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Date: 03-31-2011 The uncensored podcast of Joe Rogan. With Joey Diaz and Brian Redban.
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Or LIVE lays Germany generally spans podcast brought to you by the flesh light. If you go to jail, Rogan, DOT, net click on the link that says flashlight entering the code name broken you get fifteen percent off all right and with that said, Buckler bitches. Here we go Joe ideas in the mother, Fuckin House, oh yeah,. A lot of people think complaining that this is lame music. A lot of people been say the song. Is this not the fitting of such a fucking Dinah
comic podcast, why you got some fucking fruity Tootie tunes playing there? Why don't you got some because we don't want. First of all, we don't want the song to overshadow the show. What is the song is better than the show me like? Why? Don't you fuck stop talking and play some more of that groovy music? You were just hitting me with de, as is in the mother fucking. How was it you baby? That's all you need to know that we get about that. Guy Opening music dont be trip, and don't I rambling right now don't get jumped ship together, can the best when so many complains about that song in and they send you they're like keyboard there. So of Daphne and they'll, send it to a thousand times and kids. Just in case you didn't get the first, fifty thousand tonnes on, isn't it. This is a new one. I've done them put some echo to the drums sorted with different. Now great expertise you: do doo doo doo too many to leave your ideas. If this fucking earthquake comes I'm gone baby back to them, mountains with the full posse load,
up in the Lexus. Leave everything by high level by location moved got San Francisco Oregon, California Nashville. What are the places fall that we well there's fathers a foreigner New York right as a fortnight. Your there's disappointing. False man. It's like the here's. The deal honestly, we know what what moves on a regular basis with that doesnt preclude things from from moving on, you know unique basis. There could be some a new shit that happens anyway. We don't, we will have this shit wired. We don't know what the hell's going on theirs owes. A recent study with scientists are gonna drill into the earth mantle all the through the fucking core is even take further. Try to figure out how to do it. It's delicate little kids what we know. We can't use a regular drill, cuz, it'll melt and also the trying to figure out how the fuck are going to get a drill that drills all the way down to the Manny. Ask him why? What are you doing you going to? Is there a leprechaun's down there they're going to give you gold what's going on? Is there aliens on the other men suck your dick? What do you do? why you driven down the mantle, because
People are silly Fox and we just want to see. What's up, we just once you one try was it would sometimes you dig a hole, the yeah, but what the fuck what if they dig a hole through the earth mantle and the earth becomes like a fucking balloon with a hole in it just goes flying around the galaxy. What if it lava shoots out of it, looks like a balloon. You know how you go and you blow up a balloon and you let it go. How about that The earth becomes like that, like a balloon that doesn't not tied offer the end and the earth flies around the galaxy of work and has usually like a balloon. What do we find out? The earth is really made at a rubber this old man don't offers other bullshit. This is just outside the balloon is like declaration on the balloon, but if you please that Motherfucker Alias fly around we slamming the Jupiter and shit we slam and other plans, does the fucked up thing about space. Is that occasionally planets hit each other cat
tat sun. Could you imagine what kind of chaos they would be in this world if we saw a planet common? Our way, if you saw Mars like four shore Mars, is common. It might take five years, but it's gonna hit the earth and we're flocked in is not a goddamn thing. We can do to stop it there. It is you see in this. Guy gets a little bigger every night, but we got real close people They lose their fuckin. My fucking great it would a party I wanna, be like old warrior with knives stat impede, it would be, like I had seen in event horizon. Remember that movie event horizon with Lawrence fish burn. You don't remember that bad ass wagon science fiction movie, SAM ship, and I think, salmon and Lawrence FISH Berne, and it's about of space ship that punches a whore through a wormhole. They travel to a distant partner galaxy by folding,
the space and time together, like two pieces of paper, punching a hole through it and arriving on the other end, but when they did that they didn't realize that they actually went to so these guys get to this event HORIZON ship. It comes back everyone's dead, and they get a video of the the crew in the the captain. Everything like they find out later in the movie, what happened to them and they're, pulling their own eyeballs out and scream and shit and latin and killing each other and fighting each other apart and cut each other open. That's! What's going to look like It's going to be in everyone's like we're, gonna be fuck, it you're not gonna, be fuckin. Ok, when is bars. It's like a hundred times bigger than the moon. Can we be a thousand to know what the fuck do. I think I think I'll fuckin kill myself. I would tell you I was. I was my fucking eyes, which were the best Tappan out there Can you pull up that dream, weaver departments eyes up all that
we are establishing the shell version, gave you wanna, hear you. I want to hear what you would do. I want to hear what you do over this or not I do not wish. It would happen to me and if I see she can get not months, one gets a good books and wait for the ship has dropped rearing other four or five. What these pocket Eddie? It's you! Nobody! They're gonna, want that guy's helicopters to just be pissing in your head out of there. The laughing at you you're, stuck in this stupid grid. There will be no fuckin helicopters as hate. Isn't this fuckin? So you don't like those I've got an idea. We shoot you dad, will go and will go and will go and it's gonna be fucking chaos yeah! No, it's interesting. People didn't really learn about human behaviour from the ruddy king riots, but that's what to tell you. This is what's possible with something so simple as a verdict for someone who you don't even know who use?
get beat up until the cops go, and these motherfuckers we're going crazy, throwing rocks at white people smash inefficient and yeah yeah yeah. It was actually charged issue. I understand people have this feeling of an unfair society and set up all fucked up. Now. That's what reason leads and have this crazy rage. They go now and pulled out Reginald any mother, Fucker out of his car and hit him on the head with a brick. I understand that, but listen that ain't compared to your babies, are hungry. Okay, trust me: the racial injustice that ain't shitt compared to what's going to go down when there's no fucking water, that ain't shit compared to what's going to go down when people are trying to get out of Orange County because aren't county of the same kind of fucking nuclear reactor that they have in Japan. Bitches, just sitting there and anything over eight point out when we got some. I feel bad forward kind people who may down again forcibly ass Tita. He's gets a wall of veto, can't save everybody bunch of
Look in lieu yuppies run beam is getting slept in the S. Desire wide cannot aren't cowardly. The flock of road worry when I killed every bio, be fucking crazy to want to be you wanna, be in the mountains. Yeah Nighttime Colorado enables tumult fuckin models in the fuckin money came in the faint fuckin money in what I believe that the real mother partners that you need it in case you ve got a guy like Woody Creek, define those be that ignore what quickest that's still fuck an average is trailing watch a fuckin boozes up. Really you gotta go deep, deepen amount, Gunnison shit like that file of coordination. Gunnison Briny get volume on were echoing Gunderson percent, Gunnison where's that that's down south What do you think about all that shit about the Denver airport? Do you know anything about the conspiracy behind the Denver airport? Is the Denver Airport. First of all, they moved Waymore Dirt needed to, and so this is all the stock there's some sort of subterranean tunnels. Tunnel system,
based on the end of the world shelters they fucked up Stapleton EP what was a brilliant than what it was like Burbank. You could smuggle a fuckin dead, fuckin kilos called commendable said one and all of a sudden they came up with a bright idea. Let's flock make up what ninety miles farther out by Kansas, so No, we really your fuckin bury. We have no protection. That's a much cowboys Roma decisions than trust me, the too stupid, even though conspiracy theory it they have the rape of what the people they built it may be, but if the government was really truly behind ailing all these people think what it is that they made it airport there, but in constructing the airport they also build some sort of underground safeguard threshold Reinhold Messner. There's gotta be some cake each year, while in off its close at me now would be a move right, nor hills and airborne and then build some shelters me that airport is bike. Fucking Kansas, when you want answers doing dick out, that's what they call
the employees? It was easy now and I lived in Denver or in boulder rather was easy to drive their house now in the drive for an hour nice. I never any trams I'd be twenty five minutes. Here's the deal, the there's no trafficking. They don't matter used to be twenty five minutes when no trial runs on fucking tones cracked, the window, the bed they built this monster to spend money yeah they built, despite this monster to Turkey You know like when I went to fuck a north sea to fight with you tat. We did know it. They built a soccer stadium right back in stock estate. Manure. They spend the money left and right, but they still capital left Antonia Signal So if you gotta make a left twenty livestock and miles of people out of work there trying to keep up their reputation as the car Jack Capital the world like some left, turn signals. Yes, I'm out people can ask escape, can escape the drum a circular. May that's the thing about dead. It's like you know. They think that there's some really going on inside the Denver Airport is always documentaries, dedicated
and one of the reasons for it is because there is these crazy murals that their painted up in the Denver Airport there really disturbing man, they're apocalyptic, like one guys fuckin gas mask on with a giant sword and there's like pictures of children in coffins and there's fire in the background of your seeing that shit ever yet with actually document on this biogas before we, then yes, but do you think that has anything to do with with and then only putting the two together. I don't think that it does definitely, but it's interesting in Armenia have opinion one way or another. I listen to the people. Talk about how to some great, keep base and that two thousand twelve is in a fuckin asteroid, going to hit that they're tracking it's going to kill everybody except the people, are in this underground bunker. I don't know man What's a tv show, us dude does do that, have they they ve bought like fucking Condos out in these shelters out in no death valiant chant? Have you seen those people?
space and devalued so they have a your condo inside this underground bunker. Thing! It's the middle of fucking. Nowhere drive and go out there, and they had. Two of these shows I forgot, who is the host of the show, but they they took you on a tour of these but might have investment or not. It wasn't him so that a sense of humor, but do you ever it was, was like really and that they they taken tour of these underground bunkers that they have set up where they can survive a Fuckin nuclear bomb. I mean he's guys like half a mile, deepened fucking earthly. You survived the bar now what she would eight fuckin Mamma, a mass of looking at each others. Just live your fucking life, these people at big internet shit and just live your fuckin life we get hit by a bomb. The best thing you could do is move onto the Fuckin next life and pray to God I'll be flop and better his adores music? Do you want a thunderstorm would live in upon you imagine being living in life consumer? What happens? A bomb drops at the one these sixty those people that shit warm up in the six
They all moved into the buildings were underground, drops with little fuckin sound because that's how tat was fuckin invent the. Where do they invented Tang, so we go in there flop and tunnel of do after the Russians. Nobody, ass, we, come out where we got vitamin c from the fuckin tang that wasn't better more, but guess what I see as aren't the Russians anymore. It's a lot bigger than that and when I was gonna hit now right now, there's a thing going on in Japan where we know fuckin know their way into the people. Just like everything else. There lie a twenty mile radius that shit's horrible. That shit is high. Radiation is flattened and the best These people are raising their hands? We have regulation in key west. Don't blow up in Japan. Don't blame it on Japan. Now, that's not Japan's! What you guys been radiation and your own you greasy model.
What was down or other coca you filthy costs, such as on the japanese walk around with flock mascot as radio less lowered. That's primarily noble hooked up haulage, guys off and cleaner spoon that they put a beach currency, as I my Andy's, your these chicks brazilian jumping up and down with that. As that's it that's fucking, pussy book nasty radiation by his something extra dirty about pony, give her my army robust porn from Miami. It's almost like delay, retarded people fuckin mean and are always offered up to their opinion and is something about. A leg can't relates hard, even geographical, which are well known among the Martians and little fucking job buildings this day in Japan is worse than what they say. You think so fuck you. What makes it I just. I just know our society and then ran a scared which fuckin, japanese.
Don't come about with six flock and eyes and she's gonna, which ones look legit. Then I gotta say why doesn't have better secrecy better off me and maybe that's two thousand twelve that'll, be I echo mutation, good there's an adaptation to radiation is enough. Already animals besides roaches at a really good with radiation. Roach supposed to be the best at right. Yeah the UK, must live directly, but is that it is then even is that even just like it wives tales, someone should do us a favour. Now we know that Japan is fucked, sent about our group is over. There would webcam on it. Lets you mad at you, Love America go over there and do their stolen fucking water, all that soil. What the fuck do you know what now, besides that spread out were Libya were in this work and play what the fuck I'm willing to lobby and raise the. Are you fucking crazy? These guys, you just sit and wait. That's like it's like you just wait. Last aware out before you focus in the home or ending up with that guy, we ve been looking for eleven years. Somebody just sit Nagoya. We gotta now read out like mother fathers, which is
a fire surrenders Kansas CNN breaking news. I get seen in breaking news sent to my phone power. U S! Intelligence source CIA is operating inside Libya to help. U S increase military and political understanding. Why that means no eyes get Jack. Shit quote: is that all the c I a is there to increase in military and political understanding now. This is what we want you to do. You understand a political understanding we?
at the bombs, bitch? Okay, we get fuckin robots that we can operate from Nevada. Ok, you don't even see them because they blenan with sky. They don't make any noise does their fuckin solar powered and they can contain how fire missiles hellfire that's a decided name. I'm not! You know the beautiful flower miss your nose like my ass, all missile, no hellfire hellfire missiles in there shoot them from another fuckin part of the world, Matter the land they have. They must have a really plan, a shot in advance like it just like quick online when you got lag. If you have like a fifty six k connection, some asshole you planning S, got a cable, modem and you'd know he gets to me quicker than new, because his downtime is pink time between can the servant back as much quicker, so you're fucked. This is what you guys must have like super lag with golden light and eighty five we went to see Rambo. Do that motherfucker around explosive Nobody shot at all is lost on why nobody like the black people, black people, lover of explosives,
I see that seventy eight we had ever seen like my life. Rambo came other modern. His eyes opened up and choked him other people wept. When that is there a yellow, we should adopt it. What is it about black dues? Love love, our love. They love any special. I could do doing some crazy. She, like all of them, are finally got a gun. An issue check that shit out something about a do. Pulse issue, often guns the bad guy. I shall now he did and what is that? What is really very Gunnar excited about this with the years ago, the shit we got now as bombs and stuff. Off the edge of my heart's. We got a ban that comes out. Yes, I thought it follows you to a gas station, but you're pumping gas. It turns into a bomb a guy Pasok, Tatcho shoulders that's why we got shit that comes the out just like a cake, happy birthday and when you got a blue
the candles it just fuckin blows up? We got some shit now. You know what I saw, those really crazy. They get this rover. This remote control. Drone rover that's moving around that can jump in the air it gets up to a fence, Thinking go like eight or nine feet in a fucking ere. It moves up to the fence and urges goes tank and fly city and lands in the side, and it looks like it basically like some sort of a flat blocks You know where all the electronics is we'd like to tractor to rubber tractor things on the side of it. I guess and the fucking flying through the air. I mean what what's next You know that's the thing that people are thinking about. A lot of the ship is going down. Afghanistan allows It has gone down the Middle EAST period as at the CIA, has got kinds of shit, gonna organs, lower limbs, rose and explosives, blowing up inconvenient spots spark anger and they
they, therefore they do is worthwhile get them always done them, but the bottom line of this, but it. What do you think is really gonna. They figure sum libyan, doktor figure out a way how to grow. Fifty. Those are a bad without the United States kind. Now that Jack, that Motherfucker catastrophes got an army and motherfuckers around this guy missiles and explosive, but the United States is Jack and this guy, that's I'm doing gee, that's gonna do with flap and why were over in the first place the whole nucleus of this day, people in the toy from Heroin. Yes, lock and war and was still now would take over Libya. Baptism money is an amazing how many people will think you're crazy. We start talking about the fact they're in Afghanistan for Heroin pivotal. What are you talking about her veil, Look at you like you just fuckin! Just bold of shit. No, if you like you all your ridiculous person will ya were at war for heroin. We think tat money.
What do you do? You know much money we're talking about that can ignore that you're fucking, crazy wanna take over a country, so you better gyros, that's who you were taken over a lot and loot dog. The bottom line- it's a lot of the bottom line- is outside elude over there, and this also salute in Libya. Two minutes it is it a fire. Coincidence that, for whatever reason we decide to attack Libya instead of going to Mexico and straight now that bullshit that's right next door, but on Mexico's gets burritos readers and hookers donkeys and two kilos? There's not a lot of shit to offer Mexicans ready, but listen, that's crazy! Motherfuckers. Will they gotta dig clean up their problem. They got a big problem and its because the United States is a big part of this. I wanted to make everything legal. They wanted it. You know they did no that eight years but little known fact, Mexico. Decriminalize everything, smaller
we are not selling everything's legal. Now you could get acid in Mexico, union, Mushrooms and Mexico. They did decriminalize everything just because they have to allocate resources to fight me. Fuckin drug lords mean that's, that's a guy, country that country's got on the country has never government anymore. It's right next door, right next door, my next on? I took the fuckin: do the drug army is it's like going to war with someone who lives in your country is like if we were fight now Cato but I'll Kate had billions of dollars and was way more armed and they were living here. That's what it's like! That's what it's being a local councillor. Let us go his grace Mexico's coming back to get with tears, bitch telephone The attacks is right. You can't take Texas can't take access even Schemes will devote around taxes and Jack Wyoming of Jack Dallas Dallas Kadesh they'll, give them a be near. You can answer the outskirts of Texas still come hither, hunting blinds, kill. You have a chance here, deliver their technology lives and Waco. Now you can find real. That's ok does he's gotta
France. I've always admired with I living he's a retard, but I think he does a lot of things that I really agree with unwanted things that I agree with his when he lived in she Guinea had his band ass compound wheel at two thousand acres. It's not like that, and it was all fenced in All these animals living inside his compound, which is going Jacko, that's we're gonna, was food from you, got food from hunting on his own property, and, oh, my god, dammit that's fucked. Brilliant, that's how I want to live. I would love to live like that. Just eat what you huh, That's one of the reasons. Why was into Movement Colorado, when the reasons why I was up there is like the shit, hits the eleven in the woods. There's a lot of animals out here in the spring water that come to fucking shoot the pay gap cook aiming to fucking cable, you kid of cave, given a more focused silverware living, a tenth with fucking eaters should ever went down, and I can t imagine the king Can I get the cake should give kinky dog in that can live. My life I got is still had excited about Organ Oregon.
If I can t organs, while states has been on the grid for years, but nobody, nobody, captain hush hush. I still get some good. We lorry and fifteen finance Ass Ashland Eugene Bend organs, a hippie flop, foundation of learn by persons are pretty happy place too, is a very happy eyes of their girls have dirty feed. They have started to get him to make important caught socks on websites and save it so that these outside and don't breather. My mouth Portland was the place that I went to last year and we are trying to find most attractive person in costs. Go for like a half hour mean than girls with who'd you fuck yeah, we can find anyone saw cost dollar do gooder costume, Burbank anyone a bunch of cripples there too. I know that's a packet Oscar accede on one string. You need to go. A better places, so smaller amount, smaller amount of people you want to fuck, that's ok, dude, I'll, be ok, Gonna live somewhere with as if this place fall apart. I went to this too many humans here, life
too many people. We keep on saying that everyone you anything about it. I did. I fuckin moved man. The only reason why I came back because MRS Robin got pregnant and because the doggedly by mountain you present for the suburbs and without my next month we always talk about always I'm already talking to real estate agents that we don't know, show much able so much food for thought. I'd not said that this is about is removed, move as you go and get a summer place in tried out and lived there for some rather items like you'd be supervised. Why they are so becomes honest, object, ground, recited, everytime without bring home region, and then we come back to allay and then it's all jujitsu and loud music too much possible, so negative bearings, crazy. You know I gotta just wants to fight in some of these walkin around naked now
in Colorado, daddy once go, get ice cream and daddy's bringin flowers, homsey you just train them round- is a sovereign glowing of arts honour violated that I love you have to ask ourselves. Is the problem you're willing to show real? It's got a great wife and Joe Rogan. I went to his home last week and that was the first time. Missus Roby was home like four times Missus William likes to wrap them only to see the quorum with or of where you live. Now let's go downhill should get the bodies that will you put a before mother Fucker rigorously locations like Jenna DR ninety miles before she will see that daddy's dawn was another twenty miles. She was from all weapon bawled, the first more that she cares about. Is cherry fucking, greek euins answer you two further Denver yea very far away from the more they're gonna, keep a closer to that you had a knife and fork and milder, and I love that's funny. I don't. I love most of their Lula. What am I love the most liven up there? I was that there was a small amount of people, man
smoulder boulders only got a hundred thousand plus people, not that much man had people friendly that is a more relaxed vibe and I think that shit is healthy. I think there's something exciting about living in a big city, especially if you, You know you're involved in the hustle and bustle in you're, really trying to make something happen and what you know about it. So I can't believe you're a ruined surrogate if you got that You probably embarrassing, and after we didn't dump you locked into a real again, are you right? I've never really rouses you gotta figure out a way to get a fucking car to the more whether I can say that the way, but you gotta move little close, that was to be had a negative move, a little close any just intimated taxes. Taxes as this is the answer to Like Austin. I am a big fan of that Austin Texas, I'll, tell you that I live there. If I'm going to live but lay a weed is not legal there. The thing about Colorado was just like our Fournier. You just go rock we'd everywhere, and people moved Austin
yeah the shit it's. The Van Adrian can happen when the one that should hits offend anybody get scared, many start making survival choices very well. You can live in Kansas. You know you'd rather be healthy in Kansas. You know, but. Though, the wheat stores in Colorado, just like out here, room just out of their everywhere, is one place in Denver with his fuckin, seven of a monastery being pink being being there. Every was easier to get a licence, though the same Sandia are get headaches. Bang corruption, side? Who knows, I don't watch out of Hake twenty minutes away from new shoot them will be run the mountains nice, like oh yeah, there's a place that I used to go to in the mountains was like a gift shop and we're doing the struggle and they were doing terrible Anita. Second, there were to lose their business and then they, someone we in the back of the gift shop. We They got a legal licence, another ball in another thereabouts, oh dear one place they open up in boulder is Supposedly I don't know if it's open yet, but they were talking about, is going to be thirty thousand square feet is going to be three floors. I don't know
through with it? I need to find out if they did, because this is the most ridiculous should have ever her. That's a goddamn shopping in the law, Martin Weir Walmart of we'd, but they had great spots there. Man, they had great spots. We can get weed. I got to know when we two days ago and highly was thirty one percent mass other smoke imagines two thousand and six, and you gotta figure every year gets a little story. It's the truth. They pay this girl. I forgot to bring a, but it looks like while the Martians full Independence Day team Martians independence Day in liquor, grown around its like a hybrid lock. In view of what, if I tell you, hire a joint about right now, don't worry give it. You know, I gotta know you there Don't get that? Do you really have some? What's it called mass level? One
bring it maggots pocket care about actions for control of the jumble fucked up some good dogs organs before last autumn. I, what do you Jeanne area with Jody further? We have, sadly might therefore one night if a trivial, but it was the same night. There was a convention for like their American Association, retorted children, and I want to say it, but it was like the children that reassuring right and they have a lot of little. Retarded kids went around when I gotta check it eyes and mother flock absolve balloons and I'm just frequenters orgasm we say that some at the gas station Brian of this shit. So I got a letter we check into the whole telling Eugene and job is not ten or fifteen of them. This is six hundred children special Olympics, two hundred retard
one in their parents, so I go to my room in the wee small we do. The show the show is in the whole tablet a different part. They having a little dance. You had to see this they're all holding hands a little balloon and the disco, and it was very cute to see, but if a lot with the store, a lot of people are retarded, mother flock is the world s most perverted? Really I've heard that boy they go fuck in much of you see. If you show em, you push listen to me when the fucking calmly club, it often they switch it at ten o clock. They switched to turn into a disco. Joey's got a couple cocktails and she's got the message about victims at the time, and there is little retarded boy who breaks away from the falcon pile and goes into a dance, and he started to look a Jody seizure rolled into these losers. Fuck em are now finally goes. I wanna dance was dancing were respected,
So let me stay quietly when a jolly thinks it's q and arson they commonly like day is there's little David and they come to grandmother David Fuckin Snap, my bonnet fuckin guerrillas Mozilla. Right now they had three black dormann that we're trying to A little Timmy Timmy withdrawn them around like right last minute, Braun around Fuckin, John Fitch, just pick the whole offensive lie. The giant can help us replied the reef. Welcome black oil t just push them, I d be outdated. The signals tat easy was slackened exit he's portion, the council's game that Roma. What a floor put his hand, he seemed intent. Easy was an aid should go well, those in Portugal. Let them. By now I saw this little weight cars and it was just titty. Can you imagine what was the monkey, who will probably see this universal Eugene? These are big black football players. They couldn't control is water of Euro even bang unemployed.
The morality good, I was twelve twelve or thirteen just throwing these fuckin black eyes are well forget that that they had put him on the floor and careful shoot, em tranquilizing this little flock and poor kid seem Teddy's. Anyone spoken when it is now as crazy. I wonder if they're just doing what everybody wants to do, but just as have the ball alot they had, they don't have the walls that yeah yeah yeah, whatever people like instinctively wanna. Do I think, like yeah, retards, cambaluc actual more horny right they probably not extra horny, when, like Joe Romans, has about the electricity Zheng Killilea who brought this kid white fur, but as regards Sherry, Canada beat them up when he would he do do you can drop a bar modify funny thing was that they built like a wall efforts made to Roma first, they asked me to leave and he was linked to build with a black eyes by shoulder to shoulder and he was grab showed,
Well I mean it was fuckin scale. They don't know they look bad. You know, that's why the weird things about people that retarded Down's syndrome or whatever you don't say to know, they just Canada are. There has behaved that out there I go almost of work is to be used with more than I like that different gauges themselves, enemy There must be a strange, strange existence where you know that part of being dumb. Is that you're too dumb to realize your damn? You know. I'm not seeing dumb like this, like their lazy like destination, is a mental issues in a mental imbalance, whatever the regulation, but I mean it's them their impaired, but there's some are they not? Another impaired like they've lost the ability to see that their impaired you now strange thing what if they all have it in her voice that that's completely normal like, but they can't take a debate, I note your enemy so the whole time there's like. I can't believe how much they treat me so horrible and I wish
but they can't when they try to say it's like murmur frontiers or get well. This probably now, though, this probably a lot of that yeah, I think there's a bunch of different types of being fucked up. You know for sure there's Do you know it's not it's not just simple as ruder there's, some of them varying reader gathers varying degrees along. The way that are, you know, means fuckin, crazy thing, man to have your mind impaired and look look army, comparing comparison. I was watching this fuckin twelve year old kid, his artistic kid with hundred and seventy iq doing his tail. On the theory of relativity and he's writing out equations on this fuckin window and I'm one Get on my this kid might as well be fucking alien right. I don't know what he's do have no idea he's explain this like this is all simple, simple shit, why this is so far beyond my capacity to him, artistic kid, I'm retarded! Ok, I am
this guy who he has to humor, because I can't understand a fuckin word, a letter, a single part of his equation and on a what's going on up there. It's chaos to me, but to him no clear its languages like ball. Quite simply, you have to move this in this becomes ex eagles. Waigel too we are the retard, so that kid you know, maybe like, maybe Like you know, people down syndrome. They feel bad with people don't have down syndrome, maybe like us? We feel bad with people have autism re gauze pork he's got autism Manny can engage in all the normal emotional things that we do not want this motherfuckers, you know count counting billion in his head volume. Well he's talking to you about how television is conduct constructed. You know maybe weren't retards them. Maybe they look at us and Ngos Poor Fox that they can. You do math and their head. They don't they can't see through walls there's the country.
People's minds, you know well, but some people just adequately grazing is Michael. While a gretta Sicilian it, he had been fresh off the boat in the fuckin six great by the eighth grade. This motherfucker spoke three languages. While we believe- and I don't really know what that's a silly issue will be picked up Spanish, then he picked them anguish and I suggest sit. I look at em off deals only with such a cool mother fabulous, I just one language and he was so uneasy Mary reasonably when you, when we simply have we'll be the chains with the with the hockey stick Illegal Iowa, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Yo, I would die, he was never grafter the bag. My dog Michael, I would rather whereas, but this kid knew nothing came off about January. In the sixth grade. By the great reflect the language you told the means managed talk to you in English like nothing and give Ays ill some
It is the work ethic to its some people. Just they have this insane work. Ethic and people get a chance to come to America so much different than being born in America. We don't have any fuck and idea you live. You know you're living in fucking, Guatemala or some shit in your ear got between these fuckin few and far between you know. You live in some places, impoverished you for your kind of fact ban, but when you're in America Dude Holy so these guys in another family gets together like we're, gonna move to America, one have a better life and you realize you leave everything behind your personal you're fuckin ship in car. Planes and you're all sitting together crammed in coach, and you know even fruit at your mom's person. You know just opened that when you get there, things are going to be better and you don't know anybody there, how scary as this, so when those motherfuckers get too, will they come out. Guns plays in you know they appreciate fact that holy shit I use the live in ITALY. Now here I am in the land of the free, the home of the brave. You know,
in America and I'm in school and I'm learning English. I'm just gonna go fuckin crazy over here, they're, just so happy and your weapon, that's the one half of it because any leave Cuba crime. We moved the I walk about. Eighty nine riverside drive Raw had all the fucking things at risk kid. What rioted? And here I was walking around this fuck him sitting about knowing wish and all you want to do in your highness fitted, and you have no idea. This is not trying to fit it. When you a grammar school, you should get a tattoo long hair. All you want to know is for them not to know that you came from somewhere else. Did that I can't describe to you. I can't even flock and start the tie you like. Sometimes I have this anger made its cause. I was so lucky we were so lucky. Any three of us could have been born world blockage in fucking. Eighty with lies on any degree of us, and we have
how many flock and opportunities, and sometimes I wake up some way. This really hits me some time ago. How lucky that my mother came here, and here I am sent me a smoking, Dahlberg mugs Xilai think about that's. What have immigrant was like. I am target for a long time right this thing and that's how it started with the euro and optimum anything and remember the play rife in Cuba. I remember nothing. All I remember is crossing the flock and street on eighty Nathan Broadway up the PS, Wolsey six, sixty six and think it to myself finally latin american one. What does that mean? Looking at that flag really believe in certain dog, it's not just a piece of work and re. Looking at their flag and going what the fuck like looking at the wind blowing and going what the fuck that flag. The answer to all my fuckin problem: that's the answer right there, but even at age. I knew my mother was fuckin crazy. So I do I wasn't full fledged American. But look like when you look at their flag, and you just come here that
Have a seat in the beginning: Scarface, when there on the boat, Finally see land and they show the american flag and the directive, whether the guy's brilliant enough to show he shouted from a different angle. What their flag looks like it's not just. We overlook that flag. Every fuckin that we all look that flag, you're gonna want, is to look at that flag when you first coming and tonight that that's your fuckin, that's your magic carpet, the highest ideal in the world its highest ideal. That's why it's so infuriating when politicians are fucking corrupt! That's So you know people say why do you criticise what America does overseas? Don't you love America yeah? If you'll love it, you wanna tell a fuckin truth about what it's doing. If you love it you're supposed to stand up ago what the fuck is going on. It's, I don't love it by wet and get away with stupid shit, because some corrupt concept, the wheel, that's not,
doesn't mean you, don't love the idea of America. I fucking love the idea of America for sure that we can remember. We only see the one. We never see both sides together. Gentlemen, and that's the point we we never really see that one side of the flag, I now you disgust at the CIA, certain things in Libya, what they say: not this time the war started business, yeah they're, getting things going, that's the other side. I like that, would never but to see once you heard a mirror on the other side of flag. You don't say that's the one sided flag that we have since we accept decided to fly. We got to accept the only way that side, this side is possible. Words easy to drive around, as, if they're doing all this creepy shit you gotta, bring and less we bring the whole world together in on everything. That's it's not gonna happen. And with those crazy, fuckin shit we're gonna do creepy should to trust them. You know we get cancer people to be cool it out that looking? natural instinct. If someone can get into a position of power is to be, could Duffy fastened actual instinct, the natural instinct is to get,
talks when you eighty have his big, stupid living rubber face where good the clothes and just be run in shit. Even though you, this Can't we now live in it's a fucking castle with billions, and now I see door Ledger funding was may we put our days and hours for money, then ass. I left lag is money Joe Grogan. That's allow people, never comprehend that that's a reality would stand up. Is a beautiful thing. Do you have some guys a brilliant some guys aren't going to believe as the other four between the crack, the other side, the stand up? It's a business near. It really is a fucking business guys and if I gave you doubtless, I left leg. Is a business guys. In the same way, we want social security. What was sixty five, a country s adieu, seller couple kilos area was allowed to replace those fuckin phone you're insane and that's aside the Americas, public, don't wanna know. That's aside, that include Kennedy. That's aside to Alex Jones talks about whether its true or not. That's aside, we not supposed to see, was supposed to be focused on the other side on what that machines.
Posted mean through his four guys, like you and I like looking biological, but I don't, I don't, because I grew up in a corrupt hometown. I seen what politics is Adam. I look level I can't even dream of what is in the national flag level, whether I'm taken political contributions, but I'm a pass your fuckin bill, so you could pass that law. Let us make people's ends grow back, but there s another Gmbh cancer in the eyeballs. That's part of it grows women I grew up in it when it was in a micro process ice now. What's in there, actual level of corruption is a macro process and its legit little things in townships.
Macro smaller than Maria Micro Macro, but you understand, but I know exactly you saying: yes, it's very interested corruption, if not checked, grows at all. Just keep getting bigger is not like they go. Hey. We gotta cut the shit. I know we ve been making millions doors on the sneaked, but always go stop right now and I'm not kidding. I think it is wise. No making money these weeks leave. Things are pretty cool. For De Keyser, I the shoe. That's what he's assholes wanna put the gun jail, demonstrated, compromises, Americans, you know it. Doesn't he did exactly what the New York Times was supposed to do. If they got that information they should have done that on twitter. They could imagine if there was just like this twitter address that everyone followed that everyone they had no tweet later by the way JFK. Here's pictures of J K, sound cocaine, told to do. Wikileaks has a twitter and they really legit isn't aims at odor. They really shouldn't later. They release to some an article about how different parts of the amounts economy are influenced by genetically modified foods and how we are trying to force them on other countries in the world like
whether the countries, if they don't go into other genetically modified food, they don't start growing Monsanto corn show either in others that than that. Does this giant. Companies are way to embedded into the political system and not doing stuff for the greater good of people. There doing stuff for the profitability of joy corporations that move in a position to first place. The whole thing has been corrupted like to sit down and pretend that that that there is real, is insulting its legacy took a stupid argument. It's like people who argue about pro wrestling and I was like what are you arguing about? This is a fake nonsense process. Have you can't notice that from Obama Nepal. That you're about about, oh, is not, Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize, and then he sent thirty thousand more fuckin troops. Afghanistan may come on look at all this shit, he's done to allow these cuts to get away with steel in all that fuckin money in a bail out. I was, inside job movie do shit is costing it's disgusting. How deep
Corruption is the financial, the whole financial sector. It's scary, do they have the people that are regulators eventually get jobs with the banks like how the fuck you tell him, you work is a guy is working for the s you see and you're looking into banks and corruption and shit like that, and then, when you quit, you get a job with the bank. How the fuck are you not in jail, What the fuck are you not in jail? You were the one responsible for looking over these motherfuckers, while they would do in all sorts of crazy shit, betting on things failing and betting three times more than that a business is worth and speculative and and and and and betting again fuckin forcing clients to buy shit. They knew wasn't good like they did a lot of crazy, creepy shit and got away with it and the only one. Poverty is a burning made off those the fucker should all be in jail, there should be a mass jailing and they're, not do not jailing anybody, then it's bullshit infallible.
It's all bullshit the dinner you you gotta, like hold them the most accountable you candidates, barely at all peoples, dreams, people dream, you steal people's dreams, that's the worst in the world. You sixty three is also somebody caused decision, and I get you your money at sixty six, sixty seven, all that money you put away tat happens, has a lot to tap into a lot of welcome people, people six. I just want some about a month ago, people Seventy one getting part time jobs now. The sixteen does in London movie showed, I believe, was Iceland how they went in and Jack the icelandic economy, and, like a couple of years he's banks went in and just fuckin do is created bubbles started, making crazy money spending and access than are all failed and people flocked they had like them. Stable the most normalized economy like it was a beautiful, everything was running. Smooth people are hard workers, people got shit done, they lived a life
the Vienna relative prosperity, not a fox. Everybody lost everything everyone's fucked. Everyone's pistol states. I think it really has very has worsened. Meanwhile, what it? What is this? How do you, people. Get money when, when there failed they will there. They are bonuses in their contract bonuses. How the fuck do you get it honest when the bank fails like the idea that you have to respect them and that they can't lose. That's just the there. It's so could well be the size. Gusty bonuses, millions and millions of dollars- and this is from banks- would have we would have to pay them. We gave them money and they're giving out money either. If your big fucking, you can't get a bonus. You kid the boys and failures that bank fucking fail to take. No part personal responsibility like who takes responsibility. Somebody
wouldn't it be the guy that stands to make a bonus if the bank does well, that should be the girl take personal responsibility. So when the bank fucking fails, you don't get. Your ball is to face its it. Is that simple? Why the fuck you the presidency? That is then that is like we're? Gonna? U know low limited to half a million dollars, half a million fuckin dollars for a ball. When your bank fail. What do you want? These motherfuckers are so not living in reality and most people's reality. These comments cause showman, fucking people, their life savings and they have their bonuses and the presence. I hope we have to give it to him. Talking about. You have to give it to you, can't just happened to cut the shit you you're crazy. No, you can't get thirty million dollars. Have your fuckin brag fails? No in the middle of a crazy down economy were billions of dollars from taxpayers. Money had been followed, two fuckin banks to keep my float. Now you can't get a bonus. Blockhead you're lucky a job you're lucky your head is attached your fuckin shoulder lawgiver getting mainly fucking years. Yeah you.
What you're not in jail for ever in Haiti. Creation of you follow. What's goin on the city about Bell was Bilbil. California is a city that the fuck you guys just what happened like that. You got to get up early in the morning, for this is a talk about my Ktla. It's the city here of Bell off the six hundred and five or something and all the man, everybody it was as corrupt as can be. They ve been jacket millions, so if it had city of bow, the corruption is that the council haven't. Does real. Ah, this is every day on the news they come up with more should the guy just got re invited. This is all soldiers she really cool clears Bell, bowed. California, I think, like you know, thirty minutes from here really authority, forty five zero pages, Haven't this shit, there lay the shitstorm they are. They wore steal it, while the eyes of steel, big, don't understand how they feel like no one's gonna get caught with
But while Israel member good thousand Robert, you know how to start telling people, because you have been too much money, that's the saying that thing man thousand rate seen wasn't it. Will you realize the guy came in his wife? Had a fuckin, beautiful fur coat on what the fuck are you doing They did, then they have to kill this guy than this photos of him and his wife shot in the car. When a great goddamn movie that was resolved, I walked in the port with their at the mother's house and borrowing the life you gotta think of a whole see the borrower them. I have to stab this guy in the car. Meanwhile, whether it has ain't gonna fuckin career read like it's a fourth of July: very bag. Bread for can tell a story, remember the painting. Yes, then his eyes. There me a that is such a sick, fuck movie right. There is a great moving. What you want from me. There's not that many. Those is very few of those that ever get that good.
She movies that ever like hit that that's like a perfect movie good felt like a perfect fuckin movie, everything about it sufficiently. You see a twenties, when she was scream and it really Oda. He ruddy such laugh runs wagons gasped out it's fuckin, my shoes, cream enemies, laughin them when they were were packaging up the coke and his girlfriend get pissed off now she's, because he's gotta, just fuckin making look for him now he's banging on the side. Still with his wife he's got a package in Coke Foreman, and now he he leaves laugh and she fucking throws the coke at the door yeah sorry grazed the crazy when he gets to that seem difficult for thirty years when he gets to see that slaughter, we pops up and his eyes dilated right from the camera. That seems why turned the movie really bothers me to know what bothers me, because he steals it though he taps into the calculation.
And what is armed watch again, she's way in it. If you stand there with his arms folded, only twenty miles for major potential energy ready to explode UK even take watching that fill that, but an envelope when he sees the falcon the helicopter. You know it's behind that China, China they have that paranoid twelve. Why can't we go to your mother's house and when they draw The guns of the imagine, so what can we go to your mother's house and drop of goods? They had this get a job when he gets out of jail these figures for the cook and he comes home. We going to tell her that he wants. If the money I E. Once again, I bet they're carrying in what you do with what we saw. We care and that whole look at how high the aegis passes and just passed so perfect from the actual we had six.
A thousand thousand fuckin thing he had seen. What comes right now found a great fuckin moving amazingly looking up at the helicopters in its drive, so fucking ass. It is the car they thought it was over and is in these get rid of guns right. Wasn't you have no idea what it is to get caught up in this little room? Look up that window by the blood. There's like they'll, be what you call those things a fire hydrant, but you abide becomes. Could you imagine if you like? Osama Bin Laden cooked up? Did you mentioned get someone sullenly Gaddafi, cooked up right now. How paranoid you will be they just they probably does it eating. It does, of course, You're fuckin, terrors, you're, probably fucking, fucking, hooker, we're doing office caressed his dick or I mean no means some he's, but a mean yeah he's a saint
There was a bad bad purse right enemy barriers that there was a guy called Carlo Sultan was poorly middling cartel these bad level functional when there was in charge of bringing a ball Oh, he got so crazy money, Dear Carlos yeah. What's last night he rarely dear cousin, and he was the way they blow up. I might have made that up blow was the guy the island. He went to visit, Johnny Depp, the guy with the blue eyes. We had the machine, shit collar, lay dead. Yes, it is clear there lay dollars laid their causes, Got a sentence reduced: he got like I told you he is not love ascendancy stuff. What do you want to do is the one that once a goblin said, though I gave Adele emblem of face to face while and Jose dad how they nailed him was. He was actually getting hammered, like Brian does, set them around the room and get a plate
but while we sit there, look at what power, I just do what everyone's alike like this a chicken comes up his dick it's not blow had he just tell biology all day and finally, they cartel got. There is never like. This gave the bush on the phone Bush. We got some for you, by TAT exactly what he is. Email that take the risk than ever. They inevitably cocktail gave her mom real exactly because they couldn't take them, This guy was folded. These make videos of himself naked sweat and what is I still don't blow for twenty four hour pop up jolly she this box, and don't say, have broken by Luba stars in them. Then you will die with Chicken Tobin suck, my dick anyway Sheeta they would table just keep. You see a bore. The by rankles issue. Gb bleed
we do more blood. I wish I was like this. Guy was killing people on tape, of blows tat. Ninety four days, brilliant shit. Less than one million got tell that, there's no way we can what a wedding gathered and brought him back. They start those pictures on the plane Don't worry! We should look at what the fuck do even backing them in holy shit. You saw cooking cowboys right. You know that woman, what's her name the elder she's out she's in Colombia. Man pictures are her in Colombia at the airport hanging out free Does the movie just detail, to detail how do people she had killed while the pitch, though the godmother- they call their Griselda shaming It's how much money hundreds of millions of dollars and cope money, man she was killed people left and right. They get this guy who's that her hit man who's in jail in the interview modality. Just tell him all the different times Griselda have made
kill this guy's radical. Do some business and I kill this guy. Who do some business? and I said I wouldn't do that because they wanted me to do a dry by and there was a baby in the car, was Colombians days. Two should anything is a picture of you go on daily news archives? Nineteen, eighty four Colombia family in Brooklyn got slaughtered. The killer room for the week was what team body there was twelve kids Armani, Sally kids down to the twelve and bullets live once and for all my pictures, just at all shoulder bodies, but they show the funeral parlor and just the role of Fuckin bodies Colombia's and over nothing. This is in the eighties, and I wish you deal with two dollars just to make their point. You know you're fuckin, money luge that was
The big thing about them right, the calumnies where we start to be the most colombian necktie go for creative. Luckily, I rode out your tongue out. They wanted they wanted and intimidation at the maximum amount of funding. Savage, that's right next door to us buddy! That's that's! Just like! What's going on in Mexico, that's happening right now been a bigger, even bigger scale, because the Colombian even only had like they were cylinder, no brain drugs and their work is now much resistance from their government. Yonah mean those kind of good government white boy iraqi. I was kind of corrupt, but in Mexico is not the same and Mexico, they get a lot of resistance, but it doesn't matter still Dylan. It is still doing so at scarier cause it's more like its or more militaristic, Dick spanish, normal global blocker? That's expression. Well, that's a silver cash finish from the rubber guide global up The latter is Either bullets were money which were digging
shopping, which ones bullets global plumber. Is bullets The latter is cast so homo, applaud the pages sharply out, but a lower level of global blot activity under wraps on what you want to flatter, and your call I saw they were forgotten: Colombo, Loma, track cheats, Meanwhile, this up poor fuckin grow. Was member. That girl was trying to be a sheriff and some town and near war, is that she was too years. Old is a big story, because this is college girl, decide she's, gonna fuck get a job as a sheriff and try to clean up to town within months. Poor girls trying to seek asylum in America they're trying to kill slice. You fuckin, look at you you re! The earlier at all is not coming back those known now! That's different society. This isn't the terrifying! This isn't it's terrifying shit!
terrifying, that it's terrifying, that we are not doing anything about. It me you're, a fucking, IRAN, Libya abroad, nineteen, eighty four December towards late. You really feel I was more than my business. Already three lay the my business, the snow man good at a low level about the Slorc called and going to school at night. I just how nutritious job- and I heard the baboon, no one with a bed. The next stage would tell me a story about this drug dealing, Stephen Gruber, you gonna, fuckin car, with style up. They put a bomb, others fuckin car inasmuch Colorado, some way do asked around in the papers he was about to go and traffic tax evasion, jewish guy. That would limit the calumnies and then they re Movie had overheard thousand thousand mine. So you come to your restaurant. Put a saving of reason and just precautionary can pay for your red think on Paypal, restaurant. He had all over the place, but he would make him so much money. He couldn't fuckin clean. It was late in eighty four, it was too fast wow,
bucking bull. Can you imagine I get blown up in a fucking pipe bomb. That's when you know somebody And he did die right away. The metal It is ass. He stayed away out of stock of ours. Designer went up in his from the plate under the gene and should they all have those crash plates in Colorado LEO have those plates those plates words work gets you Barbara the effect so that we were right. This fucking coolies believe that's fucking, crazy. Somebody killed your car bomb means you did something bad. They slice you forgive drove you gotta, be a ghost at the Sunday slashes draw you'll, never rest rest and fucking piece. You gotta be sought a ghost hunting, the woods forever. Somebody had been Colombians. You haven't been fuckin bright, red there. What's up by rival, do you believe in Judea forget to your own pocket, I believe that I see I see some of the com is the one thing not
see the door ringing out and see nobody walking with not a head on. I've heard a lot of stories, mechanics and then I've been around people passports as a young child. In fact, I want to see the lady Wesley yeah. I was a kid. I see that do some while she wants to do. When I was a bad one was about eight. You know my mother bar and all these people come into shaken down in a cop for common lies, guys just white guys come in that part of the business of a boy. You know somebody get stand you what the cops their first you gotta give an envelope after my three months is Geisler Company was accumulated like Super go, but he would come in and break the Cubans bores. He went after Cubans. He will have the Cubans in seventy six and seventy five one after maybe they would come to my mother's bar
salt, you fuck, you motherfuckers. I want a bigger envelope next time. I come of shit so Elinor at the school and he was young screaming and they're. Not unlike this fucking guy, he was younger any beard. He was of weight. He it I do Couple weeks later, I gonna burn all these cuban guys about thirty. Eight street had to bring these these well cuban bookmakers that my dad, no my step down. No my mind ice fuckin people and was a lady. I played baseload kids Ikey was a boxer names twas a Torres, bad is their uncles. The fuckin do That's the way of a good Jose policies of boxing Raffer, something big boxing: a visual that's their uncle. This is their nephew. The border regions, So I was gather guy was he was a light, have a champion right. You know need some big box, and this has his nephew, I grew up with their left. You they were basketball players. I think that's what is anyone that wrote the book about MIKE Tyson. It kind of grew up with MIKE Tyson and kind of like wrote, a tell all book about him was kind of like
None of this is that I'm Joe Torres DNS decision. So far as the referee from the seventy together round this guy, even reft like he was, he was doing when they did our fight when they would try this but the ran against when they were trying to stop. These are what we gotta look it up. Dorani answer the ran against that fight. What kill the guy. The rate Nilghai died two weeks later, bleat disparity. What what's the fight we always about the ran at eighty more davy more. He does. I think he had. I use it and died years lately: asthma and acquire the contracts. The Fuckin Jacqueline yeah is currently got crushed, but he ate dreamt of his spirit of despair it happens to guys man did she who uses are Chavez. Familiar Taylor is no question about that. Five magic Taylor, gotTa Spirit, taken Chavez, took a spirit. He D heard him bad too. Physically, like you'd, never same physically, but it was also never the same psychologically to go through that crazy. Yes, war and box in the fuckin ears off the guy at first that event the guy too slowly, whereas you down slowly, whereas you down
boom stops. You in the twelfth would like seconds to go. They stop the fight. That's it. Crushing blow devastating blow you now that they have every look at you, and I was like two seconds left in the clock and the referees shakes him off and Chavez wins like. What's what that's like us bear it crusher I know about this matter spirit with merit or as well. So we were kids and watch. But this lady would pass a fuckin spirit. The house
ass she was among. Those lady was amazed to watch her. She was a man. She was a driver, kids around different basketball game. This shit, husband in her, was separated. She wasn't boozer. She never really cursed. I would go to the daytime issued, make sandwiches free and stuff like that. She would take the kids to church on some may suffice to watch. My mother once told me that lady passes a fucking, weird spirit. Once a month assumption people already bring a money of gifts or whatever the fuck you bring it. She talks the one that we was toxicity of spirits and one that we went over the how long you know me alive, alchemy, off, look at him. Joe shut the fuck up going around you don't forget, I talk to you for, like a man, I thought you like a man. This is flock government data about aid, and I saw this one.
Last time I went to the bar and he had them all up at the bar, like Popeye Doyle. Had those people in fucking the french connection. Emily goes any good everybody against the wall. This, like last time I went in there and now he's fucking Cuban to peso. So like we got to figure something out now I knew eventually my dad was going to shoot this guy. That's the thing I just had a funny feeling in my stepdad or some reason to shoot this fucking guy cuz. He was going over his bounds. They felt that he was abusing Cubans, which is even worse than your Cuban. If he's a white dude or black dude hey it's part of the turkey, We're gonna get your ass, so I knew about this and I just turn the other way. One night we go this Fucking Ladys House Talkin to these people she's got the Spirit obviously is lady would be ring flocking to rule out the whole. What's that, what's that fuckin a mature, the ship that people drink. That's a hundred forty proof. Nuclear evidently issue genetically drink, it
What do you and smoke a fuckin cigar ought to be a black africans fuckin slave, but she was really about I reckon woman and she Plucky rigged the fuckin shit, and should we stop it my mother she came over. There was little fucking kit of animal look another ship, my pants off ass. She took a dish as she showed it to my mom is a white dish. Then she took a fucking candle. She took the dish put began under the dish, stood the candle she drew down. She showed a distant, my mother, she said this is what bobbing you lately and there was just some fuckin thing. It just looks like some candle desire, the thing right. She took the dish she smashing done seven days. I went home though I never thought about this shit yeah I was and had the ayatollahs I was trying to look at my dead body.
Ours is a ray. I don't believe this hope is bogus right will one day at school. I take the bike I got on my mother's Barlow. They get up there. All fuckin drinkin have a good time to prepare and I go what happened fucking cop, they shot into pieces last night and they shot him up by this place rapidly tax. It was the first cuban tat. He kept company. The seventies that would deliver blown attacks is only Julius duties is not yet the Cubans without the seventh Eu City, they will go over the bridge. You called me: they deliver. The speed of the ivorian taxis would deliver that come under this assembly was suddenly my back and enable a company was rapid. All taxi nor rapid, all means is banished were quite bitch. Quit lobbied, quack, quack, well, yeah quick. So I took my or rather general than I would have thought this is. This is really so as the taxi a real tax accompany it wasn't just actually Copley, but they blow fuckin bored. I was that that was the purpose of these have been made money every hour at all. They make
They live in the fucking gloomy good, the studio so did they run and real taxi to real tax. You thought you could grandma take different supermarkets landing go on the way home condemns Coke right, not enough on the way home you gotta go the city, they just put a kilo of the city and then get hold of it out. A ride in the city people a meal oversight, Joe robbing the backlog. Ansari go right ahead. We don't you those are my meanwhile- is fuckin a bag of welcome blown cops must have to write, haven't you how many the cops ran back there to be some right? Europe was up different animals at New York was a different riot functional and it was a different fuckin animal them. But you gotta remember that it was just a toxic nobody thought about. Your back and I was wondering how the fuck and timely when New York's me. Well, I really I've got a fucking called. Let's get there that ten years behind ovine spoken savages. This is enough is a totally different place socially, the new! That's for sure. Right, though you like
Furthermore, on the ball, there is more like this more con. Artists and shit is more clever people. They think. Doesn't want to do is everyone's more stone people out here. If there is a lot of that, but I think that I, say something about the weather man. You have to deal with the weather get soft idiot your brain doesn't have to think think quickly because you have to survive. You know when you're in Boston. And it's fuckin. Zero degrees only get new cargoes fuck fuck whew, and you don't have a cell phones do, but there was no cell phones back them. So what are you doing? Oh, my god, I'm gonna knock on someone's dorsal, don't freeze to death some people up because you might free. Death, I'm sorry! My car broke down can dude, you gotta, think quicker when you're. In a kind of an environment in California. You know you
our big data sleep in a car until the cops come and then the cops tell you what's going on all my car broke down and get you a totally new fine. You have the way dying outside live in Boston. You gotta about dying, that's like some real shit and that's why they're there look quicker dodo quicker, quicker, a take that the sound that sound that you made for doing the car? the mandatory, no demanding that's what it sound like when Joe ideas had sex. Do you think so? Jody sound like many aspects, not as yet. I thought I was good Dick. I am giving you get back, I'm giving you a good text was with them. Get me started red men. Have you know who had twenty minutes bits lap and mother up is Europe's. I agree. We have overcome with plan B I don't know, do you know
so. My dog twixt vixen, guide, raped again by a girl by a girl dog. I heard your horse. The person was like a freeway, tell a story. The person I was with Joey and once we remain with twixt evicted. Sorry are so the personally with their own. The dog there, like my dog, has never a hunt. Anything and be my dog is a girl dogs. Are you know why it's like China hump your dogs asks it doesn't have a dick suggests. What what do you think about? Rss feeds ideology that Airbus pipling before about. You don't know anything about computers. What designed to pump out a legacy the website is designed? Only four: were mostly for sending out website, so other applications and other websites can add it to their website nor applications.
But if you don't want to do that, you don't have an artist s feet. So I could see you wouldn't want and are essentially level we must. Finally, like oh, is have real ass. We see now. Will you agitated voice hey, I'm sorry. Ladies gentlemen, I apologize. I was working on a video game all day today has a dry rose at getting as working on that you see video game today in a drink tea. When I we're gonna show how the video games like it's very like a script and others like, I have to pretend that, like I could go on right, so it's like four hours and hours and hours you talking to that. Like really intense fast, and we hear your voice gets really tired during a lotta tee. So I could not hold him a year, and so will you say why left so rudely?
is, that your dogs, a whore, yet a war that lesbians arabian you're, no yeah exactly in like. Why do all dogs have just the intuition? in to get on top of another dog and hump it even if they don't have it. Because it doesn't make sense. Now it does make my dog. You should do that. Choose a female people and I had a male pit, but there was a puppy used again taboo and humble rubbing puss. No, no! It's a dominant thing. What she's doing is saying that if I want to fuck you in the ass I could I can get to the position where I'm on top of you, I'm stronger than you add a jockey for position. You have to almost like it's a social thing, so I can for a dog to get on top. And dry hump you it's not just that he's horny! It's also that he's trial it. You know he can do that. We can impose himself on you. Like my two dogs. They have varied click. Clear rules like Johnny's amassed. If he's a big fucking dog and get this giant fuckin head he's a sweetheart of a dog but the other dogs, a bold
she will index and the other dogged and get no saying shit just the way it s they don't fight, they don't argue, but when I open up the door Johnny walks in first every time every time the other day will stop in electronic, go through first Why does Johnny's hundred forty pounds Mastiff he's fucking huge in us of this clear rules if Johnny want Brutus. He got get away with it, but if Brutus tried to hump Johnny, they would be CHAOS Oberlin what the fuck! Brutus, probably would growl and snap agenda of giant tried to help him. But the point is the other ways: Absolutely preposterous has never gonna happen theirs. I got this would do that. Well there's an alpha and then there's the ones who give into the alpha, and your dog literally, is like the most beta dog ever so much. You know me dog, faded zone Please allow me doc, so I guess the way it works is that they just feel her submit. Of nest, and they want to mount her. Their instinct is to mount her and dominated at this. The old doggies to have was always,
bad dog and every time it was bad. I would just like kind of put her in between my legs, my arm and kind of get in like a crouching position and kind of just like put her in between me and my folder. And so I was kind back on top of it wasn't my fucking rhinos. Yours is like. Underneath my belly like a little cave, I would make. I would just sit there for like ten minutes and you can tell the dog first trying to get out and then finally, just kind of submissive are, you know just kind of lays down and it gives up. Dog is just fine. You know it walks around. I don't think you're supposed to do that. I think you fucked up your dog's head feel like rape, your dog. Every time I sit on the carpet and every time she gets in the car, but you rape it
a real- and I guess I was sees it- does foxier hot after Showtime has that after next Showtime version of it now he is a great power will be the best way to do it. Yeah he's it where you didn't say it like that. You said that you should grab it that by back of the neck, and I hold it down for a while, but that's pretty much what I was doing, I pretty much getting on top of it and just kind of like getting like you. I am the master here, is the whole dog things crazy man, India of these animals. It listen to you right now. The fuck was wrong with us. Is another animal. It keeps animals that they love right. Now, it's weird. We ve got him engineered to build the sweetest nice things ever I mean look, your dog did you? Dogs, ridiculously affection, I've never seen a dog not just affectionate but show needy herds. Every wrath like taking a breath. She needs that much attention legality as much as she's breathing. She someone touching her ass, much ass. You need to take an air. She need someone to touch her. It's like automatic streams like a stripper some way. Worse. Re worsens
is there any animal that has pubic here I was thinking the other day I was like I wanna be cool like animals. Have pubic cares? Shrimaan or you can just get a full bush. You know that your cats at the animal would have to have nothing else around it. I mean they have pubic hair over their whole fucking body. That's basically what's going on here kind of sure, I mean like like even like bald eagles. They ve body goes, I bushes. Those are feathers, but we like why don't they have to talking about the body goes happiness is right: humans, the only ones who have picked a pubic airs, as we know have here the rest of body and is very few Wasn't labelling if you animals have exposed, can then it should do? If you were of Euro Coyote, I would tell you that I believe is poor things dying. With all its hairs missing when you think is Harry easily Harry to a hairless person. You know, I'm covered in here too? That's not Harry's! That's your! U hairless! He just you have a little hare compared to the other. Hale is from our wider monkeys, have huge bushes. They do band, they did
Their pubic cares. They don't get long, crazily cars because they have different kind hair, but they have hair on their dick and balls. The fuck is wrong with you. Son. Do some research if we come on guys crazy, pubic your theories well when they dont have bushes like I'm talking about, but I really have to be sure that we don't have it anywhere else Jerry. Like it would be weird if like animals it out Minnesota, only animal- it's like us that his hair is heron in certain ports is buys. Like some some dogs, I just wish all that's why fuck about animal, be worried about people dying of radiation, poisoning in Japan and FUCK, and why we, Libya, this year's environment, are alive. I'm worried about animals, they should go to you this evening or either would exist of animals. Is why don't we get there where'd you get off above you as it is laughing with working rock lessen the right now, they'll burgage, forgive you might remember,
I'm all right, I'm thinking my voices fucking do bigger below this week, maybe go abroad black. I worked all right all right We're going Milborough did a video where he fucking talked about the thing that is a video on Youtube. Sonys made it six men its long. He talked about argument on his own for another six minutes at the end, yeah, and I was right, that's the point, that guy that do not comply with our guy. He doesn't know about computers and trying to rip you off and take the money for the oddest. They never have money for the oddest fuckin rss feeds you know about. You know a thing that bug me them six minutes. This is expended visiting a bug me the most. I met him like four times five times before right here, Even did I we did
a comedy show that the following night, or that no other way that night, we did a comedy, show those following following nature, and I was like the host of the show and unlike he knew that I'm a comic he's knows who I am right, if he's nice fuckin whatever, so on the beginning, the video Gus Yanza centres that gathers little guy that, whatever the idea, the male assisting guy, the general that is now male assistant us up over a year, sky. What the fuck he is, a Viking Gimme, a gyro but but fuck in India the thing that bugs me the most is in. I was pretty bait when their argument happened, but the thing above me the most about everything, was my whole thing. Wasn't that, unlike yet, what stickers doing is a hundred percent legal know? What What I was saying is: if you have, something on your website that that you put on your website right. That is
only put on your website? If you want to broadcast your stuff, you dont want that they take off your website. It doesn't change anything. My whole argument is like: why do you have an rss feed on your website? Why? What? what. Why did you put it on? I we really having this conversation. What are you doing now, but I'm here, my eyes, but my argument that I'm just I know you're all you have done. I know it is argument, is I know your arguments, I'm aware of the general details of the disagreement. I know it reality shows. What I'm saying is: that's not a wrong a right thing. That's just a question actually anymore. I don't care anymore. What's waymore fascinated me is: how involved you too got that was way more fat when you're getting it issues. Shrine explained absolute issues, a muddy. The actual issue was miniscule compared to health, psychologically captivating was and how he was genuine guilty of saying you were getting upset too, and I was trying to mediate because they are generally did see both sides a genuinely
but what I couldn't understand how you guys you getting so goddamn upset and then, where are we do not build? Is the fuckin new Spargo Rogan Joe Rogan from ninety ninety four? What a fuckin stab somebody by now we really would, even though each other back then languages assuming you're, assuming I would have done that you know I was just to me. It's like, I have already said to say I think five times I can say anything else about that. I could get you guys to stop fascinating. You like to die, by my work, shut up by one stand. There comes a point where my my love, you are like feel like you're talking to your mind, doing email, that's how I I get about and think what you didn't. You must have saw his point a little bit. No, I see what you say, but that's not what I'm saying nothing. I agree with him or disagree with that one. I wasn't willing to listen to what you were saying about the whole concept of an hour s as right, which stands for really simples indication right in. What's dedication me, you want to send a care. What's that mean it's? You
spread it out, as many people's party have available in Europe's absolutely set The real problem was, the problem is Itunes numbers and that's. What he really wants to say is that sticker was helping it to hurting his ideas in Amber's and probably that he doesn't know what an rss feed. Why it's on his website, if you want go to a website. Take off your rss feed. That's all you have to do make them. Your rss feed public just give it to Itunes, only hide your rss feed and then every will come to your website and you have your itunes only we tomorrow we do one, but that we allow people to download not just on stitches, but I allow people downloaded directly s, although the moment it goes live. I have a download link, so I don't want you have to wait just so. My itunes numbers would be higher. I did too All that matters is that you get it out there. You don't get cookies for being number three or number for it's cute. It's nice to see the number, but what's important to me, is just that it gets distributed to as many people as possible as easily as possible. Some people don't like fucking with Itunes,
recent, do you love the zoom? You know I heard the news tat ass. I think they start making them, but I, like my asked me to some people that have just little mp3 players or Flash mp3 players lay a little women's gonna have available for everything. In any way. Especially when it's it's. If it's a free thing that you just want to get out your podcast people, you know you're, not you not doing like Doug Bends, we are charging money you're just trying to get your party has calling out Doug Benson. I can't believe I'm not the one that the fleet, that honest thing is the future podcast, how our pockets there's gonna make money. What does doing is pretty interesting is charging money now forward. Like certain show them, I don't think it's every show. I think it gives ex certain shows Marin does that to yes like something we you become like some super members on shit right. Am I Do you think that the only way really to make mightiest get sponsors in our voting away? And I get a lot of little lamb listeners and get sponsors right away to do right,
I think that, because I think we ve just reach this time on the internet, we have to look at the music industry. We have to see. Look the music industry is change, is not that people stirred stealing and taken shipped from from the music industry is that happened and that there was no way to stop that the music industry has to reorganise re figure, how they do it and that's going to happen with everything and you can't fucking stop it. You just gotta, go with what you think is going to happen and that's like podcasting. No one knows what happened with podcasting, but you have the payments go with what you can do right now what we already have the load everything we also have the luxury of doing other things, and I have the luxury of having to rely completely on my part, gas. We with you have see we're doing stand out we're doing stand right because the podcast defiling enhances the stand. Insanely and also just look at Philly. I mean Philly you'd, just sort out our failure. I sold out we ain't now I beheld and would have less than that happens. It wasn't having like tat before that everywhere pulls Deanna last week was fuckin crazy man, eighteen out of people and when
asked about, like Tony guys, wasn't podcast. It was like the whole crowd, the hunter per cent of the ground you get. That joy, I get people you're gonna do Jody. I've already has changed completely and what music, which really gone out with music, They have to give it away so that you will you make money performing, but these bridges care before yeah lot of letter Fagin, sorry they can perform desert me. I asked what happened? The music will use it got real bottle tune over their voice and share the orbit. Brothers can shop with three white guys fuckin rocket silken Let's get it there's no way they can do it. The organist should not come true that Gladby, you know, come true that good, I wanna go see under the black eyed peace to sing songs for fuck and people are thing one fuckin phone mobile boom boom boom. But really eighty four empowers for the worth ticket to see that nonsense. There's no musicians door, there's another many, the black.
He's a pretty fuckin can't ever was on a black eager, but they can't find love. The black is seriously. I can't get enough like anything they do. I fucking louder the shit there there on the right frequency there on aerial frequency, whether reboot listen, the realisation gatling the king of the musicians. Right now is a guide Dave grow. The out by the musician had lived a spirit of his man, the man that the full fires there is bad. It is their students, fucking, game, prince, went the vaguest to using old debt. Is a show requests really. Can you imagine anything you hit prince with gonna play loudly Nelson to fuck Billy Idle, so people yell around the crowning we just did. I want you to take a bath comedy bitch Aerosmith at people go in, peace, was at the start of flying out there. Just because I want to give an update. What the fuck is that what you want to come together, the Beatles Ready one. Now, that's that's it! That's why you get a little thought him dick I get. These tickets are outrageous. Now
both the principle that the real deal he's a real musical genius you now, He put out a lot of bad songs. Unfortunately, he there's a lot besides, I just then Listen He was experimenting with a mere by while they were still stuck in his back in and he was HIV. We have. Some great James regime does not mean chances, so the sound and out of a chance- and some of them is very self indulgence his style as we know and sometimes get caught up in what he's doing, but when he hid it product city come on Son come on man? That's a grey goddamn saw that was my during school there was a. They were trying to get that as our high school senior song erotic city, it was a right in They we're all trying to like, organise it, and then someone listen to it somewhere The school is a deal that was the other doomed.
It struck me baby, that's underrate shit, that's it really go around for employees, that out of the ground. But it's amazing that somebody told me this town is off helpless and I really experienced at last year in her by last year. I was when I see the formation of why you been doing. Somebody told me that now because of the internet, twitter or the pod, Gaston people, what the full experience and then it really see it to last July, if you notice last July's my change everything about my twitter, my facebook, I changed everything about it, because I paid more attention to how come I understand now, where you come from this law. More, I see, Ralphie, maize, Donna you're doing these wasters fuckin time when he flies into a city a week before today's do radio at a wasted time that all the ass all use of all you have to do that. Then. The thing about this game is to make the most money for least a model,
That is like one. What's not just that! It's not just that! It's not that you agree you how many people's ran. Will you have a wife? You have children, I don't watch the brass Monday goes on radio of what? Whenever did that anyone I wear this. I would never do what a little look. What you do with a blink of a fucking yeah, you, an extra shown Australia three weeks ago with a bleak of a couple hours yeah, let's go together, show on a Thursday night or even if we really do have you been talking about for years, it all came fruition with a pie cast a blood twitter. It you'll have become an expert now at the twitter. I know how to do it more. You gotta give me some we give him some every fuckin stupid joke that comes out of your fucking mind, because only if our just you're gonna die, I'm quitting right because you gonna sell the fucking job you gonna make online job, will not gonna go nowhere in time by your situation on twitter, a free show will show that the situation is different.
Fuckin body? And when I try to people on twitter you don't my twitter is like a facebook, more Christians. The use of resources? I can't believe I still toward the blunt the life you know me. I don't give a fuck get over every now and then here, where I gotta hit with some every morning. Just await them all and they get a look at you shit. Thirteen year old oil ass, their model could uncle Jelly wrote on Twitter today, Mommy, you ain't, I might do in the afternoon, go fuck yourself, that's the truth The t shirts, by the way funds are being printed right now the? if you ain't high by two in the afternoon, go fuck, you sorry Sophia Toby. We ordered up a couple thousand, no jug ideas. He was still vital because issues that so strong. Have you seen it before? I see that such a structure so I say is so strong net the whole when you get it. We repeatedly like for time because it was no. It
was the way this thing, because the guy had a tell the story that guy was smoking will have won and asked for fuckin three DJ four star wars. His name is dyestuffs. I despite a man to dyestuffs, was that the guy you charge of all the fucking crazy. Three are three d got? special effects of special effects. His labors thrashed out through the treaty, without was eventually by I'd Jesus he's a fucking Jeannie's when you talk to him and he has a little door if you watched by the men to after I stick up this by the end of his little girl, the train that is made to that's his daughter and his daughter was tumblr rather trade, the sucker DEC suck my dick, but that's my father shut up, sit out value. The only really dug was make, as I would give it to you. Have those concepts it out. We think involve the joy bananas
Maybe I was so big that they wouldn't put me on the trade. They just go check it. So I commit the spider man, I'd check it, and then I go. We gotta my room, they put me in a room of Israel, so we got a very small part. I told you about this. I go get raving already. Somebody you smoke and open my room negative about about Joe. You know, and it will be the whole tat day, dykes with figures, because they, Smoking. You think you get low run in its welcomed me. Where is it very good behind the building, so we go by the building like when they were smoking, weed behind the building again when they were smoking. The third day comes, some fuckin p comes you gotta get. Sometimes you an older right? Forty two back there you see this issue goes. Whatever the lucky for you, I use the platte. What's wrong with you, and I sat I for a middling alike, but there is,
what's wrong with me was wrongly you if you're fucking, you would be worried about us. That's lock and I was like ten fifteen one and the same set of cardinal. How can you be smoking pal? You really smoking, but why? Wouldn't you and that's all we came up with a link. He could be found as well. With me, what's which you are you worry about me, smoke adult with its? weird thing where people want to stop you from doing something: they think it's an indulgence and I'll tell you you're, being weak indulging in my wife said to me two days ago. She was notified these five. Furthermore, gayly along but you do about it. That's what you told me Tuesday morning. She was alone, but it doesn't hurt you bundle. You gotta, buying in the bedroom, binding the office than the others. To these developments.
Others are when I get out by brush my teeth at present, but the coffee and feed the cats illegal rifle I pray for ten million Waken Baker. Mother fund, rather I used to waken Baker. Fucked up you hold evaluate five minutes to balance out the body. The location of the bowels at the Ph D get the Fuckin bowels movement. Cantaloupe think it doesn't bother me up what you take it If you can make it five years ago, data functional beheld among the beholder twenty smoking you're, pretty mortality rate for the rest, I got a thousand times on the king of illegally by eleven o clock. You, like I fucked up, would you call that is all the deal. I ain't gonna happen d jamming days you take off on a regular from what take off nothing. I gave up for what I want the president long months without smoke, away that pass in fuckin sneaking around so your addicted to addicted to it. I just came up ahead:
the real deal overhead the smoke. Don't that's my bag, some people, alcoholic some people like to drink. I can't imagine life without we. I've been smokers as I was for have you thought, maybe because you can't magic, is you don't remember it, though I can imagine that not before first already under rule for the urban, I know you're the real dissolve, so I just like smoke and we the people like the type of person. I grew up with well what the Colorado was around a lot ahead. They, like we d, enjoy wheat. When I got home. Yes, then, I note that the thing was thirty one percent I tweet ten people got back to me. That's a good one, say San, Diego! That's ahead! That's not a kid that not my god! I got the blowitz. Anyone would pineapple Express, not the certain there's gotta maylie you smoke to be cool, then there's this. What's this stuff again, cars combat number one,
mats number one little Matt like some famous growers are no man is the gathered old could monitor what he took more. He bought that Brandon wanting to grow for him, and this is a hybrid, it's a hybrid that he's got the sloop blog that a twenty eight percent that this stuff might be the perfectly maybe the greatest we'd ever I smoked it and I realized what smoke the eleven gone. I know it's easy. I might fifty dollar fucking eight and I realise that the part was good and some days by Gran, like my six o clock after grant, was spoken too much by abundant hit wheat and had member that how I started this diet was soji when you smoked in the morning and sativa would take over your mind so quickly that I have to get out of the house before my head blew up and I would have to get on a bike, and I was just
the bacon, peddled chasing me. That's how I was a hundred fuck abound on maps or g there's, a team of wooden speed, your bike. Ok, it's be drew up, a grand control, you and it wasn't. Vivacity were into methodically Lincoln. Indigo was the weirdest people, don't stand a city there. They make ambitious. People think that some people will look upon me. Look at people being in our potheads being like unambitious and lazy. Setina makes me way more ambitious and makes me aware of the consequences of not working as hard as you can and how you feel you know me just makes me super sensitive to my own actions. Positive or negative, so makes me super sensitive to doing things I should be doing as far as I get worked as far as like writing in performing and in Ireland and in doing podcast, and I won't ever cancel podcast man. I'd have to be sick fuck. I don't get sick very often, so we don't. You know it's like to tv makes me. You know hyper aware and when I'm hyper aware more diligent in us, I think
makes me more ambitious. Would you guys think if you had, if you wanted to take a month off, you think you can possibly easily do it sure I've done that, I have to go mother but I've taken weeks off, I could take couple days up at one I see that you got what is its view of her? I tried I thought about it. For you smoke, a shitload of we d have to be spending a shitload of Eliza. I smoke a shitload of win the people around. It is, though, it's really weird that the people around here into it I come into it. People, while we are funding together and where people don't understand about marijuana as they think it some sort of an escape. It's an enhancement. It's not an escape we're living in the same world, you're living man, it's more fun when your high. It's really that's him. And it's not ruining your body. It's bullshit another worrying. If everyone you stay, no one would ever take take announcement. We now stand doesn't like. We does a lot of our friends like we that's all well, man time.
You're not like by me, have been smoking weed so much that I could take a couple days off. I could take probably weaker upright taken a week off recently by, but that the do you have taken a month or so we foreign timid. I almost want to do it just to see what happens when you almost along about adieu. She had become republic and I was a bit o Reilly. I have no idea what was right when I do have to be afraid of mexican heavenly what I was about: the lights. Fourteen fifteen Atilla point of my life and my we'd career. I can't write anymore really really like it up in the more like an ice aboard twitter and Facebook to make adjustments to you get my day ready right, but right now and I write- I try to be a little strader, really what I work out, I gotta blazed. If I give available, I gotta get incredible. I love working out stalled. That is my life. That was how I do really is a great. I love not remembering
How do I know my shoulders on fire saying? I love the fact that if I, if I don't get high off to work out an hour and I still do a good job, but if I work, if I get high, I work out an hour. Forty, it's just a little tighter. I want to concentrate on my text in the form yeah. I know what you mean. I do everything I can. I kicked back from her usual at all. What is re Vila? Don't usually I hold the bag by mistake. I will have to look at, but I like the bike. Storm think about it. I like obstacles. The elliptical stalled is a fucking different world. You know many people raw stoned jujitsu. While you have to everybody not at all, attain isolated classes, eddies classes like walk in there were me smell, reefer ease of EV When smelling river, like half of his fuckin students, are highest fuck. What do you need a piece of bananas
and you got a yoke, but you know the debts Mckenna used to say that that's what you're home was invented for yoga was what was maximizing cannabis. It You people would be eating cannabis and when they were eating it, they realize how good it felt when you hold your body and certain positions will remain no fire, so they came up with this like connection, spirituality through eatin cannabis and holding these pose. Is these difficult political I have something I don't know what it is about, the energy of the posts it makes you go into some some state when you're highest fuck, but it really does either way sober man. I've done yoga sober and efforts over I felt was breathing the breathing intent the breeding that's going to be a body focusing so much on a breathing. When I go into a little piece of banana bread is its eight during one of my movements like a star
plays the seventh daredevil, but how are we to take it for a banana bread hit? You? Twenty minutes: twenty five minutes, I kick a large half a J D. Get Everything go on an island. My didn't have to do now with dog. Fuckin pigeons and if you think about your breathing is is so beautiful when you're high. I want you to go in the water and you have like. I need to hear your breath like right now. Yes, yeah, when you do yoga, if you can hear you, if you hear that you've reached it,
that level, opposition right and with the way that makes it a lot easier for me a loose annoying aligning our yeah, but I don't really like. I said: that's what the reason like yoga may have very well been invented according to mechanically bill, he believes therein. They invented yoga to maximize the either that the effects of eating Canada. If some I've got a high play basketball, I've got my lifting wait, there's nothing like a little bit of wheat and golden yoga. Even if it's a basic class just to focus on your breathing, I do every Tuesday
like I rationing Ali upward, but I'll? Do it now you that among the morning, because I have nothing else and it is just fucking Britain, my body, Randy Parson, do you good friend Ryan ran process that the gym when they just ass? There was an argument between traders. These guys will white guys and worn head, and the guy was saying that he's been telling all his clients to if please, after their work, ass, their weight work out smoke a little reefer because it sir at thy inflammatory and it works better than anything else, even with the letters should pull the ass, daddy and muscle lettuce like let us when you, let us suppose the acid audio muscles and other got sought my dad if this something let us do something after you work out in them ass, it I'll be a muffled, so they could recover something of what this guy was talking about a week. Does that we deny inflammatory, yes really and that this gave some people just will go fuck and grace
we're gonna make a painkiller if people enjoy it for paying economic sense that it would also be in for, if inflammation, he said, it's really good for your joints. Yeah. I do thing with? Well, that's one of the real they prescribe for arthritis, frighten people out of people, that of chronic arthritis. I gotta talk to people that said that they, they literally couldn't move and then there was hope, weed and then all of a sudden they can walk around like they could function. It allowed them to be to be mobile on an old man, makes sense. I mean it helps a lot of people a lot of different ways. This is a shame that we have to pretend that something wrong with it. If men people want to think it's not a big deal like us. Talk about we'd all time, fuckin losers. First, when we're not theirs and don't be mean, and second of all, it is a fuckin, important issue. Man. It is important. We know ourselves how it affects us. We know ourselves how much how much more aware, thank God, he turned his back, stick it here and stolen,
When I rather forget what I wanted we twenty years ago. Is that what I want from? We too, that you wanted to see Twenty years ago I like that I am an only child soil of limited. My head guy, you get me if you let me get mad you're, a dead man roundness a year. You let me get my, but only child breakin fuck him down a little time. I've got a notice to be in a closet, plain gee. I just make up your own world that this delay is outside your fucking closet. Only chop. I know how to get the party started. My fucking head that, while I mean alone you do know, is that you get me we and the ipod you go fuck yourself. Never mind two o clock go fuck yourself, I'm one of those guys Joey will vanish and I've got an island solo. I like I enjoy creep out my skin well, listen man, that's a beautiful quality in comparison to the alternative. The alternative is someone who need the people around them all the time and needs attention all the time, and everybody knows how goddamn annoying
It is. I learned that summonses extroverted as you, but also I guess it's just about the Union Yang right. You need that. Downtime too, I really enjoyed by never enjoyed this drop. My wife, I always don't you have to be moving limited, kills people people who make enough to overcome south three thousand. What's that trip to Jamaica what our while people dont, do it or make enough, while it's hard to get a manager life correctly to to get to a position, we can enjoy things. Some people are just scratch and every week man every week is scratching to get ahead, Cancun get no trying to figure out. That's a tremendous amount of stress. Now hurry came over with smoking, the metallurgy and it was at that time, the things you said you don't and we heard about being being with the Mexican ice cream. Man is the best ice cream. Eleventh dairy, queen, analyzed dreamily makes a delicious banana split. I been there for a year now what brows bought the banana regime and its father? He said to me: you get so much enjoyment nicely track. Your life is
you make enjoyed the filthy loaded, but I get off on their families. They may come when they arrive. On the when I went to New York, I talked Ralphie he's in this hotel in the city, and I got this fuckin for we have a draw. How come Ralphie doesn't the internet because he feels that his client use the internet last year than the ones we like this ever he's found the one percent of the population. That is an online mainly with a video online that some silly issues really weird. He's now online. Now that expression is so true that expression is so true would manage. Chicken is another man's the other day to show the city or my friend like China, TAT will do this blog for Canada. Sucked that is my place, a ritual What chance dragon is still the powerful pal we'd, I'm old chinese food before I, growth ripple losses losses as the work in it all school, denuding
I'll, go down all thirty ebbing goddesses night key, seventy nine to get stuck on a stick? When I was a sophomore data, there has been a cup, they have won the best pupil, What is in the page Chinese, who is good on the EAST coast, is China closer amidst right? the EAST York must be. You can get great chinese food out here, but not consistent that everything is good. I got a place that the port, by rising, to gain the Bronx, but don't get the ship and always those last academies, and you feel like you're in no way do need chant. Two cantonese Aubrey death can last we come back lobster. Can it is a rare one, also give them everywhere. Some people got a pastor Rio's you and I both know you take a little train to fly to the browser. You find the mutton popsicle if a forty, maybe five, getting clear to those who can hide the hundred bucks you to sleep in the back row. Now you may notice, when I lived in numerous, shall raise your frank and dry notice so Frank in June,
in inertia is this is when I live near, shall, as is old school italian place, that Duff and food was so good. It was right down the street for me, I never eat anywhere else. I barely could afford to eat everyday by scraped by every day. Barely afford you drinking more. This levels, animal welfare. What are you going to do? A black outcast alyosha letter? We know Portland Oregon baby were it's all the shows are almost all doubt and where there are Thursday, Friday and Saturday at helium, comedy club and it's gonna be funded fuck. I can't I've, never done like a long weekend in Portland. I've only done like one night. There were, therefore you have say I did one night in Portland, I have a good. This great food does get greater clubs began already I'm gonna go no radio, Demille Helium, as this shit out in and we get around this house now stop Kommeni nonsense.
Yarbs comedy tonight? Brian Cowen, it's gonna be down there. It's ours bent bands. Can we down at South South Commie whole Hollywood, Is this really you gonna see nothing or really Leonora fuckin place, it says Vienna half a outside. Does anyone have a scientist? South Kommeni allowances is yet most low, rent ghetto set up ever, but its growing and eventually his movement during construction, is gonna. Have the back room? Can we much better and bigger in this, the spot. He had a nice by the Breyer and he's a cool guy new, so called comics, and so we did you, you were courtesy describing right. There
Would you ever do it at sea? The recorder there I could use now was garbage. Now what happened was wrong was really weird Joe, because if you notice after that, I changed everything I meet listenin to myself a watch. It myself. Let's get this out of the way I got boxes issued at the hospital. Give me eight, but I take the atlas myself. Now little thought there was a problem and one that I watch that Johnny Depp Letterman lemme. Second, so after level, after a shoe it's over, I don't watch myself really. I felt ok, I'm not the only retort, nothing about them. Listen to myself! I can't take my voice, but after I take that special, listen to what I was so ashamed of myself, but I made no shit really hot
I still I bring me the ipod out my tape myself on short sets during the week of the last six months, and I shall love either. I can listen to offer you some by its hard to listen to yourself, but it's good good because, like what you said how you you for You said just now: we have five years twist. You gonna do that man, you gotta, do that you can't just take it on the audiences reaction. You gotta judged as if your comic listening to another You know when I want to listen to my stuff, like a. How would I feel about this is funny to me. You know I I listen to it and I you know dude will forget about the audience is laughing. How does this make me think? What does this make me do? I think this is the right way to do a short in this part, is this too verbose? Is this to this issue that and when you do that, man that everything gets tighter and stronger? You focus on it? It's uncomfortable, though it's terrible feeling you feel like it's a weird thing: man weight did cuz the same as the energy. That brings you to be creative, the energy that
things you to smash it on stage. That is not a selfish energy. People think it is because it seems like it is because your on stage gone, but the fuck saga and everyone's laughing, but to do it right to be tuned into them. People, really you have to be almost selfless. You have to be. You have to be tuned in this. Crazy way, where it's all just about this fund that we're having it's not about me. It ain't about me, I'm saying so. It's like the! you said that you would get from like someone who, like MRS themselves, by yeah shit. Listen to me on this shit. It's almost like. You know that that's the police in the thinking. Like that's the point, it takes away the magic because if you start thinking you, shit. You start thinking. You know that you're something special. You lose your whole connection with the magic you know. That's one of the reasons why you feel uncomfortable you dont want to listen and be that guy wants to get,
my car listen, my new I sent last night. I did you ever been in some kind of fuckin routine. Tell me about this. New bit is eighteen. You granted this out. I wrote a job on a trial stage and I gave you were, but we ass a man, don't try I've. Never I don't try to ensure that yeah. You say. Are you not say it? You know if you just the idea, you try it out like a fuckin weapon rights, goddamned, joke tuna stage. Do it on a stage, take a goddamn, chances in the more you do that the more you know what the fuck's gonna work in the first place, you have to talk to people that stuff, like that, it's crazy because it may I have a hard time writing about the zone. What with people like, I get pissed off to a degree before I got state. I gotta get pissed off his yeah. You get mad. You get like fake arguments of people, I wanna do what time Eddie. Bravo, we were on the back of the house. A blues is like
you guys what you're fuckin bullshit. I welcome it and it is likewise to weaken, upset him, like you just gotta put himself in their place. Is that really matter to examine the matter? Nobody is going to need some, your fucking guys. I mean you're. Lucky you to use a vaporize, listen. I was smoking, we wouldn't apple. When I was five, it's just crazy. How, whatever on you guys, sometimes just be mad, makes me say some, your joy, gotta, stop and say that here and now forget for a month I'll get you guys like Joe. You sell a bucket stage. It like I like you, guys, got a force me I'd like your records keeper, I'm always view of us. Did you d do still doing nothing about a dead dick? You still do anything about soldier does any more. These people must see that stage,
when you did that we have that video still. Do you have that video? You got to do something with that video, but just even if it's her internal use only. I need to see that set. Give me that set please. That's entity or no! You did you didn't get me that's at Joey from from Breyer. It was last night right was Sunday night, yeah, Jesus, Fucking Christ. I've never seen anybody kill harden that the only thing that was closer to some killin harder than that was when you killed in Vegas at the Mandalay Bay Theatre holy shit, when you were doing a bit about fucking, haven't that fish fight with the nun hole, We shit, I might. Ever the at hearted anything ever in my whole life. Funniest thing. I've ever say that we must accompany store and that's too bad day, because during the week, that's what you
joy laughing each other, each other idea that really took away from my career, because you see the border to the air and water die. You know you don't care, he saw TAT was extended. The you wanna try different things, and you know we always get the conversations nostalgic about the store that at the end they will cause whatever. But you know I will take away the familiar they match. What really lacking I wish we had in the south is becoming sounds becoming then. Are we just need some more people than other support elbowed out it's out on wednesdays, we're gonna plenty play People Dunbar was my last. We ourselves was by the way before and its Doug Benson coming down all the time. Stephen. His easy came crushed in Germany with Russian is really CAT Williams with another meet that do less than ever met that uses the ILO now big fat. I do that do makes me laugh he Me laughed like very few. Do he's one of my top Favour Gaston I was like if someone sensibly clip silences. Mclaren says the cage and others cat landscape that fucking thing where he was going
to steam Harvey oh shit, that's funny, and one of these accentuate something as accentuated. He slides across the room like he's kickin someone in the nuts and as he does it, because I'm a little mega by dirty a slice, slides stage lose little foot up in the air ticket, something the boss of all use a while the man he makes me laugh when we were talking about the Minerva you have no idea of the busy does he does that's because you got a place where we gotta. Do you see it? Does that Does the pearl, the palms? It's like five thousand seats, that's a big asked place. They have been bans their cattle themselves, that fucker out man and his pictures of him in the casino with like fur coats on and shit and diamonds he's Various man here did really makes will act as you just go in for it all the time he's not trying to be anything other than he is he's just trying to be funny. You just go on
all the time, God for the funny God for the funny. It's fucking good dude. He does a funny thing: Fuckin Shaquille, O Neill, trying to be a cop. Do fucked. It ll areas is how secure meals, three year old, with his height do really solve the Iranian at special that they re did Michael Jackson that made up a storm. You watch the bill on you too. You wise tat. You see the black people building, because you see the truth. Yeah see the true does a motherfucker when you say the right whales days, it was officially he was say, where's Michael Jackson, he's probably smell a little baby. Booty. How does that there is a classic fucking reaches once more. What a guy yeah he runs would act. What was have you seen, Michael Jackson, what a woman that never because,
a crazy should buy that shit. Was that made a mistake or that little piece of him being himself just that little piece that pray for that. You told me to come with that. It's important to have guys like that out there. I, like guys he's gone for it. You know I, like guys, are out there just fucking gone for it. There's a lot of you. You think the comedy is now colonies about their respective your peers. In creating the proper ever joke with the right wording and it's not man. It's about attainment value. It's about! You stand up comedy! these days. Man you! He doesn't even really have to be that deep anymore. If you want to get deep man, why you telling you know you, can you can you could do a podcast and get deep? You can write a blog and get deep. You know you could you can have a conversation with an intelligent person get the. I figured that the ship it makes me laugh is cat, William Slant, corrosive, lower kids of doing the, but I'm a little mega by duty. Does it so natural itself funny
kills me man he's got some great shit. I, You know what are you actually had some real good advice to that I took. He said that he listened. To. He has on his ipod. He has like a playlist of all music that he listens to right before he goes on stage and I'm like damn that's a great idea, because I just like a group of, like some of my favorite songs on my ipod, that I just I RO on it's on my phone to throw more like when I met the jammer, whatever whatever, but I have a specific list just for four stand up, but that's a good fucking idea. It's we'll get ideas. I started doing that. I start doing just basin because I know music, you listen to like the right kind of music. You know the right kind of music and fucking, get you in a good groove man. You know, especially given some When I listen to music too much for you lose its power, you don't have that feel anymore just loses impact, but every now and then a song which jack you and let you know what passes member when we were at the Braer Improv, and we were in the parking lot
that Nissan truck and you got there that crazy sound system in a you got out. Your colleague Joergen jump up and put this fuckin sitting right now? The sun went down a summer, hot stuff you put on hot stuff, since I was sure they re, let's com, some music drives. You fuck him. That's love, music! I love music. I love love. It's gonna bliss to lose given, namely the ocean. Let's get a love almond brothers from the seven these Lenin skin. I love that via man. There's something about that time like, If I'm in a pool hall and Sweet Home Alabama comes on? It's like you, like your girlfriend, just sovereign rubs, your neck, you names- and it's like someone comes Over- gives your hug like that. I don't know, that you're always what a great design this girl
blue satin riding in their singing. We hold a ban, but are you you're getting thing on the trigger? We don't really doing is wavered, get out we allow living donors etc for two hours. Burgundy, labour, Jacques? What ever so we're a couple minutes. Late is a whole internet. I'm running a chef Viagra yet which is even better because they can't go there without you been there again started by legally devil, took us. This is how we can end this fuckin thing. Fifty seven toilets it. While this is the end, my only friend the end now they're like you to the flashlights. If you got a job that net entering the code neighbour, Rogan you'll get fifteen percent off the flesh light. We will see this weekend in Portland Oregon at helium, comedy club Thursday, Friday
and sadly its mad flavour, a k, a Joe D as a planet rock and no shop window, wag wheat and with the best mother slept in a bright red ban, will also be performing on stage to that's right, a rocket this weekend. I, like you very much for tuna and we will see guys they blackness MAX. I love you either Monday or Tuesday, we're trying to get a cabin from attacking, showing me
How are they were like Albert crises, gonna be onto what's up.
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