while ago ma i went vacation came cancun in like two thousand and five and you ever heard about drug violence back then you never heard a peep about it in here nothing about it didn't exist yes and i'm sure but i mean it wasn't part of mainstream media in the news talking about it like only scared of colombia that would mean but it makes us because the cartel wasn't its eighty in the eightys and ninetys and now our ship money is next to the book is always to be more violence is more money they will sell shift clinical development with a watch episodes anthony ordain show no reservations research area that show great but we have seen it he's a chef a trail
was all around the world beating their food talking there chef some really good show and he's an interesting guy israel do i wasn't travel so here's evidence great like this fucking yeah yeah yeah nice straight up about it but when he was in colombia i think it was immediately and in our view was talking about how members bogota africa but it was talking about how great it was like that crime has gone down cartels robin squashed it's like it's like even you can hang out there like is not dangerous may you would hope that that could happen and excalibur why the problem may go is that it's connected to the united states while this an infinite supply of of customers
you know you're selling drugs infinite black customers and the problem is that the union states once mexico to keep drugs legal illegal rather when let them legalised where there was a big issue and so recently of de decriminalize pretty much everything so you know this is like really done under the what radar like mushrooms acid marijuana everything is de criminalized in mexico doesn't mean you can sell it doesn't you can have large portions everywhere it looks like you're selling it but you're just a guy gets carpets and coke it's only been decided against the law i would they see that you speak so like the hypocrisy of the people in charge there because of their saying that such a problem they want to fight it you know it's basically violence then why wouldn't decoupling why would you
what did you do to tie up resources because you're not going to go after the individual users they do the only go after the cartels and they did it because the resources were completely their dearest you know they had no people to allocate towards now that the cartels now to focus on the important part important part the people that are selling money in combating violence are selling rather drugs making a lot of money and committing violence that's nice boy bavaria yes free up resources because they wanted to do in the first place they wanted to be legal by the united states wouldn't let them night states would not let mexico make drugs legal they wanted to make it legally me look we on that
touchy subject with people like what about the children but guess what i don't want babies drinking whisky either remain whiskeys fuckin legal and it didn't used to be in one point in time whisky was illegal just like heroin is today and it was a big thing in that's how organised crime came into power in this country that's where the monk came from that's where al capone came from that's where the fucking candidates came from that's where they got their their money moonshine baby whisky mills in there they were people are doing that and make an illegal drinking illegal booze and make it a fucking money and the rise of organised crime came about because that but somehow fucking stupid country whenever learned we don't learn that the really obvious lesson the requirement gave an interview recently which she was talking about their talk about mexico their talk about legalise drugs legalizing on that would solve the issue but you can't do that to just too much money involved
what is even mean that's it that's stupid ignorant short sighted way of looking at it there's too much money involves you can't make it legal first of all the fun is one person when we really get down to it to tell another person what they can and can't buy or sell especially dealing with like heroin or when you deal with pot or deal with anything they just grows here you know everything you said already criminalize idea absolutely absolutely you now if math if all drugs we legal measures included nothing more people we do in math the people are doing better idiots in the first place lawyer there would be more people dying of it but that would also educate the intelligent people will i dont want to be like that car they died of it will some people be sacrificed because it that's that's a question i mean that's possible you know i would want to be my children are my friends or my friends children but neither would you but that's just made
have to be more diligent eraser kids and how aware your people the time for that well what you really saying as you know the time for kids because that's part of being too parent man what anybody that i know that we do and heroin our colleague mathieu ain't like that but as long as you can go to sea vs drugstore by enough whisky to shrink yourself to death easily anybody can do what what is the difference between that and mass i'm confused i guess there without making work or study legalise even as a good thing maybe this evil that are doing illegal which may be the same people i would not are you don't get me wrong i would not argue about math being illegal more heroin being illegal yet i have no problem with that i give you one
keep illegal absolutely but really when a boy
down to is what i'm saying is that the stuff that i like mushrooms and marijuana and also those are just as illegal if not more illegal and ass completely ridiculous because actually so maybe california like a higher like no they have now become one of the states as it were on the same level felony heroin but not more legal than heroin but more legal than cocaine too because this matter uses gets bitterly that's insane morally glad that directly has to be tied to the money by portuguese can't began to get our because he's pharmaceutical uses for opiates weak itself opiates which essentially synthetic harrowing like oxy copies and should like that synthetic heroin in also because their medical uses for it it's a schedule to wear
marijuana schedule one it's completely ridiculous in it it flies in the face of logic and in a makes you feel like you're being insulted your intelligence being insulted you know i just don't think in any place people tell anybody else what to do what you know it talking about keeping heroin out of your community and then you should make a big like illegal in a town or illegal state absolutely i'm down for that until it down for the community's stepping in and protecting people from things that can be demonstrated as being dangerous or deadly but when he gets like
mushrooms fucker you to tell people what to do what they can i can't do that really is more than anything like a waste of resources things that could be better spent stores time crazy amounts of money be freed up for making pretty criminalizing marijuana that's such even worse than that it creates a whole industry behind keeping it illegal from private prisons two cops or money agents i mean that's one the reasons why it's been argued i can't make marijuana illegally because you would lose all these jobs we can't can't make it legal rather because you would lose all these jobs and that's just completely fucking silly like
just because you get your job is cut off puppies heads like well we can't make puppies head cutting off illegal because i'm lose all these jobs these guys are out there trap and our puppies heads like sit down we're looking at a man we have big government is countrymen and people like whenever they talk about creating new jobs and this programme to create new jobs i hear that but i also here are you just over you're doing is you're you're making the government bigger by creating new jobs you just making the government larger and more intertwined and our life it's not necessarily like governing or helping or you know using my tax dollars to the best advantage routers creating more jobs by making things you know what you have to fill out paperwork for certain things or you know the evidence is that the more government have the more fuckin problems you have and the more you can't you can't downsize it more
are you but you have a bunch of people lobbying to keep things illegal that have been demonstrated is being not dangerous or bad at all and they just do it because they want to keep the jobs it always about money money derives everything money money has an effect on every single law is nothing that is completely easy legal it's worth a lot of money doesn't have sometimes either attached to it back and being kicks but it's also in a good way to bad worker me money drives movies you can't spend five hundred million dollars on a movie like avatar unless you know that it's gonna sell and they that that move there's gonna be a goddamn blockbuster so money drives it and guess what you and i get to see in the holy shit fuck it also mean money drive cars like you want to buy a porsche listen portions take away all stereotypes of mid life crisis cars and all that good stuff
amazingly engineered piece of machinery and there's only one way to make that it costs a fuckin money and you have to spend a lot of money and time developing in any creating these things and then you have to make sure that there's gonna be someone's gonna shit load of money that's one step and embodies thanks also money drives things in a good way and in a bad way i know but problem is now money moving things my problem with government i just think we have
an enormous amount of government in this country that's completely totally unnecessary and we just habit there because it creates jobs and because you know a lot of especially democrats love that shit they love to create and make the government bigger although the government grew in you know that the bush administration from the clinton administration just because of others you now keep america safe shit there was going on that that creates solely nine eleven made everybody a lot of money it is insane if everyone they were doing code orange that shit code red coat or end quote yellow they recently gave that they just did right to ban these to love early days of it though the usa today i guess we were always a yo yo these people out there so you don't even know our largest govern worse because military in all our secret service not rca their stop and terrorist attacks every day of the week you just sit your little comparable how's it feel real good while warriors out their protect you from evil and may or may not be true
i know that they do reach us yes but you know what else they do they also set young dummies up and give them fake bombs and then a rest them like they did that guy in dallas member as i was do it in these from dallas and he was going to do it in colorado they was in denver i forget i forget what the state was but it's just kid was a fucking idiot news spout not about i wanted to get back in america news apart of some radical muslim groups and they they contact with this guy the f b i got in with them looked mob gave a bomb promised fake than they arrested is hats yeah man they do so dad they get you to do things and then once you do it then they jack you
pardon me likes it because i'm a guy like that they're out there exposing those retards go get that dummy give him a fake bomb then put him in a fucking jail because if he was willing to pull the trigger on that fake bomb on a careful coerced ok i don't care if you you know made it sound a lot better than it really is two of you made some wonderful but you got that fuckin dummy was willing to do that kill him landmines possible way that easily influenced by doesn't it doesnt before either way gathers another guy recently i believe those seattle seattle portland somewhere in the pacific northwest another guy same thing they tell you set it up that's good luck them up
amazing you let the world's missing nothing nothing nothing at all having no body nobody miss their best friend tat guy this gets shithead hobbyhorse transport the guy new york guided you just fucked up and just became really close just did a shitty job constructing his truck bomb but if that thing went off was going to kill you know who knows how many hundreds of people or thousand you know maybe could have been i don't know how much power is detonated by one of those truck bombs for this dummy
didn't i didn't have the right system set up detonated but he was wont to do him and there are people out there that luckily will go my share and will do about like those somali pirates mesa guys like it's for what they do their willing the type of mind willing to diatribe kidnapping hd shooting u s warships man issue did everything in fucking rocket propelled hand grenades issued about warships there's that shows that shit it's gotta be the fucking worse place we're doing that's fucking let's go is a better option you know how it happened the somali pirates used to be called the initially circle themselves the volunteer coastguard of somalia and they started kidnapping european ships because european ships were dumping things in their water knows killing olive fashion
do you know they added that was there their income there were their fishermen so they got absurdities these companies in others toxic waste into their waters so they kidnapped one and held them up for ransom the gallagher million bucks and then they would like fuck fishing crazy industry making their number one thing now now they're going hunt it's in hundreds of miles away from somalia and jacking people people don't have be anywhere near somalia or that even the gulf of aden they just caught they got twenty two people yesterday they kidnapped them and then they they killed those people just four days ago that the two couples youse for of man sad shit man it's really sad share would make
never even votes to africa riviera africa in a nutshell is absolutely insane i've watched so many documentaries on africa have watched a bunch on the congo and its it's so weird how rings it is their immediate it really is like somalia basically s no government it's a complete lawless plays warlords is drive around a mercedes with johns hand out the windows and those guys become the stars of the neighborhood those guys are making all the money you know did you mentioned man mean forget about being born in mexico imagine being born there have sets that's that's it shows you like how lucky you are people in there that there is any people that nothing short of decision no kidding shit like this you live in wars and pretty ridiculous and then like somebody else just happens to be their systems is just what they just lucky come on seven or he did something super awesome and another life
was ever wonder about that what what made you born reborn ohio so we warn us is what did you do in the past life which do you believe in reincarnation thought about actually really by what i do for you think some feeling really should be about myself what the fuck you to be so lucky rang like to have a good life right why why am i looking someone's life a sofa yeah and others when either i was thought about reincarnation that silly to believe or disbelieving it's completely silly to believe it but why not mean look just the fact that you're alive and that you whatever it is it carries your personality whether its whether it's a solar consciousness but it whatever you are just that it exists alone in this state in this body is fucking weird enough man why wouldn't it travel from this life to the next one why wouldn't you know saw leave this dimension and enter into a new physical body maybe even if not a totally new dimension mean maybe maybe our thing about reincarnation is off because it's not reincarnation like you live one life on this earth and then you come back and your borders a baby live another life now you might die and enter into some unrecognizable new sort of a fuckin frequency of life something completely different the next stage mean that could be what evolution but rather migration really is that you're you're your soul evolves as your physical being in your universe evolves and it moves and changes from one thing into the next or you're just dead could be bullshit elvis tricks your brains china plan you i think believing or disbelieving any of those things it's interesting to consider other possibilities but believing our disbelieving very very little difference from that and religion obviously hearing the different theories from each other s interesting i i don't feel one way this stuff right did anybody actually goes out and here's what happens after that you talk to you get a glass of milk like really you know well all you have to do is pretend that you know that and talk confidently and you'll have a call that simple
i mean that's amazing thing about people's if we're so fuckin insecurity confused but also manassa do is come along and speak confidently and we listen they could see the most ridiculous should ever and they'll be at least a few people that it be ended with their san believing in anything believing in eighteen you can't prove anything that's not me just your choosing a box that you're gonna put your thoughts in and once you do that man you anything that's outside that box you ve disk did you have discontinue you you it out of the realm of possibility and that becomes a real problem with thinking especially when you
being sing something on a thought process in a pattern of behaviour that is from a long time ago when people knew almost nothing about science almost nothing about the nature of reality mean even though we don't know that much about it now mean we
way more about the new three thousand years ago when they were right the bible you know when you when you read this shit that does exist in the bible all this shit about women being second class citizens and condoning slavery and i mean it's like why would you believe anything from at why how come you can cherry pick from the nodding and you have to pick and choose either pick and choose or you blanket embraces mean people like you rejected but people the blanket accepted always sentencing listening is somebody across the board loves ngos would rational first you have to pigs otherwise it to grace will you ever religious at any point when growing just raise like catholic household was my superstructure intensified so it doesn't mean you raise frail odd when did you start to figures or should i say i was really affected by the scandal that back but me of which one like when the initial huge rush pedophilia charges gets average urged him it has always been the select the lebanon big rush of them where was i knows that really fucked me like really are not start having doubts about like people that i was raised even this have anything when you re always stories i wasn't till i was a teenager and others raised people in the church no great great amazing people sure this great moonies his great scientologists light but we're like like the people are truly when it is to be no priests legislate amazing came when you think about the magnitude one organization that was essentially running an operation that was it was designed to give people a chance to fuck it is really really traumatized when i thought of the church for them is like a hard thing to even say because it feels like such a betrayal like we were raised to believe is just something that is so good that it did not think it is so good and beautiful suppose we so wonderful harbouring essentially the worst type of criminal i mean it seems ice there so much harbouring too that it really must be on purpose and it must be that there are so many pedophiles that its literally how they run things and how and they don't want people get caught because they don't want to get caught me and then they probably pull the guy got caught a psycho silly bitch in a white i convinced gives a secondary just when it gets a subject you don't have to have that before sundown you have to rape am i so suddenly day with the fact that like wanting to believe the church is perfectly good like that with such a big part of how is raised to facing the reality of life has become so budget still bowed low because it essentially is like being like is persisting betrayed by like best friend line i remember your family is like that but it's like a horrible where like something you can't even fathom that's what it is like me like even though i wasn't ever super religious it was that they ruined the place that i thought was a safe haven in the world the amazing thing is that no one prosecutes them and internationally these guys to travel back and forth and no one treats them a sex criminals like ratzinger the current pope back
has actively sought to shield child molesters from prosecution is a hundred percent provable when he was a whatever the fuck you was the grand poupa in arizona was for new mexico unaware that where the fuck he was but he was dissolved papers and documents showing that is moving guys around trying not to get them prosecuted and they were just pluck up pedophile preacher out and put
a new place where they can focus its for me the way it's worth it's one of them is something that our children yes it's so fucking such the most horrifying you ruin someone's life and like the beard labour organization that there was a guy who's like firing gabions like you want to do that as yet like you know sir scientology they say with celebrities that they protect the celebrity and they do their pr and they create a public persona for them and actively cultivated and workforce sake wondering
that's why they have been accused of having a bunch of gay celebrities and setting up and making it look like you're street and then aggressively going after anybody questions we basically this is what the catholic church did the petty files in this thing is not just the crime committed by the level of corruption makes it that much work its way which really scary is that no one's done anything about it i mean besides individual preach preachers and priests getting caught in a rested no one's done anything about it on a big level like no one's ever like audited the cat churches records and said listen we need to find out what you haven't haven't done and we're gonna start arresting somebody you fuckin freaks
when ratzinger as i mean it's been proven that the current pope shielded child molesters why is he allowed to travel to america wise in the arrested why don't they pull him aside me it doesn't make any sense he's a fucking criminal that's criminal behaviour guy was working for donut world in owen all of his managers were phone and kids and the bathrooms at donut world and then it was shown that he was shielding his managers from you know from from peeing cuba that he would go to jail we would be making dollar seventy one below travel from country to country richard dawkins was reductions are hitching a few miles recourse virgins there were no campaign to have him arrested for four fuck and crimes against humanity campaigning have him arrested for four pedophilia for what the fuck is dealing with the worsening
my mother just fucking fly around and you know i mean a travels all over the world theirs a video of him being entertained by these shortlist male acrobats it is
the report is gas side that's you see hope and the gayest looking man scaped waxed eyebrows died here weird gay lookin guys and they are doing their acrobatic push in front of him and he's clapping with his withered old finger fucking kid hands they looked there are like dimness have on like we're jim this pants and certainly heights and they have and service with light just like this tape after like every moment they oppose looked like they were kind of flexibility like look at a moon smile and is can you feel violated like they're looking at you and it's it's it's like a team of weird aggravation is coming at their about to do something to previous so cravings it's amazing how much he looks like that bad guy from star wars the old guy
we have seen that comparisons online photos it's hilarious to him with his coffee ass robots tat one of the weirdest things and nobody marks the outfit with this stupid fuck and fish head hat i gotta thing is losing a fish with its mouth open this point we're tradition just becomes does to order the tradition the switch it up all their bishop outfits card is saying it's like starter jack it's just going to like it but all have the same rights started like the nineteen twenty red sox vatican stuff that's all areas with big vienna back before vatican over the next hundred years without a new review really connected to god doesn't matter what you're wearing you know me that seems to be completely silly why would you have to wear a stupid outfits hats i've always
moved on monks like no they don't have together again why would you be wearing that goddamn bathrobe everywhere this the most ridiculous should ever and use of data if you believe something we would like it so well i also think i think people have a big difficulty in being trapped by certain things in life whether its material possessions or relationships or whatever but doesn't mean you should be a monk in avoiding everything because you can't handle it because that's what they're doing it's like their missing out of some of the most amazing parts of life relationships you don't have a sexual relationship with someone you don't have children here you committed to a life of abstinence and you think you got your shit together that's ridiculous stupid that's all you're just doing the work around for that shit about being a human that you can manage and handle
can't handle material possessions you can't handle competition you can't handle sexual behavior you can't handle relationships so what do i know you're gonna dress like a fuckin pop tart and live in a house the bunch other weirdos but some of them are like there are few people may just almost like lives like eternal goodness again there just super good people i think some of them go bad yes but i do feel like people use lifestyle choices extreme kind you escapes me yes i think there are a lot of escape i think some are just on a search summer are searching for the answers and they're trying to you no separate themselves from some other worldly faces that if control them and made their there
life a mess you now i can see that but i just need for so many of which seems like it such a silly wait a fuckin live secure you're missing out on all the fun man do you have to do have to miss out on the fun it does it have to be that way friend it became a monk real live monk man moved so monastery in everything my friend joe digs there was a time when no guy that i used to train with and this back when i was a young kid and he used to get real nervous about fighting about fighting and tournaments and real nervous about sparring days sporting spoken dangerous man thrown kicks at each other guys get knocked out all the time we we would always have guys would always get knocked out in class it would happen all the time
scary you know your friends will get kicked in the head right in front of you and drop so he had a lot of anxiety about sparring and what he decided to do start meditating so he really got into transcendental much meditation and different types of meditation started studying buddhism and and then he started going to a monastery to learn meditation and they decided to give up his life and joined the monastery duty give up everything you up its material possessions
certain tasks that it was supposed to do at the monastery like cleaning in different things that he had to do and he was given a cent cone too to try to meditate on you know it's like the sound of one hand clapping one of those two things you know that those are like it's like a riddle that you really can answer it was something i got a cow says move or such like those like really something completely bizarre like remember him telling me what this question was it he was supposed to contemplate until it cheap enlightenment while also witnessing ever but this is a guy that genuinely like embrace the idea of giving up his material life and really really studying the mind and disappointing himself and exploring this is internal consciousness he really he was a guy that was problem you like it is late thirty's when this has happened to him and he was a little disillusioned by life
they're in the workplace and in what he was doing and so this is like a real opportunity for him to not live like everybody else so he went into a man went right into the abbe i don't now because i never stay close autumn he's just a guy that i knew from back then and i will be able to launch a couple times after he became a monk and can use only eating vegetables he had become a completely vegetarian you saying that he liked it didn't like the no sex part did like that those kind of freaky to him but he can't understood that relationships can get in the way of your meditation were meditate eight hours a day man that's how we're in this is such an extreme thing he's really like going as extreme is the opposite direction everything's gonna shit yeah party
that's an extreme there so is meditate extreme thing you do things like its people do it seems so shall i didn't know good friends like you're missing out another fund starlight take the why would you want to you mean i guess do whatever the fuck that makes you happy in everyone's get their own make up and everyone's different areas get their own structure they appreciate different things i get all that but i just feel like shit fun man this life is fun if you have a bunch of cool friends and you go do fun shit you can have a great god damn time and the laughter in the height and experience is like something to be enjoyed you know there's a lot of things that are enjoyable about this life and i think so many people get alienated from those things by work and buy legation by debt you know all these things that they are forced to do that they don't like to do and they forget
if you didn't have this if you just like me now not trying to rub the sand but don't be living life the comedian you're doing is your travelling from one place the next we emit a bunch people are exciting to see you and you can make em laugh and everyone's gonna find you gonna laugh about shared in the really is no inappropriate in europe for an accurate or a vocabulary because nothing is inappropriate to you it's all just thinking about life it's like you did this re existences man but every now and then fuck and sit down i'll talk to some duties and account enter or you know has a mother fucking job and you realize how rough it is if you have to be a part of the normal system of you have to be stuck in the normal brine man it's fucking says its sole stealing shit man with depressed me would you do i mean budget jobs everything that was was depressing words from college i was does marketing ploy accompany the maid grocery cards that was selling knives so tat i was in college
did i worked in post production for a long time and scheduling and its being a net that ninety five was pressing this was a horrible thing i just aided the hierarchy that all of it its most people's reality or will they were avoided so much that i had some ninety five cakes but most of it was construction so wasn't really ninety seven a free or such like that and most of it was you know parttime staff were not more time but no temporary work to africa for months and quick good use amounts i couldn't take it i did my best to try to
figure out a way to make a living outside of that so i was doing like those delivering newspapers in the morning because i was only a few hours every morning in seven days a week but it was only a few hours of on sunday was a big day but i was like ok what can make some money this way and let me add some little thing in the daytime sort driving cars in the daytime limo driving that was only like a few days a week since like will this is good now sort of working full time really work before at forty hours but it's not all in the same place was not drive me nuts and it's not doing it thing where i constantly have to be around a boss a constant to be in an office in order to live in newspapers those in my car and when i was
dr and liberals you now you're picking the above the airports all kinds of different folks are interacting with its it was way better than being stuck in an office i think if i couldn't do this to get a real i would actually instruction reconstruction which are really i hate the office that much actually feel like destruction is really more rewarding really is the hardest summers order at the end of the day i felt better about myself i would rather be swayed while yeah i did a lot of gigs when i was a kid when i was in high school my dad was an architect grown up and so he got me javasan construction sites to allow laboring did some alex some summers do laboring then i did like some carpentry apprenticeship stuff we gave architect so i was always around construction sites i did a lot of us but the highest whenever had us work with my friend jimmy he got his job and the crew that he worked on and they were
it was a small group of family on crew and they made you work hard it was a smoke if you work in a big group of twenty thirty guys and people slag off a little but it when it's like you and two other guys and the boss like man you got to fucking work mad and all summer long we built a wheelchair ramp at a knights of columbus hall in and somewhere massachusetts and i had to carry bags of cement and pressure treated lumber all day that was the day it was fucking brutal you know samantha like fifty pounds every time you can in fifty pound bags but he's big giant pressure treated lumber and you would get those pressure treated lumber splinters where it's his toxic fucking shit that they use to to to make this would like so it doesn't ever rot treated lumber decks out of it could make you can have anything that's expose you re not at all day it's not gonna go away because its
literally saturated with toxic fuckin oil at what are that where the hell they they used to make it pressure treated and heavy is carrying that stuff around all day for a whole summer those great forms are very important we summer are they i think i did it for a few weeks like maybe two or three weeks i don't really remember but i remember that it was so brutally hard and it was so difficult to sleep like taxing at the end of the day i would go work out i would go to germany i hit the bag i had nothing and are still fighting in the time too so i knew i couldn't compete wows why this job there was no way i couldn't train i would i was so tired i would go and i was stupid back dance i didn't hydrate myself correctly and entering enough water and i didn't take care monetarist and i would like you now have sandwiches and shed no vitamins you do that for a long enough in your body just its tax is not good for you but it tommy huge lesson
i don't think anybody who has never been through a job like that where you you're spent at the end of every day i can't wait for friday saturday flies by sunday clinging onto it like a kitten hang it on a curtain next thing you know monday morning six thirty that alarm clock goes off man in a really should go off at six because you gotta be there at seven year always gonna be like five minutes late and its death but if you have been through that and then gotten measly fuckin check at the end of the week for that wow this is what all my time and effort is worth like this is the waves set up today for people work like what you have to to work together living out of is it doesn't make any sense your life is worth way more than that that's why i was thinking even though i was broke a single mom
life is worth more than five hundred dollars for the whole week because i can't even spend this is i'm goddamn exhausted i mean i'm gonna spend it on bills and you know lights electricity and forgot gas knowledge it but it's like you can't even enjoy it as we should say thank you it's obvious it's such a giant weight on you and some people man that weight stays on them till they die we people haven't noticed beings it makes you better give me yes to one time do physical yes makes women linked to makes you humble think it's easy to get cocky if you ve got a bunch of success but you know no matter what success i've ever had in my life i remembered deliver newspapers i direct member it get not that three o clock in the morning on sunday morning sometimes did just stayed up saturday night because it was so ridiculous i just drank a bunch coffee and they went down there and wait for the papers to come in because i had a carry these big bundles of newspapers all day and stack them and toss them out i would have regularly go till nine ten the morning sometimes noon if the paper was extra big i sometimes have a bunch of insurgents and you couldn't carrying all in one load so go out i would do
fifty houses they will come back and do another fear and i keep doing it over and over nobody else fuckin ridiculous i bought a fan for it filled up this shitty van to hold back of it filled up the newspapers i never forget that man we're said dick ditches tiled twenty one summer in florida who knew i see on the ground and the brown take you just one bed dig in the ditch teachers from the sky we come back you can have digital you're gonna flood there's no such thing as it did you just keep doing this big dictates is dead like they were never going to be lax raises thinking maybe take everything was languages digging and resume using lay that have so much that job maybe appreciate every time the rest my life long title i think that every single time i just think of me and i'll scraping droughts graven ground under thirty degrees while that's crazy design never think of that i've ever everytime of going to a bathroom about you said earlier some tile that's funny i didn't have a connection with one of the few things i didn't do but i did do installed in installation
installation in annex my time in boston it was god damn brutal work because yeah you're up in the attic and your installing this instrument insulation and the installation is that foam that rather fiberglass pink stuff and it gets in your pores man it gets in your mouth it gets in your skin gets in your eyes yeah you're laying it down you have like a mask on a mask on your face but it still gets in your eyes and it gets in your skin and you can't wash it out like you're washing it but you're still itchy menu it around like on the couch after you done work and added a shower and you still like tingling and itchy and scratched and by the way you know that
sure some particles get past your mask and getting your fucking mouth a hundred percent they they get in here in your stomach you have physical reacts nation now but i remember i look at it like others i know what that's like i know somebody you gotta go through some shit i did that a bunch of times but the gigs you know because there was in others gates were labour jobs that's we do you role that installation aid be a mindless moron role that insulation out so you have to carry these bundles up the stairs into the attic so you're looking out leaning against your neck and your face you bring it up there in and pop and open the top of it on role in it it's a hot its factories when there was a guy that i worked with its one gig when i got my friendly roy got me this gig came in his friend henry had this they have their own construction company and they were renovating these terrible buildings in dorchester
gestures are real shit neighborhood in boston and there was this one guy that i worked with mountain do bottle toullier mountain duval filled with fear and drink it all day he was just hammer all the time and shaking his hands were always shaking and the guy just judge was just drunk all day and they would laugh about it like that this guy's always drunk they knew what he did and he lived in this house why we were renovating it he had like i mean it was the place was like all experts was walls and wires hang it everywhere and staircases and no electricity except one jury rigged room that he had on the third floor where he was living and he had a bad set up there and you know and the guy would just be up there just getting fact china hide from life trick in this big fuckin piss warm bottle of of old english given
the waves crazy you wanted just to me was fastened it no i was wanting to be around him as much they could i too were to be around him all the time just as a character just try to pay attention to you so you know when i was this is at the time was eighty nine nineteen and i'm embarrassed thinking how how does one become this guy this was someone's child this was some a boy at one point in time this is how we develop this is here areas at thirty
last year old man and how we will all the words were just hammered every single day don't you easy simply recently that you go in there all their fucked up like that you ll everything definitely wasn't you don't like that if things were i gotta believe me people that the recent series or at least procedure there has to be in the inner in this also that genetic staff as far as like addiction for some people are much more prone physically to being addicted to things i don't know what that's all about i don't have that sort on our standards but i do have a mental addiction issue have severe mental addiction issue with everything i can get to do anything i get addicted anything it's fun whether it's a game or sport or a marshall are one
getting into things i become obsessed yeah completely obsess like extra first monoplane pool eight ten hours a day first argue and martial arts train and type window three four hours a day for those cause that's all i could get in little couldn't train anymore because my body wouldn't allow me to be exhaustive list i play video games same thing eight hours a day get obsessed of all the ones you mentioned i do remember one that involves sitting video games well there's some of the most interesting no thank you powerful they offer cookies comes over with an apron like your mom amazing
but it could be policy to pussies just as easily addicted to there's been many times in my life worth china jugglers many checks as possible thinking what the fuck am i doing like this isn't even enable want to do this this is like an obsession as is being compelled to do this because i'm on this weird path this weird path is trying to get laid not and i have friends is still do in our friends are just become obsessed with policy to the point where they can even have a good time as other thinking about trying to get laid is always mean unlike you can't be this horny like everything else and once they become successful at it then it's like all some like ok i've got this thing wired i'm fuckin everybody is almost like they're making up for all the lost time where they were trying rules like the guys that i know that became successful later in life and girls found them attractive later in life those guys most sick within guys got laid when there are younger they seem to be over it
they can relax or some of them tat right now but it's a super common addiction to men s basically taken really are getting authorities if they get more rare this guy realised what was missing out he wants to make that he would make up for that yeah it's easy become see the only difference is that dixons and we just talked about all of them are funny fuck you too as the difference i get addicted to things that are fun i got the martial arts fine merits being able to perform martial arts be kicked somebody in the head or chokes somebody unconscious at some wild fuckin bruce lee movie shit man to actually be able to do that that's fine man jujitsu fun when you first start you gets mauled align this was given
but that's why it keeps keeps people out it's hard to do i don't want to get that's what's so funny when you when you first learn how to do it now but they have a lot of now that they didn't have then was beginner classes when i was a big there was this one kid that isis bar with its very good that this happened to me because it made me really appreciate jujitsu one brazilian kitty used choked up she had enemy disgraced man hannah me every time a train is ruthless to heeded he wasn't nice to me doctors were basically the same age in also us we're both young men and he was just get off and the fact that even though we were the same size pages and he would manhandled they did and it may be really appreciate like how little i knew about jujitsu because i was coming from a place in kick
boxing and in so doing my time doing type wonder and i was like really confident with my stand up like i will stand out spar with anybody out my israel confident with what i was able to do so i felt like i can handle myself against someone my size but then hear this guy who's my size wishes raping me just rag doll in me and is choking the shit out of me outside while this is this is some stuff that i need to learn like a really made be upset that just while that in yeah it definitely help that one guy giving me beatings help because i'm one of those duties that i get i get obsessed with something because you know something else too like go on
inside my head to make me obsess about in my obsession was i want to be able to do to somebody with this guy can do to me because that's incredible i can't do that now and then it made me feel helpless to those like about this guy one of these is like a street fight and this guy i want to repeat my ass a man i would be really helpless against him that's which is a terrible feeling and especially when it's an alien feeling when your whole life you ve been a martial arts export and you realize like oh no you're not this there's a whole new thing that you don't even know so i became obsessed with jujitsu that way but i kept under control mostly because of injuries when i first started doing i had a bad miniscule tear it's got a bucket handle tear where would lock out on me and when it would it would it would lock in places like super painful man was right and it happened like every couple of weeks and so that they from getting too obsessed with jitsu when i first got into it but man like pool the opposite and i was injured i couldn't do type wonder when i got obsessed with poor and i said
and i watched these guys play that we're really good just remember thinking how far is it possible to not mess for a whole game enemy i ran out the whole table and then i became obsessed with the enemy had been able to how to build a run out why wouldn't be happy until i figured out how to add a pagan run out that's it you know that's one thing get good pool to build it to break it took a couple years they reject probably two years of meal really playing all the time before i get consistently breakin run with real or obsession these disciplines i've always had we're discipline i have much more discipline for things now as a grown man than i did when i was young when i was young i had very little discipline but i had a lot of obsession you feel you have more responsibilities also understand that with discipline comes reward
the you you appreciate things that you you do and manifest and create because you had to work hard to do because you force yourself to work when you didn't want to you like well look i didn't want to work a ban look what happened because of that i got this now accomplish that i wrote that you know there it is it's the truth the proof that you have to discipline yourself because one young like like with take one and those things i was only was only about obsession like my dear and was not good i was not a discipline person i didn't want to do a bunch of stuff that wasn't fine but i was so obsessed with getting better at martial arts that it was easy to look disciplined
but it was all find me so wasn't really discipline i was obsessed there's a difference as you get older you understand the rewards of discipline that it's a good thing and it could also have a certain amount of control at all times over your impulses and have any doubt i was young i was very impulse was so wild mother fucker you nerves barely raised my parents were barely around yeah i grew up to a while shit they never had a fuckin flew that anything so i was
completely imposed by the time i had graduated high school and then was out on my own living with my friends about girls like twenty or so my first move now when i was living with my friends we were a bunch of savages i was living with these other guys that i did take window with and we just fuck and wild animals is somehow another had escaped from the nest and we're trying to live like grownups we're like pretending to be grown ups what made you borders even better results yes that's part of it about writing and really realized discipline really came into play with my writing sometimes i feel like writing we have two right even if you're not if you're professional comic man you have to write i have friends that of professional comets don't actually sit down a right and it might you're selling you so short a guy right on stage mikey i do too
you got a right to sit down and you got a ride cuz if you don't you you're going to have a blast ideas you're going to have less things that you've considered you going to have less topics to explore you know and i talked to a buddy who just right in the car he never right but he just drives around his car and comes up with ideas the two but you really should write causing actually sit down and write something whether its apparent piece of paper whether its riding in front of a computer youth it takes like you worked there strategy will takes much longer to write the word strategy then does to consider the concept of strategy so while you're writing it you you you putting more thought and more consideration in two things you open borders and shore for sure and you you you know you you sit or things more deeply and more carefully and you can go back and edit them and read them and say go i like others came out like i'm saying this maybe i should say it like this or maybe i should be clear about that
you have the right man you have to it's part of your job for a long time i did it when i was a news radio i didn't write at all i didn't know it was like two years why never wrote a fucking joke enriched shit i was on a sick com and i was workin out diana sitcoms like especially the beginning was long ass ours will do yeah but i was i was ass i was going but i was doing the material that i did for years that i have already written for years and i had very very little new things and we now have a new tagline or something i came up within the moment but it was probably the most uninspired period of my comedy ever was between ninety four and like ninety six ninety seven
when i first got on sitcom news radio what made you start writing i bombed once from some writers do not have a good said some of the other writers from news radio came in i had always felt like when i was doing i guess it come especially those do a noose radio i felt like a little bit of a fraud i felt like you know i mean even though i was funny i would deliver the lions and get big laughs and everything that i still felt like like how the hell did i get us on television like this is ridiculous i'm on some nbc sitcom like under some loser like that i feel like i deserved it you know i felt very very much like i was faking being an actor like i had never done in the acting class i took a few private acting class is when i first got my development deal with disney but that was because they wanted me to do it they they forced me to do it and it was also but i already had the development and you knows is like
they wanted me to get some coaching and what i did i did it with this lady was like this failed actress was really rose she just like she's gross i didn't like arrogance and she was trying to get a job on the show that i wasn't trying to get me to hire her to play my mom and i was like it was real creeping so i i always felt like a little bit of a fraud and then i have these guys come to see me and they were good writers man these guys are from fuckin harvard i was up real late at the com store was a late night spot and it was a lot of people have been up and there is almost no one in the audience left when i got on stage was a very small crowd very little energy and i was nervous that their watch me and i ate dick and i remember thinking about it after i had this really shitty sat really mediocre set i remember thinking i was really a barrister very disappointed with myself and like the fog and i got it i gotta get back to work and i started writing again
and then a couple years later i put out my album my first album i'm going to be dead someday and it was really good it was us still to this day we'll listen to that and you know it's not i would deliver definitely now i got more skilful with my delivery and my set ups and i made a reward things in our private have done some editing and make some of the jokes tighter but i'm still real we are pleased with it it was a real good city and it probably wouldn't if i didn't have that once said that really embarrassment that made me go to work yeah yeah well maybe aware that i was slacking off it wasn't that i was like on the best i don't have to work at it it was really vouchers living off of this sitcom thing and you know i was having the success being on television and i took for granted what got me to the dance you know stand up is so it's a very rare thing man and it's a trance that you put that audience in and you have to have to practice their trance on a regular basis you have to get into that groove we're talking to
what recording this iphone and it's cool it's fucking just do this because it sounds pretty good and when i shouted to tom there's a thing called voice memos and voice mammals is what i used to record all my sets this pitch com block and mine fucking podcast and this for memo thing i record all my sets on so i can always listen i grab perform about to go on stage and then it puts me sort of like deeper in a trance it makes me more smooth when i go on stage it's like the more you do kommeni the better you
call me the more you get into that group and the more you listen to yourself to calmly and also the better you get into that group and by the way how high you right now to make sure that you better put one of these emergency exit doors open his fucking leaps freight blazed we started this podcast about an hour i'll tell you what our thirty somethin minutes ago we do this for over an hour deck and in that time i've watched tommy go from sober and just a little happy rip too
right now he's considering the first really fingered when these in the seven that re croatia to call their now she has children and she still really thinks about him when some guy fingers her right what are you thinking about right now what are you considering climate rainbows rain for putz ago all kinds takes me secondly process is much his i try to check myself on a regular basis and be real objective with how we behave in an inner and be real i'm sorry you off against me when you're talking about all that stuff about when you're not writings as much like i'm having all that
you say i started criticized myself to listening you triggered by right moorish do try more just being very critical what i'm here that's what i think we all need that i need to hear you about you writing like our last night for five hours like how should i gotta right you know like i think we all need that whenever you like brian was telling me that dave chapelle data sent last night somewhere in hollywood and remember the last time i saw chapelle really funny it was a really good set too and i remember after i saw must like man i want to go home and right fuck like that was really could call me like i saw that i thought about that last ass a cat williams to sort of one of cadmium specials underwent mass like writing right now i got i feel just up i feel that also
totally always inspired by scared and also i just was at a job last week's riding on a pilot and i was on the road i was higher than hired out of town there illegally studies are rife in the road and at the end of the week i've been writing my ten twelve hours a day for them but how much work i got down on the road where so many times i just do nothing just beat off my driver that's it gesture do therefore like weeks at a time when i got so much work done that we always being wasted a lot of time to be do this for myself why why would i not like i was doing twelve hours a day riding on the road because i was being paid to do it like there's just like these to a fraction yes reaction i got so much done so great to doesn't it i felt i felt great and then i felt like fucking shit for like having i started writing about how much time wasting yeah
exact same thing i committed myself to a project the last time i was taking my special and i'm going to do the same thing this time of the last thirty days of the special before i special the from thirty days out to the day i do it i just write a new blog post every day so it's in front of computer everyday for six seven hours eight hours whatever it took to bang out a blog
and occasionally they were shorter like to it when when life got in the way but i committed to putting one out every day and i wrote a book called the day one day to you now and then i started name in them but i wrote some of my best stuff from that man the open letter to kellogg's there's a blog there like a million people read i wrote a letter to kellogg's after they got rid of michael phelps of they fired nemesis person but i wrote that as an exercise was like i had committed myself to writing every day for thirty days and when you do that i sometimes i'll sit on my computer for fucking for five hours and all i'm doing is look at it videos do is get in their heads cut off and look at this pool q that's for sale wow that's really nice and all here's another video on a porsche jd three going around a race track and here's a documentary on quantum mechanics and you know what what entanglement really means and
by the end of the nine am i do i get anything tunnels must sit down right now so easily do you should do some research some looking at stuff but god damn you gotta do a lot of writing to it's gotta be lizards total balance it's gotta be where you writing is much we're fucked around as much right to choose the fundamentals of grain that's normal healthy practice it so easy on the road to justify the part on travelling i'm tired tired just be tired i write a lot on planes arrived some of my best stuff monoplane schism for
sidney scene i can't go anywhere and before they had wifi and on the plane which they do on this why despite has wifi these motherfuckers they try to tempt us with a dark i believe avoided them by being productive and making a goddamn cast what yeah me now about right some of my best shit because i would actually be forced to do them sit down there i love when i write something to that's really good when i was gonna fuck off like feels better on the way back to us really i wrote this great bed i wrote this great piece of work and on right now and after i got done look out like yeah it's like i just fuckin made that happened i sat down is never that release fell so satisfied i felt like i just you know it's like that the relationship between i mean really ultimately is i create something that sums can enjoy that's the real charge that's where it's coming from but it's also you're tricking yourself into making
the people they enjoy saying these people gotta think i'm the shit you know and then you create this knowing that you're gonna prussian audience when you really deliver that bit it's like the motivation it's it's like it's like there's a lot of trickery going on is a lot of different things that are tugging at yourself both healthy and unhealthy as to why you create things nothing like when you you rub something and you can just you can hear yourself saying it and it just like that it's the old this new line man i remember when i wrote it i wrote it i looked down the keyboard mike i got this like this one just came and then i went up that night in breyer and did it in a dish freud it came out of my mouth we probably was was rare lines whereas you're right it you're right it exactly as you going to say it
the times it's not how that most times out concepts and are right at the concept i get way to verbose is really what i'm considering is i'm just writing i write in long form like as a blog entry and then the blogs that's when i pick like little gems that become bits and figure out how to do but this one wasn't like that this one was just one an idea that i had that what was straight up a joke right out and as soon as i said and on stage it was perfect i didn't need a twig it i want you to do a thing to it i just destroyed like wow look at that man is such a satisfying feeling so you acted as an antenna and the universe jolted this idea into your brain you wrote down because as we have to do if you have a good at it and then he went up the stage and delivered it and you know is a thousand people there to see you and they all went fuckin crazy here in it so far i would never want to beat it is there's nothing i would rather do in life can be a comedian nothing i've never never thought for us i've done other things because they offered me money like fear
even though you have see i'm love order for the sea i'd never don't look forward fights even fights like ultimate for now is where a lot of people don't do the guys are fighting i know they are i look for every one of my fuckin loved man but if i had to choose between then and never do and stand up again it would be a choice of village i could always blocks the fights i would i would enjoy the fights more if i was watching you know if i was sitting at home and stuff and bonnet was doing anarchy foreign was doing my job i would enjoy more because first of all those guys do a great job and second of all i just want to watch the fine i don't want to have to our aid and explain and and and predicting and call what this guy doing wrong with this gus i just want to watch it i like watching fights but myself
watch like the k one fights and all these at the most every now and then i go all out for you know better get your neck now get out you gotta myself really it's fun though on some nice though in a big fight especially have a bunch of bodies like watching regular games you do you really sometimes we ve got to talk to my trial or the aims gonna nail matters which words level entertainment you like more than you do this then it becomes to something like is not taken seriously but sport has some me and see what you ve really actually you gotta be into the focused on people's girls earls of terrible with some guys worse than just talking shit you know he's not like i just want some did you want to hear themselves talk they do in their own comfortable there so uncomfortable with themselves they have to make you uncomfortable to be silent do it so it's gotta be noise to drown out that internal dialogue we think about those red sox so we get me something together is a class ring guys with class rigs stay a ridiculous fucks there you are a silly fuck if you wear class ring is not a whole lot of generalizations that i almost emphatically across the board support but that is one day what is it
word classrooms were considered one race i would be really raises the classroom raised doesnt table guys like state around the auto shop parking lot of high school a couple years happily gradually there still coming back the chest pounding does just pounders chug chug chugging those guys you want you to choke a beer more shut up more shots over here i suddenly me
shots bring the party did she make the choice for the class ring in your opening yourself you're out bundy without the jokes damages indices earlier a real live out bundy you know that guy at o neill nobody is a fucking blackguard jujitsu jed s really cool guy man is gradually and it's kind of weird that he's like type cast out bundy yeah yeah i needed a mood it's been enough years but for a long time stock is our bundy play them that a caricature became joe is illegal show is brilliant that shows brilliant that's all time great sitcom no doubt about it i talked to him i flew to north carolina wants me just happen to be in the same light just happen to be sent right next to each other and talked him the whole flight over budgets future to feed is really good is a big guy to probe strongest really man bunnies no job narrow neil sorry if you call me joe guerrilla groups but it's not a lot a whole like celebrities
get on the mat and spar with just everybody in anybody most guys i wanna be embarrassed when i first started to introduce such a private lessons at first for like fact nearly two years i wasted all this time only taking private lessons i didn't know you got a role with a bunch of different people to really get good then i became friends with eddie i was blue built at the time a really wasn't good at all is terrible and then when i started taking class with him he really and emphasised that you have to spy with other people you have to take that is no way to get good without it and i
as that as i start role with better people are rolling with different people had no idea what i was doing i had a couple moves i hadn't faced enough variety of attacks from different people like you get used to certain persons game like save one guy has a game where all he does is shoots pulls guard on you and try summit you off his back we are aware that saw you do and is trying to stop the guard all the time stuff the garden passed after going to pass whereas as another guy who is try to get on top and so you like this motherfucker trying to get on top of me there's no way to keep him off and hold them off and i know what is going to try to do is never gonna pull guard zones but to try to get on top of me and so you get accustomed that person's game and you can kind of like settle into their game we get you can settle into their game but by the way how fast your goddamn reflexes i actually brushing that tommy starbucks cup and before
moved a half an inch he moved like the flash and caught it like in mid air that's the weeds that's the weed helping you out if you if you weren't so be right there if you were sober puddle in your lab i was just you hi all the time really you will better to everybody does the whole class time after time eddies class because eddies like real open about it you know what i was talking about how he smoked weed and how it makes him better to two people have a real wrong interpretation of of weed and what its effects are but it really helps video games helps pool really help i play better when i'm with which means would have a better means i give you play a game like nine ball which is a game be playing rotation you have to shoot the balls one in order if a guy is better than you he's a ball better than you if it got the ball better than that means he gets potty the eight ball you know like he's good enough that he'll get out
we'll get an extra ball and what you want is one way of looking at it so when i swung thought i literally play a ball better i could give myself that doesn't smoke plot able not getting which jitsu to mean i did you just sober all the time but i do it high time to and i think i'd better i can't think of anything else but the jujitsu so focused we get so laser beam into what you're doing and jujitsu is all about feel and rhythm and being able to achieve that send state and i think marijuana allows you to achieve that end state in almost everything better than you can on your own like for sex marijuana turns me into like we rely on sailing and animal look like an animal but i feel like i dont have a language and animal i feel like i'm just imo like i'm way more we warn ear feels way better when i'm high you know to me it like it really brings me too that the zen state of fucking you know and i think it does that would kommeni does that were there but but it's all
the reaction that i'd choose to go in my mind while utilizing it gives you the primary focus its supposed it's here far evolution that's what it's here for its here to get you better things seems ridiculous but the real effects of marijuana isn't even from smoking smoking is something they figured out later on in life in order to get it into your bloodstream really quickly but when you smoking miss out on this stuff that we're getting right now as we in this house a human supposed to taken marijuana which is to eat it would you eat it it's a psychological psychedelic drug and it's an agent of evolution citizen listen that's the unemployed cast folks thomas asked people get our forty is willing to sign out take you to the flesh like go to jail rogan not net and click on the link put in the code name rogue it look at alec baldwin's old asses kissing some hot chip on tv who what kind of in flight bullshit is this goddamn propaganda that could have been his daughter were not even go to jail
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