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Date: 03-15-2011 The uncensored podcast of Joe Rogan. With Bryan Callen and Brian Redban.
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The jargon experienced sponsored by the flesh light if you go to jail, Rogan, DOT, net and click on the floor light link in the upper right hand, corner answer. Code name Rogan any get. Fifteen percent off. Thank you very much for listen, and here we go up bitches. What bitches when we here Brian Cowen was German, the one and only you're, going to be a very exciting and my favorite favorite fuckin human beings ever walked the face of the planet and easier to join us at the fuckin birth of,
polyps as its happening right before our eyes. The building blocks canoes what the fuck is going on and building you can do about it in Venice browser. I am. I am, and I gotta have a canoe another tat, my roof there. You really think, I'm again someone not an African who's gonna say before the week about all that stuff, but should I'm always thinking a worst case scenario where you live by the water when you buy Venice, you really must take into account that we, just like Japan or on a fault lines written that should could happen here nine dude nine and I we can even wrapper heads around what that means. A nine was so I lost video and I couldn't leave how long at last get five minutes. Five minutes as ridiculous five minutes at nine. What would people if people dont know the Richter scale, how it works, every one point is one hundred percent stronger than the point before night, so seven
one to one hundred percent stronger than a seven point one. This was crazy. This is the only that no human beings have ever that are alive. Have ever experienced that Lithuania Stomach and recorded history, no, not the biggest recorded history with the biggest. Then I think anybody that's alive, as every guy I believe, is the biggest Japan it. I guess this is the fifth or sixth biggest earthquake in history, its big, the biggest one Japan's ever. I don't trust all that would have wanted to advise. What can we do he's changed volumes. Survey! Additives! I just turned on their heads, was too high. You know I turned on their heads Asia. I turned on ahead formulations that several out of my headphones and anyway canal turned out my headphones international. Revise that we're gonna denies that you really are a very quickly to knows what does I think, you're willing to distribute together, buddy everything's, fine, just don't freak out, don't freak out at the moment
one thing that using just let it happen scope the body right away A visual lately spoke few months. I haven't served in like eight years is the last summer sure I absolutely with shitting imputing. At the same time, in tripping in the bathroom for six hours was a horrible experience, so had been kind of Mr? Do it again, IRAN last night, most beautiful thing, the whole entire own, really amazing, there is part, with my friend where I was looking at them and like them, places. You can just feel the energy coming from their face like visually. It was amazing. How much were you on? How much did you tell her only ate half a date and made it into a tea and did the tea that's where you? U boil it and then and then you drink it any let let's sit for like another, whatever thirty minutes or whatever it, and then you ate those shrubs and it was awesome. Martian I drink the teenagers so clean everytime. I shook my shoes experience with a last amended firms. Because I was never a season. Drug articles were Patty nor Patty Patty sure. So I
mushrooms and I had a lot of them. Cuz Mouselike was. Let me see what these are like cut. I took a four hour shower and had I wept, after I reassessed my life and then I saw a start, see myself from the side. I just started see in my profile, and I sitting on a wall looking down at me. You know my profile and I was like he has a couple problems. My legs way too short for my torso. By the way code hangar avoid Beryl chested samoan Code, hang of my long line peasant irish stock who are used to being persecuted, running nobby me. The whole thing was a disaster genetics enough there now you look at some fucking football players, summers giant Goliath! You knew how great like check Congo against it exit Chicago Genetics and fair there's Dusar born like your friend that we are talking about in the kitchen, your friend, you're doing small eminent frere. That guide,
got a row. The diet looks like it looks like it over grown baby, just a road dice man he could have been checked. Congo, I like it to be built like every Jean I'd want samoan genes, symbolic as big as an agency can take punch. Do now she's crying Marchand he's taken champions now, and these fighting the you have seen. No just one is last fight and he's famous for it do to head taken up many just fuckin wobbles a little and then straightens riper complex Canada, David a thing on. If you are samoan, you are fifty five times. I believe this was the number and it was on sixty minutes. I believe they said you. If you're samoan, you are fifty five times more likely to play in the end, a fellow like I have a plan there, so this fuckin straws hangings that our reason- and that- and this is a moment- this is not another leisure and bone flagging wrists like elbows and fat like a lot of fast, which muscle not this indifference, muscle remembered David tour.
Two. It could have been why he was trainer dude. He was so bad ass, but for whatever reason, never really totally get together. Lennox Louis beaten, after a lot of wind out of the sails cosmetics tag them a couple times pretty hard line. I know the guy to train to a flat fight for though- and I say this by actually worked out with him and he said that first time too had ever done, he never does squat. I believe let me quote him, but he said he put four twenty onest shoulders, I did a deep squat. He went all the way down to hers, ass, touching his heels and came back up the trainers. Lycosa powerless was like crazy thing. I've ever seen in my life you ve, never squandered, goes Noma. Vienna values like dad had two horses dead horse to a bar. You do he's he's one of the scariest heavyweight boxes come along in a long time. He wasn't able to beat the best guys. You never beat Lennox Louis, but he could with eager put anybody to sleep. He said if I went far, does John Ruiz now
He caught John. It's on you to be caught, John neurons. We are always a very big MAC. Tough due to allows a burly guy did John always fight wholly field like three fuckin time. Thank you didn't know. He was our even rough data to put em asleep do just jumped on an early. Those gigantic am hawks fix it and he attacked them early and then just put him away put em.
Please I'll, let you know you wonder as more and more money ventures and anime, some of those guys who are playing some of those Herschel, walkers and and and Michael Vick, they're gonna start coming to emanate. Yes, one of the guys we don't want to do. I don't wanna be planned for a team did rather offered footballs also, ironically way more dangerous for you, crazy, rather than as any anime career that so funny that people dispute dad. But everyone looks at it and emotional way. You don't look at it in contact way when I look at people are running at each other and at fifty years I'll take a look at their head stacked. Amidst not even it's a little bit more dangerous, its way more waves, loadings tusks
in poor guys, like the kid was named Chris Henry the kid it fell off the back of a pickup truck and died. Remember he was chasing after his girlfriend receiver. Yeah, really talented! Actually right! Well, young kid I, but I think it was only like twenty five twenty farmer, tony thieves. Twenty five anyway, this is fucking massive brain damage when they would do not topsy on him. Concussions at his hands. I play football stadium, we actually shrinks and all you know you kid dimension. I mean that's. What Lou gags disease is all about middle the along these guys get net. It's all from here. Impacts and just right. Purple damage to think that they act as a lesser lugers disease base to think was a function of talks, talks and then all different kinds of theories, but they're they're, starting a link that they think they're. So no link some of this stuff to the Earl S syndrome. Whatever to to had after this year there was a whole dry gamble special about it. It's scary, stuff man, people take that real lightly in they take head trauma real lightly.
Well, we will we don't wear learning more and more, I guess now and now we know that it really raises a huge question, which is if, if indeed you can start to prove that for concussions or three concussions cause brain damage, if that's the case or an end and the terrible actually measure this funny it, it will put Real onus on the inner fell to figure out a way to either change the rules or make helmet safer. But then you don't have football right now, so it really is kind of it does raise. The issue will be probably safer because they don't wear helmets, runaways, don't smash into the young I went to. I went to a rubber met recently, actually in the south of France, with the thing it was like the basque team, with these the economy trying to tuna international travellers, I couldn't international sports events. That's why would I remain soccer and France? Well, it's a sailor. I seller and the south of France, because I play crabs and suppress yes,
and I wish I could speak though I've heard of you that back that really pretentious man compared to a lot of people. What you just said was that gap we observe target about go to soccer game in France, where two things I don't know about a rabbit, hate short ruddy, hydrogen being loaded with something I notice was a debt of their justice, but their huge men, alot of Simone's.
You'd do. Shrugged declares starts by the way real Racine that thing that they do, that there are described, know that dancing with data the Hocker. I see all this. Only shit do as the news, your blacks, my favorite thing did you see ever see the black and white one does land on every one of them a scene every one of them more than does misleading to data, as I would as yet fog. It's good here see that if you ain't gonna, give you listening this go to do: Hocker, dance, New Zealand, all blacks and end. There are so many of them and take a look that there is a war dance and they been doing it since the eighteen, hundreds and there is carried out with tradition and they take it with your lucky. They dope would think it's stupid. Lay out what is this dumb ass? I got a really good one see this one. Do freaks page we just literally just freaks, they put their work themselves into a frenzy man, dude, it's it's a fascinating to watch, it's fun
the real economy like stereo going crazy, but it's not like. I don't feel like you're Facon. I that's what they're thinking that's in their hearty risest yeah. I believe him, Jimmy burdened by the way our dear French of New York will go out and fight my friend gonna fight with a guy because he told the guy he looked like a combination of rude of nursery of, and I This big I walked out because he was drunk or do you up like rule of nourishment and some other old actor and something like you know like Clark Gable or in a guys like when it goes and any comes back, and it is what you say: look like you're, a good thing because, as he walked out because of no use a gay dancer, gay dance, any that amazement and God knows what looks back because back and he goes Won't you share, look like that's gay worthy its anyone. A guy takes jangle just close out right now, so Julie goes out there in my body, Jerry's with em.
And he says Jerry was to everything I do it's like January. He takes a shirt off he's, got no short praising Sars to in the Hocker dance at it, but that is now looking at the guy and a guy starts to flip at about to hold them back and juvenile. Never I'm just a hockey dance but made a really sexual and he's not looking at an flexing, basically posing. We have to explain this guy Jimmy Bird for the story to really work. This is no. You tell us about a normal person. You gonna be like what the fuck are you talking about that doesn't even I came and make sense out of that. Like that someone would usually Burg is fifty years old is east. We call on the national treasure. He's got a very long neck he's got very redskin, he's got no eyebrows and very very my favorite fucking June Burke lines ever.
I really do her accidently. She thought I was talking. She was a stock of men, like believe me, honey. If our stocky, when we caught me- and I have Stockton Stockade, though the goose reversed by blocking funny their money- is crazy. I've had it for, but the impression the beginning, but then I lost, I need to be around more money to see their guy in the orbital out in a number of Roma will he's very, very he's busy as a key really moves is now by the way, by the way, he's a burglar shape, we are holding a whole that now has a new version.
I wish you d like gas, does he makes children cry you most kids and realize you're not ratifying and babies, I for euros over his head and he looked at me with everyone, the baby and he's going. Who are you sure enough? I'm like one to three days three seconds then he put the usually does. I look like later I look like I'm ready for use in the voting list. I am so sorry this, based on last, the cinema says that if you know him, it doesn't make you uncomfortable, but I've got if I didn't know him, and there was a guy God. I wanted this loose cannon. I can predict what he might do. I might do something nutty while he did this about this. I am saying this part gas is listening. I literally he who eat He he rides is bike everywhere.
He's fifty onto by squandered tv, and that's all he's in. That's only wants you that's. How owes both among is a true monk, hay and he's in better shape in anybody or he says, come down stairs I'm on thirty seven than between eight and either my mother's alarm. He was it it. It's literally twelve at night, in York City on like Christmas Eve. You know around Christmas. You know where everybody is on the street, you note and when he was come downstairs I have to show you something: condemn five minutes: click aright. Should be good drama coat. I gotta say I'm standing, but the doorman outside here from a long long way away. Take deck with both at home and these rights Bobby in. Down jacket. Cowboy hat I'm not your pants riding popping with his ass near, and I say this is dead baby bird. This is this. Is this
what it looked like a book, a large boy. You know he's gonna he's home, but is this? Is there no heroines little red hairs out? It is a disaster in all things and this white body. He sees me on White me like Irish, like those who, like like law, the piglet like Garland, lost the pigment lottery he gets in the sun. He start smoking literally he's like a vampire. I swear to God. So he's got this incredible and he just and this woman goes he's communist. Why he's coming swept smooth and literally just see he buys by and is, as I see, is to balls he's fifty robot just just swing like a pendulum outside she's a woman goes he's come this way. He's got his way with you. She does and screams, and he goes. A great guy turns back around twice back a blush Jesus Christ. The industry committee
what are you doing for eleven these days, you still randomly acts and minorities does funny. Guy he's got really bridge friends to all want him around, so that these are gonna come on. A trip to private jet will take anyways. I all right. That's the thing about using very few people in the world, especially they get DR can can do this can be. I did you wanna go to Tibet, Tibet. Our not having been, and what did you do just cause clients, a train you this we cannot or not. This goes to Tibet. It doesn't say anything to that and they show up their appointments and his dad will not Jimmy's. Also heed goes all over the world for such an odd duck man. This I've always admired how what would a free spirit he has, but also like how, You always think like guys like that are gonna. You know some point time at least make an attempt to appear.
Have their shit together. Now you know he's an amazing Guyana. Take the other thing is is is truly made. Peace with like with is true atheist, like a real atheist. He has truly made peace for the fact that he is only for a short period of time and he's he's dying. To him is not something he's afraid of. He came down tuberculosis, but they didn't know what it was because he had been exposed to advise grandfather whims three years old. Well, he's he starts going to aspects and date. I get a common basis there looking to stating as lung cancer or that disease that those novel one firemen get that weird lungs disintegrate from breeding last up to now, the wonder both fail so and there look for it and they may tell him of. This is probably what it is and I was with him shortly after he knew all that you would never have known, and it's not the Nile. He said he goes? You tell me what the prognosis was now like Jesus, my best friends out whether this is the worst thing, and he said I said: how do you feel you seem so normally those bright first, five When I die, I want to treat it like It's a comedy and oh by the way,
a funeral better, be a good time and you better make people laugh, oh, and by the way I've made peace with my life, I'm not afraid to die, and I saw at first hand which I thought was just you know. This is an amazing a grip on things and a weird way. Galley reads everything he knows I mean no sounds very, very bright guy. That's why it's it's so strange that guy's like that, almost always in somehow or another that they fall winter, some release semblance of normalcy anonymous. I cannot do not fifty with an apartment in a tv in a bike right Try to get you should together each are you run a how somewhere, I gotta house. Now you look at what I do know another worrying warrior, ambitious, which he? Yes he never. He never was he's now descended zoology these self conscious about either. Now is this guy ticklish, No, that's fine Albert in Burundi. Sometimes we get it. You see what Gilbert Godfrey said about Japan yeah what will you guys think about the military? The quotes, Hungary, the quotes? Gilbert Godfrey dear to me, it was like a that's that's language.
And to be like bath edgy like. I don't know what he's thinking like is pretty funny I mean, but I don't think that's an intimate yet to see what would you think what did you think I didn't. I definitely does he realized how many people died in Amity its died. How many a number of again you know, Sir, there's time where you should just not do anything in their never at, I think, a time period. You know I don't trust by that I mean that's. What I felt I am that fuckin raising alive than proto reserve as fair to be caught. I think we should all be more conscious of people's feelings is with fifty cents a fifty cents look. This is very serious people. I had to evacuate all my hopes from Ella Hawaii in Japan. I had to do it alone. He gets points up into the Ella. Well, that's right! First of all, because Ella well alone,
especially when you have just the first letter capitalized and the next one, not that looks really fuckin stupid, daul Right dollars, DOM either you go with all caps or no cap your elbow else. Ok, second of all, are you a girl now than what's with the arrival of this it? That's for girls down radar. That's what else for the young, the idea behind it in the EU to start immediately making jokes about you're, fuckin people to get heavy metals inasmuch as having a lot a manner. That is, if I don't have a problem, people make jokes. But why wait you know, but I think what he said was hilarious evacuate all my hopes come on. That's fucking funny. Amid the sense one was fine with me. What what it costs me say? Ok, you much more Gilbert Godfrey would suit sewers we'd said Gilbert Godfrey tweet. Where are they? and even shown a man. They cover them up.
Mountainous wallet wet with one voice like all our stores. Were there not one was kind of like hey my girlfriend broke up with me. Don't worry another more float by soon or something like that area, can't find them. Unfortunately, I think some avenue trying funny. Sometimes things go awry yeah. Well, I mean he's just a silly. I you know it is a silly guy who who's funny and Indonesia, but there's something you say, dear friends, maybe with them a compromise and I've laughed heartily that guy we did, and associates. I together and wages, at the most off color fund in the world that we also fair. He also going to understand the mentality of the New York comedian were now
comics are always trying to over insult you to the point of being be just completely outrageous, like Jim Norton tell a really funny story on Opie and Anthony about Louis CK and him hang out and the end of village and Lucy Cages walks out to him and slaps his pizza onto the ground and says your mother's, a cunt, I gotta nowhere and end and Jim Norton is laughing lifestyle is it is. It is like a house, a juicy slice of pizza to also battle, but it's like I read you, the ten that will stop us and make us. We have a relationship like outrageous. We try to sell these itself each other, the worst. We can call me a mule and just and he sends me the most outrageous tax. I came from those relationships with friends like that. Are fun people donors that you try to get like Betty? Bravo on. I do that shit to each other, all the time, everyone, but anyway Gilbert Godfrey reason. You know he's a comic and when
A comic evening is sometimes you're right here and your writing should really for people like you and for Fucking Gilbert. If he was at home- and he was- reading someone's twitter and I started Saint all this shit about Japan. He would be laugh in his fucking ass after it doesn't mean that he's not a sensitive guy doesn't mean that he doesn't feel bad for all. These but it's just it's also funny. While I call them what am I doing, I've never seen a little asian grow cry so were born at times that by millions in October government over their own man. I actually they all right I'll, say those Iranians government. I think, like an asian trap, it's funny to Gilbert its stuff familiar? It's funny to me to look, I feel terrible about what happened in Japan, but those risks. Good, jokes and you know he's easy, either good judgment I maybe to play twitter. Why wouldn't I there would listen, I wouldn't say them. I wouldn't,
for a bunch of these nets, as I wouldn't want to say anything that would hurt anyways feelings like that, especially someone who just randomly got out here, how funny to joke it will make. I don't think that's ya, don't think Gilbert as a kind of guy, whoever second no sacred cows to him he's what he's going to be scarcely the job is not bad guy. It's it's just that he's looking for the laugh, there's a laugh there and he sees it as a comic. It just goes for it and then you know people freak out, get upset about it. I'm sure he probably never expect more from the age of no internet owns from the age. We could say anything you wanted, so you know those guys David in EL doorway. You forget how many people are not into what you're talking about and that's what it becomes. That's! Ok, it's! Ok! The polio problem was the he's a commercial artists as well.
Commercials and that what that's what fuck them? They pulled him off of campaign, because you know look obviously does a terrible tragedy. You now and no one's Noah's, trying to make light of that low, but can't you can't you both mourned for the people and laughed too as possible, and I was going to say this aroused I says, is that you did for them for I think in tragedy that exactly what you need no lasting somebody's going to a tragic needs is a bunch of other people acting really somber around enlightened suppressing happiness and laughter. Yet, and so I am not saying that you know you should be happy that that happen, of course not but shouldn't
shouldn't. We try to be the happiest. We can at all times away absolutely right, and I think there is always room for humor and and it does take on the sting out of it if you'd I'd, that's it very soon, but rethink about how our times you do deals with things you start marking when you're actually over something by how easily you can make fun of it here. How is that you can take us sometimes you're, pushing mad to quickly, obviously- and I think there is a time to reflect and basis is certainly, I think, but you know I agree, but there's something to people about making a joke about a situation as too that are in that situation has not existed, got it so far removed its way over there that he doesn't even think about it. Just says the joke. It's way over. There that he does even think about it just says the joke right out there I mean I would never do, and I know you would never do it, but he's just
make man that's what they do and a good one and is a comic. That's like known for saying. Like the most offensive I want. I want, and I was doing I do every year, do the doors Robert children with AIDS benefit, so we do so.
Can change does sometimes it's good times are Silverman and we get up. We do so. You know twenty minutes and in this big thing- and I call Gilbert to see if you want to do it and Gilbert you, but you give us a great, I normally use any, but he just came up that children- and I don't know- but this benefit radio- that shells right there on the points that are saying that can finally have a housing. He seems like when these Howard Stern, that it is very rarely has a real conversation right budget, because what it this has literally be funding would have the same. She had happened in California that let him your right and then he did a joke about you, have only we lost half of your Ryan's, your right right, get you in a totally different. No, no! No! You re right. There are guys in Japan and in England everywhere. That would be saying I mean. Did I greet with you that it would hurt, but I don't agree with you that he should be able to know you should say be she put on your twitter and openly almost brag like look, I'm being fucking edge. I think he may know you're pushing it in your face. I almost lady, being, I think, Gilbert Job miscalculated and made an error and judgment. That's why he did it twice or three times to three different tweets. He did a bunch of them, he took them down and fortunately I don't think it's the mother on freedoms, even once looking for maritime these websites think the second or third page I mean like governmental. Thank you means what it says and I think you just paint a comic and problem
just pushing up the little group, just. So let me reiterate really get on Jane. I hears here's. What wealth ass I wrote to me. This is literally like I just I just do my my business and I get this text from him, and this is our relationship and speaking to us being able to joke round, because you're fucking Meet POD what what pious ass finance replied Madame meet you're a fucking. You're a fucking. Our forest law can meet Puppet MIDI, media mule, hangar slack, face truthful much town, whom I can tell you mosey around on all fours turned the mule go round You'll get up here and let these my China might pass psychological care for each other limited. We this Java Godfrey depend things illegal child over there is one Japan is really advance. They don't go to the beach. The beach comes to them.
Split up? Will my girlfriend from below the Japanese say, they'll be another one floating by any minute now, while I once fucked up, In other words, every man in a if you're gonna want these guys to say fucked up shit about other things. You'd get accepted when something that now either is close to home or hurt your feelings or or you feel I feel that I absolutely feel bad for the people it had if they had here those jokes and they lost honour their absolutely terrible but fuck. Is it worth the joke? Does the joke actually make the idea of having happened, to hurt anybody worst and losing a loved one? There is nothing worse off is not going to make it work, especially. You know I was thinking about it just have your chilling whenever just washed away past wash dude, I want somebody else, rhinos him, so terror, some of those videos there's the initial video where breaks the Wall- and you see these boats come over the top of the wall. The sea wall smashing through houses- and it's like why,
a man like that is its unbelievable. Such heavy duty, fury in any real, I'm fucking wire is they're out there in ocean dammit. Why would you live so close to the ocean? You know I was in Malibu this weekend. We went to the Disposal Malibu Seafood Route, nice place for it. This is a good little fresh seafood plays an album and what, as were driving those looking at all these houses that are like right on the beach and their ridiculously expensive for a little tiny ass house ability five, six million bucks, but the really expensive about in in mountain, and now you and I'm like waiting there on the beach like what kind of trust to you fuckers have I dont you got trusted that she's gonna stay there I remember the first time I ever was in a car high. Bravo was driving and we run Redondo Beach and we were going over this edge of this hill and I look
after the left hand, side and I see the ocean and was the first time it ever occurred to me how much fucking water that is just sitting right there. What we saw the Japan, japanese thing, which I salute it was like it, moved in sleep like the ocean just like those videos by the way that our suggests that doesn't mean to collaborate and makes you really realise what could happen. If say, there was a like asteroids impact or the canary islands did. The east coast has to worry about the canary islands, because apparently there's a volcanic shelf that the drops off and it will, and it has in the past, drops off into the ocean. It will cause a fuckin, tidal wave that will drown everyone. A mile in on the EAST coast, the whole Northeast Kostas, just gonna, get fuckin slammed with his insane amount of work Where is that when I watch that that wave come through, I was, I thought
the houses could withstand it. Sort of I mean they just go under lock, do not know where, but instead it got all just up. Even like telephone. Pause got up with a mass of that water is something rushing debris. We an exact, pushy ass. It's like a huge like The thing like that law, but whatever that right right, right, yeah yeah, it's all sorts everything yeah yeah. It's means CUP fuckin colonies in hours, yeah. It's like a huge like meat, Matias, stuffed in there's so much energy behind it I mean, did they said it does? Who now me was traveling sub like five hundred miles an hour. I think when, when once they get an earthquake on this on the box on the ocean, the ripple effect can be as fast as six day. I guess it's, yet they are not, as I could start underwater, that that fast fuck man, just energy, I guess they- created a breach. That was our what they do. They use describe it, but fifty miles wide and two hundred and seventy miles long. That's all
How much moved on the bottom of the earth's surface raises. That's like those rogue waves when you're on a cruise bars. He knows something like a cruise ship, dude, Father fuck. I did when I was on a crazy scares, the shit out of me that here's right think about cruises. What up
way for a maniac randomly kill Peter I'm about giving you didn't. I've been on cruises, oil and nine, always on deck and knowing about it, they don't authorities, it was achieved. Was a ship called where they they say that people on boats? Sometimes I gazed out into the ocean and just jump off for some reason, like there's a term for retiring suicide. Note the cot like oceans, dream or something like that, get trained iron vile. Yet in this probably I was that, like us, probably doesn't exist, that condition is people being murdered in matters of those island. If I may go down my memory sovereignty over the odyssey when a disease cells, so as not to look at the sirens or not he listened to the sirens, because if you listen to them, you'll in the water and try to use your training element in you. You drown the men didn't cover, carve up their ears. Yet was the sirens, it isn't your Caltech myths about something like that, as well
music, oh brother, where art Thou entered the women in the water they sirens with. Is that what they were? Amazing thing now they were like they were like temptress is love those a great shout, the killing browser background. I forgive them even for movies that end with no ending, because there is a loved one. They just do. Weird shit is take chances, Barney, Barton, Fink, yeah, scary movie, with John John Comin in John to turn to far go, man still holds up, go back and want raising Arizona, oh yeah, ELF, what the fuck bro this guy was that doesn't have anything to do with. I have never seen ass, a camp can come and I haven't welfare earthenwares, dizzy. I want to see red riding home because of them a fuckin completely fixated on arrests with France and the director of Red Roddy had really willing to friends with the Czech directed twilight, the, U N of tampon and I'm gonna fucking, and only with her husband, whether boyfriend Jane
we could talk twilight. Indeed, we did you ask for serious questions about any enjoyed the movie. Ok now, do you think that they really love each other me like. I felt that I just he's a firm policy. The union calendar. Please tell me that you got him in insincere conversation with the woman. Who is the director twilight about how great the moves you, but now we actually pay runny shreds. Please tell me, do you I wish I had she's cool man she's really either. I actually watch the first toilet d, no problem with it. It's not a bad movie, but there's been way worse movies. It's not for me. It's not my generations for children. You think read me like an arrogant one, that the books amazing handle asylum that have lived the dark, we're gonna go on. I got to deck. I think it was the second one was like our I. This is getting fuckin dumb this day
distracted something rationally. Personal is producing a good job capturing. That's teenage acts that eighty love yet like an aching, love, sort of harm of who's, gonna like eighty love but more exciting than the usual whiny bullshit. I don't have a third terrorist, distort our know what it is about her, but I swear to you, know she's, my friend, John Daughter, really John Stewart was the the the anxious I cannot know his actual position assistant direct our guest on fear factor on was the guy who organise everything on a sad is great super pro he's why these guys talks like this. We gaucho anybody have a seat will be getting in five kitty. In fact, just always on the ball in juggles the whole set like a fuckin champion like we had a bunch people who did that job and they all stumbled and fucked up and people just too much work, but this guy's
An old pro he's been around forever aims. Tell me about his daughter doing some movie, which only foster might kill wildly your daughter act. I now ask what's that of, and then meanwhile, those in the may mean his daughter. Now is what one of the most famous actresses in the fucking moral and now she's probably made enough money to retire for the rest of our lives, vague item. I she so pretty something about her. I just try so like it doesnt. Try. She just says relieving where make us she just. She just is so to say you know so much to be said for people who can do the present and not not try to do
anything and not try to be let alone even before we start in. In any conversation about a girl, I have to tell you that you know that you are always attracted the girls look like they may cry. You you're. The guy comes, is standing out in the rain ass. The greatest man are, you actually say: she's, gonna, try and you're. Like hey, look what I found you. Let me get my horse and ride. Damsel, you that's the best. That's the funniest and best when describe Majuba Munich, what has many times, but you nurse I've had it had a rescue you a few times actively ignored you're, gonna, thats jobs that we might have the time and a lot of money there was one time were. I ran into Brian and Brian, and I were in Hollywood me said omnibus girl, Bottom Dana would livesey and
I meet Chagos high next major and I shake your hand. Look at our go come every second, and I go. I signals are listened to me. I go she's grazing crazy. I have like the most ridiculous, crazy radar and when, when someone's when there's something really wrong with someone, my body goes on red alert, guess what she was unmet when she may yet me. Why didn't know? I know very well what the Hell nine will not. She was just ass. She had energy, which was quarrel, is five, is only she came over dude. She was so off the chart bizarre and shaky and weary and she's she's, say hello to me. I poems I always have his hello nice to meet. You go well, commissioner. Take him outside, and I guess she's fuckin critical smooth can out here right now, let's get out of your white fuckin. Now, just you don't have to take a bite or his collar. Ten eleven and I were again anyway- The long and the story is chaos All sorts things happen. He breaks up there and then many many years later. How many years later wasn't that use our walkin
the store mocking industry. Tell us to keep a guy vulgar. Does we're on the visa winner naming names Deanna now I just did a hundred method that only one of illegally my thing. Nothing really good comes out of that whole that whole drug men, if nobody reset added method, everything worked out yet advocated problems, and I did some math and everything. Just I got a new house and my body looks great. You know it looks like you know. What's Turkey's that, after all stuff, which is kind of like a speed rain, I mean it's, not ok, speeds cocaine isn't, is cooking synthetic or that it is probably as what it felt feels like to me when I, when I did, I just felt like I was on cocaine, will that's probably because most the cocaine you got was cut willow whispered with speed, I asked I think it's like a speedier speedy yeah, because the late Great Robert Schuman, God bless him, so now they could staff great guy.
He told me once a ransom just random. When he told me about accidentally taken summons admiral, he thought I was something else that I was like his blood pills. He had a heart attack and they thought it was in a cancer eyes, had a lotta, fuckin, serious health problems and makes maybe dinner party, like maybe just a cancer anyway but he had some serious health problems and he took this after all by mistake and it caused. It is a question I think together over mistake. Why do you say you can't do anything just take back and enjoy the ride? gonna be with you for the next twelve hours, but you're gonna be fine because for twelve hours I just organise all my notes. He goes are already using that so much shit. Don't I will you take it for it to be more clear? Yes, some people take it in an eighty people usually take buddy minds on it. He's honour all daisy. You know too will talk about the air, but he's on it all day. Is it takes it all day every day is prescribed by Doktor real, I do not know what specifically they said he needed before, but man he's a fucking work haul. It now the insight
fuck and movie. That's coming out broadly Cooper. You know, member this emulous where you take a pill and all of a sudden this pill makes you like super focus, the damn sure that guy come up with that at all brow and there's a lot of fucking people on our. Ah, I didn't. I found a bilateral when I was on fear factor because there was a p s own production systems and the production assistance. We're all like college. Kids. You know they were all like doing like a lot of a more than another doing it for you, don't just getting on a school first gig and doing it as part of the classes and Don t. We are talking about how they would take after all, whether in school cells You know, kids are taken, analyse what are you doing, I came and go to school IRA as I wait you talk about Squire thousands thing about that? You say documentary bigger, faster, stronger, yes and any you, people say while you taking their origin and another Jean doping and all kinds of things, impression of nanotechnology, that kind of oxidize your blood, but but but but they
you know, stairways or illegal, but yet performers can take beta blockers, for example that actually keep them from getting nervous where the debate really any really. There allowed its legal outlining the apparently in an orchestra, Wanna guises, an orchestra violinist, and he takes beta blockers because it helps them He, otherwise it doesn't get nervous, he's much better at playing the day issues that is a form of enhancing drug you couldn't you could make the arch right and but that's like the delicious violins and steroids having rings into question, but but but the day debate still is they're. Both performance enhancing robots, one measure, Moscow, because that's what was work required in your particular endeavour, whereas the other one machine is your fingers are more relaxed whatever my pay, it is an interesting debate, Uganda. Where do you draw the line? I say personal freedoms, regional. I think I should do whatever you want to do if you wanna take after all and write books all day good for you, I'm right would I give individuals the choice. It's like it's like when Bloomberg in New York Mare Bloomberg made
Strong words were not allowed to provide food it had Trans fats, Billy. I don't move that low into, but that was the that was they would exactly our transference. I think transit, that's with venuses. No, I didn t just loved it out of the park there. It is that's why you think it's like the partially putting a partially I bring regulated. Boy, somebody whatever it is. It's not good, but Delicious Rhino Amanda one iota, not good, but the wish list. If you're gonna make it you're gonna make transfers illegal. Let's go, let's not make up two things: let take white flour and sugar, how our derailing reckoned cigarettes man yet before leaving touch, we draw the line that White Glower ends and sugar makes some delicious doughnuts. Guess we draw the love you too many of them. You'll get diet. It is certainly a break. You know you gonna make it did you. Can
You got fail when John, when you make a wire yeah, people should be able to make their own choices based on the information that they and nowadays everybody can get information. I'm amazes somebody, Google, don't spend more, I'm taking a look at what they put their bodies, but some people worry about like access to children. This is like the big worry area here that about adults. But what about my kids- and only you worry- it's never been need. Never not been a worry that the ants that is not to take away adults ability to choose things for themselves. It doesn't make the world a safer place. You try to meet the world's their relation. Let's, let's, let's take one example: low and speed the thirty six miles an hour. It'll save lives. I can measure that for your mathematically, you wanted Speed limit, no big, we're going to have it at five thousand five hundred and sixty five, because that's the way life. That's the pace, life moves at and by the way people died at pace, but nobody's going to slow down cuz. The slowdown is ready not worth it so
price in human life, which we do every single day society and we have to that's interesting report. You could spend more money on airlines. You can spend actually more money to really really triples If guard planes you could actually do it wouldn't be worth it this price for everybody would go up and you would be able to fly that way. It's it's. We do. We make these decisions subconsciously, incautiously every single day, Johnny surmounted put a big parachute, the top of the plant. Sure. Just like a great I thought about my god. Damn it s like some Jean share, I dont load even talks about it. No, I like when they find when I went to find that Black Box as one or they just make all plain and Meda those hack and eighty seven it was or what are they at least give you parachutes?
meet your see just in case it just last year, they lost ground way. Brother rice delays. If I wondered miles now, let boil five. The sky, we usually most plane crashes, happened and take off land so that That's so that your beer purse- it's not gonna, do she has not during the year and the flight you need is some sort of adamant. Pentium. Should the Wolverines bones made ago shield that you put around you on emblematic, has impacted the precaution, your brain, but maybe use your head. I view or just my brand be fine Bre or just a huge amount of heroin bubbling. Since I got padding mother, maybe you brought ever Josiana competitor, you he's getting. Apparently it can take more impact. Stupor conversation. I hate it I guess
when I was a shrewd anyone outside and looking at the stars, and your shortcoming is the most fucking amazing thing in the whole entire Roy. They were just pulsating somebody riding a dolphin right now. Do it with one blow. Ilium has been over a lot right now I don't know coins looking is, as always got hey around his ass. Only unicorns live here, as I frolicsome honest, you're married, I dont think, does for having that's what happened to the Mayans? That's my latest. I was a bit about the mines the minds of the reason why we came up with his enter the world sheds. There were fuckin, do and mushrooms and like staring at space all day. I guess a certain amount of mushrooms you should stop at and it whatever the fuck the Mayans did, because they disappeared, the other people, the Mai and people are still there. That's what's weird
each Anita I went in us. One went on the tour, the ruins and without them, there's people there that look like those mayan, sculpture. There's like pick people there that have those mayan futures and there really tiny people. It's really bizarre, so the Mayans it's only, they all died off. But whatever what they were doing was show crazy, that it got to point which human sacrifice it ain't as our parliament on human sacrifice. I call it pretty crazy and rating other villages and might have been a lot of it might have been that they were just give up on mushrooms all the time just going to war on mushrooms, and we know the Vikings went to war and mushrooms, they will become the Scots they observe the I dont know what mushroom they took. Him sure someone on twitter hotels, but I think it was the emanated miscarry which
the one that's linked to Siberia and Santa Claus and they would get naked, enable you to make it and they say they cried not yet. Well, you know, listen man! If you fuckin put yourself on the right mixture, you know and you gotta go to war. You put yourself on some crazy. I do it next dimension mixture. I just you know you have to go to war if we think of wars like something to be avoided, but when you're in your living in one a d isn't, is no avoiding it as this limits with swords and are coming on horse eyes away to get a spear and women where things the way they went the red light, as they would find always think. That's if I was you, I, like you, wanted a charge in that that all those blades to just fight like that, it's high I'd, be wait, and I wanna be the sniper
there was no avoiding now that should happen to learn about our quick javert. Even that man eventually sums gonna run upon you and hack your leg. I say it's a bad with a crazy way, those fuckin brave heart movie, you know it. You have two armies, they meet across the field and they just run in each other. Now, today really walk like now, or at least they had anesthesia and antibiotics. I would have started censures, stop the bend over time. I spend my middle shoelaces, do house Zaki, it was lit back then. You died of things like tetanus everything area, whooping, cough small, about starvation and animations starvation, animal attacks other otherwise, countries coming and going hey, we're gonna, kill you and enslave your kids and rape. You are why you know people forgotten about man. Wolves is all this talk where we live and save the wolf. The wolf amazing majestic what yeah wolves used to eat. Fucking, kids, man there's a reason why all these little red riding heard with a movie that I saw all these things with a thrill of pigs. Yours reason: why does wolves and all these children stores? Because rules would fucking, eat your kids, but do
their man and then getting stronger and bigger. Do about the Wolf Pack in Siberia or in somewhere in the Soviet Union, but we're Florence were Russia whatever they allow me one hundred a found meat they had found bear dna and their feces. They were killing Paris right, while not its own. A talking about I'm talking about is a pack of super wolves. Was four hundred wolves in this rush in town and killing horses? They were gang up because it gets so cold, apparently that all the animals they pray on died. So they started breaking into places and killing horses. Why those four hundred m acting as a superpower, Christmas living in Siberia in the winter time and they and their like la much of its iberian somewhere, obviously incredibly called in Alaska, because everything died, everything froze to death, not nice, then a lot of freezing to definitely man in Japan or in Vietnam. Seven thousand fuckin, oxen
commissioner, what are the set? Some wild cow or something old, whatever the fuck? It was, but seven thousand large animals died while in a room with while these these massive die offs that's having this Europe in all of them. Together, I don't remember, I dont member any die offs justifies you ain't always happen. I think anything so yeah, I think in nature. You always have diverted by the way. You also always have this is the common and wipe out, for example, while dog of Africa, that dog you know, a lot of from what I've read and seen. I believe they dig one gets his temper and then the whole package. As you know, they just spread it back and forth. Dunghill distemper, whose scared scared at a rescue dog use a Doberman and he was real sweet all this is not a nowhere mountain. He just started snapping at mean ground at me, and I was a little kid. I was like eleven that those you don't want a great items we ve done as human beings and in the twentieth century is We checked most pathogens,
diseases like that we have. We have come up with a bill, an ability to really make them slim the vanishing in our everyday lives, and who was last time. You knew anybody who died of a disease and if you read any kind of literature or any literature, pick up any books from from EVA nineteen, forty eight, even and even if you watch place there, there was always up to everybody had dealt with different kinds of plague. Whether was influenza in this in what the worldwide influenza that hit this country very, very hard in the twenties or polio which put the countless chill thousand children in an iron lungs. They died and then they lost their their ability to walk, and our own president, I mean our own president of the United States, got polio and was in a wheelchair now think about that. You know when he was governor of New York. Theodore Roosevelt, I'm sorry TAT, Franklin, Roosevelt was was below The EU is going to New York with an end, but he was
basically walking and standing, and then he got polio. When are you? the height of his power and at the height of his powers when he called it yeah then he became president yeah. There's no doubt with it is presently twas the safest time to live ever. There's never been a time like this. You know what all the violence that we have think of the population. The population has dramatically increase people sable things aren't like they were in the seventies motherfucker. You know how many more people than the one in the seventies stir in the seventies, it was probably only three billion people in the world. Let me also, what's with the other things amazing, we figured out ways to harness food, like you yeah, why
swaths of India and South EAST Asia, and especially when China went to terrible famines and never have enough to eat, and a lot of that allow. That stuff is a memory that it seems to me, though, that these things are happening much more frequently. I would like to think that, just because our access to information that we have with the internet and twitter and all these things are what we find out about disasters, whether its in Chile, whether its in China, whether its in New Zealand, we find about find out about em in real time, but I don't buy that man. I feel like there's more meaning guess someone should do the research or maybe somebody has- and I just need to find the site. But this, I think more things are happening. Now then I can ever. I think I think I'm trying to be objective. I understand, but I think we all have a tendency to human beings also never want to. First of all, I don't think that's ever been a time in history People weren't, predicting
And of our race soil- and I'm talking about first century that for centuries piracies I mean you know the scenes of in that the in the Bible. That's what they talk about their apocryphal, you know, and- and that is that is so much you're part of our nature. I think not only to always imagined disaster and prepare for disaster, but to predict disaster and- and I think that's the one thing that's for sure- is that you will always deal with these- what they call black swans. These sort of aberrations that come out of nowhere and take the whole chessboard and throw it in the air and that is as much about the human experience as anything else. You in India tat, if you always keep in mind that all this can be taken away from you or can change you or care,
Throw your? What? What year were your hoe contract that you came to the table with in rip it to shreds? You know, that's a better problem. No one's read that contract. This is the real problem with human beings. We all just exist and we don't really think about what the fuck is truly going on. Until something naughty happy, that's right and by the way, remember that a lot of psychiatrist to tell you that all of his come to the table with a contract like we, we we be all make deals with myself. If I work really hard, I'm going to get this job, If I work really gonna get famous how gal make a lot of money and a lot of times life doesn't work. Play for a whole myriad of reasons a lot of times by the way. It's because people are honest with themselves and don't realize what they're actually good at versus what they want to be good at. We see that a lot with acting and all these things, but I think you see it everywhere at the end of the day. Most of us didn't really interesting this our societies, because I'll say tat, we have a contract under the table. We say this is: what happens we get older, it doesn't happen, but human
also really really good at creating what they call synthetic happiness they can they can. They can assess what they got now versus what they did want and they re it didn't work out and then they'll just start to really love what they like this. So sides did a really started between people who won the lottery, and then people who became Paraplegia x any measure there a sort of happiness on a broader scale a year later and found that there were both in the same place because the people in a wheelchair done such a good job of. Bracing their new reality and not just means a lottery, whereas a retards? That's all that! Well yeah, I'm saying that its credit, but he was you that now, if you want the lottery duty, beware happier than he be viewers wheelchair unless you're an idiot. What, but I'm just saying over these human raise more common and people in the wheelchair yeah who are able to cover what I will say in man what else and that the people Aren't exactly aware. What's going on here is a deal. We live in a society that was collected over
the course of hundreds of years of innovation. It's it's created of off the work of millions of people that you ve never met and all their combined efforts and discoveries have allowed you to live this really simple and easy life, and that's what we're all doing and we are all raising children with the same ignorance that we have about what this is all about in this country in this country and all countries, no one knows what the next stage of this existing one, but I think I think, for example, if you look at India and they look at China and especially India, any becoming a real hotbed of innovation and those kids. They I mean. There's this lives. Now they call them, and my Dell computer doesn't work but their smart and allowed an innovation is coming out of India. I'm shorter is man and when I'm sure it is what I'm saying what I'm getting at is no his this life that we live right now. No one that's alive has its a collective effort, but as individuals, very few of us are even putting into perspective,
Things like our own mortality, led the mortality of of very climate them, talent of the structure in the shape of the continent. I think, because I love and a lot of ways where more comfortable today than we ever have been plenty to eat. You can go in your own biology. You don't worry about this disease. You ain't really at the way of a war, for the most part do in our cut member in India and two thousand eleven. If you take even nineteen eighty five half the world was: the communist dictatorships who were who had their missiles pointed directly at our major cities that doesn't exist anymore. There really is brawl intended purposes. One superpower, one military, to burn world and Russia is no longer a threat. Think about that. We now have NATO, mostly you, eastern european countries that were our enemies, are actually part of NATO. Now, who do you talk about North Korea and IRAN? Maybe significant to an extent, but certainly nothing like the threat that the Soviet Union was wiping people you're right I mean people for the most part are more relaxed and an end up,
Lot more secure. Everything is better. Now people are smarter. Now people are a nicer now. People are more aware and informed now, they're more aware of their own mental and psychological problems were fat or now bigger ass is now behind. The question becomes once the Mount like how much discovered you have to experience to beat to be great, because I think great does come out for it to a large extent out of doesn't come out of comfort and luxury. I think those on my mother's, but sometimes it can just come out of discipline. Well, your struggle in their discipline. That can be the type of person who really you know you don't have to be like a terrible life. That's right, good, in our view, to be living a great life as long as your disciplined any really to news. Went to it as your right yeah. You know what you are talking at the into. I thought you were talking about how genetic suck in prison. You know we're gonna, be a kind of choose our genetics, but the question comes:
I think of myself. What was whether the problem? That is, that so much I'm worried, we lose our color cost. So much of what I do and what drives me word will is Craig Color. I run Uno color like color flavour flay by nice recovery color, I mean like our flavour, our our Irian Jaya, because because because so much of what we can do so much of what I do, what drives me is that I'm compensating for my inadequacies or my perceived inadequacies that it that's. Why worked out? That's? Why did martial arts? That's? Why wrestle I felt like a sort of, but it's always from the childhood, about play. Soda performer comes from you and me too. You know and everyone we know a role. We know that two comic there's always, but what I'm saying is in some ways to God bless. A dysfunctional childhood and low, because you're one of a hundred that didn't right now, there's a hundred like you that smashed on the rocks on the way up to the top of the cliff, you managed to
through vines with your teeth and get to the top, and he took a deep breath and now Ok, but you didn't to be okay, and neither did I anyone with a fucked up childhood like the idea of an reaching a fact from childhood to create any doubt whether you really mean that's, really what you say and admit, but the trick of light rules in the trick of life that isn't the trick of life to turn to turn that which is bad into something go. Yes, it is the trick, but some people failed that trick, and then we have criminals wandering through the streets are dangerous and emotionally geomantic varies did surround him in being the s it's not hard at. All. Now is raising terrible. You know I mean when yours always like some feral child in Russia. You hear about raised by dogs, and I always thought right to stop and think about it, like with the further kids beneath dead birds and show that it is right and still does not have any real. I dog, but like poodles like that they act as the Cinema is as a single out. What's so weird about contemplating like disaster like the one in to ban any disease, MR ethnic anything has a ripple effect and end. The crazy thing is that that
sometimes took two one person's losses. Another person's opportunity issues that dance that constantly goes back and forth in this one side, something terrible happens and it opens up a whole new world, an opportunity for a whole, not a group of people. You know whether its up somebody opens up a company that dead, provides blue quake relief and now he's employed sixty people who can feed their get whatever the case burning issues, this constant dance man he and and whenever you try to pinpoint or treat life like it's a noun ear, you're in trouble and by the way your relationships are a verb? Everything is a verb. Everything is always moving everything its influx. You are too, you know, have you lose? The whole thing is: there's nothing static, but that's where, but it looks at the problem of the contract and that there are more than two years for that moment where they can stop. Now I think that I can give you keep growing and you per you: keep
surprising in shock and yourself, and maybe even scaring yourself it's hard to do, but you, if you signed an actress right now to sing a song, did it that way? I saw the Israelis have mooted legs blog with everything about the way the forgot. I am beauty, the worse earthquake. Did you know I was talking about, would guilder Gottfried said no one is no one said dumber shit than what Sharon's stone said: life chinese earthquake or she member that she said. Maybe you know I'm friends with the Dalai Lama. You know. Maybe this earthquake in China is karma because there of the terrible things I've done for Tibet,
Why I remember that election amusing, innocent people, thank you washed by war, call act all you know and she's a name drop in little twat emphasizes the Dalai Lama shoe ass. You are things about you. All cars show and is doing, is monitored and Stone Sharon's to share, and you know the girl s against the actual etc. If she's me, you mean the girl from above the law, Stephen Seagal, debut actors, including me, there's a fact. We worship backers the funniest thing in the wave, an alien came down. They be legitimate. Your worshipping these people, who are basically good at being emotionally available and pretending disease really something that I it's it's a skill. It tells a good story there. What's more impressive, that or golf golf,
gothic and like, but I like movies and Tiger woods, probably can act fuck off, I don't know man. A lot is, I think I think both are equally ridiculous. Innovation. That is one of the funny things in the world that people like thinks it's a guy's heroics. He hit the ball into a hole in the ground, but you know- and I believe that I like about any come come for competition like offer. Any gain is that it requires
when you want to win it, that game requires you to do basically do all that self examination here that a space of all Europe, your obstacles, you got a deal you're performs anxiety to how it is to try to better known to sign a joke. I that's the point of competition. I probably would love golf. That's one terrifying with low that play all you ever did. That's ever done ever pick up a Gulf diabetic. Give I'm not going to away. I know how land ever gods. I won't play chess either. Look the same rules for those you guys, you don't even know knows about Joe Rogan. I will I was at most the bubbles. Actually, that know very little about Joe, for example, he can be, can draw really well he's not below probed wears off his. He is he even easier knows more about pool and he's is actually a really good draftsman. You can draw like really really well. I've been wanting to do when I was in high school, but before I got into martial arts, but I mean, but in an Associated comic book, you're a great life you're, a real Europe of male martial law is to be a nightmare to fight you, you You can draw really well
you a short balding. You short balding like a donkey assholes. Never going. Are you not wearing pasture return, underneath my things the way I was there is a point I was making it. I'm too, I remember damn fool playing games. Oh yes, but the problem is that you're so intends at once. You pick something up. It's like that game quake. When you play for fifty have passed out ass, you are leaving their. I e tribesmen historic he's. Getting these handles. Do he's, like thirty he's getting it handles and always like we're thinks it's analysing. What are you doing? What's alleyways, what are these grip since having as its proclaim playing somebody in Sweden to Morrow. I will crush him as they want with a thousand yards stared dude. Play an inaccurate. You have no idea how I ve talked about this in the progress way too many times, but
Craig is to fund Craig is even more involving than pools you have. I want allow myself right of those games, because I'm did there too good now a gears, a warlike. We clearly be put up epigrams put up the unreal. The engine, the new engine put up a demo fuckin, and it just doesn't. It looks real. It looks like a Fuckin movie man. It's I do this joke now about about how are fighting wars now tat. You know like with your hands and eyes and Nevada and Florida think about that you're killing seventy five thousand miles away, but it's a video game and you are actually taken life, you you know what that does you psychological when you come home and you're eating dinner, but, but I was on my joke- was like in twenty years. The word here is not gonna, be the grizzled guy with a shade Edna scars gonna, be the chubby dude with huge thumb, muscles Doritos, whereas I star fighter, remember the movie
the kid how to get really good at a video game and when he got good at him down and took him to fight in the galaxy. What's gonna be while these Pakistan drone things are fuckin frightened because it such a grey area to its like we're not really in Pakistan, but we are in the sky above Pakistan raised, but there's no one in the plane and- and you sit here when I was in Afghanistan, I watch those things taken off all the time. I was like look at tat thing. It it's nice and its night in man just takes on health fire missiles. That's all you need to know what did John Data Cyclopes Epoch Games Infinity Blade video game they go through. They go through like that. How farmers, I think, I believe some time goes like a forest steal some like office, of steel? The idea behind it is so crazy. You can just pilot some thing from half way across the world in real time entrusted to just Egypt,
You pull. The trigger is only the beginning. How much of a delay is the lag? There has to be some lag IDA? Well, I don't know you can actually watch on the inner because there was no that's a big thing, I'm a plain online when you play online, it's all about your ping and if you have one paying or to paying like you're in the server you anymore. The planet is an energy I'd like to be indifferent. My poor thing is in milliseconds. It absolutely manners it's nothing. It's it's the higher ping and you can still beat you, but you definitely have an advantage when your local, like save this, is like, say if we set up a server in my house right and I set up a server and I'm here connected to the machine, but other people have to connect and get the information through the internet, so they're paying say if they're down the blocked at the lowest they're gonna get us, maybe at ten this back in a down and over its changed You know they had like ten ping if you're lucky, but that's cause you're here, but if you're in Sweden or someone like that, no doubt about it. You're gonna have a slight delay. It might be a hundred fifty milliseconds, I might be twenty milliseconds. There won't be a full. Second, that's on
but you can't do that to fifty milliseconds is where get squarely like you can't really what's what we're that does human human reaction and get the point work you can't make like you can barely measured like when they do sprinting. You know how would the Olympics? You know it. You didn't want to shoot the gun. They should have done. That's four for a sound, that's perfect! They act, If Europe, if you're running the hundred like you say, bolt and you you're in a race they'd. They have that base. That sound off behind you? Why? Because this guy reach all the guys. At the same time, you shouldn't like there's the guy at the end of last year about and they're so fast off the blocks that date, the other already already gonna win the race morning here in time. Why so they take these? They found that when they shot back in the day, they'd be shooting here. The guy close, the gun all would always had this advantage, and so now and even when they should they send that sound off. Now behind these guys, the problem, the sound dissipates to hear so it starts
You Eu Guy, haven't you gotta. Have it originates somewhere, how you get it to all of them exact same second cause they're, so fast off the blocks you're actually giving the guy who hears it first an advantage and they win It's like it's like a check this out. You know the difference between fourth place and first place in the downhill ski event was in. And now you know, whatever it was. It was thanks man. I think I did what ready gold gold, gold, nothing nothing. Nothing! That's fucking know! That's why swimmers trim their fingernails. That's why you don't remember essays they their fingernails wide acts.
We'll paddles notes, so that you can touch, because it's your doing two hundred for a second, why pep nails? Let you try to use ruddy debutante computerized, the minute you touch that you were like who some are Paul horror as you'd, be a terrible swimmers, heroism real! How that big reaches geyser albatrosses news, that's fucking faster than that! That's how fast human being? How ok? Let me ask you this: how many of those guys do you think our doping? How many those guys in a limp, a competition? I don't think it's possible to compete in a lot of an export without doping and without doing drugs like cycling. There's no way, Why do they call them waiting? All of whom get column the biggest it's the biggest Joe? I mean you know it, but but but go unanswered, lands, Armstrong Room, I'm sure you're going after embassy, which is weird it's like they get lying, which is a very strange thing. It's like when we, if you gotta, put people in jail for wine have mode.
Of the government. Yeah did she found can't put analyze? Nobody ever got went to jail for taking steroids, but people damages for line to the government about us and if they take him his money away or if they take, you know say that you know you did some stuff. It was against the rules and you know you should be fine and we can prove that. That's one thing, but they're going after him to lock him up man, they go I am told him to set an example and lock him up for something that everyone's do. Everyone is doing, especially in silent when I remember he wouldn't be arrested for doing steroids. They wouldn't locking up for that. They would lock him up for committing perjury. Yes, if we're right, that's how they got Al Capone, that's how they get it, though another guy mentalities case against bury bonds. Is that it the cases you perjured yourself on the stand right? How we're designed like what you have to tell us the truth and if you don't It's a cry. You don't know you have you know you have the right to take the fifth right, but if you can do nothing, which is what would eat one of the great things about our our system, you can actually that you can choose to not in criminal self. I have Ruth I refuse
to speak as anyone on criminal myself. That's right, but don't they lock people up when they do that, you can be locked up You are given, I believe, now not up to the legal scholarships Scotland under Julian, that all the time, but I believe you can be locked up, is if you have evidence and the guy subpoenas that evidence and you refuse to speak. If you say I'm not tone on my friend, you can go to jail for that. They can put you in jail for that and they have they put a journalist in jail because she wouldn't divulge her sources, and I believe that was an avowed reclaim case. Yeah, that's crazy shit. She said I'm not gonna divulge, who told me these caught that this person was a CIA operative whatever and she went to jail and an scooter Libby. I'm I'm not sure if I'm getting on my fax web as good a limited, but it turns out, was pardon The present later on, but convicted of telling divulging, age in the? U S! Agents, identity, to, a non Munich authorize person, which is
I'm in this country, it so bizarre how many different people we have all over the world that are in military bases and in others that are a government operatives. The United States, eleven positioned all over the world can keep an eye on every always have you know a native comes from the cold war and it's a dangerous place, but that the real issue becomes. What is it? What is the Eu S? Strength is always been not that its power, in the barrel of a gun, the? U S is always been its influence in. Mission, that mostly it's a beacon of hope where you can come here and if you got the stuff and you got the metal. You might just be a millionaire. That is something that resonates throughout the entire world and always has I wanted to ask you this, because you ve got some experience in the Middle EAST. What do you think is happening with all these different places with my eyes right there with my job? I think it's a beatin thing and it's a human thing and I'll tell you what I think. Mostly most of all, I think that you heard a lot of analyse and professionals and people who follow the stuff and people work, so called experts and eyes always hear something. They saw say this debate
piracy, not synonymous with Islam you'd here that all the time- and I think what this proves is that democracy and the meat, let me defined democracy that the desire for representative Government- let's just take- that the the life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I could just let me pursue whatever it is those kinds of being able to speak. My mind deal the petition, my government being less say something against my government being able to the other thing J M, though human rights. And and they are not. There are not american rights, they are human rights, and- and this proves that you can say whatever you want about Islam or anything else or any other religion. Human beings want a better life for their children. Human being would choose to have represented government over a dictatorship like Hosni Mubarak or or a dictatorship like the the royal family essentially is in Saudi Arabia. Dont tell
any human being wants to live that work. What I find it very inspiring that one man in Tunisia lit himself on fire. You wanna talk about a ripple effect lit himself on fire because they took away his license. I believe is selling fruit and he said enough is enough. He was so desperate and he said I'm gonna make an example of this is my protest. You want you wanna, take everything from a light myself on fire and I don't think that's a good move, but I was a spark that cod that that that that said, that we don't have to better rate anymore. We ought to be done at the cringing and say that these governments, like like Egypt, in both places where they have with a military secret, please come in and do some peering awful things to that. We all got so I think it's a real. I think this is an incredible time in the sense that the Middle EAST is changing. It really is changing is to end its. That really is the internet nation. Of course it is all those you can't would have information away from people you can fill the people sometimes got. You
people. Sometimes you lose some of the people. Some of the time you cancel all the people all the time except North Korea, who said that I believe that was Abe Lincoln right. Those who knows what the fuck a barely said in our Abraham Lincoln was a racist. Let me try encourage blab, you move the South America because they would get along with white. It's actually more complicated now, but I think it's more complicated courses so easily. We do so. By doing this, from bed together, stay warm well, it's no big deal only which go do manually, fuckin prairie forever in those days out in this conflict and to speed up the new economic gains. Enabling wrestler aims
strong use about six four, and it was very, very strongly cities to be to hold an ax. I got one as big which, having x out for like modern anybody else with his arm, stray like that he was a real wiring, strong Cyber got straight with his on what a weird competition that, without back of the data, is hopscotch hard day. You know it's weird things right, like you now, let's see hold the high court of a mule up above your head. You know how to be a first go back then the China Wrestler bear to. I always think about that stuff who wrote a bull who said I hate you, throw testicle sent on that, but I want to get up on him and see a lot of countries that originate in his own american strategy that well, I probably started in small Spain. They were like not gonna, go right, I'm going to kill it with a sword rise, pretty bad ass yeah. You know it bothers me about that. Though man's bunch other do Tobin out well, because there's because Gina Madeira Boarding School them a durable, you Hemingway wrote a book called death in the afternoon and he
How to take speech, brings you through what up what a fighting bulls about, you're not allowed in Spain you're, not in some of you guys listening is I but just check this out. You're not allowed in Spain to approach a fighting bull on foot You must approach on a bicycle, motorcycle or car. You know why, because bulls figure out the way you move and of Europe if they watch you walking around all the time and run around when you put them in a in the in the ring with matador them doesn't have a chance because they figured you out the first time ever sees a human being on two feet by law in Spain is when he's put out there, in front of that matador away. They gotta run down there his eyes with pepper, to keep him a little bit blind. They gotta, they got a date. The Piccadilly commoner in stab in the back. We can't lift his head, so he's got these spears and is it's pretty brutal gonna disable that bore before on the human being has Amy shot Amy shot fighting it? and they still die
still die when they say when you're Matador in Spain. That's where you are get girls forget music for your life is about the bull fighting. Is there a lot of money being a matador? this huge glory and money and you're you're a national here. If you're good and by the way it's probably like you have start- would, like you know guys are fighting with. Want warns, then all the way to the big show, but but you know when they used a pit balls, bears. Guess you always win said and, above all, I would say every time to show strong narrow. This utilise isn't even touched, one ever been on monuments, and if you read Nepal, no but I've I've touched. I have been a saddle ridge save any sort of labour. I think when we were doing In fact, we may people read bulls, one day, scariest, etc.
If any day filming this is one day were selected cross the line, as I wonder you, dealers are dangerous, they are not there like their bull. They were. This was the their argument. These are training both donors aggressive, for example. No, it's a fucking training or I didn't know you were a pole and line leader where's that, where the ball whispers you around people think they know what an animal as long as they arise. Nigh strand is tiger won't bite. When you were talking about me in the kitchen we're talking about that, Greece bear that toward the I think is a strange brother causing to discuss and killed him in a couple of seconds harm. Weird, because that's a fifteen hundred pound bear the old engines are wings and lazy and later, when the poor guy, I guess he progressive the economy and obviously the guy must have precisely what it represents the bear, but he was represented some sort of a threat. Well, apparently, though, he's he was doing really supposed to do, and I guess the guided that his arms up something in their baron de grab anonymous negatives instinct took over and he said, Amish shake you to death, which is
is supposed to have your arms up. I don't know I don't know, there's gotta, stick em up pellets, my bare wrestling and I'm a white belt still. So what do you think the fuck is going on with all these mass des? There's a million fish die in the Redondo Beach harbour. All these animals of dying birds are fallen from the sky. Is you don't see? I don't know, but I would imagine I would imagine we have a very polluted environment and probably is a combination of all those chemicals in the environment and chemicals are I made you know we're very good at coming out with synthetic material and synthetic chemicals and well probably not as good at and what the FDA can never do is figure out how all these chemicals, when put together, interact how they what they do to to no plasma and if that's even that argues in big words but like what they do to our bodies on prolong up. You know when we drink them, we're around them all time. Look at your house! All these.
You promised to come out that have huge advertising campaigns, they're, probably very safe in on their own. What happens when you mix six of them in the perfect combination? What is that when to your genetic, what's wifi don too, who knows what the funding system are? Always we know that sonar gets in the way of Wales migrate. Migratory fucks wheels are perhaps so it? Always this constant dance of how you know China. Now, what they're doing I think is really interesting loudly architects when they plan these cities, their building guard, on the roofs, so you plant food and grow your own food on the roof of your building, you know China, so self sustainable billion people there than that on import food. Throwing his right, which is it, which is again very, which is a very recent development for China. Pretty amazing do that with a billion people, but when you do that, you got it bugs well we're getting better we're getting better and better at figure ways to grow plants, for example that don't need pesticides that are
much higher and protein indifferent nutrients shore. But then you gin weird because things are genetically modified in Santo oxide. Santos, Gary's fuck. With that. It's a thing when you say it's fine, if you went across pie to weep strains, but when you take that the gene from a jellyfish put it in a strawberry, so my strawberry doesn't freeze when I'm shipping it across the country. It's a little weird man, but when you're you know when all the
My oranges are square. It's easier to pack on who have you seen. Other wiki leaves documents leading to genetically modified foods that are trying to push it all across the world are trying to push in the countries and their they're, putting imposing sanctions on countries well what they also. What were you can you can? If you plant one field of ethnically modified and cross border flies and now again, and they see that those people in those people have to either close up their farm or well, I'm a fucking disaster. I think I think economic capless now that, but I think that we are paying. We have to be very careful with how everything is becoming these conglomerates and how things are becoming so corporate. Look it Every time I travel is cause for you, and I both travellers covering everything, is so homogenous wee wee wee wee pee, price. You people want efficiency, but why, in the world, when I go to most cities, can I only eat at up at a corporate chain? Is why am I right in my arms round about our business? I cleared out I'm surrounded by bye bye
page, was whether its Kmart there's no continuum. There's no like history. Nobody feels connected to anything. Everything around me has ever been trying to tell me something. I don't need an end its it robs. Every city of its character is like the death of the american city, what happened on main street with mom and pop shops. I want that guy's employer but its, but about these cities used all have it, and I understand that younger small places to get that Nigeria, with large volume of people small places, I doubt become, and it's an offshoot of globalism. Yes, and it was such as price. We have to pay, it will probably swing back, but we, prize winner efficiency and speed. What do you think about all these people? They believe in? Oh, and if you read almost every ancient religion has some story of a great apocalypse. Our great catastrophe in almost every religion has a story about a previous existing society that was advancing and that was almost wiped off the face the earth. You know when you hear shit about all these animals dying and fish die. This sounds like religious scripture hopeful
crazy would it be if we all really have been all through this before of human beings, have literally got into the point of where we are now like this sophisticated. What, if we died off today, how much of this shit would be around in ten thousand years or so? How much would we be able to find and recognize any that isn't steel either? That is acting in their own right as a good story, and I do think that that what the answer lie in somewhere in the area of our to answer. That question is why, when I don't know- but I think that there is there is a human beings are are still faced with the same problems as human beings. So, whether or not I was living three thousand years ago the the big questions that one has to With that that answer the question of what am I doing here? Who am I really? What am I supposed to do? What is this all mean? Those are questions you can never run from, and so we within it
context I think we'd be still which still be trying to answer those questions which simply trying to go beyond our biology shore, so be trying to get more pleasure out of than pain which Serbia trying to figure out how to keep our children alive with food always been undulating for an end, but we'd be competing with resources and we still have wars. So I think in a way it makes sense that we keep repeating ourselves. This is the human experience of what I'm saying is. Do you think that its ever gotten to this point before me look at some of the structures that existed, that IRAN explained the many many thousands of years old, special at the pyramids here you go. I mean you know unexplained
fact that they're not exactly sure how they put that altogether. There's a lot of theories and there's also old dynasty and new dynasty in Theirs old kingdom and new kingdom there's a lot of structures that they believe are far far older than the traditional. We thought it like that and then appearing to ease the great payment of any and why I think I think what separates mean human beings from animals, as far as I know, is that we have imagination and that we seem to be always moving toward the limits of our imagine right. But what would freaks me out as this a bunch of share that they can't figure out how it all got done and one of them is dogs? Do you know
I'm sure a great mystery. You know when you, when you look into the dna of dogs, it turns out that all of them descend from wolves. They thought I was gonna, be a bunch of a wild candidates and, in addition, there are from the often fucking ruinously domesticated wolf so and they we don't know how the fuck that was done. Thousands in what we thousands of years ago, we do know that people have always bread, their aunt em now their horses or whatever sure, even farm animals to eat they will present so long ago to be goes back so far that it literally predate society. That's why squarely cause you're talking about ten thousand fifteen thousand, maybe even deeper and deeper, into the history of breeding dogs yeah. I think the answer maybe also is the fact that their this this world is waymore. What much older than our we are probably much older human beings are born of. History is one thing, but real human history is another and, and you
No wonder that evolution, I always think about that, would ensue, may is! Is it if, indeed, we know, there is a lot of sense of what we ve gone from apes whereby chimps are whatever might be it? It
people say will work, we can see to stop devolving physically. Then it that's the case. Didn't we know we know in a different direction. Look the doubling of the human brain sizes, the giant that the biggest mystery in entire fossil record. That's what changed us from this this this be no beat a leading fuckin freak monkey to human beings and whatever the fuck caused an iota. I wonder why Mckenna believes those mushrooms. You know some people believe was the throwing arm. Some people believe it was fish that we start eating Fidel. Does it make sense to me because bears are stupid, it's fuck and ate a lot of when it goes beyond that. I'm saying why in a chimps have always been chimps, human beings have continue to evolve just as balanced and our well. You know in that. In that we are, we do really amazing things. Don't joke around about people being from monkeys and chimps, but the real lineages there's a bunch of different primates, that of all the next to each other. For some reason we evolved
a far more sophisticated way than all the rest of them in the sense that we are always trying to go beyond that which we can measure and we're always contemplating. But that would be how do you in and how would you ever measure, for example, the fact that a great Gagarin Mozart, a box, and I make some people feel profoundly sad and over joy at the same time, why do we even have that stuff yet sounds good to our ears, but think about the genius of great Chaz, like Louis Armstrong like us like why in the world with that guy I'll, just saying, I'm saying, I'm using obviously has an article on like this, so they why in the world, would we come up with these grasp, horns and pleasure all those things that are the sort of what we stay alive? For it's interesting it's. What are we supposed to be doing with that? What are we supposed? with the fact that most religions, all religions, talk about. Well, love, each other, that's the most important thing, love each other and then and then by the way. What do you do? that relationship we try to work better do when you come together as social animals. Why, and
What is it? What is the point of that? That's the big question that were always dealing with that. I think teams seems that no point, it seems, the point is to enjoy it and to be nice to people. That seems to be the point. I d. If, if your temporary you're, a temporary being in all your descendants, are temporary beings, we just keep revolving in a tide of ever changing temporary beings. Then the only point is just be nice, but then why would? But then we just be, then I guess be: nice have fun right it out, Lucy was next. Is there either create a very open people without delay and about the work? Do you think this can be said, though, that that Bob Gandhi on that, in a sense it are we supposed to evolve and continue to understand more Marcel, we untiring guy one. So short, it's like with the same thing we talked about before the human experience. What I'm saying is we keep Jump NATO's shoulders, Riah shorter, so so near and even Newton said that he said, I'm I've. I stood on the ice on the shoulder giants. You guys all talk about me being I bet calculus, not bad Isaac, who said by the ways biggest complement was lifelong celibacy not not. Now
calculus. Who is like my biggest compliment? Wasn't that I invented you know they I'd concept. The gravity and special relationships is that I was so that my whole life really have one ship sectors, Diego to ruin right, but to be honest with father of modern Physics, unified of modern science, but but he said, but but I think that some people are, we all stand at each other shoulders. It seems that we are evolving in Understanding of more and more of how even animals think course were certainly evolves, so that only the point to this evolution. I love. I always have said that I think that we're probably becoming something through technology and that human beings are probably just like the caterpillar that becomes a butterfly budgets does no one is doing while doing our natural instinct towards materialism and green selfishness in there. You know all these monkey instinct that we have left over perhaps working in a natural order to move us towards that.
Ultimate goal, like some sort of coming along with all the national budget were making. For example, I mean that's where Kurtz well believes. He believes that you know it's gonna, be some sort of an artificial technology, an artificial intelligence that we can download or consciousness centre and that the EU will exist forever in perpetrated in this artificial environment. How does yak that data? That cloud is a medium? Is the matrix me talking craziness knowing you talked about? If you can duplicate your consciousness, he could do to get it in infant and amount of times, and they will not here in this physical space, but oh exist in some sort of cyber world, where you will constantly be in like a replaying life, nigh that in an infinite number of now, we will ultimately and truly be connected, and our
sperience will be. We are behaving as if we are now in a weird way and I think the reason why set up in a weird ways to encourage competition. You now the thing the bugs people, the most things it is losing you now the thing losing anything losing a person losing losing your job losing losing losing a fight losing a game
frustrating for us were designed for competition, some people so much so that you beat him at pool and they get mad at you. You never have been around that guy. You hate him a pool, but what's the ILO to axe relation, though like losing their defining. That really. Actually, I think in some ways not isn't is losing your power in a way losing is to be left alone in a way to be sure you're, not special one. After another form of people leave you, and so I think, that's ultimately why people hate losing so much is that memory of feeling alone, it's that with was also a strong desire for competition among monks, most people, how many comics you know that when they see someone else get something something big they actually get upset. That is not happening. That you're, the only successful, comic I've ever. Comics not talk that about you. That's ridiculous. We will talk about about me. That's not really not comics cartels, him hardware, and now you don't hear comic, say bad things about you. I've never remember what the point of making is. It
you're right I mean for the most part, I'm saying that you're right people when, when somebody actually does well it's like they began to get a lot of times a lot of sometimes different deserve sometimes law, especially when you're young and scrappy and you're all coming up in the same order. You know like you're, all like twenty two, twenty three and one of these twenty two year old guys gets some radio show. Where is the morning dj guy look I'll fuck, you know is a morning dj, Guide, Katy allay now or whatever we like and then also need, like jutes feel like that could have been Vassar. You know and that's what they have to understand. Also by the way is that this is not a linear process.
Right. This this world is made of a whole bunch of nonlinear luck and mathematics and when you say that, because you're very experienced dying of God to so many things in so many different projects. As many of you, you ve gone through the tour de force of of television, you did a sketch show and mad tv you ve done family shows on those Warner. Brothers networks, Ryan done evidently thought even for everything ended sex to this city. Now you done yet you just so many different things. You ve really had a broad like view:
the whole entertainment seen done a lot of people, just don't get. They don't get that think. So when you're young, especially like all you know, as I wanna fuck and make it I'm gonna make it I'm gonna pay my bills, you fuckin friggin, I check he got it fuck. Why did I remember that, by the way I'm ever being terrified? I wasn't gonna make it. I remember thinking that option. For me I wasn't upward to be working well. All of us. I think anybody who actually became a comic you how to deal with the fact that man, if I put my eggs in this basket this shit, my turf turnout. Terrible, am I just live in rotten eggs? Is there nothing it survive, is completely terrifying My point is that you know
in show business like did the whole idea of like pursuing it and like going after, and its is absolutely of course uncertain liked. It has to be uncertain its uncertain because that's where we're like real, where adventure creativity comes something blossoms and uncertain. If you knew it was going to happen, you had it all. Plata you'll be boring as fuck when you got that more for you in his point. For then, we would have to do drugs. You'd have to start doing. I think that's why people like when they take a gig for the money, for example, like they dig away getting me. Seventy dollars to India to get talk, show a game show
they really do pay a price for that ass. You you, you gotta, keep the uncertainty dude, I pay the price for fear, factor for sure I love doing shown a lot of fun. I loved making all that money will have ended at the man. There is a lot of days that- and I want to do that, and I thought this is hokey or this is silly or this is like goddesses at and it became a job which is nothing wrong with that already not worthwhile, as they would don't make fun of horse. We all we were all horse in some ways we all worked before us and on shore, and but what am I my whole point about the whole competition thing? It's like. I think that all that it's all set up, that we on purpose and unlike showbiz competition and stand up calmly competition, even martial arts competition like these guys when we start trash talking each other on the internet. You know how I look at it when I look at like two fighters about a trash talk each other. I look at it like birds that are squawking each other, but one birds on the fence and then the
bird like Fuckin flops its wings. He gets close to dislike this natural thing that they're doing like they have to do this in order to motivate them to be great in order to push them all to the next level. You have to feel I when I was little Patterson said you know, I always wondered who alliums Talkin do any surround the graves I realize one day was talking to himself. He said he said you know, I'm I'm scared death. Every time I said that ring, but I get myself worked up and by the time I'm in there. I believe, I'm saying my social status in the world of Muhammad Ali is the way he is now the green out, and that you know Parkinson's and yes trauma related parking lots amazing. Also, eight isn't hide it from the world to get the guy holds the torture and picks you just get a financially. But here's making its weird listening to my Thyssen. Talk these days veered MIKE Tyson Talk, him he's, got a reality, show now and again ass. He got interview with this reality shown on pigeons.
When he got interviewed at this. There was a show time boxing match recently yeah. The paper view match between not Miguel, Kyoto and dumb record of my order and was good fight and the enemy the Thyssen koto. Did he stopped him in the last round in the they talk to Thyssen about it and Thyssen, like you know, it was like. You is labouring to talk in Ireland. I listen tells, while maybe this time hot yeah, maybe hijack gesture. Because I don't ask me my library, a hybrid happiness. I suppose they met a fight. She's gonna have to do cometary I've gone fights when adopting commentary, because these guys,
when we went everywhere the USA Brian Orient Joey, these guys take part cookies and get believed this satellite last acid, so they're sitting up in them in their stands? Having the fuckin time antibiotic coming Joe ideas, does the commentary right? Joe ideas is like in the middle of vital you'll start just ran and raise about this happening? That circuits are mine, apples, rigid and so expressive somebody gets knocked out or somebody get submitted. I don't what the fuck do. I tell you dog he'll, get up and go like. I don't get to see them anymore. I do you know what I'm telling you you know. What did you really truly feel comfortable calling a fight in the USA? When did it really?
try to juggle it just comes out and out. You know the first couple times or self conscious about it. It's weird you trying to do a good job, but you don't wanna, be there's a lotta ego involved in commentary. That's very unpleasant, like here people talking too much about themselves. What take her somewhat lady at what they would do. Why have to first one completely illegitimate, I mean I'm a brown bound jujitsu and I find some type window and some kickboxing, but I've never any Emma main out fights it. Also like I. What am I gonna say I could do better to do it. I mean it's silly, I'm completely objective about it, but I, a while for me to be comfortable with like how I should know what would I should talk about what I should talk about and when to talk. When not talk- and you know I had a head, like give be as respectful as possible, but yet be as objective and analytical as possible about what's happening in our? So if the woman, a fine line between critiquing fighters and criticising them or
obsessing patterns, you see, and movement and critiquing behaviour and and trainees regiments. Shall I better so it's it's tricky its tricky, but I always do it from a place of respect, and I always do it from a place of as as objective as I'm keeping your very gonna. Do it's fun to do. I call these is, is a poet that is Tell me what you put a lot of people don't know is like dulcet gaudy fill you gotta fill here, gotta fill here, they'll say they say you're here headsets, so Goldie will start just going off about this fuckin arena that wherein that was built in eighteen, fuck off the top of his head, then ace any just. Does it make perfectly in order? I never heard eighteen twelve. Yes, he might have stumbled once in the thousand. Finally, can we wrote those lines in there just perfect? Sometimes he doesn't say them the the correct thing when it comes to technique or something like that. But that's ok, because I can correct him and he just trying to get things going to strangers. Have you know you know who is by the way I have you ever seen here? Is that
improvise or I've ever seen in my life and a guy, you can take a top again. Do thirty minutes stand upon it and do whatever, though, is Adam curl? Oh yeah he's eloquently ramble Brown. That's why so good as a poacher podcast shows that guy you must subject Here's the thing ok all, for you have in your coffee and he'll, just like hams, just go a twenty minute ran about what's wrong with you know he did something about twist ties twist eyes like well, was twist ties like how strongly these things they should be. I should cover up. I read those soldiers in Iraq with twists times. I mean he just as a maze and coming up with just like free form and like entire jokes I said, and we gotta go. We did a movie together. I go we're. Instead, I go. You know what I said I've decided you're the year, you might be the best in the world at you do. I guess what I mean. I said I
think you're the best improvised and a good best guy I've ever seen at improv the way you do, your improbable, never, I think you're the best in the world as I go somewhere best, so I'm Europe getting the trophy I'm. So he goes like this. He does so a brass. I guess nefarious, you know. I know I like that. Guy Brian Cowen Guy, he told me I might be the best improvise around the world that that you know why. That's all I got out- and I looked at my wife- and I was like a battle smelling pot rose- was my dick in your mouth for s guy the world, an improper he's like recognize any Brian Cowen set it. So it's true he's ago, is really found success with this whole podcast, former he's also ignoring guide as a great guy good is an interesting dude is willing to cars mountains. Could the Togo is all right? Isn't there just boxes and now, but I've heard guys who fight like guys, he's he's actually a ringer you're, getting a ring and really-
for real. I believe it he's good at everything. He's a great carpenter relate fuckin remodels. His house and shit builds additions on its real american Israel. How it all went right, far below crazy and and and this guy might be, my fattened guerrilla has a dull Prescott's man. He's got like one of those garages yeah, but I'm minus for tv show European, but I'm corollas garages like he's, got my fuckin ferrari there, like a classic Bmw in threes, gotta Mustang back, there's gotta Lamborghini back there. Thank you, ve got it link in another classic Lamborghini. Just like really fuckin into like machines in cars and shit, was what was going on with Kevin Smith. What's this talk on time and as you said, you wanted to get together and do a podcast. He said we should smallpox talk about his radio, my fucking love to amend as I message sham, but when you get in here's the thing when people say hokum, never, movements book. We wanted to a message me back we are all day I try to go on and post
things when I have time and what but a lot of time, some fuckin dizzy and when you have like, I think now, I'm up to two hundred and eighty three thousand did. What am I really just because you don't have that man sees me two hundred and eighty three thousand nine on an eight whose almost unity, four thousand there's no I can keep up with the replies. There's the if you dont look at it for an hour, just seventeen hundred replies and so on.
Do you do read em all. I can't I don't have the time to give me some of those people who some bitch you gotta are now because the commission, this shit, my dad, says, he's not he's never podcast, because I gotta get so family that because we could give em like Argovie, fifty thousand people on Twitter and also they'd be getting your goofy has simply live thought. I read. I hate cats, what's wrong with this new I've had my way. Fuckin awesome. I think you'll use of more while using the morgue hammering the camera. Shit is so bad ass. This fuckin sitting there doing face times and should like that we're going out, and he is a ten year old girl, the little girl look at my face. You could we could transplant your brain into a thirteen year old, lesbian, gay body so easily hammers bad ass. You your loving it ran at eleven by the other. One was go back the dead, then the note hammer thing just really made me, never want to use it that much really doesn't love aren't alma. I will use it for watching things. I'm like a nosegay tattooed. I use it
Watch tv shows and use it of reading books is of renting out what what's that Ipad? I haven't. I must make the arable cause. I travel between you, and I know it was an error. We don't need want this little Macbook little time here. Those allies like light, would you have voiced Ebro? I get a seventeen internet care that shit over my shoulder symbolic. When the back back onto squats. I do kettlebells on a regular son step what I said, but full of fighters. Farmers like before back in the USA, literally when radical you're, fucked Bab veto Balfour like back in those days when it gonna we weren't Dennis here, Batten Rouge. When I walk into the valley. Remember that I now how get him back in the annexes and rain now that we are actually that anyone, but you go
my training techniques newer, like I'd like to get in a hoarse dance and put my boss time, my body in Red Nietzsche think I'm ahead. You host Stewart was likely like areas like always, why doesn't know said Zeb they're, all thirty like this waste is because you were really a famous. Yet you like to get in the horse dance for my balls in my body and red Breed Nietzsche areas like cancer, is because you're gonna squat thing didn't laugh at me at all, but I've gotta hit squad position to a gun, tat horse dance. I was fuckin guy. There is no room for humour in those early. You have sees now man I was I was. I was also the post fight, interviewer wasn't accommodate, or so no one
to see us inside out, and I want you to when we were with tank in and where I was guys Nero. Just like me, be careful, don't be a Jack S run tank. Do tank will implode. Your scarves beat you urge speech are, as you know, you, like your brain Dhabi, don't be like hey tank, I rang highly, but we cannot lose tangle. Put you to sleep, we're on our way to sleep, go to jail, abnormal kill. You feel you might deftly change the way you look at the world, our shaken his hand and and and I've never felt the hand that strongest is you just have perhaps ticket about? Does it look? We were talking about how bad ass mayhem is, what you mean fuck around him, and I said well, I want to show you a video of who some ARPA Horace emitting man. Just think that someone can do that to a guy's good, a man as goodness dramas, Manta Rays, Sega dishes levels, ass, love levels upon levels, I'm a Babylon that guy's a silver back. That's how it is
salute version. The first do that fuckin stumble across guerrillas, because that did happen by the way. As far as western humans, though you know, forest white people write that down like that with its guerrillas, we're a myth and joint eighteen hundred right in Indonesia, a guy head, awoke of male orangutan up woken up. And the things fleet flipped out and grab about a year ago can, among her thick in his grandmother and just Yang and an scalped him there or his just and scowled, at my frequently bulldozer hair off at an inn and ran off into the God. So he had no scalp. That's right, what they do. They had to skin graph, just ass to his head, or fact, Malaysia and I'm not sure we just die of staff and that I can today I is rise. Like you know, I think it's crazy things, guerrillas, the biggest, but the gate don't even eat meat there. All vegetarian, that's rides, got genetics. My friend I watched them. Don't you see the ages zoo and watch them
Girls. You can stand right next to him, because there's is placed that's. Why them wrestle all do in their little is Russell. All they do is roller and they have armed drags Doc Anders I'm not kidding reared locks, guillotined ice where to go back, they put you in their guard. I swear so I'll. Tell you that that the man who invented jitters this helium, racy pillar, while sourdough mean there stood the Japanese, wouldn't listen, ran towards verse, of course, but he'd he'd been after confinement, helium Carlos I. Why would I wouldn't be surprised if one day they were watching guerrillas role watch them play in there's so there there are the perfect wrestlers there, so efficient wrestling theirs Efficient is too so weird that they're so big and that the plants. Why? Because a silver back is not six feet tall, maybe sixty time ways, six hundred pounds
pray. Ladies and gentlemen, your fat on a giant fuckin monstrous arms and what is therefore is at all just to keep things from fuckin with it must be. I dont know manages to because they don't tell anyone. I literally fluff swing through trees danced and then I really aggressive their little decks and a little dicks I've, a big dick and its external pound roach Zahm Sun shone. So were the main about that of six pounds. That's that's a lot of weight and then and then there's the polar bear yeah which would eat a gorilla. What the fuck did. You know little about the need, a gorilla, yeah reeling overdue. I think so they would have ever done our they fifteen. Sixteen seventeen eighteen pounds now polar bears. Some. Nobody knows what is a goddamn bear. They stand. They stand ten feet or higher there. There bigger than a basketball go to a basketball, hope, try to touch the rim and their bigger than that when they stand, the fort were on their hind legs, the they take them take down things like Elk with their mouths. Yeah,
the kill it whales erecting them, eat pilot whales through the ice. I have no doubt the polar bears, a big penises, I don't out of the question, but I'll kick Bishop allegorical Rice outward question by the bank. The whole question of setting up a that won't polar bears scares flock of your in Alaska. You see when you better run biggest they'll use, carnival biggest biggest land carnivore, actively targets, human being a good buddy will eat a human being. They will think of any line, for it is a terrifying store that I read once about these guys. They were in a boat in the boat hit and an iceberg, and start to sink, so they sent out a distress signal and they climbed off. Onto an. I shall see, you're the story, the I know all of us digitally researchers. I forget the number, but there is more than three terrible store end. This polar bear saw them and kept diving off one eye sculpture to the next. Getting closer and closer sizing them up.
So, finally, he was on the one I sculptured shopping around. There were screaming beyond the polar bear. Didn't you fuck? You make yourself hard to swallow into each from Eu Butchers and he came over and he was on the ice. Sculpture the ice island right next to them, did. The water got on. Their side walked calmly up to the first guy. You get a hold of the scramble there, but stumble over each other. Trying to get in the way grabs a guy kills him right, instantly grabs, limp body jumps off to the ice Thyssen. Island into the water swims over to the other one, just arts eating I'm right in front of them, and so he ate that one guy and then help came and help came in the next vote came when the others distressed ignores answered, but time they got their. This guy's just ribcage popping out of his fucking his jack, I'm not really and soon die. No thank you, you're not doing anything. That's a bare good luck and a polar bear.
Polar bears and fucking ocean, but you know, did you they grab you by the neck? I didn't I just shake a couple times. I guess sometimes sometimes had just start eating. You started you, for example, a guy from grisly seven minute, bobbio, tat, good, I'm Dick, and when I got my legs does my feet. Those may be least touch it. Does my calves cheese, my fever, about my favourable being just taking chunks at your thigh ruthless literacy that that that Youtube? Video of the woman got too close to the polar bears. Coo Ee, oh yeah, by shoe egg broader in hand a soccer gather mean there also fast moving
have to be. They live in and fund the frozen north crazy places. I d like to clean up agents of the frozen north. You can't put a baby polar bear or even a smaller polar bear. My got adolescent polar bear into a cage with a big porter or ITALY is about ITALY. Oh Jack females will keep those there there cubs they'll dealt they'll run away from a mayor. Mail will chase a theme on her cubs for two days trying to eat us. Cubs luck. Several derives I'll, follow a female running and keeping her cubs going to get away a male who sees them and says I want your babies fox as she goes guys we're gonna run. Let's run now the wiser they'll chasing us. I'm tired, Mommy shut up this, that's a school, a hard knocks by you think and nl. We both Fuckin Cubs to them. Eat one? Let the other one free now he's gonna, kill that one in one and the other one is in a year. They have to store up there, store amounts not do anything
just go. Radical tour asked me to go hunting with them. More go hunting with radical to us and we were gonna go bear hunting, but
I want to eat a bare man. I want you to bear and its I couldn't do it anyway to Kansas, withstand updates, we're trying to figure out another data. Do it, but I'm like luminous, kill some that I can eat. Blackberry Grizzly bears a black there, you can, you can eat, oileymead, anticipate shit or I say it's really good its oil drilling. What does that mean? Oileymead they say it's very thick. That's what I call my dear. I can imagine going a bare hunting with rate really get a bear. I beg you, that's why them bears finds that the new italian jack you gonna, give you anything like the city where we do and what we gotta think slow as justly Bob's eager to think about what are you smoke, Hawaii Psychomotor? Why? Where I live, and why am I why my secular, Dick Randy Quarters, the manliest man ever Nancy's all's uneven, ultimately always running through the woods? Who is doing the eco challenge? When you stop fighting for a while just running through the fuckin forest of the Pacific Coast, he doesn't need a. He doesn't need a bow and arrow coming as it does at least run so tat, mother, Fucker, but he's he's a big country loves hunting. So it's gonna. Take me somewhere we're gonna, go there's a hunted tv show, do it with one of our
I've been around Randy could talk times and, and I when a member on a guy like that, I always feel combination of just or end just by feel a little bit about myself. While I was feel like Jesus, you know I was there: we pupils who wouldn't you Fordham frameworks and I want to touch them old and then than boys. Embryonic alters five years older than me is I've year. I hope it puts a general- has been never been combat athletes into their late forties before I've. Never you never saw. You never saw that origin combination of a lot of things allowed us genetics, the guys, never injured, which is crazy. No o ye. Think about all NATO rising to Santiago Handicaps Sports the thing where he is able to take. The view I can be all max is much higher leg is able to assimilate auction ended in his muscles much better than than most people
while my senses, a lifelong athlete, and he was always known even in the early early days of competing, just breaking guys, wills and that's it needed to be torn Belpher as a whole is, will envy torn broken policy firing retort for a long time. Just now he's relentless he killed over the double light than a single later than any beach up against a case to this was this machine to fight in Toronto very interesting because he he really firmly believes that machine is fighting the outside, but you can grab hold of him and when you grab a hold of IRAN's. Thank you just gonna pick up against cage and beat the shit out of anti cutters. Fighting's fighting the cheetah Brown meanwhile is doing like they spend on Tuesday and movies he's crazy. Dude and is trying to get hunting trip sent Glasgow caliber.
No, I won't. I was such a girl. It is good to be around those guys, it's good to know that their levels of of manliness out there. Well, it's good to know. That's why sport constitution, young man, a very important one, and it is because it teach you how tough you're not have time to non argonauts out tough you're not, and you need to know both in the night. You know what other people willing to go through the kind of pain in some people willing to go through you, gotta watch strengthening a real, laugh, strengthen conditioning program. You tell me: what have you never may finer go to the gym with Sean Shirk. Just watch him do that one source of autumn fuckin. I don't need to cause. I was seventeen. I went down, gables intense Wrestling Cameron, archives and I and I remember limping for two weeks. I limped waking up to five and mourning in IRAN sprints for an hour and then you do live wrestling and that's what that's why I didn't wanna wrestling college because I went if this is college athletics. I don't want to do it and what happened was I smell a mat and I get my back would start to hurt. I gotta psychosomatic our I bought. It was like a dog. I lived
you don't mind. I kept looking at my plane ticket. I was gonna fake, an injury, so I could go home Highschool Wrestling Megantic, looking man really those that can't down there. They did did because you had to graduate and when a third of the camp drop out and isn't as an end. Literally they closed down. I believe the next year or the year after that, while they also were really encouraging people to lose a tremendous amount of weight which was fine and really work sharing you young body, you know fourteen fifteen years, all your high school in your co seniority lean. There tell you to lose ten pounds of of war, de hide. Any other wrestled that day to start with the USA, I did it to off. I did it for tackling o tournaments too, is terrible to my friend is whole Highschool career. Any he's like really short, where everyone else's families tall he's five six.
And everyone else in his family's expert six were to start. He starved himself. All through high school through through every fuckin. Seizing college is worse man ass. He went to the offices in what two camps and like you are really trying to make it as a rest. Locks don't lose much. Why do they cause? They were rather, we also have to take head blows. It's much, dangerous mistake. I had blows yeah, that's when people get really real serious brain damage. A Gerald Mc Clellan is a perfect example that he's a ghostly lose a lot of weight, dictate to make his division for use light heavyweight. He's too, he was too the big guy. He would dehydrate himself really bad and he didn't go about the right way and have enough they used. I vs it back in those days to rehydration now they're pretty sophisticated about it. They always give guys bags of ivy like some rather take six. Seven eight bags are really are they have to reiterate in they piss like crazy in, but there they feel much better. Much quicker gain a tremendous amount of weight and, like twenty four hour period, like there's a guy glade,
t bow fighting. You see how he loses the way to know what he does, but this mother Fucker fight it one. Fifty five and he looks like he's like one. Ninety he's fuck, you washed, like it's like, add: what's the guy's name, Anthony Johnson yeah he walked. Out of fifty he's chimneys. I did wonder he was. He was driving one, seventy again avenue where I was dealt with in a movie with them in Pittsburgh and he walked around these shoulders. I was like dude any to us, and I wish you eggs to fifteen. I, how we can the one seventy he's economic problem dunno science. Housing are out on the how the flatheads that decision armies bones he's a super athlete that guy is fat. That's a guy or stand around. You feel like just such a lamp and he's an interesting guy too, because he's a ressler but
He's really been working primarily on a striking and honest knocking a lot of guys out. There was a big victory for cost check on kasza beaten. I think allow that guy's problem is that he has. He gets really depleted, making that one. Seventy, I think, you'd better served in one. Eighty. Five of the allow guys would, I think, a lot of guys lose too much way. I think, over the long course of a career, it's very dangerous category. I don't have your let's say, but these they're gonna be a GNP Emerson, so if they want to do that, but what Jean Pierre get through Jake Shields, which has no fuckin cakewalk Jake she'll, dangerous Falk, any the winner and is Jitsu is top notch. Generations can submit anybody sure, but did you is proved that he is still far away these about mother fucker. No doubt about it, but you can discount Jake shields? Just please never projects years, I'm telling you judge shields. Look, he might be it
Just be my keep the finance VIII and if he does just p, is more than likely gonna. U like, be far better on his feet, he's got way better, strikingly, better hands, we better kicks and Jake. Jake is just all about closing the distance getting hold you in dragging to the ground, and if you can't do that, yeah he's some trouble. He's gonna get boxed up But if he can do that, it becomes very interesting becomes very interesting because Jake Shields is completed the very highest levels of the game in grappling and submitted guys, in fact, in Abu Dhabi, that submitted GS, PETE his level jujitsu quite a bit higher, but but Georgia, so smart, so defensively intelligent and has never been submitted. An eminent before now so is certainly not a punching India
yeah and elbowing you any strong. As far as wrestlings outstanding till they say, I talked to guys who train with them, and they say that he's just he's really really strong at super boys got great strength and is also really smart, and he does things correctly. Annie's like super driven. Like I told you, we worked on that turning psychic thing. He me. It was a joke. I backed this. Did that thousand time I was on this said they were like disguise, crazy and kicking bag, I'm telling you man, I'm gonna, get it like use like obsessed with it. Ll give you show me a technique he'll who go over and Gore annexing. You do he'll, probably be
better than you who taught me. That's funny about that. As I realise that you see, these people are great, they do these things. You think it's magic, they just work harder than repetitions, obsession and repetition, and you know the same desire that gets you foreign life without can also fuck you up. If you get addicted to Everquest in the same sort of obsession, couldn't you know can write one you have been a ditch comes something that's not productive. For me, I have done, I know, you're progress and we have to manage my addictions acts like me, real careful not to keep an eye on his intense. As you are now are you. You always been really really obsessive, The problem is like it's: it's not even a discipline. It's more of a obsession, undisciplined kinda, I mean I get things done, I'm discipline, but what would I really am is driven is a big difference. If I find something like a not good at doing things, I don't want to do you know I gotta go to take out the garbage remembering to do errands things that are supposed to do, not get it. But
something I'm excited about, there's something nets with its motivated about, then I become obsessed with it and then become driven due to get good at whatever the fuck. This thing is so it's not even like discipline thing, it's almost like spot. I just know how to turn on the crazy switch. Do you're you're really really good it, but you gotta managed that shit man does a lot of people, don't they get into gambling and then they become fuckin crazy with black Jack or Paul. I've always been really grateful that I didn't have the kind of wiring that was predisposed to the kind of did neck. Obsessions like that. Will yourself deprecating enough to the point where you don't have to constantly be the best guy in the room in you? Don't you can have a good time, no matter what not some guys. I've always enjoyed my friend successes. I've always thought you have always found more inspiring than threatening. I never think it's like intelligence, electronic compartmentalized. Anything! You know well that's why you're healthy due to that's where living, but it's like when I bought it, but it's the courage, innocent people say well, I'm a coward. Will your account
Maybe we can get up on station to stand up, but you fight six guys in a bar and intelligence or talent. It's all the same, stop you're good! It gives some people either that the fine, what you're good I initially what's your role, it might be to support talented people, it might be to be the one on stage might be the one who comes up with a microphone that you that new you write. It is club hours and managers agencies. Comics area, like your job, is to try to knows that child in the direction of what he spoke do anyway. Whatever his primal impulses, are you now you contemplating you? You have kids now. Are you act that we think it a mother, your gear, daughter, swine, my love and when I try to do my daughter is providing the two things. One is love unconditional love, so should I messed up, but I also believe that, as part of my job is to stand out of the way not to be a suppressing, overwhelming personality for her. I don't wanna be too much of an influence, and the reason I want I want her to. Ultimately, I think a great deal comes from had
to be independent and also feeling in free enough and not ashamed of whatever it is You are right. So much of my childhood and is now nobody's fault, but so much of my childhood is it Think back on. Even my young adult eight years is fill of course, but what I would describe ashamed, I mean described certainties confusion, but also shape just also guy you're, so different than most people Mama, I'm a fuck up, and I gotta get my shit together. Well, no, I didn't actually had to go deeper into that, and so on be a performer yes, but a car salesman yeah you at home sir, but but you know that I mean it's like there. We were we're lucky that this avenue exists. Absolutely I'm just saying you gonna find whenever you avenue. I think that you know it was a well every has a path. I don't know about that, but but as a young adult as Charles to Daily everybody could have a path.
It's not that everybody does that everybody? Can you haven't you also. You said something really profound. I've been thinking about a lot lately that I thought was really call. You said it's one thing to be really accomplished and you ve accomplish things and you can go through all the stuff, but but one day you said that you the most proud of his accomplishing your peace of mind, and then very separate step. Endeavour from from trying to make money in trying to make a name for trying to be significant, trying to be original, but but actually getting point we have peace of mind. I think is equal as important as any more and more than anything. It is happier now that I've ever been at any point my life and am also night the people now than at any point, ever in my own life and more conscious about like biological maintenance, making sure work out on a regular basis, make a term healthy. All those things together with my oh yeah yeah. You visit anyway changed in some ways your personality. In a way I mean you ve, changed youth. You ve actually made funding.
Until changes in oh, you relate to other human beings. I seen that a lot of those psychedelic eggs and then the tank it is a combination of the tank recently. There was also tell me about this I will end with this because we ve been talking for a long time, but tell me I will you. Experience was like I got into the to the salt water and it was really dark, and I around people, don't others the sensory deprivation tank, we're talking and I thought to things have got one and I was gonna go restless and I thought the other thing I was gonna get cold and I thought I was going to sink and art and in fact, I started to just focus on my breath and sort of whose very easy for me to kind of disappear for real. And I think I do for two hours, but I could stand in their way long way longer peoples You know we have you. He said I think the guy said a fifty minutes in every area might be in there for an hour, but it might be hard.
For me, I could, if I can just stated, It's amazing environment! Isn't it you need to get one of those where you live in the area you so you can go. You can go to that place all the time, but having one you're houses, the shit talk you change that water, you don't have to not have to. It's only meet it goes and is eight hundred pounds of saw, nothing can live in their gets like it's, so dead ends. Yeah, it is is just like that some valuable programme ever or the valuable to ever for reprogramming your mind for looking at yourself and then, a truly objective way and to be tethered on tat rather from your life on tethered from year, your personal experiences and able to look at them literally it when you're inside a tank. It feels like you're, not there. It feels like time has essentially stopped you're, not getting any input it might be going on without you all ramblin free in the world, but in your life you or your life is all about how you relate to everything that you see in your environment. So
a chance to be out of your environment. The only opportunity that you have in the world as the only environment on the planet, like that, where you can and separate yourself literally from your light, a watch yourself if you don't know what we're talking about we're talking on a century deprivation tank, which was created by a psychedelic pioneer from the fifties named John Lily who's. This. Brilliant scientists who is incredibly eccentric. Unwanted thanks things you wanted to figure out was how to detach himself from physical inputs in inputs of sound and feeling in and seeing things and how to figure out how to get the mind literally away from any input to the body. He realized that life is very distracting and that, in conversations that you're having, if there's a bus driving by right next year, it's hard to have a conversation. The buses distracting things in what is distracting and when you are in the tank, you are literally dealing with no input you. No hearing, because your yuri ears are under water and it's a big heavy door that shot it's pretty sound. Prove you have no seeing your you're in total blackness totalled complete darkness.
The only thing is wanders the same temperatures your skin and the water has eight hundred pounds of salt in it. So you completely buoyant and it's the most amazing environment man. It goes into that really. That was at that. I think therefore am right. Descartes's, yes, and so, but but that's all and disputed in the sense that, because you can imagine it doesn't mean indeed that it's that it's actually there will then be goin his eyes or what is the imagination? This is the real that is what is the imagination and our thoughts really non local and all you real? Are you really just a biological antenna that, like picks up in Turkey, in the air that picks up creativity and ideas and things- and these are these- are literally like woven into the fabric of you know, I'm all around. You know what that great mathematician when the field's medal said right, he refused feels mental, which is that million dollar project believe in it's, like I view of Nobel Prize from automatic, they couldn't find and found him in Siberia Leah Year later. It does why you give me the price, with it,
Given the equation about, I just him, I've said antenna, I'm wired a certain way and I was able to channel the ants I think, was a three hundred fifty page answer. They ve been looking at a they, even that even the problem had been. Can accurate, unlike eighteen, o six, never trot the actual problem than he came over the answer and always messages like this guy actually figured out after three hundred years and is just incredible really negotiate, but what we are. But what are you you're giving the prize to the to the radio you should be given to the music. They also that every artist says that every great writer says that they tune into the muse. I love you know it's it's. It makes me believe in any kind of God or whenever you want to call it out. You know, the higher benevolent force of some kind of at least something a beauty. I don't know you, what what was my point than that that that we we. What is imagination body? What I thank you this is that my point was the
do you have imaginations very strange because you have this idea, you have this thing that comes to your mind, wait a minute if I do this and combine it with that holy shit. I just reinvent I just made a new inventions of the week is going to revolutionize. What you've done is with this thing in the aether. You have pulled it out of that, and now it manifests itself in a physical form and alters human life it changes life. I say all the things that people have invented. They had to initially think up whether it's the car, whether it's computers or this, had to be a thought in someone's mind a creative idea or a conglomeration of other ideas that have existed before then Tori Thing and they come by and make some new creative thing. But whatever the imagination is it eventually manifest itself as an actual thing
we don't look at that, and other Evelyn imagination is also way more important than what you consider intelligence or amassing information. Imagination is what moves history forward. It Gutenberg innovation that will good berwin. He came over the printing press, even Freud. When you came over the concept that you can figure out, how the human mind worse, Einstein's theory of relativity newtons, you know with calculus these guys who, with a seminal thinkers who came up with with even Karl Marx for that matter. I'm not communist, but do these guys who came up with these sort of seminal concepts of you know restructure our society, how to restructure our biology? How to restructure our minds had a look at our minds. All things from the man all came for imagination and in it, and we leaped forward in some ways not a good way in some ways we came up with the atomic bomb. Well yeah I mean that the item, but look it's all the same thing right. It's all people and you know whatever but branch of study that the they choose to pursue in all day big.
They create things, you know and it becomes an actual physical thing. But what is the imagination and making that happen? Is it like a life form and was appoint Yang? Also, what's the point, the guy was around the globe in the map of the universe we're supposed to follow. He brought this podcast. Full circle could have started with that question and we end no, I like who now to have an adaptation kid. This is this is our message, folks just be fuckin nice to people. If we all were cool. If everybody was like the people in this room right now, if the whole world was made up of us, we just ran into us everywhere mean about that's so ego, centric and ridiculous, say, but the mindset of what I'm talking about just be called people just nice not promise. Sometimes competition is the prevailing that sometimes jelly has an idea that they think is better for you. For example, the board of the burdens are certainly one can't say. Let's
teaching intelligent design and not evolution and where the teacher child, that better for his soul and also you go wait a minute neutrality nice to me, but I want that kind of nice yeah, that's the wrong time and nice. That's a lot of time talking about people not fucking with other people, don't want! I'm sure the people worry about yourself. This is so many of us, So many of us it's hard to get this all across, but I firmly believe that we right now are more advanced more in tune more tuned in than any other generation has ever been before in a lot of us, because the stuff like this, a lot of it, is because pod internet
things you can read the access to information all these things. We were communicating it away with twitter and Facebook that no one's ever done before they were connected the way we ve never met before here in real time down this. These things that we are we're all pushing together. It's it's a fascinating time. I think human beings, culturally, are evolving at an incredible, raise an incredible pace rather exponential technology certainly is tat. It s the naughtiest thing about all this: two thousand twelve nonsensus fuck everything's, pointing towards that being real everything's p towards all these fuckin events happening in people changing and technology accelerated, incredible pace. We talked about earlier about the centre of every galaxy being a black hole, we're talking about them. Well, that's what they're trying to do at the large hadron, collider they're, making black holes so center very gowns he's a black on inside a black hole is a universe, ended there making universes ass it s. What I do, what does have a lot of breaks on that? We are better flies. We are on our way to being the next thing you know there was
got a pillar, the became a butterfly, and that is the human dna want. If you want to actually great lecture on that, it's called homo ever Louis. By one enricos good at TED Outcome and want to make us will take you to a lecture called homo have alluded. Talks about how we're coming out with, for example, eyes, will do that. I now can see shadow and light, but there a pretty much more per soon be able to see underwater and in dark for a mile away and eventually, second Sierra, my clothes, all that and we're gonna become we're. Gonna start become machine machine as we come up with Bio, compatible, combines way, fastened, Morgan ever evolve and the whatever else were supposed to buy a lot. I know people already that of artificial hips cover an evil and do my history wicked. Now you have supported my hip, honest I've really hurt. Sometimes my mover thereon, try being a top a renowned and lie down you the greatest. Thank you very much beyond the park. Yes, again, always the most fascinating, intriguing in depth. Conversations head, spinning shit, I don't have to go
I can review it because there is at last after we talked about that. I'm like wound, really need to consider this and I apologize for any inaccuracies. It is that we just our talk- and we just start always always an honor, always a pleasure of asthma and Brian and people can fall Brian on Twitter. Its be our why a and c a l, l e and following him on twitter and foul red ban only as by the way and by the way, I'm doing the palms onto an they upon Stanhope this weekend, this region and ragged attitude in vague ism seriously he's one of the funniest most unique human beings on the planet is responsible for thirty one of the three funniest things I've ever seen in my life the day, the gauge to sketch that you did in a hotel room in Vegas tween that
no, indeed shown its balls and Duncan truffles New video Duncan Trust is good. Is it s so glancing at woods Duncan in his girlfriend Atocha? No unseen, don't only watch. That is why you to it as a mere released. Yet when it does get release, I made a video on my Iphone talking about how great it is. Like you, people, gonna, free, elegant million, has an official locking how Larry areas this is. Is this? his greatest accomplishment, but a genius his Duncan in a nutshell and Natasha. In a nutshell, together this weekend, Gotham sold out next weekend, there's a few tickets left for the more theatre in Seattle, but that's going fast to and then we're in Portland the week after that
helium in Portland, it's all Joe Rogan, dot, net and dumb this Wednesday. We are at South Comedy whole cut some funny fuckin people on their whose on Steve Rent, is easy for any luck, hard done, Vance and embroider Ernst that too good line ablaze gentleman. So you don't want to mess that shit and South Tommy all is only like eighty or ninety people, and we do it pretty much every Wednesday everyone's into town we fuck around We come up with new material. We have fun, we know it's. It's a great environment, negotiate logical comic. Secondly, IP show right now he's eighty people getting a crazy, shabby. Sarah, so rented it last week that dog bands eyes intellectual such injure. You know we always have like top notch, guys come down and fuck around, and it's like a really good environments are really fun, but you do anything Wednesday. Buying towns, on the show we actually be in, do breath at fuck. Why would someone be done tat what sums are set you closing.
Clothes tat. You will be done time. We started nine any Wednesday. We do every way we added a pm south. Come that I want to come here. You come and you come it's the greatest. It's the new hang out the new greatest place to fuck around four stand up. Edwin super supportive or one that works are cool. Fox out is an ace he's, a super worn out on any less outlets and get a new place. It's under one. It's on our roads are great I'd love to now. The real small Bolivia people are the earlier peace. There is now a valet service. Now, starting this Wednesday, really s parking with low give some foreign do your keys? Actually, does it still your wheat is, I'm all our ambitious. You know we love you and we will see tomorrow, Joey Cocoa, DS, none other than the One of the other funniest human beings funny experiences. Not fucking, talk about bitches levy, asked
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